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AIG Session Logs

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:45 pm

Session 1

Karvon : It's morning as your caravan pulls within sight of the keep.... It stands on distant bluff to your left visible for quite some distance.

Grumni Hammersmith: hmm..... looks like its east to the Keep
Silk Drost: But of course, like we've been walking.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scans the horizon*
Shady : wait up jeez
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles merrily*
Shady : hold up
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... looks unsafe for wagons around here
Silk Drost: Indubitibly.
Shady : *studies the wago for a second, trying to determine if it broke down recently*
Chandry: Hello there. Watch out for the land shark! I hear it wanders the fields near here. Stick to the high ground and the water, and you should be all right. Anything I can do for you?
Chandry: Morning
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks through wreckage*

Chandry: *looks the group over*
Silk Drost: Good morning, madam.
Chandry: must be with the caravan.
Grumni Hammersmith: not very tlkative in these parts
Shady : hey grandma, got a moment
Rynn : That's right... we're with the caravan
Grumni Hammersmith: country bumpkins no doubt
Chandry: Well... I'm rather busy with the cows.
Grumni Hammersmith: hello madam
Chandry: What do you want?
Rynn : Everything OK here?
Grumni Hammersmith: whats happened to yonder broken wagon?
Rynn : Looks like an attack
Silk Drost: *rubs his nose idly*
Chandry: *shrugs* Merchant had a breakdown.
Grumni Hammersmith: mental or mechanical?
Rynn : so... no big deal, huh
Shady : honestly you people with your imagination, you see one broken down wagon and you think its a big orc invasion
Chandry: Was in a hurry so loaded up into his other wagons and moved on.
Silk Drost: *searches over the wreckage*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Shady : oh no! we saw a broken down wagon on the road, a attack is coming!
Grumni Hammersmith: *tuts*
Rynn : Well? You never know, do you
Chandry: Nothing too serious lately.
Shady : we're in front of granny's farm here with cows, how dangerous could the place be
Chandry: The odd banditry and the like
Silk Drost: Bulettes.
Grumni Hammersmith: they could be werecows *grins*
Rynn : I was just asking... by the gods!
Shady : sure, sure, werecows
Chandry: Yeah, stay clear of the meadows over there.
Shady : pfft you just let your imagination get to out of control
Grumni Hammersmith: why's that granny?
Shady : why, whats in them? werechickens?
Silk Drost: Bulettes.
Chandry: That Land Shark is always on the prowl.
Shady : the... whatsit?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks perplexed*
Chandry: There's a reward offered if'n someone slays it.
Silk Drost: Nasty thing.
Chandry: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... a chance for extra coin
Chandry: Eats stray animals often.
Silk Drost: Would make good armor though.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Shady : so this meadow, is it east or north?
Silk Drost: Please say you do not intend for us to try to fight one...
Chandry: the area east of the road
Shady : well your a druid
Chandry: ignore the signs at your peril.
Shady : you can charm this army of cows that we can lead to fight the Land Shark
Chandry: Welp daylights wasting and I need to tend to my cows.
Rynn : Can't you see the sign? Who's the Dumbass now, huh
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs loudly*
Shady : ooohhh someones got a mouth
Silk Drost: I, my good sir, am a scout and tracker. Not a druid.
Chandry: *turns and goes back to her animals*

Rynn : *looks out into the field*
Shady : really, wait I thought we had a druid, hrmmm
Silk Drost: *shakes his head*
Shady : great no army of cows then
Shady : well why don't you go out there and um... track
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm no tree hugger, perhaps they're back with the wagons
Silk Drost: Nymilja vlesa...
Shady : use those stealthy scout abilities to find this land shark
Silk Drost: I'd rather go without lunch.
Grumni Hammersmith: we don't have a fishing pole with us anyway
Rynn : He really is a Dumbass!
Shady : relax, if it chases you, I'll just colorspray it in the face
Silk Drost: *sighs*
Silk Drost: A bulette, or Land Shark, is big
Silk Drost: it's mean
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Silk Drost: and it eats things like me WHOLE.
Shady : don't be so negative
Shady : maybe you'll taste horrible and it'll spit you out
Rynn : I don't see anything
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't see anything anyway
Silk Drost: I'm not responsible... I'm not responsible... I'm not responsible... I'm not responsible...
Shady : uhoh
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradins beard!
Shady : Silk you coward! get over here and help us slay the thing!
Grumni Hammersmith: Something BIG is moving beneath the ground, and coming toward you!
Silk Drost: I WARNED YOU!
Shady: Something BIG is moving beneath the ground, and coming toward you!
Grumni Hammersmith: The underground thing is following your movements!
Shady: The underground thing is following your movements!
Silk Drost: Something BIG is moving beneath the ground, and coming toward you!
Shady : ok no movement
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* here sharkey, sharkey
Shady : I think I know how to-
Shady : ...seriously
Rynn : Sounds HUGE!
Shady : hrmm
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like it doesn't want to play
Rynn : *Looks all around for tracks*
Shady : that chicken Silk, he better not be expecting to share int he reward if his staying that far behind
Rynn : Here again?!!
Shady : hrmm I think we passed through without trouble
Shady : hold up I have an idea
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, back north then
Shady : this thing seems to sense vibrations
Rynn : What's your plan?
Shady : when people are moving on the ground
Grumni Hammersmith: jump up and down?
Shady : well we could do that
Shady : but I was thinking throw one of those smaller boulders on the ground
Rynn : I can see tracks... something BIG... they lead hear and there... impossible to follow
Grumni Hammersmith: starts bouncing
Shady : let it be the sort of bait for the thing
Rynn : Try it
Grumni Hammersmith: shame we couldn't stake one of those cows out in the meadow
Silk Drost: *listens*
Shady : think you can lift this and throw it out there
Rynn : *Takes and end...* Too heavy for me
Shady : I'm a thinker, not a fighter, don't have the muscles for it myself
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs and tries lifting*
Silk Drost: *sits*
Shady : *helps as best he can*
Grumni Hammersmith: Heave!
Rynn : I know it's out here... I can feel it
Shady : uugghhh my back! my back!
Silk Drost: Not responsible... not responsible... not responsible...
Karvon : the group lifts the large rock together
Shady : ok now we need to throw it into the meadow
Grumni Hammersmith: ok
Grumni Hammersmith: *carries it along*
Shady : throw it as far from us as possible
Rynn : *Thud!!!*
Shady : on three
Shady : 1
Silk Drost: HELLO!
Shady : 2
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrowly avoids dropping on foot*
Shady : 3!
Shady : *tries to throw it with Grumni*

Grumni Hammersmith: *mutter*
Rynn : Not sure I'm glad for us!
Shady : *stares at the stupid boulder for a second*
Grumni Hammersmith: I think its scared
Shady : well so much for that idea
Rynn : Where's the Gnome?
Rynn : Silk
Grumni Hammersmith: hiding behind a cow?
Grumni Hammersmith: might as well move on
Shady : well so much for my vibration theory
Rynn : You tried
Shady : hey look its chicken- I mean Silk
Silk Drost: *mutters to himself*

Silk Drost: Hello?
Silk Drost: Could I get some help? Some idiots just went to provoke the Bulette.
Laurl: *looks down at the strangers*
Rynn : *waves* Hey Silk!
Shady : hello *waves*
Laurl: You lot with that caravan?
Silk Drost: Seems the gods blessed them with brains after all. Yes, we are.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Shady : yes sir!
Rynn : Yup
Laurl: Best stay out of the pasturelands less you wanna be eaten by the land shark.
Shady : yes, terrifying creature
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. things wouldn't fight us
Rynn : We tried
Laurl: *shrugs* maybe just wasn't hungry.
Silk Drost: *laughs*
Shady : has anyone ever seen this 'land shark"?
Charl: Yeah it ate a calf earlier today
Grumni Hammersmith: probably an old wives tale
Grumni Hammersmith: told to scare kids
Rynn : *chuckles*
Shady : if so, there sure are a lot of earthquakes in that meadow
Grumni Hammersmith: those gates open?
Charl: That's the beast passing beneath.
Rynn : Is there a way down to IT?

Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Shady: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Shady: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Shady: I am Shady.
Charl: Right!
Shady: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Shady: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Silk Drost: Most are about as thick as this bridge... with about a length of 2-3 meters... hmm... maybe longer. Never seen one up close but have heard mroe than enough from travelers.
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Shady. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Shady: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Shady: Where can I find some work?
Sabine: You could get to know some of the craftspeople in town - a few of them have some odd jobs - but for your type, I'd suggest going straight to the castellan. You'll find him in the Fortress in the Inner Bailey. Take this road south, and turn right. Make the next right, and follow the road to the end. Take the left, and then a quick right, and another left, and you'll come to the gates for the Inner Gatehouse before long - they're in the center of the northern wall of the Outer Bailey.
Rynn : *eyes up the guard lady and greets her*
Shady : so... where to now?
Grumni Hammersmith: *licks lips* perhaps we should find a tavern?
Karvon : *nods*
Sabine: *nods*
Silk Drost: That'll do by me.
Shady : sure, we can hear tales about the 'Land Shark'
Rynn : I'm Rynn... these are my Caravan companions
Sabine: Greetings, Shady.
Shady: Hello, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Shady: I'm looking for the inn.
Sabine: Are you looking for a place to eat, or a place to sleep?
Shady: I'm actually pretty hungry.
Sabine: The One-Eyed Cat is run by Wilf. Follow this road to the south, and turn right. Follow that road to the end, and make another right. You'll find the 'Cat near the end.
Shady: Thanks.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Shady: No, thank you. Goodbye.
Shady : right, we go south
Sabine: No empty tales, it's a real danger.
Rynn : Nice meeting you *bows*
Sabine: Farewell

Karvon : This seems to be the market area of the keep A number of small shops line the narrow street. A few locals can be seen at work thru doors or windows.

Silk Drost: *sniffs*
Silk Drost: Here we are.
Rynn : *sips from the fountain*
Karvon : Grumni Hammersmith: she recommended the cat?
Shady : hey its the One-Eye Cat your suppose to go to for a drink
Shady : for food and drink, yes

Karvon : The inn is fairly empty at the moment. A few staff members eye you as you enter. The silent warrior seems to be the bouncer. ...and keeps a careful eye on you.

Grumni Hammersmith: Oh, a bouncer. Well, you certainly look capable.
Grumni Hammersmith: Goodbye, Third.
Jess: Hi there!
Grumni Hammersmith: What's your name?
Jess: I'm Jess. Gotta get back to work, sorry!
Wilf: Welcome to the One-Eyed Cat! What would be your pleasure?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd like something to drink
Wilf: Let me show you what's on tap.
Grumni Hammersmith: *buys an ale*
Jess: Hi there!
Silk Drost: What's your name?
Jess: I'm Jess. Gotta get back to work, sorry!
Shady : jeez business is certainly almost dead
Grumni Hammersmith: *sips and frowns* a bit watered methinks
Shady : sigh, I'm going to have little luck finding someone wanting to play dice
Rynn : I want steak
Grumni Hammersmith: don't look at me I'm skint
Silk Drost: *eyes over the selection*
Shady : hey Jess, whats with the lack of patrons?
Grumni Hammersmith: No
Jess: Well, this is a rather isolated settlement and we don't get that many visitors. Caravans stop by every week or so, the odd traveler on the road.
Rynn : I'll have the meat and potatoes with beans... and an ale to wash it down
Silk Drost: Let's see... two legs of lamb, a bowl of garlic soup and some bread and cheese, as well as a bottle of spirits and one of ale.
Shady : hrmm hear any wild tales of a 'Land Shark'?
Jess: *takes your order and heads off to the kitchen*
Grumni Hammersmith: not very comfy seats
Rynn : Mine's fine
Rynn : *smiles*
Shady : we should probably find out whose offering a reward for killing that 'Land Shark'
Silk Drost: Hmm... I wonder if they have any potatoes... would be good with the lamb.
Grumni Hammersmith: I imagine its the local guardhouse we require?
Rynn : potatoes come with my steak
Silk Drost: *sighs* I really do not think that we could do it. If you want I could say what I know.
Shady : haven't even seen the thing yet, shesh
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* perhaps on the return journey then
Rynn : what do you know, Silk?
Grumni Hammersmith: maybe we should find the rest of the wagon train?
Silk Drost: Well, as I was trying to say. They are big. Let's see, longer and wider than this table and about two of them stacked on top of each other... or one and a half, don't know.
Rynn : I think we should find them
Silk Drost: depends on how old it is.
Silk Drost: Voracious appatite.
Shady : It seems to go after cows, hrmmm....
Silk Drost: Yes, well, it's a carnivore.
Grumni Hammersmith: sneaky
Silk Drost: Thick of hide and sharp of tooth and claw, it'll rip it's prey apart faster than they know what's hit them.
Shady : of course we'd have to buy a cow... and poison, deadly poison
Rynn : Maybe Silk's right... but I'd like to think that WE should rid this place from that threat! Think of it... we'd be Heros!
Shady : more importantly we'd be given money
Silk Drost: I'd rather be alive than a 'hero'
Jess: *passes out food and drink*
Rynn : Yes... alive IS good
Jess: If you need anything else just hollar.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises tankard* to a good journey
Silk Drost: Oh, thank you. *begins the delicate process of savoring his meal fit for at least 3 regular people*
Rynn : but the whole of us... if we have a good plan of attack
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders*
Third: *watches party impassively*
Shady : *swipes a potato off Silk's plate* so if we aren't going after the shark, what do you guys want to do
Rynn : *raises her glass as well* Oh this looks Great!
Grumni Hammersmith: some sort of trap?
Silk Drost: Well, I figured I'd see what was going around here, see if anyone needed to hire a tracker and what not.
Rynn : *eats her food while eying the discussion*

Wilf: *looks party over with a smile*
Wilf: Everything ok here?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye- know of any jobs around here?
Rynn : A bit more Ale, please?
Shady : Fine fine, by the way, how long has that 'Land Shark' been hanging around outside
Wilf: *scratches head*
Silk Drost: Actually, could I perhaps get some more potatoes... mine seem to be disappearing.
Wilf: Well the Castellian may have some work.
Shady : I'm trying to help you watch your weight
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Shady : you don't want to get fat do you?
Grumni Hammersmith: who are they then?
Wilf: I think the carpenter was looking for some help with something.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft! do I look like a wood cutter?
Silk Drost: Please, I have to live off of nuts, berries and other things in the wilds, or those horrid rations. I want to eat well while I am in town.
Rynn : Me too
Shady : nonsense, berries and nuts are good for you
Grumni Hammersmith: I was thinking more about choping orcs tahn wood
Rynn : Steak is better though
Silk Drost: *sighs*
Shady : I'm allergic unfortunately, but you should be thankful for berries and nuts
Rynn : Could I get another ale, please?
Silk Drost: I prefer the tender lamb. Unless they have a decent gravy... mmmm gravy...
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Shady : I'm sure the Castellian has some very heroic work
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, whittling by the sound of it!
Wilf: Sure, I'll have Jesse bring some over. JESSE MORE ALE HERE!
Silk Drost: Hmm? Well, I'm not too shabby with a dagger.
Rynn : *smiles and chews as she lifts her glass to Wilf*
Shady : could you two stop thinking with your stomachs for a second, we need to find more work
Wilf: Don't know the carpenters job, but it did seem a bit dangerous from what he mentioned and the pay sounded good.
Silk Drost: I think better on a full stomach.
Wilf: *shrugs*
Rynn : D E L I C I O U S
Wilf: *smiles* Glad you like it.

Shady : *swipes a piece of pork off Silks's plate*
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* decent coin could sweeten the deal I suppose
Silk Drost: ... *blinks* When the hell did I get pork? *shrugs and begins devouring the food*
Jess: *lugs over more ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: eats a lot fer a little 'un
Jess: *passes out drinks*
Rynn : Thanks Jess
Jess: *smiles* Welcome
Jess: Need anything else?
Silk Drost: And I agree... I could use a bit of money to make sure I have enough tabac.
Grumni Hammersmith: we should find this carpenter then?
Rynn : If that's what you all want... I'm in. I sure wouldn't mind a bit of excitement though
Shady : well as soon as everyone had their stomachs filled I guess we'll head to the Castellian
Silk Drost: You'll be here all night if you waited for that. *chuckles and gulps down a mouthful of soup*
Rynn : There's still a quarter of steak here... if any of you want it
Shady : I still think we could take out that land shark, but we should probably get a feel for the place before we try something anyway
Shady : *grabs it with a fork*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, some tougher equipment would help too
Shady : your kindness is appreciated *eats it*
Rynn : *dabbs her mouth with a napkin*
Grumni Hammersmith: *drinks*
Shady : I still like my poison idea
Grumni Hammersmith: *finishes drink*
Silk Drost: *nods lightly and starts shoveling the rest of the stuff into a single bowl, mixing it together before inhaling it like only a bottomless stomached halfling could*
Kaden Lowter: *looks around looking for a place to sit down*
Silk Drost: *burps loudly*
Silk Drost: And done.
Silk Drost: ... for now.
Shady : hey wasn't that guy over there another caravan guard?
Silk Drost: *shrugs*

Belia Erinfalle: Ahhh
Belia Erinfalle: Newcomers!
Belia Erinfalle: *smiles broadly*
Silk Drost: Er, hello.
Shady : eeerrr hello
Grumni Hammersmith: greetings issus4
Rynn : Hi... who are you?
Grumni Hammersmith: *missus
Belia Erinfalle: Why I'm Belia!
Silk Drost: *blank stare*
Belia Erinfalle: *laughs*
Rynn : Rynn... I'm Rynn. Good to meet ya
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Shady* wasn't that bloke with the hood on the wagons?
Belia Erinfalle: I'm a travelling singer and dancer.
Shady : *whispers back* yeah I think so
Belia Erinfalle: I stop here at the Keep from time to time.
Rynn : You?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods greeting to Kaden*
Silk Drost: Mmkay.
Shady : *waves to Kaden*
Kaden Lowter: *nods aware that his previously travelling companions recognized him*
Kaden Lowter: Greetings
Rynn : Where were you? *hugs him*
Shady : so Belia, do you play dice?
Kaden Lowter: *brushes rynn aside* erm...
Belia Erinfalle: So where are you all from? I'm always looking for news about other places.
Silk Drost: I'm from Roland.
Belia Erinfalle: Dice?
Belia Erinfalle: *laughs* no, prefer to hold on to my coins.
Shady : yeah, you know, a good dice game, with a few friendly side bets
Shady : *pouts*
Silk Drost: *rubs his nose, twitching it mousily*
Belia Erinfalle: So what brings you to the Keep? You don't look like pilgrims.
Grumni Hammersmith: wasn't their a big bloke wi' the wagons too?
Silk Drost: Caravan.
Shady : and now we're looking for more work
Belia Erinfalle: Ah yes, those do pass by every week or so.
Rynn : Yeah... a fella named... Rand?
Belia Erinfalle: Haven't seen him.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps the land shark got him
Shady : well he was big, probably filled the shark's stomach
Belia Erinfalle: Ah there's a reward offered for slaying that beast.
Rynn : Do you know of this Land Shark everyone's talking about?
Silk Drost: They don't listen. I tell them it's too dangerous. They don't listen.
Belia Erinfalle: but best be well armed and prepared as it's quite dangerous.
Shady : we were thinking of setting up some sort of trap for it
Belia Erinfalle: Yes it's eaten it's share of adventurers and caravan guards over the years.
Rynn : Do you see this Dwarf? He's Dangerous!
Grumni Hammersmith: we were thinking of looking for the carpenter - know where we can fid him?
Shady : especially drunk, his a dangerous drunk
Belia Erinfalle: *smiles* Yes he does look rather rugged.
Kaden Lowter: I guess I've missed quite a bit since I lagged behind to get some time for myself
Belia Erinfalle: Ah, the carpenter....
Silk Drost: ... Pardon me, but do you know where the little halfling's room is?
Belia Erinfalle: I believe his shop is on the lane north of here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin*
Kaden Lowter: *nods* I think I went past it in my way here
Shady : you guys ready to head to the carpenter?
Rynn : *whispers to Grumni* Do you REALLY want to find the carpenter?
Grumni Hammersmith: *w* aye
Belia Erinfalle: Chamber pots are usually in inn rooms.
Silk Drost: That'll do!
Rynn : Is that Rand?
Grumni Hammersmith: ah! there's the big fella
Kaden Lowter: The question in order is, why are we heading to meet the carpenter? *notices Rand walking in*
Rand Colds: Aye.
Rynn : *points*
Belia Erinfalle: *turns at smiles at newcomer*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* that gossipy bar keep says he might have work
Shady : we hear he has work available
Rynn : *shouts* Rand... Over here
Rand Colds: Dang tailor wanted an arm, ... and a leg for alterations. I finally convinced him to see it my way.
Kaden Lowter: *pulls is cowl back*
Belia Erinfalle: *smiles* They have to make a living too you know.
Belia Erinfalle: *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm fer seeing if its dwarf's work or woodwork
Shady : Rand you weren't eaten!
Rand Colds: Not off my gold, he gets what he gets, and dang sure better like it, too.
Rand Colds: *smiles*
Belia Erinfalle: There was a travelling wizard looking for some sort of help.
Rand Colds: No, but I could eat. How about some food?
Grumni Hammersmith: ah, that sounds more like a job fer an adventurer
Belia Erinfalle: I think he's staying at the Guild House, if you're interested in that.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin*
Rynn : Shady ate the rest of mine... you'll have to order some food
Grumni Hammersmith: that sounds more to my liking, what say the rest of yer?
Kaden Lowter: A wizard ... hmm...
Rand Colds: Count me in, if'n you find any work. My pouch is empty after that damn tailor took everything I had.
Belia Erinfalle: Well if you have any stories to swap, I'm always happy to listen.
Silk Drost: So...
Kaden Lowter: *whispers* I'm not so fond on sharing my stories with people I hardly know
Grumni Hammersmith: to the guild hall then?
Kaden Lowter: *nod*
Shady : sure thing!
Rynn : Fine with me
Belia Erinfalle: Yes, he's a bit boring as far I'm concerned.
Silk Drost: Er... what?
Belia Erinfalle: Ok later all!
Rand Colds: Off we go.
Belia Erinfalle: *waves*
Kaden Lowter: *waves*
Silk Drost: ... they confuse me.

Karvon : The streets are emptying as folk head home as darkness falls.

Grumni Hammersmith: ah, where's the guild hall though
Grumni Hammersmith: should've asked
Rand Colds: *follows Rynn*
Shady : its not that big a place
Kaden Lowter: there's probably around to ask
Shady : we should find it easy enough
Kaden Lowter: someone around*
Rynn : yeah
Shady : here we go
Silk Drost: It looked important...

Greeves: May I help you Sir? I am Greeves, servant here at the Guild House.
Silk Drost: What is this place?
Greeves: You may stay here, if you desire. We offer accomodations more...refined than those of the Green Man.
Rand Colds: *tries to shake off the water from his metal armor*
Greeves: *looks you all over somewhat distainfully*
Rynn : Thanks greeves
Rand Colds: Friggin' rain. I hate it.
Shady : jeez what was with that look
Silk Drost: Wipe your feet.
Shady : yes mother
Greeves: You must be.... mercenaries.
Grumni Hammersmith: is there a wizard staying here?
Rand Colds: *stomps his feet where he stands*
Greeves: We have any number of guests here at one time.
Rand Colds: *sneers at Greeves*
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes* what about now?
Greeves: We are discrete in regards to our customers.
Rynn : We heard of a Wizard who needed some help, and that he was here
Greeves: Their privacy is part of our concern and service.
Kaden Lowter: *crosses his arms over his chst examining Greeves*
Greeves: Ah
Silk Drost: *rubs his nose, looking about*
Rynn : I understand that
Greeves: Yes indeed, he mentioned he was seeking help.
Greeves: *looks you all over again*
Shady : well we gladly offer our services *bows*
Greeves: Perhaps you would do.
Rand Colds: *looks him in the eye*
Grumni Hammersmith: he ain't going to be happy if he hears you cost him the help of some adventurers
Greeves: Actually,
Greeves: He retained me to interview and hire such.
Rand Colds: *grins, toothily*
Shady : Ah, so I assume you have some questions for us?
Greeves: I presume you have some experience?
Grumni Hammersmith: *folds arms* do we look like amateurs
Shady : we just finished protecting a caravan from bandits
Rynn : *Nods*
Greeves: *looks you over again slowly*
Silk Drost: I'm a tracker/outdoorsman/daggerist extraoridnaire.
Shady : and as you can see we are a... diverse group, means we have various skills here
Greeves: I see.
Shady : *mouths the word 'daggerist' to Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs to Shady*

Karvon : and we shall end here for today.

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Session 2 - Frog Hunting

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:46 pm

Karvon: You were at the Guild House talking with the steward about a possible commission for a visiting wizard. he was authorized to offer 100 gp per unique speciman brought back, double if you could bring back live ones. You also had some word the carpenter might have work available. we will resume action at the guild house

Greeves: So then....
Grumni Hammersmith: so... do we see the carpenter now or when we retunr?
Shady: lets do one task at a time, frogs first, the carpenter
Greeves: I take it you are interested in taking up the wizard's commission?
Rynn: So, Greeves... do we have a deal? Should we speak to this Wizard?
Greeves: There is no need to bother the gentleman, I'm am authorized to deal with the matter.
Rynn: Fine with me... I was only suggesting
Shady: I don't suppose the wizard could supply us with a sack to capture the frogs alive?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* aye maybe yer right, one thing at a time.
Rynn: *nods* Agreed
Greeves: *sniffs* How and what you use is your concern.
Shady: alright alright, shesh
Shady: so the swamp is south of this town, is that correct?
Rynn: So we need to find a sack, of sorts, I suppose
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* let's shake on it and seal the deal old man *extends hand*
Greeves: Yes, the swamp lies to the south of town on the far side of the river.
Greeves: *eyes your hand*
Greeves: That wouldn't be necessary.
Shady: it is the custom of gentlemen
Rynn: Don't worry... Grumni's a nice dwarf
Greeves: My word is sufficient, I assume yours is?
Greeves: *raises eyebrow*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* as you wish
Shady: anyone else have questions? or should we be off?
Greeves: Very well then, I shall anticipate your return.
Rynn: let's go
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Shady: eerrr where's the exit? heh
Greeves: *turns back to polishing and dusting*

Shady: right, guess we should see what merchants are around
Shady: maybe one sells a sack
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* maybe the grocer will have a spare potato sack?
Shady: I have to admit I don't trust a man who can't shake a hand
Rynn: Cooper's right here
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, old buzzard
Shady: and what do they sell at Cooper's?
Karvon: a few locals make their way thru the streets on their way to market.
Rynn: shoes
Grumni Hammersmith: barrels?

Shady: eeerrr you guys sure this is a merchant?
Grumni Hammersmith: greetings
Grumni Hammersmith: what yer selling?
Naramis: Yes?
Rynn: *Smiles big as she dusts off the rain* Pardon me... we're looking for a bag, of sorts
Shady: guys I don't think is a merchant
Naramis: I'm sorry this is our home.
Shady: I think you just walked into someones home
Grumni Hammersmith: *hmph*
Shady: come on
Naramis: my husband's shop is around the corner.
Rynn: If we see her, we'll bring her home. what's her name?
Shady: can't you guys tell the difference between residence and merchants
Naramis: my husband's shop is around the corner.
Rynn: oh... Arpad? ok
Shady: ack lets not go there yet
Shady: we got enough troubles

Shady: tailor, hey he can help
Shady: I mean bags are made of clothing.... sort of
Shady: lets try the Tanner next door

Quince Brakenbury: only the best for our customers.
Grumni Hammersmith: he can keep his stuff
Rynn: *frowns*
Quince Brakenbury: um right then, well please come again!
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... merchants goods - they should have something

Shady: hey I got a bag!
Rynn: you're probably right
Grumni Hammersmith: ell done
Shady: she's selling small bags
Shady: we might all want to grab one, its only 17 gold
Rynn: excellent!
Rynn: I'll get two
Grumni Hammersmith: ah *looks at the floor* I'm sort of lacking funds

Karvon: The bags are fairly large. Shady: spent it all one ale? you could probably fit a medium sized dog in one.

Grumni Hammersmith: nay, a dwafs got to have armour
Grumni Hammersmith: weapons and such
Shady: just kidding, I've been there
Rynn: did you see the SIZE of that bag? One should do
Shady: *studies his game dice* more than once I might add
Grumni Hammersmith: we should have enough now
Shady: alright alright, we'll just use mine
Shady: lets go south

Karvon: It's a fairly nice day. A few locals are bearing goods to the keep to market.

Grumni Hammersmith: best keep an eye out fer land sharks
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles tune*
Shady: right, something I wanted to let you guys know
Rynn: what's that?
Shady: I have one spell called Color Spray, don't tease me, I didn't invent the name
Rynn: color spray?
Shady: point is it will stun and maybe even put to sleep a lot of creatures
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* good fer decorating I imagine
Shady: if we find any hostile frogs, which I know sounds stupid but is possible, let me try to stun them so we can just stuff them int he sack real quick
Rynn: sleep... are you joking?
Grumni Hammersmith: fai enough
Rynn: that sounds like a great spell
Shady: yeah its great... assuming I get my aiming right
Shady: one time ended up hitting my own companions with that spell *cough*
Rynn: What if Grumni or I get in the way?
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Shady: you'll probably be stunned
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Shady: aw come on, that only happened once
Shady: I mean, I have the eyes of a eagle
Shady: no way will that happen again!.... honest!
Rynn: k
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrows*
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess we'll hope fer the best
Rynn: come on Grumni
Shady: I see land on the other side, just don't know how to reach it

Karvon: The river flows smoothly off to the southwest. an occasional local can be seen fishing along the banks.

Grumni Hammersmith: well I aint swimming
Grumni Hammersmith: I already had me monthly bath
Rynn: sure got nice out
Shady: eerrr you might not have a choice
Shady: lets try the other side
Grumni Hammersmith: we should've got a map

Shady: excue me good sir
Shady: would you know a way across this river to the swamp?
Cob: Oh Hi
Cob: Sure
Rynn: *smiles*
Cob: there's a bridge jus down the road a piece
Cob: just head south
Grumni Hammersmith: east or west?
Cob: oh
Cob: um east a bit then south to the bridge.
Shady: thankya good sir
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* cheers
Cob: why you folks goin to the swamp?
Shady: to collect frogs believe it or not
Grumni Hammersmith: why'd yer ask?
Cob: oh
Cob: It's a bit dangerous ya know.
Shady: hrm?
Rynn: Dangerous?
Cob: some of the frogs are pretty big
Grumni Hammersmith: dangers me middle name
Rynn: like, how big?
Shady: um... bigger than my sack *looks down at his sack*
Cob: and then there's the leeches, spiders and occasionally even lizard folk.
Cob: *eyes sack*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I aint riding one back
Cob: you might fit one in that.
Cob: of the giant ones.
Shady: sigh
Cob: probably a couple or three small ones might fit in there.
Rynn: I should've gotten more sacks
Cob: quite a few different kinds a frogs in the swamp.
Grumni Hammersmith: no point crying over spilled frogs
Cob: look out fer the gnolls though.
Cob: they live in the woods to the south of here and patrol the borders.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... this is starting ta get a bit interesting
Rynn: Gnolls. You mean big dog-headed monsters?
Cob: yeah that's right
Rynn: For real?
Grumni Hammersmith: *tests bow string*
Shady: can't wait
Cob: word has it they used to live in the caves up north.
Shady: *looks up as he gets soaked in rain* oh great
Cob: not sure why the moved down south into the forest.
Rynn: ther goes our nice weather... and the daylight as well
Cob: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: good job we're goin south then
Shady: right right, we should get going
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Shady: by the way, don't you think I shoulder get a bigger cut, since its MY sack getting us the live frogs
Cob: Say I wouldn't mind hunting with you folks.
Shady: eerrrr
Cob: oh ok
Shady: are you like a warrior?
Cob: good luck
Cob: um yeah
Rynn: Well, c'mon then... yer welcome with us
Cob: name's Cob.
Shady: we're trying to get frogs alive just so you know
Rynn: Cob? I'm Rynn *smiles*
Shady: but only the small ones
Grumni Hammersmith: ah
Shady: there's the bridge
Shady: Hey Rynn your... sneaky
Shady: maybe you should be ahead of us from now on
Rynn: ok.. I'll sneak ahead
Grumni Hammersmith: here'd he go?
Shady: he said he left his weapons back there
Shady: wait wait he'll be back
Rynn: shhhh. Everything looks good so far
Cob: let's go hunting
Cob: best steer well east of the woods

Shady: right, just so we're clear, we are not going to try to capture one large frog in my sack
Shady: you see it, you kill it
Cob: I'd stick closer to the river
Grumni Hammersmith: aye - big frog dead, little frog sack
Cob: you hear anything?
Grumni Hammersmith: stirges
Shady: ouch, that hurt
Cob: plenty of them round these parts.
Cob: always lookin fer someone to suck dry.
Rynn: up or down?
Cob: there's a ford to the east we can cross there.

Grumni Hammersmith: this is south I reakon
Cob: I mean west
Shady: eerrr Rynn?
Shady: Cob?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd Cob go - seems a bit of a coward ta me
Shady: what you talking about, he fought just as well as you, his probably just lost
Grumni Hammersmith: *muters* all I'm saying is he keeps running off
Rynn: what were those crazy birds?
Grumni Hammersmith: stirges I think
Shady: I don't know, but they did something to me
Cob: stirges, lotsa them round
Shady: suddenly I feel a lot more tired
Cob: theres a ford to the west.
Rynn: are you alright?
Cob: gnolls guard it though.
Shady: just feel like my endurance isn't what it should be
Cob: be friendly like and tell'm you'll move on and you'll be ok.
Grumni Hammersmith: nothing a quick sleep won't fix
Rynn: where the hells are we, anyway
Rynn: got em!
Grumni Hammersmith: *ugh* damn thing bit me
Rynn: Nice shot, eh?
Cob: hmm could be more about, beware.
Shady: hrmm I assume we go south, but I wonder where that north road leads
Grumni Hammersmith: gnolls? *shivers*
Cob: north's to the gnolls wood.
Rynn: *pulls her arrow out* Darn... broke it!
Cob: gotta follow the river back east to get to the swamp.
Rynn: *spies about* East I think
Cob: so, um, why ya hunting frogs?
Rynn: careful
Rynn: oddlooking bird again
Shady: yeah, we got attacked from behind
Cob: damn stirges are everywhere
Rynn: watch your backs... and try to keep up
Cob: um

Rynn: feels creepy
Cob: swamps are back to the east
Shady: looks like Cob killed more of those things then you have so far Grumni *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: pft.
Shady: too bad its not birds we're suppose to collect
Cob: north of us is spiderwood
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Cob: stay clear a that less you like spiders
Rynn: feels strange here
Grumni Hammersmith: strange gren light
Rynn: *looks about*
Cob: might be a path to the north here into the swamp
Cob: don't wanna wander off to the east or south.
Cob: you'll go forever.
Cob: you have to enter to the north
Shady: that... hurt
Shady: and now I feel even more weary
Cob: shoulda kept to the river
Grumni Hammersmith: lets try north for a bit
Rynn: Well, do you think we should set up camp?
Cob: there may be a path north over here though too
Shady: I think at this point of those birds could kill me with one shot, my constition is drained
Rynn: ok... north it is
Shady: *one of those
Cob: *points to the NE*
Rynn: So... camp?
Cob: hmm
Grumni Hammersmith: reakn here's a bad place ta camp
Cob: maybe best to return to town and rest up?
Shady: I would agree
Shady: by the way
Grumni Hammersmith: aye?
Shady: if we run into a crowd like that, I'll try to walk behind them and color spray them
Shady: but that means you buys can't go behind the crowd or I'll hit you
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Cob: path here into the swamp
Cob: but you folks look like you need a rest.

