Junior's Journal

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Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:43 pm

Baron Laertes Varra: Seaguard is forever in your debt.
Andrew Greggs: Good morning to you as well, Baron.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I guess we'll be on our way then
Junior Washington: *nods*
Baron Laertes Varra: You are always welcome here.
Baron Laertes Varra: Though who knows how long it will take for another ship to visit, so I understand your haste.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's good to know. If our mission ends in failure, you might see us again
Magda Mogenson: We need to get the thing we came for back for the wizard.
Baron Laertes Varra: I hope you will pass on word of our circumstances to the Grand Duke.
Baron Laertes Varra: Captain Argossy. A long time.
Baron Laertes Varra: How goes it, you Drusian rogue?
Magda Mogenson: We will. *looks at the captain*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* indeed, and your pressing need for a proper 'Smith
Captain Argossy: Well enough. Though the Duke's law may hang me if I speak to you. *smirks*
Baron Laertes Varra: Bah, hang the Duke's law.
Captain Argossy: You have new friends?
Baron Laertes Varra: Yes, these men have need of passage to Camar.
Captain Argossy: Men... and a lady.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You travelling that way? *to captain*
Captain Argossy: I am Captain Nikoles Argossy.
Andrew Greggs: *Nod of acknowledgement*
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the captain again*
Captain Argossy: I have a fine letter with the Duke's seal... very expensive... that allows me to travel the river, to trade with Camar.
Captain Argossy: Of course, Seaguard is supposed to be closed to outside ships...
Captain Argossy: I will not tell if you will not. *smirks again*
Majid Kemal: Hm I think a ship is no place for a wolf even if he's a spirit. He should remain on this land I believe.
Magda Mogenson: We will not tell.
Captain Argossy: If you need passage, I am happy to oblige, as a favor to my friend the Baron here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the duke* We'll keep an eye out for that supply ship as well
Captain Argossy: Baron, ere I depart, may I have a private word?
Baron Laertes Varra: *frowns, but nods*
Magda Mogenson: *curious look fades after a moment*
Magda Mogenson: Everything is safe?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think the Captain is quite unlike the one that brought us here
Sergeant Navras: I am sure you will be happy to get back to "Civilization".
Andrew Greggs: ...more impressive ship than that river-boat.
Majid Kemal: Farewell old friend may you protect this place I will not forget you.
Magda Mogenson: Trust me, sergeant, you have no idea how far I feel from "civilisation".
Captain Argossy: When you are ready, come meet me at the boat.
Baron Laertes Varra: While you are on the river...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks to the others* All ready?
Baron Laertes Varra: There is a special emissary from Camar, who was supposed to be here.
Majid Kemal: Let us not remain here longer than needed.
Junior Washington: *follows capt*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Here before we came?
Magda Mogenson: *frowns*
Baron Laertes Varra: No, but he should have followed you by not more than a few days.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods*
Baron Laertes Varra: The good Captain was here to meet with him.
Magda Mogenson: Is trouble common on the river?
Andrew Greggs: *Taps chin* Much like the supply ship?
Baron Laertes Varra: Plots and plans; no one deigns to tell me, it seems.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe he was aboard that lost supply ship?
Magda Mogenson: *nods at Greggs*
Baron Laertes Varra: There were river pirates in the old days, and the occasional beast, but nothing of late.
Baron Laertes Varra: Though with the plagues, the river is hardly patrolled. Perhaps a new enemy has taken advantage.
Andrew Greggs: Either something happened, or Camar just decided to cut you off completely.
Andrew Greggs: ...bad news, either way.
Baron Laertes Varra: If there is a threat, then your journey back may be more ... exciting... than expected. Do keep an eye out.
Magda Mogenson: If he was coming to see the captain that wouldn't apply.
Baron Laertes Varra: Good luck to you, my friends.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll be on our guard.
Magda Mogenson: Exciting is what we are used to.
Majid Kemal: * w * They are still speculating back there it seems.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *blushes* Ah Lady varra
Andrew Greggs: Some dullness would be welcome right about now.
Magda Mogenson: Join the army, travel to new and interesting lands.....
Captain Argossy: Well, let's be off. Men, let's get back to the ship.
Andrew Greggs: Get eaten by a dragon.
Majid Kemal: We'll find out soon enough why the boats are not coming...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah and kill new enemies around every time warp!
Magda Mogenson: Mmmm.
Majid Kemal: Tell your grqndchildren you once killed a dragon * smile *
Magda Mogenson: Let's not keep the captain waiting.
Junior Washington: *climbs into longboat*

General Bones: You pile into the small launch and head out to the ship, which you are told is called the "Stormdancer."

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Interesting choice of name for a ship!
Captain Argossy: You may use the upper cabin for this journey.
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Junior Washington: Cool
Majid Kemal: Thank you.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I suggest we take turns with 2 of us on watch at all times
Captain Argossy: It's a bit cramped, but space is a premium.
Andrew Greggs: ...it looks like those two aren't volunteering.
Junior Washington: *stows gear and settles down for a snooze*
Majid Kemal: Much better. et me go on deck.
Andrew Greggs: Right. We know how much of a pain civvies getting underfoot can be...
Magda Mogenson: *nods and heads down*
Andrew Greggs: Welll, ain't this cozy?
Magda Mogenson: Spartan.
Magda Mogenson: How long was the trip here?
Andrew Greggs: Few days?
Andrew Greggs: Might be faster on this thing.
Magda Mogenson: *leans looking out of the window*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And a bit cramped. I think we'll be glad there'll be two of us on deck

General Bones: Once you are clear of the harbor, the boat heads into the river channel. Wind fills the sails, and the boat heads up against the current.

Majid Kemal: * look in the water *
Andrew Greggs: The other ship we travelled on barely had any sails to speak of, compared to this one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Andy, you and Junior take the first watch, me and Majid with take the second
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Andrew Greggs: Majid's already taking in the salt air, I think.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'll head up with him then
Andrew Greggs: That works, too.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Magda Mogenson: *sighs a little* I could take a turn.
Andrew Greggs: *Thoughtful look in Magda's general direction, for a few seconds* Well. Guess it's not his place to give you orders, ma'am.
Andrew Greggs: *Said with some bite to it*
Majid Kemal: You awake I see.
Majid Kemal: One day I could even change the wind for you I suppose.
Andrew Greggs: *Stretches legs; gets them to rest on a spare stool. Deep sigh.*
Majid Kemal: You do?
Junior Washington: *fishes some rations out of a pouch and munches*
Majid Kemal: A ship wizard? I see.
Majid Kemal: Impressive.
Majid Kemal: Ah don't ask him a thing before his coffee * smile *
Majid Kemal: Right Sarge?
Majid Kemal: Well she's a bit like roses if I may say. You met get hurt if you get too close.
Majid Kemal: Nothing to report just small talk about coffee and roses.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, you see them all over the course of the few days I'm sure
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Where have you set sail from captain?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I see. And how are your relation with Camar?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: relations*
Magda Mogenson: *seemingly gets bored of the window and moves to go outside*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is that a fact? How long are the trading rights for?
Majid Kemal: Ah see the rose of the ocean.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the passing scenery curiously* You know, I don..... what?
Andrew Greggs: *Yawns*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: its important then to make a healthy annual profit I imagine?
Majid Kemal: Nothing the sailors seems to like to have you on deck.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We were in his employ for a time
Junior Washington: *pours himself a drink*
Andrew Greggs: *Snort*
Magda Mogenson: *blink and frowns* What the hell for?
Majid Kemal: I gues you raise their morale.
Magda Mogenson: *appears to not know whether to look irritated or not at that*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm sure it isn't necessary for me to tell him that. that should be plainly obvious
Magda Mogenson: As long as it's not because they need someone to freaking cook.
Majid Kemal: They qre just sailors don't be too harsh.
Sailor : Captain! Boat ahead!
Magda Mogenson: I'm just a marine. We're trained on harsh.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* i suppose that's true enough> When was the last time you came this way Captain?

Magda Mogenson: *turns head to look ahead*
Majid Kemal: I wonder if they have whales and big sharks in here.
Andrew Greggs: *Looks *
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *goes down the deck to alert the others* Another ship sighted
Andrew Greggs: Not on the /river/ I don't think, Kemal...
Magda Mogenson: Nothing that size can hold anything big enough to be a threat?

General Bones: The boat is a tiny craft, and appears to hold one person aboard, as you draw nearer.

Magda Mogenson: *looks at Greggs* You willing to bet on that?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fishing maybe?
Andrew Greggs: Well. Maybe some sharks.
Majid Kemal: Yes but the river will reach the sea... eventually.
Andrew Greggs: Whales will be hard to miss.

General Bones: The occupant of the boat signals to you.

Andrew Greggs: Kind of like that...
Captain Argossy : Lower sails, prepare to drop anchor! It would seem we are to have a guest.
Andrew Greggs: Whoever that is.
Majid Kemal: Somobody over there!
Magda Mogenson: Is this normal?
Andrew Greggs: So that's a no, then.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Could be a survivor from the lost supply ship?
Magda Mogenson: Either way, best be prepared. *flipping catch on holster*
Majid Kemal: I'll grab my bow just to be safe.
Junior Washington: *finished mug and and stretches*
Andrew Greggs: You think one person's going to be problem?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *pats his axe* Don't worry, we're ready
Junior Washington: what's up?
Majid Kemal: We've got company.
Junior Washington: Oh?
Majid Kemal: Just one man.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, well it was /one/ person who goddamn brought us all here.
Junior Washington: Ah, nothing serious then.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sniggers at the LT's last remark* That's certainly true
Majid Kemal: * take bow * Here it is.
Andrew Greggs: Anyone could be an evil archmage in disguise, I suppose.
Andrew Greggs: Gotta love this world.
Magda Mogenson: ... yeah.
Junior Washington: *yawns and looks around*

General Bones: As the little boat draws nearer, you see that its occupant is a man in full armor, carrying a sword and some sort of glowing shield.

Captain Argossy : Cast a line!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: A warrior looks like
Majid Kemal: * put bow asside and unlock safety on berreta *

General Bones: The sailors pull the man aboard...

Magda Mogenson: *looks down over the side and watches*
Junior Washington: Bet he'd sink like a rock.
Captain Argossy: Greetings, stranger.
Junter Calren: good day to you!
Junior Washington: *watches proceedings*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *stands by the upper deck railing*
Captain Argossy: I am Captain Argossy, of Drusia, and this is my ship.
Andrew Greggs: *Dubious look at the man*
Junter Calren: *nods politely*
Junter Calren: Junter Calren
Captain Argossy: You are clad in the raiment of a priest of your Shining Father, Soleus, are you not?
Andrew Greggs: Ah.
Junter Calren: and that was mine *nods in the direction of the wreck*
Andrew Greggs: *To the others* I thought he seemed the type.
Captain Argossy: *peers overboard*
Junter Calren: I have that honour
Magda Mogenson: Right, another one of those like Torin?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* So it would seem LT

General Bones: You can just make out a sandbar, what looks like a small island on the northern side of the river.

Junter Calren: *eyes the people in the strange armour*
Andrew Greggs: *Scratches chin* I don't suppose that ship was headed to Seagard, was it?
Captain Argossy: Ah, tell me, good sir, were you by any chance accompanying a... package, to deliver to Seaguard?
Junior Washington: *lounges on the rail*
Junter Calren: We were.
Majid Kemal: It's ok Junior.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How did you come to be stranded?
Captain Argossy: A fortutitous coincidence then, that we meet.
Junter Calren: We were overwhelmed by a large group of undead
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *raises eyebrow at that*
Andrew Greggs: ...huhn.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: LT, you want to come over here?
Captain Argossy: Priest Calren, allow me to introduce Sergeant Simmons, an agent of His Grace the Duke.
Magda Mogenson: He's talking walking skeletons.
Majid Kemal: * remove clip from gunand count ammo * 1 2 3... 9 I guess I can keep these for another day.
Junior Washington: Um, what's ok?
Junter Calren: Pleased to meet you sir
Captain Argossy: And this beauty is the Lady Lieutenant Magda.
Magda Mogenson: *salutes* Lieutenant Mogenson.
Captain Argossy: And escort. *waves a hand broadly*
Junter Calren: *quirks eyebrow* charmed m'lady
Andrew Greggs: *Snorts at that*
Magda Mogenson: *lips stiffening a little*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks from the captain to the LT to judge her reaction to that last*
Junter Calren: *nods politely to the escort*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're bound for Camar. You have come from there?
Majid Kemal: I'm Majid and the big guy there Junior.
Captain Argossy: I fear that your misfortune is shared by me as well, sir priest. For I was... ah, engaged to return the package you were escorting back to the Guild lords in Drusia.
Captain Argossy: My instructions were to pick it up from Baron Varra.
Magda Mogenson: I din't hear properly, has something gone missing?
Sailor: Sir, night falls, should we remain here, if the dead curse this stretch of river?
Captain Argossy: *waves a hand at the man* First we must determine what is to be done.
Andrew Greggs: A salvage mission might seem tempting.
Andrew Greggs: If not for, you know, all the walking dead.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What do you mean Captain?
Captain Argossy: Hmm... perhaps this discourse is best conducted in private, eh?
Majid Kemal: Dead... River like in that movie... pirate something?
Magda Mogenson: *wipes face with hand* Right.
Captain Argossy: Sir priest, clearly you have been through an ordeal. Would you care to join us in the aft cabin?
Junter Calren: My thanks
Junter Calren: I had half expected to row to seaguard

Magda Mogenson: *perches on ledge* Do they men need to be in here?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guys..wait outside
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow* ...right.
Magda Mogenson: I meant, if they aren't perhaps they should be.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Gold? a large amount?
Magda Mogenson: For what purpose?
Junior Washington: *watches the passing countryside*
Magda Mogenson: Okay, so he was going to buy his way out of a political problem. So?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You mean work a way around the boycott?
Andrew Greggs: *To Majid* I don't suppose you can tell anything from here?
Majid Kemal: About what?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* I dunno. You seem to be... developing some talents.
Magda Mogenson: We're beginning to get that, yeah.
Andrew Greggs: And from the sound of it, there's some Serious Unnatural Wrongness just over there.
Majid Kemal: Yes but a forest is one thing a body of water another.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And he doesn't want any of his "loyal" subjects trading with his enemies?
Junter Calren: *sighs* One cannot avoid politics, It was not my first choice of mission I assure you.
Andrew Greggs: Right.
Andrew Greggs: ...well, the swamp was half one and half the other, I guess.
Magda Mogenson: You mean the Blue people or whatever will come to fetch it?
Majid Kemal: I can pierce the darkness if need be.
Junter Calren: A large quantity of gold? *light chuckle* someone will come and collect it.
Andrew Greggs: Eh, we couldn't tell much from here even with full light, earlier.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: When you say large, what do you mean?
Magda Mogenson: *grunts and looks at Sarge*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To LT* we need to have some idea of what's at skate
Majid Kemal: We can start with our helmets I suppose.
Magda Mogenson: I reckon what's at stake is the future of Seaguard for one.
Andrew Greggs: ...those don't have binoculars built in, far as I recall.
Majid Kemal: Well if I can call a bird to help us I will.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Were you on one of those ship Sir Priest?
Magda Mogenson: And someone /not/ sending a conveniantly awkward set of visitors off to operate in the war that it'll start.
Andrew Greggs: That's... something you can do?
Majid Kemal: Well I can try.
Majid Kemal: But it won't be easy.
Andrew Greggs: That would be insanely useful in any sort of recon we ever need to do.
Magda Mogenson: Dammit, I don't know what the hell we're here for any more, but if whatever's there is taking ships ... *shrugs* ... folk will suffer.
Junior Washington: *wanders around deck*
Majid Kemal: I figured a wolf would be out of place here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm sure he would. But right at the moment, I'm trying to weight up the risks to the men
Magda Mogenson: *twitch of lips* We are and we aren't. Either way, it's likely to be less trouble to go and look.
Andrew Greggs: I imagine he might have been somewhat distressed, yeah.
Junter Calren: The Gold must be recovered. And there are undead abroad, freely attacking trade on the river, they must be stopped.
Andrew Greggs: Ach!
Majid Kemal: I can call a rat if you want

Sailor : Dead man! AAAhh!
Magda Mogenson: We can at least go look. If it seems to.oo.... shit.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: true, I can see your point Padre, but there are only five of us and we've been...well...engaged lately
Andrew Greggs: Get back, man!
Sailor : He kills Javos!
Andrew Greggs: Damn it.
Magda Mogenson: What the f....
Andrew Greggs: *Checks on the fallen sailor*
Junior Washington: where'd he come from?
Majid Kemal: The skin is too thick can't do a thing.
Andrew Greggs: He climbed aboard the damn ship!
Junior Washington: *looks around to see if others are about*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I thought you guys were on watch!
Sailor: He crawled over the rail!
Andrew Greggs: Straight from the river.
Sailor: I... I am sorry, captain.
Junter Calren: Beware, there may be more. They attacked our boat in force
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Keep your goddamn eyes peeled for more of them!
Captain Argossy : Raise anchor! We will not stay this close.
Magda Mogenson: Dammit, wait.
Andrew Greggs: *Keeps an eye on the water*
Junior Washington: *watches water warily*
Captain Argossy: We linger here at great peril, my lady.
Magda Mogenson: Let us off. We'll go and see. Might be able to get intel and report that a larger force is needed.
Captain Argossy: *nods* Very well.
Captain Argossy : Prepare to lower the boat!
Majid Kemal: Let me try these sheaf arrows.
Andrew Greggs: *Tch* You sure love to volunteer us for this sort of thing, ma'am...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks around at the LT* We're asking for trouble Ma'am
Captain Argossy: We will drop anchor an hour's course back downstream.
Magda Mogenson: Stay here then. They're your squad.
Captain Argossy: It should be easy to return with the current.
Junior Washington: Um... what're we doing???
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Don't be silly, we're all in this together
Andrew Greggs: Hunting the dead. Apparantly.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guys, grab your stuff
Junior Washington: Uh, why?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Because I said so Junior
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: now move it
Majid Kemal: Let's do it!
Junior Washington: *mutters*

General Bones: The crew works to lower the ship
General Bones: Ship's boat, along with a rope ladder.

Magda Mogenson: Because I don't want goddamn complications to getting home. More this shit happens the more reason NOT to work on doing it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *grabs the LT by the elbow* Are you sure about this?
Andrew Greggs: If what we want is to get home, this just seems like a big, deadly distraction.
Magda Mogenson: I'm sure.
Andrew Greggs: But it's not like we haven't had plenty of those...
Majid Kemal: Stand still.
Magda Mogenson: We don't sort it out, I see the trouble caus.....
Majid Kemal: This will protect you.
Junter Calren: come! there is good work to be done.

General Bones: As soon as the boat is loaded and the lines clear, the _Stormdancer_ lifts anchor and drifts back down the river.

Andrew Greggs: *Watches the river, bow at the ready*
Majid Kemal: Oh
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *watches the ship fade into the darkness*
Junior Washington: great

General Bones: It takes some effort to reach the sandbar; by the time you beach the craft, in sight of the wreck, is just a few hours' shy of dawn.

Magda Mogenson: Just get us to land.
Magda Mogenson: *eyes the wreck on the sand bar*
Andrew Greggs: Not seeing any movement from here..
Magda Mogenson: That one yours? *to Junter*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks at the priest* You just got off here, is this such a good idea for you?
Junter Calren: *nods*
Junior Washington: an whats the plan exactly
Junter Calren: too many decent men died.
Magda Mogenson: We check the scope of the problem, and if it's small enough deal with it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Finds a chest worths of gold
Majid Kemal: Going for a swim Andrew?
Andrew Greggs: Seems the quickest way.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And maybe some answers to the missing ships
Majid Kemal: If it's a trap it could be ugly.
Andrew Greggs: How do you want to approach this?
Junter Calren: We should search out the source of the undead
Junter Calren: and destroy it.
Magda Mogenson: Source, huh? Like what?
Andrew Greggs: ...right.
Andrew Greggs: That wasn't really what I had in mind.
Junter Calren: *smiles* simple plans are usually the best ones
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: At least its getting light
Magda Mogenson: What the hell?
Andrew Greggs: ...killer crabs.
Andrew Greggs: I hate this world.
Majid Kemal: Crab for breakfast
Junter Calren: a mere nuisance
Magda Mogenson: This just gets crazier.
Junior Washington: You'n'sarge are gonna get on just fine.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ruin ahead
Andrew Greggs: Shouln't we check the wreck, first?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Were you up this way Padre?
Magda Mogenson: Godo point, Greggs.
Majid Kemal: This can wait Andrew.
Andrew Greggs: ....hrm.
Magda Mogenson: These zombie things might not want the gold.
Andrew Greggs: *Pulls a surprisingly non-rusted axe out of the water*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, just living flesh
Majid Kemal: It's heavy.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Are you crazy LT?
Andrew Greggs: ...well, what do you know.
Andrew Greggs: I was wrong about the no sharks thing.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah... I ddin't think I'd win that bet.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *wades out of the water*
Junior Washington: never seen sharks in a river
Majid Kemal: We'd better no waste healing supplies.
Junter Calren: one of the ingots. does anyone see the chest?
Andrew Greggs: Not right off, no...
Junter Calren: ah m'lady you're wounded, here
Magda Mogenson: Goddamn things.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: might need diving gear and we're fresh out
Junior Washington: chest?
Magda Mogenson: Err... thanks.
Andrew Greggs: I don't suppose it's possible someone hauled it away?
Andrew Greggs: Or something.
Magda Mogenson: *searchs around as best she can*
Junior Washington: *turns and looks back up the bank*
Majid Kemal: A greedy zombie perhaps.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Junior...if you didn't sleep half the day, you'll know what's going on around you
Andrew Greggs: Or whoever's controlling those things.
Junior Washington: Well I suppose if a ship wrecked on my doorstep, I'd salvage it right quick like.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: No sign of anything, but it looks like there was more than one ship wrecked here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's have a look at that ruin
Junior Washington: don't recall no briefing being called.
Majid Kemal: Are you coming?
Magda Mogenson: Not much of it left, so something moved it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Back in the old days they use to did it regular, wreaking ships on barbery coasts
Junter Calren: I've never heard of someone using undead as river pirates, but i suppose stranger things have happened..
Magda Mogenson: You tell us.

Andrew Greggs: Cave further on.
Magda Mogenson: Campfire.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess it used to be a watchtower one time
Magda Mogenson: Was this yours?
Majid Kemal: I feel a presence nearby.
Magda Mogenson: A what now?
Andrew Greggs: Not a nice one, I'm guessing.
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Junter Calren: no not mine, i never landed here.
Majid Kemal: No a live one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's great Kemel. Anyone we know?
Junter Calren: the undead do not need warmth
Majid Kemal: I don't have a crystal ball.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's a real pity *sarcastic*
Andrew Greggs: Might be you weren't the only one who lived?
Magda Mogenson: Kind of thinking that, but it's old. Real old. What's left of the wood has rotted.
Andrew Greggs: Not, then.
Andrew Greggs: Well, just one way..
Magda Mogenson: No sign of bodies on the wreck.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's check out the cave
Majid Kemal: Not this way.
Junter Calren: I hope that is the case.. it does not seem too likely, my strength and faith in soleus protected me.
Magda Mogenson: You know, anyone remember those cheap zombie movies?
Junter Calren: and I barely came away whole myself.

General Bones: The slope is muddy and treacherous, you need to work your way down carefully

Magda Mogenson: You get bit you catch it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Might flood on high tide
Junter Calren: cheap zombies moving? I don't understand your dialect
Magda Mogenson: Movies, father. It's ... moving pictures.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Not the right time to explain.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: oh ho
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I hear something
Junter Calren: *confused look*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I have a bad feeling about this
Magda Mogenson: Jesus....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *grips the axe with two hands*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not just zombies....skeletons!
Junter Calren: FATHER!
Junior Washington: tough buggers
Junter Calren: *huffs a little* all are well?
Andrew Greggs: Passage doesn't go any further.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks at the light* Who has that?
Magda Mogenson: Everyone alright?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah... I'm good.
Magda Mogenson: Any sign of the gold?
Junior Washington: fine
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Cutless here if anyone wants one
Andrew Greggs: Some more shambling around in the chamber ahead...
Magda Mogenson: Find anything Washington?
Junior Washington: no sign of a chest
Majid Kemal: Did you see somebody alive here?
Magda Mogenson: Did you?
Andrew Greggs: Activity in the chamber to the left, here.
Andrew Greggs: ...where the hell's Sarge?
Junior Washington: *signals - ENEMY SPOTTED*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey...found some stuff back the ways...stuck under a bunch of rocks
Andrew Greggs: Clear here..
Andrew Greggs: ...some stonework here, though.
Andrew Greggs: Think this ain't just a natural cave.
Junter Calren: ahh! a token of soleus
Magda Mogenson: That mean anything to you?
Junter Calren: the shining father sends aid
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That rod looks fancy
Junter Calren: this I do not recognise
Magda Mogenson: If it was hidden it must have been important.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll hold onto it til later
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Mama beetles
Magda Mogenson: Let's hope they are as big as they get.
Junior Washington: got that right
Magda Mogenson: One's like that other can't get in her.....
Ghostly Pirate : Who.... comes....
Andrew Greggs: ...it's not just me seeing that, right?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What the....
Majid Kemal: Hello there
Magda Mogenson: Who are you?
Ghostly Pirate : Thieves.... more ... thieves...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is that a ...ghost!?
Junior Washington: *watches*
Magda Mogenson: It's a see through man, but who knows?
Ghostly Pirate : Come to steal my treasure...
Majid Kemal: I guess
Junter Calren: Why do you not rest in your grave spirit?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And it talks and all!
Ghostly Pirate : Ye shall never have it!
Andrew Greggs: Sure sounds like a ghost.
Magda Mogenson: We've come to get what was taken.
Andrew Greggs: Straight out of those bad movies.
Ghostly Pirate : Thieves... come to steal my hard-won gold...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: poltergeist!
Magda Mogenson: Looks like something did want it.
Andrew Greggs: ...not the one I was thinking of, Sarge.
Andrew Greggs: That one's just about a haunted house.
Ghostly Pirate : Cannot rest... until I have my gold...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ghostbusters?
Magda Mogenson: Scooby Doo this isn't.
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes his head* Just... never mind.
Majid Kemal: How much you need?
Ghostly Pirate : My men... still obey me... from the grave...
Junter Calren: You'll rest by the father. Prepare yourself for oblivion!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The zombies and skeletons
Magda Mogenson: *pained expression*
Ghostly Pirate : Cannot... the gold... it calls me back...
Majid Kemal: * throw a purse of gold * Here
Magda Mogenson: Pirate freaking zombies.
Ghostly Pirate : Taken... taken... they dug it up... taken away...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The gold must be nearby
Ghostly Pirate : *ignores the gold* My gold... my gold...
Magda Mogenson: What's different about /your/ gold?
Ghostly Pirate : My men will find it... they will bring it here, back to me...
Majid Kemal: Happy?
Junior Washington: hmm
Ghostly Pirate : My buried chest... they found it... they took it...
Andrew Greggs: The gold your men took wasn't yours.
Ghostly Pirate : They will find it... I will have it back, so we can return to our eternal sleep...
Magda Mogenson: Alright, I'll buy it. Who took it?
Andrew Greggs: ...
Junior Washington: Ya think this undead problem started when someone stole his gold?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: maybe all gold looks the same.....in fact...it does!
Majid Kemal: OK let's find it then.
Ghostly Pirate : *walks above the water, leaving no trace*
Ghostly Pirate : *looks down the corridor* My gold, my chest...
Andrew Greggs: ...yeah, that's a fair bit of gold, alright.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sees the sparkling coins*
Ghostly Pirate : Thieves... thieves... stealing from the King of Thieves... *hollow laughter*
Ghostly Pirate : It was hidden... long hidden... so long...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's not the same gold? We're just looking for ingots
Majid Kemal: How can we return your gold, where is it now?
Magda Mogenson: *appears torn*
Ghostly Pirate : My gold, my precious gold...
Magda Mogenson: *checks the chest over*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think we should leave the coins
Andrew Greggs: I don't think we're getting anywhere fast with this line of questioning...
Majid Kemal: Are are not making sense ghost.
Magda Mogenson: Some old coin in here.
Ghostly Pirate : Thieves... find them, my men! My loyal men!
Majid Kemal: * You
Junter Calren: Of course it isn't, it's mad.
Andrew Greggs: You don't say.
Andrew Greggs: Can't you... I don't know... Exorcise it, or something?
Magda Mogenson: Looks old, isn't even heavy enough to be pure gold.
Ghostly Pirate : My gold!
Magda Mogenson: Looks more like a cent.
Majid Kemal: Where did they go, the thieves?
Ghostly Pirate : No, my gold is gone... gone... find it, my men! Bring it back!
Ghostly Pirate : Took it... took it on the water...
Junter Calren: *sigh* it will keep returning, until its business is done.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: These gold ingots look like they've been here a long time
Majid Kemal: Whch way?
Andrew Greggs: What about its 'crew'?
Junter Calren: it wants its gold back
Magda Mogenson: *takes a good look at the coin and drops it back*
Junter Calren: the walking dead, of course
Andrew Greggs: I mean, are /they/ going to keep coming back, too?
Ghostly Pirate : My loyal men... they serve me even unto death...
Majid Kemal: Can you guide us to it?
Andrew Greggs: It doesn't seem like much of a threat without them.
Majid Kemal: So that we may bring it back?
Ghostly Pirate : I cannot leave this place... I am bound here in death, where I laired in life...
Magda Mogenson: I feel stupid for even suggesting this, but can we get it to agree to leave ships alone if we go look?
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Ghostly Pirate : My gold, I must have it back... it is mine...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to junter* is there a way to lay this ghost to rest?
Majid Kemal: OK but we must find it first if we are to return it to you.
Magda Mogenson: The gold ingots are here.
Ghostly Pirate : *starts to fade* Mine, mine...
Junter Calren: return its gold.
Magda Mogenson: Best take them.
Andrew Greggs: I don't think I like ghosts very much.
Ghostly Pirate : Mine, mine... *hollow voice*
Andrew Greggs: Limited sample size, but...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The other stuff?
Magda Mogenson: FAther, your gold.
Majid Kemal: I don't like or dislike. The thing seems to want eternal rest.

General Bones: The gold outside of the chest looks like it was dumped there more recently.

Andrew Greggs: Really? Because to me, it mostly sounded like it wanted gold.
Majid Kemal: The ghost could have been your friend in life, no?
Junior Washington: *stands guard*
Magda Mogenson: There's an old looking coin in that chest, must have been more once.
Magda Mogenson: It's not even gold.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That other stuff on the left look similar
Magda Mogenson: At least not much. Could take that last one and try to track them down?
Majid Kemal: Good idea.
Magda Mogenson: Or get someone to make more like it.
Junter Calren: These are most of the ingots.
Magda Mogenson: *lifts out the last coin*
Majid Kemal: The coin is probably fake and the real ones somewhere
Majid Kemal: Find the thieves and you'll find the real gold.
Magda Mogenson: No idea, but the Father's church might do something if it stops the threat here.
Magda Mogenson: Anything back there Greggs?
Andrew Greggs: Seems nothing else of interest here.
Andrew Greggs: Just a passage with a dead end.
Majid Kemal: Could there be a hidden pasage?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The captain of the ship will want all the gold ingots as he was suppose to pick them up in Seaguard
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* I guess?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hand them over to him?
Magda Mogenson: Ships have only been attacked recently. So whoever took his coins couldn't have had them long.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There is some more to the island above, search up there?
Andrew Greggs: I think we combed it pretty thoroughly.
Magda Mogenson: Try and get an idea of who came here if we can.
Junter Calren: *pensive*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll have a look around above then
Majid Kemal: Could the wreck nearby be identified?
Magda Mogenson: That's the Father's ship.
Magda Mogenson: I think?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yes, it was
Ghostly Pirate : Thieves... thieves.... stop them!
Magda Mogenson: Shit...
Junter Calren: please, i am not "the father" that is Soleus.
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: oh no
Majid Kemal: OH
Ghostly Pirate : Recover our gold, my loyal men...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You sound like a bad record
Magda Mogenson: Look, whoever you are.
Magda Mogenson: *shivers*
Ghostly Pirate : Gold... my gold...
Majid Kemal: NOOO
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: My axe has no effect!
Magda Mogenson: Dammit...
Ghostly Pirate : My gold! My gold!
Junior Washington: can't hit him
Magda Mogenson: We're going to find your gold!
Andrew Greggs: Our friend's sword manages.
Majid Kemal: LET'S GO
Ghostly Pirate : My gold... my gold...
Junter Calren: we must leave, it will return
Ghostly Pirate : Thieves... thieves...
Junior Washington: So now what?
Junter Calren: we must track down the coin that was stolen.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's not a whole lot to this place is there?
Magda Mogenson: We got what was wanted, rest is going to need more help.

General Bones: With the ghost's hollow laments following you, you emerge back into the sunlight. You search the rest of the island, but find nothing other than wreckage of the ships that were brought here by the dead pirate's minions...

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:41 am

Captain Argossy: Delivered safe and sound.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *scrambles onto the docks* Ah...back again
Magda Mogenson: *nods with a slightly troubled frown*
Junter Calren: My thanks captian, I am glad I did not have to row this far.
Captain Argossy: I will take the gold you gave me back to Drusia, along with the Duke's letter of friendship.
Magda Mogenson: Yes, thank you Captain.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Mind yourself on the river Captain, watch out for more of those creatures
Captain Argossy: And I will ask about the stolen coins, though I suspect you will learn more here than I will, abroad.
Captain Argossy: Oh, I am very careful. That is why I am still alive after all these years.
Magda Mogenson: We'll ask as soon as we've informed the Baron and wizard of our return.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good man
Captain Argossy: Now I must depart. I do not wish to test the Duke's paper.
Junter Calren: Farewell.
Junior Washington: later dude
Majid Kemal: Take care.
Magda Mogenson: *salutes* Good bye, Captain.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *Turns to the others* what's the first order of business?
Junior Washington: * shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: The castle first, then some lodgings again.
Junior Washington: Getting paid?
Magda Mogenson: We're bound to have to wait while the wizard works.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe they will put us up in the Inn again, like the last time?
Magda Mogenson: We weren't getting paid for this, Washington.
Junter Calren: What of the lost gold?
Junior Washington: great
Magda Mogenson: We needed the stone writing ourself. That's why we went.
Junior Washington: no finder fees, nothing
Junior Washington: *mutters*
Magda Mogenson: We'll see the Baron then check the temple and the merchants.
Magda Mogenson: With luck someone has seen coins like these.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods to junter* I haven't forgotten about that, but we should ask around quietly so as to not attract attention
Magda Mogenson: Storekeepers are the likeliest to have seen them, but we should probably tell the Baron what we are doing.
Junter Calren: hmm.
Majid Kemal: I thnk we do attract attention nevertheess.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Magda Mogenson: Are you returning to the temple, Father?
Majid Kemal: *less
Junter Calren: *winces* not father.
Junter Calren: please.
Junter Calren: Brother if you must give me an appelation
Junter Calren: Junter is just fine too.

Camarian Officer : Citizens, you are here to see the Duke's justice in action!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks on at the gathered crowd*
Camarian Officer : Let it be a lesson to you, lest you be swayed by those who would hold the High Law in contempt.
Magda Mogenson: Right. Kind of what we call religious folk back home, but whatever.
Criminal : No, please, I have a daughter!
Magda Mogenson: *frowns* What's going on?
City Watch : Should have thought about that before you defied the Duke's law, wench.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like someone is about to get strung up...or worse
Junter Calren: what law have these people broken?
Magda Mogenson: What the f%^$?

Majid Kemal: Did you hear that Junior?
Junior Washington: what?
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Majid Kemal: Seems to be some troouble.
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*
Majid Kemal: Which way they went?
Junior Washington: The gate I think
Majid Kemal: Ma am? Good day to you too.
Junior Washington: A bit old for my taste
Majid Kemal: Well brother where to?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: follow the noise I guess

Magda Mogenson: Sad? What the hell are they supposed to have done?
Camarian Officer : Their crimes are against the state, and the people of Camar.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the lady* What did they do?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the lady* And the punishment.....is death?
Camarian Officer : The reasoning for your crimes is not of interest.
Magda Mogenson: What? Theft? Theft is a capital offense?
Magda Mogenson: You've got to be joking.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To the LT* I don't think we want to stick around for this
Camarian Officer : Cheva Tolis, you stabbed a man in a back alley fight.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* used to hang thieves in the old west.
Magda Mogenson: Stick around? *glares*
Criminal: He tried to take my stuff.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We don't
Magda Mogenson: Washington, I don't give a shit.
City Watch: Back, citizen.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Jesus Kemel
Camarian Officer : And you, Kavin Jors. Your crime is the worst of all.
Magda Mogenson: She's a daughter and she's dying because of a theft?
Camarian Officer : Treason against the Grand Duke.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *waves furiously at Kema*
Junior Washington: *shrugs* not our business. *wanders off to browse a nearby vender's goods*
Lady Tertullia: The church will take care of the child, Lady Magda.
Majid Kemal: What? What's going on here?
Magda Mogenson: It is if we're doing anything to help this shit of a place.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What were you thinking? Let's get the hell outta here
Camarian Officer : Let these deaths serve as an example to all!
Criminal : Death to the tyrant!
Magda Mogenson: %^£$
Lady Tertullia: A terrible business.
Junter Calren: *unhappy sigh* That man takes all too much pleasure in his work.
Magda Mogenson: You don't know the half, lady.
Lady Tertullia: Come, let me take you to the citadel.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: come on..come on *hustles them out of the area*
Magda Mogenson: *fuming*
Majid Kemal: Not sure that was wise but Nature will find a way to make things even.

