DM-Friendly One-Shot Modules

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DM-Friendly One-Shot Modules

Post by Urk » Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:13 pm

EDIT: The DM-Friendly mod list has been updated and can be found here: ... d-dec-2018

Copied from NWC: Thanks Arawen

DM Friendly One-Shot Modules

These modules come with complete DM guides, DMFI DM tools, and have the capacity to be DMed live with no scripted PCs.

If you know of more, please add them to the thread. Also, comments would be very helpful!

Thank you!

Carlo One, Desperate Measures ... 0088.shtml

Demetrious, To the Aid of Riverside ... 2880.shtml

Dungajin, Alcohol Anonymous ... 7765.shtml

Dungajin, Labyrinth of the Goblin King ... 3000.shtml

Kad, NWTavern - Maelstrom Multiplayer: Ferryport Raiders ... 8600.shtml

Lazybones, Shrine of the Eth’barat ... 2000.shtml

Lazybones, Tome of Secrets ... 9545.shtml

Jason Robinson, The Vethboro Dragon ... 5864.shtml

TOJTS, A Mad Story ... 5531.shtml

TOJTS, Desert Blade ... 8765.shtml

TOJTS, The Rescue

Scripted Modules with DM Guides

Baldecaran, Cave of Songs ... 6563.shtml

Stefan Gagne, Elegia Eternam DM Version ... 0360.shtml

Gilthonym, High Adventures with Baroness DeCallya ... 6796.shtml

Curtis Moondrake Miller, Pharaoh ... 9812.shtml

Bruce Nielson, The Light Reborn(2): Death Trap ... 2104.shtml

Bruce Nielson, The Light Reborn (3) - The Children ... 8335.shtml

Oraweb, U3: The Final Enemy ... 7375.shtml
If you're looking for a faithful conversion of the PnP classic, look no further.

It's an epic level module, with a DM tool to fire module specific events, allowing for full possession of NPC's without having to resort to scripted conversations.

Maps, a DM guide and avatar are included in the download.

Find it here: ... 6000.shtml


All right, I'll chime in. It's NOT DMFI Certified, but Firefly does come with a DM's guide, Player's Guide, DMFI tools (modified for Firefly!), and is ready for a one (or two-) shot DM'd game. Used at both of the past two NWCons.

So, for Firefly: The Hero of Canton, go to: ... 5000.shtml

Of course, 120 MB of haks isn't for the casual group, most likely, but I found at the Cons that players signed up for sure anyway. Also, it's probably NOT for the novice DM; a lot of DM intervention is required.

Any questions, just let me know!

Hopefully it's okay to post my own module

The D20 Modern Team has just added a one-shot DM module to the base module, along with a DMFI-style DM Guide (maps and all). It's called Gray Sector, and it's a sort of a parody cross between Men In Black, The Invisible Man (the sci-fi channel show), and Torchwood. PC levels 6 or so; 4 hour duration. I'll try to run at least one Application game here as a demo - I hope others do, too!

Here's the link (the main D20 Modern page - the DM module is part of the download): ... il&id=5355

(or just look under Top NWN modules for #1

I'm looking forward to sleep tonight - been a LONG week rushing it out...

- Forrestwolf
My module is not DMFI certified yet, but has the DMFI wand package. It was sorely needing improved documenation and as of tonight it was added. Please take a peak, I'll keep plugging away at the documenation until it meets DMFI certification, and hopefully this latest change gets me there, or at least a bit closer.

The link for the module is ... 1000.shtml

Actually, we still have some more recent modules in the DMFI queue for review. Unfortunately, despite multiple calls for volunteer reviewers here and at the DMFI, no one has stepped forward in quite a while to help out. (Thanks to those who did an excellent job in the past.)

I will have some limited time to continue working on the queue, but just 2-3 reviewers would be a huge help.

The submissions forum is here: ... 990&gid=20

Information on the Review Team is here: ... 751&gid=20

C1: Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan by Enoa4 is now certified as DM-friendly. This hall-of-fame module is a faithful recreation of the pen-and-paper tournament classic, where an adventuring group becomes lost and stumbles onto the hidden shrine of Tamoachan, part of an ancient ruined city. The module draws heavily on Aztec influences, giving the adventure a uniquely interesting flavor. The informative and very detailed DM guide features area maps, descriptions of NPCs and items, and optional DM-run additions to the plot. DMFI reviewer Tarridus found it to be an enjoyable adventure for a DM in need of a good dungeon crawl that will have the players on their toes. Download link: ... il&id=3848

Also, I'd like to mention that Forrestwolf's "Hero of Canton: Introductory Firefly Adventure" can be found at this link: ... il&id=4031

The one given in a previous post goes to the Firefly system download, which is a larger package.

I just released my "Muddles in Milton". It has the DMFI tools in place and comes with a comprehensive manual. I've asked for DMFI certification and Carlo asked if I knew anyone who might be running it soon willing to write a review. Since I can hardly do so myself, anyone interested should contact Carlo. ... 72&id=5399

Hey all. Hope this is in the right place. Carlo asked me to swing by a post a message, but looks like there were a few hiccups.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note that I recently released a new DMFI module for NWN2 called "A Stop Along the Way". Carlo helped with a ton of great suggestions, including helping me make the documentation pretty robust. If you're interested in trying some DMed games with NWN2, I'd really appreciate the help in testing. All feedback is welcome.

Here's the link: ... ail&id=298

It's a low-level module that will take somewhere in the range of 6 to 10 hours to complete.

The concept is that the players pass by a small town on the way to their next destination where they learn of a local girl who has been kidnapped. Lots of room for customizing the plot to fit play style. Includes secret doors, crafting, a few tricks and traps and a ton of other tweaks. A pretty robust DM tool is also included to help things move along.

So there it is. Thanks in advance to anyone who might want to give a try and send some feedback over at the vault!


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Re: DM-Friendly One-Shot Modules

Post by Venture » Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:50 pm

Thanks for copying this over. Stickied.

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DM-Friendly Modules--Team Combat

Post by Urk » Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:57 pm

Copied from NWC: Thanks Arawen

These modules emphasize Team Combat. Though scripted, they come with DM documentation.

Feel free to add others and comment on these to help fellow DMs.


Carlo One, Faerun Survival Course ... 5000.shtml

Lazybones, Team Challenge ... 4000.shtml

Lazybones, Team Challenge: The Pyramid ... 8747.shtml
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