Assault on Aldera Campaign

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Shadani » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:37 am

Miiq did not appear particularly concerned by the current predicament. They were, for the moment, beyond reach of both the Derro and the Alderran surfacers, in a place with potential for new opportunities. New conquests.

Perhaps, if this relic Alzari expected them to find proved sufficiently interesting, they might pursue a different path altogether. Yes. Miiq saw that the others were open, now, to such propositions in ways they might not have been before, with the Derro's promise of safety and power proving increasingly hollow. They were a dying people now as they had been before; they had merely altered the nature of their demise. Surely, even the most foolish of Miiq's companions had come to realise this by now.

In time, perhaps, some of them might see the wisdom in following a wiser master. But if his time among them had taught Miiq anything, it was patience.

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Ayram » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:28 am

Well it looked like this might just be the last job they did for the Derro, and then maybe they could leave the island of Aldera to it's fate. But before that, they had a different isle to contend with. And it was rainy and miserable and inhabited by damp, miserable creatures. Go figure.

Vot hadn't had the time or the room to cook anything on the boat, so they had been dealing with travel rations for the last day or so, and it looked like he wouldn't get to change that yet. He certainly wasn't going to borrow the hag's fire. She may be an ally under the circumstances, but you don't let a scorpion ride on your back, as the saying went. That must apply somewhere here. He wasn't sure. Whatever, it was rainy and miserable and he really wanted to get this job done with.

Time to kill a mutant croc-man-thing.

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by smartalec » Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:52 pm

It was another of their days Only a little longer now, before he'd meet her. He tried to keep his pleasure at the prospect hidden. He still delivered the information, and told what he was asked to tell, but the truth of the matter now... no, that was for them. That was his, and he'd keep it for himself, anyone else be damned.

He stood, deciding that there was no need to wait. He gathered his books and his bag - the clink of sava pieces and bottles within - and almost walked into the seamed face of Vemelrie Dar'Ges - the Spymistress? Here? Again?

She seemed as unsurprised as he was momentarily taken aback. "Going somewhere, mage?"

"Yes." His confusion must have showed. Surely she remembered about this? "My appointment?"

She gave him a look that suggested he was being very stupid. "You need no longer keep them. It's over. Your services in this matter are no longer needed."

Silence. He couldn't think of a thing to say. What?

"Is that a problem, mage?"

He shook his head, suddenly numb, and the Spymistress strode away. He had to sit down... he fluttered to a chair, stomach tight. Over... His mind ran through various scenarios that could somehow keep this happening. Ways to get her a message, to arrange rendezvous... surely she felt something, would be willing to continue even without the flimsy pretext of their 'official' meetings. Maybe he could be taken on as a mage of her House, even, it had to be better than here if he had the favour of a female...

There was a moment of cold clarity. A shiver ran down his spine; he sat bolt upright.

The term is 'Sacrificial'

Things are moving, and we shall have to move with them

Conceal that something else is going on

It's over

He looked around the library. Stacks of books, scrolls, relics in cases. For the moment, no-one was around. And soon, neither was he.


The palace of Neldrin was in chaos. Flames licked over portions of their rocky estate - black-clad soldiers and tall, roaring demons strode about in packs, fighting with the family's guard. Screams and explosions rippled through the air, and all smelled of burning rock. No-one came near - no-one living in the city around them dared watch, even from a window. Everyone knew what this meant, in Guallidurth. The death of a House.

At least that meant no-one to get in his way. Zau'lann picked his way through the madness. He hadn't been here before, but it wasn't hard to determine where to go - he just had to go where all the soldiers were trying to go, and where all the guards were trying to stop them from getting. In the loud collapse of all, no-one had much time to pay an invisible mage much attention.

He wasn't sure what God to pray to - or to have faith in. But something granted him a boon, somewhere. In an antechamber that was fast becoming a knot of defence, he found her... relieved, he called her name.

As he emerged from the veil of sight, the look on her face was that of astonishment, soon turning to aghast suspicion. "Zau? Do - are YOU part of this?"

