Leonaidas' Journal

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:00 pm

Lazyzeus : After spending the night at the hunter's lodge, you set out up the mountain with the early dawn. It takes a few hours to make your way up the shoulder of the mountain. It starts to snow around mid-morning.

Leonidas : Snow?
Eleni : *Sighs* Snow.
Telemachus : It's a good job you're our scout
Leonidas : Not exactly elements for a flaming boar
Telemachus : we'd never have found it otherwsie.
Eleni : Isn't it? Perhaps it set itself on fire to stay warm.
Eleni : The notion certainly appeals at the moment.
Damian : Could very well have.
Damian : *looks for tracks in the snow*
Leonidas : *w* is that it???
Telemachus : Why does everyone think the boar is on fire? I don't remember anyone saying it was on fire.
Eleni : ...uprooted trees?

Erymanthian Boar : *noses around through the snow*

Eleni : I'm not sure, I just went with it.
Eleni : ...ah.
Telemachus : Ok yeah it's fairly big.
Eleni : And also not on fire.
Eleni : I am vaguely dissapointed.
Telemachus : I told you nobody said it was on fire!
Eleni : /Somebody/ did!
Eleni : But now I can't remember who planted the idea.
Eleni : Alright. I might be able to charm it, but I would need to get a bit closer...
Leonidas : So um is that what we came looking for?
Telemachus : s'got really long legs. For a boar.
Eleni : Also, it might not last terribly long.
Damian : *examines the boar* Yes it does.
Telemachus : Probably runs like a horse
Damian : Looks more like a horse than a boar.
Leonidas : hardly reassuring
Eleni : I don't suppose it matters. It's what we're after.
Telemachus : Think you can tame it damian?
Leonidas : So do we have a plan?
Eleni : I can get close enough to work my magic under an invibility spell. But again, it's what we do /after/ that...
Damian : I can try.
Telemachus : Damian is going to try taming it
Damian : *tries to get the boar's attention*
Telemachus : then we'll harness it like a horse.
Eleni : And how does he plan to go about that?
Leonidas : I have a strong rope.
Telemachus : And hope he can keep it calm enough to make the journy back
Leonidas : Not sure if it's strong enough for something that size or not though.
Eleni : ...alright. Well, I shall stand by and try to restrain it if it decides to maul him.
Telemachus : Yeah I don't have much confidence in this plan either but it's the most obvious place to start
Eleni : Or... gore him. Whatever boars do.

Erymanthian Boar : *let's out a warning grunt*

Damian : Hmm.
Damian : *bows slightly* My appologies.

Erymanthian Boar : *digs in the snow with a paw*

Telemachus : courtly manners with a giant pig..
Leonidas : *looks around*
Damian : Being polite doesn't have any consequences, Tel.
Eleni : Ah!

Telemachus : What the hells?
Damian : On the hill!
Telemachus : You must not kill it!
Eleni : That wasn't the boar!
Leonidas : more company up on the ridge

Damian : Tel?
Eleni : There's still the mage, at the very least.
Telemachus : GOT HIM
Eleni : You could inform us when you run off.
Eleni : Did you see the mage?
Telemachus : *points at the robed corpse*

Lazyzeus : The barbarian warrior looks like he's been impaled, then trampled.

Leonidas : I plugged a couple times but he went invisible.
Telemachus : that's what's left of him?
Telemachus : Or is he more of a priest?
Eleni : ...oh.
Telemachus : I don't know he was breathing icey wind at me like it was nothing though.
Eleni : Well, with the frost spell he used, I believe it could have been either.
Leonidas : *looks for tracks in the snow/ice*
Eleni : They not seem to appreciate our attempts to befriend the boar.
Telemachus : *rummages through the dead peoples effects* maybe they'll have something that tells us who they were.
Eleni : ...how odd.
Damian : That mage must have done it, but why?
Eleni : *Shrugs* Perhaps they see it as sacred?
Damian : Maybe.
Telemachus : Think it'll shatter if I kick it?
Damian : No, but your foot might.
Telemachus : nope. Stoney foot.
Telemachus : *kicks the tree*
Damian : I don't think it's a good idea, Tel.
Telemachus : guess it's frozen pretty solid
Damian : Where'd Leo get off to now?
Eleni : Excellent question.
Telemachus : Where'd the boar go?
Damian : I would say try to defrost it, but the heat could kill the tree if it's not already dead from the frost.
Eleni : I assume a thing like that left some tracks...

Leonidas : It's up in a valley ahead.
Leonidas : Seems like it's in some deep snow a bit slower there.
Damian : Good place to capture it then.
Leonidas : also some signs of a fight, blood in the snow.
Telemachus : Great, someone else is wearing it out for us.
Leonidas : maybe
Eleni : Strange...
Leonidas : no bodies though
Eleni : I had assumed they were protecting it.
Eleni : ...brr....
Damian : More likely they want it for themselves.
Telemachus : Who wouldn't want a giant sodding pig?
Leonidas : valley to east blocked by fallen snow
Telemachus : just the accessory for every villa
Damian : Food?
Leonidas : we can get to it up this way though
Eleni : *Glares at Aias and the giant bear* I am very jealous of you two right now.
Telemachus : Lot of bloody effort for lunch
Eleni : All that nice, warm fur...
Damian : Food, hide, tusks, fame.
Eleni : You don't know how good you have it.
Telemachus : It'll be fame, or religon.
Eleni : The boar's blood, you think?
Telemachus : Nothing else makes people chase things this stupid.
Damian : That too.
Leonidas : ice thing up ahead
Damian : Something up ahead. Be careful.
Leonidas : to the left
Eleni : Another of those...
Eleni : More blood.
Telemachus : That's a weird damn monster..
Damian : I didn't think those things bled.

Leonidas : boars in the valley down behind me
Eleni : It might be the humans.
Telemachus : We should investigate the cave.
Eleni : I suppose we won't get very far with the boar so long as they're around...
Damian : Cave here. Should we check it out? Those men might be hiding out in there.
Leonidas : Yeah, some loot!
Leonidas : *goes in*
Telemachus : We don't really want to leave anything behind us either..
Eleni : ...alright, then.
Telemachus : *also enters*
Eleni : *Follows*
Damian : *follows*

Eleni : ...my, how gruesome.
Damian : *examines the priest* Hmm. Looks like he was lunch.
Eleni : ...hm, what's this?
Eleni : *Reads aloud the scroll*
Telemachus : Sodding eye again.

White Dragon : *a great roar echoes through the cave!*

Eleni : ...hm.
Damian : Figures. Nothing is ever easy, is it?
Eleni : ...oh dear.
Damian : *runs out of the cave*
Eleni : *Flees in terror*
Telemachus : *runs*
Leonidas : *runs out*
Damian : *pulls Tel out as he goes*

Eleni : Hah...haaah...
Eleni : *Catches her breath, still half-cowering*
Leonidas : *chatters*
Damian : *sighs*

Lazyzeus : You flee in terror as the dragon emerges from the cave...

Telemachus : Shame Pol vanished with those arrows...
Eleni : Hah... I got him!

Damian : *gathers up some of the blood* This might come in handy.
Eleni : Um... are the two of you alright?
Leonidas : It's gonna kill us all!
Damian : Good shot, Eleni!
Leonidas : *shudders*
Telemachus : *thousand yard stare*
Eleni : It's.. it's dead now! It's alright.
Leonidas : Maybe it only flew away and and is getting ready to return.
Damian : It's a good thing I remembered those scrolls.
Eleni : Its body is right there! Look!
Eleni : ...or maybe don't. That might not help.
Leonidas : Hmm, maybe you're right
Leonidas : Let's look for it's loot!
Telemachus : *shakes head*
Eleni : Loot. Of all the things, loot snaps him out of it.
Eleni : Are you feeling better, Tel?
Telemachus : I'm fine.
Damian : It's either that or booze and wenches, Eleni.
Leonidas : *sneaks back in cave*
Eleni : Rather one than the other, I suppose.
Telemachus : Come on, before he nicks everything.

Lazyzeus : With the dragon dead, the group returns to the cave...

Damian : I have a kit if anybody wants to hazard a rest.
Telemachus : Let me use mine
Telemachus : I'm sick of carrying it around
Eleni : We'll want to see if this place is safe, first.
Damian : Sure.
Eleni : That... that is definitely loot.
Leonidas : Here it is!
Telemachus : By the gods is that all gold?
Damian : I'd say it is.
Eleni : I... /think/ so?
Telemachus : Ok ok, be sensible
Telemachus : dont all dive in
Eleni : It... really is quite a lot.
Damian : Can we carry all of this out?
Leonidas : We can try!
Telemachus : We should work out how much there is..
Leonidas : *scoops stuff happily*
Eleni : Hang on, Leo..;
Damian : *grabs some gold*

Lazyzeus : You fill every sack, pack, and pocket you have with coins.

Damian : Oof! This stuff's heavy.
Lazyzeus : Leonidas jingles with every step he takes.
Leonidas : *sings happily*
Damian : You're not very stealthy with those full pockets, Leo.
Damian : *holds up an emerald* I also found this.
Eleni : A few of those as well, yes! They look quite nice..
Damian : Should fetch a good price.
Telemachus : heh suddenly paying for the village doesn't seem so expensive.
Damian : *looks around* I'd say this cave is safe enough, Tel.
Telemachus : yeah. We can sleep on the gold.
Telemachus : heh
Eleni : I suppose there's worse places to sleep.
Leonidas : Sounds good to me!
Damian : Or build walls out of it. *grins*
Eleni : And a fire sounds /really/ good right about now...
Leonidas : *mutters*

Damian : *pulls out some oats and gets dinner started*
Leonidas : *enjoys a hot meal with some wine*
Eleni : Warm food!
Eleni : Truly, you are our saviour, Damian.
Damian : *pours a bowl for himself and Aias*
Leonidas : So, about the boar?
Telemachus : Oh yeah.. Boar.
Eleni : Oh, yes.
Eleni : *Finishes her meal*
Damian : If it's stuck, we might be able to harness it.
Eleni : I knew there was another reason we were here.
Eleni : More of those priests may still be around...
Leonidas : Oh and the dead priest had this amulet with an eye like on the scroll, *fishes amulet out of pack*
Eleni : ...that's an amulet of Hera!
Damian : Figures the Goddess would interfere.
Leonidas : Figures
Eleni : Could we use that as proof that she is tampering with these trials..?
Leonidas : Might best be to keep that thing wrapped up.
Eleni : Maybe so, yes.
Leonidas : Good thought
Telemachus : Probably not.
Damian : We also have that scroll.
Leonidas : Right
Telemachus : Lots of people worship hera
Damian : But it might be best to stay silent.
Leonidas : Might wanna keep it as an ace in the hole, so to speak.
Damian : You should probably wear that for now, Tel.
Telemachus : I like the amulet I've got. You take it
Damian : *shrugs* Fine.
Damian : At least it'll help against the cold somewhat.
Damian : Are we ready?
Telemachus : Lets go
Eleni : I suppose we are.
Damian : Right. *exits the cave*
Leonidas : *heads out*
Eleni : *Steadies herself, then exits the cavern*

Telemachus : Before we chase after the Boar again though, we should stop off at the giant lizards body.. I bet the armour smith in Argos could make something grand out of those..
Damian : Good idea.
Telemachus : *those sclaes
Eleni : What if the boar is still being hunted?
Eleni : ...you know, by someone other than us.
Telemachus : Well you'd better help pull scales.
Telemachus : and it will go faster
Leonidas : *watchs boar from behind rocks*
Damian : Aias can help.
Eleni : *Sighs* Not really my area of expertise, I'm afraid.

Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *brushes the snow aside with its tusks*

Telemachus : *starts cutting sections of hide and pulling out scales*
Damian : *sets to work pulling scales with the bears helping by digging underneath and loosening them*

Lazyzeus : The party recovers several sheets of dragonhide.

Leonidas : What are you doing?
Eleni : Harvesting.
Leonidas : You should tackle the boar while it's mired in the deep snow.
Damian : Getting lizard hide. Is the boar still trapped?
Telemachus : Heh getting a new wardrobe for someone.
Leonidas : If it gets out and back up on the ridge, it'll be more deadly
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Leonidas : Dead dragon's not going anywhere soon

Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *peers through narrow eyes at the danger*
Eleni : ...um, hi there.
Damian : *waves at the bears to stay still*
Leonidas : ..and the plan is???
Telemachus : Alright, try your "lets be friends" routine again.
Leonidas : That worked so well the first time.
Damian : *holds out empty hands at his sides*
Eleni : He was interupted, to be fair.
Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *paws at the snow*
Damian : Do you understand me?
Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *head down ready to charge*
Leonidas : Yeah I can see that's working well
Telemachus : *chuckles*
Telemachus : ROPE IT
Damian : See? It worked, Leo.
Eleni : It's bound!
Damian : Now rope it!
Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *stunned*
Telemachus : *Starts frantically tying rope all over it*
Eleni : *Charm Monster as well*
Damian : *helps*
Leonidas : Uses rope to tie up boar, or try to

Lazyzeus : You attach multiple lines of rope to its head and tusks.

Eleni : *Pats its hide* It's alright. Be calm.
Eleni : We're not planning on hurting you.
Telemachus : Get a good halter on it, and bind it's feet together so it can walk but not run!
Leonidas : I'm still not staniding anywhere close to that thing.
Eleni : We're just... going on a little trip.
Damian : *sets about that*
Damian : You'll have to lead him back, Tel.
Damian : I'll try to keep the bears away from him.

Lazyzeus : You can now control the boar, using your combined efforts.

Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *squels anxiously*
Telemachus : Yeah I know. I get all the fun jobs.
Eleni : *Occasionally re-applies the charm spell to keep it more co-operative*
Eleni : Follow along, now!
Damian : *keeps the bears a distance in front of it*
Erymanthian Boar (snowed) : *follows along*
Leonidas : *helps himself to a couple of dragon claws and teeth*
Eleni : ...this might be a long and slow return trip.
Telemachus : Oh stop squealing, you big piglet
Damian : Oh, this is a distaster just waiting to happen.
Eleni : I can bind it again if need be!
Eleni : Though its ability to resist is a lot higher than I'd have expected.
Damian : We should be fine as long as we dont' run any more of those cultists.
Eleni : Perhaps it is more intelligent than first appears... or just exceptionally stubborn.
Telemachus : You don't have to be smart to be stubborn.
Damian : It's a boar, Eleni.
Eleni : Yes, but the two aren't mutually exclusive, either!
Damian : It's born to be stubborn.
Eleni : Why are you headed that way?
Eleni : Here, boar!
Telemachus : the things we've seen lately I wouldn't have been suprised if it spoke.
Damian : Taking the scenic route.
Eleni : There, there. Nice boar.
Eleni : *Leads the boar on, with occasional sorcerous prodding*

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:52 pm

Lazyzeus : The land of Elis is on the northwestern coast of the Pelopponese. It takes a good five days to journey there, but the landscape is easy enough and you don't have any hostile encounters. The lowlands of Elis are renwown for their cattle and horse-raising, and King Augeas is the most famed man in all of Greece in that endeavor.

Telemachus : we got it
Polytropos : I only heard about the dragon
Telemachus : signed sealed delivered
Damian : It involved a lot of running on my part, but we got it.
Eleni : We did, yeah!
Telemachus : The dragon was a lot more trouble than the boar. That's why we haven't shut up about it.
Damian : Don't remind me, Tel.
Kataramene : *has a vaguely merry air most of the way*
Eleni : ...so then we chased those ice cultists around a bit, until we got to the dragon. We've talked about that bit.
Telemachus : Oh speaking of which, we found an awful lot of gold
Polytropos : ... what is a dragon?
Eleni : Oh, yes!
Eleni : Leo!
Damian : A very large lizard.
Telemachus : Works out to ten thousand gold pieces and an emerald each!
Eleni : You have twenty thousand gold pieces for two people.
Kataramene : You did?
Andreas Appolodorus: I missed all the excitement it seems.
Polytropos : ... huh.
Telemachus : I've got one other persons share... here Kat take this
Kataramene : That's what falling down a hole does.
Telemachus : it's heavy
Kataramene : Ooooo.
Eleni : ...and now he vanishes. Typical.
Polytropos : Seriously, ten thousand?
Damian : I'm sure there will be more, Andreas.
Telemachus : Leo's got the other two shares.
Eleni : Ten thousand and a big, shiny emerald.
Polytropos : That would mean I'd have... ten thousand and five coins.
Kataramene : Thank you! That'll go a long way if we need it.

Elisan Soldier : *points in the direction of the bridge* Strangers apporach my Lord!

Kataramene : And yes, it's a lot heavier than my 15 coins.
Telemachus : Has he vanished? Probably half way to Crete by now..
Eleni : Huh.

Prince Phyleus : Ho, travelers!
Damian : Knowing Leo, he's probably found the inn.
Kataramene : Who has Pol's and Andreas's share?
Eleni : *Waves* Greetings!
Andreas Appolodorus: Anyone got a needle?
Prince Phyleus : Come join us! There is meat on the spit, good Elisan beef!
Damian : *hands Andreas a needle* Try not to bend it.
Polytropos : Oh, there are people up here. Hello...
Telemachus : *shrug* I could go for some beef.
Eleni : Well, how could we turn down an invitation like that?
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you Damian.
Kataramene : Beef? Ooo, sounds good.
Polytropos : Prince?
Damian : *waves*
Kataramene : Really?
Telemachus : Good day
Polytropos : Well... hello, y'majesty.
Eleni : Ah, with such manners, of course we are in the presence of royalty.
Prince Phyleus: At the moment, my friends and I are free citizens of Greece, enjoying a pleasant day ... far from the stableyards.
Polytropos : Sounds good to me.
Leonidas : *listens*
Kataramene : Stableyards are a problem?
Elisan Soldier: *looks the strangers up and down* And what brings you to these parts?
Prince Phyleus: So! An odd group of travelers... an Amazon, a robed archer, some sort of skull-priest...
Prince Phyleus: *at Kat* The smell! You'll see!
Damian : *takes the helmet off* Druid actually.
Kataramene : *preens at the use of the word Amazon as a label*
Eleni : I keep telling you, you shouldn't wear that in public.
Polytropos : The one in the shirt's Heracles.
Eleni : It gives people all sorts of wrong ideas.
Prince Phyleus: Heracles? Truly?
Telemachus : I am Heracles, I've been sent to perform a task for King Augeas
Prince Phyleus: *shakes hand*
Polytropos : Who else would walk unarmoured?
Prince Phyleus: I'm a big fan!
Telemachus : Although nobody has told me the task yet
Eleni : ..well. Andreas would.
Polytropos : ... like a moron...
Polytropos : ... well, besides Andreas.
Eleni : Also, me.
Telemachus : Thankyou, you're too kind
Damian : *to Eleni* Well, after that last encounter I thought it prudent to keep it on.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes the King seems pleased to make us run errants.
Polytropos : *grumble.*
Prince Phyleus: I've heard all the tales of your early battles... come, enjoy some meat by the fire!
Telemachus : *helps self*
Prince Phyleus: I haven't heard anything about these from my father... but then again, it's not like he tells me anything.
Damian : *gestures at Aias* Do you mind if my friend joins us?
Eleni : *Politely accepts the invitation*
Prince Phyleus: Gettis, make room for the heroes!
Elisan Soldier: *waves to his companion* Have you no manners? Free the log for the ladies to sit down!
Telemachus : Do you have any idea what task he might set for me?
Kataramene : *slings the sheild over her back, doing the whole standing proud and tall bit, and helps herself*
Elisan Soldier: Your father will want to know of this, prince.
Polytropos : *starts cuttin' some strips o' meat.*
Prince Phyleus: He'll find out soon enough, Gettis.
Telemachus : We're on our way to him.
Polytropos : Likely to slay some fearsome monster, eh?
Eleni : Doubful a messenger would reach him before we would.
Prince Phyleus: Well. You're in luck, I suppose. He's holding court in the overlook tower today.
Eleni : I hope so. Those have been the simple ones so far.
Polytropos : Do you have any fearsome monsters in these parts?
Damian : *cuts off three pieces of meat and hands one to Eleni and another to Aias before eating the third*
Kataramene : We've been catching them lately, though.
Prince Phyleus: Monsters? I haven't heard of any.
Prince Phyleus: Though why else would they send a mighty hero, eh?
Eleni : *Partakes of meat*
Polytropos : Huh. Uh, divine creatures?
Kataramene : Oh? Oh well. They had become our speciality.
Polytropos : Well, quite.
Eleni : Heracles' speciality. We keep him company.
Telemachus : Honestly? to test his patience.
Prince Phyleus: My father calls our horses the "steeds of the gods," but I don't think that's what you had in mind, sir.
Kataramene : Err... yes, yes /his/ is the actual ... whatever.
Prince Phyleus: Well, Heracles, I'm sure whatever it is, it is an important and vital task.
Leonidas : *sits and munches on some meat*
Polytropos : Weird.
Eleni : I don't see why it would be. None of the others have been.
Polytropos : Well, blessed land to have no wandering plague.
Polytropos : *chew*
Prince Phyleus: You don't sound overly enthusiastic. I thought heroes enjoyed defeating monsters, fighitng epic fights, thumbing their noses at their fa... at the gods!
Andreas Appolodorus: The one with the deer was interesting.
Prince Phyleus: Ah, I would hear of all your tales... but your quest must come first!
Eleni : Well, the situation with the king of Tiryns is less than... amicable.
Kataramene : We do. *munches on the meat, thoughtfully* Will we be fighting some champion of a foe then?
Telemachus : Oh the actual tasks havn't been so bad, it's doing them at the bidding of that oaf Eurystheus
Damian : Tell him about the giant lizard, Heracles.
Prince Phyleus: Ah. I have heard things... but it's not polite to speak ill of other rulers.
Polytropos : If you're ever in Tiryns, don't ask for the venison.
Kataramene : It might not be polite, but it's often accurate and warranted.
Telemachus : Given the choice I wouldn't pass him the salt at dinner let alone fetch monsters for his vanity
Elisan Soldier: *laughs* a useful tip my Lord
Polytropos : *chew*
Polytropos : So, how's the land?
Prince Phyleus: Well. My father will be at the overlook tower, it's just down the road by the stables. The main stables, anyway. You cannot miss them, they cover a great expanse.
Polytropos : Aha, right.
Telemachus : So I've heard
Kataramene : We can enjoy more of your fine country on the way.
Polytropos : How big are these stables?
Damian : *cuts off another piece of meat and looks at Eleni* Another piece?
Polytropos : How many horses've you got in there...?
Prince Phyleus: I would go and make introductions, but it may not help your cause, not with my father.
Eleni : I'm quite full, thank you.
Polytropos : Hm. Uh, ok.
Damian : *nods and tosses it to Aias and cuts off another piece for himself*
Prince Phyleus: Thousands, sir. Horses, cattle... it's the largest stableyard in all Greece, as my father likes to boast.
Telemachus : You don't have to tell me about difficult family relationships.
Kataramene : Thousands.....
Andreas Appolodorus: I could have some.
Kataramene : That's a lot of animals to care for.
Damian : *cuts off a piece for Andreas*
Eleni : Must be a lot of stablehands.
Kataramene : The few pigs and goats back home were enough.
Polytropos : *low whistle.*
Prince Phyleus: Indeed, my father has an army of men working for him.
Andreas Appolodorus: Eh thanks. * eat like an ogre *
Damian : Are we going to have to hunt down another animal?
Prince Phyleus: You will see for yourself. And smell for yourself. *smirks*
Polytropos : Guh.
Polytropos : Well; let's get on with it.
Telemachus : Heh I'm sure of it. Thank you for your hospitality, we shouldn't hang around too long, we're losing the day.
Kataramene : Ugh. *wrinkles her nose*
Prince Phyleus: Perhaps a predator has newly moved into the region, that could explain it.
Prince Phyleus: Good luck!
Polytropos : A thousand horses would attract something, I'm sure.
Kataramene : Mmm, wouldn't want it getting into the stables. And thank you!
Eleni : Thanks for the warning, if nothing else...
Telemachus : I'm sure we'll see you again before we leave
Prince Phyleus: Truly an honor.
Damian : Especially flies.
Eleni : It has been a pleasure.
Damian : *nods to the prince* Thank you for your hospitality.

Leonidas : *downs some ale then stretches*
Damian : Good Gods...are those the stables?
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Telemachus : Leo did you share out that gold and those emeralds yet?
Kataramene : *looks at the cart* Wonder why that is there?
Polytropos : Woough.
Leonidas : hmm, what?
Polytropos : I can smell something alright.
Telemachus : The dragons hoard.
Leonidas : What about it?
Damian : Looks like a refuse cart that broke down.
Telemachus : you're carrying Pol and Andreas' share.
Leonidas : I am?
Eleni : You are.
Telemachus : You were.
Leonidas : I thought I was carrying mine.
Kataramene : That's a lot of animals.
Eleni : It would be very impressive if you've /already/ managed to spend all of it.
Telemachus : You don't get three times as much as everyone else.
Damian : Yes it is.
Leonidas : I don't?
Telemachus : It was ten thousand and one emerald each.
Kataramene : Are they good ones? They look well cared for.
Telemachus : No. You don't.
Damian : *calls back* Leo! Don't make me ask Aias to give you a hug.
Leonidas : Hmm I see
Eleni : This is starting to feel like trying to explain the concept of sharing to a small child.
Polytropos : *holding his nose.*
Andreas Appolodorus: * wait *
Polytropos : This isn't helping, I can taste it in my mouth.
Damian : They look fine from where I stand, but those stables aren't as clean as they should be.
Leonidas : *slowly counts out coins and rummages for a gem*
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you * take the gem and gold *
Damian : Animals shouldn't be kept in or near their waste because it can carry diseases or attract insects that do.
Eleni : I really wish we could do this someplace further upwind, I have to say.
Damian : Good idea.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well?
Polytropos : ... hey, thanks Leo!
Polytropos : You're a true friend.
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : I know the pigs got bad trotters if they weren't cleaned.
Damian : This isn't much better. How big are these stables?
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah!
Eleni : ...they just keep going.
Kataramene : ... by the gods. So many?
Eleni : On and on and on.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be we should get a few horses and ride away from here.
Eleni : That would not end well for Heracles' family.
Elisan Stableman: *waves to the passing strangers*
Kataramene : I've never ridden.
Telemachus : It's like a city for horses..
Damian : And cows and pigs and who knows what else.
Polytropos : You could feed a whole city with all of the meat and milk.
Kataramene : What does he /do/ with them all?
Telemachus : Probably makes a fortune
Eleni : What one generaly does with a large number of farm animals, I assume.
Damian : Probably just looks at them all.
Kataramene : *salutes the guards*
Polytropos : Ho stableman. Where can we meet the king?
Elisan Stableman: oy, 'e's inside the tower.
Kataramene : You know, one pack of wolves in there and there'd be trouble. Perhaps he's wanting advice?
Kataramene : You know, on how to guard them?

Leonidas : *looks around*
Ghasam: Ah, what's this? Noble guests?
Andreas Appolodorus: Good day!
Ghasam: Greetings, strangers.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : If he couldn't guard his animals he wouldn't have that many.
Ghasam: How might this one serve you this day?
Kataramene : I bid you welcome Hearcles!
Kataramene : *Heracles
Ghasam: Ah... livestock must wait outside. *sees the bear*
Eleni : *Ahem*
Ghasam: Heracles? Indeed. I thought you would be... bigger.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol and snickers*
Eleni : Most people expect a giant, it seems.
Leonidas : The women always say that about him.
Telemachus : *looks down at him from 7 feet up* Why do they always say that?
Ghasam: And companions? What do you seek. Fine steeds? A few dozen head of cattle?
Telemachus : We're here to see King Augeas
Ghasam: Ah, I see. The King... is very busy.
Kataramene : Sent by King Eurytheus to aid him.
Ghasam: But for the son of Zeus...
Polytropos : *smirk*
Leonidas : Indeed
Eleni : It all sounded rather important.
Ghasam: Ah, the ... animal, will have to wait here, if you please.
Ghasam: The floors, you understand.
Ghasam: Come with me.
King Augeas: Hmm, so I see.
Eleni : ...The Heroes of Argos!
Eleni : ...for reference.
Telemachus : Greetings King Augeas
King Augeas: Never been to Argos. Never intend to go.
King Augeas: So. Heracles.
Eleni : What a shame.
King Augeas: Seems you've gotten yourself into a bit of trouble with the gods, eh?
Telemachus : It seems so.
King Augeas: Nice to see that even the sons of gods can be held accountable for the sin of hubris.
King Augeas: And now you must atone.
King Augeas: *sits back in his chair, looking self-satisfied*
Kataramene : *looks over at Eleni and mouthes "Hubris?" *
Damian : *mutters* Speaking of hubris.
Eleni : *I'll-explain-that-one-later-sort-of-wave*
King Augeas: So. You are to do a task for me, yes, mighty hero?
Telemachus : That's why I'm here. Eurystheus has lent me out.
King Augeas: Sadly, we have no cthonic monsters to fight in Elis.
Polytropos : Yay!
Kataramene : Got any dire enemies?
King Augeas: Elis is a land in peace. None here have the wealth or might to challenge me... I have made _certain_ of that.
Kataramene : Perhaps a betrothed princess to fetch?
King Augeas: However, I _might_ have a task suitable to a hero of your... stature.
King Augeas: And it's good that you've brought friends. *smirks*
Eleni : ...oh?
Kataramene : Oh we're just minions, Heracles does the work.
King Augeas: You stand silent, hero. No pithy comments? Well then, here is your task.
King Augeas: By the order of the gods, who granted you Labors to atone for your sins:
King Augeas: I bid that you shall cleanse the Augean Stables---all of them!--of muck, dirt, and waste.
Kataramene : .... what?
Telemachus : ....Seriously?
King Augeas: When the task is complete, I will judge your ledger balanced.
Eleni : *Blink*
Damian : *mutters* Hubris indeed.
Ghasam: Indeed! I believe it called...."mucking out" in Argos
King Augeas: Come now, certainly a bit of hard labor will not destroy the mighty hero's ... reputation.
Kataramene : Mu... you're not serious?
King Augeas: And the only monster you will face will be the flies. Mind you, they grow big here. *laughs*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah ah I was about to say that we would do things like that.
Ghasam: I assure you the King is deadly serious
Andreas Appolodorus: * not do
Polytropos : ... what.
King Augeas: Indeed! It is not often that we have the resources of a demigod to draw upon.
Eleni : Quite apart from anything else, I am fairly certain that, by the time we have gone through all of them, nine tenths will be filthy again.
King Augeas: You will find shovels and other tools down by the barns.
Telemachus : So you choose to deploy them in cleaning your *stables*
Andreas Appolodorus: I'll be outside.
Eleni : Zeno would weep.
King Augeas: Well. The task is not perpetual, you only need clean each stable once. I am nothing if not fair.
Andreas Appolodorus: * pet Aias *
King Augeas: Ask my rivals. Oh, wait, you can't they're all dead.
Eleni : Oh, yes, that's /clearly/ quite reasonable...
Kataramene : *doesn't like like she's fully understanding this*
Ghasam: But our stables are not just /any/ stables....they are Elis!
King Augeas: *rises, irate* You have your task, "hero"!
Telemachus : Yes I'm sure you've got a better brand of horseshit around here.
Damian : *hides a smile*
King Augeas: If you do not intend to complete it, that is between you and the gods you offended.
Kataramene : *grits her teeth*
King Augeas: I will remain here a few days, to see your progress.
Polytropos : *scowl.*
King Augeas: Best begin right away.
Andreas Appolodorus: * grab Damian's needle, some yarn and start fixing clothes *
King Augeas: You have my leave to go.
Telemachus : I'll complete it. You might wish you haddn't wasted your task.
Eleni : Very thoughtful of you, Your Highness...
King Augeas: Bah.

Kataramene : *mutter grumble*
Telemachus : Clean the bloody stables bloody piss take..
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey.
Polytropos : Alright, seriously. This is goingto take years.
Eleni : Could we just burn all of it?
Kataramene : Not if we burn them all down.
Telemachus : realistically weeks, at least.
Eleni : I mean, that would sort of qualify as cleaning, right?
Kataramene : *nods at Eleni*
Andreas Appolodorus: Use your magic.
Prince Phyleus: Ah, heroes! Did you speak with my father?
Damian : That would endanger the animals.
Telemachus : It's mostly shit. It's too wet to burn.
Kataramene : We can let them out first.
Eleni : Theirs would be a noble sacrifice.
Prince Phyleus: *sees your faces* Oh. I guess you did.
Kataramene : He didn't say they had to be full of animals when cleansed.
Eleni : Hrm. I am afraid so, my Prince.
Damian : We could let them all out first then burn them...
Eleni : Your father has a very... unfortunate sense of humour.
Andreas Appolodorus: * continue fixing clothes *
Kataramene : If he's going to be an arrogant bastard I say we use the letter of his command against him too.
Telemachus : Ah yes, prince Phyleus. Yes we met your esteemed father.
Prince Phyleus: I have never found his jokes funny.
Damian : Or his hubris.
Eleni : Exactly.
Prince Phyleus: Did he assign you some fell beast to slay?
Telemachus : Hah
Leonidas : *looks around*
Telemachus : No
Kataramene : No, he bloody well didn't.
Telemachus : We're to slay the beast of pigshit.
Kataramene : And horse shit and cow shit.
Polytropos : *looking out over the stables, frowning.*
Eleni : Well, maybe if by 'fell beast' you mean 'all the dung in all the stables of Ellis', then sort of.
Prince Phyleus: What?
Damian : As well as the ones of horse shit and cow shit. Don't forget those.
Telemachus : *waves hand out at the stables* I'm to clean the entire stables.
Kataramene : We'll smell for the rest of our lives.
Prince Phyleus: Why, that would be a momentous task!
Kataramene : Don't you start.
Prince Phyleus: I should know... often enough I was assigned it growing up! It would teach me the value of work, my father would say.
Eleni : *Sighs* There is not enough musk in the world.
Eleni : ...what, assigned to clean /all/ of it?
Damian : *looks innocently at Kat* Start what?
Prince Phyleus: I... I apologize for the insult, mighty Heracles.
Telemachus : It wasn't your insult.
Kataramene : Him and finding this task funny.
Prince Phyleus: I would work from sunup to sundown, just to clear one tenth of one tenth of one tenth part.
Eleni : Your father is a madman.
Eleni : No offense.
Damian : No, he's a king.
Kataramene : Right, let's think, as there is no way I'm spending the next year shovelling shit.
Prince Phyleus: That, he is not. He has a good reason for this, believe me.
Kataramene : Yeah, he's up to his ears in shit.
Telemachus : I find it pretty funny that I'm being forever lectured on arrogance by kings.
Prince Phyleus: I have never seen him do anything that did not give him some advantage.
Eleni : Yes, yes, he probably does...
Eleni : Doing this /will/ take us weeks.
Telemachus : To keep me here and make me fail my task.
Prince Phyleus: Months, I'd say.
Polytropos : ...Maybe it doesn't have to.
Telemachus : That's his goal.
Damian : What better way to humilate the son of Zeus?
Eleni : Therefore, Megera and your children will be dead by the time we - what...?
Kataramene : So the lives of his ... of Heracles family are forfeit by default.
Eleni : Please tell me you have a brilliant idea, Pol.
Prince Phyleus: What?
Polytropos : Alright. Two things.
Damian : It's a shame we can't use that river...
Polytropos : One, are all the stables on low-land like this?
Prince Phyleus: Aye, they have to be.
Polytropos : Right.
Prince Phyleus: Moving water to the animals would be too difficult otherwise.
Damian : *looks at Pol* Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Polytropos : And... where does that river come from and where does it go.
Eleni : ...I think I see where you're going with this.
Andreas Appolodorus: Fire or water what will it be?
Kataramene : Fire /then/ water?
Damian : If the river's damed somewhere, it'll be water, Andreas.
Telemachus : You *can't* burn shit!
Prince Phyleus: This is just a trickle of the Alpheus River.
Polytropos : *clicks his tongue.*
Damian : The manure would have to be dried out, but it would stink something awful if burned...
Polytropos : Hm.
Damian : You can if it's dry.
Polytropos : Just a trickle, hm.
Prince Phyleus: There's a dam up the valley, that.... oh, that's brilliant.
Telemachus : Does it *look* dry?
Telemachus : A dam?
Damian : I just said we would need to dry it out.
Eleni : Perfect.
Polytropos : Oh, now we're talking.
Prince Phyleus: But... my father is no fool. His hired mercenaries are camped there, to protect the dam.
Polytropos : I was worried we'd have to build one downriver, but -
Polytropos : Bah, mercenaries. We can pay them off!
Eleni : He might complain about the property damage, but, well...
Kataramene : Well that's going to be fun then.
Damian : *snorts* We'll deal with them, Prince Phyleus.
Kataramene : *suddenly looks interested*
Prince Phyleus: Perhaps, but they're a fairly rough bunch.
Polytropos : So are we, in all fairness.
Damian : He didn't say *how* we're supposed to clean out the stables.
Telemachus : *one raised eyebrow*
Prince Phyleus: Well... you're the heroes. If anyone can deal with the Bound Knives, I'm sure you can.
Eleni : Do you think any number of mercenaries can stand up to Heracles?
Polytropos : Prince, it'd like be best if it's made sure no animal gets washed away-
Eleni : ...oh. Those guys.
Polytropos : Did you say the Bound Knives?
Telemachus : We'll have this done in a day.
Prince Phyleus: Yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: They should not interfere perhaps even take the livestock to higher ground. A dam can be rebuilt, no?
Eleni : /Interesting/.
Polytropos : Hahaha.
Prince Phyleus: My father keeps them in lieu of a standing army, cheaper in the long run, he says.
Polytropos : Well, we might get to clean up two kinds of shit today!
Kataramene : ... that makes it doubly interesting.
Damian : So can stables. Prince, can you have the animals moved to higher ground?
Prince Phyleus: I take it you know these men?
Telemachus : Oh this is too good.
Telemachus : We had a run in.
Eleni : They stirred up some trouble in Argos not too long ago.
Polytropos : Bunch of cut-throats.
Telemachus : You're going to need new mercenaries.
Kataramene : We owe them, big time.
Prince Phyleus: *to Damian* As it happens, I have some sway with the stablemen, I'll see what I can do.
Telemachus : Alright, which way is this dam?
Kataramene : Either that or just open the gates, either works.
Damian : *nods* Thank you. We will take care of the shit if you would be so kind as to have the animals moved.
Prince Phyleus: And maybe I'll ask the captain of the guards not to send out any patrols north to the dam tonight.
Andreas Appolodorus: What would be the cost to make a new dam?
Kataramene : Who cares?
Damian : Not our problem, Andreas. We're to clean the stables, not build a new dam.
Polytropos : We can pay for it if we have to!
Telemachus : They can take it out of the money they wont be spending on mercenaries.
Polytropos : ... if we have to.
Kataramene : Sod that.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'd rather pay and go than stay here to build a dam.
Polytropos : ... besides, it's not like there's a standing army to make us, right...?
Eleni : And if the king is displeased, well...
Kataramene : If he wants to play the letter of a task then we damn well will too.
Damian : The king can rebuild his own damned dam.
Eleni : We'll just have to explain to him all the other wonderfully destructive ideas of cleaning up his property we can come up with.
Damian : *chuckles*
Polytropos : Let's see the dam. We can play it from there.
Telemachus : *rolls eyes* if the king wants a new dam built that'll cost him another task.
Kataramene : At least /this/ one leaves the stables intact.
Eleni : Well, mostly.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's move.
Kataramene : Upstream then?
Damian : We will bring no harm to your people, Prince.
Kataramene : They're just asking for it.
Eleni : Oh, there's a reason we're going for this idea first. Well. Several reasons.
Kataramene : We take the cost of one favour from the priests out of their hide.
Damian : When we're ready, I'll prepare my protections.
Telemachus : Alright. Watch out for the wave.
Eleni : We'll try to make it gradual.
Eleni : But no promises.
Kataramene : Well unless you can enchant a lot of shovels and buckets, it's the fastest option that leaves things intact?
Telemachus : Nah, wont get it as clean if it's gradual.
Polytropos : I always wanted to make waves in Greece.
Eleni : I'm good at enchanting living things. Not so much shovels and buckets.

Leonidas : Theres about a dozen guards ahead
Kataramene : Are we going to give them a chance to get out or.....?
Eleni : Hm. Bound Knives?
Leonidas : Right
Kataramene : Thank you. *taps the stoney covering*
Damian : *concentrates* NOw how did that go?
Leonidas : 4-5 archers, the rest are swordsmen or spearmen plus a couple of officers.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah hard as a rock, fast like the wind.
Damian : Ah, there we go.
Eleni : ...erm.
Eleni : Nice giant tiger?
Telemachus : haah
Kataramene : Oooo.
Telemachus : set that thing on them first.
Leonidas : Some archers are up in a tower.
Damian : It's a spirit of the tiger like I said before.
Kataramene : Show them what giant monsters are all about?
Eleni : So long as the spirit of the tiger knows who to bite.
Damian : Figured it might be better than the spirit of the bear since we already have a real bear.
Leonidas : Suppose you could try to negotiate with them first, if so inclined.
Andreas Appolodorus: I could draw some fire while you go behind them.
Damian : Let me use ice storm on them first.

Bound Knife Elite : Sir! Light on the road!

Damian : If they won't negotiate.
Kataramene : We can give them a chance.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.
Telemachus : Really?
Eleni : We'll make ourselves very, very clear.
Kataramene : Not a big one, but a chance.

Bound Knife Commander : Who goes there?
Kataramene : Heroes of A... Heracles!
Eleni : Stand aside for Heracles!
Eleni : ...and also the Heroes of Argos.
Telemachus : Move or get moved.
Kataramene : The mighty Heracles and his ... band of followers.
Bound Knife Commander: The Bound Knives move for no man.
Damian : Hmm. Might have to stick to lightning.
Eleni : I strongly suggest you consider it.
Kataramene : Going to move for a woman if you don;t.
Andreas Appolodorus: Heracles is not a man!
Bound Knife Commander: We are lawfully employed by the King, you can take it up with him.
Eleni : That's funny. When have the Bound Knives ever been known to do something lawfully?
Kataramene : Oh yes, right, he isn't. So that's three of us outside your argument.
Damian : *w* Archers in the tower.
Bound Knife Elite: Ha, she's got you there, boss.
Telemachus : Was that enough of a chance?
Bound Knife Commander: Shut up. You should talk to the chief.
Bound Knife Commander : Hey, chief! Got some men here looking to cause some trouble!
Kataramene : Bring him out here then.
Eleni : And women, thank you very much.
Andreas Appolodorus: Chief? Where?
Kataramene : And a demi-god.
Theon: Well, well.
Theon: What do we have here?
Bound Knife Commander: Man says he's Heracles, chief.
Theon: Heracles? Him?
Eleni : Hmph.
Polytropos : *sneak sneak hide*
Theon: He's just some nobody sword from a nowhere village near Argos.
Kataramene : Yes, and his noble companions.
Telemachus : Everyone needs a hobby.
Theon: Had a run-in with him and his friends in Argos. In fact, didn't I _kill_ you there, friend?
Kataramene : Ahh, that just changed things.
Eleni : I'm just going to be really straightforward about this.
Damian : He got better.
Eleni : Do you like your new patron so much that you are willing to die for him?
Telemachus : Do I look dead?
Theon: Looks like some folk need to be taught a lesson more than once.
Kataramene : Wait a minute. If he knows......

