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Old Freeport Cemetary Ancient Crypts - Day 9 Morning Session

Post by Karvon » Mon May 09, 2011 10:56 pm

Karvon : You've been wandering about in the ancient crypts. You found a passage which seems to be leading up which is where we ended last time.

Grumni Hammersmith: we best find them other golems lad
Solithar : Which we are we going?
Solithar : That way right?
Rand Colds: Chrono, you may want to stand in the back.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Right.

Solithar : Sweet
Grumni Hammersmith: run fer it lads
Rand Colds: where's chrono
Rand Colds: okay, we're out of range

Karvon : you walking over a narrow series of ledges surrounded by deep chasms.

Solithar : Stay close
Rand Colds: Over here.
Rand Colds: Hurry

Solithar : Boulders
Solithar : Can magic destroy these
Rand Colds: go
Rand Colds: go, solithar
Grumni Hammersmith: THIS WAY LADS
Solithar : Blocked
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Unfortunately, this would take a while to get through
Grumni Hammersmith: I can blast 'em if yer want

Karvon : and you've found your way up the old crypts level but a cave in blocks the way.

Grumni Hammersmith: move it forward a bit lad
Solithar : Dead end?
Rand Colds: mIght be a door back there.
Grumni Hammersmith: look fer secret doors
Rand Colds: trap
Solithar : TRAP
Rand Colds: I think this is leading out. Are we ready to leave?
Solithar : Er can't remove it
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I don't believe we have what we came for.
Grumni Hammersmith: nay lad, I've not come all this way fer no mask
Rand Colds: How are we on supplies?
Solithar : Wanna roast that pig?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: This may be a fair place to rest, however
Grumni Hammersmith: I got some
Rand Colds: I have three kits and four potions. No food.
Solithar : Hm
Solithar : Nasty
Rand Colds: Thanks, Grumni.
Solithar : Don't touch ut or the sky will fall
Grumni Hammersmith: I've a bit more should one of yer need it
Rand Colds: *tucks the adventurer food into his pack*
Solithar : We need an exit
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess we go back
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Here
Solithar : HERE
Rand Colds: Chrono, do you have a spell to take out those skeletons?
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*

Grumni Hammersmith: anyone see a trap on the door?
Rand Colds: nope, but my eyes aint so good.
Solithar : Special key required * smile *
Rand Colds: monster
Rand Colds: whew,
Grumni Hammersmith: well done lads
Solithar : Came from where?
Rand Colds: *drops to a knee*

Karvon : seems to have stepped out of the engraving on the wall.

Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for gem*
Solithar : Hm
Grumni Hammersmith: yer bring shame ter me kin yer dirty dwarves
Rand Colds: They ain't got no food.
Rand Colds: I need to rest, guys.
Solithar : Need a door
Rand Colds: was there a gem on this one
Solithar : Found one
Grumni Hammersmith: no gem
Solithar : You rest I watch
Grumni Hammersmith: *guards doorway*
Rand Colds: I can't rest here.
Solithar : Come over then
Rand Colds: thanks.

Karvon : You make camp and can rest here

Rand Colds: *watches the door*
Grumni Hammersmith: everyone rested?
Solithar : Shall we go back "there"?
Rand Colds: We found another gem, I think we are close to being ready to get through that last door.
Solithar : another gem? Where?
Rand Colds: Er, maybe not the 'last' door, but a door either way.
Rand Colds: Didn't you say you got a gem off that stone statue thing that attacked us recently?
Solithar : Nope
Grumni Hammersmith: well... at least I can see that 'un which is an improvement
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm ready ter move on anyways
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: // ok... just a litle longer then
Rand Colds: Okay, so we still only have the two elemental gems, not three.
Solithar : I guess so.
Solithar : Did the dwaves have anything?
Grumni Hammersmith: just a lack of honour
Rand Colds: nothing, but contempt
Grumni Hammersmith: the lure of gold can be too much fer some dwarves I guess.
Solithar : Must have been rock dwarves since they came "out of the wall"
Rand Colds: good thing we sent them back to the rock, floor that is.
Solithar : Shall we go?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm ready *taps foot*
Rand Colds: time sure is dragging.
Solithar : Don't think we could fina any truffle down here.
Grumni Hammersmith: this aint no time fer triffle
Rand Colds: okay, rest already
Solithar : Ah
Grumni Hammersmith: I like a pudding as much as the next dwarf but there's a time and a place

Solithar : Secret door over there
Rand Colds: Please, no jelly. I'll never be able to eat toast and jam again.
Rand Colds: Out of my way
Rand Colds: door
Solithar : Left wall
Solithar : Don't run into traps
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: gold
Solithar : Why is there coin(s) over there?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, is this one of yer's
Rand Colds: We been here before?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps we've been here before.
Solithar : Oh right it's ours
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes fist* damn these infernal tunnels
Solithar : Hey this is the way out of the crypt
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We don't need to leave yet.
Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't got what we came fer yet
Rand Colds: So, do we resupply, or go back down?
Solithar : Agree
Grumni Hammersmith: continue
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I have food enough for all of us
Solithar : But wait
Rand Colds: Okay, back to the skeletons
Solithar : We found nothing over here
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*
Solithar : So we cross the river again?
Rand Colds: Chrono, can you take out those skeleton archers?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: must've missed something down there
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Although it may be safer to just make ourselves invisible
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking I could blast 'em
Solithar : Well done
Rand Colds: hey, I found one, I found one

Rand Colds: ouch, zap them already
Solithar : Use magic no?
Grumni Hammersmith: can't see the buggers
Solithar : YEAH
Solithar : Let's go
Solithar : Hm
Rand Colds: I feel better already
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Karvon : You note these stirges are a lot bigger and tougher than the average ones you've met before.

Rand Colds: wonder what these suckers ahve been feeding on down here.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, them mercenaries probably
Rand Colds: thanks, grumni, and Morradin
Rand Colds: where's Chrono
Rand Colds: Oh, you okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* keeps vanishing
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: ...Simpler to just be invisible.
Solithar : There bite weakens you.

