Leonaidas' Journal

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Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:59 pm

Lazyzeus : The scene: a small village in Argolis, near the eastern shores of the Peloponnese. The time: about three thousand years ago, during a time of myth and legend. The sun rises on a new day in ancient Greece...

Leonidas : *yawns and looks around*
Leonidas : *takes a dipper full of wine and sloshes around in his mouth before gulping it down*
Telemachus : *rubs his eyes and shifts out of the cot*
Leonidas : another exciting day, eh?
Telemachus : heh
Telemachus : we can dream.
Telemachus : I'm not half recovered from yesterdays training to tell the truth
Leonidas : Wonder what mischief we can get into today?
Leonidas : training?
Leonidas : *laughs*

Andreas Appolodorus: * run back to the village to avoid being late for break fast *
Andreas Appolodorus: Morning.
Kataramene : *jogs along quietly on a circuit of the village*
Andreas Appolodorus: Have you eaten yet?
Kataramene : Oh, hello.
Eleni : *Looks up from some scroll or other. Grins.* Morning!
Kataramene : *grinds to a halt with a grin*
Polytropos : Master Miltiades. And Appolodorus! Your gut just narrowly beat you here again.
Andreas Appolodorus: Me too but I still have somne space in my belly.
Kataramene : A good morning for a run.
Polytropos : Ah, no time for stick-clattering, then.
Eleni : I shall take your word on this.

Leonidas : *looks around*

Damian : *abmles back into the village, a smile on his face*
Polytropos : Come then! Let's see if we can outrace hunger, friend.
Kataramene : *looks down at her with a slight smirk*
Andreas Appolodorus: As you wish.
Eleni : The shade here does admirably for me. Besides, these sandals are rather awkward to run in.
Kataramene : Bare feet can be awkward.
Eleni : Hmmm.

Androcles: Ah, Leonidas!
Leonidas : Morning
Androcles: Have you managed to find any new trouble this morning?
Leonidas : The day's young.

Eleni : *Waves to the passing Damian*
Damian : *waves back*

Androcles: Ah, Polytropos, Andreas.
Polytropos : Bright morning!
Androcles: Just the lads I wanted to see. All of you, really.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes we are here as you commanded.
Androcles: Command is a word for the smith.
Leonidas : commanded?
Androcles: I prefer, "gentle suasion" myself.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Polytropos : It sounds better.
Androcles: And who knows, you may profit from it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Summoned then if you prefer.
Damian : *to the pigs* And how are you this morning?
Leonidas : I like profit
Polytropos : My ears are now awake.
Telemachus : *doing some stretching exercises*
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm not as as good as you with words Master.
Androcles: However, this matter affects your whole group, and as much as I like my own voice, I'd prefer to speak only once.
Leonidas : *idly drums finger on bench*

Eleni : *Tilts her head* Is he talking to the livestock again...?
Damian : *checks the pigs over and nods* You're still looking good.
Kataramene : Well... fine day. I will continue my run.
Eleni : You know, I do believe he is. And people call /me/ strange..
Eleni : Oh! Bye.
Damian : *sits down next to a rock*
Eleni : You know...
Eleni : You've made me wonder.
Damian : *starts* Hmm? Oh, hello Eleni.
Eleni : *Squints at the pigs* Do they ever actually talk back?
Eleni : Or are you just being polite with them?
Damian : *looks at the pigs and grins* No. I would be worried if they did.
Eleni : *Grins back* I should think we would all be rather worried about you if you said they did.
Damian : *makes room for her on the rock*
Eleni : *Grabs a seat*

Telemachus : *waves a good morning to Katramene as she passes*
Telemachus : *finds a couple of apples for breakfast*

Androcles: I heard the voices of the young women with whom I see you in company so frequently... perhaps you could find them and bring them here?
Andreas Appolodorus: Is this a bad omen?
Polytropos : Shouldn't be hard.
Androcles: Ah, speak of the spirits themselves.
Polytropos : Kataramene!
Leonidas : There are so many....
Kataramene : *pauses on seeing the crowd, possibly in case admiration is forthcoming*
Polytropos : Over here! Seen the pigman, or Eleni? Telemachus?
Leonidas : *shrugs and leans back against the pillar to doze*
Androcles: And if you find that hulk of a youth you dwell with, Leonidas, bring him as well.
Andreas Appolodorus: At dawn the sky looked favorable but I'm no oracle.
Kataramene : Both, they are by apple tree.
Andreas Appolodorus: May Zeus guide my steps.
Androcles: Some premonition tells me we may need your full talents.
Polytropos : Couldn't run and fetch them, could you? I know you like that.
Kataramene : Who do you ... oh never mind.
Androcles: Today seems an auspicious day! Perhaps a tune in honor of the gods.
Androcles: *plays on the lyre*
Leonidas : *taps foot in time*
Polytropos : Heh heh.
Polytropos : Hey, Telemachus!
Polytropos : Hoi!
Telemachus : *washing in the stream*
Androcles: *sighs*
Polytropos : Over here!
Polytropos : Is he going to make me move?
Telemachus : Eh? what now?
Andreas Appolodorus: Throw a stone at him.
Androcles: *looks to the skies* The gods grant patience.
Polytropos : Over here!
Polytropos : We're talking.

Kataramene : *jogs up* We are wanted.
Damian : No, they don't talk to me, Eleni, but I *feel* what they-oh, hello, Kat.
Eleni : *Looks up* Oh. Hello, again.
Eleni : Have you gone all the way 'round already?
Damian : *stands up* Lead the way.
Kataramene : Androcles. Come on.
Eleni : Oh. Me as well?
Kataramene : Quick now! *runs off a little quicker than people might care for*
Damian : *brushes himself off and starts to follow Kat*
Eleni : Alright, alright..

Androcles: Ah, very good.
Androcles: All here at last.
Eleni : *Looks around, brows raised* Evidently so.
Androcles: I hope that my declaration does not fall flat after that build up.
Polytropos : If it does, at least we all will witness the novelty of that.
Androcles: In any case, the errand that I have for you is simple enough. The old olive farmer, Menander, has asked for aid.
Eleni : Aid? What sort of aid?
Eleni : Because I am not picking olives.
Kataramene : An stange errand? *lifts an eyebrow*
Androcles: *smiles knowingly* Why, I do not know, girl.
Damian : *hides a smile*
Androcles: But I am sure that the task, whatever it is, will fall within your talents.
Eleni : I should hope so!
Polytropos : A coin says it's picking olives.
Kataramene : I'm not taking that bet.
Androcles: There is no shame in honest labor.
Telemachus : *shrugs* Have to earn our keep somehow.
Andreas Appolodorus: If you say running errants I'm certainly the fastest here. * smile *
Eleni : You are on, sir.
Androcles: However, I have a feeling that today is a special day.
Kataramene : Besides, all we need to do is get Telemarchus to shake the trees and we can sit in the sun.
Eleni : It is not shame that makes the prospect unpleasing. Rather, boredom.
Polytropos : *doesn't say another word...*
Telemachus : *chuckle* I'll throw you up the trees, and you can throw the olives down
Androcles: Perhaps the first day in a long journey that will see changes in all of your lives. Why, I have long said that seven is an auspicious number.
Polytropos : That's thinking, that is.
Eleni : Well, that would certainly make the task less dull, granted.
Androcles: *idly strums his lyre* In any case, Menander will not grow less ancient as the day passes.
Polytropos : *peers at Androcles, a little suspicious*
Androcles: I believe he awaits you at his house, in the south grove.
Androcles: Do say hello for me. And do try not to get lost along the way. *chuckles*
Andreas Appolodorus: I passed by his field while doing my running I could have stoppped there if I knew.
Kataramene : Last one there gets to pick up the nets.
Eleni : *Grins* You have a talent for finding the dramatic in everything, Androcles.
Polytropos : We know the smell of south, master.
Damian : *nods to Androcles*
Eleni : We do? I don't.
Polytropos : Well, it smells like this way.
Andreas Appolodorus: Are we bringing anything to him?

Polytropos : *hops to island to bank*
Damian : Never lead by the nose, you may find yourself in a pie.
Eleni : *Sniffs the air, experimentally*
Andreas Appolodorus: That will do then.
Eleni : I shall have to assume your olfactory sense are superior to mine.
Leonidas : *whistles as he walks*
Polytropos : A fine pie we'd make...
Damian : Only if it was apple.

Lazyzeus : There is only one path south; the route is easy to follow.

Kataramene : *makesa point of getting there first*
Menander: Hoo now, what's all this?
Eleni : Good morning!d
Kataramene : You asked for aid.
Eleni : ...you asked for us. I thought.
Telemachus : Good morning elder
Damian : *waves to Menander*
Menander: *blinks under furry brows* Ahhh.
Menander: Yes, yes, so many muscles. Very good.
Telemachus : Androcles sent us
Menander: Did he now?
Menander: Hmm, yes.
Kataramene : *wrinkles her nose*
Polytropos : *a little loudly* Something about olives, was it?
Menander: Olives?
Eleni : Please do not tell me it was something about olives.
Menander: Olives? What's this about olives now?
Leonidas : *lounges on the slope and listens*
Eleni : I shall be rather upset and also lose a bet.
Damian : *looks out into the forest and makes a shooing motion*
Eleni : ...I did not mean for that to rhyme.
Polytropos : *again, loud* What can we do for you this day, old one?
Menander: No need to shout! Nothing wrong with my hearing, eh.
Menander: All hustle and bustle and rush, you younger folks.
Menander: Why, in my generation, the young were quiet, and well-behaved. Hmph.
Kataramene : *sighs petulantly*
Menander: Still, be that as it is.
Eleni : Life must have been excruciatingly dull.
Menander: It was! Ha!
Leonidas : *picks a blade of grass and sticks it in his mouth*
Polytropos : *quiet snort.*
Menander: As it happens I do have a problem.
Eleni : *Smirks*
Polytropos : If it's not your hearing, what could it be?
Damian : *listens to the birds chirpping*
Andreas Appolodorus: You lost a goat again?
Menander: Goat? *blinks* Don't have a goat.
Kataramene : Can we get it done, huh?
Polytropos : ... not since it was lost, no...
Menander: No, I got me a _badger_ problem.
Eleni : Badgers?
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh?
Damian : *starts* Badgers?
Kataramene : ... badgers?
Menander: Sly bastard's dug himself a den somewhere near here!
Eleni : Just the one?
Menander: Been tearing up the roots under the olive trees! Can't have that!
Polytropos : Ismene might be able to... oh, an actual badger.
Eleni : I am not certain if this is a seven-person job.
Menander: Only saw the one.
Polytropos : Seven sounds about right. Six to do the job, one to oversee.
Polytropos : *nods.*
Menander: Ha! Better than your chores, young miss?
Andreas Appolodorus: You just need a dog to dig it out for you, no?
Kataramene : That's my role sorted then.
Eleni : Clearly, to me falls the overseeing.
Menander: Dogs, don't trust 'em.
Polytropos : All we've got is Damian.
Damian : I can ask the badger to leave, master.
Kataramene : You're smallest, you get to go down the hole.
Menander: Course, suppose if you'd rather pick olives... *looks up at Eleni*
Eleni : I shall most certainly /not/ go down anything.
Menander: *points to Damien* See, that's a good fellow, thinking with his thinker.
Eleni : This is my nicest peplos.
Polytropos : Not for long.
Menander: I'm not saying I want the critter killed or anything. But I'm too old to go rushing about with a spade.
Leonidas : I can hold it for you *helpful tone*
Eleni : *Hmph*
Kataramene : *smirks a little*
Damian : It will only try to bite you, Leonidas.
Telemachus : Well enough. Do you know where his Set is?
Polytropos : *starts laughing to himself*
Eleni : It would need only a simple charm to daze the creature... what?
Polytropos : Hahaha, nothing...
Menander: Most of the damage was over yonder. *points roughly west of the farm*
Polytropos : ... eheheh... right, over there... heehee.
Eleni : *Frowns, suspicious*
Polytropos : *ahem!*
Eleni : Hrm. Well, recall you now owe me a coin.
Polytropos : I spoke nothing of bets! Only speaking coins.
Polytropos : Should we ever meet one, by all means, it's yours.
Kataramene : *laughs*
Menander: Hmm, yes, well. Off you go now.
Kataramene : You should lern never to take a bet with him. He weasles out of anything.
Eleni : Hah! Do you play off all your debts so?
Polytropos : So far.
Polytropos : That, and running.
Menander: Don't get bit! *chuckles to himself*

Leonidas : *yawns*
Andreas Appolodorus: How many people you need to catch a badger?
Eleni : I suspect if you keep this up, you will have to start practicing the later.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Kataramene : 1 to do it and 6 to watch.
Damian : *lets his sense stretch out*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : ... sssh...
Damian : *senses
Polytropos : ... I see a badger.
Damian : Wait here.
Polytropos : A right gorgon.
Telemachus : Is he really going to talk to it?
Eleni : *Hushed* As I mentioned, I could... *Leans out to look at Damien*
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : ...I think he is.

Damian : Hello there.
Kataramene : Any bets on it biting him?
Andreas Appolodorus: So big?
Telemachus : His brain's addled.
Damian : You're not safe here, little one. You should build a new den that way *points further to the west*
Polytropos : Any bets on where it bites?
Eleni : Not this time, I am afraid.
Leonidas : *watches from the high ground*
Kataramene : *smirks* They can't reach far up.
Polytropos : Unfortunately for him.
Badger : *looks cornered*
Badger : *Makes thrething nosies*
Polytropos : Why's it out of the hole, anyway?
Kataramene : Odds on the feet, evens the thigh, and 3 to 1 against him singing soprona in the taverna.
Eleni : I do not think his plan is working...
Damian : *stern look*

Lazyzeus : The badger lunges forward, snarling at Damien!

Polytropos : Uhoh!
Badger : *snarls and make a run at him*
Leonidas : *sits under tree*
Eleni : Ah! Should have taken that bet..
Kataramene : Ooops.
Leonidas: PC Emote Wand : What would you like to do?
Damian : I don't want to hurt you.
Telemachus : there's good eating on a badger
Telemachus : quite the treat, roasted.
Kataramene : For you there's good eating on anything.
Badger : *looks more anxious the longer he's standing near*

Lazyzeus : Damien is nipped but the badger does not pursue.

Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Kataramene : We need a net.
Polytropos : Not a good speaker, that badger?
Telemachus : You just envy my culinary skill
Kataramene : Does the old man have an olive net?
Eleni : I could stun the creature easily.
Andreas Appolodorus: Are you hurt?
Damian : Something is agitating him, but I don't know what.
Polytropos : Hmmm.
Telemachus : Probably you.
Damian : *chants soflty* I'm fine now.
Kataramene : Can we find his set?
Eleni : *Tilts head and frowns at Damian, curious*
Polytropos : Well, there's that hole...
Kataramene : Where?
Polytropos : Just next to him.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah yes you got Magic too like my mother.
Polytropos : Has something else moved in?
Leonidas : *dozes off*
Kataramene : Find a net. We'll tangle him up then take a look.
Damian : *frowns* It doesn't look hurt. It must be protecting one that is.
Eleni : You think there is a little badger family in there?
Damian : That would be my guess. It could be a mother badger protecting its young. If so, then we'll have a hard time moving it.
Kataramene : Menander, do you have an olive net? Or failing that, an old barrel?
Polytropos : *sneak sneak sneak*
Eleni : ...what is Polytropos doing?
Polytropos : *sneak*
Damian : Besides making a fool of himself?

Badger : *noses around*
Polytropos : *leans out to get a look at the hole.*
Eleni : That goes without saying.
Eleni : It is his standard mode of being.
Damian : *chuckles*
Kataramene : *has that wander around*
Badger : *head cocks as if it gets a scent*
Eleni : *Grins* Oh, I think it got him...
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Telemachus : We're going to be here all day.
Eleni : *Chuckles* Sound the retreat!
Kataramene : *sighs at the lack of nets and takes hold of a large tub*

Polytropos : Hm.
Polytropos : Gah!
Polytropos : Frog!
Polytropos : Shoo!
Andreas Appolodorus: Frog? What frog?
Kataramene : What? *is dragging a large tub*
Polytropos : That frog!
Damian : Don't let it spit on you, polytropos!
Kataramene : By the gods.
Eleni : The spirits of the forest are unkind to you today, Polytropos.
Andreas Appolodorus: It's just a frog.
Kataramene : Do we put this over it or the badger?
Polytropos : Just a bit. Yes, there's something moving in that hole.
Damian : Cubs!
Eleni : Oh, look!
Kataramene : *gestures to the bathtub thingy*
Damian : I was right.
Polytropos : Huh.
Eleni : There /is/ a little family in there. That is rather adoreable.
Polytropos : Hey!
Damian : Aias
Kataramene : A little help here?
Badger Cub : *squeals*
Polytropos : Aw man.
Eleni : ...why is there a a bear?
Badger Cub : *cries loudly*
Damian : Go home, Aias.
Eleni : *Scratches head*
Leonidas : *yawns*
Polytropos : Aw.
Badger : *attacks anyone that gets close*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : ... is there... something you can do for the badger?
Polytropos : I'm never saying that again.
Kataramene : *tug tug* Here, try to throw this over her.
Badger Cub : *mewling piteously*
Andreas Appolodorus: I get it don't try to help a badger.
Damian : *grabs a handle*
Polytropos : I think I saw some saffron by the river...
Eleni : I am not certain if that would improve our standing among badgerkind.
Badger : *nugdes the cub back to the hole*
Kataramene : *takes the other handle*
Damian : *nods*
Leonidas : *crosses arms and watches*
Kataramene : See if this works.
Damian : Let's hope.
Lazyzeus : The pair approaches the badger, who seems quite irate...
Badger : *snarls*
Damian : *chants over the wounded badger cub*

Lazyzeus : The tub bounces off the badger and lands beside it! It rushes at you!

Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : Augh.
Eleni : Oh, dear.
Eleni : We may have to consider altering tactics.
Damian : *crosses arms*
Badger : *licks its wounds*
Leonidas : Just get some torches and drive the lot of them away.
Kataramene : *rubs a nip on her calf irritably*
Kataramene : What are we trying to do, get them away to look down the hole?
Eleni : I believe we wish for them to relocate.
Damian : We're trying to relocate them.
Eleni : See!
Eleni : I was correct.
Telemachus : we're tring to get rid of the badgers so they stop ruining the olive trees.
Kataramene : They're only going to come back while their set is there.
Polytropos : *ponder.*
Polytropos : Could we kick that tree?
Eleni : Yes. It appears badgers are not terribly open to rational argument.
Polytropos : Block it up?
Telemachus : I'm all for making badger kebabs myself.
Eleni : Who knew?
Kataramene : It's their home, for the god's sake, they won't leave willingly.
Damian : *tries to communicate with the badger again*
Leonidas : Agreed
Andreas Appolodorus: Better be quick or I will have a rosted badger soon.
Telemachus : it's nearly lunch time too.

Lazyzeus : The badger is still nervous but stays near its lair.

Eleni : Hello, little one!
Kataramene : We can make the mother come if we capture a cub.
Badger : *goes after the wandering cub*
Polytropos : I could get a cub.
Damian : *grabs the tub and lugs it away*
Kataramene : Check the hole swiftly!
Badger : *nuges the cub back to the hole*
Telemachus : what do you expect to find in a badger set?
Polytropos : *grab!*
Kataramene : *looks down*
Eleni : Badgers?
Eleni : Badger droppings?
Eleni : I am not an expert in these things.
Kataramene : I didn't get a good look.
Badger : *looks distressed*
Eleni : Oh!
Badger : *cries a warning to her cubs*

Lazyzeus : Polytropos grabs for a badger cub, but it escapes his grasp!

Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : You said you could daze them, Eleni?
Eleni : Another frog got one of the cubs!
Andreas Appolodorus: Can your magic work on the badgers?
Eleni : I have avenged it.
Eleni : It should, yes.
Polytropos : Hrm.
Eleni : But I imagine it must be really, really rather upset now.
Telemachus : why don't we all run in and grab a badger? we have the superior numbers *chuckling a little*
Polytropos : Is it holding up 'cos of those frogs?
Damian : *harvests some saffron*
Eleni : I believe the badgers would continue to try clawing our eyes out whilst we held them.
Eleni : Which may be unpleasant.
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't chase chicken or badgers.
Telemachus : You grab em by the back of the neck
Polytropos : Maybe they've moved in and the badger's had to move out. Let's see.
Eleni : And what do we do with them after? Toss them in the river?
Telemachus : and aim away from your fafce
Telemachus : that's a waste of a perfectly good badger.
Kataramene : Are those frogs in the hole.
Kataramene : Stop thinking of your stomach!
Damian : Watch for frogs!
Kataramene : Daze the creatures if you can, Eleni?
Eleni : These things are like pests.
Eleni : Highly agressive pests.
Eleni : Hm? The mother, you mean?
Kataramene : All of them if you can. We can put the tub on the mother and catch the cubs.
Eleni : All of them would be difficult, unless I got closer.
Telemachus : and theeen, soup?
Damian : *peers into the water* Stranglevine.
Polytropos : Looked deep to me.
Eleni : You may have to take the mother first.
Eleni : *Looks over shoulder* Unless Damien has had another idea?
Damian : *ponders*
Kataramene : One of us could grab a stunned cub and keep running.
Kataramene : Try to stun them all, if it just gets one then we'll see.
Eleni : Well, alright...
Eleni : But if I get bit because of this, I am blaming you.
Andreas Appolodorus: If we smoke go they may go away, no?
Kataramene : That's your prerogative.
Leonidas : *watches*
Damian : *sigsh* I have no idea.
Eleni : Ho!
Eleni : Two sleep.
Kataramene : Tub! FasT!

Lazyzeus : The badgers are all stunned.

Telemachus : *grab em!*
Telemachus : *makes with the badger grabbing*
Polytropos : *grab!*
Kataramene : Put the tub over the mother.
Damian : *looks into the whole and picks out a silver brooch*

Lazyzeus : The mother badger is trapped under the tub.

Kataramene : *sits on the tub*
Badger Cub : *cries*
Polytropos : Any idea where we can...
Damian : *starts to fill in the hole* We'll need to find another place for the mother and her cubs to den.
Kataramene : What's wrong with the hole?
Polytropos : ... damn it, these animals...

Lazyzeus : The tub shakes, jolting Kataramene.

Eleni : We could try and take them out further into the forest, I suppose.
Kataramene : Someone go and get a shovel.
Polytropos : Stop looking so piteous!
Andreas Appolodorus: I know not where they like to nest.
Kataramene : Or .. yes, forest.
Damian : Near water and food - mainly nuts and berries.
Damian : And fish.
Kataramene : Those with the cubs get ready to run with them.
Polytropos : Here, in other words.

Lazyzeus : There is a loud scraping coming from the tub. You hear snarling.

Damian : *gesters farther west* We can relocate them there.
Polytropos : *heeeaves, trying to push the tree into the hole.*
Kataramene : Hurry up and decide!
Eleni : There are many nice places where they will not undermine olive trees.
Eleni : Very well, but...
Damian : *jumps back* That'll work.

Lazyzeus : You fill in the hole.

Polytropos : That it will.
Eleni : Transporting the mother may still prove difficult.

Lazyzeus : You have the cubs and can take them where you want.

Eleni : A tub appears to a sub-optional method of transportation.
Kataramene : We run with the cubs to where she must go, then drop them.
Eleni : *sub-optimal
Polytropos : Maybe... Menander knows a place...? Or somewhere east....?
Eleni : Hm. Will she be able to find them, are we sure?
Telemachus : we're taking an awful lot of trouble over these pests you know
Kataramene : When I take this off she's going to chase you.
Polytropos : Fewer trees over there.
Damian : *bends down towards the tub* Now listen here. You and your cubs are being moved whether you like it or not. You can come peacefully or we will stun you again.
Telemachus : anyone else in the village would have cooked them by now
Kataramene : And I plan to get off it as soon as you start running.

Lazyzeus : The side of the tub cracks, and a claw scrapes out, trying to gain purchase.

Polytropos : If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing ack!
Eleni : /I/ will stun them again, rather.
Kataramene : Decide fast!
Polytropos : *tries to collect a cub.*
Eleni : It is trying to burrow out! I suggest we move the cubs swiftly.
Damian : *grabs a cub* Let's go.
Polytropos : To the east! We can dig them a hole.

Lazyzeus : Polytropos grabs a cub.

Polytropos : Stop clawing, you little...
Kataramene : Go!
Telemachus : not east! that's where the farm is!

Lazyzeus : Daimen grabs a cub.

Kataramene : South!

Lazyzeus : The cubs squirm in your grasp but remain insufferably cute doing so.

Polytropos : ... south's the river.
Damian : Ware the vines!
Kataramene : *yells* I've getting off the tub now!

Lazyzeus : The washtub snaps, and the badger's snout sticks through it. It snarls.

Eleni : Well, this is certainly not turning out to be /boring/, I shall grant..
Eleni : Oh! *Steps back*
Telemachus : haha head west!
Kataramene : *jumps off and runs for it*
Telemachus : oh ye gods too late haha
Polytropos : ... oh. Oh dear.
Polytropos : ... come on, Damian! We can go further east! I think it's chasing us!

Lazyzeus : The badger runs after you.

Polytropos : Mighty heroes! That's us!
Damian : *runs off to the east*
Telemachus : *runs along behind the badger harrying it along*
Kataramene : *follows, badger in tow* Drop them when we are a distance off.
Eleni : *Laughs, remaining on the sidelines*
Kataramene : And keep running!
Polytropos : Dig a hole!

Lazyzeus : You find a spot far away from the farm, along the river. You leave the badgers there.

Andreas Appolodorus: * walk East along the water with the others *
Polytropos : Ow ow ow. *drops cub, and starts digging frantically.*
Damian : *helps*
Leonidas : *follows along at a leisurely pace*
Kataramene : It's coming!
Polytropos : ... that'll do. Make like Hermes!
Eleni : The beast approaches!
Kataramene : *flying heels*
Telemachus : HIYA badger! GO-ON THERE!
Badger : *the badger snaps at you as you run*
Eleni : *Chuckles again*
Polytropos : *pant pant pant*
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm sure the Gods are laughing at us.
Kataramene : *mutter grumble*
Polytropos : That is what they do.
Eleni : And why would they not? This is fine entertainment.

Lazyzeus : After many misadventures, you have relocated the badger family safely.

Menander: *tending his garden*
Kataramene : Your tub is ruined but the badgers are gone.
Damian : *sits down heavily*
Menander: Ruined my tub!
Eleni : They are somewhat stressed, but safely relocated.
Polytropos : A badger did it.
Kataramene : It died bravely.
Damian : We'll craft you a new one, master.
Menander: You didn't harm the creature?
Eleni : *Tries to hide laugh; fails*
Kataramene : ..... I don't do woodwork.
Eleni : No. A rather nasty frog got one of the cubs, though.
Menander: Hmm, looks like some of you got bit.
Polytropos : We annoyed it a bit, maybe.
Andreas Appolodorus: That is true.
Eleni : *Looks down* Oh, dear. I had not noticed;
Kataramene : We did. *rubs bite irritably again*
Polytropos : It thiks of us as Mycenean taxmen, probably.
Menander: Aye, everyone knows better than to go near the river. Guess the badger didn't.
Menander: Well, you did the task I set.
Menander: Made a bit of a fuss over it, but I 'spect all's well as ends well.
Kataramene : We are heroes. *rolls eyes*
Menander: *snorts*
Eleni : Truly!
Kataramene : Can we go now?
Eleni : The village is saved.
Eleni : *Grins*
Menander: I have a bit more for you.
Polytropos : What.
Eleni : Oh?
Leonidas : hmm
Menander: I wanted that badger gone, but more as that, I wanted to test your mettle.
Kataramene : If you mention .... what?
Telemachus : You chose a badger as a test of mettle?
Eleni : This was a curious sort of test, I must agree.
Menander: I see you lot hanging around the village a lot... and word is, some of you are less diligent at your studies than others.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'd prefer you not mention my name if you speak of this matter. I won't have this follow me to the Olympian games.
Kataramene : *looks at her nails intently and feigns cleaning them*
Eleni : *Narrows* What? What has Aristachus been saying?
Menander: Aye, a test to see if you'd stick at a task, work together, and honor the creature for its nature.
Polytropos : *folds arms.*
Menander: Anyway. I'm an old man, and too old to work this place.
Kataramene : So now we are to be farm labourers?
Menander: I've decided to move on, to join my daughter and her family over in Corinth.
Menander: Farm or not, as you wish!
Polytropos : By the sea, huh.
Eleni : The latter, then.
Leonidas : Corinth sounds exciting.
Menander: What I'm trying to tell you, girl, is that I'm giving you the place!
Polytropos : *looks up at the house.*
Kataramene : Riiiiight. *rubs chin and smiles slowly*
Damian : *struggles to his feet*
Andreas Appolodorus: That is too generous of you.
Eleni : *Frowns* What are we to do with it?
Polytropos : ... huh...
Damian : We are honored, master, and will take good care of it.
Telemachus : Some of us appreciate the value of your gift elder, thank you.
Kataramene : Yes. Of course we will. *still with a calculating grin*
Polytropos : *peeks inside.*
Leonidas : *turns and studies cottage*
Eleni : *Shrugs* I suppose.
Menander: Nobody else to give it to. It's a good house, old like me, but strong.
Eleni : But do not expect me to perform manual labour.
Menander: Anyway, just look after the place.
Kataramene : You can cook.
Telemachus : the trees look mature as well they give a good crop?
Damian : *peeks inside* Oh, Aias will enjoy the fireplace.
Menander: Aye, a fine crop.
Andreas Appolodorus: That we can do.
Kataramene : I don't do that either.
Eleni : My teacher disagrees, Katara.
Polytropos : ... well... four walls, a roof...
Kataramene : Oh, talk about property. What is that broach you found, Damian?
Menander: Everybody needs a place. Enough chatter, I'm off. No sense lingering around someone else's house. *smiles, and todders off*
Polytropos : Farewell, old man.
Eleni : Good fortune in Corinth!
Kataramene : Menander may know if any significance.
Damian : Oh! Here. *pulls it out*
Telemachus : Farewell!
Leonidas : *waves*

Eleni : ...I wish I could go to Corinth.
Telemachus : well this is an unexpected good fortune
Polytropos : ... what a weird day... but yes.
Eleni : Sounds more fun than sleepy old Mantineia.
Damian : *sits in front of the fire*
Kataramene : We have somewhere to hide.
Eleni : Hide from what? Wrathful badgers?
Kataramene : Oo, pretty.

Lazyzeus : The old house has some odd traits (front door walkmesh glitch, and the upper tier isn't accessible)

Polytropos : I wonder. If we'd have killed and eaten the badger, would he have been so forthcoming? Life is strange.
Andreas Appolodorus: Any oil in here?
Damian : *studies the old tree*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah he forgot a necklace.
Polytropos : Where there's olives, there's oil.

Lazyzeus : The house is sparsely furnished but is comfortable.

Kataramene : *rubs the dirt off and pins it on*
Telemachus : We could make something of this farm, it's no small thing to own your own land.

Lazyzeus : There is everything you need in the workshop to press and store olive oil, save for a certain tub.

Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps the girls will fight for it.
Eleni : Hm! That looks quite well on you. Though perhaps afer you have taken a bath.
Damian : *studies the upper branches* Hmm.
Kataramene : This is good. You can all spend your days doing so.

Polytropos : Someone - ah! The priestess.
Andreas Appolodorus: * shows necklace *
Ismeme: Greetings.
Eleni : Doing what?
Eleni : Oh, hello.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Welcome to our house!
Damian : *attempts to remove a sturdy branch*
Telemachus : good morning
Ismeme: Indeed. I had heard that old Menander was moving on.
Ismeme: I hope you will be good stewards of this gift.
Kataramene : He has gifted us his home.
Eleni : Rather unexpectedly.
Telemachus : We shall surely try
Kataramene : They will all be working the olive trees, and I will supervise.
Damian : Hello mistress.
Polytropos : I'm bewildered!
Eleni : *Hmph*
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Ismeme: Damien.
Kataramene : *wrinkles nose at the necklace and hands it to Eleni*
Ismeme: *smiles at Kataramene*
Ismeme: I was wondering if I might impose upon you for a minor task.
Eleni : Hm? Oh..
Damian : Of course, mistress.
Andreas Appolodorus: You may.
Kataramene : Two in one day? Does it have anything to do with badgers?
Ismeme: I am collecting ingredients to create some new healing poultices.
Eleni : I hope not.
Polytropos : Oh, oho.
Ismeme: *hides a smile* I doubt it, but who knows what the gods will send us.
Leonidas : *listens*
Polytropos : Saffron, and the like?
Ismeme: Saffron would be most helpful, if you have found some.
Damian : I have two pieces of saffron, mistress.
Ismeme: Ah, excellent.
Polytropos : Divine foresight!
Eleni : Or the value of opportunism.
Eleni : Either way.
Kataramene : A useful crop to have on /our/ land?
Ismeme: Here, take these curatives in exchange.
Damian : *nods* Thank you, mistress.
Ismeme: However, what I really need is some special lichens, that grow in the river caves east of the village.
Damian : *to Eleni* One should always be prepared when out in the woods.
Ismeme: They are known as "golden fleece," for their color and texture.
Polytropos : ... river caves...
Eleni : That would be quite poetic, if we were not speaking of lichen.
Kataramene : A chance to explore?
Ismeme: Indeed.
Kataramene : Intriguing.
Eleni : Well, I suppose we should get to know the environs.
Ismeme: However, the areas beyond the village's limits are hazardous.
Damian : *looks at the others* We shall need some way to defend ourselves for I doubt our fists will be sufficient.
Polytropos : I suppose the house won't walk away while we're gone...
Ismeme: I know that some of you have trained with Miltiades.
Polytropos : That we have!
Kataramene : *nods a little*
Polytropos : There's some stout woods around here.
Telemachus : *nods firmly*
Ismeme: I would speak with him. Perhaps he can assist with your desire to arm yourselves more effectively.
Polytropos : That'll work too.
Kataramene : We can skewer frogs with them too.
Andreas Appolodorus: My fists are as good as they are.
Damian : *thumbs at the tree behind him* MIstress, do you know of that tree?
Kataramene : Or badgers, if they come back for /our/ olives.
Polytropos : As is your gut, friend.
Eleni : Punching frogs sounds unpleasant. And squelshy.
Ismeme: I thank you. If you find any of the fleece, bring it up to the temple. *on the hill SE of the village*
Eleni : Hah! Yes. Failing that, you could always fall upon them.
Ismeme: That is a noble old tree, Damien. It has served the village for many generations.
Damian : And danderous, Eleni.
Ismeme: But like men, trees get tired.
Damian : Do you know if it might give up of itself for a staff, mistress?
Ismeme: Hmm, I believe that other wood might serve better for that task.
Damian : *nods* I shall look for some then.
Polytropos : There's some good wood by the village.
Ismeme: There is a young buckthorn that grows near the pond. Perhaps you might try that.
Kataramene : Let's see Militiades.
Damian : Of course. Thank you, mistress.
Ismeme: In any case, I must attend to the evening ritual. Good luck to you. Stay safe and look out for each other.
Polytropos : Let's away, then.
Damian : *looks around for a suitable branch to make a staff out of*
Polytropos : ... hrm.

Lazyzeus : Over to the west.

Kataramene : *bows*
Eleni : *Wave* Hello.
Telemachus : greetings master miltiades
Polytropos : Master soldier!
Kataramene : Ismeme has a task for us away from the village, and we've ... seen wild and dangerous frogs.
Polytropos : We're to fetch the golden fleece!
Miltiades: Bah, frogs. Best for eating.
Telemachus : *chuckle*
Miltiades: Golden fleece? I believe Jason beat you to that, lad. *laughs*
Eleni : We would like alternatives to stomping them to death.
Kataramene : We've been asked to request your in arming ourselves appropriately.
Miltiades: Weapons, eh?
Miltiades: Hmm.
Telemachus : The priestess insists the area outside the bounds of the village is dangerous..
Kataramene : We already considered using Andreas as a club, but he protested.
Miltiades: Indeed it is.
Damian : *leans on staff*
Eleni : *Chuckles* Alas.
Miltiades: Well. If you are to be sent out into the wilds, I would not see you unprepared.
Polytropos : You wouldn't want us to end as frogfood.
Miltiades: What did you have in mind?
Damian : Aias will help us if I ask.
Kataramene : I imagine each to their preference?
Polytropos : The finest shields and armour!
Eleni : Is that what you have named your... bear?
Damian : *smiles* Yes. I thought it a fitting name.
Miltiades: *laughs at Polytropos* Ha! And I would be King of Argos!
Andreas Appolodorus: I'll let you discuss your toys I'll wait.
Polytropos : ... failing that, a club and a sling I'll make do with.
Eleni : Hm. I have never met a bear with a name before. Come to think of it, I have never met any bears...
Kataramene : Something better than a chitoniskos perhals? And ... what he said.
Miltiades: Hmm. If'n you'd like a club, then I recommend petitioning the buckthorn that grows over on the southern edge of the pond.
Polytropos : What do you have, old warrior?
Kataramene : I would prefer something sharper.
Miltiades: Assuming you're not a total nitwit, you should be able to extract a club or staff from it.
Kataramene : That rules him out then.
Polytropos : *hrmf.*
Miltiades: Metal is not cheap, girl.
Damian : *hides a smile*
Miltiades: But a hunter must have his tools.
Kataramene : I didn't say /they/ all had to have one.
Miltiades: Ha!
Kataramene : Just myself.
Telemachus : you could trade that broach we found.
Eleni : Only the best for our Queen, after all.
Miltiades: There are some old hunting spears on the rack inside. You may take one for your service.
Damian : A sling is all I need, master.
Polytropos : That'll do.
Kataramene : My thanks!
Miltiades: If you'd like a sling, go talk to old Glaucus.
Telemachus : a spear would be just fine, thankyou master.
Miltiades: Though he'll rob you on the bullets; slings from the stream work just fine, I say.
Polytropos : *experimental jab.*
Polytropos : I know one end from the other, master! You managed to teach that much!
Damian : Hmm.
Polytropos : In the end, master singer. In the end...
Kataramene : We had an adventure to spin into a tale to honour the gods.
Androcles: Ah, wonderful!
Eleni : Or to mildly amuse them, at least.
Kataramene : If the gods are of badgers and bath tubs. Now we seek golden fleece.
Leonidas : Where can Glaucus be found?
Eleni : Everyone's noses are better than mine, it seems.
Kataramene : We can trade in Leonidas for things.
Miltiades: In the courtyard yonder. *points northwest*
Leonidas : *nods*
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't you have stones for your slings?
Kataramene : I imagine we will have many tales to tell of plant roots and mould.
Telemachus : use river rocks, don't waste your gold
Glaucus: I am a merchant, sir, not a shepherd!
Damian : I fear we would wind up paying for Leonidas, Kataramene.
Kataramene : Perhaps Polytropos will slip on a rock?
Glaucus: Bah, I have these excellent fine lead bullets! They will deliver a painful kiss to your enemies!
Eleni : We can but hope!
Kataramene : *smirks*
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Leonidas. Interested in shopping today?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Glaucus: Is that the jingle of coins I hear?
Telemachus : they'll deliever a painful kiss to your coin pouch
Andreas Appolodorus: For those who can afford them I suppose.
Kataramene : Eleni can sell her necklace.
Polytropos : Forged by Hephaestus himself, I hope, at that price.
Andreas Appolodorus: I see your chest is trapped, why is that?
Telemachus : when we're rich olive oil merchants you'll buy what you please.
Eleni : Oh? I thought you were hanging on to this.
Glaucus: To keep clever hands at bay!
Kataramene : A sword has more use.
Eleni : Technically true, I suppose.
Glaucus: What? I just had one right here!

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Visit to the Sea Caves

Post by Karvon » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:34 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group was shopping with the local extortionist, preparing for a valiant expedition to the river caves east of the village. Some were planning an equally mighty quest to the stream to fetch stones for your new slings...

Polytropos : *spears random things*
Aristarchus: Eleni! A word.
Polytropos : Ya-ha! *clonk.*
Eleni : Yes! Make that tree pay for its insolence.
Eleni : Standing there all purple and such.
Polytropos : You're being called!
Aristarchus : Eleni!
Eleni : Oh! Hello, master.
Polytropos : Ha-ya!
Eleni : I did not see you there.
Telemachus : You are going to ruin the head of your spear doing that
Aristarchus: It has come to my attention that you are joining your... friends, for a little expedition.
Telemachus : it's not an axe
Eleni : Oh, yes. Apparently so.
Polytropos : It'll sharpen up again.
Eleni : I am not entirely certain how I came to agree to this, but yes.
Kataramene : *lounges now more interested in the conversation than the practice*
Polytropos : *looks at spearhead.*
Polytropos : ... well, there's spares.
Aristarchus: Hmm. The river has many dangers. I have trained you as best I can, but your talents are innate, not born of study.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where?
Eleni : Why, thank you. I... think?
Aristarchus: There may be creatures that are not swayed by your enchantments.
Eleni : Oh! Interesting.
Polytropos : *hops, crabfooted.*
Eleni : *Accepts them, eagerly*
Telemachus : If you think you'll beg another off of master militadies after breaking that one you'll be disapointed
Polytropos : It'll be fiiine.
Eleni : Worry not. I have a substantial bodyguard to protect my person.
Eleni : ...Some of which are reliable.
Eleni : *Grins* They shall rue the day they planted themselves in our paths!
Polytropos : Everyone agrees with me.
Eleni : *Bows head* Thank you, master.

Leonidas : *searches for stones*

Telemachus : Are we almost ready to depart?
Eleni : Agrees with you on what? Because I doubt the veracity of that if it is a general statement.
Polytropos : I don't know! And, do we think we'll pick up slingshot on the way?
Telemachus : You are worried about finding rocks in a riverbed?
Polytropos : Not at all! It's what else I'll find that gives me pause.
Polytropos : Ready, then!

Leonidas : *searches*

Eleni : As much as we are likely to be, I think.
Kataramene : Whenever!
Polytropos : Which way is it again?
Kataramene : River caves.

Lazyzeus : The best places to find sling stones are in the streambed near the mill. The river caves are east of the village, along the base of the cliffs.

Polytropos : Beaten us to the punch, I see.
Eleni : Found any riches yet?
Kataramene : So it seems, but I have no sling anyway.

Leonidas : *mutters*

Polytropos : Nothing.
Eleni : *Lounges upon rock*
Telemachus : I didn't find any good ones either.
Kataramene : Where is Damien? Wasn't he the one who took the healing poultices?
Polytropos : Well... so much for that.
Polytropos : I - I don't know.
Telemachus : Come on lets make a start, he can catch us up, he's a good runner.
Kataramene : He received something, but now he's nowhere to be seen.
Polytropos : Yeah. Time waits for no man.
Kataramene : Or woman.
Eleni : He likely found an interesting pig to converse with.
Eleni : Or possibly a goat.
Polytropos : Master!
Kataramene : *nods politely*
Eleni : *Careful crossing*
Kataramene : Now ... where's Leonidas?
Polytropos : Y-
Polytropos : Hm.
Andreas Appolodorus: One can share the milk of his cow but not the milk of his goat.
Polytropos : It's as if the Furies are picking us off.
Eleni : And all before we have well and truly departed.
Eleni : This bodes well.
Andreas Appolodorus: A stream is like life, it goes only one way.
Kataramene : What /are/ you talking about?
Kataramene : *pokes around in the stream, waiting*
Telemachus : Are you to be a philosopher now?
Polytropos : Fish swim the other way.
Polytropos : I thing
Polytropos : ...k.
Andreas Appolodorus: No but we should always keep one around.
Kataramene : What? A goat?
Telemachus : or a fish?
Polytropos : Or a philosopher?
Kataramene : Or has that moved on to keeping fish?

Leonidas : *examines a handful of pebbles, discarding a few*

Andreas Appolodorus: A wise man.
Polytropos : Let's see if we can find one.
Eleni : We shall need to keep an eye out for one, yes.
Kataramene : *idly tosses stones at Polytropos*
Polytropos : Hey! Oh.
Leonidas : *yawns*
Polytropos : *scrabbles for them, putting them in a pouch.*
Kataramene : *one at a time, with increasing force*
Leonidas : so where we going?
Telemachus : River caves
Polytropos : Ow!
Kataramene : *smirks*
Polytropos : ... hm, Kermes oka.s
Polytropos : Look-
Leonidas : *whistles as he walks along*

Telemachus : huh, aggressive.
Andreas Appolodorus: What was that?
Polytropos : Beetles!
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : Are we to slay some mighty trees, after all?
Kataramene : What are you hitting?
Andreas Appolodorus: Beetles? You are serious?
Polytropos : Big ones.
Polytropos : Got a couple of kermes pods.
Kataramene : .... beetles?
Leonidas : why not just leave'm be?
Telemachus : they were rather insistant.
Polytropos : They went for us!
Kataramene : I ee.
Kataramene : *see
Polytropos : Their last mistake, of course.
Eleni : I did not think a step down from badgers was possible, but you have proven us all wrong.
Kataramene : Beetle-kind will tremble before they wrath.
Eleni : Hm?
Kataramene : *thy
Polytropos : I think they dyed your dress with these.
Polytropos : Have some beetles.
Eleni : I am not certain what you might expect me to do with these.
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't like to come here.
Polytropos : ... hold them...?
Kataramene : Why not?
Eleni : Are they particularly heavy, perhaps?
Telemachus : well this is where the cave is
Polytropos : They're beetles!
Telemachus : are you comming or not?
Andreas Appolodorus: My father... They found his boat here.
Polytropos : Oh.
Kataramene : Yes, yes... and what boat?
Polytropos : Not a good omen.
Eleni : It does seem like a particularly treacherous bit of coastline...

Kataramene : Alligator!
Telemachus : he does nooot look happy.
Andreas Appolodorus: What is that thing doing here?
Eleni : Oh, dear.
Kataramene : That was not funny.....
Polytropos : Argh.
Telemachus : are you ok? that thing was huge!
Leonidas : Not a bad shot if I say so myself.
Andreas Appolodorus: Easy, this thing got a big mouth and big teeth.
Leonidas : *smiles and looks for stones*
Eleni : *Cleans Katara's blood from her hands** I do hope there will be no more of those
Polytropos : More bandages... that, that was a bad bite.
Kataramene : Tell me....
Eleni : I believe Damian had all of our other supplies of that nature...
Telemachus : I think Damien had all the healing supplies...
Leonidas : Naturally
Kataramene : I already said that! *petulantly*
Polytropos : *sigh*
Polytropos : We'll, we'll be fine.
Kataramene : Only nobody thought it important /then/.
Telemachus : well what were we to do?
Polytropos : Just need to be careful.
Eleni : Sacrifice a goat to divine his location?
Polytropos : Collecting stuff for Ismene.
Kataramene : Go and ask for help?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes don't try to kill every bear or lion you see.
Kataramene : You know?

Leonidas : *looks around*
Telemachus : Should have brought a torch
Kataramene : I'm not sure how we were supposed to avoid that one.
Eleni : I may have a substitute.
Polytropos : Ah, crabs.
Eleni : Aha!
Leonidas : neat trick
Telemachus : oh, that's actually usful.
Kataramene : Throw something a them.
Eleni : T'was one of the first I learned.
Andreas Appolodorus: Interesting how the erosion can carve the rock.
Eleni : And what do you mean, /actually/ useful?
Polytropos : I think there's some bigger, nastier crabs up ahead.
Polytropos : Can hear scuttling.
Telemachus : s'big crab.
Eleni : How much bigger?
Polytropos : Ready your slings, get back against the...

Leonidas : wonder if that's good eats?
Andreas Appolodorus: See just a crab.
Telemachus : Lunch!
Eleni : Nicely stomped!
Polytropos : *squint*
Polytropos : Yeah. Well done.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes let's not waste good food.
Leonidas : agreed
Telemachus : Or we could sell it later
Polytropos : ... hey...
Telemachus : Hey!
Polytropos : No, not you.
Telemachus : stop sneaking about like that, i walked right into you

Eleni : ...is that a door?
Kataramene : Is that boulder carved?
Leonidas : looks like it
Polytropos : It looks different, yeah.
Andreas Appolodorus: A door, here?
Eleni : It seems to be blocking something, at any rate...
Andreas Appolodorus: It's locked somehow.
Polytropos : It's a huge boulder.
Telemachus : The lichen is here
Kataramene : Is th... right.
Eleni : Ah, this seems to be what we were looking for.
Leonidas : *looks around for stones*
Telemachus : I found some, any more?
Polytropos : Yes. Maybe Ismene will help knit us back together now.
Telemachus : hmmm so this door..
Eleni : That seems to be all.
Eleni : Hm, yes. Might it be moved?
Kataramene : We could level the thing aside? Is anyone else curious?
Telemachus : lets try
Telemachus : we push together in concert and maybe it will roll
Leonidas : *nods and pockets a few more rocks*
Kataramene : We need a lever and a fulcrum.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be.
Leonidas : *watches*
Kataramene : Then we stand Andreas on one end the earth would be moved.
Polytropos : That's not a bad idea!
Telemachus : *chuckle*
Polytropos : We've got rocks here...
Telemachus : we'd need a good lever
Kataramene : Then there's our fulcrum.
Polytropos : We could try to lever the butts of our spears under it.
Polytropos : And then put rocks under the spears, to make a lever.
Kataramene : Use two for strength.
Eleni : That would be likely to break the spear.
Telemachus : I don't want to go back with broken spears
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : Stronger lever than just tugging.
Telemachus : didn't one of you get a staff?
Polytropos : ... Damian...
Telemachus : *tch*
Kataramene : Wood won't move it anyway, or unlikely, it must weigh thousands of mica.
Polytropos : What about the sides, then? Is there any gap?
Kataramene : *min
Lazyzeus : There appear to be small gaps near the top of the door, large enough to get a hand through but nothing more.
Kataramene : Hmmm ... just the top.
Andreas Appolodorus: If somebody is passing through here there must some clever way to move this rock.
Kataramene : Is there anything around here to help?
Andreas Appolodorus: Magic may be.
Eleni : Unless someone sealed someone in, for whatever reason.
Telemachus : *looks around as well*

Lazyzeus : You find rocks, sand, and a dead alligator.

