DMing Resources: For the New and Old

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DMing Resources: For the New and Old

Post by Urk » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:13 am

Copied from NWC: Thanks Play Mate

This post contains helpful links to guides and tips for those who want to start DMing, or those who wish to expand their DMing skills.

Becoming a DM
Bioware wednesday, a nice overview by Arawen Silverstar, for those considering to start DMing. Contains several links to resources below.

The Neverwinter Connections Community Guide to Dungeon Mastering, by Lazybones ... 2107.shtml

Clean list of DM Tips ... 7&forum=45

Basic Skills Needed
As from my experience, only a few things are really needed for a basic (pre-made) adventure:

- Know how to possess NPCs
- Know how to shout/tell/talk
- Know how to go/jump to locations
- Know how to create and limbo NPCs
- Know how to use the DMFI dicebag
- Know the plot outline
- Be confident of yourself

With the above you can interact with the players through NPCs, you can tell a story, you can add/remove NPCs, and you can roll skill checks for players (and you can even let them roll their checks, and you only have to do the tells.)

DM101 and DM102 Classes
Urk Edit: Deleted... These classes are no longer scheduled, although Skunkeen runs a DM Training events. Keep an eye out!

DMFI 101 Self Study
Carlo One has worked very hard on a DMFI tutorial module, which can be found with this link. It explains the basic DMing process and the DMFI wands and widgets through a self-study tutorial module. A great way into the many possibilities of the DMFI wands. ... 0000.shtml

Urk Edit: And new for NWN2... ... ail&id=296

DMFI tools (DM Friendly Initiative)
Known best for their DM widgets, the DMFI also have several tips on how to create and document modules, to make them usuable for DMs. No DM module can go without the DMFI widgets, which gives DMs access to a library of VFXs, SFXs, afflictions (poisons, diseases, blindness effects), expanded NPC and environmental control, etc. ... 0723.shtml

DMFI Guild:

Rest Toggle Widget
This tool gives a DM full control over the resting capabilities of the party. By Mogney ... 7968.shtml

Dungeon Master Base Module
Dungajin produced a combination of the most popular and well used ruleset modifications used in DM’d multi-player gaming along with a colourful Adventure Staging Area. An excellent start for your new DM modules. ... ldid/0.htm

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