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Re: Junior's Journal

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General Bones: Battered and worn down by your challenges on the first level of the mausoleum, the group has elected to retreat and rest a bit to recover their strength. Magda has gone off to scout and has not returned; you are starting to worry.

Majid Kemal: Where's pretty Lady?
Majid Kemal: Do we need to wait for her?
Andrew Greggs: Not like the LT to get spotted...
Majid Kemal: * search backpack * Hold
Junter Calren: She strikes me as a woman quite capable of looking after herself
Andrew Greggs: Only so much looking after oneself that'll help you against, say, giant demons wanting to rip out your heart.
Junter Calren: We can take this time to prepare ourselves.
Andrew Greggs: Right. Any ideas?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *rolls shoulders* I'm as ready as I'm going to be
Andrew Greggs: We don't have a damn clue what we're even going to find down here, do we?
Junter Calren: well, I can refresh the blessings on our weapons
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *holds out his rod* Do your thing Padre

Rebel Scout: This is where they were coming, I think.
Junior Washington: Hmm
Junior Washington: don't suppose you have a few arrows you could share with me? my quiver's about empty.
Mikhela M'lara: Toman, what are you doing here?
Rebel Scout: Bringing this one, m'lady.
Junior Washington: Thanks
Mikhela M'lara: Hmm, right. You're one of _them_.
Mikhela M'lara: Well, they went inside that building a few hours ago.
Junior Washington: I see, anything I should know about this place?
Mikhela M'lara: Treyvex said that there are weapons of power laid there.
Mikhela M'lara: To use against the undead that have been swarming this land since Aladon Jariff opened the portals.
Junior Washington: so it's a tomb of some sort?
Mikhela M'lara: We certain need them.
Mikhela M'lara: I have not set foot inside, warrior.
Mikhela M'lara: But Treyvex said that the weapons would be guarded.
Mikhela M'lara: If you would rejoin your friends, I would make haste.
Junior Washington: Naturally
Mikhela M'lara: Toman, return to the camp and notify them of what has happened.
Junior Washington: Guess I better be going then.
Rebel Scout: Aye, m'lady.
Junior Washington: Thanks for the help.
Junior Washington: *looks around*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's one heck of a neat trick *looking at the flaming weapon
Andrew Greggs: *Taps self*
Andrew Greggs: Hunh.
Majid Kemal: May be we should save our magic * pause * just a thought.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looking at the stoneskin protection* And this is something else entirely!
Junter Calren: These are protections that should last several hours
Andrew Greggs: Well, whatever helps me with the whole not-dying thing.
Majid Kemal: I know but mine do not last as long I'm afraid.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Or the first fight we get into, whichever comes first!
Junter Calren: A matter of experience.

General Bones: Those at the camp hear sounds of violence from nearby.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I guess we'll just have to chase after the LT
Andrew Greggs: Well, are we...
Andrew Greggs: ...you hear that?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh ho
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is that her?
Majid Kemal: Junter?

Andrew Greggs: Who's there?!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Junior!
Majid Kemal: Stay together!
Andrew Greggs: Hell..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How in the hell.....?
Junior Washington: Oh there you are
Majid Kemal: Junior!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *Gives him a hug8
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: how did you get here?
Andrew Greggs: We thought you were still dining with the demons.
Junter Calren: Glad you made it back to us
Junior Washington: Some scouts brought me here said you were looking for some weapons or something.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You must have met the Rebels
Junior Washington: Yeah I stayed with them briefly.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: They found us too when we exited the Abyss
Junior Washington: Hmm, I see.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Said there was a magic weapon around here somewhere
Junter Calren: an entire armoury, we were told
Junter Calren: we've found a few objects of use
Junior Washington: Right
Junter Calren: not quite the legendary stockpile as yet though
Andrew Greggs: And of course, we're the lucky fellows who get to risk their lives...
Andrew Greggs: As usual.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: LT has gone scouting ahead on her own but that was hours ago....we're just beginning to get worried
Junior Washington: Right
Junter Calren: these things can become.. enhanced.. in the telling.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We were about to set out in the direction she went
Junior Washington: Fine, lead on.
Andrew Greggs: Well, huzzah.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: its on the other side of this door
Majid Kemal: Don't touch the acid water.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, safer back this way.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *kicks it open*
Junter Calren: We will have to be especially careful, she was our principal detector and disabler of traps..
Junter Calren: not that way kyle!
Andrew Greggs: We'd hav to cross the acid pool, remember?
Junior Washington: Sarg's good at finding traps.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn...forgot about that
Majid Kemal: No we don't we can go around
Andrew Greggs: *Snort* Oh, yeah. He sure is.
Andrew Greggs: Down we go...
Majid Kemal: Ah stairs.
Andrew Greggs: Hey-ho-ho.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I hope the LT has been taken as a prisoner by some sort of demon again
Junter Calren: who will proceed first as scout?
Andrew Greggs: Again? That was you.
Majid Kemal: I can sort of.
Junior Washington: Well I can spot traps, if we go slow
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I don't think this body of mine can take that much punishment all over again
Andrew Greggs: I can spot traps, too.
Andrew Greggs: But I'll not be very stealthy in this armour.
Junior Washington: Fine lead on.
Andrew Greggs: Gradual advance, then.

Majid Kemal: Hold
Majid Kemal: Clear
Andrew Greggs: Don't trust that bridge.
Majid Kemal: Hm
Andrew Greggs: ..yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Coming right!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sparkling lights!
Andrew Greggs: Watch out.
Andrew Greggs: Might be leading us into a trap.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So far, so good

Majid Kemal: They always come out of the blue these lights.
Andrew Greggs: Empty..
Majid Kemal: Which way?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Must be the other
Junter Calren: this is the only option
Andrew Greggs: No, it's not.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Probably it was the LT that left that last door open

Djinni : Greetings, mortal.
Junior Washington: hmm
Majid Kemal: Junter!
Andrew Greggs: What door? The glowing thing did...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: She might have left marks to follow
Majid Kemal: Please come.
Andrew Greggs: What the...
Majid Kemal: May be you want to speak.
Djinni : Timid, are you not?
Andrew Greggs: *Raises shield* What now..
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junter Calren: Who are you?
Djinni : You need not fear. While I am here as guardian, I will not attack you.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Good
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Have you seen a blonde woman pass this way/
Andrew Greggs: We have every reason to take you on your word, of course.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: ?
Majid Kemal: You know this thing reminds me of 1001 nights.
Djinni : I am Calemnos, Fourth Vizier of the Court of Columnuous III, lord of the Sixth House.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Greetings, we're the US Army...eh...on tour
Majid Kemal: Vizier!
Junter Calren: And guardian, you call yourself? of what, and against whom?
Djinni : To your kind, I am known as a djinn.
Djinni : And I have not seen your missing companion.
Majid Kemal: Ah I knew it.
Andrew Greggs: Lovely.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn
Djinni : I am only bid serve as guardian, priest of the Sun God.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: She must have come this way as there appears to be no other
Andrew Greggs: You haven't told us what it is you're guarding.
Djinni : I know only that the priests who summoned me were of your sect, sun priest.
Junior Washington: Hmm
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: One of yours junter?
Junior Washington: Maybe, he'll help us then?
Djinni : They bid me ensure that only one of true purpose and firm determination be allowed to pass below.
Junter Calren: And how were you bid to test such?
Djinni : It has been quite dull, actually. You are the first to visit.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: In how long?
Junior Washington: I suppose that's good news at least.
Andrew Greggs: Bandages did nothing to Andrew Greggs because they are alive.
Djinni : It is difficult to tell; there is no external measure by which to count the passage of time.
Andrew Greggs: You must be bored out of your skull.
Andrew Greggs: ...if you have a skull.
Djinni : To answer your question, priest, I have summoned creatures of my kind, entities of Elemental Air, to ward the triggers.
Djinni : Indeed, the passage of time has been... slow. But I am immortal, so what is such an interval?
Djinni : Would you not come forward? I tire of shouting.
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Djinni : I give you my word as a lord of elemental air that I will not personally harm you.
Andrew Greggs: Personally.
Andrew Greggs: Being the operative word?
Junior Washington: yeah right
Djinni : Of course. I _am_ a guardian.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: yeah, caught that too
Andrew Greggs: *Eyes the side doors*
Junter Calren: Administer your tests then, you will not find us lacking.
Majid Kemal: What now O Great Vizier?
Djinni : Indeed, I sense that you are quite determined.
Andrew Greggs: If you say so.
Andrew Greggs: I think I'm mostly running on inertia at this point.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Okay, sounds straight forward
Andrew Greggs: How very old-school of them.
Junter Calren: Very well. They shall soon find themselves home.
Majid Kemal: Would they not allow a Sun priest to pass?
Djinni: I can only surmise that those who summoned me wanted to ensure that others would not come and loot this place without dire need.
Junter Calren: even priests are men, and are imperfect.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, times appear dire at the moment which I guess is why we're here
Djinni: Of course.
Majid Kemal: The land above us is dying Vizier.
Djinni: I have no doubt that your determination will carry you through.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, pretty dire all-round.
Djinni: And when it does, I too shall return to my own land.
Andrew Greggs: I'm sure you look forward to that.
Djinni: Oh, indeed.
Andrew Greggs: So, then... any other tips?
Djinni: So anything I can do to help, short of aiding you against the guardians...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: When we take what is been guarded? Do you know what it is your were sent to protect?
Djinni: The priests were not very forthcoming with that.
Majid Kemal: Er in our legends you are known to grant wishes sometimes. Do you?
Djinni: Usually it's artifacts of magical power. Though who knows, perhaps a fair maiden in stasis?
Djinni: Indeed! Wishes are my specialty. But sadly, not within my current mandate.
Andrew Greggs: I'd prefer the artefacts, at the moment.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How bad would that be? But fairly useless for our purposes
Majid Kemal: Meaning you are forbidden to grant them?
Djinni: Never can tell, with you mortals. Your tastes change so wildly.
Andrew Greggs: Keeps us interesting, I guess.
Djinni: Djinn can only grant wishes to mortals in specific circumstances that are prescribed by our law.
Djinni: Otherwise... chaos.
Djinni: You do seem pleasant enough, for mortals. Do try not to perish, against the guardians.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Any truth to the rumour you have to be trapped in a container to grant the releaser the wishes?
Majid Kemal: So you won't send these men to their wifes I suppose.
Andrew Greggs: This is all very interesting, but if we're going up against traps I'd like to have the LT back.
Djinni: *eyes narrow at sarge* Why, you don't have a magic lamp, do you?
Majid Kemal: No traps it seems may be other "lesser djins".
Djinni: Ha. Hardly.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If I had would you go into it? Only kidding
Djinni: The guardians lack sentience, they are just creatures of air and spirit.
Majid Kemal: So to prove our might fight we must.
Djinni: Isn't that the way of things?
Majid Kemal: Ready guys?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Djinni: I shall await your success.
Andrew Greggs: I dunno. A nice riddle or spirited debate would be welcome, at this point.
Junter Calren: if there's nothing else, we should get this work done.
Majid Kemal: Pick a door, just one.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No, but I guess we're no choice
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's make this as easy on ourselves as we can. One lever at a time
Djinni: Somehow, I did not get the impression that the priests of the sun god were much for debate or riddles.
Djinni: Excellent choice!
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, priests usually lack for imagination.
Djinni: Allow me, sir.
Junter Calren: my thanks.
Andrew Greggs: ...why is this an excellent choice?

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: One at a time
Majid Kemal: This lacks finesse.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's what he meant

General Bones: A sudden breeze comes out of nowhere and starts blowing down the corridor.

Andrew Greggs: I think I know where this is going.
General Bones: It grows in intensity...
Andrew Greggs: Stick close, people...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How would you get a gust underground?
Junter Calren: *plods onwards into it*
Majid Kemal: Where?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Call a Dust Devil!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn....two of them!

Andrew Greggs: *Cough, cough*
Andrew Greggs: Damn things...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I thought there was suppose to be only one of them guarding the lever?
Junior Washington: tough buggers
Andrew Greggs: Where did you get that idea?
Junter Calren: the djinn did not specify a number
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What else as the Djinn been lying about?

