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The Frontier Enhanced - Persistent Roleplaying Server

Post by Leash » Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:07 am

Like a pheonix from the ashes, the Frontier has returned to the Neverwinter Nights server list, this time on NWN:EE!!

In it's hayday over ten years ago, the Frontier once boasted a near maximum server count of persistent roleplayers continuing the story of the building of Founders Falls, the frontier town on the lost isles of Calisia.

Now once again the story is revisited, with a new extended lore written by our dedicated team of storytellers, a plethora of history to uncover and lands to explore.

This is a Roleplay only server, with a levelling system that rewards In Character roleplaying and participating in events rather than simple farming. We are a low-mid magic server to help maintain the feel of a newly established civilisation, and there are lands and creatures out there dangerous to even the most well equipped adventurer, so be warned: It is dangerous to adventure alone!

Along with joining the server I highly recommend joining our discord server to be kept up to date with upcoming events, get advice for those new to roleplaying and meet likeminded explorers!
As well as this, joining our forum is recommended as IC backgrounds are required from new players in order to progress past a set level cap.


We look forward to seeing you on Calisia! Hope you're a good swimmer! (???)

Server name: Frontier: Enhanced
Server type: Roleplay
Required Downloads: Latest version of CEP off the steam workshop

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Re: The Frontier Enhanced - Persistent Roleplaying Server

Post by Carlo » Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:48 am

Hello Leash, thanks for posting that. It's great to see the NWN:EE renaissance/rebirth of past PW projects.

For those who don't have a Steam version of NWN:EE, you can also get the required CEP download at Neverwinter Vault:

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