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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:37 pm

Lazyzeus : We begin the morning after you reboard Captain Zeno's ship, and return to the open sea beyond the dangerous reaches of the Pillars of Poseidon. You wake after a rough night to find something strange in the motion of the ship. You call up to the captain, but no one answers. You head up to the deck...

Polytropos : Something's... moving...
Polytropos : Oooough...
Kataramene : *rubbing tired eyes* What....
Leonidas : Hmm this can't be good.
Polytropos : What? What happened?
Polytropos : Uhoh.

Lazyzeus : A beautiful woman in odd clothes materializes, sitting on the front rail of the ship.

Eleni : *Ascends to the deck, still looking tired and worn down*
Andreas Appolodorus: Who's that?
Damian : *looks around* I don't know.
Eleni : W... what?
Kataramene : *goes to shake the crewmember and then stops*
Eleni : *Sighs*
Leonidas : Well, hello there. *smiles*
Polytropos : Hello...
Eris: Well now. Isn't this a sad-looking band of heroes.
Eleni : Oh, gods. What now?
Eris: Ha! Good one.
Polytropos : Hey, everyone has their bad times!
Kataramene : We're having a little down time. What do you want?
Eris: Why, I want to help you!
Polytropos : Oh. Uh, alright.
Leonidas : bout time someone does.
Eris: *stretches languidly and rises* Allow me to introduce myself. I am Eris.
Polytropos : Oh.
Eleni : ...You're...
Eleni : Looks down at the bodies*
Eris: Perhaps you have heard of me. *buffs fingernails*
Kataramene : *goes to say something then stops* What have you do to them?
Eris: Oh, don't worry, they're just asleep.
Eleni : That's not just a sleep spell, is it?
Leonidas : Lovely to meet you, I'm Leoniadas.
Polytropos : We've heard.
Eris: Very asleep.
Polytropos : Hrm. Um, Polytropos. Son of Kledias.
Eris: Ah, I feel like we know each other already. In some ways, your group epitomizes all that I stand for.
Eleni : ...thanks?
Polytropos : ... d... discord...?
Kataramene : .... you're welcome?
Telemachus : You've got to admit we do cause a lot of chaos..
Eris: *taps fingertip to her nose*
Leonidas : Glad someone finally appreciates us for what we are.
Damian : *mutters* And that's just amongst ourselves.
Eris: The bit with the Old Man was inspired. Ha! Charge in! Start hacking! Oops...
Kataramene : We're kind of a disruptive force, but only for good!
Eris: Stop... stop, you're killing me here.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : I can't say I found that episode particularly amusing...
Kataramene : And that's not fair, we were going to ask nicely...
Eris: *wipes a tear of laughter at Kat's comment*
Telemachus : OH come on, who'd have thought a big crab and some walking fish would have all that magic?
Polytropos : *avoids anyone's gaze.*
Eris: Aaanyway. I can help you! With your quest, I mean.
Eleni : Why?
Leonidas : Excellent!
Damian : *looks at the others with a raised eyebrow* Fish with magic?
Eris: Why? Because it furthers my interest, of course.
Polytropos : We're not really in a position to say no.
Kataramene : You had to be there, Damian, but Pol is right.
Telemachus : *scowls at Damian* Yeah you missed a lot.
Eris: I have been working on the most _fantastic_ prank.
Polytropos : Uh-huh.
Leonidas : Or not so much, depending on your point of view.
Polytropos : Pranks... are good.
Kataramene : That sounds too cheerful to be true.
Eris: The details don't matter, but let's just say... it will embarass a certain bossy senior goddess.
Eleni : I see...
Eris: Hint: she's married to a guy who throws thunderbolts around. Heh heh.
Damian : *shrugs* I'm not the one that ran rushing off.
Kataramene : Right.
Eris: Eeeenterested?
Polytropos : There's a full thirty percent chance we know who you mean.
Leonidas : It's not like she doesn't hate us already anyhow.
Eleni : It seems we are a captive audience.
Eris: That's the spirit!
Kataramene : A fairly higher one we might be interested, yes.
Kataramene : Not as if we can do a /lot/ worse in her eyes.
Leonidas : I say turn about is fair play, she's screwed with us enough already.
Eris: All I want in return, is one of the golden apples that King Duh-Duh-I'm-Such-A-Bore sent you to get. Just one.
Polytropos : Huh.
Telemachus : seems reasonable.
Polytropos : Alright.
Eleni : And what do you intend to do with it...?
Polytropos : How much harm could that do?
Leonidas : Sounds simple enough, who cares what she wants with it?
Eris: Why, none of your bees-wax, missie!
Telemachus : I'm sure we'll find out what she did with it eventually.
Eleni : *Shrugs* Well, can't blame me for asking...
Leonidas : We each benefit, so leave it at that.
Eris: I'll give you a duplicate that you can give King Eee. One that he'll never learn is fake. Unlike a cheap low-quality magic belt, say.
Kataramene : As we were getting them anyway, there's nothing to stop us "losing" one by accident.
Eris: Practical! I like that!
Polytropos : *ahem, ahemhemhem.* Anyone think we shouldn't?
Damian : The king deserves no less.
Polytropos : *fixed, waxy grin and nervous glance at the mention of the belt.*
Telemachus : make it a sour one, something to give him the runs.
Eleni : *Rubs forehead* My only idea at this point was going to the library of Ra-Kedet and hopin to get lucky.
Eris: Oh, yeah, I gotta add the usual disclaimer, "cross me, you'll live to regret it, yadda yadda yadda" *waves hand generally about* I'm sure you already know that, though.
Leonidas : So you want us to give him the fake as part of the deal, rather than the real thing?
Polytropos : Is a library really the place to do that?
Kataramene : *looks at the others* I'm not against that in principle.
Eris: Well, you're going to get more than one, all I need is one of those.
Eris: I assume you'll go through all three trials, anyway.
Eleni : Trials.
Polytropos : There's trials now?
Leonidas : You mentioned giving a duplicate to the king though.
Kataramene : That caught my attention too.
Eris: Ah. I've said too much. *eyes sparkle*
Telemachus : Well hopefully there's a whole tree full of them we can... what trials?
Polytropos : Mmmnh!
Eleni : I think you said exactly as much as you meant to.
Kataramene : *face palms* The bastard got us again.
Eris: I'll meet you after you pass the trials, and we'll do the trade there. I may be able to help speed your way back home, as well.
Leonidas : Sounds like a plan to me.
Polytropos : *weary tone.* Alright. Thank you oh Eris.
Damian : If it was easy, we wouldn't be doing it.
Eris: I sort of want to see E's face when you come back not-dead. *chuckles*
Eris: Yay! I think this is just the start of a long and happy relationship!
Leonidas : Yeah, I'd like to see his face under those conditions too.
Andreas Appolodorus: I have not killed a king yet... But if someone who has authority orders me I will.
Eleni : *Sighs* I'm sure.
Polytropos : *double-take at Andreas.*
Leonidas : I like long and happy relationships.
Eleni : No you don't, Leo.
Kataramene : Happy, that's the word.
Eris: Okay, so I cannot give away the location of the Garden. "Rules," you know. *sticks out tongue*
Polytropos : ixnay on the urdermay.
Eris: But....
Telemachus : Pretty sure we've killed a couple of kings Andreas.
Eleni : You like drunken one-night adventures.
Kataramene : But..?
Eris: Oops, look at clumsy me, what's this falling out of my pocket?
Leonidas : Those are fun too.
Kataramene : Oh dear, she forgot this?
Eris: Ta ta! Until the Garden!
Polytropos : Bye?
Eleni : ...alright, then.
Leonidas : *waves*

Sailor: Uhhh.....
Telemachus : ..bye?
Polytropos : Easy there, sailor.
Sailor: *rubs head* What happened?
Eleni : *Inspects the leaf*
Kataramene : Hmm.. odd. *hands it around*
Polytropos : Uh, Cap'n?
Captain Zeno: Did somebody cosh me?
Polytropos : *poke poke.*
Sailor: *rubs face*
Polytropos : Not us.
Telemachus : Well you wanted divine intervention Pol, looks like you got it.
Eleni : Maybe you're just been overdoing it lately.
Kataramene : What do you think, follow it?
Sailor: Were we borad
Leonidas : Capt, the less you know the better probably.
Telemachus : Of course follow it.
Eleni : It definitely contains some kind of sympathetic magic...
Sailor: Boarded?*
Polytropos : Not quite as wholesome a source as I'd have hoped, but... well. Any port in a storm.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Captain Zeno: Why do I get the feeling my ship is about to sail into grave danger again?
Telemachus : You must be an oracle.
Polytropos : ... not that she's anything but a fine, clean-limbed goddess worthy of respect
Damian : *smiles* I told you not to try to outdrink Aias, Captain.
Eleni : We have our path to the Garden, captain.
Captain Zeno: You people... *shakes head*
Kataramene : *narrow eyed look at Pol*
Captain Zeno: What course?
Polytropos : Follow that leaf! Or... something!
Eleni : Over... that way.
Leonidas : well clean isn't actually the first word that comes to mind, but whatever floats your boat.
Eleni : I'll let you know if the leaf starts singing a different song.
Captain Zeno: *looks between Poly and Eleni* Ah... okaaaay.
Captain Zeno: *sets course*
Polytropos : Don't question the madness, man, lest the madness take offence.
Kataramene : Stand in the pointy bit.
Sailor: Aye, Aye Captain!
Eleni : *Rests arms on the side of the ship, frowning to herself and staring at the sea*
Sailor: *adjusts the sails*
Polytropos : Are we really a force for discord in the world?
Telemachus : Just another word for change.
Kataramene : We're not very good at letting things alone.
Telemachus : we shake things up a lot.
Leonidas : *smiles and strums his harp*
Eleni : Or make things unshaken.
Polytropos : You could say that about any Hero, though -

Lazyzeus : The journey, remarkably, only takes a few days. There are times where you get the strange feeling that you are no longer sailing in Earthly waters.

Kataramene : Is it me, or has this sea become a bit ... funny?
Polytropos : Ohhh.
Eleni : But that's just another kind of change.
Polytropos : Oh.
Damian : Bumbling change, but change none-the-less.
Andreas Appolodorus: Damian you still have healing herbs?
Polytropos : Theology is hard.
Damian : *checks pack* Aye. I have 27.
Telemachus : And I don't know about you, but when there's five or six people swinging assorted sharp things at me in the middle of a melee I damn well pray that the chaos of the moment favours me more than them..
Eleni : *Shrugs* For her, I'm pretty sure her purview can be summed up as 'whatever most amuses her'.
Andreas Appolodorus: You may want to pass some around. I am out.
Leonidas : Sounds like my kind of woman.
Polytropos : We still ought to sacrifice some things, I think.
Kataramene : Heroes don't leave things alone.
Polytropos : Mmmmaybe to both goddesses.
Telemachus : I'm down to four. got through a *lot* in that cave.
Andreas Appolodorus: That will do.
Telemachus : Speaking of herbs though, we found these
Kataramene : No one talks about "those people who came in, left everything alone, and went away again". You've a point too, Pol.
Damian : *hands Andreas a bundle of them*

Lazyzeus : On the morning of the third day after your encounter with the Goddess of Discord, you see land ahead. The Captain looks confused. "That shouldn't be here," he says, frowning over his maps.

Kataramene : Is there supposed to be .... right.
Eleni : *Runs a finger over the leaf*
Kataramene : Head for it anyway.
Telemachus : there's more... don't know what they do though..
Eleni : That's the place.
Leonidas : Hurray!
Damian : *studies the leaves* Neither do I.
Eleni : *Small smile* Don't cheer just yet...
Polytropos : Finally, land, and no more AGH

Lazyzeus : You unload the small launch and transfer aboard, crowding in...

Polytropos : Must you wear that?
Andreas Appolodorus: Land!
Leonidas : Gotta stay positive!
Polytropos : Brrr.
Eleni : ...you are a strange man, Andreas.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : Perhaps we should start introducing you as a lion we tamed and taught how to disguise himself as a man.
Polytropos : *sets up two piles of food, and sets them alight with some driftwood.*
Kataramene : Sacrifice of food?
Telemachus : Tell em we shaved the rest of him.
Polytropos : Yup.
Kataramene : Better do the job properly then.
Eleni : I doubt they care.
Polytropos : I am!
Telemachus : Well start a proper bloody fire then..
Polytropos : It shows we're trying.
Telemachus : If you're gonna do it, do it right.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : *kneels quietly for a few moments, muttering*
Eleni : *Splashes some water in her face. Finally starting to look alive again.*
Polytropos : *looks at Kat, before mumbling some words too.*
Kataramene : What we need to do it properly is a temple, which we don't have, but we shouldn't insult either goddess by combining a sacrifice. We need them.
Polytropos : Anyone got some wine?
Telemachus : You've got to burn em, so the smoke takes the essence up.
Eleni : I have some mead.
Kataramene : *digs in pack and produces a bottle*
Polytropos : That'll do. Just pour it, that's the libation, and we're done.
Polytropos : *poke poke fire.*
Kataramene : *does so, splitting the bottle between the fires*

Leonidas : Well, there's a very big nasty lizard up the trail in the trees ahead.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can I kill it?
Leonidas : a few minutes up from the beach.
Eleni : I'm sure it won't give us much choice.
Polytropos : We're expecting Trials, right?
Leonidas : I suppose you could try, but it seems pretty big and has thick looking scales.
Eleni : Yes.
Kataramene : *mutters a few words again and clasps a fist to her chest in salute, before turning away*
Polytropos : ... careful, man.
Leonidas : One option might be to distract it while others grab the apples we want.
Eleni : I doubt it will be that simple.
Polytropos : Ah! Did you see apples?
Leonidas : It seemed pretty quick though.
Kataramene : Trials have to be more than that.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah I can make it run after me.
Leonidas : Well I didn't dare get too close, but there are a lot of different sorta trees.
Polytropos : Let's get a closer look.
Kataramene : Let's be a little careful over how we proceed too.
Eleni : A new friend, I see.
Damian : The tiger? I've summoned him before.
Eleni : The same one? Hm.
Leonidas : The lizard was up the trail and to the left a bit.
Damian : It's the spirit of the tiger.
Eleni : Where do meet these spirits, anyway?
Andreas Appolodorus: I like this place.
Kataramene : It's pretty.
Telemachus : Well it is meant to be a paradise
Eleni : Be careful. Just because it looks nice doesn't mean it won't kill you.
Polytropos : *takes cover.*
Damian : If you're tuned to nature, you can meet many a wonderful thing, El.
Polytropos : I've enver seen anything like that before.
Damian : *looks around* I agree, Andreas.
Telemachus : That thing looks bad..
Polytropos : ... se if there's a way around?
Leonidas : Before you're ready to rush in, let me know and I'll strike up an appropriate song or two.
Kataramene : I don't think it's wise to just try killing thier pet anyway?
Eleni : It seems to be guarding the place...
Eleni : Hm, agreed.
Telemachus : can you see a way forward?
Kataramene : Pol's gone looking.
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Leonidas : Quite idylic, but need a few beautiful nymphs to make the place liveable.
Damian : Don't believe every tale you hear, Leo.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is your lizard?
Polytropos : *crouch*
Leonidas : was wandering off to the far left earlier
Polytropos : Dammit, this never works... eheh, hello.
Polytropos : Yikes!
Polytropos : Lizard!
Kataramene : Blast...

Leonidas : Huzzah!
Eleni : ...well, I supposed that worked out.
Damian : Solves that issue.
Telemachus : *poke poke*
Polytropos : Also... nymphs. Juuust up the slope.
Eleni : Oh.
Polytropos : I think they saw us.
Eleni : Are they upset?
Kataramene : Who are now going to be a bit miffed.
Leonidas : *takes a horn as a trophy*
Polytropos : Uhhh... maybe now, yes.
Telemachus : He started it..
Kataramene : Look ... we're sorry.
Eleni : Um..?
Damian : *tries to pry off some scales*
Polytropos : Ohhh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Look a girl!
Kataramene : Errr...
Polytropos : Yeah, thanks for joining us, Andreas.
Leonidas : Cool!
Telemachus : We just don't like to waste things..
Kataramene : Alright... well, err .... we're looking for some apples.
Damian : *looks up and leaves the corpse alone* As you wish, m'lady.
Hesperia: They say an apple a day keeps your enemies away
Erytheia: What have we now, heroes seven. Both aided by, and hindering heaven?
Leonidas : Gonna need a whole lot of them now.
Kataramene : Yeah... we're kind of hoping we can do the aided and aided by bit here.
Eleni : That sounds about right, yes...
Polytropos : *clears throat*
Erytheia: Why come ye then, seeking boon? To earn a prize, and earn it soon?
Hesperia: What can your offer, for those of us that need nother?
Eleni : To save a man's family. Or maybe just because we've come too far not to.
Kataramene : Umm... entertainment? Further glorification in song and story?
Damian : We have come seeking the apples, though we have no wish to grapple.
Erytheia: Ah yes, sitting alone, in a cage, building fear, and building rage.
Hesperia: To save a poor man family? Was it a Calamity?
Leonidas : Perhaps we can provide some diversion from your solitude with stories and songs of distant places and other times.
Polytropos : The chief enemy is time; but we'll still try and make this rhyme.
Hesperia: *giggles at Poly*
Arethusa: Gah... poetry. *looks up, and amends* Ah... sophistry?
Damian : *rolls eyes and mutters* And I thought mine was bad.
Erytheia: *forwns at her sister*
Andreas Appolodorus: We can do better Leo how often they see strong men like us?
Kataramene : *looks at Pol with an "ooooh" expression*
Polytropos : Eheh. *goofy look*
Hesperia: He seeks to rythem, shall we give them time?
Eleni : *Sighs*
Erytheia: Tell us then, what dost thee seek, and caution this time, do not peek!
Polytropos : *wince*
Arethusa: Ha!
Hesperia: *frowns at Tele*
Arethusa: *laughs*
Kataramene : *glares at Tel*
Erytheia: A bold one here, he does not fear.
Telemachus : We're going to be standing here all day!
Leonidas : Ah always the subtle one.
Damian : *arches an eyebrow at Tel*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm that was diplomatic.
Kataramene : A boon we crave, for his family to save.
Eleni : ...my friend here is the most unelegant of beings; I'm afraid.
Polytropos : ... tiger...?
Erytheia: Come then forth, and touch the tree. But remember Telemachus... nothing's free. *smiles*
Damian : So we stand here all day, waiting to see the part we all will play.
Polytropos : Huh.
Polytropos : Over to you, man.
Andreas Appolodorus: I smell a rat.
Hesperia: For those that peek, there is a seek
Telemachus : *stomps up to the tree*
Leonidas : Well some music while we wait *breaks out harp and begans to strum some tunes*
Telemachus : That doesn't even make sense!
Eleni : ...That one was a stretch. ?
Telemachus : *grumble grumble*

Eleni : Aah!
Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : ... whu?
Leonidas : Ummm
Eleni : ...I think we might be inside the tree.
Leonidas : What happened?
Damian : The aforementioned trial?
Kataramene : Seemingly.
Damian : Lovely.
Telemachus : See? don't have to stand there all day listening to bloody awful doggeral
Polytropos : We're somewhere. Weird little lights, too.
Kataramene : They're pretty.
Andreas Appolodorus: Dancing lights.
Eleni : Wisps...
Kataramene : *reaches a hand towards the light*
Kataramene : Are they here to help or just light the way?
Eleni : I doubt anything is here to help.
Polytropos : Might just be here because...
Eleni : It's a trial.
Polytropos : ... oh.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey let's stay together.

Polytropos : Thaat's a sphonx.
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : A /sphinx/.
Telemachus : A sphonx?
Eleni : Um, hello?
Andreas Appolodorus: We met one of these, no?
Ancient Gynosphinx: Art thou prepared to face the trial of wit?
Eleni : Do we have a choice?
Polytropos : In the battle of wits, I fight unarmed.
Leonidas : What a fine looking creature.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Ha! No.
Kataramene : What are we supposed to do then?
Ancient Gynosphinx: When young, I am sweet in the sun. When middle-aged, I make your heart light. When old, I am valued more than ever.
Leonidas : I suspect if we win the contest we get to pass through the magiced door over yonder
Polytropos : ... oooh, that's a good one.
Telemachus : Do we get to confer?
Andreas Appolodorus: Wine?
Polytropos : Uh, can we discuss it without accidentally giving an answer?
Ancient Gynosphinx: Wine. Yes.
Polytropos : Ha!
Telemachus : Or you can just blurt it out.
Leonidas : Sounds like wine to me
Kataramene : Umm .. that's what I was going to suggest.
Eleni : It would be nice to know what happens if we get one of these wrong, yes...
Kataramene : I was going to ask about the confering though.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sorry... I was thinking out loud.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Weight in my belly, trees on my back. Nails in my ribs, feet do I lack.
Polytropos : A ship!
Kataramene : That's eas... yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: I know a boat
Telemachus : Oh we're still blurting? ok.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Yes.
Polytropos : We've been on one long enough to know it well!
Eleni : Seems like we are.
Leonidas : Hey, chaos is good right?
Leonidas : *laughs*
Damian : Eris has taken a fancy to us, yes.
Polytropos : We're two for two, don't jinx it!
Kataramene : I'm going to help it smack anyone who gets one wrong that way, though.
Ancient Gynosphinx: I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Polytropos : Uh...
Kataramene : Few.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Yes.
Polytropos : ... heh.
Kataramene : *is obviously immune to her own instructions*
Telemachus : When did you learn to spell?
Ancient Gynosphinx: And the final riddle.
Polytropos : Bring it.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Ripped from my mother's womb, beaten and burned, I become a blood-thirsty slayer.
Kataramene : I listened in school. Sometimes.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Sword?
Kataramene : I think that... no.
Polytropos : ... uh... no, hang on.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sword I say
Kataramene : Iron.
Ancient Gynosphinx: *frowns at Andreas, but apparently it is close enough to not bring down unpleasant death upon the group*
Andreas Appolodorus: Iron is no slayer
Damian : Iron sounds right.
Polytropos : ... sword... is what it becomes, right...?
Eleni : *Frowns as well*
Ancient Gynosphinx: Nods at Kataramene.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Iron, yes.
Kataramene : It is when beaten and burned into a sword.
Telemachus : well what about bronze?
Polytropos : Close, man.
Damian : Iron is "ripped" from the ground and beaten in weapons.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Bronze is an alloy, silly.
Eleni : It's not the blade that's bloodthirsty.
Damian : Yes, copper and tin I believe.
Leonidas : *shrugs* I'm not a smith.
Telemachus : And you pull both bits out of the ground
Eleni : Only the wielder.
Ancient Gynosphinx: You have won the test of wit. You must still face the test of strength, and the test of courage.
Telemachus : I am. *grumbles*
Ancient Gynosphinx: You have earned your prize.
Kataramene : Whatever! We got it right.
Eleni : Of course we must.
Polytropos : I thought peoploe made bronze with... stuff...
Leonidas : A pleasure to meet such a wise creature.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is that an apple?
Leonidas : Perhaps we could talk more later?
Kataramene : Thank you. Very much.
Eleni : *Bows to the sphinx*
Eleni : ...on we go.
Andreas Appolodorus: Interesting game we should do it more often.
Ancient Gynosphinx: Good luck!
Polytropos : Strength and courage we can do, right?
Damian : *waves*

Polytropos : Wish we could have two more tests of wit.
Kataramene : *stows the apple in her pack*
Eleni : I'd give our odds for those higher than for wit.
Polytropos : Hey!
Kataramene : We got lucky.
Eleni : A large empty hall.
Eleni : I'm sure nothing will go wrong here.
Polytropos : I'll not lie, I'm a bit trepidacious.
Polytropos : Oh.
Eleni : Well. If this is courage..
Andreas Appolodorus: We are strong!
Kataramene : Bloody hell!
Polytropos : ROCK!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Eleni : Okay.. so maybe just strength!
Polytropos : ... ooo.
Polytropos : Box.
Damian : *picks up bronze key*
Polytropos : Locked box.
Damian : Let me try.
Andreas Appolodorus: So?
Leonidas : need a key
Polytropos : Oh, you found a key.
Polytropos : Handy.
Damian : *unlocks the box and picks out an apple* Aye.
Polytropos : Erk.
Andreas Appolodorus: Courage for those whp are not afraid?
Eleni : Hm..
Polytropos : I'm not... affffraid... what, what's that?
Telemachus : Bit of a daft test, you've got to have courage to come this far surely?
Kataramene : Oh yuck.
Eleni : ...how odd.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Polytropos : Shades!
Kataramene : Augh....
Damian : *taps helm* It may be ugly, but it certain does come in handy!
Eleni : Hm...
Andreas Appolodorus: I can't open this thing.
Polytropos : Why would you want to!
Telemachus : What thing?
Kataramene : Why do we want to?
Damian : We're still missing an apple, aren't we?
Eleni : Stairs to nowhere..
Telemachus : maybe it's up ahead
Polytropos : There's lots of room to go yet, and that thing looked like no apple-
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes if this was test of courage where is the apple?
Kataramene : Bloo...
Polytropos : Argh, these things!
Eleni : Because it's not over yet.
Damian : *glares at the tiger*

Polytropos : Argh!
Andreas Appolodorus: Something pretty over there.
Damian : Not another...oh.
Polytropos : Draaaaagooon!
Leonidas : *pats belt and smiles*
Kataramene : *picks an apply from the fading corpse*
Damian : *scratches Aias' ears and hands him a treat* Well done, my friend.
Eleni : I think... Aias just ripped its throat out somehow.
Polytropos : Aias is so terrifying!
Polytropos : Aaaah!

Eleni : Hm, sorry.
Kataramene : *looks at the portal thingy*
Polytropos : ... oh, whew. He's on our side.
Eleni : Didn't hav enough of that for everyone.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : Are you all alright?
Eleni : *Investigates the portal*

Lazyzeus : As Leonidas steps into the dark archway, reality twists...

Kataramene : Is that the way do you think?
Damian : Any idea where it goes, El?
Polytropos : Glurk -
Kataramene : ...urgh.
Eleni : ...oh.
Polytropos : - hurray!
Damian : ugh. Never ind.
Eleni : Well, here we are.
Leonidas : Alright!
Damian : *mind
Eleni : Erm, hello again?
Leonidas : Good job everyone!

Polytropos : Hello nymphs!
Telemachus : .....Did someone get the last apple?
Erytheia: Your bravado fierce, was not feigned, now you may take, your prizes gained.
Kataramene : I carry two.
Leonidas : *bows to the nymphs*
Eleni : Why thank you.
Arethusa: Greetings strangers, we are strangers no more
Kataramene : Yes. Thank you.
Damian : That should be all three, right?
Eleni : Damian and Kat had one. Who got the third?
Polytropos : We came, we saw, we conquered all. Now best back to Tiryns' hall.
Leonidas : Do we each get one?
Kataramene : *gives Pil a withering look*
Erytheia: But be cautious with these gifts divine, their power was not meant to leave this shrine.
Erytheia: Do not be tempted by their charm, left unguarded they can do much harm.
Kataramene : All the more reason to do what we plan to do.
Eleni : I see...
Telemachus : So we probably shouldn't cut one up and eat it between us?
Arethusa: The strangers talk, then they'll walk
Damian : I'm not eating that thing.
Polytropos : We'd say 'don't worry 'bout a thing', but we take them to a crazy king.
Eleni : Yes, yes. We'll be going.
Erytheia: Sometimes when a chick thinks to fly, it instead plummets, soon to die.
Kataramene : It feels a bit weird to even pick them up.
Kataramene : *holds out one to be seen*
Leonidas : How about a kiss from the miss? *smiles*
Eleni : *Has the third, evidently*
Polytropos : I'm all for the walking.
Erytheia: *blows Leo a kiss*
Damian : Let's give Eris her prize so we can be on our way.
Polytropos : That works, too...
Leonidas : *smiles and bows*
Polytropos : *blink*
Polytropos : Um...
Andreas Appolodorus: And ask her to save us a trip.
Polytropos : Thank you.
Polytropos : *nods at Eleni.* Stow it, quick,.#
Telemachus : *mutter* swear she just rhymed "well" with "well"
Polytropos : That lizard might come back.
Leonidas : *sighs and wrings out clothes*
Eleni : Eventually, I'm sure.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let him.
Damian : Defeating him once was enough.
Kataramene : No point in making a habit of it.
Polytropos : Also, I really hope Leo's not that far -
Damian : And this place does need a guardian.

Leonidas : aaaaah goddess!
Eris: You invincible charm failed you with the nymphs, Leonidas?
Leonidas : *bows deeply*
Leonidas : Actually she blew me a kiss.
Eris: Ah. Fortunate you appeared close to shore.
Leonidas : So it was a victory in my book.

Polytropos : Oh, there he is. Aaaand...
Leonidas : *laughs*
Eleni : I thought we'd find you here.
Andreas Appolodorus: Your Grace.
Polytropos : *wave.*
Eris: Well now? Feeling smart, strong, and courageous, are we?
Polytropos : A bit, yeah.
Andreas Appolodorus: Always.
Kataramene : Ooops, I seem to have dropped an apple, would you pick it up for me?
Damian : More relieved than anything.
Eris: Heracles couldn't have done it better himself. Though I suspect he would have beaten up the sphinx.
Telemachus : We got the Apples and nobody on our side died, that's good enough for me.
Eleni : Couldn't say.
Eleni : We've yet to meet the man.
Polytropos : ... that looks just like it...
Andreas Appolodorus: Er can you help us return faster?
Eris: *takes a sharp fingernail, and etches something into the skin of the apple* Perfect.
Telemachus : Once we're on the ship....
Kataramene : Thank you so very much for picking it up and giving it back and totally not swapping it out for something else entirely.
Eris: Oh, this is going to be great...
Polytropos : Well. Enjoy.
Eris: Ships are for suckers.
Polytropos : And, uh, think of us when it happens...
Kataramene : You said something about a quick journey home?
Eris: How'd you like to go right back to Tiryns?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Polytropos : That... would be nice, but... what about Cap'n Zeno?
Telemachus : Well it'd be nice but I feel sort of bad for the sailors...
Eris: Hah! He'll assume you died, and sail back heartbroken! *laughs*
Eleni : I'm sure he won't wait for us forever.
Leonidas : I'd like to see the look on his face if you transport us directly into his throne room.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can't they sail back without us?
Eleni : Heartbroken? Finally at ease, more likely.
Eris: That, can be arranged. *points at Leo and winks*
Polytropos : We never did pay him.
Eris: Ha! Even better!
Kataramene : As long as he doesn't try to claim that insurance.
Polytropos : Oh well. To Tiryns!
Kataramene : And not into the throne room.
Telemachus : his ship's fine!
Eris: If you want him to get eaten by a sea monster, maybe I can arrange something...
Andreas Appolodorus: But we will pay them.
Polytropos : Thank you oh Eris! And no; no; no sea monsters.
Damian : No, that will be fine.
Kataramene : We don't want him to know we had "help" now, do we?
Leonidas : Why not the throne room?
Eleni : Rather not. We might need him to take us somewhere again soon.
Eris: Okay! Stand in a circle. Hmm. That tiger's rather heavy.
Eris: You! Shoo!
Eris: And awaaay, we go!
Leonidas : Ok, ok, the edge of town
Kataramene : *stands in circle* Just out of sight of .....

Polytropos : Bwah!
King Eurystheus: Gah!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Eleni : .../not/ in the middle of the throne room, we said.
Leonidas : Hah hah
Eleni : Oh, well.
Mage Advisor: Ye Gods!
Eleni : Can't expect perfect accuracy from these things.
Mage Advisor: *Looks stunned*
Polytropos : Sorry!
King Eurystheus: What the... what are YOU doing here?
Leonidas : and we're back!
Kataramene : *decides to adopt a triumphant look in lieu of anything more submissive*
Eleni : Our apolagies for startling you, my king.
Leonidas : *bows*
Andreas Appolodorus: Apples apples who want golden apples!
Damian : Fullfilling your desire, o' king.
King Eurystheus: You said they would be... *Cuts himself off*
Polytropos : What do you mean, what are we doing here? You told us to come back!
Telemachus : King Eurystheus, the apples of the hesperides
Eleni : We just thought we'd save ourselves some time.
Telemachus : *guestures them to hand them over*
King Eurystheus: Apples! Yes! I want the ... apples.
Mage Advisor: *looks over at the warrior priest unbelievingly*
King Eurystheus: Give them to me!
Polytropos : *mutter* How'd you like them apples.
Warrior Priest of Hera: *shrugs*
Kataramene : *throws hers over*
Eleni : *Offers hers*
King Eurystheus: OOOhh. Pretty.
Eleni : Quite.
Kataramene : Two, there you go.
Andreas Appolodorus: Your precious... apples. Yes?
Telemachus : Try not to choke on them.
Damian : *tosses his*
King Eurystheus: Ah, yes. Very well done.
Warrior Priest of Hera: How many they bring Sire?
Kataramene : Please. Eat one. We'd love to see it.
King Eurystheus: Three.
Warrior Priest of Hera: *nods*
King Eurystheus: *considers* Ah, perhaps later.
Eleni : All the nymphs would allow us to take, I'm afraid.
Damian : Don't eat them all at once.
King Eurystheus: Very well, Heracles! You have almost completed the tally of tasks that the gods have decreed.
King Eurystheus: One more task, and your family and honor shall be restored to you!
Mage Advisor: I hope they will not try to cheat you again Sire?
Polytropos : Yay...?
King Eurystheus: One more final task...
Kataramene : The tally PLUS two.
Warrior Priest of Hera: *leans over and whispers into the King's ear*
Eleni : The most finalest, I should hope.
King Eurystheus: Ah... ah, yes!
Andreas Appolodorus: What now?
King Eurystheus: The gods must be given their due!
King Eurystheus: Your final task!
King Eurystheus: Um... what's wrong with your skin, Heracles?
Kataramene : Heracles will love it, I'm sure.
Warrior Priest of Hera: Just a minor spell, sire.
Mage Advisor: Magic protection Sire
Polytropos : It's a nymph curse.
Damian : Too much time out in the sun.
King Eurystheus: Ah, well. There's an ointment that... never mind!
King Eurystheus: Your final task!
Eleni : Yes?
King Eurystheus: You shall travel to Tanaerum, at the far southern tip of the Peloponnese!
Kataramene : That sound easy enough.
King Eurystheus: There you shall find a dark shaft that descends into the ground: a gateway to the Underworld!
Kataramene : ...
Andreas Appolodorus: and?
King Eurystheus: There you shall go and bring me Cerebus, the mighty three-headed hound of Hades!
Polytropos : ...
Kataramene : What? What for?
Eleni : *Sighs*
Polytropos : That...
King Eurystheus: *breaks of a maniacal laugh* That's your final task!
Telemachus : Really? so you're fine with offending the lord of the underworld?
Mage Advisor: Some say the river to Hades lies there
Polytropos : That's impossible.
King Eurystheus: Do it! And come back!
Eleni : What would you /possibly/ do with Cerberus?
Eleni : Apart from get eaten by it.
Telemachus : all this "respect the gods" stuff and now you want me to rob one of them.
Kataramene : Which is reason enough to bring it, if you ask me.
King Eurystheus: That's... *looks at the priest* That's not your concern!
Polytropos : *a little dumbfounded.*
King Eurystheus: You have your task! Go, go!
Telemachus : Yeah It'll be your concern when hades comes looking for his dog and you've got it.
King Eurystheus: *sits down, breathing heavily*
Telemachus : I'll be back.
Polytropos : Nothing else in the whole world you want?
Leonidas : *shrugs* His problem then.
Eleni : I also rather wonder what happens to the underworld without its guard dog..
King Eurystheus: *looks pleadingly at the priest*
Polytropos : Giant... three-headed dog.
Eleni : You'd think the gods would be /very/ upset.
Warrior Priest of Hera: Offers reassurances.
Eleni : But I suppose we shall see...
Eleni : We know whose idea it was, after all.
Kataramene : *stomps off*
Leonidas : Yeah listen to your priest, he's been so reliable thus far, eh?
Telemachus : *kicks door open*
Kataramene : Bloody sodding git.
Polytropos : I've got nothing.
Telemachus : The man is a complete and utter fool.
Damian : And like most fools, his day of reckoning will come soon enough.
Eleni : Only a matter of time before he tries to nibble one of those apples.
Kataramene : Damn sure I want a way to just shove the dog through the door and let it loose on them.
Polytropos : That's a long way...
Polytropos : Either we get a boat and sail round to Kythera
Kataramene : Boat has to be quicker, doesn't it?

Lazyzeus : You head out of the city. It's midmorning by the time you see another living soul on the road; the familiar outline of the crossroads market between Tiryns and Argos.

Andreas Appolodorus: Hello.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah! Here's our best customers! Welcome, Welcome!
Kataramene : Oh hello.
Polytropos : Or we'd have to go by Sparta...
Kataramene : Oh!
Polytropos : ... look!
Leonidas : depending on the weather and landing places.
Iolaus: Ah! I've... *Breathing heavily* I've been looking all over for you!
Telemachus : Iolaus!
Damian : So now you show?
Iolaus: What?
Telemachus : We've been stomping accross half the bloody world
Kataramene : We've been all over, so I don't know how you missed us.
Iolaus: You all vanished from Greece, as far as I could tell!
Polytropos : Please, please give good news.
Eleni : You could have just waited at Tiryns or Argos.
Telemachus : We just brought back the apples of the Hesperidies.
Iolaus: I've run between those cities a dozen times in the last month!
Eleni : /Eleven/ labors in all, thank you very much.
Kataramene : And /now/ he wants Cerebus.
Telemachus : Yeah we've got a house you know, and servants, they can take messages...
Iolaus: Apples? Those apples? Really?
Telemachus : Yes those.
Polytropos : Enough, everyone!
Polytropos : What did you want, Iolaus?
Iolaus: Cerberus? The hound of Hades?
Damian : *waves a hand* What news, Iolaus?
Iolaus: But that's impossible.
Iolaus: I have news!
Telemachus : *lists all the stuff they've had to do so far*
Eleni : Are you aware of a different cerberus?
Eleni : *Rather miffed*
Kataramene : Yes, but Heracles has worked miracles in solving them so far. *somewhat bitter, perhaps*
Telemachus : What's the news?
Eleni : Oh, it /better/ be good news.
Iolaus: No it's... it's a trap! Mortals cannot enter the Underworld without special dispensation from the gods!
Iolaus: I found Heracles! I think.
Kataramene : Right.
Eleni : You think.
Kataramene : Where?
Telemachus : You think? I would have thought he'd be hard to miss
Iolaus: Well, I've narrowed it down. I've spoken to a hundred people, if not more.
Kataramene : Only a hundred? *flippancy mounting*
Eleni : I hope they weren't a hundred /random/ people.
Iolaus: Someone's holding him. In Argos. It has to be Argos.
Kataramene : ...
Iolaus: I've been all over the city... but I couldn't find him.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Kataramene : What? You're serious?
Eleni : *Frowns*
Iolaus: I figured, it's your city, perhaps you would have some idea!
Polytropos : The...
Eleni : How can you be sure?
Polytropos : ... the Temple?
Kataramene : WHAT?!
Telemachus : For the love of..
Damian : Hera is the one that's angry with him.
Eleni : That would be my first guess, but... how do you even know he's supposed to be in Argos?
Iolaus: I tried to get in there, but those priests have damned good eyes.
Polytropos : It's a Temple of Hera.
Telemachus : We can ask the council, but yes, the temple of hera is probably high up the list.
Iolaus: I tracked his movements. He's very friendly, helps eveyone he meets.
Kataramene : *turns looking for something to kick, and settles on booting a stone into the distance, slamming her sword on her shield*
Polytropos : Who else would be mad enough to hold him prisoner?
Polytropos : Oop.
Iolaus: The last person to see him was at the gates of Argos.
Polytropos : *pat on shoulder.*
Eleni : That doesn't mean he wasn't whisked away elsewhere...
Kataramene : Oh ... oh .... you know ... *growling*
Iolaus: The priests know me now. I'm afraid I sort of, ah, beat up a priest, the last time I was there.
Polytropos : We got in there, once. We begged a favour.
Telemachus : They know us too. One of them brought me back from the dead.
Iolaus: That's the only place he could be! Unless some god transported him away. Not that I'd put that past Hera, but Zeus would never...
Iolaus: Hmm, that seems a bit extreme. Being dead, that is.
Kataramene : *breathing deeply* Right.
Polytropos : It's a place she could hide him from any other god?
Eleni : No wonder you and your cousin get into this sort of trouble.
Iolaus: I don't know, but I imagine you could find out!
Eleni : But where /we/ couldn't hide from /her/.
Telemachus : It happens in this line of work, when you're not a demi god.
Kataramene : We'd been avoiding the place because of the chances of being spotted in the deceit.
Iolaus: If you revealed Hera's trickery, out in the open, then Zeus would prevent her from interferring!
Damian : We haven't exactly been hiding from her anyway, El.
Eleni : She's already tried to kill us a few times, true.
Polytropos : Well, it's on the way.
Iolaus: I know it's much to ask... but if he's there... they must have found some way to contain him, which is hard to do.
Polytropos : Surely we can pull something. Everyone there knows us as the Heroes of Argos, not Heracles and Company.
Damian : If it saves us a trip to the Underworld, I'm all for it.
Leonidas : So we free herakles and let him do the final task himself, being he's a demigod he could go into hades and back.
Kataramene : If he really /is/ there.
Iolaus: Sure! And Eurystheus would not be able to complain!
Iolaus: Since Hera lied to him as well!
Iolaus: We're close, I know we are!
Polytropos : Don't mind us. *to Euthydemus*
Damian : Of course she did.
Eleni : *Sighs*
Eleni : I hope you're right...
Iolaus: To Argos!
Polytropos : Maybe we can give them some land, or... something...
Kataramene : All this because her husband has a wandering eye.
Polytropos : ... and maybe Eris's prank will keep her busy right now.
Iolaus: If you had to punch a priest in the face... that would be okay with me.
Eleni : Ssh.
Leonidas : Breaking into a temple is likely to be more profitable than breaking into hades as well.
Kataramene : *gives Pol a shush look*
Damian : Unless that prank involves us.
Eleni : If you knew half the trouble we've been through..
Kataramene : Half? I'd go tenth.
Eleni : I hope Heracles will be /very/ grateful.

Lazyzeus : Given your intent, you take the back way into the city, along the bluffside trail...