Andrew Greggs: A gate. Of course.
Andrew Greggs: Trapped.
Junior Washington: hmm
Majid Kemal: What then?
Andrew Greggs: I dunno if we can take it down from afar... or if there's some other way.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Untrap it
Junior Washington: geeze
Andrew Greggs: What did you...
Junior Washington: don't be so hasty priest
Junior Washington: you coulda fried all of us
Junter Calren: we don't have time for this nonsense
Andrew Greggs: We don't?
Junior Washington: next time wait for the all clear
Andrew Greggs: It's a bad sign when you're defining 'staying alive' as nonsense.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess that door wouldn't be working again

Majid Kemal: I see things
Andrew Greggs: Well. That's a lever, alright.
Andrew Greggs: ... and those..
Andrew Greggs: Are bad news!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Seroius looking

Andrew Greggs: *Eyes dart around* Hope that was the last of them..
Majid Kemal: * try mopving the lever *
Junior Washington: maybe this is one of those "open three lever" things.
Majid Kemal: Stuck?

General Bones: You hear a distant grating of metal on stone.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah
Majid Kemal: Ah
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Something moved
Andrew Greggs: Well, that's something, at least.
Majid Kemal: This one is done. Two to go.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess its door number two

Djinni: Well done!
Djinni: I had no doubts, of course.
Junter Calren: The next door, if you would.
Andrew Greggs: Of cousre...
Djinni: Naturally.
Djinni: Stand clear...
Andrew Greggs: Save your energy, Sarge.
Andrew Greggs: Seriously.
Andrew Greggs: Smashing rocks doesn't do your weapons any good, you know?
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Djinni: Sometimes bludgeoning a static object can bring the greatest of pleasure.
Andrew Greggs: You seriously mistreat those things.
Majid Kemal: Hey there Wolf.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Better have it off the hinges than have it locked behind us
Andrew Greggs: See, THEN we could just smash it.

Andrew Greggs: Ow!
Andrew Greggs: Watch it!
Majid Kemal: What? A trap?
Andrew Greggs: Nah, it's the cloud... thing.
Andrew Greggs: Maelstrom?
Andrew Greggs: Stay the hell away from 'em.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Can we just bypass it?
Junior Washington: I could use some healing too
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Stick close to the left hand wall
Andrew Greggs: Another gate.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Another long sliding door like the last time
Andrew Greggs: Another trap.
Majid Kemal: I need to save the healing herbs.
Junior Washington: hold on while I take a look

Junior Washington: air spirits ahead
Junior Washington: at least a couple
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Padre, could you reflame my weapon again?
Andrew Greggs: We can lure them in.

Junter Calren: I've run out of those blessings i'm afraid
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Another lever in a pool of water
Andrew Greggs: Why the hell are they in pools of water?
Junter Calren: *pulls the lever*

General Bones: *distant metallic clank*

Majid Kemal: Well It's just water so far not acid.
Junter Calren: it may be holy water or some other similar defence
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe there's water invlved in the movement of the levers
Andrew Greggs: Right. That would make sense, I guess.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Keep close to the wall again
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Phew* Well, we're batting above average at the moment
Andrew Greggs: Considered a miss would be dying...

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks...I guess
Andrew Greggs: I suppose our reccord is assured.
Djinni: I apologize, I realize that the whirlwind could technically be considered a "trap".
Djinni: You're almost done!

Andrew Greggs: Eh. Tickled a little, I guess.
Majid Kemal: The wolf is injured let him go Junter.
Junter Calren: It will be fine
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is that a body
Andrew Greggs: Thates..
Majid Kemal: No lever?
Andrew Greggs: A sacrophagus.
Junior Washington: this was another passage back there.
Junior Washington: There
Junter Calren: *looks unhappy about this but does it anyway*
Andrew Greggs: Why is there a sacrophagus?
Junter Calren: *and finds it locked*
Andrew Greggs: There's a passage back here, too.
Andrew Greggs: ...with lots and lots of gates.
Majid Kemal: More lights I guess.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Kick them all down?
Andrew Greggs: Wanna bed those'll slam closed at some point?
Andrew Greggs: They ARE down.
Junior Washington: maybe the lever was down the other way?
Andrew Greggs: Except the one at the end.
Andrew Greggs: Maybe.
Junter Calren: *starts removing the bronze clasps from the edge of the tomb*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Not them all
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Junter Calren: hold a moment.
Majid Kemal: Ah we must be ibn the wrong room.
Andrew Greggs: Let's not do three goddamn things at once!
Junter Calren: if this is here, it must be important
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hm... can't be knocked
Andrew Greggs: Get back here, then.
Andrew Greggs: Junter, what are you trying to do?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its locked but not be kicked open
Junter Calren: breaking the seals to open this thing
Majid Kemal: Prey!
Andrew Greggs: Isn't that defiling a grave, or something?
Majid Kemal: Do your thing man.
Andrew Greggs: I mean, if your god's cool with that...
Junter Calren: *pulling off bronze seals*
Junter Calren: We don't know that it's a grave
Junter Calren: though it looks like one
Andrew Greggs: You're right.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, its a six foot chest
Andrew Greggs: Could be full of candy.

General Bones: The seals have to be pried off, but they don't put up a fight.
Junter Calren: Duty doesn't end at death.
Andrew Greggs: Or it could ahave those things!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Two bodies stored in there?
Andrew Greggs: How romantic.

Junter Calren: .. dust.
Junter Calren: a bag of something.
Andrew Greggs: A bag?
Junter Calren: obviously magical, I am not sure its purpose
Majid Kemal: Is there any key?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe scattering the dust on the bars of the gate might do something?
Andrew Greggs: ...that's a strech.
Andrew Greggs: Let's just check the other corridor before we try the gate again, eh?

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Weapons! Maybe there's an Axe?
Andrew Greggs: ...did not see that coming.
Junter Calren: hmph
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fancy daggers
Andrew Greggs: Got another gate like the last two here.
Junter Calren: take them anyway, perhaps they will be of use later
Majid Kemal: Some daggers here.
Andrew Greggs: Also trapped.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're on the right track for the lever then
Junior Washington: ok clear but locked
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Break it
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Got them all
Junior Washington: could use some healing too
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Move the lever
Junior Washington: thanks
Junter Calren: *yanks on the lever*

General Bones: As you pull the final lever you hear a loud clank and then quiet.

Majid Kemal: Just one left.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No, that's them all
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe its the gate we've opened?
Majid Kemal: Herbs I mean.
Junior Washington: likely
Andrew Greggs: Might be.
Andrew Greggs: But we might as well chat to mister Djin first.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure
Junior Washington: why not check that other gate first?
Majid Kemal: Gate.
Andrew Greggs: Because that's further away?
Majid Kemal: It must be opened now.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, and we don't know what's beyond it.
Andrew Greggs: The Djinn might.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Of course the Djinn might not be too happy about what we've done. Could turn on us
Junter Calren: let us see what information we might gather from him
Andrew Greggs: I doubt it. I think he's prett sincere about wanting to get out of here.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Glad your happy about that
Djinni: As soon as you leave this level, my obligations are complete.
Djinni: Please accept this small token of my esteem.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Our way ahead is through the gate then?
Andrew Greggs: And we leave this level... past the sacrophagus?
Junter Calren: do you know what is on the next level? traps, guardians?
Andrew Greggs: Hm.
Djinni: I did hear one of the priests asking if all of the constructs were in place. That is all I know, I have not been below this level.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn...Golems
Djinni: That censer will summon one of the least of my kind to your service, once each day.
Junter Calren: interesting.
Andrew Greggs: Oh. Constructs.
Majid Kemal: I think I may know how to work that.
Andrew Greggs: Remember that one in the swamp ruins?
Andrew Greggs: That was... fun.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, that's why i cursed
Djinni: Be cautious with its use; the air elemental whirlwinds can affect friend and foe alike.
Majid Kemal: Thank you Vizier.
Djinni: Well, if you handled all of my guardians so effectively, I am sure you can handle whatever the priests have in store.
Djinni: Of course. It was pleasant speaking with mortals again.
Djinni: You are much more cultured than the usual tomb-raiders one encounters.
Andrew Greggs: Right. Have a good homecoming.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The LT certainly didn't pass this way. Where the hell did she get too?
Djinni: Perhaps she is waiting for your exit.
Andrew Greggs: All I know is splitting up was a bad idea.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If she follows us, be sure to tell her where we went
Djinni: Of course.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: To the gate then
Djinni: Good fortune!
Junter Calren: our thanks.
Majid Kemal: Farewell.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ah yes, three gates, three levers
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And another stairs leading down
Andrew Greggs: *Whistles*
Junior Washington: hmm 4 of'm
Andrew Greggs: Those would be the constructs.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I see what he meant
Andrew Greggs: Eight.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: eh...there's a lot of them
Junior Washington: yesh
Junter Calren: if they attack at once they may be overwhelming...
Andrew Greggs: This doen't look very much like an armoury.
Majid Kemal: Is there a way NOT to disturb them?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's more of this...hmmm...six foot chests here
Andrew Greggs: If we had the gear, I'd say rig them with C4 while they're still immobile.
Junior Washington: 2 per passage, figure they come alive if we go down the passage.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: fresh out my man
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Or touch those coffins
Andrew Greggs: Or all of them do the moment we go down one.
Andrew Greggs: Also possible.
Junter Calren: we shall find out.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Guess we should just pick one and see what happens
Andrew Greggs: Only one way..
Majid Kemal: If we get in trouble let's rendez-vous upstairs.

Andrew Greggs: Whoa.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh ho
Junior Washington: they attack those who go down
Andrew Greggs: Yeah.
Andrew Greggs: This may be tricky.
Junior Washington: junter go back up and patch up
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: RUN!!!!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I GOT THE STUFF!!!

Andrew Greggs: All of it?!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Three lots!
Junior Washington: thught there were four?
Junter Calren: come back!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh man...don't say that!
Andrew Greggs: Maj, Junior?
Junter Calren: we can take them one by one this way.

Junter Calren: kill it!
Junior Washington: why just run away?
Andrew Greggs: Don't just fucking stand there, Junior!
Andrew Greggs: Because we're getting what we came here for.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: need someone to ID the stuff though
Junior Washington: thought sarge got it?
Junter Calren: give it here
Junter Calren: there was more
Andrew Greggs: Not all of it, apparently.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn...maybe the fourth one was armour?
Junter Calren: I don't know what these things are, they're artifacts beyond my knowledge..
Andrew Greggs: Hm.
General Bones: Perhaps you are found worthy, for the properties of the items become known to you...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe we can use this stuff to get the rest?
Majid Kemal: Enchanted wood.
Andrew Greggs: *Tries the shield*
Junior Washington: Maybe we outta rest up then try for the last one?
Majid Kemal: It likes you Junter
Andrew Greggs: We don't kneed to destroy them.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn fine sword, almost as good as the axe I had
Andrew Greggs: Just distract while someone gets the last artefact.
Junter Calren: indeed
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Run cirlces around them again?
Andrew Greggs: And since Sarge knows which one we need... I assume?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *nods* How did i miss that?
Andrew Greggs: Alright, then. Rest of us go first.
Andrew Greggs: Get their attention.
Andrew Greggs: You follow, beeline for the last.
Andrew Greggs: And then we get the hell out.
Junior Washington: I'll be ready to patch up anyone who gets knocked down.
Junter Calren: run in and back out again?
Majid Kemal: Same here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its the one direction I didn't go in. To the south I think
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, if they still haven't registeed you as hostiles, that cn work.
Junter Calren: and they should follow us out

Junter Calren: ahh
Andrew Greggs: ...I think they've reset.
Junter Calren: They seem to have become inert once more
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Have iT!

