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session 21 - Bandits lair

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:15 pm

Karvon : The party has confronted the assemble bandits in a larger outer cavern of their complex. Things look to be turning hot with the party's aggressive stance. The bandits stand in varying states or readiness with tensions high.

Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls*
Barrin Khavic: *leans on ax*
Grumni Hammersmith: I knew yer was no good
Eli Knowland: *eyes scan the crowd*
Bandit Chief: So... then
Rand Colds: I thought the lure of easy money would be too much.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Bandit Chief: You don't want to hire anyone?
Rand Colds: Nope, we have other plans.
Grumni Hammersmith: e'll not work with tour kind
Bandit Chief: Well I suggest you leave our home then.
Grumni Hammersmith: *we'll not work with your kind
Rand Colds: Funny, that was what I was going to suggest.
Eli Knowland: And who are you to be ordering us about?
Bandit Chief: This is where we live, you're the intruders
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking we can't let yer attack anymore folks
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Bandit Chief: Fine then
Eli Knowland: *waits for a signal*
Rand Colds: *lights a fire*

Grumni Hammersmith: grrr
Rand Colds: *throws an oil flask at teh bandits*
Grumni Hammersmith: make yer move then yer scuummy bunch
Rand Colds: drink faster,
Rand Colds: get outta ghere rolo
Barrin Khavic: Bloody wizards.
Rand Colds: *pants*
Rand Colds: everyone okay?
Grumni Hammersmith: they didn't like Moradin's lightening up 'em
Rolo Underfoot: hmm thanks for the assist there.
Rand Colds: *picks up the chief's magic sword*
Rolo Underfoot: Big place -- suppose that was all of them?
Karvon : ...and the bandits are no more, or at least these are.
Barrin Khavic: Ye need ta watch yer spellings, mageling.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I'm thinking there might be more
Rand Colds: magic armor, magic longbow, magic sword, some potions
Grumni Hammersmith: good pickings
Barrin Khavic: *to Eli* Ye need ta watch yer spells, mageling. Ye caught me in that fireball of yers.
Rolo Underfoot: Capable bandits perhaps?
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* I may have erred due to the situation....I'm sorry
Barrin Khavic: *wipes off ash from armor*
Rolo Underfoot: oh -- I thought it was a bandit mage.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* don't much like spiders but yer can't be picky
Barrin Khavic: Well, 'least I be alive and me 'air'll grow back soon 'nough.
Rand Colds: *startled by the big spider*
Barrin Khavic: Eh? 'ho created that thing?
Eli Knowland: I think I'll need a little rest after all that
Grumni Hammersmith: that be mine *uncertain look*
Barrin Khavic: Best be doin it now.
Rand Colds: I'll keep an eye out while you rest, Eli.
Rolo Underfoot: aye, as will I.
Grumni Hammersmith: might be yer have ter leave the cave
Rand Colds: I expect we'll find children somewhere in here.
Eli Knowland: *looks over a shield with interest*
Eli Knowland: Ah...nice
Grumni Hammersmith: I already have one like that
Eli Knowland: Found that amonsgt the dead
Rand Colds: Mine is bigger.
Grumni Hammersmith: oo-er
Eli Knowland: Good, good...I can sell it then
Rand Colds: *stretches, showing off his tower shield*
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Rand Colds: I found some armor, chain shirt it looks like.
Barrin Khavic: *frowns at his burnt whiskers*
Rand Colds: The bosses stuff.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ro Rolo* yer going ter scout lad?
Rand Colds: Can anyone use any of it?
Rolo Underfoot: sure -- which way you think?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... bo looks interesting
Barrin Khavic: Chain shirt.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* north?
Springcap Pumpkin: Too heavy
Rolo Underfoot: North aye
Rand Colds: I have one already, from the woman champion in the other cave.
Barrin Khavic: Not as good as what I got, but that bow do be nice.
Rand Colds: okay, someone pick it up.
Barrin Khavic: Got it.
Grumni Hammersmith: chains not as good as what I be wearing now

Rand Colds: Lets check out these caves, really good.
Rolo Underfoot: traps here.
Grumni Hammersmith: Rolo's gone fer a scout
Rolo Underfoot: got it.
Barrin Khavic: Should be this way.
Rolo Underfoot: secret grate here!
Barrin Khavic: Not secret anymore.
Rolo Underfoot: Now or later?
Grumni Hammersmith: intersting
Rand Colds: huh, *squints into the gloom*
Eli Knowland: Why not now
Rand Colds: Rolo, we should call you Eagle Eyes.
Grumni Hammersmith: something might get behind us
Barrin Khavic: Might as well. Think it'll fit us all?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... cant' see it anymore.
Eli Knowland: You can only see it at one angle
Rand Colds: A vanishing gate, to go with our vanishing tower, perhaps.
Eli Knowland: have it
Rolo Underfoot: an exit!
Eli Knowland: come back Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: back inside?
Eli Knowland: You have to stay on this side to spot it for us
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, I'll have a quick rest
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps not
Rand Colds: *coughs*
Rolo Underfoot: ok good to know.
Eli Knowland: Which side of the mountain are we on I wonder?
Grumni Hammersmith: good place ter rest if yer need it
Rolo Underfoot: door here.

Karvon : and there are recent tracks; looks like some of the bandits decided to hoof it.

Barrin Khavic: Back in the cave complex I be thinking.
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Grumni Hammersmith: sound quiet
Rand Colds: *gags*
Rolo Underfoot: Dont' here anything -- oh damn.
Rand Colds: *spits nastiness out of his mouth*
Grumni Hammersmith: *cough* holds nose
Rand Colds: rolo, you okay?
Rand Colds: Did anyone find a key?
Grumni Hammersmith: nay
Grumni Hammersmith: is it loked?
Barrin Khavic: Gotta key right here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *locked
Eli Knowland: Maybe I can blast the door down? But that might make too much noise?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- not a chance in hell I'll ever be able to pick it either.
Grumni Hammersmith: might as well try the key
Rand Colds: *seems set back by Rolo's admission to failure*
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Rand Colds: tree, in side?
Eli Knowland: Fancy quarters
Barrin Khavic: Aye.
Rand Colds: No kids, but lots of beds.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... ambush plans
Eli Knowland: And someone likes refined!
Rand Colds: *looks in the armoire*
Rand Colds: uh oh

Karvon : the place looks abandoned after a sorts

Rolo Underfoot: More poison?
Grumni Hammersmith: a trapped oven!
Barrin Khavic: Won't be ambushin anybody anymore.
Rand Colds: something nasty in the kitchen?
Eli Knowland: Nothing here on the book self or interest
Rolo Underfoot: I don't even see these things.
Grumni Hammersmith: must'nt like folks messing with their dinner
Rolo Underfoot: North or south?
Barrin Khavic: South I be guessin, then north.
Grumni Hammersmith: south?
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Rand Colds: Scout on, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Barrin Khavic: I be seein it.
Rand Colds: I was really hoping we'd find Tarloch here.
Grumni Hammersmith: two of 'em
Eli Knowland: Pity we couldn't have asked those bandits
Barrin Khavic: They talk ta much.
Rand Colds: we did, they didnt see him for a while.
Grumni Hammersmith: pft. all they seem ter do is sleep around here

Karvon : This seems to have been the general living quarters. It's a bit of a mess. Looks like some stuff was rummaged thru and left hurridly.

Eli Knowland: He may have fled
Grumni Hammersmith: live like pigs
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see anything of interest here.
Grumni Hammersmith: nah
Eli Knowland: indeed Rolo
Barrin Khavic: Prolly already ransacked.

Rolo Underfoot: trap
Barrin Khavic: Strange way ta build one.
Rand Colds: Should we back up?
Eli Knowland: A bit more light for you Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: another door -- stand back
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Rand Colds: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... anyone have a key?
Rand Colds: I have a gnoll key.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* worth a try
Rolo Underfoot: try it.
Rand Colds: Sounds quiet.
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing I have works.
Rand Colds: Barrin, you still got that lock opener
Rand Colds: That's the one.
Eli Knowland: Yes he does
Barrin Khavic: Ayup.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.

Karvon : a rather garishly decorated room

Rand Colds: Looks like the bosses room.
Rolo Underfoot: secret door there.
Eli Knowland: Another quaint!
Rolo Underfoot: dont' see any traps.
Grumni Hammersmith: them cupboards trapped?
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Looks like a 'uman with no taste lived 'ere.
Rand Colds: *looks to see what was painted*

Karvon : Some notes are on the desk as well.

Rand Colds: *takes the evil priest picture*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph, likes his fancy clothes
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Barrin Khavic: Make good kindling.
Eli Knowland: *looks through the notes
Rand Colds: a door?
Grumni Hammersmith: *rummages through paperwork*
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- you all ready?
Barrin Khavic: Go.
Rand Colds: Yes, rolo, open it
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Rand Colds: hello?
Rolo Underfoot: we are not alone.
Barrin Khavic: Eh?
Eli Knowland: *shrugs his shoulders at the notes* Nothing much here....seems to have been written by the Bandit chief

Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* who're ye?
Springcap Pumpkin: A pretty lady, here?
Eli Knowland: Oh....I say!

Karvon : She's a bit bedraggled and chained to the wall

Lenore : Who.... who are you?
Rolo Underfoot: A prisoner perhaps?
Barrin Khavic: 'old still. *slices at the chains*
Lenore: Help me!
Lenore : The chains are pretty easily broken
Rand Colds: All right, milady. I am Rand . Who are you?
Lenore: I am the Lady Lenore - you can call me 'Nore. My retinue was beset by bandits, monsters, and other riffraff.
Eli Knowland: What is your name dear creature?
Rand Colds: What sort of monsters?
Lenore: Oh, goblins, bugbears, and the like.
Rand Colds: You are safe now.
Lenore: Thank you! I can reward you once we get back to civilization. Lead on - I will follow.
Rand Colds: okay, stay close
Rolo Underfoot: follow? oh, yeah right.]
Barrin Khavic: *helps her stand up* Don worry, lass. We be keepin ye safe.
Rand Colds: You can get a little closer, if you want.
Rolo Underfoot: Can you fight?
Barrin Khavic: Easy lad.
Rand Colds: I'll keep you safe.
Lenore: Oh thank you for saving me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Rand Colds: Lady, it's what we do. *bluffs*
Lenore: You seem so strong.
Barrin Khavic: Rolo, can ye lead us out?
Rand Colds: *bluff*
Rolo Underfoot: sure.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Barrin Khavic: 'ore the hot air suffocates us.
Grumni Hammersmith: don't like the look of this
Springcap Pumpkin: Key anyone?
Rolo Underfoot: damn another of those axe key doors -- and us with no key.
Rolo Underfoot: You find a secret door near this area.
Lenore: *eyes secret door*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes fist*
Rand Colds: rushes through the door*
Lenore: So are the bandits.... gone?
Rand Colds: yes.
Lenore: Wonderful
Grumni Hammersmith: *takes out sheet of paper and carefully draws key hole to scale
Rand Colds: Well, we still have some checking to do.
Eli Knowland: Yes...they are no longer with the living
Barrin Khavic: Ask Rand, 'e'll tell ye all 'bout it, lass.
Lenore: They were such vile creatures
Rolo Underfoot: ok .. back the way we came?
Rand Colds: We met some on the road. Came looking for the rest.
Grumni Hammersmith: *puts paer in pack* perhaps the smith can make a replica?
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Let's lead the lass out 'fore we go any further in.
Rolo Underfoot: right
Eli Knowland: We'll have to return to the keep I'm afraid
Grumni Hammersmith: that grate'll be a shortcut
Lenore: Well I'm glad you were able to put an end to their evil ways
Rand Colds: *nods, reluctantly*
Eli Knowland: We can't wander about with her Ladyship here
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about aching feet*
Rand Colds: Well, come on then
Barrin Khavic: *listens to the echos of conversation and shakes head*
Barrin Khavic: Rolo, we can be takin the grate.
Rand Colds: Lady Lanore, you should stick by Eli here.
Rolo Underfoot: dirty birds ahead.
Barrin Khavic: Blasted birds.
Eli Knowland: I'll be glad of your company Mad'm
Lenore: I don't like spiders
Barrin Khavic: *calls down the tunnels* Birds ahead!
Grumni Hammersmith: he's on our side
Rand Colds: Please try and keep up, lady l
Eli Knowland: Your in safe hands Mad'm. No need to worry
Lenore: I hope so
Springcap Pumpkin: Gross
Barrin Khavic: *lets the rain wash off the blood from his armor*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph, looks like we're going ter get wet
Lenore: My hair *pouts*
Barrin Khavic: Ye made o' sugar, lad?
Eli Knowland: *offers his cloak to the Lady*
Lenore: Why thank you
Barrin Khavic: *bats at the spider* Outta way, beast.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer hair needs a wash lass
Rand Colds: Hey, you want some trail bread?
Lenore: um, no I'm not that hungry
Rand Colds: *puts it back in his pack8
Rand Colds: *grumbles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* don't like spiders, don't like rain, don't like bread... *tuts*
Barrin Khavic: *raises face to the rain and washes it*
Barrin Khavic: Wait fer the others, lad. Could still be bandits about.
Rolo Underfoot: *waits for the others.
Rand Colds: you okay back there, Spring?
Lenore: danger
Lenore: save me
Rolo Underfoot: ambush
Grumni Hammersmith: pigs!
Springcap Pumpkin: Think so
Lenore: *hides behind rock*
Eli Knowland: The range was close
Barrin Khavic: *glares at Eli*
Rolo Underfoot: buggers.
Rand Colds: wow, you guys are lethal
Eli Knowland: But I was left with no choice
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! me beards on fire
Lenore: there were so many
Springcap Pumpkin: We missed that?
Barrin Khavic: Ne'er gonna get me hair back if'n ye keep doin that.
Grumni Hammersmith: *puts it out*
Grumni Hammersmith: have I still got me eyebrows Rand?
Barrin Khavic: 'ad 'em well in hand, mageling. Keep yer spells for when they be further off.
Rand Colds: *grins* Scorched again. I take it?
Barrin Khavic: Me poor beard...
Rolo Underfoot: One thing about it -- Eli is getting better!
Grumni Hammersmith: *smells like burning hair*
Barrin Khavic: No 'elpin it now, gotta shave it off an start again.
Lenore: So, where are we going now/
Eli Knowland: I shall try to refrain from further spells of that kind in future
Rolo Underfoot: oh -- sounds serious.
Grumni Hammersmith: *gasps* shave me beard? never!
Barrin Khavic: It is. 'ad it since I be a child.
Lenore: bugs!
Lenore: so big
Rand Colds: those were some big, strong beetles.
Rolo Underfoot: Heck of a bite on that bug!
Rand Colds: I hope there not all like that in the tower.
Barrin Khavic: Aye. Damned carapace was tough as steel.
Springcap Pumpkin: Beetles need to add this.
Rolo Underfoot: They looked kind of like that ...
Lenore: tower?
Barrin Khavic: Great.
Rand Colds: bah, its a long story.
Springcap Pumpkin: And these other creatures giant bees or giant wasps?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, everything is BIG around here.
Barrin Khavic: 'specially the egos.
Rolo Underfoot: heh
Rolo Underfoot: dnakes
Eli Knowland: how long were you capitive my Lady?
Lenore: gah snakes
Barrin Khavic: Meh.
Lenore: I... I'm not sure
Eli Knowland: Must be more than a week
Lenore: What day is it?
Eli Knowland: We're wandering these fields that long
Barrin Khavic: Better them than those beetles.
Lenore: I could not tell the passing of time in the caves
Rand Colds: summer solstice
Lenore: seemed like forever
Lenore: are you ok?
Rand Colds: yeah, why?
Rand Colds: *coughs*
Lenore: you seem to be bleeding
Rand Colds: oh, eh
Rand Colds: just a couple of deep scrapes, I can clean up at the Keep.
Barrin Khavic: *looks back* LIke a zoo followin us.
Rand Colds: its not that bad, really. I have had much worse.
Lenore: oh
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- we be going to market
Barrin Khavic: Don't know if'n anybody want spider meat, though.
Barrin Khavic: *looks around* Where be Rand?
Springcap Pumpkin: Go and thank you.
Rolo Underfoot: Where's Rand and the lass?
Eli Knowland: Bringing up the rear
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Chandry!
Barrin Khavic: Hmph.
Springcap Pumpkin: Hey your spider will scare people in town, no?
Rand Colds: Kendall Keep, that's where we're goin.
Lenore: ah
Rand Colds: Only civilization, around.
Barrin Khavic: Oi! Ye two! I 'ave a question. Ye reconize us, right?
Rolo Underfoot: To find a place to sleep.
Rolo Underfoot: Ok, I guess.
Eli Knowland: *takes his cloak back from the Lady*
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Sabine!
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Barrin Khavic: Open the gate, ye blasted idiots!
Rand Colds: *runs into the gate*
Grumni Hammersmith: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Grumni Hammersmith: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Grumni Hammersmith: I am Grumni Hammersmith.
Charl: Right!
Lenore: thank the gods I'm safe
Grumni Hammersmith: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Grumni Hammersmith: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Rolo Underfoot: You need to train your gate guards to let us in -- don't you think?
Barrin Khavic: Stupid 'umans. Figured they'd reconize us by now.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Lenore: *returns cloak*
Springcap Pumpkin: Always have to run for it.
Eli Knowland: Can we escort you somewhere Mad'm?
Rand Colds: To the castellan, of course.
Lenore: Um no I'll find my way to the guild house and reserve a room there thanks
Barrin Khavic: *to Sabine* Anyway ye can tell those two boozos that we don need ta introduce ourselves everytime we want ta come in?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I got ter see the smith
Eli Knowland: At your service Mad'm?
Rolo Underfoot: Guild eh -- you got any connections there?
Lenore: They know me
Rolo Underfoot: Put in a good word for us eh?

Eli Knowland: Your share of the shield and Bows I sold
Rolo Underfoot: ah thanks Eli!
Rolo Underfoot: We always come here at night and that fat merchant is always asleep.

Grumni Hammersmith: *spreads key diagram on table*
Grumni Hammersmith: over her smith
Grumni Hammersmith: *waves him over*
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer make something like this fer me?
Grumni Hammersmith: *waits*
Rafe: Um whatcha ya got there?
Grumni Hammersmith: this be a diagram, of something I need yer ter make, a sort of key
Grumni Hammersmith: its ter actual size lad
Rafe: *looks at diagram*
Rafe: hmm, well I could try.
Rafe: what sorta materials you got in mind?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* iron'll do lad
Grumni Hammersmith: not too heavy
Rolo Underfoot: You think the key might be enchanted?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* worth a try
Rafe: Um dunno it's not a design I'm familiar with.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- he might have an axe that matches in stock?
Rafe: Dwarven mebbe?
Rolo Underfoot: And then he might not.
Grumni Hammersmith: might be
Grumni Hammersmith: just do yer best
Rolo Underfoot: It is a small axe I'm thinking.
Rafe: I could try making something like it; might take me a week or two.
Rafe: To get it right that is.
Grumni Hammersmith: a week!
Rolo Underfoot: or two!
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rafe: I have other work to do as well
Rolo Underfoot: Where is a dwur when you need one?
Rafe: for the keep and regular customers
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* how much ter put it at thetop of yer list?
Rafe: Well.... 100 gp and I could have a sample fer you in a day or two.
Grumni Hammersmith: *chokes* yer having a laugh
Rafe: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: A sample? What for? It would work as good as the final I'm thinking.
Rafe: Well I could make something that looked like what ya got here.
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer think i'm being a bearded gnome? I know a bit about forging
Rolo Underfoot: Don't need nothing fancy, just the shape.
Rafe: Can't say it'll be the same though for weight and balance as I've no idea what sorta materials used in the orginal.
Grumni Hammersmith: right size and shapes will do
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think weight and balance matter -- material might though...
Rafe: *nods* ok I can do that in a day probably.
Grumni Hammersmith: that's more like it
Rafe: Right then
Rafe: 50 gold now and 50 on delivery.
Rolo Underfoot: How about final payment if'n it works...
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* I'm thinking I want ter see the craftsmanship before handing over coin
Rafe: sorry, I gotta cover my costs and time.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: here, take this in payment fer now
Rolo Underfoot: hmm -- should have brought him an axe to reforge.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... that might do it.
Rafe: That's not worth it fer me
Grumni Hammersmith: *puts morning star on table*
Grumni Hammersmith: *exasperated sigh*
Barrin Khavic: What's goin on?
Rolo Underfoot: pig headed human smith.
Grumni Hammersmith: well I'm only having 9gp on me, we'll need something off the rest
Rafe: *eyes narrow*
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, hang on
Barrin Khavic: *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: See ...
Grumni Hammersmith: here
Rafe: Ifn' ya don't like my services, ya can clear out small folk.
Grumni Hammersmith: *hands over trade coins*
Rolo Underfoot: right -- will do!
Barrin Khavic: Problem?
Rolo Underfoot: don't need your help with this.
Rafe: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: It better be good workmanship
Rafe: Come back tomorrow evening, should have something for you then.

Barrin Khavic: Why'd shorty run off?
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: thieving human
Grumni Hammersmith: weren't more than 50gps worth of work
Barrin Khavic: Huh? What?
Barrin Khavic: What wasn't?
Grumni Hammersmith: that stinking smith
Barrin Khavic: What 'bout 'im?
Grumni Hammersmith: I gave him a diagram ter make one of them funny shaped keys from
Barrin Khavic: Oh? How much did 'e want ta charge?
Grumni Hammersmith: 100gp
Grumni Hammersmith: 50 up front
Grumni Hammersmith: *spits*
Barrin Khavic: 100? Aye, 'e be a thief alright. Not worth more than 25.
Barrin Khavic: 50 if'n ye use a real metal like mithril.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Barrin Khavic: Anyway, let's be gettin a drink.
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd the others go?
Barrin Khavic: Dunno.
Eli Knowland: Still shopping
Grumni Hammersmith: I need ter get some sleep, I'll be back in a bit
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps the locksmith can help us?
Rolo Underfoot: I don't know -- it looks like an axe -- but it is really a key.
Eli Knowland: It might fit the locks
Eli Knowland: Its worth a try anyways
Rolo Underfoot: 100 gold for an axe -- and I thought Mendell was steep.
Rolo Underfoot: And no guarantee the damn thing would even work.
Eli Knowland: It cost you that much? Highway robbery!
Rolo Underfoot: He'd just blame the drawing
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- I didn't pay him -- I left.
Eli Knowland: Then again, it could be a tiny sum compared to what you might get on the other side of those locks
Rolo Underfoot: True -- but I'm not willing to gamble on his abilty to create a key.
Eli Knowland: You left without paying him? That could be dangerous Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: A locksmith, however.
Eli Knowland: This is a small Keep
Jess: How are you all doing tonite?
Jess: Get you anything?
Rolo Underfoot: Naw -- I didn't hire him for anything -- no deal was struck - no hands shaken.
Eli Knowland: Sure Miss....some wine for me please and some bread and cheese
Jess: Very well, anything for the rest of you?
Rolo Underfoot: Ale here please.
Rolo Underfoot: and the dwur his usuals.
Eli Knowland: Ale for my dwarven friend here too
Jess: *smiles and nods* be back shortly.

Devereau: Ah, I see you have returned.
Rand Colds: Yes
Devereau: Where are your companions?
Rand Colds: We encountered many bandits in the caves.
Devereau: *frowns*
Devereau: Your companions fell?
Rand Colds: They are shopping. We also rescued a noble woman, Lady Lanore.
Devereau: Ah
Devereau: Lady Lanore..... I don't recognize the name.
Devereau: Where is she from?
Rand Colds: I found a painting, I thought you might recognize the subject.
Rand Colds: Oh, I don't know.
Devereau: A painting?
Devereau: I'm not much of an art critic
Rand Colds: I thought i might be important.
Rand Colds: *shows the painting*
Devereau: *studies it a moment and shrugs*
Rand Colds: Okay. I'll check with the priest at the temple.
Devereau: No one I know. Don't recognize the robes either.
Rand Colds: He just looks evil, to me anyways.
Jadale: *nods in agreement*
Jadale: The priest might know something of it.
Eli Knowland: You think?
Rand Colds: *nods to Jadale*
Jadale: So you destroyed the bandits, I take it?
Rand Colds: Well, I wanted to speak with you, and let you know how we're doing.
Rand Colds: Aye, there was a lot of them, at least thirty.
Devereau: Yes, we appreciate you keeping us informed of your progress.
Devereau: They've been a blight on the region for too long.
Rand Colds: *nods* We still have not seen or heard about the necromancer, Turloch. I think he may have fled once his base was ransacked.
Devereau: Wouldn't surprise me. wizards and the like our cowardly most of the time.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: When confronted, he ran, left to his own , he left as well, I think.
Devereau: Hopefully that's the case.
Rand Colds: Well, I"m off to the temple, until we meet again.
Devereau: *nods* good day
Rand Colds: *turns to leave*

Eli Knowland: *leans into the table* it my imagination...or is that woman standing behind me staring at us?
Grumni Hammersmith: she's fancying yer?
Rolo Underfoot: She be staring all right -- an adventurer I"m thinking.
Eli Knowland: *makes a noise* Hardly!
Rolo Underfoot: Looking for a job perhaps?
Eli Knowland: She has the look of a mage about her
Eli Knowland: *Glances over his shoulder* on second thoughts...maybe an assassin
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps she is staring at YOU then Eli?
Rolo Underfoot: oh! I'll keep an eye on her.
Eli Knowland: She's not my type really....the young Lady we rescued would possibliy be more to my tastes
Grumni Hammersmith: try working yer magic on her Eli *grins*
Rolo Underfoot: A guild member? Really?
Rolo Underfoot: She might be able to get intersting things though.
Eli Knowland: Perhaps a chat with her will clear the air
Rolo Underfoot: You can try -- she seemed all business to me.
Rolo Underfoot: mage ..
Eli Knowland: Hmm...yes, straight to the point I see
Rolo Underfoot: She wants our books Eli!
Eli Knowland: She's just like us.....looking for work
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- but we be finding it!
Barrin Khavic: *sniffs* Don look like much o' a mage.