Rand Colds: Great, here we are again.
Grumni Hammersmith: keep an eye out fer doors
Solithar : The gems are here
Grumni Hammersmith: must be a door here
Grumni Hammersmith: *points to coin*
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scatches head*
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*
Grumni Hammersmith: this new?
Solithar : Is this the ring?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *folows*
Rand Colds: Ring?
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Rand Colds: I don't think we checked down here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: Bah!
Solithar : Here
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Rand Colds: *looks at the shelves*
Rand Colds: Don't remember seeing these before
Solithar : The dogs and cats?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* must be another door somewhere
Rand Colds: Hmmm, could be.
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: no gold piece
Solithar : Stay there pig
Rand Colds: *drops a gold piece*
Solithar : One here
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*
Solithar : * poke wall *
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Solithar : The other way perhaps.
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Solithar : Poke and listen
Grumni Hammersmith: been here
Solithar : Don't know
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*
Grumni Hammersmith: *goes back*
Solithar : The river
Grumni Hammersmith: *follows others*
Solithar : Er
Grumni Hammersmith: not find anything?
Solithar : I think I'm lost
Grumni Hammersmith: *goes back to Rand*
Rand Colds: *finds himself back with the others*
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer see the
Solithar : Hollow wall
Solithar : A door
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye good job lad
Solithar : Any rune you can read?
Grumni Hammersmith: *lore*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *lore*
Solithar : Can I break it?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: This is an ancient tomb...

Karvon : The crypt is empty.

Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at axe* I need ter find a better weapon
Solithar : Locked door to an empty chamber?
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Rand Colds: What? Your axe has been most dependable, my friend.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* ony when it got the cold fire on it though
Solithar : No luck in here
Rand Colds: Well, you know it best. I'll let you know if I find anything better.
Solithar : Grummi you got any magic to restore my strength?
Solithar : Hey thanks a lot
Grumni Hammersmith: thats the best I got
Solithar : We need new doors
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Solithar : One
Solithar : Two
Grumni Hammersmith: here again
Solithar : Ah ah
Rand Colds: *goes through door*
Solithar : We've been here
Grumni Hammersmith: *follows Solitahr*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* me pigs wandered off
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Found a door.
Solithar : New one?
Grumni Hammersmith: nay theres a coin
Solithar : Not new
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I think we've not gone through it recently at least
Solithar : We're going in circles
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, its getting on me nerves
Rand Colds: Let'
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Nay, we're only going nowhere
Rand Colds: s try this door.
Grumni Hammersmith: coins on the floor

Rand Colds: agh
Grumni Hammersmith: *follows others*
Rand Colds: stay away, keep it away
Rand Colds: bitch
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: try again?
Solithar : Yeah
Rand Colds: heal me
Rand Colds: I got a magic sword
Rand Colds: I'm hurting her
Solithar : * poke wall to find door *
Rand Colds: fight me, bitch
Grumni Hammersmith: wheres the damn door?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *coughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: SOLITHAR!!!
Grumni Hammersmith: *choke* find the door!
Grumni Hammersmith: *choke* just find the door!

Karvon : For story purpose, we will consider that you managed to drag, follow Solithar out of the room in question and retreat to a nearby room to rest and recover.

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Freeport Ancient Crypts - Day 10 evening - session 42

Post by Karvon » Tue May 24, 2011 1:03 am

Karvon : quick recap... You've searched more of the ancient crypts and stumbled upon an ancient tomb which nearly proved the death of you all. You managed to escape. The party retreated to a previously cleared chamber to rest up and decide the next course of action.

Rand Colds: So, have you guys got any spells that maybe can help against that female executioner?
Dranko : *listens to their story of the ghost attack* Gah, sorry I wasn't there to help you boys, fraid I got lost while we were flitting about between all those damned doors
Dranko : I got some more enchantments ready for your arms and armor, if you wanna take another stab at it
Rand Colds: *eyes Dranko*
Rand Colds: We need all the help we can get. I'd prefer to have Grumni with us for the next time we face that bitch.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I would too.
Dranko : Aye, alright, sounds like a plan
Rand Colds: Then we can put her to rest, or whatever it takes to end her existence.
Dranko : *nods*
Solithar : I told you she was so fast she dodged all my attacks.
Rand Colds: So, in the mean time, lets check for more of these confounded invisible doors.
Dranko : Knowing ghosts, she's probably become attached to the worldly possessions of her tomb
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: well, we took 'em. Hope she don't come wandering the halls looking for them.
Dranko : *grins* I'm sure she'll sleep all the better once we've liberated her from that burden
Dranko : ah...damn
Solithar : What did we take?
Rand Colds: Grumni's carrying the bulk of it. I managed to lift some boots and a sword.
Dranko : then here's hoping I'm wrong about that
Rand Colds: Aye.
Dranko : well, where to now?
Solithar : We take the secret passage.
Rand Colds: *gets his bearings*
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Dranko : *sighs* You'd think we'd sorta have a feel for the lay of the land by this point
Dranko : it's like the whole damned room shifts the second you take your eyes off it
Rand Colds: I've stared at enough walls to be a dwarf by now.
Rand Colds: Hey, am I shrinking?
Solithar : North or East then?
Rand Colds: *stands tall*
Dranko : Aha!
Rand Colds: good work, Dranko, I seen it too.
Rand Colds: *goes through the door Dranko found*
Dranko : uhh, so is that the one were going to or the one were comin from?
Rand Colds: only one way to find out.
Rand Colds: *braces for battle and steps through*
Dranko : ah, riight *follows through*
Solithar : * same here *
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *goes through*
Solithar : Next time you see a door hold it or something
Dranko : well done

Rand Colds: This may be the way up.
Rand Colds: Dranko, we did find the exit while you were wandering.
Dranko : oh yeah? good to know
Solithar : * look for something in pocket * Ah here it is.
Rand Colds: coin
Dranko : whereabouts is it from here?
Rand Colds: I think it's through that doorway. I can check real quick
Solithar : * put on a ring with a cat eye opal *
Rand Colds: yep
Rand Colds: looks like the skeletons are back too.
Solithar : Where are we going?
Dranko : well that's a comfort
Rand Colds: not if you seen the skeletons.
Rand Colds: we are seeking unfound doors.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We need to find the last guardian... I believe.
Solithar : The tiles look uneven.
Dranko : hmm, just one second....
Dranko : *goes back to the exit*
Solithar : This way

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Aieee
Rand Colds: exit, leave
Solithar : NOOO
Rand Colds: solithar?
Dranko : huh...?