Andrew Greggs: What have we got?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: It was armour
Majid Kemal: Heavy or light?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Heavy
Junior Washington: I could use a suit of armor
Junter Calren: it's quite excellent heavy armour
Junter Calren: one of the front-line mellee should wear it
Majid Kemal: Indeed.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its only any good to you junior if your going to go toe-to-toe
Andrew Greggs: Exactly.
Junior Washington: well if I have better armor I can.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Okay, go ahead
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Man...I need a rest
Andrew Greggs: Looks a lot lik the Camarian officer's armour I got.
Andrew Greggs: Right.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's head up to the fresh air
Andrew Greggs: Let's sweep up. Hopefully, we'll find the LT topside...
Junior Washington: *nods*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe the LT went back rather than ahead

General Bones: Getting back up to the surface proves no challenge. Soon you are at the main stairs...

Majid Kemal: I'm sure she went shopping or something.
Junter Calren: perhaps we'd be best off camping here
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Still no sign of her. Maybe he's outside
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: she's*
Junter Calren: unless hte rangers are waiting outside still.
Junior Washington: camp here then?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sure
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Break out the gear
Junior Washington: *stands guard*

General Bones: You rest and recover your strength. Outside, it is night.

Andrew Greggs: What happened to our guide?
Junior Washington: We wait till daybreak?
Junior Washington: Any point in traveling at night?
Majid Kemal: That would be wise.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: well, he wasn't going to risk his life like the rest of us, now was he?
Junter Calren: check if the guides are waiting.
Andrew Greggs: I was wondering why were camping out without her..

Andrew Greggs: ..shit.
Andrew Greggs: *Shouts down* Get up here!
Andrew Greggs: Junter!
Andrew Greggs: *Checks her wounds*
Mikhela M'lara: *groans*
Mikhela M'lara: Ahhh....
Mikhela M'lara: They came out... took her... I tried to stop them...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Someone bushwhack you?
Andrew Greggs: What are you...
Junter Calren: what happened?
Mikhela M'lara: One came at me... He tore into me... so strong...
Mikhela M'lara: I stabbed him in the heart. Look. *points to a pile of dust nearby*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Dust?
Mikhela M'lara: The others, they carried off the lieutenant.
Andrew Greggs: The other /what/?!
Mikhela M'lara: They had fangs, they tried to bite me...
Junior Washington: Of course
Mikhela M'lara: They were like men, but undead...
Andrew Greggs: *Grimace*
Junior Washington: vampires
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fangs? dust? Heart.....vampires?
Andrew Greggs: Because that was just what we needed...
Mikhela M'lara: They took the lieutenant. They took her and headed off toward the mountains there...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Goddamn Twilight Zone
Majid Kemal: We gotta rescue her.

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Into the Vampire Lair

Post by Karvon » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:54 am

Mikhela M'lara: I am not so good in... confined spaces.
Mikhela M'lara: I will wait for you out here. Good luck.
Andrew Greggs: ...right.
Majid Kemal: Hold
Andrew Greggs: Guess we don't want you shooting us in the spine by accident.
Junior Washington: Me neither. I get claustrophibic.
Andrew Greggs: Eh, Kemal?
Mikhela M'lara: Where is he going?
Andrew Greggs: ...you're asking /me/?
Andrew Greggs: You... have a bear, now.
Junior Washington: *glances over shoulder*
Andrew Greggs: Okay.
Mikhela M'lara: Ah. A useful ally.
Majid Kemal: Just a friend.
Mikhela M'lara: The Earthmother smiles upon you, warrior.
Junior Washington: hmm
Junior Washington: How bout a nice big dragon ally?
Andrew Greggs: I wonder if that's the proper phrase, but... alright.
Andrew Greggs: That'd be nice, but we wouldn't be able to fit him in here.
Majid Kemal: Now what?
Junior Washington: He could dig his way in I'm sure.
Majid Kemal: If we need magic I would need to rest for a short while.
Andrew Greggs: *Sigh* We can't leave the LT in there for too long.
Majid Kemal: Can I have the same?

Junior Washington: hmm
Junior Washington: not locked and a broken seal.
Junter Calren: I'm Afraid I don't have enough for everyone, you usually stay back with your bow
Junior Washington: wonder what these runes mean?
Andrew Greggs: I can't imagine they mean anything /good/.
Junior Washington: Reckon not
Andrew Greggs: 'Free ice cream! Everyone welcome!"
Junter Calren: I am sure the vampires positivly welcome unexpected mortal guests
Andrew Greggs: Oh, yeah..
Andrew Greggs: Let's stay unexpected, hm?

Junior Washington: Hear something ahead
Andrew Greggs: ...hell.
Junter Calren: your bows!
Andrew Greggs: Gah. They were prepared for us.
Junior Washington: ugh

Andrew Greggs: Door up ahead looks off.
Andrew Greggs: Watch for traps.
Junior Washington: *signals - TRAP*
Junior Washington: *examines*
Junior Washington: ok clear
Andrew Greggs: Expect them to be getting ready for us again.

Elder Vampire Swordmaster : More mortal flesh, come to feed us?
Andrew Greggs: We want to take out any mages first..
Andrew Greggs: ...ah.
Elder Vampire Swordmaster : The dark one has awakened us from our slumber... the Long Night now begins.
Junter Calren: We shall see fiend!
Elder Vampire Swordmaster : This time mankind will not lock us in the darkness....
Junior Washington: right
Elder Vampire Swordmaster : Come then. Find oblivion.
Andrew Greggs: Uh-huh.
Andrew Greggs: You done?
Andrew Greggs: *Aside* Can only spot two from here.
Junior Washington: count 3 or 4
Elder Vampire Swordmaster : Destroy them!
Andrew Greggs: Lovely place for an ambush.
Andrew Greggs: Got something to lure them out with, spellboys?
Andrew Greggs: Hey! Never mind!
Elder Vampire Swordmaster : Die, priest!

Junter Calren: bah
Junter Calren: I think I am getting old
Junior Washington: So far so good
Andrew Greggs: All of us have got enough scars for one lifetime, by this point.
Andrew Greggs: This one left his blade. Looks sharp.
Junior Washington: Nice
Junior Washington: Not my kinda weapon though
Magda Mogenson: *lifts head shaking it* Hello?
Junter Calren: A good blade, and not cursed or tainted as far as I can tell
Junior Washington: can carry it for now
Andrew Greggs: ...ma'am?
Junior Washington: less someone can use it?

Magda Mogenson: *cough* Greggs?
Andrew Greggs: Yes, ma'am.
Andrew Greggs: *Knocks on door*
Junior Washington: hmm
Junior Washington: seems clear
Magda Mogenson: *sound of weak scrambling* Get me out of here.
Andrew Greggs: Junior, get on it.
Junior Washington: beyond me
Andrew Greggs: Hard way, then. Stand back, ma'am.
Andrew Greggs: Hell..
Magda Mogenson: *pushing self up from a pool of blood*
Magda Mogenson: *coughs again* Thanks.
Magda Mogenson: You get 'em?
Junior Washington: Suggest we get outta here ASAP
Andrew Greggs: What'd these bastards do to you, ma'am?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Ones we've seen, anyway.
Magda Mogenson: *touches several bites* Eat, I think.
Junter Calren: Are you well? do you feel sick?
Andrew Greggs: Eesh.
Magda Mogenson: *pushes up tentatively*
Andrew Greggs: Messy eaters, aren't they?
Magda Mogenson: Stuff...

Junter Calren: we should check the other rooms, they probably have resting places nearby
Magda Mogenson: Bastards. *staggers out*
Andrew Greggs: They got your gear?
Junior Washington: do we really wanna mess with them further?
Magda Mogenson: I think a rapier to the neck generally offends..
Junter Calren: We need to end them now.
Andrew Greggs: Do we really want them to recover?
Magda Mogenson: Bastards.
Andrew Greggs: We've hobbled them, but if anything I've heard of vampires is true...
Junior Washington: locks are too complex for me
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junter Calren: *peers into the open crypt*
Magda Mogenson: *pulls a piece of metal from her belt* So got it coming.
Andrew Greggs: Besides, I think the LT has it in for them.
Magda Mogenson: *kicks the door*
Andrew Greggs: *Prods the bones with foot* Former victims?
Magda Mogenson: *does same to chest, with some success*
Magda Mogenson: Stufff.
Andrew Greggs: Don't rush in, here.

General Bones: In the chest you find all of Magda's gear, along with an ancient necklace made of ivory chips and pearls strung together.

Junior Washington: hmm
Magda Mogenson: Bastards. *strapping on stuff (tm) *
Junior Washington: this must be way to their inner lair.
Magda Mogenson: Here, anyone use this?
Junter Calren: I should say so.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Great. While we're trying on jewelry...
Andrew Greggs: What do you know about how these things... nest, preacher?
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, we need stakes?
Magda Mogenson: If so, someone bust up that chest.
Magda Mogenson: In fact, someone do it /anyway/.
Junter Calren: simly destroying the resting place should be enough
Magda Mogenson: Bring some sharp bits.
Andrew Greggs: We got legends from back home, but I figure most of those are bullshit.
Junior Washington: *picks up whatever bits might work as stakes*
Magda Mogenson: Got you!

Andrew Greggs: ..those look like resting places, alright.
Magda Mogenson: Fr......

General Bones: You enter in time to see a mist creeping into one of the coffins.

Magda Mogenson: one at a time.
Andrew Greggs: Let's wreck 'em.
Andrew Greggs: Hah... did that do the trick?

General Bones: The half-corporeal creatures in the coffins can offer no resistance, and are destroyed for good.

Magda Mogenson: Right. That'll teach you to mess with Uncle Sam's finest, you freaks.
Junior Washington: *pokes around looking anything salvagable*
Andrew Greggs: Ooyah.
Junter Calren: That should be the end of them
Andrew Greggs: Let's spread the good word, then.
Magda Mogenson: Think these had anything to do with the freaking High Priest?
Andrew Greggs: Think so.
Andrew Greggs: They mentioned some Dark One waking them up, or something.
Magda Mogenson: You find the rest of what we need in that place?
Andrew Greggs: Bet you anything that means our old pal's involved somehow.
Andrew Greggs: Oh, yeah. We got everything.
Andrew Greggs: *Holds up magic shield*
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant out there somewhere?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Oh, yeah. He's just... off in Sargeland, falling in love with his new sword.
Magda Mogenson: ... right.
Andrew Greggs: You good to walk all the way back now, ma'am?
Majid Kemal: Hm I guess we did ok then.
Junior Washington: Yeah assuming all of them were home.
Andrew Greggs: We can set up camp once we get out of the Cliffs of Spookiness if we need to.
Magda Mogenson: Should be ... don't feel so heavy these days. But. I have no idea where we are.

Andrew Greggs: *Waves to Mikhela*
Andrew Greggs: Operation successful.
Majid Kemal: Found anything interesting?
Mikhela M'lara: We should return to the camp. I have seen things moving in the shadows, and I fear that it is still not safe here.
Andrew Greggs: *Nod* Gotcha. Keep our eyes open, then.
Magda Mogenson: Down some blood, but the priest's magic works wonders./
Junter Calren: I doubt it is safe anywhere, but yes, let us return
Mikhela M'lara: It will be dawn soon, we may fare better then.
Junior Washington: Didn't we camp in that old building last time.
Mikhela M'lara: The mausoleum.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, but I think getting back to camp might not be a bad idea.
Junior Washington: Justa thought
Mikhela M'lara: Indeed.
Mikhela M'lara: I leave the decision to you.
Andrew Greggs: Ma'am?
Magda Mogenson: *looks at some powder* Christ, is this bits of body?
Junior Washington: Welp, if we're goin' let's go.
Andrew Greggs: Er... dunno, ma'am?
Junter Calren: Something we found, you seem adept at identifying these sorts of things.
Mikhela M'lara: *peers off to the west*
Mikhela M'lara: Dallon?
Andrew Greggs: Not my field.
Junter Calren: I think we should make for the camp, we have been away for long enough already
Andrew Greggs: Hm?
Magda Mogenson: Kinda gettin' used to the old writing.

