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IC Roleplay

Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:24 pm

Here is where you post IC stories, introductions, etc.

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« on: Jan 14, 2010, 2:31PM» Repost

++Priority Transmission: Coding/Delta/Rouge++
++Recipient: Interrogator Chane Viceroy ++
++Subject: Vigilant Team ++
++Author: Andrei Viktorov – Scrivenor-in-attendance to Inquisitor Sol Darn ++
++Thought for the Day: Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.++


Gather the following Inquisition servants and designate them Vigilant Team. Have them on stand-by in the Tri-Corn for my arrival.

Acantha - Death Cult Assasin
Severian Tertius - Mechanius Tech Priest
Kastian Garm - Imperial Guardsmen 97th Kliest Legion
Brand - Criminal

The Emperor Protects

Inquisitor Sol Darn
The Emperors Holy Inquisition

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Acantha - VM

Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:27 pm

« on: Jan 14, 2010, 3:13PM» Repost

The dark shape moved carefully along the city street. Eyes on the figure in front, stalking them slowly as a panther would hunt its prey. The texture and colours of the smooth, tight fitting clothing blending almost perfectly with the surroundings. Revealed by neither the glint of an eye or shine of metal. The prey was a dangerous one, and no chances could be taken.

Sliding from shadow to shadow, the hunter drew steadily closer to the prey and slipped the short blade from the sheath that held it in readiness. Halting as the prey stopped suddenly head lifted to some perceived noise, and flattening into the deeper shadow. Not breathing, not moving, not even blinking, just waiting for the prey to move again. They did, and once more the hunt was on.

The prey turned into an alley now. The shadows deepened and the hunter quickened, narrowing the gap. The prey was but four strides ahead and the hunter felt the usual heightening of senses in anticipation of the kill. A momentary lick of the hunters lips, tasting the death, before a gloved hand was placed over the mouth and the assassin's knife sliced deeply into the throat.

The prey walked on, oblivious, as the hunter sank to their knees. Blood pouring from the wound and making no sound beyond a slight gurgle. The hunter looked up into the cold brown eyes of the assassin, head tilting looking down into the hunter's face. Making no sound as the prey vanished and the hunter died at her feet.

The last thing the hunter saw was the sword lifted towards the assassin's face. A tongue licked the length of the blade delicately, and the assassin swallowed the blood. Relish evident on her face. As the light faded in the hunter's eyes Acantha spoke softly.

"For the Emperor." Licking her lips carefully, she turned and left.

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Brand - Monk Gently

Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:28 pm

« on: Jan 15, 2010, 7:10PM» Repost

The man adjusted his goggles and sat back, relaxing visibly. He looked around, cleared his throat, and grinned without any sign of joviality. "Yeah. My name's Brand. No surname. Sounds tough, right? Well, that's the thing about the Underhive of Tarsus. You've either gotta be tough, or act the part. So when you've got something like this," he pulls up his shirt a little, revealing a massive scar crossing his abdomen. "You call it a 'brand' from some mutated beast from the darkest pits. Sure, it's really from the time you tripped and fell on some bit of metal sticking out of the rubble, but they believe you. They call you Brand, and now, you're offically tough. You're one of them, part of the gang. Yeah, I was in a gang. You ever been to the middle hive? There's two choices for the people there - work yourself to death for the glory of the Emperor, or dash off to the Underhive to join a gang. Sure, you'll probably die there too. But there's a chance you'll live a while, maybe end up higher on the scrap heap. A chance, and that's better than most get. Sometimes, y'know, I'll admit. Sometimes I understand why people are tempted to turn from the Emperor and to that which lurks in the warp. They offer something 'better' at the cost of nothing but your humanity, and when you're never treated human to begin with... well. I can see how someone could be tempted. Me? Nah, never. I like being sane a little too much. I also like being free, which brings us to why I'm here instead of still in the Underhive. I got an offer myself. I could spend the rest of my life, probably short, on a penal world, doing just about the same thing I avoided doing in Tarsus, or I could repay the Emperor for spending every second in agony keeping dark things from busting into reality. Chances are I'll die, sure, but then again, maybe I'll end up higher on an even bigger scrap heap..."

He paused, then pulled his las-pistol from its holster and fired one shot into the recording device in front of him. He stared at the ruins of it, or something else entirely, with his eyes hidden still by the goggles, before standing and idling away.

