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Garm - Ayram

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Garm sighed inwardly at Acantha's query. The woman was insatiable.

"I don't think your methods will be required just yet. I'll start it off. If he's not cooperative, I'll let you take the lead in getting it out of him... whatever that might entail."

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As the team questioned the prisoner, he was very forthcoming. He explained why he was incarcerated. Garm then left his fate to the Captain of the Merciless Justice.

Arriving back at Scintilla, the ship took orbit around the planet while the team waited to be joined by the Inquisitor and Brand. Once arriving, the Inquisitor laid out the new mission to the team - the team was to locate and terminate Victus Magnus and round up his conspirators in the process. Brand had not be twiddling his thumbs while the team was enjoying Phyrr, but had managed to locate the general location of Victus - Hive Tarsus.

The team was going in undercover to accomplish their mission. Last minute preparations were being made and soon they would head down to the planet.

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Fully outfitted and disguise ready, the team took some time to re-hone their close combat skills upon the Mechanicus supplied close combat servitor machine. There were varied successes and failures as the difficulty level of the servitor was increased, but it was good workout and hopefully the prep would help in the upcoming mission.

Finished with close combat training, the team boarded the shuttle and headed down to Hive Tarsus. Landing at the shuttle dock in the spaceport, the team were greeted by vassal of the Lady Albia and guided to the first part of their mission. It wasn't long before the extreme heat of desert where Hive Tarsus was located started to effect the team. A person could dehydrate quickly in the heat and their skin blister from the strong rays of the sun. Only the towering heights of the Hive lessened the effect to semi-tolerable.

The team followed the directions and entered the Goldenhand Trading Hall to locate Octus Castus, the merchant they were sent to assassinate and take his holdings. Mere moments later, they engaged the merchant and his guards, swiftly putting them to death and consolidating his holdings into the teams own. The transfer was made official by a Goldenhand employee shortly after.

Searching the still warm corpse of Octus, the team located a data slate and a key. The data slate was encoded, but the Enginseer Severian was able to crack the cipher and soon the team was reviewing the assets of Octus. The team decided to examine the warehouse Octus formerly owned and set out for it.

A little trial and error and soon they were within its vast space. After a quick inventory of the warehouse's contents, the team located the metal semariuminite - a highly volatile compound and multiple crates of ammunition that was unaccounted for in the warehouse's record of inventory. This raised a few questions for the team that were debated for awhile with no definitive conclusions.

Next the team was off to find Octus Manor for a brief rest and planning.

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Once arriving at Octus Manor, the team was greeted by a butler who gave them several messages and showed them the Manor. The team discovered a secret room after the butler left and found Octus's treasure room. It not only contained valuables, but a lot of weapons, including some xenos ones.

The team plotted their next move when the contact arrived and spoke to them about a party in two days. The team agreed to go and the contact left.

The butler prepared them a meal while they finalized plans. Brand and Acantha were to go to Hiveskin to meet some of Brand's old contacts and the rest of the team were going to the Temple of Omnissah and Citadel of Illumination.

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Acantha/Brand - VM/Monk Gently

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Brand considered, for a moment, sneaking up behind her, but thought better of it while the idea was in infancy and quashed it, stepping obviously to the table where the so-called servants were finishing a meal. "Y'know," he remarked to Acantha, "I'm surprised you don't use those blades to mince up the food into tiny bits."

Her expressionless gaze turned to his face. "The taking of blood with a blade is a sacrifice to the Emperor. That would sully the act."

"What, you don't think all these fine animals and veggies were given up in holy offering to the man on the Great Golden Throne?" He joked for a moment, but not wanting to push his luck too far, turned his tone serious. "Might dull them, anyway, and we need 'em sharp. You 'n' I have business Uphive, and chances are pretty good that there'll be someone there needing stabbing."

Acantha's eyes lit with a trace of fire and her mouth twitched. "Sitting here waiting will accomplish nothing," she replied, "so if you believe your knowledge of this place will bring us to a solution then I will go. When do we leave?"

"How soon can you be ready? I've just gotta pack something besides this disguise," he said quietly cautious of the possibility of the butler being nearby, "since I figure people're more likely to talk to their old pal Brand than some sod from downhive. Won't take long."

