Conversation at the Gatereach guest house, wee hours of Tarsakh 5

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Conversation at the Gatereach guest house, wee hours of Tarsakh 5

Post by Carlo » Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:33 pm

It is well past midnight by the time the party reassembles at the Gatereach guest house. The two dwarves, Darrow and Njord, had arrived first with Rosten, although the halfling preferred to first go to the main inn to refill his flask. Then Dermot and Lloria entered some time later, but without Aerikoth.

((This can be used for an IC conversation for PCs at the Gatereach))

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Re: Conversation at the Gatereach guest house, wee hours of Tarsakh 5

Post by Tribunal » Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:02 am

Once Lloria arrived back at the Gatereach, she peeled off briefly to get some water and a small block of cheese. Once she had her midnight snack she returned to the guesthouse and settled in a seat in the sitting room, quietly nibbling on the small block of cheese and sipping at her water. Her halberd was set aside, leaning against the wall by her right hand side and the face-mask of her helmet was flipped up to ease the consumption while she considered the evening.
The raid had gone well; extremely well, even. They had torn through the cult with relative ease, sustained no losses, and absconded with the cloak. But other, minor shadows rested over the results. The cloak was gone, taken to the gods knew where by the sorcerer. She didn't trust him. She'd known many hedge mages and found that they typically delved too often into questionable practices and alliances. She'd intended to swipe the cloak and personally deliver it to one of the temples, either Sune's or the Abbey being constructed, for safe keeping. But the item was gone now and there was little recourse but to monitor how things unfolded.
It didn't help that there was also very little recovered from the raid. She typically did not enjoy departing from an area of operation without things of value to at least recoup the costs of making the move, even if not necessarily making a profit. Tithing sat in abeyance for nobody after all... temples didn't typically care for her methods but didn't refuse to accept her gold either. But that was another issue...

She sat in her seat with a pensive expression, snacking absently on what she'd brought from the tavern.

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