Rand Colds: Hey, priest.
Abercrombie Krown: yes my son?
Rand Colds: [DM] oops. I'll go sell, n...
Abercrombie Krown: What can I do for you?
Rand Colds: I was wondering, if you ever seen this man before.
Rand Colds: *pulls out a painting of a man*
Abercrombie Krown: *frowns as he looks at the painting*
Rand Colds: *turns it in the light a bit*
Abercrombie Krown: The robes and symbols indicate the man's a follower of a death god or goddess.
Abercrombie Krown: perhaps one of the members of the hidden temple?
Rand Colds: We've seen painging on walls, about a man and woman together.
Rolo Underfoot: oh? You would know!
Abercrombie Krown: I know little of the hidden temples history or beliefs.
Rand Colds: Oh, okay. *puts the painting back in a sack*
Abercrombie Krown: However, it was said the high priestess took a consort as a symbol of the relationship between the goddess and another god.
Rand Colds: Hmmmm.
Abercrombie Krown: The hidden temple was rumored to be some sort of joint worship of these two.
Rand Colds: Do you speak of Erishkigal and Nerull?
Abercrombie Krown: Indeed
Abercrombie Krown: From what you mentioned before it would seem that there were priests and priestesses from these two cults working and worshipping together.
Rand Colds: So the priestess would take a man, to sybolize the gods?
Rand Colds: *nods* I agree, sir.
Abercrombie Krown: Right
Rand Colds: Thanks for your help. Can I buy some supplies from you now?
Abercrombie Krown: You said you cleared the hidden temple of it's worshippers, yes?
Abercrombie Krown: Certainly
Rand Colds: Yes, to the best of our knowledge, although a spirit of some type is still there. we think it maybe Erishkigal
Rand Colds: *shrugs* It's powerful, whatever it is.
Abercrombie Krown: Well with her worshippers and priests destroyed her powers will hopefully wane.
Abercrombie Krown: Thanks again for you work
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: We fought many bandits today.they were massed in a cave up on the hill.

Barrin Khavic: *downs the ale*
Eli Knowland: Don't be taken in by appearences
Grumni Hammersmith: *swigs ale*
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Eli Knowland: You would never have thought I would singed your beard when you fist met me
Barrin Khavic: *wipes off hairless mouth* Aye. Who'd thought ye could make a Dwarf beardless, mageling?
Rolo Underfoot: Nor lived to tell about it!
Eli Knowland: Indeed!
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns and checks his beard in his helmets reflection*
Grumni Hammersmith: bah!
Eli Knowland: I will try to be more careful about that in future...its just there was so many of them, crowded close together, it was a tempting target

Aseneth: So you boys looking for a mage?
Grumni Hammersmith: we got one
Eli Knowland: *winks at the others* No, we're fine at the moment
Aseneth: *smiles* but he's not as cute as me I bet.
Aseneth: *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises hairless eyebrow*
Barrin Khavic: Wish ye'd let us deal with 'im first, lad. *to Aseneth* Cute does not get the job done, lass.
Aseneth: Bah, dwarves have no sense of humour or taste.

Eli Knowland: *shrugs* it wasn't really my intention, I assure you Barrin
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we put her nose out of joint
Barrin Khavic: *finishes off the ale* Speakin of taste, I need 'nother!
Barrin Khavic: *grins* Prolly an improvement.

Jess: Sorry for the delay your drinks and food
Grumni Hammersmith: no problem lass
Jess: *sets platters and tankards down on the table*
Eli Knowland: That's fine Miss
Barrin Khavic: Ah! *grabs some food* Thank ye, lass.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- and we be sorry fer upsetting a customer.
Jess: *smiles* enjoy the meal
Rolo Underfoot: I will, thanks.
Eli Knowland: *pours a mug of wine from the jug*
Eli Knowland: To your good health! *raises mug*
Grumni Hammersmith: Cheers!
Barrin Khavic: *raises mug* Ta growin hair back!
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs*
Eli Knowland: *drinks*
Rolo Underfoot: And yours! * Raises his mug in retrun*
Rolo Underfoot: Just call it "character" eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: *slurps ale*
Barrin Khavic: *glowers at Rolo*
Barrin Khavic: Got 'nough character, lad.
Eli Knowland: Tomorrow back to the caves?
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- perahps ye can mention the dragon in the same breath -- make it sound like the two are connected?
Barrin Khavic: Dunno. Ask the suave one.

Springcap Pumpkin: I hate cities.
Rand Colds: how come, Spring?
Springcap Pumpkin: I serve Mother Nature. Everything is dead here.
Rand Colds: Seems to me life starts here and moves out.

Eli Knowland: Ah, rand
Rand Colds: Ale, bring me an ale.
Eli Knowland: Join us
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, once I've got the goods from that stinking smith
Eli Knowland: *moves over on the bench*
Rolo Underfoot: You hired him?
Rand Colds: *carries six small bags, they look heavy*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, got to speculate ter accumulate
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- but I'm thinking that was a lost bet.
Grumni Hammersmith: and I'm fed up of them doors
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: True -- perhaps the locksmith can help?
Grumni Hammersmith: locksmith?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- it is a lock after all.
Grumni Hammersmith: *slaps forehead* there's one here?
Rolo Underfoot: I thought there was -- just outside?
Eli Knowland: *smiles at Grumni*
Rolo Underfoot: ah thanks Rand!
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles* too late now anyways
Eli Knowland: Yes there is...we pass it each time we go to the gate
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- unless the smith idea doesn't pan out.
Rand Colds: *hands a bag to everyone* Your shares of the magic armor, sword and other stuff.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll show the locksmith the diagram in the morning
Rolo Underfoot: Might be able to help -- can't do any worse than the smith.
Eli Knowland: From the shield and Bowes I found
Grumni Hammersmith: someone else'll have ter stump up the money fer that though
Barrin Khavic: Let's see if'n the smithy can 'elp us first.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Barrin Khavic: If not, we can see the locksmith.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: either way -- I expect it will end the same -- we'll need to find an actual key.
Rand Colds: *looks at what he's got left*
Rand Colds: *grumbles to himself*
Eli Knowland: Maybe there was only one. On Tarloch
Rolo Underfoot: Just the lock smith may actually know about these types of locks.
Barrin Khavic: Need ta find that bloody mageling again.
Rand Colds: Maybe he already made one, for Turloch.
Rolo Underfoot: A lot of doors for just one key.
Rolo Underfoot: Wouldn't that be intersting?
Eli Knowland: We can still work on the rubble in that passageway as well
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... a necromancer sympathiser in town
Eli Knowland: If the locksmith needs time to make a key
Grumni Hammersmith: not good
Barrin Khavic: Might not know 'e's a dead lover.
Rand Colds: Hopefully he doesnt take the key and run out to the caves and look before us.
Rolo Underfoot: He'd need to be able to find the doors -- not easy believe me.
Rand Colds: true

Karvon : You spend the evening eating, drinking and, eventually, sleeping.

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session 22 - Caves of chaos

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:17 pm

Karvon : You cleansed the bandits caverns, though apparently a few escaped out the back exit you discovered in your search of the caverns. You took a sketch of the double ax to the smith who agreed to attempt to make a duplicate which might unlock those secret doors you've discovered in a number of places in the caverns. You've managed to evade the dragon you spotted a few days ago. You are currently gathering in the common room of the One Eyed Cat for breakfast and considering your options.

Eli Knowland: *looks over his shoulder and sighs* She's here again *to the others*
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- not to bright that one.
Grumni Hammersmith: morning lads
Rand Colds: so, ...... *looks over at the newcomer*
Eli Knowland: *looks across the table* Ahem...who might you be then?
Rolo Underfoot: I got her where I can keep my eye on here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks to new comers*
Eitas Santhil: Mind if I sit with you gents? My usual spot is taken.
Grumni Hammersmith: who's yer new friend Rand?
Eli Knowland: *looks up* What?
Rand Colds: I'm gonna miss Barrin. He were a stalwart fighter.
Rolo Underfoot: Sure enough -- take a seat!
Eitas Santhil: Thank you most kindly sir.
Eli Knowland: *sighs* It seems to be that kind of morning...yes, you may join us
Jess : Morning, what can I get ya?
Rolo Underfoot: sir? Heh my name is Rolo -- just plain Rolo.
Rand Colds: Food, and ale, Jess.
Eli Knowland: Breakfast...thank you
Rolo Underfoot: The usual Jess.
Jess: *nods*
Eitas Santhil: Just a normal breakfast, lass. *Smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: You know me -- not particular.
Kali Shortwick: *She attempted to muster what she must have thought to be a welcoming simper.* I am Kali, and -- *A bit miffed at the interruption.* Just breakfast, no spirits please.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye he were a good dwarven lad, new the right end of an axe ter use
Rand Colds: *looks at Grumni* I don't have any new friends.
Jess: *smiles and nods* Be back in a bit.
Grumni Hammersmith: who's that lass then?
Rand Colds: *looks at the two new faces* I'm Rand, and we are in the business of getting rich. If you two are of like minds, then welcome.
Eli Knowland: And what brings you two to the Borderlands then?
Eitas Santhil: *Looks back to Underfoot.* Rolo was it? A pleasure to meet you. I am Eitas, fencer and aspiring thespian.
Aseneth: *listens while lazily sipping some soup*
Kali Shortwick: As I was saying, I have caught wind of your exploits by way of talkative drunkards; now, I do not know if the stories were embellished or not. Regardless, if they a true, I am interested in enlisted in other such endeavors.
Eli Knowland: A Bard? *sighs* Going to tell a great tale about us then?
Rolo Underfoot: Eitas, a ranch hand eh?
Eitas Santhil: I... suppose you could use the term bard, yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: well.... we're a dwarf down so if yer looking fer a job we're needing the help
Kali Shortwick: Do not be mislead by my height ... it is often a deceptive tactic that perplexes even the best of beasts.
Rolo Underfoot: oh, a tale teller -- great we need one of those.
Rand Colds: Bard, Ranch hand, who cares, as long as you can hold yer own.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods"
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess they can't fight with no ankles
Eli Knowland: *eyes narrow at the halfling lass* You heard tales of great adventure and decided to see if they were true? Another budding adventurer
Eitas Santhil: I'm more of an actor at the moment. And yes, I can hold my own. I take it you're all mercenaries or adventurers of some sort?
Rand Colds: Aye we all were at one time, Eli.
Eli Knowland: You know, we haven't time to babysit newcomers
Eli Knowland: Its a dangerous land here
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* we be needing the assistance though Eli
Rolo Underfoot: We be ... explorers perhaps?
Kali Shortwick: I am profoundly self-sufficient, but not stupid enough to think I can venture these lands on my lonesome.
Rand Colds: Oh, but we have time to escort ladies back to the keep?
Rand Colds: I still haven't seen any reward gold for saving Miss Lady Lanore.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- smart lass ... Kali was it? Best to be amongst friends.
Rand Colds: From chains no less.
Eitas Santhil: *Grins at Rand's response*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* aye, maybe she weren't a lady at all
Eli Knowland: Yes, yes...I'm sure your both useful with a blade and bow. *sighs* I suppose...seeing as we're a bit short-handed at the moment.....very well, you may join us
Kali Shortwick: So I am not the flighty "budding adventurer", I keep my wits about me. And yes ... Kali. *Overlooks the remark pertaining to "friends."*
Kali Shortwick: Much thanks.
Eitas Santhil: If you don't mind my inquiry.
Eli Knowland: Just don't expect too much from the rest of us, we have had a lot to contend with these last couple of weeks
Rand Colds: We have many options at the moment. *glances at Aseneth*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* we've plenty of unfinished business left lads
Rolo Underfoot: Aye strength in numbers and we need more numbers.
Jess: *returns bearing several wooden platters*
Jess: *sets tankards of ale down and bowls of a thick steaming porridge*
Eli Knowland: Rolo, you might fill in our new recruits on present goings on
Jess: Enjoy the food!
Rolo Underfoot: Ah -- I just love breakfast!
Kali Shortwick: Shall!
Eitas Santhil: Thank you kindly lass.
Rand Colds: I think we should talk about our options on the road. We know where we're going first and can debate the particulars along the way. *stares at Aseneth*
Aseneth: *winks*
Grumni Hammersmith: I got me a pickaxe fer digging if we go back to the tunnel
Rand Colds: *grabs an ale, and some food as an afterthought*
Rolo Underfoot: oh? Sure ... We be chasing a Necromancer in the cave to the East -- our numnber one priority.
Eli Knowland: *reaching for some food, he leans in towards the table* Kali is it? be a good girl and put down that sword before you hurt someone
Aseneth: *stirs soup with an ornate looking dagger*
Kali Shortwick: Ah ... I am sorry; at points I believe it is fused to me.
Rolo Underfoot: And we know of a hidden tower that only appears at night -- need to get some books from it.
Eli Knowland: Thank you kindly. Continue Rolo
Kali Shortwick: *Steaths her sword with very apparent reluctance.*
Rand Colds: *glares at Rolo*
Eitas Santhil: *Carefully dissecting his plate of egg and bacon, he listens intently to Rolo*
Rand Colds: I thought we might keep some secrets, 'specially here in the bar with so many ears about.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye ... That sort of be it for the main options.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* I wonder if yonder thieving smith has finished the key I ordered
Eli Knowland: *looks over his shoulder* i see what you mean
Eli Knowland: Yes, grumni
Eli Knowland: Good idea
Rolo Underfoot: We can check -- for the price I'd think he'd work all night.
Kali Shortwick: *She raises an eyebrow at his gesture, following his line of sight to the enigmatic woman.*
Rand Colds: *eats his food, looking suspiciously at all the patrons now*
Aseneth: *yawns and sips some sort of hot drink*
Grumni Hammersmith: *chews on some bacon*
Kali Shortwick: No story behind that?
Eli Knowland: After breakfast, we'll visit the smith and take to the road
Rolo Underfoot: I want to check on an item with Mendel if he is about this morning.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters abut thieving merchants*
Eli Knowland: *to the newcomers* Be sure to visit the Bakery outside and purchase some food, it could be a few days before we return
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, she be a mage that be trying to replace Eli here.
Aseneth: *snickers*
Eli Knowland: If you have the coin, go to the temple and get some healing kits. You'll probably need them also
Kali Shortwick: And how would she go about that if you seem so averse to having her amongst yourselves?
Eli Knowland: Actually, I'm certain of it
Rand Colds: *finishes his ale*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- we tend to use a lot of healing
Rand Colds: *drinks*
Rand Colds: *standing up*
Eitas Santhil: Very well, I shall heed your advice.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* a lot of healing that's fer sure
Eli Knowland: She...*looking over his shoulder* is a pretender
Rand Colds: *leaves some gold on the table*
Rolo Underfoot: Ok we meet where?
Eli Knowland: *finishes up* right then, let's be off
Grumni Hammersmith: the gate?
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Eitas Santhil: *Finishing his meal, he carefully counts off a few coins and places them on the table*
Eli Knowland: Yes, we'll meet at the gate when everyone is ready
Rolo Underfoot: Just holler if you need some directions.
Grumni Hammersmith: ight be a good idea fer someone else ter get a pickaxe too

Karvon : It's a drizzly morn

Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, please.
Eli Knowland: *pulls his cloak around himself against the rain*
Eli Knowland: Ah...Mendel is back
Mendel: *smiles*
Mendel: How are you friends?
Kali Shortwick: *Does not seem fazed by the rain and glances at Mendel.*
Rand Colds: *fills his canteen*
Eli Knowland: I wonder if he has anything new
Mendel: Successful I take it?
Rand Colds: So far.
Mendel: Good good
Mendel: plenty of items of use to good folk such as yourselves.
Rolo Underfoot: bugger raised his prices ...
Eli Knowland: Yes he has

Grumni Hammersmith: hey smith!
Rafe: *glances up*
Grumni Hammersmith: have yer finished me key yet?
Rafe: Oh you
Grumni Hammersmith: good, lets be seeing it
Rafe: *walks over to a table and picks up an ax*
Grumni Hammersmith: *inspects axe*
Rafe: This be bout as close as I can make to the sketch ya showed me.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm....
Rand Colds: *looks at the axe, impressed*
Rolo Underfoot: looks about right.
Rafe: that be 50 gold
Grumni Hammersmith: I seen better workmanship from a dwarven apprentice
Rolo Underfoot: Want me to pay?
Rafe: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: I suppose it'll have ter do
Rolo Underfoot: It ain't an axe perse Grumni -- don't need to chop anything.
Rafe: *nods and counts coins carefully*
Rand Colds: I am Rand . What do you have for sale?
Rafe: 'Fraid I can't make many weapons, really, or armor. I make nice mirrors, an' I can throw together a helmet, or a shield, an' I've got plenty of farming tools.
Rand Colds: What do you have for sale?
Rafe: I'll show you.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- can't wait to test it out!
Rand Colds: Got any pick axes?
Grumni Hammersmith: ye'll not be getting me rcommendation ith those prices
Rafe: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*

Eli Knowland: *sits and waits for the others*
Eli Knowland: Young Kali, as this is your first time coming with us, I just want to warn you about the dangers outside these walls
Eli Knowland: Its probably best if you travel in the middle of the group at the start, until you find your feet as it were
Rand Colds: Maybe the quarter master has one for sale.
Eli Knowland: Same goes for the elven member of our group
Eli Knowland: *sighs* Of course....I don't mean to belittle you, just that we don't know yet what your both made of.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. interesting. You should do fine.
Rolo Underfoot: There are a lot of BIG bugs and nasty blood sucking birds along the roads -- you got a ranged weapon Kali?
Rolo Underfoot: But that armor looks pretty stout.
Rand Colds: *shows up, pick in hand*
Eitas Santhil: I do not posess any implements of ranged combat.
Kali Shortwick: *She blinked in a startled fashion, her forehead furrowing.* I would not travel in unknown settings with unknown circumstances without two varieties of weaponry.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Good thinking Rand!
Kali Shortwick: I've a crossbow, and a sturdy one at that.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, good you'll do just fine.
Rand Colds: *ties the pick off his pack, hanging from his back8
Rand Colds: *strings his long bow*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... need to keep an eye open for a magic blade for the new folks -- some of those undeads seem to block normal steel.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* fair enough
Eitas Santhil: *Looks around at the group.* Would that imply that we have that front covered then, or should I invest in a ranged weapob as well?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm a bit low on arrows
Kali Shortwick: I ... regrettably possess no magic-imbued weaponry. I am ... a bit old-fashioned.
Rolo Underfoot: Your an elf right?
Eitas Santhil: *Frowns, then purses his lips.* Weapon I mean, my apologies. And indeed I am. The ears gave it away, didn't they?
Grumni Hammersmith: he should be good with a bow then
Rolo Underfoot: Sort of -- no bow?
Eitas Santhil: Not at the moment, no.
Rolo Underfoot: Ye be needing some coin?
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll come across one soon enough
Eitas Santhil: Oh no, I can cover my own expenses. But if, as he says, we are likely to find one along the way, then I can wait.
Rolo Underfoot: True if'n he don't get killed getting there.
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we be on our way then?
Rand Colds: Yeah, but you seem more human than most elves I've met.
Rolo Underfoot: Got your lunches packed?
Rand Colds: *grins* lunch is packed.
Eitas Santhil: I was raised in a human settlement. *Smiles* Though after seeing two generations of friends die of old age I decided to move back with my kin.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- pretend it is trail mix and it ain't half bad.
Rand Colds: *nods* Aye, 'tis depressing.
Rand Colds: *heads for the gate* Come on, gate ain't open long.
Eitas Santhil: *Nods* Let's proceed.
Rolo Underfoot: aye gots to be quick.
Rand Colds: Damnit, I'm Rand, and you know it.
Rand Colds: I said it already.
Rand Colds: *grumbles*
Rolo Underfoot: GO!

Rolo Underfoot: We killed a bullette here the other day!
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Chandry!
Eitas Santhil: A bullette?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- big un!
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, nasty things, we killed one *proudly*
Eitas Santhil: I see. Very impressive
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles merrily*
Rand Colds: Rolo, keep an eye out for us.
Rolo Underfoot: Wonder why they haven't taken down the sign?
Eitas Santhil: There might be another one?
Grumni Hammersmith: must be more of 'em
Rolo Underfoot: oh!
Rand Colds: the last one seemed old
Eli Knowland: Dangerous animals those
Rand Colds: *keeps an eye towards the sky, for large flying things*

Rand Colds: birds
Eitas Santhil: Stirges!
Eli Knowland: Damable birds!
Rand Colds: i hate these damn birds
Grumni Hammersmith: *notices Rand and starts doing same*
Rolo Underfoot: There's those blood birds I warned ya about.
Rand Colds: damned strength stealers.
Eitas Santhil: Quite the flock.
Eli Knowland: To the newcomers* As you can se, things strike without warning
Eli Knowland: see*
Grumni Hammersmith: should be less bandits now
Eli Knowland: Watch out for Bandits too, they can be anywhere
Rolo Underfoot: aye
Rolo Underfoot: and spiders and ants.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, and gnolls
Eitas Santhil: No dragons?
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps* err...
Rolo Underfoot: Actually yes, but it was in the sky.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's not talk about dragons
Rolo Underfoot: beetles

Rand Colds: Eatus, you okay?
Rolo Underfoot: Nasty bugs those things.
Eitas Santhil: Gah. *Stands up covering a gash in his side*
Kali Shortwick: I am grateful for your assistance.
Eitas Santhil: I was unprepared. My error entirely.
Rand Colds: Might be best to walk in the middle of the group then.
Karvon : they seemed to be rooting thru old campsite.
Eitas Santhil: *Nods at Grumni*
Rolo Underfoot: Now you know why we were so eager to have you join us.
Eli Knowland: As we said, this place is dangerous
Rand Colds: Sanner's old camp site.
Grumni Hammersmith: another fool merchant
Eitas Santhil: Thank you most kindly.
Rand Colds: traveling merchant, he packed his stuff and moved on.
Eli Knowland: Good lad Rolo, lead on
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, never had much in the shape of supplies mind
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Eli Knowland: *points up the hill to the right* there's lies the Tower

Rand Colds: That was a lot of big snakes.
Rolo Underfoot: But the darned things keep popping up behind me!
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Kali Shortwick: Quite the ecosystem.
Rand Colds: I've had enough of all these snakes on the plain.
Eli Knowland: Indeed young Kali
Eitas Santhil: Hm... Do you suppose I could have anyone make some boots from their skin?
Eli Knowland: The borderlands are a strange plce
Rolo Underfoot: might -- would you where them?
Eli Knowland: place*
Rand Colds: *looks around for more animals*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... which cave we going to? the blocked passage?
Eli Knowland: Yes, sounds like an idea. But what about the other doors?
Grumni Hammersmith: one where we can try the key I'm thinking
Rand Colds: we can start with the bandit cave, there was a door in there, right?
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Rand Colds: thanks
Eli Knowland: I was just thinking...would it be better if we went in the "back door"?
Rand Colds: oh, back door? *looks to the sky again, quickly*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* worth a try
Eli Knowland: We'll have to retrace our steps somewhat
Grumni Hammersmith: let's just hope the zombies haven't returned
Eitas Santhil: Zombies?
Eli Knowland: Indeed young Eitas
Eitas Santhil: Young? I'm probably older than you are.
Eli Knowland: There was a necromancer on the loose some time ago
Eli Knowland: Created an Undead army
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, he's a slippery one though
Eli Knowland: It was....and wasn't. We killed the army but Tarloch, the necromancer, fled
Rand Colds: Oh, whats this?
Eli Knowland: I didn't see that before
Rand Colds: I see dead people.

Karvon : shallow graves and decomposing bodies; appear to be human

Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... someone's been busy
Eli Knowland: Who are they, can we tell?
Kali Shortwick: And yet it seems there was some method ...
Eitas Santhil: Perchance we should make a pyre, so the necromancer can't use them?
Kali Shortwick: There was some haphazard attempt to dig a grave.
Grumni Hammersmith: look human ter me
Rand Colds: could be bandits?
Eli Knowland: I would be worried they might rise again
Kali Shortwick: Or they could be used as bait?

Karvon : they appear to have been stripped of everything of value.

Grumni Hammersmith: burn 'em?
Eitas Santhil: Bait? Isn't that a bit morbid?
Kali Shortwick: If he has indeed fled. Though surely there are a number of dead bodies he could use ...
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* well, there'snot much we can do for them
Kali Shortwick: It is /morbid/ that a necromancer is on the loose.
Eli Knowland: We might as well continue
Rand Colds: I'm out of oil, didn't think we had to worry about that anymore.
Eitas Santhil: I'm in favor of cremating them, if we do anything at all.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got oil.
Eli Knowland: I have some, but I don't like the idea of digging them up
Kali Shortwick: To lure him out of hiding would diminish the chances of losing more to his whims.
Eitas Santhil: True, I suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I think he's got flunkies ter do the dirty work lass
Rolo Underfoot: I'm with Eli -- let the resting rest, even if it is shallow.
Eitas Santhil: *Nods*

Rolo Underfoot: wasps
Eli Knowland: Angry wildlife
Eitas Santhil: Quite so.
Rand Colds: Yeah, all the animals hate us it seems.
Eitas Santhil: Upset any druids?
Rand Colds: not that we know of, although
Rolo Underfoot: Heh -- he left us!
Rand Colds: we did upset a death goddess.
Rolo Underfoot: Silly gnome.
Grumni Hammersmith: he were a weird one that druid
Eli Knowland: Greater dangers require a bigger animal
Kali Shortwick: Well that's more intimidating that the boar..
Rolo Underfoot: aye but good at cataloguing.
Eitas Santhil: Upset a goddess? *Grins* How so?
Rolo Underfoot: Ready?

Eli Knowland: That *points to the rubbled corridor* leads to the Dwarven Citadel
Rand Colds: We came upon a flock of skeletons worshiping her, and Grumni called on Moradin and crumbled them all to dust at her feet.
Kali Shortwick: You can't please them all, at any rate.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eitas Santhil: I rarely bother to please any of them.
Rolo Underfoot: This tunnel leads to a dwarven fortress or something like that.
Eitas Santhil: *Nods*
Rand Colds: I miss Barrin already
Rolo Underfoot: And this goes to the necromancer's place.
Rand Colds: We are getting close to the place.
Eli Knowland: At least its all quiet now
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Kali Shortwick: Silence can be off-putting...
Eli Knowland: I wonder how long these cavern will remain this way?
Rand Colds: Empty?
Rand Colds: A long time, I hope.
Rolo Underfoot: We ain't going to mess around with her are we?
Eitas Santhil: Unless goblins set in. Goblins get in everywhere.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* they get where castor oil don't get
Eitas Santhil: Quite so.
Rolo Underfoot: That door goes outside.
Rolo Underfoot: In the area of the caves.
Rolo Underfoot: What is our plan?
Rand Colds: Find a locked secret door.
Rolo Underfoot: down?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* find a door with the weird key or the tunnel
Rolo Underfoot: to the north I think.
Rand Colds: Left, I think.
Rolo Underfoot: Be careful of bugbears.

