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session 33 - Kendel Keep

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:28 pm

Karvon: It's early evening and your making your way to your appointment with Mendel for dinner.

Rand Colds: *looks around the bar*
Rolo Underfoot: ah, right on time in his favorite spot it seems.
Rand Colds: Ah, Jess.
Jess: Evening gentlemen
Rand Colds: *glances over at Mendel* Oh yeah, him, too.
Rolo Underfoot: hello Jess!
Jess: Can I get you anything?
Rand Colds: ale, and keep 'em coming. We'll be over at Mendel's table.
Rand Colds: He's paying.
Jess: Oh I see.
Jess: Very well
Rolo Underfoot: I think goodman Mendel is treating us tonight.
Rand Colds: *takes off his cloak, rolling it up before stuffing it in his pack*
Jess: Yes, he has a large meal ordered this evening.
Rolo Underfoot: A very good man indeed!
Jess: I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Rolo Underfoot: No doubt!
Rand Colds: I know I will.
Jess: *smiles*
Rand Colds: You have the best food for leagues around, Jess.
Rolo Underfoot: Don't you know it.
Jess: *laughs*
Jess: We're the only food around for leagues, unless you hunt and cook it yourselves.
Rolo Underfoot: Well let us not keep our host waiting.
Rand Colds: *nods* True.
Jess: Indeed
Rand Colds: *smiles to Jess then heads over to the table*

Mendel: Ah gentlemen!
Rand Colds: *glances at the women*
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Mendel, thanks for inviting us.
Mendel: My pleasure, please find a place and help yourselves to the wine and spirits.
Rand Colds: Spirits, yeah.
Mendel: Our first course should arrive shortly.
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, thank you!
Merchant Guard: *looks you over briefly and then turns his gaze to the room*
Rand Colds: *pulls up a stool*
Prostitute: So Mendel says you boys are adventurers. What you been upto recently?
Rand Colds: So, Mendel, it looks like your guard has doubled. Any worries about bandits, here in town?
Rolo Underfoot: Our eyeballs in dragons! Miss.
Mendel: Should I be? I thought you lads had taken care of the bandit problem.
Rand Colds: Venturing. *replies to the harlot*
Mendel: Yes, do tell us about the dragon!
Rand Colds: If you can find a bandit, you let me know. I've got work to do, if so.
Prostitute: A dragon! Really?
Rolo Underfoot: Dragons! Mendel ... two of them.
Rolo Underfoot: A pair even!
Rand Colds: *nods reluctantly*
Rolo Underfoot: And we walked out of there!
Rand Colds: Aye.....
Mendel: Were these green dragons then?
Rolo Underfoot: ... barely.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, quite green.
Rand Colds: Dragons are not to be trifled with, ever.
Mendel: How did you manage to find their lair?
Rolo Underfoot: Live in an undewater lair.
Prostitute: Underwater?
Rolo Underfoot: We tracked 'em ... sort of.
Prostitute: Did you swim down into it/
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, you could say that.
Prostitute: How do you track a dragon? I thought they flew?
Rolo Underfoot: Which is why the fight was so lopsided.
Rolo Underfoot: They can walk too.
Mendel: Ah, so you fought the beast in the lair then?
Rolo Underfoot: Aye we did! and got away to talk about it.
Rand Colds: We swam down, with no armor, no weapons, that's when we found out there were two. There was a huge pile of gold, too bad there was a dragon as well.
Mendel: *shakes head* Quite amazing.
Prostitute: You saw a dragon hoard?
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed -- Eli gave 'em heck, but no chance.
Rolo Underfoot: I spent most of the time pee'in my britches.
Rand Colds: We used a tactical retreat to withdraw to the forest.
Prostitute: You manage to steal anything from it?
Rolo Underfoot: *drinks some wine*
Rand Colds: Yeah, we left with our skin still attached to our bones.
Jess: Dinner is served *smiles*
Rand Colds: *looks up, smiling* Excellent
Rolo Underfoot: ah and not a moment too soon.
Jess: *sets out some bowls and laddles out a thick soup*
Jess: Your first course. Enjoy!
Rand Colds: *spoons the thick liquid into his waiting mouth*
Rolo Underfoot: So, we either got to find that egg or kill those dragons -- I'm thinking the egg will be the easier option.
Jess: *sets out a platter of dark bread*
Jess: To eat with the soup.
Rand Colds: *tears off a chunk of bread, dipping it in the soup*
Rand Colds: *nods to Rolo* We need an egg.
Mendel: *enjoys the food as the women feed him*
Mendel: An egg?
Rolo Underfoot: Yep -- not just any egg though, we need THE egg.
Rand Colds: Yeah, Eli thinks the dragons can tell the difference from another dragon's egg.
Mendel: The dragons egg I presume?
Mendel: That would seem logical.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- a lass that was an earlier member of the party stole the egg from some kobolds and made off with it.
Mendel: Ah
Rand Colds: Therein lies the problem. We don't know if she sold it, or still carries it, wherever she is.
Rolo Underfoot: The trail leads south Mendel -- what do you know about Sea Port?
Mendel: Um you mean Southport?
Rand Colds: *eyes the prostitutes* Leave it to a woman to take something and never give it back.
Rolo Underfoot: Right Southport perhaps.
Rand Colds: Aye, Athos and sons, have you heard of them?
Mendel: Well... it is one of several major sea ports found in the realm of the Sea Lords.
Mendel: Athos and sons.... *scratches his head*
Rolo Underfoot: Merchants ... ?
Rand Colds: A merchant family, they could be helpful I've heard.
Mendel: Yes, I believe they deal in animal products.
Mendel: Collecting furs, hides, bits for spell components.
Rolo Underfoot: Wonderful. *frowns*
Rand Colds: Sounds like the ones we seek.
Rolo Underfoot: I hope the egg did not end up as a spell component.
Mendel: Said they also handle live specimans from time to time.
Rand Colds: They are in Southport, right?
Mendel: I believe they are based there, but do business throughout the region.
Rand Colds: Have you heard of any dragon eggs for sale, ever?
Mendel: I've certainly heard of such from time to time.
Mendel: Not an everyday event mind you though.
Rolo Underfoot: I wonder how the kobolds ever ended up with it ...
Mendel: A good question.
Mendel: They do have a way of slipping into places others can't.
Rand Colds: *shrugs* Wish they had another. I can deal with kobolds, it's dragons that seem resistant to my 'charms'.
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: True enough -- and perhaps it was their intention to sell the thing.
Mendel: *smiles*
Rand Colds: *drinks more ale*
Mendel: So how big was the dragon you fought in the lair?
Rand Colds: *looks over at the wench*
Rolo Underfoot: umm ... pretty big -- but it was the first one I've seen.
Rand Colds: as tall as an oak, and half as wide.
Mendel: Hmm
Mendel: So it was as large as the one that attacked the keep then?
Rand Colds: Aye, they are a matched pair it seems.
Prostitute: *smiles slying*
Rolo Underfoot: One and the same I am certain.
Mendel: Hmm
Rand Colds: *drinks more ale*
Mendel: So bad news for the keep if you don't get that egg then, eh?
Rand Colds: *nods* You could say that.
Mendel: *scratches chin*
Rolo Underfoot: Very bad new unless you know of something that will lay a dragon low.
Mendel: Maybe I best head south a little early this season.
Rand Colds: figures
Rand Colds: *drinks another ale*
Rand Colds: *pushes his bowl away*
Jess: *bears platter stacked with fish*
Jess: *arranges plates and serves fish to each*
Rand Colds: *admires Jess*
Jess: baked fish stuffed with bits of mushrooms and onions.
Jess: Enjoy!
Jess: *smiles*
Rand Colds: MMM hmmm
Rand Colds: *watches her leave*
Rolo Underfoot: Where you thinking of heading Mendle?
Mendel: Well, likely down to the Sea Lords, have quite a few connections down there.
Rolo Underfoot: Ah, that sounds good -- how long a trip is it?
Mendel: I'll dispose of what I've accumulated and see what I can find to trade elsewhere.
Rand Colds: *digs in, eating the fish with gusto*
Mendel: It depends on your means of travel and urgency.
Mendel: A caravan would normally take a couple of months to reach the ports of the south.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Need to move faster than that if we are return with the egg.
Rand Colds: We don't have that kind of time.
Mendel: A small group on foot could probably do it in half that time.
Rolo Underfoot: How about a small group on ponies?
Rand Colds: Do you usually travel by foot?
Mendel: If you hired horses and switched off along the way, you could probably halve the time again.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm -- that's a lot of horses. How about ships?
Rand Colds: *chuckles8
Mendel: Well you could travel to a river and take a boat south along the river and thru the swamps.
Rand Colds: What, take a boat down the river by the road?
Rolo Underfoot: Swamps! I think that would not be good.
Mendel: There are no roads thru the swamp.
Rand Colds: Will you be going around the swamp then, on your trip to Southport?
Mendel: The trade route goes thru the hills to avoid the swamps.
Rolo Underfoot: I don't think we want to go through it do we?
Mendel: Yes, I normally have a cart so takes a while.
Mendel: Going thru the swamp would be a bit dangerous but might save you a few days, barring any accidents.
Rolo Underfoot: And I can think of plenty of delays in the swamp -- getting lost being the most likely.
Mendel: The cost of hiring a small boat would probably be more expensive the hiring horses.
Mendel: well, if you get the proper pilot and crew, you shouldn't get lost.
Rolo Underfoot: A swamp pilot? Is there such a thing?
Mendel: The pilots know the river passages thru the swamps.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! And where do we find one of those?
Rand Colds: Aye, don't really want to go through the swamps, personally.
Mendel: Though you should know a lot of them work as smugglers and you need to be wary.
Rand Colds: perfect, more bandits, swamp river bandits.
Rolo Underfoot: of course.
Mendel: You could find a pilot at small trading outpost on the edge of the swamp along the river and main trade route.
Rand Colds: *sighs*
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Rand Colds: *winks at the blond wench*
Mendel: Tis a question of your priority of time and money.
Prostitute: *laughs and bats her eyelashes*
Rolo Underfoot: Time is a priority -- money ... well that may be an obsticle.
Rand Colds: Well, I'd say money is no issue, however, I don't think we're going to be paid well for this 'quest'.
Rand Colds: *grins at the girl*
Mendel: Of course you might arrange some sort of magical transport, you'd have to talk to the local mage about that though.
Mendel: That would be a lot more costly though.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... sounds dangerous as well.
Mendel: *shrugs* I'm not a wizard so can't speak to that.
Rand Colds: I prefer to travel there using my own two feet. Of course a horses four feet are welcome to join me.
Rolo Underfoot: But Merchants would use the road? And if they left two months ago, they'd be getting there about now?
Mendel: *nods* I can appreciate that view.
Rand Colds: *raises an eyebrow at Rolo's question*
Rand Colds: *watches Jess as she stands at the table*
Jess: *places plates with roasted carrots and potatos on the table for each person*
Jess: More drinks?
Rolo Underfoot: ah, potatoes ...
Rolo Underfoot: Mendle?
Mendel: Yes, more bottles of both wine and ale. *smiles*
Jess: Very well
Rand Colds: Hey, you forgot the meat!
Rand Colds: *looks at the veggies, poking them with a fork*
Jess: *sets several bottles of wine and ale on the table*
Rand Colds: Jess
Jess: You've several more course yet.
Rand Colds: Where's the beef?
Jess: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: heh.
Rand Colds: *drunkenly begs*
Rand Colds: *mutters* damn rabbit food.
Mendel: So have you settled on a plan of action then?
Rolo Underfoot: It is good for ya Rand.
Mendel: *smiles*
Prostitute: *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: I'm thinking speak with D'Amberville.
Rand Colds: Yeah, probably makes me see better, like magic. *laughs to himself*
Rolo Underfoot: Two months for a merchant caravan to get there you say?
Prostitute: *snickers*
Mendel: There abouts
Rand Colds: *grins at the woman*
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... we we need to get there like yesterday.
Mendel: Would depend on the weather, the roads, and how many spare teams you had.
Rand Colds: That will not do. 'Tis a foos errand to leave on a task you can never return for.
Rand Colds: How long you think the river rats will take to get us there?
Rand Colds: Roundabout guess, Mendel.
Mendel: Well, you'd have to take horses to the river then find a boat south.
Rand Colds: I have faith that Rolo can locate a boat for the two of us.
Rolo Underfoot: That will be the back-up plan.
Mendel: I'm guessing, if all went smoothly, you could do it about a week.
Rand Colds: Oh, and Grumni.
Rand Colds: *looks to Rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- if D'Amberville can "poof" us there -- I say do it that way.
Mendel: You experienced riders? *glances at the two of you with a measured look*
Rand Colds: *glances over at Mendel* Got any names you can share with us, any boat captain names perhaps
Rand Colds: *looks at Rolo in shock*
Rolo Underfoot: Not I -- but I always wanted to ride a pony?
Rand Colds: You're kidding, right?
Mendel: Well magic would be certainly the fasted way.
Rolo Underfoot: Nope -- I'm thinking it has to be better'n swamps.
Rand Colds: No, not much of a rider, although I worked a caravan, I was usually walking or in a wagon.
Rolo Underfoot: And the Castlean might be able to fund it.
Mendel: If you're not an experienced rider, that'd probably slow you down a bit, even with swapping horses.
Rolo Underfoot: Wish I knew how to fly.
Rand Colds: *looks back to Rolo* 'Amberville accompanies us to the caves, I wouldn't trust him for more than a sleep spell. No way I'm letting him majicke me to a distant land.
Mendel: *laughs*
Rolo Underfoot: You ever seen one of those carpets they tell tales about Mendel?
Mendel: Carpets?
Rand Colds: *snidely* Why don't you ask 'Amberville to grow you wings.
Rolo Underfoot: Oh? I didn't realize you had personal experience with him.
Rolo Underfoot: Or perhaps there is a more compentent mage about?
Jess: *passes around platters with slabs of roasted beef*
Rand Colds: I don't trust the priest much either, he sold me a *exxagerates* Blessed Club. Totally useless, remember that bitch goddess of the dead, ........
Jess: Your beef sir.
Rand Colds: *looks up drunkenly, realizing he said too much*
Jess: *smiles and bows*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, I remember her -- do you think she will help?
Rand Colds: Ah, beef.
Rand Colds: *digs in*
Mendel: Goddess of the dead?
Rand Colds: *chokes* Help??
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- in the caves.
Prostitute: *gives Rand a friendly hug and slap on the back*
Rand Colds: *off handedly* yeah, she's some skeleton goddess, we tangled a couple times.
Mendel: hmm *frowns*
Rolo Underfoot: But I don't think she will help us Rand and I would trust her less than D'Amberville.
Mendel: that can't be good for business.
Rand Colds: *thinks while staring at the woman next to him*
Rand Colds: Rish Ki Gal, I remember the name, er, something like that. *smiles at the woman*
Prostitute: *smiles coyly* You ok?
Rolo Underfoot: Erishkigal I hink?
Rand Colds: No, I meant the club did nothing to the undead pile of bones.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! of course -- that makes sense.
Rand Colds: I wonder about the priests morals.
Rolo Underfoot: Well a club is a club -- why would his be different?
Rand Colds: *mutters* selling sticks of wood for 200 gold, I've half a mind to.......
Mendel: *shrugs* Priests are just another kind of merchant, just peddling something different.
Rand Colds: *looks around* bah.
Mendel: *yawns*
Rand Colds: *grumbles, then looks over the girl*
Rand Colds: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: Probably good thing Grumni didn't hear that.
Mendel: *laughs*
Prostitute: *winks at Rand*
Rand Colds: I have no worries about him, he's like a brother to me.
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed.
Rand Colds: I'm starting to believe in Morandin, a lot more than before meeting him.
Rolo Underfoot: They all be real Rand ...
Mendel: Welp... tis getting late. I'm gonna turn in. Feel free to finish off the food and drink and your leisure.
Rolo Underfoot: Best not offend any in particular.
Rand Colds: *raises a toast* Much appreciated.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye thanks Medel -- first class meal it was.
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Mendel: I'll leave Erika hear to keep you company. Come Rana.
Rand Colds: Well, hello, Erika.
Rolo Underfoot: And thanks for the info.

Karvon : ..and Mendel and companion trundle off to his room

Rand Colds: Well, Rolo, way I see it, we got two days before we pick up those things from the priest. So, if you don't mind? *nods towards Erika*
Prostitute: *smiles and wraps arm around Rand*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, enjoy yourself Rand.
Rand Colds: *hugs her back* I will, trust me.
Rand Colds: So, lass, where have you been all my life?
Rolo Underfoot: *whispers* and keep an eye on your possessions.
Prostitute: *bats eyelashes*
Rolo Underfoot: *rolls his eyes*
Prostitute: Waiting for a big strong hero like you.
Rand Colds: *looks at rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: *sigh*
Rand Colds: Um, here, can you hold this for me?
Rolo Underfoot: See you in the morning?
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- have fun!
Rand Colds: I'll be wanting that back, in the morning.
Rolo Underfoot: No problem.
Rand Colds: So, where were we, Erika?
Prostitute: I dunno you tell me?
Rand Colds: I think we were about to drink another drink.
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Prostitute: Sounds good to me.
Rand Colds: Off to bed we go.

Karvon : and so Rand and Erika spend a memorable night together while Rolo feasts on the leftover food and drink.....
Karvon : ...and we we'll resume the following day, mid morning..... with erika gone when Rand wakes up.

Rand Colds: *checks his inventory*
Rolo Underfoot: *and his coin purse gon too ...*
Rand Colds: Hey, .....
Rand Colds: Did I give you anything last night?
Rolo Underfoot: ah you are back!
Rand Colds: Yeah, stupid girl ran off in the night.
Rolo Underfoot: Yep you in any shape to take it back?
Rand Colds: I'm ready to take it back.
Rand Colds: *looks through it*
Rolo Underfoot: Every thing else where you left it?
Rand Colds: *lets out a deep breath*
Rolo Underfoot: She be Mendles girl Rand ... but you knew that.
Rand Colds: I woke up thinking she robbed me blind.
Rand Colds: I'm so glad its not true. *breathes deeply*
Rolo Underfoot: I wouldn't think so -- but should not take the chance.
Rand Colds: I got enough to buy an Inn, I think.
Rolo Underfoot: Heh.
Rand Colds: so, about last night.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes?
Rand Colds: I think we should try and get to the river. Find a boat.
Rand Colds: After the scrolls are written, of course.
Rolo Underfoot: Seems so -- let's speak with the Castelian first though -- there might be a faster way.
Rand Colds: We'll try one of them, see what happens, then head out if need be.
Rand Colds: *shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs of the mind*
Rolo Underfoot: I'm thinking if we can get there before the egg does, it will be easier to track.
Rand Colds: You're still serious about using magick?
Rand Colds: I dont think Grumni will like it. *bluffs*
Rolo Underfoot: Well -- only if another recomends it.
Rolo Underfoot: I just see all sorts of delays in the swamp.
Rand Colds: Aye, I'm not so happy to be getting swampfoot again. but I think we need to have as much time as we can in Southport, in case things go poorly.
Rolo Underfoot: And we will likely have to return that way anyways.
Rand Colds: I'm not so trusting of 'Amberville to get me anywhere in one peice.
Rolo Underfoot: I gathered as much last night -- perhaps another is available?
Rolo Underfoot: I mean we got in and out of that tower in one piece -- so it CAN be done.
Rand Colds: There may be a mage at the Guild. We gigged some frogs for him not long ago. .
Rolo Underfoot: We should speak with him then too.

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session 34 - Kendel Keep

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:29 pm

Karvon : Ok then, we'll start you off in the inn around lunch time when you link up again.

Grumni Hammersmith: *yans*
Grumni Hammersmith: *yawns*
Rolo Underfoot: Heh -- you missed a fine meal my friend.
Grumni Hammersmith: fpt. that penny pincher ain't my idea of a dinner guest
Rolo Underfoot: Well, he loosened his purse last night -- he ain't so bad I'm thinking.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* maybe he's changing his grubby ways
Rolo Underfoot: Rand got hooked up with one of his girls -- heh probably all tuckered out.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* that sly dog
Rolo Underfoot: Mendel? I doubt he's changed, rather I just see him in a better light now.
Rolo Underfoot: aye -- smart enough to let me keep his purse though!
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* perhaps we should go see that fool of a priest
Rolo Underfoot: It seems everything is pointing South to South Port.
Grumni Hammersmith: could be he's finished scribbling his scrolls
Rolo Underfoot: I'd like to inquire into alternate modes of travel -- faster is better I'm thinking.
Rolo Underfoot: Only been a day I think Grumni -- but can't hurt to check.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* I ain't keen on the idea of getting lost in them swamps again
Grumni Hammersmith: only been day? are yer sure?
Rolo Underfoot: D'Amberville may know how to travel as well as the Castellian.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* dinner was last night my friend.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... losing track of time
Rolo Underfoot: It has been a full day for sure.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer never know, he might've had speeded things up
Rolo Underfoot: Might.
Rolo Underfoot: Let's go and see then.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Mendel thanks for dinner!

Karvon : The chapel seems to be closed at the moment.

Grumni Hammersmith: what the?
Rolo Underfoot: well I guess he is busy at work?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* he better not've run off with our money
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ...
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess we'l have ter come back later
Rolo Underfoot: *pounds on the door*
Rolo Underfoot: It is noon, why would a church be closed?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: Something is wrong.
Rolo Underfoot: Let's notify Sabine.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: I hope he didn't leave.

Sabine: Good day
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Sabine!
Rolo Underfoot: Do you know why the temple to Cuthburt is closed?
Sabine: Likely the priest is elsewhere in the keep.
Rolo Underfoot: Oh? So it is not unusual?
Sabine: Sometimes he's meeting with the castellian or others.
Rolo Underfoot: He's the only one there?
Sabine: Sometimes he's in his private quarters.
Sabine: Yes, he's the only priest on duty.
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, he is working on something for us I expect -- didn't think the temple would be closed on account of it though.
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- false alarm it seems ...
Sabine: Well he obviously can't be two places at once now can he?
Sabine: When he's away, the temples locked.
Rolo Underfoot: No -- I just would have thought he'd have assistants.
Grumni Hammersmith: well... there are certain spells
Rolo Underfoot: ok Let's make a quick stop at D'Amberville's then.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Sabine: He's occasionally had assistants, but this is a bit of a hardship posting.
Rolo Underfoot: Good day Sabine.
Sabine: Farewell

