NWN2 & Additional File Requirements

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NWN2 & Additional File Requirements

Post by NWN DM » Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:53 am

I'm posting this to get some (hopefully) good and healthy discussion going on the topic of adding extra custom content to NWN2 modules/PWs/campaigns/etc....

In NWN I added CEP and several other hak files to my module. It took a long time to work on integrating all the additional content so that it all looked like it was there from the beginning, not just "added in indiscriminately" after the fact.

The bad side of making my module more "complete" and immersing, was that the number of potential players who were willing to download the extra content (probably took at most 10 minutes on a decent connection if you already had the CEP), was obviously smaller. Also, nobody could see the server in GameSpy and login out of whim and be hooked by my 1337 DM kung fu.... ;)

Now NWN2 is different. Everyone has no choice but to subject themselves to a lengthy download if they want to play MP (outside of the OCs of course). In addition, the average PWC file is probably equivalent in size to a hak file. So, MP interested people already know the price of admission, regardless of whether or not the movie is bad (if you get my meaning...).

In light of this shift from "nice to have" to essential, are people adding custom content to their games and, if so, are they finding any negative impacts on the size of the player base willing to try out their games?

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Re: NWN2 & Additional File Requirements

Post by Venture » Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:32 am

If you think your content might change or be added to during the campaign, I'd highly suggest using WorldGate. It works with the pwc files that NWN2 requires, and also with haks. Audolo is another similar program, but I don't have any experience with that one. With WorldGate, updates of pwc files are so quick that I don't think twice about updating my modules. WorldGate, in the hands of a player, will determine in what way your pwc file has changed, only download the changes, and automatically update the pwc file if necessary. You can even use a versioning sytem when you build (for example, shadowkeep#100, then shadowkeep#101, etc.) and WorldGate will automatically rename the player's pwc file to reflect the new version (after asking first).

The NWN2 exteriors are so versatile that the there's no need for exterior tileset haks. The two main haks that I use are DMFI, and Heed's PC Tools. I also use one custom creature hak and one item hak, but they aren't essential. Both of those were to accommodate custom requests of players.

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