May 20 session / IC topic

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May 20 session / IC topic

Post by Carlo » Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:20 pm

After discovering and exploring a magical laboratory, which was defended by a flesh construct, the group discovered a secret door and carefully made their way down a corridor with a variety of different traps. At the end, just before a collapsed section, was another secret door, which led to a room which violently shook all those who entered. After recovering from their bruises, the party conducted an initial search of the room; it revealed nothing beyond an obvious false steel door, which appeared to be placed there to draw the attention of those entering. Feeling frustrated, the party retired back down the corridor - all carefully jumping over the one resetting trap - and started poking around the laboratory again.


((Players are welcome to conduct IC discussions and play-by-post, until the campaign resumes in May))

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