Grumni Hammersmith: let me at 'em!
Rand Colds: damned bugs.
Eitas Santhil: Are you alright lass?
Kali Shortwick: I was overly ambitious about trying to find the proper angle...
Eli Knowland: Looks like the first inhabitants will be wildlife, before the Goblins come
Rolo Underfoot: here be the door.
Kali Shortwick: Shan't waste your mana on me...
Rand Colds: ah, yes.
Eitas Santhil: Thank you I was feeling faint for a moment there.
Rand Colds: Who has the key?
Grumni Hammersmith: me
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni.
Grumni Hammersmith: huzzay!
Rolo Underfoot: it actually worked!
Rand Colds: Feel like someones staring at me.
Grumni Hammersmith: I underestimated that smith
Rolo Underfoot: Where did Eitas go?
Eli Knowland: This is new ground for us *speaking to Kali and Eitas*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting?
Eitas Santhil: I'm here.
Rolo Underfoot: ah there.
Kali Shortwick: Mystery is the great equalizer.
Eitas Santhil: I thought it was alcohol?
Rand Colds: dead end
Rolo Underfoot: nope
Eli Knowland: It appear to be a dead end. Maybe there's a secret passage
Kali Shortwick: ... Not as such. That makes you a fool.
Rand Colds: Oh, wait
Eli Knowland: Ah
Eitas Santhil: Equally foolhardy.
Eli Knowland: A body
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... purple light?
Eitas Santhil: No chance of it moving?
Rand Colds: nothing here.
Eli Knowland: Any identifing marks on it?
Rolo Underfoot: lots of bones about.
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Eli Knowland: This has all the appearence of potential Undead
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't liking this

Karvon : light is emitted by lichen and crystals

Violet Fungus: A tentacle reaches out from the violet fungus and tries to touch you!
Kali Shortwick: Violent fungus? Goodness!
Eli Knowland: wererats
Violet Fungus: The tentacle misses you!

Rand Colds: damned plants.
Kali Shortwick: The environs really are conspiring against us.
Rolo Underfoot: Interesting -- sort of miss that druid actually.
Eli Knowland: We'll have to be on guard now we know the threat
Rand Colds: Where's the druid when you need him? Off writing a book, of course.
Eli Knowland: Try and not let those creatures bite you
Eitas Santhil: What is that creature?
Grumni Hammersmith: did I see some sort of werebeast?
Eli Knowland: Its a wererat
Rand Colds: Half man, half rat.
Grumni Hammersmith: all stink
Kali Shortwick: Tragic.
Eitas Santhil: Which one is the father?
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- thought I saw one in the pack.
Rand Colds: *severs the head, stuffing it in an old frog sack8
Eli Knowland: There'll be more
Rolo Underfoot: left or right?
Eli Knowland: Left
Eitas Santhil: Let's hope the left way is the right way.
Grumni Hammersmith: that poison done me no good
Rolo Underfoot: ugh
Kali Shortwick: The rogue didn't see that one coming?
Rand Colds: *peers into the tiny corner*
Rolo Underfoot: cube
Eli Knowland: Its a small one
Grumni Hammersmith: weird thing
Rolo Underfoot: I could only see the shadow.
Rand Colds: *searches*
Eli Knowland: Another dead end?
Rolo Underfoot: Seems so.
Eitas Santhil: It would seem that way, unless you can prove me otherwise.
Rand Colds: *listens*
Eli Knowland: *sniffs the air* I smell....water?
Grumni Hammersmith: wait
Rolo Underfoot: a man.

Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard!
Eitas Santhil: *Blinks*
Rand Colds: that .... thing was a bomb
Rolo Underfoot: Or was that Eli?
Grumni Hammersmith: that were an abomination alright
Eitas Santhil: What the bleedin' heck was that?
Eli Knowland: What happened? he ....blew up?
Eli Knowland: I didn't cast a spell
Karvon : Yellow mold
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* yer ain't been on the fireballs again?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. he jsut walked up and BOOM!
Eli Knowland: No, I haven't
Eitas Santhil: ....Quite so. Boom indeed.
Rand Colds: *rubs his lucky cat collar*
Rolo Underfoot: another dead end.
Eli Knowland: I got the smell of water coming from the passage to the right
Rand Colds: spider
Rand Colds: oh
Eitas Santhil: You have a good nose then.

Rolo Underfoot: buggers.
Eitas Santhil: Birds? In the cave?
Rolo Underfoot: They must hate spiders.
Eli Knowland: I'll just have a look outside
Karvon : stirges not birds
Rand Colds: If this leads out, we should go back to that last cave and look for another hiddendoor

Rolo Underfoot: on on earth?
Grumni Hammersmith: huh... strange thing
Eitas Santhil: You could say that again
Rand Colds: four gold in its gullet*
Grumni Hammersmith: yuck - keep it
Rand Colds: Okay.
Kali Shortwick: A more scenic dead-end.
Rolo Underfoot: Nice place here -- except for the critters.
Eitas Santhil: Did it eat a farmer or something?
Eli Knowland: There's another valley or something outside the cave entrance. I don't think we've seen it before
Rand Colds: oh?
Rolo Underfoot: I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
Grumni Hammersmith: I could do with a rest
Eli Knowland: Let's rest outside

Eli Knowland: Bugbears!
Rolo Underfoot: aye
Rolo Underfoot: Good shot!
Eitas Santhil: Aren't they gnolls?
Eli Knowland: Gnolls actually
Grumni Hammersmith: we been here before?
Rand Colds: chain armor
Eli Knowland: i don't think so
Rand Colds: aye, been here before.
Rolo Underfoot: Valley of the caves no?
Eli Knowland: I found a key on the body
Grumni Hammersmith: excellent
Rolo Underfoot: you did?
Eli Knowland:
Rand Colds: I have one as well.
Rolo Underfoot: Want to go back the way we came or in here?
Rolo Underfoot: Back to the first secret door?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *shrugs*

Eitas Santhil: We went in a great loop, it seems.
Rand Colds: either way.
Rolo Underfoot: Right might come in handy.
Eitas Santhil: Are we hoping to find anything specific down here in any case?
Eli Knowland: we could try another door
Rand Colds: Necromancer.
Eitas Santhil: Ah
Rolo Underfoot: Well we went in and out right away.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* he'll be here somewhere
Eli Knowland: Well, we don't know what lies beyond these locked doors. Might be nothing, might be something
Rolo Underfoot: But now we can find out!
Eitas Santhil: Steal the loot, get the girl, all that?
Eli Knowland: Something like that
Kali Shortwick: Not exactly /my/ priorities.
Eli Knowland: We rescued a woman last time we were here
Rand Colds: Key master?
Grumni Hammersmith: we got the girl last time and she gave us no money fer saving her
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni?
Eitas Santhil: Mine neither, but it's expected of us.
Eli Knowland: That's because she didn't have any
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Eli Knowland: She said she would repay the favour sometime. that's good enough for me
Kali Shortwick: How noble.
Rolo Underfoot: ok clear.
Kali Shortwick: Although the height of nobility would be expecting no reward at all, but then we wouldn't be doing these tasks.
Rand Colds: I'm no bloody noble, pay me.
Eli Knowland: Well, we never said we were noble
Grumni Hammersmith: too true
Eitas Santhil: I thought it went without saying?
Rolo Underfoot: We just need to visit the Guild I'm thinking.
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm which way?
Eli Knowland: Always ahead Rolo
Eitas Santhil: There was a wall ahead.
Eitas Santhil: What's why we turned left
Rolo Underfoot: a door?
Kali Shortwick: How do these seemingly materialize??
Rolo Underfoot: empty here.
Grumni Hammersmith: what about that door?
Eli Knowland: It leads somewhere
Rolo Underfoot: Shall we check it out then?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Let's not miss anything.
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Why not
Rand Colds: Want to only walk these halls once, if possible.

Rolo Underfoot: outside.
Eli Knowland: More Gnolls
Rand Colds: Foolish dogs, need to learn how to heel.
Eli Knowland: This one here we killed earlier
Eitas Santhil: Excellent shot.
Eli Knowland: Another key
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Kali Shortwick: He must be in the vicinitity then ...
Grumni Hammersmith: back in?
Eitas Santhil: Weren't we here before?
Rolo Underfoot: Another copy of a key you already gave me I think.
Eli Knowland: Its a key to their lair perhaps?
Rolo Underfoot: nothing.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm -- try it or leav it?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm....
Grumni Hammersmith: don't like the look of this
Eitas Santhil: What manner of camp is this?
Rolo Underfoot: Middle of dinner?
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Kali Shortwick: Humanoid activity ?
Eli Knowland: Gnolls, Bugbears, bandits ...take your pick
Rand Colds: this is one of the locked doors

Rolo Underfoot: eh?
Rand Colds: WE will bargain
Rolo Underfoot: They want to bargain?
Grumni Hammersmith: I moradin's name - what's going on?
Female Bugbear: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, we will bargain.
Female Bugbear: You kill dead things? [The creature kneels down, and draws a crude skull in the dust.
Eitas Santhil: Is that undead?
Female Bugbear: Yes! Kill, kill! [It stomps on the skull]
Rand Colds: undead back the way we came, lets go.
Eitas Santhil: Of course I'll destroy undead. But where? How?
Female Bugbear: You go talk Haggadiah. [The creature points back the way you came, and then draws a crude map in the dirt. He points to where Haggadiah lives - you copy it all down on your own map.]
Bugbear Warrior: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! this is insanity
Rand Colds: Rolo, find that door.
Grumni Hammersmith: I do not understand you.
Female Bugbear: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Young Bugbear: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Rolo Underfoot: They are driving me mad!
Young Bugbear: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Eitas Santhil: You want to kill something?
Bugbear Warrior: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Female Bugbear: Dur! [It stomps on the skull]
Bugbear Warrior: Kakkatok? Kakkatok?
Rand Colds: ROLO over here
Female Bugbear: Kakkatok? Kakkatok?
Grumni Hammersmith: they're bugbears, what more do we need to know? I say put 'em to the sword
Karvon : The Bugbears gestures and seem a bit upset you are in their lair
Female Bugbear: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Rand Colds: Damned locked door.
Bugbear Warrior: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Grumni Hammersmith: shut up!
Bugbear Warrior: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Young Bugbear: Kakkatok! Kakkatok!
Rand Colds: *watches the slaughter*
Eitas Santhil: So many of them.
Rand Colds: *looks at the twitching bodies*
Rolo Underfoot: What a mess.
Karvon : and the bugbears are slaughtered
Eli Knowland: Nothing much of value on them anyways
Eitas Santhil: Quite so.
Rand Colds: Locked door around the corner.
Grumni Hammersmith: that shut 'em up (wipes blood off armour*
Eitas Santhil: *Looks at the pile of bodies.*
Eitas Santhil: Kakkatok, was it?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, they wanted to bargain -- knew something abut the necromancer.

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session 23 - Bugbears Lair

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:18 pm

Karvon : Party finally got past the locked secret doors with the newly made double ax. Found a couple of new cavern complexes and stumbled into the middle of the bugbear lair and proceeded to slaughter then when talking got tiresome. The party is outside a door which was trapped. You can hear the sound of numerous bugbears beyond the door.

Grumni Hammersmith: looks like that trap was too much fer the new guys
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Well, we warned them!
Grumni Hammersmith: pft
Rand Colds: half plate armor

Karvon : Apparently the chief and his guards

Grumni Hammersmith: just some smelly old leather
Rolo Underfoot: trap on the chest
Eli Knowland: Plenty of second rate weapons and armour if any of you are looking for some
Grumni Hammersmith: *takes cover*
Grumni Hammersmith: any arrows?
Eli Knowland: No, sorry
Rolo Underfoot: got it.
Rand Colds: magic bastard sword and magic morningstar
Eli Knowland: If there's a spare crossbow lying about, I've got some spare bolts you can have
Grumni Hammersmith: *low whistle* gold galore!
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see anything else.
Grumni Hammersmith: come see

Karvon : The clan hoard

Eli Knowland: *whistles*
Grumni Hammersmith: rich pickings
Rolo Underfoot: oh? Was it a rich clan?
Rolo Underfoot: Wonderful -- might be able to afford that merchant's wares next tiem.
Eli Knowland: I'll take the scroll and the summoning stone
Rand Colds: Need help carrying anything?
Grumni Hammersmith: 1500gp
Grumni Hammersmith: gold will be too heavy fer me
Eli Knowland: I can carry it
Rolo Underfoot: I can pack a bit as well.
Rand Colds: *empties the box*
Eli Knowland: Rand has it all
Rand Colds: How many bags can you carry?
Eli Knowland: 4
Rolo Underfoot: oh about 6 or 8?
Rolo Underfoot: Ah thanks friend.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, much better shooting with yer fireball that time Eli
Eli Knowland: Who's looking for a spare crossbow?
Grumni Hammersmith: not I
Eli Knowland: I've some bolts I could give you
Grumni Hammersmith: it arrows I'm in need of
Rand Colds: I have some
Eli Knowland: But could you use one in the meantime?
Grumni Hammersmith: cheers
Rand Colds: I have the plate armor, will try to carry it back to the keep. May have to drop it though.
Grumni Hammersmith: Rand's fixed the problem Eli thanks anyway
Rand Colds: half plate
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Alright....shall we move on?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: ah half plate -- yep.
Rand Colds: I have some extra bullets, if you need em, rolo
Rolo Underfoot: We been this way?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: I don't recall.
Rand Colds: that was where the women and children bugbears were
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing -- ready?
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rolo Underfoot: Wow -- came out of thin air!
Rand Colds: morning star on top of the wall here.
Grumni Hammersmith: this place it riddled with the stinkers

Karvon : A big complex, a big clan

Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. nothing interesting here.
Rand Colds: Rolo, can you take a few more items
Rolo Underfoot: about 10# worth.
Rand Colds: That helps, thanks.
Eli Knowland: carry another bag of gold if your stuck
Rolo Underfoot: oh nice sword -- wish I could use it!
Rand Colds: I have one of those as well, can't use it.
Rolo Underfoot: Can try -- I can keep watch.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* we be in the middle of it fer sure.
Rand Colds: We've been here before.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* bugbear gibberish
Rand Colds: We spared those last bugbears, last time
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, distracted me from finding a trap. *frowns*
Rand Colds: this cave leads to the canyon.

Rolo Underfoot: whoa.
Grumni Hammersmith: worth a try
Rand Colds: *stands guard*
Eli Knowland: Ah...that's better
Grumni Hammersmith: good thinking
Grumni Hammersmith: back in?
Grumni Hammersmith: sneaks

Rolo Underfoot: outside?
Rolo Underfoot: North first?
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Rolo Underfoot: Ready?
Rand Colds: Ready
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs* bugbear brew
Rand Colds: Lots of wood
Rand Colds: food
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see anything unusual.
Grumni Hammersmith: don't thinking I'll be drinking it
Rand Colds: wine
Grumni Hammersmith: carefull yer don't catch fleas off that bedding
Eli Knowland: Found a big too
Rand Colds: lots of oil
Grumni Hammersmith: who's been slepping in yer bed!
Rand Colds: can you carry it, Eli?
Eli Knowland: Sure...but I won't be able to run
Rolo Underfoot: To the other door down?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: me either, at the moment
Rolo Underfoot: I can drop the X-bows if something needs to be packed.
Grumni Hammersmith: sounds sensible
Rolo Underfoot: We didn't leave any loot behind did we?
Rand Colds: yeah, some weapons
Rolo Underfoot: But not magic?
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin magical though?
Rand Colds: the bows are worth the most, crossbows next, then weapons
Rolo Underfoot: ready?
Eli Knowland: Found another good sword
Grumni Hammersmith: I cna carry a bit more now thanks ter moradin's given strength
Rand Colds: how much more?
Rolo Underfoot: East or West?
Grumni Hammersmith: quite a bit actually til it runs out
Eli Knowland: Flip a coin?
Rolo Underfoot: I like East.
Grumni Hammersmith: east it is then
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Rand Colds: *holds still*
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing ... ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: eh?

Karvon : a group of ragged looking human prisoners

Grumni Hammersmith: good fireball opportuniy
Grumni Hammersmith: who're you?
Rolo Underfoot: I think they are not our enemy.
Prisoner Bandit: Thanks for rescuing me! I'll never return to a life of crime...
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Prisoner Bandit: Um we were enslaved by the bugbears
Rand Colds: Not so fast. You're going into custody.
Prisoner Bandit: And HOW are you doing that? Keep's miles away...
Grumni Hammersmith: life of crime? *frowns*
Rand Colds: Hmm, let me think about that.
Prisoner Bandit: We, um, live here in the valley.
Rand Colds: Not anymore.
Prisoner Bandit: Oh?
Eli Knowland: They look like Bandits to me
Grumni Hammersmith: yer bandits by yer own admission!
Rand Colds: the others have been rounded up already.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- your friends did not survive you.
Grumni Hammersmith: or put ter the sword
Grumni Hammersmith: *spits*
Rand Colds: We could leave you here for the bugbears.
Prisoner Bandit: We warred on the other humanoids, kept'm under control sorta.
Grumni Hammersmith: gobin dung!
Eli Knowland: And preying on innocent travellers!
Grumni Hammersmith: *goblin
Prisoner Bandit: Without us round, they'd have run wild on the roads and such.
Eli Knowland: If they done come quietly...I say kill them all
Eli Knowland: Don't
Prisoner Bandit: no keep patrols ever come out here.
Rand Colds: You just kept them from doing what you wanted to do all along.
Grumni Hammersmith: leave 'em ter the bugbears I say
Prisoner Bandit: Nah, we ain't like dem at all
Rand Colds: I'll lock you in.
Prisoner Bandit: Not if I can help it!
Grumni Hammersmith: cowards
Rolo Underfoot: Run, run as fast as you can ...
Rand Colds: not fast enough

Karvon : and they flee. this was obviously a prison; the conditions are awful as is the smell.

Eli Knowland: Nothing in here
Rand Colds: damnit
Grumni Hammersmith: scum
Rand Colds: If I wasn't so laden down with loot, I'd have caught them all.
Rolo Underfoot: *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe they will clear some traps on the way out?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rand Colds: enough weapons laying around
Rolo Underfoot: door here
Rand Colds: I'll wait here on that door.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Grumni Hammersmith: trapped?
Rolo Underfoot: Ready? I don't see a trap do you?
Grumni Hammersmith: no
Eli Knowland: None of the doors here were trapped

Rolo Underfoot: kobolds!

Karvon : a group of mangy looking kobalds eye you with obvious terror

Kobold Prisoner: Help! You let us go, you nice human. Goodbye!
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs* smells like a latrine!

Karvon : worse than the human prison actually

Rolo Underfoot: What are you doing down here?
Grumni Hammersmith: too late
Rolo Underfoot: gone ..
Eli Knowland: We're really been soft on all sorts

Karvon : they scamper off

Rand Colds: any secret doors
Rolo Underfoot: They are defenseless -- what sport in that?
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see any.
Eli Knowland: A dead end...or a secret door?
Rolo Underfoot: End of the line.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Now what?
Rand Colds: I was hoping we'd find the necromancer here somewhere, after the way the bugbear women were talking about undead
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- a lot of caves -- all twisting and winding about.
Grumni Hammersmith: did we go through all of them locked doors that needed me key?
Rolo Underfoot: Nope.
Grumni Hammersmith: I say we go back ter that then
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps we should sell our loot though?
Rand Colds: I'm ready to go sell some junk, that's for sure.
Rolo Underfoot: Resupply and all that.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: we could
Rolo Underfoot: good as any

Rand Colds: Keep an eye over head
Rand Colds: *looks to the sky*
Grumni Hammersmith: *does same*

Karvon : It's a dark and stormy night; Hard to judge the hour with the clouds covering the sky.

Grumni Hammersmith: maybe tha tower will be out?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: fireball
Rolo Underfoot: Buggers ambushed us!
Rand Colds: Eli?
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's lightening fried 'em good
Rolo Underfoot: Where is Eli?
Rand Colds: Here he is.
Rolo Underfoot: Missed a good fight Eli!
Eli Knowland: Looks like you were busy
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- those buggers we freed thought they'd return the favor by jumping us.
Eli Knowland: I said they would
Rolo Underfoot: Meat? ugh.
Rolo Underfoot: 5 coins!!

Eli Knowland: Those damn birds again
Grumni Hammersmith: yer weakened Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: damn ... could have went all day without that.
Rolo Underfoot: a bit but I can ... oh that is much better thanks!
Rand Colds: *looks skyward*

Karvon : The rains stopped, but still overcast.

Eli Knowland: The rain has stopped
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles marching tune*
Rolo Underfoot: Afraid it will poop on ya Rand?
Eli Knowland: We might be lucky and catch the Tower
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: will the tower buy swords?
Rolo Underfoot: Not with all this baggage -- that would not be lucky.
Rolo Underfoot: Focus fellas.
Rand Colds: I'll wait here for you.
Rolo Underfoot: What are you going to do if you see it?
Rolo Underfoot: bother
Eli Knowland: Tower is not here
Grumni Hammersmith: no luck
Eli Knowland: We'll come back tomorrow night
Rand Colds: crikey that thing bites hard.
Rolo Underfoot: Tell me about it.

Karvon : thru the gloom, you can see the signal fire of the keep

Rand Colds: wonder why that's lit?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Candry!
Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Eli Knowland: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Eli Knowland: To find a place to sleep.
Laurl: Name?
Eli Knowland: I am Eli Knowland.
Charl: Right!
Eli Knowland: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Eli Knowland: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.
Sabine: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Sabine!
Eli Knowland: Good eve Sabine
Grumni Hammersmith: who pays the best coin fer weaons?
Rand Colds: Mendel.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks surprised* that penny pincher?
Rand Colds: He'll be sleeping though.
Rand Colds: at least his wagon is still here.
Rand Colds: *rinses off his face in the fountain, drinking from it as well*
Rolo Underfoot: 30 for the Cross bows -- 742 for the +1 Bastard Sword -- is that a fair price?
Eli Knowland: Yep
Rand Colds: I suppose so
Rolo Underfoot: Good enough 800 is easy to split 4 ways.
Rolo Underfoot: I need to get everyone together or I get it all messed up.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got a fair bit of practice Rand -- let me deal with this guy.
Rand Colds: yes, please do
Rand Colds: you can keep the tools
Rolo Underfoot: heh -- thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: Now if he will just stand still for a moment.
Rand Colds: any better luck, Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: damn -- sold my mace too!
Rand Colds: I have a morning star you can have, if you need it, rolo
Rolo Underfoot: I like a bone beater -- no worries.
Rand Colds: okay
Rolo Underfoot: 4387 + 800=5187 call it 5200 means 1300 each!
Rand Colds: woo hoo, we're rich
Rolo Underfoot: got to get my mace back.
Rolo Underfoot: ugh -- forget it.
Rand Colds: sure you dont want my bone beater?
Rolo Underfoot: You don't use it?
Rand Colds: I can carry some gold for you. I gave you my mace to sell, was gonna keep the star, you can have it, no worries
Rolo Underfoot: I ain't paying 1700 for something he gave me 700 for.
Rolo Underfoot: You keep it -- I'll use rocks.
Rand Colds: thanks
Rolo Underfoot: welcome.
Rolo Underfoot: ok my mistake -- 1040 each with the lass.

Jess: evening
Grumni Hammersmith: hello
Jess: can I get ya anything?
Grumni Hammersmith: ale please lass
Jess: right away
Jess: Here's your ale. Anything else, just holler.
Jess: *smiles*
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps ale*
Tavern Patron: Hey Dwarf
Grumni Hammersmith: Hey dwarf? how rude!
Tavern Patron: You and yer friends slew that damn Bulllette.
Tavern Patron: Thanks fer that *pats you the back*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, well I guess the ale's on the house tonight
Grumni Hammersmith: *sorts through equipment*
Grumni Hammersmith: *spots Kali*
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, there yer are, we wuz wondering where ye'd gone
Kali Shortwick: My apologies, Master dwarf ... I tend to wander.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* fair enough
Eli Knowland: Ah...Kali...good to see you
Kali Shortwick: And still did not manage to encounter our undead friend.
Eli Knowland: glad you made it back to the Keep alright
Grumni Hammersmith: we clobbered a few more of them bugbears put we didn't see the corpse botherer
Eli Knowland: *reaches into his pack* Something you shoyld have. A share of our takings
Kali Shortwick: I really hope our next mission is more ... straight-forward, and not littered with those inane beasts.
Grumni Hammersmith: well... their dead fer now anyway
Kali Shortwick: Ah; that's generous. I didn't even need to sign a contract to help myself to my share!
Eli Knowland: We should concentrate on getting to the Tower...Its been a week since we've last seen it
Jess: Evening, what can I get you?
Grumni Hammersmith: its profitable ter hang around with us *grins*
Eli Knowland: You desevered it
Kali Shortwick: Something /other/ than bread..
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... could yer use some half-plate lass?
Kali Shortwick: Anything. Surprise me.
Eli Knowland: Some wine and cheese for me
Jess: How about a nice soup? We have onion and tators tonite.
Grumni Hammersmith: I've got a spare suit
Kali Shortwick: Beautiful!
Jess: Right then, anything to drink?
Kali Shortwick: Onions never sounded so refreshing. And some milk, please.
Eli Knowland: *looks from Grumni to Kali and back* Won't it be a bit big for her?
Jess: *nods* coming up.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* don't know til yer try
Kali Shortwick: Agh!!
Grumni Hammersmith: agh?
Eli Knowland: It should really be a Half-Half Plate!
Grumni Hammersmith: it ain't got fleas has it/
Kali Shortwick: Before I can even deign to try it on, I need to unload some not-so necessary objects from my pack...
Grumni Hammersmith: ?
Kali Shortwick: I feel like a mule just hopped on my back.
Eli Knowland: The smithy or the Temple are good places to unload stuff
Grumni Hammersmith: sell yr old armour perhaps?