Eleni : Oh, there is some driftwood here we might use for a lever.
Eleni : Likely better than one of your spears.
Kataramene : It's quite a large branch.
Polytropos : *brushes away some sand.*
Leonidas : you try sliding a spear into that slot above the door?
Leonidas : Maybe there's some sorta lever or latch you could reach with such?
Kataramene : We could t.... what about if someone was boosted on top of another's shoulders to push down as well as others pull?
Polytropos : ... there's stone here... worked stone. Huh.

Lazyzeus : The driftwood is rotted through and does not look like it will hold up.

Kataramene : Where?
Polytropos : Huh. *tries Leonidas's suggestion of poking the gaps up top.*
Polytropos : Under it. It's like marble.
Polytropos : I mean, you can't see it clearly now.
Andreas Appolodorus: Marble?
Eleni : Hmm!
Telemachus : maybe it will slide
Kataramene : Marble behind a covering of other stone you mean?

Lazyzeus : Polytropos gets a hand through the gap, but finds only bare stone on the far side.

Eleni : We simply /must/ find our way through, now.
Polytropos : Maybe...
Polytropos : *thinks.*
Telemachus : here, help me push it, see if it will budge at all
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Polytropos : Alright. If not... hm. I might have an idea.

Lazyzeus : Telemachus strains his groin muscles.

Leonidas : Any luck?
Andreas Appolodorus: * Help to push *
Telemachus : ngh
Polytropos : I think..
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : Stand back a moment.
Telemachus : That's going to hurt tomorrow
Polytropos : *tries to affix his sling around the bottom of his spearhead, to make a loop.*
Kataramene : What are you up to?
Eleni : *Observes, with tilted brow*
Andreas Appolodorus: Does it roll or does it slide?
Polytropos : *pokes the spear-loop through the hope up top, waggling it around in the hope of finding something to loop onto.*
Polytropos : *er, the gap up top.*

Lazyzeus : Polytropos hooks the top of the boulder quite expertly.

Andreas Appolodorus: Could anyone small enough fit in that gap?
Polytropos : Ha. *pulls the spear, and finds it firm.*
Kataramene : Pull it over?
Polytropos : Someone do the same for the other side.
Polytropos : Yes! I think it might tilt.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Kataramene : I don't have a sling.
Polytropos : If we use the spears, it might not fall onto us.
Polytropos : Long, see.
Telemachus : you want to pull it towards us?
Polytropos : Yeah!
Telemachus : you're going to get flattened
Polytropos : Not with the length of the spear!
Kataramene : Not when a spear length away!
Polytropos : Someone? Anyone?
Kataramene : I would, but I don't have a sling. Does anyone else?
Polytropos : Someone give Kataramene a sling.
Telemachus : *sigh* *helps, making sure to stand well out of the way*
Polytropos : Good man.

Lazyzeus : You see that two of you can pull on each spear that you manage to attach.

Eleni : *Backs off a bit*
Andreas Appolodorus: I have neither.
Polytropos : Alright!
Polytropos : Ready?
Polytropos : One, two, three -
Telemachus : two to a spear, dont be lazy
Eleni : *Readies bandages*
Kataramene : Hold on.
Polytropos : Oh. Er...
Leonidas : *watches*
Polytropos : Telemachus, Andreas, you get one.
Polytropos : Kataramene, help me if you would.
Kataramene : We need another spear attached.

Lazyzeus : At the moment, there is only one spear attached to the door.

Andreas Appolodorus: Sure. * grab the left one *
Telemachus : Leo, give me your sling.
Kataramene : *unties the rope around her tunic and attaches it to her spear*
Leonidas : Um, why?

Lazyzeus : you hook a second spear on the opposite side of the boulder.
Lazyzeus : Now up to four of you can combine your strength on the door.

Kataramene : *repeats whatever Polytropos had managed and stands ready to pull*
Telemachus : nevermind, see you've made the poor lady get undressed.
Leonidas : Looks like the lady's got it figured out.
Polytropos: This'll do!
Leonidas : A bonus.
Andreas Appolodorus: One two Go
Polytropos: Eleni, Leonidas, might need to stand back.
Eleni : I had not expected you to complain about such a thing.
Eleni : Oh, already doing so!
Polytropos : Ready? Heeeave!
Telemachus : On the count of threee!
Eleni : ...with bandages at the ready, should there be squishing.
Telemachus : *helps pull*
Polytropos : *strains!*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Telemachus : 1, 2, 3!
Kataramene : *tugs as bast she can, though with slightly slippy hands*

Lazyzeus : Your first effort is useless, though nothing breaks, and you can retry.

Telemachus : again! 1, 2, 3!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ready?

Lazyzeus : The boulder seems to quiver a bit in its mooring.

Kataramene : *pulls again*
Eleni : It relents!
Kataramene : *getting a slightly firmer grip*

Lazyzeus : The boulder quivers... *all on Polytropos's roll*

Polytropos: Hnnnnnnng

Lazyzeus : The boulder moves slightly, but mostly due to Andreas's prodigous strength.

Eleni : Aaaand... aw.

Lazyzeus : The others don't seem to be having much effect on it.

Polytropos: Guh.
Eleni : Progress, though!
Polytropos: But... well, it's working...
Kataramene : He's just heavier.
Polytropos: Another try?
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't give up now.

Lazyzeus : The cords are starting to stretch out; you can manage one more effort before you risk destroying them.

Kataramene : Well we can't leave it /now/.
Telemachus : I am not going to be beaten by a bloody door!
Polytropos: Alright. Persia wasn't made in a day!
Polytropos: Someone count.
Telemachus : On three! one, two, THREE!
Polytropos: *heeeave!*
Kataramene : *pulls*
Andreas Appolodorus: * slip and fall *

Lazyzeus : The spears snap!

Eleni : *Wince*
Kataramene : *falls back as it snaps*
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Polytropos: Argh!

Lazyzeus : You collapse in a big, unhappy heap!

Lazyzeus : The door starts to wobble...

Telemachus : get out of the way!

Lazyzeus : It starts to tilt...

Polytropos: Ghn... oh. Look out!
Leonidas : uh oh
Eleni : Oh...

Telemachus : *struggles to get up and pull people*
Kataramene : *rolls sideways*
Leonidas : *hops back*
Polytropos: *scrambles back with divine speed*
Kataramene : *but not that fast*

Lazyzeus : Katamarene is crushed under the door!

Polytropos: *gapes in horror*

Lazyzeus : She is pinned!

Polytropos: Quick!
Eleni : Oh, no!
Telemachus : Lift it! lift it!
Kataramene : *gasping for breath*
Polytropos: Who's got a spear left? We need to... lever it... *strais at the rock, feebly*
Leonidas : *lends a hand*
Telemachus : *pulls frantically*
Andreas Appolodorus: * try to lift the rock *
Eleni : *Pulls at the thing, feebly and hopefully in the correct direction*
Andreas Appolodorus: HELP

Lazyzeus : With a mightly heave, Andreas lifts the boulder, and Telemachus drags her out!

Polytropos: *wince*
Andreas Appolodorus: * let go the thing once she's safe ^
Leonidas : Well, guess all's well that ends well.
Eleni : *Kneels over Kataramene* Are you alright? Do your ribs remain intact?
Polytropos: You alright?

Lazyzeus : Katarmene's ankle is seriously twisted, but it does not appear to be broken.

Kataramene : *gasping for breath* My ankle....
Telemachus : You scared me half to death
Polytropos: *nodnonod, white*
Eleni : If your ankle has the worst of it, we are all quite lucky.
Kataramene : Wasn't too much fun for me either. *wan*
Polytropos: We'll get you back soon. Do you need a shoulder?
Kataramene : Umm... a hand up and probably.
Telemachus : Well, the doors open at least.
Polytropos: Bright side is, We've got broken spears, maybe we can splint you!
Polytropos: *hup!*
Kataramene : *winces pushing up on one good leg*

Eleni : Hmm..
Eleni : Torches! Burning... blue?
Eleni : How strange.
Kataramene : *kimps along, possibly with support*
Eleni : Hm..
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos: It's... a god?
Andreas Appolodorus: Let me guess Poseidon's sanctuary.
Eleni : I believe so!
Telemachus : Why would this be abandoned?
Telemachus : and sealed so carefully
Eleni : I wonder why it was sealed in such a manner, yes. Strange, strange...
Leonidas : fountain's missing a spigot.
Leonidas : Looks fixable.
Polytropos: Do you think we could do that?
Polytropos: Then maybe the god will be pleased.
Kataramene : *leaning on Polytopus's shoulder* Why did no one find this until now?
Eleni : More that the one it has has been rendered useless.
Leonidas : Maybe the smith could fix it?
Eleni : *Shrugs* Perhaps nobody is quite as clever or perceptive as us?
Polytropos: I like that one.
Kataramene : You have a point.
Telemachus : He could probably cast a new one. Might have to pay him for it.
Polytropos : Let's go with that.
Polytropos : We've got spare bronze spearheads! This is all working out.
Andreas Appolodorus: I do not fear or your mighty trident.
Telemachus : those are copper
Andreas Appolodorus: * fear you
Polytropos : ... oh. Readyy?
Polytropos : Er, really?
Telemachus : Don't be disrespectfull Andreas!
Polytropos : *takes the spigot.*
Kataramene : *limps where her support goes*
Polytropos : Let's not anger him.
Eleni : Gods are quite touchy about these sorts of things, as I understand.
Polytropos : I suppose we have disturbed him.
Andreas Appolodorus: Telling the Truth is not is it?
Kataramene : *possibly milking it for all she's worth .. possibly*
Telemachus : You ought not barge into someones home and declare yourself their better, especially when they are a God.
Andreas Appolodorus: Zeus is watching over us.
Leonidas : Truth is a matter of perspective.
Kataramene : Can we twist a broken head into a spigot?
Polytropos : No.
Polytropos : No, we'd need Militades.
Polytropos : And probably some bronze.
Andreas Appolodorus: Besides, we are fixing his fountain.
Eleni : We shall speak with him, then.
Polytropos : Alright.

Lazyzeus : You hear something... a low rushing sound.

Polytropos : Erk! Er, Sorry, Poseidon! We'll bring this back, I promise!
Kataramene : What's that rushing sound?
Eleni : Might he have any use for the broken... what is that?
Leonidas : uh oh
Leonidas : high tide
Eleni : Oh.Is the tide...
Eleni : ...yes, it is.
Telemachus : Everyone out
Polytropos : Oh dear. Go!

Lazyzeus : The cave begins to fill with water.

Eleni : Letsgoletsgo!
Andreas Appolodorus: Run or swim
Kataramene : *limp limp hop limp*
Telemachus : *helping to carry katara along*
Polytropos : Come on, Kataramene...
Kataramene : I'm trying!
Polytropos : That boulder might have a last laugh after all!
Kataramene : *as it gets deeper swims instead*

Lazyzeus : The water is up to your necks as you reach the exit of the cave.

Eleni : Ugh!
Eleni : I am soaked...
Leonidas : *catches breath at the top of the bluff*
Telemachus : quickly!
Polytropos : See what happens when you annoy the gods?
Kataramene : *dripping wet and limping again*
Telemachus : we don't want to get crushed against the rocks
Kataramene : Ouch ouch ouch!
Polytropos : Nearly there, nearly there...
Eleni : *Wringing whatever seawater out of her peoplos she can, to limited effect*
Eleni : So late already..?
Polytropos : Sun's barely gone down.
Telemachus : Well we got what we came for and nobody actually *died* so I suppose we can claim that as a victory
Kataramene : *limp hop limp hop*
Polytropos : *nods.*
Eleni : I am all for declaring victories.
Kataramene : Tell that to my ankle!
Eleni : Your ankle was a noble sacrifice!
Telemachus : You've done worse in training
Polytropos : We'll rub it better.
Kataramene : *pouts*
Telemachus : you're lucky you're not flat as a pita
Kataramene : The sand was soft.

Lazyzeus : The village is quiet.

Eleni : I sorely require a change of clothing...
Leonidas : folks probably in bed by now.
Eleni : But I suppose we should get Kataramene to see Ismene, hm?
Leonidas : might as well wait till morning.
Kataramene : *sulk limp pout hop limp*
Andreas Appolodorus: i AGREE.
Polytropos : That seems kind of boring.
Miltiades : What in the blasted blazes is all this yelling?
Polytropos : We should wake everyone!
Polytropos : Like that!
Kataramene : Wel /thank/ you.
Eleni : Well done, indeed!
Miltiades: Why aren't you abed?
Eleni : We have only just returned.
Telemachus : We just got back.
Leonidas : Indeed.
Miltiades: And so you elected to hold a conclave outside my window?
Eleni : Yes!
Eleni : Well, it just sort of happened that way.
Telemachus : Sorry master.
Miltiades: Bah!
Miltiades: Go to bed!
Andreas Appolodorus: We did mean to wake everyone.
Miltiades: You have a house now, so put it to use!
Telemachus : Come *on!*
Miltiades: Bah!
Andreas Appolodorus: * did not
Polytropos : We may need-
Kataramene : What about that...
Eleni : I am not certain we have sufficient sleeping arrangements, really..
Polytropos : ... really, no-one mentioned that...?
Eleni : I certainly do not have a change of clothing at the olive house.
Telemachus : bother him in the morning"
Polytropos : Ah, we'll... figure something out.
Telemachus : you've no manners
Kataramene : My ankle needs something cold on it.
Polytropos : If the village is swept away by angry waves in the night...
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : *limp limp*
Eleni : If we have a bucket or container of water, I might be able to turn it to ice.
Eleni : If that would help.
Kataramene : Is tha tdog growling?
Polytropos : Don't like the look of that dog...
Eleni : Hm?
Eleni : *Shrugs*
Kataramene : Is there a spigot on an old barrel?
Polytropos : *starts a fire!*
Kataramene : *sits down in front of said fire*
Polytropos : There! We can all dry off.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : *Wanders outside*
Telemachus : we probably shouldn't mention nearly being killed by aligators and giant boulders when we tell this story.

Lazyzeus : The house is soon warm and comfortable. The evening passes swiftly, in rest or in contempation or conversation for those too energized from their adventures to seek their pallets.

Eleni : *Fetches some water*
Telemachus : *sleeps*
Leonidas : *sacks out after enjoying some wine*
Polytropos : No old spigot'll do for the gods.
Kataramene : *pouts fussing over her ankle*
Eleni : *Manages to freeze said water after some experimentation, offering it up to soothe Kataramene's ankle*
Polytropos : Maybe Ismene has something bronze we can ask for in exchange for the lichen.
Kataramene : Thank you, that helps.
Eleni : *Nod, smile* You are welcome!
Eleni : And yes, perhaps she does.
Eleni : Perhaps she will be interested to hear of the old shrine, either way.
Polytropos : Yes!
Kataramene : *further fussing over ankle, and not attention seeking /at/ all*
Eleni : *Yawns* I do wonder what has kept Damian.
Telemachus : probably made friends with a rabbit
Eleni : Or maybe a family of moles invited him over for dinner.
Polytropos : He doesn't live in the world of men, that's for sure.
Leonidas : I could go for some roasted rabbit bout now.
Kataramene : *would have given up the fuss when everyone else had gone to sleep*
Eleni : *Sleeps after she is done chattering*

Lazyzeus : Dawn arrives with little fanfare, save for the sounds of the morning birds.

Eleni : Good morning, everyone!
Polytropos : *yaaawwwn*
Eleni : Is there anything resembling breakfast in the vicinity...?
Polytropos : I think the old man took what food there was here for his journey.
Kataramene : There's olives.
Telemachus : Well there's the crab. I put it in the bucket of ice last night to keep it.
Polytropos : Crab!
Telemachus : but I was thnking we might sell that
Eleni : Sell it, so that we might buy food?
Polytropos : Worth a rusty coin at best.
Kataramene : We should be able to scrounge something if we go back to the village, and take the lichen.
Polytropos : ... right.
Polytropos : We're heroes, after all.
Eleni : The lichen is for Ismene. Should we go see her before heading into the village?
Telemachus : it's pretty sort after actually, you saw how hard we had to fight the crab for it, heh
Polytropos : She'll probably be there already.
Eleni : It /was/ fairly reluctant to surrender its sweet, sweet flesh.
Kataramene : Ismene may have a view on the shrine.
Polytropos : *dampens the fire.*
Telemachus : besides we don't need fancy food, bread and olives wlll do
Polytropos : Alright. Let's get some bread.
Eleni : Hmph. Alright, alright..
Eleni : A feast shall be for another day.
Telemachus : we can always go back and catch some more crabs if you like...
Polytropos : I guess we could... harvest some olives and sell the, if we really have to...
Telemachus : How's the ankle Katara?
Eleni : Perhaps when we return to install a new spigot.
Kataramene : Feeling better, thank you!
Kataramene : Isn't she likely to be at the temple?
Polytropos : Well, yes, but if she's already in the village, we'd be fools not to look for her there.
Eleni : *Sighs*
Kataramene : I'm just /trying/ to spare my ankle any more pressure than is necessary.
Polytropos : Our stomachs are grumbling, you know.
Telemachus : Stop being so soft the lot of you!
Eleni : I was not complaining!
Eleni : Though I /am/ also hungry.

Eleni : Good morning!
Telemachus : Good morning Ismeme
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Hello!
Ismeme: I was just greeting the dawn.
Ismeme: Apollo has blessed us with a fine one.
Polytropos : Hello, dawn.
Eleni : *Waves at the sun* Hi, again!
Telemachus : we've brought you the golden fleece you asked for
Ismeme: Indeed? Most excellent.
Eleni : *Nod*
Ismeme: Very well-preserved specimens.
Ismeme: I hope that the task was not too dififcult?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : Well, the fleece was tame enough.
Eleni : Well, there was a rather big reptile guarding the cavern's entrance.
Kataramene : And then they pulled a rock down on me.
Eleni : But we managed to stop Kataramene and Polytropos' bleeding in short order.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Eleni : Ah, yes - and then there was that!
Polytropos : Let's stick to the heroic bits.
Eleni : We found an old shrine to Poseidon down in the caverns.
Ismeme: Often you can frighten the creatures away with a few thrown rocks, but I imagine your approach worked effectively.
Ismeme: Poseidon? Fascinating.
Eleni : *Nodnod* The entrance was closed off by a boulder. I do not think anyone has been there for some time.
Ismeme: I hope you treated the place with proper respect. Poseidon has been known to carry a grudge.
Andreas Appolodorus: He tried to drown us.
Ismeme: Ask Odysseus.
Polytropos : Well... we tried. There was a statue, and a fountain.
Telemachus : *some* of us did.
Kataramene : One of us was rather disrespectful.
Telemachus : We thought it might be a worthwhile endevour to repair the fountain
Ismeme: Ah, but I owe you a reward, for service honorably fulfilled.
Polytropos : *nod*
Ismeme: Dishonoring the gods is not something to be done lightly.
Eleni : Tell that to the oily one. *Points*
Ismeme: If you are to be risking bodily harm in the future, you will need the blessings of the gods to see you through.
Polytropos : *gets out of the way of divine wrath.*
Ismeme: *hands a carved ivory stick to Polytropos*
Polytropos : ...?
Polytropos : Th...ank you?
Ismeme: You may not fear the gods, Andreas, but only a fool goes out of his way to earn their ire.
Polytropos : *waggles it a bit, unsure what it is.*
Ismeme: The wand has the power to treat minor injuries.
Kataramene : *regards the waggling* It does?
Polytropos : It's... very nice... oh! Oh.
Eleni : Oh! That... would have been useful yesterday, actually.
Ismeme: I will say no more on the gods and their honor. Should you wish to offer thanks for your success, you may visit the temple.
Polytropos : Hm.
Andreas Appolodorus: My family always honored Poseidon but he still took my father, What kind of God does that?
Polytropos : I suppose we could offer them crabmeat.
Ismeme: There is a store of healing herbs and draughts that I have left up there, but do not stint the gods on their offerings; they have a way of ... finding their retribution.
Eleni : One you probably should not upset.
Polytropos : *winces*
Kataramene : I have the silver broach.
Ismeme: You must find your answers in your own time, Andreas.
Ismeme: I cannot give you them.
Ismeme: You have done well. I am sure we will speak again, ere long.
Polytropos : ... maybe... maybe your father impressed Poseidon so that the god decided he'd make a good guest...?
Polytropos : *helpless shrug*
Andreas Appolodorus: Who knows>
Polytropos : I suppose we could ask.
Polytropos : *looks at the temple&
Kataramene : *offers up the broach*

Temple Supplies: The cabinet contains healing supplies created by the temple priestess. A small box sits under the drawers for you to leave your donations.

Telemachus : who are you making the offering to?
Eleni : A good question.
Eleni : I suppose we should thank Poseidon for only /trying/ to drown us all, and not actually going through with it?
Kataramene : Aphrodite, of course. This is /her/ temple after all.
Eleni : Though that seems like it might encourage the wrong sort of behaviour, and we are planning to fix his shrine anyway.
Kataramene : I'm not sure either he or she would appreciate any other combination*
Polytropos : We can thank Poseidon in his own home.
Kataramene : Precisely.
Leonidas : *sits*
Kataramene : *offers up a prayer leaving the broach behind*
Eleni : Shall we go see Militiades, then? Or perhaps seek something to eat, first?
Polytropos : There's six of us! We can do both.
Leonidas : *stretches*
Eleni : This is true.

Telemachus : I'm going to sell this crab meat
Polytropos : Master!
Miltiades: I see you elected to wait for a more judicious hour.
Eleni : We try to learn from our mistakes.
Polytropos : ... yes. But, it can wait no longer!
Miltiades: *snorts* What is it you want, then.
Miltiades: Well now, that's seen a bit of abuse.
Polytropos : We found a shrine to Poseidon! We think he might be pleased if we replace this.
Kataramene : *removes sandal and dangles foot in stream as her ankle swelling once more as weight is put on it*
Miltiades: Hmm, yes.
Polytropos : But we have no bronze.
Miltiades: Bronze is expensive.
Polytropos : So you've said, yes...
Miltiades: This piece is ruined.
Eleni : I feared you would point that out...
Miltiades: Well, the only one in the village who has enough to remake this is Glaucus, but he'd charge you a king's fortune for it.
Kataramene : Which is not made any better by the fact that those spears snapped.
Polytropos : Well... well, maybe we can convince him.
Leonidas : *listens*
Kataramene : Some of you are going to have to get some olives.
Kataramene : I /can't/ with my ankle.
Miltiades: Well, you can speak to him.
Polytropos : And we have our skills, and our muscles!
Miltiades: I suppose I can make a mold for this, just in case.
Polytropos : Please!
Eleni : That would be helpful!
Polytropos : Let's see what we can get.
DM Felrisen: ooc Yeah, cut a bit off as required and then, when you had a lot of bits, melt it down into bar form again
Polytropos : *collects a fruit.*
Kataramene : *pushes self to feet again, and heroically soldiers on*
Polytropos : *nabs another.*

Eleni : So, what now?
Eleni : Shall we negotiate?
Polytropos : Let's!
Polytropos : Hello!
Glaucus: Yes, hello to you.
Eleni : Good morning, sir! *Smiles*
Leonidas : this outta be entertaining.
Glaucus: More crab meat?
Leonidas : *watches*
Glaucus: No refunds!
Telemachus : not right now
Polytropos : We were hoping for some bronze! Enough to make a spigot.
Glaucus: Bronze? Bronze is quite dear.
Polytropos : So many say.
Polytropos : But this, this is to please the gods, and their favour is priceless.
Glaucus: Mostly you young lads are after a spearhead or a xiphos, off to go join the hoplites.
Kataramene : *perches on the fencing, favouring the ankle still*
Telemachus : remind me why we're not melting down the bronze from the old spigot?
Eleni : Indeed! We require it to repair a sacred fountain to Poseidon.
Polytropos : Militades said it was ruined.
Glaucus: I make all the proper sacrifices. Don't let anyone tell you different.
Eleni : I am certain he would smile upon the provider of the materials, as well.
Telemachus : how can you ruin a..
Glaucus: Bah! I sacrificed an oxen last Harvest. The gods love me.
Glaucus: And don't let anyone tell you the beast was sick, those spots were natural.
Eleni : One can never have too much divine favour!
Polytropos : Indeed. So, how much?
Eleni : It is the one commodity that may never be devalued.
Glaucus: A hundred drachma, and we'll call it even.
Kataramene : ... a hundred?
Glaucus: Indeed! A fair price, by any measure.
Eleni : *Tilts head* Is it, really?
Glaucus: Well, as fair as you'll find here, anyway.
Telemachus : I have.... eleven. and thats including the stuff I sold earlier.
Glaucus: Of course, if you'd like to walk a hundred stadia to Argos... *chuckles*
Kataramene : *sigh* Pick olives or find more work.
Glaucus: *rubs moustache* Do I hear now, that you are running errands for the village notables?
Polytropos : We can barter our skills, maybe.
Eleni : I am not sure I would refer to them as 'errands'.
Kataramene : Not so much running at the moment, as limping.
Polytropos : Sure.
Telemachus : Well, yes.
Eleni : Errands are usually rather less dangerous.
Glaucus: Hmm, yes. As it happens, there _is_ something I have been looking for.
Eleni : Also, unprestigious.
Eleni : Oh?
Glaucus: I seek to manufacture a bow, a weapon of quality.
Glaucus: Miltiades has the knowledge, but has been uncooperative. Says the wood around here is not suitable.
Glaucus: He has told me that there is a red olive tree that grows in the hills west of the village, that would be "quite excellent," as he tells me.
Glaucus: But everyone knows that wolves run wild in the western hills.
Glaucus: I suspect that the man wishes me to come to harm, sometimes.
Kataramene : But eve... yes.
Eleni : I could not imagine that is so!
Polytropos : Wolves, hm.
Glaucus: Now, if you could fetch me a quantity of that wood...
Telemachus : I think we could manage that
Polytropos : I think it's clear where this is going, yes.
Glaucus: And I would even be willing to sell you enough linen cords to make a second bow for yourselves. *mutters something about convincing Miltiades*
Glaucus: A win for all!
Glaucus: And as it happens, I even sell these excellent arrows, at a signifciant discount.
Telemachus : Might even collect a wolf pelt or two..
Eleni : You would be willing to offer us a change to buy from you?
Eleni : How very gracious.
Kataramene : Wolf hide might make better slings.

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Hunting for a Red Olive Tree

Post by Karvon » Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:55 pm

Lazyzeus : The merchant Glaucus has sufficient bronze to fix the fountain in the hidden temple of Poseidon. But since you lack the coin to pay for it, he has asked you to recover some red olive wood from the hills west of the village.

Calliope: Androcles, are you going to sing at the Harvest Festival this year?
Androcles: Don't I always?
Eleni : I presume we shall advance shortly.
Calliope: Yay!
Polytropos : ... I'm gonna need another spear...
Eleni : ...it's just I'm not certain in what direction.
Polytropos : *grimaces*
Damian : *waves to Tele* Hail! Sorry I missed out on the expedition, but the olive grove was so peaceful.
Telemachus : I believe he told us to search to the north
Polytropos : Just, uh... need another spear...
Polytropos : The old one... it served mightily... yeah.
Leonidas : *searches for more stones*
Polytropos : *cough*
Eleni : Were there nymphs singing you gently to sleep?
Damian : No...not that I saw at least.
Telemachus : Well you know what we saw? crocodiles.
Damian : Crocodiles?
Telemachus : yes. couple of people damn near lost limbs
Polytropos : Was that what it was?
Eleni : A great water-serpent! It nearly bit off Polytropos' arm.
Damian : I can imagine.
Polytropos : Was nothing.
Polytropos : *wince*
Eleni : Yes. I am sure you will cease limping in a few weeks.
Damian : Does anybody have any extra stones?
Andreas Appolodorus: I have none.
Eleni : Nor I.
Polytropos : They're in short supply. C'mon, we'll see if the river's feeling generous.
Polytropos : Here's one!
Damian : Good morning.
Polytropos : Pedaeus! Well met, sir. Rare to see you standing still for so long.
Eleni : *Waves, as usual sitting back and watching others do the manual labour*
Polytropos : We're hunting trees. And maybe wolves.
Telemachus : logging
Polytropos : Not if we don't find any.
Andreas Appolodorus: I got some.
Damian : Wolves...?
Telemachus : *shrugs* maybe we'll all have fine fur mantles by this evening
Damian : That's not good. Normally they leave us alone. I wonder what changed?
Polytropos : Too much effort to chase you.
Eleni : Perhaps their usual prey is no longer quite so easily found?
Damian : It's not the chase, Pol. They usuallly won't attack prey that would cost them more energy to take down than they would get back in food.
Polytropos : Hmmmmm.
Pedaeus: In any case, you should set out before Miltiades sees you. There are always a million chores that must be done before the Harvest Festival starts.
Leonidas : So off to hunt some wolves?
Pedaeus: I, of course, never saw you. *smiles*
Pedaeus: Pleasant day to you all.
Damian : *smiles* Thank you, Pedaeus.
Polytropos : We're off to find red wood! Hopefully the wolves'll let us be. And, thank you, master! Pleasant running.

Damian : Hmm.
Telemachus : here
Damian : *takes the stones* Oh, thank you.
Polytropos : More than half my stock!
Leonidas : Got plenty thanks
Polytropos : On we go, though? I don't like the sound of chores.
Telemachus : oh? who else is a slinger?
Eleni : Chores and wolves! Hammers, anvils.
Damian : We had better before the sun sets.
Andreas Appolodorus: I would need to get a sling first.
Polytropos : Well, hurry! The sun's chariot's in a speedy mood.
Eleni : I suppose you could just try throwing them the old-fashioned way.
Telemachus : *shrugs* lets get going then
Leonidas : Anyone have an ax to cut the wood?
Polytropos : An ax? What are we, made of silver?
Andreas Appolodorus: But I may as well throw a wolf.
Leonidas : Maybe theres one at our house?
Damian : We could look for fallen branches. Who needs the wood?
Leonidas : Would seem to be a typical tool of a farm.
Polytropos : Glaucus. He'll give us bronze if we get him som...
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : Shoo!
Eleni : Well, are we entirely sure that...
Andreas Appolodorus: Listen!
Eleni : Oh.
Polytropos : *doink*
Polytropos : Damn dog.
Eleni : Right on the nose!
Damian : *shakes head*
Telemachus : That thing's been lurking around a lot lately
Eleni : Is that the same one we saw when we returned to the village last night?
Leonidas : Think so.
Andreas Appolodorus: What's wrong with that dog?
Damian : It coudl be hungry.
Polytropos : Who knows? It's a dog.
Leonidas : Maybe Damian can talk with him and find out?
Polytropos : Let's get a move on. Someone check back at our house. I'll see if Glaucus has something to get the wood with.
Damian : Not if he's going to bite me like that mother badger then. Then again, I doubt he's protecting pups.
Eleni : It does not seem particularly /agressive/, as such.
Leonidas : Whatever
Eleni : It has only watched from afar, and scurried off when spotted.
Telemachus : or whacked with a rock
Eleni : Or that!

Polytropos : Glaucus!
Glaucus: Was I unclear in my direction?
Polytropos : Do you have anything to fetch wood with!
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Andreas. Interested in shopping today?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Eleni : Or do you mean for us to savage a tree with our bare hands?
Glaucus: *sighs*
Eleni : ..and by our bare hands, I mean these gentlemen's bare hands.
Glaucus: Very well. You may borrow this. But it's only a loan! These are expensive.
Glaucus: And don't dull the blade!
Polytropos : Aha! *axe*
Glaucus: And don't scratch the handle!
Polytropos : *a couple of practice swings.*
Polytropos : It'll do!
Eleni : Would you, in fact, prefer we not actually use it at all?
Telemachus : and try not to cut your own hands off.
Damian : That's not important, Tel.
Glaucus: *mutters something about them bringing back the whole tree*
Polytropos : On we go!
Glaucus: Don't forget, I need a long piece, to make the bow!
Glaucus: And no knotholes!
Glaucus: And check for rot beetles!
Leonidas : Yeah, yeah
Eleni : Yes, yes!

Polytropos : Alright... I once outfoxed a wolf. I think I can notice the signs...
Leonidas : *whistles*
Eleni : How, precisely, did you accomplish this?
Polytropos : I saw them!
Telemachus : I could have sworn he told us to head north..
Leonidas : Are we there yet?
Polytropos : We'll head north a bit. Let me get a bit of distance...
Damian : *whistles softly* Aias...
Polytropos : Worst path ever.
Leonidas : *hums a melody as he strolls along*
Eleni : Indeed.
Eleni : It is as if a rockslide happened here a few decades ago and nobody ever bothered to clear it.
Damian : I dbout many come out here.
Leonidas : Got that right.
Eleni : Clearly not.

Polytropos : ... sssh...
Polytropos : Wolves... to the east of us...
Polytropos : Wait, where is everyone?
Telemachus : *shrug*
Leonidas : La-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum
Eleni : *Tries to catch sight of the forerunners from on top of the hill*
Damian : Where are the other two?
Andreas Appolodorus: See anything?
Leonidas : So where are these trees supposed to be?
Eleni : Polytropos said he would be walking ahead a ways.
Eleni : Ah! I see one of them.
Damian : I think it's Tel.
Telemachus : shh!
Leonidas : *looks around*
Telemachus : there are wolves
Polytropos : ... wolves ahead. *says a voice*
Eleni : ...what about the tree we want?
Polytropos : Can't see the tree for the woods.
Damian : *snorts*
Polytropos : Let's... try east a bit...
Eleni : Very well, master scout.

Polytropos : That must be it!
Eleni : It looks sturdy, certainly.
Polytropos : ... oh. Er... big wolf.
Alpha Wolf : *Growls*
Damian : Hold.
Eleni : Eesh.
Eleni : Verybigwolf.
Damian : That's not a natural wolf.
Leonidas : Ok Damian, you're up.
Alpha Wolf : *howls*
Polytropos : Not sure I can get this one on the nose.
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we need a nice fur?
Eleni : Well, it has a somewhat bigger nose, so I think you might.
Polytropos : That's a very wolf of Hades, that.
Eleni : That will probably just anger it, though.
Alpha Wolf : *snarls*
Damian : *look at the eyes. Wolf eyes don't glow like that.
Leonidas : I wouldn't know.
Eleni : What are you suggesting? It is posessed? Acursed? Artemis in disguise?
Leonidas : But waiting for a whole pack to assemble doesn't seem like a good idea.
Damian : Whatever it is, it's controlling the others.
Andreas Appolodorus: * bend muscles getting ready for anything *
Wolf : *growls*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Eleni : Ngh..

Eleni : ..I confess that.. could probably have gone better.
Polytropos : By the gods!
Leonidas : *pats Andreas on the back*
Leonidas : Good job!
Telemachus : everyone ok?
Andreas Appolodorus: Gimme a knife
Andreas Appolodorus: to skin it.
Polytropos : I have an axe.
Polytropos : That's about it
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Leonidas : got nothing
Andreas Appolodorus: everybody alright? * ignoring his own blood *
Leonidas : Got'm with a couple of stones though.
Damian : That should get us back to the village.
Eleni : Hm. Bruised and with clothing in sudden need of mending, but otherwise alright.
Polytropos : I'll need that back...
Polytropos : Or Glaucus will moan.
Andreas Appolodorus: * skin the wolf with the small axe *
Damian : *stares up at the tree for a bit before grabbing a branch and pulling*
Telemachus : maybe wait and use the axe, eh damian?
Damian : Hmm? *holds out a branch* No need.
Leonidas : Um that's not mine.
Eleni : What, to fell the whole thing? It is huge!
Polytropos : Enough to make a bow?
Andreas Appolodorus: Take it back thank you.
Damian : *looks for knots and parasites* Yes, this should do fine.
Eleni : He wanted enough for two, ideally.
Eleni : One to later hawk to us.
Leonidas : Suppose we should prune off a few reasonably looking limbs.
Damian : Hmm. I think we'll need to rest before we tackle more wolves.
Telemachus : Damian already started ripping them off
Leonidas : Cutting the tree down would be too much work.
Polytropos : *looks at the tree*
Telemachus : we don't need the whole tree
Polytropos : ... yeah, alright.
Polytropos : Let's go.
Leonidas : We get what we need?
Eleni : *Shrugs* If you think he will be pleased with this.
Leonidas : I'm not a craftsmen so no idea bout how much wood you'd need.
Polytropos : *looks up, possibly to see if there were any easily-hatcheted branches.*
Polytropos : *sigh*

Lazyzeus : The remaining branches are high enough to require a climb to reach.

Polytropos : *hups, climbin'*
Damian : If he requires more, we'll find another tree. This one has given up what it will without damaging it.
Leonidas : We're already here, so suggest we take a bit more than too little.
Polytropos : Give me a hand!
Telemachus : *makes a step for poly*
Leonidas : *watches*
Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Andreas Appolodorus: I would climb but I'd rather rest.

Lazyzeus : Polytropos springs up the tree as though he's been climbing them all his life.

Damian : *leans on staff*
Polytropos : Ha! There. Now, then... look out below. *hack hack hack*

Lazyzeus : *thump*

Polytropos : *tosses the axe down, and then follows it*
Eleni : That should do nicely.
Damian : *picks up the branch and looks for knots and parasites*
Damian : *nods* Good work, Pol.
Polytropos : Doing my part. *flexes arm*
Polytropos : We're ready!
Damian : *ties the branches into a bundle and slings them over his back* Shall we?
Telemachus : you know we should just keep the second one, if we get something to string it with we can get militades to make another bow for us
Telemachus : i'm sure one of you would rather be a bowman than a slinger
Eleni : Does Militiades do many bows?
Polytropos : He's a fine metalworker... not sure how he does with wood.
Telemachus : well Glaucus said he'd be asking him to make the bow
Polytropos : But! We can show you this shrine to Poseidon we found, Dam.
Eleni : Ah, then perhaps we can cut out the middle man..
Damian : Oh?
Polytropos : We need the bronze to help restore it.
Damian : Hmm.
Eleni : We found it in the sea caverns, following which we nearly drowned.
Eleni : I suppose we should make amends for poor first impressions.
Damian : Yes, that sounds like Poseidon alright.
Leonidas : *whistles*

Eleni : We return, triumphant!
Glaucus: Back so soon? You don't need a pruning knife or something?
Glaucus: Ah, you have the wood, then?
Damian : Yes we do.
Polytropos : *dawdles...*
Leonidas : Of course.
Glaucus: Let me see. Hmm... a marginal piece at best, but I suppose it will do.
Glaucus: Gah, you're bleeding on my stones.
Damian : I am not a woodworker, master, but this one is free of knots and pests.
Glaucus: Couldn't avoid the wolves, eh?
Damian : There was an alpha wolf that was not natural.
Telemachus : Biggest damn wolf you ever saw was near the tree
Andreas Appolodorus: But we got a nice pelt.
Telemachus : it was damn near the size of a bear!
Glaucus: Well, a few scrapes are to be expected in such endeavors. If you need a salve, I can sell you one at a considerable discount. Only forty obols, "friend of the store" price.
Damian : Yes. Speaking of which, I wonder why Aias didn't answer my call? He must have been eating.
Eleni : How very kind of you.
Damian : THank you, master, but all I need is a bit of rest.
Glaucus: Take these to Miltiades, tell him I'll expect my new bow after the Harvest Festival.
Polytropos : Ah...
Damian : Of course.
Glaucus: And if you took my advice, and secured a second branch for yourselves... I happen to have another set of cords I would be happy to sell you.
Glaucus: Friend of the Store and all.
Damian : Of course.
Polytropos : I'll trade you some for this fine axe.
Telemachus : hmph, and how much would that be?
Glaucus: Bah! That's my axe, and it better not be dulled!
Polytropos : Aren't you forgetting something, master?
Glaucus: What?
Polytropos : I seem to remember bronze came into things somewhere.
Glaucus: Bah, I don't have my bow yet!
Glaucus: *muttering*
Polytropos : ... as good as!
Eleni : *Raises brow* The deal was not for the bow.
Glaucus: Fine, fine. *grumbles*
Glaucus: Give me back the axe.
Eleni : Our part of the task is done.
Glaucus: *looks back and shields the chest from view*
Glaucus: *takes out a key*
Eleni : *Leans sideways to get a peek, probably in vain*
Eleni : *Cough*
Glaucus: You drive a hard bargain!
Polytropos : A mere spigot's worth, but so be it.
Glaucus: Let me know if you'd like to buy that axe! Friend of the Store discount!
Eleni : We have to, lest you burry us in discounts and declarations of friendship.
Damian : *examines the cord* Not the best I've seen, but it should suffice for a bow.
Polytropos : I have nmot yet enough children to sell for it.
Polytropos : About those cords...
Telemachus : *sigh* come on lets give all this to militades before he goes to bed
Glaucus: Indeed!
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Polytropos. Interested in shopping today?
Polytropos: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : *buys some*
Polytropos : Alright, let's.
Glaucus: Regarding this "massive wolf," did you perhaps bring back its hide?
Eleni : Yes. We probably do not want to interupt his beauty sleep again.
Polytropos : ... yes...
Damian : Check for fraying, Pol. You don't want your string to snap while drawing it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes but we have not decided what to do with it yet.
Glaucus: I would be willing to part with a few obols for such a mighty thing. Assuming you didn't want to make a coat with it or something.
Polytropos : *feeds the cord through his fingers, thinking.*
Telemachus : I thought we might.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we speak of it in the morning Glaucus?
Glaucus: Well, think about it. I need to close up now, Harvest Festival is coming up, big day for business!
Glaucus: Certainly.
Glaucus: *starts closing up shop*
Polytropos : Off we go, then...
Tamara: Off to bed now!
Andreas Appolodorus: I need to go bleed elsewhere.

Polytropos : Ho, master! We come bearing gifts.
Eleni : Well, sort of.
Miltiades: Gods above, boy, what happened to you?
Miltiades: Wrestling bears?
Damian : A large, unnatural wolf.
Telemachus : There was a wolf
Polytropos : You should see the other guy.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wolves.
Miltiades: Wolves? What fool picks a fight with wolves?
Telemachus : well a couple of wolves. but there was one really big wolf
Polytropos : The kind of fool with a bounty of bronze!
Miltiades: You should see Ismene, those cuts will take a taint if you are not careful.
Andreas Appolodorus: They attacked us.
Miltiades: Wolves don't attack men unless they're provoked, lad.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes Master.
Damian : Thank you, master, but I believe I can handle it with time and rest.
Eleni : Well, they did. But only after we stuck around in their territory after several minutes of them growling at us.
Eleni : It was not entirely unforseen, is the thing.
Miltiades: Bah, foolish, I said. But you mentioned bronze? Worked out a deal with the merchant, then?
Damian : That alpha wolf was not natural. Wolf eyes should not glow red.
Telemachus : Andreas, show him the size of the pelt!
Miltiades: Ah, this will do nicely.
Andreas Appolodorus: Here * show the pelt around *
Polytropos : We, um, we also have some red olive. Glaucus wants a bow. We'd like one, too...
Miltiades: The Festival is in two days... but I admit, your tale has raised my curiosity.
Damian : Regardless, we have red wood and twine for a bow for Glaucus.
Miltiades: Bah, that prig couldn't hit the sky if he had thirty arrows in his quiver.
Polytropos : *looks at the pelt.*
Polytropos : Still impressive.
Miltiades: A fine pelt. Considering a suit of hide from it?
Damian : *smiles*
Andreas Appolodorus: We have not decided Master.
Miltiades: Well, be sure you scrape it thoroughly, lest it rot on you.
Polytropos : You should! You'll be like Pan.
Damian : Still, he requests a bow. Here are the branches and enough cord for one.
Miltiades: And one for yourselves, eh?
Polytropos : *nodnodnod*
Damian : If you would, master.
Miltiades: A fine piece of wood. Been many years since I made a bow, but I think I remember the basic steps.
Miltiades: Well, won't be ready until after the festival... but come by around high sun, and I may have a little something else for you. *taps the bronze bar with his hammer*
Eleni : Glacus was not so enthousiastic about the wood. But then, he is Glaucus.
Miltiades: Glaucus is... *snorts*
Leonidas : In that case practice on his before you do ours.
Damian : *snorts*
Eleni : Indeed!
Miltiades: The man would sell his own mother an end of bread if she was starving.
Polytropos : And call it kindness!
Andreas Appolodorus: I believe I may have found something else but I would rather rest and talk once I recover from these injuries.
Miltiades: Ha! Will do that! *at Leonidas*
Miltiades: Very well. I will see you on the morrow.
Eleni : Special family bargains!
Polytropos : Until then!
Miltiades: Remember to wash those cuts.
Damian : Of course, master. Good eve to you.

Eleni : Yes, quite. Should we go see Ismene?
Andreas Appolodorus: You think she's still awake?
Damian : I believe I can find what we need back at the grove.
Eleni : That is why I ask.
Telemachus : we can clean up at home
Polytropos : Oh... very well.
Eleni : *Shrugs* Alright.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Polytropos : *brief stop to wash.*
Leonidas : I'll see you all tomorrow, I have a hot date.
Damian : *washes his wounds*
Eleni : *Chuckles* Do enjoy yourself, then.
Polytropos : Whatever you say.
Andreas Appolodorus: * wash wounds *
Leonidas : *washes up*
Polytropos : *winces, nods.*
Eleni : *Cleans out the worst of her scratches*
Leonidas : *goes off to charm local girl*
Polytropos : Good few scars.
Damian : I hope Leo's careful.
Eleni : Careful not to get his heart broken?
Damian : No.
Telemachus : *heats some water over the fire to clean up with*

Lazyzeus : You spend the night in exhausted rest, or in one case, in amorous adventures that are beyond the scope of this tale.

Eleni : *Great, big yawn*
Damian : *gathers up herbs and starts to tend to everybody's wounds*
Damian : *sets some fresh water to boil*
Andreas Appolodorus: * after washing the pelt in the rivere hang it in the house to dry until morning *
Eleni : That is quite the trophy.
Polytropos : You could use the clothes.
Telemachus : We should let militades make armour out of it

Lazyzeus : You wake early, just as the sun is rising.

Leonidas : *gets up early before dawn and slips away quietly*
Leonidas : *gathers some apples and enjoys a quiet breakfast*

Damian : *stires in some oats and other ingredients* Breakfast should be ready shortly.
Eleni : Hm! Wonderful words.
Damian : *tastes* Mm. I think it's ready. Who's hungry?
Polytropos : Us!
Eleni : I would hazard a guess that we all are.
Damian : *smiles and starts lading out bowls*
Polytropos : Ah. Oatmeal.
Damian : *places them on the table* Enjoy.
Polytropos : Well, alright.
Telemachus : Thanks
Andreas Appolodorus: Friends, what shall we do with this pelt?
Eleni : *Grabs an extra bowl and takes it to Kataramene, who may be assumed to still have ankle problems*
Polytropos : *tips the bowl back to his mouth, improvising*
Damian : Pol, you have cleanup duties. *grins*
Damian : *hands Pol an extra spoon and starts to eat*
Andreas Appolodorus: And there is another thing I need to show you. * put strange piece of metal on the table *
Eleni : Well, I am sure the hide would be an improvement to sustaining blows on your half-bare chests.
Eleni : Or fully bare, in one case.
Eleni : Hm? Where did you get that..?
Telemachus : eh, what's that?
Andreas Appolodorus: What do you think of that?
Damian : *looks at the sliver* I have no idea. Could that be what caused the wolf to turn feral?
Andreas Appolodorus: Could have been the tip of some foreign weapon.
Telemachus : What kind of metal is that?
Polytropos : Hmmm. Don't like the look of that...
Eleni : *Frowns* By a piece of metal? I suppose it may just be that someone was hunting it before we found it, but...
Eleni : I do not think it is iron. Definitely not bronze.
Polytropos : Is it obsidian? I hear that's black.
Andreas Appolodorus: But it look like silver, nobody makes weapons with silver it is too soft.
Damian : Miltades might know.
Telemachus : That's a stone
Polytropos : Is it?
Polytropos : Oh.
Damian : it's not the right color for iron.
Polytropos : Well... well, you're right, we can show it around.
Andreas Appolodorus: So what shall we do with this and the pelt, we may have buyers for both I suppose.
Telemachus : we should show militades the black metal
Damian : We should make armor out of the pelt. As for the sliver, I'd like to know where it came from.
Telemachus : and I vote armour. I'm covered with wolf bites.
Polytropos : Agreed!
Eleni : We should, or Militiades should?
Andreas Appolodorus: I found it when I skinned the bih wolf.
Damian : I'm not a tanner.
Eleni : The poor man seems backed up with order already.
Andreas Appolodorus: * big
Eleni : But yes, he might recognize this bit of metal. Or stone, or whatever. It is a curious thing.
Damian : It's definitely metal from what I can tell.
Andreas Appolodorus: If we sell one or both can we at least agree to share the spoil evenly?
Polytropos : Not sure about selling that thing... barely enough to do anything with. *points at the metal.*
Damian : Of curse, Andreas, but I still think a set of hide would serve us better.
Polytropos : But the pelt - armour, man.
Polytropos : Are we all agreed!
Telemachus : there probably wont be much money out of either, you know what that malaka glucus is like
Eleni : That may be more valuable than anything you might purchase, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Put these to good use I agree.
Damian : *picks up the sliver and examines it* Most curious.
Telemachus : come on, Militades said he wanted to see us anyway.
Andreas Appolodorus: Weapons, armors or coins all are fine to me.
Damian : Such a lovely day today.
Damian : Oh, Eleni, how is Kat doing?
Eleni : I suspect she is making her injury seem worse than it is.
Eleni : She will be fine.
Damian : Good.
Polytropos : Seem worse?
Polytropos : Those fine legs injured?
Polytropos : A tragedy!
Damian : When I asked her if she wished for me to examine it, she gave me a nasty look.
Eleni : Hmm. Perhaps you were to close to finding her out!
Eleni : She enjoys it when people worry over her.
Damian : *grins*

Telemachus : Good morning master mitiades
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : Well, you do smell of... ah, master!
Andreas Appolodorus: Good morning.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : *Wave*
Miltiades: I admit, your little problem did keep me from much sleep.
Damian : *waves* Good morning.
Miltiades: *points to a mold atop the workbench* Poured that just before dawn.
Damian : *to Eleni* Yes, I've noticed that as well.
Eleni : Just as well that we did not bother you with the aditional problem we are about to present, I suppose.
Miltiades: Had enough bronze left for a few new spearheads, but don't tell Glaucus. *chuckles*
Miltiades: New problem?
Telemachus : hah, glaucus overpaid? unusual.
Damian : We found this strange metal in the wolf's hide.
Andreas Appolodorus: I found a strange piece of weapon yesterday Master.
Telemachus : we thought you might recognise it
Damian : *pulls it out and hands it to Mit*
Eleni : For we certainly cannot.
Miltiades: Hmm, that's strange. Looks almost like sky iron, but odd... a bit greasy, almost feels...
Polytropos : It's weird.
Miltiades: Ouch! *small cut on his hand* Hmm. Sharp.
Polytropos : Still?
Damian : Sky iron?
Miltiades: Never heard of that, eh? Not surprised.
Damian : *pulls out a small pouch of herbs and gestures for Mit's hand*
Miltiades: Some times the gods cause a star to fall from the sky. Sometimes there is a bit of material left, a rare metal that is very hard, useful for weapons.
Damian : Ah.
Polytropos : We'll keep you in mind if we find some!
Miltiades: *shakes his head at Damian* I'm fine, lad. Hazard of the work.
Andreas Appolodorus: What could you make with it?
Miltiades: Indeed.
Eleni : How interesting But this does not appear to be that?
Miltiades: Spears, armors...
Miltiades: Nay, this is almost like lead, but something strange about it.
Damian : *shrugs and puts the pouch away* Be sure to thoroughly wash it, master. *grins*
Eleni : How so?
Miltiades: Aye!
Miltiades: As I said, has an almost greasy feel to it. Doesn't want to take the light, either.
Miltiades: It's a sliver, might have come off a larger piece.
Miltiades: If you find more, do let me know.
Telemachus : maybe we should show it to the priestess.
Eleni : Hm. We shall.
Eleni : It got into that wolf /somehow/...
Miltiades: Aye, or the wizard.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.
Miltiades: Now, about that mold...
Damian : Yes, Eleni's master might know more.
Polytropos : You mean, it's ensorcelled?
Miltiades: *cracks it open*
Polytropos : Nurgh.
Miltiades: Ah, fine work, if I do say so myself.
Polytropos : Aha!
Miltiades: Much less complicated than a weapon.
Eleni : Hm....
Miltiades: Let me know if the Sea Father likes it, eh?
Telemachus : Hopefully posidon will be pleased
Miltiades: *chuckles*
Eleni : Indeed.
Polytropos : I'm sure we'll know if he's not.
Damian : I'm sure he will, master, you do excellent work.
Eleni : He does seem to be quite vocal about these things.
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps I should make the offering to Poseidon. What do you think?
Polytropos : We'll probably wake up on a beach in Crete.
Telemachus : there was one other thing, master. Do you think you could make some armour from this wolf pelt?
Miltiades: Hmm? Aye, it's certainly big enough.
Eleni : I've always wanted to see Crete.
Miltiades: This isn't for Glaucus, is it?
Telemachus : No master, for one of us
Miltiades: Well then. Come see me after the Festival, I'll have something for you then.
Polytropos : Odd bunch, they say, Minosians. They drink wine out of glass cups, and wear hats everywhere.
Telemachus : we're tired of getting bitten by the local wildlife
Miltiades: Ha!
Telemachus : thankyou master

Damian : So, to the wizard or the fountain first?
Telemachus : the wizard and the priestess are closer yes?
Eleni : Naturally.
Polytropos : Hmm. On the one hand, keeping a god waiting is bad. On the other, the old wizard doesn't have long, mostlike.
Andreas Appolodorus: I mean if somehow my father angered him, perhaps fixing the fountain may remove the curse.
Polytropos : *looks to Andreas*
Polytropos : Maybe?
Damian : I think the fountain is a priority.
Polytropos : Alright, then.
Andreas Appolodorus: But I sure don't want you to wake up in Crete.
Leonidas : Yeah gods aren't patient sorts.
Damian : If only to set Andreas' mind at ease.
Eleni : *To Andreas* Well, given your words earlier.. perhaps it may be a good idea to seek contrition, yes.
Polytropos : This way, then!
Eleni : Very well. My master is slightly more patient than Poseidon, I suppose.
Damian : That and I'm worried about Aias, I would like to know if he's okay.
Andreas Appolodorus: Besides if the room is underwater you will need an athlete like me to hold his breath and fix the thing.
Eleni : Oh, quite right. If we wait too long, the tide shall come in.

