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Post by Skunkeen » Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:48 pm

hello I am Skunkeen
NeverwinterConnections grand Hall of Fame Dungeon Master of the Year for 2007
member of the DMFI (dungeon master-friendly initiative)

I am not affliated with Fleet Street. I have attended their class long ago. I know ya know that Fleet Street hasnt ran a class for years. early this 2008 I picked up on running the University with the support of the DMFI staff im a member of. when I was working with Gulian on the NWCon page I asked about updating the moderaitors for the University and he told me the system is so messed up they are unable to update the mods there.

I was working on DM video tutorials before I became the DM of the year. I often get a guest DM from NWC to help me run the class session ive designed that expands on more advance tools , tips & tricks from Carlo ones DMFI 101 module. My session right now is DMFI 102 for NWN1. I do DM for NWN2 also but its still new to me and I feel ive yet to fully explore it yet to teach NWN2 DMing but its on my to do list.

Im a guest DM and invited to a new PW every month. so far about a dozen servers. where im invited to train their staff or they host and permit me to hold a open session to NWC where anyone is welcome to sign up for and experience a live server with no recruitment strings attached but does help open the door for new DMs to quickly get affiliated if they want to. My class covers PW and run your own non PW campaign aspects.

I dont hagle folks to vote for me or expect the well populated servers staff to sign up over NWC but to see the NWC system and how it helps to plan your events or use for player match ups.

There is a demand for these classes. might not see it from my game history cus im pretty loose on sign ups. more so if im working within the forums of the PW's I visit.

Experienced DMs are welcome to join my class. Ive yet to have one to say they already knew everything covered. Many of the great Dungeon Masters ive ran a session for now are willing to do training sessions for NWCon.

Tho I claim to be a Master of the DMFI tools I am not a Mister Know it all. I promise you ya will not feel that atitude from me in these sessions and have had questions that stump me but "what I dont know" I will find out! and post my findings in the forum.

I do have little tolerence for lack of attention and focus in my sessions. And folks that become disruptive , spam or spazz out with the tricks youve learned or already know to show off. I warn to stop only once then I remove them from the session if it continues. Even if im a Guest DM at their PW. I greatly do respect folks showing tips they know and that is welcome. but 20 fireballs will get you a DM wand upside your head and a boot in yer arse.

DMFI 102 will be droped when my videos are released after the latest DMFI DM tools get out of Beta for patch 1.69

and DMFI 103 will cover console commands or sim tool commands.

These sessions last for about 3 hours each. longer depending on when folks show up on time or the amount of text questions.

Chat programs like Ventrilo or Teamspeak. literly cuts this time in half. and it is ok if you are shy or do not have a mic and wish not to voice chat. I can respond to in game text or hold our whole session in text no problem. I can provide either voice chat servers if the whole group agrees to use.

We love NWN and the future of this game online is in the hands of Powerful Dungeon Masters to amaze players with awesome adventures.

On behalf of the DMFI I welcome you to these sessions.

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