Andrew Greggs: ...ah, damn it.
Andrew Greggs: ...yup.
Junter Calren: Ah. I thought it might be something like that. we'll need to find a proper way to destroy it.
Mikhela M'lara: Enemies approach!
Junior Washington: so, what's the hold up?
Andrew Greggs: Found a dead friendly.
Magda Mogenson: Found some weird spell stuff made from dead bodies.
Andrew Greggs: Whatever killed it's still near.
Andrew Greggs: ...see?
Mikhela M'lara: My blade does nothing!
Mikhela M'lara: Eat frozen death, creature!
Mikhela M'lara: Back to the grave with you!

Magda Mogenson: The camp?
Andrew Greggs: More!
Majid Kemal: No I got bitten.
Andrew Greggs: Or... not many, well.
Andrew Greggs: I've been better, but I've been a /lot/ worse.
Mikhela M'lara: They must have caught Dallon when he headed back toward the camp yesterday.
Magda Mogenson: Downed man.
Magda Mogenson: Ah...
Majid Kemal: Priest I may need your divine magic.
Mikhela M'lara: We must attend to our fallen.
Mikhela M'lara: *starts gathering loose pieces of wood*
Junter Calren: one moment..
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs* There could still be more of the dead bastards out here.
Rebel Scout: What... what happened?
Magda Mogenson: They could be at the camp. We should get back.
Andrew Greggs: Erm...
Rebel Scout: Lady M'lara!
Mikhela M'lara: It's all right, Dallon. The priest has called your soul back across the veil.
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes his head* The hell, man?
Mikhela M'lara: I am in your debt, priest.
Andrew Greggs: Since when could you pull trick like that?
Mikhela M'lara: Indeed, we should be on our way.
Rebel Scout: I feel... weak.
Mikhela M'lara: It's all right, we'll help you.
Junter Calren: It's a difficult thing to do, and not always possible
Junter Calren: come, back to camp
Junior Washington: *plays around with bastard sword*
Junter Calren: do you remember what happened?

General Bones: The journey back takes about four hours.

Mikhela M'lara: Ahoy the camp!
Mikhela M'lara: Wayfarers return!
Andrew Greggs: Mornin'...
Magda Mogenson: Watch the pits.
Rebel Guard : *moves the barricade*

General Bones: You see signs of recent attacks, but the compound appears to be intact.

Andrew Greggs: Where's His Lordship?
Amar Kelantis: Mikhela!
Magda Mogenson: *watches Treyvex approach*
Andrew Greggs: Ah, that answers that.
Amar Kelantis: I'm, ah... so glad you're all right.
Amar Kelantis: When you did not return, our scouts, they...
Mikhela M'lara: Yes, there were undead in ambush.
Amar Kelantis: There were attacks here as well.
Andrew Greggs: We ran into a few complications, let's just say.
Amar Kelantis: Were you successful?
Junior Washington: hmm
Andrew Greggs: But we got what we were after.
Magda Mogenson: More casualties?
Amar Kelantis: Some, yes. But we brought in four more groups of refugees. I'm sending most east, for now.
Amar Kelantis: The undead are still concentrated around the city.
Amar Kelantis: Come, let us talk by the fire.
Andrew Greggs: Fire sounds good.
Treyvex: *sets up a campfire*
Junior Washington: *sits down heavily*
Treyvex: It would seem that your mission was a grim one.
Junior Washington: *helps himself to some stew*
Magda Mogenson: Yeah... *touches her neck* ... could say it was grim.
Amar Kelantis: Our scouts have reported that the area around Camar is thick with these monsters.
Andrew Greggs: Like I said... complications.
Amar Kelantis: And they seem to grow in both numbers and strength.
Amar Kelantis: Did you recover the artifacts?
Magda Mogenson: Figure us dying is like a production line to them.
Majid Kemal: The bite of these undead seems permanent. I will need your help Padre.
Junter Calren: I will do what I can, it may need some preperation..
Magda Mogenson: I was there when we pulled out a magic wand but ... vampries got me.
Andrew Greggs: Whatdaya mean, 'permanent'?
Treyvex: Perhaps I can be of some service.
Magda Mogenson: Missed what they found.
Treyvex: The touch of some undead can drain life energy.
Andrew Greggs: That... doesn't sound nice.
Treyvex: Fortunately, the gods can restore such a loss.
Majid Kemal: Oh I feel much better thanks
Magda Mogenson: *watches Treyvex again* I thought you were into all dead stuff not life?
Andrew Greggs: Right. Might want to prepare for th at, if we're planning any thrilling heroics in the near future.
Treyvex: LIfe and death are but two sides of the same coin, my dear.
Treyvex: People fear my god because the fear that transition. They should not.
Magda Mogenson: Like there's no shadows without light?
Junter Calren: I did prepare, but I used up a lot of energy today.
Treyvex: What Jariff has done, however, is a mockery to both my god and to the Father.
Junior Washington: Don't fear it, just in no hurry to make it.
Magda Mogenson: Alright.... well, how bad is this?
Junter Calren: *nods* breaks all natural order.
Amar Kelantis: I think we will have to take the refugees east, to the Blue Kingdoms. Perhaps we can rally there to fight the evil.
Treyvex: I fear by then it may be too late.
Treyvex: Jariff must be stopped, and the portal closed, before his darkness engulfs our world.
Andrew Greggs: Why am I not liking the direction this is going?
Magda Mogenson: Leaving refugees around's just gonna provide more fuel for his fires.
Treyvex: Heroes are chosen by the times in which they live. It is clear that the gods have had a greater purpose in bringing you to us, warrior.
Amar Kelantis: *looks conflicted* My duty is with my people.
Andrew Greggs: Uh-huh.
Andrew Greggs: Your gods have a funny way of choosing their champions, then.
Treyvex: It is our failure, not only the Duke's for failing to recognize Jariff's schemes.
Treyvex: But he has wronged you as well.
Magda Mogenson: *scratches at her neck again*
Treyvex: I can only promise that if we succeed, I will do all that I can to see that you are returned to your homes.
Treyvex: You are not of this world, but you a part of it now, and will perish with it if we fail.
Amar Kelantis: I cannot ask this of you. But you are all that we have.
Amar Kelantis: None here have a chance against what lies in that cursed city.
Andrew Greggs: In that case, I can't say I fancy your odds.
Mikhela M'lara: They destroyed creatures that I could barely scratch. And they have the ancient artifacts.
Andrew Greggs: We might be good. But we can't fight a goddamn army.
Treyvex: Indeed.
Treyvex: Perhaps a mission of more... subtlety... is called for.
Amar Kelantis: Hmm. Yes, perhaps there might be a way.
Junior Washington: that ain't our strong suit
Junior Washington: *laughs*
Magda Mogenson: *sighs a little* Dunno, suppose it feels a bit more .. well, acceptable if we take on the idea of being brought here by a "greater power". More than some jerk of a Duke wanting toys.
Amar Kelantis: When I was... well, when I fell out of favor, I had to find ways to get information into and out of the city.
Andrew Greggs: *Rubs his temples* Go on...
Magda Mogenson: Secret passages?
Amar Kelantis: Nothing quite so intricate.
Amar Kelantis: But there are sewers under the city... sewers that empty onto the river.
Andrew Greggs: Sewers.
Magda Mogenson: Thought this was looking too pleasant.
Andrew Greggs: Because we haven't trudged through quite enough crap just yet.
Majid Kemal: Sewage systems are pretty advance engineering, that's surprising.
Treyvex: Indeed, there is one access that leads directly up into a home in the High Bluff neighborhood, not far from the Temple of Soleus.
Magda Mogenson: Romans had them.
Magda Mogenson: Big brick pipes underground, you can walk through them they say.
Andrew Greggs: Well, it beats the alternative.
Andrew Greggs: But do we know anything about how things are looking inside?
Amar Kelantis: I think that "grim" will be the operative word.
Magda Mogenson: Grim and smelly.
Amar Kelantis: But I doubt that Jariff will be expecting an attack from within his stronghold.
Amar Kelantis: It may give us the chance we need.
Andrew Greggs: To do what, exactly?
Zala: Amar?
Junior Washington: *ladles up another bowl of stew*
Magda Mogenson: *looks and nods a greeting*
Amar Kelantis: To kill Jariff, and undo his evil work.

Amar Kelantis: Yes, Zala?
Zala: I have been preparing these for some time. It seems like now is the proper occasion for their use.
Junter Calren: Will his death be enough to stop this madness?
Zala: *takes out several packages*
Zala: *unwraps them*
Andrew Greggs: *Observes*
Majid Kemal: These look nice madam.
Zala: I call them Freedom Cloaks.
Treyvex: Hmm. Appropriate.
Andrew Greggs: Fancy-looking. It'll be a shame to get them all dirty.
Magda Mogenson: Protective words embroidered into them?
Junior Washington: *picks one up and tries it on*
Treyvex: I believe that Jariff has appropriated the court wizard's power crystals to open the gateway to the dark realms from which his power flows.
Junter Calren: marvelous!
Majid Kemal: So that would make us freedom fighters then.
Andrew Greggs: Hah.
Treyvex: Find him, and destroy his working, and we can regain our realm from him.
Junior Washington: Or terrorists, depending on your POV.
Zala: Very stylish.
Andrew Greggs: I'm not sure if undead and demons do 'terror', as such.
Magda Mogenson: *throws it around her*
Majid Kemal: It's light like silk. Impressive.
Andrew Greggs: Oh, yeah, that reminds me...
Andrew Greggs: Didn't you have a smith working on that suit of armour I brought back from the reaches?
Amar Kelantis: We are going to depart this camp shortly. We'll gather together what supplies we can for you, and work out a way to get you into the city.
Magda Mogenson: *fiddles with it* Doesn't seem to get in the way at all.
Amar Kelantis: Indeed.
Amar Kelantis: *whistles, and waves to a soldier*
Camarian Soldier: M'lord.
Amar Kelantis: Is work on that armor complete?
Camarian Soldier: Aye, m'lord.
Camarian Soldier: Right halfway decent now, m'lord.
Andrew Greggs: Hah.
Andrew Greggs: This should do it.
Amar Kelantis: All right, we have a lot of preparations to make. Get some rest, talk to the merchant if you need to; we'll have more word for you before sunset.

Junior Washington: *slurps stew*
Andrew Greggs: Yeah... I guess we're doing this, then.
Magda Mogenson: *puts the gravedust away thoughtfully*
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Andrew Greggs: Righty.
Magda Mogenson: *tosses the pouch of gravedust up and down*
Merchant: I lost almost everything when Camar fell; I got out with only my skin and what's on this cart. Still, if you've got coin, I'll happily sell what I have.
Andrew Greggs: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Majid Kemal: What are these Junior?
Junior Washington: what are what?
Majid Kemal: light stuff you just did.
Magda Mogenson: Alchemist...
Junior Washington: Ah putting some light magic on some of my junk.
Junior Washington: Don't like to be caught in the dark.
Majid Kemal: I see.
Magda Mogenson: *spots Treyvix* Can I get a second opinion on this? *holds out the gravedust*
Junior Washington: Exactly the idea.
Majid Kemal: Sorry got no coins.
Magda Mogenson: Don't kinda ... warp anyone's soul or anything?
Magda Mogenson: Makes the stuff more like a plank after a tree is killed?
Magda Mogenson: Right... *glances back over her shoulder*
Andrew Greggs: Ah..
Andrew Greggs: Is that who I think it is?
Magda Mogenson: Thanks. Hard to understand stuff around here sometimes.
Andrew Greggs: Yes. Yes, it is.
Magda Mogenson: *rubs chin for a moment*
Magda Mogenson: Are you going with the refugees?
Magda Mogenson: *sighs and hands over the Gravedust* If you can use it to keep them safe on the way then.... maybe better your plank of wood than ours.
Magda Mogenson: Priest isn't gonna like it so, best mind our manners.
Magda Mogenson: Thanks. *gives him a thoughtful nod*
Magda Mogenson: Find the alchemist?
Andrew Greggs: Ma'am?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, I did.
Magda Mogenson: Any help?
Andrew Greggs: It's exactly who I expected it to be.
Magda Mogenson: It is?
Junter Calren: If nobody is goind to use that sword you found, you may as well sell it
Andrew Greggs: Might be. I think his healing potions are legit, and I recognize the powder.
Junior Washington: I'm gonna use it.
Junior Washington: prices here are a rip off anyhow.
Magda Mogenson: Right, need me to have a word?
Junter Calren: Ahh, well enough then.
Andrew Greggs: Used it back there against the vampires, actually. Gave me an adrenaline boost, or /something/.
Majid Kemal: Hey there.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, might be worth it.
Junior Washington: *grabs more grub*
Andrew Greggs: Right up the steps.
Junior Washington: So do bears do it in the woods?
Magda Mogenson: Hey man.
Majid Kemal: Do what nature makes us do. Don't you think?
Junior Washington: Suppose so.