Rand Colds: *guards teh door*
Dranko : was
Solithar : Please mark this door with a red cross or something
Rand Colds: I'll use this key to mark the devil lady.
Solithar : * put on another ring *
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: This door...
Dranko : ah, here we are, my old acolyte's uniform
Dranko : *drops a uniform with an embroydered human skull on the front*
Rand Colds: Where's Chronos?
Rand Colds: He isn't still in there, is he?
Rand Colds: *gets ready to go back into the death chamber*
Solithar : No!
Dranko : dunno, didn't see him
Dranko : hmmm
Rand Colds: *searches for the door*
Solithar : Anything in there is dead!
Rand Colds: We cant just leave him in there. I won't do it.
Dranko : well he is a Gnome, they stick to their ancestral illusion magic, aye?
Dranko : there's a good chance he fired off an invisibility spell before she got to him
Rand Colds: If I have to drag him out by his hair, he will not be left behind.
Solithar : Can't you use a magic eye or something?
Dranko : naw
Dranko : don't got it
Dranko : not clairvoyance, not cat's eye, nothin
Dranko : sorry
Solithar : Fine I will go check.
Rand Colds: I swear he came out with us. where could he have gone?
Solithar : Ah can't do that
Rand Colds: is that a coin down there?
Dranko : yeah
Rand Colds: could he have gone alone through a door?

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: There you are!
Rand Colds: Chronos?
Dranko : ey!
Rand Colds: do you see him?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Dranko : he's right here
Rand Colds: *squints*
Rand Colds: Oh, yeah.
Rand Colds: Were you with us the whole time, wizard?
Rand Colds: *breathes angrily*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I went through this door a few minutes ago.
Rand Colds: Fine, try not to wander off, okay.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Didn't want to lose it...
Rand Colds: *stomps off down the hall*
Rand Colds: isn't this where we found the two gems, close to here?
Dranko : mmm, could be
Solithar : Strange
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows through*
Dranko : oh, nice, real nice
Dranko : *does the same*
Rand Colds: I think this is where the golems were.
Solithar : Yes but who closed these doors?
Dranko : aye, you've got the right of it, Rand.
Solithar : * look up *
Rand Colds: not sure if I want to check and see if they'
Rand Colds: re back.
Rand Colds: *listens*
Rand Colds: Bah, like they move or breath.

Karvon : the beams of light seem to be magical rather than natural....

Solithar : So there is a chamber above here with holes in the ground?
Rand Colds: well, shall we check a door and find out?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *looks up*
Solithar : We have been here no doubt about it.
Solithar : Unless somebody else is dropping gold.
Rand Colds: should be empty then. here, I'll check this one.
Rand Colds: ready?
Dranko : *sighs as he fails to disarm the locks* Guess the ol' lockspringer went and pulled up stakes.
Solithar : Hello empty
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *tries to determine the source of the light*
Rand Colds: probably a door in here, with our luck, we missed it last time
Dranko : guess there's a chance
Dranko : as much as any other place, I suppose
Rand Colds: well, I guess this proves the golems are gone. we been here before, for sure.
Solithar : Yeah but I need a door.
Dranko : *looks up at the light and gives it a scornful stare*
Rand Colds: Lets try somewhere else. There is probably section of the tombs just like this one, with two more gems hidden away.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Dranko : maybe the other door is in there with that witch?

Rand Colds: fight
Rand Colds: damned goo
Solithar : May be it was hungry.
Rand Colds: yeah, but I'm not ready to take on that witch just yet.
Rand Colds: I'm sure it was hungry. One of these things ate me a few days ago. If not for Grumni.......

Dranko : maybe our good gnome could give the place a lookabout at least
Dranko : while invisible, 'course
Rand Colds: Solithar is pretty good at finding these doors, and he don't die quite as easily, maybe he can take a look.
Solithar : You coming?
Rand Colds: *follows Solithar*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I can make us all invisible.
Dranko : aye, even better
Dranko : *does the same*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *folows*

Dranko : ugh...the hell was that?
Dranko : *doubles over in pain*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Oh?
Solithar : This way
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Negative energy feedback?
Rand Colds: *looks at Dranko*
Dranko : *raises his head and nods silently*
Rand Colds: you okay?
Dranko : I'll manage
Rand Colds: *follows the other two*
Dranko : *follows Rand*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Isaw...
Solithar : What was that? Who got hurt? How?
Rand Colds: *follows*
Dranko : got hit by a blast of negative energy, dunno from where
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm...
Solithar : Let's find doors.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Sounds like that ghost.
Dranko : it's not important, I'll manage
Rand Colds: where did you feel it?
Dranko : right when we walked out the door

Rand Colds: Chronos, can you make anything of this writing?
Solithar : One here
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We've been here before.
Dranko : doesn't mean much to me
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I believe it is the hallway leading to the ghost, among other things.
Solithar : Yes but we coud have missed a door.
Solithar : dead end?
Rand Colds: so it seems.
Solithar : Any of you cartographer?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Rand Colds: this way leads out, but we can search for doors.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I am taking notes
Dranko : I got a map and a marker, but that's about it
Rand Colds: we tried this one last time, lets try that other one.
Dranko : wait a second
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: This is slightly new.
Dranko : *follows through*
Dranko : didnt we pass the place that lead to the ghost?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Actually, I was wrong.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: But why?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Do you want to go back there?
Dranko : eh, just second-guessing, maybe
Solithar : Is this our way out?
Dranko : well, we were gonna search the place for doors, yea?
Rand Colds: this is where we rested.
Solithar : Hm
Dranko : *gazes silently at the room, grinding his teeth*
Rand Colds: looks like there are two other doors here, we used one of them leaving, one coming, which one is the other.
Dranko : sounds like another one of those elementals
Rand Colds: this looks promising, lets look really good around this rock

Solithar : This may be new
Solithar : No gold
Rand Colds: *drops a coin
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Dranko : *follows through*
Rand Colds: *goes through*
Solithar : Hm
Rand Colds: hmm, another door, right next to this one.
Solithar : Where?
Solithar : Hell!
Solithar : Rand!
Solithar : This way Rand
Dranko : hmm, locked door
Rand Colds: this is new.
Rand Colds: dont go through any doors, let me go first
Solithar : Is that THE door?
Dranko : aye, aye
Rand Colds: any magical protections would be highly appreciated.
Solithar : But we only have two gems.
Dranko : hmm alright
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I can make us invisible
Dranko : maybe someone should scout it
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: If that would help

Karvon : This is not the sealed door.