Theon : Treachery!
Theon : Attack!
Andreas Appolodorus: You may have been a match back then but not anymore.
Bound Knife Archer : I give up!
Polytropos : Sorry if I jumped the arrow there, it looked like the right time.
Eleni : Then run away really fast!
Eleni : You might be able to outrun the tiger!
Bound Knife Archer : AAahhhh!
Eleni : ...oh, wow.
Eleni : That tiger can /climb/.
Eleni : Good kitty.
Andreas Appolodorus: The chief escaped!
Damian : Are you okay, Eleni?
Polytropos : Nah, he didn't.
Eleni : Oh, yes, yes. Just the defensive enchanments on this robe seem to be feeling a bit sleepy...
Polytropos : Heh heh.
Damian : *nods* Good. You had me worried there.
Polytropos : *strips the body of Theon, as is traditional.*
Kataramene : That's nice armour.
Damian : Very nice.
Kataramene : Light enough too.
Eleni : Now that would have been nice against the great, big, ice-breathing dragon...
Polytropos : Well, I like 'em.
Telemachus : Not of any interest to me
Damian : That's what I was thinking.
Telemachus : The commander dropped these
Andreas Appolodorus: Which way is the dam?
Telemachus : Anyone want any of those?
Polytropos : Any Issues if I take this stuff?
Eleni : Further along the road, I would assume.
Telemachus : the shield is rather good, I think
Kataramene : Not from me.
Polytropos : Nice. Give me a moment.
Kataramene : And yes, that shield is good for the lightly armoured?
Andreas Appolodorus: I can only use the magic ale.

Leonidas : *sniffs kettle contents*

Damian : I'll take the shield if nobody else wants it. It's lighter than my current one.
Kataramene : Good idea, Damien.
Telemachus : Might be worth saving for something really big.
Kataramene : Maybe Leo can stop wearing a dress with those leathers?
Damian : *hands his old shield to Tel* Can you hold onto this, Tel?
Polytropos : Hey, Leo! You around?
Telemachus : Yeah yeah, I'm the pack mule, I know.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can carry things.
Polytropos : This any good to you? Looks more respectable.
Damian : Give it to Andreas then. *sticks out tongue*
Telemachus : anyone want those?
Leonidas : *shrugs* I prefer my robes
Polytropos : Hm. You sure? 's good quality stuff, this...
Eleni : They do look fairly comfortable.
Leonidas : Yeah I'm sure
Polytropos : Well, aright.

Damian : Dam's over here.
Andreas Appolodorus: This weight nothing.
Eleni : Right! Well...
Damian : I'm thinking maybe we should break it from here, Eleni.
Leonidas : Some supplies here folks, and bandages.
Eleni : So we just... make it explode, then?
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we still have ropes?
Polytropos : Bandages, eh?
Damian : Should work.
Kataramene : Can we break it a bit at a time for a warning?
Polytropos : And we DO have ropes! Good thinkging.
Telemachus : I just want you to know we still respect you just the same Leo, dress or no.
Eleni : Well, I could use acid.
Damian : *calls back to LEo* I used two. How many did you find?
Eleni : Weaken it by bits.
Kataramene : I'd give them to Damien, Leo.
Kataramene : Or Andreas.
Polytropos : *starts tying a loop in the rope he has, and then tries to loop around one of the dam's spikes.*
Polytropos : This isn't as easy as it seems.
Telemachus : Can't we just have Eleni blast it?
Eleni : *Waits to see if Pol's idea pans out before making with the magic*
Damian : Let a little out, then blast it?
Kataramene : The river rising a little first should give them a warning.
Polytropos : *lasso!*
Leonidas : Why not just blast it?
Telemachus : Heheheh
Andreas Appolodorus: I'd like to break a bit of it but just need a rope just in case.
Damian : Tel! You're going to get swept away, you ninny.
Polytropos : Put the rope on it!
Kataramene : Tel!
Polytropos : Yikes, man.
Telemachus : Got on, blast it
Kataramene : Don't be a pillock, you'll get washed away too.
Telemachus : should be weakend
Eleni : *Shakes head*

SERVER : The dam is starting to come apart! Better get clear!

Eleni : Not while they're down there!
Telemachus : I'm not an idiot.
Damian : There it goes.

Lazyzeus : water rushes out of the dam!

Polytropos : Look at it go!
Damian : That'll clean the stables.
Telemachus : *grining*
Telemachus : This is a good day.
Polytropos : ... yikes, that's going to raise some hackles.
Kataramene : I want to see the king's face.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.
Eleni : Me too!
Leonidas : picked up some javelins some of you warriors might use
Eleni : ...it's fun when we actually agree on things, Katara.
Telemachus : Yeah come on this should be good
Eleni : We should hate people together more often.
Polytropos : I wonder where the Knives got all this stuff?
Damian : The party that hates together stays together.
Kataramene : No idea! But now it's ours.
Polytropos : They're good javelins.
Damian : Hold on, tel.
Andreas Appolodorus: * climb up the tower to take a look *
Polytropos : Nothing...
Polytropos : Nothing...
Polytropos : I wouldn;t want to be the man who had to wake the king up for this.

Telemachus : Ahh king Augeas
King Augeas : What is the meaning of this!
Polytropos : Woooow, look at that.
Eleni : Ah! Your Highness!
Telemachus : You'll see your stables are entirely clean.
Kataramene : We cleaned the stables.
Telemachus : and in record time.
King Augeas : Are you responsible for this... outrage!
Ghasam: Here are the criminals Sire!
Damian : You wanted your stables clean, your highness. THey're now clean.
Eleni : I hope all is to your satisfaction.
Andreas Appolodorus: We have done your dirty work old man.
Kataramene : We did what you asked.
Telemachus : You wanted clean stables, said stables are clean.
King Augeas : Where are my mercenaries? They were supposed to protect the dam?
Kataramene : They tried.
Kataramene : They failed.
Polytropos : Give it, oh, a day or so, and it should have flowed away by then.
Damian : And failed.
Telemachus : Flushed into prestine condition by the mighty river
Ghasam: This is a complete mockery of the task you were set!
Damian : Our task was a mockery.
Kataramene : It's a solution, just not the one you thought we'd use.
Telemachus : I fullfiled the task to the letter.
Prince Phyleus: Now, father, you didn't specify...
Eleni : And the task you set was a mockery of the trials Heracles was to complete.
Andreas Appolodorus: You mean the bandits? They will do no more misfits.
King Augeas: Silence, you!
Eleni : So I suppose all that works out, yes?
Polytropos : What's done is done. Do you mean to keep us here?
King Augeas: This is how you honor your commitments, then, godling.
King Augeas: So be it... but know this, you have made an enemy today.
Polytropos : Oh, oh nooo.
Kataramene : You tried to delay a man and hence kill his famly.

Telemachus : Do your realm a favour and push him off that tower.
Eleni : ...somehow, he seems less scary than Hera.
Polytropos : An enemy! What will we do?
Ghasam: Indeed! To ire a King is to store trouble for oneself!
Damian : Whatever.
Kataramene : Been there, done that.
Damian : Go comiserate with your kind, old man.
Prince Phyleus: All right, men! We've got a lot of work to do to get this cleaned up.
Polytropos : ... seriously, would he get animals to shit on us, or...?
Polytropos : *ahem*
Polytropos : Sorry for the trouble.
Kataramene : *snicker*
Prince Phyleus: I suppose the good news is that the crops get a lot of fertilizer downstream this season.
Andreas Appolodorus: So what? He is only a king, we are heroes!
Polytropos : Huzzah.
Prince Phyleus: I wouldn't worry to much about the threat. My father is a powerful man, but doesn't have a lot of influence outside of Elis.
Leonidas : Let's be on our way.
Damian : We apologize for any trouble, Prince.
Prince Phyleus: I just wish I could go with you on your journey.
Leonidas : He should choose better employees though.
Damian : But the stables are clean, at least for a time.
Prince Phyleus: I'm sure next time there will be a nasty monster to fight.
Eleni : I think this land might just need you more than it needs your father.
Kataramene : If it'll help, we can come back and dam the river later. I'm sure Damian can persuade fish to sit inthe way or something.
Andreas Appolodorus: We got the bandits.
Damian : *narrows eyes at Kat*
Prince Phyleus: I guess my father's just out the cash he paid them. Oh well. *grins*
Damian : Hubris indeed.
Prince Phyleus: Well. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you, Heracles.
Prince Phyleus: I hope we will meet again under better circumstances.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : We can but hope
Kataramene : Us too!
Prince Phyleus: Well, I guess I'd better start supervising the cleanup. Going to be moving a lot of wet cattle tonight, I think.
Damian : I wonder if Hera's doing this in a round-about way of getting back at that king...? She must know that Heracles wouldn't fail.
Kataramene : Right... did we do this one fast enough to be able to find a merchant somewhere?
Prince Phyleus: All right, lads! Let's ge tto work!
Prince Phyleus: There's a crossroads market a day's walk east of here.
Kataramene : Probably figures either way is a win, Damian.
Eleni : Oh, yes. We passed there earlier.
Prince Phyleus: On your way, I'd imagine.
Polytropos : Onward!
Damian : Probably.
Leonidas : *waves*
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Polytropos : I imagine angry letters being written to Tirnys.
Damian : *shrugs*
Kataramene : A very sincere discourse?
Eleni : "Don't send that crazy Heracles and his mad accomplices our way ever again!"
Eleni : ...we might be doing some serious damage to the man's name.
Damian : Heh heh.
Eleni : I hope he appreciates it.
Damian : His fault for asking us to his dirty work.

Kataramene : Can we afford to divert to Argos?
Polytropos : Not without going out of our way a bit.
Polytropos : We are starting to run out of time...
Kataramene : How long have we got left?
Damian : We should wait on that armor, Tel.
Telemachus : how long have we got left?
Kataramene : I lost track.
Polytropos : Less than three weeks, and a bunch of trials to go. And you know the more there are, the further away they'll be.
Telemachus : Maybe one of the next ones will take us closer.
Polytropos : Wait.
Kataramene : *sigh* No rest in the villa then.
Polytropos : *counts on his fingers.*
Polytropos : How long is a week again?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Damian : It's been almost two months.
Eleni : 168 hours, Pol.
Polytropos : Well... I don't know, then.
Damian : Who knows what other tasks will be set for us or where they'll be?
Eleni : Or 10080 minutes.
Polytropos : That's loads of time.
Andreas Appolodorus: My guess is that if the real hero would show up we could split the tasks.
Leonidas : what's a minute?
Eleni : In a manner of speaking.
Damian : 7 days, Pol.
Polytropos : It's an hourglass's worth of sand!
Telemachus : Well.. if we've got more than 4 months left..
Polytropos : Aright. Who's for Argos, and who's for not?
Leonidas : My votes for argos
Damian : I need to rest either way.
Telemachus : Maybe we can afford to go to Argos.
Kataramene : Should we check up with the building too?
Eleni : We could... maybe see if Aeolus left word.
Leonidas : Could buy horses to ride to cut down on travel time.
Telemachus : we're ahead of schedual even.
Damian : If you're sure, Tel.
Leonidas : Or hire a coach.
Kataramene : We really do need to check ip on things, and the fellow at the crossroads is a swindler.
Eleni : Which just means His illustrious Majestty will be trying even harder to stall us, though.
Damian : The tiger would scare the horses away, Leo.
Polytropos : ... alright, Argos then...
Polytropos : Home we go.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Andreas Appolodorus: You know I would follow to Hades and back.

Lazyzeus : You make your way back to Tiryns, via Argos. It's an extra 2 days to make the diversion. It has been 51 days since the deadline was set. You have 6 months, but yes, some of the later ones will be farther apart. The journey back to Argos is long and arduous, but you encounter no difficulties on the road.

Kataramene : Can we afford an overnight stop or do we have to keep going?
Eleni : One night in a proper bed does sound good...
Merchant's Guard: *looks at the heavy coin purses amongst the shoppers and sighs*
Chionides: You look like a man who is interested in the finest arms and armor in all Greece!
Eleni: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Metrodorus: Can I interest you in some fine linens this day? Perhaps some supplies for the road?
Polytropos : It really does.
Damian: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kataramene : This extra stuff, do we sell it for just supplues?
Polytropos : I aim to!
Kataramene : I don't think it's worth much.
Telemachus : Good morning!
Egyptian Merchant: The knowledge of the Great Library of Ra-Kedet is now available for all who seek edification.
Leonidas: Edification is good. How much?
Andreas Appolodorus: A hundred healing pcks?
Telemachus : I hope to be the man with the Lion armour?
Thracian Merchant: Welcome to my shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kataramene : We get through them like water, Andreas.
Cretan Merchant: Welcome to Knossos. Can I interest you in my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Thracian Merchant: Welcome to my shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Polytropos: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Telemachus : Hah, you should have seen the trouble we had parting him from it.
Telemachus : Well Her
Kataramene : If we buy them with the shared gain then no one has to dip into their own gold from the hoard.
Andreas Appolodorus: How many then?
Priest of Hera: The blessings of Hera are available for anyone able to afford a modest... donation.
Leonidas: I would like to see what you have for sale.
Damian : *picks up a master work sling* oooh. This'll come in handy.
Telemachus : Of course
Damian : *looks at Tel and chuckles*
Kataramene : That's.... a fine head covering. *masks a grin*
Eleni : Hm. What should I do with that creepy sapphire....?
Polytropos : You still have that thing?
Eleni : Well, yes.
Eleni : We never decided what to /do/ with it.
Polytropos : Epistor!
Epistor: Masters! I only just heard you'd gotten back in town!
Eleni : *Waves*
Polytropos : News travels fast...
Epistor: Why did you not send word ahead? I could have prepared a feast!
Eleni : Temporarily again, I'm afraid.
Polytropos : Also, this man has a fine shield to sell.
Epistor: Oh? Do you at least have time to visit the new estate?
Polytropos : Ah, alas, we're short on messengers. What news?
Kataramene : New estate...
Epistor: Construction is nearly complete on the estate, and we've already started settling the first of the new villages.
Epistor: There were certain... ah, unexpected expenses, but I was able to draw upon the villa's account. Nothing to be worried about.
Polytropos : Maybe we could visit...
Eleni : I suppose.. we need to be underway again soonish, though.
Epistor: It just means that it might take a bit longer than expected to extract the first profits. But we've had a fine growing season.
Eleni : So do you think I should simply sell the sapphire?
Eleni : It's good for another thousand drachma or so.
Polytropos : Huzzah! A good season is good.
Epistor: You all look tired. A long journey, masters?
Polytropos : Very long, and it's not over.
Eleni : Well, I suppose you could say that...
Kataramene : Do you think the estate will be on the way to that sod we have to go see?
Epistor: Well. All is going well in your absence, though we long to see you return to Argos for good, masters.
Eleni : Well... for relative measures of 'for good', I suppose.
Polytropos : As far as that creepy eye gem goes, could we find a wise man or something to do something with it?
Epistor: Surely you can stay one night in your own beds? I have restocked the wine cellar...
Telemachus : We don't really have the time...
Telemachus : It was a delay just to come back here.
Eleni : Well, yes, I suppose it was...
Eleni : I don't suppose there were any messages for us in our absence, Epistor?
Polytropos : I'd like to see the estate...
Kataramene : So would I.
Damian : I'll be at the villa if anybody needs me.
Kataramene : Is it possible to spend the night there and save time?
Leonidas : anyone wanna buy a lesser amulet of health for 4000 and save 2000 off the asking price?
Polytropos : A lesser... uh, I'm good, Leo. I think.
Kataramene : You mean pay you for it?
Polytropos : Which way to the new lands, Epistor?
Leonidas : I bought it and am upgrading to a better one.
Epistor: The estate is on the cliffs overlooking the harbor to the south, masters. I can take you there if you wish.
Epistor: We are putting in a new path that connects to the villa, you should be able to go whenever you wish in the future.
Kataramene : I'd like to go... Can we?
Leonidas : No takers?
Epistor: Of course.
Damian : Takers for what?
Epistor: I believe you will be very impressed with what's been accomplished in just a month.
Leonidas : I'm offering an lesser amulet of health for 4000 gold, a 2000 savings off what I bought it for.
Telemachus : I suppose we could stop by on our way out of town?
Leonidas : I've upgraded to a better one.
Damian : I'm not paying you for equipment, Leo.
Polytropos : You should have been a merchant, Leo, not a bard.
Kataramene : Three hundred from the swords and things, pool it for healing supplues?
Leonidas : *shrugs* Fine
Telemachus : I'm healthy enough.
Telemachus : Did you want to sell this shield Damien?
Damian : I have 24 kits and an amulet we can sell.
Damian : I'm not going to use it, Tel.
Polytropos : Ooo. Might I see it -
Damian : Is this something you can use, Eleni?
Polytropos : Ah, go ahead.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : I suppose, though my spells take care of that for the most part.
Polytropos : T'is oddly better than the spartan shield, but I just can't bring myself to not use the spartan shield...
Eleni : Might help if I'm caught off guard, though.
Telemachus : Heh.. Does anyone want to wear this lion helmet thing? It doesn't do much for me
Damian : You have a silver tongue, you might be able to get some good coin for it otherwise.
Kataramene : What was your amulet?
Eleni : Maaaaybe.
Polytropos : Alright, that's pretty hilarious.
Damian : It hardens the skin slightly.
Kataramene : Ohh... I have the type.
Polytropos : I keep remembering the lion when she was a woman. And then I get creeped out.
Damian : My spells offer better protection and the amulet I'm currently wearing does that too.
Telemachus : It wasn't ever a woman
Polytropos : You can keep that, man.
Telemachus : it just looked like one for a while
Eleni : There is an interesting philosophical argument to be had there.
Polytropos : 've got a helmet, too.
Damian : I have some dye if you want to look less...yellow, Tel.
Kataramene : Do you think that purple cloak would go with my armour?
Eleni : You can always dye it.
Telemachus : you really think any dye is going to take to the golden fur of the neman lion?

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:43 pm

Lazyzeus : It's morning in Argos, and you've decided to make a quick stop off at the new estate before heading back to Tiryns. The morning fog clings to the cliffs around the harbor as you follow the trail to the estate...

Polytropos : Aaaah.
Polytropos : That way to the village!
Kataramene : Which way?
Damian : I hope it brings a lot of people.
Kataramene : Oh /that/ way.

Polytropos : Hellooo in there!
Hired Guard : Right, whaddaya want?
Polytropos : The door opened!
Hired Guard : This here's private property!
Polytropos : We know! We own it!
Telemachus : We know, we own it!
Leonidas : I see your moneys well spent.
Polytropos : *looks at Tel.*
Hippodamus : I recommend you open the door, if you are interested in future employment!
Telemachus : ....we're spending too much time together
Damian : Can't just have any baghabonds wandering in, Leo.
Polytropos : Guh.
Hired Guard: Ah... forgive me, my lords.
Polytropos : This timw.
Hired Guard: Nobody told me you wuz coming.
Polytropos : Not bad..
Damian : You're just doing your job. Don't worry about it.
Kataramene : Oooo.
Leonidas : *glances up at the empty walls*
Hippodamus: I hope you are pleased with the work.
Polytropos : Training Ring!
Hippodamus: My crew and I were just cleaning up.
Polytropos : Careful!
Kataramene : Careful!
Andreas Appolodorus: Not bad.
Polytropos : *blinks at Kataramene.*
Damian : *level stare at Andreas*
Polytropos : Yikes.
Polytropos : Thanks, I guess...
Hippodamus: So, who wishes to be the keymaster?
Polytropos : Now there's a question.
Kataramene : I will.
Hippodamus: It opens the front door, the storage barn, and the house.
Polytropos : Ha, of course.
Kataramene : *no questions asked, totally expects it to be accepted, manner*
Hippodamus: The guard is paid up through the end of the month.
Hippodamus: I am sure you will want to hire your own people, of course.
Kataramene : Hmm... we'll need to see about that, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: * look inside *
Kataramene : It shouldn't stand empty.
Hippodamus: Well, please feel free to examine the house. We can make minor adjustments while we're still here, if something doesn't suit you.
Polytropos : How're the villages coming along?
Hippodamus: Heropolis is just getting started.
Polytropos : Heropolis, hm? That'll do.
Andreas Appolodorus: You got the keys?
Hippodamus: We built the first six houses and the mill.
Kataramene : I do now.
Damian : *looks around* Impressive work, Hippodamus.
Polytropos : Well, we'll be back...
Kataramene : Not bad, not bad at all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice.
Polytropos : Haha, training shields.
Telemachus : wow fancy.
Kataramene : Kind of homey.
Telemachus : Look at the carved ba
Telemachus : bear
Polytropos : Hard to miss it...
Damian : *snorts*
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice beds.
Polytropos : So they are...
Kataramene : Very nice....
Telemachus : ... hang on who laid this out?
Kataramene : This could be mine, the littler one Eleni's, and you could use the bunks.
Damian : Leo gets a bunk.
Kataramene : There's enough for all of you.
Telemachus : Why is there one *massive* bedroom the same size as the other two together

Hired Guard: Aahh!
Leonidas : *looks around*
Hippodamus: What's the matter?
Hired Guard: Somethin... bit me...
Hired Guard: Don' feel so good...
Leonidas : *watches*
Leonidas : hmm
Craftsman: What's wrong?

Damian : Uh, no.
Polytropos : I'm guessing this was Eusebius's.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah I can take the barn.
Damian : We'll have to have the bedrooms resized.
Telemachus : Oh they didn't rebuild this part?
Kataramene : They're /fine/ as is!
Damian : No they're not. That master can be split into two.
Telemachus : Yeah alright, you can have a bunk bed.
Polytropos : Well, if we'd have been able to pay for the marble rebuild...
Andreas Appolodorus: This room fits a champion.
Kataramene : /that/ one is Eleni's.
Polytropos : There's still the chance that we'll make this place into a school to pass on our skills.
Andreas Appolodorus: Are we going now?
Polytropos : Let's see the village!
Damian : Good idea. Maybe Eleni can join us there. And we'll discuss the bed situation later, Kat.
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Lucky if we spend a single night here during an entire year.

Craftsman : AAah!
Carpenter: What the 'ellls?
Hippodamus: What is it?
Eleni : ..so, um...
Kataramene : What's going on?
Craftsman: Something... my neck...
Eleni : I have to say this isn't a :great/ first impression.
Telemachus : The hells happened here?
Eleni : Please tell me it was like this when you got here.
Leonidas : Think that bug's biting people
Polytropos : Hey!
Polytropos : Shoo!
Polytropos : Ow!
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is this pest coming from?
Kataramene : Cant' see it!
Carpenter: Bug!
Carpenter : Gah! Bloody stormin' it is!
Carpenter: Gah!

Eleni : Ungh..
Eleni : That.. was no ordinary weasel...
Telemachus : What the *hades*
Kataramene : You're telling me!
Polytropos : The weasel of the gods.
Eleni : *Supports self against fence*
Polytropos : Feeling... woozy...
Kataramene : I bet I know who these damned things are from.
Hippodamus: That... that was not natural.
Hippodamus: Some god does not like you, I fear.
Damian : No it wasn't, Hippodamus.
Eleni : No... were any of the workers injured?
Kataramene : This fellow looks unconcious.
Hippodamus: Can you help him?
Polytropos : ... aaaah, 's better.
Damian : *looks over the fallen worker*
Polytropos : Was something in that sting.
Kataramene : Sodding satyr...
Eleni : Because being unnaturally strong was nowhere near bad enough, of course.
Craftsman: Uhh... what happened?
Kataramene : It's got to be him.
Damian : *applies bandages and herbs* Easy now.
Hippodamus: If you don't mind... I think my crew and I will take our leave now. Good luck with your new residence.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes creatures from a fae world can only mean our friend is getting back at us.
Damian : Thank you, Hippodamus.
Kataramene : Yes... right.
Kataramene : Are there any guards left?
Telemachus : weasel was worse than the bloody hydra.
Eleni : We had guards?
Leonidas : Ah the joys of estate ownership.
Kataramene : There were ...
Damian : *Had* yes.
Polytropos : There was A guard, but I think he got weaseled.
Eleni : Lovely.
Leonidas : *watches workers disappear down the road*

Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : We can go see the village, and lock up here, right?
Telemachus : We're probably going to aquire a reputation..
Kataramene : Oh great. So now we have a place with no guards.
Damian : You're almost dead on your feet, Eleni. We had better rest before we continue with our tasks.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can you use some magic to protect this estate?
Eleni : i wouldn't say no to some rest...
Kataramene : Can you leave Aias behind, or something?
Damian : We could pay Leo to guard the estate. *grins*
Polytropos : Probably couldn't afford him for long.
Damian : I'd rather have him with us.
Eleni : But I don't know about protecting the place. Wards aren't exactly my specialty.

Leonidas : *waves*
Epistor: Ah, masters, what happened?
Kataramene : That's handy. Epistor!
Andreas Appolodorus: Traps?
Epistor: I passed Hippodamus and his men on the way out here, and they were almost running past me!
Eleni : We were assaulted by the local wildlife.
Kataramene : We had an invasion of .. well weasels.
Telemachus : We were brutally savaged by a weasel.
Epistor: Weasels?
Leonidas : I could leave some traps on the gate and entrance to deter tresspassers.
Polytropos : We were... attacked, by a... uh.. mighty... fey... troll. Called Weasel.
Telemachus : Just one
Damian : Long story.
Epistor: Oh, dear.
Telemachus : there was a mouse and a dragon fly as well though.
Polytropos : We got him.
Telemachus : We suspect the bloody satyr was involved.
Epistor: Well, is there anything I can do?
Kataramene : This doesn't sound very heroic, does it...?
Damian : Suspect nothing, he is involved.
Leonidas : Find new help?
Leonidas : *laughs*
Polytropos : We need some folks to watch the place.
Telemachus : We're probably going to need new guards
Kataramene : We need some guards, Epistor. We can't stay here to keep the place clear.
Kataramene : *looks at the others*
Epistor: I will hire some men from the city at once.
Eleni : To be fair, I think it's us they're after more than the estate.
Epistor: I know some veterans who will suffice. Perhaps Lord Strato will also help.
Leonidas : *shrugs* a vaste estate's an easy target for raiders.
Telemachus : ... we should probably check on the village.
Polytropos : Well, yes, but I don't want to come back after a long trip to find bandits've set up here..
Kataramene : Might they be some willing to consider using the place for training for a while?
Epistor: I will make the suggestion.
Polytropos : What are you looking at? *to Aias.*
Damian : He wants you to pet him, Pol.
Polytropos : I haven't got any food.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where did that tiger come from?
Eleni : Or elsewise, to stop bleeding on his pelt.
Epistor: Can't be having ... trolls... about. *looks at the tiny, savaged carcass lying in the dirt.
Leonidas : You are food though maybe?
Damian : *hides a grin*
Polytropos : *pets Aias, hesitantly.*
Kataramene : If any of these veterans have ambitions in that direction. *looks at the creatures, almost embarassed*
Damian : I summoned the tiger, Andreas.
Epistor: I had come to see if you wanted me to stock the larders here. Were you planning on returning soon?
Eleni : *Sighs* We were going to be back on the road soon...
Kataramene : A few days to a week perhaps.
Telemachus : We'll visit as and when we can, but probably not for any length of time.
Polytropos : Back to Tiryns.
Epistor: Very well. I will do my best to see that everything is in readiness when your travels come to an end.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Well, we won't be doing this tasks-of-a-demigod thing much longer than a few months in any case.
Kataramene : If you can negotiate guard duty for food and lodging, then that would be useful.
Leonidas : On the road again....
Epistor: You look as though you could benefit from some rest and a meal ere you depart.
Leonidas : Famous last words.
Telemachus : We should get the gladiator school set up. One of the benfits of training gladiators, they guard themselves.
Kataramene : And thank you, Epistor. I'm not sure what we'd do without you.
Damian : *stamps boots* I'm glad I got new boots.
Kataramene : Mmm, rest and a meal would suit us all right now, I feel.
Epistor: I can go ahead to the villa if you wish, and have Melina prepare something suitable.
Polytropos : Wanted... to see the village... *sways on feet*
Telemachus : We dont have a choice really. A stiff breeze could carry us off to hades at this point.
Damian : *grabs Pol* Not until you've lied down first.
Kataramene : We should see the village, though. Just in case.
Epistor: Very well. There are only a few settlers thus far, but I'm sure they would be very happy to see you.
Leonidas : Any cute ones?
Epistor: I will return to the city and make arrangements for the guards at once.
Kataramene : Is it easier to go back to the villa or remain here and travel on?
Telemachus : If they haven't all been murdered by weasels.
Epistor: The village is just up that new road, not far at all.
Eleni : Any weasels on the way, do you think?
Epistor: If I don't see you again before you leave, good fortune, masters.
Damian : Thank you, Epistor.

Eleni : ..well.
Damian : Your healer recommends rest.
Kataramene : Village and then back here?
Eleni : Have we rooms here?
Polytropos : ... rest can do. Just need to lie down a bit...
Leonidas : There's nothing to eat here is there?
Damian : *pulls up a bucket of wter*
Telemachus : Just the ones it came with.
Kataramene : We do. You and I have our own rooms, and the men share bunks.
Telemachus : We've got our own supplies.
Damian : For now, Kat.
Polytropos : Check that small tower thing, maybe there was food for the workers.
Telemachus : We'll be real nice Leo, we wont even charge you rent for your first night.
Leonidas : *shrugs* I'll sleep in town.
Kataramene : Ahh! Food.
Polytropos : Oil?
Polytropos : Ohhh. Gladiators, right.
Kataramene : Yeah. Gladiators....
Telemachus : And lamps..
Telemachus : and cooking
Telemachus : and whatnot.
Damian : And cooking.
Polytropos : Right.
Polytropos : Well. Food!
Polytropos : Can have a bite... soak up this poison...
Kataramene : Alright. Rest in case of more weasels, who bring their friend Mr Badger?
Andreas Appolodorus: Poison?
Eleni : Well, what are we all crammed in here for, then?
Kataramene : The wasp things.
Leonidas : Well if you had bought that amulet I was selling, you'd have been immune to poison.
Damian : Kat has the key.
Leonidas : *peers down well*
Telemachus : Wasn't the poison, it was the rediculous gushing wounds the weasel made somehow
Telemachus : I've been hit by battle axes that did less damage

Leonidas : Ah
Eleni : Aaaah, much bet - is that a giant bear?
Eleni : I mean, not Aias.
Kataramene : It does look like it.
Eleni : The statue. How peculiar.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Telemachus : I rather like it.
Leonidas : Rustic
Eleni : Almost an altar, the way it's set up.
Eleni : All hail Aias, God of Bears!
Damian : *peeks in and snorts*
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow*
Polytropos : *lying down, until the wooziness fades.*
Leonidas : *sits and strums*
Damian : *thumbs through a book*
Eleni : Aaah.
Eleni : ....not really how I imagined this going.
Eleni : We still have that belt, yes?
Telemachus : What belt?
Eleni : You know.
Eleni : The one Andreas wrestled the ogre for.
Eleni : The one our Satyr friend wanted really badly to have.
Polytropos : The jug?
Eleni : Oh, yes. Jug.
Telemachus : He wreslted him for a jug of never ending ale
Eleni : Not sure why I thought belt...
Andreas Appolodorus: Not a belt a jug.
Eleni : Anyway. I'm starting to think using it as a peace offering isn't a bad idea.
Leonidas : Now that's something I'd like to have.
Telemachus : well if he drinks enough of it, he'll get fat enough to hold up his trousers.
Leonidas : *laughs*
Telemachus : if he wore trousers.
Eleni : If any more people get killed because of our little feud...
Kataramene : That's a good point. But we can't go deal with him yet, can we?
Polytropos : We'll see. Eventually, he'll have to face us himself!
Polytropos : Once he runs out of weasels.
Eleni : We don't know exactly what what would heppen if we get tangled up with him.
Eleni : Of course...
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't believe people would die because if us. More something like what the Gods have planned for them.
Eleni : We could always offer the belt in exchange, and use it to lay a trap.
Kataramene : *vaguely arranges rations from the barrels on the table, looking like she's not that used to domesticity*
Polytropos : *snaffles munchies.*
Damian : Jug, Eleni.
Polytropos : Jug!
Eleni : Ach, you know what I mean!
Eleni : That was hardly the core of my point, there.
Damian : But if our robe is too loose around your waist, we can certainly find you a belt.
Telemachus : A trap.. what if he brings a body guard that's two much for us? maybe a Toad and a mole as well as a weasel?
Damian : *your
Leonidas : *dozes in chair*
Andreas Appolodorus: Why don't we hunt him and finish him once and for all?
Kataramene : Because right now we have these labours to peform.
Damian : He caught us by surprise, Tel.
Leonidas : *yawns and looks round*
Eleni : Yes... we can't risk spending days or weeks hunting him down.
Kataramene : We just lost a night we could have been travelling to the sod.
Telemachus : Because he is a fae being of demi-god like power and we wouldn't have the first idea of where to find him or if we're even capable of killing him.
Leonidas : You should have Herakles hunt him down as repayment for these tasks we're doing in his place.
Polytropos : I like that!
Telemachus : That sounds like a good idea.
Kataramene : I wonder if Epistor found guards, and when they'll arrive?
Damian : That's an idea.
Eleni : It /would/ only be fair.
Eleni : Actually.
Eleni : I'd say he owes us one similarly-sized favour for each Labour we perform.
Telemachus : Then we make him muck out our stables.
Kataramene : Yes, doesn't he just.
Damian : But only if he doesn't flood them like we did.
Kataramene : Seeing as we stand to gain little reputation from this, as we can't exactly tell anyone about it.
Eleni : *Sighs* Either way...
Eleni : Should we be off?
Polytropos : I'm feeling better.
Damian : *sets the book down* Yes, we should see about getting you a belt, Eleni.
Kataramene : Or a jug.
Kataramene : As they seem interchangeable.
Eleni : A nice one. With sapphires.
Damian : Why not both?
Telemachus : You lot have been announcing yourselves as "Heracles and the heroes of argos" at every chance. you can at least get some reflected glory. not me.
Damian : Only if I don't have to look at it in the light.
Eleni : You're one of the Heroes of Argos!
Kataramene : You can pretend Leo was you.
Polytropos : Yeah, "Heracles".
Eleni : We can say you were around. Not like anyone notices us, anyway.
Kataramene : Or Aias.
Eleni : Cunningly disguised as a bear.
Kataramene : Is Leo coming?
Telemachus : More people will learn your names though. I have to labour in obscurity.
Damian : Aias doesn't care as long as he's fed.
Eleni : Or presently, cunning disguised as a man.
Eleni : A simple bear of simple pleasures.
Eleni : Should we stop by the village?
Damian : *sighs*
Telemachus : We're here. so we should
Kataramene : Dammit, we still have the key. They'll need it.
Telemachus : Probably been devoured by voles.

Eleni : Watch out!
Kataramene : ...
Telemachus : look out!
Andreas Appolodorus: What is that?
Telemachus : It's that little fairy malaka again
Taffrir : go get 'em!
Kataramene : Mrr gllmmr bssagghmm.
Telemachus : just leave it
Andreas Appolodorus: Kat!
Eleni : Kat can't, though!
Telemachus : Walk away slowly you'll be fine
Kataramene : Mrr ..krgrrmmm gmm.. out of the way!

Eleni : Argh, annoying creature!
Polytropos : Augh.
Polytropos : 's get out of here.
Telemachus : ...Another mighty creature slain..
Kataramene : That little sod is so going to get his when I catch him.
Leonidas : Yeah I'm sure the village is just fine, eh?
Leonidas : *glances at dead turtle*
Damian : Let's not give that little bastard any ideas.
Eleni : I would suggest dissolving him in acid.
Eleni : Slowly.
Kataramene : It's a good point as to whether we should go there, as he could follow us.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we make a small shield with it?
Leonidas : I'm sure he knows all about your estates and holdings by now.
Telemachus : Make it into soup and maybe you'll gain it's strength
Kataramene : Villagers dying if he does is not good.
Polytropos : Best thing I think we can do for the village is Not Be There.
Andreas Appolodorus: * grab dead turtle *
Eleni : Now, if he attacks us in Tiryns, then I might not weep...
Kataramene : *nods in agreement*

Lazyzeus : You make your way back to the villa...

Polytropos : Oough.
Telemachus : Tortoise.
Kataramene : Oh they sent in the big guns this time, a frog and a tortoise.
Telemachus : and a couple of frogs.
Eleni : We'll leave that up to your imagination.
Telemachus : Pretty sure it was a magic tortoise
Kataramene : ... just an actual tortoise, but he's doing something to them. Honest.
Damian : It was magically enhanced.
Eleni : Actually, maybe do.
Eleni : It might be cathartic.
Damian : Serve the frog legs, Melina. Hair of the dog and all.
Telemachus : We brought the Tortoise actually, you could make soup
Kataramene : The key, Epistor.
Kataramene : *hands it over*
Eleni : A fine idea.
Eleni : ...about the keys, not the dog.
Damian : It's an expression, Melina.
Kataramene : Relatively trustworthy unemployed gentlemen?
Leonidas : Dinner ready?
Epistor: I only spoke to people who had good references.
Eleni : Do they seem more or less trustworthy than Leo?
Kataramene : That's a fair measure.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Epistor: Ah... *is silent*
Epistor: Melina! Food and drink for our masters.
Leonidas : Good answer!
Melina: *bows* As you wish
Leonidas : *laughs*
Kataramene : Just something quick, we need to get moving.
Eleni : That does sound promising, then.
Eleni : But yes...
Eleni : Time may not be on our side.
Epistor: Tiryns's loss is our gain.
Epistor: Surely you have time for a modest repast.
Leonidas : Indeed!
Kataramene : Modest, yes. Full feast, no.
Polytropos : We've got a lot of walking to do... again...
Melina: *offers a plate of cold cuts and fruit*
Eleni : We should we well underway by the time the day is out, at least.
Kataramene : Ideal! *takes a share*
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food*
Kataramene : Do your best with the guards as speed will allow.
Melina: *mingles amongst the party*
Epistor: A litlte wine, for the road?
Eleni : *Acquires sustenance*
Kataramene : After all, we don't want them to arrive to find a nest of mice there or something.
Leonidas : Or a lot even?
Polytropos : Works for me!
Leonidas : *helps himself*
Epistor: It is a good vintage, from your own holdings.
Polytropos : Aaaaah... hero wine.
Kataramene : That's nice to know. Income at last?
Kataramene : *samples it*
Epistor: Unfortunately most of the profits from this season went to the added expenses at the estate.
Leonidas : *smiles* Naturally
Melina: *reappears with a large salmon for Aias*
Epistor: I fear that hiring men will eat up the rest.
Kataramene : Oh well, at least they are being paid for with something other than our hard won currency.
Epistor: But we will make do. Stint today for wealth tomorrow, my father always used to say.
Kataramene : *finishes up food*
Eleni : Let's hope we can raid another dragon's hoard...
Leonidas : Yeah
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*

Lazyzeus : With the late start, and the hangovers some of you end up nursing on the road, it takes three days to make your way back to Tiryns. It is late afternoon on the third day when you see the familiar bulk of the fortress city on the horizon. *a horn blows as you approach*

Kataramene : Do you think there'll have been a messenger with complaints?
Eleni : Do we care if there is?
Kataramene : No. Just interested.
Kataramene : I need to know how smug to look.
Eleni : Always good to know.

Tiryns Sentry : *strangers approaching!
Damian : Look your usual.
Kataramene : T'is Heracles!
Telemachus : What are you new?
Eleni : *Ahem* The mighty Heracles returns!
Leonidas : La di dum di dum di dum
Damian : *motions for Aias to stay outside*
Kataramene : We had a man to see about a wasp's nest.

Eleni : We are sorry to dissapoint you, Your Highnes.
Damian : Sorry. We had to clean the shit off of our shoes.
Telemachus : It's not a short trip.
King Eurystheus: Well! Two months of your six are spent!
Leonidas : *looks at banner*
King Eurystheus: But fortunately, your next task is rather more local.
Mage Advisor: Dilly Dally!
Kataramene : I'm sure Heracles can't wait.
Telemachus : Wonderful, You'll save me money on shoe leather.
King Eurystheus: You are to travel to Lake Stymphalia.
King Eurystheus: There you will hunt the feral birds that torment the local people.
King Eurystheus: Slay the birds, and bring me a cache of their feathers as proof of the deed.
Kataramene : Birds....
King Eurystheus: I need a new winter coat. *chuckles*
Leonidas : Why not just get some feral cats to chase them off?
King Eurystheus: How you handle them is up to you. You are so ... creative, after all.
Kataramene : It would have made it worth taking that lion alive, no?
Mage Advisor: Cats don't respond well to orders
Telemachus : Hunt birds?
Eleni : They hardly need orders to do that.
Telemachus : Alright. They're your tasks.
Leonidas : Neither do I actually. *laughs*
King Eurystheus: I am sure such a mundane task will cause you no difficulty. *laughs again, more sinister*
Eleni : ...no doubt.
Polytropos : *suspicious look.*
Kataramene : .... *ecoes it*
Mage Advisor: *chuckles at the inside joke*
Eleni : Shall we be off?
Telemachus : I'm sure they explode or shit fire or something.
Kataramene : May as well.
Telemachus : come on.
Eleni : Or are the size of dragons.
Leonidas : *waves*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*

Lazyzeus : True to the king's words, it only takes a day and a half of walking to reach the shores of Lake Stymphalia.

Telemachus : Think we'd have heard of that.
Damian : I like you, Eleni, don't make me change my mind.
Polytropos : We've faced some nasty birds.
Eleni : ..or their beaks are poisonous, or they're all wizards, or...
Telemachus : Lightning bolts from their eyers
Eleni : Maybe Artemis really, really likes them.
Damian : We'll deal with them as we have the other "tasks".
Leonidas : I vote Damians tiger eat them all.
Leonidas : Less the feathers of course.
Eleni : This place has seen better days.
Kataramene : So what will it be with the birds?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Wow.
Kataramene : Feathers like blades? A squawk that paralyses?
Eleni : We should only be so lucky.
Polytropos : This was a small town
Polytropos : !
Damian : We'll find out soon enough.
Leonidas : kind of a dump
Telemachus : I hope they have feathers like blades, we can make a cloak and give it to the king
Kataramene : This place really /has/ seen trouble.

Lazyzeus : The village on the lakeshore is a ruined wreck. Smoke comes from the turf house, the only place that seems still occupied.

