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session 11 - Mendels Feast

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:56 pm

Karvon : a brief recap first of all... You ventured into several cavern complexes, killing a troll, negotiating with some goblins and finding an ancient crypt with a lot of undead and apparently the hideout of a necromancer. You rescued some prisoners which you left in the care of the pilgrims. Returning to the keep you discovered a new traveling merchant has set up a stall in the plaza outside of the tavern. Mendel, invited you all to join him for dinner later that evening so that he might hear of your exploits. We will pick in the late afternoon, with you having some time to do any shopping/resupplying you might yet need to finish up, or if you wish to visit with some of the locals, you could do that as well.

Eli Knowland: *leans on staff*
Barrin Khavic: Where be Rand?
Ute Gudmund: hm... i need some medicine, potions and the like
Rolo Underfoot: Rand be testing the ale I expect.
Eli Knowland: *nods* I'm going to get a couple of rolls from the bakery, then go to the Inn
Ella Illumani: I once stabbed him by accident.
Barrin Khavic: Right.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... want to take another peek at the new fella's wares.
Rolo Underfoot: Make sure to grab plenty of healing and food.
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Ella Illumani: Yes, please.
Ella Illumani: Hmm, too many coins for one little thing.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* he is pretty proud of his stuff.
Ella Illumani: Silly, silly
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... perhaps another time then ... need ot get ready for dinner. *smiles*
Mendel: Only the best goods here
Mendel: See ya later then

Rand Colds: Comon, how much fer the both of ye.
Rand Colds: I'm feelin' randy.
Rand Colds: And I'd like you to as well.
Rand Colds: Oh, that's too much.
Rand Colds: How much fer one of ye?
Rand Colds: But, that's more than half what you wanted fer both of ye?
Rand Colds: *shakes his head* nope
Barrin Khavic: *slaps Rand on the back* There ye be, lad!
Rand Colds: Hey, Barrin.
Rand Colds: Good to see a friendly face. *smirks at the two women*
Barrin Khavic: *glances at the "ladies" Rand is talking to* Oh, sorry lad, didna mean ta bother ye.
Prostitute: *eyes you coolly* We belong to Mendel, we are his personal servants.
Rand Colds: Nah, they are too expensive, even for me.
Rand Colds: Let's find a table and get to drinkin'.
Barrin Khavic: *snorts* Ye need a good woman, lad.
Barrin Khavic: Now that's a good idea.
Rand Colds: *claps Barrin on the back* I prefer it this way.
Rand Colds: *looks to see if either of the women follow*
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* Ye don know what ye be missin, lad. But our life isna fer everybody.
Rand Colds: Aye. truer words can not be told.

Barrin Khavic: *to Eli* Oi, lad. Come and sit a spell.
Rand Colds: ah, the gang is all here. good.
Eli Knowland: *Looks around* Some shady characters in here I see
Rand Colds: *looks around* Who, me and Barrin?
Rand Colds: *winks at Barrin*
Ella Illumani: *looks up* Ceilings. Still a bit high.
Barrin Khavic: *snorts*
Eli Knowland: *Stiffens* of course not
Ella Illumani: Hoom. Drinking.
Barrin Khavic: Was a joke, lad.
Eli Knowland: *lays the staff on the ground*
Rand Colds: Aye, lass, bring me another.... .oh, wait, your Ellis or something, aint you?
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for the wait staff*
Eli Knowland: *whispers to rand* i was refering to the two behind you
Ella Illumani: *tilts head*
Rand Colds: *looks over his shoulder*
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Rolo* First ye don have shoes and now half yer leggins are gone?
Rand Colds: They look like up STANDing patrons to me.
Eli Knowland: *smirks* I see your point
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- working on a budget ya know ...
Ute Gudmund: errr... can you bring me some wine?
Rolo Underfoot: Wilf -- need some more chairs here.

Stranger - patron: *exchange comments in low tones, mostly ignoring the party*

Ella Illumani: *eyes the shady stranger*
Rand Colds: Ale, ale,don't bring no sissy wine back for me.
Barrin Khavic: *to Wilf* An ale, lad.
Eli Knowland: *nods towards Ella* Yes, I know what you mean*
Ella Illumani: I wish for water. Or milk!
Jess: Good day all
Ella Illumani: Hello!
Rolo Underfoot: Milk?
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Jess then at Rand. To Jess* Aye, lass?
Rand Colds: Howdy Jess.
Eli Knowland: A very good day to you Miss
Jess: So one water, and ales for the rest of you then?
Eli Knowland: Wine for me please
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- ale, no milk for me.
Rand Colds: *grins at Rolo*
Jess: Ok, one water, one wine and the rest ale.
Ella Illumani: Water clears the head. Ale makes it smoggy!
Eli Knowland: Thank you Miss
Rand Colds: Milk is fer babies still sucklinig.
Ute Gudmund: wine
Jess: Very well be back in a bit *wanders off*
Barrin Khavic: *belches* Smoggy mind is a good mind, lass.
Rolo Underfoot: Ale wards off disease.
Ella Illumani: *plugs nose* Not if you smeel like THAT.
Eli Knowland: Yes, indeed, wine...the necter of the Gods
Ella Illumani: *smell
Rolo Underfoot: Keeps the system flushed.
Ella Illumani: Wine is good for hearts.
Barrin Khavic: *watches Jess leave* Must be a tough crowd fer the wait staff ta be wearin leather armor.
Rand Colds: What's that make ale, the piss of the gods? *looks threateningly at Eli*
Ella Illumani: *giggles*
Eli Knowland: That's a good point Barrin, very observate
Ella Illumani: Perhaps it's easier to wash off spilt ail from leather than cloth.
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for shady characters*
Jess: *returns bearing two trays of drinks*
Rand Colds: I think she looks good in leather.
Rand Colds: *winks at Jess*
Jess: *passes them around with a smile*
Jess: Enjoy!
Ute Gudmund: than you
Ella Illumani: Thankies miss!
Eli Knowland: *blushes a little at the sight of Jess's almost naked rear end*
Rolo Underfoot: That's a fine lass!
Eli Knowland: *sips his wine*
Barrin Khavic: *grabs an ale and raises it at Jess* Thank ye, lass.
Rand Colds: *watches said derrierre*
Jess: YOu folks ok here, need anything?
Ella Illumani: *pours a bit of water on her hands*
Rand Colds: *raises an ale*
Rolo Underfoot: Her budget is obviously even less than mine.
Commoner, Male: No thanks
Jess: Right then
Barrin Khavic: *winks at Eli*
Rolo Underfoot: Cheers! *drinks*
Jess: You gentlemen ok?
Rand Colds: Cheers. *drinks*
Merchant Guard: *nods*
Eli Knowland: *Turns away his gaze from Barrin, looking slightly embrassed*
Barrin Khavic: Ta bad there be no Dwarven lasses 'round.
Ella Illumani: *eyes the shady man again* He looks like he could be undead not dead.
Barrin Khavic: Think he be one of the 'appy 'nes?
Eli Knowland: You think?
Ute Gudmund: *rubs chin*
Ella Illumani: Is there such thing as happy undead not dead dead not alive things?
Eli Knowland: *studies the man a bit closer, trying not to be obvious*
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* I nae be a cleric, lass.
Rand Colds: Rynn was the closest you're like to find around these parts, Barin.
Rolo Underfoot: eh? Why would one of them be in here?
Ella Illumani: Spy!
Barrin Khavic: Rynn?
Mendel: Hi girls!
Eli Knowland: I don't think he is Undead, he just doesn't get much in the way of sun
Rand Colds: Aye, she used to travel with Grumni and me. I don't know where she got off to.
Ella Illumani: *sits on dirty floor* Hmmm.
Barrin Khavic: Bah.
Rolo Underfoot: Hope she's not back in that cave ...
Rand Colds: Nah, she ran off one night. I swear I didn't touch her. but she's gone now.
Rolo Underfoot: Can you resurect a zombie Ute?
Ute Gudmund: you've being talking aobut that rynn, think you'll see him or her again?
Barrin Khavic: Do ye ressurect zombies? I thought they just be reanimated or somethin like that.
Rand Colds: I hope to, she had such a purdy smile, and she showed it, often too.
Rand Colds: *grins in recollection*
Ella Illumani: I can't imagine being resurrected as a rotting corpse would be all that nice.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm just thinking "theoretical" like ... if'n one wanted to, could it be done?
Eli Knowland: They are mindless creatures Ella
Rand Colds: so tell me about the caves, after I left.
Ella Illumani: How do you know that?
Rolo Underfoot: ah, but doesn't that all get fixed up?
Eli Knowland: Its just their bodies are animated
Barrin Khavic: Oi, lad! We be thinkin ye'd miss the fun.
Ella Illumani: Hello, Mr. Dwarf!
Grumni Hammersmith: *almost trips over Ella
Ella Illumani: *beams*
Grumni Hammersmith: *
Rolo Underfoot: Ah Grumni!
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: There cleric be 'ere, ask 'im 'bout undead dead thingies.
Grumni Hammersmith: Are yers ready to go kill a necromancer?
Barrin Khavic: Always.
Eli Knowland: Mendel invited us for dinner
Ute Gudmund: kill?
Rolo Underfoot: Well, it isn't important ... yet. More curiousity than anything.
Rand Colds: Who's Mendel?
Ella Illumani: Dinner?
Barrin Khavic: Right, but he be busy it seems.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- and wants to hear about our tales of adventure.
Eli Knowland: The travelling merchant
Eli Knowland: He wants to hear about our adventures
Grumni Hammersmith: oh aye, that penn pinching merchant

Karvon : Mendel's settled down at a corner table with his entourage, obviously enjoying himself.

Ella Illumani: The one who sells teeny things for lots of money!
Rand Colds: Oh.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Ella Illumani: Things that ought not be so expensive!
Eli Knowland: *turns* That's him over at the far table
Barrin Khavic: *winks at Ella* Don worry, lass, we not be lettin 'im sell ye for any 'mount of gold.
Grumni Hammersmith: what's the most expensive thing on yer menu Wilf
Rand Colds: *evil glint in his eye* We should charge him for our tale then.
Grumni Hammersmith: ?
Ella Illumani: *frowns at Barrin*
Wilf: Hmm
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles and sips some ale*
Wilf: This time of year
Rand Colds: If only I were better at tellin' tales.
Wilf: probably a roasted calf
Ella Illumani: I say we don't go to his dinner. What if he charges us for the food?
Rolo Underfoot: oh, most any story will do -- just don't get to the end ... always leave room for more.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins and rubs hands together* roasted calf I reakon it should be then lads
Ella Illumani: Or is an undead!
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Barrin Khavic: We give 'im Rolo.
Wilf: Would need to have some advance notice in order to make arrangements
Rand Colds: No, not Rolo.
Rand Colds: I like the lad.
Rand Colds: *grins at Rolo*
Eli Knowland: Anyone hungry? We could join Mendel for dinner
Barrin Khavic: Not Rolo? Bah.
Rand Colds: he finds traps 'ere I step on 'em.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, thanks Rand.
Ella Illumani: Not Rolo. We'd give him you, Mr. Other Dwarf.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* get the money in advance from yonder penny pincher *points at merchant*
Wilf: Yes, I believe Master Mendel mentioned you were to be his guests this evening.
Barrin Khavic: Nah, I be ta valuable.
Ella Illumani: He's fishy.
Rand Colds: Nay, we give 'em nobody. It's fightin' time before I lose another comrade.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye.... no-paying guests
Rolo Underfoot: ah good and he be paying for us?
Wilf: Naturally
Ute Gudmund: that would be nice, i'm broke and a free meal sounds appealing
Barrin Khavic: Do undead carry money?
Rand Colds: *looks at Mendel, ready to fight*
Ella Illumani: Who are you? Are you his servant man?
Rolo Underfoot: I like the guy better already!
Eli Knowland: *picks up staff from the floor*
Wilf: Me?
Rand Colds: Hey, he's with my girls.
Ella Illumani: Yes.
Wilf: No, I' the owner of this tavern.
Barrin Khavic: Go talk ta 'im, lad.
Ella Illumani: *stands up to get a better view*
Ella Illumani: Ohhh. Everyone knows everyone.
Eli Knowland: They are hardly YOUR girls rand...unless I'm very mistaken
Wilf: Everything ok here?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer girls? thyey be anyone's who can ay lad
Rand Colds: *pulls his club from his belt* i'll talk to him alright.
Ella Illumani: You can't own a person.
Barrin Khavic: *whispers to Eli* They be 'is girls in 'is mind, lad.
Commoner, Male: yes
Grumni Hammersmith: wait til he's paid fer dinner Rand
Barrin Khavic: *to Rand* Put that away, lad.
Rand Colds: *looks at Eli* um....
Rand Colds: well
Eli Knowland: Oh...I see. I'm afraid his in for some disappointment then
Barrin Khavic: Aye, let 'im pay fer dinner at least.

Karvon : Wilf wanders around checking on his customers

Rand Colds: I guess not.
Rand Colds: *looks at his club, slowly puts it away*
Barrin Khavic: *finishes the ale and sets the mug down* Ah, good stuff. *wipes mouth with a hand* So, we ready?
Rand Colds: Yer, right. *walks over*

Mendel: Ah good evening!
Eli Knowland: Good evening Mendel, may we join you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Evenin'
Rand Colds: *sizes up the guards*
Barrin Khavic: *stiffles a belch* Oi.
Mendel: OF course, of course
Eli Knowland: Thank you
Ella Illumani: *looks sadly at the prostitutes* You must be very cold.
Rand Colds: yes, they are. *to ella*
Mendel: I'm keep them plenty warm *laughs*
Barrin Khavic: *sits by the table*
Rand Colds: *sneers*
Prostitute: *smiles*
Ella Illumani: *tries not to vomit at the thought*
Prostitute: *giggles*
Eli Knowland: How long will you be at the Keep then? *To Mendel*
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Ella and shakes head*
Rand Colds: *grits his teeth*
Mendel: Oh it's hard to say.
Rand Colds: *sits by Eli*
Mendel: I usually stay a few days each visit.
Eli Knowland: Depends on business I suppose?
Grumni Hammersmith: so.... I believe yer paying fer dinner Mendel?
Mendel: Natually
Grumni Hammersmith: *sits*
Ute Gudmund: ah, good!
Ella Illumani: *remains standing, wary*
Eli Knowland: I'm sorry about my remarks earlier, its just that your prices ARE very high. Even for basic items
Ute Gudmund: indeed
Rolo Underfoot: These guards much company?
Mendel: *shrugs* One has to make a living.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph
Mendel: They do their bit.
Rand Colds: *grumbles about prices*
Mendel: One can never be too careful on the roads these days.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Ella Illumani: *folds arms*
Eli Knowland: I understand the need for profit but would probably have a better business if your prices were lower
Ute Gudmund: agreed, to expensive less selling
Mendel: *smiles* I make a comfortable living.
Grumni Hammersmith: speculate to accumulate
Eli Knowland: I'm afraid my companions and I will have to shop elsewhere
Rolo Underfoot: ... but then he couldn't pay for all these "extras". *looking at the guards and girls*
Mendel: Always your option.
Ella Illumani: *raises voice* Why did you invite us to dinner?
Mendel: Yes, there's always overhead to cover.
Mendel: *laughs*
Eli Knowland: *nods at Ella's remark*
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Mendel: Why to hear of your adventures of course.
Rand Colds: *sips his ale*
Ella Illumani: How did you know that we had adventures to tell?
Mendel: Kendal Keeps been a bit of a backwater for the past few years.
Ella Illumani: Hmmmm...
Mendel: *smiles* I've met my fair share of adventurers over the years, not difficult to spot.
Rand Colds: How about you put something on special once in a while?
Mendel: *laughs*
Mendel: So is there truly anything of note in the Caves of Chaos these days?
Grumni Hammersmith: we best be ordering before the kitchen shuts
Mendel: Ah they already have an order and the food should be out shortly.
Eli Knowland: I'm afraid there's not much to tell. If there were something of real value, you would have seen it by now
Ute Gudmund: oh?
Ella Illumani: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: *sips his ale in silence*
Eli Knowland: Just Humanoid tribes trying to get by
Rand Colds: Yeah, just a few orcs, goblins, you know, monsters.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns deeply* I don't take kindly to folks deciding what I want fer dinner
Rand Colds: *tries to stifle a grin*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grunbles*
Mendel: So you arrange the menu when you are a guest at a feast master dwarf? *smiles*
Ella Illumani: *pats Grumni's head* It will be all right, Mister Dwarf.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft.
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Mendel: I'm sure you'll find something you like, there will be several courses.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, the price is right, the food will be fine I'm thinking ... if not we can go elsewhere.
Eli Knowland: I'm sure your selection will be fine Mendel
Grumni Hammersmith: well if I don't like it yer the one who's going ter be wearing it
Ella Illumani: Heeheehee!
Eli Knowland: Easy, grumni
Rolo Underfoot: So, Mendell, why the interest in these caves?
Eli Knowland: There's no need for that
Ella Illumani: I do like you, Mister Dwarf.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*

Jess: *arrives lugging a large soup bowl, passes out bowls to everyone*

Ella Illumani: *wrinkles nose*
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs soup suspicously*
Ute Gudmund: *takes one bowl and smell it first
Barrin Khavic: *to Grumni* See? The lass likes ye. *grins*
Jess: First we have a potato and lamb soup.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Ella Illumani: I like some of you.
Rolo Underfoot: lamb?
Rand Colds: *glances over at the prostitutes*
Jess: *spoons out generous servings to each of you.
Barrin Khavic: *grabs a bowl and dives in* Thank ye, lass.
Eli Knowland: *takes a bowl and pours himself a portion*
Grumni Hammersmith: it'll do fer starters
Jess: ..and fresh bread to go with that *passes slabs around*
Rand Colds: *gets up and gets a bowl of soup, sits back down*
Jess: *trundles off with the caldron*
Eli Knowland: *tucks in*
Rand Colds: *chews on his bread*
Rolo Underfoot: I'll take two bread instead of the soup please.
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Ella* Ye sure ye can eat all of this, lass? *grins*
Ella Illumani: *breaks her bread in half and examines*
Grumni Hammersmith: *slurps soup noisily*
Barrin Khavic: *tosses his loaf to Rolo* 'ere, lad. Never was much of a bread Dwarf.
Wilf: *arrives with several bottles*
Eli Knowland: *To mendel* is there perhaps something your looking for in the 'Caves?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, thank you Barrin -- not fond of lamb myself.
Eli Knowland: Something you heard about?
Rand Colds: *eats all his food*
Wilf: we have several wines and brandys to sample for you this evening, please help yourselves.
Barrin Khavic: More fer us, then!
Grumni Hammersmith: all yer find in them caves is zombies
Wilf: *deposits bottles on the table and passes round mugs*
Rand Colds: and goblins.
Ella Illumani: And trolls.
Barrin Khavic: *ladles out another bowl of soup*
Ella Illumani: And gnolls.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grabs one of each drink and tips them all into one glass*
Ella Illumani: And funny birds.
Eli Knowland: Is there was, we might be able to find it for you
Barrin Khavic: Rurk poazt waah ''lazrth
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs*
Rand Colds: *drinks some brandy*
Grumni Hammersmith: *sits*
Barrin Khavic: *follows Grumni's lead and mixes a drink. Takes a swallow* Hmm. Nae bad.
Mendel: Well in my line of work, any old artifacts, books or scrolls can be worth something to someone somewhere.
Rand Colds: I don't want no sissy wine.
Grumni Hammersmith: *alternates between slurping soup and drink*
Ella Illumani: How much?
Eli Knowland: If I found any books or scrolls, I would be holding onto them myself
Mendel: well it depends of course on the condition of the item as well as its age.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* ain't seen anything fancy like that in the caves
Eli Knowland: They are a valuable source of knowledge
Ella Illumani: Why would you think there were those things in a smelly old cave?
Barrin Khavic: *hands Rand his drink* Take a sip of that, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, we're talking about goblinoids here -- and zombies, neither of which really collect scrolls and books.
Grumni Hammersmith: some old furnitture but we chopped that up fer firewood
Rand Colds: Too bad you didn't come sooner. I just had a rock from a cave you coulda bought.
Mendel: Well the humanoids often raid caravans and the like so might have gotten hold of some goods that way.
Ella Illumani: Like the pilgrim's caravan?
Rand Colds: From the King's throne, it was.
Rolo Underfoot: Are you missing anything in particular?
Rand Colds: *drinks some more brandy*
Mendel: King, what king?
Barrin Khavic: *downs his drink and pours another*
Grumni Hammersmith: some stuck up goblin
Rand Colds: *matter of factly* the Kobold Kings. no less.
Eli Knowland: Chieftain really
Eli Knowland: Of the Orcs
Mendel: Um, which was it?
Grumni Hammersmith: was he a kobald? all look the same ter me
Ella Illumani: We met a Goblin King.
Rand Colds: Um, the ded one?
Ella Illumani: He was very afraid
Eli Knowland: Yes, the dead one
Mendel: *glances somewhat puzzled from person to person*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs and stuuf a hage chunk of bread in his mouth*
Rand Colds: *drinks more brandy*
Rolo Underfoot: Don't look at me, I wasn't in on that trip.
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for some bread*
Eli Knowland: There was an Orc chieftain, some call him King, but he's dead
Ella Illumani: I only remember a goblin king.
Eli Knowland: That was later

Jess: *returns bearing several large platters*

Ella Illumani: Oooh.
Rand Colds: Yeah, something like that. *drinks some more brandy*
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, the orcs -- had a map on the floor, but no throne that I recall -- must of been the kobolds you did earlier.
Rand Colds: "S what I said.
Jess: The second course is a selection of fried fish and local game birds.
Barrin Khavic: Oi.
Jess: *sets platters down on the table*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mouth full of bread* I frought ee vuss sm srrta goplin
Ella Illumani: *sticks to her bread* I don't really eat animals.
Barrin Khavic: *spears some fish*
Jess: *collects empty soup bowls and passes out plates*
Barrin Khavic: More fer us, then.
Eli Knowland: *takes a plate*
Rand Colds: *swaps willingly*
Ella Illumani: They taste like dead.
Grumni Hammersmith: *belches*
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Well, they be dead. 'Least they not be undead.
Ella Illumani: That's true! Undead meat would be worse to eat.
Rand Colds: *thinks about something*

Karvon : The food is all quite good as are the drinks

Rand Colds: *looks a little worried, at Grumni*
Barrin Khavic: Undead meat prolly try ta eat ye 'fore ye could eat it.
Mendel: Undead?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, bite yer tongue
Mendel: In the caves you say?
Rand Colds: *rolls his eyes*
Eli Knowland: There were, all gone now
Mendel: Most troubling
Eli Knowland: We took care of it
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Mendel: Ah good.
Ella Illumani: They're all dead. Again...
Barrin Khavic: 'Ope there nae be any undead chickens running 'bout.
Mendel: What was the source?
Rand Colds: 'Cept maybe them kobolds. *looks to Grumni*
Ella Illumani: *bites lip nervously*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: The magiks I'ld say
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Or fowl if it be chickens.
Grumni Hammersmith: a necromancer we're reakoning
Mendel: what makes you think that?
Eli Knowland: *glares at grumni*
Ella Illumani: How else do you get a zombie?
Grumni Hammersmith: *belches* just logical
Ella Illumani: *nodnod*
Eli Knowland: *looks into his plate shaking his head*
Mendel: Sometimes something disturbs a tomb and that leads to undead outbreaks.
Grumni Hammersmith: *slurps more drink*
Barrin Khavic: *belches and spears another fish*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer sound like an expert
Mendel: You didn't break into a tomb did you?
Rolo Underfoot: Is there a tomb in those caves?
Ella Illumani: You know of any icky tombs?
Rand Colds: There's a tomb there?
Ella Illumani: We didn't. Did YOU?
Rolo Underfoot: Depends on your definition of "tomb".
Mendel: Well, as I said earlier, I've often done business with adventurers.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Mendel: I like to learn from then when I can.
Ella Illumani: *eyes warily*
Mendel: *them
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... especially if they have loot, eh?
Ella Illumani: *grin*
Mendel: Indeed! *laughs*
Rand Colds: *looks around uncomfortably*
Barrin Khavic: 'Tain't loot, lad, it be merchandise.
Ella Illumani: Taken from a corpse?
Grumni Hammersmith: well we ain't got any loot so yer out of luck
Rand Colds: who needs your stuff, we can go find our own.
Rolo Underfoot: ah, right, merchandise...
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Eli Knowland: Well, its been a wonderful meal, really. Your a first class host Mendel
Mendel: *smiles* I like to enjoy the best things.
Ella Illumani: It was all right bread, i suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: If I had loot me armour wouldn't have all these holes in
Barrin Khavic: *wipes mouth with a hand* Aye, that it be. Thank ye fer the meal, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: it
Rolo Underfoot: Problem is these undead don't have anything of real value. They didn't come from tombs, they came from thsoe caves.

Jess: *returns with more platters*

Barrin Khavic: *pats stomach*
Eli Knowland: If you don't mind, I'm going to retire for the evening. Its been a wonderful experience to be in your company Mendel
Jess: your next course is a selection of roasted vegetables; corn, potatos and carrots.
Ella Illumani: Hooray, things I like!
Barrin Khavic: *eyes the platters and frowns*
Barrin Khavic: Where be the meat?
Jess: *smiles and sets platters on the table*
Rand Colds: *reaches for a potato
Ella Illumani: Thankies, missie!
Jess: More will be coming *smiles at dwarf*
Eli Knowland: *stands and nods to the others* I'm sure everyone will be fit and ready for the morning?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... fitter than usual ... hope to still get into my armor.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. 'Ave a good night, lad.
Ella Illumani: Good night, Mister Human.
Eli Knowland: *Bows to their hosts* Until we met again
Rand Colds: Night Eli.
Mendel: Ah leaving so soone?
Ute Gudmund: Well, I think we all need some rest, specially if there are plans for tomorrow
Mendel: Good night then

Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* dwarves eating vegtables, ain't natural
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... they had a big day.
Barrin Khavic: *grabs a potato* Aye.
Ella Illumani: *eats veggies happily*
Rand Colds: His loss.
Grumni Hammersmith: *eats them anyway*
Mendel: I've heard stories of a tower in these parts.
Rand Colds: Potatoes grow in the ground, surely you've tried them?
Ute Gudmund: did you?
Mendel: Built by a powerful wizard.
Rolo Underfoot: A tower? I'm sure there are lots of 'em.
Rand Colds: A ghost tower, by chance?
Mendel: Had quite a library.
Barrin Khavic: 'eard 'bout lots of things like that growin up.
Rolo Underfoot: oh ...
Grumni Hammersmith: *crunches carrot loudly*
Mendel: My reading indicated the tower is somewhere in this region.
Barrin Khavic: *pours another drink* So ye be wantin us ta break into this tower and get ye a book?
Mendel: But sources differ as to it's location.
Rolo Underfoot: Anything more specific?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I ain't seen any towers I'm afraid
Rolo Underfoot: Else it wouldn't be a story would it?
Mendel: Well if the stories are true and the tower is indeed ancient, the books would be worth quite a lot to certain folks.
Rand Colds: I have heard of a tower, it supposedly moves about. I seen it from a distance once.
Mendel: Have you now?
Ella Illumani: So that's why you gave us dinner, so we could go find a scary tower for you?
Grumni Hammersmith: a wandering tower?
Rolo Underfoot: You saw it?
Ella Illumani: Ohh, a tower on legs? Or a teleporting tower>
Grumni Hammersmith: *poders tower on wheels*
Rand Colds: Aye *crosses arms on his chest*
Ella Illumani: Or with wings!
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders tower on legs*
Rolo Underfoot: Too bad Eli isn't around -- he knows about stuff like that.
Ella Illumani: A tower with legs, wings, and teleporting powers!
Barrin Khavic: This wizard still be alive? If'n so, I don think he be likin us showin up unwelcomed and all.
Mendel: Well it would be mutually beneficial if you did indeed find it.
Grumni Hammersmith: you sure it wasn't a boat lad
Rand Colds: *looks around* Perhaps we can work out a deal.
Ella Illumani: Is it dangerous?
Rolo Underfoot: *chuckles* That would certainly explain a lot.
Ella Illumani: Are there mean things in the tower?
Mendel: The stories go by for a century or more at least, I'd be surprised if the wizard was still alive.
Grumni Hammersmith: good question
Grumni Hammersmith: unless he was a lich
Rand Colds: We agree to sell you stuff we find from it, for a deal on your stuff today and tomorrow.
Barrin Khavic: If'n 'e is, 'e's prolly an undead dead thingy and would need ta be destroyed.
Ella Illumani: Ohh I don't like lich wizards...
Ella Illumani: Undead dead wizard!
Barrin Khavic: An unhappy 'ne at that.
Ella Illumani: *nods knowingly*
Barrin Khavic: 'course, 'e could be an Elf..
Rolo Underfoot: Today or tomorrow, with no coins, how can we make a deal?
Ute Gudmund: that is right
Mendel: Well, I'd be willing to offer you a retainer plus the option to purchase whatever you find within that you don't keep for yourselves.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Ella Illumani: You'd pay US for the things we found?
Grumni Hammersmith: how much we talking about?
Rolo Underfoot: A retainer ... that means the caves have to wait?
Rand Colds: Today?
Mendel: I'll buy those items of interest which you decide to sell.
Ute Gudmund: I guess you are suggesting a good deal?
Grumni Hammersmith: *bites lip* them caves have to come first, those undead can't be allowed to roam free
Ella Illumani: *nods at Grumni's remark* They're mean. They kept prisoners.
Rand Colds: *nods* But then we can find that tower.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, Grumni is right, that army is growing daily.
Barrin Khavic: They not be natural.
Ella Illumani: Well, not the zombies, but those undead uglies.
Grumni Hammersmith: but if yer ain't in a hurry we could see to it next
Mendel: Hmm well I'll be in town for just another day or so and then won't be back for a week.
Barrin Khavic: Might take us that long ta find yer tower.
Ella Illumani: Maybe the wizard is a necromancer...

Takeyor Mullah: How much would you like to bet? .
Grumni Hammersmith: 1 GP
Takeyor Mullah: Shuffling...
Takeyor Mullah: Grumni Hammersmith gets 8 of Hearts
Takeyor Mullah: Dealer gets face down card...
Takeyor Mullah: Grumni Hammersmith gets 4 of Clubs
Takeyor Mullah: Dealer has 2 of Clubs showing
Takeyor Mullah: Current Bet: 1
Dealer Shows: XX 2C
Your Hand: 8H 4C
Your Total: 12
Grumni Hammersmith: Hit me!
Takeyor Mullah: Grumni Hammersmith drew Queen of Hearts and has busted with a total of 22
Takeyor Mullah: Everyone else is out, dealer's hold card is Ace of Spades
Takeyor Mullah: Dealer's total is 13
Takeyor Mullah: Would you like to play another hand?
Grumni Hammersmith: No thanks, I've had enough

Rand Colds: How much you gonna give us?
Mendel: Well...
Mendel: I'm thinking a retainer fee of say, 200 gold apiece.
Barrin Khavic: *glances over at Grumni*
Rand Colds: *thinks on it*
Grumni Hammersmith: 300 would be better
Rolo Underfoot: And for that sum you expect us to ... ?
Rand Colds: sell him what we find and dont keep.
Rolo Underfoot: And if we find "nothing"?

Jess: *lugs in large platter stacked high with meat*

Grumni Hammersmith: ah ha! meat
Ute Gudmund: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Or does he mean we can only sell to him?
Jess: and roasted calf cuts for the final course.
Barrin Khavic: Ooh.
Jess: *sets platter down with athud on the table*
Ella Illumani: Hmmm...
Jess: Enjoy!
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods aprovingly*
Rolo Underfoot: That would require a much larger sum of money I'm thinking.
Rand Colds: I think he meant the stuff we find in the tower.
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... hang on. no puddin?
Barrin Khavic: No puddin fer ye.
Ute Gudmund: But how good will be the deal? He sells very expensive, will he buy expensive as well?
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... and if we don't find this "moving" tower? what then?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs8
Mendel: well there is a dessert coming later *smiles*
Grumni Hammersmith: good
Ute Gudmund: The risk is too much, at least will be good to have a good reward, don't you think?
Mendel: So, if you wish to think it over, you can inform me at breakfast tomorrow of your decision.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shovles a pile of meat onto plate*
Barrin Khavic: *takes a couple slices of meat and starts to eat* Ah, good stuff.
Ute Gudmund: And that is true Rolo, what about if we don't find it?
Ute Gudmund: aye, we will
Rolo Underfoot: You know where to look Ute?
Ute Gudmund: i have no idea
Mendel: Well you have the retainer fee whether you find the tower or not.
Grumni Hammersmith: *waves fork around with big chunk of meat on the end* that sounds fair enough
Rolo Underfoot: Then how do you know we will find it -- wht if if doesn't even exist?
Mendel: I can share several reported locations.
Ute Gudmund: *nods to Mendel* Now we are talking *smiles*
Ella Illumani: *ducks away from flailing fork and meat*
Grumni Hammersmith: *loosens belt*
Ute Gudmund: we hear you aout those locations
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Mendel: If you don't find it, then you're out your time and I'm out the retainer fee.
Rolo Underfoot: But we have to sell the stuff inside the tower to you?
Mendel: I have first option on items you don't wish to keep for yourselves.
Rand Colds: We keep what we want.
Barrin Khavic: Doubt anyone else be able ta afford it.
Rolo Underfoot: What if others are willin to pay more -- 200 gold doesn't sound like enough for exclusive rights to merhcandise.
Mendel: *shrugs* feel free to ask around if you like.
Mendel: It's an old tale, some believe it a myth, some don't.
Grumni Hammersmith: *chews loudly*
Rand Colds: I've seen it.
Mendel: *smiles* There ya go!
Mendel: *laughs*
Ella Illumani: *looks at plate thoughtfully*
Rand Colds: Cob told me the story when he helped me try and find it.
Rolo Underfoot: So, Rand, you know where to look?
Grumni Hammersmith: a cowardly devil that Cob
Rand Colds: I only saw it from a distance. I didn't find it when I looked closer.
Rolo Underfoot: I expect if it exists, it is more likely 'hidden" than moving.
Rand Colds: I thought he died, Grumni.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I thought he ran off screaming like a girl
Rolo Underfoot: But you know where you were when you saw it?
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* Sure 'e wasn't screaming after a girl?
Ella Illumani: Girls don't like it when you scream after them. *matter-of-factly*
Rand Colds: Pretty sure he didn't make it out of the valley. I wonder how we did.
Barrin Khavic: Ye never met a Dwarven lass, then.
Mendel: *enjoys the meat and listens with interest to the party's conversation*
Ella Illumani: Oh my...
Rand Colds: *eats some of the meat, drinks more brandy*
Barrin Khavic: 'course, sometimes they be screamin after their mates...
Ella Illumani: *nods* Dwarves are loud.
Barrin Khavic: Though it usually be with a fryin pan in hand. *eyes boggle*
Grumni Hammersmith: usually screaming about doing the washing up *grbles*

Jess: *brings in another platter*

Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Jess: For dessert you have a choice of assorted pasteries from the bakery or fruit from the Lum's farmlands.
Jess: *sets platter on the table*
Jess: More drinks anyone?
Rand Colds: *stands up* I think I'll be .... *wobbles* heading to the sack now.
Jess: *smiles*
Ute Gudmund: more wine for me
Barrin Khavic: Aye, an ale, lass. *grabs one of the pastries and tentatively bites into it*
Rand Colds: 'Night.
Grumni Hammersmith: *loosens belt some more* that's more like it *grabs handfulls of pastry*
Ella Illumani: Nighty night!
Barrin Khavic: 'Night, lad.