Dubricus D'Amberville: Good day
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Mr. D'Amberville.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, good day
Dubricus D'Amberville: Dubricus, please.
Rolo Underfoot: Unfortunately we could not locate any personal items of the missing lass.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Ah, that is unfortunate.
Rolo Underfoot: Dubricus then.
Rolo Underfoot: But, I have another question perhaps you can assist with.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I've given it some thought and there are some other alternatives.
Rolo Underfoot: Oh?
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Rolo Underfoot: What would those be?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well... it would involve establishing a mental link with one or more of those who knew the lady in question.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: I knew her but I ain't keen on having yer poke around inside me head
Dubricus D'Amberville: By probing your memories, I could get a personal image and idea of the woman.
Rolo Underfoot: Rand's mental link with the lass may have been disrupted after last night.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... sounds rather intruding.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Such information would then allow me to attempt other magics to scry for her and the egg.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't keen on probing neither
Rolo Underfoot: I see -- and would she know if she was being scryed?
Dubricus D'Amberville: There's a chance she might notice something, would depend on her sensitivity to such and whether she had any sort of magical charms to ward or warn of such things.
Grumni Hammersmith: how do I know yer ain't going ter be nosing around me other business?
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... no idea.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm beginning to think it would be best if she did not know we were seeking her.
Grumni Hammersmith: what's this mental link entail?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well you can chose to try to limit such probing, but then you risk limiting what I could glean to help me form images of the woman and/or egg.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I can also do more superficial probing rather than deep probing, but then the knowledge I gain will certainly be less complete as well.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls* I'd be limiting yer to the time since I first arrived here, nothing further back than that
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni would be aware of what thoughts you were probing?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well, I'm afraid memories are stored in somewhat chaotic manner in the mind. It's not nearly so tidy, alas.
Rolo Underfoot: Is it safe?
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't sure about this, is it dangerous?
Dubricus D'Amberville: You would not be aware of the precise memories being reviewed.
Dubricus D'Amberville: You would merely feel something was in your mind, so to speak.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... we can wait a bit -- talk it over with Rand perhaps?
Dubricus D'Amberville: It's usually fairly safe, though occasionally some have adverse reactions.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks uncertain* I don't want ter end up brain addled
Rolo Underfoot: How "occasional" is occasionally?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Understandable
Grumni Hammersmith: how many times have yer done this?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well, um.... this would be the first time really.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- moving on then ...
Dubricus D'Amberville: I've done some practice with it when I was in training.
Grumni Hammersmith: *gasps* I ain't yer guinea pig
Dubricus D'Amberville: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: If I needed to be in South Port like yesterday -- how would I do it?
Dubricus D'Amberville: I did pass my examinations.
Grumni Hammersmith: written or practical?
Dubricus D'Amberville: This would be my first unsupervised casting of such magics.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Practical and written both.
Dubricus D'Amberville: The Royal University of Magic in Keoland.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Is that where Eli studdied?
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't liking this I idea Rolo, I don't ant ter end up a dimwit
Dubricus D'Amberville: *turns and points proudly to a certificate hanging on one wall*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, very attractive Dubricus -- we'll keep that in our back pocket for later.
Grumni Hammersmith: what can these "adverse reactions" cause?
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'm not certain where he studied.
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- just a random thought actually -- what do you know about traveling quickly.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well each subject reacts somewhat differently to such probes. It's impossible to know for certain beforehand what exactly might happen should an adverse reaction happen.
Rolo Underfoot: Enough of the mind probing -- let's focus on travel for a bit, eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye - travel
Dubricus D'Amberville: Of course.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well there any number of ways one can travel magically.
Rolo Underfoot: Any that are available to us here and now?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Oh
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well... nothing at this very moment.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm sorry, I meant "soon" as in not too long.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I could arrange for some options with my contacts back the University though.
Rolo Underfoot: What sort of options?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Teleporting is obviously the fastest.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, and it is safe?
Dubricus D'Amberville: It depends on where you wish to travel to. If it's a well know destination, then the risks are minimal.
Rolo Underfoot: How well do you know South Port?
Rolo Underfoot: I've never been there if it matters.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I've been there a time or two.
Rolo Underfoot: Which is it? Once or twice?
Grumni Hammersmith: shouldn't be a problem then?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Sometimes collect spell components there.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Shouldn't be a problem.
Rolo Underfoot: I see, but you've never actually teleported there I take it?
Rolo Underfoot: And what would it take as far as material and time to teleport the three us, Grumni, Rand and myself to South Port?
Dubricus D'Amberville: No, I've gone by mundane means. I've not advanced enough in my studies to master teleporting magic.
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... but you know someone who is?
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes* that ain't any use then
Dubricus D'Amberville: I can arrange for such.
Rolo Underfoot: Very good -- and the cost in terms of coins and time?
Grumni Hammersmith: for a modest fee I assume... *sarcastic*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well, I'll have to cast a sending spell to contact the University. Someone should be available in a day or two.
Rolo Underfoot: We'll let the Castellian determine if it is worth the coin -- just need the information to give him enough to make a decision.
Grumni Hammersmith: better than trudging through a swamp
Dubricus D'Amberville: Yes, there would be a fee required, that's standard for the Wizard Guild.
Grumni Hammersmith: how much?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, I would agree -- Rand will take some convincing I'm thinking.
Dubricus D'Amberville: You wish to Teleport the three of you?
Rolo Underfoot: Any ball park figure for the cost?
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, that would be the idea -- unless you want to come along?
Dubricus D'Amberville: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: *smiles back*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Alas I have to stay here and assist with thing at the keep.
Rolo Underfoot: Of course.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph
Grumni Hammersmith: spit it out then lad, how much is it goining ter cost
Dubricus D'Amberville: The fee would depend in part on the wizard who's available to cast the required spell.
Dubricus D'Amberville: He might waive or reduce the fee, depending on his take of you and your situation.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm sure that it would -- any personal friends of yours? Or perhaps someone owing you a favor?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Or you might negotiate some service in exchange for his services.
Rolo Underfoot: Well, you should be able to sell them on us! And you know the situation as well as any.
Rolo Underfoot: Service is fine -- but after this dragon business is over.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd rather be owing coin than favours
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well, there are many mages at the university, but I'm not sure who is available at the moment. Some may be away on other missions, engaged in research or enchanting and thus unavailable.
Rolo Underfoot: Fair enough -- see what you can do eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Dubricus D'Amberville: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: We
Dubricus D'Amberville: There are other slower options as well.
Grumni Hammersmith: what options?
Rolo Underfoot: Other than ponie and Swamp Pilots?
Rolo Underfoot: A flying carpet perhaps? *grins*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well there are dimension walkers who could ferry you there. It would be slower than teleporting, but a lot faster than other mundane forms of travel.
Rolo Underfoot: Dimension Walkers?
Grumni Hammersmith: where are we going ter find dimension walkers around here?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Brother Martin belongs to the order of monks who provide such services. They typically require some service in exchange for their services.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! Really! How very interesting.
Rolo Underfoot: Could have used him on that tower expedition.
Grumni Hammersmith: more services fer services then...
Rolo Underfoot: I bet he can see that tower any time he wants.
Dubricus D'Amberville: They also have to be convinced of your cause. It's not a normal commercial service.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- Shouldn't be any problem there I'm thinking.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Brother Martin himself does not have that talent as of yet, but he could arrange for such.
Grumni Hammersmith: he seems more interested in baking
Rolo Underfoot: I was actually wondering if we could somehow use that tower to travel ...
Dubricus D'Amberville: He's a man of many interests, as are many of his order.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! I see.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'm guessing you could arrive in southport in just a few days if you were escorted by one of his order.
Rolo Underfoot: That would be good -- we'll have to speak with him then.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Of course, planar travel does have it's dangers.
Rolo Underfoot: oh ... and those are?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Yes, he could give you more details.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm afraid to ask.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks exasperated* perhaps swamps aint so bad
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well strange creatures live on the planes.
Rolo Underfoot: I thought you would say something like that.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: But surely they take precautions.
Grumni Hammersmith: what sorts of creature?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Those capable of planar travel, or native to the plane used for such.
Rolo Underfoot: Stuff night mares are made of I am sure.
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer kill 'em?
Dubricus D'Amberville: If you have the proper enchanted weapons.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Of course not all creatures are hostile.
Grumni Hammersmith: what sort of enchantments?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Some may simply be curious to see who passes thru their realms.
Rolo Underfoot: *shows his sword* This enchanted enough?
Dubricus D'Amberville: *examines the blade*
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds up axe*
Dubricus D'Amberville: For some yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: this too?
Rolo Underfoot: Well, it is a start then isn't it.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *looks ax over*
Dubricus D'Amberville: Yes this would be adequate for some you might run into.
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni -- you can put the power of Moradin in that thing I think.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, but just in case I run of of spells
Dubricus D'Amberville: Spells of weapon enchantment would help vs some.
Rolo Underfoot: How about flying?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Well flying would be possible if you had the right mount.
Rand Colds: Yeah, what he said.
Rolo Underfoot: I see -- and the stables doesn't stock them I suppose.
Rolo Underfoot: Hello Rand!
Dubricus D'Amberville: magical devices of flying are rather rare.
Rand Colds: Hello.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* decided ter sleep in late Rand?
Rolo Underfoot: I expected as much -- haven't seen any before.
Dubricus D'Amberville: spells of flying are usually of limited duration so not suitable for long distance travel.
Rand Colds: Mendel always has that effect on me. Free ale.
Rand Colds: *gulps*
Rand Colds: Yer not thinking of growing wings and flying to the Sea Lords, are ye?
Dubricus D'Amberville: In terms of cost, teleport is the most expensive, but fastest. You could pay with gold or service.
Rolo Underfoot: Dubricus has been telling us about travel -- teleporting and diminsion walking Rand.
Dubricus D'Amberville: dimension walking is a lot slower and you'd have to pay with service to the monks.
Rand Colds: Hmmm. Grumni, any of these choices any good?
Grumni Hammersmith: they've all got their downsides. Dubbicuss here reakons he can probe people's brains fer info on Rand but I ain't keen on probing
Grumni Hammersmith: *Rynn not Rand
Rolo Underfoot: How is your memory of Rynn Rand?
Rand Colds: She likes dwarves.
Rand Colds: Does that help?
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Rand Colds: *glares at Dubricus*
Rand Colds: She also has red hair.
Grumni Hammersmith: Dubliguss also knows folks that can do teleporting
Rand Colds: *looks around the room*
Dubricus D'Amberville: As I explained to your companions, I would need to mentally link with you and probe your mind to develop a personal image of her myself.
Rand Colds: I'm not too keen on disappearing here and reappearing there.
Grumni Hammersmith: I aint keen on anone messing with me noggin meither
Rolo Underfoot: It would be over before you knew it Rand.
Rand Colds: *looks shocked* I didn't know her THAT well.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- well there seems to be "some" risk in mind probes anyway -- best not mess with it if we don't have to.
Rand Colds: Although, she was in good health, very good health, if you know what I mean.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I didn't mean to imply that you did. Merely, the more images and memories I can review of her, the greater the chances of successfully scrying for her.
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes*
Rand Colds: I gladly let her go first in the swamps. Frogs weren't that deadly and she looked good going as well as coming.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* sounds like yer looked at her plenty
Rolo Underfoot: Seems his memory is still intact.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I merely presumed you would wish to have some idea of where the lady was before you set up on your journey, regardless of the mode of transport.
Rand Colds: *blushes* Alright, maybe I kept a close eye on her. Do I really need to be Probed?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Dubricus D'Amberville: If it is indeed she you wish to track down and locate.
Rolo Underfoot: It would be best Dubricus -- but I'm not certain the risk would be worth it.
Rand Colds: Wont the priest scrolls let us send her a message though, without probing?
Rolo Underfoot: Can't really afford to have Rand's mind turned into jelly now can we?
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'm sure the priest has other avenues of gathering information.
Rand Colds: No. *steps back*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, we'll try the priest first
Rand Colds: Not at all, no jelly.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, but she would then know we are looking for her -- and I think it best she didnt' for now.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Very well, you know where to find me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Rand Colds: *looks strangely at Rolo*
Grumni Hammersmith: what say we flip a coin Rand ter see who gets there head messed with?
Rand Colds: *grumbles*
Rolo Underfoot: She evaded you two when she left -- if she know you are looking she will hide.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *smiles*
Rand Colds: *nods reluctantly*
Dubricus D'Amberville: You can of course use magic to bolster your minds natural powers to aid in protecting yourself during the process.
Rolo Underfoot: Dubricus ... If "something' happens -- can you undo it?
Dubricus D'Amberville: It would depend on what happened.
Rolo Underfoot: A complete loss of memory perhaps?
Dubricus D'Amberville: Healing would more be the priest's sphere than mine.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Grumni*
Rand Colds: *groans*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I'm more the wounds type of healing that the mystical
Rolo Underfoot: Can "anything" be undone once it is done?
Rand Colds: I'm starting to like this less and less.
Rolo Underfoot: There has to be spells to restore a person back to their former self, no?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm sure Duprinuss here knows a wizard who could fix things
Rolo Underfoot: It's not like you would be disintegrated or anything ... is it?
Rand Colds: If your so sure, you get probed than.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Usually, those require divine powers to restore.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah ha! I can do restoration spells!
Rolo Underfoot: I know nothin of the girl other than what I've learned from you -- and the others before.
Rand Colds: Damned woman.
Grumni Hammersmith: no good if I'm too brain addled ter cast them on me self
Rolo Underfoot: And they put you back to right do they not?
Rand Colds: *looks to the mage apprentice*
Dubricus D'Amberville: You'd have to consult with the priest about such.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'm not well-versed in the powers given by the gods.
Rolo Underfoot: Sir Grumni IS a priest Dubricus.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins at Rand* I could cast one on yerself if there was trouble
Rand Colds: *glowers*
Rand Colds: Damn the gods and all thier meddlin'.
Grumni Hammersmith: stop yer from drooling at the lease
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- now the question is ... how good is Rand's memory of Rynn!
Rand Colds: Fine, I'll do it already.
Rolo Underfoot: You DO remember Rynn?
Rand Colds: *glares at nobody in particular*
Rolo Underfoot: Not the bimbo from last night.
Rolo Underfoot: What was here name, Elaine?
Rand Colds: Mary?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins smuggly* praise moradin
Rolo Underfoot: No, Mary was another.
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- what do you need to prepare Duvricus?
Rand Colds: I remember her, I had a likin' for her since we first arrived here at Kendall Keep. Until she told me in no uncertain terms she liked the short thighed folk.
Rolo Underfoot: Good enough.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Um, for what spell?
Rolo Underfoot: Mind probe and then scrye.
Rand Colds: *gulps* There's more than one choice of mind probing?
Rolo Underfoot: eh?
Dubricus D'Amberville: actually yes there is.
Rolo Underfoot: Magic ... where the heck is Eli anyway?
Rolo Underfoot: Finally have a real need for him and he buggers off, licking his wounds I expect.
Rand Colds: He split after the dragon told his demands.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I guess he figured the dragon was our problem
Rand Colds: Damned Mages!
Dubricus D'Amberville: A telepathic link would allow for various kinds of probes.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, one he kindly dumped in our lap.
Rolo Underfoot: What would you recommend Dubricus?
Dubricus D'Amberville: A possession spell would give me a much fuller access to the memories.
Rand Colds: I don't want no chains around me mind, you hear me, mageling.
Dubricus D'Amberville: The telepathic link would considerably less intrusive.
Rolo Underfoot: Grumni and I will make sure nothing untoward happens Rand -- we'll make sure you remain intact both physically and mentally.
Grumni Hammersmith: the mage might need protecting against some of Rand's memories I'm thinking
Dubricus D'Amberville: Following that, I'd need some time to rest and recover.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes?
Dubricus D'Amberville: I could then attempt to scry for the woman based on the images I recovered.
Rolo Underfoot: ok, so Rand your call ... telepath or possession.
Rand Colds: *grumbles* speak of it like picking an apple off a tree, it's my damned mind we're talking about.
Rolo Underfoot: Yep, a golden apple if there ever was one, and we will take care of it.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh and yer should know he done it before on his own
Grumni Hammersmith: he does have certificates though
Rand Colds: No possession. If I lose control, I could kill everyone in this room before I blinked twice.
Dubricus D'Amberville: And your friend here, *motions to Gumni* might have some spells he could cast to strengthen and protect your mind to aid in the process.
Rolo Underfoot: fine -- telepathic it is then.
Grumni Hammersmith: don't thnk I have any spells that work on something os small
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'm not familar with all the blessing of Moradin, so you'd need to discuss those options together.
Dubricus D'Amberville: *smiles*
Rand Colds: *kicks the floor board*
Rand Colds: Damn this all to the nine hells.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... what you think for protection Grumni?
Rolo Underfoot: Fear perhaps -- that would be a great help I'm thinking.
Grumni Hammersmith: I could cast one thing now but I'd have ter rest ter use some of the others
Rolo Underfoot: We have time.
Rand Colds: I do feel a bit better about this now.
Dubricus D'Amberville: I'll need an hour or two to prepare components and the like.
Rand Colds: *looks at Grumni in surprise*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll pop to the inn then - yer could speak ter the monk while I' gone
Rand Colds: Monk
Grumni Hammersmith: back in a bit
Rolo Underfoot: Aye -- Seem Brother Martin is a member of the dimension walkers.
Dubricus D'Amberville: If you wish rest and cast spells we can meet again later in the day.
Rand Colds: Oh, really?
Rand Colds: sure, whatever.
Rolo Underfoot: That will be fine -- and probably best -- no sense going off half cocked.
Dubricus D'Amberville: Indeed
Rand Colds: I find steak tastes best, half cooked.

Rolo Underfoot: Brother Martin. *stares at the shield*
Brother Martin: Ah yes, good afternoon.
Rolo Underfoot: You use a shield?
Rand Colds: *nods to the man*
Brother Martin: Indeed
Rand Colds: Monk, yeah right.
Rolo Underfoot: oh! ... interesting ...
Brother Martin: My order includes a variety of religious devotees.
Rolo Underfoot: We were speaking with D'Amberville about traveling in a fast sort of way and he suggested we speak with you about dimension walking.
Brother Martin: Yes, my order includes travel and protection spheres.
Rolo Underfoot: *eyes the armor*
Rand Colds: Does that mean you can walk through walls, like a ghost?
Brother Martin: *smiles*
Rolo Underfoot: I see -- you are not a monk I take it, but rather a priest?
Brother Martin: I'm afraid I lack that power.
Brother Martin: But there are those who have such powers in my order.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, D'Amberville mentioned that you were not a walker yourself.
Brother Martin: Yes I am a priest.
Rand Colds: Any of them in town?
Rolo Underfoot: Right -- that clears up a lot actually.
Grumni Hammersmith: I've readied the spells ter stop yer brains turning ter mush
Brother Martin: There are none here in the Keep, but I could send for one.
Rolo Underfoot: What would it take to arrange for the three of us to be walked to South Port?
Brother Martin: Why do you wish to go to Southport?
Rand Colds: I still think the boat would be faster.
Rolo Underfoot: Not if it gets lost in the swamps Rand.
Rand Colds: That's why you have to find us a Successful smuggler, Rolo.
Rolo Underfoot: We need to recover the egg and it seems it is heading that way, if it isn't already there.
Brother Martin: Ah I see. Well that is a certainly a valid mission. *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, I knew you would see it that way.
Rand Colds: So, it'd be free of charge, since it's valid and all?
Brother Martin: Would you be willing to perform a quest on behalf of our order in exchange for such a service?
Rolo Underfoot: What sort of quest are we speaking of?
Rand Colds: Is it in Southport, 'cause we ain't got a lot of time.
Brother Martin: That would be for the abbot to decide.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't entirely comfortable doing another gods bidding lad so keep it simple
Rolo Underfoot: Depending on the nature of the quest, the answer is yes -- but it would have to be after the dragon egg has been returned.
Brother Martin: It would not necessarily be assigned right away.
Rolo Underfoot: So, you want to barter for a "favor"?
Brother Martin: As long as you each pledged to carry out such a mission when called upon to do so, the order would transport you.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd need ter know hat I was getting meself into before I agreed ter it
Brother Martin: That is the custom of our order.
Rand Colds: How long would it take, and could we get back the same way?
Brother Martin: I can appreciate your concern master dwarf.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... with no idea of what the "favor" is that might prove difficult.
Grumni Hammersmith: what god do yer serve?
Brother Martin: Our order is lawful and neutral in nature.
Brother Martin: We worship gods of travel and protection.
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes* what about them being good too?
Brother Martin: They go by different names in different lands.
Rand Colds: You seem to be the right person to talk with.
Brother Martin: We have good and even some evil members, but all follow the same rules.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't serving none of yer evil bunch, there'd need ter be reassurances
Brother Martin: We do not worship evil gods.
Brother Martin: Nor do we serve such ends.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* yer said some of yer members were evi
Grumni Hammersmith: l
Brother Martin: Indeed, but they abide by the rules of the order.
Brother Martin: Just as does everyone else.
Rolo Underfoot: ok -- you can count me in ... if your services can benifit us.
Grumni Hammersmith: speak fer yerself
Rand Colds: How long, and can we use the same way home?
Brother Martin: If Southport is your destination, you can probably reach there in a handful of days.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Brother Martin: We can provide transport there and back.
Rand Colds: How safe is it to travel between the planes?
Brother Martin: Well, there are occasional encounters while travelling, but considerably fewer than if journeying along the roads or wilderness of the prime.
Rand Colds: If I should pass, before repaying the debt, will my shade be required to complete it?
Brother Martin: Naturally, some powerful creatures travel via the planes and not all of them are friendly.
Brother Martin: If you die and are not raised or resurrected, then your obligation is voided.
Rolo Underfoot: heh -- good to know.
Rand Colds: Hopefully the favor is not hunting down a pair of green dragons.
Grumni Hammersmith: theres that at least
Brother Martin: *smiles*
Rand Colds: I think I prefer this, to letting the mageling stomp all through my thoughts.
Brother Martin: Our order tends to work towards preserving the balance within the world.
Brother Martin: In an orderly and systematic way.
Rand Colds: Well, getting that egg will go a long way towards balance between the dragons and the keep.
Brother Martin: Indeed
Grumni Hammersmith: hen can yer get this sorted for?
Grumni Hammersmith: *When
Brother Martin: I can contact my order at once. Someone should be here by the morning.
Grumni Hammersmith: what do yer say lads?
Rolo Underfoot: That would be plenty soon enough I'm thnking.
Brother Martin: You should make sure of your destination though.
Grumni Hammersmith: that's what the mage needs Rand's brain fer
Rand Colds: How soon before we get the scrolls from the priest?
Brother Martin: Ah I see.
Rolo Underfoot: Let's speak with the Castellean and see what he thinks -- perhpas he can pony up for teleportation.
Rand Colds: *sighs*
Rand Colds: I
Rolo Underfoot: Unless you would rather not of course Rand.
Rand Colds: Figures, I'll still need a probing. *looks most unhappy at the turn of events*

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session 35 - Kendel Keep

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:30 pm

Karvon : You visited D'Amberville and Brother Martin and got some info on options last time. You've yet to return and collect your scrolls from the priest, he was out earlier when you visited. You will have to decide on which options you wish to pursue as far as divination magics, then decide on how and where you wish to travel to. We can advance time to sundown, by which time the scrolls should be ready.

