X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Ayram » Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:57 pm

As psionics are a big part of the game, I was wondering how we will deal with them? I gather from VM that it's not really implemented, but is it possible we can make characters that may eventually be psionic? I was thinking about the Templars, and how i really liked them in XCOM 2.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Vanya Mia » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:01 pm

Well it /could/ be implemented, if I get my finger out, but there are class constraints so it wouldn't be easy for just anyone to take them.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Klasa » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:07 am

The world was bein' bamboozled. And it felt like only one man knew it sometimes. People called him crazy, but he knew better. Yes, Old Man Henderson knew much better. These commie aliens and all their 'gifts' were up to no good. Old Man Henderson knew what these gifts could do, yes. The aliens had taken him, after all. Abducted him from his retirement. Experimented on him. Probed him. All that normal alien abduction stuff. They they probably never expected him to live.

But Old Man Henderson was strong. He had been to 'Nam. World War 2. Heck, maybe even World War 1. Was hard to remember that far back sometimes. So he knew he was plenty tough already. Heck, aliens must 'ave too. But he was tougher than they thought. He lived. He thrived. He was stronger than a man his age should be. Faster, tougher, though maybe not smarter, but you'd best not say them to his face. The experiments didn't kill Old Man Henderson. They only made him better. And he'd get revenge on them damn commies for all they did to him and his friends and family.

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