Players Wanted: Greyhawk Adventures

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Players Wanted: Greyhawk Adventures

Post by NWN DM » Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:36 pm

Currently looking for up to two players to join, one of which should be interested in a Sorcerer or Wizard class.

Campaign started again in late September. This campaign has almost four years of in-game history to it.

Generally we play Wednesday evenings from 2100-2330 Central time. Anyone is welcome.

Power levels are generally low to medium, with a high emphasis on low (3rd to 8th) level adventures. Achieving a 15th level character will be rare, if not impossible in this campaign (so far the highest anyone has ever achieved is 12th level).

Level progression is slow, with a majority of experience gained for role playing and achieving quest goals. It is possible to gain a level based only on plot progression and character RP. Players should prepare themselves for a level gain every eight to ten game sessions on average.

This is a campaign for those who are trying to get away from the "this is a computer game and I run around killing things all day with my two +13 swords" type of game and is more of a "this is a developing story that my character is an integral part of" approach. No apologies made for this approach: this really is an ongoing campaign where story is more important than being a "1337 d00d".

PCs start at 3rd level, with 1000 GP and access to a new player merchant. New players will not be left behind in terms of plot or ability to participate.

Current module boasts over 870 fully developed areas, extensive CEP integration (took over 440 hours to do...) and an abundance of hirelings to compliment a small group or solitary adventurer.

Link for further information is in my signature.


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