June 23 session

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June 23 session

Post by Carlo » Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:49 pm

After waiting overnight, the party was admitted into the halls of Clan Ironhelm, where they had a private audience with Iskar, the high cleric of Moradin. Darrow's arrival has caused political problems for Iskar and the faction supporting Prince Dalgan, who is heirless and until recently was in declining health for unknown reasons. Although Iskar noted that Dalgan's condition seemed to be slowly improving after Darrow's last expedition into the Deep Delve a month ago, the Prince remains weak and the faction opposed to his rule has grown bolder.

Iskar has asked the party to return to the temple when they are ready to enter the Deep Delve. The party's upcoming expedition into the depths is something he devised as an explanation for why Darrow and the others have come to Ironhelm at this point in time. The anti-Dalgan faction apparently has lured Darrow back and is seeking to use his presence and his possession of the clan's legendary axe Haelgrim as an excuse to depose Dalgan in favor of a supposedly stronger and worthier leader.

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