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Resources for NWN2

Post by Urk » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:38 am

Copied from NWC: Thanks Mulu

Resources, posted at ALFA.

The Complete Craftsman (updated 12/31/06) - ... tail&id=18

NWN2 Crafting Recipes PDF (updated 12/27/06) - ... tail&id=52


Yet Another Terrain Tool (YATT) - ... tail&id=14

MapEdit (updated 1/2/07) - ... tail&id=44

M4C Land & Tree generator v1.3 (updated 12/24/06) - ... tail&id=10

Tree Cutter Plugin (in need of an update) - ... tail&id=13

PowerBar (updated 1/2/07) adds 20 tools to the NWN2 toolset - ... tail&id=34

Terracoppa (updated 1/3/07) - ... tail&id=25


3.5 Edition PNP (updated 1/2/07) - ... etail&id=6

Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs - ... tail&id=12


3ds Max MDB Importer/Exporter (updated 12/28/06) for those interested in trying some 3d modeling with NWN2, pickup the free version of 3dsmax called Gmax. It's no longer available from Autodesk (makers of 3dsmax), but you can still find it by searching the net. And since it was offered for free, you're not pirating. - ... tail&id=27

Heed's Boardable Ship? - ... 3764&id=46

Another nice one from Heed, and along the same lines, is the Angler Pack - ... 3764&id=31

Prefabs (serious toolsetting time savers)

NWN2 Community foilage pack (updated 1/4/07) - ... tail&id=35

Cleitanious' Prefabs 1.1 (updated 1/4/07) - ... tail&id=30

Older prefabs that deserve notice

Sittable Chair Placeables for All Sizes - ... tail&id=22

Counter Prefab (nice modular design) - ... tail&id=13

Storytellers Treasure Piles - ... tail&id=15

Prefab NPCs

Storytellers Norse NPCs (excellent for Icewind Dale or similar) - ... tail&id=10

Storytellers Adolescent NPCs (i'm sure you noticed NWN2 is lacking in this age group) - ... tail&id=12

Townsfolk 1.1 - ... etail&id=8

Storytellers Animated Armors (the Grim Reaper would be great as a DM avatar) - ... tail&id=19

Storytellers Hobbits NPCs (Yes, i know...hobbits are tolkien, halflings are D&D, but i hate the halfings in NWN2). - ... tail&id=11

Storytellers Desert Town Adventure Pack (excellent for Calisham or similar) - ... tail&id=20

Prefab Areas

Lan's Placeable Groups v1.1 - ... etail&id=6

Knights of The Chalice, Chapter House - ... 534&id=105

Teper's Prefab Area (updated 12/24/06) - ... 3383&id=93

Generic Inn - ... tail&id=11

Haunted House (absolutely stunning) - ... tail&id=21

Heed's Boardable Ships (updated 12/27/06) - ... tail&id=46

Sorceress Ashura's VFX Pack V2.0 (updated 01.03.07) - ... etail&id=9

botu's Waterfall (1/3/07) - ... tail&id=15

One more ... tail&id=19 a nice village, though from way back in 1.02.

OK more than one more
Well, Heed just updated his 'boardable' ships, and it looks great (plenty of new screenshots, so check it out). - ... 3764&id=46

Desert Material to go along with Storytellers Desert Town Adventure Pack:

Desert Prefabs (tents and such) - ... tail&id=21

Kraav's Desert Sand - ... etail&id=7


Huge Cave Tileset Interior (excellent for Underdark) - ... 2029&id=34

TME - Terrain Material Expansion (30 additional terrain textures) - ... 38938&id=3


Smithy Shop (chandeliers need to be made into environmental objects, otherwise it's ready to go) - ... etail&id=4

Exterior layout of Amphail - ... ail&id=114


Tintable Clothing, Part 1: Cloth Chest Pieces | 1.1- ... 5534&id=53

Tintable Clothing, Part 2: Chain Chest Pieces | 1.1- ... 5534&id=57

Tintable Fighter Helmet | 1.0 - ... 5534&id=52

Religious Cloaks of Faerun (an override, which is a good thing) - ... tail&id=65

Tintable Clothing, Part 3: Plate Armor | 1.1 - ... tail&id=64

Prefab Creatures

Storytellers Customized Lizardmen - ... 3351&id=26

Storytellers Customized Undead - ... 3351&id=37

Storytellers Customized Humanoids - ... 3351&id=23

Voicesets !!

32 additional Full Voicesets!! - ... tail&id=16


Packfile Explorer (let's you view and extract textures and from various games, including NWN1/NWN2. Now, the part i am ignorant on is how to import them into NWN2. Anyone here have that answer?) - ... tail&id=21

Sketchup - A free, and incredibly easy to use, 3d Modeling program -
Video tutorials for the free modeling program -
A friggin' warehouse of models already made (use the search feature) -

DXTweaker (use this on your module to increase user frame rates - ... ost&id=227

Downloading Solutions

Audolo (PW updater) - ... etail&id=5

NwN 2 Module Updater - ... tail&id=27

Other Plugins

A list of plugins at NWN2 Toolset - ... plugs.html

Robes and Kilt Override - ... tail&id=61

Whatbrick's NWN2 Character Customization Collection (nice hair styles, but we should check to see if it prevents hats/helmets) - ... tail&id=62

And for those wanting a worthy new campaign to play
Tragedy in Tragidor - ... tail&id=83

It was built for NWN1 way back in 2002.


WaterMill v1.0 (excellent tool and tutorial for creating running water on various elevations) - ... 0372&id=45

TerraCoppa v1.4 (updated 1/10/07) - ... 0372&id=25

TRN fileformat (PDF on terrain files for TerraCoppa) - ... 0372&id=26

ERFinder 1.4 (updated 1/11/07 - import/export HAK, MOD, PWC and ERF files) - ... 00372&id=9

Prefab Clothing

Cloaks of Faerun (pk2 - humans only) - ... tail&id=66

Cloaks of Faerun (pk3 - humans/elves only) - ... 1429&id=69

Prefab Building

Hobbit House (override now available) - ... tail&id=38

Prefab Area

Lost Ruins of Zartroff (level 1. there's a level 2, and i'll post it when it's fixed) - ... 1399&id=56


Playable Commoner Class | 1.0 (no comment) - ... tail&id=68

more prefab clothing:

Cloaks of Faerun (pk4) - ... tail&id=72

And just for entertainment - ... tail&id=75


Teleport Spells - ... tail&id=73

BashLoot v1.0 (didn't realize a script was required for this, but here it is) - ... 868&id=114

Prefab Areas

4 Unique Transition Areas - ... ail&id=123


Tarim's Weapon Pack v1.02 (beautifully rendered moonblades and katar) - ... tail&id=81

staff ... tail&id=82

For PW's
WorldGate v1.0 - ... tail&id=29
Not sure why the DMFI tools weren't included - maybe where you got the list from doesn't care enough about multiplayer yet - but here's a link to the NWN2 player and developer (DM) tools scripts: ... 843&gid=20

Here's a whole site full of 'em:

OK, not full yet, but off to a good start.

Shout-out to the Neverwinter Nights Podcast ( for the link.

I haven't used them, so I don't really know how well they work, but it did get a Hall of Fame nod from the Vault.

Anyway... I thought it was worthy of posting since so many people have expressed frustration over chairs ... tail&id=22

Dane Bramage

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