Rand Colds: *grins at Jess*
Rolo Underfoot: ok if'n I got this retainer thing right -- you pay use to let you have first shot at purchase, but we can sell to another if they offer more?
Jess: A wine, and ale, anyone else?
Grumni Hammersmith: ale!
Jess: two ales got it
Grumni Hammersmith: *sneakily shoves some pastries into bag*
Ella Illumani: *eats fruit pensively*
Mendel: The retainer gives me first option to purchase whatever you don't keep for yourselves.
Grumni Hammersmith: could do with a bit of cream
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- so you could buy it all for 1 gold coin? No deal I'm thinking ...
Mendel: *laughs*
Mendel: I'll offer fair prices for those items I'm interested in.
Mendel: Book and scrolls are of particular interest to my customers up north.
Rolo Underfoot: Whose idea of "fair" ... yours or mine?
Ella Illumani: As long as we make certain the caves are free of ugly undead dead alive undeads...

Eli Knowland: *looks up from book*
Eli Knowland: Ah..rand, enjoy the night?
Rand Colds: *spots Eli, nods as he stumbles across the room*
Rand Colds: nah this 'il be fine
Rand Colds: *falls asleep quickly*
Eli Knowland: *looks over at the passed out Rand and shakes his head*

Grumni Hammersmith: maybe some jam too
Grumni Hammersmith: *keeps eating anyway*
Mendel: *motions to Jesse* Bring some cream and jam for the dwarf.
Ella Illumani: Mmm cream and jam.
Jess: *places bowl of fresh cream on the table*
Jess: We've only strawberry jam this time of year, hope that's ok.
Grumni Hammersmith: *begins eating with new determination*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods happily*
Ella Illumani: *spreads cream on her fruit* Yummy!
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for some bread* Mmmm. Jam and bread, just like Ma used ta make.
Jess: *passes round drinks as well*
Jess: Enjoy
Barrin Khavic: *raises glass and belches* Aye!
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps ale*
Mendel: *smiles and belches loudly*
Grumni Hammersmith: *slops cream over table*
Prostitute: *giggles*
Barrin Khavic: Oi! *glares at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* it'll wash off
Ella Illumani: Messy!
Barrin Khavic: Bah.
Mendel: So, you can sleep on it and let me know your decision at breafast in the morning.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Barrin Khavic: *soaks up the cream with a towel and throws it at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ducks and it hits man behind in face*
Mendel: *settles back to enjoy his brandy*
Rolo Underfoot: Awy, but it seems the only way we win is if'n we don'f find this tower ... and don't spend all the retaining fee looking for it.
Merchant Guard: *turns and glares*
Merchant Guard: *eyes Mendel and mutters as he turns back to his drink*
Barrin Khavic: *runs fingers through beard and glances at the guard* Ye have a problem, lad?
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs* he's not used to dwarven table manners
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*

Karvon : He seem to be deliberately ignoring you.

Barrin Khavic: *looks for food particles in his beard*
Grumni Hammersmith: *alternates between slurping cream out of his bowl and ale*
Barrin Khavic: K'azk ''lazr raatth thurla lurha azna, 'a'th kaz 'rhkak'k
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Jess: Everything ok?
Barrin Khavic: *pushes an ale towards the guard*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye lass

Jess: *collects plates and platters from the table*

Barrin Khavic: Aye, but we could be usin 'nother round.
Jess: *smiles* Very well
Jess: Coming right up
Grumni Hammersmith: might have to be the last one, not mch room left in me belly
Grumni Hammersmith: and I don't want ter have ter wash sick ot me beard

Barrin Khavic: *glances over at the blackjack dealer* Hmm.
Takeyor Mullah: Please have a seat
Takeyor Mullah: How much would you like to bet?
Jess: *passes round drinks*
Barrin Khavic: 1 GP
Takeyor Mullah: Shuffling...
Takeyor Mullah: Barrin Khavic gets 3 of Clubs
Takeyor Mullah: Dealer gets face down card...
Takeyor Mullah: Barrin Khavic gets 9 of Diamonds
Takeyor Mullah: Dealer has 7 of Hearts showing
Takeyor Mullah: Current Bet: 1
Dealer Shows: XX 7H
Your Hand: 3C 9D
Your Total: 12
Barrin Khavic: Hit me!
Takeyor Mullah: Barrin Khavic drew 8 of Spades new total 20
Takeyor Mullah: Current Bet: 1
Dealer Shows: XX 7H
Your Hand: 3C 9D 8S
Your Total: 20

Grumni Hammersmith: *quaffs ale*
Barrin Khavic: Nae bad, shoulda bet more.
Mendel: *stretches*
Rolo Underfoot: So why didn't ya?
Barrin Khavic: *grabs the last ale* Ah, good fer a night cap.
Barrin Khavic: Funds.
Mendel: Well an enjoyable evening with you folk.
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps last of ale* I think its time fer bed
Ella Illumani: *yawns*
Ute Gudmund: have a goo night Mendel
Barrin Khavic: *quaffs ale* Aye. Should be gettin ta bed soon.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed ... and thank you for the fine meal .. it was quite filling.
Mendel: But I must turn in now. Feel free to stay and drink as you like tonite, it'll be on my tab.
Mendel: I'll see you folks at breakfast.
Ella Illumani: Thankies sir.
Grumni Hammersmith: good night ladies, gentlement
Grumni Hammersmith: *staggers off*
Barrin Khavic: *waves* Nae, I be thinkin I have 'nough. 'Night all.
Rolo Underfoot: Must not understand dwur.

Karvon : Mendel and entourage head off to their rooms.

Ella Illumani: *yawns some more*
Eli Knowland: *looks up* Ah...Barrin, you full?
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Rand and shakes head*
Barrin Khavic: Fer now, lad.
Eli Knowland: Good, good
Eli Knowland: Anything of interest happen?
Barrin Khavic: Seems that merchant fella wants us ta find some hidden tower or somethin.
Eli Knowland: Any bar fights?
Eli Knowland: *eyebrow raised* Hidden Tower? What did he mean?
Barrin Khavic: Nae. Even druink 'umans know not ta mess with Dwarves, 'specially drinkin ones.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* Said it moves or somethin.
Eli Knowland: *nods to Rolo*
Eli Knowland: Ute*
Ella Illumani: *snuggles on bedroll*
Eli Knowland: A moving hidden tower.....really? *sarcastic*
Barrin Khavic: Rand said he be seein it, we can ask 'im when 'e wakes.
Rand Colds: *snores drunkenly*

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session 12 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:59 pm

Karvon : Ok quick recap... You were guests of the merchant Mendel for dinner last nite. He offered you a retainer if you'd be willing to seek out a mysterious tower. 200 gp each for first rights to purchase any loot the party decided to dispose of. He was also clearly interested in hearing about all your exploits thus far. You retired for the evening to consider your response, as he awaits your answer at breakfast in the morning. There are a variety of options you could pursue at this stage; it's really up to you. the scene opens in the tavern at breakfast time. You can assume the tavern's mostly empty if you leave early.

Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* let's go
Rand Colds: *tiptoes to the door*
Rand Colds: *creeps along at a snails pace*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* I think we've given them the slip
Karvon: [Cancel]
Karvon : It's early morning, just before dawn.
Rand Colds: *fills a bottle with water*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around*
Rand Colds: *looks over his shoulder* So far, so good.
Rolo Underfoot: seems quiet.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think we're clear
Rand Colds: me too.
Rand Colds: first for me, having to sneak away from a merchant
Sabine: *nods*
Sabine: Morning
Rand Colds: yo, open that gates.
Grumni Hammersmith: morning
Rand Colds: *nods*
Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Grumni Hammersmith. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Grumni Hammersmith: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd like to go through the gate.
Sabine: Very well. But be careful out there - I hear people have seen a bulette in the open spaces near the keep - and sleeping out in the wilderness is dangerous, too.
Rand Colds: *gets ready to run out the gate*

Rand Colds: that damnable bullette again.
Grumni Hammersmith: ok lads, what's it ter be the tower or the necromancer?
Rand Colds: maybe someday we'll see it.
Rand Colds: good question. I thought you were worried about the delay in hunting down the wizard.
Rolo Underfoot: I think the caves ... unless we should wait for the others to recoup.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, the necromance it is then
Rand Colds: Damned pansies, can't handle their liquor.
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer remember which cave it were?
Rolo Underfoot: Might have been that soup.
Rand Colds: *glares at the two*
Rolo Underfoot: Up high!
Rand Colds: I don't, I was thinking of ale at the time.
Rolo Underfoot: On the left side of the valley.
Grumni Hammersmith: lead on Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: surprised they haven't moved this wagon yet.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: I can show you guys where I seen the tower

Rand Colds: snake
Grumni Hammersmith: sneaky
Rand Colds: ye smashed its head in with that hammer, Grumni, well done
Grumni Hammersmith: hammer? tis an axe - yer drank a bit too much last night Rand
Rand Colds: *looks closer* Oh,
Grumni Hammersmith: sent yer eyes funn
Rolo Underfoot: I was thinking I only needed a bit -- potions seem watered down some.
Rand Colds: *looks at the severed snake head* Yeah.
Rand Colds: *rubs his eyes*
Grumni Hammersmith: I can help with the healing if yer give me the chance
Rand Colds: *nods* yeah, what he said.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- wanted to save your skills for an emergency -- these potions are worthless.
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough
Rand Colds: Just for the record keeping, I like Moradin, Grumni.

Grumni Hammersmith: have yer got a blade Rand?
Rand Colds: well, keep an eye out for that damned bullette. the ground is moist, probably easier for it to dig around in
Rolo Underfoot: All these rangers ...
Grumni Hammersmith: i got a spell that'll help
Grumni Hammersmith: let me see
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... perhaps you are correct.
Rand Colds: I do.
Rand Colds: You know I do.
Rand Colds: *stares at the fire*
Rolo Underfoot: ooh ... nice!
Rand Colds: are you part magician too?
Grumni Hammersmith: should help
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rand Colds: guess, I'll go first
Rand Colds: caves may be out, the tower is this way though ,
Rand Colds: another wagon
Grumni Hammersmith: the cart makers around here must be busy
Rand Colds: *looks for valuables*
Rolo Underfoot: aye
Rand Colds: or, really bad cart makers
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps both.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*

Karvon : That's the same wreckage you saw before

Rand Colds: Lets go this way, I wanna look for that tower again.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: *waves Rolo over*
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Rand Colds: more of them
Grumni Hammersmith: *spits on corpses*7
Rand Colds: *spits on the dead birds* Bloodsuckers
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- fast breeders it seems.
Rolo Underfoot: You remember where you saw that tower Rand?
Rand Colds: yeah, just a little past the bridge

Rand Colds: Hello, Sanner
Grumni Hammersmith: *waves to merchant*
Rand Colds: Ever hear of a traveling merchant name of Mendel?
Sanner Goodman: Greetings
Sanner Goodman: Aye, I know of him.
Grumni Hammersmith: he's a penny pincher
Rand Colds: He set up shop at the keep
Sanner Goodman: He deals in high quality items.

Rolo Underfoot: zombies
Rolo Underfoot: Why isn't your guard helping?
Sanner Goodman: Um he was shooting
Rand Colds: not good.
Rolo Underfoot: The one with the mace?
Rand Colds: aye, if not for your guard shooting, they would have snuck up on me
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. he ain't much use is he?
Grumni Hammersmith: this Mendel... is he trustworthy?
Rand Colds: The dead are layed to rest, no worries. You okay, Grumni?
Rand Colds: *looks at his club*
Grumni Hammersmith: they stabbed me good but I'll be ok
Rand Colds: I think the priest in town took me gold. This seems like just a regular club.
Rolo Underfoot: What did you expect?
Grumni Hammersmith: more robbing dogs
Grumni Hammersmith: got no shame
Rand Colds: well, maybe a little better, easier to swing
Rand Colds: so, mendel, good guy, or bad, Sanner?
Sanner Goodman: Um... guess that depends on who you ask.
Rand Colds: I'm askin' you?
Sanner Goodman: He's friendly enough.
Rolo Underfoot: heh ... we are asking you...
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, a bit too friendly
Rand Colds: His prices leave a bad taste in my mouth. Your prices I like.
Sanner Goodman: His prices tend to be high, taking advantage of the lack of competition.
Sanner Goodman: He carrys rarer goods than I.
Rand Colds: *looks slyly at Sanner* You wouldn't happen to have any 'magical' items for sale, would ye?
Sanner Goodman: I don't traffic in that stuff.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes ... and he is still carrying them!
Sanner Goodman: Most can't afford them.
Sanner Goodman: Not much demand from the locals for that sort.
Rand Colds: Well, shoot. If you can arrange to have a few sent, we'd probably buy them, if they're not as high as Mendel's.
Rand Colds: anyways, you've been here a while
Rand Colds: You ever seen a tower south of here?
Rand Colds: *points towards a hill south of them*
Sanner Goodman: Tower?
Rand Colds: Aye.
Sanner Goodman: Ah the locals tell of a ghost tower.
Grumni Hammersmith: some say it moves around a bit
Rand Colds: *nods* That's the one.
Rolo Underfoot: That be the one I reckon.
Sanner Goodman: *dunno*
Rand Colds: Okay, be see ing you.
Sanner Goodman: Can't see a tower moving.
Sanner Goodman: Good luck
Rand Colds: *waves*

Rolo Underfoot: Maybe they built it at the quarry and moved it here? ... or where ever it is.
Rand Colds: *looks at the water* Anyone feel like swimming across?
Grumni Hammersmith: might just've grown it with magic
Rolo Underfoot: The swamp?
Rolo Underfoot: ah -- that would be even easier.
Grumni Hammersmith: not in this armour
Rolo Underfoot: I don't even see a road ... towers have roads don't they?
Rand Colds: ah, but do moving towers have moving roads?
Rolo Underfoot: It should be up here
Rand Colds: I could have sworn it was this way, last time.
Rolo Underfoot: perhaps this bare spot?
Rand Colds: it must have moved

Karvon : The summit shows no sign of construction.

Rolo Underfoot: No grass growing here ... could it be a tower?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... well spotted
Rand Colds: *looks around in the pouring rain*
Rolo Underfoot: Seeing nothing is easy if you look.
Rand Colds: I see nothing.
Rolo Underfoot: Not signs of a tower here though.
Rand Colds: Yeah, let's head for the caves then
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps to the west?

Rand Colds: * the helm comes off easily*
Rolo Underfoot: Can you breathe ok Rand?
Rand Colds: Thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- poison has weakened him.
Rand Colds: I can breathe, but I feel like a noodle.
Rolo Underfoot: That's good actually -- not breathing is very bad.
Grumni Hammersmith: any good?
Rand Colds: yes, much better
Rand Colds: I tell ye, Moradin be getting a donation, if I ever see a temple.

Karvon : From the summit you have a pretty good view of the river, the swamps to the south and the road to the noarth.

Rolo Underfoot: ah good ... let the pig fight the spiders, I'm thinking.
Rand Colds: He did, so did I.
Grumni Hammersmith: cost me a few healing spells mind
Rand Colds: *puts his helm back on, picks up his sword and shield, standing up*
Rand Colds: *rubs his healed spider bite*
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't got the eyes of an elf but I can't see any towers
Rand Colds: Grumni, you saved me.
Rolo Underfoot: Looken better Rand ... Grumni did a good job.
Rand Colds: *nods* Always.
Grumni Hammersmith: praise Moradin
Rand Colds: Let's get out of here, I don't like spiders.
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Grumni Hammersmith: *has one last look around*
Grumni Hammersmith: this way?
Rolo Underfoot: You fella's coming?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around*
Rolo Underfoot: I expect Rands going to tell us he glimpsed that tower again.
Rolo Underfoot: Wonder if he was bitten by a spider the last time he saw it?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: lets get to going
Rolo Underfoot: caves?
Grumni Hammersmith: where we going?
Rand Colds: lets check on the pilgrims
Rolo Underfoot: Good idea.

Rand Colds: birds
Grumni Hammersmith: birds
Grumni Hammersmith: avoid em
Rand Colds: best to take them on, than have them drop on ye from the sky
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: *keeps an eye out for site of the tower*

Karvon : The pilgrims are encamped along with a few of the prisoners you rescued.

Rolo Underfoot: Hello, hello!
Grumni Hammersmith: good evening
Rand Colds: *waves to the pilgrims*
Rolo Underfoot: How is everything here?
Sister Naresh: good evening
Sister Naresh: We lost another sister last night.
Rand Colds: Has anyone else..... oh.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh dear
Rolo Underfoot: You did?
Grumni Hammersmith: zombies?
Rolo Underfoot: You should move to the keep.
Sister Naresh: We have to wait for another band to meet up with us.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps they ain't ever going to arrive...
Rolo Underfoot: Can't they meet you at the keep?
Rand Colds: *looks at the other pilgrims suspiciously*
Sister Naresh: We don't enjoy the confining nature of the keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: could be they've met a sticky end on the road
Rand Colds: You could camp outside the walls, not by the bullette, mind you.
Rolo Underfoot: oh. But you enjoy getting masacred by zombies?
Sister Naresh: Oh, I'm sure the Lord has protected them.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks doubful*
Rolo Underfoot: Right...
Sister Naresh: We've not seen many undead, our Lord shields us from them.
Rolo Underfoot: I see ...
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Rand* we should move on in case this stupidity is contagous*
Rand Colds: We'll keep an eye out for the sister, take care of yourself.
Rolo Underfoot: ... but not ALL of you ...
Sister Naresh: *smiles benignly*
Rand Colds: *waves goodbye*
Rolo Underfoot: right ... good day.
Sister Naresh: Safe travels.
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: err... farewell

Grumni Hammersmith: they be an all yer can eat zombie buffet sitting there
Rand Colds: *tries not to laugh*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rand Colds: wiat
Rolo Underfoot: who's that over there?
Rand Colds: maybe the sister.
Rand Colds: Hey. *yells*
Grumni Hammersmith: where?
Rolo Underfoot: looks pale
Rand Colds: ew, she looks dead.
Rand Colds: Grumni, dont turn your back to her
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes* hang on
Rand Colds: She's a beast
Grumni Hammersmith: is he talking?
Rand Colds: Die, bitch
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Rolo Underfoot: this one was different.
Rolo Underfoot: My stones just bounced off of it.
Rand Colds: *picks up a bracelet and necklace*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* zombies is zombies I guess

Karvon : This creature appears to be what was feasting on the pilgrims.

Rand Colds: Quonzar.
Rolo Underfoot: What zar?
Rand Colds: It's wearing thier holy symbol, around its neck.
Rand Colds: We better tell the pilgrims.
Rolo Underfoot: oh? Right.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* unless it'd been pretending to be a pilgrim before?
Karvon : seems likely
Rand Colds: *steps away from it*
Rolo Underfoot: Burn the thing.
Rand Colds: I think so.
Grumni Hammersmith: we going ter give them numb skulls that pendant?
Rand Colds: *sprinkles some oil on it, before setting it alight*
Rand Colds: Yes, I don't know this quonzar from the tooth fairy.
Rolo Underfoot: ah that's the way!
Rand Colds: Lets tell the pilgrims
Rolo Underfoot: Let's see what they know about this.

Rand Colds: Lady Naresh
Sister Naresh: Good evening
Rand Colds: I think I know what was happening to your friends.
Sister Naresh: Oh?
Rand Colds: My comrades and I found a creature wearing this necklace, we think it may have been hiding amongst you, and feeding on your friends.
Sister Naresh: *examines and sighs*
Grumni Hammersmith: a dopplegannger perhaps?
Sister Naresh: Yes, this was one of our brothers.
Rand Colds: Ugly, whatever it was.
Grumni Hammersmith: and smelly
Sister Naresh: You say he changed into something else?
Rand Colds: Yes.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes ... ash.
Sister Naresh: Most unfortunate, but at least we can rest in peace.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rand Colds: We burnt the body, ......
Sister Naresh: *nods* Wise precaution I suspect.
Sister Naresh: Thank you for your assistance.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: You can safely wait for your friends now.
Sister Naresh: We have no gold to speak of but we can share some healing supplies as a token of thanks.
Rand Colds: Much appreciated, Lady Naresh.
Sister Naresh: *she hands each of you a small bundle*
Rolo Underfoot: You have no idea of how helpful that can be!
Rand Colds: *carefully packs it in his bag*
Sister Naresh: Quonzar's blessing on you all.
Rolo Underfoot: Thank you.
Grumni Hammersmith: bye
Sister Naresh: Farewell
Rolo Underfoot: And you as well.
Rand Colds: thank you, lady. Be sure and tell your friends about us, I'm Rand, this is Rolo, and of course Grumni.

Grumni Hammersmith: Pig! where'd yer go?
Rolo Underfoot: Roasting?
Rand Colds: *stops to put on the bracelet, a shiny electrum one*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* warming by the fire
Rolo Underfoot: Smart, even for a pig!
Rand Colds: What?
Rand Colds: *tries to cover up his new bracelet*
Grumni Hammersmith: that's a rather fancy bracelet Rand, very feminine *stufles a laugh*
Rand Colds: *turns red*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm sure some lass would like it
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- looks good on you though!
Rand Colds: Fine, I'll sell it when we get back to Sanner.
Rand Colds: all ye had to say was you wanted yer cut.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer'll be the belle of the ball
Rand Colds: ha ha, very funny
Rand Colds: is this it?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Rolo Underfoot: I think this is the one.
Rand Colds: *waits*

Rolo Underfoot: skeletal owlbears
Rand Colds: hang in ther rolo
Rand Colds: *pants*
Rolo Underfoot: ugh -- thanks.

Karvon : Looks like the necromancer's work.

Grumni Hammersmith: I'm out of healing lads
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... and we are not enough for this.
Rand Colds: here, you seem to be better at patching than I
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Rand Colds: *looks at the door*
Rand Colds: *mutters to himself*
Rolo Underfoot: yes, you will to clear them. We still playing? If so, I'll remove mine as well ... put the theory to practice.
Rand Colds: trapt door in there, looked like only one room to go, possibly

Rolo Underfoot: You hear something heading towards you...
Rand Colds: something coming
Rand Colds: gnoll
Karvon : a wandering scout
Grumni Hammersmith: pft

Grumni Hammersmith: ok lads, shall we give it a go?
Rolo Underfoot: aye
Rand Colds: Let's see what we can do about that door.
Rolo Underfoot: still very bad lag
Rand Colds: Rolo, can you check the door?
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Grumni Hammersmith: looks trapped ter me
Rand Colds: Yeah, that's what I figured, too.
Rand Colds: Want me to open it?
Rolo Underfoot: locked too
Rolo Underfoot: readY
Rand Colds: ready

Rolo Underfoot: skeletons
Rolo Underfoot: any knucle bones? I can use them.
Grumni Hammersmith: loads
Rand Colds: You can?
Rolo Underfoot: Nice dagger over there.
Rand Colds: Ooh, a fancy dagger
Grumni Hammersmith: kep it fer later
Rand Colds: rolo, you can probably make better use of it than I.
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps in a pinch
Rolo Underfoot: ah a knuckle obone
Grumni Hammersmith: best not ter linger lads
Rand Colds: do you use a dagger, rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: I've got a short sword, but I'd use that dagger.
Rand Colds: its yours then, if you think of selling, it might be best to hand it to one of the wizards.

...and the session closes with the party retreating to the cavern entrance to rest and regroup.

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session 13 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:00 pm

Karvon : a quick recap. The party ventured into the necromancers lair and has fallen back to regroup. The others have caught up as you're camped.

Rolo Underfoot: ah our Master Blaster has arrived!
Eli Knowland: * late, I caught up with you
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Eli, and welcome!
Grumni Hammersmith: good to se yer made it at last.
Ute Gudmund: Ah, there you are
Rolo Underfoot: And you brought Ute very good! Things are looking up now!
Eli Knowland: Did you find anything while you were here?
Rand Colds: Yeah, owlbear skeletons.
Ute Gudmund: I'm beginning to think you have a crush for caves *looks around*
Eli Knowland: I hope you scattered the bones
Grumni Hammersmith: did yer see Barrin anywhere lads? we couldn't get him outta bed
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head* not me
Grumni Hammersmith: I hope a critter hasn't eaten hi
Eli Knowland: *Leans on his staff*
Grumni Hammersmith: *him
Rand Colds: *looks out the cave entrance for Barrin*
Barrin Khavic: Oi!
Eli Knowland: Here's Barrin
Rand Colds: Here he is.
Ute Gudmund: ah.... you there
Ute Gudmund: good... good
Barrin Khavic: Why ye lot be runnin off without me?
Rand Colds: You sleep like a stone, Barrin.
Ute Gudmund: They did the same without me *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* A Dwarf be needin 'is sleep.
Rand Colds: I suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer here now anyway
Barrin Khavic: 'least yer all still alive. But where's the little 'ne?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: I think the necromancer guy is beyond that there door.
Rand Colds: *puts on his helm*
Ute Gudmund: nercomacer?
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps she took up that merchant's offer
Eli Knowland: *raises eyebrow* Are we that close?
Barrin Khavic: Good thing I got some more kits.
Ute Gudmund: What you got us into now?
Rand Colds: We thought the girl was with you Barrin.
Barrin Khavic: Uh-uh. Checked 'er room, but she be gone.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at door* wasn't this trapped last time?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... no sign of the lass here.
Eli Knowland: Did you open it before?
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- we were inside that room.
Eli Knowland: Well then, its hardly trapped now
Rolo Underfoot: Skeletons waiting for us.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can't here nuthin
Barrin Khavic: Don look trapped ta me.
Rolo Underfoot: want me to look?
Barrin Khavic: Get movin.

Karvon : scattered bones and bits of broken weapon litter the room.

Barrin Khavic: Cozy.
Eli Knowland: Hmm..dark in here
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Rolo Underfoot: quiet
Barrin Khavic: *shields eyes*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* look out fer rust monsters
Ute Gudmund: run if you see one
Rolo Underfoot: trap here
Barrin Khavic: Good eyes, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: locked door
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Be needin a key?
Rolo Underfoot: want me to open it?
Grumni Hammersmith: doesn it need a dwarven key *readies axe*?
Barrin Khavic: *readies bow* 'course.
Rolo Underfoot: nope
Rolo Underfoot: let me look?
Barrin Khavic: *snorts*
Grumni Hammersmith: *waits for rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: don't see anything ... which way?
Barrin Khavic: *looks back down the corridor*
Ute Gudmund: i guess we can go in *raise eyebrow*
Barrin Khavic: I 'ear somethin ahead.

Rolo Underfoot: more around the corner.
Barrin Khavic: Stupid pile o' bones.
Grumni Hammersmith: smelly skellys
Rolo Underfoot: any knuckle bones?
Eli Knowland: Oh...I found this rather nice mace
Barrin Khavic: Nope.
Rand Colds: here, take this dagger
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm...
Grumni Hammersmith: I could use that
Eli Knowland:
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at the door*
Grumni Hammersmith: *points to mace*
Barrin Khavic: *looks over Rolo's shoulder*
Eli Knowland: Actually I 'm rather good with my staff
Eli Knowland: But the dagger might come in useful
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Eli Knowland: *nods* Keep them at a distance, that's my motto
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at door*
Barrin Khavic: Just don't be shooting one of us.
Rolo Underfoot: Dont' hear anythng ... ready to open it?
Eli Knowland: well, I don't like the idea of been last man, too many mages have died that way, at least, that's what they said at the Acadamy
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: Looks empty
Rand Colds: ouch

Karvon : the room is dank and smelly. it's where you found the prisoners on your first forray.

Rand Colds: Oh,
Barrin Khavic: Phew.
Rolo Underfoot: Seems empty.
Grumni Hammersmith: praps there's a secret door
Rolo Underfoot: This is the prison right?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: *steps out of the smelly room*
Rolo Underfoot: ok back the other way then
Barrin Khavic: Let the scout do 'is job.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?

Rolo Underfoot: Never even saw 'em.
Rand Colds: pick on me, you bunch of bones
Barrin Khavic: Ho!
Grumni Hammersmith: oach
Ute Gudmund: hmm... if you see another mace or the like let me know *looks around*
Barrin Khavic: *kicks teh corpse*
Ute Gudmund: did you see the axe on the floor?
Barrin Khavic: Let me know if'n ye find a good axe fer me.
Ute Gudmund: take a look at this barrin
Grumni Hammersmith: yer best stick to he rear Rolo its getting a bit tricky up frony
Barrin Khavic: Aye?
Ute Gudmund: down on th floor
Rolo Underfoot: aye *frowns*
Barrin Khavic: Oooh...
Ute Gudmund: like it?
Barrin Khavic: Oh, aye...
Ute Gudmund: *smiles*
Barrin Khavic: *swings the axe around experimentally* Oi! Bring on 'em dead things!

Grumni Hammersmith: trap!
Barrin Khavic: Don step on it!
Rolo Underfoot: ah there it is.
Grumni Hammersmith: who are yer?
Eli Knowland: A woman?
Rolo Underfoot: ugh.
Rand Colds: books, of all things.
Barrin Khavic: *looks at the boar*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Arpad: Well, it's about time!
Rand Colds: huh?
Rand Colds: About time? What do you mean? Who are you?
Arpad: I am Arpad - didn't my father send you to rescue me?
Ute Gudmund: *low voie* CArful with that woman, i don't like the idea of finding here here
Grumni Hammersmith: eh?
Ute Gudmund: *her here
Rand Colds: Um, yes.
Arpad: Good. I'll get out of here, and meet any prisoners you've freed on the road. I should be able to escort them to the Keep safely.
Barrin Khavic: *points at the book* Eli, what ye make o' this?
Rand Colds: Wait! What is this place?
Arpad: You don't know? This is the home of Tarlech the Necromancer, ally of the Hidden Temple.
Rand Colds: What are you doing here?
Arpad: I was his prisoner - captured by the bandits, and sold into slavery to the Temple. Tarlech saw potential in me, and trained me in his foul art.
Eli Knowland: Let me have a look
Rand Colds: What is the Temple?
Arpad: Oh, it's a site devoted to the worship of Erishkigal and Nergal. Be very careful - the priestesses and priests there hold much sway over the Caves of Chaos. It will not be long till they control the whole valley.
Rand Colds: How many evil clerics are there?
Arpad: I'm not sure - I've never learned those kinds of details.
Rand Colds: Be careful on the road. Safe travels.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls* so yer a necromancer too?
Rand Colds: see ya
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph,
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Rolo Underfoot: where did she go?
Rand Colds: She practically ran me over trying to get outta here.
Eli Knowland: Oh....lookie here! The pages can be removed and used as scrolls!
Ute Gudmund: *blinks*
Grumni Hammersmith: I hope we weren't just tricked
Ute Gudmund: told you
Barrin Khavic: Oh? They any good?
Ute Gudmund: something odd on that woman

Karvon : Before leaving she tells you she is a minor mage, but NOT a necromancer. She was forced to copy books and scrolls.

Rolo Underfoot: Why is this pig looking at me like that?
Eli Knowland: Eleven scrolls in all
Barrin Khavic: Better watch it, lad, 'e may be eyein ye fer dinner.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* he's took a fancy ter yer
Ute Gudmund: *eyes the boar and chuckles*
Rand Colds: lets check the book shelves, maybe we can sell the books to that merchant, he'll never know where we got them
Rolo Underfoot: That is what I was afraid of ... do pigs eat folks?
Grumni Hammersmith: 8nods*
Eli Knowland: Hmm, when i have time, I'll add them to my spell book

Karvon : The shelves are in varying states of decay.

Rolo Underfoot: Any culture here?
Karvon : as are the contents.
Barrin Khavic: Some more fer ye, lad.
Rand Colds: I'm looking for rocks,anyone see any?
Rolo Underfoot: scroll here!
Barrin Khavic: *taps Eli on the shoulder*
Eli Knowland: Oh...I found a tomb on Necromancy!
Rand Colds: holy smokes, these books are heavy
Eli Knowland: Yes?
Barrin Khavic: *points to where the pig is* Some more paper fer ye.
Grumni Hammersmith: scrolls on the floor here fer the finger wiggler
Rolo Underfoot: Must be valuable then.
Rand Colds: I have a few scrolls as well.
Eli Knowland: *nods* this place is a treasure trove of learning!
Grumni Hammersmith: best get 'em before the pig eats 'em
Rolo Underfoot: I can probably carry some if yo like?
Grumni Hammersmith: you got any oil left Rand?
Rand Colds: I have a lot of books here.
Barrin Khavic: Some more paper.
Rand Colds: I do.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think we should burn that black book
Eli Knowland: Oh...this one is heavy!
Eli Knowland: Can someone carry it for me?
Rolo Underfoot: Conjuration ...
Rand Colds: I feel like a pack mule.
Rand Colds: sure, hand them over
Karvon: Set Tarlech the Necromancer as Hostile
Ute Gudmund: i'mnot too strong, sorry *shakes head*
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* And ye smell worse.
Ute Gudmund: *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: every school of magic it seems.
Eli Knowland: Here's another weighty tome
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't one fer books
Barrin Khavic: Aye. This finger waggler really like 'is books.
Eli Knowland: Should anyone want it?
Ute Gudmund: Can we make profit out of that?
Rand Colds: I feel like a library
Rolo Underfoot: I can carry any that you think we might need or are valuable
Eli Knowland: I figure our merchant friend might like them
Grumni Hammersmith: I could carry one but that's all
Eli Knowland: The weight alone showns the quality of the works
Rolo Underfoot: I think he wants the ones from that tower.
Rand Colds: *weighed down by a massive amount of books*
Barrin Khavic: Nah, just means the authors didna know when ta stop writin. *grin*
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! the damn things too heavy
Ute Gudmund: *chuckles* indeed Barrin
Eli Knowland: Yes, they are!
Rand Colds: You guys do the running, I'll protect our.... back.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think there's more ter see yet
Rolo Underfoot: damn tehy are heavy!
Grumni Hammersmith: creepy

Eli Knowland: There's your axe!
Ute Gudmund: This damn weapon is useless here
Rand Colds: nice axe
Rolo Underfoot: and another nice mace
Eli Knowland: And another mace
Barrin Khavic: Anyone wnat it?
Rand Colds: *struggles to pick up the mace*
Ute Gudmund: thank you Grummi
Grumni Hammersmith: might be better
Rolo Underfoot: a beater would be good here I think.
Barrin Khavic: *to Rand* I can be carryin that mace if needbe.
Rand Colds: okay
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: Trapped.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: locked too
Rand Colds: *shifts the load of books to the other shoulder*
Barrin Khavic: *looks at axes* Wonder what it be like ta be able ta 'old two at once...
Grumni Hammersmith: dwarve key?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... need that dwur key I'm thinking
Barrin Khavic: BLasted door.
Grumni Hammersmith: its a thick 'un
Rand Colds: Split that door, Barrin.
Barrin Khavic: Aye!
Rand Colds: *laughs*

Barrin Khavic: Eh? Who be this?
Ute Gudmund: look out
Rand Colds: woo

Karvon: you see a room with decaying furnishings.... two zombied mummified creatures rush towards you....