Junior Washington: Show over?
Magda Mogenson: Shut your mouth, Washington.
Lady Tertullia: I meant to ask, was your journey successful? You were gone a long time.
Magda Mogenson: We found what we wanted.
Majid Kemal: * w * Better let the girls talk
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll need to see the old wizard
Lady Tertullia: And a priest of the Father has joined you? I greet you, brother. We have not met, I am the Lady Tertullia. I also serve the Father.
Junter Calren: M'lady. *bows*
Lady Tertullia: Maldrigar is eager to speak to you. He has monitored your progess using his scrying-orb.
Magda Mogenson: Serve someone who thinks it's right to kill a person over a necklace.
Magda Mogenson: Tell me, if that necklace hadn't belonged to some rich bint would the woman have died?
Lady Tertullia: *shakes head* Likely not.
Lady Tertullia: But the church cannot intervene in areas of secular law.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks at the LT with a frosty expression*
Magda Mogenson: Some justice in this place.
Lady Tertullia: That way leads to chaos.
Junter Calren: We must exist in society.
Lady Tertullia: Without law, there cannot be order. And without order, all things break down.
Majid Kemal: * w * Hm someone concerned about what's should probably not be in the army... no?
Lady Tertullia: Still, I agree, it is... sad.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah well there's one law for some and one for another around here. You just said so.
Majid Kemal: * what's right
Lady Tertullia: The child will be cared for by the church.
Junior Washington: no dif back home
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *w* I know what she's getting at but this isn't the time or place to get into that
Magda Mogenson: A motherless child.
Junior Washington: poor folk always get the short end of the stick.
Majid Kemal: Church? Religions alond brought pain and despair where we came from.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. Seems a lot of you were shouting up there.
Junter Calren: should we perhaps have marched up and stopped the exicution? started a riot, or a war with the duke?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're in no postion to do that
Lady Tertullia: Brother, I know you must report, but the High Priest was attending upon the Duke this day.
Magda Mogenson: Sooner we get out of this god damned place the better.
Lady Tertullia: Perhaps you should accompany us, at least for now.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Amen to that ma'am
Junter Calren: *nods* well enough
Majid Kemal: Why did we forget about this little planet.
Lady Tertullia: You wish to speak to the wizard first?
Lady Tertullia: He has spent long hours in his laboratory, working on your problem. He is quite eager to get the tablet.
Majid Kemal: I guess they did not put a drink dispenser nearby.
Junior Washington: Actually, I'd like a feast and dancing girls, but don't think anybody cares what I think.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Magda Mogenson: Sooner we speak to him the sooner he can have it and we can leave your /justice/ behind.
Majid Kemal: I do junior.
Lady Tertullia: Very well.

Lady Tertullia: Oh! High Priest.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good day Padre
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I greet you in the name of the Father.
Andrew Greggs: *Tired nod*
Junior Washington: Gee Maj, never pictured you as the wine, women and song sorta dude.
Junter Calren: *bows*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Brother Calren. Were you not dispatched to Seaguard on a vital mission?
Majid Kemal: And I great you in the name of the 'Mother'
Junter Calren: We ran afoul of undead on the river.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Undead? How dire. I trust that the monstrosities are destroyed? And... ah, the Duke's gold?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *w to LT* You want to show him one of those coins?
Junter Calren: They are weakend, we believe the source will not be stopped so easily however
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: More evidence that we face trying times.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. *still glowering*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: And your mission, Lady Lieutenant, Sergeant? Did you find the arcane lore that you sought?
Junter Calren: the gold was recovered, and we sent it back to seaguard
Magda Mogenson: Some /thing/ there was wanting some gold coins that had been dug up and taken.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Good news, well done, Brother.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You mean this* Pull out a large stone tablet from his pack*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Ah, excellent. *to Simmons*
Magda Mogenson: *gestures to Sarge* We got it.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: *to Magda* Stolen gold? Hmm. Might I see?
Magda Mogenson: *digs in pack and shows a coin*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Ah, Empire coin, very old. I have not seen the like outside in many years.
Magda Mogenson: Seems to be what the thing was raving about, if that's a way to stop it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What would it be worth? On the markets outside?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: The Duke has returned to Camar, though I admit he still does not look upon you with great favor.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Those old coins contain little actual gold. It would be worth more to a collector.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* Don't bother me none
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, well could say after what we've just seen we ain't changed our mind much either.
Majid Kemal: * w * likewise
Junior Washington: wonder if they have something like ebay round here?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I know you are eager to return home.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Brother Calren, now that your mission is complete, perhaps you could assist me in aiding our friends here.
Magda Mogenson: Suddenly took on more of an urgent note.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yes we are Padre
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Thought they have offended the Duke, we of the Church owe them a significant debt for defeating the enemies of the People.
Magda Mogenson: *drops the coin back in her pocket*
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow* He's to aid us in walking to the wizard's?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I will speak to His Grace and see if I can smooth things over a bit. I would have you leave as friends, or at least not as enemies.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: *to Greggs* It could be that Maldrigar may need resources that you five cannot provide.
Magda Mogenson: Try getting him not to kill women over silver necklaces.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: In such a case, I authorize Brother Calren to draw upon the resources of the Church.
Andrew Greggs: Of course. How silly of us to assume the worst of this was over.
Lady Tertullia: Why are you so hostile? We have done nothing to offend. We have only tried to help you.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: It is all right, sister. They have been through much.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think this could be becoming more of a long shoot as time goes by
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Come, we must attend upon the Duke. Brother Calren, help them in any way you can.
Magda Mogenson: Ask that woman's daughter if she's offended.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: May the Light ward your steps. Go with the Father.
Junter Calren: *bows* Yes your holiness.
Magda Mogenson: Might have to wait for her to stop crying, maybe.
Junior Washington: Seeya

Magda Mogenson: Goddamned place.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I was trying to remember where the wizards lab was
Junior Washington: Hey when in Rome....
Magda Mogenson: Yeah...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This way? *points NE*
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Did you expect their definition of justice to be a gentle one, ma'am?
Junter Calren: It seems I am to be in your company a while longer
Andrew Greggs: This place is in the goddamn dark ages.
Magda Mogenson: Sorry, Brother, but it looks like it.
Junter Calren: The duke is.. strict.
Junior Washington: Lucky you
Ducal Guard: Can I help you?
Magda Mogenson: *to the guard* Where's we find the wizard guy?
Ducal Guard: You were standing by the door to his laboratory. *nods to the southwest*
Andrew Greggs: /Thought/ so....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: right the first time
Magda Mogenson: *nods* Thanks.
Junter Calren: ah, If i may, what business do you have with this wizard?
Junior Washington: you don't really wanna know
Junior Washington: trust me
Magda Mogenson: Sending us back where he dragged us from without permission.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good day to you Mage
Junter Calren: oh?
Andrew Greggs: We'll take your word on that.
Maldrigar: Ah, wonderful!
Magda Mogenson: Saw it all, huh?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You see the zombies too?
Junior Washington: *watches*
Maldrigar: With this, I can modify the ritual to send you home.
Andrew Greggs: Ever creepier than phonetaps, that.
Maldrigar: Nay, I did not see all of the details. Even a wizard must sleep.
Magda Mogenson: And the Seaguard place that's gonna starve out because no help's been sent?
Maldrigar: And the viewing is not so good, with underground places.
Junior Washington: guess he's not got tivo on that thing.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I get ya
Maldrigar: *blinks* Why, that is a matter for the Grand Duke.
Magda Mogenson: Pity, you missed the dragon thing.
Maldrigar: Dragon? Hmm. Did you chance to recover any of its organs?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, let's just say I'm getting an idea of what /matters/ and what don't.
Andrew Greggs: ...can't say the thought occured to us.
Junter Calren: *eyebrows raise*
Magda Mogenson: Washington had a head?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Found this on our travels...maybe you know what it is?
Maldrigar: A pity. They are often quite potent in alchemical processes.
Junter Calren: seaguard starves and you met a dragon?
Maldrigar: A wand of missiles.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Missles!
Maldrigar: Fairly common, but useful.
Andrew Greggs: I think it might have been more of a demon?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What kinda missles?
Andrew Greggs: I dunno. None of us are experts on this stuff.
Magda Mogenson: Don't even go there, Greggs.
Maldrigar: Indeed. It projects globes of force that impact with the force of an arrow. And with perfect accuracy.
Junter Calren: *intense look* that is troubleing.
Andrew Greggs: Could have been a smurf, for all we know.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh...and here's another. Nearly forget about it?
Maldrigar: However, it requires a certain magical training to use.
Junior Washington: think I gave that to the baron dude we met.
Magda Mogenson: Found this too.
Junior Washington: don't remember now
Junter Calren: ah.. well if you are an expert in items magical.. i have another
Magda Mogenson: That's go those letters the priests use on it.
Maldrigar: A blessed rod! Quite useful, if you have a priest in your company.
Magda Mogenson: They're on this too.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Something for you then Junter
Magda Mogenson: Huh, that looks sharp.
Maldrigar: And you found a rune stone? Amazing. Surely your travels have been successful.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Might help restore your confidence
Magda Mogenson: Depends on your measure of success.
Maldrigar: Ah, it bears a magical enchantment. THe blade will remain ever sharp.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. We're amazing, alright.
Maldrigar: This stone may restore a person from death to life! Guard it well.
Maldrigar: Ah, as you lack a wizard, I would be happy to take this wand off your hands, if...
Magda Mogenson: Oh... I was going to look at it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: A stone will raise somebody from the dead? !!!
Maldrigar: Have you studied the arcane arts in your time here, my lady?
Andrew Greggs: I'd rather not have to use any of this stuff in the near future...
Andrew Greggs: But I'm guessing we're not quite there yet, are we?
Maldrigar: *shrugs* I doubt any of it would work upon your world, in any case.
Magda Mogenson: Err... no, just some of them seem to make sense in using.
Andrew Greggs: *Inspects the blade*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks good greggs, might be useful
Maldrigar: Well. We can speak of this once I have completed the ritual.
Andrew Greggs: Might be, at that.
Magda Mogenson: *shrugs a little* All damn weird.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How long with that take ?
Junter Calren: what is this talk of other worlds?
Maldrigar: *clutches the tablet* I have completed almost all of the preparations.
Andrew Greggs: Ah, poor priest. Lost as can be...
Maldrigar: It should not take more than a day or two for me to integrate the knowledge in this tablet.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Believe it or not, we're not from around here Junter
Magda Mogenson: We're from another one. Ask Dumbledor here.
Maldrigar: You will stay here, or in the city?
Maldrigar: Indeed, sir priest. I have drawn these people from across the barrier of worlds, using my magic.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're here thanks to that man *nods to the mage*
Junter Calren: Obviously I assumed you were from far afield...
Maldrigar: Quite extraordinary. They come from another world like ours, only... different.
Andrew Greggs: ....and now he's going to get us back.
Junter Calren: perhaps not that far
Magda Mogenson: Like we try not to execute people for stealing a necklace.
Junior Washington: I'll believe it when I see it.
Junter Calren: how bizzare
Maldrigar: Indeed! You have honored your part of the bargain. I shall honor mine.
Junter Calren: why did you do such a thing?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How far is as good a guess as mine but certainly a looonnng ways away
Maldrigar: To save Camar. And they have, defeating the orcish hordes that threatened the nation.
Magda Mogenson: That's a question we get called harsh for asking.
Magda Mogenson: And for objecting to.
Maldrigar: I know you bear ire to the Duke for this, but it will all be to the greater good.
Junter Calren: If you've truely accomplished that feat, then you have my thanks
Magda Mogenson: Right, whatever.
Maldrigar: Now I must work. I will send a messenger once I have completed the ritual.
Junior Washington: Where I have heard that before?
Magda Mogenson: Mmm....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Right, we'll drop our stuff in the Inn
Magda Mogenson: May as well get rid of some of the stuff we found.
Magda Mogenson: Maybe ask about them coins.
Junter Calren: Good day.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, dump our gear and see what funds we can raise with our.....booty?
Andrew Greggs: *Eyebrow-raise*
Magda Mogenson: What about?
Junior Washington: I could go for a little booty

Lady Tertullia: His Holiness has spoken to the Duke, and he has agreed to forget the... ah, earlier unpleasantness.
Magda Mogenson: Huh.. right, how much earlier are we talking?
Andrew Greggs: ...alright?
Majid Kemal: Did I miss something?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Isn't that nice *sarcastic smile*
Lady Tertullia: He has extended the hospitality of the citadel, and you may remain as honored guests while you await the wizard's report.
Junior Washington: cool
Lady Tertullia: Please, I beg you! Do not leave us as enemies.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Stay here...in the Castle?
Magda Mogenson: That's mightily good of him. *sarcasm notable*
Lady Tertullia: Yes, in the guest rooms. Surely they are finer than the rooms at the Watering Hole?
Magda Mogenson: If it's all the same, think I prefer the inn.
Majid Kemal: Your highness I'm the last guy who wants enemies
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* dunno, haven't seen them. Food and drink on tap like in the Inn?
Lady Tertullia: Well... it is your decision of course.
Lady Tertullia: The finest food and drink, of course.
Magda Mogenson: *folds her arms*
Andrew Greggs: We're not going to upset him again if we decline his hospitality, are we?
Lady Tertullia: I... well, it is not my place to tell you what to do, but this would insult the Duke...
Junior Washington: Alright, I'm ready to eat.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *bows* but of course! *turns to the others* Well?
Junter Calren: You might offend by refusing hospitality.. although you strike me as a group little concerned with that..
Andrew Greggs: Ah. It would.
Andrew Greggs: Long toes, dukes.
Majid Kemal: Lady you got a nice land here if only you could have a purple team...
Junter Calren: a... purple team?
Majid Kemal: When you add red and blue...
Magda Mogenson: *for once saying nothing but expression speaks mountains*
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs to Junter* Eh, don't worry about it. I'm not even sure what he's talking about half the time.
Chancellor Idar: Ah, Lady Tertullia.
Chancellor Idar: The guest quarters are ready.
Junior Washington: Lead the way!
Lady Tertullia: Chancellor, there is... ah...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What do you say boys and girls?
Majid Kemal: Clean beds etc good.
Junior Washington: I'm staying here
Lady Tertullia: *smiles* Thank you.
Magda Mogenson: Alright, but the only reason is to get out of here the faster.
Chancellor Idar: Hmm, yes.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Right, settle then. We'll make sure your well looked after LT
Chancellor Idar: *claps his hands*
Magda Mogenson: *throws a frown at Simmons*
Chancellor Idar: Show the Duke's guests to their quarters.
Serving Woman: If you would come with me.
Majid Kemal: Hey stand up lady, please.
Junior Washington: Don't suppose she comes with the room?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks, be seeing Lady Tertullia
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: seeing you*
Lady Tertullia: I must attend upon matters at the temple, but I hope you will dine with me tomorrow? IF you are still here, that is.
Junter Calren: *frowns deeply at that *
Andrew Greggs: You're a proper barbarian, aren't you Washington?
Junior Washington: Hey when in Rome....
Andrew Greggs: ...sack the place?
Majid Kemal: * w * They're chatting with tarentula
Magda Mogenson: Washington. Any more of that and you'll answer to me ... personally.
Junter Calren: good day sister, sir *nods*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: To the seving woman* Could we have food and drink brought to our rooms right away?
Serving Woman: Of course. The guest suites have a private kitchen.
Magda Mogenson: *stomp stomp grump*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Excellant. things are looking up!
Serving Woman: Anything you wish, anything at all, you have but to ask.
Junior Washington: Anything?
Junior Washington: *strokes chin*
Serving Woman: The washroom is here to the right. Sleeping rooms are down the hall.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Comfy but a bit spartan
Serving Woman: I will see that your food is brought out.
Majid Kemal: This place has style.
Junior Washington: Yeah I could get use to this.
Magda Mogenson: *tight lipped*
Andrew Greggs: I couldn't.
Andrew Greggs: Getting served on makes me feel like an asshole.
Andrew Greggs: Well, even moreso than usual.

General Bones: The women bring out small silver trays laden with tiny crystal cups filled with liqueur, canapes on small lace napkins, and other rich treats.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Rooms are excellant* I'll have the first one and the LT the second one. The rest of you sort yourselves out
Junior Washington: *helps himself to the food and drinks*
Serving Woman: More substantial fare is on the cookstoves.
Junior Washington: good this stuff's not all that filling.
Magda Mogenson: *talks a helping when served* Thank you, ma'am.
Majid Kemal: Sure Kyle and don't worry about the snake in your bed.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *takes a few nibbles and sips the drink* you know, i've never tasted better!
Serving Woman: We have roast quail, stuffed with nuts and mushrooms, hot bread with olives, warm mead with honey, and several of the Duke's best vintages.
Junior Washington: Sure beat MREs
Magda Mogenson: What the hell is mead?
Junter Calren: *eats the food, dosn't drink the alchohol*
Majid Kemal: Wine would be nice.
Junter Calren: it's a drink
Andrew Greggs: Honeyed beer, or somesuch.
Junter Calren: made from fermented honey.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh yeah! All good, double helpings I think.....but first a goddamn shower id in order. I stink to high heaven
Magda Mogenson: Right... that then. Might be the only sweetness we find in this place.
Majid Kemal: yes the gauls called it drink of the Gods
Serving Woman: Shall I take you to the bath chamber, m'lord?
Magda Mogenson: *stiffens*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure! lead the way
Magda Mogenson: One thing.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Majid Kemal: Hydromel I think is the name.
Junior Washington: Alright Sarge!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *winks at the others over his shoulder*
Magda Mogenson: I hear about anyone taking advantage of these woman and I'll personally remove your dick.
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Majid Kemal: It's quite sweet thoguh.
Andrew Greggs: I don't go for the demure, submissive type, ma'am. No worries.
Majid Kemal: Advantage? Who said anything about avantage?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Shower? Who needs a shower
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: !
Junter Calren: *glances at Magda* I am not sure which part of the anatomy is the dick. but I doubt I need guess too many times.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *takes off his gear and strips*
Magda Mogenson: *nods* Just remember.
Andrew Greggs: *Hah*
Majid Kemal: Ah here we go again US vs UK English.
Junior Washington: *helps himself to more of the goodies*
Majid Kemal: I'm sure you know about rubber.
Serving Woman: *bring out bowls and trays with the main meal*
Andrew Greggs: It seems that for all the luxuriousness here, we are missing a dinner table.
Junior Washington: Now that's more like it.
Junior Washington: *helps himself to a couple of bowls*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *slips into the barely managable hot water* Oh this is nice
Majid Kemal: * try some wine *
Serving Woman: Among the nobility, it is customary to take refreshment while seated on a couch, or upon a rich carpet with cushions.
Magda Mogenson: There hot water or something in the rooms?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Like those japanese spas
Serving Woman: There is a basin in this room by the arch; or you can visit the bath chamber at the end of the hall.
Magda Mogenson: No need for a table when you've servants to hold the plates, right?
Andrew Greggs: That must be a pain in the ass for you that have to clean up after them.
Serving Woman: *nods at Magda*
Serving Woman: Ours is but to serve.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, figured.
Majid Kemal: I guess there's no belling dancing here.
Junior Washington: Hey everyone's gotta make a living.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Honey....you missed a bit just there....ah...that's it...lovely
Magda Mogenson: *grits teeth*
Junior Washington: *smiles at serving maids*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *get out and dries himself and put on his best clothes*
Junter Calren: *dosn't seem too impressed by all the fawning and fancyness*

General Bones: The evening passes in idle luxury. The beds are comfortable and the serving women attend to every need. *you can grab rest in the rooms as needed* It is morning before you know it.

Magda Mogenson: *is bound to ask them next morning what "every need" entailed*
Majid Kemal: Guess what these fine ladies are all natural, no silicon, no cap like that.
Andrew Greggs: I'm sure that gives them some measure of pride despite their serfdom, Majid...
Magda Mogenson: Kemal, you're walking a line.
Junior Washington: Don't ask, don't tell.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I feel like a million dollars
Serving Woman: Ah, you are awake.
Majid Kemal: Why?
Junior Washington: *enjoys a massive breakfast*
Majid Kemal: Did you change your nose or something?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That was the best sleep I ever had, no kidding
Magda Mogenson: *has cleaned down but doesn't look rested*
Majid Kemal: Did you rest already?
Serving Woman: We have caff (in tiny porcelain cups), tea, sweet rolls with honey, grapes, groundberries with cream, and biscuits with syrup.
Magda Mogenson: Brother, you should have this.
Serving Woman: Is there anything else you would prefer?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: One more day and night of this and I will not want to go home
Junter Calren: Yes. I just came in from watching the sun rise.
Serving Woman: We are pleased that you are enjoying your stay.
Majid Kemal: Have what?
Andrew Greggs: Always knew you to be a man of principle, Sarge...
Junter Calren: ahh
Magda Mogenson: Stone. Got those holy writings on it.
Junter Calren: an interesting artifact
Junter Calren: where did you find this?
Junior Washington: yeah, if this duke has any openings I'd be happy to live like this forever.
Magda Mogenson: Back with that dragon thing we killed.
Majid Kemal: I'm going to "retire" let's "ketchup" later
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I mean this is class. Not even that seven star hotel in Dubai could match this
Junter Calren: Well, hopefully we shall have no use for it.

Lady Tertullia: I greet you in the name of the Father.
Lady Tertullia: You slept well, I trust?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Absolutily great my Lady
Lady Tertullia: I just spoke to the High Wizard. He spent all night working on your ritual.
Junior Washington: Yep
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is that so?
Junter Calren: Yes thankyou Sister, rather more pampered surroundings than those I am used to.
Magda Mogenson: Good, he ready?
Lady Tertullia: He tells me he should be ready to send you back by this evening, or perhaps tomorrow morning.
Magda Mogenson: Finally!
Junior Washington: Tomorrow would be fine.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Tomorrow morning sounds good
Lady Tertullia: I insisted that he rest first. The ritual is very taxing.
Junior Washington: Good thinking
Andrew Greggs: So long as it works...
Lady Tertullia: Excellent. I hope you will spend your last day in Camar enjoying what our city has to offer.
Lady Tertullia: It is not all... what you saw yesterday.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We do want him to be fully fit this time. We may not get another chance after this
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. *again with no enthusiasm*
Lady Tertullia: His Holiness has a task for me today, but I hope we can have dinner tonight.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Want to take a wander round LT?
Lady Tertullia: A final farewell.
Magda Mogenson: *nods* Where's that woman's daughter looked after?
Lady Tertullia: She has already been taken to one of the Children's Homes in the countryside. There are animals, flowers, and peaceful surroundings.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *frowns a little* ma'am, you can't save every child in this city
Lady Tertullia: I promise you she will be cared for with love and understanding.
Magda Mogenson: Who funds the place?
Serving Woman: *keeps her eyes down* I was raised at a Home. It was... very nice.
Magda Mogenson: *paying no attention to the sergeant*
Lady Tertullia: Why, the Church, of course.
Magda Mogenson: Sure you'd have preferred you mother, ma;am.
Junior Washington: *digs into more of the food*
Serving Woman: She was carried off by a plague, m'lady.
Magda Mogenson: This one's was carried off by "justice".
Magda Mogenson: Is this church yours?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm sure it a fine place my Lady, but the LT here, well, she's just worried for the girl, you understand?
Lady Tertullia: *shakes her head* Do they not punish lawbreakers in your world?
Magda Mogenson: Sure we do, just not with death for petty theft.
Majid Kemal: * say an old poem in arabic *
Andrew Greggs: Not in places generallly considered civilized, anyway.
Magda Mogenson: Kind of like to think we've grown out of that level of barbarism.
Junior Washington: Did in the past.
Lady Tertullia: I am sure we must all seem like barbarians to you.
Lady Tertullia: Well. *looks deflated* I must attend to my task.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It's just a...eh...different way of life
Lady Tertullia: Walk in the Li... ah, good day to you.
Magda Mogenson: Is it the temple in town that runs the orphanage?
Magda Mogenson: *humphs irritably* Got to go see them anyway.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's see what we can find out about those old coins...okay LT?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. Need to get out of this building for a while.
Junior Washington: *shrugs and continues to enjoy the repast offered*

Andrew Greggs: ...something I wasn't eager to mention where the walls have ears...
Andrew Greggs: If all goes well, we'll be out here pretty quick.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And? What's on your mind?
Junter Calren: you expressed an interest in visiting the temple?
Andrew Greggs: Which is why the sudden hospitality surprised me.
Magda Mogenson: What. Greggs?
Junter Calren: it is back that way, marked by the pillars of light
Magda Mogenson: Think there's something going on?
Andrew Greggs: The duke just got back from.. something like a summit? I wouldn't be surprised if things went badly and we'll be asked another favour.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe its a face value thing. They just want us to remember them in the best light
Andrew Greggs: Maybe. Maybe not.
Magda Mogenson: You think all the political powers around here are like this shit?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Aren't they all? Extend one hand, keep the other on your knife.
Andrew Greggs: No different back home.
Junter Calren: The world of politics is a bloody one.
Magda Mogenson: If I thought that, Greggs, I'd not have joined up.
Andrew Greggs: That's real idealistic of you then, ma'am.
Magda Mogenson: Call it what you like.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Of course, it could all be a trap of some sort. I've heard of that sort of thing happening in Roman times. The leaders of barbarians would be invited to dinner and then poisoned or have their throat cut

Majid Kemal: * look for a towel *
Junior Washington: nice threads
Majid Kemal: Well I could not find a towel but this is fine.
Junior Washington: serving girls couldn't dry you off?
Majid Kemal: Ah come one should not take what is not given.
Junior Washington: Well, wouldn't want to see them lose their job.
Majid Kemal: Well nobody came to massage me while I was in the bath so I guess it's not my lucky day.
Junior Washington: Rank has it's privilage I guess.
Majid Kemal: Rank? Why?
Junior Washington: Well the Sarge got a massage I think.
Majid Kemal: Good for him.
Junior Washington: We lowly privates don't rate that I guess.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Junior Washington: Or maybe they were just busy when you took a bath?
Junior Washington: Reckon they have busy times and slow times round here.
Majid Kemal: I don't think so. I play along with them to avoid conflict but I won't let them pull rank on me. Not in THIS world.
Junior Washington: Yeah, you thinking of staying?
Majid Kemal: May be but I'm thinking about my parents too. You would to tell them I'm dead.
Junior Washington: Might stay myself actually.
Junior Washington: Sure beats what I have to look forward to back on earth.
Majid Kemal: Good, I'm glad.
Junior Washington: Least if I could land a job with these accommodations.
Majid Kemal: I'm tired of the Christian; Jews and Muslims killing each other for centuries. Here it's just blue team and red team like in bot camp.
Junior Washington: yeah there's that.
Junior Washington: Sides if we do get back, I can't help but think we'll all end up locked away some place.
Junior Washington: They'll think we're all crazy.
Junior Washington: Or, believe us and not want the word to get out to anyone else.
Majid Kemal: Here nobody will assume that I might be a traitor becquse of this or that. I assume they take us at face value: Off-worlders
Junior Washington: Yeah
Junior Washington: You seem to be getting into the whole back to nature thing too.
Majid Kemal: Yes it's amazing... I always think I'm gonna wake up at the camp at laugh at al this.
Junior Washington: Guessing it'd be hard to give up the magic you've tapped into here.
Majid Kemal: Sorry you were saying?
Junior Washington: Back on earth I'd be just another grunt.

Magda Mogenson: We miss the temple?
Andrew Greggs: Yup.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, its behind us
Magda Mogenson: Damn.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Junter Calren: As I said, the building behind us. marked with the large glowing pillars of light *smiles*
Magda Mogenson: Right ... having some trouble with the light.
Andrew Greggs: Your god doesn't quite go for subtle, does he?
Junter Calren: The duke is subtle.
Junter Calren: do you appreciate him for it?
Magda Mogenson: *laughs out loud*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Your just going to get the same answers here LT
Andrew Greggs: Nope. And, eh, you should see the cathedrals back home.

Majid Kemal: Do you think this is Earth?
Junior Washington: No I don't
Majid Kemal: So we could be far away in another galaxy?
Junior Washington: Or something
Junior Washington: parallel universe maybe.
Junior Washington: different time stream, who knows?
Junior Washington: Anyways, here I'm something unique.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Greetings Padre
Junter Calren: Good day brother
Magda Mogenson: *salutes* Morning, Father. Got some information to give.
Magda Mogenson: Got involved with some ... err... hell undead you call them on the river.
Magda Mogenson: They're attacking shipping looking for some stolen treasure belonging to some big cheese, figured it might shut him up if he gets it back. It's pretty distinctive, so we've been told, and wondered if you'd seen it.
Magda Mogenson: *shows him the coin* They look like this.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is there any in circulation in town?
Andrew Greggs: Seems to imply that phantom's been down there for a while, doesn't it...?
Magda Mogenson: We got told that, wondered if you'd seen them?
Magda Mogenson: Not much of our business, but folk're getting killed.
Magda Mogenson: Seaguard's not getting supplies and they'll not last long without free passage.
Magda Mogenson: Duty, yeah, another thing while you're here. Do you run the orphanages?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yes we did Padre, a good man
Magda Mogenson: We did yeah, helpful man.
Andrew Greggs: Lot of orphans.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is there a 'Smiths guild in town? I want to post a noyice advertising the need for one urgently in Seaguard
Magda Mogenson: Right.. well. *digs in pouch and pulls out something* A girl lost her mother to an executioner yesterday. This help look after them? See she gets what they need?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Argyle? Thanks Padre
Magda Mogenson: Just make sure she doesn't end up harder done by than she's already been.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Happy now Ma'am?
Magda Mogenson: Not happy no, sergeant, but appeased.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good enough then
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*

Majid Kemal: Do you know Jazz? It would be cool to have a jazz band here.
Junior Washington: I played drums a little when I was in elementary school.
Junior Washington: was in a marching band.
Majid Kemal: That's a start.
Junior Washington: you play any instrument?
Majid Kemal: Ah not very good with my fingers so no.
Junior Washington: ah
Junior Washington: You sing at all?
Majid Kemal: Not really if you don't count in the shower.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Majid Kemal: But I like all kinds of music.
Junior Washington: My mamma drug me to Sunday school when I was a kid; I sang in our church choir.
Majid Kemal: Well you got the voice then.
Junior Washington: yeah, not all that good though.
Junior Washington: been a long time since I did any singing.
Majid Kemal: Well at war, it's not exactly a place for that. At best you got your MP3 player and that's it.
Junior Washington: True that

Magda Mogenson: I got this fiery sword, small one. Anyone use this?
Andrew Greggs: I don't believe thats' a sword, in the technical sense.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its a bit small LT
Magda Mogenson: Seemed to hit that thing hard for it's weight. Think it'll be useful?
Andrew Greggs: Seems it'd be useful against... things I'd rather never see again.
Junter Calren: White gold is said to be effacatious against demons and the ilk
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, that;
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Na...see what you can get for it. I got 500 gp here for the purchase of some supplies
Andrew Greggs: I could hang on to it, I suppose.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: In case this ritual goes pear-shaped tomorrow
Magda Mogenson: Think I will, never know what we'll find.
Andrew Greggs: Alright.
Magda Mogenson: Take it Greggs.
Andrew Greggs: I've got an old shield, a handaxe and a morning star I won't likely be using any more..
Magda Mogenson: Just don't lose it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, sell them if you don't need them
Andrew Greggs: See if anyone can use or get somethin' for this.
Magda Mogenson: Any use to you, Brother?
Junter Calren: No, I have the weapons I need.
Magda Mogenson: That axe is sharp. *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Light, too.
Junter Calren: *chuckles* he has to say that every single time someone asks him about temple supplies
Andrew Greggs: *Snorts*
Junter Calren: likely someone snuck out to the tavern or some such mischief?

Junior Washington: I don't think the LT or Sage'd be too happy if they find out we want to stay though.
Majid Kemal: Well they have no authority here.
Junior Washington: best keep it to ourselves.
Majid Kemal: Sure.
Junior Washington: That won't stop them from making a scene.
Majid Kemal: Eactly.
Junior Washington: Sure hasn't so far.
Majid Kemal: Ok Let me return that bath robe. I'll be back * imitating Terminator *
Junior Washington: Heh ok
Junior Washington: *helps himself to more food and motions for more mead*

Magda Mogenson: Okay, that's about 1300 of their coins.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You know, when we get to the market, I'm going to see if there's anything I can wear besides this uniform. Its alright but its beginning to wear out a bit
Andrew Greggs: We may be getting outta here tomorrow..
Junter Calren: If you'll forgive the comment, you also look really rather strange.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah *looks down at ragged leather* but it'll fill a day and we need to ask about the coins.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Another reason then. Something real to bring home. Everyone is going to have a hard time believing us
Andrew Greggs: Well, this is supposed to be a urban/desert camo...
Magda Mogenson: Don't think stuff will go back with us, will it?
Andrew Greggs: Not quite the place for it, hm?
Andrew Greggs: Nothing magic-like, I think?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* Who knows. Our stuff from home made it here, didn't it?
Magda Mogenson: Only reason I'm not in it is I was a pilot.
Magda Mogenson: Got shot down and just had my flightsuit.
Junter Calren: oh, you were a salior?
Andrew Greggs: Heh.
Magda Mogenson: No, helicopter pilot.
Junter Calren: what is a hellocoopter?
Magda Mogenson: *pause* Kind of like a metal bird. Flew in the air.
Magda Mogenson: Powered by the magic of combustion engines.
Andrew Greggs: A metal bird with guns and missile launchers.
Junter Calren: *one eyebrow raises* are you mocking me?
Andrew Greggs: Would have come in damn useful against those orcs...
Magda Mogenson: Nope.
Magda Mogenson: Took maybe 1000 years to develop.
Junter Calren: well.. it sounds like a powerful weapon..
Magda Mogenson: Yeah... it was. *wistful sigh*
Junter Calren: and the others, they were not riders of these metal birds?
Magda Mogenson: No, the rest were foot soldiers.
Junter Calren: ahh
Andrew Greggs: Land, sea and air.
Andrew Greggs: That's how it goes.
Junter Calren: I thought they seemed a coarser lot *grins at them*
Andrew Greggs: Fighting in the desert for a few years'll do that to you.
Andrew Greggs: Coarse you right up.

Majid Kemal: Actually these ladies look bored most of the time.
Junior Washington: Yeah, I suppose it can be.
Junior Washington: Probably really hopping at times, most times pretty quiet.
Majid Kemal: I wish i could hear them laugh or something.
Junior Washington: Need to get them in the bath for that I reckon.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Majid Kemal: May be.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good day Sir
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Are you Argyle?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I wish to place a notice for a 'Smith wanted urgently for the village of Seaguard
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: In fact a smith and an apprentice
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The smith in Seaguard has died and they badly need someone to replace him
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, the surrounding lands are...eh..a bit wet
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But the village itself is a fine place
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Smithy looks good, shouldn't be too much trouble for someone to have it up and running quickly
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *hands over 5 coins* Maybe that will help with any costs?

Majid Kemal: Where's everybody?
Junior Washington: Dunno, the LT talked about visiting the temple and maybe the orphanage?
Junior Washington: She and the Sarge went off together.
Majid Kemal: They are two lovebirds
Junior Washington: Heh, don't let her hear you say that.
Majid Kemal: Wat they would do? Court Martial me?
Junior Washington: Dunno
Junior Washington: She'd certainly rag on you a lot.
Majid Kemal: They're both good people I believe.
Junior Washington: So they think.
Majid Kemal: But I also know that in extreme situation people do extreme things, some good some bad.
Junior Washington: Dunno, she seems pretty clueless how to fit in here.

Magda Mogenson: Yeah, wouldn't mind knowing if you've seen any of these.
Magda Mogenson: *holds out the coin again*
Magda Mogenson: Not us. Just trying to trace someone trying to use them in the last couple of weeks.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its suppose to be an old empire coin?
Magda Mogenson: Take it you've not seen any?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Have you seen any of them around town?
Magda Mogenson: Oh... right.
Andrew Greggs: A bard, huhn?
Magda Mogenson: Wasn't that what they called that fella in the inn?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *smiles* i see, well, thanks for your help
Junter Calren: some flighty singer with a bit of lore, no doubt *rolls eyes*
Magda Mogenson: Find that bard then maybe?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm going over to the textile shop. Maybe there'll be something in there I can wear
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'll ask about the coin
Andrew Greggs: As I remember, they didn't have much that didn't look rediculous.
Magda Mogenson: May as well ask there too.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ghee, thanks Greggs for that vote of confidance

Junior Washington: I think there's a fair chance we'll be stuck here a lot longer than we think, or even indefinitely.
Majid Kemal: I think it would be fair for those who wish to "return home" to have at least a chance to do so.
Junior Washington: Yeah suppose they've got the right to get home, if it's possible.
Majid Kemal: We' have to see if the wizard can do it.
Junior Washington: I'm not sure he's really knows what he's doing.
Junior Washington: Not that I know anything bout magic.
Majid Kemal: Or if you find an old oil lamp keep it just in case * smile *
Junior Washington: Heh, yeah.
Junior Washington: Well, we've not heard any warning bells or seen any guards rushing about, so I guess they've managed to avoid any trouble so far.
Majid Kemal: I hope so. Although that execution we witnessed was disturbing.
Junior Washington: I'm not gonna worry bout them; just lap up as much of this good food and drink as I can while I can.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Junior Washington: Like we've not wasted innocent civilians in our surgical strikes in Iraq or Astan?
Junior Washington: The pot calling the kettle black.
Majid Kemal: If I had some magic sand I could have made a distraction but not sure it would have proven anthing.
Majid Kemal: I tell you one thing lupus homo lupus
Junior Washington: what's that mean?
Majid Kemal: It's latin it means something like man is a wolf for man
Junior Washington: hmm ok

Andrew Greggs: There's the devil's tail, now.
Magda Mogenson: Hey, isn't that him?
Andrew Greggs: Never claimed to be a fashionista, sarge.
Magda Mogenson: *salutes* Hullo there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hiya guys
Magda Mogenson: As you can see, we're still here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not too bad. How are you guys doing?
Magda Mogenson: Can't find reason to disagree with you there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To Junter* We met these fellas not long after we got to Camar
Andrew Greggs: Oh yes..
Andrew Greggs: Yes indeed.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Junter* He drew the short straw.
Junter Calren: Good day.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *smiles* we've ...ah...picked him up along the way
Magda Mogenson: That's what we wanted to talk to you about.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey, any chance you guys know anything about this coin?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods to the LT*
Magda Mogenson: *then pauses thoughtfully a moment before drawing the coin*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Have you seen any of them in say, the last year?
Andrew Greggs: Honourable distinction, I'm sure.
Magda Mogenson: Wouldn't happen to have seen any of them around?
Andrew Greggs: A ghostly pirate's hoard.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Any rumors of a lot of them turning up suddenly?
Magda Mogenson: Picked it up ... *then sighs*
Andrew Greggs: ..sorry, was I not supposed to say that?
Magda Mogenson: Nothing else to do with the rest of the day, if we're lucky.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hmm...maybe later guys, we've a lot on at the moment
Andrew Greggs: And by 'a lot', Sarge means he wants to go shopping for a new dress.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But you haven't seen them abouts?
Andrew Greggs: *Coughs*
Magda Mogenson: We're not his favorite folk, no.
Andrew Greggs: Complicated relationship
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Smirks* that's sorta true
Junter Calren: Sooner or later you must tell me what you *did* to so incure his ire
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah..I see
Magda Mogenson: Go get your duds, Sergeant, I'll tell the tale.

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Re: Junior's Journal

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General Bones: As we begin, the Sarge and his others are meeting in the tavern with the bard Hesiodos and his monk friend, while Washington and Kemal, after a morning of pampering, head out to find them.