Damian : Aias! There you are.
Eleni : Bear!
Eleni : Your bear. Oh. Good.
Eleni : Good bear.
Damian : *smiles* Sorry.
Damian : But he had me worried.
Leonidas : *smiles at bear*
Andreas Appolodorus: What's this bear doing here?
Polytropos : No sign of giant lizards this time!
Polytropos : Y-
Polytropos : ... where is everyone? Again?
Eleni : It is Damian's bear! Or,erm, a friend of his, at least.
Polytropos : I can't be walking that fast...
Polytropos : *scratches head.*
Telemachus : dawdling
Polytropos : Ah well.
Polytropos : It's this way, Dam!
Damian : Coming.
Eleni : We were mildly distracted by the sudden bear.
Polytropos : We broke a few spears, and almost buried Kataramene alive, finding this.
Damian : Hmm. Sorry I wasn't here.

Eleni : Drier than last time. Hopefully a good sign.
Andreas Appolodorus: Dry?
Polytropos : Crab!
Damian : Aias loves seafood.
Polytropos : Aha.
Polytropos : *collects crab.*
Eleni : He is a lucky bear today, then.
Telemachus : he's not eating the crab, glaucus will pay for it!
Damian : He'll find others.

Eleni : Greetings, Sea-Father!
Damian : Stay there, Aias. I don't Posidon would appreciate you're stepping into his temple.
Polytropos : We return as promised! We braved fierce wolves and treacherous merchants.
Eleni : We bring thee a spigot.
Andreas Appolodorus: We brought you an offering.
Polytropos : *gasp*
Telemachus : *fits the spigot onto the fountain*
Eleni : Oh... that wasn't there before, was it?
Leonidas : *watches*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey.
Polytropos : 'twas not there before!
Damian : A most gracious gift.
Polytropos : Thank you!
Leonidas : beats the cheap spears you were using.
Eleni : Gracious benevolence!
Telemachus : Would you mind if I used it?
Leonidas : Knock yourself out.
Polytropos : Or don't!
Damian : I'm better suited to the staff, just don't stab any of us.
Polytropos : If you do, though, I'll take it. Heh.
Eleni : Preferably, knock things out that try to knock us out.
Telemachus : *little bow to the statue*
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : I still wonder at how this shrine came to be abandoned.
Andreas Appolodorus: We thank you O mighty Poseidon.
Eleni : Does not seem as if any of the people in the village we talked to recall such a thing.
Leonidas : Maybe one of the elders in town knows?
Damian : Those sea serpents may have kept the others at bay.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ruler of the oceans.
Damian : If so, then the years would have worn away the memory of this place.
Polytropos : We'll be the wonder of the vilage. Let's go show them!
Eleni : I suppose.
Leonidas : Right some may wish to come and worship here.
Eleni : May the waters here flow for centuries more, then! *bows head to the statue*
Damian : *bows to the statue*
Andreas Appolodorus: * bows *
Polytropos : Bear didn't want to come further?
Damian : We're leaving, Aias.
Damian : I didn't feel it appropriate.
Polytropos : Alright. *shoos crab*
Andreas Appolodorus: I race you to the bridge.
Polytropos : You're on!
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : Ya-ha.

Lazyzeus : You return to the village, triumphant, and with the favor of at least one of the Olympians...

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A Missing Child and Slaying the Eater.

Post by Karvon » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:30 am

Lazyzeus : It is a fine, bright morning in Mantineia.

Leonidas : Ah another glorious day!
Eleni : *Lazy yawn* Good morning, everyone.
Polytropos : Aaaaah.
Kataramene : *eyes the trident with obvious envy*
Damian : Good morning. *looks at Kat* I see our patient is doing better.
Polytropos : Looks like we've been favoured. *looks up in the sky*
Leonidas : Looking good to me.
Eleni : I think I have managed to wash most of the blood out of my peplos... oh, yes!
Eleni : You missed half of us nearly being eaten by a giant wolf.
Eleni : It was quite exciting.
Leonidas : Indeed, I witnessed the whole thing.
Damian : *snorts* For some of us maybe.
Kataramene : I'm sure /that/ was entertaining. *still eyeing the trident*
Polytropos : And the gift of the God!
Telemachus : *spins trident ever so slightly smugly*
Leonidas : Got a good stone or two in on him too.
Kataramene : *sniffs sulkily* I don't even have my spear any more.
Polytropos : Plenty of spares.
Telemachus : here you can have mine
Kataramene : Have /you/ still got a sp.... oh thank you! *beams*
Kataramene : You're a sweetheart.
Telemachus : Well I can't use both
Polytropos : And you can have the next divinely-sent gift that comes our way. Now, come! There's a festival on.
Eleni : *Grin* That would be a thing to see.
Kataramene : Will anyone be entering the wrestling?
Eleni : A pole in each hand, swinging them around wildly.
Damian : *checks over the trees*
Leonidas : Think I may.
Polytropos : I might. *flexes an arm*
Polytropos : I'm feeling like the wind and sun are on my side!
Eleni : I am suspicious of my ability to wrestle even small chickens, so no.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wrestling obviously I will.
Kataramene : Not if I am around.
Damian : Next year's harvest should be a fruitful one.
Polytropos : Well, let's see!
Kataramene : You might have the reach, but /I/ have flexibility.
Polytropos : Yes, veryinterestingDamian. To the Festival!
Leonidas : Hah, that I'm sure you do.
Kataramene : Festival! Yes!
Leonidas : Let's be off!
Polytropos : All the good bread'll have gone if we don't.
Damian : Make sure you use some of that flexibility so you don't twist your ankle again, Kat.
Kataramene : Huh. /That/ was a boulder.

Leonidas : *whistles*
Leonidas : *winks*
Euthalia: Hey there, handsome.
Eleni : *Wave*
Leonidas : Ah Master....
Androcles: Good morning. Come to distract the ladies from their work?
Eleni : That /is/ what Leonidas does best.
Kataramene : Pff.
Damian : *leans on staff*
Leonidas : Was wondering if I could get an old harp from you to practice with.
Androcles: Ah, certainly!
Leonidas : I've been practicing my voice lately.
Kataramene : I /might/ dance.
Leonidas : thank you!
Leonidas : *bows*
Leonidas : Euthalia, you look absolutely ravishing today.
Euthalia: *fake pout* Don't I look ravishing all the time?
Leonidas : But of course you do, I think.
Leonidas : Perhaps I shall compose an ode to you using my new harp.
Leonidas : *smiles*

Tamara: Oh, Telemachus!
Telemachus : Good morning
Polytropos : Aha!
Tamara: Could you do me a favor?
Telemachus : oh, what?
Tamara: It's Calliope.
Polytropos : Is she missing?
Damian : *to Tamara* Is there something wrong?
Polytropos : I don't see her...
Polytropos : Unless she's hiding in a jar again...
Tamara: She went to play along the stream... I told her not to go farther than I could see....
Tamara: She's probably just catching tadpoles or something.
Tamara: Could you please...?
Polytropos : Oh!
Damian : Of course.
Polytropos : Which way?
Telemachus : Of course, which way?
Tamara: With all this talk of wolves and such I get worried.
Eleni : She is an adventurous child, isn't she?
Tamara: *points east along the stream*
Kataramene : Why not? *spotting a handy way not to do anything to help*
Telemachus : Wont be long.
Polytropos : Will do, Tamara! Save some figs for us!
Pedaeus: Ha, come back when it's time to sacrifice the pigs! SHould be a mighty feast!
Tamara: Thank you!
Eleni : *Chuckles*

Kataramene : When we find her lets drag it out.
Eleni : *Hops across*
Eleni : So eager to not pitch in?
Polytropos : Calliope!
Kataramene : Do you want to?
Telemachus : she shouldn't have come this far out on her own
Polytropos : Calliope?
Eleni : Not /particularly/.

Leonidas : So, when's the feasting began?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Leonidas : *yawns*
Leonidas : *whistles*
Leonidas : *sneaks a look at the food*

Polytropos : Is that her over there?
Eleni : ...I do not think it is.
Andreas Appolodorus: Did you see that?
Polytropos : Oh.
Kataramene : Is that water?
Polytropos : ... river spirits?
Andreas Appolodorus: What's that?
Damian : It appears so.
Polytropos : Oh.
Kataramene : Where's the child?
Polytropos : Best not annoy them.
Eleni : A creature of water, yes, but...
Telemachus : are they dangerous?
Kataramene : Is this something to do with the shrine?
Andreas Appolodorus: Go away I'm not thursty.
Polytropos : I daresay so long as we respect the river.
Eleni : Usually not unles made to be so.
Eleni : But yes, they may be emmisaries of Poseidon.

Lazyzeus : The water in the small pool where the stream just out is roiling and bubbling.

Damian : Let's let them be, they are not bothering us.
Eleni : Erp!
Kataramene : Oh!
Polytropos : Ai!
Water Spirit : *rises out of the water*
Eleni : Um, I mean - greetings, fair water spirit!
Damian : *holds staff defensively*
Kataramene : *bows a little, not being a complete idiot*
Damian : *relaxes and bows to the spirit*
Polytropos : By the waves!
Water Spirit : man creatures
Andreas Appolodorus: Holding something?
Kataramene : Woman. Woman creatures.
Water Spirit : wo-man
Eleni : Yes, important distinction, thankyoukindly.
Damian : *shakes head*
Andreas Appolodorus: Is that a trident?
Water Spirit : disturbance
Water Spirit : wakening
Eleni : *Frowns*
Kataramene : Is there something wrong?
Water Spirit : brought wo-man creature
Polytropos : A little one?
Kataramene : *holds her hand out at child height* This big?
Telemachus : I don't suppose you have seen a small child around here?
Damian : *holds a hand about knee high*
Water Spirit : wo-man creature bring wakening
Water Spirit : disturbance
Kataramene : .... what did she do?
Telemachus : hmn..
Telemachus : where?
Water Spirit : big one bring wakening
Eleni : I do not think this spirit is very good at distinguishing between mortals.
Damian : *w* I don't think she means the child*
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't understand? The child distubed them?
Water Spirit : little one come
Polytropos : *looks down towards tbe sea*
Water Spirit : water hold as balance
Water Spirit : end disturbance end wakening
Polytropos : She didn't hear any of our heroic stories about the shrine, did she?
Andreas Appolodorus: But how?
Eleni : *Scratches head* Where? Down in the caverns?
Eleni : Um, she might have, come to think of it...
Damian : *looks around* Where's Leo?
Water Spirit : disturbance in low water
Telemachus : Some other mortal has disturbed them, and they've taken callipe until they stop?
Andreas Appolodorus: But the water flows down not up.
Water Spirit : *raises its staff, and points to the northeast, toward the marshlands*
Andreas Appolodorus: There.
Polytropos : Guh
Water Spirit : disturbance bring wakening
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Leonidas. Interested in shopping today?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : We will go there and...
Polytropos : And...
Water Spirit : end disturbance free little one
Kataramene : An adult has her? Is he doing something to her as a ritual?
Polytropos : ... something
Damian : Someone should fetch Leo.
Eleni : 'Free' her?
Eleni : Oh dear.

Lazyzeus : The water creatures flow back into the stream.

Telemachus : I think the spirit is holding her ransom
Kataramene : She is probably in danger, we should go.
Telemachus : either way, we need to go to the marshlands
Andreas Appolodorus: * walk towards marshland *
Polytropos : Kat, can you get Leo? There's a chance he might actually listen to you.
Eleni : Yes, if you smile at him a bit.

Pedaeus : Is everything all right? We saw a flash, heard a noise.
Eleni : Oh!
Tamara : Calliope! Where are you?
Eleni : We are... not sure..
Polytropos : She may have been taken to the marshlands! The river spoke of a disturbance!
Miltiades : *draws a weathered old xiphos*
Kataramene : And a large one.
Telemachus : Someone has disturbed the spirits of the river

Leonidas : *collects stones from the stream*
Leonidas : *sits*
Leonidas : *strums harp* La-de-dum-de-dum-de-de.
Leonidas : *sings*

Eleni : The water spirit, yes. She was somewhat vague, but...
Tamara : The marshes? But she knows not to... river? *looks confused and distraught*
Polytropos : *nods with all the desperation of a liar trying to tell the truth*
Eleni : I think there may have been someone else here.
Eleni : We intend to!
Damian : We will find her. Would you tell Leo to join us?
Kataramene : Never fear, we will go.
Telemachus : Don't worry, we'll find her. you should head back to the village.
Damian : If he's finished oogilng the ladies that is.
Polytropos : *grim look in response. If not...*
Kataramene : *looks over at Polytropos*
Polytropos : Thank you, master.
Eleni : *Nodnod*
Polytropos : *hefts a javelin, nodding*
Telemachus : We'll be careful
Kataramene : *pouts again*
Polytropos : Anyone for some?
Damian : *leans on staff* This does not bode well.
Telemachus : I'm satisfied with my trident
Eleni : Not in any sense, no.
Eleni : But we should hurry.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let us depart.
Polytropos : I did promise.
Polytropos : Not exactly a god's gift, but Militades is close.
Eleni : We all did.
Kataramene : Then you're a sweetheart too. *beams*

Pedaeus: Leonidas!
Leonidas : Um, yeah?
Pedaeus: Your comrades face danger.
Leonidas : Oh?
Leonidas : Where are they?
Pedaeus: A river spirit has stolen away Tamara's daughter. They are near the river cliffs.
Leonidas : Where's that?
Pedaeus: Go at once! The gods shall not have a child as sacrifice this year.
Pedaeus: *points east*
Leonidas : Um, Ok
Pedaeus: Were you not there just yesterday?
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : This way!
Eleni : What an odd path..
Damian : Be careful.
Eleni : *Sighs* I am going to have to do a lot of washing again when this is over, won't it?
Kataramene : Marshfires.
Polytropos : *crouches, moving forward silently.*
Telemachus : You shouldn't wear that silly thing everywhere if you don't like it getting dirty
Eleni : I see more of those water-serpents with the great jaws.
Damian : This is the marsh, Eleni. Stay out of the water and you should avoid the worst of it.
Eleni : We were going to the /festival/!
Eleni : One does no always dress for sudden forays in the wilderness.
Damian : I do.
Telemachus : I do
Eleni : Well, not /all/ of us!
Damian : *chuckles*
Kataramene : Doesn't mean you can't look "right".
Damian : I always look right...and left.
Telemachus : Who could have been upsetting the spirits?
Kataramene : *gives Damian a flat look*
Polytropos : I don't think we're going to be able to avoid the water.
Telemachus : they said it was a mortal
Damian : *ignores it*
Eleni : Some stranger, I suppose.
Polytropos : Watch out for marshcreatures.
Telemachus : everyone from the village was at the festival weren't they?
Eleni : Oh, dear.

Damian : *wipes off blood* I would hate to be that one's dinner*
Eleni : *Pokes them, with scholarly curiosity* Do these usually grow so big...?
Kataramene : I didn't check.
Damian : I've never seen them that big.
Kataramene : I also have no idea, I don't come looking.
Polytropos : ... huh!
Polytropos : There's a few steep steps there... going up.
Polytropos : It's that or the water.
Telemachus : Might have to head back that way when the tide comes in

Leonidas : Miss me?
Polytropos : Who said that? Oh, it's you, Leo.
Damian : Hello Leo. NO, but I'm sure the ladies will.
Eleni : Good of you to join us, by the way!
Polytropos : We're after a girl. Bit young for you.
Leonidas : didn't realize you wandered off.
Telemachus : I think i saw something moving in the water
Polytropos : ... wait...
Eleni : We went to Check On An Emergency.
Eleni : In a Heroic Fashion.
Kataramene : Saw something move.
Polytropos : ... looks like a water spirit, but... oozy.
Damian : Be careful. It could be more frogs or crocodiles.
Leonidas : I was practicing with my new harp.
Eleni : It will make a good story to tell the festival girls about later, I suspect.
Kataramene : A mud spirit?
Leonidas : See?

Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Telemachus : well struck.
Eleni : Another spirit, this one rather less benevolent.
Andreas Appolodorus: We'd better find the woman.
Damian : *says a small prayer over Kat*
Leonidas : A woman? Is she beautiful?
Kataramene : It hits hard. And thank you.

Polytropos : Uhoh
Eleni : ...hm. I never knew this was
Polytropos : Javelins!
Polytropos : Terlemachus! Get out of there!
Polytropos : Don't drown, man!
Eleni : ..that one was... yes.
Damian : *bends over* I am almost out of healing.
Telemachus : *grunts*
Telemachus : *kicks the corpse*
Kataramene : We should probably have asked....
Damian : Are you okay, Tel?
Polytropos : ... euugh...
Telemachus : I'll walk it off.
Andreas Appolodorus: Look
Eleni : This seems likea place where such things might be called or... that is a carcass.
Damian : Good.

Andreas Appolodorus: a boat.
Leonidas : Perhaps a song to lift your spirtis?
Polytropos : .. yeah...
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Telemachus : Who is it?
Leonidas : *sings*
Polytropos : I don't know...
Andreas Appolodorus: * examine the boat *
Polytropos : Eleni!
Polytropos : He had this on him.
Eleni : Hrm... yes?
Damian : *examines the corpse*
Eleni : *Turns away fom studying the grove*
Kataramene : Are those paddles any good?
Polytropos : *shows a dagger*
Andreas Appolodorus: Should be.
Damian : I wonder what killed him?
Eleni : ...there is something odd about it, but do not ask me what.
Kataramene : They just might make good clubs.
Andreas Appolodorus: But the one who came on this one should still be nearby.
Leonidas : Brave few went out into the swamp, La-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum.
Polytropos : Looks old.
Kataramene : So not that dead one then?
Polytropos : Did ooze things kill him?
Polytropos : And, is the water glowing?
Telemachus : Do you see that?
Leonidas : Perhaps we should burn the body?
Eleni : Hrm, yes..
Eleni : Eee!
Leonidas : A proper send off.

Eleni : *Cough, hack*
Eleni : Sh... should not have done that..
Polytropos : Curiosity!
Andreas Appolodorus: What happened?
Eleni : It is a vice, I know...
Polytropos : *pokes under the water.*
Kataramene : Who'd have thought a pretty rock could do that?
Damian : I only have one kit left, we should see Iseme soon.
Polytropos : Something down there?
Eleni : The glowing stone. It zapped me!
Leonidas : Well that boat's not been used in a while.
Damian : *goes back to the body* I can't determine what killed this man. He was in the water a long time though.
Polytropos : *winces, trying to poke it*
Kataramene : Can we dig it out with spears?
Kataramene : Oh! An oar, in case it .... oh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we need to break it?
Polytropos : *leeeevers it up*
Leonidas : What's the matter?
Polytropos : I have it.
Kataramene : *pouts*
Telemachus : What is it?
Polytropos : *offers it to Eleni on the end of his spear.*
Eleni : *Glares at the thing* And of course it only does it the once.
Eleni : *Inspects it, carefully*
Polytropos : It's a creen crystal. Other than that, I have noi idea.
Polytropos : Also, I'm really wet.
Andreas Appolodorus: What's that for?
Damian : I don't think this boat is going anywhere.
Eleni : ...there is power in this thing, but I don't know for what.
Kataramene : Could it be causing the disturbance or is it just pretty?
Leonidas : and why do you think the missing woman came this way?
Eleni : I could release it, whatever it is.
Telemachus : it's a missing child
Polytropos : Give me a hand, Damien.
Leonidas : Given the nasty things we met along the path.
Kataramene : A water spirit said so.
Damian : Of course.
Polytropos : *starts pulling the corpse to the boat, face screwed up in revulsion.*
Damian : *helps*
Telemachus : we should give them a proper burial.
Polytropos : *heaves it in*

Lazyzeus : The corpse starts to come apart as you move it, but you are able to get the pieces into the boat.

Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Euuugh.
Kataramene : Before you do anything, are we sure we won't need to row anywhere?
Eleni : *Turns the crystal over in her hands, wracking her head about it...*
Damian : *grunts and washes off hands*
Polytropos : Not in that we don't.
Leonidas : *sings a few lines of a dirge*
Andreas Appolodorus: Exaclty my idea why ruin aa good boat?
Damian : This boat is no longer water worthy.
Kataramene : If you /say/ so.
Leonidas : Farewell stranger, may your passage to the underworld be a smooth one.
Polytropos : *starts holing the rotten boat with his spear, with little effort* I wouldn't call this perfectly good.
Andreas Appolodorus: If that is the case then let them burn together.
Damian : *points at a few spots* See the rot? This would sink if we all got into it.
Kataramene : Burn a water logged boat in a /marsh/.
Telemachus : He's a schoolar this man.

Lazyzeus : The boat sinks into the water, taking the dead man with it.

Leonidas : *smiles*
Andreas Appolodorus: Safe journey to the afterlife.
Polytropos : Bye, dead man.
Eleni : I do not know if whoever that was was responsible for this.
Damian : I'm surprised the creatures here hadn't eaten the corpse.
Eleni : These spirits waking as a more recent thing.
Polytropos : Well... let's think...
Telemachus : Is that what was upsetting the river spirts? the unburied corpse or the crystal thing?
Eleni : He has been dead a while.
Telemachus : hmn
Polytropos : Are there any more ozzing water spirits around?
Damian : Still, scavengers would have picked the corpse clean.
Eleni : Another spirit, there. Tiny one.
Leonidas : Do spirits eat corpses?
Leonidas : *slings harp*
Damian : Not that I've seen, Leo.
Kataramene : We are going to have to wade.
Polytropos : Well, anyway. Let's see the river, see if it's happy.
Eleni : Of course.
Polytropos : Then, wash our hands.
Polytropos : Then GAH that's deep.
Eleni : *Nearly has to paddle for a bit there*
Damian : I don't think that crystal was the cause of the disturbance. I think once we find the child, we'll find the cause.
Kataramene : Alligator over there.
Eleni : But we've sen no sign..
Polytropos : *pokes his way with his spear*
Telemachus : I am fairly sure the river spirits have the child
Damian : Let's hope we can find her safely.
Telemachus : they are holding her hostage until we fix whatever is troubling them
Eleni : Yes, that may be a sound conclusion afer all.
Andreas Appolodorus: * wave *
Damian : *looks at the aligators* They are sunning themselves, we have no reason to disturb them.
Telemachus : Other than going back all we can do is climb the cliff
Leonidas : fires over yonder
Polytropos : Does aaaanyone want to climb the cliff.
Kataramene : Where?
Polytropos : Didn';t think so.
Leonidas : to the east
Eleni : There are.. some things to check, first.
Polytropos : Marshfires, Leo.
Kataramene : But ...
Leonidas : oh
Kataramene : Are we seeing if the ....
Polytropos : Do you... think the river will mind if we wash? Eugh.
Leonidas : Did you look in the shrine?

Andreas Appolodorus: HELLO
Eleni : Spirits!
Eleni : Hear us!
Eleni : Does the disturbance remain?
Water Spirit : disturbance removed
Water Spirit : return to sleep
Telemachus : Where is the child?
Water Spirit : balance restored
Eleni : Oh. Good. But what of little Calliope...?
Polytropos : Thank Zeus for that
Water Spirit : little wo-man unharmed
Leonidas : wow, so that's a water spirit?
Andreas Appolodorus: That is good to hear.

Calliope: Mommy?
Telemachus : *growls a little bit* next time you have a problem just ask!
Eleni : Cally!
Damian : *frowns*
Calliope: What happened? I was playing by the stream, and the water... it reached up and grabbed me!
Polytropos : Hai, Calliope.
Eleni : *Kneels down* It's alright. Your mommy's been worried about you.
Leonidas : Oh, a child *disappointedly*
Eleni : We shall get you back to her, okay?
Calliope: I want to go home now. *hugs Eleni*
Kataramene : So you think the man who died left the thing in the water?
Polytropos : Maybe,
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : If the strange glowing thing made the ooze spirits...
Damian : It may have rolled away from him when he died.
Eleni : *Pats her head* We'll go right away.
Polytropos : Then maybe he put it there, the ooze spirits got angry, rose up and attacked him.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : *Takes her by the hand* Come on.
Kataramene : If it disturbs water we should find out why.
Eleni : Your mommy will be happy to see you.
Calliope: Was the river angry, Eleni?
Leonidas : *sings*
Damian : *nods to Pol* Most likely.
Polytropos : Then there's this. *waves old dagger.*
Eleni : I think it was a bit upset, yes. But not at you.
Polytropos : And that bit of metal.
Polytropos : We have a trove of strange things!
Leonidas : And the ooze was destroyed and the waters purified and the little lost girl was saaaaved.
Damian : *grimaces*
Polytropos : I think you need to dry out those strings a bit, Leo.
Leonidas : Really?
Polytropos : Yes.
Polytropos : Really.
Eleni : *Smiles*
Leonidas : Well I am still learning.
Damian : We've noticed, Leo.
Leonidas : Perhaps the master has some special strings for traveling. I shall check with him.

Eleni : Look who we found!
Calliope : Mommy!
Polytropos : *grins at mother and child, alredy rubbing down with water*
Miltiades: I'd feared the worst.
Tamara: Thank you, thank you!
Pedaeus: A good omen for the fest--
Eleni : Anything for little Calliope.
Kataramene : *similarly fastidious cleaning* We can't go to the festival in this state.
Polytropos : Truly, it was something we were glad to do.

Euthalia : *screams*
Polytropos : Wh-
Eleni : *Looks up* Um...
Pedaeus: What in all the...
Kataramene : *looks around*
Andreas Appolodorus: I can't compete I'm injured.
Miltiades: It came from the houses!
Polytropos : Euthalia!
Polytropos : What - oh no!
Telemachus : what did this?
Eleni : *Frowns*
Kataramene : Has something killed the pigs?
Euthalia: They're all gone... save for that little one!
Polytropos : That... that's barely enough for me!
Damian : What? They were fine this morning!
Eleni : I suppose that is not so fine an omen.
Pedaeus: The gods must will that we live in interesting times.
Euthalia: The Festival is ruined!
Eleni : Blood, here.
Damian : Sounds like a curse, master Pedaeus.
Miltiades: I think we need to be more concerned about who did this.
Kataramene : Does it lead anywhere?
Leonidas : Now, now.
Polytropos : *frowns*
Miltiades: Euthalia. Go join Tamara and the others.
Polytropos : Can't have gone far. There's no carcass, so they were taken.
Leonidas : I'm sure we can find them.
Eleni : *Hops into the pen, gingerly. Has a look at the piglet, trying to see how it died*
Euthalia: But I wanted to go to the dancing, and with the pigs gone...
Damian : *follows*
Miltiades: Child. Go.
Euthalia: *with one last look at Leo, runs off*

Polytropos : *looks around, hoping for some sign*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : *similarly looking at the floor* Have they left a track?
Eleni : *Tries to see any obvious wounds on the piglet* I don't think wolves would have carried them off like this...
Kataramene : Pigs would have to be driven or if carried it would be something large.
Polytropos : *kneels*
Damian : *hops out* I'm sorry, my friends, but I must rest before we continue on.
Polytropos : ... mhm.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Andreas Appolodorus: Me too.

Polytropos : UP HERE!
Eleni : Ah...?
Polytropos : Look, there, tracks./
Leonidas : What?
Telemachus : Many strange things are happening in the last few days.. Maybe you should have the villagers shelter together within the walls there, or in the underground store-room..
Kataramene : Is that a hole?
Polytropos : Two legs, but... not any feet I know.
Polytropos : And over there... yes, I was getting to that... a hole.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : Blood too.
Leonidas : Let's see what's in there.
Polytropos : I hadn't noticed that.
Telemachus : *tch* I don't know if i'll get my shoulders through there
Eleni : The piglet's wounds were made with something sharp.
Polytropos : *sarcasm? Maybe,.*
Eleni : Whoever did this has a blade of some sorth. Be careful.
Polytropos : *hard to tell with him sometimes.*
Kataramene : *gives him a smug smile*

Lazyzeus : The opening is extremely narrow but widens after a bit, so you can stand.

Polytropos : A blade?
Polytropos : Hey, Leo, don't die or anything.
Telemachus : *scrapes through painfully, but makes it*
Kataramene : *squirms through and stands*

Leonidas : some little creature
Kataramene : This is a surprise.
Leonidas : looks vaguelly human
Eleni : *Sighs, and wiggles her way through. Bit smaller than the others, thankfully*
Telemachus : This is a fair-sized cave. no idea this was here
Eleni : I was really hoping to talk to my master...
Polytropos : May not only be one of them, but... how long has this been here?
Telemachus : something dangerous is lurking around the village
Kataramene : I never noticed the hole before.
Eleni : I do not know. Certainly, I do not remember it being here...
Telemachus : we can't take time to chat to him yet
Damian : It's recent.

Eleni : Oh!
Telemachus : argh!
Eleni : A.. little person..?
Telemachus : did you see it? a little lizardy-man-thing
Polytropos : ... more than that...
Polytropos : We must move slowly.
Telemachus : and it's laid traps
Polytropos : It set up... something.
Eleni : Hah.. and here I was afraid the festival would be boring.
Andreas Appolodorus: Lizard or man?
Polytropos : Both, Andreas
Telemachus : neither
Telemachus : both
Kataramene : It's gone down a very little hole.,
Telemachus : watch your feet!
Andreas Appolodorus: It can't be.
Kataramene : Can't we put something on top of it?
Kataramene : Or it might come out while we go on in.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you Damian.
Eleni : Hold on..
Polytropos : Argh!
Leonidas : theres a trap up there as well
Telemachus : it's there!
Kataramene : Is anyone listening at all?
Eleni : It's trying to pelt us from the other side.
Polytropos : Ow!
Damian : Hmm?
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Kataramene : Blocking the hole so it doesn't come back that way?
Polytropos : Nrgh...
Leonidas : ok clear
Eleni : Hm! Yes, but with what?
Polytropos : Those things... their bite. Feels... weird...
Damian : I heard it.
Telemachus : gah! this malaka has got his little lair well prepared!
Kataramene : *points at large rocks around the pace*
Polytropos : Come on, stick together.
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Andreas Appolodorus: Wait
Eleni : Loose stones, and it will probably dig its way out a gain easily enough.
Andreas Appolodorus: You see that too.
Damian : *concentrates*
Leonidas : clear
Eleni : It dragged off those pigs, so it is not weak.
Andreas Appolodorus: You remoded it.Good.
Damian : Ah! Well now. That should help.
Eleni : Um, hello there, badger.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm just a few paces behind.
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Kataramene : Look, there's another hole here.
Eleni : Is that relates to the one from a few days ago?
Eleni : *related
Polytropos : Telemachus. Not so close...
Kataramene : *sighs deeply*
Damian : No. It's not a real badger, but the spirit of badgers.
Leonidas : CLEAR
Andreas Appolodorus: More traps.
Telemachus : I'm not moving
Polytropos : Give us a few paces, see if we can catch it.
Eleni : Ooooh. That makes more sense.
Eleni : I should try a trick like that sometime..
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Andreas Appolodorus: Something worth protecting I suppose.
Damian : Really? I had a hard time understanding it when Iseme mentioned it.
Telemachus : Where are those damn javlins?!
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Polytropos : Nrgh...
Telemachus : it's going to harry us to death if we let it
Leonidas : wait till I say clear next time
Eleni : It continues to lure us in deeper, yes.
Polytropos : It was shooting at you, Leo
Polytropos : Tried to... but then it...
Polytropos : ... can't... aim well...
Damian : I do not have the ability to keep us all healthy if we continue at this pace.
Eleni : ..you're stumbling all about the place.
Andreas Appolodorus: Polytropos stay behind me.
Eleni : Are you alright?
Polytropos : Be alright when I skewer the thing.
Eleni : I wonder if we might be able to talk to it..
Damian : I don't think it's interested in talking, Eleni.
Kataramene : It's probably run out one of the other holes by now.
Eleni : Oh, another crawl-hole. Mind it.
Kataramene : I would if I was it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Big mushrooms over there.
Leonidas : I hear some chittering up ahead

Kobalos Shaman : No keel, no keel! We gives up, talks please!
Andreas Appolodorus: Look there is a narrow space here.
Polytropos : Oh, NOW they talk.
Kobalos Shaman : No keel!
Eleni : See?
Damian : Andreas, we found them.
Leonidas : We'll be happy to talk.
Eleni : We, uh..
Polytropos : ... oh.
Kobalos Shaman: Big mans, no stabby with pointy sticks!
Telemachus : There's a whole tribe of the things!
Eleni : We don't want to stab anyone we don't want to!
Leonidas : We just want our pigs back.
Kobalos Shaman: No want fight!
Polytropos : Can you give a compelling reason not to?
Telemachus : And there's our pig!
Eleni : Yes, our pigs. Meat. It is ours, and we need it for the feast.
Kobalos Shaman: Sorry very sorry eat your... peeg.
Eleni : You cannot just take it.
Kobalos Shaman: So very hungry!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh by the Opympian Gods who or what are you?
Damian : I'm sure we can work something out with the village elders.
Kobalos Shaman: Nothing eat but plant grow on rocks!
Kobalos Shaman: We kobalos!
Telemachus : How long have you been living here? what are you doing near our village?
Kobalos Shaman: Live in far place underground.
Kobalos Shaman: Not here long. Have come up, flee Eater!
Leonidas : Perhaps we could trade you food for something?
Polytropos : *frown* Next time it might be a child... if you live down below ground, why are you here?
Polytropos : Eater?
Eleni : You were forced to... migrate? Move?
Kobalos Shaman: Eater eat everything! Eat mushroom, eat kobalos, even eat plant grow on rocks!
Damian : That doesn't sound good. Is someone eating your people?
Leonidas : That's too bad.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah they speak alost perfect Greek.
Kobalos Shaman: Eater eat many! It why we call Eater!
Kataramene : Eating everything by the sound o fit.
Leonidas : So you ate all our pigs?
Eleni : A sound name, then.
Kataramene : Where is this Eater?
Kobalos Shaman: Great gods gift kobalos gift of speaking.
Kobalos Shaman: No! We only eat one. Throw rest into hole to try to stop Eater eating kobalos.
Telemachus : They'll be snatching up children and villagers next
Damian : *shaes head* THere's no balance in eating everything.
Leonidas : Hmm
Kobalos Shaman: But it always hungry. Soon it eat everything.
Damian : Woe be them if they try.
Eleni : Well, that is worrisome.
Kobalos Shaman: We put up rocks to stop, but it eat through rocks!
Kataramene : I'm less worried about these and more worried about something that is coming and eating /everything/.
Leonidas : So the pigs are still down there?
Andreas Appolodorus: It looks like a food chain dilemma.
Eleni : ...through /rocks/?
Kobalos Shaman: Maybe, peegs good at hiding?
Eleni : Not as a rule, no.
Telemachus : Right, well looks like we'll have to kill this eater thing too.
Damian : No. They're likely eaten by now.
Kobalos Shaman: Kobalos good at hiding, but Eater find.
Kobalos Shaman: Eater smells very good.
Leonidas : Well we should see if we can find the pigs and worry about the other details later.
Kobalos Shaman: Rocks bounce off Eater, stabby knife bounce off.
Andreas Appolodorus: What does 'Eater' look like?
Kobalos Shaman: Eater very big. Have very big jaw. Munch, munch go Eater.
Leonidas : But, hey, that's just my opinion. Feel free to debate and squabble as you like.
Kobalos: Mebbe big mans go and kill Eater?
Kobalos: If not, Eater eat mans and leave kobalos alone?
Damian : If you promise to leave and not take any more pigs.
Andreas Appolodorus: We may have to do just that.
Eleni : I will be very surprised if the pigs are not already eaten.
Kobalos Shaman: Shh, shaman doing speakings.
Kataramene : Woman! Wo-man..
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kobalos: Oooh, nice noise.
Polytropos : *frowns.*
Leonidas : *sings*
Eleni : We may be able to /help/ you. If this eater is as dangerous as you say, it might make its way up and threaten the village.
Andreas Appolodorus: But you will have to stop taking our food and livesrock.
Kobalos Shaman: We very sorry about you peegs. But so hungry, and only a few kobalos left.
Leonidas : And so the heroes debated about what to do as the sands of time drained swiftly by....
Kobalos Shaman: If Eater go away, we go back down to kobalos place.
Kataramene : And now there are no pigs left.
Polytropos : If we kill the Eater, maybe you can eat the Eater and give us our food back.
Kobalos Shaman: No bother wo-mans and pointy sticks.
Polytropos : I see one pig, at least.
Damian : Our pigs are gone, Pol.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well which way then?
Leonidas : Mind the traps by the way.
Kobalos: Peeg very tasty. See why you likes.
Eleni : I do not think we should go right away.
Leonidas : La-de-dum-de-dum.
Telemachus : We'll have to kill this thing anyway most likely, it's too close to the village
Kobalos Shaman: You helps kobalos? If helps, we be friends with wo-mans.
Eleni : This creature sounds dangerous. We could use time to rest and prepare.
Damian : No. I require rest if I am to keep us healthy. Besides, I think we should talk to Matildas as well.
Damian : And men. Never mind the wo-man.
Telemachus : we should visit the temple too, we need more supplies.
Andreas Appolodorus: That sounds wise Eleni.
Eleni : Yes, and I need to see my master.
Kobalos Shaman: We makes traps, very good traps. Not hurts eater, but maybe hurts enemies of wo-mans?
Kataramene : I don't think we have a choice, as when there's nothing left down there it'll come out for the village too.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Well, we need to get the pig back soon or the festival is more or less ruined.
Eleni : Never mind! Pah.
Leonidas : *sings*
Leonidas : Them that turn and walk away will not find pigs another day....
Damian : Wo-man, Eleni, not wo-men. *grins*
Leonidas : La-de-dum-de-dum-de-de.
Polytropos : Give us back what's left of our pig, and we'll kill the Eater.
Eleni : Look, the pigs... what odds do you give any of them remain non-eaten?
Telemachus : Pftt I doubt there's anything left of the other pigs but bones.
Kobalos: Umm... what left...
Polytropos : Nothing, hm.
Kobalos Shaman: We gives peeg bones to you, very sorry yes.
Damian : Let's go, we're wasting time here.
Telemachus : there's not much left of that one either, and I don't fancy eating these things leavings.
Polytropos : Hrmf.
Leonidas : There's a hole at back of the cave.
Kobalos Shaman: You go down, feed...ah, fight Eater, we show, yes?
Kataramene : What's in that basket over there?
Leonidas : There are pigs in the hole at the back of the cave.
Polytropos : ... are there now?
Kobalos Shaman: Basket hold traps, tools.
Kobalos: Watch for spikeys!
Polytropos : Oh HO.
Leonidas : There are eaters hunting pigs in the hole at the back of the cave.
Andreas Appolodorus: Watch your steps
Damian : After you, Leo.
Polytropos : Right.
Kobalos Shaman: You want we show?
Eleni : Hrm.
Polytropos : Sounds like the kind of lie I tell.
Kataramene : Right. Right. Show.
Leonidas : Will the heroes seek the eaters hunting pigs in the hole at the back of the cave?
Polytropos : But, alright.
Kobalos Shaman: Be carefuls, Eater smell blood very good.
Kobalos Shaman: *points to injured party members*
Polytropos : Can you...
Kobalos Shaman: Come this way, no spikeys this way.
Leonidas : La-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let us regain some strength then before venturing further.
Polytropos : Do you have anything for these centipede bites? You must do.
Eleni : I agree.
Kobalos Shaman: Oh. Sorry about that.
Damian : *leans on staff* Aias has left and I need rest. Do you really want to face this...eater now?
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we just rest here?
Leonidas : Good idea
Telemachus : we're not in the most battle-ready shape.
Damian : Here's as good as our house.
Kataramene : If there are pigs alive down there we .... *sighs*
Damian : *to the shaman* May we rest here?
Kobalos Shaman: *shrugs* If you have food, you can use our beds, if wish.
Damian : The pigs are dead, Kat.
Kobalos: Bugs not bite fleshy wo-mans?
Polytropos : I want to be able to enjoy the rest of the day, it must be half-gone already.
Andreas Appolodorus: * look around for a rock that could be used as a pillow *
Eleni : *Sighs* If you insist. But if this creature's hide is as thick as they say..
Kobalos Shaman: Only little bugs in beds.
Polytropos : If it is, then we run.
Eleni : We have to think what we might do to it.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : Telemachus' trident might have more luck, I suppose.
Polytropos : But I think militades's work is better than what these kobalos could manage.
Eleni : Perhaps.

Lazyzeus : Given the scant hospitality, you'll need a supply kit to sleep here.

Polytropos : Plus, we have a god's trident.
Polytropos : It's going down.
Polytropos : Anyway, look. Bites.
Kobalos Shaman: No step on spikey.
Leonidas : and so the heroes pressed on.
Damian : *sighs*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kobalos Shaman: Not much seem to hurt Eater.
Damian : Of course.
Eleni : Lovely.
Andreas Appolodorus: May Zeus help us.
Polytropos : *rolls neck*
Kobalos Shaman: It slow, but mostly it eat kobalos in one bite, chomp chomp.
Kobalos Shaman: You know how defuse trap?
Damian : If we all die, I'm coming back to haunt you.
Kataramene : How has it been down here so long and we didn't know? Something strange really is happening.
Andreas Appolodorus: Argh
Kobalos Shaman: Now, what me just say?
Telemachus : yes, we let andreas walk on them
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Eleni : *Scratches head*
Kobalos Shaman: Better to take apart, use again later.
Andreas Appolodorus: They are trapp all around here.
Eleni : Well spotted;
Kataramene : Make yourself usefula nd look for the, Leonidas.
Kobalos Shaman: Good luck! Hope you find peegs.

Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *slings harp*
Andreas Appolodorus: At least two more.
Polytropos : *throws Damien something.*
Damian : *catches it*
Leonidas : hmm think that's all of them.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be we should have some traps too.
Damian : If not, Andreas will find them.
Kataramene : *levers the barricade aside*

Kataramene : It's dark here.
Damian : Gods it's dar-oh.
Kataramene : Oh... now it's not.
Eleni : No need to thank me.
Damian : *shields eyes* You're more radiant than usual, Eleni.
Telemachus : We seem to be spending a lot of time underground lately
Eleni : Maybe I can daze or put this creature to sleep... oh, why thank you.
Eleni : Let it come at /us/, if possible.
Damian : Good idea.
Andreas Appolodorus: I will try to stun it.
Damian : I can send the badger after it.
Kataramene : Anything?
Polytropos : No.
Polytropos : We can share out the javelins.
Polytropos : Run around it.
Leonidas : doesn't look too stable beware
Telemachus : There's rubble everywhere, I don't think this place is very stable.
Damian : I have a few stones from the river.
Eleni : That does give me an idea...
Polytropos : ... yes...
Kataramene : Those rocks look unstable.
Eleni : However strong it is, I doubt it can survive a cave-in.
Kataramene : Pull down the roof on it?
Polytropos : *grin*
Eleni : Of course, neither can we.
Damian : Only so long as it doesn't fall on us.
Leonidas : dead end this way
Damian : Pol, wait.
Eleni : It might be too small to move through here.
Eleni : ...something to keep in mind.
Damian : Okay. That should tide you over.
Polytropos : *nod*
Andreas Appolodorus: No pigs no eater so far.
Damian : I doubt we'll find the pigs.

Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Polytropos : Alright, so... we dart around it... try to lure it into the cave-in, then...
Kataramene : Eleni
Leonidas : its big
Eleni : Unless they have only been partially digested... hm?
Polytropos : Just don't fight it up close...
Polytropos : It doesn't-
Kataramene : Ceiling I think!

Polytropos : Run!
Eleni : You're not doing much!
Polytropos : RUN
Polytropos : RUUUN
The Eater : *swallows the badger in two bites*
Polytropos : THIS WAY
Eleni : *Urk*

Polytropos : Where is it?
Andreas Appolodorus: That thing can't be killed.
Kataramene : We need to block it in as Eleni first suggested.
Damian : It can, but as I said before we started this foolish adventure, I need rest.
Eleni : Bring down the pillar... then run?
Leonidas : think you may have to trap it under the collapsing rubble somehow.
Polytropos : That's what I'm going to do, but we need it here
Polytropos : Do you have any more javelins?
Kataramene : Right..... I do, I can lure and run.
Polytropos : Right.
Eleni : It went down the corridor there, last I saw.
Polytropos : Might need to lure it into that dead-end
Andreas Appolodorus: His skin is too thik for my fists.
Leonidas : or my stones
Kataramene : Is there a way out at the top?
Polytropos : No.
Polytropos : Lure it in, get past it
Polytropos : Then get out again.
Polytropos : Then hit the pillar.
Kataramene : I think we can do it.
Leonidas : might be able to dig though; it's got pretty massive looking claws.
Telemachus : That's why we drop the cieling ON it.
Polytropos : Well, it's our best shot.
Damian : It's only a temporary solution until we can come back and finish it off with help.
Kataramene : It'll give us time to do it properly.
Eleni : IF it does.
Polytropos : Alright. Let's do it! Everyone who can't help, get clear!

Kataramene : Okay... where did it go?
Eleni : Either way..
Leonidas : and the plan is?
Polytropos : I just told you the -
Eleni : Move round!

The Eater: *can't fit through the narrow gap*

Eleni : Where is Leo..?
Damian : Behind.
Telemachus : did it get past us and up?
Polytropos : I need something to throw!

Damian : Behind!
Polytropos : Get out!
Eleni : Now!
Polytropos : Yes!
Eleni : Ruuun.
Polytropos : *stumbles away from the rockfall*
Telemachus : go on go!
Polytropos : Is it...
Telemachus : I think so
Eleni : I think we burried it, yes..

Lazyzeus : You hear one massive final screech from the beast, then nothing.

Kataramene : It's stopped roaring.
Eleni : *Catches her breath*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Damian : *bends over staff* Good Gods...
Leonidas : *sings*
Kataramene : That was a heroic fight!
Polytropos : *pant pant pant... scowl.*

Leonidas : And the heroes lured the mighty beast to a death beneath an avalanche of stones!