Eleni : Just /how long/ have these birds been terrorizing the locals?
Polytropos : *unsure at the bloodstain.*
Polytropos : Hello...?
Kataramene : *yells* Hello?!
Eleni : I think someone still lives here...
Polytropos : No-one in this ruin.
Leonidas : *takes a look around*
Eleni : *Tap tap*
Eleni : Hello...?
Telemachus : I dont see how a any number of birds is going to knock down a big stone building like that
Eleni : We are not murderous birds, I promise.
Kataramene : You had to say it, didn't you?
Polytropos : *nocks arrow, taking no chances.*
Eleni : Someone who is here to help!
Telemachus : But if we *were* murderous birds that's probably what we'd say
Eleni : Here!
Damian : *gestures at the animals to stay outside*

Eleni : Ah, hello..
Polytropos : Hello? Yikes.
Kataramene : *looks at the blood on the floor*
Telemachus : Well aint it crowded in here.
Polytropos : Aphrodite's girdle, what's happening here?
Eleni : Are you certain? Not even Heracles, the Heroes of Argos and a giant tiger?
Kataramene : Don't worry, it's with us.
Telemachus : It's alright the animals are tame
Eleni : And also a bear.
Eleni : It's friendly! I promise!
Kataramene : But no wasps, or weasels.
Frightened Villager: Nice.... ah... kitty.
Telemachus : Really you couldn't have left them outside?
Kataramene : *looks at the blood on the floor*
Telemachus : My name is Heracles. We're here about the bird problem.
Old Hunter: Heracles, eh?
Old Hunter: Well, this here place is in dire need of a hero.
Damian : We can see that. What can you tell us about the birds?
Old Hunter: What's wrong with yer skin?
Ragged Merchant: *nods* my busines is ruined
Old Hunter: Damned things... they've always been a scourge, but of late they seem especial ornery.
Telemachus : *nods at damian* he's a druid. and acts like an old woman when it comes to looking after me.
Leonidas : They're building a new village, maybe you could make new lives there?
Eleni : Well, the singers aren't joking when they say Heracles' skin is hard as stone.
Kataramene : It's been ... actually I don't know what it is, but it works.
Kataramene : And a good idea, Leo.
Polytropos : Ornery birds? Really?
Damian : *raises an eyebrow* That's because you have a nasty habit of trying to leave your body, "Heracles".
Ragged Merchant: Nasty buggers
Old Hunter: Whooped up by Ares, them birds are. Nasty things.
Eleni : Ares, you say?
Telemachus : What's so bad about them?
Kataramene : *an "Oh no not again" look*
Old Hunter: They got beaks like bronze daggers, and feathers to match.
Damian : Hmm. Do you know where these birds nest?
Telemachus : Ah right
Old Hunter: Blasted things drop 'em like darts. If'n you get hit by one... welll. *nods to the bloodstains*
Ragged Merchant: And sharps talons and beaks!
Kataramene : You know, I was /joking/ when I said feathers like swords.
Telemachus : How'd they ruin the village?
Leonidas : Well least it's not like iron.
Old Hunter: They seem to be settin' up on the bluffs east of the town.
Eleni : You should know better, Katara.
Kataramene : I should. I /really/ should.
Damian : *nods* We'll take care of your bird problem, my good man.
Old Hunter: They like the taste of flesh, it seems. I seen two of them poke through a house like was nothin' there. Can't say why they haven't come in here, maybe some god is still lookin' out for us.
Frightened Villager: You'll help us and the children...won't you?
Eleni : That is why Heracles is here!
Damian : Of course. Keep everybody inside until we return.
Leonidas : Indeed. The great Herakles will save you all.
Old Hunter: Aye, not like as to go outside long as them birds are flappin' about.
Kataramene : *sighs and nods wearily* I'm sure /Heracles/ will make everything alright.
Old Hunter: We'd be right obliged, Heracles.
Damian : *taps Tel on the head* Though his head may be of stone, his heart is of gold.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Andreas Appolodorus: How many birds?
Frightened Villager: Hercules....our hero!
Old Hunter: Most I seen at any one time is a dozen, flyin' high overhead.
Old Hunter: Not sure how many there all in total.
Old Hunter: Reckon you'll find out, if'n you move on their nests.
Eleni : Let's hope for a dozen and expect a hundred.
Polytropos : *unsettled look...*
Leonidas : There any other villages near here?
Old Hunter: There were, at one point. Now we're the last.
Damian : We'll have to be espcially vigilant in hunting them down then. Maybe if we set fire to their nests...no, they'd like as not just build new ones.
Leonidas : How long have the birds been bothering you?
Kataramene : Or just move on somewhere else to hunt people.
Old Hunter: Well, even if you could just drive them off, we'd be grateful.
Eleni : Best would be to slay them, yes.
Old Hunter: Like I said, they've been there long as we have, it seems, but they mostly stayed to the north shore. A few attacks here and there, but nothing like recent.
Kataramene : A taste for man-flesh, hmm? How do they feel about woman flesh?
Ragged Merchant: They'll need to be hunted down and killed! Every last one of them if'n we're finally to be rid of their sourge!
Damian : We'll do our best to slay them. If we cannot, then we'll drive them off.
Leonidas : hmm
Damian : *looks at Kat* I doubt they'd see a difference, Kat.
Old Hunter: Well, if anyone can do it, it's you, Heracles. Heard you done ripped the head off that giant lion up Nemea way.
Andreas Appolodorus: Or vice versa.
Eleni : That he did! And had a suit of armour made from its pelt!
Telemachus : yup
Ragged Merchant: Some sort of magical beast was it?
Telemachus : had it made into a helmet
Kataramene : Yes, he /did/ rip it's head off, didn't /he/?
Old Hunter: Well now, that's something I'd have liked to see.
Boy: Mommy, he's got a lion head for a hat!
Kataramene : You just had to have been there.
Leonidas : *pats lion tail belt* Indeed he did.
Frightened Villager: I saw, hush dear.
Ragged Merchant: That would have a sight to see!
Eleni : It was technically a lioness, but I expect people will keep getting that one mixed up.
Damian : Yes it would have.
Old Hunter: Well now, if'n you need a place to rest, just come on by.
Kataramene : Do we go look before nightfall? *looks at the others*
Eleni : Thank you.
Damian : *nods* We will likely take you up on your hospitality when we return. Thank you.
Polytropos : Not sure what we can make out of magical birds...
Telemachus : Alright. We'll head out now, see what we can turn up.
Kataramene : The King wanted a cloak.
Damian : Maybe a cloak that'll stab that arrogant bastard.
Eleni : If their beaks are like dagger, maybe they would make good daggers?
Frightened Villager: We'll look forward to your return Hercules!

Eleni : East, it was mentioned.
Kataramene : Lock i tagain! *yelled*
Telemachus : Have we all got bows? or slings at least
Leonidas : *looks around*
Damian : All except Andreas I think.
Kataramene : *pokes the carcass with her sword*
Kataramene : Dead.
Damian : *examines the carcass*
Damian : It's been dead awhile to stink like that.
Eleni : I think there's more over there...
Kataramene : Yeah.
Polytropos : Woah
Damian : You know, we could melt down some of those feathers and make a belt for Eleni. *grins*

Kataramene : Up there!
Polytropos : Ow ow ow
Kataramene : Blasted thing.
Kataramene : It flew off. We're going to need a net or something.
Polytropos : Gah.

Eleni : Did we get that one?
Polytropos : Flew off, again.
Kataramene : Can't throw these accurately enough,.
Telemachus : We need to find where they roost.
Eleni : Ngh. Well, there's a path over there.

White Owl: *hoot, hoot*
Damian : *looks at the owl*
Leonidas : Hello there
White Owl: *hoot, hoot*
Kataramene : What's that?
White Owl: *hoot, hoot*
Eleni : Erm... are you talking to yourself again, Leo?
Damian : A white owl. I think it wants us to follow it.
Leonidas : Theres an owl
Kataramene : Owl... isn't that Athena's bird?
Polytropos : I'm not in much of a bird-trusting mood...
Andreas Appolodorus: There.
Kataramene : Added them to the list of small creatures to hate too,
Eleni : That list /is/ getting quite long, now.

Andreas Appolodorus: Hello.
White Owl : The bird lands on the shoulder of an old woman dressed in white.
Wise Woman: Hello.
Damian : Hello, m'lady.
Leonidas : *nods*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : Ho there. Be careful! There's birds!
Wise Woman: You travel dangerous lands, heroes.
Eleni : Um... oh. Greetings.
Kataramene : Isn't it a bit dangerous for you to be here too?
Andreas Appolodorus: Friend or foe?
Wise Woman: Indeed. The Stymphalian birds are foul things, sacred to Ares.
Damian : Hush, Andreas.
Wise Woman: That reamins to be seen, Andreas Appolodorus.
Kataramene : ...
Kataramene : You know our names?
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah
Wise Woman: You have courage, that is clear. But courage must be tempered with wisdom.
Wise Woman: Why, who has not heard of the Heroes of Argos? *smiles*
Kataramene : Out here? I'd say a few.
Wise Woman: Hunting the Birds is a dangerous endeavor. They can fly off easily, recover their strength, and return to torment you.
Telemachus : So we've seen
Leonidas : So we notices
Eleni : *Nods*
Damian : We thought to destroy their nests.
Polytropos : Still working that part out.
Kataramene : Or use nets.
Wise Woman: Climbing to their nests is not an easy matter, especially while being bombarded by their feathers.
Telemachus : We brought bows and arrows but they're tough birds.
Wise Woman: They build atop steep bluffs. Not easy to reach.
Damian : We can strike from afar, but would gladly listen to any wisdom you have for us.
Polytropos : Damn smart birds.
Kataramene : Can we lure them down and cast nets?
Wise Woman: Their feathers would cut through any net you could fashion, Kataramene.
Kataramene : .. not that we've got any, but we have rope so how hard can it be?
Kataramene : ..oh.
Wise Woman: But luring them within reach of your sword...
Wise Woman: Well now, perhaps something can be done.
Damian : Could use Leo as bait...
Kataramene : Can we poison him too? Poisoned food?
Wise Woman: They might find him too stringy.
Wise Woman: But try this.
Damian : True.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice.
Wise Woman: This rattle will draw their attention, and lure them down to you. Strike swiftly! They will not remain close for long.
Kataramene : What is it?
Eleni : Hm...
Wise Woman: And they may put up a fight, so be careful. *smiles*
Polytropos : A rattle, eh...
Wise Woman: It can be used only ten times, so be judicious.
Damian : I can summon lightning to destroy them, but Tel shoudl probably be the one to use it.
Eleni : Thank you for your advice and blessing, my lady.
Wise Woman: I wish you luck, heroes. Perhaps we will meet again.
Polytropos : We'll try anything once!
Kataramene : Yes, the advise is welcome.
Telemachus : Thankyou!
Damian : *bows* Thank you, m'lady.
Wise Woman: *walks off into the woods and disappears*

Eleni : ...interesting.
Leonidas : Hmm the villagers said there were a dozen or so, hope that rattle is enough to draw them all.
Kataramene : Is it just me, or is this becoming something of a reoccurring situation?
Damian : The Gods are playing games with each other and we're their pawns, Kat. Just be glad some are helping us rather than hindering us.
Eleni : It doesn't seem quite right to complain, given the circumstances.
Kataramene : Right.
Polytropos : It's like the Iliad. Only with animals.
Kataramene : I bet he never had to face weasels.
Damian : Let us hope we don't end up like Achilles.
Telemachus : Alright, shall we start killing birds?
Polytropos : 's why we're here.
Eleni : I suppose we shall.
Andreas Appolodorus: Think Odysseus.
Damian : Yes, but try to get two or more at once if you can, Tel.
Eleni : Spells to charm or bind the creatures would be useful as well.
Telemachus : Stay close to me if you want to get a chance to hit them, they'll probably leave quickly.
Eleni : But I think that is more Damian's area.
Polytropos : Get shipwrecked four times in a row, and not make it home for twenty years?

Polytropos : *psst* bird! South-east!
Telemachus : Bunch up!
Kataramene : Over to you. "Heracles".

Polytropos : Did... someone use that rattle?
Eleni : Ach!
Telemachus : I rattled it! I rattled it like crazy!
Kataramene : Tel has it?
Leonidas : thought you were drawing them down with the rattle?
Damian : *looks Eleni over* Are you okay, Eleni?
Eleni : Yes, yes. Their spikes can't really hurt me much with this ward.
Damian : Are you sure?
Eleni : Not /much/.
Polytropos : Not so tough without your wings, eh
Eleni : There we go!
Kataramene : Well at least we know they /can/ die.
Telemachus : *chops its stupid lttle head off and takes it*
Damian : Not easily though.
Kataramene : Someone get it's feathers.
Damian : *takes a couple of feathers carefully*

Lazyzeus : You press on to the nesting grounds...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:03 pm

Lazyzeus : Okay, when we left off were were in the forest on the shore of Lake Stymphalia, hunting nasty birds sacred to the war god Ares. A mysterious woman appeared to give you aid in the form of a bronze rattle, which she said would draw the birds to you for more convenient stomp-ifying.

Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Andreas Appolodorus: Stupid bird.
Eleni: Stupid, perhaps.
Polytropos : Take that, divine sacred bird.
Eleni: But quite tough all the same.
Kataramene : Damn feathers. *picks on out of her arm*
Eleni: Much like some people I could name.
Telemachus : That one was just waiting for the worst moment
Polytropos : We're closing in.
Kataramene : *lops it's head off*
Polytropos : Or soemthing.
Eleni : Hope we'll not have to faces scores of those...
Eleni : Rather another dragon than that.
Polytropos : We'll form a shieldwall.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Eleni : ...which they will promptly fly over.
Polytropos : ... or we would if only I wasn't the only one with a proper shield.
Kataramene : Hey!
Polytropos : Yours is a weird shape! You can't lock that with others!
Telemachus : Your shield is little.
Kataramene : You have a point.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where are the other birds?
Polytropos : The aspis is perfection.
Kataramene : We'll find them soon enough.
Eleni : Wherever they will be most annoying, I suspect.
Damian : I'm sure we'll see them soon enough, Andreas.

Polytropos : Uhoh.
Polytropos : There's a lot of them.
Eleni : ..hm.
Polytropos : Just around the corner, atop the hills.
Eleni : I do believe I see a body over there.
Polytropos : It's a trap!
Telemachus : BIRDS
Kataramene : Lots....
Telemachus : LOTS OF BIRDS
Leonidas : 4 to the right
Kataramene : Can we get one ata time?
Polytropos : Get behind the rocks! We can't fight that head on.
Telemachus : Say when to rattle em

Lazyzeus : The injured birds fly off!

Telemachus : Got one, two flew off
Eleni : Darn.
Eleni : Two more!
Telemachus : We'll catch up to them
Polytropos : ... wait, I... I might have an idea -a oh nuts.
Kataramene : How many feathers do we need again?
Telemachus : it got away
Eleni : Ach, did it get away?
Telemachus : the more the better
Kataramene : Lift me up.
Eleni : We don't need feathers! We just need to kill them all.
Telemachus : we could make something out of em

Eleni : One's back!
Kataramene : Get it!
Kataramene : Do we have to proove it?
Polytropos : We must be close. We should press on, if we can!
Telemachus : Yeah, he wants feathers
Telemachus : and so do we

Eleni : I think our lie will be put to the test if these things keep killing people in droves, anyway.
Damian : Pol. Wait.
Telemachus : *tries to climb the cliff*
Polytropos : Better... ah, careful, man.

Lazyzeus : Telemachus slides down the steep side of the cliff.

Kataramene : Tel, I think I see a nest. Give me a boost?
Kataramene : We're going to have to get those nests.
Polytropos : Oh! Rain! That'll help!
Telemachus : Yup, come on I'll boost you up
Kataramene : *slings the shield and lifts a foot for a boost*
Damian : *helps Pol*
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we have a rope?
Polytropos : We do!

Lazyzeus : With help, Kat makes it up the cliff, though she gets very muddy doing so.

Andreas Appolodorus: This tree seems strong enough.
Polytropos : Do we all need to be up there...?
Eleni : Do you see anything up there?
Kataramene : Err... it's muddy. Someone throw up a rope
Kataramene : Yeah, a nest.
Polytropos : Alright, alright...
Kataramene : One over there too.
Telemachus : get the feathers up there too!
Polytropos : *gathers his rope, and throws it up.*

Lazyzeus : With the rope attached, climbing is much easier

Kataramene : *ties the rope off on a tree and throws the ends back down.
Andreas Appolodorus: * climb up *
Telemachus : *goes up*
Telemachus : Ok next one
Kataramene : Boost up these rocks?
Damian : *climbs up*
Telemachus : *helps Kat up again*

Lazyzeus : The rocks offer an easy route up, but Kat slips and slams her chin on the hard stone.

Eleni : *Keeps an eye out for more birds*
Polytropos : *guards the rope.*
Kataramene : *Gnn...*
Eleni : Are you okay up there?!
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we need eggs?
Telemachus : Ouch
Polytropos : That sounded uncomfortable.
Damian : *helps Kat up*
Eleni : We need to /crush/ eggs, I would think!
Kataramene : Gnust get grid of gnest.
Telemachus : Come on up you get.
Telemachus : still got all your teeth?
Kataramene : Owe owe owe. *rubs her chin and checks said teeth* I think I'll have a bruise!
Damian : Andreas, we need your muscle.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can climb up there.
Eleni : If we all walk away with just bruises, I think we'll be very lucky.
Damian : Kat's lighter.
Telemachus : The rocks are slippery.
Andreas Appolodorus: And?
Damian : And she's easier to boost.
Telemachus : and you're covered in oil half the time
Polytropos : These darn arrows can put holes in leather.
Andreas Appolodorus: Fine.
Polytropos : - feathers.
Telemachus : Ready for another try Kat?
Kataramene : Another go, but don't drop me.
Polytropos : Not... not arrows. Not much difference.
Andreas Appolodorus: * help Kat *
Andreas Appolodorus: Here climb on my hand.
Damian : *assists*
Damian : Shame Aias can't climb up here, you could stand on his back, Kat.
Kataramene : *pulls out a javelin and pokes at the nest carefully*

Damian : Uh-oh.
Polytropos : Ow!
Kataramene : Sod...
Kataramene : *tries to scramble down*
Damian : Bastard!
Eleni : Ach..
Polytropos : Is it my imagination, or did that one seem angry?
Damian : *climbs down*
Telemachus : Kat was busy stomping on its nest
Eleni : /All/ of them seem angry!
Telemachus : so probably
Telemachus : *shimmys down rope*
Kataramene : Hold on, need to attach this rope differently.

Lazyzeus : Getting down proves far easier than getting up was.

Polytropos : Wrap it around the tree and let two ends down!
Polytropos : Then all you need to do is tug it to get it down.
Kataramene : *unties the rope and just wraps it around the tree so it can be pulled down, then descends holding both sides*
Damian : If this keeps up, I'll be out of healing soon.
Andreas Appolodorus: * goes down with rope *
Polytropos : If we break these nests, they'll leave... right?
Kataramene : *pulls the rope down and coils it*
Eleni : Hopefully.
Polytropos : Or will they descend onj us in vengeful fury?
Damian : They should.
Telemachus : I think I see another nest up there, on the other side.
Kataramene : Yes, we need to get that too.
Eleni : It should hopefully be a strong incentive to relocate.
Telemachus : More climbing..
Kataramene : Use the tree again.
Damian : *cups hands*
Kataramene : *does the lifting of the foot routine again*
Telemachus : *helps*
Polytropos : *counts his arrows, and frowns.*
Andreas Appolodorus: * helps *
Damian : Careful. We may be slippery.

Lazyzeus : The men all help, but Kat's hands keep slipping on the muddy dirt.

Kataramene : *scrambles, trying to get a hold*
Telemachus : Throw the rope around the tree
Andreas Appolodorus: Argh.
Kataramene : Umm... I can try.
Damian : Pol! Give us a hand here.
Kataramene : *grabs the end and ties a javellin with it, and then throws that up trying to hook around the tree*
Polytropos : How many people does it take?
Andreas Appolodorus: We can push you up Kat.

Lazyzeus : Like an Amazon, Kataramene lassos the tree.
Polytropos : Oh, nice.

Lazyzeus : The rope is in place.

Damian : You mean you don't want to put your hands on Kat, Pol? I'm shocked.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done.
Telemachus : *climbs rope*
Kataramene : *glares*
Polytropos : I'm watching for birds! You know, I have a bow?
Damian : *grins and follows*
Polytropos : ... trying to stop everyone gwetting... *grumble*
Damian : Eleni is perfectly capable of watching for birds as well.
Andreas Appolodorus: * climbs up *

Lazyzeus : You hear a loud flapping of wings... mroe birds approaching!

Kataramene : ....
Eleni : I'm certainly not -
Polytropos : Hades-damn birds don't stick at anything.
Damian : let's get this nest destroyed.
Eleni : Uh-oh.
Polytropos : Aw. Hurry up there!
Kataramene : They are hard to hit!
Polytropos : Really hard.
Telemachus : Damn thing got away too.
Polytropos : Hurry up there!
Eleni : Not with my spells! ...though they are quickly wearing me out.
Polytropos : I can see them circling up there...
Kataramene : Let's get this nest.
Polytropos : Winged menaces...
Kataramene : Boost!
Damian : *cups hands*
Kataramene : *holds the foot up for a boost*
Telemachus : *likewise*
Andreas Appolodorus: * help Kat *
Kataramene : *winces and smashes up the nest*

Lazyzeus : THe bird assaults Kat in a wild fury!

Damian : Die!
Kataramene : Augh augh augh.
Eleni : Have you got it?
Telemachus : Yup!
Damian : *cuts off the head* Yeah!
Polytropos : Can you see any more nests up there!
Kataramene : *grabs an egg or two and shoves them in her pack before wrecking the nest*
Polytropos : ... from up there!

Damian : *ties the head to his belt and climbs down the rope*
Telemachus : *shimmydown*
Kataramene : *rigs the rope as before and climbs down it*
Eleni : I guess we should make sure there aren't any more nests.
Leonidas : two more this way
Andreas Appolodorus: * goes down *
Kataramene : This is proving painful.
Telemachus : Yeah, I see another one up there
Damian : Very. And I'm out of spells.
Telemachus : we should all go up this time
Eleni : These aren't exactly my climbing clothes...
Telemachus : I think this rattle is almost finished.
Eleni : I don't exactly /have/ climbing clothes.
Kataramene : *tries the rope and javelin thing again*

Telemachus : Damn, look over there, another nest..
Telemachus : *climb rope*
Damian : I hope that's the last one.
Eleni : Why must they breed so?
Andreas Appolodorus: May be we should collect the eggs put them all in an opened area and use that rattle to make them all come at once.
Kataramene : Come on up then.
Polytropos : It's kind of scary how good you are with that.
Polytropos : *clambers up*
Kataramene : I've always had a thing for ropes.
Andreas Appolodorus: * goes up *
Damian : *follows*

Lazyzeus : The birds fight to the death in defense of their nest.

Kataramene : Glorious!
Kataramene : Boost!
Eleni : *Attempts to follow up, not wanting to be left behind*
Andreas Appolodorus: * help *
Polytropos : *boosts!*
Damian : *cups hands*
Polytropos : *hup*
Andreas Appolodorus: You're so light I could almost throw you up there myself.
Telemachus : There's usually a big one, when she steps on the nest
Telemachus : I'll pull that one down here
Telemachus : slide straight down, ok kat?
Damian : Okay.
Kataramene : Spikey spikey spikey
Kataramene : *slides down wincing*

Polytropos : Nice!
Telemachus : I guess we're running out of birds..
Eleni : Hah... one more! Hopefully.
Damian : I hope so.
Kataramene : I wonder if these eggs are worth something.
Polytropos : Could we get from there to here without going down...?
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done Heracles! * smile *
Polytropos : ... suppose not.
Telemachus : I wouldn't want to eat them
Eleni : They may be rallying at their last steading, but I'm not sure they posess that sort of tactical acumen.
Telemachus : full of little razor blades
Kataramene : *takes the rope again*
Damian : We'll find out soon enough, I guess.
Eleni : Don't see a tree here..
Polytropos : I don't see any trees on the edge.
Eleni : Not near enough to the edge, anyay. But there are these rocks.
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't step on that!
Damian : There's one by that rock up there.
Kataramene : Oh yuck. That stinks.
Telemachus : Well, don't step in it?
Kataramene : I'm not climbing where I can fall into that.
Telemachus : Climb the rocks here
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah.
Eleni : Ungh, well..
Kataramene : *looks for a boost*
Eleni : Up this side seems after, anyhow.
Damian : *cups hands*
Telemachus : *helps*
Kataramene : *scrmbles on the wet rock*

Lazyzeus : This time Kat is just shy of the top when she slides back.
Lazyzeus : Thankfully, she doesn't bash her head in this time.

Polytropos : *wince.*
Damian : You okay, Kat?
Andreas Appolodorus: Need more hands?
Kataramene : Augle.
Polytropos : Almost there!
Damian : The more the better, Andreas.
Damian : *cups hands again*
Telemachus : One more time..
Kataramene : *looks for a boost from both feet this tme*
Andreas Appolodorus: * push Kat up *
Kataramene : *wraps the rope around the tree and takes it to throw the ends down the cliff*

Andreas Appolodorus: Watch out!
Kataramene : Oww!
Damian : *climbs up the rope*
Kataramene : Climb the rope!
Telemachus : I think Eleni got it
Telemachus : *climb rope*
Eleni : How does it look up there?
Damian : You guys coming?
Andreas Appolodorus: * climb *
Damian : Looks fine from my angle.
Kataramene : Bird is dead, but a boost up is still good.
Telemachus : *climb climb climb*
Polytropos : Here we go... *clamber*
Damian : *cups hands*
Telemachus : *helps others throw Kat up the clif*
Kataramene : *takes the boost, wincing*
Kataramene : Hey! Careful! I'm not a doll!
Polytropos : Yeah!
Damian : There are only so many handholds, Kat.

Lazyzeus : Kat can't quite grab the top of the cliff on the first attempt.

Kataramene : *scrabbles at it, trying*
Polytropos : Yar!
Kataramene : *wrecks the nest, wincing at the spikes*
Damian : *clambers down*
Kataramene : *scrabbles back down*

Telemachus : Think that's the end of it?
Eleni : Gods, I hope so!
Damian : I hope so.
Telemachus : *down the rope*
Kataramene : Give me a hand.
Polytropos : *ready to help should she fall!*
Polytropos : Eeeeasy there...
Eleni : Back to the village?
Telemachus : Quick head count, how many have we got?
Kataramene : *drops back down, grumbling*
Telemachus : I'm carrying four
Polytropos : Nice.
Eleni : I'm sure they'll be quite appreciative.

Lazyzeus : You check the rest of the area, but it appears that you've cleared out all of the roosts of the deadly birds. You don't see or hear any more flying about.

Polytropos : *swings out over the side, and clamber-drops down*
Kataramene : *does the rope recovery thing*
Andreas Appolodorus: * goes down *
Polytropos : I feel like I've been hit by a bag of needles.
Kataramene : You think that stuff would do something nasty?
Polytropos : Stuff?
Eleni : You don't mean... ich, well...
Telemachus : whups
Kataramene : *holds her nose with one hand and rubs the end of her arrows in it*
Polytropos : Euuugh, don't... don't touch it... augh.
Telemachus : *stands too close and gets it on him*
Eleni : The waste of certain creatures has been known to have certain... interesting properties, but I'm not sure I want to bother finding out.
Telemachus : Yeah it's not exactly nice.
Kataramene : I ninn't mean nor you no nouch in.
Polytropos : That's a really heroic stink there, Heracles.
Telemachus : *wipes foot a lot*
Telemachus : stupid birds still annoying when they're dead.
Kataramene : *stuffs the arrows away, with hope*
Kataramene : Or... err, you want these?
Polytropos : LEt's go. You can wash in the stream, man. I really think you should do that.
Polytropos : *looks at the arrows, looking a bit squicked out.*
Polytropos : ... uh... alright.
Telemachus : good idea.
Telemachus : *washes off in the stream*
Polytropos : I s'pose it doesn't get any more demeaning than for someone to shoot bird poop at you.
Kataramene : And your rope. I'm not carrying it.
Polytropos : Fine, fine... give it here...
Kataramene : Damian!
Kataramene : Who might want their eggs, do you think?
Eleni : I... don't know?
Telemachus : *shrug*
Eleni : Perhaps we should give them to the king.
Kataramene : Got to be rare, right?
Eleni : With any hope, they'll hatch.
Andreas Appolodorus: A collector?
Kataramene : Sod the king.
Telemachus : Ugh do you want that king ot hatch a flock of killer birds?
Eleni : Yes! And torment him for the rest of his days..
Polytropos : Only if they shoot him.
Kataramene : Have we cleared them all? Please tell me we have.
Telemachus : Knowing our luck they'll think he's their mother and do his bidding.
Eleni : I'm not sure these could be trained.
Eleni : I suppose we may not want to take the risk, though.
Kataramene : I'm all muddy, and wet, and I've had enough.
Polytropos : Aren't they sacred to Ares or something? Maybe we could give them to a Temple... maybe the War God won't be so angry at us...?
Kataramene : Good idea....
Kataramene : Where's the nearest one?
Eleni : Good question.
Polytropos : Noooo idea.
Kataramene : Does he even have them?
Telemachus : Ares probably isnt our biggest fan anyway
Polytropos : I think thre's one in Sparta.
Eleni : Probably! But Sparta is quite far away.

Lazyzeus : You see no sign of the mysterious old woman on your way back to the village, but perhaps not surprising since it's the middle of the night and raining.

Kataramene : I want a bath.
Andreas Appolodorus: I want food.
Eleni : Hail!
Polytropos : I want a pegasus.
Eleni : Heracles returns!
Old Hunter: *peers into the darkness*
Old Hunter: They have returned!
Mage Advisor: Ah, look. Heracles at last.
Telemachus : Oh out in the dark and the wet as well? that's a suprise
Kataramene : *weighed down with birds heads*
Telemachus : I would've thought you'd melt.
Polytropos : *waves at the frightened pwople.*
Old Hunter: Are those the birds heads?
Mage Advisor: Your tongue is as sharp as ever, Heracles. A pity your sword isn'
Polytropos : We left the rest behind.
Telemachus : You can try the sword too if you like.
Eleni : And eggs and feathers, yes.
Mage Advisor: Isn't as swift.
Kataramene : No, they're goat's cheese. What do you /think/ they are?
Mage Advisor: Eggs? Hmm, I see.
Old Hunter: *sign of relief on his face*
Eleni : Heracles has vanquished the foul beasts!
Mage Advisor: Well, let's take a look. See how successful you were.
Kataramene : You're not having the eggs.
Eleni : Torn the feathers from their hides with his bare hands and crushed their nests underfoot!
Kataramene : They weren't part of the bargain.
Mage Advisor: The beasts are too dangerous to leave in... the wrong hands.
Telemachus : *drops a bunch of heads and feathers*
Mage Advisor: Better to let us destroy them.
Kataramene : Which is why you're not having them.
Mage Advisor: Guards! Take those heads.
Eleni : I think we can manage destroying.
Royal Guard of Tiryns: *looks at the objects and at the party with little emotion*
Kataramene : *raises her sword*
Kataramene : Oh.. heads.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is everything all right?
Mage Advisor: Careful, girl. Hazard me, and Heracles's wife and children will not appreciate it. No, they won't.
Damian : *unties the head on his belt and tosses it to the guard*
Royal Guard of Tiryns: *casualy moves closer*
Royal Guard of Tiryns: Heavy. Like bronze.
Kataramene : *puts down heads*
Eleni : Hmph.
Kataramene : *looks at the mage expectantly*
Eleni : See how the envoy of the Tyrant of Tiryns treasts heroes?
Mage Advisor: Is that all of them?
Eleni : Shameful behaviour, wouldn't you say?
Kataramene : I've another.
Frightened Villager: *takes a closer look at the heads*
Royal Guard of Tiryns: *holds up two of the heads, and mocks having them talk to each other*
Telemachus : You can go and trapse through the forest in the middle of the night if you want every single feather from them?
Mage Advisor: *looks icily at the guard*
Old Hunter: *looks at the actions of the guard and shakes his head*
Mage Advisor: Yours is just to do, Heracles.
Mage Advisor: Not to question the tasks.
Old Hunter: Don't be disrespecting nature boy

Kataramene : So what's the next one?
Damian : Careful, those things bite.
Mage Advisor: Eager... I like that.
Eleni : Well, the important thing is that the village should be safe now.
Mage Advisor: Herald!
Tiryns Herald : LIsten and hear the words of King Eurystheus of Tiryns, and the mandate of the gods!
DM Felrisen: Sire!
Tiryns Herald : Heracles, for your sins, here is your seventh labor!
Telemachus : Standing right here.
Polytropos : Is it wise to put Eurystheus first in that announcement...
Damian : *mutters* Do we have to?
Telemachus : I can hear you.
Tiryns Herald : You shall travel to the island kingdom of Crete! There you shall subdue and capture the famed Cretan Bull!
Polytropos : ... oh.
Mage Advisor: A sea voyage. Should be relaxing.
Kataramene : .... yeah.
Polytropos : *frown.*
Eleni : And time-consuming.
Telemachus : It's nice this time of year.
Polytropos : *mutter.*
Telemachus : So you want the bull broguht back?
Polytropos : ... alright... alright. Dammit. Where's the nearest harbour?
Mage Advisor: Well. If you're lucky, you can catch a ship in Argos. If you're lucky.
Eleni : Oh, that should be no trouble.
Mage Advisor: The sands continue to fall. It's more than two months spent now... only four left.
Mage Advisor: Let us hope for the sake of the young ones you are not tardy.
Telemachus : Yes one third of the time and more than half the tasks
Mage Advisor: Come, men!
Telemachus : I'm aware.

Kataramene : *mutter grumble* We'd better get some rest then get going.
Eleni : Yes, we've not much time to waste...
Andreas Appolodorus: Give us one of your man and a pigeon to act as witness.
Damian : *spits on the ground*
Old Hunter: Yoou have my thanks and the thanks of these other villagers
Telemachus : ... what?
Frightened Villager: You... you can res... rest here, if'n you wish.
Kataramene : *rearranges several heads in her pack now they're gone*
Frightened Villager: If... if it's safe now.
Old Hunter: You've rid us of a terrible meance!
Frightened Villager: *stares at the tiger*
Damian : It should be, my good man.
Kataramene : The offer is still open for you to relocate, you know.
Eleni : It should be.
Frightened Villager: It's dry inside, at least.
Damian : *gestures at the tiger*
Old Hunter: This is our home...my home
Old Hunter: I can't leave it
Eleni : We've destroyed all the nests we could find, and none rallied to defend the last.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let us go to Crete then, they have pretty girls there.
Old Hunter: We should be safe for many years....thanks to you all
Damian : If the birds return, send word to Argos and we'll return to finish them off.
Polytropos : Farewell, old man.
Old Hunter: Thank you kindly for your offer
Kataramene : Rest for the remainder of the night?
Polytropos : If you hurry, you can dine on holy bird!
Damian : Yes. We'll need our strength for the road back home.
Frightened Villager: Come, we have food...
Eleni : I'm not sure I'd recommend that.
Old Hunter: Safe journeys and may the Gods continue to smile on you
Eleni : You might choke on the bones.
Polytropos : Oh, I'm with the rest thing.
Kataramene : I've got cuts and bruises all over me.
Polytropos : It's dark, it's cold, it's wet, we're still bleeding in places...
Eleni : *Thanks them for their hospitality*
Polytropos : Hey children!
Polytropos : We made the birds go awayyy!
Damian : *spoons out a bowl for himself and Aias*
Boy: *rubs eyes after waking from all the noise* what's happening Daddy?
Kataramene : *helps herself hungrily, wincing occasionally*
Kataramene : Is this bruise bad? *delicately touching her chin*
Frightened Villager: back to bed with you little one
Damian : Come here in the light and let me see.
Telemachus : Not that bad, you can still see some of your face.
Polytropos : It looks bad, but it doesn't spoil you.
Frightened Villager: I'll tell you all about it in the morning
Eleni : Hm?
Frightened Villager: There, be a good lad for daddy
Telemachus : I've got a Lion shaped helmet you can borrow if you like?
Kataramene : *lifts chin to be examined*

Lazyzeus : The villagers set out a feast for you, spartan though it be. But it's hot, and there are pallets for beds. In the morning, with the skies clear, you set out for Argos. The journey back to Argos takes two days, and you return during a market day.

Eleni : Oooh, very nice.
Kataramene : I hate you.
Eleni : Where did you get this?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Damian : *turns her head to the side, careful not to touch the bruise* You'll be fine, Kat. It doesn't look bad and should fade in time.
Leonidas : It doesn't mean we're engaged.
Boy: *continues to look at the gathering for a few minutes but then turns to bed*
Eleni : I should hope not.
Eleni : But you may have your uses after all.
Kataramene : *sniffs a little, mollified*
Telemachus : Alright come on, lets get moving
Damian : Good idea.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Agreed!
Polytropos : Home!
Eleni : Aaah. We should go check the harbour, I suppose...
Eleni : Then speak with the council if we can't find swift transport.
Damian : *brushes the dust of the road off*
Damian : I need healing kits while we're here.
Telemachus : I need to check in with the armoursmith
Kataramene : Do you think he can make anything with these feathers?
Telemachus : probably, the mans good.
Eleni : It's the fresh bolts I'm interested in.
Kataramene : Can we get a cloak from them or perhaps arrows?
Eleni : More of those might have been useful when we were out... bird-hunting.

Eleni : *Stocks up on bolts*
Telemachus : Greetings!
Telemachus : We might be, if we find any more
Polytropos : Intriguing!
Eleni : Oh? The dragonscale, yes?
Polytropos : Ooooo...
Damian : Very nice.
Kataramene : Oh my.
Telemachus : Isn't that something?
Telemachus : *holds it up*
Telemachus : of course, here
Kataramene : We've another challenge for you too.
Eleni : Who shall wear it?
Damian : I believe Tel's going to, Eleni.
Eleni : Not... quite.
Kataramene : They tried to peck our eyes out, this is what remains.
Damian : No, they were alive...once.
Kataramene : Do you think you can?
Eleni : I wonder if they would make good spear or arrowheads?
Telemachus : hmmm,. who should the dragon scale armour go to...
Kataramene : Can you be sure it nips in at the waist and a fine cut to the skirts...?
Polytropos : Only the best.
Damian : My leathers are about the same, Tel, so I say either you or Kat should wear it.
Kataramene : I hope so!
Eleni : The birds were certainly well-warded from them.
Kataramene : Umm.. I can try the armour?
Kataramene : Let me see in a moment.
Polytropos : It's different!

Leonidas : I'm home!
Leonidas : Bring me some wine and food!
Leonidas : *stretches out to relax in the bath*
Melina: Some wine?
Leonidas : Good
Melina: Are the others coming?
Leonidas : *sips wine as he soaks*
Leonidas : Who knows?
Leonidas : eventually though I imagine.
Melina: I shall prepare something to eat, just in case
Leonidas : *nods*
Melina: *lays out a fine selections of finger foods by the sideboard*
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food to snack on between sips of wine*

Damian : I'm going to see the priests about healing supplies.
Telemachus : Until next time!
Kataramene : What shall we do about the eggs?
Eleni : I have no idea.
Kataramene : We /could/ sell them, but ... I don't know who to.
Eleni : There's not many people I'd consider to be safe keepers of such.
Polytropos : Hello!
Eleni : ..actually, I can't really think of /any/.
Kataramene : So don't sell them to th.... *glares at the woman*
Eleni : I'm half-tempted to give them to the TEmple of Hera as an offering.
Eleni : But we probably don't need to upset her any more than we already have.
Kataramene : That's ... not such a bad idea.
Eleni : Do you think she'd not see it as an insult?
Polytropos : Councilman!
Eleni : Ah, well, you know how it is...
Damian : Andreas, can you carry those supplies? I'm full on healing.
Eleni : Haven't been anywhere near Thebes, though.
Polytropos : Here is our home, but we're on a perilous journey.
Polytropos : Heh. That's a point. Are they soon...?

Kataramene : I picked up a sharp-ish axe, by the way. Anyone want it?
Polytropos : ... aw.
Kataramene : When is the next ship to Crete?
Polytropos : iIf we weren't tearing across Attica...
Eleni : A shame. Perhaps next time.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Kataramene : Yes, we need to get there, but if there is time before the ship sails then .... who knows?
Eleni : The Peloponesos, more than Attika.
Damian : Yes. Unfortunately we have business in Crete.
Eleni : But yes. Crete, I'm afraid.
Polytropos : We're to help Heracles!
Eleni : Reasonable urgent, yes.
Damian : Very.
Eleni : It seems we do very little that is not urgent these days.
Polytropos : ... in Crete, probably.
Kataramene : He's ... stopped off a little way outside town.
Polytropos : Or that.
Polytropos : We've got to stop the Cretan Bull! Or something.
Eleni : I see. Would he be available?
Polytropos : Oh, Zeno?
Telemachus : Catch it.
Polytropos : It'll be like old times.
Damian : How is the good captain?
Damian : I think we can do that.
Eleni : We are happy to have been of service, as ever.
Damian : They were in trouble, it's the least we could do.
Eleni : When do you think Captain Zeno might be ready to depart?
Polytropos : Thanks, Councilman!
Damian : *nods* Yes, we would like to leave as soon as we can.
Eleni : That would be ideal, yes. Gives us a few hours to freshing up at home, at least...
Polytropos : We're rapidly becoming the Heroes of Pretty Much Anywhere in the Aegean.
Kataramene : I sold a little axe for the kits, and found that magic stick thing.
Damian : *nods* Good. This gives me close to 30 kits now.
Telemachus : Magic stick?
Polytropos : But the best part!
Polytropos : We're not elaving til the evening!
Polytropos : We can... sit down!
Kataramene : It's like the one Damian was waving about once.
Damian : *checks bag* No, make that fourty.

Eleni : Bathe!
Polytropos : Eat food!
Polytropos : Drink wine!
Kataramene : Have a swim. Laze in the sun.
Eleni : /Proper/ food!
Polytropos : Maybe see a bit of sunset before we tramp off.
Damian : A bath does sound nice.
Polytropos : We really should try and see if we can somehow fit the next Games in...
Kataramene : We should.
Polytropos : Fame rusts easily.
Kataramene : We could make a challenge to find people to train.

Damian : Hello Epistor. What news?
Polytropos : Maybe by the time we get back, there'll be new challengers.
Eleni : Hello, Epistor.
Polytropos : Worthy of our steel!
Eleni : Only for a few hours, I'm afraid.
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Kataramene : Epistor, good to see you.
Eleni : I hope there haven't been any more... incidents?
Kataramene : I'm going to try this armour on, but first a bath.
Melina: *waves a hand at the large table by the sideboard* Some cold cuts and fruit await you over there Sires
Eleni : ...Heropolis? Is that what we're calling it now?
Damian : Ah, good. *tosses Aias a few and grabs some food for himself.
Melina: Have you everything you need?
Eleni : So long as there's no murderous frogs and dragonflies.
Kataramene : Once clean, yes.
Eleni : Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to be a /little/ bit democratic in this instance.
Melina: I'll bring more wine
Telemachus : *helps self to large amounts of meat*
Epistor: Everyone wants to live under the protection of the Heroes of Argos!
Melina: Help yourself to the cold cuts and fruit on the table
Polytropos : *grabs some nibbles*
Damian : As long as Leo hasn't used up all of the hot water, we should be fine.
Eleni : They might reconsider if they realize we're hardly ever there.
Eleni : *Grabs some food*
Epistor: Staying long, masters?
Telemachus : Just until the evening sadly
Eleni : We've a ship to catch.
Telemachus : We're on a ship to Crete on the evening tide.
Eleni : Aah, the dragonscale?
Epistor: Ah. Well, I will have Melina pack a basket full of food and an amphorae of our best wine for the voyage.
Eleni : It's certainly very.. white!
Kataramene : Yes, what do you think?
Polytropos : Ah... ah that's better. Is anyone else's feet suffering?
Damian : No, my boots seem to helping a lot.
Epistor: And I suppose you'll want a honey cake.
Eleni : I think the old /looked/ better on you, but the keeping-you-from-dying part is probably more important.
Damian : You know his weakness, Epistor.
Eleni : It's also pretty striking! People won't forget the amazon all in white.
Polytropos : Bless'm.
Kataramene : I don't think ths protects me quite as well as the other.
Polytropos : Not even those birds could spear him!
Damian : Oh, they got him, but I keep a goodly supply of ambrosia to tend to his wounds.
Melina: *offers a tray with wine mugs and a large pitcher*
Damian : *takes a mug and the pitcher*
Damian : *passes the pitcher around*
Eleni : Well, I suppose its resistance to cold might come in handy sometime.
Eleni : Probably not in Krete, though.
Polytropos : Thanks! Happy to drink*
Telemachus : *takes one*
Melina: *smiles and leaves to fetch more*
Damian : Melina, would you bring a bowl of water for Aias?
Epistor: *sneaks the bear a honey cake*
Kataramene : What do you think? Me or not me? *parades*
Telemachus : Well isn't that something?
Epistor: You look striking as always, mistresses.
Damian : Stunning as ever, Kat.
Telemachus : Nobody will have ever seen armour like that before.
Kataramene : *preens*
Eleni : People will certainly remember the vision! Though I hope that's always the case, for the lot of us...
Melina: *drags a half barrel into posuion and fills it with a few buckets of water*
Polytropos : Look at you!
Kataramene : *preens some more*
Polytropos : That's something no-one'll ever have seen before!
Damian : You'll stand out like a black hare on a snowbank.
Polytropos : ... I like how you've cinched it, at the easit, that just makes it.
Kataramene : You have to be seen to be seen to be a hero, yes?
Polytropos : Waist. Not... not easit.
Polytropos : Absolutely!
Polytropos : That's why I wear that helmet.
Damian : You'll certainly be noticed, Kat.
Kataramene : *preens even more*
Damian : *dries off*
Epistor: Well. I will see to the packing for your journey.
Eleni : Thank you, Epistor.
Eleni : ..What are we packing?
Leonidas : White's a boring color though, I'd dye it red or something else.
Damian : *grabs some more food and tosses a few more scraps of meat to Aias*
Epistor: Food, and our best wine. For the sea journey, mistress.
Telemachus : I wouldn't count on those scales taking a colour.
Telemachus : *shakes off like a dog*
Eleni : Eesh!
Damian : *pours another mug of wine*
Melina: *tides up the table and replaces some of the heavily used trays*
Kataramene : *grbs food and sits to eat*
Eleni : ...suppose I wasn't going to wear this for terribly long, anyway.
Kataramene : It would have been pretty in lots of colours, but still.
Telemachus : White's more striking.
Eleni : *Bathes shortly thereafter, and gets back into her travelling gear*
Epistor: I have had the supplies sent ahead to the ship.
Polytropos : Can always try to add some... some dye, or some laquer...
Polytropos : ... anyway!
Epistor: Try not to drink all the wine on the first night, master. *smiles*
Eleni : Excellent.