Junior Washington: *yawns*
Junior Washington: Think I'd rather by still getting a massage.
Majid Kemal: Come on Junior cheer up.
Junior Washington: Why are we going out again?
Majid Kemal: Don't you want to see more of this town?
Junior Washington: Not really
Majid Kemal: And perhaps find out what the others are up to.
Junior Washington: The palace is comfy enough for me.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* They'll come get us if they need us I figure.
Majid Kemal: It is but it's good to see otehr stuff, no?
Junior Washington: Already walked around town a bit when we first arrived.
Majid Kemal: Who knows may be they got a decent bar or something.
Junior Washington: Why pay when we can drink for free at the palace?
Majid Kemal: Who said anything about drink?
Junior Washington: What'd ya have in mind?
Majid Kemal: What about music, girls, gambling?
Junior Washington: Hmm
Junior Washington: Alright, guess we can look around.
Majid Kemal: But you can stay if you prefer
Majid Kemal: OK then.
Junior Washington: Lead on
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To the Bard and friend* So, about that coin, have you seen the likes of it before?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: A drink? Fine idea!
Andrew Greggs: *Gladly accepts one*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *pours one for himself and Greggs*
Andrew Greggs: *Over shoulder* So does the Father prohibit drinking and carousing, or...?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think he's mediating
Junter Calren: sorry, I was lost in thought
Andrew Greggs: Hm. This one seems to be alright with spying, at any rate.
Andrew Greggs: *Throws back his cup*
Andrew Greggs: I tend to prefer a respectable distance between myself and the nearest temple, personally. But yes...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You think that's the best apporach?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I was just wondering if anyone has seen a large number of these lately
Andrew Greggs: I'm sure we rank pretty high on that list.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Or death awaits eh?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* I get your drift
Junter Calren: *grumbles*
Andrew Greggs: *Finishes his drink; poors another* Turn that frown upside-down, Father. All for the Greater Good.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, I can see his point. But I'm sure you know we would mean no ill will to your contact
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I was looking for something...less attention getting to wear earlier but couldn't find anything suitable
Andrew Greggs: I would be too, with the Duke's men eager to put a noose round my neck...

Majid Kemal: What's that big light?
Junior Washington: Temple I think
Majid Kemal: Magic light I guess.
Junior Washington: probably, everything's magic here.
Majid Kemal: Can't see inside here.
Junior Washington: *looks up at the tower*
Majid Kemal: Try the other way.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Junior Washington: reckon most of these buildings are government or the upper crust folk.
Majid Kemal: Where is everybody?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: Who knows?
Majid Kemal: Ah here
Junior Washington: The LT talked about the orphans some.
Majid Kemal: You want some bread?
Junior Washington: Bread?
Junior Washington: No, I'm stuffed.
Majid Kemal: Yeah me too.
Majid Kemal: A shop.
Junior Washington: Yeah a clothes shop.
Majid Kemal: Hm that for the Lt I guess.
Junior Washington: Think I bought my nice cloak here, but don't remember too clearly now.
Majid Kemal: Let's mov out.
Majid Kemal: The flor is using a nice marble
Majid Kemal: What am I saying?
Junior Washington: Guess she's making a nice living off someone.
Majid Kemal: Where are the orphans anyway?
Junior Washington: No idea, I wasn't really paying much attention to that conversation.
Majid Kemal: A cold beer would be nice.
Majid Kemal: No?
Junior Washington: *studies bench*
Junior Washington: Not sure you'll get cold anything around here.
Majid Kemal: Not even in winter?
Junior Washington: Well....
Junior Washington: Maybe then.
Majid Kemal: As a student I used to put drinks on the window in winter.
Junior Washington: Make your own popcicles?
Majid Kemal: We did not have a fridge in the dorms. Not in the room.
Junior Washington: I see
Majid Kemal: Stuff in the kitchen would often go missing.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That outfit of yours looks aright. Zala stock that kind of thing?
Andrew Greggs: We're familiar with the place, I think...
Junter Calren: I will not go disgused like some common thief!
Andrew Greggs: Alright. You stay here, then.
Andrew Greggs: Don't remember inviting you in the first place.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* That's up to you Junter
Junter Calren: *frowns more deeply* take us to this man. We will have words.
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: To Zala's first then
Andrew Greggs: If he's just going to try to arrest this guy, I suggest we just loose him in an alley somewhere on the way.
Andrew Greggs: Just saying.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You coming with us? *To the Bard*
Junter Calren: Where I come from it is considered rude to speak of someone as if they were not present.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Does Marus expect us?
Andrew Greggs: You'd think he'd have figured out we're not from where he's from by now, hm?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah right.... I get ya
Andrew Greggs: Right...
Junter Calren: It was a piece of advice on common manners.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks...be seeing you around
Junter Calren: *to the bard* good day sir.

Majid Kemal: OK I'm lost.
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Majid Kemal: There see
Junior Washington: Think that's the tavern behind us on the right there.
Majid Kemal: Some metal worker I suppose.
Junior Washington: Yeah that's the smith, such as he is.
Majid Kemal: You said tavern where?
Junior Washington: To the right
Junior Washington: entrance round the corner
Junior Washington: *looks around*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good day
Andrew Greggs: Afternoon'...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm looking for a complete make over
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Boots trouser jacket, the lot!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Something good for the road as well as court
Andrew Greggs: Something a bit more local. Just... not too flashy. Please.
Junter Calren: *hmph* I think we are looking for clothing for the fashionable rapscallion, more like.
Andrew Greggs: *Tries something on, reluctantly*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: These look okay. Let me try them on
Junter Calren: I shall wait outside.
Andrew Greggs: ...bit more... frump than I'd prefer.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You look quite smart Grggs
Andrew Greggs: Eh. If you say so.
Andrew Greggs: Seems better than most of the rest here, anyway.
Andrew Greggs: Maybe if I can get this jacket in a less... bright green sort of colour.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hands over the required amount* Well, thanks for your help Ma'am Zala
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Will we find the others?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let go. The other two will have to come here too I suppose

Majid Kemal: Our guys are not here.
Junior Washington: Yep, this is the place.
Junior Washington: Why would they be?
Junior Washington: The food and drink's free at the palace
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Something in blue perhaps? Or a nice green?
Majid Kemal: To relax may be or get to know some town folks.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Majid Kemal: Hey look an antique guitar
Majid Kemal: How do you call this intrument Sir?
Junior Washington: *watches*
Bartholemew Brace: Have you never seen a lute, my good sir?
Bartholemew Brace: *strums*
Majid Kemal: Oh yes lute that's it.
Bartholemew Brace: Shall I play "Laertes's Lament"? Or Jon Tallow and the Silver Dragon?
Junior Washington: Sorta looks like a mandolin to me.
Bartholemew Brace: To the uninitiated, sir!
Majid Kemal: Yeah I would have said mandolin too.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* fraid I don't know nothing much bout music.
Bartholemew Brace: Say, you are attired like those gentlemen who were speaking with that blue-clad rapscallion who calls himself "bard" earlier.
Majid Kemal: By the way Sir have you seen some stra,ngers around?
Junior Washington: Think that's a yes.
Bartholemew Brace: I see all, hear all. And for those who buy me a cup of wine, I _speak_ all as well.
Majid Kemal: So you know them already.
Majid Kemal: Wine at this hour? * smile *
Junior Washington: Probably safer than the water.
Bartholemew Brace: Well sir, the scholars say that the world is a great orb, that rotates the sun.
Bartholemew Brace: Therefore, I take solace in the idea that it is after dark _somewhere_ on the sphere.
Majid Kemal: Do you believe them?
Bartholemew Brace: Of course! But we were speaking of wine.
Majid Kemal: I don't think it was when we walked in but if you are right it must be dark somewhere.
Bartholemew Brace: Jaseen!
Majid Kemal: I suppose.
Majid Kemal: What did you say?
Jaseen: Don't suppose you're calling me over to pay your bar tab, Bart.
Bartholemew Brace: A glass of the '78. Courtesy of my new friends.
Majid Kemal: Oh that's her name.
Jaseen: And can these new friends pay?
Junior Washington: *glances at Maj*
Majid Kemal: You got any left brother?

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You ready Junter?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll go and find the others
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Knowing Junior, he's probably in the Inn
Junter Calren: *inspects him* well you don't look quite so strange now at least
Junter Calren: although perhaps a little richly dressed for business in the docks

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Enjoying your day off Junior?
Bartholemew Brace: Ah, and there they are! See, as promised!
Junior Washington: I was.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good. We have an undercover Op on
Majid Kemal: Oh he is the one buying * point to Sarge *
Junior Washington: You do?
Bartholemew Brace: *strums*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I was the two of you to go to Zala's across the square and get fitted out with some local garb
Bartholemew Brace: *seems to only know the same few chords*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have to see a man about a dog *winks*
Bartholemew Brace: Dun de da dun da dun dun.
Majid Kemal: Operation diner out is a go, I think I've seen that movie.
Junior Washington: And who's paying for this?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: For Christs sake! Here. Throws a small purse of coins at him* Haven't you got two coins to rub together?
Junior Washington: I've not seen any coin for awhile now.
Majid Kemal: I don't think we got paid recently, have we?
Junior Washington: Nope
Bartholemew Brace: Ah, the clink of coin, such a melodious sound.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's enough there for the two of you
Jaseen: How would you know?
Bartholemew Brace: You cut me to the quick, lass? To the quick!
Majid Kemal: What exchange rate are we using here? A gold coin per US dollar or what?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Aint no one got paid since we got here but I picked some up along the way
Junior Washington: *counts out half the coins and hands them to Maj*
Andrew Greggs: I'm thinking Camar isn't quit synched up to US markets.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: More like 100 to one
Andrew Greggs: *quite
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Get over to Zala's. We'll wait for you outside
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I gave Junior enough for the two of you
Andrew Greggs: I pitty the man who considers /us/ lucky.
Majid Kemal: I'm sorry I got a go but we'll catch up and I'll make it worth it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shakes his head as he watches the two head out*

Zala: Good day to you! I am Zala, proprietor of this establishment. Let me get my sample book... I guarantee that you find something that suits you!
Junior Washington: Very well.
Junior Washington: *mutters as he looks thru clothes*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Are we ready for....eh...resistance to our questions? *looks at the other two*
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs forehead* Is that really how you're expecting this to go?
Junter Calren: It would be most foolish on his part. If he is half decent at his trade, he will not be a fool.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* I dunno. It will hardly be a trap by our two friends but who the hell knows?
Andrew Greggs: No reason we can't get something done without getting into a scrap for a change.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, we can try. Let's meet up with the others. they should be finished by now
Andrew Greggs: ...I look like a blue ostrich.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its not that bad
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Some of the others on the street look worse than you

Agostino Temarr: Welcome to my shop. I sell a variety of basic supplies of use to any traveler. Would you like to see my wares?
Junior Washington: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Junior!
Andrew Greggs: Bizare to think of a universe where this is less conspicuous than standard fatigues...
Junior Washington: what?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Did you get something?
Andrew Greggs: Didn't we send you out to go pretty yourself up?
Junior Washington: All they've got are dresses and a buncha expensive suits that look gross.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Get one!
Junior Washington: Fine, give me the money to buy one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What did I give you 50gp for?!!
Andrew Greggs: Either one, really. Though if you go for a dress, you might want to look into a wig, too.
Junior Washington: You told me to split it with Maj.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah....that 25gp. More than enough
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This one cost me 14
Junior Washington: I'm not wearing a dress.
Andrew Greggs: Eh. Ours were the cheapest of the lot, I think.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Does this look like a dress to you?
Junior Washington: Well you musta bought the last ones.
Andrew Greggs: Which, paradoxically, means they're the least-horrible.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Christ on a crutch!
Junter Calren: It's a Tailors man, they'll tailor you something new if you choose it.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* I can wrap my cloak around my uniform and pull the hood up, what's the big deal.
Andrew Greggs: Not in a timely fashion.
Andrew Greggs: Right, /that/ won't draw any attention at all.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We don't want anyone looking at us as strangers
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Lookit...you hang around here than
Junior Washington: I ain't seen too many brothers round here, so I'm gonna stand out anyways.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll go to the docks and find out what we can
Junter Calren: *aigh* get him a suit of leathers or somesuch, he can look like a hired thug
Andrew Greggs: There's a few. The important thing is they don't know we're the Duke's visitors.
Junter Calren: **sigh
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Come on
Junter Calren: If you go in first and catch ahold of him, the rest of us can follow along in our regular attire anyway.
Andrew Greggs: Where were supposed to meet this guy?

Jellico Jinnare: I am Jellico. I make wonderous concoctions... you want buy?
Junior Washington: Oh, you sell potions?
Junter Calren: he owns a store here, the bard said, I wouldn't know where.
Jellico Jinnare: No! No stupid potion! Anyone make stupid potion! I sell... special things. *cackles*
Junior Washington: Um... ohhhhkaaay.
Junior Washington: *examines wares*

Camarian Commoner: Kin I 'alp you?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To the commoner* excuse me...Do you know a Marus Siro?
Andrew Greggs: Well. Not the guy in rags, I assume.
Camarian Commoner: Dinna get fresh now!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Spiro*
Andrew Greggs: Spiro, it was.
Andrew Greggs: Just looking for someone, ma'am...
Camarian Commoner: Spiro? Aye, I know 'im. What's 'e to ye?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're looking to meet him. know where he is?
Camarian Commoner: Man's a bent as a crook copper common, 'e is. What ye wantin' with 'is like now?
Camarian Commoner: Less'en yer crook yerselves, fancy duds or nay.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Do you know where we find him* avoiding the question*
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs forehead*
Junter Calren: *ahem*
Junter Calren: *glares at her.*
Camarian Commoner: Aye, aye. 'e's over there yonder. *points to a small stall opposite the market circle*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks ma'am
Andrew Greggs: Much obliged.
Camarian Commoner: An' don' go frownin' yer holies at me, priest.
Camarian Commoner: I never...

Camarian Commoner: This knife you sold me is dull!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Marcus Spiro?
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Andrew Greggs: Potentially.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We were wondering have you come across any of these lately? *shows him the coin*

Junior Washington: *examines various bottles*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's a fact.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're looking for its...eh...cousins
Marus Spiro: You'll forgive an old man's caution, but you have the look of some gentlemen who have been seen associating with His Grace the Duke. Though I might have heard that such men might be in ill-favor with such at the moment.
Andrew Greggs: What an interestingly eccentric notion.
Marus Spiro: Not that it's any of my business, of course.

Junior Washington: *sits on bench*

Marus Spiro: I just try to do my business in peace, without interference. You understand, I'm sure.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Indeed. Perhaps you could direct us to the person or persons that showed you these before? We might be able to make it worth your while?
Marus Spiro: Well, might be I heard something. But it's the sort of thing that could get a man in trouble, if'n it got back to the wrong people.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Our lips I can assure you are sealed
Marus Spiro: I may need a more... substantial... assurance.
Andrew Greggs: Or is it someone else you're worried about...?
Marus Spiro: Let's just say these gentlemen involved might seek a ... permanent solution, if they learned someone had spoken out of turn.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sighs* How about this? *shows him a purse with roughly 100 coins*
Andrew Greggs: I hear gold is pretty permanent in its own right.
Marus Spiro: I suppose that would do. Telven's just a bit too brutal for this sort of thing, by my thinking.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Telven?
Marus Spiro: The gentleman in question. Came into a volume of those coins recently, I heard.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: A volume? Sounds like a lot
Andrew Greggs: Under mysterious circumstances, I'm sure.
Marus Spiro: Could be he's hiding out in the Docks, waiting for some other gents of foreign extraction with whom to make a trade for said rarities.
Marus Spiro: The Duke might be interested... but you seem to me to be folks who prefer to handle matters... personally.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah...I see. Where about in the docks?
Marus Spiro: The coin?
Andrew Greggs: We might be. Is he a man with many friends?
Marus Spiro: Just for propriety's sake. I personally bear no love for the bastard.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods and hands over 95gp*
Marus Spiro: I've heard he's hired a few new friends.
Marus Spiro: Rough folk. But I reckon you can handle such.
Marus Spiro: Or if not, then at least have the grace not to mention my name before he slits your throats, eh?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure we can
Andrew Greggs: Notoriously fickle, friends purchased....
Marus Spiro: These gents might cut you just for the fun of it, coin or no.
Marus Spiro: Getting hard for an honest thief to make a living, these days.
Marus Spiro: But that's the natural course of things. When the law gets stricter, the people who flaunt it become nastier out of need.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It won't get back to you. Perhaps we can deal in other...ah...raraties again some time in the future
Marus Spiro: *shrugs* My shop is almost always open.
Marus Spiro: *takes the gold, makes it disappear*
Marus Spiro: Telven and his thugs have taken up residence here in the docks.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Whereabouts? *points vaguely*
Marus Spiro: Look for a house with three crates stacked near the door... and several old scratches in the paint.
Marus Spiro: I'd be wary. Chances are the place is well-guarded.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* thanks...friend
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Marus Spiro: *looks up at the night sky* A good night for such business.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods to the others*
Andrew Greggs: Get out your cloaks and daggers..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have a clue to the whereabouts
Junter Calren: *hmph*
Junior Washington: *yawns*
Junior Washington: So now what?
Junter Calren: are we done then? have we the location of the coins and their thief?
Andrew Greggs: More or less.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Follow about a medium distance. greggs and I will see if we can gain entry first. Close in if there's trouble
Andrew Greggs: If not the thief, the beneficiary of the crime, at least.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Starting to get dark. This could help us
Andrew Greggs: Probably.
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Two barrels and a crate
Andrew Greggs: Three crates.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Three crates here
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No guard
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Look some more?
Andrew Greggs: *Looks around for telltale scratches*
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: ....yup. This is the place.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *peers through the window*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Can't see. A curtain is drawn
Andrew Greggs: Shall we knock?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Knock or walk in?
Andrew Greggs: Barge in, more likely.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *tries the door gently to see if its open*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shakes head*
Junior Washington: *watches*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *knocks at the door*
Andrew Greggs: Junior wasn't as skilled at opening locked doors the sublte way, as I recall.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *waits a minute and knocks again*
Andrew Greggs: Hrm...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Knocks a third time with more persistance
Andrew Greggs: We might be forced into unpleasantness.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *Knocks a fourth time even longer*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sizes up the door*
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Shouldn't be a match for a big, flaming axe.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *gives it a good shoulder to drive it in

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Axe is your only man
Andrew Greggs: Locked as well.
Andrew Greggs: Don't think knocking will work, either.
Junter Calren: I was expecting a den of thieves..
Andrew Greggs: A proper den of thieves doesn't look like one.
Junior Washington: Just like back in Iraq
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Check the other room
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: Hah. Search and retrieve...
Andrew Greggs: Cellar here.
Junior Washington: *signals - TRAP*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Must have gone to the cellar
Junior Washington: *examines*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Trapped!
Andrew Greggs: ...
Junior Washington: damit
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Like Junior said.
Andrew Greggs: Two minutes ago.
Junior Washington: I said it was trapped!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I didn't hear him
Andrew Greggs: Apparantly.

Telven the Quick : Take 'em, boys!
Andrew Greggs: Hi!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Pity you guys didn't open the door
Andrew Greggs: Really?
Andrew Greggs: Guy with a giant burning axe kicks in the door and your first instinct is to atack?
Andrew Greggs: /Really/?
Junior Washington: Guess dead men tell no tales
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's search the place for clues
Andrew Greggs: Well, let's see if we can't find his loot...
Junter Calren: none of them had any coins
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's a chest upstairs as well
Andrew Greggs: Locked drawer, here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks Junter
Andrew Greggs: Didn't see a key on the man.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Smash it open
Andrew Greggs: Don't!

Andrew Greggs: ...*Sighs*
Andrew Greggs: You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you?
Junior Washington: Ya know I might've been able to open that.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *whistles
Junter Calren: by the father man, stop running into them
Junior Washington: But hey, if ya like the ax, be my guest.
Andrew Greggs: Just because we have a priest with us doesn't mean you should /try/ to get yourself hurt.
Andrew Greggs: Well... got what we came for, anyway.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Enough to keep that ghost happy?
Andrew Greggs: How should I know? I'm a soldier, not an exorcist.
Junter Calren: we can hope.
Andrew Greggs: But yeah, if we're lucky.
Junior Washington: We any idea of how much gold he had stolen?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I was just saying
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Nah
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's see what else we can turn up
Andrew Greggs: Right.
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: What about afterwards?

Andrew Greggs: ...Kemal. You missed the party.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You just missed the action
Junior Washington: bbq more like
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Found our ghost's missing coins
Andrew Greggs: *Motions to the corpses strewn about*
Andrew Greggs: And its thieves.
Majid Kemal: Er I think I slept for the whole day or something.
Andrew Greggs: They were a bit r owdy.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're about to check upstairs to see if there's anything else here
Andrew Greggs: DON'T smash the thing before Washington gets a look at this time.
Andrew Greggs: Please?
Majid Kemal: How about some magic?
Andrew Greggs: ...*Sighs*
Andrew Greggs: I'm going to wind up in charge of this outfit real soon, at this rate.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey...a bolt of silk
Andrew Greggs: How pricy-looking.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Might be worth something
Junior Washington: your tailor friend might pay money for it
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: we should bring it to Zala's
Andrew Greggs: I guess it's our just reward for righteously smiting the evildoers and returning balance to the rivers, etcetera.
Majid Kemal: Anyone got a spare orc bow, I gave mine to the Lt.
Junior Washington: Nope, just have one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Did you give some othat coin to Kemal Junior?
Majid Kemal: Is she still shopping?
Junior Washington: Yeah I gave him half what you gave me.
Andrew Greggs: Still having a much-needed break from the likes of us, you mean.
Majid Kemal: 25 it was.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Alright. Sorry Kemal, don't have a bow to give you
Andrew Greggs: Fighting's done for the day, anyway...
Andrew Greggs: Hopefully.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We can spilt anything we get from this bolt of silk
Majid Kemal: The orc have a bit more punch that's all.
Andrew Greggs: Some of the things those thugs had on them looked valuable, too.
Andrew Greggs: The head man especially.
Junter Calren: *ahem* if we're quite finished?
Andrew Greggs: *Closes door, whistling innocently*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its late
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Shop is closed
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's head back to the Keep
Andrew Greggs: I'm starting to like your ideas.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Some food, wine. Maybe a bath
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Actually, bath first
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I like the baths here
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: very nice
Majid Kemal: You're welcome

Maldrigar: Ah, you've returned.
Andrew Greggs: Hm?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Any news?
Andrew Greggs: Ah, our saviour...
Maldrigar: *looks exhausted* The ritual is complete.
Junior Washington: oh?
Maldrigar: The lore upon the tablet proved essential.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You look tired. take a lot out of you?
Maldrigar: I have begun preparing the power stones. I can send you back to your world in the morning.
Andrew Greggs: Joyous tidings.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Tomorrow? And you really think its going to work this time?
Maldrigar: Make whatever preparations that you must. Now, I must sleep.
Majid Kemal: Hm ok.
Maldrigar: It will work.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's great news
Andrew Greggs: What makes you so confident?
Junior Washington: hmm
Maldrigar: The magic will not transition with you, but you will suffer no harm from the healing you have received while here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You'll be disappointed then Kemal
Maldrigar: It really wasn't that complicated, in the end. I just had to account for the arcane variance caused by the introduction of magical fields within the body's inherent aura.
Majid Kemal: Why?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No magic back on earth
Majid Kemal: Right.
Maldrigar: I should be able to send you back to within a day or two of when you were brought out of your world.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Before or after?
Maldrigar: THere is a certain amount of imprecision I could not account for, but it will be close.
Maldrigar: I will endeavor to put you exactly when and where you were taken, but I cannot be more precise.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It would be very weird we we saw ourselves on patorl
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: if we*
Andrew Greggs: Wouldn't want to breach causality along with all the other laws of physics we've already violated.
Maldrigar: *shrugs* Paradoxes.
Majid Kemal: What about those missing like the Lady with us?
Andrew Greggs: She should be around in the morning, I'm suer.
Andrew Greggs: *sure
Maldrigar: I saw the Lady Magda earlier, in the company of the Lady Tertullia.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: She needed some alone time
Andrew Greggs: Nantai and our little renegade...
Maldrigar: I believe they were awaiting your company for a late supper.
Andrew Greggs: Well, I don't think they want to come back anyway.
Maldrigar: There has been no sign of the other two.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Worried a bit overmuch about that orphan
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Maldrigar: The Duke's men will find them, or not. *shrugs again*
Maldrigar: Now, however, I must sleep.
Majid Kemal: One if one of us is late when you perform your magic, would the others still be fine?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And we need to down time
General Bones: That I will leave to you to work out. I am prepared to send you all back.

Andrew Greggs: ...hard to belive.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And I need to off load this bolt of silk
Junter Calren: Well it seems our aquaintance will be a brief one. It has been interesting gentlemen.
Junter Calren: shall we go to dinner?
Junior Washington: yeah
Andrew Greggs: Right. I suppose we shall..
Lady Tertullia: I heard you had returned.
Lady Tertullia: Are you quite well?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: yes Lady Tertulla
Andrew Greggs: *Nod* Lady...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Feel even better now
Andrew Greggs: The Sergeant here got singed a few times...
Lady Tertullia: Your lieutenant and I were just speaking... a late dinner has been prepared.
Andrew Greggs: Clumsy man that he is.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Excellant
Lady Tertullia: I heard from Maldrigar that this may be our last evening together.
Junter Calren: my thanks, sister.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So it would seem
Andrew Greggs: If all goes well..
Lady Tertullia: I hope... my sincere hope is that we will not part on unpleasant terms.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No, of course not
Lady Tertullia: I know that you were treated unjustly, but you have done so much for us, for the people of Camar.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Your hospitality this last couple of days has been first class
Lady Tertullia: The baron, he has retired, but I know he will offer a formal farewell in the morning.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Lady Tertullia: Come. There is fine wine, food, and good company.
Lady Tertullia: And your lieutenant, I believe she wanted to speak to you.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yes of course
Andrew Greggs: Wine certainly sounds good.
Lady Tertullia: We're in the Lower Atrium. This way.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We'll join you in about an hour then
Andrew Greggs: We will?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have to scrub up good

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat May 05, 2012 6:12 pm

General Bones: The final dinner is bittersweet but nice; it's just a private gathering with the Lady Tertullia, with servants bringing a variety of dishes. It seems like you have barely placed your head down on the pillow when you hear the sounds of a disturbance from elsewhere in the castle.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hear that Junior?
Junior Washington: what was that?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sounds like trouble
Junior Washington: damn
Majid Kemal: * as the ink seems to be dry, place letter in a pounch before rushing out *
Magda Mogenson: Anyone hear that?

General Bones: You can make out some shouts, and a sound of metal crashing on metal, but it's gone after just a few moments.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yes Ma'am
Magda Mogenson: Sounds like fighting.....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Downstairs?
Majid Kemal: * try to get the direction of the noise *
Andrew Greggs: *Pops haed out* Something interesting happening...?
Magda Mogenson: *rapidly buckling up the tunic* Let's go see.
Majid Kemal: Not sure, it could be another attack, let's go downstairs.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's funny....no guards
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Last night couldn't possibly be a quiet one, of course...
Junter Calren: we should investigate
Majid Kemal: Anything?

Arius Zendarin: Damn it, I want this entire area secured!
Arius Zendarin: How did he get in here? The outer doors are all still secured!
Junior Washington: What's going on?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What seems to be the trouble?
Ducal Guard: *raises his sword threateningly*
Magda Mogenson: *looking around*
Arius Zendarin: Hold it, hold it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Don't point that thing at me
Junior Washington: Chill out dude, we're here to help.
Andrew Greggs: We are?
Majid Kemal: Oh
Andrew Greggs: I thought we were just here to see what all the fuss was about.
Arius Zendarin: Assassins have broken into the castle.
Magda Mogenson: What's the problem?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Who's the stiff?
Magda Mogenson: Assassins?
Ducal Guard: He waren't so tough for an assassin.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Assassin? Let me guess...the Duke
Junior Washington: So why you just standing around then?
Arius Zendarin: The Duke is safe. They didn't get any farther than here, apparently.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: a Lone Assassin
Junior Washington: Apparently??
Magda Mogenson: *looks past them to the soldier* Doesn't look as if he'd have moved quietly in that gear.
Junior Washington: A decoy perhaps?
Andrew Greggs: That, or he just wasn't a very good assassin.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ghee...where have I hear that one before? Let me see...JFK, Regan, the Pope.....
Magda Mogenson: If you've any sense, you'll verify.
Majid Kemal: Yes this could be a diversion.
Ducal Guard: Sir. Bloodstains, over by the door to the wizard's laboratory.
Andrew Greggs: ...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh shit
Junior Washington: Hmmm
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Don't say it
Magda Mogenson: *head darrs around*
Brannix Delgaron: We have this matter under control.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The Mage....is he dead?
Brannix Delgaron: Your aid is not needed.
Magda Mogenson: Where's the wizard?
Majid Kemal: Lady Magda you still got that Ork bow I gave you the other day?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: We'll ascertain that for ourselves, if you don't mind.
Junior Washington: If you say so
Magda Mogenson: No, traded it for healing things.
Junior Washington: *slings arms*
Brannix Delgaron: Set up a perimeter. No one gets out without permission.
Andrew Greggs: ....yeah.
Magda Mogenson: *pays no attention to the ones in charge*
Majid Kemal: Traded?
Andrew Greggs: Bad fucking sign.
Majid Kemal: That's unwise.
Andrew Greggs: Don't see beardy anywhere..

Magda Mogenson: God damn.... *bends over the Lady Tertuilla*
Andrew Greggs: ...how'd they take down the stone giant?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Holy crap
Junior Washington: *looks over dead guy*
General Bones: She has been stabbed once through the heart, from behind it seems.
Majid Kemal: Oh look is she dead?
Magda Mogenson: Stabbed...
Junter Calren: *prays*
Magda Mogenson: *looks for the direction of the blood trail*
Junior Washington: *searches*
Andrew Greggs: Only one body in there, and it ain't the mage's?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks up at Greggs* What the story?
Andrew Greggs: *.
Magda Mogenson: What in the name of all that's holy was she doing down here in the middle of the night?
Andrew Greggs: Eh? Weren't her quarters around here?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Another body
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And the Robot or whatever is toast
Junior Washington: That guy out there was a patsy.
Andrew Greggs: ...hell if I know what this is.
Junior Washington: no armor crap weapon
Maldrigar: What's happened here?

Maldrigar: Hey! Don't...
Andrew Greggs: Oh, good.
Andrew Greggs: You're not dead.
Maldrigar: No, you'll!
Andrew Greggs: Shi-
Magda Mogenson: What the f...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Bad idea

Maldrigar: You fool!
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Magda Mogenson: It made another one.
Andrew Greggs: Expected nothing less of you, Sarge.
Maldrigar: What were you doing?
Maldrigar: What happened to the Lady Tertullia?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I didn't see you come up
Magda Mogenson: That's what we're trying to find out.
Andrew Greggs: Breaking down doors. He does that. Can't fucking resist.
Junior Washington: stabbed thru the back apparently
Maldrigar: There was a dead man out there...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I saw the locked door and I had to find out why
Maldrigar: My laboratory...
Andrew Greggs: And in your lab...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Now we know
Magda Mogenson: Came down when we heard something, saw that one out there, saw blood in the doorway and came to check on you, found her.
Maldrigar: My guardian!
Junter Calren: There are assasins in the castle, lady tertullia was stabbed through the heart
Maldrigar: Who is this?
Magda Mogenson: Hey, Father, can you do that magic trick on her?
Junior Washington: *searches body*
Andrew Greggs: One of the assassins.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *covers the Lady Tertullia with her cloak*
Andrew Greggs: Wouldn't be the only one. How much does it take to bring down one of these..?
Maldrigar: The power crystals!
Maldrigar: Where are they?
Junior Washington: gee this guy took out your robot?
Andrew Greggs: ....
Magda Mogenson: They said someone made me come back to life, can you do it on her?
Maldrigar: The crystals, they're gone!
Junior Washington: *looks at guardian*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks at the LT* I knew this wasn't going to turn out well when bodies starting appearing left and right
Andrew Greggs: No, you idiot. If it were just him, he couldn't very well have robbed beardy here blind.
Junter Calren: Not by myself. I am not that powerful
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So much for the Lone Assassin theory
Magda Mogenson: *nod and a frown*
Maldrigar: Without the crystals, I cannot conduct the ritual to send you back home. It took me a decade to craft them! This is a disaster!
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Saw that coming.
Junior Washington: hmm
Maldrigar: Who are they? Who is this man?
Magda Mogenson: What did you say?
Junior Washington: Your the mage, can't you figure that out with your magic?
Andrew Greggs: How many people can you figure would be interested in these crystals of yours?
Andrew Greggs: They obviously knew what they were after.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Who are these guys anyway? *points to the one on the ground and vaguely in the direction of the other*

His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Oh, my dear.
Maldrigar: Perhaps...
Maldrigar: This will not stand!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe the Mage can use his crystal ball to find out where his crystals are gone
Magda Mogenson: Can you heal her, or whatever it is? She might know what's going on and we want the freaking crystals.
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs temples* Good evening, Father..
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Have the Lady Tertullia taken to the Temple.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I will do what I can, with the Father's will.
Junior Washington: Guess there's nothing more to do here.
Acolyte: Here, you guard, help me with her.
Magda Mogenson: What do you mean, with his will. Can't you just do it?
Junter Calren: *mutters another prayer*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the others* this is a bloody disaster
Magda Mogenson: No kidding, Sergeant.
Andrew Greggs: One after the other...
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I am but a vessel for the will of the Shining Father.
Magda Mogenson: Are you saying you might not be able to do it?
Andrew Greggs: ...

Magda Mogenson: What the f...
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: What happened?
Andrew Greggs: ...great.
Junior Washington: woah what was that?
Andrew Greggs: *Takes pulse*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Stand clear, if you please. There may be other traps.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: He is alive.
Magda Mogenson: What's the matter with this one..... christ, it's all going to hell in a handbasket.
Junior Washington: falling like flies
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's just great! The goddamn Mage is after frying himself to death
Andrew Greggs: If these guys knew what they were doing...
Andrew Greggs: They WOULD rig the damn seeing sphere.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Security....its a joke
Junior Washington: You'd think he'd be smart enough to check that.
Andrew Greggs: Wouldn't call this thing a joke.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: That would suggest that the enemy knew exactly what they were doing here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I suppose we have to be thankful we weren't killed in our beds
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: A dire threat indeed.
Andrew Greggs: We fought one like these, remember? And that one was mostly rust...
Junior Washington: Maybe they want us stuck here?
Junter Calren: I don't understand, who would wish to steal these crystals? who would murder a priestess of the shining father so callously?

Chancellor Idar: Your Holiness...
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow* Who would we have pissed off /that/ badly?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks at the chacellor* I suppose you have more good news *sarcastic*
Andrew Greggs: No. I don't think this about us.
Magda Mogenson: *stares at the wizard and the globe in a black mood*
Chancellor Idar: *speaks quietly with the priest, you hear the words "the Duke" a few times*
Majid Kemal: * examine body *
Chancellor Idar: The Duke has ordered the citadel sealed until an investigation can be concluded.
Junior Washington: Welp, when ya figure it out let me know. I'm gonna get something to eat.
Magda Mogenson: There any distinguishing features on their clothes?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Motions to the others to gather round the LT*
Chancellor Idar: If you'll return to your quarters, His Grace will see you as soon as there is more information.
Junior Washington: Not looking good for the home team.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *low voice* This is serious...we have to pack the fuck up and get outta here before it alls goes to hell in a hand basket
Andrew Greggs: ...and that will get us home aproximately /ever/, how?
Magda Mogenson: *throws a quick look at the Chancellor then Simmons* I think we just got put under some kind of polite house arrest, Sergeant.
Magda Mogenson: Any of these carrying a dagger?

Junior Washington: *looks around for a serving wench*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *growls* Fuck that for a game of soldiers...who do you think is going to come the worse in this?
Magda Mogenson: *turns the scout over looking for a weapon of that size*
Andrew Greggs: Lady Tertulia, from the looks of it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Time to look out for Numero Uno
Magda Mogenson: Nothing here, that one in the hall didn't get this far.
Andrew Greggs: Inspiring words, Sarge.
Junter Calren: The culprits must be found. Surely we would be of more use helping with the investigation than sitting in our chambers?
Magda Mogenson: How'd they get in and out?
Magda Mogenson: *significant look at Simmons*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If they try and pin this on us, don't say I didn't warn you
Andrew Greggs: Our good hosts aren't quite /that/ stupid, I don't think.
Magda Mogenson: *low* Do as they say, but we prepare to fight our way out. They're not laying this on us.
Andrew Greggs: Why the hell would we kill our one ticket home?

Junior Washington: *sighs and plops down in a chair to wait for service*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Lead on
Magda Mogenson: *Looks at the blood on the floor*
Majid Kemal: Yeah?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Duke wants to see us
Majid Kemal: OK
Magda Mogenson: *checks this one over just in case*
Magda Mogenson: *snorts*
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, right.
Andrew Greggs: Of course..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *rolls eyes*
Magda Mogenson: Alright, what we got?

Junior Washington: Where's our breakfast?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *goes to his room and starts packing his stuff*
Andrew Greggs: Show of hands.
Magda Mogenson: Screw breakfast, Washington.
Andrew Greggs: Who expected something to go horribly wrong?
Andrew Greggs: *Hand up*
Junter Calren: *quitely fumes*
Magda Mogenson: *waves hers vaguely*
Junior Washington: Hey, an army travels on it's stomach.
Andrew Greggs: Good thing we're not asking you to march.
Magda Mogenson: Your stomach /is/ an army, Washington.
Magda Mogenson: We got three dead.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *back in record time* Right...are we ready to bug out?
Magda Mogenson: Lady Tertuilla who shouldn't be down there at that time.
Junior Washington: bug out for where?
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs forehead* You continue to astound me, Sarge.
Majid Kemal: * w to Junior * I wrote that letter. Guess I can hold onto it a bit longer.
Magda Mogenson: An unknown killed by the guards, no dagger.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Away from here...where do you think?
Junior Washington: *nods to Maj*
Magda Mogenson: LEt's try thinking this through first, Sergeant.
Junior Washington: *w* that'd be a first.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Get ready to leave...then sort it out
Andrew Greggs: Not a notion he's familiar with.
Majid Kemal: Yeah
Magda Mogenson: Other one dead, probably from the robot thing.
Majid Kemal: May as well ask a donkey.
Magda Mogenson: And I never unpack here. Just need to grab my pack.
Andrew Greggs: Must have been one or several with them who knew their magic.
Junior Washington: Not sure we can leave; think the guards sealed the palace.
Magda Mogenson: No dagger and the things are missing so at least one more.
Junior Washington: Where'd we go?
Magda Mogenson: Those blood stains weren't a trail, they just dropped from something.
Andrew Greggs: But we don't know a damn thing about mages apart from our good bearded friend, do we...
Junior Washington: Wouldn't that just make the duke and his lackeys more suspicious of us?
Andrew Greggs: Of course it would.
Magda Mogenson: Whatever dropped them isn't there, so did it just vanish?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Lookit, its as plain as the nose on your face. Person or persons unknown broke in, took what they wanted and killed anyone that saw them. Left a trap for the Mage because he wasn't there to kill
Junior Washington: Seems we'd be wiser just staying put and let the locals sort it out, or at least, cool down.
Magda Mogenson: There's more to it than that, Sergeant, because of the woman being there.
Majid Kemal: Can't we follow that trail?
Magda Mogenson: There /is/ no trail.
Majid Kemal: ... when it's still fresh.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What we have to find is who took the stuff and where did they bring it. And we're not going to find the answers standing here
Andrew Greggs: We're also probably not going to find them in the intestines of the Dukes' personal guard.
Magda Mogenson: Blood around the women where she dropped, and in that place in the hall. None between them to form a trail.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have our own contacts too...remember
Andrew Greggs: Because, y'know, that's who we'd be going past.

