Leonaidas' Journal

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:36 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group had just completed a series of minor errands for the gods of Olympus, gathering their power for their quest to recover the wayward Scions...

Polytropos : *beams.*
Eleni : *Sits herself down near the fountain* Alright, so...
Eleni : Strife, Toil, Forgetfulness...
Kataramene : *looks quietly pleased with herself* Do we have any idea where to start, and any time to get supplies?
Eleni : Starvation, Pain, fighting...
Andreas Appolodorus: Out of food, wine and healing supplies.
Polytropos : I think we could get some supplies.
Eleni : Battles, murder, manslaughter..
Polytropos : Though, uh, that sounds like a painful litany.
Eleni : Quarels, lies, disputes....
Eleni : Lawlessness, ruin and oaths...
Eleni : Twelve of them, if I am not mistaken.
Polytropos : Eris... has a lot of children.
Eleni : ...it really is the labors all over again.
Kataramene : Do we get a choice as to which one to seek, do you think, or do we just go and wander and wait for them to try and get us?
Leonidas: A busy lady, eh?
Eleni : Well. She's had an eternity to build herself a pleasant little family...
Leonidas: I wonder who the fathers were?
Eleni : You're forgetting about the Judgment.
Eleni : It should be able to take us to any one of them. Or near.
Polytropos : It'll take us to them!
Eleni : Exactly how and under what circumstances, though...
Eleni : These things, the gods have neglected to mention.
Kataramene : Oh right, I had forgotten ... or neglected remember. But which then?
Polytropos : Let's go gather some stuff, then we can think on the Judgement.
Eleni : Right.
Polytropos : Hello! Back again.
Kataramene : There is little point in my keeping my old armour, I imagine, and perhaps it's better left in the hands of the gods.
Polytropos : Fair do's. It's served you well!
Polytropos : What was it made of, again?
Kataramene : This ... I could trade this for one of those rods?
Polytropos : Many medicines, that feels better.
Panacea: How can I help you my child
Polytropos : More medicines! More! And... yes, one of those rods sounds good. Anyone not want one of those rods?
Panacea: It's something the Gods really can't use you know....or need *wry smile*
Kataramene : *packs bag ful of bandages*
Polytropos : I'll just check to see if the armourer has anything else that looks exceptional...
Panacea: You've grown accustommed to the God's bounty.....perhaps too much?
Polytropos : Hello mighty smith!
Panacea: However, I'm feeling generous. Perhaps this will suffice for now?
Kataramene : I .. we are grateful.
Kataramene : You are more than generous.
Eleni : *Seems to be going over some scrolls, making notes*
Panacea: Smiles* You've very kind....for mortals. I wish you well in your journey
Kataramene : *tucks a wand away*
Polytropos : Thanks, Mr. Cyclops!
Polytropos : Farewell mighty smith!
Polytropos : Right. We're good, I think.
Kataramene : This sword thing for that rod too, I think.
Polytropos : Hello.
Kataramene : Better in your hands, Leo.
Polytropos : You don't do the selling thing, do you? No...?
Leonidas : *nods*
Panacea: You can rest assure that whatever ails you on your return can be healed here
Eleni : I appear to have miscounted earlier.
Eleni : It's actually fourteen.
Kataramene : Something tells me you should hold this.
Polytropos : Agh!
Eleni : So it's /worse/ than the labors.
Polytropos : And... um, alright.
Polytropos : I suppose... are we all ready?
Kataramene : I've a scroll that calls back, but if we really do have trouble that should help.
Leonidas: guess so
Andreas Appolodorus: How about those kits?
Eleni : Any thoughts on where to start?
Polytropos : Got a bunch. *pats satchel.* Do you need coin, Andreas?
Eleni : We could try one of the milder-sounding ones, but those might be quite misleading.
Leonidas : Wonder if theres someone round here who might share with us a bit more info on these scions?
Eleni : Toil, Forgetfulness, Quarrels and Disputes don't sound anywhere near as unpleasant as Murder, Ruin or Starvation...
Kataramene : Who would be likely to know?
Polytropos : *looks at Panacea*
Polytropos : Do, uh, do you know anything about the Scions of Eris, o goddess?
Panacea: They represent what is worst in mankind, mortal.
Leonidas : Or someone who might?
Polytropos : Oh.
Panacea: There is something of them in all who live and die.
Polytropos : I suppose we'd know more about them than you, then.
Panacea: Set free, the impulses they embody will spread rampant, until they have consumed humanity.
Panacea: Expect to find those near them to be ... altered.
Eleni : None for the better, I'm sure.
Kataramene : *solemnly removes a belt and hands it to Eleni*
Panacea: As to where they might be, or the precise nature of them as they are now, that I cannot tell you.
Eleni : *Nods in thanks*
Kataramene : Would being near them alter us too?
Panacea: Perhaps. I cannot say. I would not recommend long exposure.
Polytropos : Not planning on it. *pats sword.*
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : Indeed.
Eleni : But just so we are all aware...
Eleni : We were told that our weapons alone would not kill the scions.
Eleni : Only weaken them enough for the Judgement to send them back to Tartarus.
Polytropos : "Sending something to Tartarus" is as good as, in my book.
Eleni : And the Judgment will need to be recharged now and then. I think I'll be able to use it about three times before needing to do so.
Kataramene : I suppose that makes sense anyway.
Kataramene : We'd need to return here for that to happen?
Polytropos : Maybe some of the Scions might be sticking together. I could imagine Quarrel and Dispute have a lot in common.
Eleni : Well, no. We should be able to do it anywhere. But it could be a problem if we run into more than two of them at the same time
Polytropos : Right!
Polytropos : Only way to learn is by doing, as Militades said.
Leonidas : I sorta suspect they don't hang out together.
Eleni : We should be prepared to withdraw if there are troubles there, at any rate.
Polytropos : Woe to whatever Scion happens to be nearest Olympus at this point in time!
Kataramene : *nods firmly* It's as good a time as any to try and find one.
Eleni : Well. We could just start at the top of the list, I suppose...
Leonidas : Do we actually have any control or are we randomly transported to them by the device we have?
Eleni : That would be Ponos, the Scion of Poil.
Polytropos : I have no idea!
Eleni : It was said we got to choose a Scion.
Eleni : And the Judgment would take us to them.
Polytropos : Oh! Oh, right. Um...
Eleni : ...if I remember right.
Leonidas : I see
Polytropos : Ponos sounds like hard work.
Polytropos : Haha.
Leonidas : Let's start with a less violent one and see how it works out.
Kataramene : *rolls her eyes and looks at him*
Polytropos : *grin*
Eleni : Not that we have much way of judging their nature.
Eleni : Besides the one word.
Polytropos : Onward, then! To Toil!
Eleni : We were also asked to use the platform outside, I believe.
Polytropos : ... right!
Eleni : Where we arrived.
Polytropos : This is complicated. I'm glad you're ehre, Eleni.
Kataramene : Somebody has to remember all ths.
Eleni : *Smirks* I should hope that is a common sentinement.
Polytropos : Tel thinks you're weird. But only that.
Eleni : Well, tell him I think he is a simpleton.
Polytropos : Way ahead of you!
Eleni : Ready?
Polytropos : As ever!
Eleni : *Attempts to use the Toil to bring them to Ponos....*
Kataramene : Ready. And speaking of which where is .......
Eleni : *use the Judgment, even

Lazyzeus : With a soft rush of air you are transported somewhere...

Kataramene : .... Tel. Dammit.
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Polytropos : Oop, uneven ground.
Eleni : ...well.
Eleni : This must be /somewhere/ in Greece.
Polytropos : But a path...
Eleni : At least it didn't drop us right into Ponos' lap.
Eleni : That could have been awkward.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Kataramene : You know, some could say that if everyone worked hard all the time things might be better.
Eleni : Hm. Athenian, I think?
Polytropos : ... somewhere near Athens, maybe.
Kataramene : A tent?
Polytropos : And people do often work hard! Just not always at the right thigns -
Eleni : Imagine all the world a slave.
Kataramene : *lifts the shield and looks at it*
Eleni : ...like that.

Polytropos : ... hey!
Kataramene : Oh.
Polytropos : We're heroes, not slaves!
Overseer : Work! *the word reverberates, with a hint of power*
Eleni : ...though it's a strange distinction, sometimeS.
Polytropos : Gnyaaaagh...
Overseer: All must labor! Serve the Master!
Kataramene : *shudders a little*
Polytropos : Hey! No!
Eleni : Hm.
Athenian Soldier: Look!

Eleni : Well, that didn't work.
Kataramene : Our work is a bit different to theirs.
Athenian Soldier: Help... help us!
Eleni : I tried to cleanse his mind.
Athenian Soldier: *blinks* What....?
Athenian Soldier: Cannot... stop...
Eleni : But it seems my magic is not quite strong enough to do so.
Athenian Soldier: He's dead! And we have visitors!
Polytropos : Athenians! You can stop!
Eleni : Do you know where we can find the Master, by any chance?
Athenian Soldier: Want... to...
Polytropos : You are not slaves! You are not cattle! You are men!
Athenian Soldier: The Master....? Shit!
Polytropos : Aw.
Athenian Soldier: I ... I don't know.
Athenian Soldier: We were guarding the quarry slaves...
Eleni : And now you've joined them, evidently.
Kataramene : *seems to be straining* What way?
Andreas Appolodorus: Somebody over there.
Kataramene : Pol?
Polytropos : Just checking!
Polytropos : But it's just a nice waterfall.
Kataramene : If only there was time.
Eleni : *Cough*
Polytropos : Coming, coming.
Polytropos : This is all very depressing. I keep remembering... harvest season.
Eleni : ...it's sure to be this bad or worse elsewhere.
Kataramene : It's hard not to....
Polytropos : Aw.
Eleni : I wonder what Argos and Mantineia are like right now.
Polytropos : I'm sorry, Athenian. We needed more bandages.
Kataramene : *looks at the exhausted slave*
Polytropos : This... is the quarry?
Eleni : Seems so.
Kataramene : Looks like hard work did kill someone, too.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : Not sure if that's better or worse than being whipped to death.
Polytropos : *waves from down below, and holds up two fingers*
Eleni : ...those are tougher than I thought.
Kataramene : Augh......

Overseer : Work, slaves! Work! Put your backs into it!
Polytropos : Ow... ow ow ow. More observant too.
Kataramene : The whips sting.
Andreas Appolodorus: They can stun.
Eleni : Better scouting seems advisable.
Polytropos : *frowns.*
Eleni : We want to lure one or two of them in a fight, I mean.
Polytropos : I just peeked out... oh. Oh, right. Yes.
Eleni : I'd hate to fight half a dozen of them at once.
Polytropos : I've the measure of them now.
Leonidas : two more ahead
Polytropos : Time to give THEM some hard work.

Overseer : You slves here me? Work! Work!
Polytropos : Ready?
Eleni : *Nod*
Polytropos : Let them come, then hack them down.
Polytropos : Thaaat fixed 'im.
Eleni : Any more down here?
Kataramene : I'd suggest encouraging uprising but I don't know if they could break the mind chains.
Polytropos : Sorry, Andreas. You gotta move quicker still!
Polytropos : You can do it!
Andreas Appolodorus: Quicker? Sure.
Kataramene : Hmm...

Ponos : *a sinister-sounding voice fills the mine cavern* Toil. The natural state of man.
Polytropos : Erk.
Eleni : ...I suppose we have found our quarry.
Eleni : ...I swear that was not intentional.
Kataramene : Gnnn... *tense*
Ponos : It is your destiny. To slave for your crust of bread, to keep your fragile mortal bodies alive....
Ponos : You cannot deny what is reality, mortals.
Polytropos : Hey... I'm living proof that hard work is not necessary...
Polytropos : *shudder*
Ponos : Work. Work... *the voice trails off to a whisper* Work...
Polytropos : Agh!
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : What was that thing?
Eleni : These are even more... changed.
Polytropos : *stabs, and advances, shield held forward.*
Ponos : I am immortal!
Ponos : You cannot deny what is a part of yourselves!
Polytropos : Eleni! Get him with the gblawaugh.
Polytropos : Yes! That!
Eleni : ...hah.
Eleni : I think that worked.

Lazyzeus : The Scion has been banished back to Tartarus!

Kataramene : *wobbles, confused*
Andreas Appolodorus: All right.
Polytropos : That wasn't such a chore-
Polytropos : Ow.
Eleni : ...sadly, it seems that sending him back to his prison did not restore the ones he... altered.
Eleni : Hopefully, the other effects will prove more temporary.
Leonidas : guess not
Kataramene : *head spins, wobbling again*
Kataramene : Will it have freed the workers?
Polytropos : We can check!
Eleni : Let's.
Kataramene : Which way was it?
Eleni : The exit's right here.
Kataramene : Don't see ... oh yes.
Eleni : Whatever /would/ you do without me?
Polytropos : *grimly reflective.*
Polytropos : I don't know. There's not... a lot of people left here.
Kataramene : No... no there aren't.

Eleni : Does anyone have some spare water...?
Polytropos : Hey, champion.
Exhausted Slave: Water... yes... please!
Eleni : Or wine, or anything?
Exhausted Slave: Muscles... can't ... move...
Kataramene : Water here.
Kataramene : Pol, lend me your helm for a while!
Andreas Appolodorus: Got some mead here.
Eleni : *Gathers some water in spare bottles
Polytropos : Lend you my...
Polytropos : *offers helmet*
Kataramene : We saw. We saw. Don't worry, it's over. *takes helm and fills it with water*
Andreas Appolodorus: * give some mead help the man to drink *
Eleni : *Presses a bottle to a slave's lips*
Andreas Appolodorus: Slowly man
Andreas Appolodorus: Better?
Eleni : ...don't choke yourselves, now.
Kataramene : *bends and helps one to drink too*
Athenian Soldier : Hello?
Eleni : *Then, to the other*
Polytropos : If we go get those soldiers, then-
Polytropos : aha.
Eleni : Seems they went to look for themselves.
Kataramene : Oh ... yes, good idea.
Exhausted Slave: Thank you...
Exhausted Slave: *drinks*
Polytropos : Helloooo...
Andreas Appolodorus: These two are asleep.
Athenian Soldier: What happened?
Exhausted Slave: *waves from side to side*
Eleni : The 'master' has been sent back to where he came from.
Polytropos : It's break time.
Athenian Soldier: I remember you... but I couldn't stop working, hitting that rock...
Athenian Soldier: *rubs head* It's like a dream... all a dream...
Andreas Appolodorus: You are free now.
Eleni : I'm afraid it's rather worse than that.
Exhausted Slave: Free?
Exhausted Slave: Sleep.....just need to sleep...
Polytropos : Well, not FREE free.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes sleep.
Eleni : But it seems the effects he had on your mind have faded.
Athenian Soldier: We have to report back to Athens... though I'm not sure what we can tell them about what happened here.
Andreas Appolodorus: Tell the truth.
Eleni : Tell them the Heroes of Argos gave you a hand.
Athenian Soldier: Those overseers... what happened to them? They were just men, but then...
Athenian Soldier: Argos?
Polytropos : And also that you have, like, a crazy amount of marble to ship, if anyone looks unhappy.
Eleni : They were changed, in body as well as mind.
Eleni : They... were not so easily saved.
Athenian Soldier: Hey, yeah, I heard something about some heroes out of Argos. They have an Amazon and a naked giant who can crack bones with his fingers.
Athenian Soldier: Well, thank you for helping us.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Polytropos : The Amazon's over there!
Eleni : *Grins* Nothing about a dangerous sorceress? Ah, well.
Polytropos : Kat! Some people here've heard of you!
Eleni : Though it's been a while, since we've been home...
Athenian Soldier: Yeah, I heard that even Heracles fought with you for a while.
Kataramene : What?
Athenian Soldier: You slaves, rest. I guess nobody will be running off anywhere soon...
Eleni : That he did. I don't suppose you've heard anything more recent?
Polytropos : *gestures to Kataramene, as if showing off something.*
Athenian Soldier: Maybe the city fathers will even include a pardon.
Athenian Soldier: Is it true that he could hurl a boulder half a league?
Polytropos : Absolutely true!
Kataramene : What are you talking about?
Athenian Soldier: We've been on duty here the last fortnight.
Andreas Appolodorus: Heracles.
Athenian Soldier: *eyes widen* Wow!
Polytropos : *points at Andreas* This is the man it fell on!
Athenian Soldier: Is that why his head looks like that?
Leonidas : *nods*
Athenian Soldier: And your still standing? How is that?
Polytropos : He wears that helmet forevermore, yes.#
Polytropos : Because we're HEROES.
Athenian Soldier: Well. I need about a month's sleep, then we'd better report back.
Polytropos : Good luck, soldier!
Eleni : A warning, before you go.
Kataramene : Yes. Yes we are. *grins quietly*
Athenian Soldier: Yes?
Eleni : There are more like the one that imprisoned you here.
Eleni : For all we know, there's some in Athens.
Eleni : Or if not, headed there.
Athenian Soldier: Oh, no. I guess that sleep will have to wait, then.
Athenian Soldier: I'm leaving right now and I ain't never coming back!
Eleni : Hm. Good luck.

Kataramene : Large centres of population. Can you imagine what some of them could cause in a large city?
Eleni : ...all that, and all they wanted to hear about was Heracles.
Polytropos : Nothing wrong with being number two. They'd heard of us!
Eleni : I know...
Eleni : That's why I was worried about Argos.
Kataramene : They had?
Kataramene : All of us?
Polytropos : Well, some of us.
Eleni : They onle mentioned you and Andreas.
Kataramene : *hands Pol his helm back*
Polytropos : They'd heard about a mighty amazin!
Polytropos : ... amazon.
Eleni : A gigantic Amazon woman and naked giant.
Polytropos : Though you do amaze.
Polytropos : Ah, thanks.
Kataramene : Oh ..... and really?
Polytropos : You should wear a helmet, you know.
Eleni : You'd think a beautiful, all-powerful sorceress would be higher up on he list, frankly... but ah, well.
Kataramene : *lop-sided grin up* Do you think so?
Polytropos : Don't get me wrong, I love seeing you. But it's all to do with scaring the hell out of the other guy.
Polytropos : When I wear my helmet, they're not seeing Polytropos the nice fellow with an amazing wit.
Polytropos : They're seeing a metal-clad killer with dark shadows for eyes.
Kataramene : They haven't seen you from behind.
Polytropos : ... alright, that's my official epithet now.
Polytropos : And yet!
Polytropos : And hey!
Eleni : Which part?
Kataramene : *grins again*
Polytropos : That's right, they haven't, and they never will.
Polytropos : And it doesn't matter, Eleni. It's all great back there.
Andreas Appolodorus: * mutter something *
Eleni : I don't doubt it.
Kataramene : Also, as point of information, I don't think I got enough bandages.
Eleni : Speaking of people who think they're great..

Eleni : Where's Leo?
Leonidas : Everyone's cleared out ahead.
Eleni : Ah. There is the demon.
Polytropos : ... alright. What now?
Kataramene : *sighs a little* We could try to intercept another.
Leonidas : Back to Olympus?
Leonidas : Or rest up here?
Polytropos : This kind of brings home how much pain this is bringing to people.
Andreas Appolodorus: Only if we rest first.
Eleni : We can go back to Olympus to stock up, or rest here and go straight to the next one.
Kataramene : I think I've some supplies somewhere.
Eleni : ...Lethe, the Scion of Forgetfulness, if we're still working our way from top to bottom.
Polytropos : We need to move quick, we dallied a bit in Olympus. I'm all for eating a quick meal.
Eleni : Very well.
Polytropos : Forgetfulness... how dangerous can that be?
Eleni : Very.
Eleni : If you forget who you are.
Kataramene : I don't know, but truthfully I think it could be bad.
Polytropos : We won't do that. We're heroes!
Polytropos : Our names are the greatest things we have,.
Kataramene : *bites her lip a little*
Eleni : I would dispute that.
Kataramene : What about one another's names?
Eleni : Intelligence, talent, overwhelming magical power.... lots of things that are at /least/ as good as my name.
Kataramene : But your name is what makes all that /you/.
Polytropos : Can't think that way if you wanna be remembered.
Kataramene : Without your name it's all just ... stuff.
Leonidas : *shrugs* people change names.
Eleni : Hm. A name is a name.
Kataramene : They change what they call one another, but nothing changes the one you were given. It's always you.
Eleni : A person is a person.
Eleni : Too often the two get conflated.
Kataramene : Names shape things.
Polytropos : Heroes don't change their names. *holds Kataramene's hand.*
Polytropos : Even Odysseus called out his real one after blinding the cyclops.
Kataramene : *nods in agreement*
Eleni : ...Yes, and that was stupid.
Andreas Appolodorus: But we did, ask Heracles.
Eleni : A msitake.
Polytropos : It was Heroic!
Eleni : Okay. A stupid, heroic mistake.
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps.
Kataramene : Whether or not you chose to use it, and when, makes no difference. It's still /you/.
Leonidas : Heroes aren't always smart.
Eleni : As some of us can attest.
Polytropos : Leo gets it.
Polytropos : ... remarkably.
Leonidas : In fact, I'd venture heroes have to be a bit stupid.
Polytropos : ... uh, maybe...
Eleni : He /is/ a singer, easy thought it is to forget.
Eleni : He probably knows the stories better than you do.
Polytropos : *pouty frown.* Can we go fight great evils now?
Kataramene : If you'd like to, dearest.
Polytropos : This is why no-one remembered a beautiful sorceress, you don't respect your name.
Leonidas : I rest my case.
Eleni : Hmph.
Polytropos : *moves for the magic of the Judgement.*
Eleni : Lethe, then?
Kataramene : *leans down and picks up a little charcoal from the fire*
Eleni : I shall take your silence as a yes.
Polytropos : ... right.
Eleni : *Uses the judgment...**
Kataramene : *just nods, hunting around in her pack*

Lazyzeus : A whisk of air and another transition...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:10 pm

Lazyzeus : We begin ... someplace. You are in a tavern, but you have no idea where it is or how you got here. Zokos and Telemachus have rejoined the group, but you have no recollection of that either. You all know who you are, etc... but you have no recollection of a certain demigoddess whose name starts in "L" either.

Eleni : *Appears envelloped in a book*
Polytropos : We made it!
Zokos : Many thanks Kat! I will put that to good use
Polytropos : I'm glad we made it. It was raining! Or... snowing.
Polytropos : It was bad out.
Polytropos : I think.
Andreas Appolodorus: How did we get here?
Eleni : *Looks up from her book, frowning*
Tavernkeeper: *comes in, starts collecting empty mugs*
Telemachus : *blinks and looks around*
Eleni : Was it?
Leonidas : What do you have here?
Tavernkeeper: You still thirsty? Drank a lot last night.
Eleni : ...did we?
Eleni : Well, that would explain a thing or two...
Leonidas : Well that was last night *laughs*
Zokos : Last thing I remember I was dreaming of a great ship....
Eleni : I appear to be lacking the customary headache, though.
Tavernkeeper: You want ale? Last night, you prefer own bottle. My stuff not good enough for fancy city man.
Leonidas : Ale sounds fine to me.
Tavernkeeper : Marsa! Ale!
Kataramene : *looks slightly puzzled*
Polytropos : Is there any food?
Cook : I coming, I coming.
Tavernkeeper : And bring oat slop!
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes, food would be nice.
Polytropos : *makes a face.*
Eleni : I... suppose, yes.
Tavernkeeper: Here is Marta. She have ale and oat slop. Is best quality in village.
Cook: *starting putting bowls on the table*
Leonidas : Think I'll stick to the ale.
Eleni : Good to know, that...
Kataramene : ... oat slop.
Eleni : Thanks, Marta.
Kataramene : Can we go hunting?
Cook: Its good slop though *winks*
Tavernkeeper: What, you city folk too good for oat slop!
Polytropos : It... might be nice...
Tavernkeeper: Put hair on chest!
Eleni : ...I'm not sure how that's a selling point.
Tavernkeeper: *picks up heavy platter of empty cups, muttering about "city folk"*
Zokos : **heads for the door to look outside**
Cook: *uses a ladle to put very thick looking porridge in the bolws*
Cook: Will that be all?
Eleni : Just one more thing...
Eleni : What, ah, is the name of this place?
Cook: *peers at her*
Tavernkeeper: What, you want something else?
Cook: You don't know where you are? By all the Gods!
Eleni : ...I'm not sure, but I think me and my friends here might be a bit lost.
Polytropos : *smiles, and plays a hand up her arm.*
Cook: *sighs* Your in Epidauros......sastisfied?
Eleni : We could use some directions to... umh...
Eleni : *Pause*
Kataramene : Where were we going?
Polytropos : Epidauros! Was on the tip of my tongue.
Eleni : I... don't remember?
Cook: How the hell would I know....ghee! *and turns back to the kitchen*
Kataramene : *bites her lip a little, frowning* Can /anyone/ remember?
Leonidas : *nods*
Telemachus : *low* last thing I remember was going to sleep on olympus..
Eleni : ...I could have sworn we were going off to do something important, but....

Old Mystic: Well, are you ready?
Leonidas : Sure
Old Mystic: Ahem. You said payment first.
Polytropos : Right! ... right...
Polytropos : How much was the thing that... we said... we'd pay for?
Telemachus : Ugh bloody hells Leo you really did drink a lot if your standards slipped that low.
Old Mystic: *frowns at the empty mugs still littering several of the tables* You city folk treat every day as a festival, it seems.
Leonidas : In the dark all cats are gray.

Lazyzeus : You remember the Scions quest, and Eleni still has The Book.

Kataramene : I don't remember drinking anything. I'm sure I'd remember drinking that much.
Old Mystic: You promised twenty gold drachmae, to show you up to the ruins. Though what you expect to find up there, I have no idea.
Polytropos : Right!
Eleni : We'd taken care of Ponos, not long ago...
Old Mystic: Ol' Mycenae's been picked over by treasure hunters for centuries now.
Eleni : I... suppose we went and celebrated?
Telemachus : I've *never* drank that much. The tavern usually runs out of wine first.
Polytropos : I think I remember this! I think. To the ruins!
Polytropos : This sounds like something we'd do.
Old Mystic: Ahem? *clears throat*
Kataramene : It does ...
Zokos : **to the Mystic** What more can you tell us about the runes?
Eleni : So, um.. we moved on to the next on the list... Limos? The Scion of Starvation?
Eleni : ...I'm not sure if that sounds right.
Old Mystic: *shrugs* The gods abandoned Myceanae when Agamemnon's house fell. Best left abandoned, if you ask me.
Polytropos : Here you go, old crone!
Old Mystic: *bits a coin, and tucks them away* Who you calling a crone, you saucy lad?
Old Mystic: *bites even*
Polytropos : Uh - sorry. It just came out.
Old Mystic: Most of the folk around here still claim one of the two houses as ancestors, but it's all fantasy. Days bygone.
Old Mystic: You ready, then?
Leonidas : Lead on!
Kataramene : *frowns and nods*
Eleni : ...I... suppose we are?
Telemachus : *shrugs*
Old Mystic: *peers at the members of the group* Hmm. Something seems... off.
Kataramene : It does...?
Telemachus : what?
Zokos : Hoist the mainsail, let's be off
Old Mystic: One of you seems... different, than last night. *blinks, and peers harder*
Eleni : ...how so?
Kataramene : *looks at each in turn and moves closer to Pol* Describe it, please.
Old Mystic: *finally shrugs* Must be my old mind playing tricks on me. If'n it's no bother to you, it's no bother to me. *makes a hex against evil as she turns*
Old Mystic: Just a feelin'.
Old Mystic: Imagine you know each other better 'an I, though.
Zokos : Please tell us more about how one of us looks different. It may be important.
Eleni : *Coughs*
Old Mystic: Well, you know that feelin' you get, when you meet somebody after a while, and he seems different. Changed, y'know?
Old Mystic: I'm gettin' that feelin' in this very room. Can't quite place it, though.
Old Mystic: Odd, that I'd get it just af'er one night.
Eleni : I... don't recall us ever meeting before.
Leonidas : Right well we'll keep that in mind; let's go.
Zokos : We have traveled far and seen many strange things, I know better than to treat the wisdom of an elder lightly.
Eleni : In fact, just who are you again?
Old Mystic: Right you are, then. You've paid up, so I'm your guide.
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni and nods*
Old Mystic: No need for names. Names have power. I'm just one who knows this place, and its secrets. Some of them.
Telemachus : Well lets go then, I'm sick of this bloody stuffy tavern and weird feelings.
Polytropos : Hm...

Old Mystic: *stops abruptly* Hmm. Something's not right here.
Old Mystic: *sniffs the air* I smell trouble.
Eleni : Are you sure you don't mean a corpse?
Eleni : I think you mean a corpse.
Old Mystic: I did not hire on for this sort of rough business. I will await you on the far side of the village.
Andreas Appolodorus: There!
Telemachus : dead guy.
Kataramene : What the....
Eleni : *Sighs*
Eleni : This is all very... strange.
Telemachus : With a *really* old swrod
Eleni : Even by our standards.

Agememnon Faction : Traitor! Die! Yaaaah!

Eleni : Neck snapped. Several cuts...
Zokos : If the mystic expects trouble, perhaps we should make preparations for trouble....
Polytropos : Are you sure we didn't do this while drunk-
Leonidas : *watches*
Eleni : Hold!
Polytropos : We ARE the preparations! HEY! Cut it out!
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Telemachus : Hey hey!
Telemachus : come on!

Agememnon Faction Warrior : The enemy has brought allies! Get them!

Andreas Appolodorus: STOP IT!
Polytropos : Aw nuts.
Leonidas : hmm
Telemachus : You're not helping eleni!
Eleni : Ngh. I can't hold their midns long enough.
Kataramene : What is happening

Agememnon Faction : Death to the enemie sof House Agamemnon!

Eleni : ...oh, by all the..
Polytropos : Punch 'em out! These people are mad!
Eleni : Somebody hold him down.
Kataramene : Well if we weren't enemies we are now.
Menelaus Faction Mage : Ha! Die!
Telemachus : STOP IT
Leonidas : Looks like we pissed off both sides now
Kataramene : Pin him!
Polytropos : *punch*
Eleni : ...so much for questioning.
Telemachus : With your hands!
Polytropos : These people are crazy!
Telemachus : she meant pin him with your hands! not a sword, to the ground!
Leonidas : *checks the dead for loot, and if any are still alive*
Kataramene : But ... I don't .... aren't these .... *looks concerned*
Polytropos : ... The House of Menelaus...?
Zokos : There are two passages here...

Agememnon Faction : Look! Menelaus hires mercenaries! The traitors!

Telemachus : aren't those houses both dead.
Eleni : These people think they're fighting a war centuries done.
Polytropos : Alright, make a call. Do we go iun here, or do we run for it?
Kataramene : Yes. I ... yes.
Agamemnon Faction Mage : Death to all who oppose Agamemnon!
Telemachus : we obviously came here for a reason
Telemachus : Agamemnon is dead you arse!

Polytropos : I mean run for it to the ruins!
Eleni : A reason we can't seem to recall?
Eleni : Does ANYONE, in fact, remember anything from last night?
Menelaus Faction : Look! Agamemnon has hired allies!
Polytropos : No!
Eleni : Ugh. This is rediculous.
Leonidas : Shall we just wipe out the whole town and be done with it?
Polytropos : No, that's what we don't do!

Menelaus Faction : To arms! Repel the traitors!

Kataramene : I can't see that's why we would be here.
Eleni : We just killed a dozen men from the other side, you idiots!
Polytropos : We can't fight the whole village, come on!
Kataramene : Run!
Zokos : Is it possible all these other people are unaware too?
Telemachus : Go
Menelaus Faction Priest : Ours is the true cause!
Eleni : Madness seems to be a constant companion...
Kataramene : Run!
Leonidas : Sure we can, we're heroes.
Eleni : Can does not mean should.

Polytropos : Why are you cutting them to pieces?
Telemachus : Cause nobody else would run!
Telemachus : we're just lucky like that.
Kataramene : Thank you, Zokos.
Polytropos : We don't bring madness, we just sort of share a room sometimes.
Kataramene : It's messy, too. Leave's it's stuff everywhere.
Polytropos : *psst* I found a thing.
Polytropos : *offers Eleni a rod.*
Eleni : It's a thing, alright.
Polytropos : You bet,.
Kataramene : *looks around at the psst*
Polytropos : I've known Things all my life.
Eleni : That much is far to say.
Eleni : *Sighs* Now, what... exactly did we come here to do, again?
Andreas Appolodorus: Strength is good.
Eleni : This doesn't seem much like Starvation.
Kataramene : Yeeees, but we thought that was finished with a long time ago.
Polytropos : Yes!
Eleni : What else could this be...
Eleni : Quarrels, disputes, blind ruin...?
Kataramene : Is there anything in the book?
Eleni : None of those seem to /quite/ fit.
Polytropos : Well, we could join one side.

Polytropos : ... yikes.
Kataramene : Hnn....
Polytropos : ... big rock man...?
Telemachus : big rock man... made of tombstones.
Eleni : A golem. Charming.
Kataramene : I still have the smashy hammer, should I use it?
Telemachus : yeah
Eleni : Making one out of grave markers seems in poor taste..
Polytropos : Ow!
Telemachus : That was a big hit. you alright?
Polytropos : How did any grave robber get past that?
Kataramene : So which of the ones we are after has poor taste?
Eleni : I don't know. But all these sarcophagi appear to have been opened.
Polytropos : Even the lid to this one's been taken.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Telemachus : *goes around closing them*
Polytropos : That's Thorough.
Eleni : Nothing but bones?
Telemachus : Well nothing I'd want to steal, anyway.
Kataramene : Is there anything to indicate what did it is still here?
Polytropos : *check... nod*
Polytropos : Not that I can see... but there was more of the ruin to walk over.
Telemachus : *shrugs*
Eleni : Seems we'll not find many clues here.
Kataramene : What's been taken might have been taken there, I suppose.

Telemachus : Ahh fuck.
Eleni : ...ah.
Telemachus : we probably should have had someone watch her.
Eleni : So much for our guide.
Polytropos : Who did that!
Kataramene : *sigh*
Eleni : She seemed more or less capable of taking care of herself... she knew invisibility spells, at least.
Eleni : Whoever did this must have been quick.
Telemachus : Are there tracks?
Zokos : **Considers if he can resurect the Old Mystic**
Telemachus : whatever kiled her should be covered in blood.
Kataramene : Can she be brought back?

Lazyzeus : You see no tracks nearby, save for your own.

Zokos : **Prepares to resurrect the Old Mystic**
Eleni : *Observes the ritual, curious*
Zokos : Humm....

Lazyzeus : The spell does not work... but the body fades away as the spell is cast!