Polytropos : Hey! Open up!
Eleni : Ah... I suppose it was...
Polytropos : *bangs on the boulder*
Kataramene : Have they locked us in?
Damian : Heroic? They must have left the running out of the ballads.
Eleni : And Leo, if I still had any power left, I would put you to sleep rather than listen to your sogn.
Kobalos Shaman : Hello, is you Eater? If you Eater no can come in.
Telemachus : hah, Odysseus would have done the same thing.
Eleni : The eater lies burried!
Eleni : Let us through!
Damian : WE're not the eater. Open the door.
Kobalos Shaman : That is what Eater might say, to trick us. How we know it really you, wo-mans?
Damian : Wo-mans?
Kataramene : Did the Eater talk?
Leonidas : *sings*
Telemachus : Open the damned door you scaley wretch!
Andreas Appolodorus: That big lizard cannot speak .
Kobalos Shaman : Umm... that good point.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : /That/ would be easy enough to prove, but...
Kobalos Shaman: You alive!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : We alive.
Leonidas : Of course!
Eleni : Yes.
Kobalos Shaman: I very surpris... um, I mean glad to see you!
Eleni : And the eater is not.
Eleni : You may praise us now.
Kobalos Shaman: What? Eater can no be killed.
Telemachus : we dropped half the cavern on it.
Kataramene : It's been buried.
Leonidas : He is buried beneath a massive pile of stones.
Kobalos Shaman: You mean, you runs away, and lives to fight another day.
Kobalos Shaman: Really?
Leonidas : You may safely return below.
Eleni : Your lack of confidence in us is inspiring, truly.
Damian : Go see for yourself.
Leonidas : Might even dig up his remains and feast on them for a long time.
Kobalos Shaman: We do!
Kobalos Shaman : Eater is dead!
Eleni : At the very least, it will have to burrow its way through several layers of stone. Even if it lives, it'll probably starve before it manages that.
Kataramene : No pigs, but no Eater.
Kobalos Shaman : Eemas, you go look!
Kataramene : Is this a success or not?
Eleni : A creature with such an appetite must need a lot of feeding.
Telemachus : there's something off about the idea of eating something thats been eating your friends and family
Kobalos : Why I have to go look?
Kobalos Shaman : Cause I say so!
Polytropos : Remember this, if you ever come to our village to steal again. We're mener than the Eater.
Eleni : Cannibalism by proxy?
Polytropos : Er, meaner.
Damian : Call it justice, Tel.
Kobalos: *heads off, muttering*
Kobalos: Eemas have to do everything.
Kataramene : Watch out for eater babies!
Polytropos : *mournful look at the pig.*
Eleni : Now, even if you for some reason ever go really, really hungry every again...
Kobalos Shaman: Why you never think of dropping rocks on Eater?
Eleni : ..come talk to the villagers and ask for help before stealing food, yes?
Kobalos: Me not shaman.
Kobalos Shaman: Hmm.
Kataramene : *pokes at the pig, disappointed*
Eleni : Becauwe we are much, much cleverer than eaters. And angry if you wrong us enough times.
Kobalos : It true, it true! Eater dead!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kobalos Shaman: You is very powerful!
Eleni : Indeed!
Polytropos : We are! What will you give us for our time and our pig, eh?
Damian : *wipes rock dust off of his face*
Kobalos Shaman: Please, show mercy to little kobalos!
Kobalos Shaman: We no mean eat you peeg!
Eleni : *Stands proudly, accepting the worship*
Kataramene : We are also hungry. Probably like Eater,
Eleni : Oh, you little ones alright. So long as you never steal from the village again!
Kobalos: No keel!
Leonidas : *watches*
Eleni : I wonder if we can dig the creature out and have it for the feast..
Kataramene : Remember. Woman is powerful.
Damian : We're not going to kill you.
Eleni : Surely there is enough of it to feed everyone.
Polytropos : What would we butcher it with? We'd need a woodaxe...
Telemachus : It probably tastes awful
Leonidas : It's hide might make some pretty nice shields and armor.
Damian : Let the Kobalos have it.
Eleni : We can talk to Militiades and the others. They must be told about our neighbours, at least.
Kobalos Shaman: No we go back to kobalos place.
Kobalos Shaman: No more bother wo-mans.
Eleni : Very good!
Damian : Or men.
Telemachus : Good.
Kobalos Shaman: Please, take all we haves, as tribute.
Eleni : We are pleased.
Kataramene : Good. As it is the festival is just going to be oranges and olives. Can we hunt something?
Damian : There is game in the forest.
Polytropos : *more than happy to take stuff.*
Leonidas : alligators in the marsh.
Eleni : Another reason to speak to the elders.
Kataramene : Hunting has to be better than pressing olives.
Telemachus : I've still got that crab
Damian : Hmm. The olives were already harvested and probably pressed by now.
Polytropos : Let's get out of the dark. *bundle of stuff taken from barrel*

Lazyzeus : Having saved the world--or at least one tiny part of it--again, you return to the village...

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Hunting Boar

Post by Karvon » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:22 am

Lazyzeus : After aiding the kobalos and defeating the powerful Eater, you return to the village somewhat bedraggled, but happy in your victory...

Kataramene : Let us tell them the news and then set forth to save the feast.
Polytropos : Hades' dogs. Now what?
Polytropos : Probably more work, that's what.
Eleni : Work and the bounty it brings, hm?
Kataramene : Are you using this as an excuse not to fight in the bouts?
Eleni : Ah, masters!
Eleni : We have good news and not so good news.
Polytropos : 'course not. I have to enjoy this somehow... ah, hello.
Kataramene : We have saved the village, but not the pigs.
Eleni : That is the short of things, yes.
Polytropos : Koboloi ate them. Really.

Leonidas : *wanders steam searching for stones*

Eleni : We have neighbours! Little things, but harmless if you show them who's boss.
Kataramene : They were fleeing a worse threat.
Kataramene : But we have vanquished it.
Eleni : Only the thing hunting them was more dangerous, and they would not have had to steal from us if not for that.
Polytropos : We should keep an eye on it, though.
Eleni : We have shown them proper respect for humans. Sadly, this does not return the pigs.
Kataramene : Indeed.
Kataramene : But we have a solution!
Polytropos : ... we do?
Kataramene : We do, those of stout heart do.
Androcles: Yes, Kataramene?
Eleni : Hmm?
Damian : *rolls eyes*
Kataramene : We will hunt game for the feast.
Polytropos : ... we will?
Eleni : With great haste, I imagine.
Pedaeus: Hmm, there may be a few boars in the Boar Forest this time of year.
Eleni : I suggested eating the great beast we slew, but nobody seemed to like that idea.
Kataramene : We will, those who are brave and strong enough not to be weary.
Androcles: *strums on the lyre* Boars in the Boar Forest? What are the chances?
Damian : Its hide was too tough.
Polytropos : *rolls eyes at Kataramene*
Eleni : And the koboloi have beaten us to it, in any regard.
Polytropos : Fine. Boars.
Polytropos : The meat shall be as wild as the festival.
Pedaeus: Boars will suffice, when pigs fail. The meat can be tough, but with a nice honey glaze...
Androcles: A Boar is a pig by just another name eh?
Polytropos : Maybe, but I wouldn't say so to their snouts.
Telemachus : A boar is a pig with too much attitude
Eleni : A pig with more body hair and less smell.
Kataramene : A pig with large tusks and a foul temper, of course.
Pedaeus: Do not take the task lightly. Boars can be dangerous.
Damian : Mistress Iseme taught me a few herbal prepartions, Master Pedaeus.
Eleni : Unlike people, where those scales usually correlate.
Kataramene : *grins at Eleni*
Pedaeus: And spirits are said to lurk in the dark corners of the forest.
Polytropos : We've met a few.
Kataramene : Spirits?
Androcles: Bah. You scare them with child's tales.
Leonidas : *listens*
Eleni : We have met a few child's tales, over the past few days.
Kataramene : We will not scare.
Pedaeus: Indeed! It is a strange and wondrous world in which we live.
Kataramene : Or at least those of us worthy of being warriers will not.
Polytropos : Where'd be a good place to start?
Pedaeus: I will tell Tamara to begin stoking the fires, confident in your victory.
Eleni : They have most been accomodatng, apart from the ones that tried to eat us...
Polytropos : Nothing like confidence.
Kataramene : *looks around, daring someone to counter her argument*
Telemachus : Careful Katara, you puff yourself up any more and your toes wont touch the ground
Pedaeus: There is a trail that leads into the forest on the northern edge of the village.
Damian : *shrugs at Kat*
Polytropos : Ah, right.
Androcles: We will eat well then eh?
Damian : I'll need river stones before we set out.
Polytropos : We have spears, we'll gather stones, yes... what more will we need, hm.
Polytropos : Seems like all.
Kataramene : What of the hide you brought back?
Eleni : Very well. I will observe and direct, of coursE.
Telemachus : bandages and such, we used all of our medical supplies in the cave.
Leonidas : Of course *smiles*
Pedaeus: Good luck. Be careful.
Eleni : Oh, yes- and the crystal.
Eleni : I should really see my master about that.
Kataramene : Ahh, perhaps we should show that first?
Damian : I have one kit left, but we should acquire more.
Eleni : It is a strange and possibly dangerous thing, yes.
Polytropos : Nnod*
Damian : Pol.
Eleni : Is my master in his usual meditating place?
Pedaeus: Good news! We shall have boars for the feast!
Androcles: He hardly seems to leave it.
Calliope: Hear that mommy?
Calliope: yummy!
Eleni : I suppose one becomes rooted, at such an age. Especially after having already travelled so far.
Eleni : Regardless!
Androcles: Claims it is the most comfortable chair in the village.
Polytropos : Make it quick, please, Eleni. The sound of our stomachs will summon an earth-shake if we go much longer!

Eleni : *Short bow* Hello, master!
Leonidas : *snags a few apples to munch on*
Eleni : This has been a strange and busy day so far.
Eleni : A strange and busy week, actually...
Aristarchus: Hmm, I sense a stirring of power within you. Perhaps your native talents are growing as they are tested?
Eleni : I think I have felt such, too! But I wasn't sure.
Damian : *leans on staff* Yes, she is very capable, master.
Eleni : Ah, but we have come because we found something to puzzle u.
Polytropos : *psst* Don't forget this.
Aristarchus: You will know as greater valences of magic open to you, like layers of an onion as it is peeled.
Eleni : Oh, several things, in fact.
Polytropos : *preses dagger*
Aristarchus: Indeed. All of life is a puzzle.
Aristarchus: Hmm, how very odd.
Eleni : *Procures the crystal* We found this in the marshes.
Aristarchus: A strong aura.
Polytropos : It roused the waters to anger!
Aristarchus: The marshes, you say?
Eleni : It was guarded by elemental spirits - it seemed to upset them for some reason, yes.
Kataramene : It was enraging the water spirits.
Aristarchus: You did well to bring this to me. Such things can be very dangerous.
Aristarchus: I will give it most cautious study.
Eleni : What is it, precisely?
Aristarchus: It is a crystal. It glows, and it possesses magic.
Eleni : ...well, yes.
Aristarchus: More than that, how can I say, until I have studied it?
Eleni : A fair point.
Damian : *hides a smile*
Telemachus : Be careful master, it bit Eleni when she first touched it..
Eleni : Forgive me for assuming for a second your wisdom was truly boundless, as it sometimes seems.
Aristarchus: I shall be most cautious. But thank you for the warning.
Eleni : Oh, and there was another thing. A dagger, and also a strange piece of metal the smith could not identify...
Damian : *looks at Eleni, then at Kat before shaking his head*
Aristarchus: Now, I understand that there is a festival to prepare for. I grant you a leave from further studies until it is over.
Aristarchus: Oh?
Aristarchus: Ah!
Aristarchus: This blade possesses the archetype of Dagger.
Eleni : I sensed an enchantment on this, but it was not familiar to me..
Polytropos : I *knew* there was something strange about that blade.
Kataramene : It is magical?
Eleni : Oh, thank you for the leave, though.
Aristarchus: Once per day, it may be commanded to animate and fight your enemies.
Aristarchus: Or perhaps, to distract them.
Kataramene : That's ... a rather intriguing dagger.
Telemachus : Interesting.
Aristarchus: This is a rare and useful spell. Not exceptionally powerful, but I suspect you will find it... helpful.
Damian : Interesting. Is that like the essence of the badger I can call upon, master?
Eleni : Interesting! Does anyone mind if I take it? You all seem to have larger weapons that you can actually use.
Damian : Go ahead, Eleni. I think you'll get the most use out of it.
Aristarchus: Indeed. All things have ideal Forms, which our mundane objects resemble in lesser or greater ways.
Aristarchus: Those with magic may gain insight into those ideal and perfect forms.
Eleni : I would like to see if I can learn more about the enchantment on it, too..
Eleni : Oh - who had the curious piece of metal...?
Damian : *nods* Interesting. Thank you, master.
Aristarchus: Why, you children are finding all sorts of interesting things.
Andreas Appolodorus: Here
Eleni : I do not know if this is among your expertise, master, but whatever it is was part of a weapon, used to attack the animals nearby.
Eleni : So it is somewhat concerning.
Aristarchus: *reaches for it, and falls back as if scorched*
Aristarchus: Ah!
Eleni : Um...?
Kataramene : What is it?!
Aristarchus: Dangerous!
Polytropos : *alert, spear levelled at the metal.*
Eleni : Are you quite alright, master?
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Aristarchus: There is a dark presence within this metal.
Damian : I believe it corrupted a wolf.
Eleni : ...is it? Andreas has been holding on to it for a while.
Aristarchus: Anger, violence... can you not feel it?
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : No, don't be stupid!
Aristarchus: *grabs Andreas's head, peers into his eyes*
Polytropos : ... I mean... er, no.
Andreas Appolodorus: Me nooo.
Kataramene : Andreas could hide anything in there.
Eleni : *Tilts head at Andreas, curiously*
Aristarchus: Hmm. No permanent damage.
Andreas Appolodorus: I did not really touch it.
Eleni : He /did/ go and rage against Poseidon a while back, but that was /before/ we found this.
Aristarchus: But do be careful what you pick up! Strange crystals and metal shards can make unfortunate companions!
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : Perhaps it is only truly dangerous if within a wound, as we saw with the wolf.
Aristarchus: Hmm. I do believe I will fetch my lead box for this one.
Andreas Appolodorus: Rage? Not really.
Eleni : Or perhaps that simply greatly speeds the process.
Damian : *stares at the shard* I knew something was...wrong...about that shard.
Aristarchus: You did well to bring this to me.
Kataramene : How dangerous is it?
Aristarchus: How can I know, until I have studied it?
Eleni : Hm! And more worryingly, where might such a thing come from...?
Kataramene : And how did it get into the wolf.
Eleni : Questions for later, I suppose.
Aristarchus: It appears to have come from a larger piece of metal. I would advise you to be cautious, should you find its whole.
Damian : I think it broke off from a weapon used to attack the wolf.
Aristarchus: LIfe is all questions, child.
Aristarchus: Indeed, that may very well be.
Eleni : So you keep telling me, master!
Aristarchus: Well. Run along now, and be careful!
Eleni : But thank you for serving as a font of answers.
Damian : If so, who made that weapon and why?
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Aristarchus: Now, where did I put that lead box...

Telemachus : To the boar forest then?
Polytropos : No more questions. We've a village going hungry and fractious.
Eleni : I suppose we had best turn out attention to porcine matters, yes.
Kataramene : What of the wolf skin?
Damian : I think we should see the seer first.
Eleni : *Nodnod*
Polytropos : Who?
Damian : And get the armor if Miltades is finished with it.
Leonidas : *yawns*
Eleni : Still, I told you it was a good idea to see my master. Andreas might have gone mad and strangled you if he'd held on to that thing longer!
Telemachus : He said after the festival, he's only one man you know
Damian : Yes, I would have hatted to have to knock him in the head.
Kataramene : We may have been forced to spear him.
Eleni : Well, you or Kataramene, I suppose. Whichever happened to be more irritating at the time.
Polytropos : The sooner everyone eats, the sooner everyone can work!
Polytropos : ... can't believe I just said that...
Damian : To the temple for more healing or to the forest?
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni*
Eleni : You are almost sounding /responsible/, Pol!
Damian : Perish the thought.
Telemachus : To the temple, quickly though, we're losing the day here
Polytropos : Do we have coin for the gods?
Kataramene : Do not look my way.
Damian : I have a few.
Eleni : I have all of five of them.
Eleni : I am assuming this counts as a shortcut.
Telemachus : eleven coins, 14 sling stones and about five pounds of crab meat.
Kataramene : For those with a sense of direction, yes.
Eleni : You have been carrying that around all this time?
Eleni : A wonder you are not even more rank.
Polytropos : I was wondering what that fishy smell was.
Telemachus : since yesterday, you mean?
Kataramene : I assumed it was Eleni.
Eleni : The day /before/ yesterday, yes?
Telemachus : No. Have you lost track of time, we were not in the cave that long.
Eleni : Hah, I have used some ill-advised perfumes and mixtures at times, to be fair...
Eleni : But experimentation is the road to perfection.

Damian : Hello mistress.
Damian : That and for more healing kits if possible.
Ismeme: Of course. I just refreshed the temple stores this morning.
Ismeme: Do not forget to leave the gods their due...
Damian : Though if they would be so kind as to grant me the wisdom to create them, we would be most grateful.
Leonidas : Too bad no one refreshed my purse.
Polytropos : You sound like a philosopher.
Ismeme: Indeed. You must find ingredients, rare herbs, or elixirs with healing properties.
Polytropos : Oh!
Eleni : ...well, yes? Among other things. Do you think I was just studying how to wave my arms around in a spooky fashion?
Polytropos : The koboloi did have something...
Damian : We are headed to the Boar Forest, Mistress. Do you know of any herbs growing there?
Ismeme: I fear you will not find much near the village, though there is saffron along the riverbank, as you have found before.
Ismeme: Perhaps. Keep an eye out for wet, dark places.
Ismeme: Some mushrooms have useful properties.
Damian : *nods* Thank you, Mistress.
Polytropos : Damian's hair...? Oh.
Telemachus : oh, where'd you find this?
Polytropos : Took it from the koboloi.
Eleni : While they were not looking?
Telemachus : *holds up the rather suspect looking vial*
Leonidas : hmm, ok.
Leonidas : *sniffs*
Polytropos : They said we could have their things.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Polytropos : Or at least I remember them saying it. Who's to say?
Eleni : Well, as they still owed us a dept, anyway...
Polytropos : Exactly! So they may as well have said it.
Ismeme: May the gods keep your path straight and clear.
Kataramene : Indeed, what was taken was small price for the pigs let alone their lives.
Eleni : It was implicit in their getting-down-on-their-knees-to-worship-us.
Leonidas : straight, how boring.
Damian : Thank you, Mistress.
Eleni : *Nods to Ismene*

Kataramene : So to find boars.
Kataramene : Perhaps we can find a cliff to lure them off and save the fight.
Telemachus : We don't want to ruin the meat
Eleni : I had been led to believe swine were too clever for that.
Polytropos : Hrmnh.
Polytropos : Well... well, we've survived so far.
Leonidas : Indeed!
Eleni : Everyone survives right up until the day they die, Pol.
Eleni : Not to be a downer.
Kataramene : We will have to be clever.
Eleni : But your thesis there is logically unsound.
Polytropos : Today's not a good day to die. Let's see about not dying.
Damian : We should look for those herbs Ismeme mentioned, our funds are insufficient for supplies.
Polytropos : From hunger.
Eleni : Agreed on that front!
Polytropos : We can't wrestle on empty stomachs.
Kataramene : But not too full either.
Eleni : Neither can I watch you wrestle on an empty stomach.
Damian : I wonder if I should harvest saffron...?
Leonidas : plenty of apples *pulls one out and munches on it
Eleni : It is horribly distracting.
Kataramene : *skip hop*
Polytropos : I can tell you what I do have,,,#
Kataramene : We will!
Polytropos : Some of the koboloi's traps.
Tamara: I certainly hope so dear
Eleni : Oh, those may be helpful
Polytropos : *nods at all.*
Tamara: It'll be a poor feast otherwise
Polytropos : Something to tangle their legs, and something to spike them as they come.
Eleni : If one of us could walk ahead and spot.
Damian : Here's the path!
Polytropos : Does anyone know these sorts of traps well...?
Leonidas : sorta
Eleni : Do not look at me!
Polytropos : Alright then, if we...
Eleni : I am only proficient at traps of the metaphorical kind... oh, what...?

Polytropos : Ah? Has someone done the task for u- oh, eugh.
Leonidas : *eyes large webs*
Damian : Dont' let them bite you!
Kataramene : Ugh!
Leonidas : ugh
Eleni : Hah...
Eleni : ...this is a concern.
Leonidas : I don't feel so good
Leonidas : *sits*
Kataramene : I was about to point out the webs....
Polytropos : Their bites burn...
Eleni : Ngh, yes..
Polytropos : Alright. I'll... I'll see if there's a safe path.
Damian : Is everyone okay?
Eleni : I could be worse.
Polytropos : ssh...
Polytropos : ... see a boar.
Leonidas : feelling a bit sluggish
Telemachus : who's our slinger?
Eleni : ...a live one, I hope.
Polytropos : It lives...
Eleni : All this webbing...
Damian : *examines the boar* Yes, it was definitely killed by those spiders. Good thing they did not take one of us.

Telemachus : there it is!
Telemachus : and another
Polytropos : Quickly, Leo.
Polytropos : Set these where y-
Kataramene : There we have one.
Telemachus : two more over here
Eleni : Best gather these ere the spiders come to feast.
Polytropos : ... easy, there, we don't want them too beaten to eat...
Leonidas : so you want me to set these?
Polytropos : Yes! Set them.
Polytropos : We'll lead one this way.
Kataramene : And perhaps can we allow time for Polytopos to place those traps?
Damian : *pets Aias and gives him a treat* There you go, Aias.
Telemachus : well I hope the boars dont mind waiting for you
Polytropos : Alright. Ready to run back?

Kataramene : Spider.
Polytropos : Go!
Damian : Spiders behind me.
Kataramene : What happened to the traps?
Eleni : How many pigs was it we lost? Four?
Damian : *scratches Aias' ears*
Eleni : Five?
Telemachus : there was another one back there
Polytropos : How odd.
Damian : *looks up* What the...?
Eleni : Pol? Oh!
Leonidas : Hah
Polytropos : We'll have the village fed before long. Now what's this about spiders?
Damian : There's something behind us.
Damian : Be careful!
Leonidas : I don't eat them myself
Damian : There are spiders that way.
Eleni : Hm. I'd not heard of these things before.
Polytropos : You're right, come to think of it. This isn't Spider Forest.
Kataramene : Where are they coming from?
Telemachus : do you see that thing?
Polytropos : Let's find out...
Leonidas : guess we can rename the place then, eh?

Damian : Another three!
Polytropos : If these things eat the boar, they'll be after us next.
Telemachus : Look!
Damian : I also saw something weird in there.
Eleni : 'Weird' hoW?
Polytropos : ... oh.
Damian : That.
Polytropos : Er...
Kataramene : Oh that is ... a large one.
Polytropos : It, it's huge.
Eleni : ...oh. Weird that way.
Polytropos : *sidles, wary...*
Cursed Spirit : Go, humans. It is not safe here.
Eleni : ...it seems unagg - oh! Hello...
Damian : What? You speak.
Polytropos : We've noticed.
Kataramene : This seems to be the way of things of late.
Leonidas : how facinating!
Cursed Spirit : Yes. That power was left to me. Though all else has been taken.
Eleni : It may not be safe here, but this right by our home. If something is amiss, it concerns us.
Damian : Left. You are a spirit of the forest then?
Telemachus : what? who are you?
Cursed Spirit : I am not of the form you see before you.
Kataramene : This has been forced upon you?
Damian : What has happened to you?
Cursed Spirit : I am a spirit of the wild. Once noble in form as well as in heart.
Cursed Spirit : I angered a foul, twisted wretch of a spirit!
Damian : Where is this spirit?
Cursed Spirit : A satyr named Silenus. It was he who bound me to this wretched form.
Cursed Spirit : He is not here.
Eleni : Did he bring the other spiders, as well?
Damian : A satyr! Lovely.
Cursed Spirit : He bound me to this place, and surrounded me with these... things, to torment me.
Cursed Spirit : I am sorry that they attacked you.
Eleni : Hm. He sounds a vindictive sort, even for a satyr.
Damian : You are not to blame, spirit.
Leonidas : What did you do to piss him off?
Cursed Spirit : Yes. He is very unpleasant.
Polytropos : Can we... not have them here? Our village is just down the hill.
Cursed Spirit : I hunted in a realm he considered his.
Kataramene : This is not something we should allow near the village, a dtray child could be in danger.... again.
Cursed Spirit : I will not attack your people.
Eleni : The boars made the forest dangerous enough, as was. Children rarely go here. Hunters, though..
Kataramene : But these spiders attack us also, and would others.
Cursed Spirit : I am sorry that my error has made your hunting grounds unsafe.
Damian : *looks at Eleni* Perhaps we should speak with your master?
Polytropos : Can't we ask this satyr to think of something else?
Kataramene : Perhaps we can plead with the satyr on your behalf?
Cursed Spirit : I would not recommend speaking with him. He is most vindictive and cruel.
Eleni : *Nod* He would know more of spirits than any of us, though...
Eleni : Any help we offer would probably attract the satyr's ire.
Damian : Yes, I would rather not live the rest of my life as a newt or something worse.
Polytropos : Then could we fight him?
Kataramene : Those of stout heart would face him at least.
Cursed Spirit : That is true. And he has placed a guardian to protect the rune-stone, a fearsome beast.
Eleni : Best never cross me then, Damian.
Polytropos : Beat him about the head, and... rune stone?
Kataramene : *nod of approval at Polytropos*
Damian : And of little brain, Kat.
Cursed Spirit : My curse, it is embedded in a stone.
Eleni : A stone... hm.
Polytropos : Ah-ha!
Cursed Spirit : He showed it to me, and placed it with a guardian in a canyon north of here. I cannot approach it, however, cannot leave this place.
Damian : Where is this rune stone? Perhaps we can sunder it.
Cursed Spirit : You are most generous, but the guardian is dangerous. I cannot ask such a thing of you.
Polytropos : T'is not just for you we do this.
Cursed Spirit : Especially as you are mortal, and your shells so frail.
Damian : It is my duty to serve nature, spirit. Besides, your curse puts our village in danger.
Kataramene : *appears to be pondering the pro's and con's of facing a horrific beast and having the favour of a spirit*
Eleni : What is the nature of this guardian?
Cursed Spirit : You are most generous.
Cursed Spirit : It is a two-headed hound, summoned from the depths of the underworld.
Kataramene : ....
Leonidas : great
Damian : Not a cerberus, then. Good.
Eleni : Hah. No, but a close kin.
Cursed Spirit : I am sure that Silenus would have conjured Him if he'd had the power.
Polytropos : Hnrgh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wouldn't be the first beast we face.
Kataramene : But still one less set of teeth.
Polytropos : Maybe we can lead it a dance, or sneak by it. We'll see.
Polytropos : To the north, you say?
Eleni : We still have those traps.
Andreas Appolodorus: Come on.
Cursed Spirit : Yes. I can clear the way for you, but cannot aid you further.
Polytropos : *nod*
Damian : Yes. We still have my friend Aias and the badger to help. I can also briefly enchance Aias in combat when we find the beast.

Polytropos : Let's be quick, then. It's gotten dark.
Damian : And more spiders could be on their way.
Kataramene : And we must return with the boar meat.
Eleni : I can try to stun it as I did the Eater. Unlike it, this creature should be vulnerable then.
Polytropos : I do wonder if we're played for fools here.
Eleni : The thought had a occured.
Polytropos : On the other hand, what does it matter? Can't have those spiders skittering about.
Kataramene : He did sound .... oddly repetitive.
Eleni : Unless this runestone is what chains them.
Polytropos : I think this heads down to the marsh.
Polytropos : Don't want to go back there...
Eleni : Hm... then...
Eleni : There WAS a runestone there, if you'll recall. Could the spirit be speaking of the same?
Eleni : The standing stones, I mean.
Kataramene : Perhaps the other way.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : The marsh has no canyons!
Polytropos : A boulder, again, really...?
Polytropos : *blink*
Eleni : Oi What was that?
Polytropos : ... the way was opened.
Polytropos : I think this the path.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : He said he would clear the way...
Eleni : Opened? How?
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : The boulder here vanished.
Eleni : Why would it have the power to do so?
Kataramene : That is a powerful act for one bound as he?
Leonidas : It'll make for a great tale, whatever the case.
Kataramene : All those who smell something as fishy as Eleni's perfume raise a hand.
Damian : Only if we live to tell it.
Eleni : Hey, I only used ground-up fish scales the /once/...
Leonidas : Well, I, for one, don't plan dying heroicly.
Damian : Or un-heroicly.
Eleni : And it is not my fault I then accidentally spilled a bottle on you.
Leonidas : Indeed

Kataramene : Mushrooms?
Polytropos : The mushrooms are angry!
Eleni : ..stranger and stranger.
Kataramene : The seer said to seek them but I'm not sure that's what she meant.
Leonidas : ae they edible?
Telemachus : how did you start a quarrel with a mushroom?
Polytropos : Looks like a clutch of aegerita, yeah.
Polytropos : They started it!
Eleni : An impressive thing, to think on it.
Polytropos : Look at this, Damien.
Polytropos : 'shrooms.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice patch of mushrooms.
Eleni : And those aren't even trying to eat us!
Damian : *picks some mushrooms* Good find, Pol.
Kataramene : Ones we find edible and not the other way around.
Polytropos : And some more!
Polytropos : Ware the shroomish wrath.
Polytropos : ... careful...

Leonidas : and theres the hound
Eleni : I believe I see the stone, as ell..
Telemachus : That big glowy rock the runestone?
Telemachus : ahh. hound.
Damian : Aye.
Polytropos : Ow!
Leonidas : hah!
Eleni : Careful, Pol!
Polytropos : Gnuh.

Damian : *grabs Pol* Steady.
Eleni : *Inspects the runestone, carefully*
Telemachus : It had a nice collar
Polytropos : So much for siezing it and fleeing.
Kataramene : Collar?
Telemachus : it'd serve as a belt
Telemachus : look.
Polytropos : *tries to pick it up... and straiiiins*
Damian : Do you think we can destroy it?
Polytropos : Gnh!
Eleni : Hold on, hold on...
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice belt
Polytropos : It... weighs... a thousand talents or more
Damian : Stand back and I'll ask Aias to help.
Eleni : Please do let the sage have a look at this first, hm?
Polytropos : I think you would actually need the legendary Aias himself.
Polytropos : There's no moving this.
Damian : *gestures* As you wish, but Aias' enchantment will not last much longer.
Eleni : I believe it is what the spirit told us, at least.
Polytropos : I think we might have to break it, or leave it.
Kataramene : If it's protective then someone who stands in the front like should have it, yes.
Telemachus : crack it and lets go?
Eleni : Though that does not preclude the possibility of it being imprisoned for righteous causes.
Leonidas : right smash it and be done with it.
Andreas Appolodorus: * look at the "belt" *
Eleni : I leave the choice to those doing the smashing.
Kataramene : Then ... who wonders if it will free a spider to rampage in the village?
Telemachus : bah, it couldn't have been that rightous if they decided to make thousands of spiders follow it.
Polytropos : Satyrs aren't known for their acts of justice.
Kataramene : I imagine we will find out.
Polytropos : Let's leave.
Eleni : No, but the unjust make enemies of the other unjust just as easy.
Damian : *wipes brow*
Leonidas : It'll be exciting either way.
Eleni : Regardless, the deed is done.
Eleni : No question!
Eleni : That beast fell surprisingly swiftly.
Damian : Yes it did.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : That it did.
Polytropos : It was mortal, at least.
Damian : For that I am grateful.
Leonidas : *sings*
Damian : Most creatures summoned to this world are mortal in one fashion or another.
Leonidas : The heroes found the dark two headed dog from hades and slew it all together.

Polytropos : ... hello?
Freed Wolf Spirit : You have freed me of my curse!
Polytropos : Sorry, we're looking for a spider... oh, it is you.
Freed Wolf Spirit : I am in your debt.
Eleni : Oh, that is a much mor agreeable form.
Freed Wolf Spirit : Yes!
Kataramene : What big teeth you have.
Leonidas : La de dum de dum de dum.
Freed Wolf Spirit : I am in your debt.
Freed Wolf Spirit : Take this small token of my gratitude.
Polytropos : We... er, we appreciate it.
Freed Wolf Spirit : When you have need, you can summon the spirit of the wolf to aid you.
Eleni : A wolf spirit, then! Have you sensed any of your kindred.... being corrupted, in the forests to the west?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Andreas Appolodorus: What of this collar spirit?
Freed Wolf Spirit : There is a dark presence that has been afflicting some of my mortal brethren, yes.
Leonidas : *sings*
Freed Wolf Spirit : It is your prize, take it.
Freed Wolf Spirit : More, I cannot say.
Eleni : We found one tainted by a strange, cursed metal, forcing us to slay it.
Freed Wolf Spirit : Fare thee well, mortals.
Eleni : Make dark presences, it seems. Well.
Leonidas : They smote the stone and the spider turned into a wolf.
Eleni : Good fortune!
Polytropos : Yes. Uh, good hunting.
Telemachus : farewell!

Eleni : ...hm.
Polytropos : That, that wasn't so bad.
Kataramene : *picks up token*
Eleni : Indeed.
Telemachus : well that's our second good deed for the day
Polytropos : Third!
Eleni : Now for the third!
Damian : What's our third?
Polytropos : No, fourth-
Telemachus : lets deliever this pork and make it three
Eleni : Aah...

Silenus : Now, now, what's all this?
Eleni : ...hi?
Polytropos : Oh.
Silenus : Who's been mucking around with my curses?
Kataramene : Ooops.
Telemachus : No idea.
Silenus : A press of idiot interferring mortals!
Eleni : *Shrugs*
Telemachus : we were just hunting boar.
Polytropos : Your spider curse almost had us eaten!
Silenus : Bah! You lie like you smell! Terrible!
Leonidas : and having a good time.
Silenus : Of course, that's what it's for, you idiot!
Eleni : You laid a hive of angry spiders right by our village, good sir.
Polytropos : Well, we didn't want to be!
Eleni : Of course we intervened.
Silenus : Muttering around in matters beyond your ken!
Silenus : I don't forget an insult of this magnitude!
Silenus : I am noting you down in my book! The lot of you!
Kataramene : We could not stand by an.... book?
Eleni : You have a book?
Eleni : I would very much like to read a Satyr's manifesto.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah. As you wish.
Polytropos : Don't make us form a habit of undoing your works, goat-legged one.
Silenus : Assuming you survive the next few moments, I will see you suffer most intensely!
Silenus : Noted, and done! Sworn and recorded!
Eleni : You are not doing much to bridge the rift between us, here.

Polytropos : He sounds like a Mycenean tax collector!
Kataramene : This is ....
Eleni : On your guard...
Polytropos : Run for the village!
Eleni : Hmph..
Eleni : Yes, we should return.
Kataramene : Walk ... but quickly.
Leonidas : And I thought satyrs were fun loving sorts.
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't feel that good.
Polytropos : Quickly!
Telemachus : Oh calm down
Eleni : They are, only their fun frequently involves the torment of others.
Polytropos : Bravery's one thing, but sticking around to suffer magic is just plain stupid.
Damian : Go home, Aias.
Leonidas : Well we got plenty of boar meat at least.

Androcles : Who goes in the night?
Eleni : Ah! *Frowns*
Kataramene : We do!
Polytropos : I could eat a whiole boar.
Eleni : We return, battered and bruised and slightly poisoned...
Androcles: Good, I had feared for you.
Androcles: Good on the return, anyway.
Leonidas : We met a satyr!
Androcles: Have boars developed poison now... ah.
Damian : *leans on staff* Greetings, Master Androcles.
Telemachus : I think we might have to have our boar tomorrow.
Polytropos : Spiders, spirits and satyrs. Where should we put these carcasses?
Damian : No, it was spiders.
Eleni : No, but the satyr's pets had plenty.
Androcles: Satyrs are most hazardous creatures. I hope you did not get on his bad side?
Kataramene : *pulls out a side of boar*
Kataramene : He has a book. We are in it.
Telemachus : oh I think it's safe to say we did.
Eleni : ...weeeell....
Polytropos : Eh, he'll get over it.
Eleni : It did sort of... swear eternal vengeance.
Androcles: Just lay down the meat here, I'll wake Tamara and have her begin cleaning it for the roasting pit.
Androcles: *shakes head* It is truly never dull around you lot, is it?
Polytropos : Well, if you will keep sending us afield...
Eleni : Satyrs take that sort of thing seriously then, do they?
Androcles: Well, you saved the festival, in any case.
Kataramene : It is hardly our fault ...
Kataramene : What he said.
Damian : I am surprised he could even read and write.
Androcles: I have heard tales of satyrs pursuing a grudge even against the great-grandchildren of the man who slighted them.
Kataramene : We did not tell him our names, so perhaps he just made a mark.
Eleni : Oh.
Androcles: Well. It will all work out, I suppose.
Eleni : We had best take care of him before any of us considers having children, then.
Telemachus : Well it'll give our great grandchildren something to do.
Leonidas : Guess I'll have to get busy making some then.
Androcles: You are alive and intact, and the festival will proceed, the gods will be honored.
Polytropos : Hurrah the gods!
Eleni : I do not doubt you have already made a fair effort.
Polytropos : I can taste the boar already.
Eleni : Yes! May they protect us from angry satyrs.
Polytropos : Or that might just be poison.
Kataramene : And yet remain unsuccessful. Interesting.
Androcles: Get some rest. There will be food and drink, and contests of skill on the morrow.
Polytropos : *nods.*
Androcles: And though you did not hear it from me, I believe there will be prizes for the victors.
Damian : *looks at Leo* So those herbs are working, Leonidas?
Eleni : *Nodnod* Rest sounds good...
Polytropos : *rubs hands*
Androcles: Perhaps certain young heroes might make a good showing...
Leonidas : Herbs?
Telemachus : we'll certianly try
Eleni : *Grins* We shall endeavour to dazzle.
Polytropos : *grin*
Kataramene : I am sure /some/ of us will manage it.
Androcles: I'd better drag these carcasses over to Tamara, though I suspect she may lay a curse of her own upon me.
Polytropos : Hers are sweeter-sounding.

Kataramene : To the farm?
Leonidas : *snags some stew*
Eleni : Unless you'd rather sleep elsewhere, yes.
Polytropos : They don't like us sleeping in the village, remember?
Telemachus : they don't like *you* sleeping in the village
Eleni : For fear some horrible creature comes to extract vengeance.
Kataramene : Short sighted of them.
Polytropos : Tcha.
Leonidas : I'm sleeping at home tonight feeling sluggish.
Eleni : *Yawn* Our days grow ever more interesting.
Damian : *roots around for bandages*
Polytropos : Oh, thanks for the pleasure of your company, Leo.
Polytropos : *mild sarcasm*
Leonidas : You're welcome *winks*
Polytropos : Nice to know we're at least third choice
Eleni : Always nice to be appreciated.
Leonidas : Sides, need to give the ladies a break once in awhile.
Telemachus : *usual routine of washing up and cleaning cuts, then straight to bed*
Damian : *goes around and bandages wounds*
Leonidas : They appreciate me more that way.
Kataramene : I've heard that too. They prefer not to have to tell you to go away so often.
Eleni : I suppose it gives them time to forget their earlier regret.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : ... familiarity at work, there.
Polytropos : Damning.
Polytropos : *yawwn*
Leonidas : If you only knew.
Leonidas : *strums harp*

Lazyzeus : You all feel much better with a good night's sleep.
Lazyzeus : The Festival typically includes such games as javelin throws, a footrace around the village, and the ever-popular wrestling tournament.

Polytropos : Sun'll be up soon... who'll I be facing in the ring toay?
Eleni : *Stretches arms* I have hear such breeds contempt.
Damian : Not I.
Kataramene : I will perhaps take part.
Leonidas : I plan to do some boxing or whatever.
Polytropos : Oh really? Well, we'll see. *nods at Kataramene.*
Andreas Appolodorus: May be you will face me.
Polytropos : As for you, Damien, really? No?
Polytropos : I hear Calliope might be entering, that would be a close match.
Polytropos : *insufferable grin*
Damian : I'm not much of a wrestler, Pol.
Eleni : I will mostly be observing and watching others vie for my favour, of course.
Polytropos : True; and she does have a strong grip for her size...
Eleni : Oh, yes. She can cling to a leg and absolutely /refuse/ to let go, no matter what cataclyms follow.
Kataramene : *grinning* There is always the race.
Polytropos : There is!
Eleni : Hm...
Kataramene : And a catch is less interesting if so easily caught.
Leonidas : Indeed
Damian : That there is.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : I'm in the mood for prizes.
Eleni : When are you not?
Damian : I'm in the mood for some of that boar meat.
Polytropos : Heh heh. Must be starting soon; will we?
Telemachus : what do you suppose the prizes are?
Eleni : I do not know. I doubt Glaucus will have volunteered any of his finer wares.
Kataramene : You could always ask.
Telemachus : hah Glaucus volunteering anything
Polytropos : We can't without breaking confidence!
Polytropos : Alas for sworn words.
Kataramene : The sun is up soon.
Damian : *looks out the window* The sun's rising, we should be leaving soon.
Polytropos : Then let's be!
Telemachus : Even the existence of prizes is a secret!
Leonidas : *slings harp*
Eleni : If such a thing were ever to happen, it would be a sure sign that something is amiss with the world..
Telemachus : Come on at the very least we'll go and win us some pork

Lazyzeus : You make your way back to the village...

Eleni : ...there's that dog again.
Polytropos : He smells the food!
Eleni : *Shrugs* I suppose so.
Eleni : Let us be wary, that he does not steal anything.
Polytropos : What a fine day!
Polytropos : Indeed, master!
Eleni : Hm! What work that occured whilst we slept.
Pedaeus: Have some meat and ale! But don't let Andreas get drunk before noon! There will be wrestling!
Kataramene : *leap*
Polytropos : Aaah, look at them, crackled and roast.
Eleni : We shall keep a close eye on him!
Telemachus : By the gods that smells good.
Tamara: *yawns* Up all night cooking, thanks to you!
Leonidas : *helps himself to food and drink*
Kataramene : A fine breakfast.
Polytropos : It's all worth it, Tamara! Hello, Calliope, will you be wrestling?
Telemachus : *gets himself some*
Calliope: I could beat you!
Polytropos : I bet you could!
Calliope: You're scrawny!
Kataramene : That would be an interesting bout.
Eleni : *Chuckles* It would be no contest.
Tamara: Calliope!
Damian : *poors a mug of ale*
Telemachus : haha
Tamara: Don't be rude.
Andreas Appolodorus: * grab something to eat *
Telemachus : he is scrawny though.
Polytropos : Hnh.
Medios: *sticks his nose in the pot*
Polytropos : I'm not. I'm rangy.
Kataramene : *looks at Polytropos then Telemachus*
Polytropos : You'll see.
Euthalia: *slaps him away* Get out of there!
Polytropos : *stabs some boar to eat.*
Eleni : Postively... hm?
Euthalia: You'll ruin it!
Damian : *sips some ale*
Polytropos : Hey! Medios! We don't want it tasting of your fingers!
Eleni : Or otherwise burn your hands.
Kataramene : Oh look, Medios.
Eleni : What a tragedy that would be.
Medios: *smiles* I'll love to ruin you...later
Ismeme: Going to wrestle later, Leonidas?
Leonidas : Yeah, maybe.
Leonidas : *examines circle*
Polytropos : Away with you, man! Eat boar, don't talk. We like you better that way.
Polytropos : *chew chew*
Eleni : *Shakes her head* Ah, so what does the plan for today look like?
Medios: *looks around* Are you talking to me?
Eleni : *Shuffles up and steals a strip of boar meat*
Polytropos : *looks around*
Damian : *sips ale* I don't see any other asses here.
Tamara: Food, drink, and games!
Kataramene : *takes a share and eats it in a delicate but rapid fashion*
Polytropos : Heh.
Polytropos : His words, not mine...
Medios: oh yeah? I see one real big dumbass right in front of me
Polytropos : *settles down next to a keg*
Damian : *slices off some meat* And I believe you should appologize to Euthalia.
Eleni : In that order, Tamara? Because if so, we might be too intoxicated by the time the games happen.
Medios: What's it to you? She your girlfriend?
Kataramene : When do the contests begin?

Miltiades: Now that you've all stuffed yourselves, let's get to the games! Javelin throw first!
Eleni : Is she yours?
Damian : No, but that still doesn't give you the right to be rude to a lady.
Miltiades : Throwers, to the mark!
Medios: That's none of your business
Leonidas : What are we throwing at?
Telemachus : Save it for the ring there!
Polytropos : Bah. Come on, there's games to be had!
Miltiades: You fancy yourself a warrior today, Leonidas?
Damian : *shrugs*
Eleni : Hah.
Telemachus : the target dummy of course
Leonidas : Sure, how hard can it be?
Miltiades: Yonder target.
Kataramene : *eyes the target*
Euthalia: Please, there's no need to argue
Miltiades: Rules are simple.
Miltiades: Three throws per warrior. I will judge all hits.
Miltiades: Best throws win.
Miltiades: You have to hit, and deliver a crippling blow.
Leonidas : Yeah, yeah, let's get started.
Miltiades: You first, Leonidas?
Kataramene : Are there no more javelins?
Miltiades: Then Medios, and Andreas.
Telemachus : I hope you brought plenty of javlins, looks like everyone wants a go
Polytropos : We know the form of it!
Miltiades: Plenty in the barrel. Grab three at a time.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm not very good at throwing javelins.
Kataramene : Ahh... *pulls three*
Eleni : Medios, partaking in something interesting? How strange.
Miltiades : Good people of Mantineia!
Leonidas : *hefts javelin to get a feel for it*
Miltiades : We honor the gods by showing our strength and skill this day!
Medios: *shrugs at Eleni*
Miltiades : May the best man... er, warrior win!
Medios: I might have a go...what is it to you?
Leonidas : *aims*
Miltiades: When you are ready, Leonidas.
Polytropos : Probably hilarious.
Target Dummy : A solid hit, three points!
Polytropos : *nods at Medios*
Eleni : Precisely.
Leonidas : Hah!
Miltiades : Excellent!
Leonidas : *aims*
Miltiades : A fine first throw!
Medios: *loosens his arm*
Damian : *watches Leo*
Miltiades : Ha! Used up all your luck!
Kataramene : *shakes her arm out*
Eleni : Shame!
Polytropos : Ohhhhh, went all over the place there.
Miltiades : Three points for Leonidas!
Leonidas : ah well a stupid game anyway.
Polytropos : Ha!
Miltiades: All right, Medios... if you think you can throw that far! *laughs*
Eleni : *Grin* I bet you wouldn't have said that if you'd won.
Leonidas : *smiles* I still could.
Medios: *shrugs and grabs a weapon*
Eleni : And will you change your tune, in such an event?
Miltiades: Andreas! Make room before the rail!
Leonidas : *turns attention to the food and drink*
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Polytropos : How very average.
Miltiades : Ah, two hits! Four points for Medios!
Medios: No bad
Kataramene : *humphs*
Medios: *smiles cockily*
Polytropos : At least the target didn't pick up and throw you in return.
Miltiades: Andreas, are you going to throw?
Damian : *chuckles*
Miltiades : Next up, Andreas!
Andreas Appolodorus: I can't beat you.
Eleni : *Watches with her master. Tries some of the fish*
Telemachus : PAH defeatist!
Andreas Appolodorus: All righjt.
Miltiades: That's the spirit! Give it your best.
Andreas Appolodorus: I will throw three of them at once.
Polytropos : That's the idea- wait, what?
Kataramene : *rolls her eyes*
Medios: Show off!
Eleni : Hah!
Andreas Appolodorus: * grab the three javelin, aim and throw *
Eleni : /One/ of them is bound to hit.
Polytropos : Hunh!
Telemachus : That can't be in the rules, can it?
Kataramene : Even if sideways.
Lazyzeus : *It is clear that Andreas has no skill with the javelin*
Eleni : Pah, rules are meant to be bended.
Eleni : For amusement's sake, if nothing else.
Andreas Appolodorus: Argh
Polytropos : Well; a high-risk strategy there, Andreas.
Telemachus : There is a reason we throw them one at a time Andreas
Lazyzeus : One of the javelins is flung back and almost hits Katamarine before burying into the boar!
Medios: *snickers into the back of his hand*
Damian : A fine attempt, Andreas.
Polytropos : Gwah!
Eleni : Aah!
Kataramene : Hey!
Andreas Appolodorus: Next!
Eleni : You needn't spear the boar! It's already dead!
Kataramene : Attempt on who, me?
Damian : *looks at the boar* At least you hit something worthwhile. *grins*
Polytropos : You've got Zeus's own aim, there.
Miltiades : Andreas! From now on, you stay far away from pointy objects.
Medios: Heroes of the village....my ass!
Target Dummy : A grazing hit, one point for you!
Target Dummy : A solid hit, three points!
Damian : Shame you didn't hit the real target.
Miltiades : Well thrown, Telemachus!
Target Dummy : A grazing hit, one point for you!
Eleni : A new front-runner!
Miltiades : Five points, a new leader!
Kataramene : *watches that display thoughtfully*
Miltiades : Polytropos!
Medios: Pah...one miserible point
Polytropos : Not bad...
Telemachus : eh, Not my strongest suit.
Leonidas : *slurps down some wine*
Telemachus : someone can do better surely?
Miltiades : No boar-spitting, mind you!
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't plan to throw javelins at the Olympian games anyway.
Polytropos : *rolls his neck, stands side-on, and throws*
Eleni : I hope so. It will be more exciting that way.
Miltiades: There's always the wrestling, lad.
Eleni : Hey, stay behind the fence!
Polytropos : *warms up*
Eleni : If you're going to cheat, be more creative.
Miltiades: Throw the things, boy!
Polytropos : I know, I know...
Target Dummy : A grazing hit, one point for you!
Miltiades : Ha! That tickled his toes!
Polytropos : Guh!
Polytropos : ... hnh.
Medios: *boos*
Eleni : Oh, well.
Damian : Good show, Pol.
Miltiades : Best stay to sharp words, lad.
Medios: Pathenic!
Eleni : Probably better than I would have done!
Miltiades : Damian!
Polytropos : Oh well...
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Miltiades : A vailant effort! Four points!
Polytropos : It's the satyr's curse, I tell you.
Medios: *shrugs* only the same as me
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done.
Telemachus : hah
Damian : *smiles*
Telemachus : Just Katara now?
Miltiades : All done? So the winner is...
Kataramene : I sense some javelin are sh.... wait?
Polytropos : One left!
Miltiades: Oh!
Damian : Master, Kat has not thrown yet.
Eleni : Hey! The star player remains.
Miltiades: Well, very well.
Polytropos : *makes a horn sound with his nose, to signal her entry*
Kataramene : *sniffs*
Miltiades : Katamarine, for the ladies!
Target Dummy : A solid hit, three points!
Eleni : Good one!
Miltiades : *blinks*
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Medios: Women should stick to cooking!
Eleni : Ooh, a tie.
Telemachus : Hah, a draw
Polytropos : Ha!
Miltiades : Five points!
Kataramene : I could cook you, Medios.
Eleni : And better at it than you in any regard, hm, Medios?
Miltiades: Telemachus!
Damian : Medios, be glad you weren't Kat's target, you might not have to worry about having children if you were.
Medios: Really? I'ld love to see that!
Miltiades : A throw off, to determine the winner!
Medios: Maybe later tonight? *sneers*
Polytropos : Truly, the excitement is sharper than any javelin.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah.
Telemachus : another three each?
Miltiades: You have been practicing, Katamarine.
Miltiades: Aye!
Kataramene : Of course.
Polytropos : She'd have to spit you for the fire first, Medios.
Miltiades: Telemachus, do you wish the honor, or to yield first throw to Katamarine?
Eleni : I shall prepare the pot.
Telemachus : Ladies first, of course
Damian : I shall gather the wood.
Medios: She aint no lady
Polytropos : I'll find the seasoning!
Miltiades: Good luck then! May Ares smile upon the best warrior!
Telemachus : Medios you'll still your tounge or i'll remove it.
Polytropos : All that work huntung boar when a meal was so close by.
Medios: Throwing spears like a man...maybe she's one in disguise
Damian : She's more of a lady than you could ever aspire to, Medios.
Polytropos : ... thankfully...
Kataramene : Are you blind as well as dumb, Medios?
Polytropos : Come on, Kat! Focus1
Eleni : It would be a very good disguise, if so.
Polytropos : Don't ruin a winning streak!
Medios: *grabs his groin* I hate to break it to ya, but I'm not
Kataramene : *takes her time selecting javelins*
Damian : Are you sure? If you have to check, I'd be worried.
Miltiades: Whenever you are ready, Katamarine.
Eleni : Sadly. You might have been less insufferable if you'd been born otherwise.
Kataramene : Ough.
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Polytropos : Focus...
Target Dummy : A grazing hit, one point for you!
Polytropos : Eh, not bad.
Miltiades : Three points!
Medios: first time was a fluke I see
Eleni : Hm!
Damian : *pats Kat on the shoulder* Good show.
Miltiades : Ah!
Telemachus : Bah
Kataramene : You could hope to wrestle me, twerp.
Medios: Ghee..that's even worse!
Polytropos : Come on, Telemachus!
Miltiades : The gods have turned from you, Telemacahus!
Polytropos : What was that?
Telemachus : Well thrown Katara
Telemachus : Ah you can only be lucky so often
Polytropos : *suspicious look*
Miltiades : And the winner, Katamarine!
Eleni : Cheers for Katara!
Kataramene : *preens*
Polytropos : *applauds nevertheless*
Leonidas : *yawns*
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done.
Medios: What is this village coming too?
Miltiades : And your prize, champion of Mantineia!
Damian : A toast! *looks at empty mug* As soon as I get another!
Medios: *shakes head*
Eleni : *Claps*
Miltiades: This dory... its head fashioned of rare iron.
Polytropos : Iron...
Miltiades: May you use it always with skill, and with honor.
Damian : *grabs another mug and fills both*
Telemachus : *humms appreciativly* a fine prize1
Kataramene : *accepts the gift* It will be my sole aim, Miltiades.
Miltiades: It will keep an edge sharper than bronze, but try to keep it dry.
Polytropos : That's a spear and a half, alright.
Kataramene : *accepts the mug*
Damian : *hands one to Kat* Cheers!
Miltiades : We have a champion!
Polytropos : *cheer*
Eleni : All the better to skewer Mantineia's enemies!
Miltiades : Let's have a round of drinks and some food, and then the footrace!
Kataramene : Or Medios.
Polytropos : *hop*
Eleni : As I said.
Polytropos : Only if we run out of boar!
Eleni : Mantineia's enemies.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:35 pm

Lazyzeus : After the morning's festivities and the excitement of the javelin throw, the group enjoys food and drink in the village common. Finally, just after noon, Pedaeus summons the attention of the crowd...