General Bones: Morning comes, without developments.

Junter Calren: *spends the late hours in prayer*
Junior Washington: What's for breakfast?
Andrew Greggs: *Groggily* Morning...
Chancellor Idar: His Grace will see you now.
Chancellor Idar: In the Great Hall.
Chancellor Idar: Please come with me.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: About fucking time
Andrew Greggs: Lovely.
Chancellor Idar: Where is the other priest? His Holiness asked him to attend as well.
Magda Mogenson: *nods at Junter*
Chancellor Idar: Very well. Please follow me.
Majid Kemal: Not sure I like his tone.
Junter Calren: *grunts his assent*
Magda Mogenson: *loosens the safety on her holster*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm not taking any crap from him, don't worry
Junior Washington: Just keeps getting better and better.
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You wanted to see us?
Andrew Greggs: *Weary salute*
Grand Duke of Camar: *looks furious*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *makes a point of not saluting*
Grand Duke of Camar : This will not stand! I will not tolerate such an assault!
Magda Mogenson: *isn't doing a bad job of that herself*
Junior Washington: *folds arms and listens*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey! No need to shout at us
Majid Kemal: * wait curiously *
Grand Duke of Camar : I let those fools play at their rebellion, let Amar Kelantis have his little act of defiance, but not this!
Grand Duke of Camar : I will shout if I damned-well please!
Grand Duke of Camar : This is an assault upon the sovereignty of Camar!
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *holds up a hand* I didn't come here to listen to you shout your fucking head off!
Magda Mogenson: Call this shouting, you should have heard my commander.
Grand Duke of Camar : A woman... a sacred priestess of the faith, murdered under my roof!
Grand Duke of Camar : My court mage incapacitated!
Magda Mogenson: What /was/ she doing there at that time of night?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I know not.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Our belief is that she heard a disturbance, and went to investigate.
Majid Kemal: * w * quiet guys let's hear him.
Magda Mogenson: *lifts an eyebrow*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: The fighting apparently started as the spies attempted to escape.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe she was paying the Mage a midnight call? *shrugs*
Grand Duke of Camar : They damn near did more than attempt!
Grand Duke of Camar : Where are the wizard's crystals? Who set the trap for him on his scrying globe?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: We still do not know, Your Grace.
Magda Mogenson: Kinda interested in that ourselves.
Grand Duke of Camar: Well, I've had enough.
Grand Duke of Camar: It's clear who was behind this.
Magda Mogenson: And I still think it's something to do with that Lady.
Andrew Greggs: ...yes?
Grand Duke of Camar: Amar Kelantis's rebels have long been a thorn in my side.
Grand Duke of Camar: But they have been too weak to do anything like this.
Grand Duke of Camar: It's damned clear that they are being aided... likely by our rivals, the Blue Kingdoms.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *braces for the next part*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Your Grace, without evidence...
Magda Mogenson: *folds arms herself*
Grand Duke of Camar : Damn it, man! Did you not yourself say that the two dead men were rebels!
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I only said that they were clad and armed as Kelantis's men had...
Magda Mogenson: First we heard of rebels.
Grand Duke of Camar : Enough!
Grand Duke of Camar: There are always malcontents.
Grand Duke of Camar: These people are not happy with peace, not happy with law, or order.
Grand Duke of Camar: They defy my authority, but I have let them be. We have had greater problems.
Andrew Greggs: Ah, feudalism....
Magda Mogenson: And you're missing the point. Someone let them in or at least told them where to go. So someone else around here feels the same.
Grand Duke of Camar: That, my dear, has not escaped me.
Grand Duke of Camar: Believe me, we shall be ... cleaning our own house as well.
Grand Duke of Camar: But the immediate concern ... my immediate concern, is the same as yours.
Grand Duke of Camar: You still wish to return to your homeland, yes?
Magda Mogenson: More urgently every day.
Andrew Greggs: I believe we've made that desire quite clear.
Majid Kemal: Most of us I believe Sire.
Grand Duke of Camar: Then you need the wizard's crystals. As much as I need to show the world that Camar will not be brought low by Kelantis's treachery!
Grand Duke of Camar: We have long known where they are hiding, these rebels.
Magda Mogenson: So how come you didn't go get them before?
Andrew Greggs: Convinient.
Grand Duke of Camar: You have proven yourselves time and again how deadly you are.
Grand Duke of Camar: As I said, we have had greater concerns.
Magda Mogenson: *over her shoulder glance at Simmons*
Grand Duke of Camar: Kelantis betrayed me by foresaking his vow of fealty... but I let him and his followers slink off into the mountains.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: There is more... our... friends tell us that there are those among the rebels who offer obedience to the god Dagos.
Magda Mogenson: Wonder why they ever did that, what with the wonderful justice system you got going here.
Majid Kemal: Rebel base, mountain, got that. It's a bit cliche though.
Andrew Greggs: Definitely starting to feel familiar.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: The priests of Dagos might have used their dark sorceries to enter unseen, and to afflict the Court Mage.
Magda Mogenson: Dark sorceries, right.
Junior Washington: hmm
Magda Mogenson: Hey, they got a tower by any chance? Past the mountains?
Grand Duke of Camar: The rebels are ensconced in the mountains in the southern reaches of Elem.
Grand Duke of Camar: Nay, but their base is a natural fortress known as the Aerie.
Grand Duke of Camar: It is very difficult to approach.
Grand Duke of Camar: I could send an army against it to no avail... If I had an army.
Majid Kemal: We could use a ride.
Grand Duke of Camar: Or I can send a sword sent to me from a far land...
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, about that /sent/.
Majid Kemal: We even got a pilot.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: We have had our differences. But we share a common cause here.
Grand Duke of Camar: Find Kelantis, and his foul allies, and you will find your precious crystals.
Magda Mogenson: And get rid of a nasty thorn in your side too.
Grand Duke of Camar: A thorn that threatens all Camar. If they would murder defenseless women, they would stop at nothing.
Magda Mogenson: Hmm.... funny how that defenceless woman was where she was when no guards went in to look at a noise.
Grand Duke of Camar: I have arranged for fast transportation to Caldisar, along the southern edge of Elem.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: There was no noise until the Guardian attacked. When the soldiers came to investigate, they found the enemy soldier, and killed him. BUt no signs of the others.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: I suspect that they had a High Priest of Dagos amongst them, who transported them out of the castle.
Grand Duke of Camar: Better had we expunged that dark faith from our lands in my grandfather's time.
Magda Mogenson: Could say what goes around comes around there, what with /warriors/ jumping through magic holes.
Grand Duke of Camar: Yes, we could trade barbs all day. But I have offered a means to advance our common cause. What say you?
Andrew Greggs: Religious persecution. Nice cherry on the cake.
Magda Mogenson: *turns to the others*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Thus far I have been unable to _raise_ the Lady Tertullia. I fear there is a grim curse laid upon her soul.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the LT in a low voice* I didn't want to say anything in front of his Lordship but you do know he's just using us to get rid of his rebel problem?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Well, what say we? What's one more army, eh?
Magda Mogenson: *low* Don't trust this bastard not to be pulling a stunt but I don't think we've got a lot of choice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe the "smurf" kingdom is a better bet?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Priest Calren, I authorize you to be the personal representative of the Faith on this mission.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: You have shown great promise... you shall be the shield against the Dark.
Majid Kemal: I want to have a look at these mountains.
Junter Calren: *bows* it shall be as you say, your holiness
Junior Washington: *pats priest on the shoulder*
Majid Kemal: I'll go.
Junior Washington: Your lucky day dude.
Andrew Greggs: *Rolls eyes*
Magda Mogenson: Right, we'll do it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to Kemal* What are you now...a tourist?
Grand Duke of Camar: Caldisar is a small settlement, but I shall have word sent ahead.
Andrew Greggs: Yes, lucky him. He gets to join our merry band of suicidal fools.
Magda Mogenson: We'll walk into Morder, there just better not be a new threat arising right after.
Grand Duke of Camar: Galen Tallos is the local marshal.
Grand Duke of Camar: Arius!
Arius Zendarin: Your Grace?
Grand Duke of Camar: Give our allies access to the armory, and see them escorted to the stables.
Arius Zendarin: Your Grace.
Junior Washington: stables?
Magda Mogenson: Riding generally means horses, Washington.
Grand Duke of Camar: I have arranged for fast horses in relays to take you to Elem.
Majid Kemal: Well so long then.
Junior Washington: Never ridden a horse before.
Magda Mogenson: I'm sure they're looking forward to it as much as you are.
Grand Duke of Camar: They will be of little use in the mountains, but they will get you to Caldisar.
Junior Washington: Riiiiiiiight
Grand Duke of Camar: There are carriages for those unaccustomed to the saddle.
Junior Washington: That sounds more like it.
Andrew Greggs: That would be most of us, I figure.
Grand Duke of Camar: Good luck. Camar awaits word of your success.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff High Priest of Soleus: Go in the Light.
Andrew Greggs: Right...
Junter Calren: *bows*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the others* I'm not intetrested in taking these rebels head on. I'm more interested in getting on the good side of whomever has the ability to get us back. If the new owners of the crystal can do that for us, all the better.
Magda Mogenson: *follows the duke with her eyes*
Andrew Greggs: They have the crystals.
Andrew Greggs: I doubt they have anything else.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But can they send us back?
Magda Mogenson: Or know exactly /where/ we came from.
Junior Washington: doubt it
Andrew Greggs: Save it.
Junter Calren: they also murdered a woman who was your friend!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, SOMEONE wanted them, so they must know how to use them
Andrew Greggs: Did they?
Magda Mogenson: Might've been to stop them doing it again.

Arius Zendarin: Come, I'll take you to the armory.
Majid Kemal: Let's go to the armory.
Arius Zendarin: Once you are ready, I will take you to the stables. It should take three days to Elem, with stops to change for fresh horses.

General Bones: The weapons here appear to be mundane, but there are supplies and arrows for the archers.

Andrew Greggs: *Grabs some arrows*
Junior Washington: *takes a few arrows*
Majid Kemal: No bow.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Anyone got any vaseline? I reckon we're going to need some for saddle soreness
Junter Calren: there are bows in the box here.
Junior Washington: you need more arrows?
Arius Zendarin: Be careful. Kelantis was known for being a good swordsman, before he turned traitor.
Junior Washington: If not I'll take what's left
Magda Mogenson: Couple of sheafes left there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What a joke....take about been set up
Andrew Greggs: What else was he known for?
Magda Mogenson: Kemal needs them?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: talk*
Majid Kemal: Don't they make the 'adult' size here?
Junior Washington: I can share if he does
Majid Kemal: * grab a tiny bow *
Andrew Greggs: So what made him go rogue, then?
Majid Kemal: Thanks
Junior Washington: *nods*
Andrew Greggs: What was he trying to accomplish?
Arius Zendarin: Ah... I don't know much about it.
Arius Zendarin: I'm just an armsmaster, not much for politics.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Anyone who had to listen to the Duke all day was bound to rebel
Magda Mogenson: Don't know or don't want to say?
Junior Washington: Maybe we should pick up some more healing supplies from the temple or wherever before leaving?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah....
Arius Zendarin: Very well.
Arius Zendarin: I'll take you over there.
Andrew Greggs: Can't have too many things between you and death...

Acolyte: May the blessing of the Shining Father fall upon you this day. May I help you?
Junior Washington: Can I purchase healing potions here?
Acolyte: By direction of the High Priest, our holy items are available for purchase at a fair price to all who find themselves in need of the Shining Father's blessing.
Magda Mogenson: Anyone ever see any leather tunics anywhere? This ones a bit beat up.
Magda Mogenson: *counts the stuff in her pack*
Junior Washington: Also guys, got some stuff from that bandit we killed last mission *shows items around*
Andrew Greggs: *Yawn* I've got... eight of those packs of herbs lefts, myself.
Junter Calren: I should be well able to provide for most of our needs, with the blessings of soleus
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Holy crap! I forgot about the bolt of silk! I'll have to take it to Zala's to trade
Magda Mogenson: Got 11 of the magic bandages and this wands still got about half it's rune on it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Be back shortly
Junior Washington: could sell and split the value
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'll be back in a minute
Magda Mogenson: *fair stares at the coat*
Majid Kemal: Nice sword.
Magda Mogenson: *with a fair share for the sword too*
Magda Mogenson: Llet me find a place to try these on
Andrew Greggs: *Shrug* As you say, ma'am.
Magda Mogenson: *hides round the corner and does some shuffling*
Majid Kemal: * make some moves with the sword * It's a nice weapon. Someone in the frontline should have it. All I need is a decent bow.
Junter Calren: perhaps you gentlemen should purchase some more serious armour at some point?
Junior Washington: Right, well I'm gonna see what potions the mage has.
Andrew Greggs: *Yawns* 'More serious armour', hm?
Andrew Greggs: Haven't seen yours soften blows like kevlar.
Magda Mogenson: Bit snug, but the coat looks like one out of the Matrix.
Andrew Greggs: Haven't exactly had the means to keep these in shape, though....
Junter Calren: yes.. I'm not familiar with the breastplate.. keevlar? but you wear no protection on your arms or legs..
Majid Kemal: If I had to use a sword... perhaps a scimitar would be nice.
Junter Calren: a severed artery will kill a man quite quickly..
Magda Mogenson: Let me have a try with this.
Majid Kemal: Like Saladin. * smile *
Majid Kemal: Or shall I say Salah adin yussuf iben ayub
Andrew Greggs: Does for orcs, too.
Andrew Greggs: And lizard-people.
Andrew Greggs: So I've learned.
Majid Kemal: Anyway I'm ok as long as I don't go in melee.

Arius Zendarin: Ah, soldier?
Junior Washington: Yeah?
Arius Zendarin: His Grace has issued orders. No one goes out unescorted.
Arius Zendarin: You have business in the town?
Junior Washington: Um Ok, I'm wanting to visit the magic shop and maybe the tailor.
Arius Zendarin: I see. Then this man will escort you.
Junior Washington: OK?
Junior Washington: Great

Zala: Good day to you! I am Zala, proprietor of this establishment. Let me get my sample book... I guarantee that you find something that suits you!
Junior Washington: Very well.

Majid Kemal: Oh there's a kind of safety mechanism on this drawer.
Junter Calren: oh, my thanks?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What did you think it would be worth?
Magda Mogenson: *stuffs her bag full of bandages* Stocked up and we still got gold if anyone knows of something fun lying around town.
Andrew Greggs: More than lunch money, I guess.
Andrew Greggs: Eh, well.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its hardly lunch money spilit six ways
Magda Mogenson: Someone talked about a magic shop?
Andrew Greggs: As you might remember, the local smiths aren't allowed to actually make anything fun.
Majid Kemal: OK I got about 150 gold coins now but none of your fancy toys.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: As you can see, I had a chaprone all the way
Andrew Greggs: Thoughtful of the Duke.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're not allowed to wander off unescorted
Magda Mogenson: That's why I was asking about the magic shop, Greggs. No point hanging onto these coins if there's something that'll save a life in there.
Andrew Greggs: So nice of him to make sure we don't get lost in his fair city.
Junter Calren: I have all I need.
Andrew Greggs: Might be a stop or two yet.
Magda Mogenson: Wouldn't mind seeing the magic shop place on the way, that's all.

Maela Dargannon: Welcome. I am Maela, alchemist and owner of this shop. Are you interested in making a purchase today?
Junior Washington: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Carriages? I thought we were going on horseback?
Junter Calren: Can you ride?
Majid Kemal: If there is a fletcher I may have a look.
Arius Zendarin: You'll find no weapons at the smiths in town; the Duke's law forbids the private sale of weapons.
Andrew Greggs: It's considered a tad old-fashioned back home.
Magda Mogenson: Rode until I joined up.
Magda Mogenson: Just the magic shop then.
Majid Kemal: Have it your way.
Arius Zendarin: Very well. I will meet you there.
Junter Calren: I ride like a sack of meal, so I wont complain if we go by carrage, uncomfortable as they are.
Junior Washington: I want a carriage.
Andrew Greggs: Let's not stand around, then..
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*

Junior Washington: *glances at guard*
Junior Washington: So how's life in the guards?
Ducal Guard: Was dull, until yesterday.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sits on the steps*
Junior Washington: See much action, or you guys just hang out round the palace?
Ducal Guard: There will be action enough, if we go to war with the Blue Kingdoms.
Junior Washington: So you guys go out in the field then?
Ducal Guard: We're all veterans, if that's what you're asking.

Magda Mogenson: Ha! Black cat,
Andrew Greggs: Figures.
Magda Mogenson: What was it you were saying about cliche, Kemal?
Andrew Greggs: Some really are cross-dimensional.
Majid Kemal: Hey there.
Andrew Greggs: Or cross-...whatever.
Majid Kemal: A dog chased you? Sory about that.
Magda Mogenson: Nothing here with those protective writings on.

Arius Zendarin: Ready to depart?
Andrew Greggs: I suppose.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're ready then
Magda Mogenson: Been ready for a while, just not expecting it to be the place we're going.
Arius Zendarin: Wasn't there one more?
Arius Zendarin: Ah, there he is.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Bringing up the rear
Arius Zendarin: All right. The carriages are waiting for us at the south gate.
Andrew Greggs: Lovely.
Junior Washington: Lead on

General Bones: The ride south is uneventful. You stop to change horses three times, and contiunue on at a very good speed. It's no ride in a Humvee, but it's quick. Your rides deposit you on the edge of a small village set in the midst of a hilly forest.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I've a pain in my rear from these goddamn roads
Magda Mogenson: *watches the world going by as they go*
Andrew Greggs: 'Least there's no mortar fire.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I suppose that's something

General Bones: Your escorts remain behind with the mounts and carriages.

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Magda Mogenson: Quaint.
Galen Tallos: Greetings.
Magda Mogenson: Apples.
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Junior Washington: seen one outpost village, ya seen um all.
Junter Calren: Good day
Galen Tallos: You're the ones from the capitol? Of course you are, who else would come out here?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks around and doesn't seem impressed*
Galen Tallos: I'm Galen Tallos. A rider came yesterday, said you'd be around.
Magda Mogenson: That's what we're here to find out.
Majid Kemal: That's more like it.
Galen Tallos: I'm to see you have whatever you need.
Junior Washington: Sounds good
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How about somewhere to lay our heads?
Galen Tallos: Certainly.
Magda Mogenson: Nice place you got here, would it have the same restrictions on weapons as the capital?
Junior Washington: Food and drink would be good.
Galen Tallos: Out here, a man needs a blade or bow at close reach, m'lady.
Galen Tallos: You can use this house.
Andrew Greggs: It'll be a bit cramped.
Andrew Greggs: But I suppose we've had wrose.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is this someone's home?
Andrew Greggs: *worse
Galen Tallos: If'n you need supplies, talk to Olivia at the general store over there.
Galen Tallos: Not any more *to Sarge*
Galen Tallos: Trolls got him.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sets his pack down*
Magda Mogenson: Thanks. *looking around*
Galen Tallos: At least, that's what we think; there wasn't much they left behind.
Magda Mogenson: Move at first light, sergeant.
Andrew Greggs: *Cough* Charming.
Galen Tallos: Forest is a dangerous place. Huge animals, and the trolls, of course.
Andrew Greggs: We could use some help getting to know the lay of the land.
Magda Mogenson: Trolls?
Andrew Greggs: Maps and expertise would be useful.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Right...which way to the rebel's mountain retreat?
Andrew Greggs: No cartographers around, eh?
Magda Mogenson: Why not?
Magda Mogenson: Right.... shit.
Andrew Greggs: And some satellite images would /definitely/ be too much to ask for...
Majid Kemal: No problem. I'll handle that.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I see....and then ask the first rebel we meet which way to Base? I get it
Majid Kemal: Sure they all have rebel t-shirt on.
Andrew Greggs: If this place is a 'natural fortress', I susppose we'll know it when we see it...
Andrew Greggs: Eventually.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But of course...probably have Che Guevara's head on it!
Magda Mogenson: Someone check out the general store, see if there's anything we can use.

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Junior Washington: definitely a one horse town
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To LT* I still think we should get on the friendly side of these rebels
Andrew Greggs: Afternoon..
Magda Mogenson: *sits studying the runes on the front of the jacket* Figure we play that by ear, Sergeant.
Junior Washington: *breaks out some rations to snack on*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If they had a hand in taking the stuff and they don't have it now, we can persuade them to tell us
Magda Mogenson: Ain't too happy with the Duke but .. dunno, the holy folk've been okay. If they don't like the stuff these rebels do, well, dunno that we can trust them either.
Junior Washington: So, what's the plan?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Find the rebels...then we'll see
Andrew Greggs: Shop's got some woodsman's gear. Potions. Herbs. Torches. Basic stuff.
Magda Mogenson: Thing that worries me is they're not gonna know where we were fetched from.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe there's a trace on the crystals
Junior Washington: ...and doubt their eggheads would know how to get us back.
Magda Mogenson: Not ruling it out, Sergeant, just keeping doors open.
Andrew Greggs: And maybe they'll pretend they know how, once they figure out our wants.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Someone knows something about them, otherwise why even take them?
Andrew Greggs: Then drop us off in Satan's very own back yard.
Magda Mogenson: Occurred to me too, yeah.
Junior Washington: Maybe the crystals have more than one use, just a power source?
Magda Mogenson: Thing is, remember that blue thing you found?
Andrew Greggs: Maybe. Or maybe...
Andrew Greggs: They're going to try doing the same thing the duke did.
Andrew Greggs: Otherworldly reinforcements.
Magda Mogenson: It made another one appear, yeah.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The Mage say it took him a decade to make them. I don't like the sound of that
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Rare, very rare
Magda Mogenson: That didn't come from our /world/ so where'd it appear from?
Andrew Greggs: A rebellion sure would have better odds if the rebels had guns...
Junior Washington: or Jedi knights?
Junter Calren: hm. cosy.
Magda Mogenson: Who freaking knows, Washington.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think the Duke might have something though...the "Smurf" Kingdom might be behind it
Magda Mogenson: Find anything in the store that was useful?
Junior Washington: bought a healing kit or two.
Junter Calren: not especially.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* They'd have no reason /not/ to support rebels fighting against their rivals, wouldn't they?
Magda Mogenson: Stocked up on those in Camarr.
Andrew Greggs: God knows /we've/ done that tons of times.
Magda Mogenson: And no, you're right Greggs.
Junter Calren: they had vials of alchemists fire though, which reminded me, I shall need to prepare something to help deal with any trolls we encounter
Magda Mogenson: Why fire?
Junior Washington: trolls?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What's the story with those Padre?
Majid Kemal: I'm pretty good with these now.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Why do you need fire?
Junter Calren: why do you keep calling me padre?
Junter Calren: *shakes head*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Because your a "Father" father
Junter Calren: I am *not* the father. Soleus is the father. *stern*
Magda Mogenson: A language from back home, Father, that's all.
Andrew Greggs: ...weird, really.
Andrew Greggs: How English seems to translate, but not when we say something in another language.
Magda Mogenson: You got a point there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Any priest or vicar or rabbi is a Padre in the military...eh...Padre
Magda Mogenson: Back to the ideas about the trolls.
Magda Mogenson: What do we need to know?
Junior Washington: thought we were chasing rebels.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Magda Mogenson: Looks like we might have to go through trolls to get them.
Andrew Greggs: And we're going to have to hike a ways to get to them.
Junter Calren: through a forest that is apparantly full of trolls.
Andrew Greggs: Bring your fancy boots.
Junior Washington: why not go around them?
Majid Kemal: Trolls? No kidding?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But what's the deal with them and fire?
Junior Washington: If the rebels can get around them, we should be able to, no?
Junter Calren: well, the common wisdom is that they do not stay dead unless you burn them.
Magda Mogenson: Maybe the did and maybe they didn't, Washington, just want to be prepared.
Majid Kemal: Next we'll see a witch flying with a broom.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah... I see. Good job I have my flaming axe then, isn't it?
Magda Mogenson: Burn them like put them on a bonfire or ... right. I got a sword too.
Majid Kemal: Baba Yaga or something.
Junior Washington: Good, Sarge's the troll killer then.

General Bones: The cabin is a bit cramped, but you pass the night uneventfully. You prepare to set out in the morning...

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Re: Junior's Journal

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General Bones: You spend the night in the flyspeck village of Caldisar, in the foothills of southern Elem. The night is mostly uneventful.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *Wakes everyone*
Andrew Greggs: *Turns away from the window; nods*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Rise and shine boys and girls
Junior Washington: *yawns and looks around groggily*
Andrew Greggs: Joyous and glorious morning to you all..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its early in the AM
Majid Kemal: What time is it?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Almost dawn
Junior Washington: Great
Junter Calren: excellent. it's always good to watch the sun rise.
Junior Washington: *mutters*
Majid Kemal: One of my friend should arrive soon.
Andrew Greggs: ...yeah?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The sooner we find what we're looking for, the sooner we'll be out of this tick-turd of a village
Andrew Greggs: The more the merrier, I suppose.

Woodsman: Ah, you wake early, that is good.
Magda Mogenson: *apparently had difficulty rising and is a little fuggy - not least as I need to find my glasses*
Woodsman: I am Jevrem, I am a hunter.
Junior Washington: *slowly buckles on helmet*
Woodsman: I hear you going to go into forest today?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You're going to show us the way?
Woodsman: No, not I. Forest, she is awake today.
Woodsman: Forest best when sleeping.
Magda Mogenson: Forest?
Andrew Greggs: The same might be said of us.
Woodsman: You men from city, yes? Men and woman.
Junior Washington: Got that right
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's us
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, kinda.
Woodsman: Be careful. Forest when awake is dangerous place.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks for the warning pal
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, but how'd you mean, awake?
Junior Washington: whatever man
Majid Kemal: The Forest protect itself, that's all.
Woodsman: I come tell you. You go into forest, look out for Earthmother priest.
Woodsman: He go into forest, one week past.
Magda Mogenson: If someone tells me there's walking trees I'm gonna ....
Woodsman: Look for something there. He not come back.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What was his name?
Majid Kemal: Who's that?
Magda Mogenson: A priest of the same god that woman worshiped back in the bastion?
Junter Calren: I would not have thought a priest of the earthmother would have much troulbe in a forest.
Woodsman: Not know name. We only speak of forest.
Junior Washington: Guess the Earthmother don't take care of her own.
Woodsman: Warn man of trolls, he say he not worry, that forest know him.
Woodsman: Strange man.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Which way to begin?
Majid Kemal: Not a Green Peace activist I hope.
Woodsman: If you see, tell him I ask.
Woodsman: You seek mountains, no?
Junior Washington: away from trolls preferably
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yes
Woodsman: *nods sagely* Trolls best avoided.
Magda Mogenson: We hear you.
Woodsman: Path lead into forest. Path best for fast walk, but many predators also know to check path. You must decide. Off path, easy get lost.
Woodsman: Mountains on far side of forest to south.
Woodsman: River make cut through land by mountains, but places to cross on rock bridges.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *Turns to the LT* Could travel parallel to the track but in a good bit
Woodsman: *nods* Keep weapon handy.
Andrew Greggs: Goes without saying.
Woodsman: Go now, I must deliver furs to Olivia.
Magda Mogenson: If we keep close enough then yeah.
Woodsman: Hope you come back.
Andrew Greggs: Well...
Andrew Greggs: This'll be fun.
Junter Calren: thankyou for your advice.
Junior Washington: Later dude
Magda Mogenson: *grits teeth*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Right, we'll do that. *Turns to the others* We'll stay in the forest with the track on our left side. If it gets tight, switch to the other side
Andrew Greggs: *Tests bowstring* Time's a wasting, I suppose...
Junter Calren: *short morning prayers*
Magda Mogenson: Let's... go into the wakeful forest.
Junter Calren: lets be off then!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *fits his helmet on* Let's get squared away and moved out
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Keep the track on the left
Junter Calren: are we to follow the path then?
Junter Calren: ahh i see
Magda Mogenson: Figure this is our path.

Andrew Greggs: Hold...
Andrew Greggs: Big-ass pig.
Majid Kemal: Hey don't start a fire here.
Junior Washington: sheez
Magda Mogenson: It don't look pleased.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fresh meat anyone?
Junter Calren: hah by the father there's bacon for a year there
Andrew Greggs: Funny. I thought we were avoiding the wildlife.
Junior Washington: off to a roaring start
Andrew Greggs: You alright, ma'am?
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Knovked you on your ass ma'am?
Magda Mogenson: *shakes head wavering slightly*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: knocked*
Magda Mogenson: Figure the wildlife decided not to avoid us.
Magda Mogenson: Thanks.
Majid Kemal: The thing was hungry that's all.
Andrew Greggs: Wouldn't have charged us if we'd actually backed off, I4m pretty srue.
Junior Washington: might be wise to have someone scout ahead so we can avoid such more widely.
Junter Calren: I've never heard of a man eating boar
Magda Mogenson: What? Since when did pigs hunt?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Might have had some young nearby

Andrew Greggs: OH, for...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Even keeping off the track isn't much use
Andrew Greggs: Here's an idea.
Magda Mogenson: I figure we stay on it and keep scouts either side?
Magda Mogenson: And Sergeant, hang back. They see that blaze on the axe too soon.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I was hoping to be on the other side of any force watching the track
Andrew Greggs: My thoughts exactly, ma'am.
Junter Calren: evidently we're too close to the road
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have to keep it in sight or we're snookered
Andrew Greggs: Sh..
Andrew Greggs: Big ugly.
Junter Calren: I take it that's bad?
Andrew Greggs: Let's take it on the other side of the path till we pass its territory.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *points ahead* A troll?
Junter Calren: those would be the trolls
Andrew Greggs: More..
Andrew Greggs: Stay left of that rock there.

Andrew Greggs: Hang on..
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What's keeping you?
Andrew Greggs: This whole 'scouting' bussiness that seems to elude you, I think.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have to press on
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Keep up the pace
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant.
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Magda Mogenson: That old priest.
Andrew Greggs: Now, wasn't that so much nicer than getting gored?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What about him?
Magda Mogenson: Do you think he'd have got past those things?
Majid Kemal: He probably can yes.

Magda Mogenson: They're guarding some kind of den.
Andrew Greggs: From what the hunter said, the man seemed certain he would.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* We said we would watch out for him, but we're not LOOKING for him.
Andrew Greggs: But who knows? Probably a kook.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, but .... *looks a little torn*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So what do want to do?
Junior Washington: My vote is skip any troll dens.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Takle the Trolls?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Tackle*
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns* Ma'am, if he's in there, I sincerely doubt he's still breathing.
Magda Mogenson: What're our chances? They're real close to the village too.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So we'll take them just for the hell of it?
Junior Washington: *frowns*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not a very bright idea ma'am
Magda Mogenson: I could try and get closer, see if I can spot sign?
Junior Washington: Think we should stick to our objective.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shakes head* Do what you've got to do
Andrew Greggs: You've picked up some neat tricks lately, ma'am, but only need trip once and..
Magda Mogenson: Right. *glances at Greggs* I'll get as close as I can, but a breath of being spotted or no sign of the old man and I'm outta there.
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs* Alright. We'll try to keep you covered if things go south.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *to the others* get ready to charge on down there
Junior Washington: great
Junter Calren: *nods*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: A .50 cal would do some damage right about now
Andrew Greggs: *Courches, watching from ledge*
Andrew Greggs: *Ridge, rather
Junior Washington: I'd rather have an A-10.
Magda Mogenson: Couldn't get a good look, as it started sniffing around.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Know how to use one of those Junior?
Andrew Greggs: Good noses.
Junior Washington: Nope, that's the pilots job.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not much use then is it?

Andrew Greggs: ...what?
Magda Mogenson: What...
Andrew Greggs: Someone jsut fired a..
Andrew Greggs: Shit!
Andrew Greggs: I saw him running off into the hills.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: See that guy running?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah....
Junior Washington: who?

Junter Calren: well it appears the lore about fire was true..
Magda Mogenson: Wait, that one's gone to the den.
Andrew Greggs: Guy in a hood, dark clothes.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I wouldn't swear to it but it was hardly a priest
Andrew Greggs: Either our man or one of these rebels.
Junter Calren: strange
Junior Washington: he with the trolls or running from them?
Andrew Greggs: Running like hell.
Andrew Greggs: ..or maybe trying to lead them toward us.
Andrew Greggs: Hard to say.
Junior Washington: Smart fella either way
Magda Mogenson: Bastard was, yeah.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Na...I think he was just running away from the Trolls
Magda Mogenson: What do we do, leave the threat at our back?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks down at the bodies* they weren't so tough
Andrew Greggs: You know me, Sarge. Glass half-empty kinda guy
Majid Kemal: We may as well ask him.
Junior Washington: Least we know they ain't friends.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Here's more
Andrew Greggs: No matter who he is, he'll know these woods waay better than..
Andrew Greggs: Why are we chasing it, exactly?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: straight into their den
Magda Mogenson: I figure they're gonna chase us as we go if we don't take them.
Andrew Greggs: Or they'll think better of it now that we've killed half of them..
Junior Washington: um but why go into their den
Majid Kemal: Only fire can harm them, is that so?
Junior Washington: think this is a bad idea

Andrew Greggs: ....eugh.
Andrew Greggs: The smell of this place..
Andrew Greggs: This way..
Magda Mogenson: More...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Got a couple of live ones
Andrew Greggs: Again...

General Bones: The trolls fight with an added ferocity in their den, but it avails them naught.

Andrew Greggs: I questiont he neccesity of our presence here.
Junior Washington: probably a lot more down here
Magda Mogenson: You know, even I know not to split like that.
Magda Mogenson: Stay here.
Junter Calren: the necessity? vicous creatures living within spitting distance of a small village. that's the necessity.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You have a point Padre
Majid Kemal: * shows a fire bomb around * Think I coult tip my arrows into that?
Andrew Greggs: We're not here for charity work, last I figued.
Junior Washington: I thought the trolls been living in these woods for a long time?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Flaming arrows? The Indjuns used to do that
Andrew Greggs: *figured
Junter Calren: Perhaps you are not.
Andrew Greggs: And yeah, that was my impression, too. Are these things even a threat if you don't bug them?
Majid Kemal: I see your axe can burn but will it not burn the arrows altogether?
Junior Washington: Killing off the trolls might make the rebels stronger and more dangerous.
Magda Mogenson: Something going on back there. Some boulder that looks like it's been moved and one of these things that looks like he's casting spells.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: well the axe is magical so there's the answer to that. Even has a power word to turn it on and off
Andrew Greggs: ...what?
Majid Kemal: Interesting
Magda Mogenson: Washington, can you tell me why you joined the goddamn army?
Magda Mogenson: This thing back there is doing something that don't look good.
Junior Washington: To visit strange lands and kill their citizens?
Junter Calren: *look of distain at washington*
Magda Mogenson: Fulfil that dream.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good answer Junior if we were at home....but we're not
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: I'm not sure if trolls qualify for citzenship in any polity...
Junior Washington: Just thinking out loud.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Lead on ma'am and see what's what
Magda Mogenson: We're in here. Let's finish the job.
Junter Calren: casting spells you say?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, with water.
Magda Mogenson: The water was kind of moving on it;s own.
Junter Calren: i didn't know they had the wit
Majid Kemal: * plunge a bunch of arrows in liquid * let's hope this works.
Junior Washington: mebbe killing the trolls off will give us an in with the rebels?
Junter Calren: but it can't be for any good purpose.
Magda Mogenson: Might.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: oh shit
Majid Kemal: Ah not working
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I thought it was suppose to be another Troll?
Magda Mogenson: This is new!
Andrew Greggs: That'd be the 'water', then...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn hard to beat down
Magda Mogenson: Moving goddamn earth.
Magda Mogenson: No, there was real; water, not mud like that.
Majid Kemal: Hold Sarge
Troll Shaman : Geesh mik fung ta!
Magda Mogenson: That's...
Troll Shaman : *casting*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Holy Shit!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Water on the move!
Majid Kemal: what now?
Andrew Greggs: Ngh!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah...got the bastard

Andrew Greggs: Hold on, Kemal.
Andrew Greggs: Don't tou-
Magda Mogenson: Kemal!
Junior Washington: *smiles*
Andrew Greggs: ...why don't people fucking LISTEN to me when I tell them to hold the fuck on?
Andrew Greggs: It'd be so much easier for everyone.
Majid Kemal: Some stuff here
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The Troll had these on him
Majid Kemal: Nice necklace
Andrew Greggs: Looks like the one I've got on..
Magda Mogenson: Looks like thos protective writings.
Junter Calren: *examines the parchment*
Magda Mogenson: Some sharp throwing knives and some shuriken here.
Junter Calren: *drops it like something vile*
Andrew Greggs: Was the rest of the cavern clear, ma'am?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Alright...we all done down here?
Magda Mogenson: Not checked, Greggs.
Junior Washington: I could use the necklace.
Majid Kemal: Nobody wants to wear that necklace?
Magda Mogenson: Not quite. Gonna check the see about that boulder.
Junior Washington: I would
Majid Kemal: I don't like this thing.
Magda Mogenson: If it's proctective someone standing close in take it.
Junior Washington: or not
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Sarge gets in close more often than you, Washington.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It fits just nice
Magda Mogenson: Some kind of boost or healing drinks there.
Majid Kemal: I can protect myself without that trinket.
Junter Calren: we should burn the scroll.
Andrew Greggs: Whatever you like...
Junior Washington: burn?
Majid Kemal: Burn? No
Junior Washington: Why?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah? *looking at it*
Majid Kemal: Sell it
Junter Calren: It's vile.
Junior Washington: Maybe to you
Majid Kemal: Hey give me one of your trinket in exchange then.

Andrew Greggs: Hm.
Magda Mogenson: Looks like it's been moved?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: See the marks on the floor
Andrew Greggs: Definitely.
Junior Washington: *watches*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I reckon it was moved into position
Andrew Greggs: Cover up a niche or something, most likely.
Andrew Greggs: Let's put our backs into it ,then..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Could be important
Junter Calren: *moves to help*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: on 3...1...2...3
Andrew Greggs: *Sets about the MANLY TASK*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *heaves*
Magda Mogenson: *stands back from the MANLY task*
Majid Kemal: If you want me to heal you give me some of your herbs.

