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Re: Backup Saturday Morning Game Discussion Thread

Post by Kylerayner » Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:33 am

Yeah pleasure playin with ya DB. Hope to see you around.

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Re: Backup Saturday Morning Game Discussion Thread

Post by Klasa » Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:27 am

Well it was great playing with you DB, and I hope to do so with you again.

The entire day had gone badly, and it was very lucky that only two of them had died, and even more so that Kessel even had that Raise Dead scroll that revived Mel. Xalden couldn't believe that he had even played a large part in the path they choose that led to this outcome. He merely sighed as he stood against a wall in the house near the hill as he thought back to the recent battles.

It started with them finding the Hobgoblins and learning that they were the bandits in question. After a failed charge up the hill, the party split into two groups as to what they should do after learning of the Hobgoblin's ballista. Yane and Olaf believed that they should retreat to Greenford and merely warn them of what they had seen, while Will, Mel, and Kessel believed they should search for another way up. However, without Xalden or Yane, searching for a way up safely wouldn't be easy, so if he had sided with Yane and Olaf, perhaps things may have gone differently, but he didn't, and so they eventually ended up taking the hill and ballista, with Olaf setting it all aflame.

The flames led Tok, the Hobgoblin Warlord, right to them with the rest of his troops, leading into a fierce battle. However, before that battle could even begin, Yane fled from the hill, with Olaf following right after him. Mel was screaming to defend the hill with Will at his side, and as everyone else was splitting into pairs, Xalden decided to stick near Kessel and assist him. As the Hobgoblins came and the battle began, Kessel began making his way down the hill for some reason, and Xalden merely followed him silently, lending aid in the form of arrows in the backs of the Hobgoblins attacking Kessel. Of course, as with any battle, things got hectic and chaotic, and Xalden found himself separated from Kessel. He did notice Yane and Olaf off in the distance though and yelled over at them to quickly get over here and help fight. This unfortunately attracted the attention of a pair of Hobgoblins, so Xalden ran towards Olaf and Yane rather quickly. After grouping up and killing the two Hobgoblins, they made their way towards the hilltop, meeting up with Kessel on the way.

As they reached about midway up the hill, they ran into more Hobgoblins, including one dressed in full armor who was wielding a blade similar to the one Xalden had found on that Kara-Tur colony. "This must be Tok the Warlord." Xalden mused as glanced higher up the hill, noticing what looked like two bodies on the ground with some Hobgoblins near them. Kessel must have saw them too, for he raced up the hill towards them, with Yane right behind him, leaving Tok and his two Hobgoblin soldiers to just Olaf and Xalden. They were dealt with quickly, and in only a matter of minutes Xalden had delivered the final blow to Tok with his dagger through Tok's throat. Mel and Will had apparently died trying to defend that burning hilltop, yet Mel was lucky in that Kessel had that scroll, though the same couldn't be said for Will.

"What a fine mess we've gotten into... I wonder how we'll get Will raised from the dead?" Xalden muttered to himself as he slightly shook his head and then proceeded to toss his dagger up into the air and catch it as it fell, continuing to do so in an unending cycle.

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Post by Karvon » Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:26 pm

Olaf shook his head as he looked down at the dead laid out on the top of the burning hillside. He still wasn't really clear on why Mel and some of the others had insisted on staying there once they'd wiped out the hobgobo garrison. He'd torched the place to reduce it's value as a continuing strongpoint and figured they'd go back to town to report on what'd happened. He'd fallen back along with Yane and only retraced his steps when it become rather plain the others were not coming at all. Naturally, with the group divided up into multiple teams, the hobgobo's drawn by the smoke and overwhelmed and badly mauled them. He and Yane had slowly worked their way back and linked up with members little by little and managed to put down the hobgobo's in the immediate area. Looking around at the weary and bloodied group he wondered if NOW they were finally ready to leave.

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Re: Backup Saturday Morning Game Discussion Thread

Post by Lazybones » Sat Aug 16, 2008 3:08 pm

Your return to Timberton is shrouded in gloom, despite your victory over the hobgoblins. Meleagant has taken his leave, taking with him some of the unity and drive that kept the group together. William lies dead, his body riven by hobgoblin blades.

The town is almost eerily quiet. The priest Ambrose has left with a company of teamsters, heading elsewhere along the Sword Coast. Your boat bobs in the docks, fully repaired, but even Olaf is reluctant to set sail during winter on the Sea of Storms. As if to styme you, one such storm blows in, driving people to the shelter of their homes, or the inn.

The group begins to discuss options. Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep are discussed. There is not much agreement on how to proceed.

The next morning, Yane is violently ill.

He is not the only one. The sickness spreads quickly through the town, until at least twenty people are ill. The nature of the illness is uncertain, except that it does not respond to Kessel's divine powers. Mara, the herbseller, provides some concoctions that ease the symptoms, but the thief remains weak, as do the others.

Mara comes to the others as they gather at a table in the inn.

"This illness is beyond my abilities," she tells you. "I am forced to a desperate course, one that relies utterly on your continued aid and goodwill toward the people of Timberton. Your friend, too, may benefit. There is a wise-woman, who some call a witch, who lives in the marsh east of Tanner's Ridge. There is a trail, behind the ridge, which if followed east, will take you to her hut. Her name is Nara. She may also be able to help your other friend, the slain wizard. She is not malevolent, but be wary not to offend her, for she has... odd ways."

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Re: Backup Saturday Morning Game Discussion Thread

Post by Felrisen » Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:30 pm

Sorry to lose you DB! It was great fun RPing with you. I'm sure we will again in the near future. Have fun! 8-)

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