Polytropos : Home.
Telemachus : Maybe we can ask around, find out if there's been any new construction at the temple?
Kataramene : We should plan this carefully.
Iolaus: Can I hide out here? If anyone sees me, we may tip our hand.
Kataramene : Send Epistor out to make enquiries.
Eleni : I suppose.
Leonidas : Sure
Telemachus : You're welcome in our home, of course.
Polytropos : Our house is your house!
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : You've been here before.
Telemachus : City lends it to us.
Damian : *flops onto a bed*
Eleni : Hello, Epistor.
Kataramene : He didn't come inside.
Polytropos : Maybe we;ll give it back when they stop renovating the manor...
Eleni : Melina.
Eleni : *Reaches for the wine, direly in need of some*
Polytropos : Hello, hello!
Telemachus : Epistor, may be introduce Iolaus.
Polytropos : Much appreciated.
Telemachus : *we
Kataramene : *does the same and sinks the glass before taking another*
Leonidas : *helps himself to some drink*
Melina: We never know when you're going to arrive so I try to keep some to hand at all times
Kataramene : Also, for the time being we are still "not home". Understand?
Damian : *takes a glass of wine and sips it*
Epistor: Of course. DIscretion is the byword.
Eleni : Very thoughtful of you, Melina.
Telemachus : Hopefully we'll be able to back more often soon.
Kataramene : *looks at Melina* You too.
Melina: *blushes*
Eleni : Yes. May be we could have Heracles do all of /our/ heroics for a whole year, then.
Kataramene : *gives her a seemingly suspicious look*
Epistor: Some machination at work, Masters? I do love a good plot.
Damian : You'd be bored within a week, El.
Telemachus : Thank you Melina that will be all.
Melina: *bows*
Eleni : I don't know about that. I could finalyl catch up on my reading!
Kataramene : Yes. You can help us too.
Epistor: Go to your quarters, girl.
Eleni : Maybe get started on that scrying pool...
Damian : There is that.
Eleni : Visit the library of Ra-Kedet! Not die for a while!
Eleni : You know, the good life.
Kataramene : Good idea, Eleni, but in the meantime we need all the news you can gather concerning the Temple of Hera, Epistor.
Polytropos : Mmm!
Epistor: Hmmm, I see.
Telemachus : specifically new construction, or talk of a prisoner.
Leonidas : And more specifically what you know of the floor plans.
Damian : *raises his glass* I'll drink to that, El.
Kataramene : And some unfamiliar clothes for all of us, particularly Pol and Leo. So they can go and have a nose around.
Eleni : I can provide invisibility spells.
Iolaus: You think that's wise? what if they're spotted?
Iolaus: Ah!
Eleni : But I can't guarantee the priests won't have some measure against that.
Iolaus: Good idea
Epistor: I will do what I can. The Temple is one of the most powerful institutions in Argos, we will have to be careful. Hera is the patron of Argos and Ligeia, though she has no formal rank, is the equal of a full councilor in influence.
Kataramene : Exactly. Unrecognisable as themself, and that.
Epistor: A pity we cannot wait until the Hekatombian festival. Though maybe some cowled hoods...
Kataramene : And that's why we are taking this carefully.
Damian : Put some clothing on Andreas and nobody would recognize him.
Polytropos : All we need to do is dress like Metics.
Eleni : Especially if you gave him a shave.
Iolaus: Hooded cowls sounds good
Epistor: Ah, good idea! I can secure Metic clothes without difficulty.
Epistor: And the cowls.
Telemachus : She may be powerful, but I doubt the priests build their own prisons or muck them out themselves.
Epistor: I will secure the information that you need as soon as possible!
Iolaus: Although the guards will be at higher alert, they usually are around festival time
Kataramene : Be careful thiough!
Kataramene : We don't want you implicated.
Damian : *looks at Aias* You'll have to stay here, my friend.
Damian : Though you could check on the village for us.
Kataramene : And we can't go into town.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

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Lazyzeus : We'll start at the villa, so you can rest at your leisure.
Eleni : I very much hope we have something approximating a plan.
Leonidas : Plan? Why start now? *laughs*
Eleni : Because I do not want to die. Again.
Epistor: Ah, masters!
Epistor: I have gotten the things you asked for.
Eleni : *Sighs* Thank you, Epistor.
Leonidas : Nymphs?
Epistor: Some dark clothes and hoods.
Epistor: Three sets.
Epistor: The temple of Hera has only the one main entrance. There are no back doors or delivery gates.
Epistor: It's built like a fortress, really. Very odd, never considered it before.
Eleni : That's very curious.
Eleni : It also suggests they had to bring him in by the front door.
Kataramene : So we need a plan to get in through that front door with as little fuss as possible.
Leonidas : Any sewers running beneath or nearby?
Epistor: That I was not able to find out. I would imagine so.
Eleni : How welcoming are they to worshippers?
Eleni : ...I can't say I've ever stopped by to pray.
Leonidas : I can't imagine a fortress with only one way in and out; the sewer would provide the most logical place for a secret bolt hole.
Kataramene : Last time I was there was for Tel and his little problem.
Epistor: They welcome all who wish to offer homage. Hera is the city's patron goddess, of course.
Polytropos : ... sewer...?
Damian : *snorts* Or not so little.
Epistor: Perhaps you are right, sir, but I am afraid my knowledge of sewers is quite limited.
Leonidas : well, if you know of some entrances, we can go exploring ourselves.
Iolaus: Maybe they brought Herc in during the night.
Eleni : Probably, Iolaus.
Kataramene : Could have happened.
Epistor: The temple never closes, but according to my sources they secure the inner doors with spells after midnight.
Damian : If they have him, they wouldn't want anybody else to know about it.
Polytropos : Pff! 'Spells'.
Eleni : I might be able to dispell such wards.
Leonidas : You could enter normally during the day mingled with other worshippers I imagine.
Kataramene : Anyone in there alone is going to be in trouble.
Leonidas : Then Eleni might be able to screen such folks with her spells in discrete spots to allow exploring?
Polytropos : How many of those metic robes do we have?
Eleni : It would not be good for one of us to be trapped inside the inner sanctum, no.
Epistor: I was able to secure three sets, master.
Kataramene : Though ... it had occurred to me that one of those scrolls for if people go beyond might be useful, we could go to see if they make the available as an excuse?
Polytropos : Three, hm.
Epistor: Um... have you considered, masters, the, ah, diplomatic effects that might result if you are detected?
Eleni : Oh, yes, we are /quite/ aware.
Kataramene : Yes. Definitely.
Kataramene : We have to plan for that too.
Iolaus: If they've captured Heracles, then they deserve what they get, as far as I'm concerned.
Leonidas : Yeah less disasterous than visiting hades in pursuit of that dog though.
Eleni : /Ideally/ our identities will not be compromised.
Polytropos : I reckon three of us could get in, find somewhere to hide until night, then help the rest of us get in without being noticed. From there, we can 'adapt to changing circumstance'.
Eleni : You're not the one who has to worry about living in this city when this is all over, Iolaus.
Telemachus : We do have to live here Iolaus...
Kataramene : It's the best plan we have so far.
Iolaus: Well, if you can prove that the priests of Hera were involved in a crime...
Polytropos : Ooo, that works.
Epistor: There is one priest who remains on watch at the front steps of the temple. He runs the store for petitioners.
Damian : Sanctioned by their Goddess though.
Eleni : Wouldn't capturing Heracles suffice?
Kataramene : To do that we need proof, which meands going inside.
Leonidas : I'm not sure that breeching their wards at night would be smart, that sorta thing might trigger all sorts of alarms.
Eleni : That brings up a question, though...
Eleni : /How/ are they keeping Heracles there?
Iolaus: I wondered that as well.
Eleni : He's the strongest man alive. A normal cell is hardly going to hold him.
Eleni : There must be some sort of magic keeping him there.
Leonidas : Maybe they threatened his family?
Iolaus: I mean, he's half-god. I've seen him bust out of places that looked tougher than that temple.
Polytropos : Could be anything. Drugged food, a solid blow to the head every hour...
Eleni : His family was /already/ threatened. They were to be killed if the Labors are not completed.
Kataramene : Nymphs. *rolls eyes*
Polytropos : ... ooo... could be...
Kataramene : *glare*
Damian : *glances at Pol* More than likely, they have spells to keep him confined.
Eleni : *Rubs forehead* Gods, I hope he's not /that/ stupid...
Polytropos : *'what?' whrug.*
Eleni : Well, I'm the one most likely to be able to do something about any magical bonds.
Kataramene : First things first, does anyone know we are here?
Kataramene : And if so, are we better pretending to leave and come back?
Leonidas : I suggest checking the sewer option, we can do that fairly simply I'd think.
Kataramene : I didn't even know the city /had/ sewers.
Damian : *nods* Good idea, Leo. We'll also need to find some place for those of us not going inside to wait until nightfall.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Iolaus: If you need someone to create a distraction at the temple steps, I can do that. Can get you past the first guy, anyway.
Kataramene : Not a bad suggestion. Someone can go for a look around to see if there is a sewer too.
Eleni : Hm. Perhaps.
Kataramene : We don't want them to know anyone thinks Heracles is there, though.
Damian : Just don't do anything stupid, Iolaus. The last thing we need is for you to be captured as well.
Leonidas : Think we should opt for the sewer approach first; if that doesn't pan out, consider a more direct approach through the front door.
Iolaus: They already know me, I'm afraid. I made myself a bit of a pest when I was searching the city.
Damian : Then I suggest we take Leo's route and you stay away from the temple. Your presence there may alert the priests that someone is looking for Heracles.
Kataramene : Right... then don't be seen leaving or returning here.
Eleni : Why don't you take a disguise and look into that, Leo? I don't think having all of us root around for sewer entrances would be a great idea.
Leonidas : I should be able to sneak around without any problems; I don't need a disguise.
Kataramene : It shouldn't take long to look for an entrance in the city, though if they're clever they may have a tunnel leading out of the city walls.
Telemachus : The temple is pretty close to the water, shouldn't be hard to find one if there is one.
Leonidas : Anyone with the powers to detect me isn't going to be fooled by such anyhow probably.
Eleni : Well, if you're /that/ confident in your abilities...
Leonidas : I am
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : ... wait, is it worth a look around outside the city for any possible entrance?
Kataramene : Like, you know, that one for the place in Egypt?
Leonidas : Outside entrances could be any place; like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Kataramene : But we wouldn't need to sneak to do it, so we could have a look. Just in case?
Eleni : That would probably cost us a day, at the least.
Leonidas : You could, but you might also be observed by farmer working the fields or shepherd and the like.
Leonidas : You also might be jumped by our fairy friends again in the outdoors; don't forget about them.
Kataramene : They don't know who we are, though, not really. Eleni might be right, though. ... and that.
Damian : *rolls eyes* I was hoping to forget about them.
Telemachus : Uhm, we've been working hard at making sure we get pretty well known around here..
Kataramene : Though.... might that little sod know where one was /if/ there was one?
Leonidas : Most of the city saw most of you fight in the arena, I'd say you're mostly well-known by now.
Eleni : Might who?
Iolaus: Mostly? *wry smile*
Polytropos : ... yeah, there's no Mostly about it.
Kataramene : The fairy.
Leonidas : Not all of us fought in the public displays.
Kataramene : Exactly, and ... oh never mind, if no one thinks it's worthwhile.
Kataramene : *humphs*
Eleni : Leo, Damian and I didn't, true.
Epistor: That hardly matters kind Sir, you're gulity by association now
Polytropos : They named a village after us, we're the Heroes of Argos™.
Eleni : But still.. I do try to be rather unforgetable.
Leonidas : could be; just saying you'd best be on your guard and perhaps wear some sorta disguise to pass unnoticed at a distance at least.
Damian : What Epistor said. Besides, El, you were their patron and I was their trainer, so we're still known associates of them.
Kataramene : That /was/ the idea.
Eleni : True.
Polytropos : ... alright, so... where are we at now?
Epistor: Trying to make up your minds?
Leonidas : Seems we have a sewer survey and outer walls survey?
Kataramene : Back to your plan, after Leo has tried to sniff out sewers.
Leonidas : Why not pursue both to save time?
Damian : Seems that way.
Kataramene : That was /also/ the idea.
Eleni : I'm not convinced that will be fruitful, myself, but I suppose we've left Heracles waiting for a few months already...
Eleni : What more can a day hurt?
Leonidas : Meet back here after say half a day?
Epistor: Forgive me for been imprudent, but is it always like this every time you go away somewhere? Its hardly surprising you're all gone so long each trip!
Telemachus : It's usually a lot less complicated.
Damian : The wonders of democracy, Epistor.
Telemachus : In someone elses city you can just kick the door in.
Kataramene : .... we're usually just expected to hit things. Or capture them.
Telemachus : can't really do that at home.
Damian : That too.
Eleni : You make it sound so easy, Kat.
Kataramene : It's gone nightfall already, shall we just do this looking?
Damian : That's usually what it boils down to, El.
Telemachus : It's not easy, but it is simple.
Eleni : I suppose. Disguises?
Kataramene : If we find nothing then it's back to the original plan.
Damian : The only complications are in the details.
Leonidas : *shrugs* I'm game to start immediately; not sure about those planning to poke around in the countryside.
Damian : I'd rather wait until first light to check the country side. Otherwise we may not see something sneaking up on us.
Polytropos : I'll watch the place, see if anyone comes and goes at night.
Kataramene : Cover up our armour as best we can and go out wandering. I don't think a tunnel could go far, if there was one, and it might be best to start by the sea.
Polytropos : *borrow*
Eleni : Hm-hm.
Damian : So no wearing the gold skull helmet? *grins*
Eleni : Preferably not.
Iolaus: Very fetching Poly
Polytropos : So unheroic!
Kataramene : So are we looking now or waiting until light?
Leonidas : I plan to head out now.
Polytropos : Likewise.
Eleni : Oh, you can bear it for now, Pol.
Eleni : It might be best to check around the country at night as well. We /can/ still be recognized pretty easily.
Kataramene : *looks* It's very un-you.
Polytropos : I know!
Polytropos : Anyway; I'll hope to see you soon.
Kataramene : I think we should too.
Damian : *shrugs* I'll get changed if we're heading out.
Polytropos : Meet back here for the plan.
Epistor: Its a very passable disguise Sir
Polytropos : Thank you, Epistor! I think.
Eleni : Excuse me.
Kataramene : Going to put something less shiny on over this armour.
Damian : Good idea, Kat. You do stand out.
Leonidas : I'm off to check for sewer access, be back in a few hours.
Telemachus : I think I'll carry mine bundled up..
Damian : Be careful, leo.
Leonidas : Always am!
Leonidas : *laughs*
Damian : *leans on staff* How do we get ourselves into these situations, Tel?
Telemachus : Most of them come looking for us.
Kataramene : *comes out with a robe stretched over the armour*
Damian : I guess you're right.
Telemachus : and we don't have the sense to run away *grins*
Kataramene : *pulls up the hood she totally has on the back of this cloak*

Leonidas : *carefully checks around the exterior of the Temple of Hera for potential access points*

Kataramene : Alright, let's head out the back way.
Eleni : *Changed into something less sorceress-y and removed all of her piercings and cosmetics. Sort of goes against the whole trying-real-hard-to-look-exotic thing, but hey*
Eleni : Let's.
Damian : Lead on.
Polytropos : *sneak sneak look*
Kataramene : In the meantime, could you get some supplies sent up to the villa, Epistor? In case we have to run for it?
Damian : Go ahead, Epistor.

Kataramene : We're .... spooning!
Kataramene : Romancing in the moonlight, whatever.
Eleni : ...I feel like I just caught half of a very strange conversation.
Damian : *scratches head* Good thing Pol's not here.
Eleni : You were what?
Polytropos : *settles in a shadow to watch the temple.*
Kataramene : Epistor said an excuse would be good, and I thought some of the men were coming?
Eleni : Wee-ell. We do make two and two, I suppose.
Eleni : Assuming they get their behinds out here sometime soon.
Damian : Sorry, did we miss something?
Eleni : Ah! There you are.
Eleni : No, no. Nothing at all!
Kataramene : I don't fancy yours much.
Damian : Does somebody have a light on?
Telemachus : Sorry. I forget it's there.
Kataramene : *heads off to get outside the walls and wander - hopefully with some direction - around looking for tunnels*
Damian : No worries.
Eleni : *Follows along*
Telemachus : *likewise, trying to keep an eye out*
Damian : *follows along, looking at the stars*
Lazyzeus : You conduct a circuit around the city.
Kataramene : You know, how do you recognise a hidden tunnel?
Kataramene : When it's hidden, I mean.
Damian : *shrugs* It looks hidden? *grins*
Telemachus : maybe the grass on top of it will be a differnt colour
Eleni : Look really, really closely, I suppose...
Kataramene : *hushed*Anyone see anything?
Damian : *w* Just look for anything that looks different.

Lazyzeus : Unfortunately, those on patrol do not find any hidden entrances into the city, other than the door that leads into the city near the quarry.

Eleni : *Sighs* I thought as much.
Telemachus : *shrugs*
Kataramene : So much for that plan. Is there a way in through the quarry at all?
Damian : *shrugs* It's still a beautiful night for a walk.
Polytropos : *tries not to fidget during his vigil.*
Eleni : We shouldn't go back in through the main gate, I don't think.
Telemachus : Alright, back the way we came then..
Kataramene : Is the quarry worth a check, though?
Damian : Might be unless guards are posted after what happened there.
Eleni : I don't recall anything of particular interest there.
Kataramene : Pah.
Kataramene : So that was a waste of time.
Eleni : Maybe Leo and Pol had better luck.
Telemachus : It was worth looking.
Kataramene : We can but hope.
Telemachus : lets hope so, or we're going to be down to simply bluffing our way in.
Kataramene : Like /that/ will go well.
Damian : Don't look at me, El has the silver tongue.
Telemachus : This cloak and dagger crap is not my strong suit.
Kataramene : *gets out of the armour properly*
Eleni : There won't be much talking our way into things, I think.
Eleni : The high priestess would recognize us even in disguises.
Telemachus : Maybe we could sneak over the walls?
Kataramene : Nor out of.
Damian : True. You can only charm one person at a time, right?
Kataramene : What walls? It's just a big building.
Telemachus : Well through the roof?
Telemachus : it's kind of a pyramidy thing isn't it?
Eleni : I /definitely/ don't like my chances of putting a charm on a high priestess.
Telemachus : There are windows though right?
Kataramene : You're back.
Damian : Let's wait until Leo and Pol come back before we decide on anything else.
Eleni : Large enough to squeeze through? And in the inner sanctum?
Kataramene : Any luck?
Eleni : I know, we we're just thinking aloud.
Eleni : I see you're making yourself at home, Iolaus...
Polytropos : No, saw no-one come near the legs at night.
Polytropos : Temple. TEMPLE at night.
Kataramene : *sniffs a little and grins*
Eleni : *Chuckles*
Telemachus : One of the many things we stand to lose if we fall out with the city council.

Leonidas : Well there's good news and bad news....
Kataramene : There's no sewer.
Iolaus: It is quite risky...no question about that
Leonidas : No, there is a sewer.
Damian : What legs?
Kataramene : Which would be good to not have to go in and bad that we have that option gone, yes.
Eleni : *Waves away Damian's question* Whose do you think, silly?
Leonidas : However the grate is set in the stone and I couldn't manage to lever it open.
Damian : If it's Pol, I know who's. Anyway, what's the news, Leo?
Leonidas : Also it the grate is too small for most of you warrior sorts in your kit.
Eleni : Ugh. That sounds all /kinds/ of uncomfortable.
Telemachus : Well, we might be able to get it open for you, and the smaller people can slip inside?
Eleni : Do we even know where it leads? If it's not inside the inner doors, it doesn't do us much good.
Polytropos : I suppose we are front-door kind of people, when you get down to it.
Damian : That's usually the best way in and out, Pol.
Kataramene : So what we need is a reason to be inside.
Leonidas : The grate is on the side of the temple so not within direct line of sight and hearing of the priest on duty in the front.
Leonidas : the pipe seems to lead straight into the temple from what I could see.
Eleni : I might be able to... melt it down, I suppose. If we can't get it open otherwise.
Kataramene : Are you thinking some could sneak in and try to get the place open?
Leonidas : It's very basic system of straight drains, not a maze I imagine.
Leonidas : The bars are bronze, so whatever magic you have that might melt those would work.
Polytropos : Yeah, but... sewer...
Leonidas : However, that would leave a pretty clear sign of entrance, unless we rigged up a dummy grate to fit over it.
Eleni : I could try. But it was mentioned that the inner doors are locked only at night, and then with magic wards, no?
Eleni : True. But ideally, we would do this /quickly/.
Iolaus: Locked _and_ guarded.
Leonidas : I'd rather take an extra day or two to prepare, than rush in and fail fantastically.
Damian : Any ideas, Iolaus?
Kataramene : We're going round and round the only option being that.
Telemachus : You know what, going in during the day as worshipers and then letting some of us get "seperated" from the group is starting to seem like a better idea.
Eleni : Guarded. That makse it trickier.
Eleni : Are there guards watching the doors during the day?
Eleni : If we can get a distraction, then the sewer might make a better way /out/.
Iolaus: If you're going to do the sneak approach, I'd say tonight is the best bet. Hard to keep hidden that you've returned to the city. If you're going for the frontal assault, you could try in the morning.
Damian : I'd rather not kill anybody ifwe can avoid it.
Eleni : Agreed.
Kataramene : As the sneak approach might turn into a full frontal assault anyway, we might as well try that.
Iolaus: They'll certainly have guards at the front; as for this drain pipe, who knows.
Telemachus : Maybe if we knock on the door and ask very politley "Can we have our demi-god back please?" they'll give him to us. *sigh*
Eleni : Is the idea for /all/ of us to get in that way, then?
Iolaus: But you warriors would have to leave your armor and shields, if you tried to get in that way.
Iolaus: *shrugs* If Heracles were here... well, I'll defer to whatver plan you support.
Damian : I have some laminaria kelp leaves I could ask the priests to examine to tell me what properties they have. That could be an excuse to not be with the rest of the petitioners.
Telemachus : Oh I've got a tonne of that crap.
Damian : I can also use more kits.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : Oh, that reminds me...
Polytropos : We've all got holy things we can inviegle our way in as tribute or something.
Kataramene : Can we do a vigil to ask for forgiveness?
Polytropos : Heh.. 'inviegle'.
Eleni : You weren't there at the crossroads, were you?
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food and drink and takes a seat to enjoy it*
Damian : *holds out some red fern fronds* Think these may work?
Leonidas : *listens*
Damian : I think I was busy with something else.
Kataramene : Tribute and a vigil then? To get us inside?
Kataramene : You know, like, "It's nothing personal, and we want to ask before we go to get Cerberus"?
Eleni : We sold a few things. I don't think you got your share.
Telemachus : They let just anyone in during the day anyway.
Iolaus: *yawns* Well, it's after midnight, so if we're not sneaking, then we'll have to wait for morning.
Damian : *shrugs* Leo's better at this than I am.
Eleni : They would keep a close eye on us if we do as you suggest, Kat.
Leonidas : *drinks*
Kataramene : Can some sneak in and hide, and the rest go in the obvious way in the morning?
Telemachus : Maybe if we all went in together, only some of us were hidden with magic.
Polytropos : The more of us go in together, the better, if we're going with the crowd thing.
Eleni : I can't keep us hiden for /hours/. We'd have to get inside fairly quickly.
Damian : Better to just hide Pol and Leo while the rest of us go in as petitioners.
Telemachus : Yes, of course. but if some were hidden they could follow the group and seperate once we got deep enough inside?
Kataramene : Well as some of us aren't going to be a lot of use without our armour and shields there's no point to us sneaking in, so unless those who do can give us an advantage when the rest get there then no reason to bother.
Eleni : I'm still not clear how exactly we /get/ deep enough inside.
Polytropos : We... just ask to... go in...?
Eleni : Into the inner sanctum?
Polytropos : To... pray and give gifts and stuff.
Polytropos : Oh, that.
Telemachus : You were going to offer tribute or something? you said they'd watch us.
Eleni : That's the place that's actually /guarded/.
Iolaus: If they do have Heracles imprisoned somewhere inside, I doubt they'll let you anywhere near him, not willingly.
Damian : If our items stump the priests, they may give us access to the high priestess.
Eleni : Yes, they might call her over.
Telemachus : well, if they're watching us, they wouldn't be watching for the couple of invisible people.
Eleni : Not escort us to her chambers.
Polytropos : I was thinking that we'd just all get inside then figure out how to get into the guarded bit on the fly.
Damian : That should allow Pol and Leo to slip in without her noticing.
Telemachus : heh. someone can feign a heart attack if it comes to it.
Kataramene : Okay, we're running out of options so let's go with that.
Eleni : Iolaus did say he was willing to cause a distraction...
Kataramene : All go in the morning.
Iolaus: Indeed. I'm good at being a pest.
Kataramene : Pol and Leo as hidden as possible.
Telemachus : Yeah... Maybe a big enough distraction, once we're already inside..
Kataramene : The rest of us in supplication.
Damian : No need to tip our hand before then.
Iolaus: But they do know me, and know that I'm a friend of Heracles. If they see me, they may be forewarned.
Eleni : True.
Kataramene : Yes, you'd better stay here, or go out to the villa as we'll likely have to head there.
Telemachus : They'll probably assume you're alone though? you have been so far
Iolaus: *yawns again, deeply* If you're going to wait for morning, can you spare a bed?
Polytropos : Let's sleep, and hope for inspiration!
Kataramene : Mmm.
Damian : Sure. Follow me.
Telemachus : We wouldn't let a guest sleep on the floor.
Eleni : Of course.
Damian : Take your pick.
Kataramene : Rest then, I suppose.
Damian : No worries there.
Eleni : I suppose.
Polytropos : *murmur, nod.*
Eleni : ...*Cough* Good night.
Kataramene : *smile murmur nod back*
Damian : *climbs into a bed*
Kataramene : *goes gets sleep - eventually*
Leonidas : *sleeps soundly after consuming a fair amount of wine*

Lazyzeus : The dawn approaches-- swiftly, for those asleep, slowly, for those still plotting.

Eleni : ...morning!
Eleni : I guess we're not going with disguises, then.
Leonidas : *grunts and rolls over*
Kataramene : *yawn, rubs eyes* Morning.
Kataramene : Not sure they'd help with this plan.
Eleni : I suppose not.
Kataramene : What are we going to offer in tribute?
Eleni : Hm, I don't know...
Eleni : I still have the leaf of the Hesperides?
Kataramene : Oh, that might work?
Eleni : I suppose it's not much use to us now.
Kataramene : I've a fair bit of coin, I wonder if any of the guards can be bribed at all?
Eleni : It might not be worth the risk to try.
Eleni : These are /temple/ guards, not some obnoxious nobleman's poorly paid servants.
Kataramene : I suppose...
Telemachus : There are bigger lies we can tell too, like we're thinking of getting a shrine in the village and would like to talk to someone about getting the ground consecrated.
Eleni : Are we sure we don't want to try this by attracting less attention?
Leonidas : that would be my suggestion as well.
Eleni : If the plan is to sneak in after a distraction, I mean...
Leonidas : blend in rather than stand out.
Telemachus : *shrug* just a thought.
Kataramene : We can try.
Kataramene : Just not sure how successful it's going to be.
Telemachus : never hurts to have a plan beta
Leonidas : You could create a distaction by setting loose something in the crowded temple.
Eleni : Perhaps we can just sent in a few of us, to see how it looks inside.
Kataramene : Arrive in ones and twos you mean?
Leonidas : Yeah
Polytropos : Just walk in like we know what we're doing.
Leonidas : With all the other daily visitors
Polytropos : The man at the door won't stop us, he's a temple salesman.
Polytropos : As long as we make it clear by our walk that we don't need to talk to him, we've got this.
Eleni : /He's/ not a hurdle.
Polytropos : Absolutely!
Telemachus : Right, so we're to walk past him rather than jump over him. Got it.
Kataramene : Mmm.
Polytropos : Once we're in, we can get an idea of the layout of the place and from there, it might be obvious what we need to do.
Kataramene : May as well go then? Damian can be one of the last to arrive when he catches up.
Kataramene : Are Leo and Pol going to be hidden?
Telemachus : How are we wanting to get out again?
Telemachus : Assuming we get Heracles, what do we do next?
Eleni : We might be able to locate the sewer exit.
Eleni : But hopefully, once we have Heracles, nobdy will be of a mind to stop us.
Telemachus : I've heard he's a pretty big guy..
Kataramene : Which some of us won't be able to use without leaving armour behind.
Eleni : ...assuming the big idiot will be awake.
Leonidas : I'm planning to sneak in amidst the crowd.
Leonidas : if we're going in the front door?
Telemachus : i don't exactly fancy squeezing down a sewer myself..
Eleni : You and Pol could go first. See how it looks.
Polytropos : Let's do it. Let's give it a try. Let's just walk in, now.
Kataramene : *nods at Pol*
Polytropos : Hoods up, heads down, bearing stuff.
Telemachus : but yeah, once we get him, what do we do?
Polytropos : I say, run.
Damian : Hope he can bust us out?
Telemachus : go and see the city council immidiatly and explain?
Polytropos : Just run for the door and don't look back.
Telemachus : just head for the hills?
Leonidas : Might want to have some spare gear for him to use on the way out.
Kataramene : Can try the Council.
Polytropos : Or, give him a cloak and- yes.
Telemachus : And hope that nobody realises it's us?
Eleni : Oh, this approach means they'll /definitely/ know it was us.
Kataramene : I've spare armour in that easy carry bag.
Epistor: Perhaps a spare one of these might be in order?
Telemachus : yeah.. maybe we can sneak him out
Polytropos : Absolutely!
Polytropos : Let's do it.
Leonidas : Sorta doubt that'll happen, but who knows?
Telemachus : if nobody notices that the robes barely cover his knees.
Eleni : They're very optimistic, aren't they?
Kataramene : Mmm....
Polytropos : I've got a good feeling about this.
Eleni : Well. Pol is, at least.
Kataramene : He's like that...
Damian : I'm glad you do, Pol, because I don't.
Polytropos : If you *believe* somwething will happen, it will happen!
Eleni : *Smiles* Put kindly, yes.
Polytropos : Uh, I wouldn't go in armor...
Polytropos : I mean, you can, but...

Leonidas : *waits for a crowd of visitors to mingle in with*

Kataramene : ... right.
Polytropos : Hm.
Kataramene : Give me a minute.
Damian : The front door's on the other side, isn't it?
Polytropos : Alright, then, in ones and twos...
Eleni : ...there is only a front door.
Telemachus : .. this is the council building.
Damian : Right.
Telemachus : The temple is over there.
Telemachus : *sighs, shakes head*
Damian : *takes out a kelp leave* Excuse me, could you tell me what properties this may have?
Damian : *leaf
Wealthy Woman: Oh, goddess, please make sure my husband never finds out...
Telemachus : Shall we?
Kataramene : *buys a scroll without talking much*
Eleni : I suppose.
Slave: *looks bored*
Polytropos : *smiles under his hood.*
Damian : Ah. Anything else?
Damian : Thank you for your time.
Leonidas : *watches and listens from the shadows of a column*
Eleni : *Looks down, at the grate*
Kataramene : *tries to hold the cloak concealing the bulk of armour under the robe as best she can*
Eleni : ...if this was our other entrance, it wasn't going to help much.
Priestess of Hera: Bless you, child.
Kataramene : *looks* No....
Kataramene : *kneels, head bowed*
Priestess of Hera: *frowns at the arrivees* come come....the mats are for praying on, not the bare floor!
Eleni : *Eyes dart to the priestess for a moment*
Kataramene : *gets up and moves as instructed*
Priestess of Hera: *points to the idle mat*
Polytropos : *watches...*
Priest of Hera: The inner sanctum is private, child.
Kataramene : *casts eyes around occasionally, looking over her shoulder at the curtain behind her*
Slave: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Damian : *watches the slave out of the corner of his eye*
Priestess of Hera: Your master should have better informed you child
Wealthy Woman: Melene? Where are you?
Slave: Oh, here, mistress!
Wealthy Woman: I wish to go now. The odour here has become rather too... common, for my tastes.
Slave: *pleas* So sorry Mistress!
Slave: Yes Mistress
Wealthy Woman: Come along then.
Damian : *w* Shame I don't have a bucket.
Kataramene : *a palpable air of huffiness and grinding of teeth*
Polytropos : *edges over to the remaining citizen.*
Priest of Hera: *whispers something quietly to the priestess*
Eleni : *Thoughtful look, head still bowed*
Kataramene : *sideways look at the two, and a half concealed glance through the curtain as it moves*
Polytropos : *mumbles, in the Citizen's hearing.* O Hera, I seek relief from my maladies... the rolling around in my filth and that of my wife that I so love will cost me my job... my lust for my goat herd will soon drive her away, too...

Iolaus : Well, I'm not leaving until I talk to her! Or him! Or any of them!
Damian : *w to El* I still have that amulet of Hera. Do you think that would help here?
Kataramene : *glances over at the others having taken that look*
Priest of Hera : Sir! If you please!
Priestess of Hera: *turns to look at something behind her*
Iolaus : Git yer filthy hands off me!
Eleni : *w* I don't kn...
Eleni : *Looks up*
Priest of Hera : Sir! Are you drunk?
Iolaus : S'what if I am! Not ILLEGAL, is it?
Priestess of Hera: *hears the commotion at the door*
Priest of Hera : Wait!
Kataramene : *watches the curtain*
Polytropos : *sidle sidle.*
Warrior Priest : Sir, you will have to step outside.
Iolaus : Do you know who I am?
Kataramene : *quickly nods her head at the curtain*
Iolaus : I'm ARES, you dirty...
Iolaus : Hey! Get your hands off me!
Eleni : *Notes the citizen and one priest still ooking the right way*
Polytropos : *sneak sneak.*
Iolaus : All right, I'm goin', I'm goin...
Kataramene : *low* This was guarded.
Eleni : He'll be back.
Polytropos : *peep*
Telemachus : Get it open
Damian : And soon.
Kataramene : Quick, quick.

Lazyzeus : Iolaus's shouts faded away behind you.

Eleni : I could cloak us all, now.
Kataramene : Eleni, make him invisible if he's there.
Damian : Good idea.
Leonidas : done
Eleni : It will only last so long, though.
Kataramene : I'll go back out.
Polytropos : Go, go.
Priestess of Hera : Hey! Where di the petitioners go?
Damian : let's hurrry then.
Eleni : Kat..
Telemachus : come on...
Kataramene : Hekp!
Eleni : *Inspects the curtain*

Warrior Priest : *sees the open doors* Intruders!
Eleni : Leo...?
Leonidas : ouch
Kataramene : *sligs the preistess from behind*
Warrior Priest : *looks around, blinks* I thought I saw...
Eleni : *Stands perfectly still....*
Warrior Priest : Hey! You there!
Warrior Priest : What are you doing there....
Damian : *cracks the priest on the back of the head with his staff*
Damian : Hurry!
Kataramene : *stands over the slugged priestess, if she goes down*
Eleni : There's something behind there, right?
Telemachus : *drags him behind a curtain*
Leonidas : curtain has some sorta ward on it I can't see or disarm
Eleni : I can try..
Leonidas : least the section I tried to pass thru did
Eleni : *Dispels*
Kataramene : *drags the priestess out*
Eleni : ...I'm not sure that had any effect.
Telemachus : *searches the priest for keys or wardstones*
Polytropos : *just... pushes the curtain aside.*
Eleni : Ah!
Leonidas : *checks his pockets for valuables*
Eleni : ...I guess that worked.
Eleni : Kat...? Everything alright back there?
Polytropos : Leo, going to need your fingers here...
Kataramene : *dumps the comatose priestess*
Eleni : Oh.
Damian : *shakes head*
Telemachus : ... yeah we did that too..
Kataramene : She was causing a fuss.
Eleni : Going about as well as we could hope for, I suppose.
Polytropos : *taps the wall fruitlessly*
Damian : Yep.
Polytropos : Psst! Leo! Over here, man.
Telemachus : Leo stop robbing people and open the fucking door
Damian : *keeps an eye on the priest and priestess*
Polytropos : This wall feels weird, but I can't find anything loose.
Polytropos : Nice.
Eleni : Seems plenty loose now.
Polytropos : Drag those two in here quick.
Telemachus : *drag drag*
Damian : *grabs the priest's arms*
Kataramene : *ties the guard and priestess up to keep them still, and stuffs something in their mouths*
Leonidas : *checks priestess for any valuables while helping drag her in*
Eleni : *Keeps an eye on the way down*
Polytropos : *once they're in, pulls the curtain back across the open door.*
Damian : I could summon help if necessary.
Telemachus : No bears or tigers thanks
Polytropos : What happened to the third man?
Kataramene : Hurry.
Telemachus : this is not that kind of job..
Damian : Wasn't talking about them.
Telemachus : You don't know anyone else1
Damian : *grins* Shows how little you know, Tel.
Polytropos : Must they lock everything?
Eleni : Let's keep moving!
Leonidas : Looks clear.

Kataramene : Dammit, the other priest. Just move fast.
Telemachus : *w* priests
Ligeia : How dare you!
Eleni : ...well, so much for that.
Kataramene : Sod....
Damian : Of course.
Ligeia : You think we do not know what you are about? We serve the goddess you insult!
Warrior Priest : intruders!
Ligeia : She knows where your true allegiance lies!
Eleni : *Sighs*
Ligeia : You shall never have him!
Polytropos : We're here for Heracles. Give him up and this doesn't need to get any bloodier.
Ligeia : Mighty Hera! Aid us!
Kataramene : *rips off the robe*
Warrior Priest : death to the unbelievers!
Ligeia : Stop them!
Eleni : She's held!
Ligeia : No.... goddess! Save me!
Eleni : LEts try /not/ to kill her!
Telemachus : Just surrender!
Eleni : Blasted wall..
Polytropos : *dive*
Telemachus : Stupid woman..
Telemachus : whups
Polytropos : Hang on -
Polytropos : Ow!
Polytropos : Tel, it wasn't even locked!
Ligeia : You shall never have him!
Kataramene : This is!
Telemachus : the bars move together!
Kataramene : Open both!
Polytropos : ... damn.
Eleni : Did she...?
Eleni : Gods. Just wonderful.

Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : A magic prison?
Leonidas : look out for the crystals I reckon
Polytropos : Aha!
Eleni : Seems so.
Eleni : Your saviours.
Kataramene : Break the crystaks?
Damian : See? I told you.
Eleni : And you had /better/ be grateful.
Telemachus : Morning.
Eleni : Why is your first instinct always to smash things?
Kataramene : Because it works?
Eleni : *Inspects the crystals, cautiously*
Telemachus : He's not even that much taller than me. "I thought you'd be bigger" indeed.
Eleni : Right up until it gets you killed.
Polytropos : Iolaus, and... Iolaus.
Telemachus : Iolaus.
Damian : Time for questions later. For now, how do we get you out of here?
Telemachus : We've been doing your tasks for you
Eleni : Tel over there has been pretending to /be/ you for months. Long story.
Polytropos : What's this crystal arrangement? Any ideas?
Polytropos : Damn.
Kataramene : We've five minutes or breaking becomes the option.
Damian : Hmm.
Polytropos : Alright, I'll keep an eye on the bridge for divine retribution.
Kataramene : ....
Eleni : *Sighs* This is /not/ my kind of magic.
Telemachus : The priestess had this rod thing. maybe it's a key?
Kataramene : Try it!
Damian : *hands some ambrosia to Heracles* Here, try this.
Leonidas : *keeps watch*
Eleni : Ugh. So that was what the gorgon's daughter was for.
Telemachus : *bops the nearest crystal with the rod*
Damian : And we're the Heroes of Argos, so don't believe that lying bitch.
Eleni : I can try simply dispelling it.
Kataramene : Well... we kind of did.
Eleni : No, I'm pretty sure we /did/ get her the poison.
Telemachus : *waits for something bad to happen*
Kataramene : We just didn't know what it was for at the time.
Eleni : Remember the favor we did, for ressurecting Tel?
Damian : Oh. Well, we didn't mean for it to be used on Heracles.
Kataramene : Very noble, but too late.
Eleni : That's very thoughtful of you, but we've come a /long/ way to find you.
Telemachus : Just killed half a dozen priests getting here, we're not leaving empty handed.
Kataramene : Tel, try the gate of the cage.
Eleni : Damian, do you think you could figure out these crystals any more than me?
Damian : *looks at the crystales* Hmm...could the color be the type of magic they hold? Yellow for divine, blue for ice, red for fire, and green for acid?
Telemachus : We did *try* sneaking, and then we gave them lots of time to surrender..
Eleni : It wasn't our first choice, believe me.
Telemachus : Here, see if this does anything...
Kataramene : Hurting priests never goes well, but we were provoked. If you call sending a chimera at us provoked.
Eleni : I tried to capture Ligeia alive, but...
Kataramene : Admittedly we were in their inner /inner/ sanctum by then, but still.
Eleni : Yes, yes.. shall I just try dispelling the magic on these - ow!
Damian : *picks up the rod* I can't use this.
Kataramene : Oww.....
Eleni : Who did that?!
Kataramene : He did!
Telemachus : .. was that the trap on the door?
Telemachus : Nice..
Eleni : Very clever!
Polytropos : We don't have a lot of time, how are we doing?
Eleni : That might not matter.
Eleni : Hmph.
Telemachus : let the water... thing.. hit the door, see if the trap's gone.
Kataramene : I don't think it has.
Eleni : Well? /Has/ your strength come back?
Polytropos : Can we break the yellow one?
Kataramene : We have to get rid of them.
Polytropos : Maybe not all of them.
Eleni : Well..
Kataramene : Look, this ring is good against a lot of elements, shall I try?
Eleni : *Offers Heracles a flower*
Eleni : ...did that help?
Telemachus : Do it.
Eleni : I do like to think so, yes.
Eleni : *Steps back*
Telemachus : Is anything happening?
Eleni : I don't doubt it.
Kataramene : Stand back....
Telemachus : stopp
Telemachus : stop

Eleni : Kat -
Eleni : Let me try -
Eleni : Or not!
Telemachus : let me get it
Eleni : Different approach!
Telemachus : If they're all like the other one.
Eleni : Maybe? Please?
Eleni : Let me try, at least.
Kataramene : Fire....
Polytropos : Just HURRY, don't ask.
Eleni : Oh, gods.
Heracles: Ah! Good magic!
Heracles: Another one!
Heracles: Help him!
Heracles: Yes, it's working... the lights!
Telemachus : *sigh*
Eleni : *ATtempts a dispel, but..*
Heracles: It's immune to fire!
Kataramene: Bandages did nothing to Polytropos because they are alive.
Heracles: Thank the gods!
Eleni : Damn it, Pol!
Heracles: Oh no!
Damian : I have him.
Polytropos : Glurk.
Eleni : *Sighs* Thank the gods... well. Some of them, anyway.
Heracles: It's too much! Leave me here... save yourselves!
Leonidas : the trap on the gate is beyond my skills
Telemachus : Still one more crystal.
Damian : Easy, Pol. You've had a nasty fall.
Telemachus : Bugger that for a game of soldiers.
Eleni : Do you think it's weakened enough to breach through?
Heracles: I tried to lure it off you...
Damian : I still have an ice storm.
Kataramene : We need the other crystal gone, and that's hard. Can one hit it then we run?
Telemachus : Just get ready to help with the last one.
Heracles: At least treat your wounds first!
Polytropos : Augh. We'd satill need to get the door down.
Eleni : I'm not sure we have much left.
Kataramene : One take the crystal, one the door, and then run?
Polytropos : Everything we have left, we put it onto this.
Lazyzeus : ooc Will break once the door is down! Didn't want to stop mid-fight...
Damian : I'll cast ice storm once the guardian is summoned.
Polytropos : Hurry!
Telemachus : Alright here we go...
Kataramene : Everyone get ou tof the way.
Polytropos : Orrrr not.
Heracles: Ah ha!
Damian : Huh.
Telemachus : hey.. no guardian.

Heracles: Well done!
Kataramene : ... well good. Run then!
Eleni : ...oh well.
Eleni : Let's run!
Heracles: Unless there is a titan waiting outside...
Leonidas : give him some gear?
Eleni : Please don't say that out loud!
Telemachus : I wouldn't be suprised.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:05 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the heroes had just rescued Heracles from a prison under the Temple of Hera, and were beating a hasty retreat...

Kataramene : So... to the Council or....?
Eleni : ...okay, I think I have JUST enough magic to make us all invisible.
Heracles: I agree, we should... make our exit swiftly.
Damian : We'll gain nothing by trying to hide our actions here.
Eleni : Did anyone see us apart from the guard who spooted Leo?
Polytropos : You think we can make it to the Council?
Andreas Appolodorus: I had to come find you....
Kataramene : A worshipper.
Leonidas : Spotted me?
Eleni : You remember. Pol had to knock him out.
Kataramene : The guard who chased you, and someone slugged.
Damian : so we should make haste to the council.
Andreas Appolodorus: Are you responsible for all the bodies I have seen so far?
Polytropos : Technically, no.
Telemachus : They didn't want to let herc go without a fight..
Damian : They didn't want to be reasonable, Andreas.
Kataramene : Well no, the two you passed are asleep.
Damian : I knocked one guard out.

Lazyzeus : The priests are not where you left them.