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Garm - Ayram

Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:29 pm

« on: Jan 15, 2010, 7:11PM»Repost

A group of four men, wearing heavy coats to shield themselves from the rain, stalked single file through the cramped Hab streets. All utterly silent but for the light clapping of their feet against wet cobble. Occasionally the rear of their number would glance backwards, but there was never anything there. All was going well.

Soon the men turned into a neglected alley, with all manner of filth littering the way. THey made their way to a large but otherwise unassuming building, and they stopped in front of what appeared to be the only way into the building, a thick, rusty iron door.

The lead man of the group tapped the door and whispered something lightly.

For awhile nothing happened, and the other three men started fidgeting and whispering to themselves nervously. Suddenly a clanging noise sounded throughout the alley and made them all jump. The iron door creaked open, and the white faced men shuffled inside quickly.

Finally inside, the man at the head of the group lowered his rain hood and gave a cursory glance to their surroundings. It was most definitely a warehouse. Crates and all kinds of miscellanea littered the dusty floors. Some stacked high enough to give the dark building the impression of a cluttered labyrinth. There was a skylight, but it was too grimy and dark to see through it.

The lead man glanced back at his men and waved for them to follow. He turned without waiting to see them comply and strode through the labyrinth like he had done it dozens of times before. Eventually they came to the center, which was cleared of everything but for a dim light, a small case, and a tall man standing next to it.

The lead man grunted a greeting.
"Still like playing in the dark, then?"

The tall man spoke with an impatient rasp.
"I've already explained the kind of risk I'm taking doing this, I don't need to do it again. Just hand over the money, and let's get this over with."

Lead Man grinned and let out an amused grunt.
"You're always so jumpy. I'm tellin' you, no one knows a damn thing. The Arbites are frakkin' clueless. I should know, right?"

The tall man hissed.
"You know it's not your pathetic Arbites I'm worried about. The money. Now."

Lead Man's grin faded and he shrugged and nodded his head to the men behind him, who walked past Lead Man and produced a large case and set it on the ground.

"It's all there, like always." Lead Man said indulgently.

Tall Man wasted no words and glided forwards and snatched the case, laying in it's place the smalled one.

"We're done, now get out." Tall man rasped with a pinch of nervousness.

Lead Man shrugged. "Yeah yeah, we're goin-"

The skylight above them shattered and their world suddenly became a cloud of smoke. Lead Man and his men all drew autoguns and trained them all around, surprise and panic threatening to overwhelm them.

Suddenly they heard a high pitched whine of what could only be a chainsword, and a fast moving figure dashing through their ranks. All of them panicked and started to open fire, none of them coming close to hitting anything, the figure was too fast. Lead Man heard a wet sound and a thud... then two more.

Suddenly all he could hear was his own yelling and the *click click click* of his spent clip... and the whine of a chainsword. He turned around to intercept it with his gun-

Too late. His head flew from his shoulders and bounced into the smoky ground.

The chainsword whirred to a halt and the glow of green orbs shone through the smoke in 360 degrees. That was four. The last one was still here somewhere...

Suddenly he heard a familiar sucking sound and hit the floor as a roaring spear of flame jetted past him to the background noise of insane yelling.

"Think your emperor can protect you from this!?"

The flame continued to dance around the warehouse. But so far the man with the chainsword remained untouched. He crawled towards the sound of Tall Man's blasphemous ranting, an suddenly shot up and kicked a pile of flaming crates over. There was a crash and suddenly the spear of flame stopped, the ranting now replaced with frantic cursing.

He wouldn't get a better chance. The swordsman leapt up and charged toward Tall Man and bashed him with the pommel of his sword before he could react. The man fell like a limp doll.

"The Emperor has better things to do. I can handle the likes of you without his help."

Breathing a weary sigh, the swordsman recovered the small case the Tall man had and began to drag the unconscious heretic outside of the building, which would no doubt soon be a charred pile of nothing.

He keyed his com bead.
"Garm here. Target down. Priority objective safe."

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Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:30 pm

« on: Jan 15, 2010, 10:27PM» Repost

Summoned to the Tri-horn, you were given a simple mission - retreive the captured wyrd from Tranch and bring him back to the Tri-corn.
However, in a complex universe where anything can go wrong, it usually does.

