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Westgate: contemporary Campaign Chronicles

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:47 pm
by Carlo
(The following reflects the results of the campaign prequel and main sessions from February 4 to March 17)

The morning of Tarsakh 3, 1373, the mage Aerikoth Ankharat joined his companions Dermot and Darrow in the newly rebuilt Gatereach guesthouse. The previous evening he had met Rosten Foregallow for the first time. The morose but tough-looking halfling had arrived in Westgate just days before and had been introduced to the group by Jandrico Swift. According to the innkeeper, Rosten had come from Cormyr and was known to Jandrico as the associate of a former business partner. Rosten's introduction to the city had been a heart-pounding and nearly fatal one, as he had met the elven wizard Lomilith at the Black Boot in River Gate and defended him from a vicious vampire attack. Rosten seemed more interested in gold than in vampires, but the former sailor was willing to join forces with the group, apparently not having any better current offers for employment.

Walking into the guesthouse behind the Gatereach's serving woman, Goruna, Aerikoth saw the three of them and a dwarf, who introduced himself as Njord Vindastig, one of the volamtar - a wandering priest of Marthammor Duin. Njord had been asked to seek Darrow out in Westgate. Goruna placed the large breakfast tray down and pinched Dermot's bum as she departed, continuing her hopeful attentions to the ranger. Rosten took a look at the tray's contents and excused himself for a "hair of the dog", none evidently having been included for him, although there were two ales for the dwarves.

As Rosten returned, Aerikoth was reminding the others of the need to make contact with the Westgate associate of the Vampire Lord of the Crypt; the associate was supposed to appear at midnight in the Market district. After there was general agreement that they should go meet the (person?) as a group, for safety reasons, the wizard turned to Njord and asked the dwarf why he had been seeking Darrow. Njord briefly explained that the high priest of Clan Ironhelm, Iskar, had sent him, and that a schism was brewing within the clan. Njord said no more on the matter, declaring that he planned to help the group against the vampires and then go on with them to the clanhold; apparently he had discussed matters in more detail with the others.

After finishing breakfast and drinks, the five departed the guesthouse and headed for the house of the Ascetic One in the West Gate district, where they had agreed to start the process of gathering allies. Darrow also had the unfinished business of carrying the bones of Aronson, the ghostly paladin and former companion of the Ascetic one, who had been bound to guard the entrance to the vampire lord's crypt. Arriving at the unassuming house, Dermot knocked loudly on the wooden door, and one of the Ascetic One's students let them in.

The monk greeted the adventurers, noted the two newcomers Njord and Rosten, and observed that one of their original number was missing. He was reassured that Shanni had departed them after meeting the Lord of the Crypt due to a difference of opinion over their actions, rather than her death. Dermot, never one to mince words or use too many of them, declared that they had found the castle of the vampire lord and also the bones of someone the Ascetic One knew. When the monk wondered how this could be known, Darrow stepped forward with his parcel of bones, and Aerikoth said one word: "Aronson" - which caused a look of pain and suffering on the monk of Ilmater. The Ascetic One said that he would bear this burden now, something which he could not do before, describing the lesson of self-mastery as the hardest one. The monk was then surprised and pleased to hear from Aerikoth that "Tougal" - a name which the Ascetic One had not used since Aronson's death - had not been borne any ill will by the ghost of Aronson.

Talk then turned to why Shanni had abandoned the group, namely their agreement to work with the Lord of the Crypt - an ancient evil - against the Westgate vampires. Aerikoth explained that a new Night King had risen in Westgate, having nothing to do with the vampire lord they had spoken with. Dermot noted that the Westgate vampire had found artifacts from the previous Night King, which had aided his rise. The Ascetic One knew of the legend of the original Night King and his defeat at the hands of the Lathander paladin, Gen Soleilon, and saw no reason for the Lord of the Crypt to be lying about the situation, despite what he was. Aerikoth agreed with this stance. Dermot was less sure of the benefits of their bargain with the vampire lord, but observed that if they could get the Night King away from his "baubles", they perhaps had a shot.

The monk agreed to assist them by seeking out further allies, mentioning in passing that he knew of Thessar, after Dermot had mentioned allies in the Shore. The group, having accomplished what they came for, turned to depart, intending to head next to the Temple of Lathander.


Student Than: Welcome.
Student Than: *bows*
Dermot Kenner: Hey man.
Student Than: There are more with you, this time.
Dermot Kenner: Good eye.
Student Than: *looks over to his master*
Njord Vindastig: *He nods his head, with respect.* Good day.
Ascetic One: That is good, then. They return, with allies.
Ascetic One: Come.
Darrow Ironhelm: *is holding a carefully wrapped bundle*
Ascetic One: I am pleased indeed to see you again.
Dermot Kenner: Master Monk. We followed your map.
Dermot Kenner: An' yeah, we found some friends.
Ascetic One: *looks over*
Ascetic One: You are missing one of your number.
Dermot Kenner: *a pause.*
Ascetic One: *voice is querying and heavy*
Dermot Kenner: ... she's gone her own way.
Darrow Ironhelm: Aye... we had a difference of opinion.
Ascetic One: *takes a quick breath*
Ascetic One: Ah, but at least she is not gone to the world.
Dermot Kenner: Thankfully, no.
Ascetic One: *breathing resumes its regular, slow, calm pace*
Njord Vindastig: *He dwarf nods, with respect, in silence.*
Darrow Ironhelm: *arches an eyebrow at Dermot*
Dermot Kenner: ... so, we found the castle.
Darrow Ironhelm: *looks at the wrapped bundle in his arms*
Ascetic One: *nods, eyes distant and unfocused*
Aerikoth: *stands calmly with his staff resting in front of himself looking at the Ascetic One*
Dermot Kenner: Under a rock before the door, there were the remains of someone. Likely needs to be put to rest. Seems like they... were someone you knew.
Darrow Ironhelm: *steps forward with the bundle*
Ascetic One: *eyes snap back into focus*
Ascetic One: How can you know this?
Aerikoth: Aronson *states the name without emotion*
Ascetic One: *a look of pain and suffering flashes across his face*
Ascetic One: So he is truly dead.
Darrow Ironhelm: *places the bundle at the feet of the monk*
Ascetic One: *looks down at the remains*
Dermot Kenner: *hangs his head.*
Dermot Kenner: Sorry.

Re: Westgate: contemporary Campaign Chronicles

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:57 am
by Carlo
((Face has volunteered to become the contemporary campaign chronicler. So watch this space.))