Telemachus : .... huh..
Kataramene : That .... wait, how did that happen?
Eleni : ....that is unusual.
Telemachus : That wasnt part of the spell was it?
Zokos : I can say that that has never happend before
Leonidas : trail leading to an old fort up at the top.
Eleni : Because it wasn't a corpse.
Kataramene : Umm... did any of those things we're after have control of time?
Eleni : It was an illusion.
Polytropos : ... right... I'll call the others.
Eleni : You disrupted it.
Polytropos : THERE'S A-
Eleni : A what?
Polytropos : ... there's an old fort up the hill... a broken altar, here.
Polytropos : *deflates.*
Telemachus : who was it to?
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : I suppose we'll just go charging in, then?
Polytropos : Walking, walking in.
Kataramene : It's our way.
Telemachus : we can do a four year study of the broken shrine if you like?
Eleni : We should probably be more concerned about who would plant the illusion of our guide's corpse.
Polytropos : Illusion of what now?
Kataramene : The corpse. It wasn't one.
Andreas Appolodorus: Illusion?
Zokos : Agreed
Polytropos : ... but that's silly
Eleni : No.
Zokos : So perhaps our guide is still alive?
Kataramene : Or never was.
Polytropos : Who'd leave an illusion of a body if there was a body to leave?
Telemachus : or was an illusion from the start, yeah
Eleni : Or she may be the one responsible.
Telemachus : could all be iillusions
Androktasia: Die....
Andreas Appolodorus: Or was the guide an illusion?
Eleni : Trying to throw us into disarray.
Telemachus : everything c ould be
Polytropos : Agh!
Kataramene : *looks at each of them, suspiciously*
Eleni : We should, at any rate, be wary of more illusions.

Polytropos : HEY!
Androktasia: Die...
Zokos : Leo?
Polytropos : Where is everyone?!
Kataramene : She tried to tell us one of us was evil. Was that truth or sowing dissent?
Eleni : What's...?
Zokos : Leo dying!!
Telemachus : LITTLE HELP
Andreas Appolodorus: Where? How?
Telemachus : let em run!

Polytropos : ... ooouuugh... you caught up, then?
Eleni : What WERE those?
Leonidas : thanks
Telemachus : Yeah nice to know you're keeping up with the pace...
Eleni : I thought Pol was scouting ahead!
Telemachus : I was being sarcastic when i said FOUR YEAR STUDY
Polytropos : Thanks.
Kataramene : We were /trying/ to make sense of things!
Leonidas : those nasty things
Eleni : You know. As he always does.
Telemachus : They saw Leo, and leo had to run.
Leonidas : tried to at least
Eleni : Sh!
Polytropos : ...?
Eleni : Bad elemental!
Eleni : Bad!
Eleni : ...I have no idea why it just did that.
Telemachus : for goodness sakes Eleni
Zokos : It's almost like it forgot who it's master was
Kataramene : Let's .... yes.
Eleni : Something along those lines, yes.

Polytropos : Gotcha!
Androktasia: Die!
Polytropos : Help?
Androktasia: Die...
Kataramene : What are these..... augh.
Polytropos : By the GODS they don't die easy.
Telemachus : watch it with those flailing fists andreas..
Polytropos : Everything I did, they found a way around my guard.
Eleni : They are certainly not quite human...
Kataramene : *looks at Pol and nods, wincing*
Zokos : What are these things?
Polytropos : ... monsters...

Polytropos : *notices the staircase, and heads down.*
Zokos : ...personifications of manslaughter
Zokos : I am a bit fatigued, I will not be able to keep up these blessing much longer...
Kataramene : What does that mean, exactly?
Zokos : please be cautious
Eleni : It means that dying would be bad, mostly.
Old Mystic : Help! Help me!
Polytropos : *wedges a stone opening... open*
Andreas Appolodorus: I am out of kits. I could heal you if I had some.
Zokos : there she is!
Eleni : ...careful.
Eleni : It could be another illusion.
Kataramene : Yes, be wary.
Polytropos : There's ways forward.
Leonidas : some unfriendly ghosts around, beware
Androktasia : Death... slaughter... that is what you have found, mortals...
Eleni : Oh, wonderful.
Eleni : Another one.
Telemachus : WE brought plenty with us!
Telemachus : come out and get some!
Zokos : 4 doors
Eleni : I'm sure none of them have anything pleasant behind them.
Leonidas : somethings behind that one
Kataramene : We need a defensible point.
Polytropos : ... opening...
Telemachus : Kick in the doors, kill anyothing that looks at you funny.
Polytropos : ... hey.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!

Polytropos : Well, that was just plain upsetting.
Kataramene : Don't split up.
Telemachus : HOLD
Telemachus : TOLD you to STOP
Polytropos : They're... so fast, we can't outpace them.
Telemachus : They're skirmishing, they're tryting to split us up.
Kataramene : *grumbles*
Polytropos : There was an unopened door...
Eleni : We could only back the others into a corner, earlier.
Polytropos : *low* half of you down the north corridor, half this way... there's another one down here.
Telemachus : They can shut the doors too and lock us apart.
Telemachus : not worth it.
Polytropos : Quick.
Andreas Appolodorus: So we break the doors?
Telemachus : All together.
Zokos : I like the breaking of doors idea
Polytropos : Finally.
Eleni : I am guessing she has more sisters.
Kataramene : We have no idea how many.
Polytropos : Are these scions, even?

Lazyzeus : The creature is covered with gruesome scars and blast marks... far more than what you just inflicted.

Andreas Appolodorus: One more perhaps.
Telemachus : there's too many.
Zokos : Please stick together
Zokos : Eleni?
Telemachus : DONT CHASE IT
Polytropos : ... is that more fighting?
Telemachus : MORONS
Kataramene : I saw one.
Zokos : I can not heal you for some reasons Eleni
Polytropos : Well... damn. It can wait til we're done.
Kataramene : She's used a trick.
Eleni : That is probably because you cannot see me
Kataramene : *looks at her footprints*
Zokos : ahh
Eleni : Sadly, these spirits seem to have no such trouble.
Polytropos : Aha!

Old Mystic : Help! Help!
Kataramene : I heard something....
Telemachus : Help what?
Polytropos : Easy, old woman! We're here to do just that!
Eleni : Pol.
Eleni : Remember I gave you something a while ago?
Old Mystic: *recoils from Pol* It's YOU!
Andreas Appolodorus: Another illusion?
Eleni : Something to look through any illusion?
Kataramene : *looks over at Pol*
Old Mystic: Ot
Telemachus : no that was me..
Eleni : Ah, good.
Old Mystic: It's him! Spare me!
Polytropos : Uh...
Old Mystic: I'm just an old mage...
Eleni : See anything.... odd?
Telemachus : *uses the gem of seeing*
Polytropos : Easy, old woman... we're good people here.
Telemachus : That.... that is not an old woman..
Old Mystic: *points to Polytropos* He's the one! He's not what he claims to be...
Eleni : ..yes, I thought she might not be.
Kataramene : He is most certainly what he claims to be.
Telemachus : *winces as if looking at her hurts*
Telemachus : so powerful..
Eleni : Is she the scion we have been hunting?
Telemachus : and old..
Old Mystic: So... you see through lies, eh?
Zokos : Ha! She was lying!
Kataramene : I just know him, better than ... most.
Eleni : Funny. Ponos' magic was not so easily dispelled.
Polytropos : Heeeeeey. Hey! Heeey...
Polytropos : ... what's going on?
Polytropos : Hey!
Polytropos : TAKE THAT, WALL!
Polytropos : Gbwa?

Eleni : *Catches her breath*
Polytropos : ... ooough.
Leonidas : gather round
Telemachus : *lops its head off*
Polytropos : Who, what, was she?
Eleni : Was.. was that all?
Andreas Appolodorus: Everyone all right?
Kataramene : Is that... who?
Andreas Appolodorus: *Burp*
Eleni : She may have been a Pseudologoi.
Polytropos : What's a Psuedologi?
Telemachus : bless you?
Andreas Appolodorus: Just need a drink.
Kataramene : What's one of those to it's .... yes.
Eleni : The scions of lies.
Eleni : ..that.. still doesn't explain why we can't remember, though.
Andreas Appolodorus: Remember what?
Telemachus : this is hte one we were after though. right?
Kataramene : Were those cut up things about lies too?
Eleni : *Uses the Judgment to send her back to her prison*
Telemachus : what?
Polytropos : I don't remember...
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Telemachus : Oh, that thing.
Zokos : I must rest before I can call any more blessings...
Eleni : No. Those might have been... oh, gods.
Eleni : There weren't six of them.
Eleni : We killed these two three times over.
Kataramene : They're coming back.
Telemachus : Really?
Polytropos : ... aaaaugh.
Eleni : Yes. Should be gone, now.

Lazyzeus : Three more scions have been banished back to Tartarus.

Telemachus : they were scions too?
Polytropos : Eleniiii...
Eleni : It was not at all clear what they were!
Polytropos : From now on, judge first, questions later.
Eleni : Must have been the androktasiai.
Eleni : You don't want me to tire out the Judgment before we meet a real scion, do you?
Eleni : I can only use this thing a few times a day.
Eleni : In fact, it's just a pretty stick right now.
Polytropos : ... aw. But were they what were driving the village folk mad?
Kataramene : We'd better check.
Telemachus : Lies I suppose?
Polytropos : Are they still refighting the siege of Mycenae?
Eleni : I'm not sure...
Telemachus : lies for the sake of murder?
Kataramene : Let's be sure.
Eleni : But if there's MORE scions around here, we need to rest and recover before facing them.
Polytropos : Dammit, there's people cutting themselves to bits out there.
Kataramene : If nothing more we can knock them out and tie them up, /then/ knock some sense into them.
Zokos : agreed
Eleni : We seem to be rather bad at the whole nonlethal combat thing.
Kataramene : Then we need to try harder.
Polytropos : Did we get lured out here to be killed?
Kataramene : Watch the way in the dark.
Eleni : It looks that way.
Kataramene : Does that mean they know we are coming?
Polytropos : I don't even remember hiring the old woman.
Eleni : I... don't know. I still don't remember how we /got/ here.
Telemachus : probably.
Eleni : We can't have.... revelled... that hard, surely?
Telemachus : Does anyone remember any of how we got here?
Kataramene : I don't remember much at all since we talked to the greeks who were working.
Eleni : In fact, as I recall, Tel and Zokos weren't even with us.
Zokos : The last thing I remember before the tavern was a dream while sleeping on Olympus
Polytropos : I'm all confused now. I hate that.
Eleni : Poseidon told us he had some other use for you, at the time.
Kataramene : We were camped, yes?

Lazyzeus : As you descend from the hills you hear the sounds of a large battle coming from the village below.

Polytropos : This isn't over.
Polytropos : ... it's got to be in these buildings.
Eleni : So what do you intend to do? Restrain a small army? With ropes?
Telemachus : so wasteful..
Eleni : 'it'?
Menelaus Faction Mage : Death to the enemy!
Polytropos : Whatever's doing this!
Eleni : I just TOLD you.
Eleni : If it's a scion, we can't actually do anything about it.
Kataramene : Don't do it!
Kataramene : Let's retreat and plan.
Kataramene : The ruins aren;t the best spot, but we do need to rest and think.
Agamemnon Faction Mage : Victory for Agamemnon! Fall... back to the feasthall, brothers...
Polytropos : ... fine.
Leonidas : So what's the plan?
Eleni : And recharge the Judgment, yes.
Polytropos : *scoots together, helping the others set up a quiet camp on the outskirts.*
Telemachus : *organises a watch rota*
Eleni : It sounds like the battle's quieted down for now, anyway.
Polytropos : Something weird is going on. I would've thought they'd 've run out of people by now.
Eleni : Perhaps they keep getting ressurected?
Kataramene : *spends some time on watch* They are warriors too. Where did they come from?
Eleni : Forced to play out this pantomime forever...
Telemachus : maybe they just keep coming back, like the other two
Kataramene : And why weren't those in the inn affected?
Telemachus : they're not warriors, they're peasants with ancient weapons and armour.

Lazyzeus : You rest and regain your strength until morning. The village remains quiet until then.

Kataramene : You think they got it from the tomb?
Telemachus : Maybe.
Eleni : We are forced to assume so.
Telemachus : I didn't think there were THAT many sarcophagi but maybe..
Eleni : So. Our plan is...?
Zokos : If the peasants took the ancient armor and weapons from the tomb, it may be causing their insanity
Polytropos : We break into these buildings, and look inside.
Kataramene : Is there anything we can do to slow or stop them as a whole?
Polytropos : The Agamemnon lot said they won, so let's try the Menelaus place.
Kataramene : Makes sense.
Eleni : We can try sneaking through, I suppose.
Telemachus : well come on then
Polytropos : *sneaks*
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Telemachus : *not even a little bit sneaky*
Polytropos : I refer to think of it as 'walking smart.'

Menelaus Faction Mage : Intruders!
Polytropos : What's that?!
Kataramene : Gnn....
Eleni : Ngh!
Zokos : There she is
Kataramene : I can't move!
Kataramene : *struggle struggle*
Polytropos : She's so small!
Polytropos : By Hades.
Eleni : ...that's one.

Telemachus : giant pain in the arse though
Polytropos : What was it?
Kataramene : How can something so small cause so much trouble?
Telemachus : No more throne for you.
Eleni : Disproportionately troublesome, yes.
Eleni : There may be another in the Agememnon camp.
Zokos : So if we see another we shoudl focus our efforts on it, right?
Polytropos : Then we'll have to work fast, before the Agamemnon lot think WE'RE the Menelaus group.
Telemachus : they're pretty difficult to hurt.
Eleni : They probably already do.
Kataramene : Good point.
Kataramene : Except we'll have wiped out the entire village.
Telemachus : uhmm.. maybe theyll come back

Eleni : ...and number two.

Eleni : Everyone alright?
Telemachus : yyeah.. think so..
Kataramene : Fog ... gnn.
Polytropos : Whew.
Polytropos : Ir's.. over?
Eleni : Five Scions in so short a time.
Eleni : Feels rather exhausting.
Leonidas : *nods*

Lazyzeus : Like all of the other factions gear, the Agamemnon weapons are ancient and pitted... it seems they were just farmers, given power by the magic of the Scions.

Polytropos : Poor bastards.
Kataramene : Are there any left alive?
Polytropos : Well... if there are any, they're at the tavern, right?
Kataramene : If we dare look.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Polytropos : Not sure why the staff THERE weren't fighting.
Eleni : We can see to the wounded... try and save some.
Eleni : But most of them... yes.
Telemachus : It's unfortunate, but what else could be done?
Telemachus : The scions must be stopped.
Polytropos : What a great well.
Eleni : They would have died for their amusement, if we never came here.
Kataramene : Possibly called more too.
Eleni : Sucked more and more into their madness, yes.
Polytropos : *puts a coin in each bowl.*

Cook: Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to!
Telemachus : what happened here?
Eleni : Ah..?
Cook: Oh, please! Help him...
Kataramene : Zokos? Can you?
Cook: *looks guiltily at a frying pan lying on the floor nearby*
Polytropos : What happened?
Zokos : **Tends teh Tavernkeeper's wounds**
Cook: I didn't mean to! Usually he ducks!
Polytropos : Did he eat some of the oat slop?
Polytropos : Oh.
Tavernkeeper: Uhh....
Tavernkeeper: You struck me, woman!
Cook: It was an accident!
Eleni : ...it sounded quite on purpose.
Tavernkeeper: *rubs his head* I don't even remember what we were fighting about.
Cook: *holds hands up to her mouth*
Kataramene : Things have been influencing you.
Cook: The slop I cook! What else! You really provoked me
Tavernkeeper: All I said was, all that oat slop was making your butt look a little big.
Tavernkeeper: *rubs head*
Kataramene : ....
Tavernkeeper: Influencing? What do you mean?
Kataramene : That does sound like fighting talk to me.
Cook: *turns her back to the others* Tell me truthfully....does my butt look big in this?
Zokos : **nudges the frying pan out of Kat's reach**
Eleni : Wars have been fought over less.
Cook: Does it?
Eleni : ...which says more about most wars, really.
Tavernkeeper: I may have made a comment about the oat slop tasting like rat droppings, but hey, you've eaten it! Right?
Kataramene : It looks ... the same size it was before.
Cook: See! Told you!
Eleni : ...have you by any chance had any... strange guests recently?
Tavernkeeper: Marta! Don't be like that! It was evil inflooences, like the pretty warrior woman said!
Eleni : Besides us?
Cook: *looks at them* Apart you lot?...no....why?
Tavernkeeper: Now that you mention it, custom has been a bit slow of late.
Kataramene : Yes, there's been evil influences. Very ... evil.
Eleni : Just... wondering.
Tavernkeeper: C'mon, Marta. I _like_ your oat slop. It's the finest in the village!
Polytropos : ...?
Cook: You big Oaf! *punches him on the arm*
Tavernkeeper: Ow! So... where is everybody?
Cook: Best porridge in the county!
Polytropos : Well...
Eleni : ...well, they had a little feud..
Polytropos : *pokes around, paranoiac.*
Kataramene : You might want to ... well, maybe some are left.
Tavernkeeper: Bah. Idjits, all of them, always a'feudin'. They pick the stupidest things to fight over. Remember, Marta, when ol' Polyphemus punched Garrigus because his mule ate from Poly's field that time?
Polytropos : *pokes around in the straw.*
Cook: *brushes her hair behind her ears* Well, this standing around is getting nothing done
Eleni : This may have been rather more serious than thta time.
Tavernkeeper: Some are left? What'ja mean?
Cook: Anyone wasnt some slo....eh....porridge?
Kataramene : They got some proper weapons and ... there was that whole evil power thing.
Zokos : Sure, I'll take some porridge!
Tavernkeeper: That's it, I've said, building an inn next to an ancient ruin was bad business.
Cook: *smiles*
Tavernkeeper: Marta, we should take up junior's offer and move up to Corinth a'ways.
Polytropos : I agree.
Kataramene : We can rest up if you have some rooms? We can pay.
Tavernkeeper: *rubs head* Thank you for your help there, preacher.
Cook: *lays some fresh bowls on the table*
Eleni : Resting up might.. be advisable.
Tavernkeeper: Just pull up a bench, miss. We ain' got no rooms, but we got plenty of space.
Kataramene : Mmm.

Lazyzeus : With five more Scions dispatched, you decide to rest and ponder what to do next...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jul 19, 2014 2:15 pm

Lazyzeus : Having cleared the unfortunate city of Corinth of the Scion infection, Eleni grasps the Judgment and transports you to Laconia, home of the Spartans and apparently two more of the Scions...

Polytropos : Eh.
Eleni : ...yes, this certainly feels Laconian.
Polytropos : This one's alive!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh no!
Telemachus : .. I'd say we were in the right place
Eleni : Zokos!
Eleni : See if you can help this man.
Polytropos : Hey... hey, soldier. Don't die yet.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Easy there. What happened?
Polytropos : Don't move. Help's here. Who attacked you?
Zokos : I'll tend your wounds **aid the officer**
Leonidas : Some creepy frog looking thing up ahead.
Spartan Officer: They're here! Must... must report...
Leonidas : looks like there are still some soldiers at the outpost.
Polytropos : Alright. We've got this.
Eleni : Where?
Leonidas : ...for now.
Spartan Officer: Must... go...
Polytropos : *tries to help the officer up.*
Spartan Officer: *struggles to his feet*
Polytropos : Alright, let's go. We'll help your outpost.
Spartan Officer: *looks down at his men* We will avenge you, brothers!
Spartan Officer : They come again! To arms!
Polytropos : Hey there! Fr-
Andreas Appolodorus: Anything?
Leonidas : behind us
Spartan Officer: Who are you?
Andreas Appolodorus: BEHIND!
Eleni : Friends!
Eleni : *Looks at the officer* Is he alright?
Telemachus : barely, they went right for him.
Telemachus : Zokos, help him.
Andreas Appolodorus: We have not seen this type of demon before.
Polytropos : Hail!
Eleni : We saw no-one else alive on our way in.
Polytropos : I think I see someone, over there...
Polytropos : There he is!
Polytropos : Hoo boy.
Telemachus : *grabs for him*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello!
Polytropos : Nono! Don't! Your death won't help Sparta!
Eleni : Is he...? ...oh.
Priest of Ares: Nay, brother! It was a dark sorcery that clouded your mind!
Telemachus : They use magic against you my friend, It's not cowardice on your part.
Spartan Officer: I cannot live with the shame...
Telemachus : It would be braver to live and serve Greece.
Telemachus : dying is easy.
Eleni : There is no shame, so long as you are ready to fight again.
Priest of Ares: He speaks truth, brother.
Leonidas : Think they came from the north; there's a pass in that direction, but didn't see any immediate signs of more of them.
Eleni : Sparta still needs you.
Spartan Officer: *turns away from the chasm*
Priest of Ares: Go in, brother, rest. We will need your strength on the morrow.
Polytropos : ... anyway. Hello.
Priest of Ares: You come to Laconia in difficult times, travelers.
Priest of Ares: *looks at Polytropos* Where did you get that shield?
Eleni : That seems to be a habit of ours...
Polytropos : Ah, glad you asked! We helped fight demons once, with a wood-fort's men on the Laconia-Argos road.
Polytropos : *taps his friend'o'sparta cloakpin*
Eleni : Different demons from these, but yes.
Priest of Ares: *looks at it* Ah, I see. That is good. Thieves are not welcome here, even in these times.
Polytropos : leeeooo! Don't go too far, we're taking cover in the outpost!
Eleni : I see you have been hit hard... how long has this been going on?
Zokos : **Tends to the wounds of the scouts**
Priest of Ares: For several days.
Polytropos : Polytropos, son of Kledias!
Priest of Ares: The demons began attacking travelers in these mountains.
Eleni : Eleni, apprentice to the sage Aristarchus.
Andreas Appolodorus: Just call me Andreas.
Eleni : People refer to us as the heroes of Argos, though it's been a while since we've been there..
Leonidas : I'll stand watch a bit further out for an earlier warning.
Priest of Ares: We sent troops led by General Brasidas to fortify our mountain outposts.
Zokos : Zorkos, pries of Poseidon. I hope I can be of assistance, brother.
Eleni : I take it the general didn't...?
Andreas Appolodorus: We shall hunt these demons and send them back to Hades.
Eleni : Ah.
Leonidas : *finds a nice vantage point where he can just peek over the crest*
Eleni : Well. It's what we do.
Polytropos : Brasidas, Brasidas... sounds familiar.
Eleni : *Frowns, wracking her head*
Polytropos : Well, we'll meet him.
Eleni : Isn't he the one who..? Hm, I think so.
Polytropos : Hopefully be back this way with news that you're relieved.
Polytropos : *looks to the others.*
Eleni : It seems there may be little time to waste.
Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : Not these ones specifically.
Polytropos : *looks to the others.*
Eleni : As a priest, are you familiar with the classical warding and protection blessings? Those should be of help against the mental assault.
Eleni : But no. We've faced demons before, but these are new.
Polytropos : We just got here, to to speak.
Polytropos : Do we need more rest?
Eleni : Not right now. That battle did not take a great deal out of me.
Eleni : And it seems as if we might have little time to waste.
Telemachus : We must press on.
Polytropos : Right. May the Gods keep you!
Zokos : Agreed, any delay just gives the Scions more time to prepare
Telemachus : Yes, Argos.
Eleni : Yes. Though like I said... that's been a while, now.
Eleni : We can but hope. But first...
Polytropos : Does anyone have a torch? I don't want to fall into a pit.
Zokos : I have light for all
Polytropos : Sounds good.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Polytropos : Uggle.
Leonidas : HELP
Eleni : ...This is very disturbing.
Polytropos : Grah.
Eleni : I think I might have some idea of what is going on.
Polytropos : It's as if we fought dozens!
Telemachus : want to tell the rest of us?
Telemachus : they kept disappearing!
Eleni : I think these are all scions.
Zokos : ALL Scions? Dozens of them?
Telemachus : We can either head east or north
Eleni : Like the sisters of manslaughter. But far more numerous, and spart enough to run away before we can use the Judgment.
Eleni : *smart enough
Leonidas : *mutters*
Telemachus : the spartan captain said to head east.
Eleni : These were probably mostly the same ones from before.
Polytropos : Looks like a road heading north! Maybe the Argos road.
Eleni : But if they are teleporting away, there must be someplace they are fleeing /to/..
Eleni : Someplace where they will be vulnerable.
Spartan Archer : *a war horn blows*
Priest of Ares : To arms! Hold the gates!
Leonidas : looks like the place.
Spartan Archer : Men, sir! They are men!
Eleni : Are they worried about us, or... ah.
Zokos : Let's approach cautiously...
Eleni : *Waves her staff* Not entirely!
Leonidas : Where's the fun in that?
General Brasidas : Who goes there?
General Brasidas: Friend or foe?
Eleni : Ah, now there's a familiar voice.
Zokos : *shout* We are friends!
Polytropos : Greeks! From Argos!
General Brasidas : Open the gates!
Spartan Soldier: Best come inside, miss.
Spartan Soldier: The night is full of terrors.
Eleni : That does seem like rather a sound idea, yes.
Spartan Soldier: You coming, warrior?
Polytropos : Hail, spartans.
General Brasidas: Have we met before?
Zokos : *salutes*
General Brasidas: You look familiar to me.
Leonidas : *nods*
Eleni : I believe so. At the checkpoint, near the Argos border.
Eleni : The mountain pass.
Spartan Soldier: *sees Poly's shield, frowns*
Polytropos : *gives a grin and a thumbs up in reply.*
General Brasidas: Ah, yes. The Argosians who battle demons.
Eleni : Another little problem with demons, though these will bea lot trickier to get rid of.
General Brasidas: Indeed. This is Timocrates, high priest of Ares.
Timocrates: An honor.
Eleni : Eleni, of Argos.
Timocrates: You have battled the fiends?
Eleni : We know their kind, yes.
Telemachus : we encountered them at the outpost to the west, and again on the road here.
Zokos : We have fought them, and we are here to put an end to them permenently.
Timocrates: Then you know the threat is serious. They command powerful magic, and can summon allies to their call.
Eleni : I believe that these are immortals. When they vanish, they simply withdraw and recover.
Timocrates: We have learned that if you strike down the summoner, the summoned one disappears. But left alone they can gather overwhelming numbers.
General Brasidas: Mostly those blasted red ones.
Eleni : But we have a way to banish them. If we can find where they are roosting.
Zokos : **whispers to Eleni** perhaps only some of them are scions, and some are minions?
Timocrates: *nods* We believe that they originate somewhere to the north.
Timocrates: There is something else very odd. I hesitate to speak of it, but if you are friends and allies, you should know.
General Brasidas: They risk their lives too, brother.
Eleni : We have seen, done and killed very odd things over the years. Please, speak.
Polytropos : All the time!
Timocrates: We have noticed some ... changes, in our own people. We have always been fighters, this is known.
Polytropos : This is known.
Timocrates: But I have seen men ... brave men... rush into a knot of these creatures, and continue striking until they are almost torn apart.
Eleni : Hm. Yes.
General Brasidas: I would not complain... but some of the men have broken discipline, and fought almost like wild men.
Eleni : That makes sense. These creatures have a subtle, but dangerous effect on the mortals around them. Slowly warping them to fit their nature.
Zokos : These deamons are the essence of the very worst of human nature. Some would say they are the source of it, but regardless they have a powerful influance.
General Brasidas: Well. You should rest until morning, at least. Come, we will find quarters for you. *nods to one of the men*
Spartan Soldier: I will show you to shelter.
Eleni : Very well, but we should be ready to move at dawn..
Telemachus : *looks to the others* It might be better if we pressed while we can..
Polytropos : Oh! Er.
Zokos : We thank you General. If there is anyway I can be of service while we are here, I have some skill at healing...
Polytropos : The outpost to the west! Alcides's men. They're in a really bad way.
Polytropos : They'll fight to the end, but... it's not far away for them.
General Brasidas: I know. We have others in similar condition.
Eleni : Yes. They were hanging on by a thread when we passed them.
Polytropos : Darn.
General Brasidas: They all know their duty. We must contain this infection lest it spread throughout Greece.
Timocrates: Thus far we have kept them penned in through the passes through the mountains.
Timocrates: As you saw, if even one escapes...
Polytropos : Fair 'nough.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Zokos : General, we are here to put an end to these demons or give our lives in the attempt. I hope you and your men can stay safe for just a little longer...
General Brasidas: I will send a force to bolster Alcides's garrison.
Polytropos : *brightens.*
General Brasidas: We will fight to the last drop of blood, priest o f Poseidon.
Spartan Soldier: Sir, I volunteer to go to the front line!
Eleni : We do not doubt it.
Zokos : *bows*
Polytropos : That's the spirit!
General Brasidas: Go on, get some rest.
Spartan Soldier: Follow me.
Polytropos : *nods at random Spartans.*
Spartan Soldier: *watches you intently*
Spartan Soldier: This way.
Polytropos : Ooo.
Spartan Soldier: You should be safe here until morning.
Polytropos : We're sleeping in a mountain!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Telemachus : Cosy.
Polytropos : Thank you!
Leonidas : *samples Spartan rations*
Telemachus : I'm not sure which of you cast the spell to protect from mind attacks
Polytropos : ... hmm...
Telemachus : but we will need a lot of those tomorrow I think.
Eleni : That is Zokos' area.
Lazyzeus : You spend the night trying to rest. Those who are able to sleep suffer from dreams of extreme violence.
Polytropos : *takes some rations, but leaves some ambrosia behind.*
Eleni : Ugh...
Polytropos : Grr... nrgh... rargh
Polytropos : *stabs things in his sleep.*
Eleni : *Pokes Pol with staff*
Lazyzeus : You wake but feel this strange impression of dark eyes upon you.
Andreas Appolodorus: Nightmares, I had nightmares.
Polytropos : Gnh! Grrh! Nrgh- eh?
Zokos : Yes, I will keep the blessings going
Polytropos : Guh.
Eleni : Wake up. You were about to murder that table leg over there.
Polytropos : *blinks awake*
Polytropos : What'd it done?
Eleni : ...I'm going to assume we all had the nightmares.
Polytropos : It was staring at me.
Eleni : I would not dare to begin to speculate as to the grievous sins that table leg has commited against you and those you love, yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: * cut a slice of meat *
Telemachus : *looks to the entrance* ..I swore I saw someone standing there....
Polytropos : Well... I see daylight.
Eleni : It's the scions. Should have known it was dangerous to let down our guard.
Leonidas : Spartan guard perhaps
Andreas Appolodorus: * eat * This is not bad.
Eleni : I think we should be on our way.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes let's go.
Polytropos : Right. *sets face hard.*
Polytropos : *yawwwwn*
Polytropos : Hail!
Spartan Soldier: *fixes you with a cold stare*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hail!
Eleni : ...come on, Pol.
Polytropos : *frowns, and stares back.*
Polytropos : ... nrgh.
Eleni : I think the Scions might be starting to get to them.
Spartan Soldier: I will kill every last one of those bastards!
Polytropos : ... was asking for a beating...
General Brasidas: Ah, good morning.
Eleni : *Nods* General.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hail to you.
Polytropos : Hail. *grumpy mutter*
General Brasidas: I have sent the last of our reinforcements to the outposts.
General Brasidas: Of course, if that means that if we are attacked by a large force...
Timocrates: *shrugs* If it is the gods' will that we die, we will die like Spartans.
Eleni : Hopefully, we wil be able to put a stop to this. Or at the very least, relieve some of the worst pressure.
Timocrates: I have something that might help you.
Telemachus : Hopefully we will put an end to this before it comes to t hat.
Polytropos : We're good at attracting attention!
Timocrates: Take this. May it grant your weapons the power to secure victory.
Polytropos : ooo.
Andreas Appolodorus: What happened to the rock flesh. That was convenient magic.
Eleni : Thank you, high priest.
Polytropos : Handy.
Leonidas : We going or what?
Eleni : Yes. Let's.
General Brasidas: Needless to say, watch your backs.
General Brasidas: *gets the gate himself*
Andreas Appolodorus: Always.
Telemachus : Uhm, think my axe is ok already?
Eleni : *Nods*
General Brasidas: Victory or defeat, we are in your debt.
Telemachus : sure you don't want to use it?
Eleni : North, yes?
Polytropos : This fey sword cuts them well enough! But, I can hold onto it.
Polytropos : I think... hm
Telemachus : oh.. I think it can be used a few times actually..
Polytropos : North, or west and north?
Eleni : Perhaps that pass we left to the side, earlier?
Polytropos : Can check it out.
Leonidas : I thought we were headed to Sparta?
Polytropos : No, no sparta today, alas.
Eleni : We are heading to the source of the threat. Hopefully.
Telemachus : Do you have that mind protection spell Zokos?
Leonidas : hmm this is the other end of the pass road I checked out the other day.
Eleni : Was there anything of note here?
Polytropos : Got one!
Polytropos : Guhblargl!
Telemachus : the mind armour spell Zokos...
Leonidas : I'm really beginning to hate these things.
Polytropos : There's a big one.
Zokos : I have made all the blessings I'm able, these are very powerful
Polytropos : Damn, it's gone.
Polytropos : *lowers his bow*
Eleni : What did it look like?
Polytropos : Like the others! But big. And black.
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : Maybe if we can banish that one..
Polytropos : ... ooough.
Leonidas : hmm now that's new.
Telemachus : maybe there's just one real one, and all the others are dividing off of it.
Polytropos : Well, it was up here...
Zokos : Violence begets violence?
Polytropos : There it is!
Telemachus : Judge him!
Telemachus : too late..
Lazyzeus : The huge creature dissolves just like the rest; there must be an even more powerful foe somewhere ahead.
Eleni : I'm not sure if it would do anything...
Andreas Appolodorus: YOu think these things are Scions?
Polytropos : This is a bit narrow, buit I think there's a way through...
Eleni : At the very least, spawns of them.
Telemachus : one of them must bed.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Polytropos : Single combat.
Polytropos : *holds his sword aloft for a few seconds.*
Eleni : ...congratulations?
Polytropos : Damn right.
Leonidas : cave
Eleni : Hm. Is this an old shrien?
Eleni : *shrine
Polytropos : It does look shrine-y.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Polytropos : Oh Ares, god of Battle, may our efforts this day give you cause to smile in approval.
Polytropos : As a few stand against a many!
Eleni : ...so long as there's blood, he'll probably be happy.
Eleni : Ah. Hm.
Leonidas : nursry
Zokos : I'm trying to imagine Ares smiling...
Telemachus : eggs?
Polytropos : ... euuuuugh...
Eleni : ...when I said I'd find where they brood, I was not thinking quite so literal..;
Telemachus : they look like they might burst.
Telemachus : yeeup, they burst.
Polytropos : S...parkles
Polytropos : Aha.
Andreas Appolodorus: Stay together.
Eleni : ...gods.
Polytropos : ... erk.
Telemachus : Big one!
Polytropos : D'owww...
Polytropos : Fall, monster!
Telemachus : JUDGE HIM
Eleni : ...I think that worked?
Lazyzeus : The elder makhai has been banished back to Tartarus!
Telemachus : Yeah I think you got him!
Eleni : I wonder if that's the only one, though.
Leonidas : Look out for the trap!
Polytropos : *pauses in the act of trying to lever open the slab.*
Leonidas : beyond my skills
Polytropos : Hum.
Telemachus : Lemme try.
Polytropos : Any scions in here?
Polytropos : Seemingly not.
Zokos : Danger!
Polytropos : That was huuuge!
Eleni : ...there's number two.
Telemachus : Bad things come in threes
Polytropos : YaHAAAAAaaaaaaoh.
Polytropos : And yet, i do not see anything.
Eleni : Did we get them all?
Eleni : I suppose this might not be the only nest.
Eleni : Subtle.
Leonidas : I thought there were just two we needed to dispatch?
Telemachus : we're not looking for subtle.
Telemachus : we dont know how many their might be.
Polytropos : If there's one thing our travels have shown, it's that subtlety is wasted on the creatures of Tartarus.
Telemachus : *there
Eleni : I wonder...
Telemachus : If *I've* learnt one thing, it's that everyone has a plan until they take an axe to the face.
Polytropos : It's a great leveller, that.
Eleni : I have asimilar relationship with enormous magical fists.
Lazyzeus : You search the cave and the surrounding area thoroughly, but find no more traces of the Makhai.
Telemachus : heh yeah, when you sqeezed that big one his eyes went all poppy
Polytropos : ... well, I'm calling it. Victory!
Eleni : Things seem to take care of themselves after that, yes.
Telemachus : that was pretty great.
Telemachus : I half expected one more giant one
Eleni : I suppose we should not complain.
Telemachus : like.. the things were splitting themselves in two each time right? getting weaker with each step.
Eleni : That's... five more left on the list, I think?
Eleni : Well, if that's the logic, then the original is Eris..
Telemachus : which one WAS this anyway?
Eleni : I think it was either the Makhai or the Hysminai.
Telemachus : what are those then?
Eleni : You know. Fights and battles.
Telemachus : Oooh..
Eleni : Which seems like rather overlapping domains.
Telemachus : nah
Eleni : No?
Telemachus : villigers in taverns get in fights. Armies get in battles.
Eleni : I suppose this was battles, then. The Makhai.
Eleni : Does that mean the Hysminai will be roving around greece, causing tavern brawls?
Telemachus : Nothing would suprise me at this point.
Eleni : Because that sounds like a relatively easy one.
Telemachus : This one wasn't too bad either really
Eleni : Tell that to the Spartans.
Telemachus : Well yeah, for US I mean. obviously.
Polytropos : We have the tools, and we have the talent!
Eleni : And with it, the responsibility?
Polytropos : You always find a way to put a downer on things.
Polytropos : Hello the fort!
Spartan Archer: *just seems to be staring straight ahead, doesn't notice you*
Telemachus : With great power comes great big weapons and giant exploding spells.
Polytropos : Alyone... alive in there?
Polytropos : Hello?
Polytropos : *knocks*
Eleni : Sorry. Some of that philosophy did rub off on me ater all, I'm afraid.
Polytropos : General Brasidas? Anyone?
Eleni : ...
Zokos : This is not a good sign...
Telemachus : Open it?
Polytropos : *looks at the others.*
Eleni : ... we may not be done here just yet.
Leonidas : There are sentries.
Polytropos : It's a gate, not sure what you...
Telemachus : I can see em through the cracks, thjey're just standing there.
Eleni : Staring off, into nothing.
Polytropos : *tries to wedge a blade in between the gates and lever up the bar from the other side.*
Telemachus : helloooo?
Lazyzeus : The Spartans all seem to be just standing around, for the most part.
Polytropos : ... there.
Spartan Soldier: You are an enemy of battle.
Zokos : Nice job with the blade there Polytropos
Polytropos : ... oh no.
Eleni : *Sighs* Oh, dear..
Telemachus : Yes..
Zokos : uhoh
Telemachus : Ahhh.
Spartan Soldier: You will not stop us.
Polytropos : *squints at the speaker.*
Polytropos : *and the other one.*
Spartan Soldier: Man's lot is to fight. To fight....
Eleni : ...maybe we didn't get all of them after all.
Telemachus : No point in fighting if you never get to stop.
Leonidas : apparently not.
Polytropos : Argh, what?
Eleni : Pol?!
Eleni : What are you doing?!
Polytropos : That one!
Polytropos : They're all!
Telemachus : JUDGE EM
Polytropos : Accursed THINGS.
Polytropos : Spartans, to arms! Anyone?!
Telemachus : did we judge em??
Zokos : Please gather close to me for healing
Polytropos : They just vanished!
Lazyzeus : Eleni uses the rod, and all 3 of the Hysminai are banished back to Tartarus!
Polytropos : I think she got 'em...
Eleni : Not tavern brawlers, after all.
Eleni : Rather nastier than that, in fact...
General Brasidas : What... what happened? Why are the gates open?
Polytropos : Noooo body panic!
Timocrates: There was... fighting? I feel confused.
Eleni : What is the last thing you remember?
General Brasidas : Men! Stand down!
Telemachus : there were enemies amoungst you as well.
General Brasidas: I was dreaming? So much violence.
Eleni : Hm, yes. Likely the cause of the nightmares and erratic behaviour.
General Brasidas: Yet I find myself standing here, armed and armored, facing you?
Timocrates: More dark magic, sir.
General Brasidas: What about the demons?
Eleni : We have located their nest, and dealt with them.
Telemachus : Imprisoned once more.
Polytropos : *pant pant pant*
General Brasidas: Then... the threat is over?
Leonidas : Should be.
Telemachus : The immidiate one..
Eleni : There might be a few stragglers. I would suggest remaining vigilant.
Eleni : But the worst has been dealt with.
Telemachus : the world is not a peaceful place at the moment.
Timocrates: Spartans are always vigilant, dear lady.
General Brasidas: Has it ever been such, warrior?
Telemachus : heh. More so than usual.
Eleni : I suppose not, no
General Brasidas: We are in your debt. Again, it seems.
General Brasidas: Tim, prepare runners to go to each of the outposts. Confirm the demons are all gone.
Timocrates: Yes, sir.
General Brasidas: You should come to Sparta, let us feast you as heroes.
Telemachus : We'd love to, but it'll have to wait.
Eleni : I'm afraid there is more for us to do, yes.
General Brasidas: Oh? Another quest, already?
Telemachus : there are more things like this abroad in the world
Eleni : The same.
Polytropos : ... aw.
General Brasidas: That is the curse of heroes, I fear. Always busy.
Eleni : *Sighs* Evidently.
General Brasidas: There is little we have to offer in thanks... but that you have.
Eleni : You'd think there would be some peace and quiet after slaying a primordial goddess.
General Brasidas: *looks at Polytropos* I see you still carry that old Spartan shield.
Zokos : Your continued vigilence is thanks enough
Telemachus : That things been halfway around the world with us.
General Brasidas: Take this one. It's a bit nicer. *smiles*
Polytropos : General!
Polytropos : I would do that gladly.
General Brasidas: Good luck in your quest, heroes of Argos.
Polytropos : *taps his swordbutt on the shield a few times.*
Eleni : Thank you.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you General.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : *beam*
General Brasidas: And should you ever come to Laconia, do visit. I will keep a jar of our finest red in the cellar in anticipation.
Polytropos : Wow!
Polytropos : One day... one day!
Lazyzeus : Two more Scions have fallen, bringing the conclusion of your quest that much closer.
Telemachus : Looking forward to it
Eleni : ...he's been talking about going to Sparta for /ages/ now.
Polytropos : There's just some places you need to see before you die.
General Brasidas: It is a lovely city. I have a fine estate, five thousand helots.
Eleni : Yes. I'm sure it is.
Polytropos : Huge!
Zokos : That is an invitation that I hope we can take you up on in the near future!
Eleni : It would have to be.
General Brasidas: Can I at least offer you a feast here before you depart?
Zokos : It seems impolite to decline...
Eleni : Ah, well...
Eleni : We will need to recharge ourselves, anyhow.
Polytropos : Glad to!