Kali Shortwick: Much obliged, Rolo.
Rand Colds: in the morning we can buy some supplies and get trade goods instead of lugging gold everywhere.
Grumni Hammersmith: that smith's a robbing dog but if yer want to be heading out quick I'll go sell me loot
Kali Shortwick: Before breakfast or after?
Eli Knowland: Are we going to wait for Night and try the Tower?
Rolo Underfoot: No problem.
Grumni Hammersmith: sure
Rand Colds: It's nearly dawn already.
Eli Knowland: We could use the break to rest up
Kali Shortwick: I have no protests.
Rand Colds: Drinks Jess.
Jess : *sets out food and drink*
Jess : Ah what would you like, sir?
Eli Knowland: *nods his thanks*
Rand Colds: Ale, the good stuff.
Jess: *nods*
Jess: Anything else?
Grumni Hammersmith: *heaves big bag of swords*
Rand Colds: Food, I suppose.
Jess: We have soup tonite.
Eli Knowland: *tucks into the cheese and bread on the table*
Rolo Underfoot: Well, if any of you come across a spare beater let me know -- got wrapped up in the heat of the moment and sold mine.
Jess: *sets out more food and drinks*
Jess: Enjoy
Rolo Underfoot: Is Medel's shop open?
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks Jess.
Rand Colds: thanks jess
Rand Colds: *leaves a tip*

Karvon: The next morning, the party visits Mendel's stall.

Grumni Hammersmith: *awaits penny pinchers*
Mendel: Hello friend, would you like to look at my goods?
Eli Knowland: Yes, please.
Grumni Hammersmith: that robbing smith only gave me 170g fer them rapiers
Grumni Hammersmith: what's that split 5 ways?
Rand Colds: 30 gold each
Mendel: *smiles* Well looks like the gods have blessed you lot.
Rand Colds: Only one god is guiding us, Moradin.
Kali Shortwick: Perhaps next time they'll bless us with better prices.
Mendel: *laughs*
Kali Shortwick: I received 186 gold pieces for the half plate ...
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, moradin be praised
Grumni Hammersmith: keep it lass
Kali Shortwick: Alright then ...
Mendel: So what you all been upto? *examines items*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rand Colds: *buys a helm*
Eli Knowland: I'm a good deal lighter now, thanks to our merchant friend
Rolo Underfoot: As am I!
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm off fer a quick nap
Rolo Underfoot: ok I've got a bit of resupplying to do.
Kali Shortwick: Perhaps I ought to purchase a round of bolts or two...

Abercrombie Krown: May the Cudgel bless you. Who comes to our chapel today?
Kali Shortwick: I am Kali Shortwick. What god is this chapel devoted to?
Abercrombie Krown: Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Do you require my services?
Kali Shortwick: Yes, thank you.
Abercrombie Krown: Would you like healing, do you need to purchase something, or do you need to learn?
Kali Shortwick: I would like to see what items you have available.
Abercrombie Krown: All right. Here they are.

Rand Colds: lets tell the castellan what's going on.
Rolo Underfoot: Need to spend some time and figure out who actually give good deals and who doesn't -- I'm thinking that damn smith is a cheat.
Kali Shortwick: Yes, but hopefully the faithful are divinely kind with their prices.
Rolo Underfoot: Good idea. Been a while since we chatted -- should check on that lady in the guild as well.

Rand Colds: Hello
Devereau: Good day *looks up from his papers*
Rand Colds: I defeated this were rat
Devereau: Hmm
Rand Colds: Looks like he may have been a bandit at one time
Devereau: Had heard of such *examines head*
Rand Colds: We defeated a great many of the bandits
Devereau: Hope none of the keep folk are infected.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Devereau: What other news have you of the valley?
Rand Colds: The bugbears were active, we found kobold and bandit prisoners in thier caves
Rolo Underfoot: We rescued a lady guild person too.
Devereau: hmm, so you put the bugbears to the sword I take it?
Devereau: Lady guild person?
Rand Colds: yes, Lady Lanore, I told you of her last time.
Rolo Underfoot: That we did!
Devereau: Ah, not familiar with her.
Rand Colds: She is staying at the guild house, or was last time we seen here.
Rand Colds: her.
Rolo Underfoot: Really? Interesting.
Devereau: She's not been seen around.
Rand Colds: No sign of her, huh?
Devereau: She apparently left shortly after her arrival.
Rolo Underfoot: Why doesn't that bit of news surprise me?
Devereau: Did not call on us, so don't know about her.
Rand Colds: Figures, she'd leave as soon as we turned our backs. No reward, or anything.
Devereau: Well our resources here are meager, but we can offer you a small token of thanks for your efforts.
Rand Colds: I think the caves are almost clear. A few more nooks and crannies to look into.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: We'll gladly accept you token.
Devereau: We can give offer you some healing supplies courtesy of the chapel or some gold.
Rand Colds: *grins toothily*
Rolo Underfoot: *grins*
Rand Colds: there are five of us now, a few have left for greener pastures, if you know what I mean.
Devereau: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: That was some pretty good healing you had the last time.
Devereau: Is that what you would prefer then?
Rand Colds: yes, the strong heal kits are preferred.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Devereau: Very well *takes a sack out of his cabinet and set out some supplies*
Rolo Underfoot: Wonderful.
Devereau: Thanks again for you work and please keep us informed of any further developments.
Rand Colds: Rolo, can you grab the others and hand them out?
Rolo Underfoot: I'll let you deliver the rest Rand if you like?
Rolo Underfoot: oh very well.
Rand Colds: *nods to Devereau*
Rand Colds: *waves farewell*
Rolo Underfoot: Thank you sir -- always good chatting with you.

Eli Knowland: How did you get on?
Grumni Hammersmith: ready
Kali Shortwick: Well enough and ready as well.
Eli Knowland: I am too
Eli Knowland: We should head to the Tower and wait for nightfall
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Kali Shortwick: Aye.
Kali Shortwick: Lead on.
Grumni Hammersmith: where's the others?
Eli Knowland: Finally we'll be able to put an end to the mystery
Eli Knowland: I think they're reporting in
Eli Knowland: to the Castellan
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Eli Knowland: We can leave when they're finished
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: Let's hope we've seen the back of them bugbears
Kali Shortwick: Seconded; I still am reeling from motion sickness from their fur-riddled twitching.
Grumni Hammersmith: my nose is still twitching from their stink
Kali Shortwick: Hah!
Kali Shortwick: I guess unsavory scents are part of the territory, especially with the so-called "corpse-botherer".
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: I wonder what strangeness lurks in the tower?
Kali Shortwick: You shan't need to wonder much longer.
Grumni Hammersmith: every one got enough food? could be a hard march ter the tower

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session 24 - Under the tower

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:20 pm

Karvon : You cleared out the bugbear lair and made your way back to the keep. Restocked and reported in. You've been considering your options.

Rand Colds: We'll head for the tower.
Rolo Underfoot: I've got 4 foods should get a bit more.
Eli Knowland: I have a heap...I can give you some if your stuck
Rand Colds: I have four as well
Eli Knowland: 16 here
Rolo Underfoot: You need a heap Eli!
Eli Knowland: Big lad, don't you know!
Rolo Underfoot: ooohh....

Sabine: *nods*
Eli Knowland: *nods to Sabine* Your still on duty? You could do with a break
Sabine: *shrugs*
Sabine: Heading out again I see.
Eli Knowland: Hope the pay is good
Eli Knowland: Yeah, not the weather for it but....*shrugs*
Rand Colds: Yes, once more out to clear the paths.
Sabine: All part of keeping the community safe.
Rolo Underfoot: ok ready here.

Laurl: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or Foe?
Sabine: Good luck
Eli Knowland: Well, we'll be seeing you
Rand Colds: Friend!
Charl: What is your purpose?
Rand Colds: To adventure in this area.
Laurl: Name?
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds.
Charl: Right!
Rand Colds: So, would you open the gates?
Laurl: Not yet. This is a peaceable place. We don't like brawling in the streets, folks stabbed in the tavern, or anything like that. Stay out of trouble, and you'll find the Keep a home away from home. Stir up trouble and you'll wish you'd never come.
Rand Colds: Ok, I guess.
Charl: NOW we'll open the gates.

Eli Knowland: That low cloud is sure making it dark tonight
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Chandry!
Chandry: *waves*
Rolo Underfoot: grass between my toes!
Eli Knowland: Wet grass!
Rolo Underfoot: aye
Eli Knowland: Maybe the rain will keep the birds away
Eli Knowland: I see not!

Rolo Underfoot: You folks find a mace, let me know!
Eli Knowland: *nods* Sure Rolo
Rand Colds: how about a pick?
Eli Knowland: Its probably too big Rand
Rolo Underfoot: That damn smith confused me and got me to sell my old one.
Rolo Underfoot: bugger.
Eli Knowland: He caught you Rolo
Rolo Underfoot: aye, he did.
Eli Knowland: You'll have to get something back from him instead
Rolo Underfoot: all on account of that blasted axe-key.

Eli Knowland: Spider
Rolo Underfoot: gosh -- didnt' even see them.
Eli Knowland: I thought I saw only one...I was way wrong though

Eli Knowland: Its a bit early...we could wander round a little
Rand Colds: not that early
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. you are correct.

Karvon : It's difficult to judge the exact time due to the cloud cover, but it's near the middle of the night.

Rand Colds: *watches for mist*
Rolo Underfoot: what happens if we wait on that bare spot do you think?
Rand Colds: maybe our heads will fall in.
Eli Knowland: The area seems quiet
Rolo Underfoot: Could we end up inside a wall?
Rand Colds: here it is.
Rolo Underfoot: Here it comes!
Eli Knowland: There's the mist starting to form
Rolo Underfoot: Give it room.
Rolo Underfoot: We should all enter the same place don't you think?

Karvon : Mist slowly forms

Eli Knowland: How does it appear and disappear like that?
Rand Colds: Yes.
Rand Colds: I'm no wizard.
Rolo Underfoot: No idea -- perhaps we will find out?

Karvon : an image begins to slowly shimmer

Eli Knowland: Well, I am and I still don't know
Rolo Underfoot: Something ...
Eli Knowland: Ah
Rolo Underfoot: There!
Rand Colds: Show us the way, Rolo.
Eli Knowland: Right on time I think

Karvon : ...and then seems to materialize.

Rolo Underfoot: Is that man in the window still there?
Eli Knowland: Let's not waste time
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rand Colds: I dunno

Karvon : a figure can be seen high on the battlements.

Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- he is there.
Rand Colds: *follows Rolo*
Eli Knowland: *walks up the steps to the door*

Karvon : difficult to make out due to the distance and the darkness.

Rolo Underfoot: Not like that Eli -- through the wall.
Eli Knowland: *tries the door*
Eli Knowland: Through the wall

Karvon : It's merely an image, as you get closer you pass thru it.

Rolo Underfoot: *walks through the wall*
Rolo Underfoot: *or tries to?*
Rand Colds: *walks through as well*
Eli Knowland: *shrugs and follows Rolo*

Karvon : and you find yourselves on the outskirts of overgrown grounds.

Rolo Underfoot: THis be it.
Rolo Underfoot: don't see the bugs.
Rolo Underfoot: There they are
Eli Knowland: That's the Tower? In that light?
Eli Knowland: *Goes closer to the Tower*

Karvon : Before you stands a tower identical in appearance to the one you passed thru.Completely encasing the tower is a shimmering blue force field roughly six inches form the wall. As your gaze wanders across the tower, you catch a flicker of movement at its top. Suddenly a gruesome looking ghost flits from behind the tower. It is trapped behind the force field, but that doesn't stop it from fixing it gaze upon you!

Eli Knowland: See that?
Eli Knowland: Looks like a Ghost!
Rand Colds: spirit
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- the same thing again?
Rand Colds: wish Grumni were here.

Karvon : there does not seem to be a way thru the force field.

Eli Knowland: Over here!
Eli Knowland: Look...Another building
Rand Colds: *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: *listens*
Rand Colds: *shakes head8
Rolo Underfoot: nothing.

Rolo Underfoot: bats and beetle hole?

Karvon : stables seem empty aside from the bats

Eli Knowland: What are they? Bales of Hay?
Rolo Underfoot: Why did they do this?

Karvon : Yes bales of hay stand stacked against one wall.

Rolo Underfoot: looks down the hole.
Large Hole: This large hole descends deep into the earth. It is hard to see just how deep it goes.
Eli Knowland: What about that hole....Beetles?
Rand Colds: Hold a torch and peer into the hole.
Large Hole: Suprisingly, you can see the bottom. The hole only appears about ten feet deep.
Rand Colds: *Listen*
Large Hole: You hear heavy shuffling noises below.
Rand Colds: something down here
Eli Knowland: Sounds like it
Rand Colds: Climb down into the hole.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*

Eli Knowland: Oh...Owlbears
Rand Colds: two so far
Rolo Underfoot: oh good work Rand!
Eli Knowland: I think there's something else here
Rolo Underfoot: a sick one?
Rand Colds: dead owlbear is best
Rolo Underfoot: not any more!!

Eli Knowland: That room to the has a darkness spell cast in it
Rolo Underfoot: pitch black in here.
Eli Knowland: Oh....this is weird
Rolo Underfoot: hmm.
Eli Knowland: Room inside of rooms
Rolo Underfoot: hidden door.
Rolo Underfoot: *listen*
Eli Knowland: This place is a dead end except for that
Rand Colds: want me to go first?
Rand Colds: *spot*
Rolo Underfoot: torture room?
Eli Knowland: Look there....I think that wall moves
Rand Colds: No door in.
Rolo Underfoot: It isn't a wall.
Eli Knowland: Ah....I thought so
Rand Colds: Rolo, your amazing
Rolo Underfoot: down or later?
Rand Colds: later
Eli Knowland: Hmmmm...down I think

Eli Knowland: ghee...that was an ugly thing!
Rand Colds: stinky thing
Rolo Underfoot: That is what we need to dig I'm thinking.
Rand Colds: Whatever it is.
Rand Colds: spring would've known.
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Eli Knowland: Cages...for prisoners?
Rolo Underfoot: onward I guess.
Rand Colds: a way into the tower?
Eli Knowland: check this out later too?
Rolo Underfoot: We can go up here. Dunno.
Eli Knowland: I see tracks
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- but what made them?
Rand Colds: something big, I think
Eli Knowland: humanoid?
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: lots of broken weapons
Eli Knowland: Nothing any useful?
Rolo Underfoot: Broken ... how interesting.
Rand Colds: um
Rolo Underfoot: hmm.
Rand Colds: somethings differnet
Rand Colds: different
Rolo Underfoot: Don't know what to think.
Rolo Underfoot: Where is that dwur when you need him?
Rand Colds: *tosses a rock asid*
Eli Knowland: Good man rand
Rand Colds: Move the stone aside.
Small Stone: You manage to lift the stone and move it aside.
Rolo Underfoot: Why to go Rand!
Rand Colds: *grunts*

Rolo Underfoot: trap
Rolo Underfoot: that got it.
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Rand Colds: crypt
Eli Knowland: Some stuff lying around
Rolo Underfoot: clear
Rand Colds: heck, they dont need it anymore
Eli Knowland: See that there? The left index finger appears to be craved into some sort of key!
Rolo Underfoot: I can use that sword.
Rolo Underfoot: iron spikes.
Rand Colds: here, look at this
Rand Colds: i guess.
Rolo Underfoot: Where did you find that?
Rand Colds: in that armor and pack
Eli Knowland: Think we stirred up a horents nest!
Rolo Underfoot: Shall we see where they came from?
Rand Colds: lets draw them to us
Eli Knowland: Ok, here's the deal. I think I have four keys to open the coffins in the four corners of this room
Rolo Underfoot: good plan.
Eli Knowland: I figure we open them and see what's inside
Eli Knowland: I see if this one fits here
Rolo Underfoot: more back there.
Eli Knowland: Hmm...that's not it
Eli Knowland: The keys must be for somewhere else
Rand Colds: fruit basket
Rand Colds: damn trap
Eli Knowland: That's a good wolf!
Eli Knowland: There may be more traps
Eli Knowland: Let Rolo up front
Rolo Underfoot: Did anyone look inside the boxes?
Eli Knowland: Yeah..nothing
Rand Colds: I did look in two, nothing
Rolo Underfoot: clear
Rand Colds: oh, kneeling
Rolo Underfoot: Well look who finally caught up!
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe we should take him back to those runes?
Rand Colds: Did you get a good look at those arches, Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: afraid not, should we go back?
Rand Colds: yes

Eli Knowland: Good Dwur Grumni!
Eli Knowland: Those damn things nearly got me!
Rand Colds: lets go back
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* guess not
Rand Colds: I think they need a better look
Eli Knowland: Oh look ...a large statue
Rolo Underfoot: trap ahead.
Grumni Hammersmith: me too but the others have run on
Rand Colds: I thought we were going back
Rolo Underfoot: and clear.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles* lads we need ter see them runes
Rolo Underfoot: we can -- or when we return anyway?
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we're going on
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Eli Knowland: did you see that? the statue moved
Rolo Underfoot: it did?
Eli Knowland: A blade came out of it and cut me
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks toe statue* no I didn't
Rand Colds: anybody find anything useful?
Eli Knowland: I think the wall behind can move
Eli Knowland: Just like the earlier one
Rolo Underfoot: I missed it. There was a trap -- I thought I'd cleared it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, I think you are right.
Eli Knowland: Come...let's have a look
Eli Knowland: See? It moved to the right

Rolo Underfoot: wraiths
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... this has soething ter do with Meeklor
Rand Colds: you dont like Meeklor?
Rolo Underfoot: I don't see any traps
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: or Meeker like the parchment said.
Rand Colds: some stuff
Grumni Hammersmith: don't lik the lok of that coffin
Rolo Underfoot: anything?
Rand Colds: wooden sword. Let me read that letter again
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Rand Colds: gloves, bracer, helm and wooden sword
Rand Colds: some rags as well
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* It could mean the sword your holding...or not
Eli Knowland: Its a bit vague
Rolo Underfoot: Sword of the Meek.

Rand Colds: uhoh
Rolo Underfoot: Help
Grumni Hammersmith: uck
Eli Knowland: Your covered in....stuff Rand
Rand Colds: *waves the sword*
Grumni Hammersmith: I need ter be resting lads
Rand Colds: *wipes the rest of the goo off*
Eli Knowland: I still have these four bones that look like keys. They must be for something
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Where did they come from?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd them runes go?
Eli Knowland: From this room, those skeletons
Rolo Underfoot: The skeletons had them?
Eli Knowland: They came from near those coffins
Rand Colds: should I use the sword here.
Rolo Underfoot: Seem to be copies of the same thing -- was anything locked?
Rand Colds: did anyone grab the note?
Eli Knowland: No
Grumni Hammersmith: *examines statue* something about rightousness
Eli Knowland: Yes, I have the note
Rolo Underfoot: I think Eli did.
Rand Colds: lets look again
Rolo Underfoot: I'm goint to take one of those keys if you don't mind?
Eli Knowland: do
Rolo Underfoot: Might find a place for it.
Eli Knowland: There's four of them Rolo
Rand Colds: *kneels*
Eli Knowland: three more on the ground
Rolo Underfoot: I only need the one I think.
Rand Colds: *bows*
Grumni Hammersmith: more stuff about Meeklor, he was a fairly benign diety
Stone: This is a heavy stone from a cave-in. What do you want to do?
Rand Colds: Move the stone aside.
Stone: You manage to lift the stone and move it aside.
Grumni Hammersmith: someone seems ter have ruined his temple
Eli Knowland: Those keys could be a set too Rolo. You might need them all
Grumni Hammersmith: stones look different here too
Rolo Underfoot: Might -- but they look the same to me. Thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: to the runes for Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: Maybe this place was built at different times
Rolo Underfoot: Rand coming?
Rolo Underfoot: not yet.
Eli Knowland: Where are you going Rolo?

Rolo Underfoot: gosh they were a lot further back than I thought.
Rolo Underfoot: Owl bears.
Eli Knowland: Why are we here Rolo? Why not finish off the other areas first?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't want them little 'uns biting yer ankles
Rand Colds: the tower.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah

Karvon : The foundations with the forcefield extending down.

Grumni Hammersmith: gold
Rand Colds: just some bones here
Rolo Underfoot: this isn't where we were though -- can't get back the way we came?
Grumni Hammersmith: 16 gp
Grumni Hammersmith: don't see any runes
Rolo Underfoot: We came down here didn't we?
Rand Colds: nope, the round room
Rolo Underfoot: ah yes.
Rand Colds: i thought so anyways
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Eli Knowland: Its probably the same drill as its arrival....only at certain times
Rolo Underfoot: I'm thinking we should have used a rope?
Eli Knowland: We have a few areas to explore anyhow
Eli Knowland: We can get it later tonight
Rolo Underfoot: ok what next?
Eli Knowland: Back down...there's the ladder and that lower level to look at
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Up or down?
Eli Knowland: Up first
Rolo Underfoot: right
Rolo Underfoot: Something about those rooms with the statues we are missing.
Rand Colds: lets check it out then
Eli Knowland: Hmmm...possible
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno, I just saw stuuf about Meeklor
Eli Knowland: Let's come back to it after the ladder
Rand Colds: I think we're missing something too.
Rolo Underfoot: right --
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: don't see any traps.
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't see anything special
Rolo Underfoot: some furniture back there to look into though.
Grumni Hammersmith: 2 gp
Eli Knowland: Found single gold pieces...two of them
Cabinet: This has been completely emptied.
Rand Colds: *listens*
Armoire: This has been completely emptied.
Rolo Underfoot: emptied.

Karvon : the place has a fairly heavy coat of dust, no one's lived here for a long time.

Eli Knowland: Ah...
Rolo Underfoot: back outside.
Eli Knowland: We know how to get out now
Rand Colds: different exit
Rolo Underfoot: true.
Eli Knowland: Have a look at the statues then?
Grumni Hammersmith: Climb down.
Trapdoor: This trapdoor leads downward into a stone tunnel. Rungs are carved into the stone of the tunnel.
Rolo Underfoot: down?
Eli Knowland: Climb down.
Rand Colds: lets try and solve the statue ritual
Rolo Underfoot: ok
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... yer seen these track lads?
Rand Colds: I picked up a wooden sword, helm, bracers, gloves and rags
Rolo Underfoot: or ... we could back track the way we came the first time and look at those runes?
Rand Colds: Yes.
Eli Knowland: It sounds like someones gear. Maybe you should be wearing them?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye. like in disguise
Rand Colds: I was wearing them
Eli Knowland: And it didn't work? Maybe you weren't doing it right?
Rolo Underfoot: show off. heh
Rand Colds: I agree

Grumni Hammersmith: loads of spikes
Eli Knowland: What about this rusty armour?
Rand Colds: *shrugs* you think its the right armor?
Eli Knowland: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: I reakon we should kneel before this statue lads
Rand Colds: *kneels*
Grumni Hammersmith: the parchment says something about that
Grumni Hammersmith: *kneels*
Rand Colds: where'd the paper go?
Rolo Underfoot: The note was written by another who thought he found a certain tomb.
Eli Knowland: It must be here
Rolo Underfoot: The sword was back here right?
Rand Colds: yes
Rolo Underfoot: all these statues are kneeling.
Rand Colds: they look meek, and well endowed
Rolo Underfoot: heh.
Eli Knowland: These statues are all kneeling in one direction
Eli Knowland: I wonder if we were kneeling at the right one?
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni smashed this one.
Rand Colds: *kneels*
Eli Knowland: Yeah....maybe it meant to knee in front of this. remember...I got sliced by a blade here
Eli Knowland: So I think it might be too late for that now
Rolo Underfoot: nothing.
Eli Knowland: I think whatever was here is gone now
Eli Knowland: Maybe there's something at the lower level?
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps -- nothing here catches my eye.
Eli Knowland: What we really need to find is a way pass that forcefield and get into the Tower proper
Rolo Underfoot: aye.
Eli Knowland: Maybe those keys are a clue or a means
Rolo Underfoot: Need to find the locks they open.
Eli Knowland: Yes, that's the idea

Eli Knowland: Hmm...deeper
Eli Knowland: What? And deeper again?
Rand Colds: uh oh
Rand Colds: dont move
Eli Knowland: Oh ho
Eli Knowland: I see it
Eli Knowland: Rolo!
Rand Colds: theres a .....
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm
Eli Knowland: Don't say you can't disable it
Rolo Underfoot: ok I won't say it .... but I can't.
Eli Knowland: *cruses*
Rand Colds: *backs away*
Eli Knowland: *looks at them both* Thanks...thanks a lot
Rolo Underfoot: Impossible.
Rand Colds: *exhales*
Eli Knowland: *shakes a bit*
Rand Colds: *stays close to Rolo*
Eli Knowland: deep are we going?
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Rand Colds: Until it stops??
Eli Knowland: I know...but it feels like we should be in the Bowels of the earth
Rolo Underfoot: can't get it.
Eli Knowland: Blast...
Rand Colds: pee yew
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Rolo Underfoot: you see it now?
Eli Knowland: Yep
Eli Knowland: It goes WAAYY down!

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session 25 - In the Tower

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:21 pm

Karvon : You've explored several regions beneath the ruins and are at the base of a long descending stairwell leading deep under the tower. The forcefield seems to extend beneath the ground as well from what you've observed.
Karvon : any questions before we resume?

Rolo Underfoot: down some more?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: I wonder if there is a bottom?
Eli Knowland: That's if we ever reach the bottom
Rolo Underfoot: whoa.
Rand Colds: big golem
Rolo Underfoot: whoops -- where did you go?
Rand Colds: ouch, ye gods
Grumni Hammersmith: nasty devil
Rolo Underfoot: Sorry about that -- meant to warn you.
Rand Colds: plate armor on it, I think I can save it.
Eli Knowland: Ah....We must be onto something! That thing was left to guard.....what exactly?
Rolo Underfoot: I think this is the bottom.

Karvon : before you stand several shimmering barriers of energy

Eli Knowland: Look there...a lever between the two fields
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... magic and I see a lever.
Rand Colds: do you want it?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: And a lever here
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Eli Knowland: Well, it seems straight forward to me what we should do next
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... several levers. A puzzle?
Eli Knowland: Pull one then the other
Rolo Underfoot: Send the pig through first?
Grumni Hammersmith: **nods*
Eli Knowland: I don't think thats an option
Rand Colds: I am not going through first.
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Eli Knowland: Careful nnow

Karvon : and the first barrier falls

Rolo Underfoot: Which lever on this side?
Rand Colds: Eli?
Rolo Underfoot: Eli!
Rand Colds: I dont think you should have pulled that one.
Rolo Underfoot: What happened?
Eli Knowland: Damn thing was nearly the death of me
Rolo Underfoot: the lever?
Grumni Hammersmith: best leave it be
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe we need the other one first?
Eli Knowland: Yes...I thought this one might be the right one...but obviously not
Rolo Underfoot: let me try.
Rand Colds: *looks at the other lever*
Rand Colds: *scrambles backwards*
Eli Knowland: Ah...what then is that other lever for?
Rolo Underfoot: That seemed to get it.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... that one must turn it back on?
Rolo Underfoot: Not trying it yet.
Grumni Hammersmith: gone quiet

Karvon : another barrier stands before you

Eli Knowland: Ah...another barrier
Rolo Underfoot: Yes and no lever close by.
Grumni Hammersmith: Ye Gods!