Lazyzeus : Time passes swiftly, and evening approaches before you know it. Ephistor has a generous quantity of supplies sent over to the ship waiting for you in the harbor.

Polytropos : Let's do this thing.
Kataramene : Time to actually show it off?
Damian : Just don't stand next to any snowbanks, Kat.
Eleni : I doubt we'll find many on Krete.
Kataramene : Will anyone want my old armour, by the way?
Polytropos : You'll be like a beacon!
Epistor: May Poseidon ease your voyage.
Telemachus : Too heavy for my taste.
Eleni : I wonder if they remember us in Knossos...
Telemachus : Should hope so.
Damian : If not, they'll remember quickly.
Kataramene : Is anyone likely to want to refit my old armour.
Telemachus : Don't think anyone else could wear it.
Polytropos : Not me!

Eleni : *Waves*
Sailor : *looks at the party apporaching down the dock* Looks like our passengers are here Captain!
Kataramene : I'll sell it on.
Eleni : Hello, captain! I hope we will not be complicating your travel plans too much.
Damian : Good idea. It should fetch a fair price.
Polytropos : Permission to come aboard!
Captain Zeno: I have loaded our cargo. I'm afraid it will be a bit crowded with them on board, but I've taken on extra supplies.
Polytropos : We've got blankets, we'll get comfortable somehow.
Eleni : We can't afford to be too fussy.
Kataramene : Got some more kits with the coins from it.
Captain Zeno: All right. I've placed the slaves in the forward hold; bunks for you are in the aft hold. If you're ready to board...
Sailor: Mind your step please as you come aboard, won't like for anyone to slip and fall in! *laughs*
Kataramene : *looks at him and snorts*
Damian : Yes, that would be tragic.
Eleni : Hm, very well..

Lazyzeus : You board the ship, and prepare to set out for Crete...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

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Lazyzeus : The winds are favorable, and it is seven days after your departure from Argos when your ship sails into the great harbor of Knossos, seat of King Idomeneus.

Polytropos : Hello again, Crete!
Eleni : Aaah, landfall!
Cretan Dockmaster: And what are you delivering today, Captain Zeno?
Polytropos : *hefts a pack with his armour and shield in it.*
Damian : *looks a little green*
Captain Zeno: A cargo of four slaves... and a party of diplomats from Argos.
Cretan Dockmaster: Diplomats?
Polytropos : Heroes!
Eleni : Of a sort.
Cretan Dockmaster: Ah, yes, I do seem to recall. That bit with the minotaur cult. Nasty business.
Polytropos : Shall we get off the ship?
Cretan Dockmaster: And your markings are all in order...
Eleni : Turned out not to actually be a minotaur. Though I wish I'd gotten to study that construct more closely...
Captain Zeno: Of course. *offers a jingling handshake*
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Wouldn't you feel a lot better leaving our homestead unattended if we had a giant bull-machine guarding it?
Damian : If it wasn't pounding on us at the time, Eleni, you might have.
Cretan Dockmaster: Welcome back to Knossos. *nods as you as you disembark*
Telemachus : It'd probably go mad and wreck the plac
Polytropos : Hello, Cretan!
Kataramene : Most gracious.
Eleni : Pfft. I don't do shoddy work.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Hardy stock.
Andreas Appolodorus: It's good to be on land again.
Eleni : Hard to say.
Polytropos : Depends on the bull.
Eleni : Speaking of which...
Polytropos : Farewell, Cap'n!
Eleni : You might want to prepare a big cage or something.
Telemachus : You'll have plenty of cargo space on the way back right?
Kataramene : If we can get our business concluded can we take a ride back?
Telemachus : and a lot of good stout rope?
Polytropos : Maybe we can get one...
Sailor : All right, you slaves! Get your smelly asses off this ship!
Eleni : So where do we start...?
Polytropos : Likely, to see the King. Ido...masomething?
Polytropos : Isn't the Bull a royal bull? Or something?
Damian : Idomeneus.
Polytropos : That's the man.
Damian : And since we're back in his land, we should see him first.
Kataramene : A good place to start.
Eleni : Were we to actually speak with the king? Hmmn.
Polytropos : Here's hoping he doesn't mind taking it.
Polytropos : Er, us taking it.
Eleni : I just sort of assumed it was out rampaging somewhere.
Polytropos : I think the stories said it was sacred to Poseidon, or... a sea god of some sort, so it might make for a rough trip back.
Telemachus : Well it would be polite
Eleni : As these sorts of beasts are wont to.
Polytropos : Coming through.
Telemachus : and if it's a giant bull, it's probably making trouble
Polytropos : He's the king of Crete, what can possibly be more important than meeting us?
Kataramene : Can't Damian tame it for the journey, or something?
Polytropos : *seems sincere*
Polytropos : This was the building, wasn't it...?
Eleni : Ruling Crete?
Kataramene : Crabs?
Eleni : And I don't know, Katara. I was more succesful than him with the boar.
Polytropos : I'm sure he's got people for that. Hey there! Guard!
Damian : Given my lack of progress with the giant boar, I'd rather not try the bull. Running away from the former was bad enough.

Cretan Guard: Yes? What do you want?
Telemachus : Hmph how soon they forget.
Polytropos : We're... emissaries... from argos, here to see the King? Is he in?
Cretan Guard: Do you make jest with me, foreigner?
Leonidas : *w* we're not pretending to be herekles here I hope.
Eleni : He does look a bit jester-y, doesn't he?
Polytropos : N...o...?
Eleni : But no, he is not, presently, jesting.
Eleni : *Shows the guard their diplomatic seal*
Cretan Guard: Looks at it dubiously.
Polytropos : I remember that man!
Polytropos : *waves at Meidias*
Meidias: It's all right, Kharl.
Eleni : Ah! Master Medias, yes?
Meidias: These people are honored guests.
Polytropos : Seee.
Kataramene : *smiles up, pleased* Well met again.
Meidias: A litlte bird mentioned that you might be coming.
Polytropos : A Spartan never lies!
Meidias: Come, the King is eager to see you again.
Damian : We're Spartans?
Leonidas : Speak for yourself
Leonidas : *laughs*
Polytropos : I'm a Spartan. Look. *holds up his shield* We've been over this.
Eleni : Technically, that was only implied.
Eleni : Also, I wouldn't say that near any Spartans.
Telemachus : Really? I thought you liked girls..
Polytropos : Sorry to disappoint you, Tel.
Damian : Spartan women are as tough as the men from what I've heard.

Kataramene : *bows deeply and respectfully*
Eleni : *Bows* Greetings from Argos, Your Highness.
King Idomeneus: Meidias had mentioned that we might be expecting a visit, though he did not know its purpose.
Damian : *bows*
Leonidas : *listens*
Kataramene : A task concerning which we require your advice.
Meidias: My little birds whisper many things, but they're notoriously bad at secrets.
Eleni : Interesting.
King Idomeneus: Advice freely given, to those to whom such a debt is owed.
Eleni : But yes, we have come to Krete to aid a good friend of ours in an important task.
Polytropos : *waits... and waits, and waits, for the meat of the matter*
King Idomeneus: Share task, then, so that we might offer what aid we can.
Kataramene : He'll be around later, but we need your thoughts on the sacred bulls.
King Idomeneus: Ah, the bulls. Part of our culture since the days of Minos.
Meidias: I think one bull, in particular, interests them, perhaps?
Eleni : Indeed.
Polytropos : The Bull.
Kataramene : Yeees, it does.
King Idomeneus: Oh, _that_ one.
King Idomeneus: I should warn you, the gods hold the great bull in high regard.
Kataramene : Our friend, via a rather convoluted route, has been tasked with capturing it.
Meidias: *whispers something to the King*
Eleni : Given that we are more familiar with Krete than he, we decided to offer our assistance.
King Idomeneus: Hmm. I have known hunters who have tried to kill the beast, but to capture...
Polytropos : We'll, uh, capture it respectfully.
Kataramene : We're aware. It seems these tasks are designed to put us in the bad graces of various gods. Or get back at some of them by another.
King Idomeneus: Capture, and perhaps carry it away to far lands?
Polytropos : ... somehow...
Eleni : It /is/ quite a convoluted matter.
Polytropos : Well. Tiryns.
King Idomeneus: Ugh. Eurystheus?
Polytropos : Sorry.
Meidias: A fellow monarch...
Kataramene : He's an objectionable tit, but yes.
King Idomeneus: Yes, yes, Meidias. I know I violate the code of Kings or somesuch to besmirch my fellow ruler.
Eleni : A far lesser one, if you do not mind me saying so..
Kataramene : Oh definitely, Eleni, definitely.
Eleni : He holds hostage the wife and child of our friend.
King Idomeneus: Well. With such a noble quest, what I aid I may offer is yours. What do you need? Supplies? Healing herbs? Directions? Slaves?
Kataramene : Supplies, directions and healing herbs are welcome. Slaves ... might get in the way.
Eleni : Directions and other information would be the foremost of our needs, I think.
King Idomeneus: *nods sagely* So let it be. Meidias shall advise you, he is best able in such matters.
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * Could they send us back once we complete the task?
Damian : As Kataramene said, your highness. Supplies, directions, and healing would be most welcomed.
Meidias: Of course, I exist but to serve, my King.
King Idomeneus: Good, good.
King Idomeneus: Well. I hope to hear shortly of your success.
Eleni : Thank you, Your Highness.
Leonidas : *nods*

Eleni : So! What might you tell us of this bull..?
Meidias: Little, I fear.
Kataramene : Anything is bound to be of help.
Meidias: It is no common beast, but I am sure you have already divined such.
Meidias: It is very large... and infused with some potency of magic.
Kataramene : Another magical one?
Eleni : Hm, of course.
Meidias: Typical charms that work on normal animals have no effect upon it... we tried those at first.
Damian : *looks at Eleni* That's your realm, Eleni.
Meidias: It is quite unpleasant, and has a temper.
Meidias: At last word it roams the highlands to the south.
Eleni : Hm, yes. Perhaps the same will work here.
Meidias: the forest road is the most direct route. Within a few days you should encounter signs of its passage.
Meidias: It tends to stay away from populated areas, though there have been a few... incidents.
Kataramene : Is it dangerous simply because of horn and hoof?
Eleni : The boar was positively in love with me after a while. Almost made me feel guilty to hand it over.
Damian : Let's hope.
Meidias: Those are enough, believe me.
Kataramene : Doesn't breathe fire or throw things or anything?
Meidias: I have seen it destroy a farmhouse in a single blow.
Kataramene : Ahh.
Meidias: Ha, not that I am aware.
Kataramene : You;d be surprised how many things do, you know.
Meidias: Now, my King promised to help outfit you for your journey, let me see what I can secure.
Polytropos : This is a nice surprise.
Polytropos : I was worried they wouldn't be this accommodating.
Telemachus : You're a pessimist, that's your trouble
Kataramene : I've still got those eggs with me, we never did get rid of them, do you think we could offer them somewhere so that the gods who favour the bull are a little less annoyed?
Eleni : Hm, what temples /are/ there in Knossos?
Meidias: We favor Poseidon and the gods of the sea, for obvious reasons.
Eleni : I'll just grab one or two of these, just in case.
Meidias: As an island nation, we are dependent upon the sea for our bounty, and contact with the wider world.
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : We can split them up, how many do you need?
Damian : Here, Andreas, it's too much for me to carry.
Eleni : I've none right now. So, two would be good, I suppose?
Polytropos : I'm not a pessimist...
Polytropos : I've enver even met anyone from Pessima.
Eleni : Damian or Pol should take the supplies, I suppose.
Meidias: You seem to have grown more ... worldly, since last we met.
Telemachus : Heh. We've had to.
Polytropos : Been blooded!
Eleni : Well, we /have/ been busy.
Damian : I still have a kit.
Polytropos : Ah, thanks.
Damian : If I carry much more, I'll need to be carried myself.
Telemachus : keep it
Meidias: Well. I shall wish you good fortune, and good hunting.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can take things.
Telemachus : i've got my sheild and a lot of kits
Damian : Thank you, Master Meidias.
Eleni : Our thanks.
Eleni : We've still not gotten any directions, though...
Meidias: I hope we can expect a report upon your return.
Polytropos : Sure we have! South, right?
Meidias: The southern highlands are the best place to start.
Leonidas : I have enough
Eleni : Hm, very well.
Leonidas : Give them to the druid
Meidias: Exit the city by the main gate, and then bear south upon the road.
Eleni : I suppose the beast wanders.
Andreas Appolodorus: I could carry a small horse and still be able to run.
Polytropos : It's a huge bull! We'll hear it long before we see it.
Meidias: You should know the way... I seem to recall you defeated a forest witch upon your last visit to Crete.
Telemachus : I remember that thing.
Eleni : Ah, yes.
Telemachus : Seems like yesterday
Kataramene : Can you carrry that?
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Meidias: Well, we have had no reports of witches or bandits, but the roads still have hazards, so be wary of your steps.
Damian : *frowns* Yes. She was twisting the forset creatures to further her purposes. Nasty business that.
Meidias: Most Cretans live upon the shores of the great sea, the inland areas can still be a bit wild.
Polytropos : Forest witch...? After a while, all this seems to blur...
Eleni : Very well, then.
Eleni : She had some very nasty pets, as I recall.
Andreas Appolodorus: I am strong now don't you see. * shows muscles *
Meidias: We shall eagerly await your return with news of success. Perhaps just this once we'll prepare a boar instead of a bull for the feast of honor, however. *smirks*
Kataramene : Yes Andreas, I can see that.
Polytropos : Good idea. Onward! We've been stuck on ship too long, we need a good walk.
Damian : *grins*
Eleni : I would certainly not mind that.
Andreas Appolodorus: At least we are not going to run around in a maze.

Kataramene : Set out straight away?
Polytropos : Do we have other things to do?
Eleni : Ah yes, long days /without/ new blisters on my poor feet...
Eleni : Clearly, this situation must be remedied.
Damian : Blisters build character, Eleni.
Cretan Merchant: Welcome to Knossos. Can I interest you in my wares?
Polytropos: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : Ho there, merchant.
Kataramene : They also build callouses.
Eleni : And moreover, they also /hurt/.
Polytropos : *buys... a spear*
Damian : You all wanted to be heroes, those come with the territory.
Polytropos : *a regular old spear.*
Damian : If they bother you that much, I can rub your feet later, Eleni. That or see if I can put together a salve.
Polytropos : *straps on his armor, while he can.*
Eleni : Oh, I'd be just as happy being some glorious Sorceress-Queen of an exotic isle or something...
Polytropos : But you wouldn't be a Hero!
Eleni : But all the trekking we've done /has/ hardened my soles some. I'll probably be alright.
Eleni : Ah, but then the heroes would all come to me, see?
Andreas Appolodorus: I would not need a spear, I can now hit something as hard as someone with a large axe.
Kataramene : Take up the offer of the massage, you might like it. *smirks*
Eleni : Begging me for my favour.
Training Master : Come on, you lazy lugs! Hit!
Damian : No. Too late for that, I don't want calluses on my hands.
Polytropos : Yay!
Training Master : Bah, I've seen girls picking flowers with more aggression than that!
Kataramene : We never did take them on.
Polytropos : Haha!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh an arena, can we play?
Kataramene : *glare*
Leonidas : *watches*
Damian : He said girls, Kat, not grown women.
Telemachus : Labours? bull? hostages?
Telemachus : remember that?
Polytropos : Maybe if we have some time...? We've only got a few days til Xeno sails.
Kataramene : Yes. Yes. *sigh* Alright.
Training Master : Come on, you call that a thrust, Meikos?
Polytropos : Get in over his shield!
Eleni : Yes! We can watch silly games later..
Polytropos : It... it's not silly.
Cretan Guard: *looks them over* Expecting trouble?
Kataramene : *nods to the guard*
Eleni : Fighting without a reason seems pretty silly to me.
Kataramene : Looking for it, even, if we can find the right place.
Polytropos : We need to start training some of our own gladiators.
Polytropos : There is a reason! Getting better!
Telemachus : How do you think you practice?
Cretan Guard: *eyes widen* I see! Here...let me get the gate for you!
Kataramene : .. perhaps a couple of us should stay out at the lodge and do that?
Telemachus : Did you cast spells without a reason before you started doing it on people?
Andreas Appolodorus: Anything an athlete or a gladiator would do may be silly in that case.
Eleni : Yes, yes. That doesn't make it interesting to /watch/.
Cretan Guard: Best of luck and happy hunting!
Polytropos : Thanks!
Polytropos : Crete's so friendly.
Telemachus : If that were two magi throwing magic at each other you'd be *facisnated*
Eleni : People tend to be, once you're famous.
Eleni : Hmph. Well, maybe if they were /good/...

Kataramene : *pauses* Does anyone remember the way?
Telemachus : South
Polytropos : South!
Telemachus : *eyes racoon with suspicion*
Polytropos : ... little fox thing, there...
Polytropos : Good sign.
Kataramene : As long as it doesn't get it's friends and attack.
Eleni : Ah, yes. I remember the broken bridge.
Polytropos : Still not fixed that, hum.
Eleni : Seems an odd place for a bridge, anyway.
Polytropos : Ssh...
Eleni : When you've this much smaller steam you can cross.
Telemachus : Thanks
Damian : Aye.

Polytropos : Ha! Can't touch me!
Polytropos : ... stupid... fire magic...
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Back away, Kata!
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Telemachus : What in the name of hades was that about?
Kataramene : I don't know!
Telemachus : Who were they?
Kataramene : I don't know!
Eleni : Ungh, whoever they were... I don't think they like us very much.
Polytropos : They were ust camping out here and came at us with daggers drawn.
Kataramene : They just appeared out of no where and attacked.
Polytropos : ... with a lot of empty bottles and pieces of parchment.
Damian : *pokes at the caldruon*
Andreas Appolodorus: I collected some things.
Damian : *cauldron
Polytropos : Eleni, see what you make of this.
Eleni : Huh.
Kataramene : Did you collect anything useful? *nursing a wound or two*
Eleni : A lot of materials, here...
Andreas Appolodorus: Can I keep this cloak?
Damian : That might help you, Pol.
Kataramene : Can for me.
Leonidas : Um you find some bandits or something?
Lazyzeus : The priest's breastplate bears the watching-eye mark of Hera.
Polytropos : ... ah-ha.
Kataramene : Oh look at that.
Damian : *points at the breastplate* No, they found us.
Kataramene : I think she's getting worried.
Leonidas : Hmm

Leonidas : Found the bull.
Damian : Oh good.
Polytropos : Hm... let's try this.
Andreas Appolodorus: I look silly with this cloak no?
Telemachus : We should probably try not to get strung out on the road like that in future.
Leonidas : He's grazing up at the top of the ridge down the road.
Polytropos : ... hrm.
Telemachus : You look like someone shaved a bear and gave it a cape.
Polytropos : It's just not heroic!
Kataramene : Thank you.
Kataramene : Heroic matters.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Andreas Appolodorus: Now I must look like some sea monster.
Damian : Screw heroism, I'd rather just stay alive.
Polytropos : They failed. To the bull!
Damian : *looks around* Where's Eleni?
Kataramene : A see monster roams the woods.
Telemachus : hah. You can wear that lion helmet if you like Andreas
Polytropos : Eleni? She's... around, somewhere... isn't she?
Kataramene : Err....
Polytropos : Eleniiieeee...?
Kataramene : I didn't notice, was she with us?
Andreas Appolodorus: Lion helmet, hm let me see it.
Damian : Yes she was.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice.
Telemachus : That'll scare 'em
Polytropos : Yikes.
Damian : Or make it die laughing.
Andreas Appolodorus: What is this scroll?
Andreas Appolodorus: You'd better take that thing.
Polytropos : Scares me...
Damian : *looks at it* I don't think I can use this, Andreas.
Kataramene : With luck the bull will feel the same.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah but give to Eleni then.
Damian : I dont' think she can use it either.
Telemachus : come on, lets get after that bull
Kataramene : Oh /there/ she is.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah but what do I know about old scrolls, I'm an athlete remember.
Eleni : Hm, I suppose I might be able to do something with these....
Polytropos : It's as if they were brewing menace!
Telemachus : what?
Eleni : You're right .These aren't much use for me, either.
Eleni : But they might fetch some silver.
Damian : *taps Andreas on the head* Yes, most of your muscles is up here. *grins*
Kataramene : So where was this bull?
Polytropos : This way! I think.
Damian : Leo said it was to the south?
Telemachus : Down the road he said
Telemachus : before vanishing again
Kataramene : Do we have a plan?
Polytropos : Need to pick up Leo's trail.
Damian : I thought we made stuff up as we went along.
Eleni : We can try my charm spells?
Telemachus : sounds good
Telemachus : we've still got that rope right?
Eleni : There might more of those... people around, though.
Polytropos : Got rope.
Damian : I can charm animals, I can't charm monsters.
Kataramene : I did wonder, do you think it could be ridden?

Leonidas : It's up at the top of this slope
Kataramene : Like taming a horse?
Eleni : Ach. So late already?
Damian : How big is it?
Leonidas : Pretty big
Damian : Of course.
Leonidas : and I didn't get all that close
Telemachus : like, boar big, or dragon big?
Polytropos : How big could it be?
Leonidas : Bear big
Eleni : Must you ask that question?
Damian : The dragon was bigger than the boar.
Damian : Aias big or his bigger brother?
Andreas Appolodorus: Where?
Leonidas : bigger brother
Damian : Lovely.
Leonidas : behind

Kataramene : Do you...
Damian : Ah!
Telemachus : GET IT
Eleni : Now, now. Calm down!
Kataramene : Rope fast!
Telemachus : *starts roping*
Eleni : Rope would be good!
Eleni : We're your friends, see?
Polytropos : Rope rope rope.
Kataramene : *tries to leap on it's back*
Eleni : It's held!
Telemachus : *roping again*
Polytropos : *tries to noose the bull.*
Leonidas : *helps tie up bull*
Polytropos : ... are we going to be able to -
Lazyzeus : Kataramene takes a dive over the bull's back, and lands in the dirt!
Damian : *lends a hand*
Kataramene : Augh! Hold it still, or someone else do it!
Lazyzeus : The rest of you double- and triple-wrap the bull in thick ropes.
Eleni : *Keeps it distracted with arcane mutterings, hopefully*
Polytropos : Woah!
Polytropos : ... that was... quite a leap.
Leonidas : I wonder if that will hold it??
Damian : *helps Kat up*
Polytropos : *holds on, hoping that they can out-wrestle the bull...*
Eleni : Have you got it?
Lazyzeus : The bull starts to struggle as the charm wears off...
Damian : I think so! Check the knots just to be sure.
Kataramene : It moved. *rises grumbling* And thank you /Damian/.
Leonidas : perhaps we should ahve invested in a nose ring?
Andreas Appolodorus: * try to help by holding and pulling rope *
Eleni : *Applies another binding spell*
Kataramene : Blind it.
Polytropos : Nrrrrgh
Kataramene : Blindfold it with a cloak.
Damian : *double checks the knots*
Kataramene : *takes hers off*
Polytropos : That... that's a good idea... isn't it?
Lazyzeus : Your combined strength holds it in check for now, but the bull is extremely strong.
Polytropos : *straining against the bull*
Eleni : I don't know? It's a bull! I don't know bulls.
Polytropos : ... alright! We've... we've got it!
Polytropos : Now how do we move it?
Eleni : I can only charm or bind it so many times.
Kataramene : *ties the cloak around it's eyes tightly*
Damian : Come on, let's get this thing out of here before it breaks free.
Cretan Bull : *moos plaintively*
Cretan Bull : *blinded, the bull is slightly more tractable*
Andreas Appolodorus: * drink from the magic potion jar *
Leonidas : *stands well clear*
Andreas Appolodorus: * jug *
Polytropos : *tries to drag the bull in the right direction.*
Kataramene : *adds her strength to the ropes*
Polytropos : Come on... come on...
Telemachus : *helps encourage it along*
Andreas Appolodorus: * pull rope *
Eleni : *Hopefully charms the bull into accepting that this whole situation is perfectly acceptable*
Polytropos : Gnhgh
Andreas Appolodorus: How long the charm will last?
Telemachus : Poor things balls scrape the ground, no wonder it's angry.
Polytropos : This is us all the way to Tiryns, you realise!
Cretan Bull : Moooo.
Kataramene : Ugh .. *holding rope* .. this is hard.
Eleni : Not very long, but its effects might linger. Hopefully.
Polytropos : Come on! Mooo.
Telemachus : *helps drag*
Polytropos : Please no more attackers, please no more attackers.
Andreas Appolodorus: Come it was a good fight.
Damian : Don't tempt the Gods, Pol.
Polytropos : Hera needs no tempting, I fear.
Eleni : Or any attackers.
Polytropos : Is this even the right way?
Eleni : I think so?
Andreas Appolodorus: The Gods may always trick us.

Polytropos : Ow! Ow!
Kataramene : *holding on to the bull*
Polytropos : No!
Polytropos : *desperately tries to regain grip*
Polytropos : Ow ow ow!
Eleni : Secure its bindings!
Telemachus : Hornets.
Telemachus : Really?
Polytropos : I'm tryiiing!
Cretan Bull : The bull tries some shennanigans, but they are put to a decisive end by Eleni.

Damian : Stupid fey.
Polytropos : Come ON!
Cretan Bull : Mooo!
Polytropos : MOOO.
Kataramene : Move it along as quickly as we can.
Telemachus : Fey, Hera, could be anyone.
Eleni : Calm down, now, you big silly beast. The hornets are gone...
Polytropos : We're mooooveing it.
Telemachus : come on get it moving again
Telemachus : *helps pull the rope*
Polytropos : *tug tug*
Kataramene : *lends to the tugging*
Polytropos : There's the road! Or a road.
Eleni : I'm pretty sure it's /the/ road.
Andreas Appolodorus: // oh see it now
Eleni : Maybe we shouldn't have done this in the dark.
Kataramene : *part weighing on rope, part pulling*
Polytropos : So tired.
Cretan Bull : Moo!
Polytropos : Moo yourself.
Andreas Appolodorus: * keep pulling rope *
Telemachus : *pull pull*
Damian : Hush you.
Eleni : Hush, now. You'll get to rest soon, I promise.
Polytropos : What's he saying, Damien?
Damian : If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say he's complaining about being dragged along.

Leonidas : gonna wanna stand back a little.
Telemachus : It's a sodding cow Pol, it doesn't have a language
Eleni : It's a /magic/ cow, though.
Eleni : You can never be too sure about these things.
Damian : Yeah. Ask Eleni what it's saying.
Telemachus : Make way!
Cretan Bull : Mooo!
Cretan Guard: Hey! That's one hell of a Bull you've got yourself there! Are you sure you've got that thing under control?
Polytropos : Yes! Divine, not just bovine.
Polytropos : Erm...
Cretan Bull : Mooo!
Kataramene : Don't interupt and we might keep it that way!
Telemachus : You'd better hope so
Eleni : And its resistances to my spells are actually a /lot/ better than any of yours...
Damian : All I can say is that it's saying "moo".
Kataramene : Can we give it some drugged food?
Eleni : Which is a bit surprising.
Andreas Appolodorus: As long as we pull the ropes.
Telemachus : straight onto the boat i think
Polytropos : That's... a really good idea...
Polytropos : Coming through!
Eleni : It does suggest it has some serious degree of intellect and willpower...
Andreas Appolodorus: Give way!
Eleni : Hm.
Damian : Get this thing back to that stupid king and get it over with.
Polytropos : Cretan Bull, coming through...
Telemachus : You don't have to be smart to be stubborn
Eleni : I suppose you'd know.
Cretan Bull : Mooo!
Polytropos : No! No trampling!
Damian : *chuckles*
Andreas Appolodorus: water here does it need a drink?
Polytropos : ... maybe that guard...
Eleni : Sssh.
Polytropos : Hey! Down there! Make way!
Telemachus : Sorry, next time assassins leave you bleeding to death maybe I'll be too dumb to remember to fix you
Cretan Bull : Mooo!
Telemachus : *hmph*
Leonidas : Hmm
Eleni : Oh, come now. Stubborn is a good quality in a hero!
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : You need to be stubborn. Don't give up, no matter how bad things look.
Polytropos : Ajax was stubborn...
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey make sure we free this animal somehow.
Polytropos : Diomedes too...
Cretan Bull : Mooo!
Polytropos : Come on, bull. It's just water...
Eleni : Ah, captain!
Eleni : We have some cargo for you!
Kataramene : Is there a temple to Poseidon?
Polytropos : Make waaay!
Eleni : ...I really hope you got that cage. Or else some really sturdy chains.
Telemachus : Lots. I don't know that this is his bull though.
Kataramene : We need some sleeping draughts.

Cretan Dockmaster: Size*
Captain Zeno: What in all the... that'll never fit on my boat!
Cretan Dockmaster: *backs up*
Telemachus : Sure it will. We'll tie it down.
Andreas Appolodorus: * slowly pull rope to bring animal to gangplank *
Eleni : Won't it?
Eleni : Well, that would be unfortunate.
Captain Zeno: I mean... look at it! It rolls over, we'd capsize!
Kataramene : Lots of them. Is there a .... we'll look after it, we promise.
Eleni : We /really/ need to get this thing to Tiryns.
Captain Zeno: It's too big for the hold doors!
Leonidas : Maybe the mage of this place could portal us there?
Kataramene : I'#m going to get lots of sleeping draughts right /now/. It'll be fiiiiine!
Eleni : Well, we can't very well transport it into little pieces...
Telemachus : ... Don't suppose we could tie a rope to it and make it swim to Argos behind us?
Polytropos : Can bulls swim...?
Sailor: Where will we put that beast Capt'n?
Leonidas : Or get a shrinking potion for it?
Eleni : It's a bull, not a Hippocampus.
Captain Zeno: Look, I'd like to help you... but I have to consider the safety of my crew first and foremost.
Eleni : I promise you I can keep it docile. I mean, probably...
Kataramene : We'll pay extra?
Telemachus : It's perfectly safe. Very docile.
Cretan Bull : Moo!
Captain Zeno: Yeeaah.
Captain Zeno: It doesn't look docile.
Telemachus : Cowlike even.
Polytropos : Sssh, bull, you'll mess this up...
Damian : We could tie it to the boat and let Kat ride it back.
Eleni : Now it does, though!
Kataramene : What?!
Eleni : *Pats it on the back*
Damian : *grins*
Captain Zeno: I find your argument less than persuasive, sir.
Polytropos : You are a pretty fierce rider...
Telemachus : Well if you've got a better idea I'd love to hear it...
Polytropos : *shrugs to Kat.*
Kataramene : *sideways look at Pol*
Eleni : Perhaps the king could get us some bigger ship....
Damian : With excellent mounting technique.
Andreas Appolodorus: How much you want? Name your price!
Eleni : Or we could have the bloody King of Tiryns come pick it up.
Polytropos : We're open to suggestions here.
Captain Zeno: Look, I will take you anywhere you want to go, but that ... thing, it doesn't come aboard my ship.
Cretan Bull : Moo!
Eleni : *Sighs* I knew this wouldn't be this simple..
Andreas Appolodorus: How much for YOUR ship?
Eleni : Oh, hush.
Kataramene : Did the King actually want us to take it there?
Captain Zeno: My ship's not for sale!
Eleni : I'm pretty sure he did.
Damian : Moo yourself.
Telemachus : Someone go and tell the king we've caught it, and ask if he's got another way to move it?
Polytropos : ... can do.
Kataramene : Can't we get proof, or something?
Telemachus : I can almost garantee you he doesn't want us dragging it into his throne room.
Kataramene : Like have our picture painted with it?
Captain Zeno: Look, if you're friends with the local king, maybe he can arrange something.
Polytropos : Someone see if Mediias is up or something...
Polytropos : We'll hold it here.
Eleni : That seems to be the best notion at the moment.
Kataramene : Check, please, Damian.
Leonidas : There was no one in the throne room when I stopped by, aside from a couple of guards.
Eleni : Should I stay in case it goes rampaging?
Andreas Appolodorus: Send a message bird then perhaps with the seal of a trusted noble, a king for intance.
Captain Zeno: *points to another, bigger ship in the harbor* That hulk just arrived today, the captain ran off in a hurry to the palace. Maybe he can help you.
Damian : Yes. Leo can talk to the king.
Kataramene : I'm betting they told him.
Andreas Appolodorus: Either let us move.
Cretan Bull : Moo!
Damian : Moo to you too.
Kataramene : *hanging on the the bull as strongly as she can*
Andreas Appolodorus: Damian make sure nobody will hurt this beast.
Eleni : No need to get upset, now. Maybe it's hungry?
Polytropos : Well... let's go to the palace and see if we can catch this captain.
Damian : Me? I don't think I can stop it from hurting anybody.
Kataramene : Why are we taking it back up?
Telemachus : might be that bloody herald come to pick it up anyway.
Eleni : I don't know! I'm just going where the bull is going.
Cretan Bull : Moo!
Polytropos : It's... following Eleni! *trying to stop it*
Kataramene : There's some grass over there? Leonidas : Good evening
Polytropos : Eleni, just go to the palace, we'll handle this.
Damian : *rumages through pack and pulls out an apple and hands it to Eleni* See if he'll eat.
Andreas Appolodorus: Someone go negotiate we can stay here and hold Moo.
Telemachus : Oh that's right, keep its strength up.
Eleni : *Takes the appl* Um, okay.
Damian : Leo's talking to the king I believe.
Polytropos : Leo, huh.
Eleni : *Offers it up to the ox* Here you go.
Eleni : Do you like apples?
Damian : A hungry bull is a rampaging bull, Tel.
Polytropos : Well, I put ten coins on him selling the bull.

Cretan Royal Guard: *nods*
Leonidas : Might I speak to the royal advisor or his majesty?
Leonidas : It's a rather urgent matter.
Cretan Royal Guard: *eyes widen* That's a very unusual request
Cretan Royal Guard: *looks at the other guard and shrugs*
Leonidas : Ah good evening sir
Meidias: Ah, thought you might be back.
Cretan Royal Guard: Ah...I was just going to call you Sire
Meidias: Where are your companions?
Leonidas : We've caught the bull.
Meidias: *raises an eyebrow* So swiftly?
Leonidas : But have a slight problem.
Leonidas : Our ship is too small to transport it.
Meidias: Indeed. Well, there has been another development.
Leonidas : We were wondering if you might be able to arrange a larger transport for us?
Meidias: Your "friend" you were helping... was it by any chance the hero Heracles?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Meidias: A ship just arrived today... but there's a complication, if in fact you are working on behalf of Heracles.
Leonidas : Oh?
Leonidas : What might that be?
Meidias: Come, I'll explain.
Leonidas : *nods*
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*

Eleni : I have no idea if bulls like apples.
Andreas Appolodorus: How much food you think it need?
Damian : Leo's not that stupid.
Kataramene : Tel, take over from Pol and he can go with Leo, or go yourself.
Polytropos : Ten coins, then. Take my wager.
Damian : Probably not much more than you do, Andreas.
Kataramene : I'm not taking that wager.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah that's a good one.
Andreas Appolodorus: I ask because there is no green pasture on a ship's deck.
Damian : I do try, even if I can be a bit trying.
Eleni : True. We'd need to carry lots of fodder.
Kataramene : We'll get it food.
Eleni : I doubt it likes fish.
Kataramene : And, as I think I stressed already, plenty of sleeping draughts.
Damian : Food shouldn't be a huge problem. I'm guessing lots of grass or hay, which can be compacted to save space.
Kataramene : Though it then gets compacted by the bull into something /less/ palatable.
Kataramene : And I don't think we can use the method we did for the Aegian ones.
Eleni : Well, yes... that will be /someone's/ job, I imagine.
Damian : True, but put down some hay for it and change it everyday or so.
Eleni : I'm already keeping it calm!
Kataramene : I'm trying to stop it running off.
Damian : We'll pay the sailors to help.
Eleni : Yes, we get the idea. It won't be very pleasant.
Damian : Anybody have any better ideas?

Meidias: Captain Simonides, I hope you are comfortable?
Captain Simonides: Aye, well enough.
Leonidas : *nods*
Meidias: You have the letter?
Captain Simonides: Yes. But I'm supposed to deliver it directly to Heracles.
Meidias: This man is an agent of his.
Leonidas : Indeed
Captain Simonides: Hmm, yes, I think I recognize him. Didn't I take you and your comrades to Thrace?
Leonidas : Indeed you did.
Meidias: Your hold, Captain, it is sufficient for a large animal?
Captain Simonides: Yes, I was told there might be such by my employer.
Andreas Appolodorus: And uour ship will smell cow dung.
Meidias: Very well then.
Leonidas : You mentioned a letter Capt?
Captain Simonides: *hands over a letter, marked with a wax seal showing the symbol of Tiryns. It is addressed simply to "Heracles"*
Leonidas : *takes it and bows*
Captain Simonides: This animal, it not a ferocious monster, I hope?
Leonidas : Thank you.
Meidias: Just a bull.
Captain Simonides: Hmm.
Captain Simonides: Well, I will prepare my ship.
Leonidas : Our wizards have it under control I assure you.
Meidias: I hope that this letter does not bring ill news, friend Leonidas.
Andreas Appolodorus: If you had magic to make it small...
Leonidas : was there anything else you wanted to relay to me?
Meidias: Nothing but the good wishes of Crete. That bull... was a ferocious pest, you are welcome to it.
Damian : I don't do miracles.
Leonidas : Ah yeah, hopefully not; I'll give it Herekles to opne.
Polytropos : If it isn't, is there anything you can do to change that?
Telemachus : It's not moving is it?
Meidias: Maybe it will gore Eurystheus a bit.
Leonidas : Thank you for your assistance.
Meidias: Safe voyage.
Leonidas : *offers hand*
Meidias: *clasps it*
Leonidas : *shakes*
Kataramene : It'll be fiiiine.
Leonidas : Good night

Telemachus : Standing there, you'll be the first to know
Eleni : We can restrain it!
Kataramene : Though knowing where a good place to pen it up can be found would be useful.
Kataramene : Oh!
Damian : Hello?
Telemachus : Really? not big enough for you?
Eleni : Um, hello?
Damian : Ah yes. Captain Simonides was it?
Kataramene : I thought I knew you from ... yes!
Eleni : Oooh, yes.
Captain Simonides: *pats bull* You want nice hay and warm blanket, mister bull?
Cretan Bull: Mooo.

Leonidas : Ah I see you met the Capt; he's going to transport us.
Eleni : I'm sure he would!
Captain Simonides: See. We already good friends.
Eleni : More than standing around, anyway.
Damian : Thank you, Leo.
Kataramene : He'd like that very much, as would we. *hanging on still*
Leonidas : And he had a letter for your Herekles *hands letter to Tel*
Telemachus : Perfect. Lets get it loaded.
Captain Simonides: I am to take bull back to Greece. If you want ride, get things, we leave on morning tide.
Captain Simonides: *coos to bull, and leads it off; the beast is disturbingly docile*
Kataramene : Thank you, thank you very much.
Eleni : Sounds good to me. Will you be docking near Argos or Tiryns?
Captain Simonides: Corinth, then to Tiryns.
Leonidas : I suggest you read that letter now.
Damian : See? I knew Leo wouldn't let us down.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : There's a letter?
Telemachus : Lets see it then
Kataramene : That was... not as bad as I thought it would be.
Leonidas : I gave it to you already
Polytropos : Oh, right. I see it.
Kataramene : Damn! IT has my cloak.
Polytropos : Gah! Was it valuable?
Eleni : I'm sure you can get it back from the captain.
Kataramene : No, but I'd had it a long time.
Damian : Are you sure you want it back smelling like bull, Kat?
Kataramene : Thank you!
Telemachus : *opens letter*
Polytropos : *an offering is made.*

Lazyzeus : The letter includes greetings from King Eurystheus of Tiryns. Below the florid introductions the letter contains a directive for Heracles's Eighth Labor.

Kataramene : *takes and dons the offered cloak*
Polytropos : That just smells of me.
Eleni : Oh, good. Where are we going now...?
Damian : Oh good. We can save time.
Polytropos : He's trying to tire us out, isn't he?
Andreas Appolodorus: Where to?
Kataramene : Can't we have a day off?
Damian : What else would he be doing, Pol?

Lazyzeus : He is to travel to Far Thrace, along the shores of the Black Sea. There he is to obtain and return the fabled Mares of Diomedes, King of the Bistones. This would be your longest journey yet.

Telemachus : you get to sit on a ship for a week, what more holiday do you want?
Damian : No rest for heroes!
Leonidas : I like sea voyages, much easier than walking.
Eleni : Oh, my.
Polytropos : ... Aphrodite's girdle...
Eleni : That's a lot further than old Sparos' kingdom.
Telemachus : tsssh
Andreas Appolodorus: But what of the bull?
Telemachus : at least he didn't have us go back to Tyrins I suppose.
Leonidas : I didn't know she wore a girdle, or much of anything else for that matter.
Polytropos : Yeah, she... wears a girdle... but The Mares of Thrace... I, uh, I think I heard stories about them...
Damian : Sometimes the less you reveal, the sexier it is.
Telemachus : Hopefully captain Zeno can take us.
Kataramene : Do they eat people, or something?
Eleni : Hopefully.
Kataramene : It's going to be something like that, isn't it?
Leonidas : What's so scary about a horse?
Kataramene : Ask some grass?
Damian : I don't think Mares means female horses here, Leo.
Polytropos : You know, I think they do eat people.
Polytropos : And no, I... I think they are horses.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol and sigh* I really shouldn't say things, should I?
Polytropos : Didn't... didn't we hear a song about this...?
Eleni : With the theme we have going here, they probably are.
Damian : Another animal for us to retrieve for the king's amusement?
Kataramene : Wall eyed, prancing people eaters.
Kataramene : He must be starting a zoo.
Leonidas : So we going with Capt Zeno then?
Polytropos : He knows the way.
Kataramene : Is he going the right way?
Damian : Or filling his stables.
Telemachus : lets find out
Polytropos : He said he'd take us wherever!
Leonidas : I think he's at our disposal; it'd be faster than going with the other ship.
Eleni : Since they're going to Corinth first, yes.
Telemachus : It's going home without us
Damian : We decided to have a cookout.
Telemachus : Can't say I'm disapointed

Captain Zeno: Well, it had to be done. So, back to Greece, eh?
Telemachus : But now we need passage to Far Thrace
Cretan Dockmaster: Indeed? Pawn it off to some other poor unfortunate Captain?
Polytropos : More or less.
Captain Zeno: Far Thrace? What? You want me to sail to the ends of the earth?
Cretan Dockmaster: *rubs hands* I see!
Leonidas : Duty calls.
Telemachus : If you can. yes.
Cretan Dockmaster: Master traders you should become
Eleni : The land of the Bistones, as it happens.
Captain Zeno: Why could you possibly want to go there? It's populated by man-eating giants and nasty monsters!
Captain Zeno: Bistones! They're the worst of the lot, I've heard!
Telemachus : Gotta see a man about a horse
Captain Zeno: Half-men, half-giant brutes!
Damian : Sounds like our kind of place. We're heroes after all and that's what heroes do.
Captain Zeno: I'll buy you a horse!
Sailor: *rolls eyes at the other crewmen*
Kataramene : Doesn't it just.
Polytropos : *exhales.*
Sailor: We're all going to die
Polytropos : You just stay on the boat.
Kataramene : You don't have to get off the boat!
Leonidas : Indeed.
Polytropos : We'll... sort something out.
Damian : Leave the heroics to the professionals.
Eleni : We'll do all the making-things-die, I assure you.
Telemachus : You can stay on the ship if you're not feeling adventurous
Captain Zeno: No, I just have to report back to the Council of Argos that I let you all get killed...
Sailor: We're doomed I tell you....doomed!
Eleni : /Right/. Heroics. That's the word I was looking for.
Leonidas : Not likely.
Captain Zeno: *sighs* I know I'm going to regret this...
Kataramene : It'll be fiiiine.
Polytropos : If we succeed - IF - they'll tell tales of the luck and daring of Captain Xeno for as long as men have ears.
Damian : *winks at Eleni*
Kataramene : *has a smile that doesn't actually mean she thinks it*
Eleni : And we'll be very grateful!
Andreas Appolodorus: oh
Eleni : All in a day's work.
Polytropos : Onward to terror incognita.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:20 pm

Lazyzeus : Leaving the care of the Cretan Bull to Captain Simonides, you embark upon another journey, this time to the distant shores of Far Thrace. The journey is swift for the most part, though you get embroiled in storms as you pass Macedonia and enter the northern Aegean. It takes a full week to reach the Dardanelles, and two days more to reach the wild western shore of Far Thrace, along the Black Sea. The coast is rocky and forbidding, and Captain Zeno has to let you off on the ship's tiny launch to disembark you. He promises to wait for your return anchored offshore. We transition to a distant shore, a hostile coast...