Lazyzeus : You are hosted to a fine afternoon and evening of Spartan hospitality, then Eleni prepares the Judgment for your next destination...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:56 am

Lazyzeus : Eleni raises the Judgment, and you once again find yourselves whisked off to some distant destination...

Eleni : ...hm.
Eleni : Interesting.
Leonidas : Um so which one we chasing now?
Eleni : Limos.
Polytropos : Well, that fits.
Andreas Appolodorus: What? A desert?
Eleni : The Scion of Starvation.
Leonidas : Hmm
Polytropos : *looks around at the desolation.*
Eleni : And I believe this is technically a steppe.
Andreas Appolodorus: "Step" if you like.
Polytropos : You're confusing me.
Eleni : *Curious look at the flag*
Andreas Appolodorus: What's that smell?
Andreas Appolodorus: * look in bag * Oh no.
Polytropos : ... eugh...
Eleni : Probably something un - yes.
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : A plague of locusts?
Andreas Appolodorus: No more rations they are spoiled.
Polytropos : What?
Eleni : ...hail?
Polytropos : Oh gah!
Gaunt Scythian: *looks up* So... hungry...
Polytropos : *slings the sack of rotten stuff away.*
Gaunt Scythian: Everything... spoiled... food... rotten...
Eleni : I, ah, would offer you food, but apparently ours just rotted away.
Andreas Appolodorus: We will need to complete this task quickly.
Gaunt Scythian: Please! Do you have anything to eat!
Polytropos : *looks through his pack.*
Polytropos : ... thank the gods, the ambrosia's alright.
Eleni : Ah! That's good.
Polytropos : *looks at it, thoughtful. Then at the man.*
Eleni : ...perhaps we can spare just a bit?
Gaunt Scythian: So weak... so hungry...
Telemachus : Give him some, it wont take much to keep him going.
Polytropos : Okay, okay. I just... not much in here, I forgot to ask for more.
Polytropos : Chew it thoroughly, man.
Gaunt Scythian: *stuffs himself with it* Ohh... so good.... thank you...
Andreas Appolodorus: What's that?
Polytropos : Don't do that- augh.
Eleni : We can always head back using the Judgment. Or should be able to.
Telemachus : So what happened here?
Eleni : Yes. Please, tell us how this pestilence began.
Gaunt Scythian: The crops, they just started to turn brown.
Telemachus : Without warning?
Gaunt Scythian: Then the animals... they got sick, thin...
Gaunt Scythian: No warning...
Telemachus : werre there any strange goings on? Strangers in town maybe?
Gaunt Scythian: I've heard tell... dark things lurking in the hills... All who left could...
Polytropos : That stuff wouldn't feed a metic.
Gaunt Scythian: No... no strangers. Everyone is gone. Everything is gone.
Polytropos : *looks at the graves, uncomfortable.*
Eleni : In the hills, you say...
Gaunt Scythian: Those who could leave, did. I waited. I thought... the famine would end... my daughter, she was sick...
Eleni : I'm sorry. It is too late for her. But perhaps we can still end this.
Andreas Appolodorus: We must.
Polytropos : *looks uncharacteristically grim.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's end this.
Polytropos : Strikes me that every time we've chosen to go to a Scion, there's people who've died because we didn't choose another.
Telemachus : we can't be everywhere at once
Eleni : There's no right choice, here.
Polytropos : I hate that.
Eleni : I know.
Telemachus : maybe we should only rest in olympus, where we can get a nights sleep in an hour..
Polytropos : Oourgh.
Eleni : Eesh.
Polytropos : Where are we?
Polytropos : Y- gah!
Eleni : ...another victim?
Polytropos : I don't know I don't know!
Eleni : We've seen Scions.... change people before.
Telemachus : *looking at the people and the weapons*
Eleni : And those things seemed... hungry.
Telemachus : Somewhere on the edge of Sycthia and Asia maybe?
Zokos : **kneels and checkes the bodies for how they died**
Leonidas : path leads further east
Eleni : Scythia seems right, yes. Curious.
Eleni : All the others have been in Greece.
Andreas Appolodorus: * look around *
Andreas Appolodorus: No more coming?
Zokos : That seems suspiciciously little resistance...
Polytropos : Not sure... I think Leo's ahead.
Eleni : Oh, I'm sure there will be more ahead...
Leonidas : more in the canyons ahead
Leonidas : saw 3-4
Polytropos : That's 4!
Polytropos : And that one makes 5.
Polytropos : Or 4.
Polytropos : Damn, I lost count.
Telemachus : They're like mad corpses
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm.
Polytropos : Don't let 'em bite you! They're pretty enthusiastic!
Eleni : A curious old shrine..
Leonidas : cave
Polytropos : I don't like it.
Polytropos : Like... giant wolf teeth...
Polytropos : ... coming out of the ground.
Andreas Appolodorus: Wait!
Polytropos : Brr.
Eleni : I'm sure whichever god it's dedicated to isn't terribly pleasant, yes.
Leonidas : Looks clear.
Andreas Appolodorus: Clear?
Polytropos : Goes deeper...
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Andreas Appolodorus: Do we form a shield?
Telemachus : round the corner.
Polytropos : Oh!
Polytropos : I don't know what you just did, but they did not LIKE it!
Telemachus : Bloody water spirit under my feet
Eleni : Hm. Interesting.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thanks for healing me.
Zokos : I'm so happy with that Water Spirit I could spit
Polytropos : ... shhhh...
Eleni : Please don't.
Eleni : We will need all the moisture we can get.
Limos : Feel... hunger... mortal...
Polytropos : Not working outARGH
Limos : Ha ha ha !
Eleni : Somebody get Tel up!
Andreas Appolodorus: Tel!
Telemachus : *shakes head.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Do your thing!
Eleni : The thing is done!
Andreas Appolodorus: Two down damned.
Telemachus : got another one in you cleric?
Zokos : I will need to rest before I can resurrect him
Eleni : That took us by surprise, more than it should have...
Telemachus : I've got a scroll.
Leonidas : really gotta stop getting split up and attacking peicemeal.
Eleni : And I have a rod.
Zokos : Wait, I do too I think
Eleni : ...or someone does.
Polytropos : *indeed, has the Rod of Resurrection on his person. It might be peeking out of his pack.*
Zokos : humm... no, sorry
Eleni : ...all the same.
Eleni : *Prods him with staff*
Polytropos : Guh! Nrgh! Gwah!
Polytropos : *thrashes a bit.*
Eleni : It's alright. You're not dead. Yet.
Telemachus : I think we passed each other on the way to the styx there.
Eleni : Well, I suppose you were.
Eleni : But you know what I mean.
Polytropos : Bgl.
Leonidas : For a bit.
Polytropos : I feel really hungry.
Eleni : Shall we get out of here, then?
Leonidas : So did we get the scion; we done with this place already?
Polytropos : Did... did we win?
Telemachus : Was that the only one?
Eleni : We sent Limos back, yes. and it looks like it.
Andreas Appolodorus: There a was belt on this scion, I managed to grab it,
Telemachus : usually takes longer.
Leonidas : Maybe we should check around?
Polytropos : I remember... seeing you all being hit by spells, thought I could distract it...
Polytropos : ... distracted it a bit too well maybe.
Eleni : I suppose it technically worked.
Andreas Appolodorus: I may keep it.
Leonidas : Go ahead; my amulet protects me from that sorta stuff.
Polytropos : Ahem.
Eleni : Yes. Are we done here?
Polytropos : I really hope so.
Polytropos : I feel all... depressed.
Telemachus : Was going really well until that last one.
Eleni : We did not expect to run into the Scion quite so fast, I suppose.
Polytropos : Lessons to learn, I guess. No fighting in the opening to a big open area?
Eleni : Where did Leo run off to...
Polytropos : We're really good at fighting round corners.
Andreas Appolodorus: This one was waiting for us.
Polytropos : I don't know if they all keep in contact?
Polytropos : But by now, they all must know we're coming.
Eleni : They are sons and daughters of Chaos.
Eleni : I assume family relations are somewhat complicated.
Leonidas : no further trails, so guess that's it.
Eleni : Alright, then. Everyone gather round?
Polytropos : Yes please.
Polytropos : Enough of these hunger games.
Eleni : I assume we're heading back to Olympus first.
Polytropos : We're out of food!
Leonidas : right
Eleni : *Judgment Activate*
Telemachus : we'll need more supplies.
Andreas Appolodorus: Zokos, that scion made me weak somehow can you help?
Polytropos : Hello, Olympus!
Telemachus : Who's next on the list anyway?
Polytropos : *sigh*
Polytropos : I miss Kataramene.
Eleni : Pain, ruin and oaths.
Eleni : ...you... never really mentioned what she was up to.
Polytropos : The life of a hero, right there.
Polytropos : And no. She, uh, told me not to talk about it.
Telemachus : Why are Oaths on the list anyway?
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Telemachus: Yes.
Polytropos : Hello, o goddess!
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Polytropos: Yes.
Andreas Appolodorus: Take a look this may suit you.
Zokos : yes Andreas
Panacea: Your quest goes well, I trust?
Telemachus : erk, can't really afford the healers satchels here.. It'd be nice to get some cheap mortal ones. They do the job.
Andreas Appolodorus: * hold onto belt * not so fast, do you have something for me in exchange?
Polytropos : Some rocky travels, but we're getting there.
Eleni : The belt probably makes more sense for someone who gets... Hit more often?
Telemachus : Well.. we just killed the famine scion, two of us died for a bit though.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh I will wear it then.
Zokos : I have extra Healers Satchels
Eleni : Or Tel or Pol, maybe, judging by the last fight..
Panacea: Do not underestimate the daughters of Chaos.
Zokos : You are welcome to them
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Zokos: Yes.
Telemachus : Thanks Pol. You just made top of the list of "who's ass to save first"
Eleni : I have some spare healing supplies, if anyone is short.
Polytropos : Thanks, Tel!
Andreas Appolodorus: Pol, right may be Pol.
Polytropos : ... wait, I wasn't there already?
Eleni : Only on Kat's list.
Telemachus : You were up there..
Polytropos : Anyway. I suppose we are underestimating them. I wasn't even wearing my helmet... oh, hey Andreas.
Andreas Appolodorus: What would you offer me for this?
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Telemachus: Yes.
Polytropos : ... hm...
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Zokos: Yes.
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Leonidas: Yes.
Polytropos : That is a fine belt. I think Kat would like it...
Andreas Appolodorus: Really, I will ask her when I see her then.
Polytropos : I am fond of my own, I admit. It was an amazon queen's, you know.
Andreas Appolodorus: * put belt on *
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah.
Telemachus : I'm using that one that keeps the fear magic out of your head. It's proven pretty handy so far.
Polytropos : Does, um...
Polytropos : Does anyone else want to carry this magic stick of no-death?
Polytropos : I'm too often in the thick of things.
Andreas Appolodorus: Stick of no death? Can you explain?
Leonidas : suppose I could
Telemachus : don't look at me, I'm standing next to you without a shield.
Polytropos : You know. That thing.
Eleni : That seems like a rather strange description?
Polytropos : *waves the rod of resurrection.*
Andreas Appolodorus: I'd rather not.
Polytropos : I don't pretend to understand how it works, okay?
Andreas Appolodorus: Looks like one of those mage device.
Eleni : ...You mean the one that returns people to life, yes.
Polytropos : That's what I said.
Zokos : All this talk of belts... is there an extra? I have none.
Andreas Appolodorus: Those they point at you before a big explosion.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh no this one is a bit longer.
Eleni : This doesn't cause explosions, Andreas.
Leonidas : I'll carry it as I'm not usually in the thick of things.
Polytropos : *eyes Leo*
Leonidas : Unless anyone has any objections.
Polytropos : You'll come back and use it if we all die, right?
Polytropos : That's... the point of it
Leonidas : Probably *laughs*
Polytropos : *rolls eyes*
Polytropos : Well; aright.
Eleni : Well, I also have a scroll.
Polytropos : But if you don't, man, we're so waiting on the bank of the Styx for you.
Eleni : So we have ways to recover no matter who gets downed. Hopefully.
Polytropos : For however long it takes.
Zokos : Does anyone need an extra healing kit?
Telemachus : I'm good.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can use that
Polytropos : Let's go to it. What was it, Oaths, Ruin and... Pain?
Panacea: Welcome to Olympus, traveler. Do you seek access to my curatives?
Andreas Appolodorus: * look at the red cross * What rune is that?
Zokos: Yes.
Eleni : Those, yes.
Polytropos : It... looks like an ankh? Without the hoop bit...?
Polytropos : Anyway! Right.
Eleni : We can decide what to tackle next while we recover.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey do we need to buy basic supplies?
Polytropos : Can we do Pain last? I don't like pain.
Andreas Appolodorus: I can take a lot of pain.
Polytropos : Or - wait.
Eleni : Do you prefer ruin?
Polytropos : Damn, it's another one of those choices.
Telemachus : oaths isn't even that bad, surely?
Polytropos : The very next one someone says aloud, we go to.
Telemachus : whats evil about promises,. as long as you keep them?
Andreas Appolodorus: One rui our food can image what ruin could do?
Polytropos : Ruin it is.
Telemachus : Pain
Telemachus : hah
Andreas Appolodorus: Turn all our trinkets to dust?
Polytropos : Then Pain.
Eleni : I would not underestimate Oaths...
Polytropos : Let's do this. Maybe they'll be hanging around together.
Eleni : Consider the ones we may or may not have broken.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey are not going to get some sleep before leaving?
Polytropos : People's lives are on the line!
Polytropos : We're... more or less alright to go, aren't we...?
Polytropos : Are we?
Eleni : If there's multiple of them, the Judgment will need to be recharged.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes but without magic Eleni, Leo and Zokos are not going to be able to help much.
Eleni : We can take a few hours.
Telemachus : time is differnet here remember, we don't need to rest for as long.
Polytropos : Leo knows magic...?
Eleni : Hmph. Barely.
Polytropos : On the other hand, you can't play the harp.
Eleni : *Meditates and recovers*
Eleni : That is quite besides the point.
Polytropos : Ooo, wine.
Eleni : When did that crate get here?
Eleni : ...hm. A little gift, I suppose.
Polytropos : I don't know! But, wine.
Polytropos : Yikes!
Andreas Appolodorus: * wash a bit *
Eleni : ...curious.
Polytropos : *poke poke*
Eleni : I'm... not sure what that was all about.
Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : I have wine.
Polytropos : I'm set.
Telemachus : did you guys smash up a chair or something?
Eleni : As am I.
Andreas Appolodorus: We received a gift?
Polytropos : We got some wine!
Eleni : No. But there was a crate. With wine in it.
Eleni : We swear.
Telemachus : Made the wine vanish pretty quick didn't you?
Polytropos : Fine, fine, ghere.
Andreas Appolodorus: Can I have some? Come on.
Polytropos : You can carry some of the amphora.
Telemachus : Right. so, ruin?
Eleni : Making wine dissapear is a talent that we have, yes.
Telemachus : Shall we just depart from here?
Eleni : Hermes asked that we use the platforms outside, if I remember right, though I'm not sure what difference it makes.
Polytropos : I thought we needed to go to the mosaic.
Zokos : Thank you good sir!
Zokos : Excellent
Polytropos : Maybe it's like leaving someone's house through the window.
Telemachus : I have no idea how that thing works.
Polytropos : Sure, it gets you out, but you look like an ass.
Telemachus : *shrug*
Zokos: *Burp*
Eleni : I suppose, yes.
Leonidas : So what's next?
Eleni : Blind Ruin.
Eleni : Which should be fun.
Polytropos : Hey, Leo! Wine.
Leonidas : Thanks
Eleni : Don't get TOO drunk just yet.
Polytropos : Don't thank me; thank the Gods.
Polytropos : And frankly, Ruin sounds like the best ime to get drunk.
Leonidas : They didn't give it to me
Zokos : Safe to cast blessings now? I expect we will need them soon enough...
Eleni : *Raises the Judgment, and wills it to bring them to At*
Eleni : *Atè, even.
Polytropos : Agh, rain!
Eleni : Evidently, blind ruin means rain.
Lazyzeus : You arrive on a shoreline. A tall mountain rises behind you. Black smoke rises from its summit.
Polytropos : Are you sure it didn't say blind RAIN?
Eleni : Fairly positive.
Polytropos : ... oooh.
Eleni : That seems to be a volcano up above...
Polytropos : That's a mountain, Eleni.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's go kill something.
Eleni : Hm. An old boat.
Eleni : And a volcano is a kind of mountain, you silly person.
Polytropos : I'm not silly!
Eleni : I should invent some sort of book of words and their meanings, for your benefit.
Polytropos : Whoever decided to have more than one word for mountain, they're silly.
Eleni : You don't think 'mountain that erupts into fire and lava' merits its own word?
Leonidas : Path's this way folks
Andreas Appolodorus: Fire mountain.
Polytropos : It does what now?
Andreas Appolodorus: White plume mountain?
Eleni : The top explodes, and then bad things happen.
Polytropos : Wait Mountains can do that?
Eleni : Volcanos can.
Telemachus : Makes sense when you think about ruin.
Polytropos : *rubs his head.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Dragon mountain.
Telemachus : Rock men
Polytropos : So there are.
Polytropos : But we have the measure of them!
Eleni : See. Lava.
Eleni : Don't try to touch it, for the love of all the gods.
Polytropos : Who?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey this is hot, is there a bridge?
Polytropos : By Aphrodite's girdle, you're right!
Polytropos : The mountain's bleeding fire!
Eleni : I usually am.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Eleni : I thought you'd have figured that out by now.
Leonidas : a very big earthman
Eleni : He was indeed quite sizeable.
Polytropos : *takes repeated blows on his new shield, and is fine.*
Polytropos : If mountains can bleed -
Polytropos : Can mountains die?
Telemachus : DRAGON
Atë : *roar fills the cavern*
Eleni : Ah.
Polytropos : HYDRA!
Polytropos : Aaargh!
Polytropos : Hot hot hot!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah got you.
Eleni : Away with you!
Polytropos : It's...
Polytropos : It's vast.
Eleni : Hah...
Telemachus : That was a big damn dragon.
Eleni : That was probably the most /impressive/ one so far, yes.
Eleni : He seems to have been alone.
Leonidas : a dragon but no lair
Andreas Appolodorus: See Dragon Mountain was a good name for that rock.
Leonidas : now that's a real tragedy.
Telemachus : shame you had to suck it up with the judgement, his skin would have made some good armour.
Polytropos : *calls* I FOUND A BOX!
Telemachus : what#s in it?
Polytropos : I DON'T KN- oh. I don't know.
Polytropos : Can Eleni look t these things they scare me.
Telemachus : wow..
Eleni : I certainly can.
Andreas Appolodorus: More magic trinkets.
Telemachus : look at these
Eleni : Hm.. oh, my.
Polytropos : That was the scary thing.
Polytropos : Things.
Zokos : Interesting. Eleni, have you ever heard of golden eggs before?
Polytropos : Though that there is also very scary.
Eleni : The scepter is... quite powerful. The flower has great restorative properties.
Andreas Appolodorus: Will they hatch? Will have golden chicken?
Eleni : The eggs... I have absolutely no idea.
Leonidas : 100 lbs of gold is always a good thing no?
Polytropos : I... I don't know, will they hatch?
Polytropos : Eggs of what?
Telemachus : they're magic, that's for sure... *pulls them apart and watches them whizz back together*
Eleni : A dragon's?
Polytropos : Eggs of scion of chaos?
Polytropos : I' not equipped to think about this.
Eleni : Perhaps we should inquire the gods.
Leonidas : We'll if we're done here, let's move on, or do we have another one to slay?
Eleni : Two more.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes.
Leonidas : On this same rock?
Polytropos : This is exhausting. I feel like I'm half man, half bandage.
Eleni : *Seems very scary all of the sudden*
Eleni : Not right here, no.
Polytropos : *wince*
Polytropos : P-pain, right.../
Eleni : Pain and oaths.
Eleni : I daresay we've made good progress, though.
Leonidas : Right then, pack to Olympus?
Telemachus : You spend half your life getting the tar beaten out of you Pol, how can you be scared of pain?
Zokos : Who would like the flowers? They will heal all wounds and all injuries, magic or otherwise.
Andreas Appolodorus: No pain no gain.
Polytropos : It hurts every time.
Telemachus : exactly, so why does it still bother you?
Polytropos : Pain for gain, okay. Pain... just, pain, that worries me.
Eleni : Everyone ready?
Zokos : Ready!
Telemachus : Yup.
Polytropos : Keep thinking of that man we saw in Tartarus. The one who was always... being attacked by flaming sheels...
Eleni : *Wills the thing to bring them back to Olympus...*
Polytropos : Wheels, even.
Polytropos : I just have an imagination.
Andreas Appolodorus: To Olympus!
Telemachus : really? because I think you could get used to even that after a few years of it.
Leonidas : Lets see what we can get for the golden eggs, I sure could use more coin.
Andreas Appolodorus: Victory is sweet but defeat is bitter.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Eleni : The same torment over and over again would get boring more than anything else after a while,wouldn't it?
Telemachus : Maybe we should try and find out what they *are* before we sell them.
Eleni : But I suppose that itself is pretty tormenting.
Polytropos : I am an unappreciated philosopher.
Andreas Appolodorus: Tel is correct.
Polytropos : Like Nestor.
Eleni : ...again, I should really write that book that explains what words mean.
Leonidas : They're gold, what more matters? We don't need any pets.
Eleni : But then I'd have to teach you to read, so...
Polytropos : *frowns.*
Polytropos : If you could read, why would you need a book to teach you what words were anyway?
Eleni : Because there's a lot of words.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's find what they are or do we can always decide once we know.
Telemachus : hah we've got more gold between us than the average kingdom as well. we're not exactly poverty stricken
Polytropos : Only because people like you keep making them up!
Leonidas : Speak for yourself.
Telemachus : You can't have drunk *all
Telemachus : * of your share of the loot?
Eleni : Juts because you have a map doesn't mean you've heard of every city on it.
Leonidas : You'd be surprised how much I can drink.
Polytropos : What does that have to do with anything?
Telemachus : Did that muse give you a golden liver as well as the lire?
Andreas Appolodorus: We're drinking?
Leonidas : I wouldn't know, but perhaps.
Zokos : Perhaps we should ask the Smith about the Golden Eggs?
Polytropos : We could do that.
Andreas Appolodorus: Why the smith?
Polytropos : Let's do that.
Eleni : I suppose we could, yes?
Polytropos : Well, because Panacea doesn't seem the type to know much about gold things.
Andreas Appolodorus: Right.
Hephaestus: Ah, mortals!
Leonidas : Greetings
Hephaestus: How goes the quest?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello Divine One.
Leonidas : Very well
Hephaestus: I have been hearing quite good things, quite good!
Polytropos : Hail great coppersmith.
Hephaestus: Though it appears my wife is rather upset with you!
Polytropos : ... oh. Er...
Hephaestus: Copper? Bah, a base metal.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh?
Polytropos : That's... unfortunate, can... can we say sorry?
Hephaestus: Indeed! ha, I'd be alert to a trick or two, if I were you!
Polytropos : Nuts.
Eleni : ....ah. Thank you for the warning.
Hephaestus: What can I do for you today? I'm afraid my forge is recharging, I cannot empower your weapons further this day.
Telemachus : We actually came to see you because we found something interesting in the lair of the scion of ruin.
Hephaestus: Oh? Tussled with old Ate, eh?
Hephaestus: Huh! Quite interesting.
Eleni : That we did. Tussled quite hard.
Eleni : There was a great deal of fire.
Telemachus : We couldn't tell if they were alive or a made thing
Telemachus : you seemed like the one to ask.
Hephaestus: *looks them over carefully*
Polytropos : We almost got Ate before we got Até.
Hephaestus: Hmm. Yes, very interesting.
Hephaestus: Would you like to make a trade for them?
Andreas Appolodorus: A trade? Like what?
Hephaestus: I will give you an armor of your choice from my workshop. *nods over at Pyracmon* Any suit you like.
Polytropos : Ooo.
Eleni : A tempting proposal.
Polytropos : may we refresh our memories?
Hephaestus: Of course!
Eleni : Have you seen its like before?
Zokos : You are generous, oh Great Smith!
Polytropos : There was all sorts of stuff in there...
Andreas Appolodorus: But we still do not know what the eggs are or what can be done with them.
Hephaestus: I promise that when I find out, I will let you know!
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh.
Leonidas : Indeed, armor's not much use to me.
Polytropos : There's...
Hephaestus: I have never met a metallic mystery that has defied me!
Andreas Appolodorus: Neither to me Eleni.
Polytropos : A fine breastplate, some scale armor, an amazingly tough drape like the thing Andreas wears...
Andreas Appolodorus: ... and Leo.
Eleni : We are pleased to provide mysteries, then.
Eleni : I've always had a fondness for them.
Polytropos : And some fine linothoraxes.
Polytropos : Andreas!
Polytropos : You might be able to use this one!
Polytropos : *points to a tunic thing.*
Andreas Appolodorus: What are you up to?
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Leonidas: I would like to see what you have.
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Polytropos: I would like to see what you have.
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Andreas Appolodorus: I would like to see what you have.
Polytropos : Such choice!
Eleni : Drooling, are we?
Zokos : Well Friends, I leave the choice up to you. You are much more experienced in the arts of combat than I.
Polytropos : Thinking!
Pyracmon: I have the greatest armors designed for gods or men!
Eleni: I would like to see what you have.
Telemachus : Maybe we should just pick the most expensive?
Polytropos : What are we, merchants?
Eleni : That seems less protective than the rest, no?
Telemachus : *shrug* It's worth a million gold more
Zokos : That armor of Poseidon looks very nice. Can anyone use it? I have a set already.
Polytropos : Let's make this simple.
Polytropos : Who gets hurt a lot the most?
Andreas Appolodorus: And look at that Drape!
Zokos : wow, yes, 100,000 more than the rest
Andreas Appolodorus: I get hurt the most.
Andreas Appolodorus: Obviously.
Polytropos : There we go.
Telemachus : well, the armour I've got is at least as good as this. Kat has one of these already.
Polytropos : That... actually gets my votwe.
Telemachus : so Pol or Andreas could use it the most.
Zokos : Sounds good to me
Polytropos : I've been wearing this ol' thing since we took it from that bandit, but I'm doing alright.
Polytropos : The Drape!
Telemachus : And we're not likely to find anything like the magic chiton anywhere else..
Pyracmon: A fine choice. Here you go, wear it in good health.
Telemachus : whereas we might find more suits of magic armour.
Andreas Appolodorus: i'm still wearing my loincloth from back home. Ah ah.
Eleni : That much is true.
Polytropos : We've noticed, Andreas.
Polytropos : Believe me, we've noticed.
Eleni : And it might actually get Andreas to wear clothes for once!
Eleni : Miracle of miracles.
Telemachus : would this be any use to you?
Pyracmon: Hmm, may need to let it out a bit around the center...
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah no let it be like it was ment to be.
Polytropos : Um...
Leonidas : *sighs*
Andreas Appolodorus: Well thank you all I guess.
Polytropos : Not really, oddly.
Polytropos : And, you're welcome!
Zokos : Anything to keep you from needing healing
Eleni : See? You almost look presentable.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm how do I look?
Telemachus : it even came with sandles.
Polytropos : Like a real wrestler.
Eleni : Maybe you could do with a shave, mind.
Zokos : Very nice!
Andreas Appolodorus: Really? Good then.
Telemachus : One miracle at a time Eleni.