Eli Knowland: What are those things?
Rolo Underfoot: Mechanical things.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* they killed me pig
Rolo Underfoot: *looks into a hole*
Grumni Hammersmith: some sort of keyhole?
Rand Colds: In the hole?
Eli Knowland: They each have a keyhole
Rolo Underfoot: Big key. Oh, I have keys!
Eli Knowland: Maybe the skeleton keys fit?
Grumni Hammersmith: any luck?
Rand Colds: *keeps an eye on the magic barrier*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. doesn't seem to work.
Rolo Underfoot: Something there -- but can't tell what it is.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Got one!
Eli Knowland: Have you?
Rolo Underfoot: It is those bone keys.
Eli Knowland: I knew they would come in useful!
Rolo Underfoot: ok that be all four of them.
Rolo Underfoot: Now what? The barrier?
Grumni Hammersmith: barriers down

Karvon : and indeed the barrier is down

Eli Knowland: Did they turn it off?
Rand Colds: yes, its down
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure -- I guess so.
Eli Knowland: Ah ha...a door
Rolo Underfoot: trap
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Rand Colds: *stays back8
Eli Knowland: Now we're getting somewhere
Grumni Hammersmith: trap
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Grumni Hammersmith: weird machinations
Rand Colds: flying metal
Eli Knowland: Guardians I take it
Rolo Underfoot: I think so, yes.
Eli Knowland: If I see more in time, I'll blast them
Rolo Underfoot: wait
Eli Knowland: AAHHHH!
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard!
Rand Colds: *looks down*
Rolo Underfoot: Damn. Eli! Can you hear me?
Eli Knowland: Ghee...that hurt
Rock: There are some stone outcroppings you might be able to use to climb out of here.
Rand Colds: I don't have any rope.
Eli Knowland: Attempt to climb out of the pit.
Rock: You manage to climb safely out of the pit.
Rolo Underfoot: you and Grumni ok?
Grumni Hammersmith: gah! me legs are too short
Rolo Underfoot: I dont' either.
Rolo Underfoot: What is it a pit?
Eli Knowland: Have we a rope?
Rand Colds: Gah, I thought I could walk around it.
Rolo Underfoot: *tries to skirt the pit*
Rolo Underfoot: How did you get out Eli?
Eli Knowland: If you run and Jump Rolo...I'll catch you
Karvon : if you want to skirt the pit you'll need to make a dex check
Eli Knowland: I just climbed the rocks
Karvon : or you can try jumping it
Rand Colds: *reaches back to give a hand*
Grumni Hammersmith: grrrr....
Eli Knowland: Come on Rolo....jump for it
Eli Knowland: I'll catch you

Karvon : you fall into the pit

Rand Colds: *watches the corridor ahead*
Grumni Hammersmith: I can't do it
Eli Knowland: We'll have to watch out for more of them

Karvon : If you have a rope you can pull folks out, it's too deep for just reaching down

Eli Knowland: There's another!
Rolo Underfoot: like the one in frount of us?
Rand Colds: *glances around*
Eli Knowland: Move Rand
Grumni Hammersmith: Help!
Rand Colds: Which way?
Rolo Underfoot: *tries to skirt this one*
Eli Knowland: Come on can do it
Rand Colds: *tries to jump across*
Rolo Underfoot: there, I made it.

Karvon : hobbit skirts it

Grumni Hammersmith: *prays for divine assistance*

Rolo Underfoot: Grumni, you can do it!
Rolo Underfoot: I can't believe I didn't get rope -- after thinking about it even. *frowns*
Eli Knowland: That makes two of us
Rand Colds: *skirts the pit*
Rand Colds: Grumni?
Rolo Underfoot: May need to go back and push Grumni up?
Eli Knowland: Come on Grumni...keep trying!
Eli Knowland: *shouts back from ahead* Found another one!
Rolo Underfoot: Stay next to the wall -- can't see those darn things.
Eli Knowland: Another one just there *points ahead*
Rolo Underfoot: ah -- there is one!
Rand Colds: Do you mind going first, Rolo. I can't see any traps.
Rolo Underfoot: I can -- but need to get around you.
Rolo Underfoot: ok this is getting pretty old pretty quick.

Rolo Underfoot: You blast them Eli?
Eli Knowland: They jumped me...they were too close so I had to fight them hand-to-hand
Rolo Underfoot: Wow! And you won! Great!
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* Lucky though
Eli Knowland: Only two of them
Rolo Underfoot: Not sure how Grumni is ever going to get here -- those pits are murderous.
Rolo Underfoot: Uh oh!
Rand Colds: Eli?
Rolo Underfoot: What in the hells? A trap?
Grumni Hammersmith: *hammers spikes into wall*
Rand Colds: Maybe we should leave, help Grumni out. Make sure we have rope when we come back.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't see anything -- Eli must have cleared it.
Rand Colds: I think he was already wounded.
Rolo Underfoot: aye. But we need to get Grumni here to get Eli back on his feet.
Rand Colds: Wait, didn't Eli have a scroll.
Rand Colds: can you check him for that scroll.
Grumni Hammersmith: *starts hammering spikes again*
Rolo Underfoot: sure.
Rolo Underfoot: *searches Eli for a scroll.
Grumni Hammersmith: *curses pit diggers*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- got 2 of them. Can you cast them?
Rand Colds: not I, can you?
Rolo Underfoot: I'm not a cleric ...
Rand Colds: *looks back down the hallway*
Grumni Hammersmith: *starts hammering spikes*
Rolo Underfoot: How's that? Eli you back among the living?
Rand Colds: *uses an oak pole to check for pits ahead of him*
Eli Knowland: Just about
Rolo Underfoot: Good thing you had that scroll!
Eli Knowland: Just in case *winks
Grumni Hammersmith: *removing the ones behind him as he goes*
Rolo Underfoot: Smart man -- good thinking on your part.
Rand Colds: This way, Grumni

Karvon : ..and the dazed dwarf eventually climbs out yet again with aid of spikes and hammer

Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Rand Colds: *uses the pole to help the dwarf out of the pit*
Grumni Hammersmith: blasted holes
Rand Colds: more ahead. and Eli got shocked on a trap, bad.
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin's beard!
Rand Colds: Stay close to the wall.
Grumni Hammersmith: *profane curse rise from the pit* .
Grumni Hammersmith: *starts hammering spikes*
Rand Colds: *uses the pole to help pull the dwarf up*
Rolo Underfoot: Eli, you can patch yourself up?
Rand Colds: Oh, not as bad as it seemed after all?
Eli Knowland: I think I'll take a little rest
Eli Knowland: Or..maybe not
Rolo Underfoot: He had a scroll which seemed to do the trick.
Grumni Hammersmith: curse the sons of a pig that built this place
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- you may get your chance Grumni!
Rolo Underfoot: ah thanks friend.
Rolo Underfoot: Well let me go first eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: we clear of those pits yet?
Eli Knowland: Go ahead
Rand Colds: *looks down the long corridor*
Rolo Underfoot: Who knows -- don't see them until I am inside.
Rand Colds: I hope so.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Eli Knowland: oh ho
Eli Knowland: Rolo fallen
Rand Colds: *curses*
Rolo Underfoot: one behind me -- even though you can't see it.
Rand Colds: eli fell
Eli Knowland: Yeah..again!
Rolo Underfoot: trap ahead of me.
Rolo Underfoot: I tried to flag it can you see it?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: have to use the other wall

Karvon : before you stands a huge hall

Rolo Underfoot: Big room.
Grumni Hammersmith: they hit hard
Rand Colds: armor again
Rolo Underfoot: A chest -- traps I expect.
Eli Knowland: I think there's a chest or something across the room
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... ah it is trapped.
Grumni Hammersmith: must be important if something was guarding it
Eli Knowland: Its all alone in this Great Hall
Eli Knowland: Must be valuable to someone
Rolo Underfoot: Shall I open it?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: But of course
Grumni Hammersmith: does it need a dwarven key?
Rolo Underfoot: Strange symbols here -- ge ready for anything.
Rolo Underfoot: it has a key -- nothing else.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rolo Underfoot: Need to find the lock.
Rand Colds: See any doors?
Eli Knowland: A key alone in a chest alone in a big room. What's that about?
Grumni Hammersmith: I hope there's a hidden door around here, I don't want ter have ter dodge them pits again
Rolo Underfoot: This door perhaps?
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Rolo Underfoot: Don't see any traps
Rolo Underfoot: key fit. *listens*
Rolo Underfoot: Ready?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: hmm.
Eli Knowland: Another long corridor?

Rand Colds: woah
Rolo Underfoot: Did we just get ported?
Grumni Hammersmith: going ter be a long day I'm thinking
Karvon : yes
Rand Colds: where's Eli?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd me pig go?
Eli Knowland: Ah....more energy
Rolo Underfoot: yes and a lever ... too easy?
Eli Knowland: And another lever
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm....
Eli Knowland: Who wants to pull it this time?
Rolo Underfoot: trapped.
Rand Colds: some kind of cruel joke
Grumni Hammersmith: *groans*
Rolo Underfoot: I can't disarm it.
Rand Colds: You want me to pull it?
Grumni Hammersmith: give it a tug
Rolo Underfoot: I might have the best chance -- stand back.
Eli Knowland: I have a raise scroll left...should it be needed
Rolo Underfoot: Ready?
Rand Colds: *watches from a safe distance*
Rolo Underfoot: help -- ugh thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: one more time.
Grumni Hammersmith: brave lad
Rolo Underfoot: got it.

Karvon : it's clear

Rolo Underfoot: the tower!
Eli Knowland: Its the bottom of the Tower!
Grumni Hammersmith: at last
Rolo Underfoot: shall we?

Karvon : an error was made in the towers design, the lever should've been inside the field

Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't come this far not ter
Karvon : Rand Colds: all the levers are outside the defences?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: back door?

Karvon : when you pull the lever, there's a slight rumbling and a long shriek is heard.

Rolo Underfoot: Something here
Rolo Underfoot: Invisible
Grumni Hammersmith: sneaky

Karvon : another magical guardian

Scattered Parchment: These notes are incomplete, and many of them are torn or crumpled out of frustration. There appear to be a number of arcane scrawlings here, but the meaning is unclear.
Eli Knowland: Attempt to decipher the arcane writings.
Scattered Parchment: You manage to discern that the wizard was attempting to figure out how to dispel permanent effects. Other than that, his writings deteriorate into rantings and nonsense.

Grumni Hammersmith: got ter be some loot 'ere
Rolo Underfoot: A neat torch here.
Rand Colds: Wizard robes over here, Eli,
Grumni Hammersmith: some sort of statue

Karvon : this appears to have been a library and main living quarters of a wizard

Grumni Hammersmith: antone hear srubbing?
Rand Colds: oh, that feels good.
Grumni Hammersmith: *anyone hear scrubbing
Rand Colds: come stand by this bed
Rolo Underfoot: no, and don't see any traps either.
Grumni Hammersmith: nice
Eli Knowland: See this book....its about a man locked up for 52 years
Grumni Hammersmith: what fer?
Rolo Underfoot: wow! Neato. I need one of these.
Eli Knowland: Doesn't say
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... a magic lamp
Rand Colds: I found some figurines in the vases.

Karvon : The furnishing are lavish but decaying. a thick layer of dust covers most of the room

Rolo Underfoot: Did someone look in those pots and things?
Grumni Hammersmith: I got a dryad statue out of one
Rolo Underfoot: Hmmm --- seems someone was trying to learn to dispell permanent effects -- suppose it has to do with this tower?
Grumni Hammersmith: just some wizards bedroom I'm thinking
Rolo Underfoot: Anything interesting in the book piles?
Grumni Hammersmith: not that I saw
Rolo Underfoot: Anyone want a magic lamp?
Rand Colds: I think these are the books the trader was looking for.
Grumni Hammersmith: already got me one
Rand Colds: I'll take one.
Rolo Underfoot: ah need help packing books?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll have a quick sit down
Eli Knowland: Those books on the bookshelf might be vaulable
Rolo Underfoot: damn.
Eli Knowland: That Sage...D'Ambervile might pay good money for them
Rand Colds: I grabbed eleven I thought were valuable.
Eli Knowland: If you can carry some..take a few
Rolo Underfoot: I got three from that book case.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can carry a few
Rolo Underfoot: Rand you too loaded down?
Eli Knowland: Its going to be a long ways to the top of the Tower
Rand Colds: I'm loaded.
Rolo Underfoot: I can carry another 40# or so.
Eli Knowland: Think how many flights of stairs we took coming down
Grumni Hammersmith: I can carry a few
Rolo Underfoot: better?

Karvon : before you stand what looks like a lab

Grumni Hammersmith: a couple of lasses?
Eli Knowland: Wow!
Eli Knowland: Look at those women!

Karvon : two women are encased in forcefields

Farrah : Oh, thank goodness you've come! Please free me! I've been trapped here for centuries!
Mona : Don't listen to her! She's evil! Free me and I'll tell you how to escape!
Farrah : Please save me! You don't know what it's been like in this tower with this - this - fiend for all these years!
Mona : She's lying! She'll lead you to a trap! Let me free!
Grumni Hammersmith: who'e you then?
Farrah : See the controls over there? Push the first button. It will free me. I will reward you if you free me!
Mona : NO! Don't listen to her! She'll trap you! Push the middle button. The other two are traps!
Farrah : No, they're not traps! The third button lifts the wall on the stairs, and the first button frees me. You can pass up the stairs if you'd like. But please, free me first!
Mona : Don't fall for it! She's evil! Only the middle button isn't a trap! I can help you out of here!
Eli Knowland: Inee....Meenee...Mineee....Mo
Rand Colds: I don't trust the brunette.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Rolo Underfoot: I don't see any traps on the buttons.
Eli Knowland: Blondes are always nice
Grumni Hammersmith: what have yer done ter end up in this mess?
Farrah : The wizard imprisoned me.
Grumni Hammersmith: why?
Farrah : He was a wicked man and experimented with many forms of magic.
Eli Knowland: *looks at the 3 buttons
Grumni Hammersmith: don't explain why yer stuck here
Mona : She's a demoness the wizard bound her. Don't believe her!
Eli Knowland: One little piggy went to the market...the other piggy stayed home....
Grumni Hammersmith: If yer don't stop squabbling we'll leave yer both here!
Eli Knowland: I'll try the middle one
Rolo Underfoot: Seems we need to figure which is lying.]
Rolo Underfoot: eh? Why that one?
Eli Knowland: Guess it was her!
Rand Colds: I knew not to trust her.

Karvon : Quasit disappears with a maniacal laugh

Grumni Hammersmith: I think we went and did something dumb
Rand Colds: *watches the blond*
Rolo Underfoot: It would seem so.
Rand Colds: Here are some clothes.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Eli Knowland: Pity...she was nice too
Rolo Underfoot: Well the barrier is down it seems.
Farrah: Thank you so very much for freeing me! You are so very kind to believe in me. As I promised, I will return with a reward for you! Thank you, oh thank you!
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Well, I offered her my clothes.
Rand Colds: *puts them away in his pack again*
Rolo Underfoot: Noticed that.

Eli Knowland: More barriers

Karvon : looks like another lab of some sort

Farrah, the Nymph: Thank you again so very much for freeing me! As I promised, I have returned with a reward for you!
Grumni Hammersmith: Thank you, Farrah!
Farrah, the Nymph: Farewell!
Rolo Underfoot: wow three of them.
Grumni Hammersmith: she gave me a cloak
Grumni Hammersmith: of resistance
Eli Knowland: Nice..lookit here...a secret door
Rolo Underfoot: oh I seem to have gotten one too.

Djinn : Please do not enter, my friends! I would not wish to harm you.
Djinn : I am sorry, but I am bound to my oath to protect this treasure. My oath requires that I defend the wizard's treasure to my death, if need be.
Djinn : I'm sorry, please forgive me.
Djinn : There really is nothing here worth dying for. It would be a waste to forfeit one's life over this. Please, leave with your future ahead of you. I really am not inclined to bring you harm!
Grumni Hammersmith: what's he on about?
Djinn : Leave or face my wrath
Eli Knowland: We might need everyone
Grumni Hammersmith: fieball him
Rolo Underfoot: You guys move kind of fast.
Grumni Hammersmith: nice
Rolo Underfoot: heh -- any treasure survive?
Grumni Hammersmith: swords and stuff
Grumni Hammersmith: dunno what they do
Rand Colds: you guys get what you can.
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps Eli will know
Eli Knowland: The pouch have 250 gp in each of them
Grumni Hammersmith: me too
Grumni Hammersmith: shall I grab everything?
Rand Colds: Too bad they dont have trade tokens.
Rolo Underfoot: Grab what you can carry -- no sense leaving it behind.
Grumni Hammersmith: potion of mage armour would suit eli
Grumni Hammersmith: a fancy crown
Rolo Underfoot: I still have room for about 20#

Rand Colds: *struggles*

Karvon : ...and the demon disappears with manical laugh

Rand Colds: what the devil was that?
Grumni Hammersmith: grab everything quick
Eli Knowland: I'm a bit heavy..anyone got any space in their pack for gp?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: I can take some, I'm already walking pretty slow.
Grumni Hammersmith: have yer seen that book eli?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer weakened?

Rolo Underfoot: What now?
Grumni Hammersmith: might be best ter try a side door
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Rand Colds: *drinks some wine*
Eli Knowland: he was trying to find out how dimensional doors worked but every experiment ended in a dead end
Rolo Underfoot: I'm guessing these doors lead to the door inside the field ... but why two of them?
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Eli Knowland: Best stay away from them
Rolo Underfoot: ah -- trying to get outside the tower?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't hear anything anyways
Rolo Underfoot: this one?
Grumni Hammersmith: what's a force cage?
Rolo Underfoot: sounds like a prison cell.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Eli Knowland: I think I can safety say that we're dealing with a mad wizard
Rand Colds: Why can't there be a happy wizard, in a tower of friendship?

Karvon : creatures imprisoned in force cage

Rolo Underfoot: ok what have we learned?
Grumni Hammersmith: *peers into doorway*
Rolo Underfoot: Are those cells or do they go somewhere?
Grumni Hammersmith: this one goes somewhere?

Karvon : extradiminsional space

Eli Knowland: I have the books to prove it here...what he was up to
Rolo Underfoot: Like that hole Rand is carrying around.
Grumni Hammersmith: go on...
Eli Knowland: We were here already
Grumni Hammersmith: here again
Rolo Underfoot: Eli!! Grumni!
Rolo Underfoot: Damn, damn, damn.
Rand Colds: Hello?
Rolo Underfoot: Do we follow and hope for the best?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: don't bother
Rolo Underfoot: There's one behind us!
Grumni Hammersmith: its some daft portal
Rolo Underfoot: That was rather foolish don't you think?
Rand Colds: That leaves these other two doors.
Rolo Underfoot: You could have ended up in the abyss.
Grumni Hammersmith: yes, not one of my finest moment
Rand Colds: I'll start walking back.

Karvon : obviously forcefield experiments

Rolo Underfoot: We are missing something here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* nothing her
Eli Knowland: Is there another way op through the secret door room?
Rand Colds: Like what?
Eli Knowland: up*
Rand Colds: A way to the roof?

Karvon : none that you saw

Grumni Hammersmith: ye'd think there would be
Eli Knowland: That was the wizard we saw at the top of the Tower
Eli Knowland: It had to be
Grumni Hammersmith: there was a door back before them stupid pits
Rolo Underfoot: I dont' see any other doors.
Grumni Hammersmith: it was right when we went left
Grumni Hammersmith: hang on
Grumni Hammersmith: that doors a short cut
Rolo Underfoot: I can carry 40 #
Rolo Underfoot: 20#
Grumni Hammersmith: yeah, I've room
Rolo Underfoot: got it.
Rolo Underfoot: Unless someon is going to test these other two doors we might have to head back the way we came.
Eli Knowland: there another secret door?
Rolo Underfoot: I didn't see any here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around* I thought so! a shortcut
Rolo Underfoot: Where did Grumni get off to?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mumbles to self* forward one back one fer next time I think
Eli Knowland: we're at nothing here
Rolo Underfoot: Yes and a dwur short of a party.
Rand Colds: He went this way, he just did it before, I'll follow him
Grumni Hammersmith: ah there yer are
Rand Colds: there you are.
Rand Colds: It's a long walk, I'll get started.
Grumni Hammersmith: useful short cut
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, hug the wall
Grumni Hammersmith: whered them other two go?
Rand Colds: yeah, not here, but it's coming up.

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Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:22 pm

The party finished exploring the mysterious keep and eventually escaped back out, meeting an Elven ranger along the way.

Returning to the keep they disposed of their loot and reported in to the castellian. They also found out a dragon has been spotted flying above the forests to the north and over the valley of the caves of chaos.

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session 28 - Northern Forest

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:23 pm

Karvon : A brief recap....
Karvon : The party spent some time in disposing of books and other loot, then did some shopping.
Karvon : Reported back to the Castellian and heard more reports about the dragon.
Karvon : The news seems to have spread rather rapidly around the Keep.
Karvon : A lot of travelers have already cleared out.
Karvon : The Castellian is discussing plans of an evacuation of the Keep if the dragon seems to take any interest in the keep or it's surrounding holdings.
Karvon : The party has resupplied, mostly, and gathered at the gate to the keep to decide on its next moves.
Karvon : We will presume Eli is spending the time in consultation with D'Amberville and his library.
Karvon : There are several ways into the Northern Forest, as it stretches out all along to the north of the Keep and it's holdings.

Gwenyth Elendiir: So what are we going to do?
Rand Colds: Maybe Grumni slept in. I think he said he was really tired from the tower.
Rand Colds: We should check into those rumors of the dragon in the North Forest.
Rolo Underfoot: And he didnt' sleep on the tavern floor ...
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, knowledge is power.
Rand Colds: If we watch our step. we should be okay.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Dragon? That doesn't sound dangerous at all. *Sarcasticly.*
Rolo Underfoot: So far it seems large and green have been mentioned.
Rand Colds: Just don't you two go sneakin' off and leaving me facing a dragon alone, okay?
Gwenyth Elendiir: So it's either and Adult Green or ancient Green. Wonerful.
Rand Colds: *looks at the two very seriously*
Gwenyth Elendiir: *wonderful
Rolo Underfoot: Not us ...
Rolo Underfoot: Or someone who had too much ale and mistook a tree for a dragon.
Rand Colds: Good.
Rand Colds: *looks over at Gwenyth*
Rolo Underfoot: But, we did see a dragon flying high over head -- so ...
Karvon: The One Ring : Which wand do you want to use?
Gwenyth Elendiir: I'm not the best sneak.
Rolo Underfoot: But you can track?
Gwenyth Elendiir: Only if the creature leaves tracks.
Rolo Underfoot: True -- it has to live somewhere doesn't it?
Rolo Underfoot: Can't fly forever.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Some, like me, can move around in a way that they don't leave tracks.. And Green Dragons usually have affinities to forests, right?
Rand Colds: Let's just get some info from the local farmers, lumberjacks, you know.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, but something that big has to leave tracks I'm thinking.
Rand Colds: *looks up in the sky*
Rolo Underfoot: Did you kill all the kobolds Rand? Suppose they would have information?
Rand Colds: Not if it's flying.
Rand Colds: I dunno.
Rand Colds: the kobolds were dead already when we visited thier cave.
Rand Colds: That was many moons ago.
Rolo Underfoot: Dragons and dragon eggs are somewhat rare I'm thinking -- having both in one place must mean a connection.

Karvon : You didn't kill all the Kobalds, more than a few fled.

Rand Colds: You keep mentioning an egg. but I don't remember one.
Rolo Underfoot: The Orcs were dead -- Rand, I was with you for that one.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: Let's head into the north forest and keep our eyes open, ask some questions if we see any people.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye when I first met up with your group -- you had just gotten an egg from a group of kobolds -- lots of talk about it.
Rand Colds: Oh, I think i was flirting with Rynn alot around then. Maybe I wasn't thinking of Dragon eggs so much.
Gwenyth Elendiir: ...
Rolo Underfoot: But the egg was no longer with you -- so I'm thinking that lass Rynn, who dissappeared had it.
Rand Colds: *blushes*
Rand Colds: *nods* could be.
Rolo Underfoot: I thought you'd given it to the Castelien, but it seems you did not.
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Gwenyth Elendiir: She left with the egg?
Gwenyth Elendiir: What if it hatched?
Rand Colds: Let's go find some Dragon markings.
Rolo Underfoot: She was the last to have it as far as I've ever heard, and she dissappeard shortly after getting it.
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Okay.. Which way?
Rand Colds: North, into the forest.
Rand Colds: Wish us luck, Sabine.
Rand Colds: Friend!
Rand Colds: To adventure in this area.
Rolo Underfoot: yes, don't lock us out.
Rand Colds: I am Rand Colds.
Rand Colds: So, would you open the gates?
Rand Colds: Ok, I guess.

Gwenyth Elendiir: I'm not sure a dragon would really leave markings. If it's smart it'll fly about.
Rand Colds: I agree.
Rand Colds: Are you a good archer, Gwenyth?
Rand Colds: I don't mind taking the front line, but with you and Rolo both faster than me, it may take a minute for me to get there.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Yes.
Gwenyth Elendiir: If it flies above us I may be able to get a few arrows in its stomach but it depends on how high it flies
Rand Colds: Rolo, over here.
Rand Colds: *waves*
Rolo Underfoot: Checking with Chandry -- but she seems upset.
Rand Colds: I have a magic bow you could borrow, Gwenyth.
Rolo Underfoot: Hope the dragon isn't eating her cows.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Really? May I see it?
Rand Colds: I'd like it back when your done with it though.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Nods.* Sure.
Gwenyth Elendiir: I already have one just like it.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Smiles.*
Rand Colds: Maybe you could give me your old one, for the .... oh, nevermind
Rand Colds: Lets follow the road, can't hurt, should take us to people.
Rolo Underfoot: Don't too far ahead Gwyen
Rand Colds: *looks up into the sky*
Rolo Underfoot: Bugs and things ge about.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Which way, then?
Rand Colds: *shrugs* Pick one, I'm okay with that.
Rolo Underfoot: Wait, Chandry says there is an old timer in the West wood who may know something.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Do you want to check it out first?
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe we should start with him?
Gwenyth Elendiir: Alright.
Rand Colds: *nods* Good to know.
Rolo Underfoot: aye, she is a nice lass -- says no one has seen the dragon around here.
Rand Colds: *looks around* west you say?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... west ...
Gwenyth Elendiir: This isn't very west.
Rolo Underfoot: aye, lead on Ranger.
Rolo Underfoot: guess we go south?

