X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Lazybones » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:12 am

Ayram wrote:
Sat Jul 06, 2019 9:43 pm
// Some of us are asking eachother about some of the projects having both an RC and a MC at the same time. Does that mean we need contributions from both departments to actually finish the project and get a prototype? Or that after the research is finished, and we have a prototype, that is what the MC will be to get extra?
It's the latter.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Mirgalen » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:32 am



I believe we can improve/upgrade weapons later

I want to help IMPROVE MEDICAL CAPACITY. If the device we need to built does not have mechanical parts I'll go make more Magnetic Ammunition.


The team went to recover data from an Alien transmitter. It was a miracle that it worked considering there was a self destruct mechanism protecting the transmitter.

ADVENT broadcasted a footage in which we (the good guys) were seen shooting civilians somewhere downtown. The team decided to do the right (although risky) thing and went out again to save as many people as possible. The ADVENT troops were defeated but many civilians were killed...


Bug Report: I was alone in the house so internet connection should have been optimal. There was a glitch at the area transition from parking to garage. Was stuck in a small black space. Was concerned about login out and not being able to get back in. Luckily I got back in (does EE have issues with number of people connected to a server?). Somebody suggested to re-install all the haks. Should I?

Also I just got the EE Deluxe Version from STEAM. Cost is about USD5 on top of the USD10 I spent before for EE. Deal is ending very soon FYI.
Trouble is I don't know how to get the music to play. I am getting the old OC music not even the HOTU one when I launch EE. Any advice?
Thinking about deleting and reinstalling the all EE/CEP/D20 stuff. What do you think?



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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Ayram » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:16 pm

(( Daud Votes:

Research 1- Continue Hybrid Materials
Research 2- Motion Scanner
Manufacturing- Improved Medical Capacity, contributing +8 craft mech))

Daud wasn't shocked that ADVENT tried to pin the murder of civilians on them, but he -was- actually shocked that they would retaliate against them by killing MORE random civilians that weren't even in the area. It was heinous, and Daud should have known not to put anything past ADVENT, but it was senseless. What was the point? To tell XCOM that anyone and everyone is a hostage, apparently.

But it didn't discourage Daud, it enraged him. He thought about the mother and child they actually saved, and he couldn't help but wonder in the back of his mind if his own mother may have died in a similar situation. It made him want to tear ADVENT and their alien masters to pieces with his bare hands all over again. How could they kill so indiscriminately and callously? What was the point of it all? Why did so many have to die?

Before this was all over, Daud vowed to himself that he would find the answer to that question. But for now, ADVENT would bleed.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Klasa » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:53 am

((Henderson votes Hybrid Materials as first research project, and Skulljack as 2nd should they finish the 1st. For Manufacturing Project, Improve Medical Capacity for first, and making Mag Pistols afterwards. He shall contribute to research again with Concentration.))

It was one thing to doctor video footage and blame them for civilian deaths due to crossfire, but to actually attempt to slaughter a community just to pin the blame on them... ADVENT and their Alien overlords had gone beyond what Henderson had expected. True, after all the time he had spent being a test subject himself of the alien scum it shouldn't have come as a surprise to him, but it still felt that way all the same. I mean there was no real gain for them by doing such a thing, so was that how much the average human life was worth to them now? Less than the fuel and bullets it cost them to attempt to murder them? I guess they had a whole world full of humans now to experiment with, but still, the callus valuing of human life by anyone left a distaste in his mouth.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by smartalec » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:37 am

The mood among some of the team may be grim at the senseless deaths and the cruelty of the occupiers... but Vic? Vic's all business, and soon after the team had come back, he's fiddling with the camera's primitive editing mode every spare moment he gets, trying to splice his footage with the news broadvast to produce something like a news report of his own.

Sitting in the bunk room, he starts another playback, watching the footage again on the small camera's footage screen, listening with one ear plugged into a makeshift earphone. The scene plays out twice, first the fixed overhead view as shown on the ADVENT News Network, followed by the more frantic, amateur footage he'd taken during the rush to defend the Bayside. He rubs his chin, watching it critically, letting anyone interested watch over his shoulder.

"It works, but I need to tweak it more," he says, grudgingly, as Henderson and Jess dash into frame, firing shots before sliding behind the cover of a stall. "Needs extra voiceover, too. Narrate that we arrived after ADVENT's attack, point out the people falling in the background... I dunno. What do you think?"

He rubs his chin. "I guess all I need's a place to broadcast it. Even if we can't get it far into the cities, you know, I reckon there's folks who'd need to see this. Other resistance like us. They need to realise what they're up against... and what they might need to do." He taps the camera as the scene comes to an end. "We could actually inspire some people with this."


OOC - Happy to continue with the Hybrid Materials project and... yeah, I vote the Skulljack for research option #2. Need that thing up and running.