Lazyzeus : With another two Scions defeated, you retreat to your safehold to decide what to do next...Over the course of the next few days, some members of the company discover a ... problem. Anyone who drank the mysteriously gifted wine finds that they have certain... difficulties, with the ... ahem, "male function." A minor hindrance for the great heroes, no doubt! I will leave it to you to decide who drank before the revelation, if you hadn't already imbibed.

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:27 pm

Lazyzeus : Eleni raises the Judgment, and once more time and space swirl around you as you are catapulted to your next destination, this time to the edge of the great forest of Foloi...

Eleni : Well. Here we are...
Eleni : ...Wherever here is
Eleni : I see an encampment up ahead, I think.
Eleni : Hm. Yet more signs of devastation.
Telemachus : sooo.... pain right?
Eleni : Pains. Plural.
Andreas Appolodorus: How did they die?
Leonidas : supplies here
Eleni : Painfully, I would imagine.
Andreas Appolodorus: Oh
Andreas Appolodorus: I collect?
Eleni : ..I'm sorry, what?
Zokos : **Examines bodies**
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey look at this one.
Eleni : A priestess..;
Eleni : It looks rather as if she... cut hserelf.
Andreas Appolodorus: Try here?
Zokos : The priestess here was killed by the others, it looks like... but there is no sign of how the others died.
Eleni : As fine a place as any...
Leonidas : some wild animals outside of the village to the east.
Zokos : Her wounds may be self inflicted, it is difficult to day
Zokos : say*
Eleni : Those aren't neccessarily what kiled her, I suppose...
Eleni : But the cuts on her wrist certainly look like they are.
Zokos : True
Eleni : Hello? Is there anyone still here?
Eleni : Um...
Adelphe: Don't hurt me!
Leonidas : Hi
Eleni : Don't worry! We're not here to hurt anyone.
Adelphe: *eyes wide at Andreas and Telemachus*
Zokos : **kneels non threateningly**
Adelphe: Ahh! Monsters!
Eleni : ...we came here to make all of this go away.
Leonidas : Well, not any kids at least *winks*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey
Eleni : Ah, no! Not monsters. Just masks.
Eleni : Masks to scare away the monsters.
Andreas Appolodorus: What are you doing here?
Adelphe: Then they stopped.
Adelphe: I'm hungry. Do you have anything to eat?
Eleni : Oh, I think we might.
Zokos : Sure we do!
Adelphe: Is mommy okay? Is it safe to come out now?
Eleni : It's... maybe best if you stay in here for a while.
Eleni : What's your name?
Adelphe: *sniffles* Okay.
Adelphe: Adelphe.
Zokos : It is not safe yet, but it will be soon. We will make sure of that.
Zokos : Here, let me give you a charm to keep you safe...
Eleni : Well. Hello, Adelphe. I'm Eleni. And we came here to help.
Adelphe: Why does that man's skin look like a tree?
Zokos : Do you have anything that your mom gave you?
Eleni : *Smirks* It's just a little protection spell.
Adelphe: I have this bracelet *holds up a woven linen cord*
Zokos : Let me bless it to keep you safe. Your mother's love and the Gods will both protect you...
Adelphe: I don't like him. *points at Andreas* He has a monster mask. It's scary.
Zokos : **casts Light on the bracelet, and protection from evil on the child**
Adelphe: It glows!
Adelphe: Will it really keep me safe?
Zokos : We will all keep you safe
Adelphe: You said you had something to eat?
Andreas Appolodorus: This one?
Adelphe: Ewww, that's worse.
Eleni : Who was holding all the ambrosia?
Eleni : ...and yes, yes it is.
Andreas Appolodorus: This one?
Adelphe: Lion! I like that one. *claps hands*
Eleni : *Shakes her head* Andreas. The man of many masks.
Zokos : ... that is a little scary, isn't it?
Eleni : Adelphe... do you know when all of this began? Whatever made people start screaming?
Adelphe: A few days ago people started getting sick. Pains in the belly, or in the head.
Adelphe: They they started getting sad. Very sad. Old miller Joicides just sat down and wouldn't get up.
Zokos : Who was the first to get sick?
Adelphe: This morning everyone was crying and screaming.
Adelphe: That's when mommy told me to hide.
Adelphe: I don't remember.
Eleni : Did anyone new come to the village around that time?
Adelphe: No.
Zokos : How many people in your village?
Adelphe: We don't get many visitors. Pallas says he likes it that way, because outsiders are trouble.
Eleni : Pallas? Is he in charge around here?
Adelphe: This many. *holds up both hands*
Adelphe: He says he is, but everybody listens to Alcimene. She's the priestess of Demeter.
Eleni : That's probably very smart of them.
Zokos : Indeed!
Eleni : Did you hear about anything strange happening in the woods around the village, maybe?
Adelphe: I'm not allowed to go into the woods. It's dangerous.
Eleni : I suppose it would be.
Zokos : You did listen when they told you that, right? *smiles*
Adelphe: Yes.
Adelphe: Did you see my mommy?
Eleni : I'm... not sure. What does she look like?
Adelphe: My tummy hurts.
Adelphe: She looks like my mommy. Sort of like you, only her hair doesn't sparkle like yours does.
Eleni : *Frowns* ...oh. Well...
Eleni : I think maybe we should look around. See if thing are safe.
Adelphe: Okay. You said you had food to share.
Eleni : And see if we can't find Adelphe's mother. And oh, yes...
Eleni : Who was carrying the supplies?
Telemachus : I've got some
Telemachus : here
Eleni : I'll bet it's like nothing you ever tasted.
Adelphe: *sits quietly and eats*
Eleni : Now you just stay put here, okay?
Adelphe: Okay.
Eleni : We'll be back soon.
Zokos : **Laughs** Ok, hand over the food!
Zokos : **said to party, not the child, of course**
Eleni : *Whispered* I don't want to be this paranoid, but it's very strange for this child to still be alright. And we've seen Scions disguise themselves before...
Zokos : **whispers back to Eleni** I was thinking the same thing. Stay on your guard.
Eleni : *w* There's an easy way to be sure. Tel's gem of seeing.
Eleni : *Looks at Adelphe through the gem*
Eleni : ...everything seems to be alright.
Eleni : Come on, then. Let's check the rest of the village.
Eleni : ..badgers.
Eleni : Really? Badgers?
Telemachus : we are under attack from badgers
Telemachus : havent done that in years.
Eleni : Those critters the satyr noble send at us... I think those included badgers, no?
Eleni : If the child's count was right, we are missing two villagers.
Leonidas : Yeah, I mentioned the wild animals earlier.
Telemachus : really wild.
Eleni : Sorry. Three.
Telemachus : maybe they're in pain too?
Eleni : Have we checked the other housing?
Eleni : ...all the doors are wide open.
Eleni : Well, if the animals this way are more thoroughly affected...
Eleni : I wonder how many village the Algae have already passed, like this one.
Eleni : ...she was crying.
Andreas Appolodorus: Poor girl.
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Eleni : ...oh, dear;
Telemachus : that is a big damn bear
Telemachus : bears!
Telemachus : all the bears
Leonidas : unfriendly centaurs up the trail
Telemachus : we could make some rugs.
Eleni : They are hiding behind their victims..
Telemachus : could be
Eleni : ...then I would suggest we chase them before they make any more.
Zokos : Spiders!!
Eleni: Item destroyed. The electrifier has been charged.
Telemachus : Thanks.
Eleni: Item charged
Telemachus : *pokes cocoon*
Zokos : The child was certainly correct, these woods are dangerous
Telemachus : *cuts it open*
Telemachus : There's something alive in here!
Eleni : ?
Telemachus : It's one of the villagers
Zokos : A survivor?
Telemachus : Zokos we're going to need your help here I thjink
Zokos : Checks the villagers wounds.
Eleni : Do you... *wince*
Frightened Villager : Ahhhh!
Zokos : Elani, there is nothing physically wrong with her. Could it be a curse?
Eleni : ...Something affecting her mind, maybe.
Eleni : *Tries to use a spell of mind blank on the woman*
Frightened Villager: *blinks* That... that ... better....
Frightened Villager: Who... who are you?
Eleni : ...it will only last a while, I'm afraid.
Frightened Villager: Please... the village... did you come from the village?
Eleni : Names don't matter. We've come to hunt down the creatures responsible for this sickness.
Eleni : We... passed through there, yes.
Frightened Villager: Not... disease?
Frightened Villager: Did you see... a child? A small girl.
Zokos : I could attempt to cure curses, but I hate to call blessings blind. I wish we could be more certain what is wrong with her.
Eleni : We did.
Frightened Villager: Please... take her away from here. Tell her... tell her I love her. *crying*
Eleni : *Shakes her head* We will end this. And then you can tell her yourself.
Frightened Villager: The pain... it is unbearable. The others... they couldn't stand it.
Zokos : We will save you both!
Frightened Villager: But you said... the magic... temporary...
Frightened Villager: The pain will come back...
Zokos : It may, but we will help you until it is gone permenently.
Eleni : Please. Hold on for just a little bit more.
Frightened Villager: *nods* All right. I... I will trust you. What should I do?
Eleni : For your daughter.
Eleni : Get out of the woods. It's not safe here. I... don't know if it's safe for you to be around Adelpha right now, but she's hiding in the common house.
Frightened Villager: I will go back there, but I won't go inside. Please, hurry!
Eleni : We will.
Eleni : Let's keep moving.
Telemachus : that's the way we came
Zokos : Let's continue to the East, that is where the largest bears were lurking
Eleni : Leo mentioned... centaurs?
Telemachus : there was a path further into the woods ahead.
Centaur Stalker : Enemies!
Leonidas : indeed
Telemachus : uh oh
Zokos : Attack!
Zokos : Fall back and regroup!
Telemachus : Will you stop shouting?
Telemachus : they really weren't that tough
Zokos : Where is Andreas?
Eleni : I'm.. not sure.
Telemachus : *rolls eyes* probably gotten lost
Zokos : Sorry Tel, I get alarmed when I can not see everyone in the party at once
Eleni : *Sighs* You'd think we'd be better at sticking together by now.
Zokos : We should have a plan for when we get separated. This is not good.
Eleni : What have we got up ahead?
Zokos : Found him!
Eleni : Well found, Zokos.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah you lost me for a moment.
Telemachus : Told you he'd show up.
Zokos : ** smiles at Eleni **
Eleni : I suggest we don't leave our prey waiting.
Zokos : We should search the area carefully
Eleni : Another great tree..
Eleni : Be careful. Might be another dryad's.
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Eleni : Ow.
Andreas Appolodorus: What a disaster.
Eleni : Thanks.
Telemachus : what?
Lazyzeus : ooc The large tree-house's AT is busted, let me know when you want to transition.
Eleni : There's... got to be something in here.
Leonidas : *sneaks in*
Lazyzeus : Only the large structure has anything interesting inside.
Telemachus : *goes in*
Lupe : Why do you struggle, mortals?
Eleni : *Enters after*
Zokos : *follows*
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's go * enter
Achos : Pain is the way of all things.
Ania : The way of life.
Eleni : Oh, shut your self-indulgent maws.
Lupe : Do not seek to deny fate.
Telemachus : Hand over the Scion and nobody else gets turned into glue!
Lupe : Embrace... pain...
Zokos : ow
Eleni : Where did the last one go?!
Lupe : Rise, Rise!
Andreas Appolodorus: Look here!
Andreas Appolodorus: * point to staff and wand *
Eleni : First thing's first!
Andreas Appolodorus: Tel!
Eleni : We missed a sister. Are you back with us, Tel?
Leonidas : I can use them if no one else can
Lupe : I will avenge my sisters, mortals! Your pain shall be eternal! All you love and hold dear shall succumb to the embrace of grief!
Andreas Appolodorus: I failed to rescue you but Zokos did.
Telemachus : Oh shut UP
Eleni : She must be up above.
Eleni : ...well?
Lupe : Rise! Rise at my command! Defend me, spirits of the wood!
Lupe : Embrace... pain!
Eleni : Haah...
Eleni : I... think we got them.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Zokos : Is everyone all right? **checks all for wounds**
Eleni : I think so... just... might need to sit down for a bit..
Lazyzeus : Another group of scions has been defeated!
Zokos : ** sits and gives thanks to Poseidon **
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : *Wince* I hope Adelphe and her mother are alright, now...
Eleni : SHall we check on them?
Leonidas : So now what?
Zokos : Let's search this area
Telemachus : *exits the treehouse*
Eleni : There are still missing villagers, I think?
Leonidas : maybe centaurs ate'm?
Eleni : Though I don't know why any would have gone out this far.
Zokos : Tel?
Lazyzeus : You search the centaur settlement, but don't find anything notable, and no captives.
Zokos : Let's be very cautious, I am very fatigued and I believe Eleni is as well.
Eleni : I've still got a bit left in me...
Zokos : I have a bit too, let's just stick together
Eleni : Let's head back to the village, though?
Zokos : Back to the Village then?
Leonidas : sure
Telemachus : invite?
Zokos : This way Andraes
Lazyzeus : The sun is rising as you make your way out of the forest.
Zokos : **calls to group** Here they are!
Eleni : *Smiles* Hello, Adelphe. Madam.
Frightened Villager: The pain, it disappeared a few hours ago.
Frightened Villager: Thank you, thank you so much.
Adelphe: *hold up her wrist with the bracelet* The charm worked.....like a charm! *grins*
Eleni : *Nods* Good to hear it.
Frightened Villager: We haven't seen... *glances back at the front of the building* Anyone else from the village.
Frightened Villager: Is it safe to leave?
Zokos : ** examines the Priestess **
Eleni : It... should be. Safe as it ever was.
Eleni : At least, no more dangerous than staying here alone.
Adelphe: When I grow up I want to be the same as you and save people* Points to Eleni*
Lazyzeus : The spirits of the dead villagers have moved on to a better place, and are not willing to return.
Zokos : It seems that the dead are beyond my aid, I am sorry for your loss.
Eleni : *Smiles* Well. I hope we can save some people together sometime, then.
Zokos : Where will you go? Do you have family or friends near by?
Leonidas : *looks over the dead bodies*
Eleni : Well... we're not sure where this is, but...
Eleni : We have a holding near the city of Argos. A village called Heropolis.
Frightened Villager: Argos! A long way. But if it is your village, then it must be safe!
Eleni : ...a bit of a self-indulgent name, perhaps, but it stuck.
Frightened Villager: It sounds perfect to me. For you truly are heroes. *hugs her daughter*
Eleni : Well, we haven't been able to stop by in a while, but... hopefully soon.
Adelphe: Are there little girls like me there?
Frightened Villager: My name is Helene. We thank you.
Frightened Villager: Adelphe... why don't you wait here until I get some things. Don't go around the building, stay here, okay?
Eleni : Aldephe and Helene. Best of luck on your journey.
Frightened Villager: *returns carrying a heavy satchel*
Eleni : *Deep breath* I suppose we should get moving, as well.
Adelphe: I'll always remember this day, the best and worse of my life!
Frightened Villager: All right. Come on, Adelphe.
Zokos : I think we can give the rest of the villagers the proper rights. Would you mind assisting me Telemachus and Andreas?
Adelphe: *waves goodbye*
Frightened Villager: Thank you again. We will see you once more, perhaps.
Zokos : ** heads off to dig some graves **
Zokos : ** puts his Elemental to work digging graves **
Eleni : *Waves them off* Goodbye!
Telemachus : farewell!
Zokos : ** Calls ** Fairwell Helen!
Lazyzeus : You bury the village dead, and prepare to move on to your next destination...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

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Lazyzeus : All right, so when we left off, you had received intelligence from the goddess Eris about the hiding place of the last Scion. Lethe apparently went to ground in the marshlands of Epirus, but she could not hide from you. But she has had ample time to prepare her defenses, and trickery...

Eleni : What a dismal place to hide..
Kataramene : *pats Pol's arma little on releasing it to take up the sword*
Polytropos : *nods to her a little.*
Polytropos : On the other hand, she IS hiding, which makes her smarter than the rest by default.
Eleni : I think we've already confirmed that.
Eleni : Just by how she managed to bump herself down to the bottom of the list.
Polytropos : Yes, I knooooow, I'm just... saying I understood.
Eleni : ...or off it, rather.
Polytropos : *mutter mumble damn genuis*
Eleni : *Shrugs* Sorry.
Kataramene : *looks around warily*
Eleni : Ah!
Eleni : Something appears to be strangling Andreas!
Kataramene : Plants attacking!
Polytropos : ... how did I get here?
Polytropos : *scratches head*
Polytropos : Could have sworn there was something urgent.
Eleni : ...as far as hostile plantlife goes, that one might be the worst we've encountered yet.
Zokos : Please gather for a blessing before we run off into the swamp
Eleni : The scouts have gone on ahead.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sneaky plant was difficult to see.
Lazyzeus : ooc those who have gotten lost can no longer hear the rest of the party chat, and vice versa.
Kataramene : Better catch them up.
Eleni : *Nod*
Polytropos : Ha! Nice try, snake.
Kataramene : Where are they?
Andreas Appolodorus: Snake?
Kataramene : Pol! Pol!
Kataramene : What?
Zokos : ** whispers **please stick together friends
Lazyzeus : There is no sign of Polytropos or Leonidas as the rest of the group enters the swamp, not even tracks in the mud.
Kataramene : Pol? *worried expression*
Andreas Appolodorus: Where did they go?
Eleni : ...well, that's troubling.
Eleni : I suggest we stick close. Yes?
Andreas Appolodorus: Did they fell in some quicksand hole?
Eleni : Also...
Eleni : Who has the rod?
Kataramene : ... don't say that.
Kataramene : I do.
Eleni : Ah.
Eleni : That... might be why.
Eleni : I imagine they wandred too far from you.
Kataramene : Oh hades.
Kataramene : How can we find them?
Polytropos : Argh!
Andreas Appolodorus: Big frogs.
Eleni : Well, there's one!
Kataramene : Leo! Where's Pol?
Leonidas : No idea
Eleni : Well, he might not be far.
Kataramene : *increasinly anxious*
Eleni : Everyone stay close to Kat. Eris' little gift is keeping us safe.
Zokos : Please stick together, and let us search carefuly
Leonidas : The marsh seems to be confusing though, saw some ruins back that way.
Kataramene : Was this the way you came?
Leonidas : Hmm this is new.
Kataramene : Did you come....
Eleni : ...this is new as in, you didn't come here before, or this wasn't HERE before?
Leonidas : Guess we randomly wander when we follow paths
Eleni : Great.
Leonidas : I came via that path but this is new.
Eleni : Just... great.
Kataramene : *looking around trying not to look worried*
Zokos : please stick together
Eleni : Don't fall behind, Andreas!
Leonidas : snakes and vines
Leonidas : snakes to left vines to right
Kataramene : Try that way then.
Eleni : The vines were pretty bad earlier.
Zokos : Did I hear Pol shout about Snakes?
Kataramene : I .. I don't know. I was slicing the vines.
Eleni : Some ruins over there...
Kataramene : Are these the ones you think you saw before, Leo?
Leonidas : hmm these ruins I visited earlier; there are some flying eyes guarding the center
Kataramene : No sign of Pol here with you?
Zokos : Let's continue exploring, carefully and together.
Leonidas : nope we split up in the previous area.
Zokos : Keep sharp lookout for signs of Pol. Does anyone have skill with tracking?
Leonidas : I do, sorta.
Zokos : Andraes?
Kataramene : That was Pol's job.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello! Where are you?
Eleni : ...oh, Andreas.
Eleni : I told him not to be fall behind...
Zokos : Stop! Let's fall back and find Andreas!
Kataramene : *yes, try to...
Zokos : We can not loose more of our party
Kataramene : Leo! Stay with us.
Zokos : Leo!
Kataramene : Wait for him.
Eleni : ...damn it, Leo.
Andreas Appolodorus: POL is there!
Zokos : Let's get Leo, I see him
Leonidas : What?
Eleni : Andreas!
Kataramene : Just stay together.
Eleni : You're... here. And bleeding. And coming from that direction, for some reason.
Andreas Appolodorus: I did see Pol not sure where he is now.
Eleni : What happened?
Kataramene : I think I know what is happening.
Zokos : Small victories! Now let's find Pol.
Eleni : Saw him how?
Kataramene : She'd cutting our memory in and out. We are moving through places and forgetting we have.
Andreas Appolodorus: That way * point to his right *
Kataramene : You saw him and left him?
Eleni : Ugh. You're probably right.
Kataramene : LEFT him?!
Zokos : Let's go, move together!
Eleni : Leech.
Andreas Appolodorus: I was running from trouble, returned to heal him but found you
Zokos : Leach!
Kataramene : Ugh..
Kataramene : Stay close. Don't wander. Or I'm leaving you.
Zokos : Move as one, we can do this
Kataramene : Where did you see him?
Eleni : It... migt not have actually been around here.
Andreas Appolodorus: It would be behind us now.
Kataramene : Behind?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes, I did not go that far.
Kataramene : Could we have walked past him?
Andreas Appolodorus: No chance.
Kataramene : Let's go back that way.
Zokos : No problem, let's fall back and search
Eleni : This place does not like us staying in one place for too long, it seems...
Kataramene : Fall back, yes.
Leonidas : some shadowy creature up ahead as well.
Eleni : Alright, then.
Zokos : Where are the runes? I thought the Runes were behind us?
Zokos : We've come a different way...
Eleni : *Ngh*
Eleni : The rod might not be perfect...
Eleni : But at least it seems to be keeping us together.
Kataramene : Bloody plants.
Kataramene : *frozen*
Eleni : Not sure what we can do but keep moving. And have Andreas keep an eye out for any place familiar.
Kataramene : Let's try that way. *minor tremor in voice*
Andreas Appolodorus: We seems to be unable to keep our bearing in this place.
Eleni : ...Well. There's snakes.
Zokos : Snakes! Good sign
Eleni : Never thought I'd consider giant snakes a good sign, but yes.
Zokos : search carefully for signs of Pol
Eleni : This central pond seems familiar.
Kataramene : So do the frogs.
Zokos : indeed, I think this is where we started
Zokos : or near there
Andreas Appolodorus: Drop some coins to mark our passage.
Kataramene : *chops a huge K into the tree* Sod coins.
Zokos : Good idea Andreas. Mark our passage.
Leonidas : So, north?
Eleni : ..hm. I don't think that did much for that bite.
Eleni : Ach, every place is starting to look the same.
Kataramene : Recognise anything?
Andreas Appolodorus: We have been here?
Kataramene : I'm askin gyou!
Eleni : Maybe you have.
Eleni : That's... new.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah that one made me weaker.
Eleni : ACk!
Eleni : *Hack, cough*
Eleni : *Spitting out water*
Andreas Appolodorus: Lucky I was next to you.
Eleni : ...your elemental jsut... uugh...
Kataramene : Those things are more trouble than they are worth. *glares*
Zokos : Did it hurt you?
Eleni : It /drowned/ me.
Andreas Appolodorus: That thing always make my clothes wet not to mention trying to drown us all.
Zokos : humm...
Andreas Appolodorus: What is it you wish?
Kataramene : You know what, I think we should just walk backwards and forwards down the same path until Andreas recognises it.
Andreas Appolodorus: If I see a big circle K I should know.
Kataramene : Because somehing is turning us around and I'm not playing their game.
Kataramene : *looks around* Anyone recognise the path?
Andreas Appolodorus: I think Pol was near some ruins the same type where I found you.
Kataramene : Zokos....
Kataramene : He's left behind.
Eleni : ...oh, gods.
Kataramene : Dammit.
Eleni : We'll wander here forever at this rate.
Eleni : Ah!
Zokos : hello all
Eleni : Come back, Kat!
Andreas Appolodorus: I think that is the idea to split us up.
Eleni : ...or don't.
Kataramene : .... where are you?
Kataramene : There rest....
Eleni : There we are.
Zokos : I wandered a little way and saw Pol in the distance!
Andreas Appolodorus: Well.
Kataramene : What! Back!
Eleni : Over here?
Zokos : I lost you all, turned around to find you, then lost where he was
Zokos : Let's all stick together
Andreas Appolodorus: Same thing happened to me.
Leonidas : Good idea
Eleni : ...I don't think this is the same place.
Zokos : ** calls ** I found him! Where di you all go?
Zokos : You were right here...
Eleni : ...did we lose Zokos?
Zokos : ** sigh **
Kataramene : *swears* Back again.
Zokos : ** shouts ** I found Pol!
Andreas Appolodorus: It's just me with you girls.
Eleni : Back and forth and back and forth....
Eleni : This is ow Sisyphus must feel.
Eleni : Zokos! Are you around here?
Andreas Appolodorus: Pol was somewhere here.
Eleni : ...no?
Kataramene : Recognise this, Andreas?
Eleni : Oh, gods. Well, let's have a look around, then.
Leonidas : more eyes
Andreas Appolodorus: And they are creatures
Andreas Appolodorus: Kat!
Andreas Appolodorus: Fall back
Kataramene : *sets solid*
Eleni : *Has a res scroll on her*
Andreas Appolodorus: Eleni is down!
Kataramene : *shakes her head, confused*
Eleni : Ugh..
Polytropos : Gwa?
Kataramene : Everything went black.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey glad to see you alive.
Eleni : For me, too.
Polytropos : Move! The plants-
Eleni : Likewise.
Kataramene : Where's leo?
Eleni : And Zokos?
Kataramene : This way, quick.
Kataramene : Pol!
Kataramene : Get off him!
Polytropos : it's you!
Eleni : ....I think what she means to say is, she's happy to see you.
Polytropos : *there's a big hug!*
Zokos : Hello!
Kataramene : *gets one back*
Polytropos : Talk about your last-second rescues!
Zokos : Wow, I am glad to see all of you!!
Eleni : ...we even managed not to lose Leo.
Kataramene : A big floating eye did something to me, and then I don't remember anything until ... well running again.
Eleni : We can focus on finding Letho now, at least.
Polytropos : There's something weird about this swamp, but I think you've all noticed by now.
Zokos : I am rather tired, should we explore more or rest perhaps?
Eleni : Pol, the rod Eris gave us keeps us together. So stick close to Kat.
Andreas Appolodorus: Rest? Is it safe?
Eleni : I'm... not sure.
Kataramene : I'd say not.
Andreas Appolodorus: Zokos can you rebuild my strength?
Kataramene : Did you find anything, Pol?
Polytropos : Nothing but snakes, weeds and floating eyes.
Eleni : We found the mommy eye.
Zokos : I believe so Andreas...
Eleni : She was pretty mean.
Polytropos : There's those old ruins over there, but I didn't get a chance to see it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah this is great.
Kataramene : We really need to be careful where we go. Keep marking signs on trees and things.
Zokos : Great!
Eleni : Hm. Yes.
Eleni : What direction for now, though?
Kataramene : Mark every where we go if we find nothing, and keep walking. She'll get tired before I will, this is personal now.
Kataramene : Ruins makes sense.
Polytropos : We can at least defend that a bit better than... uh, nothing.
Andreas Appolodorus: Look for an entrance or something.
Zokos : Forward together!
Polytropos : Never thought I'd be happy at getting an eye scream.
Kataramene : It's quite chilling.
Polytropos : You want to settle here?
Eleni : Better than out in the open, I suppose.
Andreas Appolodorus: May be this was a palace once.
Kataramene : I get a feeling we are more likely to get wearier resting than recover. This is a dangerous place.
Eleni : Or at least, a very nice manor..
Polytropos : As long as we don't go out of sight of one another, I think we'll mostly be alright. We need to think, clear the head.
Zokos : It is your call Kat, I can go on a bit further, but I am drained
Kataramene : We get attacked if we stand still too long,. let alone make camp.
Polytropos : Besides, I was almost eaten by vines.
Polytropos : Yeah, we might be attacked. But at least IT will be blundering into US.
Kataramene : A corner then, and we'll need to eat in shifts.
Zokos : I have a staff that will help us some. Stay together and stay safe.
Polytropos : Will do...
Eleni : We ARE sort of relying on Zokos to keep us standing, so..
Polytropos : *cooks up some ambrosia*
Eleni : ...did I hear something?
Zokos : Alarm!!
Kataramene : *stands watch, anxiously, unable to rest*
Kataramene : Told you.
Zokos : Stay close for blessings please!
Polytropos : I really can't tell what time it is any more.
Eleni : Does it matter?
Kataramene : No idea how long we've been moving.
Lazyzeus : You remain in your camp throughout the night, to just before dawn.
Eleni : *Sighs* I know. But this /should/ be the last...
Eleni : *Makes a mark on the stone*
Kataramene : We're sure there's nothing nearby where she could be sheltering? If not we can move together down a path.
Eleni : I didn't see anything around, no.
Zokos : Ready!
Kataramene : Quarter the vicinty as a group, then.
Kataramene : I hate this place already.
Andreas Appolodorus: If you cannot find your enemy... Let your enemy find you.
Polytropos : *looks at the ground, puzzled.*
Kataramene : What's the matter?
Zokos : What do you see Pol
Polytropos : We should have left footprints.
Eleni : I think Lethe would be perfectly pleased with never finding us at all.
Polytropos : But I'm not seeing any from yesterday.
Kataramene : Would they fill in this wet?
Zokos : I'm guessing it some of Lethe's magic
Kataramene : *paces around seemingly counting&
Polytropos : Do you have some cleverness in mind?
Kataramene : I'm sure she has a method, most things do, and I'm trying to work it out.
Eleni : I've yet to notice a real pattern.
Kataramene : Right, that's a Hectare. *scratches another mark on a tree*
Kataramene : If there's one I'm going to find it.
Polytropos : How often have you tried to backtrack?
Kataramene : Ready to move down the path?
Leonidas : several times; random each time
Eleni : Usually, we wind up in a different place from where we'd just been.
Zokos : Many times, I can not keep straight where we've come from
Polytropos : Yes... yes.
Kataramene : Let's go.
Zokos : The only point of reference that makes sense is eaachotehr
Polytropos : ... that's new.
Eleni : Och, these things.
Eleni : Not sure WHAT they are.
Kataramene : We saw one before.
Eleni : This ruin looks familiar...
Kataramene : Quarter this open area.
Kataramene : Stay together!
Kataramene : Stop wandering Leo.
Polytropos : This is going to sound odd. But have tou tried deliberately walking backwards every five minutes or so?
Eleni : ...why every five minutes?
Zokos : Is this a different runes?
Polytropos : Random number.
Polytropos : Any number'll do
Kataramene : That's why we stay together.
Kataramene : We check out this location then we go back the way we just came.
Eleni : Better than no plan, I suppose.
Zokos : HOLD! Poly?
Zokos : We are split up again...
Kataramene : Either that or we always head in the same.....
Polytropos : I'm right here!
Kataramene : ... direction.
Zokos : Sorry Pol, I couldn't see you for a minute and was disoriented...
Eleni : Going to need a nice, long bath after this one..
Kataramene : Right. So.
Polytropos : ... hang on a minute.
Eleni : Hm?
Kataramene : Back the way we came or keep heading straight on?
Polytropos : FRIENDS!
Polytropos : OVER HERE!
Eleni : ...yes?
Polytropos : How often have we seen ruins like this?
Eleni : Numerous times.
Polytropos : Call it a hunch
Polytropos : But I think we should follow...
Polytropos : ... the door.
Kataramene : Good idea.
Zokos : I like it!
Eleni : ...it's a direction.
Eleni : Ah, look.
Kataramene : This is where...
Eleni : This is where we killed the gaint eye.
Eleni : Speaking of.. hm.
Polytropos : What 'giant eye'?
Eleni : *Points to enormous giant eye corpse that is totally right over there*
Zokos : ...I don't remember killing a giant ey
Kataramene : Four doors.
Andreas Appolodorus: Statue!
Kataramene : You were on to something.
Polytropos : That's a big scary statue.
Polytropos : I was onto something, but there's doors in all ways here.
Eleni : Maybe that just means this is the 'middle'?
Zokos : That is quite a statue... but I don't remember seeing it before
Leonidas : *examines*
Kataramene : It was where we saw the really big eye.
Eleni : Yes. Look at this.
Eleni : It should be able to unweave some very complex magic.
Eleni : But someone else might want to carry it. I can do such things on my own.
Kataramene : Can you use it to unweave the scion's spell?
Eleni : Doubtful.
Eleni : We would have to find the source of the thing.
Eleni : Which is probably her.
Zokos : Perpahs we go the direction the statue is facing?
Polytropos : *looks the way the statue's pointing.*
Polytropos : Works for me.
Leonidas : The marsh seems to be erasing any signs of our passage; the bodies of the creatures we dispatched are all slowly disappearing.
Eleni : That is where we just came from. But of course it would be...
Polytropos : I mean, it's the way we came, but how does that mean anything...
Kataramene : *hacks a mark again*
Zokos : Are you sure it is the same way? It looks different....
Kataramene : Back the way we came.
Polytropos : Because we're walking backwards
Eleni : This... might be new?
Zokos : thjis is definitely different
Polytropos : ... oh my.
Eleni : ...okay, THAT.
Eleni : THAT is definitely new
Polytropos : Different, I'll... give it that.
Polytropos : Coming this way!
Leonidas : I came here before there are severa of those things
Zokos : There's a larger on!!
Zokos : one!
Zokos : Look out Eleni!
Andreas Appolodorus: They squill like pigs.
Zokos : Well done friends!
Polytropos : *stab stab* Guuuh!
Eleni : Because just /looking/ disturbing wasn't enough, of course.
Kataramene : Maybe there is something special about these things?
Eleni : They certainly seem like nothing I've ever seen before.
Zokos : Sling stones here, does anyone use a sling?
Zokos : Snakes!!
Polytropos : Blugh.
Eleni : Um, sorry.
Eleni : I wish I had more regular bolts.
Polytropos : That was... like listening to you explain something, but... all at once, not for a long time like usual.
Eleni : Hm. You almost make it sound...
Eleni : Economical.
Polytropos : There is a distinct lack of guiding architecture around here.
Eleni : Yes.
Kataramene : Do we keep going the same way?
Eleni : I suppose we might as well?
Zokos : Perhaps continue the same direction for a while?
Polytropos : All I can see is a weird-looking tree.
Zokos : Walk in a straight line, as muhc as we can.
Polytropos : And that's not much help.
Kataramene : *taps at the tree*
Eleni : The tree's not really... pointing anywhere in particular.
Kataramene : *smacks at the tree with the dispelling stick*
Eleni : Where did these ones come from?
Kataramene : I hit the tree!
Eleni : ..huh.
Zokos : If there are enemies this direction, I think we might continue that direction
Kataramene : No!
Kataramene : Same direction until we are sure the method is useless.
Eleni : Alright..
Zokos : Agreed, I like that
Kataramene : Or we will be walking round in circles forever.
Zokos : We keep turning, and forgetting which way we turn
Leonidas : *shrugs*
Kataramene : We have been here.
Eleni : ...we've gone in a circle, in fact.
Zokos : It doesn't matter, keep straight
Eleni : But this is where we started from.
Polytropos : Awww...
Eleni : Going that way takes us to the eye ruins.
Zokos : Continue straight?
Kataramene : Yes.
Kataramene : Keep together.
Zokos : come friends! do not hesitate, focus on going straight
Kataramene : Check all around.
Zokos : continuing straight ahead
Kataramene : Vine!
Kataramene : Straight on through.
Kataramene : We've been here too.
Eleni : Definitely.
Polytropos : Well, if this is some sort of magic...
Polytropos : Moving in a straight line is the FIRST thing you'ds want to make sure doesn't work.
Kataramene : Maybe this rod can stop it.
Zokos : We have not proven it is NOT working, I do not think we have backtracked yet
Eleni : ...another new thing.
Kataramene : We haven't gone back yet, no.
Zokos : Keep going!
Polytropos : I s'pose I'm just being a pesim stick.
Zokos : It might be working
Kataramene : Yes, we've been here before but not since we tried the straight line.
Kataramene : And what's a pesim stick? Not a brown one?
Eleni : ...I almost asked, but decided not to bother.
Eleni : This is...
Polytropos : You know! A Pesim stick.
Eleni : Where we set camp, yes?
Polytropos : Someone thinkiing things are bad.
Eleni : *Sighs* Pessimistic.
Kataramene : Yes, but not since we started the straight line.
Polytropos : Right, that thing.
Polytropos : Anyone who wants to get chopped in two - say EYE!
Kataramene : Stop running around!
Andreas Appolodorus: Eleni don't stay alone there.
Kataramene : Let's keep going south and see if the pattern breaks.
Zokos : Onward!
Eleni : I'm not!
Kataramene : As a group!
Eleni : Poool!
Eleni : If you stay behind and we lose you all, you KNOW Kat will do horrilble things to you.
Kataramene : *sigh*
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm.
Eleni : Unspeakable things.
Polytropos : Oh believe me, I know.
Eleni : Aaand here we are again.
Eleni : Okay, so... this confirms something, at least.
Leonidas : Now what?
Eleni : By moving in a straight line, we have succsefully gone full circle.
Zokos : Yes
Kataramene : South again, to see if we end up in the same place we did before.
Eleni : I suppose we try the other way?
Eleni : Alright, alright. Testing our hypotheses...
Kataramene : *looks smug*
Zokos : We could try to go in a circle? Go half and turn one way
Eleni : This is right, I think.