Shady: well... this is a nice sight
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like a bog ta me
Grumni Hammersmith: bit foggy
Rynn: yeah
Shady: here froggy froggy!
Cob: maybe you should camp a moment before going deeper?
Rynn: *looks about*
Shady: there you go dragging behind
Shady: how come I'm as short as you, but don't nearly go as slow
Cob: you folks could use a rest I think.
Grumni Hammersmith: *hmph*
Rynn: deeper?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Shady: I don't see frogs yet
Cob: the swamps a big place.
Shady: eerrr maybe his way
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutter*
Rynn: maybe we need to search this area more thoroughly?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rynn: *looks out for frogs*
Shady: *studies the water, looking for frogs underneath*
Grumni Hammersmith: err...
Rynn: I think we're lost
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we're going to have ta find a way around this wood
Rynn: Unghhh... I don't feel so good
Grumni Hammersmith: should help some
Rynn: wow... that tickled... hey! I feel great!
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* looks like Cob's found something
Cob: path is over here
Grumni Hammersmith: this way eh?
Cob: you outta rest first
Shady: *starts to turn green from all the quick travelling
Shady: look around here for frogs?
Shady: well we got leeches, birds, but no frogs
Shady: maybe everything else around here kills the frogs
Grumni Hammersmith: *searches fr frogs*
Shady: wait over there!
Shady: ack the birds killed the frog!
Shady: oh thats just great!
Grumni Hammersmith: any sign of the remains?
Shady: Rynn did you get the remains of the frog?
Grumni Hammersmith: one froggy in the sack anway - a bit eaten mind
Shady: oh no, the sack is for live frogs
Shady: you can just keep that dead one in your backpack
Grumni Hammersmith: yuck
Shady: go on, I'm taking the live ones, you can at least take dead ones
Shady: oh and um... stay a good ten feet from me
Rynn: I'll try
Grumni Hammersmith: *sticks corpse in bag reluctanly*
Grumni Hammersmith: ick

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Session 3 - Frog Hunting

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:47 pm

Karvon : the party ventured off to look for frogs in the swamps south of town for a wizard. they met up with a local hunter named Cob who joined them on their expedition. a bit of initial poking around in the swamps was not too profitable, one frog being found. the party retreated to lick their wounds on the edge of the swamp. As they sat around the fire, Rand and a new fellow appear.

Rynn : I don't like those strange bird-like things... Stirges, you called them
Silk Drost: *shudders*
Rynn : but I'd take those over RATS anytime
Grumni Hammersmith: shame the wizard doesn't want any of them, loads of those about
Rynn : Thanks again, Grumni
Silk Drost: Stirges are about? Oh, those are evil. They poke you with their long, needle like mouth, then suck your blood out... leaves you weak, too.
Rand Colds: Hail
Grumni Hammersmith: who's this fella *to Gerico*?
Rynn : *finishes sharpening her blade and puts her whetstone back in her pack*
Rand Colds: I been looking for youse guys.
Karvon : The path to the swamp lies due north....
Rand Colds: He's with me.
Gerico Asett: *looks to the group and nods*
Silk Drost: *blinks and holds a hand out* Um... this looks like rain to me, not hail.
Rand Colds: Some kind of priest, he really knows a lot too.
Karvon : Cob has gone off hunting and not returned.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft.
Rand Colds: Gerico, he's a good man.
Shady : welcome, we
Rand Colds: oh crap
Rand Colds: *watches Rynn gut the birds*
Shady : yes well... *cough* welcome, we are frog hunting
Rand Colds: Hungry?
Rynn : Anyone needs some meat?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about having to split the rewards more ways*
Rand Colds: Aye, I told ye they'd be hunting frogs out here,
Gerico Asett: *scans around the area* So I have heard from your tardy friend here.
Shady : yes and after hours of work.... we have one dead frog
Rand Colds: I don't think I'd want to eat the blood of a stirge. *unpleasant look on his face*
Shady : its in Gumni's backpack by the way, in case your wondering where the smell is coming from
Rand Colds: *looks at Shady*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* Im thinking we best head north
Rand Colds: One?
Silk Drost: Sucd ihbmaycyhd, fu imth'd oui cyo?
Rynn : Gerico, you say? Pleased to meet you. I'm Rynn
Gerico Asett: *looks up to the clearing skies*
Shady : I'm Shady

Karvon : The rain lets up as the sun rises on another new day.

Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* Gruni
Rand Colds: North? but me and Gerico just got here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumni even
Silk Drost: *waves a hand* I'm Silk.
Gerico Asett: Well I am glad to meet you all, as I had little inkling to come out this way by myself.
Grumni Hammersmith: the swamp's north of here ain't it?
Gerico Asett: Most fortunate that I came across your associate; Rand, before I set out
Rand Colds: He's a good guy. So I had to drag him the first half, he started seeing it my way when you guys showed up.
Shady : ask Silk, his the halfling that knows forests
Rynn : Yes, I fine coincidence, I'd agree
Shady : wait I hear a frog!
Silk Drost: Eh?
Rand Colds: *turns*
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Rand Colds: where?
Silk Drost: *listens*
Shady : I don't know, but I heard one
Rand Colds: *listens*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer got swamp water still in yer eas
Grumni Hammersmith: *ears
Silk Drost: Could be he's crazy.
Rynn : I hear it too
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Shady : oh shuddup, at least I don't smell like a dead frog
Rand Colds: *prepares his bow*
Gerico Asett: It would make sense...frogs do tend to come out in as the mositure builds
Silk Drost: Hmm...
Rynn : I can't tell where though... North?
Rand Colds: *last one to go*

Shady : one thing, we gotta try to capture them alive... at least if they're small
Rynn : Alive... got it
Gerico Asett: Hmmm...*checks the position of the sun*
Rynn : *looks hard at the swamp grass around her*
Silk Drost: *searches for frog sign*
Gerico Asett: I have a feeling we are heading south....
Gerico Asett: *runs and jumps over the stream*
Rynn : There's one! Oh... that's just Silk... sorry
Grumni Hammersmith: Bah! can't see anything in this mist
Shady : *snickers*
Silk Drost: Target sighted.
Rand Colds: *sneeks a look at Rynn*
Shady : remember... alive!
Grumni Hammersmith: is it a big 'un?
Silk Drost: *grabs at the frog*
Shady : *attempts to scoop it up into the sack*
Shady : *falls on his face in the failed attempt*

Karvon : and the gnome grab and misses badly and the frog hops on

Rand Colds: *watches the frog get away*
Shady : oowww
Grumni Hammersmith: *makes a grab*
Rynn : *tries to catch the frogg*
Rand Colds: whacks at it
Shady : hey!
Silk Drost: GAH!
Shady : alive!
Shady : gah!
Gerico Asett: I am often surprised to see how willing some are to go out into the swamps...what with Annis, and stirges, and the like...
Rand Colds: I tried to just tap it.
Rynn : too bad
Gerico Asett: bah....
Grumni Hammersmith: squishy
Silk Drost: I'll just tap you!
Rand Colds: I'll try not to hit it so hard next time.
Silk Drost: *grumbles*
Shady : try not hitting it at all!
Rand Colds: Um, Grumni, do you mind picking that one up.
Shady : oh no
Rand Colds: You do already have one.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumble*
Shady : you killed you, you grab it
Shady : pfft
Rand Colds: I mean, you usually stink anyways.
Rand Colds: why should we both stink?
Grumni Hammersmith: Bah! how dare yer?
Rand Colds: what, I'm kidding.
Rand Colds: *taps him with his club*
Gerico Asett: *readies himself for another jump*
Rand Colds: *tink, tink*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* yer don't smell so sweet yer self
Rand Colds: *splashes through*
Gerico Asett: Watch out!
Rand Colds: hey
Rynn : Snake!
Karvon : *slithers out of the waters*
Rand Colds: *whack*
Shady : ok now that you can 'tap'
Shady : a grumni, how about a tiny little heal spell?
Gerico Asett: *wooh* Just barely got avoided its bite
Rand Colds: Dang, that snake got ye, eh?
Rand Colds: Ouch.

Shady : wow Silk is sure far ahead
Rynn : *whispers to herself* Obi-Dai, Oubua Bou Dat?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd the little 'un go?
Gerico Asett: *jumps over the water stream, this time looking for vipers*
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Shady : ok you know what, let someonw with armor run out front this time
Rand Colds: no problem
Rand Colds: I think I see him
Silk Drost: *attempts to use his bedroll to catch the frog*
Gerico Asett: *leaps across the water*
Rand Colds: *tries to subdue the frog*

Karvon : and silk bags one

Shady : *holds the sack open*
Silk Drost: If you dare hit it, I will smack you so hard... *carefully puts the frog itno Shady's pack*
Gerico Asett: *leaps across, but ends up falling in to the stream bed....yuck*
Rand Colds: well done
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... 3 live and 2 ded then?
Rand Colds: that was good.
Rynn : Another one?
Shady : yeah, but alive this time
Silk Drost: Why is everyone following me, by the way?
Rynn : excellent
Grumni Hammersmith: yer the ranger ain't yer
Rand Colds: I thought you were scouting.
Shady : yeah, it just seem to make sense
Gerico Asett: *heads towards the group, his nice pants now soaked in bog slime, his face not pleased with his little slip*
Silk Drost: I would think we'd make better progress split into teams...
Rand Colds: *points at Gerico*
Silk Drost: but, if there are stirges... hmm...
Shady : well I suppose we have enough people for that
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Shady : three and three I guess
Rynn : because we must stick together... there are many nasties out here
Rand Colds: Count me in.
Silk Drost: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Birds, eh. aaahhh
Gerico Asett: I often hear about groups who split up.....all the tales seem to end with the eradication of the group one at atime
Rynn : Yuck!
Shady : I'm actually open to the split up idea
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... might be best to stick together if there's more of them
Shady : oh alright
Rand Colds: I'll go with Rynn.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Gerico Asett: Case in point.....the swamps are filled with nasty creatures, these being the least of the worries I hear of.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raiss eyebrow*
Rynn : *tries to stay close to Grumni*
Silk Drost: STIRGES!
Shady : yikes, that was close
Gerico Asett: Is everyone alright?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Grumni Hammersmith: we sticking together or not?
Shady : maybe Grumni should scout....
Rynn : I feel a little nausious - but I'm fine
Gerico Asett: If I had my desire, I would say to stick together, but I get teh feeling that will not be the case
Shady : alright lets split up
Rand Colds: maybe we should split up then
Shady : me and Grumni will go catch up with Silk
Shady : the reas of you um... go another direction
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Rand Colds: bandage him
Rand Colds: fight
Shady : right... suddenly changed my mind
Grumni Hammersmith: that's the last of me healing packs I think so take care
Rynn : *sits*
Gerico Asett: behind us
Gerico Asett: Anyone else like the idea of splitting up now?

Karvon : looked like hunting party from local lizard tribe rumored to be living in these parts

Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head*
Shady : no no, I'm done with the idea
Rand Colds: anybody want a crossbow.
Gerico Asett: Is everyone all right?
Rand Colds: I can drag it back to town if need be.
Shady : frog!
Gerico Asett: *looks to Rynn and Shady, whom moments ago were on a one way ticket to deaths door*
Shady : *tries to scoop it up in sack*
Rand Colds: You okay?
Rynn : *rubs her head*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grabs*
Rand Colds: *tries to grab the frog*

Karvon : dwarf misses badly and the gnome fumbles with the slimy fella as well

Gerico Asett: Hi there little fella
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard! stop yer jumping!
Gerico Asett: *attempts to calm the frog*
Rynn : *tries to catch it*
Gerico Asett: *then reaches for it*

Karvon : and the bard bags him

Shady : *holds out the bag for him to put it in*
Rynn : Good job, Silk
Gerico Asett: Good little frog, I have a new home for you
Silk Drost: What?
Silk Drost: STIRGE!
Gerico Asett: *plop goes the frog into the sack*
Shady : I suggest
Silk Drost: Eh?
Rand Colds: where?
Silk Drost: Odd...
Grumni Hammersmith: *folds arms* fog catching aint a job fer dwarfs
Silk Drost: Oh shit
Shady : *cough* as I was saying
Shady : I suggest we head to a new area of the swamp
Shady : chances are we'll only run into the same kind of frog if we only look here
Shady : we're suppose to look for different types
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I can't see where the old area was in all this mist
Rand Colds: they both have wandered off.
Shady : Silk! get back here!
Gerico Asett: *sighs* Well this is still better than having come here alone...
Rand Colds: Oh, just silk.
Shady : Silk!
Silk Drost: Clear so far.
Shady : we should check out a new area
Shady : maybe go further north
Rand Colds: I'm lost.
Grumni Hammersmith: there !
Grumni Hammersmith: *grabs*

Karvon : and the dwarf misses

Rynn : Look what Grumni found!
Grumni Hammersmith: Noooooo
Rand Colds: *tries to catch the frog*
Gerico Asett: We need some helps over here
Rynn : *tries to catch it*
Gerico Asett: Are you alright?
Silk Drost: I think... I should... lie down soon.

Karvon : and rand manages to grab one barely

Shady : ouch, um you ok Silk?
Rand Colds: *hangs on*
Rand Colds: get the sack, get the sack
Rynn : Nice! *smiles*
Shady : right... thats *cough*
Grumni Hammersmith: who's got the sack fer the live 'uns?
Rynn : There goes our weather
Rynn : Shady, I think

Karvon : and rain begans to fall....

Gerico Asett: *looks through his bags* This is becoming a very unprofitable adventure.
Shady : hey Silk is hurt pretty bad, get overe here!
Rand Colds: anyone got a sack, I don't think I can hold it much longer
Shady : *holds out sack*
Rand Colds: *puts the frog in*
Rand Colds: thanks.
Shady : stirge overe there
Rynn : Hi Shady... Rands got a good one!
Rand Colds: why are we running
Grumni Hammersmith: he was injured
Grumni Hammersmith: looked bad
Shady : so Silk... feeling better?
Rand Colds: Silk, are you okay?
Silk Drost: Some... maybe.
Rand Colds: You don't look so good.
Rynn : Poor little guy
Shady : maybe you shouldn't scout anymore, I volunter Rynn to scout
Silk Drost: Leech was nearly as big as I was...
Gerico Asett: Hmmm....seems you have a quick onset of leech fever.
Rand Colds: Hey,
Rand Colds: leech fever, ugh.
Gerico Asett: I can help you...but I will be blunt. this adventure is becoming very costly for me
Gerico Asett: and to continue my services....well, I will need reimbursment
Rand Colds: That's not good. I knew this one lady, down the other side of the hill, well, she died from it.
Shady : *sigh* fine we'll share the profits of this with you
Rynn : *rinses the muck off her leathers*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Rand Colds: *watches Rynn*
Gerico Asett: *goes through his medical kit for a vial of antibiotic herbs and bandagfes*
Shady : there you go, he looks as good as new
Silk Drost: *groans* Always... tastes... horrid.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rynn : This water sure is mucky
Rynn : You ok buddy?
Rand Colds: I thought staying together was a good idea, earlier.
Rynn : Me too
Shady : right, go out there Rynn and scout for leeches and stirges
Grumni Hammersmith: ha! yer was all for spliting up Rand
Silk Drost: Didn't know about the leeches...d
Rand Colds: I was just going with the group. We certainly were splitting up anyways.
Rynn : yes we were
Rynn : someone gonna cover my backside?
Gerico Asett: Best we just stick together here in the swamps....lucked out so far not to have a whole lizardman hunting party or worse come.
Rand Colds: *looks to Rynn, grinning*
Shady : *rolls his eyes* sure Rand will
Rynn : *smiles* so which way?
Silk Drost: *nose twitches*
Gerico Asett: Boccobs staff, we have not run afoul of say a hag, or some kind of horrible undead abomination I hear frequent such dismal places
Shady : lets try north, see if we can go deeper in the swamp
Shady : wow aren't you a ray of sunshine
Silk Drost: *points east with a dagger* There a bit, then north.
Rand Colds: Great, if we go much deeper the halflings will be swimming.
Rynn : North it is... North and East
Gerico Asett: Lucky us to only be besieged by leeches, and vipers at every corner...
Shady : alright, do what Silk says, his the ranger
Rand Colds: et off of him
Rand Colds: someone heal him
Silk Drost: funny, would have thought that he'd been better protected than me...
Grumni Hammersmith: I dont feel so good
Gerico Asett: damn....his wounds are infected....
Rand Colds: you look a hellofa lot better then you did moment ago.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah , better
Rand Colds: *grins*
Rynn : *wipes the sweat from her brow* You nok?
Grumni Hammersmith: couldn't get to me otions in time
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm ok to go on
Rand Colds: I have an extra potion, if you need it, Grumni.
Silk Drost: And I think we should head back
Shady : ugh if we keep getting leech fever, we might have to leave this swamp soon
Gerico Asett: *sighs* I am running low on medical supplies, and I have little coin to be continuing at this we be careful and actually make complete the objective.
Rynn : A turr'k grurzh zh'azk A't tur awa A nurthk Our', Kh'lra
Grumni Hammersmith: no I' ok fer potions, just need to grab them quicker next time
Rand Colds: *looks strangely at Rynn*
Rand Colds: what'd you say?
Shady : I think I might actually agree with Silk, exiting might be a good idea at this point
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* don't speak dwarven eh?
Rand Colds: do I look like a dwarf to you?
Rynn : Well, it was nobody else's business, is all
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Geesh, a dwarf lover, who'd have guessed.
Shady : someone's jealous
Rynn : shut it Rand!
Rand Colds: *rolls his eyes*
Gerico Asett: best we retreat this horrible place....I would prefer to live to see tomorrow than to die in this swamp
Silk Drost: ... um...
Rand Colds: *kicks the leech*(
Rynn : Grumni's my friend
Shady : ok agreed, lets get outa here
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* sounds like folks want to head home
Rand Colds: fine, lets go back then.
Silk Drost: We're low on supplies, are we not?
Rynn : *stays in the cover of tall grass*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* who's nows the way back?
Shady : its southwest6
Silk Drost: OH HOLY!
Rand Colds: we may want to run
Gerico Asett: This si madness
Rand Colds: er, just kidding
Shady : right, more dead frogs... um Grumni go grab those

Karvon : These you note are bigger and definitely more aggressive than their smaller cousins.

Gerico Asett: well, how nice of them to come to us for a change
Rynn : Picks up a couple of dead frogs
Grumni Hammersmith: err... can't seem to get a grip on them
Rand Colds: *picks up a frog and puts it his pack*
Karvon : corpse sample
Silk Drost: Yea... we're leaving.
Gerico Asett: Is everyone alright?
Shady : sure, I just had a frog try to eat me, I'm dandy
Gerico Asett: By Boccobs Staff
Rynn : Boy oh boy!
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty
Gerico Asett: Damanable things....hey...that was a pretty good shot there *beams with pride*
Rynn : yeah
Silk Drost: Uh oh...
Shady : Silk, everything ok down there?
Silk Drost: ... hmmm...
Grumni Hammersmith: huh? don't see him
Silk Drost: *grabs at the frog*
Shady : he went this way didn't he?
Gerico Asett: *sighs* cant trust halflings
Rand Colds: I dunno, I thought he did.

Karvon : grabbed him

Shady : ow....
Silk Drost: ok... so back here...
Shady : ooohhhhh
Shady : thankya
Rynn : Shady?
Shady : I'm good, ouch
Gerico Asett: Ok......really, I want to get out of this damn swamp
Gerico Asett: *pukes in the corner*
Grumni Hammersmith: *I'm feeling a bit weak
Rand Colds: *puts on his helmet8
Rynn : I don't know about all of you, but I could use some shut-eye
Gerico Asett: *grips his head and rubs his face*

Karvon : ...and you find yourself back near your former campsite south of the swamp.

Grumni Hammersmith: a rest wouldn't do any harm
Rynn : I feel... weak
Shady : sounds like a good idea
Silk Drost: Oh... yea... who's got the frogs?
Shady : I do, why?
Shady : well the live ones anyway
Rand Colds: I got one of the last ones we killed.
Silk Drost: *transfers the bull frog to shady*
Grumni Hammersmith: I got a few dead 'uns
Shady : *puts it in the sack*
Rynn : *hides to catch some sleep*

Karvon : at the moment.... You have 4 live frogs, though two look to be similar.

Shady : right, who wants to take first watch?
Grumni Hammersmith: there all in bits thoug, not sure how many of 'em there are
Silk Drost: *chops at some of the dead tree for firewood*
Rand Colds: I'll do it, cause I'm taking this armor right after my watch is up.
Rand Colds: *finds a spot of elevation*
Gerico Asett: Shit
Rand Colds: sopiders
Gerico Asett: BAH
Grumni Hammersmith: Bah! fighting in me undies
Gerico Asett: To hell with this rest till we get out of this damnable place
Rynn : *tries again to sleep*
Rand Colds: and birds, i guess
Silk Drost: *continues with wood harvesting*
Rand Colds: *chuckles at seeing Grumni*
Rand Colds: Nice tattoo, grumni
Silk Drost: *tosses the wood down and tries to start a fire*
Rand Colds: he sleeps in his helmet, ha ha ha
Rand Colds: your turn for watch, grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: its padded, works like a pillow
Gerico Asett: Silk is it? I hear your the one with an intimate knowledge of this long do you think it will take for us to get back to the keep?
Rynn : I'm just too hungry to sleep... stomach keeps me awake
Gerico Asett: I hate this place...
Rand Colds: dammit
Silk Drost: Well...
Rynn : me too
Silk Drost: *looks around then looks towards the stars*
Grumni Hammersmith: *stands guard*
Silk Drost: ... *shrugs helplessly*
Silk Drost: too much fog and cloud cover.
Gerico Asett: *sighs* well thats no good.
Silk Drost: Once we leave the swamp area I should have a good idea
Rand Colds: *stands guard*
Grumni Hammersmith: which way?
Rand Colds: Ready.

Karvon : You orginally came from the west

Rynn : *looks tired and week*
Shady : wait
Shady : you sure thats...
Shady : I thought we took another route out of here
Silk Drost: I
Rand Colds: this dont look good.

Karvon : ...and that's to spiderwood. Cob warned you of that last time.

Silk Drost: Am not sure of anything
Shady : hey guys get back here!
Rand Colds: I'm pretty sure id remember this, lets go back
Shady : we have to go further west
Rand Colds: not this way.
Gerico Asett: *grumbles a bit*
Shady : keep going west

Karvon : you see a trail north and you came from the west. East leads back to the swamp and spiderwood. ahead to the west is the ford

Silk Drost: Rain...
Rynn : *looks*
Shady : I think we go north
Shady : I think...
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Shady : then again west sounds good
Rand Colds: remember all these rocks, gerico, I wanted to play dice on theme

Karvon : gnoll patrol!

Grumni Hammersmith: armour if someone wants it
Gerico Asett: Oh please let it be the only one....
Shady : go east
Shady : wait

Karvon : you passed to the east of these woods, the woods are the gnolls home.

Shady : yeah this is the way
Gerico Asett: *strips the gnoll of his armor* this should pay for some of this trip
Shady : er wait a sec
Shady : we're missing two here
Silk Drost: More stirges...
Silk Drost: did they run into the hill?
Shady : ironically the ones with the longer legs are lagging behind
Silk Drost: ...
Silk Drost: Stirges
Silk Drost: Let's see
Shady : sigh, I have to be a bit faster with my spells
Rynn : Damn it!
Silk Drost: Come on, move it people!
Silk Drost: Stirges don't carry anything, stop poking the corpses
Grumni Hammersmith: must be on top of a nest
Shady : wait
Shady : don't we go down?
Silk Drost: *sighs*
Rand Colds: I dunno
Silk Drost: Taking the scenic route, eh?
Shady : har har
Silk Drost: Do not go east.

Karvon : path lies north along the river, and you see the keep in the distance to the north. The lights of the keep are a welcoming beacon to your weary eyes.

Gerico Asett: praise be to Boccob, and hope that nothing else besieges us form here to there.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles merrily*
Silk Drost: Flank west.

Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Silk Drost: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Laurl : Hmm their back
Silk Drost: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Silk Drost: I am Silk Drost.
Charl: Right!
Silk Drost: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Silk Drost: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Laurl : Figured the lizardmen got'm
Rand Colds: *dragging a bunch of heavy crossbow around*
Silk Drost: Bed... *zombie stare*

Karvon : the streets are deserted and quiet this time of night.

Shady : this isn't a inn, heh
Rynn : Hey there, Greeves
Greeves: Good evening
Greeves: I see you returned alive.
Shady : we got frogs for ya, both live ones and dead ones
Shady : *holds up a sack*
Greeves: *sniffs*
Grumni Hammersmith: we got some frogs fer yer boss
Rynn : *looks pale*
Rand Colds: *yawns*
Greeves: please wipe your feet.
Greeves: *points to mat near the door*
Rand Colds: *wipes his boots*
Shady : *grits his teeth as he does so*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Greeves: *waits with folded arms*
Silk Drost: *wipes his feet off*
Shady : *holds up the sack again* frogs, live ones
Gerico Asett: *rolls his eyes briefly as he does the task*
Grumni Hammersmith: *stomps on mat*
Greeves: Indeed
Greeves: *examines sacks with apparent distaste*
Greeves: hmm
Shady : *taps his foot*
Greeves: I count 3 unique live specimans.
Grumni Hammersmith: *hands over soggy bag* dead 'uns too
Greeves: and how many dead ones have you?
Rynn : *rolls her eyes wearily - looks sick and pale*
Shady : Rand you have one too don't you?
Rand Colds: *puts his dead frog forward*
Rand Colds: Yep
Rynn : *reaches into her back pack and pulls out a unique frog*
Grumni Hammersmith: err... *tries counting legs* I think there's enough bits fer 3 or 4
Greeves: Right then 4 dead frogs it appears
Greeves: and 3 live ones
Rand Colds: and rynn's
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrings frog blood out of bag*
Greeves: hmm five and three then.
Greeves: *frowns at dwarf messing his floor*
Shady : so.... how about payment?
Greeves: per our agreement that's 500 for the dead ones and an additional 600 for the live ones, a grand total of 1100 gold coins. Would you like it in gold or in trade coins?
Shady : gold I know about, what could trade coins be used for?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* I don't take no cheques
Rand Colds: they weigh less.
Silk Drost: let's see..
Gerico Asett: *seems to be contemplating*
Greeves: trade coins are common for carry larger sums more easily.
Greeves: they come in varying denominations.
Shady : are they only usuable in this city?
Greeves: Indeed they accepted through out the realms of Greyhawk, and probably beyond.
Rynn : no, they're good all over the place
Silk Drost: 1100/6 183 gold each and some change spare.
Rynn : *coughs*
Gerico Asett: *looks upset*
Shady : alright, give me the trade coins for my share
Rand Colds: me too
Silk Drost: unless I missed something
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* don't plan on having them long so trade coins'll do
Rynn : I'm fine with that *coughs again* ... as well
Silk Drost: Ok
Gerico Asett: *coughs* There is a small matter of my reimbursement...
Greeves: very well I can give you a couple of 75 trade dinars apiece and the rest in gold to divide as you deem fit.
Shady : we told you that you'd get a share in the profits, that is your 'reimbursement'
Shady : sounds good
Gerico Asett: not good enough.
Shady : that was the agreement, if you don't like it.... well tough
Gerico Asett: I used 300 gold pieces in supplies to keep you all from dying
Rand Colds: I'll pitch in, how much are you need'n, Gerico?
Grumni Hammersmith: bah!
Rynn : What?!!! You barely DID anything out there!
Rand Colds: *eyebrows shoot up*
Gerico Asett: and thats me being generous
Rand Colds: 300 gold?
Gerico Asett: your not died in the swamp with leech fever are you
Rynn : Fine... but don't expect following us around anymore, you creep!
Grumni Hammersmith: yer weren't even around fer the first 'un!
Rynn : *looks dizzy*
Gerico Asett: I did not see you using surgical tools, bandaging the crew or using your supplies of medical herbs
Silk Drost: I'm going to stay out of this...
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about using all his healing packs*
Rand Colds: I'll give you 25 gold, but, that's about it, buddy.
Rynn : You want more, is it... no problem. But get lost after
Greeves: that's 150 times six for 900 and an adtitional 200 in loose gold *hands coins out and set pile of gold on the floor*
Shady : your not the only one who used healing kits *glances at Grumni*
Silk Drost: Pardon me
Silk Drost: but may I make an offer?
Gerico Asett: what would that be?
Silk Drost: Well, I'm curious as to what you would do after this.
Rynn : there you go... pig. now be gone with you
Silk Drost: No offense, but you do not exactly seem as strong as Rand over there.
Rynn : screw this
Silk Drost: Shush you. *glances at Rynn*
Gerico Asett: I am not, my strength lies in knowledge and skill
Greeves: We offer fine accommodations here should you so choose to stay here, otherwise you will have to stay in the inn off the market.
Shady : hey Rynn! sigh
Rynn : *slams the door behind her*
Silk Drost: Well, then what will you do?
Silk Drost: You've seen how dangerous it is out there, no?
Shady : well tell me if I'm wrong, but I think wtih the 200, its 33 each with some change
Greeves : I will pass a report to the wizard on your work, he may have more for you.
Rynn : greedy bastard.. I saved his ass from the Stirges, even
Grumni Hammersmith: I've only got 150 worth I think
Gerico Asett: After this, I will most likely return to my studies under lord Boccob, and work out of the hospital as usual. In case you did not know...I am one of the local surgeons here
Shady : Rand mind giving me 33 from that gold?
Silk Drost: Ah... is that really profitable?
Rynn : *wanders wearily for the inn*
Grumni Hammersmith: cheers
Gerico Asett: As you may have noticed...around here most people do as your firend Rynn did and leave not paying the bill
Rand Colds: here's your share, 33
Shady : that 25 gold 'extra' payment equals not hanging out with our group
Silk Drost: So... then here's my proposal. Join the group. We can definitely use your knowledge and you'll get more money this way than normal, no?
Rand Colds: rynn still needs hers, I'll give it to her later.
Gerico Asett: In all reality, I hate having to do this part of the deal....but a doctor is of little use, with no medical supplies
Shady : your right, thats why we have a cleric
Silk Drost: Besides, we can find herbs and what not, maybe rare ones.
Rand Colds: Here's my 25 gold, Gerico. If this is how its gonna be, dont bother healing me.
Gerico Asett: I dont recall healing you
Shady : well you get both Rynn's 25 and Rand's 25, hope you happy Gerico
Rand Colds: you didn't but I asked you come along and travel with us.
Grumni Hammersmith: this coins burning a hole in me pocket I'm off to spend it, see yer back at the inn
Gerico Asett: You make me sound like the villian...*sighs*
Shady : Rand, I know you like the guy... but there's going to be some problems if you bring him along on our next mission
Rand Colds: I'm not asking for any gold from you for killing stirges though, am I.
Silk Drost: Anyways, here's the idea. You stick around, don't go on about charging... and if you're not satisfied then I will personally make sure you get reimbursed.
Rand Colds: *listens*
Gerico Asett: Let me be honest with you....if I were to work with you again...what good am I if I have no money nor any supplies to help you?
Silk Drost: You have other skills, don't you?
Rand Colds: you have more gold than I.
Gerico Asett: and it will go right back into having more medical supplies
Rand Colds: I'll provide my own medical supples from here, thanks.
Gerico Asett: My first stop is the hospital to get more bandages and medicine
Rand Colds: *walks off*

Rynn : *sits down and waits to be served*
Rynn : *looks exhausted and hungry - and she keeps muttering swear-words about some jerk*
Jess : evening, can I get you anything?
Rynn : I'd like to order whatever the special is... and an ale, please
Jess : Special tonite is fish stew with some bread.
Jess : will there be anything else?
Rynn : *eyes the strangers next to her and smiles*
Shady : so..... how's it going?
Shady : *waves a hand in front of Rynn's face* anyone home?
Jess : can I get ya anything there?
Jess : *smiles at gnome*
Rynn : I'm sorry... I can barely remain conscious
Shady : ouch, maybe you should rent a room at the inn next door
Shady : or visit the chapel
Rynn : Yes... but first, I need something to eat... I'm starving

Gerico Asett: This is the curse of being a doctor, everyone is happy when you help them, but get pissed when you hand them the bill
Silk Drost: At least people still tend to listen to you
Gerico Asett: perhaps I should have left them to die out there....
Silk Drost: nah, then who would be your meat shield?
Gerico Asett: Besides...when all is said and done, I have barely enough money to buy 3 more sets of medical supplies, but I used 7....
Silk Drost: Hmm
Silk Drost: I do think they were overly dramatic about this. In reality, we should all donate to the 'keeping us alive' fund.
Gerico Asett: Hence...I got stabbed and poisoned, only to lose money to help Greeves out, and I lost money
Silk Drost: But it seems many people don't seem to understand that
Silk Drost: Course, I think that how you put it didn't help
Gerico Asett: Oh well, it is okay. I am sure I can find safer work for the time being and perhaps I can restock my supplies.
Silk Drost: True... I'll help you.
Silk Drost: You saved my life, it's the least I can do
Gerico Asett: as for your cleric.....well....I too am a priest...faithful of boccob, Lord of Knowledge
Silk Drost: *shrugs*
Silk Drost: I don't try to understand dwarves.
Gerico Asett: Well, I would be glad to work with you if you have an idea of some good work around here.
Silk Drost: Anyways, *motions to the doors* shall we try to find something that can get us a bit of cash? I would rather have you with me than not.
Silk Drost: And I thinkt he carpenter had something to do.
Gerico Asett: That would be nice....currently I am only a volunteer doctor here, and the pay is lousy, and our supplies are nearly exhuasted.. it is part of my reason for more funds.
Silk Drost: Course.
Silk Drost: Well, first off
Silk Drost: My donation to the 'keeping our asses alive' pot.
Gerico Asett: Oh hell no
Silk Drost: Figures, right?
Gerico Asett: I am not going anywhere near that swamp again
Silk Drost: Sorry, we just got back from out there.
Silk Drost: guess we ask about.