Pitching in with that +3 to Craft Mech on Improved Medical Capacity.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Vanya Mia » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:42 pm

The bone saw stopped buzzing and was set aside, they blunted quickly on the alien skulls. Steady pressure removed the cap of bone, or nominally bone at least, from the brain pain exposing the organ itself. Carefully cutting unconnected tissue away, Bo examined the strange implant embedded within.

She pursed her lips. If anyone had ever told her she'd be learning this much on the job at this time in her life she would have laughed, it beggared belief. Picking up the grips for the micro-surgery tools she pressed a button and her heads up display flicked into life.

"Alright," she said to the staff around her, "time to learn how to play God."

((Research I vote complete hybrid materials then skull jack and will throw Knowledge of 10 or Treat of 14 into Bo's focus for the latter.

Manufacturing I do want the Surgery Kit but otherwise Improved medical is fine))

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Shadani » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:06 pm

((Voting for hybrid materials and medical capacity. Jesse will keep plugging away at the manufacturing project with +16 repair.))

Jesse spent some of her spare time helping out Vic with his little project. She didn't know much about filming or video editing or stuff like that, but fixing up some of the old gear he needed was almost relaxing after spending a few hours banging her head against the Avenger's arcane power grid. Also, while she wouldn't admit it, Victor's enthusiasm was sort of infectious.

"I'm not sure, " she said, on being asked her opinion of the footage. "The most important thing is showing people the truth, right? After being fed nothing but lies from ADVENT, that should be enough. For the people who aren't a total lost cause, anyway."

She scratched her head; shrugged.

"I dunno. I just think maybe it's best not to pretty it up too much. Don't make it look anything like an ADVENT broadcast, you know?"

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Karvon » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:37 pm

//will focus on research facility improvement I guess repair 16 is my highest applicable skill.

Stanley hadn't been overly involved in the initial stages of the mission to retrieve data from an ADVENT comm array. He took a wrong turn in the underground garage and it took him a while to find his way up to the roof to where the others had gathered. They seemed stumped by the ADVENT security protocals, but within a few minutes of examining the device, was able to deactivate them and recover a bit of needed data. He hurried along after the others, dodging the ADVENT rapid response patrol and was happy when they were safe and sound back at the base.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Lazybones » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:52 pm

Session 17

+600 for full-party IC posting.
+500 for Daud, Stanley, and Jesse for skill rolls.

EDIT: I forgot to apply the -5 RC cost for the Orbital Logsitics project. I edited the results post below.

* * *

The medical manufacturing device looks like some sort of alien monster, a huge bulk with a gaping maw in the front and articulated arms tipped with claw-shaped actuators to each side. But it works, whirring and clicking in its innards until a complete medikit is spit out.

“Um… where are we going to put it?” Bo asks. “The medical bay is already crowded.”

“Corner of the research lab, I guess,” Daud says. “All the more reason to clear out that lower deck.”

“But first we need that power upgrade,” Vic points out.

“I have something to report on that front,” Lily says from the other side of the manufacturing bay. She’s been working on a side project of her own all week, covered behind a movable partition, and you move over, curious.

The devices look just as ugly as the medical machine in their own way. “What are those?” John asks.

Lily’s grin is almost feral. “Electro-plasmic charges,” she says. “After all, the aliens aren’t just going to give us a new Ignition Matrix.”
RE: Research/Manufacturing Progress Report, Week Ending July 12, 2035

For once, we didn’t blow anything up this week. We not only finished the new medical manufactory that Doctor Ranma wanted, but we managed to build some shiny new Mag Pistols. Maybe we’ve finally shed the engineering curse. Do we have any wood to knock on this ship?
Base rolls:
X-COM Research Capacity (2d10): rolls 5, 2, +3 (Darius Singh) (5/5 points in Orbital Logistics [completed], 13/15 points in Hybrid Materials, 1/15 points in Skulljack, 3/10 points in Motion Scanner).
  • Henderson: +8 vs. DC25 (indirect skill) on Hybrid Materials, roll 10 (No effect).
  • Bo: +10 vs. DC20 on Skulljack, roll 17 (Success). +1 to project.
X-COM Manufacturing Capacity (2d10): rolls 10, 2, +1 (Mendoza) (10/10 points in Improved Medical Capacity [completed], 3 Mag Pistols produced, 2 boxes of Magnetic Ammunition, 1 Surgical Kit produced).
  • Daud: +8 vs. DC15, roll 19 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp
  • John: +7 vs. DC15, roll 6 (No result).
  • Jesse: +16 vs. DC15, roll 10 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp
  • Vic: +3 vs. DC15, roll 4 (No result).
  • Stan +16 vs. DC15, roll 10 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp
X-COM Medical Capacity (1d6): 1 (1 new medikit produced this week)

As an added bonus for the multiple Critical Successes, I allowed the creation of the third pistol despite being a point short, and threw in two free boxes of Magnetic Ammunition. The boost to medical capacity will take effect next week.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Vanya Mia » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:07 pm

((Server is up.))

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