Eleni : Oh, look. A shipwreck.
Kataramene : *humphy stride*
Polytropos : Ugh.
Eleni : /That's/ a good sign, surely?
Captain Zeno : *calls out* We'll remain off shore, good luck!
Polytropos : YEAH, THANKS!

Telemachus : How the hades are we supposed to get the horses back to the ship?
Eleni : Were we supposed to tame these ones, too?
Polytropos : Step one is Get Horses.
Kataramene : I'm sure Pol has that worked out.
Eleni : Or just kill them?
Polytropos : Hmf.
Telemachus : Tame them
Telemachus : more than one too..
Eleni : Weeell.
Eleni : Perhaps we can teach them how to swim? Or fix ships.
Eleni : That could be helpful.
Eleni : Though with all these rocks about, I'm not even sure how this wreck /got/ here.
Eleni : Stranded with the tide, perhaps.
Eleni : Or dashed upon the rocks during a storm.
Polytropos : That one looks like Poseidon speared it personally.
Kataramene : I'm certain the heard will follow Champion the Wonder Stallion anywhere.
Polytropos : *snort.*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : Heacles loyal steed.
Polytropos : I'm not a 'steed'.
Kataramene : *Heracle's
Kataramene : Beast of burden then.
Eleni : *Chuckles*

Telemachus : Well there are people around.
Polytropos : *mutter mumble grr*
Eleni : One could make an argument either way.
Polytropos : Only burden I've got to carry is -
Eleni : Hm, yes. PEople have been fishing here.
Polytropos : Oh hey, a road.
Leonidas : ruined vila to the south
Kataramene : Of course, geldings make a better one of those.
Leonidas : road leads off to the west.
Polytropos : Let's see the villa.
Eleni : Interesting.
Telemachus : not much to see
Eleni : These don't /look/ Thracian.
Telemachus : Looks like it was burnt
Kataramene : When did horses develop fire?
Eleni : *Tries to determine how long ago this place might have been turned to cinders*
Leonidas : *looks around*
Andreas Appolodorus: By who? Barbarians? Pirates?
Telemachus : *shrug* maybe someone dropped a lamp.
Kataramene : Well there was a ship down there. Perhaps abandoned?
Telemachus : Don't assume things.
Telemachus : looks like this road leads inland
Kataramene : There's a road.
Leonidas : leads to some sort of settlement
Eleni : Is it also in ruins?
Leonidas : Nope, a few guards
Kataramene : Maybe they know where Pol's new harem is.
Leonidas : so watch yourself
Eleni : Hm, indeed...
Polytropos : Careful... they said the people around here were mean...
Polytropos : ... also really ugly...
Eleni : A curious sight.
Telemachus : Try not too look threatening.

Andreas Appolodorus: I am Andreas, who are you?
Eleni : Ah, hail! We are visitors from a far-away land..
Kataramene : Heracles and his trusty steed, plus a few hangers on.
Polytropos : *scowls.*
Kataramene : Well met, warrior.
Bistones Warrior: You are little man.
Andreas Appolodorus: Little man?
Kataramene : Size isn't everything, or so men say.
Polytropos : He's beaten bigger.
Eleni : *Smiles* He has wrestled an ogre, and won.
Bistones Warrior: *snorts* Why you here?
Leonidas : *listens*
Kataramene : We seek a new herd for our noble stallion here.
Polytropos : *rolls his eyes*
Telemachus : Who leads your people?
Kataramene : We were told there were some particular fiesty mares in this land, is that true?
Eleni : ...yes, we have heard these lands have the fiercest steeds in all the world.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes horses, that is why we are here.
Bistones Warrior: *eyes narrow* You speak King Diomedes. He want talk to strange Greeks seeking horses.
Telemachus : That's who we want to talk to. Where is he?
Kataramene : Could you show us, please?
Bistones Warrior: Up hill.
Polytropos : Right...
Kataramene : Thank you!
Telemachus : Fine. Get back to your game.
Eleni : ...we'll just look for the kingliest building, I suppose.
Bistones Warrior: King take care of you. *chuckles as he unrolls his whip*
Polytropos : Say. What did he do?
Kataramene : Oh, what did your friend do?
Polytropos : *points to Garos*
Bistones Warrior: *smashes the man in the face* Coward.
Polytropos : *grimace.*
Polytropos : ... a...right.
Polytropos : Well, no cowards here...
Kataramene : *stiffens a little but nods*
Andreas Appolodorus: What does not kill you makes you stronger.
Eleni : Aaah, how wonderfully, charmingly rustic...
Polytropos : That's us.
Polytropos : Hey!
Polytropos : I can hold this spear real well, thank you.
Telemachus : They'd whip a deserter or coward in our own armies too.
Kataramene : *looks at he stone circle*
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't need spear or axe.
Polytropos : No deal!
Bistones Warrior: Bah, you probably break her.
Eleni : I am going to guess the king is in the tower up the ... excuse me?
Bistones Warrior: Ha!
Kataramene : What?
Bistones Warrior: No, I have delicate touch, Gorg.
Telemachus : Don't murder anyone, we don't know the laws.
Polytropos : She'd probably break us for trying to sell her, too.
Telemachus : *That was to Kat*
Telemachus : Where's your king?
Bistones Warrior: Bah. Greek no know how to handle woman.
Eleni : You know, I think you should apolagize for saying that.
Kataramene : *eyes narrow*
Polytropos : Maybe not, but I reckon we could handle you pretty easy.
Bistones Warrior: King up in tall house. *nods to the tower hill*
Polytropos : Just saying.
Bistones Warrior: Maybe we find out later, Greek.
Kataramene : Would you like to try and show them how you would?
Polytropos : Can't wait. King!
Leonidas : *w* May I recommend we avoid stirring up unnecessary trouble with the locals?
Polytropos : *low* They have it -
Polytropos : Uh, who's asking?
Bistones Warrior: Bah.
Eleni : *Hmph*
Kataramene : *grrr noise*
Polytropos : It's fine, man. This is just friendly taunts! It's a ritual thing. Right...?
Kataramene : *sniffs and stalks over*
Eleni : /Fine/. I won't turn them into mindless little slaves. For now.
Telemachus : Smith eh?
Leonidas : Famous last words.

Polytropos : Is that hammer on fire...?
Telemachus : your hammer is on fire.
Bistones Craftsman: You strangers show watch your step....Bistones have short tempers
Telemachus : *shrug*
Kataramene : They can have shorter legs too, when I cut them off at the knees.
Eleni : So we've noticed.
Bistones Craftsman: I have some wears available....at the right price! *laughs*
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Polytropos : Huh.
Polytropos : Well, I s'pose the king can wait. Let's do some commerce.
Bistones Craftsman: Show me some of your coin
Bistones Craftsman: You have gold money? If yes, I sell good metal you.
Kataramene : Or shorter sentences when Eleni messes their heads up, though admittedly that's hard to imagine.
Leonidas: I've got money.
Bistones Craftsman: You have gold money? If yes, I sell good metal you.
Bistones Craftsman: *checks an offered gold piece by biting on it*
Polytropos : 's a big axe...
Eleni : *Glances to the man crawling towards the well*
Bistones Craftsman: Always good to make a trade with Greeks...Bistones don't have much coin
Bistones Warrior: You, coward!
Bistones Warrior: Go get me some oats for my horse.
Polytropos : *purchases a new cloak.*
Garos: *stands up straight, growls*
Bistones Warrior: Ah, now you find courage?
Polytropos : ... see, you act like a coward, they never let you forget it around here...
Bistones Craftsman: *glances over at the prisoner and spits on the ground*
Bistones Warrior: *pushes him back a step*
Polytropos : What happened with that man?
Eleni : *Obsereves, curious*
Bistones Warrior: bBah.
Bistones Craftsman: Pah....story for Bistones
Kataramene : *turns around and looks*
Kataramene : Hey!
Andreas Appolodorus: I could train him.
Polytropos : Oop. Off we go...
Kataramene : Hey, you!
Eleni : ...that's not quite what we're here for.
Bistones Craftsman: He's not worth the effort
Polytropos : That ship's sailed, friend.
Bistones Craftsman: He's a waste of food
Telemachus : Out of curiosity, what'd he do?
Bistones Craftsman: *shakes head and gets back to pounding metal*
Kataramene : Just wanted to know what it is you did.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we take him with us?
Telemachus : *shrug*
Eleni : And what does that mean?
Kataramene : Why do /they/ say that?
Telemachus : ...You have no idea what his crime was Anreas.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Andreas Appolodorus: You know once you are in the arena your crimes from before do not matter.

Kataramene : *nods a little for him to continue*
Polytropos : Gah. Scythians.
Garos: Attack village. Break through enemy defense. VIllage unprotected. Slaughter everything.
Kataramene : *winces a little* They say that was your fault?
Garos: I go into house. Many womens and childrens. Let live. Others see, slaughter all.
Garos: Now I coward.
Kataramene : Oh... right.
Kataramene : *frowns a little* Doesn't sound very cowardly to me.
Garos: You is not Bistones.
Telemachus : hmph. Because only the brave slaughter the helpless.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can you come with us? Is that permitted?
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Mercy takes a lot more courage than monstrousness.
Eleni : Especially if everyone around you is monstrous.
Garos: I am Bistones. You Greeks come see King? Ask about horses?
Kataramene : *rubs her chin for a moment* Yeah, we might have a way to offer you a chance to prove your worth to a lot of people.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Polytropos : ... warriors don't tread on small dogs and call it worthy...
Garos: Should know. Not first to come.
Telemachus : Did the others leave with horses?
Garos: When King smile, offer hand, you watch back, yes?
Leonidas : Do tell?
Garos: Others not leave.
Kataramene : The horses got them, eh?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm.
Eleni : ...or did the king?
Garos: Horses get what left over.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : What killed them? Do you know?
Garos: *shakes head* Talk too much. Now I work. You smart Greeks, you go back where come from.
Eleni : That's not really an option.
Kataramene : *purses her lips*
Andreas Appolodorus: have been thinking... what really matters... The laws of men or the laws of the Gods?
Telemachus : I hope these stupid horses eat Eurytheus.
Leonidas : As long as you don't get caught it's moot.
Kataramene : What about it? Offer him a place back home if he tells us more?
Eleni : The laws of what gods?
Eleni : There's a lot of them, and most don't really agree.

Bistones Guard : You there! What you want? Why you talk with that coward?
Polytropos : ... maybe we ought to focus a bit...
Andreas Appolodorus: Your God perhaps.
Eleni : *Waves her hand* That is our bussiness.
Eleni : And I don't even know what that is, Andreas. I think I prefer gods when they don't notice me /too/ much.
Kataramene : Best get see the King.
Leonidas : Perhaps we go see this king then discuss our options privately?
Eleni : Ah, what's this, now?
Bistones Guard: King say he want speak Greeks.
Bistones Warrior: Move along...move along
Eleni : How convinient.
Bistones Guard: You go up.
Eleni : We would like to speak to him, too.
Telemachus : Thought he would.
Polytropos : Most of this village is a dunghole, but I like this hill tower thing.
Eleni : You haven't seen the inside yet.
Kataramene : *peers over the edge*
Andreas Appolodorus: Well.

Eleni : We have come to speak with the king.
Polytropos : ... you're right, Eleni.
Eleni : Funny how the tower goes /down/.
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * Get redy this could be a trap.
Polytropos : That coward guy already said there'd be one...
Kataramene : Hmm.. *looks back up the stairs*
Polytropos : ... so... yeah

Diomedes : Ha! Is Greeks come from distant shore!
Eleni : Indeed.
Polytropos : That's right!
Diomedes : Come in, come in! No get many guests.
Telemachus : Greetings, King Diomedes.
Diomedes : Ah, you know of me? Most good.
Kataramene : *looks at the pit*
Diomedes : And what are you names, fine Greeks?
Eleni : Why, of course we do.
Telemachus : Heracles.
Diomedes: *eyes narrow* Ah. Is name I hear before.
Polytropos : *nodnod.*
Diomedes: Mighty hero!
Telemachus : *half shrug* I've been around.
Leonidas : The one and the same.
Diomedes: Is good! Come, come! You travel far, surely you have hunger, thirst.
Diomedes : *claps hands loudly* Food for mighty Greeks!
Bistones Woman: Yes My Lord
Kataramene : Server your King first.
Polytropos : Yaaay.
Lazyzeus : Mighty King.
Kataramene : It would be against our custom to eat before a ruler such as he.
Eleni : We would not wish to eat before royalty, of course.
Diomedes: *grabs a tankard, drains it a few mighty swallows*
Bistones Woman: *waits on the visitors*
Diomedes: Ha! Good! *tosses it down*
Kataramene : We could never show such disrespect.
Polytropos : *takes a tankard. Why not?*
Kataramene : *reaches for one too*
Polytropos : To the King!
Andreas Appolodorus: * eat and drink * Ah ah I can eat anything!
Leonidas : *helps himself to drink*
Diomedes: Good, good!
Telemachus : *takes one, acts like he's drinking it*
Eleni : *Accepts a tankard, but takes only small sips. Might not be drinking at all*
Diomedes: Games to honor our guests!
Polytropos : *quaff.*
Bistones Woman: *returns to the kitchen to get more*
Kataramene : *might be quaffing, but a lot seems to hit the floor*
Diomedes: You Greeks, you enjoy games, yes? You have Olympics, yes?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Polytropos : Games, too? Uh, sure, but... we had some things to talk about...
Kataramene : We are champions of the Argos games.
Diomedes: Bah, talk work after eat, drink, and games!
Eleni : We are honored. But with respect, your excellency, we did not come here for games.
Diomedes: Plenty of time for important talk, after.
Diomedes : *claps hands loudly* Beartooth!
Bistones Warrior : Beartooth!
Bistones Guard : Beartooth!
Kataramene : *looks around, obviously wondering what that indicates*
Lazyzeus : *the guards stomp their feet and shout the name*

Eleni : *Frowns*
Leonidas : *takes a seat on bench*
Bistones Warrior : *Beartooth*
Polytropos : Yeesh.
Kataramene : *blinks looking at Beartooth*
Diomedes: Champion wrestler of Bistones!
Eleni : A wrestler, hm?
Diomedes: You beat him, I give you favor! Any favor you ask.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let me.
Polytropos : This is unfolding with a grinding inevitability...
Beartooth: *steps into the ring*
Polytropos : Yep, there we go.
Kataramene : Hmmm... you'll have to wait for your new harem.
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : So it goes...
Beartooth: *cracks knuckles while he waits*
Andreas Appolodorus: Say when.
Polytropos : Ares with you, man. Deck him.
Polytropos : Andreas!
Polytropos : Andreas!
Polytropos : Andreas!
Diomedes : Gods, you listen!
Polytropos : *bashes tankard against dhield.*
Beartooth: *fixes him with a mean glare*
Diomedes : We have honor fight, Greek and our best! You watch, see how mortals fight!
Kataramene : *picks up the chant and the beat*
Diomedes: Women, you go.
Leonidas : *watches*
Telemachus : Show em what a half naked greek can do Andreas.
Beartooth: *snourts through his nose*
Diomedes : Ha, more drinks after fight!
Kataramene : *looks at the king, looks at the women leaving, looks like she has no plans to move*
Beartooth: *without warning, attacks*
Eleni : Hah!
Kataramene : Go Andreas!
Eleni : Oh, he barely got a hit in.
Diomedes: Ha. Not so good fight.
Polytropos : AN-DRE-AS!
Eleni : That was sort of dissapointing.
Andreas Appolodorus: I take the trophees.
Polytropos : *dunk dunk thump! dunk dunk thump!*
Lazyzeus : The warrior lies unconscious at the bottom of the pit.

Telemachus : Oof. You'd better check on your man..
Diomedes: Bah. He live, or he die.
Polytropos : Sooooo...
Telemachus : Those are the options yeah.
Kataramene : Yeah. *watches those to her left cautiously*
Polytropos : For all of us, really.
Telemachus : So that favour.
Diomedes : Yes. Time for favor.
Kataramene : *and then to her right*
Polytropos : *looks left and right*
Diomedes: Now, we see, Greeks. Now we see.
Polytropos : I'm starting to miss Tiryns.

Polytropos : ... ugh.
Polytropos : Ha!
Andreas Appolodorus: KAT!
Polytropos : Oh, no!
Polytropos : Nonono...
Eleni : Ach, Kat...
Polytropos : Damn it, woman, why do you have to be so brave...
Eleni : Is she...?
Polytropos : I'm not a doctor!
Andreas Appolodorus: You have that magic to bring her back?
Eleni : I do. And it seems to be the only way.

Polytropos : Easy... easy.
Telemachus : That was a rough one.
Eleni : *Kneels down* How do you feel?
Telemachus : did we get them all?
Kataramene : *blonks and shakes her head*
Polytropos : There's more outside...
Eleni : ...and the king may have gotten away.
Polytropos : Was that the King you just got?
Telemachus : Did the king get away?
Polytropos : Maybe gone to rally the village.
Eleni : Might be best just to hole up here, if that's the case.
Telemachus : This place is big.
Eleni : But was there more than one entrance?
Polytropos : To Hades with that. I say we hunt 'em.
Andreas Appolodorus: I took these from the man in the arena.
Kataramene : *shakes her head again, disorientated* Axe.
Telemachus : Axe what?
Andreas Appolodorus: Anybody want the sharp knife?
Polytropos : It's your trophy, man
Andreas Appolodorus: I do not use knifes.
Polytropos : Yes, but... your trophy
Eleni : Hm. The amulet could be useful, though.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.
Polytropos : Who cares if you use it or not.
Kataramene : Just saw it.. *touches he head*
Andreas Appolodorus: Can you examine that amulet?
Polytropos : *examines Kat's head.*
Eleni : Precisely what you'd expect a big lump of meat like that to wear.
Telemachus : Hah if you don't want the amulet I'll take it
Polytropos : ... it's alright. Just skinned you...
Eleni : If the king is rallying his forces, we shouldn't linger here.
Telemachus : What's he going to do, burn his own tower?
Polytropos : ... Yeah. Come on, let's gather our strength and face down that inhospitable bastard while Leo ransacks the place.
Kataramene : Saw a light. And then there was dark. Sand of a river bank too.
Andreas Appolodorus: Does anyone want my old Cold Iron Torc?
Polytropos : Ah, why not?
Eleni : ...I know, Katara.
Eleni : I've seen all that, and a bit more besides.
Polytropos : *offers Kat a hand up*
Telemachus : We didn't get everyone.
Polytropos : Come on. Don't get dead. Get even.
Telemachus : there're people hanging around in some of these rooms.
Kataramene : *appears to be too out of sorts to argue with the assistance*
Eleni : That was the last of those I had, I should mention.
Polytropos : Right.
Polytropos : No-one falls.
Kataramene : I was .. I was dead?
Eleni : Just... for a little bit.
Telemachus : Little bit. It happens.

Polytropos : Leo! Any sign of anyone else?
Leonidas : a few servent women in the souther area
Polytropos : Eh.
Leonidas : one craftsmen in a room to the north empty otherwise
Polytropos : Aright. Let's go out?
Leonidas : there was another exit down to the north as well
Kataramene : Did he get away?
Polytropos : Were you fighting him?
Kataramene : Yes.
Polytropos : Not sure which way he went.
Polytropos : Exit to the north, eh...
Eleni : Somewhere along here.
Telemachus : Lets just clear the whole damn place.

Bistones Craftsman: Who is you?
Bistones Craftsman: I hear shouting.
Polytropos : Greeks!
Polytropos : Honored guests.
Bistones Craftsman: You should no be here.
Telemachus : The people your king just tried to murder.
Polytropos : Don't mind me, just looking.
Bistones Craftsman: Murder? Then you not guests, you enemies!

Polytropos : Fine work...
Telemachus : Yup.
Eleni : ...now that's not courageous.
Eleni : It's just stupid.
Andreas Appolodorus: That was foolish.
Polytropos : You had to say that, didn't you.
Kataramene : *frowns a little*
Polytropos : Yaha! Oh.
Polytropos : Empty cells...
Telemachus : Lets see if anyone else wants to die for their king
Andreas Appolodorus: Where are the horses?
Polytropos : It might seem stupid, but these men fight like Spartans.
Eleni : Spartans have discipline. And tactics.
Polytropos : ... but besides all that, Spartans.
Telemachus : Lets check the rest of this levle?

Leonidas : Looks clear.
Polytropos : Nicely done!
Eleni : Leo said there were only servant's quarters to the south?
Telemachus : Ah alright. down we go then?
Polytropos : Never let it be said we don't keep you around for anything.
Polytropos : See this? It's called a shield!

Diomedes : You shall never have my beautiful horses, Greeks!
Polytropos : Invention of civilisation!
Eleni : I'm pretty sure they know what a shield is, Pol.
Andreas Appolodorus: Why? You want to die with them?
Telemachus : S'locked
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Eleni : Only need a piece of wood to make one.
Polytropos : Hmph. Whoever sends that King to hades gets his axe, aright?
Kataramene : Can't have got them in this way, can he?

Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Telemachus : Eleni?
Andreas Appolodorus: I let you have the axe.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let me have the King
Polytropos : HIORSE!
Kataramene : Stun them!
Polytropos : You're mine, King!
Polytropos : Haha!
Eleni : No!
Kataramene : Dammit!
Polytropos : *hefts the axe*
Telemachus : You're too small for that axe.
Polytropos : Ha!
Telemachus : give it here
Polytropos : It's not for me.
Eleni : Does the mare live?
Leonidas : nother one in here
Polytropos : ... was gonna give it to...
Telemachus : Get a rope on it before it wakes up.
Polytropos : *presents the axe to Kat first.*
Telemachus : *start tying the thing up*
Kataramene : *touches her head a little and takes it*
Andreas Appolodorus: I have some javelins
Polytropos : Heh. Do with it as you will.
Eleni : You know, I didn't expect it to be literally on fire..
Polytropos : Eesh, this horse...
Kataramene : *opens her mouth to say something and then shuts it again*
Eleni : That might be /really/ tricky to transport by boat.
Lazyzeus : You secure the first horse. It whinnies and struggles some.
Polytropos : *tries to help rope it, but unsure if the rope'll suffice.*
Kataramene : It's a bit large, but thank you.
Telemachus : we'll cover it in leather bags or something?
Andreas Appolodorus: The rope is going to burn.
Eleni : We can lock it in a pen for now.
Telemachus : *looks at the woman with an axe bigger than she is. Sighs*
Andreas Appolodorus: I may have to carry that horse.
Polytropos : How many of them are there?
Telemachus : Three I think?
Eleni : Four.
Polytropos : ... that's not too bad...
Leonidas : I count four
Polytropos : Four, bigods.
Eleni : I should have enough charm spells...
Polytropos : One each for us to pull.
Eleni : Or ride?
Polytropos : Ride, are you serious?
Andreas Appolodorus: It will be a hot ride then.
Eleni : Not really.
Eleni : But the mental image amused me.
Polytropos : These don't look broken...
Deinos the Terrible: *rears up as if to attack*
Polytropos : Ack!
Leonidas : It would make for a heroic return, four of you riding up on them.
Polytropos : *readies his own ropes*
Kataramene : *eyes the body of the King a while and then kicks it*
Telemachus : Yup. there's one.
Andreas Appolodorus: So?
Eleni : Maybe we could actually get to Tiryns in a timely fashion that way...
Eleni : But we can think about that once we've secured them.
Andreas Appolodorus: Should I use my fist and stun the beast?
Eleni : Only if my charms fail.
Eleni : ...oh. You.
Eleni : Are you here to leap in front of our blades as well?
Garos: No.
Telemachus : Smart man.
Kataramene : Do you know how to tame these horses?
Polytropos : *salutes with his sword*
Kataramene : Or care for them at least?
Polytropos : Zeus hates a poor host.
Telemachus : He's the one doing the haunting now
Eleni : Inhospitability /is/ the gravest of sins.
Telemachus : he's in bits accross the floor back there.
Polytropos : ... ugh...
Kataramene : *grimaces*
Telemachus : Now *that* is hubris.
Polytropos : *looks back at the angry one*
Telemachus : Ohh..
Polytropos : ... I have no problem with this.
Telemachus : Nasty. But ok..
Kataramene : *tight lipped* Can't say I mind either.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Lazyzeus : The big warrior steps into the corridor, and mysteriously disappears...
Kataramene : Hey!
Eleni : Give their master back to them...
Telemachus : huh..
Kataramene : ... he disappeared.
Telemachus : Was gonna offer him a job.
Kataramene : Yes, that .. yes. *rubs her head* Did he disappear?
Eleni : What do you suppose he means by that?
Telemachus : *finishes the butchering job on him*
Telemachus : We're feeding him to the horses.
Polytropos : He looks tough, he's going to be hard to quarter.
Andreas Appolodorus: Feed bits of King to each horse.
Telemachus : *choppy chop chop*
Kataramene : Let's try his axe.
Telemachus : *Holds an arm out in front of the tied up horse*
Polytropos : At least that bit of Egyptian bronze is good for something. *holds a limb steady*
Eleni : ...well, that's certainly /a/ solution.
Kataramene : *hefts the axe and slams it down into the body rather a lot*
Eleni : I'm not sure how this works, to be honest.
Telemachus : It's not bronze, it's too damn sharp
Eleni : The king turned them into monsters by feeding them human flesh, so we give them... more human flesh? To make them better?
Telemachus : Revenge? just deserts?
Telemachus : who knows.
Polytropos : Come on, horsey. Eat up.
Telemachus : *pokes the end of an arm in front of the horses teeth again*

Leonidas : There's a back door which leads to an area outside the village, in case you prefer to avoid hacking you way through all the inhabitants.
Podragos the Fast: *comes alive and feasts upon it*
Podragos the Fast: *rises, the ropes burning away*
Eleni : Not hacking our way through the inhabitants sounds good.
Telemachus : huh... just as well..
Eleni : Um, good mare?
Podragos the Fast: *the fury in its eyes seems to fade, and it lowers its head*
Telemachus : *gorge rises a bit*
Kataramene : That's better. *with bits of the ex-king scattered rather widely in small pieces*
Polytropos : *doesn't look all that appetised either.*
Eleni : *Edges away from Kataramene*
Telemachus : *puts it on the ground to let the horse do its thing*
Polytropos : We're going to need a swim to get this gore off.
Kataramene : *scoops up some of the bits and goes to find the others*
Polytropos : *gathers a few bits, too.*
Eleni : Yes. Yes, you are.
Telemachus : *takes a leg by the foot*
Polytropos : Place smells worse than the Aegean stables.
Polytropos : Nice divine horsey...
Telemachus : *offers to the horse*
Leonidas : *sits and poars himself some wine from one of his bottles*
Eleni : ...oh, dear.
Polytropos : ... you get this one, I'll -
Polytropos : Hey! Here!
Polytropos : Foods!
Telemachus : Wasn't my fault!
Kataramene : *offers the bits of Diomedes*
Deinos the Terrible : *snorts and shakes head wildly*
Eleni : Feed it already!
Polytropos : I just tried-
Telemachus : I WAS FEEDING IT!
Leonidas : *mutters*
Andreas Appolodorus: By ZEUS!
Polytropos : Augh! Tell me we've got them all...
Telemachus : ...I'm not great with animals.
Kataramene : *offers the rest of the king that she has to the last horse*
Eleni : You don't say... is it... alright, now?
Deinos the Terrible : *neighs loudly at the smell of blood*

Lazyzeus : All of the horses have been tamed, or at least enough for you to take them out of here safely.

Leonidas : *sits back down to finish his drink*
Deinos the Terrible : *rears up as if to attack*
Telemachus : Ok.. back door?
Leonidas : this way
Polytropos : Lead the way, Leo.
Deinos the Terrible : *shakes its head wildly*
Polytropos : *escorts a mare out, hopefully.*
Kataramene : *offers the King kebab a little higher* Can we lead them?
Telemachus : *presumably with the horses in tow*
Deinos the Terrible : *jumps around the stable*
Telemachus : They seem tame enough
Kataramene : Eleni, can you?
Eleni : It seems quite alarmed.
Polytropos : Sneak... sneak, sneak...
Eleni : Hm. They're stronger-willed than they look.
Deinos the Terrible : 8neighs frightenly*
Polytropos : Yes, you too.
Eleni : There! Calm down, now...
Eleni : Absolutely nothing to worry about. The nasty king is gone.
Lazyzeus : The bistones women flee from you in fear.
Kataramene : *once it's calmed offers the meat again*
Eleni : In fact, have some of him.
Kataramene : Is this one different or something?
Eleni : I don't know... it seems to be calming do -
Kataramene : Doesn't seem to s...
Polytropos : "They'll stay tame, Eurystheus, you just need to feed them on a diet of King..."
Andreas Appolodorus: You want to run horse? So we run.
Polytropos : *nods.*
Polytropos : ... sure...
Telemachus : In fairness, they started it.
Polytropos : Let's be honest, man... there wasn't going to be any way we were taking these horses out of here without bloody ruin.
Polytropos : *to Tel*
Telemachus : We would have offered to pay for them.
Polytropos : Live by the sword, and all that.
Polytropos : ...?
Kataramene : Idiot.

Leonidas : *signals to the waiting ship*

Kataramene : *grabs the horses bridle again*
Eleni : We're still missing one, yes?
Eleni : Oh. Or not.
Telemachus : nope.
Andreas Appolodorus: They have their honor even if it is not the same as ours.
Polytropos : Let's get out of here...
Eleni : Then I suggest we figure out how to get out of here.
Telemachus : Horseshit they had no honour
Kataramene : Can we get them on the boat?
Telemachus : didn't even respect guest rights.
Eleni : Not by the cliffs, I don't think...
Eleni : We'll have to send word to meet us some ways down the coast.
Polytropos : I can barely see. Where's the cliff?
Telemachus : in front of y ou.
Eleni : Ahead. Watch your step.
Polytropos : OHH there it is. Ohoho.
Kataramene : Take them one at a time?
Telemachus : Maybe we should rest the night and attempt this in the morning?

Lazyzeus : Leonidas builds a signal fire, and the ship comes in close enough to hail.

Eleni : I'm not sure they will appreciate that..
Polytropos : The last of those damn Bistones might've rallied by then.
Telemachus : *shrug*
Eleni : There's got to be a better place to do this a little ways away.
Polytropos : If we can try now, I'm all for trying now.
Leonidas : *shouts* We've got four horses we need to load somehow.
Andreas Appolodorus: They will have to find a new King.
Captain Zeno : Horses? Four of them?
Leonidas : *shouts* Right four horses
Polytropos : I think Leo's built a fire...
Captain Zeno : You'll need to find a way to get them out here, we can't get any closer to shore!
Eleni : *Sighs* Alright...
Eleni : ...how far is the Immortal King's palace, do you think?
Andreas Appolodorus: Wait for high tide?
Leonidas : *shouts* Right, you have some sort of slings or harnesses you could winch them out of the water with?
Kataramene : What about that big boat there?
Telemachus : What do you mean Eleni?
Polytropos : Maybe we can just get them in our little one, one at a time.
Captain Zeno : You get them out here, we'll get them aboard!
Polytropos : Ohhhh, I see what you mean. Find the Thracians. I have no idea.
Leonidas : *shouts* OK we'll work something out.
Polytropos : I'm all for single boat trips, who's with me.
Eleni : Well, if we can get to the scrying pool...
Kataramene : *half-hearted* The stallion could .. *comment dies*
Eleni : It might be faster than the alternatives, if we can't get them aboard.
Telemachus : that's weeks worth of travel, isn't it?
Eleni : Probably, yes.
Polytropos : This'll work! Trust me!
Polytropos : ... or, well... it might...
Andreas Appolodorus: Slowly. Easy.
Eleni : *Watches with dread*
Kataramene : *leads on carefully down the cliff*
Andreas Appolodorus: Going down backward?

Lazyzeus : The horses shy some from the water but dutifully follow you down the cliff.

Kataramene : They don't like the water.
Eleni : Can you blame them?
Kataramene : ... which given they're all fiery makes sense.
Polytropos : Come on, stick to the sand... ther we go...
Telemachus : walk around the edge
Polytropos : When was the last time any of you saw the sky, eh?
Kataramene : *cautious leading*
Leonidas : Ship's waiting

Lazyzeus : One look at the tiny launch suggests that getting the horses on it, let alone to the ship, would be a very long shot.

Telemachus : Lets hope the boat's too wet to burn..
Polytropos : This is going to be a challenge and a half.
Telemachus : .... maybe one at a time and make four trips?
Kataramene : What about a raft?
Leonidas : Hmm, I don't suppose they do well in water?
Andreas Appolodorus: So, think of something.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can they swim?
Telemachus : *sigh* I don't suppose we know where the closest proper harbour is?
Polytropos : *rubs his chin, thinkgin.*
Leonidas : Most horses can I think
Kataramene : *looks at the large ship* Can we lash together some kind of raft? A floating bridge even?
Eleni : Perhaps..
Polytropos : Not sure. Working on it.
Eleni : You do have that axe.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes this thing could be useful somehow.
Kataramene : There's a lot of wood here, how far out is the ship?
Leonidas : I was thinking more of their fireous nature in the water.
Kataramene : *tests the wood of the ship*
Polytropos : Are you three all still following me?
Telemachus : I doubt dousing their fires will do them any good..
Leonidas : Perhaps if Eleni could cast elemental protection on them, they could swim out to the ship unscathed?
Kataramene : A lot is rotten but the inner spars and beams look sound. Where's that rope?
Polytropos : Did someone say rope?

Lazyzeus : There is ample material left upon the wreck to construct a crude raft. The group goes to work upon the project...

Polytropos : This is a lot fo work.
Telemachus : *helps raft building*
Kataramene : *makes use of the King's axe again, breaking up the ships planks into as large a portion each as she can*
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh oh

Lazyzeus : No need for skill checks, that idea works out...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:26 pm

Captain Zeno: Crowded, with all them flaming horses in the hold.
Polytropos : *watches the horizon.*
Polytropos : Where's the nearest port to Tiryns?
Andreas Appolodorus: * stare at the sea *
Eleni : Yes, well.
Kataramene : Is Argos on the way?
Polytropos : Tir... Tirnys.
Eleni : Heroics are rarely as comfortable as we'd like...
Sailor: *coils some rope*
Captain Zeno: Corinth, most like, but Argos is fine with me.
Sailor: *swabs the deck*
Captain Zeno: I'll just be glad to be out of these cursed waters.
Polytropos : Cursed, still?
Captain Zeno: Greeks were not meant to sail so far from the lands of their birth.
Eleni : Argos would be closer to our destination.
Polytropos : I hear that. *looks into the wine-dark sea*
Eleni : *Chuckles*
Kataramene : *looks out over the sea* We're a long way, are we?
Eleni : I wonder what that makes my master.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : He's a lot further away from home than any of us have ever been...
Polytropos : He's not a Greek!
Kataramene : ... we keep for...
Eleni : Ah, so you're saying -
Polytropos : He's from persia or someth...

Sailor: Spirit!
Telemachus : uhmm..
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Eleni : Um.. hello?
Polytropos : Gyah!
Sailor: *turns wild-eyed*
Mage Advisor: Fear not. I am not here in person.
Kataramene : Who .. what..?
Polytropos : *leaps forward, slashing his sword through the thin air of the image.*
Eleni : An interesting sending you have there.
Mage Advisor: You witness but my image, cast across the world to you.
Sailor: *looks fightened*
Eleni : Oh, stop making a fool of yourself.
Polytropos : Hya!¬ Hya! What?
Polytropos : Grhhh.
Mage Advisor: Do control yourself.
Polytropos : ... hmph.
Mage Advisor: My time here is limited, so I will be brief.
Eleni : *Crosses arms* Please.
Mage Advisor: You are nearing the narrow straits that connect the Black Sea to the Greek world.
Leonidas : *nods*
Mage Advisor: There is a Megaran colony there, a village known as Byzantium.
Mage Advisor: There you will find an Athenian bireme waiting to take your cargo.
Mage Advisor: Your journey lies east, to the southern shore of the Black Sea, the land of Pontus.
Polytropos : *pouts.*
Mage Advisor: You will journey from there to Themiscyra, the land of the Amazons.
Eleni : Oooh, interesting...
Kataramene : *blinks*
Telemachus : You want us to bring you back some of those too?
Kataramene : *sniffs and lifts her chin*
Damian : He can't have Kat.
Mage Advisor: Your ninth Labor, Heracles, is this: you shall bring back to the mighty King the belt of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.
Polytropos : *raises eyebrows.*
Telemachus : Is that all? sure you don't want the queen attached?
Kataramene : *preens a little and then pauses* Pardon?
Sailor: *cries* Its a vision....a vision from the Gods!
Eleni : Something tells me she'll not happily part with it.
Mage Advisor: How you deal with the Amazons is up to you.
Mage Advisor: *chuckles as he fades out*

Polytropos : ... interesting... but doable.
Damian : She'd probably break him, Tel.
Captain Zeno: *sighs*
Leonidas : A belt, how hard could that be?
Telemachus : That would be the hope.
Captain Zeno : All right, prepare to come about!
Captain Zeno: Byzantium, eh? Sounds like a nowhere place to me.
Polytropos : *rubs his chin.*
Telemachus : Tiryns would have a queen and the old bastard wouldn't have any balls.
Sailor: *tugs on a line*
Polytropos : Ha, yeah. We're heading to a nowhere town alright.
Damian : If only we were so lucky.
Kataramene : Perhaps I can ... *looks thoughtful*
Polytropos : They might like you!
Polytropos : Who wouldn't?
Eleni : Or perhaps they'll disdain the competition.
Kataramene : *preens again* How far is it?
Leonidas : I know I can be irrresistable at times.
Polytropos : Then there's a fight and we get to show our mettle.
Eleni : Either way, they're probably even more likely to mistrust men...
Polytropos : Good riddance, you scary mares.

Lazyzeus : You make the rendezvous with the Athenian ship, which makes Zeno's humble bark seem tiny by contrast. At least you are free of the hazard of burning horses. Then you sail to the east, seven days until the farthest coast of Asia Minor comes into view. Pontus, a land of mystery and legend...

Captain Zeno : Prepare to land!
Sailor: *drops the sail*
Captain Zeno: These are hostile lands, populated by giants and monsters. We'll wait off shore, set a fire when you are ready to be picked up.

Damian : Yeah. Kat should do the talking.
Polytropos : Still. Amazons! We're really heading into the unknown.
Eleni : Because she's so very good at that, of course.
Polytropos : *grin*
Kataramene : *glares at Eleni*
Polytropos : I reckon Kat can talk Amazon just fine.
Damian : If they respect power and ability, yes.
Eleni : Oh, I'm just teasing!
Eleni : But, you know. You do tend to solve problems primarily by hitting them.
Leonidas : What could possibly go wrong?
Eleni : Or threatening to hit them.
Damian : You might be a bit...er...soft for them, Eleni.
Polytropos : *adjusts his cloak, sets his shield at a good angle, slicks back his hair, and nods.*
Kataramene : Your point being?
Eleni : Perhaps that is the right approach here, though. *Shrugs*
Polytropos : Ready!

Lazyzeus : You disembark and head inland. There is a faint path that becomes more substantial inland...

Telemachus : it's worked for us up until now.
Damian : Just as long as we don't wind up in someone's stew pot.
Eleni : I'm fairly certain the stories of Amazonian man-eaters were... more figurative than that.
Damian : I'm not willing to bet on that.
Andreas Appolodorus: Jus make sure we don't get ambushed again.
Polytropos : We haven't been ambushed once- oh.

Eleni : Well. Walls.
Polytropos : I saw those.
Eleni : Which?
Eleni : Ah!
Polytropos : The... walls.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : And the archer hiding behind them.
Eleni : Hello, archer.
Polytropos : Who what where?
Eleni : She's skulked off now.
Eleni : But they know we're here.
Damian : Hmm.

Lazyzeus : It looks like the breach here was caused fairly recently.

Kataramene : HAve they been attacked?
Eleni : Let's not be /too/ presumptuous...
Polytropos : This is a bit of a mess.
Damian : Presumption is our middle name.
Eleni : Quite a mouthful.
Telemachus : Is this recent?
Kataramene : *sheathes her sword, but leaves the hand on the hilt*
Leonidas : Walking in univited, cool

Polytropos : Hellooo-ooo...
Eleni : Do we wish to announce ourselves?
Damian : There wasn't anyone around to not invite us, Leo.
Kataramene : Any sign of cooking fires?
Polytropos : We could completely do that.
Telemachus : well we're not exactly sneaking in.
Leonidas : I saw a guard on the wall initially.
Damian : Who then skulked off without saying a word.
Eleni : We're speaking quite loudly and all. About how terribly sorry we are if we're intruding.
Polytropos : Hail?
Polytropos : Hail!
Polytropos : That usually works...
Eleni : ...hello?
Kataramene : *shouts louder* Hail the gate!
Eleni : This is starting to get rather eery.

Lazyzeus : You hear a hissing sound from above...

Kataramene : Or trap like....
Polytropos : Ack! *raises shield*
Eleni : Careful!
Kataramene : *puts her shield over her head*
Polytropos : Arrows!
Damian : *peeks around the wall* WHat? Oh!
Polytropos : Lots of arrows.
Kataramene : From where?
Eleni : Up, I would asssume.
Polytropos : *points at the arrows stuck in the ground*
Telemachus : Well that's a good sign.