Abercrombie Krown: Ah good evening.
Rolo Underfoot: "ello Priest -- good to see you are back!
Rand Colds: *smiles*
Rand Colds: G'day, priest.
Abercrombie Krown: Well, I was working on scribing the scrolls you requested.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: I hope all went well.
Abercrombie Krown: Indeed
Abercrombie Krown: *hands you two scrolls*
Rand Colds: I think Rolo had some questions about using them.
Rand Colds: *accepts the scrolls, placing them into a dry part of his pack*
Rolo Underfoot: Well, sort of general like -- how exacly do these work?
Rand Colds: *looks at the scrolls*
Rand Colds: Maybe you should hang onto them, Rolo.
Abercrombie Krown: Reading the incantation allows you to send a message of up to 25 words to a person you know.
Rolo Underfoot: You think?
Abercrombie Krown: They may chose to respond with a message of up to the same length.
Rand Colds: Sure, why not. Unless your leaving without Grumni and I.
Rand Colds: *looks at Rolo*
Rolo Underfoot: 25 words ... not a lot. And the person I send to I need to know ... hmmm.
Rand Colds: Oh?
Abercrombie Krown: Exactly
Rolo Underfoot: No, just I really can't use them it seems as I do not know the lass other than hearsay.
Rand Colds: I don't know how to use such things. Perhaps Grumni can use them best.
Abercrombie Krown: That would be correct.
Abercrombie Krown: These particular scrolls have been enchanted such that any repeating the words can utilize them.
Rolo Underfoot: I just hope Grumni is willing -- he is rather rigid about "external" aide as you recall.
Abercrombie Krown: If you're not familar with such, perhaps a companion can guide you.
Rand Colds: The situation seems so much more complicated than two days ago.
Abercrombie Krown: Oh?
Rolo Underfoot: Indeed -- mainly on account of learning more facts.
Abercrombie Krown: *nods* Knowledge does lead to more questions, inevitably.
Rand Colds: Plus we are now thinking of sneaking up on the sneaky lady. Seems a waste to contact her, if we don't want her to know we are looking for her.
Rolo Underfoot: It would seem the lass we were seeking is acting on her own accord -- which raises the question of whether we want to "contact" her...
Abercrombie Krown: Understandable
Rand Colds: *sighs*
Abercrombie Krown: But is it the woman, or the egg you seek?
Rolo Underfoot: The egg of course.
Abercrombie Krown: Then perhaps you should focus your efforts to that end.
Abercrombie Krown: You seemed to indicate the woman made off with, and likely sold the egg.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes, but to find the egg, we need to follow the lass I'm thinking.
Abercrombie Krown: In two months time, the two could be in very different places by now.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm thinking she is in the process of selling even now -- down south in South Port.
Rolo Underfoot: She left with a caravan and they generally take a couple of months to make the trip ...
Abercrombie Krown: Tis possible of course.
Abercrombie Krown: She might have sold it along the way though too.
Abercrombie Krown: Or split off from the caravan to make better time.
Rolo Underfoot: And to track the egg even if she no longer possess it, would require understanding how she disposed of it.
Abercrombie Krown: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Perhaps -- but it seems the best buyers and therefore price would be in Southport.
Rolo Underfoot: And the caravan would offer protection of her valuable cargo.
Abercrombie Krown: Perhaps
Rolo Underfoot: You would not know of a way to locate the egg itself would you?
Abercrombie Krown: A caravan would also be a more likely target for raiders than a solitary traveler.
Rolo Underfoot: That is why they use guards.
Abercrombie Krown: True
Rolo Underfoot: Seems she was with a merchant who makes the trip somewhat frequently.
Rolo Underfoot: Not to say bad things don't happen to the best of them.
Abercrombie Krown: If you saw or handled the egg, perhaps a mage could extract enough information to aid in scrying for it.
Rolo Underfoot: hmm .. that is a good point -- need to "know" if she got there or not.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Rand*
Rolo Underfoot: I wonder if the dragons would help -- heh -- wishful thinking if there ever was any.
Abercrombie Krown: *shrugs*
Rolo Underfoot: How fast does "news" travel? Would word of the dragon attack have gotten to Southport yet?
Abercrombie Krown: I could inquire of the Saint as well, and perhaps give you some guidance.
Rolo Underfoot: I think any assistance rendered would be welcome ...
Abercrombie Krown: Well, conventional means would take some time to reach.
Rolo Underfoot: Of course -- but this type of news might travel faster, eh?
Abercrombie Krown: Magical means could transmit the news immediately of course.
Rand Colds: She was in a caravan, working as a guard with me and Grumni, when I first met her. I can see her hiring on as a guard for a caravan going 'her' way.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods* and I expect a dragon attack would be news worthy of such means.
Abercrombie Krown: News was sent by such means to the capital, so the Council is aware of the situation.
Rolo Underfoot: Indded Rand, good point.
Rand Colds: such news could bring a slew of dragon hunters to lonely Kendall Keep. I'm surprised we haven't seen such around town yet.
Abercrombie Krown: Given our rather isolated location on the fringe of the Yoemanry, we're not expecting any immediate assistance.
Rolo Underfoot: Then it is safe to assume Southport would be aware as well and news like this would be hard to "contain" I expect.
Abercrombie Krown: Tis true.
Abercrombie Krown: There's no telling who might take note and interest in such developments.
Rand Colds: Aye, if she heard the news, she may very well be laying low about the egg.
Rolo Underfoot: Right ... the keep on the border ... needs to fend for itself. *shrugs*
Abercrombie Krown: If she were on the road, she might not hear the news for a while.
Rand Colds: Yeah, unless the caravan she's in is carrying the news. The guards would be all abuzz about it, I should know, I spent most of my life guarding this caravan or that, it pays well, if you live long enough.
Rolo Underfoot: True -- was thinking of making contact with her on the pretense of ensuring her safety ... but two months has gone by...
Abercrombie Krown: *nods*
Abercrombie Krown: If you wish me to commune with the Saint on your behalf, you will need to consider the questions you wish me to lay before him.
Rolo Underfoot: ... And I'm not certain I would trust any answer she gave ... even if she gave one.
Abercrombie Krown: Simplier questions are more likely to be answered than complex ones.
Rolo Underfoot: Well, the most obvious would be the location of the egg?
Abercrombie Krown: Yes, there is that to consider.
Rand Colds: Will they be tricky answers? With double meanings, or mysterious vague answers?
Abercrombie Krown: I can ask six or seven questions for you.
Rand Colds: Well, lets get our questions together than.
Rolo Underfoot: But all the questions have to be at once?
Abercrombie Krown: The Saints answers are not always immediately understandable, particularly if you go beyond simple yes or no sort of questions.
Rand Colds: 1. is the egg still intact.
Rand Colds: 2. where is the egg.
Abercrombie Krown: I will need the list before I began the ceremony.
Rand Colds: 3. Who has the egg, currently.
Rolo Underfoot: You are an intelligent man, Priest, I would trust you to ask appropriate questions ... the aim being to locate the egg.
Rolo Underfoot: Say, Rand, you are good at this!
Rand Colds: Just trying to be helpful.
Abercrombie Krown: Well, you would be best to decide on what you wish to ask, as I'm not certain what is of priority to you.
Rolo Underfoot: But Rand is exaclty right on the mark.
Rand Colds: 4. is the egg moving?
Rand Colds: 5. which direction is it moving, if so.
Rolo Underfoot: ah Grumni is here!
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around hesitantly* yer done with yer scrolls?
Rolo Underfoot: The priest has offered to commune with the Saint and can ask six or seven questions for us.
Rand Colds: Yeah, Rolo has them, but maybe you should hang onto them.
Rolo Underfoot: We have the scrolls -- might be you that needs to use them if we decide to though.
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds his hands up* I'd prefer not, its another gods magic
Rolo Underfoot: hmm ... as I thought.
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin might not be too please with me fraternizing with another deity
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: ...unless neither of yer can use the magic
Rolo Underfoot: Really? So, you don't use scrolls unless Moradin provides them?
Rolo Underfoot: It isn't the same as worshipping another diety is it?
Rand Colds: I should be able to sue these, right?
Rolo Underfoot: The priest indicated that any could use them.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks conflicted* not if I can help it
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders matters of theology*
Rolo Underfoot: So, the questions so far are: 1) is the egg intact?; 2) where is the egg located?; 3) Who possess the egg?; 4) is the egg moving?; 5)if so, which direction.
Grumni Hammersmith: sounds about right
Rolo Underfoot: Any other good ideas -- still have one or two more.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... I suppose under extraordinary circumstances Moradin might be forgiving if yer can't use the spells Rand
Rand Colds: whoever has the egg, will they fight to keep it, that's what I want to know. or, will they sell it to us?
Grumni Hammersmith: ask why the egg was taken?
Rolo Underfoot: Well, it seems one has to "know" the recipient so either of you could contact Rynn if that is what we decide.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer might as well give it a go Rand
Rand Colds: The priest said we should keep our questions simple.
Rolo Underfoot: Good one Grumni ... 6) Why was the egg taken?
Abercrombie Krown: Indeed.
Rand Colds: Are we saying we want her to know we are after the egg?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* not if we can help it
Rolo Underfoot: heh -- these questions are for the Saint -- to help locate the egg -- not what we will send to Rynn.
Rand Colds: I know the egg was taken by at least two different groups, the kobolds and us. which reason will the Saint give us?
Abercrombie Krown: Anything beyond yes or no, is often answered in cryptic, vague or in riddle form.
Grumni Hammersmith: ain't it always *rolls eyes*
Grumni Hammersmith: err... ask if its about ter hatch?
Rolo Underfoot: ah ... then we need questions more like 1) is the egg still in Rynn's possession, is the egg in the vicinity of Southport?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rolo Underfoot: 3) Is the Egg intact still works.
Rand Colds: If it hatches, we'll never be able to afford it. I bet there is a line of mages looking for a baby dragon to raise. Most of them evil, I bet.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Abercrombie Krown: *frowns* That would be most unfortunate.
Rand Colds: Can the egg hatch, without a dragon sitting on it?
Grumni Hammersmith: let's give it a go then lads
Rolo Underfoot: If Rynn does not have the egg we should ask if she sold it?
Rand Colds: *looks at Abercrombie* That's not a question for the Saint.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... ask if there's any other eggs nearby - don't want ter wander it ter a room full of hatching dragons
Rand Colds: Gods, I hope we don't have to bring more than one egg back and let them pick which one they want.
Rand Colds: Can't look good for dragon relations if we show up with another dragons'
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Abercrombie Krown: I'm not very familiar with the life cycle of dragons, so can't speak to that.
Rand Colds: ' egg as well.
Rolo Underfoot: hmmm ... hadn't considered the possibility of locating more than one egg ...
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, then we'll have another dragon after us
Abercrombie Krown: That would be most unfortunate.
Rand Colds: Make us look like we steal dragon eggs for a living if we show up with two or more.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Rand Colds: I think we have our questions, anyone want to add to the list?
Rolo Underfoot: So the questions are: 1) Is the dragon egg intact? 2) Is the egg still in Rynn's possession? 3) if not, then did Rynn sell the egg?;
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: I liked my version of the list, but we can change it.
Rolo Underfoot: 4) Is the Egg in Southport? 5) if not, is it in the vicinity of Southport?
Rolo Underfoot: We need yes, no answers Rand -- don' t you think?
Rand Colds: maybe instead of where is the egg, which town is it close to, or in.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: 6) Where is the egg located? (might help narrow it down -- but the answer will likely be vague.
Grumni Hammersmith: worth a try
Grumni Hammersmith: is it good or evil?
Rand Colds: The egg?
Grumni Hammersmith: err... can't quite word it, leave it
Rand Colds: I dont think it matters if the egg is good or evil, we need it either way.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Aye, What are we missing here?
Rand Colds: if we find out who has the egg, maybe we can find someone that knows that person and ask if it's for sale.
Rand Colds: with the scroll, I mean.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, "who owns the egg"
Rolo Underfoot: ok 7) Who has the egg? might help narrow it down if we can unscramble the answer.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: *looks at Abercrombie* How much is it for asking the questions of the Saint?
Grumni Hammersmith: we already paid lad
Rand Colds: Or should I ask, how much are the spell costs.
Abercrombie Krown: As this is a service for the keep, the usual fee is waived, but there is a cost of 500 gold for the various materials need for the ceremony.
Rolo Underfoot: That was for the scrolls Grumni -- this is different.
Abercrombie Krown: *nods*
Rand Colds: 500?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* should've known this wouldn't be cheap
Rand Colds: 500 gold?
Abercrombie Krown: Yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: I've got 60gp ter me name
Rand Colds: Jeesh, Gods have mercy on us.
Rolo Underfoot: You can break that?
Rand Colds: *grumbles some more, under his breath*
Grumni Hammersmith: *scowls*
Abercrombie Krown: Yes, I can give you something back on this.
Rolo Underfoot: I'm hoping the keep will help cover the costs.
Abercrombie Krown: *takes and examines goods for a moment*
Rand Colds: *looks over Rolo's head at the goods in question*
Abercrombie Krown: *hands Rolo a trade coin*
Rolo Underfoot: A trad gem very good!
Rolo Underfoot: I could have used healing kits as well ...
Rand Colds: I have some gold for kits.
Abercrombie Krown: So then, let me confirm your questions *takes out a small scroll and a quill*
Rolo Underfoot: As do I -- just didn't want to give the impression I need trade marks.
Abercrombie Krown: First, you wish to know if the egg is still intact.
Rand Colds: 1. is the egg intact.
Rolo Underfoot: yes.
Rand Colds: if yes, then 2. who has it?, if no, 2. did it hatch?
Abercrombie Krown: Second, you wish to know if this Rynn still has the egg.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes.
Abercrombie Krown: Um which.?
Rolo Underfoot: Does Rynn have the egg.
Abercrombie Krown: Who has it, or does Rynn still have it?
Rand Colds: does rynn have it, that would be a yes or no answer.
Rolo Underfoot: I want to keep it to yes/no as best we can.
Abercrombie Krown: Ok So does Rynn still have the egg?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rolo Underfoot: Right.
Abercrombie Krown: If not, did she sell the egg? as your next one.
Rand Colds: if yes is the answer, ask if she knows that Kendall Keep needs it.
Rolo Underfoot: Yes -- hoping to get a clue to its disposition if she doen't have it any longer.
Abercrombie Krown: Um, your questions need to be specific.
Rolo Underfoot: Rand we don't get a lot of questions -- lets stick to finding the egg type questions.
Rand Colds: well, if she still has it, what question should we ask. we may have twenty questions, according to the answers, we want to ask different stuff.
Rolo Underfoot: We just keep going down the list -- so needs to be prioritized.
Rand Colds: *folds his arms across his chest* Fine.
Abercrombie Krown: So next will be?
Grumni Hammersmith: bleeding complex this is
Rolo Underfoot: Is the egg in Southport?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *nods in agreement with Rolo and Grumni*
Rolo Underfoot: next, if not is it in the vicinity of Soutport?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Abercrombie Krown: Ok that would be your fourth and fifth question.
Grumni Hammersmith: how many left?
Rolo Underfoot: Then the tough ones ... Where is the egg?
Rolo Underfoot: And Who has the egg?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Abercrombie Krown: that would be your fifth or sixth question, depending on earlier answer.
Rand Colds: *nods* sounds good to me.
Abercrombie Krown: leaving you with one, possibly two questions.
Rolo Underfoot: *looks at Rand, then Grumni*
Rand Colds: Is Rynn willing to help us?
Rolo Underfoot: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: who''s she working fer?
Abercrombie Krown: and a possible final question?
Rand Colds: is rynn still alive?
Grumni Hammersmith: that'll do
Abercrombie Krown: that would be a seventh or eighth question.
Abercrombie Krown: depending on earlier answers.
Rolo Underfoot: Let's move the question concerning Rynn's willingness to help up to where it is sure to get asked -- the answer could be very important.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: even more so, is she still alive.
Abercrombie Krown: Very true
Grumni Hammersmith: how about is it above or below ground?
Abercrombie Krown: That answer might impact several of your other questions.
Rand Colds: she may be willing to help, but if she's a spirit, she can't really help.
Rolo Underfoot: Well if it she is dead -- it would.
Rolo Underfoot: Spirits can be contacted can they not?
Abercrombie Krown: Um possibly
Abercrombie Krown: that's usually rather dark magic though.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about Moradin rituals never being so complicated under breath*
Rolo Underfoot: oh? Well then we'll bump both Is Rynn alive and will she help up to the 2nd and 3rd questions then?
Rand Colds: yes
Grumni Hammersmith: ok
Abercrombie Krown: Any other alterations?
Rand Colds: *shakes his head* I think we got it.
Rolo Underfoot: I think that is good enough for now.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shakes head*
Rolo Underfoot: How long will all this take?
Abercrombie Krown: Very well, I mediate and pray, then carry out the ritual this evening. I can share the answers with you at noon tomorrow once I've had time to rest and reflect on the Saints reply.
Rolo Underfoot: Fair enough.
Rand Colds: godspeed to you, priest.
Rolo Underfoot: Aye.
Abercrombie Krown: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: er, something like that.
Abercrombie Krown: The Saint be with you as you continue your work.
Grumni Hammersmith: ter D'amberville's next?
Rand Colds: *glances at Grumni, but nods anyway*
Rolo Underfoot: We can use all the help we can get. Thanks.
Rolo Underfoot: *nods to Grumni*
Abercrombie Krown: Indeed
Rand Colds: We should talk with the Castellan.
Rolo Underfoot: Either.
Abercrombie Krown: *turns and begins arranging some things at the altar*
Grumni Hammersmith: we best know as much as possible before we go ter the Castellans?

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session 37 - Freeport

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:31 pm

Previously, the party found out the results of the commune from the priest at Kendal Keep. Rynn was dead and the dragon egg was in the vicinity of Freeport, a town in the Hold of the Sea Princes far to the south. They decided to agree to transport via dimension walk by the Monks of Travel in exchange for a quest on behalf of that order, sometime in the future. The trip took about 3 days, and aside from being spotted by a imp - who observed them briefly before flying off, uneventful.

Karvon : You ended last time just outside the city, the gates loom ahead. It's about mid-day when you arrive.

City Guard: Good Afternoon.
Grumni Hammersmith: goodday lads
Rand Colds: Hey, easy with them axes.
Dustman: Your name?
Grumni Hammersmith: who are yer ter be asking?
Dustman: *eyes you up and down*
Rand Colds: *watches the axe blades carefully*
Dustman: I am the city gate overseerer.
Dustman: I determine if visitor may be admitted or not.
Rand Colds: Two travellers, is all we are.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* ain't the guards enough?
Dustman: They work for me.
Rand Colds: I'm Rand, this is my friend, Grumni.
Dustman: I see, *scribbles notes*
Grumni Hammersmith: *turns to guards* is he telling the truth lads?
City Guard: *nods* ya he's da boss.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Dustman: ...and where are you folk from?
Grumni Hammersmith: up north
Dustman: More precisely?
Rand Colds: Kendall Keep.
Dustman: Hmm, I see.
Dustman: and what brings you to Freeport?
Grumni Hammersmith: we just want ter find somewhere ter get a decent ale
Rand Colds: Never seen a city this big before.
Dustman: *scribbles*
Rand Colds: *looks around in fake awe*
Rand Colds: Oooh.
Dustman: How long will you be staying?
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* we're ale tasters by trade
Rand Colds: How long will it take to get to know this place?
Dustman: It's a large town. Could take you a while.
Rand Colds: Yeah, we'll be here a while then.
Dustman: I see.
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Dustman: Very well then. No use of weapons in the city.
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough
Rand Colds: *nods* Makes sense.
Dustman: No sleeping on the streets.
Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't tramps
Dustman: Visitors tax is 25 gold apiece.
Rand Colds: *looks at the man*
Rand Colds: Huh?
Grumni Hammersmith: *gasps*
Dustman: We levy taxes on visitors to our town.
Grumni Hammersmith: who're going ter spend coin in yer shops if yer take all our money
Dustman: With your arms and armor, you are obviously in the top bracket.
Grumni Hammersmith: *how are we
Dustman: So that'll be 25 gold each.
Rand Colds: fine, here is the damn fine.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Rand Colds: for both of us.
Dustman: *nods as he counts the coins*
Grumni Hammersmith: cheers Rand
Dustman: Enjoy your stay and keep out of trouble.
Rand Colds: Let us be on our way, unless you have more rules.
Dustman: Justice here is harsh.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph
Dustman: NEXT
Dustman: *begins dealing with next in line*

Rand Colds: damn politics
Grumni Hammersmith: penny pinching pencil pusher
Rand Colds: got any food for sale, buddy
Grumni Hammersmith: not bad craftsmanship
Grumni Hammersmith: them bags look well made
Rand Colds: *buys a bag*
Grumni Hammersmith: fancy looking buildings
Rand Colds: Do you need one, Grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks embarassed* I'm a little broke at the moment
Grumni Hammersmith: damn merchants and priests cleaned me out at the keep
Rand Colds: Here you go, friend, use it well.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks lad
Rand Colds: That about does it for me, I can get us a few nights in town as well.
Grumni Hammersmith: It'll mean less walking back and forth the more we can carry
Rand Colds: I agree.
Grumni Hammersmith: I can cover that I think being as yer bought all this stuff
Grumni Hammersmith: *repacks packs*
Rand Colds: *adjusts his packs*
Rand Colds: Let's try going north and see what part of the city we run into?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: mabe we can find some work too
Rand Colds: ayw
Rand Colds: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps the tailor will want them hides?
Rand Colds: true.
Grumni Hammersmith: any good?
Rand Colds: not interested in the skin.
Grumni Hammersmith: 8shrugs*.
Rand Colds: nope
Grumni Hammersmith: alchemist back there
Rand Colds: well, lets see if we cant find an inn. oh, lets have a look than.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... good selection
Grumni Hammersmith: worth remembering
Rand Colds: kind of pricey
Grumni Hammersmith: ain't they all
Grumni Hammersmith: inn then?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: Yeah.

Grumni Hammersmith: *notices gathering*
Grumni Hammersmith: wonder what that's all about?
Rand Colds: wonder what the commotion is all about.
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we find out?
Rand Colds: yeah, whatever.
Karvon : Tell you what.
Rand Colds: a tavern, by the looks of it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* It'd be rude not ter visit
Rand Colds: I think an ale is in order.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Rand Colds: *watches the people run into the wall*
Grumni Hammersmith: they're odd folks in these parts
Rand Colds: hey
Grumni Hammersmith: what the?
Rand Colds: stop
Rand Colds: no weapons, grumni
Grumni Hammersmith: don't need 'em
Rand Colds: this is not good.
Grumni Hammersmith: best make ourselves scarce
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: *gulp*

Grumni Hammersmith: not the best of starts
Rand Colds: we didn't even get an ale.
Grumni Hammersmith: *wipes blood off boots*
Rand Colds: they might be banding together for safety
Grumni Hammersmith: that inn looks promising
Rand Colds: *watches the patrol closely*
Rand Colds: an inn
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries to look innocent*
Rand Colds: *enters cautiously*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... not exactley busy
Grumni Hammersmith: *Burp*
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Grumni Hammersmith: that's better
Rand Colds: much better
Rand Colds: strangest inn, I've ever seen
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Where you boys from?
Rand Colds: north
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't iking the atmosphere
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Hmph
Rand Colds: You got rooms for let here?
Grumni Hammersmith: not much ambiance
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Of course
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: This is one of the best inns in the city.
Rand Colds: uh oh, that means pricey if I know anything.
Grumni Hammersmith: one of the quietest too I'm thinking
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Our guests like it that way.
Grumni Hammersmith: what guests?
Rand Colds: Do you have the keys?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Yes. I can let you in to a room if you chose to stay here.
Grumni Hammersmith: do you know where ter find the Athos and Sons merchant company?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *eyes the dwarf*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: They are one of the largest merchant houses in Freeport.
Rand Colds: *waits for an answer*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Their offices are in the Market district.
Rand Colds: *nods* How much for a room for two days, for the both of us.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Do you wish a basic room or a suite?
Grumni Hammersmith: cheapest yer got
Rand Colds: Two beds, nothing fancy.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Basic rooms have just a single bed.
Rand Colds: *grumbles*
Grumni Hammersmith: guess we'll have ter take turns
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: The suite has a double bed.
Rand Colds: *sighs* How much for the suite?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: The suite is 50 gp per night.
Rand Colds: *chokes*
Rand Colds: How much for the single room?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: The single is 20 gp per night.
Rand Colds: *mutters about 'best inn in town'*
Rand Colds: *waits to speak with the waitress*

Grumni Hammersmith: *notices gnome*
Rand Colds: I'm debating looking for another inn, 20 gold for a single room is a lot.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like they have a few customers afterall
Grumni Hammersmith: *splutters*
Grumni Hammersmith: 20gp!
Rand Colds: 50 for the bigger bed.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: A... a dwarf? What are you doing here?
Grumni Hammersmith: they can stick that
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Good day sir, may I be of service?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Ah...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *looks around distractedly*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: well, when you decide, please let me know.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Wine please!
Grumni Hammersmith: do yer think we've got a sign on our backs saying con the new comers?
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Of course we offer a variety of drinks.
Grumni Hammersmith: the folks who drinkhere are probably too snooty fer the likes of us
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: What can I get for you?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I need a drink.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: We have Ale for 1 gold, Wine for 2 gold and a fine distilled spirit for 3 gold. which would you like?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Some wine for me.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Anything else?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: that will do thanks.
Rand Colds: I think we should look for a little less than the best inn in town.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *uncomfortably close*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Mercenaries?
Grumni Hammersmith: who are yer then?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: If cheaper accomodations are what you are after you can always try the freemens quarters.
Rand Colds: hello
Grumni Hammersmith: where's the freemans?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Follow your nose, you can't miss it.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll have a room here, actually
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: What can I get for you?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Nothing thanks.
Grumni Hammersmith: see I told yer- snooty
Rand Colds: I'm not so poor as to need a common room to sleep in.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: A single room is 20 gold a night.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll take three.
Grumni Hammersmith: I woudn't waste yer time on their pricelist gnome
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Very well that'll be sixty gold.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: One for each of my friends, here.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Take it or leave it. *sniffs*
Rand Colds: *watches*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Your rooms are this way.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow*
Rand Colds: Rooms?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes! I bought rooms for you.
Grumni Hammersmith: hay! we ain't agreed ter nothig
Grumni Hammersmith: *nothing
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks bemused*
Rand Colds: I think he just paid for us to have rooms as well.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Check out time is noon.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Please enjoy your stay.
Grumni Hammersmith: *raises eyebrow* what's he wanting in return?
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: Did you catch his name?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *she scribbles on scroll*
Rand Colds: Hello.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I will be visiting the merchants.
Grumni Hammersmith: err... what's all this about lad?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: My name is Mr. Polychronopoulos.
Rand Colds: Hello
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I've paid for your rooms, you're free to do with them as you wish.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I am Mr. Polychronopoulos
Rand Colds: *looks at Grumni*
Grumni Hammersmith: what yer wanting in return?
Rand Colds: *eyes the gnome*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm? ...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: A fair day to you both.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: In return, ah yes...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Don't *disturb* me at my work.
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* gnomes are always weird
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Dwarves! Ah...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: work *looks confused*?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I will be visiting the merchant quarter.
Rand Colds: Well, if you not up late working, you probably won't hear us come in.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Are you... mercenaries?
Rand Colds: Could be? You got something in mind?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes, actually.
Rand Colds: *looks to Grumni*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I was going to look for work.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Start an expedition, if you will.
Grumni Hammersmith: we're preferring "adventurers" lad
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Ah... *frowns*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Better!
Rand Colds: Yeah, what Grumni said.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Very well.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Partners then?
Grumni Hammersmith: exedition? it don't involve swamps does it?
Rand Colds: Let's find some work first.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm... hopefully not
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Stinky.
Rand Colds: I'd like to keep my options open at the moment.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I need to make preparations.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, I'll have a quick nap then we can discuss details
Rand Colds: *nods*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps you can look into finding someone who needs our assistance?
Rand Colds: How long you gonna take?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Give me... three months.
Rand Colds: Mr. Poly chony pop lus.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Or, perhaps a couple of hours.
Grumni Hammersmith: You hear something heading towards you...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Call me... polly. No! Chronops.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Chronos!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes, call me chronos.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh? how about just "gnome"
Rand Colds: chronos, sure, easier than the whole thing.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Oh... What were your names?
Rand Colds: I'
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: In case I need to ask after your wherabouts.
Rand Colds: m Rand.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm Grumni. what's yer plan then
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll leave you to it.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll be preparing for... whatever it is
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: If you need to make preparations as well, feel free to join me.
Grumni Hammersmith: let Rand have a nap then we'll all go
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll be istudying then.
Rand Colds: woo, that hits the spot.
Rand Colds: *Burp*

Grumni Hammersmith: that strange fellows gone off shopping I think
Rand Colds: yeah, lets look around as well
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we scout out Athos and Son?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... weaposn
Rand Colds: yeah, I'd like to sell this animal skin, I know its worth something to somebody.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* not mch use
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... big place
Grumni Hammersmith: pft
Rand Colds: bad area eat
Rand Colds: east
Grumni Hammersmith: how so?
Rand Colds: slums
Rand Colds: docks over here.
Grumni Hammersmith: that was just another half-arsed gods temple
Grumni Hammersmith: *holds nose* stinky fish
Rand Colds: this looks about right.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*

Rand Colds: You have nothing to sell?
Grumni Hammersmith: you Rastani?
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* I think this is the bloke we need ter see about getting home
Rastani the Travelling Monk: Yes, I am.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks lad
Rand Colds: Indeed.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer know how we are then?
Rastani the Travelling Monk: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *who not how
Rand Colds: We are not ready to leave yet, just making sure we know where to find you.
Rastani the Travelling Monk: *nods*
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: good, keep it to yerself fer now lad

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Excuse me. Are you a Wizard?
Dustman: No, I am the city gate overseer.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Do you have any magic shops in this town?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Where wizards go, to learn spells.
Dustman: Yes, there is one on Market Street.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Could you point me in the right direction?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: As opposed to the.. ah, wrong direction
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *shrugs and moves on*

