After 10 years, Aerikoth really hasn't changed much

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After 10 years, Aerikoth really hasn't changed much

Post by Carlo » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:02 am

From February 8, 2004:

Carlo the DM: So, you are standing around the inn, trying to come up with a suitable name for your band of would-be heroes...
[sily_] Gumble: hmmmm
[Shade Shadowbane] Reijn D'Auric: Safe Six
[sily_] Gumble: Oi lads.
[sily_] Gumble: Ive got a new name.
[Belgarion64] Flavius Arcus: The six
[sily_] Gumble: Ive come up with Gumble the Great!
[sily_] Gumble: Hows that sound?
[Skywise Shannara] Drakar Hutark: It's good....until one of us dies
[Belgarion64] Flavius Arcus: Gumble that is really good, but it leaves out the rest of us
[Skywise Shannara] Drakar Hutark: *grins*
[sily_] Gumble: Oi it does...
[sily_] Gumble: Gumble the Great and Co.
[sily_] Gumble: *wiggles his eyebrows and smiles at everyone*
[Belgarion64] Flavius Arcus: How about "The Six"
[Elgyth] Durendin Ironhelm: *Smiles*
[Shade Shadowbane] Reijn D'Auric: Six Points
[Elgyth] Durendin Ironhelm: The Six is good with me
[Shade Shadowbane] Reijn D'Auric: As in points of a star.
[sily_] Gumble: Its not as interstin as mine oi, but it will do.
[Jaokith] Aerikoth: *shrugs* Rather... common appellation, but I'm rather indifferent to what we call ourselves to be honest.

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