X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Ayram » Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:31 pm

// Quick point of clarification, is is an oversight that nanoscale vests don't have MC listed? Or will everyone just get one automatically?

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Lazybones » Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:36 pm

Ayram wrote:
Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:31 pm
// Quick point of clarification, is is an oversight that nanoscale vests don't have MC listed? Or will everyone just get one automatically?
Sorry, that was an oversight. MC is 10.

Also, I forgot to note that the Elite ADVENT Trooper was just a tougher version of the regular trooper; his gear and armor were identical and there's no functional benefit to an autopsy.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Ayram » Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:00 am

It finally happened, they faced off against an honest to God alien. One of those little grey men from before, apparently they were called Sectoids. Only they were neither little nor grey. At least not anymore. Sure enough, they used mind powers, but Daud honestly didn't witness it himself in the confusion of the battle. He saw it long enough to take some shots at it though, and before they knew it, they had killed their first alien.

Not that they had time to really appreciate that after the mysterious woman that basically recruited them into XCOM before showed up and pleaded for them to go on a desperate, unsanctioned mission. If it hadn't been to rescue Bright, Daud might have said no. But she'd pulled them out of the fire when they needed it, so now they could return the favor.

Those series of missions had run them ragged and disabused Daud of the notions of invulnerability he was entertaining in regards to their squad. They towed the line this time, and no one died, but he might say no to a second time, even if it was for Bright.

He'd once again put that sword to it's paces, and the old man seemed to pick his name as "Pirate." Well, it could have been worse. But the old man was definitely "Tex" now.

(( Daud Votes for:
1. Continue Skulljack
2. Stunlancer autopsy
3. should either of those be completed with leftover points, Motion Scanner

1. Continue Adv. Manufacturing
2. Daud will once again try to produce mag ammo with +8 craft mech ))

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Karvon » Thu Jul 25, 2019 6:12 am

//helping out with Adv Manufacturing +16 repair

Stanley wasn't a warrior. He didn't like combat. He didn't like getting shot at. Yet, he seemed to find himself in these situations with increasing frequency, and he'd gotten shot again on this mission. He was definitely going to have to think of some way to remedy this. Perhaps some new armor fabricated using the alien know how would help? He would have to look into that. In the mean time, he was going to redouble his efforts at staying out lines of fire and remember to dodge about to lessen the chances of getting hit.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Mirgalen » Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:52 am

The team went out again and killed another bunch of ADVENT troops. It was becoming a routine somehow but they were getting shot a lot too and when they were doing two missions back to back before going back to base they were increasing the risk they were taking but not necessarily the rewards. The non military members of the team were doing a lot better in combat situation JD was certainly pleased to see that but at the same time he feared that they may become overconfident and fall on the battlefield if not cautious enough or if facing enemies in greater number or better equipped. He felt that perhaps some of the team members needed more training to better handle themselves in hot zones. Perhaps in time they would...


About EE: Apparently this new version does not ALWAYS tell you if you miss a hak or if you have the wrong version. In the old NWN if something was missing you would get kicked of the server and you would find what you are missing in the log file.
FYI, I currently only have the latest EE, CEP, D20, worm seasonal forest and mountain hak (and related tlk, erf, music) files.

Bug: Could not see/find AT to get back in the shuttle at the end of the 1st mission

// Reseach & Manufacturing

1. VM made several valid points and I got a bit confused and as a result ended working on the wrong stuff. So for the time being I will only do this (craft Mech 7 or 8): Manufacture boxes of Magnetic Ammunition.

2. LB mentioned that we can only do one thing (makes sense) but can we all do RESEARCH (or only those with say points in Research Medical skills can?)

3. For the voting part which basically would be recommendations of what other people may focus on (and again in agreement with VM) let's go after the low hanging fruits (low DC and/or almost completed) but projects where time if of the essence (autopsy) may need to be bumped to the top of the queue.


Possible autopsies: "Stun Lancer" ((easiest RP) and "Sectoid"

"Motion Scanner" and "skulljack" are almost completed.

