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Post by Klasa » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:12 am

Sima had left quietly after Lord Wu had dismissed them, bowing politely as required as always. His mind was still dwelling on his past, or more specifically, his failure to defend his Lord when he was still Samurai. He had been the only one spared from those bandits, and only because he had been the weakest of his Lord's guards. They had taken everything from him that day. His rank, his confidence, and more importantly, his honor. And without his honor, he could not even get himself to join his Lord in the next world. And so he wandered endlessly searching for those bandits, and when he finally finds the leader of them after so long, he lets him slip away. He had let him slip out of his grasp, falling into one of the bandit's traps.

"Well, I guess once a failure, always a failure. I truly wonder if I'll ever regain my honor and be able to join my Lord?" Sima mused to himself as he wandered around the town. He then noticed he had walked up in front of the smith, and remembered about his armor. "Oh, hello Ming-san," Sima began as he bowed to him, " I was wondering... might my armor be ready?"

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Re: TDV IC Thread

Post by Raganui » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:03 pm

He rubbed his head lightly and grabbed the bag. "Comrade? I work for you because I get paid, though sometimes this does not ring true. Or would you have forged through night with such monsters about as there were to deliver a message?" His stare was hard. "They give you hospitality I do not always see. Ninja are known assassins and spies and if you are not sworn to that lord they normally have you killed. So habits I have that are not always 'pure' as you wish."

He tossed the bag back lightly and stalked off. Hopefully this would get her out of her depressive rut, no matter what she thought of him. Hopefully the others would be ready to go as soon as light was up.
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Re: TDV IC Thread

Post by Vanya Mia » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:59 pm

"Do not decry others for their lack of acceptance, your ways have alienated yourself." Yi snorted at the retreating back and then sank back down. "At least a minstrel knows that a performance of worth receives the greatest reward, perhaps it is a lesson you need to learn." Taking a deep breathe, she began to pluck a tune to settle her soul. She could not think straight. Thoughts that did not seem to be her own whirled around in her head.

Yi could not remember when she had ever raised her voice in such anger, or spoken out so. Part of her was abhored and frightened by the feeling and another part was saying that the ninja deserved no understanding, that his actions made him unworthy of tolerance, and raged at his insult. So she sat, playing and singing softly, both sets of thoughts knowing one thing. That her father would not be happy for her to be in the company of such a man.

((OOC - Depressive? You really don't know women that well do you? :lol:))

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Re: TDV IC Thread

Post by Purple Puppy » Sat Dec 06, 2008 12:49 am

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