Grumni Hammersmith: *tries to get waitress's attention*
Jess: Master dwarf, what can I get you?
Rynn : *in a weak, gruf voice, with a forced smile* Grumni, how are you?
Grumni Hammersmith: ale as usual
Shady : I'll have roast beef with mashed potatoes
Jess: Very well, would you like to try the fish stew and bread as well?
Shady : well we are in a pickle
Grumni Hammersmith: I think I'm better off than you Rynn
Jess: Very well *wanders off to fill orders*
Rynn : I need food... perhaps a steak and potatoes
Shady : we're sort of in a pickle here
Grumni Hammersmith: gone a bit pale
Shady : we have a guy asking for extra 'compensation'
Grumni Hammersmith: pickle? they serve those here then?
Shady : *rolls his eyes*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Shady : the sad thing is his demanding for using healing kits
Shady : I mean you do more healing than he does
Grumni Hammersmith: bah!
Rynn : I don't charge my party every time I find and remove a trap or lock... or spot an enemy, or kill one...
Jess: *returns a bit later and passes around food and drink*
Grumni Hammersmith: he can go inspect boccob's staff or whatever he was on about
Jess: Enjoy and let me know if you need anything else ok?
Jess: *smiles and moves off to check on other customers*
Rynn : I'm sorry, but if the party takes him in, I'l have to leave on principal alone
Rynn : Thanks Jess *starts eating
Shady : the thing is, he just doesn't seem that useful, I mean lets say we didn't have his kits? ok we have the fever
Shady : but I think we would have survived anyway
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd Rand go?
Rynn : We can buy our own kits
Third : *watches party carefully*
Grumni Hammersmith: the uartermaster does them herb bag things
Rynn : haven't seen him since the guild
Silk Drost: Well, let's see...
Stranger - patron : *low murmered convesation*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I say we put our feet up a while then go see that carpenter
Rynn : *the color seems to return to her face as she eats, but she still looks exhausted*
Commoner, Female : Perhaps we'll catch up with the other pilgrims tomorrow.
Commoner, Male : Aye they can't be too far ahead of us.
Rynn : That sounds good. I don't mind the Frog-hunting either... certainly pays good
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps some ale*
Shady : *ches on his own food*

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Session 4 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:48 pm

Group meets in the One-Eyed Cat.

Grumni Hammersmith: greetings
Rand Colds: Hey, grumni
Rand Colds: *looks around for Rynn*
Grumni Hammersmith: bit of a rough night?
Rand Colds: I have some gold for you, but don't tell the Gericho guy, okay.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* m lips are sealed
Rand Colds: *nods and winks* good, I knew I could trust you.
Rand Colds: Let's head back to the One Eyed Cat.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: *nods to Jess*
Jess: *smiles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks to waitress* fetch me an ale woman
Rand Colds: Okay, I dragged back four of them big crossbows the lizards were carrying.
Jess: you boys need anything?
Rand Colds: Make it two, I'm buying, jess.
Grumni Hammersmith: they were heavy - imressive
Jess: *nods* Comin' right up!
Grumni Hammersmith: *impressive
Grumni Hammersmith: I could only lift one meself
Rand Colds: Yeah, I got a good amount of coin for them, maybe not as much as someone else could have bargained for, I'm not that good at it.
Jess: *draws a pair of ales*
Rand Colds: 35 gold each, not a paltry sum when you take into account I had four of 'em.
Grumni Hammersmith: nay, me either *grumbles* penny inchers the lot of 'em
Jess: *sets tankards on the table with a smile*
Rand Colds: Truth be told, I was just anxious to get them off my back, if you know wat I mean.
Jess: Enjoy the ale.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Jess: Let me know if you need anything else.
Jess: *wanders off to tend to other patrons.*
Grumni Hammersmith: *lloks around* where's them ales?
Rand Colds: I think I'll give out 20 gold to each of us. Oh, wait, none for old copper pincher himself
Jess: Everything alright here?
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs*
Rand Colds: Something told me not to drag that fool 'surgeon' along with me, but he seemed desperate.
Grumni Hammersmith: whatever yer see fit
Commoner, Male: Yes, we'd both like a large bowl of stew.
Jess: Very well, I'll back with that in a moment.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ale finally arrives*
Rand Colds: *pays for the ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps drink* thanks
Rand Colds: *drinks some ale*
Rand Colds: now that hits the spot.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* looks like the others ae still in bed
Rand Colds: I spoke to an adventurer in the bakery, he says we should try and collect cultural stuff from goblins and kobalds. I tried not to laugh at him.
Rand Colds: Like those beasts have any culture. *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* aye, goblins ain' known for an appreciation of the arts
Stranger - patron: *murmers in low voice to companion, occasionally shoots a glance around to make sure no one's eves dropping*
Rand Colds: I think he may have got hit on the head without his helm on.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* is he willing to pay?
Rand Colds: He says his religion is one of belief in all gods, I suppose that means goblins as well. *laughs*
Rand Colds: Sadly, yes, I think he is.
Rand Colds: *looks around* Well, maybe Rynn and the others are under the weather. What say you and I go find some job to do for the meantime.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* if he's foolish enough to waste his money I'll take it
Grumni Hammersmith: sure lead on
Rand Colds: Aye, any culture we find, lets try and get him to buy it first.
Rand Colds: I could probably use a heal kit or two.
Rand Colds: Know where to find them?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* that fella in the temple's got 'em
Rand Colds: Oh, right. Let's go there first then
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: I heard the carpenter was looking for able bodies to help with something

Karvon: The chapel is large but fairly asture in it's decoration. The furnishings are quite simple and rustic. and the priest's robes are likewise fairly plain.

Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: *puts a gold coin in the coffer*
Abercrombie Krown: Thank you my son
Abercrombie Krown: What brings you folk to these parts?
Rand Colds: *crosses his chest, says a quiet prayer to Tempus*
Grumni Hammersmith: we be adventurers
Abercrombie Krown: Ah
Grumni Hammersmith: know of any jobs going around here?
Abercrombie Krown: Hmm
Abercrombie Krown: You might check with our castellian and capt of the militia.
Rand Colds: I think I heard of a carpenter in need of laborers.
Abercrombie Krown: They normally have some commissions for the odd adventuring group passing through.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* know anything about some culture loving goblins in these parts?
Rand Colds: Okay, we can check with them.
Abercrombie Krown: *frowns*
Rand Colds: *snickers*
Abercrombie Krown: Goblins are an evil bane.
Grumni Hammersmith: goes without sayig
Rand Colds: I agree, evil and uncultured.
Abercrombie Krown: A clan of them lives up in the Caves of Chaos region northeast of our keep.
Abercrombie Krown: The caves were cleared out a number of years ago by a visiting band of adventurers.
Rand Colds: keep on the borderlands? I remember playing this module back in 1980 something.
Grumni Hammersmith: We could set off and head back if it gets a bit tuogh
Rand Colds: Maybe they left some loot behind.
Grumni Hammersmith: *though
Abercrombie Krown: However, with time, other creatures and evil seemed to have moved into the area.
Rand Colds: sounds good to me, Grunmi.
Rand Colds: maybe we'
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* show me the way to this fool who's offering th gold
Rand Colds: ll just scout it out for when our companions are feeling better.
Abercrombie Krown: Our outpost is too weak to constantly patrol that region such a distance away.
Rand Colds: *nods* follow me.
Rand Colds: farewell, priest
Abercrombie Krown: The saints keep you
Grumni Hammersmith: bye

Rand Colds: hey, theres the carpenter's sign
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: heres the bakery

Rand Colds: hello brother martin.
Brother Martin: Ah good day.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods greeting*
Rand Colds: this is my friend Grumni, can you tell him about the goblins
Rand Colds: *grins behind his hand*
Grumni Hammersmith: Let's be off,
Rand Colds: trolls too, you say. *laughs*
Brother Martin: Yes, learning off all life is important to discovering the ultimate truth and good

Rand Colds: crazy as a wizard that guy is.
Grumni Hammersmith: out the gates an north east?
Rand Colds: *nods* you betchya
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles tune*

Rand Colds: dang blood suckers
Grumni Hammersmith: bit me good they did
Rand Colds: you okay, you still have a beak in your arm.
Grumni Hammersmith: ick!
Rand Colds: hey, incoming

Cob: Um.... hello
Rand Colds: who are you?
Grumni Hammersmith: its that Cob bloke again
Rand Colds: You know this guy?
Grumni Hammersmith: O think so, he's a ercenary
Cob: Aye we met in the swamps.
Rand Colds: well, alright, come on over then.
Cob: I hunt in the area for a living.
Rand Colds: *removes helm*
Rand Colds: oh, anything worth hunting?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer looking fer work lad?
Cob: And take on the odd guard job from time to time to make ends meet.
Rand Colds: these birds can't be good eating.
Cob: Well there are various game animals such as deer about.
Rand Colds: *nods* that sounds worth hunting.
Grumni Hammersmith: we's off to kills some goobos if you want in
Cob: and wolf pelts can fetch a few coin as well, if in good condition.
Cob: Hmm
Grumni Hammersmith: *kill some gobbos
Cob: Goblins are found closer to the caves of chaos.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer know the way then?
Cob: you'll need to travel further east along the main road to reach there.
Rand Colds: that's what we heard, we thought we go by there and see what was what
Grumni Hammersmith: back the way we came?
Cob: Well I can guide you to the valley for a token fee if you wish.
Rand Colds: What kind of fee?
Grumni Hammersmith: how token *frowns*
Cob: If you want me help in the caves that would be more.
Rand Colds: I ain't giving you my trade token.
Grumni Hammersmith: name yer price and we'll see
Cob: It's not too far, so say 10 gold would suffice for leading you to the caves.
Grumni Hammersmith: Bah! I can buy me a map fer less
Rand Colds: will you fight, if we are attacked?
Cob: On the way, yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll give yer 5 and a share of the loot
Rand Colds: I hate having people along that just stand around while the work is getting done.
Cob: Hmm, not sure of what loot you'd get along the road.
Cob: less bandits try jumping us maybe.
Rand Colds: fine, I'll pitch in 5 gold and you get your ten
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* yer never know
Cob: Sounds good.
Cob: Let's go then.
Rand Colds: lead on, Cob.

Rand Colds: cob
Grumni Hammersmith: me legs are only little
Rand Colds: your going too fast.
Cob: yeah?
Cob: Oh sorry
Rand Colds: my friend has little legs.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: strong heart though.
Cob: Used to travelin' alone at my own pace.
Grumni Hammersmith: the pigs pretty slow too
Rand Colds: Grumni, ever think of riding the pig
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... not really
Cob: *smiles*
Rand Colds: probably for the best then
Grumni Hammersmith: probably need a specially made saddle
Rand Colds: *grins* yeah, that's all your missing.
Cob: bridge is out
Rand Colds:
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Rand Colds: huh, is there another way?
Cob: we can either skirt along the river or take the bypass thru the forest.
Rand Colds: *looks to Grumni*
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: whichever's shortest I reakn
Cob: travelin long the river's a bit safer usually
Rand Colds: Shortest route, I agree.
Grumni Hammersmith: more of them stinking birds
Rand Colds: bandits
Grumni Hammersmith: ah1
Rand Colds: quick search em
Grumni Hammersmith: hah!
Cob: bandits really been a bane of late
Grumni Hammersmith: swords an stuff
Cob: lack of patrols make travelers easy game.
Grumni Hammersmith: added armour if yer can carry it
Cob: they used to be more to the south but seemed to have moved more east of late.
Rand Colds: bah, I got enough.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's leave 'em to the cros
Rand Colds: *nods*
Cob: ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: *crows
Rand Colds: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Cob: hmm camp ahead
Grumni Hammersmith: bandits?
Cob: looks like a merchant
Rand Colds: I dont think so.

Karvon: He and his guards eye you a bit warily at first but relax shortly.

Rand Colds: hail
Merchant Guard: Hey, leave our crates alone!
Grumni Hammersmith: leave it be pig
Merchant Guard: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we're taking the forest route
Cob: Well, we'll be headin east along the main road.
Cob: That'll take us up to the valley where the caves are found.
Rand Colds: *buys new armor, sells all the bandit stuff to the merchant*
Rand Colds: I'm ready, thanks sanner.
Merchant Guard: Careful round those caves, all sortsa humanoids and bandits hiding out up there these days.
Grumni Hammersmith: ready Cob?
Cob: *nods* let's head east.

Karvon: both of you notice a flickering ghostly light off in the hills to the right for a few moments.

Grumni Hammersmith: *searchs horizon*
Grumni Hammersmith: a bit foggy - good fer an ambush
Rand Colds: something over here, I think.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... somethings lurking ofer yonder
Cob: looked sort of like a beacon or signal fire.
Rand Colds: a light I seen.
Rand Colds: some kind of fire it looked like.
Cob: *glances to the right*
Rand Colds: Lets check it out.
Cob: ahh
Grumni Hammersmith: want to check it out?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Cob: Must be the ghost tower.

Colds: *looks around*
Cob: sometimes travelers see lights or even a tower itself.
Colds: oh, a phantom tower?
Grumni Hammersmith: where?
Cob: It's seen in this area most commonly.
Colds: I dont see anything anymore.
Cob: Though some have claimed to see it in the swamps or the forests to the north.
Colds: cob, there's no tower here, anymore?
Colds: I guess we should go back to the road, I dont see anything out here.
Cob: Well I'm not much of a scholar so don't know that much about it.
Cob: Just have seen it a few times at a distance.
Colds: where was it at? around here somewhere?
Cob: Don't know
Colds: can you show me where you seen it last?
Cob: It's been spotted more than one place.
Cob: Here on this summit is one such spot.
Colds: oh, crikey, sounds like a ghost tower. I'm thinking we should go back to the road.
Cob: others have seen it in the swamps on an island.
Cob: *nods8
Cob: Maybe a mage could tell you more.
Colds: *nods* will do, when I get back to the keep.

Rand Colds: hail
Rand Colds: friend, oh, a foe
Rand Colds: thanks cob, good sword work
Cob: *sighs* too many of them around lately.
Rand Colds: well, two less now.

Cob: hmm
Rand Colds: lots of bandits
Rand Colds: hail
Cob: pilgrims by the look of it
Rand Colds: *puts weapon away*
Rand Colds: Quonzar?
Sister Naresh: *smiles serenely*
Sister Vyalia: Praise be to Quonzar!
Karvon: The pilgrims are pretty simply dressed and not armed.
Rand Colds: It's late, perhaps we should rest here until morning.
Rand Colds: How much farther to the caves?
Cob: Yeah, good idea
Cob: It's down this road a bit more and then there's a trail off to the left into the forest and the valley beyond bridge.
Rand Colds: What say you, Cob?
Cob: Might be safer in daylight
Cob: more creatures travel at night.
Rand Colds: maybe we should push on.
Rand Colds: *stretches*
Karvon: the nite passes uneventfully
Rand Colds: Good morning, I'll be on my way now.
Sister Naresh: good wishes to you

Rand Colds: that was wierd, I think there was one more pilgrim in the morning than last night
Cob: oh?
Cob: oh?
Cob: maybe he was a guard?
Rand Colds: yeah, she spoke of them disappearing, I think they are reappearing.
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: which way now?
Cob: This path leads to the caves of chaos
Cob: *motions to the left*
Rand Colds: How much to get you to continue with me?
Rand Colds: Here is the five I agreed to pay ye.
Cob: *takes coins*
Cob: Well, depends on your plan.
Cob: Are you just going to look around in the valley, or actually enter the caves?
Rand Colds: right now, i don't plan on going in the caves, just poking about.
Cob: Hmm
Cob: some of the creatures hunt in the valley or pass thru it from time to time, so it's not without risks.
Rand Colds: *nods* I understand. However, we will avoid the caves, for the time being.
Rand Colds: going in the caves I mean.
Cob: Say 25 gp to look around and double that if I have to do any serious fighting.
Cob: Yeah the caves are best avoided with just the two of us.
Rand Colds: what do you consider serious fighting?
Cob: If I get injured beyond a minor scratch.
Rand Colds: Well, I have the 25 gold, but not 50.
Cob: hmm
Cob: Ah, there's your companion
Grumni Hammersmith: *puffs* aye just about keeping up
Rand Colds: Cob wants another 25 to accompany us, 50 if he gets hurt beyond a scratch.
Cob: With more people, the risk is less, so I'd settle for say 20 and 40 instead.
Grumni Hammersmith: Pah! stuff that
Rand Colds: *looks to Grumni*
Cob: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: shall we go it alone then?
Cob: Well I've shown you to the valley, so I'll bid you farewell then.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I'll give yer 20 and not a penny more
Cob: *eyes dwarf*
Grumni Hammersmith: that's 20 more than yer got now
Cob: You're a priest no?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Cob: I'll take 20, if you're willing to heal me should I get injured.
Rand Colds: *waits for the negotiations to end*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* fair enough
Rand Colds: *nods*
Cob: Very well then.

Rand Colds: I see a cave.
Grumni Hammersmith: of chaos?
Rand Colds: Probably.
Cob: There are many caves around the valley.
Grumni Hammersmith: *peers into cave* shall we take a look see
Rand Colds: I suppose we could, although, Cob showed not much interest in entering the caves.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I reakon them's goblin foot prints by the cave
Rand Colds: well, we are looking for goblins.
Rand Colds: bandits
Rand Colds: ouch
Grumni Hammersmith: err... they lead more towards the stream now I think about it
Rand Colds: damn poison

Karvon: jumped by bandits

Grumni Hammersmith: where's that Cob go?

Karvon: Cob is bleeding.... You'll need to use the healing kit

Grumni Hammersmith: took our money and ran I reakon
Rand Colds: here he is, he's hurt badly
Rand Colds: I have one heal kit left.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can call moradin's help
Rand Colds: thanks, Grumni.
Rand Colds: I still dont feel well from the poison, but I can manage.

Karvon: and cob is revived and patched up

Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I can't do any restorative speels until after I rest
Cob: Like I said, the area's dangerous, even outside the caves.
Rand Colds: cob, your okay?
Cob: yeah, thanks to the healing bandages.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we found the goblin hideot anyway
Cob: But if we hang around here, we'll likely run into more.
Rand Colds: well, I have one left, if needed.
Rand Colds: I have lots of loot to sell, grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: ye want to go back?
Cob: You wanna explore one of the caves, or head back?
Rand Colds: I can't carry much more.
Cob: hmm
Rand Colds: I think a quick visit to that merchant would allow me to venture in the caves.
Grumni Hammersmith: ok, sounds like a plan
Grumni Hammersmith: shal we jog it?
Rand Colds: however, if you can carry stuff, lets check the cavern
Rand Colds: ouch
Karvon: ok Rand managed to get a decent job of healing so the dwarf is saved.
Rand Colds: get up, grumni, get up, dangit
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! nekid
Rand Colds: git your stuff, lets go
Rand Colds: here

Rand Colds: I don't have any extra armor, I'll start selling what I do have though
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* aye, them goblis gave s a good kicking
Rand Colds: the kobalds did me in., seven of them with crossbows.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps if we can get tha lazy bunch outta bed
Rand Colds: Im good, plus I got a sack of money off all those bows I grabbed.
Rand Colds: I'm ready
Rand Colds: hey, I'm all for checking in with the carpenter at the keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, let;s see what he wants
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: hopefully Cob made it out okay.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: I owe him some gold, if we ever see him again.
Rand Colds: *stops*
Grumni Hammersmith: troube
Grumni Hammersmith: trouble
Rand Colds: *SHRUGS*
Rand Colds: probably birds
Rand Colds: uh oh
Rand Colds: Hey, let me in, you know me.
Rand Colds: I'm tired, let me in, already
Rand Colds: yeah, whatever.
Rand Colds: You should let my friend in.

Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* not a swamp again
Rand Colds: Eh, swamps again?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Aren't the trees anywhere else, man?
Rand Colds: Do they HAVE to be willow trees?
Hobbin Mennen: Not the sort I need, unfortunately.
Grumni Hammersmith: no peting the pig#
Hobbin Mennen: Aye, fraid so.
Rand Colds: dang, to the swamps then, grunmi.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Rand Colds: maybe we can stop and get an ale, for the road, first.
Rand Colds: Whaddya say?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* nah, no point putting it off
Rand Colds: *grumbles something about a dwarf lush*
Sabine: *nods*
Rand Colds: no jokes, yes, we're going out again.
Grumni Hammersmith: south to the river
Rand Colds: *nods*

Rand Colds: wait
Grumni Hammersmith: the east
Rand Colds: he said east, past the bridge
Grumni Hammersmith: yes?
Rand Colds: then south
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps you should lead the way
Rand Colds: *chuckles* bad with directions, grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutter* I'm used to finding me way around tunnels not countryside
Rand Colds: I hope there aren't any bandits ahead, we just went through here.s
Grumni Hammersmith: there should be a bride around here first
Grumni Hammersmith: *bridge
Rand Colds: yeah, its out, Cob said so.
Rand Colds: we should probably look for cob since we're out here.
Rand Colds: are ye okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: where is the bridge?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders*
Rand Colds: *steps on the bridge*
Rand Colds: Pig's dead, huh?
Grumni Hammersmith: ae
Rand Colds: east
Grumni Hammersmith: srangely quiet
Rand Colds: I'm okay with quiet

Karvon: you see a lot of trees but no willows as of yet

Rand Colds: I guess I'm the tree expert out of the two of us, I dont see any willows.
Grumni Hammersmith: all look the same to me
Rand Colds: another bridge

Karvon: a gnoll guard dog; you know they live in the woods nearby.

Rand Colds: damned dog
Karvon: Rand Colds: that can't be good.
Grumni Hammersmith: ust be gnolls about
Rand Colds: we should hurry past
Grumni Hammersmith: east?
Rand Colds: carrying too much
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: east i guess

Rand Colds: this looks gloomy
Grumni Hammersmith: looks to be getting swampier
Rand Colds: *looks around for willows*
Rand Colds: we have to follow the river.
Grumni Hammersmith: err... north est to the swamp methinks
Rand Colds: the river is not here.
Grumni Hammersmith: oos wrong way
Rand Colds: I dont think so, we need to follow the river.
Grumni Hammersmith: Rand!

Karvon: you know lizardmen live in the swamps and hunt around it.

Grumni Hammersmith: I need to find me a resting place
Grumni Hammersmith: here'll do
Rand Colds: *stands guard*
Grumni Hammersmith: good job
Rand Colds: gimme a minute, I need to think.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders trees*
Rand Colds: ready
Rand Colds: I think we need to go east, not sure though
Rand Colds: follow the river's southern bank he said.
Grumni Hammersmith: didn't we come that way?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Sort of, but not really
Karvon: you find a path into the swamp....
Grumni Hammersmith: this way...
Colds: Here it is, you ready?
Colds: *nods* let's go.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Rand Colds: okay, we should head along the southern shore.
Rand Colds: I cant tell which is river and which is swamp
Grumni Hammersmith: all looks the same to me

Karvon: yeah... you're not sure where you are or where you should head.

Grumni Hammersmith: Bah!
Rand Colds: Whats the matter?
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard! - we should've go a map
Rand Colds: *looks for willow trees*

Karvon: what trees you see are mostly gnarled looking things, not anything like willows.

Rand Colds: *inspects the trees*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about soggy boots*
Rand Colds: it had gold, ten of thenm
Rand Colds: *looks for a path*
Grumni Hammersmith: this way?
Rand Colds: maybe,
Rand Colds: *stumbles around*
Rand Colds: Maybe not.
Grumni Hammersmith: nah, just mow bog
Rand Colds: *searchs*

Karvon: you find nothing

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Session 5 - Swamps

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:50 pm

Karvon : You ended last time sharing a campfire with the broken down merchant caravan. You slew a few bandits along the road, and a few stirges. Scene opens on the campsite....

Grumni Hammersmith: *warms hands by fire*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking e need to kill a few more of them bandits
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: It can't hurt, there sure are a lot of down on their luck people around here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Sanner Goodman: Hello, and ill met, I am afraid. I am Sanner, purveyor of arms and armor. You are welcome to share our fire and rest - my guards will keep us safe.
Grumni Hammersmith: Goodbye, then.
Sanner Goodman: Hello again.
Grumni Hammersmith: May I see your goods?
Sanner Goodman: I suppose.
Rand Colds: I wonder what those adventurers twenty years ago were fighting around here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* they didn't do a good job getting rid of the bandits
Rand Colds: yes, but they were successful, right, Sanner?
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* do yer know how they made their money?
Rand Colds: Sanner?
Sanner Goodman: *shrugs* Dunno.
Sanner Goodman: Heard they cleared out various humanoids and bandits, probably looted what they stole I reckon.
Grumni Hammersmith: if he knows he ain't telling
Dubricus D'Amberville: Indeed, indeed.
Rand Colds: Oh well, Hey, we'll be back with some more bandit stuff.
Rand Colds: *puts on his helm*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* I'm think we should just follow the road and see where we end up
Dubricus D'Amberville: Numerous humanoids made the caves their home at that time.
Rand Colds: east or west, west is back towards the keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: eas then I say
Dubricus D'Amberville: It's believed more have migrated to the region, nature abhors a vaccum after all.
Rand Colds: East is towards those pilgrims.
Grumni Hammersmith: how about north?
Rand Colds: sounds okay to me, just be ready to run if the boogeyman shows up.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Ah north, is into the great northern woods.
Dubricus D'Amberville: home to many wild creatures
Dubricus D'Amberville: bandits are said to hunt and hide out there as well.

Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles tune*
Rand Colds: you should be a bard, with your interest in music and all
Dubricus D'Amberville: If you gentleman seek a commission.
Rand Colds: bard cleric, a true dwarf
Rand Colds: *grins*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Perhaps you should talk with the Castellian?
Grumni Hammersmith: creepy
Dubricus D'Amberville: Perhaps you should talk with the castellian or watch commander?
Rand Colds: *listens*
Dubricus D'Amberville: I understand they offer work to adventurers from time to time.
Weary Highwayman: Ho there! Halt where you are.
Grumni Hammersmith: And who are you?
Weary Highwayman: Just hand over your goods, quiet-like, and there will be no trouble.
Grumni Hammersmith: Forget it. Prepare to die!
Weary Highwayman: All right, then. We'll take your gold AND your life.
Rand Colds: what?
Grumni Hammersmith: pah!
Dubricus D'Amberville: My, most violent!
Grumni Hammersmith: knives and bows
Dubricus D'Amberville: I wonder what has driven so many to banditry?
Rand Colds: well supplied they are. I even got a potion off of one.
Grumni Hammersmith: want a rapier?
Rand Colds: nah, I'm carrying too much as it is.

Rand Colds: Halt
Frim Fram: eh, hello there?
Rand Colds: brigand, or traveller?
Grumni Hammersmith: who'r you then
Dubricus D'Amberville: Why a gnome.
Frim Fram: I have seen neither.
Frim Fram: Unless of course you are?
Dubricus D'Amberville: wizard of some sort as well I gather *glances at the familiar*
Grumni Hammersmith: if yer a bandit we ain't interested
Rand Colds: well, you dont look like a bandit, is that a demon behind you?
Frim Fram: No, no, no, I'm not a bandit! I'm a gnome. Frim, Master of Fire.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... he is a bit short fer a bandit
Rand Colds: Frim, eh?
Frim Fram: This is Mali, I am his master.
Rand Colds: *shrugs* Okay, I guess.
Rand Colds: Where you headin'?
Frim Fram: Yes, yes. Frim Fram -- you've heard of me?
Grumni Hammersmith: these are dangerous roads to be walking alone
Frim Fram: erm, Kendall Keep ... I think.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well met, master gnome. I am Dubricus D'Amberville, a wizard residing at Kendall Keep.
Frim Fram: That is why Mali is with me.
Rand Colds: Your going the wrong direction, its behind you. We were just heading that way, if you want some company.
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess yer could come
Frim Fram: Well, yes ... I would like that.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Splendid, fellow practitioner of the arts to converse with.

Rand Colds: I think we should talk to that carpenter again about finding willow trees.
Frim Fram: Good boy Mali!
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer know what willow trees look like Frim?
Frim Fram: Did you train that pig?
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Grumni Hammersmith: nah he does his own thing
Rand Colds: A trained war pig it is. *laughs again*
Frim Fram: Yes, of course!
Frim Fram: They look like ... willow trees -- stringy things hangind down.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* yer could be useful to have along then
Rand Colds: well, come on along, we could use a trained eye at spotting willow trees.
Dubricus D'Amberville: So, master Frim, where are you from?
Frim Fram: Aye -- I'll let ya know if I see one.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Willows are said to grow in the swamp along the south bank of the river.
Dubricus D'Amberville: They come in various sizes.
Dubricus D'Amberville: You would need to find an older larger one to provide enough wood for use by a carpenter.
Rand Colds: I think the bullette is just a myth.
Frim Fram: If'n a gnome had built this road, we'd moved that rock.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* possible
Rand Colds: We've never seen it, or any trace of it.
Dubricus D'Amberville: The bridge to the swamp lies to the south and back a bit.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Tis not a myth, I assure you.
Frim Fram: Bulletts? They are no myth
Karvon : It's said it's a bit old though.
Frim Fram: Tear up a garden something fierce.
Frim Fram: Wreck your home too.
Karvon : It's senses are thus, likely to be impaired.
Rand Colds: Let's go to the keep, I have to sell this stuff.

Charl : hmm, looks like the wanders return.
Rand Colds: Here we are, Kendall Keep.
Frim Fram: What happened to your pig?
Laurl : Yeah, wonder if they got much loot?
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Rand Colds: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Rand Colds: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds.
Charl: Right!
Rand Colds: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rand Colds: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.

Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Rand Colds. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Frim Fram: Frim Fram, Master of FIre! Perhaps you were expecting me?
Rand Colds: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Sabine : *nods*
Rand Colds: Where can I find some work?
Sabine: You could get to know some of the craftspeople in town - a few of them have some odd jobs - but for your type, I'd suggest going straight to the castellan. You'll find him in the Fortress in the Inner Bailey. Take this road south, and turn right. Make the next right, and follow the road to the end. Take the left, and then a quick right, and another left, and you'll come to the gates for the Inner Gatehouse before long - they're in the center of the northern wall of the Outer Bailey.
Sabine : How fare you?
Frim Fram: come along Mali
Rand Colds: the castellan, eh, Okay, I'll check with him.
Sabine : *nods* Always looking for able assistance.

Grumni Hammersmith: we best be seeing the carpenter then
Rand Colds: first to sell this steel to the smithy
Frim Fram: It seems I arrived early.
Grumni Hammersmith: good idea
Rand Colds: Frim, you're welcome to join us, if your not busy
Rafe: Ho, there! I am Rafe, blacksmith at the Keep. Can I help you?
Grumni Hammersmith: I am Grumni. What do you have for sale?
Rafe: 'Fraid I can't make many weapons, really, or armor. I make nice mirrors, an' I can throw together a helmet, or a shield, an' I've got plenty of farming tools.
Grumni Hammersmith: What do you have for sale?
Rafe: I'll show you.
Rafe : Keep that demon away from my wares.
Frim Fram: Ya need some help with your fires?
Grumni Hammersmith: not much of a smithy
Frim Fram: Needs more fire.
Rafe : *shrugs* I serve the needs of the keep.
Rafe : Nope, got enough fire.
Rand Colds: Sabine says I should check with the castellan, at the bailey.
Grumni Hammersmith: err... where's that?
Frim Fram: Good place to know about.
Rand Colds: she gave me a long list of directions, I'll try to remember them all
Grumni Hammersmith: lead on
Rand Colds: okay

Karvon : The gatehouse bustles with the activity of the resident families.

Grumni Hammersmith: a lot of kids around
Frim Fram: what is this place?
Frim Fram: For a minute there I thought I'd gotten bigger.
Rand Colds: Hello?

Karvon : The inner court has been converted to many gardens.

Grumni Hammersmith: nobody home
Frim Fram: Mali, don't TOUCH ANYTHING!
Rand Colds: this place is really big
Rand Colds: Hello?
Frim Fram: Indeed.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*

Karvon : The castellians offices are upstairs. The lower hall is used for town meetings and festivals. These halls have arrow slits looking down on the keep and lower walls. In each corner you note stairs leading into towers.

Rand Colds: Let's try upstairs
Grumni Hammersmith: bit f a rabbit warren
Frim Fram: Made of stone.
Frim Fram: strange that it is all empty like this.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: I think we should have went in that first door, by the stairs
Grumni Hammersmith: double back?
Frim Fram: Yes, always the last one you try.
Rand Colds: I think we almost completed a circle of the place
Frim Fram: Maybe two or three times.

Rand Colds: *knocks, loudly*
Jadale: Come in

Karvon : Two people look up from papers and maps on the table as you enter.