Eleni : If they'd wanted to hit you, I assume they would have.
Andreas Appolodorus: What kind of coward would target an unarmed man?
Leonidas : there's another gate open to the north as well.
Eleni : So yes. That was a warning.
Polytropos : Alright, that's our next step -
Telemachus : They didn't, hence you not being stuck full of arrows.
Polytropos : ... maybe if you talk to... aha.
Eleni : I thought Kat was going to do the talking?
Damian : You know how Pol is, Eleni.
Polytropos : The talking, sure. I did the shouting.
Eleni : Quite. More mouth than brains.
Polytropos : Hey!
Kataramene : He's with m ... us, gestures to Eleni.
Eleni : *Bows* Greetings!
Ephiny : *looks at Kataramene* Are you this man's ... pet?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : *smirks behind his shield.*
Kataramene : *walks forward and bows, the scowls* No!
Telemachus : Don't hit her Kat!
Eleni : *Chuckles* I think it's more accurate to say it's the other way around.
Polytropos : ... hey!
Eleni : Oh, tell me I'm wrong.
Ephiny : Oh? Do you give these men gold to keep you safe, then?
Damian : *leans on staff*
Telemachus : Oh mithras she's going to stab the first person we meet..
Kataramene : We keep ourselves safe. *scowls*
Kataramene : Do you want me to prove it?
Eleni : We are brothers and sisters in arms, if you like.
Kataramene : Nothing /fancy/ about it, bitch, I won in the arena!#
Eleni : *Sighs* Two minutes in, and she's already calling them names...
Damian : I think that's a record.
Damian : Maybe she should shoot for three next time.
Kataramene : To talk with your leader.
Ephiny : And why would my mo--our Queen wish to talk with you, Greek woman?
Leonidas : *w* there's some sorta raiding or hunting party camped just north of this place.
Kataramene : We seek ... errr ... Heracles seeks a trade.
Ephiny : Heracles? *snorts*
Damian : *w* They could be why these women are on edge.
Leonidas : Indeed
Kataramene : *shrugs* What can I say? Greek males.
Ephiny : Let me see this so-called hero.
Kataramene : *gestures at Tel*
Leonidas : *w* sorta man like beasts with weapons.
Telemachus : *little nod*
Ephiny : Hmph. Big axe. Compensating for something?
Eleni : It's hers, actually.
Damian : Like those Gnolls we fought awhile back? Or different?
Eleni : He was just holding it for her.
Leonidas : *w* different I think.
Telemachus : *raises an eyebrow* Its new. like it?
Polytropos : *frowns at Eleni.*
Eleni : Well. Borrowing it.
Ephiny : *aside to Katarmene* I suppose he has enough muscles, if you are into that kind of thing.
Ephiny : You. Seeress.
Kataramene : *shrugs again* When you need a bottle opening.
Eleni : You refer to me?
Ephiny : Yes.
Ephiny : What is your name?
Eleni : Eleni.
Damian : Great. DId they look very dangerous?
Eleni : Student of Aristarchus. Pleased to meet you.
Ephiny : I am Ephiny. You understand that if I give you safe passage, and any of your men give offense, your life is forfeit as well?
Leonidas : *w* they didn't seem very friendly looking, rather wild like, but I didn't get that close to listen to them.
Eleni : Well, let's see.
Eleni : *Ahem* Was that /absolutely/ clear just now, boys?
Damian : I have a few tricks like ice storm I've been wanting to try out.
Polytropos : Give what now?
Leonidas : *w* some beasts have keen senses; didn't want to alert them to my presence.
Telemachus : *looks over his shoulder* I don't know, they're an offensive lot.
Kataramene : We'll be very annoyed if anyone is rude or out of order.
Eleni : Offense. You know. That thing you give whenever you open your mouth.
Polytropos : Oh. Oh... yeah. Quiet as clouds.
Eleni : Smart.
Ephiny : These are the terms, if you cannot meet them then you shall not come further.
Ephiny : Brandish no weapon. Speak to no woman unless spoken to.
Telemachus : *mutters* yeah thunderclouds I'll bet.
Andreas Appolodorus: Are we going to stand here all day? I'm getting kind of hungry already.
Kataramene : Weapons away, men.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Ephiny : And if you offer any sort of insult, the penalty is death.
Eleni : That one thinks with his stomach, I'm afraid.
Ephiny : *snorts* There is food.
Damian : *holds out staff* Can I keep my walking stick?
Telemachus : Weapons away and mouths shut, clear?
Eleni : Better than the alternative, in some ways.
Polytropos : *mutter mumble.*
Kataramene : *has developed a smirk*
Ephiny : A stick is a weapon, in the right hands. You may store it in any available place.
Ephiny : I have a suggestion, if you need one.
Telemachus : *chuckles*
Ephiny : Come then.
Eleni : Oh, good one.
Kataramene : *snickers*
Damian : *shrugs* Not that I need it for a weapon, but fair enough.

Ephiny : Step into the lift.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is that thing safe?
Telemachus : *looking up and around*
Ephiny : *taps on the strut* Up!
Polytropos : *looks up, puzzled.*
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : *wobbles just a little as it starts to move* Where are we going?

Lazyzeus : Ropes draw taut, and a creaking accompanies the rising of the platform...

Telemachus : Up
Andreas Appolodorus: We're moving!
Telemachus : Very clever.
Amazon Warrior: Ugh, so fat and hairy.
Eleni : I suppose this lift is driven by muscle power. Do you use beasts of burden?
Amazon Warrior: *eyes narrow at the sight of all the men*
Polytropos : Above the trees!
Amazon Warrior: Yes, the bear smells too...
Polytropos : *eyes narrow at the eyes narrowing*
Ephiny : Come with me. And remember your parole.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Damian : *pats Aias*
Eleni : Of course.
Kataramene : Don't concern yourself with them, all they need is food and they are quited.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : *hmph*
Eleni : Best not give them too much drink, though.
Damian : Not the friendliest lot. I've seen beggars with better manners.
Kataramene : No. They start singing.
Eleni : /Terribly/.
Telemachus : *snrk* I've seen you two dance with too much wine in you
Amazon Warrior: *To Ephiny* Are you sure about those men?
Kataramene : But never as badly as you.
Eleni : That is entirely besides the point.
Ephiny : They claim to be heroes, these.
Ephiny : And with a warrior woman, no less.
Amazon Warrior: *shrugs and sighs* We'll see
Kataramene : *bows head, curtly*
Ephiny : So, warrior woman, what is your name?
Eleni : *Shrugs* So people call us in our homeland. We don't expect that to mean anything to you.
Eleni : Not yet, anyway.
Kataramene : Kataramene.
Kataramene : *inclines her head, proudly, obviously enjoying this*
Ephiny : While we wait for the Queen to attend upon us, perhaps you would enjoy a test of skill. Or worthiness.
Damian : *w* Thinking about taking a vacation here, Leo? I'm sure they'd just adore you to bit.
Damian : *bits
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Of course.
Ephiny : Come then.
Telemachus : Yeah. Little bits.
Eleni : Hm...
Leonidas : *w* certainly an inviting challenge.
Damian : Though bits might be literal in this case.

Ephiny : Sisters! Let us see how the women of the Greeks stand up to an Amazon!
Amazon Warrior: *cheers*
Ephiny : Come. Into the ritual circle.
Polytropos : *bangs against his shield, in a thumpin' rhythm*
Ephiny : These are our fighting sticks. We do not need bronze or iron to defeat our foes. *offers a pair to Kat*
Kataramene : *sets her shield down and accepts them*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Damian : *scratches Aias' ears* Sometimes I envy you, my friend. Your life is uncomplicated.
Amazon Warrior: *Cheers on Ephiny*
Polytropos : Show 'em!
Eleni : I daresay we complicate it a fair bit.
Kataramene : *drops the cloak on the floor too*
Polytropos : Do your thing!
Ephiny : We fight with honor, then, to show the gods that we answer to none, and suffer no man's rule.
Kataramene : *holds them a little unfamilarly and spins them a little* Different for me.
Ephiny : *clacks sticks* To it, then!
Kataramene : *bows in acknowledgement*

Polytropos : Good hit!
Amazon Warrior : Come on Ephiny!
Kataramene : *doesn't fair too well with the weapons*
Polytropos : Best tell your friend to back out now, she's overmatched...
Amazon Warrior : That's it girl!
Eleni : She's not as comfortable with those things, but she hits a /lot/ harder.
Polytropos : Yaaay!
Ephiny : I... yield.
Eleni : *Claps*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Ephiny : You fight... surprising well.
Polytropos : Haha, haha.
Amazon Warrior : *whistles*
Damian : *smirks*
Andreas Appolodorus: Good fight!
Ephiny : *looks daggers at Polytropos*
Kataramene : Apologies. I did not remove my armour, that was not a fair match.
Polytropos : ... *ahem*

Hippolyta : What is the meaning of this fighting?
Polytropos : Oh.
Ephiny : my Queen *bows*
Eleni : Ah...
Leonidas : *smiles*
Hippolyta: And poorly, I see.
Ephiny : Eh...a test of skills My Lady
Hippolyta: *gestures to her side*
Kataramene : *bows to the queen*
Eleni : *Likewise* Greetings, Your Highness.
Kataramene : *setting the staffs down*
Hippolyta: Who are you, Greeks, that fight with such skill?
Kataramene : We are from Argos, and not as their other women.
Hippolyta: I should say not.
Hippolyta: I am Hippolyta, Queen of the tribe of Amazons.
Leonidas : *listens*
Ephiny : *blood trails from a cut on her forehead but she ignores it*
Kataramene : I am Kataramene and this is Eleni, hero/ines/ of Argos.
Eleni : We are honored to meet you.
Hippolyta: Argos. You have come far, very far. To what purpose?
Kataramene : We have Heracles in /our/ company, he wishes to arrange a deal with you.
Polytropos : *takes the measure of the Queen, and nods.*
Hippolyta: The son of Zeus may approach.
Eleni : A task has been set before him. The lives of ones he loves hang in the balance. Wisely, he came to use for aid.
Eleni : *to us
Hippolyta: *looks him over* And you are Heracles?
Kataramene : He is.
Hippolyta: Who is he _really_?
Polytropos : *looks from side to side.*
Eleni : *Smiles* Whatever do you mean?
Kataramene : *gestures Tel forward a little, imperiously ... and then pauses*
Telemachus : *grins* Am I allowed to speak now?90
Hippolyta: For I have met Heracles. And this man is not him.
Polytropos : *winces*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Ah, only a matter of time before that happened, I suppose.
Kataramene : Errr.... well, it's a long story.
Lazyzeus : *the surrounding Amazons tense*
Polytropos : *hand hovers on swordhilt*
Telemachus : *shrug* heracles enough. we're doing his work to save his family.
Ephiny : *looks angry*
Eleni : You've met Heracles? How did you two get along, if I may ask?
Kataramene : He speaks the truth.
Damian : *crosses arms unconcerndly* I wouldnt' do that, Pol.
Hippolyta: He is a man... of strong will.
Polytropos : You say that now.
Eleni : I'm sure he is. We haven't quite had the pleasure... you see, Heracles seems to have dissapeared.
Kataramene : So's this one, which has value, but he's able to listen to reason.
Damian : *shrugs* If they attack, we'll defend ourselves. But there's no reason to provoke them.
Kataramene : Yes, and his family have been taken hostage. Held to die if he does not complete certain tasks in a matter of but a few months.
Hippolyta: What does this quest have to do with my people?
Polytropos : When I provoke, everyone knows it...
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : One of the tasks is to obtain your belt. *gestures at her middle*
Damian : Yes, you're so subtle about certain things. *grins*
Ephiny : Mother?
Hippolyta: Hmmph. It would seem that the giver of these quests wants you dead.
Polytropos : When I need to be, man...
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Eleni : We have come to that very same conclusion.
Kataramene : Oh yes, we're aware.
Hippolyta: This belt was given to me by my father, the god Ares.
Eleni : And yet, we have come too far to give up now.
Hippolyta: It bears a potent magic.
Ephiny : It is also my! Should the time ever come!
Kataramene : It seemed likely that it would be very special.
Ephiny : mine*
Polytropos : Hah.
Hippolyta: And if I should refuse it? Is your goal then to slay me and my sisters, and take it as prize?
Telemachus : We're not theives.
Eleni : It would be to convince you.
Damian : When the trials are over, I say we show that king our...displeasure.
Amazon Warrior: Let us slay them, my Queen!
Kataramene : By whatever means we can, and to pay the price you desire.
Hippolyta: *holds up a hand* Stay your hands, sisters.
Eleni : Let us be frank. The man who we perform these tasks for is a fool and a tyrant.
Ephiny : The Amazonians stand ready My Queen
Leonidas : Perhaps we could provide a duplicate?
Eleni : We would rather not have him /remain/ in posession of any of the objects he desires.
Kataramene : To take the gift of a father, even of not a god, would be .. very unheroic.
Hippolyta: Yes. But perhaps there is a way you can earn your prize, if your men fight as well as you do.
Kataramene : They're not bad.
Eleni : Most of them.
Polytropos : *looks around, waiting for someone to make the first move..*
Hippolyta: A challenge of worth then.
Hippolyta: Perhaps you have seen that our village below stands in ruins.
Kataramene : We wondered at it, yes.
Eleni : Indeed. We feared we'd come at... a poor time.
Ephiny : You....you can't mean....mother?!!
Hippolyta: Themiscyra has come under assault from a tribe of barbarian warriors known as the Laestygonians.
Ephiny : These are.....men!
Polytropos : Heh heh.
Damian : Get the mouthy one first, Pol.
Hippolyta: And they seek a boon, daughter. They will prove their worth, or perish in the attempt.
Polytropos : See, Damien, now that you just said, that was a provocation...
Ephiny : Let them perish then! *slams her foot*
Kataramene : They can look after themselves fairly well, is there a reason they should not be risked?
Eleni : An arrangement the like of which we are quite familiar with.
Hippolyta: These Laestygonians are more beast than man, with the blood of giants in their veins.
Damian : I could have bene talking about Leo. *grins*
Hippolyta: *fortunately hasn't seemed to heard the back-row comments*
Telemachus : We wont ask how it got there.
Kataramene : Hnn... like Diomedes.
Hippolyta: They are led by a beast named Krykus.
Hippolyta: We have fought them many times... but they are armed with strange weapons that glow red and cause terrible wounds when they strike us.
Damian : Anyway, I don't forsee any trouble because the queen seems wise and cares about her people.
Eleni : How many do they number?
Kataramene : *frowns a little and starts to open her pack*
Leonidas : *yawns*
Kataramene : You might find these useful, located in the trees as you are.
Hippolyta: Their numbers are smaller now. Each is a veteran.
Eleni : I see.
Polytropos : *blink*
Kataramene : *offers out the Stymphnian birds eggs*
Hippolyta: What manner of offering is this?
Eleni : ...hm.
Eleni : A curious thing, encountered on one of our recent trials...
Ephiny : *looks at the eggs in puzzlement*
Polytropos : *likewise puzzled.*
Kataramene : The eggs of birds made of metal, that might prove useful guardians and watch animals.
Eleni : They are said to have been created by Ares.
Hippolyta: Take them, daughter, and secure them somewhere safe.
Telemachus : ...if they could be trained...
Ephiny : Yes My Lady
Hippolyta: Best keep them somewhere secure as well, then.
Kataramene : *nods at her* Creatures of your father.
Eleni : Perhaps you will have better luck taming them.
Hippolyta: My father's creations are... dangerous.
Eleni : If not, well...
Kataramene : *nods, eyes flashing a little*
Polytropos : We noticed.
Hippolyta: The Laestygonians see in the dark exceptionally well. You may rest on one of the outer platforms, and set out in the morning.
Eleni : *Nods*
Hippolyta: I will see that food is brought to you.
Hippolyta: Assuming that this quest is accepted?
Kataramene : You are most gracious.
Kataramene : And yes, it is. May as well put the men to some use? *grins a little*
Polytropos : *raises an eyebrow, and looks around at various amazons, amused.*
Hippolyta: *nods solemnly*
Kataramene : As we've no bottles that need opening right now.
Hippolyta : Sisters! Let them pass.
Ephiny : *Comes close to her mother and speak in a low voice into her ear but doesn't look at all happy*
Kataramene : *bows again*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Damian : *bows*
Telemachus : *little bow*
Eleni : *Bows, and turns*

Polytropos : Outer platforms are this way...?
Eleni : Here, I assume.
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Andreas Appolodorus: * look down * How high are we?
Telemachus : jump down and check
Eleni : High enough that you'll probably break your neck if you fall.
Leonidas : Do you really wanna know?
Amazon Warrior: Here is food. *throws it down*
Eleni : *Seats self*
Damian : Meh.
Polytropos : We made some friends.
Telemachus : Thanks..
Amazon Warrior: *stands guard*
Eleni : Well, it certainly could have gone a lot worse.
Damian : *starts a stew* That it could have.
Eleni : These blades the invaders have sound.... quite nasty.
Leonidas : *plays harp and sings a variety of songs during dinner time*
Eleni : Fighting from a distance if we can might be advised.
Andreas Appolodorus: So we need to hunt men using some magic weapons?
Kataramene : They do. Have we seen anything that glowed so?
Polytropos : It'll be fine. We just... won't get hit.
Damian : Hopefully my stone skins will provide some manner of protection.
Eleni : Yes. By not gettign too close.

Lazyzeus : The morning comes swiftly.

Ephiny : Dawn is nearly here, and still you slumber?
Polytropos : *yawwwwn*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : We are... discussing tactics.
Damian : Too much oregano in the stew I'm afraid.
Kataramene : We wake with it.
Polytropos : No-opne said we were in a hurry.
Amazon Warrior: *yawns*
Ephiny : Come, the early bird traps the enemy and cuts his head off, as they say.
Kataramene : Indeed.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Damian : *mutters* Or chokes on the worm.
Ephiny : The Laestyonians favor the night. The rise of dawn is an ideal time to attack.
Eleni : I think we... have a slightly different version of that proverb.
Polytropos : Well then! By all means... lead on.
Polytropos : *imperious gesture*
Leonidas : If your beasty friends are nocturnal, it would be better to wait a few hours into the day before hunting them.
Ephiny : Their main camp is north of here.
Kataramene : One of the men thought he saw something on arrival.
Damian : My thoughts too, Leo.
Ephiny : They maintain watch at outer camps.
Polytropos : We'll be back.
Amazon Warrior: *Has a look that speaks "Good Riddence"*
Ephiny : Head north from the village. Beware of Krykus, his axe is deadly.
Ephiny : *taps the pillar* Down!
Polytropos : *wave, grin*
Leonidas : *waves*

Damian : *serious look*
Kataramene : Tactics?
Eleni : ...I do hope she'll let us back in later.
Damian : Before we head in there, let me cast my protections.
Leonidas : Must have been one of the outer camps I saw, I think there were four beasts around the fire when I ventured near.
Telemachus : take the watch camp they have then press onto the main one?
Eleni : Now, when you say beasts....
Polytropos : Some of us can move quiet. We can strike at them!
Leonidas : man beasts
Leonidas : they seemed to be using weapons.
Telemachus : You could sneak around the back to make sure none escaep
Polytropos : ... or that.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Leonidas : Sure, I can do that.
Leonidas : Maybe see how close the next outpost is.
Damian : I'm ready.
Polytropos : *mutter.*
Damian : Hopefully we'll see victory this day.
Leonidas : The outpost is pretty close to the gate so beware.
Damian : Right. I'll summon lightning on them.
Leonidas : Is off to the right a bit

Damian : Hmm.
Polytropos : You got him?
Eleni : I did? I did!
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes
Eleni : Good.

Polytropos : ... shhh...
Andreas Appolodorus: He had a curvy sword.
Damian : *calls back* Camp up here.
Andreas Appolodorus: Have a look.
Eleni : Hm. Strange.
Damian : *gestures to the east*
Kataramene : *tests it and shakes her head*
Eleni : Not entirely sure what to make of that.
Damian : *w* At least three.
Eleni : Four.
Damian : Fine.
Andreas Appolodorus: We charge or draw them out?
Eleni : Another captain behind the fire... perhaps some of us should go 'round?
Damian : Draw them out to give Aias room to fight.
Andreas Appolodorus: Say when.
Eleni : ...As Leo and Pol already have.
Kataramene : Charge?
Damian : *readies a lighting storm* Wait.
Telemachus : I think they're in position. Send the bear.
Eleni : I would rather they charge us.
Eleni : The ground seems in our favor.

Laestygonian Archer : Enemy! Enemy!
Polytropos : Gott'm.
Damian : Now that's teamwork.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done.
Eleni : Swift.
Telemachus : nice and neat.

Krykus : Up! Up, you lazy bastards! Enemy near the camp!

Polytropos : Yeah, but...
Eleni : But they heard us...

Krykus : Get up! Up!

Eleni : Let's back up. I think we can better defend this position.
Polytropos : Into the rocks over there? We can hide, spring ambushes.
Kataramene : I hear them, where are they?
Polytropos : Or that.
Eleni : Or perhaps the canyon over here..
Leonidas : there's at least one more camp across a river to the north
Damian : Good idea.
Andreas Appolodorus: If they don't keep archers on the top.
Damian : Ele and I can get them as they cross if we can funnel them to the bridge.
Polytropos : *draws and strings bow...*
Eleni : One guard right on the bridge.

Krykus : Find them! They be near!

Leonidas : anyone want these javelins?
Damian : No. My sling is good.
Eleni : Incoming...

Eleni : Did we get them all?
Kataramene : None in the tents?
Polytropos : Looks it.
Polytropos : That big bastard with the axe was giving the orders.
Eleni : This was uncharacteristically efficient of us.
Polytropos : Maybe that was this Krykus?
Damian : *looks around* All in a day's work.
Kataramene : I'm waiting for a catch.
Polytropos : Heh! That's how men - uh, Greeks do it.
Leonidas : Suggest we behead and stake all of them as warning to others, then burn the bodies and camps.
Telemachus : Is that all of em?
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps their main forces were out.
Telemachus : *searches the camp for anything useful*
Eleni : Hippolyta said they numbers were much depleted.
Leonidas : *searches*
Kataramene : She did, and that they were veterans.
Damian : *looks in the stew pots*
Leonidas : *takes brand from fire and torches all the tents after searching*
Andreas Appolodorus: So what foul magic they have been using?

Lazyzeus : You find a few trinkets and items of minor value.

Kataramene : Their swords are interesting.
Polytropos : I think we're done... we barely needed Damien's earth magic.
Kataramene : How many do we have?
Damian : Not to diminish your accomplishment, Kat, but any warrior who bustles about like the queen's daughter isn't very good to start with.
Polytropos : I counted at least sixteen.
Telemachus : I picked up four
Damian : I picked up one.
Telemachus : and their leaders armour and axe
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we need the leader's head?
Telemachus : Here Eleni, take a look at this
Kataramene : Maybe they would like the swords?
Eleni : Anything peculiar about those?
Eleni : And it couldn't hurt.
Telemachus : the armour isn't much better than what we have
Polytropos : C'mon, Damien, she fought Kataramene and got some good hits in. Who could say that?
Eleni : All very curious.
Kataramene : Are you saying it was no match?
Damian : Yes. Your skill outshown hers and she knew it the moment she saw you.
Eleni : I think Aristarchus could say more about how these things work than I could. Seems sort of similar to when he talked about negative and positive chi and such...
Kataramene : Well .. it wasn't, but that wasn't because she couldn't beat /anyone/.
Leonidas : we blew these louts easily and they couldn't handle them.
Damian : Why else would she spew so much bravado?
Kataramene : I don't know. Men do it all the time.
Polytropos : Tell you what; when we get back, you can try her?
Telemachus : The spells did most of the work today.
Damian : *Some* men.
Eleni : They sort of did, didn't they?
Eleni : But let's try and stay friendly, here.
Kataramene : *sniffs and looks at Pol*
Eleni : She's still the daughter of the queen.
Polytropos : Right.
Telemachus : The work on the bridge was very nice.
Leonidas : A spoiled brat if you ask me.
Damian : Oh, I won't tell her what I told you, but I don't have any respect for her.
Andreas Appolodorus: We DON'T have to say it was easy.
Polytropos : Fair enough. Now let's head back and rob her of her inheritance.
Damian : What Leo said. I would much prefer to parlay with the queen.
Polytropos : Good times!
Leonidas : Sounds good.
Kataramene : I wonder what it's like, why it's special?
Eleni : Yes. But her daughter might still be in charge of the elevator..
Eleni : A gift from Ares, she said.
Telemachus : Magical shiney belt from the gods
Telemachus : shame we can't keep it
Polytropos : Do we have to give it to the King?
Polytropos : We've got a few spare belts, haven't we?
Leonidas : I still say give him a knock off
Kataramene : I wonder if we can make something to look like it.
Telemachus : You think we can fool that mage of his?
Damian : Don't worry, Eleni, I wont' say anything. I would rather not us have to kill everyone just to get one belt.
Kataramene : A what?
Polytropos : What Leo said!
Eleni : Agreed.
Eleni : With Damian.
Damian : Though I do have an inferno spell I'm itching to try out...
Eleni : Not with Leo. Yet, anyway.
Leonidas : *burns tents*
Polytropos : The belt, we won. Not right to give it over to some kidnapper, even if he is a king.
Kataramene : Shouldn't make him more powerful than he is already.
Damian : Maybe I can try it out on the king?
Eleni : Not right to leave Heracles' family to their fates, either.
Leonidas : *stakes a few heads outside the gates*
Polytropos : ... and can you do soemthing about us looking like rocks and trees...?
Andreas Appolodorus: Statue's head. Male or female, hard to say.
Damian : Not until we rest.
Damian : Or I do at least.
Leonidas : *sings*
Polytropos : I feel weird talking to people like this.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Damian : Then let Kat do the talking. *grins*
Kataramene : It makes you look powerful, though, well protected.
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Polytropos : You think?
Kataramene : *nods a little*
Damian : That or a walking statue.
Eleni : Postively statuesque.
Polytropos : Hm!
Damian : Chisled in marble.
Kataramene : With a resolute stare.

Eleni : *Calls up* Hello?
Polytropos : That does describe me.
Leonidas : We're home!
Leonidas : *sings*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Damian : *climbs aboard and makes room for the animals*
Eleni : ...The Greeks have returned!
Eleni : Ignore the poor singing.
Eleni : It's an affiliction.
Polytropos : ... ooo.
Damian : *pulls out some cotton*
Polytropos : Right.
Hippolyta: You return swiftly.
Amazon Warrior: *looks puzzled at the rock and bark like appearance of some of the strangers*
Kataramene : We have dealt with them. Show them the swords.
Telemachus : We've had a lot of practice with this sort of problem.
Eleni : *Ahem* Indeed. And the axe!
Polytropos : Heroes. *grins*
Damian : *lays the one he picked up down*
Hippolyta: Indeed.
Hippolyta: And Krykus is dead, then?
Telemachus : *Plonks the boss's axe on the floor*
Eleni : We did not stop to ask for names.
Eleni : But we assume that is his weapon.
Hippolyta: Then you have accomplished what we could not.
Kataramene : We found that axe on one.
Telemachus : He was the big smelly one with the axe right?
Eleni : I told you it wouldn't have hurt to bring the head.
Leonidas : Indeed and his minions all beheaded and burned as are there camps.
Hippolyta: Excellent.
Leonidas : *points back to the rising smoke*
Ephiny : Hardly fair Mother....look at their appearance
Ephiny : They had a seeress to help them!
Polytropos : Oh! No-one said we had to do it fairly. Sorry.
Kataramene : We believe in being prepared.
Hippolyta: We have lost honor... but gained life. Such bargains a Queen must make for her people.
Damian : *crosses arms*
Eleni : Would you have wanted us to charge them naked and unarmed?
Leonidas : Dear, one lesson you need to learn is war is anything but fair.
Eleni : We use all tools available to us.
Polytropos : We could find another army to attack you, and we can have another go...?
Telemachus : *shrug* fairness is for sport. Not war.
Hippolyta: And a Queen must also honor her bargains.
Hippolyta: i
Eleni : We thank you. As will Heracles, I am sure.
Ephiny : *looks crestfallen*
Kataramene : That is certainly the belt of a god.
Damian : *bows* Thank you, Lady. You are as wise as you are just.
Hippolyta: Go then, and complete your quest.
Eleni : Our time does grow short.
Damian : May your people walk the path of peace and plenty.
Kataramene : If we can find a way to keep this from the treacherous king's hands, we will.
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * No time for a feast. Too bad.
Hippolyta: There will be no feast this day, for the only victor in this fight has been Hades.
Hippolyta: It is no longer mine; do with it as you will.
Hippolyta: Come, sisters. Let us mourn the dead, and salute the coming of a new day.
Damian : Your prodigous stomach will just have to wait, Andreas.
Eleni : May there be brighter days ahead of your people. Farewell.
Kataramene : *nods* That does no mean it shouldn't be treated respectfully.
Telemachus : come on, we've got a ship to catch.

Amazon Warrior: *waits to operate the lift mechanism*
Eleni : ...so! Yes. Back to the coast...
Damian : that we do.
Polytropos : Maybe one day we'll return!
Andreas Appolodorus: Take us down please.
Eleni : *Nods to the operator once all are aboard*
Damian : I have no desire to come back here.
Kataramene : Do we have time to stop in Argos? Perhaps someone there could copy this?
Eleni : Copy the belt?
Leonidas : At least the appearance
Telemachus : We'd never fool his mage..
Kataramene : I'd like to come back, some day.
Polytropos : We never really had any DESIRE to go to any of these places.
Andreas Appolodorus: I like my belt more.
Eleni : Certainly! Perhaps on my way further east...
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*
Eleni : Assyria, Babylon, Persia, India... and whatever's past that.
Kataramene : Could we tell the mage rumours of it's greatness were unfounded?
Polytropos : That's a lot of walking.
Andreas Appolodorus: How many tasks do we need to do?
Telemachus : You'll fall off the end of the world that way.
Polytropos : Ten, wasn't it?
Telemachus : It was ten.
Kataramene : I think so.
Eleni : Ten, yes.
Polytropos : One more?
Eleni : Seems so..
Telemachus : I wouldn't be suprised if he moved the finish line somehow though.
Eleni : Somehow, I don't expect this one to be the easiest of the lot.
Polytropos : By the Gods, Iolaus better not be drunk in a bar somewhere.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can do one more for free.

Lazyzeus : You retrace your steps to the coast...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:50 am

Polytropos : Yeah. Thanks for the trip, but don't take this the wrong way if I say that I hope to never need to travel by sea again.
Eleni : And well, we can't realy promise anything...
Eleni : We go where we are needed, and all that.
Kataramene : I can go and see if my armour is ready, at least.
Polytropos : Could have been worse.
Polytropos : You've got armour being made?
Kataramene : From the bird feathers.
Polytropos : Ohhh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is this green day?
Telemachus : Who's selling this stuff?
Polytropos : What happened to the Egyptian?
Polytropos : Oh, there he is.
Eleni : Now, let's see...
Kataramene : Blends into the background.
Damian : *rumages through pack* I have 26 healing kits.
Telemachus : Who's in charge of negotiating our sales?
Eleni : I don't really know any more.
Damian : Hmm. I still have some saffron...
Polytropos : I can handle it!
Andreas Appolodorus: I have ten left.
Eleni : Are you sure you can handle the maths?
Telemachus : Alright, here's the sack
Polytropos : Honey-tongued Polytropos, that's what I'll be in the saga. Sometimes.
Kataramene : *has pack open undecided as to who to give things to*
Eleni : Because.. oof.. Katara's piling a whole lot of heavy things into my arms as we speak...
Damian : Honey-tongued?
Kataramene : *glances sideways*
Polytropos : Epithets!
Polytropos : Every hero has them.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : Do we have those yet?
Telemachus : Sort it out between yourselves, I've a man to see about a cloak
Kataramene : Who wants these then?
Eleni : I haven't been keeping track.
Polytropos : Pass them over.
Andreas Appolodorus: Who want what?
Damian : Wouldn't you prefer fleet of foot, sharp of steel, and capturer of feminine hearts?
Polytropos : Heroes can have more than one.
Kataramene : I'm just letting someone else sell things we found instead of me.
Polytropos : *negotiates.*
Kataramene : *eyes narrow*
Andreas Appolodorus: Who's got the sharpest tongue and the nicest smile?
Polytropos : *smile. ting!*
Damian : Eleni.
Eleni : You might want to sell these, too.
Polytropos : *downcast.*
Kataramene : *taps the Egyptian on the back*
Eleni : Scrolls neither me nor Damian have and use for.
Polytropos : ... right.
Telemachus : Greetings
Eleni : And yes?
Kataramene : I've got this belt I wouldn't mind replicating, do you have any idea how long it will take?
Telemachus : I think My assosiate will be along to pay for the armour in a moment
Andreas Appolodorus: What if I wanted five wives and twenty camels?
Damian : Go to Egypt.
Andreas Appolodorus: Been there.
Telemachus : Very nice. Warm too.
Eleni : Found neither wives nor camels?
Leonidas : None that would have him.
Polytropos : Oh, hello.
Telemachus : You're fast becoming our first choice when considering strange clothing.
Kataramene : Thank you. *jingles purse* not bad.
Damian : He may have mixed up the two.
Andreas Appolodorus: Been to Hades and back too.

Pelopidas: Greetings. Word arrived that you just returned with Captain Zeno's ship.
Polytropos : It's councillor Pelopidas!
Andreas Appolodorus: * Hades
Eleni : Camels /do/ have notoriously high standards.
Pelopidas: Timely, as well.
Polytropos : What's up, Councilman?
Damian : *chuckles*
Pelopidas: Your man Epistor came to me yesterday, quite upset.
Telemachus : I'm sure I'll see you again soon.
Eleni : Oh? Concerning what...?
Polytropos : Oh.
Eleni : Not our prolongued absence, I hope.
Pelopidas: Apparently there is some sort of disturbance over at Heropolis. I was going to send a patrol over this morning, but now that you are here...
Polytropos : The village!
Kataramene : Hnn....
Pelopidas: The man was quite upset, but apparently a bug bit one of the locals.
Eleni : *Frowns* What manner of disturbance?
Pelopidas: *smirks* I'm sure you can handle it.
Eleni : ...ah.
Damian : *pinches nose* Not that stupid fey again...
Polytropos : That does it
Kataramene : *growls* That damn creature.
Andreas Appolodorus: A bug?
Polytropos : We're fixing this if we have to burn down every forest in the Peloponnese.
Eleni : Let's not go quite that far just yet.
Damian : *glares at Pol* We're not burning down any forests, Pol.
Eleni : There's really just the one satyr we want.
Kataramene : It's a useful threat.
Pelopidas: Hmm, I would be cautious in your pyromancy close to the city.
Polytropos : They'll grow back.
Pelopidas: Well. Do let us know if the crisis involves any foreign agents or... insects. *still chuckling, returns to the bouleterion*
Polytropos : We'll see to it, is what I'm saying.
Damian : So you'd kill the equivilant of a city just for one creature?
Polytropos : *thumps fist into palm*
Polytropos : Depends how many are against us, doesn't it.
Kataramene : Tell us any other way to smoke him out.
Damian : *sighs* Let's go deal with this problem.
Telemachus : What problem?
Eleni : Let's.
Damian : The satyr.
Polytropos : Bugs biting people at our village!
Kataramene : *mutter grumble* And I wanted a relaxing swim and a night in a real bed too.
Telemachus : I was gone for ten minutes how can you have found *another* problem
Eleni : Isn't that what being a hero is all about?
Polytropos : It found us!
Kataramene : It only took us /that/ long as /you/ weren't with us.
Eleni : Nice cloak, by the way.
Polytropos : Ha!
Telemachus : Thanks. I got the lion skin re-fitted
Polytropos : Makes sense.

Eleni : Oooh, you have /no/ idea.
Kataramene : *beams brightly* Well met, Master crafter.
Kataramene : I have it right here.
Polytropos : Surprise me!
Eleni : In a fey mood, are we Andreas?
Kataramene : Let me see.
Eleni : Maybe you should compete in the Arena like that.
Damian : //brb
Eleni : It would be quite a spectacle.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Eleni : "Who will challenge the Lion of Argos?!"
Andreas Appolodorus: Andreas the lion is a good name.
Polytropos : Ooo, discount.
Kataramene : I have men around to prevent men sneaking up behind me with clubs. *grins back*
Polytropos : *buys some draughts.*
Polytropos : Thanks!
Polytropos : And wooow.
Kataramene : What do you think? *gives a twirl*
Polytropos : Never seen anything like it!
Telemachus : Shiney.
Andreas Appolodorus: Really nice piece of armor.
Kataramene : *narrows eyes, looking for the snark*
Polytropos : I mean it! He's right. The Sun looks on in envy.
Eleni : *Chuckles* Just don't try to embrace her.
Polytropos : Ow. No, indeed.
Eleni : The feathers might bleed you dry.
Kataramene : *preens a little, "smoothing" out the metal.
Polytropos : Now that we're attired, shall we?
Damian : *eyes the armor and nods approvingly*
Kataramene : It means we have the dragon scale armour spare, if anyone wants it.
Polytropos : We could set up a little store in our villa!
Kataramene : If not I could hold onto it in case we go anywhere cold.
Polytropos : Not for selling, but for displaying! Strange armours.
Eleni : Always a distinct possibility.
Kataramene : What about this belt? Should we try to get it copied?
Polytropos : I say yes.
Eleni : That might not be the best idea...
Andreas Appolodorus: Belt?
Polytropos : I've got a not-really-very-interesting belt I'd even donate, to help.
Damian : It's no less than the king deserves, but I do not want him to cry foul should his pet mage determine our ruse.
Andreas Appolodorus: You think it's worth it?
Telemachus : Well as long as we'd only try keeping the copy..
Eleni : Or his priest.
Polytropos : Worst case scneario, the king finds out and we have to give the real one.
Kataramene : I suppose there's that, we hold on to the copy.
Polytropos : But trust me. Honey-tongued Polytropos could do it.
Telemachus : No, worst case scenario we get someones family butchered.
Telemachus : Over a belt.
Polytropos : Wait, are you expecting someone to duplicate the enchantm,ents of Ares...?
Telemachus : Hah not likely. But someone might learn enough to copy a bit
Kataramene : I'd hoped someone might get close, if not the same. Who should we ask? The Egyptian?
Polytropos : Oh. Yeah. That won't anger the war-god.
Telemachus : More than what?
Kataramene : It's a homage to his craftmanship.

Leonidas : I'm home, bring me wine and drink woman!
Leonidas : *hops into bath to relax*
Leonidas : *settles back with food and wine*

Polytropos : Fiiiine...
Eleni : I'm sure he'd understand...
Andreas Appolodorus: Either way make haste.
Kataramene : So shall we ask and if so who? Because Andreas is right.
Telemachus : Yeah. Understanding. That's the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the gods.
Eleni : I think our sarcasm might be in vain, Tel.
Polytropos : I don't know. The Egyptian's a merchant, not a craftsman.
Polytropos : Would have to be one of these men.
Telemachus : I don;t think any of them are wizards or priests..
Polytropos : ... anyway.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where's Leo?
Polytropos : Well. If we're done, then...
Polytropos : What? Aw.
Damian : Probalby taking a bath and harrassing our staff.
Telemachus : Leave him.
Eleni : As is his wont.

Melina: Did you solve the problem at the village, m'lord?
Leonidas : *shrugs* What village?
Melina: *puts down a flagon and a plate of cold meats*
Melina: Epistor said there was an attack, at the new village... Heropolis?
Melina: He ran off to tell the local notable at the Tall House!
Leonidas : Hmm, well I suppose the others will look into it as it's their estate.
Melina: Yes, master.

Kataramene : There it is. If a honey tongue can do it then over to you.
Telemachus : What was this about a satyr?
Polytropos : *grin*
Eleni : You don't remember? The one whose minions have been harassing us?
Telemachus : Yeah honey tounge. You know what a honey tounge will get you? Mouth full of bees. *nods sagely*
Polytropos : ... augh... not the bees...
Damian : Or bears.
Telemachus : Yeah, what *this* time. Specifically.
Kataramene : Or tortoises....
Damian : Or ants.
Telemachus : We should have captured that tortoise and tied it to a stick
Telemachus : would have made a fine club.
Damian : They make a good soup.
Polytropos : Well... uh, shall we?
Polytropos : The day's passing.
Eleni : I'm not sure I'd try eating these things.
Telemachus : They come with their own bowl and everything
Eleni : They might poison you out of sheer malice.
Telemachus : Well nobody will tell me where we're going
Damian : I have ferns for that, Eleni.
Polytropos : To our vikllage!
Kataramene : To the village!
Eleni : Heropolis!
Telemachus : Right.
Polytropos : Polytropoli- Heropolis!
Telemachus : So the satyr has been wrecking the place?
Kataramene : ... isn't it this way?
Eleni : His pets, it sounds like.
Polytropos : No?
Kataramene : I thought there was a way past the villa.
Eleni : Oh. We had a shortcut, didn't we?
Damian : There is.
Telemachus : We can take either gate
Polytropos : How is it a shortcut if we have to walk all through the city?

Leonidas : *finishes off wine and dries off*

Kataramene : Where's Leo?
Telemachus : It's probably a bit quicker than walking all the way around the city.
Eleni : At the manor, probably.
Kataramene : Someone go and fetch him then.
Damian : I say leave him. He's more useful where he is.
Polytropos : I know where he is!

Eleni : Speak of the saytr.
Polytropos : Hi, Leo! We're off to the village.
Leonidas : Greetinggs
Leonidas : Why?
Polytropos : Trouble!
Polytropos : Time to indulge in our heroic ways.
Damian : An old "friend".
Eleni : Because this is the sort of thing we do, remember?
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*

Lazyzeus : You set off along the trail to the estate. The sun is starting to set as you approach.

Kataramene : *watchful of small furry creatures*
Argosian Guard : Strangers apporach!
Hired Guard : Someone approaches!
Eleni : Hardly strangers!
Polytropos : Friends!
Epistor: Oh, thank the gods, you've returned!
Polytropos : We come, unlooked-for.
Leonidas : Least the hired help is alert.
Andreas Appolodorus: It's us!
Eleni : Good to see someone recognizes us, at least.
Epistor: I offered incense in the temple for your swift return.
Epistor: Trouble in Heropolis!
Kataramene : We heard.
Polytropos : Speak of this!
Kataramene : Bugs or something?
Telemachus : That would have been awkward, if none of our own staff knew us..
Eleni : We were sort of tied up. First in Thrace, then Pontos...
Epistor: An assault! A foul vermin!
Argosian Guard: *turns to his companion with a happy smile on his face*
Epistor: The commander of the city garrison did not take my concern seriously, I fear.
Polytropos : Bah.
Epistor: I was going to try to hire men tomorrow... but you are here, and all will be set to right!
Eleni : It didn't sound as if he did, no..
Eleni : Why not start from the beginning, Epistor?
Epistor: This will prove to people that the Heroes of Argos watch over the new community!
Epistor: Well, I was doing a visit, to make sure all was going well.
Epistor: They brought in a man... he'd lost his leg at the knee!
Polytropos : What!
Epistor: Said it attacked him! The bug.
Epistor: Well, all know there are hazards in this world, but that's no normal bug, I said!
Eleni : A singular bug?
Epistor: When is there only one!
Kataramene : It must be a large one...
Telemachus : *nods his thanks to Damian*
Telemachus : Where did this happen?
Epistor: The injured man said it was as big as a hound! Bigger, perhaps!
Polytropos : We'll sort it out.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice.
Epistor: At the village.
Eleni : Any other incidents since then?
Polytropos : We shall overcome.
Epistor: The trail is over yonder.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's go smash a big bug.
Epistor: I have been at the city since, trying to rally aid.
Kataramene : It's getting late, so we should make haste.
Telemachus : Hopefully the village isn't a giant ant hill when we get there.
Epistor: I fear to return... what if the entire village is razed?
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : ...
Polytropos : Not as long as we draw breath!
Epistor: What if the bugs are marching this way even as we speak!
Eleni : This doesn't quite sound like what I expected...

Epistor: Brave heroes!
Eleni : We shall return!
Polytropos : Hail!
Eurydice: Calm yourselves...
Boy: Are we safe now Papa?
Kataramene : ... this is a nice village.
Polytropos : ... bandits? With this shield?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Villager : *screams*
Polytropos : *looks at the animals.*
Eleni : ...oh, please don't be alarmed.
Eleni : The tiger and bear are both friendly!
Damian : He's harmless.
Polytropos : We really don't think these things through, do we.
Eleni : As are we.
Telemachus : The animals are tame.
Eleni : The Heroes of Argos, at your service. Please stop screaming.
Kataramene : *puts the sword away* There was trouble, we come to resolve it.

