Next main Westgate session [Feb 10, 2019]

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Next main Westgate session [Feb 10, 2019]

Post by Carlo » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:01 pm

As the consort to the vampire lord vanishes back into the glowing red portal to the throne room, the group finds themselves next to the portal's counterpart in the entry hall to the crypt. At the other end of the hallway, a weak shaft of sunlight is visible, indicating that it is now daytime and that they spent many hours exploring and fighting through the crypt.

In Westgate, according to the vampire lord's promise, they will be met at midnight at the center of Market district by one of his allies - someone who can provide more information on the location and likely perils involved in recovering the two ancient vampiric artifacts currently possessed by the new Night King, the Argraal of Orlak and the Flying Fangs.


[Date for resuming the full campaign is currently a best guess - February 10, after the Super Bowl? Earlier?]

((Players are welcome to post IC in this topic, in advance of the campaign resuming))

((Players are also welcome to post OOC about their preferred restart date, based on their schedules))

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Re: September 30 session [placeholder]

Post by Jaokith » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:09 pm

Aerikoth stared for a moment at the glowing red portal where the female vampire had departed before he spoke in his typical neutral tone of voice.

"I suppose she was correct", the wizard glanced at each of his companions before returning his gaze to the portal, "The Lord of this place could have made things much more inconvenient in regards to our efforts in Westgate but instead chose to offer a truce of mutual assistance."

He turned back to the other party members before continuing, "I know each one of you have misgivings about this agreement to varying degrees and I do as well but when you consider what we have learned I am pleased that all of you restrained any desires to resist his offer... Or even respond with violence."

Aerikoth's eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes focused on something distant as he stated, "I do not know if we could have overcome such a battle."

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