Rand Colds: Hello?
Rand Colds: Hello.
Jadale: Hello there. I am Lieutenant Jadale.
Grumni Hammersmith: Hello, Lieutenant.
Jadale: Can I help you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Is there any task you need performed?
Jadale: Actually, yes. There used to be a group of kobolds that caused trouble in the area. Can you find their King and see why he's not attacking anymore? They used to live in a group of caves at the end of the Eastern Road. Head south out of the Keep, and turn east on the road. Take it all the way till it heads up into the mountains. Look near there for a path into the woods, and you should find a valley with the caves. The kobolds lived on the lowest level of the valley, just to the right.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah, work at last
Frim Fram: You wnat to ask why they have STOPPED attacking?
Rand Colds: *gulps* I think we were there already, valley with many caves, right?
Devereau: Ho there. Welcome to Kendall Keep. I am Castellan Devereau, at your service.
Grumni Hammersmith: she needs some kobalds investigating
Rand Colds: Well met, Castellan.
Devereau: Can I be of assistance?
Devereau : *nods*
Rand Colds: Where is the lord of this keep?
Devereau: Lord Macsen has been gone many years now, and will not be back, I am sorry to say.
Rand Colds: Then who leads here now?
Devereau: The Keep is ruled by majority vote. I am appointed the Castellan currently, but I will step down when someone else is elected.
Rand Colds: Very interesting.
Devereau: Can I be of assistance?
Rand Colds: Is there any task you need performed?
Devereau: Not really. We hope that you enjoy your stay here at Kendall Keep.
Rand Colds: Oh, well...
Jadale: Devereau, he wants to help!
Rand Colds: Well, yes.
Devereau: Well, what with all the problems with bandits lately, I've been wondering what happened to the orc tribes in the area. There are two of them, and they used to live in a group of caves at the end of the Eastern Road. Head south out of the Keep, and turn east on the road. Take it all the way till it heads up into the mountains. Look near there for a path into the woods, and you should find a valley with the caves.
Frim Fram: We can probably stir them up a bit for ya if that is what you want.
Rand Colds: hmm, orcs and kobolds, I think we can find it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shudders* looks like all roads lead to those eastern caves
Frim Fram: Guards need some training do they?
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Frim Fram: You know this place?
Rand Colds: we have found the caves, left as fast as we could, very tough.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, dangerous place
Frim Fram: Kobolds and orcs didn't follow ya eh?
Jadale : We rely on a local militia made up the members of the community.
Grumni Hammersmith: sounds like we don't have to actually go into the caves this time though
Jadale : So, not a professional military.
Jadale : Good day.

Rand Colds: Lets go speak with that carpenter.
Rand Colds: I would rather find willow trees, actually.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin, I suppposed*
Frim Fram: Aye.
Rand Colds: *rubs his head where he got shot by a kobold*
Frim Fram: They don't usually hit back.
Rand Colds: yep, a mighty fine point, Frim
Frim Fram: *big grin*

Hobbin Mennen: Welcome. I am Hobbin, carpenter of Kendall Keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: Is there any work you need performed?
Hobbin Mennen: Yes, actually. I am really in need of willow for some projects I have, but we are all out of willow. It is a dangerous journey deep into the norhtern reaches of the Swamp to retrieve any, but I will pay for it.
Grumni Hammersmith: All right - I will see what I can find.
Hobbin Mennen: My thanks. Be careful - the swamps are infested with rats or worse creatures, and filled with pitfalls. You'll find willow trees along the banks of the river. To get to the Swamp, head south from the Keep until you reach the river. Follow the river east to find a bridge across. Once on the other side, follow the river east again. It will bend south for a while, but as long as you stick to the southern bank of the river and follow it east, you'll wind your way around into the northern reaches of the Swamp. Along that bank, in the Swamp, you should find some willow trees.
Frim Fram: Mali you wait by the door.
Frim Fram: And don't touch nothing.
Grumni Hammersmith: he still wants them willows
Hobbin Mennen: *eyes demon coldly*
Rand Colds: Have you actually seen these willow trees, sir.
Hobbin Mennen: I've been told of them by hunters.
Hobbin Mennen: I've had some bring me logs before.
Rand Colds: fine, I'll try again.

Grumni Hammersmith: shall we go after these fiercesome trees then?
Rand Colds: perhaps we should rest here for the night, maybe get an ale or two.
Rand Colds: at the inn, I mean. of course
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Frim Fram: hmm ... I can tell you when I see one -- no idea of where to look.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer sure yer don't want to head straight out?
Frim Fram: Best hunt trees in the daylight I'm thinkning.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer should do any shopping yer need while we're her Frim
Frim Fram: Yes, I think I have what I need for now.
Rand Colds: lets get an ale and some sleep then

Karvon : The tavern's fairly busy in the evening, a mix of local and travellers.

Rand Colds: Jess, I need an ale, oh, and some food.
Jess : Can I get ya anything?
Jess : *nods* coming up.
Rand Colds: bring us all some ale and food, I'll pay.
Grumni Hammersmith: roast chicken I'm thinking
Frim Fram: Kinder words I've not heard in a long time.
Rand Colds: Mmmmm, sounds good.
Rand Colds: *puts five gold on the table*
Rand Colds: That might cover it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods gratitude*
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: Busy tonight, like usual.
Jess : Gentlemen, your ale and food *places a tray on the table*
Jess : Tonites special is bake fish.
Jess : Let me know if you need anything else.
Rand Colds: Jess, I'll need a room to sleep in as well as teh food.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* not many place to get a drink in this town
Jess : How's everything?
Rand Colds: *eats his food*
Rand Colds: *drinks his ale*
Commoner, Male : We're fine, thanks.
Third : *glares at demon*
Jess: Hi there!
Rand Colds: What's your name?
Jess: I'm Jess. Gotta get back to work, sorry!
Jess: Good to see you again, Rand .
Wilf: Welcome to the One-Eyed Cat! What would be your pleasure?
Rand Colds: What have you got to eat?
Wilf: Well, I'll show you our menu.
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't think we're going to be to avoid those caves fer much longer
Wilf: Welcome back, Rand . What can I do for you?
Rand Colds: I'd like a place to stay.
Wilf: Ah. Best talk to my wife, Calista, in the Green Man next door.
Rand Colds: My thanks.
Grumni Hammersmith: not if we want to make some coin anyway
Frim Fram: *tears into his food like he hasn't had any for a while*
Rand Colds: ah, we'll need to check in next door for a room
Merchant Guard : *loudly laughs as they swap stories*
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. you humans are always sleeping, we dwarves are made of sturdier stuff
Stranger - patron : *quietly talk over drinks*
Rand Colds: I seem to remember seeing you take a dirt nap not too long ago, friend.
Rand Colds: I'm off to the green man, next door, to get some sleep.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about goblins*
Frim Fram: aye -- I should rest as well.
Grumni Hammersmith: *swigs ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: *chews on a large chicken leg*
Grumni Hammersmith: *swigs ale and sings rowdy songs out of tune*

Rand Colds: Calista?
Rand Colds: I'm looking for a room.
Calista: That will be one gold piece to rest here.
Rand Colds: All right then.
Calista: Enjoy your stay; take either one of the first two upstairs. Hope you've brought a bedroll - our beds are out for repairs with the carpenter.
Rand Colds: damn carpenter.
Frim Fram: Yes, and he needs willow.
Rand Colds: *waits for morning, sleeping like a log*

Karvon : The night passes uneventfully.

Rand Colds: Morning, frim
Frim Fram: Well good moring!
Rand Colds: any sight of Grumni?
Frim Fram: Let's gather up the dwur.
Rand Colds: He'll be a one eyed dwarf if he stayed up all night

Karvon : Tavern bustles with activity in the early morning as travelers get ready to depart.

Grumni Hammersmith: *eats breakfast loudly*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer ready fer setting off?
Wilf: Welcome to the One-Eyed Cat! What would be your pleasure?
Rand Colds: whoa, too late to go to sleep now, grumni
Frim Fram: What have you got to eat?
Wilf: Well, I'll show you our menu.
Rand Colds: aye, we are setting off, did you sleep at all?
Frim Fram: hmm need something more hardy I'm thinking.
Grumni Hammersmith: nah
Frim Fram: Where you get rations?
Rand Colds: quartermaster, I think,
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Frim Fram: ah, yes, of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: I need some too, let's go
Grumni Hammersmith: I think I'm going to get some bread
Rand Colds: I have some trail bread if you get hungry

Rand Colds: *fills his canteen*
Salla: Welcome to the Kendall Keep bakery. What can I get you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Could I see what goods you have for sale?
Salla: All right.
Brother Martin : good day
Brother Martin: Greetings! Welcome to Kendal Keep's bakery. I am Brother Martin, of Saint Erkenwald, recently back from quite an adventure.
Grumni Hammersmith: I am Grumni. What do you have for sale?
Brother Martin: I will show you.
Brother Martin: Welcome back, Grumni. I have been on quite some adventures lately! What can I do for you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Would you honor me by accompanying me in my travels?
Brother Martin: Of course. May we find truth together.

Rand Colds: are you making friends again, Grumni?
Frim Fram: Whose your friend Grumni?
Brother Martin : *smiles*
Rand Colds: Hey, arent you the quartermaster?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye *grins* this fellla wants to coe - Martin
Brother Martin : No, I am brother Martin.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's go
Rand Colds: well, join us then, Martin.
Frim Fram: Aye -- anyone got an ace?
Grumni Hammersmith: ace?
Rand Colds: ace?
Sabine : Travel safe

Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Grumni Hammersmith: Friend!
Grumni Hammersmith: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Grumni Hammersmith: I am Grumni Hammersmith.
Grumni Hammersmith: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Grumni Hammersmith: Ok, I guess.
Rand Colds: Frim, you coming?
Frim Fram: An axe.
Rand Colds: Yeah, Grumni has one.
Laurl: Hello again, Frim Fram. You may pass.

Grumni Hammersmith: oh, I've got an axe
Rand Colds: *puts on his helm*
Frim Fram: Sorry ... thought I saw something.
Brother Martin : So, what task have you in mind?
Rand Colds: anything we should look closer at?
Frim Fram: We be needing a wagon too.
Rand Colds: not in the swamp, we don't
Grumni Hammersmith: doubt we'll be finding one
Brother Martin : A wagon?
Frim Fram: How many trips we going to make?
Rand Colds: great, *looks up at the heavens*
Frim Fram: Here's a fixer upper.
Rand Colds: Now, I'll have to polish my mail when I get back to the keep.
Rand Colds: south tot he river, then east, he said
Grumni Hammersmith: you remember the way?
Brother Martin : Where are we headed?
Frim Fram: East and then across and then east and then north ...
Frim Fram: Basically follow the river
Frim Fram: Until we find willows.
Frim Fram: And can get a bed to sleep on.
Rand Colds: yeah, sounds simple, but we tried before, no willows
Grumni Hammersmith: this the right way?
Frim Fram: You didn't have me along
Rand Colds: east, right?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Frim Fram: Yes, but it is left.
Rand Colds: *tosses away some bad food*
Rand Colds: *listens*
Rand Colds: seems awfully quiet
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Frim Fram: Before the storm ... always is
Rand Colds: I hear frogs, and the river, thats about it

Brother Martin : Ah this is gnoll lands.
Rand Colds: damn dog
Brother Martin : A misunderstood people.
Frim Fram: wild dog.
Grumni Hammersmith: stupid mutt
Brother Martin : Only doing his duty.
Rand Colds: maybe a guard for the local gnolls.
Brother Martin : Indeed.
Frim Fram: Gnolls?
Rand Colds: now which way, east again?
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty bunch in this region
Brother Martin : Yes, they live in those woods.
Frim Fram: I thought we were looking for willows.
Rand Colds: we are.
Grumni Hammersmith: we are but someties the gnolls look fer you
Frim Fram: So why would that dog be guarding gnolls?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: You do know that gnolls are part dog, right?
Brother Martin : They train dogs and hyenas as guardians.
Frim Fram: ah ... ok. Mali keep alert.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm lost so I don't know which way to go *grins*
Brother Martin : I spent a season with a gnoll band once.
Grumni Hammersmith: easts as good as any
Brother Martin : Quite a unique culture.
Frim Fram: I think east.
Rand Colds: me either, do we go north into the woods, so we can follow the river, or do we cross the river and follow it east.
Brother Martin : The swamp is home to lizardmen.
Rand Colds: are any of these willow trees?
Frim Fram: These are not willows -- too tall.
Brother Martin : sadly, they are not very friendly.
Frim Fram: and not enough hanging things.
Frim Fram: Lots of rocks.
Grumni Hammersmith: wat abut these trees

Karvon : While there are quite a few trees about, you see no willows. You are not in the swamp yet though.

Frim Fram: A badger too!
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Frim Fram: you must like animals.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* best wait fer Rand
Frim Fram: Did you work in a zoo?
Grumni Hammersmith: you gnomes are right odd
Grumni Hammersmith: dwarves have no time fer zoos
Frim Fram: Ah, not when you get to know us.
Brother Martin : *nods* Gnomes are an interesting people to be sure.
Rand Colds: spiders last time we were here.
Grumni Hammersmith: what about these?
Grumni Hammersmith: they look stringey
Frim Fram: What happened to the river -- we should be following it I think.

Karvon : no willows sighted yet

Grumni Hammersmith: which ways the river then?
Rand Colds: north here, I think
Frim Fram: Should have built the bridge over here.
Rand Colds: damned blood suckers
Frim Fram: Dirty birds.
Grumni Hammersmith: well done Martin
Rand Colds: maybe this is the wrong way
Frim Fram: Naw -- just need to find a dry patch is all.
Rand Colds: we need to find a willow tree, is what we need to find.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Frim Fram: That too.
Frim Fram: Everyone ok after that bird fight?
Rand Colds: great, we found the swamp, now where are the trees.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*

Karvon : the river runs along the northern edge of the swamp; various channels and estuaries cut across the swamp.

Grumni Hammersmith: *kicks tree trunk*
Rand Colds: lets go north, he said along the north bank, I think.
Grumni Hammersmith: Bah!
Frim Fram: Right
Frim Fram: foggy -- hard to see willows.
Rand Colds: *kicks a plant* damned swamp
Frim Fram: Should have brought a boat.
Grumni Hammersmith: stupid bog
Rand Colds: something ahead
Rand Colds: east, I think
Brother Martin : My, vicious things.
Frim Fram: I hope we find those trees soon.
Rand Colds: everyone okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Frim Fram: Mali is fine.
Rand Colds: Thanks.
Rand Colds: *peers into the distance*

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session 6 - swamps

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:51 pm

Karvon : We left off in the northern swamp as you worked your way east along the river. You've just broken camp, the river lies to the north.

Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... I guess the gnome wandered off
Rand Colds: figures, he better not show up at the keep with any willow, I'm tellin you now.
Grumni Hammersmith: probably try to under-cut us
Rand Colds: he better hope not. looks like that scribe took off with him

Karvon : These seem to be larger and more aggressive than the frogs you've encountered in the past.

Rand Colds: thanks, I'm fine
Rand Colds: should we take one, for the wizard?
Grumni Hammersmith: I as just thinking the same thing
Rand Colds: these seemed a little more hungry.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: Do you still have that stinky bag?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye *takes out sack* washed it too
Rand Colds: well, by all means, jam it in there.
Grumni Hammersmith: *stuffs corpse in sack

Grumni Hammersmith: Gah *jumps*
Grumni Hammersmith: where yer come from?
Grumni Hammersmith: thought yer'd wandered off
Frim Fram: eh? Not I ... I don't think.
Rand Colds: woah
Frim Fram: Interesting.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shoulders slump* more bog

Karvon : you see areas of gas rising from the swamp; may wanna watch your step around those.

Rand Colds: see any willow trees?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* stinky gas
Frim Fram: hmmm ... I smell something ... but not willows.
Frim Fram: Mali ... don't sneeze.
Rand Colds: there's a hill over here, get us up for a better look around.
Grumni Hammersmith: could be the dead frog I got in me sack
Grumni Hammersmith: woah - fire

Karvon : You see a few gnarled specimans but none suitable for chopping down in sight; jets of fire shoot up in some areas ignited swamp gas. Most of the willows you see are along the water's edge A strange light wanders amidst the trees and mist.

Rand Colds: you mean this used to be a willow tree?
Frim Fram: Fires in a swamp ... who would have thunk it?
Rand Colds: *pats the tree*
Grumni Hammersmith: best keep our wits about us
Frim Fram: This wood is rotten ... not suitable for a bed.
Rand Colds: it's like hell came up from the swamps

Frim Fram: snakes ... dom't much care for them.
Rand Colds: *skins the snakes*
Rand Colds: *taking the meat*
Rand Colds: *points up the hill* Lets go up there and look for any trees not burnt up.
Frim Fram: Right ... but willows like the waer I'm thinking.

Karvon : indeed, you see no willows on higher ground.

Rand Colds: viscious rats.
Frim Fram: I'm thinking these willow trees just got a lot more expesive.
Rand Colds: *looks for willow trees*
Grumni Hammersmith: these willows, they hang down a bit?
Rand Colds: I think the animals are scared
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking we best stay by the river
Rand Colds: gotta go through the fire.
Grumni Hammersmith: lets run fer it
Grumni Hammersmith: 1... 2... 3... go!
Rand Colds: wait, for Frim
Rand Colds: lets make a run for it.
Rand Colds: lets make a run for it
Rand Colds: where's Frim?
Grumni Hammersmith: one more time - 1.. 2.. 3.. go!
Rand Colds: *waves*

The gasses of the swamp explode in a fiery burst! You dig for a bit, and find a small treasure trove hidden in this bog.

Rand Colds: Come on
Grumni Hammersmith: *hops up and down* burnt me feet
Rand Colds: I have kit with some burn salve, do you need it, Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: I got a lttle something of me own
Frim Fram: I seem to have lost Mali ... anyone see him about?
Rand Colds: Lets keep by the river, just ahead.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: probably playing in the fires.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Frim Fram: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: p'raps one of them snakes got him

Rand Colds: a gnoll dog again
Grumni Hammersmith: I saw something to the north east
Rand Colds: I either need to rest, or drink my only potion.
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll be resting then
Rand Colds: I'll .....
Grumni Hammersmith: could do with some shut-eye
Frim Fram: I've got some stuff -- you need some?
Rand Colds: we should get to higher ground at least.
Rand Colds: I can use something.
Rand Colds: I took a nasty couple bites from those rats.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can't get comfortable here
Frim Fram: better?
Rand Colds: oh, that was just what I needed.
Rand Colds: thankee
Grumni Hammersmith: onwards!
Rand Colds: thanks, I'll buy you two when we get to the keep.
Frim Fram: Try and stay alive. Easier to get back if you are walking.
Rand Colds: yeah, someones got to carry the wood, right?
Rand Colds: *grins*

The gasses of the swamp explode in a fiery burst! Frim Fram is bleeding to death!

Rand Colds: wow, that was close.
Frim Fram: WhoA!!!!
Grumni Hammersmith: watch where yer stepping lad
Frim Fram: I tought I was.

Karvon : and there it is, a well matured tree

Grumni Hammersmith: ah ha!
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm guessing this is a willow tree
Frim Fram: Aye this be one
Rand Colds: Hmm, I think you found it, dwarf.
Grumni Hammersmith: I chopped us a lump - holds it up
Rand Colds: can you chop some of it off?
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds it up*
Frim Fram: yes, yes ... a good specimen ... worth premium I'm thinking.
Rand Colds: better let me bring one two, probably worth some gold.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *rests a bit after sweating on the lumber*
Frim Fram: Aye, gather what ye can!
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm worn out - have a go yerselves lads

Karvon : a couple of hours of chopping and pruning yields enough wood you think.

Frim Fram: Gots it all it seems.
Rand Colds: I think we got enough. are you ready to head back?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Okay, this way then
Rand Colds: damn vultures
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: pure evil is what they are
Frim Fram: aye ... and then some.
Rand Colds: ouch
Frim Fram: How did that get there?
Rand Colds: *pulls a few spikes out of his boots*
Karvon : a crude trap, prehaps a lizardmans?
Rand Colds: *limps along*
Grumni Hammersmith: time fer a rest?
Frim Fram: aye ... need to get Mali back.
Rand Colds: Okay, but not for too long.

Frim Fram: Now don't wander off agains.
Grumni Hammersmith: yuck
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't like the smell of what yer cooking lad
Frim Fram: Mali could breath on it fer ya ... might get a bit singed.
Rand Colds: bah, forget it. *munches on a piece of trail bread*
Grumni Hammersmith: I think yer will be running to the loo pretty regulerly if yer eat that
Rand Colds: *kicks the fire out*
Grumni Hammersmith: tie yer innards in a knot it will
Rand Colds: *tries to douse the flames*
Rand Colds: Okay, Ive had enough of the swamps, lets get going
Frim Fram: Anyone remember the way back?
Rand Colds: yeah, you can follow me

Rand Colds: snake
Rand Colds: more frogs
Grumni Hammersmith: for fer the bag
Rand Colds: Hey, better take another frog with us.
Rand Colds: *looks for a good specimen*
Frim Fram: good eaten you know.
Rand Colds: actually, they look the same as teh last ones
Grumni Hammersmith: oh

Rand Colds: bah, *looks around for a trail*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Grumni Hammersmith: reakon yer compass is broken?
Frim Fram: Are we lost?
Frim Fram: Follow the river.
Rand Colds: I dont see it.
Frim Fram: Yes ... maybe that is why we are lost?
Rand Colds: *looks for a path*
Grumni Hammersmith: moradin's beard! I don't want to be lost in a bog again
Frim Fram: This isn't the first time?
Rand Colds: ah, here we are
Frim Fram: Yes?

Frim Fram: Did we pass this way before?
Rand Colds: yes, wooded area, we'll be back in sight of the river soon.
Frim Fram: Right.
Frim Fram: ah together again.
Rand Colds: this way, guys
Grumni Hammersmith: Damn it - me hog ran off
Rand Colds: ah, the river, see I told you.
Frim Fram: aye -- they can do that if you don't keep a firm hand with 'em.
Rand Colds: we need to find that bridge again

Karvon : Gnoll patrol from the nearby woods

Rand Colds: gah
Rand Colds: mali
Frim Fram: Mali faught hard ... he'll be back after recovering.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can't be carrying anymore
Rand Colds: yeah, i'm carrying too much now, too
Frim Fram: I can carry some things
Grumni Hammersmith: best find them traders
Rand Colds: great, the bridge, not too much farther now
Frim Fram: Watch for dogs
Rand Colds: or thier owners
Rand Colds: go on past, not this way
Rand Colds: wait
Frim Fram: Seems the road would be faster no?
Rand Colds: we dont know where it goes, we came along the river
Rand Colds: this way
Frim Fram: Well, yes ... but we don't know where it goes because we didn't use it.
Frim Fram: How will we ever learn where it goes?
Rand Colds: yes, we came straight here, this road does not go to the keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty woods
Frim Fram: But it is a road, it has to go somewhere?
Rand Colds: yeah, it goes to gnoll city.
Rand Colds: sure you want to go?
Frim Fram: oh!
Frim Fram: Why didnt' you say so earlier.
Rand Colds: I said lets not go that way
Frim Fram: Well yes, but no why.
Frim Fram: The why is important.
Rand Colds: Now you know the Y.

Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: sure is quiet here.
Frim Fram: Same as before ...
Rand Colds: I can't even hear Grumni, and he makes lots of noise.
Rand Colds: Hey, where's Grumni?
Frim Fram: Yes ... very strange.
Rand Colds: Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: more of them birds
Rand Colds: ah, there you are.
Frim Fram: And you killed them yourself?
Rand Colds: oh, sorry to leave you behind, I thought you were walking with us.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye - chop chop
Frim Fram: Good on ya!

Karvon : Wandering Gnoll guard dog

Rand Colds: dog
Rand Colds: nice shot, Frim
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: that one got a hold of my leg.
Frim Fram: Aye -- good think you got out of the way.
Rand Colds: *limps along*

Karvon : ...and in the distance, the welcome sight of the keep.

Grumni Hammersmith: another bridge
Rand Colds: the keep is straight ahead,
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles a jaunty tune*
Rand Colds: *grins*
Chandry : *nods as you pass by*

Charl : Hmm, the wanderers return.
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Rand Colds: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Rand Colds: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds.
Charl: Right!
Rand Colds: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rand Colds: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.

Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Frim Fram. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Frim Fram: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Frim Fram: No, thank you. Goodbye.

Hobbin Mennen: Hello again.
Grumni Hammersmith: I have found willow for you.
Hobbin Mennen: Wonderful! Here is your payment - 200 gold for the lot.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grabs money offered by carpenter*
Rand Colds: *picks up the gold* You know, most of that willow is burnt up in the swamps.
Rand Colds: the swamps are on fire, really, they are.
Hobbin Mennen: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye- should raise the price if its rare
Rand Colds: can you smell the smoke on us?
Hobbin Mennen: fraid that's all I can afford; have to make a livin' ya know?
Grumni Hammersmith: best find that wizard next
Rand Colds: Oh, yeah.
Grumni Hammersmith: and his horrible servant

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session 7 - Kobalds Caverns

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:53 pm

Karvon : Action resumes around lunchtime in the inn.

Rynn: *puffs on a pipe*
Rynn : Grumni! *waves*
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Rynn : Hey there, Wilf
Rand Colds: do you see who I see?
Grumni Hammersmith: mornin'
Wilf : *smiles*
Rynn : Yup. It's Grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: ah, I see your back on your feet again Rynn
Rynn : Finally! I thought I'd never get well.
Rand Colds: I thought she ran off with that last caravan.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmpf.
Rynn : So... you did the willow job, eh? How did you fare?
Grumni Hammersmith: boggy
Rand Colds: stupid frogs.
Rynn : As opposed to...
Grumni Hammersmith: we got some wood - carpenter looks happy enough
Rand Colds: we seen some gnolls, that was tough.
Rynn : Sorry I missed it
Rynn : Have a seat, eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: you wouldn't have missed the smell
Rynn : really?
Rynn : Yuckies?
Rand Colds: I think we should venture to the caves again. the three of us should able to stay upright.
Grumni Hammersmith: I've still got one of them frogs in me bag
Grumni Hammersmith: w should sell it and take a look at the caves, I agrre
Rand Colds: Oh, *squits his eyes, pinches his nose* I thought that was a darn foul breath you had today, Grumni.
Rynn : I've heard that you've spoken to those on high in the Keep... Orcs and kobolds, eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumble*
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, culture loving goblins in these parts too
Rynn : "Culture Loving" nonetheless?
Rynn : Sounds great
Rand Colds: and that steward guy wants us to look for orcs as well.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* that's what the guy said anyways
Rand Colds: Do you think any of these slugs would want to go with?
Rand Colds: *looks at Third*
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno
Rand Colds: We could probably use another swordsman.
Rynn : What about him? *points to the Dwarf who just walked in*
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for a waitress*
Rand Colds: *looks at the dwarf*
Third : *keeps a solemn and watchful eye on the patrons*
Grumni Hammersmith: *jumps onto table* anybody want to go bash some orcs?
Rand Colds: *looks at Rynn with a sad expression*
Rand Colds: You got an eye for them dwarves, eh?
Rynn : what's on your mind Rand?
Stranger - patron : *shoots surprised glance*
Grumni Hammersmith: *jums down again*
Rand Colds: *looks up at Grumni*
Jess : *laughs*
Rand Colds: I didn't know you had it in ye.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* full of surprises me
Rand Colds: *stands up and looks around*
Rynn : My father and I did a lot of business with the Dwarves as I was growing up.
Rynn : A very noble people, if you ask me.
Barrin Khavic: *glances over at Grumni and grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: good business sense yer Dad
Rynn : It was me who struck the initial deal, though
Rand Colds: *nods at Rynn* sure, sure, I get it.
Barrin Khavic: Some one say somethin about bashin Orcs?
Grumni Hammersmith: ah, another fellow dwarf, good day
Rynn : I was Ten or Eleven at the time
Rand Colds: *nods to the newcomer*
Barrin Khavic: Oi. Pleased ta meet ye, lad.
Wanderer - patron : *eyes party thoughtfully, then returns to low conversation*
Rynn : Greatings
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, we're of a mind to kill a few of 'em
Barrin Khavic: Oi? Be needin a 'and, then?
Rand Colds: Hello.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* more the merrior
Rynn : If you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you
Rand Colds: Aye. *looks at his armor and weapons*
Rand Colds: *nods, smiling*
Grumni Hammersmith: what's yer profession?
Barrin Khavic: Show me some Orcs, then.
Rand Colds: Grumni, he's got armor and that good enough for me.
Barrin Khavic: Me? Orc bashin. Barrin's me name.
Rynn : I'm thinkin' he's a warrior, by the looks of 'im
Rand Colds: Barrin, I'm Rand.
Barrin Khavic: Nice ta meet ye, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm Grumni
Rynn : Rynn's what they call me
Grumni Hammersmith: it looks like the gnome's wandered off
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we get going?
Rynn : *smiles wide*
Barrin Khavic: Fine by me.
Rynn : What Gnome?
Rand Colds: Let's try and get rid of that frog, first. Barrin, you coming?
Barrin Khavic: Gnomes be easy ta miss.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, the gild first then
Barrin Khavic: Aye. What we be doin?
Rand Colds: drop off this dead frog, then get on outta here.

Rand Colds: do you need food?
Barrin Khavic: Huh.
Barrin Khavic: Nay. Just ate, lad. Thanks though.
Grumni Hammersmith: need a word with the baker
Rand Colds: I have a couple of extra rations, for the road, just ask.
Rynn : alright... I'll wait here
Barrin Khavic: Thank ye.
Rand Colds: *stoops to fill his canteen*
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* Pa was right, 'umans really be likin thier cities.
Rynn : Rations... darn... I'm out!
Rand Colds: Rynn, I was joking about the caravan back there.
Rand Colds: I hope feeling better.
Grumni Hammersmith: Martin wants to come too
Rand Colds: oh.
Rand Colds: more is good.
Grumni Hammersmith: where was the frog guy?
Brother Martin : Always welcome the opportunity to travel a bit.
Brother Martin: Hello, Grumni. What do you think is best?
Grumni Hammersmith: We should part company for now, Brother.
Brother Martin: As you wish. I will return to the bakery.
Barrin Khavic: Rhaz zhazth hak'k, A raatat kaz kak ur'k
Rand Colds: I don't remember, some guild or something, wasn't it.
Rynn : Right here
Rand Colds: *wipes his feet*
Greeves: May I help you Sir? I am Greeves, servant here at the Guild House.
Grumni Hammersmith: What is this place?
Greeves: You may stay here, if you desire. We offer accomodations more...refined than those of the Green Man.
Grumni Hammersmith: Thank you, but no.
Greeves: Good day, Sir.
Barrin Khavic: *rubs head*
Grumni Hammersmith: huh? he ain't buying
Rynn : *exaggerates the wiping of her feet*
Greeves: Ah. Hello again. Anything I can do for you, Sir?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd like to change some coins.
Barrin Khavic: *looks down at feet and shrugs*
Rynn : ... and the frog?
Greeves : Frog?
Rand Colds: Don't want it, eh?
Greeves : We don't serve frogs here.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmpf
Rand Colds: s different from the others, different swamp
Greeves : Ah
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* well I don't want it *chucks it*
Rand Colds: *grins*
Greeves : *looks down at the frog and frowns*

Rand Colds: slick move
Grumni Hammersmith: who wuz it told us about the orcs?
Rand Colds: I am tired of frogs, I say we kill 'em all.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Rand Colds: The stewardship ... ness.
Barrin Khavic: Got big frogs 'round 'ere?
Rynn : So... where are these Goblins of ettiqutte?
Rand Colds: not quite big enough to eat a hobbit.
Barrin Khavic: Oh.
Grumni Hammersmith: lets see if we can find the guard captain
Rand Colds: I can take us towards the caves, are we all ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: I' ready
Rynn : ready
Barrin Khavic: Uncle Torrin told me 'bout frogs big 'nough ta swallow a man whole.
Grumni Hammersmith: we seen 'em
Rand Colds: nay, we've not seen any of that size
Rynn : we've seen 'em
Barrin Khavic: Aye? ANd 'ere I though he was just drinkin ta much.
Rand Colds: *looks at Rynn*
Rynn : nope

Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Grumni Hammersmith. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Grumni Hammersmith: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd like to go through the gate.
Sabine: Very well. But be careful out there - I hear people have seen a bulette in the open spaces near the keep - and sleeping out in the wilderness is dangerous, too.
Barrin Khavic: Said he almost became lunch one time. Didna believe 'im...
Sabine: Greetings, Grumni Hammersmith.
Grumni Hammersmith: Hello, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Grumni Hammersmith: Where can I find some work?
Sabine: You could get to know some of the craftspeople in town - a few of them have some odd jobs - but for your type, I'd suggest going straight to the castellan. You'll find him in the Fortress in the Inner Bailey. Take this road south, and turn right. Make the next right, and follow the road to the end. Take the left, and then a quick right, and another left, and you'll come to the gates for the Inner Gatehouse before long - they're in the center of the northern wall of the Outer Bailey.
Sabine : *nods* Take care
Rynn : Fast door!
Barrin Khavic: Hmph.
Rand Colds: *nods* quick, you seem to be back to normal.
Rynn : After one of those plates of steak and beans... I feel great
Rand Colds: *puts on helmet*

Cow : Moooo
Rynn : Land shark... Here Land Shark!
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Rynn*
Barrin Khavic: Where to?
Rand Colds: east, around the bridge
Rynn : South, I think
Barrin Khavic: Lead the way.
Karvon : a slow drizzle begins to fall
Rand Colds: watch out for bandits,
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Barrin Khavic: *looks up* Eh?
Barrin Khavic: Good, the rain's stopped.
Rand Colds: and a bullette
Barrin Khavic: Bullette?
Rand Colds: whatever that is
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty whatever it is
Barrin Khavic: Huh.
Rynn : yeah right... there's no bullette
Barrin Khavic: Someone thinks there be.
Rand Colds: I've yet to see it.
Rynn : I Guess
Rynn : Another caravan got hit
Rand Colds: follow the water
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Grumni Hammersmith: I could do with a nap
Barrin Khavic: Bah. Blasted rain.
Rynn : I hope we run into some bandits... so we can kill 'em
Grumni Hammersmith: gone a bit tired
Rynn : You? Tired? No way!
Rand Colds: oh, they most assuredly are in teh woods, waiting.
Barrin Khavic: *peers into the woods*
Grumni Hammersmith: ready
Barrin Khavic: Nothin but trees and more trees.
Rand Colds: there is a path behind us, into the woods
Karvon : Nothing out of the ordinary.... birds singing, a few croaking frogs.
Rynn : *takes up distance from the woods*
Barrin Khavic: Oi?
Rand Colds: *mutters* damnable frogs*
Grumni Hammersmith: we need to go back?
Rand Colds: *looks aorund*
Barrin Khavic: I thought ye 'umans liked frogs.