Rand Colds: wait, do we have to kill her?
Barrin Khavic: Why? Ye wanna ask 'er fer a date?
Grumni Hammersmith: she's trying ter kill me!
Rand Colds: Well, yeah.
Eli Knowland: She looks processed
Rand Colds: okay, maybe not
Rand Colds: grumni
Tarlech the Necromancer : Halt!
Barrin Khavic: Die, fiend!
Ute Gudmund: get the mage
Eli Knowland: Blast it!
Barrin Khavic: Dispell 'is magic!
Eli Knowland: He had a spell shield
Rand Colds: my turn
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd he go?
Rand Colds: a damned cat
Rand Colds: had some kind of necklace on
Eli Knowland: *looks around* Very bare quarters
Ute Gudmund: found an amy *glance to the other side*
Ute Gudmund: here, let me put the ammy on the floor
Rand Colds: *looks at the body&*
Eli Knowland: *rummages through the things on the various tables*
Ute Gudmund: eli, do you think you can see what is it?
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... another dead end.
Grumni Hammersmith: anything useful?
Rand Colds: *takes the body of the spike*

Karvon : The necromancer disappeared magically during the battle. the quarters seem rather spartan

Rand Colds: *crosses its arms across its chest*
Rand Colds: gather all the bodies, its time to use that oil.
Eli Knowland: I think he Portal himself to somewhere else
Ute Gudmund: take a look at this eli
Barrin Khavic: Coward.
Grumni Hammersmith: that black temple most likely
Ute Gudmund: can you id this amulet?
Grumni Hammersmith: *has a sit down*
Rolo Underfoot: ah he was in here?
Eli Knowland: Let me examine it closer
Rand Colds: *gets his oil ready to douse the bodies* Drag that damned cat and lady over here.
Ute Gudmund: there
Eli Knowland: Hmm...let me see
Rand Colds: *looks around while waiting to light the bodies on fire*
Rolo Underfoot: ah thanks for that,
Eli Knowland: It will protect you from fire
Rand Colds: *picks up a piece of paper*
Rolo Underfoot: *search*
Rand Colds: I cant make out this writing.
Eli Knowland: At least, the worse effects of it
Barrin Khavic: Usefull.
Rand Colds: Eli?
Ute Gudmund: I see... perhaps we can me some profit out of it
Rand Colds: I found a note.
Eli Knowland: Hmm...someone could wear it as a wrist-band?
Grumni Hammersmith: what's it say?
Rand Colds: I cant read it, I said.
Eli Knowland: Let me look
Rand Colds: *hands the note over to Eli*
Rolo Underfoot: Why can't you read it?
Rand Colds: The writing is all squiggly.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ...
Eli Knowland: *scans it*
Rolo Underfoot: a cypher?
Rand Colds: Can someone drag those bodies over here, I'm gonna burn them all together.
Eli Knowland: The script is magical
Rolo Underfoot: *drags bodies*
Eli Knowland: I can tell you that but it will need further study
Grumni Hammersmith: *helps*
Rolo Underfoot: oh ...
Rand Colds: *splashes oil over the bodies8
Grumni Hammersmith: we coud show that hopeless scribe in town it I suppose
Ute Gudmund: *eyes the impalated man and lower eyes* This is not way to die
Rand Colds: Only one flask of oil left, guys.
Grumni Hammersmith: *drags boar onto pile*
Eli Knowland: Well, the gist of it is, that its a note from a Priestess to this Necromancer in how to build up the Undead Army
Eli Knowland: Basically, use the humanoids and anyone else they find to make the Army
Rand Colds: *burns impaled man, sexy dead woman, and damned cat*

Rolo Underfoot: over here!
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... a door hidden back here
Rolo Underfoot: indeed
Grumni Hammersmith: might be where that coward ran off to
Rand Colds: Good eyes, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: perhaps.
Rolo Underfoot: thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Eli Knowland: Oh!
Barrin Khavic: Worth checking out.
Rand Colds: *wraps the collar around his wrist*
Eli Knowland: An actually secret door in a necromancer lair, how quaint!

Rolo Underfoot: Damn! Scared me!
Rand Colds: another body to burn
Barrin Khavic: *eyes the runes*
Barrin Khavic: Looks ta be a dead end.
Ute Gudmund: *avoids stepping on the runes*
Eli Knowland: Did you see that body back there? it was covered in a yellowish fungus
Rolo Underfoot: watch for traps
Grumni Hammersmith: secret door perhaps?
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Barrin Khavic: No traps...and no doors either.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Eli Knowland: Another secret door!
Rand Colds: Rolo, keep your eyes open.
Ute Gudmund: *blinks*
Barrin Khavic: Gruesome.
Ute Gudmund: you are good little one
Rand Colds: Oh, he just went through anothe secret door.

Rolo Underfoot: more bodies,
Grumni Hammersmith: los of 'em
Barrin Khavic: Poor bastards.
Eli Knowland: Oh...I think we're somewhere else entirely!
Rolo Underfoot: Recruitment center?
Rand Colds: more corpses
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Need ta burn 'em if possible.
Ute Gudmund: wait before burning Barrin
Rand Colds: I got one flask left
Grumni Hammersmith: going to be a big fire
Ute Gudmund: these pour souls deserve a prayer
Eli Knowland: They look well presevred
Barrin Khavic: Too well.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Ute Gudmund: *knees to pray*
Ute Gudmund: Lord, show these poor souls the path to a better place
Eli Knowland: *rubs chin* Is this the cradle of the Undead Army?
Rand Colds: Amen, Ute.
Rolo Underfoot: *watches the corridor*
Barrin Khavic: Don't think they be havin souls now; prolly long gone.
Ute Gudmund: Let them find peace and *pauses and hesitates*
Eli Knowland: Yes, but the bodies could be activated, with the right spells
Ute Gudmund: Help the get free from this evil darkness
Rolo Underfoot: and happiness.
Barrin Khavic: Still say we should burn 'em.
Ute Gudmund: *uncomfortable stands* feels very... dark here
Rand Colds: woah, look out
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Eli Knowland: Oh...a shadow
Ute Gudmund: what... what happened?
Rand Colds: couple over here as well
Barrin Khavic: That not good.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... ghosties
Eli Knowland: Is he looking for something?

Karvon : theys seem to be wandering ghosts

Rand Colds: you set thier spirits to wandering.
Ute Gudmund: did i?
Rolo Underfoot: lots of 'em
Grumni Hammersmith: better ter leave 'em alone
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Ute* Burn the bodies.
Ute Gudmund: we need to find a way to set them free
Ute Gudmund: find that necromacer
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Ute Gudmund: *looks sad*
Rolo Underfoot: They look plenty free now!
Barrin Khavic: Aye, so let's be doin it.
Rand Colds: *shifts the books to the other shoulder*
Eli Knowland: If you burn the bodies now, those Ghosts may attack
Rolo Underfoot: Hello? Can you hear me?
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rand Colds: Does anyone have a spare healing kit?
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Rolo's knife* Where be yer sling, lad?
Rolo Underfoot: I do.
Ute Gudmund: let me see
Rand Colds: I'd like one, if you can spare it.
Ute Gudmund: i think not
Eli Knowland: There's another door beyond
Rand Colds: thanks, barrin
Rand Colds: and rolo
Grumni Hammersmith: best clear this area, we don't want something attacking from the rear
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Ute Gudmund: agreed
Eli Knowland: *smiles* it alright, there's a room full of ghosts behind us

Barrin Khavic: *peers down corridor* Place is a maze.
Grumni Hammersmith: ay
Rand Colds: *leans against the wall, catching his breath*
Eli Knowland: *marks the wall with his dagger* there...just in case we get, huh, turned around
Grumni Hammersmith: more doors
Rolo Underfoot: This goes up.
Grumni Hammersmith: wrong way
Barrin Khavic: Say we leave it fer now.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: Good idea, stay on the one level
Eli Knowland: But this underground, what-ever-you-call-it is HUGE!
Barrin Khavic: As I said, it be a maze.
Grumni Hammersmith: quiet though
Barrin Khavic: Bit too quiet.
Eli Knowland: Maybe there's only Ghosts here?
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: And necrofreaks.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Grumni Hammersmith: any traps?
Rand Colds: *leans against the wall, resting*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing.
Rolo Underfoot: ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we take a look?
Eli Knowland: Go ahead
Ute Gudmund: i am
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: *pushes off the wall*

Grumni Hammersmith: *choke* Lemme out!
Rolo Underfoot: black knight.
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah!
Rand Colds: oh, i got something for you, missy
Barrin Khavic: Kill him!
Rand Colds: your next, buster
Eli Knowland: Got him!

Barrin Khavic: *wipes brow* 'Bout time.
Ute Gudmund: i... i neeed better armo
Rand Colds: lots of stuff on this girl
Grumni Hammersmith: Help!
Rolo Underfoot: I sill see Kira
Eli Knowland: Thanks Rolo!
Ute Gudmund: *pantis* found this
Rand Colds: 500 gold, too
Grumni Hammersmith: *choke* help!
Eli Knowland: I'll need to rest
Barrin Khavic: Ooh. Coudl be usin some new armor.
Ute Gudmund: me too... i am going down to easy
Rand Colds: plate mail, no less
Barrin Khavic: All I got is splint.
Rolo Underfoot: Where is Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: someone throw me a rope!
Rand Colds: *looks at the items he picked up*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Barrin Khavic: Who's gettin the armor?
Eli Knowland: I used one of the scrolls we found
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah!
Rand Colds: *lets Grumni out*
Rolo Underfoot: Where are you Grumni? *follows the sound*
Grumni Hammersmith: fell down a hole
Rand Colds: Its this hole of a piece of cloth. *folds up the cloth*
Ute Gudmund: do you think i can try that armor for now?
Rolo Underfoot: *looks around for a hole*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... impressive armour fer you fighting lads

Karvon : a portabale hole was spread across the door, trapping the priest when he entered

Barrin Khavic: Only if'n I can be usin yer old set.
Rand Colds: *puts the hole back in his pack*
Ute Gudmund: my old set is not that good, let me show you
Ute Gudmund: *starts removing armor*
Barrin Khavic: Better 'en mine. Then again, there be a shield by the bed.
Rolo Underfoot: Rand, is Grumni in your pack?
Grumni Hammersmith: what happened while I was stuck?

Karvon : from the markings this seems to have been an evil champion.

Ute Gudmund: i can't carry more weight, no use for the shield to me
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm ok now
Eli Knowland: That's a nice ring, despite it been magical
Barrin Khavic: Do ye want the shield, lad? And I take the armor?
Rand Colds: I think I can carry the shield, if need be.
Rand Colds: *grunts under the weight of the books*
Ute Gudmund: where is the shield?
Grumni Hammersmith: what's the ring do?
Barrin Khavic: o'er by the bed.
Rand Colds: by the bed
Eli Knowland: It will take the sting out of some spells
Grumni Hammersmith: oo! nice shield
Ute Gudmund: no, i can't sue it, too heavy for me
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: Nice shield there.
Eli Knowland: That's a good large shield on the ground
Grumni Hammersmith: can I see the ring?
Eli Knowland: Well, rand has it now
Rolo Underfoot: and a portal?
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, never mind
Eli Knowland: The ring is on the ground
Rand Colds: I got the hole.
Eli Knowland: Behind Grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: *squints* don't see it
Rand Colds: I picked up a magic bow, long bow.
Barrin Khavic: Rand has the shield.
Eli Knowland: There at my feet
Rand Colds: I do, does anyone want it for now.
Barrin Khavic: Give it ta Grumni.
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*
Rand Colds: I got some fancy jewelry off the wench.
Rand Colds: and her bow.
Grumni Hammersmith: no one else want the ring?
Eli Knowland: Its useful for everyone
Rand Colds: and 500 gold, dont forget to remind me when we get to the keep.
Rolo Underfoot: That is a good start.
Barrin Khavic: Nae. I got armor and an ax, everythin else can be split elsewhere.
Eli Knowland: Has everyone got at least one thing so far?
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds it up* aye
Rolo Underfoot: We ready to move on?
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*
Eli Knowland: I have the dagger and scrolls
Rand Colds: I have a few,a mace, a bow, .. gems, jewelry.
Barrin Khavic: Got two axes if'n someone wants the other 'ne.
Rand Colds: the cat collar.
Rand Colds: and the hole
Rolo Underfoot: What do you make of that portal Eli?
Grumni Hammersmith: magical axe?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Eli Knowland: I didn't see the note
Rand Colds: numerous scrolls.
Grumni Hammersmith: too big fer me
Grumni Hammersmith: can't get a decent swing in
Eli Knowland: Are we going to try to rest?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll stand guard
Rand Colds: *sweat on his brow* Rest sounds good.
Rolo Underfoot: Anyone know about this?
Eli Knowland: Oh yes, the Dark Portal
Grumni Hammersmith: don't go in if its a hole
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure what it is ...
Eli Knowland: *peers closer*
Barrin Khavic: *stands guard*
Eli Knowland: Hmm, test it?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* no idea
Rolo Underfoot: how do you test it? With the pig?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* if yer can persaude him
Barrin Khavic: Could toss the pig down there.
Eli Knowland: Throw one of the bodies into it?
Rolo Underfoot: Heh -- fat chance of that.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah thats' a good idea - chuck a body
Rolo Underfoot: *tosses a small stone into the "portal"
Rand Colds: I dont think I can rest here, too much going on
Eli Knowland: well, well...a cave
Eli Knowland: But nothing in it
Barrin Khavic: Maybe rest in there?
Grumni Hammersmith: might be a place ter rest

Karvon: the stone disappears when it hits the hole

Eli Knowland: But it might offer a place to rest
Rolo Underfoot: you went in? and came back?
Eli Knowland: *smiles* didn't you see me?
Rolo Underfoot: Damn Eli, you could have ended up anywhere ... without a way back!
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Well, we had to test it and see
Barrin Khavic: That be mages fer ye; always jumpin' where they shouldna be.
Eli Knowland: No one was volunteering
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... ok.
Eli Knowland: Its a bit crapped though
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Could try restin 'ere.
Rand Colds: *had unfolded the cloth he picked up off the lady*
Rolo Underfoot: just a cave --- or a prison?
Ute Gudmund: maybe
Eli Knowland: Na, its probably too tight a fit
Rand Colds: try leaving something in there, lets see if we can use it to store stuff.
Rolo Underfoot: sleeps fine.
Eli Knowland: Better you lot come outta there, you might suffocate
Ute Gudmund: *stretches*
Rolo Underfoot: how about this book?
Barrin Khavic: Ye can rest in there.
Rand Colds: yes, check to see if we can leave the books in it.
Barrin Khavic: Bit cramped, but it be safe.
Eli Knowland: Well, of course you can, but do we want to come back here?
Rolo Underfoot: aye and maybe we can keep stuff there.
Eli Knowland: *shakes head* bad idea
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Eli Knowland: Keep the books where we can see them
Rolo Underfoot: Might go away?
Eli Knowland: Don't want them falling into the wrong hands
Rolo Underfoot: oh!
Rolo Underfoot: ok got it.
Rand Colds: *mumbles*
Ute Gudmund: ready to move?
Rand Colds: *folds up the hole and puts it in his pack*

Karvon : you can not safely go into the portable hole; anyone resting in there will die of lack of air. I'll assume you just rested in the room - THIS TIME

Tarlech the Necromancer : Get them!
Rand Colds: ah, i can walk again
Eli Knowland: Here's some of the Army!
Barrin Khavic: Where'd the coward go this time?
Rand Colds: more
Eli Knowland: Skeletons!
Rand Colds: barrin
Grumni Hammersmith: he vanished again
Barrin Khavic: Gah!
Rand Colds: Rrrrraaaaawwrrr
Rand Colds: Bring it on.
Barrin Khavic: Hmph.
Barrin Khavic: Got three of 'em axes now.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: A badger?
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* there's folks taking in there
Ute Gudmund: oh?
Grumni Hammersmith: get ready ter charge 'em
Rand Colds: ready
Ute Gudmund: Do zombies and skeletons talk?
Rand Colds: two

Karvon : You see two people sitting and talking at a table. They are in priestly robes.

Rand Colds: *rushes the nearest*
Barrin Khavic: *runs in after*
Rand Colds: *bum rushes them*
Grumni Hammersmith: that'll teach 'em
Rand Colds: *knocking the lady down with a shield blast*
Eli Knowland: The amulet bestows immunity to magical missles
Grumni Hammersmith: odd plate armour here if anyone wants it?
Barrin Khavic: Interesting.
Ute Gudmund: quite intersting
Barrin Khavic: *tries it on*
Rand Colds: they stood no chance, it is good we took them by surprise.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Ye want this, Eli?
Eli Knowland: Found this in the table
Eli Knowland: Sure

Karvon : they were playing chess apparently when you burst in on them

Ute Gudmund: what is that? *points to chest set*
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't one fer board games, merchant might buy it
Ute Gudmund: oh, is that?
Rand Colds: the castellan might be glad to see this armor, culture, if you will
Ute Gudmund: *rubs chin* hmm... didn't know undead play chess
Barrin Khavic: They looked alive ta me. Maybe this set be some "culture" fer the castellan.
Ute Gudmund: alive? then there might be other live people here!
Eli Knowland: They weren't Undead, probably the Necromancers lieutnants
Grumni Hammersmith: or foul clerics
Ute Gudmund: Perhaps we can try to capture alive one of them?
Rand Colds: He's running out of bodies to throw at us, living, or dead.
Ute Gudmund: Thank you Barrin
Rand Colds: shall we burn these two?
Eli Knowland: Hmm, or agents for the Priestess that intructed the Mage
Grumni Hammersmith: let's chop some more
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Break the furniture and toss 'em on it.
Rand Colds: *puts the bodies on top of the table*
Grumni Hammersmith: the wooden table probably won't need no oil
Rand Colds: *spashes his last flask of oil on them, then sets it afire*
Eli Knowland: I have some oil should we need it
Rolo Underfoot: I've got more oil if we need it.
Barrin Khavic: Damned table is tough.
Barrin Khavic: Leave it, we 'ave nough kindling.
Grumni Hammersmith: fires spreading

Karvon : using the wood and oil you easily can burn these bodies

Rolo Underfoot: Need to make a shield out of it.
Barrin Khavic: Should close the door ta keep it from spreadin.
Rolo Underfoot: Like a farm around here.
Barrin Khavic: Undead farm.
Grumni Hammersmith: down lads?
Rolo Underfoot: donwn?
Rand Colds: are we finished here?
Barrin Khavic: Might as well.
Eli Knowland: You know that necromancer isn't going to be easy to take down. He was immune to the spells I threw at him

Ishara : Who are you?
Grumni Hammersmith: OH
Barrin Khavic: Yer death!
Eli Knowland: more books
Rand Colds: dont ask stupid questions, idiot.

Karvon : ..another adept

Rolo Underfoot: That was a quick answer.
Grumni Hammersmith: that shut her up
Rand Colds: *picks up a potion*
Barrin Khavic: Chests got red outfits.
Grumni Hammersmith: some fany clothing 10gp and a gem
Eli Knowland: Oh a fetching black outfit in this chest
Rand Colds: Just a club in the bookcase.
Rolo Underfoot: She was alone?
Barrin Khavic: Found 4 gold and a copper ring.
Eli Knowland: And a red one in this one
Grumni Hammersmith: that's a wicked looking scythe
Barrin Khavic: Prolly with 'er god now.
Grumni Hammersmith: more fancy getup
Barrin Khavic: And maybe the necrofiend if'n we don 'urry.

Rand Colds: wait
Barrin Khavic: *pinches nose shut*
Rand Colds: where are the others.
Eli Knowland: There's that door leading up to the right her
Eli Knowland: here*
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we've lost the tall 'uns
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Eli Knowland: Might want to check that one out first
Grumni Hammersmith: the necromancer ran this way earlier
Rolo Underfoot: my goodness!
Barrin Khavic: *pushes the boar aside*
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Rand Colds: this is the way we came from
Ute Gudmund: wrong way
Eli Knowland: *shakes head*
Barrin Khavic: Ye sure? This door be trapped.
Ute Gudmund: oh?
Eli Knowland: We opened it earlier
Ute Gudmund: interesting
Ute Gudmund: back rolo
Rolo Underfoot: army

Barrin Khavic: Step back!
Rand Colds: I dont see anyone
Grumni Hammersmith: might've been guarding something important
Barrin Khavic: *picks up ax* Gonna 'ave a collection soon.
Ute Gudmund: a door!
Eli Knowland: Leading down
Ute Gudmund: shall we?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ute Gudmund: we are already here
Barrin Khavic: Need more kits soon.

Barrin Khavic: Wooo.
Ute Gudmund: many things here
Eli Knowland: Someone put me to sleep, the indignity of it!
Grumni Hammersmith: *breathes heavy* that was quite the battle lads
Barrin Khavic: Aye. I need ta rest.
Ute Gudmund: i put them on the floor
Eli Knowland: found some stuff
Rolo Underfoot: I'm out of healing kits now.
Rand Colds: Okay, see you in a few
Grumni Hammersmith: me too, I'm all outta spells
Barrin Khavic: Only got two.
Rand Colds: I have three.
Grumni Hammersmith: just fancy clothes
Ute Gudmund: i think we can make good money out of that scythe
Grumni Hammersmith: ah , can I have that mace?
Barrin Khavic: Grumni, ye want that mace?
Rolo Underfoot: Someone should use that mace before I grab it.
Ute Gudmund: ok with me Grunny
Eli Knowland: I'll take this ring for further study
Eli Knowland: And this large thing
Grumni Hammersmith: not quite as good but close
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks Grumi!
Rolo Underfoot: Good enough for the one using it!
Barrin Khavic: *holds up teh wedding ring* Huh. Might belong ta somebody.
Eli Knowland: And that amulet
Eli Knowland: when i get a chance to rest I'll be better able to tell what they are
Rolo Underfoot: any more knuckle bones ...
Grumni Hammersmith: another book
Eli Knowland: More of those red and black outfits
Karvon : those seem to be robes of the priests and priestesses
Grumni Hammersmith: can we rest in that portable hole?
Barrin Khavic: Think it only be fer storage.
Eli Knowland: oh...found a journal
Eli Knowland: In the table
Barrin Khavic: Anybody be takin that ax back there? I be at me limit.
Grumni Hammersmith: what's it say?
Ute Gudmund: i am already carrying the scythe, i thik we can sell it good
Grumni Hammersmith: good

Karvon : from the journal, it would seem you have found and slain the leaders of the hidden evil temple

Eli Knowland: Did you see the last part?
Barrin Khavic: Should take that journal with us.
Karvon : as to what effects that will have, who can say?
Eli Knowland: Dwavern mines
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks thoughtful* aye
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- but how do we clear the tunnel?
Barrin Khavic: Should get back ta the keep and resupply.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't knowing much about them though
Ute Gudmund: i think that is a good idea Barrin
Eli Knowland: Well, we didn't actually get the Necromancer
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Eli Knowland: he could be in one of the rooms we passed
Grumni Hammersmith: we should double back next time aroung I think

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session 14 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:01 pm

Karvon : The party ventured deeper into what apparently was part of the hidden temple complex. you slew a number of champions and priests, including the apparent leaders of the order. The necromancer, however, has eluded you. After a brief rest, you are ready to move on.

Barrin Khavic: *wipes lips* Ah, good stuff, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: *makes a last sweep looking for secret doors*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm fer carrying on lads, what do yer think?
Rolo Underfoot: whoa!
Ute Gudmund: Well, what is it going to be then?
Rolo Underfoot: Bingo!
Ute Gudmund: i think that answers my question *winks*
Barrin Khavic: *hefts pack* I can continue on, but me pack be gettin a bit heavy.
Grumni Hammersmith: well done that halfling
Rolo Underfoot: Something here!
Barrin Khavic: aye. Must be able ta sense the vibrations through 'is feet.
Rolo Underfoot: I got my ways.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: shall we see where it goes?
Barrin Khavic: Or maybe 'e be feelin the air.
Ute Gudmund: we can do that
Grumni Hammersmith: tis locked
Ute Gudmund: is it?
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer pick it?
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like its th dwarven key then
Barrin Khavic: Huh.

Karvon : the door doesn't seem bashable.

Grumni Hammersmith: hmpf no look
Ute Gudmund: We are missing something?
Barrin Khavic: *points at the depression* Maybe we be needin somethin ta open it?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *searchs for key*
Rand Colds: *tries to say something*
Ute Gudmund: I don't remember finding a key!
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... need a key -- fits this depresion here.
Rand Colds: *nothing is heard though*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins at Rand*
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Rand* Cat got yer tongue, lad?
Rolo Underfoot: a bar with two lobes ...
Grumni Hammersmith: dwarven ale more like
Rand Colds: *glares at Grumni and Barrin*
Rolo Underfoot: anyone see anythng like that?
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: *shakes his head*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head* must be somewhere we ain't looked yet
Barrin Khavic: *inserts his ax into the door* Hmm.
Rolo Underfoot: or on that necromancer ...
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *points at the kits on the ground*
Barrin Khavic: Oi! Grumni.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got oil if'n you need some.
Grumni Hammersmith: yeah?
Barrin Khavic: Ye got a smaller ax, right?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ute Gudmund: for us?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: See if'n it fit.
Grumni Hammersmith: Chopper
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Rand Colds: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: *points at the depression* Looks ax shapped. 'Course, could be fer an ax we not be findin yet.
Grumni Hammersmith: in the holes *tries*
Ute Gudmund: i found one axe, but don't think it works
Grumni Hammersmith: nah, don't work
Grumni Hammersmith: let's look elsewhere
Barrin Khavic: *examines the depression again* thinkin we be needin a real ax.
Rand Colds: *listens at the door*
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- I'm guessin it is more key sized.
Rand Colds: *shakes his head*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: If'n any of ye lads find a good Dwarven ax, we should be tryin that.
Rolo Underfoot: How about a holy symbol? See any of those?

Rolo Underfoot: down?
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: have we been everywhere around here?
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at door*
Grumni Hammersmith: Wasn't there another tunnel back there?
Rolo Underfoot: don't hear anything
Barrin Khavic: Many a tunnel back there.

Karvon : A room you ransacked earlier. The crypt seems eerily quiet now.

Barrin Khavic: Looks familiar.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks familiar
Rolo Underfoot: ah, yes been here.
Grumni Hammersmith: great dwarves think alike
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: *listens at door*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: don't hear anything.
Grumni Hammersmith: me either

Karvon : the chamber where you slew the high priestess and high priest

Grumni Hammersmith: anyone need a rest?
Rolo Underfoot: ok I got my bearings now.
Barrin Khavic: I be good.
Ute Gudmund: i don't think we'll find anything here, but perhaps resting?
Rolo Underfoot: walls seem solid enough.
Grumni Hammersmith: back we go

Rolo Underfoot: South is out -- guess we go up toward the west?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Rolo Underfoot: We haven't been up here yet I think.
Ute Gudmund: then let's proceed
Rand Colds: Hey, where's Barrin?
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Rand Colds: *looks surprised he can talk again*
Ute Gudmund: He was behind me!
Rolo Underfoot: quiet.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Missing a dwur?
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Ute Gudmund: i'm gong back for him
Rand Colds: Probably sleeping in that priest room.
Rand Colds: This could take a while.
Rolo Underfoot: shall we stay together?
Rand Colds: Probably best, Rolo.
Grumni Hammersmith: the lads taking a llok
Ute Gudmund: ah, there you are -*smiles*
Barrin Khavic: Bloody maze.
Ute Gudmund: follow me
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: a there they are

Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Barrin Khavic: This looks...newish.
Ute Gudmund: more doors!
Rolo Underfoot: quiet
Barrin Khavic: Quite right.

Rolo Underfoot: skelteongs
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Rand Colds: *looks around for more*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm.

Karvon : Much larger halls than the lower level here

Rand Colds: Ute, you okay?
Rolo Underfoot: Need magic to hit these guys.
Ute Gudmund: i amnow... got me from the back
Rand Colds: you need a dagger, rolo?
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Barrin Khavic: *looks at the dropped weapons* Anybody be carryin those?
Rolo Underfoot: some bones
Barrin Khavic: *shifts pack* Got all I can hold without crawlin.
Ute Gudmund: Remember I still carry that strange scythe, I think we'll make good gold out of it
Rolo Underfoot: We been here before?
Ute Gudmund: i don't think so Rolo
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* i can a bit more bt not much
Rand Colds: *shakes his head* I don't think so.
Barrin Khavic: Don't look familiar ta me.
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Rand Colds: which way?
Rolo Underfoot: bones don't make any sound until they start moving.
Rolo Underfoot: quiet -- start here?
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* aye

Karvon : Looks like a waiting chamber

Rolo Underfoot: Quarteres
Rand Colds: *checks the desk*
Grumni Hammersmith: ah barkskin potion
Rand Colds: best give that to Rolo, since he likes to be up front.
Grumni Hammersmith: you should grab it Rand if yer taking point
Rolo Underfoot: Naw give it to someone who likes to fight up front.
Rand Colds: *takes the potion*
Rolo Underfoot: Seems normal enough.
Ute Gudmund: but not key
Rolo Underfoot: ok south or west
Barrin Khavic: We be findin it soon 'nogh.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* straight on?
Rolo Underfoot: simple enough
Rolo Underfoot: door over here

A massive form with a black underbelly and a white back swoops down from the ceiling and envelops Rolo Underfoot , who is probably suffocating inside!

Rolo Underfoot: ugh.
Ute Gudmund: what?
Rand Colds: *swings his mace
Rand Colds: rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: gag
Rand Colds: again
Ute Gudmund: where is rolo?
Rand Colds: rolo, you okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard!
Grumni Hammersmith: what was that?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: *pulls the creature off of rollo*
Ute Gudmund: *looks around*
Barrin Khavic: *helps*
Rolo Underfoot: *cough*
Grumni Hammersmith: a weird trap?
Ute Gudmund: ROLO!
Rolo Underfoot: ugh -- what was that?
Ute Gudmund: are you alright?

Karvon : you're able to dig him out of the dead lurker above

Rand Colds: *frees the halfling from the creature*
Rand Colds: *helps him escape completely*
Rand Colds: How's your head?
Barrin Khavic: *kicks away parts of the dead creature*
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks -- a hidious trap I failed to detect!
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks.
Rand Colds: Sorry about the mace bashings.
Rolo Underfoot: *Looks up for more of them.*
Rand Colds: I think it was waiting for anyone, not so much a trap.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ok
Rolo Underfoot: *listens to door*
Barrin Khavic: Still, need ta be more careful.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: I here a breeze?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye windy
Rand Colds: could be a way out.
Barrin Khavic: *looks about*
Rolo Underfoot: A door to the outside?
Ute Gudmund: Err… do we want out now, or not yet?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, its a back route could be useful fer a quick exit
Rolo Underfoot: No, but good to know anyway.
Barrin Khavic: Somethin's out 'ere and I don like it.
Rolo Underfoot: something not right out here.
Rand Colds: are we leaving, you think?
Barrin Khavic: Whatever it be, it'd have ta wait.
Ute Gudmund: i don't know
Grumni Hammersmith: nah, there just getting some air I reakon
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: its a bit stale down here
Rand Colds: Something coming.
Rolo Underfoot: door to outside.

Ute Gudmund: more
Rand Colds: whole army of them
Grumni Hammersmith: bit stinky
Rolo Underfoot: gosh .. I really do not like those tings.
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin on it
Rand Colds: I used my last kit.
Rand Colds: thanks Grumni.
Rolo Underfoot: They usually don't have anything of value.
Rand Colds: oh, much better now.
Rolo Underfoot: onward?
Ute Gudmund: aye
Ute Gudmund: we are almost done withour kits
Ute Gudmund: we son't last long, so be careful
Grumni Hammersmith: hang on Rand
Rand Colds: thanks

Karvon : the walls are decorated with garish paintings in red in black depicting undead slaying the living

Rand Colds: creepy wall art.
Rolo Underfoot: more zombies
Ute Gudmund: *raise eyebrow* Undead with a taste for art?
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty taste in wall paper
Rolo Underfoot: Normal types.
Grumni Hammersmith: shoot them and fall back
Barrin Khavic: Fall back, Rand!
Ute Gudmund: fall back rand
Rand Colds: I'm fine, someone has to stand up to these dead people.
Barrin Khavic: Now ye can stand better.

Grumni Hammersmith: anyone see a secret door?
Ute Gudmund: too dark for me
Barrin Khavic: No shoes be lookin fer 'em.
Rand Colds: I cant see them, even when he points them out to me.
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see anything unusual.
Rand Colds: we are undoing probably months of that buggers work.
Rolo Underfoot: skeleton to the left
Barrin Khavic: 'opefully so.
Barrin Khavic: Uh-oh. Don't be likin the looks o' this.
Rolo Underfoot: What you make of that?

Karvon : You see a vast worship hall. Many skeletons are paying homage to a lifelike statue seated on a throne

Rolo Underfoot: They praying?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.. I might able to turn 'em if we can get 'em close togehter
Ute Gudmund: this.... so uch evil here
Rand Colds: woah
Rolo Underfoot: careful don't kick a hornet's nest.
Grumni Hammersmith: ha!
Barrin Khavic: Good job, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: oh that worked well!
Rand Colds: well done

Erishkigal : Begone intruders!
Rand Colds: uh oh
Grumni Hammersmith: stuff you stinky
Rand Colds: who are you?
Rolo Underfoot: uh oh

Karvon : She disappears

Grumni Hammersmith: hh?
Rand Colds: where'd she go?
Barrin Khavic: Stupid goddesses.
Grumni Hammersmith: she's a mind bender
Rand Colds: That is a nasty throne.
Rand Colds: *wobbles on the edge of the platform*
Grumni Hammersmith: ugh!

Karvon : the area seems permeated with strong evil

Grumni Hammersmith: *mumbles* we best be leaving lads
Rand Colds: *stands swaying*
Rand Colds: Bitch, get outta my head.
Grumni Hammersmith: *runs out of range*
Rand Colds: gah
Grumni Hammersmith: over here rand before she gets yer again
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for attacker*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: Rand! quick before she gets yer
Grumni Hammersmith: you too Ute
Rand Colds: Show yourself, coward.
Grumni Hammersmith: we shouldn't fight on here terms here lads
Rand Colds: Barrin, come away from there.
Grumni Hammersmith: *prays for Moradin's help*
Ute Gudmund: let's get out of here
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: We are definetaly coming back, though.
Rand Colds: Barrin!
Rolo Underfoot: coming back with what?
Rand Colds: a bigger stick.
Rolo Underfoot: Can't see it -- can't do anything even if I could.
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* What?
Rand Colds: *waves him over* come here.
Ute Gudmund: let's go Barrin
Barrin Khavic: *grumbles* Bloody women.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* we'll be back!
Rand Colds: *backs away
Rolo Underfoot: Need Eli perhaps.

