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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:53 am

Lazyzeus : When we left off, you had cleared the riverlands east of the village, and were exploring the route that leads into the nearby marshland. The demons seem to be coming from that direction.

Polytropos : To the swamp!
Eleni : Good to see we're so well-prepared.
Polytropos : They won't need to make statues ion our honour!
Damian : Have you cleaned out the larder, Andreas?
Eleni : Now all you need to do is take a bath of molten bronze....
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Damian : Better to walk as stone than as bleeding wounds.
Polytropos : ... to the swamp!
Eleni : I would think bleeding wounds don't do much walking, as a general rule.
Eleni : But that might have been your point.
Damian : You'd be surprised, El.
Damian : But yes! To the swamp.
Leonidas : I hate swamps.
Kataramene : We go!
Polytropos : *chase*
Kataramene : See them?
Polytropos : *pant* There they are.
Eleni : Ungh, this place.
Damian : *huffs an dpuffs* Slow down, you two.
Eleni : It was never very pleasant, was it?
Damian : No.
Polytropos : It's gotten swampier if anything!
Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Damian : *curses*
Kataramene : *pant pant* Where?
Polytropos : ... whew.
Andreas Appolodorus: It's good to be back and kicking.
Eleni : A good thing we left you to guard the village.
Damian : Little bastards are immune to lightning!
Leonidas : ah
Polytropos : There's one...
Polytropos : Across the water...
Andreas Appolodorus: They make funny noises
Eleni : I'm not sure if.... that would be the word I'd use.
Polytropos : For all their numbers, they seem no match!
Kataramene : Any sign of their origin?
Leonidas : saw some of the bigger ones on islands further in.
Eleni : No, but I suspect the stone formation at the heart of the swamp might offer some clues
Kataramene : Augh!
Kataramene : Run to us!
Polytropos : ... maybe we got a bit, uh, strung out there...
Kataramene : Don't let them get between us.
Damian : You think?
Eleni : Agreed.
Damian : Stupid demons.
Eleni : Deceptively clever demons.
Polytropos : *looks for a safe route*
Damian : Don't try electricity on them, El, it won't work.
Kataramene : Can anyone remember how to get across?
Polytropos : I think I've found a stretch of shallow water.
Eleni : I've always been more of a fan of fire, anyway.
Polytropos : You were right, though. They're clustering across the way.
Damian : That seems to work just fine.
Damian : If I can get a clear shot at them, I might be able to ruin their day.
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Polytropos : There's not a lot of cover between us and them.
Polytropos : I think you'll have your shot.
Damian : I'll need to do it before you all engage them though. Otherwise you might be hit as well.
Kataramene : Cross here?
Polytropos : Alright. Maybe if we make a line here...
Damian : I see one...
Eleni : Let them come to us?
Polytropos : We can lure them across?
Polytropos : Well, I don't like the idea of fighting on a swampy land bridge.
Kataramene : Augh!
Damian : Take that!
Andreas Appolodorus: HOLD THE LINE!
Polytropos : ... Hades' dogs.
Eleni : Hah! A very nice trick.
Damian : Only one I have though.
Polytropos : *advances, shield high.*
Kataramene : Shield wall!
Andreas Appolodorus: LOOK!
Polytropos : Giant thing!
Kataramene : What the. Hades
Eleni : Eesh..
Damian : Answers that question.
Leonidas : they're coming thru a portal
Polytropos : As before, they come from the light!
Andreas Appolodorus: They're coming out of this thing!
Kataramene : A portal!
Telemachus : do something about it!
Polytropos : Ow, ow! Ow! Ow!
Telemachus : go through it?
Damian : Out!
Telemachus : break it?
Kataramene : Can you shut it?
Eleni : Hah... did that work...?
Damian : Gather around.
Polytropos : ... ow...
Andreas Appolodorus: The red light is gone.
Eleni : That would be the portal.
Kataramene : Same place as that last one.
Damian : *leans on knees* I think we've done it.
Polytropos : We did it?
Eleni : The portal seemed to be one-way. Leaping into it wasn't going to do us much good.
Polytropos : We did it!
Damian : I think so.
Eleni : Fortunately, it was also rather fragile.
Kataramene : *stands panting, watching where it was*
Leonidas : Hmm there may still be some of things on the loose though.
Telemachus : What in the hells caused that though?
Eleni : *Looks around*
Eleni : A good question..
Eleni : We can't exactly guarantee it won't happen again..
Leonidas : No telling how many came thru and which way they wandered.
Andreas Appolodorus: I tried my new move on the big one but it did not work.
Telemachus : this is the second time this place has been the focus of some very nasty creatures.
Eleni : *Inspects the runestone*
Kataramene : Oh yeah... *disentangles a necklace of some kind that had caught on her sword* This came from it.
Damian : Any idea what this is, El?
Eleni : I don't...
Eleni : Ach, more of them?
Polytropos : I see you there you little-
Polytropos : Just one! A little one!
Damian : It was open for awhile, wasn't it?
Kataramene : Long enough.
Eleni : It seems so.
Damian : Let's sweep the swamps to make sure there aren't any more wandering around.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's hope that they did not lay eggs or something.
Eleni : I don't see anything particularly strange abotu the stones, but the placing of the portal was definitely not an accident.
Kataramene : Here, what's this all about?
Eleni : Hm?
Kataramene : *dangles a skull on a chain before Eleni*
Polytropos : Die die die!
Eleni : ...that's... familiar.
Polytropos : Spawn of Tartarus.
Telemachus : Stop running off you idjit.
Telemachus : He kills a couple of demons and he thinks he's Orpheus
Damian : Leo!
Leonidas : What?
Damian : *skewers a demon* Just checking.
Kataramene : Eleni needs time to study that stone.
Leonidas : Saw another little
Leonidas : it was headed back towards the trail we came in on.
Eleni : I'm not sure there's much to be learned there.
Eleni : This necklace, though...
Telemachus : you want us to hang around in the swamp?
Telemachus : Good.
Telemachus : what necklace?
Telemachus : Is this really the time for jewelry?
Polytropos : I see no more; the place is quiet again. Too quiet, really.
Eleni : *Shows it. It's a pendant with the face of some horrible monstrosity*
Eleni : Look familiar?
Polytropos : Euugh.
Telemachus : Well it suits you at least..
Andreas Appolodorus: Not really.
Eleni : *Grins* What doesn't?
Damian : *snorts*
Eleni : We saw something very similar, carved into a door.
Eleni : In that nether realm.
Polytropos : Yeuch.
Eleni : Achlys, the Eternal Night...
Damian : *frowns* I'm not touching that thing.
Leonidas : *checks for recent tracks in the sand*
Kataramene : Ugh, not a nice person.
Polytropos : *shudder*
Kataramene : Is it of use?
Eleni : A daughter of Nyx, some say.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can touch it but I would not wear it.
Eleni : Possibly. It should protect against dark magics, but...
Kataramene : *doesn't seem put off but the look of it*
Eleni : Well, it might not be very comfortable to wear.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : Doesn't that kind of thing depend on the strength of your soul?
Telemachus : Just stick it in a bag and bring it with us
Andreas Appolodorus: It clearly does not match my outfit.
Eleni : Not strength, I think.
Eleni : ...flexibility, maybe.
Damian : What outfit?
Telemachus : seems like a clue though. Did Aristachus ever tell you why he came to this village Eleni?
Polytropos : *superstitious look.*
Kataramene : We need to hang onto it anyway. If you don't like spiders do you want me to carry it?
Eleni : I... well, no, not really.
Eleni : I always thought he'd come looking for a place to settle down after his travels.
Kataramene : Also now reminded of how suspicious his death seems.
Telemachus : Well that's the same symbol from the crystal-place right? where he was?
Leonidas : Guess we got them all.
Telemachus : and then he dies and these guys show up..
Kataramene : Really rather conveniant.
Leonidas : No sign of any doubling back behind us up the beach.
Eleni : Yes...
Polytropos : Could we... have another look round his house?
Polytropos : And maybe a bath?
Damian : *nods at Leo* We should take it back with us and get some rest while we plan our next move.
Eleni : There was no sign he was working on anything at his house, but...
Telemachus : Have we got any idea of what he actually died *of*?
Kataramene : Did you get anything from that stone?
Damian : Iseme might have some insight.
Eleni : Rest sounds good.
Telemachus : anyway lets get back to the village, this place reeks
Kataramene : *scoop*
Telemachus : We've gotten soft in our time in the city, wanting things like baths and clean clothes *chuckles*
Kataramene : Village, and we can bathe while you study.
Polytropos : There's a bit of dirt and there's THIS.
Eleni : Does that mean I don't get to bathe?
Damian : Yes, you can bathe, El.
Kataramene : I'm heading for the tub at the house.
Polytropos : Can you study in the bath?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : ...possibly?
Kataramene : A bath is a versatile thing.
Eleni : If you want me to hog the bath for several hours.
Leonidas : Especially with a beautiful woman.
Damian : Hmm.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : I feel like doing some serious studying.
Polytropos : *nods at Kat.*
Eleni : Now there's a first...
Kataramene : *hides a smirk*
Polytropos : All this time, I just needed the right subject!
Damian : Not your type of studying, El.
Kataramene : *snicker*
Polytropos : You never know...
Eleni : Now, don't mke assumptions, Damian.

Polytropos : Hail the village!
Miltiades : Ah, thank the gods!
Damian : I'm not, I know Pol.
Telemachus : Don't shoot, it's us
Andreas Appolodorus: I found them.
Miltiades: You bring any more of those beasties with you?
Eleni : *Waves, probably a sore sight after trekking through the swamp*
Kataramene : We don't /think/ so.
Damian : No, just Andreas.
Polytropos : We slew all we found!
Eleni : We neglected to haul their corpses, if that's what you mean.
Telemachus : We shut the magic door they were comming through
Telemachus : Don't think we missed any
Pedaeus: Thank the gods
Kataramene : There might be a scattered few, but it's safe for now.
Medios: There will be more monsters, as long as _they_ are here!
Eleni : We think we got all of the ones wandering about, but it's hard to be sure.
Kataramene : Trouble is, we don't know why the thing opened up there.
Medios: Bad things always happen to the village when they're around!
Polytropos : Don't make me come over there, Medios!
Damian : I say we use Medios as bait next time.
Pedaeus: enough of your whinging medios
Kataramene : And stuffyou, Medios. Consider it just the grace of the gods we were here when it happened.
Telemachus : Go to hades medios, for all we know *you* could be the one attracting all this trouble, it's been happening since before we left.
Polytropos : You get the gist.
Ismeme: You do not seem confident that the threat will not return.
Kataramene : I'm not, for certain.
Polytropos : We don't understand it!
Eleni : No... we don't know where this portal came from.
Eleni : We sealed this one. But what's to stop it from happening again?
Kataramene : It was at the place we found that thing once, what was it now?
Ismeme: Perhaps for now we should keep the women and children here. If you don't mind, Eleni.
Damian : *gestures at Kat* We did find a strange necklace, ma'am.
Androcles: Truly there'll be a fine tale to be told from these events!
Eleni : Of course.
Kataramene : Oh yes. *drags it out of her pack and displays the thing*
Leonidas : indeed
Androcles: *strums*
Eleni : Though there might be a few things in the house....
Ismeme: Ugly.
Kataramene : Isn't it just.
Pedaeus: Shiny amulet
Ismeme: What will you do now?
Eleni : Well, for starters.
Eleni : I think we all need baths.
Polytropos : Even a dip in the lake would be good.
Eleni : We fought our way through a Satyr Lord's personal army and half a legion of demons today.
Polytropos : When you say it like that, it seems a lot...
Kataramene : It's been a long slog.
Eleni : It has.
Damian : I also lost connection with Aias, I'll need time to re-establish it.
Miltiades: Well, if there aren't more of them for the moment, I must tend my forge.
Kataramene : We should probably set up a guard rotation, though. Just in case.
Miltiades: *claps Tel's shoulder* Good work, lad.
Kataramene : *blink*
Eleni : It wouldn't hurt to be cautious...
Polytropos : ... yeah... yeah, good work, Heracles.
Kataramene : *looks at Tel, disbelieving*
Pedaeus: *moves the boxes and crates out of the way*
Kataramene : Well the hero of the hour is doubtless able to stay up all night guarding, while us lesser mortals rest.
Telemachus : *shrugs at Kat, apoligetically*
Ismeme: Seek the counsel of the gods. They will guide us in the correct path.
Andreas Appolodorus: I wanted to make that satyr dance.
Eleni : I hope so...
Ismeme: I will remain here, and tend to the needs of the villagers.
Polytropos : ... that's a thought.
Eleni : I've never been very good at praying.
Polytropos : Could we rest near the Temple?
Kataramene : A wise idea. I'm going to get presentable then ask for inspiration at the shrine.
Androcles: *To Leo* Have you heard this tume?
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Leonidas. Interested in shopping today?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Androcles: tune*
Andreas Appolodorus: But I missed the ball.
Damian : Maybe next time, Andreas.
Polytropos : Actually, before we do... idea.
Kataramene : *humphy* What?
Telemachus : *walks right into the lake and starts washing swamp-muck off.
Glaucus: Welcome to my shop, Damian. Interested in shopping today?
Damian: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : *ahem.* Um, Master Miltiades?
Kataramene : *folds her arms, pouting and listening*
Polytropos : I get the sinking feeling we might be leaving again at some point.
Damian : *squats in the river and washes the muck from the swamp off*
Eleni : It's... not that..
Polytropos : Oh, no, indeed. Don't get me wrong, we'd like to, I think, but we go where we go. But - You might still be the best warrior the village has, maybe. Maybe best to leave something behind, I thought.
Kataramene : *mutter grumble only need Tel we can sod off*
Polytropos : Not... not exactly... well. ANYway.
Polytropos : I thought this would suit you.
Leonidas : *helps himself to food and drink*
Polytropos : I think it's a sword.
Kataramene : *snorts*
Eleni : Ah, that one.... where did we get it again?
Polytropos : Was stabbed into the heart of a mountain. It's, uh, done me proud, but I don't use it much... might gove you a fighting chance if something comes into town.
Kataramene : Power of the gods.
Eleni : It... wasn't very healthy for the mountain, though.
Polytropos : ... pretty sure...
Kataramene : Best to have a little protection of the gods here.
Polytropos : ... just might come in handy. You made us a sword once, so... there. Bless you, sir.
Kataramene : For when the golden boy isn't around.
Polytropos : *ahem*
Eleni : I just hope Ares doesn't mind.
Polytropos : He hasn't yet. Anyway, uh... Temple?
Kataramene : Wash then Temple.
Polytropos : Just... um, use it sparingly!
Polytropos : Thanks, Master. We'll be back.
Kataramene : *humphy stomp*
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : ... good name...
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*
Kataramene : *proceeds to fetch water and heat it for the bath* You lot can sod off. I'm getting clean.
Polytropos : ... sorry. Just made sense... uh, alright.
Eleni : Hah.
Polytropos : *grimace.*
Telemachus : I already had a wash in the river.
Kataramene : *clean and still humphy, scrubs off the armour and dries the cloak a little*
Polytropos : You did great!
Kataramene : As well as can be expected for a woman. I'll just carry the warriors' gear around, or something.
Eleni : *Avails herself of the lake. Gets back to studying her tome, afterwards...*
Kataramene : Are we going to the Temple? If so I can carry it up there for you.
Andreas Appolodorus: 3
Polytropos : No, no! I'd love to see which of our little band is the greatest fighter. I couldn't call it, now.
Lazyzeus : The sun sets on a mild and comfortable Greek evening.
Polytropos : C'mon, let's see if Eleni's found something? Or not?
Kataramene : *humphs and gathers up the kit regardless*
Andreas Appolodorus: 5
Polytropos : Keep at it, Andreas!
Eleni : *Looks up*
Eleni : ...well.
Polytropos : ... he's a fanatic...
Telemachus : he shouldn't be stressing that ankle
Eleni : ...what /is/ your story, hm?
Kataramene : I'm going to go and keep vigil over our stuff.
Eleni : ...hm.
Polytropos : ... up at the Temple? Um...
Polytropos : ... alright.
Eleni : Are you trying to tell me something? Or are you just running away very poorle?
Polytropos : Uh, hi Andreas.
Polytropos : Hi Damian.
Kataramene : *nods at the youth*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hail
Eleni : ...or maybe you're just a silly dog after all.
Kataramene : .... how do you know my name?
Eleni : *Sighs*
Polytropos : Oh.
Kataramene : It's you.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes?
Leonidas : *enjoys wine between songs as he regals the villagers who happen to stop and listen of tales from the road*
Telemachus : *squints* you're familiar.
Kataramene : The fellow from the mountain.
Kataramene : And we sort of realised that.
Telemachus : What's an Achlys?
Polytropos : You gave us that key... Hhhh... er...m... eeees...? *hesitantly, like he fears being a fool*
Kataramene : We were throwing a bet on Hermes, I think, after the forest.
Kataramene : *humphs again and turns to putting the gear out*
Andreas Appolodorus: You're not mortal then?
Kataramene : Not me, I'm weapons bearer.
Polytropos : And how!
Kataramene : *humphs*
Eleni : *Yawns* Um...
Eleni : ...oh. Hello.
Polytropos : She bears them fight into the chests of people, it's great.
Kataramene : *sniffs a little*
Polytropos : Uh, right.
Eleni : That sounds bad for all those of us not particularly fond of primordial chaos.
Polytropos : ... what's a primordial chaos?
Kataramene : *mutters something about men being invokved*
Polytropos : ... got it.
Eleni : *Grins* That's one way of putting it.
Polytropos : *murmurs to Kat.* Hermes spoke to me.
Kataramene : *mutter grumble*
Eleni : You expect us to /defeat/ an entity older than Chaos?
Kataramene : *casts a glance at Pol*
Polytropos : *smiles.*
Eleni : That would be something of an understatement...
Kataramene : *half a humphy smile back*
Damian : So what's the bad news?
Kataramene : ....
Polytropos : M- wait.
Kataramene : *pays attention now*
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure let's do it.
Eleni : This... isn't really the sort of divine guidance we were expecting.
Telemachus : ... I am going to need a bigger axe.
Kataramene : Right.
Polytropos : The abyss of torment and suffering?
Polytropos : Um... yeah...
Damian : A bit? That's like saying the sea is a bit wet..
Eleni : Tartarus, notably, is /not/ the mortal realm.
Kataramene : We have?
Damian : Yeah, the jakes after Andreas was through with it.
Kataramene : *looks at Aias*
Damian : Don't look at him, he was just wondering what was for dinner.
Eleni : The answer is 'demon', apparently.
Damian : Does it taste like chicken?
Kataramene : How big an "almost" is that?
Polytropos : Almost everything...?
Eleni : I don't want to find out, Damian.
Polytropos : Oh, thanks! You got it back.
Kataramene : *humphs about being lost that time*
Damian : Oh, I don't know, El. If it's prepared properly...
Polytropos : I was hoping that worked out.
Kataramene : That .... wait.
Telemachus : Which one was that? there have been a lot of glowy doors that went to horrible places..
Eleni : *Frowns*
Kataramene : We've seen one or two, yes.
Eleni : Are you refering to...
Polytropos : Oh! Ohhhh.
Polytropos : When your master was-
Polytropos : *pause*
Kataramene : Was that the same place?
Polytropos : I don't know, it seemed scary.
Andreas Appolodorus: * scratch head *
Polytropos : The palce with the scary door!
Kataramene : *glances at the amulet*
Polytropos : The green... stone...?
Polytropos : Am I way off?
Eleni : Let the man finish his sentences, would you?
Polytropos : Aw.
Polytropos : Sorry.
Eleni : We've come across a rather sturdy portal before....
Kataramene : Did we leave a portal lying somewhere that we can return to?
Eleni : I sealed it.
Polytropos : *scratches head.*
Telemachus : Wit hthe spartans?
Telemachus : I missed some of that. but they were certainly demon-ish
Polytropos : Ohhhh...
Kataramene : Around here? Really?
Eleni : Details would be helpful.
Kataramene : I think we saw it once?
Polytropos : Ohhhhh.
Kataramene : Yes, that's the one I was thinking about.
Damian : Not that it helped them any, but yes.
Polytropos : Oh, they were actually NOT just idiots.
Kataramene : I thought it was the satyr's work at the time.
Kataramene : But that key can?
Eleni : We're friends now?
Kataramene : Only to be expected.
Eleni : I guess I can't complain.
Eleni : Friends in high places and all that...
Kataramene : Happy enough to hear it too.
Polytropos : Thank you O Hades.
Damian : We aim to please.
Eleni : ....friends, or fans.
Polytropos : ... ah.
Kataramene : *shifty look*
Eleni : Are they, now?
Polytropos : Aw.
Eleni : Well. It's nice to know we're so entertaining.
Telemachus : Well that's nothing new.
Kataramene : Cqn we spare time to visit the Forge?
Telemachus : Oh, great.
Eleni : We certainly should, before we enter that portal.
Polytropos : Got it.
Eleni : I imagine we'll need every advantage we can get...
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Telemachus : We'll need healing kits. Lots of healing kits.
Polytropos : *looks back.*
Damian : I only have three.
Damian : No, six.
Telemachus : I'm thinking more like, thirty each.
Eleni : Then we'll need to stop in Argos as well.
Kataramene : I've a bundle.
Telemachus : And yeah, we should visit the forge.
Damian : But my dory is severly lacking in combat ability.
Kataramene : *thoughtful gaze at Pol*
Telemachus : how many crystals did we collect?
Telemachus : you can use this if you like.
Telemachus : no selling it though.
Damian : *wields the trident clumsily* Uh, I dont' think so, tel. I'm more likely to skewer myself than my foe.
Damian : Thanks though.
Eleni : We've got.. at least four crystals, I think?
Eleni : I've got one.
Kataramene : *gathers up the gear again* I imagine we can count that as blessed.
Telemachus : Well some more bite on this axe couldn't hurt.
Eleni : *Sighs* So... are we really off to fight a force greater than the gods?
Polytropos : ... can... can we talk to your mother before we leave...?
Telemachus : It sounds like this thing is less greater and more just crafty.
Damian : Seems that way.
Andreas Appolodorus: No but do we have a choice?
Kataramene : .. yes?
Polytropos : They had a point, earlier, you know, just thinking... sounds serious... *scratches back of neck* would you marry me?
Eleni : *Blink*
Telemachus : *grins*
Eleni : *...after a few more blinks, also grins*
Polytropos : Not got much time to sort it, but maybe if we came back...
Kataramene : *blinks a little herself, seemingly suprised*
Damian : *sorts through pack, seemingly oblivious to Pol and Kat*
Kataramene : I ... yes?
Damian : *pulls out bag of hydra's teeth* We might be able to sell these for some coin. *looks up* What's going on?
Polytropos : G... g-ggreat!
Telemachus : Wooo!
Polytropos : *hug*
Telemachus : It's about damn time
Telemachus : someone get ismeme
Eleni : *Claps excitedly*
Kataramene : *hugs back, openly demonstrative for once*
Eleni : Congratulations!
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes! She said yes.
Polytropos : No, nonono. I wish we had three days to do it.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*
Damian : Huh? What? Do what? Oh! Congrats, Pol!
Polytropos : Want to do it right, you know?
Kataramene : When we get back. Right?
Telemachus : Ahh well it'll be something to look forward to when we come back.
Damian : Aias said he'll give you away.
Eleni : Hah. There will be plenty of time after accomplishing the impossible?
Polytropos : Thanks, Aias! Wait, Aias?
Damian : *chuckles*
Kataramene : What?
Polytropos : Exactly. If we can stop a primormial case goddess, I reckon we can handle marriage.
Eleni : That's the spirit!
Damian : I wouldn't be so sure. Marriage can be pretty chaotic from what I've heard.
Kataramene : There's a sword for every situation.
Polytropos : Yes!
Telemachus : *snicker*
Polytropos : What?
Kataramene : *wicked grin*
Eleni : *Shakes her head, smiling*
Polytropos : *pause.*
Damian : *shakes head and looks at Pol sympathetically*
Polytropos : ... uh, well...
Eleni : Truly, you two were made for each other.
Kataramene : *releases the hug* I'm going to take that as a compliment, regardless.
Polytropos : *hand-hold. aww.*
Telemachus : Come on, we've got some travelling to do tomorrow. Why don't you take the house again and the rest of us will sleep in the village
Polytropos : 'kay! Where are we headed?
Telemachus : The forge first, I should think.
Eleni : I guess the old temple is closest, but... hm, yes.
Polytropos : Right!
Damian : Good idea.
Kataramene : House then Forge or Forge then ... right.
Telemachus : After we've stocked up on supplies.
Polytropos : I have one of those crystal things too.
Eleni : There might be more we need to do in order to get the portal working, though.
Kataramene : I'm going to raid Ismeme's supplies then.
Telemachus : We can purchase those now, I suppose.
Polytropos : Let's see what's left.
Kataramene : *soppy hand holding continues until store is riffled*
Polytropos : I suppose we can leave all the wargear we're not likely to need, too.
Eleni : Aaah... /such/ a crazy day...
Kataramene : I've quite a bit of gold to satisfy her. Do we need more of those wands? Are they better than bandages?
Polytropos : I don't know...
Damian : *grabs some kits*
Telemachus : depends if you are any good with them..
Telemachus : My field medicene is pretty good.
Kataramene : I've no idea how to make them work, but someone else might?
Polytropos : Alright. Sorted!
Telemachus : I meant the kits.
Damian : *sits by the shore and stares at the water*
Leonidas : *happily guzzles wine*
Telemachus : I've got a total of thirty six now. I'd suggest everyone buy a similar supply.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm good with bandages.
Polytropos : Good plan!
Telemachus : Might be wise to make sure you've enough arrows for your bows as well.
Polytropos : That's a really good idea, and now I feel dumb.
Polytropos : Ah!
Polytropos : That'll help. A bit.
Polytropos : *takes three arrows.*
Telemachus : Just had them hanging around..
Kataramene : I had these in store, but I rarely use my bow.
Polytropos : Also good!
Polytropos : Let's go? Long trip, lots to do?
Telemachus : We could really use some equipment to protect us from attacks on our minds as well..
Eleni : I was hoping for some actual sleep.
Kataramene : My belt helps.
Polytropos : Oh... yes, sleep.
Telemachus : We can't all fit in your belt unfortunatly.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*

Lazyzeus : You retire to your respective quarters for the night, preparing for what might be a very long journey in the morning...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:41 pm

Lazyzeus : It's shortly after dawn in Mantineia, as the group prepares for another long journey...

Ismeme: I have made offerings to the gods this morning to beg a safe road for you.
Polytropos : Thank you. Sorry we can't stay!
Eleni : Thank you, Ismene.
Eleni : Though it's not the road I'm worried about...
Andreas Appolodorus: We won't have a safe road but thank you.
Androcles: *nods* You'll be in our thoughts....and songs!
Miltiades: Well, be sure to look out for each other. It's what we trained you for.
Polytropos : We will.
Glaucus: Sure you don't need something for the road? A spare chiton, an extra dagger? Best-quality bronze!
Eleni : *Smiles, weakly*
Pedaeus: Ugh, sure you can't take Glaucus with you?
Polytropos : We could use a baggage handler...
Eleni : Oh, we couldn't /possibly/ do that to you.
Ismeme: You will do well. The gods smile upon your many accomplishments.
Telemachus : I think we've got everything we need..
Eleni : Wherever will you be without him?
Polytropos : Richer, probably.
Kataramene : *looking quietly happy for once*
Pedaeus: Wealthier?
Pedaeus: Ha!
Polytropos : Heh heh.
Leonidas : I think that chicken Medios would make a good porter.
Androcles: Indeed, in fact your tales may be on their way to been legendary
Kataramene : It has it's uses, but slips through the fingers.
Eleni : Hardly. He complains far too much.
Polytropos : He has a bright future as a eunush awaiting him in Egypt.
Ismeme: Medios's path lies... in a different direction.
Miltiades: Well, the sun's not getting any lower! Off with you, lads! Do us proud!
Leonidas : Yeah, someone's gotta muck out stables and pens.
Polytropos : *raises his shield in salute.*
Kataramene : ..... *teeth drind*
Kataramene : *grind
Polytropos : *looks at Kat, smiles apologetically, and murmurs something.*
Eleni : Farewell, everyone. I hope the next time we come to visit, there won't be quite so much...
Eleni : ...demons?
Polytropos: *w* He's old, he's forgotten what a woman is.
Androcles: Farewell and return to see us some day
Kataramene : *flashes Pol a small grin*
Kataramene : One question. Do we deal with that sphinx on the way?
Telemachus : If we see it we should.
Leonidas : Nah, let'm be.
Kataramene : Not given he might have killed your admirer?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : Dead girl. Paw print by body when it was found?
Eleni : *Sighs* We will investigate, to be sure.
Leonidas : Every creature has their place in the balance of life, right druid?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Telemachus : *frowns* nobody mentioned it had killed a villager.
Leonidas : hmm where'd he and that bear wander off to?
Kataramene : *sigh* He'll catch us up.
Telemachus : Come on.. Work to be done.
Eleni : He always does.
Eleni : But yes. Let's be off.
Polytropos : To... uh, our destination!
Leonidas : 'sides it coulda been a lion or some other critter.
Ismeme: I will send Damien after you when he returns.
Telemachus : Farewell elders, hopefully we'll meet again in this world rather than the next.
Kataramene : Yes, the forge awaits. *grinning at something*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Leonidas : *sings*

Polytropos : So let's think.
Polytropos : There's a shrine nearby? Or something?
Leonidas : So, um where are we going anyway?
Eleni : You refer to the bandit's portal?
Polytropos : And we have to get a thing in the shrine?
Kataramene : Mmmm.
Polytropos : ... yes.
Kataramene : We were to go to the forge first?
Telemachus : Our first destination was going to be the forge of haeptestus
Polytropos : A thing in the shrine to get the thing near Sparta to open...
Eleni : I thought that was what we'd decided, yes.
Leonidas : Yeah, I like the idea of the forge.
Eleni : And then Argos.
Polytropos : ... right.
Polytropos : ... forge, Argos, shrine, Sparta...
Kataramene : Why Arg.... oh, yes. Tie up things.
Leonidas : So what's in Sparta, besides a bunch of stoic Spartans?
Eleni : Some last supplies, as well. I've plenty of things to sell and still some money to hand out...
Polytropos : Oh, yikes. Uh, Leo, have we told you what we're doing yet?
Kataramene : A place where this world meets where we are going, or something.
Leonidas : Ah good! my purse is next to empty.
Leonidas : Nope
Polytropos : Oh.
Telemachus : You should stop drinking it all.
Polytropos : ... well...

Eleni : We're, ah;..
Eleni : Passing the sphinx, then?
Polytropos : The Gods have asked us to *mumble* go to Tartarus.
Leonidas : My drinks are usually free.
Telemachus : we're going to tarterus.
Kataramene : No, is it here?
Telemachus : I didn't see it at all.
Eleni : We've past its territory, I thought.
Telemachus : you'll have to lead us there.
Leonidas : That's in Spain isn't it?
Kataramene : Hnnn....
Eleni : That's Tartesos, LEo.
Polytropos : Nnnnnooo... it's near Hades... I think.
Telemachus : It's one of the hells.
Eleni : Tartarus is /under/ Hades.
Telemachus : like hades.
Telemachus : it's the cold bit where they shoved the titans isn't it?
Kataramene : Decision. Slaughter that sphinx or not?
Leonidas : Um, and why are we bothering with such an inhospitable destination?
Telemachus : Kill the sphinx.
Leonidas : Nope
Leonidas : Leave him be.
Telemachus : save the world, the usual.
Telemachus : where is it Kat?
Eleni : We can't let it kill more villages, if it is really responsible for that...
Polytropos : Because, uh, the Gods asked. We have to slay a primadonna case goddess.
Kataramene : Do we want to find it's taken Militades or Ismeme next?
Eleni : Exactly.
Leonidas : How do you know it's responsible? You could be just jumping to conclusions?
Kataramene : Well if you don't want to kill it camp here, we'll be back.
Polytropos : It's just ahead!
Kataramene : What?
Polytropos : That bend in the road.
Polytropos : I recognise the bridge.
Eleni : Leading to the bandit's hideout?

Leonidas : FLY AWAY SPINX!
Polytropos : See, that's where it usually sits.
Eleni : Oh, yes.
Kataramene : See if you can find it.
Leonidas : RUN RUN
Eleni : Shut up, Leo.
Telemachus : ...when did you develop a soft spot for killer monsters?
Polytropos : You are weirdly alright with a large lion creature eating your girlfriends, man.
Eleni : Um, hello.
Polytropos : Is there soemthing you should be telling us...?
Kataramene : There it is.
Eleni : Have you.... eaten anyone recently?
Andreas Appolodorus: Aren't we on good terms with this one?
Leonidas : Yeah, he's a nice guy.
Kataramene : It's prime suspect in the death of villagers.
Eleni : Good one. But... we mean people. Humans.
Telemachus : We're not on good terms with anyone who murders innocent travellers.
Polytropos : Hi there!
Leonidas : He's gotta eat like everything else.
Andreas Appolodorus: He never tried to murder us.
Eleni : Yes, see.
Eleni : We sort of have a problem with that.
Polytropos : ... why didn't we just tell people the answer to the riddle...
Kataramene : Which it strikes us now could involve innocents who are just a little stupid.
Polytropos : *facepalms.*
Leonidas : Indeed
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah just tell him to move someplace else then.
Kataramene : *looks over her shoulder at Pol with a sigh*
Leonidas : It's all part of the balancing of a nature.
Eleni : So it can eat people elsewhere?
Kataramene : To whose village, Andreas?
Telemachus : Ok, there you go, self confessed murderer.
Polytropos : ... I thought that was a good joke when I was... ten...
Leonidas : The stupid and slow get eaten by the fast and the strong..
Andreas Appolodorus: Why people they are still parts with no people.
Eleni : I'm afraid we can't let you kill any more innocent humans.
Kataramene : Young girls gathering herbs dying with suspicious paw prints near, that's what.
Kataramene : Bandits? Fine, knock yourself out. Innocent travellers? No more.
Polytropos : *sighs, and readies a throwing pouch.*
Leonidas : How does one decide what an innocent traveler is?
Kataramene : Same way we do, I suppose.
Eleni : Not killing other travellers is a stat.
Eleni : *start
Telemachus : Well you know what the new question is? What has the face of a man, the body of a lion, wings of an eagle and a great big fucking axe sitcking out of its face?
Polytropos : Oh boy.
Eleni : *Sighs*
Leonidas : FLY AWAY!
Leonidas : *sighs*
Eleni : ...that's that, I suppose.

Leonidas : Poor fella
Polytropos : Sorry, Leo. We were faster and stronger.
Telemachus : Faster and stronger, right?
Kataramene : *doesn't look that happy about it, simply resigned*
Telemachus : Had to be done.
Kataramene : *takes a feather from it's wing*
Leonidas : *says a prayer for the sphinx and collects a couple of feathers*
Eleni : If it had only kept to badgers..
Telemachus : Right come on. plenty more to do.
Polytropos : Maybe we could have stumped it and made it promise to only eat deer or something.
Telemachus : and if we wait around any longer Leo will hold a funeral
Eleni : Let him compose a dirge.
Eleni : But maybe leave out the part where he didn't care about the death of a former lover in the slightest.
Leonidas : *strums sad melody*
Eleni : That tends not to go over well with crowds.
Kataramene : Mmmm.

Polytropos : Hail the village...
Eleni : *Waves*
Timaeus the Younger: Hello, friends! Lovely day, eh?
Kataramene : Hello!
Timaeus the Elder : *Shouts* Travellers on the road!
Timaeus the Younger: *pulls weeks*
Eleni : Fair enough of one.
Telemachus : *waves*
Timaeus the Younger: *weeds even*
Kataramene : There's been better, but ... what must be done.
Boy: Hey, it's the heroes from Mantineia!
Polytropos : Hello!
Boy: Hey, can I hold your axe!
Telemachus : Morning.
Eleni : Oh. Hello, children.
Telemachus : I doubt it.
Boy: Why do you look like a statue?
Eleni : It's quite heavy.
Telemachus : Magic.
Eleni : It's a protection spell.
Boy: Can I learn magic?
Demetrios: Greetings friends!
Eleni : See.
Boy: You can't learn magic. You're stupid.
Polytropos : Ho there!
Boy: Am not!
Boy: Am so!
Eleni : Of course you can! I did.
Demetrios: Passing through?
Boy: See! She said so!
Eleni : It's not easy, though.
Boy: But she's a _girl_.
Telemachus : If you work really hard and find someone clever to teach you.
Eleni : Does being a girl mean I'm extra magical?
Telemachus : Yes, passing through.
Boy: But he's a statue, and he's not a girl. *points to Tel*
Eleni : Well, /he/ can't do magic.
Kataramene : A moving statue.
Demetrios: Good to see you all again
Polytropos : I think someone's asking to be turned into a statue!
Eleni : But then, he's not very bright.
Polytropos : *points at a boy.*
Kataramene : Well met, Demetrios.
Demetrios: Nothing unusal has happened since you were last here
Eleni : Damian can, though. And my master was a man, too.
Boy: You'll see. When I'm a great wizard I'll turn you into a statue that can't talk or move, and birds will poop on you all day.
Kataramene : We plan to try and make sure it stays that way.
Telemachus : I've still got a couple of those crystals, I could zap you with one of those.
Boy: Yeah, we'll _I'll_ be a great warrior, and I'll resist your magic, and burn down your tower.
Boy: Will not!
Boy: Will so!
Eleni : *Chuckles*
Demetrios: Children, leave our visitors alone
Kataramene : I see we may have to come back for one of them later.
Eleni : You've got some ambitious youths here.
Harmonia : Boys! Time to clean the altar stone!
Demetrios: They have important business to attend too....isn't that right?
Telemachus : That's good. worlds a dangerous place.
Boy: Aww....
Eleni : Has there been any more trouble with bandits up north?
Polytropos : We do, sad to say!
Eleni : Or west, rather.
Demetrios: Safe journey friends and call to see us another time
Telemachus : farewell
Eleni : *Nods* Of course.

Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : The roads divide soon, yes?
Polytropos : Is killing a sphinx bad luck?
Bandit : Boethus!
Eleni : Yes. And I don't know.
Polytropos : And yes, I thi-
Eleni : *Sighs* More of you around after all, hm?
Bandit: Hey! You! Lady.
Kataramene : Are they sac....
Polytropos : Did we miss one?
Bandit: Have you seen Boethus?
Bandit: I can't find him.
Bandit: I was s'posed to find him.
Telemachus : why's he all... glowy?
Kataramene : We have not.
Andreas Appolodorus: What's that around your head?
Bandit: There was some bodies over there, but they was all torn up.
Bandit: What?
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni* Can you clear his confused manner at all?
Eleni : Maybe...
Bandit: Hey, is you travelers?
Polytropos : Was he about yay high, with a beard, a frosty sword and a gang of bandits?
Eleni : But he's already warded against further mental effects.
Kataramene : We're heroes, travelling. A little different.
Bandit: Cuz if you is travelers I have to take you money.
Polytropos : ... yeah, we did miss one.
Kataramene : Can you get rid of the wards?
Bandit: Okay, Boethus not say anything about heroes.
Bandit: *blinks*
Andreas Appolodorus: Try.
Eleni : Did that help at all?
Bandit: Hey, what you do?
Telemachus : did you fix him?
Eleni : Strip away your magical protections, of course.
Kataramene : Helped you towards a better life, I hope.
Leonidas : *watches*
Bandit: I feel funny.
Eleni : Or bindings, if that's what they were...
Eleni : Do you feel any clearer at all?
Bandit: Do I have to go touch the rock again?
Eleni : I would suggest not doing so.
Polytropos : Remember what Hades said? That shrine up north empowered all those loser bandits?
Polytropos : *Hermes
Bandit: Okay.
Kataramene : No, I'd go to the nearest village down the road and offer your services.
Eleni : Tell us about the rock, though.
Bandit: Have you seen any travelers around?
Bandit: Boethus said we have to touch the rock each day. It make us strong.
Andreas Appolodorus: Boethus hm.
Polytropos : *sighs and strings an arrow.*
Eleni : You don't need to take travelers' money any more. You don't need the rock any more. You don't need Boethus any more.
Bandit: But without the rock how can we get money?
Bandit: You need money to eat. Everyone know that.
Kataramene : Actually... are you good with a weapon?
Telemachus : You can bloody well earn it like everyone else.
Bandit: I can throw this javelin real far.
Kataramene : Hold on, I've a thought.
Kataramene : We're heroes recruiting for a gladiator school.
Eleni : Yes. And if you take money from someoen else /they/ can't eat.
Eleni : You can see how this is problematic.
Bandit: Glad...ee... a... tor?
Telemachus : .. are you sure? he's thick as humous.
Eleni : Someone who competes in the arena to earn glory and money. Like an athlete.
Kataramene : We can tell you where that is, and you can show people /how/ you throw a javelin that far, hmm? We'll give you food and a roof over your head.
Bandit: A roof? Like the temple?
Telemachus : better.
Eleni : Hm, maybe he'll shake off the mental fugue...
Kataramene : This would be a much nicer roof, with laughter and song.
Polytropos : I think he might just be, uh...
Bandit: I like song. Boethus doesn't let us sing.
Polytropos : *mutters.* Dumb.
Bandit: I go to singing roof.
Kataramene : You can sing all you wish, there.
Bandit: Where is? Is far? I not eat today.
Eleni : I'm not sure he'd be a great /teacher/, but that doesn't mean he can't help out.
Kataramene : Let me draw a map.
Telemachus : Do you know where argos is?
Kataramene : *finds a place in the dirt and drags her sword around, to show directions and landmarks, explaining as she goes*
Bandit: Argos! Is big city. I know. Father take me once, before plague eated up village.
Kataramene : Do you think you can find it?
Bandit: *stares blankly at the map* Sure.
Bandit: I go now.
Eleni : Good luck.
Telemachus : Our gladiator school is near Argos. ask anyone.
Kataramene : Hrrmm... tell them Kataramene sent ....a
Eleni : Um.
Telemachus : He'll probably never make it.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : Wrong way!
Telemachus : *shrugs*
Bandit: Oh! Sorry.
Polytropos : *points West*
Kataramene : *scuffs the map on the ground away*
Eleni : No, not there either.
Eleni : That way. Follow the road.
Bandit: *looks south* But no road this way.
Kataramene : Go this way. *points*
Bandit: Oh. Okay.

Polytropos : Oh, Zeus. He'll just follow us anyway...
Bandit: What about others at temple?
Polytropos : We're going the same way for most of it.
Kataramene : Don't go left or right, keep going. In Argos ask at the arena for Heropolis.
Polytropos : Ah, don't worry about them.
Polytropos : They were mean.
Eleni : ...I guess, but we should really have a look at this temple.
Bandit: Yeah. They _were_ mean.
Kataramene : We'll be following soon to hear a song!
Polytropos : ... so we are looking at the Tempel now. Alright.
Andreas Appolodorus: How was his magic? Strong?
Telemachus : That's where the entrance to Tartarus is, isn't it?
Polytropos : No.
Polytropos : I think.
Eleni : Supposedly, it should lead us on the way.
Kataramene : Is this the temple we were supposed to go to /after/ the forge?
Polytropos : Yes.
Telemachus : yes.
Eleni : Perhaps we should /secure/ it first?
Polytropos : Works for me.
Telemachus : Might be a mistake to show our hand too soon..
Leonidas : Temple?
Telemachus : we need to find the right entrance to tartarus or our souls will get ripped out.
Kataramene : Where we need to go to get something to open the door between worlds near where we met the Spartans.
Kataramene : It's complicated.
Andreas Appolodorus: If that Boethus is going to send more bandits we should talk to him.
Leonidas : Hmm
Leonidas : Whatever
Eleni : We've already killed Boethus, Andreas.
Kataramene : I think we may have already killed Boethus on the way here.
Polytropos : It made sense when it was explained.
Telemachus : Alright, I suppose if this is just where the key is, we'll be alright.
Leonidas : Though I'm liking the sounds of this less and less.
Eleni : But there might be more of his men, still.
Polytropos : Let's find out.
Andreas Appolodorus: Well that man did not do magic by himself.
Polytropos : If it's too weird, we can come back.
Kataramene : Alright....
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Telemachus : Well if you'd been with us instead of drinking alone compsosing ballads to the wonderful breasts of sphinxes you'd have all the details already.
Polytropos : That's logic! I heard it in Argos.
Leonidas : I think I had more fun.
Kataramene : How many more of those magic clearing spells do you have?
Eleni : Lots. Though I don't know if I can clear more than one at the same time.

Telemachus : couple more of them over there.
Bandit : Lion man! AArguh!
Polytropos : That's not happening...
Andreas Appolodorus: Is that your temple?
Kataramene : They......
Telemachus : all just as bright..
Bandit : Ahh! Statue men! Get 'em!
Eleni : ...I guess that's not working.
Bandit : Gah! Get Boethus!
Kataramene : Wait!
Telemachus : for what?
Bandit : Ow!
Bandit : I don't like this!
Eleni : I had him cleansed!
Polytropos : ... the satyr had a nice taste in swords.
Polytropos : What?
Polytropos : Oh.
Andreas Appolodorus: That was a slaughter.
Polytropos : Sorry. I got a bit caught up there.
Telemachus : Gods be good, where did you get that thing?
Eleni : He seemed /quite/ ready to surrender.
Polytropos : ... it was the Satyr's...
Eleni : *Sighs*
Polytropos : Sorry Eleni.
Eleni : These were never good men, I suppose, but there was hope for them yet.
Telemachus : *that* one? it wasn't half so good when I tried it.
Kataramene : Let's see if they want to give in.
Polytropos : We've never let them run and give up before.
Telemachus : they don't usually try..
Kataramene : I know, but this is slaughter, and possibly not their fault.
Telemachus : I was happy enough to talk to them before they started trying to kill us.
Telemachus : Try again if you like.

Polytropos : HELLO?
Bandit : Go away!
Telemachus : they're hiding behind the table.
Polytropos : Hey, can we -
Kataramene : Give them a chance!
Eleni : Surrender!
Polytropos : *advances under shield*
Polytropos : Stooop.
Bandit: *surrenders*
Eleni : Get his weapon!
Polytropos : That'll do.
Kataramene : Don't go poking in places we shouldn't just yet.
Eleni : *Sighs* now...
Polytropos : *thunks him on the head with the hilt of his sword.*
Eleni : Tell us what in Hades is going on here, if you please would.
Polytropos : ... oh.
Polytropos : Oh, he's still awake.
Eleni : ...we're sorry.
Polytropos : Well, good.
Eleni : But we can't save everyone.
Eleni : *Sighs*

Kataramene : Sweep upstairs.
Polytropos : *takes a few things.*
Eleni : ...interesting.
Polytropos : Euuugh.
Andreas Appolodorus: They can read these men?
Kataramene : Do you think that's the stone?
Eleni : *Blink*
Polytropos : It doesn't look very magical.
Kataramene : If it from a different place, that Tartarus, it probably doesn't have to be.
Telemachus : All the flys around it are probably a bad sign..
Eleni : ...not, definitely not normal.
Kataramene : IT's supposed to have a bad effect on mortals there, so touching it might do the same.

Lazyzeus : The smell upstairs is quite... potent.

Eleni : *Sighs* The bandits just tore these apart. What a waste...
Polytropos : More inclined to think one of them just crapped on a scroll.
Eleni : *Looks through the shelves and scattered papers for anything remotely useful*
Kataramene : You think? *peers at the "stone" *

Polytropos : Hey Leo.
Leonidas : stone's downstairs
Polytropos : Aha!
Leonidas : It's a big glowing red column.
Leonidas : It's in a small corner room.

Kataramene : ....
Kataramene : Sometimes I hate it when he's right.
Eleni : Alright, I suppose.
Eleni : It seems they were thorough in their vandalism.
Telemachus : nasty looking
Polytropos : Oooh.
Polytropos : Oooh yes.
Leonidas : *searches for anything of value*
Polytropos : Shiny, though...
Telemachus : hmm
Telemachus : doesn't even have a keyhole.
Polytropos : That's the second biggest door I've ever seen.
Telemachus : well good job it wasn't trapped..

Lazyzeus : Your efforts don't even leave a scratch on the door.

Polytropos : Hi Eleni!
Eleni : I don't expect that to work.
Andreas Appolodorus: Good for target practice.
Polytropos : We found the magicest of magic doors.
Telemachus : yeah that's not moving
Telemachus : stop breaking your knuckles.
Eleni : ...is it really? Because it's a pretty big target.
Eleni : Hm, Andreas might be interested in those gloves.
Polytropos : Ah, alright.
Eleni : They look good for punching people with.
Andreas Appolodorus: Gloves? Can I see?
Polytropos : Punching gloves! Apparently.
Eleni : This door... might not be a door.
Eleni : A literal one, anyway.
Telemachus : That'd suit you..
Polytropos : *ponders the door.*
Kataramene : Think that big crystal has anything to do with it?
Andreas Appolodorus: They look interesting.
Eleni : Almost certainly.
Polytropos : ... was wondering that...
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : ... the bandits never unboarded this room, so... they didn't try.
Kataramene : We don't /want/ to open it now anyway, do we?
Telemachus : I think they're the ones who boarded it up..
Leonidas : How do you know they didn't put up the boards?
Eleni : This is the crystal they must have touched..
Kataramene : Didn't Hermes say we might benefit from what the Forge could do before we tries?
Eleni : ...I strongly suggest nobody touch it.
Polytropos : Well, up to everyone.
Kataramene : I strongly suggest we lock the door and pile stuff in front of it too.
Eleni : I'm not entirely sure what we /should/ try.
Eleni : I mean, I could try breaking it.
Kataramene : We can't let anyone else get taken in by it, can we? Not now we know it's here?
Eleni : But gods only know what that would do.
Telemachus : Maybe, since it's a crystal thing

Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : We really could put crates in front of this, if you feel that's what we should do.
Telemachus : we could use it in the forge.
Andreas Appolodorus: Here is the magic stone. Don't think the effects will last though.
Kataramene : Wether we deal with this now or later, we have to do something to stop others getting to it.
Polytropos : ... hm. Didn't think of that.
Polytropos : Alright; how about this.
Polytropos : We flick a coin, and leave it to the gods' augury.
Polytropos : Heads we head for the Forge, Tails we play with this crystal.
Polytropos : That sound right?
Kataramene : *pauses a little and then shrugs* If we've no more information on which to base a decision that's as good a way as any.
Polytropos : *readies an obol.*
Eleni : I'm... not sure.
Polytropos : *readies to flick, awaiting a definite opinion...*
Kataramene : That's the problem.
Polytropos : We won't lose much time, as we more or less come straight back here along the road anyway.
Kataramene : Do we think locking it, piling crates, and writing a note to leave on the door that says "Beware of the leopard" will stop people touching it?
Eleni : Would it stop us?
Polytropos : No, bot we're Heroes.
Kataramene : Hence my question.
Telemachus : We'd probably want to skin the leopard.
Kataramene : Because these were simple bandits, what if it had been a more ferocious or capable foe?
Telemachus : alright, well, Eleni, do you have the faintest idea of what to do with this thing/
Polytropos : *waggles the coin.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Should we bring some big rocks like menhirs and block the way to the statue?
Kataramene : Toss it. If it says leave and we don't want to follow the decision, then we've at least made one.
Polytropos : I've always trusted the coin.
Polytropos : It told me to kiss you, when we were fourteen or so.
Polytropos : That worked out.
Eleni : Did it?
Polytropos : Yeah... eventually... So, you know. Fate of the world? Coin. Sure.
Polytropos : *ahem*
Eleni : If it comes up on the 'mess with the stone' side, what do we even /do/?
Polytropos : o Apollo, god of prophecy, bless this simple augur in our hour of need.

Leonidas : So what's the hold up down here?
Kataramene : *looks at the coin and grins* We find out.
Polytropos : *flicks. odds - heads, evens - tails.*
Polytropos : *it lands heads.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Deciding the fate of a red statue.
Polytropos : ... Apollo says "Go to the Forge."
Telemachus : right then.
Eleni : Gives us some time to mull this one over, I suppose.
Polytropos : *looks up.* Thanks.
Kataramene : And what I suggest we do is protect our minds and touch it.
Polytropos : *piles some crates.*
Eleni : That.. could be an experiment...
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Kataramene : *also starts moving crates* Try to make it look like there's just a wall behind the crates, and nothing important.
Eleni : I can rid you of most of its effects, but there might be lasting, mental problems...
Polytropos : *looks at their handiwork, and nods.*
Kataramene : *hefts and dumps*
Eleni : Looking at how, ah.... dulled the bandits are.
Polytropos : A masterpiece of camouflage!
Lazyzeus : You make a big pile of crates against the door.
Kataramene : Let Leo do it then, it won't matter.
Polytropos : *grins*
Eleni : But that might be due to prolonged use.
Eleni : The problem with that is we wouldn't /notice/ if there were ill effects or it turned him into a monster.
Kataramene : So, who can write? We need the notice with "Beware of the .... actually, beware of the plague."
Eleni : "Cesspit"
Polytropos : Ooo, that's a good one.
Telemachus : with the doorway covered hopefully nobody will realise there's even a room there
Kataramene : Plague is good.

Leonidas : *keeps watch outside*

Eleni : *Looks at the bandit still crying on the floor*
Telemachus : what are we going to do about him?
Kataramene : People won't want to risk that.
Eleni : I don't know...
Kataramene : Take him with us.
Polytropos : Augh.
Telemachus : I'm not carrying him.
Andreas Appolodorus: * Examine meat on fire * Is that overcooked?
Kataramene : Can you charm him, Eleni?
Eleni : Sure, but it won't last until we get back.
Kataramene : I meant tomake him go to Argos, or perhaps to forget this place at all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't think I can save it.
Kataramene : Eat it burned then.
Eleni : I can try. If he were awake.
Polytropos : I've an idea!
Kataramene : Throw water on him. I'm going to get some paper.
Eleni : ..is it a horrible one?
Polytropos : Let's bury him in the bodies of his friends.
Polytropos : When he wakes up, there's no WAY he'll stay here.
Eleni : That's a yes, then.
Kataramene : It works for me!
Polytropos : It'd work!
Kataramene : *holds nose and fetches paper*
Eleni : Behind your pleasant demeanour hides a twisted mind, Pol.
Telemachus : Oh just drag him along with us until we decide what to do with him
Polytropos : ... don't like bandits...
Polytropos : You hear that, man? You bring out the worst in me.
Eleni : That's because there used to be a demon in there. In your head.
Telemachus : We can't muck around here all day.
Eleni : We chased it away.
Kataramene : *presents paper to Eleni* Write beware of the plague on there.
Polytropos : Oh Zeus.
Eleni : It will never, ever be time to touch the stone again. Ever.
Polytropos : *draws sword.*
Kataramene : What did he do before he came here?
Eleni : *Does as Kat asks, writing 'PLAGUE' in great big letters*
Polytropos : Raaaaagh! Go away and never come back!
Eleni : *Sighs*
Kataramene : The stone is pla.....
Polytropos : Scaring you away!
Polytropos : There's plague!
Polytropos : Better go then!
Eleni : You'd better run, then.
Eleni : And not come back here, ever.
Polytropos : Nope.
Eleni : You don't.
Kataramene : Either that or do Pil's suggstion. *irritable expression*
Polytropos : Stone's gone. Someone took it.
Polytropos : Yup. A giant.
Eleni : It /ate/ it.
Polytropos : He might be coming back, so.
Eleni : ...that was quite convincing.
Polytropos : That was for you, I hope you realise.
Bandit : Run! Giant!
Kataramene : *uses a dagger from a bandit to pin one note to the doorway*
Polytropos : Anyway, we've seen giants. Assholes, all of then.
Eleni : And for you, I hope.
Polytropos : ... hm.
Kataramene : *does the same at the front doorway*

Leonidas : *shoots down fleeing bandit*

Telemachus : ... why'd you?
Eleni : ...gods damn it, LEo!
Polytropos : ... whoops.
Eleni : Are you really this stupid, or just evil?
Leonidas : What??
Kataramene : *nails another to the wood of the gate*
Polytropos : *exhales.*
Telemachus : Oh so sphinxes are wodnerful but you'll kill a person without a thought?
Leonidas : He was getting away!
Eleni : He was supposed to!
Eleni : He was cured!
Polytropos : You know, I think our teamwork's suffered a bit.
Kataramene : *aaaaaand the last one to a tree*
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Eleni : Ugh.
Leonidas : He's cured now for sure.
Eleni : Sadly, I fear you will never be.
Kataramene : *looks at the body, then at Leo*
Polytropos : Sorry, man.
Polytropos : *shrugs at the corpse*
Eleni : *Storms off*
Kataramene : *sighs*
Polytropos : *a tense walk later...*

Lazyzeus : Night is falling as you approach the familiar crossroads.

Kataramene : Set up a camp?
Eleni : *Vague sound of assent*
Telemachus : I suppose we'd better.
Polytropos : It's a long walk along the Corinth road, so...

Leonidas : *looks around*

Polytropos : *sets up fire.*
Kataramene : *makes herself comfortable by a log* Anyone carrying any fresh meat?
Polytropos : I could sort something out if you give me an hour...
Eleni : *Sits down, staring glumly into the fire*
Polytropos : ... sorry Eleni.
Andreas Appolodorus: I've got beer.
Kataramene : Some roast meat would be good.
Andreas Appolodorus: *Burp*
Polytropos : I'll see what I can do.

Leonidas : Some wild boar nearby
Polytropos : Heh.
Polytropos : Back you come with me...
Kataramene : He won't have to look far, then.

Lazyzeus : Polytropos kills a boar, skins it, and brings it back to camp to roast. Within an hour you have a delicious meal to speed the evening...

Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : *Not looking away from the fire* ...it's the worst thing about all this, you know.
Kataramene : What is?
Polytropos : The worst thing?
Polytropos : Does it taste that bad...?
Eleni : It used to be knew we couldn't alway do everything perfectly. Sometimes, things just go wrong.
Polytropos : Oh.
Eleni : But we're stronger now. Maybe not smarter, but...
Eleni : We had the power to save everyone today. And we didn't.
Kataramene : I get you. It's what I was thinking.
Kataramene : Should have tried something to get them to down their weapons, anything.
Eleni : Because we didn't know how. Or maybe because we just didn't care enough.
Andreas Appolodorus: There is no honor or pride in defeating those weaker than us.
Polytropos : ... maybe. Were they worth our - actually quite important, now - time?
Kataramene : With power comes responsibility?
Telemachus : They made their choices.
Polytropos : *considers this.*
Eleni : *Shrugs* I don't know, Pol... but when did we become so high and mighty that it's up to us to decide that?
Telemachus : those choices involved robbing travellers and attacking us
Telemachus : *shrug*
Kataramene : *nods at Eleni*
Polytropos : *more thinking.*
Polytropos : ... I suppose...
Polytropos : I saw weapons and I thought, 'aha, a fight.'
Kataramene : We might have to stop being so fast to do that.
Telemachus : They'd already started throwing javlins at us.
Eleni : And it used to be that meant we were being challenged. We were at odds. Opposing sides.
Eleni : This wasn't anything like that.
Polytropos : Hmf.
Polytropos : So...
Eleni : We were lions crushing ants underfoot.
Kataramene : *nods again*
Polytropos : We're the kings of the battlefield, and we have to rule wisely?
Leonidas : Thats what lions do.
Telemachus : They spent all their time preying on those weaker than themselves.
Eleni : And lions are assholes.
Telemachus : that's litterally how they made a living as bandits
Leonidas : and ants have to learn to stay out of the way.
Kataramene : *looks up and nods at Pol*
Andreas Appolodorus: Bandits? Who knows we may with some luck be able to stop a Persian army by now.
Polytropos : This is sounding like a lot more work.
Eleni : It is.
Polytropos : *weary, put-upon tone.*
Eleni : But the alternative is agreeing with Leo.
Polytropos : Gnyurgh.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : ... sorry, Leo, but. Gnyurgh.
Kataramene : Don't get me wrong, something comes running with a sword I'm not going to let anyone die for not trying. But ... if we can threaten them down, you know?
Eleni : That's all I mean. We have a responsibility to at least try.
Leonidas : ...and how much thought did you give to killing and eating that boar?
Eleni : Their minds were not their own.
Kataramene : Other world demony things, they're asking for it, of course.
Leonidas : You were hungry and could so you did.
Telemachus : Who can know the future? If we didn't kill them, maybe they'd have carried on harassing travllers.
Polytropos : Lots of thought! I thought, "I'm hungry."
Eleni : Do you see people as no different from any random animal, Leo?
Telemachus : and then innocent people would die.
Eleni : Because if so, that rather explains a lot.
Polytropos : Is this some of that philosophy you were talking about in Argos?
Kataramene : Which is why we threaten them down, right?
Leonidas : We see the boar as animals, I'm sure some see us as such.
Telemachus : A threat only works for as long as you're around to carry it out.
Kataramene : They don't want to change, then all bets are off.
Kataramene : We come back.
Kataramene : No second chances.
Telemachus : That'd be cold comfort for dead travellers.

Lazyzeus : The night passes peacefully, and soon the first stirrings of dawn begin to brighten the horizon. The talk continues over the morning meal.

Polytropos : ... I think dawn's coming.
Kataramene : *frowns and shakes her head* Too complicated to work through this side of saving the world.
Leonidas : One needs to be aware and prepare for the dangers of the road one travels.
Eleni : *Shakes her head* I know...
Telemachus : Like I said, they made their choices, and we didn't even shoot first. Shame the one who surrendered got killed. But my conscience is clear.
Kataramene : The forge awaits us.
Eleni : But I can't not think about these things.
Eleni : But they /didn't/ choose, Tel.
Eleni : They had their wills taken from them.
Eleni : By something a lot worse than any petty bandit.
Telemachus : It's not a magic crystal that makes people into bandtis.
Andreas Appolodorus: If we kill all bandits and pirates soon mercenaries will be out of work.
Kataramene : That was what I wondered. Were they that bad before they touched it? *shrugs*
Telemachus : they got power, and the first thing they did was use it to prey on those without.
Polytropos : All we can do is do our best to please the gods, then ourselves, in that order.
Leonidas : I think they were bandits long before they were affected by that stone or whatever.
Kataramene : *gives Andreas a withering look and rises to stamp out the fire*
Eleni : That doesn't mean that's all they ever would be.
Telemachus : Right, corinth road to the forge.
Telemachus : Well it's all they ever chose to be.
Eleni : Maybe there wasn't much left of their minds after all of that, though...
Kataramene : I'm with Eleni, though. Sometimes we just have to give things a bit more thought.
Leonidas : True and they ran out of time to make a different choice.
Eleni : Maybe death wasn't so bad after what happened to them. But still.
Telemachus : and the people they murdered were all they ever shall be. and the people who they wont get the chance to murder, will get the chance to be what they can.
Eleni : We don't have the right to make that choice.
Polytropos : Maybe it was supposed to be this way, and we were the agents of Nemesis.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol thoughtfully* Maybe.
Eleni : I don't like to think of us as /agents/, Pol.
Polytropos : It's what the Gods do, Eleni.
Eleni : That just sounds like we refuse to take responsibility for our own choices.
Polytropos : Pretty sure if one of them wanted those folk to live, they could have arranged for them to be elsewhere...
Leonidas : *strums harp*

Polytropos : ... auuugh...
Polytropos : ... are we there yet...
Kataramene : Look who it is!
Polytropos : Oh!
Eleni : Ah... *Waves* Hello.
Polytropos : Hail the hut!
Eirene: Indeed.
Olympiodorus: *waves* Well bless the Gods!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : I think it's irrisponsible *not* to remove dangerous things to protect those less capable.
Andreas Appolodorus: What now?
Eleni : It's been a long while.
Olympiodorus: What a sight for sore eyes* toothless grin*
Kataramene : Are you keeping well?
Eirene: So it has!
Eirene: Very peaceful, ever since you removed those annoying giant bugs.
Eleni : Well, do try to be striking and heroic...
Leonidas : Good to hear.
Eleni : Hm, yes. Those bugs.
Eleni : We never did find out where that draught came from.
Eirene: We really can't thank you enough. Would you like some hot cakes? They're fresh from the oven.
Olympiodorus: How long has it been since you've passed this way?
Leonidas : Sure!
Polytropos : *holds Kat's hand.*
Eleni : Well! I don't see how we can refuse.
Telemachus : A couple of years I think
Kataramene : That would be wonderful, we can eat them as we walk.
Eirene: *shares out some piping oat cakes, sweetened with honey*
Kataramene : *seems happy to let him*
Andreas Appolodorus: * grab n eat a piece of cake *
Telemachus : *takes one eagerly*
Leonidas : *helps himself and nods*
Olympiodorus: Its passed like.....a firefly! But its been wonderful, hasn't it Eirene?
Eleni : Hm! Thank you.
Leonidas : Thanks!
Eirene: I've been new things in the kitchen. I call these, "scones."
Eirene: Indeed, Oly and I have been very happy.
Kataramene : *uses the other hand to much the cake*
Eleni : Very creative of you. And that's wonderful to hear.
Polytropos : *cheerful munch.*
Olympiodorus: *nods* She's bakes wondeful things
Eirene: It's so nice of you to bring us together. To think, we were living so close all this time and never knew it!
Kataramene : *wears a kind of satisfied air*
Eirene: Off to Corinth today?
Kataramene : We've business there.
Kataramene : Or in that direction, at least.
Eleni : We'll probably be passing back before long.
Eirene: Well. It's a long walk! Thank you so much for stopping by!
Polytropos : We're going up Mount Oly... Olyg...
Olympiodorus: Your good at that....business. Heard some fine things about you last time I was in Argos
Eirene: You're welcome at any time.
Eirene: Do be careful!
Eleni : Always.
Eleni : You two look after yourselves, now.
Kataramene : And you too.
Eirene: *passes out a few more scones for the road*
Eleni : And each other!
Polytropos : Enjoy!
Eleni : *Happy accepts them*
Olympiodorus: She looks after me wonderfully, don't you dear?
Kataramene : We'll calll for more cake on our return!
Telemachus : goodbye!
Olympiodorus: *waves*

Polytropos : You can be a real romantic when you want to be.
Kataramene : *cautious glance at him*
Eleni : Hard not to be, with their story.
Polytropos : *smile*
Polytropos : ... not that I'm going to ask for cake or anything.
Kataramene : Just seemed like the thing to do, too. Like the gods wanted us to find that token and make the connection.

Polytropos : ... uhoh.
Eleni : Those are not chickens.
Polytropos : Big chickens-
Eleni : Aah!
Eleni : ...sorry, those were ah... the wrong bolts.
Polytropos : So it seems.
Eleni : I seem to have run out of regular ones...
Kataramene : What were they?
Polytropos : These are weird, I don't want to eat these...
Eleni : The explosive bolts our inventor friend gave me.
Andreas Appolodorus: Regular chicken?
Kataramene : I meant the birds, but whatever.
Eleni : Oh. Cockatrices.
Polytropos : Eleni!
Eleni : You know. They can turn you to stone if you're not careful.
Andreas Appolodorus: Strange name.
Kataramene : ... really?
Polytropos : Where'd you learn language like that?
Eleni : What? That's what they're called!
Kataramene : Hnnn.... good job we got rid of them then.
Polytropos : ...
Polytropos : ... oh!
Eleni : And you think I, of all people, have limits on my vocabulary?
Polytropos : Well, someone had a sense of humour.
Eleni : I could shock sailors, I assure you.
Polytropos : You wouldn't need words, even.
Eleni : Indeed.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure with your lightning.
Eleni : That way, too.

Kataramene : *climb climb trudge climb*
Eleni : Manticore!
Polytropos : Ow, ow ow ow! Ow!
Polytropos : Ow! OW!
Polytropos : Ow!
Kataramene : I was about to ask what mgical creatures we'd exterminated here.
Polytropos : *picks out spines.*
Polytropos : Ow.
Eleni : Ugh, this mountain seems to have become more dangerous since our last visit.
Telemachus : we clearly didn't exterminate them well enough
Polytropos : Thanks.
Telemachus : Pol has the key

Lazyzeus : The forge is as you left it; as you approach the strange metal door you take the key that the god gave you, and prepare to go inside...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:18 am

Lazyzeus : We left off on the side of a mountain. You can set camp before entering the forge if you feel it's safe.

Kataramene : Go in carefully?
Andreas Appolodorus: You have your precious crystals?
Polytropos : Here we go again!
Polytropos : Let's hope the Smith God isn't home... again...
Eleni : Or if he is, that he's on our side...
Polytropos : Does anyone remember the way?
Kataramene : .... no.
Polytropos : Let's try right.
Telemachus : wonder if the metal men have been rebuilt?
Eleni : I suspect we shall manage.
Telemachus : fairly sure it was this way?
Leonidas : I can hear some of the metal guys
Leonidas : Looks clear.

Polytropos : Woohoo!
Kataramene : That answered the question on the re-building.
Polytropos : Uhoh.
Eleni : Perhaps they are capable ot autonomous reconstruction?
Polytropos : Mooooviiiing sloooowlyyyy..
Kataramene : Augh....
Polytropos : It just loves you, Tel!
Kataramene : I can't even scratch it.
Kataramene : Can we make it chase us and shove it off the ledge?
Telemachus : Cold or fire!
Polytropos : It doesn't like the zapping on my sword!
Kataramene : Pol! Watch out.
Polytropos : *fights from behind the Spartan Shield*

Telemachus : Tougher than last time.
Polytropos : ... wasn't so hard.
Eleni : Ugh. No matter how much I tried to breach its resistances, it did little good.
Telemachus : oooh shiny..
Eleni : A curious metal, indeed...
Telemachus : Thanks leo
Telemachus : It's actually pretty light.. we could probably make some nice armour out of that..
Kataramene : When we go near Argos again. *gathers up the stuff*

Polytropos : Here we are again.
Eleni : Alright, so..
Eleni : I have a crystal.
Andreas Appolodorus: Enjoy!
Telemachus : Where's the hammer?
Telemachus : we left it here
Polytropos : *nods.* As do I.
Kataramene : It's not here now?

Live Forge: The forge flares and steams despite the apparent lack of fuel or attention.

Polytropos : ... I don't know, maybe Hephaestus used it to fix the metal men.
Leonidas : Hmm so how does this work exactly?
Polytropos : And then... kept it because it's his.
Telemachus : I dunno, I don't see it.
Kataramene : Did we have to find it last time?

Lazyzeus : It seems another trip into the elemental nodes is not in your fate, as without the hammer you cannot access those alternative realms.

Telemachus : Told you we should have kept it..
Telemachus : *shrugs* maybe it'll work without them
Telemachus : *it
Polytropos : Maybe... was anyone ever any good at this?
Kataramene : We can always look where we went last time?
Eleni : Perhaps, but success is far from guaranteed...
Polytropos : *sets a crystal on the ground.*
Telemachus : I'm ok at making and repairing simple stuff, I'm no master smith though
Leonidas : Hmm, I know next to nothing about smithing.
Kataramene : I don't imagine we are going to be able to do anything on a god's forge without the god's tools.
Polytropos : We can but try!
Telemachus : Maybe you an lend me that ring again Eleni?
Polytropos : What else can we do?
Leonidas : Maybe the hammer's downstairs?
Polytropos : I did look, but... those stairs went to what looked like a prison cell.
Leonidas : Hmm
Eleni : I'm sorry, Tel. We sold it.
Kataramene : Alright, well, I don't have a crystal so...
Telemachus : Bah
Eleni : Speaking of which, I've yet to hand out the spoils, though I suppose that can wait until we get back to Argos...
Leonidas : any sorta spells or potions that might help?
Eleni : I might have something else, though.
Eleni : We are doing this now? Not looking around for the hammer first?
Telemachus : If it's not here, it's probably gone..
Telemachus : door was locked
Polytropos : I suppose we COULD look for it, but.
Eleni : It's just that this little spell won't last all day.
Andreas Appolodorus: We should try to find this hammer, no?
Telemachus : it's not like anyone other than hephestus could have taken it.
Eleni : And I've only the one scroll.
Polytropos : I'll have a quick look, maybe.
Polytropos : Decide what weapons you try on.
Kataramene : How many crystals do we have?
Telemachus : alright... so are we ok with me trying this on my axe?
Telemachus : Uh three I think
Telemachus : unless damian had one
Telemachus : wherever he's gotten to...
Eleni : He might have had one.
Kataramene : Eleni, Pol and Leo?
Leonidas : I have one.
Telemachus : Ok... sooo magic the axe?
Kataramene : Are you planning to use it on your own sword?
Polytropos : Nooo hammers
Andreas Appolodorus: Is there such a thing like a tome of the forge or scroll of the forge that explains how to oerate it?
Eleni : It seems you'll only get to use this once, Tel, so....
Telemachus : It's probably wiser to use it for the three of us who actually fight in the melee with weapons all the time..
Eleni : Indeed.

Live Forge: The forge flares and steams despite the apparent lack of fuel or attention.
Telemachus: Use a Major Enhancement Crystal to empower a weapon in my right hand.
Live Forge: You have empowered your weapon.
Kataramene : *looks at Leo*
Polytropos : Yay!
Telemachus : Oh.. that was easy
Andreas Appolodorus: So?
Telemachus : You just sort of hold them together.
Telemachus : no skill required

Leonidas : *shrugs* I guess I can try it on my spear.
Andreas Appolodorus: Next please.
Eleni : Alright, so... Kat and Pol?
Polytropos : *looks at Kat.* Your turn!
Eleni : And when do you actually /use/ your spear, Leo?
Kataramene : I have no crystal.
Telemachus : Maybe you should give it to Kat or Pol Leo? you're better with the bow..
Eleni : Here's mine, Kat.
Polytropos : There's one on the floor! Go for it.
Kataramene : That was yours.
Leonidas : *shrugs* sometimes. My bow apparently would just get burned up in the forge so crystal can't be used on it.
Polytropos : Actually, that's Eleni's. Heh. Tel used mine.
Kataramene : Then you use that one.
Polytropos : Go on! You deserve it.
Telemachus : I thought I was using Elenis.. *shrug*
Eleni : Hrm. So DID Damian have one...
Eleni : I could have sworn we had four crystals in all.
Kataramene : No, you can get in finer hits than I, and this is small.
Polytropos : This is small too! Do it or I'll hold my breath.
Polytropos : *holds breath*
Kataramene : *smacks him with the flat of hers* Go do it.
Polytropos : Mmrf!
Polytropos : *points at it insistently.*
Andreas Appolodorus: What's up with you two? Come on!
Polytropos : Mrf mmf.
Kataramene : *shove* Go.
Eleni : This is cute and all, but we should probably decide.
Polytropos : Mrrf!
Telemachus : If one of you doesn't take it in the next ten seconds I'm putting it on my axe
Andreas Appolodorus: We don't want more guardians to spot us.
Telemachus : one
Polytropos : Mrf!
Telemachus : two
Telemachus : three
Kataramene : *shove*
Telemachus : four
Polytropos : *pleadin' look*
Eleni : It would make for a /very/ nice axe, I suppose.
Telemachus : Five, I'm half way there!
Eleni : But I don't think the Forge will actually let you do it.
Telemachus : six
Kataramene : Oh all RIGHT,.
Telemachus : six and a half..
Polytropos : *holds his sword in the air, victorious*
Eleni : That should help a bit.
Kataramene : I hope I see you use that spear, Leio, or I'm showing you the sharp end of this.
Telemachus : You don't need help, you just push them together..
Kataramene : *Sort of pokes the sword into the flame and throws in the crystal*

Live Forge: The forge flares and steams despite the apparent lack of fuel or attention.
Kataramene: Use a Major Enhancement Crystal to empower a weapon in my right hand.
Live Forge: You have empowered your weapon.

Polytropos : *lets out his breath.*
Polytropos : *pant pant* Whew, that was close.
Eleni : Content at winning your first post-engagement skirmish?
Polytropos : *puts his sword in the air again.*
Eleni : They do say love is a battlefield...
Kataramene : Do what's going to keep them away from you, Leo, not what will help just a little when we've all gone.
Polytropos : *hugs Kat.*
Eleni : When we've all gone, you'll probably just be running away.

Live Forge: The forge flares and steams despite the apparent lack of fuel or attention.
Leonidas: Use a Major Enhancement Crystal to empower a weapon in my right hand.
Live Forge: You have empowered your weapon.

Kataramene : *gives him a solemn look and hugs back*
Polytropos : I have to work sooo hard to get you to take nice things.
Leonidas : Hmm, guess that worked.
Polytropos : And it's fine! Now I can be the bowman and Leo can take my place in the front line.
Eleni : Yes. I'm sure he won't mind that at all.
Polytropos : *chuckle*
Leonidas : *laughs*
Polytropos : Welcome to the shield wall!
Polytropos : *quick kiss.*
Polytropos : Alright! Where to?
Eleni : Argos, I suppose.
Telemachus : You're going to love it, we'll get you your first broken nose in no time.
Kataramene : *quick one back and release*
Leonidas : There have been times I have not been able to help out as my bow has not been effective, so having this is a good back up in such cases.
Polytropos : Ah, one last visit to Argos.
Polytropos : Maybe we'll even find Damien!
Eleni : Perhaps...
Polytropos : How's the axe feel?
Telemachus : Like I could cut god.
Polytropos : Careful.
Eleni : It's going to have to cut something even older.

Polytropos : *locks door.*
Telemachus : Dont throw the key away this time, huh?
Polytropos : Yessir.
Andreas Appolodorus: The view here is amazing as always.
Telemachus : wrong way
Eleni : We first met our, ah.. messenger around here, didn't we?
Polytropos : The Messenger.
Eleni : Seems so long ago..
Kataramene : No more of those spikey things.
Eleni : We hadn't even seen Argos yet.
Polytropos : Wendigores.
Telemachus : It was Hermes, lets not beat around the bush
Leonidas : *stops and drinks some of the fresh water from the river*
Kataramene : Visited by the gods even then.
Eleni : I wonder if they always had this planned for us.
Polytropos : Maybe there were other bands of heroes from other places that didn't do as well.
Eleni : And everything up until now has been a trial? Perhaps.
Polytropos : I mean, someone must be dropping all these swords and things we found.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : That's true.

Lazyzeus : The journey to Argos is familiar and uneventful. You spend another quiet night at the crossroads, and by midmorning you are approaching the city. The countryside seems almost asleep.