Leonidas : *looks around*
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *examines*
Leonidas : *picks up dead beetle*

Eleni : We've heard of your troubles.
Eleni : I assume this was the man who was assaulted?
Polytropos : *spears a nearby apple.*
Damian : *bends down to inspect the man and his wound*
Andreas Appolodorus: Worry not soldier we are here now.
Polytropos : What manner of creature did this?
Villager: But.....he's crippled!....crippled for life! *cries of anguish*
Gorgidas: A vermin, sir.
Leonidas : found this *tosses dead beetle on the ground*
Damian : I see no infection and the wound has been cauterized. He should be fine. *checks for a fever*
Eleni : Strange, that the beast should not kill him...
Gorgidas: A beetle, not especially unusual. Big, but we've seen such before. Best avoided.
Polytropos : *looks at the dead beetle.*
Kataramene : What was different this time?

Lazyzeus : *the bug is about the size of a housecat, maybe a bit larger*

Polytropos : *pokes it with his spear.*
Kataramene : Did it bite off the leg or did it swell and need to be removed?
Polytropos : Damn.
Gorgidas: Some of the men came when we heard old Alcides yelling.
Damian : *examines the bug* Hmm. I see our "friend" is either getting bolder or more desperate.
Telemachus : well... I mean it's pretty big for a beetle. Wouldn't expect it to bite someones leg off though..
Gorgidas: Took it clean off.
Eleni : How strange.
Gorgidas: The thing came at a few of us... we must have stabbed at it a hundred times.
Kataramene : *looks at the beetles mandibles*
Gorgidas: We tried fire, hot oil.
Eleni : Do you know where it came from?
Villager: The spawn of evil it was!
Gorgidas: From up yonder by the pond. *gestures north*
Damian : Pretty much.
Gorgidas: Folk here, they're a bit superstitious.
Gorgidas: We've been keeping an eye out, looking for any more of them.
Gorgidas: Old fellow... your man, said he was... went for help.
Villager: *makes a sign to ward off evil*
Polytropos : He found it.
Boy: *looks frighten*
Polytropos : We'll search the wild, see what's lurking. If anything.
Polytropos : How did you kill this one in the end?
Gorgidas: Well, if you could look to the things, make sure there aren't any more, we'd be right grateful.
Eleni : We shall do so.
Gorgidas: Got lucky, I suppose. Arrow we into its gullet, must've hit something important.
Kataramene : In the meantime I'd return to your homes. We'll see the man's family does not suffer for the harm he's received.
Gorgidas: *arrow went*
Polytropos : *nod.*
Damian : *waves a hand* You're under our protection, it's our duty to help.
Gorgidas: Right, you heard them, everyone inside.
Gorgidas: Come on, I'll help you with Alcides.
Damian : *motions for the animals to follow*

Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : This is like being home. A bit.
Telemachus : North he said.
Polytropos : But not a lot.
Eleni : Hm. It does remind me of Mantineia a bit.
Damian : I miss our old village sometimes.
Kataramene : We don't have to do what elders tell us.

Leonidas : bunch of beetles north of town along a pond.
Polytropos : We'll take them.
Kataramene : Do you think that was one of the larger or smaller of it's kind?
Damian : We'll find out soon enough I fear.
Telemachus : Don't underestimate them
Polytropos : I'm not! I've got thick boots.
Polytropos : Ha.
Eleni : There's certainly more of them.

Leonidas : some sorta crack over here
Andreas Appolodorus: A tent?
Leonidas : maybe they came from here?
Damian : They cut through that man's leg, Pol; they can easily cut through your thick boots.
Kataramene : Hole in the rock.
Eleni : Hm. Possbly...
Polytropos : Then explain my unwounded state.
Polytropos : *smug.*
Damian : The tiger ate one.
Andreas Appolodorus: It loks like a tent.
Polytropos : Pfah.
Andreas Appolodorus: * looks
Polytropos : Smells deeper...
Kataramene : If you say so....
Telemachus : Going in?
Kataramene : Can we get inside?
Eleni : ...it smells?
Damian : And that's a fissure, not a tent.
Polytropos : *peers inside, and tries to get down.*

Polytropos : .. psst. It's deep.
Kataramene : *when others go through gives it a try*
Telemachus : I hate doing that..
Damian : *squeezes through*

Leonidas : think I found their mother
Kataramene : I hope they're not big enough to have made these tunnels themself.
Polytropos : ... hades!
Damian : Where's Leo?
Eleni : That would be unfortunate...
Leonidas : north of here a bit behind some hills
Polytropos : There's some the size of boars.
Damian : Leo?
Damian : You found something?
Eleni : Ah, of course this wouldn't be aesy..
Eleni : *easy
Leonidas : a larger one wandering north of here over a couple of hills.
Leonidas : maybe their mother?
Damian : *calls down* Leo found a large one out here!
Leonidas : or did you find something in there?

Telemachus : I think we've found the nest then, how many did you see Pol?
Polytropos : *calls up* We've found ten!
Telemachus : *wince* And now they know
Damian : *gestures at the fissure* Let's take care of these. Likely the "mother" would be with her brood and not out here.
Leonidas : Guess so
Kataramene : They're quick and have tough shells.
Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Polytropos : Did someone really build a village on top of a cave of giant beetles?
Eleni : Who knows how long they've been here, really..
Leonidas : Guess you really scouted this area out beforehand, eh?
Kataramene : We can't be sure the beetles were here when they did.
Polytropos : We'll sort out the one up top once we've cut off the head.
Damian : We didn't pick the site, Leo.
Polytropos : The damn Stymphilian Birds weren't this much trouble.

Kataramene : There are ...*puff* .. altogether .. *pant* ... too many heroic animals!
Leonidas : *sings encouraging melody as he shoots*
Telemachus : They move too much
Polytropos : ... oh my.
Telemachus : it's REALLY aggrivating.
Polytropos : There's bigger-
Kataramene : It's huge...
Eleni : Of course thre are...
Leonidas : and there's mom

Huge Scythe Beetle : screeeeeeeeeeeee....

Telemachus : ZAP IT
Polytropos : Ares, give me your blessing.
Damian : Good gods...
Polytropos : Gotcha!
Kataramene : Oh my gods....
Polytropos : *ducks, taunts, and defends frantically.*

Polytropos : *pant.*
Eleni : Please tell me there's not any more of those.
Telemachus : ... is there another bigger one?
Eleni : Gods forbid...
Polytropos : *collects the bag.*
Polytropos : I found something-
Polytropos : Ya-ha.
Polytropos : ... right.
Polytropos : *ahem*
Polytropos : ... found something.
Kataramene : Are there .... you did?
Eleni : iNDEED,
Polytropos : There was this bag, hanging on a cave wall. Dripping into the water.
Eleni : Indeed?
Andreas Appolodorus: Running out of healing supplies.
Polytropos : Look at this stuff in it.
Polytropos : Do you know what it is? It smells... strange, but not unpleasant.
Eleni : *Sighs* That explains it...
Kataramene : It's sort of ... attracting.
Damian : It's ambrosia.
Eleni : Do you remember when we were first on the road to Argos?

Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : Ambrosia!
Kataramene : Yes?
Kataramene : Oh, yes.
Eleni : We came on these giant creatres, grown unnaturally..
Kataramene : Those wasps.
Eleni : And we also found this.
Damian : Yes. And this will heal spiritual damage.
Polytropos : I do remember that.
Eleni : I suspect this is more of the same.
Polytropos : Did we find who was doing that?
Eleni : No, we did not.
Damian : I'd say it was that satyr.
Polytropos : Hmf.
Eleni : A distinct possibility
Polytropos : So be it.

Polytropos : Is there more to this dank hole?
Kataramene : Are there any more left?
Leonidas : there's another larger way out in the next chamber and one more beetle wandering around outside.
Damian : There's that giant one outside Leo saw.
Polytropos : Right.
Polytropos : Let's sort that one.
Eleni : Was it big like the first, or the second?
Leonidas : well larger, not giant.
Damian : It's giant for a beetle.
Telemachus : soooo, you're saying if I were to drink that stuff I'd get giant.... more giant.. ?
Kataramene : As soon as we are done I'm going to find that satyr and kick him into next year.
Eleni : All of them are!

Leonidas : over to the left I think
Damian : I wouldn't hazard it, Tel.
Polytropos : *stalks.*
Polytropos : We should call him out.
Leonidas : *sings*

Polytropos : Picking on village folk like this. It's absurd and unmanly.
Eleni : And unwomanly, for that matter.
Damian : It's a fey, Pol. They don't play fair.
Eleni : It's one thing to bother us.
Eleni : Quite another thing to involve innocents in our little feud.
Leonidas : Well now that those caves are clear your villagers can grow mushrooms in them or store stuff.
Polytropos : that's why we need to call him out!
Telemachus : If it's even him. We've pissed off a lot of people.
Damian : Not until we're prepared to meet him.
Polytropos : I'll take whoever.
Kataramene : They look to be all gone?
Polytropos : I think so.
Eleni : I /hope/ so.
Polytropos : By moonlight, this is a nice place.
Damian : That large one was probably the mother.
Kataramene : It is pretty. A nice place for a ... quiet evening.
Polytropos : We could have made shields from those shells. Gods.
Telemachus : Actually..
Eleni : We could always ask the villagers to do that..
Leonidas : Or scale arrmor
Telemachus : I found a rather big piece of one
Damian : The meat might be edible.
Telemachus : And I picked it up. it's a good size for a shield.

Villager : Who goes there? You a bug? You better not be a bug.
Eleni : Have you known bugs to talk?
Polytropos : I'm not a bug! Who calls me bug?
Villager: Looks like they made it back Gorgidas
Gorgidas: You look to have gotten a bit bloodied. Found more, I take it.
Eleni : We've found the nest.
Kataramene : We found the problem.
Damian : *wipes off bug guts*
Gorgidas: Found as in stirred 'em up, or found as in dealt with?
Eleni : We /think/ we've cleared it out...
Polytropos : A whole nest of them. One the size of a house! they are dead now.
Leonidas : We came, we saw, we conquered.
Villager: You think?
Eleni : Certainly, the big ones are dealt with.
Gorgidas: Think's not going to help people sleep at night.
Villager: *looks pained*
Leonidas : ...as usual.
Polytropos : And... we think we have taken away the thing that made them so dangerous?
Kataramene : There were none left, and we believe we have removed the cause.
Polytropos : Right.
Telemachus : I'm sure we've got them all, the amount of noise we made, that came running from all over.
Villager: Not the best of news eh Gorgidas?
Damian : *holds up the sack of ambrosia* We found out how they came to be. If there are more, there shouldn't be any news one created after they're gone.
Gorgidas: Well. Came here hoping for a quiet life in retirement. Should have known that living in a town founded by Heroes wouldn't be dull.
Polytropos : Heh.
Eleni : Indeed. Titan's Draught and Ambrosia... hmph.
Gorgidas: That made 'em big?
Eleni : A dangerous combination.
Kataramene : So we believe.
Polytropos : If there's any more trouble, head for the villa or something! It's got good walls.
Gorgidas: Well. Reckon we might get even more settlement after tonight's story is told.
Damian : Oh yes. In it's most potent form, this can enlarge any creature.
Gorgidas: Maybe that explains why the fish in the stream are so big, or why the crops grow so fast here.
Polytropos : ... interesting...
Eleni : Is that so...?
Villager: You think Gorgidas?
Leonidas : If nothing else, you have a huge cave complex you can use for storage, a future refuge, or mushroom farming.
Gorgidas: I think you might have yourselves a successful town here, if'n you can keep the local wildlife in check.
Eleni : Big fish and crops certainly aren't a bad side-effect.
Polytropos : I could eat a fish or two.
Eleni : Where do you get your water from...?
Damian : No they're not, but is it worth having to worry about large predators as well?
Gorgidas: From the stream.
Telemachus : maybe you could keep the bag somewhere safer.... and keep bugs and things away from it..
Villager: *points to the stream*
Eleni : Because you might have to start worrying if your people start growing over three metra.
Kataramene : Fish would be nice, but yes...
Gorgidas: You're sayin' that stuff is poison?
Eleni : Well, no.
Leonidas : Which flows from the pond north of here.
Telemachus : No. just works on anything..
Telemachus : good or bad..
Eleni : So far as we can tell, it just makes things /big/.
Damian : No, but it caused the beetles to grow. What if bears got a hold of it?
Kataramene : Not /exactly/.
Gorgidas: Well. I reckon we'll keep an eye on things. But now that you got that there back, it should be okay, right?
Leonidas : big crabs or frogs might be dangerous.
Polytropos : We'll seek whoever caused this trouble.
Eleni : Hopefully. But we can't promise we'll always be around.
Polytropos : If there was someone.
Kataramene : We are confident that the immediate situation is dealt with in full.
Damian : It should be, but keep an eye out just in case. We'll keep the bag to prevent further issues with it.
Gorgidas: Well, I don't think any of us here village folk have anybody who'd hold a grudge against us.
Gorgidas: Heroes, on the other hand...
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Just ... mischief makers, probably.
Damian : *shrugs* Not everybody appreciates our efforts.
Gorgidas: But we're under your protection, and you've proven yourself. So I suppose then I'll go to bed.
Kataramene : That's not a bad idea.
Eleni : *Frowns* It does worry us that others would come to harm as a result of our squabbles.
Polytropos : *salutes*
Gorgidas: If'n you'll stay to morning, folks wouldn't mind hosting a meal for you.
Polytropos : Meal!
Eleni : But I promise you that's not something we would ever permit to stand.
Damian : *nods* A good idea.
Kataramene : That sounds good.
Gorgidas: Might want to avoid them talk about giants and bears, though.
Villager: *inclinces his head behind* What about Dimirti? How is going to live without his leg?
Kataramene : We can find him a job.
Gorgidas: Slowly, I'd reckon.
Damian : We'll see to his family.
Kataramene : There's the villa not far away, and it'll need caretakers.
Gorgidas: Man can't backtalk fate, when it wants a leg, it gets a leg.
Leonidas : Maybe he could take up pottery or something?
Kataramene : Epistor can't always be there, so if he and his family can there's a little tower they can use as a home.
Gorgidas: Right nice of you.
Villager: You would hire a man with a wooden leg?
Eleni : There's work a man can do that doesn't require a great deal of walking.
Damian : We would hire any man that was honest and put in a full day's work.
Polytropos : 's a man who's bound to know the value of the three limbs he's got left, right?
Gorgidas: Your generosity does you credit. G'night.
Villager: *smiles* I'm sure he will be very happy to hear that!
Kataramene : *nods*
Eleni : *Nods*
Damian : Goodnight Gorgidas.
Polytropos : Fait night!

Eleni : To the villa, then?
Polytropos : Where do we go?
Damian : Either that or the manner.
Damian : *manor
Kataramene : The local manor, just to be sure.
Kataramene : Besides! I can use my room.
Polytropos : I thought... aw. Alright.
Leonidas : *shrugs* where ever there's good food and wine is fine by me.
Polytropos : *cheer*
Eleni : Not quite as well set up for a party of seven as the manor.
Damian : *shrugs*
Kataramene : It's set up fine! *as this was totally her room*
Leonidas : *sits and sings by the fire*

Lazyzeus : You have aided the village, and enhanced your fame. You remain overnight and attend a fine if somewhat humble feast the next day. It is late in the day when you finally get onto the road to Tiryns... A good night's rest is had at the estate before you set out... It is late in the day on your second day out of Argos when you see the familiar walls and towers of Tiryns rising up ahead.

Leonidas : Ah, the familiar walls of our favorite city.
Kataramene : I quite like that manor house.
Eleni : Hardly a city.
Polytropos : It's alright, yeah.
Polytropos : Heroes!
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Telemachus : Of course you do, you've got the only full sized room
Kataramene : Away from the city bustle isn't so bad.
Tiryns Captain : Heracles and company approach the city!
Eleni : Just a fortress with pretensions.
Damian : Blame the king.
Eleni : Heracles and company and squid-man!
Tiryns Herald : The Heroes of Argos apporach!
Andreas Appolodorus: Open it before I break it.
Eleni : For some reason.
Eleni : Ornery squid man, at that.
Damian : Squid-man?

Tiryns Captain : Come forth hero, into the presence of his August Majesty, favored of Hera, King Eurystheus
Eleni : *Points to Andreas*
Tiryns Captain: Majesty!
Damian : Oh. I thought you guys got rid of those masks.
Telemachus : You recieved your horses didn't you?
Kataramene : We... he's been busy.
Damian : *mutters* Not for lack of trying.
Kataramene : He agreed to aid us with a problem of our own, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * I hope they set fire in the throne room.
Polytropos : *hmf.*
Telemachus : We fed them a king. seemed to calm them down.
Kataramene : That'd because they have a new stallion.
Telemachus : *gestures to Kat*
Kataramene : *looks at Pol with a sigh*
Polytropos : *ahem* May I present... the girdle of the Amazon queen, Hippolyta!
Telemachus : *or Pol, whoever*
Polytropos : *looks in his pack.*
Eleni : She did not part with it easily, needless to say.
Kataramene : I'm no.... *grinds her teeth*
Polytropos : *presents it with a flourish*
Andreas Appolodorus: What's next? Wash dishes? Fetch the Moon from the sky?
Damian : *hides a smile*
Polytropos : ... blessed by Ares, or so the stories claim... aha.
Telemachus : *looms*
Kataramene : *peeks at Pol*
Polytropos : ... eurythewhere...?
Kataramene : That's a long way....
Eleni : *Frowns*
King Eurystheus: A long way indeed. I suggest you leave at once.
Polytropos : What.
King Eurystheus: *smirks*
Kataramene : What is this thing you have with other people's pets?
Mage Advisor: Relocate your Highness
King Eurystheus: I am the one deciding the Labors! Nobody tells me what to do!
King Eurystheus: The gods said you have to obey me, Heracles!
King Eurystheus: *masters himself with an effort* Of course, if you prefer, I could return your family to you right now. In pieces.
Eleni : *Sighs*
Eleni : I suppose we'll have to dissapoint captain Zeno..
Polytropos : *counts the odds around them.*
Telemachus : I don't think that would be a good idea. *air of vauge menace*
King Eurystheus: *senses the mood* Ah, move against me, and they die at once!
Kataramene : *eyes go to the mage*
Telemachus : you'll have your cows.
King Eurystheus: Go then. Go!
Mage Advisor: Please...Heroes.....stay your tempers
Telemachus : Come on.
King Eurystheus: *preens over his new belt*
Kataramene : *snorts*
Polytropos : *poker face*
Tiryns Herald : The Heroes of Argos depart!

Lazyzeus : It seems likely that the best place to find a ship remains Argos, so you retrace your steps back to the city...

Telemachus : If there were any justice in the world that damn belt would crush him in two
Eleni : Patience.
Kataramene : Well...
Polytropos : It might have, if I didn't still have it.
Leonidas : Did you give him the original belt?
Eleni : What?
Telemachus : *eyes widen*
Kataramene : Of course he didn't.
Eleni : ..did you just give him any old belt?
Polytropos : Told you it'd be fine.
Leonidas : Ah OK
Eleni : Urgh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we get help to travel that far?
Polytropos : Not just any old belt! Something magical from Egypt.
Kataramene : He doesn't know what it should look like, and the other was magic.
Telemachus : you're explaining it to Heracles if the mage works out what you did.
Eleni : Still..
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : He likely doesn't even know the difference between Amazons and Egyptians.
Kataramene : Ares would be likely to do the job himself if we let hera's man have it.
Polytropos : Risky.

Lazyzeus : Two days back to Argos, and it looks like another sea voyage lies ahead...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:50 pm

Lazyzeus : Captain Zeno's ship is in drydock being repaired, but you are able to secure passage on the small bireme _Sea Dragon_, a fast ship of 40 oars. Even with following winds and strong arms rowing it takes you more than two weeks to slip out of the Aegean into the Great Sea, following the sun west. It seems like an eternity before you finally see the outline of the island ahead, the fabled home of the demon-giant, Geryon. The crew unloads the captain's launch, which conveys you to the shore...

Polytropos : Looks pretty desolate.
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : It /is/ the edge of the world.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice.
Eleni : I told you not to expect grand bazaars.
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Polytropos : I don't know what those things are, but they look mean.
Telemachus : What?
Damian : Hmm?
Eleni : They appear t obe..
Kataramene : Are those cows?
Eleni : ...giant badgers?
Telemachus : Too much to hope they're the cattle?
Polytropos : Let's try going this... wha!
Telemachus : nah look at them, they don't have cloven hooves.
Kataramene : They're huge.....
Leonidas : some big ugly birds on the beach
Polytropos : You have got to see these things over here.
Polytropos : Yeah! They're walking on their hind legs!
Polytropos : Look at it!
Telemachus : HAH!
Telemachus : It thinks it's people.
Kataramene : They look weird.
Eleni : Curious, indeed..
Polytropos : Alright, beaky, we're just going to come past.
Eleni : ...and quite agressive!
Damian : I don't think it wants to parlay, Pol.

Leonidas : *looks around*

Kataramene : Those beaks.
Telemachus : Suicidally stupid too..
Eleni : Very few things we encounter ever do, for whatever reason.
Polytropos : Here's hoping they taste nise.
Eleni : At least we're getting an exotic meal or two out of all this.
Kataramene : Worth taking a leg back.
Telemachus : Well it's lunch sorted, at any raye.
Polytropos : Hey, boars.
Damian : *examimes the birds* Are those dodos?
Eleni : Rather large ones.
Polytropos : This place is full of food!
Kataramene : They look different. And what's a dodo?
Kataramene : Pol!
Damian : A stupid, flightless bird.
Polytropos : Ya-ha.
Kataramene : Stupid boars too.
Telemachus : You don't need to kill *everything* we meet.
Eleni : Hm.. For an island this size, it does support quite a... diverse and /sizeable/ predator population.
Eleni : Curious.
Kataramene : They started it!
Polytropos : We could feed a village for weeks on all the animals we've met on this beach.
Damian : I see the same thing, El. What do they hunt? Each other?
Eleni : Their meat probably wouldn't make it back, though.
Polytropos : Imagine what the cows'll be like!
Eleni : And that doesn't really work, does it, Damian? Unless the plant life here is just ludicrously nutritious.

Leonidas : there's a pasture up on the top of the ridge
Eleni : Maybe someone spilled a few barrels of titan draught into the water, eons ago..
Leonidas : looks like cattle are there
Damian : Nature is predator/prey. The prey are usually plant eaters while the predators carnivores.
Polytropos : Excellent.
Leonidas : but there's a nasty looking dog and herdsman
Eleni : Is the herdsman a giant?
Leonidas : and there's a castle overlooking the pasture to the east.
Leonidas : nope
Damian : The giant may be feeding them.
Eleni : Curious.

Polytropos : Woah.
Telemachus : ... We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Eleni : Ah! There's our giant herbivores, Damian.
Kataramene : By the gods....
Damian : Hmm. The dodos couldn't take one of those down...then again, they might with a concerted effort.
Kataramene : That dog has two heads....
Eleni : Yes. Yes, it does.
Kataramene : ... but why am I even surprised anymore?
Eleni : Hardly the strangest thing we've ever seen, though.

Polytropos : ... hello!
Eleni : Hello!
Eleni : *waves*
Damian : *w* At least it isn't Cerberus.
Eleni : Nice pasture you have here.
Kataramene : Does it belong to Geryon?
Eurytion the Herdsman: *nods and adds a grunt*
Eleni : I see.
Damian : *gestures to the animals to stay put*
Kataramene : *low* So how are we going to play this? Try and bargain for some of them?
Polytropos : We'd like the cattle. Any chance he'd sell?
Eleni : We've come a long way, and are willing to be quite generous.
Eurytion the Herdsman: *shakes head* Beasts not for sale
Leonidas : *listens*
Kataramene : *toys with the whistle she carries*
Eleni : Are you /absolutely/ certain...? I'm afraid our need for them is great.
Eurytion the Herdsman: *leans on his staff*
Eleni : A special order, you might say.
Eurytion the Herdsman: *Gestures* Are you hard of hearing? I said.....not ...for...sale
Eleni : We probably wouldn't need all of them. We can just /tell/ people we got the lot, after all...
Eleni : Well. If you're adamant, that complicates matters...
Kataramene : We can't get /all/ of them on the boat.
Polytropos : I'm not even sure we can get one.
Damian : Could we even get one on the boat?
Kataramene : Can we talk to the Lord Geryon himself?
Polytropos : Is there a land route?
Damian : If you want to drive that heard back to the king, be my guest, Pol.
Eleni : It's an island, Pol.
Damian : *hred
Eurytion the Herdsman: *peers hard at the group and seems to decide something*
Kataramene : It'd take months.
Eleni : And I'm thinking if there /were/ a land route, our time would be up by the time we got back to Tiryns.
Damian : You could swim back faster.
Eurytion the Herdsman: *puts a horn from his belt and blow long and hard with two blasts*

Eleni : *Sighs* Whatever was that for?
Kataramene : *winces*
Geryon : Who disturbs the sanctity of my Isle?
Kataramene : I imagine something is now coming.
Damian : He's probably calling the giant.
Eurytion the Herdsman: *points to strangers*
Eleni : Ah, yes.
Polytropos : Oh.
Geryon : Bfagh! Mortals.
Polytropos : Ohohoho... hoho.
Polytropos : Hoo boy.
Eleni : We all have our little flaws..
Kataramene : Technically we haven't disturbed anythin.....

Eleni : So much for bargaining!
Kataramene : *stands stunned*
Polytropos : ... ooough.
Leonidas : Hah
Eleni : *Catches her breath* Haah..
Kataramene : *sigh*
Cattle of Geryon : *Moooo.*
Eleni : Suppose that's.. faster than negotiations would have been.
Polytropos : Blinking hades, what was that noise?
Telemachus : well it saves time in the long run.
Telemachus : everyone alright?
Polytropos : Ooowww.
Eleni : Relatively speaking..
Leonidas : Fine here
Kataramene : *looks at the huge bodies*
Telemachus : *has a root through their stuff*
Eleni : So, now...
Polytropos : Damn touchy giants.
Polytropos : Thank you.
Eleni : ...how do we get these on the bireme?
Telemachus : I found some things.
Telemachus : have a look at these eleni
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : Some rather fine leather, I should think, if you cut it down a bit..
Eleni : The liquid is some good old Dionysian wine.
Telemachus : The giant just had the ring
Kataramene : That was a bit of a nuisance.
Polytropos : Do you think we could get the cows to move if we poked them with that?
Telemachus : Don't ask where it was.
Eleni : Not suer we'd have much use for the rod.
Kataramene : I don't know.... maybe?
Polytropos : Damian, you're the man.
Damian : I'd rather avoid using it if we can.
Eleni : Oh, the ring has some nice wards on it, though.
Kataramene : It does?
Eleni : Good thing I didn't really try fire or acid on the giant.
Polytropos : Mooooo.
Damian : Hmm. Would explain why my lightning didn't do much.
Kataramene : Well perhaps it might stop one of getting hurt the same way?
Polytropos : Moooo?
Eleni : That would be the idea.
Polytropos : These things smell.
Telemachus : Alright, Who's going to wear it?
Kataramene : They won't mind Leo's bunk then.
Damian : I can't smell a thing.
Cattle of Geryon : *moos*
Polytropos : Moo.
Eleni : Even if we get them on board, it'll be an unpleasant trip back..
Damian : Time to head to your new home.
Eleni : Should we check the steading?
Cattle of Geryon : *bellows*
Kataramene : I'll take it for now and we can think on it.
Eleni : Might be something interesting in there.
Damian : You or Tel should wear it, Kat.

DM Felrisen: All the cattle herd together*

Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps such ring would protect Eleni or even Leo.
Kataramene : Let's check the steading, yes.
Kataramene : Or you. We need to think on it.
Eleni : How did he get in through the door...?
Eleni : Did he crawl?
Polytropos : Must be the servant's entrance.
Kataramene : With difficulty?
Telemachus : might have climbed over the wall
Damian : Or he shrunk himself down.
Eleni : I don't think so. His bed is large enough.
Eleni : Looks quite comfortable, actually.
Kataramene : *stares at the bed* Can we take that too?

Leonidas : there's a trapped chest which I can't disarm
Eleni : Though you'd need a ladder.
Leonidas : guess you'll have to blast it open with magic
Eleni : Hm. Probably not enough room for it /and/ the cattle...
Kataramene : We'd never roll out.
Eleni : Sadly.
Leonidas : found a few things...
Telemachus : Can you tell what kind of trap it is?
Polytropos : Do tell.
Eleni : On the other hand, if you did, you'd probably break something.
Damian : *pulls down a candle* Interesting.
Leonidas : spikes
Damian : Yeah, us.
Eleni : *Looks through the bookshelf, curious*
Damian : Those scrolls would suit El.
Telemachus : heh they must have some really tough wheat on this island
Kataramene : Did you say it was trapped?
Leonidas : Yeah, a very nasty spike trap
Polytropos : Must be.
Damian : I can try blasting it open.
Eleni : Now why would a giant have things like this..
Telemachus : Have you got another stoneskin Damien?
Damian : Not until I've had a chance to rest. Sorry.
Polytropos : The lock's easy enough, but I don't see the...
Leonidas : Oh and these rations someone might want
Kataramene : You still have your own though?
Andreas Appolodorus: Is that a magic candle?
Eleni : It appears to be, yes.
Damian : Yes it is, Andreas.
Eleni : Also, that looks delicious.
Andreas Appolodorus: I like the cake.
Polytropos : Godfood!
Andreas Appolodorus: Can I eat the cake?
Polytropos : Eventually.
Telemachus : You'll have to share
Damian : Not yet, Andreas. I'll bake you one when we get back if you're that hungry.
Telemachus : why don't you amuse yourself by gettng that giant winebottle down off of that table
Kataramene : So who gets to open the chest?
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh yes.
Eleni : Must be stern stuff, if it's fit to get a giant drunk
Kataramene : Sod it...
Telemachus : Back up and we'll throw stuff at it.
Damian : Step back and I'll blast it.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can try.
Kataramene : Don't blast it, you might break what's inside.
Leonidas : I wouldn't
Telemachus : Just get away...

Telemachus : sigh
Eleni : ...I suppose that worked.
Damian : You're no fun.
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Telemachus : If you were gonna do that you could;ve worn my cloak..
Kataramene : *blink*
Eleni : What's in it?
Andreas Appolodorus: Gold, bag, stone an an instrument.
Eleni : Instrument, hm?
Kataramene : A lot of gold.
Eleni : Oh, a harp!
Damian : Now that's a big bed. I think we could all sleep in it.
Kataramene : Grab the gold, Eleni, you can count better than us.
Eleni : If you wish.
Leonidas : What sorta harp?
Andreas Appolodorus: What's with the stone?
Eleni : A magic one.
Kataramene : Some funny cream.
Leonidas : hmm
Polytropos : A magic harp!
Andreas Appolodorus: Cream?
Eleni : Could be quite helpful.
Damian : The kind you apply or the kind you eat?
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : The gods listened to your pleas, Leo!
Eleni : The kind you apply.
Damian : Ah. Any idea what it does?
Eleni : It looks like the sort of thing that might help if one frequently handles gorgons or basilisks.
Kataramene : This bag makes things lighter. Useful.
Eleni : An anti-petrification agent. And the bag is also enchanted, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is it shiny?
Polytropos : All done?
Damian : Interesting.
Polytropos : We don't want the cattle to run off.
Damian : This is an island, Pol. Where would they have to run off to?
Telemachus : And go where? it's an island.
Telemachus : besides they're out there eating grass. That's pretty much exactly what they want to do.
Polytropos : How big an island?
Eleni : Well, I suppose we don't know exactly.
Telemachus : They aren't going to decide to run away to sea.
Eleni : But they're not likely to go far.
Andreas Appolodorus: * try to climb and seat *
Damian : Cattle tend to stick to their pasture unless there's "better" grass somewhere else.
Polytropos : They're going to eat Tiryns barren.
Eleni : *Gathers up some of the more interesting-looking tomes, just 'cause*
Eleni : Good.
Damian : *shrugs* It's not our problem what happens to the King's land. He wanted giant cattle, he can deal with giant cattle.
Eleni : Anything we've missed?
Kataramene : *perches on the giant chair* Can we take this back too?
Damian : No.
Kataramene : I could sit on it and oversee the games.
Telemachus : I don't think we can fit it on the ship.
Damian : Not unless you can carry it back yourself, Kat.
Eleni : And I don't think it'll fit in the magic bag.
Telemachus : Check the cushions for loose coins though.
Polytropos : As much as I'd love to...
Eleni : Maybe we can have one like that made, though perhaps not with the skeleton motif...
Damian : No? I think it adds character.
Kataramene : Me too.
Eleni : Really? I'd go with something that says 'Love AND fear me', not just the latter.
Eleni : But oh well.
Kataramene : Sort of "Woe be unto all you who fight here without spirit."
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey that's "my" chair.
Leonidas : *collects a couple of teeth from the dead guard dog as a trophy*
Telemachus : Come on. Unless the bloody thing is made of gold there's no point bringing it.
Leonidas : *and the tail*
Kataramene : You're no fun.
Kataramene : *jumps down*
Andreas Appolodorus: That's a champion's chair a bit big perhaps.
Polytropos : Heehee.
Andreas Appolodorus: But if you have a big ego you need a matching chair.
Polytropos : We'll get you a chair.
Telemachus : Or a small cock.
Kataramene : *beams at Pol*
Polytropos : A palanquin!
Kataramene : Ooo!
Eleni : You'd need some big, strong slaves to make that work, though.
Kataramene : Gladiator ones.
Polytropos : We can sort something out.
Eleni : Or just convince Pol, Tel, and Andreas to do it..
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*

Damian : *whispers to a cow* Come on, it's time to go to your new home.
Telemachus : Use the stick.
Andreas Appolodorus: Now some kind of portal would be good.
Cattle of Geryon : *bellows*
Eleni : I know! I really wish I could figure out how to replicate the scrying portal from Thrace...
Damian : If I have no choice.
Polytropos : That sound is good or bad?
Kataramene : Can't you persuade them?
Kataramene : Oh, let me try this.
Telemachus : It's probably not more than a tickle for them.
Kataramene : *pulls the whistle from her belt and blows on it*
Andreas Appolodorus: Can't your magic made them smaller just long enough to travel back?
Kataramene : *sigh* Worth a try.
Damian : *pokes a cow* Come on.
Eleni : I'm afraid not.
Eleni : Now, /larger/ maybe I could do...
Eleni : But I don't think that would really help.
Damian : Can you make the boat larger?
Cattle of Geryon : *munches on the grass*
Eleni : Not unless it's suddenly become a living thing, no.
Damian : Shame.
Telemachus : Wears off too doesn't it?
Andreas Appolodorus: How many beasts we need to take back?
Telemachus : I don't know. four?
Eleni : Well, they king said the 'Herd' of Geryon...
Damian : *prods the cattle with the cattle prod into a herd formation*
Eleni : He didn't specifiy how many qualified as a herd.
Leonidas : *practices with new harp on the beach*
Telemachus : more than three probably.
Kataramene : Do you think we can rig a machine so they can walk and it moves the oars?

Leonidas : *soaks his feet in the water*

Kataramene : If so we could leave the men here and come back.
Telemachus : Hey now there's an idea
Andreas Appolodorus: Go go go!
Eleni : I wonder how the men would feel about that.
Telemachus : Oh the rowers might not go for that.
Polytropos : Can they swim?
Cattle of Geryon : Mooo!
Damian : Try to keep them in formation.
Eleni : Yes, yes. Moo.
Kataramene : All the way back?
Eleni : It's like herding goats all over again.
Eleni : Only even smellier, somehow.
Damian : *prods*
Eleni : nonono!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey!
Eleni : Bad cattle.
Telemachus : *shoving and encouraging them back in the right direction*
Eleni : *Swats one on the nose with staff*
Damian : *pods*

Leonidas : *strums harp*

Telemachus : The amount of herding we do, we should have bought some whips
Damian : *prod*
Telemachus : BACK COW
Eleni : I said no!
Telemachus : BAD COW
Eleni : See? This one is a good cattle. Follow it.
Eleni : *Pats the charmed one.
Eleni : Come on, now!
Andreas Appolodorus: Turn around!
Kataramene : Poke them from this side!
Eleni : *Prod prod*
Eleni : I am beginning to dislike you.
Andreas Appolodorus: That way!
Eleni : Better!

Lazyzeus : You prod the animals in the direction of the beach... you signal the ship, and a few sailors come ashore to help...

Damian : Badgers.
Eleni : Just a little bit further, now...
Eleni : ...and then it's just one little sea to cross.
Kataramene : Don't spook the cows!
Polytropos : We're not!
Polytropos : Just trying to drive the badngers away.
Kataramene : I suppose you could call them driven off, now.
Eleni : Driven right off to Hades.
Damian : *herds the cattle down to the shore*
Polytropos : Ho sailors!
Eleni : *Prod*
Kataramene : How are we going to get these to the boat?
Sailor : *calls over to his shipmate* Well, will you look at this! Is that some sight?
Polytropos : Just wait and see what we've got for you.
Sailor: What in all the 'ells?
Damian : You know...we could not give over the prod to the King...
Sailor: Them ain' cows, them ... big cows!
Telemachus : Cmon cows! heeey cows!
Telemachus : *punch prod slap*
Kataramene : *prods with a stick*
Damian : *prod*
Eleni : How many of these do you think we could get on board..?
Sailor: Umm... in case you ain' notice, them cows are a might bigger than our wee ship.
Sailor: Oy! Them trained?
Eleni : I was afraid you'd say something like that.
Eleni : Well, they're /domesticated/.
Sailor: Nice, beef, niiiceee beef.
Kataramene : *puts her shoulder behind one and just plain shoves*
Sailor: Look, we might be able to shuffle them over to the nearest land, but there's no way we'd make it back to Greece when them lot aboard.
Kataramene : Gods, these things are heavy.
Sailor: Look at the size o' them horns!
Kataramene : That one misses it's friends.
Eleni : Shuffling them over to the middle of nowhere doesn't particularly help.
Telemachus : I think they're getting the idea though
Kataramene : Come on you two, look! Your friends are down there.
Polytropos : How do we do it, then?
Sailor: Well, it's a long walk, sure.
Polytropos : Oof.
Sailor: Look at it this way. You'd get a scenic tour of all the lands betwixt 'ere and mother Greece!
Eleni : The same way Mount Olympus is 'rather tall', yes.
Sailor: Could we cut 'em up? Take just the horns, maybe?
Eleni : And by the time we got back, the people we're trying to save would be dead.
Telemachus : They're wanted whole.
Sailor : *shrugs*
Kataramene : Is he saying they can't fit them on?
Sailor : Maybe this is undoable?
Sailor: *slaps his head* Idjit! Can' you see that them horses blong to some god?
Sailor: We could build a barge, but once we're out in open sea, one hard blow and Poseidon would get 'em.
Sailor: You bet
Damian : We don't have much other choice, do we?
Kataramene : He did want them alive?
Eleni : *Sighs* This is troublesome...
Damian : I don't think he specified.
Eleni : I don't suppose Geryon had a private ship?
Sailor: You'd need King Minos's ship to carry them cows across the sea!
Eleni : That would be too easy, wouldn't it?
Andreas Appolodorus: Could we get say two onboard?
Sailor: But look at the size of those animals! Bet one of them could feed a family for months!
Damian : He must have gotten the herd here somehow.
Kataramene : Maybe the were little then.
Eleni : Unless they're just native to the island.
Eleni : Look at all the other oversized wildlife.
Sailor: Maybe a god moved 'em here.
Damian : How'd he get here?
Polytropos : Alright; alright.
Andreas Appolodorus: Did he ask us to get the herd or to bring it back?
Polytropos : So the bireme can't carry them, but it can get them to the shore of the continent.
Sailor: Aye, one at a time, would have to be.
Polytropos : How long a walk is that?
Polytropos : Months?
Leonidas : *laughs*
Eleni : Probably a lot longer than it would be without the cattle.
Damian : I don't think the king deals in technicalities, Andreas.
Polytropos : Mmm.
Sailor: One? Are you kidding? Look at them and look at our skiff?
Eleni : What with the herding and cattle.
Sailor: It will sink the bloody thing!
Kataramene : We could ride them.
Sailor: We'd have to float 'em over to the ship. Tie reeds under 'em or suchlike.
Polytropos : Alright. We could do that.
Polytropos : Where's the nearest harbour from here?
Andreas Appolodorus: But this is important, we could claim this island for him and our task would be almost complete.
Kataramene : Whatever, we can build a raft again if we have to, or go get that bed, but what happens when on the mainland?
Eleni : Um, there's colonies far northeast of here, I think...
Sailor: Cattle can swim okay but do they have the stamina to keep going?

Lazyzeus : Your best estimate is that you are nearly four months into your quest for King Eurystheus.

Damian : They might if we can rest them at night.
Damian : They should have enough fat to float.
Kataramene : Where /is/ the nearest port on the mainland?
Kataramene : Then we can get word to meet us there with a big ship?
Sailor: Port? You're nigh on the end of the world.
Polytropos : We really didn't think this through.
Kataramene : We know! But where is the nearest?
Damian : *to the sailors* You two are the experts, what do you suggest?
Sailor: *shrugs* We can get you to land with your cargo. After that it's up to you.
Eleni : *Scratches head*
Eleni : I'm going to need some maps.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sounds fair.
Sailor: *rubs his head* Somebody must have wanted you to take an awful long walk.
Kataramene : Can't you at least point us in the direction of civilisation and take word we need assistance?
Damian : I meant how best to get them to land.
Leonidas : Could always seek divine favor I suppose.
Leonidas : Who doesn't like Hera after all?
Kataramene : Heracles, here.
Leonidas : He's not a god.
Sailor: Well, we doin' this? I gotta notify the captain. Will take a couple of days.
Polytropos : Let's do it.
Polytropos : Only workable option.
Kataramene : ... yeah.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Telemachus : If we have to walk then we have to walk.
Kataramene : How long will it take to walk? And can we get word for someone to meet us?
Eleni : I supppose we may as well figure things out...
Polytropos : Maybe we'll find a temple or a magic bag of wind or something.
Polytropos : Anything could happen.
Telemachus : You're wind bag enough for us Pol.
Polytropos : Oho!
Kataramene : We /found/ a magic bag, but I don't think they'll fit in.
Polytropos : Don't think?
Kataramene : *glares at Tel*
Polytropos : Could you try anyway?
Damian : Maybe Posidon will look favorably on us.
Telemachus : *grins*
Kataramene : *holds the bag over one cows head* It makes things lighter, but I'm not sure about smaller.

Sailor : The sailors shuffle you and the cows to shore. The coast is a strange one, temperate and fertile. You wonder that nobody's set up colonies here yet, but anticipate a glorious future for this land. You cross across what will become the lands of Gallia, Italia, and Illyria. The cows prove intractable and require constant attention; you take turns carrying the prodding stick. THe next two months pass in an exhausted blur of constant travel. Leonidas and Polytropos are able to provde by hunting, but the rest of you are occupied managing the herd. You pass small settlements and larger towns of strange folk, many of whom do not speak your language.

Eleni : *Attempts to come up with some way to mass charm the damned beasts for extended periods of time along the way, but probably fails*
Polytropos : Wish we'd brought some of those dodos. God cake, anyone?
Sailor :
Kataramene : *tries to identify 'lead' cow, and focuses on that one*
Polytropos : Where. Is. The. Road? Road?!
Polytropos : no-one speaks greek!
Damian : *tries to keeps the party's spirits up by cooking good meals*
Kataramene : Is this supposed to be cheese?
Eleni : *Enjoys trying to communicate with these strange peoples, even though, again, she probably mostly fails*
Polytropos : Look at that! It's two hundred feet tall!
Telemachus : *takes to riding the cows to save his boots*
Polytropos : And I have no idea how to describe it!
Eleni : That's a Rock, Pol.
Polytropos : It's a mountain!
Eleni : Also known as a large rock.
Damian : I say we get the herd to stampede over the king when we get back.

Lazyzeus : Finally the terrain starts to change... you start to see familiar trees and animals... You have discovered one universal truth: you hate the sight of cows, the smell of cows, and the sound of cows. In the last of a hundred camps, just before dawn...