Kataramene : *swears*
Eleni : *Mutters*
Warrior Priest : We were ASSAULTED!
Eleni : I'm not sure if we can move past them as we are...
Iolaus: Where's Heracles?
Andreas Appolodorus: * look around trying to assess the situation *
Polytropos : Oh. Oh dear.
Eleni : We would have to be careful, and preferably fast.
Priestess of Hera: I don't know what you're talking about!
Kataramene : Stick to the wall.
Polytropos : Running, hm.
Iolaus: Heracles!
Eleni : *Sighs*
Leonidas : *watches*
Strato: Hold on, everyone stay where they are, until we get this figured out.
Warrior Priest: He's an imposter!
Polytropos : *sneak sneak*
Kataramene : *low to Pol* Throw something through there to make a noise.
Polytropos : *blinks as Heracles is revealed.*
Heracles: Yes, I... escaped.
Strato: How can you prove you're really Heracles?
Eleni : *Mumbles* Well, that's one way...
Heracles: *smashes the statue with a massive blow*
Iolaus: *looks on unbelieveable*
Strato: Ah, yes.
Warrior Priest: See! He's a heratic!
Iolaus: I can't believe you did that!
Kataramene : *low* Arrive at the back to help?
Heracles: At the moment, you're lucky I don't bring this whole temple down around you.
Priestess of Hera: Where are the rest of them?
Strato: Who?
Citizen: There was this warrior woman, and this woman in a robe, and these soldier-guys...
Strato: *rubs brow* Yes, hmm, I think I know who you are talking about...
Argosian Officer: Vontrol yourself citizen
Argosian Officer: Control*
Kataramene : *low* Can you get rid of this?
Iolaus: Look, it's clearly Heracles... he was being held captive by the priests of Hera!
Damian : *w* This should be interesting.
Lamachus: Where is the High Priestess! She should help sort this out.
Warrior Priest: They killed her!
Polytropos : *wince*
Strato: Is this true?
Eleni : *w* We could make a show out of entering the proper way, you mean? I could, but everyone's veils would wear off...
Heracles: Ah... *looks around* Unfortunately, I had to kill her while escaping. In self defense.
Citizen: *hides a scream with a hand in her mouth*
Iolaus: Heracles!
Eleni : *w* And I'm not sure where everyone IS.
Kataramene : *nods at Eleni*
Warrior Priest: See! He admits it!
Strato: Is there any proof of these allegations? Any evidence?
Priestess of Hera: This is outragous!
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * Here you are.
Heracles: Well, there is a big cell downstairs...
Strato: I was thinking of something more... specific.
Eleni : *w* How is everyone for making a big entrance?
Warrior Priest: *eyes travel to the inner curtain for a moment* They have no proof, because none exists!
Kataramene : *w* make a noise and march in.
Telemachus : *W* well someone turned me invisible so that's going to be hard.
Heracles: Search the temple!
Damian : *w* Fine by me, but we'll need to be visible.
Kataramene : *w* She can get rid of it.
Argosian Guard: *looks uncertain*
Eleni : *w* Outside, first. Don't want anyone spotting us popping out of the aether.
Kataramene : *w* Round the corner.
Argosian Officer: *seems undecided as to what to do*
Warrior Priest: Never! Lord Strato, I refuse to allow any more descration of this holy place! I demand that this... man be held in custody, and that these other co-conspirators be hunted down and put under immediate arrest!
Argosian Officer: *waves to the guards*
Polytropos : Gah, that does it. Not letting someone else take the fall!
Polytropos : Hey! Anyone hear me?
Eleni : *w* Do we have everyone...?
Kataramene : Just. Do it Eleni.
Priestess of Hera: My lords, I will remind you, that our goddess... the one descrated, is the patroness of this entire city!
Damian : I'm here.
Eleni : Alright!
Strato: *rubs brow, harder this time*
Polytropos : I'm invisible. Can someone sort that out?
Iolaus: *hisst*
Leonidas : *watches*
Andreas Appolodorus: I could punch someone.
Argosian Officer: Your under arrest Heracles.....I think
Iolaus: *hums to himself* Would be nice if someone could poke around the temple, maybe unseen, while everyone is busy...
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : ... huh...
Strato: What? Who are you talking to?
Iolaus: Ah, nobody!
Eleni : Where's Pol and Leo...?
Argosian Officer: *looks around puzzled*
Kataramene : This is enough of us to make an entrance.
Eleni : Fair enough.
Kataramene : What's gong on?!
Eleni : *Makes a show of storming in* What in Hades is going on here...?
Kataramene : *marching in loudly*
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is the statue?
Eleni : Is that...?
Telemachus : *RuhbarbRubharb angry sounding background noise*
Kataramene : That's who? What are you talking about?
Andreas Appolodorus: Who's the gladiator? Never seen him before.
Eleni : Excuse me?
Kataramene : We heard there was a fuss and got here. What's going on?
Polytropos : Evidence, got to be some.
Andreas Appolodorus: Alle what?
Eleni : *Notes the broken statue upon the dais* I should think so.
Andreas Appolodorus: I deny!
Eleni : He means people are being accused of things, Andreas.
Polytropos : That looks good. Grab it, quick.
Kataramene : I was, I bought a scroll outside and left.
Eleni : *Pointed look at the citizen* I'm sorry. You are....?
Polytropos : *quick pat-down of the bed.*
Kataramene : Yes, get here. She'll clear it all up.
Kataramene : *get her.
Polytropos : Alright. This potion and this powder might be all we have...
Kataramene : Dead priests? What?
Eleni : *Rubs her forehead* Oh, gods. We can't ever not arrive in the middle of a right mess, can we?

Polytropos : *psst*
Leonidas : *slowly checks room for secret doors and what not*
Polytropos : *low* What's this...

Kataramene : One day it would be nice to go our for the evening and /not/ have a problem.
Telemachus : Criminal? We know this man, this is Heracles! why was he in your basement in the first place?
Eleni : That's a /very/ good question.
Kataramene : Heracles! We've been looking for him all over, and he was right here all that time?
Damian : *leans on staff* So there you are, Heracles. And to think all this time we've been doing humilating work for a petty king and you've been here all along.
Eleni : *To the remaining priestess* Was this man being kept here against his will?
Kataramene : *elbows Damian*
Telemachus : More serious than unlawfully imprisioning a demi god?
Kataramene : If he says he was held, he must surely be able to show you where?

Polytropos : *wanders back out of the back.*

Telemachus : He was trying to leave wasn't he?
Eleni : Did anyone see him enter?
Kataramene : *looks at Pol with a "there you are" expression*
Polytropos : Sounds good to me! Can I just direct everyone's attention to me walking out of the back rooms, bearing this bottle?
Kataramene : If he was held then you may need to look to yours, priest.
Eleni : You seem to be in a poor position to speak of justice, priest.
Eleni : Oh, gods, Pol...
Damian : We were thinking the same thing, priest.

Leonidas : *checks along curtains for any hidden panels*

Polytropos : I'm just saying. I got a bit lost, must have, haha, ended up in the High Priestess's quarters, and I tripped over a bottle.
Eleni : How very clumsy of you.
Andreas Appolodorus: I think the judgement of the Gods could help resolve this perfectly.
Kataramene : *outrage* .... I can well imagine /why/ you were in her quarters. You bastard ...
Andreas Appolodorus: After all we have a perfect arena here.
Telemachus : Shut up andreas.
Strato: Gah! No more fighting!
Strato: All right, everyone stop talking, except that guy there. *points at Pol* What is that you have there?
Heracles: Evidence, I'd say.
Polytropos : I'm sure Hera will forgive my mistake. But! Good question, Councillor. I took this to be some sort of curative draught, but on closer inspection, it seems to be some sort of potent weakening poison.
Argosian Guard: *All eyes on Pol*
Eleni : How curious.
Warrior Priest: That proves nothing! Who says that potion was used to capture Heracles?
Lamachus: Let me see that
Polytropos : Brewed from the Lamia's blood if I'm any judge. And I'm not, but I'm sure someone who is a judge'll agree.
Damian : Who's to say it wasn't?
Telemachus : SO you admit he's heracles and you captured him! AH HA
Eleni : The mere existance of a potion sufficiently powerful /to/ incapacitate a man like Heracles is quite a thing, is it not?
Warrior Priest: Um....
Lamachus: *picks up the bottle and exams its contents*
Strato: We'll have the apothecary give that an examination.
Damian : I see no reason for such a potion to be here aside from capturing Heracles.
Lamachus: *uncorks and sniffs, getting a little weak at the knees*
Polytropos : I wouldn't drink that.
Heracles: Indeed, I was dosed with it to keep me from escaping from the cell.
Lamachus: Its genuine
Eleni : Unless the Temple of Hera is in the bussiness of training captive giants, yes.
Strato: Hmm, yes. I was wondering how the real Heracles could have possibly been held prisoner.
Warrior Priest: Hera will see you all punished!
Kataramene : Or holding captives full stop, of course. Who knows who that would have been used on next.
Polytropos : No doubt.
Warrior Priest: All of you... and especially you, Heracles!
Warrior Priest: And you! Would-be Heroes... Hera will see you all suffer!
Priestess of Hera: Shut... up....
Lamachus: It appears there's a grain of truth in their story Strato
Strato: Ah. It seems that we have a confession, of sorts.
Eleni : *Sighs* You know, I'm not sure threats serve you particularly well in case of a trial.
Polytropos : That didn't sound like a guilty outburst.
Kataramene : Not even slightly.
Eleni : It certainly doesn't help you seem reasonable about this.
Strato: Heracles, would you come with us... peaceable... to the bouleterion for more testimony?
Heracles: I will come, but I have urgent business outside of Argos... my family...
Strato: You have my word that we will not detain you long.
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * How about that dog thing?
Pelopidas: *looks at the warrior priest with a suspious glare*
Strato: Guards, take the priests here into custody.
Polytropos : There's a lot to tell.
Pelopidas: *waves to the guards*
Damian : Yes, your family. The king "requested" we retrieve Cerebus for him as "your" final task.
Strato: Ah, would you lot mind waiting at the villa? And not leaving the city for a time?
Heracles: Yes, I have unfinished business with King Eurystheus.
Iolaus: I'll fill you in.
Telemachus : *w* why don't we just tell everyone EVERYTHING Damian.
Damian : Of course, councilor.
Eleni : I see no reason not to.
Kataramene : *gives a nod* We'll be there.
Telemachus : *kicks him in the shins REALLY FUCKING HARD*
Damian : The king isn't stupid, Tel.
Damian : *dodges*
Telemachus : *kicks him again*
Telemachus : SHH
Eleni : Play nice now, boys!
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Damian : Keep it up and I'll smack you a good one.
Kataramene : You can .. wrestle when we get hom.
Eleni : So much work keeping you from scrapping with each other.
Polytropos : We'll see everyone at the bouletarion! Justice is thirsty work.
Strato: General Pelopidas, I leave it to your men to search this place thoroughly. Gather all evidence.
Eleni : Shall we retire?
Argosian Officer: *To the other guards* I want this place searched from top to bottom.....and I MEAN searched!
Warrior Priest: *waves a fist*
Polytropos : *leaves that bottile in the care of folk.*
Strato: All right, let's get this mess cleaned up...

Eleni : ....right. I think we need to get our story in order.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well, I have seen enough for now. And I hope you "Heratics" will not provoke the wrath of Zeus.
Kataramene : Don't we just.
Polytropos : That went better than I thought it would.
Eleni : We might be able to say we /were/ there earlier today. Praying in hopes of making amends to Hera, but that we left earlier.
Kataramene : Good work on the bottle.
Eleni : Yes.
Polytropos : That woman was up to some weird stuff.
Eleni : But that citizen might be trouble. The priest, well, he didn't see everyone and got a nice big knock on the head besides...
Kataramene : I did buy that scroll, so we would have been noticed.
Andreas Appolodorus: See you at the villa.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Hello Epistor, Melina.
Polytropos : Found some hypericum too, smells weird...
Polytropos : Ah, hello!
Kataramene : Oh?
Eleni : We're not under arrest, as you can see.
Damian : *takes some food and drink* Found some what, Pol?
Eleni : *Grabs some food, famished. Heresy is hard work*
Andreas Appolodorus: Already here?
Polytropos : This stuff. And, we are!
Eleni : Drugged herbs, it seems.
Polytropos : Though I can't help but feel that somehow, our patronage of Argos is coming to an end.
Eleni : It might be tricky going forward, yes...
Polytropos : It's been a pleasure!
Telemachus : Ah come on, don't give up that easily.
Damian : *examines the herbs* Aye. It's been altered somehow.
Eleni : We still might salvage this, true.
Eleni : But we might find ourselves wishing we'd sold the Heropolis land while we could...
Kataramene : We just need a solid story.
Polytropos : Well. As nice as Heracles is to take the blame for murder, it's going to be hard to explain how... everything while keeping our hands seemingly clean.
Kataramene : They'll get us up early, doubtless.
Eleni : We might be called to the Bouleterion soon, yes.
Kataramene : Alright, look.
Telemachus : Well lets avoid talking about any tasks we might have done in front of anyone, ok?
Kataramene : We've been out with Heracles helping him complete his labours.
Eleni : That might not match with whatever tale Heracles decides to spin.
Damian : Yes. Otherwise I may forget to cast spells on a certain someone due to being distracted by the pain in my shins.
Eleni : If he says he's been down there for six months or more...
Polytropos : He doesn't know anything.
Kataramene : .... true.
Polytropos : Some random strangers burst in and freed him.
Telemachus : It's a years work Damian
Kataramene : Alright, we can decide what to say when we know what he's said?
Eleni : I find it tends to help to add some truth to the lies.
Telemachus : lots of people died. some of them were us. lets not screw it up at the last minute
Polytropos : I s'pose Iolaus'll explain to him if there's a chance...
Eleni : Maybe, but we might not have that luxury.
Kataramene : So it just comes to this evening's episode. Can I suggest just one of us speaks when it comes to it?
Damian : You worry too much, Tel.

Leonidas : Oh by the way...
Eleni : We could tell the truth. Except - say that we were far more cautious about this whole temple thing than Iolaus would have liked.
Damian : And that's fine by me.
Kataramene : What?
Leonidas : I found some other evidence we can present.
Polytropos : Maybe they won't ask us to -
Polytropos : Oho?
Eleni : Please do share, then.
Polytropos : Oh!
Kataramene : Where did you find them?
Leonidas : Found those in the high priestess's room.
Eleni : Hm, are those really evidence?
Damian : See Tel? Though Hera may be against us, others are with us.
Telemachus : Probably should have mentioned that earlier.
Kataramene : If they are too large to fit anyone else, but fit him properly, they should be seen as his?
Eleni : Yes, it's going to be less believable if we present it now.
Polytropos : ... well... he'll probably be... glad to get those back... *ponders*
Leonidas : *shrugs* thought it be good for them to spin some lies; better to hang themselves with.

Lazyzeus : They were very well hidden, and not uncovered until after the confrontation was concluded.

Polytropos : Well, we can mention it. Anyway!
Leonidas : They have personal sigils on them, so not just anyone's stuff.
Polytropos : We can - aww.
Leonidas : Otherwise, I would've kept them for myself.
Andreas Appolodorus: Do you think all the temple was involved or just some specific people?
Kataramene : Alright, so the story for today?
Eleni : Of cousre you would have.
Melina: *makes herself busy*
Eleni : Well, it would have been hard to keep all of this a secret...
Kataramene : Yes, but now we /began/ the charade, we need to ....
Leonidas : Oh, and a few other goodies from the temple coffers to replace some our wasted supplies

Lazyzeus : It is well after sunset when there is a knock at your door.

Polytropos : Hello!
Eleni : Sssh.
Strato: I greet you.
Damian : *nods* Councilor.
Eleni : Good evening, councilor.
Polytropos : Welcome to what is for this mloment at least our house.
Heracles: Ah, those bracers look familiar.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Good to see you up and about, Heracles.
Strato: I have been told that you have been helping Heracles deal with a very difficult and, ah, personal problem.
Kataramene : Leo here found them in the Temple, it seems.
Damian : And healthy as well.
Kataramene : And yes.
Polytropos : Leo here... tripped over them too. In the High Priestess's room. *pause.* It was very untidy in there.
Strato: Well, it's clear now that the High Priestess was involved in, ah, some very dodgy business.
Eleni : That is an accurate summation of events.
Polytropos : To be fair - her goddess's work.
Strato: However, there is testimony that has you somewhat more involved than you let on earlier.
Iolaus: *smirks at the comment*
Eleni : We'd had our suspicions for a while, but...
Polytropos : Uhm. Well.
Strato: Don't blame Heracles; he was willing to take the blame for all deaths in the temple.
Kataramene : *sighs a little*
Kataramene : So what do you know?
Strato: But I don't think that Heracles is quite up to using that level of sorcery.
Kataramene : *glances at the others*
Strato: It's all right. I am sure that your actions were... justified.
Strato: I am not here to bring charges.
Eleni : I see...
Epistor: *eyes widen at the mention of sorcery*
Leonidas : Ah, a reward perhaps?
Damian : They gave us no choice, councilor. We would have preferred not to resort to violence, but the situation dictated otherwise.
Kataramene : *glances at Pol* See, it was like this....
Strato: But we have a problem; the priest's words were honest insofar as Hera is our patron goddess.
Strato: I'm afraid not. In terms of a reward, that is.
Strato: In fact, I have some bad news.
Eleni : Leo here is rather presumptuous...
Eleni : And of course you do.
Strato: The council had no choice; the vote was unanimous, if reluctant on the part of some of us.
Kataramene : We're to go, yes?
Epistor: *fears the worse*
Strato: I'm afraid that we had to revoke your lease on this villa.
Kataramene : Kind of expected that.
Leonidas : Ahhhh
Telemachus : *shrugs*
Strato: I know you still have properties outside the city, and I hope this will not sour our relationship entirely.
Iolaus: *glares* That's not fair! They were doing their best!
Eleni : *Sighs I see.
Epistor: Ah, and me, my lord?
Telemachus : We'll be wanting to purchase Epistor and Melina.
Kataramene : Yes, we would.
Eleni : It's politics, Iolaus. But yes, if such a thing is possiblye...
Eleni : *possible
Damian : Of course not, councilor. We look forward to continuing to work for your fine city.
Strato: Hmm. Well. I will see what we can do. Perhaps a quiet arrangement can be made.
Melina: *perks up at Tele's comment*
Damian : And yes, we would like to purchase the freedom of Epistor and Melina.
Kataramene : We know it's not the city's fault, and are grateful for the acceptance and opportunities we had.
Strato: In any case, I am sorry for such rude news. It is late; please do not feel that you have to leave before tomorrow morning.
Strato: I will see what I can do and let you know.
Eleni : Thank you, councilor.
Kataramene : We'll leave in the morning.
Damian : Thank you councilor. And have a good night.
Melina: *looks fearful* freedom? what will I do with freedom?
Telemachus : Goodnight councilor

Polytropos : Right. Get sacks. I'll get the furniture, someone else hit the wine cellars.
Damian : Continue to work for us, of course.
Telemachus : You can still work for us. you'll just get paid more.
Andreas Appolodorus: Shall we pack the silverware?
Heracles: Iolaus told me about everything you've done on my behalf.
Melina: But where? Argos is my home
Telemachus : Heropolis isn't far from Argos.
Damian : We'll be just outside, Melina.
Eleni : It was all /quite/ a bother, let me tell you..
Heracles: I cannot tell you how much in debt I am to you. You have kept my family alive.
Epistor: There, there child
Eleni : And don't worry, Melina. Everything will be fine.
Polytropos : It's not over yet.
Telemachus : You can walk there and back in half a day.
Epistor: We'll get along just fine
Damian : Epistor, would you and Melina make sure everything is packed for our departure?
Heracles: Indeed. I have had dealings with Hades before; I will fetch his pooch for King Eurystheus. Then he and I are going to have a little frank chat.
Leonidas : Some healing supplies courtesy of the temple.
Epistor: *bows* Certainly.....we leave on the moro?
Telemachus : Yeah. Doing a demi gods job as a mortal is not easy.
Heracles: I am sanctified in the Elysian Mysteries; I can enter the underworld without hazard.
Damian : *nods* Yes. Thank you.
Eleni : Even with all seven of us.
Melina: *looks like she's about to cry*
Heracles: Indeed. I have little to offer as token of my thanks, but know this: should you ever need my aid, you have but to ask it.
Polytropos : Someone really needs to stop that maniac before he does something silly with all the divine things he's got in his basement.
Heracles: For now, please accept those: *nods to the bracers* as a sign of my esteem.
Polytropos : Oh! Thanks.
Kataramene : Well yeah, we sort of need to let a ... *looks at them*
Eleni : Thank you.
Polytropos : Gratefully accepted! May all the other gods' good wishes go with you.
Epistor: *puts his arm around her shoulders* Wipe away your tears child and go and pack for the moro.
Heracles: I am afraid I have a long journey ahead. But again: my eternal thanks.
Damian : There is a small favor we could ask of you, Heracles.
Eleni : I hope your family will remain safe. I regret to say we never actually had the chance to see them...
Andreas Appolodorus: These are gladiator bracers.
Eleni : Which might be just as well, as they might not have been able to keep up the charade.
Iolaus: Mine too. Sorry I don't have any bracers or anything.
Damian : Yes! Please bring them by the villa when you have a chance.
Polytropos : If you're ever in the area!
Eleni : Farewel!
Polytropos : We've got walls and everything!

Telemachus : I'm sorry I wont be there when he shows up with Cerebus
Polytropos : I'm not.
Kataramene : My bedroom is quite nice too.
Leonidas : I suggest a feast tonight to use up as much of the wine and food as possible.
Telemachus : We really need to get the house rebuilt.
Kataramene : If those fit, Andreas, take them.
Eleni : For once, I sort of agree with Leo.
Eleni : I might have to plunder the library, as well...
Polytropos : I'm sure it's traditional.
Damian : We should have the coin for it. Speaking of which, have the olives been harvested and pressed yet?
Kataramene : Towels. Can we take towels?
Andreas Appolodorus: They do. Someone may like these.
Damian : Those might be good for El.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes towels.
Epistor: I'd already reinvested the profits from this year's harvest. Though a good portion went to the renovations for the estate house.
Damian : Ah, thank you, Epistor.
Telemachus : Speaking of which, found a few other things... laying around..
Epistor: Thank you for asking the council to let me continue serving you.
Eleni : The estate . Well, we'll be spending a lot more time there.
Eleni : And you as well, hopefully!
Polytropos : Then we're only moving a short distance away! Huzzah.
Eleni : I would hate to lose you both because of this silly bussiness.
Polytropos : Seriously, though, do you two want to stay here or what?
Telemachus : Hah. you're too usful to waste on the next person who gets this place.
Epistor: I fear I have gotten too used to the excitement that follows you around, masters.
Kataramene : We could leave him some drachma at least?
Polytropos : Heh.
Telemachus : Anyone? no? alright.
Eleni : We are quite addictive personalities, aren't we?
Leonidas : uh
Leonidas : I might be interested in the mantle
Melina: I'll go wherever Epistor goes, he's like a father to me
Damian : Good. We've all grown rather fond of you two and love having you around.
Eleni : Very good, then! The estate's not quite as nice as this place, but it may yet get there.
Epistor: Then let us hope that the council is able to sort everything out.
Eleni : I'll miss the bath, to be sure.
Melina: *blushes at Damain*
Damian : Speaking of which...
Epistor: Well, dear. About that feast...
Damian : Ah...it's good to soak my aching shin.
Leonidas : Don't need it
Kataramene : Might go for a swim, for the last time.
Leonidas : my ring takes care of my healing needs.
Polytropos : Good idea...
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Leonidas : in time
Kataramene : Right. Yes.
Eleni : Oh, I should really make sure I don't leave anything important in the library, thoguh...
Eleni : *Grins*
Kataramene : Or the wine cellar.
Polytropos : Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we're in... the country.
Leonidas : Ah dinner!
Eleni : But first! Food and drink!
Epistor: Hmm. I suppose that some of the finer vintages might make it over to the new place... it is so hard to keep an accurate inventory...
Melina: For tomorrow it will be all gone! *blushes*
Damian : You're a good man, Epistor.
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food and drink*
Eleni : *Likewise*
Telemachus : Why's this one all green and funny looking?
Eleni : That's an apple, Tel.
Leonidas : Perhaps we could rent a cart and help yourselves to some of the furnishings too?
Telemachus : *clearly holding up a potion bottle*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Hm. We probably shouldn't push our luck.
Kataramene : *snaffles some food and some drink*
Kataramene : The villa is furnished anyway.
Polytropos : Here's to getting away with murder!
Telemachus : Self defense!
Damian : Justifiable homicide.
Kataramene : *grins a little*
Eleni : Heroics, in brief?
Damian : All in a day's work.
Kataramene : Nothing brief about them.
Eleni : Ugh, I'm just happy we don't have to worry about any Labors now.
Kataramene : What are we going to do with ourselves, though?
Eleni : Oh, I'm sure /something/ exciting will happen sooner or later.
Leonidas : I seldom worry about work anyhow.
Epistor: There is the Winter Festival coming up.
Telemachus : I'm happy I don't have to keep telling people I'm Heracles.
Damian : Oh, something will find us. It always does.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Maybe we could visit our old home.
Kataramene : Oh yes!
Epistor: Any of you perhaps interested in entering the bardic competition?
Polytropos : What is this Winter Festival?
Telemachus : I swear the next five foot tall farmer who said "I thought you'd be bigger" was going to get it.
Kataramene : And yes, that too.
Epistor: Well, they can't hold the Games during the rainy season.
Eleni : There's a /lot/ of things I'd love to share with Aristarchus...
Kataramene : Ahh! We have to set up the gladiator school too.
Epistor: So it's indoor sports! Singing, and music, and drinkn, and dancing.
Eleni : I suppose the off-season is a good time for that.
Kataramene : A little of that would be nice.
Polytropos : Finally, sports I can really get into.
Leonidas : *yawns* is there any special prize?
Melina: Oh, yes! Leonidas has a wonderful voice... ah... *colors and looks down*
Kataramene : I could dance, perhaps?
Telemachus : ... Could you?
Polytropos : I think you could!
Eleni : We did have a notion of inviting Militiades to become our drill master, didn't we? I don't know if he'd go for it, though.
Polytropos : You've got the legs for it.
Epistor: Well, last year they gave away a magical lyre to the grand prize winner, and a cache of magical scrolls to the runner up. Some times it's cash prizes for the high placers...
Damian : We could but ask. I don't think retirement really suits him.
Kataramene : *preens* I'll need to practice.
Eleni : *Chuckles* Scrolls, eh?
Leonidas : Hmm
Leonidas : Cash is always good.
Eleni : He was still smithing away, I thought.
Epistor: Song magic, mistress.
Polytropos : Don't the people in Maniteia need him to make things...?
Damian : Then he can smith for us.
Epistor: Not that your voice isn't perfectly pitched, of course...
Eleni : Potentially interesting all the same.
Polytropos : I mean, they've already lost us...
Damian : I'm sure he has trained an apprentice already.
Leonidas : I suppose I could recite a few of our epic tales.
Polytropos : Maybe we can just move M#aniteia?
Kataramene : I suppose. We could always go seeking people to train there?
Telemachus : We could probably move the entire population of maniteia to our village, if they wanted to come.
Damian : There is that too.
Kataramene : And that's not a bad idea....
Epistor: The preliminary competitions have already taken place, but I'm sure I could arrange for a Hero of Argos a place in the second round, if you are interested...
Polytropos : Hm. Not sure about THAT.
Leonidas : Sure, why not?
Polytropos : Was thinking, more... movin the whole place, really, but...
Damian : *takes some food and drink*
Eleni : I don't t hink they'd really go for that.
Polytropos : ... but it might be the wine talking.
Kataramene : Wine talking is not so bad.
Damian : *turns to Andreas* What do you think, Andreas?
Leonidas : Wine drinking is much better though.
Eleni : This would be more Leo's thing, wouldn't it?
Kataramene : *mutter mumble grin*
Epistor: The hour is late, Masters, and I need to make arrangements for wagons for the morning. To move your, ah, personal possessions over to your estate.
Polytropos : Until the morn!
Eleni : Yes, of course.
Eleni : I'll go make sure we keep some choice books handy. And then take one last bath!
Andreas Appolodorus: We should not waste the wine.
Kataramene : Yes, one last swim.
Polytropos : I'm sure we;ll find somewhere new, but for now...
Damian : *takes another glass of wine*

Lazyzeus : Morning comes swiftly, and you pack up your things and head over to your estate, where you will be relocating your base of operations. ahead...

Polytropos : Aaah!
Leonidas : Blah, the country is so boring.
Eleni : Please no killer badgers.
Polytropos : You know, one down side of this is that it'll be harder to shop.
Eleni : Oh, I prefer the city as well, generally. But this place has its charms.

Kataramene : Who's that?
Pallas: Hello!
Eleni : And Argos isn't /that/ far away. Hello?
Polytropos : ... hey, I know you.
Pallas: You probably don't remember me...
Damian : I prefer the countryside.
Leonidas : Maybe I'll set up a gig in town and stay at the inn.
Kataramene : I do now!
Polytropos : You were the fresh man in the games!
Pallas: I'm afraid I didn't make a very good showing then. *flushes*
Eleni : Ooh.
Pallas: I'd heard you were going to start a school! For arena-warriors!
Polytropos : Better than the dead ones.
Kataramene : At least you tried. *nods*
Leonidas : *rolls eyes*
Damian : The games were rigged, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Pallas: I came out here, but the guard didn't know anything, he said you hadn't been around in a while.
Pallas: But here you are! The gods have heard my prayer!
Telemachus : Well we'll be here to stay now..
Pallas: You, ah, are setting up a training school, yes?
Eleni : I believe that was the plan, yes.
Polytropos : *looks from side to side.*
Kataramene : That's the idea, yes.
Telemachus : That's the plan. We haven't set upo a trainer yet.
Pallas: I wish to learn to become a great warrior!
Telemachus : Although we can do it ourselves while we're around.
Eleni : Must do something to keep busy, hm?
Pallas: I would be honored to study with the Heroes of Argos.
Polytropos : We're not quite there at doing it, but... well, you can make youdrself useful, can't you?
Damian : Be careful, Tel likes kicking people in the shins.
Polytropos : What's your name again?
Kataramene : Because we'll need a place for the trainees to sleep.
Telemachus : Cleaning things and carrying heavy crap are important components of martial training.
Pallas: Sure! I was an apprentice. Before, ah, I burned down the shop, but I'm a good learner!
Pallas: Pallas, sir!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Oookay.
Polytropos : Good name. And the crowds love an underdog.
Eleni : Aye. A triumphant return, and all that!
Damian : Er...what were you apprenticing at before, Pallas?
Pallas: I know all the names of the traditional weapons, and I can stand on one foot for an hour!
Kataramene : Always useful.
Polytropos : That'll be handy should you lose one.
Eleni : I.. suppose that's a good start? I honestly have no earthly idea.
Pallas: Carpentry, sir!
Kataramene : Well, Pallas, welcome to the ..... damn, we need a name.
Eleni : But then, none of this is my area.
Telemachus : Oh carpentry. you any good?
Damian : Oh. Good. We'll make sure you'll have none of that then.
Polytropos : The Heroes of Just Outside Argos And Down the Road a Bit.
Damian : It means he has good balance, El.
Telemachus : Heroes of heropolis.
Pallas: Um... my master said he'd never seen anyone do what I can do, sir!
Eleni : I thought you /liked/ Heropolis.
Telemachus : seems redundant.
Eleni : Heroplian Heroes?
Polytropos : Well...
Eleni : The School of Heropolis?
Kataramene : Really? Sounds interesting.
Polytropos : If you're that dangerous when making a table, can't wait to see what you can do with an actual weapon.
Kataramene : School of Heropolis sounds good.
Damian : *slaps Pallas on the shoulder* Right. We'll start you off with muscle conditioning with NO carpentry involved.
Eleni : Schola Heropolita?
Pallas: Yeah. He couldn't believe that I'd gotten so many nails into that piece of wood!
Leonidas : This should prove interesting
Telemachus : Maybe we'll find a hammer for you then.

Kataramene : *bangs on the gate*
Eleni : We're home!
Hired Guard: Ah, my lords.
Hired Guard: Welcome.
Eleni : And ladies.
Kataramene : Good to be here.
Eleni : How goes things?
Leonidas : *looks around and grimaces*
Polytropos : They've built an archery thing!
Carpenter: The barn. She leaks.
Carpenter: The buckets, they leak.
Eleni : Right.
Damian : Is there anything that doesn't leak?
Eleni : So, more carpenters.
Carpenter: The window sills. They leak.
Leonidas : naturally
Carpenter: My pocket, it leaks. No get paid this week.
Eleni : I think we get the general idea.
Kataramene : Looks like we need a carpenter, the gods have shone down on us.
Polytropos : Ya-ha
Eleni : How much do you usually get paid?
Kataramene : Only make sure you limit his nails.
Carpenter: Hm. Nice dancing.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Carpenter: Get paid ten drachmae per week work.
Eleni : Hm. The Gladiator and Exotic Dance School of Heropolis.
Damian : Talk to Epistor about your needs and we'll make sure they're filled.
Pallas: I'm a carpenter!
Eleni : Well, here's your back pay and a month in advance.
Carpenter: Hmm. Yes.
Kataramene : Just don't give him too many nails.
Eleni : Think you can stop things from leaking now?
Carpenter: *bites a coin* Is good.
Polytropos : What's this about people not getting paid? Didn't we give that architect lots of money?
Carpenter: Is many leaks. Is one pair hands.
Kataramene : We might need to have a word with him.
Pallas: I can make things leak!
Eleni : We'll have to go into the city and see about getting some extra hands.
Eleni : I think maybe it's best if you... /don't/ help out? With the carpentry, at least?
Damian : *looks at Pallas* Pallas, your first lesson is to listen to our head carpenter very carefully and do exactly as he says.
Eleni : You can carry things. Build up that muscle.
Kataramene : Try not do fix them, then, and perhaps you'll mend them ins.... oh never mind.
Hired Guard: Are you moving in then, sirs?
Polytropos : We're moving in!
Eleni : It seems so.
Telemachus : We are.
Damian : Yes we are. Have you been paid?
Eleni : Our lease on the villa is up, so we might as well make work of this place.
Kataramene : Just putting my stuff in my room!
Hired Guard: Hmm. Very good. Would you like to hire additional fighting men, as sentries and watchmen?
Eleni : How many do we have now?
Damian : A very good idea.
Hired Guard: Indeed. That slave Epistor handles salary.
Telemachus : How many do we have right now?
Kataramene : Dammit ... we need the key.
Hired Guard: Just me, sir, and my relief.
Eleni : So, two.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : That does seem a bit thin.
Kataramene : Who's got the key?
Damian : Epistor is no longer a slave, he is a free man, but he is our new senachel.
Hired Guard: *counts on fingers* Yes, two.
Pallas: I can be a guard! I'm a warrior-in-training.
Eleni : We haven't arranged that yet, Damian.
Eleni : But the council said they would look into it.
Damian : *shrugs* Free or not, he'll be staying with us more than likely.
Eleni : Once the gladiators get going, I suppose we'll not need /many/ guards.
Telemachus : Don't count on it
Hired Guard: Gladiators, eh?
Hired Guard: Hmm.
Kataramene : Hopefully not. We'll have to travel and advertise.
Telemachus : We'll need guards to stop them bothering the villagers.
Eleni : That was the plan.
Polytropos : Maybe the occasional gladiatrix.
Kataramene : *narrow eyed look* We won't have the room.
Eleni : Oh, yes. I'm sure Kat whet the crowd's appetite. *Grins*
Telemachus : And if they're training they wont have time for watching..
Pallas: But... I could never hit a _girl_.
Polytropos : You're an inspiration!
Telemachus : Too bad, cause she'll hit y ou.
Eleni : Girls have no compunctions against hitting you, Pallas. Trust me on that one.
Kataramene : None at all.
Polytropos : Go and help that man move things.
Pallas: *frowns* If you say so.
Pallas: Um... okay.
Kataramene : Now. Where's the key?
Pallas: *accidentally kicks over the bucket* Sorry!
Eleni : Were we expecting visitors?
Leonidas : I'd keep an eye out for fey friends.

Eleni : Ah! Episotor!
Eleni : *Epistor
Epistor: Hello! You got here early.
Damian : Hail.
Eleni : Good to see you.
Epistor: Indeed. The wagons are on their way.
Eleni : Good.
Damian : Good.
Epistor: And I forgot to give this to you last night.
Eleni : We heard the carpenter has not been paid.
Eleni : Aha.
Epistor: I will see to it at once, mistress.
Eleni : I already did.
Kataramene : And a key? We need a key.
Damian : And we need more carpenters.
Epistor: Ah, very good.
Eleni : Please make a note that we've paid him a month's advance as well. Was feeling generous.
Epistor: I will see to it.
Eleni : But it seems we might need more than just the one pair of hands.
Eleni : Lots of leaking, evidently.
Telemachus : Especially if we want to expand the house, which we will..
Epistor: Well, I will take a full inventory and see that all issues are addressed post-haste.
Eleni : Most likely, yes.
Damian : Should we take on appretencies?
Epistor: It's not the villa, but I'll do my best to see that your new home is comfortable.
Telemachus : I don't really fancy sharing a room with this lot.
Kataramene : That barn will need to be a lodge.
Eleni : We'll need rooms for gladiators, yes.
Eleni : Or at least one proper large room.
Polytropos : Hey!
Telemachus : Heh horse stables becomes gladiator stables. Makes sense.
Polytropos : We've been sharing rooms with you for ages and nod said a word, you six-foot sinus.
Eleni : That may be worthwhile.
Telemachus : You talk in your sleep
Eleni : *Unlocks the doors*
Telemachus : and the things you say are weird.
Damian : Oh, I don't mind him having his own room, he kicks in his sleep.
Polytropos : Bah!
Telemachus : We could all do with some space to ourselves for a change.
Eleni : I suppose we could.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : I've got a nice room.
Eleni : Kataramene has not been entirely happy sharing a room with me for a while now, I think, for obvious reasons...
Telemachus : we'd better put thick walls in the plans..
Damian : Her ego was taking up too much space?
Eleni : Well, that, too.
Polytropos : Looks pretty good to me.
Kataramene : *puts stuff in room and stakes out the claim*
Eleni : Shall we?
Telemachus : heh yeah she's practically eclipsing the shy retiring violet that is Eleni....
Eleni : Hey!
Damian : Yes. I'd like to take a look at those scrolls.
Lazyzeus : You settle into your new quarters, and make plans for how you will expand your holdings into something appropriate for the Heroes of Argos...
Eleni : I can be humble. When I want to.
Eleni : Which is rarely...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:28 pm

Lazyzeus : It's the day of the bardic competition in Argos, as the season precludes the outdoor games that the city usually holds. A brisk wind sweeps up from the harbor as you make your way from your estate to the city. The competition is held at the tavern near the arena in the Low City.

Kataramene : *has dressed up a bit for the occasion*
Leonidas : Right, so let's get this show on the road.
Polytropos : I'm not hearing any bards.
Telemachus : It's at the tavern
Polytropos : Aha!
Leonidas : Maybe they heard I was competing and all dropped out?
Polytropos : Ah, a competition's all the better for... uh, competition.
Kataramene : It's sort of in the name.
Polytropos : Do you have something special ready for this?
Eleni : That wouldn't be very sportsmanlike of them.
Leonidas : Yeah the labors of Herekles with an accompanying dance routine.
Polytropos : Ah, a story hot off the page!
Leonidas : Indeed

Polytropos : Helllleau.
Myrtis: I heard word that we were going to have a late contestant or two.
Eleni : Oh. Hello, Myrtis!
Kataramene : Will it be particularly popular at the moment, considering ... err ... you know?
Eleni : So it seems.
Leonidas : Yes, I've come to claim the prize.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Myrtis: As long as your performance is not in ill-taste. Argosians live in the moment. *smiles*
Polytropos : *squints, and catches sight of some of the other competitiors...*
Eleni : Well, that rules out anything Leo might have in mind, then.
Polytropos : You knw, I might try my hand at this too.
Myrtis: A competitor is just finishing up. *you see a familiar young woman on the far side of the room, gesturing with a staff as she tells a story*
Leonidas : I plan to keep my clothes on for this one.
Leonidas : *laughs*
Polytropos : *nods to himself, as Gabi finishes up.* Yesss..
Kataramene : *looks at Pol* You have a talented tongue.
Eleni : Probably wise.
Polytropos : And that's not all!
Myrtis: Who will be competiing then, other than master Leonidas?
Polytropos : *raises a hand*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : Hm, I might have some ideas...
Polytropos : Polytropos, son of Kledias! Let's get you some decent competition, Leo.
Kataramene : *glances at Crino*
Myrtis: We'll insert you after the second round finalists finish up. I'll signal you.
Leonidas : *nods*
Crino: *looks back at Kat with a raised eyebrow*
Kataramene : *gives a smile and wanders over*
Gabrielle: And that's how Xena and I stopped the war between the centaurs and the Amazons of Themiscryra!
Gabrielle: *flourishes, with staff*
Kataramene : You look like you have have seen something of the road, are you here to compete?
Polytropos : Yaaaay! Wait -
Leonidas : *polite clap*
Crino: Ha, I am only good with these. *shows off his twin xyphoi*
Polytropos : *looks to Eleni, as if to say, 'did I hear that right'?
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * He's all black did you see?
Eleni : *Tilts her head, and shrugs*
Peleus: Let us all give a generous applause to the Lady Gabrielle, the Bard of Potidea!
Kataramene : Me too, I'm afraid. I can make a sword sing, but my voice is not so talented.
Kataramene : *applauds lightly*
Polytropos : *clap... clap clap, clap.
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * Must be Numidian or something.
Telemachus : *polite appluase*
Peleus: Judges, our score?
Polykleitos: Master of Ceremonies, the average score is 23.
Peleus: A new leader!
Polytropos : 23!
Polytropos : ... is that good...?
Gabrielle: Thank you.
Gabrielle: A shame Xena could not be here, but she's off fighting giants in Attica.
Eleni : I have not the slightest idea, but she seems pleased with herself.
Leonidas : hmm

Peleus: The next contestant comes to us all the way from Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization!
Peleus: I give you, Mesut Camil!
Eleni : *Clapping and such*
Leonidas : *watches*
Mesut Cemil: I giving much thanks, noble Master of Ceremony.
Kataramene : *looks at Gabrielle, then nods at Crino* Fighting giants, that's more my line. Have you ever fought such?
Crino: I find men challenge enough.
Mesut Cemil: *adjusts the strings on a tambur*
Kataramene : Oh really? Back from the war?
Mesut Cemil: *begins to play*
Polytropos : *readies a tanglefoot bag.*
Crino: Once. Now I sell my swords to the highest bidder. THere are plenty who seek to buy them.
Polytropos : *looks back, sees Kat, and frowns.*
Mesut Cemil: *plays a tune evocative of a journey starting*
Mesut Cemil: *shifts to a faster cadence, bringing to mind a scene of battle*
Andreas Appolodorus: This is good! Very good.
Polytropos : There's no words.
Mesut Cemil: *ends with a piece that is a reminder of triumph, and victory*
Kataramene : *laughs prettily* We've been aiding in heroic deeds across the breadth of several lands, an awfully long tale, but have returned to establish a training school.
Eleni : It's quite a repetoire!
Mesut Cemil: Is finished. Thank you.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : ... yaaaay...?
Peleus: Very good, sir Cemil. We were all quite inspired by your... odd instrument. Judges?
Telemachus : *claps*
Polykleitos: A fine piece, we were all quite moved. The score is 31.
Peleus: Wonderful!
Mesut Cemil: Is good. Gratefulness.