"Advent Mech Breakdown" (easiest RP)


Again the easy stuff e.g. Mag Pistol/Magnetic Ammunition, "Additional Medikit Production" and "Advanced Surgical Kit".

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Vanya Mia » Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:01 am

Bo stood looking at the corpse of the alien creature, arms folded and subjecting it to a glare that defied it to be real. Time spent refreshing her understanding of psychology had reminded her why she adopted the practice of "real medicine" but regardless, the alien stoically refused to adopt the form of an intellectual construct and be dismissed as fanciful.

Not that it was the largest problem on her mind. A new player had definitely entered the game and had turned out to be an old player and one with an agenda. Yet Bradford still seemed reluctant to supply details and that was what worried her, the "need to know bullshit" that had been mentioned. Simply because it was exactly the same type of bullshit fed down from everyone of those working with Advent. Lies to children, aka manipulation by omission.

It was one thing to not be told everything about operations, that she could understand. Should any of them suffer the very real possibility of capture the more compartmentalised their knowledge of X-COMs activity the better, but this was not that. This was a loose cannon who seemed to know more about X-COM operations than her team, given she not only knew of Bright's but also knew that she needed extraction before Bradford did.

What's more, for all her ramblings the woman had seemed completely sincere. Though that never wrote out the option on delusional, if there was something going on that could bring all they were working for to nothing then they damn well needed to know. Whether she was addressing the alien corpse or responding to some inner thought wasn't clear when Bo spoke.

"You're next," she muttered and turned away.

((Manufacturing - Continue Advanced Manufacturing, and though I don't think we're likely to get them dump any spare into the power relay.

Research - Continue Skulljack and if we get really lucky dump any spare into the Sectoid Autopsy.

Bo will help on the Skulljack again hopefully, though it's risky with Knowledge Physical Science of 10.))

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Shadani » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:48 am

((Manufacturing: stay the course on Adv Manufacturing, power relay. Jesse will keep putting her +17 to repair to work on that.

Research: Finish up Skulljack, then we should probably get to some of those autopsies before they start rotting. Sectoid's probably most likely to fail on us first, I suppose?))

Jesse couldn't help but fume a little as they marched up to the briefing room to 'explain' themselves. Of all of them, she'd been the most sceptical about this whole mess - even now, she could hardly believe that crazy woman's intel had turned out to be good. But she had to admit that getting Nancy back was worth it.

"Is it just me, or does this feel like bullshit?" she muttered to the others. "We get to vote on executive decisions, but we don't get the information we need to make snap decisions when something like this happens. I don't care how hard we get chewed out, here: we need to know who the hell this lady is, and just what the hell her deal is supposed to be. We deserve some answers."
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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Klasa » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:03 am

((Manufacturing: Decrypt the Purification Operation, cause why not at 1 point? Then Advanced Manufacturing, and Power Relay next if we somehow get lucky. Research: Skulljack, followed by Sectoid Autopsy, and then the EXO Suit if we somehow get super lucky. And Henderson will aid in researching the EXO Suit, to finally put that Survivalist Skill to good use, heh.))

Finally the Alien bastards began to show up, and boy was it a pleasure to gun one down after so long. Though these were just the grunts and Henderson wouldn't be satisfied until he could take down those 'Elders' that Spokesman kept speaking about and those statues depicted. That would be the day, but until that day came he'd just have to keep the path, and what a bloody path it was going to be.

Although all that blood wasn't quite the aliens and ADVENT's, as they certainly took a beating too after those back-to-back missions. The numbers game definitely played a bigger part in this than he was expecting at first. As much confidence as he had in their abilities, it behooved them to consider making allies and connections with the other resistance cells, including the mysterious 'Kat.'