Rand Colds: ah, the merchant yet waits
Rand Colds: Hail, Sanner.
Rynn : well, they are cute
Rand Colds: *nods to the guards*
Sanner Goodman: Good day
Barrin Khavic: 'eard they were good eatin, not that I'd try 'em meself.
Grumni Hammersmith: May I see your goods?
Sanner Goodman: I suppose.
Merchant Guard : *nods*
Rynn : Watcha got in the box?
Barrin Khavic: Leave the man's stuff alone, lass.
Rynn : just askin
Merchant Guard : spare weapons and armor for sale.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* that armour's still too expensive
Rand Colds: we must continue east.
Barrin Khavic: Shame pa's forge isn't 'ere.
Sanner Goodman: Best you can buy in these parts.
Rand Colds: aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: na'er mind

Grumni Hammersmith: well met Cob
Rand Colds: Hey, is that Cob?
Rynn : Cob? Is that you?
Cob : Howya doin?
Cob: Hey there. I'm Cob. Who're you?
Rand Colds: Glad to see you alive.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm Grumni.
Cob: Hello there. Stop a bit - share a story with me.
Grumni Hammersmith: Think I will. What do you do?
Cob: Woodsman. Lots of hunting, killin' some bandits, that kind of thing. But lately, things have gotten a little rough. I've seen things - monters, enchanted towers, and such - that give me chills at night. So I'm gonna try to stop 'em.
Grumni Hammersmith: Would you like to join me and find such things?
Cob: Yes, I would. Let's go get some monsters.
Grumni Hammersmith: All right. Let's go.
Grumni Hammersmith: he's tagging along
Rynn : Sure enough. How's it goin' big guy?
Cob : Not bad
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: still east?
Rand Colds: east, to the pilgrims
Cob : Not many bandits round these days though.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* let's hope he doesn't run off again Rand
Rand Colds: if they are still there.
Cob : Guess ya scared'em off.
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Cob : Where ya headin?
Rynn : five's a good number
Grumni Hammersmith: better than 4
Barrin Khavic: Aye, less of a target.

Sister Naresh: Praise be to Quonzar!
Rand Colds: Who is Quonzar?
Sister Naresh: You do not know of the Great Prophet Quonzar?
Rand Colds: No, I do not.
Sister Naresh: Heretic! You should visit Quonzar's temple in the mountains and learn of the singing fish.
Rand Colds: Temple?
Sister Naresh: Oh, yes. The temple. We were going there, until...we stopped.
Rand Colds: Why did you stop?
Sister Naresh: Because we are disappearing - again...
Rand Colds: Disappearing?
Sister Naresh: Yes, dying. Every few nights, one of us disappears. We have decided to stop here until we can figure out what is happening. This has happened before, and I fear that it could be some sort of dire evil that has beset us.
Rand Colds: Do you have any ideas?
Sister Naresh: It COULD be some sort of creature, preying on us, but I am not sure.
Rand Colds: I will try to help you.
Sister Naresh: Thank you! Let me know what you find. If you ever need a place to rest in your journeys, you may share our fire with us. And unless you walk with Him, I would suggest you stay here at night - the roads can be much too dangerous in the evening.
Rand Colds: I'll see what I can do.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Cob : So, uh we goin to the caves?
Rand Colds: I think it's this way.
Cob : Yep
Rand Colds: we want to stay on the east side of the caves.
Cob : HELP
Grumni Hammersmith: ambush!
Grumni Hammersmith: *swines
Barrin Khavic: Ow!
Rynn : You ok?
Barrin Khavic: One of them bastards got a good hit in...
Cob : Guess they aren't all scared off.
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty bunch
Grumni Hammersmith: which way?
Barrin Khavic: *checks over armor* Blast! Gonna have ta mend that soon...
Rand Colds: east side
Grumni Hammersmith: well done Cab
Cob : Bloody stirges
Rand Colds: lets try this one.
Karvon : search rolls
Rynn : sure... he runs over, but nobody see's me stick it withan arrow

Cob: Cob falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Summoned Dire Boar: Summoned Dire Boar falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Rynn : whatch it!
Grumni Hammersmith: trap!
Cob: Cob falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Rand Colds: I didnt even see it.
Rynn : Can't disarm it
Barrin Khavic: Gotta step 'round it.
Rand Colds: spiders
Rynn: This room is covered from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with spider webs. Some of the great dark strands are as big around as your arm.
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! I'm stuck
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Barrin Khavic: The webs get very thick, but you manage to slip through.
Barrin Khavic: Bah.
Karvon : Lotsa webs hang about in this cavern.
Barrin Khavic: Spiders...
Rynn : *scouts ahead
Grumni Hammersmith: spiders can't be far off
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rynn : shhh
Barrin Khavic: *snorts*

Rand Colds: Rand Colds falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Rand Colds: ouch
Rynn: The mass is made of wriggling grubs, which start to burrow into your flesh!
Rynn: You feel the grubs worming their way towards your heart! If you don't get them off soon [out of your inventory], you'll die.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Rynn : Yikes! Grubs!
Barrin Khavic: Eww.
Summoned Dire Boar: Summoned Dire Boar falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Grumni Hammersmith: ick
Barrin Khavic: *stpes on them*
Grumni Hammersmith: Grumni Hammersmith falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Rynn : *searches*
Rand Colds: was there a door back there?
Rynn : run
Rynn: You are hit by the boulder!
Rynn: The boulder does not harm you - it is made of paper-mache. But it bursts open, revealing a swarm of angry hornets that start stinging you. They might go away if you can get in a stream.
Rynn: The swarm of hornets begins buzzing around and stinging you, and will not leave! Perhaps if you entered some water...
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Grumni Hammersmith: looks safe here
Barrin Khavic: Blasted cave.
Frim Fram: Hello? Where is everyone rushing off too?
Rand Colds: I'm lost.
Rynn : A Gnome? Who are you?
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Frim Fram: Hello? Were is everyone rushing off too?
Grumni Hammersmith: Ah... Gnome!
Rynn : Hornets!
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Frim Fram: no, no hornets here.
Grumni Hammersmith: I thought ye'd ditched us
Rand Colds: Frim, you maniac.
Rynn : *swats at the Hornets*
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Barrin Khavic: *shields eyes*
Rynn : Ow!
Barrin Khavic: Eh? A gnome?
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Frim Fram: I seem to overslept.
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Karvon : Bzzzzz
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Frim Fram: Mali will take care of hornets.
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Grumni Hammersmith: try again
Rynn : *rolls on the ground to try and kill the hornets*
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Barrin Khavic: *nods at the Gnome* Name's Barrin. Ye?
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Frim Fram: Aye, thought you were new. I am Frim Fram.
Rand Colds: Rynn, run away from them.
Grumni Hammersmith: best not to stand in a hornets nest
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Barrin Khavic: 'eard ye were huntin Orcs. Figured I'd tag along.
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Frim Fram: Aye -- orcs is good.
Grumni Hammersmith: run to the river Rynn!
Rynn: The hornets sting you!
Rynn : Help!
Frim Fram: What is all the buzzing?
Barrin Khavic: 'ornets; they be after the lass. Run to the river!
Rynn : what river?
Grumni Hammersmith: best wait Rand
Rand Colds: I dont see anything.
Barrin Khavic: Outside.
Frim Fram: Aye -- don't mess with them.
Grumni Hammersmith: the lass is in a spot of bother
Cob : Could use some healing.
Barrin Khavic: That boulder gonna come down again?
Rand Colds: Where's Rynn?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* ust be a trap somewheres
Barrin Khavic: Outside I be guessin.
Rand Colds: by herself?

Rand Colds: *takes off running back*
Rynn : This sucks!
Frim Fram: That is no good.
Barrin Khavic: *listens to the hammering* Bah! Amatuers.
Frim Fram: pit
Frim Fram: use your wings mali
Rand Colds: are you okay?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer feeling better?
Rynn : *grumbles* Get paid with coins that aint worth nothin' and bandages cost as much as a hut!
Frim Fram: Where did the hornets go?
Grumni Hammersmith: back to the cave?
Rynn : They swam downstream
Rynn : yeah
Barrin Khavic: *splashes water on face*
Rand Colds: yeah
Frim Fram: They can swim? Wow, I did not know that.
Barrin Khavic: Nay, lad, they cannot.
Frim Fram: eh?
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* or maybe they can.
Rand Colds: *spashes water on his face*
Rynn : Doubt they died though... tough little buggers
Rand Colds: *cleans his cuts*
Rynn : So... who are you, little guy?
Karvon : a few hornets can be seen buzzing around but they seem to be ignoring you all for the moment.
Rynn : They call me Rynn.
Rand Colds: Oh, this is Frim.
Frim Fram: That is Mali -- he is a fire mephit .. doesn't talk much.
Rynn : Thanks for helping me back there
Barrin Khavic: Hmph. Looks like a flying red golbin.
Rand Colds: All right. Let's go.
Rynn : lets get away from those hornets, shall we?
Rand Colds: *nods to Rynn*
Frim Fram: Yes, but he is pretty harmless if you don't get him cross.
Rynn : shhhh
Barrin Khavic: I got no fight with flying golbins.
Barrin Khavic: its' the ones that don't that I do. *grins*
Frim Fram: You've been bussy.

Rynn : this way, right?
Cob: Cob falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Rand Colds: yep
Barrin Khavic: *shields eyes* Aye.
Mali: Mali falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Barrin Khavic: ponazthkat ''lazrth azrt k'aah nazzig urwa thak'k
Rand Colds: *listens*
Frim Fram: Cob you don't look so good.
Rand Colds: I hear them talking.
Rynn : *searches for trouble*
Barrin Khavic: *listens* Eh?
Cob : Yeah, I'm feelin poorly.
Rand Colds: Ponza cat, I think they said.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Frim Fram: *scratches his head*
Barrin Khavic: Sure it wasn't bonzai bat?
Rynn : *whispers* an opening
Barrin Khavic: Oh-oh.
Frim Fram: school?
Rynn : children
Rand Colds: see any culture laying around?
Barrin Khavic: Maybe. I think I be seein where them boulders be comin from.
Karvon : They hsss and growl at you.
Barrin Khavic: This chamber seems to serve as a combined living and sleeping area. Your attention is drawn by a half-dozen or so figures that cringe against the back wall, sucking their thumbs and shielding their eyes from the glare of your light, whining piteously all the while. They look just like the guard in the chair, except that these are obviously very frightened.
Barrin Khavic: Something moves to either side of the entrance, and some sort of liquid comes sloshing down! The supposed 'children' ready their slings to fire!
Barrin Khavic: The liquid is a sticky syrup. It coats Barrin Khavic all over. Entering some water might take it off.
Frim Fram: Be carefull, they can bite.
Barrin Khavic: Little bastards.
Frim Fram: NOt through steel though.
Rynn : What was that all about?
Karvon : and they flee

Barrin Khavic: *checks armor*
Frim Fram: What do these chains do?
Rand Colds: *looks at the chains*
Barrin Khavic: I'm guessin they release them boulders.
Karvon : intel check
Frim Fram: ah ... release them where?
Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Rand Colds: Well, that's obvious.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Of course the chains trigger the rocks.
Barrin Khavic: *scrapes off dried syrup*
Frim Fram: Yes, but what happens when you pull one?
Rand Colds: *looks closer at the boulder*
Rynn : I should trigger them?
Rand Colds: *touches the boulder, crunching it*
Barrin Khavic: 'ope this stuff doesn't cause rust...
Rand Colds: *picks up the boulder*
Frim Fram: What is so interesting about a rock?
Rynn : I bet these chains cause the goo to flow
Karvon : This looks like a communal living work area.
Rand Colds: its not rock.
Barrin Khavic: *peers into the vat*
Karvon : it's a mess
Frim Fram: It isn't?
Frim Fram: What is it then?
Karvon : garbage strewn about.
Rand Colds: nope, like fluff flowers.
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Frim Fram: oh ...
Frim Fram: What is inside?
Rand Colds: I couldn't tell.
Rand Colds: may as well pull teh chain.
Rynn : What are we hired to do here?
Barrin Khavic: Smash it open.
Karvon : you can see crude and filthy bedding piled up here and there.
Frim Fram: *Pokes at the "rock" with his stick.*
Barrin Khavic: *stands back*
Rynn : *looks in the vat* Sand
Barrin Khavic: Sand and dye, aye.
Rynn : and colorful dyes
Rand Colds: stand back, frim.
Rand Colds: *pulls the chain*
Frim Fram: far enough?
Barrin Khavic: Back 'ere be better.
Rand Colds: nothing.
Karvon : search rolls for those poking around
Rand Colds: *sees everyone looking around, starts looking around*
Frim Fram: I hear digging!
Rynn : *searches rolls*
Rand Colds: *throws hands up*
Rand Colds: I dont see anything.
Frim Fram: tough paper.
Rynn : Where?
Rynn: The wall here is actually made of colored paper. It covers a small bolt-hole you can enter.
Frim Fram: Whatever is inside will likely stay there.
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Huh?
Barrin Khavic: *checks some crawl spaces*
Rynn : the wall. it's made of paper... all colored up to look like rock
Barrin Khavic: Bah.
Rynn : The wall... it's really paper colored up to look like rock
Barrin Khavic: Bunch o' crawl spaces. Ta small fer us, though.
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Rand Colds: maybe not all of us though.
Frim Fram: Rats or snakes you think?
Barrin Khavic: Send the goblin in first. *grins*
Frim Fram: Who Mali?
Barrin Khavic: Aye. It's small and quick.
Frim Fram: He flies, how would he crawl through a hole?
Barrin Khavic: 'E's got legs, right?
Frim Fram: I'll take a look if you like?
Rynn: The wall here is actually made of colored paper. It covers a small bolt-hole you can enter.
Rynn : this way
Rynn : the floor
Barrin Khavic: Uh-oh.
Frim Fram: Interesting --
Barrin Khavic: *points* What be that thing?
Rynn : Not sure I want to... but this is where we were meant to go.
Frim Fram: I think whatever it is is that way.
Rynn : *listens at the doors
Barrin Khavic: *squints* Blasted light...
Frim Fram: More kobolds?
Rand Colds: Holy .....
Rand Colds: Rynn, get back
Rynn : um
Barrin Khavic: Need better positioning.
Grumni Hammersmith: *jumps up and down trying to see* what's going on?
Rynn : try the other way?
Barrin Khavic: Kobolds. Lots of 'em.
Frim Fram: Are you getting ready to do something I'll regret?
Rand Colds: alright, they dont seem to be following us.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Barrin Khavic: *looks at the others*
Rynn : *checks the other passage*
Rand Colds: Lets try the other way.
Karvon : thru the large doors a great number of kobalds were seen massing.
Frim Fram: Spike the door? Set some traps?
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't like having 'em at me back
Rynn : shhhh
Frim Fram: Ideas ... plenty. spikes ... none.
Frim Fram: fungus amungus!
Barrin Khavic: *glances at gloves* Hmm...spiked gloves...
Grumni Hammersmith: we going in?
Rynn : need a key... unless it's barred or something from the other side
Barrin Khavic: Move aside, lass.
Grumni Hammersmith: give us a hand Rand
Frim Fram: That's a way!
Grumni Hammersmith: Dwarf power!
Barrin Khavic: One key comin up.
Karvon : a large empty cavern
Barrin Khavic: Trap?
Grumni Hammersmith: ooo shiny
Grumni Hammersmith: loadsa stuff
Barrin Khavic: *glances at the stone work* Amatures.
Grumni Hammersmith: a big egg!
Rynn : What looks like gold is actually copper
Barrin Khavic: *rumages through the treasure*
Frim Fram: This big room for that small pile?
Grumni Hammersmith: them kobalds have got piles
Rand Colds: are we splitting the gems here?
Barrin Khavic: *handles a gem* Bah! Looks like glass!
Frim Fram: junk eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: someone grab 'em and we'll seperate 'em later
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Frim Fram: kobolds got cheated perhaps.
Rynn : copper too?
Barrin Khavic: That gold be copper.
Grumni Hammersmith: everything
Grumni Hammersmith: who wants to carry it?
Barrin Khavic: I'll carry some.
Grumni Hammersmith: grab it quick before thos kobalds spot us
Rynn : That's all I can take
Barrin Khavic: Might be worth somethin to a smithy.
Rand Colds: I wont carry that.
Rand Colds: I have enough, real weapons, I'll take them in.
Frim Fram: Did you get it all?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs and grabs some*
Barrin Khavic: Still some left.
Barrin Khavic: Copper isna light.
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah1 too heavy
Grumni Hammersmith: got all I can handle
Frim Fram: ok ... need to find someone who isn't too bright to exchange this.
Rynn : what about the mob?
Barrin Khavic: Got the rest.
Rynn : right you are, my gnomish friend, right you are
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Frim*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... I say we head back to that room with the treasure, one of us draws the kobalds and we fight em in a bottle neck at the door
Barrin Khavic: That might work.
Grumni Hammersmith: only a few could attack at once
Frim Fram: You think they will go for that? They didn't look too agressive.
Rynn : Biffed that one good, eh! LOL
Barrin Khavic: 'Course we'd be needin someone who's fast.
Rand Colds: You know, I think that might've been a dragon egg back there.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. kobalds are stupid
Frim Fram: A dragon egg! Cool!!!
Grumni Hammersmith: doubt it'll taste nice with bacon
Barrin Khavic: A dragon egg? Let's be hopin the mother isnae 'round.
Rynn : These kobolds appear to attend school, remember?
Frim Fram: I'm just not sure they will come out to fight.
Rand Colds: so, are gonna open the door?
Frim Fram: ... unless there are A LOT of 'em.
Barrin Khavic: Who's gonna lead 'em back?
Rand Colds: I dare say that they can out run a dwarf.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rynn : With the egg in our posession... we might be able to reason with them
Frim Fram: They can move pretty quick.
Barrin Khavic: Reason? Ye wanna die quickly or slowly? That'd be all the reasoning they be doin.
Frim Fram: We can sell them their gold back?
Rand Colds: I think they can out run me, as well. That leaves Frim or Rynn.
Rynn : What if I hold my sword firmly against the egg?
Rynn : you know... threaten them with the thought of destroying it
Rynn : yeah, right
Rand Colds: *looks at Rynn in a new light*
Frim Fram: You are serious about this?
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Rynn and shrugs*
Frim Fram: Do we know how many are in there?
Rynn : 's what I used to do for my Pops... negotiate
Rand Colds: Lots, I would imagine.
Frim Fram: Aye -- talk if you don't have to fight.
Rand Colds: Let's just leave.
Rynn : nope. but with Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, humans and orcs
Rynn : if we leave now, we won't get paid!
Frim Fram: Paid for what?
Rand Colds: we stole their culture, the egg, lets go.
Barrin Khavic: I say we go with Grumni's idea.
Barrin Khavic: But if'n ye wanna talk, go ahead.
Rynn : Paid for finding out why the kobalds quit attacking
Frim Fram: Let's just ask them?
Rand Colds: I suppose so.
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Frim Fram: uh -- oh.
Barrin Khavic: *spits*
Rynn : *hold her sword to the egg*
Rynn : where'd it go?
Frim Fram: I'm afraid to know.
Barrin Khavic: *holds axe over boar's hindquarters*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer move lass
Rynn : *continues to hold her sword to the egg* Someone open the door

Rand Colds: You see a room full of the little creatures standing shoulder to shoulder in neat ranks. The light glints off their beady little eyes. Suddenly they give a great bloodcurdling yell and raise their slings in unison, getting ready to fire at you...if you stay here or attack, you're pretty sure you'll die!
Rynn : *puts a glaring expression on her face
Frim Fram: Tell them we want to speak to their leader
Frim Fram: so much for talk.
Rynn : Didn't work
Barrin Khavic: I like that type of talkin.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. wusses
Rynn : *checks the egg* Whew!
Barrin Khavic: Can we be havin 'am an eggs now?
Frim Fram: So, now we can say they quit attcking because they are all dead.
Grumni Hammersmith: what's this junk?
Rynn : careful
Karvon : a broken throne stands at one end
Rynn : anything in the rubble?
Barrin Khavic: Huh.
Grumni Hammersmith: some rock - cold be important
Rand Colds: they must have fought for it.
Barrin Khavic: Could be why they stopped.
Grumni Hammersmith: too heavy fer me
Rand Colds: got it
Grumni Hammersmith: let's go
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Frim Fram: and be careful.
Grumni Hammersmith: coin and proof - good business
Barrin Khavic: *searches for the bolt hole*
Rand Colds: *looks for the hole*
Frim Fram: How do we get out?
Barrin Khavic: Should be a hole 'round 'ere.
Frim Fram: This is why they quit attacking -- they were trapped in here!
Rand Colds: they were hungry

Frim Fram: ah Mali ... was hoping you'd still be around
Barrin Khavic: Musta missed a few.
Rand Colds: hard to believe they had a king with so few
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Barrin Khavic: Others probably fled.
Frim Fram: I didn't see any survivors ... let's just stay with that.
Cob: Cob falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Barrin Khavic: Watch the pit.
Rynn : where did that big fella go, I wonder?
Summoned Dire Boar: Summoned Dire Boar falls into a shallow takes a bit to climb out.
Barrin Khavic: Stupid boar.

Grumni Hammersmith: back to the keep?
Rand Colds: are we going back?
Rand Colds: everyone full?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: 'less we have somethin else ta do 'ere.
Rynn : What about that giant thing we ran into?
Rand Colds: orcs are supposed to be close by.
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* orcs yer say?
Barrin Khavic: *pats coins* Need ta get rid o' these.
Frim Fram: aye.
Rynn : My pack's full too
Rand Colds: *nods*
Cob : Could use some healing or rest myself.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... tempting
Rand Colds: maybe Sanner will take some.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, worth a try
Rynn : *rinses herself in the river*
Rand Colds: To Sanner then,.
Barrin Khavic: Could try. *glances at Frim* Any merchant worth 'is salt won't pay more than they be worth.
Rand Colds: *watches Rynn*
Frim Fram: Come along Rynn this place is dangerous alone.
Rand Colds: *looks away*
Rynn : Aren't you going the wrong way?
Frim Fram: dwur never get lost ... do they?
Grumni Hammersmith: enough ogling Rand
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Barrin Khavic: Nah, we always go where we be wantin ta.
Rynn : we came here heading east... now we're going east, are we not?
Frim Fram: Yep -- wherever they are, that is where they aim to be.

Grumni Hammersmith: *croak*
Grumni Hammersmith: damn ambushes
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Karvon : Yes, the bandits seem to seeking revenge for your attacks on their brothers.
Barrin Khavic: Die!

Grumni Hammersmith: best not hang around here
Rand Colds: lets go
Rand Colds: we could rest with the pilgrims?
Rynn : Arrows hurt pretty good, huh
Barrin Khavic: Don see why not.

Rand Colds: shall we rest here?
Sister Naresh: Praise be to Quonzar!
Grumni Hammersmith: Goodbye.
Rynn : Is that beans I smell? Do you mind?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grimaces at mention of beans*
Karvon : Any are welcome to camp with us.
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Rynn* Stay downwind, lass.
Sister Naresh : Any are welcome to our camp
Rynn : *frowns at the comment*
Rand Colds: *takes off his helm*
Rynn : Ladies don't do that!
Rand Colds: *rinses off by the river*
Rynn : So... you want the beans for yourself? That's ok, I'll wait till we get back to the keep
Grumni Hammersmith: err... I'll pass on the beans
Sister Naresh : Perhaps you would care to join us on our pilgrimage?
Frim Fram: beans is good.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmpf.
Rand Colds: *sits*
Sister Naresh : We're camping here a week or so while waiting for other groups to join up with us.
Frim Fram: anyone know a good song?
Rand Colds: I can make a campfire.
Rynn : here, have a bag of coins for your efforts
Grumni Hammersmith: the only song I know goes...
Grumni Hammersmith: Drink!Drink!Drink!
Rand Colds: *sits*
Frim Fram: yeah, yeah, yeah!
Rynn : *sits by Rands fire*
Sister Naresh : Blessings be upon you child
Grumni Hammersmith: followd by the second chorus...
Rynn : Hell of an adventure... don't you think?
Grumni Hammersmith: Drink ! Drink! Drink! Drink!
Frim Fram: oh yeah .... !
Rand Colds: I only have potions, no ale.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, there' s another one...
Grumni Hammersmith: Gold! Gold!! Gold! gold!
Rynn : *sits back down*
Rand Colds: everyone rested?
Frim Fram: our fire doesn't have a pot.
Rynn : I sure am
Rand Colds: I don't have a kitchen, just a flask of oil.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders other dwarf musical masterpieces*
Rynn : I have some bread and meat
Rand Colds: *nods* me too.
Barrin Khavic: *runs fingers through beard*

Karvon : *the night passes as you rest*

Rand Colds: I'm tired of this trail food.
Rynn : so... back at it?
Grumni Hammersmith: let's go
Rand Colds: Let's lug our junk over to Sanner.
Rynn : dowses the fire

Rand Colds: run
Barrin Khavic: Oh-oh.
Rynn : ahhh thanks Grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm needing some better armour
Rynn : I hate bandits
Barrin Khavic: A blight, aye.
Rand Colds: lots of them of late
Grumni Hammersmith: local rangers aint doing their jobs

Sanner Goodman: Hello again.
Grumni Hammersmith: May I see your goods?
Sanner Goodman: I suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... them's bags of gold but he only want to give me 1 goild
Barrin Khavic: *tosses the copper to the merchant* 'ere and good riddance.
Frim Fram: Don't let him cheat you!
Barrin Khavic: Copper ain't worth much.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I'll see if I can get a better price elsewhere
Rynn : same here
Sanner Goodman: Always your option
Frim Fram: Where did that come from?
Rynn : what?
Rand Colds: from all the weapons I sold from the bandits.
Frim Fram: ah -- thanks.
Rynn : You all want me to sell him the egg?
Barrin Khavic: *counts coines* Got about 18 from the sword and copper.
Barrin Khavic: How much he be offerin?
Frim Fram: How much is he ovvering?
Rand Colds: No. lets show it to brother martin, first, then the steward.
Rynn : 390 gold
Grumni Hammersmith: look away Rynn
Barrin Khavic: Nay.
Rand Colds: I'd like to buy the gems, plus my share of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: huzzah! better armour
Frim Fram: I bet it worth much more than that ... I've never seen one for sale before.
Rynn : yeah... I wanted to check with the guild house. They had the best I've found for that confounded traveller coin money

Barrin Khavic: Who invited the zombies?
Rand Colds: that was over quick.
Frim Fram: and where did they come from?
Rand Colds: I have the kobald stone

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session 8 - Orc caverns

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:53 pm

Karvon : Ok then, a brief recap.... The party is camped with the traveling merchant along the east road after the first successful foray into the caves of chaos. you've dispersed, for a time at least, the kobalds living there and secured evidence that the tribe is in decline. You' Have a commission yet, to investigate the Orc tribes caves, located upslope of the kobalds on the norther side of the valley. You also agreed to look into the problem the pilgrims have with disappearing members. The sorceress seems to have wandered off for the moment as mysteriously as she wandered into your camp. The three of you from last week are at the campsite, the other two will be joining up with you there.

Barrin Khavic: *looks around* What? Where be the lass?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: *spits*
Rand Colds: Well, I guess we're off to the caves again.
Barrin Khavic: Hmph. And 'ere I was 'oping fer a good meal.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* I reakon we're ready fer them orcs
Rand Colds: Bah, forget about the lass, you'll be better off for it. *grumbles*
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: *checks and strings bow*
Rand Colds: Sanner, your a good man, hope to see you soon with some real live orc culture, for sale of course. *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone remember the way?
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Grumni* Nae, I not be a tracker.
Sanner Goodman: Sounds good to me
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about needing a map*
Sanner Goodman: Though haven't really seen much orc of late long the roads.
Rand Colds: Yeah, back to the east, by them pilgrims's.
Grumni Hammersmith: was it east?
Rand Colds: I do.
Barrin Khavic: Good way as any.
Barrin Khavic: Eh? What be that yellin?
Rand Colds: *looks around for Rynn, or tracks of some kind*
Barrin Khavic: Bah. Must be 'earin things.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles a tune*
Rand Colds: I wonder where Rynn got off to.
Grumni Hammersmith: hearing what?
Rand Colds: *looks forlorn and worried*
Barrin Khavic: Thought I 'eard a war cry.
Rand Colds: *looks around8
Barrin Khavic: Guess not.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* yer i a sulk about the girl Rand?
Rand Colds: Huh?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer seem worried
Rand Colds: the girl, oh, yeah, Rynn, wonder where she got off to.

Rolo Underfoot: Hail there.
Rolo Underfoot: Are you out here alone?
Ute Gudmund: *wiht hair made a mess, and some light wounds, grabs the blade* What… who… who are you?
Ute Gudmund: *looks around* I think i am
Rolo Underfoot: Easy, I mean you no harm -- unless that is what you want.
Ute Gudmund: where do you come from?
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo. Rolo Underfoot.
Ute Gudmund: you were not with us
Rolo Underfoot: I came from the keep.
Ute Gudmund: *raise eyebrow, cautios* I am Ute Gudmund
Ute Gudmund: *relaxes* The Keep?
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, a name that is good.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, Kendell Keep.
Rolo Underfoot: You are not from around here?
Ute Gudmund: *sheaths the blade, though still cautious* I was heading there, but… *shakes head* I guess doesn't matter anymore
Ute Gudmund: No, i am not... i was part of a caravan, but... they seem to have different plans
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... well two is better than one on these roads.
Ute Gudmund: not alwyas, but i think for now works
Ute Gudmund: *offers hand*
Rolo Underfoot: *shakes hands*
Ute Gudmund: where are you heading?
Ute Gudmund: shhh *tenses*
Rolo Underfoot: I was hoping to find some employment.

Barrin Khavic: Oi! Be ye friend or foe?
Grumni Hammersmith: bandits!
Ute Gudmund: hold there... who goes?
Rolo Underfoot: two dwur and a badger?
Rand Colds: *nocks an arrow*
Barrin Khavic: Don't look like any I be seein.
Rand Colds: Bandits?
Rand Colds: They dont look like bandits.
Rolo Underfoot: No bandits here.
Rand Colds: Well, maybe the little one.
Barrin Khavic: The short 'ne got no shoes.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I saw 'em lurking, figured it was another ambush
Rolo Underfoot: Another ambush?
Ute Gudmund: not sure
Rand Colds: speak up, lurkers, who be ye?
Barrin Khavic: Nakkna t'lpo kur poa poazrtakth
Ute Gudmund: and who are you to ask?
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo Underfoot and this here be Ute.
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes* what yer doing standing in the road yer fools, don't yer know there's bandits a plenty around here?
Rand Colds: Great, speak to them in gibberish, that should decide it, Barrin.
Barrin Khavic: Barrin Khavic.
Rolo Underfoot: So you've said.
Ute Gudmund: Ute Gudmund here
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph
Barrin Khavic: *glances back at Rand* Isnae me problem ye only speak common, lad.
Rand Colds: Well, since we aint gonna kill ye, I'm Rand.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... I be Grumni
Rolo Underfoot: Rand and Grumni ... I've heard those names before.
Ute Gudmund: What are you doing on these lands?
Barrin Khavic: What're ye doing on the roads, lads?
Rand Colds: So, what are you two doing in the road, at night?
Ute Gudmund: *glances Rolo* Oh?
Grumni Hammersmith: looks to the hills above, I still think this ain't a place we should all be dawdling
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: *lowers his bow* ye have?
Rand Colds: What have you heard about Grumni and Me?
Grumni Hammersmith: what are we doin? what are yer doing?
Barrin Khavic: *laughs* Yer famous, lads!
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... just that you have been taking on some jobs here and there ... seem to be somewhat successful.
Rand Colds: Yeah, but what for?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: We're 'untin Orcs and other things in the hills. What're ye two doin?
Grumni Hammersmith: we've had a bit of success
Rolo Underfoot: Carpenter got some wood fer example, and ye killed a giant pig.
Rand Colds: Last time I was at the keep, Grumni and me drank so much ale, I don't remember too much about that night. Hope the guard aren't looking for us.
Rolo Underfoot: Orcs?
Barrin Khavic: Big green skinned humanoids.
Ute Gudmund: I was part of a caravan, heading to the Keep, but they decided to steal my things, except fro my armour and blade
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, their some culture loving orcs around here *rolls eyes*
Rand Colds: Count yerself lucky, Ute. Those are all you'll be needing, where we're going right now. Care to join us?
Grumni Hammersmith: we're off to relieve them of some stolen goods, artifacts and what not
Grumni Hammersmith: a couple more hands would be useful
Ute Gudmund: *sheaths his blade and shrugs* Why not?
Rand Colds: Boy, they sure will be relieved when we get done with them. *chuckles*
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Karvon : ...and the dawn breaks....

Grumni Hammersmith: we're off to the east lads
Rand Colds: What about you, little guy? Did they steal your shoes as well?
Rolo Underfoot: East for orcs -- I'd like to offer my services for a share of the profits?
Barrin Khavic: What can ye do, lad? 'Sides walk 'round with no shoes?
Grumni Hammersmith: *hopes halfling doesn't have atheletes foot* let's get moving while we've got daylight
Rand Colds: Hey, nice hit.
Barrin Khavic: Stupid birds.
Rolo Underfoot: I can tell by the steel that you could use a scout ... I'm also pretty good with my hands ... or so they tell me.
Rand Colds: *nods* I say let's take him along.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Barrin Khavic: Good 'nough fer me. Let's get on 'fore more of them things come.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *nods, starts walking*
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed.
Ute Gudmund: *follows*
Brother Tariq: I have had a vision! Quonzar is among us...and his fish, too!
Grumni Hammersmith: A vision?
Brother Tariq: Why, yes! If you want to hear the story, come with us to the shrine. I will tell my story there.
Sister Naresh : *waves*
Grumni Hammersmith: Thank you.
Sister Naresh: Praise be to Quonzar!
Grumni Hammersmith: Goodbye.
Brother Tariq: I have had a vision! Quonzar is among us...and his fish, too!
Grumni Hammersmith: Fish?
Brother Tariq: Well, yes - but it is blue, not silver!
Rand Colds: *mumbles
Grumni Hammersmith: Thank you.
Barrin Khavic: Pesky bandits.
Brother Talal: Praise be to Quonzar!
Sister Shahira: Praise be to Quonzar!
Brother Tariq: I have had a vision! Quonzar is among us...and his fish, too!
Brother Prasad: Praise be to Quonzar!
Grumni Hammersmith: A vision?
Brother Tariq: Why, yes! If you want to hear the story, come with us to the shrine. I will tell my story there.
Grumni Hammersmith: Thank you.
Rolo Underfoot: A lone bandit? How odd?
Barrin Khavic: *pulls out an arrow*
Grumni Hammersmith: a scout probably
Rand Colds: bold one, no doubt
Sister Naresh : They trouble us from time to time.
Ute Gudmund: *glances among the group, but recognizes none*

Barrin Khavic: Speaking of scouts...
Barrin Khavic: Should send ours forward.
Rolo Underfoot: right
Rand Colds: over the bridge, then west, okay?
Barrin Khavic: Give 'im some room, Grumni.
Rolo Underfoot: Seems safe to here.
Barrin Khavic: Right. Could still be bandits 'bout.
Rand Colds: here's the path
Rolo Underfoot: We going in the woods?
Barrin Khavic: Ayup.
Rand Colds: anyone seen the scout?
Barrin Khavic: 'e's 'round somewhere.
Grumni Hammersmith: *waits for scout*
Barrin Khavic: There he be. *points west*
Rand Colds: orcs are supposed to be on the north side of the canyon, in a cave up the hill.