Polytropos : Aw! Rain.
Kataramene : It needs to rain sometimes.
Polytropos : Are we theeere yet.
Eleni : Oh, if anyone has anything to sell...
Kataramene : Nearly!
Eleni : Now's the time to tell me. I've already got a bunch of coin to hand out..
Polytropos : Just these bits of blue gemstone.
Leonidas : *drops an offering and murmers a short prayer*
Kataramene : A couple of small things, I think. Plus that shiney metal.
Kataramene : The bits of the metal man.
Eleni : The metal, we might have a use for.
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*

Polytropos : Hail the city!
Eleni : Greetings, and such.
Argosian Officer: *nods to the Heroes* Welcome home
Telemachus : Good morning
Leonidas : *nods*
Argosian Guard: Let me get the gate for you! Not you, wagoneer, you can wait.
Argosian Officer: All's well in the world?
Polytropos : This world, sure.
Eleni : If it were, there would be no need for heroes.
Leonidas : That's right, doom is coming.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Argosian Officer: True, true *watches the rear of the two women as they pass
Eleni : The foreign merchants usually offer the best prices.
Eleni : I'll get you your spending money in a bit!
Leonidas : Been a loooong time since I've got any gold.
Kataramene : You know, I have that old armour stuffed into my pack. The one made from the dragon scales.
Polytropos : Ohh, really?
Telemachus : Chonionides usually does the best things with strange materials..
Polytropos : I don't even remember what that looked like.
Kataramene : I wonder if the blacksmith could make a weapon from it?
Andreas Appolodorus: Or boots?
Telemachus : A weapon made out of scales?
Polytropos : ... weapon made of scales...? *dubious*
Kataramene : Oh yes, of course.
Telemachus : but maybe boots? or a cloak?
Kataramene : We could sell it if we need funds, or I can carry it further if it's defense mught be useful?
Telemachus : I got him to make the Lions hide into a cloak, when the armour didn't suit.
Kataramene : Boots are a thought.
Polytropos : Could... sell it, I mean, I'm fine with my cuirass here...
Telemachus : I don't think we need the money really.
Telemachus : we can always sell it later.
Kataramene : I'll probably need some to pay him.
Polytropos : What's the word? Spolas.
Andreas Appolodorus: If it can be reshapped to help any of us we should try that first.
Leonidas : *restocks arrow quiver*
Kataramene : Some gloves for you, perhaps?
Eleni : Your seventh.
Leonidas : *smiles* Nice!
Kataramene : I've still got that armour you made from dragon scales, but am wondering if you could do something different with them since you made me this?
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps long after my death people we remember as Andreas the bare feat hero.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah ah.
Andreas Appolodorus: * remember me
Polytropos : People've been remembered for weirder things...
Eleni : Oh, Tel.
Telemachus : phew! thanks
Eleni : There you go.
Telemachus : .. wow..
Eleni : That took a /lot/ of counting.
Eleni : Make good use of itno w!
Polytropos : Woah!
Eleni : Here you go Pol.
Polytropos : What did you sell? Corinth?
Eleni : And yes, that does seem to be the theme..
Andreas Appolodorus: Worry not about me.
Eleni : Well, this is all the things we got since leaving Argos AND from the island of the mad mage.
Eleni : So, you know.
Kataramene : Whatever you feel you can do that might help? That or perhaps some footguards?
Polytropos : I wonder what I can get with this...
Kataramene : *blinks at the weight of the coin purse*
Eleni : That's all except Damian's share.
Andreas Appolodorus: Coins? Again? What am I to do with all these?
Kataramene : We never are. Thank you so much Chionedes.
Eleni : You can spend them on healing kits and scroll of ressurection, if nothing else.
Eleni : Or perhaps some actual clothes.
Kataramene : Buy something we might really need if you have none, yes. *claps him on the shoulder*
Andreas Appolodorus: But you ladies are smooth talkers you should handle such purchases. Tell me how much you need.
Eleni : I doubt we'll find many stores in Tartarus, so..
Eleni : Let us stock up.
Kataramene : I've still a goodly number.
Eleni : I've got about ten kits.
Eleni : Think I handed some over because they were weighing me down..
Andreas Appolodorus: Only ten?
Eleni : I can't cary that much, alright!
Eleni : I've already carrying three hardwood staves.
Polytropos : ... still closed, hm.
Polytropos : Oh, sorry. Yes, I'm a Hero.
Kataramene : I have near 90, and one of those pieces of paper that give life.
Polytropos : Who'd you prefer?
Polytropos : Can't go wrong with Zeus.
Polytropos : Me too, man. Me too.
Polytropos : Anyway! Hurry!
Polytropos : Ha!
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we have enough supplies?
Polytropos : Try compliments and wine, they're cheaper.
Eleni : If you're really looking to spend your money on something, Andreas, these sandals seem your style.
Polytropos : Oh. Ohhhh.
Kataramene : Do we have supplies?
Polytropos : Well, you're on your own on that one.
Eleni : I've none.
Polytropos : Give up wine! Then she'll look on you with favour!
Eleni : ...and actually, not a whole lot to spend my coin on apart from yet more healing supplies.
Telemachus : I could really use some better boots.. and some bracers..
Andreas Appolodorus: We should buy our own ship and twenty two horses.
Telemachus : they don't have much here though
Eleni : I don't really /have/ any boots. Or a belt.
Telemachus : want this one?
Eleni : I suppose it'll ward against fire a bit.
Kataramene : Oh, I forgot this shiney metal.
Telemachus : getting a little bit less singed is well worth it.
Eleni : ...or maybe not, since my cloak already does that.
Telemachus : Ah. that's why I replaced it.
Telemachus : give it to someone else
Telemachus : you didn't show the smith that metal?
Telemachus : we should go now..
Telemachus : he takes weeks sometimes
Kataramene : I forgot, after thinking about the armour being changed.
Telemachus : maybe we can pay him to hurry it up
Eleni : So how is the temple doing...?
Polytropos : Oh, it's still closed.
Eleni : Hm. Figured.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice things you got here.
Telemachus : We should probably stop over in the village before we leave
Eleni : A shame. They were the only ones who carried scrolls of raising..
Telemachus : we could leave them some of the money.
Kataramene : Yes, just to check things are okay.
Kataramene : I forgot, Chonedes, we found something new!
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't think you could find some magic yeast or something.
Kataramene : Parts from a man made of metal.
Eleni : ...some... magic yeast...?
Eleni : *Blinks at Andreas*
Andreas Appolodorus: Aye for raising the dead.
Eleni : That's... not how that works.
Andreas Appolodorus: Never mind then.
Eleni : Er, alright.
Polytropos : It's fascinating how his mind works.
Chionides: *turns the piece over in his hands* Hmmm....
Kataramene : It's very light, so I'm not sure how useful it would be, but if there's a way you can fashion it we would be grateful. Perhaps into plates on boots, if the scale are made into a himation?
Eleni : Impressive lateral thinking, I suppose.
Eleni : But those scrolls WOULD have been very useful where we're going...
Eleni : There won't be any dragging corpses to a temple if any of us fall.
Chionides: *rubs beard*
Chionides: It's going to be quite a job
Chionides: There will be expenses....
Andreas Appolodorus: * w * isn't there some black market where you could get some scrolls?
Kataramene : We expected as much.
Eleni : None that I've heard of.
Andreas Appolodorus: Who would know about such thing?
Eleni : Priests, usually. It's their sort of magic.
Kataramene : Certainly, do you need anything for himation?
Eleni : Only we've... rather ruined the larges temple in the city.
Polytropos : Hmmm...
Kataramene : And ... would any extra gold speed things along? We're ... on a tight schedule.
Andreas Appolodorus: Any smuggler we know around here?
Kataramene : Unfortunately the rest was battered beyond retrieval.
Telemachus : We sort of had to burn it to death.
Polytropos : *scratches head.* Uh, I think we ran one out of town a while back.
Eleni : Um... yes. Just the ones we've killed or driven off.
Andreas Appolodorus: I mean a friendly one.
Kataramene : That was all I picked up.
Eleni : I'm not sure if they'd deal in specialized scrolls, anyhow.
Kataramene : *looks at Tel* No one else grabbed any, did they?
Telemachus : I don't think so?
Chionides: It's small but I'm sure I can do something with it. Just don't expect much covering!
Eleni : I'll go check on the market, I supose.
Telemachus: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kataramene : *shrugs ruefully at Chionedes* Your best is as good as we can expect. How long will these jobs take?
Chionides: *shakes head side to side* I'll need at least two weeks....three would be better
Chionides: Certainly not quicker than that!
Polytropos : It's been nice dealing with you fellows. May we meet agian.
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps we should work on becoming immortals that would solve your scroll shortage problem.
Kataramene : *sighs a little* Alright, we'll have to come to you when we are back.
Telemachus : Sure we can't speed up the process?
Telemachus : We'd pay well..
Chionides: I'm sorry, nut masterwork takes time. There can be no shortcuts!
Kataramene : Shall we spend the night at the villa?
Telemachus : yes yes, I understand..
Eleni : I suppose we shall.
Eleni : Sadly, since we've driven the temple out of bussiness, we'll not have any scrolls of raising..
Chionides: *To the Guard* Go and call Demerius for me. I need him here ASAP
Metrodorus: Can I interest you in some fine linens this day? Perhaps some supplies for the road?
Polytropos: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Merchant's Guard: *nods* Certainly Master Smith
Andreas Appolodorus: Is there a problem here?
Telemachus : I used the word as much as I can, so there's no way to help anyone with that either..
Kataramene : Did we not have a rod?
Eleni : Did we?
Telemachus : Maybe Damian did
Kataramene : Oh... that was ... never mind. One scroll is all we have, unless we can find another temple.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be it was "empty".
Eleni : Another well-supplied, friendly temple.
Kataramene : Are we ranging near that of Athena?
Eleni : Perhaps in Corinth, but...
Leonidas : Wasn't there off the road we bypassed once before?
Kataramene : Failing anything else we have to see where we pass, yes.
Kataramene : To the villa for the night?
Telemachus : Lets go.
Eleni : I suppose, yes. If we've all the supplies we can get.
Polytropos : Pack's bulging!
Kataramene : We should at least let him know how we fair.
Eleni : Epistor. Yes...
Kataramene : Comfortable beds! It may be the last we see of one for a while.
Polytropos : That's true...
Polytropos : *shares a look*
Kataramene : *grins a little*
Polytropos : *smirks back.*
Polytropos : C'mon.
Telemachus : .. probably faster ot go through the city.
Eleni : The way the others are going, yes..
Kataramene : We're going to the villa Leo!
Polytropos : Doot dee doo.
Leonidas : hmm ok
Telemachus : I wonder who lives here now..
Kataramene : I wonder who... *grins*
Andreas Appolodorus: Same here.

Lazyzeus : As you pass by your old home, you hear laughter from inside. Apparently someone has taken over your old residence.

Eleni : *Sighs*
Polytropos : ALRIGHT!
Eleni : Well, at least they're having joy of it.
Kataramene : We did, so someone else should.
Kataramene : *chuckles*

Lazyzeus : You head out to the estate...

Andreas Appolodorus: I race you to the gate.
Acamas : No, you idiot! How many times do I have to tell you...
Eleni : Hello!
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Telemachus : Open the dooooor
Acamas : It's an inanimate freaking obj... hey!
Telemachus : we need our own keys..
Large Wooden Door: Locked
Kataramene : Hail the house!
Eleni : And all within it.
Polytropos : Hello hello!
Kataramene : *greets folk with a smile*
Acamas: Ah, you're back.
Eleni : How are we doing here, then?
Telemachus : putting him through his paces?
Leonidas : Ah your star pupil.
Acamas: Well, I've almost got him to where he can fight a training dummy and not hurt himself.
Kataramene : Tell me, did you have another fellow come this way?
Acamas: Would be better if we had a few more pupils, however.
Polytropos : Progress!
Leonidas : I can see this school has a great future in store.
Acamas: No, nobody but Heracles Reborn here.
Pallas: *cuts him a dirty look but keeps practicing
Kataramene : That's a shame. We met a fellow on the road and pointed him here.
Telemachus : That guy we met probably got lost on the way, he was simple.
Polytropos : He's probably in Asia by now.
Acamas: Couldn't be any slower than Wrath of Ares here.
Epistor: Masters!
Polytropos : Epistor!
Polytropos : How goes?
Kataramene : *grins at Acamas*
Andreas Appolodorus: You know we could free some slaves and invite them to train here.
Carpenter: *hammer's at the door*
Epistor: I wish you would send word ahead when you are returning, it woudl allow us to prepare a proper greeting.
Eleni : It isn't first among our thoughts at the moment...
Telemachus : we never really know
Epistor: I know you always have pressing business.
Polytropos : That's a really good idea. How would we do that?
Eleni : Yes. I'm afraid we won't be staying long.
Kataramene : The life of a hero is sudden arrivals, and just as swift departures, it seems.
Polytropos : I want a proper greeting for once.
Epistor: *smiles* Of course. I understand.
Kataramene : I'll give you a proper one later.
Epistor: Well, Melina will get your rooms ready.
Polytropos : *smirk returns.*
Leonidas : Maybe Damian could train a bird or magic one to carry a message?
Epistor: *leans in conspiratorily* You know, she's actually becoming a halfway decent cook.
Polytropos : By Zeus!
Eleni : *Smiles* Good to hear.
Kataramene : We may be gone a while this time, so home cooked would be welcome.
Acamas: Yeah, our Would-be Champion can eat, that he can do with great skill.
Kataramene : Also to learn how things fair, and what you might need from us.
Epistor: All goes well, very well.
Kataramene : The village too?
Leonidas : *yawns* I'm sure that'll change.
Epistor: I'm told the harvest at Heropolis will be surprisingly excellent.
Telemachus : That's somethijng we''ll need to consider actually, enough food and other supplies for the trip.. I doubt there'll be much forage where we're going.
Epistor: The olives are the size of figs, and the figs are the size of... well, bigger figs.
Eleni : ...yes, we thought that might happen.
Polytropos : Figgers!
Eleni : I just hope the next crop of children born there won't be the size of titans.
Kataramene : That's good to hear. That the village is self sustaining is important.
Epistor: Not only self-sustaining, I am sure we will have a profit come harvest.
Polytropos : Life is grand!
Telemachus : heh I might get some angry husbands knocking at the door if they're all sudeenly taller than usual..
Epistor: Would you prefer to reinvest the revenues, or take them in coinage?
Kataramene : If we are not back by then plough the profit into developing the village and here, but if we are we can decide then.
Acamas: If you have extra money, I can always use it to improve the training facilities.
Acamas: Assuming we ever get any more students.
Telemachus : invest it, we shouldn;t need a lot of gold for a while
Polytropos : Training facilities is nice...
Epistor: Ah yes. Acamas had asked me earlier about improving accomadations
Kataramene : We could do as Andreas suggested? Free some slaves and train them?
Leonidas : *leans on the rail and listens*
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Polytropos : He got it second try, look!
Polytropos : Aaand there he goes.
Eleni : I feel like I should mention.. I mean...
Eleni : ...we don't know if we will be coming back from this one.
Epistor: Don't say that!
Telemachus : A lot of slaves probably wont want to leave nice quiet indoor jobs for the dangerous life of a gladiatior..
Acamas: *looks horrified*
Eleni : But it's true. Right now, we're not even sure how we'd get back even if we succeed.
Acamas: Don't even mention that!
Eleni : I feel like we should have some plan for his place in case that happens.
Kataramene : We'll try, naturally, but it's important to be sure all that's been started continues yes.
Acamas: But...but...what about all this? *waves an arm expansively*
Acamas: What would happen to all of this?
Kataramene : Epistor knows our affairs, and I at least would want this to continue.
Eleni : I agree.
Polytropos : I s'pose you... keep it running and building until either we return some day or someone buys it.
Kataramene : Develop it. Make it a place warriors want to train.
Acamas: *shakes head* i dunno, I can't imagine working for anyone else....
Eleni : I would like to see it added to our wills that, should we be missing for long enough to be declared dead, the property go to Epistor.
Epistor: You do me great honor. But surely it will be unnecessary! You have defeated every foe you have faced.
Kataramene : *nods at Eleni's words* With the proviso that this place is maintained.
Kataramene : We may defeat them, but not find our way home. That is what I fear.
Eleni : We haven't faced a foe like this one before.
Epistor: *looks a bit flustered*
Acamas: Just when things were looking so good for the future
Epistor: Oh! I nearly forgot!
Eleni : And yes, as Kataramene said.
Epistor: There was a delivery for you.
Eleni : Oh?
Epistor: A young gentleman came by a few days ago. Very nice.
Kataramene : *looks puzzled*
Eleni : ...did this gentleman leave a name?
Kataramene : Keep up the good work!
Polytropos : Hullo Melina!
Eleni : *Nods to Melina*
Leonidas : *takes a long nap*
Eleni : ...oh my.
Kataramene : *blinks, looking*
Telemachus : ahh. Excellent.
Polytropos : Is it a letter? What does it say?
Eleni : It's a /very/ powerful scroll, Pol.
Eleni : And it might just increase our chances of survival significantly.
Kataramene : They're like the one that gives life?
Eleni : Or rather, our chances of coming back from the dead.
Polytropos : Ohhhh...
Eleni : We should spread these around. I'll keep one, but the other two should be carried by others.
Kataramene : I have one.
Eleni : They should be easy enough to read.
Eleni : *Hands one out to Tel and one to Pol*
Kataramene : The young man. Was he blond and dressed in white?
Polytropos : *snaffles some foods.*
Kataramene : *likewise snags some on the way past*
Polytropos : 'nks melinuh.
Eleni : *Eagerly accepts some wine*
Polytropos : *chew chew. takes a scroll with his other hand.*
Eleni : Could have been him, all the same...
Telemachus : *stuffs the scroll away and takes some food*
Kataramene : I suppose even they have to change sometime.
Andreas Appolodorus: Must be that Demugod.
Kataramene : *snaffles food too* Seems likely, Andreas.
Leonidas : *yawns*
Epistor: Well. I will offer prayers each day until you return. A pity that we have not secured a new patron for the temple yet, but I will offer sacrifices here to Hermes and Zeus for your safety.
Eleni : Either way, I suppose we're all well-prepared as we're likely to be.
Kataramene : I will bathe and rest a little.
Leonidas : *helps himself to some wine and food*
Eleni : That seems appropriate, yes..
Polytropos : We were doing that?
Leonidas : *sits down to feast*
Polytropos : I get so confused.
Kataramene : We were, but we've had little time to stop and suggest it.
Kataramene : Perhaps on our way out tomorrow.
Epistor: Well. Tonight we shall serve you. Rest and take ease! The troubles of the world will still be there in the morning.
Eleni : Sadly true.
Kataramene : *finishes the last bite* Clean. Comfly clothes. And a rest!

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:13 pm

Lazyzeus : All right, you break camp and get an early start, heading south on the road toward Laconia.

Andreas Appolodorus: What's good to eat in Laconia?
Polytropos : I don't know, what is good to eat in Laconia?
Polytropos : Not much.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sweet and sour lamb chop?
Eleni : Ugh.
Polytropos : Beees!
Andreas Appolodorus: To Laconia!

Polytropos : Not the beeees!
Eleni : Not /again/.
Kataramene : For crying out loud....
Polytropos : Run past!
Polytropos : *swat swat swipe*

Telemachus: Damn things!
Kataramene : *wipes self off, grumbling*
Polytropos : Dammit. You know the problem here?
Kataramene : What?
Polytropos : *looks at Kat.* You're too sweet.
Kataramene : *looks at him and preens*
Eleni : *Chuckles*

Spartan Scout : Travelers approach!
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice view.
Polytropos : Ooo, Spartans.
Eleni : Greetings!
Polytropos : *wave*
Telemachus: Smells like trouble
Leonidas : Your favorites.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello!
Kataramene : Hello the camp!
Polytropos : Ahoy!
Pheidippides: Travelers! What is your business in Laconia?
Eleni : *Squits at the officer*
Pheidippides: You look familiar to me.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm. Anything good to eat here?
Leonidas : Ya think?
Telemachus: Heroes of Argos here
Eleni : As do you. Did you used to be a messenger?
Pheidippides: Ah, indeed! You are the folk from Argos, from the time of the demon incursion!
Eleni : Aha! I knew it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Kataramene : That's us.
Polytropos : We're remembered!
Pheidippides: It is good to see you again.
Eleni : And so we are.
Leonidas : The one and the same.
Pheidippides: I am sure that all Sparta will welcome your visit.
Polytropos : Ah. About that...
Eleni : Sadly, we were not intending to head to Sparta.
Pheidippides: Oh?
Eleni : *Looks towards the mountains* The demons that plagued this place... they have shown their ugly faces elsewhere.
Pheidippides: That is ill news indeed.
Kataramene : We've got to intervene, and need the temple to do it.
Pheidippides: The temple... you mean the Athena Statue?
Eleni : The shrine, yes.
Pheidippides: Hmm... I am under orders, the shrine is closed to all non-Spartans, after what happened before.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Eleni : If we do not act, these demons might begin to appear all over Greece. Perhaps even beyond.
Polytropos : *holds up shield, grinning hopefully.*
Eleni : Surely, you can make an... exception?
Leonidas : I suppose we would camp out and wait for the demons to torment you again.
Pheidippides: *looks indecisive* A Spartan's job is to follow orders.
Leonidas : But, then I thought Spartans were more proactive in dealing with threats to their kingdom.
Kataramene : If we don't succeed then all Greece is likely to fall.
Pheidippides: You could make your case to the King. Sparta is only a week's travel from here.
Andreas Appolodorus: We would need your orders changed by the appropriate authority. How?
Telemachus: After seven years in a traing camp it can be hard to disobey orders I guess
Eleni : We could. But we don't know how much time we truly have.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah the King, excellent!
Leonidas : Hmm, so two weeks round trip, guess nothing terrible could happen during that span, no?
Polytropos : Pleeeease?
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we send a request by messenger bird or something?
Telemachus: Why not add pretty please as well Pol
Pheidippides: *looks sternly at Polytropos*
Leonidas : I am sure you and your men could handle a horde or two of demons in our absense?
Polytropos : *aw*
Pheidippides: *bows to Eleni* You have done Sparta a great service in her time of need.
Pheidippides: We cannot refuse to help you now.
Spartan Soldier: But sir...
Eleni : *Nods, smiling* Thank you.
Pheidippides: On my authority, soldier.
Kataramene : Just Don't ever have seen us.
Pheidippides: Clear the barricade!
Eleni : I know this seems sudden, but the importance of our mission is hard to understate.
Pheidippides: Nay. I shall take responsibility for my actions. If my life is forfeit for it, so be it.
Kataramene : We snuck through while you were distracted by an attack, and all that.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm.
Leonidas : Wise call.
Eleni : I... sincerely hope it does not come to that.
Pheidippides: A Spartan does not lie.
Telemachus: *looks at Eleni* Never knew you were such a sweet talker! *in a lower voice* Did you charm him or something?
Kataramene : *sigh* Alright.
Eleni : *Pointed look at Tel* Why use spells when words will do?
Telemachus: *shrugs* He seemed to change his mind awful quick is all
Pheidippides: *pulls up stakes*
Eleni : Thank you, once again. You... might not see us return.
Kataramene : Thank you. Know it or not, the King owes you for your decision.
Pheidippides: The only thing I must know. You are not going to take the Athena stone?
Kataramene : No. She has aided us in the past, we'd not do her a disservice now.
Eleni : We mean to follow the demons to where they came from. I don't think the stone will enter into it, no.
Pheidippides: I will send a fast runner... someone else this time... to alert the King. We will be prepared, whatever happens.
Pheidippides: May your prayers be answered.
Kataramene : Is there a token that might appease him? Show him the genuineness of our request?
Eleni : *Nods* I hope the messenger can make the king understand the gravity of the situation.
Andreas Appolodorus: If we meet some on the way we may deny you the honor of defeating them yourselves.
Pheidippides: Well spoken.
Eleni : We have a diplomatic seal from Argos. Perhaps that would, at least, prove to him our identity and sincerity?
Pheidippides: This is Sparta, my lady.
Pheidippides: We put more value in a man's word than in writings on a stone.
Eleni : Fair enough.
Leonidas : Works for me.
Pheidippides: Go on now, no sense delaying once the decision is made.
Kataramene : Let's be on, then, yes.
Eleni : Agreed.
Polytropos : *waves cheery*
Kataramene : Thank you, and I wish you success.
Andreas Appolodorus: Fare the well.
Leonidas : *waves*
Polytropos : Someone should tell the Spartans, though... not I, that despite Spartan law, we didn't lie.

Lazyzeus : The Spartans clap their spears on their shields as you pass.

Kataramene : *drops the act* ... err, which way now?
Eleni : Up, I think.
Andreas Appolodorus: No scout?
Eleni : The mountains themselves /should/ be clear.
Polytropos : ... let's see...
Eleni : But best to be cautious, I suppose.
Kataramene : Mmm.
Kataramene : Wasn't it up gain?
Eleni : I think it might have been, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where are the stairs?
Eleni : But do we need the shrine, or the cavern where the demons... roosted?
Kataramene : Good question.
Kataramene : Did he go in?
Polytropos : I remember you!
Eleni : Pol did, I think. Not sure about LEo.
Kataramene : Is anyone ever sure about Leo?
Eleni : Not I.
Kataramene : *an inexpert Psst!*

Polytropos : All clear.
Polytropos : Very, very empty.
Kataramene : Not where we need, then.
Polytropos : I think we need to go to the statue...
Eleni : Maybe not.
Eleni : Let me see if the key reacts to anything in there.

Leonidas : *waves to the ants below*
Leonidas : *sighs*

Kataramene : Is there anything in here?
Eleni : *Holds out said key before her*
Polytropos : A dead man.
Polytropos : Long-dead.
Eleni : Long dead, by now...
Kataramene : Were those remains there before?
Eleni : Hm, I suppose it will have to be the shrine. Thought it best to be sure lest we force ourselves to backtrack.
Eleni : And... I believe so?
Kataramene : Right.
Eleni : Oh, Pol.
Polytropos : Hm?
Polytropos : Oh!
Eleni : I'm sort of overburdened.
Polytropos : A... metal tube. Thanks.
Eleni : And that thing might be useful to you. It's a listening tube.
Eleni : You know. For your spying and such.
Polytropos : Ooohhh...
Polytropos : ... I'm not a spy!
Polytropos : I'm a hero!
Eleni : Scouting! You know what I mean.
Eleni : We got it off the man who whacked you on the head and made you wake up in the labyrinth, you remember?
Polytropos : *mumble mutter.*
Kataramene : *smirks a little*
Polytropos : A trophy of my greatest moment. I can see why you kept it.

Leonidas : *enjoys an ale while taking in the view*

Eleni : *Grins* It's not bad, as mementos go.
Polytropos : I could have taken him.
Eleni : I also thought I might be able to disenchant it.
Polytropos : If not for his magic tube.
Leonidas: *Burp*
Polytropos : Wasn't fair.
Kataramene : *chuckles* Probably why he heard you, yes.
Kataramene : The gods would have difficulty now.
Polytropos : Well... I'm not a spy, see.
Eleni : You'd be a fairly poor one, yes.
Polytropos : ... no I wouldn't!
Polytropos : I'm just... not one.
Eleni : You're an awful liar.
Polytropos : No I'm not!
Eleni : You'd be found out immediately.
Kataramene : Really?

Leonidas : Nice of you to make it.
Polytropos : Oh, hey Leo.
Polytropos : Thanks!
Eleni : We felt the need to be thorough.
Eleni : Hello again, Athena...
Andreas Appolodorus: Here we are.
Polytropos : Wise Athena, forgive us.
Leonidas : Whatever
Eleni : I hope this works...

SERVER : As you approach the statue the key starts to vibrate, and something happens!

Kataramene : *goes on one knee for a moment*
Eleni : Aaah...
Telemachus: We're going to get lost in these portals, one of these days........
Kataramene : Who says we aren't already?
Andreas Appolodorus: Did we just destroy the statue?
Eleni : I didn't quite expect the whole statue to disspear like that.
Eleni : ...I do hope it's not /entirely/ gone..
Kataramene : .... oh bugger.
Eleni : Something tells me the Spartans would object.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Kataramene : If we come back we'll have some explaining to do.
Eleni : But, ah... I suppose this is it.

Leonidas : *looks around*

Kataramene : No time like the present.
Polytropos : We'll... uh... make them... a new one...?
Eleni : Gladly, if we make it back.
Eleni : Maybe Athena will be able to intervene our behalf. But either way...
Eleni : We have bigger problems to deal with first.
Kataramene : *pulls out the amulet they found and looks at it* If this does not make me feel awful, should I wear it?
Eleni : Everyone ready?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's go kill some demons.
Eleni : Right, then... in we go.
Kataramene : *takes off a beaded necklace and slips on the skull one with a sigh*

Leonidas : some demons ahead
Polytropos : Ow!
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't want to get wet.
Kataramene : Pol... hang on.
Kataramene : Is this of use?
Polytropos : Uhm...
Polytropos : A little, but... not much.
Eleni : About as grim as I remember it.
Kataramene : If not I can give it someone else.
Polytropos : Keep it handy.
Polytropos : Or that, or that.

Pirithous: Hello?
Pirithous: I thought I heard footfalls.
Leonidas : Hello
Leonidas : Who might you be?
Pirithous: Ah! Stealthy, you are, and of different aspect than most denizens of this hell.
Pirithous: My name is Pirithous.
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Pirithous: Once King of the Lapiths, in mortal life.
Summoned Huge Water Elemental: ;.?
Pirithous: Now, a prisoner. *shrugs*
Leonidas : Why are you chained up here?
Pirithous: Hubris, my friend.
Eleni : How... curious...
Pirithous: My friend Theseus and I set upon stealing for ourselves the daughters of Zeus for our brides.
Kataramene : Ooops
Pirithous: I set my sights high... or low, as the case may be.
Leonidas : Ahh, that didn't end well.
Pirithous: Dearest Persephone... ah, such beauty!
Eleni : ...who could have expected that to end poorly?
Leonidas : Hope she was worth it.
Pirithous: No need to rub it in.
Eleni : You have been chained here since then?
Pirithous: In our youth we thought ourselves invincible! Ah, the pride of mortal men, foolish, so foolish.
Pirithous: Indeed. My sin has earned me a place for eternity upon this rock.
Kataramene : *winces a little*
Eleni : I'm guessing you don't know very much about your surroundings, then.
Leonidas : I guess it's ok for gods to toy with human daughters but not viceversa.
Pirithous: I know some, snippets learned over the years.
Pirithous: A double standard, indeed!
Pirithous: But I should warn you. There is another aspect to my torment. You may be at risk, speaking thus with me.
Eleni : Oh?
Leonidas : Rank hath it's privalige.
Pirithous: Indeed. *looks up at the sky*
Polytropos : *looks up too.*
Leonidas : Risk is something we seem to court quite regularly. *smiles*
Kataramene : Like what?
Pirithous: Hades sets a creature upon me each day. I no longer bother to fight, I return here no matter how thoroughly it tears me apart.
Kataramene : *looks up too*
Pirithous: Should you hear the flapping of wings, run!
Pirithous: I of course, will remain. *clanks the heavy chain*
Andreas Appolodorus: You are sure we cannot defeat it?
Kataramene : *low* Are going to be worse off if we mess with Hades stuff?
Eleni : I see...
Leonidas : Hmm, running doesn't seem to be a core part of my companions make-up.
Eleni : Probably, Kat.
Kataramene : Heroes don't run.
Kataramene : They walk away dramatically.
Pirithous: You cannot free me of my torment. But if you could grant me even a day's respite, I would gladly give you what aid I could.
Leonidas : Though I happily will take your advice.
Pirithous: *shrugs* Heroes... I thought myself a hero, once. Now I am a soul chained to a rock.
Kataramene : *bites her lip thoughtfully then gets a "in for a penny, in for a pound" expression.
Kataramene : I'm game for the bargain.

Harpy Tormenter : *wings flapping above*

Eleni : *Frowns* I suppose it would be little bother for Hades to send a new beast, but...
Polytropos : *notches an arrow*
Harpy Tormenter : SCCRREEEECH!
Polytropos : Heeere we go...
Pirithous: The tormentor, it comes!
Kataramene : Urgh....
Kataramene : You bitch.

Polytropos : T'was tough. And ugly.
Pirithous: Amazing! You are truly heroes, to fight thus!
Eleni : A hardy thing, yes.
Kataramene : Ugh, it's scratches bleed badly.
Eleni : Hmph. And now... Andreas?
Leonidas : Yeah killing things is what we do best, usually.
Eleni : Are you alright, Andreas?
Pirithous: I fear it but a temporary victory, but it warms my heart to see it done!
Polytropos : Thanks.
Kataramene : *wooden smile*
Pirithous: Now, what aid might I grant you, mighty mortals?
Eleni : No doubt Hades has more pets, yes... but at any rate...
Eleni : We seek the one called Achlys.
Kataramene : *nods* She seeks to bring destruction on all.
Pirithous: Achlys? I know not that name. But I do know something of the area around this place.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can't believe I missed the battle entangled by thechains.
Pirithous: For a time I spoke with a wandering spirit, drawn perhaps by my particular suffering. He--or she, or it--told me something of my neighborhood.
Eleni : Anything about the area would help.
Kataramene : Anything will help.
Pirithous: The area near here is called "The Hive". It seems to be a spawning ground for demons that resemble ferocious giant insects.
Polytropos : Damn magic chains.
Pirithous: They seem to be a fairly new development. They occasionally swarm around here in numbers, but do not assault me, I seem to be beneath their notice.
Pirithous: Beyond the Hive is a fortress of the Tarterian Legion. A place called the Gates of Adamant.
Polytropos : Should have just let him fight Hades for her hand and be done with it. Would have been a lot simpler.
Eleni : The one we seek might very well be responsible for this hive... but what is the Tarterian Legion?
Pirithous: An army of dread warriors.
Leonidas : Is that beyond as in through the hive?
Pirithous: I suppose even this place must have needs of a militia.
Kataramene : Yes. *doesn't look enthusiastic*
Pirithous: Yes. I have never seen them, but this I have heard: the gates of the fortress are impervious to any spell or weapon, and only open with the proper key.
Polytropos : Aw, not keys again...
Pirithous: I suppose you could try to talk your way past them, but I am not optimistic. Mortals do not seem very welcome here, this I know.
Pirithous: However, there is another kernel of information that might be of use to you.
Pirithous: Adjoining the Hive is another place... a prison.
Eleni : I guessed they might not be terribly hospitable, yes... a prison, you say?
Kataramene : Where they keep the keys, maybe?
Pirithous: Held within are three ancient creatures... the cyclopes.
Pirithous: It is said that they forged Zeus's thunderbolts for him, only to be cast down here for their troubles.
Kataramene : Hmm... free them and ask their ancient secrets?
Polytropos : There's a theme here.
Pirithous: Perhaps! If they can forge a thunderbolt, perhaps a key?
Pirithous: My informant said that the cyclopes are guarded by an immortal named Campe, so be wary, if you choose that course.
Leonidas : So avoid the hive and visit the cyclops.
Kataramene : Is there any way to avoid him?
Pirithous: I do not know. I have heard that she is part woman, part serpent, and never sleeps or even closes her eyes in sentry of her charges.
Eleni : I see...
Pirithous: Would that I could accompany you on this quest! Embrace your life, friends, and savor every moment!
Kataramene : We plan to try.
Leonidas : What if you cut off your foot to free you?
Polytropos : Then... he wouldn't have a foot.
Leonidas : That could be fixed.
Eleni : Venturing into this place might not have been a very good strategy when it comes to maximizing the savoring, mind.
Pirithous: I have been dismembered, digested, and even defenstrated, on one particularly unpleasant afternoon.
Pirithous: I always return to this spot.
Eleni : ...really? That must have taken some doing.
Pirithous: The curse that binds me is greater than the chain itself.
Leonidas : Hmm alright
Polytropos : Aw.
Pirithous: I suppose the lesson is, don't offend a god.
Leonidas : Just a thought
Kataramene : The will of the gods is not lightly ignored, it's true.
Polytropos : *shifts uncomfortably.*
Pirithous: Your generosity is welcome, sir. The quantity of mercy is not commonly found here.
Eleni : Bit late for that...
Kataramene : Odd to be in a place where cutting off a foot would be thought merciful?
Pirithous: If you spend more time here, you will encounter many such paradoxes.
Leonidas : I can imagine.
Kataramene : I've got a tool for those. *gestures with her sword*
Pirithous: Good luck, friends.
Polytropos : Yeah!
Eleni : ...yes, well. Thank you for your help.
Kataramene : And thank you. We wish you a ... nice afternoon.
Leonidas : *hands him a bottle of wine* Maybe this will help pass the time.
Pirithous: Any day without soul-wrenching agony is fine with me.
Kataramene : Thank you.
Pirithous: Aye, gratitude.
Polytropos : You look better unwhittled!
Kataramene : *chuckles a little*

Polytropos : You know...
Kataramene : Looks like a tunnel up there. That way?
Polytropos : Sometimes I get this feeling that...
Kataramene : Yes?
Polytropos : ... the world isn't wholly fair.
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Eleni : *Sighs* You don't say...
Kataramene : No. It's not. We just get lucky sometimes.
Leonidas : You truely are naive.
Polytropos : I'm not nai- oop.
Kataramene : Up there?
Kataramene : Can we get it down?
Eleni : I could try summoning something up there, I suppose.
Kataramene : Hang on. Let me do this first.
Kataramene : *readies a javelin*

Spined Vermin Demon : *emits a high-pitched screech!*
Polytropos : Hold the cave mouth!
Polytropos : Gah!
Kataramene : What in Hades is that?
Polytropos : *pant pant pant*
Eleni : Don't hit that one! That one's mine.
Polytropos : It's a... frog?
Kataramene : Good gods, where did that come from#?
Andreas Appolodorus: Well done.
Eleni : ...apparently.
Polytropos : A frog from Hades?
Eleni : I've been... experimenting with a few things since reading that magus' tome.

Leonidas : there are at least two other cave mouths, one to the left and one up ahead a bit.
Polytropos : And you found a frog.
Eleni : Binding otherwordly being and all that. Seems to work.
Kataramene : It's a big frog.
Polytropos : 'kay.
Eleni : It helped out, didn't it?
Polytropos : Thanks, Leo.
Andreas Appolodorus: What's that big frog?
Polytropos : See? Frog!
Leonidas : I'm guessing that one on the right is to the hive, based on what we ran into here.
Kataramene : *decides no knowing might be better, it seems*
Polytropos : Brekekex, koax, koax.
Eleni : It's... frog-like, I suppose.
Leonidas : So maybe the cyclops place is to the left or up ahead?
Kataramene : IT's what frogs wish they could be, perhaps.
Polytropos : Can but check.
Leonidas : I didn't see any guards outside either place.
Leonidas : Unlike this one.
Eleni : They came from here too, no?
Kataramene : I thought so.
Leonidas : could be a second hive entrance then?
Kataramene : Wait for a Psst, to be sure.

Polytropos : *psst.*
Kataramene : Bugger!
Polytropos : Grrr.
Kataramene : *pant pant*
Eleni : I think we can confirm that suspicion..
Polytropos : ... thanks. Something in the wound... yuck.
Leonidas : You wanna look in there?
Kataramene : If we don't have to go in there yet, perhaps we shouldn't.
Polytropos : It's just some tunnels. Lead off in a bunch of directions.
Leonidas : Sounds like a hive to me.
Eleni : These demons certainly seem related to Achlys, but..
Eleni : Now might not to be the time to lay siege to one of their hives.
Kataramene : Which I think means we can avoid them until we've seenthe cyclops?
Leonidas : Indeed.

