Required Haks for LOE

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Required Haks for LOE

Post by Karvon » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:47 am

The thread will contain links for currently required haks for LOE.

As of Oct 28, 2008

CEP 2.1

Note: we're upto version c atm and the latest tlk included with the cep tailor mod. ... il&id=7478

Classic Dungeon 0.9.1

This is a truely amazing dungeon tileset that offers more flexibilty and options than any other I've ever encountered for it's size. It includes various kinds of platforms, pits and a wide variety of columns, plus roofs by default everywhere. ... il&id=5899

Rocky Mountains Final v1.02

After reviewing a number of different mountain sets, and despite really liking some of the options in the JXP one, I'm going with this one as it's got more available in the main mountain set, more recent and better cleaned up than some of the older versions. ... il&id=3936

CTP 1.5 ... il&id=6992

The Community Tile Project has cleaned up and standardized a number of tile sets and doors. Initially, we will be using the following from them.


A required hak for use with any of the CTP sets.

ctp_dwarf_hall.rar (version 1.1 atm)

This is a cleaned up version of the very nice dwarven halls set originally done by JDA.

CTP Generic Doors

Required for CTP sets and adds quite a few nice doors for use in all sets actually. ... il&id=6376

CTP Loadscreens

Now available as a separate download.

DLA Sewer Tileset

An excellent and reasonably small set of more realistic sewer tiles. ... il&id=3993

Floor Covers 2.5.

A set of floor, wall and ceiling placeables, by yours truely, which greatly enhances builder options. ... il&id=6955

Ground Cover

This allows for the placing of deep snow, dust, dirt or brush using placeable based on the placeable water models. ... il&id=7150

LOE Wall

This allows placement of a number of fake walls that blend with some of the standard tile sets. ... 6feca.html

LOE haks

I've finished with the custom combo hak that we'll be using for further building options and visual enhancements to the mod. I've created two haks; one is a top hak with 2da files for combining this with the other haks seamlessly. the second is the hak containing the assorted merged resources I've assembled. The top hak file will make it easier to update, if/when we add or adjust any of the third party haks.

You can DL these using the following links...

LOE2 ... 84681.html

loe_top_169 ... 8e482.html

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