General Bones: The boulder rocks back and forth, but doesn't fall clear. You can see a hole underneath it, though.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Goddamn it
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's try again
Magda Mogenson: That go somewhere or is there something in it? *tries to peer under the boulder*
Andrew Greggs: *Wips brow* Just gimme a second...
Junior Washington: Mebbe you need a lever of some sort.
Majid Kemal: Do you see better now Magda?
Magda Mogenson: *blinks* Kinda...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Right...once more
Andrew Greggs: We might use that axe of yours as a level, I guess.
Andrew Greggs: Or not...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Altogether now....on 3
Andrew Greggs: *Heave!*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: 1....2...3!!!!
Majid Kemal: I can call a rat to checkj that hole for us.

General Bones: With a manly burst of strength Junter topples the boulder, though Greggs almost manages to drop it onto himself....

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Watch it!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Phew!
Andrew Greggs: *Catches breath* I'm fine, I'm fine...
Magda Mogenson: *cautious peer in the hole*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Small hole
Majid Kemal: WHAT? YOU ARE NO RAT!
Magda Mogenson: What's thi..... yeesh.
Andrew Greggs: *Looks over shoulder*

General Bones: There are a few things shoved into the hole.

Junter Calren: a hidden cache?
Junior Washington: anything good?
Andrew Greggs: Quite a bit of gold...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks over his shoulder at kemal* Ah...its sort of a rat
Andrew Greggs: And some other things.
Magda Mogenson: Lotta gold. *pockets for now* handy when we get anywhere we can /buy/ anything.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But WAY bigger
Magda Mogenson: Healing herbs.
Majid Kemal: Gimme a break I'm still learnin' this stuff.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Magda Mogenson: Shield
Majid Kemal: Any bow?
Andrew Greggs: Bracer's interesting, but It doesn't look any sturdier than the shield I've got.
Magda Mogenson: Something with nature signs on it, I think. Picture of a tree, and no.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *To Kemal* You make sure you have that thing under control
Majid Kemal: Bracers?
Majid Kemal: Can I see?
Magda Mogenson: Some other stone, looks like more writing on it but I can't make it out.
Magda Mogenson: No wrist straps, it's a shield.
Majid Kemal: A magic stone!
Magda Mogenson: That's the one with the tree on, yeah.
Junter Calren: These are glyphs of the earth mother.
Andrew Greggs: I guess we have a solid theory how it got here, then.
Junior Washington: maybe the priests gear?
Magda Mogenson: Anyone can use any of this shit, grab it.
Majid Kemal: I could use these sorta darts.
Junter Calren: It very well could be..
Andrew Greggs: Go fir it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess the Priest is dead then?
Magda Mogenson: These too, if anyone has the hang of them.
Andrew Greggs: The swirly shield should be worth something, if nobody can make use of it...
Majid Kemal: Show me that shield
Junior Washington: Less he's tied up somewheres we've not cleared.
Magda Mogenson: Looks like it might have been his.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So, we needn't have come down here at all?
Andrew Greggs: Right here. *Points at shield bracer*
Magda Mogenson: IT's there, Kemal.
Andrew Greggs: Well, I suppose we're somewhat richer now..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I hope you understand the risk you had us all run for your hunch Ma'am?
Majid Kemal: Nice thing.
Junter Calren: *chuckles*
Magda Mogenson: Things would've given the village trouble soon like as not. So our risk saved lives, and this time it was a choice.,
Majid Kemal: More like a souvenir if you ask me.
Junior Washington: Maybe, maybe not
Andrew Greggs: Yours.
Magda Mogenson: I kinda like having a choice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Okay, I can understand that. But you did risk our lives to save theirs and we're still no nearer our own goal
Junter Calren: I find it amusing the most valorous member of your party is the woman.
Junter Calren: One would think you'd be shamed into a little more courage.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: priorities Ma'am, priorities
Junior Washington: pilots are always a bit crazier than the norm.
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And as for you padre.....butt out
Junior Washington: *pats priest on the shoulder*
Magda Mogenson: Some of you want to find a home here I figure you'd better get used to this shit.
Junter Calren: hmm?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, not all of us want to saty in this treachous shithole Ma'am
Magda Mogenson: Count me in them.
Magda Mogenson: I like places where the plants don't try to kill me at least.
Magda Mogenson: Music. I miss music.
Junter Calren: We have music!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *hums* "All I want is my MTV..."
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Magda Mogenson: Not my kind of music.
Magda Mogenson: I miss showers.
Andrew Greggs: Any civilization that hasn't gotten around to electric guitars yet doesn't really count, does it?
Magda Mogenson: I miss the view from my bird.
Magda Mogenson: And what I miss is being somewhere a freaking woman doesn't have to look at the floor all the freaking while.
Junior Washington: What's with the wood look?
Andrew Greggs: I hear you, ma'am...

Andrew Greggs: ...think we're coming up on the mountains.
Magda Mogenson: Wait a minute.
Magda Mogenson: You two've got necklaces with these tree pictures on that the stone has let me try something.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Here's the stone bridges the woodsman was talking about
Magda Mogenson: Way to go rock.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like we have company
Andrew Greggs: So keep your head down...
Majid Kemal: My bird is coming.
Magda Mogenson: Wish mine was.
Magda Mogenson: I saw movement over there.
Junter Calren: we'll have to find you a gripphon or somesuch to ride heh
Andrew Greggs: hss.
Majid Kemal: He's a scout.
Magda Mogenson: *holds up three fingers*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: They know we're coming so

Rebel Soldier : Go back to Camar and your master, villains! We want no part of you here!
Magda Mogenson: *realises they can't see them and says ...* Three
Andrew Greggs: How about we give them a friendly hello?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe they might be willing to talk
Magda Mogenson: You've got something we need.
Magda Mogenson: IT's stopping us going home, and we wanna go home /real/ bad.
Rebel Soldier : What's that? All I hear is the pucker of lips kissing the tyrant's ass!
Magda Mogenson: So you can give it to us, or we're gonna have to try and take it.
Andrew Greggs: You're not too bright, are you?
Andrew Greggs: Let me put this another way.
Andrew Greggs: We have no love for the man whose orders brought us to your world.
Magda Mogenson: Don't give a shit for the Baron, we've been screwed over by him too, but now you're doing it. And that ain't nice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* looks like we're going to have to do this the hard way
Andrew Greggs: But we don't particularly care for the people trying to keep us from going back home, either.
Junior Washington: Wonder if they'd trade something for it?
Majid Kemal: NO
Andrew Greggs: Do you really want us to be your enemy?
Rebel Soldier : We know who you serve, wretch.
Andrew Greggs: ...the US military?
Junior Washington: uh, on...
Magda Mogenson: We serve the good old US of A>
Majid Kemal: Who
Magda Mogenson: Kemal!
Majid Kemal: STOP IT
Magda Mogenson: You f-ing idiot.
Majid Kemal: FOOLS

Andrew Greggs: SHit...
Andrew Greggs: Third one'll bring back word.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: To hell with them all
Junior Washington: cloak handy for scouts
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Kill them all and let their god sort them out
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Junior Washington: one got away
Junior Washington: should expect more
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, saw.
Andrew Greggs: Shame they didn't put smarter guys to guarding the bridge.
Majid Kemal: I don't like this Junior.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: Not my call
Magda Mogenson: You charged them, Kemal.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *points to the way ahead*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: looks like they've tunneled into the mountain
Andrew Greggs: Bet you there's about a dozen bows trained at the other end, there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: They even put a door on the entrance to keep the draught out!
Junior Washington: best look around
Junior Washington: straight assault probably very risky
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'll stay here and keep an eye on the door
Magda Mogenson: Don't go to close. Might be tripwires.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sits on the slope in front of the door*
Andrew Greggs: We don't seem to have a wealth of options.
Magda Mogenson: Cliff drops off both sides and it climbs impassably here.
Magda Mogenson: Was guarded, but they must've been pulled back.
Magda Mogenson: Can see where they were stationed.
Junior Washington: *searches*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This is the only way in then? Could be the only way out too. It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel*
Andrew Greggs: Hell of a sniper perch...
Junter Calren: from up there they must have seen us comming the second we lef the woods
Magda Mogenson: Except they'll be shooting us on the way in.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah...i dunno
Andrew Greggs: Probably have traps, too.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think they're outmatched
Andrew Greggs: I don't suppose anyone's got some grenades left?
Junior Washington: they had archers up here, deserted now.
Magda Mogenson: I've some c4 left, and would say blow the door with them inside, but we need what's in there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It would have been a piece of cake to keep us from crossing that bridge
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: let's try it the easy way first
Andrew Greggs: So we have to assume their defenses up ahead are even more appealing.
Magda Mogenson: Trap
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: its locked
Junior Washington: If they saw what we did to the trolls, they mighta realized we were a bit more than they could handle.
Magda Mogenson: Just spotted the tripwire.
Andrew Greggs: Hm?
Andrew Greggs: ...hm.
Junior Washington: might prove useful
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Thanks, Washington.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: When you have it opened Ma'am, let me through
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs on cloak*
Magda Mogenson: *fiddles around with small toolset*
Andrew Greggs: If we're making a breach, be prepared to fall back if needed.
Magda Mogenson: That's cleared the wire, and the barring mechanism.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *kicks the door in* Knock Knock!

Magda Mogenson: Slow.
Magda Mogenson: Might be surprises.
Junter Calren: I was expecting more of a reception
Andrew Greggs: They have a surprise party waiting, I'm sure.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *peers in the gloom* barricades?
Magda Mogenson: Fuck, it's a killing zone.
Junior Washington: Hey LT you might want this *shows cloak*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But not manned? What's that about?
Junter Calren: there are far fewer rebles than I'd expected.

General Bones: As you enter hte cave, men come rushing forward to man the barricades.

Andrew Greggs: You were saying?
Majid Kemal: May be I should go alone without weapons.
Amar Kelantis: Hold!
Andrew Greggs: Sarge, hold it!
Magda Mogenson: Wait.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *smashs the nearest barrier*
Amar Kelantis: Hold your weapons.
Amar Kelantis: We know who you are.
Magda Mogenson: You've got one on us then.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh you do? Good. Hand the stuff over then, there's a good lad
Amar Kelantis: The Duke sent you to exterminate us. And from what I have seen, you can accomplish that feat.
Majid Kemal: Put that thing away Sarge
Andrew Greggs: Smart man.
Magda Mogenson: All we want is what you took.
Amar Kelantis: But know that you need not be slaves to injustice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Button it Kemal
Amar Kelantis: Took? What are you talking about? The only thing we took was our freedom.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hang on a second. Tell us you were never down in Camar in the last few days?
Magda Mogenson: You launched a raid on the castle, attacked a woman of the church, and took things from the wizard.
Majid Kemal: Sarge put it away
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I said button it
Junior Washington: *listens*
Amar Kelantis: Hold on, I am coming down.
Amar Kelantis: I am Amar Kelantis. This is Treyvex, priest of Dagos.
Andrew Greggs: Charme;
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm Sgt Simmons and this is LT mogenson
Magda Mogenson: *salutes* Lieutenant Mogenson.
Amar Kelantis: What is this theft and assault you accuse us of?
Andrew Greggs: Well. The Duke accused you of it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *lets the axe head rest on the ground and folds his hands on the butt*
Magda Mogenson: Some magic crystals belonging to the wizard in the Baron's palace ... or whatever.
Andrew Greggs: We're just following the only trail he let us sniff.
Junior Washington: Or the Duke was told that by his men, maybe....
Treyvex: Then you were deceived. We have made no assault upon the capitol.
Magda Mogenson: Your uniforms match those on the culprits who were killed.
Amar Kelantis: *sighs* We might have if we had the strength. The Duke's reign is one of injustice.
Amar Kelantis: But we have all we can do to protect what we have.
Junior Washington: Now that you mention it the guys dead were not all that well armed or armored.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Okay then. if we accept what you tell us to be true...who could have mounted such an attack? the Blue Kingdoms?
Junior Washington: coulda been patsies planted.
Magda Mogenson: Ain't getting disagreement from me, he's a megalomaniac, but someone took what we need and they match your description.
Andrew Greggs: How about the Duke himself, Sarge?
Amar Kelantis: I see.
Andrew Greggs: I'm guesing Lady Tertulia objected to the plan of delaying us departure.
Andrew Greggs: Shame for her.
Magda Mogenson: Kind of mentioned we might be getting played at the time, but this was our only lead.
Treyvex: I would not have put it past the Duke, but he is hardly that... subtle.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods to greggs* We'll get to the bottom of it one way or another
Amar Kelantis: If you would put up your weapons, would you come with me? There is something I would show you.
Junior Washington: coulda been some staff member with an agenda
Majid Kemal: Sure
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the Sarge and then nods at Amar*
Rebel Guard: Sir, is that wise?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Okay...no funny business though. Or you wouldn't live to regret it
Amar Kelantis: I suspect they could slay us all, if they were so inclined, Havel.
Amar Kelantis: You have my word, Sergeant Simmons.
Andrew Greggs: We're no friend to your enemies...
Andrew Greggs: But you haven't given us reason to trust you, either.
Magda Mogenson: *frowns a little*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's an old saying...."The enemy of my enemy is my friend*
Amar Kelantis: There will be no betrayals, on my word as a noble of Camar. *laughs grimly* A former lord, that is.
Majid Kemal: Ah
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, heard it.
Amar Kelantis: Come then.
Junior Washington: So padre, how's this dagos guy relate to your church?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The Duke made an enemy outta me a long time ago
Magda Mogenson: Former, right. We'll talk.
Amar Kelantis: *to the guard* Stay vigilant here.
Junter Calren: He dosn't.
Junior Washington: Ah, is he vile and must be burned then?
Junior Washington: *drily*
Andrew Greggs: Stay together!
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*

Magda Mogenson: *low* Looks like a very small force.
Amar Kelantis: Our rebellion against the Duke is not by choice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *grunts a reply to the LT*
Magda Mogenson: We're listening.
Junior Washington: *yawns and looks around*
Amar Kelantis: All of those who have joined us have done so because they ran afoul of the Duke's law.
Amar Kelantis: So-called law; there is nothing of justice behind it.
Junior Washington: Wonder if they got anything to drink around here?
Amar Kelantis: Only raw power, and the abuse of it.
Magda Mogenson: *snorts and nods*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We've seen some of it in action
Amar Kelantis: But you need not believe me. Come.
Crippled Refugee: Lord Kelantis!
Andrew Greggs: *Casts eyes around the cavern, frowning*
Majid Kemal: * look around *
Refugee Woman: Bless you, m'lord. My son's feeling better.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: They look....poorly
Amar Kelantis: Good to hear, Laela.
Magda Mogenson: *looks around at the severe lack of "soldiers* amongst the rebels and frown*
Amar Kelantis: These are the rebels you were sent to destroy.
Junior Washington: So these are the dangerous rebels.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey...not us
Treyvex: Our crime is disobedience.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We just came looking for the crystals
Magda Mogenson: Seen how up tight he gets when questioned first hand.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* We tried to parley with your men on first encounter.
Treyvex: We have no magic crystals here.
Andrew Greggs: Sadly, they were not as gracious as you.
Andrew Greggs: We never came here intent on blood.
Magda Mogenson: *nods at Greggs*
Amar Kelantis: *shakes his head* I am afraid we have hot-heads among our numbers as well.
Junter Calren: *examines the sickly looking woman*
Amar Kelantis: I should have not placed Avren on guard duty; he lost his sister to the Duke's enforcers.
Junter Calren: *prays*
Majid Kemal: Allow me.
Amar Kelantis: We do not punish people based on their association. The Duke, however...
Magda Mogenson: Figure the Duke *cough* brings it out in folk.
Acolyte of Dagos: The power of the gods is strong in you, Shining Priest.
Acolyte of Dagos: But the Watcher will have his due in the end, for us all.
Magda Mogenson: We saw his idea of justice, and trust me - I didn't like what I saw.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: A word to the wise Lord Kelantis....Guard the bridges with everything you've got. That's the way to stop anyone coming in here
Majid Kemal: But this woman needs herbs. I can cure her.
Magda Mogenson: Do it then, Kemal.
Amar Kelantis: If I'd believed we could stop you, we would have.
Junter Calren: That doesn't mean you have to worship it.
Magda Mogenson: We've got no argument with you, we want the things that'll get us home.
Amar Kelantis: I'd heard some grim things about you, to be honest. But Treyvex advised that you might listen to reason.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And you don't have them
Andrew Greggs: Grim things, eh?
Majid Kemal: She's got a fever. This may lower her temperaqture.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I like that!
Magda Mogenson: Let's just say we're as much the Duke's captives as anything else.
Amar Kelantis: No. But it is clear that someone besides us is causing trouble for the Duke.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh? The Blue kingdoms?
Magda Mogenson: The people we saw were definitely dressed like you.
Majid Kemal: She will need to rest. I will go find the herbs I need.
Treyvex: The Blues are no friends of Camar, but how could they have gained access to the citadel?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Magic?
Junior Washington: *scratches head*
Andrew Greggs: That's what the... High Priest said.
Amar Kelantis: Indeed. It has been too long since I have been at court; I do not know all the current factions.
Magda Mogenson: From what we saw the men there got in without using the gates.
Andrew Greggs: Something about the clergy of Dagos being skilled in this sort of thing.
Treyvex: Ah, yes, the mighty Aladon Jariff.
Magda Mogenson: One at least got out likewise.
Junior Washington: What would the Blue Kingdom have to gain by detaining us and having us weaken or destroy the Dukes enemies?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Take over the whole lot?
Treyvex: The priests of Dagos have some skill in what the Soleans call "shadow magic," but it was not we who were behind this.
Amar Kelantis: The Blue Kingdoms are powerful collectively, but their own internal politics makes such an invasion unlikely.
Magda Mogenson: Shadow magic?
Magda Mogenson: *stares at Treyvex.
Junior Washington: Seems more likely to me a faction at the duke's court prefer to see us stuck here and at his bidding than returning home.
Treyvex: To the uninitiated, we worship Death, my dear.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So is it simply the case that the Duke himself decided to get us here?
Treyvex: In truth, the Wather, or Stranger as he is sometimes callled, presides over the transition from this life to the next.
Magda Mogenson: *appears to hide a wince*
Junior Washington: Whether the duke is in on it, I sorta doubt.
Amar Kelantis: Obviously the Duke wants us destroyed.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: keep us here*
Junior Washington: He doesn't seem that subtle to me.
Amar Kelantis: But I don't think he's behind the attack.
Amar Kelantis: I agree with your soldier.
Andrew Greggs: He seemed damn quick to blame you.
Magda Mogenson: Someone, Duke or not, made this look like you.
Andrew Greggs: But so did the high priest...
Amar Kelantis: There must be a third party.
Magda Mogenson: It's possible. If not the Duke pulling a fast one.
Treyvex: Have you had any other word or clues that would indicate an internal threat against the Duchy?
Junior Washington: The duke strikes me as a bull easily flagged.
Amar Kelantis: A vivid metaphor.
Amar Kelantis: And accurate, I would say.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think we need to go back to Camar and find out the answers there
Magda Mogenson: Can flag him but he's still got that entire army with him.
Treyvex: That would be risky.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah.
Amar Kelantis: Indeed. If you failed in your mission, the Duke would be suspicious.
Junior Washington: I don't think the direct approach will work.
Amar Kelantis: However, if you had succeeded...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Where can we go to find the answers we seek?
Andrew Greggs: Let's not and say we did, hm?
Amar Kelantis: *draws his sword*
Magda Mogenson: No way we're commiting whole sale slaughter here, though we can do you a favour if you want.
Junior Washington: Suppose we can stage a successful result with your folks help.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: He will send a scouting party to check
Magda Mogenson: *hand goes to holster*
Amar Kelantis: *reverses it and offers it to Simmons*
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Amar Kelantis: We had been planning on heading south across the mountains for some time.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *eyebrow rasied* oh?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *takes it*
Amar Kelantis: We will never be truly safe here as long as the Duke is in power.
Magda Mogenson: Can't say I disagree.
Junior Washington: So you all bug out; we take a few trophies and burn the place?
Magda Mogenson: But Greggs hit what I was gonna say.
Amar Kelantis: The Duke knows this weapon.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We could come with you and see you safe?
Amar Kelantis: A generous offer.
Magda Mogenson: There for the taking.
Amar Kelantis: But in truth, I love Camar as much as any man.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Treyvex again*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *swings the blade* Fine weapon
Amar Kelantis: I would not see it destroyed even if that... inconvenienced... the Duke.
Treyvex: The truth lies in Camar, I suspect.
Treyvex: Do you think you could seek it out?
Magda Mogenson: Damn straight we can.
Junior Washington: *scratches head*
Andrew Greggs: More politics.
Andrew Greggs: I've never had the stomach for it.
Junior Washington: Not really our strong suit so far.
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Kelantis* You need a weapon to replace that?
Amar Kelantis: I have heard that Kaladon is pleasant this time of year. I hope that the dwarves are welcoming.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You know...we could just kill the Duke and take over the whole lot?
Andrew Greggs: ...
Amar Kelantis: I suspect I could dig something up. It is the man who makes the weapon, my lady, not the other way around.
Andrew Greggs: We're not staging a coup.
Magda Mogenson: *chuckles*
Amar Kelantis: You have power, but do not underestimate the Duke.
Junter Calren: The chaos that would cause would rend the land apart
Magda Mogenson: Figure we know someone to talk to.
Amar Kelantis: His elite forces, his top soldiers... they are good, damned good.
Magda Mogenson: Questions though.
Treyvex: The priest speaks true.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *waves his hand from side to side with palm down*
Magda Mogenson: The "dark sorcery" the Duke talked about, would that be you? *looking at Treyvex*
Treyvex: In truth, our specific powers are not that different from those that high-ranking priests of Soleus.
Andrew Greggs: "Should have hunted their kind down years ago," he said. Or something along those lines.
Treyvex: We pray to different gods, but the source... divine grace... is the same.
Andrew Greggs: That set off a few warning bells.
Andrew Greggs: Where we're from, it's considered pretty rude to judge a man by his choice of god.
Magda Mogenson: *nods acknowledgement but frowning a little*
Treyvex: The worship of Dagos has never been widely accepted. People fear death, though it is but another step in the progress of existence.
Treyvex: Plus, we tend notably to individualism, what the Soleans would call chaos.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah.... right, well. You lost any men to anyone lately?
Treyvex: We are few in number. I do not know of any of our order active within Camar at this time.
Magda Mogenson: Two in the castle dressed like you, they had the uniforms from somewhere.
Magda Mogenson: *indicates Amar, though still watching Treyvex*
Amar Kelantis: Our gear is distinctive mainly in its lack of distinctiveness. We tend to wear what we can find, my lady.
Junter Calren: Oh yes, and while one priest of dagos might be a kindly old man ministering to the dying the next might be a madman trying to create a few more. If the faith can be judgemental, it's from lessons learnt in the past.
Amar Kelantis: Darks are best for hiding, of course.
Magda Mogenson: *looks down and nods with another slight frown*
Amar Kelantis: And we tend to avoid orange and gold, for obvious reasons.
Magda Mogenson: Just thinking things through. Either the Duke conned everyone by making them look as you do, or someone tried to con him by doing the same.
Magda Mogenson: Might've been a lead, that's all.
Treyvex: One thing is clear. When you return to Camar, your enemy will be there, waiting for you, watching you even as you search for him.
Junior Washington: I think the latter is more likely.
Andrew Greggs: You're starting to sound like some of the bigger assholes from back home, preacher.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But who is that third party? That's the question
Andrew Greggs: "Oh, sure, they're not /all/ terrorists, but..."

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:53 pm

General Bones: We can pick things up at The Watering Hole, with the group discussing options. As Magda and Junter returned from the tailor's shop, they noticed that there was some sort of gathering coming together in the Main Square. From the look of it, there's going to be some sort of formal announcement soon.

Magda Mogenson: I was just going to look up factions so I'd remember.
Junior Washington: *stuffs face from large platter*
Majid Kemal: * grab a piece of apple pie *
Majid Kemal: So what's next?
Magda Mogenson: So yeah, not much to say.
Junior Washington: More ale!
Magda Mogenson: The person we went to see was definitely a buddy of our latest aquaintance.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe I could ask my underworld contact did he hear anything?
Vibius Albus: *softly clears his throat*
Magda Mogenson: *looks up as Vibius comes in*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Easy there soldier. Looks like you've had a rough time of it
Vibius Albus: Not as bad as when we last met.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Do we know each other?
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow, takes his usual seat*
Magda Mogenson: *slightly puzzled frown*
Andrew Greggs: It'd be hard for you to be any worse.
Vibius Albus: I can't stay long, I am assigned to the diplomatic delegation, but I wished to see you again ere I departed.
Andrew Greggs: I guess Sarge doesn't recognize you without all the bruises.
Vibius Albus: You do not recall the desperate battles against the orcs, the fight under that foul temple?
Vibius Albus: Your road must have been difficult indeed since then.
Magda Mogenson: Oh yeah.
Magda Mogenson: Sorry, fella. Been a lot happened since.
Vibius Albus: I am grateful to you for my rescue. From what I have been told, all Camar is in debt to you for your brave service.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure....its just that a lot of water has passed under the bridge so to speak since then
Andrew Greggs: Well, we haven't been captured and tortured yet. So I'd say we're doing alright, on balance.
Magda Mogenson: You'd think they'd show it.
Vibius Albus: And now, with a true chance of lasting peace... we may yet face an end to our land's troubles.
Andrew Greggs: Peace in our time, eh?
Magda Mogenson: Peace huh? So where they sendin' you and this delegation?
Junior Washington: Right
Junior Washington: *has another mug of ale*
Vibius Albus: You had not heard? The Grand Duke is signing a treaty with the Blue Kingdoms.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Heading for smurfland probably
Magda Mogenson: You what now?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah
Vibius Albus: There is a crowd gathering outside to hear the official announcement. When the Duke returns, there will be games and tournaments, and a feast for the populace.
Magda Mogenson: *utterly puzzled look around the table* Last we saw he was lookin' for someway to blame them for the ills of this place. Them or us.
Andrew Greggs: *Scratches chin*
Andrew Greggs: Doesn't bode well for us, then.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What's the reason for the change of heart? Any idea?
Vibius Albus: Indeed, my lady, the negotiations were tortuous, as I understand.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, can imagine the kind of torture too.
Vibius Albus: No doubt the Duke is his wisdom judged that we had suffered too much.
Magda Mogenson: Right, yeah. A /wise/ man your Duke.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So Camar caved in to the demands of the Blue Kingdoms?
Vibius Albus: From what I hear, Aladon Jariff played no small role. Though the people of the Blue Kingdoms are generally more aligned to worship the Earthmother than the Shining God.
Vibius Albus: Some small concessions were made.
Magda Mogenson: Religious differences, always a sticking point.
Vibius Albus: Fortunately, General ... ah, Baron Palemon saw reason. We do not have the resources for another conflict.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: "Small" is always the view of the side that comes out the worse
Magda Mogenson: *rubs the back of her neck briefly*
Vibius Albus: Without you, I would not be alive to see these great developments.
Junter Calren: I've heard it said that a really good compromise statisfies neither party
Andrew Greggs: Especially true if you happen to be a third party.
Magda Mogenson: Just glad to help, soldier. Couldn't leave a man down there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: grounds for future conflict perhaps?
Junior Washington: Indeed
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Still, a peace is always worthwhile, no matter how fragile
Vibius Albus: I am assigned to lead the cavalry honor guard. I must depart this very hour, so I cannot thank you properly, but I hope you will allow me the chance to buy you a round of drinks. A down-payment on my debt, as it were.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: free drinks are always welcome!
Magda Mogenson: *nods with a thoughtful frown* Reward enough to see you on your feet, soldier.
Jaseen: M'lord?
Vibius Albus: *hands over some coins* See that my friends here want for nothing.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Anyone interested in going outside to see the offical announcement?
Jaseen: Aye, m'lord.
Andrew Greggs: Might be a notion...
Magda Mogenson: Wouldn't miss it for the world, sergeant. *still frowning*
Vibius Albus: Go in the Light. I wish you all the best, and hope you find your way back to your homeland.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We can come back for round 2 later
Andrew Greggs: *Nod* watch yourself, now.
Magda Mogenson: Be careful otu there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Or is that actually round 4?
Junior Washington: *shrugs* No interest to me.
Magda Mogenson: Anyone else here as suspicious as hell or just me? *drinks the last of her drink and stands*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I haven't been keeping track
Andrew Greggs: As expected, neither of you care much for maths.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You better believe it Ma'am
Andrew Greggs: And no, ma'am. You're not.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's go for a wander
Andrew Greggs: Maybe I should get the local clothes for this...
Magda Mogenson: Smells like a pile, got flies around it too.
Andrew Greggs: ...getting nervous about being recognized.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good idea Greggs
Magda Mogenson: Dunno...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Back in a jiffy
Junior Washington: Have fun
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Junior Washington: *turns attention back to his platter*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *goes up to the room to change*
Magda Mogenson: *shakes head at Junior*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Coming Junior?
Magda Mogenson: Figure they mean the square by the castle?
Andrew Greggs: ...seems something's going on there.
Magda Mogenson: Right, no?
Junior Washington: Why? I hate long boring speeches.
Magda Mogenson: *eyes the two to her left and sidles over*

Camarian Officer : And so, with the upcoming peace treaty, our long time of suffering will be over!
Camarian Officer : The Duke has proclaimed a tax holiday, and on his return, a festival with games and a tournament!
Andrew Greggs: *Half-hearted clap*
Magda Mogenson: 'lo boys.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks over* Ah..our two bard friends
Andrew Greggs: *Mutters* Bread and circuses...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Keeps the people happy greggs, you know how it is
Magda Mogenson: Nice surprise this? *over shoulder to Hesiodos*
Andrew Greggs: Happy and ignorant.
Camarian Officer : And the Duke has promised every citizen of Camar a silver coin that will be struck to honor this occasion!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *moves a little to close the distance between him and Magda to get within earshot*
Camarian Officer : Long live the Duke!
Magda Mogenson: Where /is/ it coming from?
Andrew Greggs: *Likewise slides over, attempting a casual approach*
Magda Mogenson: *querying expression*

Junior Washington: *enjoys another ale*

Andrew Greggs: Did they.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Free silver coin huh? That will go far...not! *To Junter*
Magda Mogenson: The church wants the peace the Duke .... Emor?
Andrew Greggs: *Snorts*
Andrew Greggs: Small concessions, eh?
Magda Mogenson: Man, we really weren't paying attention to this shit.
Magda Mogenson: So the Blues get that as part of the deal, and the Baron isn't too happy?
Junter Calren: *shrug* for you perhaps, for an average person it's a little more significant
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* Hardly more than a couple of days groceries
Junter Calren: I'm suprised he was willing to do so, he never struck me as the sort of ruler to let go of anything once it was in his grasp.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *wanders over to the others*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hiya Guys
Magda Mogenson: This land he's ceding, it nearer Seaguard?
Magda Mogenson: Right. Beginning to wish I'd paid more attention to the maps. They had that plague there too?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Handing over your richest province has got to stick in the Duke's throat
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. Has the Blue Deep had the plague?
Andrew Greggs: Everyone staring at you as you walk past gets old ater a while.
Magda Mogenson: Kinda decimated bits of Camar though, right? Baron Laertes was in deep do do cos of it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: i guess I feel right at home with this gear. think we could be here for a long while
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes his head*
Magda Mogenson: *half listening to the propoganda*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* figured it had to be something like that
Andrew Greggs: I do wonder where they gathered up al the money from...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No money, no army
Andrew Greggs: I seem to recall we handed them a fair-sized chest not too long ago.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the corporal and the sergeant* The words biological warfare are floating across my mind looking for something to connect with.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* that thought had occured to me as well Ma'am
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Simplest assumption is pure opportunism.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh yeah? Where you heading for next?
Magda Mogenson: Where were you thinking of going? Cos I'm not sure it ....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I wouldn't mind seeing that myself sometime
Magda Mogenson: *develops a sour expression*
Magda Mogenson: Stymied, but I'm damn well not giving up.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shoulders sag* things aren't looking good anymore
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The means of getting us back have been stolen
Magda Mogenson: *sharp look* He's not getting better?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* the Mage was attacked and it might be a while before he's well enough to assist us
Magda Mogenson: Shit. You know what's wrong with him, or is it just his wounds?
Andrew Greggs: Hm.
Magda Mogenson: Think we need a word with the high priest.
Andrew Greggs: Or a look at his patient, maybe.
Magda Mogenson: If he's in the castle we've got no chance.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How did you hear that?
Andrew Greggs: Ah, yeah. Inconvinient...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It was just me by the way
Andrew Greggs: *Meaningful look at Kyle*
Andrew Greggs: Something tells me they'll hold it against all of us.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Hesiodos* You got any other useful friends about the place?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, can imagine.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I had an....different of opinion ....with the Guard captain
Andrew Greggs: Specifically, a disagreement on what the words 'sparring match' meant.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, the clown
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* like I give a shit. But I'll sort him some day
Magda Mogenson: *frowns*
Andrew Greggs: *Snorts*
Magda Mogenson: You got any "friends" in the Blue Deeps?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. Thought you were, was just a bit confused by you calling them the Blues. Sounded like you didn't like 'em.
Andrew Greggs: Mine didn't. But then, he was piss drunk most of the time.
Magda Mogenson: Noble huh? Which family?
Andrew Greggs: And certainly not noble...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Heh, good on you man
Magda Mogenson: *hollow laugh* Right.

Junior Washington: *motions for another platter of food to passing waitress*

Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Magda Mogenson: Be careful, man.
Junter Calren: goodbye
Majid Kemal: Fare well
Magda Mogenson: Okay, point one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: High Priest
Magda Mogenson: This wizard is on borrowed time so are we.
Andrew Greggs: ...things keep pointing in the same direction.
Andrew Greggs: *Shifts eyes to Junter*
Magda Mogenson: Even if we find the freaking stones there'd be no one to use them, and if we don't no one to make more.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So, the mission of the day is....save the Mage
Magda Mogenson: Information seeking if nothing else.
Andrew Greggs: ...which would involve nothing short of breaking into the castle.
Andrew Greggs: Fun.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But how do we do that if the High Priest can't cure him?
Andrew Greggs: Oh, I'm sure he can.
Andrew Greggs: I doubt he wants to.
Magda Mogenson: Our latest friend said we needed to look up what was going on and go meet old aquaintances, so may as well start there.
Majid Kemal: But we need to see him. I need at least to examine him.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What do you think Junter?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That High Priest of yours?
Magda Mogenson: Let's go see how honest the High Priest seems prepared to be. He never sold us short before, or so I thought.
Junter Calren: We can go and visit the high priest, if you wish
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Could he be capable of not curing someone?
Magda Mogenson: Don't really sound their style.
Andrew Greggs: Don't forget he's the one who was so eager to blame the priests of Dagos for all this.
Andrew Greggs: And after what we just heard..
Magda Mogenson: We can keep that in mind.
Junter Calren: I think you've been jaded by court politics, he's the high preist of soleus!
Andrew Greggs: They sure SOUND like the power behind the throne.
Andrew Greggs: Exactly. Nobody gets to be that high up in a church hierarchy without being rotten.
Andrew Greggs: Just look at the Catholics.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The same man who gave the Duke a chest full of coin
Junter Calren: And you are an expert in the inner workings of our church are you?
Magda Mogenson: Churches buying peace isn't exactly a new thing.
Andrew Greggs: Some things, at least, are the same all over.
Magda Mogenson: Figure we need to try and find out.
Andrew Greggs: Didn't we also entrust your church with a nice, big chest of cursed gold?
Andrew Greggs: I wonder just where that ended up.
Magda Mogenson: The Lady Tertuilla was one of theirs, so he might be onside.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure, but if your venturing into the Keep I best keep out
Junter Calren: Everything looks the same if you always see it through the same prejudices
Magda Mogenson: Reckon it's probably what the Duke got, but it weren't ours so I don't give a damn.
Andrew Greggs: Someone at the duke's court is pulling strings.
Andrew Greggs: Your holy father's the only one the evidence points to so far.
Junter Calren: what evidence exactly?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'll visit with the underworld contact and see what he know
Magda Mogenson: Not denying it, we just don't have enough information or aren't looking at what we've got from the right angle.
Andrew Greggs: Did you miss everything I've been saying for the past five minutes?
Magda Mogenson: Underworld contact?
Andrew Greggs: ...think he means the man who 'helped' us get the cursed gold.
Magda Mogenson: You never did say who that was.
Andrew Greggs: Not that we made fast friends with him.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hiya
Andrew Greggs: Some merchant named Spiro.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Just passing by
Magda Mogenson: Right.

Junior Washington: *finish off the last of his ale and stretches*
Junior Washington: *blinks and looks around*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How's business?
Andrew Greggs: Great big ball of slime.
Magda Mogenson: Seems a lot of that about.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *hand rests on monwy purse* just wondering if you heard anything lately?
Magda Mogenson: *eyes the citadel thoughtfully*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *mutters* Well, that didn't go so well

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: junior
Junior Washington: Hey Sarge, what's up?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So, you decided to leave the mug after you?
Junior Washington: Finished the bottle.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have an ongoing bar tab, I'm surprised you didn't keep drinking
Junior Washington: Oh?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That guy that came in, he left money with the waitress
Junior Washington: Ah well... there's always after dinner.
Junior Washington: So any worthwhile news?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The others have gone to the Temple to see the High Priest. I was on my way to them
Junior Washington: Hmm OK
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Want to go that way?
Junior Washington: Sure why not

Junter Calren: Greetings
Junter Calren: We wish to see the High priest, is he here?
Magda Mogenson: *scowls* We're wondering how the old wizard is.
Junter Calren: I'm afraid not
Junter Calren: do you know where the court mage is being treated?
Junter Calren: ah, I had assumed so
Magda Mogenson: You got any news on what ails him?
Junter Calren: *nods*
Andrew Greggs: No doubt...
Magda Mogenson: Right. *frowns* So it's not regular wounds?
Andrew Greggs: You haven't seen him yourself, I assume?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No joy with that other man of ours
Curate: Ah, no.
Magda Mogenson: How long d'you think the High Priest'll be?
Andrew Greggs: Who else has, then?
Curate: Why, I don't know what you mean.
Magda Mogenson: *sighs and nods at Simmons*
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Just worried for the old man. Is the High Priest the only one seeing to him?
Curate: I cannot say, my dear. From what I understand, the Duke's procession left a few hours before sunset. I am sure he is detained by important business.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *raises eyebrow*
Curate: *at Greggs* The High Priest is the most powerful cleric of Soleus in Camar. He is doing everything in his power for the wizard, I am sure.
Andrew Greggs: Of course, of course...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Coup d'tat
Curate: *seems a bit miffed at the course of the questions* If you'll excuse me, I have important matters to attend to.