She strode towards him, unsure in a way he'd never seen. Understandable. He held up his hands. "No. No! Please, you have to come with me. Anyone you want to bring, but it has to be now. They're right behind me."

As if to prove his point, there was hammering nearby, a door being smashed down. Guards ran about, ready to defend the chamber, paying the two of them no mind. Tian'ith's eyes widened... but hardened. "This is my House. I can't just run away."

He moved close, took her hand. "There's too many of them. Please..." Not less than a moment later, he could see it had been a move too far. She looked uncertain, desperate tempted to join him, to take his hand in turn, he could see it - but then, it was gone. She drew herself up to her full height, gathering all the dignity she possessed. This was Tian'ith Neldrin in her aspect as soldier, commander... the proud warrior she wanted to be, above politics, craving the simplicity of the battle. This was a glimpse of the hard rebellion against her people that he'd fallen for in the first place... a glimpse that would deny him.

She took her hand away - firmly, not violently. "I will fight for my family. That is why I'm here. If you want to help me, jaluk, fight with us." She would brook no compromise, he knew, and any protest he could make would not reach her. He'd known this would be before he'd even arrived... and so, he looked into her face, and he nodded, bowing his head and moving to stand at her side. She nodded in turn, grateful, giving him one warm smile before putting her warrior's face back on. She raised her swords, and ordered some of the guards to form a line across the entrance corridor.

It was time. He'd known it would come to this... even before he'd left the library. He'd come prepared.

As the door finally gave way, and soldiers streamed in, "Forgive me." He placed a hand on her shoulder, And as she turned her head in confusion, he drew the rod he'd taken from the Reliquary, and spoke the word.

There was a flash, and the two of them were gone.

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Vanya Mia » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:20 pm

Standing by Zau’lann’s side in the light of the surface day Tian’ith looked up at the louring sky, her mind finding it hard to encompass the change. Just once before she had felt something as momentous. Standing on the edge of the outcropping she had watched her home crumble and burn, the flames making the figures of remaining soldiers and staff discernible in the courtyard. One by one the sounds of the murder of all who did not respond as desired came faintly on the still air.

“I should have died with my sisters.” Her statement would have sounded cold she knew but it had been heartfelt nonetheless. Her back had been turned but she had been aware of the presence of Zau’lann. Heard the nervous shuffle of his feet with anxiety that was warranted, and the hard swallow he made. The crack in his voice had betrayed it too.

“I could not let that happen, mrimm.” The noise of a cautious step backward, he had seen her tension, the tremor of the sword still in her hand. As Tian’ith pivoted to glare at him he had swayed away a little, fear present in his face but also resolve as he stood his ground.

“That was not your decision to make!” He had swallowed again at the force of her words, failing to hold her gaze, and licked his lips. After a few moments somehow finding the power to speak.

“But I did.” His voice had held a tone she knew, the note that told her he too stood as someone with nothing more to lose. Her sword had risen but somehow she could not bring it to strike.

Standing there trembling she had looked at the scene below once more, slowly sheathing her sword. Wordlessly she had turned away into the dark as behind her House died, and with it everything she had ever known and everything that she had ever been. Or so she had thought.

Looking at Zau’lann she was now aware that whatever their deprivations or needs that might drive them, in that moment she had been given the greatest gift of all. Her freedom.

“Time is of the essence,” she said to those at large. “Let us be about the task while the clouds still linger.” As he returned the look she gave her jaluk a warm if fleeting smile. “There’ll be time to consider the purpose in our future later.”

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Klasa » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:13 pm

This whole plan since the moment they reached that backwater town annoyed Ravillion greatly. Mostly it was the fact that she had to keep silent and leave the negotiations to the others... Curse the Rivvil and their infernal tongues.

But now at least they were in a situation where she could take charge again. And far more understanding company as well, although whether that stayed or not didn’t bother Ravillion. It would just be another body to the list after all, right after this ‘killer croc’.