Rand Colds: good stuff, but I have better.
Grumni Hammersmith: reasonable craftsmanship
Grumni Hammersmith: not magical enough
Rand Colds: Ooh, a magic shoppe.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... could be worth checking out the sewers
Grumni Hammersmith: another time
Rand Colds: *nods* I'd prefer to do so with my armor on, that's for sure.
Rand Colds: lots of weapons here.
Grumni Hammersmith: *low whistle*
Theros Halenden: Hello and welcome to my shop, would you like to see what I have?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes I would like to browse your wares.
Grumni Hammersmith: pity I don't have the skill ter use that waraxe, looks like it was made by a decent smith
Rand Colds: we need to find a jeweler, Grumni.
Rand Colds: Maybe some day, Grumni.
Rand Colds: Hail, mage, I'm looking to sell this animal skin.
Grumni Hammersmith: very well. *to merchant* you know where there's a jeweller around here?
Rand Colds: Can you direct me to a buyer?
Theros Halenden: A jeweler?
Theros Halenden: Someone who buys gems you mean?
Rand Colds: Yeah
Theros Halenden: hmm
Theros Halenden: What sort of gems do you wish to sell?
Rand Colds: I have a diamond or two, a saphire.
Grumni Hammersmith: might be yer could use 'em fer spell components and sell 'em yerself?
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we try another district?
Rand Colds: *nods, eyeing the sewer grate*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers* might be we can use the sewers to sneak around a bit
Rand Colds: maybe, in the evening.
Grumni Hammersmith: posh houses
Rand Colds: adventure hall here.
Grumni Hammersmith: worth a look

Vicho: What do you want Human?
Rand Colds: work?
Seretta: Good day
Grumni Hammersmith: hello
Seretta: You new to the city I take it?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye - what's this place lass?
Seretta: It's an adventurers guild hall.
Rand Colds: Tavern in back, without any guards.
Seretta: You can register with the guild and get a crack at job offers which come thru the guild.
Grumni Hammersmith: what's the benefits of joining the guild - we happen to be adventurers
Rand Colds: Oh!
Grumni Hammersmith: we could do with a job - how much ter join?
Seretta: Well, the guild serves as a middleman between customers and adventurers.
Grumni Hammersmith: fer a cut I imagine
Seretta: clients contact the guild seeking specific kinds of folk.
Seretta: We look over our members list of who's free and try to match up members to jobs.
Seretta: Of course the client may not choose to hire who we select.
Grumni Hammersmith: like I said how much ter join?
Rand Colds: Well, don't put us on the 'free' list. We want to work for coin.
Seretta: *laughs*
Seretta: We don't do charity work.
Grumni Hammersmith: good, charity begins at home I say
Seretta: Your member fee is contingent on the kind of contracts you wish to be eligible for.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* go on
Rand Colds: Well, we don't want to be sent to the store for eggs and ham.
Seretta: You can opt to sign up on a commission basis instead.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* what's yer cut?
Seretta: 10% ifyou opt for a commission based membership.
Grumni Hammersmith: sonds surprisingly fair
Grumni Hammersmith: *sounds
Seretta: *shrugs* We're adventurers after all.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: So?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Do they have jobs for us?
Grumni Hammersmith: coud be
Seretta: We know how it is.
Seretta: So you folk want to register?
Grumni Hammersmith: what's the one off fee fer the top job list?
Seretta: Flat fees are by the mission.
Seretta: The top rate is 1000 gold per mission.
Seretta: It scales down from there.
Rand Colds: Can you tell us a few of those missions, we'll pick one.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks to Rand* I'm thinking commision
Rand Colds: Commision, yes.
Seretta: It doesn't really work that way.
Seretta: Clients come to the guild.
Seretta: We review our current members to match them up to the missions.
Rand Colds: As do adventurers, I get that part. How do you get them together?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks to Germalkin* what do yer say ter a 3-way split of all the profits lad?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Fair enough.
Seretta: the clients then review the possible candidates and decide whom to hire.
Rand Colds: So, ... we need to register anyways?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Sign us up, then.
Seretta: You wish to work on commission or flat rate?
Grumni Hammersmith: commision fer me
Rand Colds: commision.
Seretta: a group has to be on the same plan.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Commission it is
Seretta: Very well.
Seretta: I need your names.
Rand Colds: *whew* now that thats settled.
Grumni Hammersmith: Grumni Hammersmith
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Garmalkin Polychronopoulos.
Rand Colds: Rand
Seretta: *nods and writes them down*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *said quickly*
Seretta: Your professions?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Wizard and professor.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Illusionist.
Grumni Hammersmith: good luck with spelling the gnome's name lass
Seretta: *smiles and scribbles*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Chronomancy is also part of my family's lineage.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm a priest of Moradin
Rand Colds: Caravan guard, man at arms, all around good guy.
Seretta: *nods*
Rand Colds: weapon master
Seretta: Amount of experience?
Rand Colds: Very experienced, see the grey hairs.
Seretta: *smiles*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Not quite ready to take over the world.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: In fact, I have no intention of doing that.
Grumni Hammersmith: we've been around the block a few times
Rand Colds: *looks at chron*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I mean... I am a powerful wizard, but no archmage.
Seretta: The toughest monster you've defeated?
Grumni Hammersmith: err... can't speak fer the gnome
Rand Colds: Er, do goddess's count?
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* undead has been a speciality up until now
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *blinks*
Seretta: *eyes Rand skeptically*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: What manner of Goddess?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Demi goddess?
Grumni Hammersmith: had a nasty run in with a dragon once - didn't turn out too well
Rand Colds: Well, we drove her away from her temple.
Seretta: Hmm I see. What kind and age was it?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I have fought a dragon... with many other wizards.
Seretta: The dragon that is.
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... it was big, green and underwater
Rand Colds: Yeah, underwater, it was in its lair.
Seretta: Oh? Underwater experience is always a plus in these parts.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh - under no circumstances do I take swamp, bog or marsh jobs. never again
Seretta: And where are you staying, or how can we get a hold of you?
Rand Colds: Well, we got it.
Grumni Hammersmith: have yer got room here?
Grumni Hammersmith: *rooms
Seretta: Not for residence.
Seretta: We've rooms for meetings and parties and the like.
Rand Colds: We have rooms at the Ardent Adventurer, in town.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Wizardry lab?
Grumni Hammersmith: oh. can yer recommend a decent inn that don't smell and don't rip yer off?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Are there any benefits to membership, besides receiving these assignments?
Seretta: Very well, come back tomorrow and I may have something for you.
Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't had much look in the alehouses around here so far
Seretta: We can provide some advice and counsel about the local places and people.
Seretta: Sometimes, we may have a priest on hand for some healing.
Grumni Hammersmith: nice
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Important to know.
Seretta: There are taverns and inns in most parts of town.
Grumni Hammersmith: as I was saying - do yer recommend any inns?
Seretta: the prices and cliental usually match the quarter.
Grumni Hammersmith: cheap and cheerful will do lass
Seretta: Well tis a matter of personal taste of course.
Rand Colds: I aint staying in the slums, no way.
Seretta: The inn your at is one of the better ones in town; safe, clean, good location.
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough, we'll take a look
Seretta: The Freeman district, or slums, is the cheapest but most dangerous.
Seretta: The docks is the next one up the list from that.
Seretta: The castle district is the most expensive.
Seretta: Then the city center.
Seretta: market and residential are middle of the road.
Rand Colds: I think we can find a place. Thanks.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Seretta: in terms of price, quality and safety.
Seretta: Well, I need to check my records. I'll see you all tomorrow then, ok?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *scribbles notes*
Rand Colds: *leaves*

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session 36 - Freeport

Post by Karvon » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:33 pm

Karvon : Please use this time to finish any shopping you need to do and meeting up with your new companions. You can fill them in, or not, as to what you're doing here. Action resumes on the afternoon of your second day in Freeport.

Solithar : I still have some gold so sure I'll do that. Where can I find you?
Solithar : Sounds fair.
Solithar : Anyway I'm going to that hall and I may go to the tavern after.
Solithar : I just to register old man don''t be rude.
Solithar : Wine?
Solithar : Hey who do I register with?
Solithar : That lady?
Solithar : Where did you register?
Solithar : But how?
Solithar : Sure.
Solithar : Who's in charge here?
Solithar : The lady over there?
Solithar : No.
Rand Colds: Probably still in his room, doing whatever mages do when they are alone for most of the day.
Rand Colds: Hopefully he's sleeping. I hate to hear about how tired the damn mages are, when I'm breaking my back carrying a damn library around.
Rand Colds: swordsman, he said earlier.
Solithar : Me? Warrior if that's what you call a profession.
Rand Colds: Have you served any time as a guard?
Solithar : Ah well a bit of this and that.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Rand Colds: I spent many years waling next to caravans. didn't pay so well, so now I'm out adventuring. I'd have to say my lot in life has improved since the switch.
Solithar : I came from the wild lands so soome call me barbarian. I was a soldier too so fighter and also know how to sneak around does that make me a thief?
Rand Colds: *chuckles* yeah.
Rand Colds: Just don't steal my stuff and we'll get along swell.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Nothing, not so far
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, we aint robbers
Solithar : Not my thing I like battles the thrill of fighting the smell of blood sometimes that sort of thing.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We've put out the word though
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: Good. 'Cause if you were a brigand, well, we don't get along well with those types.
Solithar : yet sometimes it's better to go around if you facing too many enemies that's when sneaking is a good strategy.

Karvon : Those not at the Adventurers Hall arrive at the time appointed for the job interview you heard about....

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: So here we are...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Lets see if they have work for us today.
Morkas Delnore: those your boys?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I ain much good at sneaking
Morkas Delnore: Good to see you got sense to recruit a dwarf
Solithar : In lighter armor I suppose.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Are we up to five then?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: A fair number.
Solithar : Your frinds?
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, there yer are gnome
Mara: Good afternoon.
Grumni Hammersmith: good day
Rand Colds: Good day.

Mara: Are you the group here for the job interview?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: A fair day to you.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes, we are.
Mara: *looks at scroll and around the group*
Solithar : A what?
Mara: Um, you seem to have several more members, but I guess that will be ok.
Mara: Please follow me.
Grumni Hammersmith: interview? I though we was all paid up
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Just a formality...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps
Mara: Please have a seat.
Rand Colds: *follows*
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I aint wearing a tie
Rand Colds: *looks over at the dwarf from the market*
Rand Colds: did you ever find your crossbow?
Morkas Delnore: All chap, good to see you again
Morkas Delnore: thanlks for the directions

Salianny: A somewhat portly fellow looks you all over.

Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* good ter have another dwarf along
Rand Colds: *looks at the portly man*
Morkas Delnore: two's a good start
Salianny: *looks over a scroll*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Rand* who's the fatty?
Rand Colds: Where did the girl go?
Salianny: Hmm I see you've added more members to your group since you talked with us yesterday.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, more the merrier
Salianny: Indeed.
Rand Colds: Is there a problem?
Salianny: I trust they are sufficiently talented to lend you a hand?
Solithar : * smile *
Morkas Delnore: Your trust is well placed
Rand Colds: so, this means you have work for us?
Salianny: Yes, indeed we do.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye and what's it pay?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Sh-sh-sh. Patience.
Salianny: All in good time.
Morkas Delnore: always a good time to discuss gold
Salianny: Unless you prefer to hear the fee before the job?
Rand Colds: *leans back, letting out a long sigh*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps we could vote on this.
Solithar : Count me in if they are things to kill.
Grumni Hammersmith: best tell us the what's involved first
Salianny: *folds arms and waits*
Morkas Delnore: whatever gets the jibber jabber out the way quickest
Salianny: Is that the consensus? *looks around at the others*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Salianny: Very well then.
Salianny: A client desires the recovery of a mask long buried in one of the crypts of the local cemetary.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... undead are our seciality
Grumni Hammersmith: *speciality
Rand Colds: No swamps, I like it already.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye no swamps!
Salianny: Their research has led them to the probably location of said crypt.
Morkas Delnore: Graverobbing, lovely
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hm. *furrows his brow* Is this legal?
Salianny: *smiles*
Salianny: The dead have no need for such now do they?
Solithar : Lucky I got Bellringer with me.
Rand Colds: So, they want a mask, do we get to keep anything else we find along the way?
Morkas Delnore: This'll be a human cemetry of course, we'll not be disturbing the rest of decent dead dwarven folks
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* aye we aint digging up dwarves
Salianny: I'm not positive of the race of the crypts occupant, but it's most likely human as they have been the dominant species in these parts for centuries.
Morkas Delnore: Maybe we'll get to rattle a few elf bones too
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches beard* what's the mask fer - is it magical?
Salianny: It is said to have magical properties yes.
Rand Colds: What's the pay, and what's the fee?
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... worth taking a look if the price be right
Salianny: You will be paid a retainer of 1000 gold each. less your 10% commission, that'll be 900 gold.
Grumni Hammersmith: what about expenses?
Grumni Hammersmith: potions and stuff aint cheap
Salianny: If you return with the mask, you'll receive an additional 4000 gold, less a 10% commission for the hall for an net of an additional 3600 gold apiece.
Rand Colds: *raises his eyebrows*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins and rubs hands together*
Rand Colds: *nods his head*
Grumni Hammersmith: now yer talking lad
Salianny: You are free to keep whatever other loot you might happen to pick up along the way.
Morkas Delnore: This day is turning out well
Salianny: The client is only interested in the mask.
Rand Colds: *chuckles*
Grumni Hammersmith: *already imaging what he'll buy with his share*
Rand Colds: I hope we dont meet any grieving relatives.
Salianny: Unlikely, the crypt is several hundred years old at least.
Morkas Delnore: And nobodies gone looking for this mask before?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* aye, best now ter spread it around where we're going
Rand Colds: That's a long time. What if the mask is already gone?
Grumni Hammersmith: *not ter
Salianny: If you don't find and/or recover the mask, you don't get the final fee.
Solithar : When shall we depart?
Salianny: The client uncovered the clues to the location thru their own research.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I'm fer setting off now
Rand Colds: I'm outta ale coins. I'm ready to go now.
Morkas Delnore: Grab this mask, and be back in a bed full of whores and ale before sundown
Rand Colds: *nods to Morkas*
Salianny: Naturally, as with all crypts, you best be well prepared for various sorts of traps and the like.
Rand Colds: I don't know yer name, dwarf, but I like ya already.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* any of yer a trap springer?
Rand Colds: *looks at the portly man* Traps, I hate traps.
Morkas Delnore: Traps spriinging is my middle name
Salianny: *looks over notes*
Rand Colds: Cowardly pieces of human waste, who the heck sets traps.
Salianny: Hmm also a word of warning...
Rand Colds: *laughs again*
Solithar : Traps? Dodge them.
Morkas Delnore: 900 year old traps shouldn't be a problem really, i should think, springs get rusted, ropes frayed
Salianny: The client believes the tomb is one of several in the same crypt.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: The mechanisms become unpredictable, I would suspect.
Rand Colds: *grins at Morkas* Your doubly good.
Grumni Hammersmith: I've spent too much time in pits fer my liking
Rand Colds: *tries to stifle laughing out loud*
Rand Colds: Grumni, I'll bring a rope and pulley this time.
Morkas Delnore: Be nothing but the whore pits for us when we're done chaps
Salianny: The name of the occupant you seek is Ah-Mophet IV.
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we set off then lads?
Morkas Delnore: aye
Solithar : We'll be back.
Salianny: There are older ancestors you should leave in peace.
Rand Colds: *nods, then gets up*
Salianny: Some have powerful wards to keep them at rest.
Rand Colds: Where do we get the gold?
Salianny: Um
Morkas Delnore: you got a name son?
Salianny: You might want the map as well. *drly*
Rand Colds: You know, the up front gold.
Grumni Hammersmith: where are them crypts?
Salianny: If you waited for the briefing to finish before wandering off, you might know such details.
Rand Colds: I'm still here.
Solithar : You calling me son I old for a human you know. Solithar.
Morkas Delnore: Of course you are grandad
Solithar : Not that old.
Morkas Delnore: nice to meet you, i'm Morkas
Salianny: *counts out coins for those present*
Solithar : But you right I could be grandfather * pause * never considered that.
Rand Colds: Coins?
Grumni Hammersmith: *sticks his head out of te door* best get back in here lads
Rand Colds: Don't you have trade tokens here?
Morkas Delnore: i always try not to consider my grandchildren, how many they be and where they are
Rand Colds: *stuffs three bags of gold in his pack*
Salianny: The Temple trades in such things
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: The two of you might want to head in there and get your starting gold.
Morkas Delnore: oh yes
Solithar : Ah
Salianny: *hands Rand a map*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer shares waiting back there *points to where they came from*
Rand Colds: *takes the map
Morkas Delnore: gold please chap
Morkas Delnore: i thank you]#
Solithar : I was told to come here and collect.
Salianny: *passes pouches*
Solithar : Thanks.
Salianny: Good luck
Rand Colds: Is there anymore you want to tell us?
Morkas Delnore: do you boys know where i could purchase some trap springing tools?
Grumni Hammersmith: *checks pack*
Rand Colds: we'll see you soon than.
Salianny: Do you have any questions?
Solithar : I have two traps.
Rand Colds: Nope.
Morkas Delnore: I broke mine jumping out of a lasses bedroom window, landed on me arse, tools in me back pocket
Salianny: Very well
Grumni Hammersmith: yer randy devil *grins*

Rand Colds: Well, I"m heading for the money changer. I don't want to lug this much gold around the crypts
Grumni Hammersmith: did he give yer directions Rand?
Rand Colds: *waves the map* I got the map.
Grumni Hammersmith: lead on
Solithar : Changer? Change into what?
Rand Colds: *looks at the map*
Rand Colds: Trade tokens.
Rand Colds: We had 'em up north too.
Solithar : Can you buy a house instead?
Rand Colds: Let's go to the temple of Xorbo.
Morkas Delnore: I'll need your names chaps, so i know what to shout when i see you stepping blindly into a pit full o traps
Rand Colds: Wait a minute.
Grumni Hammersmith: Grumni
Rand Colds: *looks closer at the map*
Morkas Delnore: A pleaure brother grumni
Rand Colds: *looks up at the party*
Grumni Hammersmith: Morkas aint it?
Rand Colds: anyone know where the cemetary is?
Morkas Delnore: yep
Grumni Hammersmith: don't yer map tell yer?
Rand Colds: *shrugs* I can't tell.
Soppi: What's it worth t'ya?
Morkas Delnore: what?
Rand Colds: *glares at Soppi*
Morkas Delnore: Oh hello lovely
Soppi: Directions to the cemetary *laughs*
Rand Colds: *marches back to the room*
Grumni Hammersmith: someone at the temple will know
Soppi: *shrugs*
Morkas Delnore: what do directionbs cost these days my sweet?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer charm aint working lad
Morkas Delnore: usually never fails
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*

Rand Colds: hey, where is this place at.
Salianny: The old cemetary of course.
Rand Colds: I'm new here, where the heck is that?
Salianny: Ah I see....
Salianny: *he explains how to get there*
Rand Colds: It better be close, I don't feel like walking all over this place.
Salianny: It's just west of Gull Bay which in turn is just west of Old Freeport.
Rand Colds: So, where is Ol' Freeport?
Rand Colds: I'm guessing this is New Freeport.
Rand Colds: *oblivious to the conversation, getting directions*
Salianny: Welp you can take a small boat from the docks to Gull Bay and then walk west of there.
Rand Colds: Sounds like a plan.
Salianny: Good luck
Rand Colds: thanks.

Grumni Hammersmith: what's yer profession Morkas?
Morkas Delnore: I'm a ghost, i go unseen, i pass though doors and over traps
Morkas Delnore: woooooo
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Solithar : You'e a thief.
Morkas Delnore: a thief of hearts some ladies say, but i can open a lock or spring a trap
Morkas Delnore: have that natural dwarven grace too, so i can scout ahead unseen
Grumni Hammersmith: that'll be handy
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I can make all of us invisible.
Morkas Delnore: Very handy master chronos, always like gnomes, good folk
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: If needed.
Grumni Hammersmith: how'll w know where each other are then?
Morkas Delnore: You'll hear the humans stomping about or cryin for the mothers in the dark
Morkas Delnore: bring a torch son
Grumni Hammersmith: already got a latern
Morkas Delnore: Typical drwaven foresight, excellent
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I can enchant any item to work as well as a torch.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: My crossbow is so enchanted

Grumni Hammersmith: ready Rand?
Morkas Delnore: Can ye make my hair grow back, gnome?
Rand Colds: Alright, hope none of you are sick on boats.
Rand Colds: 'Cause we're takin' one.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I would have to research that one.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Very good.
Solithar : A boat to a graveyard?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I guess we'll find out
Rand Colds: The place we seek is not close.
Grumni Hammersmith: best get moving then
Rand Colds: *looks around* I'll tell you more at the dock.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: It appears I will need to purchase rations for the journey, then.
Solithar : Fine.
Rand Colds: Let's check on the boat, then we can get the trade tokens.
Solithar : I want to change as well.
Rand Colds: Aye, my armor is back at the room.
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* don't see why folks need ter be taking their armour off
Rand Colds: I can go check on the boat, we can meet at the Inn.
Rand Colds: There is Athos and sons.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*

Karvon : It's mid-afternoon by the time you finish the interview and are ready to leave the hall.

Rand Colds: Hail
Solithar : Nice.
Rand Colds: Sailor
Grumni Hammersmith: ahoy ahoy!
Rand Colds: Can you take us to Gull Bay?
Sailor: afternoon
Rand Colds: Are you heading along the coast towards Gull Bay?
Sailor: We will be leaving with the evening tide.
Rand Colds: How much for the five of us?
Sailor: We could drop you off there if you wish, for a small fee.
Sailor: *looks you over*
Sailor: No cargo or trunks?
Rand Colds: *looks at Chron*
Rand Colds: No, I guess not.
Grumni Hammersmith: no lad
Rand Colds: *sees Chron is absent*
Grumni Hammersmith: 2 dwarfs, 2 humans and a gnome
Sailor: Well, I suppose we could take the lot of you for 50 gold.
Rand Colds: Deal.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* fair enough
Rand Colds: We'll be back soon.
Sailor: Right then, be sure to be here before sundown. Capt will not wait for you.
Sailor: *goes back to winding ropes*

Rand Colds: We don't have much time, get your affairs in order.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm already set
Rand Colds: *walks briskly off*
Solithar : You mentioned coin changer.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'm already done.
Rand Colds: yeah, at the temple.
Morkas Delnore: Take a lifetime to get all my affairs in order but i'm ready to set off
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* might as well take a look
Bran the fish monger: Fresh Fish!
Bran the fish monger: Just cought today you'll not find fresher!
Rand Colds: Here, this temple by the front door, inside
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Excuse me...
Grumni Hammersmith: that's an ale house
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I would like to inform you that we're checking out for a little while.
Solithar : Where did Rand go?
Grumni Hammersmith: the inn?

Rand Colds: *wearing plate armor now, a shield strapped on his shoulder*
Moneychanger: Would you like to exchange coins?
Rand Colds: Yes, please

Karvon : Xerbo is the primary god of the city devoted to business, trade and the sea. Smaller shrines to other popular gods and goddesses of Greyhawk line the outer walls of the City Temple.

Grumni Hammersmith: everybody ready?
Rand Colds: I'm ready, ..
Solithar : I am I guess.
Grumni Hammersmith: we best not miss the boat
Rand Colds: hope everyone has 10 gold
Solithar : No
Rand Colds: *watches the sun setting*

Sailor: All aboard!
Sailor: *holds out hand*
Rand Colds: *leans against the rail*
Sailor: your fare
Solithar : Can one pay for all?
Rand Colds: *hands over his 10 gold*
Sailor: Well??
Rand Colds: I can pay for Grumni
Morkas Delnore: there you go salty
Solithar : I don't have it,
Rand Colds: *looks at Solithar*
Sailor: No pay, you have to get off
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll pay for him.
Solithar : Got a coin woth 75 if you like.
Solithar : Thanks.
Rand Colds: *nods to Chron*
Sailor: Very well stay out of the way, it's about half an hour sale to Gull Bay.
Rand Colds: I guess your in debt to Chron now.
Rand Colds: *chuckles*

Karvon : The Sailors cast off and the ship tacks out of the harbor.

Rand Colds: *stays out of the way*
Morkas Delnore: Weigh anchor, set sail and all that, this is exciting
Rand Colds: *watches the coast during the voyage, in case he has to walk back to Freeport*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *thumbs through his spell book on the trip*

Karvon : ...about an hour later you ship pulls into Gull Bay.... The Ship leaves as soon as you are put ashore.

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: How are we getting back, I wonder.
Rand Colds: *looks at the map*
Karvon : the area's pretty run down
Grumni Hammersmith: east or west?
Solithar : Hm
Rand Colds: West from here.

Karvon : You can see the ruins of Old Freeport lying off to the east.

Rand Colds: a road, excellent

Karvon : a worn path at this point actually.

Morkas Delnore: dinner?
Solithar : Food?
Rand Colds: *pauses*
Grumni Hammersmith: hep
Grumni Hammersmith: *help
Morkas Delnore: mmm
Rand Colds: no, the pig that keeps us company.
Rand Colds: *draws a flaming long sword and puts on a helmet*
Rand Colds: anyone want to scout ahead?
Solithar : Ah badger now what's next rat?
Rand Colds: looks like the place
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: didnt seem very hard to find.
Morkas Delnore: dead folk walking
Grumni Hammersmith: find anything?
Solithar : Will be dark soon.

Karvon : assorted tombstones, markers and masuleums can be seen dotting the cemetary.