General Bones: The day passes swiftly. All around you is the bustle of the camp being prepared for departure.

Amar Kelantis: A long day. We are going to break camp in the morning, set out east.
Amar Kelantis: Priest, did you not take your rest? You may not get another chance soon.
Magda Mogenson: Still needs gold no matter what, and that's all I had enough for.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, I don't think any of us are exactly loaded at this point.
Junter Calren: I will, I will.
Junior Washington: *settles back against log to nap after finishing his stew*
Amar Kelantis: I have arranged for a boat to be waiting along the river, about three hours' east of the city.
Amar Kelantis: I've marked it out on a map.
Majid Kemal: I still have 11 golden dinars.
Magda Mogenson: *spends some time dozing fitfully*
Amar Kelantis: Unless the dead have learned to swim, you should be able to approach the city unseen.
Treyvex: I have scoured the camp, and added some of my own magic, to prepare you as best we can.
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns* They wouldn't need to swim, though, would they? They could just walk along the bottom.
Andrew Greggs: Think I saw that in a movie, once.
Magda Mogenson: Hey, is one of them Johnny Depp? I'm suddenly interested.
Andrew Greggs: *Chuckles* Nah, I don't think this word has the technology required to construct Johnny Depp just yet.
Magda Mogenson: Shame. Otherwise it's growing on me.
Junter Calren: *yet another "what the hells are they talking about" look*
Majid Kemal: Oh these I need to patch you guys.
Andrew Greggs: Right. Anyone has any other kits left? 'Cause I'm out.
Magda Mogenson: Still got a stock. I'll split these new one.
Andrew Greggs: Right.
Majid Kemal: Quite a stock.
Junior Washington: bought a couple.
Andrew Greggs: Who needs the arrows most?
Magda Mogenson: Kemal, take that other pack.
Treyvex: It is everything we have, and everything that the new arrivals could spare.
Majid Kemal: I use bow.
Andrew Greggs: I only do when I can't close in.
Treyvex: The scrolls are my own creation, I hope that the Shining Father does not disapprove, sir priest.
Amar Kelantis: I suspect in this case he would not. We are all on the same side.
Junior Washington: thanks
Andrew Greggs: Three years for religious solidarity.
Andrew Greggs: *cheers
Junter Calren: *peruses them* They should be acceptable..
Majid Kemal: I may not need all of them.
Junter Calren: aah, could one of you carry this supply kit? I'm somewhat overburdened now.
Magda Mogenson: Give some to the father then.
Majid Kemal: Thanks for the juice but I do much better with kits.
Amar Kelantis: If you leave now, you can be at the river a few hours before dawn. I would try to get to the city before the sun rises, then wait for dawn to assail the Temple.
Junter Calren: Thankyou
Andrew Greggs: That's me just about at my limit.
Magda Mogenson: That's if you need to chug something yourself fast.
Magda Mogenson: Though give them to Greggs if you want to.
Junior Washington: Could carry one if needed.
Junior Washington: got two at the moment though.
Majid Kemal: Who needs arows?
Amar Kelantis: Good luck. We are all counting on you. Our very world may be the prize for which we fight this day.
Magda Mogenson: Tending to get close now, so you take them.
Majid Kemal: I have two kits.
Amar Kelantis: I would advise you to travel light, but then again, better to have something you need than hurt for its lack.
Magda Mogenson: That supply kits, Kemal?
Andrew Greggs: I've got two, as well.
Andrew Greggs: We're not likely to go camping quite /that/ much.
Magda Mogenson: Shouldn't have that many nights out.
Majid Kemal: No healing kits.
Magda Mogenson: What happened to that other pack?
Amar Kelantis: We will be at the east gate when you are ready.
Majid Kemal: I only took the arrows
Junior Washington: I got a few more yet.
Junter Calren: here
Majid Kemal: Thanks remember with one I can put you back on your feet.
Majid Kemal: If I'm not changed into a bird or something.
Junior Washington: *returns to doze by the fire till dawn*
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes his head*
Andrew Greggs: Think that's about all the preperations we can make, ma'am?
Magda Mogenson: Don't know what else to suggest, unless someone is sitting on something they aren't using?
Magda Mogenson: Could maybe wish for the Sergeant to find us with that damn sword.
Andrew Greggs: Not really. Might still have some arrows or ammo for Majid.
Majid Kemal: Well I could use better bow or weapon or armor. I will try not to go close.
Andrew Greggs: Here.. hah. Third of a clip, abouts.
Magda Mogenson: Anyone still got firearm ammunition?
Junior Washington: a few rounds
Majid Kemal: * reloads *
Majid Kemal: Two clips left.
Magda Mogenson: *checks her beretta* Mostly full magazin and that't it.
Magda Mogenson: Also got these fire seed things we dragged back.

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Back to Camar

Post by Karvon » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:37 am

General Bones: The predawn at the refugee camp, as the column prepares to move out...

Amar Kelantis: Here we are.
Andrew Greggs: We band of buggered.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You can say that again
Amar Kelantis: The map that Mikhela gave you should show you the way to the river.
Majid Kemal: Can we blindfold the sarrge to avoid tpk?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fubared.....totally
Amar Kelantis: From there, the boat will take you down river to the city walls.
Junior Washington: Maybe he could wear a leash?
Andrew Greggs: I think FUBAR'd was a few stages back, Sarge.
Andrew Greggs: Probably around the time we took a side trip to hell.
Majid Kemal: Ah a boat trip.
Amar Kelantis: Good luck. We're all counting on you.
Junior Washington: That's reassuring.
Amar Kelantis: The west gate is open; it's the fastest route to your destination. Be careful.
Andrew Greggs: Right...
Junior Washington: hmm
Amar Kelantis: All right, people, let's move out. We have a long journey ahead of us.
Andrew Greggs: Someone save one of those fancy cloaks for Sarge?
Majid Kemal: i'd better go find the bear.
Junior Washington: West it is then.
Zala: Here you go, sergeant. *drapes a cloak over his shoulders* Stay safe.
Andrew Greggs: Ah.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hey Zala...good to see a friendly face again
Andrew Greggs: I'm not sure if 'stay safe' is a reasonable request, seeing as how we're heading into the most dangerous place possible. On purpose and everything.
Majid Kemal: You too.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Nice cloak too...thanks babe

General Bones: The merchants linger behind the column as it begins to move out. The road is clear; you set out north.

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Majid Kemal: * whistles *
Andrew Greggs: Junior, why don't you keep an eye out and scout ahead?
Majid Kemal: I'll catch up.
Andrew Greggs: We might start running into creepies soon.
Andrew Greggs: And crawlies, etcetera.
Junior Washington: Well um, this armor's not all that suited to scouting, but I do have pretty good eyes and ears.
Majid Kemal: You are still eating.
Andrew Greggs: Not too far, then.
Junior Washington: *nods*
Majid Kemal: Come.

Hunter Ghoul : *loud, piercing shriek*
Andrew Greggs: Shit...
Junior Washington: damn
Majid Kemal: Hold
Junior Washington: where'd he come from?
Andrew Greggs: Behind those trees, I think.
Majid Kemal: Power of the forest.
Junior Washington: hmm

Junior Washington: *signals - ENEMY SPOTTED*
Andrew Greggs: More of them!
Junior Washington: saw four
Andrew Greggs: I've got this crazy feeling things are only going to get worse from here on in...
Junior Washington: probably
Junior Washington: nother up past ruins to right

General Bones: You hear familiar sounds of slavering and snapping bones up ahead.

Andrew Greggs: At least two.
Andrew Greggs: Hah.

General Bones: You find the remains of a traveler in the ruins, nothing left but scattered bones and fabric.

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: They seem like they don't even want to touch this thing. *Raises half-visible shield*
Majid Kemal: They don't like my lightning either.
Junior Washington: looks like they had dinner.
Majid Kemal: Good to know.
Andrew Greggs: I under very few things like direct lightening strikes.

General Bones: You resume your trek toward the river. It is nearly dark when you leave the road and strike out due north, per the map.

Andrew Greggs: Shambling up ahead.
Junior Washington: *signals - ENEMY SPOTTED*
Junior Washington: one to the left too
Junior Washington: can we bypass'm?
Andrew Greggs: Don't doubt there's more... but they're slow.
Junior Washington: if they're slow why bother fighting htem?
Majid Kemal: Bypass
Andrew Greggs: The hell is that coating its skin...?
Junior Washington: so much for bypassing
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I have no idea

Junior Washington: there are two more up by the boat
Andrew Greggs: Eh, so long as it didn't get to call its buddies...
Andrew Greggs: Boat?
Junior Washington: not sure of the boats state
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Great *sarcastic*
Majid Kemal: Brugg does not like them
Andrew Greggs: ...ah. Boat.
Junior Washington: boats not looking so good
Junior Washington: there is a long boat near it though.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shakes his head* Still can't get use to that *points to kemal and the bear*

General Bones: Two of the zombies are tearing a boat to pieces in the shallows.

Andrew Greggs: Might be able to take that one up the river.
Andrew Greggs: ...but not if those two keep smashing it to pieces.
Majid Kemal: They're onto the boat.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If they don't chew their way through it first!
Junior Washington: they seem to be playing with the bigger one

Andrew Greggs: Over here, you bastards.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Black bastards!
Majid Kemal: Is it sinking?
Junior Washington: didn't seem to do much to'm with my sword.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Mostly the fire on mine that hurted 'em.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Check the small boat*

General Bones: The small boat is scorched with lightning but seems to be sound.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks okay
Junior Washington: looks like it
Andrew Greggs: We got paddles?
Junior Washington: all aboard
Junior Washington: hmm good question
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: I do /not/ fancy the thought of going swimming in all this armour.
Majid Kemal: We can make them if we need.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *scambles onboard*

General Bones: The journey downriver is uneventful, though you see enemies upon the shore, dark shapes that move in the night.

Andrew Greggs: *Keeps a watchful eye on the shore*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The land is crawling with unfriendlies
Andrew Greggs: Enemy territory, Sarge.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No shit Greggs

General Bones: It is around midnight when you see the walls of Camar rise up ahead. The sewer outlet is exactly where Amar Kelantis said it would be...

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So far, so good
Majid Kemal: I hate sewers.
Andrew Greggs: Luckily, zombies don't make great sentries.
Junior Washington: we know which way we need to go?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But there should be a fuck up just ahead
Andrew Greggs: Not really. As close to the castle as we can get. Preferably in it.
Andrew Greggs: But...
Andrew Greggs: Don't ask me where the hell that is.
Andrew Greggs: Something moving...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's try to the right

Andrew Greggs: Oh, nice. Hungry puddles of smile.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You ok?
Andrew Greggs: They're more annoying than anything else.
Junior Washington: pack of rats up ahead
Junior Washington: to the left
Andrew Greggs: See 'em.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Rats....lovely
Andrew Greggs: Looks like their hidey-hole's a dead end, though.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe they'll attack the zombies too
Andrew Greggs: I dunno.
Andrew Greggs: I can't see even /rats/ wanting to eat that.

Junior Washington: ladder up
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I've no idea where we're going but let's keep going anyways
Andrew Greggs: Only one route.
Junior Washington: the other route a dead end?
Andrew Greggs: ...and Sarge goes on ahead.
Andrew Greggs: *Weary sigh*
Junior Washington: what else is new?