Karvon : Angry laughter echoes behind you

Rolo Underfoot: More skeletons
Grumni Hammersmith: *choke*
Rand Colds: grumni
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks ..
Grumni Hammersmith: ouch
Barrin Khavic: Can we be leavin now?
Rand Colds: That bitch.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think we should go outside a whiles
Rand Colds: I think it'
Rand Colds: s time to go, boys.
Ute Gudmund: take a look at this sword
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes fist* we'll be back!

Erishkigal : You shall pay for your intrusions!

Rand Colds: Let's skeddaddle.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Erishkigal : You shall join the ranks of my slaves!

Grumni Hammersmith: yer can go stick it missus
Barrin Khavic: Don answer her, lads; it'll make her mad if'n ye don.
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Grumni Hammersmith: man down?
Rand Colds: I found some potions, not sure what they do, can you have a quick look, Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll have ter ask a merchant
Rand Colds: *nods* okay.
Rand Colds: Quick, lets get outta here.
Rolo Underfoot: ok I think this is lost -- we should go back for supplies.
Ute Gudmund: aye
Ute Gudmund: we won't last any longer here
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rand Colds: east
Rolo Underfoot: Need to rest first?

Karvon : and you are out in the valley once more

Rolo Underfoot: lets move!
Barrin Khavic: Pa said go out and find adventure. I don think 'e meant like this...
Barrin Khavic: Wait fer the others, lad; could be bandits about.
Grumni Hammersmith: or zombies
Barrin Khavic: Or zombie bandits.
Rand Colds: my dad told me to work the fields, not get myself killed.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. field work ain't going ter be much fun
Rand Colds: that's what I said, or thought anyways.
Grumni Hammersmith: bards won't be writing songs about ploughing
Rolo Underfoot: Our gypsy friends have moved on?
Rolo Underfoot: or not
Barrin Khavic: bandits!

Brother Arvind: Praise be to Quonzar!
Sister Naresh: Good evening
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* nutters
Sister Naresh: Be well
Rolo Underfoot: Hello, hello!
Rand Colds: whew, we made it, I need to rest a bit before trudging back to the Kendall Keep.
Sister Naresh: You may share our fire if you wish
Rolo Underfoot: You still hanging out here waiting on the others?
Rand Colds: *sits and closes his eyes*
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Sister Naresh: Aye we will be leaving in other day or two
Rolo Underfoot: ah, much thanks.
Rand Colds: *eats the last of his trail bread*
Rand Colds: *dumps the crumbs from his pouch down his open pie hole*
Rand Colds: Does anyone, besides Grumni, have anything to drink?
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*
Barrin Khavic: *points at the river*
Rolo Underfoot: A potion and oil?
Sister Naresh: *nods* the river water here is fairly clean
Rolo Underfoot: Boil it first Rand.
Rand Colds: *drinks from the river*
Barrin Khavic: *splashes face with water*
Rolo Underfoot: *rolls his eyes*
Barrin Khavic: *refills water skin*
Rand Colds: *wipes his lips with the back of his hand*
Rolo Underfoot: Well that dwur ale will likely kill any bugs.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. We ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: ay
Ute Gudmund: I am
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Sister Naresh: *waves*
Rand Colds: *shivers* Dwur ale. More like voice killer, medical anti tonic.
Ute Gudmund: have a good trip
Rolo Underfoot: bye now
Sister Naresh: and you
Rand Colds: Travel safe, sister

Barrin Khavic: Cure all yer ails, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm sure it will -- if'n it don't kill you first.
Rand Colds: I feel better, when I dont think about that wench, I feel pretty good, actually.
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* Some consider that ta be an ail, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: this the right way?
Rolo Underfoot: Way we came isn't it?
Barrin Khavic: Merchant here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrgs* just checking

Sanner Goodman: Greetings
Rolo Underfoot: Hello.
Rand Colds: hello, interested in some magical weapons?
Ute Gudmund: ah... well hello
Sanner Goodman: You seem to be fairly ladden down
Rolo Underfoot: what should I do with this stack of books you think?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer still here
Ute Gudmund: yes we are
Sanner Goodman: *nods* hope to leave in another day or so
Rand Colds: save it for that other fellow, I guess, we could still pry that gold from his hands before we do though.
Grumni Hammersmith: best hang onto the books a while
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Grumni Hammersmith: May I see your goods?
Sanner Goodman: I suppose.
Rand Colds: woah, we hit the mother lode. These potions are very powerful, and valuable, thanks for telling me what they are, Sanner.
Sanner Goodman: My pleasure
Barrin Khavic: *counts gold* Hmm. Got 772 fer each of us. Anybody be needin it?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. I may have been able to tell you what they were if'n you had asked...
Grumni Hammersmith: split it later
Ute Gudmund: i think we all... but can't carry that weight
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got 22 in my pocket...
Barrin Khavic: Still need kits.
Ute Gudmund: and i got 2000 gold coins for the scythe *winks*
Grumni Hammersmith: 12 fer me
Grumni Hammersmith: blimey!
Ute Gudmund: want to split here or till we get to town?
Rolo Underfoot: True, might be best if'n you carry it until I get rid of these books.
Rand Colds: that is a bloody nice scythe, who sold that?
Barrin Khavic: Split in town.
Grumni Hammersmith: town'll do, I need a drink
Ute Gudmund: i did, we found it with that undead boss... lots of kits *winks*
Ute Gudmund: Were you going to use it Rand? I asked before but none seemed interested on it
Rand Colds: I think I would have liked the scythe.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm pretty good at getting a good deal for the better stuff too ...
Ute Gudmund: No one told me when I found it, I apology
Rand Colds: ah, no worries, there is plenty of gold to go around.
Ute Gudmund: aye, and we need it
Barrin Khavic: *adjusts gold sacks* Aye. Let's not stand 'ere jawing 'bout it.
Ute Gudmund: let's go then
Sanner Goodman: *waves*

Rolo Underfoot: Not sure why there is a detour.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: other than there is no road here.
Rand Colds: the bridge is out, but you can easily walk around it.
Grumni Hammersmith: we going the wrong way Rand?
Rand Colds: i think the bandits prefer you go through the woods though
Rand Colds: nope
Rolo Underfoot: ah, I see now.
Rolo Underfoot: Make sure that bullet don't get our gold.

Barrin Khavic: Ye okay, lad? Ye look a little green.
Rolo Underfoot: damn hate them birds too.
Rand Colds: biggest flock yet
Grumni Hammersmith: wish they'd flock off
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- going to have to hope it cures itself
Rand Colds: *looks across the meadow*
Cow : Moooo
Rolo Underfoot: Hello lass!
Chandry : *waves*
Charl : Look who's back
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Rolo Underfoot: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Rolo Underfoot: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo Underfoot.
Charl: Right!
Ute Gudmund: wait
Rolo Underfoot: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rolo Underfoot: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Ute Gudmund: need to split the gold
Grumni Hammersmith: let's get ter the tavern
Rolo Underfoot: and dump these books.
Sabine : *nods*
Barrin Khavic: 'ere or in the tavern?
Rand Colds: lets get to the tavern, we can split up there.
Ute Gudmund: alright
Grumni Hammersmith: best not ter flash gold aroung on thestreet
Barrin Khavic: Alright.
Barrin Khavic: True.
Rand Colds: its good to be back in town.
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... wishin the job were finished though.
Grumni Hammersmith: there's yonder penny pincher
Rand Colds: oh, yeah, this guy.
Mendel : Gentlemen! How fare you all?
Rolo Underfoot: Mendel you still here?
Mendel : Aye for a day or so more.
Rolo Underfoot: Thought you was leaving?
Mendel : Had a last minute change of plans.
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, please.
Barrin Khavic: Not when the smell o' gold be in the air.
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Barrin Khavic: Yes, please.
Rolo Underfoot: whoa -- offers 810 for those book!
Mendel: Always welcome exotic items.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whisers* take it lad
Mendel : *smiles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers*
Rolo Underfoot: gosh he's got good guy prices today.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* lets split the gold and come back
Mendel: Glad to see you folk again
Ute Gudmund: aye
Mendel: Looks like you've had a profitable venture.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Mendel: Where'd you find these fine manuscripts?
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- wishing we hadn't been so quick to sell earlier ..
Rand Colds: yeah, no tower though, we did look once or twice for it.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks
Rolo Underfoot: Now, I NEED to get rid of these books!
Mendel: Yes, I was disappointed you disappeared without giving me an answer on the tower.
Rand Colds: Sell 'em to the vulture here.
Rolo Underfoot: you think Eli will turn me into a toad?
Rand Colds: oh, right, better wait. *laughs*
Mendel: So where did you get these books?
Rolo Underfoot: In a bookcase in a cave.
Mendel: a cave?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, full of nasty folks
Mendel: The orks taken up reading?
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- well a cave entrance -- consturction on the inside.
Mendel: Oh?
Rolo Underfoot: Not that I know of.
Mendel: What sort of things were there?
Grumni Hammersmith: them orcs are all taking a dirt nap now
Mendel: really? Good to know!
Rolo Underfoot: All sorts of magic books -- and a scribe copying them.
Rolo Underfoot: Lost a lot of 'em in a hole -- any ideas on how to get them out?
Mendel: A scribe in a cave, how strange.
Mendel: A hole?
Mendel: what sort of hole?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, she was a prisoner -- forced to copy these books
Barrin Khavic: The kind that swallows books.
Rolo Underfoot: A hole you can take with you.
Mendel: Hmm
Rolo Underfoot: Clever thing really.
Mendel: Fraid I've never heard of such a thing.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Mendel: Who was she a prisoner of?
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure where it goes though -- damn tough to get out of.
Barrin Khavic: *looks up and wipes face* Mind we be gettin out of the rain?
Rolo Underfoot: We never caught up with that chap.
Grumni Hammersmith: damn hole swallowed our riches
Mendel: Tis a shame.
Grumni Hammersmith: want ter take this ter the tavern Mendel?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- could have been much worse though.
Rand Colds: I had a suit of plate mail shoved in there as well. Oh well.
Mendel: I fear I must do business for a few more hours yet.
Mendel: Perhaps we can talk later this evening?
Rolo Underfoot: You fear doing business?
Ute Gudmund: aye, that will be good
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Mendel: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: oh, you need to tend the shop ... ha, ha!
Grumni Hammersmith: let's see them goods then
Mendel: Indeed!
Rolo Underfoot: You do have nice stuff Mendel -- I just can't afford any of it. *frowns*

Rand Colds: Ale, ale and more ale, keep it coming. And I don't want no dwarven ale.
Barrin Khavic: Give me some real ale! None o' that watered down stuff.
Jess: *smiles*
Jess: *passes out drinks*
Rand Colds: *smiles at Jess*
Jess: Care for anything to eat?
Barrin Khavic: Aye! What be on the menu?
Rand Colds: Ain't you a sight for sore eyes.
Rand Colds: Yes, bring it all, meat, veggies, and lots of ale.
Jess: Today's special is fried fish with tators.
Barrin Khavic: Sounds good ta me.
Jess: Very well, I'll have the cook get started.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rand Colds: sure, whatevers hot.
Rolo Underfoot: Sounds delicious!
Grumni Hammersmith: them prices still be too high
Ute Gudmund: Meet and vegetables for me… ah and some wine please
Rolo Underfoot: That is right ... do we owe Eli some from what we were given?
Barrin Khavic: I split mine 5 ways. If I include Eli, you guys'll have to give him part of yours.
Ute Gudmund: so did i

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session 15 - Rest and Resupply

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:03 pm

Karvon : Ok a quick recap before we get started.... You've returned from your last, rather successful, foray into the hidden temple in the caves of chaos. You've collected quite a few books, journals, notes along the way from various leaders from the hidden temple and their allies. From what you've been able to decypher, it seems you've eliminated a majority of the leadership of the cult. The temple has likely been dealt a crippling, if not fatal blow by your efforts thus far. D'Amberville, the resident mage is interested in the books you've retrieved, as is Mendel the merchant. Mendel had earlier made an offer regarding the tower, but may or may not still be interested in that as he's scheduled to leave soon. There was some reference to an ancient temple or fortress, apparently buried near the caves of chaos.

The scene opens as you gather in The One-eyed Cat.... The tavern is bustling with patrons in the early morning as a caravan is preparing to leave for the east today.

Rand Colds: Jess, your a sight for sore eyes.
Rand Colds: *winks*
Rand Colds: books, eh?
Eli Knowland: Indeed, I'm sick of carrying them
Rolo Underfoot: seems they buggered off while we were eating.
Rand Colds: *looks at the mini beholder*
Rand Colds: Is that with you?
Eli Knowland: By the way....I had the Academy look at these
Barrin Khavic: *finishes off his plate and looks at furball, then back down at his plate* Hmm. Ye may be right, lad. I dun think any 'mount of custard be worth it.
Rand Colds: Yeah, we heard the mage took a look at them for ya.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* its uglier than a goblin's backside
Rand Colds: *looks at the horn*
Barrin Khavic: Smells just as bad.
Rand Colds: That looks interesting.
Eli Knowland: As I said, don't make any sudden moves or gestures in its direction, its get a bit funny that way
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* that horn looks like black magic ter me
Barrin Khavic: Dun let it get funny on me, might loose an eyestalk.
Rand Colds: I'd be willing to pay for that horn.
Rand Colds: Huh? *looks quickly at Grumni*
Barrin Khavic: Anyway, ye may want the necklace, mageling.
Grumni Hammersmith: animating dead - ain't natural
Eli Knowland: Its a necromanic device, not to be trifled with
Grumni Hammersmith: yer elcome ter it
Grumni Hammersmith: *welcome
Eli Knowland: I have a better one Barrin
Rand Colds: Ugh, nevermind than.
Jess: Morning, you gentleman ready for breakfast?
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: Aye! Ale and ham 'n eggs, lass.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, a bacon sandwich would be good
Rand Colds: Yes, and ale.
Rolo Underfoot: of course -- I am always ready for breakfast!
Rand Colds: Eli, you should sell this stuff.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Jess: Very well, I'll be back with your food and drinks directly.
Rolo Underfoot: And we need to be seeing the big man anyways.
Eli Knowland: Well, I was hoping D'Amberville would take it
Eli Knowland: But failing that Mendel will do I suppose
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: aye, need to talk to D'Amberville about those Transmutation books for sure. The merchant offered like 380 gold for them earlier.
Eli Knowland: Does anyone want this necklace?
Rolo Underfoot: I try to avoid being the target ... heh.
Rand Colds: *slips the cat collar from under his mail* Nah, I got a trinket already.
Rand Colds: *eyes Jess*
Jess: *sets platters of food and tankards of drink down on the table*
Jess: Enjoy your meal!
Jess: *smiles*
Eli Knowland: I'll go and see what these thing will fetch
Barrin Khavic: Ah, thank ye lass.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think the design matches your style Grumni.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* might be worth seeing if the penny pincher will buy it
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks Jess!
Jess: everything ok here?
Merchant Guard: *nods*
Rand Colds: *sits and eats*
Barrin Khavic: *watches Eli and the floating eyeball leave* Strange thing that.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scoffs sandwich*
Merchant Guard: More ale!
Jess: Right away sir
Rand Colds: *drinks ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: them guards are beginning ter get a bit rowdy
Rolo Underfoot: Wizards ... can't ever have two of 'em be alike ... always got to be different.
Jess: Here ya be.
Rand Colds: We should get moving, lots to do today.
Merchant Guard: *nods and tosses a coin*
Barrin Khavic: Aye. *sniffs* Troll head's startin ta smell.
Rolo Underfoot: aye, hope Eli doesn't let that merchant con him.
Grumni Hammersmith: *finishes sandwich hurriedly* well I'm ready
Rand Colds: *crinkles his nose* Eww, I thought was just you stinking a bit more than usual.
Barrin Khavic: *scarfs up the last of the eggs and ham and slams back the ale* Oi.
Rand Colds: *waves to Third*
Barrin Khavic: *burps* If ye don like me smell, ye can stand upwind.

Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm going ter the bakers I'll catch yer up
Rand Colds: Yes, please.
Barrin Khavic: *buys some bread*
Barrin Khavic: Huh. 'is bread be cheaper?
Mendel : *smiles broadly*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* have we split up all of our shares yet?
Barrin Khavic: Nay.
Barrin Khavic: Think Rand's still countin.
Rolo Underfoot: What did he give you for those transmutation books Eli?
Eli Knowland: ok....I got 28 bags of gold to divvy up, that's 5 bags plus 200gp each
Grumni Hammersmith: *low whistle*
Rolo Underfoot: That is a lot of gold ...
Rolo Underfoot: Can spend some of it here I reckon.
Grumni Hammersmith: *eyes light up at sight of gold*
Barrin Khavic: Thank ye, lad.
Grumni Hammersmith: *bites a coin to test it*
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks friend!
Grumni Hammersmith: we all square now?
Rand Colds: wow, thanks, I have some to split as well.
Eli Knowland: Rand
Grumni Hammersmith: *browses goods*
Eli Knowland: oh...I forgot about Ute
Eli Knowland: He should get a bag from each of us
Rolo Underfoot: oops -- so that means 2300 coins to Ute eh?
Rand Colds: I'm full carrying his five bags of gold I have for him. he was here for the first split last time
Eli Knowland: 1500 I was think
Eli Knowland: his share of the loot I shared with you all
Rolo Underfoot: 1500 ok + Rands 600?
Eli Knowland: yep
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm off ter see the priest
Rand Colds: I'm off to see the gold exchanger.
Rolo Underfoot: Or did Rand hold back Ute's share?
Grumni Hammersmith: *admire his new gloves*

Barrin Khavic: *picks up some kits and healing potions*
Abercrombie Krown: May the Cudgel bless you. Who comes to our chapel today?
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds. Good day.
Abercrombie Krown: Go with St. Cuthbert's blessing.
Abercrombie Krown: Welcome, Rand Colds. I trust you are following the ways of law in your dealings at our Keep. May I help you?
Rand Colds: Yes, thank you.
Abercrombie Krown: Would you like healing, do you need to purchase something, or do you need to learn?
Rand Colds: I would like to see what items you have available.
Abercrombie Krown: All right. Here they are.
Abercrombie Krown: What progress have you made in your crusade against the hidden temple?
Grumni Hammersmith: I say we go give that necromancer a good kicking
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* we freed some girl and took out a fair few of their numbers
Grumni Hammersmith: orched 'em good
Grumni Hammersmith: *torched
Abercrombie Krown: Ah, gods be praised!
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* yes....
Abercrombie Krown: You should inform the Castellian of your successes.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: Of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Abercrombie Krown: Good day to you then.

Rand Colds: *leans against the wall, waiting*
Rand Colds: I still need food, how about you?
Grumni Hammersmith: nah, I've been and got meself some cakes fer the road
Rand Colds: I best get some then.
Grumni Hammersmith: that baker does a decent doughnut
Grumni Hammersmith: that bacon sandwich weren't bad neither
Barrin Khavic: *brushes out crumbs* That she does.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft, nasty weather
Eli Knowland: Tis that
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrings out beard*
Rolo Underfoot: Where was that money trader?
Rand Colds: trader is at teh guild
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I've spent all me coin
Rolo Underfoot: You have? What I liked I could not affort yet -- but don' want to be packing all this coin.
Rand Colds: All set, just one stop on the way out. the money changer.

Rand Colds: *looks at the floating head*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods greeting*
Rand Colds: *whispers* did you have to bring that in here with you?
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Why? Is it a problem?
Rolo Underfoot: ello Princess!
Rand Colds: I feel evil when I'm around it.
Devereau: Greetings
Grumni Hammersmith: we been busy
Eli Knowland: *wry smile* You'll be glad I brought, in time
Devereau: What news have you of the caves?
Rand Colds: *steps away from the floating head*
Barrin Khavic: Brought gits.
Devereau: Oh?
Rand Colds: Ooh, a ring, I didn't know we had a ring.
Grumni Hammersmith: there's definitely some undead foulness going on there
Rand Colds: yeah, we met the queen of the undead.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Devereau: Queen of the undead?
Rand Colds: She was messing with me, so everyone said we should go.
Grumni Hammersmith: what was her name again *ponders*
Rolo Underfoot: A real nasty one she was.
Devereau: *picks up and examines items carefully*
Rand Colds: yeah, erishkigy or some such.
Devereau: So, did you wipe out the cult then?
Rand Colds: well, sort of.
Devereau: Sort of?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head* the jobs only half done
Rolo Underfoot: What we could find of it.
Devereau: Hmm
Rand Colds: yeah, most of the leadership we were able to overcome.......
Devereau: What did you discover of their activities?
Rand Colds: but one got away.....
Barrin Khavic: They was tryin ta raise an army it looked like.
Grumni Hammersmith: that necromancer's slippier than a greased weasel
Devereau: An army?
Rand Colds: of dead people.*nods*
Barrin Khavic: Or a floatin eyeball wid stalks.
Devereau: *frowns*
Rolo Underfoot: They are searching for a lost temple or some such -- under a dwarven fortress or mine.
Grumni Hammersmith: loads of 'em
Rand Colds: yeah, I think that is what we should find. It can't be good just leaving it for someone else to find.
Rolo Underfoot: But, the passage is blocked -- too much for us to move on our own.
Devereau: hmm
Devereau: Somethings are best left buried perhaps.
Rand Colds: Although, Mendel would like us to search for a tower.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes ... specially dead things.
Devereau: A tower?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head* it'll just fester if yer leave things as they are
Barrin Khavic: Dead should stay that way.
Eli Knowland: Excuse me Sire...let me show you this Journal
Rand Colds: *looks to Eli, inevitably looking at the floating head*
Eli Knowland: If you look through it, you can plainly see whan was intended
Eli Knowland: What*
Devereau: *pages thru it slowly frowning*
Devereau: Dire news indeed.
Barrin Khavic: Even Gods shoulda mess with dead things. Ain't natural.
Eli Knowland: So you see the situation as we find it
Devereau: So you have slain the leaders mentioned here in this journal?
Eli Knowland: Everyone except the Mage Tarlech
Devereau: Hmm
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: *grits his teeth* Yeah, we got one more to get.
Grumni Hammersmith: if yer leave that nest of undead unpurged yer'll have 'em on yer doorstep before yer know it
Devereau: Indeed.
Grumni Hammersmith: that necromancer needs ter be stopped *frowns*
Devereau: It would be best if the place could be fully cleansed, if possible.
Eli Knowland: Therefore we ask for some assistance in clearing a passage through the blockage
Barrin Khavic: Need ta find 'im first.
Rand Colds: The goblins were no trouble. Could you work out a truce with them?
Rolo Underfoot: yes ... of course. But that other thing may be a problem ...
Rand Colds: *burps*
Devereau: Perhaps, if they will agree to forego raiding the roads and our lands.
Grumni Hammersmith: that women is probably beyond our talents but we might be able to sneak past her and finish off a few more I'm thinking
Devereau: We lack the manpower and expertise in mining or tunneling.
Rolo Underfoot: *chuckles*
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Grumni* Sneak, lad? Ye should know us Dwarven kin ain't much fer sneakin.
Rolo Underfoot: I was thinking the same thing.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* i can't think of another way
Barrin Khavic: Maybe the mageling can make us invisible like?
Rand Colds: yeah, she didn't like you turning her worshipers into dust right in front of her, not at all.
Rolo Underfoot: She seemed to stay in that area -- we best just avoid it.
Devereau: Hmm
Eli Knowland: Eh, outside my talents at the moment
Rolo Underfoot: Perahps she can't leave the alter?
Devereau: If you can eliminate her followers, perhaps her powers will be lessened or eliminated?
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps we can destroy it?
Rand Colds: She had that creepy throne.
Eli Knowland: Possible Sire
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* or that too.
Barrin Khavic: Need ta get close 'nough ta hit it.
Rand Colds: Which reminds me, I need more oil.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm fer heading back ter finish off as many of her followers as we can then
Rand Colds: I'm with you, Grumni.
Rolo Underfoot: I like finishing things once started.
Devereau: Well, we appreciate all your efforts thus far on the keep's behalf. While our resources are limited, we can offer some token rewards.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rubs hands together*
Rolo Underfoot: Rewards are always appreciated.
Rand Colds: *looks over the castellan's shoulder*
Devereau: I can offer you some gold or some supplies.
Barrin Khavic: What kind o' supplies?
Devereau: We can give you a choice of a scroll of raise dead, should one of your members fall.
Eli Knowland: Sounds like just the thing Sire
Barrin Khavic: Think the maeling got a few o' those already.
Devereau: 10 good healing kits.
Eli Knowland: Can always use another
Rolo Underfoot: Those are always handy -- hoping to not need 'em though.
Devereau: or 1000 gold.
Barrin Khavic: Rather have the kits.
Grumni Hammersmith: healing kits are always good
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* Yes, they are.
Devereau: *looks around*
Rand Colds: I'll take a scroll.
Devereau: Ah, that's for the entire group.
Rand Colds: Oh!
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rolo Underfoot: *coughs*
Eli Knowland: 2 Kits each then Sire, we have another meber whose not with us at the moment
Devereau: Sorry, as I said, our resources are limited.
Rand Colds: Kits sound good. *looks to the others*
Eli Knowland: member*
Barrin Khavic: Kits be used more than anything else.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Devereau: Hmm, yes we can give you 12 kits then.
Grumni Hammersmith: kits get me vote
Devereau: Is that what you wish?
Rand Colds: Um, on second thought, how about the gold.
Rand Colds: I think we can buy twice that number of kits from the temple with 1000 gold
Rolo Underfoot: (whispers to Eli) What did those scrolls cost, do you remember?
Grumni Hammersmith: oh *does some math* aye good thinking
Barrin Khavic: Can't spend gold if'n ye dead, lad.
Eli Knowland: *w* About 1120 each
Rand Colds: We can get the kits on the way out of town.
Devereau: *steps back and lets the party discuss*
Grumni Hammersmith: good thinking Rand
Rolo Underfoot: Right, Scroll may be the better value.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* What kind of kits, Devereau?
Grumni Hammersmith: better ter avoid being dead in the first place
Devereau: *takes one from his desk to show you*
Rand Colds: *nods* Scroll is a good thought, well, maybe not, but sort of. *scratches head*
Rolo Underfoot: Those ARE nice kits.
Rand Colds: *looks at the kit*
Barrin Khavic: Oi! I say we be takin those.
Grumni Hammersmith: can't read a scroll if we're all be dead
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: The temple don't sell them.
Barrin Khavic: Best ye can get.
Devereau: The kits then?
Grumni Hammersmith: suits me
Eli Knowland: Certainly
Rolo Underfoot: Might prevent needing a scroll ... heh.
Barrin Khavic: I can patch any of us up with just one of 'em.
Rand Colds: The kits look good to me.
Devereau: Very well *sets more out for you*
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks sir!
Rand Colds: *takes two*
Barrin Khavic: *grabs two*
Rand Colds: Grumni, take Ute's two.
Barrin Khavic: Right, that'd make seven total fer me.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got two -- but perhaps Grumni should take mine? I've got others but am not as effective at using them.
Barrin Khavic: Got 'nough ta patch all of us up twice over I be thinkin.
Grumni Hammersmith: best ter have 'em distributed amongst us all
Rand Colds: I hear ya, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: ok ... I'll carry em.
Devereau: Good luck then in your continued work and please keep us informed on your discoveries and progress.
Barrin Khavic: Keep at least one, lad, in case yer the closest ta the fallen.
Rand Colds: Will do, Devereau.
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll be seeing yer
Barrin Khavic: Aye. We be back with that dead lover's head.
Devereau: May the gods go with you.
Rand Colds: hope its the good gods

Barrin Khavic: *nods to Sabine and leans against the wall, waiting*
Rolo Underfoot: ah ok thanks
Sabine: So you lot heading out again, eh?
Barrin Khavic: Ah. Got a dead lover ta deal with.
Sabine: hmph
Barrin Khavic: Make 'im like what 'e loves. *grins*
Sabine: Welp, the more of those creatures you slay, the fewer to trouble us.
Rand Colds: did anyone buy oil?
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Figured we'd better get 'em now 'fore they multiply.
Grumni Hammersmith: not I
Sabine: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Evil's like honey: it attacts. Ta many like the easy way out I be guessin.
Sabine: Indeed
Rand Colds: *nods to Sabine*
Sabine: slay enough and it does cause others to pause though.
Grumni Hammersmith: time fer us ter hit the road
Barrin Khavic: *picks at teeth* See, evil's seductive. It promises much but delivers little, always telling ye ta do more o' it.
Rolo Underfoot: ok got 5 flasks now.
Rand Colds: I got three as well.
Sabine: Too true
Eli Knowland: I've two flasks should we need them
Rand Colds: All set? Can you let us out, Sabine?
Sabine: Good luck
Barrin Khavic: Good's like Dwarven ale, takes a bit ta get used ta.
Eli Knowland: Thanks
Rand Colds: Thanks, we'll need it.
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Grumni Hammersmith: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Grumni Hammersmith: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Grumni Hammersmith: I am Grumni Hammersmith.
Charl: Right!
Rand Colds: *pulls on the buckles of his new, lighter armor*
Barrin Khavic: But in the end, it won't make yer teeth fall out like honey.
Rand Colds: *adjusts his pack, tucking a pouch of rocks inside it*
Rolo Underfoot: Good looking stuff ya got there Rand!
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Rand* Though it will knock ye on yer arse if'n yer not careful.
Rand Colds: I"m okay with regular ale, Barrin
Rolo Underfoot: damn! Forgot the ale ... next time I guess.
Barrin Khavic: Could use an ale right now, ta much philosomething or 'nother.

Rolo Underfoot: Wizard on point ...
Barrin Khavic: Send the eyeball thingy out.
Eli Knowland: Its good to strecth the legs
Rand Colds: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: good idea.
Rand Colds: nothing like the road, it goes ever, ever on.
Barrin Khavic: Like the rain.
Rolo Underfoot: watch fer them birds.
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Rolo Underfoot: we going through the woods or around?
Rand Colds: damned birds from the abyss
Eli Knowland: The woods
Barrin Khavic: *brushes off bird remains*
Eli Knowland: What out for more birds
Eli Knowland: watch*
Rolo Underfoot: or bandits
Barrin Khavic: *sneezes* Damned birds.

Eli Knowland: Spiders
Eli Knowland: Leather armour on her if anyone wants it
Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Rolo Underfoot: that isn't that lass you was looking fer earlier is it?
Rand Colds: Nope.
Rand Colds: Nope, Rynn would have run up and given me a big hug and a kiss.

Karvon : Santher's moved on, giant ants were picking over his campsite.

Rand Colds: back up the hill
Barrin Khavic: Stop bugging us!
Rolo Underfoot: Now that is a BIG bug!
Rand Colds: Santher is gone.
Rolo Underfoot: yes, he said he might be leaving.
Rand Colds: guess what, he left.
Barrin Khavic: No mights about it.
Rand Colds: *looks around for the tower*
Rolo Underfoot: You suppose the ants ate him?
Barrin Khavic: Blasted birds.
Rand Colds: nah, we'd have found his stuff.
Rolo Underfoot: true.
Barrin Khavic: 'less the ants ate that as well.
Rolo Underfoot: also true
Rand Colds: he didnt have much food for sale
Barrin Khavic: Watch fer bandits and the like.

Karvon : Pilgrim's campsite is deserted

Eli Knowland: The Pilgrims have moved on also
Rand Colds: wow, wonder if they were connected with the cult in any way.
Rolo Underfoot: or joined the army.

Rolo Underfoot: snakes ahead.
Barrin Khavic: Oi! Ye finish yer ale, Grumni?
Barrin Khavic: Lad, ye got a way ta git rid of that bird venom?
Grumni Hammersmith: not til I've had a bit of rest
Rand Colds: I have a potion, can you wait?
Barrin Khavic: Hmm. Ne'er mind then.
Grumni Hammersmith: keep it ad, we'll make cam
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Don't bother me much, but I don feel as healthy.
Grumni Hammersmith: that help?
Barrin Khavic: Ah, much better!
Barrin Khavic: Feel like meself again.
Rand Colds: Ready for the caves?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Karvon : Night falls as your reach the valley of the caves....

Rand Colds: are we going back the way we came out?
Grumni Hammersmith: wasn't there a short cut to half way i?
Rolo Underfoot: back to where we were?
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* I be followin no shoes.
Barrin Khavic: 'is feet know the land.
Eli Knowland: The place seems quiet
Barrin Khavic: Should be. We cleared out most of it.
Grumni Hammersmith: quiet as the grave
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... is this where we came out?
Grumni Hammersmith: got a hand weapon Rand?
Rolo Underfoot: *looks up*

Karvon : ...and once more you stand at the entrance to the hidden temple.

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session 16 - Search for the Tower

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:05 pm

Karvon : You ended last time back at the entrance to the hidden temple after resting up and restocking back at the keep... but, we'll assume you've returned to the keep as some of the party has decided, for one reason or another, to hole up at the inn.

Eli Knowland: We'll meet you at the gate Rolo
Rand Colds: Alright, one last go around then we're outta here.
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... I won't be but a jiffy -- meet at the gate?
Rand Colds: *looks at the floating head* don't be long, okay, Rolo?
Rand Colds: *stalls as he walks to the gate*

Abercrombie Krown: May the Cudgel bless you. Who comes to our chapel today?
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo Underfoot. What god is this chapel devoted to?
Abercrombie Krown: Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Do you require my services?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, thank you.
Abercrombie Krown: Would you like healing, do you need to purchase something, or do you need to learn?
Rolo Underfoot: I would like to see what items you have available.
Abercrombie Krown: All right. Here they are.

Eli Knowland: *picks a stone out of his boot*
Rand Colds: Well met, Sabine.
Rand Colds: Any sign of the bullette?
Sabine : It hasn't been spotted for a while now.
Eli Knowland: *examines the sole* I really have to get another pair. These are not wearing well
Eli Knowland:'re ready
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- I'm as good as I'm going to get with out a lot of hassle ... you two ready?
Rand Colds: We'll keep an eye out, you can be sure.
Rand Colds: Ready, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: Heh.
Eli Knowland: *nods* let's be off then
Sabine: Travel well
Rand Colds: see you soon, sabine.
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Rolo Underfoot: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Rolo Underfoot: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo Underfoot.
Charl: Right!
Rolo Underfoot: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rolo Underfoot: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.