Lazyzeus : You press on, trying to uncover the secret of the mysterious swamp...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

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Polytropos : Heylo!
Leonidas : Greetings all
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey I lost the belt again
Polytropos : O_o
Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group was trudging through a seemingly endless swamp...

Zokos : Ahok
Polytropos : Auuugh.
Leonidas : Are we there yet?
Eleni : No.
Eleni : No, we are not.
Kataramene : So... do we go east west?
Zokos : Stay close for blessings pelase
Polytropos : I don't think it'll matter.
Polytropos : East at least heads into the sun.
Eleni : As good a reason as any. I suppose.
Andreas Appolodorus: We go this way, right?
Kataramene : Wc can hope Apollo sees us.
Leonidas : Good reason to go west, let the sun blind our enemies.
Eleni : Though I would have expected to start from the ruins.
Polytropos : Fine! West it is.
Polytropos : And fine, we head back to the ruins.
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is West?
Andreas Appolodorus: This?
Kataramene : Let us examine the ruins again while there.
Eleni : That's south!
Leonidas : *shrugs and follows*
Kataramene : Hold on, are they ...
Kataramene : ... the other way?
Eleni : Are which what?
Andreas Appolodorus: The water is weak.
Kataramene : Those ruins where we saw the eye.
Eleni : Well, we just came from there.
Eleni : From the north.
Eleni : Which means, in this place, that retracing our steps will NOT take us there.
Eleni : Due to logic.
Kataramene : Start there then. I was sure Pol was on to something with that statue.
Kataramene : ... that's true.
Eleni : Surely the fastest way to get there is to keep heading south until we loop back again?
Eleni : Or the surest, anyway.
Kataramene : *pauses and nods*
Polytropos : I say, try north and see what happens.
Kataramene : He also has a point.
Eleni : Whatever we do, we have to stay together.
Andreas Appolodorus: MONSTER!
Kataramene : Ignore it.
Polytropos : Guuuh.
Eleni : They seem to mostly defend their territory...
Kataramene : ....
Polytropos : Aw no.
Eleni : Andreas!
Kataramene : NIW come.,...
Andreas Appolodorus: Not again!
Polytropos : Go, go go, before we lose sight of the others.
Eleni : Ugh, I hope Zokos and Leo didn't go too far ahead.
Zokos : **Calls** Please stick together friends!!
Kataramene : You're the one who stood around untul they spotted you!
Andreas Appolodorus: They spit acid.
Eleni : You don't say.
Kataramene : Oh great, well done.
Eleni : Leo! Zokos!
Eleni : ..oh, gods, not again.
Kataramene : We've lost them.
Zokos : LEO FLEE
Zokos : FOllow me
Eleni : Well. I don't recall this place, at least.
Kataramene : I hope they have the sense to stand still.
Eleni : More of the mosnters.
Andreas Appolodorus: It looks the same everywhere.
Kataramene : I think I recognise a bit over there.
Eleni : Do we just keep heading north?
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah yes same monsters.
Kataramene : Or south and hope to cross paths soon.
Polytropos : ... we could try circling round...
Andreas Appolodorus: * with a sarcastic tone *
Polytropos : Or just heading back the way we came.
Eleni : Which would not take us to the way we just came from.
Kataramene : Let's take a risk on going back.
Polytropos : No, but it might take us to where they ended up.
Andreas Appolodorus: We don't know where is the way we came.
Polytropos : That's the point!
Eleni : About as much chance of that working as anything, I suppose.;
Polytropos : By the gods!
Eleni : Well, what do you know!
Kataramene : A lovely mess!
Polytropos : What party did you start?
Polytropos : Are you two alright?
Leonidas : no trails leading out of this area.
Kataramene : You look a bit green Pol.
Leonidas : I'm just fine.
Eleni : Yes, I think this place is new.
Zokos : I was following Leonidas, then turned around and nobody was following me
Polytropos : I'll be... fine, just... got bit... ... no trails leading out?
Zokos : That's it, I'm following Kat from now on.
Eleni : Hm. We got distracted by some of... these.
Kataramene : And yeah, don't remember this path. No markings.
Leonidas : There's a tower in the southwest corner, reckon that's where we need to head.
Eleni : Must have wandered too far away from Kat.
Andreas Appolodorus: Tower? Good.
Eleni : A tower? That sounds promising, yes.
Polytropos : ... so there is!
Polytropos : How... how did we find this?
Leonidas : more blood leeches
Polytropos : How did you find this?
Eleni : By stumbling about blindly.
Kataramene : By doubling back, perhaps?
Andreas Appolodorus: * look ahead *
Eleni : Tripling back, technically.
Polytropos : 's try and avoid the leeches.
Kataramene : We did suggest that early but ..... oh well.
Zokos : Well this looks promising
Kataramene : Sod....
Polytropos : The air monster had other ideas.
Kataramene : *drips blood*
Kataramene : Gah....
Polytropos : Staunch that!
Kataramene : Can't stop it bleeding.
Polytropos : There, tie that there and hold it.
Zokos : Is that better?
Andreas Appolodorus: Neat.
Kataramene : *holds it* Thank you.
Polytropos : A Marvel.
Eleni : And I thought leeches could scarcely get less pleasant..
Andreas Appolodorus: Would be nice to have someone like in the arena to heal the wounded.
Leonidas : hmm
Polytropos : This bodes no good.
Eleni : Naturally.
Kataramene : Suspicious lights never do.
Polytropos : Can you make the light go away...?
Eleni : As if that would help.
Kataramene : What might be her .... oh, yeah.
Zokos : Is anyone suffering any lasting discomfort from their injuries?
Polytropos : Only a bit, but I can manage.
Leonidas : *watches*
Eleni : ...yes. Not as if there is any way but forwards.
Eleni : *Still, casts a mind blank spell before entering*
Polytropos : Gack!
Eleni : Not entirely sure what they did..
Eleni : *that
Polytropos : Are you alright?
Andreas Appolodorus: This must be tricky.
Kataramene : Augh, feel ... something has gone.
Eleni : Six crystals. Six doors. And an altar.
Polytropos : ... nrgh...
Kataramene : Wait...
Eleni : There's a passage along there, as well.
Kataramene : *looks at the altar and compares the depression to the Eye Stone*
Kataramene : Andreas can you /not/ touch?
Eleni : *Studies the crystals*
Polytropos : ... I don't like the look of that...
Eleni : *...from afar, notably*
Polytropos : *looks down the passage to the green smoke*
Kataramene : Hmm... doesn't look as if it were made for this.
Andreas Appolodorus: I felt electricty from that pillar behind me.
Polytropos : The doors seem safe enough.
Kataramene : Are the light colours significant?
Eleni : They must signify /something/.
Polytropos : I've never known a time when they weren't.
Andreas Appolodorus: Purple? Electricity? You tell me.
Kataramene : Point.
Eleni : Shall we try a door?
Andreas Appolodorus: So?
Polytropos : Acid... lightning... ice... fire... and then there's a yellow and a purple for some reason.
Andreas Appolodorus: Purple is electricity.
Eleni : Light, dark?
Polytropos : Damn, I thought I was onto something there.
Polytropos : Erk!
Kataramene : Do you think it matters that this barrier is also purple?
Eleni : Maybe it just means that Lethe really likes the color purple.
Kataramene : Point also.
Eleni : Can't quite fault her for that. Purple can be quite nice.
Polytropos : Trying a dooor!
Kataramene : Pick a door?
Eleni : Try.
Kataramene : Wait for the psst?
Zokos : There's another passage here
Kataramene : ....
Polytropos : *tries to call back* It's just a passage.
Eleni : ...pol?
Kataramene : Bitch.
Polytropos : Friends?
Lazyzeus : Those in the maze cannot hear nor be heard by those without.
Andreas Appolodorus: Z? The others?
Eleni : ...oh, gods be damned.
Eleni : Not this again.
Kataramene : *stands, thinking*
Polytropos : Ha. Joke's on you, Lethe.
Andreas Appolodorus: Worse, who can heal the others if both of us are stuck here.
Eleni : Looks like it's' just you and me, Leo...
Polytropos : We got through the Labyrinth of Crete. We got through Tartarus.
Leonidas : wonderful
Eleni : At least we can move through this damned place unseen.
Leonidas : some sorta glowing balls light ahead
Andreas Appolodorus: Forward then.
Leonidas : don't look friendly
Eleni : But the way back is... lost to us.
Andreas Appolodorus: Follow me.
Zokos : [Tell] I think you can switch to talk so the rest can't see
Eleni : Let's try and get through without agitating them, then.
Leonidas: ohhh
Kataramene : *presses forward cautiously*
Andreas Appolodorus: There is a door.
Andreas Appolodorus: We run?
Eleni : Useful note!
Eleni : DON'T try to get past those.
Andreas Appolodorus: Fine.
Polytropos : Door no worky that way...
Eleni : Are you trying to get that door open?
Leonidas: yep and done
Kataramene : Damn....
Andreas Appolodorus: I can be invisble for a short time.
Polytropos : Try the walls... no luck... uhoh.
Eleni : ...well. That's not goo.
Kataramene : *sags weakly*
Eleni : Let's... maybe not head this way?
Polytropos : Ya-ha!
Polytropos : Yaha.
Polytropos : ... weird feeling.
Eleni : ..or sneak past her, fine.
Polytropos : Hm.
Kataramene : *sighs*
Polytropos : Just jimmy this open...
Leonidas : lets see what our options are anyways
Eleni : Let's.
Polytropos : I really hope the others are having more luck than I am...
Leonidas : that's the way out I think
Eleni : This is...
Eleni : ...Leo? Are you there?
Polytropos : Thingy with the shield with a thing on it... axe guy...
Polytropos : I miss axe guy.
Leonidas : I havent gone thru
Kataramene : Right, so stay here and hope someone comes or move on....
Eleni : *Sighs*
Eleni : Maybe best if I just wait here...
Polytropos : Oh dear.
Kataramene : ...hnnn.
Eleni : Ah. There you are.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah we are back.
Zokos : We escaped a maze!
Eleni : No sign of Pol or Kat?
Kataramene : Jammed....
Leonidas : I tried for a chest but the goddess saw me and charged, so I fled.
Kataramene : That takes care of that.
Eleni : ...wise, except for the first part.
Kataramene : Medios? What are you doing here?
Leonidas : I suspect we need what's in the chest though.
Eleni : I'm guessing if we don't have Kat's staff, we won't be able to stick together at all.
Andreas Appolodorus: Chest? Where?
Eleni : There was a chest. In a room that had a phantasm of Achlys in it.
Andreas Appolodorus: So, wait here?
Eleni : We decided not to engage.
Polytropos : *listens...*
Andreas Appolodorus: Zokos and I killed some creatures.
Zokos : Who are we missing?
Eleni : If they take too long, maybe we can try something else, but...
Leonidas : It seems you randomly are sent somewhere when you pass the door.
Eleni : What did you two encoutner?
Leonidas : My guess would be something we met and fought in the past.
Andreas Appolodorus: Really big boar. Lights and some flying creatures spitting arrows at us.
Zokos: We found wisps, a giant boar, and a giant bird
Kataramene : Medios?
Eleni : Yes. Or several somethings.
Eleni : Maybe six whole somethings.
Polytropos : ... hero.
Eleni : Me and Leo found some of the same whisps. Unlocked a side door. That was where we found Achlys and the chest.
Leonidas : Did score a couple of nice traps off the doors at least.
Eleni : A door beyond that, which led ack here.
Polytropos : Alright, just don't die from some horrible device.
Kataramene : What the....
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes I did dodge some traps.
Zokos: Andreas and I found a number of locked doors, which Andreas promptly smashed to bits.
Polytropos : *frown.*
Leonidas : Well that is one way *smiles*
Eleni : I think I prefered our way.
Polytropos : ... hm...
Zokos: Perhaps the crystals are keys that tune the doors?
Eleni : I am wondering if I could keep us together in the labyrinth with some warding spells.
Leonidas : Indeed, less dangerous and more profitable
Andreas Appolodorus: But I was concerned that nobody was with you to heal the wounded.
Eleni : I assume that, without the right protection, the doors simply lead you to random corridors.
Polytropos : ... hm!
Leonidas : I have several healing wands a few healing spells.
Eleni : Me and Leo were fine. We could mostly just dodge anything trying to kill us.
Kataramene : Right you bastard.
Andreas Appolodorus: You mean you could hide from creatures?
Leonidas : Right, why fight what you can wander by?
Zokos: So Kat and Pol are separate?
Polytropos : ... it's you!
Eleni : Not any more.
Polytropos : Where's Kat now?
Eleni : Pol! That's..
Eleni : What I was going to ask you.
Polytropos : She wasn't with me, at all...
Eleni : Damn it.
Eleni : She's got the staff!
Polytropos : *bites lower lip.*
Eleni : What did you find in the labyrinth?
Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : Um...
Zokos: Has anyone tried "using" the crystals?
Polytropos : I found some spirits. I beat them.
Kataramene : If I get back here you are so dead.
Andreas Appolodorus: What? Where is Kat? Not with you?
Polytropos : Then I met the high priestess of Hera and her friend, and I beat them.
Zokos : Kat?
Eleni : You did?
Polytropos : Then I found this in a box, and then I came here.
Eleni : Hm.
Polytropos : Well... yeah, I am a hero...
Eleni : Let's try this..
Eleni : Leo and I found Achlys.
Polytropos : Guh!
Eleni : We decided not to try that one on our own.
Leonidas : Indeed
Polytropos : I hope Kat's alright.
Eleni : Ack!
Polytropos : She's bound to fight whatever-
Eleni : Okay!
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey.
Kataramene : *stares at the door*
Eleni : Not a good idea, apparently.
Eleni : Ow. Ow.
Leonidas : No kidding!
Polytropos : Erk.
Leonidas : *laughs*
Eleni : Ngh. Well.
Eleni : It was worth a try.
Kataramene : *slumps against the wall*
Eleni : It fits the depression in the pedestal, but...
Eleni : Who knows what that even means.
Leonidas : Did everyone go through the same door when they left this hall?
Eleni : I think so.
Kataramene : ... lifts head.
Eleni : Only one door is open.
Zokos : Yes
Polytropos : *takes the diamond again, frowning.*
Kataramene : Is that you?
Eleni : But we wound up in at least four different places, so... Kat?
Polytropos : Back off a bit there, Zokos.
Eleni : Kat!
Polytropos : You might- KAT!
Eleni : You made it through.
Leonidas : speaking of the devil
Kataramene : Bloody Medios.
Eleni : /Medios/ was what you saw?
Polytropos : ... you fought Medios.
Eleni : ...really?
Kataramene : I ... bloody Medios.
Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : You won?
Kataramene : Kind of weakened by some ghost thing.
Zokos : Together again!
Eleni : Me and Leo found Achlys. You got off easy.
Zokos : You feel weak Kat?
Kataramene : *glare* I don't think it was Medios, I think it looked like him but wasn't.
Leonidas : Hmm
Eleni : No, they're surely phantasms. Or memories. More of Lethe's tricks.
Kataramene : *doesn't answer Pol*
Polytropos : We're facing the faces of the past!
Eleni : But they might still hold the key to getting through this place.
Polytropos : I found this, look.
Eleni : Pol came across the priestess of Hera, and I think Andreas and Zokos found some of the beasts we hunted during the Labors.
Leonidas : I'm pretty sure there are chests in each of the six doors and we'll have to recover them all to progress.
Eleni : All challenges from the past. In one way or another.
Kataramene : There was a big stone chest, yes.
Kataramene : Does that go in the altar?
Polytropos : Ssssort of.
Polytropos : It went Zap.
Kataramene : So /something/ happened?
Polytropos : Let me try it again. Hang on.
Eleni : It rather hurt.
Polytropos : *ducks*
Eleni : Hm. So if that was Medios..
Polytropos : ... it's not as bad if you know it's coming!
Zokos : Nice duck there Poly!
Eleni : Perhaps we're meant to insert them chronologically?
Andreas Appolodorus: So it seems.
Polytropos : Thank you. *dusts himself off. Yeahhh.*
Kataramene : Thing is, how do we stay together?
Leonidas : Or maybe the faces from the past assumed by something completely different.
Eleni : Does the staff not work any more?
Andreas Appolodorus: Use a rope?
Leonidas : Join hands?
Kataramene : I was holding it, we still split up.
Polytropos : Oh well. *takes the diamond back*
Eleni : Holding on to each other might be worth trying, I suppose.
Leonidas : Might need to insert all of the parts together at one time.
Eleni : But I suspect we'll just vanish.
Zokos : Maybe if we each go into a different door
Zokos : 6 people, 6 doors
Polytropos : That's so crazy it just might work.
Eleni : ...we'd end up in the same place?
Eleni : There's seven of us, though.
Zokos : *shrugs*
Eleni : ..or would be.
Eleni : If Tel were here.
Andreas Appolodorus: Is that not suicidal?
Polytropos : Well, going through the same one didn't work.
Kataramene : I walked in right after Pol, and still went elsewhere.
Polytropos : How can going through different ones be worse?
Eleni : It's hard for it to be /worse/, true.
Zokos : I walked in right after Kat and ended up by myself. Andreas showed up later.
Polytropos : Regardless. We must go on.
Eleni : I wound up with Leo. Lucky me.
Eleni : We can't just stand here, true.
Leonidas : *smiles*
Kataramene : *looks at Pol*
Polytropos : Guh!#
Kataramene : Take a door each.
Polytropos : *avoids another lightning zap.*
Zokos : Ready
Polytropos : May the Gods that don't hate us be with us.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah, a door each.
Andreas Appolodorus: Same result.
Eleni : ...very strange.
Leonidas : howdy partner
Andreas Appolodorus: shh
Leonidas : Seems fate wishes us to stay together.
Kataramene : *sighs, slumps a little further and then moves on*
Eleni : Please don't try to affect a Spartan accent. It is disturbing.
Andreas Appolodorus: The lights.
Eleni : What are the odds we would wind up together again..?
Andreas Appolodorus: I can destroy them.
Eleni : ...Medios. Really?
Andreas Appolodorus: Did we come here?
Polytropos : Ow ow ow
Polytropos : ... another door with a device attached.
Polytropos : What can this meeeean?
Eleni : I take it that chest was empty?
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah let me kill taht one
Polytropos : ... oh.
Polytropos : *looks down at himself.*
Polytropos : I suppose you want your armour back, huh?
Leonidas : the trap was well beyond me on that one and very dangerous
Polytropos : It looks better on me.
Eleni : ...and of course.
Eleni : Guess who I ended up with again?
Andreas Appolodorus: Whoo's there?
Leonidas : You lucky lady you.
Eleni : Yes. Truly, I am blessed.
Polytropos : You're... better than I remember...
Eleni : What are you two running around for...?
Zokos : Hold sitll Andreas
Leonidas : Face it, we are destined for each other.
Eleni : ...did he hit himself on the head?
Leonidas : *laughs*
Zokos : He was struck blind and deaf by Achyles
Eleni : Oh. Did you two...?
Andreas Appolodorus: So was I.
Leonidas : AH
Zokos : I've been chasing him around trying to cure him ever sense =)
Leonidas : Hmm
Zokos : Andreas and I found Achyles
Eleni : What about Achlys? And whatever was in the room with her?
Andreas Appolodorus: Didn't I kill that witch before?
Polytropos : I have your measure now, past-ghost.
Leonidas : *shrugs* she got the better of you this time around it seems.
Zokos : Well splitting up was a resounding success! Where's Kat?
Andreas Appolodorus: There was a chest there.
Eleni : No sign of her. Or Pol.
Eleni : You ran away without opening it, then?
Zokos : Perhaps we should go in another door?
Leonidas : Indeed, I believe there to be a chest in each area.
Zokos : Keep going in until we find each other? If it is random...
Polytropos : ... glurk
Andreas Appolodorus: I only got out of there because I could neither see nor fight.
Leonidas : I think it's not so random.
Zokos : not random? How so?
Andreas Appolodorus: Even less find some chest probably locked and trapped.
Polytropos : Bless you, Panacea.
Leonidas : We had two pairs the same didn't we?
Polytropos : ... ow ow ow.
Eleni : Yse. /That/ Doesn't seem random.
Leonidas : That odds of that happening are rather slim.
Zokos : I'm concerned about Kat and Pol, we should go look for them
Eleni : Gods only know why these two pairs, though.
Andreas Appolodorus: But if we got back at least I can distract the witch and somebody can open the chest.
Eleni : Maybe we should... they ARE out on their own.
Zokos : Leo has a point
Leonidas : One shouldn't question the gods and their wisdom *winks*
Eleni : If we know we'll be in teams, we can at least cover for each other. Gives us a good chance of running away, worst-case.
Eleni : I those two are alone... not so much.
Polytropos : ... hm.
Leonidas : I'm not sure more than a single pair can enter an area at a time.
Andreas Appolodorus: Which way?
Zokos : well then, let's try again!
Polytropos : What about you?
Eleni : I wonder if it even matters which door we use.
Leonidas : I doubt it.
Eleni : We can hope.
Andreas Appolodorus: Here we are.
Zokos: Let's search
Andreas Appolodorus: Grab the diamond.
Polytropos : Ohhkay.
Eleni : ...hello? Anyone?
Eleni : ...great.
Polytropos : Harps opine...?
Polytropos : What... oh no.
Polytropos : Look out! He's deadly!
Polytropos : I beat him once already but he came back for you.
Polytropos : How did you get here?
Zokos: We are together!
Andreas Appolodorus: You got the diamond?
Polytropos : I do.
Polytropos : I found nothing in this place, though, nought but a message. So far.
Polytropos : There it is, indeed.
Andreas Appolodorus: What is this?
Polytropos : 'Harps opine'.
Zokos : What message?
Andreas Appolodorus: Riddle?
Polytropos : I don't know, I was wondering if Leo could give the room a tune.
Polytropos : ... though he's...
Polytropos : ... disappeared...
Zokos : **Calls** Leo, what do you make of this message?
Leonidas : *shrugs* No idea
Eleni : ...Kat?
Eleni : Oh, gods, Kat.
Polytropos : Could you play us a tune?
Kataramene : *flat out on the floor*
Polytropos : I mean, no reason not to do what it says.
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Andreas Appolodorus: Then?
Polytropos : Well, worth a try.
Andreas Appolodorus: Play at the pillars? The altar? Where?
Leonidas : Indeed
Eleni : Can you hear me...?
Kataramene : *blinks a few times and starts* Three of them... where?
Zokos : Let's get back and find Kat and Eleni
Eleni : Ah - it's alright.
Eleni : Nothing else here, I think..
Polytropos : Damn fine idea.
Polytropos : ... but... not here...?
Zokos : I've tried three of the six doors, I think this one looks like it's next
Eleni : What heppened to you...?
Kataramene : *scrabbles up then stumbles* It went black, and there was light again. It looked nice .. but I hesitated. What happened?
Polytropos : How did you all manage to appear in the same place?
Zokos : all ready? let's find the ladies
Polytropos : Wait, tha-
Polytropos : ... 'course.
Eleni : *Nods to Andreas*
Kataramene : Someone shot at me, and I got them, but then ...
Kataramene : Some bloke.
Kataramene : Andreas...
Eleni : Someone you didn't recognize?
Kataramene : No idea who it was.
Eleni : I came across Silenius. Well. Sileniuses. There were two of them, for some reason, but I just snuck past.
Andreas Appolodorus: Don't worry I am here. You are safe now.
Kataramene : Close by?
Eleni : I'm sure we can do this with the three of us.
Kataramene : And thank you.
Andreas Appolodorus: Let's go kill something.
Andreas Appolodorus: See.
Eleni : That was Draco, I think. The bandit warlord.
Eleni : But again, no chest...
Andreas Appolodorus: Another scripture.
Eleni : There wasn't one for Silenius, either. Just a scrawl, like here.
Eleni : Ader Omen.
Andreas Appolodorus: What does it mean?
Eleni : I... have no idea.
Eleni : The words with Silenius were...
Eleni : ..which is even stranger, if anything.
Kataramene : Whatever.
Andreas Appolodorus: No these must be letters in the wrong order, no?
Eleni : Well, we won't solve it standing here, at any rate.Let's try and see the rest of this place.
Polytropos : ... what a time to be out of arrows.
Polytropos : One;
Andreas Appolodorus: What now?
Eleni : Onwards.
Kataramene : Corridor.
Polytropos : Ares guide my blade!
Eleni : ...and back out again.
Polytropos : Athena, be my shield!
Kataramene : Pol...
Eleni : You were the only one who didn't show up, earlier...
Leonidas : hmph
Leonidas : pest
Kataramene : I .. think I might have been there a while.
Eleni : Well, you and Pol I mean.
Eleni : We decided to go look for you.
Eleni : But it looks like the others haven't shown up yet.
Andreas Appolodorus: Now what? You stat here I go look for the others?
Kataramene : No ....
Polytropos : This is getting rougher.
Kataramene : Do we follow?
Polytropos : *hope*
Eleni : I don't know....
Eleni : I was actually that, well. I can move through these chambers pretty fast and unhindered.
Eleni : Oh. Leo.
Polytropos : ... *sigh*
Leonidas : Hi all
Eleni : I found Kat.
Leonidas : So I see
Kataramene : Have you seen Pol?
Polytropos : Zeus, watch over me.
Leonidas : Nope, I was alone the last couple of times.
Polytropos : What the
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah ah
Eleni : Um, I think Andreas went and wandered off on his own....
Eleni : *Sighs* What did you two find?
Polytropos : ... how... how is that fair?
Eleni : We have to collate our data, at least.
Kataramene : You mean the words?
Eleni : And whatever else we find, yes.
Zokos: I found a Warrior Priest and fought him, and a large room with a strange pillar in the middle
Eleni : There were two phrases written on the walls and floors, that I've seen.
Zokos: No chests though
Kataramene : I want to look for Pol.
Eleni : Bad Onion Is and Alder Omen.
Zokos: Let's go look then
Eleni : Yes, but... we'll only get seperated again.
Zokos: I have two more doors to try
Andreas Appolodorus: Hello
Eleni : And I'm pretty sure these phantasms don't stay gone.
Zokos: Hello Andreas!
Eleni : We saw Medios again.
Leonidas : Probably, I've been through one area three times with different doors.
Andreas Appolodorus: Big beastman
Polytropos : *dives in*
Eleni : Um. Hi, Pol.
Kataramene : Pol!
Polytropos : ... by Hades, they keep coming back after they're beaten.
Eleni : Yes...
Kataramene : *clumsy holding weapons hug*
Polytropos : *hugs Kat, relieved*
Eleni : We need to come up with a method, here.
Polytropos : It was the Immortal King!
Andreas Appolodorus: How about the diamonds? How many we got?
Andreas Appolodorus: And the riddles?
Kataramene : There were no diamonds where we were.
Polytropos : But I beat him, and claimed a giant yellow gem.
Kataramene : White and yellow. Maybe the colours mean something.
Eleni : I suppose they must.
Polytropos : *puts it beside the other one.*
Eleni : Anyone else find any other phrases?
Polytropos : Phrases? Um...
Polytropos : 'Harps Opine'?
Andreas Appolodorus: Alder Omen?
Kataramene : Wait... those words.
Kataramene : Bad omen is, you said. Does that spell ... no.
Kataramene : No, it doesn't.
Eleni : Not bad omen.
Eleni : Bad onion.
Eleni : ...like I said, I have no idea.
Polytropos : *scratches head*
Kataramene : *closes her eyes and looks resigned* We have to go back through.
Andreas Appolodorus: Go then.
Zokos : I searched the last area I was in carefully, and I found no gems or chests.
Polytropos : 'Alder omen' almost spells emerald if you mix it up.
Eleni : Well, how many chambers have we seen...
Polytropos : Harps opine almost spells sapphire.
Eleni : Achlys, Medios, the beasts, the Immortal King, Draco, Silenius....
Eleni : What else?
Kataramene : Harps opine is another one?
Zokos : I found a Warrior Priest
Polytropos : ... yes. Yes, we saw that one.
Eleni : And the Priestess of Hera, as well.
Zokos : We fought, and I defeated him
Kataramene : I think we might need 6 stones and six phrases.
Eleni : So that's at least eight distinct ones?
Kataramene : Bad onion is is close to diamonds.
Polytropos : Ohhh
Eleni : Perhaps we need to tie the phrases to the gems, then?
Polytropos : Wait a minute.
Polytropos : 'Harps opine' - no sapphire.
Polytropos : 'Alder omen' - no emerald.
Zokos : Did we try putting a g
Eleni : A-ha.
Zokos : I think yuou are onto something there!
Eleni : Is Diamond?
Polytropos : I dunno, there's no M in Bad Onion Is.
Eleni : No, there's not. And a B doesn't fit.
Polytropos : But we saw what the diamond did. Zap.
Kataramene : Take an no out of it.
Kataramene : *cough* A no.
Kataramene : Bad oinis?
Eleni : No Obsidian? Does that work?
Polytropos : um...
Kataramene : It does.
Polytropos : Aaaah...
Polytropos : ... can I try the topaz?
Polytropos : Has anyone found a message with a Zeta in it?
Eleni : No, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.
Zokos : I've found no messages
Eleni : If you're willign to try it, though...
Polytropos : I'm all excited now.
Zokos : heh
Zokos : **takes cover**
Polytropos : *deep breath*
Polytropos : Gah!
Eleni : ...can we assume no Topaz?
Polytropos : Aw.
Kataramene : Whatever it is, we have to go through again.
Eleni : Looks like it.
Polytropos : Soooo
Polytropos : No blue, no green, no black, no white, no yellow...
Zokos : I only have 2 doors left
Polytropos : What's left?
Zokos : Ruby
Polytropos : Right.
Eleni : Ruby, yes.
Polytropos : Let's find us a red stone.
Zokos : Amythist
Leonidas : Anyone brave the trapped chest Medios was guarding?
Polytropos : Or that. Don't confuse us, man.
Eleni : Anything new is /something/.
Kataramene : *stays quiet*
Eleni : Let's hope we stick together....
Polytropos : I love you.
Kataramene : *another hug*
Eleni : ...hello? Anyone?
Eleni : All by myself again then, hm? Fair enough...
Polytropos : ... looks like a place folks have been.
Polytropos : Ooow.
Leonidas : first time for me
Leonidas : guess that's not out
Polytropos : Damn. Oh well - that satyr's a face I'll not tire of beating.
Kataramene : Wait!
Kataramene : Writing.
Leonidas : You're gonna fight?
Polytropos : 's what I do.
Kataramene : Lonely two.
Andreas Appolodorus: Kat?
Andreas Appolodorus: Left or bright?
Polytropos : ... ready?
Leonidas : yep
Polytropos : Back to the door!
Polytropos : Grrrrr...
Polytropos : ... let's try that again.
Polytropos : Gwarbl?
Polytropos : Ooo, nice shot.
Leonidas : I do try
Polytropos : Keep't up.
Polytropos : Hrm.
Leonidas : So, wait for the others?
Polytropos : I suppose s-
Eleni : Went through a few. Found a sapphire, but that won't help much.
Eleni : Also, hi.
Polytropos : Damn! Any messages?
Eleni : No new ones.
Kataramene : *puff pant*
Kataramene : Lonely two!
Eleni : How about the rest of you?
Polytropos : Found Silenus; bested him; nothing new.
Kataramene : Found writing,
Leonidas : Nope, just lots of monsters
Andreas Appolodorus: Are they getting tougher?
Eleni : What kind of writing?
Kataramene : A red scrawl on the wall.
Kataramene : Lonely Two.
Kataramene : Where's Zokos?
Leonidas : Who knows?
Polytropos : Uh... no twe... no tyle... no yle...
Polytropos : It's dawning on me that I don't know that many gems.
Kataramene : Perhaps it's not a "no" one?
Leonidas : So what do you suppose would happen if we destroyed some of these glowing pillars?
Polytropos : I don't know... I came near one, it went zap.
Leonidas : hmm
Kataramene : It did the same to Andreas. What if you hold the right colour stone and do it?
Polytropos : That's just what I tried.
Kataramene : Bang goes that idea then. I think we still need more.
Polytropos : Zokos!
Eleni : Anything I missed?
Zokos: Hello again all!
Kataramene : Oh god.
Kataramene : Good, I mean good.
Zokos : Has anyone tried touching the crystals with the gems?
Kataramene : We were just saying that.
Polytropos : Y... es, it didn't help... I think. How did you fare?
Eleni : Find anything new?
Zokos : I found two beast men, and some spirits. No gems.
Kataramene : Any writing?
Eleni : I've got a sapphire, and apparently Kat got "Lonely Two".
Zokos : No writing either, none that I saw at least
Eleni : Which is... "Not Yellow", I guess?
Zokos : I found an area that looked like it should have a door, but there was just a wall.
Kataramene : Only thing it could, so not topaz then?
Polytropos : ... I suppose that does fit. Aw.
Eleni : Somebody got lazy and couldn't think of an anagrm with z in it.
Kataramene : But that's no to everything.
Zokos : Red
Polytropos : We've not found anything red.
Zokos : Still need to find a ruby
Zokos : I've tried all 6 doors
Kataramene : *another sigh* So off we go again.
Polytropos : Let's... take a bite to eat, maybe.
Eleni : Into the void..
Leonidas : Anyone loot the chest guarded by Medios yet?
Polytropos : We all look a bit beaten up...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:35 pm

Lazyzeus : You return to the Labyrinth of Memory, with a possible solution in hand... if you can secure the remaining gem.

