ArgentumRegio - amazing features, excellent setting, RP ...

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ArgentumRegio - amazing features, excellent setting, RP ...

Post by GM_ODA » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:31 pm

RP like nowhere else. THIS SERVER NEEDS PLAYERS and offers the world. Serious, read on.

You build your PCs beyond the numbers here - come see the new immersion tools.



Literally, Argentum Regio = the Silver King, and this dwarven clanlord rules the surrounding lands. The nearby (young) city of human making is a client state of the dwarven lord, and labors under contract to provide the dwarves with lumber. The city of Dohral has known bounty, and brings many trade goods to the dwarves besides the timber they crave, for which they exchange the dwarves' goods and silver mined from deep underground.

Join us and wander the hundreds of contiguous Areas, explore and adventure as never before. The PCs have freedom to rome 1337+ Areas, and experience very mature and well coded systems for flying, swimming, jumping, climbing, crafting, and much more. Also added; many custom abilities for classes and races including Wilderness Lore, Wilderness Sense, Stonecunning, Grifting, Extortion, Window Use, Object Theft, and much much more.

The server is growing and most find it worthy of return visits. Come see why your favorite class/race combo is better here.

No lag. No crash. This is a stable, large and well built server.

ArgentumRegio is very detailed, absolutely vast, caters to exploration (xp for exploration) - is RP - encouraged so you can RP at YOUR level/ability/preference. ArgentumRegio features TROLLS right out of the dnd books where even the pieces you bash off of them can regenerate! Poisons too! Come see what your favorite class/race combo can do here, you will find something very different here.

You need CEP 2.1 or better (so 2.2, 2.3, or 2.4 or 2.6 works fine)

See or tutorial area aka NOOB U. for a walk thru on how your PC's powers work here.

Come help put her thru her paces and see her thru this final round of BETA TESTS, she is _almost_ complete.

A non - exhaustive list of server features:


Winged creatures and those under magical effects can FLY over water, over traps, up or down elevations too; fly in most any Area OUTDOORS and some indoor Areas too.

JUMPING pick your landing spot and jump! Your load and your physical attributes determine if you fall short and how hard you land.

CLIMBING - use ropes in places where such are designated as useful (typically under overhangs, trees or similar anchor points), rogues can climb without ropes anywhere ropes could be used. Some objects also conceal places climbable by anyone without gear (tho dangerous). In a PARTY? Have the strong PC go first and stand put after the climb, that PC's STR MOD aids all the party to follow up the rope!

TINY creatures can go places larger creatures cannot fit, also they can HIDE in objects that would do nothing to conceal larger creatures.

EDGE - TO - EDGE triggers make mapping contiguous Areas wonderful here, walk to an open edge of a map and you are transitioned to the matching spot on the next adjacent area (custom system).

CLIMB TREES to wait in ambush, while in ambush you can use and are targetable ONLY by spells and missiles.

SWIM in any watery body! You run a chance of drowning so be careful.

Get inside a crate, have your friends pick it up and carry it somewhere, you'll sense when the crate is put down - you can exit it then wherever your friends left the crate.

Some Areas can only be accessed by means of alternate forms of locomotion, and maybe even some heavy brain-work too.


MAGIC SPELLS - we've added more than 100 magic spells (most from the PnP version of DnD) and are adding more all the time. So far we have (to name a few) WISH, LIVEOAK, BLINK, TELEPORT, WATERBREATHING, JUMP, SPIDERCLIMB, WALL OF ICE, WALL OF STONE, DISINTEGRATE, PLANT DOOR, SCRYING POOL, MORDENCAINENS MANSE, ROPE TRICK and many more. Your PC can find these rare magic spells can be learned from other PCs or NPC mentors, found in tomes and scrolls too.


GRIFTING (think con man) actions can net your PC rumors, money or even a bad reputation. This is based on the PERSUADE SKILL.

EXTORTION (rough stuff) actions can also net your PC rumors, money or a bad reputation, it is based on the INTIMIDATE SKILL.

FIGHTERS gain a +1 on any melee weapon equipped. We put the fight back in FIGHTER.

NATURE CLASSES can track, and hide their own trails, they can find hidden trails and use them, they can scavenge for resources others would miss, start fires with only rocks and sticks, and much more.