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: If you can get them to line up in an orderly manner, I can execute them fairly quickly.
Morkas Delnore: skeletons and whatnot running about
Grumni Hammersmith: we best put 'em back into their graves
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I don't suppose anyone is a cleric?

Karvon : ...and yes, the dead are restless.

Rand Colds: Grumni is of the faith
Grumni Hammersmith: aye I'm a priest of Moradin
Solithar : Let's break these bones.
Rand Colds: I believe in Moradin, no doubt.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Morkas Delnore: An honour to travel with you moradinsman
Rand Colds: ugh
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Very active afterlife on this island.

Solithar : Here or what?
Morkas Delnore: prefer something with a little meat to shoot
Rand Colds: traps?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Might consider coming here if I ever decide to become a lich.
Grumni Hammersmith: where?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *shudders*
Morkas Delnore: more undeads
Rand Colds: *frowns at Chron*
Grumni Hammersmith: where's the trap?
Solithar : I see debris.
Grumni Hammersmith: 1 gp
Rand Colds: Seen any traps yet?
Morkas Delnore: we're rich
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Morkas Delnore: can't see any traps here
Rand Colds: I hate traps.
Morkas Delnore: the dust is pretty thick though

Morkas Delnore: oh wow
Rand Colds: wow
Grumni Hammersmith: filthy creatures
Solithar : what?
Morkas Delnore: morradins power is indeed great
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Solithar : Careful you could have fried us all.
Morkas Delnore: you chaps want me to see what's up ahead?
Rand Colds: Moradin is awesome.
Grumni Hammersmith: *winks* me aim is pretty good
Rand Colds: Sure, Morkas, right.
Rand Colds: I'm Rand.
Morkas Delnore: more monsters
Morkas Delnore: You fight well Rand
Rand Colds: Hey, there are markings we're supposed to look for.
Solithar : Save your magic.
Rand Colds: *shows the markings on the map to everyone*
Grumni Hammersmith: what we looking fer?
Rand Colds: I guess this one.
Rand Colds: Maybe it'll be on the outside.
Morkas Delnore: on yer toes chaps, there's plenty more
Grumni Hammersmith: through here?
Solithar : Want to try downstairs?
Morkas Delnore: aye
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We're looking for ah-mophet IV
Grumni Hammersmith: defend the door I'm thinking
Rand Colds: yeah, the map shows these special markings.
Morkas Delnore: 2 or 3 , dunno what you'd cALL EM
Grumni Hammersmith: catch 'em in a bottle neck
Grumni Hammersmith: coffin
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *looks for markings*
Morkas Delnore: looks safe enough
Solithar : A potion in there.
Morkas Delnore: well as a coffin in undead land can be i guess
Solithar : You take.
Grumni Hammersmith: someone grab it
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Caution might be necessary
Solithar : Argh
Solithar : Illusion?

Karvon : there is nothing of note on the coffin

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Session 38 - Old Freeport Cemetary

Post by Karvon » Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:42 am

Karvon : We will resume in the crypt you just cleared.

Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* any body check out the coffin?
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking its a good time ter rest
Rand Colds: some gold
Rand Colds: *stands guard*

Karvon : The crypt seems mostly silent. a few occasionally odd noises echo thru the chambers.

Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking we might be in the wrong place?
Rand Colds: Yeah, these notes have some symbols. I don't see them anywhere in here.
Morkas Delnore: what's wrong with this place, besides the walking dead folk?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* which way out?
Rand Colds: Well, I think this is much newer than what we're looking for.
Morkas Delnore: ah ofcourse
Morkas Delnore: we need a much older and scarier place
Rand Colds: I think we came this way
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin
Rand Colds: other way
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* this way lad

Karvon : and in the darkness the dead walk.

Rand Colds: *looks at map, showing the others the symbols to look for*
Grumni Hammersmith: the killed me pig!
Grumni Hammersmith: *they
Morkas Delnore: will it become a zombie pig?
Grumni Hammersmith: yuck
Rand Colds: Let's not stick around and find out.
Karvon : There are many tombs and markers.
Grumni Hammersmith: wouldn't want ter eat that bacon
Morkas Delnore: they're crawling out of every hole
Rand Colds: *looks for symbols*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Morkas Delnore: *search*
Morkas Delnore: I think i see something here
Grumni Hammersmith: any luck lads?
Rand Colds: *holds the map up to the symbol*
Morkas Delnore: a symbol of some sort, not sure what you're looking for though
Grumni Hammersmith: take a look at the scroll
Rand Colds: *compares the two*
Grumni Hammersmith: *does the same*
Grumni Hammersmith: what's all this about
Morkas Delnore: magic? where's the gnome got to?
Rand Colds: *looks closer*
Grumni Hammersmith: gnomes ain't ever been reliable
Rand Colds: This looks like the place, men.

Rand Colds: Wait, maybe this isn't the right place
Morkas Delnore: they're not happy to see us
Grumni Hammersmith: looks a bit small
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for markings*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Morkas Delnore: crikey
Morkas Delnore: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: *picks up a knuckle*
Rand Colds: I don't see that symbol anywhere, I think it was that lit up tombstone, outside.

Karvon : you are fairly certain this is one of the newer crypts of the cemetary.

Morkas Delnore: wrong place again?
Grumni Hammersmith: these bones don't seem dry enough ter be the place
Rand Colds: Yeah, I think so.
Rand Colds: Well, anyone bring a shovel?
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like the biggest tomb

Karvon : You're looking at a rather plain and worn looking stone slab. there are a few symbols, most worn away. One of them seems to match the one on your note.

Grumni Hammersmith: I got a pickaxe
Morkas Delnore: could you bashj it open with those flaming weapons?
Rand Colds: And Grumni, I hope you haven't brought a pick axe from Kendall Keep with you
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries to lift lid*
Rand Colds: Hmmm, only one symbol on this matches.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I don't know what ter do with it
Rand Colds: *looks around for any other graves with matching symbols*

Karvon : You can make search rolls for every group of 4-6 markers. Each search will take you about 10 minutes.

Morkas Delnore: better figure this out soon, these guys aren't tiring of attacking us
Grumni Hammersmith: *search8
Rand Colds: *search*
Morkas Delnore: *search*

Karvon : So far, you've not seen anything resembling the symbol on the note.

Rand Colds: *chases the thing*
Rand Colds: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: these look older
Morkas Delnore: *search*
Rand Colds: yeah, much older.

Karvon : So... after spending about an hour or so searching the cemetary.... The only place that seems to match your note is the place you already found.

Grumni Hammersmith: I don't know what ter do
Rand Colds: *looks at the tombstone*
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders*
Morkas Delnore: *studies tomb*
Rand Colds: *looks at the map*

Karvon : Well the dwarves conclude you may either have to smash it open, or lever it open some how.

Grumni Hammersmith: Let's smash it lads
Rand Colds: I think this is the place.
Morkas Delnore: just smash this thing to bits, i'm fed up of zombies
Rand Colds: I think.... smash it?
Rand Colds: *puts his sword away, pulling out a magical morning star*
Rand Colds: No way I'm dulling my Angurvadal on that.
Grumni Hammersmith: done

Karvon : and Moradins might blasts open the tomb.

Morkas Delnore: That's how morradin deals with shoddy human stonework!
Rand Colds: Hmm, next time, let me know, I'll get out of the way.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye

Karvon : revealing a narrow descending stairway.

Grumni Hammersmith: down we go lads!
Morkas Delnore: let's go
Rand Colds: *down the hole*
Grumni Hammersmith: *jumps into hole*

Karvon : ..and down you go.

Rand Colds: client mentioned traps
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: damned things.
Morkas Delnore: i'll keep an eye out for traps
Grumni Hammersmith: yer a scout Morkas?

Karvon : This is noticeably older than the previous crypts.

Rand Colds: I'm right behind you, so is this big spide.
Morkas Delnore: first trap right here
Rand Colds: spider
Morkas Delnore: one second
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone a trapspringer?
Rand Colds: *backs up*
Morkas Delnore: not too tricky
Rand Colds: I hate traps.
Morkas Delnore: old fashioned traps, noone uses these anymore
Morkas Delnore: i preffered the pig, you got anything less horrible to summon
Rand Colds: I'm okay with whatever is betwixt me and the dead.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins* he ain't pretty
Rand Colds: You okay, Grumni?
Morkas Delnore: *checks doors
Rand Colds: *keeps an eye out on everyone*
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Morkas Delnore: trapped again
Morkas Delnore: no problem
Rand Colds: lots of doors, must be a whole family in here.
Morkas Delnore: no more traps, but they're all locked
Morkas Delnore: you want me to pick one open?
Grumni Hammersmith: time fer the dwarven key *holds up axe*
Rand Colds: sure, do one of these first.
Rand Colds: one door leads to two more doors.

Morkas Delnore: yikes
Grumni Hammersmith: whut?
Rand Colds: someone in there?
Morkas Delnore: more dead folk
Grumni Hammersmith: lots?
Rand Colds: How many?
Morkas Delnore: is a small room, i only saw one
Rand Colds: Just one?
Rand Colds: and you shut the door, holyu

Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Grumni Hammersmith: restorations scroll here
Morkas Delnore: tell me you found the mask and we can go home
Grumni Hammersmith: looks a bit too new ter me
Grumni Hammersmith: either of yer need the scroll?
Morkas Delnore: what does it do?
Grumni Hammersmith: restore yer if yer catch somethingnasty
Morkas Delnore: save it for when we visit the whore house
Grumni Hammersmith: *grabs it*
Morkas Delnore: spiders not keen on doors eh?
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin in here

Morkas Delnore: keep it together lads, is a bad sign when you start seeing things#
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scoutng?
Morkas Delnore: of course
Morkas Delnore: i hope you didn't bring me for my fighting skill
Rand Colds: if we get lost, we can follow Grumni'
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll wait here?
Rand Colds: s blood trail outta here.
Morkas Delnore: some more traps around
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* dwarf scouts are rare
Grumni Hammersmith: clumsy by nature are darves
Rand Colds: Yeah, you never scouted for us before, Grumni.
Morkas Delnore: more coffins
Rand Colds: ahhh

Morkas Delnore: oh bloody hell
Rand Colds: what is it?
Morkas Delnore: i dunno but i need new leathers
Rand Colds: hey
Rand Colds: stay away from me
Rand Colds: im outta here
Morkas Delnore: ah don't bring it back
Rand Colds: *cringes against teh door frame*

Morkas Delnore: the spider seems much nicer now
Rand Colds: *growls*
Rand Colds: thanks grumin
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* I need ter rest
Rand Colds: *pounds on the dead body*
Morkas Delnore: smash its head off rand
Rand Colds: *takes a deep breath*
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin in that coffin
Morkas Delnore: you guys look wrecked, do you want me to hold off on opening anymore doors
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Rand Colds: *looks at the claw marks from the mummy*
Rand Colds: I think it infected me.
Rand Colds: *wraps his wound with a heal kit*
Grumni Hammersmith: we going on?
Rand Colds: I'm feeling better now.
Morkas Delnore: okay , let's see what other horrors are in here
Morkas Delnore: this one seems empty
Grumni Hammersmith: check the coffin
Morkas Delnore: still, not going in first though
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin

Karvon : That door is magically held

Rand Colds: spider is good
Rand Colds: another empty chamber, lets try the other way
Morkas Delnore: let's try a different wing, maybe the next few tombs will be safer
Rand Colds: no shortage of doors in this place.
Rand Colds: wait, lets check all upstairs first
Morkas Delnore: downstairs, it can only get worse
Rand Colds: I agree. *shudders*
Grumni Hammersmith: wish I could find a place ter rest
Morkas Delnore: better check everything i guess
Rand Colds: that looks..... ominous.
Morkas Delnore: whoever built this place, really didn't want visitors
Rand Colds: probably leads somewhere interesting.
Morkas Delnore: shall i take a peek down there?
Rand Colds: Yeah, sure.
Morkas Delnore: yuck
Rand Colds: hey, we're trapped

Karvon : that's what happend when you opened that door going down

Grumni Hammersmith: no way out but down
Morkas Delnore: *gasps*
Grumni Hammersmith: *jumps through doorway*
Rand Colds: *breathes once he's out of the fog*
Morkas Delnore: get out you fool dwarf

Rand Colds: *heads through the door*
Morkas Delnore: *jumps through
Morkas Delnore: yikes
Rand Colds: *runs through when he hears battle*
Morkas Delnore: carefull lads
Rand Colds: well done, Morkas.
Morkas Delnore: decorations coming to life
Grumni Hammersmith: better than them mummies
Rand Colds: *looks around* Is that all of them?
Morkas Delnore: some locksmith made a fortune kitting out this place
Morkas Delnore: more coffins
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Rand Colds: See any traps?

Rand Colds: hey
Morkas Delnore: oh bloody hells
Rand Colds: Morkas, are you okay?
Morkas Delnore: ow my aching eveything
Grumni Hammersmith: just a silver ring in there
Rand Colds: That lass didn't like you much.
Morkas Delnore: feel a little better now, i may just live
Rand Colds: good, I'd hate to leave you here. *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: I can raise the dead once so its best yer try ter stay in one peace
Rand Colds: just a ring, no mask?
Grumni Hammersmith: nay
Rand Colds: *shivers*
Morkas Delnore: i'm hoping you'll not need to raise the dead
Rand Colds: Aye, me too.
Grumni Hammersmith: *ponders* I wonder if that would hurt them undead?
Rand Colds: well, this is a dead end. lets find another door.
Morkas Delnore: onwards,

Morkas Delnore: got a choice of 4 doors left
Morkas Delnore: you lads have a preference
Rand Colds: Lets do the side doors first, I hate to have anything sneak up on me.
Rand Colds: Nothing
Rand Colds: empty
Morkas Delnore: this one's trapped
Morkas Delnore: must be something good behind this one
Morkas Delnore: oh no
Rand Colds: *backs away, thinking of Rolo*
Morkas Delnore: nnother one of them scary buggers
Grumni Hammersmith: lets get out of here - nuthin in there
Morkas Delnore: looks dor over
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*

Morkas Delnore: i think i upset it
Grumni Hammersmith: he was a big 'un
Rand Colds: nothing here
Morkas Delnore: all this bloods making my lock picks slippy
Morkas Delnore: what the hells that?
Rand Colds: ugh
Morkas Delnore: Rand!
Morkas Delnore: can you bring him back
Morkas Delnore: *prays*
Grumni Hammersmith: Gah! if only I could rest
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll try ter find a place ter rest
Morkas Delnore: what do you need to bring him back, grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: sleep
Grumni Hammersmith: bugger! that cube is blocking the way
Morkas Delnore: this isn't good, could really use that gnome right now

Karvon : and it disolves in a wave of goo and gunk

Grumni Hammersmith: grab some of his stuff
Morkas Delnore: got it
Morkas Delnore: Rand had a lot of nice stuff, i hope he's gratefull when we bring him back to life

Karvon : It's early dawn when you reach Gull Bay lugging the body and belongs of the dead Rand.

Morkas Delnore: How are you feeling old chap?
Rand Colds: *gets dressed*

Karvon : Time passes for rest.

Rand Colds: *looks up* Thanks Moradin.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Rand Colds: Or should I look down?
Grumni Hammersmith: I need ter wait ter rest again in case someone dies again*frowns*
Morkas Delnore: get some rest Rand, you look like hell
Grumni Hammersmith: right I be ready
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, best have a sit down a whiles
Rand Colds: I feel like it, too.
Morkas Delnore: i think that's all your junk

Grumni Hammersmith: we going back in?
Morkas Delnore: If we want ot get paid i think we have to
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: let's get going lads
Rand Colds: *puts all his stuff away*
Rand Colds: Aye, thanks again, guys.

Karvon : You return to the crypt....

Rand Colds: I don't know what that thing was, but I'm staying back if we see another.
Morkas Delnore: next time we see one, we run
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* one door left I think
Morkas Delnore: this one *points ahead
Grumni Hammersmith: trap
Morkas Delnore: more traps!
Rand Colds: Where?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Rand Colds: *prepares to run*
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulp*
Morkas Delnore: here we go
Rand Colds: run but you cant hide
Rand Colds: I want to hide
Morkas Delnore: trapped

Grumni Hammersmith: Moradin be praised!
Rand Colds: the mask?
Morkas Delnore: just gold
Grumni Hammersmith: nuthin on the bodies
Karvon : and you find a key
Morkas Delnore: what am i saying "just" gold
Rand Colds: Looks like we're heading downstairs.
Grumni Hammersmith: AYe, a key
Rand Colds: Is there a lot of gold? *peers in the coffin*
Karvon : thought it'd drop on death
Grumni Hammersmith: yer take the key Morky
Rand Colds: not bad, I guess.
Morkas Delnore: got it
Morkas Delnore: downstairs then
Rand Colds: ooh armor
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone know what it does?
Morkas Delnore: you going to put on that filthy dead guys armour?
Morkas Delnore: big shield here
Rand Colds: some nice armor here,
Grumni Hammersmith: nice armour
Morkas Delnore: pigs standin on it
Grumni Hammersmith: Anyone want it
Grumni Hammersmith: decent full plate
Rand Colds: I can carry the shield, looks heavy, anyone know anything about it?
Morkas Delnore: looks pretty but i ain't carryin it
Grumni Hammersmith: nah looks magical thogh
Grumni Hammersmith: lets find that door
Morkas Delnore: aye, looks like our luck is increasing
Grumni Hammersmith: *eyes light up* gold!
Rand Colds: did you find a key, maybe it will work on that magic door
Morkas Delnore: got the key
Rand Colds: Grumni, need any help carrying the armor?
Grumni Hammersmith: 3000 gp ter share 3 ways
Rand Colds: guys, thanks for playing on short notice.
Grumni Hammersmith: want to split it now?

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Freeport Cemetary - Session 39

Post by Karvon » Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:57 am

Karvon : Alright, a short recap... You broke into a section of new crypts and spent a fair amount of time exploring and clearing most of them. You didn run into a rather deadly gel. cube and Rand died. You managed to dispatch the cube and drag Rand out of the cemetary where, after some prayers, your Dwarven priest managed to raise him. The party is presently camped off the path leading to the cemetary not far from the Gull Bay landing, the place you were dropped off the day before. You are still looking for an ancient mask for a client arranged by the Adventurers Guild. It is said to be buried in one of the ancient vaults beneath the cemetary somewhere. You have some notes which indicate a symbol you should be looking for. As well as some warnings that some of the crypts are best left undisturbed. You have found a key which you believe will allow you to pass deeper into the crypts. In addition, some of you may have picked up a few comments between Rand and Grimli which seem to indicate another reason for being in Freeport. I'm not sure actually, how much they've related to you about their reasons from visiting the town. Rand is feeling a bit peaked still, so the gnome has volunteered to stay with him and look after him while the rest of you carry on with whatever. You've spent the night resting up and meditating and a fresh and ready to go. ...and that is where we are at now.

Grumni Hammersmith: ah! there yer are lads
Solithar : So they all deserted.
Solithar : Bunch of cowards.
Morkas Delnore: Rand is just fresh from the dead, i don't blame him for sleeping it off
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm thinking that too
Solithar : Correct.
Solithar : We could do some reckon in the crypt but avoid disturbing too dangerous a foe.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* we've distrubed a few already
Morkas Delnore: I'm not sure there exists a foe "too dangerous" for a pair of armed dwarfs, especially when they're accompanied by fighting man such as yourself.
Solithar : Ah but I'm not in my prime I had better days.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, might as well take another look
Solithar : Let us do it.
Morkas Delnore: of course if we do find the mask ourselves, it's only a three way split for the reward
Solithar : Ah
Grumni Hammersmith: now that's thinking like a dwarf
Morkas Delnore: always
Morkas Delnore: onwards then?
Solithar : Uh fire up

Morkas Delnore: Skeletons must be sleeping, what with the sun out
Morkas Delnore: do you remember which blasted hole in the ground we were looking in?
Solithar : Er not really
Morkas Delnore: oh this one
Morkas Delnore: with all the bloody monsters pouring out of it

Solithar : Ah the shadow...
Solithar : weakened me.
Morkas Delnore: *steps inside*
Solithar : * follows *
Morkas Delnore: be careful, we seen plenty o traps down these places
Solithar : I wish I had one of these scrolls...
Solithar : I can see traps too my friend but not as good as you.
Morkas Delnore: everything good, grumni?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Morkas Delnore: I'll walk ahead eh?
Morkas Delnore: just come runnin when you hear me scream
Solithar : Holy dwarf save one healing power for me later. The shadow took some of my strength to the underworld.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: look out fer any giant jelly cubes - there was one here last time, killed Rand
Solithar : This room?
Grumni Hammersmith: east I think, chased me through here

Karvon : the stones here are noticeably older and the air is thick with dust

Morkas Delnore: all clear up ahead
Grumni Hammersmith: yer scouting lad?
Solithar : This is older, right?
Grumni Hammersmith: by the stonework,aye
Morkas Delnore: big buggers behind this door
Grumni Hammersmith: how many?
Morkas Delnore: don't think they saw me
Solithar : Who?
Morkas Delnore: i saw two, might be more
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... if we hold them at the door they shouldn't be able ter gang up on us
Morkas Delnore: i could set a trap
Morkas Delnore: what are those, i never seen their like?

Karvon : and the magical constructs collapse

Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* me neither
Morkas Delnore: more traps
Solithar : I did not think my hammer would damage these golemnites.
Morkas Delnore: another one
Morkas Delnore: nicely done, what a brute
Grumni Hammersmith: he was a tough 'un

Morkas Delnore: you okay boy?
Solithar : Argh
Morkas Delnore: bloods running fast
Solithar : What happened?
Grumni Hammersmith: yer wuz nearly dead!
Morkas Delnore: the big monster clocked you a good un on your skull
Solithar : Ah thank you.

Karvon : this one bigger and obviously stronger

Grumni Hammersmith: let's seewhat he's guarding
Grumni Hammersmith: huh.... nuthin
Morkas Delnore: searches
Morkas Delnore: guarding rats and dirt it seems
Solithar : There is more than meets the eye.
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Morkas Delnore: going to investigate ahead, you lads heal up
Solithar : Can't tell thoguh.
Solithar : The wall look real.

Karvon : older crypts are notorious for their secret panels and passageways, so looking around carefully's always a good idea

Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Morkas Delnore: crikey, a really big one
Morkas Delnore: let me lay some traps to slow him down a bit
Solithar : If no undead here I put this hammer away.
Grumni Hammersmith: golem
Morkas Delnore: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd he go?

Solithar : Look who's here
Rand Colds: Exploring without me, eh?
Morkas Delnore: still there
Grumni Hammersmith: yer got the stomach fer it then Rand
Morkas Delnore: Oh wow Rand! give em hell!

Morkas Delnore: that did not work out well
Grumni Hammersmith: yer get him?
Morkas Delnore: he ran off
Rand Colds: I don't have any healing supplies.
Morkas Delnore: locked the door
Morkas Delnore: think it might have gone upstairs
Rand Colds: Thanks, Grumni.
Rand Colds: ... and Moradin.
Grumni Hammersmith: there's a coffin back there but its trapped

Iron Golem : *banging on door*
Morkas Delnore: i'll take a look
Rand Colds: He's here, again.
Grumni Hammersmith: stand back
Morkas Delnore: Oi lads!
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll spell him

Karvon : and the big giant falls

Morkas Delnore: coffins full o loot
Morkas Delnore: stupid machine
Rand Colds: *bows his head*
Morkas Delnore: healing gear in here too i think
Grumni Hammersmith: good job lads
Solithar : that thing chased me all over the place.
Rand Colds: I feel like I'm dying... again.
Morkas Delnore: persistant bugger he was
Morkas Delnore: rand grab some healing gear from the coffin in here
Grumni Hammersmith: yer did a good job, gave us time ter get ready
Morkas Delnore: there's old armour and other stuff too
Rand Colds: wow, lots of stuff
Grumni Hammersmith: *low whistle
Rand Colds: I dont see any healing stuffs
Solithar : I could upgrade some of my equipment that's for sure.
Rand Colds: I could use the armor, possibly the shield as well.
Grumni Hammersmith: that helm would do me some good
Morkas Delnore: I only had a quick look before i came back to save you lads from the giant machine with me crossbow skills
Rand Colds: where are the healing supplies?
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes* and Moradin's lightening too lad
Morkas Delnore: of course, praise morradin
Solithar : i'm sure you have better equipment than I, why don't you take what you like and give me your old stuff?
Grumni Hammersmith: 20 bags of gold in there!
Rand Colds: I took nothing, I think we should return to town with our loot and buy some potions, er something.
Morkas Delnore: Imust have mistook the bags og gold for healing equipment, gold always makes me feel better
Rand Colds: *nods to Salithar*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks torn*
Solithar : See this armor is much better than mine.
Solithar : nice Chaos helmet
Grumni Hammersmith: I got some spells yet but if yer want ter go back I'll not argue
Rand Colds: I already carry a tower shield we don't know what it does, here is another.
Morkas Delnore: best armour is not getting hit son, try ducking once in a while
Rand Colds: yeah, that armor is a little better than mine.
Solithar : Let's trade than.
Grumni Hammersmith: one of yer fighter types should have the armur
Rand Colds: I took some, can someone else get the rest.
Solithar : Is that the new armor?
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries on helm*
Solithar : Hm a new servant of Chaos I see.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's head fer home then
Morkas Delnore: Rand, you'll be owing morradin yor firstborn at this rate
Rand Colds: If all are okay with me taking the better armor, here is my old armor.
Grumni Hammersmith: go ahead
Solithar : Much better
Rand Colds: *looks quickly at Morkas* Don't I know it.
Solithar : Anyone can carry that?
Rand Colds: This gold weighs a lot. I suggest we go back to town and spend some of it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Morkas Delnore: Spending gold is a fine idea

Morkas Delnore: oo hidden doors
Solithar : TRAP
Solithar : Where are you?

