Beginner NWN1 module recommendations

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Beginner NWN1 module recommendations

Post by Urk » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:53 am

EDIT: The best way to find these modules (with old IGN vault link) is to copy their names and search on them at the new Neverwinter Vault

Adam Miller's Shadow Lords ... il&id=1935

Cyberglum's Shattered Kingdom ... il&id=3761

Aielund ... il&id=3920

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh ... il&id=3959

A Tangled Web ... il&id=4345

An Ancient Heart
Suitable for small groups only ... il&id=3701
The Birthday Fairy brought my wife a copy of NWN Diamond recently, and we're going to kick off our first campaign together soon. She's done console RPGs like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, D&D Heroes, X-Men Legends, and the like, so she's familiar with the basic principles of RPGs. However, this will be her maiden voyage into PC gaming.

Can anyone recommend a good module to start with? I'm looking for something that runs well without a DM, is fairly well balanced for two players, and starts you at 1st level. I would default to the OC, because it is geared toward beginners, but would prefer something a bit shorter if anyone can point me to it.


Hrm... tough question.

One place to consider would be Adam Miller's Shadow Lords. They are kinda old, but they are MP and HoF and very RP heavy.

Here is the first one... ... il&id=1935

Good luck.

Dane Bramage
hehee Gatecrash,

you triggered some fond old memories with that question, yes indeed!.. Starter modules.. never played.. *grins widely*

sure, 2 I'd recommend are:

Cyberglum's Shattered Kingdom (2 mods)

first is here: ... il&id=3761

level one, neat story, overall fun and not terribly long (should take you to level 3 I think) - only downside I found combat can easily "go bad" - some of the encounters are a bit hard for level 1, especially if you are inexperienced.

Might want to consider "allow player pausing" to get started.

Second I really like is (ok, just about my all time fav ) is the whole Aielund series. Part one is here: ... il&id=3920

A great adventure, I don't even remember how many modules there are in the series (5 or 6) and they are all fairly long. Its well laid out, and a great story that starts out with a simple premise, and builds to an epic, political saga. LOL... almost want to join you guys, just talking about it

Anyway, have fun! Hope these suggestions are of use to you.

Conor Knoxx
GateCrash, I have to go with Oraweb's "U1-The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh" It's a good 1st level module that has ample opportunity to role play and it has sequels. ... il&id=3959

A Tangled Web was absolutely superb. My wife and I are still waiting for the sequel to be released, currently in beta testing. We've played through most of the no-DM multiplayer mods on the vault with a rating of 8 or more, and this one stands out. ... il&id=4345

The very first mod I hosted my college buddy on was: An Ancient Heart by Andrew Ellis. ... il&id=3701

It worked fine for the two of us.

(this was a couple of years ago).

A long time ago I started a thread of "themed campaigns of community modules" on the Bioware site. I was always looking for multiplayer campaigns that would take players from level 1-18 that had some sort of "roleplay hook" that bound them togther.

Please feel free to try out some of the community suggestions; alternately please feel free to contribute if you have a campaign. ... 0&forum=66

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Re: Beginner NWN1 module recommendations

Post by Dane Bramage » Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:16 am


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