Peleus: Now we have... ah, Master Zopyrus?
Polytropos : Yay.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm.
Polytropos : Wait, isn't that...
Peleus: With your ... ah, shaking thing?
Zopyrus: Yes!
Polytropos : I don't know about you, but I have an urge to take cover.
Eleni : Is that.. oh, yes! It is.
Eleni : *waves*
Zopyrus: I call it my Harmonic Sound-Producing Clatterbox!
Leonidas : hmm
Zopyrus: *shakes it* Yah, yah, yah!
Andreas Appolodorus: A toy?
Polytropos : What a racket!
Lazyzeus : The result is rather... discordant.
Eleni : Still hasn't gotten any better at names, it seems.
Leonidas : Avante garde I guess; an acquired taste.
Kataramene : *winces somewhat* I /might/ have been able to do better than that.
Peleus: Ah, thank you...
Peleus : THANK YOU!
Eleni : An, uh... interesting experiment, I suppose?
Zopyrus: What? Oh, yes, quite.
Peleus: *cringes* Ah, the score?
Andreas Appolodorus: Poor boy.
Kataramene : At dancing, if nothing more.
Polykleitos: Ah, great... enthusiasm. Score of 7.
Andreas Appolodorus: But at least he is not bleeding to death.
Peleus: Thank you, Master Zopyrus.
Eleni : It could be worse, yes!
Polytropos : *muted 'boooo'*
Zopyrus: Great! Did I tell you about my plans for a walking tavernhall...
Peleus: Ah, later, Master Zopyrus.
Eleni : *Prods Pol with elbow* Be nice.
Polytropos : Oh, he's telling jokes now.
Eleni : I... think he might be quite serious.
Polytropos : That's the joke.
Myrtis: *whispers*
Andreas Appolodorus: No goat legged contestant it seems.
Eleni : Probably a good thing.

Peleus: Ah, friends, we have a special treat!
Peleus: Perhaps you have noticed that our own Heroes of Argos are present in the audience!
Polytropos : *wave!*
Peleus: A few have asked to add their own performances to our mix!
Kataramene : *waves too*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : *More waving*
Commoner Woman: *slurs drunkenly* The gods will punish hubris!
Commoner Woman: Punish!
Eleni : That's funny.
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Telemachus : *rolls eyes*
Polytropos : ... everyone's a critic.
Eleni : That's sort of where I was going with alll this.
Peleus: Our next performer, Polytropos the Spartan!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Are you on your way through the city to meet with employers? *smiles queryingly and lifts an eyebrow at Crino*
Polytropos : Hello, hello!
Eleni : Are they still calling him that...?
Polytropos : *bows, and draws the Rage of Ares.*
Kataramene : Oh! And this is one of our merry band of warriors.
Crino: Looks more like a soldier than a singer.
Eleni : That's really something Spartans are going to come and complain about, one of these days.
Polytropos : *holds it up.* i invite you all to look upon this blade, my friends, for it has a tale or two to tell!*
Polytropos : *sticks it into the floor.*
Kataramene : A warrior for certain, but he can also talk up a storm.
Polytropos : A tale of a war-god, and giants, and a long year of peace for all of Greece...
Polytropos : *begins to tell the tale of Ares's year-long imprisonment at the hands of the Giants of the Alodae, but with a slightly comic touch - trying to cast Ares as a slow-witted bumbler.*
Kataramene : See what I mean?
Eleni : *Cuckles* I'm not sure Ares would be a fan.
Polytropos : *but when the time comes for the combats - Ares's initial imprisonment, his freedom, and his wrath upon the giants, throws in some acrobatic touches, fighting a mock battle as he goes.*
Leonidas : *nods*
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice moves.
Lazyzeus : The crowd applauds at the tumbling, but the oratory doesn't seem to grab them; the jokes go over their heads.
Kataramene : *applauds vigorously with the crowd*
Lazyzeus : As he is reaching his crescendo...
Polytropos : *adds in some rhythmic clapping and stomping as he goes, claims the sword is the very sword that was used - with a note to be wary of the Gods... no matter how silly they might seem.*
Kataramene : So .... do you have employment options?
Telemachus : *enthusiastic clapping*
Argosian Citizen: *stumbles forward, bends over, and vomits on the floor in front of Polytropos*
Eleni : Oh, dear.
Leonidas : ugh
Kataramene : .... charming.
Polytropos : *tries to finish, but...*
Peleus: Ah....
Peleus: I think that gentle citizen has had a bit too much to drink...
Eleni : Quiet.
Kataramene : *glares at the citizen as he stumbles past*
Peleus: I hope that the judges will overlook that interruption.
Peleus: Master Judge?
Polytropos : *finsihes, taking up the sword again and pointing it in the direction of the vomiter for emphasis.*
Polykleitos: *consults*
Polykleitos: Very athletic, and fine, ah... humour.
Polykleitos: We give a score of 19.
Eleni : Pffft.
Peleus: Very respectable for a first-time performer!
Leonidas : *claps politely*
Polytropos : Wooo!
Zopyrus: Perhaps next time I will accompany you with my harmony-box!
Polytropos : Hello,, my peers...
Zopyrus: That will sway the crowd!
Gabrielle: I thought it was a lovely story.
Polytropos : You know, you should totally do that when Eleni steps up. She's entering.
Polytropos : And why thank you!

Peleus: Our next presenter is a special treat... a master of the mystic arts.
Kataramene : *sniffs a little huffily* The judges need to get ... something to help them see things with.
Zopyrus: Really? You think she'd like it?
Polytropos : Only one way to find out.
Peleus: Eleni the sorceress!
Eleni : Oh my, yes.
Eleni : *Ahem*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : *Carefully navigates the puddle of vomit*
Zopyrus: *shakes his tambourine with enthuasiasm, and doesn't look like he's going to stop*
Polytropos : *falls to discussing poetry or whatever with Gabrielle, amused.*
Peleus: *frowns at the young man*
Andreas Appolodorus: Now what?
Eleni : *Coughs, and suddenly begins convulsing in a strange manner, to tune. As if the racket is all part of the show*
Eleni : Ah.... *Calms herself*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah!
Kataramene : This should be good.
Eleni : ...greetings, people of Argos.
Zopyrus: *stops and stares, wide-eyed*
Polytropos : Ooooo...
Eleni : I come to you from across the sands of time and space, called here by old chains of spell and ritual.
Eleni : Once, the spirit that now inhabits this form was called Nefertiti. Queen. Pharoah. Goddess. But now, all that is ashes and dust.
Lazyzeus : The audience seems quite taken by the display of magic (+5)
Eleni : *Begins to tell the tale of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, the pharoah and his queen, and how in their desire for power and control, they sought to abolish the gods of Egypt and create their own*
Andreas Appolodorus: I think I know that one Akhenaton was the Pharaoh, her husband...
Lazyzeus : SImiliarly impressed by her great knowledge of ancient lore, they are caught up in the story. (+5)
Eleni : We were glorious, at the height of our rule. The people worshipped us, and the priests were cowed by our force of arms...
Metic: Wow, that's quite a story.
Eleni : But the gods were displeased.
Kataramene : *catches Pol talking to Gabrielle and eyes narrow, and smiles at Crino again*
Crino: Interesting. She, ah... spoken for, this magess of yours?
Eleni : *Continues for a while, before reaching the end - the start of a great plague that swept the land, turning cities to empty ruins and eventually reaching her very palace*
Kataramene : So far she has failed to find anyone of interest to her. I could introduce you if you wish?
Eleni : At the end, we were alone, with only phantoms for company.
Crino: Hmm, yes. So, you're starting a school for arena-fighters, you said? *doesn't take eyes of the sorceress as she finishes her tale*
Eleni : The last words on our diseased lips were ones of petinence, but the gods had no ears for them.
Andreas Appolodorus: That's why we always need ample reserve of wheat, grains...
Argosian Citizen: *stumbles forward again*
Kataramene : We are indeed, and ... as a matter of fact ... looking for someone with experience to supervise them.
Eleni : And so it was that the gods of Egypt brought their ruins upon us...
Eleni : I feel now the chains of Hades and Anubis both, tugging at my soul....
Polytropos : *throws that tanglefoot bag he had ready if the citizen gets close to the stage.*
Eleni : This must be the end of my tale, as I return to my husband in his silent palace below.
Telemachus : *grabs the drunk idiot*
Eleni : Farewel, and heed my warnings.
Argosian Citizen: *is grabbed* Wot?
Eleni : *Vanishes*
Polytropos : Ah, good.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : And yaaaay!
Telemachus : Why don't you have a sit down? you look a little wobbly.
Telemachus : *lets him go as the performance ends*
Eleni : *Grinning to herselef*
Eleni : *herself, even. Even if invisibly.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Kataramene : *clap clap clap* She's remarkably talented. A shame that if you have other work to move on to... *looking at Crino*
Peleus: An impressive performance!
Polytropos : Magic effects during storytelling. Good idea, but it'll never catch on, you know?
Peleus: Judges?
Eleni : Pfft. What do you know?
Polytropos : Am I right, bards?
Telemachus : *cheers for Eleni with everyone else*
Lazyzeus : The final exit is impressive. (+2)
Polykleitos: We give a score of 31!
Eleni : Hah!
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : ... not bad.
Peleus: A tie for first place!
Andreas Appolodorus: The Might of Magic.

Peleus: But wait! We have one more performer!
Eleni : Better than /you/, at least, so I am content.
Andreas Appolodorus: We do?
Peleus: The Heroes of Argos's own personal bard!
Polytropos : Huh. Well, here's where Leo either dropkicks us into the Styx, or trips and falls into the vomit.
Eleni : I pray for the later.
Peleus: I give you, Leonidas!
Eleni : ...well, don't keep us waiting!
Peleus: *frowns, and gestures again* Leonidas!
Leonidas : *starts thumping staff in rythm as he walks slowly in cadence to the beat to the front*
Leonidas : *sings in slow speed to start*
Eleni : Hardly the time to be shy, now!
Leonidas : This is a story of travel to the ends of the earth, of tragedy and triumph.
Leonidas : *mimes the walking as a kind of slow dance*
Leonidas : This is a story of love of family and friends.
Leonidas : A story of the labours of Herekles
Polytropos : Controversial.
Lazyzeus : The audience is caught up in the slow cadences and movements. (+5)
Leonidas : *deftly swings out harp and begins haunting strum*
Gabrielle: Hey, I think I know this one.
Kataramene : *low* Of course we were there for this, Eleni too. It's perfectly possible that without her charming of creatures like the great ox it wouldn't have been possible. *lays it on thick*
Polytropos : ... not like him you don't...
Lazyzeus : The melody captures the crowd, who are caught up in the spell of the music.
Eleni : *Whispered* Well, he's hardly going to tell the /truth/, is he?
Lazyzeus : The crowd is impressed by Leonidas's agility and craft. (+2)
Leonidas : *start out explaining how Herekles was forced to do the labours to save his family and gives short skits of each highlighting some of the epic final scenes*
Leonidas : *in the battle scenes he uses the staff to mimic a weapon and aid in dance moves*
Polytropos : *low.* ... you know, I've known this guy since we were kids... taught him all he knows...
Kataramene : *looks over at Pol whispering to the bard*
Leonidas : *uses bardic skills at the climactic final scenes*
Eleni : *Aplauds at the finale*
Polytropos : *muted thrown-voice 'yeeeey' to encourage the crowd.*
Leonidas : *swaps to pipes between scenes to sit mood further*
Kataramene : *applauds with the crowd*
Leonidas : *dances about in time to piping*
Zopyrus: *starts to clap aloud, then realizes he's shaking the tambourine and sheepishly puts it away*
Leonidas : *describe the final divine portaling into the throne room and finishes with magical influence of harp*
Gabrielle: He's quite skilled.
Eleni : He's had /some/ help.
Leonidas : *doesn't tip off the heroes impersonated herekles of course*
Polytropos : eeeey...
Leonidas : *bows dramatically*
Telemachus : *applause*
Peleus: A glorious performance! Judges!
Polykleitos: *talks with his peers* We give the mighty Leonidas a score of 39!
Polytropos : Nice.
Eleni : Hmm.
Peleus: We have a winner! Ah...
Eleni : Well, tied for second isn't bad.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Congratulations, Leo.
Leonidas : Thank you
Kataramene : *watches the woman who just entered*

Lazyzeus : The applause stops as a beautiful young woman comes into the room.
Kataramene : That's .... odd.
Eleni : *Slight frown*
Polytropos : Oh...
Young Singer: May I sing?
Leonidas : hmm
Peleus: Ah... the competition is... ah, okay.
Polytropos : ... why do I feel nervous...?
Kataramene : *looks back at the door, then over at the young woman*
Young Singer: *opens her mouth and begins to sing*
Eleni : ....if someone is about to steal the crown from Leo, I can't complain. *Grin*
Leonidas : *strokes beard*
Kataramene : She's ... familiar.
Andreas Appolodorus: She's no mortal is she?
Young Singer: *you cannot understand the words, but the melody is haunting, perfect, beautiful*
Peleus: *stares in wonderment, along with the entire crowd, save perhaps the Heroes, who are used to such things*
Eleni : *Sways to the singing*
Polytropos : *makes an 'o' face*

Lazyzeus : You sense that the song is coming to an end... when suddenly...

Polytropos : *blink* What the -
Kataramene : ... that's ...
Eleni : Was.... that part of the performance?
Peleus: What... what happened?
Eleni : Is she alright?
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Andreas Appolodorus: Is she all right?
Leonidas : Maybe the stress of performing was too much for her?
Polytropos : ... we should check.
Peleus: Her skin... it's so white! She's not moving!
Leonidas : I'm not a healer.
Polytropos : Peleus is so shocked he's standing in vomit.
Peleus: Somebody get a cleric!
Eleni : Andreas! You have some skill as a physician, yes?
Commoner Woman: Who? They're all dead!
Polytropos : ... oh.
Polytropos : Eheh... not all...
Kataramene : This is a ... hmmm.
Polytropos : ... Damien... dammit, where's Damien...
Leonidas : Surely there's more than one temple or shrine in this city?
Peleus: Help her into the back room... She's so cold, her skin is like ice!
Eleni : *Looks at her face, so very pale* She looks half dead...
Kataramene : The crafty ....
Polytropos : *hup!*

Lazyzeus : A crowd of people help the comatose woman into the back room. She doesn't respond at all to any efforts to revive her.

Leonidas : So I guess I win then, eh?
Polytropos : *frowns at Leo.*
Eleni : Hardly the point here, Leo.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Peleus : *after a brief pause to restore order* Ah, citizens and fair ladies, guests...
Polytropos : He's joking, folks!
Leonidas : The show must go on!
Leonidas : *laughs*
Peleus: I apologize for this disruption. We will do our best to take care of this matter with the city authorities!
Polytropos : *low* Did you see anyone do anything...?
Argosian Citizen: Hey, you, what about my gold piece?
Eleni : No, it seems to come from her... perhaps she was posessed, somehow?
Mesut Cemil: *harsh whisper* Not now!
Eleni : As I pretended to be.
Peleus: That was _some_ kind of magic!
Peleus: Do you think you can help her?
Eleni : Indeed.
Kataramene : She didn't come in through the door.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wait.

Lazyzeus : The crowd starts to break up, talking about the odd end to the competition.

Polytropos : We've got skills, we can look at her if you';; let us.
Eleni : And I don't know. If it were a simple enchantment that troubled her, I could probably remove it - but it seems rather more serious than that.
Polytropos : Right, friends?
Andreas Appolodorus: What gold piece?
Peleus: Whatever you can do? She had such a lovely voice.
Eleni : Of course we'll try.
Argosian Citizen: Lemme go.
Kataramene : *looks at the Argosian*
Andreas Appolodorus: * grab the guy * Talk now.
Argosian Citizen: That man said he'd pay for all my drinks tonight.
Kataramene : Someone said they would pay him for being sick, more than likely.
Andreas Appolodorus: Why?
Argosian Citizen: I dunno! Ask him.
Eleni : Hah.
Polytropos : C'mon, Eleni, Leo, let's see what's going on with the lady. Hopefully the others'll follow.
Kataramene : So he'd disrupt the others, no doubt.
Leonidas : So no prize?
Eleni : Not very noble of mister Cemil, but it would hardly have changed anything...
Andreas Appolodorus: In a hurry?
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Polytropos : Lovely meeting you! *Gabrielle's way.*
Kataramene : *glare*
Gabrielle: Indeed. I hope that she's all right.
Polytropos : Wow, she'sw pale.
Eleni : *Tries to uncover any spells or curses afflicting the woman*
Andreas Appolodorus: The musician he is suspicious.
Leonidas : Why cause he tried to cheat to win?
Kataramene : Frozen, almost?
Kataramene : She definitely didn't come in through the door. I saw her walk past and the door never opened.
Andreas Appolodorus: Not sure.
Leonidas : People cheat in every kind of competition.
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Eleni : Very strange...
Leonidas : Why would you expect anything less in a bardic one?
Peleus: Ah, Master Leonidas, I suppose you win the top prize. I'm sorry about all this.
Eleni : It's definitely an enchantment of some kind, but... one very few mortals could craft, I think.
Leonidas : Ah, good.
Peleus: *hands over a small statue and a cache of scrolls*
Leonidas : Thank you
Kataramene : Divine then, but why here and why now and why her?
Polytropos : Can you lift it?
Andreas Appolodorus: How is she?
Eleni : And the poor woman herself... there is something distinctly non-mortal about her, as well.
Kataramene : *peers at her face* She's familiar ....
Andreas Appolodorus: I spotted that earlier Eleni.
Eleni : I don't think there's anything /I/ can do, no. Not now, anyway...
Leonidas : So any change in our ice lady?
Peleus: Councilor Lamachus!
Polytropos : ... so... we leave her here, or...
Andreas Appolodorus: I doubt she is from some icy land.
Eleni : *Throws some of her old clothes over her, as a makeshift blanket* I'm afraid we'll have to find someone who might know more.
Telemachus : I get the feeling that she's some how going to be our problem.
Polytropos : Only the Temple of-
Leonidas : *leans down and looks her over*
Polytropos : ... did someone say 'Councilor Lamachus'?
Lamachus: I understand there was a disturbance here tonight.
Leonidas : *kisses her*
Peleus: Indeed. But the Heroes of Argos are looking into it!
Kataramene : I'm sure I have seen here somewhere before.
Polytropos : ... huh, he's out there.
Eleni : Oh gods, Leo.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : I sincerely doubt /molesting/ her in her sleep is going to do much good.
Leonidas : I heard a story once a kiss woke up such woman.
Lamachus: Why am I not surprised.
Leonidas : Hmm
Polytropos : That sounds like something Bards'd make up.

Lamachus: Polytropos!
Polytropos : Councillor!
Lamachus: What exactly is going on here?
Eleni : We are attempting to ascertain precisely that, councilor.
Leonidas : You know, I'm detecting something a bit strange, as if we have all be shifted somehow.
Polytropos : This young woman came to sing, and then was struck down as if by the hand of the gods.
Kataramene : We're not sure. She was singing, then there was a flash of .. well sort of cold magic, and she dropped unconcious.
Polytropos : *makes room.*
Leonidas : Perhaps she is fine and it is all of us who are in trouble?
Lamachus: Can we at least have one day where we have not earned the anger of some god in our city?
Lamachus: Who is she?
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Lamachus: She does not look well.
Kataramene : It's odd, I've not seen her before but she looks so familiar.
Leonidas : Well, where ever this is, I'm gonna have a drink to celebrate my win.
Lamachus: I hope that this is not Hera's vengeance upon us.
Eleni : I'm not sure if this is quite Hera's style..
Kataramene : I'd have thought she'd have acted at us if so, and not at some stranger.
Leonidas: *Burp*
Eleni : Perhaps she has. But perhaps - just perhaps - everything that happens in this city is not about /us/.
Leonidas : *sits and enjoys a bottle of wine*
Tavernkeeper: Ah, Master Councilor... I donna want the gods' anger to focus on this place.
Leonidas : *hums to himself*
Lamachus: I understand.
Lamachus: I will have the girl brought to the bouleterion, seeing as the Temple is... unavailable.
Kataramene : So.... who are we going to call on?
Eleni : The Temple of Hera is probably out...
Lamachus: The hour is late, but I hope that you will present yourselves to the bouleterion in the morning. The Council will have questions, many questions, I am certain.
Eleni : The only priest of any calibre I can think of who is sure to be well-disposed to us is Ismene.
Kataramene : .... how dud this suddenly become our fault?
Lamachus: If this is not connected to you, then you have nothing to fear from us.
Eleni : There's no evidence that it is, so far.
Polytropos : We're just the people on the spot, Councillor.
Leonidas : Hmm, I wonder....
Telemachus : We were standing here watching with everyone else..
Polytropos : Is there a place we can stay in the city, so we don't have to walk home and back...?
Kataramene : Right. *humphs*
Lazyzeus : City guards come to take the comatose woman away.
Leonidas : *wanders around town a bit*
Kataramene : I was speaking to someone who might be going up there to meet us.
Eleni : You did?
Polytropos : Yes, I noticed.
Polytropos : I'm sure he can wait.
Kataramene : At least /my/ conversation was productive. *humphs*
Polytropos : /Mine/ was cultural.
Kataramene : Yes, I'm sure it would have been very cultured if she hadn't left.
Polytropos : We bards are busy folk.
Kataramene : As a matter of fact he might be a trainer.
Eleni : Are we oficially bards now?
Polytropos : Well, I am.
Kataramene : Practising his charms, as he is.
Polytropos : *humphy.*

Lazyzeus : With the night fallen, you retire to the arena for some rest and a hot meal. With sunrise you are up and returning to the High City, to find out if you can learn anything else about the mysterious woman. You arrive in the High City just as the merchants are setting up for the day.

Polytropos : Hey, Leo-
Polytropos : We've got to go to the Boule, Leo.
Leonidas : What's that?
Lazyzeus :
Telemachus : well while we're here.. you want to sell these eleni?
Polytropos : The big building with all the councillors in it.
Kataramene : *equally so*
Craftsman: Yes, I heard that an angry god reached down and smote her, right in the middle of the competition!
Eleni : *Whistles*
Leonidas : Sounds boring, I'll catch up with you.
Wealthy Citizen: It cannot be good to anger the gods so.
Eleni : Not every day someone gives me a giant pearl.
Kataramene : If you /have/ to know, he was interested in Eleni and I used it.
Telemachus : well maybe not the cloak.. might not go over well....
Telemachus : heh don't get any ideas.
Polytropos : So you were looking to engage his 'expertise'?
Eleni : Aw.
Kataramene : Yes, for a given term of the word.
Polytropos : *frown.*
Kataramene : *sniffs and tosses her head*
Polytropos : And where is everyone?
Kataramene : But you, on the other.... *shuts up as she spots Tel*
Polytropos : We're in a hurry here.
Polytropos : And it's sensible to befriend travelling bards!
Polytropos : Don't we want to be known?
Kataramene : Oh yes, the /friendler/ the better hmmm?
Eleni : Oh, you two are adorable when you're arguing.
Polytropos : No we're not!
Kataramene : *sniffs grumpily*
Eleni : *Smirks*
Polytropos : *mutter.*

Eleni : Greetings, councilors.
Kataramene : *grumble*
Polytropos : That was the idea of the competition, wasn't it?
Kataramene : To tell tales.
Eleni : Hm, I thought that might have been the case...
Kataramene : I tell you, she didn't come in through the door.
Eleni : I sincerely doubt she is entirely human.
Kataramene : She looked familiar, very familiar, until after whatever it was struck her. Then ... not.
Polytropos : We've met entirely too many women in white over the last year.
Eleni : Well... not really, no.
Melpomene : She is Euterpe. My sister.
Kataramene : I hoped to get a good look in the room, but she def......
Polytropos : Whowhat?
Kataramene : *looks around*
Eleni : um...
Eleni : ..hello?
Polytropos : A muse?!
Telemachus : ye gods what now
Kataramene : So she is a muse too?
Kataramene : If so, that explains the performance.
Eleni : *Bows* We welcome you to Argos, fair muse.
Polytropos : Where's Leo? He needs to...

Polytropos : ... ah, there.
Leonidas : *wanders in*
Pelopidas: *backs away, alarmed*
Polytropos : We've got issues.
Strato: What do you wish of us, oh divine one?
Melpomene: I seek aid for my stricken sister.
Kataramene : *mutter* Saw that coming.
Eleni : Please, tell us what it is that afflicts her.
Leonidas : Sure, what's the reward?
Kataramene : Fame and fortune, Leo, as usual.
Melpomene: Her power has been stolen by a vile mortal named Melchior, a wizard.
Leonidas : Hmm, the fortune part sounds good at least.
Melpomene: He seeks to use it to transform himself into an immortal. This must not happen.
Kataramene : That's fortune in the well-being sense, not /a/ fortune.
Melpomene: The gods have smiled upon your mortals in the past. I appeal to you for aid.
Eleni : I see...
Leonidas : Why not? we've a whole range of immortals already?
Eleni : Some gods of smiled upon us. Others, not so much.
Melpomene: Should Euterpe's spirit be consumed by this arrogant wretch, all music will die out from the world.
Kataramene : That would be no fun....
Polytropos : We're not sure how we're regarded upon Olympus right now, but frankly, we can't let that happen.
Melpomene: Already now it will be starting to fade. A mother's song, once calming a child, now will make him cry.
Leonidas : Hmm, maybe you just need to learn new songs?
Eleni : That's horrible...
Melpomene: Then the magic of bards will perish from the world, for it is my sister's blessing that fuels all such.
Eleni : You hear that, Leo? Let this happen and you're oficially useless.
Melpomene: I fear that this Melchior will not be so benevolent with his blessings.
Polytropos : One man would do that?
Leonidas : Offically, unofficially... *laughs*
Melpomene: The gods do not interfere in the dealings of the Muses, so I must seek my own aid for my sister's salvation.
Polytropos : What an ass.
Melpomene: Aid me, and you shall have the blessings of my sisters upon you.
Eleni : Where can we find this Melchior?
Polytropos : From your words and your sister's living still I gather he's no immortal yet.
Melpomene: He resides in a citadel upon the island of Caluaria.
Kataramene : Knowing would help, yes.
Strato: I know it. It lies in the Aegean Sea not far from the eastern Peloponnese.
Kataramene : The Captain still has that writ, doesn't he?
Eleni : We shall require a ship, then.
Melpomene: I cannot transport you there, _he_ would know, and destroy my sister.
Leonidas : Maybe this guy has some enemies we might enlist to aid us in some way?
Kataramene : Comedy might help Pol's jokes be more appropriate.
Eleni : From the sound of things, Leo, there might not be much time.
Melpomene: You shall have inspiration, and the spirits of the Muses to ease your way. Free my sister! Or your mortal realm will suffer.
Melpomene: The wizard needs time to work his foul ritual. But do not dally!
Melpomene: Free Euterpe...

Lamachus: She's gone!
Leonidas : Hmm
Polytropos : My jokes are fine. But, uh, yes. Let's, um, see about getting passage.
Strato: That... that was an odd conversation.
Polytropos : It can't hurt to leave the city for a bit, right?
Eleni : Quite unexpected.
Strato: Do you often receive such divine visitations?
Eleni : More often than you might think.
Leonidas : We've had our share
Kataramene : Often. Just another heroic task to complete. I have to go and get my things from the villa.
Pelopidas: We will order any ship in the harbor to your use, of course.
Eleni : I trust this clears up the fact that we are not responsible for this particular trouble?
Lamachus: Not directly, anyway.
Lamachus: Interesting that she chose to sing in _our_ festival, though. *looks at Leonidas* She could have been Athens's problem!
Strato: Hush, Lamachus. This dire threat affects all Greece, nay, all the world.
Leonidas : Maybe she heard of me and wanted to see me first hand?
Eleni : So it seems, yes.
Kataramene : *glares at Lamachus* We're not responsible, but we'll solve it.
Strato: We will grant what aid we can upon this quest. Is there something more you need, other than fast passage?
Polytropos : If one man gets it into his head to steal an immortal's essence, then who knows where that'll go.
Kataramene : Somewhere to obtain healing magics, more than anything.
Polytropos : *grimace*
Pelopidas: That may be difficult, now that the temple store is unavailable.
Eleni : I'm sure we can track down Damian, loathe thought he will be to get aboard another ship.
Polytropos : ... we'll make do, I'm sure.
Kataramene : I can imagine, which is why I asked.
Pelopidas: The herbalist in the Low City market sells some such.
Polytropos : How is the Muse being cared for?
Strato: We will check our stores and have some healing supplies delivered to your ship.
Leonidas : Wonderful
Pelopidas: She is being kept comfortable. At least being divine she will not need food and drink.
Polytropos : A little extra pampering couldn't hurt. Alright, let's get to work!
Pelopidas: I will go see which captains are in the harbor.
Eleni : Very well, then.
Strato: Best not let Zeno see you coming. He might flee.
Pelopidas: He will, when he sees them.
Polytropos : Did we ever pay him...?
Kataramene : Put a guard on his ... rope thing,. the one that ties him there.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : We sort of dissapeared on him..
Eleni : Taking the portal back to Greece.
Kataramene : Hos payment was the retirement plot

Leonidas : *waves*
Captain Zeno : Oh, no. Not him. Not _them_. Not again.
Leonidas : Greetings captain!
Eleni : Heheee..;
Leonidas : *smiles*
Pelopidas: This mission is vital for all Greece!
Leonidas : *claps him on the should*
Leonidas : *shoulder*
Leonidas : Always a pleasure to travel with such a master sailor.
Eleni : *Waves at Zeno* Thought you were rid of us, did you...?
Captain Zeno: *looks as though he's considering jumping into the harbor*
Captain Zeno: Where are we going this time?
Pelopidas: Caluaria.
Captain Zeno: Oh, that's not far... wait. What's the catch? Have sea monsters been sighted there?
Argosian Guard: Sir. The healing supplies have been loaded aboard.
Eleni : Oh, no. Just a mad archmage.
Pelopidas: Very good.
Captain Zeno: Corinth. Corinth is so very nice, this time of year....
Leonidas : *gazes out at the harbor*
Eleni : So I heard!
Polytropos : Look!
Polytropos : Someone in the market was selling this great bird!
Eleni : ...you bought a bird?
Captain Zeno: Augh! More pets! Wait... the man with the bear... he's not here! He's not coming?
Polytropos : A *great* bird.
Eleni : I hope you bought it some food.
Telemachus : What on earth are you going to do with a bloody great hawk?
Eleni : I'm not sure how much it will like the sea.
Polytropos : I'm going to have him hunt my enemies and things
Eleni : It's no gull.
Telemachus : Are your enemies rabbits and lambs?
Polytropos : If any of them are, they're in big trouble.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:11 pm

Lazyzeus : The journey to Calauria takes only two days; it's a relatively easy jaunt into the Aegean. However, the skies darken as you approach the island, and by the time you board the tiny launch to transfer to the shore it's raining heavily.

Polytropos : *readies his bow, and begins creeping across the sand.*
Telemachus : Remember the last beach like this?
Polytropos : Painfully.
Telemachus : Lets be careful eh?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes we got beaten by creatures and then I got beaten by a giant God.
Polytropos : Just rocks over here.
Kataramene : Let's just be careful with /both/ of them down with sea sickness.
Andreas Appolodorus: If you can cut a table in half with big axe I sure can break the same table with my fist.
Telemachus : Maybe we can sneak in
Polytropos : *bird-call of all-clear.*

Leonidas: path to the north
Telemachus : ...Why's he talking about tables?
Leonidas: several big guards in ruins ahead
Polytropos : ... hm...
Telemachus : Big?
Polytropos : Well, hello...
Telemachus : ooh, somekind of giant?
Kataramene : Where?
Telemachus : they're in the ruins
Kataramene : The giants or Pol and Leo?
Telemachus : Giants, those two are scouting
Kataramene : I can't see them, have they ducked or something?
Polytropos : Sssh...

Andreas Appolodorus: Are we going around?
Polytropos : There's some big men-shapes in there.
Kataramene : Oh now I see one...
Polytropos : Some twice as tall as a man... one as tall as the bouletarion.
Telemachus : They're hard to miss.
Kataramene : I've got that bark juice, anyone want any?
Polytropos : I saw some stairs and some decent looking doors...
Telemachus : Is the wizard living in those ruins, or can we just go around them?
Polytropos : Oh, I imagine he's there. These must be his guards.
Polytropos : Happy to set a few traps and lead them into them, if you like.
Telemachus : They have any cook fires or anything?
Andreas Appolodorus: We don't have the rock skin to protect us.
Kataramene : Trying to trip them up can't hurt.
Polytropos : Let me set a few things up.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey that's neat.
Leonidas: 4 big guards, 1 big captain.
Leonidas: there's a path leading off to the east as well.
Kataramene : Not got a lot left, but ... better than nothing. *nods at Leo*
Kataramene : Did you say there were door ways in the ruins?
Leonidas: but they are obviously guarding the ruins, so might be valuable to explore them.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let us go quietly and fight these another day.
Leonidas: two doors in an old shrine or temple complex.
Polytropos : *the same bird-call of readiness.*
Telemachus : We've got to get past them Andreas, it looks like they're guarding the way to the mage.
Kataramene : Best not to have them behind us, even if it's not there. Don't want them in our way if we have to scarper.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's fight then, perhaps one at a time.
Telemachus : *W* we're setting traps, shh
Kataramene : *waveds them over*
Telemachus : psst, there's a little hill up here with one way up..
Kataramene : Leo!
Brute: Hold still, little man!
Kataramene : Where's he gone...

Brute: Me smash you up good!
Polytropos : ... nice.
Telemachus : Ahh they weren't THAT big.
Kataramene : Don't tempt the Fates.
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : Good decoy work, Leo!
Leonidas : yeah
Leonidas : there are stairs down over here as well folks
Kataramene : Right....
Polytropos : Aw, someone broke the fish statue.
Leonidas : should you be looking for an alternate route.
Kataramene : That's a shame.
Polytropos : What do we do? Doors or stairs? nothing saying they go to the same place.
Leonidas : *pokes around in the rubble of the buildings*
Kataramene : Toss a drachma?
Andreas Appolodorus: Stairs.
Polytropos : ... can check a door, if you like...
Telemachus : These stairs here?
Polytropos : Yes!
Kataramene : I dunno, is it worse to have some come up and trap us inside, or out and trap us downstairs?
Telemachus : Looks about ready to collapse to me.
Leonidas : *examines*
Leonidas : stairs or doors?
Polytropos : I'll poke my head in.
Polytropos : Hang on.
Kataramene : Let's check inside and go down later, if it's unstable.
Kataramene : .....
Telemachus : when'd he start doing that?
Kataramene : I don't know....

Polytropos : It's a temple of Poseidon.
Kataramene : Ohhh...
Leonidas : *looks around*
Andreas Appolodorus: Anything?
Kataramene : Were they guarding it or raiding it?
Telemachus : They don't strike me as the god-respecting type
Polytropos : Ooh, there's... there's a tunnel.
Andreas Appolodorus: Shark?
Leonidas : *tosses a coin in the altar pool*
Kataramene : *pulls a coin from her pouch and drops it into the shrine as a small token*
Kataramene : Let's try to be reasonably respectful then?
Kataramene : *then takes a little of the water*
Polytropos : *sneaky sneak*

Lazyzeus : Whatever spirits reside in the old temple, they do not harass you on this visit.

Telemachus : *likewise takes a little water*
Andreas Appolodorus: I would agree. Here is to your glory Poseidon.
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Kataramene : May he aid us in need.
Polytropos : Tell the others... I'll do some things.
Kataramene : Where's Pol and Leo gone now?
Leonidas : more guards around the corner to the right
Andreas Appolodorus: * put a little gold pounch at the shrine *
Leonidas : they seem to be using the underwater landing as a supply drop.
Kataramene : Right, an open door. *rolls eyes*
Telemachus : hmm.
Telemachus : Fight in the corridor?
Kataramene : Looks like Pol dropped some of those spike things there.
Telemachus : So i see
Polytropos : And a whole bunch more around the corner, so be quick.
Telemachus : Sheild wall accross the corridor here.
Kataramene : What are we doing.....
Telemachus : quickly!
Telemachus : Andreas! here!
Kataramene : Gas!
Telemachus : Behind us!

Andreas Appolodorus: Everyone all right?
Leonidas : next time we might wanna decide exactly what we're doing.
Polytropos : Hee hee. *picks up an absolutely gigantic flaming curved sword as a trophy*
Telemachus : The point of a shield wall andreas, is that you stand in it, not in front of it.
Polytropos : ... aw.
Kataramene : What have you got there?
Polytropos : It's not on fire, they just dip it in stuff.
Telemachus : probably why it's so messed up
Leonidas : some paste
Leonidas : and a few javelins
Kataramene : Paste?
Telemachus : this is the firey stuff
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Telemachus : I'll have one of those
Kataramene : Useful. Grab it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nothing to drink?
Kataramene : Could use one too if there's enough.
Telemachus : and whatever made them all big I think
Telemachus : empty bottle marked "don't drink this all at once"
Kataramene : Interesting. Where'd they get it?
Telemachus : Probably the wizard?
Kataramene : You think?
Kataramene : Thanks.
Polytropos : ... that's all there is.
Kataramene : Is that where the stairs came down, do you think?
Telemachus : we can head up
Polytropos : It is.
Kataramene : Saves a little extra work then.
Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : Did I hear...
Telemachus : Uh oh
Kataramene : Errmm.....
Polytropos : Aw.
Andreas Appolodorus: Good for you.
Kataramene : We have heard of your mighty deeds, oh Melchior.
Kataramene : *has a "bear with me" expression*
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps O great one.
Telemachus : You should punish them, they were weak.
Andreas Appolodorus: Blades?
Kataramene : Perhaps we just sought to show you their inadequacies.
Andreas Appolodorus: See I bear no weapons or armor.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm.
Kataramene : And were we to lay down arms that would only demonstrate stupidity, something lacking in a guard, no?
Melchior: Bah, I cannot tolerate sophists.
Andreas Appolodorus: Or what?
Melchior: You defy me? Tiny man?
Melchior: *raises his staff*
Andreas Appolodorus: Why don't you show yourself? Are you afraid?
Kataramene : He's not defying you at all.....
Polytropos : Ha! Well then, enough with the sophistry. You're a thief! A thief who picks on a singing Muse because he dare not the wrath of Olympus. And that's us!
Polytropos : ... dammit.
Melchior : You dance well. I know what you want, and you cannot have it. Come face men then, if you dare.
Polytropos : That stung.
Leonidas : I guess that's our guy?
Lazyzeus : *face me, that is*
Polytropos : You think?
Leonidas : His tower is down the path to the east.
Kataramene : This is going to go well....
Telemachus : Andreas, when we're trying to be tricky maybe you should just go along wiith it.
Leonidas : He's got a few guards outside and a couple of causeways connecting outcrops to his tower.
Andreas Appolodorus: It was some kind of projection.
Telemachus : He probably wasn't even there.
Polytropos : That's never stopped us before.
Kataramene : Well yes, but tricky might have got us in more easily.
Polytropos : *dons his helmet.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Probably trying to delay us with minions.
Leonidas : There's a barrier errected across the outer causeway; you'll have to destroy that to reach his guards.
Polytropos : Let's strike while the iron is hot, then!
Kataramene : Nice water thing. Come on then.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where the water thing came from?
Telemachus : Shrine gave us magic bottles cause it liked us.
Leonidas : Posidon like us?
Kataramene : I dropped the bottle of water by accident and it just appeared.
Leonidas : causeways are dead ahead
Leonidas : you could circle to the right and shoot down the outer guards from across the chasm probably
Leonidas : but that might be as much fun for you warriors.
Telemachus : I'm not the greatest bowman in the world
Leonidas : actually we can shoot them from here as the barriers up.
Leonidas : they might toss it aside though if we start shooting.
Leonidas : given their size.
Leonidas : or maybe they can jump it?
Telemachus : Well if anyone has a better idea?
Polytropos : *lies in wait.*
Leonidas : Warriors what say you?
Kataramene : Anything to kill without charging a barricade is good.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can try to spit at them if you want.
Kataramene : Where's the water thing.
Telemachus : Hit em with arrows, let them come to us
Telemachus : GET EM
Brute : Ow! Sting.
Leonidas : then there's the whol trap thing
Telemachus : That looked like a whole barrel of acid. you alright?
Kataramene : Is it still there?
Leonidas : Yeah could've been worse
Telemachus : big one!
Kataramene : That's unfair!
Kataramene : Get the barrier down.
Telemachus : watch out for traps
Giant Brute : You Hurt?
Giant Brute : Where hurt from?
Giant Brute : Sting like bug.
Polytropos : He;s got friends. We can't hold out against all those rocks.
Kataramene : Any more traps?
Polytropos : Not... that I can see...
Polytropos : This is all there is.
Telemachus : I'm guessing we're going into the cave?
Kataramene : So.... big cave. Hopefully without more of those rock throwers.
Leonidas : looks like the only option is this cave mouth
Polytropos : *psst*
Kataramene : Pol went in.
Polytropos : ... all clear... five of them in a side room...
Kataramene : Is that a "Come in" Psst?
Polytropos : Yeah.
Kataramene : Get the side room?
Telemachus : Block the entrance
Polytropos : Hahaha.
Kataramene : There's a doorway!
Leonidas : door ahead is trapped
Polytropos : Well... good job anyway! Right?
Polytropos : Aha...
Kataramene : Any more through there?
Polytropos : Yes. Yes.
Kataramene : Gah!
Kataramene : What was the other way?
Leonidas : a trapped door
Telemachus : door leading back the way we came, and a way up
Leonidas : as the guards were here, I think it's more likely this is the way we eventually want to go.
Polytropos : *sneaks up.*
Kataramene : It looks like it could be the other side of that door, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hope we have not used all the kits.
Telemachus : That's the way we came Kat.
Polytropos : Looks like a giant man made of wood.
Kataramene : *waits for the "Come on up" psst*
Leonidas : *examines*
Polytropos : *psst*
Polytropos : Looks clear enough.
Leonidas : doesn't seemed locked or trapped
Kataramene : I don't like it.
Andreas Appolodorus: A man made construction?
Polytropos : Indeed!
Telemachus : they dont like fire.
Kataramene : Wood? Made of bloody wood? What next?
Kataramene : Is that cabinet going to start walking?
Telemachus : wooop
Telemachus : 10 healers kits
Telemachus : and some other junk weapons
Kataramene : Nice! Grab 'em.
Polytropos : Ow.
Kataramene : Even the junk, if it means they have less weapons.
Telemachus : You ever learn how to use a whip?
Kataramene : ... I /mihgt/ have.
Leonidas : stairs up over here
Telemachus : You can scare the hell out of pol with it later
Kataramene : .... *picks it up*
Polytropos : Some doors are bad!
Telemachus : what's going on?
Polytropos : Leo found stairs.
Leonidas : *examines*
Leonidas : *listens*
Leonidas : silent, no locks or traps
Polytropos : Hmnh.
Polytropos : Psst!
Leonidas : *peeks in*
Kataramene : Is that a "Come here" psst?