Eleni : *Feasts upon a grape*
Eleni : Hmm! So what is next for our valiant competitors?
Polytropos : Some boar, I thi-
Kataramene: *leaning on the spear and popping grapes delicately into her mouth*
Pedaeus : Citizens of Mantineia!
Polytropos : Oho.
Damian : *refils his mug*
Pedaeus: Now that you have all shared food and drink, it is time for the footrace competition!
Leonidas : hmm
Pedaeus: As prize, I have acquired this very excellent set of sprinter's sandals!
Eleni : *Grins* Running /after/ we have just eaten. That seems like a wonderful idea.
Medios: *whistles and cheers*
Kataramene: Of course I /have/ to consider my ankle too.
Damian : Probably weighting the competitin, Eleni.
Pedaeus: *smiles at Eleni* We shall see who has the finest constitution!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Pedaeus: Now, this year's run will be a bit different than typical, so listen well.
Damian : *glances at Kat* Kat, your ankle was fine the last time I saw it.
Kataramene: It looks as good as always, but that tendon is still a little weak.
Medios: *sneers* Fine ankle alright!
Pedaeus: *points to the stele* I have set up four of these markers around the boundaries of the village.
Damian : *shrugs* If you'd do the stretching exercises I recommended...
Polytropos : Huh...
Pedaeus: One in each corner of the area.
Pedaeus: You must run to each, in any order, and take one of the small colored stones in the bowls on top.
Kataramene: It's of no matter. Consider it the disadvantage you all need me to have.
Pedaeus : ooc In game terms, you only need to touch each one; you will receive confirmation of a successful touch.
Eleni : Very gracious of you, Katara.
Polytropos : Haha!
Andreas Appolodorus: And?
Kataramene: *waves a hand in an acknowledging fashion to Eleni*
Pedaeus: When you have gone to all four steles, return here, and the first to deposit their stones will be declared winner, and Champion Athlete of Mantineia!
Polytropos : Everything to play for!
Damian : *shakes head and takes a large swallow*
Andreas Appolodorus: So we bring them to you?
Kataramene: Do we learn where they are?
Polytropos : Any wagers?
Medios: *To Padaeus* I hope you got those scandals in my size, I'll be looking for them first thing when I return!
Pedaeus: In order not to give undue advantage, all of the racers will start in the wrestler's circle, and not begin until I command.
Eleni : Do not be surprised if you find them on someone else's feet.
Medios: You wish
Pedaeus: Andreas, when you have gone to all four steles, return to this one here in the stream.
Pedaeus: That is the final mark.
Polytropos : Makes sense...
Leonidas : *limbers up*
Ismeme: As long as they do not scuff up the ground for the wrestlers!
Eleni : Care if I join? This one would hardly be much fun to watch.
Pedaeus: Of course! All are welcome.
Polytropos : Oh, I think this ground is due some scuffling soon.
Eleni : *Smirks* Doubtless.
Medios: Mind you don't trip over that dress! *snickers*
Pedaeus: There is an element of guile to this race. Remember, you can approach the four in any order.
Damian : *grabs some roast* Have fun and try not to twist an anke.
Eleni : Mind that you do not trip over the shattered remnants of your ego afterwards.
Pedaeus: The steles are on the edges of the village, just in the hills.
Polytropos : Any order, eh...
Pedaeus: Inside the circle, Kat!
Andreas Appolodorus: No pushing.
Kataramene: Hmmm....
Damian : *grabs a spare napkin and lays out some mushrooms on it* Hmm. I think these will be useful.
Pedaeus: May the gods grant speed to your feet!
Pedaeus : Ready...
Pedaeus : Begin!
Eleni : *Wave*

Telemachus : godsdamnit!
Eleni : Haha!
Andreas Appolodorus: Where?
Eleni : Ah, almost.
Leonidas : Hah hah
Pedaeus : The winner is... Leonidas!
Polytropos : ... whew.
Eleni : *Wheze*
Leonidas : Thank you thank you!
Polytropos : I'm not sure how, but... well done
Eleni : That was tiring. Even though I cheated. *Grins*
Leonidas : *bows*
Telemachus : Who set up the trip wire? oooh that was low
Pedaeus: Trip wire?
Kataramene: *limping* Ouch.
Polytropos : Alas, Kat! That spear slowed you down.
Leonidas : Yeah I dodged a couple of those myself
Eleni : Here comes our conquering hero!
Polytropos : Have you started yet, Medios?
Pedaeus: You were very close, Eleni... though you did not listen to my final instructions!
Kataramene : Yes, someone caught me in a trip too. Who was cheating?
Damian : Congratulations, Leo. I see your feet are as fast as your tongue.
Telemachus : yes trip wire, in the northweset. hmph.
Medios: Very funny
Polytropos : *grin*
Eleni : I do not recall anything about spears.
Eleni : Or wires. I did notice that strange dog watching us again, though.
Leonidas : All those days chasing sheep in the hills paid off.
Pedaeus: The prize is yours, Leonidas.
Eleni : And girls.
Eleni : And girl sheep.
Polytropos : *a vaguely enthusiastic clap.*
Pedaeus: *gives the sandals, which seem very fine indeed*
Leonidas : *smiles* That too
Kataramene : *seems about to say something but doesn't*
Leonidas : *laces them on and prances about*

Ismeme: Yes, yes. Now clear my circle, so we can move to the finale of our day's events!
Kataramene : *leans down and rubs a red weal around her ankle*
Eleni : That one, I shall not be partcipating in.
Polytropos : I've got a good feeling about this one.
Eleni : *Still catching her breath*
Ismeme: Rushing about is all very well and good, but the gods smile upon men who grease up and grab at each other in the circle!
Leonidas : Ah, I was looking forward to wrestling with you Eleni.
Leonidas : *winks*
Damian : *glances at Kat's ankle* Where did you get that, Kat?
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow at Polytropos*
Eleni : Alas, it shall have to be for another day.
Ismeme: Who will be competing?
Polytropos : Taking part?
Leonidas : Promises, promises.
Polytropos : I will!
Telemachus : I shall
Brygos: Me fight.
Polytropos : ... oh gods, it's Brygos...
Kataramene : Some entangling wire placed near one stele.
Leonidas : Sure why not?
Polytropos : *nods at Kat, grimacing.*
Eleni : Oh. Hello, Brygos.
Ismeme: Not you, Andreas?
Medios: Hey, I won't challege Brygos if'n I was you
Damian : *raises an eyebrow* Oh?
Medios: His a mountain of a man in the ring
Ismeme: *looks around* Where did he go?
Kataramene : I might be faster, but then might not now.
Eleni : At last learned your place, Medios?
Leonidas : Don't you want a rematch Medios?
Ismeme: Well, we have four competitors, that is ideal.
Polytropos : The stream likely does.
Medios: No...I just know what Brygos can do and did to me in the ring
Kataramene : I would compete if there is place.
Medios: And I'm not doing that again
Ismeme: *looks at Kat, frowns*
Eleni : A shame. I would have liked to see you learn the same lesson concerning Kataramene.
Pedaeus: Now, Ismeme, the sport is open to all, you know the rules.
Polytropos : *shrugs at Ismene, amused*
Ismeme: Of course.
Ismeme: Very well.
Kataramene : *looks a little more determined than she did before now*
Damian : The most important lessons are sometimes the hardest learned.
Telemachus : Well at least brygos is *nearly* my size. i'll have a challenge.
Ismeme: So. We have Polytropos, Telemachus, Brygos, Leonidas, Katamarine, and presumably Andreas, if he ever returns.
Ismeme: I will draw lots to determine the initial matches.
Polytropos : There he is!
Pedaeus: *looks on in amusment*
Polytropos : I thought it was Mount Olympus, but no, it's Andreas.
Ismeme: Since we have six, Pedaeus and I will determine the best fighters from the initial rounds to go on. If necessary, we will settle ties by additional bouts.
Ismeme: *draws out some colored sticks*
Telemachus : mount olympus is taller, but not as heavy
Eleni : And understandable mistake.
Pedaeus: *nods*
Ismeme: You are just in time, Andreas.
Eleni : *Sits self down by tree, trying to get a nice view*
Polytropos : *limbers up, dancing on his feet*
Ismeme: *determines some random numbers*
Telemachus : *rolling massive shoulders, streaching legs*
Kataramene : *attempts to cool her ankle off by standing in the stream*
Andreas Appolodorus: Who'sd fighting who?
Eleni : We are just about to determine that.
Ismeme: I have determined the matchups.
Leonidas : hmm
Ismeme: The first round is Katamarine... and Polytropos!
Brygos: Me fight. Me win!
Polytropos : Ha!
Ismeme: Combatants, please enter the ring.
Eleni : *Cackles with glee* This will be fun to watch!
Polytropos : Kat, I apologise for what I'm soon to do.
Telemachus : what, cry?
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow and limps in*
Polytropos : Pff!
Leonidas : *sits*
Ismeme: The rules are simple.
Medios: Go on Kat, knock him on his ass!
Kataramene : *poses daring him to find a place to grab*
Damian : Don't hurt him too badly, Kat.
Polytropos : What!
Ismeme: You win by knocking your opponent down three times, knocking him or her out of the ring, or rendering them unconscious.
Damian : *grins*
Brygos: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Eleni : We shall require him to be intact later on.
Polytropos : *rolls his neck.*
Telemachus : don't pull off anything he can't grow back, eh?
Polytropos : *wince.*
Ismeme: If someone is seriously hurt and I call a break, you will immediately go to your side of the circle.
Kataramene : *grins a little*
Ismeme: No weapons, and no magic.
Ismeme: Are there any questions?
Polytropos : Might be some afterwards.
Eleni : Like "Did that really just happen"?
Kataramene : *shifts a little, obviously posing*
Telemachus : like "where's my left ear?"
Andreas Appolodorus: I may have to tie my hands behind my back then. * laughs *
Eleni : Oooh, even better.
Ismeme: All right. Combatants prepare...
Polytropos : Prrretty much. The Gods just love me, this year...
Damian : Don't worry, I'll reattach anything that falls off. Maybe.
Eleni : At least you're not fighting Andreas, Pol.
Ismeme: May the gods honor your skill.
Brygos: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Ismeme : *raises hand...* Begin!

Kataramene : *ducks and goes for his lower legs*
Medios: Brygos really loves the wrestling
Kataramene : Uck.
Ismeme: Hmmm... this could take a while.
Kataramene : *wrestle wriggle*
Brygos: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Telemachus : oh solid hit
Ismeme: Well landed!
Leonidas : *yawns*
Eleni : *Cheers* Oh, he's faster than I thought!
Polytropos : *dances to one side, landing a couple of slaps upside the head while trying to get her legs entangled*
Kataramene : Ouch... favouring the ankle.
Medios: Com'n Kat, trip him up!
Telemachus : you're not gonna kncok him down Kat, Batter him!
Polytropos : *indeed, he seems too well-balanced to be easy to knock!*
Eleni : *Wince*
Polytropos : Enough?
Kataramene : *increasingly fabouring ankle attempts to use shoulders8
Damian : Stay in the circle!
Ismeme: *shoots a told you so look at Pedaeus*
Polytropos : Honour is satisfied, c'mon!
Ismeme: And we have a winner!
Kataramene : *rolls over to the edge*
Leonidas : *claps*
Medios: Boo! Hiss!
Eleni : *Claps*
Telemachus : You're quicker than I thought you were Pol. well fought.
Polytropos : *bows his head and opens his arms, smiling apologetically.*
Damian : *raises mug*
Ismeme: The remaining health of the winner will help determine the finalists, so very well done.
Ismeme: *treats their wounds*
Kataramene : *sniffs smiling vaguely and and limps to the stream*
Brygos: Me fight! Me win!
Polytropos : Ah, thank you.
Eleni : Who is next?
Polytropos : ... I think you're right, though. With a good ankle, you'd have me any day.

Ismeme : The next round is between Telemachus... and Leonidas!
Kataramene : *sits on the edge and dangles her feet* Well fought.
Leonidas : Hmm
Brygos: Brygos Fight Brygos win!
Polytropos : You too!
Ismeme: Be patient, Brygos, you will get your chance.
Polytropos : *standing in the river. not sure if he's aware of it.*
Eleni : Against Andreas, at this rate.
Ismeme: Combatants, may the gods favor your skill.
Eleni : That should be an interesting thing to see.
Polytropos : *wanders over, and lifts the ankle to inspect it.*
Brygos: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Telemachus : *friendly nod and puts up his dukes*
Ismeme : *raises hand* Ready... begin!
Kataramene : *kicks a little water up at Polytropos slyly*
Polytropos : *smirk.*
Leonidas : ouch
Medios: Take it easy Brygos. You'll be tuckered out by the time you get to wrestle
Polytropos : ... wow, where is Leo hiding these muscles?
Ismeme: Hmm, both can hit.
Polytropos : Ooooooof!
Eleni : Aha!
Ismeme : One knockdown!
Eleni : Owch!
Ismeme: A winner!
Polytropos : Oh, wow, one was enough.
Brygos: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Kataramene : *winces*
Ismeme : Quite the combination!
Andreas Appolodorus: hm
Polytropos : Nice try, Leo! Tired yourself out racing!
Damian : *raises mug*
Eleni : *Claps and cheers*
Telemachus : *offers hand* you alright Leo?
Leonidas : *mutters* hitting while down
Polytropos : *clap*
Ismeme: All is fair in the ring, Leonidas.
Andreas Appolodorus: Telemachus is getting stronger.
Telemachus : Best time!
Kataramene : Telemachus doesn't dodge so well, but if he hits you then ... *shrugs and grins*

Ismeme: The final bout of the first round...
Eleni : And now for the titans!
Brygos: *happy grin*
Ismeme: The combatants are Andreas... and Brygos!
Brygos: Brygos fight! Brygos win!
Polytropos : I hope the village can take it.
Telemachus : yeah yeah brygos fight
Ismeme: All right...
Eleni : Good luck, Brygos. Andreas will not go down easy, I think.
Ismeme: May the gods smile upon your skill.
Ismeme : *raises hand* Ready... begin!
Eleni : Ow!
Ismeme : One knockdown!
Brygos: Fight! Fight!
Telemachus : Hit him!
Polytropos : That was punishing. C'mon, Andreas!
Telemachus : sheesh
Ismeme : Ouch!
Eleni : *Wince* That was over fast.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Kataramene : Ouch.
Brygos: Brygos win! *hands over head*
Polytropos : *looks at Kat.*
Polytropos : ... you know, I kind of envy you right now.
Kataramene : *looks at Poly* I think my ankle came in handy.
Polytropos : Wiser than it looks.
Damian : *looks at Andreas and holds up two fingers* How many fingers, Andreas?
Polytropos : *mouths to andreas: 'seven'*
Kataramene : *licks water with the foot that's not being attended to again*

Ismeme: All right, clearly Brygos was the top fighter. Who will challenge him... *thoughtful*
Ismeme: On the one hand, Polytropos defeated his foe with greater health remaining. But on the other hand, Telemachus showed great skill.
Ismeme: I declare, a semifinal round!
Polytropos : Oough.
Ismeme: Polytropos, versus Telemachus, the winner to face Brygos for the title!
Eleni : *Chuckles* Good luck, both of you!
Polytropos : Wish me luck.
Damian : *refils mug*
Telemachus : so long as one of us beats him.
Brygos: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Kataramene : Win, that way I fell to the winner.
Ismeme: May the gods honor your skill, combatants!
Polytropos : *grins at Kat*
Ismeme : *raises hand* Ready... begin!
Eleni : Nice try!
Damian : *drinks*
Ismeme: Polytropos!
Ismeme: You ran out of the ring!
Eleni : Aw, Pol.
Kataramene : *chuckles*
Polytropos : What!
Ismeme: A forfeit!
Polytropos : *looks round, and is floored*
Eleni : Dodging is no good if you jump out of the ring!
Ismeme: Tsk, tsk.
Polytropos : Aw.
Telemachus : You really shouldn't take your eyes of the person punching you
Telemachus : *shrugs appologetically*
Kataramene : *gives him a rueful look*
Brygos: Brygos fight! Brygos win!
Ismeme: We have our final competitors!
Polytropos : *shrugs at Kat*
Eleni : Now for the champions!
Polytropos : *rubs his jaw.*
Telemachus : come on short arse lets have it.
Kataramene : *beckons him closer*

Ismeme: The final competition... between Telemachus and Brygos!
Ismeme: The winner will be declared champion before gods and men!
Brygos: Me fight! Me win!
Ismeme : *raises hand* Ready...
Ismeme : Begin!
Polytropos : *sneaks closer...*
Eleni : Ow!
Ismeme : One fall for Brygos!
Polytropos : Come on, Tel! Yes!
Ismeme : We have a victor!
Eleni : You got him!
Leonidas : Wow, nice job!
Kataramene : *shifts the angle of Polytropos's face with her hand to lok at his jaw then cheers*
DM Felrisen: *tongue hangs*
Damian : Go Tel!
Leonidas : *claps*
Kataramene : Well done.
Ismeme: Well fought!
Telemachus : *rolls his knuckles*
Telemachus : well you certianly fought.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done.
Polytropos : You fell to the man who could not be beaten. That's not bad, right?
Kataramene : Also, you face will be fine. Or at least as good as it ever was.
Brygos: Brygos fight! brygos....lose!
Telemachus : *shakes his hand*
Eleni : Congratulations, Tel!
Polytropos : I hope so. This face is all I've got!
Ismeme : To the victor... the spoils!
Polytropos : *applauds*
Brygos: *looks like he might cry*
Telemachus : *grinning like a fool*
Eleni : Aw, don't feel bad, Brygos. You still fought well!
Ismeme: *hands Telemachus an amulet*
Telemachus : there's always next year.
Damian : *glances at Pol* Quit your whining, Pol, you'll be fine.
Telemachus : thankyou!
Kataramene : If you say so. *impish grin*
Brygos: *wipes his nose with the back of his hand*
Polytropos : *applaud*
Eleni : Yes, fortune was on Tel's side this time.
Eleni : Aw.
Kataramene : *applauds lightly*
Andreas Appolodorus: Indeed but next year I will not hold anything back.
Polytropos : Ares loves you, man.
Kataramene : Perhaps when my ankle is not so damaged speed would tell.
Telemachus : shows off the amulet
Eleni : You will be better prepared for that bull rush then, I am sure.
Polytropos : There'll always be next year!
Ismeme: Come now, all showed great skill... let us eat and drink and enjoy the rest of the day!
Ismeme: The gods have been shown their honor...
Damian : *holds out a hand to Tel*
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Telemachus : *shakes it*
Damian : Well fought, Tel. You deserve your reward. *grins*

Ismeme: Now, we feast.
Leonidas : Alright!
Polytropos : Feasting it is!
Calliope: Mommy? Can we eat now?
Kataramene : *pushes up careful of ankle*
Eleni : Yes, well done!
Leonidas : *takes a seat and eyes the food*
Tamara: Yes dear, contests are over
Eleni : And /now/ it is time for some boar.
Calliope: Oh goody!
Euthalia: Leonidas, you were sooo... sleek.
Polytropos : Back to being friends!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Euthalia: *coos at him*
Damian : Come! Food and drink await us.
Eleni : Until the next opportuntiy to punch each other in the face!
Eleni : So, when we have had a few goblets of wine, then.
Kataramene : *limp limp*
Telemachus : we'll have to chop that foot off if it keeps causing you this much trouble Kat
Damian : Kat, do you want me to look at that ankle?
Medios: *gets stuck in to the feast*
Polytropos : *offers a magnanimous arm, buying into it*
Telemachus : *attacks boar with vigour*
Eleni : *Smirks* Yes, Katara. Would you like him to have a look?
Miltiades: Well done, all. I cannot remember such a fine competition.
Damian : *cuts off a slice of meat*
Leonidas : *helps himself to some boar*
Kataramene : *takes the arm and laps it up* Yes please Damian.
Polytropos : Let's get you to a seat, eagled-eyed lady.
Miltiades: Come see me in the morning, and I may have some things for you.
Damian : *ndos to Mil* Thank you, master. We shall.
Ismeme: You would work even on festival day?
Eleni : *Silces herself some boar meat*
Miltiades: It seems it is festival night, now.
Polytropos : *nabs some boar, munching while grinning for no particular reason at Medios*!*
Ismeme: Perhaps a walk in the moonlight, then?
Tamara: *looks towards Kat and smiles at all the attention*
Miltiades: Perhaps.
Eleni : *Grins*
Damian : *watches them leave with a smile*
Eleni : *Looks over by the stable* It seems like Brygos wandered off.
Androcles: Let us have torches! The night is young!
Eleni : Is he going to be alright?
Leonidas : *washes meat down with wine*
Aristarchus: I believe we can do better than torches. Eleni?
Eleni : Oh, allow me!
Damian : *finishes his meat and wipes his hands clean before bending down before Kat and taking her ankle* You say you ran into some wire?
Polytropos : Here's to Mantinea. The odds were against this festival, but we carried the day.
Eleni : *Becomes radiant*
Andreas Appolodorus: No fish today?
Calliope: *claps* Yay, magic!
Medios: He'll be fine. He don't like to lose
Eleni : Indeed.
Kataramene : Hmmm? *eating and holding ankle so it rests, seemingly
Leonidas : Nice!
Glaucus: Apparently people prefer boar, the heroes' feast.
Medios: Actually, I think that's the first time he's lost
Eleni : *Waves her hands over Caliope's head*
Polytropos : A titan falls!
Leonidas : First time for everything.
Eleni : And...
Eleni : You're lit up!
Calliope: Ooh! Make me into a bird, so I can fly above the fields!
Eleni : That way we won't lose you again.
DM Felrisen: Mommy! mommy! look at the light!
Damian : *grins at Calliope* Why, you're absolutely radiant, Calliope!
Eleni : Oh, I don't think I have learned that trick yet. Sorry!
DM Felrisen: Isn't that neat/
Euthalia: It's so loud here. Perhaps we could go someplace a little... quieter?
Andreas Appolodorus: A sling would be nice.
Tamara: Yes dear, its quitte a trick
Polytropos : *offers some boar around.*
Tamara: now eat your greens
Damian : *looks at Kat's bruise and prods it slightly* Hmm. I think this will heal in time. I'm more worried about that trip wire though.
Leonidas : *smiles* perhaps a bit later, I'm still enjoying this good food.
Euthalia: Hmph. *folds her arms*
Kataramene : *eats some meat and drinks from mead she seems to have acquired* It /is/ a little sore. Will there be a scar?
Polytropos : Ah, the tripwire. What a lowdown, rotten, dirty trick.
Eleni : Yes! Good girls who eat their greens get more magical. I should know.
Polytropos : I'll have to remember that one.
Euthalia: You were quite amazing in the ring today, Telemachus.
Andreas Appolodorus: * eat half a boar before finishing a jar of wine *
Calliope: Looks at Eleni with big eyes* I want to do that when I grow up
Damian : *turns it towards the light* No, I don't think so. I don't see any cuts, just a bruise. It'll be sore for a few days, but should disappear in time.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah ah
Polytropos : *leans round the table, raising an eyebrow at Tel.*
Polytropos : He was amazing, wasn't he?
Androcles: *strums a happy tune on his lyre*
Eleni : *Smiles* Well, it takes a lot of hard work and studying, you know. But maybe when you are older, I can teach you a few things.
Leonidas : Indeed he was.
Polytropos : *laughs to himself.*
Leonidas : *swigs more wine*
Calliope: Would you? really?
Kataramene : If you say so. *tilts head trying to look at it from all angles herself, soaking up the attention*
Telemachus : I've got the reach on brygos, it's a big advantage.
Eleni : If you like, yes! But you have to promise to be patient.
Euthalia: Indeed, you have quite long... arms.
Calliope: Hear that mommy? Eleni will teach me the light trick!
Damian : I'll see about making a poltice after the festival. *stands up and grabs some more food*
Telemachus : *chuckles* Did Leo send you away?
Kataramene : Thank you!
Tamara: *smiles* Well, I'm sure that all well and good but that many years away
Euthalia: Apparently he finds the food more interesting than me.
Damian : *nods* Of course. We can't have you limping behind us, can we? *winks*
Eleni : Indeed. Magic takes time to mature.
Tamara: *To Eleni* Thanks for the offer though
Polytropos : *looks at the half-eaten boar, and then at Euthalia, rubbing his chin.*
Leonidas : *seems engrossed in his platter of boar*
Eleni : No problem!
Damian : *leans towards Pol and whispers* Go for the boar, it's more palatable.
Tamara: If Calliope gets too annoying be sure to tell me
Polytropos : *winces.*
Tamara: *smiles at her daughter*
Damian : *refils mug* Anybody need a refil while I'm here?
Andreas Appolodorus: I see some of us have mastered the trick to knock down an opponent. Impressive.
Eleni : *Grins* I shall.
Leonidas : Sure!
Polytropos : *to himself* ... I guess he woul;d say that... *munches.*
Leonidas : I'll take a couple!
Leonidas : *waves*
Damian : *fills another mug*
Damian : Sorry, Leo, but I only have two hands. Here's your first one though. *hands him a mug*
Calliope: *chews on greens* Maybe it'll come in handy at home? Light up the house
Leonidas : thanks
Eleni : Much cheaper than candles, to be sure.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah this jar is empty.
Eleni : Excuse me.
Polytropos : What a smart girl.
Damian : Yep. *looks around* Shame Aias couldn't be here. Ah well, I'll take him some boar later.
Eleni : *Gets herself a refill*
Tamara: *laughs* Indeed! Where does she get the ideas?
Tamara: Children!
Kataramene : *looks at an empty mug amd then at her ankle with a pantomime level of acting*
Damian : *cuts some more boar meat and wraps it up before putting it into his tunic*
Polytropos : *heh.*
Eleni : She's not wrong, though!
Medios: I'll fill your mug for ya Kat! *leers*
Telemachus : What happened to you today Andreas? I expected you to batter him.
Medios: *come over close*
Polytropos : *appears at her side with a mug of drink to hand over. ooooh, blocked!*
Medios: Here dearie
Andreas Appolodorus: My mistake I did hold back.
Medios: take two, the cups are small
Kataramene : *sniffs at medio and takes the filled mug* Than k you.
Polytropos : Oh, did you get me one too, Medios? Much obliged.
Eleni : *Empties a full mug over the back of Medios' neck*
Eleni : Oops!
Polytropos : *just... bursts out laughing.*
Medios: If'n there's anything I can fill for you later, just ask! *smirks*
Eleni : Oh, sorry. I have no idea how that happened.
Calliope: But you poured it...
Eleni : Sssssh.
Tamara: Hush, child.
Polytropos : Not quite what we mean when we say 'refill'
Andreas Appolodorus: And I did not expect to be knock down so easily.
Kataramene : *hides a smirk in her mug*
Andreas Appolodorus: * knocked
Eleni : *Best innocent smile*
Damian : *pats stomach* You may need to do something about that pooch of yours, Andreas.
Damian : *grabs an empty mug and fills it*
Medios: *has another drink*
Eleni : Oh, well. *Cuts herself a side of boar* Better luck to you in all things next year, Medios!
Damian : *places it in front of Eleni*
Medios: *looks at her* Oh yeah, luck
Eleni : Oh, thank you! *Reaches for it*
Polytropos : *long swig, quite cheerful.*
Kataramene : *finishes her drinking and reaches to rub her ankle again for effect*
Eleni : Clumsy old me.
Medios: Want me to rub it better for ya Kat?
Telemachus : Maybe you'lll fight again next year eh Medios?
Medios: I'm told I've great hands
Eleni : *Drinks it properly, this time*
Andreas Appolodorus: If we had played grab n push things would have been different,
Eleni : You just do not learn a proper lesson, do you?
Telemachus : put those "great hands" to proper use.
Medios: Wrestle? Not me...no siree
Eleni : And my master despairs at /me/..
Tamara: All right, Calliope, it's getting past your deadline.
Tamara: *bedtime*
Calliope: Aww... but I want to stay up later!
Damian : Kat, make sure you put pressure on that bruise. A light touch won't do much.
Eleni : Good night, Cali!
Calliope: I'm going to be a wizard!
Eleni : The magic light should wear off in a bit, so I hope it doesn't keep you up.
Kataramene : No, but I can barely reach seated here.
Telemachus : Sure you don't want us to just cut it off?
Aristarchus: Come, Glaucus, staying up till dawn is the province of the young.
Eleni : Careful, Katara, or Medios will offer to nurse you back to health.
Telemachus : we'll get you a nice wooden peg
Telemachus : and you can stop fretting.
Eleni : Good night, master!
Telemachus : I am sure glaucus will loan us an axe.
Glaucus: Are you saying I am old?
Medios: *takes the whole platter of boar from the table* here you are Kat, surly you'll have enough there!
Aristarchus: I am saying you are drunk! What if you forget yourself and offer someone a discount?
Kataramene : It might be best to take it back home for a proper rest.
Glaucus: Hmm. Yes...
Telemachus : Drunk? he'd have to be dead.
Damian : *waves to the older men* Good night, masters!
Polytropos : You might be right. I can help you back.
Eleni : Or driven to madness.
Medios: Ah....leaving so soon?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Yep!
Medios: Was it something I said?
Kataramene : That would be nice. I don't want to make it worse tripping in the dark.
Polytropos : Always.
Eleni : *Snort* It was /everything/ you have ever said.
Polytropos : *claps Medios on the shoulder, grins at him, and helps Kat away.*
Eleni : *Sips her drink*
Medios: *eyes poly* Are you trying to say something to me?
Polytropos : Not any more! Goodnight.
Kataramene : *grbs some food to go*
Andreas Appolodorus: What now?
Telemachus : We should turn in, I know I've had enough for one day.
Kataramene : *limp limp obvious limp*
Medios: *shrugs and has another drink*
Leonidas : *hums as he strums*
Eleni : Aw, I could go on. But very well.
Telemachus : You didn't have anyone batter your face today
Eleni : Til tomorrow, Androcles.

Lazyzeus : It is well past midnight when the party finally breaks off, and you stagger back bleary-eyed to your house...

Eleni : Aha! Just in time.
Polytropos : Eas there, my Queen of Javelins.
Leonidas : *eats and drinks till fully stuffed*
Eleni : *Gets herself a last-minute refill before heading back*
Kataramene : *broad smile*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*
Eleni : Hm... *Looks around*
Kataramene : *limp limp mugging it up*
Eleni : I do hope Brygos hasn't gone and done anything ill-advised.
Polytropos : Aaaalmost there. On the bed, or in front of the fire?
Telemachus : I'll get the axe then shall I Kat?
Kataramene : Fire please!
Damian : *sets out food for Aias before stumbling back to the cottage*
Telemachus : Can't have it going rotten
Polytropos : Ah, it's a lovely ankle, Tel! Let's not waste it so.
Kataramene : *gives Telmachus a sniff and a half grin*
Damian : Tel, go make yourself useful and boil me some water.

Lazyzeus : It seems that you have barely laid your head down upon your pallet before the first stirrings of dawn begin to brighten the eastern sky.

Leonidas : *wakes up bleary-eyed still at the table and helps himself to some breakfast*
Damian : *rumages through the cabinet*
Polytropos : *yaaaawwwwn*
Leonidas : Morning
Andreas Appolodorus: You are still here.
Leonidas : Indeed
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah.
Eleni : *Has conspired to doze off during breakfast*
Eleni : Zs..sh.....
Leonidas : Can't let good food and drink spoil, eh?
Damian : *pulls out some herbs and a clean cup* This should do.
Polytropos : Augh. How much did we drink last night?
Telemachus : Ugh I shouldn't have drank so much wine last night
Kataramene : *similarly bleary eyed in the morning*
Andreas Appolodorus: Not drunk yet?
Damian : *pours some hot water into the cup and seeps the herbs in it*
Kataramene : I lost count at 10.
Leonidas : Dunno, slept off a bit of it I guess.
Eleni : *Half-opens eyes* It was... *snif* festival night.
Eleni : If there is one day of the year where it is okay to drink too much, it is then.
Polytropos : I'll drink to that.
Eleni : I am sure the gods will understand.
Kataramene : Damian, do you have anything for a headache?
Damian : *strains the mixture through a cheesecloth and wrings it out*
Eleni : *Rubs forehead* Even if my poor head does not.
Telemachus : If you show me a cup of wine I'lll make you eat it, cup and all.
Leonidas : *picks over scraps*
Pedaeus: What, sitll here, young Leonidas?
Leonidas : Waste not, want not.
Telemachus : *eats whatever is going for breakfast and starts to perk up*
Pedaeus: Hmm, yes. Well, be careful, or you won't be able to walk, let alone run.
Pedaeus: Ah, an excellent festival.
Kataramene : *picks at things with a "never again" expression*
Andreas Appolodorus: Run to where?
Leonidas : Indeed!
Pedaeus: You never know when you might need to be somewhere in haste, Andreas.
Eleni : I am not the only one who saw that dog again during the race, right?
Leonidas : *slurps some more wine*
Damian : *puts the poltice on Kat's ankle and massages it in* Kat, massage this in and try to keep it warm. That should help with the bruising.
Kataramene : No, I had to go around to avoid it.
Polytropos : Ah, that dog's alright.
Eleni : It was standing by the side when I passed. Just watching.
Polytropos : He's been around for...
Telemachus : I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor thing
Pedaeus: Well. I consumed more than my share of boar last night... must be about burning it off.
Damian : Let's see what's for breakfast...
Pedaeus: Good day to you, lads.
Polytropos : *thinks*
Leonidas : Maybe I should go for a walk to clear the cobwebs
Telemachus : it never hurts anyone, and it looks a bit thin
Kataramene : *does as instructed with the ankle*
Eleni : Yes. Maybe we should see if it is interested in some spare boar.
Leonidas : *stretches*]
Damian : Oatmeal! Who's hungry?
Eleni : ...or if the feast table has not been ransacked in the night.
Andreas Appolodorus: You know what, I could not even find the second stele.
Telemachus : Farm could use a dog.
Leonidas : heh
Miltiades: Ho, Andreas!
Miltiades: Leonidas!
Eleni : Haha! Really? I thought they were clear enough.
Telemachus : they were in a square around the village
Kataramene : You hve a point.
Leonidas : Sharp eyes key to winning.
Polytropos : To keep the badgers and fish away, you mean?
Miltiades: Your companions, they are abed?
Andreas Appolodorus: What it was hidden?
Eleni : I took a wrong turn coming down the hill, though. I would have beaten Leonidas otherwise.
Kataramene : Rats perhaps.
Leonidas : probably.
Eleni : Unfairly, of course. *Grins*
Miltiades: Well, we must find them. I have exciting news.
Leonidas : Um no, just have to see them to get to them, no?
Leonidas : Great
Polytropos : I know any rat that can eat an olive tree I'd want kept away.
Kataramene : Precisely.
Polytropos : Pass a boal of oats, Damien.
Eleni : One of the scrolls Aristarchus gave me let run like the wind for about a minute... hehe.
Andreas Appolodorus: News?
Telemachus : I might have been in the running if I haddn't got caught on that trip wire.. twice..
Damian : *hums while he cooks* It's ready. *grabs two bowls*
Miltiades: Are they at the house, do you think?
Polytropos : Heh. It even got me once.
Leonidas : suppose so
Telemachus : hah I saw that, damn near missed the start of the race in suprise
Andreas Appolodorus: Could be.
Eleni : There really was a trip wire?
Damian : *passes one to Pol*
Miltiades: Indeed! I was working at my forge, and... well, let me tell the story to the entire group!
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Miltiades: Speed is of the essence!
Kataramene : Oatmeal. Is that good for a bad head?
Eleni : Did Pedaeus put it there, or something?
Telemachus : Yeah
Telemachus : if you're eating it you can't whine, and thats great for my bad head
Damian : It's good for everything.
Kataramene : Oh hush.
Telemachus : *grins*
Damian : *digs into the food*
Eleni : *Fetches self a bowl as well*
Eleni : Oh, hello!
Leonidas : found some nice stones this morning.
Damian : Hello master! Please come in and share our breakfast.
Eleni : We were just having breakfast and considering the night's exploits.
Eleni : Hm?
Kataramene : Oh?
Polytropos : Welcome to our humble home.
Eleni : It is early in the morning for important news. Or at least, for important news on the morning after a long festival night.
Kataramene : Have some oatmeal.
Damian : *finishes the bowl* What is it?
Leonidas : *wanders along stream gathering stones*
Eleni : *Grins* I see.
Polytropos : Indeed.
Damian : *smiles* I hope you enjoyed your walk, master.
Polytropos : Good place for a walk, that-
Polytropos : *blink*
Kataramene : That's interesting. *sounds like it isn't mind*
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm looking for rocks.
Leonidas : You find any?
Eleni : It landed near the village? Interesting!
Kataramene : Really? That bright?
Andreas Appolodorus: not today.
Leonidas : Suppose I can give you a few I found.
Leonidas : *digs into pouch*
Andreas Appolodorus: That could help.
Damian : Where did you see it, master? We'll go find it if we can.
Eleni : Either way, I would like to have a look at where it fell.
Kataramene : *suddenly looks very interested*
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Eleni : Oh. That /is/ a problem.
Leonidas : No problem, found quite a few today
Kataramene : That's not so positive.
Polytropos : *grimace.*
Andreas Appolodorus: I see.
Polytropos : That's... putting it mildly.
Damian : Hmm.
Leonidas : Welp wonder what the old guy wants us to do?
Leonidas : Suppose we should go see.
Kataramene : It sounds reasonable.
Damian : Master, not all of us are good with stealth.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be he got some armor,
Polytropos : You'd like us to try?
Telemachus : We can be quick
Eleni : I am not so sure about that. You saw it, and from further away.
Eleni : So close to it, they may have felt the earth shake!
Kataramene : We can keep our heads low, and if spotted see who'd really win a running race.
Polytropos : ... that... that would be a valuable thing.
Telemachus : The centaurs, probably, they're half horse..
Damian : With your ankle, Kat? I fear we would have a fight on our hands.
Leonidas : *stops and pours himself another flagon of wine and downs it*
Leonidas : Right
Andreas Appolodorus: Where are the others?
Polytropos : We're champions. I think we could see a few centaurs off.
Leonidas : Still in bed?
Polytropos : I'm in!
Kataramene : I will act as rearguard if so!
Leonidas : Who knows?
Telemachus : Katara... you know what centaurs do to human women they capture...
Leonidas : More food for us though, eh?
Polytropos : Ah, fine goods!
Polytropos : *silent, at Tel's ominous words.*
Kataramene : I don't, no. What do they do?
Damian : Such fine workmanship, master. Thank you.
Leonidas : Guess we should go see what's up.
Telemachus : No smoke without fire
Polytropos : The least we can do is try.
Eleni : It would not be like us at all to ignore this sort of thing, after all.
Damian : I can call upon Aias if we require his assistance.
Kataramene : It'd going to take a strong arm to pull that bow.
Telemachus : We should try. but we're going to be damn sure we don't get caught.
Polytropos : Ah. Alrighty.
Miltiades: It landed not far from the river's edge.
Polytropos : *tests the string, tongue sticking out of his mouth in concentration*
Kataramene : We will go and look.
Polytropos : To the south?
Miltiades: Do be careful... dangerous things dwell near the river shores.
Telemachus : So who gets the wolfskin?
Damian : Hopefully we will not come to blows.
Leonidas : What's up?
Miltiades: Aye, the nearest crossing is not far from here.
Eleni : What sort of things?
Polytropos : We're off into Centaur country to find a fallen star!
Eleni : *Shrugs*
Eleni : So it seems!
Damian : I need more river stones. I shall return shortly.
Leonidas : a what?
Damian : Kat, take care iwth that ankle.
Kataramene : *looks at the armour* Perhaps Telemarchus should wear that?
Eleni : A star fell in the night. In a very unconvinient location.
Leonidas : Oh?
Polytropos : Him or Andreas! Protect that mighty gut.
Kataramene : If we are to be heroes, we should not let that bother us.
Andreas Appolodorus: What for?
Eleni : If it hadn't fallen in an unconvinient location, it would hardly be a job for heroes, now, would it?
Polytropos : A fallen star can make a mighty metal.
Kataramene : Andreas has that belt strapped around it.
Telemachus : he's not much for clothes anyway..
Polytropos : Good point. Tel? All yours...
Telemachus : Welp, I wont say no
Telemachus : *changes*
Telemachus : *around the corner*
Polytropos : If we're ready to set off, let's! The later it gets, the more centuars'll be up and around.
Kataramene : *doesn't look, honest*
Leonidas : Centaurs?
Polytropos : Centaurs.
Eleni : Centaurs.
Eleni : *Grin* We will want to evade them if possible.
Telemachus : *walks around a bit* well it fits
Damian : Come Aias.
Kataramene : *stands and walks... after a few moments remembering to favour the ankle*
Eleni : I suggest you or Pol look ahead to find us a clear path.
Leonidas : Yeah, sounds like a good plan.
Telemachus : warm too.
Polytropos : Can do.
Eleni : You look like a proper savage!
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we need to bring them gifts?
Eleni : In a good way.
Polytropos : Might scare them off.
Leonidas : and where are we going exactly?
Telemachus : we're going to be trying *not* to mee the centuars
Damian : *looks at Tel* Suits you well, Tel. How does it feel?
Polytropos : South, he said? Across the river...
Kataramene : We are bringing them gifts. Leonidas is a gift.
Telemachus : Kind of hot
Eleni : That he did!
Telemachus : It'll be nice in winter though
Damian : You'll get used to it.
Eleni : You may be a letter off there, Katara.
Telemachus : I'd be happy to not get quite so bashed up
Leonidas : I know I'm hot.

Lazyzeus : So fortified with new gear, the Heroes of Mantineia set out upon a new quest...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:07 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group was heading south toward the river, hoping to sneak across and back before the centaurs are aware of the intrusion into their lands...

Eleni : *Sneaks off for a nap*
Polytropos : ... the river...
Kataramene : Where is Eleni?
Eleni : I'm here! I'm here.
Eleni : I had, um, forgotten my dagger.
Kataramene : *rolls her eyes*
Polytropos : *creeps forward.*
Andreas Appolodorus: I feel good today.
Eleni : Tis not generally a tool I require!
Leonidas : indeed
Polytropos : That's good, Andreas. That's good...
Kataramene : What's that I hear?
Andreas Appolodorus: I just feel stronger.
Telemachus : I was collecting saffron.
Eleni : It is! Though I would not recommend wrestling centaurs, just for a note.
Telemachus : the frogs objected
Kataramene : Silly creatures.s
Polytropos : Careful...
Telemachus : we can probably expect to see more of them
Polytropos : Can see some hungry fins.
Polytropos : Spear 'em if you get the chance, there's good eating on those.
Eleni : I sincerely doubt that. Though there might be some hunry mouth attached to those fins.
Telemachus : They're poisonous!
Telemachus : or do you mean the fish?
Damian : You can draw out the poison before cooking.
Polytropos : Ya-ha!

Polytropos : You alright?
Kataramene : *waggles a foot wincing* Why did it have to be that one?
Telemachus : nother one
Polytropos : A cruel fish, to mar your best features - yaha!
Damian : Predators can sense wounded prey, Kat.
Telemachus : They've got a taste for you now Kat
Eleni : *Wades, looking somewhat miffed*
Kataramene : My feet are my best features?
Polytropos : Come on, quick, out of the water.
Polytropos : What? No, your legs. You run.
Kataramene : Thank you.
Polytropos : You run damn well.
Leonidas : Indeed
Kataramene : *sniffs a little, apprently mollified*
Polytropos : *sneak sneak sneak*

Damian : *looks at the water* Shame it's so full of dangerous fish.
Eleni : *Wrings water out of peplos* I really must see about getting some more adventure-ready clothing.
Kataramene : Yes, as otherwise swiming would be pleasant.
Damian : At least Aias will eat well.
Kataramene : *looks down at her own wet things* Hmmm...
Polytropos : *psst*
Eleni : Only fair he does, after the feast we've had.
Polytropos : All clear to the hill crest!
Damian : I gave him some boar earlier.
Eleni : But best be quiet now. Don't want any hooved locals hearing our banter.
Polytropos : ah...
Leonidas : Centaurs up to the left a bit.
Polytropos : Uhoh...
Eleni : WHich way to the crater -
Telemachus : ah crap
Polytropos : Damn.
Eleni : Oh, dear.