Karvon : The valley seems peaceful in the early morning light.

Barrin Khavic: Right.
Rolo Underfoot: A cave over here
Rand Colds: north side,
Rand Colds: that was no orc.
Barrin Khavic: Might be more.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... got past me.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we found the green skins
Rolo Underfoot: More caves.
Barrin Khavic: Little short fer Orcs.
Rand Colds: everything but orcs out today.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: him in the river was an orc wasn't he
Ute Gudmund: aye
Barrin Khavic: No, was a hobogoblin.
Rand Colds: looked like a goblin, of some type
Grumni Hammersmith: oh,
Barrin Khavic: Less I'm missin things to.
Ute Gudmund: was a big fellow
Rand Colds: Lets not hang around ere, I have bad memories

Hobgoblins and goblins attack

Ute Gudmund: by the gods
Ute Gudmund: where did they come from?
Grumni Hammersmith: Gieve 'em a tas of steel lads!
Rand Colds: damn war party
Barrin Khavic: Now that was fightin!

Karvon : came from caves to the south; you've seen goblin tracks round there before.

Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... no sennse scouting if they are going to sneak in behind me. *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: any one badly hurt?
Ute Gudmund: me
Rand Colds: I'm a bit scratched up.
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Barrin Khavic: *to Grumni* Ye got any healin left, lad?
Barrin Khavic: Some good steal 'ere.
Rolo Underfoot: oh .. thanks for that.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't able to carry much what with this new heavier armour
Barrin Khavic: *waves swords around* Oi!
Rand Colds: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Ute Gudmund: at least found a small shield *not to happy*
Grumni Hammersmith: this the kobald cave?
Rolo Underfoot: A few coins ... could do better.
Barrin Khavic: Got all I can carry.
Rolo Underfoot: what are you carrying?
Rand Colds: *ties a bunch of long swords together and straps them on his back*
Barrin Khavic: Long swords and some armor.
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll sell 'em that merchant on the way back
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure where they came from -- I didn't see 'em when I passed by here earlier.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: *slings a number of swords onto his back*
Ute Gudmund: what's with that cave?
Rolo Underfoot: Lots' of caves ... what are we looking for exactly?
Grumni Hammersmith: we got rid of the kobalds in there
Rand Colds: *watches Barrin bandage his wounds* Thanks.
Rand Colds: north side, guys
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Gonna need some more soon, though. Only got two left.
Rolo Underfoot: North?
Grumni Hammersmith: *waits for scout*
Rand Colds: I have one, was saving it.
Rolo Underfoot: A cave to the west or do you want to go up?
Barrin Khavic: Right. Pa was always 'urtin 'imself at the forge, so I got good with 'em.
Rand Colds: cave up here.
Grumni Hammersmith: up
Rolo Underfoot: er east
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... peers into cave

Karvon : Cave ahead matches directions you were given

Rand Colds: anyone want to see if there are orcs here?
Rolo Underfoot: or here?
Rolo Underfoot: I'll take a peek.
Rand Colds: *looks for tracks*
Ute Gudmund: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: Be careful.
Rolo Underfoot: A horrible odor of foul rottenness flows through here, the smell of dead animals left unburied far too long.
Barrin Khavic: *wipes blood off his ax on the grass*
Barrin Khavic: *checks blades*
Grumni Hammersmith: *twangs bowstring nervously*
Rolo Underfoot: You see the remains of a hacked-up net on the ground, small dark hooks screwed into the ceiling, and broken strings at ankle-level.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Gonna need sharpenin soon.
Rand Colds: must be okay
Rolo Underfoot: Ugh
Grumni Hammersmith: wahts
Grumni Hammersmith: ugh?
Rolo Underfoot: Bad smell -- lots of dead orcs to the left.
Barrin Khavic: Pity.
Grumni Hammersmith: maybe someone beat us to 'em
Rand Colds: some kind of trap went off.
Grumni Hammersmith: A horrible odor of foul rottenness flows through here, the smell of dead animals left unburied far too long.
Barrin Khavic: *steps over the bodies*
Rolo Underfoot: lets see what is ahead.

Karvon : passages are littered with bones and hacked up gear and broken weapons

Grumni Hammersmith: lots of blood lads, I don't like the look of this
Summoned Dire Badger: A horrible odor of foul rottenness flows through here, the smell of dead animals left unburied far too long.
Rand Colds: ugh
Rand Colds: it stinks in here.
Barrin Khavic: *looks back*
Grumni Hammersmith: *runs from stink*

Karvon : dead orcs scattered everywhere

Rand Colds: dead and looted
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Ute Gudmund: now i'm worried
Barrin Khavic: 'nother set of adventurers?
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like culture didn't do 'em much good
Rand Colds: did they even have any, i wonder?
Barrin Khavic: Or maybe those hobgoblins.
Grumni Hammersmith: or something nastier
Ute Gudmund: those who killed them are more dangerous
Rolo Underfoot: Mofe dead orcs deeper
Barrin Khavic: Great.
Rolo Underfoot: Haven't looked here yet.
Rand Colds: lets look for some idea of what happened. the castellan would want to know.
Rand Colds: lots of blood
Rolo Underfoot: More of the same.
Rand Colds: they are stacked, like boxes on the dock.
Grumni Hammersmith: ass suicide pact?
Rolo Underfoot: Only orcs ... no sign of what did this?

Rand Colds: what
Rand Colds: gah, birds
Ute Gudmund: what the...?
Grumni Hammersmith: I can'r see I'm blind!
Rand Colds: the children are dead as well.

Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Rand Colds: hacked, clawed, bashed, how did they die?
Rolo Underfoot: Damn ... for a minute there I couldn't seen anything!
Grumni Hammersmith: must've been one hell of a battle
Rolo Underfoot: But what were they fighting?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *searchs cave for clues*
Rand Colds: a rival tribe? I see arrows and swords were probably used.
Barrin Khavic: More of 'em?
Grumni Hammersmith: just looks a mess, might be something deeper in the caves
Rand Colds: *looks around for any culture*
Rolo Underfoot: But you would think other bodies would be here as well.
Rolo Underfoot: There are many orc bodies in this room, stacked in neat rows and obviously stripped of all items.
Rand Colds: stripped clean, someone was thorough*
Barrin Khavic: Skeletons?
Rolo Underfoot: And all this blood along the passage.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't going to waste time feeling sorry fer 'em
Rand Colds: *looks at the bodies by the entrance*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- it was clear to the next door around the corner.
Grumni Hammersmith: weird netting
Rand Colds: a door, here, underground?
Barrin Khavic: Coulda been used ta catch 'em.
Grumni Hammersmith: or they was trying to catch somethinghere
Barrin Khavic: Prolly.
Rolo Underfoot: Ends here
Grumni Hammersmith: maybe something nasty excaped
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Barrin Khavic: Good eyes, lad.
Ute Gudmund: hmmç
Rand Colds: Oh, I didn't even see it. Good job, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... something
Rand Colds: *grins* the scout is earning his pay.
Grumni Hammersmith: we been down here yet?

Karvon : Looks like a crude conference room

Rolo Underfoot: Seems empty.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around*
Rand Colds: *looks for culture, or paper*
Barrin Khavic: Anybody got paper?
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... lock seems to be jammed ... need a bigger key.
Grumni Hammersmith: *gets some paper out of bad*
Barrin Khavic: See if'n someone in town can read this gibberish.
Grumni Hammersmith: its got some frog blood on it bt this should do
Rand Colds: *looks at the drawings*

Karvon : chest is trapped

Grumni Hammersmith: an axe shaped key maybe
Ute Gudmund: *looks down to the map* what is this?
Rand Colds: *covers nose*
Grumni Hammersmith: *cough*
Rolo Underfoot: Whoa! Damn didn't see that.
Rand Colds: what was in it?

Karvon : ...and the dwarf smashes it open

Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles* 450 gp here lads
Rand Colds: woo hoo.
Ute Gudmund: that's a lot of gold
Barrin Khavic: Good. Maybe now I can be gettin some better armor. *grins*
Rand Colds: almost a hundred gold each.
Rand Colds: that's at least a good night at the pony, eh, Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries mental arithmetic and fails*
Barrin Khavic: Blasted poison.
Grumni Hammersmith: i'll grab it
Rolo Underfoot: My mistake -- I'll try harder next time.
Barrin Khavic: 90 a piece, I be thinkin.
Rand Colds: sounds good to me.
Rolo Underfoot: This is a map ... anyone recognize the locale?
Rand Colds: *stuffs the gold in a sack at his waist*
Barrin Khavic: *slips the coins into his pouch*
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Rand Colds: Grumni, I seen you writing something, was it about these drawings, I hope?
Grumni Hammersmith: everyone gt their share?
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, I like the feel of that -- Thanks Grumni!
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *starts drawing on blood stained paper*
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Have ta remember ta stock up on healing kits.
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't recognise 'em
Rand Colds: Hoo boyo, thats a right, Barrin.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got three of 'em .. anyone need?
Barrin Khavic: Got two.
Grumni Hammersmith: nah, moradin rovides
Grumni Hammersmith: *provides
Rolo Underfoot: 'jes don't die on us.
Ute Gudmund: i'm fine... for now
Rand Colds: Better hang onto it, rolo. Just don'
Rand Colds: t start charging for them when we get to the keep, okay?
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Rand Colds: *winks at Grumni*
Rolo Underfoot: Share and share alike is my motto.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps there's some more orcs in the caves around here, ribal tribe or something
Rand Colds: *nods* I Like that idea.
Rolo Underfoot: Sharing and caring!
Barrin Khavic: Could be. Somethin killed these 'nes.
Rand Colds: Aye, lets check another cave, while we're here.
Rand Colds: um,. anyone see the door outta here?
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think these orcs were kiled by orcs.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.

Karvon : a bit of poking around and you find your way back....

Rand Colds: there it is
Rand Colds: *rearranges his load of swords*
Barrin Khavic: *walks a little sluggish*
Rolo Underfoot: More in here care to look?
Barrin Khavic: The scoutb e in there.
Rand Colds: eh?
Rand Colds: in here?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: rat
Rolo Underfoot: an orc skull in the bed.
Grumni Hammersmith: I hope they didn't all sleep in the same bed
Rand Colds: does it look odd?
Barrin Khavic: *grabs the skull*

Karvon : more blood trails; these are a bit bigger orcs than those you saw earlier; the remains of the head of the largest ork, you figure he was the chief.

Barrin Khavic: Looks like the chieftan.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* reckon so.
Rand Colds: better bring it along.
Rolo Underfoot: Dead like the rest.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Could make a good nutcracker.
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* this place is giving me the creeps
Rand Colds: well, we found out the orcs are no more, that should be worth something back at the keep.
Barrin Khavic: We should find out who did this an' thank 'em.

Karvon : this place is likewise stripped clean. It's clear something methodically wiped out this ork tribe.

Barrin Khavic: *looks up at the sky and trows an oil cloth over the sword bundle*
Rand Colds: not sure I want to meet them, actually.
Rolo Underfoot: oh I can breathe again!
Barrin Khavic: So, where ta now?

Karvon : the valley seems most dreary in the falling rain.

Rand Colds: there was another cave over here, to the east. or we can head back to the keep and report what we found.
Rolo Underfoot: Ok something beat us to the orcs ... but what?
Grumni Hammersmith: them hobgoblins?
Ute Gudmund: *shrugs* no idea, but was powerful enough to beat the orcs
Rand Colds: *shrugs* not sure what is in it.
Barrin Khavic: Could pay 'em a visit.
Ute Gudmund: and not to leave any trace
Rolo Underfoot: Why no hobgoblin bodies inside?
Rolo Underfoot: THey pack them all out?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* could be they was just all really mean
Rand Colds: *nods* should have been something, but then with the bodies stacked, they had time to remove their fallen soldiers.
Ute Gudmund: maybe is something else, something we still don't understand
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps it was that thing that's eating pilgrims
Ute Gudmund: what?
Rolo Underfoot: I think the latter ... do hobgoblins care about fallen comrades?
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Rand Colds: I don't think so. Let's head back to the keep.
Barrin Khavic: Good idea.
Rolo Underfoot: Is that what they meant by "dissappearing"?
Grumni Hammersmith: we come all thins way, I say we look a little more first
Rand Colds: I couldn't carry any culture, if I found it anyway.
Rand Colds: *shrugs* Okay, your the boss, priest.
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... where to next?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks puzzled* since when?
Barrin Khavic: Best get ta whatever we be doin 'for 'nother party gets 'ere.
Rand Colds: well, since i'm all wet and need a drink is when.
Grumni Hammersmith: *tuts*
Rand Colds: someone remind me to bring ale with me next time.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone else able to carry stuff?
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps in one of these caves?
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: I can carry a bit.
Rand Colds: *looks to Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: Barrin?
Rolo Underfoot: Like to travel light if you know what I mean.
Rand Colds: *muscles the long swords over to the other shoulder*
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't strong enough with this armour and all

Ute Gudmund: AAAAAHHHH!
Ute Gudmund: darn sneaky creatures
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- came form the woods.
Grumni Hammersmith: I've used all of me healing for now lads
Ute Gudmund: want to camp and rest dwarf?
Rolo Underfoot: Those bows worth anything?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm out of rations
Rand Colds: I have one more bit of food left, do you need it?
Grumni Hammersmith: I can wait fer a while
Ute Gudmund: plenty of rations here, with the little buggers
Grumni Hammersmith: if we're going on, aye
Barrin Khavic: Good. Could use a bit of a rest ta get rid of the last of that poison.
Ute Gudmund: non arrows
Rand Colds: I wouldn't eat goblin, no matter what.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Could get poisoned all over 'gain.
Rand Colds: *grumbles about the hungry dwarf eating all his food*

Grumni Hammersmith: You hear something heading towards you...
Rolo Underfoot: get ready.
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone hear something
Ute Gudmund: uh?
Barrin Khavic: Uh-uh.
Grumni Hammersmith: I thought i heard sumething
Rolo Underfoot: gnoll
Grumni Hammersmith: nice hit
Rand Colds: *looks for more*
Rolo Underfoot: oh good shot!
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rolo Underfoot: He came from above.
Barrin Khavic: Stupid birds.
Grumni Hammersmith: cave down there
Barrin Khavic: Place is full of 'em.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye.

Rand Colds: I think we should head back to the keep, or keep to the bottom of the canyon.
Barrin Khavic: Keep. We be needin supplies.
Barrin Khavic: And I be needin healin.
Rand Colds: *waves rolo over*
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps gnolls did in the orcs?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* fair enough
Rand Colds: could be
Ute Gudmund: probably
Rand Colds: do gnolls use bows?
Barrin Khavic: Some do.

Karvon : Some of you remember that the gnolls live in the woods south of the keep these days. They roam far and wide in the region though. Sometimes lone scouts, sometimes larger war or hunting packs

Rolo Underfoot: Want to look in here?
Rand Colds: that one may have been a bit away from home
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: cave, or keep?
Barrin Khavic: Keep.
Rand Colds: k
Barrin Khavic: Gotta get rid of this weakness.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- supplies and information.

Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Rolo Underfoot: another loner?
Barrin Khavic: Stupid bandits.
Ute Gudmund: odd
Rand Colds: *splashes some water on his head*
Rolo Underfoot: desperate I'd say.
Barrin Khavic: Should know that bein lone means bein dead.
Rand Colds: idiots
Sister Naresh : *nods*

Sister Naresh : Good day
Rand Colds: If you see Rynn, a young lady that was with us, let me know, okay?
Sister Naresh : *nods*
Barrin Khavic: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: We are missing a lass?
Rand Colds: yes.
Rolo Underfoot: oh ... hope she went back to the keep.

Ute Gudmund: greetings
Sanner Goodman: Ah the adventurers return!
Merchant Guard: Hello there. I can't talk now - I'm on duty. Best ask Sanner if you've got any questions.
Barrin Khavic: May I see your goods?
Sanner Goodman: I suppose.
Sanner Goodman: Profitable too it seems
Rand Colds: Sanner, thank the gods, please buy all this crap from me.
Rolo Underfoot: You want to buy some bows?
Sanner Goodman: *nods and examines the loot*
Ute Gudmund: Why are you still here?
Barrin Khavic: *hands over the bundle of swords*
Sanner Goodman: Hey!
Sanner Goodman: Control your animal!
Ute Gudmund: bah, short for 30 coins for a big shield
Ute Gudmund: oh thank you
Grumni Hammersmith: pay me back later
Rand Colds: sory
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Rand Colds: for the bows and swords I just sold. Equal shares, right?
Sanner Goodman: *nods* Always a pleasure to do business with you.
Rand Colds: I dont mind carrying the junk around.
Rand Colds: Now, where did that lil' Rolo get off to.
Ute Gudmund: sneaky fellow
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Barrin Khavic: Fer the swords.
Rolo Underfoot: ok I got 184 gold for the bows -- who's keeping the tally?
Barrin Khavic: 36 a piece.
Barrin Khavic: Fer the swords.
Sanner Goodman: Hello again.
Barrin Khavic: Ah, much better.
Rand Colds: Let's get back to the keep. There is a path through the woods north of here.
Ute Gudmund: lead on
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: *puts his helm back on*
Sanner Goodman: Farewell

Rand Colds: I wish I knew where rynn got off to
Rand Colds: *looks one more time for her*
Barrin Khavic: Prolly eatin beans somewhere.
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: I miss her smile.
Barrin Khavic: could go fer a steak 'bout now...
Rand Colds: you guys are all doom and gloom
Barrin Khavic: Who's doom and who's gloom?
Rand Colds: my two dwarves, course.
Barrin Khavic: I be doom!
Rand Colds: nah, ye be gloom.
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.

Karvon : wind whispers thru the trees

Rand Colds: hey
Rolo Underfoot: something ahead
Rand Colds: bad men.
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Grumni* Mind yer ax, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* oops
Grumni Hammersmith: You hear a rustling sound on the road ahead.
Barrin Khavic: I don't use set encounters for that reason.
Rand Colds: *takes off his helm*

Karvon : and in the distance, you can see the towers of the keep to the northwest.

Barrin Khavic: The bullette again.
Rand Colds: pah, its a myth
Barrin Khavic: Even myths can bite sometimes.
Rolo Underfoot: A bullette here? Have you seen it?
Barrin Khavic: Nay.
Rand Colds: nope. seen a lot of signs though.
Rolo Underfoot: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: I hear they can eat a dwarf in one bite.
Cow : mooooo
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't tried to find it since we first got here
Chandry : *nods*
Rand Colds: may find ye hard to swallow though, *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: I can understand that.
Grumni Hammersmith: - chucked a few rocks to see if we could tempt it out be nothing happened
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* Pfft.

Charl : Welll look what the cat dragged in.
Ute Gudmund: *knocks*
Barrin Khavic: Oi!
Rand Colds: *gets ready to run through the open gate*
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Laurl : Adventurers *shakes head*
Rand Colds: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Rand Colds: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds.
Charl: Right!
Rand Colds: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rand Colds: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Sabine : *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Ponururto ''lazrth
Rand Colds: thanks for letting me and my companions in.
Ute Gudmund: greetings
Rand Colds: We're off to see the castellian.
Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Barrin Khavic. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Barrin Khavic: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Barrin Khavic: No, thank you. Goodbye.

Ute Gudmund: someone put a leash on that badger
Barrin Khavic: Could have it fer dinner.
Rand Colds: healing supplies, over there, *points right*
Barrin Khavic: 'ere?
Rand Colds: man in charge, is upstairs.

Karvon : shouts and laughter from childern echo in the halls

Barrin Khavic: Right.
Rolo Underfoot: mind the flowers

Karvon : The Lum family is busy in the fields spread across the inner keep

Rand Colds: *waits for everyone*
Devereau : *glances up from notes*
Rand Colds: Hail.
Devereau : Ah you have returned.
Barrin Khavic: Oi.
Devereau : Ah you have returned.
Rolo Underfoot: an archery range in here? Wow.
Devereau : What did you discover?
Rand Colds: Greetings,
Rand Colds: We scouted out those orcs and kobolds,
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Barrin* that's dwarfist that is
Ute Gudmund: thanks Rolo
Rand Colds: we found both tribes dead.
Grumni Hammersmith: we found plenty
Rolo Underfoot: Which of you two dwur do I still owe?
Devereau : Oh?
Barrin Khavic: *holds up orc chief skull* Aye.
Devereau : Hmm
Devereau : So both caves were empty?
Rand Colds: here is a rock from the kobold cave, as proof we were there. they are dead, the chieftain died, same as at the orcs, here is the skull.
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Rolo* I think ye owe Grumni, lad. Ye gave me some gold already.
Devereau : *takes items and examines them slowly*
Rand Colds: although, the orcs look to have been slain by someone else.
Rolo Underfoot: aye, Thanks.
Devereau : Indeed? Why do you say that?
Rand Colds: the kobolds may have killed each other fighting after the chief died.
Barrin Khavic: They be dead when we got there.
Devereau : What manner of death, a plague or violence?
Rand Colds: orcs were looted and stacked up, even the young were killed.
Barrin Khavic: Violence, very violent.
Devereau : *frowns*
Rand Colds: missile and sharp melee weapons, I think.
Devereau : *strokes chin and nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* infighting most likely. except there was that net...
Rolo Underfoot: ... and some animated bones ...
Grumni Hammersmith: ... could be some kind of beastie be hunting monsters in this part
Devereau : Animated bones?
Rand Colds: I think the net was the trap for the tribal cave. it was cut down and destroyed.
Grumni Hammersmith: *these parts
Rolo Underfoot: aye, skeletons.
Devereau : Perhaps it is the work of the bandits.
Rolo Underfoot: orc skeletons.
Devereau : They seemed to have become more organized and deadly in their raiding of late.
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess they'd be less trouble if they all killed each other
Barrin Khavic: Wasna bandits - too organized and thorough.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: We did find a gnoll outside the cave, but there was only one.
Rolo Underfoot: And he didn't live long enough to answer any questions.
Devereau : If you are willing to investigate further, one of our hunters spotted bandits around a cave east of the orc caves on the upper north side of the valley.
Grumni Hammersmith: *gets out map* we found some sort of map on the ground there *shows drawing* do yer recognise it?
Barrin Khavic: *nudges Grumni* Ye still got that map, lad?
Devereau : *looks over map*
Devereau : *shakes head*
Devereau : I'm not familiar with these marking or symbols.
Grumni Hammersmith: kno anyone who might
Grumni Hammersmith: ?
Rand Colds: I'm up for rusling up some more bandits, count me in.
Devereau : Good question *glances at LT*
Jadale : Well....
Rand Colds: Maybe Brother Martin, at the bakery. He was interested in stuff like that.
Jadale : There is a wizard staying at the inn who might know of such things, or the mage working as a scribe perhaps?
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, the frog guy
Barrin Khavic: Frog guy?
Devereau : We appreciate your efforts on the behalf of the keep, we can provide small token of thanks.
Rand Colds: can we take the skull and part of the kobold throne to him, to see if he knows anything else?
Rolo Underfoot: *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: I wouldn't mind chopping a few bandits, I'm in if the rest want to take the job
Devereau : *pulls out some bags and passes them around*
Rand Colds: Count me in, Grumni.
Barrin Khavic: 'course. Choppin bandits is me middle name.
Rand Colds: *reaches for a bag*
Ute Gudmund: for some profit, aye, count me in
Rand Colds: *grins at Barrin*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... seem to be doing ok with you folks.
Grumni Hammersmith: goo,
Grumni Hammersmith: *good
Rand Colds: *hefts the bag, nods appreciatevly*
Barrin Khavic: *counts coins* Hmm...can buy that new armor now...
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rolo Underfoot: Ah my thanks sir.
Rand Colds: *waves farewell to the castellian*
Barrin Khavic: *nods at Devereau* Thank ye, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: *hums the Gold..Gold...Gold song*
Ute Gudmund: thank you
Grumni Hammersmith: cheers
Rand Colds: Yes, thank you.

Abercrombie Krown: Would you like healing, do you need to purchase something, or do you need to learn?
Rand Colds: I would like to see what items you have available.
Abercrombie Krown: All right. Here they are.
Abercrombie Krown: May the Cudgel bless you. Who comes to our chapel today?
Barrin Khavic: I am Barrin Khavic. What god is this chapel devoted to?
Abercrombie Krown: Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Do you require my services?
Barrin Khavic: Yes, thank you.
Abercrombie Krown: Would you like healing, do you need to purchase something, or do you need to learn?
Barrin Khavic: I am in need of healing
Abercrombie Krown: I will require a donation of 10 gold before I heal you.
Barrin Khavic: All right.
Abercrombie Krown: My thanks for the donation. Here you are.
Barrin Khavic: I would like to see what items you have available.
Abercrombie Krown: All right. Here they are.
Barrin Khavic: Ah, much better.

Grumni Hammersmith: good day scribe
Grumni Hammersmith: yer recognise this map *produces maP8
Dubricus D'Amberville: *looks over map*
Dubricus D'Amberville: *examines markings*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Hmmm
Dubricus D'Amberville: Where'd you get this?
Grumni Hammersmith: an orc cave
Dubricus D'Amberville: ah orcish
Rand Colds: can you make sense of it, Dubricous?
Grumni Hammersmith: could be important
Dubricus D'Amberville: *turns and examines books on shelf*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Yes....
Rand Colds: *steps out of his way*
Dubricus D'Amberville: It's rather crude and I'm not familiar with this dialect.
Dubricus D'Amberville: But it seems to be a map of a cavern.
Rand Colds: It's not from the local orc tribe?
Dubricus D'Amberville: ...and these symbols are something about protection or wards near the entrance.
Rolo Underfoot: A map of a cave -- perhaps the very cave we were in.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* must be that net
Dubricus D'Amberville: Yes, that would make sense.
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Rand Colds: no, probably not, the one we were in had no wards.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well perhaps they've worn off or dispelled?
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps they had only half-finished it?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Could be, could be
Grumni Hammersmith: they must've known something was coming for'em
Rand Colds: seems silly to draw a map of the cave your already in. I think it for another, maybe nearby.
Dubricus D'Amberville: This symbol.... this is a symbol of a death cult.
Rolo Underfoot: The orcs planning a raid you think?
Dubricus D'Amberville: and this one is for raiders or brigands.
Dubricus D'Amberville: It's here on the right margin.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... what if the net was fer practice fer where they was going/
Rolo Underfoot: We saw plenty of both today.
Rand Colds: Bah, who knows for sure. we should walk lightly when entering anymore caves. to be sure. *looks at Rolo*
Grumni Hammersmith: I reakon they was in training
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- didn't see any net when I was there though.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Perhaps a priest might know more about the cult, the divine is not my area of expertise.
Grumni Hammersmith: there was bits of broken net with hooks on
Rand Colds: *looks strangely at Rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: *shrogs*
Rolo Underfoot: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps that mage in the inn will know more
Rand Colds: I'm starving, I'll meet you at the bakery.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *sniffs at writing and mutters minor incantation*
Dubricus D'Amberville: This is several months old at least.
Grumni Hammersmith: that's frog blood yer sniffing *wrinkles nose*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Oh? *wrinkles nose*
Grumni Hammersmith: give it us back and we'll try elsewhere, thanks fer the help
Dubricus D'Amberville: My mentor told me I'd never make an alchemist.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Very well
Dubricus D'Amberville: Have a good day, and please keep me informed of any progress you make or writings you uncover.

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session 9 - Orc Caverns

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:54 pm

Karvon: The party has returned from checking out the orc caverns in the caves of chaos. There they found a map scrawled on the floor in one chamber which was copied. You've show the copy of the map to a local mage you know, D'Amberville, and to a local priest, bro Martin. According to what they've told you... the map contains symbols for a death goddess and temple. You were advised to check with the chaplain as he might be more familiar with local lore related to such things. The party is standing outside the scribes shop in the keep. You also have one outstanding quest for the pilgrims yet, they've been losing members to something unknown.

Rand Colds: lets check with that scribe.
Barrin Khavic: *licks crumbs off of his fingers* So, we be seein that what's his name?
Rolo Underfoot: The Priest you mean.
Rand Colds: *notices Barrin eating*
Grumni Hammersmith: bah! we've talked to that scribe - no use, its the chaplain are think we should be seeig
Rand Colds: Were you guys just at the bakery?
Eli Knowland: *wanders up to the group*
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Rand*
Rolo Underfoot: Scribe sent us to teh Baker who sent us to the Priest.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Ye can prolly still get some pies if'n ye 'urry, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: *I think we should be seeing
Rand Colds: What a mess, pie crumbs everywhere.
Eli Knowland: *coughs* excuse me...have you see the Mage hereabouts?
Barrin Khavic: Eh? Mage?
Eli Knowland: One by the name of D'Amberville?
Rolo Underfoot: Or perhaps ask this fellow here ... he looks the type.
Rand Colds: Right behind me.
Ute Gudmund: *raise eyebrow
Eli Knowland: Ah....I see
Eli Knowland: Thank you kindly
Rand Colds: *steps out of the man's way*
Rand Colds: I knew he was a wizard.
Grumni Hammersmith: the chaplain then?
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Barrin Khavic: *runs fingers through beard to disloge crumbs* Sounds good.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, you can always tell by their clothes.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Save these for later...
Rand Colds: or lack of armor, anyways
Rolo Underfoot: Right
Rand Colds: although, i did see a guy fight with his knuckles, no armor, crazy.