Leonidas : *w* there's a stone guard
Polytropos : Stone...
Leonidas : like those wooden ones, but rock
Polytropos : Yikes.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Leonidas : Have no use for them
Kataramene : Did they come this way?
Polytropos : Ooo, thanks.
Leonidas : stone guard beyond door
Leonidas : far end of chamber
Kataramene : *looks at the door* That one?
Telemachus : Ok. lets ge him then?
Leonidas : only one
Leonidas : ready?
Telemachus : shoot him
Kataramene : Only one eh>
Telemachus : They don't like cold.
Telemachus : it's comming up well for us
Polytropos : Or acid!
Kataramene : My fire ran out.
Leonidas : guess the other was around the corner
Polytropos : You've got plenty of fire.
Kataramene : *throws him a look*
Telemachus : I managed to set my freezing axe on fire.
Telemachus : Don't know how it works, but it does.
Kataramene : Have you got any more of that paste then?
Andreas Appolodorus: Can you make me some kind of human torch?
Telemachus : there were only two
Telemachus : you want to set yourself on fire?
Telemachus : is that a good idea?
Polytropos : ... ooo..
Kataramene : Maybe if you smeared it on gloves?
Polytropos : *takes a cloak.*
Telemachus : What'd you find?
Polytropos : A real heroes' himation..
Andreas Appolodorus: No but if I had some fire fists...
Leonidas : *examines*
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice garment.
Telemachus : One of you wear it
Kataramene : If no one wants it, I will.
Telemachus : my lion skin is nicer
Andreas Appolodorus: Look nicer than my cloak.
Kataramene : Take it then.
Polytropos : Dress yourselves appropriately, and let's finish this!
Kataramene : Give me yours.
Leonidas : bronze guard

Telemachus : Wonder what they're weak against..
Polytropos : ... like Talos...
Polytropos : Psst.
Polytropos : I can get it from here, if you're ready.
Kataramene : The "pssts" are getting more eloquent.
Telemachus : Go on.
Leonidas : looks like his library
Leonidas : *sets fire to the shelves*
Telemachus : Eleni would have loved this place
Telemachus : Leo wait until we're leaving!
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Kataramene : Oh shi....
Polytropos : ... ow, again...
Polytropos : Some desks are bad, too. Do I smell smoke?
Telemachus : the hell did you do to yourself?
Kataramene : So now we aren't getting out of here fast.
Polytropos : Oh.
Telemachus : You got beat up by a desk?
Polytropos : Oh no.
Telemachus : was it at least worth it?
Polytropos : Some papers, a crystal ball, a... flag...?
Leonidas : It's not like he doesn't know we're here already
Lazyzeus : Palls of smoke begin to thicken in the room.
Telemachus : More worried about burning to death Leo
Polytropos : *cough*
Kataramene : *cough cough*
Leonidas : *lights up shelves*
Andreas Appolodorus: That was unwise.
Telemachus : By the gods you're an idiot
Polytropos : Oh dear...
Andreas Appolodorus: Death by the sword or by fire?
Kataramene : Shut the door!
Telemachus : GET OUT OF THERE
Polytropos : I can't open it. It's just too tricky.
Leonidas : He toys with us, we toy with him
Polytropos : Just slightly too tricky.
Leonidas : *examines*
Kataramene : It's toying with us! And there might have been something to learn in that book.
Leonidas : there ya go
Polytropos : Well, at least if he doesn't kill us, Eleni will.
Leonidas : Like we had time to read them all?
Polytropos : If we succeeded, maybe.
Telemachus : Why would you set fire to the way out?
Polytropos : *sneaks up*
Polytropos : Uhoh.

Polytropos : Psst!
Telemachus : What this time?
Polytropos : Clear, but there's more of those black singing spectres.
Polytropos : By the Gods!
Kataramene : Gnn.... it went right through my head.
Polytropos : We can't hold back against them.
Leonidas : that wasn't fun
Telemachus : I don't see any more
Telemachus : I'm betting we meet the other types we saw before
Kataramene : As long as it isn't any more of those.
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Leonidas : *examines*
Andreas Appolodorus: Unpleasant for sure.
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Polytropos : I wish I knew what these were. *waves the flag and the crystal ball, in the hope of some magic coming forth.*
Telemachus : I've got a couple more traps if you want em Pol?
Polytropos : Sounds good to me.
Telemachus : Lemme see
Kataramene : A flag?
Polytropos : A flag!
Telemachus : S'got holy symbols on.
Andreas Appolodorus: Some kind of flag would be good for our team in the arena.
Telemachus : It's pretty cool actually
Leonidas : door had an electrical trap and locked but it's clear and unlocked now
Polytropos : Nice.
Polytropos : So, about those traps.
Telemachus : Are they gone?
Leonidas : yes
Telemachus : I never see them
Polytropos : I meant the ones you had.
Telemachus : Oh good, been carting those around for months
Telemachus : keep cutting myself
Polytropos : Not much, but... well, we'll see.

Melchior : So! You have come despite my warning! Fools!
Polytropos : Oh. Uhoh.
Kataramene : ....
Melchior : Did I not tell you that I am Melchior the Mighty! Soon to be a god!
Telemachus : You actually said come and face you.
Polytropos : Uhm... I've got it in my sights.
Polytropos : I don't want this man to be the muse of singing.
Melchior : You are weak! Your muscles are no proof against my infinite mind!
Polytropos : Here we go!
Melchior : Destroy them!
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's make him dance.
Polytropos : ... hey...
Kataramene : Sod...
Melchior : Cowards! Hiding in the shadows!
Melchior : It won't save you!
Telemachus : hit and run attacs.
Polytropos : Got it!
Polytropos : Silly water thing.
Andreas Appolodorus: You handle the 'things"
Melchior : Ha Ha Ha!
Melchior : Feeling a bit... dry?
Melchior : You may find it a bit hard to... breathe! Ha!
Kataramene : He'll do this unless we hit him.
Melchior : A, ha ha ha ha!
Melchior : Burn!
Polytropos : Ow ow ow.
Melchior : Ha ha ha!
Polytropos : I hit the water thing with the flag. It vanished. I think we can do this.
Polytropos : There's something at the -
Melchior : No escape!
Polytropos : Oh dear.
Melchior : You die now!
Leonidas : HELP
Polytropos : Leo's in trouble.
Melchior : Alone! Your coward friends cannot help you!
Melchior : Stay away from that!
Melchior : Ha Ha ha!
Melchior : Your petty weakness amuses me!
Telemachus : Run for it"!
Andreas Appolodorus: OUT!
Melchior : Ha ha ha! *laughing maniacally*
Telemachus : RUN
Melchior : A HA HA HA!
Leonidas : ugh

Lazyzeus : With no other choice apparent, you flee... The wizard summons spirits who come after you in pursuit! You stagger through the smoke-filled chambers, the spirits on your heels...

Leonidas : need healing
Telemachus : get down the stiars
Polytropos : He got annoyed when I hit that glowing circle back there, but he's guarding it like a cat.
Polytropos : What, to the smoke-filled burning library?
Kataramene : To where?! it's on fire!
Telemachus : It's burnt out
Leonidas : can I get more healing please
Andreas Appolodorus: No more.
Kataramene : Gah!
Polytropos : It was all going so well.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Kataramene : We were doing so well too,

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:00 am

Lazyzeus : As you prepare to leave the city, you each get this odd feeling that you might not be back here for quite some time.

Polytropos : I get thios odd feeling we might not be back here for quite some time.
Kataramene : I get this odd feeling we might not be back here for some time too.
Eleni : What a strange thing to say.
Polytropos : ... yeah...
Damian : Hmm?
Eleni : Are we well stocked up on supplies, then?
Polytropos : Maybe it#'s worth stocking up.
Eleni : I think I shall go and purchase a few extra bolts, at least.
Kataramene : I just felt it necessary to pack anything "useful".
Leonidas : *yawns as he stumbles out of the tavern*
Damian : I have 16 kits and gave Andreas five.
Polytropos : Hi Leo! We're getting ready to head to home!
Leonidas : What's up?
Damian : And I've bought more sling stones.
Leonidas : oh, that...
Polytropos : You remember Aristarchus? Eleni's teacher?
Polytropos : He died?
Damian : *whistles* Come on, muscles.
Leonidas : Yeah yeah
Polytropos : Right.
Polytropos : See you at the gate if you're ready!
Leonidas : hmm best check my gear then
Eleni : In a hurry?
Kataramene : Oh hello.
Polytropos : Yes!
Eleni : Morning, Leo.
Kataramene : How are your contraptions coming along?
Damian : *nods to Leo as he passes*
Kataramene : *sniffs a little* She's behind you.
Eleni : ...ah, Zophyrus. *Vague smile*
Kataramene : I'll be over there, failing to look ordinary.
Damian : *snorts*
Eleni : It was nice seeing you at the festival.
Eleni : A very interseting, ah... yes?
Eleni : It's been performing quite well, I must say.
Damian : I do believe you have the man tongue-tied, El.
Polytropos : Alright, then.
Polytropos : See you there, Leo! Daylight's passing!
Eleni : Ah!
Eleni : Interesting..
Eleni : They won't explode in my pack, will they?
Eleni : Because that would be unfortunate.
Damian : Hmm.
Eleni : Good. Not that I haven't been scorched before, but it's not an experience I am keen to repeat.
Eleni : *Grins* Now that's a cruel thing to wish upon a girl. How boring would it be if nothing ever happened to me?
Kataramene : This cloak is a .. well, it clashes a bit.
Eleni : Thanks for the gift!
Damian : *rolls eyes*
Polytropos : It's a... it's a look... it... yes, it does.
Eleni : *Shakes her head* I'm sorry. I can't seem to help myself.
Polytropos : You look egyptian or something.
Damian : Uh-huh.
Eleni : *Politely allows Zopyrus to make his exit with some dignity*
Kataramene : Better?
Polytropos : Matches your hair.
Eleni : These should cause /quite/ a bang...
Damian : I do hope those bolts don't explode in your pack, because as much as I enjoy tending to your wounds, El, I would rather save our kits.
Eleni : Not as heavily as my spells, but still.
Kataramene : *keen look* Is that good or bad.
Polytropos : It's good!
Kataramene : *mollified expression*
Eleni : Oh, the containers seem quite stable. I should make sure not to fall on anything, though...
Eleni : Perhaps keep them wrapped in something.
Polytropos : Hey! Are we going?
Damian : Cotton might work.
Eleni : I've some spare clothes.
Damian : Something soft to cushion any impact should do it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Spare clothes are good.
Damian : *to Pol* Are we ready?
Eleni : You should try some, sometimes.
Polytropos : We're ready.
Polytropos : I think.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : *looks at Leo... nods*
Damian : He'd just stain them with the oil he uses.
Polytropos : They say you can't go home again.
Polytropos : Let's prove that's rubbish.
Eleni : *Smiles weakly* Let's.
Damian : *pats El's shoulder* Yes, let's.
Polytropos : I wonder who ended up looking after the fig trees?
Kataramene : Or the olive orchard in our farm.
Polytropos : Or that!
Eleni : Someone must have. Can't imagine them wasting good land.
Argosian Officer: Fair travels, citizen.
Polytropos : Farewell, Argos!
Kataramene : Stay secure!

Kataramene : How long as it been since we trod this road?
Eleni : Feels like a lifetime or seven ago.
Polytropos : I... really don't know.
Eleni : Remember the merchant accosted by bandits we met?
Eleni : We convinced the bandits to take his clothes in payment.
Polytropos : He was the one who delivered that letter!
Kataramene : Yes, he was.
Polytropos : He'd found some more clothes.
Eleni : He was? Oh.
Kataramene : Though thinking about it, that now seems odd.....
Eleni : Well, good for him.
Damian : If you all want my blessings, we'll need to stop for a minute.
Kataramene : Who's that?
Eleni : Are the roads truly so dangerous, still?
Polytropos : Give us some luck on the way, o Divine Messenger.
Polytropos : *coindrop*

Eleni : Ah. Hail, good sir.
Kataramene : Well met, traveller.
Priest of Hermes: And to you.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Priest of Hermes: Facing a long journey this day? And expected hazards, it looks like.
Eleni : We like to be prepared.
Damian : One can never be too careful.
Eleni : What's the news from down the road?
Kataramene : We try not to be taken by surprise. Was the road hard?
Priest of Hermes: Indeed. Well, there is a shrine to Hermes atop yonder hill. A wise traveler might care to make an offering to earn the god's favor.
Polytropos : Already did!
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Priest of Hermes: As for the road, it's clear to the crossroads. I come from Corinth, this day.
Eleni : We're going down the other direction.
Priest of Hermes: Then may the god bless you.
Damian : *nods* And you.
Eleni : Thank you.
Priest of Hermes: Fair travels.
Leonidas : *nods*

Kataramene : Onwards?
Polytropos : Yes. Let's not walk into Maniteia looking like statues, though. That'd be weird.
Eleni : I suppose.
Polytropos : Lunch!
Kataramene : Hugry already?
Eleni : We packed supplies.
Polytropos : ... alright, you win this time, boar.

Lazyzeus : You make a good start on your journey. The sun is setting as you approach the old crossroads.

Kataramene : Should we camp up for the night?
Eleni : A good place for it..
Polytropos : Sun's only just gone down... but, um, I suppose there's nowhere else, is there.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : Not nearby.
Damian : I'd rather not wander the woods at night.
Kataramene : This spot is well travelled, but on the other hand it's /well/ travelled.
Eleni : *Sits down and gets to studying that book Damian gave her*
Polytropos : No-one's going to give us trouble.
Damian : *gets the fire lit and starts cooking*
Eleni : Hm...
Eleni : A man's life work in these pages.
Eleni : If only he'd spent it doing something sane.
Kataramene : *makes a seat out of the logs, not looking like she plans to do anything else*
Damian : Have you learned anything of use in it?
Eleni : I should say so.
Polytropos : Likely wouldn't be interesting reading if he had.
Eleni : ...what was that?
Polytropos : Me talking?
Eleni : I thought I heard something...
Damian : I did too.
Polytropos : *looks around.*

Leonidas : *w* we got company; our old friend the faery nearby.
Polytropos : Oh really.
Eleni : Oh, wonderful.
Kataramene : *frowns and sighs*
Eleni : What will it be this time? Snakes? I hope it's not snakes.
Kataramene : *low* Can someone skirt and get the drop on it?
Leonidas : To what end?
Kataramene : Let's hope it thinks we like sleeping in wooden covering.
Damian : Better prepared than unprepared I say.
Kataramene : *makes a show of being concerned about the fire, in hope*
Polytropos : I saw nothing out there.
Polytropos : Well, another boar, but that was it.

Lazyzeus : You spend a nervous evening, but no fey curses or tricks emerge from the forest to threaten you. Morning comes with you nervous and uneasy.

Kataramene : It's near morning, we could just press on?
Eleni : We should expect mischief sooner or later.
Damian : Good idea.
Polytropos : I'm all for that. :et#'s get us some distance.
Eleni : Trouble loves us.
Damian : *packs up the supplies and smothers the fire*
Polytropos : She told us so herself.
Kataramene : Didn't she just.
Eleni : *Rubs her eyes, evidently not having slept very well*
Eleni : They won't believe half the things we have to tell them, will they?
Kataramene : Less than, I imagine.
Eleni : "And that's when we met Athena. Again."
Polytropos : I'm sure that...
Eleni : WHat on...?
Kataramene : "There was this huge bull...."

Polytropos : Hey, there's some people.
Polytropos : Armed people.
Kataramene : Aren't they ..... are they the bandits?
Eleni : Enchanted people.
Boethus : Hail and well met, travelers!
Polytropos : Hello!
Eleni : ....hello.
Andreas Appolodorus: You are glowing.
Kataramene : Just passing through, indeed.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Heh, I thought we were heavy with enchantment, but you just put us all to shame.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah.
Damian : *sighs*
Eleni : Are you entirely certain that's a good idea?
Kataramene : The toll is - not kicking your backsides into tomorrow.
Polytropos : We were having such a good time together, why do you have to ruin it so?
Eleni : Not any more.
Boethus: Ay now, that was rude. Attack!
Andreas Appolodorus: We need some exercise.

Eleni : Hm. Not quite the way I'd hoped they would react.
Kataramene : You did try.
Polytropos : It's not the spells, it's the man inside them. When will they learn...
Damian : *waves Pol over* Pol, look at this armor.
Kataramene : It was nicer than they'd have been.
Polytropos : Ah!
Polytropos : *happy to strip Boethus for trophies*
Eleni : They might have lost their courage without their blessings, but ah well...
Eleni : Where did they get the, though?
Eleni : *them
Polytropos : This man was well-armoured for a bandit, but not, alas, for a hero.
Kataramene : Bronze stuff, but useful to our village, no doubt.
Damian : *shrugs* They may have robbed a passing merchant for them and thought themselves invincible.
Eleni : I don't know. They'd have been better off selling scrolls or magical items.
Eleni : Rich enough to sustain themselves for the rest of their days.
Kataramene : They mentioned a god.
Polytropos : ... they did, didn't they...
Kataramene : I'm willing to bet we could guess who that is.
Kataramene : *looks north*
Eleni : Hera again?
Kataramene : Or a fey masquerade.
Leonidas : Doesn't seem to be any more of them around.
Eleni : We've made too many enemies, haven't we?
Damian : My money is on the fey.
Kataramene : Where did they come from?
Polytropos : I'm sure Hera's busy messing with the real Heracles.
Kataramene : She can catch up to us in her own time, yes.
Eleni : Well. Shall we keep up the pace?

Lazyzeus : The day advances, and it's almost noon when you see the humble village of Oenoe up ahead.

Polytropos : Ah, look!
Eleni : I remember this place.
Kataramene : Oenoe,
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : I hope they've managed to rebuild some.
Kataramene : I hope they faired well.
Boy: Was not!
Eleni : *Waves*
Polytropos : Hail the village!
Polytropos : Erm -
Kataramene : Well met once more.
Demetrios: Greetings. Is yonder burning creature, ah, with you?
Polytropos : It's very well behaved fire.
Eleni : Please don't mind the fire demon. Nice to see you again.
Damian : Yes it is.
Eleni : Just make sure it doesn't go anywhere near their crops, Damian.
Demetrios: Oh, indeed! I almost did not remember you, you have changed much since last we met!
Eleni : *Smiles* I suppose we have.
Damian : Don't worry, it will stay to the road.
Kataramene : *primps a little*
Boy: It's a fire demon!
Boy: Is not!
Boy: Is too!
Eleni : It's a /friendly/ fire demon.
Boy: Can I touch it?
Eleni : Best not.
Timaeus the Elder: Climbs down from the Tower*
Boy: No, stupid, it'll burn you.
Damian : I wouldn't advise that.
Kataramene : It's a /fire/ demon.
Eleni : Even friendly fire still borns.
Eleni : *Burns
Boy: You're stupid!
Boy: No, you are!
Timaeus the Elder: Who are you?
Polytropos : Heh heh.
Eleni : I feel mildly insulted.
Kataramene : It's just like Tel is with us.
Eleni : I always thought I was unforgetable...
Harmonia: Welcome back. We well remember all that you did for us.
Polytropos : We passed through a while back and drove out a mad priestess of Artemis and her wild animals.
Leonidas : *listens*
Damian : *starts to say something to El, but changes his mind*
Timaeus the Elder: *brows creases* Oh.....you! It's been.....two years? Three?
Harmonia: Our hospitality is yours, such as it is. Many of left the village, but we have not had any more attacks since you helped us.
Eleni : Something like that.
Kataramene : ... So long?
Demetrios: Aye, did anything come of that old map I gave you?
Eleni : That is good, at least.
Polytropos : ... three years...
Polytropos : ... oh, the, the map. Yes, yes, we found the Forge.
Eleni : Aaaah, yes.
Kataramene : It can't have been three years? We saw only one festival in Argos.
Boy: Look, there's a giant bear, too! I'll be they're wizards!
Eleni : It was real enough, alright.
Boy: No, they're holy priests of the gods!
Damian : Well, we sailed the seven seas, spent a half year doing trials, so I'm not surprised it's been that long.
Boy: Wizards!
Boy: Priests!
Eleni : Well, /I'm/ a sorceress, if you must know.
Polytropos : Sooo.
Demetrios: You are returning to your home village? Mantineia, was it?
Kataramene : *scratches the back of her neck* We'd have noticed the winters, wouldn't we?
Timaeus the Elder: *eyes widen* Sorceress? Wow!
Polytropos : Yes! how are things here?
Harmonia: We live in the peace, thankfully.
Harmonia: there are rumors of bandits on the roads, but we have not been attacks.
Kataramene : We found some of them.
Demetrios: Of course, it helps that we have nothing to steal.
Polytropos : Oh, I shouldn't worry about that.
Timaeus the Elder: *nods* I've been keeping a watch on the road
Damian : Overconfident fools are soon dead fools.
Eleni : Wise to keep an eye out, regardless.
Eleni : These are strange times...
Polytropos : Good to hear that there's some peace in the world, though!
Demetrios: Well. If you have urgent business, we shall not keep you from it.
Demetrios: Boys! Go into the temple.
Polytropos : Stay well, all of you!
Demetrios: Don't disturb the strangers.
Timaeus the Elder: Run along now lads
Boy: Awww...
Damian : *smiles* It is good to see that all is well here.
Eleni : It was good seeing you again, but we've a lot of ground yet to cover today, yes.
Harmonia: May the gods watch over your steps.
Kataramene : Prosperous future to you.
Timaeus the Elder: Do what your told, there's good fellas
Harmonia: *eyes the elemental warily*
Eleni : And you.
Timaeus the Elder: No...thank you!
Eleni : Perhaps we'll stop by again on our way back.
Harmonia: Such power... it is not natural....

Kataramene : Has it really been three years? *looks confused*
Eleni : Almost, I think?
Polytropos : I'm a bit hazy on the calendar myself.
Eleni : Nearly a year since all that bussiness with Heracles started, already.
Polytropos : Two at the most.
Kataramene : We've done so much, and I haven't noted the dates, and seasons can get confused with travel, but still.
Polytropos : I *thought* I felt older.
Eleni : Those months where we just travelled Europa...
Kataramene : But that was..... well, yes.
Eleni : Leading the herd of cattle.
Polytropos : Augh.
Eleni : Time really got hazy, there.

Lazyzeus : It is late afternoon when you start recognizing familiar landmarks along the road.

Adult Sphinx : Hold up, traveler! You must... hey!
Kataramene : I just thought....
Polytropos : ... well look!
Eleni : ...hunh.
Eleni : Still here, are you?
Polytropos : Are you still here?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello to you too.
Adult Sphinx: I still use that one!
Polytropos : Ha!
Eleni : Had any luck with it?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ask Aias.
Adult Sphinx: Indeed! Just stumped one a moon back!
Adult Sphinx: Any new riddles?
Polytropos : What's got a thousand legs but can't walk?
Damian : Ask Aias what?
Adult Sphinx: A dead millipede!
Polytropos : Ha! Close.
Polytropos : Five hundred pairs of breeches.
Eleni : Milipede don't actually have a /thousand/ legs.
Adult Sphinx: Ha! Classic!
Leonidas : A furniture warehouse?
Kataramene : What's a warehouse?
Adult Sphinx: Ho ho, you lot are always good for a new riddle or three!
Damian : By my life you live. In my life you cry.
Polytropos : We try.
Leonidas : A place to store stuff.
Eleni : We did go through that whole trial of the Hesperides.
Polytropos : ... by my life... you...
Eleni : There was another sphinx there.
Kataramene : He wasn't as much fun.
Adult Sphinx: Another sphinx? Wow! What was his or her name?
Eleni : It was a female one, I think.
Eleni : But we didn't share names.
Adult Sphinx: Oh? The Hesperides, you say? Hmm. Sounds far away.
Kataramene : It was.
Damian : *looks at Pol and thumbs at the fire elemental* Fire.
Eleni : The edge of the word, supposedly.
Adult Sphinx: Have you heard this one: The more you take, the more you leave behind, what are they?
Polytropos : Ohhh...
Eleni : Memories?
Adult Sphinx: *looks excited for a moment* No! Guess again!
Damian : That'd be my guess.
Kataramene : Holes?
Andreas Appolodorus: Time may be.
Damian : Steps.
Adult Sphinx: Ha, not even close!
Polytropos : Aha!
Adult Sphinx: *frowns at Damian* Oh, drat.
Eleni : We're going in the wrong direction, I think.
Damian : *grins*
Eleni : Ah, there.
Adult Sphinx: Oh well. Not like I'm going to eat _you_ lot, anyway! Old friends! You can pass, have a pleasant day.
Eleni : Thanks.
Adult Sphinx: Brown and sticky... *chuckles*
Kataramene : Hopefully we will see you on the way out.
Kataramene : Don't annoy any adventurers, now!
Damian : *waves* And we cause indigestion as well.

Polytropos : What's this road called?
Polytropos : Might as well be Memory Lane.
Eleni : Hah.
Polytropos : This was the point when I thought to myself, 'wow, this is the furthest from home I've ever been'.
Kataramene : Look at you now.
Eleni : *Grins* That thought must come up frequently.
Polytropos : After a while, it stopped being impiortant. *frown*
Kataramene : Are there any places we /haven't/ been, now?
Eleni : East.
Andreas Appolodorus: Olympus.
Eleni : Bablyon, Persia. India.
Kataramene : Oh. Right.
Eleni : Where Aristarchus came from, however furth that is..
Eleni : The world is larger than we can imagine.
Kataramene : I can imagine quite large things.
Polytropos : Can a man see all of it?
Damian : Aye. And we've seen a lot of it.
Eleni : Probably not.
Polytropos : Seems sad.
Polytropos : Why have a world so big no-one'll ever see all of it?
Eleni : Aristarchus sure tried, though, before he settled down here.
Eleni : Maybe I'll do the same one day...
Andreas Appolodorus: Troy.
Kataramene : One last few strides and we are there.
Eleni : Heh. Wouldn't it be boring to have nothing left to see?

Polytropos : You're right, we have not seen Troy and oh my!
Kataramene : It... it looks the same.
Eleni : The mill!
Polytropos : It's the watermill!
Eleni : The stream.
Eleni : I used to spend hours reading under that tree.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : The Bridge!
Andreas Appolodorus: Here we are.
Eleni : While Kat ran laps around the village.
Kataramene : The pomegranite tree.
Eleni : *Waves*
Polytropos : The village idiot!
Andreas Appolodorus: * wave *

Medios: *looks up to see a skull-wearing monster, a bear, and a giant fire monster* AAAAAAHHHHH!
Eleni : Haha!
Medios : Ahh, monsters! Monsters attacking the village!
Polytropos : ... maybe the fire thing'd better go.
Kataramene : ... we should have thought of this.
Eleni : Medios hasn't changed, either.
Eleni : You could probably do without the mask, Damian.
Kataramene : *stows shield and sword*
Andreas Appolodorus: We are back!
Polytropos : Hail the village!
Eleni : I keep telling you that thing is horrifying.
Eleni : Hello, everyone!
Tamara: *claps her hands in glee*
Miltiades: I see no monsters here, Medios.
Kataramene : *almost tentative wave, almost*
Eleni : Except perhaps Leo?
Polytropos : You're all well!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Ismeme: Though I would not consider bringing a bound elemental into the village. You will frighten the children.
Polytropos : Is that what that is?
Kataramene : Oh, we never bothered to ask.
Tamara: *rushes up as if to hug one then the other but can't seem to make up her mind*
Eleni : Apolagies. I fear we've all become a bit blassé about things like this.
Kataramene : It's ... been a long three years.
Androcles: Has it been that long already?
Eleni : Oh, the things we've seen...
Polytropos : We came, the letter reached us.
Pedaeus: You've changed. All of you.
Eleni : Not so much you don't recognize us, I hope.
Kataramene : Well, it's been a long three years.
Ismeme: Indeed. Sad times, but it is good to see you nevertheless.
Polytropos : Only on the outside, old man.
Eleni : Yes... There's a lot I would have liked to tell him.
Ismeme: Ah, Leonidas, I fear I have sad news for you as well.
Andreas Appolodorus: Good to see you Master Pedaeus.
Leonidas : Oh?
Kataramene : *looks momentarily uncertain and then recovers*
Ismeme: Euthalia. She was... I'm sorry, she was killed.
Polytropos : *blink*
Eleni : *Blinks, shocked* What happened....?
Kataramene : What happene?
Leonidas : Euthalia? How terrible!
Tamara: *nods and her smile turns to sadness*
Ismeme: *glances back at the child, lowers her voice*
Ismeme: She was picking berries in the forest to the west. We found her body, near the road. Some vicious animal must have killed her.
Ismeme: We found some paw prints, like a giant lion or something.
Eleni : How long ago was this?
Kataramene : *blinks and frowns*
Ismeme: About two weeks past.
Kataramene : That was where we .... *looks at the others*
Leonidas : Hmm
Miltiades: Aye, we searched, but did not find the beast. Thank the gods.
Leonidas : She the only victim?
Eleni : *Rube her forehead*
Androcles: Doesn't one generally seek to slay the monster, when one is a hero, old man?
Miltiades: I'm no hero. Just want my folk safe.
Ismeme: None other from the village have been harmed, as far as I am aware.
Eleni : Down the road, from where we came from?
Polytropos : ... we'll... we'll look into that. Best not go near that road.
Ismeme: But where is Telemachus?
Polytropos : He's following behind.
Eleni : Oh, he's... well. He'll be along, yes.
Kataramene : Finishing some business of ours first.,
Eleni : There were things he wanted to keep an eye on, back in Heropolis.
Ismeme: I hope that you will all go up to the temple and burn an offering, for Aristarchus's spirit.
Ismeme: And Eleni. The house and everything in it, he left to you.
Ismeme: We put all of his things in it.
Eleni : Of course... Thank you.
Kataramene : *glances towards the house*
Androcles: Though it was a challenging keeping Glaucus's hands off some of his trinkets.
Eleni : Hah.. I can imagine.
Kataramene : What happened to our groves?
Polytropos : Is he still here? Amazing
Ismeme: I hope you will be able to stay, at least for a while?
Eleni : Thank you for watching over them.
Pedaeus: Ha! Overgrown, for the most part.
Eleni : That's a shame.
Kataramene : Does the house still stand?
Ismeme: Yes, of course.
Ismeme: Miltiades has been keeping it in repair.
Miltiades: Let nature get the upper hand, and she'll win in the end every time.
Eleni : Aristarchus' home might be a more comfortable place to stay. Unless you and Pol just want a private place..
Kataramene : If no one has adopted it, then at leas....
Polytropos : Im... sure we can arrange that ourselves.
Pedaeus: We were just enjoying a quiet meal. Why don't you join us, and tell us of your many adventures?
Tamara: Yes indeed!
Eleni : *Smiles* We'd love to.
Kataramene : A properly cooked meal sounds good.
Polytropos : Food!
Medios: Keep that... monster, away from me!
Eleni : Oh, don't worry about it.
Androcles: You always did have an odd taste in garb, Damian.
Polytropos : Where to begin! Well, you could say the making of us was the day we didn't meet Heracles...
Eleni : But if it's that upsetting, perhaps you should just dismiss it, Damian.
Tamara: Be careful, that thing will set fire to the table!
Leonidas : *helps himself to some food and drink*
Damian : *rolls eyes and helps himself to some food*
Eleni : The making of us? Nonsense. That was /recent/, by all counts.
Kataramene : *settles on a bench and nods as Pol talks*
Androcles: *pats out the flames that had been catching on the edge of the table*
Eleni : You're leaving out saving Ra-Kedet, Krete /and/ Thrace.
Miltiades: I always said, you lot were destined for greatness.
Eleni : But I suppose people do like hearing about Heracles.
Kataramene : *preens a little at that* We try.
Polytropos : oh, well. That gets a bit hazier, but I think...
Pedaeus: Seems you've traveled the world, since leaving our little humble village.
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : Considering they will mostly be hearing about Telemachus now, we can live with that.
Polytropos : *tries to tell the tale, presumably with others interrupoting, correctinh him, or adding verse.*
Androcles: Indeed, so many places, so many strange sights?
Eleni : That we have! We've mostly made Argos our second home, but voyages have taken us far.
Kataramene : A village we founded and a place for a gladiator school to boot.
Eleni : That's still underway.
Eleni : Also the reason why Tel is falling behind. He wanted to keep an eye on the new trainer we're hiring.
Miltiades: Gladiators? Them men that fight in arenas with sticks? Ha!
Kataramene : Less of the sticks in Argos.
Eleni : *Grins* Pol, Tel and Kat can't be dragged away from that place when the Games are on.
Eleni : Personally, I'd like to see a bit more variety.
Kataramene : Though ... I did fight the amazon with sticks.
Polytropos : It's fun!
Eleni : Andreas actually won.
Leonidas : *smiles* I can regal you with stories of our travels after dinner *helps himself to more food and drink*
Eleni : The Champion of Argos.
Kataramene : Or collectively the Heroes of Argos.
Eleni : Even though the opposition was cheating.
Androcles: Argos is a fine city. I am glad that you have found a place more suited to adventure than our humble little village.
Damian : *snorts*
Polytropos : We-
Eleni : It's fine, though..
Kataramene : We've often thought of here, but ..... -
Kataramene : Well, I suppose we didn't want to bring misfortune.
Kataramene : We've made an enemy or two, after all.
Medios : Ah, a monster!
Damian : *grabs a piece of meat and tosses it to Aias* That we have.
Eleni : Or three, or four...
Eleni : Again?
Medios : *grabs a rock and throws it into the night*
Eleni : What is it this time, a bored sheep?
Kataramene : What /is/ he talking about now?

Kobalos : No keel, no keel!
Polytropos : What is that?
Kataramene : ...
Eleni : Oh. Hello, there.
Damian : *looks into the night* Hey...didn't we run into that thing before?
Eleni : It's one of the little cave-people we helped, remember?
Miltiades: Ho! What do you want, you little bugger!
Leonidas : *glances over his shoulder from the table*
Eleni : We collapsed that cave on that.. thing.
Medios: Its a monster! *raises his hand with another rock in it*
Kobalos: Come peace!
Eleni : That was eating all their food.
Medios: Go AWAY!
Eleni : Oh, leave it alone, you!
Kobalos: *cringes*
Damian : *catches Medios' hand* No, he's a friend.
Polytropos : *munches on some food*
Medios: Friend?
Eleni : You're the one acting all monsterous.
Kobalos: No hurt, please!
Medios: That thing?
Damian : Well, not an enemy at least.
Kataramene : It's ... that.
Ismeme: Peace, little one, we will not harm you.
Kataramene : What brings you here?
Eleni : We're not going to hurt you. But we hope you've kept your promise about not touching the village's pigs.
Kobalos: No hurt pigs!
Kobalos: Stay in home village, under ground!
Kataramene : Until now. What brought you out?
Kobalos: Peace with hooman peeples!
Eleni : I hope everything's been going well.
Kobalos: Crystal dragons attack village! Many power!
Eleni : Dragons...?
Medios: Thing lives in the ground like a..like a...badger!
Kobalos: Weapons no hurt, traps no hurt!
Damian : *crosses arms* A dragon?
Eleni : And are badgers monsters?
Kataramene : Underground?
Kobalos: Is dragon, but crystal made!
Kobalos: Shaman say much magic!
Leonidas : hmm
Medios: Yes! Thet carry disease too!
Kobalos: We remember, you much hero, defeat Eater!
Medios: They*
Damian : *to Medios* Do not seek to make an enemy out of those you have no knowledge of.
Kataramene : I suppose we've seen similar things.
Eleni : You really haven't changed at all, have you Medios?
Kobalos: You come keel crystal dragons, much helping!
Polytropos : ... crystal dragon...
Kataramene : Well....
Ismeme: This all sounds very dangerous. A matter for true heroes.
Eleni : It's certainly curious.
Ismeme: You are fortunate in your timing, litlte one.
Damian : *looks at the others* You wanted to be heroes.
Kataramene : *sighs and looks back at the fire and food*
Kobalos: You help, please! Much help needed!
Kataramene : He could have waited a couple of hours. That would have been better.
Polytropos : I thought we already were, bu this point. Oh well...
Eleni : Hmm. This is urgent, is it?
Damian : I need rest to replenish my blessings.
Kobalos: Much urgent! Kobalos peeples need village!
Kobalos: Live in hooman cave now, but not eet peeg, as promise!
Eleni : We should at least see what we're up against.
Damian : But that "dragon" will likely attack here next.
Miltiades: Not sure I like the idea of them living so close.
Ismeme: Perhaps we can share some of our extra food with them.
Eleni : They don't want to be your enemies, Militiades.
Kataramene : While we solve this, perhaps.
Medios: Let the Dragon feed on them, that'll take care of two problms at once
Damian : I'm sure they would be more than willing to help out, Miltiades.
Kataramene : And somebody shut him up before I thump him.
Eleni : The dragons would eat /you/ next, you silly person.
Androcles: I will begin preparing the melody of your heroic ballad this very night.
Leonidas : and when they run out his people they may come eat you.
Damian : It'll feed on you afterwards, Medios.
Eleni : We should at least see what these things are.
Miltiades: You think these crystal dragons will follow them up here?
Polytropos : Let's see what we can do.
Damian : Once it runs out of food, yes.
Eleni : *To Mil* Do you think it's worth the risk to assume they won't?
Medios: Them Kobalos breed like rabbits, the Dragon will never get to the end of them! *he shireks*
Kataramene : If .. hmm .. well if no one is using our house they could stay there, for a while, in exchange for clearing the wild growth perhaps?
Ismeme: Then it seems we must rely once more upon your aid.
Eleni : I think you need to calm down, Medios.
Damian : If not food, then slaves. And calm down, Medios, you're not helping.
Ismeme: Take your rest if you need it, I will see that food is brought to the cave to help feed the creatures.
Damian : *smiles* Thank you, Ismeme. It is good to be back, no matter the circumstances.
Eleni : Indeed...
Ismeme: Indeed. They say that the gods test us to our ability, or perhaps a bit further, to force us to improve.
Kataramene : Then we go at first light or before?
Polytropos : If we don't change and grow we just become, well...
Polytropos : *looks at Medios*
Ismeme: I will pray for your success.
Medios: *fumes*
Damian : Before, but not until we rest.
Eleni : A few hours to gather ourselves, yes.
Miltiades: Hopefully Telemachus will be along ere you set out. Stout lad, you could use his strength by the sounds of it.
Ismeme: Indeed.
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : *humphs*
Damian : Yes we could.
Damian : *pokes El in the shoulder* But we all need rest, especially you, El.
Kataramene : Food then, and rest our bones.
Eleni : That's true, yes...
Kobalos: I waits.
Eleni : I'd like to see Aristarchus' house.
Damian : *to the Kobalos* Tell your people that they may stay in the olive grove outside of the village while we take care of the dragon. They will have to clear out the underbrush in exchange though.
Polytropos : Hopefully this Crystal Dragon won't rampage right away.
Kataramene : Perhaps there's something in Aristarchus's belongings to help.
Kobalos: But big sky fire ball come out up here! Is very bad!
Eleni : Hm. I don't think they like living on the surface.
Eleni : Each their own, I suppose.
Damian : *shrugs*

Kataramene : A crystal dragon to add to the record.
Eleni : *Puts her hand on the old tree for a few moments*
Kataramene : I didn't expect that would be what we found here.
Polytropos : *nods to the folk as he heads for the house.*
Leonidas : I thought he said "dragons"?
Polytropos : Hello Glaucus.
Eleni : Hah. My old cot.
Eleni : Feels so strange, now.
Damian : *looks around*
Polytropos : that funny table, with the squares and tiny statues on it.
Eleni : He tried to teach me divinition with this, but that never really worked out.
Leonidas : *goes back to enjoy the meal*
Eleni : Oh, that's a game we used to play.
Kataramene : Never did understand what that was about.
Damian : Are you okay, El? Do you need some time along?
Damian : *alone
Eleni : *Smiles* I will be..
Damian : *nods* Know that we're here for you.
Eleni : I know that. That's why it's easier with all of you around, really.
Kataramene : *looks around, partly curious*
Eleni : I'd rather sit and talk about everything than be alone and mope.
Damian : Good. *looks at the crystal ball and frowns*
Eleni : *Tries on one of Aristarchus' old rings*

Lazyzeus : You settle in for the night, regaining your strength and awaiting Telemachus...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:19 pm

Lazyzeus : After a quiet evening spent in your respective homes/resting places, you gather for breakfast on the village commons.

Polytropos : Tel! You made it!
Polytropos : Did that Sphinx give you trouble?
Eleni : *Smiles* No more than the new trainee, I'm sure.
Telemachus : Sphinx? didn't even see one
Polytropos : Oh.. good.
Polytropos : He's laying low...
Kataramene : Unless it was busy consuming another traveller.
Leonidas : Heh
Telemachus : Why didn't you kill it?
Eleni : That's... on the list.
Polytropos : It's just... so damn polite.
Tamara: *calls to the party* Did you all get enough to eat this morning? There's more here if anyone is hungry
Telemachus : Well, if we see it again, we should politely murder it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't.
Calliope: Are you going to kill the big dragon for the little dragon-man?
Leonidas : I think we should let him be, he only snacks on studpid people anyhow.
Polytropos : I think we are, Calliope!
Eleni : Seems like it.
Tamara: Calliope! Please
Calliope: Can I watch? I'll be quiet.
Tamara: Don't bother our guests
Telemachus : Are these those things that we found under the hill again?
Eleni : Nope. Sorry, it's not very safe.
Eleni : Dragons love eating little girls.
Polytropos : Haha, you little...
Calliope: But they live here! Or they used to.
Andreas Appolodorus: Kill a dragon? Seriously? Let me guess, all will run when they see it.
Calliope: Nothing ever happens here. *heads off in a sulk*
Tamara: *nods* Yes, they /use/ to live here
Eleni : ...heh, she reminds me of me.
Tamara: Things are different now child
Pedaeus: Do you have everything you need? Of course, Glaucus's meagre inventory must seem a pittance compared to the shops you have in Argos.
Kataramene : I'm trying to decide if that's a good thing.
Eleni : Oh, where did you find all this...?
Telemachus : The mage who wanted to be a god.
Polytropos : I think we have everything we need.
Eleni : Oooh, right.
Damian : I believe so, Pedaeus, though more healing is always welcomed.
Kataramene : Possibly more.. *looks at Telemachus*
Polytropos : *nabs some food.*
Eleni : I've already looked through his notes. Very interesting...
Andreas Appolodorus: The one I killed with a single punch, two at most?
Tamara: *nods as she tidies up*
Polytropos : The grains don't taste the same in the city, somehow.
Telemachus : I could use some healing kits
Damian : The weather isn't polluted out here, Pol.
Tamara: *weak smile* i'm sure a lot of things are diffent in the city
Andreas Appolodorus: How many you have got?
Telemachus : none left, used them all at the wizards house
Pedaeus: Were I younger, I would have jumped at the chance to go on such an adventure. Heroism is for the young, I fear.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : This ring is curious.
Eleni : It should protect anyone from any binding or restrictive effects.
Kataramene : Even the young have to be cautious sometimes, or at least prepared. Checking Glaucos's supply would nto hurt.
Polytropos : The young, gifted and slightly crazy.
Andreas Appolodorus: Rings? Are they that good to wear?
Damian : That could come in handy.
Telemachus: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : Let's see the old swindler.
Eleni : The other one would be useful if I used magic more like my master.
Eleni : But it should still be worth a lot.
Polytropos : I have a sudden urge for overpriced sling bullets.
Andreas Appolodorus: You all have rings?
Androcles: *Plays a cheerful tune*
Kataramene: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Damian : I have none.
Eleni : I do! *Shows hers*
Eleni : *...'course, she's probably always had some*
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah we are the same Damian.
Leonidas : I have a couple.
Kataramene : You can probably sense the weight of a purse change.
Eleni : Who wants this one, though?
Andreas Appolodorus: Eleni who would need it the most you think?
Leonidas : I am happy with what I have.
Eleni : I don't know. I think you're already prety good at avoiding binds, Andreas.
Leonidas : Though after my experience of getting grabbed by magic a time or two...
Polytropos : Eh...
Eleni : So Tel, Kat or Pol?
Polytropos : I'll have a chiton.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah well said. You fight for it then.
Kataramene: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kataramene : A chiton?
Eleni : I'm fine with the rings I have!
Damian : All of us could use it, but it wouldn't do for me to be stuck while trying to heal someone.
Eleni : True, Damian.
Eleni : And the others might already have useful rings, too.
Polytropos : Why not.
Damian : On the other hand, having one of our warriors stuck while attacking an enemy wouldn't be good either.
Polytropos : Like a souvenir.
Leonidas : *nods* I'd only take it if no one else wanted to use it.
Kataramene : Why not, indeed.
Andreas Appolodorus: Damian said he has none just like me.
Eleni : There's also this.
Polytropos : Did someone drop a ring?
Eleni : *Is just showing them to the group*
Andreas Appolodorus: Damian is that something you need?
Leonidas : I've an amulet like that already.
Eleni : An amulet of perfect health! It won't heal you. But it will stop any diseases or poisons.
Damian : I still have the amulet of Hera.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be I keep it for now then.
Telemachus : I've got the one that makes me harder to hit still, which is probably more important for me.
Kataramene : Pretty necklace, it looks more useful than mine.
Eleni : Is anyone not using an amulet already?
Eleni : It's yours, then.
Damian : And I'm immune to most poisons.
Andreas Appolodorus: * Try gold ring *
Eleni : Lucky you.
Polytropos : Well then!
Damian : It comes from being one with nature, El.
Pedaeus: Truly your journeys have made you prosperous.
Polytropos : Dragons? Those koboldoi are restless.
Telemachus : We've paid for it all in sweat and blood
Polytropos : Ah, just spoils, Pedaeus.
Eleni : *To Pedaeus* Heh. We can't complain..
Polytropos : Easy come easy go.
Polytropos : We've been fortunate in wealthy enemies.
Telemachus : Right, where's this dragon thing then?
Eleni : Great risk and great rewards, all that.
Damian : Well, we could, but then we would likely be given something real to complain about.
Kataramene : Perhaps the crystal chips from a dragon will bring more.
Andreas Appolodorus: What is it Master?
Pedaeus: Back in the day, I had golden torcs and prizes showered upon me as well.
Pedaeus: Don't forget to invest some of your treasures! Times may not always be as generous.
Eleni : We have!
Andreas Appolodorus: Invest?
Eleni : Didn't we tell you about our village?
Pedaeus: *chuckles, thinking the reference a joke*
Polytropos : ... moooving on.
Eleni : *Coughs* Yes.
Eleni : Shall we descend into the dark depths?
Calliope: *skims stones on the water*
Polytropos : If we remember the way.
Damian : of course. I'll summon our "help" outside of the village.
Eleni : The cavern was somewhere around here, I think.
Polytropos : Farewell, friends!

