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Game info and Requirements

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:42 pm
by Urk
NWN, SoU, and HotU (nwn Platinum or Diamond includes all expansions) patched to 1.69.

Required Haks
CEP 2.1c ... il&id=7478

CCP 2.1 ... il&id=7121

Classic Dungeon Tileset ... il&id=5899

Custom Scripts
-Perma-death: Axe Murderer's Killer Death Script
-Resting: Jeff V's Resting (modified)
-Bleeding by Scott Thorne

Class Restrictions- 1st edition classes only.
Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Rogue, Bard

Because the campaign is set deep inside a civilized area Barbarians are temporarily unavailable.

Race Restrictions- Human preferred, but any normal race is fine. No underdark races.

Naming Conventions- No anachronisms.

How to Add Haks to Your NWN Installation.
Installation of CEP to NWN

Go to:

Select the version you want. For Knight's House Rules select CEP version 2.1c. The link will take you to the download page. Find the version you want and download it. If you have broadband I recommend using "CEPv2_full.rar". If you have a slower or less reliable connection like dial-up, cheap wireless, or satellite download it in pieces.

This is a huge download. Almost 500Mb, so allow some time. You might want to burn a backup CD so you don't need to do it again if you re-install.

Step 1: Open up the Compressed Folder(s)

There are many compression options, however the most universal are the .zip & .rar. The .zip & .rar extensions represent compressed folders, which must be uncompressed before being usable by NWN. If you do not know how to uncompress these files, please read on. If you are already in the know, skip ahead to step two.

.zip has a lower compression rate (hence larger file size), however .zip is also integrated into the Windows XP platform. If you are using Windows XP just double-click the
compressed folder you downloaded and it will open just like any other folder on your computer. You can also use the ZIP utility, called WinZip; it is much more powerful and
usable with many operating systems. You can download a “free trial” version of winzip from:

More details on WinZip are found on Wikipedia:

If you install WinZip, then you can open WinZip up first and then under file->open open the CEP .zip file you downloaded.

The second most popular compression method is .rar. This has a higher compression rate, thus lower file size. However, you need a .rar program to uncompress the files. The trial versions of the official .rar programs for Windows, Mac, & Linux platforms are available from:

After you install winrar, you can use that program to open up the downloaded .rar version of CEPv2.

NOTE: if the file you are downloading comes in “parts” (for example the filenames contain part01, part02...), then you must download ALL parts to the same folder before
uncompressing with winrar!

More information about .rar is available on Wikipedia:

Step 2: Move the Files to their New Homes

Open up a window that shows your Neverwinter Nights Directory.

Assuming you have a default installation:
Go to "Start" then click on "My Computer". Select your hard drive (Drive "C" and find the "NeverwinterNights" folder. There is a folder inside called NWN. Open it. This is your NWN directory.

Your NWN directory should contain these four folders: erf, hak, modules & tlk. If you do not see a tlk folder, don’t panic! Simply create a new folder called tlk.

To move the files:

From the downloaded compressed folder(s) that you’ve now opened:

Move (click & drag) all cep2_XXX.erf files to the erf folder
Move (click & drag) all cep2_XXX.hak files to the hak folder
Move (click & drag) all cep2_XXX.mod file to the modules folder
Move (click & drag) the cep2_XXX.tlk file to the tlk folder

You’re done!

I use a rules set I call Knight's House Rules (KHR). The following custom rules are observed:

Perma Death:
If you die you will be sent to a Fugue plane. There is no way back from inside of this area.

When you die you will drop a Corpse Marker. If at any point during the current session a raise dead is cast on the corpse marker you will be teleported out of the Fugue Plane, but you cannot do this for yourself, so as a rule make sure if you get into a scrap you're with friends... or at the very least with people that you trust.

If a session ends and you have still not raised the corpse give it to a DM at the end of the game. Corpse markers cannot usually be transferred from session to session. A custom corpse marker will need to be made and the token will no longer be raisable without DM supervision.

Food and Resting

Resting is VERY restricted. There are safe rest areas scattered throughout the game. The common sleeping room found in most inns, for example.

When you enter a valid rest zone you will receive a text message telling you that, "You have entered a valid rest zone." You will often see conditional messages. In an inn you will likely find rooms that say, "This is a valid rest zone, but you'll need to pay the innkeeper." Outdoors you will often see,"This is a nice place, you could rest here if you had a tent." In dungeon settings you may occasionally see a different message, "This room seems pretty well secured. If you had a bedroll you might be able to rest here."

The fresh food purchased in inns is substantially cheaper than the salted rations that you'll be eating in the field. A good fresh meal can be prepared for a few copper pieces and only the finest inn offers meals for a silver piece. For game purposes, these meals are free, but fresh food will rot and vanish from your inventory soon after you leave the place where you got it.

PC's can buy properties where they can rest. PC properties with rest zones will have placeables that provide "free meals". The most common of these are "cooking pots".

A major disadvantage to this system is that the resting script cannot discern between fresh meals and the more expensive "rations" used for resting in dungeon and wilderness rest zones.

When resting, store your preserved food in a container in the room. This way your character will eat the fresh food in his pack first.


If your HP drops to 0 or lower you are not necessarily dead. You will begin to bleed at one HP per round until you reach -9. At this point you will die. There is a possibility that you will stabilize normally providing that whatever killed you doesn't deliberately finish you off or eat you alive. During this time a party member can also attempt to heal you.