Karvon : You are crossing the meadows back towards the keep; the woods lie to the north, as in Northern Woods.

Rolo Underfoot: Come back Rand.
Rolo Underfoot: Gwen knows her directions.
Rand Colds: Just the keep that way.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, thought as much.
Gwenyth Elendiir: If there is someone in the west woods, then we have to enter the forest, then go west.
Rand Colds: okay
Rolo Underfoot: We want the western part of the woods, which are to the north.
Rand Colds: I'm glad there are no flocks of killer birds.
Rolo Underfoot: How about over here?
Rolo Underfoot: Nor bugs.
Rand Colds: I dont see anything over here.
Gwenyth Elendiir: The trees are too thick to enter through here.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- should have listened to you earlier.
Rolo Underfoot: I just like to be thoughrough

Karvon : Worg rush from out of the trees

Rand Colds: Damned dogs.
Rolo Underfoot: BIG wolves.
Rand Colds: Goblins must have let them out for a walk.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Ugh.. They have nasty claws.
Rolo Underfoot: and teeth.
Rand Colds: They teamed up on you.
Rand Colds: Bring them back to me, next time.
Rolo Underfoot: Keep alert.
Rand Colds: *looks skyward*
Rand Colds: what the heck?
Rolo Underfoot: A white one!

Karvon : a few wild deer

Gwenyth Elendiir: *Pets.*
Rand Colds: hey, what's that?
Rolo Underfoot: Crazy drunk built this road.
Rolo Underfoot: dunno.
Gwenyth Elendiir: What's what?
Rand Colds: That pile of branches over there.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Looks like a nest of some sort..
Rand Colds: For what though?
Gwenyth Elendiir: But usually they're up in the trees.
Rand Colds: *looks up*
Rolo Underfoot: some things here.
Rand Colds: Maybe it fell.
Rolo Underfoot: Coins, potion.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Wow.. Rich birds.
Rolo Underfoot: You think it is birds?
Gwenyth Elendiir: Shoo *Waves it away.*
Rand Colds: Not a dragon, is all I want to know.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Too small for a dragon.
Gwenyth Elendiir: And I don't think they keep nests.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, gather it up Gwen
Rand Colds: I can carry heavy stuff.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Takes the things from the nest.* It's very light.
Rolo Underfoot: 190 coins a potion and some small gems.

Karvon : before you lies a small peaceful glade; you notice a lot of bees buzzing about

Rand Colds: This looks nice.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Maybe the man lives here?
Door: Hello out there! Come on in...
Door: Hello out there! Come on in...
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed -- a garden even.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Knocks on the door, then stops.* Er.. Come in?
Door: Hello out there! Come on in...
Rolo Underfoot: You pick some beautiful wildflowers.
Rolo Underfoot: You pick some beautiful wildflowers.
Door: Hello out there! Come on in...

Karvon : You here a voice from inside the house; a small well kept cottage

Gwenyth Elendiir: Should we go in?
Rand Colds: *nods* go on in.
Rolo Underfoot: why not? Think a witch lives here?

Gwenyth Elendiir: ... Sorry for the deer.
Gwenyth Elendiir: He won't stop following me.
Bee Man: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: Must have some sugar in your pocket.
Bee Man: Welcome to my home.
Bee Man: You here for honey?
Rolo Underfoot: Sure, you have some?
Gwenyth Elendiir: Not really.
Bee Man: Yes, several different flavors actually.
Rolo Underfoot: oh? Why so many?
Bee Man: Different flavors from different plants of course!
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Of course -- let's see what you've got.
Bee Man: Some are certainly better than others.
Bee Man: Oh, hello there. Welcome to my home.
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo. What is your name?
Bee Man: Hello, Rolo. Call me the Bee Man.
Rolo Underfoot: Hello. What do you do here?
Bee Man: Well, raise bees, mostly. Striped glossgallows out there - best I've ever raised.
Rolo Underfoot: Is there anything you can tell me about this forest?
Bee Man: Well, the shade, together with several clearings, make for excellent bee raising. I plan on starting some new hives soon in the eastern reaches.
Rolo Underfoot: What can you tell me about the eastern reaches?
Bee Man: Not much - but they really will be good bees. Tassled Tree-hoppers.
Rolo Underfoot: Right, well, goodbye then.
Rand Colds: Hello Bee man, I'm Rand.
Rolo Underfoot: I am wounded. Do you have anything to heal me?
Bee Man: Perhaps. Be sure to stay out of trouble, though.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! That was nice.
Rand Colds: Have you sighted any dragons lately?
Bee Man: dragons?
Rand Colds: Yeah, green one I guess.
Bee Man: Can't say that I have recently.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, Chandry thought you might know something about them.
Rolo Underfoot: Or perhaps it was another she was talking about -- didn't get a name.
Bee Man: I try to live at peace with the creatures of the woods.
Rand Colds: You do know Chandry, right? *looks at the man suspiciously*
Bee Man: There's an order in nature you know.
Rolo Underfoot: yes ...
Rand Colds: If your saying dragons should be allowed to eat people, I'm not having it.
Bee Man: Everything works in harmony.
Rolo Underfoot: That is why that stag is following Gwen.
Bee Man: *shrugs* If people intrude on a dragons grounds and deprive it of it's natural game....
Rand Colds: *sighs*
Rolo Underfoot: Then somethng has to give.
Bee Man: They have only themselves to blame for upsetting the balance of things.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Green Dragon
Rand Colds: You don't mind if we look around for that dragon, do you?
Gwenyth Elendiir: Green Dragon's natural game is elves*
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps it is the dragon that is upsetting the balance?
Bee Man: In my experience tis man that upsets the balance.
Rolo Underfoot: If it kept to its rightful place -- harmony would continue.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Or smaller black dragons, if there are any. And generally they onl feed on deer when there is ntohing else.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *only
Rolo Underfoot: And you are man are you not?
Bee Man: I don't know that much about dragons as I raise bees.
Bee Man: *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: I see ... how about a jar of that honey?
Bee Man: I've seen sign of dragons in the past though, but not in my neck of the woods.
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Rand Colds: Thanks for your help, Bee man.
Bee Man: That's one reason i settled here, beyond the range of the dragon signs.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Which way is the dragon signs?
Bee Man: East of here I saw signs of dragon, oh...
Bee Man: *stops and ponders*
Bee Man: been more than 50 years ago I guess.
Rolo Underfoot: Dragons live a long time they say.
Bee Man: My time does fly.
Gwenyth Elendiir: .. *Sigh.*
Rand Colds: I seen a path heading east when where at the gardens.
Bee Man: Indeed
Bee Man: The path leads deeper into the forest.
Rolo Underfoot: Anyone else around who may know about dragons and these woods?
Bee Man: and the dragons probably live deeper yet, far from the areas of man's travels.
Rolo Underfoot: As they should ...
Bee Man: *scratches his head*
Bee Man: Well, I suppose you could try speaking to other creatures living in the forest, some might know more about dragonss.
Bee Man: ...or even seen them recent like.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks to Gwen*
Rand Colds: *looks to Gwenyth*
Rolo Underfoot: Like this stag here?
Gwenyth Elendiir: ...
Bee Man: *shrugs* dunno how far he roams.
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps you could translate?
Rand Colds: I can't speak with animals anymore than my luck with women.
Bee Man: Figure he stays clear of dragon lands though, or he'd be a nice snack.
Bee Man: *chuckles*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, indeed.
Gwenyth Elendiir: I don't speak animal or deer, but I can try to connect with it.
Rolo Underfoot: Need to find a bird to talk with.
Rand Colds: *nods* Do what you can, Gwenyth.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Some more intelligent deer and forests cats have the ability to talk by projecting images into the minds of druids and rangers.
Rolo Underfoot: And this white one here?
Bee Man: When my honey is ready, I'll bring some to the keep to sell.
Gwenyth Elendiir: I don't know about this area.. I've been able to do it in my homeland.
Bee Man: I can give you a small sample if you like.
Rand Colds: *nods* Sure, it must be really good.
Rolo Underfoot: Good -- was hoping to surprise some folks with an early harvest.
Bee Man: Matter a taste.
Rolo Underfoot: But can't rush bees.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks for your time Bee Keeper.
Bee Man: *rummages around with some small jars and pots*
Rand Colds: *waits for the man to return*
Bee Man: *comes back with a simple tray and a few dried biscuts with a dab of honey on each*
Rolo Underfoot: oh ... thanks!
Bee Man: *holds out the tray for your pleasure*
Rolo Underfoot: *takes two*
Rand Colds: *tries one*
Rolo Underfoot: *smack his lips* Very tasty!
Rand Colds: Excellent.
Bee Man: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: looking forward to your visit to the keep.
Bee Man: Be careful in your wanderings in the woods, not all the creatures are as friendly as that deer there.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- met some wolves earlier.
Bee Man: and try not to disturb the balance of things.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Nod.*
Rand Colds: *edges around the stag's antlers, making his way to the door*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, we will return the balance.
Bee Man: *waves*

Gwenyth Elendiir: Should I try to ask the deer something?
Rand Colds: *puts on his helm, prepares his shield and sword*
Rolo Underfoot: Can -- doubt he knows anything about dragons though.
Rand Colds: I thought you had already.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Not yet.
Rand Colds: *puts his sword away, to not frighten the stag*
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Pets the deer, puts a hand on his head.*
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Closes her eyes.*
Rand Colds: *leans against the tree, looking around*
Rand Colds: I like this new helmet. I can see things much better now.
Rolo Underfoot: You can?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Eyes of the eagle!
Rand Colds: Yeah, it's like having eyes on the side of your head, I can see sideways now.
Rolo Underfoot: oh?
Rolo Underfoot: That would make me dizzy I think.
Rand Colds: Yeah, Eagle Eyes, er somethin like that.
Rand Colds: I can see those bees over there. *looks straight ahead*
Gwenyth Elendiir: I don't think it's really going to tell me anything.
Rolo Underfoot: Across the creek?
Rand Colds: Oh, figures. *to gwenyth*
Rand Colds: Along this path, is what I was thinking.
Rolo Underfoot: ok

Rolo Underfoot: Darker in here.
Rand Colds: I can see okay.
Rolo Underfoot: more deer
Rand Colds: hey
Rand Colds: Damned spiders.
Rolo Underfoot: wow you got them all!
Rand Colds: *wipes goo off his sword*
Rand Colds: buggers.
Rolo Underfoot: You killed them faster than I could target them.
Rand Colds: I just swung the sword
Rand Colds: It went well ofr me
Gwenyth Elendiir: ...
Gwenyth Elendiir: Blood.. and a pile of bones.
Gwenyth Elendiir: You hear a baby crying to the northeast around the trees, as well as growly shouting. The hair on the back of your neck prickles.
Rand Colds: What?
Rand Colds: *looks around in the dark*
Gwenyth Elendiir: Hey.. Do you hear that?
Rand Colds: Hey
Rolo Underfoot: Where is it?
Gwenyth Elendiir: You hear a woman's frantic screams to the north. At the same time, you feel a sense of dread - you can feel your death near.
Rolo Underfoot: trap?
Rand Colds: *skins the beast*
Gwenyth Elendiir: But.. I heard screams and crying..
Rand Colds: me too.
Rand Colds: Did you find anyone?
Rolo Underfoot: Was it that animal or are we too late?
Gwenyth Elendiir: ...
Rand Colds: *scratches his head and moves*
Gwenyth Elendiir: That was a trap.
Rand Colds: Lots of bones.
Rand Colds: A trap?
Rolo Underfoot: She lured us here with those screams?
Gwenyth Elendiir: This animal can mimic sounds really well.

Karvon : the bones are a mix of animal and humanoid of varying ages, some are more recent others quite old

Rand Colds: Really?
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Nod.*
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* very well indeed.
Rand Colds: What is it?
Rand Colds: I mean, that would explain all the bones around here, I guess.
Gwenyth Elendiir: A Leucrotta.
Rolo Underfoot: oh? I've never heard of those.
Rolo Underfoot: Certainly ugly.
Rand Colds: I think it was poisonous.
Gwenyth Elendiir: Really?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... that may be why it was so successful ... unti today.
Rand Colds: *looks closer at the jaws*
Rand Colds: Yeah, something there.
Rand Colds: *gets low*
Rand Colds: *bends low*
Karvon : It's got very big and strong teeth.

Karvon : obviously carnivorous

Rand Colds: So, back to the path?
Rolo Underfoot: Do you think it collects treasure?
Rand Colds: Hopefully we didn't upset any 'balances'?
Rand Colds: *laughs8
Rand Colds: A very good question, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: No, I'm thinking we restored one.
Gwenyth Elendiir: I'm pretty sure we did.
Gwenyth Elendiir: We got rid of a major carnivore.. There'll be a surplus of deerand wood creatures, which will attract mroe carnivores to the area.
Gwenyth Elendiir: * deer and
Rolo Underfoot: Wonder if there are any more of them?
Rand Colds: Well, I never heard of .... whatever this thing is. I heard a baby and a woman... I just ran.
Rolo Underfoot: And everything will be ok ...
Rolo Underfoot: *looks about for treasure*
Gwenyth Elendiir: Alright, well, which way should we go..?
Rand Colds: Let's find that path and head East?
Rolo Underfoot: or north?
Rolo Underfoot: Something to the north.
Gwenyth Elendiir: No real way east..
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps more of those things?
Rand Colds: South it is then, right?
Rolo Underfoot: a cave ...

Karvon : and you recognize this place - the rear entrance to the caves of chao

Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rolo Underfoot: The back door?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, been here before.
Rolo Underfoot: So, now what?
Rand Colds: *looks skyward*
Rand Colds: birds
Gwenyth Elendiir: ...
Rand Colds: Stag never stood a chance.
Gwenyth Elendiir: *Sigh.*
Rolo Underfoot: dirty birds, killed the deer.
Rolo Underfoot: Now, the ballance has been upset.
Rand Colds: *looks at all the bird and deer blood*
Gwenyth Elendiir: So, wait, you've been here before?
Rand Colds: If you see birds again, run back to me. I'll take out as many as I can.
Rand Colds: Probably best to run past me a bit.
Rand Colds: Okay?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, that cave leads to the Caves we explored earlier -- a dwur fortress or temple too.
Rand Colds: *looks up suddenly*
Gwenyth Elendiir: Oh.
Gwenyth Elendiir: So should we head back up north?
Rand Colds: I heard somethin.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks up*
Rand Colds: *looks around nervously*
Rand Colds: I swear I heard something.
Gwenyth Elendiir: I didn't hear anything.
Rand Colds: Lets get in the cave. *still looking skyward*
Rand Colds: *looks around one last time before going in*
Rand Colds: Ah, here again.
Rand Colds: Glad Eli's not with us, he really wants to get down there.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, and we don't even know what we are hiding from.
Rand Colds: Hiding? Nah, we need to find those other locked secret doors anyways, right, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: Oh? Grumni has the key though.
Rolo Underfoot: Place looks the same as when we left it.
Rand Colds: *groans weakly*
Rand Colds: Alright, lets go back outside.
Rolo Underfoot: And then what.

Karvon : It strangely quiet

Rand Colds: I dunno, look for dragon tracks, I guess.
Rolo Underfoot: To the north?
Rand Colds: *looks skyward quite a bit*
Rand Colds: watch out
Rand Colds: *wipes goo off his helm*
Rolo Underfoot: geeze -- it never ends does it?
Rand Colds: buggers
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... dead end it would seem.

Karvon : you don't seem to see any paths leading north from this glade.

Rand Colds: Lets try south.
Gwenyth Elendiir: I found a path..
Rolo Underfoot: Good tracker.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: anyone want to scout?
Rolo Underfoot: Gwen?
Gwenyth Elendiir: I guess..
Rand Colds: I'm going to make so much noise in this plate, on all the leaves.

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session 29 - Northern Forest

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:25 pm

Karvon : We left off with the party traveling south from the glade in the northern woods, if I remember correctly. The party had scouted around a little bit in the northern forests. Eli's caught up with the party, the ranger is off scouting, the dwarf is lagging a bit behind. You've met up just south of the glade. It's about mid day.

Rand Colds: Been here before, this leads to the caves.
Eli Knowland: Let's go then....grumni won't be long
Rolo Underfoot: Whoops -- my mistake.]
Rolo Underfoot: I didnt realize where were were.
Rand Colds: Rolo?
Rand Colds: We need to check the northern forests.
Rand Colds: Eli, if you find anything, let me know.
Rolo Underfoot: Wizard on point again.
Rand Colds: *looks skyward*
Eli Knowland: There's a path of sorts here leading uphill
Eli Knowland: This is proving to be a longer way around than I thought
Rolo Underfoot: I think we had found a path to the west of here.
Rand Colds: Yeah, back to the hermit.
Rolo Underfoot: Ah this is the place.
Eli Knowland: this the way you mean Rolo?
Rolo Underfoot: Ranger is in there somewhere ... I think.
Eli Knowland: Gloomy in here....isn't it?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye and this is as far as we got.
Rand Colds: Lets search to the north.
Rolo Underfoot: You scouting Eli?
Eli Knowland: Birds
Eli Knowland: Over there to the left
Rand Colds: flying maggots is more like it
Rolo Underfoot: ah yes.
Eli Knowland: Maybe the Ranger marked the trail for us?
Rolo Underfoot: A flock of 'em.
Rand Colds: You two should get behind me
Rand Colds: *looks skyward through the trees*
Rolo Underfoot: Aggressive aren't they?
Rand Colds: I heard something bigger.
Rolo Underfoot: This cloak seems to work.
Eli Knowland: I think its a Harpy!
Rand Colds: watch for spiders
Rand Colds: You hear a faint, lilting melody nearby.
Rand Colds: You hear a faint, lilting melody nearby.
Rolo Underfoot: You hear a faint, lilting melody nearby.
Rolo Underfoot: It was a harpy.
Eli Knowland: Hmm..found some coin and an Amber necklace
Rand Colds: *nods* Nice.
Eli Knowland: looks like...hmm...about 190 gp altogether
Rand Colds: *looks north*
Rand Colds: watch for tree spiders.
Rolo Underfoot: Big trees.
Harpy: You hear a faint, lilting melody nearby.
Rolo Underfoot: Path here.
Rand Colds: Want me to go first?
Rolo Underfoot: oh thanks.
Rand Colds: clear
Rand Colds: looks like a road ahead
Rolo Underfoot: a road here.
Eli Knowland: Oh...a road
Eli Knowland: To where I wonder?
Rolo Underfoot: is this the one we were on earlier?
Rand Colds: Hmm, which way shall we go first?
Eli Knowland: Hmmm...west?
Eli Knowland: keep an eye out for Bandits and the like
Rolo Underfoot: White deer.
Rand Colds: *laughs* they should watchout for us.
Eli Knowland: Oh,....yes..white Stags
Rolo Underfoot: This goes to the bee man I think.
Rand Colds: hey, whats all that noise in the leaves.
Eli Knowland: Magical Elves and the like
Rand Colds: ahead
Rolo Underfoot: Something big ahead.
Rand Colds: here it comes
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni!
Rand Colds: OH, it's you.
Grumni Hammersmith: *huffs and puffs* at last
Rand Colds: Well met, friend.
Grumni Hammersmith: found yer
Eli Knowland: I thought you said something big Rolo?
Grumni Hammersmith: Pah!
Rand Colds: Heavy at least.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, well met -- I was beginning to think we were lost until I saw you.
Rand Colds: More likely the other way around, Rolo.
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Eli Knowland: We were following this road to see where it leads

Karvon : To the west lies the Bee Man's cottage and glade - which you visited last time.

Rolo Underfoot: eh? Dwur are never lost -- just ask one.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I've just been following yer chattering, a deaf goblin could here yer
Rolo Underfoot: ok back to the new area to the south?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- good one.
Eli Knowland: What about following the road to the east then?
Rand Colds: I'm beginning to think dwarves like underground passages because it leave no doubt as to which way to go.
Rolo Underfoot: It goes back to the area were you heard that noise.
Eli Knowland: Continue North then?
Rolo Underfoot: or south -- we didn't finish that area.
Grumni Hammersmith: I thought yer said south?
Rand Colds: Sounds reasonable.
Rand Colds: So
Rolo Underfoot: A colony of bears.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks Grumni.
Rand Colds: Wonder what got these bears all moving together. I think they are usually alone.
Grumni Hammersmith: a bear herder?
Rand Colds: watch out.
Rand Colds: here doggy doggy
Grumni Hammersmith: this stinks of dark druids
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps we should move?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: Maybe they are after that pig?
Rand Colds: *looks out into the forest*
Rand Colds: gold on this one
Rolo Underfoot: Really?
Grumni Hammersmith: 12 gp
Rand Colds: watch the sky
Eli Knowland: And damn birds
Grumni Hammersmith: Its druids I'm telling yer1
Eli Knowland: We really should clear out of this area
Grumni Hammersmith: !
Grumni Hammersmith: AYE
Rand Colds: *looks skyward*
Eli Knowland: Harpys*
Grumni Hammersmith: its busy tonight in the forest
Rand Colds: why did we not follow the road?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* As Ei
Rolo Underfoot: Because we followed it last time?
Eli Knowland: Actually...its mid afternoon but I know you couldn't tell that from inside the forest
Rolo Underfoot: We can go back if you like?
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps we'll find something new off the beaten track
Eli Knowland: well, you said the western road leads to a Beekeeper and the eastern road leds back to the where to then only North or South
Rand Colds: south is the keep, we should go north then
Rolo Underfoot: Lets explore this area.
Eli Knowland: I said that back on the road
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Rolo Underfoot: Another road here.
Rolo Underfoot: This the one to the gnolls?
Rand Colds: gnolls are across the river from the keep, south
Rolo Underfoot: Ah ... of course we have been here.
Grumni Hammersmith: today?
Rolo Underfoot: ok North it is then.
Rolo Underfoot: Nope the bypass road.
Eli Knowland: It goes south
Rand Colds: stupid dogs
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm all turned around... we going north or south?
Eli Knowland: Took care of a few Gnolls then rand?
Grumni Hammersmith: found some new friends I see
Rand Colds: they should hunt closer to home.
Rolo Underfoot: More ahead.
Rand Colds: put them down for a nap, a dirt nap.
Eli Knowland: There are more over there
Rolo Underfoot: Lots more ..
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* some fer thest of us
Rolo Underfoot: All dead.
Grumni Hammersmith: nowt on him
Grumni Hammersmith: this way?
Rand Colds: Note?
Rolo Underfoot: West or north?
Eli Knowland: West
Rolo Underfoot: North it seems.
Eli Knowland: *looks over the bodies* that Gnoll still alive
Eli Knowland: ?
Grumni Hammersmith: where?
Rand Colds: a gnoll playing possum?
Grumni Hammersmith: *kicks a few to make sure*
Rand Colds: I didn't know they were intelligent.
Eli Knowland: *points to one of the many dead* He looks like he's breathing
Rand Colds: Well, tell him to stop.
Rolo Underfoot: depends what you are comparing them with I suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: *kicks gnoll hard* seems dead ter me
Eli Knowland: *squats down a little to check*
Grumni Hammersmith: I can be sure about it *raises axe*
Eli Knowland: Na...he's dead
Grumni Hammersmith: *kicks him again to be sure*
Rolo Underfoot: oops -- too tight a bandage on the neck it seems.
Rolo Underfoot: To stop the bleeding I had to stop the breathing...

Karvon : ...and he's dead now.
Karvon : the path to the west leads to the road leading north to the bee man's home.
Karvon : or you can take the road south to return back to the keep.

Rand Colds: Let
Rand Colds: s head north.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* north it is
Rand Colds: *trudges along in his heavy plate armor*
Grumni Hammersmith: west then north?
Rand Colds: Eli?
Rand Colds: Did he duck behind a bush?
Rolo Underfoot: I think try straight north first?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* must be taking a leak
Rand Colds: ah, there you are.
Rand Colds: Magical people, go figure.

