No DM UNI Certification system planed

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No DM UNI Certification system planed

Post by Skunkeen » Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:02 am

once upon a time... long ago... at Neverwinterconnections. There was a training class ran by the Fleetstreet team Dungeon Masters. That covered the basics of the DM Client. These sessions ended in late 2004. I was lucky to get to attend one of those sessions. Just for nostagia and great respect for the Fleet Streen team that has been dearly missed from the NWN community I write this history note on the session and the certification system.

too my knowlege Fleet Street comprised of Elbast, OldScratch, SweeneyTodd, Garnak & some other DM's.

they had a system where you raised a torch if you had a question and the session had a prescripted convo the instructor and students followed going over topics of the DM client.

after completing the session the student must least DM one session usen the NeverwinterConnections scheduling system and attact players (back then this was easy to do during the prime years of the game with a massive player base) the students would then post within the university forums a link to their scheduled session. I believe no matter how good or worse on how your session went you would recieve a DM 101 cetification image that would appear on your Neverwinter Connections Profile. After the website admins Rizzen or Gilaun were notified of your acomplishment running your first DM session.

the certification system got glitched or over time got tireing to maintain but the training sessions continued for awhile then these sessions just dwindled into not happening anymore and the void for training was fixed by Carlo-one with the DMFI DM101 hands on DM training module for NWN1.

Since DMFI DM video lessons are going to be released there would be no way to track who endured or enjoyed them. The visual content will include the same training info and more. at your own pace. Ive had folks say they are willing to Lobby to get a certification system for NWC University or DMFI from my classes. sometimes I support the idea and Sometimes I dont. I wish I could give something cus im very proud to have the folks ive had in these sessions. A award , a handshake or even a Ale 8-)

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