Leonidas : woah
Leonidas : hold up
Eleni : Interesting..
Leonidas : demon fighting demon
Kataramene : Let them fight it out.
Leonidas : let them kill each other off
Polytropos : That doesn't seem...
Eleni : No! Bad frog!

Polytropos : Thanks, frog.
Kataramene : Or not.
Polytropos : Eh.
Polytropos : I'll take it.
Eleni : So Achlys' creatures fight with the native demons, it seems?
Kataramene : Another smoking cavern, go past?
Leonidas : Your pet needs to be house broken.
Eleni : It's not a... /pet/.
Leonidas : path up this way

Eleni : Demons!
Eleni : Above!
Kataramene : Get off him!
Polytropos : OW!
Polytropos : *pant pant pant*

Leonidas : Your pet does more damage to us than the enemy.
Eleni : That doesn't seem to be /entirely/ true..;
Eleni : *Pointed look at the thing*
Polytropos : ... right. Focussing a moment. so I see at least three ways beyond this... valley?
Kataramene : I feel rather .... off.
Polytropos : One over there, one over there, one back there...
Polytropos : Is there even a north here?
Eleni : Technically, perhaps, but how would we tell?
Kataramene : I think those fume fill holes are all hive entrances.
Polytropos : Oh, I mean paths, not those cave holes.
Kataramene : Try the closest one to the way we came first?
Eleni : What's our plan, then?
Kataramene : The less we have to travel through them the better.
Polytropos : That's... as good as any.
Eleni : Ugh. No end to them.
Kataramene : Unless you think the prison would be farther on, and .....
Eleni : This way might well lead to the fortress instead.
Kataramene : ... we should look for that first.

Polytropos : Ack!
Polytropos : *slowly, comically falls over.*
Polytropos : Nrgh!
Eleni : Are you alright, Pol?
Polytropos : They did something to me!
Kataramene : *drags him up* Let's go on this way, in case.
Polytropos : Nrgh.
Eleni : Some sort of paralytic, I suppose.
Kataramene : This looks less hive like.
Kataramene : Not good, but less hive like.
Polytropos : Big city wall.
Eleni : Hm, indeed.
Eleni : The fort?
Leonidas : Looks like the fortress he told us about.
Kataramene : Seems to be.
Eleni : Someone up on the parapets...
Leonidas : to the west was a moutain area with stairs leading up to somewhere.
Kataramene : Unfriendly!
Eleni : Someone not terribly welcoming!
Leonidas : Some sort of guardian was patroling so I didn't ascend to the top.
Kataramene : We already know we can't get in there, yes?
Leonidas : We need a iey as I remember.
Leonidas : *key
Eleni : Yes. Unless we can somehow manage to talk to its denizens, but I'm not terribly hopeful on that front.
Kataramene : Then looking for it before we try, only to have to fight our way back again after, seems sensible.
Leonidas : Unless you think we can scale the walls and fight through.
Kataramene : Can you see a way around, Pol?
Polytropos : Uh... no. Too high. All this red fog.
Polytropos : Deep pits.
Kataramene : So no way to sneak in?
Polytropos : Can but try...
Kataramene : Have a look, but be careful!
Leonidas : Unlikely, they've had an eternity to prepare and refine these defenses.
Leonidas : But hey what do I know?
Kataramene : Against daemons, not men.
Kataramene : They might overlook something stupid, as they don't think /low/ enough.

Polytropos : Ow ow ow.
Tarterian Legion : Ha! No one can sneak past the Eye, interloper!
Polytropos : They're cheating!
Leonidas : All's fair in love and war.
Kataramene : Should have known they would.
Leonidas : I doubt sneaking past is an option with demon guards.
Kataramene : So....
Kataramene : Let me just think. *frowns hard, thinking doesn't come easy*
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : They might have some sort of -
Kataramene : Only .. over there.

Polytropos : Flee!
Eleni : ..let's have this conversation elsewhere, yes?
Kataramene : Not by the hives!
Polytropos : *shakes his fist at the fortress.*
Kataramene : As I was saying....
Eleni : We knew we weren't going to find very many safe places here.
Kataramene : What are the chances of us finding anything in those hives that would help us?
Kataramene : It's a question between going to get the cyclops, if we can manage it, and searching down there to see if there is information we can use.
Polytropos : Yucky hole full of things.
Eleni : I'm not sure.
Kataramene : *Scratches her neck* Toss a drachma and let the gods decide?
Eleni : But if I were to guess, these Tarterians don't like the hive demons very much, either.

Leonidas : whole nother horde of demons assembling not far off.
Eleni : Ugh. Wonderful.
Kataramene : So we might get them on our side?
Polytropos : ... can try looking down another path?
Eleni : It's a slim chance, but, perhaps.
Polytropos : These things haven't talked much...
Kataramene : Alright, lets seek respite down another path if we can.
Polytropos : Aww.
Leonidas : We can go west maybe, but the horde might see you.
Polytropos : That's a lot.
Kataramene : A few less now.
Eleni : Quite.
Polytropos : Where were we...
Kataramene : But we can't keep that up forever.
Leonidas : So west or south.

Kataramene : This looks different.
Eleni : Seems we'll be climbing.
Kataramene : Do we even know why we are coming this way, though?
Kataramene : Frogs....
Leonidas : some sort of guard up those stairs
Eleni : Those are new..
Eleni : ...hello?
Kataramene : See what they do...
Eleni : Not friendly!
Polytropos : Stairs?
Polytropos : Nope nope nope.
Kataramene : Not friendly.
Eleni : There are frogs abound.
Polytropos : There's something atop the peak, up long flights of stairs, but there are... lightning... men in the way.
Kataramene : Find something?
Kataramene : Hang on.
Polytropos : Walking thunderbolts!
Kataramene : Lightning forge?
Polytropos : Buh?
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Kataramene : Cyclops forged the thunderbolts, yeah?
Kataramene : Maybe this is where they did.
Polytropos : I don't know, I didn't see the top. Walking thunderbolts, remember?
Eleni : Strange to think they would have done so in Tartarus..
Kataramene : I'm not asking too many questions about that, it makes my head hurt.....
Kataramene : Think.
Eleni : Might we be near their prison as well, then?
Leonidas : Guess we look south then.
Polytropos : ... well, maybe...
Polytropos : ... right,.
Polytropos : Couldn't find a way around the peak anyway.
Polytropos : Stupid bottomless pits.
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : Looks look for what we know we want, before going where we ....
Kataramene : I always end up talking to no one.
Polytropos : I'm here!
Kataramene : I never know when you are!
Eleni : Sorry. Wanted to see if there was a path from where the frog demons came from.
Kataramene : Seriously.
Polytropos : You always know I'm with you.
Eleni : *Shakes her head* You two...
Kataramene : Yes. *grins at him* We need somewhere to think a bit, though.
Polytropos : Right.
Polytropos : One day you'll meet someone and it'll all seem natural, Eleni!
Eleni : You make it sound like a horrible prohpecy.
Eleni : *prophecy, even
Kataramene : .... not so horrible.
Eleni : Except when it is, hm?

Leonidas : south seems to lead down into some canyons and saw a glow reflecting off the walls
Polytropos : Spare a thought for whoever catches the eye of a powerful, frisky sorceress.
Polytropos : Glow, eh...
Eleni : Hah.
Leonidas : hmm
Polytropos : You little-
Polytropos : Bah.
Kataramene : Glow. Right.
Eleni : Ugh. Indeed.

Leonidas : fire demons of various sizes
Kataramene : *sighs* Fiery glow at night, demon's delight.
Polytropos : I've got this.
Leonidas : many small to the left, a one biggie to the right
Polytropos : Ho, giant flame rock!
Polytropos : Prepare for battle!
Kataramene : I;'m onm fire!
Polytropos : Get back!
Kataramene : It was hitting you.
Polytropos : We've only got one of these! *taps his helmet.*
Kataramene : I've got thtat ring, though.
Kataramene : Not as good but something.
Eleni : My cloak helps on that front, as well.
Leonidas : nother to right
Polytropos : Too hot... ah.
Burning Grue : Come, little onessss!
Burning Grue : Burn !
Eleni : What a surprise. It speaks.
Eleni : Shame it has nothing worthwhile to say!
Burning Grue : Why do you not burn!
Polytropos : I think someone needs a good SNUFFING!
Polytropos : Haha!
Eleni : Magic, you mad idiot.
Kataramene : *chuckle*
Polytropos : Heh... snuffing, haha... ah, I'm good.
Polytropos : A hole?
Eleni : Curious.
Kataramene : Yeah.

Polytropos : More scary walls...
Kataramene : The fortress or the prison?
Leonidas : two trolls guarding another structure of some kind
Polytropos : Let's see if this one has watchtowers.

Polytropos : Have at you!
Kataramene : Well tripped.
Polytropos : ... took some killing. And yes, nicely done.
Polytropos : These swords are the size of a house...

Leonidas : *examines*
Eleni : The immortal should be near, no?
Kataramene : Prison or fortress, we may as well go in now.
Leonidas : unlocked the gate
Polytropos : ... how did you...?
Polytropos : *looks up at the giant door.*
Kataramene : A quick chat about that immortal thing might be worth while.
Leonidas : I have my ways
Polytropos : You blow my mind, Leo. You blow... my mind.
Eleni : Yes. I do wonder how literal 'immortal' is, here.

Lazyzeus : You open the door to the prison, and prepare to confront whatever guardians stand between you and your goal...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:49 pm

Lazyzeus : We return to Tartarus, where the companions have conquered the demon warriors' citadel. The core group has rested, and returned to the battlements to see what can be seen.

Polytropos : woah
Eleni : Quite a view our new castle has, hm?

Lazyzeus : You spot movement in the valley below, from the direction of the Hive. A familiar blue robe comes into view...

Andreas Appolodorus: Who's there?
Kataramene : *hefts a newly acquired shield*
Polytropos : HEY LEO!
Leonidas : Hey yourself!
Eleni : Ah, never mind. A newcomer has spoiled the picturesque landscape.
Polytropos : WE TOOK A CASTLE!
Leonidas : Hope you're ready to leave it; you've got company in the area and they don't look friendly.
Kataramene : Don't topple Pol's work of art!
Eleni : Something's headed this way?
Polytropos : OH! WE'LL COME DOWN THEN!
Kataramene : Time to move on.
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Leonidas : Just a horde of green demons led by several of those big spider demons.
Leonidas : They were gathering back near the hive area and seemed to be quite serious.
Leonidas : So I suggest we make like a tree and leave.
Kataramene : Let's put a little speed into this.
Eleni : I see them lurking abotu.
Kataramene : I'm lost...
Andreas Appolodorus: More Demons coming.
Eleni : Oh, Pol!
Polytropos : Stay close, Andreas, it's a bit of a labyrinth in here..
Kataramene : Come on you two!
Eleni : You're the one with the damnable key!
Polytropos : We're comiiiin
Leonidas : I don't know my way around here
Kataramene : Sod.... we can't let him through without them. Are they far behind?
Polytropos : *knocks the gate with the key.*
Eleni : They were right on top of him when we were on the battlementS.
Kataramene : Shut it again when he's through!
Eleni : Will the gates hold them, you think
Eleni : ?
Kataramene : For a while, perhaps.
Polytropos : Mmmmay...be? But probably not.

Leonidas : The demons are climbing right up the cliffs their claws dig into the stone.

Eleni : Given time, I'm sure they'll just climb over the battlements.
Polytropos : They wouldn't have soldiers here if all they needed was a wall.
Kataramene : So run?
Eleni : Ah...?
Kataramene : *edges along*

Eleni : ...curious. A denizen of this place that doesn't try to kill us on sight.
Kataramene : What?
Eleni : I suppose we are both quite remarkable in our own ways.
Polytropos : Aw
Kataramene : Ooookaaaaay.
Eleni : Do we care to hazard a guess as to why it is called thus?
Polytropos : Guh!
Eleni : We have, perhaps, wandered off the map somewhat...
Kataramene : *looks at the thing of bones*
Eleni : Really...
Eleni : That... must be quite a lot of bones indeed.
Eleni : *Frowns* I imagine so.
Kataramene : Umm... well, is anyone in charge of .. piling them up, or something?
Bonebat: Ah, you seek the Maaaster?
Eleni : Who is this master?
Polytropos : The Maaaster?
Eleni : ...I was hopign for something more specific than that.
Kataramene : Where is this Master?
Eleni : And what does he do around here?
Leonidas : *listens*
Bonebat: He is below. He spends most time in his caaave, but I am sure he will come out of mortaaals come through his domain.
Kataramene : And is he likely to be at least vaguely interested in talking to us before attempting to eviscerate us?
Bonebat: Hmm. I think... the second thing.
Leonidas : I suggest we not tarry too long, we do have those hunting us.
Eleni : Such a shame.
Bonebat: Ah, you have others after you?
Eleni : We wanted to warn him about the ravenous horde of Achlys' spawn behind us, yeah.
Bonebat: They should know better. The Valley of Bones knows no favorites.
Leonidas : I suspect any non-natives would have hunters after them. *laughs*
Eleni : I am thinking your master will enjoy their company even less than ours, yes?
Bonebat: The deaaaad claim aaaall....
Bonebat: You should tread carefully. The spirits of the dead linger in this place, where so many of their bones reside.
Polytropos : Do we have to go through the caaaaave...?
Bonebat: They will be drawn to you, mortaaaals.
Kataramene : *sigh*
Eleni : I imagined you would say something along those lines, yes.
Kataramene : *elbows Pol*
Bonebat: That depends on what you seek, mortaaal.
Bonebat: The Valley of Torments lies on the faaaar side of this plaace.
Kataramene : We seek the advice of the knowing.
Bonebat: Tread lightly!
Eleni : And how is that place? Nice this time of the century?
Bonebat: Oh, lots of complaning, mostly.
Eleni : Hm. Figures.
Bonebat: Oh, I don't deserve this! So unfair! Blaaaah, blaaah, blaaaah.
Kataramene : Are any of /them/ likely to give advice?
Leonidas : There are quite a few unfriendlies down in the valley.
Kataramene : In exchange for, I don't know, pushing a boulder for them for a while or something?
Bonebat: Oh, you know Sisyphus?
Polytropos : Well, not personally.
Polytropos : Yet.
Kataramene : ....
Bonebat: And not for "a while," heh.
Eleni : We've heard /of/ him...
Bonebat: u
Leonidas : A bunch of skeletal warriors, a giant skeleton or two and a huge bone golem looking thing.
Bonebat: Heh, heh, heh.
Bonebat: Not so friendly, those.
Kataramene : Well it /is/ the Valley of Bones. What would we expect?
Eleni : It seems we are about to be quite popular.
Polytropos : Aww.
Bonebat: Indeed! If the demons come after you, I will say you went to the Maaaster's caaave!
Leonidas : that was down the closest path, could look for another.
Polytropos : Fighting the dead doesn't sound like much fun.
Kataramene : Being as they have nothing to lose.
Polytropos : Thanks, strange dead bat thing,.#
Eleni : Is this what we should be doing?
Kataramene : I've no idea.
Kataramene : Bye!

Polytropos : You have other ideas?
Eleni : It seems we're moving away from Achlys' territory.
Eleni : And we just gave her a fort.
Leonidas : tiny skeletons to the left
Polytropos : I could have sworn that the man chained to a rock said something about having to get through that fort.

Kataramene : ... dead children.
Eleni : Less friendly than the one that welcomed us, sadly. I suppose we interupted them at work.
Leonidas : there's a cave down there to the right.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey over here!
Polytropos : Sounds like the Maaaaaaster's.
Eleni : Do we want to go there?
Polytropos : Andreas?
Andreas Appolodorus: Seven potions.
Polytropos : Wow!
Eleni : Among the bones?
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.

Polytropos : That's a big skeleton...
Leonidas : no kidding
Eleni : How.. unappetizing.
Kataramene : Can we go down and around this way?
Andreas Appolodorus: Big pile of skulls.
Eleni : Also, yes.
Eleni : Yes, it is.
Polytropos : A giant's skeleton or something.
Leonidas : There's a path down to the left, not sure about the right
Eleni : It's got two heads. Maybe it used to be more than just the one skeleton.
Andreas Appolodorus: Black, green, orange, red and blue.
Polytropos : The paaaath, or the caaaave?
Eleni : Let me have a closer look at those, would you?
Andreas Appolodorus: I grabbed them.
Kataramene : If the Maaa.... M/a/ster will help then we should go see him, but if not....
Polytropos : I know we should be heading for the paaaaath, but, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: They are mixed with mine now.
Eleni : ...I wouldn't drink just anything we found here quite so carelessly, I mean.
Kataramene : And will you stop it!
Eleni : They're probably not meant for the living.
Polytropos : Stop whaaaat?
Kataramene : I'm going to thump you in a minyute.
Polytropos : ... thank you.

Eleni : Is it really THAT hard to hit that thing?
Polytropos : Yes!
Leonidas : no way down that way
Kataramene : It was a baby.
Eleni : ...it what was left of one.
Leonidas : Unless you can fly or teleport
Polytropos : They look mad.
Eleni : Hm. All nice and bunched up.
Polytropos : If only we had a thunderbolt.
Kataramene : GEt them while we are up here, yeah?
Eleni : Or something like that, you mean?
Kataramene : Now run fast
Polytropos : Whew.
Eleni : Only one way down?
Eleni : We'll have to pass the colossus.;
Leonidas : only path down
Kataramene : Yes, but he'll have less friends for a bit?
Kataramene : Until someone puts them together?
Eleni : Likely.
Polytropos : More skeletons...
Eleni : Shall I?
Kataramene : If we don't they could.....
Polytropos : Alright, but be prepared to run back after-
Eleni : Ack.
Leonidas : might wanna wait a bit
Eleni : Let's not engage them and the big one at the same time, yes.
Polytropos : Now.
Polytropos : Yeeeeah.
Eleni : A slightly larger one.
Eleni : It seems disinclined to charge towards us on its own..
Polytropos : Oh hey, stuff.
Kataramene : I think one saw me.
Eleni : Is this...
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't be ridiculous.
Kataramene : It was too slippy to get up there.
Polytropos : Oop, giant!
Eleni : That comb. It looked familiar.
Polytropos : Aaa, it's big.
Polytropos : Are we doing this?
Eleni : *Frowns at it*
Eleni : Um, yes!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Kataramene : Listen.

Polytropos : Woo!
Eleni : That was fairly manageable, all things considered.
Kataramene : Do we have anything, or have we found anything, that we might use as a bargain to speak with this Master?
Polytropos : Oh, that's nice. Thanks Leo!
Polytropos : Cute.
Leonidas : might help you with your scouting; I'm pretty good already
Polytropos : ... huh
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow*
Eleni : He... might actually care about the insect demons, I suppose.
Polytropos : Anyway, what? Bargain?
Kataramene : I don't know. But we could use help and maybe there would be /something/ he might like?
Eleni : Ready?
Polytropos : Maybe...?
Polytropos : What? Oh, yes.
Polytropos : *poke*
Kataramene : What's on that stone?
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Polytropos : More odd stuff...
Eleni : These belongings... they must be things the dead were burried with.
Kataramene : Does it mean anything?
Eleni : Which means...
Polytropos : I think we gathered that.
Eleni : *Looks at the comb in her hand again*
Polytropos : ... waaait.
Kataramene : Would any of it make an offering?
Polytropos : You're not saying-
Eleni : I don't know. Would this 'master' care about trinkets?
Polytropos : It can't be the same comb, can it?
Kataramene : I've no .... what comb?
Eleni : And yes, Pol. I think it was...

Dracolich : Who intrudes upon my realm?
Polytropos : Aw-
Kataramene : ....
Eleni : *Sighs*
Dracolich : Thief!
Eleni : Well.
Polytropos : ... well, no time for that.
Eleni : I suppose whatever it is can talk, at least..
Dracolich : I shall rend the flesh from your bones!
Leonidas : Why?
Dracolich : *reaches down and grabs Leo in his claws*
Polytropos : Yeah, but I don't think it will.
Dracolich : BeCAUSE I CAN...
Kataramene : A little horse...
Eleni : Hold!
Dracolich : Your suffering shall be... more?
Leonidas : You might find me more entraining alive
Polytropos : Hey! That's our thief!
Eleni : We have not come here to-
Polytropos : Ow!
Dracolich : HA!
Kataramene : Can't we talk about this?
Dracolich : You cannot harm me!
Polytropos : Heard that before.
Dracolich : Why should I deign to speak with mortals?
Kataramene : We can see you are mighty.
Eleni : *Grits teeth* Because you have bigger concerns.
Kataramene : Because the very structure of the Realm is in danger.
Leonidas : Perhaps we can be of mutual benefit?
Polytropos : Oi!
Eleni : One named Achlys, who will no doubt soon try to threaten your domain.
Dracolich : Your magic is strong.
Kataramene : You are powerful, but she is numerous.
Dracolich : Not many can resist my power.
Polytropos : ... yeah!
Eleni : We would not have survived here long if we were helpless.
Dracolich : Achlys? She is but a demigoddess with too much aspiration.
Kataramene : The aspirations are growing, as is her horde.
Dracolich : Why should I oppose her? She would send many more bones my way.
Eleni : In the short term, yes.
Dracolich : Tell me, little mortal. Am I not magnificent?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello.
Kataramene : You;d be a little full then, perhaps? So much work? Lots of pesky spirits with boring conversation?
Eleni : But in order for there to be more death, there must be more life, yes?
Dracolich : I think you are too calm. I think you should tremble in terror before me!
Polytropos : ... aieee...?
Andreas Appolodorus: No.
Dracolich : What is this? You do not cower?
Eleni : She would bring eternal night to the mortal world. That trove of bones would be your last.
Dracolich : You think you are better than me, little mortal?
Kataramene : Well, we're a bit pressed for time. But I can try to faint if you want me to?
Andreas Appolodorus: No.
Polytropos : I'm not sure if he's listening to us, friends.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can run fast.
Eleni : *Sighs* Would you be more inclined to listen to reason if we tried cowering in a convincing fashion?
Eleni : We came here to slay a demigod, you fool.
Kataramene : A short term rush of bones is nothing when you compare it to the wealth of continued mortality.
Dracolich : Ha!
Polytropos : HEY!
Dracolich : That's it! Run! Cower in terror!
Kataramene : Please.
Leonidas : *sigh*
Dracolich : I delight in your suffering!
Kataramene : We're asking because we respect your power.
Dracolich : Beg me for your life!
Polytropos : Augh.
Kataramene : .... alright.
Polytropos : Pleeeease don't kill us, something something, we are not worthy.
Dracolich : No! On your knees. YOUR KNEES!
Dracolich : Ha! Yes!
Dracolich : Bow down and kiss the ground at my claws!
Eleni : *Grinds her teeth*
Kataramene : We humbly beg oh .....
Polytropos : *scowls.*
Polytropos : *under his helmet.*#
Dracolich : You, bark-man. You beg too. I want to see your knees on the ground before me.
Kataramene : *sound of grinding teeth then kisses the ground*
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Polytropos : *heroic pride wars against prudence.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Kat!
Polytropos : *mutter.*
Dracolich : Beg me for mercy and I will consider letting you pass.
Kataramene : See? I am not frightened, but I respect your power.
Dracolich : No? Not afraid? What if I carved up this one here. What if I took one of his fingers, or perhaps a whole hand?
Kataramene : *there's a definite "Someone is paying for this later" look on her face*
Kataramene : ... no.
Polytropos : Hey! Oi! *swipe swipe*
Dracolich : What if I put some lines on his pretty mortal face?
Eleni : Then very clearly, someone's death would follow
Polytropos : I'd... probably... fight back or something...?
Dracolich : You think your power is stronger than mine, little mortal mage?
Kataramene : His worth is in his heart, but please don't.
Dracolich : Without your little warding you would run away at my approach.
Kataramene : Look, here, I'm kissing the ground again. Ignore them if they have no respect, it is because they have no reasoning.
Dracolich : You would flee in terror and soil those fine little robes.
Eleni : *SHakes her head*
Polytropos : How... about we just flee in terror... away.
Dracolich : Your obescience bores me! I demand tribute!
Polytropos : Just... away, and we don't have to... augh.
Dracolich : Ha! I like your terror, wrstler.
Dracolich : It delights me. What do you see, I wonder? Your death?
Dracolich : Offer me a present!
Dracolich : See! My magic is the stronger.
Dracolich : If I like your gift, I will consider letting you pass.
Polytropos : ... present...
Eleni : Perhaps. It is tribute you want, then?
Dracolich : Yes! You mortals offer gifts to yoru gods, yes?
Kataramene : Might we not be honoured with the gift of your wisdom?
Dracolich : I am no less than a god. Offer me a prize worth of Zeus.
Kataramene : *muttercoughlightningbolt*
Dracolich : Well? I grow impatient.
Dracolich : Maybe I will eat the thief skulking behind me.
Polytropos : *no way-look*
Polytropos : ... a... shield... thing.
Eleni : He would not be missed quite so much as you might think...
Dracolich : Hmm. Yes.
Kataramene : *a do it we need help look*
Dracolich : Interesting. An old magic.
Eleni : Of kings long dead and gods long silent, yes.
Dracolich : I have decided to be merciful.
Polytropos : 'yaay'.
Dracolich : But I want an equal gift from each of you to allow you to pass.
Kataramene : ....
Polytropos : Oh what.
Dracolich : You find my terms unfair, mortal?
Polytropos : You think we have goblins somewhere making those things...?
Dracolich : I will take that ratty old cloak that the woman wears.
Kataramene : I have another higly magical gift.
Dracolich : Oh?
Kataramene : One only the wise could appreciate.
Eleni : Kat...
Polytropos : *pleading look back at Eleni, clearly wanting battle.*
Dracolich : Well? I want my present.
Dracolich : GIVE IT TO ME!
Eleni : *Is clearly rather unhappy at this arrangement as well*
Dracolich : *pokes Kataramene in the chest* Well?
Polytropos : Hey!
Dracolich : Ha!
Dracolich : OW!
Dracolich : YOU HARMED ME!
Kataramene : Oh sod this.
Polytropos : That's enough!
Eleni : Bah.
Polytropos : Damn RIGHT we harmed you.

Andreas Appolodorus: Only bones.
Eleni : Idiot king of a tiny little pile of bones.
Polytropos : Was THAT the master?
Kataramene : *takes the shield back*
Andreas Appolodorus: Everyone all right?
Kataramene : We need information more than trinkets.
Eleni : *Shakes her head* He would not have offered much help if we could have made him see sense, I think.
Leonidas : there's a glowing dark crystal in his cave, but not much else, sadly.
Kataramene : It was worth a try.
Andreas Appolodorus: He said give trinkets for free passage so no information either way.
Eleni : Maybe. But he pushed us too far.
Eleni : This crystal... is it anything like the one back at the temple?
Kataramene : *sigh* We can't wander across here forever not knowing what we are doing.
Eleni : He might have been under Achlys' influence...
Leonidas : Hmm, it's big oblisk sorta thing.
Eleni : That would explain his rampant idiocy.
Kataramene : Pol?
Polytropos : Over here!
Polytropos : By a thing.
Eleni : Hm.
Andreas Appolodorus: Another pile of bones?
Eleni : *Investigates the crystal, from a relatively safe distance...*
Leonidas : *watches*

Eleni : ...what in the hell was that?
Kataramene : It doesn't just ....
Andreas Appolodorus: The throne did bite me but I found a helmet and a wand.
Eleni : The... THRONE.... bit you.
Kataramene : Why not? All the other bone things are running around doing it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes a magic affliction.
Eleni : Hm, the rod has some necromantic powers..
Polytropos : Ow.
Eleni : The helmet should protect against a great deal of dark magic. As well as...
Eleni : ...well, allow you to unleash some of your own.
Kataramene : Grab it then, and lets get out of here.
Polytropos : Do we leave that thing here?
Eleni : Give me a moment.
Polytropos : *levels sword at evil crystal.*
Kataramene : I'm beginning to wonder if that crystal thing is what makes the spirits linger and animate bones.
Eleni : Perhaps, but maybe... hm.
Eleni : I suspect the dragon used this as a source of power.
Leonidas : some stuff I found someone might find useful
Eleni : ...I'm tempted to destroy it, in case it allows him a way to reassemble.
Kataramene : If you can do it, then go ahead. Just hurry up.
Leonidas : I think I wanna clear the cave before you try that.
Eleni : Some distance is probably adviseable..;
Eleni : We we not already done that?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey take that potion.
Polytropos : Ow!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah the throne did that to me.
Polytropos : Eleniii!
Eleni : Ngh.
Kataramene : This necklace has it's uses.
Eleni : What about its... draining effects? Do you feel alright?
Andreas Appolodorus: The took some of my life essence.
Kataramene : Yes, I noticed when what made you wince didn't affect me.
Eleni : Good to know, I suppose.
Eleni : These shards... I think they can channel the sort of magic Damian used.
Kataramene : Can you make any use of it?
Eleni : Not me, no.
Eleni : But perhaps we'll find one.
Kataramene : Maybe bargain with it later.
Polytropos : Moving on, then.
Eleni : Let's...

Eleni : Oh, what is this now?
Kataramene : So the next valley is tormented?
Tormenter Demon : Master! Mortals!
Eleni : Yet another 'master', hm??
Eleni : Or is it calling for the one we just killed?
Kataramene : We come in peace.... well mostly, are you going to talk or ....?
Master Tormenter : What's this now?
Eleni : Perhaps this one will be more inclined to listen to reason...?
Master Tormenter : You shouldn't be here! You're not on the list!
Kataramene : We've had that before.
Eleni : We do have a tendency of dropping in unnanounced. bad habbit.
Polytropos : We're passing through.
Master Tormenter : Passing through, eh? Not many of your kind comes here... not voluntarily.
Eleni : Yes, well. We are somewhat unusual.
Kataramene : We're a bit different, but we'd like to ask advice of the knowing, if you can help us.
Master Tormenter : Well, if you're not on the list, you're no business of mine. Let someone else worry about you.
Leonidas : and not entirely voluntary either.
Master Tormenter : But mark this! You interfere with the Tormented, and you ARE my problem, got it?
Eleni : A fine attitude.
Kataramene : Are we allowed to talk to them?
Leonidas : How do we know who are tormented?
Master Tormenter : Ha! Talk all you want.
Master Tormenter : It hurts them, to know others are free.
Master Tormenter : *looks at Leo like he's simple*
Kataramene : What about make bargains? Such as for information?
Eleni : I would hazard a guess and say that everyone who's not us or a demon is one of the Tormented.
Master Tormenter : As long as you don't ease their suffering or help them in any way!
Kataramene : We might have to relieve their torment for a short while, but it would then seem doubly bad after.
Polytropos : There's so many rules down here...
Kataramene : You know. A day off and going back to work is so much harder all of a sudden.
Eleni : That's true. We gave a cursed man wine, either. I think he's still crying because he knows he'll never have a drink ever again.
Eleni : *earlier
Kataramene : Just brings it all back home to them, what life was like when your fire didn't always go out before your dinner was cooked.
Kataramene : We're being utter bastards to them, if you think about it.
Master Tormenter : Well. Off with you, then.
Polytropos : More than happy to.
Master Tormenter : Remember the rule!
Kataramene : Thank you. And we promise to be utter sods all the way.
Eleni : Does that mean you concur?
Master Tormenter : You'll find the exit on the far side of the valley.
Leonidas : *nods*

Kataramene : Is that....
Polytropos : Not caring much at this... oh!
Eleni : ...a rather famliiar statue?
Eleni : *Waves her hand in front of its eyes*
Kataramene : *sigh*
Eleni : ...*Sighs as well*
Eleni : Oh, Tel... what have you gotten yourself into?
Kataramene : Do you think he was on the list?
Polytropos : ... that IS Tel!
Eleni : I imagine he is, yes.
Kataramene : How'd he get on it and we didn't.....?
Andreas Appolodorus: With the stone armor but not moving?
Kataramene : *almost looks affronted*
Eleni : Excuse me, Tormentor!
Eleni : Are you sure this man was on your list?
Eleni : There may have been a mistake.
Master Tormenter : What, him? Oh, he was a gift.
Eleni : From whom?
Master Tormenter : From HER.
Kataramene : Her being?
Eleni : ...hm, of course.
Kataramene : A bit of a poor gift.
Master Tormenter : Ah, you haven't me the Lady? Well then, far be it from me to spoil the surprise.
Master Tormenter : Friend of yours, is he?
Eleni : I don't suppose we could offer you a gift in turn?
Kataramene : Yes, that's how we know it's a poor gift.
Master Tormenter : Hmm, I'm listening.
Eleni : He's a big, dumb ox, but we'd sort of like him back.
Eleni : Hm, well, what have we got...
Kataramene : I've a very special whistle, that only the truly intelligent can hear.
Leonidas : Pardon me, could I pass by?
Master Tormenter : Ha! Many mortals fall for that one, eh?
Eleni : You would be surprised.
Eleni : Or perhaps not.
Tormenter Demon: Are you on the list?
Leonidas : Nope, just passing through with some friends.
Kataramene : Well he can't hear it, that's for sure.
Leonidas : You master already told we could travel thru your valley.
Tormenter Demon: Then get along!
Eleni : Hm. A heart from the daught of the North Wind, perhaps? A lead from the gardens of the Hesperides?
Eleni : Ah, but your charges do.
Eleni : How well you could torment them with things they could never have.
Polytropos : We've been doing this far too much lately.
Eleni : A leaf from the most beautiful garden in all the world! A horror, to those who will never again see a tree..;
Eleni : ...well, except for that one right there.
Eleni : But it's sort of a lonely, miserable one, isn't it?
Kataramene : So easily taken away, too.
Eleni : Perhaps somewhat less likely to move a mortal to tears.
Eleni : But it has more pratical applications.
Eleni : Greedy, are we?
Eleni : I hear he has an eye for the finer things in life.
Kataramene : Can we end his state, then?
Eleni : We can take this one out of here, then,y es?
Eleni : Wonderful.
Eleni : Will we have to find a way to cure him ourselves?
Kataramene : *gets out a salve*
Polytropos : Tel!
Eleni : Ah. No trouble, I suppose.

Telemachus : -HO'S THERE! *swinging axe*
Polytropos : Woah!
Kataramene : I thought that might come in hand....woah!
Eleni : Ay!
Telemachus : *blinks*
Eleni : *Steps back and nearly falls off the cliff*
Eleni : Careful with that thing, you oaf!
Telemachus : Where'd you come from?
Eleni : We walked.
Polytropos : Mantineia?
Eleni : All the way here. Where you were standing. Literally petrified.
Eleni : You remember none of that?
Telemachus : Petrified?
Eleni : You were turned to stone. And not in the useful sort of way.
Telemachus : of course, we came through hte portal together
Kataramene : We were thinking you'd catch up, but you must have been confused by the random scattering of bodies. It wasn't a straight path.
Telemachus : but you weren't there with me
Telemachus : I was wondering around for ages.
Eleni : We got seperated, yes. We were wondering what had happened, and then we found you here..
Eleni : In the Valley of Torments. Which is precisely what it sounds like.
Eleni : Appareantly, someone gave you over as a gift to the local sadists.
Telemachus : Felt something watching me just now... and went to turn around... and then I was surrounded by my extraordinarily sarcastic comrades.
Kataramene : Either way, we're running out of trinkets so can we move along before we're forced to give up something useful?
Kataramene : It's a gift.
Eleni : Yes, well. Be thankful you don't remember anything of the torment part, I suppose.
Telemachus : I didn't get tormented?
Telemachus : bored maybe.
Telemachus : little sleepy.
Eleni : You were a rock for quite some time. That certainly sounds incredibly /dull/ to me, if nothing else.
Kataramene : Let's not feel the need to change that.
Eleni : Yes. We can get caught up later.
Telemachus : So... where are we going?
Eleni : Once we find a good place to rest, perhaps.
Eleni : An excellent question.
Kataramene : So .. which way did Leo go, and has he found us another bone dragon thing yet?
Eleni : There is a nonzero possibility of that, yes.
Telemachus : did you have any luck finding the right way? I just wandered around looking for anything that looked like an exit..
Polytropos : Not yet...
Telemachus : bone dragon
Telemachus : ?
Kataramene : Don't ask.
Telemachus : Too late
Eleni : Well, we found a nest of the damned insect demon things, but decided to gather information while we could..
Eleni : A good thing too, or else we'd have missed you.

Ixion : Aaahhh!
Leonidas : A few tormented people around.
Polytropos : *wince*
Tormenter Demon: That's right, mortal. Burnnn.
Eleni : ...probably best to ignore the tormented, by the way.
Tormenter Demon: What do you want?
Eleni : We sort of agreed we wouldn't bother them.
Eleni : In exchange for safe passage.
Telemachus : Pfft I didn't agree shit.
Eleni : Technicallt true, but we also basically bought you.
Kataramene : We wondered if we could have a little chat.
Telemachus : Is that guy fighting with burning wheels?
Eleni : Which I believe means you're our slave now.
Leonidas : I guess you could go back to be a bit of decorative masonry.
Tormenter Demon: Busy. Tormenting. Move along.
Telemachus : Bought me from who?
Eleni : The Master of this place.
Eleni : Big guy. Lots of spikes.
Telemachus : Oh so he cured me for you?
Ixion : Please! No more!
Eleni : No, Kat did that.
Eleni : She had some salve on her.
Polytropos : *shudder*
Kataramene : I was forced to rub you down with some salve.
Eleni : *Does her best to ignore the screaming$
Telemachus : So, why didn't you just cure me any we could have walked off without paying him?
Telemachus : or killed him
Tormenter Demon: Should'a thought about that before you roasted your father-in-law!
Ixion : AAAAH!
Eleni : I actually had a scroll that would do the trick, but it was more interested watching her rub salve all over you...
Eleni : And we just fought a dragon, Tel.
Eleni : We thought it best not to antagonize the locals.
Kataramene : .....
Telemachus : SO? you can't have ALL thje fun
Eleni : Especially since these are the first that aren't just killing us on sight.
Polytropos : I want to do the thing where I'm jealous about the salve, but that screaming really... kills the mood...
Telemachus : Alright careful, she's a married woman, wouldn't want her comparing me to Pol.
Eleni : She's not, technically. Yet.
Kataramene : It wasn't as if he didn't have any clothes on or anything.
Telemachus : The whole damn world is full of suffering, at least the people here mostly deserve it.
Tormenter Demon : Get off your lazy ass, Sisyphus!
Polytropos : Did we take a wrong turn?
Eleni : Well. You didn't.
Eleni : And I believe we did...
Telemachus : this is the bottom of the cliff I was on.
Telemachus : I saw this guy from up there, Figured it had to be Sisyphus.
Tormenter Demon : Touch it and you'll get your own, mortal!
Eleni : Yes, it is. I believe they were planning to shove you down said cliff and watch you shatter into a thousand pieces.
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni* Did the argument fail?
Polytropos : ... nrrg.
Eleni : Sorry?