Grumni Hammersmith: where'd the others go?
Rand Colds: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: They were right behind me.
Grumni Hammersmith: we a man down?
Morkas Delnore: sorry got distracted
Grumni Hammersmith: shall we go look fer him?
Solithar : * drop a coin in front of secret passage *
Rand Colds: I hope he didn't get 'adventurous' without us.

Rand Colds: ah, here he is.
Morkas Delnore: having fun son?
Solithar : Found a passage but heavily trapped.
Grumni Hammersmith: we'll be back fer it
Morkas Delnore: looking forward to those traps
Rand Colds: I hate traps.
Morkas Delnore: they make life intersting
Solithar : So?
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters about pit traps*
Rand Colds: Cowardly way to fight a battle.
Morkas Delnore: didn't someone mention spending gold?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Anyone know the door that will get us outta here?
Morkas Delnore: aye follow me
Solithar : he's right
Morkas Delnore: *exits*
Solithar : * up *
Grumni Hammersmith: *follows*
Rand Colds: *plods along with a hundred pounds of shields and gold, each*

Solithar : They are back
Grumni Hammersmith: nie one ad
Solithar : OUT
Grumni Hammersmith: *nice one lad
Rand Colds: which way outta here.

Grumni Hammersmith: ahoy ahoy!
Morkas Delnore: Oi salty
Birbag Amuu: *glances up from working on some ropes*
Birbag Amuu: Afternoon
Grumni Hammersmith: We'll be needing passage back home
Birbag Amuu: Home?
Birbag Amuu: Where that a be?
Grumni Hammersmith: You hear something heading towards you...
Grumni Hammersmith: Freeport
Birbag Amuu: Ah
Grumni Hammersmith: how much fer the journey?
Birbag Amuu: Welp, we'll be makin' fer there at sunset and high tide.
Birbag Amuu: The four a ya?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Morkas Delnore: yeah
Birbag Amuu: Any cargo?
Grumni Hammersmith: just ourselve
Birbag Amuu: 50 gold fer the lotta ya then.
Morkas Delnore: resonable i guess
Birbag Amuu: *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... make it 10 apiece lad
Birbag Amuu: Beats walkin' wit dem heavy packs.
Morkas Delnore: i'll pay fopr us all
Birbag Amuu: *he carefully counts the coins and nods*
Birbag Amuu: Good enough
Morkas Delnore: you boys keep your money for bandages
Birbag Amuu: Just be back an hour for sundown so we can get underway on time.
Birbag Amuu: and stay outta the way if yer gonna stay aboard till then.
Grumni Hammersmith: might as well wait here
Rand Colds: Whew, I'm tempted to just sit on the boat and wait.
Grumni Hammersmith: I need a nap
Rand Colds: *sits*
Rand Colds: *closes his eyes, reflecting upon who knows what*
Grumni Hammersmith: *whistles dwarven tune*

Karvon : *a number of other crewmen are seen mending sails and rope. One or two are loading boxes and crates*
Assuming you all decide to pass the time relaxing in or around the boat, we'll advance the time and move you on. It's evening by the time you put back into Freeport harbor and tie up along side the docks.

Morkas Delnore: excellent, back in the big city
Grumni Hammersmith: *rubs hands together* there's ale ter be drunk lads
Rand Colds: Aye, and gold to be shared.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's find an inn
Rand Colds: Praise Moradin, we live.
Morkas Delnore: Sign me up for the ale and gold sharing
Grumni Hammersmith: *grins*
Solithar : And a treasure
Grumni Hammersmith: best not say it too loud lad
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters* me legs aint long enough

Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Good evening gentlemen
Rand Colds: Hello
Solithar : Hello. Where is Grummi?
Rand Colds: We're back.
Morkas Delnore: table for four please and ale lot's of ale
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Very well, you have one more day reserved here, will you be extending your stay beyond tonight?
Grumni Hammersmith: *goes pale* not this expensive joint lads! we need ter find somewhere cheaper
Rand Colds: I think so.
Rand Colds: Oh, okay.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *eyes narrow briefly at the dwarf*
Solithar : Buy a house.
Rand Colds: I kind of liked it here though, quiet and clean.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer can pull a face all yer like lass
Morkas Delnore: sorry miss, looks like we're after a change of scenary, nice though your is
Grumni Hammersmith: *sighs* how much fer the night ?
Rand Colds: Well, we have one more day to live it up then.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Be thankful you didn't take rooms in the Freemans District, it's locked down at the moment due to riots.
Morkas Delnore: if you'd like an ale with some heroes when you finish work though, come find us
Grumni Hammersmith: *rolls eyes* whats yer price?
Rand Colds: *grins to Morkas* Couldn't have said it better my self.
Morkas Delnore: *charisma*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Your paid up thru this evening already.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh, well no point wasting money
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: You're very kind, but I'm afraid I have a previous engagement this evening.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we're staying afterall
Morkas Delnore: another time my dear
Rand Colds: At least you'll know where to find us, tonight.
Morkas Delnore: oh great , then you get the pleasure of our company some more
Grumni Hammersmith: which way ter our room?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: I'll bring you your meals and drinks shortly. Please make yourselves at home.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: your rooms are the same as you've not checked out yet.
Grumni Hammersmith: let's split the loot while no ones around
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *heads into the kitchen to collect food*

Rand Colds: I carry two tower shields, we should try and find out what they can do.
Solithar : Yes
Solithar : This one like mine
Solithar : that one look a bit better
Rand Colds: I also have the twenty bags of gold to split.
Grumni Hammersmith: that's all the gold I picked up
Solithar : and that chaos helmet
Rand Colds: Weren't there some diamonds as well?
Morkas Delnore: look at all that gold *drools*
Grumni Hammersmith: that's all I got lads
Solithar : OK
Rand Colds: I'd like to upgrade my shield to one of those. I can put my old shield in the loot.
Grumni Hammersmith: I make that 2 bags each and someone keep the other fer the mage?
Rand Colds: I have 20 bags of gold, remember.
Morkas Delnore: 20 more!!!!
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd like that helm - anyone want it?
Rand Colds: *takes two off the floor*
Solithar : I do
Rand Colds: I don't
Solithar : I'm a servant of Chaos
Morkas Delnore: Take the helm, i'd not want to hide this face
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head* that ain't a chaos helm lad, but if yer have yer eye set on it...
Solithar : If it's not can't you see the horns?
Morkas Delnore: what's a chaos helm? it sounds interseting
Solithar : Think a knight would wear that?
Rand Colds: Well, twenty split by four is 5 bags each. Do we count the mage in on the last crypt?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I'll take the shield instead
Morkas Delnore: best throw the mage a bit o gold, wed on't want a angry wizard travellin with us
Solithar : Heavy it is.
Morkas Delnore: can i have the rings?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* give him the diamond and that bag o'gold
Rand Colds: I suppose. I think we should sell them diamonds.
Solithar : All I want now is a clean bed.
Grumni Hammersmith: *does maths on fingers*
Rand Colds: So, the twenty bags of gold, I have, we split them four, or five, ways?
Solithar : Ah use my share to buy bandages.
Morkas Delnore: just give the gnome the diamonds, they love those things
Grumni Hammersmith: half share for the gnome I'm thinking?
Grumni Hammersmith: the better equipped the gnome is, that more usefull he'll be
Morkas Delnore: ain't nothin the ladies love more than gold rings
Morkas Delnore: 'cept maybe me
Rand Colds: I say give the gnome gold, sell the diamonds for us all.
Grumni Hammersmith: fair enough

Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *comes bearing food and drinks*

Rand Colds: well, I took the two bags of gold for me, someone else need to pick up.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Your dinner and drink gentlemen
Morkas Delnore: thanks m'lady
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *eyes widen at the stacks of gold*
Morkas Delnore: here i have a gift for our grascious hostess
Grumni Hammersmith: best not leave yer gold on the floor lads
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: For me?
Morkas Delnore: *winks*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *seems stunned*
Grumni Hammersmith: pft
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *bows*
Solithar : Let's say you did not see us tonight.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Thank you!
Morkas Delnore: keep the ale comin lady
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *gives dwarf a quick kiss*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *giggles*

Morkas Delnore: i'll be taking me gold now
Solithar : * start eating and drinking oblivious to the wealth lying around *
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll hold this fer the gnome
Morkas Delnore: *Grabs a cup of ale and eats loudly*
Solithar : As I said use my share to buy food and healing supplies.
Rand Colds: we should sell this other stuff, tomorrow, for now lets drink

Karvon : The food and drink are all quite good here. Nothing second rate.

Rand Colds: *sits*
Rand Colds: *eats with gusto*
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps down ale*
Morkas Delnore: We can get back to crawling around crypts tomorrow
Solithar : Or I'll give it to you later?
Grumni Hammersmith: I think we'll be crawling around the shops tomorrow
Morkas Delnore: if we drink enough tonight, then tomorrow they won't be able to tell us from zombies! a perfect disguise
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs*
Rand Colds: Lets keep the zombie looks on hold until we get back to Old Freeport.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at worn boots* about time I got meself some new boots
Rand Colds: I picked up the extra armor, shield and diamonds.
Rand Colds: We should sell them and split the gold.
Morkas Delnore: Going to buy some new leathers, these aren't tight enough to properly show of my physique
Rand Colds: *sits*
Rand Colds: How about you get a set that protects you better?
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps some gloves too
Morkas Delnore: I got you for that Rand, a veritable shield of meat, one might say
Rand Colds: *grumbles as he drains a cup of ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: *far away look as he plans spending spree*

Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *places another course of food on the table and a nother round of drinks*

Grumni Hammersmith: a new axe would be good too. this one kept bouncing off them Maug's
Morkas Delnore: ah good lass
Rand Colds: *glances over at Grumni, smiling*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *smiles*
Rand Colds: *drinks another ale, quicklY
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Morkas Delnore: *drinks* so what brings you lads to these parts?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks around and pours something from a small silver flask into his ale*
Solithar : You can trade your old armor or weapons with me.
Rand Colds: You already got my old armor, you want the old shield as well?
Grumni Hammersmith: that should give it a bit of a kick
Solithar : no my shileld is good enough.
Solithar : * shield
Rand Colds: I'm not planning on getting rid of any weapons soon, but you never know.
Grumni Hammersmith: *gulps down a mug of ale in one go*
Grumni Hammersmith: *eyes bulge and he gasps*
Rand Colds: *watches Grumni* Was that your famous dwarven ale?
Morkas Delnore: I might get myself an axe, and join you boys in the thick of it
Grumni Hammersmith: put a bit too much of the family recipe into that
Morkas Delnore: don't want to show you up though
Rand Colds: *chokes on an ale he was just starting to chug down*
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: Morkas, your funny.
Solithar : This icy sword is my favorite. Saved my skin a few times.
Rand Colds: Better get some thick, I mean really thick, leathers if your planning on doing that.
Morkas Delnore: Have to ask the wizard how that works, how do they get the ice to stay on the sword
Rand Colds: *grins to Solithar* Fire and Ice, I like it.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I'll rely on me holy fire
Solithar : Rand got the fire I got the ice
Rand Colds: Angurvadal has served em wel. *holds out his sword*
Morkas Delnore: The holy fires o morradin were hot enough to forge the dwarves, they'' be hot enough for any monsters
Grumni Hammersmith: Here, here!
Grumni Hammersmith: *quaffs more ale*
Rand Colds: *puts his sword away, but not before looking around the room first*
Solithar : This is bellringer, only good to crush undead though.
Rand Colds: I carry a back up as well, Solithar.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like its quiet in here again tonight, don't know how they stay in business
Rand Colds: Nothing special, just a bone breaking 'star.
Morkas Delnore: A few bards in here would lighten the place up,
Morkas Delnore: sing for us wench!

Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *sets a new round of drinks on the table and bows*

Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at Rand and Sol* is this some sort of measuring contest?
Rand Colds: *drinks another ale*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *blushes* I'm afraid I've no talent for that.
Rand Colds: *Burp*
Solithar : No for the trained eye it may show that my weapons may be a bit outdated.
Rand Colds: No need, just keep the ale coming, lass.
Grumni Hammersmith: I think that lass is sweet on yer Morkas
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: If you wish, we can request a bard to perform whilst you're staying here.
Morkas Delnore: we'll get a song soon enough, when one o these humans has had his fill of ale
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: You'd naturally have to pay his expenses.
Grumni Hammersmith: *narrows eyes* we'll make our own entertainment
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: As you wish gentlemen.
Morkas Delnore: Oh yes, get us a bard, one of them halflings that do the tumbling and jokes
Solithar : Bard, would not want to be one. In some place they cut your tongue if this dislike your singing.
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *bows*

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Freeport - The Old Crypts - Session 40 - 5th day

Post by Karvon » Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:43 am

Karvon : Ok a quick recap... You've returned from you first foray into the older crypts. You're resting at your inn. Your mages seem to be preoccupied with other things atm. We will pick up at the inn on the following morning. NOTE: It's now been five days since the group from Kendell's Keep arrived in town.

Morkas Delnore: I have 3 diamonds in my inventory, i don't remember picking thme up
Rand Colds: we need to sell them, someone spoke of giving them to the wizard, but rand says they are valuable
Morkas Delnore: I'll sell them and split the cash then
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Solithar : Oh sell them to me then I like stones
Morkas Delnore: 40,000 gold to you mate
Rand Colds: I have four bags of gold for the gnome, I can buy a trade token for him, if he ever comes back, or we could split it
Solithar : Ahh?
Solithar : Market price please
Rand Colds: okay, he's getting a trade token then
Grumni Hammersmith: ok
Grumni Hammersmith: Let the shopping begin!

Rand Colds: *staggers out of his room*
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks a bit hung over*
Morkas Delnore: Time to get rid of some hangovers and gold i believe
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Good morning gentlemen.
Rand Colds: *leans on the table*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Will you be taking breakfast?
Rand Colds: Woah
Morkas Delnore: A breakfast ale please !
Rand Colds: slow down.
Grumni Hammersmith: *groan* drank a bit too much of the familt recipe I think
Rand Colds: *gives Grumni a sour look*
Rand Colds: *mumbles about 'recipe'*
Morkas Delnore: Followed by some bacon and another breakfast ale
Solithar : Everybody awake?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: *pours an ale and hands it to Morkas with a smile*
Rand Colds: Aye, I'll take what he's having.
Morkas Delnore: my thanks m'lady
Rand Colds: *goes over by the ale dispenser*
Grumni Hammersmith: err.... I think I best give the alle a miss but a bacon sandwich would be welcome
Rand Colds: *slumps into a chair*
Rand Colds: *puts his head on the table*
Rand Colds: Well,once we eat, I need to spend some gold, it just makes me feel better about the whole digging through graves thing.
Morkas Delnore: you expecting trouble at the breakfast table, mighty warrior?, put the sword away
Grumni Hammersmith: *starts singing dwarven tune* Gold gold gold gold gold!
Morkas Delnore: My favourite tune
Rand Colds: *tries to join in* gold gold gold
Morkas Delnore: GOLD GOLD GOLD!
Grumni Hammersmith: Ale ale ale ale ale ale!
Grumni Hammersmith: more gold gold gold gold gold
Rand Colds: Ale Ale Ale
Morkas Delnore: AND GOLD
Solithar : I got six bags here.
Rand Colds: Bacon Ale? *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs hysterically*
Morkas Delnore: mmm bacon ale
Grumni Hammersmith: who needs them bards
Rand Colds: *eats his breakfast*
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: let me give your levels
Rand Colds: *chugs an ale*
Grumni Hammersmith: this gold's burning a hole me pockets lads *eats sandwhich in two bites*
Rand Colds: Now I'm ready
Grumni Hammersmith: me too
Morkas Delnore: So a little shopping, more ale then a little more tomb looting later on?
Morkas Delnore: is a good life
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, sounds good ter me
Rand Colds: Oh, remember to avoid the tax man dirt man, whatever he is.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* money grubber
Rand Colds: *nods*
Solithar : We going?
Morkas Delnore: let him try to take my gold
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: yeah, meet back here .. by dusk?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: Thanks for the grub, Nisha.
Morkas Delnore: shopping!
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: So you will be back in time for dinner?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Rand Colds: We'll be back for food, heck yeah.
Morkas Delnore: Aye we will, get a hog roasting for us will you?
Nicha Ardent Adventurer Waitress: Very well, have a good day.

Solithar : Do you think they sell round shields around here?
Rand Colds: *watches to see what the others are buying*
Justance Rift: Hello and welcome to my shop, would you like to see what I have?
Solithar: Yes I would like to browse your wares.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmph... nothing fer me
Morkas Delnore: mmm, was looking for crossbow bolts actually
Solithar : No shield. Oh sorry.
Rand Colds: Horrible prices.
Rand Colds: Good Bye
Grumni Hammersmith: bad prices
Morkas Delnore: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: I'd get a magic bag if yer can afford it
Rand Colds: *looks at the sign for a minute, deep in thought*
Solithar : Got any round shield?
Solithar : That shield is too small where can I get a bigger one?
Raran Hauksen: Hello and welcome to my shop, would you like to see what I have?
Rand Colds: Yes I would like to browse your wares.
Solithar : Do you have convenient bags Sir. Nobody's selling mules or horses around here.
Solithar : Never mind then.
Moneychanger: Would you like to exchange coins?
Grumni Hammersmith: No thanks
Rand Colds: *nods*
Morkas Delnore: how goes the gold spending?
Grumni Hammersmith: have yer found any one selling healing stuff yet?
Morkas Delnore: no healing stuff, maybe a temple would have some
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* that one by the inn don't
Solithar : Er
Solithar : Never mind.
Rand Colds: *leaves quickly after everyone in the building says good morning*
Solithar : * To merchant * Did you see those guards over there?
Solithar: Yes I would like to browse your wares.
Bron: What?
Solithar : Show me these bags...
Bron: Bags?
Bron: What are you talking about?
Solithar : You here Rand?
Bron: *scratches head*
Rand Colds: Yeah, something wrong?
Solithar : Just got myself a convenient bag.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Solithar : Me no
Rand Colds: A good purchase.
Solithar : Well I'm tired of crawling around here.
Morkas Delnore: any luck?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: no
Solithar : I would buy a good horse if I could.
Rand Colds: *goes over Bron's items*
Morkas Delnore: damn
Rand Colds: *frowns* horse?
Bron: Hello and welcome to my shop, would you like to see what I have?
Solithar : Yeah anything that can carry the spoil of war.
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't found anywhere selling healing stuff lads
Grumni Hammersmith: have yer sold out of healing kits mate?
Rand Colds: *goes back to central city*
Grumni Hammersmith: have yer not got any better healing kits than these?
Solithar : I feel much lighter
Bron: sorry dat's all's I gots
Bron: ya mights try da alchemist fer mer potent stuffs.
Grumni Hammersmith: where's he then?
Bron: center a town
Grumni Hammersmith: west?
Solithar : Whata re you folks looking at? Carry on.
Solithar : Any good place to visit?
Rand Colds: Nope, I'm done shopping
Solithar : I still have a bag of gold and some coins.
Grumni Hammersmith: all done lads?
Rand Colds: *nods*
Solithar : and I could not find a round shield.
Rand Colds: Just need to put the ol' armor back on. I guess I'm ready to look for the mask again.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm ready ter go
Rand Colds: Be right out.
Solithar : Yes i don't like cities much.
Morkas Delnore: hallo Rand!
Rand Colds: The others are outside, I'm going to strap on my armor and be right out.
Rand Colds: *waves*
Morkas Delnore: fair enough
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* I'd rather be bashing dead 'uns than wandering around here
Rand Colds: Can you open my door, please, Nisha

Grumni Hammersmith: anyone seen the gnome yet?
Solithar : Nope
Morkas Delnore: not a sign of him
Morkas Delnore: Probably got himself locked up for working dark magics
Grumni Hammersmith: aye with his big nose in a book
Raran Hauksen: Hello and welcome to my shop, would you like to see what I have?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd Rand get to?
Solithar : May be he's looking for easy way to disable golemnites.
Morkas Delnore: was gettin changed
Solithar : That could serve us well.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah
Grumni Hammersmith: every one ready?
Morkas Delnore: Always ready
Rand Colds: I need some trail bread, or something.
Morkas Delnore: hungry?
Solithar : Got enough for seven nights.
Morkas Delnore: i got food plenty
Rand Colds: anyone see a bakery around this town?
Grumni Hammersmith: no
Solithar : No, I think Bton got rations.
Rand Colds: thanks.
Solithar : If I got his name right.
Morkas Delnore: there you go, i kept some bacon in me boot for you , is still warm
Rand Colds: *looks at the food*
Grumni Hammersmith: *winkles nose*
Rand Colds: In your boot?
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrinkles
Morkas Delnore: best place to keep food safe
Grumni Hammersmith: back ter the docks?
Rand Colds: *tucks the food in a bag*
Morkas Delnore: aye, a bit more ale in the sea air

Grumni Hammersmith: ahoy ahoy
Grumni Hammersmith: where was it we've got ter go?
Sailor: aye?
Morkas Delnore: Back to the tombs no?
Solithar : Graveyard.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: some island weren't it
Morkas Delnore: mmm, I don't think i wasw paying attention proper
Grumni Hammersmith: I've had an ale or two since then
Sailor: Ya want the next warf over, the coastal cog does the run past Gull Bay.
Grumni Hammersmith: ah

Morkas Delnore: Ship looks a bit old
Rand Colds: Figures.
Solithar : That thing can still float?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks uncertain*
Rand Colds: *looks to Grumni*
Rand Colds: *then to Morkas*
Morkas Delnore: One of you armoured lads go first see if it can take the weight
Solithar : Nope
Rand Colds: *looks at the boat*
Sailor: Ey
Grumni Hammersmith: *hull creaks*
Sailor: What ye want?
Rand Colds: *follows Grumni's steps*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer sure that thing floats lad?
Morkas Delnore: Give yo 50 gold for your old boat, salty
Sailor: *shakes head*
Sailor: He's a good ship he is.
Grumni Hammersmith: yer going past Gull bay?
Sailor: Ney
Sailor: We bound for Southern Isles.
Sailor: Ye want the coastal cog
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks relieved* must be another jetty
Sailor: Tis at the west warf.

Solithar : Hello.
Sailor: G'day
Grumni Hammersmith: this the one?
Rand Colds: ah, much better.
Solithar : Would you stop by Gull Bay sailor?
Sailor: Aye, we drop by their a few hours past hight tide.
Solithar : Good.
Grumni Hammersmith: how much?
Rand Colds: No swimming, right?
Solithar : Can you take us then?
Sailor: How many there be of ya?
Solithar : * shows four fingers *
Sailor: Any baggage?
Grumni Hammersmith: no
Solithar : You see any?
Sailor: Right then, 10 gold a piece.
Rand Colds: *nods*
Solithar : wha?
Solithar : OK?
Morkas Delnore: bargain
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I've only got 3
Sailor: we leave at dusk.
Morkas Delnore: 40 gold, there you are
Rand Colds: Thank you, Morkas.
Sailor: *nods and counts coins*
Morkas Delnore: my pleasure
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks Morkas
Sailor: Ya can board now or come back later.
Grumni Hammersmith: let set sail lad
Sailor: Stay outta the way if you board early.
Sailor: We've got cargo to get aboard yet and can't have ya unders foot.
Morkas Delnore: I think i might buy a boat, i could do the sailors life
Grumni Hammersmith: I prefer solid ground
Sailor: *goes back to directing stevedors loading boxes and crates*
Morkas Delnore: a girl in every port, fightin pirates, discoverin new lands
Rand Colds: not me. get me where I'm going without sinking, thats enough about boats for me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* they're almost as bad as horses
Morkas Delnore: I could go for a big horse steak right now
Rand Colds: I heard about a guy that got eaten by fish. Not for me, no way.
Grumni Hammersmith: msya been a big fish!
Rand Colds: Guess that's why I stuck to the land caravans.
Grumni Hammersmith: *musta
Solithar : Think we can fish here?
Morkas Delnore: less undeads out at sea though, hard to raise a zombie when it's miles aaway on the ocean floor
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* not if they eat yer
Rand Colds: Actually, a guard told me about it while we guarded a caravan. It was a bunch of fish, and they were in a river, too.
Grumni Hammersmith: bunch a fish? nasty
Rand Colds: The ocean is miles deep? *looks over the side of the boat*
Grumni Hammersmith: so they say

Karvon : The cog seems to be in good repair, if a little old and worn.

Rand Colds: No, boats are not for me. With all this armor, I'd be a mile down before I could ustrap it enough to get out.
Morkas Delnore: I think if we'd set sail in that rickety tun we'd have had the chance to find out how deep
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: I wish the captain would hurry up
Morkas Delnore: Probably got to batten down some hatches or some such
Solithar : The reason why I wear my scouting blue leather.

