Backup - NWCon Current Status

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Backup - NWCon Current Status

Post by Karvon » Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:17 pm

The following is an initial archieve to the forum posts on NWC

NWCon 4 Current Status


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This is the current summary. Please do not post in this thread; if you have comments or offers to make either PM those to relevant folk or post them in the original NWCon 4 thread.

NWCon 4 will run from Fri, Sept 26 thru Sun, Sept 28.

Suggested staff [Lazybones]

* Organizer - Karvon (chair of event committee, responsible for seeing that everything gets done)
* Public relations/advertising -Skunkeen (post info at the Vault, other NWN1/2 sites, Bioware forums, etc... be creative). Getting an artist on board is helpful, as a logo helps capture the event and make it more impressive.
* Prize coordinator - Dane Bramage (collects prizes/commitments from NWCers, contacts Bioware/Obsidian to see if they have any swag lying around, runs mechanism for selecting recipients, responsible for seeing that prizes are sent from those donating to winners). Even if this is just a few NWCon T-shirts this makes a big difference, in my opinion.
* Games coordinator - Karvon (responsible for keeping the scheduling thread current with the list of games)
* Chat coordinator - Dira (responsible for setting up and organizing the chat events)
* Welcome Inn coordinator NWN1 - Dane Bramage (responsible for hosting the PW that weekend, maybe setting up mini-events there)
* Welcome Inn coordinator NWN2 (responsible for hosting the PW that weekend, maybe setting up mini-events there)


The Welcome Inn - online chat/event area
Open IRC chat channel
Door prizes
Seminars via IRC and/or mod.
* DMFI DM Training
* Designer/company
* General help Q&A
* Builders
* Topical presentations/discussions
* Arena/Gladiatorial
* Bard/Storytelling competition
* One shot adventures
* Open PW events
* Team events

List of folks willing to DM one or more events with other specific offers - as I understood posting (apologies if I misunderstood or overlooked other offers made thus far):


Barry - CEP, RoA PW Event, PW Dev Chat
Carlo One - NWN2
Dane Bramage - host the Welcome Inn (NWN1) artwork, prize coordinator
dira - asst. DMFI seminar
GM_ODA - PW events
Grinning Fool NWN2, chat assist
Gulfwulf - Mod D20
karvon - DMFI seminars, Ork Raider Contest
Katarina Dragonstar - Sojourney PW DM Seminars
Khaveen - Gallow Bird PW events
Lazybones - Seminars
LIONofHUME - Challenge series, Welcome Inn staff (NWN1 - Fri)
Mulu - XCOM
Poetic Colossus
Skunkeen - PR, NWNPodcast
StrikerB - PW Event
TOJTS - NWN2, IRC advice
vanya mia - NWN2, Mod D20
Von Stalhein - Seminars


Purple Puppy - Mod D20


Ashercon - NWNPodcast
Jfoxtail - Chat/Seminar assist
Rosietreats - CEP mall, Logo art
Tarridus - Logo art
tsunami282 - DMFI project seminar

If you'd be willing to help out, please post with specifics in the original NWCon 4 thread. In particular, it would be helpful to fill the suggested staff positions ASAP so these specific functions could start being addressed.

For those willing to DM/host events, please post such further responses in the NWCon 4 DM thread found in the DM forum, as that'll help sort things out a little more for us.

I'll update this post every 3-4 days to reflect additional offers/clarifications made.



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