Leonidas : *watches women working for a bit*

Eleni : Oh, our litle theory on the nature of suffering?
Eleni : I think he mostly just ignored it.
Kataramene : Blast.
Telemachus : Well you shouldn't have been such a lying shitbag murderer shouldn't you?
Polytropos : I know this is bad, man, but there's a man literally over the rise who's being burned to death constantly. You've got it pretty good, Mr. Rock pusher.
Telemachus : which way are we going?
Kataramene : *also stares at Tel*
Telemachus : What? everyone knows that story
Kataramene : Well that's /one/ more who won't tell us anything about where we are headed, isn't it?
Eleni : ....aaaand there goes all the sympathy I was feeling for this man just now.
Polytropos : And then we'd go to Elysium.
Eleni : Good job, Sisyphus.
Polytropos : Hilarious.
Telemachus : If you were still king of Ephyra the only reason I'd have to fear you is if I took you up on your hospitality.
Polytropos : Hey there.
Andreas Appolodorus: Back?
Polytropos : Come on, friends, no poking the cursed dead...
Polytropos : ... this is creeping me out.
Eleni : Yes, agreed.
Kataramene : I really, really, really wish I'd not rubbed the salve over your mouth yet.
Telemachus : Oh wow look at this hill... So steep but you know what I think I'll run up it!
Eleni : No he didn't.
Polytropos : This way!
Eleni : Anything up those cliffs?
Telemachus : wow look at that, so much fun...
Sisyphus : *screams*
Telemachus : Bracing!
Eleni : I know this all seems terrible.
Kataramene : *grits teeth*
Eleni : But to be perfectly honest? This is the nicest place we've been to in a while.
Polytropos : ... alright, I think this was the wrong way. Not sure though.
Kataramene : Are you at all busy tormenting?
Eleni : Good question.
Telemachus : Demons are suprisingly well organised.
Kataramene : What maze?
Polytropos : This sounds like one of those trick questions.
Eleni : I thought so!
Eleni : We shall try.
Polytropos : Oh! Tel. That reminds me.
Polytropos : Would you like a helmet.
Telemachus : Wenches reminds you of me?
Polytropos : No.
Telemachus : Lets see it?

Kataramene : *sighs again*
Kataramene : Is it unheroic to let them suffer?
Telemachus : Thanks, pretty nice.
Polytropos : You get hit a lot! And with that, anyone who hits you, burns! Sometimes!
Kataramene : I'm having a crisis of heroism here.
Eleni : ...I suppose leading a massive revolt of the tormented would be quite heroic.
Eleni : But that's not why we're here is it?
Polytropos : ... no it wouldn't, these guys are all awful...
Kataramene : No. Saving mortality and all that.
Eleni : Also, we've already angered Zeus by freeing those cyclopses, anyway.
Telemachus : What cyclopi?
Kataramene : Three of them we let out of prison.
Eleni : The ones that forged Zeus' thunderbolts. They made some for us, too. Andreas has them.
Telemachus : And did you really have to? We were ok with Zeus
Eleni : We needed them to make a key for us, so kind of.
Eleni : I guess we could have killed them afterwards, but really, they seemed nice enough.
Eleni : Relatively speaking.
Kataramene : It's a bit damned if you do and damned if you don't, at the moment.
Telemachus : What the hell? You've got the literal thunderbolts of Zeus?
Eleni : Well, it's a bit of a cheap copy.

Leonidas : *examines the water*
Leonidas : Hows the water ladies?
Danaid: It's quite nice, actually.
Danaid: Wouldn't you like to help us fill the tub? If we finish, we could then... help you.
Danaid: I think you know what I mean. *smiles*
Leonidas : I think that's not going to happen any time soon with those leaks.
Polytropos : Hell-oooo...
Polytropos : What's this now?
Danaid: Look, sisters! Men.
Danaid: Pretty men.
Polytropos : Hi!
Eleni : They made it in a hurry.
Danaid: I imagine someone as clever as you could find a way to plug those leaks.
Kataramene : *glare*
Eleni : Should still do the job, though... and, ah, hello?
Polytropos : We found some nice people.
Danaid: Why, then we'd be ... obligated... to you.
Telemachus : pfft
Eleni : They're still Tormented.
Danaid: Real... obligated.
Telemachus : there's a guy on fire
Kataramene : Why are they tormented?
Telemachus : and a guy pushing a ROCK up a hill
Andreas Appolodorus: Are they on the list?
Danaid: It was injustice! We don't belong here.
Telemachus : and you guys have to carry water for 10 yards?
Leonidas : Yeah well, you seem to have it easier than the others.
Kataramene : What did you do?
Leonidas : I'm sure that's what they all say.
Danaid: We're the daughters of Danaus! A king of Egypt!
Eleni : ...oh, /those/ sisters.
Kataramene : What did they do?
Polytropos : Sisters, eh?
Danaid: Why we're here isn't important. If you could help us, we can help you!
Danaid: Just plug a few leaks in that tub...
Telemachus : Pfft
Danaid: I'd be a _real_ nice friend. *comes close to Leo, without actually touching him*
Telemachus : which way next?
Eleni : Supposedly? They murdered their husbands.
Kataramene : Oh really?
Polytropos : Oh. Ohhhh ho ho ho, right.
Danaid: They had it coming!
Telemachus : You don't end up in Tartarus for "supposedly"
Polytropos : I don't see them here.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Danaid: Vile, stinking, _touching_ men!
Andreas Appolodorus: I guessed right then.
Polytropos : Moving right along, then.
Kataramene : Yeeeas. Vile, stinking, touching men.
Danaid: What my sister means, is that we were... abused! That's it!
Eleni : To be fair, I always did wonder if maybe they had it coming, but...
Danaid: Don't go! Please!
Eleni : Sorry. We sort of made a deal.
Polytropos : *uncertain pause.*
Danaid: Go then, I hope you enjoy your freedom, bitch.
Telemachus : You have to wonder, why don't this lot just sit down and stop
Danaid: Aaahhhh.... *is drawn back to the water*
Danaid: Gaaahh!
Polytropos : I... assume because the spiky things hit them.
Telemachus : I mean most of these punishments involve struggles
Eleni : No need to call anyone names.
Polytropos : Or that.
Danaid: No, no...
Polytropos : *shudder.
Danaid: No, it's starting again....
Kataramene : Nice are they, eh?
Kataramene : Pretty little tormented people.
Polytropos : ... they seemed nicer than King Stone-pusher.
Eleni : I suppose a few centuries of that would turn anyone rather unpleasant.
Telemachus : is getting hit with a whip any worse than the rock thing?

Lazyzeus : The women thrash as they are drawn under the water....

Polytropos : *shudder*
Eleni : Oh. A sphinx.

Lazyzeus : The eyes of the Sphinx seem to watch as you approach.

Telemachus : made of stone..
Eleni : I wonder what that means?
Telemachus : Probably means that whatever got me got him?
Telemachus : her... it?
Kataramene : Is it our old "friend".
Eleni : Possibly?
Eleni : On both counts.
Telemachus : never really sure with sphinises
Androsphinx : *you hear a voice*
Androsphinx : His place was reserved
Androsphinx : But justice was served
Androsphinx : The War God's due
Androsphinx : Thwarted by You.
Telemachus : ahh..
Polytropos : ... oh!
Leonidas : Poor fella.
Eleni : Oh, getting personal are we?
Polytropos : I know that!
Telemachus : yeah the guy, who we saved.
Telemachus : What about him?
Polytropos : Oh! Er... uh... he went to Delphi! The great warlord, remember?
Kataramene : Yeah....
Polytropos : Damn... what was his name?
Eleni : Charidemos?
Polytropos : That was him!
Eleni : I believe he goes by Demos, now.
Eleni : Ah, there we go.
Telemachus : Oh right.. guess that's it?
Eleni : Very kind of you, Sphinx.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:14 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group had just passed through the Valley of Torments and had moved past a guardian sphinx into a new underground area.

Polytropos : Seeeeems... cold.
Eleni : IT occurs to me we longer have any idea which way we are headed.
Kataramene : I told you we needed that pile of bones to talk.
Eleni : That might not have been entirely unreasonable, yes.
Kataramene : We're getting no where fast without some guidance.
Telemachus : someone's scribbled all over the floor here
Leonidas : *examines*
Eleni : Hm, let me see..
Kataramene : Good of them.
Telemachus : Don't say that, it's a riddle I think..
Eleni : It certainly seems to be.
Telemachus : Which usually means something crap happens if we get it wrong.
Kataramene : Pyramids?
Eleni : Our family underlays the workings of the universe...
Telemachus : pyramids have parents now?
Eleni : Well. This place's guardian /was/ a sphinx.
Kataramene : One block at the top and then loads below?
Polytropos : I, uh...
Polytropos : I thought Titans.
Polytropos : You know.
Polytropos : Old Man Kronos. The father of the Gods.
Kataramene : Go on.
Telemachus : Gods maybe? Zeus is one father and a lot of other gods are born of other differnet mothers..
Eleni : He does have a tendency to spread his gifts around...
Leonidas : right door has an Alpha maker, the center one a Beta.
Eleni : Hm. Very curious.
Eleni : I suggest we keep looking. There's nobody to hear us even if we do answer the riddle.
Kataramene : Almost says they each have lots of mothers though.
Telemachus : Might be one of those "pick a door" type
Eleni : That appears to be a lever.
Leonidas : um message states we move upward in order...
Telemachus : Thanks Eleni
Kataramene : You don't say.
Telemachus : imma pull it.
Polytropos : ... huh.
Telemachus : stand back.
Polytropos : Hang on
Kataramene : Wait!
Polytropos : Upwards in order, eight?
Polytropos : Uh, right?
Polytropos : Sooo...
Kataramene : That's one?
Telemachus : it's number 1 right?
Leonidas : So shouldn't we hope for the alpha door?
Polytropos : We should go through the Alpha Door...?
Andreas Appolodorus: What is it?
Kataramene : *points at ground*
Telemachus : so we pull lever number one
Telemachus : and there'll be more levers later?
Polytropos : Oh, okay.
Kataramene : What ....
Eleni : *Frowns* There are quite a lot of assump -
Eleni : *Pauses, waiting for something terrible to happen*
Telemachus : it didn't explode so it's probably right.
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni*
Polytropos : Done now!
Andreas Appolodorus: At least we are not trapped.
Kataramene : Men.
Polytropos : Lock'd.
Eleni : Please don't say things like that quite yet, Andreas..
Andreas Appolodorus: That would be a nasty trap, a lever that lock a door forever.
Telemachus : lets look around the corner, there were mroe corridors
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Kataramene : What's this say?
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : "Once the spirit appears the seeker must begin anew?"
Eleni : *Investigates the rune circle*
Eleni : Don't you just hate all this cryptic nonsense?
Leonidas : Indeed
Eleni : One wonders what the architects of such places are so desperate to accomplish... ah, well..
Andreas Appolodorus: These are runes, don't you like runes Eleni?
Eleni : This seems to be tied to some sort of teleportation spell.
Telemachus : Someone needs to invent a magical pickaxe that will let you tunnel through walls at great speed. It'd shorten all this wondering about being confused considerably
Eleni : One-way, I think. More specifically, the exit.
Telemachus : hmm
Polytropos : ... but it's Tel-proof.
Telemachus : well walking through ti doesn't do anything..
Polytropos : Because it's Tel-proof.
Telemachus : No such thing
Eleni : Yes, thanks for confirming that. Perhaps if we make a wrong decision at some point in... whatever's ahead, we wind up back here.
Telemachus : only Tel-resistant.
Andreas Appolodorus: I guess we need to activate it somehow.
Eleni : The seeker must begin anew.
Eleni : I /told/ you. It's an /exit/, not an entrance.
Polytropos : Then let's solve puzzles!
Eleni : One-way.
Andreas Appolodorus: Kronos!
Kataramene : So what happens if we stand in it and you pull the lever?
Eleni : *Sighs*
Kataramene : *stands in the circle*
Andreas Appolodorus: But there is no energy pulsating or anything.
Eleni : Sometimes, Pol, I think you two are perfect for each other.
Andreas Appolodorus: It's like a dead portal.
Kataramene : Well it might have, when they pull the lever.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nothing you see.
Kataramene : It was worth a try.
Leonidas : *plays with lever*
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Telemachus : *tries pulling tthe lever back and forth once, twice etc going up*
Kataramene : This is going to be a short journey.
Eleni : ...hm.
Kataramene : ...
Polytropos : Hey!
Eleni : Well, that did something.
Polytropos : What did you do?
Telemachus : did that work?
Eleni : Nothing! I was studying the design on the door!
Telemachus : hah Imma genius
Kataramene : Seems he was right about the Tel proof.
Eleni : Right, well..
Eleni : Onwards, then.
Eleni : Eta and Delta.
Telemachus : oooh
Kataramene : Lever 2.
Polytropos : ... right.
Kataramene : ...
Telemachus : beta!
Polytropos : So...
Polytropos : Will this open the - right.
Andreas Appolodorus: Demons ahead perhaps.
Telemachus : uhm
Telemachus : wiggle it a bit?
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : Anything?!
Eleni : ...and now the door closed behind us.
Eleni : Somewhat alarming.
Kataramene : Pol?
Kataramene : Go waggle number one again!
Polytropos : Oh dear.
Eleni : They should be able to get it back open... I think.
Telemachus : done?
Leonidas : Famous last words
Kataramene : I think that clue is to do with funny numbers.

Lazyzeus : You can hear mechanisms grinding in the walls, but the door does not open.

Polytropos : Nononono
Eleni : ...well..
Eleni : There's a response.
Kataramene : Didn't they try to teach us about funny numbers once? Ones that you can't split up?
Polytropos : Why did that open?!
Andreas Appolodorus: May be both levels must be at a given position.
Eleni : Good question... that's Eta. Seven.
Eleni : Don't -
Eleni : Pol, how many times did you pull the lever?
Polytropos : I don't remember!
Eleni : Ah!
Kataramene : And they go up l....
Telemachus : Whoa shit
Polytropos : Ack!
Eleni : I knew it.
Kataramene : ... who are you?
Eleni : *Ignorse the person who probably isn't supposed to be there*
Eleni : The seeker must begin anew.
Telemachus : right, well
Telemachus : at least we weren't stuck?
Polytropos : I saw a clue...
Polytropos : It, um, it said:
Eleni : What exactly happened, though? What did you see?
Telemachus : There was a minotaur
Polytropos : "Two parents open doors. Many parents close doors."
Telemachus : that looked like a ghost?
Telemachus : and then I hit it and I was here.
Kataramene : Look....
Kataramene : Father one.
Eleni : A... minotaur.
Eleni : Of course. I thought this place looked familiar.
Andreas Appolodorus: A minotaur? Where?
Eleni : We march upwards in order...
Eleni : We're looking for ascending numbers. Or letters.
Telemachus : Ok so.. one pull opens the first door, for sure..
Kataramene : 1 then 2 then 3 then 5 then 7 then *brow creases straining*
Telemachus : everyone in?
Eleni : Well, the ones here are seven and four...
Kataramene : They make a triangle.
Eleni : Pol managed to open the door to Seven earlier.
Telemachus : How?
Leonidas : I hate riddles, so I'll just follow you lot around.
Eleni : *Shrugs* I'm not sure.
Eleni : I was busy theorizing.
Kataramene : One and two make three.
Polytropos : I'm so confused.

Lazyzeus : Tel flicks the lever multiple times, but it appears that _incrementing_ by two doesn't open any of the doors.

Leonidas : I need a drink *uncorks a bottle*
Telemachus : we might have to split up and pull more than one lever..
Andreas Appolodorus: S0?
Eleni : Quite possibly.
Andreas Appolodorus: * So?
Eleni : ...only now we're locked in.
Leonidas: *Burp*
Telemachus : wait for the minotuar to show up?
Eleni : And what do you suppose makes that happen?
Telemachus : *shrugs* time limit?
Polytropos : ... still confused...
Eleni : Hm. a strange kind of minotaur, that only sends invaders back to the entrance.
Telemachus : Doors are all pretty tough..
Andreas Appolodorus: Keep pulling the level, what else can we do?
Telemachus : Guess it's a test?
Eleni : If we are forced to assume that -
Eleni : ...hm.
Polytropos : Ack!
Kataramene : One + two + four is seven.
Andreas Appolodorus: We missed something?
Telemachus : Right...mm
Eleni : So that was the spirit. Maybe we only have a certain number of pulls of the lever.
Leonidas : Are we having fun yet?
Polytropos : NO.
Telemachus : sooo every time you pull a lever it adds that number?
Kataramene : Shut uyp.
Polytropos : Stupid... numbers...
Andreas Appolodorus: What number?
Eleni : Why is door alpha still open?
Telemachus : *shrug*
Kataramene : So try pulling one once, then again, and then two to see if delta opens. Or try it twice to see if beta opens.
Eleni : That means we want someone in the other room, yes?
Telemachus : Yell when you want me to pull it!
Eleni : Getting /everyone/ to the end might be the trickier part of this whole endeavour..
Eleni : Just me, then?
Eleni : *Shouts* Where are we at now?
Kataramene : *yells* Door alpha open!
Eleni : ...I know, I can see that!
Kataramene : Well nothing else will happen until we pull a lever!
Eleni : I thought you meant to pull the first one twice?
Polytropos : I'm pulling it!
Polytropos : ... nothing happened!
Andreas Appolodorus: Alpha closed.
Polytropos : Aww!
Eleni : That certainly counts as something.
Kataramene : *watches beta like a hawk*
Polytropos : Again?
Eleni : Nooo.
Telemachus : That do anything?
Eleni : You probably incremented it again.
Polytropos : C'mon.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wait
Andreas Appolodorus: That one!
Eleni : Unless it's only the position that matters..
Eleni : Aha!
Eleni : *Shouts* We have delta!
Eleni : Proceeding!
Telemachus : Go through!
Polytropos : I'm afraid of pulling this now.
Eleni : *Shouts again* We have doors five and six here, and the lever says four!
Kataramene : *shout* Pull one, two and that one see if seven opens!
Andreas Appolodorus: What we do now?
Telemachus : Pulling 1 once!
Eleni : One of us has to stay in the other room, then.
Eleni : Pull this one after I do.
Eleni : Or possibly not? Try it.
Andreas Appolodorus: This is an effective way to split an army.
Leonidas : Indeed
Kataramene : *stares at the door in frustration*
Polytropos : Nrrrgh...
Eleni : Hm, nothing.
Leonidas : Till the minotaur ghost shows up again.
Eleni : Ah. Helo.
Polytropos : Aw!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : Look, we have to keep count.
Telemachus : So 1 opened the first door, 3 opened the second door
Eleni : Yes, that's rather tripping us up at teh moment.
Kataramene : Maybe we can open 7?
Eleni : Pol did, earlier.
Kataramene : Pull one once and two three times?
Telemachus : I think it's a running total.
Kataramene : We need to know if this counting is working, for certain.
Eleni : Shouldn't we be able to open beta, by that reasoning?
Telemachus : Someone has to stand near each lever.
Telemachus : I don't know, maybe pulling one twice will do that?
Telemachus : or maybe down is on and up is off?
Eleni : ...once!
Telemachus : alpha opens on once
Kataramene : Do twice and see if beta opens.
Eleni : Twice!
Telemachus : nothing.
Kataramene : Beta doesn't move.
Telemachus : alpha doesn't close either though
Eleni : ...again?

Lazyzeus : The first lever doesn't cause anything to happen when you hit it repeatedly.

Telemachus : Put one in the off position!
Polytropos : I don't know what that means!
Telemachus : the way we found it
Telemachus : pointed up
Kataramene : Okay, we hit one twice.
Telemachus : Stay with the lever!
Polytropos : 'up', he says.
Eleni : It always points up!
Polytropos : Stay with the-
Telemachus : idjits
Kataramene : Someone else come in.
Telemachus : yeah that way..
Telemachus : STAY
Polytropos : Aw!
Eleni : And I hit the first one three times. I was wondering if setting it back mattered.
Polytropos : I'm not a dog...
Telemachus : Pull 1 one time!
Kataramene : You hit the first three times just?
Eleni : Yes.
Polytropos : Oh hey!
Eleni : Hm?
Kataramene : So we're on five. Try it again.
Telemachus : dont1
Eleni : ....well, that makes no sense.
Telemachus : beta opened
Polytropos : I hope they realise that we have to turn levers off.
Telemachus : the start position is off
Eleni : Ungh. It's modal, after all?
Telemachus : right so it's on two right now
Eleni : Three and four.
Polytropos : So if we pull this... it's five? I'm so confused...
Polytropos : Or seven?
Telemachus : if we pull number 1 again it'll be three
Leonidas : *shakes head*
Andreas Appolodorus: I suppose we have been behind this one.
Eleni : It should be at two, right now, but... hm.
Telemachus : dont touch that lever
Kataramene : Do we have to try to open the doors in turn.
Eleni : So if we're right that door right there should open...
Eleni : ...what's Tel planning?
Eleni : Ah. And there goes three.
Telemachus : right so it's off and on again, they don't reset themselves
Telemachus : so we're on three right now
Polytropos : It's some more stupid writing.
Eleni : A child can have two parents, or many...
Telemachus : two parents, as in, as many numbers as you like
Telemachus : And you lot try and act like I'm the thick one
Kataramene : Hey! It was me who started counting.
Eleni : *Sighs* As many levers, more likely.
Eleni : How are the doors right now? Did the first close?
Telemachus : yeah alpha did
Telemachus : someone needs to stay with each lever i think,
Telemachus : hang on
Eleni : ...Back to 2.
Polytropos : Aw nuts.
Eleni : We should be able to open door 5 now.
Telemachus : PULL that lever!
Polytropos : "Should"?
Eleni : ...aaaand no.
Kataramene : We're a bit stuck again.
Eleni : *Shouts over to Tel* Lever 2 was active, right?
Kataramene : ....
Eleni : *Sighs* I'm not sure what he just did...
Telemachus : Wiggled it!
Eleni : Does everything reset when a door opens, effectively?

Lazyzeus : Those in the forward group can hear the mechanisms grind indicating multiple pulls of a lever, somewhere... though they can see only the results.

Eleni : I mean, the levers don't change position, but...
Kataramene : I think it might.
Eleni : This is four. And we probably want to get to six, in here.
Polytropos : Doooor!
Eleni : Hm?
Eleni : ...I'm not even sure any more.
Polytropos : Let us out let us out let us out let us aw.
Eleni : Lever 5 with...
Eleni : Doors 8 and 7. But we know where 7 goes.
Eleni : There's a clue here, too!
Eleni : "Two parents open doors. Many parents close doors."
Polytropos : ... I said that one.
Telemachus : Shall I pull it again?
Eleni : Did you? We really didn't pool our resources on this one.
Polytropos : We keep going around in circles!
Eleni : But I think it might mean only two levers really 'count' at any point.

Lazyzeus : You hear a faint voice, shouting something through a door.

Andreas Appolodorus: Yes two levers to open.
Eleni : *Frowns* I think Tel's shouting.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey!
Telemachus : THAT WORK?
Kataramene : HAs anyone pulled anything yet?
Andreas Appolodorus: Who's there?
Eleni : Not here, I don't think. Can we get back to room 3 from here?
Polytropos : My head huuurts.
Eleni : Seems we can.
Kataramene : Pull one, then two then three now?
Eleni : I'll go there. Wait till you hear me shout, then try the lever back there.
Leonidas : *yawns*
Eleni : I think we can only 'use' two at a time.
Eleni : So three, then five?
Kataramene : Yes.
Eleni : Three!
Polytropos : Nooo!
Eleni : ...well, that didn't work.
Kataramene : Bugger.
Leonidas : Right
Telemachus : You need to stop all running through every door
Eleni : We can only shout so far!
Polytropos : That's what doors are for!
Telemachus : this would be a lot easier if we had people on each lever
Kataramene : We'll do that this time.
Telemachus : pretty sure the count restarts every time a door opens
Eleni : Seems that way, yes.
Telemachus : and you can make up the number you need with any number of pulls of two levers
Eleni : Upwards in order. Maybe we just need to build up?
Kataramene : Someone pull one then.
Telemachus : but we might have to go through the doors in order, yeah..
Eleni : So we're hoping this opens door beta.;

Lazyzeus : The first lever just seems to open the first door when you pull it the first time; the grinding mechanisms don't begin until you pull lever 2 for the first time.

Leonidas : So I'll stat at lever 1.
Kataramene : Stay on one, tell.
Eleni : Did that work?
Telemachus : Leo's got 1
Leonidas : Now what?
Kataramene : Pull one Leo!

Lazyzeus : As lever 2 is pulled, the mechanisms grind into place. The maze "number" is two at that point.

Leonidas : *pulls*
Kataramene : Do two again.
Kataramene : *yelles*
Eleni : *Shouts* Two!
Telemachus : PULL ONE 1 TIME

Lazyzeus : The third door opens...

Polytropos : Uh...
Eleni : ...And now me and Pol are trapped! For the record.
Kataramene : *sighs*
Leonidas : *pulls*
Polytropos : Aww.
Telemachus : Door four in the other room should open
Eleni : Are we trying for delta, now?
Kataramene : We're not working together.
Telemachus : PULL TWO ONE TIME
Kataramene : I don't think they reset.
Polytropos : ... nrgh...
Polytropos : OKAY!

Lazyzeus : The mechanisms in the walls seem to get louder with each successive pull of a lever.

Kataramene : Wait, wait!
Telemachus : I think we just need another 1?
Kataramene : No, wait.
Kataramene : 1 +2 opened 2.
Telemachus : Yeah i'm waiting, that's why I didn't shout it
Kataramene : Then they all started pulling levers and I lost it again.
Telemachus : They pulled what I yelled at them to pull and it worked.
Eleni : Pol used lever 2 again earlier! How is everything else?
Kataramene : *yells* We have to count these properly.
Leonidas : ALREADY IS
Eleni : Same!
Telemachus : Right, gonna try something.
Polytropos : ... this is pointing north, Eleni.
Kataramene : I don't think that's going to help, I don't think they reset.
Telemachus : shit.
Polytropos : I think.
Eleni : Isn't it? Ugh.
Eleni : /Is/ there even a north and south down here?
Kataramene : *yell* No one touch anything!
Eleni : We're not! Lever 2 is in the position we found it in.
Kataramene : *yell* Try one again.
Eleni : Which is pointing... I think north. Towards the entrance.
Leonidas : *pulls*
Leonidas : OK

Lazyzeus : Kataramene presses her ear to the wall, listening to the grinding noises and counting numbers silently.

Kataramene : Someone go to three.
Kataramene : *yells* Pull 2!
Eleni : Pulled!
Polytropos : ... did you see this clue here?
Eleni : I did. I thought we all did?
Polytropos : Nooope.
Kataramene : *yells* Pull three!
Telemachus : nope
Eleni : *Sighs*
Telemachus : we're getting closer though
Leonidas : grrr
Kataramene : Okay, if I'm right we need to go slowly. I think it set at 21 grinds.
Eleni : Are we? I'm not even sure what we were doing at the end there.
Kataramene : It's counting up.
Kataramene : Only I ran out of fingers and toes.
Polytropos : Ohhhkay.
Kataramene : Pull one.
Polytropos : Right. Pull one.
Leonidas : ONE
Kataramene : No one touch anything else.
Eleni : Alright, so.. does one not need to be reset now?
Telemachus : dont think so
Kataramene : Pull two.

Lazyzeus : The maze grinds; it has begun "counting"

Telemachus : PULLED!
Kataramene : Now pull one.
Leonidas : ONE
Kataramene : Two times two is four.
Polytropos : 'kay.
Telemachus : stay here
Eleni : Alright...
Telemachus : Andreas follow eleni
Telemachus : you're no use in that room
Kataramene : I think that first pull doesn't count.
Kataramene : I think we know counted to three, and door 2 opened on 3.
Kataramene : Which means, if I'm right, this lever three will cause door five to open.
Polytropos : I didn't know you did numbers.
Kataramene : Do we all want to be in here or stay with the levers.
Kataramene : I had to take my sandals off!
Polytropos : Um...
Telemachus : I think we might have to pen the doors in order?
Kataramene : We've got two choices.
Telemachus : Alright lets try what you said.
Kataramene : We can pull 2 again and see if 4 opens.
Kataramene : But if I am we need 9 to open door 8.
Kataramene : Sod it, let's try three and see.
Telemachus : Ok go
Telemachus : hmmmm..
Telemachus : LEO PULL ONE

Lazyzeus : By listening to the grinding sounds, you can keep track of the overall number of the maze: it's currently "6"

Leonidas : OK
Kataramene : Oh wait....

Lazyzeus : 7

Eleni : Number four opened!
Telemachus : Door seven is in the other room with Pol..
Kataramene : 1,2,3,5,7....
Telemachus : What?!
Kataramene : What opened?
Eleni : *Shouts* THe fourth door did!
Telemachus : Well that doesn't make a lick of sense to me.
Eleni : I'm by lever number 4 now. Andreas, you stay over there.
Eleni : ...I said stay over there!
Eleni : We need someone at the second lever. Probably. Maybe.
Kataramene : *scratches head, looking at her feet*
Kataramene : Let's try getting two 11.
Kataramene : *to 11
Eleni : That migth just be it, yes.
Kataramene : We're on seven, so we need five.
Kataramene : Someone go to five.
Eleni : Um, five?
Kataramene : Can we get a five?
Eleni : Don't you mean four?
Telemachus : Eleni has four
Kataramene : Look, that toe has no nail on it.
Eleni : Right over here, yes.
Telemachus : ew
Kataramene : Someone stay by lever 2!
Eleni : Also, I might be able to help you with that later.
Eleni : Andreas is on 2!
Kataramene : Pull lever 4!
Kataramene : That worked!
Eleni : Pulled!

Lazyzeus : grindgrindgrind: 11

Eleni : Hiya.
Polytropos : Yay!#
Eleni : So next we want 13?
Polytropos : ... now what?
Kataramene : 11 opens 5, fifth one after the first.
Kataramene : Let's see if pulling two opens 6.
Eleni : That's you, Andreas!
Kataramene : YES!
Eleni : Hah.
Eleni : Well, we need someone here again. Next is 17?
Telemachus : Got number 5 here
Kataramene : We now need 17 then 19.
Telemachus : Door is marked 8
Eleni : So someone needs to stay at two.
Eleni : Do the honours, Andreas?
Eleni : Not just yet!
Eleni : Ready for me to pull 4 again?
Kataramene : They go up in twos a lot.
Kataramene : Well, we can do 2 then another 2, or just 4, but I don't know if opening door 7 is needed.
Telemachus : cant hurt?
Eleni : I don't think the actual numbers on the door matter, just the order.
Kataramene : Pull four then.
Eleni : Done.
Kataramene : Did seven open?
Andreas Appolodorus: This one opened!
Eleni : Alright! Next is 19, so we need 2 again.
Andreas Appolodorus: Over here!
Kataramene : It did.
Kataramene : Okay, pull 2!
Polytropos : Please please please...
Eleni : Then another 4, I think, then 6?
Kataramene : We're moving somewhere.
Andreas Appolodorus: Done.

Lazyzeus : With a grinding clunk, all of the doors open, and stay open!

Polytropos : Yaaaay!
Eleni : Oh. Is this the end?
Kataramene : Don't know.
Telemachus : Ye gods dont sound dissapointed
Eleni : Well, we were just starting to get into the swing of things...
Eleni : This still seems barred, though.
Polytropos : Oh noooo...
Telemachus : This is the worst part of hell so far.
Eleni : We were at 19, yes?
Kataramene : Yes.
Eleni : Maybe someobdy should head back and pull the 4.
Polytropos : I can't... quite get it open.
Polytropos : But it has a latch and a lock.
Eleni : ...or just break it.
Eleni : I suppose that works, too.
Telemachus : NO MORE NUMBERS
Polytropos : Or that, yep.

Telemachus : Oh hey look at that.. diamond man..
Kataramene : *sigh* Men.
Eleni : Oh, hey, thats..;
Polytropos : ... wow.
Eleni : ...Hm.
Telemachus : and a pretty pink hammer, hey you could use that Pol. It'd suit you
Telemachus : bring out your eyes.
Polytropos : What are you trying to say?
Kataramene : Big hammer.
Eleni : In all seriousness, one of you might want to use that.
Polytropos : You pick up the hammer, Tel.
Eleni : Also, grow up.
Polytropos : I reckon I could take you, big man.
Telemachus : HA
Eleni : Please note the statues are moving.
Polytropos : Well, they'll just have to wait!
Kataramene : It smashes them.
Eleni : Hence my suggestion!
Kataramene : Is pink my colour?
Eleni : It seems rather churlish to put guardians like these right after a test of wit.
Polytropos : No!
Telemachus : I still think it suits pols complexion better
Eleni : I think red works better with you, really.
Kataramene : Shut up or I'll hit you with it.
Telemachus : Im not a diamond man

Leonidas : bunch a minoraurs to the left
Polytropos : If we get out of Tartarus, Tel...
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : Rematch time.
Telemachus : minotuars, shall we kill em?
Eleni : They haven't done anything..
Eleni : Except be giant bull-men.
Telemachus : damnit we havent done anything I wanted to do in ages.

Qelleq: I greet you!
Eleni : I would like to remind you that technically, we /did/ buy you.
Polytropos : ... hello?
Qelleq: You are mortal warrior, yes?
Polytropos : I certainly am!
Polytropos : Polytropos! Son of Kledias!
Eleni : You should be glad we're not making you call us master and mistress.
Kataramene : Oh for .... where are they?
Polytropos : Uh...
Polytropos : One moment, please.
Eleni : It appears Pol has struck up a conversation..
Polytropos : Great!
Polytropos : Who is she?
Eleni : ...did they really just run off to kil things?
Telemachus : The.. is Leo talking to a rock?
Polytropos : ... okay...
Kataramene : How many are there?
Qelleq: Oh, you have friends?
Eleni : *Sighs* You'd think after all that, they might have learned a lesson about co-ordination.
Telemachus : two, maybe three?
Polytropos : I have lots of friends!
Qelleq: Bring friends, have plenty of room.
Telemachus : three.
Eleni : Room where?
Polytropos : This flying bat wants us to meet his Mistress!
Telemachus : that ones got an axe like mine
Polytropos : She knows a lot about the Pit of Somethings.
Kataramene : Sod...
Eleni : You mean...
Qelleq: Umm... is that fighting hearing?
Eleni : The one that gave Tel to the Tormentors?
Eleni : ...*Sighs* Yes. Yes, it is.
Eleni : Please excuse us.
Polytropos : Wow, they did just go off to kill things.
Qelleq: Okay! I wait!
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : I got that one!
Eleni : Congratulations.
Polytropos : What happened?
Eleni : What were you idiots trying to do?
Telemachus : he had a cool axe.
Eleni : *Sighs* Of course he did..
Telemachus : also this, dunno what this is.
Telemachus : dibs!
Eleni : Magical bracers. They should grant you with some much-needed hardiness..
Leonidas : some stuff from the camp
Polytropos : ... frankly, I think you'll need it, yeah...
Telemachus : Im pretty hard already!
Eleni : And yes, since you do seem to get hacked quite a lot...
Eleni : What... is that?
Eleni : It looks.. delicious.
Telemachus : OH you didn't want to fight the minotuars
Polytropos : Thanks, Leo.
Telemachus : but you'll eat their delecious minotuar cake?
Kataramene : They have better eyesight that I though.
Eleni : That does not look like minotaur cuisine.
Polytropos : You know, Militades told us something about why so many warriors used axes in battle.
Eleni : Also, we were just talking to someone.
Eleni : That someone.
Kataramene : Just pick up the stuff then.
Telemachus : Oh and you're an expert on the culinary skills of maze-dwelling demi-humans now?
Eleni : Hello. Didn't catch your name.
Polytropos : I think?
Eleni : Seems that way.
Polytropos : This is Kelleg. He wants us to meet his Mistress!
Eleni : Right. His mistress.
Kataramene : *rubs forehead looking battered*
Andreas Appolodorus: Got some dessert.
Leonidas : At least one more minotaur wandering about north of their campsite.
Eleni : Would this happen to be the same lady who recently gifted a petrified mortal warrior to the pits of torment?
Qelleq: "Q"elleq. It's a "Kuh" sound. You need to purse your lips. "Kuh," "Kuh."
Qelleq: Oh, no, _my_ Mistress would never do anything like that.
Qelleq: She's nice! Very nice!
Eleni : Of course she is.
Qelleq: Oh, and she knows _all_ about the pit of shadows. That's where you're going, right? To battle the Queen of Shadows?
Telemachus : Yeah she only lives in tartarus for the climate, right?
Qelleq: She's falsely imprisoned! Quite the injustice!
Kataramene : I think that's the idea, eventually.
Eleni : Does your mistress have a name?
Qelleq: Sure! It's the Lady Stheno.
Qelleq: Maybe she'd even help you!
Polytropos : ... er...
Eleni : ...the gorgon?
Qelleq: Oh, no, she's a different, ah, Stheno.
Kataramene : That's...
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Eleni : Really. Bit of an unfortunate name, don't you think?
Qelleq: She's hosting this nice priest of Poseidon right now, but I'm sure she'd love to meet additional guests.
Telemachus : Sounds great, lead the way.
Qelleq: It's very unfortunate! Parents can be cruel so often.
Kataramene : ....
Qelleq: Okay! Come on then!
Telemachus : *rolling his shoulders and giving his axe a few test swings*
Polytropos : *shrugs blankly at Kat.
Eleni : ...I'm sure I don't need to tell you what to be ready for.
Qelleq: This way!
Qelleq: Here we are! The nicest view in all Tartarus. Watch the cliff edges, though.
Eleni : Does your mistress have guests over often?
Qelleq: Oh, and the cats. The cats are very mean.
Kataramene : Right...
Qelleq: We keep trying to shoo them off, but they keep coming back.
Eleni : Perhaps your mist

Qelleq: Bad! Bad kitty!
Qelleq : Gah!
Polytropos : No-
Kataramene : ... little bastard.
Polytropos : Dammit.
Eleni : Oh, no. They got Andreas.
Qelleq : Hellooooo? Everybody okay?
Kataramene : *started to hunt in her satchel then paused*
Telemachus : That could have gone better..
Eleni : *Waves a hand in front of his.... skull-helmet* How are you feeling?
Leonidas : One I ditched next region
Qelleq: Wow, they were real upset, eh?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Polytropos : Grr.
Kataramene : He did say there were cats, just how many would have been bloody nice!
Qelleq: I tried to lead them away from you. Nasty things.
Andreas Appolodorus: All went dark.
Qelleq: The Lady is in your debt!
Qelleq: I'm sure she will honor your bravery with a feast!
Andreas Appolodorus: I... don't... know.
Kataramene : *glares*
Eleni : Grr. I'm sure she will.
Qelleq: *cracks neck* Ah. Ouch. Stupid broken bones.
Qelleq: Come on! Right this way!
Eleni : *Looks at the others*
Qelleq: She has healing herbs that can help you!
Qelleq: Fix those oozing arterial punctures right up!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Qelleq: Come on! No more kitty cats, I promise! She's right inside the ruin!
Kataramene : *looks at the statue with a grimace*
Qelleq : Mistress! Visitors!
Polytropos : This seems like a mistake, overall.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat May 17, 2014 3:00 pm

Lazyzeus : After you spend a "night" on the edge of the pit, you make your slowly back up toward the plateau. Progress is slow, as the group is focused on an interesting discussion...