DWARVES can use STONECUNNING per the DnD books. Elves can use Wilderness Lore!

ROGUES use windows (open/ close/ break/ lock/ unlock/ peek/ enter), can steal placeable objects, can appraise a likely mark, can break locks when stealth is not needed, and much much more.

MONKS get reduced falling damage, can make LEAPING ATTACKS and more.

BARDS can CAROUSE for fun and profit! Join schools and call upon school lore; reciting songs, poems and stories.

SHAPECHANGERS have enhanced shapes and the shapes are useful! Befriend like shaped animals! Go places other shapes could not!

DRUIDS can make and use DRUID GROVES, speak with animals and more.

CLERICS get special HOLY SYMBOL powers based on their diety (e.g. priests of the god of the sea can call up on WATERBREATHING at will).


While many have had bad experiences with primitive HUNGER / THIRST / FATIGUE systems, we re-coded ours and have made it useful and realistic. Predators lurk near water sources to help keep it interesting! Gathering food can be done but can also leave signs of your passage or leave you exposed to enemy attack. Aspects of these things are woven into the fabric of the module to enhance your gaming experience. There are magic and magic items to do amazing things too within the framework of the HTF system ... such as IOUN stones that keep the user from needing food, drink, sleep, air.... Food and drink can be poisoned too, as can water sources if you have enough poison. Rugged classes can rest anywhere, while more civilized types need gear or restful places (rest-triggers). Your PC can go for DAYS without sleep, DAYS more without water, DAYS more without food, but deprivation has it's price.

HERBS, MUSHROOMS, MINERALS and more are components to create magical items; gather resources for sale or use in creating your own items! This is a robust and extensive system based on CNR (but largely re-scripted).

MERCHANT systems allow for all the usual (buy/sell/appraise/ID) but also allow for shoplifting, robbery and more.

GUILD systems allow for formation and enhancement of GUILDS, acquisition of territory, wealth and power.

PLAYER OWNED HOUSING - allows PCs to gain control of properties and even decorate them to suit their own tastes.

EXPERIENCE POINTS FOR DOING STUFF - mages gain XP from collecting books, rogues from fencing stolen goods, other classes likewise get XP for class related actions. All PCs gain XP for exploring new areas (about 20 xp per Area). All PCs gain XP for RP (awarded automatically on your next visit for RP done on this visit).

The server is stable, lag free, does not require resets, and has a growing playerbase. Presently the module is over 200 megabytes in size and includes 1337+ Areas.

CLASSES and RACES have been enhanced in a manner in keeping with the traditional pen-and-paper (pnp) Dungeons and Dragons game.

Recently we have updated our STAGEPLAY system to the newer adaptation of that original package aka dstlv207 - which works splendidly in our first presentations (one offline as my own practice piece, and) - online as Dabb and Osco's first regular appearance in this region of the Acerian Tradeway - showing daily matinee at 2pm in the Inn at Brandolay. BARDS welcome for open stage hours.

Our new immersion tools are evolving too, come see what is so very special about them!

The server grows and evolves, updated about twice a week.

This server has a great deal to offer, the above text only lightly touches upon a few of the features, the full list of which is quite extensive. Come see why so many find this server their own gaming grail.

At AR we have, and continue to, recruit and train DMs of all types. ArgentumRegio offers a massive module in which to run adventures replete with features to allow flying, swimming, climbing, hiding in objects, jumping, ambush from trees, use of windows, and much more. DM prospects should note, the majority of our systems can be turned on/off by DMs at any time... allowing a great range of flexability in game style.

The server is poised to grow, and, provisioned by a robust Xeon Quad Core X3220 2.4GHz with 8GB Ram and 500GB SATA HD all on a 5TB BW (100Mbps port), running ONLY NWN via a LINUX environment; we have a robust system here for your enjoyment! Lag free.

The server is updated about once a week on average. With each update we add new features and fix errors found (rare tho they are these days). In the last year we have added to our already amazing set of DM tools. If you are a DM in search of a world - look here.

Also to those who have visited THANK YOU! If it has been a while, come back and look again, changes continue.

To those who have not - maybe you should; there is something special here for your favorite class/race PC.

If you have not seen a truly AMAZING game world lately, you owe it to yourself to see this one.