Rand Colds: should be a door on the left here, if this is The door.
Dranko : I only got one set of these spells, and I don't wanna waste it if there's nothing but bone meal behind that door
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Maybe its not.
Rand Colds: any magical protections would be nice about now.
Rand Colds: okay.
Solithar : Can I break it?
Rand Colds: we need a key?
Rand Colds: have at it
Rand Colds: great, a room full of nothing but stale air.

Karvon : bits of rubble here and there; looks like the place has been disturbed previously.

Rand Colds: Mayhap there was a golem at one time in here.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I wonder if you could make a golem from this debris....
Solithar : Hey they may be something here.
Dranko : a "detritus golem"?
Rand Colds: *looks at the glyphs on the wall*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *laughs* Yes.
Dranko : hey, it's an idea
Solithar : No luck]
Rand Colds: *scratches his head*
Rand Colds: Hey, Chronos?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *sighs* Yes.
Rand Colds: Can you make anything of these pictures?
Dranko : *stares at the pictures with a puzzled look*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: They tell a warrior-priests tale.
Rand Colds: *scratches his head*
Rand Colds: Hmm, anything useful?
Solithar : These around the frame you mean?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: No.
Rand Colds: Okay, thanks for checking.
Rand Colds: *goes back to searching the walls*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Very likely the same type of thing in the doorway, as well.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I don't have another spell to assist me, regardless.
Rand Colds: *searches the floor*
Dranko : oh, by the way fellas
Dranko : made em myself
Rand Colds: Looks like this was no golem, but a coffin.
Solithar : What's that?
Dranko : tried feeding them to felix, but she kept puking them out
Rand Colds: thanks, Dranko, will I turn into a zombie?
Dranko : just something that'll give you a little edge in combat
Dranko : nah
Solithar : Felix?
Dranko : distilled vampire blood, mixed with a bit of amber-gris and other stuff
Dranko : yeah, my cat
Rand Colds: someone was buried here, looks like somebody beat us to it though.
Rand Colds: we should keep an eye out for a rogue that locks doors behind him and has some loot.
Solithar : So it's true some people may give names to animals.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps they sought the mask as well.
Rand Colds: Solithar, you never had a pet dog growing up?
Solithar : No but these look like masks
Rand Colds: Aye, we have company down here. Keep a sharp eye out.
Rand Colds: Now, lets find some NEW doors.
Dranko : right-o

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Same stuff in the doorway.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps the Mask is elemental in nature.... they seemed to worship the elements.
Solithar : Is this place Dwarven?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I wouldn't know.
Solithar : I mean who or waht would built a place like this?
Rand Colds: bah, we found what's here, lets search somewhere else.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: A long-lost culture.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I would find it fascinating, if I weren't trapped here with dwindling supplies
Rand Colds: *looks for the door they came through*
Dranko : damn, had a feeling we were getting close to the tomb
Solithar : We tried the second door?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We've been through this door.
Solithar : But this may be the exit.
Dranko : alright, were not far from the ghost's tomb
Dranko : isnt this the way?
Rand Colds: are we going back to the bitch?
Dranko : I thought the idea was to scout out the area for doors
Dranko : while garm makes us invisible
Rand Colds: right, while invisible

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Dranko : *follows through*
Dranko : *takes in a breath*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Ready?
Dranko : well, this'd be it.
Solithar : Hm
Dranko : yeah
Rand Colds: okay, you up for this Solithar?
Solithar : No
Dranko : I'll buff you up, just to be sure
Solithar : Why you want to go there?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Go through.
Dranko : *follows*
Rand Colds: *goes through*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *whispers* Stay very close, very quiet.
Solithar : * look around *
Dranko : *stares at the ghost* Alright...alright...
Rand Colds: *keeps an eye on the ghost*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: She is so... powerful.
Dranko : *w* Circle around the room?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Aye, Solithar first.....
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: He's the best at spotting these things.
Dranko : crap!
Solithar : RUN
Rand Colds: time to run
Solithar : TRY EXIT

Solithar : * sigh *
Rand Colds: *pants*
Dranko : ....anyone have any idea just what the hell happened back there?
Rand Colds: that was too close.
Rand Colds: I seen her charge at Solithar, I stepped in the way, she went right around me, so I attacked her.
Solithar : What? The demon ghost came after us.
Dranko : Thanks for the save, Rand
Dranko : we owe ya big
Dranko : aye, but how'd she get our scent?
Rand Colds: she must have sensed ya, I could barely see you, solithar.
Dranko : we were doin fine there for a bit
Rand Colds: *sits*

Karvon : Of what you searched, you did not detect any other exits. You covered about 2/3rds or so of the chamber.

Solithar : I think there is nothing in there.
Rand Colds: *nods to Dranko* It's what I do.
Solithar : Except death may be.
Rand Colds: *wearily stands back up*
Dranko : well, know door
Rand Colds: I'll stay out here, sorry guys.
Dranko : though I guess we should count ourself lucky that we found the door that took us out of that blighted place..
Solithar : Don't go in there
Solithar : I can only go if I rest.
Rand Colds: *patches up his wounds as best he can*
Dranko : Aye, Rand's right
Rand Colds: *leans against the wall*
Dranko : we really need to track down the dwarf before we start makin any bigger plans
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*
Rand Colds: Maybe we could rest in this room.
Dranko : Yeah
Dranko : roomy enough for us
Solithar : You still have food?
Dranko : *follows through*

Karvon : and in the small crowded crypt you make camp....