Zokos: Need invite to group please, if we are doing that
Leonidas : So, now what?
Eleni : Alright, so...
Zokos : Greetings!
Andreas Appolodorus: Shall we rest a little?
Kataramene : We look for the red gem.
Polytropos : We do it all some more. How are we doing for bandages and the like?
Zokos : All the blessings at my disposal...
Eleni : It occurs to me that some of us can move through the labyrinth a lot easier.
Kataramene : Barely any left.
Eleni : I've.... about a dozen more.
Kataramene : *looks at Eleni*
Andreas Appolodorus: Two bandages left.
Eleni : *Hands out a few to Andreas*
Polytropos : You... want to run around unseen til you find it?
Polytropos : *sounds a bit disappointed.*
Kataramene : *holds the rod for a while looking at it* I'm sure I'm missing something with this.
Andreas Appolodorus: All right eight left.
Eleni : That might be one way.
Leonidas : Well is there any memory we haven't slain at least once?
Eleni : Alternatively...
Eleni : If there is a point where you expect significant trouble, you could... wait for me to cirlce around.
Kataramene : Lots of them.
Eleni : Achlys, at the least, no?
Leonidas : She's guarding a chest. Likely a gem in that, no?
Eleni : Almost certainly.
Leonidas : If someone distracted her, I could probably snag it.
Kataramene : We can't do that unless we head out and try to find her.
Andreas Appolodorus: One point is that if we do not have to fight these memories we should avoid confrontation if possible.
Leonidas : *nods*
Andreas Appolodorus: All we need are the riddles and the gems, right?
Polytropos : Just the gem'd do.
Andreas Appolodorus: What are the riddles for?
Eleni : Certainly, but not all of us are particularly good at avoiding detection. And some of these spirits see right through simple invisibility spells, meaning I can't just cloak the rest of you.
Leonidas : Might need the riddle as well somewhere down the way.
Zokos : **Zokos stands from his fervernt prayers and says** So, what's going on?
Polytropos : We're adventuring.
Eleni : Is that what this is?
Kataramene : The riddles just tell us what not to use.
Polytropos : It is now. Could we all hold onto a rope and stay together that way?
Andreas Appolodorus: Perhaps those able to sneak should go while we wait here and pray for their safe return.
Polytropos : ... okay.
Kataramene : *snags at the ribbon she tied to Pol's wrist* Let's see.
Polytropos : Let's do the sneak.
Eleni : We could try the rope, but I'm not hopefully.
Polytropos : *rolls eyes.*
Leonidas : I thought someone tried holding hands already once to no avail.
Polytropos : *smiles.*
Kataramene : *noticably sags a little*
Andreas Appolodorus: I can run faster than any beast so I could come and distract the enmies.
Andreas Appolodorus: * enemies
Kataramene : You're all assuming we will all be in the same place.
Polytropos : ... that's a point, I don't suppose anyone has any spare arrows...?
Leonidas : Speed may do no good if you're bespelled though.
Polytropos : Oh, thank you.
Kataramene : *hands some over*
Eleni : Look, we're all assuming that the gem we need is with Achlys, yes?
Leonidas : seems logical enough to me at least.
Eleni : We can't stick together. But we CAN keep moving until we all end up there.
Polytropos : And thanks, Andreas!
Eleni : Eventually.
Andreas Appolodorus: Take the souvenirs, I wish I had more but no.
Polytropos : Alright, then. Let's try.
Eleni : Alright..
Eleni : Good luck, everyone.
Zokos : So we keep looking until we find Achlys, then we wait for the others to catch up?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Eleni : That almost sounds like a plan, doesn't it?
Kataramene : *holds on to the ribbin tight*
Zokos : Are we all going?
Leonidas : shall we hold hands?
Polytropos : *nods at Kataramene, determined, and heads in.*
Leonidas : *smiles*
Zokos : Avoid confrontation if possible!
Polytropos : *looks at the ribbon*
Polytropos : ... awww.
Eleni : *Glares at Leo for a few seconds then extends her staff*
Kataramene : *disappointed sigh*
Polytropos : *sigh*
Eleni : Hold on to it. Might as well try.
Leonidas : OK, *grabs it*
Eleni : Let's go, then.
Zokos : **holds Eleni's Staff**
Eleni : ...well.
Leonidas : hmm
Andreas Appolodorus: * go after Leo *
Polytropos : ... thaaat's new...
Leonidas : so much for that idea
Kataramene : Okay, this is different. *creeps through slowly*
Polytropos : Heyo, Andreas!
Polytropos : Heh.
Eleni : Kat!
Polytropos : I found a box!
Eleni : It's me. Over here.
Andreas Appolodorus: I have opened the exit.
Kataramene : Aaaand that;s a ....
Polytropos : Nice!
Kataramene : Where?
Eleni : Right in front of you.
Eleni : Magic, and all that.
Kataramene : Right. Wh.... ahh.
Eleni : This is where Achlys was, I think.
Kataramene : I think that's trapped, I can see a wire.
Andreas Appolodorus: Anything to retrieve here?
Eleni : But I came in from the other direction, before.
Kataramene : Do we wait and see if any others find us?
Polytropos : ... it was right here...
Kataramene : I just came that way, yes.
Eleni : That might be wisest.
Andreas Appolodorus: What was?
Polytropos : Ah, here we go...
Eleni : The chest in there is likely trapped as well.
Polytropos : ... aw.
Eleni : So sneaking past her would not necessarily work out.
Andreas Appolodorus: I see.
Polytropos : Just a big ol' bit of black rock.
Kataramene : Magic stuff keeps me pretty safe for opening things and risking it, but we may as well see if others arrive?
Eleni : We can give them some time, yes.
Kataramene : Right.
Kataramene : Like the dress, by the way.
Polytropos : Where's this exit?
Eleni : ...the same one I've been wearing forever, which you can't presently see?
Andreas Appolodorus: This is new.
Kataramene : I know. I just never said and ... there's time for girl talk?
Polytropos : *yells* I came from there, I think!
Polytropos : ... but he came from here?
Polytropos : Weird.
Eleni : *Chuckles* It's an ancient rag I hurriedly tried to fix up, and you know it.
Eleni : Useful, though.
Polytropos : ... hnh.
Kataramene : The cloak lends it an air, I feel.
Eleni : Sadly, there's not many tailors who can manage enchanted fabric properly.
Polytropos : Well...
Polytropos : I suppose we fix ourselves up, and try again.
Andreas Appolodorus: So we got one more gem.
Polytropos : Yes.
Polytropos : But if we read the riddles right, not the one we want...
Eleni : I suppose.there is a certain majest quality to the combination. Still rather stuffy, though.
Polytropos : *clicks tongue.*
Polytropos : 's keep trying.
Kataramene : Stuffy sets a certain aloof style.
Polytropos : If anyone's found Achlys, they're waiting for us.
Andreas Appolodorus: I see, let's go then.
Eleni : Hmmm. I'm not certain if that's what I want to go for.
Polytropos : Good luck!
Eleni : Imperious, yes. Majestic. But not /cold/.
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes?
Kataramene : Well, you've never really shown much interest in anyone... oh, right. I guess I was trying to describe imperious as a style.
Polytropos : Ah! Zokos.
Zokos : We should re enter and look for the others, yes?
Polytropos : That's the plan.
Andreas Appolodorus: Go!
Zokos : Keep going in until we find Achyles
Eleni : Weeeell..
Polytropos : Hello ladies!
Eleni : Apparently, the residents of this labyrinth do not approve of girl talk
Eleni : Alas.
Eleni : Nice timing though!
Polytropos : *hug!*
Kataramene : *enormous hug*
Kataramene : *or as enormous as you can get carrying a shield and s sword....*
Polytropos : This is great! Three of us here in one place!
Polytropos : ... any idea where this is?
Eleni : *Smirks* Yes, though I was about to ask if I should leave to go look for the others if you two wanted a moment
Eleni : This is where Achlys should be.
Polytropos : Nono, nono. There's a time and place, you know-
Polytropos : ... and aHA.
Kataramene : I just thought, "This is new" and then Eleni found me ... so I waited.
Polytropos : You're so smart!
Polytropos : I just hope the others make it. Do we wait for them all to assemble here?
Kataramene : Can wait a little longer if you think it's wise?
Polytropos : ... wondering if there was a trick to the labyrinth we missed, but... no idea here...
Eleni : It seems just as random as ever.
Kataramene : I know, I keep thinking I missed something.
Eleni : We can try to approach Achlys, I suppose. This phantasm is /probably/ rather weaker than the real thing.
Polytropos : "Probably."
Eleni : That being the key word, yes.
Kataramene : Give it a minute or two longer? We're almost half strength and it wouldn't hurt to be sure.
Eleni : We might also be able to snatch it out from under her nose.
Polytropos : I'm a skilled nose-snatcher!
Eleni : Ah, Andreas!
Polytropos : Aha!
Eleni : And now we are four.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey.
Kataramene : He is. I ... oh good!
Leonidas : hold up
Zokos: Hello Leo. Good plan.
Leonidas : backup behind the traps
Eleni : Did you run into any of the others?
Kataramene : I think the door is trapped by the way.
Andreas Appolodorus: Need to kill something or should I say erase a memory?
Kataramene : Fairly certain I can see a wire.
Leonidas : we've got some bad guys up ahead
Polytropos : Let's have a look.
Polytropos : Theeere we go.
Polytropos : I see it too!
Kataramene : Ha! *grins at Andreas*
Leonidas : I'll lure them back across and we can take then beyond the door
Zokos: They don't look too tough, let's take em! Maybe the rest of the party is beyond?
Zokos: ok
Eleni : If we're going in... how are we doing this?
Zokos: I'll wait here
Andreas Appolodorus: Who will grab the prize?
Eleni : Pol is sneakiest, I'm sure.
Eleni : I can cloak us all before we go in.
Eleni : If she spots him, we rush in to help?
Andreas Appolodorus: Pol then, I can make the creatures chase me.
Leonidas : hopefully that's all of them
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is the exit?
Eleni : Past her.
Kataramene : Uh huh.
Polytropos : Alright... give me some room here.
Leonidas : hang on, lets check the other door
Polytropos : *whisper* I don't see anyone.
Eleni : ..Strange.
Polytropos : That creeps me out.
Andreas Appolodorus: Never mind.
Eleni : I'm sure this is the place.
Eleni : And-
Zokos: So bash it?
Polytropos : Guh!
Eleni : ...reas...
Kataramene : I see her!
Leonidas : why?
Zokos: Oh! That worked better.
Kataramene : Get the box!
Zokos: Let's circle around again, this is the wrong place
Andreas Appolodorus: YOU RUN FAST
Eleni : Spirits!
Leonidas : so it seems
Kataramene : Go!
Polytropos : Yes, go go!
Kataramene : *wincing*
Eleni : Andreas went after her!
Polytropos : Then... um, he's hopefully alright?
Polytropos : ANDREAS! WE GOT IT!
Kataramene : Hope he has the sense to come back.
Leonidas : hmm
Leonidas : *pops open some wine*
Leonidas: *Burp*
Polytropos : Ow ow ow.
Kataramene : Bitch. Come on!
Andreas Appolodorus: YOu got her?
Zokos: Leo?
Kataramene : Or.... when the things have gone. *looks at tentacles*
Eleni : Seems so. But it's only a memory.
Kataramene : Yes, I did.
Leonidas : Yeah?
Kataramene : Or maybe it was Pol.
Andreas Appolodorus: So that chest...
Kataramene : Got it already!
Polytropos : We got what we need. I hope.
Zokos: So I take it you didn't find the rest?
Eleni : Doesn't matter. We haev what we came for.
Andreas Appolodorus: What was that?
Leonidas : Nope, I decided to wait here a spell and see if any of them returned.
Kataramene : A red stone.
Zokos: All right
Leonidas : if not I'll venture on
Polytropos : Zokos! Leo!
Eleni : Ah, you're here. Good!
Leonidas : Guess that answers that question
Polytropos : We made it!
Eleni : I suppose there's only one thing to do now...
Polytropos : *shows the ruby they found.*
Zokos : So do we go again?
Zokos : Oh!
Polytropos : We may have succeeded.
Zokos : The Ruby!
Polytropos : Yeah!
Polytropos : Who'd like to try it?
Leonidas : Did we figure out the riddle as well?
Zokos : Hold all, gather for healing!
Zokos : Please stand close to gether
Polytropos : We think so, Leo. That's what made us think we needed a ruby.
Zokos : close to me
Zokos : Sorry, Poseidon has a sense of humor...
Zokos : closer please leo
Polytropos : We're close.
Kataramene : *stands in close enough*
Polytropos : Aaah, nice.
Zokos : there
Zokos : **careful to be respectful of Kat's personal space**
Andreas Appolodorus: Zokos I may need more of your divine powers. She did something to me.
Polytropos : Let's see if we were right.
Zokos : Ah, let me see....
Eleni : Oh, yes. Andreas decided to rush after the demigoddess alone..
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah thank you.
Zokos : You are very welcome
Polytropos : *the ruby moves towards the altar, as if taken by an invisible hand.*
Andreas Appolodorus: What? She's a witch. I don't care how Godly she is.
Kataramene : *blinks, watching*
Eleni : *Watches Pol, half-expecting him to promptly explode*
Polytropos : Ready!
Leonidas : *watches*
Polytropos : Set!
Kataramene : She's the memory of one.
Polytropos : Zeusbewithme
Eleni : That... seems to have doen it.
Eleni : *done
Kataramene : The door of light has gone.
Eleni : Onwards, then.
Polytropos : ... oh.
Eleni : ...into the ominously large hall.
Lethe : Meddling mortals... you have defeated my brothers and sisters... but I will have my revenge!
Kataramene : Oh dear.
Polytropos : this might get weird.
Andreas Appolodorus: Black magic, tentacles and ugly giant mushrooms.
Eleni : ...now that's just rude.
Lethe : I will ensure your names are _never_ remembered! You shall be lost in the lines of history, your deeds credited to others!
Kataramene : It's utterly unfair.
Polytropos : Wh..
Polytropos : She can't do that.
Polytropos : Can she?
Polytropos : *aghast*
Kataramene : Not if we don't let her.
Eleni : Does it matter if she can?
Eleni : We're still going to kill her.
Polytropos : Welll... sort of, yes?
Polytropos : Damn this.
Eleni : Well. Imprison.
Andreas Appolodorus: Say when.
Polytropos : *grits his teeth*
Kataramene : Go!
Polytropos : Pick your favourite childhood tutor and bash them in.
Polytropos : Hey!
Polytropos : Eleni, we can't scratch him!" Can you deal with this magic?
Polytropos : Gbwa?
Polytropos : Y- nrgh!
Polytropos : Argh!
Lethe : Is this the best you can do? *laughs*
Kataramene : *lying still*
Polytropos : I'm so confused! Argh!
Lethe : You can run...but you can't hide! *laughs*
Polytropos : Ooough...
Lethe : You mortals? *insane laugh*
Polytropos : *ulp*
Lethe : You make me laugh with you piny attempts at Heroics!
Polytropos : *grr...*
Eleni : *Tugs on Pol's cloak*
Polytropos : ...?
Eleni : We're not winning here. Not right now.
Polytropos : *stricken look*
Polytropos : ... then how?
Eleni : I... I don't know.
Polytropos : ... thanks.
Polytropos : I have the strength to stand, at least.
Eleni : ....but throwing ourselves at her won't help the others.
Polytropos : It can. Leo... you have the Rod?
Leonidas : yeah
Polytropos : Find and save everyone you can. I'll do the throwing thing.
Eleni : ...then we might still have... a chance.
Polytropos : Good luck.
Eleni: There is no charge. You must use the destroy ability on other items to charge this item.
Eleni : We, uh, seems to be surrounded.
Polytropos : Wh - argh!
Zokos : Woah, where am i?
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Lethe : Run....but you can't hide!
Eleni : Um...?
Kataramene : *blinks uncertain*
Eleni : Hi every... one?
Lazyzeus : A bright light erupts from Kataramene's hand.... and you wake up to find that you are in camp, and Eris's rod is glowing brightly.
Polytropos : Nrghl?
Kataramene : ... the rod, she helped.
Andreas Appolodorus: Did we all die? Was it a nightmare? Both?
Zokos : We may never know for sure...
Eleni : You mean...
Andreas Appolodorus: I chased her all over the place trying to beat her and expecting you to come help at any moment but at the end she tricked me, I got confused and she got me down.
Polytropos : ... I'm sort of... um... uncertain if I want to go check...
Zokos : If there is anything I've leared on this journey, it is that we fair better when we stick together
Zokos : Let us move as one, like a group of soldiers
Kataramene : I just remember ... well feeling wobbly and then nothing until I was here.
Andreas Appolodorus: I agree but between to targets I will pick the one I can hit even if I have to do it alone.
Polytropos : ..?
Zokos : If there is fighting to do, we should behave as an army would
Eleni : The last thing I remember was leading her on a chase through the marsh...
Andreas Appolodorus: * two targets
Eleni : Hoping it would give Pol and Leo the change to save the rest of you.
Eleni : *chence
Polytropos : Um... hey. Everyone.
Kataramene : What is it?
Polytropos : You might want to come take a look over here.
Polytropos : *waves to the others.*
Kataramene : Did any of that actually happen?
Andreas Appolodorus: But if it is the future, how you want this fight to go?
Zokos : Please come together for blessings
Polytropos : I don't...
Zokos : Leo?
Polytropos : Well. See for yourself.
Eleni : ...what's up ahead?
Andreas Appolodorus: Split in two groups? Or not? Beat everything from left to right? Right to left? Or what?
Polytropos : That's just it. Nothing.
Zokos : Leonidas?
Eleni : Lethe was... hiding, before.
Polytropos : Nothing besides her, that is.
Eleni : Wait.
Andreas Appolodorus: Leaf is still here.
Eleni : Which of you has protection from mental magic?
Polytropos : ... um...
Andreas Appolodorus: I have some.
Lethe : Well, you've won. You've beaten me. I hope you're happy.
Kataramene : Where did they go?
Polytropos : ... none, really...
Polytropos : See?
Eleni : I'm going to take that as 'not you'.
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Kataramene : *low* We did?
Lethe : Betrayed by my own mother!
Kataramene : Oh.
Lethe : I will have my revenge. Nobody will remember you. Nobody!
Polytropos : The fire monster doesn't like you.
Lethe : Do what you came here to do!
Eleni : If you insist..
Lethe : I am an elder spirit. I am...
Eleni : Ack!
Polytropos : ...?
Polytropos : Did you just-
Eleni : What on...
Lazyzeus : ooc Missed him.
Andreas Appolodorus: It came from around here.
Lazyzeus : Eleni raises the Judgment and sends Lethe back to Tartarus mid-rant.
Kataramene : This .... right.
Eleni : ...there.
Eleni : I... don't know WHAT that thing just did, but I don't think I care.
Polytropos : ... whew.
Kataramene : Might have been an idea to do that earlier?
Eris : *clap, clap clap*
Andreas Appolodorus: Is this all right or is it another trick?
Polytropos : Heh.
Eris : Well now, that made a bit of mess, eh?
Eleni : Oh. Lovely.
Polytropos : .. but... she can't have made EVERYONE forget us, can soe- oh.
Polytropos : *folds arms.*
Polytropos : Woulda had her.
Eleni : She certainly had the advantage of preperation...
Kataramene : I suppose you want your standy up stick back?
Zokos : Did all that really happen or was Lethe just gutting our mememories?
Polytropos : I remember things.
Polytropos : Some things.
Polytropos : ... I think...
Kataramene : I remember enough.
Kataramene : How do you mean?
Kataramene : Worse?
Polytropos : Blarg!
Kataramene : .... what?
Eris: Wakee wakee!
Eleni : ...figures.
Kataramene : Oh the bitch.
Zokos : **samps his feet, unsure of the stability of the ground**
Polytropos : Aw!
Eris: Hey! I did help keep the frogs off your faces.
Zokos : **Looks around at alert** Everyone stick together!
Kataramene : Are you saying she still isn't defeated?
Andreas Appolodorus: Sure.
Eleni : Thanks ever so much for that.
Eris: Oh, no, she's gone.
Eris: That's why her litlte illusion fell apart.
Kataramene : She just took advantage when we slept?
Eris: She was using your own strength against you... your memories.
Polytropos : ... oh.
Eris: Come on! Have you ever heard of a marsh where you can walk straight ahead and circle back to where you started?
Eris: Mind games.
Polytropos : Well... I suppose if anyone CAN defeat us, it's ourselves...
Polytropos : That's... not so bad...
Eleni : Hardly as if we never encountered stranger places.
Kataramene : .... *sighs*
Eris: True. So I imagine one of the Twelve will be along shortly.
Zokos : **Laughs** That would be insane if you could sail in one direction and end up where you started! Indeed!
Eris: Would you be interested in playing a litlte tweak on them?
Polytropos : Er...
Kataramene : They were what we made themin our mind. Heroes.
Eleni : Pardon?
Kataramene : *suspicious look*
Polytropos : Would it make them smiting mad?
Eris: Well, they have played around with you lot often enough.
Eris: They'll never even know. I promise.
Polytropos : ... go on...?
Eleni : Promises seem unbecoming of a goddess of chaos, somehow.
Eris: I'll even give you this little bit of finery I filched off of someone you know.
Kataramene : Well /some/ of them deserve taking down a peg or two. Well. One does.
Polytropos : ... ooo.
Eris: Come on, Kat, you wear this, I promise no men will fail to take you seriously ever again.
Zokos : We all *love* you too Kat
Kataramene : .....
Eris: All I need is a few moments with the Judgment of Themis. You're going to have to give it back anyway, you know.
Polytropos : She... doesn't need a cloak! *pause.* Though that is a nice cloak.
Eleni : We know.
Kataramene : I'd rather prefer they took me seriously for other reasons than a posh cloak.
Eleni : What, exaclty, do you intend to do with it?
Eris: Nothing grotesque. Nothing obscene. Just a little tweak, like I said.
Kataramene : Changing a judgement against yourself?
Zokos : The personification of Chaos wants our extremely powerful artifact, but just for a moment. I see no reefs in that strait!
Eris: Ha! LIke they could catch me.
Eris: So is that a no?
Polytropos : *uncertain
Polytropos : Well...
Andreas Appolodorus: No.
Polytropos : I... suppose you did help us just now... but... um...
Kataramene : *scratches her neck a moment*
Zokos : I think that's a maybe... In all seriousness, would you trust you?
Kataramene : Mmmm.
Eris: *holds up the cloak, ruffles it* Okay, say bye-bye, mister Himation! Bye-bye!
Kataramene : ....
Polytropos : ... aw.
Eleni : ...I know I've not been happy with being played as we have been.
Kataramene : Look, I could stand to see Aphrodite look a completely stupid cow.
Zokos : **whispers to others** I'll follow your lead, just think it through
Eris: Your loss! Oh, by the way, Hera is planning to utterly destroy Argos and your little village.
Eris: Bye!
Kataramene : Wait!
Polytropos : What?!
Kataramene : Come back!
Eleni : *Sighs*
Polytropos : Well, great.
Kataramene : Why will they never stick around long enough for us to think things .... Augh!
Zokos : It is likely for the best, nothing is without repercussion
Eleni : Because she's just toying with us.
Lazyzeus : The day arrives suddenly and unexpectedly.
Polytropos : As we're learning. Can we get back to Olympus? We- woah.
Kataramene : Nothing? We've got to fight sodding Hera to save thousands now.
Hermes: Good morning, mortals!
Eleni : We entertain them. Why else keep mortals around
Andreas Appolodorus: Well said Zokos, it would have been unwise to fall for that.
Eleni : Ah.
Polytropos : Fleet-footed messenger/.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah now the messenger.
Polytropos : *grim look*
Hermes: Indeed! And I bring a happy message! Father Zeus is pleased with your success!
Kataramene : Who will tell us, no doubt, that there is nothing he can do to help us save Argos and the village?
Hermes: The Scions are all back where they are supposed to be.
Kataramene : Yes. Well. Hera isn't, is she?
Zokos : Yes, please tell us about Hera
Hermes: Yes, well, she rather does bear a grudge.
Hermes: But you have completed a major quest! That's something, eh?
Kataramene : Yes, a grudge we picked up doing the work of another one of you.
Hermes: Hmm, now I recall you aided Heracles of your own free will.
Eleni : Don't pretend Athena didn't point us towards that temple.
Kataramene : Oh yes. None of you had anything to do with steering us in that direction /at/ all.
Zokos : Well naturally, who would not aid Hercles?
Polytropos : This is hairsplitting. Argos! That's a whole city! She can't be thinking of destroying it. Can she?
Hermes: We gods are but reflections of your mortals, after all.
Polytropos : *waves his arms.*
Hermes: Hmm, yes, well. Argos is still lacking a patron at the moment.
Kataramene : So someone take it up then!
Eleni : Reflections of all that is worst in us, yes.
Hermes: Though the Council is interviewing priests as we speak.
Kataramene : Give a priest a visitation and say "I am the great whatever, worship me and you will be saved."
Hermes: Well now, I understand that you lot have some pull in Argos. Maybe you can help resolve the situation.
Kataramene : And that won't save the village, will it.
Hermes: As for Hera, you know I cannot directly intervene against her.
Polytropos : We have to get there. No, wait. Mantineia is in danger too. Damn it.
Polytropos : If -
Polytropos : Nrgh -
Kataramene : *growls in frustration*
Hermes: Hmm, you know, I've heard that Messenia is very scenic this time of year.
Polytropos : If we convinced them to let Hera be the patron again, would that calm her?
Hermes: Ha! THat ship has sailed, my friend.
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Hermes: Can't really unstab the high priestess, eh?
Hermes: As I was saying, I think one might enjoy a trip to _Messenia_.
Hermes: In fact, it's easily accessible by road from Argos!
Eleni : You don't say.
Polytropos : ... Messenia...?
Andreas Appolodorus: Messenia. Hm.
Hermes: Why, I didn't say anything.
Hermes: But if one were to head out along the road to Messenia, who knows what one might encounter.
Polytropos : Like, down near Pylos...?
Polytropos : *uncertain look*
Zokos : I hear Messenia is very nice this time of year...
Polytropos : *frown.*
Kataramene : Oh for the love of ..... let's go to Messenia.
Polytropos : Well, clearly we don't have much time to go somewhere unrelated to anything.
Eleni : On the subject of transportation...
Hermes: Of course, when planning a long journey, one should always travel prepared, and be cautious. Very, very cautious.
Kataramene : A hint /that/ big has lead attached to it when it drops.
Polytropos : So we'd better hurry...?
Hermes: Ah, well, first things first.
Hermes: I hate to bring this up, but ahem, there's a certain thing I need to take back.
Eleni : I assumed as much. Can we not use it to get home first, at least?
Hermes: Don't worry! I will whisk you away to any place you wish.
Hermes: Part of our thanks. And there's the boon, of course.
Eleni : *Sighs* Very well, then...
Kataramene : Some where we can resupply on the way would be useful.
Polytropos : We have a boon?
Polytropos : I'd like a boon, we could really use a boon.
Hermes: Indeed! Father Zeus has decreed it! A favor granted by the gods.
Kataramene : The boon is easy. Protect Mantiniea.
Hermes: All the usual disclaimers, of course. I can't do anything that goes against any of the Twelve.
Polytropos : Augh.
Kataramene : A haven. None of you or the other things that mess around can touch the place. Santuary from the interference of any of our enemies.
Hermes: But you could ask for a magical sword, and then you could protect the village yourselves!
Eleni : Does that including having them promise to just leave us alone for the remainder of our natural lives?
Hermes: Yeeeah, I don't think so.
Kataramene : Only when we are there.
Eleni : Of course.
Kataramene : We need to consider what will happen now we no longer can be.
Hermes: The good news is, however, that most of your foes have been dealt with. Silenus is banished to his realm, the gorgons can't come back for 101 years, and the Scions are all locked up nice and secure.
Eleni : Well, hurray.
Hermes: Well, you can think about it if you want.
Kataramene : Right. Magic sword then.
Kataramene : Or belt. Or boots.
Hermes: But I will need to, *snaps fingers* Yoink!
Hermes: Sorry. Rude, I know.
Eleni : ...'yoink'? Really?
Hermes: So, where can I drop you off? *flits into the air a few spans above the ground, tiny wings flapping on his sandals*
Eleni : *Feels around to confirm that the judgment is, in fact, gone*
Eleni : ...well.
Kataramene : *sighs* Messenia
Polytropos : If there are any trading posts on the road there!
Polytropos : That would be good too!
Kataramene : But if they are hurt ....
Hermes: All right. I know of the perfect little crossroads market that might suffice.
Eleni : I'm sure it's positively charming.
Hermes: Hold tight! *a hard breeze stirs up from out of nowhere, and you feel yourselves being lifted into the air*
Eleni: Item destroyed. The electrifier has been charged.
Kataramene : Heropolis needs a patron too....
Polytropos : Woough!
Eleni : Would Heropolis not fall under the aegis of Argos?
Kataramene : Not necessarily.
Polytropos : You'd think that... oh, aha.
Eleni : Zokos, maybe dismiss your pet inferno?
Eleni : I don't think normal people will respond well to it.
Kataramene : Yes, us again.
Polytropos : Hello! We're in a bit of a hurry.
Eleni : Yes, yes. Hello.
Eleni : We do, don't we?
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Eleni: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Polytropos: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Eleni : So...
Eleni : ...which way to Messenia?
Andreas Appolodorus: Follow the arrow.
Lazyzeus : The signpost indicates that you stand at a crossroads just inside of the border of Messenia. The province's towns and villages lie to the west, though the merchants indicate that you're a good distance from any major cities.
Kataramene : *stuffs bandages in her pack*
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Polytropos: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Eleni : I suppose we'll... keep heading west, until we run into something?
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Euthydemus: Messenia, eh? Not sure why you'd want to go there, nothing ever happens there.
Zokos: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : Not sure either.
Euthydemus: Backwater of the Peloponnese, it is.
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Leonidas: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Kataramene: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Eleni : I never thought I'd say this, but boredom sounds sort of welcome right about now.
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Polytropos: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kataramene : *packs more bandages*
Euthydemus: Planning on opening up a hospital?
Eleni : We already have one.
Kataramene : That's us. Charitable.
Eleni : His name is Zokos.
Polytropos : We might need to anyway. Fair trade to you.
Kataramene : *stuffs supplies into her pack too*
Euthydemus: Aye. I'm heading north next season, if you want to buy more bandages later.
Kataramene : Right, let's get the Hades out of here.
Eleni : Always in the market for those, it seems.
Polytropos : *grim look* 's make sure everyone's got at least something to bind their wounds, and make the best speed we can.
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Eleni: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Andreas Appolodorus: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Euthydemus: Ah, customers! Let it not be said that Euthydemus passed up a chance to trade.
Andreas Appolodorus: I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Eleni: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Rustic Shopkeeper: Ah, customers, wonderful! Welcome to my humble shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Zokos: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Eleni : There's always another mountain, isn't there?

Lazyzeus : You head out along another dusty road...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:40 pm

Lazyzeus : All right, after Hermes kicked you along you find yourselves on a quiet road in rural Messenia. You're not sure what's here, you don't seem to be near any major towns.