Eli Knowland: Rand 's dallying again I see
Rolo Underfoot: Gosh, you can really move out when you want to Eli!
Eli Knowland: *smiles*
Rand Colds: tower should be east of here.
Eli Knowland: This does lie to the East?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Eli Knowland: I was wondering what lay west?
Rand Colds: Yeah, I've seen it once, couldn't find it though.
Rolo Underfoot: There is a bridge to the south ... should we try there?
Eli Knowland: We could
Eli Knowland: Hmm....let me bring a friend
Rand Colds: Nah, it's over by where sanner used to be set up.
Eli Knowland: Just in know
Rand Colds: friends are good, right.
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- but we didn't see it there earlier.
Eli Knowland: Didn't D'Amberville say the Tower was seen in more than one location?
Rand Colds: yeah
Eli Knowland: Perhaps we should widen our area of search
Rand Colds: *scratches his head* I suppose.
Rolo Underfoot: ugh bad spike on my end!
Rand Colds: I dont think its in the woods though.
Rand Colds: lets walk by the river.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't like those woods -- or the spiders that are in them.
Eli Knowland: We can go in the direction of the caves, but not necessarily TO the caves

Eli Knowland: More of those blasted birds!
Rand Colds: damnable birds
Eli Knowland: Well done Furball
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- furball seemed to do something to them though.
Eli Knowland: He has a particular way of striking at his enemies....did you notice that?
Rand Colds: damned dead people, that necromancer is still at large.
Rolo Underfoot: yes, from afar ... something that I can appreciate.
Eli Knowland: *nods* Most unfortunate the others decided to extend their break
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*

Rand Colds: *looks to the south for any sign of a tower*
Rolo Underfoot: Do we want to go south Rand?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Eli Knowland: See something Rand?
Rand Colds: nope, but I did once around here.
Rand Colds: You guys see anything?
Rolo Underfoot: looked like a way south, west of this hill.
Eli Knowland: *shakes head*
Eli Knowland: There's a path here
Eli Knowland: Maybe it leds somewhere?
Eli Knowland: leads*
Rand Colds: paths usually lead somewhere, I'll give you that.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks south for a tower*
Eli Knowland: I can see a bend in the river from here
Rand Colds: *scratches his head* Something....
Rand Colds: There's something I'm forgetting......
Rand Colds: *shrugs* I don't remember what it was.
Rolo Underfoot: A magic word perhaps?
Eli Knowland: Do we want to look in this direction?
Rand Colds: no, not that easy. *grins8
Rand Colds: This is around where I seen it the once, but I couldn't find it when I went looking.
Rolo Underfoot: Too bad, I'm sure Eli knows many of them.
Eli Knowland: Quite a few Rolo, quite a few
Rolo Underfoot: But you weren't looking for it when you saw it?
Rand Colds: It can't hurt to go looking again.
Eli Knowland: However, to the matter at hand
Rand Colds: I was on my way to the caves with Grumni and Cob.
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe you can't see it if you are looking for it?
Rand Colds: We took a quick look for it, but never located it.
Eli Knowland: Was it to the south?
Rand Colds: aye
Rolo Underfoot: We should look for something else and see if we can see it.
Rolo Underfoot: careful of spiders
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Eli Knowland: *looks up at the darkening sky* Its rather wet
Rolo Underfoot: I bet furball can see it -- lots of eyes to work with.
Rand Colds: yeah, can you talk to 'it'?
Eli Knowland: Hmm...not really
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Eli Knowland: It kinda understands but its very indepenant
Rolo Underfoot: I'm still thinking it is on that spot with no grass.
Rand Colds: where?
Rolo Underfoot: to the north here.
Eli Knowland: One thing D'Amberville told me was that the Tower only appears at certain times
Rolo Underfoot: Right here.
Eli Knowland: Why, he didn't know
Rand Colds: *looks down at the bare earth*
Rand Colds: Well, let's hope it dont appear on top of rolo.
Eli Knowland: You think it was here?
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: But, if there were a tower here, I could be here could I?
Rolo Underfoot: *couldn't*
Rand Colds: lets hope it dont show up on top of you is all I'm sayin'
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Eli Knowland: But while the tower might be invisibile, it would be solid
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Eli Knowland: You know....I get a slight aura of magic coming from this spot
Rand Colds: Really?
Rolo Underfoot: Exactly -- unless it moves as another suggested earllier.
Rand Colds: Maybe we should wait it out.
Eli Knowland: Its faint...but nevertheless, there
Rolo Underfoot: *looks around for a tower*
Eli Knowland: It could have been here some time ago
Rand Colds: I dont know how big it is, so we better leave plenty of room for it, when it does show up.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, I'd build one on a hill -- everyone build towers on hills.
Eli Knowland: Or maybe a powerful spell was cast, its hard to differ
Rand Colds: Oh.
Rolo Underfoot: That is what I am thinking -- a good illusion would fool anyone right?
Rand Colds: maybe it only comes out at night, scared of the light, perhaps?
Eli Knowland: *nods* indeed, a very good illusionist can fool a lot of people
Rolo Underfoot: Did you see it at night?
Eli Knowland: That's very possible Rand
Rand Colds: *thinks about the last time*
Rand Colds: Hmm
Rand Colds: I think it was in the evening, there were lights in the distance.

Eli Knowland: Wasps!
Rand Colds: wow, you guys wandered off.
Rolo Underfoot: Those were rather large!
Rolo Underfoot: Searching for a tower Rand.
Rand Colds: yeah, I was thinking, the last time I saw something, there were lights off in the distance.
Eli Knowland: We could try following the river course for a bit
Rand Colds: It was night time though.
Rolo Underfoot: ok, sounds like a plan.
Rand Colds: Maybe we should wait out until the sun goes down.
Rolo Underfoot: Or we can come back after dark.
Eli Knowland: Well, that put a halt to our progress

Karvon : Beyond the river to the south lies the great southern swamp.

Rand Colds: *looks out over the swamp*
Rand Colds: that's a lot of swamp.

Karvon : A wandering gnoll war party.

Rand Colds: come here dog
Rand Colds: you guys okay?
Rolo Underfoot: Those guys came up out of the ground!
Rolo Underfoot: Were they in the tower?
Rand Colds: who knows, I'm glad to see that all the gnolls aren't zombies.
Rolo Underfoot: But they might be tomorrow.
Rand Colds: *stops to bandage his wounds*
Eli Knowland: Could use a rest
Rolo Underfoot: *searches the ground where the gnolls appeared.*
Rand Colds: We could burn the bodies, can't hurt.
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Eli Knowland: Or dump them in the river
Rand Colds: Did you get all the gold off those ones over there, Eli?
Eli Knowland: It would be easier
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. came from the west it seems.
Eli Knowland: 55 gp in total
Rand Colds: Easier to drag them all the way to the river, or burn them?
Rolo Underfoot: Followed and ambushed us?
Eli Knowland: Just throw them off the cliff here
Rolo Underfoot: Heave them over the cliff here?

Rand Colds: ouch
Rand Colds: ugn, I dont feel so good.
Rand Colds: *bandages his wounds, using a salve to cover the bites*
Rand Colds: Lets get away from these bodies, it's bringing out the local meat eaters.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Eli Knowland: *throws the bodies off the cliff into the water
Rand Colds: *drags gnolls to the cliff edge*
Rolo Underfoot: *tosses the leeches in for good measure*

Karvon : it takes a few minutes, but you're able to dump them all.

Eli Knowland: Do we want to pick up any of these weapons and equipment to sell?
Rand Colds: regular dinner down there, hope nothing too big comes to eat.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... pretty heavy and not worth much.
Rand Colds: I'm staying light, prefer to be able to run if need be, no offense guys.
Rolo Underfoot: Agreed.
Eli Knowland: *looks at another bald spot*
Rand Colds: *looks at the ground*
Rolo Underfoot: On a river bank .. another good spot to build.
Eli Knowland: No magic aura
Rand Colds: Not here then.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ...
Eli Knowland: But there are some swamp creatures nearby
Rand Colds: Huh?
Rand Colds: where?
Eli Knowland: *points ahead*
Eli Knowland: Look like giant frogs
Rand Colds: *looks*
Rolo Underfoot: frogs? Good eyss.
Eli Knowland: They're on the other side
Rand Colds: *squints*

Karvon : You all can see them once pointed out. They don't seemed to have noticed you thus far.

Rolo Underfoot: Ah, must be because you are tall.
Eli Knowland: Anyways...what to do? Do we stay or return after dark?
Rand Colds: they dont look as frightening as they did a few weeks ago.
Eli Knowland: Or search elsewhere?
Rand Colds: I'm okay with waiting for dusk. Not sure where else we would go. The woods?
Rolo Underfoot: ah, is that where you got your wood?
Rand Colds: 'got my wood'?
Rolo Underfoot: Wait down here or up on top of the hill?
Eli Knowland: *looks up at the sky* there's quite a bit of daylight left
Rand Colds: I'd rather wait up top.
Rand Colds: Eli, you want to do something else in the mean while?
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* No, not particulary. I was just thinking the sorry state the others will be in after spending all day at the Inn
Eli Knowland: There'll be sick heads tomorrow
Rand Colds: bah, they have ale, probably forgot about us already.
Eli Knowland: If we're going to wait for dark we should stay on the high ground
Rand Colds: *nods*
Eli Knowland: Perhaps close but not too close to that bald spot
Eli Knowland: This'll do

Karvon : ...and so you settle down to wait. ....dusk falls.

Eli Knowland: *leans back against the tree*
Rand Colds: *settles in to wait, keeping a watchful eye*
Rolo Underfoot: Be careful of tree spiders.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Eli Knowland: *looks up* this tree is dead Rolo, in case you hadn't noticed
Rand Colds: I noticed the lights in the distance.
Rolo Underfoot: *watches for a tower appearing*
Rand Colds: course, I was by the road when I seen them.
Rolo Underfoot: How did you see the tower Rand? A torch lit window? Or just a siloette?
Rand Colds: should be around here somewhere.
Rand Colds: kinda ghostly lights, from this area, sort of.
Eli Knowland: We could venture around for a look I suppose
Rand Colds: Can't hurt to go back to the road and look
Rand Colds: it was definetaly a tower, lit up by light.
Eli Knowland: I wonder how long the Tower appears for before it'll disappear
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... might explain it.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rolo Underfoot: and what if you are inside when it goes whereever it goes.

Karvon : The moon begans to rise....

Eli Knowland: Those damn stirges
Rolo Underfoot: Nasty things, even nastier effect on your body.
Rand Colds: I'm gonna go have a look from the road.
Rolo Underfoot: ok

Rand Colds: *looks to the south*
Eli Knowland: You were standing here before Rand?
Rolo Underfoot: Was it on top of this hill?
Rand Colds: yeah, right around here.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ...
Rand Colds: *looks at the fallen eye*
Rand Colds: damned necromancer
Eli Knowland: These bodies, we have to burn them
Rand Colds: You guys okay?
Eli Knowland: Its too far to the river

Karvon : ....and the night rolls on.

Rand Colds: *starts piling up the bodies*
Rolo Underfoot: Rand if you were here looking south, the tower had to be on the hill -- else you could not have seen it.
Eli Knowland: Very true
Rand Colds: *burns the bodies*

Karvon : As the moon reaches it zenith, you see lights to the south.

Eli Knowland: Ah...there!
Rolo Underfoot: Lights .... a tower you think?
Rand Colds: quickly, to the tower.
Eli Knowland: Let's see if we can get close
Rolo Underfoot: Here?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Eli Knowland: There...something

Karvon : Mist rises from the ground

Eli Knowland: A kind of fog
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, I knew it!
Rand Colds: *looks up in the sky*

Karvon : as you watch, a shimmering towers vaguely appears

Rand Colds: anyone want to go first?
Eli Knowland: Wait
Rand Colds: *waits*
Rolo Underfoot: send the pig?
Rolo Underfoot: Shall we knock or just go in?
Eli Knowland: Is it really here or is it an illusion?
Rand Colds: woah
Rolo Underfoot: It IS a tower!
Rand Colds: *marches up the steps*
Eli Knowland: *walks around the tower feeling the stone*
Rand Colds: *tries the door*

Karvon : When you reach out to touch it, you pass thru it

Eli Knowland: Ah...its an illusion
Rand Colds: *steps through the first step*
Eli Knowland: But where is the real thing?
Rand Colds: This is gonna be harder than it looks.
Rolo Underfoot: Is it? or does it just want us to think that?

Karvon : you catch glimpse of a figure at the top of the tower.

Eli Knowland: *looks for anything that might distingush it*
Rand Colds: Hail, who's up there?

Karvon : It does not respond to you.

Rand Colds: someones up there, I can see him
Rolo Underfoot: Hello!
Eli Knowland: I sense very powerful magic
Eli Knowland: But if temporary
Rand Colds: *tries to climb the stairs again*

Karvon : Your foot passes thru the step and lands on the ground.

Rolo Underfoot: I'm sure of it!
Rand Colds: anyone got any rope?
Eli Knowland: *looks worried* I think we had best leave it
Eli Knowland: I'm not sure we want to enter
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... not i. *frowns*
Rand Colds: What? We waited all day for it to get here, now we're gonna leave?
Eli Knowland: I have this horrible feeling that if we enter, we'll never get back
Rand Colds: Oh, never thought of that.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think we can get in.
Rand Colds: Can't you cast a spell on it?
Eli Knowland: *backs away* I think we should stay away, at least for now
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps you need to be on the bald spot of earth before it arives?
Eli Knowland: I'm not sure about that Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: True -- would still just walk though it.
Rand Colds: well, we found it, maybe the merchant can give us a clue on how to enter.
Rolo Underfoot: *moves inside the tower walls and looks around*
Eli Knowland: If we were to enter, I think we'll need everyone

Karvon : the hobbit disappears into the mist.

Eli Knowland: I mean if we did now and didn't return, the others would have no idea where we went
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: ROLO?
Eli Knowland: *sharp intake of breath* I say it was too dangerous
Eli Knowland: Don't follow him Rand, whatever you do
Rand Colds: where is he?
Eli Knowland: I think he's inside
Rand Colds: *looks at the tower*
Rand Colds: Well, we can't just leave him there all alone, can we?
Eli Knowland: Best wait out here and see if he appears

Rolo Underfoot: *looks around*
Rolo Underfoot: *walks back out through the wall*
Rolo Underfoot: *tries to return back the way he came.

Karvon : and the hobbit reappears.

Rand Colds: Rolo!
Rolo Underfoot: Whoa -- you will not belive this!
Rand Colds: *whew*
Eli Knowland: *sigh of relief*
Rand Colds: What happened?
Rand Colds: *eyes the ghostly lit building*
Rolo Underfoot: Inside is another place -- lots of big bugs that I saw -- but not inside a tower -- rather like an estate.
Rand Colds: An estate? Like with farm lands?
Rolo Underfoot: Well, not farms, but grounds.
Rolo Underfoot: Inside a wall.
Eli Knowland: An estate?

Karvon : ...and the tower fades from view. ...and the mist disappears a bit later.

Rand Colds: just like that, it's gone.
Eli Knowland: Like a big Manor house?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, but it came with the moon didn't it?
Eli Knowland: Well, it did nad disappered that way
Rolo Underfoot: And I was able to get in AND get back out, luckily, so we know that much.
Rand Colds: it seems we know where to find it, and when, now.
Eli Knowland: We do, but it didn't stay long
Eli Knowland: Maybe a couple of hours?
Rolo Underfoot: Large beetles on the grounds -- it was inside a wall, but not a tower.
Rand Colds: yeah, might be better to wait until we have the whole group for this one, eh?
Karvon : it was about an hour at most.
Rolo Underfoot: I think so.
Eli Knowland: *nods* It would have to be in and out quick
Rand Colds: or stay the day and visit for a while.
Rolo Underfoot: always picking on the little guy!
Eli Knowland: Though I have to say, a part of me wonders where it goes and could we travel with it...or is IN it?
Rand Colds: Shall we go back to the keep?
Rolo Underfoot: But, now we know something ... wonder if Mendel is still around?
Rand Colds: bah, thats for wizards to figure out, I'll take care of the beetles for my part.
Rolo Underfoot: *chuckles* There were an awful lot of them ... and they were pretty big.
Rand Colds: lets get back to the keep, I need an ale.
Eli Knowland: Best we be getting out of here
Rolo Underfoot: I think so.
Eli Knowland: Return to the Keep?
Eli Knowland: Tell the others what happened?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Eli Knowland: At least we solved one mystery
Rand Colds: aye, that we did.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, we know the tower truly exits ]
Eli Knowland: *nods* But in a way its a bigger mystery than ever
Eli Knowland: I mean, where is truly from? And where does it disapper to?
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps we will find out?

Karvon : You see some ants foraging for food along the river.

Rand Colds: ants
Rand Colds: twice now we'
Rand Colds: ve seen ants here.
Rand Colds: must be a nest of 'em.
Rolo Underfoot: Do bullettes eat ants?
Eli Knowland: There's probably a nest
Rand Colds: good question
Rand Colds: is there anything bullettes won't eat?
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure -- ruin a garden I know that.
Rand Colds: yeah, 'specially if they eat the gardener.
Rolo Underfoot: True enough.
Eli Knowland: I could use a rest and something to eat about now
Rand Colds: long day, fer sure.

Karvon : and it's nearly dawn as you reach the keep once more.

Rolo Underfoot: Hello Chandry
Rand Colds: *nods to Sabine*
Rand Colds: bah, I think Mendel will pay better.
Rolo Underfoot: That is mighty kind of you Rand -- feel guilty I didn't pack anything.
Rand Colds: thanks
Rand Colds: He's probably still sleeping
Rolo Underfoot: Blast his stuff is here, but he isn't.
Karvon : Yes, he usually isn't up this early.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Rand Colds: I'm too tired to worry about it, I'll see him in the morning, or afternoon.
Eli Knowland: *yawns* I've off to bed
Rolo Underfoot: Yep.
Rand Colds: I got a couple of heavy crossbow to sell, I'll split with you guys after that.
Eli Knowland: The others will be late getting up I expect

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session 17 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:07 pm

Karvon : Brief recap before we get underway.... The party went out searching for the mysterious tower spotted south of the road. After a bit of stumbling around, they found the tower appeared with the rising of the moon. The party returned to the keep to collect the rest of the team. Action will pick up at the One-Eyed Cat Inn at the Keep. It's mid-evening by the time the party returns to the keep and finds the others....

Rand Colds: *sits in the bar, drinking ale*
Rand Colds: welcome friends
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, saved us any ale?
Rand Colds: Nope.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Barrin Khavic: *snorts*
Eli Knowland: *looks around at Barrin and Grumni* Anyway, as I was saying, we know where the Tower is and when it will appear again
Eli Knowland: However, I do think we should concentrate on the matter at hand
Barrin Khavic: **winks at Eli and takes another drink*
Rolo Underfoot: The Necromancer?
Eli Knowland: Namely the necromancer
Barrin Khavic: *looks around for the waitress before turning back to Eli's words* Aye, lad. We be needin ta get that bas...person.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Eli Knowland: We really shouldn't delay any longer. We've wasted a day already
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... the bugs can wait.
Barrin Khavic: Though I not be lookin forward ta dealin wit that self-styled Goddess.
Rand Colds: We seen some of his handiwork on the road, dead bodies wanderin' around, attacked us.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft.
Rolo Underfoot: And that tower ain't going anywhere ... or at least it seems to come back when it does.
Eli Knowland: Yes, indeed Rand, the dead still walk amongst us
Grumni Hammersmith: some bogus tramp calling herself a goddess ain't going ter scare me off
Barrin Khavic: Right. So, any of ye know how ta keep 'er outta our minds?
Rand Colds: Sanner left, the pilgrims continued their pilgrimage. Road seems empty now.
Rand Colds: Nope.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... not again anyway?
Rand Colds: I was hoping Eli would blast her with a bone crushing spell.
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: *grins at Eli*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* I can get rid of a bit a fear for one of yer but that's as far as I can go
Eli Knowland: Hmmm, not really. However, I can't see how she can control more than one of us at a time. And while she's distracted.....*makes a sweeping gesture with his hand*
Rand Colds: Er, perhaps that's Grumni's task.
Rolo Underfoot: That is what it will take, perhaps.
Barrin Khavic: *looks at furball* Maybe not Eli, but that floatin eyeball may be able ta bite 'er a good 'ne.
Eli Knowland: Perhaps
Grumni Hammersmith: eye, sent the eyeball
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe she is a goddess?
Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Rand Colds: Maybe Barrin and I could toss the 'thing' in to her. "Catch"
Eli Knowland: I doubt it very much Rolo
Barrin Khavic: We wouldna be sittin 'ere if'n she was.
Rolo Underfoot: She certainly did not seem the least bit concerned about us.
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps she was just bored.
Rand Colds: *tosses down the last of his ale*
Eli Knowland: We really shouldn't delay a moment longer
Rolo Underfoot: I didn't feel like we had the upper hand in that situation -- need to find a gimmick ... or a gadget.
Grumni Hammersmith: Pah! any trollup with a strange voice and too much makeup is calling herself a goddess it seem
Karvon : you need food to rest.
Rolo Underfoot: Or an axe like key for that darn door.
Barrin Khavic: *downs the last of his ale* Right. So, we all ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Well, I got me key if'n I can be gettin close 'nough ta use it.
Rand Colds: *stands* Ready.
Eli Knowland: *picks his staff off the floor
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- not thinking that will work on this particular door.

Barrin Khavic: *whistles*
Rand Colds: I dont think he likes me today.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph
Barrin Khavic: Funny, I don like ye most days. *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: He trying to cheat ya Rand?
Rolo Underfoot: ah thanks friend!
Rand Colds: No worries, you earned it.
Rolo Underfoot: heh, you packed it.
Eli Knowland: *leans on his staff*
Grumni Hammersmith: that merchant is getting fat off the money he's getting from us
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: Thanks Rand
Rand Colds: *grimaces at the floating eye*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm -- not from me ... can't afford what I want.
Rand Colds: *slams into the gate*
Barrin Khavic: Stupid doorkeeprs.
Rand Colds: *runs out *
Barrin Khavic: Tururh gaarhahth l'thk poa 'aznwa ponart azrt aznn t'lpo
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*

Eli Knowland: Have an eye out for those birds
Rolo Underfoot: Carefull about them birds
Barrin Khavic: And that bullette.
Rand Colds: blood suckers
Rand Colds: yeah, and the bullette.

Springcap Pumpkin: Oz did you eat the rabbit?
Springcap Pumpkin: Wait people

Barrin Khavic: Not to mention our mageling who-eh?
Rand Colds: woah, big dog
Eli Knowland: *spots a traveller on the road*
Barrin Khavic: Very big dog.
Rolo Underfoot: Hello!
Springcap Pumpkin: friends or foes?
Rand Colds: *looks at the wolf*
Barrin Khavic: *waves* Depends.
Rolo Underfoot: Your dog bite?
Springcap Pumpkin: hello yourself
Eli Knowland: *smirk* you had better hope friends
Barrin Khavic: You a dead lover?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't look like a zombie anyway
Rand Colds: *looks at the gnome*
Springcap Pumpkin: No he just had a rabbit for dinner
Springcap Pumpkin: I don't? * surprised *
Rand Colds: You headin' for the keep?
Springcap Pumpkin: What keep?
Barrin Khavic: Don't look like a deader to me. Guess we be friends.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Rand Colds: Kendall Keep.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- only one gnome can't be a bandit.
Springcap Pumpkin: Any gems lost in there?
Barrin Khavic: Smells a bit earthy, though.
Rand Colds: Nearest thing to a town around here.
Grumni Hammersmith: dog or no dog its a bad idea ter travel these roads alone lad
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah Oz is my protector
Eli Knowland: You came from the east?
Barrin Khavic: Aye. There be blood sucking birds 'bout.
Eli Knowland: See any dead people walking around?
Rolo Underfoot: ah -- indeed unless they are still full from the last time I came here.
Springcap Pumpkin: You can call me the great Springcap Pumpkin Wizard Warlock Mage in the service of Obad_hai
Eli Knowland: Wizard?
Springcap Pumpkin: * Obad-Hai
Barrin Khavic: "great"?
Rand Colds: How 'bout Cap, for short?
Grumni Hammersmith: huh? bit of a mouthfull even fer a gnome
Rolo Underfoot: We can?
Springcap Pumpkin: People call me spring but whatever
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* Could call 'im shorty fer short.
Springcap Pumpkin: What's to see in your keep?
Rolo Underfoot: You can call me Rolo, Spring.
Barrin Khavic: Barrin 'ere.
Rand Colds: I'm Rand.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* Grumni
Eli Knowland: I'm Eli Knowland....a Mage of the Academy
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Eli* 'nother finger waggler, eh?
Springcap Pumpkin: Rolo, Ba-rrin, Rand, Grummi
Rolo Underfoot: What "are" you doing out here Spring?
Rand Colds: You wanna go with us? We're looking up an old necromancer who eluded us last time.
Rolo Underfoot: You lost?
Springcap Pumpkin: Er was following that road when I got caught in the storm.
Rolo Underfoot: Storm?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer be a zombie appetiser out her on yer own
Springcap Pumpkin: Necormancer? * pause * interesting.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Speaking of the storm, we best get movin soon. I don want ta rust.
Springcap Pumpkin: Alive or dead?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- more the merrier -- especially if one is a gnome.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Eli Knowland: What will be really interesting is how we manage to deal with her
Barrin Khavic: The necromancer? Looked live ta me, but it be hard ta tell what with 'is pale skin and all.
Grumni Hammersmith: he'll be dead soon enough
Rand Colds: Barrin, at least we'll always know your elbow will work, how else you gonna get the ale in your pie hole.
Eli Knowland: She controls....controlled, an army of Undead
Springcap Pumpkin: There be magic trinkets and all, right?
Eli Knowland: We want to finish the task
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* Ye shoudl talk, lad.
Springcap Pumpkin: Undead I have seen quite a few.
Rolo Underfoot: oh yeah ... lots ... I'm sure of it.
Rand Colds: *moves his elbow, no squeaking*
Rand Colds: Keep that one well greased.
Springcap Pumpkin: Zombies slow
Barrin Khavic: *punches Rand in the elbow*
Eli Knowland: We fear she will rebuild her Army if we leave her for too long
Eli Knowland: Hence the need to press on
Springcap Pumpkin: Well I'll help you
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: Yes, behind you
Rolo Underfoot: look out

Karvon : wandering pack of wolf spiders

Eli Knowland: Well done Furball
Barrin Khavic: Poor doggie.
Springcap Pumpkin: Oz?
Barrin Khavic: Everybody okay?
Rolo Underfoot: golly .. suppose they ate the birds?
Rand Colds: Let's get moving.
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno which is worse
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Springcap Pumpkin: Scared by a few arachnids?
Rolo Underfoot: You best come with us Spring -- unless you run for the keep.
Eli Knowland: We can go straight ahead
Eli Knowland: we travelled that way yesterday
Rolo Underfoot: woods or other?
Rand Colds: either way.
Springcap Pumpkin: I wonder if they are truffles around here.

Eli Knowland: Ants
Eli Knowland: That's it Furball

Karvon : Ants were picking thru the remains of the merchants old camp

Rolo Underfoot: three times now eh?
Springcap Pumpkin: SOO BIG?
Grumni Hammersmith: ay
Springcap Pumpkin: What did they eat?
Barrin Khavic: Must be somethin in the water.
Rolo Underfoot: Bullet is pushing them out?

Eli Knowland: The Tower lies that way *points up the hill to the south*
Barrin Khavic: Noted.
Rolo Underfoot: aye.

Barrin Khavic: Stupid birds.
Rolo Underfoot: There those birds are!
Grumni Hammersmith: stupid birds
Grumni Hammersmith: place is riddled with 'em
Rand Colds: Like bugs, there must be a hundred of them out here.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: Thousands even.
Eli Knowland: Well, the good news is, if we keep killing them in the quanities we are, there won't be many left shortly
Barrin Khavic: Don't count on that.

Karvon : The moon has reached it's zenith in the heavens

Rolo Underfoot: *looks back toward the hill*
Springcap Pumpkin: You need to keep the balance of Nature.
Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebros*
Grumni Hammersmith: them birds would be best off extinct
Rolo Underfoot: Nature is good -- if'n it stay in its proper place.
Springcap Pumpkin: What if they eat the ants?
Barrin Khavic: As big as those ants were I doubt it.
Rolo Underfoot: And these snakes don't belong here on this road.
Barrin Khavic: The ants prolly eat 'em.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks puzzled* we'd be better off without them ant too
Springcap Pumpkin: They are strange powers at play here.
Barrin Khavic: Mageling.
Rolo Underfoot: Eli ... back here.
Rand Colds: here we are, the valley

Barrin Khavic: Which cave was it again?
Rolo Underfoot: top left
Springcap Pumpkin: Fire?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Springcap Pumpkin: Did I see fire?
Grumni Hammersmith: dark fire lad
Barrin Khavic: *shields eyes*
Barrin Khavic: Oa nururg naga az poaazziurr, Kh'lra
Springcap Pumpkin: I don't speak Dwarven.
Barrin Khavic: Oh?
Rolo Underfoot: This the one?
Barrin Khavic: Good thing I was talkin ta Grumni then. *grins*
Eli Knowland: I think so
Rand Colds: *nods, then steps in*

Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rolo Underfoot: *looks up*
Springcap Pumpkin: Hey I feel uneasy here.
Rand Colds: lady is south.
Eli Knowland: We had better check any rooms again
Rolo Underfoot: ok .. do we have a plan?
Eli Knowland: Just in case
Barrin Khavic: *grips bow tight* Let's be gettin this done with.
Grumni Hammersmith: good reason ter go north
Rolo Underfoot: This leads back down doesn't it?
Springcap Pumpkin: I can enchant one weapon if you need.
Rand Colds: We came in one of these, last time.
Rolo Underfoot: oh yea!
Barrin Khavic: I'll take it, Spring.
Rand Colds: Let's check this way.
Rolo Underfoot: This one perhaps.
Barrin Khavic: *holds out ax*
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Springcap Pumpkin: It is done friend.
Barrin Khavic: Huh. Looks like it didna do anything.

Grumni Hammersmith: stinkers!
Rolo Underfoot: living quarters
Barrin Khavic: deaders!
Grumni Hammersmith: what would dead things want with living quarters?
Barrin Khavic: Resist this!
Rand Colds: get back over here
Rolo Underfoot: eh?
Rand Colds: two magic kamas

Eli Knowland: Skeleton
Rand Colds: Thanks, Eli.
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Everyone still moving?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: just
Springcap Pumpkin: I hate these
Rolo Underfoot: Any of those axes look like that door key?
Barrin Khavic: All deaders should die.
Rand Colds: Here, can you use this, Spring?
Barrin Khavic: *picks up a battle axe* Could try one.
Eli Knowland: *scatters the bones all over the corridor
Rolo Underfoot: too big I think.
Rand Colds: thanks,
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Need a good Dwarven ax.
Rolo Underfoot: north?
Eli Knowland: The corridor goes on
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rand Colds: Anything behind it?
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Grumni Hammersmith: can't hear anything
Rand Colds: Yeah, that big helmet you got on yer head.

Rolo Underfoot: more quarters.
Rand Colds: this bodes ill.
Grumni Hammersmith: certainly smells ill
Rand Colds: *looks at the chest*
Barrin Khavic: Dead lover must be rebuilin 'is strength.
Grumni Hammersmith: 430 gp
Rand Colds: ooo, gold
Rand Colds: 240
Barrin Khavic: Good haul. Could use some more kits.
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we split it later?
Rand Colds: I have a few left.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: I got some yet
Barrin Khavic: Got six, but with the way we be usin 'em...
Springcap Pumpkin: Books!
Barrin Khavic: Readin's fer later, lad.
Eli Knowland: What kind?
Springcap Pumpkin: Wait
Springcap Pumpkin: Who can read these?
Grumni Hammersmith: Eli be the reader
Rand Colds: read what? Ask Eli.
Eli Knowland: let me see...
Springcap Pumpkin: What scrolls are these?
Rolo Underfoot: You getting it sorted out ... or you want me to take a look?
Eli Knowland: *reads out whats on the notes*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph. poetry
Eli Knowland: Hardly
Rolo Underfoot: Where are the others.
Barrin Khavic: *peaks around the corner*

Wer : Repel the intruders!
Barrin Khavic: Die! Again!
Barrin Khavic: Chop ye down like a tree, ye deader!
Rand Colds: some body yelled get them
Rolo Underfoot: More of her army.
Grumni Hammersmith: did one of them zombies say something?
Rolo Underfoot: Things will wait forever.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't know?
Springcap Pumpkin: Let it be Spring!
Grumni Hammersmith: thought I heard someone say repel the intruders
Eli Knowland: They're all in red!
Rolo Underfoot: Here is the army!
Springcap Pumpkin: Are we outnumbered?
Springcap Pumpkin: Who did that?
Grumni Hammersmith: I done that
Barrin Khavic: Ye hit hard, but I hit harder!

Springcap Pumpkin: Found another magic mace
Eli Knowland: *looks around* this is some sort of Temple and they were all at prayer!
Grumni Hammersmith: magic chain mail
Rand Colds: more
Springcap Pumpkin: I can barely walk now
Barrin Khavic: Prayer service cancelled fer today.
Rolo Underfoot: More of 'em here
Rand Colds: two thrones.
Grumni Hammersmith: this armours too heavey fer me

Karvon : ..and you find more of the priests among the dead.

Eli Knowland: Its on those notes
Barrin Khavic: I got it.
Springcap Pumpkin: Who likes maces?
Eli Knowland: King and Queen of the Underworld
Grumni Hammersmith: me
Grumni Hammersmith: I like me maces
Rolo Underfoot: I have a +1 mace
Rand Colds: You need to rest, Grumni?
Barrin Khavic: Got a sharp scythe if'n anybody wants it.
Springcap Pumpkin: hey
Eli Knowland: I certainly do
Grumni Hammersmith: thats' ok lad I've got a better one
Rand Colds: I'll try it, Barrin.
Grumni Hammersmith: spare wouldn't hurt I suppos
Springcap Pumpkin: It's better if I shoot at things
Grumni Hammersmith: no rest ter be had here
Barrin Khavic: Can sell this if'n it not be needed.
Springcap Pumpkin: I bet Rolo is stronger than me.
Grumni Hammersmith: we can always sell stuff
Barrin Khavic: Aye. So, what be back there, mageling?

Eli Knowland: I think I sensed some shadows down the narrow passageway
Rolo Underfoot: Need me to pack something?
Rolo Underfoot: More doors to the East
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm feeling weak
Rand Colds: thats not good, grumni
Eli Knowland: was for nothing!

Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Rand Colds: oh.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ha!
Springcap Pumpkin: Not very confortable.
Springcap Pumpkin: Are fleas included?
Rolo Underfoot: we are not alone
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Rand Colds: *looks at the shadow
Eli Knowland: well, well
Rand Colds: Hello?
Barrin Khavic: I be bettin that be the guardian.
Springcap Pumpkin: hey what's that thing?
Eli Knowland: Oh...500 gp in a mound
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking he won't like it if yer touch yonder treasure
Rand Colds: Well, too bad.
Rolo Underfoot: Can it talk?
Barrin Khavic: Could rest in 'ere.
Barrin Khavic: I can see ye!
Barrin Khavic: Blasted thing.
Rolo Underfoot: Bet it won't talk now.
Eli Knowland: Some low value gems in the bag...I got them all

Karvon : You seemed to have found the temples treasury

Springcap Pumpkin: Small cantrips
Rand Colds: someone collect the gold, I'm carrying too much already
Springcap Pumpkin: Gems? No gems?
Rolo Underfoot: Nice hide out.
Eli Knowland: I have them
Rolo Underfoot: get everything?
Barrin Khavic: Got 1000.
Grumni Hammersmith: *lo whistle*
Barrin Khavic: Tend ta rest soon.
Rolo Underfoot: Can't rest in here? Looks safe.
Eli Knowland: Altogether I got 4000gp and the gems
Barrin Khavic: Dunno.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*

Karvon : you have a feeling of unease in this area

Rolo Underfoot: I might be able to get a better price for those gems if you want to sell them.
Eli Knowland: Sure
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm .. on second thought best to keep moving.
Rand Colds: *watches the hallway*
Barrin Khavic: Got some weapons ta sell as well.
Eli Knowland: The gems are of little weight, but the gold is heavy
Rolo Underfoot: no axe keys ...
Eli Knowland: Could lighten my load a little
Barrin Khavic: I can take one or two bags, mageling.
Barrin Khavic: Take one at least.

Rand Colds: door over here.
Grumni Hammersmith: I could manage one
Rolo Underfoot: Try here first?
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: bones
Barrin Khavic: *sighs*
Rand Colds: Hello
Barrin Khavic: Oi!
Temple Prisoner: Thank you for saving me! I'll follow Jude out of here.
Rolo Underfoot: these look alive.
Temple Prisoner: Thank you for saving me! I'll follow Jude out of here.
Rand Colds: Who's Jude?
Temple Prisoner: Thank you for saving me! I'll follow Jude out of here.
Jude: Ho there! Are we glad to see you.
Barrin Khavic: You are free.
Jude: As I can see! I am Jude - a cleric - I will see my fellow prisoners to safety at the Keep.

Karvon : The prisoners are a bit disoriented but thank you for your rescue.

Springcap Pumpkin: You take care
Barrin Khavic: Be careful. There are monsters and evil priests about.
Jude: I will - but I am sure we will be safe. Again, our thanks.
Barrin Khavic: Safe travels.

Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Springcap Pumpkin: I feel Good today
Barrin Khavic: I hope they can be gettin out safe.
Rand Colds: Me too.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking they were next fer zombifyung
Rolo Underfoot: We can take them out?
Barrin Khavic: No more deaders today.
Rand Colds: I'd run out of here as well, if I was kept here too long.
Rand Colds: might be a good time to rest.
Springcap Pumpkin: But I can't be too good, that would upset the Balance.
Eli Knowland: Let's hope they don't meet any Zombies on their way out
Barrin Khavic: Ye balance can take a holiday.
Rand Colds: help
Rand Colds: alright, no need to fret.
Eli Knowland: We really should do something about these bodies
Springcap Pumpkin: Hey thanks
Grumni Hammersmith: burn 'em
Barrin Khavic: Like what, mageling? 'Course, could do that.
Rolo Underfoot: Anyone need me to pack anything -- I have room.
Springcap Pumpkin: I am as good as new.
Eli Knowland: I have a couple of containers of oil
Barrin Khavic: Good, 'cause that was me last kit.
Rolo Underfoot: I got some oil too.
Rand Colds: I have some extra still

Erishkigal : You intruders I shall not forget!
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Barrin Khavic: Put a sock in it.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Rolo Underfoot: whoa -- got it.
Erishkigal : I shall have my vengenence for you meddling in my affairs and dispoiling my temple!

Eli Knowland: Who said that?
Rand Colds: Great.
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs* we'll be spending yer money too!
Rand Colds: *tries to figure out where the voice is coming from*
Barrin Khavic: *to Rolo* Had more than I could carry, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- good enough -- still have a bit of room.
Springcap Pumpkin: What? Who are you? Not even a lich. Not impressed.
Barrin Khavic: Coward.
Rolo Underfoot: Was that a trap?
Springcap Pumpkin: pff pathetic
Rolo Underfoot: Didn't see it.
Springcap Pumpkin: Your friend was welcoming me.
Barrin Khavic: Some "goddess" she be. Runs off without fightin.
Rand Colds: She sure aint the goddess of beauty.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Her again -- guess she can leave the alar eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: *yawns* Could do with a sit down
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* Ye just ain't had 'nough ta drink, lad.
Rand Colds: Well, she knows where here now.
Barrin Khavic: Think she did when we came in.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, but where did she go?
Barrin Khavic: Back ta her hidy hole prolly.

Karvon : The crypts are silent

Rand Colds: she appeared right in front of me, she is using that invisible stuff.
Grumni Hammersmith: hang on lads
Barrin Khavic: Oh?
Barrin Khavic: What's on yer mind?
Grumni Hammersmith: isn't that where that horrible woman is?
Rand Colds: nah, the other way.
Grumni Hammersmith: could I'm outta spells
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, ok
Springcap Pumpkin: Oh wha tis that?
Rolo Underfoot: Last time she was to the east.
Barrin Khavic: No restin in 'ere.

Springcap Pumpkin: Half a chess board?
Eli Knowland: Look at the pillars
Eli Knowland: It tells the same story as the notes
Grumni Hammersmith: that's got trap written all over it
Springcap Pumpkin: May be
Grumni Hammersmith: gruesome
Barrin Khavic: Bah.
Springcap Pumpkin: Rolo you standing on my black square
Rolo Underfoot: Were those thrones back there built of bones?
Barrin Khavic: Ain't got time fer children's stories.

Karvon : obviously an outer shrine.

Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Rand Colds: Oh, our 'goddess' may have once been a beauty. No more though.
Grumni Hammersmith: *spot*
Springcap Pumpkin: Hm perhaps I can reclaim this in the name of Obad-Hai.
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* As I said lad, ye just need more ta drink.
Barrin Khavic: Rather just smash it.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't see any secret doors or traps.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: no use
Springcap Pumpkin: Hey
Eli Knowland: That looks like solid rock to me
Barrin Khavic: Huh. Ta bad, could make good building stone.
Springcap Pumpkin: Bless the thing and purge it of it's evil
Springcap Pumpkin: Or something
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Barrin Khavic: *checks ax for dents* Huh.
Rolo Underfoot: Think she is weakend some -- or is she playing with us?
Rand Colds: I dunno.
Eli Knowland: toying with us I'm sure
Rolo Underfoot: Right

Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... I'm going to pop outside fer a rest
Barrin Khavic: Good idea.
Eli Knowland: I could use one too
Rolo Underfoot: Good idea.
Rolo Underfoot: You are filled with a sense of dread.
Barrin Khavic: *stands watch*

Karvon: Bandits set upon you as you rest.

Grumni Hammersmith: Bah!
Rolo Underfoot: An abush you think?
Grumni Hammersmith: that was a waste of a snooze
Barrin Khavic: Stupid bandits.
Barrin Khavic: Hah.
Barrin Khavic: Almost not worth the arrow.
Springcap Pumpkin: Where all these men came from?
Rolo Underfoot: So much for our "deal" with the kobolds.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah they must have jumped from over there.
Springcap Pumpkin: Shall we find higher groound?
Rolo Underfoot: Aint going to get any peace around here.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: there was a bandit cave somewhere.
Springcap Pumpkin: Isn't there a cave or something?
Barrin Khavic: Doesn't look that way.
Rolo Underfoot: There are caves everywhere you look!
Barrin Khavic: These bodies are gonna attract those stupid birds.
Eli Knowland: They're all taken
Rolo Underfoot: ah -- the orc cave across the way?
Eli Knowland: Back to the Keep then?
Barrin Khavic: Ta far. Try the Orc cave first.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Rand Colds: I feel like a pack mule, again.
Rolo Underfoot: I can pack another 20 pounds or so.
Barrin Khavic: *grins* Then stop braying like one, lad.
Rand Colds: *shuts up*

Karvon : The sun pokes it rays thru the gloom with the coming of the morn.

Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Grumni Hammersmith: I think I could carry a bit more
Eli Knowland: Well, are we going to stand around here all morning?
Rolo Underfoot: Orc cave or Keep?
Eli Knowland: Cave is closer
Springcap Pumpkin: I am tired I could sleep til the new moon.
Barrin Khavic: Mine's fer the cave.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll go back in but I ain't got any spells ter help us

Rolo Underfoot: Here I think.
Eli Knowland: Was this the one?
Barrin Khavic: Hard ta tell, they all look alike.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, we camped back here.
Rand Colds: *pinches his nose*
Springcap Pumpkin: Did you kill some creatures here?
Grumni Hammersmith: no one's cleaned up the blood
Barrin Khavic: Ye coudl say that.
Barrin Khavic: *stands guard*
Rand Colds: *stands guard*
Springcap Pumpkin: * wash hands *
Grumni Hammersmith: stupid bandits disrupting a dwarf's sleep
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- the the keep and sell this stuff.
Rand Colds: it stinks too much for me to rest.
Rolo Underfoot: Rest up and start fresh.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* The deaders could be reinforced.
Eli Knowland: back to the keep then
Grumni Hammersmith: or set up camp here
Barrin Khavic: Could try that.
Eli Knowland: we tried that already
Springcap Pumpkin: Who is not afraid to die?
Rolo Underfoot: I can guard for a bit -- not really that tired.
Barrin Khavic: Dyin's easy, it's livin that can be hard.

Barrin Khavic: Blasted blood suckers!
Barrin Khavic: Ugh. I don feel ta good.
Grumni Hammersmith: them dirty birds got yer
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- happened to me the last time.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Eli Knowland: beetles ahead
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Rolo Underfoot: Wonder if it came from that tower?
Rand Colds: that was a big one.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Eli Knowland: They come super-sized, like the ants
Grumni Hammersmith: no match fer the dwarven exterminators
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.

Springcap Pumpkin: Crazy girl!
Rolo Underfoot: silly girl. *frowns*
Karvon : a lone bandit scout
Springcap Pumpkin: She was outnumbered
Rolo Underfoot: crazed
Barrin Khavic: And outclassed.

Karvon : ...and in the distance you can see the keep.

Rand Colds: spiders
Springcap Pumpkin: What?
Rand Colds: damned spiders
Grumni Hammersmith: good job
Rand Colds: snuck up on the ole mule
Rolo Underfoot: WAs wondering what was keepin' ya.
Rolo Underfoot: I can lighten your load some Rand.
Rolo Underfoot: enough?
Rand Colds: that helps
Eli Knowland: Rolo, give Barrin one of those bags I gave you, that will be both of you getting your share of the gold I picked up
Springcap Pumpkin: Beware
Rolo Underfoot: ok
Eli Knowland: everyone else gets two bags from me
Rand Colds: yeah, yeah, the bullette, right?
Barrin Khavic: I already have four bags.
Barrin Khavic: *snorts*
Rolo Underfoot: I got three from Eli
Grumni Hammersmith: I picked up 430 gp along the way
Rolo Underfoot: Well just add it all up and split it eh?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Springcap Pumpkin: I prefer gems really
Rolo Underfoot: easier to pack for sure.
Barrin Khavic: Gold's easier ta spend.
Rolo Underfoot: Especiall on ale.
Springcap Pumpkin: Carry your weight in gold is not easy.

Rolo Underfoot: 'ello Chandry
Chandry : *waves*
Rand Colds: *waves back*

Barrin Khavic: So, would you open the gates?
Barrin Khavic: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Barrin Khavic: Blasted guards.
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Sabine: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: You want me to sell those?
Rand Colds: hey, let me in
Rand Colds: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Springcap Pumpkin: Hello
Rand Colds: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds.
Charl: Right!
Rand Colds: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rand Colds: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Barrin Khavic: Need ta see the cleric, I'll meet ye at the inn.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Doesnt quite feel like home when they keep slamming the gate in your face.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed.
Springcap Pumpkin: Good people of the keep here come Springcap Pumpkin small in size great in power.

Grumni Hammersmith: whats 420 divided by 5?
Rolo Underfoot: 84?
Grumni Hammersmith: I owe everyone 84g then
Springcap Pumpkin: Yes, please.
Barrin Khavic: Need that armor ided and sold.
Eli Knowland: There you go
Rolo Underfoot: ok I owe Barrin on gold bag from Eli.
Springcap Pumpkin: Er I'm looking for a portable hole it's made from phase spider and forgot what else do you have any?
Barrin Khavic: Anybody want it?
Karvon : If you need to go, you'll have time for shopping at the start of the next session as well.
Rand Colds: 8600 for magic weapons,
Barrin Khavic: Got 200 fer everybody.
Springcap Pumpkin: Keep the magic mace if I can unload enoough I could equip it although low Str is not going to help
Rolo Underfoot: The kama, mace and Great sword ... sell them?
Eli Knowland: Chainmail +2 on the ground here
Rand Colds: I sold all the weapons I had picked up. I'd like the chain.
Springcap Pumpkin: 40 ponds of mail
Rand Colds: I have a +1 chain shirt
Grumni Hammersmith: that all?
Rolo Underfoot: ok mace on the ground here for Spring.
Rand Colds: looks like 1720 each from the magic stuff I sold.
Barrin Khavic: Armor's on the ground fer ye, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: I haven't sold yet -- Kama and Great sword, sell them?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Barrin Khavic: Aye, Rolo.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh found these
Rolo Underfoot: Sell the gems too?
Rand Colds: no, I"ll take the gems, lighter
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno what they do
Barrin Khavic: Save 'em fer later.
Rand Colds: If you give me 80 gold, I'll give each of you six sacks of gold.
Rand Colds: next
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries to jump for joy but is too heavy*
Rand Colds: oh, wait, I divided by five, not six. I wont get any, gimme a second
Rand Colds: 1433 each
Rolo Underfoot: all the gems are 88 gp? for 10?
Rand Colds: who got six bags from me already?
Grumni Hammersmith: he don't seem ter like me much today
Grumni Hammersmith: I got me bags
Rand Colds: grumni, give me one back, I miss figured
Eli Knowland: I didn't get any Rand
Grumni Hammersmith: *has to pry gold from his hands*
Rand Colds: okay, give me 77 gold for five sacks
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Grumni Hammersmith: Yes, please.
Rolo Underfoot: ok I owe 606 to each of you!
Rand Colds: okay, next
Rand Colds: 77 gold, Spring
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks astonished* 3700 gp fer platemail - yer a thief
Rolo Underfoot: Rand wanted gems -- that is 70 of them ..
Springcap Pumpkin: I don't have any gold
Springcap Pumpkin: or I convert one bag is ity?
Rand Colds: okay, I'll convert it.
Springcap Pumpkin: Who are these gems for?
Rolo Underfoot: What is this for?
Rand Colds: magic weapons I sold
Rolo Underfoot: 2 bags of gold each.
Rand Colds: I can buy the gems
Rolo Underfoot: Gems for Rand, two bags of gold each.
Grumni Hammersmith: 2 bags of gold?
Springcap Pumpkin: Me too can barely walk now
Grumni Hammersmith: for each of us?
Rand Colds: yeah, the guild house will sell you trade items, but there is a fee. best spend what you can before trading the gold in.
Grumni Hammersmith: cheers
Rand Colds: how much for the gems, Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: Ranb you got the gems?
Rand Colds: nope
Springcap Pumpkin: What we do w the fluospar and turquoise?
Rolo Underfoot: they are beside you on the ground
Rolo Underfoot: He offered me 88 for each stack of 10 -- you you want me to sell 'em let me know.
Rand Colds: 88 x 7 =616
Rolo Underfoot: I owe Barrin and Eli 607 each.
Springcap Pumpkin: No we gnomes love gems and I need soome because I am almost twice my weight now
Springcap Pumpkin: 114 vs 60
Grumni Hammersmith: I just sold the hairpin so I owe everyone 70gp
Rolo Underfoot: Close enough to 607
Rand Colds: anyone want the chain shirt I had?
Springcap Pumpkin: How much?
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks
Springcap Pumpkin: How much for the shirt?
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Springcap Pumpkin: Yes, please.
Springcap Pumpkin: never mind it's not mithril so too heavy.
Rand Colds: *tries on a new set of gauntlets*
Rand Colds: I can carry some to the guild, if you want.
Rolo Underfoot: I think I can get there
Rolo Underfoot: Packing 20# of Barrens and Eli's
Rand Colds: *holds the door open for Rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: heh -- forgot where it was.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks
Rand Colds: ah, much better, Barrin will be upset he lost the fee, but I can walk again.
Rand Colds: best to convert the sacks, then buy a trade good. when you need the money, best to convert the trade good, then buy. never sell trade goods or sacks, you'l lose

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session 18 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:08 pm

Karvon : You finished sweeping out th rest of the hidden temple last session and returned to recuperate and resupply. Action will resume in the One-Eyed Cat Tavern.

Rand Colds: shops are this way, spring
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Grumni Hammersmith: I reakon we should get back ter them caves before the undead recover
Rand Colds: I can carry some for you
Rand Colds: *grins*
Springcap Pumpkin: How far?
Rand Colds: to the trade shop
Rolo Underfoot: around the corner -- need to buy anything first?
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Rand Colds: Yes, please.
Grumni Hammersmith: best be sure you've got pleny to eat, there's a definite lack of inns around here
Springcap Pumpkin: Got some food
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders gap in market for dwarven inn*
Ute Gudmund: i don't see food with this guy
Springcap Pumpkin: Bakery here
Rand Colds: the trade tokens are at the guild hall, around the corner.
Ute Gudmund: ah, good
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters to himsefl* Moradins anvil?
Springcap Pumpkin: * look for guild sign *
Rolo Underfoot: This way Spring.
Springcap Pumpkin: Yeah I see
Rand Colds: Hey, Grumni. How you doing?
Rand Colds: Oh, I need some heal kits, I'll be over at the temple.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd be spending me money rather than giving them guild folks commision
Rolo Underfoot: I'm off to the temple as well.
Rand Colds: *nods* Aye, leeches they are.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* maybe I can afford another potion
Rand Colds: Priest, you here?
Abercrombie Krown: Yes?
Rand Colds: Oh, didn't see you at first. *waves*
Abercrombie Krown: How has your crusade against the forces of evil progressed?
Rolo Underfoot: We are winning ...
Barrin Khavic: Very well, though there be a woman who thinks she be a goddess still.
Grumni Hammersmith: we keep icking 'em off a bit at a time
Rand Colds: We are still dancing with this 'goddess', Erishkigal, or some such.
Ute Gudmund: going to buy first then change the gold
Grumni Hammersmith: *picking
Barrin Khavic: But we did get some dead lovers.
Abercrombie Krown: *frowns*
Abercrombie Krown: well, I trust you will keep me informed of your progress.
Abercrombie Krown: May the Cudgel bless you. Who comes to our chapel today?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Eli Knowland: I am Eli Knowland. What god is this chapel devoted to?
Abercrombie Krown: Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Do you require my services?
Barrin Khavic: Aye. That we will, priest.
Eli Knowland: Yes, thank you.
Abercrombie Krown: The Castellian will want to know of your work as well, of course.
Barrin Khavic: *shoulders pack* Seeing as the fat merchant be gone, I think I be ready.
Grumni Hammersmith: I am Grumni Hammersmith. Good day.
Abercrombie Krown: Go with St. Cuthbert's blessing.
Abercrombie Krown: Welcome, Grumni Hammersmith. I trust you are following the ways of law in your dealings at our Keep. May I help you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Yes, thank you.
Abercrombie Krown: Would you like healing, do you need to purchase something, or do you need to learn?
Springcap Pumpkin: Thank you so much
Grumni Hammersmith: I would like to see what items you have available.
Abercrombie Krown: All right. Here they are.
Springcap Pumpkin: Hey wait
Rand Colds: Feeling better, Spring.
Springcap Pumpkin: Oh yes
Grumni Hammersmith: the merchants in this town have been doing well with all the business we been giving 'em
Sabine: *looks you over*
Eli Knowland: *nods*
Rand Colds: Aye, the bandits have done well to hide when they see us coming.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Sabine: There've been less reports of their activities of late.
Eli Knowland: Its the animals that are the most dangerous, that is, until we reached the caves
Rand Colds: And you can thank us, Sabine.
Rand Colds: Aye, ants and spiders are getting dangerous on the Eastern Road.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, open the doors lass
Sabine: Bandits are like fleas, you can get rid of a few, but there are always more to fill the void.
Rand Colds: Wait, where's Ute?
Rand Colds: And Rolo?
Eli Knowland: And Rolo
Rand Colds: *straitens his hair, before shoving his helmet on*
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, where'd he go
Eli Knowland: Packing his bag with as mouch food as he can carry I expect
Eli Knowland: much*
Barrin Khavic: Smart halfling.
Rand Colds: *chuckles at Eli's comment8
Rand Colds: Here he is.
Rolo Underfoot: Whew! almost forgot the most important thing!
Rand Colds: *looks at his pack*
Barrin Khavic: Aye, but where be Ute?
Rand Colds: Full of food, I bet.
Eli Knowland: Food? *grins*
Rolo Underfoot: I saw him back by the Guild House.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around and shrugs*
Ute Gudmund: *eating a pear*
Barrin Khavic: Let's get a move on.
Ute Gudmund: *chop chop* Hey there
Rand Colds: Excellent, everyone ready?
Sabine: Welcome to Kendall Keep, Grumni Hammersmith. I am Sabine, the Gatekeeper.
Grumni Hammersmith: Well met, Sabine.
Sabine: Is there anything I can help you find?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd like to go through the gate.
Sabine: Very well. But be careful out there - I hear people have seen a bulette in the open spaces near the keep - and sleeping out in the wilderness is dangerous, too.
Rand Colds: We should really find that necromancer today.
Rand Colds: Easy rolo, save it for the road.
Barrin Khavic: Quit foolin 'round.
Grumni Hammersmith: grrr
Springcap Pumpkin: Hey!
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Springcap Pumpkin: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Springcap Pumpkin: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Springcap Pumpkin: I am Springcap Pumpkin.
Charl: Right!
Springcap Pumpkin: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.

Barrin Khavic: *checks bow*
Barrin Khavic: *glances at Eli* Ye really shouldna be out in front, lad.
Eli Knowland: I know, but the others just stroll along
Grumni Hammersmith: yer got longer legs than us!
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Eli Knowland: There's much I have to learn and little time to do it with!
Barrin Khavic: Ye canna learn if'n ye be dead, lad.
Eli Knowland: Yes, yes, of course
Springcap Pumpkin: let's see where we had these spiders
Eli Knowland: *watches Rand trying to get in step*
Grumni Hammersmith: I think Rand's still drunk the way he's walking
Rolo Underfoot: There is that pig again!
Springcap Pumpkin: No that's my call
Barrin Khavic: Tae much ale.
Rand Colds: I'm fine, leave me be.
Rolo Underfoot: a whole herd of 'em.
Barrin Khavic: Good eatin followin us.
Rand Colds: ants
Barrin Khavic: Ants.
Grumni Hammersmith: ahere?
Springcap Pumpkin: i'm the pig master
Grumni Hammersmith: pft
Rand Colds: not bad.
Barrin Khavic: Let the pigs take the damage.

Rand Colds: anyone hurt?
Grumni Hammersmith: nah
Eli Knowland: *puts his cloak tighter* Here's the inferal rain again!
Eli Knowland: infernal*
Barrin Khavic: East?
Rand Colds: we could check the woods for bandits?
Springcap Pumpkin: * Howl *
Barrin Khavic: Could.
Rand Colds: or just go east
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno, Rand usually navigates
Barrin Khavic: Someone call Eli back.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* Eli
Eli Knowland: To the matter at hand gentlemen
Springcap Pumpkin: That wolf... sometimes he goes for days.
Grumni Hammersmith: We's going east
Eli Knowland: Let's not be distracted
Barrin Khavic: Woods or path?
Eli Knowland: Its the necromancer we're after
Eli Knowland: This way
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* quickest
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: Watch fer bandits.
Eli Knowland: We can search out the bandit camp another time
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: Don't forget...we have the matter of the mysterious Tower to attend to also
Springcap Pumpkin: He must be here somewhere.
Barrin Khavic: The fat merchant is gone that can be waitin.
Rand Colds: *looks at the birds in the distance8
Rand Colds: *waits for Rolo*
Barrin Khavic: Gettin to spread out.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* they seem et be sending the dwarves in first
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Barrin Khavic: 'Cause we know what we be doin.
Rolo Underfoot: huff puff
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles out of tune*
Barrin Khavic: Bit surprised there be no bandits about.
Eli Knowland: Or birds
Rand Colds: they have heard of us.
Ute Gudmund: aye
Barrin Khavic: Do without those.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't complaining about them birds
Rolo Underfoot: *tries to avoid the pig "doo"*
Ute Gudmund: he, not sure about that Barrin
Rand Colds: I seen a flock of them devil birds over by the woods.
Barrin Khavic: ye want birds, Ute?

Barrin Khavic: Bettle on the right.
Ute Gudmund: of course not... they are nasty
Rand Colds: Their big ones.
Barrin Khavic: Wow.
Rand Colds: rolo, look out
Barrin Khavic: Boar just exploded.
Grumni Hammersmith: stinking things
Barrin Khavic: Guess we be havin ham fer dinner.
Rolo Underfoot: pretty fast!

Rand Colds: Here we are, canyon of Evil
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Springcap Pumpkin: Meat shields?
Eli Knowland: We really have to track down that priestess this time
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: maybe we should go back down to the cave with the necromancer in it.

Karvon : the weather is miserable; an ominious sign perhaps?

Barrin Khavic: Got somethin fer them dead'uns.
Rolo Underfoot: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for gnolls*
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* Don bother me where we be goin, I never remember one cave from 'nother.
Rand Colds: Is this where the big skeletons were at?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, I thought the necromancer ran off down here?
Rolo Underfoot: What cave we be looking for?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: The temple is on the upper tier.
Rand Colds: I'm pretty sure we found two owlbear skeletons in here, then we found the necromancer not long after that.
Barrin Khavic: Could try this 'ne.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Grumni Hammersmith: up top then?
Rolo Underfoot: In here? Or above?
Rand Colds: cant hurt to look.
Barrin Khavic: 'ere first since we already be 'ere.

Rand Colds: um,
Impaled Human Head: Come in! So glad you've decided to join us. Feel free to knock - but I wouldn't suggest knocking too HARD.
Rand Colds: a bunch of heads
Grumni Hammersmith: this be different
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think I've been here before.
Barrin Khavic: That be trapped?
Rand Colds: *shivers* That head just spoke to me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listens*
Eli Knowland: You imagining things
Ute Gudmund: what the.... by the gods
Rolo Underfoot: hmm -- can't pick this one.
Ute Gudmund: where are we?
Grumni Hammersmith: worth a look I'm thinking
Barrin Khavic: Stand aside.
Impaled Human Head: A glowing glyph appears on the skull, and it flashes!
Rand Colds: Rolo, watch out, Barrin brought a key.
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! its flashing
Impaled Human Head: A glowing glyph appears on the skull, and it explodes with a flash!
Rand Colds: Flashing?
Rand Colds: Gaaahhhh
Grumni Hammersmith: what the?
Barrin Khavic: Don know if'n I be trustin them things.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can't see anything *stumbles*
Rolo Underfoot: A puzzle?
Impaled Human Head: Come in! So glad you've decided to join us. Feel free to knock - but I wouldn't suggest knocking too HARD.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't see any traps that I can remove.
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't see a thing!
Rolo Underfoot: *looks for an axe shaped indentation in the door*
Rand Colds: We could always try another cave.
Grumni Hammersmith: I got one
Barrin Khavic: I suggest ye use it, lad.
Rand Colds: *looks at the speaking head, weirded out*
Rolo Underfoot: nope -- not this door.
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! did no good
Impaled Human Head: Come in! So glad you've decided to join us. Feel free to knock - but I wouldn't suggest knocking too HARD.
Barrin Khavic: Hmph.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, I can see again, Moradin be praised
Rolo Underfoot: aye!
Rand Colds: Moradin is great.
Grumni Hammersmith: Tried the dwarven key yet?
Impaled Human Head: Come in! So glad you've decided to join us. Feel free to knock - but I wouldn't suggest knocking too HARD.
Ute Gudmund: this is unnatural
Rand Colds: *shivers*
Springcap Pumpkin: Neither alive nor dead.
Barrin Khavic: Hmph.
Springcap Pumpkin: Now you rest in peace.

Karvon : ...and the heads are destroyed.

Rolo Underfoot: So much for the talking heads.
Barrin Khavic: Step aside, shorty.
Grumni Hammersmith: didn't like 'em anyway
Springcap Pumpkin: * catches breath *
Rolo Underfoot: Well done!
Eli Knowland: I guess who ever is inside, knows we're coming

Karvon : is the door under brutal pounding

Rolo Underfoot: heh
Barrin Khavic: Prolly already knew that.
Rand Colds: Okay, this is new to me. Anyone want to pick a direction to start?
Eli Knowland: Left, Right?
Grumni Hammersmith: south?
Barrin Khavic: Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: door ahead.
Grumni Hammersmith: wan't ter scout?
Rand Colds: Door it is.
Barrin Khavic: Looks like it be leadin up.
Rolo Underfoot: goes up -- save it for later?
Eli Knowland: We should
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Barrin Khavic: This be lookin like the stone in the dead lover's lair.
Rolo Underfoot: bones
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like the necromancer's place ter me
Barrin Khavic: Could be attached ta it.
Rolo Underfoot: making noise
Rand Colds: like dead bones? or alive bones.
Eli Knowland: Skeletons?
Barrin Khavic: 'eard somethin in there.
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Ute Gudmund: more?
Ute Gudmund: more coming

Eli Knowland: scatter the bones about when they're dead
Eli Knowland: *kicks at the bones*
Grumni Hammersmith: they don't be smelling any netter

Karvon : This seems to have been a storage room for the necromancer's creations.

Barrin Khavic: *kicks at the bones, bouncing them off of the walls and scattering them*
Barrin Khavic: Storage area?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing unusual that I can see.
Springcap Pumpkin: Does this place have a name?
Grumni Hammersmith: his reserves perhaps
Rand Colds: Well, less to fight later, I guess.
Rand Colds: I think we're in the right cave at least.
Eli Knowland: Maybe so
Springcap Pumpkin: Right cave? That's the name?
Rolo Underfoot: No bones on these.
Rand Colds: Rolo, want to go ahead?
Grumni Hammersmith: door
Rolo Underfoot: aye
Rolo Underfoot: hmmmm
Rand Colds: What the.....

Karvon : looks like some sort of necromantic lab; corpses dangle on racks, strange smoke drifts in the room

Grumni Hammersmith: don't like the look of this
Ute Gudmund: me neither
Rand Colds: *sniffs*
Eli Knowland: word!
Rolo Underfoot: Are they waiting for something?
Grumni Hammersmith: we know where all the goblins went
Eli Knowland: What is that smoke?
Barrin Khavic: Should cut 'em down.
Rand Colds: I dont like the smell of this place.
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps from that fire?
Rand Colds: And burn 'em.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, cut 'em ter pieces
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah!
Barrin Khavic: Get 'em out of the fog!
Rand Colds: Eli, do something
Rand Colds: Retreat.

Karvon : they seem unaffected by your attaacks

Ute Gudmund: *pants* I can't even damage these ones
Rand Colds: Ute, go
Eli Knowland: My spells have no effect!
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing seems to work.
Rolo Underfoot: retreat!
Rolo Underfoot: exit over here!
Ute Gudmund: what do we do, they follow us?
Rand Colds: out, everyone out
Ute Gudmund: go,out
Rolo Underfoot: three
Rolo Underfoot: four
Eli Knowland: Is there anything we can do to trap them?
Rand Colds: What the.....

Springcap Pumpkin: Here you are!!
Rand Colds: That was the necromancer cave, I'm sure of it.
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing was affecting them.
Rand Colds: Grumni, you okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: *huff huff* aye
Rolo Underfoot: five
Rolo Underfoot: Missing Ute.
Rand Colds: UTE!
Rand Colds: Thanks, praise Moradin.
Springcap Pumpkin: Don't do it next time.
Barrin Khavic: *keeps watch*
Rand Colds: UTE?
Grumni Hammersmith: we could make a run for the door upatairs?
Eli Knowland: Do we want to go elsewhere?
Barrin Khavic: May have to.
Rand Colds: *whew* There you are.
Ute Gudmund: *pants*
Grumni Hammersmith: or go back to our original intention?
Ute Gudmund: what was that?
Rand Colds: Now Rolo went in looking for ya.
Rolo Underfoot: ok he's out of there.
Ute Gudmund: oh, where is... there you are *smiles at rolo*
Grumni Hammersmith: they still there?
Rand Colds: Rolo, all clear?
Rolo Underfoot: Need a plan.
Ute Gudmund: we need a bigger stick for those odd creatures
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* m plan is we go find that other cave
Rolo Underfoot: or a miracle.
Rand Colds: Yeah, dont attack the hobgoblin bodies.
Rolo Underfoot: good plan.
Rand Colds: Are they still by the door, Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: We were in the caves along the top -- up a tier.
Grumni Hammersmith: they followed me upstairs
Springcap Pumpkin: If this mountain is like a big cheese let's just find another hole.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: oh ... so we may see them agian -- with that lady goddess.
Rand Colds: We've never been in this cave, and it looks like the necromancer is here.
Eli Knowland: Well then, let enter and find her
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah make a run for the door then.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Barrin Khavic: Mebe so, but how're we gonna deal with those dead'uns?
Eli Knowland: Ignore the Hobgoblins
Rand Colds: Working, we need to find that necromancer and stick him with something sharp.
Rand Colds: *looks at his sword* I got just the thing.
Barrin Khavic: Could cut off 'is head.
Rand Colds: Yeah, that too.
Rolo Underfoot: That should do it.
Rand Colds: Shall we try again?
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer cast some sort of web Eli?
Eli Knowland: *shakes head* I hit them with everything, no effect
Rolo Underfoot: There wasn't anything just inside the door when Ute came out.
Rand Colds: Rolo, do you mind taking a look?
Grumni Hammersmith: Let's give it a go then, straight fer the door?
Rolo Underfoot: sure
Ute Gudmund: aye, the path was free... though i saw another skelotn not far from thedoor
Grumni Hammersmith: he scouting?
Rand Colds: *listens for any commotion in the cave*
Rand Colds: aye.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Rolo Underfoot: clear here!
Rand Colds: Lets try this other way in the cave.
Rolo Underfoot: They are up there? Shall we go east?
Barrin Khavic: *watches the hallway*
Springcap Pumpkin: Look at these walls how can you call that a cave?
Grumni Hammersmith: this be cut stone
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: skeletons
Rand Colds: see anythihng?
Barrin Khavic: Hmm.

Karvon : Looks like another necromantic lab of some sort.