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *looks around* I think we came up inside someone's house
Andrew Greggs: Get us some light up here.
Andrew Greggs: ...what was that?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like there's no one home
Andrew Greggs: You sure about that?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: some supplies here
Andrew Greggs: Anything useful?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Take it all Junior
Junior Washington: if someone can carry it; I'm just about maxed out already with two supply kits
Andrew Greggs: I've got two, as well.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If you find extra heal kits, slip some this way
Andrew Greggs: Don't think we need to drag around five sets of camping gear.
Majid Kemal: I suggest you keep two or three and let me hold the rest.

Andrew Greggs: Company!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Shit! What in the hell are these?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Six of them!
Junior Washington: sneaky bastards
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn....dangerous
Andrew Greggs: Hope nothing outside heard that.
Junior Washington: where'd they come from?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *wipes the sweat from his forehead*
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Shadows.

Andrew Greggs: ..this'll sound stupid, but the layout of this place..
Junior Washington: stairs up in the corner
Andrew Greggs: Ech. Never mind.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This is a big house
Andrew Greggs: Yeah. Must be in the fancy district.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We must be somewhere in a well to do part of town
Junior Washington: here some rattling
Andrew Greggs: Somehow, I doubt it's more rats.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Bones on the move!

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Majid Kemal: dead end?
Andrew Greggs: Were these... people? I mean, the people who lived around here?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're upstairs. We'll need to go down to the ground floor and out
Junior Washington: *rifles thru chests, bed and drawers
Andrew Greggs: Well, yeah.
Andrew Greggs: ...once Junior's done looting.
Junior Washington: *searches book case and drawers*
Andrew Greggs: *Very carefully opens the door a creak, and looks through*
Andrew Greggs: *At which point Sarge slams it open, of course*

General Bones: You see the High Bluff neighborhood of Camar, and a bright golden light.

Junior Washington: Heya padre
Andrew Greggs: *Nods to Junter* Glad you could join us. Been smooth so far.
Majid Kemal: Maybe we could take a short break.
Andrew Greggs: But who the hell knows what's on the streets?
Junior Washington: glad ya caught up
Junter Calren: Good. You'll be glad to know we weren't followed
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Its all clear outside and still dark
Andrew Greggs: You spot anything, Sarge?
Andrew Greggs: ...or anything spot you?
Junior Washington: Um
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: But there's a golden light coming from the left when your outside. I think its the Temple
Junior Washington: mebbe we should wait till dark to look around?
Majid Kemal: No day is better.
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns* Ain't it dark now?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Did you hear what I said Junior...its stilll dark
Junior Washington: I was upstairs.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think we should press on
Andrew Greggs: Guess the sewers messed with your head.
Junior Washington: Ok
Majid Kemal: Temple then
Andrew Greggs: I guess.

Andrew Greggs: I figured our target would be hiding up in the castle.
Majid Kemal: Any more of that?
Junior Washington: He was a priest no? Might he be in the temple??
Junter Calren: The fire only works on melee weapons
Andrew Greggs: Maybe that's where he needs the crystals. I dunno.
Majid Kemal: And the rock?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junter Calren: They are few, I reserved them for those of us at the fore
Junior Washington: Do we have a plan, or just gonna run around and kill everything?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: One thing's for sure, we're not going to be be able to get into the Temple
Majid Kemal: Save your heal power I do not need it.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah?
Majid Kemal: Well I think a stone bear can be mighty.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That light /is/ a barrier
Andrew Greggs: Right. So back to the castle plan, then.
Junior Washington: Maybe the padre here can get us thru it?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, and the quicker the better
Andrew Greggs: If he could have a quick look at it...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm telling you, it looks...permanent
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: See for yourselves
Andrew Greggs: *Raises brow*
Junter Calren: It might be some defence that I was not aware of..
Junior Washington: Yeah, and since when did you become an expert on magic, Sarge?
Andrew Greggs: More a matter of... what? Cutting off anything belonging to Junter's god here?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: You look at that and tell me that's not going anywhere
Junter Calren: *inspects the wall*

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: oh ho
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: SHIT!!!!
Andrew Greggs: Well, so much for not causing a rumble..

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks like they tried to barricade themselves in
Junter Calren: the wall of force was probably errected by the former high priest.
Andrew Greggs: Looks more like it collapsed.
Junior Washington: wonder if we can find anyone who can fill us in on what's what?
Junter Calren: it has an evil taint about it. the whole temple does.
Junter Calren: I think he is likely lurking within.
Andrew Greggs: He's had a long time in there to work his magic..
Junter Calren: we'll need to find a way to lower the barrier.
Andrew Greggs: Well, that's more your area. Any ideas?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe if we got unto the roof and took some of the tiles off, we could get inside?
Junter Calren: the barrier likely permates through the structure of the building itself
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Worth a try?
Junior Washington: Or another underground entrance?
Andrew Greggs: There's a tower next to it, but...
Majid Kemal: We go to his home!
Andrew Greggs: Eh?
Andrew Greggs: Did he live in the temple, or...?
Majid Kemal: Find some portal.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: He probably lives in the Temple
Junter Calren: There should be a magical "key" of sorts somewhere, somethign to allow the raising and lowering of it.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, we blew off the lid on this thing when we broke into his chambers, remember?
Andrew Greggs: And where the hell would we find a key out here?
Junior Washington: Sorta doubt he'd leave his house key just lying around for someone to find.
Junter Calren: perhaps in the possesion of one of his minions?
Andrew Greggs: It doesn't look like he has any lieutenants, or anything. Just walking corpses so far.
Majid Kemal: His home or maybe the palace.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's water flowing out the back of the Temple....maybe that's a way in?
Junior Washington: hmm
Andrew Greggs: He's probably thought of that.
Junter Calren: he may have been in a hurry

General Bones: There is an opening, but it's about the size of your fist. The water coming out, once blessed and pure, is oily and corrupt.

Junior Washington: *eyes water dubiously*
Andrew Greggs: Majid, think you can convince something small enough to peek through there?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn....I still think the fllor is the best option
Majid Kemal: A badger may be we killed all the rats.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: roof*
Junter Calren: how will you climb up?

Junior Washington: Yesh
Junior Washington: don't mess with this door
Andrew Greggs: Hm?
Junior Washington: major electrical shock
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: There's a balconey level just there...some light could be boosted up
Andrew Greggs: Hm. Some rich bastard's residence, I guess.
Junter Calren: the door is trapped?
Junior Washington: Yep
Junter Calren: .. why?
Junior Washington: Wizard lived there.
Majid Kemal: We can blast iut.
Andrew Greggs: He did?
Junior Washington: Think it was a magic shop?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: No, Zala ran the magic shop.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No she didn't...the clothes shop
Junior Washington: Well the trap is magical.
Andrew Greggs: Ugh, right.
Junior Washington: and potent.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We got our first civvies in there
Andrew Greggs: Right next to the temple?
Andrew Greggs: I think we might have been hanging around for too damn long!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The longer we're standing around yaking, the more danger we're in
Junior Washington: open to suggestions
Andrew Greggs: I guess we can scope out downtown. Maybe if there is some lieutenant of his who's got a key to this place - I dunno.
Andrew Greggs: We're not outsmarting this barrier.
Junter Calren: we should search the buildings nearby as well.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think we're starting to grasp at straws
Junior Washington: locked but no traps
Andrew Greggs: That's the house we came from, Washington..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That's simple then
Andrew Greggs: *Sighs*
Junior Washington: ohh
Andrew Greggs: Why are you breaking into the place /when the other door is open/?
Majid Kemal: This place is a warzone no more private property.
Andrew Greggs: *Shakes head*
Junter Calren: I wasn't suggesting we go *looting*!
Junior Washington: We're doing recon!
Andrew Greggs: Look.
Andrew Greggs: Our best chance right now is finding someone who knows more than we do.
Andrew Greggs: What's the most likely place for someone to be holed up?
Junior Washington: that's what I suggested a while back.
Junter Calren: I doubt there are any living humans left here.
Junior Washington: behind a locked door.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If....there's anyone alive i.e. not Undead!
Majid Kemal: Reckon what else you want gold or something?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, that tower looks secure...
Andrew Greggs: But right next to the big bad guy's lair.
Junior Washington: I don't think you're gonna get anyone answering a polite tap on the window or door.
Junter Calren: the castle might have held. but it seems unlikely to me with the hordes of undead out here.
Andrew Greggs: I can't see a way into the place.
Majid Kemal: Priest don't you have some miracle to remove the force field?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I'm thinking the townspeople /are/ the Undead
Junior Washington: However, if the bad dude is so bad, why'd he need to bar himself in?
Andrew Greggs: Guess there may be people trapped down there, but...
Junter Calren: If I had, I would have done so.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: Guess this world's different from home then.
Andrew Greggs: Right, because the pentagon is well-known for its open-door policy.
Andrew Greggs: Whatever we do - let's keep mobile.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think we're chasing our tails a bit here. we need to make a plan
Junior Washington: The palace?

Andrew Greggs: Incoming!
Majid Kemal: Yeah.
Junter Calren: the castle would be my suggestion
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Half the wall came down and blocked the entrance
Majid Kemal: Go
Junior Washington: there no other way in?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, it doesn't look promising. But let's have a closer look.
Andrew Greggs: Beats standing in place.
Andrew Greggs: *Keeps an eye out for any accessible windows, etc*
Junter Calren: there might be a way in via the towers
Andrew Greggs: I doubt it. Those wouldn't be very secure if they had ways into the castle.

Junior Washington: *peers in*

General Bones: A search of the towers reveals only a guardroom and a ladder to the top.

Majid Kemal: Ladder
Junior Washington: was worth a shot
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Checks to see if the ladder id removeable*
Andrew Greggs: I don't think we're getting in here. If there's anything left to get into.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: is*
Andrew Greggs: Might be all rubble by now.

General Bones: You have a ladder.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Take the ladder and use it to climb onto the roof of the Temple
Junter Calren: ah, we might get onto the roof of the temple then
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *struggles withe the weight of it*
Andrew Greggs: Well, I can see no way this could go wrong...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: give us a hand
Junior Washington: *claps*
Andrew Greggs: I'll keep an eye out for hostiles...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Takes a bunch Junior. I hope you die roaring
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thanks a bunch*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *props the ladder against the wall*

General Bones: While several of you steady the ladder, the sergeant climbs up. But as he reaches the top he dislodges a roof tile to reveal a bright red glow underneath. The barrier seems to extend throughout the entire structure.

Junior Washington: great
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn it!
Andrew Greggs: Like you said earlier, preacher.
Andrew Greggs: Only one way we're getting in there.
Junior Washington: Guess we search the town.
Andrew Greggs: For lack of any better ideas, yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Don't doubt he knows we're scurrying around out here by now.

Andrew Greggs: Rattlers!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: More bones on the move
Andrew Greggs: Got trouble in here!
Andrew Greggs: The hell were /those/ things...?
Junior Washington: dunno, nasty though
Junior Washington: *looks around*
Junior Washington: hmph
Andrew Greggs: Something useful would be too much to hope for here, I guess.
Junter Calren: hmm. wizard magic.
Andrew Greggs: *Watches for movement outside*
Majid Kemal: Can you still restore priest?
Junter Calren: I'm afraid that energy went into healing spells.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I feel like we've hit a dead end
Junter Calren: If that was a pun, it was terrible
Junior Washington: poor sections of town might have some canny survivors
Andrew Greggs: Not these guys, at any rate.
Junter Calren: they were trying to get in to these houses

Junter Calren: *knocks* hello?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: More Undead downtown
Junior Washington: wala!

General Bones: The common houses appear to be empty; you get no response to your queries.