Grumni Hammersmith: *looks aound*
Barrin Khavic: Oi!
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* heathen temple
Rand Colds: *buys a few potions*
Rolo Underfoot: Strange folks these Cuthbertites...
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs and buys some more kits*
Rand Colds: Hey, Priest?
Grumni Hammersmith: best ask him about this drawing
Abercrombie Krown: Good day
Rolo Underfoot: Always going around thumping this or that.
Grumni Hammersmith: good day
Barrin Khavic: Long as it not be us.
Abercrombie Krown: How are you folk doing?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: you are learned man?
Rand Colds: well.....
Abercrombie Krown: I've studied at temples all my life.
Grumni Hammersmith: we found these markings in an orc cave - they mean anything to you?
Rand Colds: *mumbles* sounds boring.
Abercrombie Krown: *examines drawings*
Barrin Khavic: Not everyone's built fer the road, lad.
Abercrombie Krown: Where was this cave?
Rand Colds: East, across the bridge, in a canyon.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Abercrombie Krown: *frowns*
Abercrombie Krown: In the Caves of Chaos?
Grumni Hammersmith: sumthin do to with a death goddess or cult we think
Rand Colds: I've heard it called that, yes.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* was a cave full of dead orcs.
Rolo Underfoot: There were lots of 'em -- is that what they are called?
Rand Colds: *nods to Rolo*
Abercrombie Krown: Dead you say?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Before we got there.
Eli Knowland: *stand at the back of the group*
Abercrombie Krown: Did you dispose of the bodies?
Rand Colds: killed by melee and ranged attacks. not wild animals.
Grumni Hammersmith: *notices eavesdropper*
Rand Colds: You mean, bury them?
Abercrombie Krown: Bury, burn
Rand Colds: *looks repulsed*
Rand Colds: Listen, they already stank to the heavens, we did not set them on fire.
Grumni Hammersmith: bury 'em? I wouldn't waste the flint to burn 'em!
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed -- would take a lot of fire -- there were a lot of bodies.
Rand Colds: Should we have? *ugly look on his face*
Abercrombie Krown: *frowns*
Abercrombie Krown: That is most unfortunate.
Rolo Underfoot: It is?
Rand Colds: That they died, or we didn't bury them?
Rolo Underfoot: I think I know what he is going to say next.
Abercrombie Krown: These symbols are those of an extremely evil goddess.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: an orc one?
Eli Knowland: *leans on the staff, taking in all that's been said*
Rand Colds: *does a double take upon seeing the halfling*
Rand Colds: *looks around for more halflings*
Rolo Underfoot: ok ... and ...
Ella Illumani: *gazes at the ceiling*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Rolo* a girlfriend of yours?
Abercrombie Krown: She is not an orcish diety.
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Ella* 'nother 'ne?
Rolo Underfoot: 'ello lass, you work here?
Rand Colds: Not?
Abercrombie Krown: Her name is Erishkigal.
Rolo Underfoot: Strange name for a hob.
Grumni Hammersmith: the goddess or the halfling?
Ella Illumani: Work? *still staring about*
Ute Gudmund: *runs hand over hair, while listening*
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo. Rolo Underfoot.
Barrin Khavic: Prolly the goddess.
Abercrombie Krown: She is a demoness elevated by Nerull, god of death.
Ella Illumani: Oh yes, hello...
Rand Colds: *draws his holy club*
Barrin Khavic: Well met, lass. Name's Barrin Khavic.
Rolo Underfoot: oh ... the goddess in Erishkigal. *blush*
Ute Gudmund: *waves*
Ella Illumani: Hello...hello...
Rand Colds: *looks at the halfling lady*
Abercrombie Krown: She was a creature of chaos and had a shrine in the caves it was rumored.
Ella Illumani: I'm Ella. What a tall ceiling.
Rand Colds: *relaxes on hearing a different name*
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* 'umans like tall stuff, makes 'em feel taller I guess.
Abercrombie Krown: These death symbols associated with her name is something new.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, even by tall folks standards.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh. sounds like bad business to me
Rand Colds: *stands up straight*
Rand Colds: *looks at the ceiling*
Ella Illumani: Taller? But they're taller already. Unless there are giants in the chapel.
Ella Illumani: *looks about for giants*
Rand Colds: *looks around for giants*
Abercrombie Krown: If she has been given new powers by Nerull, this could be very business for us.
Rolo Underfoot: Need room for BIG statues perhaps.
Barrin Khavic: *laughs* Nae, 'tis just their grandious design.
Eli Knowland: *coughs* Excuse me, I'm Eli Knowland, at your service., D'Amberville said I might be of some...ah...slight assistance. Your having a problem with a "Death Cult" I believe?
Ella Illumani: Statues? Of giants? How strange...
Abercrombie Krown: There have been rumors of such a growing influence in this region of late.
Barrin Khavic: *glances back at Eli* Depends, lad. What can ye offer?
Eli Knowland: I see
Rand Colds: Yes, Eli, care to join us?
Eli Knowland: Well now...that depends on what you want?
Barrin Khavic: Ye a finger waggler? If'n so, we could be usin ye.
Rand Colds: After we get our ale on, of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: these rumours say anyhting specific?
Abercrombie Krown: If you uncover any further evidence of this shrine or her followers, you should inform both me and the castellian.
Eli Knowland: *raises eyebrow* finger wraggler....hardly!
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Rand Colds: Can you show us which symbols to look for?
Eli Knowland: I'm school in the Arcane Arts...if you must know
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: and about them orcs.....
Barrin Khavic: A finger waggler.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* perhaps them bandits are in eague with this cult
Rand Colds: should we go burn the bodies?
Rolo Underfoot: There were some animated orc skeletons amongst the bodies ... does that mean anything?
Abercrombie Krown: Well the copies you have are close enough.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh aye, well remembered Rolo
Rand Colds: *looks at Rolo's drawing*
Abercrombie Krown: Her priests could take advantage of those corpses to raise undead.
Eli Knowland: *rubs chin* Necromancy....I thought as much
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* what if them dead orcs were the raw materials for an army of the undead?
Barrin Khavic: *slaps Eli on the shoulder* Anyway, lad, we could be usin a learned lad with us. Welcome 'board.
Abercrombie Krown: *nods* Bad business that.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... *rubs his chin in thought*
Rand Colds: *bad look on his face* I'm not looking forward to THAT smell. burning orcs, Phffft
Ella Illumani: Oh my...
Eli Knowland: *rubs shoulder* think
Abercrombie Krown: It would explain in part the disappearances of small groups of travellers of late.
Rolo Underfoot: Right! Well met Eli.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* barbequing some orcs better be worth it
Ute Gudmund: hm!
Barrin Khavic: Drink some good Dwarven ale first, lad; ye'll ferget all 'bout the smells after 'wards.
Rand Colds: um, hello, in case you dont know, there are mobs of bandits on the roads these days.
Eli Knowland: *looks at Rolo* Yes...well met
Rand Colds: *waves off handedly to Eli*
Abercrombie Krown: Yes, the bandits may well be in league, or even under the directions of such a cult.
Rand Colds: Oh!
Abercrombie Krown: They've become more violent of late as well.
Rolo Underfoot: Eli ... you good with fire?
Eli Knowland: I'm afraid I do know.....I had a run in with some on my way here
Ute Gudmund: *raise eyebrow*
Rand Colds: *smashes his fist into hs other hand* I've had it with these bandits.
Eli Knowland: I can handle a match, if thats what you mean?
Abercrombie Krown: You should inform the castellian of this, he will need to consider our defenses here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls* this Nerull will be no match fer Moradin at any rate
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Eli and then the staff he's holding* I hope yer good with that stick, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: Heh ... good enough.
Ella Illumani: Ooh, good with sticks...
Eli Knowland: *stiffens at Barrin's remark* I can handle myself you know
Barrin Khavic: No, I don. I never seen ye fight, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles* looks like that drink is going to have to wait till we've burned them stiffs
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, yes, I'm sure you will get yoru chance.
Eli Knowland: Nor I you, but I don't doubt your ability
Rand Colds: *grumbles*
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: We be needing some oil me thinks -- lots of it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* oil ould help
Grumni Hammersmith: you got any spare around here chaplain?
Rand Colds: I used up my oil, making that campfire.
Ella Illumani: To burn orcs? Burning...
Rand Colds: I think the quartermaster has some.
Rolo Underfoot: You know a better way?
Barrin Khavic: Ale'd work too...
Abercrombie Krown: I'm afraid not. YOu'll need to check with the quartermaster perhaps.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Barrin Khavic: But that'd be a waste of good ale.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Ella Illumani: Orcs.....are so unhappy... Is it because they're so ugly?
Abercrombie Krown: Yes, ale or spirits would work as well.
Rand Colds: *looks aghast at Barrin*
Rolo Underfoot: I think oil is the proper material.
Barrin Khavic: Could use Elven wine. *chuckles*
Rand Colds: *grins at Ella*
Grumni Hammersmith: nah elven wine too weak - like dishwater it is, wouldn't burn nuthin
Eli Knowland: So, its back to the cave of the dead Orcs is it?
Barrin Khavic: Orcs be unhappy 'cause they be orcs. I not be askin 'em why they be unhappy.
Ella Illumani: If I were an orc....I would think other orcs were beautiful....
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Grumni* True, true. Not good fer nothin.
Rolo Underfoot: Hopefully they aren't stirring about ...
Grumni Hammersmith: aye back to the cave
Rand Colds: *trudges towards the door*
Barrin Khavic: Good fer ye that ye aren't, lass.
Abercrombie Krown: Make sure to inform the castellian before you leave.
Rolo Underfoot: A certain amount of logic in that Ella.
Eli Knowland: Once you have the oil, we should not delay
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks to the new comers* you up fer this task?
Ella Illumani: Oh, oh yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: I just need to see the temple shop
Ella Illumani: Are we leaving now....?
Ute Gudmund: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: oi

Ella Illumani: I can see the ceiling in here better.
Rolo Underfoot: how much oil ya figure we'll need?
Ella Illumani: *swishes skirt idly*
Eli Knowland: How many bodies were there?
Rand Colds: I got four of the oils
Rolo Underfoot: I got three and some trail mix.
Eli Knowland: That should be good for a dozen bodies
Ute Gudmund: good
Rand Colds: Maybe
Rand Colds: Eli can burn the rest with his magicks.
Rolo Underfoot: ok 5 flasks for me and some torches.
Eli Knowland: *leans on his staff and the party browse the QM stores*
Rand Colds: I think we have enough.
Eli Knowland: as the party*
Ute Gudmund: that should be enough
Ella Illumani: Orc oiling...
Rand Colds: If we burn all the bodies in each room, there were only about four rooms, right?
Ella Illumani: *frowns*
Ute Gudmund: i think so
Grumni Hammersmith: sounds right
Rolo Underfoot: Four that we saw ...
Rand Colds: we should have enough with the nine oils me and Rolo have. Everyone ready?
Eli Knowland: Could gather some firewood before we enter the cave, make for a bigger fire
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* we did find a secret room
Rolo Underfoot: Oil is good to have .. rather have extra than not enough.
Ella Illumani: I have one oil too...
Ute Gudmund: i'm ready
Rand Colds: that's the spirit, Ella.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Ella Illumani: *smiles benign*

Grumni Hammersmith: yu remember the way Rand?
Rand Colds: I do. *resigned to his fate as mapkeeper*
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Grumni Hammersmith: want to lead the way?
Rand Colds: did anyone get any ale?
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Ella Illumani: *hums*
Rand Colds: bah, nevermind
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head miserably* just dry bread
Rolo Underfoot: Not I.
Rand Colds: get ready, I'll have
Rand Colds: sabine open the door
Sabine: Good day, travel safe
Rand Colds: comon, hurry
Rand Colds: wish they'd keep the gates open a bit longer
Ella Illumani: Oh, how exciting....
Rand Colds: not like an army is out here.

Karvon: It's a lovely day

Barrin Khavic: 'nough bandits fer one.
Rand Colds: *breathes deeply*
Cow: Moooooo
Ella Illumani: Skies are better than ceilings
Grumni Hammersmith: hi ho hi ho its off orc burning we go
Chandry: *nods*
Rand Colds: Orc burning, great.
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Rolo Underfoot: Unless it is raining.
Ella Illumani: Even then!
Rolo Underfoot: *raises his eyebrows*
Rand Colds: it's in a cave, we'll all smell of burnt orcs when we leave
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrinkles nose*
Barrin Khavic: Got a river nearby ta bathe in.
Rolo Underfoot: Still better than the smell that is there now.
Eli Knowland: We could put all the bodies in one cave and add firewood
Eli Knowland: Make for a big bonfire
Ella Illumani: Beware!
Rand Colds: yeah hopefully its not a fish making the pilgrims disappear
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, not sure I want to move 'em around too much though.
Rand Colds: beware?
Ella Illumani: Beware again!
Rolo Underfoot: They seemed pretty ripe.
Barrin Khavic: Beware the signs!
Ute Gudmund: do we expect troubles?
Rand Colds: oh, the signs.
Ella Illumani: *giggles*
Ute Gudmund: ah!
Grumni Hammersmith: Pah! that bullettes a myth
Rand Colds: I had gotten to ignoring them
Rolo Underfoot: but the bandits are not.

Barrin Khavic: Blasted birds!
Grumni Hammersmith: swines!
Ella Illumani: Funny looking bleeding thingies!
Rolo Underfoot: Damn filthy birds!
Rand Colds: flock of 'em
Ute Gudmund: crazy birds
Rand Colds: only seen that many at one time once, at the caves.
Ella Illumani: They're birds? They look like funny bat monsters.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm sick of 'em
Ella Illumani: *wipes off blood*
Ella Illumani: Bleedy bleedy...
Rolo Underfoot: *Looks at the blood* blood suckers.
Rand Colds: they can sap your strength, if your unlucky and get a good bite from them
Eli Knowland: Looks like they took some chunks outta you Grumni
Rolo Underfoot: aye, I've heard.
Rand Colds: All set, grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ute Gudmund: let's continue then
Rand Colds: is she sleeping?
Barrin Khavic: Wait fer the lass.

Rolo Underfoot: something coming.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: huh?
Ute Gudmund: more flying creatures?
Barrin Khavic: Lass, it not be good ta be sleepin on the trail.
Rand Colds: a single gnoll, again?
Eli Knowland: Well, well...a Gnoll
Ella Illumani: Oh dear...
Grumni Hammersmith: sneaky
Rolo Underfoot: A lost gnoll?
Ute Gudmund: where did that come from?
Barrin Khavic: Prolly a scout.
Eli Knowland: You've met one before?
Rand Colds: I"ve heard of lone wolf's, but gnolls?
Ella Illumani: A key!
Rand Colds: Key? Really?
Grumni Hammersmith: they're always jumping out from places
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, at the caves earlier.
Eli Knowland: *tsk, tsks* Not a good sign
Eli Knowland: They don't usually go about on their own
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... a key, very mysterious
Ute Gudmund: yes, i found a key on the last gnoll, no idea what it opens
Rand Colds: the gnoll forest is south, across the bridge. We're not going that way right now.
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Ella* Prolly looking fer careless travellers.
Rolo Underfoot: I didn't think so either.
Eli Knowland: Must be a scout for a larger group
Ella Illumani: *examines key*
Rand Colds: Com'n, East is where we're going.
Grumni Hammersmith: hold onto it, never know when it'll come in useful
Rolo Underfoot: One gnoll ... seven travellers, and a pig?
Ella Illumani: Aye!
Eli Knowland: Better tell the Keep when we get back
Ute Gudmund: then we must be more careful, that one did some damage to me, i don't want to find the full group
Rand Colds: gnolls are very strong, and swing big weapons.
Grumni Hammersmith: pig? you mean the badger?
Barrin Khavic: *snorts*
Rand Colds: when they hit, armor or not, you know it.
Rolo Underfoot: I thought they were smarter than that.
Ella Illumani: They're funny looking...
Grumni Hammersmith: they smell like wet dog to me
Ella Illumani: Bad birds.
Rand Colds: something has these things riled up, hope its not undead orcs
Ella Illumani: Silly smelly
Rolo Underfoot: True enough -- but even dogs hunt in packs.
Barrin Khavic: Or undead anything.

Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Ella Illumani: Come boq!
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Ute Gudmund: A BEAR!!!!!!!!!
Ute Gudmund: *eyes mancing the bear*
Barrin Khavic: Where'd 'e come from?
Rand Colds: nice bear,
Ella Illumani: Boq, my bear.
Rolo Underfoot: Gosh -- the bear surprised me.
Ella Illumani: Don't shoot Boq!
Eli Knowland: Just the sort of animal you find in a forest
Rand Colds: *whispers* move away from the bear
Ute Gudmund: careful, they can be really dangerous
Ute Gudmund: boq?
Ella Illumani: Not Boq, he's a friend.
Ella Illumani: *pets Boq*
Grumni Hammersmith: big bear fer a little gal
Rolo Underfoot: I can see that.
Barrin Khavic: Good thing, 'therwise 'ed be dinner.
Ute Gudmund: that bear is with you Ella?
Barrin Khavic: Let's get moving.
Rolo Underfoot: He's good in a fight.
Eli Knowland: There's a lot of angry wildlife here today
Grumni Hammersmith: best not linger near might be a spider nest around here
Ute Gudmund: *glances back at the bear, cautios*
Barrin Khavic: Eh? A dead bird o'er there.
Rolo Underfoot: You want to see if there are more around?
Eli Knowland: *snorts* There's a pile of dead birds right outside this forest!
Barrin Khavic: Just curious what killed it.
Rand Colds: let;s get to the caves

Ella Illumani: Oh my...
Barrin Khavic: Stupid bandits.
Grumni Hammersmith: ambushed
Ella Illumani: Lady bandits.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... missed a good fight.
Barrin Khavic: No ladies there, lass.
Ute Gudmund: careful with what you ask Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Eli Knowland: They should have hit us from the cover of the trees with those bows
Barrin Khavic: Nobody said bandits were smart.
Grumni Hammersmith: too bold
Rand Colds: no one said they were smart.
Ute Gudmund: *chuckles*
Ella Illumani: Bandits..
Ella Illumani: Stop shuffling, Boq!
Barrin Khavic: Bandits, bears and badgers.
Ute Gudmund: strange combo
Ella Illumani: Stay on the path....

Rand Colds: thats Sanner over there, good merchant.
Eli Knowland: A merchant?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *waves to Sanner*
Sanner Goodman: Greetings
Ute Gudmund: let me see if he has some bandages or the like
Grumni Hammersmith: good day
Ute Gudmund: greetings Sanner
Rand Colds: Ella?
Barrin Khavic: I don think he does.
Ella Illumani: Oh, yes?
Rand Colds: This is a good place to rest, if the day is too taxing on ye?
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Ute Gudmund: nothing
Barrin Khavic: Need ta see the chaplan.
Ella Illumani: Oh....yes....
Rand Colds: Huh?
Barrin Khavic: Fer bandages.
Grumni Hammersmith: bird bite?
Grumni Hammersmith: bit ate now lad
Rand Colds: It's a lack of ale. How could we leave with no ale?
Ute Gudmund: shall we continue?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Ella Illumani: Ale is icky.
Barrin Khavic: No, I mean ye have ta see the chaplan if'n ye want bandages.
Rand Colds: Next time, I'm gonna find a donkey, put a keg on its back and drag it to the caves with me.
Ute Gudmund: i will, thanks Barrin
Grumni Hammersmith: *gives Ella a quizzicle look*
Ute Gudmund: good idea Rand *grins*
Ella Illumani: *grins*
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* bear icky?
Rand Colds: I"m smarter than any bandit.
Barrin Khavic: Thkhazrka kahn
Rand Colds: and it's raining?
Barrin Khavic: 'Least our armor be cleaned.
Eli Knowland: *tugs his cloak closer around him due to the rain*
Grumni Hammersmith: *struggles to comprehend* ale icky? madness
Rand Colds: and squeaky, dont forget squeaky
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- sort of wish I was under a roof.
Ella Illumani: Icky ale.
Ella Illumani: Rain! *dances*
Barrin Khavic: Blasphemy

Rolo Underfoot: something coming.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps its some new brand
Rand Colds: where from
Ute Gudmund: what? where?
Ella Illumani: Hmmmmmm....
Ute Gudmund: last time you said that we foun a two legs do
Rand Colds: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: Don see nothin.
Ute Gudmund: *dog
Eli Knowland: Rubble of thunder?
Rand Colds: hey
Rand Colds: back here
Ella Illumani: Two legged dog?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: ther'
Rand Colds: really slow
Eli Knowland: Oh...I say!
Barrin Khavic: Zombies!
Ella Illumani: Oh my
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. not a dog
Rand Colds: are they dead already?
Grumni Hammersmith: dead 'uns!
Barrin Khavic: If not, they be dead again.
Rand Colds: gross.
Ella Illumani: How can they die twice? Silly.
Rand Colds: I wouldn't take any of that, could be cursed.
Rolo Underfoot: Those look like pilgrims?
Barrin Khavic: Ye be tellin 'em that they not be alive.
Ella Illumani: They should stay dead.
Eli Knowland: *looks down at the bodies* Ah...genuine Zombies!
Eli Knowland: Well, well
Ute Gudmund: *puzzled*
Rand Colds: zombies, I knew it. Nothing moves that slowly.
Ella Illumani: heehee!
Eli Knowland: *kicks one over*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders non-genuine zombies*

Karvon: seem to be former bandits

Eli Knowland: *looks at the others* Shall we?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rand Colds: This dont look good for our orc burning party.
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Eli* Ye sure ye want ta be doin that, lad? They may make ye sick.
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... bandits.
Ella Illumani: Ewwww.
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Its a risk...but a slight one
Barrin Khavic: It be yer funeral, lad.
Rand Colds: pilgrims just ahead
Rolo Underfoot: Now then, I wonder where they are coming from?

Karvon: *pilgrims are praying and singing*

Ella Illumani: Oooo
Sister Naresh: *smiles* Good day
Rand Colds: *waves*
Ute Gudmund: Greetings
Barrin Khavic: Oi.
Grumni Hammersmith: *waves*
Ella Illumani: Hello.....
Eli Knowland: *nods to the faithful*
Ella Illumani: What lovely outfits.
Rolo Underfoot: Any luck finding the missing troopers?
Ella Illumani: Goodbye!

Ute Gudmund: they look happy... do you think they could have spare ale?
Rand Colds: no, we already checked.
Barrin Khavic: They be 'appy they not orcs.
Ute Gudmund: ah!
Ella Illumani: Keep up, Boq
Rand Colds: bah

Karvon: *rising up from the stream and from out of the woods....

Ella Illumani: Get it, Boq!
Rolo Underfoot: Good show!
Ella Illumani: Silly dead undead now dead..dead..
Eli Knowland: I've never seen that many Zombies together!
Ella Illumani: Owwie
Rolo Underfoot: Any pilgrims in this group? Or orcs for that matter?
Grumni Hammersmith: we killed loads of bandits around here - you reakon these zombies are them?

Karvon: some of those are indeed orcs.

Ute Gudmund: *picks a coin from one of the rotten bodies, and wrinkles nose* Smelly!!
Eli Knowland: There must be an infestation close by.....are we near the Orc cave?
Rolo Underfoot: Not good.
Rand Colds: they came right out of the ground it seemed.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like some used to be orcs
Rolo Underfoot: Can xombies be reanimated?

Rand Colds: hey, some bones over here
Grumni Hammersmith: god point
Rand Colds: thanks
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Ella Illumani: Bones of what?
Rand Colds: hey, its a pilgrim
Rolo Underfoot: It is?
Ella Illumani: Poor pilgrim.
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Rand Colds: *looks for clues*
Rand Colds: bones, picked clean.
Rolo Underfoot: I think you are correct -- why is it here?
Eli Knowland: scatter his case its reanimated as a skeleton
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd say zombies were the prime suspect
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... unfortunate.
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* Maybe it be the zombies that be takin the pilgrims?
Rand Colds: *looks around some more*
Rolo Underfoot: Need to do something about these bodies and bones.
Rolo Underfoot: Or we will keep running into them.
Ute Gudmund: bury and pray for the poor one soul?
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps we should get one of the pilgrims to look at that pile of bodies to see if any of them are his friends
Eli Knowland: *looks over the bones* I think its been eated
Rand Colds: yeah, something ate him.
Eli Knowland: *scatters the bones in all directions as far as he can
Ella Illumani: Eated? By zombies?
Ute Gudmund: *shocked* eated?
Rand Colds: maybe another pilgrim? Lets go talk to the sister.
Rolo Underfoot: If you can get them to stop singing -- they should move into the keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: they eat yer brains don't they?
Ella Illumani: heehee
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: One task at a time I think
Rand Colds: ella, you okay?
Eli Knowland: we should carry onto the cave
Ella Illumani: A bit bleedy
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Ute Gudmund: and leave the bones there?
Ella Illumani: Oooh thankies Mr. Dwarf.
Ute Gudmund: deserves at least a praying
Rand Colds: No, lets talk to the sister, before another is missing.
Eli Knowland: The bones have been scattered
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ute Gudmund: agreed Rand
Ella Illumani: Sleepy sleep Boq

Rand Colds: *whispers* this may get ugly, be ready
Grumni Hammersmith: who wants to break the bad news?
Sister Naresh: *smiles*
Sister Naresh: Good day
Ute Gudmund: hello again
Rand Colds: Hey
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes at mention of quozar*
Rand Colds: I found something.
Ella Illumani: *tilts head*
Rand Colds: Can we speak privately?
Sister Naresh: oh?
Barrin Khavic: *sniffs* Food smells good at least.
Sister Naresh: There are no secrets amongst us.
Ella Illumani: You sing beautifully...
Rand Colds: Sister?
Sister Naresh: Yes?
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for the fish*
Ella Illumani: Quonzar has fish?
Rand Colds: hey, can we speak alone?
Grumni Hammersmith: is quonzr a fish?
Rolo Underfoot: Or is a fish ... difficult to tell.
Ella Illumani: *giggles*
Ute Gudmund: *looking down to Grunni, low voice* I guess this Quonzar must be a fish
Barrin Khavic: Is a fish a prophet?
Ella Illumani: What sort? carp, trout?
Sister Naresh: How may I help you?
Grumni Hammersmith: they don't half carp on about it
Rand Colds: I found a body, around the bend.
Barrin Khavic: I'm thiking salmon.
Rand Colds: I think it's your missing pilgrim.
Ella Illumani: Hee
Rand Colds: *watches the others*
Rolo Underfoot: Mackrel I'm thinking or herring.
Grumni Hammersmith: all very fishy
Ella Illumani: Fishy! heeheehee!
Sister Naresh: Are you sure?
Barrin Khavic: 'long as it not be a red herring.
Ella Illumani: Goldfish!
Rolo Underfoot: Blue or silver they say ... heh.
Rand Colds: yeah, the robes gave him away
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries not to laugh while bad news being given*
Ella Illumani: Bluefish?
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Ute Gudmund: not far from here
Rand Colds: only bones left besides the robe though.
Ella Illumani: one fish...two fish...
Sister Naresh: Well he is with Quonzar in peace at least now.
Eli Knowland: I scattered the bones, to prevent re-animated, you understand?
Rand Colds: yeah, but somehow he got seperated from you others.
Sister Naresh: Perhaps you can show two of our men the way and we can bury the body.
Ella Illumani: Quonzar the fish...
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: Okay, have them follow us out there.
Barrin Khavic: 'e red fish or blue fish?
Rand Colds: *turns to leave*
Ute Gudmund: yes, that could be
Sister Naresh: Ah well, that is understandable.
Sister Naresh: Thank you for seeing to that.
Grumni Hammersmith: don't forget yer shovel
Ute Gudmund: come
Eli Knowland: Your welcome
Ute Gudmund: but be careful, there are crazy birds all around
Ella Illumani: Goodbye fish worshippers.
Sister Naresh: If you've scattered the remains, no need.
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps you should send some more of your men -- there are other bodies as well.
Sister Naresh: Thanks again
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Rand Colds: *mumbles* I wondering about your needs.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I guess he swims with the fishes now
Ella Illumani: Heehee
Barrin Khavic: Or sleeps with 'em.
Ute Gudmund: *laugh*
Grumni Hammersmith: now thats icky
Ella Illumani: Aye, aye!
Rand Colds: hope you didnt' spread his bones with this filth
Eli Knowland: No...I did not
Rand Colds: here we are. *puts on his helm*
Rolo Underfoot: Be ready for ... well anything I guess.
Ella Illumani: Ready!

Eli Knowland: We should gather firewood
Rand Colds: folllow the right cliff wall, the orcs are on the upper level
Eli Knowland: *looks around for dead branches*
Ella Illumani: This place feels scary.
Rolo Underfoot: so far so good.
Rand Colds: this way, ute
Grumni Hammersmith: I think there was furniture in there to chop
Rolo Underfoot: Stick together.
Rand Colds: trolls
Ute Gudmund: *nods and follows*

Eli Knowland: Trolls!
Ella Illumani: Trolls ee!
Barrin Khavic: Ai!
Ute Gudmund: We need... *pants* fire
Grumni Hammersmith: green scum!
Rand Colds: Ella
Ella Illumani: Ooghh
Rand Colds: 75 gold, woo hoo
Ella Illumani: huhh huhh bad..troll...
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps a rest is in order
Rolo Underfoot: Burn the bodies.
Ute Gudmund: let me drag this one towards the other
Ute Gudmund: *drags the troll body close to the other*
Rolo Underfoot: Get ready
Eli Knowland: *puts the branches he found earlier under them*

Rand Colds: gnoll
Rolo Underfoot: Two that time.
Eli Knowland: Two this time
Barrin Khavic: *grumbles*
Grumni Hammersmith: getter braver
Grumni Hammersmith: *getting
Eli Knowland: Put those two Gnlls with the trolls
Rolo Underfoot: pile them with the trolls.
Rand Colds: they all have a key, it appears.
Eli Knowland: *looks around for more firewood*
Karvon: and consider the bodies burned
Rolo Underfoot: More keys?
Barrin Khavic: *grabs and drags the body to the others*
Ute Gudmund: *grabs the dead knoll leg and drags it towards teh trolls*
Rand Colds: Ella, are you going to be okay?
Ella Illumani: *holds head*
Ella Illumani: Not good.
Rand Colds: I have a heal kit, if you need it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds nose* that smell is bound to attract other nasties
Ute Gudmund: MORE!!!1
Ella Illumani: Thank you muchly
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Eli Knowland: That's two for me today!
Ute Gudmund: stablish a perimeter
Grumni Hammersmith: lets move on
Ute Gudmund: defesnive perimeter
Rand Colds: lets keep moving
Rolo Underfoot: take them.
Ella Illumani: Thank you.
Rolo Underfoot: Welcoem

Rand Colds: goblin cave
Barrin Khavic: Right.
Rand Colds: they were all dead too. maybe we should burn them next
Barrin Khavic: Up 'ere?
Rand Colds: yep
Rand Colds: there it is
Ella Illumani: Cave.....
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Eli Knowland: Has every one got some firewood?

Barrin Khavic: Eww.
Rand Colds: oh gross,
Rand Colds: I forgot how bad it was in here
Eli Knowland: *gags a bit*
Rolo Underfoot: Which area first?
Ella Illumani: Bones bones bones...
Barrin Khavic: Could go right ta left or left ta right.
Rolo Underfoot: ah the net ... right.
Rand Colds: lets burn the ones in the secret room, probably the toughest
Rand Colds: of the lot
Grumni Hammersmith: keep yer wits about yer lads
Rand Colds: this way
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Ella Illumani: *shiver*
Ella Illumani: Nice boar
Eli Knowland: *casts a light spell*
Ella Illumani: Oh dear....
Rand Colds: I can never find the door, it's hidden really well.
Ella Illumani: Big mushrooms.
Eli Knowland: There's a door here? hardly Orc handiwork?
Rand Colds: *watches behind*
Ella Illumani: *taps the wall*
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... I'm sure it was around here somewhere.
Ella Illumani: door...door...
Ella Illumani: Ooh!
Ute Gudmund: ah, there it is

Rolo Underfoot: right
Barrin Khavic: Should maybe scratch that out?
Ella Illumani: A map on the floor.
Eli Knowland: *looks at the paint mark*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye we should be rid of it
Ella Illumani: Can't read it...
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at the map agains to see if anything was missed.*
Eli Knowland: Did you say there were bodies here?
Barrin Khavic: We be needin firewood?
Rand Colds: *takes a chair* we can use this for kindling*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Ute Gudmund: yes, good idea Rand, let's smash one chair
Barrin Khavic: *grabs the table*
Rand Colds: I thought there were some dead ones in here. weren't there?
Ella Illumani: Chair battling! Hee!
Barrin Khavic: *picks up some of the chair pieces*
Ute Gudmund: *grabs the wooden remains of the chair*
Rand Colds: *looks around for blood stains*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches at markings with axe*
Eli Knowland: *takes some firewood out of his pack* I thought you all had some
Barrin Khavic: Got some now.
Rand Colds: there were bodies in here, gone now.
Ute Gudmund: got some too
Ella Illumani: Can't use the table?
Ella Illumani: *taps it*
Barrin Khavic: Looks a bit too sturdy ta bother with.
Rolo Underfoot: Where did the map go?
Rand Colds: guys, I think the bodies that were here, are now gone. that's not good.
Grumni Hammersmith: drag it over to the symbol and set it alight
Ella Illumani: ....It's gone.
Rolo Underfoot: ah .. clever.
Grumni Hammersmith: I scratched at it
Ella Illumani: Hmph...

Rolo Underfoot: zombies
Eli Knowland: Lots of Zombies!
Rolo Underfoot: Stay back lass.
Rand Colds: one more room
Grumni Hammersmith: I thought I was gonna be one of them then

Rand Colds: rats
Rolo Underfoot: That would not be a good thing at all.
Barrin Khavic: I hate rats.
Ella Illumani: Big big ratssss
Rand Colds: alright, burn the bodies, and the rats too
Grumni Hammersmith: got to these in time anyway
Barrin Khavic: Toss 'em on the bed and burn that too.
Eli Knowland: well, well, if it isn't zombies its rats
Karvon: 4 bodies here plus the rats, use up one oil, drop one please
Ute Gudmund: *start gathering the corpses to make a pile*
Rolo Underfoot: ok rack 'em and stack 'em and light 'em up eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: torch the bed too
Rand Colds: *starts piling them up*
Eli Knowland: At least with rats, there should be no bodies soon
Barrin Khavic: *starts dragging the bodies to the bed and stacks the chair pieces under the bed*
Rolo Underfoot: too late.
Ella Illumani: Orc pyre....
Rand Colds: we got to burn the zombies next, save some wood for that
Grumni Hammersmith: orc pie? yuck
Ella Illumani: Pyre, pyre!
Rolo Underfoot: Use the bed?
Barrin Khavic: Orc pie? Not fer me.
Rand Colds: *drags the one zombie over with the others*
Rand Colds: *pours oil over them all*
Barrin Khavic: *starts draggin*
Barrin Khavic: Gonna be stinkin in 'ere soon.
Rolo Underfoot: moves toward the door
Eli Knowland: And smoky
Ella Illumani: *wrinkes nose*
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds nose* already a bit ripe
Rand Colds: *starts the fire from the door side and shuts the door*
Eli Knowland: We had better hurry
Barrin Khavic: Aye, shut the door.

Rolo Underfoot: Rand you need some helaing?
Rand Colds: bugs
Ella Illumani: leeeeeeches
Barrin Khavic: Slimy things.
Eli Knowland: Six Orcs in here
Ella Illumani: Dead dead orcs...
Barrin Khavic: Better 'n live 'nes.
Rand Colds: *wrinkles his nose* ewww
Eli Knowland: Make that eight
Ute Gudmund: let's make a pile
Barrin Khavic: *grabs bodies and drags them into a pile*
Rolo Underfoot: *helps pile bodies.*
Rand Colds: *starts dragging a body*
Ella Illumani: *attempts to drag orc* Hrrrg!
Karvon: two oil for this pile
Grumni Hammersmith: *keeps guard*
Ella Illumani: Heavy orc. Silly heavy.
Rolo Underfoot: Here's one.
Barrin Khavic: *tosses on the rest of the firewood* Gonna need a bit more oil fer this pile.
Ella Illumani: Oil
Barrin Khavic: *wipes off hands and watches the corridor*
Rand Colds: *stacks the leeches on top*
Karvon: got two already
Eli Knowland: How many more rooms are there?
Rand Colds: *burns them up*
Grumni Hammersmith: one I think
Barrin Khavic: Should just be one more.
Ute Gudmund: i think one, not sure
Rand Colds: just one, or two.
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: one -- had skeletons in it the last time.
Ella Illumani: *watches fire, unsettled*
Eli Knowland: we can scatter the bones of the skeletons
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: *kicks a skull*
Ella Illumani: *steps around blood*

Barrin Khavic: Oi!
Eli Knowland: More Zombies
Rand Colds: walking dead again
Rand Colds: ouccchhhh
Ute Gudmund: RAAAAN!!!!
Rand Colds: *sits*
Barrin Khavic: *helps Rand up*
Eli Knowland: In the name of all that's mighty!
Rand Colds: *stands*
Rand Colds: thanks, my friend
Eli Knowland: There must be a fifty in here

Karvon: you'll need five oil to cover all the corpses in this cavern.

Barrin Khavic: Gonna be needin more kits soon, only got 2 left.
Ute Gudmund: we will need to pause soon
Rand Colds: thanks, I feel right good, now, where's the ale?
Ute Gudmund: aye, me too
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- at least most of 'em are still dead.
Rand Colds: Oh, yeah, I forgot to bring the donkey.
Barrin Khavic: *starts dragging bodies*

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session 10 - Goblin Caverns

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:55 pm

Karvon : The party has cleared the orc caves of bodies and such. you are encamped in one of the chambers there.

