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LOE Website and Forums

Post by Karvon » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:50 am

The following website contains some background info related to Land of Etarnon, provided by the original creator of the world and mod, Etarnon.


ET's managed to rebuild our old forum base from archives. It looks like we lost about the last five months or so of postings before our old site went down, but much was saved. I encourage players to register there and would like to shift our posting from NWC to our website forums as NWC forums are not a flexible nor can we archive them.

As I have time, I'll be copying postings from NWC over to our website forums so we can have everything of importance posted and archived at one place.

Here's the link to the forum site.


Due to the number of spammers we've been having, access to our website forums will be by application only for those joining hence forth. If you would like to join, please note your NWC user name in your application to facilitate faster smoother processing.



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