Eleni : There!
Eleni : Ugh, forgot we'd have to crawl, though.
Polytropos : Hope our shields fit.
Eleni : The indignity.
Polytropos : *lugs his stuff through and clambers behind*
Kataramene : *wriggles through*
Polytropos : ... it's not so bad! Gets wider.
Eleni : Andreas might have trouble, were he not so slippery.
Andreas Appolodorus: I am a stone Lion Man ah ah
Eleni : And feline, evidently.
Damian : *calls back* Oh, quit your complaining, Aias, you can make it.
Polytropos : It's quiet.
Kataramene : Too quiet.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey a water Demon.
Eleni : The Kobalos live further in, remember?
Telemachus : Not really, to be honest.
Eleni : It /has/ been a while ago.
Eleni : And not everyone can be blessed with as good a memory as I..
Telemachus : I remember chasing them through tunnels full of traps
Eleni : That were these tunnels.
Eleni : They seem to have gotten rid of the traps.
Polytropos : Lil' bastards...

Eleni : Hail!
Kobalos: You comes!
Damian : We said we would.
Eleni : We said we would, didn't we?
Kobalos: We think maybe you forgets!
Leonidas : *smiles and waves*
Eleni : Sorry. We'd just arrived after a long journey.
Kobalos: Eet a took chaka!
Eleni : Pardon?
Kobalos: Maku takas!
Kataramene : A child?
Kobalos: Most of kobalos no speak hooman talk!
Polytropos : *confused.*
Kobalos: Hoomans!
Kataramene : *appears the same*
Eleni : Oh. Could you translate for us...?
Kobalos: Me speeks very good!
Kobalos: They says you have very big magics!
Kobalos: et checks gudse
Kobalos Shaman: Big magic. Keel stone dragons.
Eleni : This is true.
Kobalos Shaman: Kobalos go home.
Kobalos: hsd est gu
Eleni : Exactly what is this stone dragon? How big is it? Is there only one?
Kobalos: Yes! We be very good friends, no eet peegs!
Kobalos: Even though very tastee!
Kobalos: Ees many. Different colors.
Kobalos: *whispers to comrade*
Eleni : Hmm, curious.
Kobalos: *nods and bares teeth*
Kobalos: We try fight, stones bounce off. Very nasty.
Kataramene : Colours like a rainbow?
Kobalos Shaman: Kobalos magic not beeg enough. Hooman magic much beeger.
Kobalos: What is rainbow?
Eleni : It is an arc of light, of many colors, that sometimes appears in the sky.
Damian : Like oil on water, but in the sky.
Andreas Appolodorus: Big bow in sky.
Kobalos: What is sky?
Kataramene : An arch of lights in the sky, and very prophetic.
Kataramene : The blue when you look up outside.
Kobalos: Oh. No like sky. Beeg ball fire, hurts eye.
Kataramene : Like a cave roof, but it goes on and on and on.
Polytropos : *looks up at the ceiling.*
Eleni : There's /lots/ of things in the sky.
Eleni : But we're here to take care of dragons.
Kobalos Shaman: Hoomans go keel dragons now. Need get home, do eeting.
Kataramene : If you are truly heroes, the gods place you there when you die, they say.
Kobalos: Yes! Good friend, hoomans.
Kobalos: Eee too chapa!
Eleni : Right, then.
Kobalos: You bring peeg?
Telemachus : Which way to the dragons?
Kobalos: Est Hoomans fgy?
Eleni : Down, I believe.
Kobalos: No bring peeg. Hoomans say no eet.
Kobalos: Dees way!
Kobalos: Put rock to keep dragons out!
Eleni : You've seen it up pretty good.
Eleni : *Sealed it, even
Polytropos : Looks like a good rock to me.
Kobalos: You pull out pieces, it push.
Telemachus : Go on then.
Kobalos: You no know how open tings?
Andreas Appolodorus: You got key?
Eleni : I think he wants you to do it.
Kataramene : Or let someone through to prise them out.
Eleni : It must have taken all of them to get it here.
Kobalos: *crawls over the door, pulling out the wedges*
Kobalos: Ees down! Careful, is snare to stop dragon!
Polytropos : *pulls one of two specially marked arrows...*
Andreas Appolodorus: Going down.
Kobalos: No more Eeter, you crush with rock, very nice! We eet Eeter, ha! Very tastee!
Kataramene : Let someone remove the snare, whatever it is.
Telemachus : I remember.
Kobalos: You not know how to unhook snare eether?
Kobalos: *looks dubious* What know hoomans do?
Polytropos : Iiii see it.
Telemachus : Are the dragons bigger than the eater?
Kataramene : Is that another?
Eleni : That's Pol's job.
Polytropos : Here,. kobolds, have your snare back.
Kobalos: Oh, yes, much beeger.
Eleni : Antoher one.
Kobalos: Hoomans do much smashing!
Kobalos: Come back soon, kobalos go home and go eeting!

Eleni : I wonder if the dragons are edible....
Damian : *shakes head*
Polytropos : Not a rock one.
Leonidas : *glances down* doubt that'd do much to a dragon.
Eleni : Maybe it's just their hide.
Damian : I think those Kobalos would try to eat anything.
Polytropos : *creeps forward.*
Polytropos : sssh now...
Kataramene : Fumes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Poison?
Damian : Aye. Could just be heat vents.

Lazyzeus : The tunnel collpase that once blocked the western passage has been cleared.

Eleni : This is where we collapses the pillar unto the EAter.
Kataramene : That tunnel looks clear now. It wasn't before, was it?
Eleni : I don't /think/ so.
Telemachus : no, I think we can head this way.
Eleni : Seems so. Did they dig down here?
Polytropos : I'll check.
Kataramene : Don't ask me.
Polytropos : Ah, magic candle. You never fail me.
Andreas Appolodorus: But so far, no bones, no dragon manure, nothing. Do you smell anything special?
Kataramene : It's a stone dragon.
Kataramene : As far as we know it might defaecate diamonds.
Eleni : Who knows what it really is.
Andreas Appolodorus: You believe that?
Damian : Besides the fact that you used to much oil? No.
Eleni : I don't trust the kobalos to offer an accurate taxonomy.
Polytropos : *psst*
Kataramene : Neither do I, but better not to worsen the position.
Kataramene : That's a "come on" psst, I think.
Andreas Appolodorus: Too much oil? You think so?

Eleni : Ddi you find anything?
Leonidas : Place seems empty
Leonidas : I didn't see any sign of a dragon
Polytropos : There's bats and I think there's some water? And it goes on.
Damian : Let's just say that I could brown you up nicely, Andreas.
Eleni : Onwards, then.
Polytropos : ... yeah, those bats.
Damian : Hmm.
Kataramene : Where do such things ... oh never mind.
Polytropos : *peers over the water*
Eleni : Some curious plants, here.
Polytropos : Eh?
Kataramene : Oww!
Polytropos : Oh! Green things.
Polytropos : Oop.
Damian : Kat, don't...never mind.
Eleni : Liceh.
Polytropos : I
Polytropos : *grimace*
Eleni : Probably poisonous.
Damian : Very.
Kataramene : *scrapes it off her boots* Maybe a herbalist can use it?
Damian : I think you would prefer that one didn't.
Andreas Appolodorus: Aias stop breathing on my neck.
Eleni : Not a lot of room to breathe, here.
Leonidas : petrified gobo ahead

Damian : Stop using so much oil, you smell good to him.
Polytropos : ... petrified?
Polytropos : Oh. Oh no.
Eleni : ...are we dealing with basilisks?
Telemachus : Right so not dragons at all..
Kataramene : That's not good.
Eleni : I've got things for that.
Kataramene : It's a dragon that makes you stone, not a stone dragon. *face palm*
Eleni : A few.
Eleni : But stay careful, either way.
Polytropos : *readies an arrow, and draws it...*
Damian : Of course.
Eleni : I'd like to try something...
Polytropos : It's coming!
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's have a drink then.
Kataramene : *looks at smashed kobold* Poor thing.
Lazyzeus : In his eagerness to get to the foe, Aias stomps the statuesque kobalos and shatters it into a thousand pieces.
Eleni : Huh.
Telemachus : have a look at this..
Kataramene : Was that the only one?
Eleni : This has a spell on it similar to the one Damian likes casting on you so much.
Eleni : You know, turning your skin to stone.
Damian : *scratches Aias' ears* Good work on that basillisk, my friend.
Damian : Hey, it helps.
Eleni : .../just/ your skin. Hopefully.
Telemachus : Ohh... does anyone mind if I keep it then? I can save him the trouble
Andreas Appolodorus: Keep what?
Eleni : Sure. Leaves him with something else to focus his spells on.
Polytropos : ... oh...
Damian : Go ahead.
Polytropos : Hm!
Kataramene : Anything?
Polytropos : It goes even deeper.
Andreas Appolodorus: Just put one on me
Kataramene : Could it be where the thing came from? And if so do we check?
Polytropos : Eh, may as well.
Polytropos : Over here!
Polytropos : It goes deeper.
Kataramene : Better than to have a lot of them come up.
Damian : It does? Of course it does. One of those things couldn't eat the entire village.
Polytropos : Maybe we can hunt the NEXT thing the koboldoi'll get eaten by.
Eleni : They said there were more than one.
Eleni : In different colors.
Damian : Anoher dragon, El?
Eleni : Just basilisks, hopefully.
Damian : *snorts*
Eleni : A whole colony of dragons would be an unfortunate thing to find.
Polytropos : Wow.

Leonidas : Saw one off to the left
Kataramene : What is this place?
Leonidas : Looks like the size of a gargoyle.
Eleni : It's huge...
Polytropos : This, this is a gatehouse.
Eleni : The cavern, I mean.
Damian : Looks like ruins of some kind.
Polytropos : This is a gatehouse!
Polytropos : There's a wall!
Eleni : ...yeah.
Eleni : I don't think the kobalos built this.
Kataramene : What's it doing down here? Who did build it?
Telemachus : probably live here though.
Damian : I don't think they've built anything.
Eleni : Who knows? Must be ancient.
Eleni : *Studies the stonework, trying to place it*
Telemachus : we can get into this buildng here

Polytropos : Look outr!
Telemachus : I think
Andreas Appolodorus: So let us conquer this place.
Kataramene : Look out for what?
Polytropos : That!
Eleni : What?
Polytropos : THAT!
Eleni : ..okay.
Polytropos : That Stygian menace.
Eleni : So not just basilisks after all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey Kat!
Eleni : What /is/ this thing?
Kataramene : I missed when it fell over.....
Andreas Appolodorus: I can see that.
Eleni : These things.... seem to disperse magical energy.
Polytropos : ... need to be quick. Check the buildings? Then we look. There's a cave over there.
Andreas Appolodorus: Better clean your sword now.
Polytropos : Betting that's where they come from.
Telemachus : Anyone coming?
Eleni : Damian, you take this.
Kataramene : Place is fascinating.
Damian : Hmm?
Eleni : I know how to disrupt spells on my own.
Telemachus : eh, pretty miserable.
Eleni : So if there's something enchanted we need to get rid of, best we both can.
Damian : Hmm. Thank you.

Kataramene : This must be a sleeping arrangement. They can't have built this place, though, can they?
Polytropos : Ooo.
Eleni : It's not exactly built to their size, is it?
Polytropos : ... ow.
Eleni : What did you do?
Kataramene : What's that all about.
Polytropos : I didn't even see that.
Eleni : Leave you alone for one minute...
Telemachus : where's Eleni..
Telemachus : look at this stuff
Eleni : Present.
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : Pillar with funny writing one.
Telemachus : Look at the size of that statue!
Kataramene : And it's a dragon.
Eleni : *Tries to decipher what's left of the runes*
Kataramene : Or looks a bit like one.
Damian : *looks at the dragon* Hmm.
Telemachus : Kolabolos seem to have a bit of a dragon fixation
Eleni : It /is/ impressive.
Eleni : They're actually quite talented stoneworkers.
Eleni : I... recognize some of these symbols.
Damian : I wonder...could the Kolabolos have been a greater people at one time? And, if so, why did they devolve?
Eleni : Some generally. Some from that mad mage's book.
Eleni : They're part of a summoning ritual.
Damian : Uh-oh.
Kataramene : Interesting question. Isn't it the gods that over throw nations?
Leonidas : Great
Telemachus : Think they tried to summon that thing?
Eleni : I would not consider it impossible..
Eleni : They do have shamans.
Leonidas : Someone did
Damian : They may have. If they did, that could explain why they're the way they are now.
Eleni : And some degree of magical talent.
Telemachus : You think this thing might be what's attracting dragony things here?
Eleni : I can't quite tell what it tried to summon and how the spell meant to bind it, though. Not enough of it left for that.
Leonidas : Seems like one option
Eleni : Hm... oh.
Eleni : /Very interesting/.
Andreas Appolodorus: And the statue?
Eleni : Their magical ability it definitely greater than I had supposed.
Eleni : This totem is... potentially quite powerful. But mostly /unpredictable/.
Kataramene : Why'd you say that?
Polytropos : Oho?

Leonidas : that leads out to other side of the ruins.
Polytropos : Aaaha.
Eleni : It summons thing. Unspecified things.
Damian : *picks up the lichen* Hmm. I might be able to make a kit or two out of this.
Eleni : This stone is interesting, as well. Should make anyone more agile.
Telemachus : Do you think the statue does anything?
Eleni : It might have been involved in the ritual somehow, I suppose..
Kataramene : In that case, do you want what I scraped off my boot?
Eleni : *Has a closer look at it*
Damian : Sure.
Telemachus : Shall I poke it?
Eleni : Nothing special about it. So far as I can see.
Eleni : Well, it's a very remarkable statue! The equal of any in a temple.
Polytropos : Alright.
Eleni : But nothing magical about it, I don't think.
Polytropos : To more practical matters, as this is unnerving me.
Eleni : I wonde...
Damian : Pol, that stone might help you.
Polytropos : I don't need to be more agile!
Damian : Or maybe El if you're armor's too restricting.
Polytropos : Yaha!
Kataramene : *gives Pol a smirk*
Eleni : Or Leo, since he's always using that bow?
Damian : *side look at Leo* In any case, we shouldn't sell it.
Andreas Appolodorus: They look like Mage things.
Polytropos : Someone pick it up and lets look into this mystery.

Leonidas : Leo what?
Telemachus : Find anything interesting wondering around out there Leo?
Kataramene : If Leo won't benefit, perhaps Eleni. Either way, yes. We shouldn't sell these things where other heroes might use them.
Leonidas : Place seems deserted, though there is a cave on one side of the ruinds.
Eleni : The stone. I could use it, but it might be more useful for you.
Eleni : The totem, I don't know...
Leonidas : that would be nice *examines stone*
Eleni : It might be too wild to really use.
Telemachus : Oh thanks Damian
Eleni : ...ack, someone take it before I fail to resist the urge to play with it.
Damian : *busies himself making kits from the lichen* Aye. Those are very potent, so only use them in an emergency, Tel.
Eleni : I'm curious what they /use/ it for...
Telemachus : When you need a healing kit, it's always an emergency
Kataramene : *picks it up, but there's a look that says it might yet get played with*
Polytropos : Onward!
Leonidas : Cool! *eyes whirling stone*
Andreas Appolodorus: I take the "wine" if nobody does.
Eleni : Hope it doesn't make you easier to spot while sneaking around, Leo.
Polytropos : You know, that Is pretty amazing.
Eleni : Oh, and someoen should take the healing draught as well.
Kataramene : It doesn't fall.... hmm.
Leonidas : Hmm dunno guess we'll find out
Kataramene : Here, I've a few.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Leonidas : Caves over this way
Eleni : Across the stream?
Eleni : Just how deep does this go..

Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Polytropos : Are we going to the Ubderworld?
Polytropos : We said we wouldn't go to the-
Kataramene : We're gettting really deep. Is ...
Damian : To deep. I feel like th
Telemachus : Look out!
Polytropos : Yah!
Damian : -the walls are closing in.

Kataramene : *picks up bits*
Eleni : Damian or Leo should pick up these crystals.
Andreas Appolodorus: What they do?
Eleni : They disperse magical energies, but you need a bit of them yourself to use them.
Eleni : I can do that on my own, though.
Polytropos : More down?
Kataramene : Hnn..
Telemachus : more of that green crap.
Polytropos : This just doesn't want to end.
Kataramene : Will we end up in Hades?
Eleni : If we run into Heracles...
Polytropos : Pile on it!
Polytropos : That clipped its wings.
Eleni : No use bothering with fire, it seems.
Kataramene : Or chipped.
Telemachus : Oooh..
Kataramene : *mildly nervous look about* We really are getting deeper.
Leonidas : hmm
Damian : Don't remind me.
Polytropos : *call* It goes on!

Polytropos : Gah!
Eleni : What was that?!
Polytropos : *leaps back.*
Telemachus : big glowing crystals are bad pol.
Leonidas : this looks like the place
Polytropos : Gout of... flame! From that crystal! In the middle!
Kataramene : Oooookay...
Eleni : Hm. I wonder.
Polytropos : Heh.
Kataramene : It set me on fire!
Polytropos : That'll just make you mad!
Eleni : Hm. Dispelling the crystal does not appear to do the trick.
Kataramene : *rubs the ring on her finger and does look peeved*
Eleni : It was worth a try.
Leonidas : Maybe you should just smash them?
Polytropos : Fire doesn't tarnish you!
Polytropos : ... guh.
Andreas Appolodorus: You see traps?
Leonidas : Nope
Polytropos : ... psst...
Telemachus : I'm gonna "dispell" these crystals.
Eleni : Don -
Eleni : *Sighs*
Andreas Appolodorus: May be it's the crystal.
Telemachus : hmm..
Eleni : That's what happens when you try to be clever, Tel.
Eleni : At least most of you have resistance to fire.

Polytropos : Psst!
Telemachus : Hey, we learnt something.
Polytropos : Down here!
Polytropos : There's more!
Eleni : And I think Pol is hissing again.
Telemachus : The crystals do stuff.
Polytropos : Oh, is there more...
Leonidas : I got a robe which would protect you abit from fire if you wanna whack at them more.
Kataramene : Pssting.
Damian : More what? Oh dear.
Andreas Appolodorus: That was a long time ago.
Eleni : Small diff - ooooh.
Telemachus : I've got a little bit of fire resistence already
Kataramene : There's a distinct.... oh my.
Eleni : It's... kind of pretty.
Polytropos : I don't... I don't know.
Damian : *rubs eyes*
Telemachus : ooooooohh
Telemachus : shiney

Eleni : I saw one! A drake!
Damian : Looks kind of garish to me.
Kataramene : *knocks them out of the air*
Polytropos : ... so, there's a lot of them.
Andreas Appolodorus: Some kind of stick.
Kataramene : *hands over bits of drak*
Telemachus : ooh gimme, these things are fun.
Eleni : Hm, this crystal is.. different.
Polytropos : ... carefulll.
Leonidas : more and another power crystal
Andreas Appolodorus: Power?
Polytropos : That one that exploded at me!
Polytropos : I can feel it.
Leonidas : well ya know one that powered the drakes
Kataramene : It's trying to temp ..
Andreas Appolodorus: Does it make one strong?
Polytropos : Wret5ched things. They're smart.
Eleni : And defending their lair, I supose...
Damian : It's a good thing I found more of that lichen.
Eleni : What if these immobile crystals are like... their young?
Telemachus : Need to break the crystals faster.
Andreas Appolodorus: Trying to lure us?
Damian : Leave her alone, you bastard!
Eleni : They /are/ pretty clever, aren't they...?
Damian : To clever by far.
Telemachus : If we could set those crystals off from a distance we might use them as weapons.
Eleni : I don't think they would be affected by them.
Polytropos : They don't seem hurt by them, is all.
Polytropos : Youuuu'll have to get up earlier than that to catch
Polytropos, son of Kledias!
Kataramene : Careful.
Polytropos : Bah.
Eleni : Though they're all of different substance, it seems they all share the same basic resistances.
Polytropos : I am!
Polytropos : ... oop.
Eleni : ...I'm not even sure /what/ that is.
Polytropos : Heh.
Kataramene : Red like that can't be good.

Polytropos : ... oh my.
Kataramene : Dragon!
Polytropos : A giant one!
Andreas Appolodorus: BIG ONE
Eleni : *Panic*
Polytropos : Guhblguh
Kataramene : Run!
Andreas Appolodorus: * Andreas running in random direction oblivious to what else is happening *
Kataramene : Shake out of it!
Polytropos : Eeeeugh!
Damian : Let's get out of here! We need to come back at full strength!
Kataramene : Dammit!
Eleni : Hah.. haaah..
Kataramene : *pant pant pant pant*
Andreas Appolodorus: * Hysterical shouts * We all gonna die! We all gonna die!

Eleni : *Catches her breath*
Leonidas : Huff, huff huff
Leonidas : thank hermes for this belt *pats belt*
Damian : *pulls off helm and wipes brow*
Kataramene : Yeah.... I have one too.
Polytropos : Eaten like a fish. A fish!
Andreas Appolodorus: What? Where am I?
Polytropos : Skulls, flaming skulls everywhere...
Polytropos : ... hello...?
Kataramene : Are you alright, Eleni? I asked the gods to help like it said on that paper.
Kataramene : Pol!
Andreas Appolodorus: I am so sorry, I failed you I got scared.
Eleni : Y... yeah...
Polytropos : You're alive!
Eleni : I'm a bit hazy, though...
Polytropos : Tell, they're alive!
Telemachus : *shakes head*
Telemachus : uughh...
Polytropos : We're all alive!
Damian : It's not your fault, Andreas.
Kataramene : Just.... I could barely hurt it.
Telemachus : ... I hate dragons.
Andreas Appolodorus: But I am never afraid not like that.
Eleni : I know... I think the only thing that got through was my strongest spells, and...
Eleni : *Taps her staff* This.
Eleni : Good thing you gave it to me, Tel.
Kataramene : At least the drachmae on the paper were well spent. I've carried one since... well since the fishy things.
Telemachus : hgnn.
Polytropos : I don't... see any more...
Polytropos : ...?
Andreas Appolodorus: Did we win?
Eleni : Looks like it...
Kataramene : *pulls a large stone from the heart of the creature*
Polytropos : I, don't want to alarm anyone, as we have just been through Hades i that fight.
Kataramene : But?
Leonidas : No horde, what a waste!
Eleni : Don't tell me it goes deeper!
Polytropos : But there's a very tall crystal man standing behind some crystals, and... yes, there was a door.
Eleni : *Groans*
Telemachus : crystal man?
Kataramene : *rubs head*
Andreas Appolodorus: Was it like that when you found that white dragon?
Eleni : No.
Eleni : That was much easier.
Polytropos : Big bastard. Not like these wingalings.
Telemachus : The white one didn't fry your brains as hard.
Damian : No? I remember a lot of running around.
Eleni : We could hurt it with things other than my spells, at least.
Damian : True. There was that.
Kataramene : It's heart... it's got a very nasty feeling.
Eleni : And its effect was... a lot less overwhelming.
Leonidas : buy a belt; cheap protection when we run into such beasts
Kataramene : Do you think we could throw it at the crystal man?
Telemachus : What belt?
Polytropos : Throw a giant diamond at someone we don't like?
Leonidas : They sell them in Argos.
Kataramene : See what you think, Eleni
Polytropos : Ohh, I remember those.
Eleni : Gods...
Polytropos : I, uh, I think I tricked the king of Tiryns into taking mine.
Kataramene : Is that a good gods or a bad gods?
Eleni : There's power in this thing I've never seen.
Telemachus : *curses* I'll get one next time that's for sure
Eleni : Break it open and you could destroy all of Mantineia.
Telemachus : What are you talking about?
Kataramene : The big stone at the heart of the dragon.
Eleni : *Holds up the heart of the dragon*
Telemachus : What are we going to do with that thing?
Kataramene : And I can well believe it's full of dark stuff, as it was ... a trial.
Andreas Appolodorus: Beware the thing may be cursed.
Kataramene : There's this wonder stuff?
Eleni : A trial?
Andreas Appolodorus: The heart.
Leonidas : Well, there doesn't seem to be anything else here, so I guess we should head out.
Kataramene : I'm underestimating. It was a pain in every one's ass.
Telemachus : Come and look at this..
Leonidas : Unless you wanna smash all these crystals; maybe shards worth something?
Polytropos : *nods.*

Polytropos : Hello...
Eleni : What are you talking to..?
Polytropos : Are, uh, are you a man? Can you talk?
Kataramene : Sticky up things. So what?
Andreas Appolodorus: Destroy it.
Polytropos : I *told* you. The big crystal man.
Eleni : ...oh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can I try?
Polytropos : Well-
Eleni : I guess we can't leave it here, if it's

Eleni : ...oh, okay.
Polytropos : I'm never trusting anything made of crystal again!!
Kataramene : I am NIT in the mood
Andreas Appolodorus: It is done.
Eleni : That wasn't a tenth as scary as the dragon.
Polytropos : *poke*
Polytropos : ... it's a door alright.
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Polytropos : I don't see a- oh, there is.
Leonidas : *examines*
Polytropos : thought there would be.
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Polytropos : ...?
Andreas Appolodorus: It's a bridge.

Polytropos : Ooooo.
Eleni : *Crosses warrily, supporting self on staff*
Kataramene : Kind of pretty. Kind of oh hades...
Polytropos : They're singing!
Andreas Appolodorus: Who? The crystals?
Kataramene : So much power.
Eleni : Does this remind anyone of something...?
Telemachus : They're like the crystals at the forge..
Kataramene : The ones at the forge?
Eleni : *Nods* The elements.
Kataramene : Yeah.
Polytropos : ... oh yes!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello crystals.
Eleni : Frost and fire, light and dark, acid and... I don't know.
Polytropos : So...
Kataramene : They are the same colours as the drakes. Perhaps they drove the elemental powers they gave off?
Polytropos : *tries to take one.*
Lazyzeus : Polytropos recovers a crystal from the mass.
Polytropos : Ding!
Andreas Appolodorus: Equip your weapon then.
Polytropos : You think we'll be heading back along the Corinth road any time soon?
Lazyzeus : Leonidas recovers a crystal.
Damian : I wouldn't doubt it.
Eleni : On our way back to Argos, I suppose.
Polytropos : *tosses the crystal up and down a few times.*
Kataramene : To revisit the forge?
Polytropos : I've got a sudden urge.
Telemachus : ... which crystals did you take? and what do you think they'll do?
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : No idea! That's half the fun.
Polytropos : We can talk about who gets to try it, on the way!
Telemachus : well, what colour one did you pick up?
Eleni : We should try to get some different colors then, at least.
Polytropos : Looks green!
Eleni : The one behind you?
Telemachus : well.. I'm going to try and pick up a yellow one.
Andreas Appolodorus: Those who can will harvest?
Polytropos : I just picked it up from the centre.
Telemachus : probably going to zap me..
Leonidas : *keeps watch*
Eleni : *Tries for a crystal*
Lazyzeus : Eleni recovers a crystal.
Eleni : I think I got a green one too?
Kataramene : *sigh* I just know my fingers will fumble.
Lazyzeus : Those without skill can try a blind attempt, but Eleni cautions that it may be... hazardous.
Polytropos : Green is best.
Eleni : Oh.
Kataramene : I've become too used to just hitting things.
Polytropos : *green armour*
Eleni : If Damian and Leo want to try, you should borrow my orb.
Polytropos : Heh. Orrrb.
Eleni : Or maybe just Damian. Leo's clever fingers managed.
Kataramene : I will try, I just don't think it will help.
Telemachus : I wana try the ooorb
Eleni : You can, but I don't think it will do much for you!
Eleni : You need some magic to focus with it.
Andreas Appolodorus: You can only harvest once?
Eleni : So it seems.
Polytropos : The crystal gets jealous.
Kataramene : Something magical about them that does.
Telemachus : Oh you and your "oh you need to be magic." maybe I *am* magic.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah everyone for himself.
Polytropos : Maybe you are, Heracles!
Eleni : I said you could try!
Telemachus : Orb me!
Lazyzeus : Damian is unsuccessful, but the room fails to explode, so that's something.
Polytropos : *wince*
Damian : Hmm.
Eleni : Here you go.
Eleni : Just take it and... focus.
Telemachus : *looks like he has a migrane*
Damian : On the positive side, I now have six more of those lichen kits.
Kataramene : Which is useful, as I used 19 of my 24 kits when you were all running around scared.
Polytropos : That IS positive.
Damian : Now if we can only find some more of that moss...
Eleni : Hold on.
Andreas Appolodorus: Blue crystal does not like me.
Eleni : Try using this, too.
Kataramene : Can I use that ring?
Telemachus : After me!
Eleni : Let Tell try first. You can share.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah these things are beyond my skills I give up.
Damian : I'll just watch from back here.
Kataramene : *sticks her tongue out slightly, face screwed up in concentration*
Polytropos : You can do it"
Polytropos : !
Eleni : Try the orb, too!
Lazyzeus : Kataramene is unsuccessful!
Kataramene : *pouts*
Damian : Good. Nobody exploded.
Telemachus : ... what if we just smash them and take any likely looking bits?
Eleni : I think they would just explode.
Eleni : Which would be bad.
Damian : And explode you.
Telemachus : maybe...
Telemachus : Did you try yet andreas?
Kataramene : I don't think I want to be standing in this room when that happens.
Kataramene : *humphy stomp*
Telemachus : Oi lion face.
Eleni : Contrary to the highly popular school of philosophy that I chhose to refer to as 'Telemachusism'.... smashing things is /not/ the answer to all of life's problems.
Damian : *rolls eyes*
Telemachus : march up here and try for a crystal.
Eleni : Hasn't he already?
Telemachus : bah.
Andreas Appolodorus: I tried the centre one and he rejected me Polytropos : Well... we have three!
Kataramene : *looks at the funny thing*
Andreas Appolodorus: Which one?
Eleni : Here. Wear this.

Lazyzeus : The crystals seem to hum expectantly as Andreas comes back into the room.

Eleni : The one in the center.
Kataramene : What's this do?
Telemachus : It's weird looking.
Eleni : ...and that should help too!
Damian : A dragon seat?
Telemachus : Is that liquid in the middle?
Eleni : Uh..
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Lazyzeus : the crystals fix and pop with a flash of energy!
Damian : No, it looks like mirrored rock.
Polytropos : What was that!
Eleni : I'm not sure if that was supposed to happen...

Lazyzeus : Armed with a haul of magical crystals, the group heads back up toward the surface...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:44 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group was returning after its expedition into the caverns deep under Mantineia.

Polytropos : Good news!
Polytropos : They didn't set up the traps again.
Eleni : Nice of them.
Kataramene : Small mercies.
Polytropos : But they did put in the rock.
Telemachus : I wonder if that was a vote of confidence or just laziness
Polytropos : HEY! KOBOLDOI!
Kataramene : *fair limps along* I need better sandals for so much running.
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Damian : Easier to loot our corpses.
Polytropos : *thumps the rock a few times*
Polytropos : OPEN UP!
Leonidas : Open it yourself

Kobalos : Eet too chapa!
Telemachus : I bought those nice ones Glaucus always had and nobody in the village could afford.
Polytropos : I'm not eating anything.
Telemachus : my feet are happy.
Kataramene : No not... what in the name of Hades is chappa?
Kobalos: Hooomans is back!
Polytropos : Grrrrrreetings!
Damian : I don't think I want to know, Kat.
Eleni : Indeed.
Kobalos: Hooomanss!
Leonidas : Of course
Eleni : The humans are back, and the dragons are dead.
Kobalos: Is dragons all dead?
Kobalos: Is very good!
Kobalos : Eet too chapa naz ooks taka!
Leonidas : big area you can live in down there
Telemachus : the little lizardy things and the big crystal dragon are all dead, yeah.
Eleni : Quite. Though we are left to wonder how they got there in the first place...
Kataramene : And all the odd crystals smashed.
Kobalos: est unb ka Freta?
Lazyzeus : The creatures send up a little titter of noise at the news.
Damian : They'd better be. *looks at El* We've already sacrified enough to defeat them.
Eleni : The big dragon sure looked a lot like the big statue you had in your homes.
Kataramene : Yeees.
Kobalos: You find stone dragon?
Kataramene : What do you know about all those dwellings down there?
Andreas Appolodorus: The big one made me run an shout like an hysterical woman.
Eleni : One might wonder about that.
Telemachus : the thing with the broken pillar? yeah.
Kobalos: Is kobalos home!
Eleni : Did your people carve it?
Kobalos Shaman: You find magic totem?
Kataramene : Yes, but what do ... well that. What do you know about it?
Kobalos: Ees great dragon god.
Kobalos Shaman: No! You no tell.
Kataramene : Yes, we found a magic totem.
Kobalos: Ees!
Kobalos Shaman: Is us magic. You give.
Kataramene : Then tell us what you know about the dragons.
Eleni : It seems your gods don't like you very much if they send big crystal versions of yourself to terrorise you.
Kobalos: We use magic, summon great dragon god! Then we big power!
Polytropos : *flat look.*
Kobalos Shaman: You stupid! No tell hoomans, they take power.
Telemachus : *sigh* and how well did that work out for you?
Kataramene : ... you're saying that the dragons are there because you /amde/ it come?
Kataramene : *made
Kobalos Shaman: Magic not work, dragon god not come.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Kobalos Shaman: Other thing, it no connected.
Eleni : ...none of you saw the big one, did you?
Kobalos Shaman: You give magic now.
Telemachus : the broken pillar thing, they summoned the dragons with it .
Kataramene : No, it just sent one of it's friends.
Damian : Oh, it came alright.
Eleni : The REALLY big dragon?
Eleni : The one that looked just like the statue, only made of crystal? And even larger?
Kobalos: Dragon god s'pose come in statue, give many big gift to kobalos *look askance at shaman*
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * Oh my, not sure if I should laugh or cry.
Eleni : That, it seems, is not /quite/ what happened....
Kobalos Shaman: He come someday, when kobalos prayer better.
Kobalos Shaman: Kobalos magic only thing make not weak!
Leonidas : Yeah, well I don't wanna hafta come back down here again to rescue you from your folly.
Kobalos Shaman: Hoomans no 'stand.
Polytropos : Hmf.
Eleni : It almost got all your people killed, you insipid moron.
Kataramene : So you're saying that if we give you this back you are going to try again?
Kobalos: Maybe summon dragon not best idea.
Damian : *to Andreas* Yes.
Kataramene : And sod rescuing them from their folly. What if it gets out?
Kobalos Shaman: I am shaman! You no shaman.
Leonidas : Indeed
Eleni : Don't you realize what you've done? If not for us, your entire tribe would be dead. All for your misguided notions.
Kobalos Shaman: You give magic, we not come back.
Eleni : How do your people feel about that? Hm?
Kataramene : Where do you plan to go?
Kobalos Shaman: Hoomans not tell kobalos way.
Kobalos Shaman: Back to home.
Telemachus : This guy's an idiot. You need better priests.
Eleni : Oh, no. We can't tell you how to live. But we can tell you this...
Kataramene : *looks at the others*
Eleni : If we ever hear the slightest thing about you summoning more /dragons/...
Eleni : We'll come back.
Eleni : And we /won't/ come back to help you.
Kataramene : *nods in agreement*
Kobalos: Shaman totem make flowers sprout from K'tor head! And that one time, it turn fishes into rocks, not good.
Eleni : But to make sure that we won't. Ever. Have to worry about more dragons.
Eleni : Do I make myself clear?
Kobalos Shaman: Bah. Hoomans bad. Steal from kobalos. *grumbles*
Polytropos : If something eats our village, we'll be VERY unhappy.
Eleni : Very.
Kobalos: No! Is good. We hear. Very clear. Is very good, we do.
Damian : Uh-huh. And you're like a child playing with a sword.
Eleni : Good!
Eleni : So long as we're clear.
Kataramene : *tosses the totem down* Remember.
Kobalos Shaman: *reaches for it*
Kobalos: *grabs it first*
Kataramene : *grabs his hand*
Kobalos: Maybe I keep for now.
Eleni : I think it's best this one holds on to it, yes.
Kobalos Shaman: Is mootiny!
Eleni : I like to think of it as a righteous revolution.
Kobalos: No like flowers in head.
Kataramene : Yes, but it's not a sword to the neck, which /might/ happen if you get it back.
Kobalos: You have sword?
Kobalos: I use very much good.
Kataramene : *gestures with her sword* This one is mine.
Polytropos : *shrugs back at Tel.*
Kobalos: *shrugs, as if that was the answer he expected*
Kobalos: We go home now.
Kobalos: No bother hoomans.
Eleni : Alright. Remember what we said, now!
Kataramene : *nods, not standing in the way*
Eleni : May you live long and peaceful lives.
Kobalos Shaman: *marches along disconsolately*
Eleni : With no dragons.
Kobalos: *follows with an armful of stuff* Wait!

Damian : *watches them go with a shake of his head*
Eleni : I think they got the message.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello
Telemachus : I'm sure we'll see them again.
Kataramene : So..... what about that rock?
Polytropos : We'll never be out of work with them here...
Damian : It'll be to soon, Tel.
Kataramene : Shall we wedge it in place and perhaps add a few more?
Eleni : They're probably clever enough to find a way past.
Damian : That's their problem: they're clever, but they're not very smart.
Kataramene : *levers it back around and does her damnedest to wedge it*
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Leonidas : *watches*
Eleni : Hah. Aristarchus used to say that about me.
Polytropos : ... oh yeah, he's gone...
Polytropos : ... I'd forgotten.
Eleni : *Raised brow at Pol*
Kataramene : With luck if they are clever enough to find a way out it will be a long way off.
Damian : I'm sure he only said that to get you to pay attention, El.
Eleni : Well, it worked. I always got really angry and determined to prove him wrong.
Damian : *grins*
Polytropos : Militades used to say something to us when we slacked off.
Damian : Quit slacking off?
Eleni : I thought he mostly just hit you.
Polytropos : Sometimes he said stuff. "Boys," he'd say, "It's a bad student that doesn't outshine their teacher some day."
Kataramene : That too.
Kataramene : Boys?
Polytropos : Well, yeah.
Eleni : I guess he saw you as an honorary boy.
Kataramene : *eyes narrow*
Telemachus : Pfft as if you can remember anything militades said
Eleni : *Coughs, hiding a smile*
Damian : *chuckles*
Polytropos : Hey!
Telemachus : You were too busy daydreaming most of the time
Kataramene : I don't remember running off at that dragon.
Polytropos : I may not be clever... but I'm smart.
Kataramene : *humphy stomp*
Polytropos : *sly smile*
Damian : Ismene used to tell me that if I didn't stop thinking about Nature so much, I'd never actually feel it.
Eleni : Mhm. I suppose we do.

