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About the Campaign.

Post by Greywolf McGrowler » Tue Aug 12, 2008 1:47 am

You will need both expansions and Cep version 2.2 , and patch 1.69

This campaign will be lasting however long it takes to get to the end of the story. It all depends on the players. To me it doesn't matter if people stay in town in the tavern and Roleplay and talk to set their background of their characters, they do whatever they want to do in this world. About each hour I'll give exp to the players for how well I think they have Roleplayed. Just don't ask how I figure out how much a person gets.

Each game will have reviews in them. I do ask the players to please review the game and the players. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I like the critique whether it's good or bad. How else is one supposed to get better at the things they do?

If for some reason that Neverwinter Connections web site is down please go to NWN Campaign website at: http://nwncampaigns.com there I will have the Heartstone Saga game listed and you can join there, and I will have this forum there as well.

All games will start at 8pm CST. The game days will vary, but will be at least once a month. Some people ask why not once a week? Well my life has gotten very busy over the last few years, and awhile back my hard drive went bad and I lost all my Heartstone modules except for the first two so I need a lot of time to recreate them.

There are seven chapters to the Heartstone Saga. The first two chapters have more hack-n-slash than chapters three to seven, but I think the roleplay element in any given game is up to the players.

Forum Posting

Anyone can post on the Campaign Forum and I really encourage the players to do so, because it helps cut down the time spent in game sitting around and perhaps spending over half the game session in discussion which could of been spent on the Forums. Myself, I like to post a brief summary of what has happened to give anyone an idea what went on if they missed a game session or if they're playing for the first time. If you played during a session and want to add anything about some of the quests, or what happened during some situations please do.

Min/Max Players

The first chapter will have a minimum of 3 players and the second chapter and afterwards will need a minimum of 4 players. If the minimum is not met by 15 min after game time then I will postpone the game by 1 week and hopefully have more players the next time. (the reason for doing this is so that the group will have enough people to make it through each quest or progress through the storyline with some safety or without a high risk of failure and everyone dying)

Missing The Game

Ok, I've had plenty of people sign up for a game and then never show up. What I'm going to do is if there is no reason given for not showing up the next day after the game session you will be marked as missing the game. If you have signed up and missed three games you won't be able to join anymore. I'll just keep the space open for other players to join the campaign. It doesn't matter what role you've played in the campaign. It's not fair to the DM and other players to see a spot filled in the campaign and expect a player there in game and not show up when it could of been filled by someone else that may of wanted to play.

Alternate Players

If the roster for the game is full and you end up being on the Alternate Player list. Still be on the internet at Neverwinter Connections at game time, and if someone doesn't show up by 15 min after the game has started I will send a message to you through NWC to go ahead and join the game. If you haven't been messaged by 30 min after the game has started then all players have showed up.

Finished Chapters

If you want to go through a finished chapter to either play through it by yourself or just to make another character for the server and campaign you are more than welcome to do so. Just message me with which chapter you would like to play and set up a day and time and I'll try and have the server up.

Just be aware that there won't be any DM's available so the NPC's will be kinda just there for quests and most aren't much for talking. Also if you fall unconcious and stop bleeding with a creature standing above you. You may be waiting for awhile before you do become concious again if there are no other players to help you out.

First Chapter: It'll just be a respawn with a gold and exp loss.

Second Chapter: It will be a respawn with gold & exp loss and a trip to the fugue plane where you will use the tree of life and respawn back into town 5 min later.

Third and Fourth Chapter: You will be sent to the fugue plane till you recieve a Raise Dead or Ressurection. If none is recieved by the end of the game session. You will be revived by the next game session.

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Chapter: When you die you will be sent to the fugue plane where you will await a Raise Dead or Ressurection from your fellow companions. If by next game session you have not been brought back to life then your corpse will be in the local cemetary and your soul will still be in the fugue plane when you log back on. Other players can still go to the cemetary and then ressurect your body and bring you back to life.

Min & Max Levels

Each chapter will have a minimum and maximum level you need and can get too. If you don't meet the minimum level for that chapter I will give you those levels. For example, if a new player comes into chapter 2 and the minimum level is 3 then I will give the player those levels so he can play. Once you reach the maximum level for that chapter you just won't be able to level up till the next chapter. This way with a minimum level it's not too hard and with a maximum level it's not too easy where you could do it all yourself.

Chapter 1: Min Level 1 Max Level 4
Chapter 2: Min Level 3 Max Level 7
Chapter 3: Min Level 4 Max Level 10
Chapter 4: Min Level 5 Max Level 13
Chapter 5: Min Level 6 Max Level 16
Chapter 6: Min Level 7 Max Level 19
Chapter 7: Min Level 8 Max Level 22


Each Chapter of the Heartstone Saga will have one main quest and at least 3 side quests.

The people that play in the campaign I try to weave their background into the storyline to help everyone get involved. So if you've played more than one game session it helps if you send me a character background.

As far as DM intervention. I try to possess and talk to each player at least once during each game session. If you the player wants to talk to an NPC with DM possesion just say the npc name in the DM channel and if I'm not occupied I'm usually there with a greeting in seconds

You will need food and a bedroll to rest outside of town. There will be a penalty for resting in heavy armor. You will be fatigued when you wake up. I wouldn't think it would be that comfortable resting in it.

The game will just be one party so you don't have to go looking for everyone when your supposed to be playing together anyways.

If you are knocked unconcious by an enemy the DM will only heal you if:
1. you have stopped bleeding
2. There are no enemies near you
3. None of the players have any items or the ability to heal you.

Any questions please post here:
Thanks for playing
DM Greywolf McGrowler
Greywolf McGrowler

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Tenative Schedule for Campaign Game Days

Post by Greywolf McGrowler » Tue Aug 12, 2008 1:49 am

Here is a Schedule of Campaign Days. More than likely these will be the days I will be targeting to schedule the game on, but nothing is ever for sure this far in advance.

All dates have a start time of 8pm CST.

Dec. 29th


Jan 26th
Feb 23rd
Mar 23rd
Apr 20th
May 18th
Jun 15th
Greywolf McGrowler

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A Heartstone Saga Interview

Post by Greywolf McGrowler » Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:11 am

I was interviewed for the Campaign Spotlight at Neverwinter Nights Campaign Web site. It's some interesting reading and has some pictures from the Oct 13th game session.

You can find the interview here:

Greywolf McGrowler

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