Eurytion : Intruders!
Eleni : That didn't take long.
Eurytion: Who are you, humans? What are you doing in our lands?
Polytropos : *sneak sneak*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Well...
Polytropos : Ach...
Kataramene : *spears the ground with her weapon to look a little less threatening* We are seeking something small.
Polytropos : *hurried sneaking*
Polytropos : Guh!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eurytion: Something small that belongs to us? We call those folks thieves.
Eleni : Do not agitate our friends, Leo.
Centaur : *watches over the human*
Kataramene : No, something that belonged to no one but we believe has come here.
Eurytion: What's this now?
Polytropos : *sheepish grin*
Eleni : That is our scout.
Eleni : He is not a very good scout.
Eurytion: You caught this one sneaking about?
Polytropos : *frowns at Eleni*
Centaur : *nods in the affirmative*
Eleni : What? You missed these!
Kataramene : He was trying to ensure we avoided your game, we would not like to deprive you of your hunting unnecessarily.
Damian : May I tend to his wounds? It would not do to have him soil your land with his blood.
Polytropos : Indeed! I snuck not, sir! I merely did not want to disturb the land overmuch.
Eurytion: It would be a waste of time, if we decided to kill all of you.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Eurytion: Speak quickly! Why did you come here?
Damian : *shrugs*
Eleni : Now why would you decide such a thing?
Centaur : *paws the ground impatiently*
Eurytion: We have learned that humans often speak with forked tongues.
Kataramene : We speak the truth, of creatures of legend.
Eurytion: "We come as friends!" Then they start cutting down trees, carving into the land, forging bronze and wreaking havoc.
Eleni : We noticed the star falling over in this direction, last night. We thought some neighbourly concern might be in order when a big, burning thing falls from the sky.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Those things are known to cause forest fires, you know.
Damian : *gestures at Aias* This is my friend. Do I look as one who would cut down trees and forge bronze?
Kataramene : What we seek is nothing that has belonged to you, and we wished to disturb your lands as little as possible.
Centaur : We should not trust them
Eleni : Which would not be very pleasant for either of our people, I'm sure I need not mention.
Eurytion: You speak honeyed words. And if the fallen star landed on our lands, it is a gift from the gods to us.
Eurytion: What if it landed in your village, and I came demanding it?
Eurytion: How might you react?
Leonidas : Good point.
Damian : We would share it.
Kataramene : *looks at Leonidas*
Eurytion: Hmph! You ask us to share what is ours.
Eleni : If it landed in our village, we would probably be busy picking through the rubble.
Kataramene : *nods at Eleni*
Eurytion: Well, if you anger the gods, then you should expect such assaults. Here it harmed no one.
Kataramene : As it is it might bring dangers to both our lands, and we came to be certain it did not.
Eurytion: Ha! Your concern is touching.
Polytropos : I would say, do not be so quick to claim this, centuar friends. We fear this stuff is cursed, an ill omen!
Damian : While it is true that nature is of predator and prey, it is also of mutual cooperation. Do not wolves hunt together so that all may eat?
Kataramene : Ahh, but what if it brings a poison? Or a blight?
Eleni : It seems rather early to judge, doesn't it?
Eleni : Strange things have been happening in these parts lately, few of them pleasant.
Kataramene : Such things can be omens of plenty or of doom, and we wished to be sure.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Indeed! Strange creatures have prowled our lands of late. This, we fear this metal is the cause! We take it, yea, merely to see it ruined.
Eurytion: Bah! The metal blongs to us.
Eleni : There is metal, then? Interesting.
Eurytion: Ask your friend with the laden pouch.
Polytropos : Oh! Yes.
Eleni : Have you smiths with skill at forging such things?
Eurytion: Hmph. That is not your concern.
Damian : So the answer is no.
Eleni : Oh, it could be. Because we do, see.
Polytropos : *grins*
Eleni : You have the metal, we have the craftsman. I see opportunity for mutual benefit here.
Leonidas : *listens*
Polytropos : ... assuming it's not cursed, that is.
Eleni : Assuming that, of course!
Polytropos : I mean, it might not be.
Kataramene : If it /is/ cursed, then we should take it far from here.
Polytropos : *looks dubiously at his pouch.*
Centaur : *flips its tail in an agitated way*
Eurytion: Ha! You expect us to trust you? You suggest you will saunter off, on your two legs, and then will come back with fabulous treasures for us?
Polytropos : Well, look, friend centaur.
Centaur: *limps forward, and whispers something to the leader, appears to have suffered some heavy bruises*
Polytropos : We have it; you can't do much with it; and if you fought us now, who could say what way it would go? Would it not be needless?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Telemachus : What precisely do you stand to lose? a chunk of metal you did not know existed five minutes ago, and that you could not work even if you had it.
Polytropos : If we left, and returned nothing, have you truly lost anything? And if we did, do youi not stand to gain?
Eurytion: Your words drip honey, human.
Polytropos : It's tasty stuff.
Centaur : *Appears in pain*
Eleni : Sometimes, honey is just h oney.
Kataramene : If it is indeed cursed, we will even have removed a problem before it begins.
Eleni : Is your friend over there alright?
Eurytion: I am not fully persuaded.
Damian : *looks at the hurt centaur* I can heal your friend, but not if you continue to badger us with your anger.
Eurytion: However, I will give you a chance to demonstrate your... good faith.
Centaur : *hobbles on one hoof*
Eurytion: My anger is justified.
Eleni : Please, continue.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Damian : Perhaps so, but not at us.
Eleni : Of course! We are the tresspassers, here, even if we do come in good faith.
Eurytion: Your two legs are slow and awkward, but you can climb on them, can you not?
Kataramene : *looks at the others* Some of us better than others.
Eleni : Assuredly.
Centaur: Easy now human
Kataramene : But all of us to a degree.
Eurytion: *nods at Damian* Thank you.
Damian : I'll not see another in needless pain no matter what some may say.
Eurytion: A band of aggressive creatures have moved into our lands of late.
Centaur: What trickery is this? the pain in my leg is gone!
Kataramene : Hmm... as we said, there's a lot of it about.
Damian : No trickery but I could smack it if it'll make you feel better.
Eurytion: They are flying creatures, with the visages of old women.
Eleni : Damian's gifts come from Gaia herself!
Eleni : Aaah. Harpies?
Eleni : Curious.
Polytropos : Euuugh.
Eurytion: Yes. Harpies, that is what they are called.
Kataramene : So they are described.
Eurytion: They have taken over a high roost. They throw rocks down at us and screech imprecations.
Polytropos : Thieves of bounty. I wouldn't want them on my land, that's for sure.
Damian : *leans on staff* Such unnatural beasts.
Eleni : I see how they would trouble you, nesting in places you cannot reach.
Eurytion: They avoid our arrows and stay out of the reach of our spears.
Leonidas : hmm
Eurytion: Their song is putrid and off-key.
Centaur: Ugly creatures they are
Eurytion: If you can remove them, or convince them to torment elsewhere, we will allow you to take the metal from our lands.
Telemachus : That sounds fair.
Eleni : Indeed!
Centaur: Indeed...almost like humans! 8neighs*
Polytropos : Ahahahaha.
Damian : *nods* A favor for a favor.
Polytropos : *remembers that face.*
Kataramene : Who're you calling ugly?
Eleni : I assure you, Leonidas' singing is not representative of all our kind.
Telemachus : Where are they?
Eurytion: A dignified exchange, not this sneaking about.
Kataramene : *fist on hip, most put out*
Eurytion: I will show you. My tribesfolk will remain here, to ward the river against further... incursions.
Damian : Let it lie, Kat. Obviously some are unable to appreciate true beauty when they see it.
Eurytion: Betray us, and none shall leave these lands alive. Understand?
Eleni : Those will not come, but if it will set you at ease....
Polytropos : Mind you do not make such a choice lightly.
Centaur : *bangs spears on shields at the last remark*
Eurytion: We honor our word, human.
Eurytion: It is one of the things that sets our people apart.
Damian : As do we, centaur.
Kataramene : *humph*
Eurytion: It may be that you are not like the rest of your kind. I reserve judgment.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eurytion: Come then.
Eleni : I am hesitant to trust in essentialism, either way.
Kataramene : *jerks spear from ground irritably*
Polytropos : Sneaking.
Kataramene : *looks at said peak*
Eurytion: Ware their stones, they throw with great accuracy.
Kataramene : Did anyone bring rope?
Eleni : I see. What would be the least steep path upwards?
Andreas Appolodorus: It is perhaps wise not to trust hastily.
Leonidas : *slings harp*
Eurytion: There is an ascent around the back that you might be able to manage. It is too steep for us.
Kataramene : A round about route is bound to be best, regardless.
Eleni : Agreed.
Eurytion: I will await word with my kin.

Polytropos : ... could have gone worse.
Kataramene : Draw the least attention from them for as long as possible.
Damian : Can you scout it, Pol? Preferably without being seen.
Telemachus : Well they didn't carry anyone off.
Eleni : Yes. They could have impaled you before asking questions.
Polytropos : Can try...
Kataramene : I'm going to come back and have words with that one.
Telemachus : Don't be an idiot.
Leonidas : at least one look out ahead
Eleni : Oh, there is no sense in speaking of beauty to the blind.
Kataramene : When I am....
Damian : I can't breathe life back into a body when the spirit has fled, Kat.
Eleni : Eesh!
Polytropos : Ow! Ow ow ow.
Telemachus : get down
Harpy : *screeches in triumph*

Telemachus : did you find the way around?
Eleni : So much for not getting seen.
Polytropos : *shakes head*
Kataramene : Not that way then.
Polytropos : They've got good eyes, and are up high.
Harpy : *croaks*
Damian : Between the mountains ahead. *points to his right*
Eleni : How many did you see?
Kataramene : What about there? *points to ravine*
Polytropos : Two, maybe three...
Polytropos : The ravine worries me.
Eleni : It seems like a lovely place for an ambush.
Leonidas : Saw three and theyve very good eyes.
Polytropos : *nod*
Polytropos : Alright.
Harpy : *sings off-key*
Eleni : Gods, and I thought Leo sounded bad...
Polytropos : So, we dash through the ravine - augh, noise - or we dash through the back.
Leonidas : Don't see sneaking around as an option.
Eleni : I suppose we can run.
Kataramene : There seems to be no place the cliffs lesson along the stream.
Eleni : They are probably too high up for me to try to put them under a spell...
Leonidas : try picking them off at a distance, but not sure how easy that'd be.
Polytropos : Right. *readies bow*
Polytropos : Let's see how they like the taste of bronze.
Polytropos : I can cover you, if you run-
Eleni : We only have the one bow and some slings. And from up above, they have the advantage of accuracy and range.
Telemachus : is there a way around to the north?
Harpy : *screeches*
Polytropos : Heh.
Polytropos : Ow!
Damian : Where's Andreas?
Harpy : *answers*
Telemachus : He'll catch up
Polytropos : *takes cover*
Leonidas : *shrugs* he was pondering his naval when we left the centaurs.
Polytropos : It is a big navel.
Kataramene : It's a l... *grins*
Eleni : It may keep him busy for a while, yes.
Telemachus : I saw him pull an apple out of there once
Telemachus : not sure if he put it there or if it grew.
Eleni : Eesh.
Kataramene : The cliffs don't look better to the north.
Eleni : That could not possibly be hygenic, either way.
Polytropos : It looks like the ravine or nothing.
Damian : This is Andreas we're talking abut.
Polytropos : No further, Tel.
Polytropos : ... alright... are we ready?
Eleni : I can cast some protective enchantments for us to help deflect the stones.
Kataramene : We run?
Telemachus : where are we climbing?
Polytropos : We run!
Eleni : It would take all I've got to cover us all, though.
Kataramene : That would help, Eleni.
Telemachus : striaght down the middle?
Polytropos : Straight down the ravine, and to the left.
Telemachus : alright
Harpy : *high-pitched noise*
Polytropos : We do this like the Furies themselves.
Kataramene : Who is best defended?
Eleni : Tel has his armour.
Telemachus : probably me
Kataramene : The should lead and hope to attract fire.
Polytropos : You've got a bit more cushioning than the rest of us, yeah...
Eleni : Something extra, then.
Telemachus : I would have done that anyway
Polytropos : Alright, then! A footrace, again!
Eleni : Just in time, Andreas!
Polytropos : Between Scylla and Charibdis.
Eleni : We are about to make a run for it. Tel gets to lead.
Damian : Hopefuly no trip-wire this time.
Polytropos : Go and we'll follow!
Telemachus : We're charging up the cliff straight ahead
Telemachus : CHARGE!

Polytropos : Wugh?!
Leonidas : *sings*
Eleni : Hah! It is done..
Telemachus : All of them?
Eleni : ...is everyone okay?
Polytropos : *holds ears, griamcing*
Damian : *shakes head* What?
Kataramene : I don't see any eggs or .. oh!
Eleni : You seemed a bit cnofused, there.
Kataramene : It seems they take shiny things too.
Damian : I saw things as if through a haze...
Telemachus : well it wasn't pretty but we all look like we're in one piece
Eleni : That is because you are standing in them, Katara.
Andreas Appolodorus: Everybody all right?
Telemachus : what'd you find?
Kataramene : A pretty stone and a small sword.
Eleni : Bronze?
Kataramene : Yes.
Polytropos : Ooo.
Polytropos : A sword!
Kataramene : *holds it out*
Polytropos : That's a sword alright.
Eleni : What of the stone?
Kataramene : *eyes him balefully* Yes....
Polytropos : *grin*
Kataramene : Just a pretty gem.
Telemachus : A nice little Xiphos. Someone should make use of that
Polytropos : Third most pretty thing on this hilltop.
Eleni : Oh, you.
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow but still preens a little*
Eleni : Stop it, or you'll make Andreas blush!
Polytropos : Certainly smarter than these clumsy old spears.
Polytropos : Heh!
Eleni : We should report back to the centaurs. Who will hopefully be as honest as they insisted they were.
Telemachus : Come on, lets go and tell the Centuars we've cleared up their pest problem
Polytropos : Indeed!
Kataramene : Well..
Telemachus : Did they already find the fallen star?
Leonidas : maybe take some harpy feathers as proof?
Andreas Appolodorus: Blush me nah.
Polytropos : Nope.
Leonidas : *shrugs and collects some feathers*
Eleni : If you like, though it is easy enough for them to check.
Telemachus : did we?
Polytropos : I was just creeping to the hole it made in the ground when I saw them rush toward you.
Eleni : Just walk past the cliff and note the lack of screeching.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Telemachus : eh we should have come at night, might have gotten away with ti
Damian : Better this way.
Eleni : We got away with it anyway!
Polytropos : Well, so far.
Polytropos : No-one's saying the centaurs won't turn nasty...
Damian : A trusted friend is better than a baleful enemy.
Kataramene : Let's keep the sword and gem to ourself.
Eleni : And yes, we hopefully will make a good impression on our neighbours. That is a thing of value, as well.
Leonidas : Good idea
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Telemachus : hmn. And what if there haddn't been some problem for us to fix for them? We'd have been in for it then
Damian : And they asked that the harpies be removed, not that we retrieve anything for them.
Polytropos : They wouldn't have fought us over that.
Polytropos : We'd have taken a few of them with us
Eleni : Luckily, there always seems to be tricky tasks ready for us to perform, somehow.
Polytropos : And they know it.

Centaur : Eurytion! The humans return!
Eleni : *Wave*
Centaur : *The humans return!
Damian : Trust in the Gods, Eleni.
Eleni : The harpies are vanquished!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eurytion: We heard their screeches of fury and terror. You have honored your agreement.
Andreas Appolodorus: The deed is done.
Kataramene : *limping proudly*
Leonidas : *holds up feathers with a smile*
Eurytion: Perhaps I was too hasty in judging you.
Polytropos : If you have any more harpy problems... feel free to ask. *grin*
Eurytion: You may take the sky iron with you.
Kataramene : *sniffs at the insolent centaur*
Telemachus : There's really no reason we cannot be good neighbours
Eleni : Oh, you are forgiven. Our peoples have not had the best of reasons to trust in each other in the past.
Damian : *glances at Kat's ankle*
Eurytion: Should your metal-worker wish to trade with us, we... would be willing to listen.
Polytropos : Interesting.
Eleni : *Nod* We shall bring this word to others of the village.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eurytion: Go in peace.
Kataramene : We may even bring word of their answer.
Polytropos : Farewell!
Damian : *bows head* Thank you.
Eurytion: When you wish to speak to us, build a fire on the river's bank.
Eurytion: We will come.
Centaur : *bangs shields with spears in salute*
Polytropos : A fire it is. *happy to leave*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Damian : We shall return with word.
Eleni : *Bow* Of course. We would not wish to be an intrusion again.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Telemachus : Does someone have the metal?
Kataramene : *lifts chin in a proud huffy gesture at the previously insulting centaur*
Leonidas : *waves as he wanders off*
Polytropos : Ssh, keep walking...

Leonidas : La-de-dum
Polytropos : *pokes his way across the river, spear-wise*
Eleni : See? That went well!
Leonidas : Indeed
Leonidas : *sings*
Kataramene : *swings the sword a little*
Damian : I think some rest is in order.
Eleni : Oh, dear. The harpies have inspired Leo.
Telemachus : We should drop off the sky iron first
Polytropos : ... yes, I have the pieces of the star, though I damn near burned my hands off getting them. No wonder I couldn't hit anything with the bow.
Kataramene : This is better than those Militades had.
Eleni : Hah. You are learning your excuses from Katara.
Telemachus : You didn't think a star would be hot?
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Polytropos : Of course I knew! But with the centaurs bearing down on us, I had no time to be careful.
Damian : *wanders off in search of stones*
Polytropos : And yes, I daresay the sword is better. Not Militades's est work, these spears.
Polytropos : *best
Eleni : *Wave to the folk at the table*
Telemachus : You can only do so much with hammered copper
Eleni : That we do! All sodden.
Polytropos : That we did, Master.
Eleni : We did. The centaurs were surprisingly reasonable.
Leonidas : *fishes some stones from the stream*
Kataramene : Sort of.
Eleni : We took care of a little matter for them, and they mentioned they might be interested in trading.
Eleni : Well, there were spears bared at first, but...
Telemachus : Yes, it seems they have no metal worker
Polytropos : *happy to soak his hands*
Eleni : We are persuasive little things.
Polytropos : Could sell them these old spears...
Eleni : Wonderful! Speak to us if you would relay word to them.
Polytropos : I wouldn't be too scared of anyone with these...
Damian : Let me see your hands, Pol.
Polytropos : *holds up the palms.*
Damian : *takes them and looks them over* Hmm. The burns aren't bad. They should heal in time. I can make a poltice when we return to the cottage.
Polytropos : *nod*

Kataramene : A xiphos would be nice.
Polytropos : Surely, a sword it should be.
Miltiades: Indeed. A sword, in our humble village. A rarity! But this shall be a sword to make all other swords envious.
Eleni : Speaking of swords.
Miltiades: Give me a few days.
Leonidas : *wanders up and listens*
Eleni : We found one.
Kataramene : Spears are good, but you can be so much quicker with these.
Miltiades: Oh?
Eleni : Merely of humble bronze, though.
Eleni : I am not sure how a group of harpies got hold of it.. must have ambushed a travelling warrior or such.
Miltiades: Bronze may be humble, but it is rare. If you should not need it, I am sure Glaucus would give you a price... if not fair, at least not ruinous.
Kataramene : I will think on it.
Polytropos : All it needs is a bit of sharpening.
Damian : Could make a good shield, yes?
Miltiades: Here is a piece of whetstone. *hands it over* Attend to the blade, and it will serve you well.
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food*
Kataramene : Thank you.
Polytropos : What to do with the rest of the day, eh...?
Kataramene : *hands it over*
Eleni : Well, I am sure there must be some leftovers from the festival...
Damian : *to Tel* Has anybody told Master Mil about trading with the centaurs?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Not yet, I think.
Kataramene : Argosian? Ooo...
Eleni : I did!
Polytropos : Oh, you did.
Andreas Appolodorus: I was wandering the same thing...
Damian : *grins* Thank you, Tel.
Kataramene : I will see it is well cared for.
Eleni : All of you are really quite forgetful.
Eleni : What would you do without me around, hm?
Andreas Appolodorus: Fish for stones may be?
Damian : I was gathering river stones.
Polytropos : Was he now...
Kataramene : *smiles a lantern bright smile* Work I could watch all day.
Eleni : I imagine he might.
Calliope: Mommy, why can't we eat boar every day?
Telemachus : hah doesn't everyone lately?
Damian : *looks the party over and mumbles* As if I didn't have enough chores in keeping them all healthy.
Kataramene : How are you hands, poly?
Polytropos : The reward for work well done is more work.
Eleni : Good afternoon, Calliope! And Tamara, and master Androcles.
Polytropos : Ah, they'll be back to being smooth in no time.
Kataramene : Might I have a look?
Androcles: Eleni, I was looking for you.
Polytropos : By all means.
Polytropos : *holds them out*
Eleni : Oh, me specifically?
Damian : *looks over the table for leftovers*
Androcles: Have you seen your old master?
Kataramene : *lifts his hands and gazes at them* Hmm... I think I have something to help those.
Tamara : *hums to herself*
Eleni : Not since yesterday, no.
Androcles: I have been looking all over the village for him, the old rogue.
Polytropos : You do?
Eleni : He is not in his usual spot?
Kataramene : I do!
Androcles: I knocked at his door, without answer. I didn't want to go barging in without leave...
Eleni : Well, he is used to /me/ doing that.
Polytropos : Well, please..
Androcles: Looked at all the places he likes to take a sit... you know how much he enjoys sititng about, "philosophizing."
Polytropos : Ah!
Androcles: Hope he hasn't wandered off a cliff or anything.
Polytropos : Well, that might do it.
Kataramene : *drops the hilt of the sword in Poly's hand and closes his hand over it*
Polytropos : *nod.*
Eleni : He /was/ fairly tipsy last night, but not that badly, I hope.
Telemachus : Try not to cut your own hand off with it.
Eleni : I recall he wandered off with Glaucus.
Androcles: If you could find him, make sure he is all right. We members of the older generation must look out for one another.
Kataramene : There, don't say I don't give you anything.
Androcles: The merchant said he hadn't seen him either.
Eleni : Must make sure us youngsters look out for you, you mean.
Telemachus : That's worrying..
Androcles: Well. I am sure he will turn up. Perhaps you can pretend that you don't have any chores, that should bring him running.
Polytropos : Inevitably...
Androcles: *heads off, looking worried*
Eleni : It seems to bring /someone/ running in short order, inevitably.
Kataramene : *rolls the gem around in her hand*

Leonidas : wizards, bah....
Telemachus : Well, we could start by knocking on his door?
Polytropos : We could look in his hut, see if he's ill or something, yes.
Eleni : I was just about to do so, yes.
Eleni : Probably just drank a little much last night. I imagine he is nursing a headache.
Eleni : *Rapraptap*
Eleni : Master! Are in there?
Damian : I hope so, Eleni.
Eleni : *Futher knocking* Master?
Eleni : Alright. I'm coming in!
Leonidas : *pours himself a drink*
Leonidas : *gulps it down*
Polytropos : Hmnh.
Eleni : Hm..
Eleni : ..oh, dear.
Polytropos : You know, I've always wondered what's in here.
Eleni : Everyone!

Polytropos : ... uhoh.
Eleni : He's not here, but...
Telemachus : uhm
Eleni : ...I'm sure you all remember... that.
Kataramene : That crystal?
Polytropos : *shields his eyes*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : *Nod*
Polytropos : I remember that baleful thing, yes.
Leonidas : hmmm
Kataramene : Had it used to glow that much?
Eleni : I do not believe so..
Telemachus : What do we do?
Eleni : What is it doing just there, on the floor...? He must have been studying it. It's right next to his work desk.
Eleni : Approaches, carefully.
Kataramene : Are there any clues on his desk? Notes or anything?
Leonidas : *studies ball*
Eleni : Hm, perhaps. Though he often keeps notes in languages I don't know...
Kataramene : *pokes very carefully around the desk*
Eleni : Just to vex me, I suspect.
Eleni : *Likewise*
Andreas Appolodorus: There is a chest.
Leonidas : empty
Lazyzeus : Eleni finds a papyrus scroll covered in tiny marks that look like chicken tracks.
Polytropos : This smells of 'hurried sudden journey' to me, though how he'd leave the village unmarked...
Eleni : ...like this, see?
Kataramene : That writing looks like chickens have walked over the papyrus.
Eleni : *Over shoulder, to Pol* No, no.
Eleni : He said this crystal was dangerous! He would not have left it here.
Eleni : If he'd left suddenly, it would have been to dispose of this thing, perhaps.
Polytropos : *looks at the floor, puzzled.*
Eleni : *Frowns at the crystal*
Telemachus : Maybe the crystal turned him into an ant or something
Leonidas : or sucked him in?
Eleni : I remember I got burned last time I touched that...
Leonidas : or burned him to ash?
Polytropos : That's a thing of fancy, surely.
Telemachus : eh? he wouldn't fit inside that
Leonidas : *looks around for pile of ashes*
Andreas Appolodorus: I can try.
Eleni : You are in the house of a Magi, Pol...
Eleni : Fancy is right - erm, careful, Andreas!
Polytropos : Which is why I'd expect something. Not nothing!

Eleni : Aah!
Polytropos : ... erm.
Kataramene : .... what happened?
Andreas Appolodorus: How?
Leonidas : woah....
Eleni : ...I think...
Andreas Appolodorus: Did I do that?
Kataramene : Who ... Andreas!
Telemachus : What just happened?
Eleni : I think you did, yes...
Polytropos : That, that was sudden.
Leonidas : Guess we know where the old guy went?
Polytropos : Did, did it kill us? Is this Hades?
Eleni : *Looks around, equally horrified and curious*
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's go then.
Kataramene : I'm pretty sure I'm not going tot he same place as /stupid people who mess with things?!
Eleni : It might be the crystal itself, or it might just have acted as a portal...
Polytropos : ... oh, there's things.
Leonidas : this can't be good
Polytropos : Be careful...
Eleni : ...well, those certainly look like denizens of the underworld.
Eleni : Oh, dear.
Eleni : Another!
Telemachus : Ye Gods they're vile
Polytropos : Cutting them doesn't seem to do much. Spearing them does.
Kataramene : What are they?
Leonidas : Well done!
Andreas Appolodorus: Any human tracks?
Eleni : Ngh. No trace, but he must have gone t his way.
Polytropos : *looks for hopeful signs, worried.*
Eleni : And he must have a better idea of what just happened than us!
Polytropos : ... mushrooms...
Kataramene : I think help is useful.
Polytropos : I knew that in Hades, there'd be mushrooms.
Andreas Appolodorus: You hungry?
Polytropos : Guh-
Leonidas : might be later
Eleni : Ngh...
Eleni : I spent most of my power... earlier..
Leonidas : stones just seem to bounce off.
Eleni : Yes, and beams of cold don't seem to bother them, either..
Eleni : Thanks, Tel.
Leonidas : See a cave up on the hill ahead.
Kataramene : Andreas, remind me to slap you silly if we get back home.
Eleni : To be fair, one of us would have touched it /eventually/.
Polytropos : I wonder who'll come to find us.
Eleni : True, it is only a matter of time before someone notices we do not return and comes to investigate.
Leonidas : *listens*

Polytropos : It's a town...
Telemachus : we're going to find the old man and get out.
Eleni : I'd not wish this place on anyone in the village...
Polytropos : A ruined old town, in a cave.
Kataramene : That's not going to help us get out, just mean more are trapped,
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : Quick, come inside.
Polytropos : Though I see more of these beasts.
Eleni : Yes...
Leonidas : wow
Polytropos : *readies slingshot*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ruins?
Kataramene : Is there any sign of anyone else having come this way?
Leonidas : weird place
Eleni : What must have happened here...?

Eleni : Eesh..
Kataramene : You're wasting ...
Eleni : One is coming here.
Eleni : And two more!
Kataramene : AMke that thre
Leonidas : foir
Kataramene : Nice wolf!
Polytropos : Poseidon's spear seems the only thing that can hurt them hardily.
Leonidas : my stones don't do anything to them either.
Leonidas : Guess I'll just watch.
Eleni : At least they fall to enchantments, though I do not have much of those left in me.
Fly Demon : *noisy buzzing of wings*
Polytropos : That thing I do not like the look of.
Telemachus : look for tracks belonging to the master
Leonidas : I did see a flying thing at a distance from above.
Leonidas : *sigh*
Telemachus : A thing like that should thank us for killing it
Polytropos : You're right. No sign of that thing.
Eleni : I see a path down.
Polytropos : We're going under the underworld now?
Eleni : There seems to be little choice.
Damian : Tel.
Telemachus : this way around i think
Eleni : Let's stick together, here!
Damian : Eat that. It'll make you feel better.
Telemachus : *dubious look* if you're sure...
Polytropos : *waits, silently...*
Kataramene : There is a pit over the wall, it looks like an underground entrance.

Hunched Demon : *sniffs air*
Hunched Demon : *grunts*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Ha!
Damian : Eat that, Pol, it'll make you feel better.
Polytropos : If you hit them from behind, they still - oh, thank you - feel it.
Eleni : That is good to know.
Kataramene : Is there any sign of him?
Polytropos : There's a box...
Eleni : Hm! Something over here..
Kataramene : If he came in maybe he knows how to get out.
Polytropos : That's all I've got as for signs
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *studies chest*
Kataramene : Oh, that box.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Leonidas : not much of a locksmith
Kataramene : Soot all over it, did it burn down?
Eleni : The buildings here, evidently.
Telemachus : if noone can get it open, let me have a go
Eleni : A bash, you mean?
Kataramene : Literally.
Polytropos : Works for me.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : *Wince* Kicking the thing like that looks /painful/.
Damian : *peeks over the ruined wall* It appears to have worked.
Kataramene : What was in it?
Telemachus : arrows and javlins!
Kataramene : Oh, useful.
Telemachus : I think they're made of silver?
Eleni : Indeed. Worth the bother, at least.
Eleni : Silver...?
Kataramene : .... really?
Telemachus : It looks like silver
Polytropos : A practical chest.
Telemachus : what an odd thing to do
Polytropos : *collects the arrows.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice
Telemachus : who was using slings? take the javlins instead
Kataramene : If no one wants the javelins I'd take them.#
Polytropos : Leo! Something for you to throw.
Leonidas : oh? where?
Polytropos : Over here!
Andreas Appolodorus: You can use them so take them.
Eleni : Hm.
Leonidas : thanks
Eleni : Some of the poets say Artemis uses arrows of silver.
Leonidas : *examines*
Telemachus : Why?
Polytropos : Clearly, she's on to a good thing.
Eleni : I suppose that must be a mark of quality, if nothing else.
Telemachus : Silver is softer than good bronze
Polytropos : I suppose Hephaestus tires of working with gold all the time, I don't know.
Kataramene : But sharper, perhaps.
Eleni : It may have special properties.
Andreas Appolodorus: Make sure you share them though.
Polytropos : I'll try anything once.
Eleni : We have already hunted down one magical metal today, and stumbled into a magic crystal.
Telemachus : the harder something is the sharper you can make it, you never did pay enough attention to militades smithing lessons

Polytropos : ... ooh.
Polytropos : Mosaics.
Telemachus : oh I like this not at all
Kataramene : I kept a few, but if they end up needed elsewhere, ask.
Eleni : Hm..
Polytropos : ... more fat creatures... and the ugliest door I've ever seen.
Kataramene : This is ... different.
Eleni : *Studies the decorations*
Telemachus : lets have at them then
Damian : Kat.
Eleni : ...that almost looks like another harpy, but worse.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : *Studies the horrible door*
Damian : This will heal your wounds.
Kataramene : *acepts a mushroom* Oh?
Telemachus : Makes my skin crawl
Telemachus : look at it
Leonidas : *shrugs* locked
Kataramene : Alright.... *nibbles on it*
Telemachus : One of us shall have to learn to open locks!
Polytropos : I know how to open a lock.
Damian : *holds up hands* Mine aren't dexterious enough.
Leonidas : So do I, sorta.
Polytropos : Yeah. You use the damn key.
Telemachus : *sigh*
Andreas Appolodorus: Or break it.
Leonidas : Not much call for locks as a shepherd.
Damian : I manipulate herbs, not locks.
Polytropos : The only lock in town is Glaucus's old chest, I think.
Leonidas : Indeed
Leonidas : Wonder if he'd let me practice on that?
Polytropos : *knocks silver arrow, getting a presentiment of doom...*
Eleni : Something tells me not, but I'm just hoping we make it b ack.
Leonidas : I think Kat likes seeing the boys flex their muscles anyhow.
Damian : *checks staff for nicks*

Eleni : A demon behind bars!
Leonidas : good place for him
Eleni : ...not quite what I'd expected.
Polytropos : ... and another really disturbing door...
Polytropos : Where are we?!
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : *Studies this door, as well*
Leonidas : just an empty room
Telemachus : Which I suppose I shall have to beat down? You'd better hope Poisidon doesn't see it as an insult to use his gift thusly.
Damian : *makes a rude gesture at the demon*
Telemachus : think it can get out?
Polytropos : If it could, it would have done by now
Kataramene : Eventually, maybe?
Eleni : If this /is/ Hades, I don't think Poseidon would mind we commit some vandalism in his brother's realm.
Telemachus : well there's that
Polytropos : This isn't Hades. I see no wide river, no boatman.
Polytropos : I have no idea where we are.
Polytropos : This *points at the demon* is not not Sisyphus. It's not Narcissus. It's just a thing.
Eleni : *Shrugs* It must be a large place. But yes, I would rather not make assumptions.
Polytropos : *readies bow, agitated*

Demon Master : *whirls around at the noise of the door opening and looks furious*
Demon Master : *motions to its minions*
Eleni : Trouble!
Kataramene : *twiats spear*
Telemachus : uh oh
Damian : Hold still!
Aristarchus : Eleni! Run!
Eleni : Master!
Leonidas : hah
Aristarchus: Careful!
Damian : *stumbles around*
Eleni : The demon is down, I think..
Telemachus : *Stabs the thing in the face once it' sdown*

Aristarchus: There is a trap on the door. It is a ward against magic...
Damian : Who turned out the lights?
Kataramene : *pokes it with her spear* What was that?
Eleni : Is there a key for this gate?!
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : No key, I'm afraid.
Polytropos : Don't touch it, though.
Polytropos : Even I can see it's rigged.
Eleni : Damn it..
Eleni : There must be some way to get you out of there, master!
Leonidas : lemee see
Aristarchus: Do you have any spells left? Perhaps you could attack it from outside.
Leonidas : *studies trap*
Aristarchus: This cell absorbs my magic... I cannot do anything from within.
Eleni : None that would help with that, no...
Andreas Appolodorus: To the victors go the spoils.
Damian : *shakes head* Much better.
Leonidas : *nods* think I got it
Leonidas : sets to work
Eleni : Really?
Kataramene : *feels the material of the cape* It's sort of cooling.
Leonidas : there ya go
Aristarchus: Well done.
Leonidas : not sure about the lock though
Telemachus : *sigh*
Aristarchus: You shouldn't have come after me, it's too dangerous here... but I am grateful.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Damian : Pssh.
Polytropos : We didn't exactly plan on it, Master.
Telemachus : well we didn't know what we were doing until we got here
Leonidas : have to smash it I guess
Eleni : We didn't /know/ what would happen, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: How do we go back?
Aristarchus: Wait... whatever you did to the door, I can feel my powers return!
Aristarchus: Stand back.
Kataramene : But then heroes should be where they are supposed to be?
Eleni : But if we did, I'd have dragged all of them here anyway..
Eleni : Aha!
Aristarchus: The crystal did something when I was studying it, and it took me here.
Eleni : *Hugs Aristarchus* Alright! Alright...
Eleni : Now how do we get back...?
Aristarchus: I was disoriented from the passage, and they grabbed me before I could respond.
Kataramene : Yes, how do we get back?
Polytropos : No wonder the water spirits didn't like it, if it has all this mess inside it.
Aristarchus: The creature stole my ring. If I had it...
Kataramene : Is it this one?
Eleni : *Detaches self*
Aristarchus: Ah, yes!
Eleni : *Grins* Good. Good! I just hope nobody else has come after us in the mean time.
Kataramene : His cape's sort of pretty.
Aristarchus: I will see what I can do. Gather around...
Polytropos : If they do, at least the way is clear./
Aristarchus: Keep it, I detect no hostile presences or spirits in the drape.
Kataramene : Has symbols all over it and feels very cool.
Polytropos : Come on, Kat, gather in.

Leonidas : alright!
Eleni : Yes!
Polytropos : Augh!
Damian : *leans on staff* Well now.
Polytropos : Yes!
Aristarchus: It worked! *clears throat* I mean, of course, it worked.
Eleni : *Laughs in relief*
Eleni : Haha... yes, of course!
Kataramene : We're back!
Eleni : And the crystal seems to have shattered.
Aristarchus: Well done. You have proven yourselves heroes indeed.
Aristarchus: Perhaps it is best.
Polytropos : Wough.
Eleni : I am inclined to agree.
Aristarchus: The artifact proved itself too dangerous.
Eleni : What /was/ that place...?
Damian : Yes. Very dangerous thing that.
Polytropos : What was that thing!
Aristarchus: I am not certain.
Telemachus : What a strange thing, where could it have possibly come from?
Aristarchus: It was some sort of shadow-realm, a place of demons.
Telemachus : I'm just glad to be in the mortal world again
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : Like nothing from the old tales.
Aristarchus: The master demon, it tried to speak to me, or at least, I think it did. It was intelligent, though I could not understand its words.
Eleni : It did not look like any part of hades I've ever heard described.
Aristarchus: I think it wanted something from me. I am very glad it did not get it.
Polytropos : It must be Trojan or something.
Aristarchus: Whatever it was, I hope it is the last we see of it.
Polytropos : *firm nod.&
Kataramene : But....
Leonidas : You have any use for harpy feathers?
Aristarchus: Perhaps there is more we can learn elsewhere.
Kataramene : That was the crystal in the wolf's side, wasn't it?
Eleni : Much as I keep saying I want to see distant places, that was probably a distance too far...
Damian : No, the one from the swamp.
Eleni : Yes, Damian has the right of it.
Telemachus : No that was a lump of metal Kat.
Kataramene : Oh.... but ....
Aristarchus: Feathers... I don't think so.
Damian : It was what was angering the water spirits.
Kataramene : Well.
Leonidas : Hmm ok
Aristarchus: You have done well. I thank you again, for your service to me, and to Mantineia.
Aristarchus: *seems to have more to say, but holds his words for now...*
Kataramene : *rubs her chin a moment and then seems to shake it off*
Eleni : I was not about to let you go missing!
Eleni : Androcles seemed very worried.
Kataramene : *looks at the cloak she is carry ing again* Is this useful?

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:39 pm

Lazyzeus : So after a reckless pace of adventure culminating in the Harvest Festival, things seem to slow down in Mantineia. Not much happens for a week or so, and you begin to dread the work of preparing the olive groves for the coming winter. Finally, early one morning...

Polytropos : *looks up at the roof.*
Polytropos : I don't know how to make more roof. Does anyone know how to make more roof?
Eleni : *Sits, studying some scrolls with mild interest*
Euthalia: Hmmph. Well. *looks irritated*
Damian : *calls out* It's thatch, Pol.
Polytropos : *looks from Euthalia to... Leonidas, for some reas*
Eleni : I do not believe I have learned the 'conjure roofing' spell yet.
Leonidas : *shrugs* I'm no carpenter or thatcher.
Eleni : Oh. Hello, Euthalia.
Euthalia: Oh, someone deigns to notice me.
Euthalia: Since it seems that _certain_ folk around here have forgotten I exist, apparently.
Polytropos : Morning!
Kataramene : Well, it might help to /be/ that way?
Leonidas : *yawns*
Euthalia: Well. Apparently my job is messenger now. So I have a message.
Euthalia: The elders want to see you up at the temple.
Polytropos : You di that very well! Thank you.
Damian : We shall be along shortly. Thank you, Euthalia.
Euthalia: Hmph!
Telemachus : Thankyou Euthalia
Leonidas : Hermes would be proud.
Polytropos : Daughter of Hermes!

Eleni : Hm. *Puts away notes*
Damian : She is singularly qualified as a messenger.
Kataramene : I suppose we'd better go then. *looking at the falling olives*
Eleni : I wonder what is the crisis this time.
Andreas Appolodorus: So we got a taker for that red cloak?
Polytropos : I'm sure it's something... I was about to say 'nice'. But, no, you're right, it's something that needs done.
Polytropos : And, not me!
Eleni : I suppose it would go nicely with my peplos, but one of you might use the protective charms on it more.
Damian : I'll wear it if no one else wants it.
Kataramene : It could tangle.
Eleni : Such are the perils of fashionability.
Kataramene : Practicality.
Telemachus : Whoever else is going to be standing at the front with me should wear it.
Polytropos : Also, we really need to have a word with Leo about treatin' Euthy right.

Leonidas : *leisurely collects stones from the stream*

Polytropos : 's not done, yaknow.
Damian : She made her bed.
Eleni : I suspect such words, like most spoken to Leo, would largely be in vain.
Kataramene : If she's a door mat that's really her problem.
Andreas Appolodorus: So wear vit then.
Polytropos : Well, one day it's all jokes and laughs, the next it's stones being thrown at our house by an agry family...

Leonidas : *helps himself to some food and drink*

Kataramene : ....
Kataramene : We could evict Leo?
Polytropos : Jus' thinkin' ahead!
Eleni : I suppose we could put it to a vote...
Telemachus : where's he gotten to anyway?
Damian : *waves*
Polytropos : Oooh, this is a bad omen.
Polytropos : Elders.
Damian : *bows* Masters. Mistress.
Eleni : *Nodnod* Good morning.
Andreas Appolodorus: * Salute *

Leonidas : *looks around*

Eleni : Because you have more than a passing famiiarity with him?
Kataramene : He's just slow.
Damian : He's probably finishing up the buffet.
Polytropos : Watching for tripwires.
Eleni : Ah! Decided to join us after all, I see.
Ismeme: Of late, you have done much for the village. We are all very proud of your progress.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : You'll be late for your own funeral leo
Kataramene : *low murmur*
Damian : Or making sure the ale hasn't soured.
Polytropos : Well, it's our village too.
Polytropos : *nod*
Ismeme: Indeed.
Eleni : *Grin*
Kataramene : *grins too*
Miltiades: *pulls at his beard*
Ismeme: Yesterday, a messenger arrived from Argos.
Kataramene : Really? Argos?
Eleni : Hm...
Miltiades: A messenger indeed
Aristarchus: Some of us have served the city... in our past lives.
Pedaeus: Speak for yourself! ha!
Aristarchus: The city fathers seek help against their own legion of troubles.
Eleni : And what sort of legions would these be...?
Miltiades: Aye... but it has been decades since I stood in the phalanx.
Kataramene : They are calling to arms?
Ismeme: The messenger was not specific. But you have already proven yourselves able to deal with a small village's troubles.
Pedaeus: Nothing so grave my dear
Polytropos : *blink blink.*
Kataramene : *low* We may have to disguise ourself.... *louder* Oh.
Miltiades: If it were something as simple as a war, I might take up my aspis and dory and march again!
Damian : Why do I get the feeling that a larger city means greater troubles?
Pedaeus: Indeed! Well said!
Ismeme: Because you are wise?
Leonidas : and greater rewards!
Aristarchus: Heroic feats are for the younger generation.
Pedaeus: True, very true
Eleni : Eager to flee your sweetheart, hm, Leo?
Aristarchus: We have all consulted, and have decided to send you as our response to the summons to duty.
Damian : *nods to Ismene* It is only because I had a wise teacher, mistress.
Leonidas : sweetheart?
Polytropos : Wow.
Kataramene : Gold.
Pedaeus: *nods wisely*
Eleni : Hah. And more importantly, Argos!
Leonidas : Which one?
Ismeme: You are ready.
Kataramene : We will march with them. *firm nod*
Eleni : I have always wanted to go.
Polytropos : Hera's city. That's a fair walk, that.
Ismeme: It is a very long journey.
Telemachus : *grins* We will make you proud
Eleni : Though I am not entirely certain just what these summons entail, I have to say.
Kataramene : Who cares if it's Argos?
Aristarchus: We have prepared this letter of introduction that should see you to the city fathers.
Ismeme: The journey will be difficult, no doubt. We have prepared some things that may ease the road.
Eleni : Hm..
Polytropos : Ah, thank you.
Damian : Thank you, mistress.
Miltiades: And I have finished the task you set me.
Miltiades: The sky iron has made a wonderful sword.
Kataramene : *eyes the sword and nearly drools*
Polytropos : Now that's worthy of Argos, alright.
Aristarchus: Eleni, I have a gift for you.
Eleni : Ooh!
Damian : Pol, can you carry the supply kit?
Aristarchus: I would have given you my ring, but your magic comes from your heart, and not your mind.
Aristarchus: However, this himation should be of use to you.
Kataramene : Does anyone want a spear......
Eleni : I shall choose to take that as a positive.
Eleni : *Tries it on*
Polytropos : *gathers up the supplies, grumbling and looking at Damien*
Damian : Very nice, Eleni, it suits you well.
Androcles: I have no gift... but I shall compose a song in honor of your heroic quest.
Eleni : It does, doesn't it?
Leonidas : Indeed
Kataramene : Because I could really use that sword.
Leonidas : More lovely than ever.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey give it to me if it's too heavy for yoy.
Damian : *glances at Pol* It was a request, Pol, not an order.
Polytropos : You'd give up your festival spear?
Eleni : No trifling feat, to be sure.
Ismeme: As you travel to Argos, remember to always honor the gods, and honor the place you came from through your actions.
Pedaeus: *looks at the others* the cream of the younger generation are leaving our village, its a sad but necessary experience
Polytropos : Ah, we'll be back one day!
Kataramene : Loan it out....
Ismeme: It is my belief that the gods have marked you for great deeds.
Pedaeus: Be safe and honour the gods
Aristarchus: The bird must eventually leave the nest, Pedaeus.
Pedaeus: Indeed
Miltiades: Aye, do us proud.
Eleni : They certainly seem to have marked us for /something/, if recent events are any judge.
Damian : We shall, mistress. And thank you all for your belief in us.
Leonidas : Time to soar!
Ismeme: Should you need to make preparations ere you go, you may visit the temple, or see Glaucus if your purses are too heavy.
Polytropos : I do have a few coins.
Androcles: The road to Argos winds and bends, but bear steadily west, to where Apollo's chariot descends for the night.
Andreas Appolodorus: Four coins is not what one would call heavy.
Pedaeus: Or save your metal for Argos, the shopping is quite good there
Damian : I have all I need, but can spare a few coins if anybody needs to purchase anything.
Kataramene : IT's more than I.
Polytropos : *nods.*
Miltiades: Aye, the markets of Argos are a sight to behold.
Polytropos : *where did his jingling purse come from? No-one knows...*
Damian : Though I think we should wait until Argos.
Telemachus : We'll need some healing supplies, I've collected some saffron if that might be of use...
Kataramene : I am glad there are coins to spare amongst us, as I have none for food even.
Polytropos : Ah, you'll never go hungry!
Polytropos : T'would be a crime to let you.
Damian : I have a number of kits, Tele.
Kataramene : I won't be able to spare time to ... *smiles and preens a little*
Eleni : We can always hunt, if we must. We managed the boars fine.
Ismeme: Take what we have given you, the most precious gift of all... knowledge.
Damian : *to Isemene* But it would serve us well if you could instruct me in their creation, mistress.
Polytropos : We'll be sure to carry the village's name where'er we go.
Polytropos : Argos'll speak of the hardy stock of Mantinea for years!
Telemachus : Who'll look after the farm while we're gone?
Miltiades: Right. Well, off with you then.
Polytropos : Oh yeah, farm...
Pedaeus: Farewell *waves*
Eleni : *Chuckles* I wasn't going to say...
Aristarchus: The farm will survive. Olive trees grew before men tended them, after all.
Polytropos : Get Medios to pick them, he'll do that... adequately.
Eleni : But I'm very happy nobody will be trying to get me to tend the vines.
Androcles: Ha! Perhaps we shall, Polytropos.
Damian : I need stones ere we depart.
Miltiades: that's so, we get some of the younger folk to tend the grove
Kataramene : Then he'll be sueful feeding some and making goods for sale.
Polytropos : Well, then, indeed!
Polytropos : To Argos?
Eleni : To Argos!
Miltiades: *waves*
Andreas Appolodorus: To Argos!
Polytropos : Farewell!
Ismeme: Farewell.
Eleni : Farewell, master. Do not get caught by any nasty crystals while I am gone.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : I shall be very cross if you do.
Kataramene : *doesn't look too unhappy to be leaving*
Andreas Appolodorus: Farewell.
Telemachus : Make sure you've got everything you need before we leave, we're not turning back because someone left their favourite knife behind
Eleni : *Grins, and turns with a swish of the cloak*
Kataramene : That cloak.
Andreas Appolodorus: We may meet again in this life or the next.
Polytropos : West, right...?
Damian : Thank you, Kat.
Telemachus : Farewell masters, When you next see us we'll probably be famous heroes!

Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Kataramene : We all earned it equally, we have to remember that. Would someone like to make use of my spear though?
Polytropos : Why not!
Damian : May I see it?
Kataramene : It's sharp. It might be better than the sword we found.
Telemachus : Yes, we must pool our equipment, we're not rich people. not yet.
Leonidas : I don't wish to get close enough to anything to have to use a spear.
Eleni : One wonders why you are tagging along, then.
Polytropos : *looks at Leo*
Polytropos : How's your archery, Leo?
Leonidas : Hey, I'm good with my sling.
Eleni : I predict many things trying to poke you with sharp things in the future.
Kataramene : You could use it Damien. Polytropos, would you use it more?
Leonidas : I can use a bow I guess.
Andreas Appolodorus: I could use a staff.
Polytropos : You did give me this sword...
Leonidas : Don't have any arrows though.
Leonidas : I have a lot of stones.
Telemachus : Can you make something with this saffron Damian?
Damian : I can try.
Kataramene : Is the spear better?
Polytropos : I haven't had much luck with this.
Leonidas : Guess I could try it.
Damian : I shall be gaterhing stones.