Rand Colds: hey, who's that.
Rolo Underfoot: did we talk to this ranger before?
Grumni Hammersmith: who are you lurking in the trees? *shouts*
Rolo Underfoot: Hail and well met!
Rolo Underfoot: A moment of your time?
Grumni Hammersmith: what do you want too?
Elf Ranger: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: I am Rolo.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* typical enigmatic elf
Rand Colds: I'm Rand.
Grumni Hammersmith: Grumni
Elf Ranger: I am Ulan.
Elf Ranger: What bring you to these woods?
Rolo Underfoot: Ulan. Very good. We are searching for a dragon if you can believe it. Have you seen one about?
Elf Ranger: What would you want with a dragon?
Rolo Underfoot: Just to know if it is here for starts.
Elf Ranger: There are dragons in these forests.
Grumni Hammersmith: really?
Elf Ranger: Such are best left well alone.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* one's took an unhealthy interest in us
Elf Ranger: Oh?
Rand Colds: Yeah, and flying women, and babies that cry but are four legged creatures, we've seen a lot in this forest.
Rolo Underfoot: Of course ... and that wuld be our intent, however reports are that one may be stirring about to the south.
Rolo Underfoot: And the folks at the keep are naturally concerned.
Elf Ranger: The dragons of these woods are old and usually sleep most of the time.
Eli Knowland: Maybe there's too many of them in the forest and they're running out of food. We'll just cull a few
Rand Colds: Sounds good to me, where do they sleep?
Rolo Underfoot: I see -- so you are not aware of any that have been lurking toward the south of here?
Elf Ranger: I'm uncertain of their exact lair, but it is deep in the heart of the northern forest.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer an't heard of any of that's lost an egg?
Elf Ranger: Lost an egg?
Elf Ranger: *frowns*
Rolo Underfoot: Long story, but some kobolds were in possession of a dragons egg.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, we.... know of some adventurers who might've stole one
Elf Ranger: That would be very bad for them.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed ... can these dragons be reasoned with?
Elf Ranger: dragons are very protective of their young and eggs.
Grumni Hammersmith: err... that's what we said *whispers to rolo he ain't going ter like it if we say we did it*
Rand Colds: *looks back at Eli*
Eli Knowland: Unless they are Golden dragons...I wouldn't think so
Grumni Hammersmith: our, um.... friends thought that too
Elf Ranger: It would depend on the mood of the dragon.
Rand Colds: I don't think they want to talk first, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: So, they can talk?
Elf Ranger: Older ones often can.
Elf Ranger: Many are telepathic.
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes* can any of 'em take humanoid form?
Rolo Underfoot: Interesting ... I had heard stories, but always nice to get a confirmation.
Rand Colds: What does telepath ick mean
Elf Ranger: The dragon can speak with it's mind.
Eli Knowland: Communication by thought Rand
Rolo Underfoot: oh!
Rand Colds: Can it read thoughts?
Rand Colds: It can read my mind?
Grumni Hammersmith: thinks ts mouth ain't good enough
Elf Ranger: It is said some can
Eli Knowland: No the same thing Rand
Rolo Underfoot: Sorry about that.
Eli Knowland: Not*
Rolo Underfoot: We seem to bring out the worst the forest has to offer.
Grumni Hammersmith: the northern forests far from here?
Rand Colds: wolves
Eli Knowland: We linger too long
Elf Ranger: You're in the northern forest.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, sounds like we're in the right place lads
Rolo Underfoot: And the heart of the forst is to the north I assume?
Eli Knowland: We'll be moving off then. Thanks for your insights
Elf Ranger: Indeed.
Elf Ranger: and I'd stay well clear of any dragons, if I were you.
Rolo Underfoot: Very well, have a nice day.
Elf Ranger: *shrugs and pads off*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, yes, so would I.

Grumni Hammersmith: a quick rest?
Eli Knowland: *nods* Its so dark...its hard to tell if its day or night
Rand Colds: *goes north*

Karvon : The trees here are noticeable older and bigger.
Karvon : the last lights of days has disappeared thru the leaves.

Rand Colds: Getting dark.
Grumni Hammersmith: best keep yer wits about yer lads
Rand Colds: I keeped them strapped to my thigh.
Rolo Underfoot: Ok Eli. Seems that there ARE dragons about -- so how does that change our plan?
Eli Knowland: *shrugs* we'll just have to kill one if it bothers us
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: Eeny, meeny, miney, moe?
Rand Colds: ah, that is key
Eli Knowland: Beetle!
Grumni Hammersmith: moradin's beard!
Rolo Underfoot: NOw taht is a BIG bug.
Rolo Underfoot: Good work Rand.
Eli Knowland: we must be in the heart of the forest...its so overgrown we can hardly make our way forwrd
Rand Colds: ouch, that thing bit me
Rolo Underfoot: Sorry about that.
Rand Colds: damned bugs.
Rand Colds: Thanks, Grumni
Rolo Underfoot: Bears.
Rolo Underfoot: spiders
Grumni Hammersmith: Dah! poison
Eli Knowland: You look like you could use a little added protection Rand
Eli Knowland: How about that?
Rand Colds: yeah, can't hurt
Rand Colds: *looks at his stony arms* Looks good to me.
Eli Knowland: More webs
Rand Colds: damned spiders.
Eli Knowland: Another dead end
Grumni Hammersmith: *coughs* I'm needing a rest lads
Rolo Underfoot: right .. here ok?
Rand Colds: Me too, my armor feels like a boulder on my back.
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* can't get comfortable, let's move on
Eli Knowland: Too soon since the last one really
Grumni Hammersmith: Rand might be able to?
Rand Colds: what, rest?
Grumni Hammersmith: *staggers on with leadened legs*
Rolo Underfoot: Onward? Or back?
Grumni Hammersmith: onwards
Rand Colds: double damned spiders.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: damned bugs, forest is full of them.
Rolo Underfoot: Eli, don't get so far ahead by yourself.
Grumni Hammersmith: *coughs*
Rand Colds: We should set up camp, Grumni looks like he needs to say a few prayers to Moradin, er something.
Grumni Hammersmith: try scouting a whiles ROlo

Karvon : Camping in these woods is very unwise
Karvon : You will likely only attract more attention.

Grumni Hammersmith: *waits for Eli*
Rand Colds: find anything?
Rolo Underfoot: Some big wolve toward the north.
Grumni Hammersmith: Elis gone behind a bush again, must've eaten some bad trailbread
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps.
Rolo Underfoot: Or too much venom?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: Back to the bee keeper?
Grumni Hammersmith: north gets me vote
Rolo Underfoot: ah you better now Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: no but I'll kep going
Rolo Underfoot: hmm perhaps they followed my scent?
Grumni Hammersmith: *sniffs* need a bath?
Grumni Hammersmith: *waits for rand*
Rolo Underfoot: that was the lot of 'em it looks like.
Rolo Underfoot: Where are the others?
Rolo Underfoot: Let's go back Eli.
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni can hardly move.
Rand Colds: So, find anything?
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing new.
Rand Colds: What about the big wolf?
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer go further north?
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni is no good like that.
Grumni Hammersmith: webs
Rolo Underfoot: end of the line.
Rand Colds: can I carry anything for you, Gumpi
Rand Colds: Grumpi
Rolo Underfoot: snakes
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: damn, a whole bunch of them.
Grumni Hammersmith: could make some boots out of 'em
Grumni Hammersmith: You hear something heading towards you...
Rolo Underfoot: dirty birds
Grumni Hammersmith: *wipes sweat from brow*
Rand Colds: good job, rolo
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- testing out this cloak.
Eli Knowland: You hear something heading towards you...
Grumni Hammersmith: back up ter speed
Rolo Underfoot: Good, may need it.
Rolo Underfoot: But now Rand can't move.
Rolo Underfoot: bother.
Rolo Underfoot: I think I've found something -- Big tracks.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, perhaps along the riverr?
Rolo Underfoot: And somewhat fresh -- no more than a day.
Eli Knowland: Track sof what? Wyvern?
Rolo Underfoot: Where is that damned Ranger.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at tracks and shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: which way they heading?
Rolo Underfoot: They point south, can tell that much.
Eli Knowland: South? Then they must have came from the North
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Rolo Underfoot: Unless it is walking backwards?
Grumni Hammersmith: *hacks away at some trees, trying to find a way through*
Eli Knowland: That's an old Ranger trick isn't it?

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session 31 - Kendel Keep

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:26 pm

Karvon : The party returned to the Keep after an unsuccessful foray into the lair of the green dragons. You were greeted with the news the Keep was attack by one of the dragons while you were away. An ultimatium was given by the dragon to the castellian. In short, you have 3 months to find and return the dragon egg, or the Keep and surrounding settlements will be ravaged by the dragons. As you discussed amongst yourselves, it was determined Rynn had the egg last, and apparently disappeared with it. The castellian stated both the priest and mage should be able to lend some assistance in tracking thru their magics, and perhaps have some other useful advice. canvassing the merchants, is probably another logical step. Sandur, of course, is long gone.

Eli Knowland: Greetings
Abercrombie Krown: Ah good day
Abercrombie Krown: How are you folk?
Eli Knowland: We wanted to ask you about a Dragon's egg
Rolo Underfoot: Could be better as I'm sure you are aware.
Eli Knowland: There was one brought to the Keep a couple of months ago
Abercrombie Krown: *strokes chin* Yes, we feared the worst when the dragon attacked the keep.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think it made it to the keep.
Eli Knowland: Maybe you heard about it? *To the Priest*
Abercrombie Krown: I'd not heard anything of such, till the attack. The castellian briefed me, of course, on the ultimatium.
Rolo Underfoot: We need help locating a dragon egg that was taken from some kobolds.
Grumni Hammersmith: what do yer think then?
Rolo Underfoot: I know who had it last -- but not sure how to find them.
Rand Colds: Can you help us find the girl that had the egg last?
Abercrombie Krown: Well, the good Saint, does provide some aid in answering questions and divination.
Eli Knowland: I suppose it would be asking too much to think its lying around the Keep somewhere?
Abercrombie Krown: I would need to know something about the girl, the more the better.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns at mention of saint*
Rolo Underfoot: I think it disappeared with the girl Eli.
Rolo Underfoot: Rand ...
Eli Knowland: I see. I never met her you know, was she nice?
Abercrombie Krown: A dragon egg would be harder to locate, a more common and nondescript item than a person.
Eli Knowland: Hardly common surely?
Rand Colds: Oh yeah, Rynn took the egg.
Eli Knowland: If they were we could pick one up easily
Rolo Underfoot: Rand, perhaps you have something of Rynns? I know you took a "liking" to here.
Abercrombie Krown: Well, eggs are harder to tell apart than a person no?
Grumni Hammersmith: nice enough lass
Abercrombie Krown: Could you pick one egg out of a dozen?
Rand Colds: *shrugs* I'll look in my pack.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm not sure whether she "took" the egg or was "taken" with it. If you know what I mean.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer mean kidnappers?
Abercrombie Krown: It's not been uncommon in these parts.
Rolo Underfoot: She disappeared in the night.
Grumni Hammersmith: Yer mean there's known gangs?
Abercrombie Krown: You yourselves rescued a number of victims from the cult in the caves, no?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, but I am sure she was not one of them.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, don't remember seeing her amongst the zombies
Abercrombie Krown: The tendrils of the slave trade extend far.
Rand Colds: I dont have nothing from her. I did kind of like her. She seemed to like the dwarves a bit more than me though. *looks jealously at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* aye she did indeed but I've nothing of hers
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ...
Abercrombie Krown: If she fell afoul of a slaver band, she could be anywhere now.
Abercrombie Krown: How long ago was it that she disappeared?
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed -- what would it take to locate her?
Grumni Hammersmith: Is there a place known ter harbour these cummy slavers?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scumm
Rolo Underfoot: It was right before I joined the group ... how long has it been?
Rand Colds: Rynn..... why did you leave us?
Grumni Hammersmith: fair old while lad
Rand Colds: *shakes his fist in the air*
Rand Colds: Couple of moons, it seems.
Grumni Hammersmith: We was just starting out
Abercrombie Krown: The passage of time would make success less likely.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, been a fair amount of time now. We were consumed with the Necromancer.
Rand Colds: It was our first successful trip to the caves. Quite a while ago.
Abercrombie Krown: Or require greater levels of prayers and sacrifices for any chance of success.
Rolo Underfoot: I wonder if she left anything behind at the Inn? Did she check out and settle her bill?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm...
Rand Colds: She left us on the road back to town.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll not be praying ter your god no matter the reason
Rolo Underfoot: That would be a good clue I think.
Rand Colds: Woah, woah, easy Grumni.
Abercrombie Krown: *stiffens*
Rand Colds: No need for arguement.
Grumni Hammersmith: with all due respect
Rolo Underfoot: We'll let the Priest do the praying Grumni.
Abercrombie Krown: Indeed
Rand Colds: *gulps*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* fair enough
Rolo Underfoot: If Moradin can help, all the better.
Rand Colds: *tries to shuffle out of the middle, very obviously*
Abercrombie Krown: While normally there are fees for such prayers, as this is on behalf of the keep, I shall wave those.
Rand Colds: Um, er...
Rolo Underfoot: That would be most welcome -- all for one eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, well.... good luck with that
Abercrombie Krown: However, the rituals do require certain components and the cost of those you would need to cover.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Rolo Underfoot: And that cost would be?
Abercrombie Krown: That would depend on the ritual or ceremony you wish me to attempt.
Rand Colds: What are our options?
Rand Colds: *looks around for the wizard*
Rolo Underfoot: I see. What if we were to ask for the location of the lass?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinkig ter look fer Rynn, I ain't fer leaving her with slavers
Abercrombie Krown: Well, let me see now.... *pulls out a prayer book and begins to leaf thru it, examining each page*
Rand Colds: I'm not for leaving Rynn with slavers, however, I thought the dragon was the priority at the moment.
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs in frustration* aye
Rolo Underfoot: Well, I think the solution to both problems is the same. FInd Rynn and we'll find the egg.
Rolo Underfoot: Unless either of you know more than you have told me thus far.
Rand Colds: She's the last one to have it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* well I'm down ter 93 gp so its whatever we can afford
Rand Colds: *tries to push the bulging sack of gold coins under his cloak*
Rolo Underfoot: I have some coins -- and the Castellian will surely help in this matter.
Abercrombie Krown: Well a simple divination can provide an answer to simple questions related to events upto about a week into the future.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* name yer prices then Priest. I suppose yonder scribe I'll want coin fer helping us later too
Rand Colds: Future?
Rolo Underfoot: We need to go much further back than that -- couple of months.
Abercrombie Krown: the incense and offering required for that prayer are 100 gold.
Rolo Underfoot: We may be able to locate an item that belonged to the lass if necessary -- I'm thinking she did not check out of the Inn.
Rand Colds: How much will it cost to create a future where we find the egg and save the Keep?
Rolo Underfoot: Har, har.
Abercrombie Krown: Some other options... *pages on*
Rolo Underfoot: He jests Priest.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'td be good ter know what'll happen if we go after rynn first
Rand Colds: That's how much we should charge the town. *nods to himself*
Rolo Underfoot: 100 gold I can handle.
Rolo Underfoot: Cheaper than that key Grumni had made.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* I can afford ter split it 3 ways
Abercrombie Krown: For the seem fee, I could provide you with a scroll of Sending.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls at mention of key*
Rand Colds: I have some gold to split up, from the trip through the woods.
Rolo Underfoot: It was a good key -- even worked!
Abercrombie Krown: That would allow one of you who knows the woman, to send a short message and recieve a reply from her.
Rand Colds: That sounds perfect.
Rand Colds: Can Moradin help you do that, Grumni?
Rolo Underfoot: That would be Rand or Grumini -- I think it is a good start.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* its not one of me gifts so faar
Rolo Underfoot: aye ... but we can all work together toward a common goal aye?
Rand Colds: Okay, I'll pay the 100 gold out of the loot.
Grumni Hammersmith: good lad
Rand Colds: Grumni, you send the message, she liked you better than I.
Abercrombie Krown: Mind you, should the woman not wish to communicate - and not respond, you'll have no way of knowing whether or not the message was received or not.
Grumni Hammersmith: if we send a message and she did steal it it it'll tip her off and she'll run again
Rolo Underfoot: Are you sure? Whatever you think is best.
Abercrombie Krown: She could be dead.
Rand Colds: Oh, she can't reply?
Rolo Underfoot: Will we be able to tell?
Abercrombie Krown: She can choose to reply, but is not required to.
Rand Colds: oh. *looks down at the gold*
Abercrombie Krown: There's no way to tell with the prayer itself.
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* that spell sounds like tripe ter me, I think we should search instead
Rand Colds: *shrugs* i thought either idea sounded good.
Rolo Underfoot: Perhpas we can devine if she is alive?
Abercrombie Krown: Well... let me see if I have some other suggestions *flips pages*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: I'm sure she'll respond, to Grumni.
Rolo Underfoot: Or contact her spirit if not?
Rolo Underfoot: 100 gold is a good bet I think -- if you are sure she'll answer to Grumni if able.
Rand Colds: Okay, what are you going to say, Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* so we're sending a message then/
Abercrombie Krown: Another option would be a Commune ceremony.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: And that is?
Grumni Hammersmith: commune?
Rand Colds: *listens*
Abercrombie Krown: Yes, this allows simple yes/no questions of the Saint.
Rolo Underfoot: ok and the cost of that is?
Grumni Hammersmith: and how many questions?
Abercrombie Krown: That would also be 100 gold for the incense and such needed.
Rolo Underfoot: I think the message first and commune based on the results after.
Abercrombie Krown: I could ask 10 questions or so.
Rand Colds: *looks suspiciously at the priest*
Grumni Hammersmith: ah, I'm liking the commune better
Abercrombie Krown: Mind you, the saint may choose not to answer every question.
Rand Colds: But we wont get a reply. Let's just ask her if she has the egg.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* yer money lad
Rolo Underfoot: Gentlemen we are trying to save a keep here ... 100 gold is not something to quible over.
Grumni Hammersmith: very well get yer message ready
Abercrombie Krown: And sometimes the Saints answers are short phrases or riddles.
Rand Colds: *looks around for Eli* Sure could use some advice about now.
Rolo Underfoot: Mages ...
Grumni Hammersmith: Cast yer message spell then priest
Rand Colds: I swear, he was just here with us.

Karvon: we'll assume Eli preferred to go talk with D'Amberville rather than listen the prattlings of a priest.

Rand Colds: Ask her, 'who has the dragon egg?'
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni, we need to know a couple of things ... 1) where is she?, and 2) where is the egg?
Abercrombie Krown: Ah for the sending, I'll need to prepare a scroll for one of you to use.
Grumni Hammersmith: *waits for priest to do his magic*
Abercrombie Krown: As I don't know the woman, I can't contact her myself.
Rand Colds: How long will that take?
Grumni Hammersmith: best get scribbling then lad, the keeps at stake
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: So, is it ready yet?
Rolo Underfoot: I think our next stop is the Inn -- is that where she was staying?
Abercrombie Krown: It'll take me about 2 days to scribe such.
Grumni Hammersmith: 2 days!!
Rand Colds: I want to stop by the tanners, I got this animal skin I want him to look at.
Rolo Underfoot: right.
Grumni Hammersmith: 2 days!!
Abercrombie Krown: Yes, the enchanting of scrolls requires certain ceremonies, prayers and preparations.
Rolo Underfoot: We have the time...
Rand Colds: Yeah, three months the dragon said. right?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer got yer payment, we''l be back 2 days hence
Rolo Underfoot: Yep -- and we got to be smart about this.
Abercrombie Krown: Very well.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's go see the bookworm
Rolo Underfoot: Good luck Priest Abercombie.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Abercrombie Krown: and to you
Rand Colds: hey, here's the gold, make me a second scroll, will that take any extra time?
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks
Abercrombie Krown: Ah, no I can do both at the same time I think.
Rand Colds: Thanks, I'd like that.
Abercrombie Krown: *nods and takes the gold*
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like Rands making another purchase
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, always thinking ahead -- I like that.
Rand Colds: what if we have a second question. I don't have the patience to wait two days every question.

Rolo Underfoot: To the tanner?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: I'm going to the Quartermaster to see if he has rope.
Rand Colds: Good idea.

Rand Colds: Hello
Jocelyn: Hello
Rand Colds: Hey, um, Jocelyn, can you take a look at this skin?
Jocelyn: Can I help you?
Grumni Hammersmith: huh, not much of a salesman
Rolo Underfoot: heavy stuff, but it will do.
Jocelyn: Sure what is it?
Rand Colds: *pulls out the leucrotta hide*
Rand Colds: It seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Rand Colds: Can you make anything out of it?
Jocelyn: Hello again. Can I help you?
Rand Colds: Yes, please. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Jocelyn: All right.
Jocelyn: Hmm very interesting material.
Rand Colds: It was also able to sound like a baby, lured us into it's killing spot.
Jocelyn: *nods*
Jocelyn: Kind of ugly, but I suppose I could try dying it.
Rand Colds: I don't think you should dye it. *puts the hide away*
Jocelyn: *shrugs* very well.
Rand Colds: I'll hang on to it, if the best you can do is dye it.
Rand Colds: *turns to leave*
Jocelyn: Well it could be used for items.
Rolo Underfoot: He wants to know what you can MAKE out of it -- it is magical no?
Jocelyn: I'd have to experiment with it though.
Jocelyn: I'm not a mage, so I can't enchant it.
Rolo Underfoot: Experiment -- have you never seen this before?
Jocelyn: No I've not.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... what do you THINK you can do with it?
Rand Colds: No worries, I'll can wait until we get to a larger town.
Jocelyn: I've no idea of it's properties.
Jocelyn: It's tough, so might make for a good shield or leather armor.
Rolo Underfoot: and by "experimenting" what will happen to the hide?
Jocelyn: Well, I'd only use a small square of it for experimenting, naturally, NOT the whole hide.
Rolo Underfoot: Leather is good -- can you do better than what I have?
Jocelyn: *laughs*
Rand Colds: I'd like to see what the cobbler has to say.
Jocelyn: *examines Rolo's armor*
Jocelyn: That's pretty high quality.
Jocelyn: I could maybe match it.
Grumni Hammersmith: boots might be a good idea
Rolo Underfoot: Best my town could offer. * smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: ok fair enough -- Rand your call/.
Jocelyn: You'd need an enchanter to surpass what you have likely, and to take advantage of any special qualities this hide might have.
Rand Colds: We don't need any extra leather armor to carry around.
Rolo Underfoot: Boots perhaps?
Rolo Underfoot: Or a belt?
Jocelyn: You'd have to ask the cobbler about boots.
Rolo Underfoot: or most anything really.
Rolo Underfoot: oh, of course.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks
Jocelyn: For any magical enhancements, you'd need the help of a wizard.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's follow rand ter the cobblers
Jocelyn: Or similar enchanter.
Rolo Underfoot: Can you recomend one?
Jocelyn: None in these parts.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Jocelyn: You'd need to go to a city to find such probably.

Reece: Greetings. I am Reece, the Keep's cobbler. Are you in need of my services?
Rolo Underfoot: i think we are out of luck on the enchantment end.
Rand Colds: No, thank you, Reece. Good day.
Rand Colds: Actually, have you seen hide like this before?
Reece: *looks it over and shakes head*
Reece: Seems tough, though, what is it?
Rolo Underfoot: Pretty nasty creature.
Rand Colds: I don't know, but the creature was able to sneak right up to us unseen.
Rand Colds: It also made sounds like a baby, to lure us in.
Reece: hmm
Grumni Hammersmith: let's go see the scribe
Reece: Make for a nice pair of work boots.
Rand Colds: Yeah, that's what I need. Some good work boots.
Rolo Underfoot: I think we should check the Inn next.
Rand Colds: Well, thanks. Tosses the man a gold.
Reece: ah thank you!

Grumni Hammersmith: not the scribe?
Rand Colds: Oh, yeah, he's right here.
Rolo Underfoot: I think the Inn next.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shugs*
Rand Colds: We'll get there eventually, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: whatever -- want to know more about Rynn's dissapearance.
Rand Colds: *looks in the pot*

Dubricus D'Amberville: Ah good day gentlemen!
Rolo Underfoot: hello.
Rand Colds: Hello, again.
Dubricus D'Amberville: So glad to see you all in one piece.
Rolo Underfoot: So are we!
Rand Colds: yeah, tell me about it.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Many thought the dragon had got you for sure.
Rolo Underfoot: As did we!
Dubricus D'Amberville: But I figured you were a resourceful lot.
Rolo Underfoot: But luck was on our side this time.
Dubricus D'Amberville: So it would seem.
Rolo Underfoot: Lucky for us the dragons did not kill us outright.]
Dubricus D'Amberville: Indeed
Rolo Underfoot: I expect they figured we may be the best to aide them.
Rand Colds: Lucky for us, *repeats*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well it is said dragons are very intelligent.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed, and true I think.
Dubricus D'Amberville: The one which attacked the keep certainly was.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Quite the spellcaster it was.
Rand Colds: Oh?
Rolo Underfoot: Really.
Rolo Underfoot: I was peeing my britches most of the time, so I really wouldn't knwo.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Indeed the normal spells I and the others attempted had little or no effect due to its protective wards.
Rolo Underfoot: Eli, could probable relate to that.
Rand Colds: Yeah, Eli hasn't been here, has he?
Dubricus D'Amberville: A magnificent specimen of a male green.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed.
Rand Colds: Yeah, magnificent. *sarcastic*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Um, he stopped in briefly and then said something about resting at the inn. He seemed a bit under the weather.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'd speculate it was a fully mature adult, based on what I've read about them.
Rolo Underfoot: I expected as much -- the dragons pretty much ovewhelmed him.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Yes, mated pairs are rare.
Rolo Underfoot: He got some good shots in early though.
Rand Colds: Are there two of them?
Dubricus D'Amberville: It would seem so.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, Rand -- there is an egg remember?
Rand Colds: I thought so as well.
Dubricus D'Amberville: The dragon said as much.
Rolo Underfoot: So, we are trying to track down an egg that was stole from some kobolds ... any suggestions?
Rand Colds: yeah, there was that too.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I would hypothesize the pair was sleeping when someone, or something slipped in and made off with their egg.
Rand Colds: slithery kobolds.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Dragons sleep very deeply, sometimes for decades.
Rand Colds: must not have been on the egg, left it laying around somewheres.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Hmm.... tracking an egg would be challenging.
Rolo Underfoot: They are quite awake now.
Rolo Underfoot: We know a person who last had it ... if that would help?
Rand Colds: Do you have any spells that could help us find the egg?
Dubricus D'Amberville: If I had something of the persons, that would aid immensely.
Rand Colds: *looks at Rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- We might be able to come up with something.
Rand Colds: Maybe we should go to the Inn, first.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Scrying might be an option.
Rolo Underfoot: I think so. We'll be back.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Very well.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Of course.
Rand Colds: Your not leaving the Keep, are you D'Amberville?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Oh no, it's not every day you get to observe a dragon, let alone two!
Rand Colds: *nod*

Rand Colds: freakin' idiot *shuts the door behind him*
Rolo Underfoot: eh?
Rand Colds: Damn wizard, all he can think about is watching those two dragons.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- that is a wizard for ya.
Rand Colds: *shakes his head*