Magda Mogenson: May as well wait here and talk.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Take the Duke out of the picture and who will take over?
Andrew Greggs: Not here.
Magda Mogenson: *slight glare at Greggs*
Magda Mogenson: Wait here.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *wanders over to the statue*

Magda Mogenson: 'scuse me, father.
Magda Mogenson: Would you at least tell the High Priest we're looking to talk to him? Dunno if he'll come find us in the inn, but we're staying there.
Curate: As I said, you are welcome to wait in the chapel upstairs.
Magda Mogenson: We'll take you up on it.
Magda Mogenson: I'm gonna wait in the chapel for him, unless you;ve got anything better to do then join me. *pointed tone*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You know s'thing? This godamn country is beginning to drive me crazy
Junior Washington: They serve refreshments?
Andrew Greggs: This country, and plenty more besides...
Magda Mogenson: *withering look at Junior*
Magda Mogenson: Coming or what?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* what the hell
Andrew Greggs: ...stairs are over here, though.
Junior Washington: Guess it beats standing round here.
Magda Mogenson: Take us to it, father.
Junter Calren: the stairs are here..
Magda Mogenson: What? Oh.. right.
Andrew Greggs: *Cough*

General Bones: The evening services are already over, and the chapel is quiet save for a lone acolyte praying.

Junior Washington: no padding?
Magda Mogenson: Plenty on your tush, Washington.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This is worse than waiting in an emerency room
Junior Washington: *sighs and takes a seat*
Magda Mogenson: *leans on a pew frowning*
Junior Washington: Where's my psp when I need it?
Junter Calren: *seems quite happy in the peaceful environment*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Lies down lengthways on the bench*
Magda Mogenson: Didn't pick up on it before, thought he was knocked out or something, but that father down there mentioned a 'curse'?
Andrew Greggs: *Leans against pillar* His...scrying orb thing, or whatever was booby-trapped somehow.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I didn't hear
Andrew Greggs: Hell if I know what sort of magic was involved.
Junter Calren: I doubt the curate has examined him for himself
Magda Mogenson: Weren't paying enough attention, but it does look like it's some weird shit again.
Andrew Greggs: Clearly, we should offer the good high priest our assistance.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Weird shit in a country of weird shit!
Magda Mogenson: Definitely, but I'm wondering about this plague now.
Majid Kemal: Nature's wonders may succeed where divine magic may fell.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How did it start? How did it spread? And no CDC to help out....we won't get very far
Andrew Greggs: How'd they describe the symptoms, again?
Magda Mogenson: *rubs forehead* Been too focused on getting what we needed to get back as fast as we could, should've been paying more attention to current affairs.
Junter Calren: I doubt you have more skill or art than the high priest of Soleus, Majid.
Magda Mogenson: All I know is it's a plague, even thought it was just down Seaguard way.
Magda Mogenson: Figured they'd got a virus going around and that was that.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Na...it affected the whole place, just worse in some places than in others
Majid Kemal: * w * Perhaps something is going on. Do you really buy what we have been told? Perhaps there is some foul playing taking place before our very eyes.
Majid Kemal: * foul play
Magda Mogenson: *nods over at Majid* Like I said, wasn't paying attention, but now I'm wondering if its their version of bio weapons tech.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* yeah, but what exactly? And by whom exactly?
Junter Calren: what is a beeo wepons tak?
Andrew Greggs: Diseases used for war.
Magda Mogenson: .... yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Like hurling dead cows over city walls.
Andrew Greggs: Only worse.
Majid Kemal: See oour the Duke was eager to have a few rebels taken care of and now he would befriend the enemy just like that?
Junter Calren: *looks disgusted*
Majid Kemal: * how
Magda Mogenson: *looks around suddenly frowning*
Andrew Greggs: And surrender half a duchy.
Andrew Greggs: I'm thinking there was more to this agreement than some donations from the church.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And if the Duke was on his way to meet a Blue Kingdom delagation and fails to return, what going to happen next?
Magda Mogenson: *makes a few appropriate soldier hand signals that I can't describe cos I've only seen movies*
Magda Mogenson: *then makes a zipper motion across her mouth*
Majid Kemal: Well there is the troy horse but it would the Duke offering not the way around.
Magda Mogenson: *tilts her head listening then frowns again*
Junter Calren: *looks confused*
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Junter* Father, can you feel anything .... odd here?
Majid Kemal: There must be a reliable source with some intel, no?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *folds his hands onto his chest as he lies on the bench* I think I'll have a nap for a bit. All this political talk is giving me a pain in the head
Majid Kemal: As a matter of fact I do feel strange but can't really put it into words.
Majid Kemal: How aboout you father?
Junter Calren: *frowns* Odd?
Majid Kemal: * about
Magda Mogenson: *sort of fades*
Andrew Greggs: ...nothing you can narrow down, I suppose?
Junter Calren: I only feel the same peace as is usual in this place...
Majid Kemal: In simple words, I would say this is part of a strange dream and when I wake up all we be as it was yesterday.
Andrew Greggs: ...what?
Majid Kemal: But we are not dreaming that's the problem.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm trying to here...keep it down
Junior Washington: *yawns*
Magda Mogenson: *glances over at the Acolyte then tries the door*
Majid Kemal: Can we go to the Palace?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You lot can
Andrew Greggs: I wouldn't chance it without an invitation.
Magda Mogenson: *fiddles with the lock quietly then nudges it open a little*
Junter Calren: *startled*
Andrew Greggs: *Very deliberately does not glance Magda's way*
Junter Calren: *stalks over*
Magda Mogenson: *checks to see if the acolyte is looking and slides in if not*
Junter Calren: *low* what in the world are you doing woman?
Andrew Greggs: *Mutters* Why do we keep that priest around, again...?
Majid Kemal: * w * Want me to send a rat or a bird in the castle?
Magda Mogenson: *puts a finger to her lips*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *opens one eye* What?
Majid Kemal: Yes Sarge gather some intel.
Junter Calren: You can't just go ransacking the high priests office!
Magda Mogenson: There's something just feels off at this end and it's stronger in here.
Andrew Greggs: *Cough* You can do that?
Majid Kemal: Sure.
Andrew Greggs: *Lower* Maybe if you can check on the mage...
Magda Mogenson: *searches carefully around the desk, trying to minimize disturbance*
Majid Kemal: But don't expect a detailled report in three copies.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* don't get caught. look at what happened to me and I was in the right
Andrew Greggs: Right.
Junter Calren: Is that usually considered enough of a reason to go breaking into your superiors offices where you come from?!
Magda Mogenson: Called reasonable grounds for suspicion, father.
Magda Mogenson: *glances around quietly breaking and entering*
Majid Kemal: Er Nature can spare a rat or a pigeon would the worse occur.
Junter Calren: Damn and blast, you're all mad. Just don't break or steal anything and get out before you get me excommunicated.
Junior Washington: So, um, what are we waiting here for again?
Andrew Greggs: Nature's a sport like that.
Junter Calren: And STOP calling me father!
Magda Mogenson: *finds just a wand with the usual friendly energy in the drawer so shuts and locks it*
Andrew Greggs: For the high priest, you sack of meat....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: An audience with the High Priest Junior
Majid Kemal: It's not like we got any high tech gear to use here.
Magda Mogenson: *checks the drawers and spots something*
Magda Mogenson: Hush....
Junior Washington: He want to hire us for something?
Majid Kemal: The bugs here are not the one we would use in a mission * smile *
Magda Mogenson: There's something hidden under the chair.
Magda Mogenson: *shoves the chair to one side, carefully*
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs forehead* If you want to go back to your ale and wenches, I personally wouldn't mind.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Chill Junior and cool your heels
Junter Calren: *frowns*
Magda Mogenson: Chairs been moved a lot.
Andrew Greggs: *w* They're being thorough in there....
Magda Mogenson: Some kind of metal plate on the floor.
Magda Mogenson: You recognise the sign on it, fa... padre?
Magda Mogenson: Don't touch it!
Junter Calren: No. It's not of the church.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You too Greggs, sit down and take a load off. Your wearing out the floor
Magda Mogenson: Some kind of wired device on it.
Junter Calren: It is rather.. ominous..
Andrew Greggs: That'd be impressive, with all the traffic it must see.
Magda Mogenson: No kidding, padre.
Junter Calren: perhaps you should not attempt to open it, it might be protecting something dangerous.
Magda Mogenson: *breaks the wire carefully* Damn, wanted to be able to put that back.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good man yourself. Now just try an relax and wait for something to happen
Magda Mogenson: Yeah? Well kinda been there already, padre.
Andrew Greggs: The worst kind of orders, those...
Magda Mogenson: Someone's jerking us around, and I'm pissed off enough to risk it.
Andrew Greggs: Hurry up and wait.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yep, most definitely
Magda Mogenson: Shit.
Magda Mogenson: Padre, get one of the others.
Junter Calren: what's the matter?
Junior Washington: Hum, de dum, de dum.
Majid Kemal: I could also see if the Duke's journey is not interrupted.
Andrew Greggs: I suppose that's a thought...
Junter Calren: *cranes to look at what she's doing*
Magda Mogenson: Some things I recognise and worried about.
Junter Calren: show me.
Majid Kemal: But we gonna stay focus, Duke, Mage, High Priest, your friend the Captain or whatever.
Andrew Greggs: *Eyes the acolyte*
Magda Mogenson: Look in here. *hunts around for writing materials*
Andrew Greggs: ...how about seeing if she reports to anyone?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Greggs, you still wound up. Why don't you go and see what the LT is at?
Majid Kemal: She's drinkin all the good wine.
Andrew Greggs: Was planning to...
Andrew Greggs: *Slides in*
Magda Mogenson: Who's Lord Ur, and where's Drassilia?
Andrew Greggs: ...Ur?
Andrew Greggs: Malak Ur?
Magda Mogenson: *begins scrawling stuff down on something*
Andrew Greggs: That was.. one of orcs we killed, I think.
Junter Calren: *reads with growing disbelief*
Magda Mogenson: Oh yeah.... remember now.
Andrew Greggs: Why?
Magda Mogenson: Stuff in this secreted place.
Magda Mogenson: That book, the bad one.
Magda Mogenson: We give it the priest or the wizard?
Andrew Greggs: The priest...
Magda Mogenson: *nods down at the opening under the plate*
Junter Calren: the book.. the book could be here for safe keeping.. but the letters....
Andrew Greggs: What do they say?
Andrew Greggs: Is this...
Magda Mogenson: Recognise any of those. (Because unfortunately I didn't make notes of the contents of the letters we had)
Andrew Greggs: *Reads the ragged letter*
Andrew Greggs: Kalibos? Shit.
Andrew Greggs: That was what the orcs called their overlords.
Magda Mogenson: That's not the same letter is it?
Magda Mogenson: In which case, he has a letter from a bad guy.
Magda Mogenson: Someone goes in here often. Don't want to take it and have it m....

His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Ah, greetings, my son.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *hears voices* oh shit
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Waiting for me, are you?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *rises off the bench*
Majid Kemal: Er yes.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Indeed.
Majid Kemal: His Highness is here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Your Holiness
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Sergeant.
Junior Washington: *watches with interest*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: I sense that your people have been... busy. Quite busy, yes.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We were wondering on the condition of the Mage
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Do you know what trigger wards are, sergeant?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is he improving at all?
Andrew Greggs: I don't think so...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: trigger wands? Not really
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Oh, I fear that Maldrigar's condition is serious, very serious indeed.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: In what way?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: They let someone know when another party is interfering in something they should not.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Come, let us discuss it with your companions, in my office.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I see and
Majid Kemal: They?

Andrew Greggs: ...shit.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Well now.
Magda Mogenson: Shi.....
Andrew Greggs: Isn't this just awkward?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Brother Calren, I thought I asked you to keep an eye on our friends here.
Magda Mogenson: Kinda ....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs shoulders to the others behind the High Priest*
Junter Calren: And so I did.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: I managed all of the other pieces on the board, but you five, you have been a thorn.
Andrew Greggs: Away with the pretense, huh?
Junter Calren: What have you done?!
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: I perhaps should have dealt with you the same way I dealt with your other two friends.
Majid Kemal: I don't like the sound of this.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *realisation dawns* Ah
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Fortunately, I did prepare for this eventuality.
Andrew Greggs: *Grits teeth* Nantai...
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: *takes out a small icon*
Magda Mogenson: *fades*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Yes, that was his name. And the other fellow... Holbrook.
Andrew Greggs: *Draws desert eagle, takes a shot at the priest's hands*
Andrew Greggs: *Or tries to!*
Junior Washington: *takes a step back*
Magda Mogenson: Augh.....
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: No, I don't think so.
Junter Calren: *then gets knocked on his ass*
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Unfortunate. But such is the matter of things.
Andrew Greggs: Ngh...
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: I cannot afford to let you interfere with all of my hard work.
Andrew Greggs: You have entirely the wrong impression here...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Bastard! *through gritted teeth*
Majid Kemal: You should have let us depart old fool.
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: Thus, I must bid you farewell. know this, however... I will deal with this world....
Andrew Greggs: You think we care about what you do with this place?
His Holiness Aladon Jariff: *incants*
Magda Mogenson: *leaps*
Andrew Greggs: All we wanted was -
Majid Kemal: That's all you've got?

General Bones: Everything suddenly twists and turns...

Andrew Greggs: Ngh...
Majid Kemal: Oh
Junior Washington: great
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn it! What did that bastard do?
Magda Mogenson: Where the fuck are we?
Majid Kemal: We got "phased out"?
Andrew Greggs: *Catches breath, taking in his surroundings*
Junter Calren: *looks around wildly*
Junior Washington: Well it ain't Kansas.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Where's the LT?
Andrew Greggs: We're all here..
Magda Mogenson: *unfades*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks relieved*
Andrew Greggs: ...that's something, at least.
Junter Calren: I can't believe it.. the high priest..
Andrew Greggs: But where's 'here'?
Majid Kemal: Welcome to the real world Neo.

Magda Mogenson: Crap... what;s that?
Andrew Greggs: Movement!
Andrew Greggs: Another.
Andrew Greggs: ...lots.
Magda Mogenson: More of the little bastards.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Shit...not really dressed for this
Andrew Greggs: Damn it!
Majid Kemal: WE MUST GO
Magda Mogenson: Where'd you put your jacket?
Junior Washington: Where?
Magda Mogenson: And yeah, Kemal, but where?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its back in the Inn
Majid Kemal: OR wait here and die?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But where to?
Majid Kemal: At least let's take cover.
Magda Mogenson: *pokes around the portal thingy hopefully* So much for plain clohes being an advantage.
Andrew Greggs: We can't grow roots here, but wandering blindly won't help much eacher. Move carefully.
Magda Mogenson: I am so pissed with this shit.
Andrew Greggs: Only one way ahead...
Magda Mogenson: Nothing in that spot like a door or anything. Padre, you know anything about this crap?
Junior Washington: Priest you know where we are?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There only appears to be one way ahead
Junter Calren: I... I think we are in the Abyss....
Junter Calren: Those were demons..
Junior Washington: Ya mean like hell?
Andrew Greggs: Ssh..
Junter Calren: Yes.
Junior Washington: and how do we get out of here?

Andrew Greggs: Nasty son of a...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What was that thing?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ugly mother
Andrew Greggs: *Picks barbs out of his flesh, wincing*
Magda Mogenson: Freaking spines.
Magda Mogenson: Bastard thing saw me.
Junter Calren: stay together
Magda Mogenson: Priest could too.
Andrew Greggs: Must have been using more than their eyes...
Junior Washington: Or smelled you maybe? Who knows what demons can do?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its kinda straight forward, we just head that-a-way
Magda Mogenson: No other way I can see.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's nowhere else to go
Magda Mogenson: Some kinda cave.
Junior Washington: I guess you don't know any prayers to get us out of here priest?

General Bones: Realizing that you are no longer in Camar... or Kansas... you head forward into this dark and dismal land, motivated by your desire to avenge yourselves upon the evil high priest...

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:48 am

General Bones: "Having experienced a betrayal by a once-trusted ally, the heroes find themselves strangers in a very strange land indeed..."

Andrew Greggs: ...well.
Andrew Greggs: I don't suppose anyone packed any food?
Magda Mogenson: *stares a the entrance to the cave*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I have a few chewy bars
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Want one?
Magda Mogenson: *shakes head*
Andrew Greggs: Not right now.
Andrew Greggs: ...I wonder if those things we killed are edible.
Magda Mogenson: Try it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like there's nowhere else to go except that cave
Junter Calren: I think I'd rather starve
Andrew Greggs: Let's get our bearings first, yeah?
Magda Mogenson: These funny stones and things still seem to work here. *eyeing barkskin*
Andrew Greggs: Leaves more for the rest of us, holy man.
Andrew Greggs: That's one good thing, I guess?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *waves the others on*
Andrew Greggs: Treacherous terrain, to put it lightly..
Andrew Greggs: Way down over here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Actually, it wasn't much of a cave at all. Looks like it was just a passageway

Junior Washington: *mutters*
Andrew Greggs: *Ducks behind rock*
Andrew Greggs: Spine thing.
Magda Mogenson: Shit...
Andrew Greggs: ...and one of those shambling maggot-things down there.
Andrew Greggs: Right side.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like this place is full of them
Magda Mogenson: Place looks too treacherous to climb down otherwise.
Andrew Greggs: Those things definitely look.. sharp.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Handy little ledge right here, not much of a drop either
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If we wanted to continue to our left at this height
Magda Mogenson: Problem is we go down there it can throw the spikes ....
Majid Kemal: If you have spare herbs better give some to the priest or myself.
Andrew Greggs: What's our heading, ma'am?

Greater Mane: *scratches stupidly at the rocks*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Your just annoying them junior
Andrew Greggs: ...well, at least they're not too bright.
Greater Mane : *making an awful lot of noise*
Andrew Greggs: But something's going to hear that..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: but that racket is going to draw friends of theirs
Majid Kemal: Let's not attract ... er... too late.
Magda Mogenson: Too late.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: SHIT!!!!
Andrew Greggs: ...hell.

Andrew Greggs: *Coughs* Nasty fucker...
Magda Mogenson: ... this won't stop bleeding.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Phew...but the bastard got some licks in
Andrew Greggs: Ngh. Someone said they'd be better able to make use of these?
Junior Washington: I'm a pretty good medic, but others may be better.
Magda Mogenson: Hold them, Greggs, I've a stock.
Magda Mogenson: I'll shout if I run out.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Anyone else?
Majid Kemal: yes I sure am.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: We still have minster deathspine back there, right?
Andrew Greggs: Right...
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, right where he can hit us before we can hit him.
Magda Mogenson: What I'd give for a grenade.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I have some actually *To LT* Been saving them
Magda Mogenson: Maybe the time to use them.
Majid Kemal: I may have a couple left.
Junior Washington: got a couple still as well.
Magda Mogenson: Might slow 'em down, not going to do much damage though.
Majid Kemal: What?

Andrew Greggs: Gah. Did it spot you?
Magda Mogenson: It see you?
Junior Washington: Sarge, ya really outta let others scout ahead of you.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Saw me
Magda Mogenson: Don't seem to be any way other than that way *points south*
Magda Mogenson: *holds up a hand*
Andrew Greggs: There's something up those cliffs..
Andrew Greggs: Shit!
Magda Mogenson: One of those psiky bastards for a start.
Andrew Greggs: Incoming.

Junior Washington: None of my weapons affect them
Andrew Greggs: *Catches breath*
Andrew Greggs: ...worst of the lot so far.
Magda Mogenson: We need shelter.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* my bow and my sword did nothing to them.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Man...when I can hit them I can really do some damage. But its trying to actually land a proper blow is the thing
Magda Mogenson: Bow didn't do much, but this sword is sharp.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It sucks having no body armour too
Andrew Greggs: All I could do was dodge and block...
Majid Kemal: I was aiming at weak points but most arrows simply bounced of these creatures.
Magda Mogenson: Greggs, you still have the mace thing that hurt the other bastard?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're burning through our meds quickly too
Andrew Greggs: I was just thinking the same...
Andrew Greggs: Think these things might be its kissing cousins?
Junior Washington: Yeah already used all that you folks gave up.
Andrew Greggs: *Weighs mace in his hand*
Magda Mogenson: No freaking idea, but worth a try. Otherwise, this sword is sharp.
Majid Kemal: Padre and I are the best with the meds let use have some if you can spare any.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I don't know WHAT we're looking for, but we sure as hell won't find it standing here
Magda Mogenson: I'm pretty good, and they don't see me.
Junior Washington: Suggest we avoid any demons we can.
Andrew Greggs: We've decided they're demons, have we?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not much room to manovure here
Junior Washington: devils, whatever
Magda Mogenson: That looked like Kentucky Fried nightmare to me.
Andrew Greggs: Well. This place /looks/ like something out of a cheesy metal album cover, true...
Majid Kemal: And this is Helm Street.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It anit finger licking good neither!
Andrew Greggs: No way to say unless we try some.
Andrew Greggs: You first.

Magda Mogenson: Another cave here
Andrew Greggs: Might be some thing's lair..
Majid Kemal: Halloween plane on Friday the 13th
Andrew Greggs: Halloween never falls on a 13th.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Another cave. Could just be another passageway like the last one
Magda Mogenson: Might do around here.
Majid Kemal: I'm sure they can make it special for you here.
Magda Mogenson: Maybe, shall I look?
Andrew Greggs: ...think that last spiner ran this way.
Andrew Greggs: Might be its hidey-hole.
Junior Washington: great
Magda Mogenson: ... right.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Only one way to find out
Magda Mogenson: I'll look, hold fire here.
Andrew Greggs: She said - ugh.
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Andrew Greggs: How did someone who can't follow orders ever made Sergeant?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *waves the others on*
Andrew Greggs: *make
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yep, just like the last time
Majid Kemal: Junior I got one kit left. I'll save it for you.
Andrew Greggs: Are those...
Andrew Greggs: Yup.
Junior Washington: I've still got a handful.
Magda Mogenson: You say you've no kits left Kemal?
Andrew Greggs: Ambulatory shrooms.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Big mushrooms...yeah
Majid Kemal: One left.
Andrew Greggs: I suggest we go round their territory as much as we can.
Majid Kemal: Ah now I can help if my arrows fail.
Magda Mogenson: Don't suppose you can get one of your friends here?
Magda Mogenson: Got a little sword if you feel up to gettin' in close.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: goodly number of them visible
Majid Kemal: Er I could try but why?
Magda Mogenson: To stab the bastards at least.
Andrew Greggs: If we /have/ to fight them, stay on the cliffs.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: notice how we keep going down in height?
Andrew Greggs: Don't want to get close to those mushrooms.
Majid Kemal: If I can not harm them I don't think an animal will.
Andrew Greggs: ..eh? Uh, yeah. I guess.
Magda Mogenson: If you don't want to then fine. Just do what you've been doing.
Magda Mogenson: ... walking mushrooms?
Andrew Greggs: Yup.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What's the green stuff over there? Gas?
Andrew Greggs: Whatever it is, I doubt it's healthy.
Magda Mogenson: Something to stay out of?
Majid Kemal: FOOD
Andrew Greggs: Adventurous, aren't yo?
Magda Mogenson: I'm not eating vegetables tha walk.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: you can try them. I think I'll pass

Magda Mogenson: Behidn!
Majid Kemal: * collect some powder *
Andrew Greggs: ...stealth shrooms.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *coughs* Smell off of that last one
Majid Kemal: Take the powder it can be used as a weapon I guess.
Andrew Greggs: how do you know?
Majid Kemal: Tear gas or something.
Junior Washington: more down slope
Magda Mogenson: You're the one with green fingers around here.
Junior Washington: and a little flying dude up ahead.
Andrew Greggs: You could warn us before you engage, Sarge..
Junior Washington: that'd take all the fun out of it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey...it was only 50ft away. You think it wasn't going to attack us?
Magda Mogenson: *looks over her shoulder suspiciously*
Andrew Greggs: That's not what I said.
Majid Kemal: You're good to go Andrew.
Andrew Greggs: We tend to be more effective if we attack /at the same time/.
Andrew Greggs: Instead of wasting five seconds every time wondering what the hell you're doing.
Magda Mogenson: That's a really big mushroom down there.
Andrew Greggs: Thanks, Kemal.
Majid Kemal: No problem.
Andrew Greggs: ...ngh.
Magda Mogenson: *gnnn*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: remember what i use to say on the range back in camp? "Take aim and make sure you get your first shot in"? Well, here, never mind the aim part, just get your blow in first!
Andrew Greggs: Ma'am?
Feznik: Hello!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks up* What?

Junior Washington: *waves*
Magda Mogenson: Something under the floor or from that thing.
Feznik: I say, hello!
Majid Kemal: Who said that? * look around *
Feznik: Up here!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: it talks!
Andrew Greggs: We can contine up the cliff.
Feznik: Well, of course I talk!
Majid Kemal: Hey what are you?
Andrew Greggs: ...actually, that's what the others are doing already.
Andrew Greggs: Figures.
Magda Mogenson: Maybe best.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Who are you?
Feznik: I am Feznik, at your service.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: ?
Junior Washington: *stands guard*
Feznik: Oh, um, do look out there.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Eh...can you tell us where we are?
Majid Kemal: er really that would be a welcome change.
Andrew Greggs: Ack
Magda Mogenson: Thing!
Andrew Greggs: ...what is that thing, and why did it help us?
Majid Kemal: Thanks
Feznik: Sorry. The shrooms are quite...excitable.
Magda Mogenson: Good question.
Feznik: So, which faction are you with?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sorry about that...eh...Feznik
Andrew Greggs: ...what?
Magda Mogenson: Faction?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Faction?
Junior Washington: Like most everything we've run into down here.
Feznik: What... faction... are... you... with?
Magda Mogenson: The trying to stay freaking alive faction.
Feznik: You know, what Power are you aligned to?
Andrew Greggs: US Army. Not from around. What are the local ones?
Magda Mogenson: Let's just say we're from out of town, and you can explain the faction thing.
Majid Kemal: We are neither blue nor red we are kind of freelancers.
Feznik: I thought you were with Lord Hezarin, with the axe. Plus he uses a lot of humanoids.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Never heard of him
Feznik: Oh. Well. I'll ask Chitzak about that.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Where exactly are we anyways?
Feznik: Why, you're in the Abyss! We don't get many unaligneds here.
Andrew Greggs: Can't imagine why.
Magda Mogenson: Right. Abyss.
Feznik: At least, not many that stay around long. There was this paladin once, ooh, boy, he was fun.
Andrew Greggs: Perfect tourist destination.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: oh the Abyss? Ghee, that's just great
Magda Mogenson: A paladin. Like, a knight?
Majid Kemal: Is that the same Abyss as ours?
Feznik: The last thing I saw of him was this glabrezu carrying him off. Man, he could scream loud.
Andrew Greggs: We have an Abyss?
Magda Mogenson: We don't /have/ an ....
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We do now!
Feznik: Hold on, all this yelling is going to bring more shrooms. You're not the sort of unaligned that fly into random, violent rages, are you?
Magda Mogenson: Actually, I think it's possible we just never went there.
Majid Kemal: Isn't that 666 thing?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Excuse Feznik...how do we get out of here?
Andrew Greggs: Just that one. *Thumbs at the Sarge*
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the Sergeant*
Feznik: Okay, hold on, I'll come down.
Majid Kemal: Like in the song... number of the beast...
Magda Mogenson: I get it, Kemal, just still getting used to thinking it's real.
Majid Kemal: Iron Maiden man don't you know your classics?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I told you, get your first blow in, works everytime
Majid Kemal: Hello again.
Feznik: You sure you didn't get that axe from Lord Hezarin?
Magda Mogenson: Positive.
Magda Mogenson: Found it on an orc.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* its been so long...I can't remember where I picked it up
Feznik: An orc? Marvelous.
Majid Kemal: Do you know a way out of here?
Magda Mogenson: Or something *waves hand irritably* anyway, what about these factions.
Feznik: Out? You mean, out of this valley?
Magda Mogenson: Out of the Abyss.
Feznik: Ooh, that's a bit more ... complicated.
Majid Kemal: No I mean kind of up to Earth.
Feznik: Ordinary I'd say, go talk to your Power, but since you're unaligned... *shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: We got sent here by some bastard after an other bastard dragged us to where we were, and it's getting a bit old, you know?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, I didn't think to find a US embassy down here...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You said it LT
Feznik: Oh, I understand. Things get boring after a while. That's why I like to watch unaligneds. When they come.
Andrew Greggs: Watch them stumble over themselves and die horribly, you mean?
Feznik: You've lasted longer than most.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Have any of them made it outta here?
Majid Kemal: Well can you help us?
Feznik: Sure! It's great fun.
Andrew Greggs: Beats reality TV, I guess.
Magda Mogenson: Is there anywhere "unaligneds" meet up?
Feznik: You mean, other than a demon's belly?
Magda Mogenson: ... preferably.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That would be correct
Majid Kemal: We could pay you.
Feznik: I think Lord Zurgon has one, in his prisons. Haven't seen any others in a while.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks over* with what?
Majid Kemal: * show a purse * There
Feznik: Of course, Novoz could be lying. He does like to talk up his Power.
Magda Mogenson: So what you're saying is, get aligned or...?
Feznik: *laughs* at Majid.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You think gold has any use here?
Feznik: Ah, there aren't exactly any merchants on the promenade. *still chuckling*
Majid Kemal: I've got a hundred gold coins here give or take.
Feznik: Say, do you have any extra souls? Or maybe some magic?
Majid Kemal: extra soul?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah... was thinking that might be the currency if we're talking hells.
Andrew Greggs: No souls that are not presently in use, I think...
Feznik: Chitzak had this really great soul once. He let me hold it for a little while.
Majid Kemal: magic like what?
Feznik: Magic, though... like that axe, that's pretty valuable.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What about the stuff that comes out of the walking mushrooms? Is that any good for anything?
Magda Mogenson: *blinks looking at the imp*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This axe is all we have to protect ourselves
Feznik: Ah, the shroom powder. Shroom-stuff is an interesting mix. Some of it is very helpful and potent, others ... not so much.
Feznik: Not sure how it would affect you, to be honest. Most demons don't bother.
Feznik: Why not give some to your least-valuable companion, and see what happens?
Magda Mogenson: Think we're all pretty valuable.
Magda Mogenson: *looks sideways at Junior briefly*
Feznik: Aw, come on, there's front-ranks valuable, and cowering-from-behind valuable. You know what I mean, right, right?
Andrew Greggs: I'm touched, LT
Magda Mogenson: We don't leave a man behind.
Junior Washington: *listens*
Andrew Greggs: *Coughs*I assume you know where the closest equivalent to civilization is around here?
Feznik: Well. What an odd philosophy.
Feznik: Oh, I know _all_ about the factions. Old fountain-of-knowledge Feznik, they call me.
Feznik: I have friends in every camp, I do.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So your sort of non-aligned yourself?
Feznik: Why, if someone were to give me a nice tasty bribe of valuable magic, I am sure I could fill their heads with knowledge.
Magda Mogenson: You're saying you want paying to *coughs* take us to your leader?
Feznik: Let's just say that every faction benefits from having a go-between, sometimes.
Feznik: I mean, Lord Hezarin and Lord Zurgon have been at war for... gosh, I guess I can't remember them ever NOT being at war.
Feznik: But still, sometimes you need a channel for talking and such.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What about this? *show Feznik the Singar radio* This is magic. You can talk to people a long way aways?
Andrew Greggs: *Snort*
Majid Kemal: I can do that.
Feznik: *sniffs at it, eyes narrow* You sure? I don't smell any magic on it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure it does
Feznik: Sure has a lot of moving parts. *suspicious* THis is a machine, isn't it?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Turn that switch here and your good to go
Feznik: *warily turns it, nothing happens*
Feznik: Sheesh, don't try to con a con man, fellow. I wasn't born last millenium.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, you have to use the handpiece...like this
Majid Kemal: Did you check the batteries?
Andrew Greggs: Or you would be if the /first/ dimensional shift didn't fry it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: They're still good
Feznik: If you don't want to deal, just say so.
Magda Mogenson: Maybe this place just doesn't do electronice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We've nothing much else to trade
Andrew Greggs: It hasn't worked since we got to Camar.
Feznik: Well, I can still watch. That should be fun.
Majid Kemal: We want to but the deal must incluse us getting out of here ALIVE.
Feznik: Good luck!
Majid Kemal: All of us.
Magda Mogenson: *sighs a little* Hold on.
Majid Kemal: Eh
Magda Mogenson: Fuck..
Magda Mogenson: I've got a stone thing with some of that magic in it, damn.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, that didn't go so well. Still, at least we know where we are
Andrew Greggs: For all the good that does us.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, up shit creek without a paddle.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its a start
Junior Washington: nother cave up on the left.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Now we just have to find someone or something to get us outta here
Magda Mogenson: Let's look. *doesn't sound optimistic*
Magda Mogenson: No mushrooms at least.

Junior Washington: ..and he's off.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Way down here
Junior Washington: more of the same boring landscape.
Majid Kemal: Sometimes boring is good.
Magda Mogenson: But no mushrooms, so it's a plus.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No sign of any creatures from here
Majid Kemal: You don't want quicksand or boiling pit do you?
Junior Washington: See a portal in the distance
Andrew Greggs: 'Portal'?
Magda Mogenson: Funny light.
Andrew Greggs: ...hell.
Majid Kemal: What?
Junior Washington: *points*

Majid Kemal: INCOMING
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *peers* can't see shit
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Majid Kemal: Big thing uphill
Andrew Greggs: Saw it, too..
Andrew Greggs: Crawling around.
Andrew Greggs: Expect an ambush...
Magda Mogenson: Huge thing with four arms by the light.
Junior Washington: uh oh
Magda Mogenson: What did I freaing say?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Holy crap!
Junior Washington: yeah some massive dude
Andrew Greggs: ...great.
Junior Washington: maybe you could talk with him?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Man...its got four arms!
Magda Mogenson: Did I say, "Hey guys! Huge thing over here, lets go talk?"
Majid Kemal: Where?
Magda Mogenson: *points east at the glabrezu*
Andrew Greggs: Also,
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is it standing guard? Sure looks like it!
Majid Kemal: I see the lights.
Magda Mogenson: Let's go /that/ way. *points south.
Andrew Greggs: We're being followed by something.
Junior Washington: somehow I doubt my weapons will do anything to that thing either.
Andrew Greggs: Kemal...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks around* Where?
Majid Kemal: Ah I see.
Magda Mogenson: Followed?
Majid Kemal: Now what?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guys..talk to me. Where this thing thats following us?
Andrew Greggs: Big black thing crawling around. Kemal saw it, too.
Andrew Greggs: Dunno where it scampered off to, but I'd assume it's not far.
Majid Kemal: I don't suppose he would accept credit card.
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: Just takes us round..
Magda Mogenson: Planning to.
Magda Mogenson: Orr....
Majid Kemal: How about a diversion?
Magda Mogenson: Shit.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That thing with the shimmering light must be important somehow
Magda Mogenson: That light looks odd.
Junior Washington: all roads lead to rome.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That big dude looks like he's guarding it
Magda Mogenson: So you think it's some kind of weird ... and I can't believe I'm saying it .. magic?
Junior Washington: Think we can rush him and get in the portal before he maims us all?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Couple of us go around and draw him off?
Andrew Greggs: Do we want to get into the portal?
Magda Mogenson: Maybe it takes us back?
Andrew Greggs: Could lead to the Planet of Endless Lava for all we know.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* it must go somewhere
Junior Washington: Can't get much worse than where we are now.
Magda Mogenson: We're fucked if we stay here.
Majid Kemal: Assuming this thing IS a portal that works.
Andrew Greggs: You lack imagination, Junior.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It must be important. Why else would it be guarded?
Andrew Greggs: Who says we can even use it?
Junior Washington: I like to think I'm optomistic.
Majid Kemal: May be it's just a magic fountain.
Andrew Greggs: Do you need a key? Does it disintegrate humans on entry? Is it even a portal? We have no fucking clue.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think me and Greggs should go around and get the big lad to follow us away while the rest of you go to the Portal
Magda Mogenson: You're proposing back through the mushrooms?
Junior Washington: Works for me.
Magda Mogenson: No separating.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If we stay ahead of it we could circle round and use it ourselves after you
Magda Mogenson: Besides, maybe I can hide.
Andrew Greggs: Not many places to circle back.
Andrew Greggs: Besides, if it's GUARDING this thing, it won't be stupid enough to just run off.
Magda Mogenson: Kind of gotta run all the way around. IF it's stupid enough to follow and IF whatever was following doesn't chip in.
Andrew Greggs: And then there's all the ifs about the 'portal'.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The thing has four arms...I mean...FOUR arms!
Andrew Greggs: Fuckton of ifs.
Magda Mogenson: Should've given that shit of a flying dude this stone thing.
Majid Kemal: That's playing russian roulette don't you think.
Magda Mogenson: There's always the other direction round the mushrooms.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let me try on my own then
Andrew Greggs: You really are eager to get yourself killed, huhn?
Andrew Greggs: ...god damn it.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: Sarge being Sarge

Glabrezu : Death to the enemies of Lord Hezarin!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *waves the axe and makes faces at the big lad*
Magda Mogenson: Crap...
Glabrezu : Pathetic worm.
Majid Kemal: You the story of Charydbe and Scylla?
Glabrezu : *picks the sergeant up in a claw, and crushes his torso*
Magda Mogenson: Fuck...
Junior Washington: Hmm
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Glabrezu : *rifles his pockets with his tiny claws*

Magda Mogenson: Other way...
Andrew Greggs: *w* Junior went on through. It's still clear if we acn...
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant is down. God damn ...
Majid Kemal: Junior jumped in the light?
Glabrezu : *hefts the axe* Lord Hezarin will give me a nice reward for this.
Glabrezu : Although perhaps, he need not know about it...

Junior Washington: Maj, where the others?
Majid Kemal: who else is here?
Junior Washington: no one but us so far
Majid Kemal: This thing is one way damned.
Junior Washington: No surprise, seems all the portals have been so far.
Majid Kemal: You killed these * point to ground * ?
Junior Washington: Nope, dead when I stepped thru.
Junior Washington: wonder what killed them.

Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Andrew Greggs: Ma'am..
Andrew Greggs: What are we doing?
Glabrezu : *looks back at the portal* Bah. Let the fools perish.
Magda Mogenson: Trying to get at his body.
Andrew Greggs: Why?
Glabrezu : *grabs the corpse and slings it over his shoulder*
Magda Mogenson: Shit ...
Glabrezu : What's this? More meat?
Glabrezu : Ah! A ruse! Well, I will see you...
Glabrezu : Burned!
Glabrezu : You cannot hide from me!

