NWC Outage April 2012

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Re: NWC Outage April 2012

Post by GM_ODA » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:50 am

Fellow NeverwinterNights Enthusiasts, PLAYERs, DMs, Builders and Admins of NWN1 and NWN2, it is with great pleasure that I announce the re-opening of neverwinterconnections.com

This is PHASE ONE - ready for a full public test. This PHASE ONE release includes MEMBER LOGIN, MEMBER PROFILE TOOLS, SERVER CREATE/EDIT, EVENT SCHEDULING AND SIGN-UP. We ask all you NWC Members to please visit neverwinterconnections.com and login. Use the available services there to participate in scheduled events and/or schedule some of your own. While we tested the new NWC as much as we could (with limited availability of hardware locally to us, we enlisted a fine group of BETA TESTERS - and have thus far found the new NWC design robust and useful. Still, we have not been able to test with all hardware, operating system and browser combinations - so please, if you should spy something that looks amiss, take a screenie (screen capture) and send it to us along with any narrative, specify your operating system and browser too in your message. You can contact me via this forum and I'll share my email address in response to your inquiry so you can send me the screenies and such. WE NEED YOUR HELP to find any errors that may remain in the PHASE ONE features. Please take some time to login and have a look at the NEW DESIGN - neverwinterConnections.com awaits, and the re-build team welcomes your feedback.

While we allow NWC Members to access the features of PHASE ONE online, Eriniel and I will be working to complete material for the PHASE TWO release. PHASE TWO will include FORUMS, NEWS, HALL OF FAME, and more.

The re-build team.

Happy 10th Anniversary to NWN and the NWN Community!
Be well. Game on.
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