Polytropos : I think this is a fig tree. Oh tyhank the gods!
Eleni : Once we have Heracles' family. Fine.
Kataramene : I'm driving this one right into his bloody castle.
Eleni : Come on, you lazy beasts!
Polytropos : *scratches at his beard*
Eleni : Last push!
Kataramene : If I never see a cow again it'll be too soon.
Damian : Normally they don't smell as bad.
Polytropos : Ooough,.
Cattle of Geryon: Mooo *looks at you balefully, and you realize the feeling is mutual*
Eleni : I think I've gotten used to the smell by now.
Eleni : My nose will never be the same.
Polytropos : Almost-
Eleni : Hey!
Polytropos : Hey!

Lazyzeus : Stung by giant flies, the cattle scatter!

Polytropos : Damian! Get the cattle!
Telemachus : NONO NO
Kataramene : Catch them!
Eleni : *Rounds them up, with aid of charms*
Damian : *prod prod*
Polytropos : Something's trying to kill them!
Kataramene : Dogs!
Polytropos : Rally! Rally...
Polytropos : This... is going... poorly...
Kataramene : Get those!
Polytropos : Where did they all come from!?
Andreas Appolodorus: Bandages did nothing to Eleni because they are alive.
Kataramene : One more!
Cattle of Geryon : Mooo?
Eleni : Four...
Kataramene : How many are left?
Damian : Moo yourself.
Leonidas : hmm someone's got it in for us
Telemachus : Bloody well enough.
Eleni : There might be some more that scattered.
Kataramene : One back here too.
Eleni : That's five, at least. Good.
Kataramene : Check around.
Polytropos : Hry, you.
Polytropos : Get back with your friends!
Polytropos : *poke poke*
Eleni : *Guides the runaway back to the herd*
Andreas Appolodorus: Did we fight these beasts before?
Eleni : C'mon. Nasty things are gone now.
Polytropos : Come on, you dumb beast.
Andreas Appolodorus: Anyone got bandages?
Cattle of Geryon : *bellows*
Telemachus : You'd think something this size could fight a little better.
Eleni : *Prod*
Damian : I have 19.
Polytropos : A sheep the size of a lion is still a sheep.
Telemachus : I used all mine.
Telemachus : On me and pol, mostly.
Kataramene : I've only a couple left. Can I have a few?
Andreas Appolodorus: I have none.
Kataramene : Oh, I have two.
Polytropos : ... seven.
Kataramene : Not too bad. We'd better get them moving though.
Eleni : Could be a lot worse, yes...
Polytropos : Hopefully a few dings on the cattle is excusable.
Eleni : Hey, you! Get over here!
Polytropos : Only one previous owner.
Cattle of Geryon : Moo!
Andreas Appolodorus: If you want to spare some kits...
Kataramene : Prod them on then.
Eleni : Don't you want to get back to your friends?
Damian : *prod*
Kataramene : And keep them together, in case we have more trouble.
Polytropos : There we go.
Eleni : Follow along, now. The scary things are all dead.
Polytropos : Moo. I know. Moo.
Damian : Moo.
Telemachus : did we collect all the stragglers
Leonidas : think so
Kataramene : Eleni is fetching the last one.
Polytropos : I suppose it's back to trailblazing.
Kataramene : We need to spread out around them.
Eleni : Keep your eyes open.

Lazyzeus : You gather the six surviving cattle, and set out south again.

Eleni : There might be more suprises..
Kataramene : We we've got these labours done we are finding that bloody satyr and making a mug out of his horns.
Damian : We're better prepared for them this time.
Polytropos : *scouts.*
Eleni : Are we sure it was the satyr?
Telemachus : Somehow I doubt it was
Kataramene : Who else?
Eleni : Hera.
Telemachus : Hera.
Kataramene : Does she command the animals like that?
Eleni : *Grins at Tel* Yeah...
Damian : Demon animals don't seem his style or ability.

Lazyzeus : The remainder of your journey is uneventful.

Eleni : I'm sure she can get someone to do it for her, if she wants.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Uuuuuuurgh.
Leonidas : *sings*
Polytropos : How many more labours are there?
Eleni : This is thel a-
Polytropos : Hey! Friends!
Telemachus : What the bloody hells?!
Telemachus : What's the meaning of this?
Eleni : What in Hades was that for?!
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Polytropos : It's Heracles!
Telemachus : Damn jumpy gate guards.
Eleni : *Ahem* This was the last labour. Thank the gods.
Kataramene : Well it was Leo, after all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Open the gates before I break them!
Damian : Can we kill the king now?
Andreas Appolodorus: Tell YOUR King we have the herd.
Damian : *gestures at the animals to stay back*
Royal Guard of Tiryns : The king bids you enter! Our men will be out to collect the beasts.
Damian : Good luck!
Kataramene : I just bet they will.
Telemachus : Have fun with that.
Kataramene : We're going inside this time?
Telemachus : that's usually what enter means
Andreas Appolodorus: We found gauntlets?
Eleni : I should hope so.

King Eurystheus: I was preparing the vat of hot oil for tomorrow's... festivities.
Polytropos : Cattle all secure!
Telemachus : I'm here, you've got your cattle. Tasks complete.
King Eurystheus: Indeed. Now I must ask you... do you think me a fool?
Telemachus : Do you want an honest answer to that?
King Eurystheus: Perhaps more... do you think the gods are fools?
Eleni : He probably doesn't.
King Eurystheus: *bristles* Remember, your family lives by my parole!
Kataramene : Not them, perhaps.
Mage Advisor : *smirks to himself*
King Eurystheus: I admit, you had me quite hoodwinked by that false magical belt.
King Eurystheus: But the gods will not be mocked! They see all, and know all!
Kataramene : ....
Mage Advisor: Indeed my Lord!
King Eurystheus: And imagine my surprise, when I learned that several of the tasks I assigned were not even completed by Heracles!
Kataramene : Of course they were. There he is.
King Eurystheus: The mighty hero just stood and watched while his sorceress tamed the mighty beasts!
Telemachus : What the hells are you talking aboutt?
King Eurystheus: Hiding behind skirts... it seems to beneath you, mighty hero.
Polytropos : Wwwhhhaat?
Kataramene : .....
Eleni : Oh, I'd think a wise king would know better than to trust every tale he hears..
King Eurystheus: My priests have been in contact with divine Hera, and she told me the truth!
Polytropos : The "truth", hm.
Kataramene : Someone is o... *looks at the priest*
Telemachus : You're *wearing* a bloody skirt you pompous lard arsed pisswipe
King Eurystheus: Challenge my word if you wish, but you cannot lie to the gods!
King Eurystheus: Stay back!
Leonidas : Her version of it at least.
Andreas Appolodorus: What truth is that?
Polytropos : Uhoh.
King Eurystheus: One drop of blood from me and your family perishes!
Eleni : *Sighs*
Telemachus : Your tasks were completed! you can't renege on this deal now!
King Eurystheus: You are the one who cheated! Where is the Amazon's belt!
King Eurystheus: No, never mind!
Polytropos : It-
Polytropos : Okay.
King Eurystheus: The gods have decreed! You shall honor your failed commitment!
King Eurystheus: Two more tasks!
Eleni : /Two/?
Kataramene : What?!
Polytropos : Aww...
King Eurystheus: One for the belt, and one for the insult you have delivered the gods by your deception!
Telemachus : RAAAAGH
King Eurystheus: The gods have spoken!
Telemachus : What then?!
Telemachus : And how long am I to have?
Andreas Appolodorus: May be we take you along then.
Mage Advisor: *clicks fingers to alert guards*
King Eurystheus: Two more, and then it is done! It is consecrated by the gods! Zeus himself decrees!
Polytropos : Awwww.
King Eurystheus: I am the agent of Hera! You cannot harm me!
Eleni : I wasn't aware Zeus was involved, too.
Kataramene : *eyes the guards behind her*
Telemachus : You're awful friendly with gods for such a worthless human being.
King Eurystheus: Ha! You may be his son, hero, but his wife is a goddess!
King Eurystheus: I am but the agent! You are the one who angered the gods!
Andreas Appolodorus: So is that a no?
Mage Advisor: Perhaps the task, sire.
Kataramene : So what is it now, then? Fetching you a cure for temper tantrums?
King Eurystheus: *controls himself with an effort* The gods are merciful.
Warrior Priest of Hera: Say the word Sire
Kataramene : *mutter*
King Eurystheus: No, no. The will of the gods must be obeyed.
King Eurystheus: Here then is your eleventh labor, "hero".
Warrior Priest of Hera: And I shall dispatch these heathans!
King Eurystheus: The gods don't want them dead.
Damian : *stoney silence*
Kataramene : *gives the Warrioir Priest a "Bring it on" look*
Leonidas : *yawns*
Kataramene : Come on then. I'll show you some skirts to hide behind.
Warrior Priest of Hera: *clenches jaw and makes a fist*
King Eurystheus: You shall travel to the legendary Garden of the Hesperides. There you shall recover three of the fabled golden apples guarded by the nymphs there. Bring them to me, and your task is fulfilled!
Leonidas : *steps back a bit*
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Polytropos : ... that... doesn't sound so bad.
King Eurystheus: You may have six more months to complete the task.
Leonidas : Oh, I like nymphs!
Damian : *to the warrior priest* Careful. Her blade cuts as sharply as her tongue.
Kataramene : *smirks, until nymphs are mentioned*
Eleni : We just /came/ from the distant west!
King Eurystheus: Your family is quite comfortable. In fact, I think that your wife may not want to leave, when you are done. *chuckles insultingly*
King Eurystheus: *shrugs* That is not my concern.
King Eurystheus: Best be off then. *smirks*
Eleni : Urgh.
Polytropos : Awww.
Telemachus : When I'm done my family will be leaving with me, safe and sound, Or I'll be painting your entire city red. Am I understood?
Kataramene : *firm nod at that*
King Eurystheus: *flinches back before "Heracles's" anger*
King Eurystheus: *stumbles into his chair* Go! Bring the apples!
Leonidas : Now that would make for a epic tale.
Warrior Priest of Hera: *gestures to the doors* Begone!
Telemachus : *shoves past any guards in the way*
Andreas Appolodorus: I'd better go cowards despise me.
Kataramene : *saunters out, slowly, checking the wall hangings making it look lije it's all her idea*

Polytropos : ... alright...
Eleni : *Sighs* Back to Argos, then.
Polytropos : ... he probably would have come up with another reason anyway...
Eleni : To find us another ship.
Polytropos : It's not my fault, right?
Telemachus : They were looking for a reason.
Eleni : I'm not going to say anything on that subject...
Kataramene : He was peened from the first one.
Telemachus : But it's partly your fault.
Polytropos : Aw.
Andreas Appolodorus: And what happened to that belt?
Polytropos : Well...
Eleni : Pol kept it.
Polytropos : I'm... sort of wearing it now, yes.
Damian : I hope he chokes on those eggs.

Lazyzeus : Argos is the most likely place to find passage, so you set out again. On the way, you come to another crossroads marketplace, and pause briefly to look over what's on offer.

Telemachus : Apples
Damian : Whatever.
Telemachus : Some druid you are
Rustic Shopkeeper: Hello again friends!
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Telemachus: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: welcome, welcome!
Andreas Appolodorus: Familar faces!
Polytropos : Owl?
Kataramene : Haven't got any apples and gold paint, have you?
Eleni : *Grim look at nearby oxen*
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Kataramene: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Damian: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : *waves to the white-wearing woman*
Polytropos : *looks back and forth.*
Kataramene : Better get some bandages.
Polytropos : Am I the only one seeing...
Kataramene : I saw an owl.... oh.
Polytropos : She's watching us. And so is the owl.
Damian : *hands El an emerald* You might get a better price for that than me, El.

Kataramene : Isn't that the woman from when we got the birds?
Wise Woman: *smiles*
Damian : Yes.
Wise Woman: I greet you.
Polytropos : We greet you.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Hullo! Your rattle was a big help.
Wise Woman: I am pleased.
Damian : Anybody want that cattle prod?
Telemachus : *bows, politely*
Wise Woman: A difficult journey lies ahead for you.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes hello
Eleni : What, another one?
Kataramene : That's not new, but thanks for the warning.
Damian : *bows* Well met again.
Wise Woman: Eurystheus does not know the truth, but his patroness does.
Eleni : *Sighs* Yes. I figured as much.
Kataramene : *blinks* How do you know? Does she talk to you?
Wise Woman: She wants you to fail. Yet you must continue to wear the mantle you have placed upon you, for a little while longer.
Eleni : But she's probably also keeping Heracles to herself.
Polytropos : We can expect more assassins and wild beasts, then.
Kataramene : *looks at the owl, then looks at he woman*
Kataramene : Were those hers?
Eleni : *Seems to be unsurprised that she's having this conversation*
Eleni : Told you, Kat.
Wise Woman: You must travel swiftly. The Hesperides are hidden from the view of mortal man. This was by design. You are to search and search while the sands travel through the glass.
Kataramene : Great. How do we get there then?
Kataramene : *looks at the owl again*
Wise Woman: Unfortunately, it is not permitted for gods to reveal this knowledge to mortals.
Wise Woman: However, there is one who has this knowledge.
Kataramene : We met nymphs once.
Kataramene : Can we go and ask them?
Wise Woman: Seek out the Pillars of Poseidon, and the Sea Caves of Nereo.
Wise Woman: There you will find the Old Man of the Sea. He has both the knowledge you seek and the means to speed your journey.
Kataramene : Oh, that's better than those nymphs. *pause* I hope.
Wise Woman: He will not part with the knowledge willingly. But he does fancy himself something of a wrestler...
Eleni : The Pillars of Poseidon..
Kataramene : We come equipped to deal with that. So these Pillars of Posiedon...?
Andreas Appolodorus: I see.
Wise Woman: *smiles* Good fortune, heroes. There are more lives at stake here than you know.
Wise Woman: Any sailor worth his salt will know where to find them.
Wise Woman: Fare you well.
Polytropos : Ominous.
Kataramene : Thank you again.
Damian : *bows* Thank you for your guidance, Lady.
Telemachus : Thank you

Kataramene : *looks at the owl*
Kataramene : Am I the only one thinking it?
Damian : Depends on what you're thinking.
Polytropos : I don't know. I think she almost practically admitted it.
Eleni : She did.
Kataramene : She kind of his sister, right?
Eleni : At least one of them is on our side. Sort of.
Polytropos : ... I think so, yeah...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

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Lazyzeus : To Argos! The clock starts anew, but you feel a fresh purpose as you retrace the familiar road back to your adopted city. It's a busy market day when you arrive.

Telemachus : Who's selling the loot?
Eleni : Well, I'm already holding on a to a lot of gold.
Eleni : Best we don't have to split the pile twice.
Polytropos : We have loot...? I'm losing track.
Leonidas : I could use some gold
Eleni : You'll get you share.
Telemachus : Well I've got that guys armour to sell.
Kataramene : Hopefully what we have will sell well.
Andreas Appolodorus: Good to be back in Argos.
Polytropos : *looks around, supplies in a bundle on the end of his spear.*
Eleni : *Sighs* All those months travelling through the wilds...
Eleni : My calusses have calusses.
Leonidas : Ah a tavern!
Kataramene : It would be nice to just dress prettily, for once.
Polytropos : I don't have feet any more.
Eleni : Lucky you, Pol.
Telemachus : Here, sell him this.
Telemachus : Morning Chionides.
Eleni : Hm, I'll check the portside market. They usualyl give the best prices for these things.. oh?
Telemachus : You must have thought we'd vanished eh?
Kataramene : *pulls a scythe off her back* Throw that into the pot.
Eleni : My apolagies, but a discerning hero must be realistic about these things.
Telemachus : What she means is, it's easier for her to overcharge the foriegners.
Eleni : Precisely.
Eleni : And then we spend the profits on your fine wares, of course.

Leonidas : *sings a few songs and shares a few fanciful tales in the tavern*

Polytropos : Huh.
Eleni : Quite a hardy little thing.
Polytropos : It has a certain something, but you couldn't be in a shieldwall with that.
Kataramene : I've begun to think that's my job.
Eleni : Perhaps not, but you'd be far sneakier than you would be carrying that Spartan shield around.
Polytropos : This is a noble shield!
Eleni : It is a noisy shield.

Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*

Polytropos : Do you think maybe one of us could gum that to one of our bigger shields?
Eleni : It clanks whenever it hits your bracer.
Telemachus : It's very fine. here you are.
Polytropos : ... spartan shield...
Polytropos : ... *mumble*
Eleni : Yes, yes, I know you like it...
Eleni : Ah. Shall I add this to the pool?
Eleni : *To the pile of silver Andreas hands her*
Polytropos : Maybe Damian'd like it. He's all about using bits of animals.
Andreas Appolodorus: If you need to buy more.
Polytropos : Hey, look.
Polytropos : Where's she going...?
Eleni : Hm?
Kataramene : Who?
Polytropos : That looked like Melina.
Kataramene : Oh?
Polytropos : But... she ran away.
Eleni : Oh. Probably to inform Epistor, I would imagine.
Polytropos : Huh.
Polytropos : Well, maybe we'd better drop in.
Eleni : I'll just go unload these things, then, before my knees collapse...
Polytropos : Someone's been eaten or something's on fire, or...
Polytropos : Who'd be an alchemist, eh?
Kataramene : Who'd be in need of the ... need?
Kataramene : How do we get where we are going next?
Polytropos : Big fast ship.
Polytropos : Ho, Epistor.
Polytropos : We've not been in the city an hour, old man. What news?
Eleni : Hush, Epistor; I'm trying to calculate things here.
Eleni : Speaking of calculations, I suppose...
Polytropos : Ohhhh...
Polytropos : How was it?
Kataramene : *blinks* You do? What from? I though they were all going into the village?
Polytropos : Praise Demeter! Anything need to be fixed?
Telemachus : We might be gone as long again.
Kataramene : We were talking about the gladiator training school, though.
Kataramene : Won't that need drachma to establish?
Eleni : *Hands out shares of their other earnings*
Polytropos : I'm all ears-
Andreas Appolodorus: That's very good interests.
Polytropos : *scowls at the eavedropping Craftsman*
Polytropos : A fighting master...
Kataramene : We've not had time to locate one. Do anyt come to mind?
Eleni : Leo and Damian still need their shares, I suppose.
Polytropos : Ooo, thank you.
Polytropos : And yes! Find the finest!
Kataramene : He has.
Polytropos : I wonder if Miliates could use a job?
Eleni : Not in the profits from our /other/ ventures, though.
Kataramene : But for what we glean when out and about he is still entitled.
Eleni : I was just liquidating some of our findings. What's all this about, then?
Polytropos : Well...
Kataramene : Better to hold it against a hiring, yes. I don't think we're /desperate/ right now?
Telemachus : I think we're doing pretty well actually.
Eleni : Militiades? Hm, I'm not sure if we'd be able to convince the old bull.
Kataramene : We might. Are we going anywhere near home to ask him?
Eleni : Then again, he might be bored now without all of us around.
Eleni : Not at the moment, no...
Eleni : We'll be header to Kyrene next, or thereabouts.
Eleni : *headed
Polytropos : Maybe we could get some guards.
Eleni : I'm afraid so.
Kataramene : What happened to the nubian?
Eleni : He left for his homeland, I thought.
Telemachus : We have guards, they were there last time we visited
Eleni : That's roughly in the right direction...
Eleni : Well, very roughly.
Eleni : As fine a plan as any.
Polytropos : We could give him money.
Kataramene : We may have to.
Kataramene : Given what we did to the ship last time.
Eleni : I'm sure we can... persuade, in one way or another.
Eleni : Good question...
Kataramene : We can afford one evening for a bath and good food? *pleading expression*
Eleni : I think we can, yes.
Eleni : Ach, the journey we've had. Don't get me started.
Kataramene : Should we talk to the captain now?
Eleni : Let's see if he's around.
Polytropos : No time like the present.
Telemachus : If he doesn't sail the second he sees us.
Polytropos : Coins at the ready!
Kataramene : He might if he knows we are in town before we talk to him.
Eleni : Captain!
Eleni : It's been some time.
Polytropos : Hang on!
Eleni : *Dazzling smile* Say...
Eleni : We heard you were headed south.
Kataramene : *does her damnedes to to look appealing*
Eleni : That should be quite a thing to see.
Polytropos : Aw, c'mon.
Kataramene : We were wondering if you could be persuaded.
Polytropos : We're looking for nymphs this time!
Kataramene : We're only fetching apples this time.
Polytropos : And apples!
Eleni : The nymphs are not to be transported on your vessel. I feel we should make that very clear.
Kataramene : Apples aren't going to be dangerous, though.
Eleni : Indeed. The danger is all ours.
Kataramene : And we can pay ....
Kataramene : They're not!
Polytropos : We can pay a lot.
Eleni : It's highly unlikely, anyway.
Eleni : How much did your repairs cost?
Kataramene : ...
Eleni : The gardens of the Hesperides.
Polytropos : Not directly!
Eleni : True.
Polytropos : We need to find the Old Man of the... Sea...?
Kataramene : We're going to see someone who might.
Eleni : Which is why first, we're looking to go to the Pillars of Poseidon.
Polytropos : Right!
Eleni : Indeed. I would hope you know what those refer to...?
Kataramene : *looks at the others*
Polytropos : We're crazy and we've got ten thousand drachmae.

Leonidas : *strums harp*

Eleni : We're /heroes/. A bit of madness is entirely to be expected.
Polytropos : *grimace.*
Telemachus : they're pillars, in the sea?
Captain Zeno : Because ships crash into them and everyone dies!
Leonidas : *sips some wine between numbers*
Kataramene : ... oh.
Eleni : Oh, don't make a scene.
Kataramene : Well ... can you stop a bit short and we go on a raft? Or row boat?
Eleni : We're not asking you to crash into anything.
Eleni : Besides, you know, we don't really need /all/ the apples, once we find them... Imagines the prices they'd go for.
Eleni : Probably. Unless they can find us another captain
Kataramene : Plus you'd be famous as the Captain who went /almost/ to the Pillars of Poseidon, instead of who /almost/ went.
Telemachus : If that's what it takes.
Telemachus : We are moderately well landed. Yes.
Kataramene : We are, and we can give you priority trading rights and influence that gains.
Eleni : Should you happen to lose it, we'll make sure she gets it.
Polytropos : ... huh.
Kataramene : Can't we just pay...?

Leonidas : *stretches and puts away his harp*

Telemachus : Uhm. how about we give you the money if the ship gets sunk?
Eleni : I'm sure there's some choice plots of land free around Heropolis.
Kataramene : *looks at the others* The tithe free place for a house we can do. The rest....

Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Leonidas : *wanders about town taking in the sights and sounds*

Telemachus : There are other sailors on the docks.
Eleni : What would the bond entail, precisely?
Kataramene : *shifts a little*
Eleni : Full value being?
Kataramene : If there's no damage do we get some of the 50,000 cash back?
Eleni : We can manage that. We'd rather not, but we wouldn't have to lose our land.
Telemachus : We dont need to give him the cash, we just write the bond as insurance.
Kataramene : *calls others into a huddle*
Telemachus : We can afford to pay out in cash for damage anyway.
Kataramene : *low* How well off are we at the moment?
Eleni : Indeed. It would set us back, but...
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Kataramene : Can we pay if anything .. you know ... happens?
Telemachus : Pretty sure we can.
Eleni : *w* I've got almost half the 50000 on my own, not counting Leo and Damian's shares I'm still holding on to.
Eleni : *w* Haven't really spent much on anything for a while.
Telemachus : If we have to, we could sell some of the things we've had made anyway.
Kataramene : *w* Same here. Been buying medicinal supplies but otherwise there's nothing I need. Have over 10,000.

Leonidas : I'm home, bring me food and drink!
Leonidas : *relaxes in the bath*
Leonidas : *glances around and frowns, breaks open a bottle of wine to enjoy*

Eleni : *w* That gets us to 35000 between just the two of us. And we've still got things we can sell if it's a real emergency.
Kataramene : *nods then* Alright, lets do the bond.
Eleni : *w* So if everyone chips in, we can manage. Leo probably would be all annoying about it, though...
Polytropos : Hang on.
Eleni : *w* He'd want us to pay with the land, since he doesn't own any of it.
Telemachus : *w* he can pay a percent of the damage if he's coming with us.
Kataramene : *w* Leo can sink with them if he does.
Eleni : Agreed.
Kataramene : We're paying the fee anyway without him, by granting the land.
Eleni : That's true.
Eleni : Zeno having a retirement home on the land wouldn't be a bad thing for us either, though. He'd need materials and supplies, which the villagers can provide.
Kataramene : He'll get his share anyway.
Eleni : Which they pay back to us in rent.
Kataramene : Any disagreements?
Telemachus : Arlight, so we're all settled then?
Eleni : I think we can all agree to this, yes.
Kataramene : Damian's not here, but we can ... give him some flowers or something.
Telemachus : Lets just make sure the ship doesn't sink, yes?
Eleni : That would be best for all involves, yes.
Eleni : *involved
Eleni : Indeed. We can settle on the specifics there later.
Kataramene : *nods*
Polytropos : Thanks, Captain! You'll not regret it!
Polytropos : *under his breath* ... for very long
Eleni : We can give you a tour of the land sometime. Pick out a nice place away from the insect titan hive.
Kataramene : *mutter* I just hope we don't.
Eleni : The villa, then?
Kataramene : For a drink.

Epistor: *coughs* excuse me master
Leonidas : Ah there you are.
Leonidas : I could do with some food.
Epistor: The others are gone to the dockside to speak to Captain Zeno
Leonidas : I'm sure they'll turn up here eventually.
Epistor: Certainly Master...I'll have melina fetch
Leonidas : Thanks
Epistor: As you wish
Melina: *offers a tray of food and wine*
Leonidas : *nods and helps himself to food*

Andreas Appolodorus: Home sweet home.
Eleni : Ah, Leo. I thought you'd be here.
Kataramene : We're going to have to be cautious this time.
Polytropos : Home we are.
Eleni : As opposed to our usual approach?
Polytropos : Thanks, Melina!
Melina: *offers the contents of the tray*
Leonidas : You, cautious? *laughs*
Kataramene : We saw you in town. *taking a drink and tossing her cloak to one side*
Eleni : Epistor! We're going to need you to write up a document.
Melina: *blushes*
Epistor: Oh?
Melina: At the market Sire
Eleni : We've come to an agreement with captain Zeno, but he wants some assurances.
Eleni : Ones that come with proof in writing.
Epistor: A wise man, the captain. What sort of assurances?
Eleni : His payment for his services is to be an unoccupied plot of land of his choosing on our property, and we are to reimburse any damages done to his ship.
Eleni : With the land serving as collateral.
Kataramene : That we'll sell land if we have to in order to do it.
Eleni : But since we have enough money to simply buy the ship if we wanted to, that's not likely to be a concern.
Epistor: Hmm, I see. Well, that shouldn't be too difficult. But it will have to be your own personal holdings, the villa's lands are held in trust for the city.
Eleni : Right.
Kataramene : We understand.
Eleni : Speaking of money...
Kataramene : We'll have to bring a spare apple or two back.
Epistor: I shall prepare something at once. I know the captain, I believe I can come up with terms that will satisfy him but protect your interests.
Eleni : *Drops a pouch by Leo's tray*
Kataramene : But... there's another matter, come to think of it.
Epistor: I urge you to be cautious, mistress. One should be careful in offending the gods.
Eleni : Your share of the latest.
Leonidas : *glances and smiles*
Andreas Appolodorus: You can scratch my back too.
Kataramene : If anything should happen to /all/ of us, or even one, what happens to the land?
Polytropos : Thanks, Epistor!
Polytropos : ... we've offended a few...
Epistor: If one falls, the others inherit.
Eleni : You've already gotten yours, Andreas.
Kataramene : But what if we /all/ fall?
Epistor: If all of you should die... heavens forbid! The land returns to the city.
Kataramene : Can we gift it to someone? Say they can have it if that happens?
Eleni : Hmm. Who would you have in mind?
Leonidas : Me of course! *laughs*
Kataramene : Well... there's people at home, but ... Epistor here has worked hard for us.
Eleni : You'd be last on the list.
Epistor: You can pass it along to a direct heir, but not a third party, mistress. I'm afraid the strategic value of the parcels you control have placed strictures on the deed of ownership.
Eleni : In other words, they'd have to be blood relatives?
Epistor: You could take it up with Lord Strato, should you wish an exception.
Epistor: I'm afraid so.
Telemachus : Anyone have any kids they haven't told us about?
Epistor: I believe that the Council was concerned about the land falling into the control of an outside power.
Eleni : I should hope not.
Leonidas : I'm sure I have a few.
Kataramene : I think I'd have noticed.
Eleni : You don't count. You don't own any of the land.
Polytropos : Ohhh... yeah. The Egyptians again?
Kataramene : Hmmm.
Eleni : I wonder if they'd still buy it.
Eleni : ...just, you know. If we were ever in dire need.
Telemachus : The city council made it pretty clear they wouldn't let that happen.
Kataramene : Well, could we at least ... if we /purhcased/ your bond from the city, Epistor, would that at least see you better off if it happens?
Epistor: But what would happen to you? You have defeated every foe you have ever faced.
Polytropos : ... so far...
Telemachus : *shrug* no one lives forever.
Eleni : *Shrugs* What would happen if we were not to return some day?
Telemachus : except the people who do.
Epistor: Ah, I thank you, mistress, but I am content in my service. What would an old slave like me do with such a gift?
Kataramene : It's better to burn out than to fade away. And as you wish, Epistor.
Kataramene : I'm done being gloomy now!
Epistor: You could ask Lord Strato to establish a designee to rule your lands in trust, if you are concerned.
Kataramene : For the villagers, yes.
Epistor: To be honest, the city benefits more from the agricultural products they receive than they would from higher taxes.
Kataramene : We wouldn't want them to come under the control of a right bastard, though.
Epistor: "A city has a large belly," my father used to say.
Eleni : Quite true.
Kataramene : Which might mean the villagers have to tighten their belts to maintain.
Epistor: I'm sorry, I just have to forbid you from going off and all getting killed. That's my final word.
Eleni : *Chuckles*
Kataramene : *grins a little*
Epistor: And now, I have some documents to prepare.
Telemachus : *chuckle*
Epistor: Masters.
Telemachus : duely noted.
Kataramene : Bath or swim? I'm torn.
Melina: *brings away empty tray*
Eleni : You'll have plenty of time around salt water.
Polytropos : I could use a swim.

Lazyzeus : You enjoy a restful and quiet evening, with good food and friendly conversation. Much wine is consumed, but you also make the necessary preparations for the morning's voyage. Epistor arranges to send a cask of the new vintage down to the ship, along with some fresh produce from your harvest. Morning finds you rested and refreshed, and you set out on another voyage. The journey takes roughly two weeks. You head out of the usual shipping lanes, and into an area marked with warning signs on most maps...

Kataramene : But not rocks to lay on to dry. Swim it is.
Eleni : Hmmm. Best leave you two with some privacy, then...
Telemachus : Yeah, get to work on that heir.
Kataramene : You can come if you /want/ to.....
Polytropos : What's wrong with my hair?
Kataramene : I could do with some new ribbons.
Eleni : *Shakes her head* On reflection, I'm not sure I'd envy any heirs of theirs, Tel.
Polytropos : *looksup at his quiff.*
Eleni : They'd inherit cluelessness from both sides.
Polytropos : ...Hey! *the drachma drops*
Kataramene : What?!
Eleni : *Playful laughter* Oh, best not to worry about such things just yet, I suppose.
Telemachus : Shh I think we're still meant to be pretending we don't know. As if we didn't spend our whole lives within a hundred yards of each other

Lazyzeus : The ship carries you to the pillars, an impressive-looking series of spires that rise up out of the sea. Zeno drops anchor, and lowers the ship's tiny skiff; he will come no further.

Polytropos : Heave ho.
Polytropos : *scratches beard growth.*
Eleni : And here we are at last..
Leonidas : So.... this is what again?
Eleni : I think I see a wreck in the distance.
Eleni : The Pillars of Poseidon, you dolt.
Polytropos : We're looking for an old man...
Eleni : The Old Man By the Sea supposedly lives near here. Who knows where to find the gardens.
Leonidas : If there are wrecked ships there could be a bit of loot to be had too, no?
Eleni : Perhaps.
Kataramene : Which might be useful.
Telemachus : Or you might just crawl through a rotten hulk of wood and drown.
Eleni : Don't let us stop you, in other words.
Eleni : Quite a sizeable one.
Leonidas : *examines*
Kataramene : Where is this old man going to live?
Leonidas : *pokes around*
Telemachus : *shrug*
Telemachus : cave? wrecked boat?
Telemachus : the sea?
Leonidas : Ah well, worth a look
Telemachus : he is the old man of the sea. he might just sleep with the fishes.
Kataramene : Eeew.
Kataramene : No wonder they have a thing for mermaids.
Polytropos : *thoughtful*
Eleni : You know, I've never reall gotten that.
Polytropos : Well, we've never met any.
Leonidas : Always a first time
Kataramene : They've got fish..... parts.
Eleni : If you know the slightest bit about how fish reproduce, mermaids would /have/ to lose most of their allure, surely?
Telemachus : Maybe they've still got girl parts, down there.
Eleni : That's optimistic.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Telemachus : although if they were on the fish section they might be all scaley? *shudder*
Leonidas : big crabs and fishmen
Polytropos : I can't imagine ARGH
Telemachus : gah...

Leonidas : *examines*
Telemachus : Come on.
Leonidas : damn bugger
Kataramene : Dammit.
Telemachus : Where are the others?
Kataramene : Inside...
Andreas Appolodorus: Still inside.
Telemachus : we barely scrambled out of there in tact
Kataramene : Oh gods, oh gods....
Andreas Appolodorus: Can you heal me?
Leonidas : the no plan approach worked well
Eleni : *Might have had a raise scroll on her, can't recall*
Telemachus : Gods damnit all...
Telemachus : *sees if there's anything that can be done for htem*
Kataramene : Pol.. ?
Eleni : *Nope, looks like she used the last one*
Polytropos : *gone, alas*

Lazyzeus : Your companions have passed beyond the veil. But it is said that the Old Man of the Sea is a magical creature, a demigod in his own right...

Telemachus : Leo, save it...
Kataramene : *runs fingers through hair.
Telemachus : it's too late for that.
Leonidas : oh
Leonidas : that that was some sorta magic shield
Telemachus : It's alright, we'll have them back in no time. Just goiing to need some more help..
Kataramene : *rubs hands*
Telemachus : Bring them with us, maybe the old man of the sea will help us.
Kataramene : Sod the land, if it comes to it.
Leonidas : Maybe next time when I warn of danger we will stop and make a plan, rather than boldy charging in?
Kataramene : *swallows a potion and shoulders Pol with a grunt*
Andreas Appolodorus: How many ahead?
Telemachus : They were already on top of us by the time we heard you say anything..
Kataramene : Yes, and lots came out of no where.
Leonidas : Gee, what does that say about our scouting?
Telemachus : I think we got them all
Kataramene : That you didn't tell us how many and where?
Leonidas : some kits and a lions head carving under here
Telemachus : weird.
Telemachus : share the kits.
Andreas Appolodorus: Only three.
Leonidas : *examines*
Kataramene : *distracted look* What else did you say?
Telemachus : Big lion head thing. It's pretty, maybe someone will buy it.
Leonidas : stuck door
Telemachus : uhmm, shall we try knocking?
Kataramene : After all this do you think what's there will be friendly?
Kataramene : *nods thanks*
Telemachus : Well I'm expecting the old man somewhere around here..
Leonidas : Figured it'd come in handy some day
Andreas Appolodorus: I knocked the door and it crumbled,
Leonidas : *discards empty wand*

Telemachus : NOPE
Telemachus : Run!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Leonidas : back
Telemachus : seriously leg it!
Polytropos : *corpse gets in the way.*

Lazyzeus : The elemental takes a huge stride over the water-sodden carcass...

Polytropos : *washed for burial?*
Kataramene : Get off him!
Telemachus : For the love of.. you're going to end up joining him if you're not more careful.
Telemachus : They wont be coming back if we all die too..
Kataramene : *mumbles and grunts*
Andreas Appolodorus: The things came at us.
Telemachus : water.
Kataramene : Living water?
Leonidas : exit over here
Telemachus : Press on?
Kataramene : *lugs the body again*
Telemachus : Let leo scout ahead..

Leonidas : saw a shark ahead
Leonidas : it's swimming back and forth around the corner
Kataramene : Just one?
Telemachus : That would probably be too easy.
Leonidas : only hear one at the moment
Kataramene : *sort of floats the body now*
Telemachus : Keep scouting Leo, we can't afford any suprises.
Leonidas : five sharks
Leonidas : suggest you back up
Leonidas : around the corner
Telemachus : try and attract just one?
Telemachus : or a couple
Leonidas : we'll try
Polytropos : *waits on the bank of the styx.*
Leonidas : I'll see if there are more
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Leonidas : some strange seaweed here
Telemachus : We can show it to Eleni later maybe..

Leonidas : HELP
Kataramene : The door shut!
Kataramene : *slashes at fish*
Telemachus : Yeah, wasn't even sure where you went until I heard you shout..
Leonidas : big clam ahead
Leonidas : *examines*
Telemachus : Clams don't move, right?
Andreas Appolodorus: Dead end.
Leonidas : door here
Leonidas : some guy in there
Kataramene : Some guy... what happened then?
Telemachus : PRobably should have stuck your arm in there..
Telemachus : Was there a pearl?

Andreas Appolodorus: Hello
The Old Man of the Sea : Who enters upon my demesne?
The Old Man of the Sea : Mortals.
Kataramene : Andreas...
Andreas Appolodorus: I am Andreas.
Leonidas : *watches*
Kataramene : Oh my....
The Old Man of the Sea : I am Nereus. Nereus the Old, Nereus of the Sea.
Andreas Appolodorus: We are Greeks from Argos,
Kataramene : Are you .... we came to try and find you.
The Old Man of the Sea : What business do you have in this place, Greeks from Argos?
The Old Man of the Sea : My affairs are not those of mortals. I am ageless. I am eternal.
Polytropos : *tries to wheedle out of paying the boatman. has to wait for the next boat as a result.*
Kataramene : We're with Her.... oh sod it.
Kataramene : Look, we need some help, please? Out friends ... well they're beyond our help and we could do with some.
The Old Man of the Sea : Speak! Or I shall send you on to Hades to deal with.
The Old Man of the Sea : What care I of your weak mortal shells?
Kataramene : We're here because Heracles is missing, and we're trying to save his family, and it's all Hera's fault, and now they're dead, and if you can help them I'll do anything.
The Old Man of the Sea : Mortals. So excitable. All things perish in time, even the gods.
The Old Man of the Sea : Accept the spinnings of the Fates. It offers comfort for your kind.
Kataramene : Right now I wish one of them would hurry up and do it, because it's not their time, you know? Time to be heroes and grow old and tell their children.
The Old Man of the Sea : *seems uninterested in your pleas*
Kataramene : There has to be something we can give you.
Kataramene : Andreas....
Leonidas : or perhaps something we could do for you?
The Old Man of the Sea : What would a mortal have that would interest one such as I?
Kataramene : Wrestling.
The Old Man of the Sea : *snorts* A mortal, battle a god? You amuse me, mortals.
Kataramene : Andreas here is the champion of Argos. He fought some big old someone who had never been beaten.
The Old Man of the Sea : Know that I could snuff out your petty lives with a wave of my hand?
Andreas Appolodorus: You want me to fight him? This cannot be done.
Leonidas : Perhaps a story or a song about distant lands?
Kataramene : Then I'll damn well do it.
Leonidas : Surely living in solitude must get boring over time?
Kataramene : Lend me your belt and I'll punch him.
The Old Man of the Sea : You would challenge me, mortal?
Andreas Appolodorus: Make me as big as you and I'll fight you.
The Old Man of the Sea : Indeed.
Kataramene : If it'll gett h.. them back then yes.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh
Nereus : Know this! My power is not in my size.
Nereus : What is the wager then? The lives of your comrades against... what? Yours?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Andreas Appolodorus: My life?
Nereus : I sense among you... something of the gods.
Nereus : Not here... but close.
Nereus : Ares. Hmm, yes.
Kataramene : *looks at the bodies, that should totally be close*
Kataramene : We've aided where we can, and bear their gifts.
Nereus : If I break you, I will take that trinket. If you, however, defeat me, I will grant you the power to aid your fallen.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.

Nereus : Agreed! *springs forward and delivers a crushing strike*
Nereus : Gah!
Telemachus : *winces*
Nereus : Ha!
Kataramene : *wrings her hands a little*
Nereus : You dance well, for a mortal.
Leonidas : Well it was a brave, if foolish effort.
Kataramene : *hangs head*
Andreas Appolodorus: Not well enough.
Nereus : Is there none other among you who can test me?
Kataramene : I'll try.
Telemachus : With a sword in hand, sure.
Kataramene : I'll try without, if I have to.
Leonidas : Perhaps we'd have better luck with a different sort of contest?
Nereus : I care not if you use a weapon.
Telemachus : Alright. My turn then.
Nereus : You are a would-be hero?
Andreas Appolodorus: He got stunned.
Nereus : Your steel, it stings! Like an insect!
Kataramene : Tel..
Leonidas : Indeed
Leonidas : As I said, a different tact might be wiser.
Andreas Appolodorus: I see no weakness.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh
The Old Man of the Sea : Interesting.
Telemachus : *pant, pant*
Telemachus : Good enough?
Leonidas : But, then what do I know of combat?
The Old Man of the Sea : You fight like a man with nothing to lose.
Leonidas : *laughs*
The Old Man of the Sea : You have amused me, mortal.
The Old Man of the Sea : I grant you a boon.
The Old Man of the Sea : *leans over and whispers in Telemachus's ear*
The Old Man of the Sea : Do not waste my gift.
Kataramene : *looks between the figures*
Lazyzeus : *Telemachus collapses, overwhelmed*
Kataramene : Tel...
The Old Man of the Sea : His mind is overstrained. You may carry him out. I will permit you to leave this place.
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Telemachus : *woozily lets himself be lead away*
Kataramene : Get him, Andreas.
Andreas Appolodorus: Er I can barely walk.
Lazyzeus : The puny brains of mortals are ill-equipped to handle Truth.
Kataramene : *takes up her own burden*
Telemachus : fzl.
Lazyzeus : Well? Go. I grow impatient.
Kataramene : We'd better go.
Leonidas : What did we need to find out from him?
Leonidas : *waves*
Kataramene : How to get to the nymphs.
Telemachus : mmm.. hesperidefs
Leonidas : wasted journey then?
Telemachus : *waves him on* later.
Telemachus : Ok.
Telemachus : put them down here.
Kataramene : *does that*
Telemachus : You might not want to listen, this word is kinda.. overwhelming
Leonidas : I thought he granted a boon?
Telemachus : *says something mind-twistingly odd quietly to each corpse*
Kataramene : *backs off a little, anxiously, and turns to watch the entrance*
Eleni : *Cough, sputter*
Leonidas : Ah so he did.
Polytropos : *eyes flick open, wide and mad*

Lazyzeus : You hear an odd rushing sound, faint but growing louder.

Leonidas : think it's time to leave
Polytropos : Aaaagh!
Kataramene : Pol....
Telemachus : godsdamnit
Kataramene : Water, quick. Help them up.
Polytropos : I'm drowning in the Styxblublublubl
Eleni : *Rises suddenly from the water, a wide, mad look in her eyes*
Telemachus : *drags them along towards the exit*
Kataramene : *grabs him and drags at the run*
Polytropos : *splutters, thrashing.*
Eleni : *Coughs* Hah..?
Polytropos : Who what?
Polytropos : Where?
Polytropos : Which!?
Polytropos : Whyyyyy

Lazyzeus : The water level continues to rise, until you have to jump up with each step to keep your heads clear....

Telemachus : shut up and run!"
Eleni : *Opts instead to fly*

Lazyzeus : You stumble up out of the cave...

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