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Adventures in Greyhawk

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This forum is for the posting of background details by the DM, the exchange of info between participants, online role play and a record of past session logs.


The campaign is set in Southwestern Greyhawk. The party began their career dealing with threats and exploring the region surrounding Kendal Keep, a small border outpost located at the far southwestern corner of The Yoemanry. The team is currently based in Freeport, the largest western port in The Hold of the Sea Princes. While session logs are available for review, it is up to the party veterans to educate IC newer members regarding their past and present situations.

The Plot

This is a player driven campaign. Various opportunities may present themselves and plots, and subplots, will develop in response to players actions, or lack there of. Players are free to pursue whatever goals or dreams they like with their PCs, keeping mind there are limits as to how much, or how fast, the DM can build between sessions.


This campaign started in Jan. of 2010 and is an open-ended one. It will run till players disappear, or RL issues force me to suspend it.

Role play XP

Those who post a meaningful amount in the role play thread, may be given up to 100 XP * the lowest level in the party – with a 500 XP cap – at the discretion of the DM. Those who arrive more than 10 minutes late for a session will miss such awards. A like amount will be awarded at the conclusion of each session. Bonuses may be given from time-to-time for completion of missions or for particularly conspicuous play.


Per the PHB, small races – Dwarves, Gnomes and Hobbits – all move a little bit slower than others. Non-Dwarves wearing medium or heavy armor will also move progressively slower. Players can opt to swim, jump, climb, balance or squeeze per the PHB when and where they think it might prove feasible and beneficial. The DM can drop in placeables to facilitate such efforts. Armor and total WT carried both have a pretty drastic impact on all such attempts.

Gold Encumbrance

Gold has weight. At regular intervals, standard coins will be converted to bags of gold, each weighing about 5 lbs. Such bags can be converted back into standard coins by using the bags. Trade goods are available, for a commission, which allow for more portable forms of wealth. These can be purchased at money changers and at some merchants. Trade goods convert to standard gold when used, just like bags. DO NOT SELL bags or trade goods, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IF YOU DO!


PCs need food to rest. Resting is restricted in many areas. If the party secures an area, the DM may grant the opportunity to rest mid-session as well as between sessions. Encounters can occur while resting. The minimum time required to rest increases as the party level increases to reflect the longer periods needed by spell caster for higher level spells and the greater number of HPs being recovered.

Wandering Monsters

Most wilderness, borderlands and underground areas have wandering monsters. These are randomly generated based on the CR of the party and can appear at any range and direction. If the party is divided, such encounters can be deadly. Party actions can affect the frequency and danger level of such from session to session.

Death and Dying

PCs can die in this campaign, instantaneously even - if they take a massive amount of damage at one time. Normally, PCs falling into negative HPs will start to bleed to death. Chances of naturally stabilizing are affected by CON and Toughness feat. The bandage widget can be used to attempt a healing skill first aid effort to stabilize a fallen PC. Healing kits and curing spells will generally save fallen PCs. In short, if the party sticks together, the odds of death are considerably lower than if folks are off wandering around by themselves.

If a PC dies, they will need to be Raised or Resurrected. If you choose to respawn, you turn into a ghost. PCs who die lose XP when revived. Resurrection cost less XP than being Raised. In addition, there is a Golden Hour during which the penalty is less for being so revived. Should this time expire, dead PCs will be force respawned as ghosts. Ghosts can not move independently, but can be targeted to follow another party member. The inventory of ghosts is dropped into a container which other party members may retrieve. Ghosts can be revived by the party or by NPC priests of appropriate level and inclination. Logging out and server resets will not change your death status.

Out of the Box Thinking

Players are encouraged to think creatively and realistically about the situations and challenges they find themselves facing. Gathering information from NPCs, observation and scouting can often save the party from a lot of unnecessary trouble. In essence, good detective work will generally make your life a lot easier.

PHP Spells

While many spells are available to spell casters in NWN1, a large number of spells were excluded for one reason or another. PC spell casters may opt to learn and cast additional spells in consultation with the DM. Typically, extra gold will have to spent for components, learning fees and whatnot. The DM reserves the right to reject such requests depending on the work required to implement them in game.


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