Rand Colds: *waves to Mendel*
Rolo Underfoot: Mendel how's things?
Mendel: Howya doing?
Mendel: Well, you tell me, you're the dragon hunters.
Mendel: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: Could be better, could be much worse.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- and now we hunt eggs.
Mendel: Well, at least you've bought us three months.
Mendel: I was about ready to pack up and leave right away.
Rolo Underfoot: Hope that is enough. You know anything about Sanner?
Rand Colds: Got any dragon slaying swords?
Mendel: Yes, he passes thru here on a seasonal basis.
Mendel: Hah
Rolo Underfoot: Right and his last passing coincided wth the disappearance of the egg we are seeking.
Mendel: Not at the moment, but perhaps I could look for one for you, for the right price!
Rand Colds: *nods*
Mendel: *laughs*
Rand Colds: Keep an eye out, or ear, whatever.
Rolo Underfoot: Any idea of where he got off to?
Mendel: You must tell me all about your encounter with the dragon over dinner tonite.
Rand Colds: *looks at the ground, kicking a small pebble across the road*
Rolo Underfoot: Sure -- In the meantime, you might put out some feeler for the location of Sanner or a lass named Rynn.
Rand Colds: *brb, a few minutes*
Mendel: Um, well, usually he heads south from here into the Sea Lords domains.
Rolo Underfoot: That is a start -- is there a market for dragon eggs?
Mendel: He sells the goods he collects in this region there and then returns the following spring with more goods from the ports.
Mendel: Of course!
Mendel: Who wouldn't want a pet dragon?
Mendel: *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: ah, good to know. So, if I were in the market for an egg -- who would I seek?
Mendel: Well... the bigger cities obviously have the larger markets.
Rolo Underfoot: yes, of course.
Rolo Underfoot: But surely dragons are not kept as pets.
Mendel: On the other hand, if some patron was looking for such specifically, they might have agents out looking where ever they thought they might turn one up.
Mendel: If you get an egg and the baby imprints on you, it thinks your it's parent.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... what would a dragon egg be worth? it was my impression that Sanner did not offer much.
Mendel: Much easier to train and control in such cases.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Mendel: Would depend on many factors.
Rolo Underfoot: Such as?
Mendel: The kind of dragon, the age and size of the parents, the size and age of the egg.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... how about a green dragon?
Mendel: And how knowlegable/gulible either party was in the transaction.
Mendel: *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: Of course.
Mendel: Any egg would be worth a minimum of several thousand gold.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... and Sanner offered much less I'm told.
Mendel: He doesn't deal with as much exotic material. Might not have known the true worth.
Mendel: Or, maybe he did *smiles8
Rolo Underfoot: Great. You may also want to put your feelers out for anyone with a green dragon egg for sale in these parts or down south.
Mendel: Well, not too much traffic coming into these parts, so not sure how easy to get news back, if you know what I mean.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, I'm thinking perhaps he was thinking the possessor did not understand the true value of the egg.
Mendel: Very likely.
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... see what you can do, eh?
Mendel: *smiles* Yes, and I expect you all for dinner.
Rand Colds: yeah, yeah, whatever.
Mendel: I want to hear first hand what happened!
Mendel: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: Looking forward to it. *smiles.*

Rand Colds: Maybe we should go to the tavern first
Rand Colds: *looks over at his home at the Keep*
Rand Colds: *grumbles, before following the halfling*
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- just want to check wherever she was staying.
Calista: Ah good day sirs
Rolo Underfoot: I'll let you pull the string -- you knew her.
Calista: May I help you?
Rand Colds: Um, sure
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: do you remember a young red haired lass, stayed here a few moons back?
Rolo Underfoot: Rynn was her name.
Rand Colds: Drank with us over at the One Cat.
Calista: *scratches her head* We've had a fair number of guests in that time.
Rand Colds: Yeah, she was kind of purty though.
Calista: hmm
Rolo Underfoot: Rynn ...
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Calista: She have a room here?
Rand Colds: Probably.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Rand*
Rolo Underfoot: Any other Inn?
Calista: Well, I could check the register.
Rolo Underfoot: Please.
Rand Colds: Yes, the book, right?
Calista: *walks over and opens an old worn tome*
Calista: *pages back thru it*
Calista: Two months back you say?
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: Yeah, something like that.
Calista: *slows down and examines a couple of pages*
Rolo Underfoot: She may have left without notice ...
Calista: I don't see anyone with that name in the register.
Calista: Did she share a room?
Rolo Underfoot: Anyone, female that did not check out around that time?
Rand Colds: *lip trembles* Grumni?
Rand Colds: *looks away*
Calista: hmm
Rand Colds: *paces around*
Rolo Underfoot: *holds breath*
Rand Colds: Or Barrin? *looks upset*
Calista: There was one room.
Rand Colds: *stops*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes?
Calista: But that was signed as Mary of Southport.
Calista: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Mary ... and did she check out?
Calista: Doesn't seem so.
Rand Colds: Mary?
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- did she leave anything behind?
Calista: Sometimes folks pay in advance and simply leave early.
Calista: I've no idea if she did, it's been two months.
Rolo Underfoot: But surely someone would know?
Calista: There's no note of such in the register.
Calista: If there's something of value left by a guest, it might be noted and stored.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... the room is no longer reserved I take it?
Calista: No, it's been used many times since then.
Rand Colds: Can you check?
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- so no note, means nothing of value left behind?
Calista: Check what?
Rand Colds: check for items left behind.
Calista: Nothing was noted as left behind.

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session 32 - Kendel Keep

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:27 pm

Karvon : You paid visits to the mage, priest, talked in passing with Mendel, and visited a couple of shops to check on the hide you recovered. You also stopped in at the inn to see if Rynn left anything behind. She wasn't registered, at least under that name. We ended there at the inn. Mendel invited you all to dinner in the evening to hear about your adventures and perhaps offer you some advice. We'll resume back at the inn, and take it from there.

Calista: Was there anything else I can help you with?
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- no trace of Rynn here.
Rolo Underfoot: No, thanks you have been very helpful.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I guess yer would have remembered a red-headed lass
Rand Colds: Figures, she disappears in the night, and never really revealed her true name, possibly.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Calista: Well, um, as I told these gentlemen, we get a lot of travelers thru here.
Rolo Underfoot: Or was staying elsewhere.
Calista: ...and it's been two months now, according to your friends.
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer have a signing in book?
Calista: She could've had a room at the guild house; it's a more private place.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, she looked Grumni -- no Rynn -- just a Mary who did not bother checking out.
Rand Colds: We can try there, I suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* might be worth asking if folks have seen a red headed Mary?
Rolo Underfoot: I'm thinking the Guildhouse as well -- but the baker first?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Calista: However, the guild house has a more exclusive cliental and tends to be tight lipped about it's guests.
Rand Colds: Sure.
Grumni Hammersmith: good day lass
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... even in dark times I suppose.
Rolo Underfoot: Right and thanks again.
Rand Colds: *waves*
Grumni Hammersmith: farewell
Calista: *turns to dusting and polishing*
Grumni Hammersmith: actually... I think I'll have a quick sit down while I'm here
Rand Colds: This way, Grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm looking for a room.
Grumni Hammersmith: All right then.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll catch up

Rand Colds: @#$%, *runs for the bakery*
Rand Colds: *shakes off the rain once inside the bakery*
Brother Martin: How are you folk doing?
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrings water out of beard*
Rand Colds: Well, considering a dragon wants to kill us all.
Brother Martin: Ah yes, the dragons, a pity we all can't just get a long.
Rolo Underfoot: *lost in transition*
Rand Colds: Wonder if the dragons have any culture, but that's for another day, I suppose.
Grumni Hammersmith: Pah! we'll never be getting along with them scaly beasts
Rand Colds: We're here to find out about a red haired lass that used to travel with us.
Brother Martin: Hmm, they seem to have some level of toleration or they could've wiped out this, other settlements, years ago.
Grumni Hammersmith: might have gone by the name of Rynn?
Rolo Underfoot: And get a fresh apple tart if available.
Rand Colds: We think she may have found a dragon egg a month or two back.
Brother Martin: A dragon egg? So that would explain many things.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed it does.
Grumni Hammersmith: *licks lips at mention of apple tart*
Rand Colds: Did she bring word of the egg to you?
Brother Martin: How would you expect a king to react if his son or daughter were kidnapped?
Grumni Hammersmith: She might've been looking ter buy trail bread
Brother Martin: *smiles and hands out some samples of goods to the lot of you*
Rolo Underfoot: They'd want them back of course -- and it is our intention to return the egg -- but we need to find it first.
Rolo Underfoot: Wonderful! Thank you!
Brother Martin: Of course.
Rand Colds: *tries a random sample*
Brother Martin: I do seem to recall a woman travelling with you.
Rand Colds: *nods to Martin*
Brother Martin: She did purchase supplies from time to time, as did you all.
Grumni Hammersmith: did she get ter chatting with yer?
Rand Colds: Do you recall aught about a dragon egg?
Brother Martin: I don't remember her ever mentioning an egg.
Rand Colds: Drats.
Rolo Underfoot: *savors the sample*
Grumni Hammersmith: she ever say where she was going or where she came from?
Grumni Hammersmith: *hopefull*
Rolo Underfoot: Or where she was staying?
Brother Martin: I believe she mentioned once she'd come up from the south, from the Sea Lords lands.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... interesting
Rolo Underfoot: Interesting -- second time I've heard that place mentioned today.
Brother Martin: Never mentioned where she was staying, I assumed it was the inn.
Rolo Underfoot: As did I ...
Grumni Hammersmith: Yer have been most helpful
Brother Martin: Then she did seem to enjoy the better things, so perhaps she spent the extra coin for the comforts of the Guildhouse?
Rand Colds: *helps himself to another sample*
Rolo Underfoot: She didn't 'leave' anything with you by chance?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, guildhouse it is then
Brother Martin: No, can't say that she did.
Rolo Underfoot: We are concerned about her well-being.
Salla: Welcome to the Kendall Keep bakery. What can I get you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Could I see what goods you have for sale?
Salla: All right.
Rand Colds: Bah, I'm concerned about all the good people living in the Keep. If we don't find that egg, the dragons are going to make life miserable here.
Brother Martin: I'm glad to hear you folk are taking steps to resolve the conflict with the dragons.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- but we WILL find that egg.
Brother Martin: It would be unfortunate if things turned hostile.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's make fer the guildhouse, I'm thinking its going ter take some coin ter loosen lips though
Rolo Underfoot: Simple way of putting it.
Brother Martin: Yes, that's likely.
Rand Colds: I'm sure Mendel would gladly set us up with a replacement egg, but I think we better find the correct one.
Brother Martin: The old man can be a bit stubborn at times. Pride's a terrible thing.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, I don't want ter risk a forgery
Rand Colds: Fare thee well, Brother Martin.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- they would know and I would not want to be there for that.

Rolo Underfoot: Guild you think?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *fills his canteen at the fountain*
Grumni Hammersmith: where is it?
Rolo Underfoot: This way
Greeves: Good afternoon.
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* its this old codger again
Rolo Underfoot: erm ... hello?
Greeves: How may I help you?
Grumni Hammersmith: Greeves ain't it?
Greeves: That is correct sir.
Rand Colds: *intimidates*
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Rand and then Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: We're here on keep business
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Greeves: *steps back*
Greeves: Oh?
Rand Colds: And we ain't looking to waste our time.
Greeves: Of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: we need ter find a lass might've stayed here a while back
Grumni Hammersmith: red-head name of Rynn
Greeves: I would have to check the register.
Rolo Underfoot: Red head, went by the name of Rynn.
Greeves: *opens a large tome*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* I'm thinking he's due fer retirement
Rolo Underfoot: The safety of the keep depends on it.
Greeves: and when would this have been?
Rand Colds: *stomps over to the old man*
Grumni Hammersmith: two months ?
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *watches old biddy rush past with amusement*
Greeves: Two months... *carefully turns pages back*
Rand Colds: *taps his hand on his hilt, looking like he really wants to draw his weapon*
Greeves: *stops and slowly traces down a page or so*
Greeves: Hmm, Rynn you say?
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rand Colds: *wraps his fingers around the hilt, knuckles turning pale*
Greeves: She wasn't a guest of another here perhaps?
Rolo Underfoot: Surely you would recall a red-headed female?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... Mendel maybe?
Rolo Underfoot: *winks*
Rand Colds: *grins*
Rolo Underfoot: You know everything that goes on here -- did she stay here or not?
Greeves: Master Mendel has his own personal servants, I doubt she would've lodged with him, but you could ask him yourselves of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: try Mary instead
Grumni Hammersmith: some folks seem ter think that might be her alias
Rand Colds: *steps to the side of the old man, flanking him*
Rolo Underfoot: No, she would not have been attached to him -- he came later I think.
Greeves: We have no one registered under the name of Rynn at the time you mentioned.
Greeves: Mary?
Rolo Underfoot: Forget the book -- do you recall the lass?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: You heard right.
Greeves: *glances over shoulder at Rand*
Rand Colds: *glances over the old mans shoulder, into the book*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* how about more recently?
Rolo Underfoot: *tries to flag the woman down*
Rolo Underfoot: Red head lass -- you would certainly recall that?
Greeves: We don't show any woman going by that name, or by Mary in the time you mentioned, or a couple weeks before or after.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- red head?
Rolo Underfoot: Nothing to ya?
Grumni Hammersmith: *takes out a gold coin out* perhaps a bit of gold would help yer memory?
Greeves: Such a woman did purchase some trade goods a time or two.
Rolo Underfoot: Think man, it is important.
Rand Colds: What about that mage that bought frogs off of us? Is he still here, old man?
Rolo Underfoot: right -- but she did not stay here?
Greeves: No she did not.
Rolo Underfoot: ok thanks. Frogs Rand?
Greeves: At least not that I know of.
Rolo Underfoot: And you would know if she stayed here ... right?
Greeves: The mage left a month or so ago, shortly after the fall of the cult in the valley.
Rand Colds: Did he check out, or just never come back?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... a bit after Rynn I think.
Greeves: Only registered guests or their guests are allowed to stay in rooms here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* this ain't getting us anywhere, the old lad's probably senile anyway
Rolo Underfoot: Right. How about the woman -- can we slow her down for a chat?
Greeves: The wizard checked out before he left. He's always been a good customer.
Rolo Underfoot: Miss?
Grumni Hammersmith: oy! woman
Peta: Yes sir?
Grumni Hammersmith: stand still a moment
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, good, I was getting dizzy.
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer remember a lass names Rynn?
Rolo Underfoot: You ever see a red headed lass around here ... oh two months ago or so?
Rand Colds: *wrings his hands, cracking a few knuckles in the process*
Peta: Can'ts says I do, sir.
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs*
Rolo Underfoot: Pretty thing by accounts ... you'd recall her I think.
Peta: I'm sorry sir, I tend to cleaning and the like, I don't pay much mind to who comes and goes.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer sure a gold coin wouldn't help yer ter remember?
Rolo Underfoot: ah, come now, I'm sure you know most everything that goes on around here.
Rand Colds: *glares the back of the old mans head*
Peta: I'm sorry sirs, I just do cleaning and laundry.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Peta: Master Geeves here deals directly with the guests.
Rolo Underfoot: ok ... we seemed to have not been lucky.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* there ain't anyone else ter ask
Rolo Underfoot: Wilf.
Rand Colds: Fine, we'll be going.... for now.
Grumni Hammersmith: Looks like we have ter hope the priest works his magic well
Rolo Underfoot: Thank you for your time.
Rand Colds: Keep the doors open, we may decide to come back.
Peta: Good day to ya sirs
Rand Colds: *stomps back to the door*
Peta: *turns back to her cleaning*

Rolo Underfoot: Maybe Wilf can help.
Grumni Hammersmith: did yer ask the folks at the gate house?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. that is a thought.
Rand Colds: *shakes his head* I don't think we asked Sabine.
Grumni Hammersmith: they's know folk's coming and goings
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- can't hurt.
Sabine: Afternoon
Grumni Hammersmith: hello
Rand Colds: Evening.
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Sabine. *looks at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer remember a lass named Rynn?
Sabine: *ponders a moment*
Grumni Hammersmith: red hair, slim
Sabine: She the woman with your group when you first came here?
Rolo Underfoot: Red head, about two moons ago.
Rand Colds: Aye.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Sabine: Yes, I recall her.
Grumni Hammersmith: did yer notice her leave on her own?
Rolo Underfoot: And not come back?
Sabine: She left with a caravan heading to the Sea Lords about two months back, if I remember correctly.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah ha!
Rolo Underfoot: She did!
Grumni Hammersmith: progress
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we need ter be heading south
Rolo Underfoot: Do you know where she was staying while she was here?
Sabine: Yes, I thought it odd you were not all traveling together, but as you made no mention of it, I gave it no further thought at the time.
Sabine: I'm not positive, but believe she was staying at the inn.
Rolo Underfoot: Right. As did I.
Grumni Hammersmith: how'd she seem the last time yer saw her - scared, happy, sneaky?
Sabine: Hmm
Sabine: Been awhile of course now
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Sabine: She seemed pleasant enough.
Grumni Hammersmith: how about any strange shaped packages she might've had - maybe egg shaped?
Rolo Underfoot: That is good.
Rolo Underfoot: Big egg ...
Rolo Underfoot: Any one else in that caravan that you recall?
Grumni Hammersmith: very big egg
Sabine: she had a large pack, it could've contained something like that.
Rand Colds: She skipped town with what the dragons are looking for.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* we start ter get to the truth of it
Sabine: That is unfortunate.
Rand Colds: Yeah, for the Keep.
Sabine: She was traveling with some merchants based in the Sea Lords realms.
Rolo Underfoot: Well we aim to set things right.
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer know if there's any caravans due ter go to the Sea Lords soon?
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- with a very valuable cargo it would seem.
Sabine: They bring imported goods and finished goods from the ports up to these parts and take back hides, gems and other natural resources.
Rolo Underfoot: Natural Resources -- interesting way of putting it.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... selling that hide yer found would be a good cover Rand
Sabine: Not too many merchants still around with the dragon threat looming.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed or even getting it enchanted.
Rand Colds: It is a most unusual hide, fer sure.
Sabine: Mendel may be heading south soon, you might talk with him.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed, we will.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, the penny pincher - ain't he due ter buy us dinner?
Rolo Underfoot: I have suddenly taken a shine to the man.
Rand Colds: Yeah, but at what cost?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: At least he seems to talk straight.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow at comment* shall we make fer the inn?
Sabine: I'd be careful around Mendel, he's only really motivated by gold.
Rand Colds: May as well. We've looked everywhere else.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, a very greedy man
Rand Colds: Aye, my point exactly, Sabine.
Sabine: Most merchants are.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- Sabine ... Rynn didn't happen to leave anything behind that you are aware of did she?
Sabine: Not that I know of. I suppose you could ask at the shops; perhaps she sold something of hers that might still be around.
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... good idea. Thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: Take care.
Rand Colds: G'day to you, and thanks, Sabine.
Sabine: *nods*

Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... we going ter ask anywhere else or straight fer Mendel?
Rolo Underfoot: Quarter master you think?
Rand Colds: or the smith?
Rolo Underfoot: Sure we are here.
Rand Colds: but we asked him already.
Rolo Underfoot: oh.
Rand Colds: Didn't we?
Grumni Hammersmith: smith - ok
Grumni Hammersmith: I don't like him much though
Grumni Hammersmith: robbing dog
Rand Colds: I think we spoke to the smith already.
Rolo Underfoot: Don't thinks so -- but you do the talking Rand -- that key busines may have put him off to Grumni and I.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rafe: Yeah?
Rand Colds: Hey, Smith.
Rafe: How can I help ya folks?
Grumni Hammersmith: *hangs back*
Rolo Underfoot: *smiles*
Rand Colds: We're hoping to find some items a friend of ours may have sold to ye.
Rafe: Um, what sorta items?
Rand Colds: It's been a month or two, fetching red haired lass would have been the seller.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rafe: Ah yeah, remember her.
Rand Colds: Good.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rand Colds: Do you still have any of the stuff she bartered with you?
Rafe: She brought in a few weapons and such, as did you all.
Rafe: Some I melted down, some I've sold.
Rolo Underfoot: Need something "personal" Rand.
Rand Colds: Anything left?
Rafe: Dunno offhand if I have any left.
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm.
Grumni Hammersmith: Could yer have a look?
Rafe: Suppose so *wanders over and examines some crates and racks*
Rolo Underfoot: What weapon did she use? Perhaps she upgraded and sold the old one?
Rafe: hmm
Rand Colds: Short sword, maybe. *tries to recall her weapons*
Grumni Hammersmith: sabre?
Rafe: What I do have seems to be mostly refurbished blades.
Rolo Underfoot: Oh, and that key worked by the way ... thought you should know.
Rafe: You all brought in a lot of that, so not sure if any of these were specifically hers.
Rafe: Ah good to hear.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Rand*
Grumni Hammersmith: doubt any of then have "property of Rynn* stamped on them
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Rafe: You can take a look yerselves, mebbe you'll recognize something of hers.
Rand Colds: *looks at the various weapons in the crate*
Rafe: *points to open crate of assorted blades*
Grumni Hammersmith: any of them in the style of the sea lords region? perhaps some sort of makers mark?
Rand Colds: Bah, it all looks like bandit gear to me. *steps aside after a cursory look*
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps the quarter master?
Grumni Hammersmith: *turns crate upside down emptying contents*
Rolo Underfoot: Or Tailor?
Grumni Hammersmith: ah ha!
Rand Colds: Maybe one of you should take a look
Grumni Hammersmith: *seperates some swords*
Rafe: Hey you best be ready to put that all away when you're finished!
Rolo Underfoot: I never met her -- only heard you and the others mention her.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like these could be from the right region judging by them markings
Rolo Underfoot: Women love clothes ... I'm thiniking the tailor.
Grumni Hammersmith: not sure which of 'em would be suitable for a lass *looks to smith*
Rolo Underfoot: May have sold things at the Quartermasters though -- close enough to a general store no?
Rand Colds: Aye
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds markings up to the light*
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks for your time Smith -- good day.
Rafe : [Tell] from that region
Rand Colds: I think I remember her switching to a rapier, once we found one on a bandit. Perhaps this is her old short sword, perhaps not.
Grumni Hammersmith: how much fer the pair?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... would need to know or D'Ambervilles' spell will find the wrong person.
Rafe: Well being you're on keep business, I suppose I can give them to you for say 20 gold.
Grumni Hammersmith: what do yer say ter fifteen?
Rafe: *rubs the back of his neck*
Rand Colds: *nods to Rolo* 'Tis a greased pig we're trying to catch, I feel like a boy trying to catch the pig at the summer festival.
Rolo Underfoot: I think we are wasting our time.
Rafe: Very well, 15 coins.
Rolo Underfoot: If we get the wrong item we'll head in the wrong direction.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: *looks at the other two* You need me to pay?
Rolo Underfoot: fair enough -- back up if needed.
Rafe: *carefully counts and pockets the coins*
Grumni Hammersmith: could be worth a try
Rolo Underfoot: Let's check the quartemaster and tailor and see if we can't come up with something a little more sure.
Grumni Hammersmith: if we get no further luck
Rafe: Good luck!
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks we can certainly use it.
Grumni Hammersmith: quartermaster then
Rand Colds: I hope they don't try and squeeze gold out of us as well. *glares at the smith*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, this keep's making money out of us all right

Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't knowing anything about fashion so there's no point me asking
Moseley: Good day
Rand Colds: *laugh*
Rolo Underfoot: Rand?
Moseley: How can I help you?
Rand Colds: Yes?
Rolo Underfoot: You would recognize anything if she sold it.
Rand Colds: We're here on official Keep business.
Moseley: Yes?
Rand Colds: Your cooperation is essential for the safety of us all.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Moseley: *nods*
Moseley: Well, what do you need?
Rand Colds: A former companion of ours may have sold some items to you. She had red hair and was human.
Moseley: *ponders a moment*
Grumni Hammersmith: I remember 'em as not being very err.... modest
Rand Colds: We are trying to locate some of her items in order to locate her through magical means.
Moseley: Yes, I seem to recall the woman. What of her?
Moseley: I doubt I can help you.
Rolo Underfoot: *frowns*
Moseley: I don't recall her selling anything of the personal nature.
Rand Colds: Understood, but your help is required.
Grumni Hammersmith: seems our luck has run out
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps the tailor ... or Mendell?
Moseley: What I might have bought from her's, long been sold to others or send on consignment with merchants south.
Rand Colds: Do you recall her selling anything out of the ordinary?
Moseley: Can't say that I do. I deal mostly with run of the mill stuff.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* do yer know the names of any merchant who might've set off fer the Sea Lords lands 2 months back?
Moseley: Traveling merchants are more likely to have the coin for more valuable things.
Rand Colds: *nods* I know. We are just trying our hardest to save the Keep. Anything you can add would be great.
Rolo Underfoot: Actually we are looking for more mundane items to be honest.
Grumni Hammersmith: If we knew the merchants name we could ask Mendel where best ter find him
Moseley: Well, I could check my inventory records, some merchants store stuff here.
Rand Colds: that would be great.
Moseley: *turns and consults some log books*
Rand Colds: *waits with the others*
Moseley: Hmm
Moseley: two months back you say?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: yeah, her name was Rynn, or that's what she told us, anyways.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, its the merchant she travelled with that'd be helpful too
Moseley: Athos and Sons picked up some furs held in storage by the keep on their behalf about that time and headed south.
Rolo Underfoot: Headed south to the land of the Sea Lords.
Moseley: Indeed.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Moseley: Home port is Southport.
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Moseley: Likely made some stops along the way as they left the Yoemanry.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks fer the help
Moseley: Glad to be of service.
Moseley: *shuts logs*
Grumni Hammersmith: Mendel next?
Rand Colds: *nods to Grumni*
Rolo Underfoot: Tailo then Mendel I think.
Rand Colds: Thanks, quarter master.
Rolo Underfoot: Thanks for your time.

Rolo Underfoot: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around at "fashion" uncertainly*
Quince Brakenbury: Ah good day gentlemen, how may I help you?
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps she sold some clothes?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about armour being better than jazzy pants*
Rand Colds: We're here on official Keep business.
Rolo Underfoot: In exchange for new ones?
Quince Brakenbury: Oh, I see... well, um, how can I be of assistance?
Rand Colds: We are looking for items a red haired lass may have sold here a few months ago.
Quince Brakenbury: A red haired lass you say?
Rand Colds: Yeah, she used to accompany us.
Quince Brakenbury: I see.
Quince Brakenbury: Well, I've not purchased any goods from such a woman.
Rolo Underfoot: Is there a jewelry shop around here?
Quince Brakenbury: *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: You find that funny?
Quince Brakenbury: Mendel's probably the only one selling such trinkets.
Rand Colds: A jewelry shop?
Rolo Underfoot: ah -- good enough.
Quince Brakenbury: Not much demand for such luxury goods here in the Borderlands.
Rolo Underfoot: Of course.
Quince Brakenbury: I rarely sell such kinds of clothing myself.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, well thanks for your time.
Quince Brakenbury: Mostly workmens cloths and heavy woolen wear.
Rolo Underfoot: Let's speak with Wilf before Mendell
Rand Colds: yeah, thanks for the help.
Quince Brakenbury: Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

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