Rand Colds: *looks down at his 'stoney' skin* I think I'd be dead without this protection. Thank you.
Dranko : *nods* You do for me, I do for you. Way it works.
Dranko : *heads out of the crypt*
Rand Colds: well, that's the last of my food.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Nearly out myself.
Rand Colds: *puts his cloak and helm back on*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *ready to go*
Rand Colds: Thanks Dranko.
Dranko : got a fair share myself
Dranko : ask if you got the need
Rand Colds: *tucks the rations away in a pack*
Rand Colds: *notices something in his pack*
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: *looks over his wounds, feeling pretty good*
Solithar : Do we need a "plan"? Something that does not include getting beaten to death...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We can finish searching that room
Rand Colds: I'm guessing you found no hidden doors in that tomb?
Solithar : No

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Freeport - Ancient Crypts - Mornining Day 12 - Session 43

Post by Karvon » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:39 am

Karvon: Note: lost first part of log when I crashed. The party is continuing the search for two more gems needed to unlock the magical gate to the main tomb

Solithar : This way?
Solithar : May be I forgot.
Rand Colds: four doors in this room
Rand Colds: coin on the other wall there.
Solithar : This way
Solithar : LEFT
Solithar : Er
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: careful.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't liking that floor
Dranko : ....I.....was.....left.....
Rand Colds: Dranko, you okay?
Solithar : Don't want to go to the well.
Grumni Hammersmith: no
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm... Just saw a trap here
Dranko : I'll live.
Rand Colds: yeah, Dranko stepped on it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: To my left
Solithar : * try to open door *
Dranko : could I get a little help Grumni?
Solithar : Invisible door?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer need ter stay clear of traps lad
Solithar : Can't open it.
Dranko : *grunts* He said left, I stayed left
Solithar : You too?
Rand Colds: *steps through the door*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Rand Colds: trap by this door
Solithar : TRAP
Solithar : That way then?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer cas stood in a trap lad
Solithar : RIGHT
Dranko : Here Felix, right here!
Rand Colds: stay right here
Dranko : uhh, *to garm* Better back up
Solithar : To your RIGHT
Rand Colds: stay right, wizards
Solithar : Up to here
Solithar : LEFT
Rand Colds: stay left
Solithar : Good
Rand Colds: Where's Felix?
Solithar : Argh
Dranko : I'm having him stay back a ways
Dranko : dont want him trippin on something
Rand Colds: yeah, probably for the best

Solithar : Nooo
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* this is all a bit familiar
Solithar : Can't find the way back to the golem chamber.
Rand Colds: ah, the door again. Did anyone find a key, yet?
Dranko : that's the problem with all these traps, they keep us from giving this place a good search
Solithar : Unless we cross the river again.
Rand Colds: we were just at the golem room
Dranko : for all we know there could be a door right in front of one of the cursed things
Solithar : No the golem, the first time we found these ancient rooms
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, were at the golem room - no golems!
Rand Colds: oh
Solithar : The very first golem.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: There are four guardians, but they should only be in two places.
Solithar : Else go invisible and try the river but the birds may still slow us down.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* But we've killed 3 aint we?
Grumni Hammersmith: I say the river and run fer it
Solithar : RUN?
Solithar : We've got mages!
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* we got legs too
Rand Colds: the mages legs aren't very fast, I think a few bolts will drop 'em.
Dranko : *sighs*
Solithar : Up to you.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We have spells to keep us out of harms way...
Solithar : Unless you can blast the archers and we remove the birds.
Dranko : yeah
Rand Colds: perhaps invisible will help with the skeletons
Grumni Hammersmith: well... we've been going round in circles
Rand Colds: I'm not ready to give up yet
Grumni Hammersmith: If I can get close enough I coud turn the undead
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *follows*
Solithar : Or try that window just before your spider got fried.

Rand Colds: trap here
Solithar : May be it was an illusion though.
Rand Colds: pass on the right
Solithar : OOPS
Dranko : *jaw drops*
Rand Colds: *balances on the edge*
Solithar : HOLD
Dranko : woah
Solithar : Do not folllow me
Solithar : LEFT
Rand Colds: pass on left
Rand Colds: pass on right
Solithar : LEFT again
Dranko : So just a recap
Dranko : do we have any plan at all?
Solithar : We were trying to go out.
Solithar : No
Rand Colds: wander aimlessly until we run out of food and have to run past them skeletons
Dranko : skeletons?
Dranko : what trouble could they be?
Solithar : Stay left
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Far left
Solithar : * wait for the others *
Solithar : Pffff
Rand Colds: stay left, Grumni
Rand Colds: try the door on the left this time

*Dwarf stumbles over a couple of traps and collapses*

Solithar : No
Rand Colds: oh, lots of traps here, Grumni. sorry
Grumni Hammersmith: getting ter be as bad as Dranko *grins*
Dranko : hmph, I only did the one!
Rand Colds: I did one as well
Solithar : TRAPS all over
Rand Colds: Felix, watch out.
Dranko : he aint movin lest I say he moves, don't worry
Solithar : Which way you like?

*Hobbit triggers trap and goes down*

Rand Colds: this way, I guess
Solithar : Hey
Grumni Hammersmith: Morradin's beard!
Rand Colds: *looks at Felix*
Solithar : That was a dumb thing to do.
Dranko : *dazed* Ugh...I don't feel too well.....I think it must be the cavern air...
Rand Colds: Or that massive trap you stepped on, Dranko.
Solithar : And we got poisoned again.
Dranko : it wasnt me
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Solithar : No Grum rushed onto it.
Rand Colds: *looks at Felix again*
Dranko : I was standing stock still
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... might've been
Solithar : NO YOU DID
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: Dang nabbit, Grumni, cant a dwarf keep the rear once in a while.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds his hands up* fair enough, after yer
Rand Colds: It's a good thing Moragin likes ye.
Rand Colds: Hey, buddy
Rand Colds: no need to wander off and git kilt
Dranko : *rolls his eyes* Oh yeah, Moradin's takin quite a liking, I can tell

Solithar : This door then.
Solithar : You're coming?
Rand Colds: no traps this way, comrades
Solithar : This is the way out.
Rand Colds: it is?
Rand Colds: new door
Dranko : that new?
Dranko : dogs balls! Bout time!
Rand Colds: *waits for everyone to gather*
Dranko : not sure if were up to it though, what with the state were in
Solithar : You want this one?
Solithar : shhh
Dranko : uh
Solithar : * hold the door opened *

Karvon : a large fire blazes in the center of the room.