Junter Calren: just mindless seeking then, sigh.
Junior Washington: *secures the house*
Andrew Greggs: 'Course there are.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: points ahead and slightly right* Saw some over there
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: More to the left
Junter Calren: check the buildings

Andrew Greggs: Another of those things in there..
Andrew Greggs: The crawlers.
Junior Washington: oh
Junter Calren: all at once then.
Andrew Greggs: Along with a corpse.
Junior Washington: let's leave them be
Junter Calren: there might be some clue
Junior Washington: not going to find anyone in there if a crawlers taken over

Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* First non-walking dead I've seen so far.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh ho
Andrew Greggs: Scratch the non-walking!
Andrew Greggs: Well, can't rightly say he was holding out on us.
Junter Calren: if one of you needs help with your swordsmanship
Junior Washington: *hands kit to priest*
Andrew Greggs: Already got me a pair of those.
Junior Washington: Perhaps we should stop and rest up?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: First gloves I've got since I got here
Junter Calren: perhaps if we find somewhere more secure.
Junior Washington: We could lock ourselves into that empty house.
Andrew Greggs: Tavern, maybe.
Andrew Greggs: But I don't like the idea of staying in one place for too long.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Found those on that guy

Andrew Greggs: Shit.
Half-Fiend Necromancer: The dark powers of the pit protect me!
Half-Fiend Necromancer : Des... troy... them...
Junter Calren: BACK
Junter Calren: move back damnit
Junior Washington: time to regrpu
Half-Fiend Necromancer : No escape for you!
Half-Fiend Necromancer : Perish, damn you!
Junior Washington: what happened to falling back???
Junter Calren: out!
Half-Fiend Necromancer : Smite them!
Half-Fiend Necromancer : Victory shall still be mine!
Half-Fiend Necromancer : Maaaster! Maaaster!
Half-Fiend Necromancer : Aid me!

Junior Washington: bastard
Andrew Greggs: Gah..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *sinks to his knees*
Junior Washington: nice amulet
Andrew Greggs: *Spits on the bastard, probably with a fair load of blood in there*
Majid Kemal: No more kits
Junter Calren: the rod might be the key to the forcefield.
Junior Washington: could be
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, but we're not exactly in fighting shape any longer.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: we need to rest up before entering that Temple
Junior Washington: the whole retreat thing needs to be worked out.
Junter Calren: Andrew was trapped
Andrew Greggs: That thing and his pet elemental had me pinned down.
Junior Washington: ah
Andrew Greggs: No way past but through.
Junter Calren: we should search the creatures lab.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That elemental kept getting in the way
Junior Washington: yeah
Andrew Greggs: Alright..
Andrew Greggs: I dropped some supplies there, trying to move out.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Yeah, saw them
Andrew Greggs: Ach..
Andrew Greggs: Cozy place..
Junter Calren: don't stand on the glowing runes
Junter Calren: generally a bad idea
Andrew Greggs: Some kinda.. crystal, here.
Andrew Greggs: In the middle of the skulls.
Junter Calren: bring it here
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let me get a fire going
Junter Calren: ugh. evil little things.
Junter Calren: *stands watches in shifts*
Junior Washington: *stands guard*
Andrew Greggs: Evil, huhn? What's it supposed to do?
Majid Kemal: Somebody wants the protection necklace?
Junior Washington: I could use it
Junior Washington: not sure how stong my armor is compared to the rest.
Andrew Greggs: I'm covered, at least against undead or these demon-things.
Majid Kemal: Now you won't me the tree skin protection.
Junior Washington: *nods* Ok give that blessing to others.
Andrew Greggs: Did someone check upstairs?
Junior Washington: nope
Majid Kemal: What?
Junior Washington: Shall we?
Majid Kemal: Nice bracers
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: Some arrows, here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: All clear
Andrew Greggs: See if you can use these, Majid.
Junior Washington: *pokes about in the supply room*
Junior Washington: welp we got a place to rest if we need it.
Andrew Greggs: We just did.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Do we have the means to drop that light barrier?
Andrew Greggs: Can't stay put for too long.
Junior Washington: dunno
Junter Calren: we should continue
Andrew Greggs: I dunno. Maybe. Shall we find out?
Junior Washington: that necro fella was headed that way and had that rod

Andrew Greggs: Oh, hey.
Andrew Greggs: Somebody sent some friends our way..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Who wants to be the semi-conductor and test that rod against the light barrier?
Andrew Greggs: I volunteer Junter.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh yeah, take it out on the non-citizen!
Majid Kemal: Did I mention I have no more kits?
Andrew Greggs: Me, neither. That fight took most of my potions, too.
Junter Calren: we should check the rest of these buildings
Junter Calren: we might find some healing supplies.
Andrew Greggs: Or we might find another horned necromancer.
Majid Kemal: Indeed
Junter Calren: If there were more I think the first would have summoned them..
Andrew Greggs: *Peers in*
Junter Calren: collapsed, I think..
Andrew Greggs: Looks like.

General Bones: Most of the common structures appear to have been thoroughly looted. You find bloodstains in many of them.

Andrew Greggs: Farewell, fabulous pantaloons.
Junior Washington: we gonna check the other parts of town or try for the temple?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Are we really going to go down the docks in the complete opposite direction we need to go in?
Andrew Greggs: Gates are crawling with dead.
Junter Calren: I think we've seen enough for now
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Come on, it'll be light soon
Andrew Greggs: Wondering if we'll find the High Grand Poobah in his jammies, sipping a cuppa joe...
Andrew Greggs: ..probably not, though.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Wait for the sparks to fly
Junior Washington: *stands well back to watch*
Junter Calren: stand back..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Wow!
Andrew Greggs: ...alright, then.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That worked!
Junior Washington: Good job padre!
Junter Calren: Onwards then.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And your still in one piece Junter!

General Bones: The way stands clear, to your final enemy...

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Re: Junior's Journal

Post by Karvon » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:24 am

General Bones: so we resume in Camar, with the way cleared to a final reckoning with Aladon Jariff.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, the door is finally open!
Magda Mogenson: *had been there all along, just vewy, vewy quiet*
Andrew Greggs: ...well.
Andrew Greggs: I'll be surprised if we haven't made enough noise to get the Big Bad Evilman's attention by now.
Magda Mogenson: Now or never with the faithless bastard.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Thing is, what happens after we get the bastard?
Andrew Greggs: Sunshine, puppies and rainbows?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Assuming we live through the experience
Magda Mogenson: ... I don't know, but he's got to go down.
Andrew Greggs: Lets focus on doing one impossible thing at a time, here.
Magda Mogenson: Do the job before you, then move on.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Here goes nothin'
Junter Calren: All is prepared
Junior Washington: tally ho

Junior Washington: *looks around*
Andrew Greggs: Someone ahead...
Magda Mogenson: What did it do?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: no idea, but treat everyone in here as hostile
Andrew Greggs: Threw some... dark thing at me. Think it might have sapped some of my strength.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: Junter... you know what's down here?
Magda Mogenson: Feel all weighed down.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *roots through the cabinets* Nothin' here
Junter Calren: cellars, store rooms and priests quarters
Andrew Greggs: Of course. They'll have taken anything useful for themselves.
Andrew Greggs: We go up or down?
Magda Mogenson: Down not up?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Basement first, in case there are any tunnels
Magda Mogenson: *points at lines on the door* Trapped.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We don't want him to slip away
Andrew Greggs: He can do that just as easily through the front door.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: If this door is trapped, it should be safe enough to leave alone for now
Magda Mogenson: Well, it's open. Just remembered his hidey hole was upstairs.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Upstairs then
Junior Washington: Course that might mean he relocated downstairs to throw off would be assailants.
Andrew Greggs: We'll find out, won't we?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: How about this door? Trapped?
Magda Mogenson: Blood... Hold on.
Junter Calren: *clears the the bones etc off of the altar*
Magda Mogenson: Nothing.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Sees the fresh blood*
Andrew Greggs: Alright...

Magda Mogenson: Dammit, made me all weak again.
Andrew Greggs: His chambers.
Andrew Greggs: Thought so...
Magda Mogenson: No one, but lets seee..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Must be in the basement then
Majid Kemal: He must be in some dark crypt.
Andrew Greggs: Unless he's nowhere around, of course...
Andrew Greggs: Wouldn't that make us look silly?
Magda Mogenson: Hnn... that game eh?
Andrew Greggs: Nothing useful?
Magda Mogenson: Here
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Somehow I thought he would have more minions
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Andrew Greggs: If I understand right, most of his forces are deployed afield.
Junter Calren: I thnk he sent most of them out
Magda Mogenson: Father, can you do any fancy stuff and make this weakness go?
Junior Washington: Anyone who can open doors to hell's gotta have some serious juice.
Magda Mogenson: Hey, thanks.
Andrew Greggs: Let's hope that was a one-time trick...
Andrew Greggs: Don't particularly feel like repeating that experience.
Majid Kemal: Got any kit?
Andrew Greggs: Guessing that ain't a creepy statue over there..;
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh ho
Andrew Greggs: Door's open.
Junter Calren: *almost growls with controlled anger*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: He looks a little thin in the skin
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Actually he looks more like a bag of bones
Magda Mogenson: Don't look friendly either.
Junior Washington: hmm
Andrew Greggs: We got anything that can come in from the sideroom?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: *spits into the palm of his hand and regrips his sword*
Junior Washington: So um, what's the plan?
Majid Kemal: Take him down.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Let's see what its got!

Magda Mogenson: Kemal! Fight!
Magda Mogenson: What do you think you're doing picking him over when folk are fighting?
Junter Calren: Come! the danger is not over.
Andrew Greggs: What's behind Door Number One...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Looks real comfortable here, considering this is the basement
Magda Mogenson: More doors
Andrew Greggs: Priest's quarters, Junter said.
Magda Mogenson: Looks like it from the smacks.
Magda Mogenson: *smocks
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: This has all the appearance of a surprise party...everyone huddled together in one room waiting for the guest to show up
Andrew Greggs: Let's make it one to remember.

Andrew Greggs: ..god damn it.
Magda Mogenson: Where is the bastard?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: desk is locked
Andrew Greggs: We've got another door on this side.
Junior Washington: What a surprise
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Just some spells or something
Magda Mogenson: Screw this. We're not gonna be camping anywhere, right?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: So, that's it? We've searched the entire place?
Andrew Greggs: Right here, you dummies.
Andrew Greggs: Sorry. Sergeant and Lieutenant dummy.
Magda Mogenson: Greggs, we'll talk later.
Andrew Greggs: *Stony smirk*
Andrew Greggs: Optimistic, aren't we?
Magda Mogenson: Can't see anything deadly on it, but best be sure. Open it, Greggs.
Andrew Greggs: Riiight..
Magda Mogenson: Woah.
Andrew Greggs: *Squints at sign up ahead*
Andrew Greggs: Yup. Catacombs.
Magda Mogenson: *suspicious look*
Junter Calren: Hmn. I suppose the catacombs *would* be the logical place.
Andrew Greggs: Why would he waste perfectly good dead people?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Fooling around with the dead...sicko
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Door is trapped too
Magda Mogenson: What's more, holy magic powered dead people... beofre they were dead, that is.
Magda Mogenson: Recogniseing the writing now, Sergeant.
Andrew Greggs: So. Expect the worst. Again.
Magda Mogenson: Would hate to disappoint you, Greggs.
Magda Mogenson: Crap, hear that clank?
Andrew Greggs: Hold on..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn
Andrew Greggs: That looked familiar.. where'd he get something like that?
Andrew Greggs: Another trap, here.

