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PC Creation Guidelines

Post by Karvon » Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:15 am

Generally speaking, I'm an old school host, so esoteric races and classes are normally not welcome. Alignments which do not lend themselves to party play are likewise normally to be avoided. Backgrounds which could significantly alter the campaign settings and plot lines are, likewise, best skipped.

While this hasn't been a problem in any of my current campaigns, I thought I'd go ahead and post these to prevent any misunderstandings or ill-will which might come due lack of awareness on this topic.

The following are my normal restrictions on PC builds in campaigns I DM or host. These are not scripted into modules, though I could do so with HCR, so I ask folks to hold to these on the honor system. In DM campaigns I will level down folks who breach these guidelines.


Any of the normal classes are fine. You may freely multi-class as you like.

You should check with me before considering prestige classes as some may not fit with the background of a particular campaign. Some are generally forbidden to PCs, such as Pale Master, Shadow Dancer, Shifter, Red Dragon Disciple.


Any of the standard races can be played.

In most campaigns subraces are not supported. I generally do not welcome esoteric races like drow, plane-touched, werecreatures or vampires. If you are considering something nonstandard, check with me first.


It's generally better to play alignments which lend themselves to cooperative party play, thus CE is not allowed, and you should think twice before selecting LE, NE or CN, as these can be kinda disruptive, if properly played.


While I welcome creative and detailed PC backgrounds, I prefer you stay away from anything too exotic or esoteric. Do not write yourself in as children of gods, kings or other powerful NPCs. Do not create major events in your background which might alter campaign settings such as wars or catastrophes, without first clearing these with me.

These guidelines are not open to discussion. Should you want to play something esoteric, I'm always open to hearing proposals, but make no promises I'll permit it. PM if you wish to discuss an individual PC.




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