Pedaeus: What was it, another big lizard?
Eleni : Weary and victorious.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Andreas Appolodorus: Master!
Eleni : Several. One of them particularly large.
Telemachus : It was a giant dragon made of crystal.
Eleni : It killed me, but I got better.
Pedaeus: How... odd.
Polytropos : We brought back its heart!
Damian : It took El, but we managed to bring her back.
Kataramene : *humphy snort*
Pedaeus: *nods along, but doesn't seem to really understand all the references*
Pedaeus: Come, there's some stew left.
Eleni : *Said nonchalantly, but with an edge of bitterness*
Eleni : Stew sounds wonderful!
Damian : Good. WE're famished.
Ismeme: Good day.
Eleni : Nothing like death and giant dragonds to make one hungry.
Ismeme: You have helped the little creatures with their problem?
Polytropos : *nabs a bowl or two*
Tamara: Plenty of food there, help yourselves!
Polytropos : *starts fillin' up*
Kataramene : Ismeme, is the temple as it was?
Eleni : The little creatures with their rather gargantuan problem, yes.
Damian : Yes ma'am.
Ismeme: Indeed. You should come by, and make an offering to the gods.
Eleni : *Grabs a bowl*
Telemachus : *helps self to food*
Leonidas : *helps himself*
Ismeme: Folk who live such interesting lives need to remain in the gods' good favor.
Kataramene : We may need thier help, so yes. I will.
Eleni : As we have discovered, yes.
Eleni : Though i fear some might be beyond our ability to appease at this point..
Damian : *helps himself to some food* Most of the Gods, yes.
Ismeme: Miltiades was looking for you. He said he had a problem you might be able to help him with.
Tamara: *wipes hands* we've been very lucky really, as a village. Praise the Gods
Eleni : Did we mention the Priesthood of Hera back in Argos hates us now?
Andreas Appolodorus: * Grab somthing to eat * Ah bread, cheese and some cider. That will do nicely.
Telemachus : We've found it's actually really hard to please one god without vexing another.
Kataramene : *serves herself up a bowl from the pot*
Eleni : Indeed.
Leonidas : I guess losing their temple might have something to do with it.
Andreas Appolodorus: * eat like an ogre *
Leonidas : *laughs*
Miltiades: Ah, you're back.
Polytropos : It's a reat balancing act... ah! hello, Militades.
Damian : Hey, it was their fault.
Eleni : They didn't /lose/ their temple. Just... their high priestess.
Miltiades: I need your help, lad.
Kataramene : *humphy nod towards Militades*
Eleni : And several temple guards. And a chimera. And the demigod they were holding prisoner.
Kataramene : ....
Leonidas : Thought the temple was shut down though, no?
Andreas Appolodorus: What can we help yopu with?
Telemachus : Good day master Militades, are you well?
Eleni : Hm, I'm not sure. I assume they'd manage to keep going
Damian : Was it? Yes, I think the city was looking for a new patron God.
Andreas Appolodorus: * you
Miltiades: Remember your little adventure with the centaurs?
Leonidas : Certainly weren't open for business when I wandered by a time or two.
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh yes.
Telemachus : *nods*
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Damian : *prepares another bowl* I'll be back shortly.
Miltiades: Well, ever since then we've been conducting a nice little trade with them. They leave us iron ore, I prepare tools and weapons for them.
Eleni : So long ago, it feels like.
Polytropos : *slurps stew, nodding.*
Damian : *whistles*
Kataramene : What happened? Did I take on another form all of a sudden? *pats herself down*
Damian : There you are, my friend. *sets the bowl of stew in front of Aias*
Miltiades: They've been quite cordial, though I've only met a few of them. Their war leader, Eurytion, he seems a straight-up fellow.
Miltiades: Problem is, they haven't shown up at the regular meeting place, along the rivershore, for two weeks now.
Eleni : I remember. It seems their previous experiences with humans had... not been very positive ones, so I can't blame them.
Damian : Are they giving you any problems, Miltiades?
Miltiades: No, nothing like that. Though I'm a bit worried.
Damian : Hmm.
Damian : We can check on them.
Polytropos : Damn centaurs. Can't trust them!
Kataramene : Oh well /I'll/ go over there and leave the worrying to the men-folk.
Eleni : Hopefully, they remember us as well.
Pedaeus: I believe it has occured to master Miltiades that if they do prove to be hostile, they are now better-armed.
Damian : *glances at Pol* Something may have happened to them, Pol.
Polytropos : Well, so are we!
Miltiades: Nay, I don't think they're hostile!
Telemachus : centaurs are a good deal less intimidating after what we've been through since we left
Miltiades: But ... I am concerned.
Eleni : I doubt it's anything like that.
Polytropos : Hmph.
Polytropos : Well if it is we're ready.
Kataramene : Perhaps you should give me your washing to do while I am.
Miltiades: I don't want to trespass on their land, but they know you already. Helped them before.
Miltiades: Could you check in on them?
Damian : *starts to pull out his dirty clothing* Oh...she was kidding.
Eleni : Of course.
Damian : *to Mil* Sure.
Telemachus : shouldn't be a problem
Polytropos : ... I s'pose.
Kataramene : *manages to eat the bowl of food in a humphy fashion*
Eleni : *Smiles at Pol* I think Kat might need a little bit of attention...
Pedaeus: Try not to start an incident, eh?
Damian : *innocent smile* Who us?
Polytropos : We don't start incidents! We just...
Polytropos : ... just...
Telemachus : finish them
Polytropos : ... alright, we'll try not to start an incident.
Damian : That too.
Miltiades: You'll sort it out. I have faith in you.
Polytropos : Heyo...
Kataramene : *agressive handly of spoon*
Eleni : *Yawns*
Polytropos : We've got some hero work to do...
Ismeme: I will return to the temple. I will offer a prayer for your success.
Eleni : I think I'll go see what Glaucus is stocking these days...
Kataramene : Oh, have you men-folk finished discussing it now?
Damian : *picks up Aias' bowl*
Eleni : Hm. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to join you there soon!
Damian : *puts everything back on the table*
Polytropos : Well... yes, but...
Andreas Appolodorus: We may want to rest a bit before going anywhere.
Pedaeus: *looks at Damien carrying away the bowl* Never saw a bear eat cooked food before?
Eleni : Not a whole lot of chance, I seE.
Polytropos : C'mon, you're not a w- not JUST a woman. You've proved that a dozen times.
Kataramene : *snorts, and gestures with the spoon* Perhaps I should wash up before I fail to run from the next creature.
Eleni : *Returns, freshed up somewhat*
Polytropos : We can all wash up. Come on, you don't need to be so touchy about this, not any more.
Telemachus : We all red
Telemachus : *we all ready to go?
Kataramene : You know when someone said you can never go home? Because you've changed?
Eleni : *Nods to the couple by the river bank* Give them a moment..
Leonidas : I could use a nap first
Telemachus : *rolls eyes*
Polytropos : ... yeah... don't remember who, but...
Andreas Appolodorus: Me too.
Kataramene : Well home is where they'll always treat you like less than you've become, because they can't see past the door.
Andreas Appolodorus: Shall we go home?
Damian : We can stop by our old house on the way out.
Eleni : We can do that.
Polytropos : It's no-one's fault. We've seen things that no man or woman has seen before.
Leonidas : Well let's be off then
Kataramene : I'm going to the temple.
Polytropos : We were going to the centaurs...
Kataramene : Even if we think they are not going to hurt us we need some herbs and things.
Eleni : Hm. Going for some supplies?
Kataramene : We should. I've not enough to see us through a fight and I think Damian was no better off.
Telemachus : well it hasn't fallen down..
Polytropos : I can come too!
Damian : I never thought I'd see this place again.
Kataramene : Come on then.
Eleni : Well, I'm still holding most of the money.
Andreas Appolodorus: Home sweet home?
Eleni : Hello again, Ismene.
Damian : Come, Aias, let's go see Ismene.
Kataramene : We need some holy bandages and things, if you have them.
Polytropos : Ho there.
Kataramene : It is peaceful up here.
Eleni : ...perhaps so.
Damian : *smiles* Hello, ma'am.
Eleni : My master did not believe as most of us did, though, in a lot of ways. But maybe some things are true everywhere.
Damian : *holds out a deep lichen kit* I've been using your teachings, Ismeme.
Leonidas : *sits and enjoys the food and drink*
Damian : *beams*
Damian : I try, but some elude my grasp.
Polytropos : *lays some things on the altar, and looks heavenward for a little while.*
Polytropos : Food, gold and spoils. 's all a man like me gets.
Polytropos : *salutes Olympus with his spear.*
Damian : We try. Speaking of which, we helped found a village outside of our house near Argos.
Polytropos : Hurray!
Andreas Appolodorus: Leo!
Kataramene : Spoils? *sharp look*
Polytropos : That bandit's armour.
Damian : If you and the others feel pressed here, you are more than welcome to come there. And we do have a shrine.
Polytropos : *looks to Kat, awkward.*
Leonidas : What?
Polytropos : *low* ... you know it's... different, with other people, right...?
Damian : *nods*
Andreas Appolodorus: Not coming?
Leonidas : Coming where?
Andreas Appolodorus: Find the centaurs.
Eleni : I didn't expect anyone here to take you up on that offer, Damian.
Kataramene : *mollified snif*
Damian : *shrugs*
Leonidas : Oh we leaving? Thought folks were just visiting the temple.
Eleni : Mantineians are stubborn, as you wel know.
Tamara: Your friends went to the Temple first I think
Polytropos : *low* With most people, you know, I do things so they think I'm great...
Andreas Appolodorus: No we went home to rest but I lost the others after that.
Polytropos : ... with you I do that stuff because you're great.
Polytropos : *nod*
Eleni : *Smirks* I think most of them were.
Kataramene : *preens a little and smiles haughtily*
Leonidas : Food and drink's here, so I'm happy waiting here for them.
Eleni : Maybe I'll try to retrace his steps one day.
Eleni : Confirm them myself.
Andreas Appolodorus: Come on don't be lazy.
Tamara: *wipes down the table* Nothing but work here for me. Finish one meal, prepare the next!
Leonidas : *downs another tankard of wine*
Andreas Appolodorus: I don't even know which way they went.
Polytropos : *looks up, and gives a silent thanks to Apollo for the gift of words.*
Kataramene : *hunts through her pack*
Eleni : That might be a thought.
Leonidas : They went to the temple *points of to the SE*
Damian : *nods at Ismeme* Good advice.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right. You will catch then I hope.
Telemachus : *quietly puts one of the crystals on the altar*
Leonidas : They'll be back when theyre ready to leave.
Polytropos : *blink*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello.
Damian : Oh! Ismeme, can you tell me anything about these? *holds out a bundle of laminaria kelp leaves*
Polytropos : We should do this more regularly.
Kataramene : Are we going to see the Centaurs before nightfall?
Andreas Appolodorus: What did you offer this time?
Polytropos : Some of the spoils from the bandits we met, and some good food.
Kataramene : I gave it a sword I'd found.
Polytropos : Can't give the Gods the rubbish stuff, you know.
Damian : *to Pol* Do you think they would accept that dragon's blood?
Damian : *to Ismene* Of course.
Polytropos : UhhhhhhhhhhIiiii have no idea.
Eleni : Dragon's blood would surely be an impressive offering, yes?
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure nobody want these javelins?
Damian : *holds out a vial* I have no use for it.
Polytropos : If someone gave me that as a gifty I'd think, "Huh."
Eleni : It's close to saying the thing was slain in their name...
Polytropos : If it's something we don't value, not much of a sacrifice, see.
Kataramene : *shakes head* I've some on my back as it is I don't use.
Eleni : Well, there's certainly something interesting we could do with it, I'm sure...
Damian : *shrugs* I'll keep it then. You might have use of it sometime, El.
Kataramene : As long as it not a dragon summoning.
Telemachus : come on, it's getting late.
Damian : ANyway, the hour grows late so we should probably get some rest and set out in the morning.
Eleni : Rest does sound tempting.
Kataramene : I'm going to stay in the old home.
Polytropos : I think we all are!
Eleni : Heh. For old time's sake?
Kataramene : Oh! I thought they were staying in the house.
Polytropos : Oh yeah, there's Aristarchus's house...
Polytropos : Or, well. ELENI's house.
Androcles: *yawns* Well, an old man must find his sleep.
Damian : I was hoping you'd teach me chess, El.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Yes, Eleni's now.
Leonidas : *downs more wine*
Eleni : Hm, should I be a gracious host and invite you all?
Telemachus : Did he leave you his house?
Andreas Appolodorus: What? Is that the game from beyond the Persian EMpire?
Damian : I'll cook! And Aias and Andreas can wrestle for our entertainment.
Polytropos : Trust the easterns to make a game out of killing kings!
Polytropos : Nothing's sacred.
Eleni : He said he learned it in eastern India, yes.
Kataramene : Should go and clean the old place. Tidy it up just a little. You know? *sidesways look at Pol*
Eleni : Onwards, then. Though most of you will have to sleep on the floor...
Polytropos : ... yes, yes, good idea.
Damian : Just go easy on the oil, Andreas. It's not fair to Aias that you can grab his fur but he cant' get a hold of you because you're to slick.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah.
Telemachus : You need to teach them not to cheat.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : On the other hand... claws.
Kataramene : You can shout on the way past in the morning. Should have it spick and span.
Telemachus : Andreas always bites.
Leonidas : *sings*
Telemachus : Go to sleep Leo, we're leaving in the morning.
Damian : *nods at Leo as he walks past*
Eleni : Now /that/ I'm sure is cheating.
Leonidas : No problem
Kataramene : Doesn't look that bad. Someone must have been sorting it out.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm sure I am not the most slippery living creature.
Polytropos : Oh well! Not much to do after all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice.
Leonidas : *strums and sings for a few hours with plenty of wine between numbers, falls asleep at the table*
Kataramene : Nothing except whittle the night away.
Damian : *changes*
Eleni : *Proves a gracious host, for the most part*
Damian : *studies the chess board, feeling each piece*
Damian : Are these ivory pieces? They feel lik eit.
Eleni : I think so. Would be Indian ivory, not African.
Eleni : Which makes it even rarer!
Eleni : At least on this side of Persia.

Lazyzeus : The night passes swiftly and without event. The village stirs to life as the sun brightens the horizon.

Leonidas : *yawns and stretches in the dawn's light*
Leonidas : *slurps down some wine and grabs some bread and cheese for breakfast*
Pedaeus: Ha! Did you spend the whole night through here, lad?
Leonidas : *smiles* It's where the food and drink are.
Pedaeus: *raises the empty wine flask* I see you weren't totally alone. Greedy boy.
Leonidas : Indeed, the best of company.
Kataramene : *finds something for breakfast around the orchard*
Damian : I don't know about you, but I'm hungry.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Still comfortable. I miss the late night swimming back in Argos.
Eleni : *Nods in greetings, then helps herself to some breakfast*
Andreas Appolodorus: Not hungry today.
Pedaeus: Don't bother, Androcles, this one's drunk all the wine, and ate all the bread.
Damian : I hope you've saved some for us, Leo. *makes a plate for him and Aias*
Androcles: What? That flask was full last night!
Leonidas : Them that hesitate, go without.
Leonidas : *burps*
Kataramene : *wistful tone* I miss the villa. We should find a place by the sea?
Androcles: Bah! Children these days, no respect for their elders. *strums a sad tune*
Androcles: That a new lyre, lad?
Eleni : As you might imagine, Leo has become a regular in the taverns of Argos...
Leonidas : Indeed
Damian : *waves a hand in front of his face* I see.
Pedaeus: I imagine he's made all the tavernkeepers of your city wealthy.
Kataramene : The river is refreshing but the sea is warmer.
Leonidas : I have acquired two actually, since I left here.
Polytropos : Fewer bitey frogs, too.
Damian : *tosses Aias some cheese* Oh, don't give me that look. You'll have some meat later.
Androcles: Going to find the centaurs today, eh?
Telemachus : That's the plan.
Kataramene : *wrinkles her nose* Are they still around here, do you think?
Leonidas : Guess that's the plan
Androcles: Tell me your tale when you return, and I shall write a song of your great deeds.
Eleni : First we'll have to find Kat and Pol, but I think we have a good idea of the place and state we are likely to find them in...
Androcles: So, Pedaeus, do you have any more of that "special" vintage back at your place?
Polytropos : I'd suggest we find out, but... bitey.
Telemachus : Make lots of noise on the way, and hopefully they'll have their clothes on by the time we get there.
Pedaeus: Best keep quiet about that. *looks at Leo*
Damian : *sour look* Let them find us.
Kataramene : Could be uncomfortable. Which would be a shame.
Eleni : *Chuckles* Or we could send Aias charging in. Either way.
Damian : *evil grin* Now that's an idea.
Telemachus : have him run through the river first
Damian : And roll in the mud?
Leonidas : Hmm guess we're leaving
Eleni : Maybe not go quite that far. They would demand you clean up afterwards.
Leonidas : Later
Damian : True.
Telemachus : Don't take it too far, Kat might murder him
Polytropos : *stretches and yawns*
Eleni : And there is also that, yes.
Polytropos : Well... up and at 'em I guess.
Kataramene : *does the same and starts, looking out of the window*
Eleni : Good morning!
Damian : *whispers to Aias who roars and charges at the house*
Polytropos : *strapping on armour* Morning!
Eleni : Hah, too late.
Polytropos : YE GODS BEAR!
Eleni : They're already dressed;
Damian : Aw!
Telemachus : Goodmorning
Eleni : Ready for some exploring?
Damian : Maybe next time, my friend.
Kataramene : *hurriedly arranging clothing*
Kataramene : We've been waiting for you for ages.
Damian : Uh-huh.
Eleni : Ah, well, our apolagies then.
Damian : By the way, I think your Chiton is on backwards.
Eleni : Andreas and Damian got stuck in a long game.
Damian : It's not my fault the pieces kept slipping out of his hands.
Kataramene : What? *looks down and then glares at Damian*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos: Ye gods bear!
Damian : *innocent look at Kat*
Telemachus : mmhmm. Come on lets go.
Kataramene : *humphs*
Damian : *chuckles*
Eleni : *Coughs* Let's!
Polytropos : Right.
Telemachus : you know it's high time you two stopped mucking about. You should get Ismene to marry you while we're here.
Damian : A grand idea.
Polytropos : Who what?
Kataramene : What?
Eleni : It would be a nice way to remember this trip, true.
Leonidas : *laughs*
Polytropos : Hey, er - let's not go crazy, here.
Kataramene : It's a bit.... *glare*
Telemachus : Well it's one thing carrying on while we're on the road and away from home but really, isn't it high time you made it official?
Damian : What? You don't want to make an honest woman out of Kat, Pol?
Polytropos : Notthatitwouldn'tbegreat but you know, we're... very busy people...
Eleni : A husband-and-wise hero team, though. All sorts of songs to be written there.
Damian : What does that have to do with anything?
Kataramene : Busy... yes, busy.
Polytropos : I don';t know! I'll think of something.
Eleni : *Chuckles* Well, it's all up to you.
Kataramene : No time to do it properly. It takes days and ... all that.
Polytropos : Centaurs!
Leonidas : Beware Pol, wedding rings are a license to unlimited nagging.
Damian : I could do it in less than an hour.

Eleni : Ack, I forgot about the wading.
Eleni : And also the highly territorial fish.
Polytropos : *holds breath*
Leonidas : Bear food
Kataramene : Fish aren't any more sensible.
Damian : *guts the fish and strings them up* We have dinner for tonight.
Eleni : *Eye out for any centaurs*
Polytropos : *ahem.*
Polytropos : So, do we announce our presence?
Eleni : Normally, I'd suggest waiting for one of them to find us, out of politeness.
Damian : We should.
Kataramene : We usually do.
Andreas Appolodorus: Shall we call?
Eleni : But Militiades was worried...
Kataramene : Might be wise for Pol to go first.
Eleni : So he can get caught tresspassing?
Polytropos : I wouldn't get -
Eleni : That's what happened the first time we were here!
Polytropos : I was handling a very hot rock and said 'ow'!
Telemachus : That was a long time ago though..
Kataramene : Yes, but he's had pracice since then too.
Polytropos : Besides, I don't see any signs of them.
Eleni : Hm, true.
Polytropos : No recent trails, no spoor.
Damian : That worries me.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : The harpy's spire was to the.... east of here?
Polytropos : Maybe they just... rode away.
Telemachus : Which way are the centuars?
Damian : They wouldnt' unless they had very good reason to or were driven out.
Kataramene : Could they be deeper in the woods?
Eleni : This was where the star-stone first fell, I take it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Or taken by some amazons.
Telemachus : I don't think we ever actually knew where they lived
Polytropos : That's right! Still scars the land.
Polytropos : If anywhere, I think south.
Eleni : Not seeing much in this direction.
Polytropos : That's where they came from when we met the,.
Damian : path over here.
Kataramene : They have hooves, have they left a trail?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Aha! Path!
Leonidas : *listens*
Eleni : I /told// you it was this way to the harpy's rock.
Kataramene : What does that sign say?
Polytropos : It doesn't speak...
Eleni : I think that means their homelands are further this way.
Telemachus : It's got a skull on it, so it means "stay away"
Kataramene : Check aroundhere first.
Damian : Hmm. Let me prepare us before we continue on.
Eleni : I guess we're making an exception.
Polytropos : No rockskin!
Polytropos : It's hard to talk to people looking like statues you know.

Leonidas : Greetings
Centaur: Hey!
Damian : Are you sure? It's your skin.
Centaur : Intruder!
Polytropos : I have a shield for that-
Telemachus : ah..
Eleni : ...*Sighs*
Polytropos : Ohhh dear.
Eleni : Leo...
Leonidas : Hey I come in peace friends
Eleni : Um, hello?
Centaur : Your kind are not welcome here!
Leonidas : The folks in the village have been worried.
Polytropos : Chaaarge- oh.
Eleni : We didn't mean to barge in! Sorry.
Centaur : More of them! It's a trap!
Polytropos : *screeches to a halt*
Telemachus : Easy! easy, relax
Centaur: *raises his weapon*
Centaur: *rears up*
Telemachus : *puts axe away*
Leonidas : Hey no way to treat old friends
Leonidas : We helped you all in the past.
Centaur: *frowns* You....friend?
Telemachus : We're the ones who killed the harpies a couple of years ago
Eleni : We are friends to Eurytion, and have come out of concern.
Rhoecus: What is going on here?
Damian : Yes. We're the ones that helped set up the trade between your people and our village.
Leonidas : Indeed.
Centaur: Rhoecus!
Telemachus : we're friends of militades the smith
Kataramene : You haven't been to the trading location, and Militades was concerned.
Centaur: We have intruders
Polytropos : You stopped making the trademeets!
Centaur: These humans snuck up on the village!
Kataramene : Hardly snuck up.
Eleni : I hardly think 'snuck up' is right..
Telemachus : We actually walked up making as much noise as possible..
Leonidas : If I snuck up, you'd never have seen me.
Kataramene : Except Leo, and he's challenged that way.
Telemachus : last time we were met near the river..
Leonidas : *laughs*
Rhoecus: What are you doing here, human.
Kataramene : You were missed, and Miltades was concerned.
Leonidas : As I explained, we came on behalf of the smith from the village
Eleni : I do believe we just explained that.
Leonidas : You missed the normal meeting for two weeks. He was worried about you.
Damian : *frowns* Something's not right here.
Rhoecus: The trade was Eurytion's idea.
Centaur: Lies! It's a trap!
Kataramene : What has happened to him?
Eleni : We feared that something might have happened to you; perhaps your land had been invaded.
Rhoecus: He is... indisposed.
Telemachus : Where are your warriors? the good scouts?
Centaur: Maybe they're responsible for the curse, Rhoecus!
Leonidas : So there's nothing to worry about?
Telemachus : these here look like children.
Telemachus : and act like them.
Kataramene : Indisposed h ... curese?
Eleni : A curse...?
Rhoecus: *holds up a warning hand*
Centaur: Yes, yes!
Centaur: They are to blame!
Kataramene : What curse?
Eleni : What sort of curse is this?
Rhoecus: Dark magic. It has... transformed him.
Polytropos : Why does everyone always blame us for this stuff...
Kataramene : We don't really /do/ curses, we're not that subtle.
Eleni : *Frowns*
Damian : *glares at the mouthy centaur* You're not helping, so do be quiet.
Leonidas : Simple minds look for simple answers.
Centaur: *smells the air around the party*
Rhoecus: We do not seek to fight with you, humans, but nor will we tolerate insults. You are on _our_ land.
Kataramene : Dark magic sounds problematic, if it spreads it could affect the village.
Eleni : Our apolagies, but we do wish to help in whatever way we can.
Damian : We seek no quarel either, but we would like to help if we can.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Centaur: Rhoecus, Eurytion did say that the humans who fought the harpies knew magic...
Kataramene : Well some of us do.
Rhoecus: Is this true? You have a sorcerer amongst you?
Centaur: *nods* Yes, maybe dark magic!
Eleni : That would be me, yes.
Kataramene : *nods at Eleni then*
Leonidas : *retreats to the rear to listen*
Rhoecus: Hmm.
Rhoecus: This could still be a trap.
Eleni : I can't say I know that much about typical curses, but if there is anything I can do...
Eleni : What would reassure you?
Centaur: *to the others* See, I told you!
Rhoecus: I will take you, but your friends must wait in the outer hall. Eurytion is... he is not himself. He gets agitated easily.
Eleni : That's alright with me.
Kataramene : We've had that affect before too.
Polytropos : Hmf.
Damian : Mostly Leo.
Rhoecus: You will put away your weapons. My warriors will watch your every move. Do not provoke us!
Telemachus : *shrugs* If anything goes wrong, we'll get there quickly enough, don't you worry.
Eleni : *Nods*
Polytropos : *sticks his spear in the ground with emphasis, and stands.*
Kataramene : *has already sheathed the sword and gestures to it*
Rhoecus: Come, then.
Centaur: *watches them file pass warily*
Damian : *gestures for Aias to stay outside*

Eleni : *Look at the carvings on the wall, curious*
Kataramene : Haven't we seen something like that before?
Rhoecus: Your companions will wait.
Eleni : Of course.
Rhoecus: You, come with me.
Damian : *studies the wall*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : What has happened to him, exactly...
Eleni : Very well...
Kataramene : *leans against the wall* NEver thought they'd live in caves.
Damian : *pulls out a small book and starts to read*
Polytropos : Even a centaur's got to get sick of being rained on eventually.
Telemachus : Me either. I was expecting a camp with tents.
Cursed Eurytion : I smell human flesh!
Eleni : Um....
Kataramene : Well yes, but I was expecting something more .....
Polytropos : Wa!
Damian : *looks up* What Pol said. Besides, tents would be difficult for them to erect.
Eleni : *Blinks*
Kataramene : Exactly /what/ does he mean by that?
Eleni : That's... that's right. Eleni. Do you remember me....?
Damian : *looks towards the back of the cave and narrows his eyes*
Kataramene : *looks at the large number of centaurs around them too*
Eleni : We helped set up the trade with the village. With our smith.
Kataramene : *low* Is it just me, or are they boxing us in?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : That much is clear, yes... when did this happen?
Centaur: *Neighs* Just making sure your not going anywhere Human
Polytropos : Oh, we#'re not. Even if you decide otherwise.
Eleni : Told who?
Damian : *returns to the book*
Eleni : *Frowns* A satyr....
Kataramene : *nods at Pol's words*
Eleni : Silenius. Was his name Silenius?
Cursed Eurytion : Silenus!
Female Centaur: *Paws the ground with a hoof*
Eleni : *Steps back at the shout*
Lazyzeus : There is a loud crash of breaking stone!
Eleni : *Grits her teeth, nods*
Damian : *looks up sharply* Silenus? Isn't that that satyr that's been hounding us?
Eleni : We know the one who did this..
Cursed Eurytion : *roars*
Polytropos : To Hades with this, we're going in!
Eleni : And we might have a few ideas on where to find him.
Damian : *turns back to his book* Pol, El can take care of herself.
Telemachus : Sit still Pol. If she needs us, she'll call us.
Eleni : This... may have happened because of us, after all. Because Silenius wishes us to suffer.
Eleni : I am sorry.
Kataramene : Can't leave her alone.
Centaur: Don't even think it Human!
Rhoecus: Then you can stop him, and reverse the curse!

Eleni : Its' alright!
Eleni : I'm alright.
Damian : I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate us having to slaughter everybody to get to-oh, hello El.
Centaur: Trouble Rhoecus?
Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : If I /want/ to, you'll not have a lot of luck st...
Rhoecus: It is under control.
Eleni : Eurytion, though... is not.
Centaur: *nods*
Kataramene : What's the matter with him?
Damian : *puts the book away* We heard Silenus?
Eleni : From the sound of it, Silenius... you all remember, the Satyr whose minions have been harrassing us? Yes..
Polytropos : Who could forget?
Damian : How could we forget?
Eleni : He tried to get Eurytion to attack the village.
Kataramene : Seems he's spread his portfolio now, though.
Damian : I think it's time we dealt with him once and for all.
Eleni : To kill everyone we know.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : *blinks*
Leonidas : That's quite a few folk at this point.
Eleni : But Eurytion refused, and so Silenius turned him into.... a monster.
Telemachus : He was troubling the village when we first encountered him
Eleni : It was hard for him to even recall, but the name dredged it up.
Telemachus : Alright, so what can we do about it?
Kataramene : Do they have any idea where the satyr is?
Eleni : It's time we ended this little feud.
Kataramene : Mmm.
Eleni : We know the forest where we first met him. He might frequent those parts.
Rhoecus: I had no idea that he had even met with Eurytion. He said nothing of such an encounter.
Eleni : Though if not, we should be able to find one of his minions.
Rhoecus: If you can find him, and make him undo the curse, we would be in your debt.
Kataramene : Go and cause trouble close to where we met him? It's worked before, so why not?
Eleni : We can find him, I think. But if we do, it's likely to come to blows.
Damian : What about that fey that keeps stalking us?
Eleni : I'm not certain what that would mean for the curse...
Kataramene : If we can find the little sod, Damian.
Damian : *cracks knuckles* We could always beat a cure out of him.
Eleni : Perhaps.
Polytropos : His time has been far too long in coming!
Eleni : Either way, it is time we end this feud.
Damian : I agree.
Rhoecus: Whatever it takes! Eurytion has litlte time left, I fear.
Leonidas : Sounds good to me.
Eleni : He's gone too far by threatening Mantineia.
Kataramene : We won't be delaying, don't worry.
Rhoecus: Thank you.
Eleni : *Nods* We will do whatever we can.
Rhoecus: Then go in peace from our realm. We shall watch for your return.
Damian : *nods* We will put this to rights as soon as we are able.
Eleni : Hopefully, it will be soon.
Telemachus : Hopefully we'll be back with good news.
Kataramene : We'll settle for news.
Kataramene : Do we warn the village first?
Eleni : I'm not sure if they even remember Silenius.
Kataramene : Just to be generally careful., I mean.
Eleni : Well, he tried this almost two weeks ago.
Kataramene : Which means he has his next option lined up by now.
Eleni : Exactly.
Eleni : Perhaps he had a chat with the Kobalos shaman as well, in fact... but that makes no matter now.
Kataramene : Hence the need for a warning. Should we send word to Heropolis?

Lazyzeus : You make your way back to the village, planning your next move...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:17 pm

Lazyzeus : After your meeting with Eurytion, you head back toward Mantineia to search out Silenus the satyr.

Polytropos : So!
Polytropos : ... did they have any idea where we'd find him?
Eleni : No.
Telemachus : I don't think so.
Leonidas: *yawns and looks around*
Eleni : But we might have some ideas...
Kataramene : Do we stop just long enough to warn everyone?
Eleni : We'll be passing by anyway.
Kataramene : Could we go check with the wolf person? If we can find him?
Polytropos : Lead on, o Ideas-haver.
Telemachus : We can look in the woods we found him iin the first time.
Polytropos : *pats tree.*
Kataramene : *looks up at the ancient tree* I wonder if nature spirits might know?
Polytropos : Maybe? I don't know any.
Kataramene : There were the water ones, by the river, but that's water.

Miltiades: What news?
Eleni : Militiades...
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Curses!
Eleni : It seems we have some bad news.
Kataramene : The news is not wonderful.
Miltiades: I could tell by your grim faces that you brought ill tidings.
Eleni : Most of the centaurs are well, but Eurytion is not. He has been cursed.
Kataramene : This was done because he refused to attack the village.
Miltiades: *frowns* Why would someone want to harm Mantineia?
Miltiades: Have we offended some god?
Eleni : *Sighs* Because... they want to hurt us.
Kataramene : Because of us. *sighs* We have.
Miltiades: This is bad news indeed. The centaurs should not suffer for others.
Eleni : And neither should you.
Miltiades: You have a plan to set this right?
Kataramene : We know who it is, and have to find him.
Eleni : ...and make sure he will never threaten anyone ever again.
Miltiades: Good, good. I will go to the temple and burn an offering for your success.
Kataramene : We also need you to be prepared here.
Eleni : Yes. Be wary. Our enemy might have another plot brewing.
Miltiades: Hmm, yes, that is prudent.
Miltiades : Pedaeus!
Kataramene : There's a chance we won't find him swiftly, and would want you all safe while we search.
Damian : It's a good thing Andreas is staying behind, he can help with preparations.
Pedaeus: What is it?
Eleni : Even ill, he should be able to help, yes.
Miltiades: Possible trouble. Let's gather all the villagers in a central place, for now.
Pedaeus: The walled compound? Eleni, you don't mind, do you? Your house is the strongest in the village.
Damian : He can still wield a sling and as long as he's not running, he can fight if necessary.
Eleni : Of course.
Androcles: *sees Pedaeus waving at him*
Eleni : Just.. try not to touch the scrying orb.
Androcles: What's the matter?
Miltiades: Who is this enemy?
Eleni : You may end up seeing things you wish you hadn't.
Eleni : A satyr.
Androcles: *cocks head* Do I smell trouble a foot?
Pedaeus: A satyr? Don't they run around the forest, drinking mead and looking up women's skirts?
Eleni : I wish that were all the mischief this one got up to.
Androcles: More than that I fear friend
Polytropos : Ever since we freed a prisoner of his, he's dogged us from Corinth to Crete.
Kataramene : That /and/ turning nature against you, it seems.
Miltiades: If you say this creature is a threat, we will do our best to prepare.
Miltiades: Androcles, Pedaeus, get everyone to safety. I will go speak with Ismene.
Eleni : *Nods* Hopefully, we will find him swiftly.
Androcles: *strumps a few chords on the harp* I feel a balland coming on
Androcles: ballad*
Eleni : Just make sure it doesn't become a dirge... please...
Kataramene : Let's hope it's one of success.
Polytropos : *looks at the walls.*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Androcles: *smiles* Maybe a Dragon....or three!
Kataramene : Do we have anything we can leave to help them?
Damian : *looks at El* Yes, we've sung enough dirges.
Polytropos : Only ourselves, I think. Strong shields are the best walls.
Eleni : If you have any spare weapons, perhaps. Any items I have aren't of any use to the villagers, I think.
Kataramene : *sighs a little* I've some better javelins.
Damian : All I have is the cattle prod.
Polytropos : ... s'pose we could spare that...
Medios: See! I told you they would bring nothing but trouble to our village!
Kataramene : Here, Peda
Polytropos : ... ah wait! I do have something.
Kataramene : ..eus
Tamara: *keeps a guarding hand on the girl's shoulder*
Eleni : Ah, Androcles...
Tamara: More trouble?
Eleni : Do you think you could make use of these, if you had to?
Pedaeus: It has been many long years since I hefted a javelin. But aye.
Eleni : *Shows his some of the crystals from the cavern*
Polytropos : If you wave this flag just so at unhappy spirits, they vanish!
Kataramene : Something to bar the wall gate too.
Polytropos : And it helps in general.
Androcles: *shrugs* I still have some spells at my disposal
Damian : *hands over the prod* I know it's not much, but it does deliver a bit of a shock when you touch a living being with it.
Telemachus : Here's some decent javelins you can use
Medios: Sorcery!
Androcles: I haven't forgot /everything/ you know!
Eleni : Then you should be able to figure those out.
Polytropos : Is that Medios in the back?
Brygos: I can stand in gate. Keep bad things out.
Kataramene : Drag tables, logs, anything that you have.
Polytropos : Hey! Medios! Get a spear! Time to be a hero!
Kataramene : Bridge that hole.
Kataramene : And beware of burrowing creatures. You never know.
Androcles: pretty cystals!
Eleni : This is hopefully all unncessary, but...
Eleni : Best to be sure.
Medios: I don't want anything to do with your fighting!
Androcles: *senses the magic* Maybe not just pretty either?
Damian : Good. You'd probably just hurt yourself.
Kataramene : Then hide in a corner like a g.... child.
Glaucus: Hmm... interesting. This could be worth a few coins...
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : Gods' blessings be with you. We'll make do with our own luck.
Tamara: How long will you be gone?
Kataramene : Touch any of it for that purpose and I'll take the cost out of your hide.
Eleni : Hard to say.
Telemachus : Until the job's done.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : We might have to chase this enemy to his home.
Kataramene : If you've a hide left.
Tamara: I hope the days are short> I don't like this hanging over our heads
Pedaeus: It's Miltiades who's the fighter, but we'll do our best.
Polytropos : Is he back yet?
Kataramene : ... yes, where is he?
Eleni : He went to speak to Ismene.
Damian : We each have our own strengths. Trust in the Gods and may they watch over you.
Medios: Maybe they wouldn't ever come back!......with a bit of luck!
Polytropos : Well, yes, but... are they packing, or...?
Calliope: Can I hold the flag?
Damian : *points at Medios* Aias, go bite him.
Kataramene : We should see them both safely here.
Tamara: Hush, child! You will go inside!
Polytropos : ... it's a fun flag.
Eleni : Alright. But we'd best not delay our departure any longer.
Brygos: That's telling them! *punches Medios on the shoulder*
Medios: *smirks*
Polytropos : Let's do this thing!
Kataramene : Ahh!
Polytropos : That we do...
Polytropos : Ah, whew.
Androcles: Take care
Ismeme: I came as soon as Miltiades brought the news.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : Oh. Good...
Ismeme: Do you really think that the village is in danger?
Kataramene : We know it is.
Damian : As long as that satyr is alive, yes.
Ismeme: Well then, we will do our best to protect everyone.
Ismeme: Though perhaps the temple might be a better place to take shelter.
Eleni : He approached the centaur leader two weeks ago.
Miltiades: I don't know, I don't like the idea of abandoning the village.
Eleni : I would be surprised if that was his only idea.
Ismeme: What do you think?
Polytropos : ... hrm./
Eleni : I... don't know.
Kataramene : If the grace of goddess would hold them then yes.
Polytropos : You're up on that hill, and you've got the shrine's walls...
Eleni : I suppose the house is easily surrounded, and it would be hard to see anything coming...
Telemachus : The temple isn't really very large, and probably not as easy to defend.
Polytropos : ... on the other hand...
Polytropos : ... handy to have that house, in case of bees...
Kataramene : But it /is/ holy ground. The satyr might hesitate to offend the goddess.
Miltiades: *rubs chin* I suppose....I'll talk it over with the others after your gone
Damian : I don't think he's that smart.
Eleni : I'm content to leave that decision up to you.
Ismeme: Very well. I will pray for guidance.
Ismeme: Do return swiftly.
Eleni : Thank you.
Miltiades: *nods* indeed, don't be long
Miltiades: We're very exposed on our own
Ismeme: Go with the goddess.
Kataramene : *ponders* If it's in anyway possible the goddess will shine on our endevour, or even not become peeved at abandoning the temple, then it may be better there.
Eleni : *Bows her head*
Damian : We shall return when we can.
Telemachus : Lets get going.

Eleni : Which way to the forest?
Polytropos : ... uh... any way.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : I think we met the cursed spirit thing in the north
Polytropos : Oh, thaaat...
Kataramene : *nods at Telemachus*
Eleni : Alright, then.
Eleni : We should at least be able to grab hold of a pixie..
Telemachus : But it might have been north west through the boar forest.
Kataramene : I just hope the sensible action wasn't to wait for him here....
Eleni : I doubt he would come in person.
Eleni : Even if he does have something else planned, it would not destroy the source of the problem.
Kataramene : No, I suppose not.
Eleni : There is... one other thing to keep in mind.
Telemachus : he likes having other people do his dirty work for him
Damian : Hmm?
Eleni : Killing him probably won't remove the curse.
Telemachus : he didn't show up last time until we got him *really* angry.

Polytropos : Spiders!
Kataramene : That and .... why not?
Eleni : Well. It /might/.
Eleni : But I would not count on it.
Kataramene : I think that answers one question.
Eleni : He may try to strike a bargain.
Kataramene : What happened to your stone, Leo?
Polytropos : ... clifffsss...
Eleni : Was that always here...?
Kataramene : That looks like a rock fall there.
Polytropos : Ech.
Damian : I don't think so.

Telemachus : pixie thing!
Telemachus : Oi you!
Telemachus : Where's Silenus?
Damian : You!
Telemerion: Silenus? Which Silenus? There's no Silenus here, ah ha ah.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol and motions him to circle around*
Telemerion: Nope, no Silenus in this forest, no sir.
Telemachus : Liar!
Telemerion: Just minding my own business, that's all I'm doing.
Eleni : Could you, perhaps, kindly point us to where he is not?
Telemerion: Hey! Those sorts of baseless accusations _hurt_. They really do.
Polytropos : *sneak sneak*
Damian : I'm sure they do.
Telemachus : I can do things that'll hurt a lot more.
Polytropos : *readies tanglefoot bag.*
Telemerion: You guys seem jumpy today.
Kataramene : We can be jumpy if we want to be.
Telemerion: I thought we were friends now.
Eleni : It's not every day someone tried to get someone to burn our village to the ground.
Telemerion: Ah, ouch.
Eleni : It makes us /very/ jumpy.
Telemerion: Well, _I_ didn't have anything to do with that!
Kataramene : Jumpy like that. *gestures at the boar*
Damian : I think Aias is hungry. Are you hungry, my friend? *Aias roars and licks his lips*
Eleni : Alright. But we happen to know who did.
Telemerion: And now we've progressed to threats. *sighs*
Eleni : And we would very much like to /talk/ about that with him.
Kataramene : We didn't /start/ the threats, but we are going to /end/ them.
Telemerion: Didn't I warn you about Taffrir? And didn't I help you find Lauphus, and get his jug?
Telemachus : //brb
Telemerion: *muttering* Always shoot the messenger.
Polytropos : Look, flying small person, we are going to find him. And when we do, one or the other of us is going to be ended.
Damian : *pulls out a piece of jerky and tosses it to Aias* What threat? I was just stating a fact.
Polytropos : If we win, and you helped us, then you come out of this with us owing you.
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Polytropos : If he wins, and you helped us, then you helped lure us to our doom.
Polytropos : So it's win win for you.
Eleni : We remember. And I think you did those things because you don't like your master very much.
Telemerion: Well. As it happens, I _do_ have a crystal that can open a gateway to the fey realm.
Polytropos : Now we're getting somewhere.
Kataramene : That's a remarkable conincidence, yes.
Telemerion: But Silenus... he gave it to me.
Kataramene : Well, what if we take it from you?
Telemerion: So I'd say it's pretty likely that it's a trap. A nice big, red trap. Why are they always red? Anyway, it's a trap.
Telemerion: Oh, _mortals_ can't use it.
Polytropos : ... huuuh...
Eleni : There has to be some other way to get there...
Damian : Of course it's a trap. He's to much of a coward to face us himself.
Polytropos : No, I get it. He can open it, but we can't get back that way.
Leonidas: hmm
Telemerion: The fey realm... well, you'll remember it's not a place that's very friendly to mortals.
Kataramene : If we defeat the satyr, perhaps we can find something.
Eleni : We weathered it last time.
Telemerion: On the other hand, Silenus _is_ there, so that's that.
Eleni : Though I'd prefer to lure him here, if we could...
Kataramene : If not, then our friend here can come find us and have us forever in his debt for letting us out.
Telemerion: Um, once you're there, you can't get out unless he wills it. Or is removed. He's an elder master. He can literally bend reality to his whim there.
Leonidas : Great
Eleni : Hence the prefering to lure him part.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : He'd have to be pre-tty dim.
Damian : So what could we offer to bring him here?
Telemerion: *shrugs* He hasn't gone personally into the mortal realm since... well, since your last meeting, I think.
Telemerion: I think he prefers to send agents to do his bidding.
Eleni : Because we angered him /so/ badly.
Damian : Of course he does.
Eleni : Is there anything else we could do in this realm that would annoy him to that degree....?
Telemerion: His army has gotten a lot bigger, too. The beastmen seem to get bigger each time I am summoned.
Leonidas : Wonderful
Kataramene : What's he trying to achieve?
Telemerion: Power, control, who knows. He did mention killing everyone you care about that one time, though, so I think that's definitely on the list.
Kataramene : There's usually only two reasons for raising an army, and in his case I'm betting not defence.
Kataramene : So who is he likely to attack? Can we go to them and seek some way of attracting his attention?
Eleni : That particular item is the one we take issue with, yes.
Telemerion: I guess you could stay here and wait. But you also have a place in Argos, don't you?
Telemachus : Too much screwing around. Lets just take the portal and go right for him
Kataramene : So what you are saying is that, in your .... right.
Telemachus : We'll be able to get out when he's dead.
Telemerion: Ha, a man of action!
Eleni : ...that both are at risk, the longer we wait.
Polytropos : Can we take on an army in a... reality... changing... place?
Telemerion: Just so it's, ah, clear, I _did_ try to warn you.
Polytropos : *runs out of words*
Kataramene : Can we change that reality?
Telemerion: Just remember that he's limited in what he can do to you personally, if your will is strong enough.
Polytropos : I s'pose if we find a hill or something and plant our standard...
Eleni : Hm...
Telemerion: He can try to fool you, but he can't control your minds and such if you take precautions.
Eleni : Would a Protection spell do it?
Kataramene : This is definitely not the right time to realise we have nothing to bolster that.
Telemerion: You know, don't eat strange berries, don't start conversations with strange fey, that sort of thing.
Eleni : I /do/, but I'm not sure it will help against fey, specifically.
Damian : Aside from you?
Kataramene : The magic I have stops me running off like a ... weakling, but it won't protect me from being confused.
Polytropos : Nice hit!
Eleni : No harm in trying my wards, then. They should last for most of a day, at least.
Kataramene : *throws him a grin* But that one was bigger than the others, I think we have to make up our mind.
Telemerion: I guess you were getting "boared," eh? Ha ha.
Telemachus : I say we kick the door in. Go right after him right now.
Telemerion: Well, you didn't hear it from me, but the fey realm would probably be a nicer place without Silenus in it. He's really an unpleasant boss.
Telemachus : before he gets ready to start sending his army at us and our friends.
Eleni : We'd gathered as much.
Eleni : Any more advice?
Kataramene : It's a trap, but we know it's a trap, so .... try and use that to our advantage.
Telemerion: Just stay focused on the goal, don't let him distract you.
Damian : My wards won't last all day, so we had better be moving.
Leonidas : *nods*
Telemerion: Okay. There's a locus of power near here, come on.
Polytropos : Chaaarge!
Telemerion: Ugh! Nasty things.
Eleni : I'm guessign they grow them bigger in the fey realm.
Telemerion: Let's see... hmm...
Telemerion: Here!
Telemerion: No, wait, over here, I think...
Telemerion: Oh well, where you're standing is fine.
Telemerion: Everybody ready?
Eleni : Is it.
Kataramene : *mutter* This is going to end well.
Telemerion: *holds out a crystal*
Damian : Of course it is.
Polytropos : Keep chaaaarging and it'll work out!
Telemerion : Incantus, feyratus, mistus, Poof!
Damian : We're the heroes of Argos after all!
Kataramene : Give in to the Spartan?
Eleni : Truly, you are one of the greatest strategists of the age, Pol.
Polytropos : I bet it works!