Eleni : Ah, all the hubhub of partings.
Polytropos : Farewell, good women! We're off to Argos!
Euthalia: Argos? But...
Euthalia: You're leaving?
Eleni : Hi, Calliope! But yes, it's true.
Leonidas : Adventure awaits!
Polytropos : Alas. The Lords of that city have summoned all warriors.
Eleni : And us, for some reason.
Polytropos : Haha!
Telemachus : We'll bring you back some souvineers from the great city.
Euthalia: Then why are _you_ going?
Kataramene : *fiddles with belongings looking eager to leave*
Tamara: How exciting!
Polytropos : Well, someone has to carry the food, apparently...
Damian : Because someone needs to record our deeds.
Calliope: *eyes widen with amazment*
Polytropos : *looks at Leo*
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : Yeah, recording. That too.
Euthalia: *stares at Leonidas, then runs off, crying*
Telemachus : We'll bring him back in one piece
Polytropos : Oh dear.
Calliope: What great stories they'll have when they get back!
Leonidas : *shrugs* Women
Polytropos : She'll be ruined for other men now, you know.
Leonidas : Always more fish in the sea.
Eleni : Indeed! I promise to tell you all about it when we return.
Eleni : We might be a while, though.
Lazyzeus : Someday I'll grow up and become a heroic adventurer!
Polytropos : A bitter harpy she'll become. The other young men of Mantinea will curse you in their prayers!
Calliope: *claps hands together* Wow!
Polytropos : Heehee. Maybe some day!
Tamara: Be safe.
Polytropos : We'll try...
Tamara: I think Glaucus will miss you most of all. You seemed to actually be able to find money in this place.
Eleni : Some of us, perhaps.
Leonidas : hmm
Polytropos : *jingle jingle*
Telemachus : hah, only buy selling him things that he never pays enough for
Kataramene : Damian, you could loan my spear. But don't lose it or anything!
Andreas Appolodorus: Damian I could use a tree trunk like that.
Damian : Would you rather a spear, Andreas?
Andreas Appolodorus: No.
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Eleni. Interested in shopping today?
Eleni: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Leonidas : La-de-dum-de=dum.
Damian : *hands over the staff* Then may it serve you well.
Kataramene : Aren't you better with your fists, Andreas?
Polytropos : I'm thinking Himations for those that don't have them./ Gonna be cold on the road...
Andreas Appolodorus: Good to crack some skulls.
Damian : *does a few practive moves with the spear* Yes, I can use this. Thank you, Kat.
Eleni : *Admires the one she received* I am doubly fortunate, then.
Polytropos : Always were!
Eleni : Well, naturally. I was refering to this case in particular.
Andreas Appolodorus: I may use this to break things.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Come on! Let's go! Apollo's chariot waits for no-one!
Damian : To the west then.
Telemachus : You'll have to survive without us from now Glaucus
Eleni : Or if it does, it certainly won't for us.
Telemachus : best of luck!
Eleni : Haah...
Eleni : *Looks around the village* I suppose I might wind up missing this place, despite myself.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes let us depart.
Eleni : But yes! Let us away, if we are all set.
Polytropos : Onward! Follow the sun!
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Leonidas : *stops to pick up an apple or two for the road*
Polytropos : Seems like I was right, it's not just us having troubles, eh.
Kataramene : *didn't even have coin for a cloak*
Eleni : It is a large world.
Eleni : Many people who might potentially have trouble all around.
Telemachus : and mantenea is just a small corner

Polytropos : Wah!
Kataramene : It explains the trouble here.
Eleni : Many people who migth... how odd.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh
Telemachus : you see that?
Polytropos : Hey!
Eleni : Oh, did you see that?
Kataramene : What's going on?
Damian : *stares up the hill*
Leonidas : see what?
Andreas Appolodorus: Who's there?
Polytropos : Don't know! Some little... sprite...
Telemachus : rotten litt...
Polytropos : Oof!
Eleni : The little sprite, up in the hills!
Telemachus : c'mere!
Leonidas : why bother?
Eleni : Because it's /interesting/ of course!
Telemachus : Oh i'll give you such a spanking you rotten sprite
Andreas Appolodorus: Show yourself!
Kataramene : Stupid creatures.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Damian : Leave it. It's only purpose is to distract us from our course.
Eleni : More likely than not, it was just playing around.
Eleni : As it is now.
Eleni : A lovely game of hide and seek, hm?
Damian : *scratches Aias' head*
Eleni : Aha!
Polytropos : Look out!
Eleni : Watch out.
Kataramene : What!
Eleni : Okay, now this is really just rude.
Kataramene : Ow. Ow. Ow.
Telemachus : great start.
Leonidas : We having fun now?
Polytropos : Little wretch is trying to lead us off the path.
Kataramene : Spikey little things.
Eleni : Someone certainly is.
Leonidas : ...and you followed.
Damian : Before we go any further, I can harden one's skin to that of tree bark, but I can only do it once. Who would like it?
Polytropos : Well, we could hunt it, or we could keep heading west.
Telemachus : maybe we should find out what it's up to, we're still pretty close to the village, wouldn't want to leave something dangerous behind
Eleni : I'm not sure if we could find such a tricky creature. Not if it does not wish to be found.
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : Alright, then. We keep on?
Telemachus : If we're sure it's not a danger to the village
Damian : So no takers?
Kataramene : Why is it leading us off the path though?
Eleni : We can't be /sure/, I suppose.
Andreas Appolodorus: We can't go after every potential foe.
Kataramene : We are heroes!
Eleni : Perhaps simply because it wants to play with us.
Kataramene : What if it ambushes merchant leaving the village who then lose their wares and the village gets no outside supplies?
Polytropos : Fine! We'll have a little look, then.
Polytropos : But I'm not sure what we'd find.
Telemachus : anyone see where it went?
Eleni : *Chuckles* More hostile bushes, likely...
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : There's the olive tree...
Lazyzeus : You look around a bit, but find no trace left by the tiny sprite.
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Kataramene : *humphs* It's gone to ground.
Polytropos : So it should!
Eleni : Oh, yes. Clearly, it has withdrawn in terror.
Leonidas : or to await easier game.
Damian : Yes, terror.
Telemachus : alright come on lets find the road and try and make more than a miles worth of travel from the village today
Eleni : Or off to giggle in its lair.
Eleni : Whichever.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : If anything plagues Mantineia further, they'll have to get Euthalia, Brygos, Medios and Calliope to deal with it.
Eleni : Bridge, just up ahead.
Telemachus : I imagine the elders can deal with most situations fairly well.

Lazyzeus : After walking for some hours longer, you are farther from Mantineia than you have ever been.

Eleni : I imagine so, when they don't have us to do their chores for them.
Damian : I don't recognize this area.
Eleni : They shall miss us most of all, I think.
Leonidas : Dum-de-dum-de-dum.
Eleni : Ah, fresh lands! Is it not wonderful?
Polytropos : *waves folk over*
Damian : Yes, but fresh lands could bring fresh danger.
Leonidas : Fresh opportunities!
Eleni : Of course. It would hardly be exciting otherwise.
Damian : What is it, Pol?
Polytropos : All's well.
Eleni : Aah..
Damian : A sphinx?
Kataramene : Is it really?
Polytropos : Er-
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh
Young Sphinx: Humans! How delightful!
Polytropos : Well... it was?
Kataramene : A....
Leonidas : wow
Eleni : Yes. All clear indeed.
Polytropos : Hello...
Young Sphinx: A large band of them.
Eleni : Humans! Yes. That is us. Hello!
Kataramene : *blinks at the creature*
Damian : Greetings, noble sphinx.
Leonidas : Greetings!
Leonidas : What's a sphinx?
Young Sphinx: I greet you. I am Canavaris. A noble sphinx, as you can clearly see. *preens his wings*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hags with wings now a lion with wings!
Eleni : We could hardly fail to notice!
Young Sphinx: What? You have never heard of my kind?
Young Sphinx: What passes for education amongst your kind these days?
Kataramene : Of course we have!
Eleni : Pardon him. He is barely literate.
Leonidas : I'm a simple shepherd.
Young Sphinx: A shepherd, eh?
Leonidas : No insult intended.
Damian : A more noble specimen could ne'er be found.
Eleni : Knows of little else but sheep, panflutes and harps.
Young Sphinx: You wouldn't happen to have any sheep around here, would you?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : We... didn't realise sphinxes lived in this part of the Peloponnese, is all...
Leonidas : Fraid not.
Young Sphinx: A nice, juicy sheep...
Kataramene : No.....
Young Sphinx: Shame.
Eleni : Ah, yse! I had always been led to believe such magnificent creatures prefered more southern climates.
Kataramene : Though there /was/ a sprite a little way bakc.
Leonidas : Those are lovely wings, can you fly?
Young Sphinx: Say, do you like riddles?
Telemachus : If we had we'd surely share. He's retired from shepperding now.
Young Sphinx: Of course!
Kataramene : He avoided us, but wouldn't be beyond your skill.
Young Sphinx: Too stringy, fey meat.
Polytropos : Riddles... some.
Kataramene : I was about to ask you if you liked them.
Leonidas : That must be amazing.
Young Sphinx: All sphinxes _love_ riddles.
Eleni : So I have heard.
Young Sphinx: Of course, I'm still a bit young to begin asking travelers on their lives, but you can never begin preparing too early.
Leonidas : Lucky for us!
Polytropos : Practice... makes perfect...
Young Sphinx: So, do you know any real good ones? So tough that a passing farmer is unlikely to know the answer?
Young Sphinx: Or... shepherd... *looks at Leonidas and rubs his tongue over his lower teeth*
Leonidas : *scratches head*
Young Sphinx: *shakes head* Focus, focus.
Andreas Appolodorus: I only know the 4 legs, 2 legs, 3 legs one.
Damian : He would prove to be a bit dry for your tastes, noble sphinx.
Eleni : Hmm.
Young Sphinx: Oh, _everyone_ has heard _that_ one.
Polytropos : I can think of a few!
Young Sphinx: Wonderful!
Leonidas : *ponders*
Young Sphinx: Here's one I overheard some drovers say.
Young Sphinx: "The more you take, the more you leave behind, what are they?"
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : Ooo.
Young Sphinx: Hmm... mental note, shepherds not good at riddles.
Young Sphinx: Anyone know? Eh?
Eleni : Sadly, true.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah wisdom dictates that it would be something like youth.
Young Sphinx: No! You don't take youth! Come on, it's easy!
Polytropos : *looks behind them*
Leonidas : Women?
Andreas Appolodorus: Time
Young Sphinx: *blinks* Wouldn't know, too young still.
Polytropos : Women? Ye gods, the village'll... oh! Footsteps!
Young Sphinx: Yes! That's it!
Eleni : Well, hopefully you'll learn better than he.
Young Sphinx: Of course, if you figured it out, chances are that the wandering farmer will too.
Kataramene : Doesssss it relate to diging holes
Leonidas : How can you leave foot steps behind?
Damian : By my life, you'll live. In my life, you'll cry.
Polytropos : Ask a tracker, Leo.
Leonidas : You can leave foot prints behind.
Young Sphinx: I need _really_ tough ones, can't eat the farmer if he gets it right.
Polytropos : Hmmm...
Polytropos : How about!
Andreas Appolodorus: You want to eat farmers?
Young Sphinx: Well, shepherds are okay as well, I suppose.
Polytropos : *clears his throat*
Telemachus : Perhaps you could just wager the famer for his sheep or cows or pigs or somesuch..
Polytropos : How about...
Young Sphinx: But if they get the answer, they get to leave unharmed. That's how it works.
Eleni : Lot more meat on sheep and cows, it's true.
Polytropos : 'I drive folk wild to get hold of me; I'm easily beaten, and never free.'
Young Sphinx: Hmm. But sheep can't answer riddles. Isn't that like cheating?
Leonidas : That's not exactly a fair trade.
Young Sphinx: Gold?
Polytropos : Yes!
Young Sphinx: Ha!
Young Sphinx: How about... how many bricks does it take to complete a house made of brick?
Leonidas : Gold's free if you pan it out of rivers.
Polytropos : You might get that, but a shepherd's likely never thought of gold much.
Damian : Here's one, but it may be too easy: I can make a blind man see and make a seeing man blind.
Young Sphinx: Right, not farmers either.
Polytropos : How many bricks...?
Young Sphinx: A bright light?
Polytropos : Wait...
Damian : No.
Andreas Appolodorus: One.
Leonidas : Beer!
Young Sphinx: Yes! The last one!
Young Sphinx: Hmm, you seem quite... juicy.
Young Sphinx: *blinks* Focus, focus.
Polytropos : *nod.*
Damian : *points at Aias* Careful, we have teeth.
Polytropos : Oh. Oh, yeah. That makes sense.
Eleni : You would not like Andreas, I think. Too oily.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : Though I suppose that would help going down, at least.
Kataramene : *sighs impatiently*
Young Sphinx: Don't worry! Still too young to eat travelers yet.
Telemachus : What's brown and sticky?
Andreas Appolodorus: Want to eat me? I could kill you with my bear vhands.
Young Sphinx: You have bear hands?
Young Sphinx: Do they have claws and everything?
Damian : *looks at Andreas* Bear hands? I know they're a bit hairy, but still.
Leonidas : Yeah big paws.
Polytropos : *thinks.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Er bare.
Young Sphinx: Oh!
Polytropos : Oh...?
Young Sphinx: Brown and sticky? Tree sap?
Telemachus : nope
Polytropos : *gruns.*
Polytropos : *grins, too.*
Kataramene : *just look at Telemachus*
Young Sphinx: This isn't one of those riddles related to disgusting human body functions, is it?
Leonidas : A bear crushed beneath a rock?
Polytropos : Is that an answer?
Andreas Appolodorus: All this talking makes me thirsty.
Damian : That'd be slippery, Leo.
Telemachus : What? It's kind of a riddle.
Eleni : I could think of lots of answers, really...
Young Sphinx: Honey?
Polytropos : *holds in laughter.*
Eleni : Slightly moist, brown sugar.
Telemachus : Nope!
Kataramene : This is silly.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Young Sphinx: I give up! Tell me!
Telemachus : A stick!
Polytropos : Haha!
Young Sphinx: Ha!
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Young Sphinx: Ha ha ha!
Andreas Appolodorus: Let me hear it again.
Young Sphinx: Okay, I've got to use that one.
Damian : *groans*
Kataramene : *gives Telemachus an astounded look*
Young Sphinx: Brown and sticky! Classic!
Polytropos : Sometimes, simplicity is the most baffling thing.
Eleni : *Snort*
Young Sphinx: Oh, boy, the tough part will be keeping myself from laughing as I'm eating the farmer.
Telemachus : *noobody* will ever get that one *winks at him*
Young Sphinx: Thanks a lot!
Damian : Yes, because one looks for a deeper meaning. I should have considered the source. *grins*
Young Sphinx: You may pass. Have a nice day!
Young Sphinx: Brown and sticky... ha!
Polytropos : ... hm!
Leonidas : *waves*
Andreas Appolodorus: What? Honey is it?
Polytropos : Heh heh.
Eleni : Well, that was certainly an encounter.
Telemachus : *chuckles*
Kataramene : At last!
Damian : He never answered my first riddle...
Kataramene : Who cares?!
Polytropos : Sure he did. A bright light! Makes sense to me...
Damian : I wonder what sphinx...never mind.
Eleni : Damian, clearly.
Eleni : Oh!
Damian : The one before that.

Kataramene : What now?!
Eleni : /Owls/ of all things?
Polytropos : Angry Birds!
Telemachus : why are we being attacked by owls?
Andreas Appolodorus: Angry birds?
Damian : Ows? Why are owls attacking us?
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : That's even strange than a random juvenile sphnix.
Kataramene : I don't KNOW!
Telemachus : *shrugs* waste not want not...
Polytropos : Did we anger Athena?
Leonidas : never thought owls were so aggressive.
Telemachus : *stuffs the owls into a bag*
Telemachus : that'll be dinner later.
Damian : They usually aren't unless they're hunting, but we're much larger than their usual prey.
Eleni : Not only are they usually not stupid enough to attack humans, they are also nocturnal..;
Polytropos : I see nothing this way.
Telemachus : Think we've reached the next village
Andreas Appolodorus: Owl? All feathers no meat.
Damian : Could use them for fletching.
Kataramene : No reason behind it there.
Kataramene : *looks at the stones*
Kataramene : Do they mark something?
Telemachus : .. doesn't look so good
Polytropos : ... no...
Eleni : They once did, probably...
Damian : Path over here.
Andreas Appolodorus: Think we can take one stone?
Eleni : *Tries to recognize markings*
Eleni : I'm... not certain why we would.
Leonidas : *watches*
Kataramene : Where are we going?
Andreas Appolodorus: A souvenir.
Polytropos : Wh-
Eleni : A whole /boulder/?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Eleni : Ach! Sounds of trouble!
Telemachus : Ok well that's better than owl.
Kataramene : What /is/ going on?
Polytropos : Let's not wander off just yet.
Eleni : What happened?
Damian : I dont' know.
Telemachus : looks like we could go deeper into the forest by following the river
Leonidas : *looks around*
Damian : Something is angering the animals. Their minds are closed to me.
Polytropos : There's a village over there. Maybe we can ask them why their local animals are all angry.
Kataramene : Has something stirred up the creatures..... right.
Telemachus : Yes, we should investigate the village
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Kataramene : Good idea.
Eleni : If we can find anyone, yes...
Polytropos : And maybe buy some food.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let Damian decide.
Damian : Or trade our newly found meat and feathers.
Telemachus : buy food? there's all this perfectly good venision
Kataramene : Find sticks and make arrows with the feathers.
Eleni : I think this is a shrine to a spirit of the wild.
Eleni : Which I suppose might have been left unnappeased...
Damian : *examines stones*
Andreas Appolodorus: I could grab one of these and sell it.
Kataramene : A great menhir like that?
Damian : Best not to disturb them, Andreas.
Kataramene : How?!
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Leonidas : I'll give you a coin if you can carry it across the bridge.

Telemachus : Hello?!
Timaeus the Elder : *whistles a warning noise*
Timaeus the Elder : strangers in sight
Polytropos : We mean no harm!
Telemachus : *waves at them*
Kataramene : We want shelter for the night, that's all!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Andreas Appolodorus: Who's there?
Timaeus the Younger : *waves a hand of reassurence to the others*
Eleni : Who?
Damian : The animal attacks must have been happening for some time for the villagers to be so wary.
Polytropos : ... nooo...
Kataramene : Her who?
Eleni : I'm afraid we're rather mystified.
Demetrios: Right. Better come in, ere there be another attack.
Eleni : Thank you.
Andreas Appolodorus: Attack?
Timaeus the Younger: *looks them over warily*
Polytropos : This place looks like it's seen better days, eh?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Timaeus the Younger: no bears!
Demetrios: My name's Demetrios. This here's Timaeus. One o' them, anyway.
Frightened Villager : *screams* Bear!
Kataramene : What has happened?
Polytropos : Evening.
Timaeus the Younger: *holds the weapon at the ready*
Damian : Wait here, Aias.
Eleni : Don't worry!
Eleni : It's a friendly bear!
Frightened Villager : AAAh!
Damian : He's my friend. Harming him is harming me.
Eleni : Please do not panic!
Andreas Appolodorus: What happened here?
Demetrios: We've had quite enough of animals.
Timaeus the Younger: Aint no friendly bears 'round here
Polytropos : Looks like they' haven't had quite enough of you.
Kataramene : We had an encounter or two on the way here.
Damian : We're not from around here.
Kataramene : What's been happening?
Demetrios: You maybe a friend of the woman? Danae?
Timaeus the Younger: I can see that *eyes narrow*
Kataramene : Never heard of her.
Telemachus : We're frok Mantineia
Eleni : Indeed. Who is she?
Telemachus : *from
Demetrios: Mantineia. That's the next village over, neh?
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : *Nod*
Damian : To the east, yes.
Timaeus the Younger: *turns to keeps watch outside*
Demetrios: I know it. I'm a trader, was caught here when the trouble started.
Damian : With the animals?
Kataramene : Who's this woman too?
Harmonia: It started with her.
Polytropos : Weee're not friends with anyone named Danae.
Harmonia: About a week ago, she came to the village.
Demetrios: *nods*
Harmonia: She was clad in furs, and she spoke... she was angry.
Damian : Especially not if she's the cause of the animal attacks. To use such is...a crime against nature.
Kataramene : *looks at Harmonia*
Demetrios: i've only been here a short time myself
Harmonia: She said that we were responisble for... "attacks upon nature".
Eleni : ...did she happen to clarify what that meant?
Damian : *snorts*
Harmonia: She said that Demeter would revenge herself upon us for farming the land, hunting in the forest...
Demetrios: The village has been under siege since
Kataramene : What could you have been doing to make .... oh.
Eleni : *Scratches head* I've never heard of Demeter dissaproving of /farming/ of all things.
Timaeus the Younger: Aye, we threw her out when she started yelling at us.
Harmonia: She left the village in a fury... the animal attacks started shortly thereafter.
Polytropos : Ahh... yeah, but there's those Mysteries.
Damian : Have you taken more than your share? Did the animals dwindle?
Polytropos : Those weird Demetrians.
Demetrios: These poor people haven't many able-bodied men to protect them
Telemachus : Did you fail to properly honour the Gods?
Polytropos : You know. From Eleusis.
Harmonia: We have not done any of the things she said. We always honor the gods. We are simple folk.
Demetrios: I've been doing what I can to help
Harmonia: We are blessed that you were here, Demetrios.
Damian : Then she is wrong for you and yours have as much a right to live as my friend does.
Polytropos : I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but we're heroes.
Demetrios: *bows* happy be of what limited help I may offer
Telemachus : You don't go around proclaiming it Poly, you let people see for themselves.
Damian : Some forget that man is part of the balance of things.
Demetrios: Heroes? *snickers a bit*
Eleni : *Smirks at Pol* Extraordinarily humble heroes, even.
Eleni : What he means is, we would like to look into this.
Harmonia: We are not warriors... we have barely been able to keep the creatures at bay.
Demetrios: Help? certainly
Harmonia: Best wait until morning, however.
Damian : Yes. This Danae needs to be shown the errors of her ways.
Telemachus : We've had our own fair share of trouble up in Manitiea of late, of all different varities. we've chased it all off.
Demetrios: These folk could use all the help they can get
Harmonia: The animals have not entered this temple... thus far.
Kataramene : Who is the temple dedicated to?
Harmonia: But they've knocked over lamps, started fires...
Demetrios: *looks at there assorted weapons* for heroes, you don't look particulary well armed
Eleni : You know what they say about looks.
Kataramene : *looks for some sign*
Polytropos : Indeed, ha! We've spoken to rivers, and battled with monsters no blade could harm - and won! We've driven away harpies, escaped from centaurs, and returned from the underworld itself.
Harmonia: We do not have a patron god. We honor the Twelve.
Leonidas : Indeed
Telemachus : This trident was a boon from Posidon himself!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Damian : *gestures at Aias* We will offer what assistance we can. My friend will help keep the animals away.
Telemachus : And we have a sword of iron!
Kataramene : *taps the one at her hip*
Leonidas : Forged from a falling star.
Eleni : All fancy, heroic stuff like that.
Demetrios: Harmonica? didn't you say there were javilins somewhere about?
Harmonia: You indeed seem to be... mighty heroes.
Polytropos : We'll see what we can do!
Polytropos : ... when it's light.
Kataramene : After food.
Telemachus : better weapons than you'd find in most any village in the world.. *somewhat protectivly*
Harmonia: Indeed. We had a cache of weapons in the old storehouse, but badgers burrowed into it. We have not been able to enter.
Polytropos : ... badgers again...
Damian : *smirks and leans on staff* Yes, it is very difficult to do heroic deeds in the dark on an empty stomach.
Kataramene : Hmm.... is that close?
Demetrios: Ah yes, the long building over there *points SW*
Eleni : *Chuckles* We have experience with badgers, I suppose.
Telemachus : well we could handle that before we turn in for the night.
Kataramene : I suppose we could try to get rid of them for food.
Polytropos : If it'll help keep this place safe until day comes, can do.
Harmonia: *nods* We will prepare the evening meal. We have little, but we will happily share with you.
Damian : We have vension we can share.
Kataramene : Telemachus, did you cut meat from those deer?
Harmonia: Did the deer attack you?
Kataramene : Yes.
Eleni : They did. As did some owls.
Polytropos : Yep. We're eating them in self-defence.
Damian : Those and owls.
Demetrios: be safe, for I fear there is little we can do to aid you should you be seriously injured
Eleni : A sure sign something was wrong.
Harmonia: Then you should not eat it. The meat from the affected creatures, it becomes greasy and unpleasant.
Telemachus : Oh.
Eleni : Ah.
Polytropos : ... aww.
Kataramene : ... oh.
Telemachus : That's a pity.
Kataramene : Another grievance to place against this Danae.
Damian : I was afraid as much. We should dispose of it then. The fact that it turns tells me much of this Danae.
Leonidas : Doubly cursed.
Harmonia: But we have some lentils and greens, we will make a stew.
Polytropos : It'll do.
Kataramene : And hope no god of pulses gets angry.
Telemachus : Lets go clear out that storehouse.
Eleni : Let us have a look at these badgers, then.
Damian : Come, my friend.
Demetrios: *nods* on behalf of all visitors to the village, I thank thee Harmonica

Polytropos : *scowls, moving a heavy crate over the hole.*
Telemachus : here re the javlins
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : *looks up at the wall decor*
Polytropos : Thwey've... got a rich hunting tradition here, huh.
Eleni : Seems so.
Kataramene : We'd better gather them.
Andreas Appolodorus: Anything else?
Polytropos : *collects a few.*
Kataramene : *grabs the rest*
Polytropos : Hnh.
Kataramene : If the hole is blocked the place may be secure now anyway.
Telemachus : That's it i think
Damian : *glances at the mounted boar head and frowns*
Polytropos : I'm all for hunting for meat, but putting the heads of thigns on walls is weird.
Andreas Appolodorus: Shall we camp here?
Eleni : It would be rude to decline hospitality when offered.
Kataramene : A waste of the meat on the head for one?
Polytropos : Well, there's that.
Damian : And the teeth can be used for needles and the like.

Polytropos : Ho there!
Telemachus : The storeroom is cleared
Telemachus : and we blocked the hole
Damian : Wait here, my friend.
Demetrios: Ah...the heroes return!
Kataramene : Your javelins.
Eleni : Won't keep them out forever, but, hey.
Telemachus : You might want to sleep indoors
Harmonia: If you can put them to use, then they are best served in your hands.
Polytropos : Much obliged.
Leonidas : *sniffs pot*
Polytropos : Say, out of interest.
Harmonia: Please, eat, rest.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : In which case, thank you.
Eleni : The temple is stone, at least. No roof, but there will likely be no burrowing.
Polytropos : What's with the animal bits up on the walls around here?
Harmonia: We have always hunted in the forest.
Telemachus : *eats and rests*
Harmonia: At least, always before.
Damian : *sniffs pot, pulls some out dried herbs, and throws them in*
Polytropos : ... yeah, but...
Polytropos : .... hnh. Well, alright...
Demetrios: This is a great place as a source of hides
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food*
Harmonia: We make the pelts into garments that we sell to passing traders like Demetrios.
Damian : *laddles out a bowl*
Demetrios: I always come here for such
Leonidas : *sits*
Polytropos : From hunting for hides, to hunters hiding, hm?
Damian : *tastes it* Very good. Thank you.
Harmonia: That lets us trade for other things that we need, like bronze tools.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Harmonia: Indeed, we have become the hunted. The gods have a sense of humor.
Eleni : Was there nothing that changed before this strange woman arrived,
Demetrios: I'm sure is all part of a greater plan
Damian : *sets the rest down for Aias* Yes, I know it's not your usual fare, but the game here is no good.
Harmonia: No, not that I can think of.
Harmonia: She just showed up one day.
Demetrios: gods be ever in our thoughts
Kataramene : I am wondering if you could be thought to be unnecessarily killing because of the trophies.
Damian : *picks up the empty bowl and straches Aias' ears* Don't worry, my friend, we'll find you a juicy boar or pig soon.
Eleni : That is no new thing, surely?
Harmonia: I don't know. We would take them down, if that was the only issue.
Frightened Villager: Say, ah, heroes?
Damian : I doubt that's the issue.
Kataramene : Because it is old doesn't mean it can't cause offense to a god.
Polytropos : Yes!
Eleni : Hm?
Frightened Villager: Could you help me as well? If'n it's not too much trouble.
Kataramene : What is it you need?
Frightened Villager: The rats in my barn... they started attacking me and my stock, when the troubles started.
Eleni : What do you need help with, sir? Apart from, well, the obvious.
Polytropos : I fear your hair will never return, friend.
Polytropos : Oh, rats...
Kataramene : Rats...
Frightened Villager: You did them badgers up right... I would be in your debt.
Eleni : Rats should not be much of a problem, I imagine.
Frightened Villager: Big'uns. Never did attack before, but with all the troubles...
Damian : Of course, good sir. Where is your barn?
Boy: Is it safe to go home yet?
Frightened Villager: It's right over yonder. *points to the east* By the paddock.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Kataramene : *sighs and sets down her bowl* A hero's work is never done.
Boy: Daddy? I wanna go home....*starts to cry*
Kataramene : Alright! Alright! We're going.
Harmonia: You are good to offer aid to these humble people.
Boy: *sobs*
Harmonia: We believe that the woman Danae is living somewhere in the forest south of here, now.
Eleni : Well, we should earn your hospitality.
Eleni : Don't worry, boy. You'll be able to go home soon.
Harmonia: At least, that is where most of the animals seem to come from.
Boy: *shoulders start to shake*
Telemachus : Come on Leo off your arse
Damian : *nods* We shall deal with her shortly. She is unbalanced, and not only a danger to you, but to the animals she has enslaved.
Eleni : Hm. *Nod*
Leonidas : *yawns*

Polytropos : I think we saw a path, yes...
Kataramene : Well.... should we try and stop this at the source or hunt down the immediate problem first?
Telemachus : in here?
Polytropos : If we clear the barn, these folk can gather stuff from it while we're gone.
Damian : I say we take care of the rats first since we're here.
Telemachus : *pokes head in, sees nothing*
Eleni : Those /were/ big rats.
Telemachus : That was all of them
Damian : Please be more careful, Eleni.
Kataramene : Gone now.

Lazyzeus : The barn is clear.

Telemachus : Stop stamping all over their crops
Eleni : Oops.
Telemachus : as if they didn't have enough troubles
Polytropos : Let's see what we can see.
Eleni : I did not notice!
Damian : The barn is clear.
Polytropos : What a mess.
Polytropos : We thought we had it bad, hoo.
Eleni : You know, there is something I wonder.
Damian : *nods* We shall find this Danae and deal with as is appropriate.
Eleni : You had all these animals attacking.
Kataramene : This way do you think?
Eleni : But how did half the village get burned down?
Polytropos : Likely.
Telemachus : there was a path south, if you follow the river
Damian : Everything's an adventure, eh Aias?
Telemachus : saw it earlier
Eleni : Hm. Quite... tactical of them.
Kataramene : Perhaps something knocked over a lamp?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : She's not just frenzying these animals, it seems. Controling them in rather more delicate ways...
Telemachus : ELENI! COME ON!
Eleni : I wonder... oh! Coming!

Lazyzeus : You move into the forest, seeking the source of the disturbances cursing Oenoe...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

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Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group was heading into the woods south of the village of Oenoe, pursuing a madwoman who apparently is using animals to advance her cause...

Eleni : Onwards!
Polytropos : *readies his sling, and creeps ahead...*
Kataramene : Whether soldiers or not, if they bite they are fair game.
Eleni : Self-defense is a wonderful thing.
Damian : As much as I hate needless death, I cannot communicate with these animals, so that may be our only course.
Eleni : Though I suppose we would be invaders, in this analogy...
Kataramene : One man's invader is another's explorer.
Andreas Appolodorus: Whatever we find here... I just hope that Mother is not part of it.
Polytropos : *sneak sneak*

Eleni : Angry stag!
Polytropos : Ow!
Eleni : Oh, dear.
Polytropos : Angry Birds!
Kataramene : They must smell you.
Polytropos : ... so, I saw some animals ahead...
Eleni : You don't say?
Damian : Very observant of you, Pol.
Polytropos : ... hnh.
Damian : Where's Leo?
Polytropos : Is that a... cave behind the waterfall, there?
Kataramene : ... I don't know.
Eleni : Mayhaps he spotted a comely she-badger?
Telemachus : Ew
Damian : *shivers* I hope not, for the badger's sake.
Eleni : *Chuckles*
Eleni : There is a cavern, there. By the falls.
Kataramene : Hmm... it looks like an entrance, yes.
Telemachus : looks like there's a path around to it.
Eleni : A bridge, even.
Damian : Pol.
Polytropos : Helloo.
Polytropos : ... what?
Polytropos : What's this?
Damian : So I'm not constantly healing you.
Eleni : *Grin* Neat trick.
Damian : Don't fret, it'll wear off.
Polytropos : You turn me into a tree?
Polytropos : It better!
Kataramene : All rough and ready.
Damian : No, I only hardened your skin.
Eleni : Just your upper bits , I think.
Telemachus : You lot coming or what?
Polytropos : The villagers'll think I'm some monster.
Damian : Just...stay away from fire.
Kataramene : So what's new?
Andreas Appolodorus: A bit slipery be careful.

Eleni : This doesn't quite look like a natural cavern.
Polytropos : ... hear something...
Kataramene : Someone is ...
Polytropos : Heh.
Eleni : Oh. Poor dogs.
Damian : Hmm. I honly have the one spell.
Kataramene : I think some help.
Kataramene : *pats the wolf*
Leonidas : damn what are you doing?
Eleni : We have the better dog, it seems... what's wrong?
Polytropos : ... snakes?
Leonidas : He punched me
Andreas Appolodorus: I did?
Damian : Don't fall behind again.
Eleni : Well, you do look rather mangry, to be fair.
Telemachus : *shakes head* feel dizzy.
Polytropos : So far, so good.

Danae : Violators! Foul corruptors!
Kataramene : What ...
Eleni : Oh, dear. Do you have -
Eleni : Ach!
Andreas Appolodorus: Argh
Damian : Aias!
Polytropos : I turn my back for one moment and-
Danae : The gods shall punish you!
Telemachus : Go around!
Eleni : Do'nt step in the fire! I can't believe I have to say that!
Damian : Face us, witch!
Kataramene : I didn't mean to...
Eleni : Watch out. She'll have more tricks.
Polytropos : .. and I think we're alone.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm hurt
Danae : Death to those who violate the Land!
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Polytropos : Hello!
Polytropos : Urg.

Eleni : She... was not much one for talk.
Telemachus : that could have gone better.
Eleni : Alas.
Kataramene : Stupid.
Telemachus : Thanks
Eleni : You seem... plagued, Pol.
Polytropos : *swats away buzzy things*
Polytropos : Urg.
Eleni : Ah, thanks.
Eleni : Hm... where did she get this, I wonder?
Eleni : Dionysean wine! Or something like it. Should give you a nice kick.
Eleni : As in, make you kick hard.
Polytropos : Thank yyyou.
Polytropos : *squints at the slick-looking boulder.*
Damian : Aias...
Eleni : Oh, I saw him get signed...
Leonidas : wouldn't mind swapping bows.
Kataramene : Alright, give someone who doesn't have one yours.
Eleni : Did he manage to limp away?
Polytropos : This seems a bit familiar.
Damian : I...I hope so.
Polytropos : Not overly so, but...
Telemachus : You want the Armour Kat?
Eleni : So do I. He seems like a tough bear. I mean, even for a bear.
Kataramene : It might help, yes.
Damian : *looks back at Danae's body* Leave the body, let the animals she corrupted have their revenge.
Leonidas : I've got some arrows, so someone else could take those, if they use the bow a bit.
Andreas Appolodorus: Did she escape?
Eleni : Only fitting.
Polytropos : How pleasant.
Polytropos : *collects a dagger, nodding*
Kataramene : Poly, how many arrows do you have?
Polytropos : None!
Polytropos : Gave 'em all to Leo.
Kataramene : Have you a bow?
Damian : *leans on spear* She was no servant of Demiter. But who did she serve?
Polytropos : Nope; gave it to Leo.
Polytropos : Ah, this is coming back to me.
Kataramene : Take some arrows too.
Kataramene : *sriggles the tunic on over her peplos*
Polytropos : Will do.
Kataramene : It's a bit smelly....
Andreas Appolodorus: Is there something behind that rock?
Polytropos : Right, well...
Polytropos : I don't know, it's still there.
Eleni : *Grins* Makes you look like a proper barbarian woman.
Telemachus : You can wash it later.
Leonidas : seems stuck to me
Polytropos : *grins at Kataramene*
Damian : May have to pry it open.
Eleni : What have we here, though...?
Kataramene : *pulls at the tunic, seemingly trying to give it some flare*
Polytropos : An amazon like her needs lepoardskin!
Telemachus : I'm going to have to kick it in again, arn't I?
Polytropos : I have a spear, too...
Damian : *glances at Pol* Leopard skin?
Eleni : *Wince*
Telemachus : it fights back
Leonidas : *watches*
Eleni : This may take a while.
Kataramene : You're going to break that.
Telemachus : Feel free to help sheesh.
Polytropos : Hold on, hold on...*tries the same trick as before, tying his sling around the old copper spear and trying to catch something around the top.*
Eleni : I would, had I not exhausted my powers.
Polytropos : You can't just beat a rock.
Damian : Too many people in the way not doing anything.
Telemachus : It's a door not a rock
Polytropos : Look at it, it's a rock!
Kataramene : It's a boulder, can we move the wedges?
Telemachus : look i'm making progress here!
Eleni : 'Door' and 'rock' are not wholy incompatible concepts.
Damian : *leans on speer* I see cracks forming.
Eleni : Ha!
Telemachus : There we go!
Eleni : So you did..
Polytropos : Huh.
Damian : Aha! I knew that witch was lying.
Kataramene : .... oh my.
Eleni : Strange...
Eleni : Somehow has desecrated this statue. Ares, I think...?
Leonidas : Hmm
Telemachus : look at the grooves out of it. is this the same metal as those arrow heads she had?
Polytropos : So they have
Damian : It appears so. Does that metal look familiar?
Polytropos : Yes, it is
Kataramene : Pieces missing. Perhaps to make something else?
Polytropos : And sticking them into the animals, too.
Kataramene : Oh.... shouyld we put the metal back?
Telemachus : Can we?
Eleni : Hm.. of course...
Polytropos : I'm no smith.
Damian : Do we have anything to bond it back with?
Eleni : The wolves we fought, some weeks back.
Kataramene : How about that sticky stuff on the boulder?
Telemachus : It burnt a little.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : I gather that was not related.
Damian : We can but try. Ares should accept the gesture.
Polytropos : These were in the mad wolf we fought, too.
Leonidas : Figure you'd need some sorta smith to make any decent repairs.
Kataramene : The one from days back?
Eleni : Unless Ares rather liked the thought of enraging beasts.
Polytropos : She must have passed by.
Andreas Appolodorus: Have you collected all the arrows?
Telemachus : She was claiming to be a Disciple of Demeter though, not ares
Damian : We can tell the townsfolk about this.
Eleni : We should probably advice the villagers to try and placate him, regardless.
Polytropos : That's the lot.
Eleni : Claiming, yes. Maybe she even believed it.
Damian : *spits* That one was no servant of Demeter, despite her claims.
Polytropos : *glassy-eyed.*
Kataramene : Do we try to put them back or ....
Kataramene : What's the matter, Poly?
Polytropos : *shakes his head* ... right, villagers. Good idea.
Eleni : We can hardly restore the statue ourselves, so... Hm?
Polytropos : Nothing. Just thinking about fighting.
Damian : Good time to leave then.
Kataramene : There's nothing wrong with fighting.
Damian : There's been enough death in here.
Eleni : I am tempted to agree.
Eleni : Most things we've faced so far had reasons behind their rage, but I'm struggling to see anything here...
Eleni : War for war's sake. Perhaps the idea was to make the villagers abandon Demeter and turn towards Ares?
Kataramene : *makes a quick obesiance to the statue* We are moving to fight, perhaps. I don't feel it would be a bad thing to appease Ares.
Eleni : Perhaps. But as I said earlier...
Eleni : Please one and you may anger another.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is there any meaning to all this?
Eleni : Probably. But it goes above us, if so.
Kataramene : *eyes take on a far away look for a moment and a grin appears on her face*
Polytropos : Philosophers've been wrestling with that one for a while.
Damian : *washes hands*
Eleni : We can but speculate and - hah - philosphize.
Telemachus : Personally I don't aim to be a farmer.
Polytropos : *tries to put a bit of metal in a matched chip, anyway.*
Telemachus : Look at the size of that blade..
Polytropos : *blink.*
Telemachus : I mean in proportion to him.
Kataramene : A weapon for a god.
Telemachus : You think a smith could really make a sword like that?
Polytropos : *works with the rest, asking for help in finding the,.*
Telemachus : *blinks*
Polytropos : They just fit back in.
Kataramene : Then we should replace them all. *lends a hand*
Eleni : Hephaestus could, I4m sure.

Lazyzeus : There are more pieces missing than you found, but the statue is as restored as you can make it.

Polytropos : What a strangr work.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Telemachus : with no heat or anything?
Polytropos : *pats the statue.*
Polytropos : A strange, powerful magic.
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : I'm happy to leave Ares here for now, though.
Kataramene : It is a god. *eyes glow a little* Should we tell the villagers or leave them ignorant? Would we want an enterprising smith taking the metal?
Kataramene : *a certain pleasurable look in her eyes*
Polytropos : Ares'll look after his own, I reckon.
Andreas Appolodorus: Only a fool would try to desecrate this place.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : The witch tried
Polytropos : And what happened? We did
Eleni : I suggest we tell them all we know. If any are foolish enough to steal from a god, they should probably be left to lie in the bed they made.
Kataramene : That is true.
Kataramene : *drags herself away from the statue reluctantly*
Eleni : Perhaps they can make more sense of this. We shall see.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Andreas Appolodorus: The Gods can see through this. We did not defy them we only looked for Danae to confront her.
Kataramene : *has a thoughtful look and casts her eyes back occasionally*
Eleni : Who claimed to serve one god while drawing power from another. That /must/ be something that is generally frowned upon, I imagine.
Telemachus : *makes obeisience to the statue and leaves*
Polytropos : Ah, that's netter.
Polytropos : Well, I'm not about to second-guess the Olympians.
Eleni : They tend not to like it when mortals do that.
Polytropos : Anyone need a dagger, by the way...?
Eleni : I wonder if any enraged animals remain, or if any still affected are healed now...
Kataramene : This is sufficient.
Damian : I hope they are healed, no animal deserves to have its mind taken like that.

Kataramene : Were those stones to mark the way to his temple?
Eleni : Unlike some humans?
Damian : Them neither.
Timaeus the Elder : The strangers return from the forest!
Eleni : These? They are a shrine to Demeter.
Kataramene : Oh.
Eleni : Or to nature spirits, I'm not certain.
Kataramene : *obviously a lot less interested*
Polytropos : T'is not us who lie dead, friends!
Damian : No, just battered and bruised.
Polytropos : We did!
Damian : Her remains feed the worms.
Leonidas : food and drink the returning heroes!
Demetrios:Good news.
Polytropos : Can we come in?
Harmonia: Of course.
Eleni : A strange thing...
Harmonia: It is sad that anyone had to die, but I fear the woman's mind had fled her.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : You should find it safe to return to your homes.
Boy: Is Barky going to come back, mommy?
Eleni : Discourse did not seem to be on her mind, yes.
Frightened Villager: Hush, let's wait and see what happens.
Polytropos : She had the attention of Ares, maybe. She lived in his shrine, just through the woods.
Demetrios: Ares?
Damian : If it's not too much trouble, we could use a bit of a respite.
Polytropos : Well, it might be.
Eleni : *Nod* The animals were enraged because she pierced their skins with shards from his statue.
Harmonia: There is no war here... well, there was none before Danae showed up. Perhaps it makes sense.
Harmonia: Of course, you may share our fire tonight.
Kataramene : Perhaps, but it would be wise not to abandon it lest the same happen again.
Polytropos : Hurray!
Damian : *smiles* Thank you.
Demetrios: *shrugs* I think it is best to leave Ares alone.
Eleni : I am not entirely certain what to make of the whole thing, but she lies dead. And if any beasts she turned are still dangerous, well - most of them have been dealt with as well.
Demetrios: I served in the phalanx in my youth. It was not something I would revisit.
Frightened Villager: *prepares a fire*
Kataramene : *momentary flash of her eyes*
Polytropos : And there we go! The tale is told.
Eleni : *Cough* Well. What you do with this knowledge is none of our bussiness.
Demetrios: Well! You have saved the village.
Damian : *grabs some stew*
Polytropos : *grins at various villagers.*
Leonidas : *helps himself to food*
Demetrios: *looks at Harmonia* I will stay, I think, to help with the rebuilding.
Eleni : *Grins* Well, we could hardly ignore a situation like this.
Harmonia: Your help would be most welcome.
Leonidas: PC Emote Wand : What would you like to do?
Eleni : And you have repaid us with your hospitality!
Harmonia: Would that we had a greater reward.
Demetrios: Hmm, I have something that you might find valuable, perhaps.
Polytropos : Remember us!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Andreas Appolodorus: * eat something *
Polytropos : Ooo, or that.
Damian : Helping you is its own reward. Besides, that witch needed to be stopped.
Kataramene : We have taken what was hers.
Demetrios: There was something I was going to follow up on, but now that I am staying...
Polytropos : *curious*
Demetrios: In my travels I stumbled upon this lore.
Eleni : Hm...?
Eleni : *Investigates*
Demetrios: On the road to Corinth lies a mountain, Mount Oligyrtos.
Kataramene : *peers over her shoulder* That is interesting.
Demetrios: According to tale there is a forge sacred to Hephestus near its peak.
Damian : *reads the tablet* Yes, this could be useful.
Eleni : Indeed...
Demetrios: The account suggests that weapons can be augmented with the power of the gods there,
Eleni : Certainly something worth investigating.
Demetrios: Indeed. There is a crossroads a day's walk west of here, on the way to Argos.
Kataramene : *nods eagerly*
Demetrios: The north fork heads toward Corinth.
Polytropos : If nothing else, we can visit!
Demetrios: I hope you find use from it.
Polytropos : Thank you, old soldier!
Damian : *extends hand* You are a good man, Demetrios.

Lazyzeus : You spend the night in Oenoe. The villagers are welcoming, and share all they have with you.

Kataramene : *spends the night trying to clean the smell from the tunic and tart it up a bit, most of the time seemingly deep in thought*
Harmonia: Here, take these for the road ahead. There are many dangers on the route to Argos.
Polytropos : *tells stories of their heroic deeds, or tries*
Leonidas : *sings some songs and share some stories over drinks*
Damian : *spends the night underneath the stars*

Lazyzeus : Morning comes swiftly, with the open road beckoning once more.

Polytropos : Farewell, people! Good luck with the rebuilding!
Eleni : *Yawns* Good morning, one and all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Farewell.
Eleni : Best of fortunes to you, Oenoe!
Kataramene : One day we will return triumphant.
Telemachus : Farewell!
Eleni : Against what, do you imagine?
Kataramene : I don't know, what have you ogt?
Polytropos : At this rate? Probably boredom.
Eleni : *Grins* No greater victory than against the mundane, I suppose.
Telemachus : We should visit this forge.
Polytropos : We'll have led the most exciting lives in all the Peloponnese states.
Eleni : Well.
Eleni : I don't know about that.

Lazyzeus : The road grows rougher as you move past Oenoe into a landscape of meandering hills.

Damian : Aias! You survived! *hugs the bear in a bear hug*
Eleni : But we have made a good start.
Polytropos : Can't keep a good bear down!
Eleni : Hah!
Eleni : Good to see you well, big and furry one.
Kataramene : Should I name the wolf?
Telemachus : Is it always the same wolf?
Andreas Appolodorus: How do you make a bear appear out of thin air?
Eleni : He's a nice bear!
Telemachus : It's tame.

