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About argentum Regio

Post by Absol 13 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:11 pm

Ok so about our server!

Many custom systems to enhance immersion, your PC can DO the sort of things you'd expect of them, such as rangers' tracking or a canine form's scent tracking or tiny creatures being able to slip through bars/portcullis or hide in things
well we have: 80+ added spells from D&D including BLINK all the teleports, Wish, Liveoak, Wall of Ice & Druids and ranges have custom spells.. sorcs wizes and bards also have custom spells
also features flying, swimming, climbing and jumping
built for no lag, crashes on average about once a year

and a good growing player base And DM's which should be praised for the events they do!
Many classes are improved apon: druids being able to do thing's in there animal forms (eg cleaning themselves in panther form) and have many new forms opened up to them
Sorcerers can scry detect magic,

We also have that wonderful wild magic here ^^

come vist us at http://aldohral.forumotion.com/forum
and direct connect @ IP all you need is CEP2.1+ and HOU!

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