Eleni : ...no obvious trap so far.
Polytropos : Yaaaa! Um -
Polytropos : ... giant... tree.
Kataramene : Obvious, no.
Telemachus : well... it's pretty purple
Damian : They likely wouldn't be, El.
Kataramene : Iniobvious is what we have to watch for.
Polytropos : It tastes purple.
Telemachus : I guess that's kind of fey.
Eleni : Satyr.
Polytropos : ... ooo.
Kataramene : Like that tree is not one.
Polytropos : Ooo, this is a rough crossing.
Telemachus : shoot em
Polytropos : I've got this. Haya!
Polytropos : Strategy!
Eleni : Tree!
Damian : Blocking the bridge is strategy?
Kataramene : Get him Pol!
Polytropos : Did we win?
Polytropos : Did anyone get hurt?
Polytropos : No. SUCCESS.
Eleni : /They/ did.
Polytropos : Well, obviously THEY did.
Damian : You're lucky Aias didn't bite you.
Polytropos : ... floating lights...?
Polytropos : Right. Floating lights.
Eleni : Wisps.
Kataramene : Floating lights mean bad. Got it.
Polytropos : Another gathering. Ready!
Telemachus : why would you run into the gas?
Polytropos : I don't know how the alchemist in Argos makes that stuff, but it's great.
Telemachus : We go through this?
Eleni : Well. No other path here.
Kataramene : Hrmm....
Damian : I don't know. El?
Polytropos : The strange water circle?
Kataramene : Well /how/ do we go through it? Just walk?
Leonidas : hmm

Telemachus : *shrugs and walks through it*
Polytropos : Ack!
Kataramene : *charges too*
Telemachus : It's dark.
Kataramene : Very.
Eleni : I feel like we've stepped into a distinctly less pleasant region of the fey.
Polytropos : ... shadows...
Damian : Careful. I don't like the look of them.
Polytropos : Moving, flitting shadows with nothing to cast them.
Polytropos : Everywhere...
Kataramene : Hnn... like the wizards ones?
Polytropos : No idea. Just don't get touched!
Eleni : Yes. Distinctly less pleasant..
Damian : *patches up El's wounds* El! Are you okay?
Eleni : I'm fine, I'm fine... just... ugh.
Damian : Good. You had me worried there for a moment.
Eleni : It feels really... strange when they hit you, doesn't it? Mostly just... cold.
Kataramene : I saw the walls, but don't think anything is there.
Polytropos : Can't... stuck... tree!
Polytropos : *tries to free himself.*
Eleni : ...
Kataramene : *grabs his hand*
Damian : Good Gods it's dark in here.
Kataramene : *pulls*
Polytropos : Aha!
Polytropos : Thank you.
Polytropos : ... where'd they all go?
Eleni : Come on. Let's not fall behind.
Kataramene : S'welcome.
Eleni : ...that would probably be bad.
Kataramene : More wallks.
Telemachus : there's things moving around in there.
Kataramene : *walls
Damian : A little help?
Polytropos : Where'd you find all these?!
Damian : They snuck up behind us.
Polytropos : Damn sneaky shadows.
Damian : And the bastards got Aias!
Kataramene : Treacherous.
Eleni : He'll be okay, right..?
Polytropos : *shakes his fist at the dark*
Damian : Yes. He'll need rest, but he'll be okay.
Eleni : I was afraid the bond between you two might work differently in this place.
Eleni : But good.
Damian : It's a bond only the Gods could break.
Polytropos : Sloow...
Eleni : *Smiles* Good to know.
Kataramene : More shapes?
Polytropos : Erk!
Kataramene : Leave him alone!
Damian : At least these things burn!
Kataramene : Augh... bleeding.
Polytropos : Ow!
Eleni : This doesn't feel right..
Polytropos : Falling ba-
Damian : regenerate from that!
Polytropos : Wretched thing.
Eleni : When did Silenius become a necromancer..?
Telemachus : What a bastard that thing was.
Kataramene : Did he become one, or call ones to his aid.
Kataramene : *holding her side a little*
Eleni : That's what I was wondering, yes.
Telemachus : really big thing there..
Kataramene : Oh thankyou, that helps.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Aha.
Polytropos : I feel less Mediose. Thanks.
Kataramene : Can't have you feeling Mediose.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Damian : I only have two more applications of that. Hopefully we won't need them.
Kataramene : Ow!
Polytropos : That was a hard punch...
Telemachus : glowy thing
Kataramene : *pant pant limp* Kept kicking me in the stomach too.
Telemachus : another portal?
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : Ungh.
Polytropos : Don't let it attack us!
Eleni : I wonder if Silenius' idea of a trap is a gauntlet.
Damian : *looks at Kat* I hope those blows didn't affect anything.

Eleni : Brrr..
Kataramene : Ugh, cold.
Eleni : *Wraps her cloak about her*
Polytropos : Ugugug.
Telemachus : well it's cold, but at least it's light
Eleni : We should be able to see whatever tries to kill us, yes...
Polytropos : ... aha...
Polytropos : Warriors of Greece aren't about to flinch at the cold!
Polytropos : Right, Kat? Kat...?
Telemachus : thanks.
Damian : *looks around* Kat...?
Kataramene : Got trapped in a drift, there.
Telemachus : Alright lets keep moving
Polytropos : I found a hot water cave!
Telemachus : .... big stone statue?
Eleni : A what now..?
Kataramene : What is that?
Polytropos : Hello?
Polytropos : ... where'd they...
Telemachus : well might *not* be a statue..
Eleni : *Frowns*
Eleni : Who knows, in this place...
Leonidas : there's a icy crawly thing lurking to the right
Eleni : *Inspects the statue*
Polytropos : *ahem* I found a hot water cave!
Kataramene : *looks at the staff, and then in the water*
Leonidas : and a big house up ahead to the left.
Telemachus : That water is probably freezing col
Damian : Be careful, El.
Eleni : Yes, yes...
Polytropos : Oh. You want the stick?
Telemachus : Anyone got something that protects them from cold?
Polytropos : I have my TRAINING.
Eleni : Or we could just use some rope.
Leonidas : Yeah
Kataramene : Me, but can we throw a rope around it first at least?
Leonidas : I have a robe and ring
Damian : I do as well.
Telemachus : well whoevers got the most, try pulling that staff out.
Kataramene : A ring, and I have my armour in a special bag.
Telemachus : roping things will will probably take all day
Polytropos : *toe in water.*
Polytropos : Oooh...
Kataramene : Well we knew /something/ would happen.
Eleni : With reasonable certainty, yes..
Damian : *pulls Pol out of the water* Next time, let me do something stupid like that, okay?
Polytropos : Wait wait wait!
Polytropos : Almost... got...
Eleni : What are you even...
Telemachus : hurry up.
Kataramene : I'm sort of remembering the sprite telling us not to be distracted, but it's hard when you might find something to aid us.
Telemachus : How long can this take?
Polytropos : That hot water cave is sounding pretty good right now.
Telemachus : Put your back into it!
Leonidas : indeed
Eleni : We could do with a rest, but...
Eleni : Anything could be a trap in this place.
Damian : This whole place is a trap, El.
Polytropos : *yank* Nrrrrrgh
Kataramene : What was it?
Polytropos : C'mooooooon!
Polytropos : Stupid... stick... frozen... to statue...
Damian : *tosses Pol his dory* Here, try melting the ice with this.
Polytropos : Aha!
Lazyzeus : ooc Sorry, I can't get it and I can't find it in the palette. I owe you one. ;)
Polytropos : *stab stab stab*
Polytropos : *fishes about*
Damian : I hope that thing is worth it.
Leonidas : steam cave has steam elementals guarding it
Eleni : We shouldn't be standing out in the open like this for so long... especially not.. br.. in this cold...
Kataramene : Got it!
Polytropos : *hands back Dory.*
Eleni : What was it?
Polytropos : ... you didn't know what it was?
Polytropos : But, who the wha?
Polytropos : You were all ooooo got to get that stick
Eleni : I'm still not sure!
Eleni : What is this made of...?
Telemachus : It looked important.
Kataramene : We were just looking and trying to decide.
Telemachus : Alright, lets go.
Eleni : It should be useful, at any rate.
Polytropos : Aw.
Polytropos : No hot water cave, then.
Eleni : Can barely feel the cold when I'm carying this.
Damian : *pats Pol's head*
Telemachus : Lucky you.
Eleni : Yes indeed.
Telemachus : Some of us are bloody freezing
Damian : I feel fine.
Kataramene : What was that?
Eleni : What /is/ that?
Eleni : *Prods it with frost stick*
Polytropos : It is dead.
Kataramene : Hot cave then. Where?
Telemachus : where are these steam caves?
Damian : I don't know. Whatever it was, it's dead now.
Polytropos : The hot water caves were right back there, just as we came into this place.
Telemachus : MORE
Kataramene : Is there no end to the type of....
Polytropos : Erk!
Kataramene : Get off him!
Polytropos : Grrr!
Kataramene : Pol!
Eleni : Did he go through?
Telemachus : the hell is going on?
Damian : Leave her alone!
Polytropos : I think I fell into a glowing hole in the ground.
Kataramene : I saw...
Telemachus : Where are the others?
Polytropos : Um...
Telemachus : Is this where we came in?!
Kataramene : They are back there.
Polytropos : Not... not in the hole?
Eleni : Leo!
Telemachus : Tree!
Damian : *pants* As much as I love playing the strong hero type, I'm not a fighter. We had best find the others.
Eleni : what are you doing?!
Eleni : Get back here! We have to follow the others!
Kataramene : There you are!
Eleni : This is..
Telemachus : What the hells just happened?
Eleni : Ugh.
Damian : Pfft.
Eleni : Has he caught us in a loop?
Eleni : Is that what this is?
Polytropos : Iiii... don't know.
Telemachus : I don't know. The things we killed are back though
Damian : I think we need to visit that steam cave.
Telemachus : Or more things..
Eleni : Different things..
Telemachus : what happened with the yetis?
Kataramene : We were told there was a trap.
Damian : They're dead.
Eleni : We killed them.
Eleni : Except Leo hasn't come through yet.
Kataramene : Am I the only one who can hear that?
Telemachus : that's the trees talking I think?
Damian : *sighs*
Polytropos : Leo! You made it!
Polytropos : Did you fall into the glowing hole too?
Kataramene : Well what do we do? Wait here for him or hope to hurry tho... right.
Leonidas : Nope I was hunting more yeti
Eleni : We chased after you, you silly perseon.
Polytropos : Oh. Oooh.
Polytropos : Excellent.
Polytropos : The yeti hunting, that is.
Leonidas : There was a house back there too
Eleni : If the plan is for this to serve as our prison, he'll not c ome for us.
Polytropos : Well...
Damian : Hmm.
Telemachus : I didn't even see the hole. One minute yetis, the next minute here.
Polytropos : ... maybe we can see the house if we get back there?
Eleni : That's what happens when you don't watch where you're going.
Telemachus : I was GOING at the yetis.
Kataramene : Let's be careful.
Kataramene : There's no reason to assume there haven't been reinforcements.
Damian : I think they caused Tel to flee, El.
Polytropos : I'm almost always careful!
Kataramene : We also have to check for a way out of this loop.
Telemachus : Yes I fled, using my magic bloody teleporting powers to come bsacsk here
Telemachus : and I brought you all with me
Eleni : I always knew you were a man of hidden talents.
Polytropos : Look out, Leo!
Damian : Potent stuff, Tel.
Kataramene : *tugs at cloak hooked on the branch*
Polytropos : Whew. I'm bushed.
Polytropos : Eheheh.
Damian : *glares at Pol*
Polytropos : They won't leaf us alone.
Eleni : Please don't.
Kataramene : *snickers*
Eleni : *Sighs* You two...
Leonidas : more wisps
Telemachus : Shoulda just let me get them.
Telemachus : My armour protects me from stuff like that.
Telemachus : Should we smash the crystal?
Polytropos : I think we quite like fighting, Tel.
Damian : Why do you think I use a sling?
Telemachus : seems important.
Kataramene : Not a bad idea.
Telemachus : *whacks the side of the crystal with his axe*
Eleni : Ugh. Through the darkness again.
Damian : I'm not looking forward to it.
Polytropos : This time, we'll attack the darkness.
Eleni : I hope this won't turn into some sort of sisyphean circumstance.
Damian : I don't think casting magic missles at the darkness will do much, Pol. Then again, this darkness walks on two legs.
Telemachus : *booink*
Telemachus : .. nothin..
Kataramene : Oh well.
Telemachus : they've run off..
Kataramene : When don't they?
Eleni : What are you two even talking about? Missiles worked fine earlier.
Kataramene : Stay together.
Damian : Leave her alone!
Polytropos : They just love you, Eneli.
Polytropos : En... Eleni.
Eleni : They know I'm the biggest threat, you mean.
Eleni : And I think we're all getting tired.
Kataramene : *Peers at the small ruin*
Telemachus : Pfft. I killed more of em than you did.
Damian : *seems about to say something, but doesn't*
Eleni : Because I'm trying to hold back.
Eleni : We still have more ground to cover.
Damian : Where's Kat? Did she get stuck again?
Eleni : KAT!
Leonidas : more ghouls
Damian : kat? Oh, there she is.
Polytropos : Eesh!
Telemachus : the big crowd of things are back..
Kataramene : Just making sure we're not missing something, or trying to.
Telemachus : bring them here.
Damian : More black ghouls.
Damian : *blinks* What? I can't see!
Polytropos : OH! Haha. Giant winged thing, what a thing to miss.
Kataramene : It and it's friend dropped in behind us.
Eleni : This is only going to get worse, isn't it?
Kataramene : We are not going to be able to keep going around and around.
Damian : *blinks suddenly* Oh! That's better.
Polytropos : We can keep going until we're out!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Or through!
Polytropos : Or around!
Polytropos : We'll think of something!
Kataramene : We won't get /out/ if we keep going exactly the way we have.
Polytropos : Come on!
Eleni : No, but we might have missed something before.
Eleni : If nothing else, those caves sound like a place we might rest.
Polytropos : If we go back to the snow, I can show you.
Leonidas : it was guarded by elementals
Polytropos : If not, Leo can show us that house or something.
Leonidas : the cave was
Polytropos : It was?
Polytropos : They're marching in column!
Polytropos : Damn things. This way!
Kataramene : One things for sure, if we keep this up we'll have damaged his number of forces.
Polytropos : Warm water.
Eleni : Sounds too good to be true..
Leonidas : ware the elementals
Eleni : Ah. That sounds more appropriate.
Polytropos : This isn't going as well as it argle
Eleni : Let's hope these things stay gone...
Damian : *snaps fingers in front of Tel's nose* Tel! You okay?

Lazyzeus : With the guardians removed, the cave seems cozy enough. You stop to catch your breath before heading out once more to challenge the satyr's minions...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:11 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, you were hiding out in a cave in the frost realm.

Polytropos : Aaaalright, so...
Kataramene : I wonder if the steam pool goes anywhere.
Eleni : *Clutches her staff tightly, considering a strange-looking tome in her other hand*
Polytropos : ... it... probably goes somewhere, yeah. Full of hot water.
Damian : *scratches Aias' ears*
Leonidas : Probably somewhere unpleasant.
Leonidas : Likely the source of those elementals.
Eleni : ...hm. Imagine a space literally filled to excess with them.
Eleni : Imagine breathing them in.
Kataramene : *dips a finger into it, quickly, testing temperature*
Polytropos : Any volunteers to check?
Eleni : While they are still trying to kill you.
Leonidas : Right, so we check out that old house I saw then?
Damian : That was my thought.
Eleni : *Snaps the book closed* That would seem like the logical next step.
Leonidas : And there are probably more of those yeti around; I didn't hunt them all down.

Lazyzeus : Exploring the pool it seems to drain via tiny cracks in the bottom; not wide enough to navigate.

Kataramene : *sighs, looking at the water* Our last best hope.
Eleni : Oh, there is always a path.
Eleni : Shall we?
Leonidas : As I remember, the old house to the northwest of here a bit.
Polytropos : I'd like a look at that house.
Eleni : Lead the way, then.
Polytropos : This doesn't seem a 'house' kind of place.
Kataramene : Anyone see it?
Leonidas : I see it up ahead
Leonidas : *points*
Eleni : ...curious.
Damian : Let's hope it's deserted.
Kataramene : That's an odd house.
Polytropos : What a thing to miss!
Eleni : Let's hope it's not.
Damian : Kat, everything in this realm is odd.
Eleni : It's not a house. It's a tower.

Leonidas : *examines*
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Leonidas : ...and unlocked now.
Kataramene : Should we knock?
Kataramene : Apparently not.
Polytropos : *psst*
Kataramene : Ahh, enter.
Eleni : Nought but stairs... leading to more stairs.

Polytropos : Ack!
Damian : *w* I hear something up ahead.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Kataramene : Were they defenders?

Eleni : How strange..
Eleni : *Inspects the mural*
Leonidas : *examines*
Polytropos : Hellooo... sorry we killed your... things...
Leonidas : hmm no apparent keyholes or handles on this door
Kataramene : What is that painting on the door?
Damian : *shrugs*
Eleni : A strange thing to find here, of all places..
Leonidas : perhaps you can bash it open?
Eleni : It would be a shame. But perhaps our only option.
Polytropos : Person...
Kataramene : Could try knocking.
Polytropos : Holding... a thing...
Polytropos : Is that a fruit? A giant beetle...?
Leonidas : There is a window there too.
Eleni : So there is.
Polytropos : *taps window.*

Lazyzeus : Through some enchantment, the window reacts with as much solidity as the surrounding stone. You are not able to so much as scratch the glass.

Kataramene : Is she playing some kind of musical instrument?
Polytropos : Nnnnope.
Leonidas : We've not met anyone friendly here so far, so I doubt we'll sudden start now.
Damian : That's what it looks like. Leo, do you recognize it?
Leonidas : I see a half naked woman, no idea who or what she is though.
Polytropos : Focus, man.
Kataramene : *searches over the mural for mismatches and depressions or missing bits*
Leonidas : I am *smiles*
Polytropos : *rolls eyes under hemlet.*
Damian : I meant the instrument, Leo.
Eleni : I suppose she could be a muse.
Kataramene : *rubbing her eyes* I can't see anything properly.
Leonidas : Looks like a tamborine to me.
Eleni : Shall we just force our way in, then?
Kataramene : Or maybe a gorgon's head.
Polytropos : Was there another small house, to the south...?
Leonidas : Unless you can magic it open.
Polytropos : Or did I imagine that?
Damian : *shrugs* MIght as well. Nothing else in this realm has been very accomodating to us, no reason for us to start now.
Kataramene : *bangs on door, with hilt of sword*
Leonidas : I don't remember any other dwellings.
Kataramene : That seemed to do something. Sod this.
Damian : Put your back into it, kat!
Polytropos : Yay!
Leonidas : That worked
Kataramene : *marches in*

Lazyzeus : Stairs lead inside...

Chione: Who... who are you?
Kataramene : Oh...
Eleni : *Frowns* Hello...?
Leonidas : Good day miss.
Kataramene : We're the Heroes of Argos.
Polytropos : Weee broke the door... sorry...
Leonidas : Indeed, doers of many great deeds.
Chione: You are not minions of Silenus?
Eleni : *Meaningful look at the woman, then the tree. Then at the ice*
Polytropos : Oh! No.
Eleni : Very definitely not.
Kataramene : About as far from it as we can be.
Leonidas : Hardly, a sworn enemy actually
Chione: Did my father send you?
Kataramene : Who?
Damian : *looks around* Interesting.
Leonidas : You father?
Chione: Boreas.
Eleni : *Tilts head* Your father being... who, exactly?
Leonidas : Afraid I don't know the name.
Chione: I am Chione, spirit of snow.
Eleni : *Blinks* The.. god of the North Wind?
Chione: Indeed.
Kataramene : The No... ahh..
Polytropos : Good to, ah, meet you. You've got some lovely snow here.
Damian : Ah! A pleasure to meet you, m'lady.
Chione: It is good that there are at least some mortals who know their gods of the natural realm.
Chione: You know, without us, the Olympians would not have a world to meddle with.
Kataramene : Heard the sailors talking.
Eleni : Thank you, but what I'm afraid we don't know is... why you are here?
Chione: I am being held prisoner by that lump of goat's dung that calls himself Silenus.
Kataramene : A fitting description. Why is he doing that?
Chione: He wants to steal my power for his own, obviously.
Chione: I would not give him what he wants, so he imprisoned me here.
Damian : He certainly does think highly of himself.
Eleni : *Smiles* It's surprising how many people you meet trying to usurp divine power.
Polytropos : Weee're... sort of trapped too? I think?
Leonidas : seems silly to think you could steal a god's power.
Chione: Yes, if I get out of here, I will insert a chill into one of the more favored bits of his anatomy.
Eleni : They somehow never seem to catch on to the fact that never ends well.
Kataramene : Yeah.... well, I suppose you're free now.
Chione: Silly, but it happens more often then you think, mortal.
Chione: The bindings holding me here are not simple wards of stone.
Eleni : I feared as much.
Kataramene : *gives Eleni a resigned look*
Chione: You will need to secure a magic that can breach the satyr's spell.
Chione: Fortunately, there is one such nearby that I believe will serve.
Leonidas : wonderful
Kataramene : We'd really like to find one for our own purposes.
Eleni : If we do this, what are your plans? Do you know where to find Silenius?
Chione: Upon the peaks that surround this realm, rare frostflowers bloom. Secure me one, and I will be able to break the curse.
Chione: I know he likes to hide in a portable demi-realm hidden amongst the fae.
Leonidas : Sounds like a job for the druid.
Kataramene : Because we'd happily help you do that inserting.
Chione: Free me, and I can transport you there.
Leonidas : ...and back again?
Polytropos : Madam, I think you have yourself a deal.
Chione: Very good. I await your success.
Polytropos : Hopefully... uh, hopefully we can sort something out for the 'back again'...

Kataramene : So, flower picking.
Eleni : Something tells me it will be no simple stroll...
Damian : I doubt it'll be easy as that, Kat.
Leonidas : Kat picking flowers, this I got to see.
Kataramene : Is there such a thing as man-eating flowers?
Eleni : Yes.
Polytropos : Hahaha!
Polytropos : ... wait, really?
Damian : I have heard of flowers that eat flesh, but ones that are big enough? No, but I wouldn't chance it.
Eleni : Why are you even surprised?
Kataramene : How about woamn eating?
Polytropos : I don't know!
Leonidas : Best let the ladies lead then.
Eleni : I don't think they make much distinction, sadly.
Kataramene : How silly of them.

Polytropos : ... alright... peaks...
Eleni : Those look properly peak-y.
Kataramene : We're thinking yeti?
Polytropos : How does one get up there.
Leonidas : By a trail hopefully
Kataramene : See if there's a readily climbable spot.

Lazyzeus : The rock faces are sheer, and caked with enough ice to make an unassisted ascent extremely hazardous.

Polytropos : Hands off the sorceress, thou fur rug.
Eleni : Well. That counts as a path.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Leonidas : wind spirits
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Kataramene: A suprisingly conven.... damn.
Leonidas : 2-3 of them on the summit
Polytropos : I don't want to be blown off a mountain...
Polytropos : Get ready down there, I'll annoy them.
Kataramene: Can you get th.... rght.

Polytropos : Aaaa
Kataramene: Can't seem to get it...
Leonidas : *sings*
Polytropos : It's hard fighting upstairs, I know!
Kataramene: You did rather well.
Kataramene: Oh that's handy.
Eleni : I try.
Eleni : I believe that's the flower?
Polytropos : So much for her father's spirits or whatever.
Damian : Very.
Leonidas : let the druid handle it
Eleni : Hm.
Damian : The druid has a name, bard.
Damian : *picks the flower* Very lovely.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Quite. And apprently, very powerful...
Kataramene : It looked it. *wistful*
Polytropos : Not the fairest flower on this mountain, y'know.
Polytropos : Nor the toughest!
Damian : *looks at El* No it isn't, Pol.
Kataramene : *looks with a flash of a smile*
Eleni : *Chuckles* You two are adorable.
Kataramene : *sniffs*
Polytropos : *nods, accepting this compliment.*

Lazyzeus : You make your way back to the nymph's prison

Chione: Ah, you return swiftly!
Kataramene : We came with haste, yes!
Leonidas : Indeed
Chione: Did you find it? DId you find the flower?
Polytropos : It's cold out there!
Eleni : Of course.
Leonidas : We believe so
Chione: Ah, to be out of this place!
Eleni : Damian, would you do the honors?
Chione: Give it to me, please.
Kataramene : *gestures to the afk druid*
Chione: *takes it from him*
Chione: Ah, yes. Yes, indeed.
Kataramene : It's very pretty. How does it help?
Chione: Fae is an old magic.
Chione: *waves a hand* Not likely to be comprehended by mere mortals.
Polytropos : Aw.
Chione: But you have done me a great favor, and I will keep my word.
Chione: Accept this small token of my favor. If you were to use it to inconvenience Silenus, I would be gratified.
Kataramene : I think that can be managed.
Eleni : Interesting...
Eleni : You will not be joining us, then?
Chione: I can take you to the satyr's little hiding place, but you must know that he will expect your coming.
Kataramene : That's the ice to shove somewhere in his anatomy, yes?
Chione: I will have my revenge.
Leonidas : Perhaps we should rest up before we continue on then?
Chione: But first I must return to my own realm, and gather my power.
Eleni : We may rob you of the chance.
Chione: Do as you will. When you are ready, touch the Heart to your forehead and speak my name, and you will be transported to where your foe awaits.
Chione: Do not think you can permanently kill one such as he.
Polytropos : Aww!
Chione: I will enjoy many generations of my revenge.
Leonidas : Great
Polytropos : ... oh.
Polytropos : 'kay.
Chione: Perhaps I will arrange that his spirit returns in the form of a mealworm.
Chione: Yes, that will be quite satisfactory.
Eleni : That would be pleasing, yes.
Kataramene : And then we can go fishing.
Kataramene : Dangling him off the end of a hook to face monsters would be appropriate revenge.
Eleni : *Holds the heart in her hand* Shall we prepare, then?
Kataramene : Are we all prepared?
Damian : *nods* That would be best.
Polytropos : Been waiting for this.
Leonidas : Good idea
Kataramene : Then let's go. *looks at Eleni*
Eleni : I've most of my power remaining, I supposE.
Eleni : Alright. Everyone close?
Leonidas : Wouldn't be best to be at our peak against this guy?
Damian : Whatever we do, we had best do it soon.
Kataramene : I only ever have this. *gestures to the sword*
Leonidas : But hey whatever
Eleni : *Holds the heart to her forehead* Chione....

Polytropos : Aha!
Polytropos : This, this is different.
Eleni : Quite the arena.
Silenus : What is this now? Unexpected intruders?
Polytropos : Woop.
Damian : Hardly unexpected.
Silenus : Ah, no. I sense... old friends. Come to pay me a visit, eh?
Kataramene : Didn't you send us an invitation?
Eleni : I do believe he did.
Damian : Nor friends.
Silenus : No hard feelings... cannot take a prank or three, eh?
Polytropos : You took this too far, satyr. Dragging a lot of other people into it.
Eleni : What we cannot /take/ is you trying to get our village burned to the ground.
Damian : Uh-huh. A prank is spicing the soup. What you've done is unforgivable.
Kataramene : We draw the line at pranks on the innocent.
Eleni : We admit to a weakness on that front.
Silenus : Well then. You save me the effort of coming to destroy you.
Polytropos : You're going down, goatman.
Silenus : You think you can challenge me here, in the seat of my power?
Damian : Well, since you're too much of a coward to face us elsewhere.
Kataramene : We're going to give it our best shot, yes.
Eleni : Your insistence on hiding has left us little choice, yes.
Polytropos : *draws arrow*
Silenus : Know this. When I enslave your souls, I will let you watch as I dismantle everything you care about.
Silenus : Destroy them!

Polytropos : Ow!
Polytropos : urgle
Polytropos : Ow!
Silenus : You dare strike me?
Kataramene : *gnnn*
Silenus : Your skin is strong... but my edge is stronger!
Polytropos : Hey! Get OOF
Silenus : You dare lay hands on me!
Silenus : NO!
Kataramene : Very handy
Silenus : YOU .... WILL... NOT....
Polytropos : Allow us to give your doom a hand!
Polytropos : Gotcha!
Damian : Die you bastard!

Eleni : Still pitiful mortals, we are?
Kataramene : *snaffles his sword*
Damian : *savagely kicks the body*
Polytropos : That was satisfying.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : Thanks for the fanfare, Leo.
Kataramene : Right. Now we take everything he held dear and spread it out.
Damian : *kicks it again* I won't be so kind the next time you attack our village.
Eleni : What of the curse?
Polytropos : Nice.
Leonidas : *knocks out a tooth as a token*
Polytropos : You know, we SHOULD ransack his house.
Kataramene : Think this is his personal abode?
Polytropos : It just feels right.
Kataramene : I fully plan to.
Eleni : Of course we should. We have to learn whatever we can of any plans he might have already put into motion.
Polytropos : That locks' a weird shape, though...
Leonidas : hmm need a key of some sort
Polytropos : Anything on him?
Eleni : Was there something on the body?
Polytropos : Nice.
Leonidas : Guess so
Kataramene : *jams the sword into it*
Eleni : Gods, this idiot has a high option of himself..

Polytropos : Guuuh!
Kataramene : Augh....
Polytropos : Nrgh!
Eleni : The funny thing is..
Eleni : Oh, away with you!
Eleni : As I was saying...
Eleni : The funny thing is, he would have looked like a toddler in that throne.
Kataramene : Can we not touch the vases?
Polytropos : I just wanted to see if it'd happen again.
Eleni : Of course you did..
Polytropos : Shame we can't take it!
Kataramene : Well it's not going to now.
Eleni : Well. Here we have a portal.
Eleni : I wonder if this tree is part of the control mechanism somehow? Hm...
Damian : *eyes the throne*
Polytropos : *helps shift the chair out of the way.*
Eleni : *Get's to studyin'*
Kataramene : I don't like the look of it, sort of ominous.
Leonidas : *examines chest*
Polytropos : Theeere we go.
Polytropos : Lil' box.
Damian : Is this the way home, El?
Polytropos : ... ooo, hello.
Leonidas : some stuff here
Eleni : It's certainly a way /somewhere/...
Polytropos : A little flower, a glowing gem, and a stone tablet...
Kataramene : How about we set fire to the rest of what's out there?
Eleni : I'm trying to figure out if I can determine the destination.
Polytropos : Could any of this stuff help?
Eleni : What stuff?
Kataramene : Anything written on the stone?
Leonidas : probably, looks like magical junk
Polytropos : This stuff.
Eleni : Well, there might be some kind of control object, a key if you like...
Eleni : Aha!
Eleni : This is everything we've been looking for.
Polytropos : Hurray!
Eleni : It should get us home. And cure Eurytion.
Leonidas : *takes a look in the out buildings*
Damian : *picks up the branch* Hmm.
Kataramene : Let's wreck his stuff.
Eleni : It has... some other properties as well. Hm.
Polytropos : Heh.
Leonidas : other buildings are vacant
Eleni : The orb here is also interesting..
Leonidas : barracks and such
Polytropos : Bleh.
Kataramene : Makes sense.
Eleni : It should be able to break down magical items, then re-purpose their energies to recharge others.
Polytropos : Yes, uh... really... interesting.
Leonidas : can we take the portal home from his lair or not?
Eleni : I wonder how effifient it is.
Kataramene : *also has a blank look*
Damian : *looks around* I'm ready to leave.
Eleni : And we can leave at any time, I believe.
Leonidas : Oh?
Eleni : Yes. So long as you led me lead the way.
Damian : Let's go. Hopefully it will take Tel as well. Besides, Andreas shouldn't be allowed to eat all of the food.
Eleni : Is there anything else here?
Leonidas : I think we're done here and there's nothing left to loot, so let's be off.
Polytropos : According to our expert in finding things, no.
Eleni : Alright then.
Eleni : *Holds up the runic tablet and mutters a few words*
Eleni : Everyone ready?
Leonidas : Yep
Damian : Besides, I would like to play a game of chess with someone who doesn't constantly drop the pieces.
Eleni : Follow close behind me, now.
Polytropos : Lead the way, o way... leader...
Kataramene : We don't need to wreck the tree?
Eleni : *Enters the portal, which should totally work*
Leonidas : *follows*
Kataramene : *gives the ominous tree one last look and follows too* Oh!

Polytropos : ... trees...
Eleni : Hm. This looks familiar enough.
Polytropos : ... breeze...
Kataramene : This is familiar.
Eleni : I suppose we may as well make our way to the centaurs.
Damian : I believe this is the Centaur's forest.

Centaur : Alert! Someone in the forest!
Polytropos : Ah yes.
Kataramene : Wait!
Eleni : It's just us! We have returned!
Kataramene : Stoppit!
Eleni : *Was just about to charm*

Polytropos : Damn... twitchy horse people...
Eleni : He have come with a cure for Eurytion!
Damian : Maybe we should announce ourselves next time.
Kataramene : What were we supposed to do, send a letter?
Damian : *grins* Maybe.
Kataramene : "Dear Centaurs. We plan to be stepping through a portal from the fae world into yours shortly. Put the kettle on. Love. Heroes of Argos."
Eleni : Well, there was no way to be /that/ precise with the portal... I think.

Centaur : Who goes there?
Kataramene : You mean there's no messenger service in the fae world? How backward.
Kataramene : It's us!
Leonidas : Tis us friend
Damian : Look at their leader.
Centaur: Ah, we had thought that perhaps you had abandoned your quest.
Leonidas : We have returned successful of course.
Centaur: Eurytion is worse! He has all but forgotten who and what he is.
Eleni : We have the means of breaking your leader's curse.
Centaur: Please, hurry!
Eleni : Please, take me to him.
Polytropos : ... if this doesn't work...
Kataramene : We look idiots?
Damian : It will, have faith in El.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : It will work!
Rhoecus: You return.
Eleni : It has to.
Rhoecus: I hope only that you are not too late.
Leonidas : Naturally
Eleni : Likewise.
Centaur: *looks nervous*
Rhoecus: Come then.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Centaur: The rest of you stay there
Kataramene : Oh come on.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Leonidas : *sings*
Damian : *leans on staff* We're still their guests, Kat.

Rhoecus : Eurytion?
Kataramene : We just went to get stuff to help you and you're being picky again?
Cursed Eurytion : *roars violently*
Female Centaur: *winces at the shout*
Eleni : ..ah, welll.
Eleni : Here goes...
Kataramene : What if he hurts her?
Damian : Then we'll do what we have to.
Eleni : Eurytion?
Kataramene : Admittedly she's got that hand thing going for her now.
Centaur: *feign about*
Eurytion : What... what happened?
Eleni : Eurytion!
Damian : That she does.
Polytropos : That was pretty fun to see...
Eleni : Do you remember..?
Damian : I pity the man that tries to pinch her bottom.
Eleni : You were cursed. No need to apolagize.
Kataramene : I can live with seeing the look on a couple of faces over that one.
Kataramene : I wonder if anyone can learn it?
Eleni : In fact, since it was our feud that brought the satyr upon you, it is we who would should apolagize...
Damian : *looks at Pol* Don't worry, Pol, I doubt Kat could learn it.
Eleni : He shall bother neither of us no longer.
Eleni : Very well.
Eleni : *Phew*
Kataramene : *tch*
Polytropos : Ha.
Polytropos : Why can't you do anythign like that, Damien?
Eleni : *Returns, triumphant*
Damian : It's a different type of magic.
Polytropos : You lost me at 'a'.
Rhoecus: Friends! Eurytion is restored!
Female Centaur: *bows*
Kataramene : He means it's women's magic.
Polytropos : Oh! Huzzah!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : We all know that's more powerful.
Eurytion: Indeed. Thanks to you, the curse is defeated.
Kataramene : Oh good!
Damian : No, I meant it's like the difference between a sling and a sword.
Eurytion: What became of the satyr?
Damian : He was defeated.
Leonidas : *smiles and holds up a tooth*
Eleni : He has been slain, but a being of his power likely has the capacity to reform.
Kataramene : We hacked him into little pieces, and Chione plans to make him reincarnate as a worm.
Eleni : However, he may have certain... enemies besides us who will keep him occupied, yes.
Eurytion: That seems... appropriate.
Eleni : I do not think either of our peoples will have to worry about him any longer.
Damian : Oh to have a fishing pole.
Kataramene : Which is nice to know.
Eurytion: I wish there was some way to express our gratitude, but I fear that our best gear would be of little use to warriors such as yourselves.
Kataramene : Your continuing support and friendship is all we ask.
Eleni : There is no need for grand gestures, yes.
Polytropos : Yes! Please keep not burning us down.
Eurytion: You have that. We shall always consider the human village our friends and allies.
Leonidas : A good dinner and drink would be acceptable.
Eleni : We did a thing that benefited all involved. Except Silenius. And helped a friend along the way.
Kataramene : Perhaps a shared feast with the village some time.
Eurytion: Ah, we centaurs avoid alcoholic libations. There was... ah, trouble, in the past.
Polytropos : *cough*
Eurytion: But a feast... yes!
Leonidas : Ah, too bad.
Eleni : ...that does explain some of the stories I've heard.
Leonidas : But good food and song would be fine.
Eurytion: Then we shall look forward to that day.
Eurytion: Again, thank you for your aid, good friends.
Eleni : Militiades will be relieved to hear you are well.
Kataramene : Speaking of which, we should go and tell them.
Polytropos : Onward!
Eleni : Yes, we should check on them.
Eurytion: My warriors will see you safe from our lands.
Kataramene : *bows*
Leonidas : *sighs*
Eurytion: *nods to several of them*
Polytropos : For all we know, everyone's dead!
Eleni : *Nods* I am sure we will meet again.
Damian : *bows* Until we meet again.
Eleni : *Hits Pol with staff* Not funny.
Kataramene : Farewell for now!
Leonidas : *waves*
Kataramene : And that's my job!
Polytropos : ... no, really, that's what we were afraid of.
Polytropos : Remember?
Eleni : Exactly!
Centaur: *moderates his pace to his two-legged friends*
Centaur: We are honored by all you have done to aid us.
Kataramene : We'll be okay now!
Eleni : We only did as was right.
Leonidas : *nods*
Centaur: Very well. Tread carefully, there are gopher holes that can snare a hoof.
Polytropos : Nasty. Farewell, horse people!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Inconveniant of them.

Kataramene : Try the village centre first?
Damian : Sounds good.
Polytropos : It's on the way.
Eleni : They might have relocated to the temple, but yes.
Eleni : Dumb fish.
Damian : *picks up the fish* Dinner.
Eleni : Dumb, tasty fish.
Damian : Yep.
Polytropos : They must have gotten all the frogs.
Kataramene : Poor frogs.
Damian : We'll have to make sure they aren't poisonous then.
Kataramene : Home!
Kataramene : Or... one of them.
Eleni : So it goes.
Leonidas : *stops in for a snack and wine*

Eleni : ...dog?
Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : *stuns the dog*
Damian : Poor thing.
Kataramene : Silly thing.
Polytropos : Not seeing anyone!
Polytropos : Or anything...
Eleni : Okay, that's defnitely not a good sign.
Leonidas : hmm

Miltiades : Is someone out there?
Eleni : Militiades!
Polytropos : Ahoy!
Kataramene : IT is us!
Eleni : Is everyone alright?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : It seems we were right to take precautions.
Eleni : Hah. Not terribly likely..
Eleni : ...but everyone here was alright, yes?
Kataramene : Noooo, we've been busy getting them instead.
Kataramene : That's really good to hear.
Damian : *examines the demon corpse*
Kataramene : With luck we will have removed the threat.
Damian : Hmm. It looks like Silenus was running out of fodder.
Eleni : Indeed. The satyr is gone, and Eurytion is cursd.
Polytropos : In short, it is over, and all is well!
Damian : No...wait. I don't recognize these. Could they be a new threat?
Damian : *gestures at the corpse* El?
Eleni : They sort of look like the demons from..
Eleni : You remember. When we saved my master?
Lazyzeus : You hear a large crash coming from the forge.
Damian : Ah, yes.
Eleni : It's strange they should be here, of all things. From whence did they..
Leonidas : souvineer of your trip home.
Kataramene : Oh yes....
Miltiades: What was that?
Eleni : ...what was that?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Stay here!
Kataramene : More!
Kataramene : Thanks!
Eleni : Where did they /come/ from?
Miltiades : Is everyone all right?
Eleni : We're good!
Polytropos : Maybe a little check around the near trees couldn't hurt.
Leonidas : So, um, when did we piss off a demon?
Eleni : We're going to look around a bit, see if there's any more!
Eleni : You best stay holed up!
Damian : When we freed El's master.
Kataramene : Good idea.
Leonidas : I checked the perimeter I didn't see anything
Eleni : There was also the time we helped the spartans.
Kataramene : Through that hole in the world thing.
Damian : Though this could very well be some new threat.
Polytropos : ... Spartans?
Eleni : ...you know.
Eleni : Where we got that shield you're always going on about.

Kataramene : Through here!
Polytropos : Yes, I know. It's just - those things defiled a goddess's statue there. Didn't they?
Eleni : Yes.
Eleni : You think maybe the shrine of Poseidon..?
Kataramene : More of them!
Polytropos : That or our own Temple of Aphrodite.
Kataramene : Urgh...
Polytropos : I'm comiiiiing...
Polytropos : YIKES
Kataramene : Where are they coming from?
Eleni : We seem to be headed in the right direction..
Polytropos : ... they killed the alligator.
Kataramene : ...
Polytropos : Drop something on them, we'll hold the-
Polytropos : Easy, woman, save some for me...
Kataramene : Keep up!
Polytropos : Blarg!
Polytropos : The crabs are alright. Maybe this guess was wrong.
Damian : *picks up the crabs* More dinner.
Eleni : Let's check the shrine.
Polytropos : Aw, not this again.
Eleni : How is this closed again...?
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : *shoulders the boulder, and tries to heeeeave it out of the way*
Polytropos : Help's - nrgh - appreciated!
Kataramene : *lends hers to the task*
Eleni : Wasn't some of this lichen useful for something?
Polytropos : Thanks.

Lazyzeus : The shrine seems to be as you left it, running normally. The statue seems to look at you benevolently.

Polytropos : Hello, o Ocean God.
Eleni : I guess we were wrong...
Damian : *picks the lichen*
Polytropos : Alright, um...
Kataramene : That's good. If they were after it they didn't find it.
Eleni : Perhaps... the marsh?
Damian : Thanks Leo. I think I can make some kits out of this.
Polytropos : What about the- yes.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : They do look swampy.
Eleni : *Bows to the statue of Poseidon*
Kataramene : Let's put the boulder back in place, to be sure.
Eleni : Some of them did come down here.
Eleni : They might have been looking for holy places to defile.
Leonidas : *makes small offering then bows to statue in silent prayer*
Kataramene : *attampts to push it back in place*
Polytropos : Important hero work, crabs. Stand aside-
Polytropos : Gwah!
Polytropos : They've got spindly little legd!

Lazyzeus : You follow the path that leads into the swamps... and find many, many assorted demon footprints from that direction...

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