Grumni Hammersmith: its the gnome!
Rand Colds: *stays out of the way, idling time on the boar*
Dranko : ehm, excuse me. Is is true that this boat sails past the old cemetary?
Rand Colds: *looks around* which gnome?
Grumni Hammersmith: better late than never lad
Sailor: Aye
Rand Colds: That one?
Rand Colds: *points at Dranko*
Sailor: Ya be seekin passage?
Morkas Delnore: is bad luck to have women aboard a boat , m'lady
Grumni Hammersmith: aint he the wizard?
Dranko : *doesn't respond to the Gnome comparison, as if to do so would be beneath his dignity* Ah, excellent! Yes, I would, very much so!
Sailor: be 10 gold assumin ya no cargo.
Solithar : Gnome?
Rand Colds: Nope, never seen him before.
Dranko : *tries to filter out the background chatter* No, no, just what's on my person.
Dranko : *hands over the gold*
Sailor: Right then 10 coins and we sail at high tide.
Rand Colds: *watches the newcomer*
Grumni Hammersmith: oh *scratches head* me eyesight mustn't be what it was
Morkas Delnore: hallo
Rand Colds: Sounds like he's intereseted in the cemetary though.
Dranko : *surveys the heavily armed party with slightly widened eyes* Ah, hello there
Morkas Delnore: you goin to visit a dead relative?
Grumni Hammersmith: *whispers to Rand* wizards all look the same ter me with them dresses on
Rand Colds: *eyes the man warily*
Solithar : * w * Waht's that thing? Giggle? Goggle?
Dranko : Ehm, not exactly. *glances around nervously* I guess you could call it....ahm...field research.
Dranko : What about yourselves? Are you headed there as well?
Rand Colds: I hope we dont call it claim jumping.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* er a member of the guild?
Grumni Hammersmith: *yer
Dranko : Guild? Which one would that be?
Grumni Hammersmith: the adventurers one lad
Rand Colds: *narrows his eyes, watching carfully*
Morkas Delnore: aye, keep quiet lads, i'm thinking he may be a foul necromancer, fellas in dresses dancin around graveyards tend to love a bit o the dark arts
Dranko : No, no no no, independent.
Dranko : Prefer it that way, might say
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches chin* this be a union job lad
Rand Colds: And what kind of research are you doing, at the cemetary?
Dranko : Union?
Rand Colds: The guild.
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Dranko : Well, I could do my best to stay out of the way, and I wouldn't ask for a share of your findings
Morkas Delnore: Aye, best you don't ask for that an all
Dranko : maybe you could take me on as some sort of..independent contractor or the like?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs* its an even split if yer do yer fair share of the work
Rand Colds: *brow furrows in thoguht*
Rand Colds: I suppose that could work.
Dranko : *smiles nervously* I'll do what I can.
Grumni Hammersmith: a wizard might be useful
Rand Colds: Are you a wizard?
Dranko : suppose I could provide all of you with something like this?
Rand Colds: *looks to Grumni, reaching for his sword*
Morkas Delnore: turned him to stone! hells
Grumni Hammersmith: I'm alright with then if you are lad
Dranko : all of you, that is *glances to the others* For as long as you require, at least for as long as were in the tomb
Rand Colds: oh, your okay.
Grumni Hammersmith: this'll be useful
Dranko : it's quite durable, not to mention the duration and all that
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: I hate when people use spells without saying anything first.
Rand Colds: How do I know what your doing.
Solithar : Same here.

Karvon : The last of the boxes and barrels come aboard and the crew makes ready to get underway. Lines are cast off, sails lowered the anchors raised.

Grumni Hammersmith: aint yer ready yet capt'n
Dranko : *smiles thinly* Sorry about that.
Morkas Delnore: if he were doing wrong, morradin would o struck him down, the lads okay with me
Grumni Hammersmith: 'bout time
Dranko : I was just trying to make an impression is all
Rand Colds: Especially since we have a crazy necromancer that dont like us running around somewhere.

Karvon : You slowly pick you way thru the harbor and turn west as the sun sets.

Dranko : Oh?
Morkas Delnore: yeah oh?
Rand Colds: *mumbles, 'some impression'*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Morkas Delnore: care to explain rand?
Rand Colds: No, I don't.
Grumni Hammersmith: we had a bit of bother up North but nothing we couldn't handle
Rand Colds: *leans against the railing and looks out to sea*
Morkas Delnore: i'm sure
Grumni Hammersmith: we scared him off
Dranko : *nods silently, apparently respecting Rand's hesitation*
Morkas Delnore: well next time we're in our cups, you can explain

Karvon : And a few hours later you cog ties up at Gull Bay landing.... A few barrels and crates are rolled off and some bales brought aboard. Then the cog casts off and head back out.

Grumni Hammersmith: aye - ter the graveyard then ladds
Morkas Delnore: aye
Rand Colds: *puts on his helm*
Dranko : *glances again at his new companions*
Dranko : *seems to focusing on the top of their heads, as if their height were somehow fascinating..or alarming*

Morkas Delnore: here we go again
Rand Colds: look for the right one
Rand Colds: wow
Morkas Delnore: oh very nice
Dranko : *examines the corpses*
Morkas Delnore: over here
Solithar : Fire and ice
Dranko : *checks this group of corpses as well, as if looking for a particular one*
Dranko : Yes, this one ought to do nicely...
Rand Colds: *looks for the right crypt, using the book*
Grumni Hammersmith: on the south side aint it?
Dranko : *smileas as the skeleton hacks away at the other undead*
Grumni Hammersmith: they seem tougher this time
Solithar : Are we going in?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye *jumps in*
Rand Colds: *looks at the markings*
Dranko : *examines the bodies again*

Rand Colds: Wait
Rand Colds: The others are still above ground
Solithar : Clear.
Grumni Hammersmith: i hope there ain't any of them jellies
Rand Colds: Morkas?
Rand Colds: He's the best dwarf scout I ever seen.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Morkas Delnore: *jumps in*
Solithar : Remember the way?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* we might need ter shut that door lad
Rand Colds: *frowns*
Grumni Hammersmith: staight on?
Dranko : *looks to Rand*
Dranko : I'm guessing now wouldnt be a bad time for a bit of stone on the skin?

Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... odd place fer mercenaries
Morkas Delnore: they werent dead
Rand Colds: make sure they dont have the mask
Grumni Hammersmith: perhaps there's another party down here
Solithar : Doors locked tight.
Morkas Delnore: what's he doin?
Dranko : Well, how about it?
Rand Colds: I checked, no mask

Grumni Hammersmith: let Morkas at it
Rand Colds: Nice work, Morkas
Morkas Delnore: is not difficult lad
Solithar : Hm
Rand Colds: Unlock it, and step back.
Morkas Delnore: eeasy
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Solithar : Still learning.
Rand Colds: Been here.
Morkas Delnore: you'll get it soon enough
Grumni Hammersmith: was there a hidden room some place?
Morkas Delnore: just watch the master
Solithar : Not too many doors on battlefield you know.
Dranko : Do you want me to hold off on the stone enchantment, then?
Rand Colds: yeah, back there.
Rand Colds: I think we need to go down a level.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll have the stone skin if yer want
Solithar : But where?
Rand Colds: Yeah, me too, thanks
Solithar : Was a side door.
Dranko : *nods*
Rand Colds: Locked
Morkas Delnore: don't waste yer spells on me son,
Dranko : *nods* As you like it.
Morkas Delnore: unless ye got one to make me more handsome
Rand Colds: I thought stone dwarves were the handsome ones
Dranko : *glares at Morkas intently, frowing, as if he doesn't think he'd be up for the challenge*
Morkas Delnore: was this way right?
Rand Colds: *looks for traps or anything
Dranko : ah, there's a good one
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*

Grumni Hammersmith: sneakers!
Rand Colds: is everyone okay?
Dranko : *peers into the alcove*
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't liking this

Dranko : *a skeleton slowly emerges from within the blackness*
Rand Colds: That thing with us?
Solithar : Ah I remember come see this.
Dranko : Well, he's with me
Solithar : Passage
Dranko : *smiles reassuringly* Don't worry
Morkas Delnore: traps
Rand Colds: and your not a necromancer, right?
Solithar : We got traps here
Solithar : STOP
Grumni Hammersmith: a job fer Morkas then
Solithar : See any trap?
Rand Colds: there was a door here.
Morkas Delnore: majic?
Grumni Hammersmith: nay
Rand Colds: Grumni, can you hear me?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't like all that blood on the floor
Morkas Delnore: Oi lads!
Grumni Hammersmith: This way lads!
Solithar : I think there is a trap but can't see it anymore.
Dranko : *to rand* Don't worry about him *smiles reassuringly and glances at the skeleton* The undead have souls as black as soot, but he'll be as virtuous as a critwallian choirboy, so long as he's under my control
Morkas Delnore: Can you blast this wall down wizard?
Rand Colds: yeah, I'll try not to worry.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* on the west wall lads!
Morkas Delnore: we ot to find the others
Rand Colds: *looks down the wall heading north*
Dranko : Well, I could try
Solithar : you see atr ap?
Solithar : No?
Morkas Delnore: aye
Rand Colds: yeah, the door.
Morkas Delnore: still pretty poor traps
Dranko : Well, I saw that one
Morkas Delnore: give me time to work my maic before ye walk into them
Grumni Hammersmith: I felt it
Solithar : Oh
Rand Colds: yeow
Dranko : *winces at the sight of the explosion*
Rand Colds: *doesn't look burnt at all*
Morkas Delnore: mmm
Morkas Delnore: let's see
Rand Colds: be careful, man.
Morkas Delnore: fiddles with locks
Morkas Delnore: bingo
Morkas Delnore: come take a look

Dranko : well, I guess I'd better step up my enchantments, if were going up against golems.
Grumni Hammersmith: wow
Rand Colds: the mask, do you see it?
Grumni Hammersmith: no masks
Morkas Delnore: I'm claimin the gold ring
Solithar : Plenty.
Morkas Delnore: some spells in there little man
Grumni Hammersmith: somebod grab the stones and we'll split 'em later
Solithar : I can read them too.
Rand Colds: I didn't look, anything good, Grumni?
Dranko : I got the papers.
Morkas Delnore: jewels mostly
Grumni Hammersmith: stones and some scrolls
Solithar : Gems, bottles, scrols...
Rand Colds: Morkas, pick 'em up and we'll sort 'em later.
Rand Colds: Let's find that mask.
Morkas Delnore: got it, i'm rich

Grumni Hammersmith: gah! where's them traps
Rand Colds: hopefully we can get back out of here.
Dranko : agh!!!
Grumni Hammersmith: stop walking itno them
Grumni Hammersmith: *spot*
Dranko : I can't even see the damned things!
Morkas Delnore: this door is tricky, and the traps too, i think magic, gnome magic
Morkas Delnore: *search*
Solithar : The door is here but I cannot see it.
Rand Colds: *spot*
Dranko : Sorry, not much I can do.
Grumni Hammersmith: *spot*
Morkas Delnore: *spot*
Dranko : Never did get into divination
Solithar : One by one.
Dranko : Hmph, that'll work.
Morkas Delnore: empty
Solithar : Let's look for more passages.
Grumni Hammersmith: trap
Morkas Delnore: not for long
Dranko : *winces* Now there's a cry to wake the dead

Solithar : DWARVES!
Grumni Hammersmith: traitors!
Morkas Delnore: forgive us for killing our brothers
Solithar : Fools
Grumni Hammersmith: must be duergars
Dranko : Looking for this mask of yours?

Karvon : Apparently news of your first expedition has drawn others to explore these crypts....

Grumni Hammersmith: could be someone's paid plenty ter find it before us
Rand Colds: damned claim jumpers
Rand Colds: solithar, are you okay?
Solithar : The other side then?
Morkas Delnore: these human sure do look after their dead
Grumni Hammersmith: I guess we double back
Rand Colds: keep an eye out behind us

Morkas Delnore: this is gonna take a while
Dranko : *eyes widen at the spontanous hostility towards a pile of rocks*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* stand back lads
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll spell it
Solithar : Ah got one!
Solithar : Pfff Magic!
Dranko : impressive!
Rand Colds: *looks for green cubes*
Solithar : Well done.
Solithar : Where's the door?
Grumni Hammersmith: here lads
Dranko : maybe we should check that secret passage first?
Rand Colds: *goes through*
Dranko : *waits for the others to go through*
Morkas Delnore: i prefer the real mundane doors meself
Solithar : * walk through *
Grumni Hammersmith: *steps through*
Morkas Delnore: *goes through*
Rand Colds: *looks around* come on Morkas
Solithar : Be ready!
Rand Colds: dont walk far,

Morkas Delnore: bloody hells
Rand Colds: could be trapped,*he says belatedly*
Morkas Delnore: have to be more careful i guess
Solithar : Rand did you see something?
Grumni Hammersmith: ah ha!
Morkas Delnore: *searches the coffin extremely carefully*
Rand Colds: yeah, I coffin, and since the last three have been trapped, I thought, what the heck
Solithar : The statue?
Grumni Hammersmith: hold still - must be a trap
Morkas Delnore: hahahha, 16 stinkin gogld
Dranko : *reachs into his robe, hand trembling in pain*
Rand Colds: *goes out teh secret door
Dranko : Eh, thank you
Grumni Hammersmith: empty
Morkas Delnore: i'm done with maic
Dranko : not that I really deserve it for a bone-headed stunt like that...but thanks
Grumni Hammersmith: *steps back out*
Rand Colds: *goes out the secret door*

Solithar : HERE
Morkas Delnore: *goes though*
Solithar : HELP
Dranko : *carefully circumvents the crack*
Dranko : gah, to hell with it!
Rand Colds: *spot*
Morkas Delnore: *search*
Rand Colds: *search*
Morkas Delnore: *spot*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll try spelling it lad if yer get out
Solithar : NO DOOR
Dranko : oh that sounds promising...

Solithar : Got it'
Dranko : after you, you better get on in there, by the sound of it!
Solithar : Some funny items here
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm - weird stuff#
Solithar : A brooch? a ring.
Grumni Hammersmith: take a look wizard
Dranko : not bad, not bad
Dranko : worth all the barbs and pricks we had to take getting here, at least
Grumni Hammersmith: I got it
Dranko : wasted on me though, someone else take it
Grumni Hammersmith: there was a secret grate too
Solithar : LAst room quite interesting.
Dranko : yeah, I saw that
Morkas Delnore: i think we're getting somewhere
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll need to rest soon

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Old Crypts of Freeport - Session 41 - Evening of Day 7

Post by Karvon » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:42 am

Karvon : Alrighty... a quick recap before we begin.... You've been exploring in the older crypts beneath the graveyard. You've found a few chambers and cleared them of guardians. You've discovered some nasty traps, and managed to avoid or disable many of them. You've spent the last 12 hrs resting in the cleared crypt in which you found a hidden shaft descending into darkness. During that time, your mages have managed to catch up with you but your scout seems to have wandered off, perhaps searching for some extra loot. With rope, you could probably make your way down the shaft, assuming you have enough to reach the bottom.

Dranko: anyone got some?
Solithar : nope
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: thought I did
Karvon : any questions before we begin?
Dranko: can we have some rope?
Solithar : I wonder if there is a way to disable the mm trap
Dranko: eh..was worth a shot :P
Rand Colds: oops, no rope here, I thought I did have some
Grumni Hammersmith: wat if we ie our bandages together?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: must've used the rope
Grumni Hammersmith: tie our bandages I mean
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: but but-
Rand Colds: Okay, can either of you mages fly?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: no levitation spell
Rand Colds: If not, do you wanna start?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: would be handy though
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Maybe we can learn the levitate spell?
Grumni Hammersmith: someone jump?
Rand Colds: Not Rand, he falls..... hard.
Solithar : Did we see how deep that hing is?
Dranko: guess we can find out
Grumni Hammersmith: this is going to be frustraing I can see
Solithar : Can you mages disable the magic missliles from that statue over there?
Dranko : hmm, guess I'd better dress you lads up, just in case
Grumni Hammersmith: *opens grate*
Solithar : Because... If we need to get out the way we came it's going to shoot at us again.
Rand Colds: I didn't bring any rope.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for a brick*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Do you know if they can see through invisibility?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: the statues...
Solithar : Who?
Grumni Hammersmith: *drops it down hole*
Rand Colds: I wish that dwarf scout hadn't snuck off.
Grumni Hammersmith: *listen*
Solithar : I can scout to.
Rand Colds: Yeah, but he probably had rope.
Dranko : well, I guess I could summon all the bones in this place and send them in one after another
Dranko : there's enough of them in here to make a small mountain out of them, I'd wager..
Rand Colds: *shivers* No, lets not summon any more bones than needed.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I don't reallyl ike that option... but yes, a good idea
Dranko : yeah, don't have the time for it, I suppose, not with all these other shady types prowling around down here.
Solithar : Can you call something able to fly?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I can summon a flying dagger.
Rand Colds: *looks around, feeling cooped up*
Grumni Hammersmith: Hmm... we aint going ter be able ter jump down the hole
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I doubt it could support our weight
Grumni Hammersmith: *shines lantern down hole*
Dranko : No, the only other critter I have is old Felix, and I'd rather not summon him in here. He's got a thing about confined spaces, and all that.
Solithar : We can't stay here either.
Grumni Hammersmith: *spot*
Rand Colds: Damn scout was the only one that could see the door out of here, easily.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles in frustration*
Solithar : I found the door but I see nothing right now.
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks for exit*
Rand Colds: Only way is down.
Solithar : Should be here.
Dranko : Don't see anything...
Grumni Hammersmith: I've got this pick, perhaps someone could use it ter climb down?
Rand Colds: *laughs*

Dranko : ARGH!!!
Rand Colds: Dirty elves.
Grumni Hammersmith: see if any of 'em has some rope
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Inappropriate.
Solithar : Where in hell did they come from?

Karvon : They seemed to have slipped thru the secret door.

Rand Colds: *looks up at the ceiling*
Dranko : Gah, damned Drow, so like them to single out the little fella
Grumni Hammersmith: sinky meat on that 'un
Karvon : You do find some rope on the drow.
Grumni Hammersmith: rope!
Dranko : *raises the drow as a skeletal minion*
Solithar : * check bodies *
Solithar : Some meat.
Grumni Hammersmith: we could try climbing down with the drow's rope?
Rand Colds: He's got rope?
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Solithar : Some gold.
Rand Colds: Well, at least luck is on our side, if only for the moment.
Dranko : Ah, thank you kindly.
Rand Colds: Find some......?

Karvon : You find two coils for a total of 100 ft.

Solithar : About 75 coind.
Solithar : Want me to go down?
Grumni Hammersmith: *ties two coils of rope together*
Grumni Hammersmith: if yer game Sol
Rand Colds: I dont mind going first.
Solithar : Who's next?
Rand Colds: Unless ther
Rand Colds: e's a green blobby thing down there.
Solithar : You seen another cube?
Grumni Hammersmith: *fastens rope securely around sarcophogus*
Rand Colds: *looks around for the grate*
Rand Colds: *uses the rope and heads down the hole*
Solithar : * try to open the crate *
Grumni Hammersmith: I ain't nimble so I'll be slowest
Dranko : *to the skeleton* You, stand guard. Keep an eye out for any more skulkers.
Solithar : See you in hell

Karvon : I will assume just Sol started out. the rest of you wait for him.

Dranko : ...
Dranko : So how's that stoneskin spell working for you?
Rand Colds: I like it.
Grumni Hammersmith: nicely thanks
Rand Colds: Drow didn't even scratch me.
Dranko : glad you like it, I've been tinkering with the formula a bit

Karvon : It takes a while for Sol to climb down....

Solithar : Hey! Can somebody drop a coin?
Grumni Hammersmith: I chnked a stone down
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I thought I saw chips flying off of you.
Dranko : my most recent interation is meant to model it on river stone, instead of the jagged granite type most mages use
Dranko : i find it looks much more elegant...doesn't tend to chafe between the tighs as there's that too...
Dranko : *awkward pause*
Solithar : * wait for a noise from a coin hiting a hard surface *
Grumni Hammersmith: I can cast light on someone ter make it easier fer them ter see
Rand Colds: I wouldn't mind the light.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I can make an item permanently give off light, if anyone might be interested.
Rand Colds: Sure, can you put it on my sword, later.
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll have a bit of that please
Solithar : Hey I coming up.
Rand Colds: up?
Rand Colds: What's wrong with down?
Grumni Hammersmith: huh?
Dranko : *calls down* What'd you see?
Solithar : Wrong? There's no bottom.
Rand Colds: No bottom?
Rand Colds: Not good.

Karvon : and Sol climbs up

Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I think it were about 100 foot down ter the bottom judging from when I chucked the rock
Rand Colds: Your dwarf senses tell you that?
Solithar : Is there a way you can light it down there? .
Grumni Hammersmith: tie me lantern on the end?
Rand Colds: drop a stone with light on it?
Solithar : Yeah could be.
Grumni Hammersmith: good idea
Dranko : aye, that'd work
Grumni Hammersmith: was there any ledges lad?

Karvon : You can do that easily, assuming somone's got a light spell to burn

Rand Colds: *looks around* Well?
Dranko : *casts a light spell on a nearby femur*
Grumni Hammersmith: I used up me light on Rand
Dranko : Here, try this.
Rand Colds: *looks at the ceiling*

Karvon : The bone glows softly

Solithar : Just throw it down the shaft.
Rand Colds: *whistles softly*
Dranko : *tosses it down*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *hums*

Karvon : the bone bounces down the shaft, the light slowly fading away to a small spec before disappearing.

Solithar : * try to look down *
Dranko : *grimaces*
Rand Colds: That looks like a deep hole, to me.
Grumni Hammersmith: *scratches head*
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, me judgement were off
Solithar : But why a shat if it's just a deep hole?
Rand Colds: Now I'm getting worried.
Grumni Hammersmith: been above ground too long
Dranko : Guess there's nothing for it then, maybe we'll luck out and find some rope elsewhere?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Maybe there's water at the other end?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I don't suggest trying it out though.
Rand Colds: Water aint all that good. *knocks his knuckles on his plate armor*
Grumni Hammersmith: I could summon a spider ter spin a web down there?
Solithar : Why have a hidden shaft in another hidden chamber?
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: Let's find another way.
Dranko : Yeah, maybe water, stone, or the burning fires of hell for all we know.
Rand Colds: *looks around for the secret door*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: This does bode ill.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, we be out of luck
Dranko : *squirms*

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: everyone stand close
Rand Colds: dont move, too much
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'm going to try something
Solithar : Can you disable that hing?
Solithar : Else I will break that sarcophagus.
Dranko : Ehh, nice theory.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Well, it can see through my illusion.
Rand Colds: yeow
Solithar : AAAAAAh
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Wait.
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Let me do the moving
Rand Colds: *stands still*
Grumni Hammersmith: *stands still*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Where... should I move?
Rand Colds: This was your idea, Mage.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Before I use my spell which protects me from this spell.
Dranko : eh, this is pointless! Just get out of the square, quicky as you can!
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Well... if you stop moving around... and tell me your intentions
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: then I can do what is needed
Solithar : It can still fire at us.
Rand Colds: Find the door out of here.
Grumni Hammersmith: anyone see a way out?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: It seemed to focus on those who moved.
Dranko : well, try it if you like, I got nothing that'll word off those bloody bolts.
Dranko : *shields his eyes*
Solithar : We have not been there yet?
Dranko : How are you guys doing for spells and the like?
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd the damn door go?

Solithar : trap
Rand Colds: Where?
Dranko : Maybe we could rest if I set up my skelly as a sentinel.
Solithar : Agh
Rand Colds: oh, I see it now.
Solithar : What foul magic is that?
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Solithar : Trap is still there.
Dranko : don't care for that thumping sound..not at all..
Grumni Hammersmith: someone could open it and I'll heal 'em?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I have a better idea
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Acid is effective at this type of thing.
Dranko : let me give it a shot
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods* good idea
Dranko : *shakes head*
Dranko : it's a tough one.
Solithar : Whatever you do ... do not touch that door.

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: GolemS!
Grumni Hammersmith: *stands well back*
Rand Colds: not any more.
Grumni Hammersmith: Let me at 'im!
Dranko : make way boys!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Impressive.
Solithar : Ah
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: My great great grandfather made clay golems just like those...
Rand Colds: another statue.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Almost killed my sister when she went down a well.

Karvon : and the golems crumble

Grumni Hammersmith: hmmm.... be careful lads
Solithar : Let me look for passages
Dranko : did he now?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *examines the golem remains* Shoddy craftsmanship.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Maybe on purpose.
Dranko : He teach you how to build them?
Dranko : Or, more relevantly, to take them apart?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Ah, no. Though I have done some study on the subject.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Both building and destroying.
Solithar : I need a key.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *hums*
Rand Colds: *looks at the statue*
Solithar : A key for the statue.
Dranko : Um....
Grumni Hammersmith: The dwarven key!
Rand Colds: Works every time.
Grumni Hammersmith: *low whistle*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Approximately 900 gold pieces
Solithar : Not if you destroy the things inside.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: And a couple of gems.

Karvon : and the dwarf crushes it leaving some stuff worth salvaging

Rand Colds: *looks for the head and the two glowing eyes*
Grumni Hammersmith: who wants ter grab the gold?
Rand Colds: I can carry it
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'll hold on to it for now
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I have magical means.
Rand Colds: *shrugs* okay
Dranko : Where to now?
Dranko : *sighs*
Grumni Hammersmith: there were some more doors back?
Rand Colds: *looks around*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: The thing about golems is that the crafter needs to balance...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: between the power of his bonding magic and the materials themselves.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: That is the simplified version of how you judge the craftsmanship of a golem.
Dranko : That so?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I'm not sure I should be telling you!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Whatever took upon you to use necromancy?
Dranko : Well, it wasn't exactly a choice, really
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks at skeleton with disgust*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Oh? Well that's a relief.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I apologize for my alarm.
Rand Colds: I guess we head back up, maybe we'll find some mercs with rope.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: You must tell me about it sometime.
Dranko : It's...uh...not something I really want to discuss, at least not here
Grumni Hammersmith: we ain't tried both doors have we?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *nods* Very well.
Rand Colds: We came through one of them. we bashed boulders to get to that secret door
Grumni Hammersmith: *search*
Solithar : HERE
Grumni Hammersmith: well done lad!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Nicely done.