Andrew Greggs: ...well, shit.
Majid Kemal: Did you see the Sarge?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Magda Mogenson: Shit. *drops to floor*
Junior Washington: ..and?
Andrew Greggs: Saw that thing crush him like a bug.
Andrew Greggs: Damn it..
Junior Washington: Ah well, least he went out in a blaze of glory.
Andrew Greggs: Does anyone have any kits left?
Majid Kemal: Magda
Magda Mogenson: *rubs forehead* I'd ... thanks.
Magda Mogenson: We left him.
Andrew Greggs: That thing didn't seem too interested in following you...
Andrew Greggs: Us.
Andrew Greggs: Said he might as well let us die here.
Magda Mogenson: Can we get back out?
Junior Washington: Given we're in hell, though Sarge may not actually be dead.
Magda Mogenson: Why doesn't anyone fucking listen to me?
Majid Kemal: Leave no man behind? I guess we failed on that one.
Junior Washington: demons and devils usually like souls, so maybe they'll keep him as a pet or something?
Andrew Greggs: Who the hell knows how this stuff works? That thing crushed his torso.
Junior Washington: Sarge never listened to nobody.
Magda Mogenson: Damn straight we .... what?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: And the priest? Where's the holy man?
Majid Kemal: It's just us.
Andrew Greggs: And then there were four.
Junior Washington: Dunno, he seemed to have got separated from us before we got to the mushrooms I think.
Andrew Greggs: ....damn, this place is /cold/.
Magda Mogenson: Is this what it's going to be? One by one until no one is left.
Andrew Greggs: Or at all once in some ugly bloodbath.
Andrew Greggs: Who knows?
Magda Mogenson: I swear if there's any way to come back and haunt someone I'm gonna. Really gonna. But the list of who is growing.
Junior Washington: take it as it comes, I always say.

General Bones: You do not know the sergeant's fate, but one thing is clear... he is not here, and there is no way to get back from this side of the portal.

Magda Mogenson: Easy for you to say.
Andrew Greggs: I don't see how it is, really.
Magda Mogenson: I've got explosives, you know that?
Andrew Greggs: That's some damn sociopathic levels of laid-backness.
Magda Mogenson: Could've used them on the thing.
Magda Mogenson: That's if we needed to come here at all.
Andrew Greggs: We were sent here to die.
Andrew Greggs: Not much 'need' about any of it.
Magda Mogenson: I was TRYING not to help the bastard achieve it!
Andrew Greggs: I know...
Andrew Greggs: ...well, that looks inviting.
Junior Washington: Is it just me or does this place seem familiar to you all?
Andrew Greggs: Eh? Can't say it does...
Magda Mogenson: And on they go.
Andrew Greggs: Don't move ahead, you tw... hell.
Andrew Greggs: Those two corpses earlier.
Andrew Greggs: Did you make those?
Junior Washington: Nope
Magda Mogenson: .. right.
Junior Washington: This looks familiar to me though.
Andrew Greggs: Well, we just walked into a warzone.
Andrew Greggs: Great.
Junior Washington: dunno why.
Majid Kemal: Four archers and no frontline hm this gonna be challenging.
Magda Mogenson: You just come here on vacation or something?
Magda Mogenson: Guess we shouldn't thought of that.
Majid Kemal: Better aim at the same target.
Andrew Greggs: I've still got my shield.
Andrew Greggs: But still nothing to pass for armour.
Andrew Greggs: Don't seperate, damn it!
Andrew Greggs: Pick a direction, send a scout.
Magda Mogenson: More bodies.
Majid Kemal: Where is junior going?
Andrew Greggs: Hell if I know.

Junior Washington: *signals - ENEMY SPOTTED*
Fire Giant Elite : *staggers down the rise, moving stiffly, bleeding profusely*
Junior Washington: stronghold ahead
Magda Mogenson: Comes back fast enough twhen there's trouble.
Majid Kemal: Big giant guy

Fire Giant Elite : *wrenches up a boulder of ice from the ground*
Andrew Greggs: ...damn it.
Fire Giant Elite : You... alll... burn...
Fire Giant Elite : *looks around*
Junior Washington: hah
Magda Mogenson: Right.... that's.
Majid Kemal: Where?

Magda Mogenson: I never expected that to work.
Andrew Greggs: Doubt he was the last one around.
Junior Washington: fortress up on the hill top
Magda Mogenson: Fire he said, in all this cold.
Andrew Greggs: Probably inhabited...
Magda Mogenson: By what?
Andrew Greggs: Well.
Andrew Greggs: I'm guessing the guys on fire aren't the home team.
Andrew Greggs: ...gates are wide open.
Junior Washington: and there the bodies we've found.
Magda Mogenson: No one's saying the others are at all friendly.
Majid Kemal: That's ugly.
Andrew Greggs: No one, including me...
Magda Mogenson: No choice.

Lord Zurgon : Enough!
Magda Mogenson: Definitely no....
Lord Zurgon : Stand your ground, my servants.
Andrew Greggs: *Wince*
Lord Zurgon : You intruders! Come forward.
Andrew Greggs: ...I do believe he's talking to us.
Majid Kemal: er OK
Lord Zurgon : Novoz!
Novoz : Yes... your eminence!
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns, remembering the name*
Lord Zurgon : Are these the ones?
Magda Mogenson: That flying dude said his name, right?
Novoz : Yes, yes, Great Master! They are the ones of whom Feznik spoke.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Andrew Greggs: Lord... Zurgon, I assume? *Bows his head*
Junior Washington: *slings bow*
Lord Zurgon : You assume correctly.
Lord Zurgon : You are Primes, mortals?
Magda Mogenson: No idea what prime means, but mortals I suppose.
Majid Kemal: We are humans your highness from Earth.
Junior Washington: *listens*
Lord Zurgon : My enemy has struck at me with all of his strength... His greatest general lies there upon my floor.
Lord Zurgon : He shall pay for his insolence!
Magda Mogenson: *eyes the body* These folk got four armed things as help?
Lord Zurgon : I know not this Earth. But I am told that you seek a way back to your world.
Andrew Greggs: That's the thing about attacking with all your strength. Not much left to defend yourself with if you lose...
Andrew Greggs: We do.
Majid Kemal: Yes Great One
Lord Zurgon : I can help you with your quest. If you help me with my ... problem.
Magda Mogenson: *looks over shoulder at Majid*
Magda Mogenson: Help, huh. Well, we've got more questions than before.
Lord Zurgon : Hezarin is a fool to trust the glabrezu. Backstabbing bastards.
Andrew Greggs: We're well familiar with that style of arrangement... *Looks to Magda*
Magda Mogenson: Yeah ... but we lost a man.
Lord Zurgon : Ah, the priest? Yes, my minions found him wandering about.
Lord Zurgon : He rests in my dungeons.
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Andrew Greggs: How fortuitous.
Majid Kemal: * w * We don't want to end up as carpet like this one, right?
Magda Mogenson: *frowns* But no, another one. To a four armed thing, glabugger you call it?
Lord Zurgon : Serve me, and you shall have him restored to you.
Lord Zurgon : The glabrezu? Hezarin was wise not to send him through the portal. I would have offered him more, and he would have turned to my side.
Magda Mogenson: He got a .. friend of ours.
Lord Zurgon : Then Hezarin has him.
Magda Mogenson: Probably ... right.
Novoz : Or perhaps Velessa, Master?
Andrew Greggs: His... soul?
Lord Zurgon : Even the glabrezu is not such a fool as that.
Magda Mogenson: A third player?
Lord Zurgon : Help me against my enemy, and you shall help your fallen friend as well.
Majid Kemal: * w * Take the deal Magda
Magda Mogenson: *pauses a moment and then lifts chin nodding* Terms?
Lord Zurgon : This place is not yours. Without a Power behind you, you shall all suffer your friend's fate.
Lord Zurgon : Slay Hezarin, and bring his amulet back to me.
Andrew Greggs: We certainly don't seem to have a lot of options...
Lord Zurgon : Then I can use it to restore you to your home world.
Magda Mogenson: We go, we take the priest with us.
Lord Zurgon : *shrugs* If he is able, I have no problem with that.
Majid Kemal: Sir but is he not a power as mighty as you are? How do you expect us to defeat him?
Lord Zurgon : A wise question.
Lord Zurgon : *draws his massive sword across his forearm. Pale blood seeps from the wound*
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the fiery thing on the floor and the icy stuff around*
Andrew Greggs: *frowns*
Lord Zurgon : *adds it to a pouch*
Lord Zurgon : This will empower your weapons against Hezarin's minions.
Magda Mogenson: Then another question. Our /strongest/ warrior had no armour. Can you provide some?
Magda Mogenson: *has no armour
Lord Zurgon : It shall be done.
Andrew Greggs: Anything, in fact, that would improve our chances would of course be welcome.
Lord Zurgon : I do not employ humanoid soldiers as does my foe, but I believe I can prepare something.
Lord Zurgon : Hezarin will be expecting my sword. You shall be the dagger that plunges into his back!
Lord Zurgon : *laughs*
Magda Mogenson: *picks up the bottle of blood*
Majid Kemal: A couple of efficient bows would be a nice addition.
Lord Zurgon : I will transport you back to the far side of the portal. From there, cross the valley of the shrooms, then continue on. The portal to his realm lies opposite.
Magda Mogenson: Figures.
Lord Zurgon : And do not think to betray me, mortals.
Andrew Greggs: Hold on. Won't that Gal... thing have stuck around?
Novoz : No! It has fled back to its master!
Andrew Greggs: Ah.
Magda Mogenson: Right...
Lord Zurgon : For all its power, it is but a coward.
Lord Zurgon : If you slay it for me, I would consider that a favor.
Magda Mogenson: *weary laugh*
Lord Zurgon : Come. I will prepare your armor, and the weapons you require. We must act swiftly, before Hezarin can prepare.
Magda Mogenson: *nods grimly*

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Re: Junior's Journal

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General Bones: As we left off, the core group had agreed to run a mission for the demon lord Zurgon. It was part survival, part need, for your sergeant has been killed and taken by the demon's rival, the fiend Hezarin. Junter is part of the bargain, taken and imprisoned by the demon's minions. You are promised aid in defeating Hezarin and winning back your companion. The demon gives you a quantity of his own blood, to empower your weapons. You are transported back to the portal leading to Zurgon's realm, where a fiend waits for you...

Junior Washington: So um, what happened the trip to the armory?
Magda Mogenson: *right lipped and determined*
Novoz: Master give great weapons to aid you!
Novoz: Destroy his enemies!
Andrew Greggs: Right, right..
Novoz: Master also release you friend!
Andrew Greggs: ...guess I'll take this.
Andrew Greggs: Ah! Good father.
Andrew Greggs: Nice to see you again.
Novoz: You go to Hezarin realm, destroy Master enemy!
Majid Kemal: Let's share these precious arrows
Novoz: Bring back amulet, you come back, Master help you!
Junior Washington: That's it? what about armor?
Junior Washington: or a new shield?
Junter Calren: *dragged out, kicking shouting, biting at demons*
Magda Mogenson: I may need to use a blade, so split between you.
Novoz: He give armor! Man take there, in ugly blue coat!
Magda Mogenson: Father....
Junior Washington: one suit of armor for all of us? you're gotta be kidding!
Novoz: *cringes* Master not have humanoid servants!
Andrew Greggs: Yes. We'd gathered that.
Majid Kemal: I can fight from afar and come close to act as a second medic.
Andrew Greggs: Is this really all he has?
Novoz: Master make Torturer give up armor suit! Is very generous!
Andrew Greggs: Right.
Junior Washington: Yeah right
Magda Mogenson: How protected are you, Washington?
Junter Calren: What's going on here? why are they helping us?
Novoz: Master give you blood, is very potent! Make weapons hurt Hezarin puny minions!
Junior Washington: Don't expect miracles if this is all he's willing to part with.
Andrew Greggs: Technically, we're helping them
Novoz: Even if you die, you kill Hezarin minion, everybody win!
Magda Mogenson: Charming.
Novoz: Um, Novoz mean, Master appreciate sacrifice.
Andrew Greggs: I'm sure..
Junter Calren: What did you agree to do?!
Magda Mogenson: Kill some other demon, one who's taken the Sergeant.
Novoz: You need go quick! Hezarin eat you friend soul. Portal opposite one to Master realm, far side of shroom place.
Andrew Greggs: Just the usual. Finish someone's war for them.
Novoz: Novoz need go now! Clean up Master halls from Hezarin servant blood!
Andrew Greggs: Good luck with that.
Junior Washington: whatever

Junter Calren: The Sarge was lost too? what happened?
Andrew Greggs: A demon happened.
Junior Washington: Sarge charging a demon happened.
Andrew Greggs: I think you can still see some of his intestines back there...
Magda Mogenson: *winces*
Andrew Greggs: Right, if you want to get technical about it.
Junter Calren: He was slain?
Andrew Greggs: He thought he'd distract the thing so we could get through the portal.
Junior Washington: So I'm told
Andrew Greggs: ...that part worked, anyway.
Majid Kemal: Wait a minute!
Andrew Greggs: Not so much the part where he was supposed to double back and join us.
Junter Calren: Gallent.
Andrew Greggs: I'd say stupid, but those two seem to be closely related.
Andrew Greggs: Anyway, here's the situation:
Majid Kemal: Ha ha
Junter Calren: It's not stupid if one knows the risks and the cost, and then accepts them
Andrew Greggs: Demon Lord A just expended nearly all his forces attacking Demon Lord B.
Magda Mogenson: Knowing the risks is one thing, assessing all options is another.
Majid Kemal: How did you get here?
Andrew Greggs: Demon Lord B has graciously offered us a ride home if we punch Demon Lord A in the face for him.
Junter Calren: Believe nothing
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the Hell Cat dubiously* Good question.
Junter Calren: but if we can retrieve the sargent, even just his body, I may be able to help him
Andrew Greggs: Hey, I didn't trust /you/ masters. What makes you think I trust these guys?
Majid Kemal: He looks like a normal big cat too me.
Majid Kemal: * to me
Andrew Greggs: Er, right.
Andrew Greggs: The more the merrier, I guess.
Majid Kemal: Let's call you Hell Cat.
Majid Kemal: Oh
Andrew Greggs: I'll just... try on this suit of armour.
Magda Mogenson: About now, I also think it's a good time to use up bullets if we have them.
Andrew Greggs: *Inspects it, dubiously*
Junior Washington: can have that back since I got the demon blade
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, I've got about two mags of 5.56 rounds left.
Andrew Greggs: If anyone wants some.
Junter Calren: the demons, they provided you with armour?
Magda Mogenson: Anyone got no ammo?
Andrew Greggs: ...
Majid Kemal: I can shoot but better with a rifle. Much better in fact.
Junior Washington: got one clip
Junter Calren: *blinks*
Andrew Greggs: And the damn thing called my coat ugly.
Magda Mogenson: *does a double take at Greggs*
Andrew Greggs: It'll have to do.
Majid Kemal: So yes I can use one.
Junior Washington: look like something from Market St in SF.
Andrew Greggs: Take this, then.
Majid Kemal: Rock n roll
Magda Mogenson: I've 3 clips of 7.62 if anyone wants them.
Andrew Greggs: I was thinking more 'bad metal album'.
Magda Mogenson: Keep it. Back home I'm sure some magazine would feature you.
Magda Mogenson: Any one want the rounds?
Majid Kemal: I still have the magnetic bracers anyone need them?
Andrew Greggs: Ah, yes. At last, I'll be able to retire from active duty to fulfill my dreams of becoming a fetish model..
Junior Washington: what those do?
Majid Kemal: They kind of shield you.
Junior Washington: I'll look at them
Majid Kemal: You won't be able to shoot with that though.
Andrew Greggs: I imagine it'll mostly be me and the preacher up front.
Magda Mogenson: No one want the rounds?
Majid Kemal: * show shield bracers to Junior *
Andrew Greggs: Don't have anything using those rounds, no.
Majid Kemal: What's that magic?
Junter Calren: A warding against evil
Magda Mogenson: *gives the priest an odd look*
Andrew Greggs: Whatever helps, I guess...
Magda Mogenson: Right. Whatever. We'd best more.
Magda Mogenson: *move
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Magda Mogenson: Want this cold stuff on your weapon now?
Andrew Greggs: Best wait.
Majid Kemal: Ah hell wolf!
Magda Mogenson: Or wait to past the mushroom things.
Andrew Greggs: We don't know how long it'll last.
Magda Mogenson: Right. Move then.
Majid Kemal: * look at the cat * It's ok
Andrew Greggs: ...damn thing's like a metal corset.
Magda Mogenson: *eyes him*
Andrew Greggs: ...

Andrew Greggs: Did anyone else see that?
Magda Mogenson: I saw it oo.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Same thing from before.
Majid Kemal: No what did you see?
Magda Mogenson: Still there.
Andrew Greggs: It's probably been watching the only entrance all this time.
Junior Washington: Let's avoid the wildlife
Junter Calren: what?
Magda Mogenson: Wait.
Andrew Greggs: I don't think we /can/ avoid it.
Magda Mogenson: There's a cave up there.
Andrew Greggs: Only one way back.
Junior Washington: Figures
Magda Mogenson: Oh... yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Stick close and be ready..
Magda Mogenson: No sign. Could be through there.
Majid Kemal: What?
Magda Mogenson: It's not here now.
Junter Calren: what isn't?
Andrew Greggs: The big, black, betentacled thing that's been stalking us.
Magda Mogenson: Mmm...
Majid Kemal: This cave I suppose.
Magda Mogenson: Can't see it here either.
Andrew Greggs: Maybe it's like you.
Magda Mogenson: What?
Andrew Greggs: Can hardly be seen when it doesn't want to.
Magda Mogenson: How like me?
Magda Mogenson: *blinks* Oh.
Junior Washington: Hmm too puny looking
Magda Mogenson: We go around or across?
Junior Washington: Think I'll stick to this big one.
Andrew Greggs: Might be able to go 'round the other way, too.
Majid Kemal: Let me shield myself with nature.
Andrew Greggs: Keep up, people.
Andrew Greggs: We don't want to be scattered if that thing decides to pounce.
Magda Mogenson: Terrain gets too freaking rough.
Majid Kemal: Now I may look a bit stiff but it's effective.
Andrew Greggs: *Nod* Back the way we came, then.
Magda Mogenson: Oh yeah. That stone.
Andrew Greggs: Stone?
Andrew Greggs: Ah.
Junter Calren: *blinks* oh,
Magda Mogenson: It's wearing away, though.
Junior Washington: eh?
Magda Mogenson: Down to a nubble.
Magda Mogenson: That;s the last of it.
Magda Mogenson: Let's move.
Andrew Greggs: Right. Let's make the most of it.

Andrew Greggs: It's noticed us.
Magda Mogenson: Freaking living plants.
Andrew Greggs: Right. Seems we have to go down. Just... stay clear of the gas vent.
Junior Washington: Great
Magda Mogenson: And a chasm, yeah.
Andrew Greggs: ...damn it.
Junior Washington: why are we fighting everything?
Andrew Greggs: Future reference...
Magda Mogenson: Don't touch!
Andrew Greggs: Stay away from the non-moving ones, too.
Junior Washington: I'd say we stay away from ALL of there, they have nothing to do with our mission.
Andrew Greggs: No path but through them.
Majid Kemal: Junior is right we are wasting resources.
Andrew Greggs: But this should be the way.
Junior Washington: then dodge around them
Magda Mogenson: They came to us, Washington.
Junter Calren: everywhere you place a foot something tries to kill you in this place

Magda Mogenson: Not going to get better, but this looks like the place.
Magda Mogenson: Can see nothing immediately.
Andrew Greggs: ..no kidding.
Andrew Greggs: Something scurrying around there..
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, seeing anything at all is a bastard.
Magda Mogenson: Some kind of beetle. Think that's where we need to go?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Should be something that's glowing nicely.
Andrew Greggs: This was seems a wash, anyway.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah but that's a fiery hole if ever I saw one.
Andrew Greggs: Its' probably just a hive of those things.
Magda Mogenson: See nothing so far.... wait. A light.
Andrew Greggs: C'mon. Don't antagonize the bug, now.
Junior Washington: So priest, if your god can hear your prayers here, why wouldn't he guide you, and us, out of here?
Magda Mogenson: What's the hold up?
Andrew Greggs: Are we going to have a nice little chat, or are we going to get on wit this?
Junter Calren: I don't know. Maybe there's something more important.
Andrew Greggs: I think I still have some booze stashed away somewhre....
Magda Mogenson: Chips, donuts.
Majid Kemal: Are we camping here?
Magda Mogenson: No. Come on.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: Move your lily whites.
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes his head*
Junter Calren: I thought you were scouting?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, I di.... hsit

Junter Calren: oh for.
Magda Mogenson: *mutter grumble*
Andrew Greggs: No guardian.
Andrew Greggs: On this side, anyway..
Magda Mogenson: Nothing around it. Bet there is when we go through so watch out.
Andrew Greggs: Everyone, follow quickly.
Andrew Greggs: ..walking inferno right there.
Junior Washington: *curses*
Andrew Greggs: Gah..
Magda Mogenson: Shit, you hit and they burn.
Andrew Greggs: Off to a good start..
Junior Washington: as always
Majid Kemal: I will need more kits.
Andrew Greggs: The imp-thing said this guy had human...ish servants.
Magda Mogenson: Steer away from the vent.
Andrew Greggs: So we might find /something/ useful.
Junior Washington: and I'd like a nice bubble bath and a hot chamber maid.
Magda Mogenson: *eyes the vent ahedad*

Andrew Greggs: Ack.
Magda Mogenson: Watch that thing.
Majid Kemal: Nasty thing.
Magda Mogenson: Come through slowly, gather on me.
Junter Calren: scalding steam in one direction, fire and acid in the other
Andrew Greggs: At least it only holds you..
Junior Washington: Pick your poison I guess
Magda Mogenson: That fire had to be worse.
Magda Mogenson: Gah....
Andrew Greggs: Hug the wall here, I guess...
Andrew Greggs: Carefully.
Magda Mogenson: *appears to walk away from her shadow entirely8
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs, because hey*
Majid Kemal: What was that ghost?
Magda Mogenson: What ghost?
Majid Kemal: That alien thing.
Magda Mogenson: I see something over there.
Magda Mogenson: It's just a shadow, Kemal.
Andrew Greggs: PRobably meets up with the portal room again.
Majid Kemal: Just er ok shadow of waht?
Magda Mogenson: Dammit, heat doming off it.
Andrew Greggs: Ngh...
Magda Mogenson: *turns but the shadow has caught up* Mine, I reckon.
Majid Kemal: Left is bad.
Andrew Greggs: Somehow, this seems even less hospitable than Demon Lord B's place.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. Watch that.
Andrew Greggs: Shit..
Magda Mogenson: Mayb ei twas cos the othrs had heated the defences away.
Junior Washington: damn
Magda Mogenson: Okay, stay away from anything that looks like it's a bout to explode.
Andrew Greggs: The vents are what's spewing those things into the air.
Majid Kemal: Fireworks to welcome us.
Junter Calren: they seem to fire at intervals
Junter Calren: perhaps we can run past in the gap
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Should be able to time this.

Andrew Greggs: The hell...
Junior Washington: an auspcious start
Magda Mogenson: Some plant.
Andrew Greggs: A plant.
Andrew Greggs: ...a god damn plant.
Junter Calren: we should make for the opposite side
Majid Kemal: Anyone got some spare kits?
Magda Mogenson: A few but not many.
Andrew Greggs: Now might be a good time to apply that icy blood.
Andrew Greggs: Only going to see more fire from here on.
Majid Kemal: The basic ones will do
Magda Mogenson: I did....
Junior Washington: So what's the plan?
Andrew Greggs: Wait for rocks to fall.
Junter Calren: dash accross in the interval
Andrew Greggs: Twice.
Andrew Greggs: Then run.
Magda Mogenson: No way round that way (west) we have to go that way.
Andrew Greggs: Wait..
Junior Washington: *watches*
Majid Kemal: Keep your eyes opened.
Andrew Greggs: We have a doorman.
Andrew Greggs: A tiny doorman.
Junior Washington: that's not a wise place to engage
Magda Mogenson: There wasn't a lot of choice.
Junter Calren: dont stand there

Chitzak : All hail... *voice squeaks, he clears it* Ahem, ALL HAIL THE VOICE OF THE MIGHTY HEZARIN!
Majid Kemal: Who's gonna make a deal?
Chitzak : COME FORWARD AND... *coughs* Ah, just come on over.
Andrew Greggs: The Mighty Hezarin's voice is higher-pitched than I imagined.
Chitzak : Come on, I won't bite. Unless you pay me! Ha ha.
Andrew Greggs: Archer!
Chitzak : Hey! Stop it! We is parlaying here!
Magda Mogenson: Parlay?
Junter Calren: Return our companion to us, Imp!
Chitzak: Sheesh, so hard to find good help these days.
Andrew Greggs: Not a word your friends seem to understand.
Chitzak: Companion? Oh, right, the dead guy.
Magda Mogenson: ....
Majid Kemal: What are you doing here?
Chitzak: Well, may Master would like to speak with you about that.
Andrew Greggs: I'm sure he would.
Magda Mogenson: *eyes the door critically, also now not seeming to cast a shadow*
Chitzak: I am here to gauge your tents
Chitzak: Um... tents uns.
Chitzak: Something like that.
Chitzak: Not sure what that means, but okay.
Andrew Greggs: Intentions?
Magda Mogenson: We're going cam... oh right.
Chitzak: Yes! That's it!
Chitzak: Anyway, the boss ... um, my Master knows that you're working for the other team and all.
Chitzak: He wants to make you an offer you can't refuse. Um... won't want to refuse. Anyway, you willing to talk?
Chitzak: Cause you attack, he brings his ambushers up, and... ah, I've said too much.
Majid Kemal: That's interesting.
Magda Mogenson: *narrows eyes a little and nods*
Chitzak: Anyway, fighting doesn't solve anything.
Andrew Greggs: I assume this 'talk' will take place in a location where we're... yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Thought so.
Chitzak: Unless you're fighting for us, then it solves everything.
Chitzak: Anyway, my boss , ah, Master, he is very powerful. He can help you, if you help him.
Chitzak: Everybody gets helped! Help me, help you.
Majid Kemal: That's a perfect "Yojimbo" situation.
Chitzak: Right! Yo...um, yeah.
Chitzak: Anyway, you going to come along peaceful like?
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Greggs and shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Majid Kemal: Sure I suppose we can.
Chitzak: Great, that's just ... great.
Chitzak: Hold on a sec, this door is tricky.
Andrew Greggs: Uh-huh.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, figured.

Chitzak : Okay everybody, this is Chitzak here, for the parlay, nobody shoot! That means you, Ruxar!
Chitzak: Sheesh, you'd think they get a bonus for each arrow fired.
Pyritic Incanter : So I see.
Pyritic Incanter : Mortals, prepare yourself for an audience with the mighty Hezarin!
Andrew Greggs: Charmed, I'm sure...
Magda Mogenson: *counts the forces* *low* Wouldn't have got in.
Majid Kemal: Here we are.
Pyritic Incanter : Lord of the Abyss, Power of the Six Realms, Master of Fire!
Chitzak: Yay!
Pyritic Incanter: Know this, mortals. Should you unleash treachery here, your companion's soul will be the first to be consumed.
Andrew Greggs: Noted.
Junior Washington: great
Chitzak: Ah... no soul rending... heh heh...
Andrew Greggs: *Bows head* And a fine day to you as well, sir.
Junter Calren: My soul belongs to Soleus. Try and take it from him.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, that was sort of our reaction, too.
Andrew Greggs: I'm pretty sure his intention was for us to valiantly die slowing you down a little.
Andrew Greggs: As you may understand, we are reluctantly to comply.
Magda Mogenson: *snorts*
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Stubborn one.
Chitzak: You should taunt him back, Master!
Magda Mogenson: NAme. Rank. Serial number.
Junior Washington: How's he taste?
Lord Hezarin : WEAK.
Magda Mogenson: Why we're here.
Majid Kemal: OK we want to hear you proposal now if possible we would not want to be late for tea, would we?
Andrew Greggs: That would be nice. Mostly, we want to return to our world.
Magda Mogenson: Whatever you say, man
Junior Washington: *nods*
Chitzak: All hail mighty Hezarin!
Andrew Greggs: Oh, yeah.
Andrew Greggs: I'm definitely liking your odds better at the moment.
Majid Kemal: We have already weakend his forces why not finidh him?
Majid Kemal: * weakened
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the huge thing, looks at her sword*
Chitzak: *loud whisper* I think he means _you_...
Lord Hezarin : I HAVE A SOUL RUBY.
Andrew Greggs: An intruiging plan.
Majid Kemal: Wait a minute we cannot create portals.
Magda Mogenson: Okay, we can maybe do this, but we need a token.
Chitzak: Yes, it's very nice, shiny and ....
Lord Hezarin : SILENCE, IMP!
Chitzak: Uh, being silent, right now, buttoning the lip...
Majid Kemal: You would have to provide a device an explain how it can be tuned.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, right. We need something to make him think you're dead.
Majid Kemal: There is still a samll problem your highness * pause * we can only go back if they think you are dead. How do we fake that?
Magda Mogenson: *doesn't look entirely convinced*
Andrew Greggs: When you say 'a number'...
Magda Mogenson: We want our companion now.
Andrew Greggs: Our chances of success would be rather higher with him on our side.
Magda Mogenson: Need the strength of arms.
Majid Kemal: It would give us more chancesof success.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at Greggs( Ping pong?
Andrew Greggs: We still need a way out of here.
Magda Mogenson: We want to get out, yeah.
Junior Washington: Indeed
Majid Kemal: Obviously we cannot defeat you that should be enough.
Andrew Greggs: That's why we heard your brother out in the first place.
Magda Mogenson: You are the stronger, though. We see that now.
Chitzak: Um, master, Zurgon will destroy them if they bring him a false amulet!
Magda Mogenson: *bows deeply*
Magda Mogenson: One question. How do you send us back?
Majid Kemal: Who will direct the assault?
Andrew Greggs: Ideally, we would like it to bea gate to the right world.
Lord Hezarin : YOU DOUBT ME, MORTAL?
Magda Mogenson: Do you know which our world is?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* We have not even told you where we are supposed to be from. Will not being familiar with our homeworld cause complications?
Chitzak: Yeah, there are a lot of Prime Planes, Master.
Majid Kemal: I suppose we have no choice.
Andrew Greggs: *Looks to Magda* Yours is sounding like the better deal.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. *nods at Greggs* We have a deal, but we want our companion alive and equipped to fight first.
Lord Hezarin : *considers*
Magda Mogenson: We'll be back, we've no other way out of here.
Lord Hezarin : BUT IF YOU BETRAY ME...
Andrew Greggs: *Nod* Quite gracious of you.
Magda Mogenson: *bow* We are doubly grateful.
Magda Mogenson: *holds out a hand*
Pyritic Incanter: This is a Firethorn Seed. Hurl it at Lord Zurgon, when you see him.
Pyritic Incanter: Conceal the Soul Ruby on your person.
Pyritic Incanter: Do not let Zurgon's minions see it.
Pyritic Incanter: When you confront him in his throne room, present it.
Majid Kemal: Nice arrows
Magda Mogenson: Make use of them.
Majid Kemal: Why not?
Andrew Greggs: *Stahes the ruby in stylish belt pocket*
Magda Mogenson: We'll paint a picture when we get back.
Andrew Greggs: Mostly, it's a portal we want.
Majid Kemal: You will have one of your generals have all the glory?
Lord Hezarin: *cuts his arm with his huge sword* HERE IS ENOUGH ESSENCE TO INFUSE YOUR BLADES.
Magda Mogenson: Now our compainion. Alive and equipped.
Andrew Greggs: *Eyes flicker to Kemal*
Lord Hezarin : BRING HIM OUT!
Andrew Greggs: We've grown blasé from overexposure to such, I'm afraid.
Magda Mogenson: Not got a lot to lose, and we'll be better able with him around.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *staggers forward*
Andrew Greggs: ...'Lo there, Sarge.
General Bones: *a guard tosses down a sack of gear*
Magda Mogenson: *aquires said sack*
Junter Calren: *helps him up*
Andrew Greggs: We're certainly a lot more... prudent.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. Like I said. Doubly grateful.
Magda Mogenson: *low* Cos double of nothing is still feck all.
Chitzak: Hmm, he don't look so good.
Andrew Greggs: *Hauls Sarge upward, half-carrying him by a shoulder*
Chitzak: Boss barely tortured him at all.
Magda Mogenson: Can you get us back out of the portal in here?
Majid Kemal: He needs to rest.
Andrew Greggs: Let's get to some place we can prepare, hm?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Uhhh.... *half-conscious*
Majid Kemal: Can you walk Sarge?
Chitzak: Sure!
Magda Mogenson: *hands the sack of gear to Simmons* He can damn well walk out of here.
Chitzak: This is exciting! A shift in the balance!
Chitzak: I expect dramatic events to come!

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:01 pm

General Bones: After the glabrezu took off with the sergeant's mangled body, the party made a deal with the demon Zurgon to attack his rival, Hezarin. The glabrezu was working for said Hezarin, as part of an ongoing war between the two. So the party travels to Hezarin's realm, where the aforementioned demon lord is waiting for them with a large welcoming party. He agrees to hand over the battered and broken Sarge in exchange for the party turning coats and joining him to ambush Zurgon. We we left off, the demons tossed down a sack of the Sergeant's gear (him being thrust out naked and crippled, but alive), and sent you on your merry way. The demon's major-domo slash flunkie imp leads you to the portal back to the central Abyssal areas. Searching through the sack, you find most of your comrade's gear... but not the magical battle-axe, Pyrrok.

Junior Washington: *eyes his sword some what warily*
Chitzak: Me lead you back!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *Groans*
Magda Mogenson: *The cleric appears to be tired out healing Sarge?*
Chitzak: Ah... not be mad, remember, no kill messenger!
Andrew Greggs: If there's one thing that would have been useful against a giant ice-demon...
Junior Washington: yeah, whatever
Andrew Greggs: Your master doesn't actually expect us to live through this, does he?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *moves his head a little* Wha....what happened?
Magda Mogenson: How the hell are we supposed to succeed if you don't give us what we need?
Chitzak: Um... well, you mebbe notice that, um, one person not be here.
Magda Mogenson: *looks around* Shit.
Junior Washington: The smart one?
Chitzak: Oh, axe! That! Ah, well, Master decide he like very nice.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *struggles to get up*
Chitzak: He say sorry. Very sorry.
Junior Washington: Or mebbe his god heard his prayers and took him outta here?
Andrew Greggs: *Kneels down* Hell is what happened, Sarge. Rest up and try not to faint again.
Magda Mogenson: So the kick ass axe of fire that would /really/ help us he keeps?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks around* What?...where are we? Hey...where's my clothes?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think I need to sit
Magda Mogenson: *hands over the bag of gear she'd hauled out*
Chitzak: Boss, um, he not hundred percent you reliable. Not me, not me! Remember, just messenger!
Andrew Greggs: You're lucky to have your intestines, never mind your clothes.
Chitzak: He say, you turn side once, maybe turn again.
Magda Mogenson: Right, yeah, whatever.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *roots through the gear bag looking for some to cover himself with*
Magda Mogenson: *hauls the stuff out of the bag* Here, Sergeant.
Chitzak: So he say, Chitzak, you tweak portal, send priest to null realm. Get out when Zurgon head bring back.
Magda Mogenson: *avoiding looking at the lack of clothing bit*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks bewildered* What.....hey...I was just trying to distract that thing...the thing guarding the portal
Chitzak: Me say, Master, me sure that mortals do very good job, but need fire axe to fight Zurgon! Me advocating for you, very hard!
Andrew Greggs: Because there's no way a priest wouldn't be useful fighting a demon lord, of course.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, sweet. Take the magic weilding one too.
Chitzak: Oh, me say that, too!
Chitzak: Me say, now, Master, you know that mortals need magic-wielding one to fight you worstest enemy.
Chitzak: Master, he be hurt in past. Very sad. Not trusting.
Magda Mogenson: What happened to decent protection at least?
Magda Mogenson: Some damn armour stuff, whatever.
Andrew Greggs: So. Not only do we have to kill fucking Beelzebub; we have to do it with two hands tied behind our backs.
Chitzak: Oh! Sure, I can help with dat. Chitzak very helpful!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What a crock? What is the flying thing blattering on about?
Andrew Greggs: I'm starting to think our odds would have been better fighting your master.
Magda Mogenson: How he's a good guy and his boss isn't.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Shut up will ya? I've a pain in my head
Chitzak: Oh no! Not fight Master when full army out front with... Ah, never mind.
Chitzak: You want armor?
Junior Washington: Sure
Chitzak: Hmm, not sure if fit, but mebbe...
Chitzak: *incants*
Andrew Greggs: Any damn thing that could help.
Magda Mogenson: *frowns thinking*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Armour? I guess...I don't have much else to wear
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Could use some sort of weapon too
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ma'am...I take it, I've been out of contact for a while?
Chitzak: Yay! It work!
Magda Mogenson: Yeah. *looks grim* Thought we'd lost you.
Chitzak: Now you can slaughter Zurgon in style!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks over at the red armour* Will that fit me?
Majid Kemal: And one red armor, one.
Andrew Greggs: Or die horribly in style, as the case might be.
Chitzak: Sure, me make adjustment for fact you not have wing.
Magda Mogenson: Will fill you in shortly.
Chitzak: Very nice! Red you good color.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: guess it will...hell of a colour
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How about something to swing eh?
Magda Mogenson: All I got's small sword and one of them thin blades.
Chitzak: Many good weapons in sack! Many warriors, they want take, but Chitzak keep good watch.
Andrew Greggs: Don't keep them to yourself, then...
Chitzak: Not sure 'bout black metal rods.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *roots in the bag* My M16 is still here!
Magda Mogenson: Got nothing to hit them with?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hmm...a few rounds
Chitzak: Yes! Chitzak say, you demon, stay out of prisoner sack!
Magda Mogenson: Chitzak says a lot of stuff.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Actually...a full magizine
Chitzak: Yes! Chitzak you advocate!
Chitzak: Mortals, very entertaining.
Junior Washington: that won't last very long
Andrew Greggs: I've got about twenty rounds in mine, but it doesn't seem to do much good against the heavier things walking around here.
Chitzak: Now you work for best of factions. Very good benefits, you see.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Take something from the next fallen guy
Magda Mogenson: I've got 7.62 mil rounds, Sargeant.
Chitzak: Remember, you do good for Master. Master be watching. *glances at Griggs, then flies through portal*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Great...I have an AK 47 as well, I can use those in that
Andrew Greggs: Just when you figured we couldn't get in a finer mess.
Majid Kemal: A Kalachnikov here in hell?
Majid Kemal: So you're a red soldier now * smile *
Magda Mogenson: Still wonderin' on this blood stuff.
Andrew Greggs: What about it?
Magda Mogenson: Best not use it 'til we get close anyway, but think we should hold a bit back.
Majid Kemal: We have to go back right? And not get killed when we show up. Think about it what are our options?
Magda Mogenson: Voodoo thing I mentioned. Dunno. Maybe it can be used *shrugs* magically.
Andrew Greggs: None of us are thus inclined.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: As Samuel Jackson said in "Jackie Brown".....'when you absoluty, positive have to kill every M'fucker in the room, accept no subsitue'!
Majid Kemal: Forget it the Padre is not here to tell us how.
Magda Mogenson: Know that cave we passed? Wonder if there's anythin' to use in there.
Junior Washington: You wanna risk more chance of getting mauled without the priest here to heal us?
Magda Mogenson: It's a risk, yes.
Majid Kemal: You got a Master Degre in Alchemy or something?
Magda Mogenson: Just wondering if the crap around here is likely to help us. Like that gas near the walking mushrooms.
Junior Washington: Think best if you scout it out rather than all of us go rushing in.
Majid Kemal: May be it can but we don't know how.
Andrew Greggs: Knowing this place, killing us is more likely than helping us.
Magda Mogenson: No, but maybe if we gather it and throw it?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fire a few rounds into them and see if the gas will ignite?
Magda Mogenson: Stuff makes your head go elsewhere. Might for them too.
Junior Washington: Somehow I think the demons aren't likely to be affected much by that stuff.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sorta druggie effect gas is it?
Andrew Greggs: Probably not the big shots, no...
Magda Mogenson: It was a thought. Only other option is go take the frozen bastard head on and hope.
Magda Mogenson: Would've liked an edge.
Majid Kemal: Or try a "Yojimbo"
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I hope its nothing like the last guy I tangled with!
Magda Mogenson: To do that we gotta kill both sides.
Junior Washington: I thought that was what the ruby was for? Turning loose the bad guys on the bad guys?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, but what happens afterwards when they turn on us?
Andrew Greggs: Hm-hm.
Magda Mogenson: Thought that one through yet?
Andrew Greggs: Also.
Majid Kemal: Ah Junior thanks for siding with me opn this.
Andrew Greggs: What are the odds they're using that thing to listen in on us right now?
Magda Mogenson: Pretty much given.
Andrew Greggs: Thought so.
Magda Mogenson: Fuck I hate this place. I ever get anywhere I want to tear that priest a new asshole.
Majid Kemal: * grab piece of paper * Not if we communicate inb code and writw stuff down.
Andrew Greggs: I'd settle for geting back to Earth and never having to see anyone from that place ever again.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm right behind you on that score Ma'am
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: You got stuff to write with, Kemal?
Andrew Greggs: You've kind of given the game away already, haven't you?
Junior Washington: Best take it a bridge at a time.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You want a notepad? here 8pass over a small pad and pencil*
Majid Kemal: Not much left but we may write on the dust.
Majid Kemal: Ah good * grab notepad *
Magda Mogenson: What code are they .... everyone here know morse?
Junior Washington: *watches*
Majid Kemal: Should I write in morse code or what?
Magda Mogenson: It's old, but might work, yeah.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The written word should fool them...I mean, no one but us has ever seen it written down
Majid Kemal: Anyone seen fistful of dollars?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure
Junior Washington: *nods*
Magda Mogenson: Lots when I was a kid, but let's move away from here first.
Junior Washington: Howya know they haven't been to our world?
Majid Kemal: Do you agree with the strategy?
Junior Washington: we've got demons and devils in our literature?
Magda Mogenson: Might be forced on us, Kemal, so never sayin' no.
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes his head, exasperated*
Magda Mogenson: Didn't they get one to go after the other, though? Then sneak in after?