"I am ready now. We can leave when you give the order," a spectrometer may or may not have been able to identify the sarcasm in her voice as she continued, "... sir."

"Keep up that attitude and you'll be getting promoted to constant watch duty in no time," Brand replied with a grin behind the mask as he left to pack some not-drake clothes in a bag and continue from there to the front door. "If I'm not back before morning, call the Ultramarines," he jokes to Zee as he passes.

The cultist was waiting by the door when Brand returned, and fell in beside him in silence as they let. They sought to travel unregarded until a distance from the door and then made for the lift.

Stopping by to purchase large supplies of water from a vendor, Brand passed half of it to Acantha. "Easy to overheat up there," he'd remark. "Stick to the shade as much as you can. Which is the plan anyway, really, since we want to keep unseen as much as possible. Also..." he dug in his bag, eventually finding a spare pair of goggles. "It's bright. You want these."

Packing away the water she frowned slightly at the goggles but took them, slipping them on and pulling the ponytail free. The frown deepened when she pulled them over her eyes. "These inhibit view, are they essential? It would be foolish not to be able to see peripherally if we are entering potentially hostile areas."

"Well, you can wear 'em, or you can be squinting. When it gets dark if we're still there you can take 'em off, but 'til then it's a good idea. Trust me." He tapped his own goggles. "Notice how I never take these off? Living up there as much as I did, these eyes get cranky without them to filter the light."

She glanced sideways at him and nodded understanding. "I had wondered about the need for them, in truly dull moments."

"Must've been either that or give into space fever." He said with a chuckle. "Besides that, though, just follow my lead and please -" he glanced at her. "Trust me on this, alright? If I say to do or not do something, it's because that's the best idea. I've played this game since I was born."

"Do that and I'll make sure you find someone to make bleed. Deal?"

His answer was a long slow smile and the teeniest flick of a tongue on her lips. "Yes, ... sir."

"Good. Also, turn around when I get changed in the lift. I don't want you to be getting sick."

She snorted and pursed her lips slightly. "There is nothing you could reveal for which I would not have seen worse."

"The horrors of the warp pale in comparison to my naked self, but that's a secret weapon I save for when all else fails. So, up we go," he says, pushing the button on the lift.

And they waited.

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The team split to pursue various agendas. Zee and Garm went to the Citadel of Illumination to met with the Cardinal, while Severian went to the Temple of Omnissah to acquire some technical data and supplies. Brand and Acantha went uphive to see if they could meet with Brand's old gang and acquire information.

While leaving the Manor, they were accosted by a society reporter named Vela Shreck. She asked them various inane questions while broadcasting live over the hive. Acantha ran her off but not before the teams faces were broadcasted across every vid screen in the hive.

The meting with the Cardinal was a bust as he was gone and would be absent for several days. Severian was able to obtain some counter -surveillance equipment and some information.

Back at the manor, Severain conducted a sweep for bugs and found 27 listening devices, six visual recording devices, and three explosive devices. How much vital information had the team let slip? Severian deactivated the devices and the team began to ponder the implications. A little research and Severian discovered one of the bugs was government issue. What agency was listening to them... inquisition, abrites, etc?

Brand and Acantha made it uphive but were ambushed by an old associate of Brands. A brawl broke out leaving Brand and Acantha well beaten and unconscious. Awakening to find themselves alive, they dusted themselves of and went in search of Brands old gang. Awhile later, Brand found them and was greeted enthusiastically by his old girlfriend. She was leading to a bar where the gang hung out.

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While Brand and Acantha were seeking information uphive, Garm and Zee interrogated the butler. The butler gave no indication that he was involved with any other parties, but clearly indicated his loyalty lie with the manor and its current owners. Satisfied, Zee and Garm left the butler to tend to his duties.

Meanwhile, Acantha tried unsuccessfully to extract information from the gang in the bar while drinking with their leader Barak. Barak suspected a setup and refused to give any information to Acantha. Brand was busy with his old girlfriend plowing for information.

Back at the Manor the rest of the team were discussing plans when the front door exploded and the Abrites charged in to arrest the team lead by Judge Vela Shreck. The team was bound and taken back to the Abrites headquarters where they were placed in a cell and left there.