Solithar : * w * I'm staying here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* looks fishy
Dranko : that it dos
Rand Colds: Wizards, got any stone flesh form e
Rand Colds: me
Solithar : Not on me.
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone took a closer look at yonder fire?
Solithar : Rand perhaps you take a look while I hold this door.
Grumni Hammersmith: maybe a fire golem will jump out of it?
Rand Colds: Okay. Keep a close eye on me.
Dranko : *props the door open with a helm, just in case*
Grumni Hammersmith: clever
Rand Colds: I dont see any traps, yet
Solithar : If some balor shows up just run back through this.
Rand Colds: *looks closer at the fires*
Rand Colds: trap in the middle of the fire
Grumni Hammersmith: that coffin looks promising
Dranko : thanks
Dranko : wasnt planning on stepping there anyway...
Rand Colds: Ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *kicks the lid off the coffin*
Rand Colds: *it doesnt budge*
Solithar : Oh?

*warriors smash open coffin and a large fire elemental leaps out of the fire and attacks*

Dranko : oh crap
Solithar : Somebody hold this door
Rand Colds: I've had about enough out of you,

Rand Colds: I got a gem, and other stuff
Grumni Hammersmith: well done lad
Dranko : nicely done!
Grumni Hammersmith: that should be all of the gems then?
Rand Colds: ring, cloak, amulet and wand
Rand Colds: and a gem
Rand Colds: ruby
Solithar : Magical trinkets?
Rand Colds: what was the ring?
Dranko : nothing too special, bout what you'd expect from their sort
Grumni Hammersmith: yer wizards will be wanting that wand I'm sure
Dranko : nah
Dranko : I'm a scintillating sphere man, myself
Rand Colds: I like the cloak
Dranko : take it Grum, if you want
Grumni Hammersmith: take what?
Dranko : The cloak
Grumni Hammersmith: nah, Rand can have it
Solithar : Like that cloak too not too fancy.
Rand Colds: I have a cloak you can have, grumni
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: The cloak is nice...
Grumni Hammersmith: mine ain't too shoddy
Rand Colds: I already have an amulet like that one.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer keep it fer now lad, mine fits me better
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I would like the ring.
Grumni Hammersmith: nothing of interest fer me, if no one wants the stuff we can sell it
Rand Colds: Grumni, you look half dead
Solithar : I just wanted the cloak these are a bit too shiny for my taste.
Rand Colds: anyone want the cloak?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head*
Rand Colds: Solithar?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps a roll of the dice is in order?
Solithar : * look for another door *
Dranko : hmm, what the hell
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Or else we need to decide who needs it the most.
Dranko : if no one wants the cloak, O'll take it
Rand Colds: *picks up the necklace*
Grumni Hammersmith: go on then lad
Solithar : Rand took the cloak we like.
Rand Colds: *looks at the fires again*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: What gems do we have now?
Grumni Hammersmith: I could do with resting, that fire elemental's left me a bit crispy
Dranko : this looks pretty safe
Grumni Hammersmith: *taks of hiss helmet unleashed the smell of burned hair*
Grumni Hammersmith: half me beards gone!
Rand Colds: again
Rand Colds: *chuckles at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: on of me eyebrows too!
Solithar : * why
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs* a fair bit of me nose hair will need regrowing
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I think it's getting brighter...
Rand Colds: Chrono, take a look at this fire, it looks, different somehow
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: There's a trap.
Grumni Hammersmith: lets get moving before another one jumps out
Dranko : yeah, right.
Dranko : let's go
Solithar : OK may be next time I'll take first pick.
Rand Colds: i dont think we have all the gems, the one I got was just a normal gem
Dranko : aw, really?
Dranko : damn

Karvon : you can rest up in that chamber. We'll resume from here next time.

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Freeport - Ancient Crypts - Mornining Day 13 - Session 44

Post by Karvon » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:07 am

Karvon : The party has rested up in the room where you defeated the fire elemental. The mages are tired of wandering around and have opted to spend some time in study here whilst you continue looking aroud. 12 hours has passed since you stopped to rest.

Rand Colds: I think a rat ate my last crumbs.
Rand Colds: I really wanted them too, they came from the upper crust
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps dwarfs can eat gems?
Rand Colds: *shifts his pack away from the dwarf*
Rand Colds: "Lets hope you mages stay put. We'll be back.... eventually."
Solithar : How long did I sleep?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* can't tell the time down 'ere
Grumni Hammersmith: time ter get moving
Solithar : It's your fault!
Rand Colds: *stares at the walls, for the upmteenth time*
Grumni Hammersmith: what's who's falt?
Solithar : NO more poison traps ok?
Solithar : YOU
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Rand Colds: alright alright, quit your fussin'
Grumni Hammersmith: I put yer right with me spells didn't I
Grumni Hammersmith: *tuts*
Rand Colds: lets find that last gem
Solithar : Not this time you had no more magic to spare.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Solithar : I had to sleep it over.
Grumni Hammersmith: which way Rand
Solithar : Remember you poisoned us twice.
Rand Colds: I hope no more fire creatures come out of that thing.
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes*
Solithar : I don't mind fighting things
Rand Colds: yeah, but we're leaving that mages here.
Solithar : They can wait