REMEMBER even if you have a regular server, it is nice to have an alternative server for those 'down times' and THIS server is VERY stable.

Hope to see you all online soon!

We have an excellent server for all levels of play-experience, including a great TUTORIAL AREA where you can learn and practice all the neat special stuff you can do here. If one of you likes rogues, you'll LOVE doing things like EXTORTION, GRIFTING, WINDOWS USE, CLIMBING, JUMPING and much much more.

In the tutorial area is a lever you can use at your discretion to LEVEL YOUR PC one level at a time up to level 4! So your PC will have more HPs and be a bit 'safer' to start with.

The server does not generally have downtime, we do not suffer crashes, nor lag, nor do we have to reset several times a day (so stable it runs for months). There are rest restrictions, rest no more than once per six game hours - which works out to 40 minutes RL roughly.

We have a good mix of RP, combat and puzzle solving, with many innovative scripts and systems to make a PLAYER think their way through many situations, as well as good challenges like PnP style trolls (even the pieces you bash off of them regenerate), and some of the best immersion (RP) tools you'll find anywhere. We do allow PVP, but it is strictly IC, no griefing or stuff like that - there are PVP safe areas too. This is a very beginner friendly module, and I am sure even a noob will feel a useful part of the party here.

Noob friendly, but veteran-ready module/server, online 24x7. DM staff part-time (growing the DM staff too atm). Allows up to LEVEL FOUR for free (in tutorial Area aka Noob U.) - after that, you can find _plenty_ to gain xp from including kills (monsters found mostly in out of the way locations), exploration, and many many class-specific actions (such as rogues picking locks or mages collecting books). We try to maintain a good balance between the combat vs caster builds; come see if _you_ think we succeeded there. Full PvP in most Areas (1337+ Areas). Player Owned Housing available, customizable, persistent. It is a RP-encouraged server, you even get XP for RP.

We are looking for more DMs - currently we have nearly a dozen - but growing as we are we need more!

Hope to see you online.

Personal tours by request.

Be well. Game on.

24x7 we bring the game.

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Server (24x7)
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Be well. Game on.
24x7 we bring the game. Server
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Re: ArgentumRegio - amazing features, excellent setting, RP

Post by Valerion » Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:27 pm

Here are my 2 Cents about the Server^^

Great server with a lot of potential, high quality players, good DM'S and GM's that are very open for suggestions and help. Also the community there is always ready to help you with any question if online, the playerbase is ever growing, since it is a work in progress and the progress has been HUGE I tell you.

Custom spells, custom subraces, custome scripts for crafting, casting, wild magic, dead magic areas, divine intervention and SO MUCH more.

As someone with 6 years of DnD Pen and Paper expirience I must say, I am having more fun here than I was ever having in a Pen and Paper may ask why? Because its almost like playing Pen and Paper but with graphics and scripts to do the rolls!

So do me a favor, show up and have a good time, I really love the server!

Sincerly, Valerion Turingskar, Keeper of the Meldramin Tower and Paladin Adrastia, Chaptermaster of the shining blade.

For more Information visit and log in under the coordinates (IP adress) you can get from the site ;-)
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Re: ArgentumRegio - amazing features, excellent setting, RP

Post by sploenk » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:35 pm

I'll second all mentioned above...

...I've been playing there for little over a year, and i play almost on a daily basis now, due to all mentioned above of course, but for me personal, what keeps me logging in at that place is the freedom and cooperation you get building, evolving, growing and respecting your player character. It took me - about 600 hours of active playing, exploring, roleplaying to build my rogue character to captain of a shady guild, he now posseses a great personal history, a high ranking captain o a thieves guild, and already several future schemes are set in motion that i requested from the dm's.

They applaud players to take charge and pursue their goals, but they won't make it easy, but that makes the reward even better ... if you are looking for a place where you get the freedom and support to build and evolve a character you should have a look at what this server has to offer.

In the beginning the custom feats, systems, and rules can be overwhelming, but they all add to the roleplay experience!

See you soon!

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Re: ArgentumRegio - amazing features, excellent setting, RP

Post by GM_ODA » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:35 am

This server has a new IP

This is a must see server! Come give it a whirl!
Be well. Game on.
24x7 we bring the game. Server
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