Polytropos : Oh. Er, yes. We asked of the giant gems we used to unlock the door to Lethe were actually real or not
Eleni : Right. Forgot to try and sell those, but I guess there isn't much to buy on the road anyhow.
Lazyzeus : But according to Eris, Hera is planning a major threat to your adopted city.
Polytropos : Do you wonder if maybe Hermes was just getting us out of theway?
Leonidas : So, um, why are we going to Messina?
Kataramene : So no, I don't think we should have stayed at home and done nothing ... oh, you think?
Polytropos : Maybe us not getting killed is kind of a boon...
Polytropos : We're only here because he hinted it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Why built roads if people simply walk on the side?
Eleni : I don't know. But his cryptic advice is probably still the best chance we have..
Kataramene : Temple?
Polytropos : Take a walk on the wild side, Andreas.
Hermit Priest: Ah, what's this? Travelers?
Eleni : Ah. Of a sort.
Polytropos : We're travelling alright.
Hermit Priest: Care to make an offering to the gods this day for your good fortune?
Andreas Appolodorus: Hail to you too old one.
Polytropos : *dubious look at the temple*
Eleni : Greetings, priest... *Looks ahead*
Polytropos : Who is that?
Zokos : Greetings brother
Eleni : I was not aware that Atlas was greatly favoured in these parts.
Polytropos : *points at the statue*
Kataramene : Is that who it is?
Polytropos : Atlas...?
Hermit Priest: Mighty Atlas, sir.
Eleni : The giant sphere on his shoulders is something of a hint.
Hermit Priest: He sacrifices himself to support our mortal realm.
Andreas Appolodorus: Atlas the strong.
Kataramene : Oh. I suppose that's pretty useful?
Hermit Priest: We don't get many soldier-types on this road.
Polytropos : You don't say. Is Messeina far?
Eleni : Many tales call it his punishment, no?
Hermit Priest: You're in Messenia, sir. Though the coast is a good five days' further walk ahead.
Polytropos : We're here!
Polytropos : At last!
Hermit Priest: Punishment, blessing. All about your point of view, dear lady.
Kataramene : I suppose that's worth a token.
Kataramene : *digs in a pouch and offers a few coins*
Hermit Priest: If you choose to offer a prayer to your god of choice, I'll burn a candle for you so the smoke carries your words up to Olympus.
Polytropos : We're a bit short at the moment...
Hermit Priest: Thank you, most kind.
Eleni : Hm.
Hermit Priest: There's a village a bit further on ahead. Not much there, but there's an inn for travelers who seek to break their fast.
Leonidas : Been to Olympus, so don't think I need smoke.
Kataramene : *murmurs some words*
Eleni : Thank you, good priest.
Hermit Priest: *chuckles at Leo's comment* As you say, sir.
Polytropos : Pallas Athena, unwavering Athena, bright-eyed Athena, watch over our shields.
Eleni : *Stern look to Leo*
Leonidas : What? I don't see you praying.
Hermit Priest: The gods shelter those who honor them.
Zokos : **says prayers in support of the elder priest**
Hermit Priest: A most dire mask you wear, warrior. Was your face burned?
Kataramene : Yes, well, we've seen their work.
Eleni : *Hushed* Not that. No need to tell people where we've been... even if they won't believe us most of the time.
Andreas Appolodorus: No, not at all.
Polytropos : Hephaestus bless our armour, Hermes make us swift, and Zeus please protect us from his wife...
Hermit Priest: Hmm. *holds up a hand* Is that smoke? *peers off to the west*
Polytropos : Is tha-
Polytropos : *squint*
Lazyzeus : You see a tall column of smoke rising to the west.
Leonidas : *laughs* I've composed songs about it already, so don't see the point.
Andreas Appolodorus: Only my eyes but I guess it will come to pass.
Zokos : Well said Polytropus!
Polytropos : That IS smoke. How far was this village?
Kataramene : Smoke that high is seldome good news.
Eleni : ...oh, gods.
Hermit Priest: Not far.
Polytropos : Aw no.
Zokos : **gives the elder priest a handful of coin**
Polytropos : Good day, priest.
Kataramene : This is not time to tarry. Farewell.
Leonidas : Well, shall we rush over and see what's what?
Hermit Priest: Blessings on you, my son.
Polytropos : That's what we do!
Eleni : Apparently, we shall!
Leonidas : Too often, unfortunately.
Andreas Appolodorus: We should go.
Polytropos : Hold up!
Polytropos : Kat, hold up!
Kataramene : A village, or what remains of one.
Panicked Villager : Ahh! Ahh! It's destroying everything!
Kataramene : What is?
Eleni : Hail!
Panicked Villager : Help! Help us!
Polytropos : What's wrong?!
Eleni : No need to worry. We're here to help.
Shepherd : It's a giant metal man!
Polytropos : Giant... metal...?
Panicked Villager : The vengeance of the gods!
Panicked Villager: *wipes away the tears running down her face* It's destorying everything!
Kataramene : A what .... oh hades.
Eleni : Where is it?
Polytropos : There's a Temple not far up the road. Pray for shelter.
Aeimnestus: *gasping*
Polytropos : We'll... do what we can.
Aeimnestus: Oh!
Aeimnestus: Arrows do nothing!
Aeimnestus: They just... they bounce off!
Kataramene : Is that a ...
Eleni : We have things better than arrows.
Eleni : Where is the creature?
Kataramene : Oh my....
Polytropos : Gods!
Talos : *clank, stomp, clank, stomp*
Polytropos : Back off!
Kataramene : It will; attack thenm!
Kataramene : Get away from it!
Talos: *stomp*
Andreas Appolodorus: Bandages did nothing to Leonidas because they are alive.
Kataramene : I cannot hurt it
Kataramene : Try and break a leg.
Polytropos : What was that?!
Eleni : Me!
Kataramene : *hits at it's legs*
Polytropos : Do it again!
Eleni : But it recovers faster than I can damage it.
Kataramene : Trup it up!
Eleni : I think it heads towards the shrine!
Kataramene : *just goes for hanging onto the leg*
Eleni : I've almost got nothign left!
Polytropos : It's too big! We can't hold it back.
Polytropos : No!
Eleni : The best we can do is lead it away from here!
Kataramene : Run from the village.
Polytropos : He seems pretty single-minded!
Eleni : Damn it!
Eleni : *To the villagers* Run!
Talos : *the metal man's injuries are slowly closing*
Eleni : Don't waste your time praying! Get out of here!
Kataramene : Smash a leg or something.
Polytropos : Not working.
Polytropos : We need something better.
Andreas Appolodorus: Take it
Polytropos : Hermes, o Hermes, we could use that boon right about now.
Eleni : Where in Hades is it going...
Kataramene : He's not stopping.
Polytropos : Argos?!
Kataramene : Oh no. Can we get it into a hole?
Talos : *with one mighty stride, the creature clambers up onto a cliff...*
Kataramene : Is there some cliff or someth.... well that's a no.
Eleni : ...That... is indeed the general direction of Argos, isn't it?
Andreas Appolodorus: Where is he going?
Talos : *ignoring the bends in the road, it continues on in the direction of Argos*
Eleni : Gods be damned...
Kataramene : Something between here and there to stop it.
Leonidas : Your estate?
Kataramene : I meant to halt it's walk.
Eleni : We hurt it. But it will be recovered by the time we meet up with it again, I'm sure of it.
Polytropos : There's not much we can do right now besides pray, and run it down.
Polytropos : But what we'll do when we get there, I don't know.
Kataramene : We can't take it's route.
Zokos : How did we hurt it? I did not see what was effective, too busy...
Kataramene : I couldn't even scratch it.
Andreas Appolodorus: Sounds does and magic it seems.
Leonidas : Most of what I tried did nothing.
Eleni : I could get a few spells through.
Chione : Nor shall you, warrior woman.
Eleni : But it was not enough.
Eleni : *Blinks*
Polytropos : !
Andreas Appolodorus: I mean raw magic not your enchanted weapons.
Kataramene : You.
Chione : Hera has learned from Jason's encounter with Talos, and has repaired the titan's weakness.
Polytropos : The snow goddess!
Eleni : Lady CHione.
Polytropos : Is that what's wrong? I was hitting the ankle and it just went 'dink'...
Kataramene : So a hole. We need a huge hole to run it into, or something.
Eleni : That is what we're dealing with, then... But it is not completely impervious.
Chione : The creature has been plated with sky iron from head to toe. Including the ankle.
Chione : I am forbidden from directly interfering in another god's actions.
Kataramene : Or a wet marsh to sink it, or something. Or can you f..... so why are you here?
Chione : But my father, Boreas, the north wind, blows over this region.
Chione : It blows over the marshes, the hills, the villages...
Polytropos : Talos is pretty tough, Kat. I think it walks through the oceans... ah!
Kataramene : Can you get us ahgead of it? The we could tie boulders to it's ankles.
Polytropos : Can your father help us?
Chione : It blows over the mountaintop temple where priests conducted the rituals that restored the titan.
Eleni : Would he not be forbidden from interfering as well?
Chione : I cannot interfere.
Chione : Nor can Boreas.
Polytropos : Mountaintop... temple...
Eleni : Hm.
Kataramene : Is the secret there?
Polytropos : Wait, could that be-
Zokos : If the priests there restored the titan, perhaps we could persuade them to undo their work!
Kataramene : The shrine where we saw the others?
Chione : Who can say whether the priests might be protecting weapons that can harm the titan?
Kataramene : Hephaestus?
Polytropos : Who can say, indeed. If only I could remember what the mountain was called, tip of my tongue...
Chione : The smith was not involved in this. He holds no ire against you, and cares little for Zeus's wife.
Zokos : At the very least, they should understand the magic of the titan better than we. Perhaps with their help we could discover a weakness?
Kataramene : In what direction might your father have been blowing when he saw this temple?
Eleni : With or without.
Chione : I cannot guide you, Polytropos. I must go.
Chione : Perhaps I will choose to fly off in this particular direction...
Zokos : The priest at the nearby temple should know the way
Polytropos : Thank you, for 'not interfering'!
Polytropos : It's all we've got.
Chione : Ahem! Flying off now!
Andreas Appolodorus: She's going that way!
Zokos : The Gods are very good at not interfearing with eachother....
Eleni : ...follow that goddess, I suppose.
Lazyzeus : There is no trail, but with effort you can head off toward some peaks in the distance...
Polytropos : *heads for said peaks.8
Eleni : Onwards, then.
Kataramene : *does her damnedest to do so*
Leonidas : *Wanders along behind*
Polytropos : I think Talos put a dent in my shield.
Polytropos : Nothing's done that.
Lazyzeus : The journey takes the better part of a day, and you imagine the creature stomping its way slowly closer to Argos, but that cannot be helped...
Zokos : I am extremely fatigued friends, I will be near useless until I have time to say my prayers and rest a bit.
Polytropos : We're against Time itself, Zokos.
Eleni : I doubt the locals here will welcome us.
Polytropos : Ow... ow ow.
Eleni : ...or the fauna, evidently.
Polytropos : Ow...
Eleni : Flora, even.
Leonidas : Rushing on without proper preparation is preparing to fail.
Polytropos : Alright. Let's think. How far is it to Argos?
Zokos : Kat?
Eleni : Hard to say. We were delivered halfway and Talos will move without tiring.
Eleni : Night or day.
Zokos : Where is Kat?
Polytropos : you know maps and things... oh. Er... hopefully, she's following not far behind...
Zokos : We must stick together friends!
Eleni : The question isn't how long do we have until it reaches Argos, but how long we have until we can no longer catch up with it.
Andreas Appolodorus: The thing is slow.
Kataramene : There is little time to waste, as even now that becomes harder to do.
Polytropos : Let's go!
Polytropos : Mind the spiny bushes!
Eleni : It's not fast. But it will move through any obstacle, and it will not stop to rest.
Polytropos : Sorry!
Kataramene : I hope no god liked those cats.
Eleni : Only the one who already wants us dead, I'm sure.
Polytropos : Wagh!
Polytropos : ... that was... clever.
Kataramene : Whoever it is.
Andreas Appolodorus: This is really thick.
Andreas Appolodorus: We'll have to find another way.
Eleni : ..curious.
Polytropos : They know we're coming.
Polytropos : As for those spiky things over there, fool me once...
Polytropos : ... good shot-
Polytropos : Argh!
Polytropos : I can't see I can't see!
Kataramene : Hide until the spikes go.
Polytropos : I think I cracked one.
Kataramene : Argh...
Polytropos : Kat! Fall back!
Polytropos : BACK!
Polytropos : If he's got any medicinals on him, Leo, we could really use them.
Leonidas : one potion
Kataramene : Grab it, Andreas.
Polytropos : Clear to halfway up!
Polytropos : But oh my, is that far...
Polytropos : My knees...
Eleni : And steep...
Eleni : *Relies on her staff to help her climb the damn thing*
Polytropos : We're above the clouds.
Andreas Appolodorus: Easy
Eleni : Because of course we are.
Kataramene : This is high....
Blessed Priest of Hera : You defile this scared ground unbelievers!
Kataramene : To save thousands we would dare anything.
Zokos : I am truely fatigued, I fear that we are in trouble if anyone takes much more injuries
Polytropos : Give us the secret of Talos and we'll stop defiling!
Blessed Priest of Hera : Come and take it.....if you dare!
Andreas Appolodorus: We will.
Kataramene : Fire in bowls behind the pillars. Beaware.
Eleni : Why do they never take the easy way?
Blessed Priest of Hera : By all that's holy
Andreas Appolodorus: Pfff
Polytropos : Ow ow ow ow ow!
Eleni : *Frantically tries to clap out the fire on her cloak*
Polytropos : Also, stay off the giant mosaic!
Kataramene : He bore an amulet.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah you are fast
Eleni : Ungh. There.
Kataramene : Ugh, no. A burning skull thing.
Eleni : That one's OUR burning skull-thing.
Eleni : Not to worry.
Polytropos : ... here we go, then...
Kataramene : Holy paper.
Leonidas : *mutters*
Kataramene : Anyone want this?
Andreas Appolodorus: What is it?
Kataramene : *waves the flaming skull*
Polytropos : Don't get too close, Zokos. Let me be a little ahead. I smell more devices laid.
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah what to do with that? How about the amulet?
Kataramene : It was my mistqake, I thought he wore it.
Zokos : I must admit Polytropos, that my technique of just stepping on the traps is probably not the best plan
Kataramene : Wave that about or something, Eleni.
Eleni : Hm. Since when is Hera so closely affiliated with elementals?
Polytropos : Damn. Big clay men, priests.
Polytropos : Cant' see!
Polytropos : Kat, where are you?
Andreas Appolodorus: Zokos take these
Polytropos : Just so you know, I feel kind of bad about this.
Kataramene : I can't see...
Eleni : Ah, where is everyone?
Eleni : Kat?
Andreas Appolodorus: There is no time.
Eleni : *Prods around with staff*
Eleni : Oh! There you are.
Kataramene : *blink blink*
Andreas Appolodorus: We must take the least of two evil.
Zokos : Who can't see?
Eleni : Remember they helped repair this damned thing.
Eleni : That makes it rather hard for me to pitty them.
Polytropos : More magic writings...
Polytropos : What was that?1
Leonidas : Danger ahead!
Eleni : ...sounded like fire.
Zokos : Polytropos, hold sitll please
Polytropos : Thanks.
Andreas Appolodorus: I found a lot of supplies enough for a few camps.
Eleni : Good. We'll need that.
Kataramene : We can't exactly camp now!
Polytropos : Water monster!
Polytropos : Aw not again...
Polytropos : Everyone, back out. Back out!
Polytropos : Argh!
Kataramene : I can't see a thing...
Polytropos : What's going on?! I cant' see. is that Tel!?
Kataramene : *wabbles after a blow*
Polytropos : Nono!
Polytropos : Auuugh.
Zosime : Hera is with me!
Kataramene : We have to stop the bitch somehow.
Polytropos : I don't want to be a pain, but I was in the middle of opening a locked room to maybe find useful things, and then this happened.
Eleni : Ngh. If I could still dispell her protections...
Polytropos : Can the frog keep her busy for a moment?
Polytropos : ... well, that's not useful.
Kataramene : Get her protection gone!
Zosime : Blasphemer!
Zosime : No!
Polytropos : "Oops."
Eleni : Ugh.
Polytropos : *growls.*
Andreas Appolodorus: Look at these
Kataramene : *stands as if defeated*
Eleni : I don't know if Hera will much care for you using at rod, Zokos. But you should probably take it, anyway.
Andreas Appolodorus: Zokos she did that thing to me I need your fixing magic.
Zokos : ok
Polytropos : *puts a hand on Kat's shoulder.*
Polytropos : Almost done. I think.
Andreas Appolodorus: Hm
Zokos : Is that better Andreas?
Polytropos : I hope...
Andreas Appolodorus: No
Leonidas : *gives the room a good tossing*
Polytropos : ... oof.
Andreas Appolodorus: I think she took some life essence or something from me.
Polytropos : Uh, friends?
Polytropos : I think we need to pay attention to THIS room.
Andreas Appolodorus: I feel... "drained".
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah better.
Andreas Appolodorus: Thank you.
Zokos : Excellent
Kataramene : Things. I dropped them.
Polytropos : I can't open it and I can't make whatever curse is on it go away.
Leonidas : open, not sure if it's clear though
Polytropos : Oh, it's not.
Zokos : Anyone see an extra priest's staff? I seem to have lost one in the confusion.
Polytropos : Best back away there, Leo. Going to do this the ol- fashioned way...
Leonidas : just a moment
Kataramene : Things from the priests are on the floor.
Polytropos : I know... not really my thing, though.
Andreas Appolodorus: Plenty of things to collect here let us not go without.
Leonidas : hmm can't see the ward orwhatevers on the door
Polytropos : I can, but there's no way I can budge it.
Polytropos : Stand back...
Andreas Appolodorus: *Burp*
Eleni : Do we try to demolish it, then?
Leonidas : Strange you can see it and I cant
Andreas Appolodorus: Hey
Polytropos : AaaAAAAaaaAA!
Eleni : *Wince*
Kataramene : This isn't a time to drink, Andreas.
Leonidas : Bet that hurt
Polytropos : ... ooough...
Eleni : *Double wince*
Polytropos : Nargh!
Andreas Appolodorus: Come back here.
Eleni : Uhm...
Kataramene : .....
Eleni : Perhaps we should try this from a distance, yes?
Leonidas : Wise idea probably
Polytropos : Stupid... divine curses...
Andreas Appolodorus: What are you greeny?
Polytropos : My ears hurt..
Andreas Appolodorus: Have we met?
Eleni : I'm afraid I don't have much left in me...
Zokos : Oh.
Polytropos : This is a door made by gods!
Eleni : Quite possibly.
Eleni : And behind it, a chest...
Polytropos : A scary chest.
Kataramene : Fortunately still susceptible to elements. Is the chest?
Kataramene : *nods her thanks*
Polytropos : ... I'm afraid to open it.
Polytropos : *holds breath*
Polytropos : *... and opens it with no ill effects.*
Eleni : We're um... right here, to rush to your aid.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Leonidas : or sweep up your ashes as the case may be.
Polytropos : there are Things.
Eleni : Interesting...
Eleni : The nature of these things suggests Talos is weak to things that are....
Leonidas : could use the arrows
Eleni : ...very loud.
Polytropos : Isnt everyone? *wiggles a finger in his ear*
Zokos : Don't worry, the frog is here to help
Andreas Appolodorus: You found what you seek?
Polytropos : I was wondering what he was doing here.
Eleni : Well, yes. But almost everything else fails to harm the thing.
Polytropos : Hello, giant frog.
Kataramene : Sound. Vibrate it you mean?
Kataramene : *looks at the mace and then at the rings*
Polytropos : Let's gather it up... and... and make best speed to... ow.
Eleni : Yes. The vibrations should be able to get through its shall, to wreak havoc on its insides.
Kataramene : Your aim is better than mine, will you throw the discus?
Polytropos : ... alright, maybe we patch ourselves up first...
Polytropos : *wonders who Kat meant.*
Eleni : Perhaps someone else should take the rod? I can try harming or disabling it with my magic, as I did before.
Polytropos : Hm.
Polytropos : Well, that works.
Kataramene : *was looking at Pol*
Kataramene : Or do what Eleni said.
Eleni : Best to have as many of us attacking the thing in ways that might actually work as possible.
Polytropos : Alright, then...
Andreas Appolodorus: I have gloves to attack.
Polytropos : Eleni, ensorcel it. Zokos, you'll need to keep us alive.
Polytropos : Andreas, throw things at it; Leo, shoot it. Kat and I'll... hit it.
Polytropos : And pray.
Kataramene : I can throw the things until it gets close.
Zokos : Praying, always
Eleni : You have the rod, Leo the arrows, Kat the mace. Who has the discs?
Kataramene : I do.
Kataramene : I will give them to who needs them.
Eleni : Ah. Hm. It might actually be best to stay at range while we can manage it.
Kataramene : Unless you want the mace, Pol?
Andreas Appolodorus: I can throw punches. Ah
Eleni : Did we check all the side rooms?
Polytropos : I won't need the mace, I'll be doing my damndest to take the pain.
Polytropos : We did! All else I found was an odd magic circle, but nothing I could understand. Come on, I've got a plan.
Kataramene : I thought Pol did?
Eleni : A magic circle?
Kataramene : Can those things be used to move us places?
Polytropos : I don't know! But I know what can.
Zokos : **calls** There's a door over here
Eleni : Hm.
Eleni : *Careful investigation of the circle follows*
Polytropos : Or are we - ow - staying...
Kataramene : Are you alright?
Eleni : I suppose they might have just used this to put the thing together again, but.. hm.
Polytropos : None of us are.
Andreas Appolodorus: Anything of interest?
Eleni : Ah, of course.
Polytropos : ... brrr.
Eleni : This is where they bound those elementals.
Polytropos : A prison cell...
Polytropos : Anyway. Come on, I've got an idea./
Kataramene : Ahh... then Pol, your plan.
Eleni : They did not just rely on the magic of the gods, these priests...
Polytropos : Yes!
Polytropos : Can't do it in here though.
Eleni : Do what?
Polytropos : Sshhhh.
Kataramene : I'm not sure, but I know that look.
Eleni : ...is it a good look?
Kataramene : Could be.
Kataramene : We're not going to build wings and try to fly, are we?
Polytropos : *sets up a camp*
Polytropos : That'd be crazy.
Kataramene : Your point being?
Polytropos : *sets aside some of the food, and burns it.*
Polytropos : Ahem.
Polytropos : *clears throat*
Kataramene : Who is the offering to?
Polytropos : I was going to ask for the boon granted to us. Get us to Argos before Talos can wreck it.
Zokos : Eleni?
Zokos : Thanks!
Eleni : So.
Polytropos : Ahem. I was going to ask Hermes's aid. Grant us the boon owed, get us to Argos before Talos could wreck it.
Eleni : There was mention of a plan?
Andreas Appolodorus: How are we going to travel fast?
Eleni : I... thought he already gave us a sword?
Polytropos : N... ot to my knowledge.
Kataramene : *nods slowly* He said we could have one if we wanted.
Kataramene : A boon, but this is better.
Polytropos : Ask at the Temple maybe. Either that, or we run through day and night.
Eleni : Assuming he is listening, of course.
Andreas Appolodorus: Atlas?
Leonidas : I don't think Talos stops for nightfall, so doubt we can catch him otherwise.
Eleni : Hm. Still find it strange to find such a temple.
Kataramene : Could we pray now and hope?
Polytropos : Your call.
Kataramene : Spend a little time in prayer, and if no one is listening then we run.
Zokos : **Smiles** Blessings are so much easier when done while nobody is running around!
Eleni : Fair enough, I suppose.
Polytropos : To the Temple!
Leonidas : Might as well spend a lot of time in prayer, cause running won't do any good.
Polytropos : Because at least that has a roof...
Kataramene : It's a fair walk back though.
Lazyzeus : You recall that the small temple was almost a full day's walk through difficult terrain from Hera's mountain...
Kataramene : Why not try here?
Polytropos : ... I have a better idea, let's just - right.
Polytropos : *ahem.*
Andreas Appolodorus: What?
Andreas Appolodorus: We need flying horses.
Polytropos : That's... a bit of a stretch, but...
Eleni : And while we're wishing, I would very much enjoy a set of wings.
Polytropos : Um. *ahem* Fleet-footed Hermes, we ask for a boon?
Zokos : **Says a prayer to call Hermes Boon**
Kataramene : *sinks to her knees, prays and hopes*
Polytropos : Help us see the route we must take in th-
Polytropos : - or you could also appear, that works too.
Hermes : And here I am!
Leonidas : Not me, they would be a pain to maintain and I'd have to retailor all my clothes.
Eleni : So you are.
Zokos : Hermes, we are on a journey and wish to ask for your boon!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah the immortal messenger is here.
Hermes : You know now that I cannot directly intervene in Hera's plans.
Eleni : We're not asking you to.
Kataramene : We're just worried we left a pan on the flame.
Hermes : That being said, I understand that you wish to claim the boon that Father Zeus has decreed for you?
Hermes : Ah, indeed. Have a need to travel swiftly, eh?
Kataramene : If you could get us back to Argos before the pan is ruined it would be wonderful.
Hermes : Gather round, then...
Eleni : I suppose we're a bit homesick.
Kataramene : It's a very special pan. Made of metal not clay.
Kataramene : Gah, at least we know we are on the path.
Lazyzeus : You are deposited in an area of wrecked forest.
Eleni : Are those what I think they are?
Polytropos : It's moving as the crw flies!
Polytropos : Thank you, Hermes!
Lazyzeus : You hear cries and sounds of loud crashing ahead...
Eleni : *Runs forward*
Andreas Appolodorus: A broken tree is blocking the way let me remove it.
Talos : *crashing through trees*
Andreas Appolodorus: It is done.
Villager : *shouts* Lookit! Its destorying everything!
Zokos : Thank you Andreas
Eleni : Over here!
Talos : *steps on a goat*
Villager : Tun! Run for your lives!
Villager : SSSrrecammms!
Polytropos : I'm not losing TWO villages!
Kataramene : *swipes at it's les*
Villager : Flee!
Andreas Appolodorus: Ah
Eleni : Did anyone get hurt?
Polytropos : You got it... you got it!
Villager : By the gods!
Crippled Villager : *wimpers* Don't let it kill me!
Eleni : ...besides the goat, I mean.
Andreas Appolodorus: Kat and I.
Gorgidas: What... what was that thing?
Gorgidas: It came out of nowhere!
Polytropos : Talos!
Eleni : Not quite nowhere.
Boy : Mommy, they killed it! Did you see?
Kataramene : *sighs and sinks to one knee for a moment*
Polytropos : Crete, usually?
Eurydice : Your safe now children
Polytropos : *beams at the villagers, panting and sagging in exhaustion.*
Leonidas : Guess we'll not get any reward from argos for this.
Eleni : It's been charging here from Messenia.
Polytropos : *waves rod in victory*
Eleni : Glad we caught up with it in time..;
Kataramene : The reward is Argos still stands.
Acamas : What's going on? We heard a disturbance!
Eleni : ...and Heropolis!
Zokos : A welcoming party!
Eleni : I wonder if we can us the metal from this thing...
Leonidas : *mutters*
Epistor : Ah, Masters! Why am I not surprised.
Kataramene : Epistor. Good to see you.
Eleni : Use it to fund the school, if nothing else?
Acamas: Hmm. Been so long, thought maybe you weren't coming back.
Eleni : Ah! Epistor!
Epistor: Nonsense! They always come back, Acamas!
Eleni : It's been altogether too long, yes.
Pallas: Nothing much left to do here but take away that rubbish
Kataramene : We had a little business that kept us away.
Epistor: I have kept the estate running smoothly in your absence, masters!
Eleni : ...though Hades and back.
Epistor: And the school is... well, you shall come see for yourselves!
Kataramene : We're glad to hear it.
Polytropos : *sighs in a little relief.*
Leonidas : Course the skymetal might be worth some salvage value no?
Polytropos : I think... I think we'd like that...
Hired Guard: Sky metal? Can't be. That's ten wagonloads.
Pallas: Its looking well, I think you'll be pleased
Polytropos : *squints at Pallas*
Eleni : Something like that, yes.
Kataramene : It will be good to be home a while.
Pallas: *smiles*
Acamas: Aye, and with the Games coming up.
Polytropos : ... the games?!
Acamas: Epistor wouldn't let me run any teams until you got back.
Polytropos : The Games!
Epistor: Indeed, masters!
Andreas Appolodorus: Games?
Kataramene : Those games need dedicating.
Epistor: Your return to Argos shall be marked with triumph!
Kataramene : Dedicating to a god.
Pallas: But of course, this won't be Greece unless there were Games!
Polytropos : Yeah! We can help declare a new Patron for the City!
Acamas: Huh. let's not raise their expectations _too_ high, Eps.
Eleni : Ah. Well, hurrah for that, I suppose.
Andreas Appolodorus: Shall we enter again?
Epistor: Oh, you heard about the petitions? The city fathers have been interviewing candidates!
Epistor: I'm sure they would value your counsel!
Eleni : Any frontrunners, so far?
Eleni : I'm not quite so sure they /will/ value our counsel, given that we put them in this mess in the first place...
Epistor: I believe there are delegations from Poseidon, Hermes, Hestia, and Artemis.
Polytropos : Maybe we can help there. And, are any other gladiator schools entering?
Zokos : Are there any games that involve swimming?
Acamas: Bah. Politics and religion, my least favorite topics.
Kataramene : For the morrow, tonight can we take our ease?
Acamas: We have numerous rivals, my lord. Should be a full slate.
Villager: Thanks for all your help Heroes! we would have been lost without your help
Epistor: Of course! To the estate! I think you'll be pleased with all the work that's been done...

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Re: Leonaidas' Journal

Post by Karvon » Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:45 pm

Lazyzeus : When we left off, the group had just saved Heropolis--and Argos--from the vengeance of Hera.

