Shadani's Monday Night PnP

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Re: Shadani's Monday Night PnP

Post by Shadani » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:59 pm

((These are all creatures that Quiet could conceivably be sufficient familiar with, so they're all valid picks for your first wildshape forms. Hadrosaur is CR1/4, but it's not really a big combat monster or anything. Pretty fast, though, and large enough for someone else to ride on your back.))

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Re: Shadani's Monday Night PnP

Post by Shadani » Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:35 am

Many months and many leagues of jungle later, we once again have cause to make use of The Thread.

Here is an overview of the stuff on offer at the trade post. Posting all the item values is too much of a pain, so I'll post the most likely to be interesting ones. Ask me about others, but remember that for magical gear, the answer is always 'lots'.

Sileera of House Valendrian
Potion of Healing (x3) (5GP each)
Potion of Poison Resistance (x6)
Potion of Heroism
Restorative Ointment (repeatable heal, 25 GP)
Healer's Kit (lets you stabilise someone without need for a check. 5 GP)
Studded Leather of the Mariner
Cast-off Breastplate Armor
Elven Chain (400 gp)
Vial of Dream Dust
Jar of Dream Dust

Old Muir of the Blackrock Clan
*Various obsidian weapons. The rule of thumb is they cost four times as much as a 'regular' weapon. Also arrows.*
Studded Leather (45 GP for base AC 12 - upgrade for all still using the default light armour)
Scale Mail

Qhaasha the Obviously Very Trustworthy
Lesser Torq of Celerity (Zion rolled high enough to identify the properties of these torques - they give +1 to a physical attribute in exchange for -1 to all your mental ones. They are also very uncomfortable to wear, and seem closer to slave collars than anything else.)
Lesser Torq of Endurance
Lesser Torq of Might
Mask of the Guardian (A wooden mask bearing the image of an archfey)
Gauntlets of the Thorn (Metal gauntlets with patterns similar to those on Kalen's sword)

Qhaasha's items are intentionally hard to identify and suitably mysterious.

Additional notes!
[*] I have robbed you of most of your rations. Jemmy and Thel had the least, so took the extra off those of you who had some to spare, on the assumption you would, but most of you don't have much (or anything) left. You can stock up on food at the trade post as well.
[*] I would prefer it if you could let me know what stuff you guys are looking to sell so we can handle all of that in one big thing and hopefully not spend the entirety of next session on it.
[*] If there is anything specific you might be on the lookout for, merchant-ing wise, do let me know. You might not find what you're looking for at the trade post, but Vulgen's got a proper marketplace, so you never know...

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Vanya Mia
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Re: Shadani's Monday Night PnP

Post by Vanya Mia » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:15 am

Thel won't go anywhere near Sileera if she can help it and definitely won't speak in her presence so no dealing with her, and the obviously completely not got any nefarious aim merchant is off the menu, but would plump for a the studded armour and I think can then afford either an obsidian shortsword or rapier or both and sell the equivalent one. She's also looking for ball bearings! :D

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Re: Shadani's Monday Night PnP

Post by Shadani » Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:29 pm

Thelandra has purchased a set of studded leather and an obsidian shortsword. There are no rapiers on offer - apparently, that's just not the sort of weapon the local tribes tend to go for. I've added people's old leather to the sell list, but kept weapons for now, including Thel's trusty shortsword (since it's probably better to go obsidian shortsword/shortsword, anyway, I think.)

Bags and bags of tiny ball bearings are not, it seems, the sort of thing that people usually come to this particular trade post for. Old Muir suggests you might ask one of Daelan's apprentices, though.

Quiet recognises something... strangely familiar about the wooden mask. The visage is unquestionably that of a Sylvan lord, and it likely bears some connection to whatever being it was meant to imitate. One who wears the mask would become an extraordinarily magnetic personality, and may effect a powerful transformation once per day.

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Re: Shadani's Monday Night PnP

Post by Kylerayner » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:36 pm

So, Kalen will sell off his excess equipment, which I believe amounts to a set of scale mail and a longsword. Any gold can be contributed towards the purchases of others and/or rations. The only thing he would be interested in are those engraved bracers (dunno if those will be brought up or just a straight purchase. Also if Xion can use the scale mail and wants it, he's welcome to it.)

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