DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition - DMing tutorial

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DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition - DMing tutorial

Post by Carlo » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:45 pm

NWN:EE now has its own "live" DMing tutorial module, DMFI 101: Enhanced Edition. Link: ... ed-edition

It's designed to show the user in a hands-on way all of the core functions of the Dungeon Master (DM) client, as well as demonstrating some common uses of the DMFI Wands and Widgets package. The idea is that after completing the module, you'll have the skills necessary to successfully run a multiplayer NWN session as a DM. More experienced DMs can also use it as a refresher.

This Enhanced Edition of the original Hall of Fame DMFI 101: So You Want To Be A DM for NWN-1.69 has a significant amount of new content integrated into the tutorial areas, along with a bonus new area, the "Forest of Encounters"

The module guide contains instructions for installation and how to launch the DM client in NWN:EE, along with an outline of the module contents and a section on DM and Multiplayer Resources.

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