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Research Technology Trees

Post by RogueZair » Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:17 pm

Medical Domain
Craft (pharmaceutical)
Knowledge (earth and life sciences)

:idea: 20RP: Regenerative Serum 1. Regenerates 1 hp every six seconds for two minutes (up to 20hp). Can only be used on self. Causes minor penalty to strength, dexterity, and movement while serum is working.
:idea: 30RP: Clone Field Repair Unit. Grants access to medical kits (equal to a +5 health kit)
:idea: 40RP: Regenerative Serum 2. Regenerates 2 hp every six seconds for two minutes (up to 40hp). Can only be used on self. Causes minor penalty to dexterity and movement while serum is working.

:arrow: 50RP: Improved Clone Repair. Upgrades medical kits to +10 value.

:arrow: 60RP: Regenerative Serum 3. Regenerates 2 hp every five seconds for three minutes (up to 72hp). Can only be used on self. Causes minor penalty to dexterity while serum is working.
:arrow: 70RP: Portable Rejuvenation Unit, Improved*. Upgrades the rejuvenation unit. Heals the dead clone fully and removes the experience penalty (per the Resurrection spell). These units take more time to manufacture than other consumables. *Note: the base version of this item will be issued to you as part of the plot and does not need to be researched.
:arrow: 80RP: Medical Efficiency. Doubles the production of regenerative serums and field repair units, and allows the production of one Rejuvenation Unit each week. Doubling is applied before the benefits of Improved Manufacturing.
:arrow: 90RP: Advanced Nanite Fluid. A synthesis of human and alien microtechnology, this medical treatment uses billions of tiny robots suspended in a plasma solution. These nanites, injected into a clone's bloodstream, can repair damaged blood vessels and tissues, purge the body of infection and parasitic infestation, and generally restore the user to full health. Effect is as the Greater Restoration spell. Three units are produced per week.

Weapons & Gear Domain
Craft (chemical, electronic, or mechanical)
Knowledge (physical sciences)

:idea: 20RP: Improved Plasma Pistol. +1 attack and improved ammunition capacity. One pistol is updated per week once researched.
:idea: 30RP: Advanced Gas Grenades. Acid-based burst weapon. Note that this does not replace the basic grenade, so this effectively doubles your grenade allotment for each mission.
:idea: 40RP: Improved Plasma Rifle. Allows upgrade of Plasma Rifles to Plasma Sniper (+3 attack, Keen, slightly reduced ammunition capacity). Once the upgrade is researched, one weapon is upgraded per session.
:idea: 50RP: EMP Launcher. Fires a focused EMP that is highly effective against mechanized units (Crumble spell, CL11). Can fire five shots when fully charged.

:arrow: 60RP: Improved Vibroblade. Improves the Vibroblade to a +3 weapon, with a +2d6 damage bonus (improved from 1d6). Once the upgrade is researched, one weapon is upgraded per session.

:arrow: 70RP: Blaster Launcher. The most powerful weapon in the Masters’ inventory. The blaster launcher fires a guided projectile that contains an extremely potent charge of Elerium-115 in a magnetic containment sphere. The launcher fires one shot, and due to the difficulty of maintaining the containment sphere only one can be issued to the party at a time.
:arrow: 80RP: Alien Weaponry. Allows production of ammunition for human weapons (up to two ammunition containers as specified by the party per week). Does not stack with Improved Manufacturing.
:arrow: 90RP: Improved Blaster Launcher. The launcher now has two shots.

Clone Enhancements Domain
Craft (electronic or mechanical)
Knowledge (earth and life sciences)

:idea: 20RP: Alien Translator. Upload to implants allows clones to understand all human languages.
:idea: 30RP: Improved Armor 1. All clones gain +1 natural armor boost once researched.
:idea: 40RP: Intensity Serum. Consumable with the Blood Frenzy spell effect (+2 to STR and CON stats, and +1 to will saves, at a cost of -1 AC. Lasts 7 rounds).
:idea: 50RP: Improved Armor 2. +2 Natural Armor for all clones. Replaces Improved Armor 1.

:arrow: 60RP: Combat Pheremones. Aura of Vitality spell effect (all allies within 10m gain +4 STR, CON, and DEX. Lasts 13 rounds. One pheromone is given to each character with Tough or Strong levels each week.

:arrow: 70RP: Shield Generator. +3 Natural Armor, and can project an energy shield (as the Shield spell) 3x/day. Replaces Improved Armor 2.
:arrow: 80RP: Durability Injections. An advanced serum that greatly enhances a clone’s durability. Effects are as the Greater Endurance spell (adds 2d4+1 CON, lasts for 13 hours).
:arrow: 90RP: Combat Recovery. Clones have the ability to recover their abilities with a brief rest, even in the midst of a hostile situation. In game terms, the party sends the DM a Tell and then the clones may engage in a brief rest with no chance of added hostile encounters. This ability can only be used once per session.

Advanced Support Domain
Craft (electronic, mechanical, or structural)
Knowledge (physical sciences)

:idea: 20RP: Improved Laboratory. Improves the laboratory; weekly base Research points doubles from 5 to 10.
:idea: 30 RP: Improved Manufacturing 1. Grants +2 to production of consumables each week.
:idea: 40RP: Improved Research Techniques. Allows the party to switch research domains while retaining 50% of earned RP. Also allows party members to add +3 instead of +2 to a research support roll if they hit DC25 on their check (you still get +2 on a DC20).
:idea: 50RP: Cyberdisc Command Integration. Grants the party a cyberdisc henchman.
:idea: 60RP: Improved Laboratory 2. Allows work on two research projects at once. The secondary project only advances at half the rate as the primary project (all rolls are rounded down).
:idea: 70RP: Improved Manufacturing 2. Improves production of consumables (ammunition, grenades, medical supplies) by an additional +2 each week (stacks with Improved Manufacturing).

:arrow: 80RP: Hyperdisc Upgrade. Grants a Hyperdisc henchman to the party. Hyperdiscs are stronger and tougher than normal Cyberdiscs.

:arrow: 90RP: Orbital Laser Support. Gives the party access to an orbital laser (Greater Ruin spell). Can only be used in exterior areas.

Boost Manufacturing
Results are based on the same Difficulty Classes for supporting research: DC20 to add +2, DC25 to add +3, and DC30 to add +4. Note that critical failures are still possible.
:arrow: Boost Medical Production (Craft Pharma). Specify clone repair or regenerative serums.
:arrow: Boost Grenade Production. Skill depends on the grenade type. Raw materials are required.
  • Acid Grenade (Craft Chemical). Requires acid.
    Explosive Grenade (Craft Electronic). Requires Elerium-115.
    Bio Grenade (Craft Pharma). Requires biowarfare agents.
Boost Base Defense
Craft Structural
:arrow: Grants deadly sonic traps.
You can place these yourselves if you have the skill, otherwise Caladaris’s drone will place them.

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