Eli Knowland: *looks asleep against the wall*
Grumni Hammersmith: *awakes and puts armour on*
Barrin Khavic: *sits*
Rand Colds: is everyone rested up?
Grumni Hammersmith: ae
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ella Illumani: *yawns squeakily*
Barrin Khavic: *rubs eyes* Wha? Oh, aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: keep yer wits about yer lads, never know when zombies will appear
Ella Illumani: This cave has a comfy floor.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Should be leavin 'for any more be comin back.
Rand Colds: Your welcome to stay, if you like it that much. I, for one, am all for scramming.
Ella Illumani: Hee, naw.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: Anybody with me?
Ella Illumani: Let's go!
Barrin Khavic: *shakes Eli awake* Come on, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed ... caves are not "comfy" to me at all.
Barrin Khavic: *squints*
Ella Illumani: *pets badger*
Eli Knowland: *rubs sleep out of eyes* Is it morning?
Grumni Hammersmith: nowt wrong with a good cave, just needs to have been looked after properly
Rand Colds: *heads for the cave exit*
Eli Knowland: It looks all the same in here
Barrin Khavic: Close enough.
Rand Colds: This one stinks.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Grumni Hammersmith: bad drainage
Rand Colds: Could be all the orc carcass's, if you ask me.
Barrin Khavic: Be glad ta get outta this cave.
Rand Colds: Ute?
Rand Colds: damn ants
Rand Colds: Attack
Ella Illumani: Fresh air!
Barrin Khavic: Smells like burnin Orc in there. *brushes nose*
Eli Knowland: *breathes deeply*
Eli Knowland: Ah...that's better
Grumni Hammersmith: so... whats the plan?
Eli Knowland: I had almost forgotten what fresh air smelt like
Rolo Underfoot: aye, can smell the air again.
Rolo Underfoot: Attack?
Barrin Khavic: Ants?
Grumni Hammersmith: must be more caves around here to check
Rand Colds: lets get outta here
Ella Illumani: Attack who?
Barrin Khavic: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: Lots of 'em
Grumni Hammersmith: little 'uns or big 'uns?
Ella Illumani: More dead things that are not dead but still sort of dead?
Rand Colds: *pries a set of mandibles off his leg*

Eli Knowland: *leans on staff*
Rand Colds: I think there was a cave east of here.
Ella Illumani: I'd hate to be dead and then not dead again but not alive.
Eli Knowland: There is the matter of the wandering Gnolls....the Keep should be informed
Rand Colds: Or we could check the caves on the south side of the valley.
Barrin Khavic: I doubt they be knowin what they are, lass.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* east is as good a direction as any
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed ... must be awful.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* Could be doin that.
Rand Colds: i hear birds
Barrin Khavic: Stupid birds.
Ella Illumani: Bleedy bird.
Rand Colds: oh, just one, eh
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Rolo Underfoot: Those things are every where it seems.
Ella Illumani: hmm...
Rolo Underfoot: Vampire birds.
Grumni Hammersmith: they suck
Rand Colds: Lets try the southern caves, at least we'll be closer to the road out of here
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed.
Barrin Khavic: Good idea.
Ella Illumani: Okie dokie
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Barrin Khavic: Watch fer Gnolls.
Ella Illumani: Gnolls are funny
Grumni Hammersmith: 'ere?
Barrin Khavic: Aye, I laugh as I kill 'em.
Eli Knowland: *looks at the water* You know....I don't care much for wet feet
Rolo Underfoot: You jest.
Rand Colds: Here we are.
Barrin Khavic: *grins*
Rand Colds: Kobolds, i think.
Ella Illumani: I like wet feet
Rolo Underfoot: Know what is in here?

Karvon : many tracks around here

Rand Colds: *looks for tracks*
Grumni Hammersmith: you scoutig?
Barrin Khavic: Looks like goblins.
Rand Colds: Er, maybe goblins.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scouting
Rolo Underfoot: small feet ...
Ella Illumani: Goblins are funny too...
Ella Illumani: But not as furry
Barrin Khavic: Goblins are just ugly.

Karvon : you encountered patrols from here in past forays.

Rand Colds: If I scout, some of them are going to die.
Ella Illumani: Heehee
Rolo Underfoot: Want me to take a peek?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Um, okay. You don't mind?
Ella Illumani: Careful!
Rand Colds: Um, these tracks are bigger than I thought.
Barrin Khavic: *looks down* Musta rained or somethin.
Grumni Hammersmith: them tracks look a bit big fer goblins
Eli Knowland: Orcs, Goblins...are we just going to add to the potential Undead army by killing all Humanoids in the area?
Rand Colds: Like a lot bigger.

Rolo Underfoot: Troll
Ella Illumani: Troll!!
Troll: Yummy! Me eat more humans!
Rand Colds: oh crikey, another smelly creature.
Troll: Yummy! Me eat more humans!
Rand Colds: No, you won't
Barrin Khavic: Eat this!
Ella Illumani: Eek sorries!
Eli Knowland: Careful Ella
Rand Colds: We should burn it, or so I've heard.
Grumni Hammersmith: break out the fire oil, don't want any troll zombies
Barrin Khavic: *cuts off the head* Hmm. Pa may want this fer a trophy.
Eli Knowland: I thought this cave had Goblins or some such?
Rolo Underfoot: I guess I smell like a burnt orc -- he saw me from a mile away!
Rand Colds: Nope, I was wrong, maybe we should move along.
Barrin Khavic: Mebe the trolls ate 'em?
Grumni Hammersmith: worth taking a look?
Ute Gudmund: could be
Rolo Underfoot: I only saw the one troll
Ella Illumani: We should look.
Rand Colds: I think there is another cave east of here, that must be the goblins
Rolo Underfoot: Some bodies on pikes near the door.
Grumni Hammersmith: one north too
Ella Illumani: so many caves....tsk tsk

Rand Colds: *looks for tracks*
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone want to scout?
Barrin Khavic: *cleans the blades of his ax*
Eli Knowland: I came along on because I thought we were going to track down the mysterious"death Cult"?
Rolo Underfoot: Let me see if I do any better here.
Barrin Khavic: All in good time, lad.

Karvon : goblin tracks are evident around this cave mouth

Ute Gudmund: Be careful Rolo
Rand Colds: *nods* careful is the word.
Grumni Hammersmith: we are tracking the death cult but I can't think where else ta look
Barrin Khavic: Canna do any trackin without supplies and supplies cost money.
Eli Knowland: I just brought it up as I don't see the connection between these Humaniods and the Cult
Ella Illumani: Do all cults convene in icky caves with ugly thingies?
Rand Colds: Maybe its..... nah, couldn't be.
Barrin Khavic: Keeps the locals away, lass.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* we found that death cult symbol in an orc cave
Ella Illumani: Maybe the trolls and the goblins and the gnolls have their own cult of uglies!
Ella Illumani: And..death..
Rand Colds: Can't hurt to check a couple more caves on the way back to the keep.
Eli Knowland: True, then shouldn't we be looking closer for more Orcs?

Grumni Hammersmith: anything?
Rolo Underfoot: Well, I didn't see anything at all near the door ... no guards, nothing!
Rand Colds: uh oh.
Rolo Underfoot: Very quite actually.
Ella Illumani: No dead orcs or dead other things?
Rand Colds: We better be ready to burn more bodies.
Ella Illumani: hooom...
Rolo Underfoot: none.
Rand Colds: Well, lets have a look see
Grumni Hammersmith: might as well look deeper while we're here?
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Rand Colds: watch for traps
Barrin Khavic: That's what Rolo be fer. *grins*
Rolo Underfoot: I went a bit to the east -- saw nothing there.
Eli Knowland: Three ways to go...Hmmm
Rand Colds: west it is then
Rand Colds: goblins
Rolo Underfoot: shhh ... goblins
Rolo Underfoot: At least they were alive.
Rand Colds: *looks for more*
Ella Illumani: *steps over bleedy goblins*
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer think these are the culture loving goblins?

Karvon : that's all you see around at the moment

Ella Illumani: Cult! Cult goblinies
Ella Illumani: Nothing, nothing else?
Rand Colds: dead end?
Rolo Underfoot: *searches the dead end*
Ella Illumani: End dead.
Ella Illumani: end dead dead end.
Rand Colds: why are the wizards at the front and the fighters at the back
Ella Illumani: ooooh....not dead end!
Rolo Underfoot: Because they are always in a hurry.
Ella Illumani: I'm not a wizard!
Ella Illumani: Silly, silly.
Grumni Hammersmith: I dunno yer the fighters
Rand Colds: figures, then we'll have to pick 'em up, after the battle.
Eli Knowland: I think I'm mostly in the middle
Ella Illumani: We're just more assertive when it comes to dead ends.

King Hurkul: Hey there!
Rolo Underfoot: Big dog.
Grumni Hammersmith: wahat yer want?
Rand Colds: *shoots it in the eye*
Ella Illumani: Goblin's talking to us
Ella Illumani: Hello!
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. no good .
King Hurkul: wha ya doing in our cave
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* smells like wet dog down 'ere*
Ella Illumani: Hey, don't hurt the badger.
Rand Colds: hey, another goblin
Rand Colds: your cave?
Ute Gudmund: wait... did he talk?
Eli Knowland: *looks at the attempt at conversation with a look of slight amusment on his face*
Rand Colds: *draws an arrow*
Ella Illumani: He's a smart goblin.
King Hurkul : Dis our home
Ella Illumani: We're looking for a cult. Are you in one?
King Hurkul : go way
King Hurkul : cult?
Ella Illumani: It's one of death, and uglies!
Grumni Hammersmith: talk quick or I'll give yer a slap
Rand Colds: yeah, dead people.
King Hurkul : what dat?
Grumni Hammersmith: you been stealing cultural relics?
Barrin Khavic: *shakes head* This 'ne isna that smart.
Rand Colds: bones walking around, you know, dead
Ella Illumani: What's in that room with you? Are there dead undead and alive but not dead things?
King Hurkul : *frowns*
King Hurkul : No like dead walkers
Rand Colds: that is who we seek.
Ella Illumani: We don't like them either.
King Hurkul : *eyes you warily*
Rolo Underfoot: Ask him why is is alone here?
King Hurkul : Go way if I tell you bout them?
Ella Illumani: But we're looking for them anyway. I suppose because we're brave and have pointy weapons.
Rand Colds: Well, he was with a worg, so not really alone.
Eli Knowland: Good question Rolo
Rand Colds: If you catch my drift.
Ella Illumani: Tell us and we'll go far away! If you tell us.
Rolo Underfoot: We will?
King Hurkul : *scratches head*
Ella Illumani: Yes.
Barrin Khavic: No reason ta come back.
King Hurkul : *eyes the others*
Rolo Underfoot: oh.
Ella Illumani: They're nice, really. I'm the only girl though, so I'm not so mean.
Barrin Khavic: Unless this 'ne be given us reason ta.
Ella Illumani: *beams*
King Hurkul : You swear you leave my tribe alone, I tell.
Rand Colds: *walks away, trying to stifle a chuckle*
Ella Illumani: Well, if they attack first....
Ella Illumani: Because they did, and we didn't even call them names!
Eli Knowland: We have no interest in killing your tribe my good Goblin
Ella Illumani: Not until after they were dead...
Ella Illumani: But we won't kill any more if you tell us about your cult.
King Hurkul : Cult?
Rand Colds: *shakes his head*
Barrin Khavic: We only be killin those that already be dead...or somethin.
Ella Illumani: Or any dead things. Or cultural artifacts or whatever we're lookign for. What are we looking for?
Ella Illumani: Teehee!
Rand Colds: goblin culture, and the dead cult, of course.
Eli Knowland: Something that might point us in the right direction Ella
Ella Illumani: Are you a cultured goblin, Mister Goblin sir?
Rolo Underfoot: And gold ...
King Hurkul : *ponders*
King Hurkul : Okay den
Ella Illumani: He's thinking, I can tell! It's a miracle!
King Hurkul : You stay out our caves, I tell
Ella Illumani: Yes, yes
Rand Colds: He certainly seems cultured to me. *grins*
King Hurkul : Bad humans come valley.
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Eli Knowland: Ah...Humans
Ella Illumani: 'Bad'?
Rand Colds: Where from in the valley?
Eli Knowland: Now we're getting somewhere
Rolo Underfoot: Too bad I can't open that lock.
King Hurkul : bad humans kill orcs
Rand Colds: yes, we know.
King Hurkul : thought good
King Hurkul : but more bad humans come
Ella Illumani: You thought the humans were good, or the orcs?
Ella Illumani: Or them being....dead?
King Hurkul : orcs bad, humans more bad
Eli Knowland: Good that the Orcs were gone Ella
Ella Illumani: Ooooo
Rand Colds: *nods in agreement8
King Hurkul : bad humans scare gnolls
King Hurkul : dey run away
Eli Knowland: *raises eyebrow at last remark*
Ella Illumani: *nods sympathetically to goblin*
King Hurkul : sometime see gnolls though
Rolo Underfoot: Goblins don't make good zombies I take it?
Eli Knowland: probably too small
King Hurkul : bad humans have death magic
Ella Illumani: *gasp*
Barrin Khavic: Already stink 'nough.
King Hurkul : build dead tribe
Eli Knowland: ah Ha
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* Perhaps hobs are too small also ...
Ella Illumani: The cult of deathness!
Barrin Khavic: And uglies.
Ella Illumani: Hee, yes.
Eli Knowland: Now my good Goblin, where are these "Bad Humans"?
King Hurkul : bad humans take higher caves
Rand Colds: Oh.
Rolo Underfoot: *listens as conversation has taked a turn in the right direction.
Ella Illumani: Where are the higher caves?
Ute Gudmund: *remain silent, just listening*
Rand Colds: on the orcs side, or this side of the valley?
King Hurkul : both sides
Ella Illumani: Both? More than one cave?
King Hurkul : some live in orc caves
Barrin Khavic: Great.
Ella Illumani: Oh dear...
King Hurkul : some take hobgoblin caves
Barrin Khavic: Nothin like chasing rats in cave.
Eli Knowland: They are powerful indeed then, to have pushed out all the others
King Hurkul : death goddess come valley
Ella Illumani: *eyes widen* A goddess?
King Hurkul : many bad humans there
King Hurkul : powerful magic
Eli Knowland: As many as....your tribe?
King Hurkul : bigger
King Hurkul : stronger
Eli Knowland: Oh...that a lot then
Rand Colds: *to Eli* the goddess is Erishkigal, we know that much already.
King Hurkul : we stay way from dem
King Hurkul : dey leave us alone so far
Eli Knowland: Maybe more than we can handle at once....we'll have to make sure to divide and conquer
Ella Illumani: That's good. You're a nice goblin.
King Hurkul : okay you go now, leave my tribe alone
Ella Illumani: Thank you, sir!
King Hurkul : you kill bad humans
Rolo Underfoot: No gold?
Barrin Khavic: 'umans prolly have it, lad.
Rand Colds: Guess we have to go back up the hill.
Ella Illumani: We'll find the dead undead not alive ugly cult!
Rolo Underfoot: oh ...
Eli Knowland: The elmination of the Cult will bring its own rewards Rolo
Rand Colds: *looks strangely at Eli*
Barrin Khavic: Could be who's stealin 'em pilgrims.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... of course you are correct ... but still ...
King Hurkul : *eyes you warily*
Ella Illumani: *giggles at Rolo*
Rand Colds: Let's get outta here.
Eli Knowland: Think of it as merely a delayed reward
King Hurkul : Yes you go!
Ella Illumani: Goodbye Mister cultured goblin!
King Hurkul : *waves*
Ella Illumani: *waves*

Karvon : *you occasionlly catch glimpses of glowing eyes following you from a safe distance as you leave*

Rolo Underfoot: Anything useful here?
Ella Illumani: *shivers* creepy...
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... anyone else see glowing eyes?
Barrin Khavic: Nasty little buggers.
Rand Colds: go on out, just making sure they dont jump us
Ella Illumani: They want to make sure we leave.
Ella Illumani: *holds hands up* Rain!
Eli Knowland: There's a path up the slope there *points east*
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- good enough this time.
Rand Colds: Hey, where's that tall lug at?
Grumni Hammersmith: what about the cave opposite?
Rand Colds: Ute?
Ella Illumani: Someone missing??
Rolo Underfoot: Might help get the smell off of me.
Eli Knowland: One cave at a time
Grumni Hammersmith: man down?
Ella Illumani: Oh dear....
Grumni Hammersmith: hang on guys
Barrin Khavic: We missin someone?
Ella Illumani: Ought we go back to find him?

Rand Colds: over here lad
Ute Gudmund: ah, missed you

Door: You try to force the portcullis open, but fail. Perhaps if you were stronger...

Rand Colds: hey, back off gobo
Ella Illumani: *peers in cave*
Rand Colds: your asking for it
Rand Colds: there, happy now?
Eli Knowland: Why did you get into a fight?
Rand Colds: ute, lets go
Grumni Hammersmith: yer missed sme
Ute Gudmund: how do i get there?
Ella Illumani: Are you locked in?
Ute Gudmund: yes
Barrin Khavic: *looks around*
Ella Illumani: Can it be picked?
Rand Colds: oh boy, I hope the whole tribe doesnt come down on us.
Rolo Underfoot: Not by me it can't.
Ella Illumani: Oh no!
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone esle a lock picker?
Rand Colds: *watches the cross halls*

Karvon : obviously this is a deadend trap set up by the goblins to snare intruders

Rolo Underfoot: How'd he get in there?
Ella Illumani: We should tell the kingy to get him out!
Barrin Khavic: Stand aside.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Barrin Khavic: Blasted gate!
Eli Knowland: The door is giving way
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Ella Illumani: Ohh yay!
Rand Colds: lets get outtta here already
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Let's be goin.
Rolo Underfoot: Nice key ya have there!
Grumni Hammersmith: dwarven key
Barrin Khavic: Seems clear ta the top.
Ella Illumani: Silly goblins.
Barrin Khavic: *checks axs for nicks*
Rand Colds: and I mean it, too.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Gonna need me whetstone soon.
Grumni Hammersmith: bit misty
Ella Illumani: *squints*
Barrin Khavic: Up or ahead?
Ella Illumani: KOBOLD

Karvon : hunting party

Grumni Hammersmith: *choke*
Rolo Underfoot: Ambush.
Ella Illumani: Mean kobolds!
Barrin Khavic: *helps Grumni up* Careful, lad.
Ella Illumani: Are you all right, Mister Dwarf?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rand Colds: I having a feeling of deja vu.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, jst feel like a pin cushion
Ella Illumani: Oy.
Rand Colds: Lets get up there and see what they were guarding
Barrin Khavic: Jes be glad none of 'em 'ad poison.
Rand Colds: nothing, there's nothing up here
Barrin Khavic: Huntin party?
Grumni Hammersmith: ute! this way
Rolo Underfoot: Snipers I reckon
Barrin Khavic: Bah.

Grumni Hammersmith: must be a nest of beasties around here
Barrin Khavic: Prolly.
Rolo Underfoot: oh thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: A few coins...
Eli Knowland: we should continue up the slope
Rand Colds: is everyone okay?
Rolo Underfoot: up?
Ute Gudmund: i am now
Eli Knowland: The Higher caves?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: might be somthing wes
Rand Colds: you okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Eli Knowland: ah...there we are
Rolo Underfoot: Cave here.
Barrin Khavic: This be it?
Karvon : you see many bones strewn around the entrance
Barrin Khavic: *kicks at the bones*
Ella Illumani: What bones are these...
Rolo Underfoot: Let me take a quick look.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we found something nasty
Ella Illumani: I hope these don't reanimate.
Eli Knowland: they're all just body bones

Rolo Underfoot: Two Owl Bears just inside.
Ute Gudmund: hm
Ute Gudmund: is that what we are looking for?
Eli Knowland: Owl Bears? Oh
Ella Illumani: Owl Bears....
Grumni Hammersmith: we can take 'em
Rand Colds: keep them alive, barrin
Barrin Khavic: I be tryin.
Rolo Underfoot: Keep 'em alive?
Barrin Khavic: Worgs!
Rand Colds: crap
Eli Knowland: Got him!
Ella Illumani: Sad to kill doggies...
Rolo Underfoot: This place is crazy with wild life.
Ella Illumani: Doggies have gold?
Barrin Khavic: Those aren't doggies.
Ella Illumani: They're doggie noised
Barrin Khavic: Doggies are nice, them things aren't.
Grumni Hammersmith: we going in then?
Rolo Underfoot: How are you going to catch these Owl Bears -- they are pretty big.
Eli Knowland: Let me see....I'll conjure up something
Barrin Khavic: Could bring 'em out 'ere.
Ella Illumani: They sound creepy.
Grumni Hammersmith: what yer want to catch 'em for?
Ella Illumani: Ooh!
Eli Knowland: How about that?
Rolo Underfoot: I can do that ... then what.
Barrin Khavic: *laughs*
Eli Knowland: what?
Barrin Khavic: Badgers?
Barrin Khavic: Ye gonna nibble 'em ta death?
Eli Knowland: came out of thin air, let me see you do something like that?
Rolo Underfoot: Perahaps Ella can charm one?
Rolo Underfoot: *smiles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Ute Gudmund: *smiles*
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* Still, there be three of 'em.
Rolo Underfoot: I saw two.
Eli Knowland: Let's see how they fare....shall we?
Ella Illumani: Owl bears are icky together.

Barrin Khavic: One behind ye.
Ute Gudmund: why do we want the owlbears alive? actually, why do we want them?
Ella Illumani: Don't get them in groups!
Ella Illumani: Phew...
Eli Knowland: I mean really!
Rolo Underfoot: Wiz should be in the rear.
Ella Illumani: All right Mister human?
Eli Knowland: That was totally unnecessary

Karvon : big and smelly, the cave stinks to high heavens

Barrin Khavic: *helps Eli up* Aye, ye shoulda gone in on yer own, lad.
Eli Knowland: I was mearly making them off guard
Grumni Hammersmith: might be a good place to rest?
Barrin Khavic: Uh-huh.
Grumni Hammersmith: maybe not
Barrin Khavic: Nearly took yer guard off they did.
Rolo Underfoot: A door in a cave?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* has it got any marking on it?
Rolo Underfoot: Shall we see what is behind it?
Ella Illumani: Careful...
Barrin Khavic: Any traps?
Ella Illumani: Many owl bears together are nasty, nasty
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at the door*
Karvon : there are some symbols on the door
Barrin Khavic: *moves a distance away*
Karvon : lore checks
Rolo Underfoot: Something written here.
Barrin Khavic: *looks at it*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for signs of the door being recently opened*

Karvon : several of you are able to decypher them they are indeed symbols of the death goddess you were told of.

Barrin Khavic: *snorts* Looks like the right place.
Rolo Underfoot: Uh oh ... we be getting closer I reckon.
Grumni Hammersmith: hat are yer knowing?
Grumni Hammersmith: *what
Barrin Khavic: *points at the symbols*
Eli Knowland: Can't you see? *points* there and there
Eli Knowland: Its easy really
Grumni Hammersmith: whay they mean though?
Ella Illumani: *tilts head*
Rolo Underfoot: Like on yer map Grumni.
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head* you sure?
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* Don't know and don't care. Let's have a look.
Eli Knowland: "Death Cult lives here"
Grumni Hammersmith: ah, this is it then lads
Eli Knowland: well, not really...more like warning wards
Rolo Underfoot: ready?
Eli Knowland: But the meaning is the same
Ute Gudmund: i think so
Barrin Khavic: 'long as there be no traps on the door, yes.
Ella Illumani: Be ready for undead uglies....
Barrin Khavic: As aposed to undead pretties? *grins*

Rust Monster: The creature lashes out with a tentacle, which misses!
Ella Illumani: What is that..
Rust Monster: Your weapon rusts!
Rust Monster: Your weapon rusts!
Rust Monster: The creature lashes out with a tentacle, which hits!
Rust Monster: A metal item rusts!
Ute Gudmund: AAAAAHHHH

Ute Gudmund: where is it... *looks through body*
Barrin Khavic: Got some axes, lad.
Ella Illumani: It makes the metal rust...
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps*
Ella Illumani: *examines blade* Tch....
Barrin Khavic: May not be much, but better than yer 'ands.
Ute Gudmund: thanks, i will give it back once i can buy back mine
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone lose stuff?
Barrin Khavic: Meh. Was gonna sell 'em anyway.
Ella Illumani: It's all gone...
Ella Illumani: Dead dagger.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks around*
Barrin Khavic: 'ope there nae be any traps 'round 'ere.

Rolo Underfoot: zombies
Ella Illumani: Undead ddeaddd!
Eli Knowland: Zombies!
Barrin Khavic: Ugly 'nes.
Eli Knowland: Actually, lots of Zombies!
Barrin Khavic: Let the badger at 'em.

Eli Knowland: We are really on the right trail then
Ella Illumani: *picks up zombie club* Huzzah!
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* Moradin took care of a fair few of 'em
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Good work, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: Another door.
Eli Knowland: *looks around at the stonework* this wasn't build in a few months
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at door*
Eli Knowland: Looks like it was here much longer than that
Barrin Khavic: Nice work, this. Shame it be used in this way.
Grumni Hammersmith: this trouble's bee brewing a while
Ella Illumani: This is definitely the undead uglies place.
Rolo Underfoot: Don't hear anything shall I open it?
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Rolo Underfoot: zombies
Barrin Khavic: Ugh! *wipes off icor*
Ella Illumani: Yuck
Grumni Hammersmith: smelled 'em before I saw 'em
Barrin Khavic: *picks out rotting flesh* Gonna need a bath soon.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... which way?
Eli Knowland: I think we should work straight ahead
Eli Knowland: oh ho
Eli Knowland: These look tougher
Ella Illumani: oooghhh

Ella Illumani: Thankies sirs. *rubs head*
Barrin Khavic: Wooo....
Grumni Hammersmith: that's the last time I can turn 'em
Barrin Khavic: Anybody be 'elin the lass?
Eli Knowland: Maybe we should rest a bit?
Ella Illumani: Got no spells left.
Ella Illumani: Thankies Mr. Dwarf!
Barrin Khavic: Don need rest so I be takin watch.

Karvon : the zombies are a mix of pilgrims, bandits and what look like former mercenaries

Rolo Underfoot: hmm dead end it seems.
Grumni Hammersmith: can't seem to rest
Eli Knowland: Those last zombies looked vaguely Human
Grumni Hammersmith: too much trouble around
Ella Illumani: Hmmmm....
Ute Gudmund: you think so?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... need to find some place safe.
Barrin Khavic: Prolly.
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* I'm going by their build, they seemed bigger in frame than the others
Rolo Underfoot: Back out or onward?
Grumni Hammersmith: hit and run then, they ain't to good at moving fast
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at door*
Barrin Khavic: I'm good ta go forward.
Eli Knowland: Yes, missle weapons would be prefered
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing ... shall I open it?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Barrin Khavic: *looks at arrows* Gonna need some more soon. Aye, open it lad.

Rolo Underfoot: I think they are alive.
Ella Illumani: Ladies...
Female Prisoner : thank the gods!
Ella Illumani: And one man
Barrin Khavic: Oi!
Eli Knowland: Ho! Women!
Ella Illumani: Hello!
Ella Illumani: Are you stuck here?
Female Prisoner : are you here to rescue us?
Eli Knowland: You been down here long?
Grumni Hammersmith: look a bit skinny
Ute Gudmund: there barrin, not much but might help
Barrin Khavic: *grins* Got 'nough arrows fer a while, thanks.
Ella Illumani: Is this the place of the dead cult of uglies?
Female Prisoner : we were taken prisoner by bandits along the road
Rolo Underfoot: Any of them Pilgrims?
Barrin Khavic: Are ye pilgrims?
Male Prisoner : We were part of a caravan
Eli Knowland: Offering by the Bandits to the Cult?
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Either way, we best be gettin ye out of 'ere.
Grumni Hammersmith: sounds likely
Male Prisoner : They said a necromancer lives in this place
Rolo Underfoot: Aye .
Ute Gudmund: what?
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: we've hit the jackpot then
Eli Knowland: well, of course he does!
Ella Illumani: Death cult of uglies. Yes..
Male Prisoner : they come and take someone away every few days, we never see them again
Rolo Underfoot: I recken they be right about that.
Eli Knowland: This is just the sort of place they spoke about back at the acadamy
Ella Illumani: They must be turning you all into zombies!
Male Prisoner : *shivers*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* we can't leave 'em here
Rolo Underfoot: Putting it bluntly.]
Barrin Khavic: Don worry lad, we be gettin ye out of 'ere.
Male Prisoner : YOu have any food?
Eli Knowland: We should really escort them back to the entrance
Ella Illumani: Yes.
Female Prisoner : We've not eaten in days
Female Prisoner : Please feed us.
Barrin Khavic: *pulls out some food and hands it out* Not much, I'm afraid.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* here
Rolo Underfoot: I've got some rations here -- not much for taste though
Eli Knowland: Here some bread...share it amongst you
Ute Gudmund: i do have some, not much but better than nothing *hands them some food*
Barrin Khavic: Follow us.
Ella Illumani: Come, come!
Rolo Underfoot: Stay close and together .. and out of the fights.
Male Prisoner : We just want to get out of here
Ella Illumani: Mind the corpses
Eli Knowland: Follow us then...come on

Male Prisoner : the prisoners follow you out

Barrin Khavic: Looks clear.
Barrin Khavic: *kicks the rust monster*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders zombie owl bears*
Barrin Khavic: 'ope they can be makin it back ta the keep.
Eli Knowland: What about taking a little rest here?
Barrin Khavic: *stands guard* Go ahead.
Rolo Underfoot: down here? Or back the way we came?
Grumni Hammersmith: best thing we can do fer 'em is put an end to this cult
Ella Illumani: I can't rest, I don't have any food. *frowns*
Ella Illumani: Oh, thank you!
Rolo Underfoot: There is another.
Ella Illumani: You hear something heading towards you...
Male Prisoner : can you take us to safety?
Male Prisoner : We've no way to protect ourselves.
Eli Knowland: *looks at his pack* Down to my last bun too
Rolo Underfoot: There is one on the ground take it.

Ute Gudmund: stand back women
Eli Knowland: Gnoll
Ella Illumani: Dont' attack, ladies!
Ella Illumani: You're too frail
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* best get 'em back to the road
Eli Knowland: They'll never make it back in one piece
Ute Gudmund: yes
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Eli Knowland: Should we go back to the Keep altogether?
Barrin Khavic: Might as well.
Ella Illumani: I think we ought.
Grumni Hammersmith: them pilgrims could take 'em
Eli Knowland: we can resupply
Barrin Khavic: There be that.
Ute Gudmund: aye
Barrin Khavic: Got some axes ta sell.
Ute Gudmund: i need to find a new scimitar
Eli Knowland: That cult looks like it wouldn't be going anywhere
Ella Illumani: hehe
Ella Illumani: Come along, ladies and man.
Rolo Underfoot: And food.

Karvon : they seem quite famished and weak but manage to keep up

Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* all this walking, I've only got short legs
Ella Illumani: This way?
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs* might be a good idea if yer take a wash in the river
Barrin Khavic: Zhazngar'th kururt waah oa, nazt, 'anrhth zhak' k'a ziahzi'nazkaurr
Ella Illumani: *pets boar*
Ute Gudmund: AHHH
Grumni Hammersmith: phew
Ella Illumani: Hooray!
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Barrin Khavic: *sighs*
Ella Illumani: Zombies zombies everywhere, and not a one's alive.
Barrin Khavic: And they all be ugly.
Ella Illumani: Very ugly.

Karvon : the prisoners are welcomed by the pilgrims who take care of them and feed them

Grumni Hammersmith: back to the cave?
Ute Gudmund: alright
Barrin Khavic: Good place as any less ye wanna visit the merchant first.
Rolo Underfoot: Let's restock on supplies.
Ute Gudmund: i rather visit the merchant first
Ella Illumani: *nodnod*
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Barrin Khavic: Watch fer bandits.
Barrin Khavic: And spiders?

Karvon : pack of wandering wolf spiders

Rolo Underfoot: And perhaps some of the prisoners can tell us more about that cult.
Ella Illumani: icky.
Barrin Khavic: 'Least they be alive.
Ella Illumani: Thankies
Rolo Underfoot: Eli is always on point
Barrin Khavic: 'umans are impatient.

Sanner Goodman: Hellow there
Barrin Khavic: Oi.
Ute Gudmund: greetings
Ella Illumani: Hello~
Sanner Goodman: How fare you all?
Ute Gudmund: we need some supplies, if you have some
Sanner Goodman: Very well
Rolo Underfoot: We be alive!
Barrin Khavic: Not bad. Can we be seein yer wares?
Eli Knowland: Not too bad...and you?
Ella Illumani: We'd like to trade.
Rolo Underfoot: oh thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: May I see your goods?
Sanner Goodman: I suppose.
Sanner Goodman: Always welcome customers
Sanner Goodman: Yes, I'm a weapons merchant, not a herbalist.
Rolo Underfoot: or ammo?
Ute Gudmund: want your axe back?
Barrin Khavic: Nae, sell it.
Ute Gudmund: i found a scimitar, i rather use that weapon
Ute Gudmund: alright
Rolo Underfoot: I need a better merchant than Sanner here.
Barrin Khavic: Got some arrows if'n ye be needin 'em, lad.
Eli Knowland: The Keep beckons I think
Rolo Underfoot: I need small round stones, and healing and food.
Ella Illumani: Zombie rags are worth a gold piece. Hee!
Eli Knowland: as do we all
Barrin Khavic: Ah.
Ute Gudmund: *waves scimitar to feel the balance* A decent weapon
Barrin Khavic: Got three healin kits.
Eli Knowland: Food my good dwarf...I need some food
Ute Gudmund: i just have one healing kit
Ute Gudmund: me too
Grumni Hammersmith: 2 here
Eli Knowland: Let's go
Rolo Underfoot: I've got 5 actually, but I want more ... only three rations and 2 healing pots.
Ute Gudmund: alright
Rolo Underfoot: Can never pack too much of that stuff.

Ella Illumani: Pretty woods
Grumni Hammersmith: good place fer an ambush
Ella Illumani: eeks...w
Eli Knowland: indeed
Rolo Underfoot: What?
Ute Gudmund: hm?
Ute Gudmund: where are we going?
Grumni Hammersmith: a badger shot off that way
Ella Illumani: We've lost some
Barrin Khavic: Beware the bullette. *snorts*
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for the others*
Rolo Underfoot: *huff puff* and the dwur wins!
Ella Illumani: Come along boys, come along
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Grumni Hammersmith: she moves fast fer a little 'un
Eli Knowland: To find a place to sleep.

Eli Knowland: I am Eli Knowland.
Charl: Right!
Eli Knowland: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Eli Knowland: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Rolo Underfoot: I wonder if what's his name will give more bags of gold if we talk with him?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm heading to the bakers

Karvon : A new travel merchant has set up shop in town.

Mendel : welcome travellers!
Mendel : enjoy my wares
Mendel : something for everyone!
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Grumni Hammersmith: Yes, please.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* a bit pricey
Barrin Khavic: Aye, but he has things the other doesn't.
Ute Gudmund: what does he have?
Grumni Hammersmith: me pockts ain't deep enough
Barrin Khavic: At yer prices, we best be enjoyin 'em.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ned to see that fella in the temple
Barrin Khavic: *splashes water on his face*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* this fella is undercutting that pricey merchant

...and the party wanders about the keep resupplying and considerig the wares offered by the visiting merchant

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