Polytropos : Yaaay
Eleni : For now.
Lazyzeus : I think we'll have Tel rejoin the group at the school, which is just ahead....
Epistor: Masters! I believe you will find the school much improved since you left!
Kataramene : That's good to know.
Epistor: Oh! And your companion, the great warrior, he returned to us a few days ago!
Polytropos : Really?!
Epistor: He spoke of a great quest... though I admit I didn't understand most of it.
Epistor: Pallas! Run on ahead and make sure they're ready!
Kataramene : Mmmm.... I bet he did.
Pallas: Aye, Epistor.
Eleni : Huh.
Polytropos : Well, that's News and aHalf.
Eleni : I see no reason to delay, then.
Kataramene : Can't wait to see the place, it's been so long.
Polytropos : It looks like real stone, even this close!
Acamas: Indeed, good you're back, since old Ep here wouldn't let us participate in the Games until you got back.
Polytropos : Good man! Sort of.
Polytropos : come, Zokos! this is where we sometimes occasionally live!
Peleus: Is everything all right? Sounded like a battle at Heropolis.
Eleni : Byrgos! How did you make your way here?
Brygos: *give the party a sullen look*
Brygos: I walked
Epistor : Everyone! Everyone, I have an announcement!
Leonidas : *looks around*
Eleni : ...right. Well, that makes sense.
Epistor : Stop what you're doing, please, and pay attention!
Epistor : Most of you weren't here when our sponsors left.
Kataramene : *looks at the new faces, then draws herself up in an attempt to look imposing*
Epistor : It is thanks to them that this school exists!
Epistor : I give you... the Heroes of Argos!
Polytropos : *grin! tinggg*
Bomani of Memphis: Hmm. Don't look like much.
Student Warrior: Hurray!
Polytropos : We've had a long walk, okay?
Polytropos : Good to see so many fighting folk here!
Kataramene : Looks can be deceptive, and eyesight subjective.
Eleni : *Grins* Well, technically, we didn't /walk/ here...
Telemachus : What's all the racket? AH.. there you are
Eleni : Tel!
Epistor: Ah, perhaps a demonstration!
Polytropos : THAT guy looks like much.
Eleni : Good to see you again. And not as a statue.
Polytropos : Hi Tel! ... and yeah... demonstration's good.
Kataramene : Which makes a change.
Telemachus : I dont know. you get made into a rock one time...;
Polytropos : Heh.
Student Warrior: *bangs sword against his shield* Bring it on!
Polytropos : We got any volunteers?
Polytropos : I see a challenger.
Acamas: *claps hands* Right then! Athus, you and... Bomani. Bomani, your armor.
Bomani of Memphis: I don't need no armor against the likes of him.
Bomani of Memphis: Come on then, boy.
Polytropos : Oho.
Eleni : *Chuckles* From the Andreas school of combat philosophy, I see.
Student Warrior: *smiles* is that so? I'm not THAT bad you know
Bomani of Memphis: We shall see.
Kataramene : *folds her arms, watching critcally*
Polytropos : *folds his arms, and watches critically*
Student Warrior: *dodges and weaves*
Polytropos : Once he remembered he had a shield, started doing alright.
Bomani of Memphis: You strike like a girl.
Kataramene : Hey!
Polytropos : Heh.
Student Warrior: And your like an old woman!
Student Warrior: Got you good there!
Eleni : Hm. Maybe these two need a lesson after.
Kataramene : Say either of those again and a there will be trouble.
Telemachus : If they landed hits as often as insults they'd be dangerous.
Polytropos : You're not a girl, Kat! You're a woman.
Andreas Appolodorus: They are not that bad.
Kataramene : *sniffs a little, mollified*
Acamas : *claps hands* All right! Enough.
Student Warrior: Just 'cos your bigger and stronger than me
Polytropos : I like Bomani's style, but he does leave himself open a bit...
Polytropos : *wince*
Zokos : ***Gah, sorry. Back!**
Bomani of Memphis: *helps him up*
Acamas: Our weapons are blunted, of course.
Polytropos : Ah, Zokos, just in time
Polytropos : Oh, of course.
Polytropos : Don't wanna kill the up and coming talent
Student Warrior: *wipes a bloody forehead* that last one was a duzzy!
Acamas: We rarely have... permanent harm. A good lesson to learn.
Polytropos : *claps.*
Eleni : All aggression, and very little defense. Sort of like Tel.
Bomani of Memphis: Well, what say you, "Hero"?
Eleni : Except he wears far less clothing.
Bomani of Memphis: Up to a bit of sparring?
Telemachus : Agression is the best form of defence.
Kataramene : Give me a stick....
Epistor: *chuckles* Ah, I don't think that...
Eleni : Hmmm.
Leonidas : He's certainly cocky enough.
Acamas: Heh. Might be a good lesson. Go ahead.
Polytropos : Ooo...
Bomani of Memphis: What, her?
Eleni : I suppose a little demonstration might be in order.
Telemachus : Don't break anything that wont grow back Kat.
Brygos: This will be interesting
Polytropos : Is there a problem? *tilts head at Brygos*
Kataramene : No armour is it? Someone help me out of this plate.
Bomani of Memphis: Well. I'll try not to mark anything that shows.
Bomani of Memphis: Armor's in the crate there, if you need it.
Polytropos : *'volunteers' to help Kat out of her armour.*
Epistor: Go easy Mistress Kataramene
Epistor: We will still need him later
Polytropos : *thumbs up*
Acamas: *rubs his chin*
Polytropos : Nothin' fancy, now.
Polytropos : Or, well.
Polytropos : Somethin' fancy. If you like.
Kataramene : My one to your two.
Kataramene : *swirls the sword and .. shows off*
Bomani of Memphis: All righty then. I could hold one hand behind my back?
Polytropos : It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it!
Student Warrior: *claps hands gleefully*
Bomani of Memphis: A dancer, eh?
Student Warrior: Wonderful!
Telemachus : hah I'm sure that's what she tells you pol
Polytropos : Heey...
Polytropos : *pause*
Kataramene : Do your best. And shut up, Tel.
Telemachus : *chuckles*
Polytropos : Hey!
Bomani of Memphis: *ooc Making a few adjustments to the AI, just in case*
Kataramene : *beckons with one hand* Let's see if you can handle that "weapon".
Bomani of Memphis: All right then.
Eleni : *Grinning* Very cute, this one. But far too cocky.
Bomani of Memphis: *oof!*
Kataramene : *trips him up*
Polytropos : Footwork... needs work!
Pallas: Have your hands full there Bomani!
Polytropos : In the FACE!
Pallas: *claps* well done
Eleni : Lasted a few seconds longer than I thought it would, to be fair.
Polytropos : *looks around, and claps*
Kataramene : *one final trup and drops one on his head*
Acamas: Knocked him out, looks like.
Telemachus : bring him round before he swallows his tonuge
Student Warrior: *looks awestruck*
Polytropos : Oof.
Epistor: Um... didn't crack his head, I hope?
Polytropos : Uh, Zokos?
Zokos : Do you need my assistance?
Polytropos : Could oyu see to the man in the dirt?
Pallas: Took enough smacks from that bastard. Glad to see him get his comeuppance.
Eleni : Best make sure the poor man will still have command of all his faculties in the morning.
Polytropos : I reckon so...
Kataramene : Didn't hit him /that/ hard, but yes. Help him please.
Polytropos : *grins at Kat, and gives her a thumbs up again*
Brygos: I see your still the same Kat
Bomani of Memphis: Uhhh.... *stirs*
Bomani of Memphis: You hit pretty hard, for a girl. *grins*
Andreas Appolodorus: That was unfair.
Polytropos : Heh.
Kataramene : Now .... what do you say ....
Bomani of Memphis: You are the better fighter, obviously.
Polytropos : That was goin' easy. The last fellow to call her a girl got a dislocated shoulder!
Polytropos : I think they found it in Thrace...
Kataramene : *grins and nods*
Diocles: *hangs back a bit, though watches intently*
Polytropos : Good to be home.
Epistor: The many years of practice shows my Lady
Lazyzeus : Ah, Diocles! Come forward!
Polytropos : You all set for the GAMES?
Eleni : Hm...?
Polytropos : Oh, hey there.
Polytropos : *squints at Diocles*
Diocles: I, ah... hello.
Eleni : ...another familiar face, I think?
Kataramene : *picks up all the gear she took off*
Diocles: *fidgets* Not sure if you remember me.
Polytropos : ... now that you mention it...
Diocles: Just, ah, wanted to thank you. For giving me this chance. This is much nicer than being a bandit.
Polytropos : Have we saved and/or fought you before?
Kataramene : We met you on the road, yes.
Polytropos : Oh!
Eleni : He was one of the charmed bandits we found near the... key.
Polytropos : Oh wow, I remember now.
Zokos : **chuckles at Polytropos**
Kataramene : A little confused, but seemingly better for the change. IT's good to see you.
Andreas Appolodorus: I believe I am still the champion of Argos.
Polytropos : Damn right, Andreas!
Acamas : All right, you lazy louts! No slacking off. Session on the dummies before supper, you know that!
Brygos: Who he calling dummy?
Student Warrior: Crap!
Eleni : Hm, yes. Make us proud, now, boys!
Student Warrior: You, you big brute.
Polytropos : Fight fight fight! The moment of truth is at hand!
Polytropos : Glory and renown await!
Polytropos : But hard work earns it.
Epistor: Shall we go inside? I'll have the servants prepare a nice supper.
Kataramene : The best should know that.
Andreas Appolodorus: And wine perhaps?
Epistor: Of course!
Kataramene : *arms full of armour moves to the house*
Polytropos : Best performer in the Arena from amongst you gets a fine reward!
Eleni : Ah, good! We've been subsiting on a diet of ambrosia lately, for the most part.
Eleni : Wonderful stuff, but you do get tired of it after a few weeks.
Eleni : *Nods to the servant*
Polytropos : Heyo!
Polytropos : Aaah.
Kataramene : *sets her stuff down and drops into the chair*
Polytropos : *puts his hands behind his back and relaxes* Hello, Melina!
Eleni : Godo to see you again, Melina!
Andreas Appolodorus: After you.
Polytropos : Oh hey!
Polytropos : It's the Gamesmasters.
Eleni : And ah, Myrtis and Peleus. I noticed you observing the proceedings...
Kataramene : Welcome. Come on in and take refreshment.
Eleni : How have the games been in our absence?
Polytropos : *nabs a few.*
Zokos : **accepts a refreshment**
Peleus: Dull, quite dull. Master Epistor has been quite firm in refusing to participate until you returned from your journeys.
Leonidas : *sits and helps himself to food and drink*
Epistor: Well, it is their school.
Epistor: Oh, and that reminds me!
Polytropos : It's almost as if he knew we'd be back...
Eleni : I know some of us would have been dissapointed to miss their first outing, yes.
Kataramene : We've been gone a while.
Peleus: Well, now that you are here, can I present your fighters as the marquee candidates for this Games?
Myrtis: The Games are simply wonderful
Epistor: *opens a locked cabinet, and takes out several pouches*
Polytropos : I think they're keen to enter, sure. Who else is?
Eleni : We've not yet had the chance to inspect their performance properly, but I don't see how we could refuse.
Peleus: Some fighters from Laconia, and a crew from Corinth. And the usual locals, though they're nothing near as good as your warriors.
Kataramene : Should we do so, in fact?
Epistor: *waits for a lull in the discussion*
Polytropos : Normally I'd love the glory, but didn't we already do that, once...
Eleni : Partake in the gamse ourselves, you mean? I don't know. That hardly seems sporting.
Kataramene : I was thinking it might discourage.
Peleus: Indeed, now that you are masters of a sporting house...
Myrtis: The Heroes of Argos? You must come and take part!
Polytropos : Hey, if anyone asks for an exhibition bout, happy to oblige, but...
Peleus: It would do the city well to see a good Games, especially with all the contention with all those priests.
Kataramene : It would be unfair to fight for the purse, is all.
Polytropos : *rubs chin.*
Polytropos : Your call, Mr. Peleus. I'd like our trainees to get their shot. But if you can fit us in somewhere entertaining, why not.
Kataramene : *nods a little* A demonstration, though, is another matter.
Peleus: I think your candidates will do quite well, from what I just saw.
Telemachus : Got any good monsters to fight? that'd be good.
Polytropos : We got the best one around already.
Polytropos : Thankfully.
Telemachus : don't talk about your wife that way.
Myrtis: We had a Hydra one year, but it lost its head.....heads *snickers*
Kataramene : ....
Polytropos : Ooooohhh.
Peleus: Well then. I will see about scheduling an exhibition, perhaps Argos's champion against the best from the other cities?
Polytropos : Well, hey. We could fight each other.
Kataramene : First, I am not his wife. Second, you are going to suffer.
Polytropos : Or there's that. Andreas needs to defend his title.
Telemachus : Pfft good as.
Peleus: Otherwise I will announce the debut of the Heroes School in the next Games. The whole city will be talking about it by nightfall!
Polytropos : Huzzah!
Epistor: Ah, yes, I didn't know if you wanted another name.
Zokos : I believe I could arrange for an Elemental for you to fight... not much of a challenge though
Eleni : A name?
Polytropos : Hm.
Epistor: For the school.
Zokos : Should I call one for you to examine?
Eleni : Ah. Hm.
Polytropos : The Argos School...? The Heropolis School?
Myrtis: "School of Heroes by Heroes"....good sound to that
Peleus: Only three days to prepare Myrtis, we have a lot to do.
Myrtis: *nods*
Polytropos : The Polytropos School of Excellence?
Eleni : Bit of a mouthful.
Kataramene : *coughs out a mouthful of drink*
Eleni : And Argos School sounds a bit... presumptuous.
Eleni : As does /that/.
Polytropos : *sigh*
Polytropos : Heropolis School, then.
Eleni : Maybe..
Polytropos : 's put our little adopted village on the map.
Eleni : Just a thought, but we could name it after old Militiades.
Polytropos : ... ah.
Kataramene : That is a good idea.
Polytropos : *pause.*
Telemachus : Yeah. I'd like that.
Polytropos : *nods.*
Polytropos : 'good.
Eleni : I'd like to think he would, as well.
Polytropos : Any disagree?
Telemachus : Militades Acadamy?
Myrtis: *claps* Bravo! Wonderful idea!
Polytropos : the Militades Fighting School it is, then.
Eleni : That has a fine ring to it.
Peleus: A good name. Sounds military. This Miltiades was a great fighter?
Kataramene : He was. He was.
Eleni : He trained half of us!
Eleni : It seems only appropriate.
Telemachus : He trained the more martial amoungst us.
Peleus: *nods* We shall announce the school under that name, then. And be sure to feature the Heroes of Argos prominently in our advertising.
Telemachus : And was something of a father figure for those of us who lacked them... he died recently.
Polytropos : We wanted him to see this place.
Polytropos : ... anyway. Yes.
Kataramene : Now, in a way, he will.
Peleus: We will go to our preparations, then. I'll send Myrtis around tomorrow for your full list of contenders. The Games are in three days.
Eleni : Indeed.
Myrtis: *curtsy*
Eleni : *Nods to Peleus*
Kataramene : Three days to fill. Should we venture into Argos?
Kataramene : I remember we left that armour to be altered.
Polytropos : We cna ask about the God situation...
Epistor: I am sure that the city fathers would be happy to see you. The city has been wrought with argument these last few weeks.
Telemachus : heh yeah, might not be much use now though
Zokos : I would not decline a tour, this is all new to me
Eleni : There will be bussiness to attend to, I'm sure.
Polytropos : ... and... Epistor looks like he wants to say something?
Epistor: Ah, just that I have something for you all.
Eleni : Ah, yes! And we can show Zokos around.
Telemachus : Oh?
Kataramene : Hmmm?
Epistor: *holds up a number of fat purses* The harvest was quite good.
Eleni : Ah. Excellent news.
Polytropos : And spending coin on top of it all!
Telemachus : Ah excellent!
Polytropos : Well. The city beckons!
Polytropos : As for that, I think I have the perfect prize to offer, to inspire our fighters to train even harder.
Epistor: I reinvested much of the rest in improvements to the school and village, but this is pure profits!
Eleni : Excellent.
Epistor: Ah, a prize from past quests?
Telemachus : adventuring was getting expensive. Believe it or not, buying armour from the forges of heapestus is pricey.
Kataramene : We should offer the purse then, yes.
Polytropos : It's gody olive!
Polytropos : ... Godly!"
Epistor: A fine prize indeed.
Polytropos : Can make it into a wreath or something.
Polytropos : Anyway! Shall we go to town?
Epistor: An olive wreath? Hmm... I don't think that's been done before. But it sounds nice!
Epistor: Like a crown for the victor...
Kataramene : In the morning, perhaps?
Polytropos : That works...
Polytropos : Oh yeah, it is a bit late. Aright!
Epistor: Yes, until then... food and drink! Wine for the masters!
Eleni : He's been known to have some interesting ideas now and then, Pol.
Eleni : *Grabs some wine*
Servant: Lays a tray on the table*
Eleni : ...it's good to be a place meant for humans again.
Lazyzeus : The comforts of the old estate remain. The students sleep in a barracks converted from the old storehouse, so you have the upper floor and its luxurious beds to yourselves.
Leonidas : *sits and strums, singing tales of the past exploits of the group*
Polytropos : Aaaaah...
Polytropos : *lets the aches just float away*
Eleni : So, Tel! How did you find your way back here?
Kataramene : *bathes properly, getting rid of the swamp finally*
Telemachus : I got.. diverted elsewhere for a while.
Zokos : well glad you made it back in one piece!
Eleni : *Sips her wine* 'Diverted'? Now that's just asking for most questions.
Telemachus : and then got a godly shortcut back.
Kataramene : So many servants now.
Polytropos : Gettin' crowded.
Polytropos : I think so!
Eleni : Hm. Another favor from Hermes?
Kataramene : Cleanliness is a luxury we rarely get.
Kataramene : Thank you!
Telemachus : I think I earnt it.
Polytropos : *rubs hands* Ready!
Eleni : He helped us get back here just in time to stop the colossus, as well. Speaking of which, we really should try to harvest that thing for its metal....
Kataramene : We should really break it up so the thing can't be used again, for certain.
Eleni : That, as well.
Kataramene : Can we get someone sent to do that?
Epistor: Ah, I hope your rest was comfortable?
Epistor: I will see it done, mistress!
Telemachus : I heard about that. Should stick it up on the harbor as a warning to anyone who wants to mess with us.
Eleni : It was a dreadful machine. In fact, I... ah, hello Epistor.
Epistor: That much metal... I am certain I can find a buyer.
Kataramene : A statue on the harbour, hmm... *rubs chin* That would be remembered.
Epistor: A thousand apologies for interrupting. There are olive spread, fresh-baked black bread, and honey-dusted cakes for breakfast.
Eleni : I suppose we can consider the options.
Eleni : Ah, wonderful.
Polytropos : *filches food*
Eleni : By the way, Epistor...
Epistor: Yes, mistress?
Eleni : Did a mother and her child by any chance arrive here recently? Adelphe and Helene?
Servant: *lays more food on the table*
Epistor: Hmm, no, no one by that name. I shall keep an eye out, however.
Eleni : Hm. They were the only survivors from some trouble out west, and we told them they would be welcomed here.
Zokos : I had forgotten about them Eleni! I'm a bit worried now, perhaps we have time to look for them?
Epistor: Of course. Even without such a mandate, we would never turn away anyone in need.
Eleni : I hope they did not get into trouble along the way.
Kataramene : *eats plentifully but pauses* I hope they haven't faltered on the journey.
Epistor: Were they coming a long way?
Eleni : From Foloi.
Epistor: Hmm. That's all the way near the west coast, I believe.
Eleni : A fair ways, for anyone who isn't as used to the roads as us.
Epistor: Well. I can dispatch someone, if you wish.
Eleni : If someone can be spared, by all means.
Epistor: It shall be done. Adelphe and Helene, you said? A mother and child?
Eleni : Yes.
Epistor: I shall see to it personally.
Polytropos : Mmm. Long road. Right! Let's get a look at Argos.
Kataramene : Do we armour up and look the part?
Eleni : *Takes some grapes for the road*
Polytropos : Not today, surely!
Polytropos : It's nice to walk without the stuff for once. Our slaves can clean it up!
Eleni : If we're going for shock and awe, I'll go get changed.
Kataramene : I don't know, we should make an impression. Particularly with the city fathers.
Polytropos : You always make an impression.
Eleni : Perhaps Kat isn't wrong, though.
Telemachus : Pfft no chance. I cleaned it up already, but I'm not taking it off.
Eleni : If we're to have an impact on what's happening in the city, people need to remember who we are.
Kataramene : *preens* It would be nice to look the part is all.
Polytropos : You were born in yours. Aright, Aright...
Kataramene : *quick change*
Eleni : It's been so long. Do you think the troubles the Scoins caused touched Argos?
Zokos : So we are dressing up for the trip to town then?
Polytropos : Looks like it, Zokos.
Kataramene : We should look like what we are. Seasoned warriors.
Zokos : *sighs* All right then
Kataramene : Some people respect nothing less.
Kataramene : Besides *grins at Pol* you look good with that shield.
Eleni : Hah.
Polytropos : ... well, of course!
Polytropos : To Argos!
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Target Dummy : A glancing hit, two points!
Eleni : Hello there. You're up and at it early.
Telemachus : Keep at it Pallas
Pallas: I understand we're going to be fighting in the Games!
Kataramene : Can't stint with the games so near.
Hired Guard: Going out?
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Eleni : That's the plan!
Pallas: I hope... I hope I do all right. I know I wasn't very good when we started out.
Polytropos : So do we!
Pallas: I don't want to embarass the school.
Hired Guard: Have a good day then
Polytropos : So show us all otherwise!
Eleni : That was a long time ago. Feels like a long time ago.
Telemachus : Just don't die.
Eleni : Just don't wear yourself out beforehand. You'll need to be sharp.
Kataramene : *watches Acamas working with the others for a moment*
Eleni : Good luck!
Acamas: Right you lazy sods
Polytropos : Ten laps around the school! Heh.
Student Warrior: So... tired...
Acamas: I've seen none worse than you lot
Eleni : Heh.
Brygos: Why run so much? Thought school was for hitting.
Acamas: Your going to have to do ten times better!
Kataramene : They should rest the day before, to be ready.
Lazyzeus : You head back along the familiar path that leads to Argos...
Eleni : Well! Welcome to Argos, Zokos.
Polytropos : The city of Argos!
Leonidas : *strums harp*
Polytropos : First things first, we can drop in on the city councillors...
Kataramene : A fine place, and busy metropolis.
Citizen : Hestia!
Zokos : Ahh, the sea! I love the smell of the sea!
Pelopidas: *nods* Ah...the Heroes of Argos are back!
Polytropos : In fact, there's one of them now.
Wealthy Citizen : You fool! Poseidon is the natural choice!
Pelopidas: Welcome, welcome!
Eleni : ...it seems we have stumbled upon an argument.
Pelopidas: *shrugs* Arguments over Gods *sighs*
Kataramene : Division in allegiance?
Pelopidas: what can you do
Wealthy Citizen: Brother! You carry the sigil of Posiedon!
Eleni : The art of lively debate is alive and well in Argos, I see.
Wealthy Citizen: Tell this fool that Hestia is a pale imitation of a real god!
Zokos : *bows* I do
Pelopidas: More of them at it inside
Pelopidas: It's been going on for weeks!
Citizen: I should clop you on the head!
Polytropos : Can we help?
Kataramene : Then perhaps it's time a decision was made. What might sway local opinion?
Polytropos : City without a patron, it ain't right.
Pelopidas: *laughs* I dunno....can you?
Eleni : Oh, joy. Where theology meets politics.
Pelopidas: Go ahead and try if you like
Craftsman: Without Hestia's blessing, we'd all starve!
Zokos : Dedication to the Gods is shown in deads, not words. You can not convince another to believe.
Pelopidas: Can't be worse that what's going on all day every day
Craftsman: Man doesn't have to go on the sea if he doesn't want to... but we all have to eat what we grow!
Cretan Merchant: Welcome to Knossos. Can I interest you in my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Zokos : Do not waste time in fighting, leave the fighting to the Gods themselves...
Kataramene : We could use the games as a forum for it.
Citizen: You're wasting your time with this lot, brother.
Citizen: They live to argue.
Telemachus : For what though?
Eleni : Hm. Is that what we want to do?
Thracian Merchant: Welcome to my shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Zokos : Show your dedication in your work, in your dedication to your family and neighbors
Eleni : Propose certain fighters as champions of a given god?
Telemachus : Are we going to champion one god over another ourselves?
Egyptian Merchant: The knowledge of the Great Library of Ra-Kedet is now available for all who seek edification.
Leonidas: Edification is good. How much?
Kataramene : It's not ideal, I thought that we would be able to choose from popular opinion, but if there is none?
Thracian Merchant: Welcome to my shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Eleni : The games could be a way to bring everyone together, yes. Or it could be a way to deepen he divide.
Eleni : *the
Eleni : Tricky.
Eleni : It is an idea, at least. Probably a better one than shouting at each other until a solution emerges, at least.
Kataramene : A patron whose dominion would suit the city makes sense, perhaps.
Thracian Merchant: Welcome to my shop. Would you like to see my wares?
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Polytropos : We could certainly do that.
Kataramene : *looks in the direction of the door* It wouldn't hurt.
Eleni : Prepare yourselves, everyone...
Polytropos : Zokos!
Polytropos : We're going into the big place!
Strato : Ah! The Heroes of Argos have returned!
Zokos : Comming... I'm marveling at the idiocy of people who thing that dedication to the Gods is shown by shouting at their neighbors. **shakes head**
Lazyzeus : *all eyes in the room turn to you*
Eleni : Greetings, councilors.
Polytropos : Hail!
Egyptian Merchant: The knowledge of the Great Library of Ra-Kedet is now available for all who seek edification.
Leonidas: Edification is good. How much?
Polytropos : Heh.
Zokos : **Firmly tells the Wealthy Citizen to show his dedication to Poseidon in more constructive ways as he leaves**
Eleni : And it is good to be in Argos once more.
Kataramene : It's good to be back, even if to such conflict.
Cretan Merchant: Welcome to Knossos. Can I interest you in my wares?
Eleni : Though not quite as good to see it so divided.
Leonidas: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kataramene : You could say that ....
Eleni : Something along those lines, yes.
Polytropos : Let's see. Where do matters stand?
Citizen: The Heroes of Argos! I saw them win in the Arena, it was quite impressive!
Lamachus: As you can see *waves to the clerics* each has a representive here
Eleni : Do not assume we are all of one mind. Most of us, I think, are undecided on the matter.
Eleni : *Mostly to the priest of Poseidon*
Leonidas : *wanders in and finds a pillar to lounge against*
Strato: Well, I could have them make their arguments, if you wish.
Kataramene : *looks at the group* Their patrons have each proven of invaluable assistance to us in the past, it is not an easy decision. I think I would like to ask questions.
Strato: Of course.
Zokos : I leave argument of that nature to the Gods themselves. Believe what you wish. If you want to know my beliefs, ask and I will show you Poseidon's power.
Strato: Petitioner priests.
Strato: These individuals are influential members of Argosian society.
Strato: They would like to hear you, and ask questions of you.
Priestess of Hestia: So be it.
Priestess of Hermes: They will be easily persuaded to our cause.
Strato: Perhaps you first then
Priest of Poseidon: *grins, and winks at Zokos* Of course!
Polytropos : I want to stand on the thing if I'm going to be manipulated.
Strato: You make that the Dias in turn and say your piece
Polytropos : This is better!
Eleni : *Chuckles* Far enough.
Polytropos : Hello, priests!
Priestess of Hestia: I greet you, Heroes.
Priestess of Hestia: I serve Hestia, goddess of the home and hearth.
Eleni : *Nods*
Priestess of Hestia: For what is more important than the home? It is the fundamental unit of society.
Priestess of Hestia: When the home prospers, the city prospers.
Leonidas : *yawns*
Priestess of Hestia: Who else looks out for pregnant mothers, for the little children?
Priestess of Hestia: Who protects the weak, and shelters the needy?
Kataramene : *nods a little*
Priestess of Hestia: Such are easily forgotten, in the annals of heroes and gods and monsters.
Priestess of Hestia: Support my patroness, and she shall bring prosperity and happiness to your city.
Polytropos : *scratches the back of his head.*
Strato: Thank you. Next please
Leonidas : They all claim thatl.
Priestess of Artemis: I serve Artemis, the huntress.
Polytropos : That's... a good case, but... isn't Hestia a little... um, dull...?
Polytropos : Oh!
Polytropos : *listens.*
Kataramene : *seems a little more deferential to this one*
Priestess of Artemis: Ask yourself this. Do you want your city overrun by rats? By feral dogs?
Priestess of Artemis: Do you want your animals to break their pens and run off?
Polytropos : Oof.
Priestess of Artemis: Do you want your archers' arrows to bend and fly away?
Polytropos : .. what kind of heroes would we be if we just had to fight warehouses full of rats...?
Leonidas : hmm
Eleni : Now this sounds less like an argument in favor of Artemis and more like a threat.
Priestess of Artemis: If you want to live in a vermin-filled city that is infested with misery, then vote for one of these others. That is all.
Kataramene : *makes a shusing motion with her hand*
Strato: *nods* very good, next
Priest of Poseidon: Friends, brothers, sisters.
Priest of Poseidon: Is not Argos on the sea? Do not ships come every day bringing prosperity?
Priest of Poseidon: I see merchants from around the known world in your market. From whence do those goods come?
Priest of Poseidon: You are all men and women of the world. You have sailed on many voyages, I'm sure.
Leonidas : *nods*
Polytropos : Hard to deny that.
Priest of Poseidon: You have in your company one of my brother priests. No doubt he has helped you many times with the blessings of our patron.
Zokos : *nods and smiles*
Priest of Poseidon: Surely you can see, that the friendship of the master of the seas is a vital thing to have?
Leonidas : Indeed
Priest of Poseidon: I will not offer threats like my poorly-mannered rival here.
Priest of Poseidon: But consider, the benefits of ocean trade and safe travels!
Priest of Poseidon: Poseidon's friendship will enrich your city.
Priest of Poseidon: Please, vote as you must.
Strato: Thank you, next please
Leonidas : *nods*
Priestess of Hermes: I serve Hermes, the winged messenger.
Eleni : *Smiles vaguely at this one*
Priestess of Hermes: Long has Hermes watched over Argos. Our priests have been in the Arena for each of the Games.
Priestess of Hermes: We are already a semi-sponsor of the city. It is only right for us to take the lead going forward.
Priestess of Hermes: Where were these others when Argos faced its tough times?
Priestess of Hermes: *looks at each of you in turn* I know that my patron has helped each of you in the past. Consider this. You owe him.
Strato: Very good, thank you. *Turns to the others* There you have it, each of them puts forward a compelling argument in favor of their God. But which to choice? Or indeed How? Your input if you please
Kataramene : *lifts an eyebrow a little*
Polytropos : Oof.
Leonidas : Hmph
Eleni : I feel we might need some time amongst ourselves to discuss this.
Kataramene : Might I ask questions and make a suggestion?
Priest of Poseidon: Of course, of course.
Strato: of course! we've had weeks of this
Priestess of Artemis: If you must.
Zokos : I do not recall Hermes saying anything about us owing him, last time we spoke. In fact, I believe he granted us a boon at that time, and kindly.
Leonidas : Indeed
Priestess of Hermes: So you are saying that he granted you a favor. And you would spurn him now?
Kataramene : We do indeed owe much to the patrons of each of you, but it is Argos we need to consider, and in that I may have a solution.
Leonidas : Ah such winning way with words.
Strato: Really? Share with us if you would
Priestess of Artemis: Bah. Hermes is barely one of the Twelve.
Zokos : **chuckles** I think he would find it funny to think that our actions here could be an insult to him.
Priestess of Artemis: And those winged sandles? What's up with that?
Polytropos : ... I always thought those looked good...
Eleni : He's definitely shown himself to have more of a sense of humor than most, true.
Kataramene : Each of you have much to offer. *gesturing to all* But each in different places to different aspects of the city.
Strato: Please, let the Lady have her say
Kataramene : Argos is a nexus, and Hermes and Poseidon both aid there. Travel, by sea or land, to bring people from far and wide. But Artemis helps the wilds remain safe and Hestia provides for the upkeep of the city.
Kataramene : So my proposal is this.
Strato: Yes Lady Kataramene, go on
Kataramene : Artemis, a goddess who loves the wild. I don't see her happy in a city such as this, but a shrine to the benefits she brings is well placed in the surrounding lands. We need hunters and guardians from nature, who would seek her out. I know I would.
Priestess of Artemis: *eyes narrow* You offer the great goddess some pilgrim's shrine?
Lamachus: Let her finish her proposal.
Kataramene : Mother Hestia's bounty is unlimited, we all need her care, but that is the focus of those around the city. There is a town nearby who's people focus on her providence.
Strato: *looks over at Lamachus with a raised eyebrow*
Kataramene : No small roadside thing, but one focused on the beauty of nature and all it brings.
Priestess of Hestia: *frowns, but listens*
Kataramene : As with Mother Hestia. I would provide from my own purse for both. Any woman would.
Priest of Poseidon: *looks at the priestess of Hermes*
Priestess of Hermes: *looks back*
Kataramene : To Poseidon I propose something similar. A shrine closer still to his medium. No less grand, but one where the seafarers can see him and request his beneficience.
Priestess of Hermes: Yes, but who gets the main temple in the city?
Eleni : *Hums, looking thoughtful*
Polytropos : *d'oh*
Priest of Poseidon: Yes, pleasant, but we already _have_ a temple, my dear.
Priest of Poseidon: A very large one. Placed quite close to here.
Lamachus: *under his breath* Placed quite close to the gold coins of the city's wealthy.
Strato: Yes, yes, fine ideas and worthy notions, but the true patron of the city is to be......?
Priestess of Hermes: Wait, what do we get under this scheme?
Priestess of Hermes: The lady has not yet spoken of Hermes.
Kataramene : It's a city of travel, for those who move, I would see that Hermes /should/ provide for that. But that is the key.
Strato: So, you favor Hermes then?
Priestess of Hestia: There is some wisdom in the proposal.
Lamachus: We do not have the wealth to build four temples.
Kataramene : In the middle of stone, he is best placed in my eyes, but he must also account for those travelling over the wishes of the others.
Polytropos : ... darn.
Priestess of Artemis: Bah! I will speak on this _sharing_ plan.
Strato: *sharp intake of breath and a hurried look at the other clerics*
Priestess of Artemis: Perhaps you "Heroes" haven't had much contact with the gods before.
Zokos : **smiles** Lady Katarmene, you show surprising wisdom for one so skilled with a sword...
Priestess of Artemis: But the gods are not big on sharing prestige and position.
Eleni : ...funny you should say that.
Priestess of Artemis: Cities have sponsors! Not committees!
Priestess of Artemis: I'll not share anything with this lot!
Priestess of Hermes: well said!
Kataramene : I beg to differ.
Priestess of Artemis: Choose your choice, and live with the consequences!
Priestess of Hermes: There can be only one patron
Zokos : **frowns at the Priestess of Artemis** You present a false
Kataramene : We know for a fact that your patron shared in joint venture with others recently.
Priest of Poseidon: Please, please.
Priest of Poseidon: Let's all be reasonable.
Zokos : ...false chose
Priestess of Hestia: Sounds very reasonable to me
Priest of Poseidon: I think the idea is a fine one. The gods do cooperate. Look at that business with Troy.
Priestess of Hestia: *smirks*
Priestess of Artemis: You _dare_ bring that up?
Polytropos : That... er, that might not be the best example vis a vis city prosperity
Priest of Poseidon: *holds up his hands propiatingly*
Kataramene : I would also take Artemis as my own patron.
Priestess of Artemis: *sneers* You have the stink of Ares on you, warrior woman. You're no hunter.
Strato: Please, ladies and gentlemen. A bit of decorum
Kataramene : You'd be surprised.
Priest of Poseidon: Look, let's agree that our sponsors are all valuable to the city.
Eleni : *Shakes her head*
Zokos : The Gods exist together, and each has thier own dominion. Conflict is the providence of the furies, and it is a false choise to force uppon this community.
Priest of Poseidon: Perhaps we could collaborate. But we do need to apportion the old temple, of She Who Shall Not Be Named Here.
Eleni : All the same, Zokos. A city needs a patron.
Polytropos : I've got an idea. Of a sort.
Priest of Poseidon: Now, clearly we all can't share the same temple.
Zokos : **nods at the Priest of Poseidon** You are correct Brother
Lamachus: A city can't seek the help of four Gods....can it?
Polytropos : *holds up a hand*
Priestess of Artemis: Great. Another idea.
Kataramene : Why not....
Polytropos : You might like this one?
Priestess of Hestia: Please, sister, let the man speak.
Priestess of Artemis: I'm not your sister.
Zokos : Our devotion, and our patronage, is shown in our actions that support our patrons realms
Polytropos : You're right about the Gods not liking to share.
Lamachus: At last! A voice of reason
Polytropos : But I think they all have another thing in common; they do like champions.
Lamachus: *waves hands a bit* Everyone like a winner!
Polytropos : You have in front of you an assembly of Heroes, and a Games coming up.
Polytropos : *looks down the line, at his friends, and grins*
Polytropos : We could do this the old fashioned way.
Eleni : *Sheepish shrug, as if saying she somehow knew it would come to this*
Kataramene : *folds her arms*
Polytropos : We pick a God, or the priests can pick one of us each, and we'll champion it into the arena.
Zokos : You can not force another to dedicate themselves to a God. That is a false choice, and the Gods themselves have banished many to Hades for causing such conflict.
Lamachus: *looks over at Strato* Perhaps.......?
Polytropos : *shrugs at Zokos*
Eleni : The people would surely unite behind a champion.
Polytropos : Hitting other people has been the cornerstone of civilisation for centuries!
Priestess of Artemis: I'll take your challenge, Spartan, and I need not would-be hero to champion Artemis. I'll fight for my own goddess in your arena.
Priestess of Artemis: We
Strato: What do you think my clerical friends?
Priestess of Artemis: We'll see how you like my arrows.
Polytropos : ... interesting.
Priestess of Hestia: *shakes her head* I'm sorry, but I cannot participate in such a plan. Violence is not our way.
Priest of Poseidon: I will have my brother priest champion Poseidon!
Zokos : You speak truth Polytopos! **laughs** But that does not excuse these priests from their attempts to cause yet more conflict.
Kataramene : The offer of your place in the nearby town is one I won't reverse.
Priestess of Hermes: Indeed, I will find someone to champion Hermes's cause.
Priestess of Hestia: *nods*
Priestess of Artemis: Fine then! Until your bloody games. I will sharpen my arrows. *scowls and heads off*
Kataramene : I'll ensure a purse is avialable to aid building.
Eleni : Hm. I would suggest some form of contest that does not involve bloodshed, but I fear that would not cause the same enthousiasm amongst the people.
Strato: *shrugs* There you have it
Polytropos : She seems nice.
Kataramene : A games of some kind?
Zokos : The place of a priest is to support their commuity, and to dedicate their sweat and gold to the realms of their chosen patron.
Priest of Poseidon: We shall carry the day, brother.
Kataramene : *narrows eyes* Who seems nice?
Priestess of Hermes: I will notify you of our champion ere the contest.
Polytropos : Not NICE nice. Just, you nknow. Nice.
Eleni : Something along those liens, yes. But contests and athletics are your area, not mine.
Polytropos : Thanks!
Lamachus: Well, I guess we have a solution. Of a sort.
Polytropos : and... sorry, Zokos. At least this settles things before Hera or someone else has time to unleash another monster...?
Lamachus: I can say one thing: the Games won't be dull this year.
Kataramene : *still arms folded and something of a pout*
Zokos : Poseidon will endure as long as the sea. Our job is to ensure that our fellows do not succumb to the failures of the scions.
Strato: It's perhaps not the ideal way but at least it will bring to an end the constant arguing
Eleni : I should say that Zokos is free to decline, if that is his wish.
Polytropos : Well, of course!
Leonidas : I dunno, if it were up to me; I think I'd give the temple to Hermes as Posiadon already has a good one, but make Posiadon the city sponsor.
Priestess of Hestia: *shakes head sadly and departs*
Leonidas : He was the most rationale of the lot, and that's a big factor for dealing with such a sponsor down the road.
Polytropos : *guilty look at the Hestian priestess*
Priest of Poseidon: Right then! Let's see about getting you ready to carry victory for Poseidon, brother!
Leonidas : His blessings would most likely have the most impact on the city.
Polytropos : ... sorry. *to Kat*
Strato: The Heroes of Argos save the day again...well, nearly!
Polytropos : And, maybe, Leo...
Lamachus: Well, the gambling dens will profit, if no one else does.
Polytropos : But the priest here has a point; 's a big port city. We made it so.
Leonidas : *shrugs* just my two bits.

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