Magda Mogenson: Hnn.... smells like shit.
Andrew Greggs: These... Don't look like catacombs.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Na...definitely sewer-like
Andrew Greggs: You ever been down here, Junter?
Magda Mogenson: Choices, left or right?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We used the sewers to get into the city
Andrew Greggs: Hang on..
Andrew Greggs: Skeleton.
Andrew Greggs: Carryin' a bow, no less.
Magda Mogenson: Stay out of line of sight.
Andrew Greggs: *Nod*
Magda Mogenson: Gettin.#
Majid Kemal: Anyone got the bow?
Magda Mogenson: What bow?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: One of those devourer things ahead
Magda Mogenson: What the ...
Andrew Greggs: I hate those things..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Here it comes

Magda Mogenson: Heh, dunno what it did but I can walk again now.
Andrew Greggs: How helpful of it.
Magda Mogenson: That looks damn suspcious.
Andrew Greggs: The single grate? ...Yeah, kinda.
Junior Washington: It is a sewer.
Junior Washington: Sometimes a grate is just a grate.
Magda Mogenson: Not so much the single grate, but the grate in the tiny corridor with doors at either end.
Andrew Greggs: And this room is structured like a bloody airlock.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: meaning a possible lower level again to this one?
Magda Mogenson: Someone wedge this door.
Andrew Greggs: What? It's sewers, of /course/ there's something below us.
Magda Mogenson: Meaning, what the freak is going to come out.
Junior Washington: Why not have sarge bash it to pieces?
Andrew Greggs: Yeah, thought so!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Why don't I bash your mouth instead Junior?
Andrew Greggs: Ma'am?
Magda Mogenson: I fucking hate to be proven right.
Andrew Greggs: Urgh.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* you seem to like destroying doors, seemed like a logical way to prevent getting stuck.
Andrew Greggs: Least we were prepared for it...
Andrew Greggs: ...oh.
Magda Mogenson: .... a shit monster.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Got it!
Andrew Greggs: This keeps getting better and better.
Magda Mogenson: It was standing here so...
Andrew Greggs: So somebody doesn't want us getting down here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: The lower level
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, a door. We want to just check the rest or?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe this is the catacombs
Junter Calren: what was past those large doors then?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: More sewer, probably.
Junior Washington: Probably
Andrew Greggs: Your call, ma'am.
Magda Mogenson: Should check the whole place. Bastard could be behind us.
Magda Mogenson: Hnnn...
Andrew Greggs: Looks pretty ominous, alright.

General Bones: This door has been sealed with some effort. The work looks fairly old; it is unlikely that Jariff came this way recently.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Don't forget the sewers run under the entire city
Magda Mogenson: Don't think he could have come this way.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: They could be miles in length
Andrew Greggs: Then what the hell's down here?
Magda Mogenson: Call it. We can go down.
Junior Washington: Loot?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Down
Magda Mogenson: Where are ...... eh, wait. *waves hands as if thing out directions* This is under the citadel.
Junior Washington: Mebbe something he was afraid of if he didn't take control of this section?
Andrew Greggs: *Frowns*
Andrew Greggs: Sounds likely, I suppose.
Andrew Greggs: You think there might still be people trapped there?
Magda Mogenson: Maybe.
Junior Washington: The seals were old, no? If so, probably not.
Andrew Greggs: Above us, Junior.
Andrew Greggs: We saw the main gate collapsed, but we have no idea how intact the rest of the place is.
Magda Mogenson: Maybe a way in up there, but.... not sure if we should pursue it now.
Andrew Greggs: Might be something helpful up there. Might cost us the initiative.
Junter Calren: I don't think we have time to search the entire citadel
General Bones: There is a grate in the ceiling, about 20 feet up.
Magda Mogenson: Thing is, this might get us what we need.
Andrew Greggs: And what's that, exactly?
Magda Mogenson: Shit. Can't decide. Democracy for once. Vote.
Majid Kemal: Look this may be a way in.
Junior Washington: Citadale
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: We're getting side-tracked. Carryon down
Magda Mogenson: Greggs?
Junter Calren: I'd say continue downwards. This might provide an alternate exit or a way to search for survivors in the citadel later.
Andrew Greggs: Gotta side with Sarge, for once.
Majid Kemal: Sarge we vdon't know for sure where he is.
Magda Mogenson: I think down, so down.
Andrew Greggs: We haven't seen a damn sign of the big man yet... so we want to get in the first strike.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Ghee, thanks Greggs for that supreme vote of confidance in me
Junior Washington: *casts eye wistfully at grate and shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: You'll always have me, Sarge.

Magda Mogenson: Yeah, this kind of looks like catacombs.
Magda Mogenson: Blast...
Andrew Greggs: Below the sewers. You usually think catacombs would be a bit more... dignified.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Bones ahead!
Andrew Greggs: Probably got more traps..
Andrew Greggs: Ugh.
Magda Mogenson: Sergeant?
Andrew Greggs: Not.. sure why that was necessary.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Stone coffins
Junter Calren: is that really necessary when miss morgan can disable the locks?
Magda Mogenson: Cofins. Leave them.
Junior Washington: keeps from getting trapped in a room.
Magda Mogenson: Again.
Andrew Greggs: Shuffling up ahead..

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Hate them things
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Is it just me or is it getting darker down here?
Andrew Greggs: Well.. light up ahead.
Andrew Greggs: Dark, malevolent-looking light.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah.
Andrew Greggs: Are your Priesty-senses picking anything up, here?
Junter Calren: *examines the light from a slightly greater distance*
Junter Calren: don't stand too close to it.
Magda Mogenson: That's .... who here thinks that's going to cause trouble when we open that other door?
Junior Washington: no duh!
Magda Mogenson: *sigh*
Andrew Greggs: Odds are good..
Junter Calren: It looks like the pedestal might hold something
Andrew Greggs: Or under it.
Magda Mogenson: Can someone protect me?
Junter Calren: can't open it?
Magda Mogenson: Can't concentrate to open it.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: In what way?
Andrew Greggs: From electric shocks? Nah.
Junter Calren: I have no more of those, the energy went into healing
Magda Mogenson: Can we smash it with anything?
Junior Washington: *glances at sarge*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That would be easy, but do we want too?
Andrew Greggs: Oy.
Andrew Greggs: Damn thing hit you right back.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What about trying to find something that fits that hole on top of the pedestal?
Junior Washington: you skipped those other coffins.
Magda Mogenson: Right .... let's check.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: What about this door here?
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junter Calren: perhaps we're going about this the wrong way..

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Oh more Bones
Andrew Greggs: Perhaps it's a waste of time.
Junior Washington: Very likely so.
Andrew Greggs: Damn...
Magda Mogenson: Get out!
Junter Calren: get out of the way of it!

Junior Washington: That went well.
Junter Calren: *ahem* In the name of the father, I bid you open!
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: That gate is trapped but not the sort that's triggered after one use
Junior Washington: *watches*
Magda Mogenson: It's clear now.
Junter Calren: hmm...
Junior Washington: Got any other tricks padre?
Magda Mogenson: We can try looking in the coffins.
Junter Calren: I am rather at a loss, to be honest
Andrew Greggs: If Jarrif's seeing this, he must be laughing his ass off right now.
Junter Calren: I don't think this is a force of evil though
Magda Mogenson: Thing is, it's a bright light. Looks kinda clean.
Magda Mogenson: Yeah, so what's in there might help.
Junior Washington: My vote is we go back and loot the coffins we bypassed.
Magda Mogenson: *slides eyes sideways at Junior*
Magda Mogenson: We go see /if/ there is something of use.
Andrew Greggs: And why do we think graverobbing will lead to unlocking a pedestal of light?
Andrew Greggs: And for god's sake, keep your distance..
Junior Washington: Better than just standing round here.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, that's not going to break
Junior Washington: *shakes head*
Magda Mogenson: Magical traps on these/
Junter Calren: I am not sure what you expect to find.

Junior Washington: gah! flee!
Junior Washington: *cowers*
Andrew Greggs: ...not sure what we expect to find, either.
Andrew Greggs: Apart from the obvious. Like trouble.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I feel terrible
Magda Mogenson: Hang on.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Need to sit for a bit
Andrew Greggs: Hey, Washington. It's dead. Dead-er, whatever.
Junior Washington: are you sure?
Andrew Greggs: *Shrugs* Who the hell knows with these things?
Majid Kemal: Need that big magic again.
Junter Calren: *was* there anything of use?
Junior Washington: It stuck me or something
Magda Mogenson: Father, you might know what thes berries do.
Andrew Greggs: Yeah... I'll be damn happy the day I never have to deal with anything supernatural again.
Magda Mogenson: Were in that coffin.
Junter Calren: hmn. interesting.
Junter Calren: they're medicene of sorts. restore your body
Junter Calren: might proove useful.
Majid Kemal: Need one then.
Andrew Greggs: Well, we got /something/ out of this, at least.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: I think I need a whole basket of them
Majid Kemal: One should be enough.
Magda Mogenson: *stares at the coffin*
Junior Washington: So any sorta key or portal stone thing a ma jig?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Who's got the berries then?
Majid Kemal: Sarge you need healing not the same thing.
Magda Mogenson: *yell* You coming or what?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Need to lie down for a bit that's what i need
Majid Kemal: Need a berry.
Andrew Greggs: ...nothing trying to kill us. Pleasant surprise.
Junter Calren: one, unfinished wand.
Junior Washington: great
Magda Mogenson: Some stuff here might help us, looks like its a defense against the effects of the dead.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: And that's all there was
Magda Mogenson: Which might be useful, but won't get us into the light pedastal.

Andrew Greggs: So we just press on, then?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Maybe we can rest for a bit here?
Magda Mogenson: Take a quick breather if you think it'll help you.
Junior Washington: Could go for a snack.
Junter Calren: As long as we keep a watch, yes, that might be wise.
Andrew Greggs: I've got supplies..
Magda Mogenson: Can't hold for long, but power nap.
Majid Kemal: Junction got a clear line of sight.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Break them out then
Junior Washington: *enjoys some rations*
Andrew Greggs: Nuisance...
Magda Mogenson: Maybe not the best idea.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Still feel weak but a bit better than I was
Junior Washington: *stands guard*

Magda Mogenson: See if this helps.
Junior Washington: *follows along behind*
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Well, the light didn't go out or anything
Junior Washington: So, now what?
Majid Kemal: Anyone tried a light spell?
Magda Mogenson: Got to be a way.
Junter Calren: *tries the light spell*
Magda Mogenson: Is there a spell that will break it open.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Junior Washington: All greek to me.
Majid Kemal: We simply missed the key somewhere.
Magda Mogenson: Eh, can't do anything. Let's go or he'll be even more prepared.
Junter Calren: one moment, please! i've had an idea

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: More Zombies
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Shit load of them!
Magda Mogenson: *waits&*
Andrew Greggs: The heck -
Andrew Greggs: ...why is there a dog-man with a flaming sword?
Magda Mogenson: *looks smug* I'd had that a while waiting.
Andrew Greggs: I'm not the only one seeing that, right?
Junter Calren: He is a servant of our father.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Look at that stuff burn!
Andrew Greggs: ...o... kay.
Junior Washington: *shrugs* he showed up and killed zombies
Magda Mogenson: Wait it out.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Worse than Napalm
Andrew Greggs: Does that mean he's your brother?
Magda Mogenson: Those seeds we found in the Abyss.
Junter Calren: All Good creatures are brothers in spirit.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Found...this?
Andrew Greggs: Uh-huh.
Andrew Greggs: Why do I even get surprised any more?
Junior Washington: long as he sticks to slaying bad guys.
Magda Mogenson: What is it?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Don't it talk/
Majid Kemal: Who wants a healing wand?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: ?
Junior Washington: Must be male.
Magda Mogenson: I can use it if the Father can't.
Junter Calren: I could use it, my last one is almost empty.
Junter Calren: It is probably not wise to ask too many questions of a higher being.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Another door up here
Junter Calren: You might not like the answers.
Junter Calren: thankyou.
Junior Washington: Wonder how he feels bout being dragged here from his home?
Junter Calren: He's called, not dragged.
Junior Washington: Yeah, right.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Man this place is nearly worse than the Pentagon
Andrew Greggs: So long as he's up for smiting some evildoers, I guess.
Magda Mogenson: Heh, yeah.
Junter Calren: when you're ready, lady and gentlemen.
Magda Mogenson: Deep breath.

Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: Damn...where are we now?
Magda Mogenson: Nowhere good.
Junior Washington: *shrugs*
Andrew Greggs: An classical Evil Lair, is my guess.
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: One long corridor with nowhere to hide
Magda Mogenson: Hrmm....
Andrew Greggs: Whoboy..
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: some fancy arrows
Magda Mogenson: Hope there aren't too many of those.
Majid Kemal: Is there a word to use them?
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: No idea
Junter Calren: they're evil things, and they'll likely do little good against the skeletons
Andrew Greggs: Don't sound good...
Kyle 'Sarge' Simmons: More Zombies
Magda Mogenson: Shit...

General Bones: Slashing your way through the undead minions of the false priest, you press on toward the ultimate confrontation, which you can sense is just ahead...

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