Andreas Appolodorus: Though shall not have thy medaillon the Gods would be displeased...
Kataramene : So, does everyone agree with me?
Leonidas : about what?
Eleni : Not that we haven't already displeased them several times during our stay.
Polytropos : I'm alright with keeping the things. Just not sure how we'll get home otherwise.
Andreas Appolodorus: Agree with what mylady?
Eleni : I'm... honestly not sure if we can trust her to keep her end of the bargain, anyway.
Zokos : I suggest we rest while we discuss, I would like time for my prayers.
Kataramene : That also occurred to me.
Andreas Appolodorus: So, what shall we do?
Leonidas : Hmm good point
Kataramene : I don't think we should give them to her. Perhaps we can find another to serve and get home that way?
Andreas Appolodorus: Rest would be nice. Let us take turns and keep an eye on wandering beasts.
Eleni : If she DOES have some means of making a portal, I might be able to investigate and... hopefully learn something.
Leonidas : we camping or what?
Polytropos : We can camp. Does anyone have any firewood?
Leonidas : sure
Polytropos : Nice.
Zokos : **passes around the last of his wine**
Polytropos : *takes a swig*
Zokos : Ah well, that's the last of the wine. We must find a way home for sure now!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah wine.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wait, I may still have some.
Polytropos : Either way, we're running low...
Eleni : That's true...
Andreas Appolodorus: Here, some festival mead I was keeping.
Eleni : *Nods her thanks to Zokos*
Polytropos : Festival mead? From two years ago?
Eleni : ...how well does mead keep?
Polytropos : Well enough for us, I imagine.
Leonidas: *Burp*
Andreas Appolodorus: Waht is it you wish?
Leonidas : *slurps down some mead as well*
Andreas Appolodorus: * eat the thing *
Eleni : I don't think that's how... huh. You... huh.
Polytropos : *squints at the lead medallion, sceptically.*
Andreas Appolodorus: What it's like a "cookie" a bit harder perhaps.
Polytropos : You are a scary man.
Eleni : And strange. Very strange.
Eleni : I'm glad you're on our side, though.
Andreas Appolodorus: Have you try the Spartans biscuits?
Andreas Appolodorus: * tried
Polytropos : Alright; looks like the barrel's split. Here's a problem.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah?
Polytropos : We're very low on supplies and the like. But this woman we're about to challenge, Achlys didn't kill her, just banished her.
Zokos : I have the Jade amulet, is that the wish of the group? I just arrived here, and am happy to pass mine to the Monk.
Polytropos : Prresumably, she's not just some maiden.
Andreas Appolodorus: Banish her to where?
Kataramene : Which implies Achlys would have trouble with the killing.
Polytropos : Uh, banished her to the house she's living in at the moment.
Eleni : According to legend, she is the eldest gorgon sister.
Telemachus : The monk can't do magic.
Eleni : But I would not be surprised if Achlys simply didn't care enough about her.
Kataramene : Your power is useful to us now, very useful.
Eleni : By the same token, Stheno was in no position to reclaim her lair until we came along, by all appearances.
Telemachus : hmm uhmmm.. I wonder how these actually work?
Telemachus : *bites the corner of the thing*
Kataramene : Several of us can strike hard with fist or weapon, only one beside you can duel on their terms.
Telemachus : *takes the coin int he palm of his hand and slaps it against his forhead*
Polytropos : I'm just saying. I don't want to be a statue...
Telemachus : Hey it works!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Lazyzeus : All you have to do is will the artifacts to work, and divine energies swell through you. The medallions crumble into dust once their power is unleashed.
Eleni : We have ways of curing that particular affliction..
Polytropos : Aright, then. We're resigned.
Eleni : Scrolls, the salve and I would not be surprised if Zokos' blessings could help there.
Kataramene : *holds the medallion she was handed looking at it for a while*
Polytropos : Lead on when we're ready.
Eleni: Item destroyed. The electrifier has been charged.
Eleni: Item charged
Zokos : **prays over the Jade Amulet, and it crumbles in his hand** ...well, that is an interesting feeling...
Eleni : *Thoughfully experiments with her Electrifying thing while awaiting the others*

Telemachus : Lets see if we can get out of here before we run out of food completely yeah?
Leonidas : So, how we getting homw?
Eleni : Hm. It certainly is.
Leonidas : *home.
Eleni : But it should help us with whatever trials lay ahead.
Kataramene : I don't know. That is the risk.
Telemachus : Oh and if it turns out we need to get a boat, don't look back. I heard that turns out badly.
Polytropos : The hope is that after we've beaten the snake woman... we can learn something from her, or figure something out.
Zokos : I should enjoy finding a good boat
Eleni : That is my hope, as well...
Telemachus : On the river styx? I doubt it..
Eleni : Not specifically by boat, but, you know.
Leonidas : Maybe we could fly over or something?
Kataramene : Perhaps that little demon thing will turn coat if we succeed and help.
Telemachus : Lets go find out.
Zokos : A plan! I like it.
Polytropos : Wrong way!
Eleni : I'm not sure it really warrants that description. And, um...
Eleni : That's... the way we just came from.
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Kataramene : I was following you!
Eleni : Sometimes, I wonder where you would be without me.
Telemachus : the demons are fighting each other..
Eleni : ...interesting.
Kataramene : A little. Do we leave them to it?
Telemachus : 2 gold on thje toads!
Polytropos : Going arouuuund...
Leonidas : agreed
Eleni : Achlys' spawn is having their territory taken, now. The balance of power in this place shifts.
Polytropos : /wave
Polytropos : Dammit.
Polytropos : I got scratched.
Telemachus : what's the point in being legendary heros if you don't slay demons?
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah.
Eleni : Does the wound look infected?
Polytropos : A bit, ah, it'll be alright.
Kataramene : Take that.
Polytropos : ... chalky.
Kataramene : It'll help!
Polytropos : Hm.
Polytropos : Thanks...
Zokos : It is barely a scratch
Eleni : The gorgon's lair is this way.
Kataramene : Mother made me have it when I ate some berries.
Kataramene : What's that?
Kataramene : *points at the door*
Polytropos : 's where we came from! You remember... the numbers...?
Eleni : The maze, yes.
Kataramene : Ohhh....
Eleni : I know all these caves look alike, but..

Eleni : Hm. Hello.
Polytropos : Hellooo.
Qelleq: My Mistress asked me to wait for you, and make so no more cats came around here!
Kataramene : Look, I wasn't paying attention, alright? It's not my fault I can't tell one lump of rock from anotyher.
Qelleq: Everything went well, I take it? *looks around* No missing limbs, shattered minds, lingering psychological trauma?
Telemachus : So, hypothetically speaking, how attached are you to your mistress?
Qelleq: Ah, I know this part! This is where you offer me a bribe!
Telemachus : seems like a bad deal, being slave to a gorgon.
Telemachus : eeeehhhh
Eleni : I can't speak to the last part quite yet, but Achlys is dead and we all live.
Telemachus : more like an oppertunity.
Telemachus : not to get murdered.
Qelleq: Well, I can say I'm very loyal to my Mistress. *raises voice* Veeeery loyal.
Telemachus : and be free into the bargain
Eleni : One should think the little factoid I just shared would be a... factor.
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow*
Qelleq: *whispers* That said, if someone were to offer a... gratuity, I would be quite grateful.
Telemachus : mmhmm
Polytropos : What sort of things do you like?
Qelleq: Ah, hmm. *considers* You aren't, I hope, thinking of doing something... ah, foolish?
Telemachus : Usually.
Polytropos : What, like... going to Tartarus, and fighting an ancient goddess...?
Qelleq: I mean, my Mistress, she's an Immortal. Yes, the "I" is capitalized.
Qelleq: She's not like that wench that Perseus decapitated, no siree.
Telemachus : yeah they said that about the last godess we killed.
Qelleq: Hmm, yes. You know, you guys remember the way back, right?
Kataramene : Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Eleni : Every creature has a weakness. She's no goddess.
Polytropos : Vaguely?
Qelleq: I suddnely remember that I have a very pressing engagement over on the other side of Tartarus.
Kataramene : Wait!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Qelleq: *mutters* Things never work out for the minion in these situations...
Telemachus : Come back in a couple of hours and we might have a job for you.
Telemachus : In the meantime enjoy your lunch break.

Polytropos : nuts.
Kataramene : Blast, he might have known a weakness, even if he didn't /know/ it was a weakness.
Eleni : Hm, yes....
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Zokos : He seemed open to all options
Eleni : Let us be mindful of the possibility of retreat.
Leonidas : the whole getting murdered thing likely put him off a bit.
Kataramene : We could leave anyway, of course.
Kataramene : Seek aid elsewhere.
Telemachus : Ahem
Telemachus : some of us got turned to stone by this bitch.
Kataramene : Just saying it's an option.
Eleni : We could.
Kataramene : Personal is not the same as important, you idiot.
Eleni : I'm not sure where we would head, though.
Eleni : And she /may/ indeed have some way of accessing a portal..
Kataramene : If we are doing this we do it now, and we go as one. No one cannot commit or we will lose.
Telemachus : You're an idiot if you give an enemy the chance to get you twice.
Zokos : I am not certain that the Immortal you speak of is the same that turned me to stone, but I do not relish the thought of returning to my imprisonment.
Telemachus : and she's definitly an enemy since we've kept the belt.
Kataramene : *stares at the doorway then looks around* Are we all one on this?
Polytropos : The very same, Zokos.
Zokos : ...that said, I am indebted to all of you. I will go where you go.
Eleni : The immortality may be an issue.
Telemachus : PFFT
Telemachus : we've killed so many things that thought they were immortal
Eleni : Even if we can overpower her, it may only take her down for a while.
Leonidas : How about we simply ditch this area and see if we can find someone we could negotiate a way back with?
Polytropos : Just because you're immortal doesn't mean you can't be beaten into submission.
Telemachus : she'll probably come after us.
Leonidas : Perhaps, perhaps not.
Telemachus : we could cut her into bits and throw her into a couple of different bottomless pits.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can we make her turn into a statue?
Telemachus : yeah that'd be a good one, anyone got a really shiny bit of metal?
Eleni : She's likely protected from her own gaze.
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni*
Eleni : I'm not sure...
Telemachus : Didn't perseus do it that way?
Polytropos : "likely"?
Eleni : Perseus had to deal with the younger sister.
Eleni : He had it easy.
Telemachus : *shrug*
Leonidas : I'd think she'd learn from the mistake of the other.
Kataramene : While we are standing Poseidon's blessings are fading.
Leonidas : indeed
Kataramene : Yes or no. Now or never.
Polytropos : We'd be idiots not to give even a slim hope a try.
Andreas Appolodorus: Go.
Telemachus : Can't be any worse than the one we just killed.
Eleni : It may be our best chance.
Leonidas : Hmm famous last words
Kataramene : Good luck my friends.
Eleni : Do we try and charge at her right away?
Eleni : Her pet might have already given a warning.
Telemachus : Tell her to let us go home, or die?
Andreas Appolodorus: Or distract her?
Telemachus : Think that's reasonable.
Kataramene : *steels self* Let's not give her a chance to be any more prepared than she is.
Telemachus : Technically we didn't agree to anything.
Eleni : Don't tell me the same thought didn't occur to you.
Telemachus : So here's the new deal, tell us how to get home and we'll leave you and your domain intact, and Achlys-free
Stheno: Ah, yes, the taunt of the... *sneers* philosopher.
Stheno: How about this deal: you remain lost in Tartarus forever.
Eleni : Nothing philosophical about it. We don't trust you.
Stheno: I kept my part of the bargain.
Telemachus : Yeah right, tell that to the statuery.
Stheno: I will not throw myself upon your blades, give you an easy out for your tortured logic.
Stheno: But I say this, before the gods.
Stheno : I curse you.
Stheno : I name you Oathbreakers.
Telemachus : Too much talky.
Stheno : May the Erinyes follow you for an eternity.
Telemachus : Cmere you
Andreas Appolodorus: Where?
Telemachus : huh
Kataramene : She's gone.
Eleni : Nowhere, Tel?
Telemachus : nope
Polytropos : I've got nothing.
Kataramene : Taken the magic of the drawing perhaps?
Telemachus : I think she teleported throgh the writing on the floor
Stheno : You think you could challenge me in my own home? Enjoy it, you will be there for a long time... *laughter, fades*
Telemachus : it's always trouble when people start writing on the floor..
Eleni : It is for the illiterate...
Telemachus : I can read greek... sort of..
Kataramene : Well. So much for using her way back.
Eleni : Let's have a look around this place.
Polytropos : *scratches his neck.*
Eleni : But stay close.
Telemachus : Nothing good ever happens when some magic tart starts scribblign on the masonry though.
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Polytropos : Um...
Polytropos : I didn't like the sound of that thing about the Erinyes.
Telemachus : How many Ernyes are there?
Polytropos : Three?
Eleni : She certainly made a lot of drama about it.
Telemachus : that's not a lot
Telemachus : we can handle that.
Telemachus : Hey Eleni, she has scrolls
Telemachus : all squished together between bits of leather..
Zokos : A library! This may have some answers to our questions.
Eleni : ...they are called books.
Kataramene : Can we do something for these statues?
Eleni : And I hope so, Zokos.
Telemachus : the imp said they were already dead.
Telemachus : too big to drag outside and bury
Polytropos : I thought we weren't trusting people.
Kataramene : Nothing left? Zoko survived.
Telemachus : well try the cure you have?
Lazyzeus : Eleni picks up a book and starts reading.
Telemachus : but if it turns into a pile of rotten flesh you're cleaning it up.

Lazyzeus : The words seem to echo off the walls...

Polytropos : Erk!
Eleni : *Quite trnanced*¨
Eleni : Ahè!
Kataramene : What the...
Polytropos : Whawha?
Kataramene : Ouch!
Telemachus : Bah
Eleni : Well, that was... hardly the intention.
Zokos : Tel, that is more than a scratch
Zokos : Let me look at it
Polytropos : Where did that come from?
Leonidas : what happened?
Kataramene : *looks at him astounded*
Eleni : It seems some of these summoning incantations are quite potent even when not read aloud...
Eleni : However, this may lead us on the right direction.
Telemachus : Thanks Zokos.
Eleni : Portals and travel through them /are/ a common subject in this particular library.
Eleni : The accidental summoning rather proves that.
Telemachus : dont suppose there's one titled "portals"?
Kataramene : You hit me.
Eleni : I doubt we would be so fortunate. I will need some time to investigate.
Polytropos : Sorry. It was confusing...
Polytropos : Was it bad?
Eleni : Prefereably with a few people around to make sure I don't get accidentally incinerated....
Kataramene : *blinks a few times and rubs her shoulder frowning* Yes.
Telemachus : Yeah ok, read your books..
Leonidas : I suspect our host will not simply sit idle while we linger here.
Eleni : Nothing else to be found here? I suppose most of the statues are too old to be.... recoverable.
Polytropos : *murmur.*
Telemachus : maybe summon something less dangerous next time though eh? a nice little bunny rabbit maybe?
Kataramene : *murmurs back looking vaguely mollified*
Eleni : Believe me, I would far prefer bunny rabbits to bronze dwarves who are also on fire.
Eleni : *Continues surveying the library, and hopefully doesn't roll a 1 this time...*
Polytropos : *blushes.*
Telemachus : ... is the dog man with you?
Telemachus : when did he show up?
Kataramene : *sniffs a little, possibly haughtily*
Eleni : He is Zokos', I believe.
Telemachus : ..... can he hear me?
Eleni : I don't doubt it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello.
Eleni : *Seems to be reading several tomes at once, with great interest*
Leonidas : *casually looks thru books to see if any grab his interest*
Kataramene : Do we all need to sit here while Eleni messes with paper?
Eleni : I... think I could use the room from before to make a portal.
Eleni : I even found some tools for the job.
Zokos : *explores the library looking for anything interesting*
Telemachus : Yes because last time she accidently made a fire-dwarf
Kataramene : Well, that's handy.
Polytropos : *nodnods.*
Eleni : I didn't /make/ it, I just summoned it...
Telemachus : I thought your first child would be less of a shit Eleni. I suppose it was a bastard though.
Eleni : Ha-ha.
Telemachus : unless you were married to the book..
Telemachus : you are practically married to books.
Eleni : You don't know what I do in my spare time.

Lazyzeus : Zokos opens a book and reads it...

Eleni : I might -
Polytropos : Glurk!
Eleni : Who did that?
Polytropos : What are you doing in there?
Leonidas : Yesh!
Eleni : Uuugh, the smell...
Kataramene : Reading and writing are trouble. Always has been, always will be.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Polytropos : *speculative look back.*
Zokos : You wouldn't think they'd leave books like that just lying around...
Eleni : *Ahem* As I was saying...
Telemachus : Lying around, in the fortress of a gorgon, in one of the deepest parts of tartarus..
Eleni : I think I know how to open a portal. But only experimentation will confirm my theories.
Leonidas : *searches bedroom*
Telemachus : Well, start tinkering.
Eleni : Alright, then..
Zokos : I already searched the bedroom Leonidas, just imortal sized clothing...
Polytropos : *quiet murmuring.*
Telemachus : Tarterus is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here.
Eleni : No, it's not.
Kataramene : *more quiet murmuring, flexing of shoulder and a nod of the head*
Telemachus : How does a gorgon avoid turning its eyelids to stone when it sleeps?
Zokos : *follows Eleni*
Eleni : *Using the pigments she found, attempts to prepare a portal which should lead - she hopes - somewhere near Argos*
Polytropos : Leo!
Kataramene : Dammit.
Polytropos : Are you hiding back there?

Lazyzeus : Over the course of an hour, Eleni inscribes a complicated pattern onto the floor.

Polytropos : *kicks bedpost in frustration.*
Telemachus : Shes writing on the floor..
Eleni : Well... one of my better circles, I think.
Telemachus : Nothing good happens when they start writing on the floor.
Polytropos : ... well, let's... look elsewhere...
Eleni : I will only get one try at this.
Eleni : We all need to be here, unless someone is keen on staying.
Kataramene : *grumbles irritably*
Telemachus : WE'RE LEAVING
Polytropos : We could always-
Polytropos : ... oh!
Kataramene : We are?
Eleni : *Looks around the circle, a tad uncertain of her own work*
Polytropos : I don't wanna live in Tartarus!
Kataramene : IT's not the same colour as the other one.
Telemachus : The other one was blue
Telemachus : and quite pretty
Polytropos : We don't wanna go wherever she's going.
Eleni : I'm not a thousand-yeas-old Gorgon, alright.
Telemachus : Could've foold me
Eleni : You will have to do with what I am capable of.
Leonidas : So when we leaving?
Eleni : Now, everyone get in the circle..
Kataramene : You might be /one/ day, if you have ambition.
Eleni : Now.
Telemachus : She's got the attitude down.
Telemachus : Get in the circle.
Eleni : A thousand years old, I wouldn't mind. The gorgon part, though...
Eleni : *Assumes this counts as everyone being in*

Lazyzeus : The group crowds into the circle. Eleni prepares her magic...

Kataramene : *reaches for Pol's hand*
Eleni : *Begins an incantation... hoping for the best*
Kataramene : *draws sword with the other* Better be ready.

Polytropos : Waaaaagh!
Kataramene : Err.....
Eleni : Um.
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : Well.
Eleni : This isn't Argos.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Well, we're not dead.
Telemachus : What city is this?
Zokos : I see a tree!
Kataramene : No idea.
Eleni : I'm not sure, but I think I'll take it.
Polytropos : I 'unno... looks nice, though.
Telemachus : It's beautiful..
Polytropos : Oh yeah! Trees!
Kataramene : Kind of glowy.
Eleni : Very.. pristine.
Polytropos : *excited hug*
Kataramene : *hugs back*
Eleni : Hah. Playing in the fountain?
Lazyzeus : You find yourself someplace... different.
Telemachus : Makes argos look like a backwater..
Leonidas : hmm
Zokos : *carefully check the fountain to make sure it's safe water*
Polytropos : Sparta maybe?
Eleni : Each of these temples is larger than Hera's, yes.
Leonidas : *waves*
Kataramene : A lot of water.
Leonidas : Greetings, again
Polytropos : Or Corinth...?
Hermes : I greet you, mortals.
Eleni : Oh!
Hermes : No, not Corinth.
Kataramene : Oh look.
Telemachus : Pfft spartans aren't exactly into architecture..
Polytropos : Are you sure?
Polytropos : I hear Corinth's nice.
Eleni : We hadn't expected to meet again quite like this...
Hermes : Welcome to Mount Olympus.
Telemachus : *bows to hermes*
Polytropos : Oh.
Zokos : Hermes! THE Hermes?
Polytropos : OH.
Eleni : ...not like this at all.
Kataramene : W.....
Telemachus : *eyes goggle a bit*
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Hermes : Yes, I am afraid that I had to redirect your little spell.
Eleni : That... may have been for the best.
Leonidas : Really? *looks around again*
Polytropos : Oh. Um... Zokos. This is the one who asked us to go to Tartarus.
Telemachus : Oh.. we were invited then? I thought we might have shown up here by accident..
Eleni : I wasn't sure if we'd wind up in Greece, India or the bottom of the ocean, to be honest.
Kataramene : It was still better than there.
Hermes : There are few accidents when it comes to this place, Telemachus. Mortals come here only by invitation.
Kataramene : But this is nicer still .... I think?
Hermes : You are here because of what you did in Tartarus.
Polytropos : Thank you, Hermes! I don't want to be in India!
Kataramene : I mean, there was that whole "oathbreaker" thing.
Eleni : I would assume so... *Looks around, quite stunned*
Hermes : That situation is beyond my ability to alter, Kataramene.
Telemachus : I didn't break any oaths. Didn't make any.
Hermes : The defeat of Achlys was a universal good. But I am afraid that a new evil has been unleashed... unintentionally... by your actions.
Kataramene : *sighs a little* Accusations are all that matter. She made a bargain and we didn't say "no".
Zokos : I too am unaware of any oaths made with the Gorgon
Kataramene : What?
Telemachus : What do you mean a new evil?
Polytropos : The Gorgonwoman?
Hermes : Come. My sister can tell the tale better than I.
Polytropos : Uh, alright.
Eleni : Well, I can think of a few options...
Zokos : Sister?!
Eleni : Her, the cylcopses, an angry Erebus..
Polytropos : Wait, um... clean-limbed Hera isn't here, is she...?
Telemachus : *bows super respectfully*
Hermes : Fortunately, Hera is not here at present.
Artemis: *nods* greetings Mortals
Eleni : *Likewise*
Polytropos : *whew*
Polytropos : *a-bow*
Kataramene : *looks a little relieved*
Eleni : We are honoured to here.
Athena : Fortunately indeed. She bears quite the grudge against you mortals.
Leonidas : *bows*
Zokos : *bows*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Athena : It has been some time since last we met. You used my rattle to good effect agianst the Stymphalian birds.
Polytropos : ... ohhhhh!
Zokos : *looks suspicisly at his companions*
Polytropos : I THOUGHT that was weird.
Eleni : That was most helpful, yes. As was your advice later, even if it did lead to some unfortunate events....
Zokos : I am also unaware of any wrongs committed against Hera...
Kataramene : We've been following a planned path all this time?
Polytropos : We didn't mean it.
Telemachus : we'll fill you in later..
Eleni : Well. Those things, at least, can be firmly laid at our feet.
Athena : You have fallen in with companions who have accomplished great deeds, servant of Poseidon.
Athena : But with great power also comes great risk.
Kataramene : *preens a little*
Athena : So it has been here.
Hermes : You are going to tell them about the Scions?
Athena : I was getting to that, impatient brother.
Zokos : My debt to them is deep, it is my lot then.
Artemis : Ah yes....the Scions
Eleni : It would have been far harder to defeat Achyls without you, Zokos.
Athena : Indeed. It is good that they will have one who can channel the power of the gods, for what is to come.
Athena : I understand that you have encountered the goddess Eris in your travels.
Eleni : I think we can consider your bedy repaid several times over. Um...
Eleni : That is... true, yes.
Kataramene : It's like a ravelled string, isn't it? You pull at one end to free it and another bit tightens.
Athena : Eris is a force of Chaos in the universe. I sometimes wonder if she inherited the mantle of the old powers more than the rest of us.
Athena : That power gave birth to a series of rather difficult children. The Scions of Eris.
Artemis : *glances over the two women in the party and seems to smile a little just for them*
Athena : Plagues to mortals... and bothersome to the gods... they were imprisoned in Tartarus where their maleficent influence could be ... controlled.
Eleni : *Seems a bit concerned at where all of this is going....*
Leonidas : hmm
Polytropos : I don't remember meeting any scions.
Athena : You mortals have simple names for them. Murder. Lies. Starvation. Toil. *hard look* Vengeance.
Athena : No, you would not. For they were bound into the fabric of Tartarus.
Kataramene : Oh.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : And we've been a little disruptive of that.
Leonidas : So she had no good kids?
Athena : Until a band of mortals descended into the bowels of the prison plane and delivered a massive blow to its very fabric.
Kataramene : Erebus.
Polytropos : Aw!
Kataramene : Is that it?
Artemis : It will be dangerous.....but of course you knew that, didn't you?
Polytropos : We don't mean to do this stuff! It just... it just gets in the way!
Eleni : *Sighs* Such a thing as we were meant to do was... unlikely to leave the place unshaken.
Zokos : *looks visably awed*
Athena : I know that you did not mean this harm. But the Scions are free now, and they have escaped into the mortal realm.
Kataramene : Intent of doing what they do best?
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Athena : Left untended, they will swell with power as their influence over mortals takes hold.
Artemis : Of course
Eleni : ....in fact, shaking things seems to be speciality of ours....
Telemachus : Then we shall hunt them down and destroy them!
Athena : Death, destruction, suffering... they will consume your world.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : *looks at Pol, somewhat glumly*
Eleni : Well. When you put it like that, it sounds like we don't have much choice.
Hermes : We could just wait until they kill off all the mortals, then their power would fade... but unfortunately ours would wane as well.
Artemis : The world could be plunged into a Dark Age if left unchecked
Eleni : I would far prefer not to consumed.
Athena : My sister speaks truth.
Polytropos : *awkward look back.*
Eleni : *to be
Polytropos : Can this BE stopped?
Athena : The Scions were freed by mortal action, and so by that must they be restrained.
Polytropos : Oh.
Athena : That is up to you.
Kataramene : *sighs deeply*
Athena : This scroll describes the nature of the Scions, and their names.
Leonidas : I note you said restrained.
Artemis : Their power cannot be turnly ended
Athena : They cannot be permanently destroyed. Nor would it benefit mankind for their traits to be permanently destroyed, for it is in struggle that your kind achieves great things.
Artemis : truly*
Eleni : Then how are we to deal with them?
Athena : With our gift.
Leonidas : So are we trying to catch them or kill them, at least after a fashion?
Zokos : We must return them to Tartarus...
Athena : This is the Judgment of Themis.
Polytropos : Ooooohhh...
Athena : With it, you can return the Scions to their prison.
Athena : They will not go willingly. You will need to defeat them each in turn before it can be used.
Kataramene : But we have to find them and ... yes.
Leonidas : Right
Athena : The Judgment can also be used to transport you to where they have hidden themselves.
Telemachus : *nods*
Eleni : I rather suspected as much. Hm.
Athena : The Scions have scattered through your mortal world. Hiding, in some places. Wreaking their havoc in the open, in others.
Leonidas : That'll speed things along considerably.
Eleni : I assume it will not take us directly to their /exact/ location.
Athena : You need only take this to where you first arrived, use the scroll to name your enemy, and activate the rod.
Athena : No. But it will be close.
Artemis : It will be a long and painful labor *glances at Tele*
Kataramene : Would have been nice to go home for a .. well a few days.
Leonidas : For better or worse
Polytropos : Mmnh.
Athena : The longer you delay, the less likely it is that your home will survive.
Andreas Appolodorus: It will be done as you have asked.
Eleni : What is Eris doing, with all of this going on..?
Polytropos : Oh well...
Athena : However, after your clash with Achlys, it is clear that your weapons are somewhat... inadequate to this task.
Hermes : Who can say? She has refused our attempts to contact her.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol, then past into the distance, sighing again*
Polytropos : Hey, we... sort-of won... ish.
Telemachus : She's probably enjoying it far too much, if our last meeting was anything to go by
Polytropos : *looks at his sword, frowning.*
Athena : We three have interfered by bringing you here, and giving you these gifts.
Athena : However, our brother and sister gods may be able to aid you... if they choose to do so.
Eleni : I see...
Athena : They know you are here, and may choose to speak with you, or give you minor tasks of their own.
Artemis : The balance of nature must be maintained, we can do no more
Leonidas : wonderful
Polytropos : Wow. Um, alright.
Polytropos : We'll... go ask around...?
Athena : But be aware... though we are united against the threat of the Scions, not all agree on using mortals... and specifically YOU mortals, to do this.
Polytropos : *wince*
Hermes : We have secured a pact: none of the Twelve will harm you while you are here.
Leonidas : Right
Telemachus : It's an honour to have been chosen for this task. We'll proove ourselves worthy of it.
Kataramene : Some don't like us very much.
Hermes : Ah, personally, anyway.
Eleni : ...I see.
Athena : Indeed. This will be the greatest of your quests. Heroes of Argos. *smiles*
Artemis : Your greatest Labor!
Zokos : I accept this task, and will do my part
Leonidas : hmm
Polytropos : Here we go, then.
Polytropos : Put like that, how can we refuse.
Leonidas : We have a chance to rest up then before we continue on?
Telemachus : *scratches the back of his head sheepishly* Our labour rather than herecles' this time..
Eleni : It seems we will require all the boons we can get.
Polytropos : We've got a bit of time, Leo.
Athena : You are secure here. Take what time you feel is necessary; the Judgement will work when you are ready.
Polytropos : We can see who's at home.
Polytropos : *looks around at the spires.*
Athena : You can return here if you need succor, but do note, the power of the Judgement has its limits.
Kataramene : *wistful expression*
Telemachus : Should.. should we do that, present ourselves to the other gods? Or should we wait for them to summon us?
Athena : The longer it takes, the more powerful the Scions will get.
Hermes : They know you are here. Whether or not they will help...
Eleni : We must confess to some degree of ignorance regarding protocol....
Hermes : Each god has the power to give a lesser, average, or greater gift.
Artemis : They may choose to appear to you as we have ....or not
Hermes : Indeed. Do not search for Hera or Father Zeus... they have withdrawn themselves from this matter.
Kataramene : They're gods, after all, we ... are just visitors.
Hermes : Tread carefully, and show respect. The sin that the gods despise most, is hubris. *looks at Telemachus*
Polytropos : Yeah, Tel.
Athena : Fare you well.
Telemachus : What did I do?
Artemis : *waves
Kataramene : Got born.
Polytropos : You knoww.
Lazyzeus : *the three gods touch hands*
Zokos : *looks at Telemachus with concern*
Telemachus : *bows as they leave*
Polytropos : Thank you!

Eleni : *Deep breath*
Polytropos : ... aw.
Eleni : ...the reward for a job well done is more work, it seems.
Polytropos : We ruined the world!
Leonidas : Wonder where we can get something to eat and drink here?
Polytropos : Or something!
Kataramene : Would have been nice to have just a few days before putting it right. Not long.
Polytropos : And now we have to fight evil monsters to unruin it.
Eleni : *Holds the Judgement in her hand, curiously*
Telemachus : One problem leads to another. It's a great honour to be the chosen of the gods in this!
Zokos : I am feeling remarkably rested, to tell the truth
Polytropos : ... hm.
Eleni : Chaos waits for no one, I suppose.
Zokos : I am eager to explore this place!
Polytropos : Well... can do.
Telemachus : even if we have uhm.. offended some of them in the course of our travels..
Polytropos : Maybe they DO have food?
Eleni : Hera, mostly, and thankfully it sounds as if she recused herself...
Telemachus : We're on mount olympus and all you can think of is your stomach?!
Polytropos : Empty portico over there...
Eleni : We haven't been /entirely/ forthright with Ares, as I recall, but that was a while ago...
Leonidas : A man's gotta eat.
Eleni : This, ah... must be an even greater shock to you.

Polytropos : *blink blink*
Kataramene : *dips a curtsey*
Telemachus : Hopefully he'll be pleased with how we've conducted our battles...
Aphrodite : Well now, what have we here?
Polytropos : *mouth fish-flops.*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Aphrodite : A pretty mortal boy.
Telemachus : *deep bow*
Leonidas : *bows*
Eleni : Ah...
Kataramene : *worried expression*
Zokos : *deep bow*
Polytropos : Uh... b'uh... hello? I'm man. A man.
Polytropos : Polytropos.
Aphrodite : *nose wrinkles* A bit sweaty and stinky, but I like a bit of masculine on my men.
Zokos : We humbly greet you, Goddess. In love there is the only truth!
Kataramene : *slightly possessive hovering*
Aphrodite : Hmm, well spoken.
Polytropos : *put-out frown at Zokos.*
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Aphrodite : *looks over Zokos* Though you smell a bit too much of fish for my tastes.
Polytropos : *snrk.*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Aphrodite : Ah, a bard. I do love music.
Kataramene : We have a shrine. At home, that is.
Polytropos : The statue doesn't do justice!
Leonidas : It would be my honor to perform.
Aphrodite : *looks at Andreas, runs a hand along his bicep* Oh, do take that nasty hat off, it makes you look like one of my husband's creations.
Zokos : I am but a servent of Posiedon, it is my lot
Aphrodite : *completely ignores Kataramene*
Eleni : It does hardly seem like proper formal attire.
Aphrodite : *at Leo* Oh, I'm sure.
Kataramene : *frowns a little*
Leonidas : *smiles and bows* At your command of course.
Aphrodite : So, you have come seeking my... runs a finger up Pol's side* favor?
Kataramene : *grits teeth*
Aphrodite : You shouldn't grind your teeth, dear, it's quite unattractive.
Telemachus : We've an important task ahead, and any help you'd care to offer would be greatfully accepted.
Aphrodite : *flutters her lashes at Pol*
Polytropos : *goofy blush*
Kataramene : *grinding more*
Polytropos : You, ah, heh, could say that.
Aphrodite : Well, there _is_ something you can do for me.
Eleni : *Puts a hand on Kat's shoulder*
Polytropos : Anything!
Polytropos : Right guys?
Zokos : We are at your disposal, oh goddess
Polytropos : What fishguy said.
Eleni : Indeed.
Kataramene : *clenches fists*
Aphrodite : Well, my husband, he's being quite unbearable at the moment.
Aphrodite : I have this little trinket, it's broken and he won't fix it.
Aphrodite : *shows them a piece of jewelry*
Polytropos : Oh what? Whtever not?
Eleni : *Looks at it, curiously*
Aphrodite : If you could convince him to fix it, well, I'd be grateful. *smiles at Pol* _Really_ grateful.
Polytropos : We can do that!
Zokos : *looks with interest at the offered jewelry
Kataramene : *definitely has a "someone is going to pay" look*
Aphrodite : I could give you an Enhancement Crystal in exchange.
Polytropos : Talking is the third best thing I do.
Eleni : I am not sure how much weight our word holds with him.
Aphrodite : Though I doubt any of _you_ need enhancement.
Polytropos : Hehe.
Aphrodite : *to Eleni* Well, he _does_ like a pretty face.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Aphrodite : *look at Eleni turns into a frown* Though some can be _too_ pretty.
Eleni : Weeell. Let us keep that in mind, then.
Kataramene : *humphs*
Polytropos : But if yours isn't enough...
Eleni : *Bows her head, making clear she got the message...*
Aphrodite : *pats Kat's arm* You could perhaps take a bath first.
Kataramene : *glares at Pol*
Kataramene : *grind grind grind*
Eleni : Might there be a place suitable for us to do so..?
Aphrodite : Anyway! I know you have important quests to be about! I'll be right here when you get it fixed!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : *bows again*
Polytropos : Right! We'l be right back!
Aphrodite : There's a fountain right over there. Just stick you head under the flowing water, dearest.
Zokos : *bows deeply with a huge smile*
Leonidas : And your husband can be found where?
Eleni : ...I suppose that's one way.
Aphrodite : My husband's workshop is right up the way. *points northwest*
Kataramene : *growl*
Polytropos : Onward!
Kataramene : Well....
Leonidas : *bows* Thanks

Polytropos : Oh wait, do you need to do the fountain thing?
Eleni : *Bows her head again, and departs*
Kataramene : A good job we aren't going home.
Polytropos : Eh?
Kataramene : Wouldn't be a lot of point, would there?
Telemachus : you'd be sleeping in the barn.
Polytropos : Uh... what?
Kataramene : *stomp stomp stomp*
Polytropos : Wh...
Telemachus : Oh wow..
Eleni : She was... testing both of you, I think.
Polytropos : Oh come on.

Zokos : *bows deeply*
Telemachus : *bows*
Eleni : Oh! Please forgive our intrusion...
Kataramene : *haughty snort*
Leonidas : *bows*
Hephaestus : Ah, it's the mortals who visited my forge on Mount Olygrytos!
Zokos : Greetings oh great Hephaestus!
Eleni : Indeed. We marvelled at its wonders.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : ... woah.
Kataramene : *bows again* My sword bears your favour.
Hephaestus : Well, I hope you have put my little toys to good use.
Polytropos : *looks up... and up.*
Telemachus : Thankyou for allowing us to use it! It was amazing and the things we made there have been a great help to us.
Hephaestus : Hmm, yes! I wondered where I'd put that.
Eleni : We would like to think so. We only hope to prove ourselves worthy of them.
Hephaestus : You did my honor by putting my tools to good use.
Kataramene : Oh ... err .... ahh, I thought you might be wanting it back then.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Hephaestus : I understand you are taking on the Scions.
Leonidas : *nods*
Hephaestus : Ugly business. You'll definitely need to upgrade your gear for that.
Telemachus : This is the task we were honoured to be set.
Eleni : So it is, and so we will.
Hephaestus : Ha! Making the best of it... I like that.
Hephaestus : Hmm, that armor you're wearing looks a bit battered. If you want to upgrade, speak to my assistant Pyracmon. He'll fix you right up.
Kataramene : Yes. *humphs, looks at Pol, then humphs again*
Polytropos : *plaintive look*
Eleni : We are most grateful.
Telemachus : All men live and then die in short order, the only immortality we have is difference we make in the world.
Hephaestus : As for weapons, you'll need to speak to my brother gods. If you can secure enhancement crystals, my forge can work wonders.
Polytropos : Um... well, there was, there was something else.
Telemachus : That would be extremely helpful..
Hephaestus : Yes?
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : A little trifle of a thing...
Polytropos : Um, we have this... but... well, only a craftsman like you would have any hope of fixing it, I think.
Hephaestus : *at Tel* A philospher-warrior! You Greeks never cease to amaze me.
Eleni : A trinket, yet beyond our ability to repair.
Telemachus : *bows* Just a man who was born to do one thing well.
Hephaestus : *frowns* Ah. I see you've spoken to my ... wife.
Kataramene : *folds her arms, irritably*
Hephaestus : You know she only wants that thing to ensnare mortals so she can work her wiles upon them?
Polytropos : We don't... really... I mean... She'll help us if we...
Zokos : We know not the details oh Great Smith, we are but humble messangers
Eleni : I had... some suspicions.
Hephaestus : She even used it on me, once. Made me watch. *teeth grind*
Kataramene : *sniffs*
Polytropos : *cough*
Telemachus : *poker face*
Polytropos : *scratches neck, looking away*
Hephaestus : Tell her she can hurl herself off Mount Olympus for all I care!
Polytropos : *pleading look Eleni's way.*
Zokos : *looks at feet*
Polytropos : Um...
Telemachus : well she only asked us to get if fixed... *how* you fixed it would be up to you. I'm sure you could make it do whatever you wanted..
Polytropos : ... yeaaah...
Polytropos : Yeah!
Polytropos : We won't tell.
Hephaestus : You can't trick her, mortal man. The minute she turned her eyes on you, you'd throw yourself at her feet and beg to confess your sins.
Kataramene : *snort*
Zokos : Your wife's blessing would help us greatly in our quest, can you think of any other way we could earn it?
Hephaestus : Though I certainly would enjoy the effort.
Hephaestus : I would do this, but you understand it would cost you your boon?
Polytropos : ... nrgh...
Eleni : Forgive us if we seem presumptuous, lord Hephaestus.
Kataramene : Well /I/ know what /I/ think.
Hephaestus : Nay. I actually enjoy treating with mortals. Unlike some of my kin.
Polytropos : *awkward look at Kat.*
Telemachus : I'd rather have better Armour from the great Heohaestus than another enchantment crystal
Zokos : We navigate these waters carefully, aware that there are many rocks barely below the surface...
Eleni : But I believe your favour would be far more reliable than your wife's...
Kataramene : *haughty snort and looks away*
Eleni : Reluctant though we are to turn aside any help in this quest.
Hephaestus : There is way you can help me, and improve your weapons in the bargain.
Leonidas : oh?
Eleni : *Perks up* Truly?
Zokos : We are at your disposal
Hephaestus : It is perhaps more strenuous than the strumpet's quest, but more honest.
Telemachus : That sounds like it would suit me better anyway..
Hephaestus : You are familiar with the elemental nodes of power, yes? You sought empowerment in them before, at my mortal forge.
Polytropos : *looks back at Aphrodite's house.*
Eleni : Indeed.
Polytropos : *furrowed brow.*
Telemachus : yes, heh my hide remembers the singing we took well.
Telemachus : *singeing? I cant spell that
Hephaestus : You can access them from here as well. Secure more of the elemental crystals. As long as you agreed to give them to me when you were finished, you would be free to use my forge to boost your arms.
Zokos : *looks confidently at his companions*
Eleni : That would be most helpful.
Hephaestus : Seek out Aura, in the Court of Portals. *gestures east* Tell her I sent you, and she will grant you access.
Polytropos : I... I guess that works too.
Hephaestus : As for my wife... I will leave that for you to consider. Aid me, and I will owe you a favor.
Zokos : We would offer our assistance even without your kind offer of a boon. You have our lifelong gratitude.
Telemachus : *bows* Our thanks. You have been most kind.
Hephaestus : And should you wish to trade with Pyracmon, he will give you a good price for any upgrades you might seek. The crystals do nothing for armor, but he has some excellent sets in stock.
Hephaestus : Ha, but your mortal lives or so short. *chuckles*
Kataramene : *humphs* I went to ask a boon, and look what it got.
Hephaestus : Still, I wish you well.
Telemachus : Where is this Pyracmon?
Eleni : That is why we try to make them count as much we can.
Zokos : Indeed! It is all we have to give, but we give it.
Hephaestus : Over yonder *points north*
Hephaestus : Ha! I like you, priest.
Telemachus : Oh, couldn't see him around the anvil.
Polytropos : Well, uh...