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Lazybones » Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:54 am

Session 25

+600xp for Rogha, Zau'lann, Vot, Ravillion, and Tian'ith
+1200xp for Miiq

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Vanya Mia » Sat Feb 23, 2019 4:06 pm

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Ayram » Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:37 pm

Well this was going to the hells pretty fast. Vot had settled into a corner away from the drow to cook up a haunch of lizard he'd carved off earlier. Looks like he was going to have to use it as a peace offering, because the way this lot was, their little altercation would probably fester, so he had to take care of it now, before it got worse.

In time, Vot had prepared a decent seasoned meat stew. He took the pot over to the drow and set it down between them.

"Peace offering." He said simply, ladling out the contents into bowls and gulping a good spoonful before continuing, leaving the other bowls for them.

"Look, I consider myself a professional these days, so if we can't work together anymore, just say so and I'll take my chances elsewhere. But if you wanna work this out, maybe we both had a little moment of poor judgement a bit ago. Maybe I shouldn't'a gave ya a thwack. Maybe we should both watch where our hands, fingers 'n knuckles go from now on. Because I think we need eachother. You won't find a better fighter'n me willing to work with you here on the surface or below, and I prefer a crew. This one's solid enough if we can work out the kinks."

Vot then set his down, lifted the two other bowls he'd prepared, and held them out in lieu of friendly hand. Didn't hurt to remind them they ate well.

"So, we good? Can we kill an irate hag that may be frustrated with all of us?"

He'd decided against threatening anyone since they were already certainly considering killing him in his sleep. Drow. But Vot had options. Party opinion here could sway dangerously for any of them. And of course they really did need eachother.

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Vanya Mia » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:04 pm

We shouldn't be here. We shouldn't be anywhere. It cost me everything I had.

Tian'ith watched Vot from where she and Zau'lann rested. Shoulder near shoulder and backs to the crystal, and between them able to watch all of the rest of the group and both doors. Equally well positioned to strike in concert should the need arise. The thoughts, however, returned unbidden.

They cannot know what was lost. That he is all I now have. If they did it would mean nothing.

She sniffed a little in an aloof fashion, though that brought the smell of good food with it. Tilting her head she listened as Vot spoke, hearing him out without interruption. Tian'ith regarded the bowls as they were set on the floor before them and then raised her eyes slowly to gaze at Vot.

Foolishness. It cost us everything we had. Now we are all we have.

"I accept the position and do not disagree with the assessment, and yes - we have a difficult position to requiring resolution." She fixed her eyes on Vot, meeting his, but her words were deliberately loud enough for all to hear. It was obvious that what was said was not for him alone. "But understand this." Tian'ith lifted her hand to rest over that of her jaluk, perhaps as an indication of possession, but perhaps an act of reassurance. To what degree that was giving it or taking it could not be measured.

"Do not touch him." Her tone was even without a hint of anger or threat, but the measured note of it only amplified the intent of her words without the inclusion of either. "If you have issue with actions then speak, but do not act. That is no one's place but mine. If I judge punishment to be required then I will deliver it and no other."

Continuing to look at Vot, Tian'ith nudged a bowl towards Zau'lann and picked up her own. She lifted an eyebrow into an expression of query as she held it before her.

"We good?"

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Re: Assault on Aldera Campaign

Post by Mirgalen » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:11 am

Rogha listened to what the others were saying. She was in agreement. Things had turned sour after one of them attacked the hag. She did not know who or why but what was done was done and now they had to suffer the consequences.

Where they unable to venture anywhere without making new enemies? If that was the case she needed an alternative. Yes they were stronger together but they luck would not last if they were driven by foolishness. She knew how to survive in the wilderness, listen to the whispering plants and the animals, read in the clouds and the stars, follow and hide tracks and vanish when necessary. On the surface she could survive alone as she had done for so many winters.

Yes the last day had been bad. The big lizards were no match for them but the dark energy of the crystal killed Miiq as Rogha was attempting to harness its powers. And now they had to kill the hag and do what after?

She quickly finished a bowl of Vot's Daily Special. May be she could hire him as cook and bodyguard. May be.

"What is it you wish to do once or should I say if we get out of here?"

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