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by Forrestwolf
Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:50 am
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Current status of MMORPG's
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Current status of MMORPG's

I actually wanted to check how the general community at NWC feels about MMORPG's these days. Is it like it seems to me - they're still stuck in the same EQ, kill-monsters-loot-do dumb quests, sort of mode they always have been - or are there MMORPG's that really break that mold? I have to say that N...
by Forrestwolf
Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:47 am
Forum: New Member Q&A
Topic: New Member Introductions Here
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Re: New Member Introductions Here

Forrestwolf stopping by here! It's been probably weeks since I stopped by NWC, and now it seems to be down for good :( I'm glad you're trying to keep things going here, Venture, even if it's on an unofficial-nonconfrontational sort of basis (or not). Anyway, I'm not really playing NWN these days, bu...

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