Kataramene : *stomp stomp stomp*
Polytropos : *sigh*
Zokos : Greetings Pyracmon!
Eleni : ...as I was saying...
Eleni : I'm sure Aphrodite was just trying to push your buttons. Testing our reactions.
Polytropos : We didn't react!
Polytropos : Did we?
Kataramene : Yes. You did.
Eleni : I'm fairly certain parts of you did, at least...
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Zokos: I would like to see what you have.
Kataramene : A boon. Just a few days. *humph*
Polytropos : ... c'mon... I was just being polite, you've got to be polite to the gods...
Kataramene : There's polite and there's /polite/.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Andreas Appolodorus: I would like to see what you have.
Polytropos : We got through Tartarus together...
Polytropos : I haven't forgotten that! I'd do it again too.
Kataramene : *pouts silently*
Eleni : *Counting coins, frowning*
Telemachus : That armour of Ares looks amazing.. shame I'd probably have to sell our villa to afford it..
Telemachus: I would like to see what you have.
Zokos : *counting coints... 1, 2, ... 7."
Polytropos : *strokes Kat's arm.*
Eleni : I do believe you deserve a share.
Andreas Appolodorus: Gold?
Kataramene : You'd /think/ she'd have been the one to ask to go home for just a couple of days but nooooooo.
Polytropos : Didn't get a chance to see to your arm.
Eleni : Don't mind me, have your coins...
Telemachus : Thanks.
Telemachus : Lets keep looking around
Polytropos : Oh, thanks Eleni.
Kataramene : *half a smile of thanks at Eleni*

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat May 24, 2014 2:18 pm

Lazyzeus : All right, when we left off the group was on Olympus, looking for opportunities to improve their weapons. Hephaestus had directed you to a place where you could access the elemental nodes, to the northeast.

Polytropos : *offering Kat a necklace, seemingly.*
Leonidas : So um there other merchants besides the armorer?
Eleni : *Looks at the display of affection, eyebrows raised*
Telemachus : Uhm, who should we visit next?
Kataramene : *looks at him, wordless, and takes the thing*
Telemachus : Or do you want to go right to the nodes?
Andreas Appolodorus: Are we going to try the Gods wine before departing?
Polytropos : *looks down at the ground., shuffling feet.*
Eleni : *Shrugs* Well...
Eleni : I suppose we could, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah.
Leonidas : Thought we might pick up some extras from the gods we might run into round here?
Kataramene : *ducks her head under the groundward look and gives him a quick kiss*
Eleni : Let us not presume we have their favour.
Polytropos : *sheepish smile*
Kataramene : *tucks the necklace away in a pouch, giving a wordless smile back*
Kataramene : She's going to get hers. Bitch.
Eleni : *Coughs*
Eleni : Well, then..
Eleni : North and east, was it?
Telemachus : Maybe if we get some nodes first we'll be in better shape to deal with anything the other gods might ask of us?
Polytropos : While i might sort of agree, maaybe let's save such sentiment until we're out...
Telemachus : yes
Telemachus : Which would be this way
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Kataramene : *sniffs*
Leonidas: I would like to see what you have.
Kataramene : Let's go then.
Polytropos : Hey, there's some... gods...
Eleni : In...deed.
Polytropos : It's very, very hallowed. Not disputing that.
Eleni : Ah... *bows* Greetings.
Kataramene : *gives a polite curtsey* We were invited.
Telemachus : *also bows*
Kataramene : We escaped Tartarus by magic, only to be diverted here.
Eleni : By the will of Athena, Artemis and Hermes.
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Leonidas: Yes.
Eleni : *Nervous look towards Leo*
Aura: I see. Then by their remit you may pass, but know that the realms beyond are not friendly to mortal kind.
Aura: I cannot be responsible for any fate you may suffer beyond.
Eleni : We are familiar with these realms, in part. But we understand.
Polytropos : We're tough.
Kataramene : Yes, it's appreciated.
Aura: So let it be. The ways are open.
Aura: *waves an arm expansively*
Polytropos : Ooo, ambrosia.
Eleni : How are we for supplies?
Polytropos : I have a pack full of ambrosia!
Kataramene : Does anyone have a parchment to return a soul to the body?
Polytropos : Two days' worth at least.
Polytropos : Um... nnnnno.
Eleni : Well. That should do it. What about methods of... yes, those.
Eleni : I am afraid I am entirely out.
Telemachus : I've got one.
Eleni : It may be worth pooling some resources for this rod....
Kataramene : Then I'm going to sell this frosty axe and cloak and buy a couple.
Zokos : I can call the blessing of the gods to return a soul to a body.
Eleni : Hm. The rod is slightly cheaper than buying a comparable amount of scrolls.
Eleni : That's good. But we should have a backup plan in case /you/ are the one we need to save.
Zokos : A noble cause! I would happily contribute
Polytropos : Ha.
Telemachus : That's better than my sword, swap me, and you can sell that instead.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : Fair enough.
Telemachus : It's come a long way since egypt but I suppose I can't carry it forever
Zokos : Your sword has traveled with you into the realm of the Gods, and here it will stay
Eleni : I sincerely doubt it ever expected to wind up here.
Kataramene : *nods at those words* Or be their gift to another hero.
Polytropos : Do we still need to pool things?
Kataramene : Only to purchase something that would protect someone, perhaps.
Eleni : Elemental protection would certainly be useful.
Eleni : That is not quite my area, though.
Polytropos : Did you buy that rod?
Eleni : I am more skilled at elemental devastation.
Panacea: I will be here, mortals, should you need additional curatives during the course of your quest.
Polytropos : Thank you!
Eleni : Yes! Thank you for your blessings.
Kataramene : We may be of dire need of it soon.
Polytropos : Thank you!
Eleni : Such is our lot...
Leonidas : There some sort of guest house where we can rest before we trundle off to who knows where?
Telemachus : Which one first?
Telemachus : I vote fire.
Eleni : Do we require rest?
Leonidas : I do at least.
Aura: You may take your rest anywhere in Olympus, mortals. No hazard or enemy will threaten you here.
Polytropos : Thanks!
Zokos : Very nice indeed
Eleni : Hm, perhaps we should, then. Zokos could ask Poseidon for blessings of protection.
Aura: Fire, frost, storm, or earth; the choice is yours.
Leonidas : *sits on bench for a bit*
Telemachus : I vote fire, because my helmet protects me from fire and I've got a pair of ice axes!
Telemachus : Should be a walk in the park
Eleni : My cloak protects from fire and lightning.
Eleni : I think most of us have /some/ resistances.
Kataramene : I'm hoping this ring will aid me in each, but they may have grown stronger since last we ventured there.
Eleni : More likely, these portals lead to more turbulent places of power.
Telemachus : Lets find out?
Leonidas : much better!
Kataramene : Fire first then.
Eleni : Are we all prepared?
Polytropos : Always am!
Kataramene : *grins a little*
Polytropos : ... I mean, I'll likely burn a bit, but I'll manage...

Kataramene : *steps in*
Andreas Appolodorus: I am going to feel the heat over there but never mind.
Polytropos : Hot hot hot!
Eleni : This is.. definitely fire.
Telemachus : It's certianly warm
Kataramene : Try and avoid the worst of it.
Polytropos : Gottim!
Polytropos : Nasty little critter. Gottim' right in the eye.
Eleni : That wall might be troublesome.
Kataramene : Fine shot.
Leonidas : hmm

Lazyzeus : The heat is intense but not immediately damaging.

Telemachus : he... he was ALL eye
Eleni : Oh. And the firestorm ahead.
Eleni : And that thing.
Leonidas : and fire elemental
Polytropos : Hgwba?
Kataramene : Gnnweet
Polytropos : Wawas at?
Telemachus : ye gods that was loud
Eleni : I suggest we keep moving.
Kataramene : Eun!
Kataramene : Watch the vent.
Telemachus : get away from the vent..
Eleni : A door, of all things...
Leonidas : *watches*
Polytropos : Door won't open!
Telemachus : heh toldya about them vents
Polytropos : Can you unlock it?
Telemachus : Yup.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey.
Polytropos : Or... or, never mind.
Eleni : Uh -
Zokos : Unlocked
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : These bolts are interesting..
Kataramene : What do they do?
Telemachus : blue ones
Eleni : They make that noise..
Polytropos : ... those titans look-
Polytropos : Eleni!
Polytropos : Ooough.
Eleni : Those were... unpleasant.
Eleni : Exceptionally so.
Zokos : Please stand close, I will heal your wounds
Kataramene : That's one way to describe them.
Telemachus : went bad suprisingly fast didn't it?
Zokos : very close, it is a strange blessing...
Polytropos : Hard to hurt. But the coldblade did for them.
Polytropos : Bah!
Eleni : Hm.
Zokos : Apologies Poly, the gods have a sense of humor
Eleni : That looks like... gas. Not fire.
Kataramene : That green looks ... yeah.
Telemachus : It's acid
Telemachus : for the record.
Telemachus : Ugh
Eleni : I propose scouting...?
Telemachus : I am saving up for that armour...
Polytropos : Agh! Burning burning.
Telemachus : slow down idiots
Eleni : Ack..
Eleni : *
Eleni : *Trying to put out the embers on her clothing*
Polytropos : Why don't these parchments burn?
Eleni : Magic.
Telemachus : Duh
Eleni : I mean, really.
Eleni : Why did you expect?
Polytropos : *inches closer to the fissure, but is driven back by the heat*
Eleni : Did we find the thing...?
Polytropos : I think it's... in that hole.
Telemachus : in there maybe?
Kataramene : Tel, you're likely to have to put your hand in there.
Eleni : Hmm...
Telemachus : I was about o suggest that.
Eleni : That seemed unwise, but... did you get something?
Andreas Appolodorus: I am down to one healing pack.
Telemachus : fire crsyal and...
Telemachus : this thing?
Telemachus : I thimk it's a weapon
Eleni : What is that?
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Polytropos : Strange weapon!
Kataramene : Let me see,
Eleni : ...curious.
Kataramene : Strange.
Telemachus : Bit unweildy, but with some practice it could be really leathal
Polytropos : Let's get out of here!
Kataramene : *hefts it*
Eleni : I think it might contain some of the essence of some of those bluefire titans , but I'm not sure..
Eleni : Yes! Out.

Leonidas : *brushes off soot*
Eleni : Ah, well..
Polytropos : ... whew! Cool... soothing Olympus.
Aura: Ah, mortals, you return. A bit scorched, perhaps.
Eleni : That's one portal down.
Telemachus : oook. Which one next?
Eleni : Quite exhausting, I must say
Andreas Appolodorus: Back we are.
Kataramene : *swings the odd circle around, much like bashing with the shield edge*
Polytropos : But; victory!
Aura: Indeed, the treasures of the elemental nodes are great, for those who can overcome their challenges.
Eleni : Victory indeed. We're not going straight back in, though, are we...?
Leonidas : hmm
Telemachus : I imagine you'll want to rest?
Polytropos : They don't give great treasures to dawdlers, Eleni.
Telemachus : I'm fine to go straight back, personally.
Telemachus : and yeah, we've got a time scale to keep
Kataramene : We could take a bite of ambrosia, if necessary?
Eleni : If we /must/ do this right away, we should do ice. I've still got most of my fire spells, at least.
Andreas Appolodorus: We need more healing supplies.
Telemachus : Lets do ice, then you can have a rest
Kataramene : A light meal won't take long, and it's better to go refreshed.
Polytropos : It's very more-ish, isn't it?
Leonidas : *nods*
Telemachus : You'll get faaat
Telemachus : which one is ice?
Polytropos : not with all this running we won't.
Telemachus : whitish or bluish?
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Telemachus : I'd guess the whitish one
Eleni : Blue is probably lightning, yes?

Lazyzeus : The ambrosia-fueled rest, when taken here, takes only a few minutes to complete. You do not actually need to sleep to regain your spells and health.

Kataramene : Let's take a bite, and be sure.
Eleni : That would be preferable, yes.
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Kataramene: Yes.
Telemachus : alriiight, quickly now!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Kataramene : *shares it around*
Telemachus : Alright, ready to go?
Eleni : Yes.

Telemachus : oh sheesh it's cold
Polytropos : I th-think th-this is ice.
Kataramene : *shuddrs*
Lazyzeus : The cold is bitter and bone-chilling, and hits you immediately.
Eleni : Hm. Quite chilly.
Telemachus : Thanks!
Eleni : Oh! I have my own protections, Zokos.
Telemachus : wow
Kataramene : Nice.
Kataramene : Augh!
Eleni : Eep.
Eleni : Watch out for the ice...
Zokos : Friends, I have the small healing blessing
Kataramene : Coated in ice.
Eleni : It's damned slippery.
Zokos : It is best used when we are not being assaulted
Telemachus : stay in the line!
Kataramene : *crawls*
Zokos : Hold the line!
Polytropos : Don't melt the bridge, Eleni!
Andreas Appolodorus: A wall of ice.
Eleni : Sorry. I get carried away, juggling this much fire...
Eleni : It is somewhat intoxicating.
Polytropos : It's cold!
Polytropos : Stand back!
Telemachus : just walk around it
Zokos : HOLD please
Zokos : Gather on me for blessing
Zokos : very close
Eleni : Haah... was that all?
Kataramene : The cold slows greatly.
Andreas Appolodorus: Do it quick.
Polytropos : Argh
Zokos : I sware that blessing is designed as a joke
Andreas Appolodorus: This thing?
Eleni : This must be the nexus.
Eleni : Did you get the thing?
Zokos : I'll get the hang of it
Eleni : Um.
Kataramene : It hurts me less, stand back.
Polytropos : Yaaay.
Andreas Appolodorus: Quick!
Eleni : Anything strange, like the last on?
Polytropos : N-n-nice.
Telemachus : ice node, frost armour, ice arrows
Telemachus : I'll get them out when it's warm
Eleni : Urgh.

Aura: Welcome back, mortals. Let the warmth of Helios thaw your bones.
Kataramene : *panting*
Eleni : Tt-thanks..
Polytropos : Warm Olympus!
Telemachus : nice armour
Zokos : Warm again!
Andreas Appolodorus: That was refreshing.
Telemachus : I think you wouldn't want to wear anywhere near a fire though..
Eleni : Good thing we did that first, then.
Kataramene : No, no.
Kataramene : Umm...
Leonidas : So now what?
Kataramene : It's strong, though.
Polytropos : That's a mighty breastplate!
Telemachus : Mind if I try it out? We might end up buying better armour anyway
Kataramene : If you wish.
Polytropos : And now, Leo, we have two more places to visit!
Polytropos : *waves at Panacea*
Eleni : This should be lightning, I think.
Eleni : The last time we went there was... quite a thing.
Telemachus : lets do it.
Zokos : Shall we rest first, or are we set?
Polytropos : *ahem.* Charge!
Eleni : I am good to go. The last place took far less out of me than the first.

Eleni : Not quite what I epxected!
Polytropos : Yikes!
Kataramene : Fast!
Telemachus : shiny
Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Polytropos : *holds aloft a flickering crystal, and a strange ring*
Telemachus : wassat?
Kataramene : Thsi went too easily.
Polytropos : I have no idea!
Eleni : It starts to feel like we just went with the hardest first.
Andreas Appolodorus: What ring?
Telemachus : lets see
Polytropos : Eleniiii
Eleni : Yeees...?
Polytropos : Please tell us what this is...
Polytropos : You know everything.
Eleni : I know most things, at least.
Eleni : hm.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Telemachus : oooh
Eleni : Aah! A ring of... storms. Unsurprisingly.
Eleni : I suggest wearing it against these!
Polytropos : Where'd you find all these, Leo?
Kataramene : Ryn! Sort it out in a minute.
Polytropos : Flee!
Eleni : Yes. Let's be off!
Telemachus : Next time you feel like wondering off and brining every monster back with you
Polytropos : Thank you!
Telemachus : how about you don't
Kataramene : Come on!
Polytropos : I'm oncoming!
Polytropos : *holds his sword aloft in victory.*
Kataramene : That's a sparky sword.
Leonidas : Hey, I was just walking back out and ran into those guys along our exit path.
Polytropos : ... it used to belong to the satyr.
Polytropos : Been using it since then.
Kataramene : Odd, perhaps it's the light here.
Andreas Appolodorus: Somebody picked thar ring, right?
Eleni : Heh.
Kataramene : I did, yes.
Eleni : It should be quite powerful against all these elementals.
Telemachus : Someone wear it.
Eleni : Certainly would have been nice to pick up /first/.

Polytropos : One final place remains.
Eleni : Also, it should let you channel the powers of the storm. So that's nice.
Leonidas : nice
Telemachus : Shooting lightning out of my hands sounds tempting, but I've got rings, and I'd probably just forget to do it anyway.
Eleni : You would, wouldn't you?
Telemachus : Thanks Zokos
Andreas Appolodorus: If you have too many rings you can always give me one.
Leonidas : hah
Telemachus : Yeah, something would run at me and I'd just swing the axe rather than fumble around with the ring
Kataramene : If you're going to wear it, Andreas, take it.
Eleni : You can be our Lightning-Throwing Person.
Leonidas : Yeah he'd probably get the most use out of it.
Kataramene : If not, we can pass it on to the gods for another.
Eleni : That's a spot that's been empty since we lost Damian...
Telemachus : You mean sell it, right?
Andreas Appolodorus: This ring? No
Eleni : /Someone/ wear it for this last portal, at least.
Polytropos : Green...
Eleni : It should be tremandously useful in warding against the elementals.
Zokos : You are very welcome! I'm a bit rusty, but it is an enjoyable role.
Telemachus : acid
Polytropos : I'm not sure about green.
Andreas Appolodorus: I still get a bit of Zeus power left.
Telemachus : or grass?
Telemachus : are we going to the grass dimension?
Polytropos : *OW!*
Andreas Appolodorus: Although it will not last.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : Those things are annoying.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can hold onto it until we find the right owner.
Polytropos : The grass is always meaner on the other side.
Telemachus : Litterally nothing I had, had any effect
Polytropos : Lightning hurt it.
Kataramene : It's useful for blasting. I'll give it to Eleni.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right Eleni would be perfect for her.
Telemachus : What the HELLS?
Telemachus : Nothing ignores bing hit by me!
Polytropos : Got it!
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : This is ignoring both of us.
Eleni : Evidently, these things do.
Telemachus : Doesn't make any sense!
Polytropos : If only you had some... some way of throwing... lightning.
Kataramene : Slip that on and blast things.
Eleni : Hah! Got it.
Polytropos : nice!
Polytropos : AAAGH!
Kataramene : Blargh! It's slimed me!
Telemachus : Oh this is rediculous
Kataramene : Zap it with that ring.
Polytropos : Polytropos, Son of Kledias! Slayer of Slimes!
Telemachus : I don't have the ring, who has the ring?
Kataramene : Eleni!
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we have to fight all these creatures?
Polytropos : They seem to insist on it.
Eleni : not neccesarily, but..
Kataramene : We do if they are going to dissolve us while we walk.
Eleni : Yes.
Eleni : Hah! Well done.
Polytropos : tHEY FEAR YOUR CRY!
Eleni : Um.
Eleni : That is a dragon.
Telemachus : draaagon uh oh
Zokos : wow
Zokos : Ahem... By the Gods! A Dragon!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh another dragon.
Polytropos : Do we need t-
Eleni : Very much a dragon!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah!
Polytropos : Well... it started it.
Eleni : Zokos? Are you alright?
Zokos : ...never seen a draagon before
Telemachus : you might find a use for that.
Polytropos : Looks like a bad case of floating flaming skulls.
Eleni : Yes. Well.
Eleni : It's our, um...
Telemachus : Oh they get everywhere..
Eleni : Fifth? Sixth?
Telemachus : they're really not so bad
Eleni : I sort of lost track.
Eleni : Do hydras count?
Kataramene : The bones one was annoying.
Leonidas : gather round
Eleni : Yes, he was.
Telemachus : It's a good idea to get something to stop the fear-gaze thing they do though
Telemachus : hydras cound as extra
Telemachus : cause of more heads.
Kataramene : More heads.
Eleni : Yes, I should have thought of that.
Polytropos : Soothing.
Kataramene : Music of that harp makes you feel nice.
Telemachus : we've got a door.
Andreas Appolodorus: Did we get what we came for?
Eleni : It looks more like a rock.
Telemachus : poke it.
Polytropos : *wiggles swird in gaps.*
Leonidas : *watches*
Kataramene : Is it wedged?
Telemachus : ugh you never learnt how to treat a weapon properly
Polytropos : It's very wedlged.
Kataramene : Says the man who bashes rocks with his.
Telemachus : Mine's an axe!
Telemachus : and it's really really magic.
Kataramene : Your point being?
Telemachus : and mostly only doors, actuially!
Telemachus : which are basically just wood
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Telemachus : which is what axes are for.
Telemachus : EEWWW
Kataramene : Cleared the wedge with finesse, see?
Telemachus : aarrgh come on
Polytropos : Eugh.
Eleni : Ich.
Kataramene : Oh that's gross.
Telemachus : that's a giant frigging.... ugh
Eleni : Out of all the elemental planes we've been to, I think this one is my least favourible.
Eleni : *favourite
Kataramene : What is it? A pustule .... ugg.
Telemachus : the fuck is wrong with the universe?
Eleni : If ever I find myself in need of an extraplanar abode, this will not make the shortlist. No sir.
Zokos : Perhaps standing back and shooting it would be appropriate?
Polytropos : Flee!
Leonidas : or not
Kataramene : While we still have skin.
Polytropos : *carries a crystal, some bullets and a rod*
Polytropos : Ow ow ow, that was a mistake.
Kataramene : Augh, you arlright?
Eleni : That dragon was unanticipated. But apart from that, I think that went rather well..
Eleni : And yes! Water sound good.
Eleni : Lots and lots of water.

Eleni : ...I suppose that works.
Eleni : Somehow, I hadn't thought it rained on Olympus.
Polytropos : Aaaah...
Leonidas : *smiles*
Aura: *summons a rainstorm*
Kataramene : It's washing away slime, so for once I care not.
Eleni : Hm. agreed.
Kataramene : *slides the huge ring in over her shield*
Kataramene : I wonder if there is anywhere to bathe around here, anyway?
Leonidas : so now what?
Eleni : So, all of these things.
Eleni : I suppose we should get the crystals back to Hapheastus, but what about the rest?
Telemachus : the rod looks pretty strong
Kataramene : I don't think it's sensible to trade away anything that protects against the elements, even if it's not always worn.
Telemachus : maybe you could use it?
Zokos : I look forward to exploring the rest of this City of the Gods, while we have the opportunity.
Telemachus : and the ring has lots of spells, maybe someone has a place for it?
Eleni : Not me. Its powers require that you either get hit or be quite close to what you are trying to spray with acid.
Leonidas : I suppose I could wear it if no one else wants to.
Kataramene : As long as it's worn and used, Leo, then yes.
Telemachus : yeah
Polytropos : Heh.
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : I see it in a merchant's stock, mind, and I'll buy it to use it on your hide. Lots.
Polytropos : Well; let's keep them for if they might come in handy, and see.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's see.
Polytropos : *nodnod*
Polytropos : Give it a try
Polytropos : !
Andreas Appolodorus: Can somebody hit me.
Eleni : Um, I'll pass.
Leonidas : Um why?
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh like that... Not good for me then.
Kataramene : The rod is like my cloak, you have to unleash the protection.
Andreas Appolodorus: I need free hands to fight.
Kataramene : That's true.
Telemachus : we'll save it for a rainy day
Eleni : Hm, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Do they make these in rings?
Telemachus : at the very least it'll be good for opening doors.
Polytropos : To the Forge of Hephaestus!
Eleni : I suppose so, yes.
Aura: Go in peace, mortals.
Kataramene : *curtseys* Thank you for allowing us to pass.
Eleni : Thank you.
Telemachus : Thanks!
Andreas Appolodorus: I would almost like to stay it forever.

Kataramene : *eyes Aphrodite*
Kataramene : *waits and walks at Pil's side*
Polytropos : *uncomfortable smile*
Kataramene : *Pol's
Telemachus : *bows* mighty hephaestus
Zokos : Greetings Great Smith!
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : we recovered one of each
Andreas Appolodorus: Look, it's Aphrodite!
Leonidas : Indeed!
Zokos : *looks at Eleni
Polytropos : What kind of skill...?
Andreas Appolodorus: What are you up to Leo?
Eleni : I cannot say any of us are smiths, I fear.
Leonidas : No much.
Telemachus : I've some, I'm no master smith though
Aphrodite: "preens herself and ignores the mortals*
Zokos : Ahh
Polytropos : Ohhhh.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh hello.
Polytropos : Now we need to decide what weapons to, um, imbue.
Hephaestus: Do not sell yourself short, warrior! A skilled fighter often tends to his weapons in the field.
Kataramene : I can sharpen one, not that this has ever needed much. *pats the short sword*
Telemachus : Heh, I've enough skill to know I'm not very skilled.
Zokos : If the Great Smith has confidence in your skills Telemachus, that is good enough for me
Andreas Appolodorus: There is nothing you can do for me great one.
Hephaestus: Remember that each of you can only use the forge once. But if you return with Enhancement Crystals, that is a different matter.
Telemachus : Maybe you can get yourself some metal gloves, and we could imbue them?
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah you want to play with my gloves?
Telemachus : *shrug* would that work?
Hephaestus: It is a rare man who fights better with his fists. But you have Storm Gauntlets, those are as effective as many blades.
Polytropos : Alright, sooo....
Kataramene : None of my weapons have the benefit of elemental magic.
Hephaestus: Good luck! Do not break anything if you can help it!
Polytropos : Ah! Yes! That's a sword that deserves it.
Leonidas : I don't suppose bows can be enhanced?
Telemachus : I wouldn't mind some more on my axe, but I'm sure there are other weapons in need of it too.
Polytropos : *offers Kat the two stones he has.*
Kataramene : A crystal may be wasted in my hands.
Eleni : *Moves to admire the view, while the others play with their weapons*
Telemachus : Huh.. You'd have to ask Hephaestus..
Polytropos : May as well givw it a go.
Leonidas : Hmm, guess I still have my spear then which could be empowered.
Kataramene : I can only try once. Keep one and place it on your weapon.
Telemachus : My axe has ice, so fire, acid, or lightning? which would you most want to see your enemies get smacked with?
Andreas Appolodorus: I have lightning gloves may be acid
Kataramene : I will try with lightning.
Leonidas : I'll take whatever is leftover.
Telemachus : shall I try fire or acid then?
Kataramene : Is there anything to stop us putting two on the same weapon?
Telemachus : You can only use the forge once
Telemachus : so yes.
Zokos : We have four crystals then? I will happily pass on to those more skilled in combat.
Polytropos : Well...
Lazyzeus : As long as someone doesn't ruin one, they can be reused.
Polytropos : We can each work on the same sword.
Andreas Appolodorus: Everybody can use a simple staff?
Telemachus : Let me try with the lightining one first please Kat..
Polytropos : I think so?
Telemachus : I think I'm less likely to wreck it?
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Zokos : Yes Tele, that is my understanding from the Great Smith
Kataramene: Use the Storm Crystal to attempt to empower a weapon in my right hand.
The Forge of Hephaestus: Your attempt is unsuccessful; the Storm Crystal was destroyed in the attempt.
Kataramene : .....
Polytropos : Oh no!
Polytropos : Argh,
Andreas Appolodorus: Noooo.
Polytropos : Tel, you jinxed it.
Telemachus : Told her *sigh*
Kataramene : *downcast look*
Hephaestus: *frowns*
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh curse.
Eleni : *Looks over her shoulder. Sighs*
Kataramene : Sorry.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Telemachus: Use the Earth Crystal to attempt to empower a weapon in my right hand.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You have empowered your weapon.
Zokos : Impressive
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Kataramene : *slides the sword away*
Polytropos : *holds his hand out.* Here, let me try,.
Leonidas : So Tel should try to embed each crystal in the primary weapon targeted.
Andreas Appolodorus: * wwwatch *
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Polytropos: Use the Fire Crystal to attempt to empower a weapon in my right hand.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You have empowered your weapon, but used up the crystal in the effort.
Lazyzeus : The Enhancement crystals do not require a roll. This was just a leftover from the old script we used in the forge on Mount Olygrytos.
The Forge of Hephaestus: Each individual can only use the forge once.
Zokos : I remain impressed with Telemachus' skill at the forge
Telemachus : everyone else should have a go.
crystals/party members, then we'll break.
Polytropos : Who else'd like ago?
Leonidas : So what's left?
Telemachus : even if you don't use the weapon, you could enchant one for someone else.
Polytropos : Zokos?
Zokos : Should I try as well?
Leonidas : after those with better skill
Polytropos : No reason not to.
Telemachus : heh, someone can put another one on my axe for me if they like
Kataramene : *pokes around the armoury*
Hephaestus: *displeased as he watches the party smashing all his crystals on the forge*
Telemachus : I'll melt things without even touching them.
Eleni : Ah... how are things going?
Leonidas : um so what's left?
Telemachus : acid and..d
Telemachus : something
Zokos : Great Smith! Shold I attempt to imbue my weapon? The forge seems to say that each of us should attempt, but I'm afraid I have no skill.
Hephaestus: Nothing is gained if no risk is taken, priest.
Zokos : Well then!
Leonidas : I guess I'll try with fire.
Leonidas : where is it?
Andreas Appolodorus: And so I am. Are you displeased that we with lesser skills are toying with your forge?
Kataramene : There is a fine mesh chiton Andreas may wear.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Hephaestus: A bargain was made, and I shall keep it, even if I risk loss.
Zokos : Ah, there's the top.
Zokos: Use the Frost Crystal to attempt to empower a weapon in my right hand.
The Forge of Hephaestus: Your attempt is unsuccessful; the Frost Crystal was destroyed in the attempt.
Polytropos : Ack!
Telemachus : *wince*
Polytropos : ... only acid remains.
Andreas Appolodorus: Any left?
Polytropos : Well, fire and acid.
Leonidas : I'll try with fire
Polytropos : Please don't break the fire one.
Andreas Appolodorus: I shall try acid.
Polytropos : This sword deserves fire.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Leonidas: Use the Fire Crystal to attempt to empower a weapon in my right hand.
The Forge of Hephaestus: Your attempt is unsuccessful; the Fire Crystal was destroyed in the attempt.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Eleni : *Wince*
Zokos : My apologies friends, perhaps I should have waited until we secured a crystal of empowerment
Telemachus : Those perform a different function
Telemachus : you'll see
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Leonidas : Oh well
Andreas Appolodorus: Do nothing.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You can use the forge here to empower your weapons, if you have the right ingredients.
Andreas Appolodorus: Use the Earth Crystal to attempt to empower a weapon in my right hand.
The Forge of Hephaestus: You have empowered your weapon.
Andreas Appolodorus: It worked!
Hephaestus: *picks up all the shattered crystal fragments, and seems content*
Eleni : *Coughs* Well...
Eleni : Did you boys manage not to break too many things?
Polytropos : Could have been worse.
Telemachus : They smashed all but one crystal.
Zokos : We broke many things indeed
Andreas Appolodorus: I still have the earth crystal.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat May 31, 2014 1:42 pm

Lazyzeus : After your diversion at the forge, you head toward the West Plaza, where other gods await to offer you potential boons... if you are worthy.

Polytropos : *offers Kataramene her sword back, grinning.*
Leonidas : *yawns*
Telemachus : Sooo.. Are you sure we don't want to give Aphrodite her necklace back?
Polytropos : It doesn't look any different, but when you hit something with it, it goes fwoosh.
Kataramene : *looks at the sword and grins back* You did it.
Leonidas : So now what?
Polytropos : *blinks at Leo.*
Eleni : ...well, I don't think Haphaestus was terribly impressed with us.
Kataramene : Fwoosh is good.
Polytropos : ... how - how can you be bored even while on Olympus?
Kataramene : Also, I've been thinking.
Polytropos : We shall speak to Gods!
Polytropos : Ooo, thinking.
Leonidas : There are no lovely nymphs.
Zokos : The great smith was neither impressed nor dissappointed. I suggest we set course for the other gods in this area and see how we can assist them!
Kataramene : I don't do it often, so ....
Kataramene : *holds the necklace from Venus back out to Pol*
Zokos : *listens to Kat*
Polytropos : *accepts it back, puzzled.*
Polytropos : Uh, right?
Kataramene : I don't know if it's possible without the smith, but if it can be fixed then .. you know .. we need everything we can get. Even if it's to put it around the neck of some jerk we're facing.
Eleni : ....There are some interesting implications to this scene.
Kataramene : Oh shut up.
Polytropos : I don't know what that means.
Eleni : *Innocent shrug*
Polytropos : Anyway! The priest has the right of it.
Kataramene : Let's find some god to talk to.

Lazyzeus : You notice a path just to the south of the large temple building that heads to the west.

Polytropos : Is that a path just to the south of the large temple building heading to the west?
Aphrodite: *folds her arms and pouts*
Kataramene : I don't know, but it looks promising.
Eleni : Why, I think it might just be.
Leonidas : *waves*
Polytropos : *embarrassed reddening.*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : *gives Pol a speculative look*
Eleni : ...that temple certainly looks impressive.
Zokos : Greetings great goddes! *bows with a smile, and then hurries after the rest of the group*
Eleni : You know. The one with the giant skeleton.

Polytropos : Woooooow.
Leonidas : hmm
Ares : You are the mortals that have caused me so much grief on the material plane?
Polytropos : oh! ohhh... right. Yes.
Ares : *looks you over and snorts* I am not impressed.
Zokos : *salutes Ares*
Kataramene : *bows deeply before him*
Kataramene : *looking suitably awed*
Eleni : *Bows, but perhaps decides to let the warriors handle this one*
Polytropos : We let our deeds speak for us, o bloody-handed one.
Telemachus : *also bows respectfully*
Ares : Fortunately for you, I am bound by the Compact not to harm you... unless you accept my challenge.
Zokos : Greetings great Ares! May your sword never dull and your shield never dent!
Kataramene : We apologise for any inconveniance, oh lord.
Leonidas : um, then why would do that?
Ares : *looks at Kat, ignores the priest* I once had great hopes for you, child.
Polytropos : Heeeeey!
Kataramene : I have done what I can, but the needs of the many meant I must oppose your servants from time to time.
Ares : You turned away from your rage, the blood that pulses in your heart and soul. You could have done great things, had you unleashed that part of you.
Zokos : I know not of the grief you speak, but I stand with my companions as any soldier should, great God of War.
Ares : Instead you let another... tame you. *frowns at Pol*
Polytropos : *folds arms.*
Polytropos : She's not THAT tame.
Ares : *looks at Telemachus* And you, axeman.
Kataramene : *shifts a little* I like to think that he understands.
Zokos : *listens to the others speak*
Eleni : *Frowns, but declines to comment*
Ares : You have defeated great foes, but you allowed others to cloak your deeds behind a false name.
Ares : Have you no pride?
Telemachus : My pride is not so easily wounded! I know my deeds, and so do the gods. What more pride can there be?
Ares : The son of Zeus has enough glory, yet is seems he must take others as well.
Kataramene : That you know, and we know, is enough. Anyone that matters is aware.
Ares : But who will sing your deeds when you are gone? For soon time will steal those mighty thews, drain the furor from your blood.
Polytropos : There's time to do greater things still.
Kataramene : *nods at Pol*
Ares : Well. If you wish to debate, you can go speak with Athena. I am here to offer the challenge of blood.
Telemachus : I've done much in my own name too
Polytropos : Ooooho.
Telemachus : What challenge?
Ares : *juggles several brightly glowing crystals in the palm of one hand*
Leonidas : Which is what exactly?
Kataramene : *steps forward*
Ares : If you can stand in my arena and defeat one of my Blood Warriors, I will grant you favor.
Zokos : *steps forward with Kataramene*
Ares : Choose your champion.
Leonidas : ah one vs. one.
Ares : Choose wisely. I have no patience for dithering.
Polytropos : When we did those things for Heracles, we were still learning. We're much greater now.
Telemachus : It must be me, obviously.
Kataramene : ....
Eleni : *Sighs*
Ares : Ha! Perhaps you should fight for the privilege. You may use my arena if you wish.
Polytropos : These two'll take on a Blood Warrior each!
Polytropos : ... or that.
Eleni : If that is what it takes...
Polytropos : Hey, I like that.
Polytropos : *grins at Kat encouragingly*
Ares : I would be interested to see if the tamed tigress can defeat the axeman.
Kataramene : *looks annoyed* Defeat is in the heart, but if you want a show you can have it.
Telemachus : We've been sparring since we were children.
Ares : Yes. Entertain me.
Kataramene : Level playing field, Tel.
Polytropos : I have absolute faith in you!
Ares : The winner shall face _my_ champion.
Polytropos : Been a long time since we tested one another.
Ares : Into the arena with you!
Leonidas : Hmm what does level mean?
Polytropos : Uh... flat?
Polytropos : No bumps?
Kataramene : His stone, which I don't wear.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Eleni : That's not very sportsmanlike, true.
Leonidas : Alls fair in love and war.
Telemachus : Ah right, not sure how to turn that off..
Polytropos : Pfff! You can take him anyway. Go go!
Eleni : Does that help?
Kataramene : *nods at Pol* More of a challenge anuyway.
Ares : *touches each of you with his spear* You are as you were born.
Ares : Now into the pit. I grow tired of this dithering.
Telemachus : Before we start, you promise there'll be no deaths or lasting harm?
Ares : I promise nothing!
Polytropos : The words of a loser!
Eleni : We have ways around that..
Polytropos : Heh.
Ares : Ha! Best keep your fish-priest handy!
Telemachus : *sighs*
Ares : The rules of the arena:
Ares : There are no rules! Fight!

