A King's Tale By Gloin Hammerhelm

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A King's Tale By Gloin Hammerhelm

Post by Greywolf McGrowler » Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:17 pm

During his return voyage on the Anvil across the sea from Karsiz to Heartridge, Gloin had time to reflect on the audience he was given with his father, King Bruni.

Whilst in his quarters, he managed to note down what was said so that these important words would not get lost in the coming weeks.

What follows is Gloin's journal account of the conversation with his father as he remembers it...

"So father, just what was the Dragonstone Clan protecting so well under the Hills of Goth for so long? Since I didn’t know exactly what they were keeping safe down there, and Genar wasn’t for sure either." I said.

My father gasped, "Oh no! It’s time and I forgot all about it!"

He gave out a big sigh and said, "It’s been so long since I’ve told the story, or even heard it myself. I’m not sure if I can remember it all either. A long time ago the dwarves and something else created a place to protect something. I’m assuming it was from a dragon since we appointed certain dwarves to take care of the place and named them the Dragonstone Clan.

Anyways, this magical artifact was so powerful, or dangerous that they wanted the best traps and magical warding to keep it safe. So every 500 years the main door will open. At this time our dwarves take this opportunity to test the traps and magical wards that protect the artifact."

My father looked at me then stroked his beard and continued, "So you're wondering who tests this place we made so long ago?" The old man looks off to the distance and says, "We do, or actually the next dwarf in line for the kingdom. It is to prove that the Hammerhelm bloodline is worthy of it’s place in the kingdom. We’ve had this position for about 2000 years. Since the last dwarf failed to prove that he was worthy of the position. If you succeed then we continue to run this kingdom. The artifact is then returned by the Dragonstone Clan. As well the Dragonstone clan looks through the cave to find what could be changed to make it harder to get the artifact. If you fail then the next worthy dwarf takes the challenge and perhaps the throne."

Then I told my father what is transpiring around the town of Heartridge. In return he replied, "If you say is true, then everything has been changed and all could be lost. It is imperative that you retrieve the artifact! Not only for the Hammerhelm Throne, but for all creatures of the Moonshea Islands. Once you retrieve the artifact we will somehow find a new place to protect it."

He summoned our royal advisor, Vitr, and asked him some questions then returned to me and said, "Some things have changed about the quest, but some things haven’t. Here is what is about to happen. At the end of this year will be the end of the 500 year cycle and the main door will open. That door will open to the main entrance where you will place the four Elemental Stones. You must find the caves that the stones rest at in order to enter the labyrinth. Only those true of heart may take the stones out of their caves. One of the reasons why I wanted you to follow the path of a Paladin. Though Priests or any profession or person that is true of heart may take the stones out of the cave. You are then allowed to take five companions into this labyrinth. So choose wisely Gloin.

Also if you say that there are drow involved then things are more dangerous than ever. For once the door is opened by the Elemental Stones they could send in their own six adventurers as well, and so on and on. You have to be there first with the stones and your companions!"

Then my father took a deep breath, "I never could of imagined my son going on such a desperate and difficult quest. I fear for your life Gloin."

With that said he gave me his blessing as I left the Throne Room. I gethered my crew together to prepare for the voyage. We said a prayer to Moradin to bless us as we embarked on our quest the loaded the last of the provisions and prepared to set sail. We were all keen and eager and in good spirits.

My father came down to the harbour to bid us farewell just as I was about to set foot onto the Anvil. As we were drawing in the rigging to leave the docks he shouted out, "I remember! The artifact is called the HEARTSTONE." Though he had a bit of a puzzled look on his face when he said that. I'm certain he’s not sure why it’s called the Heartstone.

So now the weight of the world rests upon my shoulders........ No problem for my companions and I.

I wonder what they will make of all this!!!!

May Moradin protect us!
Greywolf McGrowler

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