"I do admit that we are not as informed as I would like, but it's also hard to say what information is more important at times until that time comes. We didn't really push for information on her before, after all, as we never expected to really run into her again. As for now though, I agree that we definitely need more information. But hey, we did some good regardless of how ill-informed we were. Saved some lives, repaid a debt, even killed some alien scum to boot! Plus, I've finally decided on your nickname, so while I'm sure you'll miss the Girlie given time, I did say you could end up as the face of our Rebellion after all, 'Insurgent'. And since Pirate is adamant on my call sign being 'Tex' I guess that means we're all named now." Henderson says with a chuckle.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by smartalec » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:17 pm

Vic looks more thoughtful on the way up the stairs to the briefing room. He had done, ever since seeing the psionic device in the theatre; he'd only been more so, since meeting the woman called Cat, and digging Nancy and Heidi out of ADVENT detention. He nods along with Jess's words, but muses hard on Henderson's commentary.

"There's something in the background, I'd guess, something they don't want to tell us," he suggested. "I realise, we don't really know what happened when the aliens won. This was... a real agency once, or something? There's some old baggage they've all got. I guess losing like that is going to hurt. Twenty-odd years of failing to change it won't help either."

Vic nods, his thoughts starting to collect. "You remember what Firebrand told us, when we first got here? Central's not had an Alpha Team since they lost. Now we find out this mystery woman used to run with this crew back then. Some shit went down. My guess? They're guilty, or ashamed... no idea of what, but it's there." His face softens to sadness at the thought.


OOC: Research, eh? Let's get that Skulljack sorted and then let's cut that Sectoid open. Good with that.

Manufacturing - Adv. Manufacturing and Power Relay's good with me. Realising that these projects are too big for his meagre skills, Vic's going to start working on building Mag Ammo with his craft mech of +4.

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Re: X-COM 2 - 2019 Campaign Thread

Post by Lazybones » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:27 pm

Session 19

Since everyone should be at least 5th level by now, posting award has increased to +750xp (including full-party bonus).
+500xp for Jesse and Stan for Critical Successes on weekly skill rolls.

* * *

“So this is the thing that’s going to change the nature of the war?” Henderson asks. He looks doubtful as he hefts the device, which looks like a combination of a letter opener and a child’s science project.

Tygan quickly moves in and takes it from him. “There are no guarantees,” the scientist says. “But this device should permit us to access the alien network. Provided, that is, that you can find us a suitable subject.”
RE: Research/Manufacturing Progress Report, Week Ending July 27, 2035

It has been a productive week and we were able to complete several of our current projects. I hope, now that the Advanced Manufacturing Center has been completed, that the next priority will be the construction of the new laboratory, to clear the long backlog of research projects currently in the queue.
Base rolls:
X-COM Research Capacity (2d10): rolls 8, 2, +2 (Darius Singh) (1/1 points in Alien Data Decryption [Purification Operations, completed], 3/10 points in Sectoid Autopsy, 15/15 points in Skulljack [completed], 3/10 points in Motion Scanner, 1/15 points in EXO Suit).
  • Henderson: +8 vs. DC25 (indirect skill) on EXO Suit, roll 18 (Success). +1 to project.
  • Bo: +10 vs. DC20 on Skulljack, roll 5 (No result).
X-COM Manufacturing Capacity (2d10): rolls 1, 10, +1 (Mendoza) (20/20 points in Advanced Manufacturing Center [completed], 8/20 points in Power Relay).
  • Daud: +8 vs. DC15 on Magnetic Ammunition, roll 13 (Success). 2 Boxes produced.
  • John: +7 vs. DC15 on Magnetic Ammunition, roll 6 (No result).
  • Jesse: +17 vs. DC25 on Advanced Manufacturing, roll 20 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
  • Vic: +4 vs. DC15 on Magnetic Ammunition, roll 16 (Success). 2 Boxes produced.
  • Stan +16 vs. DC25 on Advanced Manufacturing, roll 19 (Critical Success). +3 to project. +500xp.
X-COM Medical Capacity (2d6): rolls 1, 3 (4 new medikits produced this week)

1 Skulljack and 200 rounds of Magnetic Ammunition produced.

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