Polytropos : Tel, no offence, but you know I'm with Kat on this one. Go go go!
Eleni : *Crosses her arms, eager to get on with this*
Ares : What are you waiting for? I wish to see blood spilled!
Eleni : ...well, you heard the man.
Kataramene : *nods and charges*
Polytropos : Woooo!
Ares : Ha!
Polytropos : ... aw.
Eleni : *Wince*
Ares : Hardly a contest.
Leonidas : hmm
Ares : A pity nobody knows your name, Tamachus.
Kataramene : *walks off*
Ares : The loser must withdraw! Time for the challenge.
Polytropos : You did good.
Zokos : *stands with Kat* Your time will come friend
Kataramene : *just looks and folds her arms*

Ares : I summon forth, from the mists of time and space, a Blood Warrior! Defeat it or die!
Telemachus : *grumbles about not having stoneskin
Polytropos : C'mon, let's watch Heracles.
Blood Warrior: *grunts* Mortal!

Telemachus : Hmph.
Eleni : ...well, that was fast.
Telemachus : Kat could have killed that thing as fast as I.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Was that even a fight?
Ares : Well struck! Let us see how you fare against a more potent challenge!
Zokos : *shouts a chear and a laugh*
Kataramene : *leans on the pillar, face neutral*

Zokos : Watch your back!
Leonidas : Impressive
Ares : Well done.
Zokos : Well done!
Polytropos : Woooo
Ares : *holds up a glowing crystal* This is a crystal of potent strength.
Ares : I have one of even greater potency... if you would dare to face one more challenge.
Telemachus : What's that?
Kataramene : I will if he will not.
Polytropos : ... I'm a warrior too... just putting that out there...
Ares : *jumps down*
Eleni : ...hm.
Polytropos : Fought a whole bunch of oho.

Ares : Dare you face the God of War, mortal?
Telemachus : huh.. well can't very well say no to that honour..
Zokos : *looks concerned*
Telemachus : Even if I lose.
Eleni : Well. I suppose this will be interesting...
Ares : If you can stay upright for sixty heartbeats, I will grant you the honor of my greatest boon.
Leonidas : I wonder
Eleni : ....you know, in a contenst of 'staying upright the longest', I'd actually give the edge to Pol.
Polytropos : Well... we'll see.
Eleni : *contest
Ares : *raises spear* To glory!
Polytropos : ... twelve... thirteen- ow.
Telemachus : HAh.. Ow.

Ares : Well, mortal, you take hits like a man!
Ares : Accept your prize.
Kataramene : *scowls*
Telemachus : Thanks
Telemachus : *limps off*
Ares : Be bold, and let your opponents know who destroys them!
Polytropos : Yaay...
Ares : Glory in the fight!
Polytropos : *puts a hand on Kat's shoulder.*
Ares : This sparring has gotten my blood up! Time for a bit of a real fight!
Polytropos : You know, I think he liked you anyway.
Telemachus : It's really weird fighting someone taller than you..
Polytropos : Woah!
Eleni : ...you know, it's funny.
Polytropos : We should join in!
Eleni : I don't think Areas is actualyl hitting them as hard as you did.
Kataramene : *shrugs off the hand*
Telemachus : I wouldn't say that too loud
Eleni : Immortality seems to go a long way, though.
Eleni : *Shrugs, with a slight smile*
Polytropos : *concerned look.*
Eleni : Shall we seek out further boons?
Kataramene : In wedding you put aside your childhood toys. All I ever had was a sword.
Polytropos : ... well... there's more... uh, yes.

Lazyzeus : *The huge god laughs as he fades away*

Polytropos : Aw' c'mon... he didn't even notice me.
Telemachus : You could never really pick a thing to be good at Pol.
Eleni : Clearly, he felt intimidated by your presence, Pol.
Polytropos : There's lots of subtle levels between being The Greatest and being nothing.
Polytropos : C'mon, let's go find some more gods...
Eleni : Well. You're not really the Ares type of warrior.
Polytropos : Oop.
Eleni : You're actually capable of being clever, on occasion.
Telemachus : Come on Kat, don't grump. Pound for pound you're still the better fighter. I've just got a lot more pounds.

Leonidas : *looks around*
Apollo : Greetings archer. I wondered when you would find me.
Leonidas : *bows*
Leonidas : A pleasure to meet you.
Apollo : Where are your companions? Or do you seek my boon alone?
Leonidas : Oh, they are around here somewhere... I'm sure they'll turn up eventually.
Leonidas : I was just looking around while they deliberated.
Apollo : A pity, you did not find the bow that I lost in Tartarus. It would have suited you well, I think.

Apollo : Ah, the company assembles.
Polytropos : Mighty Apollo!
Leonidas : *sighs*
Zokos : *bows before Apollo*
Eleni : Our apolagies. We were not aware we were late to anything.
Apollo : I was just speaking to your archer.
Polytropos : I suppose that is what he is.
Apollo : Time passes on its own course, even for the gods.
Apollo : Archer and singer together, of course I have watched his progress.
Polytropos : *waves Kat inside.*
Leonidas : One of many talents actually.
Kataramene : *hangs at the door*
Apollo : So, you come to me seeking a boon.
Eleni : Hm. *Looks at Leo, seeming slightly vexed at that*
Apollo : I must say, I find this scions business rather petty, but I have agreed to the Compact, so I shall honor my commitment.
Polytropos : *takes her hand, and tries to lead her inside.*
Apollo : You would undertake a quest for me?
Zokos : Greetings great god of light and music!
Eleni : It is no petty thing to those being terrorized, lord.
Leonidas : and what might we do for you?
Apollo : *shrugs* I do not like this idea of mortals attacking gods, even wayward ones.
Kataramene : *takes it, but doesn't look a lot happier*
Apollo : *dismisses the thought with a wave* But so mote it be. A quest.
Apollo : As it happens, there is something I require.
Apollo : *glances up at the sky* I require agents to recover something from me. From Helios, the sun-sphere.
Polytropos : *looks up, too.*
Telemachus : .. You want us to go to the sun?
Telemachus : uuhmm wont we melt?
Eleni : That... sounds like a challenge.
Eleni : We are well familiar with the story of Icarus and Daedelus.
Apollo : Ha! Yes, ordinarily, you would last as long as it took for every tiny piece of your body to explode all at once.
Polytropos : Ow...
Apollo : I will spare you the theory, you mortals are not ready for such things.
Apollo : But with the favor of a god, you might survive long enough to accomplish this quest.
Eleni : *Frowns, and tries to keep herself from muttering something*
Kataramene : We are not entirely stupid.
Apollo : I will send you to Helios. Brave its dangers, and recover for me a Helian crystal. This is the quest. Do you accept?
Leonidas : What sort of dangers are there?
Leonidas : ...aside from blowing up if we dally too long?
Zokos : Of course we accept!
Apollo : The heat of the place is such that even my protection is not enough to let you remain for long.
Apollo : There are also creatures, beings of raw elemental fury.
Apollo : They will try to hinder you.
Polytropos : Meh! Hindering.
Apollo : Bravely spoken!
Eleni : Haste is advisable, then. Might Helios... object to our presence?
Apollo : Take this warding flame.
Telemachus : *considers the icey armour that makes him more vulnerable to fire in a worried fashion..*
Leonidas : and this crystal, is there anyone specific one, or any such will do?
Apollo : Let me worry about the god, mortal. You worry about the crystal.
Apollo : In the place I will send you, there is only one to find.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:22 pm

Eleni : ...well. This should be interesting, at least.
Apollo: Take this warding flame. It will protect you--for a time--against the raging heat of Helios.
Polytropos : Funny that! *he calls at Tel.*
Eleni : Flame to ward against flame...
Polytropos : Gwa!
Polytropos : ... is this Helios?
Kataramene : *tries to hide a smile*
Andreas Appolodorus: Fire horses?
Apollo: Prepare yourselves. I will transition you when you have used the Flame.
Polytropos : Right.
Eleni : ...I believe we are ready?
Apollo: Remember! The Flame's unique power can be used to return you here, but I can only accomplish the transition once.
Apollo: Good luck, mortals!
Polytropos : Thanks, Apollo!
Leonidas : *nods*
Kataramene : I've got this big swinging circle thing still.
Polytropos : Looks fun!

Eleni : Ack!
Polytropos : Auggghhhh my eeeyes
Kataramene : *blinks in the light*
Eleni : I .. suggest hurrying.
Polytropos : I think...
Polytropos : Is that a moving-
Kataramene : Moving light!
Polytropos : It's no good, I'm going to have to fight with my eyes closed.
Polytropos : Luckily- I can do that!
Eleni : We'll be blinded before long..
Polytropos : Uh
Kataramene : I'm not sure what's worse!
Polytropos : Held off three of them! Great warrior coming through!
Kataramene : Is this the way?
Eleni : How should we know?!
Telemachus : I think I actually preferred being blind
Polytropos : I have another question!
Polytropos : What are we walking on?!
Eleni : Probably best not to think too hard about it!
Kataramene : I was trying not tot hink about it!
Telemachus : Helios
Andreas Appolodorus: I'm on fire.
Polytropos : Well, stop it!
Polytropos : ... whew.
Kataramene : Where are we going?
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we still have kits?
Eleni : Gods only know...
Leonidas : In a cricle
Polytropos : This way? I think?
Polytropos : It's a thing! I see a thing!
Polytropos : Ow!
Andreas Appolodorus: Somebody heal us!
Eleni : Is this it?
Eleni : Ack -
Polytropos : Don't touch it!
Eleni : Owowowyesyes.
Leonidas : gather round
Andreas Appolodorus: Aaaaaah
Eleni : I got that that was a bad idea!
Eleni : What DO we do with it, though?
Polytropos : I don't think there's any way to touch this and not have it hurt.
Telemachus : back up and let me grab this thing?
Polytropos : Deal.
Telemachus : Helmet should keep me safeish
Polytropos : "Ish"
Eleni : I hope you're right..
Eleni : I don't want to have to revive you AGAIN -
Telemachus : hmm
Eleni : - See?
Telemachus : nope...
Telemachus : IT definitly doesn't like it when you touch it.
Kataramene : Can a quick hand reach in?
Telemachus : It's really really hot..
Polytropos : It'd have to be a hand quicker than mine.
Polytropos : *looks to Leo*
Telemachus : so touching it faster might just burn your hand quicker
Andreas Appolodorus: No luck.
Telemachus : does the torch do something with it?
Andreas Appolodorus: Aaaaaaaah
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't let me die here.
Polytropos : We won't, man.
Polytropos : Leo! Any luck?
Eleni : I could try breaking it so we can gather the pieces, but I don't think that's likely to be the answer.
Kataramene : Leo? Could you do it?
Leonidas : Do what?
Leonidas : It's got some potent fire trap magic on it.
Kataramene : Get your hands in to release it safely?
Leonidas : Nope
Polytropos : ... huh
Polytropos : Alright! I have a plan!
Polytropos : Stand back all!
Eleni : ....do share?
Eleni : Oh, gods...
Telemachus : what's the plan??
Telemachus : Throw things at it.
Polytropos : ... it didn't work!
Telemachus : OK and I'M the dumb one..
Polytropos : I was going to stick it on a javelin and carry it!
Kataramene : Can it not be touched at all?
Kataramene : Alright.... do we have a cape to place around it?
Polytropos : Hey, that might w-
Eleni : Erm -
Andreas Appolodorus: Did it work?
Eleni : did it?
Kataramene : It broke it.
Leonidas : Hmm hope that didn't destroy it.
Eleni : If tha's what it took let us gather room.
Kataramene : Grab it then, and let's go!
Eleni : *gather round, even
Andreas Appolodorus: There it is
Eleni : Everyone ready?
Telemachus : yup
Polytropos : Very!
Leonidas : *nods*

Eleni : ..haah!
Polytropos : *pained squint*
Eleni : My eyes...
Leonidas : *yawns*
Kataramene : *blinks again* Is it dark?
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you Zeus.
Eleni : Even if I close them, it's still... burned into them.
Apollo : Ha! You seem rather scorched, mortals!
Telemachus : I'm not going to be able to see properly for a week
Polytropos : Is that you, mighty Apollo...
Leonidas: *Burp*
Apollo : None other!
Eleni : It turns out that the surface of the sun is not particularly hospitable to motals. Who knew?
Leonidas : parched more like it.
Kataramene : *turns to the sound*
Apollo : Have a draught then, sly Leonidas!
Polytropos : *wanders over to a horse, before re-orienting himself*
Eleni : The warding flame appears to have, ah, disintegrated.
Apollo : Have you recovered my crystal?
Leonidas : I beleave I shall.
Polytropos : That we have o God.
Leonidas: *Burp*
Polytropos : *looks to... Kat?*
Leonidas : after a fashion
Andreas Appolodorus: We had to use the thunderbolt of Zeus.
Kataramene : *has been patting herself down, and stumbles towards the voice when she finds something*
Eleni : It objected to our initial attempts, but yes.
Apollo : Ah, excellent.
Kataramene : *blink blink*
Apollo : With this upon my chariot, none of those other so-called "sun" gods will be able to gainsay me.
Apollo : Now, for your boon!
Polytropos : Um, hurrah!
Eleni : We are pleased to be of service...
Leonidas : indeed
Kataramene : *rubs eyes* Yes, that.
Apollo : Mortals, you have served me well. I have the crystal I have promised, but I have some other small trinkets that might serve you well on your quest.
Apollo : Thus, I offer you a choice. One item, as your reward.
Polytropos : Ooo.
Apollo : Choose wisely! You may only claim one.
Leonidas : Nice bow
Polytropos : That, that is a fine bow.
Apollo : Indeed! A copy of my own weapon, almost as potent.
Telemachus : Bow.
Telemachus : The bow is the best.
Eleni : The rod might... offer some much-needed insurance?
Polytropos : The... the Rod's nice, but...
Telemachus : One charge.
Polytropos : But c'mon.
Eleni : Unless you are all fine with dying.
Polytropos : How can we die with a bow like that?
Eleni : Twenty, if I'm not mistaken.
Andreas Appolodorus: If we can obtain crystals and rods like that the bow would be the wise choice.
Polytropos : C'mon, we've been doing so well. If even LEO starts becoming potent, we'll be unstoppable!
Polytropos : ... no offence, Leo.
Kataramene : *looks at Pol, then at the bow*
Polytropos : *mumbles* butyouknowI'mright.
Apollo : Indeed, the bow would transform an average archer into a champion.
Eleni : I disagree, but it appears I am outvoted...
Polytropos : C'mooon.
Leonidas : The bow then?
Polytropos : Goforit
Apollo : So let it be!
Polytropos : If you pawn this we will hunt you down!
Andreas Appolodorus: I did not disagree with you Eleni.
Polytropos : But yes.
Leonidas : *smiles broadly*
Apollo : *waves a hand, and the other items vanish*
Apollo : Here, archer, take then this gift.
Apollo : Your bow will never need for ammunition, but these shots may help you against greater foes.
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Leonidas : *nods* thank you lord
Apollo : *takes out a quiver from somewhere, thin air apparently, and touches it to the Helian crystal*
Eleni : Yes. Huzzah.
Polytropos : Wow!
Apollo : Use it well, and honor me!
Apollo : Fare thee well, mortals.
Leonidas : *bows*
Eleni : Could we perhaps go to somewhere with a little gloom, now, so that our eyes might readjust...?
Eleni : I am still mostly seeing white.
Polytropos : Let's see!
Polytropos : Thank you o Apollo.
Polytropos : Shame we couldn't get a pegasus.
Lazyzeus : As you set out again, you notice that the priest of Poseidon has apparently wandered off.
Polytropos : But a bow from apollo is mighty.
Telemachus : What would we do with Pegasus?
Kataramene : Where did the priest go?
Polytropos : Fly!
Eleni : Fly, I suppose.
Polytropos : Um...
Polytropos : Huh
Kataramene : Yes. That would be rather grand.
Polytropos : Maybe... into that sinister building yonder?
Eleni : And perhaps he went to the temple from which water springs forth?
Eleni : And also a giant skeleton.
Telemachus : I doubt he could carry all of us..
Polytropos : Ooo, fish mural.
Eleni : I am not sure about that particular combination, to be honest.

Polytropos : I wonder whose house this is!
Poseidon : Mine!
Kataramene : Oh.. this is... remarkable.
Eleni : *Bows* Greetings, blessed Poseidon.
Polytropos : All hail Poseidon Earth-Shaker!
Eleni : I hope we do not disturb.
Poseidon : Ha! Don't bleed on my floor, mortals!
Telemachus : *bows*
Kataramene : I think the heat stopped most of the blood....
Polytropos : Sorry about that... these are burns, they weep...
Polytropos : Ooo!
Eleni : Apolagies. Though I do think most of the wounds have been scorched into cleanliness..
Polytropos : Giant fish!
Poseidon : You come seeking boons? Gifts from the sea?
Polytropos : Um... yes.
Kataramene : You've granted us favour in the past, oh lord, but for a boon we would serve again.
Polytropos : Yes, we do. (hello giant fish.)
Poseidon : Bah. I am bound by the compact between the gods. There is something I would have done, ere I grant this reward, however.
Eleni : Of course...
Poseidon : You have rescued my wayward servant, and thus I am in your debt. But if you would gain a greater boon, an enhancement crystal of great power, you will do a small task for me.
Kataramene : As you command.
Poseidon : Are you familiar with Phorcys?
Telemachus : I am not..
Kataramene : Umm... a danger to the deep seas?
Eleni : He of the hidden depths?
Poseidon : Ah, you know of the old tales. That is good.
Kataramene : Such as yourself, Lord, but without your nobility.
Polytropos : *ahem* or lineage.
Poseidon : Ha, flattery! You have dealt with gods before, I see. Unfortunately, there are those of the deeper places under the sea who venerate this ... being, and deny me my due.
Poseidon : Things of the dark, creatures that prey upon man and the others that venture the seas.
Kataramene : Then they are fools, lord. What would you have us do?
Poseidon : One such group has set itself against me! The are the sahuagin, reptilian monsters of an elder age.
Poseidon : I can tolerate their existence, but these... their high priest compacts with rivals to me, and insult me with their sacrificial rites to Phorcys!
Poseidon : I will have them excised, as a lesson to others who would seek to supplant me!
Poseidon : And they have a powerful ally... one that might interest you, I think. *sly smile*
Polytropos : Ooo.
Eleni : *Raises brow*
Kataramene : The sua... they do?
Poseidon : Know you the name "Euryale"?
Polytropos : Oh man.
Poseidon : I believe you have had cause to dislike her sister.
Polytropos : We've had a bit of gorgon time, yes.
Eleni : ...ah, yes.
Kataramene : *scratches her neck then winces as it's burned* That could be said.
Poseidon : Here then is my offer! You may take a minor crystal and go, for thanks in your aid to my servant Zokos.
Eleni : Where... is said servant at the moment, if we may ask?
Poseidon : Or I will send you to the temple of Phorcys, where you will expunge this foul cult.
Poseidon : I have called him unto me. I will return him to you, if it please me, when I please.
Kataramene : *winces a little* As you wish, of course.
Polytropos : Let's do the thing where we fight fish monsters and gorgons.
Polytropos : ... though we probably want to bandage ourselves up a bit.
Eleni : Indeed.
Telemachus : Sounds good. We'll need time to recover though, we're still a little battered.
Kataramene : Cooling down would halpe a little, too.
Poseidon : Aye. Salve your hurts, and return to me when you are ready. My vengenace is patient... for now.
Eleni : We shall return soon.
Telemachus : *bows and leaves*
Kataramene : *eyes the arena*
Polytropos : Do you think we can-
Polytropos : - settle just here?
Eleni : I suppose we could.
Telemachus : What building is that?
Eleni : It is not as if they gave us chambers to return to.
Telemachus : don't go sleeping in anyones temple
Polytropos : We're just on the porch.
Kataramene : Did we need more supplies?
Telemachus : they told us we could camp anywhere on the street we liked.
Eleni : I suppose we may be starting out new quest, after this...
Polytropos : Ambrosia is great.
Kataramene : *is refreshed very quickly*
Leonidas : *enjoys some wine*
Polytropos : Who's up for a swim?
Leonidas: *Burp*
Kataramene : I hope the armour isn't an issue doing so. This is metal.
Leonidas : Swim?
Polytropos : Well, let's see...
Polytropos : Divine errands await!
Eleni : I do wonder how this will work..
Kataramene : Breathing might be an issue.
Eleni : As well as pressure.
Poseidon : You have eased your many hurts? Mortal flesh is so fragile.
Polytropos : It is eased, o Poseidon!
Kataramene : We have, lord.
Eleni : We have our faults.
Poseidon : Take this.
Eleni : As you wish...
Eleni : *Ïnspects the conch*
Poseidon : The temple is located in a bubble in the rock floor of the ocean. There is air to breathe there, but if you touch the shell, it will grant you the ability to survive the great pressures of the sea floor, and to breathe the water as if it were air.
Poseidon : Should the temple become flooded, you will not perish.
Eleni : Ah.
Poseidon : The shell can also be used to trigger a spell that will return you here.
Eleni : *Passes around the conch shell, for good measure*
Poseidon : Here then is your mandate: go to the temple, destroy all that lives there.
Poseidon : Return with the head of the high priest.
Eleni : That sounds simply enough.
Poseidon : Prepare yourselves for combat. These foes are tough, fast, and cunning.
Kataramene : It's straight forward, at least. *is frowning a little*
Poseidon : When you are ready, step into my pool yonder.
Andreas Appolodorus: We may need some kits to heal the wounds.
Polytropos : You know, I think I remember fighting fish men once...
Eleni : I have some to spare.
Polytropos : It didn't go so well for me.
Eleni : Ah, yes... at the Old Man of the Sea's place...
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice
Poseidon : There are many races that call the seas their home.
Kataramene : *frowns again* Yes, let's not have the same thing happen again.
Poseidon : All are under my dominion!
Andreas Appolodorus: * watch Pol *
Eleni : Onwards, then..

Poseidon : *as the greater god raises his hands, the water starts to swirl into a whirlpool beneath you*

Eleni : ...well.
Eleni : Hello.
Sahuagin Cleric : Surface dwellers! Attack!
Kataramene : We come ... augh!
Polytropos : Wretches.
Eleni : *Cough, cough*
Eleni : Ugh. I grow skeptical of these 'breathing water' claims.
Kataramene : So much for trying to tell them they were in trouble and time to change.
Polytropos : "Destroy all that lives there" doesn't leave much ambiguity.
Telemachus : dont move it yet
Telemachus : dontt hink we cleared this area
Andreas Appolodorus: The fire can burn even down here.
Kataramene : Dammit...
Polytropos : ... oop.
Telemachus : What did I JUST SAY?
Polytropos : Eh?
Eleni : Hah..
Eleni : That... was a fairly large crocodile.
Eleni : You three look worse for wear.
Telemachus : Yeah there were tw of them
Polytropos : They're good.
Leonidas : stand close
Kataramene : Three.
Telemachus : In here, there were two..
Andreas Appolodorus: Any more?
Polytropos : Not that I see. how are we for bandage?
Polytropos : I'm... out. Man, I just bought those.
Andreas Appolodorus: No more bandages.
Kataramene : Rapidly running out. Can we fight smart for a while?
Polytropos : Oh, alright.
Eleni : We can certainly try?
Polytropos : Everyone - everyone - stay right here.
Polytropos : No-one moves from here.
Telemachus : why not use the door?
Polytropos : Because we don't know what's on the other side.
Kataramene : Because it was opened by them anyway.
Telemachus : Leo! godsdamnit..
Polytropos : Nrgh
Andreas Appolodorus: Here they go again.
Polytropos : Alright! Get ready by the door.
Polytropos : I see fishmen, I see giant watermen...
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Polytropos : Going to give thenm some problems.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can four of us stand here?
Kataramene : *stands and waits*
Telemachus : if we stand in a semi circle, yes/
Polytropos : Psst... Leo... we shoot them and run away
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : *nod*
Polytropos : Aim for the giant watermen
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't cut me with your bix axe Telemachus.
Telemachus : No promises.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Polytropos : There was another one...
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is the rest of them?
Polytropos : Oh, there he is.
Polytropos : Dammit, now THEY're fighting smart.
Telemachus : Oh nearly..
Polytropos : Augh
Kataramene : At least we aren't when they are?
Telemachus : you were about a half inch from having a spike up your arse then.
Polytropos : Careful. I found some nasty traps!
Kataramene : Can you put them down again where they won't see them?
Polytropos : Do, I ran into them.
Polytropos : *no
Telemachus : hah
Eleni : There is another door back there.
Kataramene : Wait for Pol.
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Telemachus : POL! godsdamnit get over here!
Polytropos : Busy!
Kataramene : I see you brought friends.
Telemachus : theres a door here
Eleni : *Sighs*
Polytropos : There's a door here too!
Telemachus : stop fishing!
Telemachus : this one is cloers
Telemachus : *closer
Eleni : Should we follow him?
Polytropos : Argh!
Kataramene : *does anyway*
Polytropos : Auuuuuugh...
Eleni : You know, Pol.
Telemachus : Tell me again how I'm the dumb one?
Eleni : It would be very helpful if you explained yourself once in a while.
Polytropos : I stared at this for ages, I didn't see a thing...
Leonidas : *smiles*
Polytropos : I said there was a door! Where were you all?
Eleni : At the other door! That we said was there!
Kataramene : At the /other/ door.
Telemachus : At the OTHER DOOR
Polytropos : Why?
Telemachus : Because it was closer and probably leads into another chamber on this level
Polytropos : You've never not followed me around before...
Telemachus : where as looking at the surroundings, this one has to eitehr go up or down.
Telemachus : or be tiny.
Kataramene : Seems not.
Polytropos : ... huh.
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Eleni : ...do you suppose they use those for chests?
Telemachus : stick your head in first and see what's inside it
Telemachus : the fish dudes did.
Leonidas : indeed
Andreas Appolodorus: Looking for a big pearl?
Kataramene : Lever it open?
Polytropos : ... I don#'t... see a danger, but...
Polytropos : *tries to lever it, and fails*
Kataramene : Don't put your hand in there.
Telemachus : it's a clam, how can a clam have a trap?
Kataramene : Put Tel's or something.
Polytropos : Is Leo here? He's got that big staff.
Polytropos : Or that.
Kataramene : Or... totally smash it apart.
Telemachus : Eleni?
Polytropos : ... magic papers?
Leonidas : *smiles*
Telemachus : magic stuff
Eleni : Let me see if they're still legible...
Andreas Appolodorus: A broken pearl is worthless.
Eleni : Hm. Sacred scrolls, actually.
Eleni : Not so much for me.
Telemachus : maybe our preist will like them.
Telemachus : If we ever get him back..
Kataramene : Well?
Polytropos : ... don't... see a problem..
Telemachus : Open it
Kataramene : I mean, there's a gorgon somewhere.
Polytropos : Erk.
Kataramene : Stay where it's narrow.
Telemachus : what's an erk?
Euryale : Mortals come! Destroy them!
Polytropos : I don't know... there's magic there...
Telemachus : OK WE WILL
Eleni : ...wel.
Euryale : I sense potent magic here...
Eleni : I bet that's the gorgon.
Telemachus : think it's raining acid over there..
Polytropos : Help h-
Polytropos : I can't catch h-
Euryale : Bah! I'll not linger here!
Polytropos : - er!
Euryale : I will not forget this, mortals!
Polytropos : Damn gorgons.
Euryale : I will see you all suffer!
Eleni : Agh!
Telemachus : BAh
Kataramene : Bitch.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is she?
Telemachus : They always run off
Eleni : IS everyone alright? And not a statue?
Kataramene : *looks around* Pol...
Andreas Appolodorus: She can run fast.
Eleni : He was fine when I left him!
Eleni : There you are.
Polytropos : Ah, there-
Polytropos : Yes.
Polytropos : Wow, did you really chase her all the way?
Kataramene : *looks relieved*
Eleni : Well, yes. But she still got away.
Polytropos : Aw.
Andreas Appolodorus: She vanished.
Kataramene : She stood in the pool and did something, which hurt a /lot/, then vanished.
Andreas Appolodorus: We were "that" close.
Polytropos : Well. She and her sister can reminisce about how they ran from us.
Eleni : I almost stunned her, yes..
Polytropos : There's, um, there's big pools back there. They have... I think they're fishman children in them.
Kataramene : At least I have the high priest's head. That should please poseidon.
Polytropos : When he said 'ALL that lives', do you think he meant...
Andreas Appolodorus: Poseidon ask us to kill them all.
Kataramene : ....
Eleni : ...he probably did.
Polytropos : Aw.
Kataramene : I don't know. IT's a bit diferent.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where are the others?
Polytropos : Not sure...
Polytropos : See?
Eleni : Hm. Yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Leo!
Kataramene : Umm...
Leonidas : should destroy these
Polytropos : ... yeah...
Kataramene : Do we need to? They're not exactly dangerous.
Eleni : ...well.
Telemachus : we were told to.
Leonidas : the little ones grow up to be big ones
Polytropos : Anyone can just walk in and raise them and there's another cult all of a sudden.
Polytropos : Besides, Andreas just punched them all.
Kataramene : We're told a lot of things. We don't always do them.
Eleni : *Sighs* There's that, I suppose...
Polytropos : Our work is done.
Leonidas : *shrugs* these are nasty guys so better kill'm young.
Eleni : Let's head on back, then.
Andreas Appolodorus: * look at the bubbling pool *
Kataramene : *doesn't look comfortable*
Eleni : Unless there is something else?
Polytropos : Leave this bit out of the song, maybe.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.

Polytropos : N- oh!
Eleni : ....we return, mighty Poseidon.
Polytropos : Hail - ow - Poseidon.
Poseidon : You have completed your task?
Kataramene : Yes.
Eleni : Alas, the gorgon escaped.
Poseidon : The head?
Eleni : But the worshippers are all dead.
Poseidon : Escaped? I told you to destroy all who dwelt there!
Telemachus : The lizard things are all dead, the Gorgon escaped through the portal
Poseidon : Bah. It seems you have earned another enemy, then.
Kataramene : She ran and we couldn't follow.
Polytropos : Once she ran away, she no longer dwelt there, so...
Poseidon : Still, this is something I shall prize.
Eleni : So it goes...
Andreas Appolodorus: She ran faster than me.
Poseidon : Do not think to bandy words with me, Polytropos.
Poseidon : You have earned your prize.
Polytropos : Sorry... sorrysorry
Poseidon : Use it to punish Eris's brood.
Poseidon : Put those spirits back where they belong.
Eleni : We shall.
Polytropos : Yay...!
Poseidon : I will send Zokos to you once he has finished the tasks I have set him.
Kataramene : *nods a little*
Leonidas : *nods*

Kataramene : Oh, oh yes. We may have something for him.
Kataramene : I picked that up and wedged it away.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : Interesting..
Kataramene : And a necklace, but I think it would better fit Zokos.
Eleni : Both of us could make use of this, I think.
Polytropos : *admires the fish.*
Telemachus : Sparkley
Kataramene : *looks at Pol then looks where he's looking*
Andreas Appolodorus: A pretty neckless for ladies?
Polytropos : And... and we have another crystal!
Kataramene : More for a priest, I feel.
Eleni : A pretty necklace for Zokos, rather.
Kataramene : *dangles it*
Andreas Appolodorus: Nice. I am sure he will like it. I would.
Eleni : Was this the last of the Olympians we wished to curry favour with...?
Kataramene : So ... who uses the crystal?
Andreas Appolodorus: But I prefer to be stronger than wiser.
Eleni: Item destroyed. The electrifier has been charged.
Polytropos : Haven't seen any others.
Kataramene : Pol's sword was never sharpened, was it?
Eleni: Item charged
Polytropos : Well, let's see.
Andreas Appolodorus: I still have an Earth crystal.
Polytropos : How about, we lay down the weapons we carry, and see which one would benefit the most from a little crystal magic.
Kataramene : *nods*
Eleni : Well. None for me.
Telemachus : you first then Pol.
Polytropos : *looks between the makhaira and the xiphos.
Kataramene : One of the two swords, yes.
Telemachus : Leo has his shiny new bow, I don't think that'll work with the crystals though
Andreas Appolodorus: Who can use a staff?
Kataramene : Most people.
Polytropos : You know, I'm not very fond of either of these.
Kataramene : Just some better than others.
Andreas Appolodorus: Here is my staff.
Leonidas : crystals don't work with bows, sadly.
Telemachus : How many crystals do we have now?
Kataramene : But you don't hit things with it, Andreas.... you hit them with your fist.
Telemachus : I've got one and you've got one?
Kataramene : Two then, yes.
Polytropos : Your sword was forged by a god; your axe was borne by a king. My blades were carried by a bandit and a vicious satyr.
Andreas Appolodorus: Somebody could took it it it is encanted, not me obviously.
Polytropos : Not sure what that says about me
Eleni : ...to be fair, I'm pretty sure the satyr was several orders more powerful than the king.
Kataramene : I'd say.
Eleni : He was a satyr /lord/.
Polytropos : Still a whoreson.
Telemachus : hah
Telemachus : well, suits you then.
Eleni : Doesn't stop him from being a bastard, but, yes.
Polytropos : Hoi!
Kataramene : *grins a little*
Andreas Appolodorus: Got an earht crystal if you need.
Polytropos : Alright, fine, I'll decide which one as we walk there.
Kataramene : You should choose one. A sword is what you use most now.
Eleni : Very well, then.
Polytropos : What's an Earth Crystal?
Kataramene : Oh yes. Forgot about that one.
Andreas Appolodorus: Got that axe too.
Telemachus : I'd use it on the satyrs sword, if I were you.
Kataramene : .... why are you carrying those things?
Polytropos : Yeah, yeah...
Andreas Appolodorus: Trophes
Kataramene : Let Eleni sell it. We could use the coins for healing.
Polytropos : I'll think of his big stupid face every time I hack someone with it.
Andreas Appolodorus: You need coins? How much?
Leonidas : as many as I can carry
Polytropos : Big... stupid... *mutter mumble*
Kataramene : The amount of bandages I used was probably worth more than it.
Kataramene : Between the heat and the lizards I've used them all.
Andreas Appolodorus: I still have some gold.
Kataramene : Asd do I, but I /was/ saving for some of his armour.

Hephaestus : Ah, the mortals return! Come to enhance your weapons some more, eh?
Eleni : Indeed, lord of the forge.
Polytropos : Hail lord of the bronze, this is correct.
Hephaestus : Well, if you have Enhancement Crystals, then you need no special skill. Fortunate, in your case, I think.
Polytropos : Piece of... fey steel...
Eleni : Indeed.
Hephaestus : And remember, if you need armor, speak to Pryracmon.
Hephaestus : You embark upon a difficult and no doubt long quest; best to be prepared.
Hephaestus : Remember to hit them with the sharp end, young warrior!
Kataramene : *looks at the big round sword like hting.
Polytropos : No hero's sword this, I know that much...
Polytropos : Thank you, mighty Hephaestus, I think I got it
Hephaestus : If it is wielded by a hero, then it is a hero's sword.
Eleni : That would seem self-evident, yes.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Polytropos : ... huh
Hephaestus : You have one more crystal to use?
Kataramene : I have another, but I am not certain who to use it.
Polytropos : We... do?
Kataramene : *where
Hephaestus : The question to consider: is it better to have a single great weapon, or several good weapons?
Polytropos : Hnh.
Andreas Appolodorus: There is strength in number.
Polytropos : We could- hnh.
Kataramene : *looks down at her teeny little sword* It's sharp but I do so little damage withit.
Polytropos : We could aid one of our sideblades. Give it to Zokos when he gets back.
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't put all eggs in one basket.
Polytropos : Hm.
Polytropos : Well; either way works. I'm sure he has magic of his own.
Hephaestus : Remember, the Scions are immortal, and bear the spark of the divine.
Andreas Appolodorus: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Kataramene : Does that mean the sharper the better?
Telemachus : Probably pretty hard to hit. I couldn't even hit the gorgon just now..
Hephaestus : It may require a bit of pounding to bring them to heel.
Kataramene : *sighs deeply and looks at Tel* Take it. Use it on that axe.
Polytropos : Whaaat
Polytropos : We're going to end up having to build a temple to that axe if this keeps up.
Kataramene : Defeat is in the heart, and I don't plan to be. Just use it.
Polytropos : That thing's going to split Olympus.
Andreas Appolodorus: A weapon is only as good as the wielder who masters it.
Hephaestus : I don't that Father Zeus needs to be worried just yet.
Kataramene : Which he has, so take it.
Telemachus : you sure?
Kataramene : *shrugs a little* Despite what is felt, I'm not a fool. I know where we need our strength.
Kataramene : Do it, before I change my mind.
Eleni : ...alright, then.
Telemachus : *shrugs* You get dibs on the next one then
Hephaestus : Do not forget to ready your axe.
Kataramene : *goes to look at the armour*
Hephaestus : It is done.
Hephaestus : May your blades bring you victory, mortals!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello.
Telemachus : Thankyou lord Hephaestus, we'll thank you every time we use them.
Polytropos : Can we afford any of this?
Andreas Appolodorus: Who is buying the healing supplies?
Polytropos : We already bought a load, I thought.
Polytropos : They didn't last
Kataramene : Not I, not right now.
Kataramene : We need more.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah?
Kataramene : We could sell this to buy them?
Polytropos : We're going to have to tax Heropolis to the ground.
Eleni : Assuming we ever return there...
Polytropos : ... I suppose we could...
Andreas Appolodorus: No. How much you need?
Telemachus : *lumps a bag into her hands.*
Andreas Appolodorus: This thing could come handy.
Kataramene : *looks at it then him* It's a lot of coin.
Telemachus : Pfft
Polytropos : Ha! Any thing we meet will be overcome by our swords easy enough, I think.
Andreas Appolodorus: How much?
Telemachus : What else is it for?
Kataramene : Alright.
Telemachus : Anyway I got the crystal.
Polytropos : *beams*
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Telemachus: I would like to see what you have.
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Kataramene: I would like to see what you have.
Kataramene : It's expensive, but.
Polytropos : But you would look *amazing*.
Kataramene : *takes the armour* Need to find somewhere to change.
Polytropos : I can help.
Kataramene : And then we need to decide what to do with this stuff.
Kataramene : Help is acceptable.
Polytropos : Lead on! See you all at the healer's?
Telemachus : *rolls eyes*

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