Rolo Underfoot: and more of the hobgoblins.
Eli Knowland: Looks similar to the other one
Barrin Khavic: Should leave 'em 'till the dead lover be with 'is kin.
Grumni Hammersmith: best be leaving 'em
Eli Knowland: Best leave them be
Rand Colds: this dont look good. just like the last room
Springcap Pumpkin: Any exit?
Rand Colds: I agree, lets check that other corridor.
Barrin Khavic: Strange runes everywhere.
Ute Gudmund: Why don't we just go back and have some ale and a good chat, then a soft bed?
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: *sighs*

Karvon : the halls are silent aside from your own footsteps echoing about you.

Rolo Underfoot: door
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: Yeah, I kind of figured.
Grumni Hammersmith: *peers through doorway*
Rolo Underfoot: Some cavern full of crates.
Rand Colds: Any word from Rolo?
Rand Colds: *watches behind*
Barrin Khavic: Huh.

Grumni Hammersmith: loot!
Ute Gudmund: hum?
Ute Gudmund: now what?
Barrin Khavic: Look ta be empty.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh *looks disappointed*
Rolo Underfoot: sleeping mats here.
Eli Knowland: And the walls are rough hewn
Rolo Underfoot: and a door.
Eli Knowland: I think we're in the wrong place
Barrin Khavic: *sniffs* Ugh! Goblins be 'ere.
Grumni Hammersmith: dead 'uns?
Barrin Khavic: Nay.
Rolo Underfoot: locked -- too much for me.
Springcap Pumpkin: Four creatures sleeping here?
Eli Knowland: We should go back and go up the stairs
Barrin Khavic: Smells like where they be sleeping.
Grumni Hammersmith: dwarven key?
Rand Colds: Now, this, is a cave.
Barrin Khavic: Good thing this ax don't nick.
Springcap Pumpkin: AMBUSH
Rolo Underfoot: ambush
Barrin Khavic: Told you it be goblin territory.
Rand Colds: each had a long bow, anyone need one?
Barrin Khavic: *watches the corridor*
Grumni Hammersmith: this be the where he's getting the bits fer them gobbo zombie
Barrin Khavic: Not unless it be magic.
Grumni Hammersmith: *zombies
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps we should cut off his supply and put 'em to the sword?
Rand Colds: we should burn the bodies. for sure.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Grumni Hammersmith: look out!
Rolo Underfoot: hmm
Barrin Khavic: Watch yer step, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: never saw it.
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone want some thowing axes?
Rand Colds: nah, too heavy.
Springcap Pumpkin: Too heavy.
Barrin Khavic: Aye, tae heavy.
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Rand Colds: damn ambushing rwerwe, werweryouwer
Ute Gudmund: oh dear
Ute Gudmund: i think i found somenthig really worthy
Barrin Khavic: *looks at Rand* I think ye need ta go easy on the ale, lad.
Ute Gudmund: come and see
Rand Colds: ALE
Rolo Underfoot: *grabs an axe*
Ute Gudmund: *laughs*
Rand Colds: *takes some*
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrinkls nose* don't fancy any gobbo ale
Rolo Underfoot: Suppose this migh fit that secret door?
Grumni Hammersmith: a key?
Barrin Khavic: Got a chest o'er 'ere.
Rand Colds: Spring, need me to carry any gold for ye?
Eli Knowland: There's a chest in that small room
Barrin Khavic: Ye 'ave 'nough ale, Rand.
Rand Colds: Never!
Grumni Hammersmith: this trapped Rolo?
Ute Gudmund: *chuckles*
Barrin Khavic: *watches the corridor*
Rolo Underfoot: Doesn't look like it.
Grumni Hammersmith: empty
Barrin Khavic: Pfft.
Rand Colds: damn trap
Springcap Pumpkin: Clever
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed ... *frowns*
Springcap Pumpkin: But how come we cannot spot them?
Barrin Khavic: Not clever 'nough.
Rolo Underfoot: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: I think we're at nothing here. Let's go back to the other passageway and take the door leading up the stairs
Rand Colds: *nods* I think Eli is right.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* ok
Rand Colds: This looks like the goblin cave we came in, we spoke to the King.
Eli Knowland: This is just the Goblin lair
Rolo Underfoot: back the way we came?
Eli Knowland: We promised not to attack before
Rand Colds: Agreed to leave his tribe be, if they stayed out of the way.
Ute Gudmund: sounds good to me
Barrin Khavic: They attacked us first.
Eli Knowland: Sure, but they're only defending their home
Barrin Khavic: Pfft. Coulda just asked us ta leave.
Eli Knowland: What can I say?...they're Goblins!
Barrin Khavic: Which is why they be needin ta die.
Rolo Underfoot: anything in these crates?
Barrin Khavic: Aye, junk.

Rand Colds: Grumni
Rand Colds: *digs him out of the jell*
Rolo Underfoot: That was different.
Grumni Hammersmith: *wipes goo off face*
Rand Colds: You okay, buddy.
Eli Knowland: Ah...that's why this corridor looks so clean!
Springcap Pumpkin: A giant soap?
Grumni Hammersmith: yuck, its all in me bear
Grumni Hammersmith: *beard
Rand Colds: Here, have an ale.
Rolo Underfoot: let me take a peek here.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks *washes out mouth and spits*
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Grumni Hammersmith: *hick*
Springcap Pumpkin: How long have we been here. There is no fresh air in such a place.

Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. couple of skeletons up there.
Grumni Hammersmith: chppable?
Rolo Underfoot: I didn't ask.
Barrin Khavic: Don 'ear anythin.
Springcap Pumpkin: No mercy!
Rolo Underfoot: They just stand there.
Rand Colds: Looks like another workshop for the dead.

Karvon : This was the necromacer's study; you fought him here once. The place is still in shambles of sorts doesn't look like it's been straightened up since you were last here.

Grumni Hammersmith: looks familiar
Barrin Khavic: I remember this place.
Barrin Khavic: Was the dead lover's workshop I be thinkin.
Rand Colds: *pushes the table over*
Skeleton Servant: [The skeleton says nothing, but appears attentive.]
Barrin Khavic: Who are you?
Rand Colds: *shivers as he walks past the skeletons*
Barrin Khavic: Goodbye.
Grumni Hammersmith: onwards?
Eli Knowland: But of course
Eli Knowland: We have to keep looking
Rand Colds: yeah, cant hurt to check the place again.

Rand Colds: dead people.
Grumni Hammersmith: don't remembre this
Rand Colds: this ones dressed fancy
Grumni Hammersmith: weird stuff
Rolo Underfoot: Going about their business ...

Karvon : The zombies mill about ignoring you thus far

Barrin Khavic: Dead'uns have business?
Eli Knowland: Why is it they don't attack? Must they need their master to activate them?
Ute Gudmund: *looks around*
Rand Colds: Lots of 'em.
Eli Knowland: Two coffins here
Grumni Hammersmith: this goblet's too heavy
Eli Knowland: Might be worth looking into them
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Barrin Khavic: I got it.
Rolo Underfoot: don't see anything unusual.
Grumni Hammersmith: wow, take a ook
Eli Knowland: Ah...a secret door!
Rand Colds: woo hoo.
Rand Colds: gold and gems, alright
Eli Knowland: It appears locked
Rolo Underfoot: oh door!
Springcap Pumpkin: Gems plenty of gems.
Grumni Hammersmith: I aint got any more room in me bag
Rand Colds: lots of gold
Eli Knowland: I can carry some
Rand Colds: ten sacks.
Rand Colds: *scoops up all the gems*
Rolo Underfoot: *looks for axe shapped indentation.
Grumni Hammersmith: wasn't there a door here?
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Rand Colds: locked
Eli Knowland: Anyone want me to carry something?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, same as before?
Rand Colds: looks like a key would fit there, *points at the depression*
Grumni Hammersmith: *sractches head*
Grumni Hammersmith: did anyone pick up the goblet?
Rolo Underfoot: *tries the hand axe in the depression*
Barrin Khavic: I did.
Grumni Hammersmith: might wome in useful later
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Barrin Khavic: Need ta find the key, lad.
Rand Colds: Looks like the end of the line for us. Lets go to another cave.
Rolo Underfoot: I thought I had the key.
Ute Gudmund: what is that, a door?
Eli Knowland: Maybe we can get into it from the other side?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- thought this axe would open it.
Rolo Underfoot: guess not.
Eli Knowland: Go out the front again, go up to the higher caves to the left
Rand Colds: ah
Rolo Underfoot: Too small it seems and not enough edges.
Rolo Underfoot: Keep an eye out for axes though ...
Grumni Hammersmith: down?
Rand Colds: yep
Ute Gudmund: *shrugs*

Karvon : night has fallen on the valley

Rand Colds: watch for gnolls.
Rolo Underfoot: *frowns*
Barrin Khavic: Tell that ta the mageling.
Rolo Underfoot: Just keeps getting better eh?
Eli Knowland: This might do
Eli Knowland: Perhaps go to the left when we're inside?
Rolo Underfoot: This is the one we've been useing.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: care to take a look, rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: Sure
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: take on the 'goddess', sure why not.
Ute Gudmund: *glances around*
Rolo Underfoot: *looks up*
Rand Colds: *shivers* on second thought, maybe we shouldn't.
Barrin Khavic: 'ear flappin nearby.
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rolo Underfoot: birds
Rand Colds: damned abyss birds

Rolo Underfoot: This ways back to that goddess.
Rand Colds: You want to try that hole, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: Heh -- you think that might actually work?
Eli Knowland: beetles
Rand Colds: Heh, probably not.
Rand Colds: grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: ouch
Rand Colds: damned beetles.
Rolo Underfoot: BIG BUGS!
Ute Gudmund: these ones were tougher
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Eli Knowland: *looks at Oz and wonders for a minute*
Barrin Khavic: Harder ta hit.
Rolo Underfoot: I noticed that too!
Eli Knowland: *waves his hands*
Eli Knowland: there
Barrin Khavic: More ham?

Karvon : the hall is empty though an aura definitely lingers

Grumni Hammersmith: hmmm
Rolo Underfoot: Invisible?
Rand Colds: be careful around that throne.
Eli Knowland: No sign of anything or anyone
Springcap Pumpkin: Hm
Barrin Khavic: Stupid throne.
Grumni Hammersmith: best leave it be lads and try the other route
Rand Colds: Maybe she likes hanging out by the two thrones.
Grumni Hammersmith: ang on, where's the others?
Rand Colds: *looks around for the others8
Ute Gudmund: i hate that placeç
Grumni Hammersmith: still a few short
Rand Colds: *waits*
Eli Knowland: This passageway leads on
Rolo Underfoot: Move away from that throne!
Rand Colds: Rolo, care to take a look?
Rand Colds: Rolo?

Barrin Khavic: Spring!
Rolo Underfoot: Help!
Rand Colds: *runs back as best he can*
Barrin Khavic: *sighs*
Rand Colds: Spring!
Rolo Underfoot: *coughs*
Eli Knowland: *looks dazed*
Rand Colds: spring wait
Springcap Pumpkin: Thank you
Rand Colds: Is she here?
Rolo Underfoot: damn.
Rand Colds: *looks at Eli and Barrin*
Grumni Hammersmith: what?
Eli Knowland: Phew

Rand Colds: Listen Bitch, we are here to kill you, once and for all.
Eli Knowland: That lasted a long time
Rolo Underfoot: Mind control ... near the throne I think?

Karvon : your shouts echo in the chamber and halls.

Barrin Khavic: Some type of aura.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, est stay back
Springcap Pumpkin: The Shadows they did something to us.
Eli Knowland: The other passageway leads on somewhere
Springcap Pumpkin: I may need too rest.
Barrin Khavic: Shadows nothin, it be that bitch goddess.
Rand Colds: *glares at the throne since there is nobody else to stare at*
Rolo Underfoot: Nearly sucked the very life out of me -- thanks for the assists.
Rand Colds: Rolo, I'm here for ya
Grumni Hammersmith: what's up Spring?
Springcap Pumpkin: Feel very weak
Rand Colds: I have one potion that can cure illness, do you need it?
Rolo Underfoot: Onward?
Eli Knowland: Sure Rolo
Barrin Khavic: Wait fer the others.
Eli Knowland: You go ahead while we wait for the others
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah that's much better
Rand Colds: *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: we's here
Eli Knowland: It narrows...doesn't it?
Rand Colds: Huh?
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't liking this
Rand Colds: *shivers*
Rolo Underfoot: It seems to go forever.
Eli Knowland: I think we might be on the right track
Rand Colds: I hope there aren't any hobgoblins down here.
Barrin Khavic: Bring on the dead lover!
Eli Knowland: Necomancers are said to give off an powerful aura

Rolo Underfoot: cube
Eli Knowland: And this feels like it
Barrin Khavic: Ugh! *flicks off slime*
Rand Colds: We all together?
Rolo Underfoot: Room with a door.
Barrin Khavic: Where be Ute?
Grumni Hammersmith: weird markings
Rolo Underfoot: cave in.
Rand Colds: behind
Ute Gudmund: AAAAAHH
Barrin Khavic: Battle axe, Rolo.
Rand Colds: knuckles
Grumni Hammersmith: K'azthk'akurr
Rolo Underfoot: *grabs a battle axe* Does this look to be the right size?
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer read this Barrin?
Barrin Khavic: Says Quasqueton.

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session 19 - Caves of Chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:09 pm

Karvon : You swept thru some of the cavern complexes and ended up at the facing for a tunneling being dug by skeletons. to the old dwarven stonghold. The party has been discussing options around the camp fire.

Rolo Underfoot: Why is that wolf looking at me like that?
Rand Colds: You smell good.
Barrin Khavic: Maybe he's hungry?
Springcap Pumpkin: He's getting bigger and bigger.
Rolo Underfoot: Trail mix?
Rand Colds: *looks down the tunnel*
Rolo Underfoot: ah, that is better. Thanks Grumni!
Rand Colds: *determined step*
Rolo Underfoot: Shall we try this way?
Springcap Pumpkin: * look around *
Barrin Khavic: *ambles along behind*
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Rand Colds: *waits*
Barrin Khavic: Door be back there, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: nothing ... ready?
Eli Knowland: Go ahead
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: oh! an exit!

Karvon : It's early morning.

Grumni Hammersmith: wrong way
Eli Knowland: leads outside
Springcap Pumpkin: Breakfast is served may be...
Barrin Khavic: Don't think we be 'ere yet.
Grumni Hammersmith: wrong way out there
Eli Knowland: No Barrin....I don't think we were
Springcap Pumpkin: No Oz no eating the boar.
Rand Colds: We been in there already.
Eli Knowland: That door was there for a reason
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* back this way lads
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... not in the valley for sure.
Rand Colds: *watches down the hall*
Barrin Khavic: Some type o' clearing out there.
Eli Knowland: Question stop things from here getting into the caves...or the other way round
Rolo Underfoot: ok. So now what?
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: We should investigate that area, when we have more time
Rand Colds: Yeah, with a shovel.
Barrin Khavic: I think the mageling meant the clearing, lad.
Eli Knowland: Indeed...thank you Barrin
Barrin Khavic: Aye.

Grumni Hammersmith: creepy
Rolo Underfoot: uh oh -- ready?
Rand Colds: oh crap
Rand Colds: I can feel her.
Barrin Khavic: I reconize this hall.
Rand Colds: It's not right.
Eli Knowland: Yes...we've been through here already
Grumni Hammersmith: musta missed something last time
Rand Colds: *looks round for Grumni*
Rolo Underfoot: Either here or back outside.

Karvon : Indeed, there is a certain foreboding as you enter these halls.

Barrin Khavic: mageling.
Rolo Underfoot: Careful Eli.
Barrin Khavic: Bah, nevermind.
Rand Colds: *glances around the corner*
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah not here again!
Rand Colds: *watches Eli*
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin
Eli Knowland: Is there something on that Throne?
Barrin Khavic: I'm not gonna go near that thing.
Springcap Pumpkin: Don't go there!
Rand Colds: It's EVIL

Karvon : The throne is indeed empty.

Rand Colds: snakes
Eli Knowland: Must be my imagination
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty thing
Eli Knowland: Big ones too
Rand Colds: You okay, Rolo?
Barrin Khavic: Blasted serpents.
Rolo Underfoot: Big snakes.
Eli Knowland: But why would swamp vipers be doing here?
Rand Colds: How about you, Eli?
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe they followed us?
Springcap Pumpkin: Where did these snakes come from?
Barrin Khavic: Someone has a fetish fer snakes?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, from when we went utside
Eli Knowland: I estimate we're a very long ways from any water course, especially the swamp sort
Rand Colds: *looks around for holes in the area*
Rand Colds: Out of nowhere, like magic.

Karvon : Swamp vipers are the local snake

Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* who knows?
Ute Gudmund: nasty creatures, i think i got bitten
Rand Colds: *taps on the wall*
Rolo Underfoot: You "think"? You don't know?

Eli Knowland: Birds!
Grumni Hammersmith: well I aint sucking the poison out
Barrin Khavic: Birds.
Eli Knowland: *points to the left*
Barrin Khavic: Glad I got some potions.
Ute Gudmund: *glances to his arm* I'm certain
Rolo Underfoot: *follows the dwur*
Barrin Khavic: Ute.
Ute Gudmund: yes?
Barrin Khavic: Try this, lad.
Ute Gudmund: thank you so much
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: here's another exit.
Eli Knowland: *points to the right* I'm sure that's where we entered this Hall
Rand Colds: next one should take us down to his place.
Rolo Underfoot: I think we've cleared this area -- back down?
Barrin Khavic: Sounds good ta me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* was there any wa up or down around here?
Rand Colds: Oh, traps?
Rand Colds: *whew* guess not.
Ute Gudmund: Grunny!!!
Ute Gudmund: ahhh
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Barrin Khavic: Where be Ute?
Rolo Underfoot: Strangley I had thought the collapsed tunnel mentioned in the log was to the south of here.
Ute Gudmund: right here

Karvon : The crypts are silent. ...for the moment.

Rand Colds: southwest, anyways
Barrin Khavic: Rgiht. Thought I 'eard ye shoutin, lad.
Ute Gudmund: *nods* I did, was looking for Grunni
Rolo Underfoot: here ... but I guess not.
Rand Colds: Trapt?
Rolo Underfoot: This is were that hole was.
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see any traps.
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Grumni Hammersmith: don't be goingdown there then
Rand Colds: *opens the door*
Rolo Underfoot: nothing.
Rand Colds: just a room

Karvon : chamber is in the same disarray as you left it.

Barrin Khavic: Nae secret doors or nothin?
Rand Colds: We've been here.
Ute Gudmund: i know this place
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing new here.
Ute Gudmund: we were here before
Rand Colds: *looks closer at the weapon rack*
Rolo Underfoot: I think we've been everywhere on this level as well.
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Springcap Pumpkin: They are other levels?
Rolo Underfoot: Well areas at least.
Barrin Khavic: Place is like a maze.
Ute Gudmund: are we checking again this level?
Rolo Underfoot: Let's not get so spread out!
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs* Don know where else ta look.
Barrin Khavic: Tell that ta the mageling, lad.
Rolo Underfoot: Not lost just not sure where to find what we are looking for.
Rand Colds: You okay, Spring?
Springcap Pumpkin: Sure.
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Rand Colds: *tries not to make any noise*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing.

Rand Colds: ants
Rolo Underfoot: except these bugs!
Barrin Khavic: Step on 'em!
Ute Gudmund: all these bugs and snakes are new
Rolo Underfoot: Bloody Hells!
Grumni Hammersmith: the critters are after us as well as the undead
Rand Colds: Is that all you got!
Ute Gudmund: where did they come from?
Barrin Khavic: I told ye to stay behind, mageling.
Grumni Hammersmith: down?
Eli Knowland: I was behind
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Barrin Khavic: Not far 'nough.
Eli Knowland: I was standing right behind you
Barrin Khavic: *spits*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing.
Rand Colds: Did we look everywhere here?
Rolo Underfoot: I think we've been here before as well.
Rand Colds: okay

Karvon : another bedchamber in shambles

Springcap Pumpkin: We are looking for the Witch?
Barrin Khavic: Ayup.
Rand Colds: Probably find him in the library.
Barrin Khavic: An the dead lover.
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing new here either.
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: *climbs over the dead ants*
Eli Knowland: Perhaps if we stand in the corridors and shout "Come out, come out, wherever you are" it might provoke some response?
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe those spirits will talk this time?
Springcap Pumpkin: How did we upset these ants?
Barrin Khavic: Stole their food?
Rand Colds: Oh man
Rolo Underfoot: Hello?
Rand Colds: This Room
Springcap Pumpkin: Ants talk you know.
Rand Colds: *shivers, then crosses himself superstitiously*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* perhaps the only way ter go is ter did out the tuneel?
Rolo Underfoot: What did they say?
Springcap Pumpkin: Shadows?
Barrin Khavic: They do? Then tell 'em ta leave us alone.

Karvon : shadows glide about silently oblivious to your presence.

Rand Colds: There's a door back there,
Rand Colds: Rolo, come take a look.
Grumni Hammersmith: where?
Barrin Khavic: Oh oh.
Rand Colds: Over here, I think.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Rolo Underfoot: This the way in I think.
Rand Colds: Yeah, good job.

Barrin Khavic: Die, ye freaks!
Rolo Underfoot: What set them off?
Springcap Pumpkin: Was that necessary?
Barrin Khavic: Touched a corpse.
Barrin Khavic: They be dead, 'course it was necessary.
Grumni Hammersmith: if they attack er got ter defend yerself
Barrin Khavic: Why? Ye wanted ta invite them o'er fer dinner?

Springcap Pumpkin: Where? The door?
Grumni Hammersmith: *examines wall for door*
Rand Colds: *waits*
Rand Colds: I wonder if they let the door close?
Barrin Khavic: You find a secret door near this area.
Rand Colds: bugbears
Grumni Hammersmith: this new?
Rand Colds: some gold on this one.
Barrin Khavic: Is ta me.
Springcap Pumpkin: Any spare bolts?
Ute Gudmund: You are taking the point Rolo, or going to take a pee?
Springcap Pumpkin: * Grab meat *
Barrin Khavic: Wait fer the others, lad.
Rand Colds: Taking a pee.
Grumni Hammersmith: a hiddn niche!
Springcap Pumpkin: Something for the wolves.
Barrin Khavic: Oh? What be in it?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* best wait fer Rolo
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Rolo!
Springcap Pumpkin: Dead end?
Barrin Khavic: No, there be a hidden niche.
Grumni Hammersmith: what do yer make of this lad?
Rand Colds: Door somewhere.
Grumni Hammersmith: any traps?
Springcap Pumpkin: Well what's hidden in the hidden thing?
Rolo Underfoot: a hidden niche?
Grumni Hammersmith: wow!
Barrin Khavic: Don know, want to make sure it be safe first.
Rand Colds: Hmmm.
Rand Colds: Wow?
Grumni Hammersmith: this'll please yer Eli, scolls galore
Eli Knowland: Indeed? Excellant!
Rand Colds: Scrolls,... thats it?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* some secret stash
Barrin Khavic: Yer wolf don look ta good, Spring.
Rolo Underfoot: No axe shaped keys?
Eli Knowland: An even dozen
Grumni Hammersmith: alas not
Barrin Khavic: Stash of a dead lover, what'd ye expect?
Eli Knowland: This is a find!
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Rand Colds: *grumbles about finding paper*
Rolo Underfoot: again, the way we came last time.
Barrin Khavic: Huh.
Grumni Hammersmith: damn it
Rand Colds: Do ya see im
Barrin Khavic: 'nother bed chamber.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer fix it?

Karvon : also in disarray

Barrin Khavic: We be 'ere already?
Rand Colds: He is a coward and a knave.
Rolo Underfoot: Ready?
Barrin Khavic: 'e's a dead lover.
Ute Gudmund: go
Rand Colds: *shakes his sword in the air*
Rand Colds: COWARD.
Rolo Underfoot: Wait -- the others got left behind?
Ute Gudmund: we are here rolo
Rolo Underfoot: ah the farm.
Barrin Khavic: Where be the others?
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Barrin Khavic: Oh.
Rolo Underfoot: oz doesn't look so good.
Barrin Khavic: Think Spring donna care.
Springcap Pumpkin: Snake bite.
Rand Colds: *looks at Spring*
Grumni Hammersmith: there book room again
Rand Colds: Take his books, if he has any left.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- but that door was not locked then was it?
Rand Colds: *chuckles out loud*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls* he's got us chasing our tails

Karvon : the library is ransacked

Barrin Khavic: Don think it was.
Rand Colds: He'd be pissed if he heard that most of his books vanished inside a hole.
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles* Well, he can send 'ne of 'is servants ta get 'em.
Rolo Underfoot: but we still have that hole!
Rand Colds: Aye, its not just a magic hole, now it a holy hole.
Springcap Pumpkin: Don't tell me you have a portable hole?
Barrin Khavic: Fine, we won't.
Rand Colds: I do. *keeps walking*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, we do!
Rand Colds: thanks, Eli,.
Rolo Underfoot: This door go outside? I don't recall.
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: we been through here?
Eli Knowland: Another corridor
Rand Colds: Eli just went out, and he's back.
Ute Gudmund: i bet
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Eli Knowland: I didn't go "out" I merely went up the stairs to have a look
Springcap Pumpkin: Crimson runes.
Barrin Khavic: Check fer doors.
Rand Colds: *follows Ute*
Grumni Hammersmith: this be getting frustrating
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing here.
Ute Gudmund: *nods*

Karvon : room is rather filthy, was a prison cell

Barrin Khavic: Dead don want ta be dead I guess.
Rand Colds: maybe we wiped him out, he packed bags and moved on.
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Barrin Khavic: If'n he did, he'd be back. This is ta big ta just leave along fer long.
Rolo Underfoot: Where did this go Eli?
Eli Knowland: Its another corridor like this one
Rolo Underfoot: Ones as good as another for now.
Rand Colds: Where's Barrin?
Grumni Hammersmith: srange door
Grumni Hammersmith: *strange
Rolo Underfoot: It only "looks" like a door -- but it isn't a door at all.
Grumni Hammersmith: seems blocked
Barrin Khavic: Maybe it was taken off?
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think it was ever put in.
Rand Colds: *looks at the doorway*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* what's our next move?
Eli Knowland: Looks at more caves
Eli Knowland: I suppose he's hiding out somewhere
Rand Colds: If we can't find the necromancer, we start digging, or look into that beetle tower.
Rolo Underfoot: Might be all we can do.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I'm thinking we should dig that tunnel
Rand Colds: Even when we fought him, he disappeared on us, twice.
Rolo Underfoot: I'd like to find that damned key though.
Grumni Hammersmith: might be he escaped down that tunnel then collapsed it behind him?
Eli Knowland: I doubt it
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm...
Eli Knowland: It looks like its been that was a very long time
Rand Colds: You keep saying axe, but it is different. It's more like.... *describes a barball, round on both ends*
Rolo Underfoot: I think he went through that secret door we can't unlock.
Barrin Khavic: Prolly.
Rolo Underfoot: oh? I thought it was a small battle axe?
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard! we need some inspiration
Rand Colds: did anyone find anything like that, a rod, or wand maybe.

Rand Colds: Everyone okay?
Ute Gudmund: i am
Eli Knowland: Yes
Grumni Hammersmith: I found a wooden candle stick
Barrin Khavic: *brushes off ant goo* Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: Like the one I just dropped before the ants showed up -- only smaller. I am quite certain of it.
Rand Colds: is it round on both ends?
Barrin Khavic: *gestures at the ants* Spring, ye can tell yer friends ta leave us alone.
Rand Colds: Lets give it a try.
Grumni Hammersmith: could it be a mace instead?
Rolo Underfoot: Like this only smaller.
Rand Colds: Rolo, do you remember where the door is?
Springcap Pumpkin: Friends?
Rolo Underfoot: *points to the axe on the floor.*
Barrin Khavic: Didna ye say ye coudl talk ta ants?
Rand Colds: *looks at the axe*
Springcap Pumpkin: No I said they can talk not I can talk to them.
Ute Gudmund: where did that thing come from?
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: **shrugs* I ain't found anything
Springcap Pumpkin: They talk by smells quite interesting really.
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps those goblins or kobolds? They use small weapons don't they?
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs*
Barrin Khavic: Well, they can smell the heels of me boots.
Rand Colds: They wouldn't have his special key.
Rand Colds: That priest may have though. We could try the mace.
Springcap Pumpkin: The most common smeels they use are to indicate "food", "danger" and general directions.
Grumni Hammersmith: what priest?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... I'm not sure it was a key ... more like a "pass" I'm thinking.
Ute Gudmund: what are you talking about Rand?
Rand Colds: That leader guy, in the room.
Rolo Underfoot: The king perhaps?
Barrin Khavic: What leader guy and which room, lad?
Rand Colds: The one with the book, oh wait, it was a woman.
Eli Knowland: The Priestess
Barrin Khavic: *shakes head*
Grumni Hammersmith: *kicks a bit of ant*
Rolo Underfoot: The cooper's daughter?
Rand Colds: *sighs, then walks away*
Barrin Khavic: Well, if'n we stay 'ere much longer, more of these bugs'll come fer us thinkin we be food and not danger.
Rolo Underfoot: Yep.
Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Rand Colds: Where'd they come from?
Rolo Underfoot: the door?
Rand Colds: I went through it.
Barrin Khavic: Things must like me, Grumni. Keep surroundin me.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, mst be yer aroma
Barrin Khavic: Hmph. Startin ta feel oppressed like.
Rolo Underfoot: How did we get in here the first time -- anyone recall?
Grumni Hammersmith: from that cave outside
Rand Colds: Through the secret door, of course
Rolo Underfoot: Not the one we used today -- we left that way the first time.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps its time ter go back outside and find another cavern entrance
Barrin Khavic: Aye! Bother someone else fer a change!
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing over here. *frowns*
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Barrin Khavic: Here be the locked door.
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah!
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Eli Knowland: Is that the one that takes the barbell key?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: eh, maybe i had it wrong.
Rolo Underfoot: There are at least two of them we've found so far.
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries to shove candlestick in hole*
Springcap Pumpkin: You have a bar with two lobes?
Rolo Underfoot: It is an axe, I am certain of it.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Barrin Khavic: Meh, I can't find the thing again.
Springcap Pumpkin: Why an axe?
Eli Knowland: What if we just tried to break through?
Ute Gudmund: not sure it will work
Barrin Khavic: Nope.
Grumni Hammersmith: me weapon bounces off
Eli Knowland: Solid door
Barrin Khavic: Need ta key.

Karvon : your attacks have no noticeable effect.

Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Rolo Underfoot: I can't pick it.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm out of ideas
Rolo Underfoot: We need an axe -- a small battle axe.
Grumni Hammersmith: I say we cut our losses ere and try another cave
Eli Knowland: The key must be hidden in one of the room of this complex
Eli Knowland: We just have to keep looking
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: very well
Barrin Khavic: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: Open that door Rolo?
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... magical lock. Eli, any ideas?
Barrin Khavic: What door?
Eli Knowland: No ...I mean the one in front of us
Rolo Underfoot: I want to get through one of these axe doors.
Eli Knowland: We've been through this one already
Ute Gudmund: we should move
Barrin Khavic: Anyone speak anten?
Rolo Underfoot: Eli, can you open magical locks?
Eli Knowland: No I'm afraid
Grumni Hammersmith: should be a door here I'm thinkin
Ute Gudmund: *fart*
Rolo Underfoot: right -- we need an axe then.
Eli Knowland: There is, its just hard to see
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head* Nope, my scent is not working
Eli Knowland: Come on Rolo, open this door for us
Springcap Pumpkin: Even if I could speak to them I could only speak to one.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Eli Knowland: Thanks
Rolo Underfoot: They are hard to find even if you know where to look.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah we found our wolves and boars.
Barrin Khavic: Blasted maze.
Ute Gudmund: there
Rolo Underfoot: I think there is another axe door to the north
Grumni Hammersmith: hmf
Rolo Underfoot: Yep here.
Rand Colds: Anything here?
Grumni Hammersmith: *searches room*
Rand Colds: Rolo, your invaluable.
Rolo Underfoot: We've already seen this -- need an axe.
Rand Colds: Same shape.
Eli Knowland: Second locked door
Barrin Khavic: Locked.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Rolo Underfoot: Three of 'em so far.
Grumni Hammersmith: *searches room*
Barrin Khavic: Wadn't there where those butlers be?
Eli Knowland: *sits for a minute*
Barrin Khavic: *snores*
Grumni Hammersmith: anything Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: nothing ...
Rand Colds: *shuts the door*
Barrin Khavic: *leans back and kicks feet on the table*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking we need a vote on what ter do....
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Eli Knowland: If we don't find the key soon, perhaps we could devote our attention to the tunnel?
Grumni Hammersmith: keep searching these corridors, search another cave, dig the tunnel or go after that moving tower
Rolo Underfoot: I vote go back to the goblins or kobolds and look for a small axe.
Rand Colds: Legs getting tired, Grumni?
Barrin Khavic: Don know why they'd have it.
Grumni Hammersmith: these tunnels are all the same
Grumni Hammersmith: me vote goes fer digging the tunnel
Rolo Underfoot: Well actually any leader might have it.
Ute Gudmund: let's dig that tunnel
Rand Colds: I say we look for the tower.
Springcap Pumpkin: I am not sure, how long can our food last?
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at his hands* These hands aren't much for digging ...
Barrin Khavic: Anybody got a pick ax?
Barrin Khavic: *spits*
Grumni Hammersmith: I got plenty of food, I can give yer some, 2 votes fer the tunnel, 1 fer the goblins, 1 fer the tower, so far

Grumni Hammersmith: You hear something heading towards you...
Springcap Pumpkin: More coming!
Barrin Khavic: Come an get it!
Rolo Underfoot: Everyone ok?
Rand Colds: this place is deserted, the ants are moving in.
Ute Gudmund: aye
Rolo Underfoot: exit over here.
Barrin Khavic: Pfft. Only 22 gold.
Rand Colds: Lets go back to the Keep.
Springcap Pumpkin: Thank you.
Grumni Hammersmith: the keep?
Rand Colds: Exit?
Rolo Underfoot: The way back out?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Rolo Underfoot: We can't plan here.
Rolo Underfoot: Want to go out the old way or the new way?
Rand Colds: I'm carrying too much loot.
Barrin Khavic: This way's closer.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can carry a bit
Rand Colds: I can walk, no running.
Rolo Underfoot: I can pack another 40 #
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm think I could carry another 20 pounds
Rand Colds: You are filled with a sense of dread.
Grumni Hammersmith: You are filled with a sense of dread.
Rand Colds: *shivers*

Karvon : The sun is sinking as you exit the temple complex.

Rand Colds: creepy place.
Grumni Hammersmith: lets make a plan then
Barrin Khavic: 'ere?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, aint no point going all the way back ter the keep
Rand Colds: You want me to just drop the gold here? *sarcastically*
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rand Colds: Hey.... *points up*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* how much it weigh
Barrin Khavic: I can carry some.
Rand Colds: *pulls out his bow*
Rolo Underfoot: *Points up* Something above us.
Barrin Khavic: So quit yer complainin, lad.
Rand Colds: What is that up there?
Grumni Hammersmith: what?
Barrin Khavic: *looks up* I don see anythin.
Eli Knowland: I don't see anything
Rolo Underfoot: Circling.
Barrin Khavic: Shoot it down, then.
Springcap Pumpkin: Nooo.
Eli Knowland: What is it?
Rolo Underfoot: I think it might be a dragon...
Grumni Hammersmith: I still can't see anything
Barrin Khavic: Ain't nothin good that circles.
Rand Colds: It's bigger than a bird.
Barrin Khavic: Dragon? Then we best be gettin inside.
Rolo Underfoot: Might want to put out the light.
Rand Colds: Don't know about a dragon though.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rolo Underfoot: I think inside is better.

Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Rolo Underfoot: Just keeps getting better.
Barrin Khavic: *leans on ax*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* didn't we find a dragon egg a whiles back?
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- you mentioned it with the kobolds.
Barrin Khavic: Don know. Did ye?
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't like the idea of its momma coming after us
Rolo Underfoot: What did you do with it?
Grumni Hammersmith: must've been a month ago, some of the lads might not have joined up back then
Rand Colds: I dont know what happened to it.
Barrin Khavic: Nay. I was still on the road then.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* don't think we ate it
Eli Knowland: I don't think I saw it
Springcap Pumpkin: Just make sure we are not digging something so that more ants can come have a bite at us.
Rand Colds: Maybe Rynn had it.
Grumni Hammersmith: could be we sold it
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... perhaps the dragon got it back then?
Rand Colds: She upped and left Grumni and me on the road one night.
Eli Knowland: Maybe it was worth something to someone
Rolo Underfoot: That's the lass that is missing eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: its possible lad
Barrin Khavic: That'd be women fer ye.
Rand Colds: Pah, missing... I don't think so, anymore.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking it was worth something ter its momma and she ain't pleased with us
Rand Colds: Was that really a dragon up there?
Rolo Underfoot: Looked like one to me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *wipes bead of cold sweat from forehead*
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* i didn't get a good look at it
Rolo Underfoot: Course I haven't met any up close.
Barrin Khavic: Ye can poke yer head outside ta find out, lad.
Rand Colds: Oh, I couldn't get a good enough look.
Grumni Hammersmith: Ain't good fer the life expectancy ter have an angry dragon on yer tail
Eli Knowland: Could have just been hunting for food too
Rolo Underfoot: Aye.
Barrin Khavic: That's just as bad.
Rand Colds: Rynn left a long time ago. No way that dragon is here over the egg we found a month ago.
Grumni Hammersmith: bit of a coincidence
Rolo Underfoot: I wouldn't be so sure -- dragons got long memories.
Eli Knowland: Maybe the Dragon only missed it now? *chuckles*
Rand Colds: I think it's looking for someplace to keep its gold.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* if we're making fer the keep we'll have ter chance it
Rolo Underfoot: or go out the other way.
Eli Knowland: the matter at hand. Are we given up on theNecromancer?
Eli Knowland: Are we digging our way through the tunnel?
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah no I hope not.
Eli Knowland: If so, we'll need to fetch shovels and picks from the Keep
Ute Gudmund: good idea
Rand Colds: Torlech, or whatever his name is. He is a coward and probably ran in sheer terror of what we did to others here.
Barrin Khavic: *nods to Eli* Aye, mageling. I not be diggin with me bare 'ands.
Rand Colds: I don't like the idea of digging much, how about we check on the tower?
Grumni Hammersmith: A bit of dwarven muscle could clear that tunnel do yer think Barrin
Eli Knowland: Right then...let's be off to the Keep and be back here as quick as we can
Rolo Underfoot: Shall we see where the other exit leads?
Eli Knowland: Its going to probably take a day to dig through
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* looks like the keep it is then
Rand Colds: *looks at the two dwarves*
Eli Knowland: Maybe more, depending on how blocked it is
Rand Colds: What other exit?
Rolo Underfoot: The one by the blocked tunnel.
Rand Colds: Can't hurt to know where it is, can it?
Eli Knowland: We are just talking about that Rolo
Grumni Hammersmith: lead on then
Eli Knowland: Back to the Keep for tools first?
Ute Gudmund: i think so

Eli Knowland: Why are we going this way then?
Grumni Hammersmith: wrong way?
Rolo Underfoot: To see how to get to the keep from the other exit?
Eli Knowland: To the Keep for tools
Barrin Khavic: Prolly 'cause of the dragon.
Rolo Underfoot: And skip the dragon.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think it'll take less time ter dig this out now that ter go all the way ter the keep and back and then dig it even with tools
Rolo Underfoot: *looks up*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks up*
Rand Colds: *looks around*

Karvon : it's dark now, and none of you see the dragon, or anything else, at hand at the moment.

Grumni Hammersmith: too dark ter see anything
Rand Colds: path leads right to that opening in the woods.
Ute Gudmund: somenthing wrong Rand?
Ute Gudmund: ah
Rand Colds: *shakes his head* nope.
Rand Colds: Hey, where is everyone else?
Rolo Underfoot: Eli -- I don't think we want to be going up.
Eli Knowland: *stands over the opening of the cave they just left*
Rolo Underfoot: A road ... why did I follow a mage?
Ute Gudmund: hehe
Barrin Khavic: Good question.

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session 20 - caves of chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:13 pm

Karvon : The party swept thru many of the caves and caverns and after considering options, decided to head out via the backdoor, so to speak in an attemp to evade the dragon spotted circling over the valley. Action will resume on a path thru the woods.

Rand Colds: we should check in with the castellan when we get to the keep.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks up*
Rand Colds: this way
Rand Colds: *looks up*

Karvon : No sign of the dragon - yet.

Rand Colds: oh, whats this?
Rolo Underfoot: What is this?
Grumni Hammersmith: what?
Eli Knowland: Graves?
Rand Colds: bodies
Springcap Pumpkin: Where?
Rolo Underfoot: half buried?
Springcap Pumpkin: There?
Eli Knowland: Be careful, watch for Undead

Karvon : shallow graves dug near the side of the path.

Grumni Hammersmith: *almost trips over grave*
Rand Colds: *pokes one of the bodies8
Grumni Hammersmith: bad business
Ute Gudmund: aye
Rand Colds: this looks like the detour, through the woods.
Eli Knowland: *looks out on the view* Is that the river valley below?
Rolo Underfoot: Forest road or river route?
Grumni Hammersmith: the quickest
Ute Gudmund: careful
Rand Colds: forest, maybe we can avoid the dragon.
Eli Knowland: We could try the woods
Rolo Underfoot: Watch for bandits.
Eli Knowland: We haven't been that way before
Grumni Hammersmith: I want ter be getting ter the keep and out again as soon as we can
Rand Colds: anxious to start digging, grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: whaever we do there gold ter find and monsters ter bash
Eli Knowland: Forest is dark
Rand Colds: oh yeah, you wanted to get some loot from the tower.
Rolo Underfoot: seems quiet ...
Grumni Hammersmith: i want ter be ridding the place of evil

Rand Colds: birds
Eli Knowland: Noble sentiment Grumni
Ute Gudmund: ah?
Rolo Underfoot: except for them birds ...
Ute Gudmund: *Tenses, readies and raise eyebrow*
Rand Colds: damned devil birds
Grumni Hammersmith: f we need coin ter do it better then that's what we'll have ter go after
Rolo Underfoot: If we see that bullette try and capture it eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: well, that wasn't particulary dangerous
Ute Gudmund: how... how did i get here? *looks around*
Rand Colds: short cut across the bulette field.

Karvon : The last rays of sunlight are disappearing as you trudge within sight of the keep.

Rand Colds: *looks at Ute*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at Ute in puzzlement* have yer lost yer barings lad?
Rolo Underfoot: moon will be coming up soon.
Springcap Pumpkin: I don't want to call the wolves considering where we are going.
Eli Knowland: Well, if its only a quick visit to the Keep, we might make the Tower before Monnrise
Rand Colds: Ute?
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Rolo* I think the lad has lost his marbles
Eli Knowland: Moonrise*
Rolo Underfoot: Why can't we ever stay together?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* I tihnk we're a man down
Rand Colds: I dont see Ute anywhere, he was just with us at the tunnel.
Rolo Underfoot: Did the birds make off with Ute?
Grumni Hammersmith: best go look
Rolo Underfoot: The tunnel? He's stall back there?
Rand Colds: damn, we are almost at the keep.

Rolo Underfoot: something big!
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! the bullette
Rolo Underfoot: What?
Rand Colds: uhoh
Rolo Underfoot: Cast a spell
Rand Colds: get off him
Eli Knowland: Got it!
Rand Colds: *whistles*
Rolo Underfoot: damn we killed it!
Rand Colds: it was real.
Rolo Underfoot: How can it dig if it is dead?
Eli Knowland: Nothing of interest
Grumni Hammersmith: *does a jig* we got a big'un alright
Eli Knowland: Just a big brute of an animal

Karvon : You note this one seem rather old and a bit toothless.

Rand Colds: *tries to cut some of its hide off*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing of interest? These things make great armor and a fine stew they say!
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll be needing evidence
Springcap Pumpkin: Eh this thing could carry quite a lot of things.
Rand Colds: *takes one of it's old claws as a memento*
Eli Knowland: Well, armour doesn't appeal to me, and as to stew...well....I take your word on it
Rolo Underfoot: Still need to find Ute.
Grumni Hammersmith: *hacks some bits off*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* Ute's still missing?
Rolo Underfoot: He's not here.
Rand Colds: let's go find him.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: Its one distraction after another, we'll never get anything done at this rate
Grumni Hammersmith: true
Rolo Underfoot: We just killed a bullette -- that is something isn't it?
Rand Colds: darn right it is.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah there yer are
Eli Knowland: A mere inconvience
Rand Colds: Ute?
Springcap Pumpkin: Oh that's a "bulle"t then.

Rolo Underfoot: spiders
Ute Gudmund: what... what happened?
Rand Colds: spider
Eli Knowland: More birds!
Grumni Hammersmith: yr lost yer wits Ute
Ute Gudmund: i... i
Rand Colds: I need an ale, lets get to the keep.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's get going
Ute Gudmund: Suddenly I was away from all of you, I don't know how, but I lost you
Rand Colds: *ignores the bullete sign*
Eli Knowland: I suppose they can take down that warning sign about the Bulette now
Grumni Hammersmith: where's Rolo?
Ute Gudmund: wait, what is this?
Grumni Hammersmith: *curses*
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Ute Gudmund: now him?
Eli Knowland: This is getting ridiulous
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* we need horses all this wandering backwards and forwards is wasting shoe leather
Ute Gudmund: you alright?
Rolo Underfoot: Well here he is -- slipped past me.
Rolo Underfoot: I want a trophy too.
Rolo Underfoot: ah thanks.
Rand Colds: up the hill
Rand Colds: eli
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Chandry

Karvon : ...and so once more you stand at the gates of the keep.

Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Eli Knowland: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Eli Knowland: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Eli Knowland: I am Eli Knowland.
Charl: Right!
Eli Knowland: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rand Colds: Hey, let us in.
Eli Knowland: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Rolo Underfoot: BIG NEWS!
Sabine : *nods*
Ute Gudmund: HEY!!
Rand Colds: Hiya, Sabine.
Sabine: Oh?
Rolo Underfoot: We killed the bullette!
Rand Colds: It is dead.
Sabine: Seriously?
Ute Gudmund: *knocks on the door*
Rand Colds: Laying out in the field, you can see it from the top of the wall, I bet.
Springcap Pumpkin: Open please
Rolo Underfoot: Yep -- carcass is still out on the field.
Sabine: That is good news.
Rand Colds: It looked kind of old.
Rolo Underfoot: Hopefully won't become a zombie...
Rand Colds: *shivers at rolo's words*
Sabine: We will be able to use those fields again.
Rand Colds: Ye gods, I hope not.
Rolo Underfoot: Might want to send some men out to deal with it.
Sabine: We don't send out patrols after sunset.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* a zombie bullet would be bad - best not waste time
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- we may just have to kill it agian.
Ute Gudmund: *knocks door*
Rand Colds: *sighs*
Rolo Underfoot: Let Ute in, he is with me.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's be shopping quickly
Springcap Pumpkin: We are not going to camp here are we?
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Ute Gudmund: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Ute Gudmund: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Ute Gudmund: I am Ute Gudmund.
Charl: Right!
Ute Gudmund: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Ute Gudmund: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.

Rolo Underfoot: Follow the money.
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Rand Colds: is mendel still here?
Eli Knowland: No, he's left
Rolo Underfoot: Darn, he had something I was saving for.
Rolo Underfoot: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer lightened yer load?
Ute Gudmund: aye
Ute Gudmund: i bought some food
Rand Colds: Okay, I got 11 bags of gold, I think there were seven of us, counting Barrin.
Ute Gudmund: oh, do we have spare gold?
Springcap Pumpkin: Where did the merchant go?
Rand Colds: He said he was leaving town soon.
Rand Colds: We were going to the tower for him, kind of.
Springcap Pumpkin: Did he?

Karvon : Mendel's cart is here, but he only opens his booth during the day.

Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't buying anything any good from these flee bitten shops
Grumni Hammersmith: let's rest and set off early
Springcap Pumpkin: We need to buy food at least, don't we?
Ute Gudmund: agreed, some rest
Ute Gudmund: snd some oil Spring
Springcap Pumpkin: Oil? You need to fry something?
Rand Colds: maybe just one ale, before bed.
Ute Gudmund: Not me, but we had the need to burn bodies in the past Spring
Springcap Pumpkin: Burn bodies?

Karvon : The tavern is busy with a mix of locals and travelers.

Jess: Hi there!
Springcap Pumpkin: What's your name?
Jess: I'm Jess. Gotta get back to work, sorry!
Ute Gudmund: aye, i know sounds strange
Springcap Pumpkin: No
Ute Gudmund: I am Ute.
Ute Gudmund: Well, yes.
Ute Gudmund: No, thanks.
Springcap Pumpkin: What kind of junk place is this if they don't even serve food?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks rested* I've had me a nap anyways
Rand Colds: I figure I owe everyone 471 gold.
Ute Gudmund: do you? that is great
Rand Colds: I found a small fortune in that one cave.
Jess: How you folks this evening?
Ute Gudmund: where is the guy that change the havy gold, i don't remember?
Grumni Hammersmith: 471? That'll buy us little off that penny pincher
Rolo Underfoot: Fine, just fine! Ever have Bullette Stew?
Jess: Um, can't say that I have.
Grumni Hammersmith: sounds tough
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... to bad -- I know where you can get some bullette.
Jess: oh?
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks Rand
Rolo Underfoot: Yep. *chuckles*
Springcap Pumpkin: Well le't see. "A" as in ants. "B" as in bulette...
Rolo Underfoot: Thank you Rand! and you even packed it for me!
Rand Colds: okay, eli and barrin left to pay.
Ute Gudmund: the stew is fine for me, and some ale
Rand Colds: Hey, call me the Mule.
Jess: Alrighty, anyone else?
Springcap Pumpkin: "C" let me see, never mind. "D" as in dragon.
Rand Colds: stew and ale, sounds perfect.
Rolo Underfoot: You're alright Rand.
Springcap Pumpkin: Shall I continue?
Rand Colds: *grins*
Rand Colds: I try.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm sorry, Spring, yes, continue please.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah but we miss "C" did you kill any "C"?
Jess: Right then I'll be back with your ale and stew shortly *wanders off*
Rolo Underfoot: C -- cadaver count?
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Rolo* what's he on about?
Rand Colds: excuse me, *shuffles past Spring*
Springcap Pumpkin: Crows perhaps
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... don't think those were crows.
Grumni Hammersmith: err... C for corpses?
Rand Colds: Ute the money changer is in the guild house.
Ute Gudmund: thank you Rand, i will go there quick and return for dinner
Springcap Pumpkin: I don't remember these. Some zombies type of things you mean?
Rand Colds: Eli, come sit by me, I have gold for you.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* lots of those.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think you'll see some yerself soon enough
Springcap Pumpkin: Can't think of a "E" though.
Eli Knowland: Thank you kindly
Grumni Hammersmith: Evil?
Rand Colds: no worries, it's your fair share of what I grabbed.
Rolo Underfoot: That goddess -- but we haven't killed her yet.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah that's not a creature
Rolo Underfoot: True.
Springcap Pumpkin: Any ettercap?
Grumni Hammersmith: times wasting lads if we want ter be killing that fiend
Eli Knowland: I think its too late now
Eli Knowland: He's probably fled the area
Springcap Pumpkin: Too late for what?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... not that I recall. An Ethereal spirit perhaps?
Rand Colds: I think that dead lover left town.
Jess: and here's your ale and stew *passes bowls and tankards around*
Grumni Hammersmith: I best be seeing that money lender before we leave town
Jess: Enjoy
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: Thanks, Jess.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah let's drink some ale first * drinks *
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, thanks Jess -- nothing like a hot meal to warm the stomache.
Rand Colds: *eats his stew and chugs his ale*
Rand Colds: I'm all for getting some sleep tonight. So, off to bed for me, guys.
Eli Knowland: If the moon is still up when we're ready to go, we should go to the Tower. If not, start digging in the cave
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- sweet dream and all Rand.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Springcap Pumpkin: You are still up for that digging effort?
Rolo Underfoot: Or the next night -- moon comes up most every night.
Grumni Hammersmith: theiving old buzzard
Eli Knowland: Sure, why not? There may be valuablr treasure buried there
Rolo Underfoot: I was hoping you or Eli could harness that bullette ...
Springcap Pumpkin: Or we couold dig until the next moon and still hit nothing but solid rock.
Eli Knowland: Its was too big
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, but we got dwur on our team.
Rolo Underfoot: They know about digging and such.
Springcap Pumpkin: I'd rather trust Grumni on this one.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- you won't go wrong.
Springcap Pumpkin: Speaking of the devil * smile *
Eli Knowland: Well, its that or less what?
Ute Gudmund: well, what's the plan?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* we'll be needing Barring fer that digging I'm thinking
Springcap Pumpkin: That would be wise indeed.
Grumni Hammersmith: If that tower's nearby I'm fer raiding it
Ute Gudmund: I saw some tools to dig at the store
Rolo Underfoot: And workers, lots of workers -- these hands were not make for digging through rock or hauling wood.
Ute Gudmund: i like the idea of going to the tower
Springcap Pumpkin: Do they have friendly bulettes?
Grumni Hammersmith: A it of dwarven muscle'll will clear them stones no worries
Ute Gudmund: i don't know about tht Spring
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure -- just the standard ones I think.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow at mention of friendly bulletes*
Eli Knowland: Is there such a thing?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd yer see them tools Ute?
Springcap Pumpkin: Well we could try badgers but we would need quite a few and digging rock is not the best.
Ute Gudmund: On the store where you buy the food and oil, remember that one?
Springcap Pumpkin: I mean not the easiest.
Rolo Underfoot: Ah ... oh ...
Grumni Hammersmith: I like me pastries so I always go to the bakers
Ute Gudmund: and rope, which is useful
Eli Knowland: Let's get moving then, shall we?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ute Gudmund: alright, but where to then?
Springcap Pumpkin: Oh I want to buy some pancakes.
Eli Knowland: If the moon is up, the Tower. If not, the Cave
Rolo Underfoot: I'd like to visit Mendel's shop if possible.
Springcap Pumpkin: Hello
Eli Knowland: It'll have to wait
Grumni Hammersmith: how long til that lazy good fer nothing opens shop?
Grumni Hammersmith: the merchan have the rope?
Eli Knowland: QM there
Ute Gudmund: yes Grunni
Ute Gudmund: that one, the quarter master
Rand Colds: Hello
Rand Colds: I slept but still feel weary.
Rand Colds: Them damned birds.
Eli Knowland: yesterday was a long day
Springcap Pumpkin: Got some bread.
Ute Gudmund: see the pick?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye need more restorative measures than sleep for that, Rand.
Ute Gudmund: And the rope, always good to carry one, though it is too heavy for me
Rand Colds: I have some extra trail bread if your ever short.
Grumni Hammersmith: me too
Rand Colds: *looks embarrassedly at Spring*
Rolo Underfoot: I can probably pack some rope.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah that's good Rand.
Eli Knowland: Have we everything we need?
Grumni Hammersmith: try getting a trap Rolo, perhaps we can trap that necromancer next time we see him
Springcap Pumpkin: This is where we change coins?
Rand Colds: Where's Ute?
Eli Knowland: No, the Guild House
Rand Colds: no, the guild house, behind me
Ute Gudmund: no, it is the guild house Spring
Rand Colds: got some trade coins to give Barrin, hope he don't mind the fee.
Grumni Hammersmith: I doubt it
Rolo Underfoot: If we are going to dig, perhaps we can wait until after the merchant opens.
Ute Gudmund: *nods at rand*
Eli Knowland: Right then, let's make for the gate, its just mid-night now. We might make the Tower
Rand Colds: I think the tower is at the spot now, not sure we can get there before it vanishes again though.
Grumni Hammersmith: I just got the pick fer later, if we end up near the caves fer some reaso I wan'y have ter waste time getting back
Rolo Underfoot: Do we have rope? Or shall I get some?
Grumni Hammersmith: *some reason I don't want
Grumni Hammersmith: I got rope
Ute Gudmund: better get the rope Rolo
Ute Gudmund: ah, good grunni
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- anything else?
Ute Gudmund: *shakes head*

Laurl: Hello again, Eli Knowland. You may pass.
Rand Colds: *tries to shake off the ill effects of the bird bite*
Springcap Pumpkin: Open this or I'll break it
Springcap Pumpkin: Thank you.

Karvon : You can see the moon has fully risen as you leave the keep.

Rolo Underfoot: Your cows be safe now Chandry!
Grumni Hammersmith: which way Rand?
Rand Colds: cross the field
Rand Colds: the tower is near where Sanner set up shop.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles to others*
Springcap Pumpkin: Rolo?
Rand Colds: Huh?
Springcap Pumpkin: where's ah
Rand Colds: Can't leave Rolo behind.
Rolo Underfoot: ah, the pig army has returned!
Springcap Pumpkin: No
Rand Colds: spiders

Rand Colds: up the hill, quick
Eli Knowland: Just up the hill here...not far now
Eli Knowland: Right here
Rand Colds: its usually right here.
Eli Knowland: On that bald spot
Rolo Underfoot: Where's the moon?
Springcap Pumpkin: I see nothing.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer sure?

Karvon : you see lingers fingers of mist slowly disappating.

Rand Colds: *nods* we either missed it, or it'll be here soon.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, that is what it looks like before it comes.
Eli Knowland: Well, its raining at the moment, in case you hadn't noticed
Rand Colds: I think we just missed it.
Grumni Hammersmith: it only comes out in the dry?
Springcap Pumpkin: An invisible tower?
Rolo Underfoot: of course we did.

Karvon : The moon is waning already.

Eli Knowland: In the moonlight
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rand Colds: drats, I slept too long.
Rolo Underfoot: Damn moon came too fast.
Grumni Hammersmith: moradin's beard!
Springcap Pumpkin: I could call lightnings but not stop the rain.
Rand Colds: We'll have to wait a whole day for it to come back.
Rolo Underfoot: Not here I won't.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* might as well explore a bit
Ute Gudmund: i guess the caves then?
Eli Knowland: To the cave then and start digging
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: I've been over this hill more than once already.
Rolo Underfoot: Back door Eli?
Eli Knowland: Sure
Rand Colds: we could try and find that bandit cave, in the canyon?
Ute Gudmund: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: that nearby Rand?
Rolo Underfoot: Bandit cave?
Rand Colds: well, it's by the other caves, we never found it.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, same general direction then?
Rolo Underfoot: That valley is full of caves, I bet I haven't been in half of them.
Rand Colds: heard it was above the orc cave, opposite the goblin cave.
Grumni Hammersmith: show us if yer know its location
Rand Colds: diggin or explorin
Rolo Underfoot: I remember the Orc cave -- don't know the goblin cave.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's decide on the way
Rand Colds: maybe I'm thinking of the kobold cave, anyway, above the orc cave.
Grumni Hammersmith: which way?
Ute Gudmund: aye, let's keep walking
Rand Colds: when we enter the canyon, we stay to the right and work our way up.
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Rand Colds: *keeps an eye to the sky*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* best wait fer Eli ter catch p
Rolo Underfoot: Eli -- change of plan!

Rolo Underfoot: wasps
Rolo Underfoot: damn.
Rand Colds: everyone okay?
Ute Gudmund: I am
Rolo Underfoot: I got to rest I think.
Rand Colds: well, we should do it here then.
Grumni Hammersmith: *fumbles with mace* I been better
Rand Colds: *stands watch*
Ute Gudmund: *stands guard*
Grumni Hammersmith: better
Rand Colds: All set?
Rolo Underfoot: *flexes his fingers* That's got it.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Rolo Underfoot: watch for ambushes.
Rolo Underfoot: This the kobold cave?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: This was orcs I remeber it.
Rand Colds: here is the orc cave, lets find one up higher.
Springcap Pumpkin: "K" kobolds, "W" wasps
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see any dragons.
Ute Gudmund: shh!!
Grumni Hammersmith: don't go tempting fate
Ute Gudmund: don't call it
Rand Colds: might be a cave down ehre.
Rand Colds: here
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Ute Gudmund: do we try?
Rolo Underfoot: but it isn't above the orc cave.
Rand Colds: I agree, but it loks new
Grumni Hammersmith: might as well take a look now we're here
Ute Gudmund: *looks around*

Karvon : dwarves recognize some of the signs around the entrance - bugbears.

Grumni Hammersmith: *peers into cave*
Grumni Hammersmith: bg bears I'm thinking
Ute Gudmund: oh?
Grumni Hammersmith: *bugbears
Rolo Underfoot: bears?
Rand Colds: hmm, not been here, shall we?
Rolo Underfoot: oh!
Springcap Pumpkin: Let's not disturb the bears.
Rand Colds: oh, bears, I thought you said bugbears.
Grumni Hammersmith: might as well get rid of 'em
Ute Gudmund: agreed, let's keep looking for the bandtis, stick to the plan
Rolo Underfoot: Which is it?
Springcap Pumpkin: Nooo
Rand Colds: okay, fine, up we go then
Grumni Hammersmith: bugbears not bears
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah
Rand Colds: bug bears are bad.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, evil doers
Rand Colds: not like bears at all.
Rand Colds: *looks at Spring*
Rolo Underfoot: I can take a peek?
Grumni Hammersmith: might've stolen something important
Ute Gudmund: then let's go in and see if we can find something interesting there, alright with you spring?
Springcap Pumpkin: A tomb?
Rand Colds: whats this.
Rolo Underfoot: *reads the message*
Ute Gudmund: thanks
Springcap Pumpkin: What language is this?
Rand Colds: great, an organized group.
Rolo Underfoot: aye. goblins.
Grumni Hammersmith: worht a look fer sure
Ute Gudmund: Bugbears know how to write and read?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: seems like goblin writing.
Rolo Underfoot: Keep an eye out for a small battle axe.
Ute Gudmund: let's proceed

Rand Colds: ooh
Rolo Underfoot: what was that?
Ute Gudmund: let rolo take the point
Grumni Hammersmith: trap?
Rand Colds: i dont know, i feel slow though
Rolo Underfoot: I never saw it.
Rolo Underfoot: bug bears ahead.
Ute Gudmund: halt
Rand Colds: stares
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... what's all this about?
Rolo Underfoot: zombies?

Bugbear Guard : What you doing in our caves?
Springcap Pumpkin: Who are these?
Rolo Underfoot: What does it look like?
Springcap Pumpkin: Hello
Grumni Hammersmith: kicking your butts!
Bugbear Guard : Leave now!
Rand Colds: we seek the bandits
Rolo Underfoot: Or what ..
Springcap Pumpkin: May be you go.
Bugbear Guard : We no like bandits, they east of us.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah
Rolo Underfoot: Give em some room Spring.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Bugbear Guard : far end of ridge
Bugbear Guard : past old ork caves
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at meat suspicously*
Rand Colds: have you seen the human mage, the one that makes zombies?
Rolo Underfoot: other way then?
Bugbear Guard : we no like him
Bugbear Guard : he work with bad temple
Rand Colds: we dont either, have you seen him
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* that don't look like animal meat ter me
Ute Gudmund: what can you tell us about that man?
Bugbear Guard : He make many dead walk.
Rand Colds: That we know.
Springcap Pumpkin: Ah the necromancer.
Bugbear Guard : Not seen him for awhile.
Rand Colds: Have you seen him in the last fortnight.
Bugbear Guard : No
Rand Colds: Fine.
Bugbear Guard : You go now
Bugbear Guard : Leave us alone
Rolo Underfoot: You got a small battle axe?
Ute Gudmund: let's go, nothing else for us here
Rand Colds: You stay away from the keep and we'll leave you be.
Grumni Hammersmith: stay away from us too
Rand Colds: If you go near the keep, we'll be back.
Bugbear Guard : we stay in valley and woods not bother keep
Springcap Pumpkin: Let's have a truce it won't affect the Balance.
Ute Gudmund: good
Rand Colds: *nods* Agreed.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Rolo Underfoot: Sorry about your friends.
Grumni Hammersmith: wonder what's behind the door
Rand Colds: *looks at the door up*
Ute Gudmund: if we go in peace we leave the door alone... else we get ready for battle
Bugbear Guard : *watches you leave warily*
Springcap Pumpkin: Is that way up part of their lair?
Rand Colds: What's through this door?
Bugbear Guard : These our caves, you go now
Rand Colds: Fine.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, can we leave through this door?
Bugbear Guard : leave by way you come
Rolo Underfoot: Don't push it.

Rand Colds: we could have wiped them out, they seemed so helpless though.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't comfortable leaving them ter attack travellers
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. you think it wise to leave them like that?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm fer finishing 'em
Rand Colds: past the old orc caves
Ute Gudmund: I'm not sure if it is good going around killing everything we find
Springcap Pumpkin: Don't they are that stupid are they?
Springcap Pumpkin: Kill everything? would that qualify as Evil then in your view?
Rolo Underfoot: ah here is a cave.
Rand Colds: ah, what have we here.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Ute Gudmund: without a reason, it is possible Spring
Grumni Hammersmith: ok lads, time fer a bit of revenge
Ute Gudmund: ready?
Rand Colds: Looks like the place. *points out a boot print*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Rolo Underfoot: people back here.

Stranger : Hello there
Rolo Underfoot: hello?
Rand Colds: yes?
Stranger : Whatcha doin' here?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't be helloing us yer bandit scum
Rand Colds: *keeps his shield ready*
Rolo Underfoot: I would ask you the same.
Stranger : *glances around*
Rand Colds: We seek the mage, Tarlech.
Stranger : Just seeking shelter in the valley from the vermin.
Stranger : Tar- who?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm...
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- all of you together in this valley.
Stranger : Hard times in these parts.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* this is a load of lies alright
Stranger : We do what we have to do to get by.
Springcap Pumpkin: I don't trust him.
Rolo Underfoot: I see -- and what does one do in hard times?
Rand Colds: a good place to seek shelter is the keep, this is a bandit hideout, we know already.
Grumni Hammersmith: that include robbing?
Stranger : provide protection to those passing thru.
Stranger : from the vermin.
Rand Colds: passing to where?
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes*
Springcap Pumpkin: Is that so in exchange for what?
Rand Colds: *looks a second time at the ale keg*
Stranger : Well we do collect a small fee for our services.
Grumni Hammersmith: a protection racket then
Springcap Pumpkin: How much?
Stranger : Depends on the size of the group we protect.
Stranger : Lots a vermin in these parts.
Grumni Hammersmith: ft
Grumni Hammersmith: *pft
Stranger : Can never have too many guards.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed, and wasps too.
Springcap Pumpkin: How much to protect us?
Stranger : So what brings you to these parts?
Rand Colds: why are you friends covering thier faces?
Grumni Hammersmith: their noses cold?
Stranger : air's a bit dusty in these caves.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Rolo Underfoot: We are here on unfinished business.
Stranger : Oh?
Stranger : Perhaps we could help?
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed -- Perhaps you already have.
Rand Colds: Yes, leave, leave now.
Stranger : Leave?
Springcap Pumpkin: Leave?
Stranger : Why?
Rand Colds: I said so.
Stranger : This is our home, such as it is.
Rand Colds: *intimidates*
Grumni Hammersmith: *tightens grip on mace handle*
Stranger : *glances back at the others*
Springcap Pumpkin: Hm why ask them to leave and not the bugbears?
Stranger : Where would we go?
Grumni Hammersmith: just admit yer bandits and we'll go easy on yer
Stranger : The bugbears?
Rand Colds: if your an honest man, work at the keep.
Stranger : Now there's true vermin for you.
Rand Colds: if your not, go elsewhere.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* we can agree on that.
Stranger : No work at the keep.
Rand Colds: If I see any of you on the road, I'll shoot first and talk to your corpse.
Grumni Hammersmith: so... if we look around we ain't going ter find any ill-gotten loot?
Rand Colds: Chandra could use some help with the crops, I'm sure of it.
Stranger : We've collected and traded with passerbys and gotten some stuff off the bugbears goblins and the like.
Grumni Hammersmith: yes....
Rolo Underfoot: Anything good?
Stranger : *shrugs* we get by.
Rolo Underfoot: Who passes by here?
Rand Colds: How are you boys at digging?
Stranger : Some come to see the caves.
Stranger : digging?
Ute Gudmund: yes, digging
Rand Colds: Yeah.
Grumni Hammersmith: *folds arms*
Stranger : *looks at the others*
Rolo Underfoot: uh hu. You got a girl in your troup? We be missing one.
Stranger : what kind of digging?
Rand Colds: It's honest work, you'd get paid.
Ute Gudmund: Digging, opening a pass on a cave
Stranger : Oh? How much?
Rand Colds: a gold a day, for each of you.
Ute Gudmund: *nods*
Stranger : hmm
Springcap Pumpkin: Yes what I thought exactly
Stranger : That sounds fair.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* yer sure about this Rand?
Stranger : How much work ya got?
Rand Colds: *looks around* How many of you are here?
Stranger : People come and go.
Stranger : Not sure how many'd be interested.
Springcap Pumpkin: How many we would need, five? ten?
Rand Colds: It'd be hard work, not for the bandit types at all.
Rolo Underfoot: Any with mining experience?
Stranger : We've one or two ex-miners.
Grumni Hammersmith: ask 'em then
Stranger : Welp, hafta talk to the others and then can let you know.
Stranger : Where can we find you?
Rand Colds: I can wait, get the leader.
Rolo Underfoot: Right here?
Grumni Hammersmith: take me to your leader
Stranger : *glances at the others* umm, well, I suppose I could do that. Not sure if he's around right at the moment though.
Springcap Pumpkin: We are around you can follow the dead bodies trail. We are found of wasps lately...
Springcap Pumpkin: Or is it the way around?
Rand Colds: Maybe we should look for your leader ourselves.
Stranger : *whispers with the others*
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Stranger : Um....
Springcap Pumpkin: Is Rand upset?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Stranger : I'll send someone to get the leader. wait here.
Rand Colds: *nods, arms crossed on chest*
Rolo Underfoot: nice assortment of weapons.

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