Brand finished his plowing for information and rejoined Acantha where she informed him of the situation with the rest of the team. Brand returned to his role of Drake and surrendered to the Abrites in hope of talking them out of trouble. Acantha hung outside plotting a way of rescuing her team members. Severain revealed their true identity and the team was eventually released and retreated to the warehouse to discuss plans and options.

Brand revealed what he had learned from his old flame about a new messiah uniting and taking over the gangs uphive. Their goal, to blow up the hive.

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The team debated a few moments before settling on going uphive to pursue the new gang lead. It was then that Zeevja received the com call regarding a trader who was at the manor seeking the metal explosives the team had concealed in the warehouse.

All the team except Zeevja and Brand went back to the manor to meet and speak with the Trader Frolloc Harm. Arriving, the team found the butler dead and were ambushed by a team of Death Cultists. After a swift battle, the team defeated the assassins leaving them more confused than before. They returned to the warehouse and collected Zeevja, then regrouped at the manor. Acantha left contact signs for the Death Cultist hoping to speak with them regarding the identity of the person or persons who had hired the Cultist.

A discussion developed where the team once again revealed the name of the target they were seeking before Severain discovered more listening devices in the manor. A quick search of the computer revealed it had been tampered with and additional search showed the financial accounts had just received a lump deposit of 5.7 million credits.

Zeevja sent an message off to her noble contact detailing their misadventures and seeking more information before searching details of the warehouse inventory which showed it as being listed empty and all goods sold.

Rushing to the warehouse, the team discovered the "new gang" stealing the metals and another battle erupted. The team swiftly killed the gang members and discovered half of the metals were gone. Left with little choice, the team set out to pursue the gang and left a message with the Arbites regarding the explosives and the plot to blow up the Hive. The Arbites swiftly moved in and seized the warehouse and its contents while the team went uphive to find Brand's old gang for information.

Arriving, the team met with Barak, the leader of Brand's old gang and after a few tense moments acquired the location of the new gangs, the Doombringers, location.

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Acantha - VM

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As the rest of the group negotiated the precise whereabouts of the gangers they sought Acantha faded into the background and slipped out. "I will return shortly," she sent as a brief COM message and then quickly retraced their steps a short way.

Despite an appearance of concealing her movements the cultist did only sufficient to conceal her from the majority of eyes. Indeed, she was hoping to be seen and traveled in such a way as to obvious to those she hoped to meet.

There had been no reply to her sign, but that didn't mean it hadn't gained attention. It was perfectly possible that they had been followed by those for whom the sign had been placed. If this was the case there was perhaps still time to establish contact, and potentially gain more information.

So gaining the rooftops she took a route most likely to be used by those monitoring their progress. Acantha knew she did not have long, they would need to move on the gangers soon. Selecting a likely position she settled for the short time she could spare, and hoped.

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Re: IC Roleplay

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The team chased the location down to outside the hive in the desert. On the way there, their shuttle was shot down and they traversed the desert on foot. Venturing down into the abandoned factories, they discovered a chaos temple and destroyed it. Magnus was executed by persons unknown and the team jumped through the warp gate to end up in the lower hive. A large explosion destroyed the factory and also part of the lower hive. Chasing the suspect, the team headed back to Hive Sibelllus when they were diverted by Inquisitor Chane and sent to an asteroid mining colony to investigate a necron cube found there.
Arriving at the asteroid mine, it was under attack by persons unknown and the team had to infiltrate to reach the miners. Finding out the Shora Cartel were the attackers, the team completed their mission and recovered another part of the device. On the transit back, Severian was able to translate the necron data and figured out he device was designed to awaken a necron god.
After warp transit, Investigator Chane met them and relived them of the device, then put them on "vacation" in Hive Sibelllus. The team used the vacation time to investigate further leading them to the startling discovery that Inquisitor Dane was a traitor and heavily involved with a heretek Magos in trying to raise the necron god. The team was able to defeat the Inquisitor and prevent the necron god from being raised.
Afterwards, the team was put on trial and then reassigned to newly promoted Inquisitor Chane.

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