Your shuttle was shot down over Primus Hive and you crashed into a war zone. An extraction team was sent to recover you and escort you safely to the 187th Death Head Forward Camp , ident KIL26.

You were met by the extraction team and after several encounters of mutants and cultist rebels, you made it to an old PDF bunker. The extraction team sealed you in and you rested and tended to your wounds. One of the troopers made you meals and thats when it went downhill again.

The food was poisoned - Katisan and Brand fell to the floor in a comatose state. Acantha resisted the effects while Severian never imbided the food. The three imposter escorts opened fire on Acantha and Severain. An ensuing battle occured with the heritics dying.

Now with the two acoytles unconscious and dying, what is to happen? And whats behind the door that Severian was atempting to open?

Hopefully, the Emperor is listening and will provide!

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Garm - Ayram

Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:31 pm

« on: Jan 19, 2010, 2:45PM» Repost

Kastian had feverish nightmares, full of horrors. But he was vaguely aware that he was dreaming, and that somewhere back in reality, his body lay on a cold hard floor, trying desperately to stay alive.

As with his body though, his mind could only desperately try not to succumb to the nightmares...

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Acantha - VM

Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:31 pm

« on: Jan 22, 2010, 10:45AM» Repost

Having secured the door they arrived through, Acantha dragged her eyes away from the blood flowing from the corpses of their attackers with some reluctance, and went to examine both of their comrades. Neither seemed to be moving and their breath was shallow.

"You did not eat, correct?" she asked, glancing up at Severian, and then looked at the techpriest's untouched plate. "Are you able to analyse the contents of that food and discover what? It may be too late, but let's try and stop it getting worse."

Starting with Brand she opened the man's mouth and pushed her fingers down his throat. When the gag reflex cut in she turned him into a recovery position to avoid choking and moved to repeat the same actions with Garm. Satisfied both of them had emptied their stomachs she stood.

"If an analysis isn't possible then perhaps you can get that room open?" Acantha suggested, "Who knows what we might find beyond?" and began a detailed search of the room. Opening cupboards, turning over beds, and turning finally, with restrained eagerness, to the corpses.

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Severian - Smart Alec

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« on: Jan 22, 2010, 12:04PM» Repost

-Location: PDF Bunker, Primus Hive Warzone-
-Local Time Index: Unknown-
-Damage Report: 37% Operational-
-Munitions Supply: 82%-
-Team Vigilant Status: Compromised-
-Mission Parameters Altered-
-Condition Level: Tangerine-


The Techpriest looked up from idly inspecting the heretics' weapons. Poorly maintained. Typical.

"I do not have the correct equipment for toxicological scanning or blood filtering," Severian admitted, watching the act of vomiting with some distaste. Such inelegance... "Given that the poison appeared to have had almost no effect upon you, probability favours that it is not strong enough to be fatal."

"However. I do believe the door's spirit will now prove easily assuaged. Please place the keycard you found into my hand. Perhaps it will work."

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Post by Valas » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:34 pm

« on: Jan 30, 2010, 9:51AM» Repost

Fortunately for Garm and Brand, Acanatha physically made the two expel the poisoned food. A quick search of the rebels bodies revealed the source of poison was morphia. With their recovery assured, Severian opened the other door and discovered some medical supplies and active vox set. Employing his skills as a worshiper of machine cult, he discovered two files - one which laid out an insidious plan to kill and impersonate vigilant team, and the other a transcript of vox calls. Some of the calls originated from within the guard camp base they were supposed to arrive at to collect the wyrd.

Now wary, they group made contact with the traitorous element in the camp and pretended to be the rebels. From there they moved north and found the guard camp and made contact with the Commissar. The team alerted the Commissar to the traitors within his base. Acting swiftly, the Commissar shot the traitor much to the teams chagrin! Upset, the team demanded to talk to the other vox operators. The Commissar denied their request until punishment had been met out upon the vox operators in the form of a hundred lashes.

An argument ensued until the cold logic of Severian intervened - resulting in the team reviewing the prisoner and preparing for his transport. As the team was reviewing the shuttle, one of the guard came up and informed the Commissar that the other vox operators had died during their punishment. The team finally got their prisoner loaded aboard the shuttle and were preparing to leave Tranch with some serious doubts about the Commissar.

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