Rand Colds: wizards had all the light spells, it seems
Rand Colds: I think we came from this way
Solithar : Rand?
Solithar : Wait I go get Rand
Rand Colds: I think this is the way we came from
Solithar : This way
Solithar : Hm?
Rand Colds: that new room is right behind us, I think we were going that way when we found it.
Rand Colds: lets go the other way from here.
Solithar : Er that way
Solithar : TRAP
Solithar : And a door
Rand Colds: I hope its not the woman
Solithar : Stay on the left
Solithar : Please
Solithar : We've been here then
Rand Colds: yes, more than once.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Solithar : BAD IDEA
Solithar : Traps all over
Rand Colds: been there.
Solithar : So which way is new?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: how bad were the traps
Rand Colds: I think we should check there.
Solithar : Oh the river exit?
Grumni Hammersmith: I thought we was going through the golem stone door?
Solithar : OH
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Rand Colds: see anything?
Solithar : Nope
Solithar : Wait a minute
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Rand Colds: *watches Solithar closely*
Solithar : I found the river
Rand Colds: thats the exit, behind you
Grumni Hammersmith: the golem one?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't bump me I'm right near a trap
Rand Colds: grumni, there is a trap
Rand Colds: *whew*
Grumni Hammersmith: folks kep opening doors and pushng me towards it
Rand Colds: you go
Grumni Hammersmith: Huh? where's what's his name gone?
Rand Colds: he probably didn't come this way
Rand Colds: trap up here
Grumni Hammersmith: trap ahoy
Solithar : Oh
Rand Colds: ah, there you are
Solithar : I got lost
Rand Colds: happens to us all down here.
Solithar : Nooo
Rand Colds: no
Solithar : Not here
Rand Colds: Solithar
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph, we need a map
Solithar : Hey you're a dwarf can you make some sense of all this?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I can't keep take with all this jumping through secret doors
Solithar : I mean you can take a door South and end up East
Grumni Hammersmith: wizards've beeen at it if yer ask me
Solithar : Or something like thar
Solithar : Is there a "pattern"?
Rand Colds: what was in that last door
Rand Colds: grumni, stay still
Rand Colds: lots of traps
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't going nowhere
Solithar : Traps all over I told you
Grumni Hammersmith: *folds arms* damn trappers
Solithar : No
Rand Colds: there is a coin, but no door over there.
Solithar : Ah the ring
Rand Colds: over here, grumni
Solithar : I think it's the ring, no?
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* not 'ere again!
Rand Colds: ouch
Rand Colds: thanks
Rand Colds: *looks at the walls8
Rand Colds: lets look for new doors before we go through one
Rand Colds: Solithar?
Solithar : Can't open the door from this side.
Grumni Hammersmith: door merchants ceratinly did good business
Solithar : We won't find anything new here I guess
Rand Colds: lets search for new doors here
Solithar : I see trees.
Rand Colds: I think I can spot them better now.
Solithar : Probably an illusion.
Rand Colds: trap here
Rand Colds: lets try that last door
Solithar : How many times we need to go around this?
Rand Colds: on the inner part of the hall
Solithar : You chariots races?
Solithar : Our well
Rand Colds: the well
Rand Colds: I dont want to go back down there.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head*
Rand Colds: *goes through the door*
Grumni Hammersmith: *follows*
Solithar : * activate the secret wall mechanism *
Solithar : Where are we going?
Rand Colds: in circles
Grumni Hammersmith: this is a pain in the arse!
Rand Colds: we need to find that last gem
Solithar : Oh yeah?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: unless you want to head up for some fresh air?
Solithar : Wanna ask the witch where it is?
Rand Colds: No
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... no
Rand Colds: and not any of these gross cubes, either.
Rand Colds: *lifts his helm to spit*
Solithar : Could be on the other side of the river.
Grumni Hammersmith: worth a look
Rand Colds: *looks at Solithar*
Rand Colds: hey
Solithar : LET's PLAY
Grumni Hammersmith: just soe stinky rags
Rand Colds: I was wondering if they were picking up my gold markers
Rand Colds: lets try that door, there.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* they probably know where to go
Grumni Hammersmith: traps again
Rand Colds: okay, back
Solithar : Noit here again
Rand Colds: lets try another
Rand Colds: trap
Rand Colds: no
Rand Colds: we went that way already
Rand Colds: the one you went in a while back.
Solithar : This way
Solithar : This wall can movew
Rand Colds: Do we push?
Solithar : * Activate the moving wall *
Grumni Hammersmith: *follows*
Solithar : Not that one
Solithar : That's the witch
Rand Colds: not this one
Grumni Hammersmith: somebody dropped their frock

Rand Colds: fight
Rand Colds: gaaahhh
Rand Colds: *coughs8
Grumni Hammersmith: keep that door open I'll try ter blast 'em
Grumni Hammersmith: when yer ready
Rand Colds: *picks up all his stuff*
Rand Colds: *shakes his head*
Rand Colds: Thanks, Grumni
Rand Colds: and Moradin.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: yer ready?
Rand Colds: okay, ready as I can be.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps me tiger will chew up
Rand Colds: *put all his gold back in his pack*
Rand Colds: much more impressive than the pig or spider
Grumni Hammersmith: where's they go?
Rand Colds: trap
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps me lightening killed 'em
Rand Colds: Did Solithar wander off, hey I haven't seen him since you woke me up.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* he ran off somewhere
Rand Colds: He fell by the door, last I saw.

Solithar: Who's there?
Amos: Call me Amos...
Solithar: Solithar
Solithar: What do you want?
Amos: I'll be removin this sword from yer neck.. but no funny busines.
Solithar : I'm not afraid of you. Just want to know what you want?
Solithar : I almost got drown a momnet ago by some water demons so you could have chosen a better moment to threaten me,
Solithar : My companions ares till there care to have a look?
Solithar : No this is marking the doors
Solithar : Have you collected all the coins?
Amos: Well doors be less marked
Amos: As I have picked quite a few coins up.
Solithar : You want to die down here?
Amos: Findin doors is easy.. just use yer eyes lad.
Solithar : Unless you know the way to the river you are as good as dead.
Amos: Pardon me again..
Solithar : Unless you don't eat.
Amos: This rob markin a door is it?
Solithar : Oh and I suggest not to venture over there.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* we've managed ter get out of scrapes on our own before
Solithar : There is alady not that welcoming
Amos: *glances about* I see no traps lad

Rand Colds: hey
Rand Colds: oh
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, there yer are
Rand Colds: *sees the new figure*
Solithar : I met this assassin or may be thief
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Solithar : Said his name Amos
Rand Colds: You let him live?
Amos: Assassin..nay.. and thief is such a harsh name
Solithar : The way around perhaps
Rand Colds: He's a merc, I bet anything on it.
Amos: Call me a Liberator of lost objects.. Amos is the name
Solithar : I was busy spitting the water from my lungs he took me by surprise
Rand Colds: Is he a dwarf?
Grumni Hammersmith: nay
Rand Colds: I cant see so well in the dark. Come closer man.
Solithar : Oh and he collected our markers
Rand Colds: WHAT?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* yer any good at sorting out traps?
Rand Colds: Those are my coin.
Amos: Losse was I to know?
Rand Colds: I can't believe you let him live, Solithar.
Rand Colds: *approaches the man*
Solithar : Well did you notice it was just one coin close to a wall
Rand Colds: *intimidate*
Amos: Easy lad...
Grumni Hammersmith: hang on Rand, we could use 'em about now
Rand Colds: Use him?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Use him?
Solithar : Not like a hundred here, twenty there?
Rand Colds: He has used us. AND my gold
Rand Colds: Quit sneakin' on the wall.
Solithar : Used how?
Rand Colds: I still see you.
Rand Colds: *stops to think*
Solithar : Give the lad a break he is as trapped as we are.
Rand Colds: Serves him right. Why in blazes are you even down here?
Amos: Listen to your mates lad...
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* no place ter be on yer own
Rand Colds: Oh, don't tell me what to do.
Rand Colds: *intimidates*
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Solithar : And we got a cat now?
Rand Colds: Put the coin back
Grumni Hammersmith: now he's buggered off!
Rand Colds: and there he went
Solithar : And the point is?