Magda Mogenson: Beetles.
Majid Kemal: something like that. clint Eastwood survived.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Creature off to the right
Majid Kemal: And he was alone.
Andrew Greggs: We're not Clint Eastwood, and this isn't a movie.
Magda Mogenson: Move fast.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Want me to shoot it?
Majid Kemal: * say something in latin *
Magda Mogenson: What?
Junior Washington: let's bypass it
Magda Mogenson: Keep moving.
Majid Kemal: * w * It means divide and conquer.
Magda Mogenson: *waves them past*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its standing right in front of a cave entrance
Majid Kemal: Nothinbg new.
Junior Washington: *signals - ENEMY SPOTTED*
Junior Washington: up on the left
Majid Kemal: Can we avoid the shrooms this time?
Andrew Greggs: Don't tell me you spotted that thing again.
Magda Mogenson: Can't see anything, so maybe.
Majid Kemal: What? the needle guy?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I don't see nothin' Junior
Magda Mogenson: What it look like?
Junior Washington: It was some sorta humanoid looking dude
Junior Washington: bigger
Magda Mogenson: Hnn....
Magda Mogenson: Nothing visible now.
Andrew Greggs: All greyish-black, hunched over, tentacle things?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think your mind is playing tricks on ya
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: When did you have your last drink?
Junior Washington: forever
Magda Mogenson: We know we're being watched, saw something on the way here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its withdrawal then man
Andrew Greggs: Spotted it by the other portal, firstt time.
Magda Mogenson: Mushrooms....
Andrew Greggs: We're going to have to pass through fungi-land here again.
Magda Mogenson: Stay away from the gas and the plants.

Magda Mogenson: Dammit
Andrew Greggs: Coming up behind!
Junior Washington: Yeah off to a roaring start
Magda Mogenson: *pick sup some more of the powder and stares at it*
Andrew Greggs: Screw these things. Seriously.

Andrew Greggs: ....hey!
Andrew Greggs: You up there!
Feznik : *waves* Hey yourselves!
Andrew Greggs: Enjoying the damn show?
Magda Mogenson: That thing again.
Feznik : Yes, very much!
Feznik : Um... watch out for the big one though!
Andrew Greggs: Human Suffering, Part V: Literally in Hell thsi time.
Andrew Greggs: Sh..;
Feznik : Yeah, they throw acid and stuff.
Feznik : Ooh, stay away from the pulsars!
Feznik : Ouch, that looks like it hurt!
Feznik : Bam! Eeech.
Feznik : C'mon, slam that Creeper!
Feznik : You've got to cut off its sporecap.
Magda Mogenson: Get out of the gas!
Feznik : Man down, man down!
Feznik : Uh oh!
Andrew Greggs: *Cough, cough*

Feznik : Whew! You pulled through! Close one, though.
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Andrew Greggs: Let's.. get the hell up.
Andrew Greggs: Before more of them get here.
Feznik : Wait, I'll come down there.
Majid Kemal: Sarge I'm stating to think that you are a threat to the survival of this team.
Magda Mogenson: *swearing prifusely*
Junior Washington: So much for bypassing
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Go Fuck yourself Majid
Feznik: You guys don't disappoint!
Majid Kemal: Yeah right
Magda Mogenson: Enough!
Feznik: Oooh, interparty conflict. *munches on something from a tiny bag*
Feznik: Oh, hey! Didn't see you.
Magda Mogenson: Next one gets a smack between the damn eyes. We've no time for this.
Magda Mogenson: No, you didn't, did you?
Feznik: So, you guys working for ol' Hez now?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Magda Mogenson: Looks like he made the better offer, temporarily, like he seems to be harder to take down.
Andrew Greggs: Hell if I know, at this point.
Feznik: Yeah, I know what you mean, I know what you mean.
Magda Mogenson: Don't trust any of you bastards to play it straight any way.
Feznik: I've worked for them all, one time or another. Just the grind, day in and day out.
Feznik: That... that hurts. It really hurts.
Magda Mogenson: Good.
Feznik: I thought... I thought we had a connection.
Junior Washington: *w*
Feznik: Anyway, while that was fun, I'm sort of on the hourglass here.
Magda Mogenson: The connection seems to be you having fun while we suffer. Not our favorite relationship.
Andrew Greggs: You're about to have a connection with my sword, the way you're going...
Feznik: Well, sheesh.
Feznik: Fine, maybe I'll just keep my message, then...
Feznik: *lets out a sudden strangles gasp*
Feznik: Urk...
Magda Mogenson: What's your deal ....
Magda Mogenson: Huh?
Andrew Greggs: ...
Feznik : Fine, fine, I'm delivering it, I'm delivering it!
Feznik: *yells at the sky*
Feznik: Sheesh. See, this is why I prefer to stay non-aligned.
Feznik: Anyway, She wants to see you.
Andrew Greggs: She.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: She?
Majid Kemal: Who?
Junior Washington: Great another actor
Magda Mogenson: You're saying there's /another/ side?
Feznik: Yeah. She. Capital-S She.
Feznik: Well duh, there's always another side.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well...who's the She with a capital S?
Andrew Greggs: Didn't She star in a cheesy old B-movie?
Feznik: Anyway, she's curious. Been keeping an eye on you.
Feznik: *whispers something, could be a name*
Andrew Greggs: What was that?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What was that?
Magda Mogenson: *leans in frowning*
Feznik: Ve-*muffled*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ve...Verna?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Vera?
Feznik: Velessa. *cringes, then looks around when nothing happens*
Andrew Greggs: ...okay?
Majid Kemal: Venus?
Feznik: Whew. Sometimes bad things happen when you say it out loud.
Magda Mogenson: *looks around too but fails to cringe*
Feznik: Anyway, she wants to see you, at your earliest convenience.
Feznik: She's waiting at the Cliffs of Woe.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh....Velessa....pretty name. What is She like?
Andrew Greggs: Which are...
Feznik: Heh. *at Sarge* You'll see.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not like the name then huh?
Feznik: *at Greggs* Oh, just south of here. You walked past them a few times.
Feznik: Might be best not to keep Her waiting.
Andrew Greggs: Straight through the mushroom forest.
Andrew Greggs: Of course.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the others and shrugs*
Feznik: Anyway, delivered my message. No gratuity, I presume?
Magda Mogenson: Here.
Junior Washington: sounds like a winning plan already
Magda Mogenson: *offers some mushroom powder*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: give the kid a cookie
Feznik: Bah, never touch the stuff.
Magda Mogenson: Why not?
Majid Kemal: The enemy of my enmy is my friend, is it?
Feznik: Gives me indigestion.
Magda Mogenson: What's it do?
Feznik: Too much self-abuse in my youth.
Feznik: Depends on the shroom. And the mortal. *heads off, chuckling*
Magda Mogenson: *baleful look*
Majid Kemal: Doesn't work with immortals then?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's go then. i'm not expecting much with the likes of the other creatures down here.
Andrew Greggs: Well. Can we resist such an appealing invitation?

Andrew Greggs: Damn it, Sarge, hold on...
Magda Mogenson: What was that game again from the movie? Those on one side, those on the other and us in the middle?
Junior Washington: With fearless Sarge scouting the way.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Can't remember off-hand
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well...some one got to do it
Magda Mogenson: Where's some DDT when you need it?
Andrew Greggs: *Breathing heavily*
Magda Mogenson: What's up, Greggs?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Huh ho!
Andrew Greggs: Looks like something those shrooms threw at me sapped me, somehow.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: looks like there's a guardian of some sort
Magda Mogenson: Hold on.
Andrew Greggs: ...that explains that.

Velessa : Now, now, my pet. Let the nice mortal pass.
Junior Washington: that's what I saw earlier
Andrew Greggs: Yup.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, well...look at what we have here!
Velessa : Come forward, mortals. I do hate shouting.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Velessa: Feeling better, sergeant?
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Velessa: I do hope that Hezarin did not... break... you.
Junior Washington: *listens*
Velessa: I am Velessa.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks over Velessa's shoulder* that's quite a clooction you have there
Majid Kemal: * w * She looks like an Indian Godess.
Velessa: Where is the sneaky one, the female?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Collection*
Velessa: Ah, there she is.
Velessa: Come, dear, join the conversation.
Andrew Greggs: All present and accounted fo...
Andrew Greggs: *for
Velessa: So, I trust you are enjoying our little world?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I really don't remember a lot about it...eh...Velessa
Velessa: Just a modest layer, but so... busy.
Junior Washington: Not really
Velessa: Probably for the best, Sergeant.
Magda Mogenson: Oh yeah, gonna write a Fodor.
Velessa: What do you think of our resident warlords?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: not a lot really
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We just wish to get out of here and back to our home world
Velessa: A difficult thing, when you have two immortal enemies who are so evenly balanced.
Majid Kemal: They are keeping our passeports.
Magda Mogenson: Manipulative, scheming, coniving, assholes?
Velessa: I do not blame you.
Velessa: The mortal realm... surely more pleasant than here.
Velessa: I am sure both Hezarin and Zurgon promised you your desire, should you help them.
Andrew Greggs: As demons are known to do.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But......
Velessa: Indeed.
Velessa: Unlike with devils, our kind's word means nothing.
Velessa: Chaos and evil are in our nature.
Magda Mogenson: Kinda figured.
Andrew Greggs: I didn't realize there was a distinction to be made.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Your kind? So we're not to trust anything you say to us either?
Magda Mogenson: You mean you were going to?
Velessa: Your understanding of us is... imperfect. We are in your stories, but only make peripheral appearances. *looks at Washington*
Velessa: *at Sarge* Of course.
Velessa: Trusting me would be foolish.
Velessa: However, I do have an offer that may prove to be of mutual benefit.
Magda Mogenson: *regards the stalkers*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, I guess we know where we stand then
Velessa: Always a good thing, sergeant.
Magda Mogenson: Go right ahead with the offer, we're an equal opportunities listener.
Velessa: I will put my cards, as you mortals sometimes say, on the table.
Velessa: Neither Zurgon nor Hezarin have the power to return you to your own plane.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess you must have a good hand of them then, 'cause we have nothin'
Velessa: However, I _do_ have that power.
Magda Mogenson: Care to show us?
Majid Kemal: Convenient.
Velessa: I will not ask you to take that on trust. There is a portal near here. *points east* In the cliffs. You may examine it, when we are finished here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh...you do? And why should we believe you when you say we can't trust you?
Junior Washington: *scratches head*
Velessa: You can go look for yourselves.
Velessa: To use it, I require what the demons wanted. Their amulets.
Andrew Greggs: A portal alone wouldn't prove a great deal.
Velessa: Well, it's more than the demons showed you.
Magda Mogenson: Both of them? *looks at Kemal and laughs*
Andrew Greggs: Not a high standard.
Velessa: Indeed. Here is what I suggest.
Velessa: Use Hezarin's ruby to defeat Zurgon.
Velessa: Oh, and you were correct; he can use it to listen to you. I've muted it for the moment, of course.
Majid Kemal: * smile * Told you so.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: True. *looks at the others* A way home....really....can we afford to NOT take up the offer?
Velessa: Then take the power within Zurgon's realm to defeat Hezarin.
Velessa: He has more weapons and items of power in his stockpile.
Majid Kemal: WE just don't know for sure where this portal leads to.
Magda Mogenson: Something we were moving towards as a concept, if only for sheer spite.
Velessa: It is a unique portal.
Velessa: It takes the one using it to the place that they need most to be.
Velessa: Presumably, if your Will is strong enough, it will take you home.
Junior Washington: great
Andrew Greggs: That sounds convinient.
Velessa: I have not used it myself, but I have seen it used, and spoken to people who have used it and lived.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So, you sorta wish yourway home?
Velessa: *chuckles* You do not even need to click your heels together, sergeant.
Magda Mogenson: *frowns and rubs her chin, glancing East*
Andrew Greggs: Cute.
Magda Mogenson: *blniks* How'd you pick up on that?
Velessa: By all means. Investigate.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn...that's the closest we've been since we started out
Velessa: Oh, demons can read minds, dear. Hadn't you already figured that out?
Junior Washington: figures
Magda Mogenson: *groans*
Velessa: Some are harder than others, but the Sergeant here is really quite uncomplicated.
Andrew Greggs: You don't say...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ghee thanks for that!
Velessa: So you can dispense with the morse code. Hezarin expects you to betray him, anyway.
Magda Mogenson: Kinda figured that too.
Velessa: As does Zurgon... he has prepared a trap for you in his citadel, but he doesn't know about the ruby.
Andrew Greggs: So what do we have that he won't be expecting?
Velessa: The ruby.
Velessa: Be aware, the soldiers within will attack you as readily as they will Zurgon's forces.
Magda Mogenson: Though we may have to fight the bastards it provides afterwards.
Velessa: But in the confusion, who knows.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, thought that.
Velessa: To be honest, I would be stunned if they were the last ones standing. Zurgon is crude and stupid, but powerful.
Magda Mogenson: *stares east*
Velessa: Let the minions sort things out, but be prepared to fight him.
Magda Mogenson: Alright, say we say yes. What can you give us to help even out our chances? Call it a sweetener on the deal.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Say Velessa? You wouldn't happen to have an edged weapon of some sort knocking around? And maybe some life renewing potions while your at it?
Velessa: *laughs* I do adore you mortals.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* We're not good at much, but I daresay we're decent at nickling and diming.
Velessa: My blades, you would not find... appealing. They do hate order, and good.
Velessa: Even the minute quantities that are found in your soul, sergeant.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs* it was worth a try
Velessa: However, feel free to scavange around the Cliffs. Many, many mortals have been tossed from them over the centuries.
Velessa: Maybe you'll even find something useful.
Velessa: Do be careful, however. The suffering tend to live on in this place.
Andrew Greggs: ...alright.
Velessa: And feel free to examine the portal.
Velessa: When you have completed your task, return here, and speak my name.

Magda Mogenson: Right...
Magda Mogenson: *instinctive fade*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Nice name, shame about the rest of her
Andrew Greggs: *Wince*
Magda Mogenson: Kinda reminds me of something from a movie too.
Magda Mogenson: Scavenge or check the portal first?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: i take it no one wants to look around the pile of bones?
Andrew Greggs: There might not be much to see, but...
Magda Mogenson: think, we've no choice but to check, but lets see this.

Magda Mogenson: Huh, unexpected.
Andrew Greggs: This is promising.
Junior Washington: great
Magda Mogenson: Those beetles.
Junior Washington: mebbe we don't wanna check this now?
Andrew Greggs: Think it connects to the other tunnel...?
Magda Mogenson: Chances are, yeah.
Majid Kemal: Are we inside the bowels of some big monster?
Magda Mogenson: Last then, and if nothing else presents.
Andrew Greggs: ...you have the weirdest thoughts, Kemal.
Majid Kemal: Why this look like rock to you?
Andrew Greggs: What?
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Junior Washington: So much for bypassing
Magda Mogenson: Tunnels. Bad. Out1
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What were we going to do eh? There was one of them down each passage
Andrew Greggs: We weren't tryign to bypass anything. Just turn around and walk away.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There was no way to bypass them
Andrew Greggs: I'm not even sure how you screw that up.
Magda Mogenson: Out!
Magda Mogenson: Now!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We have to go this way, don't we?
Magda Mogenson: No! Go!
Majid Kemal: I'm down to my last kit.
Magda Mogenson: Gimme a sec, Kemal.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What way are we going to go then?
Andrew Greggs: Hope we find something useful at the cliffs.
Andrew Greggs: That's the plan.
Majid Kemal: Thanks.
Magda Mogenson: My last pack spare too. Just one set left.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I said that 10 minutes ago but no one answered me
Magda Mogenson: Like I was saying, might have got the directions the snake woman said mixed up.

Andrew Greggs: Well... this looks fun.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So, I'll say it again...are we going to have a look at the foot of the cliffs
Magda Mogenson: Let's go round the clffs and see if there is.
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let me guess, those skeletons will come alive when we apporach them
Magda Mogenson: Get back!

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I hate been right!
Magda Mogenson: Light in that gem! Thought so!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: majid! I have a wand here you can use!
Andrew Greggs: Thanks, ma'am.
Magda Mogenson: That green stuff. Last I got.
Majid Kemal: Show me.
Andrew Greggs: ...ungh. Needed that.
Magda Mogenson: Find anything else?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: yeah, a fancy dagger
Majid Kemal: Oh it works.
Junior Washington: a dagger, yeah that'll reall knock'm dead.
Magda Mogenson: Sharp.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, it better than nothin'
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey...it lights up as well
Andrew Greggs: Now you can alert enemies of your presence even better.
Junior Washington: ...as in, wuh, huh, demons I'm over here.
Andrew Greggs: ..?
Magda Mogenson: Gas. Bad!

Magda Mogenson: Hnn...
Andrew Greggs: /This/ would be the portal.
Magda Mogenson: Cold from one hand, fire from the other.
Junior Washington: hmm
Andrew Greggs: Fits how she described it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey....feel that? one of the stones has heat coming from it and the other is cold
Magda Mogenson: Place to drop something on the top of them too.
Andrew Greggs: But that's no guarantee it'll actually /work/ as advertised.
Junior Washington: maybe it need the blood of two demon types?
Altar Stone: This stone has been carved into the form of a flat, open hand. There is a concave depression atop it, as if waiting for something to be placed upon it. An icy chill radiates from the stone.
Junior Washington: or two amulets, one from each?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: 8nods* reckon so
Magda Mogenson: Hnn..... I got ideas.
Majid Kemal: At least she said one true thing.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like a good place to have a rest up
Magda Mogenson: Going to be no way of knowing where it's gonna take us, but one thing's for sure, it can't be worse than here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Should be safe enough here
Magda Mogenson: Do nothing.
Andrew Greggs: I guess it could dump us in a sea of acid.
Andrew Greggs: Though that should at least be quick.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And all our worries would be over
Majid Kemal: It must be important though.
Magda Mogenson: We got anythin' much to lose if it does? ... exactly.
Andrew Greggs: *Snorts* Yeah...
Andrew Greggs: There's got to be some history, here.
Magda Mogenson: Just got this feeling that the stuff they've given us? It might do something here.
Magda Mogenson: Don't think it's the whole story though.
Altar Stone: This stone has been carved into the form of a flat, open hand. There is a concave depression atop it, as if waiting for something to be placed upon it. A wave of heat radiates from the stone.
Majid Kemal: Let us hope that V will let us use it once she's done with it.
Magda Mogenson: Do nothing.
Andrew Greggs: And what do you suppose she wants with it?
Andrew Greggs: Invade some helpless world of normals, maybe?
Magda Mogenson: *sigh* We'll burn that bridge when we come to it.
Majid Kemal: Either go somewhere or redecorate the whole place since she might be the last boss standing.
Majid Kemal: You're guess is as good as mine.
Junior Washington: So, now what?
Magda Mogenson: I got some supplies if rest is best.
Magda Mogenson: Just not sure it's safe.
Andrew Greggs: I've still got some, too.
Andrew Greggs: But I don't think we'll find any place safer.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's a worry isn't it? I mean even if Velessa desn't do anything to us, there's nothin' to stop her following us after we're gone
Majid Kemal: Let's try if you want.
Magda Mogenson: Like I said, we burn that one when we come to it.
Magda Mogenson: Anyone want to try settling down?
Majid Kemal: Go on Kyle.
Andrew Greggs: ..that's one vote in favour, I guess.
Magda Mogenson: *Watches*
Magda Mogenson: When everyone feels ready let's move.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Andrew Greggs: This'll be an interesting day.
Magda Mogenson: You've a talent for understatement that's positively annoying, Greggs. Let's go./
Andrew Greggs: There are few things I pride myself on, ma'am.

Magda Mogenson: Right then, what's the magic word? Valessa.
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns* Why are we looking to chat..?
Majid Kemal: You want to call now?
Magda Mogenson: Needed to confirm the deal, right?
Velessa: You called?
Velessa: I cannot help but notice you have no amulets.
Magda Mogenson: Figured you probably know, but I guess we're gonna take you up on the offer.
Velessa: I am not much for small talk.
Velessa: I had a feeling.
Velessa: There is something... you aren't keeping something from me, dearie?
Andrew Greggs: Is that something we could even do if we wanted to?
Magda Mogenson: What could I possibly keep from someone who can read minds?
Velessa: Yours is not quite as open as those of your colleagues. A shadow lies over you. But I imagine you know that.
Velessa: So what do you want from me?
Magda Mogenson: ... yeah. Not got around to thinking that through but whatever. Was just a courtesy, ma'am.
Junior Washington: weapons, armor, nuclear weapons.
Andrew Greggs: Nuclear armor.
Andrew Greggs: While we're at it.
Velessa: You'll get nothing more from me.
Magda Mogenson: Figured that too.
Velessa: Bring the amulets here, and I will use my magic to open the portal.
Majid Kemal: Not even free peanuts?
Andrew Greggs: One thing I'm curious about, though.
Magda Mogenson: *snorting laugh*
Majid Kemal: And after that what will you do?
Andrew Greggs: Why is this thing here?
Velessa: Go. The longer you wait, the more that Zurgon and Hezarin will recover from their most recent squabble.
Velessa: I will keep the amulets and use them to gain dominance over this realm.
Andrew Greggs: ...right.
Velessa: Your fear for your Earth is touching, but misplaced.
Velessa: I cannot go there unless I am summoned by someone in your world.
Magda Mogenson: Then we're on our way, ma'am.
Andrew Greggs: We'll have to make sure to forget your name, then.
Magda Mogenson: We'll be in touch.
Majid Kemal: And you would let us go just like that?
Velessa: And I don't imagine that there are many sorcerers in your world.
Velessa: Why would I care? I would have what I want.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Velessa: Looting your carcasses might be amusing but if you had anything I really wanted I would already have it.
Velessa: Remember the secret to dealing with demons: make sure your selfish self-interest coincides at all times.
Magda Mogenson: Time's wasting, squad. Let's move before they fix themselves up.
Velessa: Now go, before I get tired of you.
Majid Kemal: Go go go
Junior Washington: or they could be killing more of each other.
Magda Mogenson: Gas. Bad. Remember?
Junior Washington: as are mushrooms
Majid Kemal: ok then

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:51 am

General Bones: When we left off, the group had just visited a portal and had a second conversation with the snake-demon Velessa...

Magda Mogenson: Mushrooms.
Andrew Greggs: Mushrooms.
Majid Kemal: All is not lost, even here the laws of nature still applies.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Okay....which one first?
Andrew Greggs: I swear to every God willing to listen....
Junter Calren: the demons all keep fucking with the priest, it's not suprising i guess
Andrew Greggs: I will, for the rest of my natural life - however short - bear a deep and unquenching hatered for mushrooms.
Andrew Greggs: Seriously. Fuck mushrooms.
Magda Mogenson: The fungi's to be with.
Junior Washington: Great on pizza and in omlets.
Andrew Greggs: Fuck 'em.
Majid Kemal: Avoid them
Andrew Greggs: KEep up!
Magda Mogenson: Careful.
Andrew Greggs: Another one behind you, ma'am.
Andrew Greggs: Doesn't seem to be moving at us...
Magda Mogenson: Avoid the freaking things.
Magda Mogenson: Dammit, big one there.

Feznik : Run, priest! Run!
Feznik : This wasy! No, this way!
Feznik : Um... this way?
Feznik : Not there!
Feznik: Hi!
Andrew Greggs: Of, for...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Bad time to show up Imp!
Feznik : Ow!
Feznik : Ow Ow Ow!
Feznik : Neutral faction! Neutral faction!

Junter Calren: Bloody imp!
Andrew Greggs: Fuck. Mushrooms.
Feznik: Hey, I helped you!
Magda Mogenson: You bastard.
Feznik: Um, yeah, that'll clear up soon.
Feznik: What?
Andrew Greggs: Ugh.
Magda Mogenson: *staggering*
Feznik: You got your priest back! Sheesh, no gratitude, you mortals.
Junter Calren: My appologies my friends, i did not mean to bring half the creatures in this place down upon you
Andrew Greggs: You alright, ma'am?
Andrew Greggs: ...bit woozy, myself.
Magda Mogenson: I can barely freaking walk.
Majid Kemal: Allow me
Feznik: Sort of surprised to see you still here, actually.
Andrew Greggs: You thought your mistress would eat us?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ghee..thanks
Magda Mogenson: Thanks, it's not really helped much.
Feznik: No, not that. Um, forget I said anything.
Feznik: So, how about that priest? Eh, right? Reunion! Yay!
Andrew Greggs: Uh-huh.
Andrew Greggs: How the hell did this happen, exactly?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Anyway, to go back to an earlier discussion. Do we know which of them we want to take out first?
Magda Mogenson: Thanks......
Feznik: Well, Chitzak owed me a favor, and I owed Velessa a favor, and everyone hates Zurgon, so...
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs forehead*
Majid Kemal: Let them fight pick the survivor
Feznik: See, I really am your friend. Well, friendly acquaintance, anyway.
Magda Mogenson: We just love you, Micky.
Junior Washington: hmm
Feznik: So you're really going to take on the demon bosses, eh?
Andrew Greggs: Of course, Zurgon's probably listening in on us again by now.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess we don't have much of a choice
Feznik: You know, if there's anything you want to leave for safe-keeping, I stand ready to assist. Just in case.
Andrew Greggs: So, y'know. Thanks for giving away the game.
Feznik: Zurgon? Did he give you a Frost Emerald?
Andrew Greggs: Urgh, the other one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Like one of those safety desposit boxes wh?
Andrew Greggs: Fire coming out his ass, you know who.
Feznik: Hezarin.
Andrew Greggs: That one.
Feznik: Right. I hate to say this, because we're friends and all.
Feznik: But those half-dozen shrooms that nearly beat you into bloody mortal pulp?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah?
Feznik: Um, ah. Each of the demons, and their guards. Tougher.
Majid Kemal: And?
Feznik: Way tougher.
Andrew Greggs: Uh-huh.
Feznik: But hey! Optimism! Go team!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We kinda knew that already
Feznik: Well. I for one am glad you decided to stay.
Junior Washington: We only need to kill the boss and get their necklace.
Junter Calren: In fairness we were all somewhat unprepared.
Feznik: It really is quite dull here without you.
Junior Washington: I say bypass the guards, if we can.
Andrew Greggs: We might have a few tricks, yet.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Look at what happened me last time I tried to bypass a guard
Feznik: Well, okay then. Lots of luck!
Andrew Greggs: You didn't bypass it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hell, it wasn't even bypassing...just distracting!
Andrew Greggs: /We/ bypassed it while you got your spine torn in half.
Majid Kemal: We are missing something.
Andrew Greggs: That's a way of distracting, I suppose.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, I don't want to repeat it
Andrew Greggs: It didn't look very fun from our perspective, either.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Pity we could call in an Air Stike
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: couldn't*
Magda Mogenson: Look, let's just go.
Majid Kemal: No but we can use the crystal anywhere and any time.
Andrew Greggs: This place? I wouldn't shed a tear if a few nukes dropped on it.
Andrew Greggs: The ruby, you mean?
Majid Kemal: Yes the ruby.
Andrew Greggs: Why would we want it do anything other than take lord Frosty down a few pegs?
Junter Calren: what can we do with the ruby?
Andrew Greggs: Oh, summon the horde of fire demons trapped in it.
Majid Kemal: We use it but on our terms.
Andrew Greggs: Those should help, only they'll apparently be trying to kill us as well.
Andrew Greggs: So, y'know, stay back.
Andrew Greggs: Pick off the survivor.
Junter Calren: said fire demons are likely to be unhappy should we summon them at the wrong time and place
Andrew Greggs: So goeth the plan at present.
Majid Kemal: Who cares they'll be dead.
Magda Mogenson: We wait until we are as near to the big bad as possible. Endof story.
Andrew Greggs: And we'll get to fight Zurgon without their help.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fire Demons against the cold boss might be the way to use them?
Andrew Greggs: We'll just have to withdraw and stay at the fringes until they're done with each other.
Majid Kemal: Not really.
Andrew Greggs: You boys think you can contain yourself for that long?
Andrew Greggs: I know you're all so /very/ eager to get yourselves killed...
Majid Kemal: Hell no if I may say.
Magda Mogenson: We also need some of this blood on people's weapons. Who will be up front, I don't want all of it used.
Andrew Greggs: Angy shroom.
Junter Calren: the blood that makes fire?
Magda Mogenson: Yes.
Andrew Greggs: ...and I'll be up front, I guess. Though I might wind up playing mostly defensive.
Junter Calren: I prepared some blessings for weapons that will do something similar
Magda Mogenson: But I /don't/ want it all used.

Andrew Greggs: Another!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I miss my big ass firey axe!
Andrew Greggs: Speaking of which, it might not do as much...
Andrew Greggs: But might be this'll help.
Andrew Greggs: Not too tough on its own, but it really hurts the locals.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, its solid enough
Junter Calren: who will be meeting the enemy in melee?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: hit 'em a hefty whack but not as good as an axe
Magda Mogenson: I asked that.
Junter Calren: I didn't hear a great many answers.
Junter Calren: Of course I shall be at the front myself.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I guess I will have too
Andrew Greggs: Like I said, I will.
Magda Mogenson: The who needs fire?
Junter Calren: produce your weapons
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Got my shiny dagger as well
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Could use both of them together
Magda Mogenson: I will get close if I can. Do you have more?
Majid Kemal: You know when and where to use the ruby?
Andrew Greggs: ...you sure that's a good idea?
Andrew Greggs: Well, the Ruby...
Andrew Greggs: Hezarin told us to get fairly close.
Andrew Greggs: Of course, that might just be because he wants us to get incinerated along with his rival.
Magda Mogenson: After the ruby is played out, or before as we have to /get/ close, fire is good.
Majid Kemal: Yes but it's up to us how close. * smile *
Magda Mogenson: I might be better to use the ruby.
Andrew Greggs: Probably right, ma'am.
Magda Mogenson: They ... well most of them don't see me.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess we should be looking into the whites of his eyes before you use that ruby....that's of course IF his has whites for eyes
Andrew Greggs: All black, I'm guessing.
Majid Kemal: Put it this way, activate it in a fridge.
Junior Washington: or red
Magda Mogenson: Yeah....
Majid Kemal: And watch the show.
Andrew Greggs: Still a fair trek.
Andrew Greggs: Just a thought, while we're at it..
Andrew Greggs: But maybe there's something useful we can do while fire and ice fight it out.
Andrew Greggs: Like say, try and plunder Ice's armory.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Wouldn't it be something if we could get him to shallow the ruby just as it activated? Demons arise inside him, it would be over in seconds
Andrew Greggs: Uh, yeah. Shame we're dealing with a demon lord and not a hungry two-year-old.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Put it in an apple, if we had an apple
Junter Calren: I would love to know how you'd intend to force feed a demon anything.
Andrew Greggs: Do these things even eat?
Andrew Greggs: Don't exactly see any farmland around.

Magda Mogenson: Take it slowly.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Somethin'
Magda Mogenson: The portal.
Andrew Greggs: Y'know. The one your valiant sacrifice allowed us to stumble into.
Novoz: Welcome back to the fantastic realm of the mighty Zurgon!
Andrew Greggs: Fantastic indeed.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Heh...I didn't make it here last time

Novoz: My Master hopes that you were successful. He, ah, has asked me to verify your outcome, before I escort you to his Presenceness.
Magda Mogenson: *looks at the others and lifts a brow*
Novoz: There was a certain... amulet, that you were to recover?
Magda Mogenson: Shall we give it to them?
Andrew Greggs: He'll be thrilled to see it, I'm sure.
Majid Kemal: Shall we tell them they got company to worry about?
Junior Washington: How do we know he won't just run off with it?
Novoz: Oh, you don't have to give it to me, just show it.
Novoz: Of course, if you _want_ to offer a gratuity, such are cheerfully accepted!
Magda Mogenson: Well, that's a good point. It would be good idea if one of us took it.
Magda Mogenson: These can remain behind, and I'll take it.
Novoz: No, no, my Master wants to see all of you, thank you for your service.
Andrew Greggs: His graciousness is truly without end.
Novoz: *coarse whisper* The Reavers, they get... antsy.
Novoz: Espeecially don't want to leave a tasty wolf with them.
Magda Mogenson: So then, ping or pong?
Novoz: Or that guy in the white coat, he looks like he has some pretty juicy flank chops.
Novoz: So, I believe we were speaking of a certain proof?
Junior Washington: *eyes narrow*
Majid Kemal: Is this close enough Magda?
Andrew Greggs: To be fair, Junior, if we were all starvint to death and had to pick someone to eat first...
Magda Mogenson: Might have to be..... but.
Andrew Greggs: Right, so. Good news? Fire works pretty well.
Magda Mogenson: Let's move!


Majid Kemal: But we want the white to win this one.
Andrew Greggs: ...and there's the bad news.
Andrew Greggs: *Wave at the giant*
Magda Mogenson: Up there!
Majid Kemal: RUBY
Andrew Greggs: When we get to the boss-man.
Andrew Greggs: Who is over in this direction?.
Magda Mogenson: Leave it.
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant!
Junior Washington: shouldn't we be ignoring outer guards and press on?

Andrew Greggs: Hear oncoming.
Majid Kemal: Use the ruby now!
Majid Kemal: NOOO
Majid Kemal: Use the ruby!
Andrew Greggs: Okay, someone seems to be confused here.
Andrew Greggs: The fire demons will NOT discriminate.
Andrew Greggs: They'll just kill whatever's near them.
Magda Mogenson: I'm going in and will release them.
Majid Kemal: We don't care it's our only chance
Andrew Greggs: If we use it too early, they'll just be another thing we have to fight through.
Junter Calren: be careful
Junter Calren: majid you fool, if we release them too soon we'll simply double our enemies
Majid Kemal: No the white will fight the red we just take cover

Magda Mogenson: *slices at the lock*
Magda Mogenson: Stay back.
Majid Kemal: No they seems to hate each other they will go for the fortress.
Andrew Greggs: Just be a good soldier and do as the LT says.
Majid Kemal: Trust me.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Could you spare a little healing Junter?
Magda Mogenson: xxxxx
Andrew Greggs: *Stands by the gate, listening for a sign*
Magda Mogenson: *tosses the ruby*
Majid Kemal: If you let the red in they will win and kill us right after. If you let them out in the cold you even the odds.
Majid Kemal: Isn't that obvious to you?
Andrew Greggs: The LT has the ruby. It doesn't matter. Plan's in motion.
Majid Kemal: Didn't we talk about that fistful of dollar?
Andrew Greggs: Just be fucking ready to move, alright?
Andrew Greggs: Thanks, preacher.
Majid Kemal: I'm not going to die today you can if you are a fool LT.
Andrew Greggs: *Rolls eyes with a groan*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Don't be bad mouthing the LT kemel, we've got enough problems
Majid Kemal: He's a fool
Majid Kemal: The red have more troops they will wipe out everything if they get in.
Andrew Greggs: Also a corporal, last I checked;
Magda Mogenson: *throws the ruby down*
Andrew Greggs: You're even more confused than I thought.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Back off
Andrew Greggs: That /might/ be a sign.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Wait for the next one
Majid Kemal: * Try to see the ruby *

Andrew Greggs: Damn it, damn it..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Got one on my tail

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