Polytropos : Ho there!
Eleni : Hello?
Telemachus : Oh uhm goodday
Polytropos : We do?
Kataramene : I didn't ask ... oh, hello.
Salmoneus: There's men... *gasping* After me...
Eleni : Do not be alarmed.
Polytropos : Men?
Damian : Why are these men after you?
Telemachus : Who? why?
Kataramene : *eyes the man curiously*
Polytropos : I don't,... oh, those men.
Warrior : There he is!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello, who are you?
Polytropos : They look pretty serious.
Salmoneus: Gulp!
Telemachus : What's going on here?
Boethus: Hail and well met, travelers.
Eleni : Ah! Hello, persons unfamiliar...
Polytropos : If you say so.
Damian : Hail.
Salmoneus: They want to kill me!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Well met.
Eleni : We appear to have stumbled upon a strange scene.
Andreas Appolodorus: What now? Common thieves?
Boethus: This matter does not concern you, travelers.
Boethus: We just want to have a ... chat, with the merchant.
Polytropos : I'm feeling pretty concerned...
Eleni : And what matter is this, precisely?
Telemachus : It looks like you're trying to rob him.
Andreas Appolodorus: On who's authority?
Boethus: He is the robber, warrior.
Kataramene : *looks at Boethus and then at the merchant*
Salmoneus: No! I'm falsely accused!
Telemachus : What happened?
Leonidas : *listens*
Boethus: The merchant sold us two cartloads of wine, flour, and olives.
Kataramene : Don't tell me, they were off?
Polytropos : *looks between the merchant, and the armed men.*
Boethus: The wine was sour, the flour full of weevils, and the carts' axles were rusted through!
Warrior: The olives were good, though.
Eleni : You probably should have asked to inspect the wares, then.
Kataramene : *eyes the merchant*
Salmoneus: Ah, I did say there might be a bit of... loss in shipping?
Polytropos : A man who knows his olives. I approve.
Boethus: You cheated us!
Andreas Appolodorus: What say you old man?
Salmoneus: An honest mistake! I was going to offer a partial refund, of course!
Kataramene : The situation is easily resolved. He may take back his goods and return the coins.
Salmoneus: I, ah, might have already spent some of the money.
Salmoneus: A lot of the money.
Polytropos : On what?
Boethus: *grins* Then we'll just take it out of your hide.
Kataramene : Or those clothes. They look expensive.
Salmoneus: I'll make it back ten times over! There's this prosperous trade in pig intestines, they're all the rage for divination!
Damian : Sure you have work he could do to repay you.
Boethus: Sure, sure, an excellent idea.
Boethus: Come with us, merchant, we'll put you to... work.
Eleni : Now, now. *Smiles* I'm sure this could be solved in a civilized manner.
Eleni : What of value do you have on you..?
Salmoneus: *swallows nervously*
Polytropos : *rubs chin, squinting at the merchant.*
Salmoneus: Don't let him take me! He's a ruthless warlord!
Kataramene : Taking his clothing and laving his life /is/ civilised.
Telemachus : You probably shouldn't have sold him shoddy goods.
Salmoneus: My... clothes?
Eleni : I know! I was agreeing with you.
Polytropos : Good point, come to think of it. Who are you people? I don't know of any villages nearabouts.
Kataramene : They can be sold for the difference perhaps?
Boethus: We'll take the clothes, if we can take a few strips of hide as well.
Boethus: I am Boethus, and my dealings are my own, hunter.
Eleni : You've already put the fear of the gods in the poor man, haven't you?
Telemachus : You've nothing else of value you might trade?
Boethus: You do not want me as an enemy.
Polytropos : ... so... on the one hand a swindler, and on the other, a bandit.
Eleni : The stress of all this on his poor heart will surely shorten his years already.
Damian : A just man does not make threats.
Salmoneus: Well, I might have a _few_ coins, but I need those to secure the investment, to get the profits I can use to pay off the warlord!
Polytropos : Those are some skewed scales.
Boethus: "Bandit" is an ugly word.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Eleni : No wonder most bandits prefer others, then.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Boethus: Sometimes people hire me to take care of unpleasant chores that need doing.
Andreas Appolodorus: Enemies? We had plenty but most met their fate...
Kataramene : Ahh.
Boethus: You seem like the sort that would understand.
Boethus: Let's not devolve into threats.
Leonidas : Indeed
Kataramene : Perhaps, perhaps not, but either way. I like not a cheat.
Boethus: I can go back and get the rest of my men, but do we want that?
Leonidas : We have other matters to attend to, no?
Boethus: What is this man to you? Just let me take him and we can all go on our way.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is this matter settled then?
Boethus: If it will assuage your consciences, I will swear on Ares that I will not kill him.
Salmoneus: That's not... ah, reassuring.
Eleni : Hah.
Kataramene : *looks at Boethus*
Salmoneus: I have friends! Did I say that I know Hercules?
Boethus: Yeah, yea.
Leonidas : Be wiser in your pick of customers in future, friend.
Telemachus : Will your friends pay your debt for you?
Damian : Take his clothes and his coins, that should be compensation enough.
Eleni : If he is of so litle import, then surely your honour can be satisfied withotu flaying him?
Eleni : A little ruination and humiliation work just as well, anyway.
Kataramene : Fair compensation in goods, and work if it is not sufficient.
Salmoneus: Can I appeal to your sense of heroism, perhaps?
Kataramene : Not as a cheat and liar.
Polytropos : *rubbing his chin, squinting at the collection of unpleasant thugs.*
Salmoneus: Or would you like shares in the divination business?
Salmoneus: I'm not a liar!
Kataramene : These are strong men, a village would not have been able to chase you thus.
Salmoneus: I tell the truth on many occasions!
Eleni : I'm not sure if trying to bribe us is helping negotations, sir.
Boethus: *stands with his arms folded*
Eleni : Or your moral standing.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Salmoneus: Moral standing is all well and good, but I'm very attached to my hide!
Salmoneus: I'd prefer not to see it removed!
Polytropos : We could settle this with a fight.
Damian : Neither would we, which is why we suggested your clothing instead.
Polytropos : Not, all-out. But of champions.
Polytropos : See who has the right.
Polytropos : Just a thought.
Kataramene : *looks at Poly*
Boethus: I dn't fight unless it's to kill, boy.
Andreas Appolodorus: A fight? The man is old don't you see?
Polytropos : If anyone'd care champion this blubberer.
Polytropos : No, not him, Andreas.
Telemachus : How much does he owe you?
Polytropos : And I'll have you know I'm almost twenty.
Boethus: One hundred denarii.
Eleni : *Whistles*
Polytropos : *low whistle.*
Eleni : How much would the clothes go for, I wonder...?
Telemachus : How much do you have on you?
Kataramene : I will not fight for a cheat and liar. I don't wish to see him wounded but would not fight for him.
Salmoneus: But the olives, what about the olives?
Leonidas : La-de-dum-de-dum.
Salmoneus: I only have twenty.
Boethus: *adjusts his sword*
Salmoneus: Did I say twenty? I meant thirty.
Eleni : You know, we could just search you.
Kataramene : I'd suggest that as a wise option.
Salmoneus: Look! *holds up purse* Almost empty! *shows Eleni*
Damian : I'm sure if you reached really deep into that coin purse of yours, you could find more, Salmoneus.
Eleni : *Counts coins*
Eleni : Closer to 40, then.
Salmoneus: But I need a few for food on the road, don't I? You wouldn't leave me destitute?
Kataramene : He wears a necklace that may have value too, and who knows where he might have hidden other coin.
Salmoneus: *smiles hopefully*
Eleni : Oh, there is a friendly village down the road. They need help rebuilding.
Eleni : I'm sure you could work for a living, for a while.
Damian : 40 plus his clothing. Would that be sufficient?
Boethus: Give me sixty, and the necklace, and the tunic, and I'll let him go.
Salmoneus: Naked? But... there's wolves...
Kataramene : What is the value of the ruined goods?
Damian : Not if you run quckly and make it before nightfall.
Eleni : Wolves will eat you just as easily with silks on, you know.
Boethus: One hundred denarii.
Eleni : If they are especially hunry.
Salmoneus: Umm... can I borrow the twenty I'm short? I'm good for it, I swear.
Salmoneus: *starts stripping*
Eleni : *Sighs, looks at her companions* We not are not wealthy persons.
Damian : We have no coin. You will have to be content with 40 and his clothing.
Polytropos : Take the 40 and count yourselves fortunate, and watch your bargaining in future, I say. We've got places to be.
Boethus: Of course. Have a nice walk.
Eleni : *Tsk*
Boethus: We'll just have a little chat about the outstanding balance.
Kataramene : *watches the move to surround*
Salmoneus: *swallows*
Telemachus : *sigh*
Telemachus : what's the balance?
Boethus: Twenty denarii.
Andreas Appolodorus: What now?
Polytropos : How did I know this was going to happen. *nocks an arrow*
Boethus: How much is merchant flesh worth? Hmm.
Kataramene : Do your men left at your camp wish for a new leader?
Telemachus : I've got twelve, anyone else want to chip in?
Eleni : Perhaps I have something better.
Boethus: Why the threats?
Polytropos : You're not seriously going to give this man money, are you, Tel?
Boethus: Is this man worth it?
Telemachus : We can buy his debt.
Kataramene : You've been offered compensation to the tune of all he has, and yet want more.
Boethus: I only want what is owed me.
Polytropos : Are we heroes or accountants? Sheesh.
Kataramene : Yet if you don't accept what is offered at least one, probably more, of you will loose even more.
Eleni : *Retrieves a potion from her robes* Have you ever, ah - come in posession of items you could not assess the value of? Something strange and usual? A man like you must have, I'm sure.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Polytropos : 'Is this man worth it'. I say, ask that question yourself...
Boethus: If I let him off, word gets out, and then what? No fear, no respect. How can a warlord work under such conditions?
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps give him a chance to repay in time with some interests, no?
Kataramene : He can continue to work if he walks away.
Telemachus : Here.
Boethus: Fair enough.
Kataramene : ...
Boethus: All right, merchant, you get to live another day.
Eleni : *Shrugs, stows the potion*
Salmoneus: Umm... thank you!
Salmoneus: I won't forget it!
Kataramene : I'm quite sure he will.
Eleni : Tell them the Mantineians sent you!
Telemachus : *grumble*
Eleni : *Shouts after him*
Boethus: Gah, it even smells like him.
Eleni : It would, wouldn't it?
Polytropos : A fond keepsake.
Polytropos : Now what?
Boethus: As for the rest of you, perhaps we'll meet again under... other... circumstances.
Polytropos : Bah.
Kataramene : Try not to bite more than you can chew.
Damian : Pray that we don't.
Eleni : With nobody's hide on the line, I should hope...
Andreas Appolodorus: Anytime.

Eleni : *Phew*
Polytropos : I was being careful with that coin, you know.
Eleni : That could have gotten ugly...
Kataramene : Telemachus, that was coin we may need.
Telemachus : It wasn't all of it.
Damian : What's done is done, let us be away to the forge.
Telemachus : I didn't particularly want to watch a man die for the sake of twenty coins
Kataramene : It's many times more than I have.
Eleni : I was readying myself for a sales pitch on this potion. But it might be worth more in Argos, I'm not even sure.
Eleni : None of us did.
Andreas Appolodorus: So many coins.
Kataramene : I wouldn't have watched, or stood still.
Eleni : You did a right thing, at any rate.

Eleni : Ack!
Polytropos : Hey! What?
Kataramene : What the...
Eleni : Don't tell me. Another sprite...?
Eleni : Eep!
Eleni : *Stumbles*
Eleni : Ugh..
Telemachus : What in hades...
Kataramene : The trickster again?
Damian : Stupid creature.
Andreas Appolodorus: Another prankster?
Eleni : Okay, this was amusing the first time... *Clears dirt off peplos*
Telemachus : Is that damned thing following us?
Polytropos : Bah.
Eleni : ...but now, it is just annoying;
Polytropos : Anyway.
Eleni : You alright, Leo?
Polytropos : I'm not sure, but this might be the road to Corinth we were told about?
Leonidas : um, yeah what happened?
Eleni : Another pixie bothering us. Probably the same.
Damian : Could be.

Lazyzeus : The side path that the warlord and his men took seems like a narrow, infrequently-used trail.

Eleni : We are being pixie-stalked.
Polytropos : ... but maybe not.
Eleni : Perhaps a friend of that Satyr we angered...
Damian : No, I think it leads to the bandit camp.
Leonidas : great
Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : On we go.
Kataramene : We should remember it.
Polytropos : Oh, I will.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Telemachus : You're very certian they were bandits

Polytropos : Oh, this is more like i...
Polytropos : Another runner?
Eleni : Hm?
Polytropos : ... a Spartan?
Kataramene : Someone get some water.
Eleni : Whatever seems to be the matter...?
Damian : Be calm.
Eleni : *Looks around* My flask is empty, I'm afraid... what?
Eleni : Demons?
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Damian : I have a little water.
Pheidippides: *sucking in heavy breaths*
Pheidippides: *looks like he might have run all the way from Laconia*
Damian : *offers the flask* Here, have some.
Kataramene : *leans down to help him up a little*
Pheidippides: *drinks, coughing* Thank you.
Leonidas : what's his problem?
Polytropos : Easy, there. Easy.
Eleni : Start from the beginning, now. Easy.
Damian : *helps him sit up* What's this about demons?
Pheidippides: I... am Pheidippides.
Polytropos : Polytropos!
Damian : Damien.
Kataramene : Kataramene
Leonidas : *listens*
Pheidippides: I was sent... by Captain Dienekes... of Sparta...
Eleni : Eleni!
Eleni : You ran all the way from Sparta...?
Pheidippides: To Argos... seek aid...
Andreas Appolodorus: Andreas.
Polytropos : Wow.
Pheidippides: Not all... way.... Taygetus Mountains... outpost...
Damian : Sparta? Oh.
Eleni : Still.
Polytropos : Well, we're going there. Sort of.
Pheidippides: *bends over, grasping his knees; he looks to be in excellent shape*
Polytropos : Argos, that is.
Kataramene : What aid do you seek?
Eleni : Yes, funny thing...
Pheidippides: How far... city?
Polytropos : ... though we were going to detour to Corinth...
Eleni : Argos has also sent out a request for aid.
Polytropos : *looks down the road*
Telemachus : not all the way to corinth..
Pheidippides: Not sure... how long... can hold out...
Telemachus : Just to mount Oligytos
Eleni : From many villages in Argolis. We are not sure why, but if /they/ need help, then they might not be able to spare any for Laconia.
Pheidippides: Sent aid to Sparta, but passes through mountains... difficult.
Kataramene : If Argos seek aid the..... exactly.
Pheidippides: *sent for aid*
Polytropos : Hrm.
Kataramene : Why are the passes difficult?
Pheidippides: High mountains...
Pheidippides: We were assigned... honor duty... protect shrine of Athena in mountains.
Pheidippides: *slowly getting his breath back, straightens*
Pheidippides: Demons came, attacked us.
Kataramene : *blinks a little* And it is under a.... right.
Damian : *offers the flask again*
Pheidippides: We held our posts...
Pheidippides: *drinks* Thank you, brother.
Eleni : When you say demons...
Eleni : What do you mean, exactly?
Damian : *nods and takes a swig*
Pheidippides: Monstrous things. Small at first. Then... larger.
Pheidippides: As big as a man, then larger still.
Telemachus : How far is it?
Pheidippides: Fiends with claws, fangs, terrible... from a nightmare of the underworld.
Kataramene : *looks at the others*
Pheidippides: I ran all night.
Telemachus : We might be the closest
Damian : *frowns*
Pheidippides: I must continue to Argos... such is my mission. But I fear that we may not hold out much longer.
Polytropos : Hrm.
Pheidippides: Captain Dienekes will hold the post until the last man falls.
Eleni : *Taps chin* What do we do...?
Telemachus : How many were the enemy?
Kataramene : We might, and were heading to the mountains anyway.
Pheidippides: They came in waves.
Pheidippides: We slew many, but our weapons did little damage.
Damian : The forge can wait, I only hope we will not need its blessings first.
Eleni : In the other direction, Katara. Corinth is north, not south.
Pheidippides: They had killed Polykreitos and Lenotes before I left.
Polytropos : ... we know of a place that can maybe give weapons an edge against such things, don't we.
Polytropos : Turning up is no good if we can be of no help.
Eleni : We do, but do the Spartan have enough time?
Pheidippides: Captain Dienekes has a blessed spear, it was able to pierce their hides.
Damian : There-in lies the crux, Pol.
Eleni : *Spartans
Kataramene : This is the question.
Eleni : Maybe I can cook up a spell...
Pheidippides: Forgive me, but you do not look like warriors.
Polytropos : I don't suppose any of us know how to bless sp-
Kataramene : Are my sword and Telemachus's trident sharp enough?
Eleni : Empower the blades.
Polytropos : *flat look at the Spartan.*
Pheidippides: A woman? *blinks*
Telemachus : *raises eyebrow*
Kataramene : *echoes that*
Eleni : Oh, weapons that are already saced should do, I imagine.
Damian : Yes, a woman. Is there a problem?
Telemachus : Never heard of Amazons?
Eleni : *sacred
Pheidippides: I did not seek to offend.
Pheidippides: Any aid would be welcome, of course.
Polytropos : ... alright, we can try. But it's sure to be rough.
Kataramene : *eyes narrow and draws herself upright*
Damian : *pats Kat's shoulder* Let it lie, my friend. So, to the forge or the outpost first?
Pheidippides: The fiends came out of the valley where the shrine was located. The outpost blocks their egress. Should we fall, they could ravage the entire region.
Telemachus : How far was the forge?
Eleni : We know not what we'll even find at the forge. Never mind if we'll be able to use any of its treasures, whatever they are, right away.
Eleni : Haephestus guards his creations jealously, or so I hear.
Kataramene : That is the problem.
Polytropos : *scratches his head, ignorant of the geography.*
Damian : I can empower Aias for a time and harden one's skin.
Polytropos : Fine. We'll need all the magic we can muster, but to the shrine it is.
Polytropos : We've got some arrows, we've got Telemachus's trident. It'll have to be enough.
Damian : I have the iron dory, it shall have to be enough.
Polytropos : If anyone thinks not, off we go.
Kataramene : Hopefully sky iron with suffice.
Polytropos : *waits for a few seconds.*
Pheidippides: *nods* The outpost is on this road, to the south. Tell Captain Dienekes that I have gone on to Argos, as ordered.
Polytropos : ... off we go!
Polytropos : May we see you well!
Kataramene : *sniffs* We will.
Pheidippides: *runs off again*
Damian : We shall. Run swift and sure.
Polytropos : If not, bury us!
Eleni : So many surprises!
Leonidas : *waves*

Eleni : ...I wonder of these demons, though.
Telemachus : They sound familiar
Kataramene : Like the...
Polytropos : Best to - ow! Ow, ow!
Eleni : Agh! More enraged animals?
Polytropos : Aaaaooow!
Polytropos : By the furies!
Eleni : I suggest we move away from their lair.
Kataramene : Throw something over it.,
Telemachus : Why are you smashing it?!
Telemachus : Eleni, burn it or freeze it?
Polytropos : They brought it on themselves!
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Eleni : Can barely se..
Polytropos : Yeah! You better run!
Telemachus : You're the biggest fool I've ever met
Polytropos : Ow, ow ow ow...
Leonidas : The mighty bug hunters!
Eleni : Who runs into a hornet's nest? I mean, really?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : How much worse could it have gotten?
Telemachus : Who set them off in the first place?!

Eleni : Oh, hold on..
Eleni : Do you see that, Damian...?
Kataramene : Just walk...
Telemachus : God the stings itch!
Polytropos : Gnnnh.
Damian : Yes I do.
Andreas Appolodorus: A bear.
Eleni : Let sleeping bears lie, I suppose.
Polytropos : Oh thank the gods, saffron.
Damian : *examines the bear*
Eleni : ..or go and have a chat wit them, either way.
Damian : *takes out a salve and rubs it over the bites*
Damian : There. That should take the sting out.
Kataramene : Was it the creature who stirred them up?
Polytropos : *picks some saffron, frantically rubbing it over the stings.*
Polytropos : Ow, ow ow ow...

Lazyzeus : The day fades as the trail grows steeper.

Kataramene : *labours on*
Polytropos : This... this is hard ground.
Spartan Soldier : Men approach!
Kataramene : Any sine of the shrin.... oh.
Leonidas : merchant or someone up head to the right
Eleni : Ah! Not just men, mind you.
Dienekes : Stand your ground!
Polytropos : Ho there!
Polytropos : Ow.
Polytropos : Yes. Is one of you Captain Dienekes?
Dienekes: *blinks* I am he.
Dienekes: How do you know my...ah. The messenger.
Kataramene : We met your runner on the road.
Polytropos : Aye! We thought we'd lend a hand.
Eleni : *Nod* He moves on to Argos.

Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Leonidas: I'd like to see what you have for sale.

Polytropos : Ow.
Telemachus : He told us about the demons. We think we may have fought something similar before
Telemachus : we came to help.
Kataramene : We have faced some of them before.
Polytropos : Yeah, we've done other realms.
Polytropos : *nods.*
Telemachus : Mantineia
Polytropos : ... man... mantinea *mumble*
Kataramene : Heading to Argos.
Eleni : *Smiles* Most haven't.
Polytropos : It's... really well known, actually.
Polytropos : For... olives.
Kataramene : Good olives.
Eleni : Maybe that will change. But for now, about these demons...
Telemachus : The village is not large, but has been as full of problems as the rest of the world is of late
Spartan Soldier : Captain! Something comes!
Kataramene : Including having to...
Polytropos : Ay now?
Eleni : Ah! Speak of the... ah, devils, I suppose...
Dienekes : Stand your ground! Hold positions!
Polytropos : Leo! Do you have any of those silver arrows?
Polytropos : Leo?!
Eleni : Off doing something sensible, I4m sure..

Vulture Demon : *high screech*
Dienekes : For Sparta!

Dienekes: Well done!
Eleni : Ugh. They resist spells.
Dienekes: That was a new kind.
Kataramene : Those are not like what we saw....
Dienekes: Ware the traps!
Eleni : Andreas!
Dienekes: It's all right. This was a new one, if they come with wings, they can fly over our defenses...
Dienekes: If they come upon us from behind...
Dienekes: Nacos! Warn the merchant.
Spartan Soldier: Sir!
Polytropos : Ah, Leo. Got any of those- where'd you get that tunic?
Eleni : I can't do much if my spells are rendered useless, but I can keep an eye out.
Leonidas : merchant down the road
Polytropos : ... huh.
Dienekes: There was a trader, he got caught up here when his wagon broke down.
Telemachus : *rolls eyes*
Dienekes: You fought well.
Polytropos : Do you still have any of those silver arrows, Leo?
Leonidas : a few
Polytropos : None spare, hm.
Polytropos : Well... fair enough./
Dienekes: We must hold our posts, but if you could investigate, perhaps find out where they are coming from.
Polytropos : I suppose we could do that.
Dienekes: This outpost was set up to protect an ancient shrine sacred to the goddess Athena, higher up in the mountains yonder.
Dienekes: I suspect it is no coincidence that the demons appeared at such a place.
Polytropos : Hello!
Eleni : I cannot imagine such things come from Athena's wrath, so...
Eleni : Something else is at work, here.
Dienekes: I would recommend waiting until dawn; the mountain trails are treacherous.
Dienekes : All right men! Let's get that barricade rebuilt!
Telemachus : Very well then.
Eleni : Let us see that merchant, then.
Kataramene : Do we go this night or in the morning?

Polytropos : Shields!
Telemachus : Well everyone else is.
Eleni : He's no Haephestus, but...
Polytropos : ... which are... not affordable.
Telemachus : The rest of your gold back from earlire
Polytropos : Ah, much obliged.
Telemachus : Buy yourself some arrows maybe
Polytropos : *nods.*
Polytropos : I, uh....
Polytropos : I could afford some armour. If no-one begrudges me that.
Kataramene : It would be sensible.
Polytropos : Might stop Damien complaining and turning me into a tree.
Eleni : Being tree-ified should still help, mind.
Kataramene : *hands over a shiney looking stone for a few coins*
Kataramene : Oh, thank you. It's cold.
Eleni : You know, I could cover some shields for the rest of you, if I let go of this dagger...
Eleni : He offers me quite a good price.
Polytropos : Never let it be said I let you go cold.
Kataramene : I've .. *counts* ... 34 coins.
Kataramene : .. 24, that is.
Eleni : He offers a little over four hundred drachma for the dagger.
Polytropos : *blink*
Telemachus : *low whistle*
Kataramene : ... that's a lot of coins for a knife.
Polytropos : Wait, though.
Polytropos : Might we see it first?
Eleni : Well, it's a knife that can go around and stab people on its own.
Polytropos : Would it be any good against these things?
Eleni : Otherwise unremarkable.
Polytropos : Oh.
Eleni : Maybe, but only in a short engagement. I've been using it for a while.
Polytropos : Well, then. Up to you. I've a spare dagger you can have.
Eleni : I haven't actually stabbed anything with it /myself/, though I've tried.
Polytropos : Buy me a spolas! Damien can have this linothorax.
Eleni : Well, some shields for you should be more useful, I think.
Telemachus : I think you should sell it, and get armour for those who have none.
Kataramene : All I have, throw it into the pot.,
Polytropos : Shields!
Telemachus : I wont be able to use a shield, the trident's too long
Eleni : Very well.

Leonidas : So, Capt, when did this problem begin?
Dienekes: About two days ago.
Dienekes: The first ones were small, and easily dispatched.
Dienekes: But they got bigger, and more ferocious.
Dienekes: We sent runners both south to Sparta and north to Argos.
Leonidas : Were there any strange signs or omens before that?
Dienekes: Nay. Nothing we saw, in any case.
Dienekes: Not many travelers this time of year.
Leonidas : I see
Dienekes: We will defend this spot until the last drop of Spartan blood is shed.
Leonidas : So these demons just mindlessly attack across this bridge?
Dienekes: It is the only route out of the mountain valley where the shrine is located.
Leonidas : You think they are coming from the shrine then?
Dienekes: It would seem to be the logical conclusion.
Leonidas : are there any other passes or trails out beyond the shrine?
Dienekes: No other passes of which I am aware.
Leonidas : Do your men normally patrol that area as well?
Dienekes: Our orders are to hold here.
Dienekes: The shrine is sacred ground, which we are sworn to protect.
Leonidas : So you do patrol the valley of the shrine under normal circumstances?
Dienekes: Occasionally a petitioner asks permission to visit it, but they must go to Sparta to receive dispensation.
Dienekes: None such have come since I have been assigned here.
Leonidas : So this is the entrance to the shrine and you don't actually patrol the shrine valley?
Dienekes: That is an accurate statement.
Leonidas : Understandable.
Dienekes: Your people fought well against that fiend. You have had formal training?
Leonidas : Some have. I'm more self-taught as a former shepherd.
Leonidas : We've worked together for a season or so now.
Leonidas : Doing odd things for our village.

Polytropos : We'll look like true warriors soon enough
Eleni : Who wants Stuff?
Polytropos : Ooo! me!
Kataramene : I could use a shield, but yes.. get Poly what he needs and Damian can take his.
Eleni : Someone wished a spolas.
Polytropos : I like it.
Polytropos : This'll stop Damien complaining, for sure.
Eleni : He's got only one of the heavy shields. Who needs it most?
Kataramene : It looks ... very nice. Nicer than this hide.
Polytropos : *looks at the shield, and Kataramene.*
Kataramene : It's heavy but ...
Eleni : Take some getting used to, I'm sure. Solid, though.
Eleni : Does anyone need one of the lighter ones?
Polytropos : Wouldn't say no!
Kataramene : This is too heavy for me.
Polytropos : Oof.
Eleni : Can you perhaps ditch something else?
Kataramene : Oh, Tele. Can you take these javelins?
Telemachus : My pack's light enough if you want to hand me something
Kataramene : That's better, thank you.
Polytropos : This is good for us, they'll look at us in awe on the streets of Argos!

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:45 pm

Lazyzeus : Morning at the Spartan barricade, in northern Laconia...

Spartan Soldier: *digging up spikes*
Damian : *pants slightly* What happened?
Eleni : Demons.
Damian : More?
Eleni : Demons happened.
Spartan Soldier: The way is clear, Captain.
Kataramene : They are trying to cross the chasm.
Polytropos : Afraid so.
Damian : Lovely.
Eleni : Seems they have taken over a shrine to Athena, somehow...
Spartan Soldier: *shifts the shield to a better position*
Polytropos : Hello, Captain.
Dienekes: We will hold the line. Should any get past you...
Damian : That's not good. *looks around* Aias?
Polytropos : Alright. Say, we couldn't borrow that spear, could we?
Damian : Aias!
Eleni : We have some time. To stock up, and for me to meditate a little, I hope...
Dienekes: I would lend it to you, warrior, but it is about all that we have that can harm the creatures.
Polytropos : ... yeah...
Eleni : I should have some tricks that will us penetrate those creatures' hides.
Polytropos : Oh well.
Polytropos : Thanks anyway.
Kataramene : Do they have a fire where you will be comfortable?
Eleni : Ah, none that I can see.
Dienekes : Remain vigilant, men!
Polytropos : There's the one we've been resting at...
Spartan Scout : *signals all clear ahead*
Polytropos : Right here.
Eleni : How very well-concealed.
Polytropos : I thought so!
Damian : *Aias comes walking up the road* Aias!

Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : Don't look down, don't look dowwwn...
Damian : *ruffles his ears* I thought you got lost, friend.
Andreas Appolodorus: What is it Eleni?
Polytropos : *waves from the other side of the bridge*
Eleni : I should be able to get us... three healer's satchles with what I have left. Wait, no - only just not. Just two.
Eleni : These are /expensive/.
Kataramene : *calls* Whatever you think best!
Damian : *calls* I have a scroll you can sell!
Eleni : Hm, let's see..
Damian : I also have four coins.
Eleni : Not that much extra, but it should be enough for another dose of healing supplies.
Eleni : We suppose we had best put you in charge of those, then.
Damian : *grins* I'll try not to fall.
Eleni : Unless someone else needs some more armour or a shield?
Damian : I'm good for now.
Eleni : Very well, then.
Eleni : I think we have made this merchant very happy.

Lazyzeus : You encounter no demons, but as you enter a high canyon below an exposed ridge, you cannot shake the feeling that someone is watching your progress...

Kataramene: *wary eyes on teh slopes*
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Damian : Demon to the left.
Eleni : That should help your blade. ah!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey
Polytropos : Where? Oh.
Eleni : Bad sound.
Polytropos : Above?
Leonidas : *nods*
Damian : Yeah. I can hear its claws on the cliff.
Andreas Appolodorus: I think something is watching us.
Eleni : Right there!

Kataramene: He is tough...
Leonidas: hmm
Polytropos : The shield helps.
Eleni : But so are we!

Polytropos : Looks like a hard climb up there.
Eleni : The scouts seem to disagree. Might have been a sentry, I suppose.
Eleni : If so, that cry was probably a warning...
Polytropos : Although....
Andreas Appolodorus: I could do a quick check.
Kataramene : Thank you,
Polytropos : Ah, yes...
Damian : Can't have our best warrior falling in battle.
Andreas Appolodorus: Clear I guess.
Eleni : That would look really bad in the sagas.
Kataramene : *preens*
Leonidas: there's an entrance across the stream down the valley
Damian : *grins* Especially if it was due to a twisted ankle.
Leonidas: also noted a pool of dried blood that way

Polytropos : Uhoh.
Eleni : They onle get uglier, don't they?
Polytropos : *starts dodging*
Leonidas: hmm these silver arrows work well

Polytropos : I think I see a statue! Are we all well?
Kataramene : They are ... how do they resist so?
Eleni : That bug-woman appears to have scared off Aias.
Andreas Appolodorus: Over there!
Polytropos : Ugh.
Damian : I'm sure he'll be okay.
Eleni : Careful! He didn't scratch her.

Leonidas: do we....
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah.
Polytropos : Whew.
Leonidas: really need to hunt down all these creatures?
Polytropos : Better.
Kataramene : Augh cursed by some ...
Eleni : You swatted her nicely, Andreas.
Polytropos : And... yes?
Polytropos : Thank you.
Eleni : What we need is to see that shrine.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Damian : *nods*
Eleni : There may be some hint there as to /why/ this is happening.
Kataramene : Do you want them attacking from the rear as we move on and face foe in front and foe behind?
Leonidas: I think the entrace is on the valley floor cross the stream.
Eleni : Uhm..
Kataramene : There is a statue here.

Lazyzeus : A few rocks crumble away as Polytropos navigates the narrow ledge.

Polytropos : Erk...
Polytropos : Over here!
Damian : To Athena?
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : It looks like it was holding something.
Eleni : *Tries to identify the statue from its headless body*
Polytropos : Maybe it was taken? Either way, that toad... thing appeared when I came near.
Damian : If it was Athena, it was likely her spear.
Eleni : Appeared, you say?
Kataramene : It looks like something has been taken.
Eleni : ...was it hiding, or...?
Polytropos : Mmm!
Polytropos : No! There was a flash of light.
Polytropos : And then, there was a thing where there was no thing.
Eleni : Hm. Interesting....
Damian : A thing where there was no thing.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you Damian.
Eleni : Yes, this is definitely the shrine we were looking for.
Damian : Can we fix it?
Eleni : Well, I am no stonemason.
Eleni : But perhaps if we retrieve what was taken.

Defaced Statue: This statue looks like it might have been quite impressive when whole. From what's left, and the debris around it, it appears that the statue had held something in its hands... no doubt long gone now.

Kataramene : We look for what was taken and return it.
Damian : We should tell the soldiders about this.
Polytropos : And... then, they will do... what?
Kataramene : If we wait there will be no hope of finding it.
Eleni : Tell us to go look for the thing, probably.
Polytropos : Eeexactly.
Damian : *shrugs* Maybe they can rebuild it.

Eleni : Erk.
Kataramene : *hugs the cliff face*

Lazyzeus : The cliffs are very crumbly here, but you all make it across safely.

Polytropos : They're Spartans. All they know is fighting.
Damian : Fine.
Eleni : *Ahem* It stands to reason...
Polytropos : Myes?
Eleni : ...that if these creatures can appear out of the aether, they can also dissapear.
Damian : How's the new skin, Kat? Not too dry I hope.
Polytropos : Hrm.
Eleni : We cannot be certain that whatever defiled the statue has no vanished since then, off to whatever part of hades it came from.
Kataramene : Surprisingly comfortable.
Damian : Good.
Polytropos : We can't do anything about that, though.
Eleni : No. Only noting the possibility.
Damian : I believe I can give you extra strength once I've had a chance to stop and meditate.
Polytropos : Ah. The door you mentioned, Leo?
Leonidas: yeah
Kataramene : Why the blood?
Polytropos : ... *whispered* oh dear.
Kataramene : And something was dragged this way?
Damian : I'd say someone was attacked and killed there before being dragged off.
Polytropos : *ulp*
Kataramene : But what towards?
Damian : Where's Pol?
Kataramene : He went in.
Eleni : He went to check inside.
Damian : Hmm.

Polytropos : *worried*
Eleni : ...you look pale.
Polytropos : It's huge and it smelled me!
Polytropos : No, don't go i-
Polytropos : Oh no
Eleni : ...oh, dear.
Damian : *sigsh*
Polytropos : Look out!
Polytropos : *dodges like a nimble gazelle, with a shield*
Kataramene : Fire doesn't hurt it!
Kataramene : Kick it while it's down1
Damian : Good hit!

Polytropos : HaHA!
Leonidas : *sings*
Polytropos : Alright, maybe not that scary.
Andreas Appolodorus: Victory!
Eleni : It cares little about the fire, it seems...
Polytropos : *pokes at the remains*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : Whoever was dragged in?
Polytropos : It must have eaten this man.
Damian : I would say so.
Polytropos : Or woman...
Kataramene : Is the spear there?
Polytropos : But what woman would be so foolish?
Eleni : Strange...
Kataramene : *glare*
Eleni : *Retrieves a piece of crystal*
Polytropos : ... as... to steal from the Gods. Surely, none!
Polytropos : Must have been a man. Yes.
Eleni : I wonder if this is it?
Polytropos : And, we can see!
Kataramene : *narrow eyed not quite convinced*
Damian : *gathers up the remains*
Damian : Whoever it was, I'm not going to allow this cave to be their tomb.
Leonidas : Well, that was exciting!
Kataramene : Did we find the spear?
Eleni : Why do you assume it was a spear?
Polytropos : We only assumed it was a spear...
Kataramene : I thought someone said as much, otherwise I don't.
Eleni : *Holds up crystal* This thing is blessed, whatever it is.
Damian : I said I thougth it was a spear. It coudl be that crystal Eleni found.
Eleni : It might be just what we need.
Polytropos : There's a lot of defacing of shrines going on around here.
Kataramene : We can but check.
Polytropos : Has some madness afflicted the Peloponnese?
Eleni : Well, a pattern begins to emerge...
Kataramene : Yes, you certainly have a point.
Eleni : Ancient shrines to the gods, defiled.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Kataramene : What would make them turn from the gods?
Eleni : I do not think these are coincidence...

Polytropos : Another insect-woman!
Damian : Wait for the others!
Damian : Where's Andreas?
Leonidas : Well, I'm about out of silver arrows, so hope you warriors can kill it.
Polytropos : ... longer we wait, the less time Eleni's magic'll hold and the more things there'll be...
Damian : Kat has the fire blade.
Eleni : Abnother!
Polytropos : Run!
Polytropos : Me, you she-demon!

Leonidas : Ha!
Kataramene : Alright Eleni
Polytropos : Whew.
Eleni : *Cough* Okay...
Polytropos : Hurry! We can lay this to rest!
Eleni : *Nod* Thanks.
Kataramene : *hugs cliff again*
Eleni : There might be more appearing out of the aether.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : ...alright. None so far.
Eleni : *Tries to place the stone in what is hopefully its proper place*
Eleni: Replace the Athena Stone in the grasp of the statue.

Defaced Statue: Something happens.

Eleni : Ha!
Kataramene : Ahh...
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Leonidas : Well done!
Eleni : *Grins* Of course.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : The stone has the property of... enforcing the barrier between worlds, I think.
Andreas Appolodorus: By the Gods you did it.
Leonidas : Which would mean someone had to deface the statue to open the rift.
Polytropos : What very poor judgement.
Eleni : All /I/ did was place it where it belongs. But yes, that is what the evidence appears to indicate...
Leonidas : I doubt it was the demons.
Kataramene : *kneels and gives praise for a moment*
Eleni : It reminds me of the body we found in the wetlands.
Kataramene : Whoever did so died at their hands?
Leonidas : That's a possibility.
Polytropos : Either that, or they fell off the cliff.
Eleni : Yes. Might just have been a foolish thief who knew not what they would unleash, I suppose.
Leonidas : Perhaps the Spartans can shed some light based on what we collected of the remains?
Damian : *looks down the cliff, judging the possible trajectory of a falling body*
Eleni : Perhaps. They will be pleased, either way.
Polytropos : Well, we can certainly rub it in that a band of Argolid youths did what the Spartan hoplites couldn't.
Eleni : Hm..
Damian : Hmm. Yes, the body we collected could have fallen from up here. It would explain the blood pool.
Eleni : I do wonder what the story behind that stone is...
Kataramene : How did it become a temptation.
Eleni : Well, it is shiny and looks valuable.
Damian : Why the statues are being defaced is beyond me though.
Eleni : That would be enough for many.
Damian : There is that.
Kataramene : This is true.
Polytropos : Trojans are behind it, you mark my words.
Eleni : But, with everything else we have witnessed...
Eleni : Poseidon, Ares and now Athena.
Kataramene : The stones are a connection.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : Perhaps we need to consider why?
Polytropos : ... well, we... just found Poseidon.
Polytropos : And the Ares-statue was done by a wild madwoman.
Eleni : 'Why' is always a troubling question, with the gods.

Spartan Scout : Someone approaches!
Eleni : *Waves*
Polytropos : Friends!
Spartan Scout : It's them, it's them!
Eleni : Ach!
Polytropos : Careful, Da-
Eleni : Hold, they said!
Spartan Soldier: *pulls up spikes*
Eleni : *Sighs* Healer, heal thyself.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Damian : It's just a flesh wound.
Eleni : *Chuckles* Of course.
Damian : The cape took the brunt of it.
Polytropos : All wounds are flesh wounds.
Eleni : Ah, I see you have received reinforcements.
Polytropos : Nothing just hits your bones...
General Brasidas: These are the ones you mentioned, Captain?
Polytropos : Ho there Spartans!
Dienekes: Indeed, General.
General Brasidas: *frowns*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
General Brasidas: I am General Brasidas.
Eleni : *Smiles* Greetings.
Spartan Soldier: *looks them over*
Polytropos : Hello, General!
General Brasidas: There was a... disturbance, I understand.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Leonidas : We took care of it.
Polytropos : Foul beasts from Tartarus!
General Brasidas: *frowns*
Dienekes: We fought them, my General.
Leonidas : They will trouble you no more.
Eleni : *Nod* Some poor fool had defiled a shrine to Athena. Taken a stone that I believe kept secure the barrier between realms.
Damian : They've been returned to whence they came.
Leonidas : The shrine is restored.
General Brasidas: You let a thief past your guard, Captain?
Eleni : There may still be stragglers, but no more should invade from... whatever nether-realm they came from.
Damian : *places the remains on the ground* We believe these to be the remains of the thief. They were dragged off into a cave by demons after they fell off the cliff.
Dienekes: The dishonor is mine, General.
Polytropos : Aw.
General Brasidas: Where are you from, strangers?
Eleni : Ah, well...
Polytropos : Mantineia, General!
Eleni : Oh, our apolagies for our rudenes.
General Brasidas: Do you know a man, I believe his name was... Miltiades?
Eleni : *Curtsey* I am Eleni, apprentice to the sage Aristarchus. Of Mantineia, yes!
Eleni : And we do.
Polytropos : He taught us well!
Damian : *inclines head* Damian. Pleased to be of service.
Leonidas : Leoniadas *nods*
General Brasidas: *kicks the bones* Soldier, have these remains thrown to the dogs.
Polytropos : Polytropos, son of Kedites.
Polytropos : Me, not the bones.
Damian : *steps away from the bones*
General Brasidas: We do not tolerate thieves here in Laconia.
Eleni : The gods feel similarly, as I understand it.
Damian : Understandable, general. I did not realize what he was when we came upon the remains.
Polytropos : Considering what a thief did, a wise policy.
General Brasidas: Well. Your aid was... timely.
Polytropos : *grins*
General Brasidas: We would have dealt with these ... things, but we are indebted.
General Brasidas: The friendship of Sparta is not something that is granted lightly.
Eleni : *Inclines head* We were happy to be of assistance.
General Brasidas: And rarely granted, to lesser peoples.
Polytropos : Happy to have it.
Damian : It is gladly accepted and much appreciated, general.
General Brasidas: *gives Polytropos a small badge*
Polytropos : *fixed grin at 'lesser peoples'.*
Polytropos : *looks at it.*
Damian : *stares at Pol stonely*
General Brasidas: Accept this gift as well. *hands him the Captain's Aspis*
General Brasidas: Distribute the gifts as you see fit.
Polytropos : Oof!
General Brasidas: Now, if you will excuse us, we must attend to our business here.
Eleni : Of course!
Polytropos : Absolutely.
General Brasidas: Men, take the prisoner into custody.
Damian : Of course, general.
Polytropos : *monentary worried look at the Captain.*
Eleni : *Clacks tongue*
Damian : *looks around for a fire*
Andreas Appolodorus: Kat you look so different now.
Polytropos : ... well...
Polytropos : ... Argos still needs us, and... there's that Hephaestan shrine to seek out, assuming it's not been defiled..

Lazyzeus : As the Spartans go about their business you move on to the south....

Damian : Shame our fire went out, I cannot call upon any more blessings until I rest for a time.
Eleni : I am still not certain how the thief might have gotten to the shrine...
Polytropos : *shows the shield, and badge!*
Kataramene: A good shield.
Damian : If the demons came after he stole the gem, he wouldn't have been hindered getting it.
Eleni : Perhaps they might have appeared from the aether, as well... perhaps I should have mentioned such a possibility. *Sighs*
Eleni : Yes, but they still would have needed to pass the Spartans, no?
Kataramene: Silently and carefully. *looks at Poly*
Polytropos : Indeed.
Damian : Not if one is very quiet, patient, and careful.
Leonidas : Maybe they were some sorta wizard and passed by invisible or flew?
Polytropos : *cheerful*
Kataramene: Also an option.
Eleni : Perhaps. But given all we know, I wonder if there is not more at work, here.
Damian : If they flew, Leo, why did they fall off the cliff? Or were they pushed?
Eleni : The one who defiled the statue of Areas was similarly empowered.
Leonidas : Well spells don't last forever no?
Polytropos : Hmm...
Kataramene: This is a distant shot but, could another being be targetting th gods?
Eleni : None but the most powerful, no. And maybe not even those.
Polytropos : A fool to shoot so high.
Polytropos : Anyone care for my spare shield?
Damian : Perhaps the Titans have gotten loose?
Eleni : Well... I mentioned what I had learned, yes?
Kataramene: Can Damian use it?

Damian : HOld.
Polytropos : ... what's this, now?
Damian : No, my spear takes both hands. *points at the cocoon* THere may be spiders about, larges one juding by that cocoon.
Kataramene: Or caterpillars.
Leonidas : Spiders?
Eleni : One of the engravings from the hell-world we saw was almost certainly of Achlys, one of the Keres. But I am still not certain of the connection.
Eleni : ...ah.
Damian : Either way, anything capable of creating something that big, could be very dangerous.
Eleni : Those weren't here last time.
Kataramene: *looks at Eleni* So the gods fight between them for some reason?
Eleni : The gods, well... the children of Nyx don't seem to be quite so welcome on mount Olympus.

Eleni : Ach!
Eleni : Again?!
Damian : *tests out the shield* Hmm. This should come in handy.
Polytropos : Ha! *grab*
Eleni : Ho, you there!
Kataramene: Augh....
Damian : Be gone with you!
Eleni : *Wibble*
Polytropos : *swat*
Kataramene: You little....
Polytropos : You! You put that hornet's nest there!
Kataramene: I can't see!
Eleni : Spiders!
Polytropos : Aw no!
Eleni : Ow...
Kataramene: Gah...
Eleni : Ugh..
Kataramene: That does it!
Polytropos : ... ow.

Eleni : *Leans against tree*
Polytropos : That, that was odd.
Kataramene: *gnnn*
Damian : *leans on dory*
Polytropos : *grimace*
Leonidas : I hate spiders
Polytropos : *nods*
Kataramene: It bit me.
Eleni : ...before, it was just annoything.
Polytropos : That little sprite healed you, Andreas.
Eleni : This was just mean.
Eleni : *Rubs spider bites*
Polytropos : I tried to get to you past the spiders, and it picked you up.
Andreas Appolodorus: What happened?
Polytropos : ... not sure... weird.
Damian : *looks around for material to use as a camping kit*
Eleni : It wasn't an attack, though.. it helped me back up when I nearly lost consciousness.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene: I don't feel quite myself.
Kataramene: Is it trying to stop us leaving?
Polytropos : Don't know...
Polytropos : ... does anyone have any supplies?
Damian : The poison should disapate in time as it leaves your system, Kat.
Eleni : Ach... the crossroads are up ahead. A good place to set up camp, I think?
Kataramene: *shakes he head then bends over to throw up at the motion*
Andreas Appolodorus: It went all dark and I felt like drunk or something.
Polytropos : Mmmnh.
Kataramene: *wipes mouth, grimacing* Next time we see that thing...
Damian : Hey!
Damian : Something shiny back here.
Damian : *looks again*
Eleni : What was that?
Polytropos : Eh?
Damian : Pol, see if you can find us some firewood.

Craftsman: Hello, traveler.
Leonidas : Whatcha doin?
Craftsman: Putting up a sign.
Leonidas : hmm I see
Leonidas : Greetings, what's the news?
Argosian Guard: Apparently the city fathers have heard word of trouble in Laconia.
Craftsman: *puts away his tools*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Leonidas : No longer

Polytropos : Firewood. *grumble*
Damian : Hmm.

Lazyzeus : You don't find any wood, but you see the light of a fire ahead at the crossroads.

Polytropos : *pulls at a tree*
Polytropos : Aw./
Eleni : Hah. Romantic, I suppose.
Damian : Could be. Let's take it and see if we come across the owners.
Eleni : Sure. But right now, that fire looks inviting..
Polytropos : This wood's all too wet and new.

Argosian Guard: Are you all right, big man? You look like you've been in a tussle with a bear.
Damian : Very.
Leonidas : My companions and I dispatched the invading demon hordes and restored peace.
Argosian Guard: Demon hordes? Come on, tell me another one.
Damian : Hail the camp.
Argosian Guard: You're welcome to share our fire, travelers.
Polytropos : It's true! Fiends from Tartarus. I swear it on my shield!
Damian : *smiles*
Eleni : *Wearily* Greetings! And thank you so very much.
Leonidas : *laughs*
Polytropos : But, thank you.
Eleni : We are tired and harried.
Argosian Guard: Aye, and I met Hercules himself coming out from the city.
Kataramene: Good, I feel so weary. *is looking pale and tired*
Craftsman: *opens up his pack and roots around for a bit*
Argosian Guard: Making for the city, are you?
Polytropos : I would call you out for insulting my shield, but ah, fire is good.
Craftsman: *Takes out some bread and cheese*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : Eventually. We've not quite decided our next move yet.
Leonidas : *sings*
Argosian Guard: *raises a hand* No offense meant, Spartan.
Polytropos : Heh.
Damian : Aias!
Craftsman: Are they Spartans? They don't look like the others?
Kataramene: Straps shield across her back.
Damian : *ruffles his head and scratches his ears* I'm so glad that demon didn't kill you.
Craftsman: Except him
Eleni : *Chuckles* We just rescued some spartans, though I'm sure they wouldn't quite put it that way..
Polytropos : Ah, we're from Mantinea. But the Spartans thought we were so excellent, they wanted us to have a shield.
Kataramene: Performed a task they could not.
Argosian Guard: Mantineia? Never heard of it.
Craftsman: Spartans....been rescued? *laughs* Your joking right?
Polytropos : You just did.
Leonidas : *relates stories of the heroes as he strums the harp*
Craftsman: Well, I never!
Polytropos : Aaanyway. what news from argos?
Kataramene: *sits by the fire wrapping cloak around for warmth and slowly regaining colour*
Craftsman: What did you make of that Guard?
Damian : *sits and leans against Aias*
Polytropos : *grins*
Argosian Guard: *shrugs* Lot of tales told over the campfire.
Eleni : Ah, yes! We heard there was a call for warriors in Argos, but not why.
Argosian Guard: The city fathers are always on the lookout for people with talent.
Craftsman: That's a tall one if I've ever herd of one!
Craftsman: heard*
Argosian Guard: Can't say as I've heard of any specific trouble... though now that you've mentioned it, they did schedule extra training activities last month.
Damian : Regardless, we are not Spartans.
Kataramene: Perhaps why we were sent.
Argosian Guard: Lot of folk been coming from out of the city, talking with the city fathers.
Craftsman: *chews at some bread*
Polytropos : Mnh! So, nothing desperately urgent or apparent.
Argosian Guard: *shrugs* Me, I just walk my post, do my duty, and keep my mouth shut.
Argosian Guard: Find life's better that ways.
Kataramene: *tilts her head and grins up at him*
Craftsman: You would rescue Argos too? *laughs again and then nearly chocks on the bread*
Craftsman: *coughs*
Eleni : *Smirks* If we can fit it into our busy schedule.
Argosian Guard: Come on, wood carver. Got a long day's walk ahead of us.
Polytropos : Heh, if it needs it.
Polytropos : Where are you bound?
Craftsman: Aye
Eleni : So many things in need of saving these days.
Argosian Guard: Back to the city.
Craftsman: it'll be good to get home
Polytropos : Ah. Well, we might see you soon.
Damian : Only if there's a defaced statue honoring the Gods that needs fixing.
Argosian Guard: We of Argos honor our gods, stranger.
Craftsman: Mind yourself ....Heroes1 *laughs as he starts to walk away*
Argosian Guard: Best way to avoid trouble.
Damian : So do we, but some apparently do not.
Argosian Guard: Fools them, then.
Kataramene: *pouts at the craftsman*
Polytropos : *thoughtful.*
Damian : Aye. Safe journey.
Craftsman: *nods still laughing*

Eleni : ...isn't that towards Laconia?
Damian : Where was that forge again?
Polytropos : To the north. Along the Corinth road.
Eleni : *Nod* Argos should be west.
Damian : Seeing as how the pass is secured, I believe we should head there now.
Polytropos : Sounds good to me!
Kataramene: I don't think we are likely to be left to do what we will once we start training, does anyone agree?
Polytropos : Indeed not.
Leonidas : training?
Polytropos : Well, maybe.
Eleni : Or whatever the Argosians will have us do.
Polytropos : Joining the Argosian army, heh.
Kataramene: *cloak huggeds tight against the morning chill* If we are needed as soldiers wouldnt we need to#?
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : Well! We'll find out?
Leonidas : I'm not getting shoved into a phalanx.
Eleni : It's all still rather cryptic, no?
Kataramene: I will have a lot to prove when we get there.
Polytropos : Well! That's for times to come. For now, are we set?
Eleni : They will be sceptical of all us country children, I think.
Eleni : But then, so were the Spartans. And those are probably a lot harder to impress.
Leonidas : Who cares what they think?
Eleni : *Chuckles* Have you met Katara, Leo? Of course she cares.
Polytropos : We'll win them over.
Kataramene: I will not accompany an army to do /women's/ work..
Eleni : Aias seems to be out hunting.
Leonidas : Why not? It's safer.
Polytropos : *offers Kataramene a hand up*
Polytropos : Good for him!
Kataramene: You can do the cooking and washing then Leonidas.
Polytropos : Haha.
Kataramene: *accepts the hand and stands*
Leonidas : That's what women are for.
Kataramene: Then you should fit in.
Leonidas : Well, among other things.
Polytropos : *grin*
Leonidas : *laughs*
Kataramene: Perhaps when the soldiers want company for their beds you will enjoy thaqt too?
Polytropos : Ha! now, now.
Eleni : That's what pretty young boys are for, after all.
Leonidas : Sorry, I'm not from Thebes or Corinth.
Kataramene: *humphs*
Polytropos : No need to be jealous of his beauty, Katara. You'll win hearts over too.
Eleni : Through courage and skill, even.
Eleni : So! Argos, then...?
Polytropos : The Shrine!
Eleni : Erm, the forge.
Kataramene: *preens*
Eleni : That.
Polytropos : Assuming it's still intact.
Polytropos : Who can say, these days.

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