Rand Colds: *looks at the two*
Rand Colds: What?
Rand Colds: He was taking my gold.
Solithar : May be he can fight.
Solithar : May be he got food and ALE * looking at Grumni *
Grumni Hammersmith: under ordinary circmstances yer now I'd back yer up Rand but we need us a trap dodger
Solithar : You don't want him around at least do it right kill him grab his stuff, non?
Rand Colds: I have some drink left. Should I have offered the poor old one eyed coot a drink?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* err... not quite
Solithar : Or may be it's your unique sense of chaos...
Rand Colds: *hollers* Oh come on back, I won't kill ya.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes* chaos my foot
Solithar : What? Don't tell me you loike those knights and monks fellows.
Solithar : All dress the same, talk the same.
Rand Colds: solthar, do you want to go see if you can change his destiny and drag him back over here.

Grumni Hammersmith: nice oen lads!
Rand Colds: bugger
Rand Colds: glad your tiger noticed him
Grumni Hammersmith: 120 gp - want me ter grab it?
Solithar : Now he's dead twice.
Rand Colds: he was right behind me and you, grumni
Rand Colds: *grumbes*
Grumni Hammersmith: sneaky devils them vaps
Grumni Hammersmith: *vamps
Solithar : You can have em with garlic
Rand Colds: shouldn't we spit garlic on him, or something.
Solithar : Roast them I should say
Rand Colds: Roasted vampire.
Rand Colds: Your wierd, Solithar.
Grumni Hammersmith: *draws a holy symbol on vampires head*
Solithar : Well look at that sword
Rand Colds: what sword.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Solithar : Grumni's
Solithar : Roast blade
Grumni Hammersmith: Rand gave it me a whiles back
Rand Colds: Yeah, used to be mine. Oh.
Solithar : And I got Frost Blade here
Grumni Hammersmith: not bad fer a sword
Rand Colds: Ah, there you are.
Solithar : Check if he got bitten

Rand Colds: come on back over here, I won't kill you
Amos: Skeletons..*shudders*
Grumni Hammersmith: ugh, nasty
Rand Colds: you okay?
Rand Colds: pull it together
Grumni Hammersmith: now I am
Rand Colds: weren't there two of them?
Solithar : They play mind tricks these once.
Rand Colds: so, Amos, was it?
Amos: Best not to be seen when dealin with the undead
Grumni Hammersmith: still want ter wander 'round 'ere on yer own Amos?
Amos: I'm seein its not healthy to do so
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd he go?
Rand Colds: Well, you can stick with us, just don't pick up the gold anymore.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Solithar : WE goota mark these doors again.
Amos: I'll try and stay my fingers..its 'ard ya know
Rand Colds: we been down here going on a week.
Solithar : May be use bullets or bolts but we may not have enoug. Gold we got penty
Grumni Hammersmith: if he's what he's says he is we shouldn't need markers anymore
Solithar : Maybe
Rand Colds: I'm willing to leave the markers. Until we are done.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer can still spot traps even with just the one eye right?
Rand Colds: *chuckles8
Amos: Aye..only need one to spot these traps
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* yer got any spare rations lad?
Amos: Depends...
Grumni Hammersmith: *stomach rumbles*
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't got many spells left and if any of yer need healing I'll be needing some rest soon
Solithar : Did you find your gem?
Amos: Keep yer dog on a leash..*with a flick of his eye at Rand.*.. and I'll give ya one
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Rand Colds: You can either give him some food, or.....
Solithar : Dog?
Grumni Hammersmith: not wise ter call folks dogs lad - unless their pirates I suppose
Amos: I'd like to be able to sleep without worrin bout him cuttin me throat
Rand Colds: WHAT?
Grumni Hammersmith: Rand ain't one fer stabbing yer in the night
Rand Colds: It's us that are worried about you, Mister.
Amos: Nice to know...
Grumni Hammersmith: yer have ter admit yer look a bit sneaky Amos
Amos: Aye... serves me well
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Grumni Hammersmith: anyway, we've got a golem ter find
Amos: Dont mention it...*glances about*
Grumni Hammersmith: you seen any Amos?
Rand Colds: Watch him, he's a crafty one. Not many of his type get to as old as he is. I'm telling you, we need to watch him.
Amos: We've been here too long..easy to track us if we stay in one spot
Amos: Ya've been here..*eyeing the gold*
Rand Colds: we're looking for new doors.
Rand Colds: Maybe a fresh set of eyes is all we need.
Amos: Hold
Grumni Hammersmith: well, frsh set of eye anyway
Amos: Several traps ahead
Rand Colds: *chuckles lightly*
Solithar : We've been here
Grumni Hammersmith: can't yer disarm 'em?
Amos: Fraid not..built into the stone work
Amos: No door here?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Rand Colds: somebody moved the gold?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* who knows with this palce
Rand Colds: been here
Rand Colds: dead end
Grumni Hammersmith: check in case we something last time
Grumni Hammersmith: *kicks brick in frustration*
Grumni Hammersmith: Amos found anything?
Amos: Dust and ,ore dust
Rand Colds: dont go this way
Solithar : Not there
Rand Colds: bye bye
Grumni Hammersmith: not the nasty woman's place was it?
Solithar : You planned this?
Solithar : I warned him

Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* get out lad!
Solithar : you distract her I get him out?
Rand Colds: find the door
Amos: Interestin
Solithar : What?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer sure?
Grumni Hammersmith: just death...
Grumni Hammersmith: not a very productive outing

Karvon : we will assume you make your way back to your mages in teh fire room. you may rest here as you'll assumed to have time to do that in the chamber.

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