Solithar : TRAP!
Solithar : Can't disable that
Dranko : *grimaces* How about that one?
Grumni Hammersmith: damn I'm stuck in a minefield!
Solithar : Just like a snake nest.
Dranko : Oh this outright sadism, that's what this is!
Solithar : Ah the door too!
Dranko : If the maker of this dungeon wanted to kill people, why not just have a great bloody boulder fall on their heads and be done with it!!
Grumni Hammersmith: Damn! too far forward and too far back!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps we haven't encountered that one yet.
Solithar : A sonic trap on that door.
Solithar : Ah
Dranko : *mutters* Oh yeah, I'm sure he's just saving that one for Grand Finale. *grunts*
Grumni Hammersmith: well done aad
Grumni Hammersmith: *lad
Solithar : Dwarven Key!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Do you think a wizard built this dungeon?
Rand Colds: uhn
Dranko : damn it!
Dranko : *glares impotently from across the room*
Solithar : Well Done!
Solithar : I see an old altar.
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm.... any traps?
Dranko : *shouts* Is there any sort of trigger or pully system ahead?? Something with ropes into the floor or anything?!
Solithar : Not that I can see.
Dranko : *to Garmalkin* I think they've forgotten about us.
Grumni Hammersmith: wait there lads, we''ll say if yer need ter come down
Rand Colds: need a key, there's something in this altar
Solithar : OK this need another dwarven key then.
Rand Colds: *grins*
Grumni Hammersmith: *laughs*
Grumni Hammersmith: some odd stone
Rand Colds: Hey, where are the mages?
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll grab 'em
Solithar : Older than you?
Dranko : Back here!!
Solithar : Rand watch your steps.
Rand Colds: not much over here.
Dranko : Oh?
Solithar : I stay along this wall.
Grumni Hammersmith: did yer check fer secret doors lad?
Dranko : Nothing worth ten thoutsand shards into the heel, I'm guessing?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I knew it.
Rand Colds: not me
Solithar : Ah
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: This doees seem like the work of some zealout.
Rand Colds: be careful, friend
Dranko : I...I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. I've used up all my stoneskins
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Who else would build so many traps?
Rand Colds: Where's Rolo, when you need him?
Grumni Hammersmith: gone hunting fer gold

Solithar : Do you see an invisible door here?
Rand Colds: I dont see it.
Dranko :
Solithar : Ah
Rand Colds: Oof, but I feel it.
Rand Colds: and its locked
Grumni Hammersmith: me axes has lost its power

Solithar : Back here?
Rand Colds: this is the way out, not sure if we went this way yet
Rand Colds: *points up the stairs for the way out*
Solithar : I think we went over there first, no?
Grumni Hammersmith: don't look familiar
Grumni Hammersmith: door
Solithar : We have been here.
Dranko : Yeah..
Rand Colds: Remember, we're looking for rope.
Grumni Hammersmith: all the way down?
Solithar : Indeed.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Have you encountered many drow in here?
Solithar : Big golmenitews remember?
Grumni Hammersmith: ah yes
Dranko : there were a few grey dwarves around
Rand Colds: yeah, it's coming back to me. we been there already.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm...
Dranko : we figured them to be looking for this treasure as well
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I've always wanted to meet one.
Grumni Hammersmith: looks like we're going ter have ter go all the way back ter town, damn it!
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: A svirfneblin, I mean.
Dranko : *looks through his equipment*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Not a grey dwarf. Though I suppose that would be an interesting conversation, if a little bloodier.
Dranko : Well, nothing else is popping into mind
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Shall we destroy this other door?
Dranko : have we been in there before?
Rand Colds: yes
Grumni Hammersmith: upwards then
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: We have more coin to spare now
Grumni Hammersmith: did we look everywhere up here?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: not a complete loss
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I was curious about what was down there
Dranko : Don't recall.
Grumni Hammersmith: me axe ain't much use without flame
Dranko : *flips through spellbook* I'll see what we can do when we get to town.
Solithar : Which way?
Rand Colds: this way out.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Good enough.
Solithar : Enough?

Grumni Hammersmith: *spits on corpse*
Dranko : *covers his nose*
Rand Colds: enough
Dranko : Golemncraft seems to get more appealing by the second, I have to say..

Karvon : and the restless dead are disposed of for now

Solithar : The place must be cursed.
Rand Colds: Hey, can you put this skeleton to rest.

Karvon : With dawn... a ship lays in to pick up supplies and you can hop a ride on it back to town.

Grumni Hammersmith: ahoy ahoy!
Grumni Hammersmith: good day captain
Dranko : don't suppose you got some rope we could buy off you?
Grumni Hammersmith: good idea lad
Rand Colds: yeah, we dont have to go bck to town. If they have some rope here.
Birbag Amuu: Aye we have rope.
Grumni Hammersmith: we'd give a fair price
Birbag Amuu: Well, how much you need.
Dranko : don't really know, how much are you willing to part with? ?
Birbag Amuu: *strokes chin*
Grumni Hammersmith: 100 foot in length?
Birbag Amuu: Suppose we could spare a couple of coils for, say.... 20 gold?
Grumni Hammersmith: more if yer can spare it
Dranko : sounds fair to me
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Dranko : *hands over the gold*
Birbag Amuu: Hmm, we do have more but that would dip into our main supplies.
Grumni Hammersmith: how mch fer another coil?
Birbag Amuu: But, I suppose for another 50 gold we could spare an additional 2 more coils.
Dranko : I say we go all in
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, it'll cost us more in fare back ter town
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Might as well.
Dranko : Say no more
Birbag Amuu: So that be 70 gold for 4 coils then?
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Dranko : *digs deeper into his pouch* Yeah, here it is.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks Dranko
Grumni Hammersmith: yer got any spare rations yer could sell captain?
Birbag Amuu: Hmm, yeah we have some iron rations, five gold a piece for up to 10.
Birbag Amuu: *counts coin and motions for a hand to fetch the rope*
Grumni Hammersmith: I'll take some - can whoever picked up the gold give him the monet out of me share?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Fifty gold?
Dranko : Someone else grab that rope, yeah? Got enough bolts and things bulking me up already.
Birbag Amuu: for 10 rations
Rand Colds: I can carry some rope.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Give the rations to the dwarf.
Grumni Hammersmith: thanks lad
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: His name's Grumni.
Rand Colds: I need some rations too.
Dranko : got all we need?
Rand Colds: just need some trail food.
Grumni Hammersmith: captains just fetching the rations
Birbag Amuu: and 10 iron rations
Rand Colds: so, back to the shaft?
Dranko : *nods* That'd be the idea.
Rand Colds: got any more rations?
Grumni Hammersmith: Drano, Garm - yer any good at identifying stuff?
Dranko : yeah
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes.
Grumni Hammersmith: look here

Karvon : You may rest here before returning, some already did, the rest can do so as well.

Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: There.
Grumni Hammersmith: any luck?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Those artifacts should increase your strength a great deal.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Especially if combined.
Solithar : Ah?
Rand Colds: I wasn't able to get any food of the captain, anyone got some extra?
Grumni Hammersmith: have a better look
Solithar : I can lift 200 pounds.
Rand Colds: thanks
Dranko : don't worry, it's just cooked venison...didn't bring it back to life or anythin...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *chuckles*
Rand Colds: So, are ready to try again?
Grumni Hammersmith: one of yer fighters should have the ring
Dranko : Yeah.
Solithar : Yeah?
Rand Colds: What kind of ring?
Grumni Hammersmith: who's most eperienced?
Solithar : Ring? Waht else you got?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I wouldn't mind being a little stronger. *in his usual slightly quivery voice*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: But yes, the fighters should have it.
Dranko : I say give it to Rand
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: this stone?
Solithar : Interesting stone.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I have a brooch of shielding.
Dranko : I got some spells that work nice on swords, and he's the only one here who uses them, so that'll stack up real nice with everything else.
Rand Colds: The mages could use the brooch
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Dranko? I already have one.
Dranko : I'll take it, yeah
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Rand Colds: use it when the battle gets too close to ya
Grumni Hammersmith: all sorted
Grumni Hammersmith: onwards
Rand Colds: *tosses the stone in the air* I think this is how it works. Seen one, once.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Yes, that's it.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: ... I want one too.
Dranko : hmm, real nice.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: But a different color.
Solithar : Me too.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Perhaps to increase my intelligence, or wisdom
Grumni Hammersmith: where'd the ring go/
Rand Colds: *looks around for the ring
Grumni Hammersmith: ?
Solithar : I grabbed the ring
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: or physical attractiveness.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *clears his throat*
Solithar : Here.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: That was a joke.
Rand Colds: *reaches for hte ring*
Rand Colds: Hey
Solithar : So?
Solithar : You want both stone and ring mate?
Rand Colds: I dont know. I thought there was only one item.
Rand Colds: The ring would help me more.
Solithar : Ah good le't trade then
Rand Colds: At least I think, I only got a glimpse of it.
Solithar : I prefer the stones.
Dranko : err, or was it Solithar who only used the swords? Hard to tell one horn helmed caped up hume from another
Grumni Hammersmith: ready?
Dranko : Yeah.

Solithar : CHARGE!
Solithar : Bring my warhorse!
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Well, Rand.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Do you think I'd be any good at jousting?
Dranko : *slightly increases his shuffling pace in response to Solithar's cry*
Rand Colds: Jesting, or jousting.
Dranko : heh...heheheh..
Rand Colds: Surely you jest, you can't joust.
Solithar : Here they come
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: They never take a rest, do they?
Grumni Hammersmith: get as many in one place as possible and I'll blast 'em
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Shuffling, moaning.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Horrible really.
Grumni Hammersmith: oh
Dranko : hell, isn't this the same lot we did it when we first came and went?
Dranko : Persisent lot..gotta admire that
Rand Colds: Maybe there is a necromancer on the premises.
Dranko : think I'll take one. Good luck charm.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Or an artifact.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Not sure which is scarier.
Grumni Hammersmith: leave 'em
Dranko : hmm, necromancer you think?
Solithar : Hold the line!
Dranko : That'd be nice
Dranko : Maybe we can hook up, trade spells, talk shop

Grumni Hammersmith: *jumps down hole*
Solithar : This way!
Dranko : and finally settle that age old debate on whether liches are cooler than vampires..
Dranko : *hops in*
Dranko : tell me when you boys wanna "suit up"
Grumni Hammersmith: now's as good a time as any
Dranko : mm, alright
Solithar : Oh
Solithar : I'm enchanted
Dranko : eh...and that's a good thing, right?
Rand Colds: *goes through the secret door*
Grumni Hammersmith: avoid the middle
Solithar : Back here .
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *blinks when the missiles hit him*
Grumni Hammersmith: tie the rope together lads
Dranko : do you have any healing blessings to spare, Grumni?
Solithar : So you want to go all the way down?

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Old Freeport - Ancient Crypts - Morning day 8 - Session 42

Post by Karvon » Sun May 01, 2011 1:26 pm

Karvon : Ok,quick recap.... you're camped in a small crypt of the old tombs section of the graveyard. You've made some preliminary scouting efforts into a rather deep shaft you discovered hidden in the chamber. Thanks to a run in with some drow, and some negotiations with the local coastal schooner, you've acquired about 300 feet of rope. 6 coils of about 50 feet each. These, you've spliced together fairly carefully and securely into one long coil. Unless you prefer to use fewer. You think you can secure one end fairly well around the slab that served as the base for the sarcophogus in thics chamber. Wearing armor will decrease your chances of climbing. as will your total encumberance, as I remember. climbing is a str based skill check and will be handled automatically by the placeables. HOWEVER.... Do not simply try again and again as there are DM imposed consequences for failures, that have not been scripted. If you fail, please hold till adjucate the results and inform you of your situation. You will have to make at least 2-3 check on the way down. You can opt to go slower and make 3 checks or quicker and make 2. the results of failure will vary depending on your speed. well do them one at a time, as I give you clearance to continue. and you should only have one person descending at a time, fairly common sense you all would know.

Rand Colds: good luck and hopefully Moradin will guide us out of this mess.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye
Grumni Hammersmith: who's first?
Solithar : * move towards the crate * wish me luck.
Rand Colds: *looks to Solithar*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: you seem to be all ready for the drop.
Rand Colds: Luck be with you.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: err, so to speak
Grumni Hammersmith: good luck lads
Dranko : I'll take up the middle I guess
Solithar : Ah one more thing, if I pull the rope three times it means it is safe. If I pull it once
Dranko : wouldnt want to me last man down with blighters like these at my back
Grumni Hammersmith: swines! attack a dwarf when he's nekid"
Solithar : Three times means safe if I pull it once pull me up.

Karvon : Looks like some local thieves....

Solithar : Agreed?
Rand Colds: *puts his weapons back away*
Grumni Hammersmith: *nods*
Rand Colds: yes.
Solithar : Thank you
Dranko : well, they are dead now. mind as well forgive them their impropriety...
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I... have a bad feeling.
Solithar : Now I need this little trick of mine.
Rand Colds: I dont see him, but I can feel his weight on the rope.
Rand Colds: Grumni, you go next, I'll go last. After the wizards.
Rand Colds: *feels the rope for tension*
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I'm going ter have some nasty rope burns before the day is over
Rand Colds: *stifles a chuckle8
Rand Colds: *or tries to*
Dranko : *wipes his hands on his robe, leaving patches of sweat there*
Solithar : * continue down a bit more 3-5 feet *
Grumni Hammersmith: *tries unsuccessfully to put on some halfling trousers*
Rand Colds: *laughs*
Rand Colds: tight pants
Grumni Hammersmith: pah! skinny devils
Rand Colds: gives a whole new meaning to copper pinching.
Grumni Hammersmith: I wish I had some ointment
Rand Colds: I have some in this heal kit. Specially for rope burns, or fireballs, never can tell which.
Grumni Hammersmith: *starts tearing halfling underpants up and wrapping cloth around his legs*
Grumni Hammersmith: *mutter*
Rand Colds: speaking of which, I see your beard has filled in well since the last wizard scorched ye, Grumni.
Grumni Hammersmith: aye, don't take long
Dranko : *paces shiftlessly*
Grumni Hammersmith: yer eyebrows have grown back too
Rand Colds: *feels the rope*
Rand Colds: I was lucky enough to be leading from the back during the bandit removal.
Rand Colds: You and Barrin took the brunt of it. *grins8
Grumni Hammersmith: brrr... a dwarf could catch a chill stood here all day
Rand Colds: Or should I say burnt of it.
Dranko : *winces*
Rand Colds: Have you no preistly clothing, Grumni?
Rand Colds: *shows off his noble outfit*
Solithar : * pull rope.... once.... twice.... three times and let go the rope *
Rand Colds: Okay, he's down.
Grumni Hammersmith: me next?
Rand Colds: Grumni, you go next.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *wipes his brow*
Rand Colds: *nods*
Grumni Hammersmith: *grabs rope carefully*

Karvon : and there you are....

Rand Colds: Moradin guide you, friend.
Grumni Hammersmith: *checks if it looks like it'll hold*
Rand Colds: I think he's doing okay, I sense he's still on the rope.
Rand Colds: *looks at the two wizards* Who's going next?
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Might as well get this over with.
Rand Colds: wait, not yet
Dranko : *nods*
Rand Colds: just asking.
Grumni Hammersmith: *drops in*
Rand Colds: *tests the rope for tension*
Dranko : *leans against the wall, averting his eyes from the hole*
Solithar : * w * Hey
Grumni Hammersmith: *gurgle*
Solithar : * w * wait!
Grumni Hammersmith: *splahes* help Rand!
Rand Colds: *pulls on the rope* Well, either he fell or hes at the bottom.
Dranko : *looks at his hands mutely for a moment, then utters a curse*
Dranko : *jerks upright*...
Dranko : hear something?
Grumni Hammersmith: *clings to side of wall*
Rand Colds: *holds the rope as Chronos descends*
Grumni Hammersmith: Moradins beard!
Rand Colds: I did hear something.
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *wonders if he'll make it on the last hundred feet*
Rand Colds: Not much I can do about it. Hope they are okay and not going straight into a dragons maw at the bottom.
Rand Colds: Thanks.

Karvon : the shallowness of the pool is merely for ease, it is actually very deep. you can't touch the bottom

Dranko : your it to me
Rand Colds: *protects the rope at all costs*
Dranko : *sighs of relief*
Grumni Hammersmith: well.... at least the water soothes me rop burns
Rand Colds: thanks Dranko, very useful.
Dranko : *nods* Call it a hunch.
Grumni Hammersmith: and there ain't a dragon in it this time *shivers*
Dranko : *descends slowly*
Rand Colds: *stows his weapons, then holds the rope*
Grumni Hammersmith: *splosh splash splosh*
Solithar : How can you be so bright Grumni? Lucky there is no welcoming party here.
Grumni Hammersmith: I been in worse underwater scrapes than this lad
Rand Colds: *looks down the rope*
Solithar : I'm going to try to reach the dry spot.
Grumni Hammersmith: hang on
Rand Colds: *protects the rope*
Dranko : *calls down to Grumni and Solithar in a trembling voice* Can I drop down? Is it safe?
Grumni Hammersmith: err.....
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer swim!
Dranko : *is hanging near the bottom of the rope*
Solithar : Ah if we cannot breath underwater like those sea elves we may need to find a secret way around...
Dranko : *sighs* Here goes

Karvon : the rungs lead up out of the chamber if you successfully swim, you should be moved to the top of the shaft they lead up.

Grumni Hammersmith: aybe one of the others can make the climb
Rand Colds: Fools.
Dranko : *lets out a high pitched yelp as he plops into the water*
Grumni Hammersmith: can yer climb the ladder lad?
Rand Colds: Well, here goes nothing.
Dranko : Is everything alright? Sounded like you were in trouble
Solithar : This look like an impossible swim even for me.
Solithar : I can try again
Grumni Hammersmith: this is quite the pickle
Dranko : kneel
Dranko : *climbs up the crouching skeleton and perches on its shoulders as to stay above water level*
Rand Colds: *tugs on the rope upon reaching the bottom*
Solithar : Ah may be this thing can reach that other side. Do we still have some rope?
Dranko : *takes off his boots and begins straining the water out of his socks*
Rand Colds: Crikes. I don't really want to put on my armor in this .... this .... dead people muck.
Solithar : Any rope left?
Grumni Hammersmith: *looks in pack*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *slides down before letting go*
Dranko : So where to now?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* las man down don't drop!
Solithar : Ah then give one end to this skeleton and have him go to the other side, no?

Karvon : you used up all six of your coils to get down

Solithar : else we need a pole of some kind.
Dranko : it's worth a shot
Solithar : Any of you is a good swimmer?
Grumni Hammersmith: we might have ter send the lad on the rope back fer more
Grumni Hammersmith: Doh! too late
Rand Colds: Well, here we are. Where to?
Dranko : wonderdful..
Solithar : Well... find a secret door or try to swim to that dry spot * point *
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: It looks like we'll need to swim.
Grumni Hammersmith: *grumbles*
Dranko : Well, who wants to have a go at it?
Grumni Hammersmith: I tried and its beyond me
Dranko : Same order as before?
Solithar : Dranko can you ask the dead guy to go there with one end of the rope?
Dranko : *nods*
Dranko : Give him the rope, then.
Dranko : *nods to the skeleton* You heard the man, just like he said.
Solithar : Well I can lift him if need be,
Rand Colds: *splashes around*
Dranko : Err, someone *did* grab the rope, yeah?
Rand Colds: Anyone been up the ladder yet?
Grumni Hammersmith: If I could get me hand above water I could summon a spider

Karvon : the rope is dangling out of reach at the ceiling. You may not cast spells while in this pool, you need all your concentration to stay afloat.

Solithar : * wait for the skeleton to reach the othwr side or fail trying to *
Dranko : No luck, aint much of a swimmer, not to mention we don't got any rope left
Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns*
Dranko : I'll give it a shot
Rand Colds: I'm a pretty good swimmer.
Dranko : I'm not all that weighed down, anyway.
Solithar : Oh?
Grumni Hammersmith: did he make it?
Dranko : *calls inaudibly from the other side*
Grumni Hammersmith: good lad!
Rand Colds: *tries the ladder*
Rand Colds: ouch
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: Hmm.
Grumni Hammersmith: *shouts* what's up there lad

Karvon : the ladder actually symbolizes successfully swimming to reach the rungs and then climbing out.

Dranko : *shouts* Nothing, it's safe!
Rand Colds: *tries again*
Grumni Hammersmith: is there anything yer can use ter help us get out?
Solithar : Yeah a rope
Dranko : though I doubt it'll stay that way for long if we keep shrieking at eachother, so a little silence would be appreciated at this end!
Dranko : *softly* ah, nicely done
Solithar : Or may be some magic... turn us into fish
Rand Colds: Just a room with a well in it.
Rand Colds: No doors that I can see.
Dranko : Gotta be something
Dranko : Mind those scorch marks, by the way
Grumni Hammersmith: aything that floats up there?
Solithar : Let me think.

Karvon : if you're getting an impossible swim, you've got too much weight and will have to drop gear.

Grumni Hammersmith: *mutters*
Solithar : Almost
Solithar : Drop your weight and come over
Dranko : *uncurls his hand in silent greeting*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: The only thing weighing me down is my gold, and my weapon.
Dranko : Welcome to the Other Side
Dranko : mind the trap marks, at least that's what I think they are
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *ties his pack onto the rope*
Grumni Hammersmith: bugger!
Solithar : What? You have not opened the secret door yet you lazy lads.
Grumni Hammersmith: *wrings ot his beard*
Dranko : What door?
Rand Colds: *looks around* What secret door?
Dranko : Haven't seen anything
Solithar : you tell me.
Rand Colds: Grumni, please.
Rand Colds: Ah, much better.
Dranko : alright lads, doesnt seem to be any sign of a trap door

Karvon : and you find yourself in a rather barren lookin chamber. The construction here is much much different from the earlier levels.

Grumni Hammersmith: *frowns* I ain't liking soggy underpants
Dranko : guess we just start tweaking and frobbing random frescoes and engravings
Dranko : something's bound to creak open on us eventually.
Grumni Hammersmith: had ter give up me spare armour *frowns*
Rand Colds: Who the hell builds a room with a well and no door.
Solithar : * looks up *
Grumni Hammersmith: no secret doors?
Dranko : yeah, I noticed that
Dranko : there has to be something
Dranko : pressure identation or something
Dranko : *wipes the cob-webs away as he searches the statue*
Rand Colds: Well, there aren't any monsters. At least yet.
Dranko : keen eye!
Solithar : shhh
Dranko : uhhmm...wasn't it
Grumni Hammersmith: hmm... this looks like different craftsmanship
Rand Colds: Where did the other two go?
Dranko : there we are
Solithar : * touch wall looking for the way to open this side *
Rand Colds: *looks at the high walls*
Rand Colds: I don't like this already.
Solithar : One way?
Grumni Hammersmith: someone mark where the secret door was
Rand Colds: *compares the symbols on the walls to the symbols given to us to find the mask*
Grumni Hammersmith: what's it ter be lads? north or south
Rand Colds: *puts a coin down by the secret door*
Solithar : Was trying to open this side of the passage.
Rand Colds: This looks like the place., well, sort of.
Solithar : * drop a coin to mark the spot
Grumni Hammersmith: there aint any going back, no way we can get out of that pool up
Rand Colds: *tenatively steps northwards*
Dranko : maybe we oughta get going, make use of the magic
Solithar : Where are we?
Grumni Hammersmith: *shrugs*
Dranko : *looks at the high arched ceiling above*
Rand Colds: I think we are at teh right spot, the markings are similar.
Solithar : Here is a bit darker.
Solithar : My coin! we came full circle.
Grumni Hammersmith: pah!
Solithar : Must be another door.
Rand Colds: Great, another doorless hall.
Dranko : wait, are you sure that's the door we came from?
Dranko : I thought we came from here
Solithar : Yes this is my coin on the ground.
Dranko : *sighs*
Rand Colds: *yells back* same place
Grumni Hammersmith: must've missed something
Solithar : Just find another door.
Rand Colds: *looks around for the secret door*
Solithar : Better have three on the left wall and three on the right one, no?
Dranko : Aye, guess there's sense to that.
Rand Colds: *looks around at what may be his final resting place*
Grumni Hammersmith: this going in circles is making me dizzy
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I feel like I could do this forever
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: I don't mean that in a nice way.
Solithar : No rush
Solithar : THIS WAY
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: *examines the rubble*
Rand Colds: *beats on the wall*
Garmalkin Polychronopoulos: it was righth ere.
Dranko : yea?
Dranko : Ha! Well done!
Solithar : HELP

Rand Colds: You okay, Chonos?
Solithar : Door should be here

Karvon : they were mummy kitties actually

Rand Colds: *looks at the collar off the cat*
Rand Colds: We fought one of these before, in the caves.
Solithar : Need to find another door.

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